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The Hedley Gazette Nov 26, 1914

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 p  'iiisi^vvi-;  AND SIMILKAMEE  Volume X.     Number^S^ \\\  HEDLEY, B. C, THURfe  : ���������- L  ���������)  ��������� rt    S. i l l   L  DVERTISER.  NOVEMBER 26 1914.  $2. GO, In Advance  . CARELES.S. M.R, .ATKINS  "A Poor Benighted Heathen, But a First-  Class Fighting Man"  DEVELOPMENT  : A-f  coalmont  N. Thompson phone sevmour 5043  MOB. WESTERN CANADA'  Camrnell Laird & Co. Ltd,  Steel Manufacturers  Sheffield, Eng.  Offices andiWarehouse, 847-63 Beatty Street  ' Vancouver, B. C.  Hedley    Hitlers'    and    nUlmen's  Union, No. 161, W. F.of M.  Regular meetings of the Hedley Loca , No.  : 161 are held on the first and third Wednesday  -,ih the month in Fraternity hall and the second  i i-ad fourth Wednesday at the N. P. Mine  O. M. Stevens ' T, R. WrLLKY  President    . 'Fin-Secretary.  .   JL A. F. & A. jy|.   ,  '*fl&f      REGULAR.monthly meetings of  /^���������\   Hedley Lodge No. 43, A. F. & A. M.,  nre held on the second Friday in  each month In Fraternity hall. Hedley. Visiting  , .brethren are cordially invited to'attend.'  A. CREELMAN,  W.JW  H. a. FREEMAN  ��������� -Secretory  L. O. L.  Recrular monthly meetings of  Hedley Lodge 1744 are held on  the   third   Monday   in    every  month in Fraternity Hall.  Visit  lag brethern are cordially invited to attend.  S. KNOWLKS. \V. M.  C. P. DALTON, Sec't.  ���������In a spirited article of recent date  tjhe ^Victoria .Girlpnists gets off the  feillowing:  "One of these superlatively wiiJe;  people, of whom the world has quite1  enough has seen fit' tp announce that  the British troops are making a mistake in singing * 'It's a long .way fcb  Tipperary,' because men.who are fighting ought to sing songs that express  the idea for which they ate contending. Then he goes on to speak of "The  Marseillaise," "John Brown's Body"  and "Marching Through Georgia."  This   wise person   evidently .expects.  Gratifying Strike Made* at the Coalmont  Collierjf ,  2  A most gratifying sju-ike was made  <it the Coalmont mine"; a few days ago,  When, in,the course of, devchrpment a  newly-i'uu tunnel struck a seam of  coal, lying in an excellent position for  workrng, with a good f/oorand ceiling,  The quality of the cqjil is finer than  UNITED AT LAST  Oroville and Penticton Announce Their  Engagement  OR. J. L. MASTERS  DENTIST  ���������Will be at Home oflice in OroviJIe, 1st  to 20th of each month.  ���������Office on North   Main   Street.  R. F\ BROWIN  British Columbia Land Surveyor  Tel, No. 78  PENTICTON,  P. O. DkAwer 160  -      -       B. C.  P. W. GREGORY  CIVIL ENGINEER and BRITISH  COLUMBIA LAND SURVEYOR  Star Building Princeton  lA/alterCIayton  Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.  MONEY TO LOAN  PENTICTON,  B.C.  GREAT NORTHERN HOTEL  HEDLEY B.C.  Bar and Table the* Best.   Rates Moderate  First Class Accommodation  JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor  Hedley's Tonsorial Parlors  For a Good Haircut  and Shave  ' j First-class Line of Cigars, Tobacco  and Soft Drinks always  on hand  MILLIARD (8b TOPLEY  Mr. Thomas Atkips to ; be logical,;  which he never was. It was Napoleon whok said the British never knew'  - "i * - f-  wheri they -were' beaten.     Mr. ^Atkiha  always was shy^on logic.   Theoretically and logical'y   he  was  soiindly  trounced at Waterloo,  but that important fact not haying been able to  impress itself upon his illogical mind,  he did not realize that he ought to run  away, and so he stayed where he was  and turned the whole current of modern history.    In the present war there  have been innumerable occasions when  he ought to have given up,  and probably would  have done so if he had  stopped, to  think about the principles  involved in the strife,  but some illogical fellow  would start in singing that  absurd music hall ballad about a place  and a girl   he  had  never seen,   rind  forthwith victory  would be  wrested  from-the clutches of defeat."  - -".'his is'e'xactl^'irniri^wIOinnie're-'  marks of Sir Arthur Qniller-Coiich in  a lecture delivered not long agobefore  the University of Cambridge, in which  he    touched   whimsically    upon   Mr.  Atkins' contempt of sentiment,   flubdub and mock heroics.   This he said  was usually /overlooked by well inten-  tioned; serious persons, who, with np  intention  of dying for their country,  were calling upon others to make the  sacrifice.     One of, these, li clergyman  in the west, deeming "Tipperary" in ���������  adequate   to the spirit   that   should  animate a soldier in this war, sat down  and composed to. the tune of it a lyric  better calculated to brace the moral  fibre.    Here are two precious lines of  it���������"Geod-bye,   self-indulgence;   farewell,   th? soft-arm-chair",   to   which  the British, infantry man responded,'  ''Have a banana."  (Laughter)   Truly,  when one came to think of it, it was  hard  to find in a few words a better  answer'. ���������  "Send for the Boys' and Girls' Brigade to set old England free; send for  my mother, and my sister,  and my  brother but for God's sake don't send  tor me."      This is the sort of lilt that  catches Tommy's unsentimental fancy;  and that pur men marched, and -so  obstinately,  too, to this stuff,  while  by rights,   they shoulel  be answering  the perpetual  "Watch on the Rhine"  with a perpetual "Rule, Brittannia."  Well, our Rhine was not the Thames,  Our Rhine,   our King's frontier, was  the Royal sweep of seven oceans.   The  waters of our baptism flow past Dover,  through the Straits of Hercules, down  past the Cape   of Storms���������to divide  again  to reach  the coasts of Canada,  Hindustan, and Australia.   Our Bonn  and Bingen and Drachenfels  are the  heads of Sydney, the ramparts of Quebec, the citaelel rock of Gibraltar.  We  did not,   as  all our glorious   poetry  attested, bray of England as a "world-  Power," actual or potential,  but we  did habitually narrow and intensify  our national  passion upon the home  that of any eiicoiihtere'iVhitherto. It is  of a "high grade and hag .very little rock  muted with it. Though,expected by all  in the community, this! latest development is a source, of quiet satisfaction  to all who have interests at stoke irr  the town or mine. *  Considerable activity is noticeable in  tho office department ,and it is stated  ���������r  that d, prospectus is being   prepared  v  .with a view to raising fcrone-y to;place  ~    -       - - * -*/,     ���������-...-  the mine em a substantial shipping basis .The question of gett}ii*g the coal from  the mine to the   shipping   point  has  been settled. For- a tiinij it was undecided as to whether an aerial tramway or  a surface tramway .would be -the 'best  means of-bringing the,,coal,down.   In  the former case two pverheab cables  would have to be built over the top  of the mountain and straight down to  a point whence a connection could be  made across   the river; with the G. N.  trapk. A .right pf.^way for the aerial  train was begun this fall and completed  quite  recently; but now  it is, uneler-  steiod that this project will abandoned  in favor, of a surface tram which is to  through the  "Gap", near where the  present wagon road leads to the mine.  This decision is   doubly   satisfactory  because it spells operations on -i:large  scale,' the great'6T"jec������r6n"i������- the"aerial']  tramway being that it would be incapable of handling a heavy output.  It would also seem -to indicate that  sufficient capital is actually in sight to  put    the    more    expensive    project  through..   After all its ups and' downs  Coalmont bids fair to come irfto its  own,  and that dawning prosperity is  well deserved. The possession, in commercial q nan ties',  of higlr grade coal  with good cokeing possibilities is sure  to have a tremenelous effect on. the  commercial   activities of   the entire  Similkameen.  GOLD RUSH 1NB.C.  LIKELY THIS WINTER  ROLL  GAME  ROLLS    an<-* fc*ie l'carts now being- defended."  An official of the Grand Trunk Paci-  ficRaiiway, who has just. returned to  Montreal, states that he. expects to see  a new gold rush into North British  Columbia this winter.  "Fifty years ago," he said, "miners  in search of placer gold .struggled  through the wilderness and negotiated  rapid rivers to reach the Omineca region, which had been reported to be  rich in both gold and silver. It was a  long and nard trek to get into that remote part of the country, for Victoria,  B. C, was then the nearest base of  supplies.  "With the opening of the   Grand  Trunk  Pacific this region   has   been  brought several hundred miles nearer  a supply centre, and interest irr  this  district is reviving to such  an extent  that there  is likely  to be a rush   of  prospecteirs eluring the coming win ter  They will take in their supplies from.  Vanderhoof, B. C,  so that they can  begin work immediately spring opens  and thus get in a full summer's work.  Mining   men   declare    that   the    big  strikes will be made  when the region  has    been   thoroughly   explored   and |  state that there are rich quartz ele-  posits as well as placer golel and silver.  It is common knowledge among Hudson's Bay  men that the Indians hunting in  that part of the country use  silver nuggets   for bullets,  arrd   also  carry consielerable quantities   of gold  and Silver to Fort Simpson anel Hazel-  ton in exchange for goods."���������Ex.  The long .desired telephone line between Oroville and Penticton is on a  ft-ir way to completion, and is complete as far as the Canadian end of it  .is concerned. This new connection  will satis-fy a long felt need and will  mean a great deal ter business interests  on both sides of the boundary. Just  how much of the work is done and  how much it is appreciated by our  immediate;neighbors to the south can  best be gathered from the words of  tbe Oroville Gazette ,which writes it  up as fe-llo,ws: {,  The poles are now set, wires strung  and the line-in working order to the  spot orr tbe earth's surface representing the division .between Canada and  the United States, directly north of  Oroville. And it is only such a line as  marks the perfect finish of all public  work perfqrmed on the Canadian side  of the boundary. It is not a piece pf  contract work where contractors line  their own pockets by shirking, glossing oyer and .substituting inferior  material as is too often the custom in  this country where i public contract  is generally a private graft. The line  is put irr to stay and perform its functions to the highest stage of possible  efficiency. There are 35 cedar poles to  the mile, with No. 10 double copper  wires.    No line in use is any better.  Now that tho Canadians have carried out their promise according to  contract, those at this end of the. mutual understanding are getting busy,  and the extension of the connecting  lifik^etweerTlDrovIIle aricrthe'boundary will commence next week. The  line from hero to connect with the  Canadian lipe wijl be exactly in accordance with the one just completed  from Fairview. The completion of the  line wjll place Oroville irr temch with  ninety-eight offices in Canada, and  will be pf inestimable advantage to  the public on both sieles of the boundary.  MEXICAN SITUATION BAD  Villa Appears to Have the Carranza-Obregon Fraction on the Run  Official ad/vices reveal the situation  as more confused than it has been in  months. The official tele-grams summarized events as follows:  Gen Guterri'z, selected provisional  chairman of the convention at Aguas  Calientes, has decided to continue  Gen. Francisco Villa in command of  all the troops controlled by the convention. Villa lias advauced to Ira-  puato without resistance and American consular agents say ire will continue to Quertato and the vicinity of  Mexico City without difficulty.  Gen. Obregon, in the Mexican capital, loyal to Carranza, has formally declared war on Gen. Villa. Unrest and  apprehension prevail in Mexico City  as tire Carranza troops have been leaving the city all day. The purpose of  the move is unexplained.  Gen. Obregon will leave the Mexican  capital  Saturday.    One  message said  he  was going  to Salirra Cruz,   from  which  point on the west coast it was  thought he would move north to Guadalajara and  attempt  to get into the  rear of the Villa forces. Another telegram spoke of his probable departure  for Vera Cruz, where it is supposed ire  will join Gen. Carranza next Monday  formally to take possession of the city  when the American forces under Gen.  Funston leave.    All the public offices  in Mexico City have been vacated and  the American   agents   there   do   not  kno.w whether it is the purpose of the  Carranza-Obregon    fraction   to   leave  the place undefended or   whether a  small gaiTlsron_ivilHwf-^k������j������rthere*yrhile*" -  Gep.���������'���������;Gonzales and   .other  Carranza  forces  move' north  to meet the   advance of the Villa columns.  GERMANY SADLY  NEEDS RED METAL  One of the American Smelting and  Refining company's staff has been in  Germany recently and while on a visit  to the Utah   offices of the company  told something of the metal situation  in that country.     He says that they  are.working the copper mines in that  country day and, night and getting put  every pound of ore  that it is possible  to mine.   .The demand is so great that  the supply is altogether inadequate,  and the mines will only be able to supply a very small portion of the requirements.  It is reporteel in Berlin that 35c a  pound was being paid for the metal.  Even under normal conditions Germany imports most of its copper metal,  and dealers in foreign countries are  taking some encouragement from the  fact that they believe that all the  countries now engaged in war will  soon he demanding more of all nietals  than are being produced. -While .there  has been no special derrrand for silver  it is known that foreign countries need  a considerable supply for coinage.  The smelter people in America think  that leael will hold at $3.50 and'not be  lowered in price. Copper has been in  better demanel in the eastern markets  and it is hoped that its price will soon  be advanced. Zinc has climbed to oc  a pound, a gain of about one-half cent  a pound. Silver will show an improvement as quickly as the trade to the  Orient is opened up, aud when fhe  European demand is added to this  there should he an excellent market  for the white metal.���������Ex.  GRAB SUSPICIOUS GERMAN  Otto Werth, a wall known German  resident at Rock Creek, was taken by  the police at Midway on Monday. He  had been acting rather suspiciously,,  was making certain shipments out of  the country and had been expressing  his contempt for the English somewhat extra vagently. He is a German  subject and a trained soldier. He was  turned over to the local cornpany of  militia and is now detained at the  local barracks. Capt. Kirk visited  Rock Creek on Thursday to enquire  into the matter.���������Grand Forks Gazette.  A British soldier in Belgium one  morning wending his way to camp  with a fine rooster in his arms, was  stoped by his colonel to know if he  hael been stealing chickens. "No Colonel" was the reply, "I saw the old  fellow sitting on the wall and I order-  eel him to crow for 'Old England' and  he wouldn't, so I just took him prisoner.   .  A Scotch paper-, commenting em the  appointment of Admiral   Jellicoe   to  the command  of the British fleet  home w a ters, has the following:  We pin our faith to Jellicoe,  He, with a British shellicoe,  Will send our foes to hellicoe,  And then all will be wellicoc.  rn  "ONE SPOONFUL  ENOUGH"  SAYS DRUGGIST  F. M. Gillespie, druggist states that  the simple mixture of buckthorn bark,  glycerine, etc., known as A.dler-i-ka, is  causing great  surprise   because  just  ONE   SPOONFUL relieved constipation,  sour or gassy stomach   almost  IMMEDIATELY.    It is so thorough a  bowel cleanser that it is used successfully in appendicitis.   Adler-i-ka acts  on BOTH lower and upper bowel and  the  INSTANT effect is   astonishing.  It never gripes and is perfectly safe to  use.  udtt  d.1 Till-: 1J.13DLKY GAZE1TE NOV 2i,  191-1  m  im todft  and  Similkameen Advertiser.  Subscriptions in'Advance  Pci Yriii- .'    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When England'is in con Hid, the versatile'Henri with his usual levity and  recklessness of results .--c-iiik1.s' the  ���������same shrill clarion across the country,  declaring that we' have neither part  nor- lot in the affairs of the Empire  beyond our own doorstep.  The Kingston Standard say.-"Of the  .several hundred war.'prisoners--Germans and Austrians���������at Fort Henry,'  in this city, we venture it that there  are score's there who have said less  against the Emgire, at war, than lias  Henri Bnur'a.s<-a. And yet they are  prisoners and he is free. We, of  course, do not atlvocate Bourassa's  iniprij-oiinierit,   but  we are .frank   to  pay  we do   not iiiielorstaiiii, why  his  paper, Le Devoir, is not Mippre'ssed'by  the government.     It is a  menace to a  Uniteel Canaela and a United Empire."  Tin-  French population   of   Quebec  are loyal  enough,  or  would' be so   if  left alone; their actions on many occa-  .   sions have proven this, though legions  of industrious liars "on   both sides of  politico have done their utmost to im-  .pugn  that loyalty.. ..Second only, to  the sil ver  tongued Wilfrid in   grace,  eloquence   anel   parliamentary   guile,  Bourassa  has,  or once had, _a hold em  the affections of the Lower Canaeliaris  almost as strong as  that of the great  ; leaeler himself: and Judas-wise  he set  about   to   betray  them.     During  the-  Boer war  he preached  open  sedition,  and today he is cautiously feeling how-  far  he may  go with  his  campaign of  disloyalty.     By declining   to   permit  his speaking within   her- halls Queens  University has already given him one  hint,   and he  stands in the  way of receiving many more.  If a.-speaker ever  panelereil to racial  feeling and ignorance, Henri Bourassa  is the   man.     Shifty  as Laurier is,   to.  name him in comparison with Laurier  is political  sacrilege.     He is the King  of Commonplace,, the Bishop of Bun-  come,   the  Prince  of  Piffle.    He  can  talk more and say less than any living  French    Canadian    except     Armanel  Lavergne.     Away back in the closiDg  years   of  the  last  century  when  the  Boers appeareel to have us fought to a  standstill,   he conceived  the brilliant  idea  of luring  his  French   Canadian  compatriots    away   fronr   the   Union  Jack   and    inducing   them   to   rally  round the banner of Henri Bourassa.  That was fifteen years ago: he is still  convalescing from his bright idea and  hasn't had another since.    Bourassa is  still a romantic figure on the platforms  of Quebec: but he is politically elead,  and a due recognition of his immense  efforts   would be a statute of punk,  festooned with paper flowers, decorated with  tin horns and inscribed with  the words into which a witty Eastern  editor divided his name and character  "Foily    thon:-������nil    Austrians   were  lniiieil in   one trench" runs  a news report of last week���������and live times fmly  aching   hearts   buried  their  grief and  tried to smile out on life with the hurt  puzzled   look of a child that  has been  struck  and knows  not why.     That is  the real tragedy of the war.     When a  man   is  elead, he  is dead   for all time;  but who, in Lhe empty years-, will'bind  up lhe broken   hearts   that cannot diii  and   have no   wish   lo   live?- Yet the*  women elo  not flinch.    They seem the  incarnate spirit of foi titude among us.  Adversity  is  like rain.    It falls  upon  foul  ground   to   make   it fouler:  and,  upon good ground  to make it blossom  wiLh  beauty "beyond  all   belief.    The  stiit'e in Em ope, has pretty well stripped' away the   tinsel- of circumstance  and reduced   human-nature  to its elements-,  discovering   some'''not   much  above the  brutes and others just a little lower than the ailguls.    One of the  most simply sublime  efforts that  the  war has produced is the. letter written  by a Russin mother  to her son in the  trenches,   anel   found-  upon   his  elead  body.  "Your father was killed faraway  from us at Las-yan, and -now I am  sending you to the sac reel duty of the  elefence of our- dear country against a  strong anel terrible enemy. Remember  that you are the son eif a hero. My  heart bleeds and I weep as I ask you  to show yourself woithy of him: I feel  all the fatal honor of my words, the'  suffering that they can bring to inland to us all. Nevertheless, I say  them yet again'  - "We elo not live forever- in this  world. What is the life of one human  being? A drop of water in ������he ocean  of life of magnificent Russia. We shall  not always exist, but she must haveVa  long and prosperous life,    I know that  .W.eU-shall be forgotten and that our  happy descendenls will not reinember  thoee who sleep in soldiers' graves. '���������'-  "When the moment shall come for  the accomplishment of a-high deed, do  not remember my tears; remember  only my benediction. God keep you,  my child, so dearly anel so- tenderly  loved. .1-  - "One word more.; There a re repents  on all sides that the enemy is showing  himself cruel_and savags. Do not'allow yourself to be carried away by a  blind sentiment of vengeauce. Do not  raise your hand on a.fallen foe, but be  generous to those whom "destiny may  cause to fall into your hands."-  .' God might have made something  more wonderful than n, womon like  that, but.God never did.  would impress on erowipg boys that  the gentle man is your true gentleman,  and .1 moment of manly i'oiethought  is worth more than a lifetime of retire'.  To buy 'or not to buy-'-���������  that's not the question.  Have you seen our new  Semi-ready ��������� Suits and ��������� Overcoats? Much "more to the  point.  Welcome' you are to "jlist  come and post yourself " on  "what's new."   '     '  New colour schemes.  New fabrics.  ���������  New-models.'  *-'���������  ���������   New ideas.  Clothes never were so smart  and beautiful���������so plentiful in-  desirability."  After you see them, go and  compare the values with any  first-class- tailor ' as < to style,  fit, fabric and price-^-the four  essentials.     _   '-      .- ���������  You '11 come back here!  rf. G.  FREEMAN, Agent-  ww'wi'iiiiHiaHL.iwwm^ii.  The accident m  which little Jirnniie  McLeod was injured on Tuesday evening,   while perhaps not serious  in   itself, might have been not .only serious  but fatal.     Of course, it was perfectly  unintentional,   but that is sorry consolation to the boy or his parents when  the damage is done.  It is a case where  all those concerned, including  the victim himself, were equally to blame, in  playing games which  they know perfectly  well wantonly endanger  those  engaged.     The boys at  the school are  not bad fellows;   but, in class and out,  they are altogether too  inconsiderate  of the persons anel property of  other-  people.     This Week the accident rnen-  tibned occurred,  last week an infant  on the street hael his scalp  opened by  a  rock embedded in a snowball and a  ! bombardment   of   the   school   fences  with stones  continues to  be a popular  form'of exercise. It isrfill pure thoughtlessness of course;   hut there are times  when thoughtlessness becomes criminal.    A couple   of inches either way  in    Tuesday's   accident   might  have  meant one boy's death  anil a black  shadow  over another  boy's   life.     A  teacher's jurisdiction over such matters is necessarily  very  limited; and,  in all  Kindness,   we must frankly say  that things of the kind would happen  a good deal less frequently if parents  Gooc| /Horning:!  Xbl&e������.ir&. I nti-ocAuc-irigr,  'American.Si Ik '.     '  American Cashmere   y���������  American Cotton-Lisle Cv  ������- -  HOSIERYl  They have stood the test. Give  real foot comfort. No seams to  rip. Never become loose, or  baggy. Tlie shape is knit in���������  riot pressed in. '  GUARANTEED    for   fineness  style,    superiority   of.   material,  and workmanship.'    Absolutely'  'stainless.   Will wear- six months  without holes, or new ones free.  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Merchant,  intend   to apply for permission to purchase  the following described lanrts:-  Coiiinioncin'- at a post planted adjacent lo  the south-west corner of Indian Reserve No. 2.  near tho mouth of tho Twenty-mile Crcok,  thence north 20 chains, thonee west 20 chains,  thence south HO chains thence oast 20 chains to  point of commencement, containing 40  acres.  Fi-ancis Hknky French.  October Kith 1911 10-10..  Advertise in the  Hedley Gazette  and watch Results  THE BANK OF  78 Years in Business.   Capital and Surplus $7,786,668.  Bank*Money Orders Are Safe and Convenient  If you want to send any sum up to Fifty Dollars, to  any point in Canada, Yukon excepted, or to'any'of tlie  principal cities erf tlie United States, buy a money Order  at any branch of the Bank of British North America.  The cosf is trifling.  Hedley Branch,        -.      -       C. P. 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As the   game   has;  i progresseel  this  week,   the   benedicts'.!  appear  to   he  crumpling tbe  lines  of  their    opponents,      The   presence   of ,'  Constable* .Sproule-, eager to arrest the  onslaughts  of tin-  enemy:  the .itiiiiily  form    of Anton   Winkler,   re-.idy   to  shell   tin- "ti t-nclie's   with   cbampagm-  corks,"anel the   beatific smile of Pi.-ink  French   all sec in to  aigue gooel   going  for   the1   marriefl   folk)-.    Don't   wuriy  buys;   that, game   i.-  only.- a   uiduied  Grates are extra durable. Goal grate is,duplex^ Wood grate is tiie^iJ^t^ad^t^e.  that is making our teeth ill aw .water' man's pipe.'dreaii'ij and there are r:  Mt������'������^'KT������^ii^-4-<3aS8������<������ii'it'M������i������M<9itiia'������at'������]  I LADIES' COATS, ������  | SUITS and DRESSES  ������p ���������  To Measure  at  1  at  -*.  -*������  .tt  at  ���������K  .it  ������������������at  1  ���������%  ..._ _ ...      _. _j������.  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"  11/  Hi  Hi  Hi  m  m  m  Hi  m  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  For Painting,  Paperhanging  Etc., apply to  J.BEALE  * Corner White St. and Daly Ave $  * Terms   Moderate  . yet.  Mrs. Geo. Sproule gave a very pleasy  ant little party last Friday evening irr  honor of Mrs. L. G. MacHaiiie of Eeli  nionton.  Jack Raitoi-, G.N.R. auditor' passed  through Heelley last Friday, on hi$  way to', wrestle with the Company's  books'"at Coalmont. '       '  -, AV. .C. Martin . of-, the - Gazette staff  "aiiel Geo. Cahill journeyeel to Princeton last Friday, to.give evidence on the  'Saiftllnu'g'deer-Shoofcin'g'cas^ ''    ' '  Last \^ek Mrs. .31.. Daly anel her  bunch of husky''cow-punchers stopped  over.-,.a, day or two at IJeelley,. while  bringing their stock from the ranges.  Krriil-Nelson is among us again, having got, hack fioin Sweden a week or  rrrore agf>.. As Einil ietiiriie-d clirect,  by, one of the "Scandinavian lines, he  did not touch England and misseel the  war.- atmosphere entiiely.   :  Dan Dollemeire anel Marcus Jacoinbs  on left Tuesday for Penticton where  they will rmelergo the preliminary  medical examination required for enlistment. If passed at Penticton',  they will proceed, to-Vancouver- and  join the B.C.' Horse."  " "-'  Mrs.   S.  L.   Smith   anel    daughter,  Marjorie, returned last Saturday from  Calgary where Miss Marjorie has been  jMirsuing  her   musical   stuelies/under-  .Professor Wrigley.  They were accoui-  ���������\: --  panied   by Miss Sibbalel of Bantt: who  will spelnd a few weeks at "The Fir-o"'  An 'extremely regrettable accident  occured. Tuesday evening, wjien a  party of boys" were playing' after  school, anel little Jimmie McLeoel re-  ceiveel a' thrust, from a sharp stick  which whs, in some manner telriyeti  'into his mouth tearing an ugly'weiimel  in the soft palate.  An exchange, reporting a local concert elwells upon the beautiful interpretation of Tennyso's "Break, Break,  Break" by one of the performers. A  good many of the Prodigal Son Club  in. Hedley and elsewhere coulel.'give ������  most "touching rendition of "Broke,  Broke, Broke" just at present.   '    '  Rev. A. H. Cameron has been a  patient at the local hospital since last  Saturday with, a badly infhiirieel foot  caused by iriitation from his' shoe.  Under -.-killed care the injured member  is getting along nicely, anil Mr. Cameron, just as cheery on his back as on  his' feet, declares he will be around  again iu a few days.  The power plant is slowly neaiing  completion; but a good deal of work  remains to lip done yet before it will  be delivering juice. The cement work  at the power house, is progressing  rather nioie slowly of late, owing to  the fact that a gooel many of the men  have been laid off for a few days while  the teams are being useel to haul the  generating 'machinery from the G. N.  R. Station.  Owing to the outbreak of foot anel  mouth elisease across the line, the  Boundary towns are suffering from a  shortage of butter anel eggs. When  the news of the quarantine reached  Hedley a butter famine loomed in the  middle distance, bub so far it has not  materialized to'any great extent. With  cow-fat at six bits a pound it might  not he an unmixed evil: we cemlel save  our rocks for a couple of weeks and  buy a railroad or something.  The window dressing talent of A. T.  Horswill and Geo. French bourgeoned  forth last week into a- real work of  genius in the form of a miniature rink,  peopled with mannikins representing  local hockeyists, near hockeyists and  "pensations fov.be.iiig single.- You don't  have to mobilize your woodpile this  vt*ar:i arid.Lhe lighti lissome fairv take's  about, ejghfc' times',her weight, or a  thousand pounds a>f grub a year to  keep h<-'i' boilers geirirg. ���������  -  r.  <   .-   -"'METEOROLOGICAL.  .    <���������        : -.'-  -  .ill;      .-  ��������� The following arer'the 1 eadings showing temperature, fete.,' for  the  week  ending. Nov 14 19lU:        '  ' " -''���������     '"' -������������������       -  "I   "  . ���������: ���������    ,.   -. -AT  THE  MINK.  ��������� l ���������   I.''  : - ,' ���������  " Maximum  Minimum  Nov 15-'  ������������������    -������������������.-. 10  2  -     ltt  ,  ,  .,        10,  0  17  -  .-'.->.���������   ���������-   J83  '   ���������      15  ���������    IS  ; ..'. .���������'--���������������  ���������-���������-  19          .- *-40  . ,  2S  20  12  21  ���������2)  ..*.   ��������� '.44'  22  Average  maximum .temperature 33.11  Average.  minimum!-!'-:  do  ' 10.S5  Mean teiiipei-afcurr^ /.   j  21.99  Rainfall  for the week  00.0  inches.  Snowfall  ���������   '..    'll'Mii.'.    '^.  1.75  .(  QBlffQ' ���������*^ ta% e*tra *ar������e piece;*; of  ^   3m>���������   wdodHjiist remove back\:r-d  lining. A:sk th^^ceiaty^e^le^ you.  Sold by HEDLEY TRADING COflPffNjY  ^^^^WWl^  C014KKS1,0.N'DING..W^-BK OF, LAST  VKAK  Highest maximum.temper-atnre 39.  Average maximum do 31.57  Lowest minlmuru' ._j������ - do ���������        13.  Aver-ago ininiriiuin, **'      do 18.  Mean  elo  20.2S  - '  : . Ws'tfffijpri'-     .  ,.AJAXiMejM          iliniiiiiini  Nov 15  ".."' *.m-3o     .  ������������������               18  16  ,27 z--.;-.-lS  17  "35        ...          21  ���������     ��������� IS ���������  - ..'.���������.' ���������yss'-.iW^'^xi  19   37,   .   ^^-"30  20  ..   - '-' 41        ..             33"  21 "  ..   ;./47    ..        as  r   '1 *        . *  A New Stock of Skates,  Boots: and  Accessories  Just Opened  Average maximum temperature 30.71  Average minimum". do 26.71  Mean - elo 31.71  Rainfall for the week      .12   inches  Snowfall      .'-       v'       00.0  COHUESrONDING WKKK OP  LAST VKAB  Highest-maximum temperature 50  Average-     .   ,do���������,       ,.do 37.28  Lowest minimum l' do 23.  Average do      .t.     elo 27.57  Mean      ; ..   ' , ,���������,^ -    do 32.43  Six Lines of Skatesiin  all sizes. Get fitted  up properly instead of  Having your order sent  away to be filled in  any old way.  LET US SHOW YOU  ��������� I ":f:>3  QUALITY AND SERVICE  ���������Tradino 60., lm.  Get This Straight*  WE SELL FRESH GROCERIES  THEY   COST NO   MORE  THAN  THE OTHER KIND.   ONE TRIAL  WILL CONVINCE YOU  TAKE YOURS FRESH  CREELMAN <Sb LYALL  FRASER. BLOCK - HEDLEY, B.C.  ������������������������������������.��������� ���������^���������������������������������������������-���������������������������'^���������������������������^���������^���������������������������������������������������������������������������������"^-^������������������^���������-������������������^^  costs no [*iare than some hammer guns.  (' has the celebrated  STEVEWS RECOJP. UNLOCK  providing scicty against  " hang-fires."  KASSfMERLESS  SOLtD BREECH  Easy Take-Down  12or2Q0auge  1 EVERY GUN  GUARANTEED  1  J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co.  , ,. P.O. Box5006  Cliloopeo Falls, Mass.  SUBSCRIBE   FOR  THE  GAZETTE  C0MINO   OUR   WAY���������WHAT ?  WINTER  You should, worry   Freeman  has ���������- Shoes,  Rubbers, Hats,  Mackinaws,    Hockey    Boots,  Bath Robes and Overcoats  The    Semi-Ready     Clothing:    Store  H. G. Freeman, Proprietor  SUBSCRIBE FOR  THE   GAZETTE! THE. HEDLEY GAZETTE. -NOy 2,5 1911.  TMEKllEMEOS  KERE^lK(>S, the Centre of Lower Similkameen���������Famed for Fruit Growing  Town and Lower Valley.  There will be no Methodist service  next Sunday evening.  Mr. D. J. Innis who has been away  for a coiiple of weeks in the vieinity  of Brldesville, returned home for a  few days this week.  air. "Will Mattice has gone out to  Vancouver for-a few days todispnse  of three carloads of the deservedly  feuious lCererneos applets.  Mrs. K. C, Clarke has gone to Spokane for a time. We trust that her  stay' there will spell'recovei-eeVheallh'  to her. Mrs. Donald McCalliirn ac-  companieel her.  The Rev. A. H. Cameron has gone  t;> the Hedley Hospital. Dr. McEwi-n  thinks he can keep hi.- eye on him  better therr. He seems to be resting  easier- the-r-e anel is bright ami cheerful  as usual.  The Rev. J. A. C'elandof Penticton,  will he in Keienieos on Sunday, Nov.  28th. He will conduct service at the  usual hours. Matins anel Holy Communion at 11 ei'clock. Evensong at  Z30 P. M.  On Monday five Keremeos young  men went to Penticton to present  themselves for medical examination  and enlist.nieut in the B. C. Horse.  Our hearts go with them, and we  eagerly await the judgement of the  examiners,  Last Friday evening a number of  Scouts were iuvested with the rank of  .���������.Tenderfoot and were presented with  their badges. The Troop are making  preparations to assist at the Christmas Tree entertainment, anel have a  couple of sketches under way.  We will soon be shooting deer from  .our backdoors/ 'There was a small ex  citement irr town .on Monday when;  word came that a deer hael been seen  loping across one of Richter's fields.  Several immediately rushed off, on  bicycles, motor-cycles or on foot to  bring home; the prize. So far word of  their success has not reached us.  The St. John's Guild will hold a sale  of fancy work on Friday, December:  11th. in the Hall at eight o'clock. All  kinds oi: useful articles besides homt*  niade candy and light refreshments  will be on sale. This will be an opportunity to buy inexpensive Christmas  gifts. The proceeds are to be given to  tire Belgium Relief Fund.  The many-friends of Mr, Jack Vader  will be glaii, to offer their congratulations on the occasion elfHis marriage  last Wednesday, to Miss Jennie Jones  of Molson, Wash. The wedding was  Celebrated quietly, only Ehe immediate  families of bride and groom being present. Directly afterwards the young  couple left for Penticton, where they  KEREME0S-PHT1CT0N  R0YALM1IL STAGE  Auto Leaves  on  arrival  of 9.30  arrd -I o'clock trains.  Baggage arrangeel for.  TWEDDLE'S   AUTO    STAGE  Cars Call nt all Hotels  SING LEE  Laundry, Contracting of all  kinds*, Ditch digging, Wood  Sawing, Clearing land, Cooking and all kinds of Chinese  Labor.  Keuemkos, B.C.  Where Are  Your Interests  "f Are they in this community :  ? Are  they among the  people with whom  you  . associate ?  T Are they with the  neighbors and friends  with whom you do busi-  business ?  If so, you wantjo know what is happening in this community. You want  to know the goings and comings of  the people with whom you associate,  the little news items of your neighbors  anel friends���������nerw, don't you?  That is what this paper gives you  in every, issue. It is printed for  that purpose. It represents your  interests anel the interests of this  town. Is your name on our subscription lists? if not you owe.it  to yourself to see that it is put  there.   "To do so '  Your Interest  <z?  Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations  COAIj mining rights of the Dominion, in  Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,  the Yukon Territory, the North-west Torrii-  torics nnd in a portion of the .Province of Br'-  tlsh Columbia, may.be leased font term of  twenty-one years at an annual rental of $1 an  acre. Not more than -2.5U0 acres will bo leased  to one applicant. <  Application for a lease must be made by the  applicant in person to the Agent or Sub-Agent  of the district in which the rights applied for  are situated.  In surveyed territory the land must be described by sections, or legal-sub-divisions ef  sections, and in unsurveyed territory tho tr.ic t  applied for shall be-stakeel out by the applicant  himself.  Kaeh application must be accompanied by a  fee of So which will bo 'refunded if tho rights  applied-for are-not available, but not other  wise. A royalty shall bu.imiil on the uiuroimnl-  able output of the mine at the rate of five centR  per ton ;:-.-  The person operating the mine shall furnish  the Acent with sworn "returns accounting for  tlie full quantity of-merchantable coal mined  and nay the royalty thereon. If the coal mining rights arc not being operated, such returns  should be furnishcd.at least once a year.  The lease will include the coal mining rights  only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may  be considered necessary for tbe working of the  mine at the rate of ?li>.U0 an acre.  For full information application should be  made to tho Secretary,of.tho Department til*  tlie Interior. Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-  Agent of Dominion Lands.  W. W. CORY.  Doputy Minister of the Interior.  N.H.-Unauthorized publication of this advertisement will not be'paid for.    , !M5m  SILK������  L.-nge Assortment of choice Silk Dress  Goods, Silk handkerchiefs e-tc.  for sale at right prices  TOnMY SING, Keremet s  WE'VE IGOT THE BUSINESS  AND THIERE IS GOOD REASON WHY  If we were to,be here to-day and pack up  and go tomorrowwe could perhaps afford to  runfour business along slip-shod lines. Wer  are here, however, to build a business. This  -we intend to do by stocking high-grade  goods and selling at a low. margin of profit.  See our superior line of Goods for Spring.  FRANK  RICHTER  ESTATE  NOTICE  SIMILKAMEEN LAND DISTRICT  district ok valk  *T*AKK notice that'I, Howard"Abbott Tur-  ���������*��������� ncr of Penticton, occupation Road Su-.  porintent. intend'to apply for permission to:  purchase the following ctescribe-1 lands:-  Commencing at a post planted adjacent to;  the south-west cornor of Indian Resor.vo no. 2,.  near the mouth of Twenty-mile creek, thence,  west 20 chains, thence south 20- chains, thonee;  east 20 chains, thence north 20 chains to point:  of commencement, containing 10 acres. '  HOWAKD ABBOT'TUHNKa  by Francis Henry Fronch. agent.'  October l������th 191'.  When   Writing*  Advertisers   Please  Mention this Paper.  NOTICE  SIMILKAMEEN LAND DISTRICT  D1STHICTOK VAI.B  TA-KK notice that I. Lytton Wilniot Shatford of Vancouver, B. C. occupation  Banker, intend to apply for permission to  ���������purchase the following described lands:-  Commencing nt a post planted 20 chains da;  west, from the south-west corner of Indian  Reserve No 2. near the mouth of Twenty-mile  .Creek', thence west 20 chains, thence south 20-  chains, thence oast 20 chains, thence north,20  chaiiw to. point of commencement.' containinjc  ,40 acres. '  Lytton Wilmot SiiA-rt.OKD  by Francis Henry French, agent.       ���������   :  October l(lth'l������14. 40-1 ;  SUBSCRIBE FOR THE GAZETTE  pfafiJEallilllDJiita^  will make their future home.  SKATING CLUB MEETING  The Skating and Hockey Club held  their reorganization meeting, on Saturday evening last, Mr.'C'Qlemari, the  President, in the chair.- After the  reading of the minutes of the previous  meeting, Mr. Frith presented the  financial statement which showed  that the total inelebtedness of the cluh  >vas something under fifty dollars.  iVfessrs. Coierriah and Reeler were  reelected unanimously to their positions of President and Vice-president  respectively. Mr. Frith being unwilling to allow his name to stance for reelection. Mr. Fred G. Gibson was  olecteel to the position of secretary-  treasurer. Messrs. Ed Lee, Albert  Mattice, Harold Burns and Carl Keeler form the corhmittee. ���������  May the.conimittee's hearts be cheered with many weeks of good ice this  year.  ���������WHEN  "VVBITINC-  ADVERTISERS PLEASE  MENTION THK GAZETTE  Tliu London Directory  (Published Annually)  Enables traders throughout the world  to communicate direct  with English  MANUFACTURERS   &   DEALERS  in each chiss of goods.     Besides being!  a complete commercial guide to Loh-;  don and'its suburbs, the directory con  tains-lists of  STEAMSHIP LINES  arranged under the   Ports to which  they sail and indicating the approximate Sailings:  ���������  A copy of the current addition will  be forwarded , freight paid, "on receive  of Postal Order for 20s.  Dealers seeking Agencies can adver-  their trade cards for ������1, or larger advertisements from ������3.  PROVINCIAL TRADE NOTICES  of leading manufacturers, merchants,  etc., in the principal provincial towns  and industrial centres of the United  Kingdom.  EXPORT MERCHANTS  with the Goods they ship, and the  Colonial and Foreign Markets they  supply: '  The London Directom 60. Ltd.  25, Abchurch Lane, London, E. C.  60   YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  ATENTS  Tragic Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c.  Anyone sending a sketch and description way  quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an  invention la probably patentable. Communlca-  HonsstHetlyciSBdoritlal. HANDBOOK on Patents  sent free. Oldest agency for socurm-rpatents.  Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive  special notice, without chnrge, In the  s  A handsomoly illustrated weekly.  Largest oir-  Turms, $3 a  culation of any scientific journal.    -- .    . ���������  year: four months, ?L BoldbyaH newsdealers.  361 Broadway,  "Branch OIBeeTho F St.'. WaaliineFoh. D. C-  /   Better than Ringing  Door-befls  A PIANO manufacturer recently made a house-  <*^ to-house canvass. He's one of those men with  an absurd fear of the "waste-circulation" bugaboo  -^-cannot get away from the& haunting thought that  ������illy IQ out 6f every 100 readers of a newspaper  inay be possible buyers of his goods.  m  m  So he refused to advertise, and \yent a-canvassing  ���������inviting people to come to his piano recitals.  Then he wondered \vliyfe  m  This is why":  He,wasn't reaching the people.  His canvassers rang every door-bell in  town. They talked to some one in every  house.  But one in every household isn't enough  ���������particularly if it doesn't happen to be  the right person. And, as a rule, it wasn't  the right person���������it was a servant, or a  child. The woman of the house was seldom  Been; the man of the house, never.  Now, if the piano maker had placed an  ad. in the newspaper, it would have reached  thousands, where the canvassers could  reach only hundreds.  And even though only 10 per cent, of the  rcders are actual piano buyers, this does  not mean that the advertising read by the  other 90 per cent, is wasted. Advertising  talks, not only to the prospective buyer.  but also to his wife, his grown-up sons and  daughters, his mother���������even his mother-  in-law. Their coaxing will help to convince  the head of the house-'���������and pretty soon  there'll be a piano in that home.  This and dozens of similar cases which  might be cited to show that "waste circulation" is an empty bugaboo, and should  deter no one.  Take the motor truck. It can be sold  only to large firms Yet a motor truck  manufacturer is successfully Advertising  in daily papers. He realizes that he must  reach, not alone the managers of the concerns that require trucks, but also their  directors, their foremen, their head machinists, etc. It is found in actual practice  that this Advertising radiates in a thousand  directions, and again converges most astonishingly to influence the house that has  made up its mind that horse-trucking is  too costly and inefficient.  d  1  m  Advice regarding your advertising problems is available  through any recognized Canadian advertising agency, or the  Secretary of the Canadian Press Association, Room 503  Lumsden Bldg., Toronto. Enquiry involves no obligation  on your part���������so write if interested.  ^^M^^M^^^^j^^^^^^^^^^m^mmmmmmmmmmm^^^^^


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