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The Hedley Gazette Nov 27, 1913

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 AND SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER.  Volume* IX.  HEDLEY, B.C., THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 27. 1913.  Number 47  -i  Dr. C. A. JACKSON  DENTIST  [18 years practice in Vancouver.]  S. O. L. Co.'s Block  PENTICT-QN,       -      -       B. C.  .3  READY   FOR   CEMENT  Good  Progress  Is Being   Made in  Installation of Power Plant  the  R. W. DEANS  Notary Public Real Estate  Ranches,  Properties,  Mines, Timber,  Water Powers  Upper Trout Creekj Balcomo P. O. B.C.  N. Thompson x*ik>,vk skvmour 5913  JIGR. WESTERN CANADA  Cammell Laird & Co. Ltd.  Steel Manufacturers  Sheffield, Eng.  ; Offices and Warehouse, 817-03 Beatty Street  ; Vancouver, B. C.  Medley     iners'      and   illmen's  Union, No. i6i, W. F. of M.  i  Regular meetings of the Hedley Local, No.  161 are held on the first and third Wednesday  in the month in Fraternity hall and the second  and fourth Wednesday at. the N. P. Mine  ' O. M. Stevkns T, R. Willbv  President Fin^Secretary.  A A. F.   & A. .  "������������V      REGULARmonthly meetings of  :/^^\   Hedloy Lodge No. 13, A. F. & A. M.,  ��������� are hold on tho second  Friday in  ��������� each month in Fraternity hall. Hedley. Visiting  brethren are cordially invited to attend.  S. E.  HAH1LTON,  ���������W. M  H. D.  BARNES  Secretary  MODERN WOODMEN  OF AMERICA  , CORRlGAJ-  Conn.scl  Hedloy Local Camp meets in  Fraternity Hall the first Thursday only in the month!  H. G  FUKEMAN  Clerk  L. O. L.  Regular monthly meetings of  Hedley Lodge 1714 are hold on  the third Monday in every  Visiting brethern are cordially invited to attend.  H. J. JONES, W. M.  G. H. TURNER. Sect.  l*S'^ura^������i&mo"th in Fraternity Hall,  PR. J. L. MASTERS  DENTIST  Will be at Home office in Oroville, 1st  to 20th of each month.  Office on North   Main   Street.  P. W. GREGORY  CIVIL ENGINEER and BRITISH  COLUMBIA LAND SURVEYOR  Star Building Princeton  W/alterGIayton  Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.  MONEY TO LOAN  PENTICTON,  B.C.  GREAT  NORTHEKN  HEDLEY B.C.  HOTEL  The Gazette paid a' visit a  couple of  evenings  ago to   the site  of the  hew  darn   where  foreman   W. A.   McLean  had about forty husky men employed,  and the amount, of work  they have  accomplished in the past week proved  considerable of a surprise.   The dam  which is being constructed  about 200  feet below the mouth of Twenty Mile  and cutting diagonally across a strong  rapid in   the stream,-is going  to be a  most substantial structure.   Its length  will be 400 feet and the base  will be 14  feet or more in width.    Like the human tooth it will consist of a root, a body  and   a crown;   and as both   the root  and the body are to be firmly lodged  down among the boulders beneath the  river hoc to in to  a depth  of about 12  feet or more, of which  about five feet  will   be of solid re-inforced  concrete  the full width of the dam and  from  this body two huge prongs front and  rear extend downward like the roots  of an obstanite  molar,   and all of the  strongest kind of re-inforced concrete.  In clearing off the ground  for the  dam a lot of  timber and  brush  was  piled up, and in burnig this   off they  were taking advantage of Ihf flre to  biun.the grease off the old inch  wire  cable which has been cut up for- use in  the cement.  Some difficulty was experienced in  finding suitable sand and gravel in  quantity in the immediate vicinity,  but this was finally found just across  the river ou the opposite bank and a  strong temporary bridge has been  thrown across the stream to permit it  being teamed over.  Fortunately in the present low  stage of water the stream is confined  to a narrow deep channel against the  opposite bank and that has left fully  three fourths of the river bed dry.  This portion has been all excavated  and is ready for the cement, and as  soon as this portion of the foundation  has been completed the river will be  turned over it to permit foundation  to the completed irr the present channel in which the stream is now running.  'A carload of cement is expected today  hand and although the cement-mixer  which has been on order for some time  is not yet to hand they will go on  hand mixing until the machine comes.  The weather for the past week has  been of the finest and is still good, and  every minute is being utilized to its fullest extent. The engineer in Victoria  has been a bit slow in furnishing all  of the working plans and they have  been using the wires pretty freely to  keep him prodded up.  ���������WEDNESDAY NOON.  . The men have again been laid off on  the dam. The only reason that has  been given is a telegram from G. P.  .Tones to "discontinue work for the  present." The message came from Los  Angeles,  and all here are at a loss to  MAKING THE JOB LAST  A Laurier Commission Appointed in 1910  Not Yet Reported  The Ottawa "Evening Journal" says:  "Hon. T; W. Crothers has stopped  the salaries of Dr. J: W. Robertson,  chairman of the Technical Education  Commission, and Mr. J. G. Bcngough,  the secretary:  "The Min iste'r of Labor, under whose  control is this commission, holds the  view that the report of work done  should have been'completed and placed  in his hands long ago.  "He has made repeated efforts to  get ,this and so far has failed. The  commission was appointed in January,  1910, under the late Liberal administration, nerirly four years ago. They  were to gather information regarding  technical education in Canada, United  States and Europe.  "The work of gathering the information was completed in 1911, nearly  three years ago. All that remained to  be done was to frame the report for  the Minister of Labor-. Nearly three  years have gone by and the report is  not yet completed. Finding that his  efforts to get it are unavailing, Mr.  Crothers has adopted the drastic policy of cutting off the salaries, which  have been running on all this time."  THE  NAMES SHOULD  BE PUBLISHED  Astonishing Number of Applicants Clarm  Money Grant for Fenian Raid.  SIMILKAMEEN- FRUIT  know the cause of the delay.  ENTERPRISING YOUNGSTERS  Alberta .School     Children    Conducting-  Scientific Dairy Tests.  Bar and Table the Best.   Rates Moderate  First Class Accommodation  JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor  X  I Grand Union |  * Hotel I  ������ x  } HEDLEY, British Columbia &  Rates���������$1.50 a Day and Up  First-Class Accommodation.  Bar Stocked with Best Brands  of Liquor and Cigars  A.  WINKLER,     Proprietor. ������  One of the most interesting letters  recently received by the Dairy Oom-  missoner, Ottawa, is from a school  teacher in Alberta who asks for milk  record forms and literature on the  subject of Cow Testing, because���������now  listen: Some of the boys irr the school  are starting a contest in recording the  production of individual cows to last  one year.  This opens up a most promising  field for every school teacher and for  thousands of boys in our country  schools. Irr this we would be following somewhat slowly irr the wake of  schools in the United States and New  Zealand where the use of the Babcock  milk tester has been taught for some  time. In a dairy country like this,  we should be out blazing trails for  other teachers and boys to follow.  No better work could be taken up  by such lads, for any record work of  that kind must infallibly lead to better, vastly better-, conditions on dairy  farms. Probably these Alberta lads  will soons be excellent dairymen obtaining $75 or $100 per cow.  Needless to say the Dairy Division  will only be too ready to supply blank  forms and instructions in all such  cases.  Mr. J. J. Armstrong of Keremeos,  resident manager of the Keremeos  Land Co., was in towrr 611 Friday last  between trains. Mr. Armstrong likes  to get about the district as often as  possible to see the merchants who are  handling Keremeos fruit and garden  produce, and to know from them how  everything is turning out.  He believes, and lightly too, that  tbe Similkameen should use Similka-  produce exclusively-and whyshouldn't  they when there is no better to be had  anywhere? This claim for Similkameen fruit is amply borne out by the  success which has always attended it  when exhibited alongside the best at  outside exhibitions. Since the recent  exhibit of Similkameen fruit at Winnipeg- which was shipped a few weeks  ago from orchards at Keremeos and in  the lower valley, they hrive been in  receipt of congratulatory letters from  influential men in Winnipeg who  were pleasantly surprised at the character of the fruit;'sent'there from this  valley; and with the congratulations  was the pleasing assurance that henceforth these men knew where to obtain  their fruit samples.  > Mr. Armstrong strikes the correct'  note too, when he says that'the whole  valley should, get info the habit of  talking Shuilkameen and quit talking  Keremeos, Hedley and Princeton. The  Okanagan would not be so well known  on the outside today as it is if the  people living in it had kept on talking  the names of the various places in it,  and this fact in itself should,teach us  all the necessity of concentrating our  efforts irr advertising to reach some  common goal. To familiarize the outside public with the name Similkameen we should make them hear of  Similkameen cattle, Siinilkameen fruit,  Similkameen gold and Similkameen  coal and cement. We must all admit  that there has been far too much sectional boosting in the past, and the  papers must be honest enough to take  their fair share of the blame for it.  The past has been a very successful  season with the fruit-growers at Keremeos arid down through the lower  valley. The output has been better  marketed but there is still much to be  desired along that line, and the real  relief will not come until direct connection with the coast has been established by the putting through of the  V. V. & E. and Kettle Valley roads.  For Mr. Armstrong's company it has  indeed been a long weary wait for  through connection with the coast.  Not only have they had their own disappointment in that matter but they  have the added disappointment of  seeing others suffer loss of time anil  cash through the failure of the railway company to keep its promises.  Fenian Raid veterans seem to be  multiplyingas the years roll on. Fortv-  five years have passed since the invaders were repelled, and it has been  estimated that no, more than ten  thousand men took up arms in defence  of. Canada. Now over four thousand  veterans have been paid the sum of  one hundred dollars bv the Govern-  merit under the Bounty Act of a  couple of sessions ago. " There are 10,-  000 applications for the bounty still to  be passed ^ipon. The buik of these  will likely be rejected.  The greatest number of applications  in proportion to population comes  from Nova Scotia, where special commissioners have been appointed to  ookinto the numerous claims.  An effective way to stop that sort of  thievery would be for the Militia department to publish the names of ap  plicants in the local newspapers in all  regimental and company headquarters.  Those who are entitled to the bounty  would have no reason to consider such  a course a reflection upon them, but  the contrary. And those who are  brazenly trying to lie the thing  through will be exposed to the contempt they justly merit, for then the  public wi 11 be in a position to judge  every man's claim on its merits and  there will be survivors enough to know  whether unworthy claimants served  with them or not.  It is to the asinine vandalism of  General Herbert who in his tenure of  office destroyed the Fenian Raid records of the Militia Department that  the country owes its present inability  to settle the ..validity of each claim independent of any outside testimony.  MR. ASQUITH IS WAITING  Rumors of Split in   British  Cabinet  Home Rule Issue  on  "JARNDYCE VS. JARNDYCE"  Chief Justice Hunter Describes Litigation  in Hazic Prairie Case Scaudal  "This litigation \ over the Hatzic  Prarrie Company is getting to be a  scandal in the administration of justice in this province. J. have seen  statements in the press about it, and  one of my brother judges has already  commented on it. = Something has got  to be done to put a stop to it and find  out what is at the bottom of it all."  Thus commented Chief Justice Hunter, when an application came before  him in a suit brought by Harold Ken-  worthy against the Hatzic Prairie  Company, (in liquidation) to remove  the present liquidators and appoint  new liquidators.  Mr. Hamilton Read for the plaintiff  and Mr. E. V. Bodwell, K.C., for the  defendant company, both assured his  lordship that it was the other side  that was to blame and that each was  desirous of seeing an end to the litigation that has been in and out of the  courts of the province for the past  three years. His lordship ordered that  Messrs. Butter & Cliiene, liquidators,  furnish necessary affidavits and submit to cross-examination, as asked by  the plaintiff, but declined to make an  order as to costs.  "I propose, as a judge, to do all 1  can to put an end to any needless  litigation in this case. It is a scandal,  and counsel have got to keep their  clients down to the real issues in dispute. Let counsel take care, too, to  see that the bitterness of the litigants  does not creep into their dealings with  each other," admonished the judge at  the close of the case.  London, Nov. 25th. ��������� Premier As-'  quith's compromise offer to the opposition leaders on the Home Rule  Bill is being delayed, according to the  Daily Mail, by serious dissension within the cabinet regarding what solution  of the question shall be offered.  Mr. Winston Churchill, first lord of  the admiralty; Mr. David Lloyd-  George, chancellor of the exchequer ;  Sir Edward Grey, secretary for foreign affairs and Viscount Haldane,  lord high chancellor, the Daily Mail  says, favor- the exclusion of Ulster  from the bill, while Mr. Augustus Bir-  i-ell. chief secretary for- Ireland; Mr.  Reginald AicKenna, home secretary,  and Mr. Walter Runciinan, president  of the board of agriculture, belong,to  what may be called the fighting party,  which will resist the exclusion of Ulster, is willing to offer small conces- '  sions and is ready to impose Home  Rule on Ulster by force of arms.  "It need only be said," adds the  Daily Mail, "that the Ulster vohmteer  force now numbers 90,000 men, zealous to fanaticism, who are armed with  30,000 rifles, and are obtaining more  daily. Meanwhile Premier Asquith is  waiting for developments."  NEW PUBLICATIONS  The Port Moody and Yale, and Donald sheets of the series of four maps  covering the Dominion Railway Belt  in the province of Britisli^Columbia  are now available for distribution from  the Railway Lands Branch of the Department of the Interior at Ottawa.  This set of maps, the Kamloops and  Lytton and Sicamous sheets of which  were issued a short time ago, shows irr  a graphic way the land situation to a  very recent date and-the standing of  each quarter-section according to the  records of the Department at that  date.  ON LARGE SCALE  The sheets have been published on a  large scale, namely three miles to the  inch, and this, combined with the  comparatively simple system of coloring which has been adhered to in the  preparation of the map, 'makes it a  very interesting publication. .  SHOWSOTHER VALUAULEINl'ORMATlbN'  Irr addition to the information with  respect to disposition of land, etc., the  location and boundaries of all Dominion Forest Reserves, Timber Berths,.  Indian Reserves and Grazing Leases  are clearly shown, together with Post.  tOffice and Railway information.  COPIES FKEE OK CHARGE  Copies of the Port Moody and Yale  or the Donald sheet may now be obtained free of charge upon application  to F. C. C. Lynch, Superintendent of  Railway Lands, Department of the  Interior, Ottawa.  BACK   ABOUT DECEMBER 1st  MINING NOTES  Morris-Thompson & Co. of Phoenix  have booked orders for 37 cars to be  delived between now and the fisrt of  April next. They handle the Overland which is a very popular car in  the Boundary.  Granby has declared another dividend for the past quarter when $225,-  000 will be distributed.  The Hidden Creek properties are expected to be producing in January  next.  The B. C. Copper Company has resinned operations in Wellington Camp,  in the Boundary.  The B. C. Copper- Co. have installed  a concentrator at Boundary Falls to  reduce the ore of the Lone Star property before smelting. The Lone Star  is just across the international boundary south of Greenwood and the  Boundary Falls concentrator is just  three milesdistantfrorn the couipany's  srnelter at Greenwood.  Word received from Mr. G.P. Jones,  who went to attend  the  meeting of  tho Hedley Gold Mining Company's  directors,   was  to  the  effect  that  ho  was coming back by way of Los Angeles,  presumably accompanying Mr.  I.   L.  Merrill,   the   president,   whose  home   is   in   Los   Angeles   and   who  would  doubtless   be returning   there  after the meeting.     Mr-. Jones expected to come back  by way of Victoria  and the. date upon which he expected  to be  there would make it impossible  for him   to be  back  here  before  the  first of December,  and it will  in   all  probability   be a few days later than  that.     Not to delay the  work here he  wired instructions to close   contract  for material,  and everything is going  forward as rapidly as circumstances  will permit.  Tire Ledge says that everything  points to a great mining revival in  Greenwood.  The new owners of the Sally mine  on the West Fork of Kettle River at  Beaverdell are shipping a ton of low  grade ore to Denver, Colorado, to determine the best method of concentrating treatment which should be followed. It is believed that a saving of  $11 a ton may be made by concentrating before shipping. THE HEDLEY GAZETTE, NOV 27,  UlV.i.  * 1fe$  kuk  and  Similkameen Advertiser. -���������  I.--vn'il mi Thursday;-, hj the Heiilkv G.v/ktti-  I'KIN'I'INC AND Pl-lSI.ISUINli C0M1'.\XV.  I.imitku.   at   llcdlov.  I*. C.  Subscriptions in Advance u  Per'Year ���������".$������()(���������  '���������   (United Stiile^l  ".50  Advertising Rates  Measurement. 1- line* to the inch.  Land Notices���������Corlilic.itos of improvement, etc.  $7.00 for liii-dny notices, and ������5.()H for'.W-day  ,    notice--.  Transient Advertisements���������not exceeding one  inch, 81.00  fur one in>erUon, -2"> cents  for  t'licli subsequent insertion.   Over one inch,  10 cents per line for first insertion and a  cents per line for each subsequent insertion.  Transients payable in advance.  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Sat.  9  hi  2M  Hi)  '.5  10  17  ���������I  il  IS  .)  12  19  (i  13  2')  ���������>7  21  2S  1  S   !  i.-������ !  22  29  I  A MADDER PARLIAMENT  Britain has been called the "muther  of parliaments" and although we Canadians, in common with the people of  the United Status', arc in the habit of  pointing to Magna C'harta and the  "Mise of Lewes" an the dawn of government by the people. We'must not  forget that even long before the. Norman conquest, Saxon England bad its  .Witeiv.igeni'it.'- But old as is the principle in Britain of-calling in tlie people  to share in the responsibilities of government, it seems to lhe self-governing possessions of the British crown in  which Earl Grey has done. Nevei t he-  less he is restive when he sees the calamity impending and he cannot keep  quiet; but instead of denouncing the  -Home .Rule Bill- of the Liberals as  wrong, be is writing to the London  papers and giving the people over  there the benefit of his ripe experience  in elaborating for them a scheme for  federal government which will give  li eland two local parliaments, each  distinct from the other and administering tbe affairs of a territory of its  own: Scotland two; Wales one, and  England as many as she may require.  The customs, the post oHice, the army  and navy, the judiciary and other  matter--- of imperial import he would  vest in the federal parliament as  we do in Canada: and education, local  taxation, local improvements and  other like matters that are of themselves subordinated to the imperial  idea would be handled by thu local  parliaments, for the different provinces, instead of having the Imperial  parliament as at present wasting its  time and substance upon trivial affairs  that are not even piovincial but  parochial.  That would appear to be really the  solution of the Homo Rule, difficulty  at present threatening the very integrity of the Empire itself; and it is  strange indeed that ministers of the  British Imperial parliament with the  precedent before thcin of Canada's  constitution whicn has been tried out  foi- a period of almost half a century  imdi:r ciK-unistances theiniistdivc-r.se  and.found adequate lo meet, the needs  of an expansion almost unparalleled in  the world's history, should have failed  so miserably to grasp the plain meaning of the object lesson. 11 is disappointing to say the least.  The first parliament after the ''Mise  of Lewca" which was the outcome of  Simon de .Montfort'!? ..agitation for  popular'government,' has been known  in history as "The Mad Parliament",  although one historian, after viewing  its acts, has been forced to admit that  "ft would have been well for England  if all parliaments had been equally  sane." And certainly it would be well  for Britain   to-day if the  present gov-  MIN1NG  NOTES  The ��������� Gr-inby began prospecting hist  week by diamond drill in Copper  ('amp. They control or own 13 claims  in that camp and the Ledge says ".hat  if the piospecling meets expectations  the Granby will build a smelter at  Greenwood.  Names of mineral claims often turn  out misnomers. The Lucky Jim zinc  mine over in-the. Sloean may be lucky  but is apparently not happy. Of its  affairs the Sloean Record says: "We  are in receipt of news from Victoria  that at the. extraordinary general  meeting of the Lucky Jim Zinc Mine*-,  held on the'17th inst., the proposition  to assess the. shares was not passed,  owing to the necessary two-thirds of  the shares not being represented .at  the meeting. One of two courses must  follow the apathy of the shareholders :  Either the creditors will take over the  property or Mr. G. Weaver Loper will  be given a free band in'his iiond issue  scheme to raise $150,000 In either  case there is not a very promising outlook for the Lucky Jim and the holder  of shares in it. In case the bond issue  should be successful, fully a million  dollars worth of ore would Have to be  mined to keep up development and  pay off the bonded indebtedness, possibly two or three million dollars  worth. The Lucky Jim shareholders  appear to be "between the devil and  the- deep sea", and they would probably be money in pocket were they to  abandon the property and give some  mining man a. chance."  THE BANK OF  77 Years in Business.   Capital and Surplus Over 87,600,000.  THE CONVENIENCE OF A JOINT ACCOUNT  A Joint,.Account may be opened in the names' of two  or more persons. Whichever one can most conveniently  reach the bank can then deposit the joint funds or withdraw the cash needed.    It saves time and troube.  Hedley  Branch,  C. P. Dalton, Manager  A week' agf), to-day Sir Wilfrid  Laurier celebrated his seventy-second  birthday.  Premier Borden has been greatly  benefitted by his stay at the hot  springs in Virginia.  other  climes   that the   nuither hersel  ,        , .1, i   i.     i mm-   i eminent  had paid a little more atten  has   been the  slowest to   learn.    J Ins '  conclusion   is forced   upon all   who at  tempt to follow the public questions  that agitate the electors in the British  Isles, and particularly so when effort  is made'to'get a. reasonably clear understanding of the measures put forward by the Lloyd-Georges and the  Asquitbs to remedy the ills that are  declared to exist. Even those in this  country who are of the same political  leanings as the governing party in  Britain -.ire in despair at the obtuse-*  ness of the men who allowed Redmond  to get them into the jack-pot which  he!appears to have done in connection  with the measure for Home Rule in  Ireland. That measure they caused  to he. railroaded through the British  House of Commons by'means of the  closure without giving the opposition  a reasonable, opportunity to discuss  the worst features of the Bill or bring  forward amendments that would have  mitigated to some degree the evils  which must inevitably follow the folty  of so heinous an outrage against the  principle of federalism as that of giving to Ireland the control of her own  customs.  Where can   we find two  more dyed-  in-the-wool Liberals than Earl Grey or  W. S.   Fielding,   although the former  was remarkably  successful in  disguising  it during   the entire  course of his  vice-regal tenure of office in this country when he showed that he could rise  above party ? Nevertheless both these  men, schooled  in both the theory and  practice  of sane responsible .self-government along federal lines, are aghast  at some of  the provisions of the  As-  quith-Redniond measure.    The former  comes right out now and shows where  the bill is wrong,   but the latter is enveloped in too hard a shell of old-fashioned  Canadian Grittisrn  and   cannot  bring himself to the point of declaring  himself   in   the   unequivocal   manner  tion to the acts of the "Mad Parliament" and ulso those of other parliaments in more distant parts of the  empire before they framed the Irish  Home Rule. Bill which is forcing Ulster  into armed resistance and thereby  making rebels of the most loyal people  in the whole empire. A madder act  than that of handing over to the  Fenian nationalists the control of the  customs could not well be imagined  from "The Mad Parliament" or any  other. Mr. Fielding will do well to  keep up his propaganda but he has  rather hopeless .material to work on,  with men like Asquith, McKenna  Birrell and Redmond to convert.  John Oliver who announced a. few  years ago that he was out of politics  after his crushing defeat at the polls,  has been showing some signs of coining, to life again. Know-it-all John  has just written an open letter to Hon-  Price I-'llison telling him how he should  manage the matter of dealing with  tuberculosis in cattle. John had been  reading up the Dominion regulations  in that matter, but unfortunately hers a superficial reader and this time "a  little learning was a dangerous thing"  for him. The editor- of the News-Advertiser has taken him to task and  showen him that in his open letter- he  didn't know what he was talking  about. Auto-intoxication was an old  malady, with John and again he had  become intoxicated with the exuberance of his fAvn verbosity.  E. E. Burr  General   Blacksmith  Hedley, B. C.  Horse-shoeing and all  Blacksmith Work  Promptly attended to.  Pipe-fitting done.  "OUR MUTUAL  FRIEND"  When   this  expression   is  used   some  Canadians in stantly think  of Charles  Dickens' much-lov.ed masterpiece. -.  Others  associate   the words  with The  Mutual   Life  Assurance  Company  of  Canada, and with reason, for [  It is  the only Mutual Life Insurance  Company  incorporated  in the  Dominion.  It solicits only Canadian business.'*  It invests only in Canadian Securities, and  It has paid to Canadian families,*  often in times of direst need $12,S00-  .   000 since its foundation in 18707;  For these and other reasons Canadians  refer to  TttE MUTUAL LIFE flS'SUR-  M6E> 60., 01 CANADA  as Our Mutual Friend  *    The colony  of Newfoundland  is included. ���������       ' ���������  I TAKE A LOOK AT OUR  j-     WINDOW DISPLAY  *       . . -  !        FOR FREE GIFTS "'  FRASER. BLOCK  HEBLEY, B.C.  ^-^^������������������������<^-0 <0������<5>-^^><^^--^-^-^^^^-^^>-^>^^<^~^^><^><$><J>,<^'^������$>^^-^>^^,  W. j; TWISS  Manager, for B.C.  A. Megraw  Local Agent  YOU CAN HELP  PURE FOOD  '���������> "- ���������  "  ��������� ;  CRUSADE  By HOLLAND.  EVERY ONE appreciates  the importance of pure  food. All appreciate the  danger in adulteration, the  risk in substitution.  You can aid the pure food  movement and at the same  time aid yourself. How?  Merely by buying articles  that are of known purity and  merit'  How can you know these articles? By watching tlie advertising columns In this paper nnd in other papers. Manufacturers who advertise  have confidence in their goods  and are willing to have  themselves and their products known. Makers of substitutes and "just-as-goods"  usually hide behind anonymity or use a meaningless 6rm  name or brand.  PROTECT YOURSELF  BY  PROTECTING  THE PUBLIC.  There can be no better-  guarantee of the purity and  merit of an article than the  fact that it Is widely advertised.  ������8M!Si!ii������il  The most accurate, reliable and only market Report and Price list -  ol its kind published  "������fje g>fm&ert gtfnpper"  Hailed Absolutely Free lo Fur Shippers���������Send "Shubert"  your name on a postal today  You want this valuable publication���������it is worth hundreds of  dollars to you, issued at every change of the Fur Market,  giving you an accurate and reliable report of what is doing in  all the Markets of the World in American Raw Furs.  ' Write for it���������now���������it's free  A. B. SBUBERT, Inc., g&."B������-*wnW ave������.e  536 CHICAGO. U. S. A.   an   ���������  T ALWAYS PAYS BEST  $  There are Two Kinds of Printing  A y  a The one is;turned out; by tbe man who believes that  a anything goes, but the other by tbe one who -values.  $ the  reputation   of his  establishment  too highly to  $ allow any  work to  go out which will not do  him  I credit.     '  A ��������� There is  just as  good work   being done  in country  ��������� office's as in the cities, and often as poor work in tho cities  I as in the worst country shops  ��������� In Prices   the country office  can do just as well for  f you and  you save  the express.    The city printer may get  A his stock a   trifle cheaper   by saving the local freight,   but    a  k his rent and  other overhead  expenses are higher, and in   4  f the end he is   obliged to charge as much or more than the    Y  a country printer will charge for the same class of work. a  | THE   H&DL&y   GAZETTE  v   is prepared to  do any kind of work that may come along.  X No order too small and none too large.  WATER NOTICE  A I'PLIOATION for ji licence to take and use  -'i- and to store or pen backwater will lie  made under the "Water Act" of Ui-itish Columbia, as follows:���������  1 Tho name of tlie applicant is K. A. Hiir-  greaves  2 The address of the applicant, is Kereineos  li.C.  3 The name of the stream is Crater Creek,  The stream has its source on Crater Mountain,  flows in a southerly direction, and empties  into Ashnola creek about eight miles from  mouth of Ashnola Creek.  -1 The water is to be diverted from the  stream on both sides, about eighty rods from  its mouth.  5 The purpose for which the water will be  used is irrigation.  (i The land on which the water is to bo used  is described as follows:��������� Pre-emption of Kd-  ward Asquith Hargreuvos. No. (i71s  7 The quantity of water applied for is as  follows: One hundred inches  10 This notice was posted on the ground on  the 20th day of October, 1UI3.  11 A copy of this notice and an application  pursuant thereto and to the requirements of  tho -'Water Act" will be filed in the oflice of  Water Recorder at Kulrviow.  Objections may bo filed with the said Water  Recorder or with the -Controller of Wator  Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria. U. C.  60   YEARS-  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c.  Anyono sendlnu a akotnh nnd description may  quickly ascertain our opinion iroo whether on  invention is probably patcntablo. Communications strictly eontidentlnl. HANDBOOK on Patents  sent froo. Oldest npency for securing patents.  l'atonts taken tliroinrh Mium & Co. recolve  cpectal notice, without ctiuruo, lu tbe  A handsomely Illustrated weekly. I.nrcest circulation of any stjlcntltlc Journal. Tonus, $3 a  j-uur: four months, $1. Sold by all newsdealers.  MM & Co.36,Br������������Jew York  Branch Office. O'W I" St.. 1Vtt3lilii(iton. D. C.  TRY THE  Hedley Gazette  for  Fine Job Printing THE HEDLEY GAZETTE.-NOV 27. 1913.  Town and District.  F. 21. Gillespie went to Princeton  on Monday.  Don't forget the Woodman's bull on  the'evening of December ](Jth.  < J. A. Schubert went up to Tulameen  on Friday last/and returned Monday.  . 'Bows ��������� On Wednesday, November  20th, to Mr. anel Mrs. A. Winkler, a  daughter.  Just four more  weeks to Christinas.  "    Now is the time to think of the Christinas shopping.  Mrs. Waddle and children of Princeton are visiting her father and mother,  Mr. aud Mrs. Lyall.  Cattle have been going down the  river- eluring the past week to the  winter feeeling grounds in the lower-  valley.  W. A. McLean is making improvements in his residence to secure better-  light and more convenience. Mr.  Brass is doing the work.  ' B. W. Knowles went over to Pen  ticton with the Hedley Gold Mining  Company's car on company business  em Monday and returned on Tuesday  morning.  '"Mrs. G. P. Jones received a telegram' from her husband to meet him  in' Victoria on the 27th" and slie" left on  Tuesday accompanied by her son  Gorner.  The premises of the Bank of British  North "America have been getting a  , touch up during'the" past week when  the paper-hangers have been busy re  nov'ting and making the interior several shades brighter.  E. H. Williams, assayerfor the Hedley Gold Mining Co., expects to leave  for England about the beginning of  the week. He has been having trouble  with his eyes and will seek the aid of  a specialist before he returns.  Dr. McEwen has placed an order for  a Ford auto which he wants to have  delivered right away. it would come  ���������very handy for him' in connection  with the quarantine work he has on  hand from the Dominion government.  There is a very fair prospect that all  of the hi in bur for the flume may not  have to be shipped in from the outside,  but that we may see the manufacture  of lumber again carried on close by.  More regarding Lhis will be known a  little later.  Scarcity of lumber has delayed the  finishing of .tha-rinlc Mean.whil&.-the-  attention is centred on what the weather is going to do about providing a  sheet of ice, So far it has been too  mild to freeze the ground hard enough  to hold water.  Men have beerr coming in steadily  during the past week to work on the  ���������dam and there have been considerable  more than can be accommodated with  work at this stage of the operations.  Later on they may have a night shift  working as well and then a bigger  force can be employed.  The arc lamp at the bank corner-  was out of commission on' Sunday  night last and those who were wise  and elicl not feel disposed to take tiny  chances chose the road for it rather  than take the risk of going headlong  oil' the sidewalk. A cracked glass  which demolished the carbons iii short  order was the cause.  The mail clerks on the Spokane-  Oroville run are still at their work of  bungling tho despatch of Canadian  coast mail over the Great Northern.  If said mail clerks are new appointees  of the Democratic administration, and  are to be considered a fair sample of  Woodrow Wilson brand of civil servant the country has not benefited  much by the change. On Saturday  some of the Vancouver dailies (ailed  to show up and on Monday the Nelson  News turned up missing.  During the past I'ornight there have  been a fair percentage, of the days  that could qualify for Indian summer  of the genuine article. This is most  convenient for operations in putting  in the new dam on the Similkameen.  Tuesday, however, appeared to get a  bit too mild and the river rose about  two feet that day. Some snow up on  the head waters of the Similkameen  and Tulameen and the exceedingly  mild weather was doubtless the cause.  The Similkameen is a dangerous stream  in that respect about this trrrre of the  year- or earlier. ' Few who were here  seven years' ago will forget the sudden  rise- in the stream which wrought  havoc with the effects of the Hedley  Lumber Co.  Horses were sent over from Hedley  to Penticton on Monday to meet J. R.  Edmond  who was  expected  to reach  there with a drove of cattle which lie  had purchased in Alberta.     He has  there at this  time about" 175 heiicl and  has been experiencing some difficulty  in getting them'through".    Owing to a  few  berels  in' Alberta  being affected  with a skin elisease,   the   Department  of  Agriculture  irr   British   Columbia  with  an old cattle , man like the Hon.  iPrico Ellison at its head, requires that  all cattle entering  the province from  Alberta  be  dipped   within   ten   days  previous to their entry.    The Edmond  cattle  although clear- of  the   disease  were dipped,  and as tho ten elays had  elapsed before they were got over into  British Columbia  they had  to be dipped a'second time which permits every  hoof of them to qualify as a hard shell  .baptist.     Shipping of beef cattle into  tha Similkameen   valley to   feed the  miners in Hedley is indeed a new or-  iler of things.  r.  rnlWiJldBilifliiHilfl  Now is the time to procure your Christmas Fruits  while the selection is complete and the goods fresh.  Below are a few of the lines we have just received:  Seeded Raisins    Peels  Sultanas Dates  Currants Figs  Biscuits and  Shelled Nuts  i  Molasses  Fresh Fruit  XMAS PRESENTS  Handkerchiefs   and  dainty articles  in   silks  and  linen, neckwear, hosiery, etc.  Fancy China, Cut Glass, Cutlery, Etc.    Skates and  skating requisites  A HANDSOME SINGER'SEWING MACHINE  -will be given away absolutely free to the person holding tlie  correct key'when all the keys are called in; one will be given  with every $2 cash purchase until all the keys are given out.  METEOROLOGICAL.  The following are the readings showing temperature, etc., for the week  ending Nov. 22. 1913:  Nov 10  17  IS  19  20  21  2-*  XT THE MINE7  Maximum  31  30  30  30  29  20  34  The moving pictures in k the Star  theatre continue to draw good houses,  The best reel in last week's performance was the frrstentitled "TheWoman  Behind the Man". There was in it a  good object lesson in domestic economy that was calculated to have a  wholesome influence for all young  couples starting out in life.  Always deal with those who think  enough of your trade to ask for it, anel  the surest way to get the worth of  your money is to read carefully the  announcement of those whs invite  your trade in their advertisements.  Tho day is past when merchants, advertise what they are not prepared to  carry out.  It was a year ago last Thursday the  New Zealand in Hedley was burned  down. Since then it doesn't take, much  of a run over the regular trade to  make hotel accomodation in Ilcdley  a bit congesteel. There is every prospect, however, that the spring will  see important additions to some of the  existing hotels.  Jimmy Riordan came up from Kereineos on Tuesday and will lend his assistance in damming the Similkameen  River. Although farther on in years  than most of them on the job he i.s  capable of holding his own and keeping up his end. To wrestle with  boulders in the bed of a stream merely  puts Jimmy in mind of his old placer  days and will help to make him feel  at home.  Average maximum temperature 27.10  Average minimum do        1-1.  Mean temperature 20.55  Rainfall for the week     .00 inches.  Snowfall       "       " .00  COl-KESr'O.VDI-VG WEKIC OK  LAST VEAK  Highest maximum temperature 35.  Average maximum elo 27.71  Lowest minimum elo 9.  Average minimum elo 16.42  Mean do 22.06  PHONE NO 8.  SCOTT AVENUE  250.00 will buy a Choice  Daly Avenue  . AT  THE  WILL.  Maximum  Nov 16 .. 16 .. 32  17 .. 40 .". 32  IS       " .. 10 .. 31'  19 ..   "���������    U .. 23  20 .. 36 ..       '23  21 .. 34.   ���������������������������'...- 2(i    '  : 22         ..          36 .. 22  Average maximum temperature 20.S6  Average minimum elo 27.46  Mean do 2-1.16  Rainfall for the week      .00 inches  Snowfall    '���������������������������������������������" .00  COHIiESPO-VDrN-G WEEK OK LAST YBAR  Highest maximum temperature 51.  Average do do" 41.S5  Leiwest minimum .  do 28.  Average* do elo 32.85  Mean do 37.S5  Don't Pay Out Good Money for Rent When You  Can Own a House of Your Own  THE HEDLEY CITY TOWNSITE COMPANY, Lti  F. H. French, Secretary and Manager HEDLEY, B. C  PIANOS TUNED  To My Patrons in Heelley  I will be in Heelley eluring the month  of December to tune pianos requiring  attention. Leave orders w*ith S. L.  Smith.  45-3 C. O. Bkownell.  Louis C. Rolls & Co. are now re  ceiving their stock of Christmas  Goods, which is larger than ever  before, and will have them out on  display on or before November 10th.  Call and see them.  A. MEGRAW  NOTARY   PUBLIC  Conveyancer,   Real  Kstnte.   Mines,  Crown    Grants   Applied   For  Under   Land  Act  and  Minora! Act.  Agent for:  Mutual Life of Canada.  Hudson Hay Insuranco Co.  Maryland Cat-unity Co  Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.  |  Plumbing and Heating-, Sheet   %  Metal Work Tinsmithing*      1  Office   at   HEDLEY,   B.  C.  Kettle  River Assessment  District  A Court of Revision and Appeal, in accordance with tho provisions of the "Taxation Act"  respecting the assessment roll for the year l!ll I  foi- the Kettle River Assessment District, will  be hold as follows:  At the Deputy Mill in-; Hoc-order's Olll'-i',  Koek Creek, on Tuesday. December Kith, l'JVi,  afJ o'clock in the afternoon.  At the Court House, lCcrcmeos, on Thursday,  December IStli, 191:5, at 111 o'clock in the morning.  At tho Court House. Penticton. ou Friday.  December l!)tli, 1!H3, at'-' o'clock in the afternoon.  At the Government Oflice, Fairview,on Monday,  Hecembcr A2iu\,  I'll--,  at, 10 o'clock in the  morning'.  17-1 HKNItV NICHOLSON  Judge of the Court of^ Revision and Appeal.  at  at  s  at  at  at  at  at  at  ������:  at  at  at  x.  at  at  tt  tt  st x  Shop corner Angela Ave. and Bridge  St.,  in ���������iY[urclock's blacksmith' shop.'  Work guaranteed.   Consult us about your work  H. DIGNAN  Practical Workmen  PRINCETON, B. C.  Proprietors  When   writing Advertisers    Please  Mention the Gazette.  PftLflGE,  Livery, Feed & Sale Stables    HUDLEY   11. C.    If A good stock of Horses and Rigs on  Hunel.    If Orders for Teaming  promptly attendeel to.  OffiGe of Dominion Express Company.  WOOD   FOR   SALE!  Phono II. INNIS  BROS. Proprietors. THE HEDLEY GAZETTE.    NOV 27. 1913.  KEREMEOS, the Centre of Lower Similkameen���������Famed for Fruit Growing  Town and Lower Valley.  There will be a dance in Fairview on  ���������December. 4th in aid of the Penticton  hospital..   Tickets $1.00, ladies free.  While it was snowing just   a   trifle  here    last   Sunday,     Penticton    was  .Having the benefit of  a dandy snowfall.      At   this,, time  of  the year   its,  nice to be on this side of the. divide*.  The. rink is progressing rapidly, and  by next week we hope  to report that  all is ready for the big freeze.    At the  time of this writing there  is  no  frost  in.the grounel, but it's sure to come, ���������  Mr,   P.   B.   Gibson returned    home  after spending the  latter  part of the.  summer and   fall  at'Alameda,   Sask.  where he has different interests which  needed   his  personal    attention.     He  is looking  in tip-top  health, and  his  many friends are glael  to  see  him   in  their midst again,,  C'There will be no English Church  services Sunelay the 80th. of this  month, as the brotherhood of St.  Andrews have asked the Rev. J. A...  Cleland to preach on that tlay in Penticton. The services therefore will  take place in the school house the  '.following Sunday, December 7th.  Always tleal with those who think  i-noiigh of your trade to ask for it, anel  the. surest way to get 'the worth of  your money is to read carefully the  announcement of those who invite  your trade in ��������� their., advertisements.  The day is past when-merchants-���������advertise what, they are not prepareel to  carry out. ���������.'.., ��������������������������� ' -  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Brown gave  a, delightful, card party on Monelay  eye.ning in honor of Mr. Hugh Williamson, who, will shortly, depart fur  Vancouver. In the number of guests  were Mr. and Mrs. .T. Daly J'r, Mr. R.  11. Oarmichaul, Mr. Gieo. -E. Emory,  Mr. H. Tweddle, Mr. W. R. Hope, Mr.  Hi.-. -I-L G.. McGuffio, Mr. H..G. McCur-  ely, Mr. Samuel, Mr. C. H. Armstrong,  Mr. ,T. D. Smith and Mr. H. C. N. Etches.  AVc are- led to believe on very good  authority that the Government is- to  take oil' the eiuarantine at-the end of  this month. This looks to us' like  taking a chance, for the hist case that  was reported was one at Loomis on  the 12th of this month. So even this  case looks a^. if things are not altogether under control on the the other side  of tin; Boundary line. The quarantine  was taken oil' the home of Mr. Peter  Bromley.  The Keremeos cattle which have  been ranging on the Princeton ranges  the past summer, are now wending  their way down to tlie warmer climes.  About five hundred head have laneleel  at their respective homes, three hundred of which came back one day, or  i-athsr Iandeel back. The weather  around these parts has been so mild  that about five hunelred head are still  on the local ranges and dont seem as  if they want to hike for winter quarters for awhile.  The Sale of Work held in the Town  Hall last Friday the 21st by the Women's Institute, was a tine success in  every respect, everything being sold  by 0:80 p.m. During the sale tea, was  served by the ladies on the platform,  and the congeniality of the pee>ple  paesent made the evening -merry and  bright. Immediately after the different stalls had been solel out the gentlemen busieel themselves clearing the  floor. This was done in a twinkling,  anel before one realized it, all the  dancers were tripping the light fantastic. This coiitinueel until twelve-,  when tlie ladies showed utmost kinel-  ness by cutting up the cake, and  serving the coffee. After the refresh-  in tints the dance continued, with everyone enjoying themselves until the  small hours of the morning.  GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE  TO TIMOTHY GROWERS  A striking example eif the necessity  of improvment in the methods of  cleaning Timothy can be seen in the  following figures which aie published  by the Dominion Seed. Laboratory,  Calgary, where a number of samples  were tested, for meichants.  The samples in almost every case  were of exceptionally fine '-quality,  and had they been properly cleaned  would lank, among the first on the  market.  The suitability of many parts of Alberta anil British Columbia for growing Timothy for seed, is uneiuei.stion-  urhle. anel it is the: intention of the  Government, through the Seeel  Branch,...to. assist farmers in .their  methods of handling and marketing  their seeel.  Last ye-ar the Dominion Seed Laboratory at Calgary examines! :-J17 samples .of Timothy of which"155 were  receiveel from farmers, 185 of these  came from Alberta, 17 from British  Columbia, 9  from    Manitoba,   and   1  f. :  from the -United States.  Of 317 samples received 27S were examined for Weed seeels  anel  graeled as  follows:-  ExtraNo 1...,.-'..'...".....   ....7  No 1. ................23  No2...,i....  No'3....'.,.".  Rejected............  Samples   containing  noxious weed seeds  or  ..   ......99  .........51:    :.'   95,   "  more than SO  a total of over  400 of all kinils of weeel seeels per ounce  are.rejected, and are prohibited-'from  sale, lineler section 0 of the "Seeel Control Act".  Lambs quarters is by far the. -..most  pre va len t weeel seed f ou net in Western  grown 'Timothy, occurring in 204 of  the samples. Rough eunqnefoil is next,  being fount! in 13S samples. Other  common weeel seeds are worm-seed  mustard, gentian, yarrow, blue eyed  grass, pepper grass, tower mustard,  evening primrose, western false flax,  bull mustard, curled dock, anel catch  fly. Many of these weeel seeds coulel  be easily removeil from Timothy by  an 'ordinary fanning mill, fitted with  proper sieves.  Farmers having Timothy seeel are invited to senel samples to the Seeel Lab-  eiratory. Calgary, for- grading, or to  receive information as to the proper  sieves to be used for cleaning their  particular seed.  Sample bags in which seeel may be  sent, as well as further particulars in  re-gam to taking and sending samples,  may be hail by sending a request to  the above address.  Twenty five samples of seeel will be.  tested free of charge to any one party,  after that 25c a sample is charged.  C-I'AIiKD TI'XDKRS addressed to the under-  k- signed, nnd endorsed -'Tender for Drill  Hall, Victoria. iS.C," will be received until J.00  p. in., on Thursday. December 11th, 11)13, for  the construction of Drill Hall at Victoria, B.C.  Plans, specification and form of contract can  be seen and forms of lender obtained ou application to the ollice of Win. Henderson, resident  architect. Victoria, li. C. on application to the  Postmaster, at Vancouver, 11. C, and at this  Department.  Persons tendering are notified that tenders  will not be considered unless made out on the  printed forms supplied, andsig-nod with their  actual sifrnatiires. statin;? their occupations  and places of residence. hi the case of firms,  the actual signature . the nature of the occupations, and place of residence of each member- of  the lirm must be {riven.  Kaeh tender must bo accompanied by an accepted cheque on a chartered bank, payable lo  the order of tlie Honourable the Minister of  Public Works, equal to ten per cent. (lOp.c)of  the amount of the tender, which will be forfeited if the person tendering decline to enter  into a contract when called upon to do so, or  fail to complete the work contracted for. If  the tender be not, accepted the cheque will be  returned.  The Departmenfcdoes not bind itself to accept  the lowest or any tender.  Uy order  K.C. r-KSROCIlKHS,  Secretary.  Department of Public Works,  Ottawa, .November. 11th. IHI3  Newspapers will not be paid for this advertisement, if they insert it without authority  from the Department.  ������������������-������^^-������^'<fr<������^������>"������"������'������'������������'-������'<������^*>'������'^<������ ��������������� ������ ������ ��������� ��������� ���������������������"������"��������������� <��������������� <-���������������������������$>  ���������������������������������������������������������������.-���������������������������-;���������..���������     ;������������������:./ ��������� . y ���������--;;:���������-:      +  YOU CAN FILL YOUR PANTRY WITH-  OUT EMPTYING YOUR PURSE  Worth while saving'- arc possible on some  of the needed provisions ��������� on the very, things  perhaps that you're buying eA'ery week.  I When we make a price on any particular  staple that is special, it is always in the interest of  the customer.  We always have some of these special features  where goods sell at less than regular prices. It  will pay to investigate them.  i  i  i  F.   RICHTER  ESTATE  *������3 $������*.������:������]  CLOSING    OUT    SALE 1  &  ������  As the Keremeos Land Company's Ranch has @  been sold, all the Stock and Farm Implements ������  must be disposed of.     Now is  your chance to ~  secure a Bargain.  HORSES  GOOD HEN TALK  Grim el Forks gets the annual meeting and convention of the B.C. Poultry  Association. The event is to take  place on December 11th and reelucetl  fares will be given to I hose atteneling.  In addition to the business portion of  the convention, interesting papers and  discussions on poultry topics will be  the feature of an evening session.  Ail members and friends are inviteel  to attend.- Please secure standarel  certificates at your depot. These must  not be purchaser! before morning of  8th December.  Come anel join in the discussion.  Synopsis ol Coal Mining Regulations  CiOAL miniiifr rights of the Dominion, in  ' Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,  the Yukon Territory, the North-west Territories and in a portion of the Province of Bri-  tihh Columbia, may be leased for a term of  twenty-one years at an annual rental of $1 an  acre. Not more than -i.fllill acres will be leased  to one applicant.  Application for a lease must be made by the  applicant in peivou to the Ajrent or Sub-A<renr  of the district in which the rights applied for  arc situated.  In surveyed territory the land must be described by'sections, or leffai sub-divisions of  sections, a ml in unsurveyed territory tho tract  applied for shaU be slaked t>nt by the applicant,  himself.  Kaeh application' nuis-t be accompanied by a  fee of :;;*) which will be refunded if lhe l-i-dils  applied for are not available, but not, otherwise. A royalty shall lie paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate of five cents  per ton  The person operating tho mine shall furnish  the Agent with sworn returns accounting for  the full quantity of merchantable coal mined  and Day the royalty thereon. If the coal mining rights are not being operated, such returns  should be furnished at least once a year.  The lease will include tho coal mining rights  only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may  be considered necessary for the working of the  mine at the rate of :������10.00 an acre.  For full information 'application should bo  made to the Secretary of the Department of  the Interior. Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-  Agent of Dominion Lands.  W. W. COItY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N.l'.-Unauthorized publication of this advertisement will not be paid for. SMlni  ������  1 Bay Horse, 9 year old about 1400 lbs; 1. Chestnut @  Mare, 10 years old about 1500 "lbs: 1 black Mare, 6  year old in foal; 1 Bay Horse. 10 year old; 1 Bay  Mare, 6.year old with 6 month's colt; 1 Chestnut  Mare, 9 old; 1 Mare Colt, 15 months; 1 Horse colt  10 months; all in first-class shape,  FARM IMPLEMENTS  1 spring-tooth harrow, 1 light draft harrow, 1 circular harrow, 1 diamond drag harrow, 1 gang plow,  with 3-Sii hold boards; 12 inch oak plow, 2 mowing  machines, 1 hay rake, 2 wagons, 1 hay rack, 1 disc  harrow. 1 post hole digger, 1 blacksmith vice, 1  buggy, 2 sets of work harness, 3 set of single harness, picks, bars, shovels and other articles too numerous to mention.  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  KEREMEOS LAND COMPANY  ������  ������ *������������@@@@@@������#@@������@@������.@@@������@@@@������@@*@������ ������  GENERAL NEWS  FARMER WANTS RESULTS  What the  farmer  wants is  results.  If by tillage or by dry-farming, he can  increase his crop value and at tho same  time increase the service of his water,  it should bo a business proposition for  him   to study.     The  irrigationist depends upon having plenty of  surface  water for  distribution   when   needed.  Tlie di-)-farmer  depends  upon retaining the moisture- in the soil.   Why not  both  conserve   moisture.' ��������� and    where  voir have water for irrigation,  distrib-  lite it if you need it,  and only  a-* yon  rieeel it.  ENCOURAGE   HOME   INDUSTRY  The strike in South Africa is making  the Hindu question acute.  Ottawa places no credence; in the  story of the loss of the Karluk.  Leu-el Lansdowne says that the  Unionists are prepareel te> talk over  with the government any scheme for  the* pacification of Ulster.  The death toll of the storm on the  great lakes has reached 250 lives and  the property in vessels anel cargo at  over five million.  A member of the Victoria Rugby  team was injured in a match there  with the New Zealand All Blacks and  dice! a few hours afterwarels.  The date of opening of the Dominion House is expected to be announced  in \ few days. The most'eommon  guess is .Tanuary loth.  John Hays Hammond has a poor  opinion of Secretary Bryan's foreign  policy and his dealings in connection  with the protection of United States  investors, abroad.  TH6 London Directory  (Published Annually)  Enables traders throughout the world  to communicate elirect  with English  MANUFACTURERS <fc DEALERS  in each class of goods. Besides being  a complete commercial guide to London and its suburbs, the directory contains lists of  EXPORT MERCHANTS  with  the   Goods   they ship,   and   the  Colonial  and   Foreign   Markets  they  supply:  STEAMSHIP   LINES  arranged   under  the   Ports   to  which  they sail, 'and indicating the approximate Sailiugs:  PROVINCIAL TRADE NOTICES  of leading   manufacturers, merchants,  etc., in the principal   provincial towns  anel   intlnstrial  centres  of the United  Kingeloin.  A copy of the current addition will  be forwareled , freight paid, e>n receive  of Postal Order for- 20s.  Dealer's seeking Agencies can adver-  their trade cards for ������1, or larger advertisements from ������3.  J. A. BROWN  Notary Public  CONVEYANCING, CUSTOMS BHOKISKACil",  FIKK INSURANCE  OFFICE  KEREMEOS. B.C.  R. H. ROGERS,  M.A., B.C.L.  BARRISTER, SOLICITOR,  NOTARY PUBLIC, ETC  Vernon, B. C  Hotel Keremeos  Opposite G>. N. R. Station  MRS.  A. F. KIRBY,   Proprietress.  The London Dire6t>oru 60. Ltd.  25, Ahchurch Lane.  London, E. C.  H. C. N. ETCHES  is Agent for the Hedley Gazette in  Kereineos and authorized to book  Subscriptions anel takes  eirtlers for  job work anel advertising.  } KERBMBOS -PENTICTOK" I  (* TIA/EDDLE'S <  AUTO STAGE SEPICE  >   Twerldle's cars are 'comfort-'  \        able.    Twedelle's elrivers   ,  5; are experts.  No deluvs. No accidents  Autos leave Penticton every inorn-  iiitj to connect with trains to Hedley.  Princeton, Ooalinont, Oi-ovillo and  all Boundiu-y points.  Leave ICerenioos for Penticton on  arrival o������ Great Northern trains  Fake���������single $(5.00  .    ItlSTUKN $11.00  Biiggiijjrc carried. Commercial trunks  arranged for  Break the monotony of train and  boat travel and take an auto trip.  POST OFFICE,   KEREMEOS,  B. C.  KcremcosPcnticton  Royal Mail Horse and Auto Stage.  Establish 1S95  Leaves Penticton for Keremeos  en Tuesday, Thurselay and Saturday returning alternative elays  FARE ��������� Auto Stage,  $0.00.     Horse  Stage, $1.    Horse Stage, 2nd class, $3.  AVhcn you arrive at Penticton or  Keremeos ask for  TWEDDLE'S AUTO STAGE  Cars Call at all Hotels  ./���������'W-i  SILK������  Large Assortment of choice Silk Dress  Goods, Silk handkerchiefs etc.  for sale at right prices  TOflMY SING, Keremeos  Special  trips to  any point with  horses or auto made at any time  by arrangement.  W. E. WELBY, Prop., Penticton, B.C.  County Court of Yale  A sitting of tho County Court, of Yale will be  held at the Court House,  Princeton, 1 uesd.ay,  Dtli day of   December. 101������.   at tho  hour   of  2 o'clock in the afternoon,   B}'coiiiiiiiind.  HUGH HUNTKU  15-1 Kegistrar County Court.  TUMP PUMiKKS OUAHANTKKD  Piillinrr green stumps and trees 2-1 to  IS hushes diameter, prices $5().CH> up.  (make your own tonus). Uur $8.00  WICIiL-HOliKU cap. 20 to f>0 feet  keep per day, or IflO post holes per  (lav. (WH'l'rK). THK DUCKKHT  S'l*. minUSR AND TOOLS MFC.,  HUUNSIDK KOAD, VICTORIA,  H. C.  Advertise in the  Hedle 3 Gazette  and watch Results  SING LEE  Laundry,. Contracting of all  kinds, Ditch digging, Wood  Sawing, Clearing land, Cooking and all kinds of Chinese  Labor.  Keremeos, B.C.  General Blacksmith  and Woodworker  Horseshoeing a Specialty  All Work Neatly and Promptly  - - - Executeel - - -  KEREMEOS,       -      British Columbia  SUBSCRIBE FOR THE   GAZETTE


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