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The Hedley Gazette Nov 5, 1914

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 AND SIMILKAMEB  ' Volume X.     Number"**?-.  '"-v  HEDLEY, B. G, THUESD  "~V ~  o  VERTISER,  OVEMBER f> 1914.  $2.00, In Advance  WON THE MERRILL CUP  w.  K." Pollock Captures the Silverware  Miss Jackson Runner-Up  INHUMAN BRUITALITY  Herbert G.   Freeman  NOTARY PUBLIC  HEDLEY,  British Columbia  N. Thompson   , phone sevmour 5913  MGR. WEST1SKN CANADA   -  Cammell Laird & Co. Ltd.  Steel Manufacturers   '  Sheffield, Eng.  Offices and Warehouse, S-17-63 Bcatty Street  Vancouver, B. C. '  Hedley. /liners'    and    riillmen's  Union, No. 161, W. F. of M.  Regular meetings of the Hedley Loco , No.  161 are held on the firsthand third Wednesday  in the month in Fraternity hall and the second  and fourth Wednesday at the N. P. Mine  O. M. Stevkns T, R, Wii.lkv  President Fin-Secretary.  BO  A. F. & A. M.  REG ULAR monthly meetings of  Hedley Lodge- No.. =13, A. F. & A. M.,  are held on thc-socond. Friday in  each month in Fr-aternifcyhall, Hedley.' Visiting  brethren aro cordially invited to'attend.   .        '  ~REELMAN,  Wj M  H. G. FREEMAN  Secretary  L. O. L.  Ree-ular monthly meetings of  Hedley Lodge 1744 are held.on  the   third   Monday   in    every  month in Fraternity Hall.   Visit  ing brethern are cordially invited to attend.    ,  S. KNOWLES,' W. M.  C. P. <D ALTON, Sec't.  D R.: JL.L.  M ASTER,S  DENTIST  Will be at Home Office in Oroville, 1st  to 20th of each month.  Office   on  North   Main   Street.  R.  F3.  BROWN  British Columbia Land Surveyor  Tel, No. 7S  PENTICTON,  P. 0. DHAWKK160  -      -       B. C,  P. W. GREGORY  CIVIL ENGINEER and BRITISH  COLUMBIA LAND SURVEYOR  Star Building-        .       Princeton  For a year at' least the Men ill Cup  will  hold  match  ends,   collar-buttons  and  other kindred   kickshaws   for   a  mere  man,   and   a  bachelor at that.  After far and away the best struggle  in the annals of local golf, W. K. Pol-  clock won the trophy, with Miss Emily  Jackson-as runner-up. The final contestants had proven themselves such  good sports and good golfers that a  victory either way would have been a  popular victory. But a fair analysis  of the play throughout the tournament shows that the trophy went tithe right man on strict grounds'of  merit, "W. K." has the silverware  but he had to work his passage all the  way in getting it. Finding in L. C.  Rolls and F. H. French opponents  tougher than Princeton beef, he played them to a standstill in 36 and 45  holes respectively. This, together  with two full games against Mr.  Sproule and Miss Jackson, gives him  an aggregate of 117 holes . for the  tournament, and an average of 29.J  holes per match.    It's work.  In the semi-finals Pollock defeated  Sproule in a close game and Martin  was "put away" by Miss Jackson. The  winners went into the finals with Pollock conceding a handicap of seven  strokes .to, his'-fair opponent. The first  round ended in a tie': then the real  struggle began, which went on with  alternate success to the sevenih hole  which found Pollock two up and two  to play. Facing the eight tee, he called upon the shade of his heroic ancestor who slew an archer at Falkirk,  swung "high, wide and handsome"  lifted the ball to the green in one shot  wasted a stroke or two, putted down  for four and the game was won, ' The  last.hole was played.ott: for the.benefit  of the "gallery" whose growing proportions as the game progressed, proved beyond question that the Merrill  Cup has not failed of its purpose as a  tonic to local golf.  .-. ���������  A  Kingston 'Lady:  Recounts   Revolting  Atrocities of the Kaiser's Officers  WILFUL NAPOLEON  ERNEST  S.   SILCOX  Civil Engineer and Provincial  Land Surveyor  Lands, Townsite, Mineral Surveys Etc.  PRINCETON        .-     ���������     - B.C.  WalterClayton  Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.  MONEY TO LOAN  PENTICTON,  B. C.  GREAT  NOIiTHEHN HOTEL  '      HEDLEY B.C.  Bar and Table the.Best.   Rates Moderate  First Class Accommodation  JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor  Hedley's Tonsorial Parlors  For a Good Haircut  and Shave  First-class Line of Cigars, Tobacco  and Soft Drinks always  on hand  HILLIARD C&TOPLEY  ROLL   ME   A GAME   AT  ROLLS  A wholesale feed house owned a  balky "mule named , Napoleon, and  employed an old negro named Abe to  drive him.  One day when Napoleon balked and  old Abe had spent his energies on him  for an hour in a vain endeavor to get  him to start, Abe went into a store to  telephone his employers.  The following was Abe's end of the  oonversation:  "Please, marm, gimmie number two  hun'red an' 'leven. Is dat you, Marse  Henry? . Yessir,, dis am Abe. I dun  ring you np, marse, to tell you 'bout  Napoleon.  Napoleon, he dun balk down here on  Broad Street, sir.  'Bout a hour, sir.  .' Yessir, I bus'jjhim on de head.  I dun wear the whip handle out on  urn, sir.  Marse Henry, I would ha've kicked  nni some rnor' but I hu't ma big toe  on nni de las' time I kicked urn.  Twis' 'is tail? No, sir, not dis nigger. A gemman from New York, he  twis' 'is tail.  No, sir,   I don't think 'im dead.    De  doctor take'im.'way in de amb'lance.  Yessir, it wus sure foolish.  Yes,  Marse  Henry,   I dun  set   fire  under Napoleon.  De harness? Dun bu'nin' de harness  clean off urn.  De cart?     Yessir, dun bu'n de cart,  too, sir, all 'cept one wheel, sir.  Yessir, I git the feed out fiust, sii:.  Marse Henry,   is you   want"me  to  come, back to de store and go to work,  or mus' I wait for Napoleon to move?''  In general it can serve no good purpose to vilify an enemy even by the  publication of ix.true' bill of crime  against him; but iii the face of the repeated assertions which we hear to  the effect-that the'alleged German  atrocities are most^-pure myths it  behooves every British ��������� subject to  know exactly the monsters against  whom we are waging, war. To this  end we publish a few excerpts from a  letter written from Aldershot by Mrs.  Russell Brown, of Kingston, Ont.  Mr. Brown was for four years on the  staffi of tho Royal Military College,  and has already been mentioned in  despatches ,by General'French, while  his wife is at present acting as a Red  Cross nurse. Both parties are well  known to Mr. O. P. Dalton who handed us Mrs. Brown's letter. It is as  follows.  "I could tell yon snob stories as  would piissyonr belief about the things  these awful apostles jof culture aie  doing, i A fi lend of mine is visiting a  place where there is a little Belgian  boy of eight, with his hands both cut'  off, aiid a baby who mother was killed  and whose hands we're also cut off  when it was two days old. But wait  ,till Ltcll you about a Belgium family,  gentlepeople. The man is now staying at a house I know.,' They lived in  .a chatsau somewhere near the,-border.  When the Germans bame five Prus-  tian" officers came a net,'took possession  Thc.night before they were to move as  they were dining, they had this gentleman and his wife brought, in. They  tied him to the sideboard, and each  one outraged the wife before the husband's eyes.- She managed to free, herself for long enough* to rush to the  table and cut her- own'i throat with the  ca'2*iug..knife. . , i, ���������  "They then proceeded to mutilate  the husband and left him still tied, to  bleed to death. After th'ey had gone  one decrepit old servant managed to  come -in tiud free him. Theie was a  little girl of five, and from that day to  this nothing has been heard of her.  The man is nearly demented. Can  you conceive of such doings? These  are. officers. This is the culture the-  Kaiser hopes to spread by the help of  God!  '.' ,  WAR ARTICLES  WORTH FOLLOWING  The "Witness" articles on the war-  situation are appreciated throughout  Canada by the best informed people,  for their clearness and sincerity, as  well as for their fine spirit, breath and  foresight.  The Montreal "Weekly Witness" is  a truly great national paper.- It always has been and still is absolutely  owned and edited by Dougalls, Mr.  John Redpath Dougall being its  editor.  While some papeis are notoriously  and obviously at the beck and call of  predatory interests, there are-others,  like the Montreal "Weekly Witness"  that have maintained their independence. It has never grovelled. It has  never touted. It has never pandered.  The "Witness" is its unique self, loved  by its friends, hated by its enemies.  "During the past three generations it  has conscientiously, devotedly and  very efficiently, served its country in  many ways, notably in its capaigns  for temperance, righteousness, religious liberty, education, and lower  tariffs, looking towards lower cost and  higher plane of living. If Canada is  not yet enjoying to the full the benfits  of these things, it is far ahead of many  other countries'in most of them, and  this is due in no small measure to the  stand, or, more correctly, thu splendid  campaigns of ths "Witness" whenever  opportunity afforded, The welfare of  the Canadian farmer in particular has  always been considered of prime importance by the Fditorof the "Witness" and the "Witness has done yeoman service to agriculture.  . Generations of our finest Canadian  families have Utterly been "brought  up on the 'Witness'," as many of the  most eminent Canadians will testify,  and they  continue its, devoted admir-  THE   ANGLICANS,  WILL   BUILD  New Church to- Be Erected  on Webster Street.-  The sense of homelessness which  basso long affected the Anglicans of  Hedley will soon be a thing of the  past.' We have it on good authority  that the next few months will see the  erection of a comfortable church building on Webster Street between Scott  and Daly Avenues. Through tlie liberality of Hon. L. W. Shatford the  building committee have been able  to acquire a most desirable site at an  unusually low figure; and as the building fund has now assumed proportions  sufficient to justify the committee in  going ahead with the project, work on  the edifice will begin as soon as possible.  According to present plans the projected the church will be a frame structure 30x10 feet. It will be electric  lighted and comfortably furnished inside and out with a view to its serving  the double purpose of a place of worship and an assembly or reading room -  for those who care.to take advantage  of it. The contract isin the hands of  Messrs. Boeing and Brass, according  to whose estimates, the cost wiil be  approximately$600.00.  WAR COSTING  ������50,000,0000 DAILY  How The London   Economist   Reckons  Daily Outlay of Great Conflict"       ;  HOTEL SIMILKAMEEN^  HEDLEY, B. C.  An Up-to-date   First-Class Hotel1  RATES MODERATE  F. J. DOLLEMORE  Proprietor.  On the basis of the French and English official'data regarding the daily  average costs of the war to those governments to date, the London Economist reckons the daily output at $50,-  000,000.    It thus arrives at it:  "According  to a Swiss compution,  there were  in, Europe at  the end of  August about 20,400,000 men  actually  nnder arms.      At   the   beginning   of  October Germany (on the same authority)   had   under   arms   twenty-seven  army corps of her regular troops,  and  an equal  number of reserves,   making  a total  of fifty-four army corps,  say  2,100,000  men.     Of these twenty-four  army corps were in France, six in Belgium  and   Alsace,   thirteen   in   East  Prussia,    and  eleven   between  Thorn  and Cracow.     There arc,  in addition,  assumed to be'1,500,000 landsturm and  volunteers   serving   in   the   interior,  while 000,000 fresh recruits are reported   to  be  in   training  sufficiently advanced  for them   to be  ready for serin November.  "Even the neutral states, it was estimated, had mobilized more than 2.-  000,000 soldiers on a war footing. For  each soldier including initial and consequent expenses, ten shillings per  day.is usually counted in an estimat'e.  This gives a total daily war expense  in Em-ope of over ������10,000.000. Of this  Germany would provide fo^ some ������2,-  200,000-per day; Austria for ������1,000,000;  Russia for ������2,100,000, and France for  ������1,000,000. Even Switzerland was  then spending some ������00,000, and Holland probably ������100,000."  The Economist's estimate brings the  assumed daily average close to the  highest European estimate published  before the war, which was $54,000,000,  but with Italy also assumed to be at  war.  ��������� Besides the moral and political aspects of this great newspaper, it has  attractive features embracing all the  interests of the family and a splendid  Farm and Poultry Department. Its  short and serial stories are strong and  fresh, arid they -alone' are worth several times the price- -one dollar a year.  To bona fide New Subscribers mentioning the name of this paper, one  trial year may be had for only 05c, or  three months on trial only fifteen  cents. The publishers are, as always,  John Dougall & Son, "Witness" Office,  Moetreal.  The "Weekly Witness" has now no  connection with any daily newspaper  and is tbe healthier for it.  GRAIN FOR THE FARMER  ACTION OF SINGLE SPOONFUL SURPRISES MANY  Hedley people who bought the simple mixture of buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., known as Adler-i-ka are  surprises at the INSTANT effect of a  SINGLE SPOONFUL. This remedy  is so complete a bowel cleanser that  it is used successfully in appendicitis.  Adler-i-ka acts on BOTH upper and  lower bowel and ONE SPOONFUL  relieves almost ANY CASE of constipation, sour or gassy stomach. F.  M. Gillespie, druggist.  WHEN   WRITING ADVERTISERS PLEASE  MENTION THE GAZETTE  By instructions of the Hon. Minister  of Agriculture a distribution of sup--  erior sorts of grain and potatoes will"  be made during the coming winter  and spring to Canadian farmers. The  s-.imples for general distribution will  consist of spring wheat (about 5 lbsJ)  white oats (about 1 lbs'.), barley (about  5 lbs.), and field peas (about 5 lbs.).  These will be sent Out from Ottawa.  A distribution of 'potatoes (in 3 lb.  samples) will be carried on from several of the experimental farms, the Cen-  taal farm at Ottawa supplying only  tbe provinces'of Ori'lai-u) and Queued."  All samples will be sent free, by mail.  Applicants must give particulars in  regard to the soil ou their farms; and  some account of their experience with  such kinds of grain (or potatoes) as  they have grown, so that a promising  sort for their conditions 'may be selected.  Each application must be separate  and., must be signed by the applicant.  Only one sample of grain and one of  potatoes can be sent to each farm.. If  both samples aie asked for in the  same letter only one will be sent. Applications on any kind of printed form  cannot be accepted.  As the supply of seed is limited, farmers are advised to apply early; but  the applications will not necessarily  be filled in the exact order in which  they are received. Preference will always be given to the most thoughtful  and explicit requests. Applications  received after the. end of January will  probably be too late.  All applications for grain (and applications from the provinces of Ontario and Quebec for potatoes) should  be addressed to the Dominion Cereal-  ist, Ueutral Experimental Farm, Ottawa. Such applications require no  postage. If otherwise addressed delay  and disappointment may occur.  Applications, for potatoes, from farmers in any other province should be  addressed (postage prepaid) to the  Superintendent of the nearest Branch  Experimental  Farm in that province.  Big Sale  of High-Class LADIES'  WAISTS, COATS & DRESSES  They are Bargains such as you have never seen in  Hedley. Remember they last for two days only  and that now is your chance to secure these goods  COME AND BE CONVINCED  . i  American Negligee Co, Till-: HI5DLEY GAZETTE NOV 5, 1914  She 1fedley''<Barttte  and  Similkameen Advertiser.  Subscriptions in Advance  Per Vein- / ?'-'������������������������'  '���������' (United .State-*)  -.oO  Advertising Rates  Measurement.. 1- lines to tlie ineli.  Tiansient Advertisements���������not exceeding one  inch. ������1.00 for one insertion. 15 cents for  each subsequent insertion. Over one ineli.  Ill cents net- line fur lirst insertion and 5  (.���������out* per line for eaeli t*iili-������c--ucnt insertion.  Tnii'sients payable in nilviuiee.  Curl i Ilea to of Improvements ?10.00  (Where more than one claim appears  in uotiee, ������*i..*������0 for each additional  claim.)  M. CHILL. AlnnaglnK KJitor.  Last r-u-v  NOV  Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat.  i  s  15  22  29  a  10  2ii  HO  3  10  17  .21  11  IS  2*i  O  12  IS)  '20  (i  i:*J  20  27  7  14  2J  28  and went into business, establishing  agencies all over the world. Thiough  the Middle Ages he. got a good deal <>f  i'leti advertising from theologians.  Later the playwrights anil poets took  him up. JUillon wrote hi* biography  and Bobby Burns threw some spirited  sidelights on his character. This all  tended to linn his head; but as a di awing' card he is a dead one now. His  cluii.-icier was cast through with an  essential unsoundness ���������the .'-pit it of  cynicism which can see no good thing  in the heavens above or the eaith  beneath. The world grows weary of  him and his ilk. The best families are  not affecting his society of late and be  is popular only with college sophomores andotheis who have no moie  sense than they.  Mok.VL : A. ounce of sincerity is  ivtir.li a, ton of wit. The knocker simply labels himself; and mankind ever  mistrusts the mistrustful.  ftemt-r*ai>g. Satlormg  METEOROLOGICAL.  -THE ORIGINAL KNOCKER  Eveiy .ci'inni'.im'ty basils gionp of  political artists who seem to regard  steady ni-n of business as beasts of  burden. Every town has it5* local  chapter of the ancient order of armchair critics who motto is "the greatest good to the greatest, number.���������  .with the mental reservation that that  is Number One.  A  crisis   like   the  present   is   always  ���������open   season"   for  such gentry,   who  seem   to be  impress-d   with a ponder-  -onr    feeling    that  the   contemporary  auditing  of accounts   will   lie   turned  over to them on Judgement Day. This  is a  harmless obsession   and   hurts no  one but themselves in ordinary  times;  but when great and seiious business is  afoot, .their case reminds one of an old  story which runs somewhat as follows:  Satan   was  once  a   man.    Later he  delelopcd   into   a   god   and   dwelt in  -   Paradise.   But Satan wa.s of a peculiar-  disposition.    He had the "artistic tem-  perment"   which   is   to   say   he   was  moody,   irritable,  fault-finding, and a  gootl dea[ of the time idle.   Instead.of  trying to remedy the faults of Paradise  he merely  pointed them  out and harangued  about them   to all who would  listen.     He would rieil her tune harps,  launder  robes,'.'nor- polish  the   pavement.   ��������� He merely  whispered unkind  things  abont the  Great Designer and  kicked  about the severity of  the dis  cipline.      When warned from time to  time  to get busy,   he replied,   "lam".  He was too but in the wrong way.  They tried to indue--; him to lead the  Choral Society and break in the new  arrivals, some of whom sang slightly  off key; but he refhsed to lead the  singing or conduct the orchestra. He  was drilling a little class of his own  which he cristened the Anvil Chorus.  They tried to make use of him, for he  was clever after a fashion; but it was  no use. He would not do what he was  told- He always knew a better way  and sneered at every plan for heavenly betterment which he did not himself suggest: .he suggested precious  few and these he could not carry out.  The oiie thing that really interested  him was the Anvil Chorus. Whenever the saints lifted a paean of praise,  he would start up his favorite instrument and pound. He was industrious  in nothing but knocking.  Finally he got a good many people  to believe that the anvil was sweeter  than the harp; and when it was discovered that he had started a factory  to make hammer handles, they decided to fire him bodily. So the word  was passed along and he was shot  over the balcony with his band of  knockers. Milton says he fell for two  weeks. When he finally reached the  earth, he gave it out that he was a  dispossessed prince, styled himself  D'Evil, took up  his lesidence in Paris  The following are tho readings showing temperature, etc., for the week  ending. Oct. HI  1914:  AT  Till'  JUNE.  Maximum         Minimum  Oct   25  (52  83  20  (il  32  27  0-1  81  28  65  85  29  50  81  80  50  82  HI  51  80  Average maximum  temperature 59.71  Average, minimum  do        32.80  Mean temperature  ���������10.29  Rainfall for the week  00.0 inches.  Snowfall  0.00  It is easy to fit the " hard  to fit"���������there is no such person as a "hard to fit" with  the Semi-ready physique type  system.  Si:out or slender, tall or  short���������evt ry conceivable kind  of " build " is provided for in  our types.  Seven types ��������� and. fifteen  variations from each type���������  to meet the height, weight  and shape of each man.  And tin? Special Order for  the man who may not like the  pattern' we have chosen in his  particular type.  *  78 Years in Business.   Capital and Surplus $7,786.663..  Plan Ahead for the Children's Education  Times may be no better, and money no more plentiful, when the education of your maturing children begins to make heavy demands on your purse. Open now,  in the Savings department of the Bank of British North  America, a special Education Fund, so that you will be  able to give, your children the start in life which you  owe them.  Hedley Branch,        -       -        C. P. Dalton,  Manager  COHKliSrO.N'DlNG  WKKK  Ot'' LAST YKAK  Highest maximum temperatnre 53.  Average maximum do 40.00  Lowest minimum do 17.  Average minimum do 30.43  Mean  do  88.21  25  2(i  27  28  29  30  31  AT THE   MILL.  Maximum Minimum  Oct  25            ..           50        ** 3t  5S        .. 32  55        .. 31  53        .. 34  40 41  55        .. 80  53 37  Average maximum temperatui e 54.13  Average minimum             do 34.14  Mean                                        do . 44.29  Rainfall for the week    1.00 inches  Snowfall       "        "         .00  COKKKSPPNDIXG  WEEK OV LAST YEAR  Highest maximum temperature.59  Average do do ^48.  Lowest minimum do      ' - 25."  Average do do        *" 27.85  Mean do 37.93  Suits and Overcoats, $15 to  $35.  Made to Special Order, $18  and up.  Tailored   superbly ��������� every  garment.  H. G. FREEMAN,  Agent.  WHEN YOU ARE IN NEED .OF  Letterheads  Billheads  Envelopes  Statements  Meal Tickets  Milk Tickets  rr-iivr nViTi'ii iii. i UitLirm  sasassssBX  M London Directory  (Published. Annually)  Enables, traders throughout the world  to communicate direct ' I  with English i  MANUFACTURERS   &   DEALERS  in each.class of goods. - Besides being  a complete commercial guide to London and its suburbs, the directory eon������  tains lists of  EXPORT MERCHANTS  with the Goods they ship, and the  Colonial and Foreign Markets they  supply;  Tlie London Directori! 60. Ltd,  25, Abchurch Lane, London, E. C.  NOTICE  SIMILKAMEEN LAND DISTRICT  DISTKICT OK YALE  TAKE notice that I. Francis Henry French  of Hedley, li. C, occupation. Merchant,  intend to apply for permission to purchase  the following'described lands:-  Cominencing at a post planted adjacent to  the south-west corner of Indian Reserve No. 2.  near the mouth of the Twenty-mile Creek,  thence north 20 chains, thence west 20 chains,  thenee south 20 chains thetico east 20 chains to  point of commencement, containing: 10  acres.  Fkancis- Henry. French.  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Value  Ami'iicnn Silk Hosiery  or    .  4 Pairs.of pur SQc, Value  American Cashmere,Hosiery ���������  or       4' Pairs of our sOc Value'  American Cotton-Lisle Hosiery  or       6 Pairs of Children's Hosiery  Give the color, size, and wheth-^  er Ladies or Gent's Ho'sievy is^  desired.  DON'T DELAY-Offer expires  when a dealer, in your locality is :  selected.  Tlie International Hosiery' Co.  p.o. Box ait  DAYTON, OHIO, U. S. A.  NOTICE  Liquor Act, 1910  NOTICE is hereby given that, on  the first day of December next, application will be made to the superintendent of provincial police for renewal  of the hotel licence to sell liquor by retail in the hotel known as the Similkameen hotel, situate at Hedley, in tin-  province of British Columbia.  FRANK DOLLEMORE  Dated this 10th day of October, 1914.  Ball Programs  Posters  TRY US.  Dodgers, Dates  Circulars  Invitations  Business Cards  Bills of Fare  Memo Heads  Butter Wrappers  Visiting Cards.  WE GIVE SATISFACTION.  Where Are  Your Interests  .   M Are they in this community ?  IF Are they among the  people with whom you  associate ?  "I Are   they   with   the  neighbors    and   friends  with whom you do bu.si-  ���������  business ?  If so, you want to.know what is happening in this community.....You want  to know the goings,'and. comings of  the people with.whom you associate,  the little news items of your neighbors  and friends���������now, don't you?  , That is what this paper gives you  in every issue. It is printed for  that purpose. ��������� It represents your  interests and the interests of this  town. Is your.name on our subscription lists? .If not you owe it  to yourself to see that it is put  there.   To do so  Your interest  Advertise in the  Hedley  Gazette  and watch Results  ROLLS FOR RIFLES  - ai.-SSBl  <*%iff^@|2  Synopsis of Coal Mining Hegulations  COAL mining rights of the Dominion, in  Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alboita,  the Yukon Territory, the North-wost Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be leased for a term of  twenty-one years at an annual rental of ������1 an  acre. Not more than 2.560 acres will bo Ion sod  to one applicant.'  Application for a lease must be made by the  applicant in person to tho Agent or Sub-Agent  of the district-in which the rights applied for  are situated.  In surveyed territory the land must be described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of  sections, and in imsurveycd territory tho tract  applied for shall bo staked out by tho applii ant  himself. ^ _  Each application must be accompanied by a  fee of ������5 which will be refunded if the rights  applied for arc not available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of tlie mine at the rate of five cents  per ton  The person operating the mine shall furnish  the Agent with sworn returns accounting for  tho full quantity of merchantable coal mined  and Day the royalty thereon. If the coal mining rights are not being operated, such returns  should be furnished at least once a year.  ���������The lease will include the coal mining rights  only, but the lessee may be~. permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may  be considered necessary for tbe working of tho.  mine at the rate of $10.00 an acre.  .For fitir information application should bo  made to the Secretary of the Department, of  the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-  Agent of Dominion Latids.  W. W.OORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N.D.-Unauthorized publication of this adver-,  tisement will not be paid for. 9-6m  NOTICE  Liqor Act. 1910  NOTICE is hereby given that, on  the first day,of December next, application will be made lo the supeiinten-  dent of the Provincial police for renewal of the hotel licence to sell  -liquor by ictail in the hotel known as  the Smith hotel, situate at Beaverdell,  in the piovinre of British Columbia.  JOAN M. SMITH  Dated this 10th day of October, 19H,  TAIvE notice that I. Lytton Wilmot Shatford of Vancouver, li. C. occupation  Banker, intend to apply for permission to  purchase the following described lands:-  Commeneing at a post planted 20 chains clu  west from the south-west corner of Indian  Reserve No 2, near the mouth of Twenty-mile  f'reek, tlience west 20 chains, thence south 20  chains, thence oast 20 chains, thence north 20  chains to point of commencement, containing  IO acres.  Lytton- Wilmot Siiatkomd  by Francis Henry French, agent.  October 10th 11114. 40-1  250.00 will buy a Ohoice  esidential Building* Lot on  enue  NOTICE  SIMILKAMEEN LAND DISTRICT  DISTKICT OK VALE  T-A-KIS notice that I, Howard Abbott Tur-  x       nor of Penticton.  .... _ occupation Road Su  perintcnt, intond to   apply for permission to  purchase tho following described Iands:-  Commeneing at a post planted adjacent to  tho south-west corner of Indian Reserve no. 2,  near the mouth of Twenty-mile ereok, thence  west 20 chains, thence south 20 chains, thence  east 20 chains, thence north 20 chains to point  of commencement, containing 40 acres.  Howakd Abbot Tuknkk  by Francis Henry French, agent.  Octobor 19th 1014.  Don't Pay Out Good Money for Rent When You  Can Own a House of Your Own  THE HEDLEY CITY TOWNSITE COMPANY, Ltd.  F. H. French, Secretary and Manager HEDLEY, B. C. I  THE HEDLEY GAZEms NOV;5, 1914-, .  I THE FAMILY -GltOCERY  !  Riueruiew  Creamery  Butter  Absolutely the best in  town. Try -i pound and be  convinced.  Tows* and Dlsf r!<ft;  Simpson    was   in  mm |  JAS. STEWART &��������� CO.  wAnr'W  | LADIES' COATS,  K  K  x  X  K  I  {  x  SUITS.and DRESSES  To Measure  Samples of goods, and Fashion  Plates of Ladies' Suits, Dresses,  and Winter Coats may be seen aL  ������ flEDLEy SHOE STORE, J  X  X  %  X  X  ������ Agents for Rex Tailoring; Co.  j������ Suits Cleaned and Pressed at  X Reasonable Charges  ^'^^^^^^^^'i������'tat������^^^>t'ke'^''������'������''*tia^������es'j  *  I BoorBons   and  | Choice Candies  A full   line on    hand.'    Nice  and Fresh just arrived a  week ago.  Call and Inspect  X  X  *������  x  K  X:  X  X  iwtt/toKttttnw**********'****  PfiLflGE-  Livery, Feed & Sale StaDles   HEDLEY   B. C.    IT A good stock of Horses and Rigs on  .     Hand.    1f Orders for Teaming  promptly attended to.  Office of Dominion- Express Company.  WOOD  LOCAL AGENTS FOR  First National Ltfk  Mutual Life  'Maryland Casuality  National Fire  HILL <& MARTIN  Hedley Gazette Office.  * a  X  I  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  i  i  ff  Grand Union  Hotel  HEDLEY,   British Columbia  ff  Rates���������$1.50 a Day and Up  First-Class Accommodation.  Bar Stocked with Best Brands  of Liquor and Cigars  Chief    Constable  town la.-t Saturday.  Older    ymir  Christina.-   cauls  and order Lliem from us.  First-class   piano   for  sale   mi    i  teiui.-.���������Apply this Gazelle oilire.  ���������   Miss J5. Bradshaw is  spending a IVv.  days with Mis. G. P   .Tones.  Berl Russell of Princeton is spending a few days in town visiting friend.-.  Methodist services will be held in  the chinch on Sunday, the Sth in.-i.  at 7.:30 o'clock by  lie v. F. M. HlaiiLon.  Add a touch of peison.-ility to your  Ohris.tmas remembrance by miking it  your own private cai d. We have  them. '  The boys have begun to play liasket-  ball, and judging by the fir:-*I practice,  tbe aged and imfirm need not apply  for a place on the team.  You will have to get that skating  outfit before long: why not older it  now and save, worr arid money? Step  in.and see Rolls about it.  Next spring -will see more gardens  W. J. Forbes and John Jackson aie  having the lots adjacent to their premises levelled and soiled.  Dr. McEwen is building an annex to  his dwelling. We undeistand it'is to  be annexed by a nurse, who will act  as the Dr's. aide in private cases.  Mis. Geo. E. Sproule spent a couple  of days last week visiting Mr. and  Mrs.' T. Bradshaw at Fifteen Mile.  She returned home on Siitu.day.  Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Merrill left on  Thuisday last for Victoria where they  will spend a short time before returning to their home in Los Angeles.  We regret to say- that Mrs. Gillespie's illness seems to have become  acute and at the time of going to press  she was in a very critical condition.  Last Saturday Homer ^McLean, accompanied by XV. C. Martin of the.  Gazette- staff,, motored oyer to Penticton, returning Sunday with Miss Gordon who is nursing Mrs. Gillespie.  With every storm the snow line  drops a few feet lower.* some fine  morning-you happy householders will  wake up to that swoe,r litany, "Remember to, shovel off the'w-ilk, dear."  Mrs. J; Cody of Helena, Montana,  spent the early part of last week in  Hedley .with_her__son._here. ��������� She.left  Thursday for Yorkton, Sask., where  she purposes remaining for the winter  with her brother.  A. E. Demnan. who has been for the  past week pursuing the elusive-buck  on the summits back of Olalla returned Saturday without the venison. We  have been pursuing tbe other kind-of  bucks In Hedley for the last three  months  with about the same success.  On Tuesday evening, November 17th  a concert for the benefit of the Hedley  Brass; Band will be given in Fratei nity  Hall under the direction of Professor  Glaze. Come, everyone! The. best  local talent will assist with tlie programme and the concert will be followed by a dance.    ,  Wanted���������A live manager to represent the Inland OoatMEBCiAL Agency  iu this town. Must be good, typist  and book-keeper, with a knowledge of  the collection business, and must he  ready to devote whole time to it.���������  Apply at once, stating previous experience to Box 293, Penticton, B.C.  Last Friday, evening an enjoyable  impromptu hop was held ,-it Fraternity Hall as a farewell to W, K. Pollock. As the dance was rather hurriedly gotten up by Mr. Pollock's immediate friends, the festivities were  naturally confined to the younger set;  all of whom report a very pleasant  evening. The music was furnished by  Messrs. Stevens and Hanson.  plug with the staff of the -Gazette.  According to a ukase from headquarters he will leave for the coast to take  1 a  o  po.-ition   in   the   bank's, Vancou ver i  ice���������loaded to t he guards with.tr I !  Firebox linings withstand years ot use because made of McClary Semi-Steel.   See a  1  wishes anil gmiii ,-n  I f'l ii'lid- ill  1 leiiley.  SV 1  Oil"    id"    ! hi-    pl.'.-l-  pill lie- wl.ii-h it   ha-  i"  alien.I   mi   thi-  wa-   gu in   at    1 he  el-   nil  -��������� i( i- i'l (.111 lib. nni 11  inlesl Hallowe'en  been mil- pr'n ilej^e  ide nf the divide  ii'iue of Mr. ait,I  '���������ii 111 ,!,-iv I'Wiii:,. .  .Mi.-.   Win-  It -.wi-. a 11 .-��������� ]   i-!i| 1 ime itiiiicky - p-i-ikv  wilche-'   finlic    wiib   a I lick    aL  every  linn    and    a    l.n.gh    in    every    lii<-k.  When    e\ i-i yi.lie bad   qualified for I I'd  Foolish  UmiM'in one way  nr mini he:,  the company   repaired Io the drawing:  room ami   partook of a dainty  supper,  which wa-- followed   by an impromptu  piOgrainiiie.       Al'lei    an    evening   of  genuine   enjoyment   Die  party   broke  up eaily and the laughing guests went  their     way--,     voting    Mr.    and     Mis.  Wheeler   lite.real   an'd   original    Hallowe'en eiilertiiineis.  A few days ago by the merest chance  we.  came   ycross a  clipping from   the  Eugene  "Record"   which should   be <.f  interest  to  local   people  in   that   the  subject   of   the   aiticle   has    been    fulsome mouths among us making friend!,  and musicians in Ilcdlry.    "The niu-i  cal entertainment   given hy Mr.   Warren Glaze, a.-\-i-lcd by the choir, at tin  Methodi-t   chin eh -Wednesday   evening,   was   hugely  attended,   notwithstanding the inclement weather.    The  demonstration given by Prof. "Warren  Glaze wa.s remarkable, he. being blindfolded  and   led.to'the  centieof the  chiiach   ediilice wheie   he quickly and  correctly announced   every key .-tiuck  011 a piano,   gla.-se-, nails, etc.,   on the  ro.-timn.       Mi.   Findley,     an   expcit  piano   tuner,   who   witnessed   the   d.--  uion.-tialion   announced   to. the  audience that in all his travels he had mily  met one   peisnn l-el'me,   a blind   hiin-  cian, who could'pel form this feat. ,. lie  sail' about one person in five thousand  ��������� inanilVsli.-d.Mirh acuU- healing."  You'll notice the. linings are  made in nine pieces. There's  a good reason~ask the McClary dealer, !  made-- i n-Canada  Sold by HEDLEY TRADING COflPANY  04  DAVENPORTS  All Steel,   Collapsable, extend to three-quarters and double bed size.    Two prices  $13.50 and $17.00  NAVY GOTS  Steel.    Can't break them $4.75  New Mattresses, Springs, Pillows, Cribs etc.  6%       MONEY      6%      MONEY      6%  Loan.- may be obi 1  ptirpoM'    in    ai-cepl;  inetl for any pur-  ble    Ken]    E-tate  LINOLEUM  Inlaid and Printed in anew variety of  patterns. Comes in 6-foot;and 12-foot widths  Come in and look them over.  security;    lilura!   'pi i\ urges:     con cs-  pondi'iii'i' solicited. '  A. (J. Agency'Company  758 Gas,-Electiic Bid-.-.,  ,.t  _ ,_,,��������� _ __   .Denver, Colo,  ST. CHARLES CREAM  A very special offering for a few days.  Prices are going to soar and you ought to  stock up at these prices.Hotel and "26 bz  Cream, per case $5.50  ���������&-&^-&-&^-&-&^-&^<&<&<&<&&^&^<&4&<2><&-4><&.<&*$>l������~<$>^. &~<fr~&-&^  .x  I  X  X  i������  A.   WINKLER,     Proprietor  ^���������efee-'������&&J"r:&&&"5-:&&t-&6&e-:e-:&&^  Here to Stay,  >i/  Hi  Hi  &.  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  s  Hi  f  %  For Painting,  Paperhanging  Etc., apply to  J. BEALE  Corner White St. and Daly Ave  Terms   Moderate  Last Saturday the local troop of  Boy Scouts took their first cross country hike and proved themselves to he  a splendid bunch of mashers. The  trip to McKi.nnon's ranch by the corkscrew trail was made in two hours and  a half witn a half-hour halt for lunch,  while the return trip by the road was  accomplished in two hours and a  quarter.  Last Friday 0. A. Toinpson who  handles concentrates in the mill had a  painful experience which temporalily  put him out of commission. He had  just turned aiound to pick up a shovel  when his back went back 011 him, so  to speak and he went down for the  count. Though; suffering a great deal,  of pain he is able to be on his feet,  again. Those who know the, concentrate barrow will not blame Ins back  for going on strike.  This week W. K. Pollock leaves us  and we are sorry. No more Will his  rich .burr .be heard in the sanctum.  No more will  lie swap yarns and cut  Lraight*  WE SELL FRESH GROCERIES  THEY   COST NO   MORE THAN  THE OTHER KIND.   ONE TRIAL  WILL CONVINCE YOU  jBggSBBS^aSg^BSPWBWIBHMMI  ���������  ' FRASER. BLOCK  Si  ll  HEDLEY, B.C.  A Years' Subscriptian. to  The Gazette  ��������� and  A Gem Gasoline Iron  (Giia ran teed)  ALL FOR.  ve  To New subscribers S 1 Patronize Canadian Industries  ars  1  Ezra Mills, Keremeos Agent.'  Keep Canadian Workmen Employed First.  By buying Goods Made In Canada  Stanfield's and Penman's Brand Underwear  Geo.   A  Slater & Co/s  Invictus Brand Shoes for  andjWomen  Leckie Boots for Men and Boys  Carharrt Overalls  W. Q. & R. Shirts and Collars  Redmond flats and Caps  Clark's Gloves, Mit>t>s and Mackinaws  Peck's Shirts, Socks; Hats, Caps and Gloves  LAST BUT NOT LEAST-SEMI-READY CLOTHING  Men  The  ROLLS   KEEPS (JOOP  G OODS  Semi-Ready     Clothing;    Store  H. G. Freeman, Proprietor  ADVERTISE  IN THE  GAZETTE  mn THE HEDL1SY GAZETTE.   NOV   5 1911.  KEREMEOS, the Centre of Lower Similkameen���������Famed for Fruit Growing  Town and Lower Valley.  1 and IT. 0. N.   Etches took  the auto-    ! mobile for the Okanagan   oh   a, few  0. H.  Carle was a visitor to Prince-' ������������������������������������������������������"t-es "Lice, went before the medi;  ton i'or a couple of davs last week.        I cr1 omco-'-   W(jr0 PJISSC(1  w,Ll' ;l BO0,d  r  "   t-.  ^        * ;  ,.   "      ni" ������r  constitution, sworn   m as sold-  Mrs.  Geo. 13. Clarke returned from   ,ei.8 nf fch(j R.        ;md hc|itU,d b.iek foi,  Salmon Arm last week alter spending   Kemueos nexb nlo,ning u���������acr parole,  a very pleasant time with her nephew,  Dr. Connelly of that city.  Sam Breed .picked a handful of ripe  raspberries oil' his patch last week arid  Herb Hunter gathered a.bunch of fine  wild violets. This we think is some  climate.  MissMattie Armstrong lift on Monday's train for Seattle wheieshe hopes  to spend tbe   nios-t of the coming win-  ' Lei wilu'her i-oii.-ins, the Mi-s-i-s Easty  of that city.  Don't ai-gui" about it. Rolls handles  good hockey "boots. Go to him now  and give him a. chance to do your order justice. Special orders mean better  pi ices for ynu.  Duugl is Kichmond after being in  the employ of Mr. Andrew Robertson  ���������for flu' pa.-.l ihhuien months, resigned  his poMLion and h ft I'm-tbe home, of  his'parents . who have a very line farm  near Edmonton, Alia.  ': Mrs. (.!. A. Lindsay of Spokane,  inother of Mrs. Thos. Daly, is visiting  at the ��������� AVillows with Mis. .15. M. Daly  fora few weeks. She is enjoying herself immensely and thinks this part of  the mountains is superb in its beauty.  W. H. Steves, Disl. Supl." of the  Government Telegraph Lines, after  inspucting Lhe nrw piece of line being  connected up from Fail view to" Oroville, Wash., and Midway, B.C., parsed through Keremeos on Tuesday  after aii-.-mging for a substitute bathe local ,-igent.        . .  Remember * the sale "of work to be  held 'in the Town Hal! on November  12th. ' Besides fancy work there will  be on. sale, hoine.made cooking, ice  cream and home made candy. A pro-  gramaieof limbic and a dance are being 'arranged;'' The-'proceeds aie to  be given to the patriotic fund. Doors  . open at eight o'clock.  The women of .St. John's^Gnild meet  every Wednesday afternoon to sew  for a sale to be given in December,, the  proceeds of which will be given to tbe  Belgian Relief Fund. There are very  urgent requests' being sent out for all  kinds of warm clothing for men,  women and children and even babies.  If those who have clothing to give will  leave it at the Customs House the  Guild will be grateful. All such things  received .-will be sent to the needy on  the first possible opportunity.  The correspondent had the pleasure  of visiting tbe lower Similkameen and  what is now known as Boundary Valley." Tbi'*'-district is located on Richter  Mountain and boasts of a school house  as there are about twelve families located there. Huhbs Bros, have a sawmill with a capacity of about 7000 feet  per day, which is sufficient Lo supply  the needs of the settlers, and ship a  little in Lhe rough across the line. The  altitude of the settlement is something over three thousand feet, but  they raise fine grain and other produce  notwithstanding. However the locality is chiefly used as a grazing country  'Hallowe'en is over once more but  the same old nonsense still continues.  A joke is a joke we all agree but wanton iibu.se is. hardly likely to be tolerated. This kind of thing continues year  by'year, and it is hard to express our  feelings at Lhe senseless pranks committed. Some times men are supposed to put away childish things, so the  good book says; but still the non-coni-  poot survives. The painLing of buildings and windows is going Loo far; for  the defaced buildings will have to be  repainted Lo cover the tracks of the  uncertified JiUKilics, We only hope  that Lhe girls, boys, men and women  will try ro develop a little common  sense in Lhe year Lo come.  Than- has been a deplorable lack of  promptitude on Lhe part of the government in delaying the organization  of . the overseas calvalry contingent.  A number of the local boys who have  made np their minds to go with the  colors to the front, have been waiting  anxiously for the call; but up to the  present none has come for cavalry  mobilization. ������So, on Saturday last  Itnbt. J. McCmdy left for Penticton  to see how the land lay in the line of  recruiting for active service. Finding  it favorable for Lhe Rocky Mountain  Bangers contingent, 102 Regiment, he  telephoned over to Keremeos and in  consequence W. It. Hope, R. K. Hogg.  Lo be called at a few hours' dotice.  NOTICE  NOTICE is h������reby given that on the  2nd day of January;. -1915, application wfUbe made to' the Superintendent of Provincial Police for the transfer "f the licence for the sale of  liquor, by retail in and upon the  pi iium'S known as the Central  Hotel situate at Keremeos Centre',  Brilir-h Columbia,' from H. Tweddle  io Central Hotel Co.," John Hini-  mell, malinger.  Dated October21s   1914,  Harry Tweddle, Holder of Licence  Central Hotel Co.,  John Hiininel,  manager, applicant for transfer.  NOTICE  Liquor Act, 1910  NOTICE is hereby given that, on the  lirst day of Decern her next, application  will be made to the superintendent of  Provincial police for renewal of'���������'the  hotel licence to sell liquor by letail in  the hotel known as the Gi eat Northern  hole], situate in Hedley, in the province of British Columbia.  JOHN JACKSON  Dated this 10th day of October, 19M.  AUTO STAGE SERVICE  > Tweddle's cars are comfort- \  \ able. Tweddle's drivers l  { are experts. <  ? No delays. ,         No accidents  ' < Autos leave Penticton every morn-  i ing to connect with trains to Hedley.  i Princeton, Coalmonfc, Oroville and  i all Bouiicliiry points.  ' Leave Keremeos for Penticton on  ?      arrival of Great Northern trains  > Fare���������single $6.00  X RETURN $11.00  Baggage carried. Commercia trunks  ai-ninged for  Break the'monotony of train and  uoat travel and take an auto trip.  When you arrive at Penticton     ������  Keromeos ask for  TWEDDLE'S AUTO STAGE  Cars Calf at all Hotels  NOTICE  ���������    "       Liquor Act, 1910  NOTICE is hereby given that," on  the first day Of December next, application will he made to Lhe superintendent of .Provincial police for renewal  of the. hotel, licence to sell liquor by  retail in Lhe hotel known as the Al-'  exandra hotel, situate at Okanagan  Falls, in thu province of British Columbia.  AllNOIT & H1NE  Dated this 10th day of October, 191-1.  SING LEE  Laundry,    Contracting    of   all  kinds, Ditch  digging,  Wood  .' Sawing, Clearing land, Cook-  - ing  and all  kinds of Chinese  Labor.  Keremeos, B.C.  SILK������  ..Large Assortment of choice Silk Dress  Goods, Silk handkerchiefs etc.  for sale at right prices  TOHMY SING, Keremeos  NOTICE  - Liquor Act, 1910  NOTICE is hereby given that, oh  the first day of December- next, appli-.  cation will be made to the sup'ei intei):  dent of Provincial police for renewal  of the hotel licence to sell liquor by retail in the hotel-known a.s the Kor---  iiieosHotel, situate in Kereuieos, in  the province of-British Columbia. -  MRS. A. F. KIRBY  Dated this 10th day of October, 19U.  WE'VE  GOT THE BUSINESS  AND THERE IS GOOD REASON WHY  If we were to be here to-da}r and pack up  and go tomorrow we could perhaps afford to  run our business along slip-shod lines. We  are here, however, to build a business. This  we intend to do by stocking high-grade  goods and selling at a low margin of profit.  See our  superior line of Goods  ior Spring.  FRANK   RICHTER   ESTATE  NOTICE  ��������� Certificate of Improvement  Nul.uk (A) Mineral Claim, situate in tho Osoyoos   Mining Division -of Yale  District.  Where located: - Nickel Plate Mountioir.  ���������"Fake notice that W. Arnott,  Free  Miner's  x        Certificate No. 75111, intends, sixty days  from tlie date hereof, to apply to the Mining  Recorder for a Certificate -of Improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of  the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section  85,  must be commenced  before the  issuance of such Certificate of Improveiiients.'  Dated this 22nd day of .August A. D., WM  When   Writing   Advertisers  Mention this Paper.  Please  NOTICEf  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS  PKHSinENiTAi. Thva.ngi.i-: Fhaction  Mineral  Claim, situate in the Osoyoos Mining Division of  Yale District. -   Where'.. located:���������-  Nickel Plate 'Mountain.    "  ���������        -  'Fake 'notice'thatLi. IT. Patten, Free Miners  ���������������������������        Certilieate No. 75135, intends, sixty days  from  the date horc.of,, to apply to thcJMining  Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,  for the purpose' of obtaining a Crown ..Grant of  the above claim. "   '*"  And further take notice that action, under  section .83,' must be commenced beforo tho  issuance of such Certificate'.of 'Improvements.  Da ���������'.U.ci this 22ml day of August. A, D., 1014.  SUBSCRIBE  FOR THE GAZETTE  '���������(|ifljg!|jjjj^^  Better than Ringini  taor-belis  Hi  IMJ  NOTICE  Liquor Act, 1910  NOTICE is hereby given that, on.  the first day of December next application will be made to the superintendent of Provincial police for renewal  of the hotel licence te yell liquor by retail in the hotel known as the Grand  Union Hotel, situate in Hedley, in the  province of British Columbia.  ANTON WINKLER  Dated, this 10th day of October, 1914,  60   YEARS-  EXPERIENCE  A PIANO manufacturer recently made a house-  ���������*k to-house canvass. He's one of those men with  an absurd fear of the "waste-circulation" bugaboo  ���������cannot get away from the haunting thought that  only 10 out of every 100 readers of a newspaper  may be possible buyers of his goods.  So he refused to advertise, and went a-canvassing  ���������inviting people to come to his piano recitals.  Then he wondered why they didn't come.  IM  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c.  Anyone sendtnf? n si-etch and description may  quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an  Invontlon is probably patentable. Communications strictly contldentlal. HANDBOOK on Patent*  aunt free. Oldest auoncy for securing patents.  Patents taken through Munn & Co. rccelvt-  special notice, without charge, in the  A hniidsomely Illustrated weekly. Largest circulation of miy tJfiotitlllo Journal. Terms, t3 o  7t'-ir; four lvtonl lis, $L  Sold by nil new." dealers.  MUNN & Oo.36,s-&������- New York  Branch OIliBri. .���������'���������:> ���������? St.. Wasbinuton. D. C.  NOTICE  Liquor Act, 1910  NOTICE is   hereby  {riven   that,   on  the first day of December next application will be made to the superintendent of Provincial  police for  renewal  of the hotel licence to sell liquor by retail in the hotel known as the Central  Hotel ,situate at  Kereuieos Centre, in  the province of British Columbia.  HARRY TWEDDLE  Dated this Kith day of October, 10M.  H. C. N. ETCHES  is Agent for the Hedley Gazette m  Keremeos and authorized to book  Subscriptions and take orders for  job work and advertising.  POST OFFICE,   KEREMEOS,   B.  This Is why:  He wasn't reaching the people.  His canvassers rang every door-bell in  town. They talked to some one in every  house.  But one in every household isn't enough  ������������������particularly if it doesn't happen to be  the right person. And, as a rule, it wasn't  the right person���������-it was a servant, or a  child. The woman of the house was seldom  seen; the man of the house, never.  Now, if the piano maker had placed an  ad. in the newspaper, it would have reached  thousands, where the canvassers could  reach only hundreds.  And even though only 10 per cent, of the  readers are actual piano buyers, this docs  not mean that the advertising read by the  other 90 per cent, is wasted. Advertising  talks, not only to the prospective buyer,  but also to his wife, his grown-up sons and  daughters, his mother���������even his mother-  in-law. Their coaxing will help to convince  the head of the house���������and pretty soon  there'll be a piano in that home.  This and dozens of similar cases which  might be cited to show that "waste circulation" is an empty bugaboo, and should  deter no one.  Take the motor truck. It can be sold  only to large firms Yet a motor truck  manufacturer is successfully Advertising  in daily papers. He realizes that he must  reach, not alone the managers of the concerns that require trucks, but also, their  directors, their foremen, their head machinists, etc. It is found in actual practice  that this Advertising radiates in a thousand  directions, and again converges most astonishingly to influence the house that has  made up its mind that horse-trucking is  too costly and inefficient.  II  IMJ  H  [ii  Advice regarding your advertising problems is available  through any recognized Canadian advertising agency, or the  Secretary of the Canadian Press Association, Room 503  Lumsden Bldg., Toronto. _ Enquiry involves no obligation  on your part���������so write if interested.  y^^^^^^^^^^^^mwmmmmmwmmmm^^Smmm^^^^^


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