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The Hedley Gazette Nov 28, 1912

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 ^LtGlSc*,,^  l#:  ���������  Volume VIII.  PfC 2* /9/2    '  Sp^'A, e-3  AND SIMILKAMEEBADVERTISER.  HEDLEY, B. C, THURSDAYf^OVEMBEIt 28. 1912.  Number 4*  Dr. C. A. JACKSON  DENTIST  [18 years practice in Vancouver.)  S. O. L. Co.'s Block  PENTICTON,      -      -      B. C  FOUND FIT  BURNING   WORDS   FROM   ROOT  Another  Prominent American Cannot Be  Silent While Politicians Trample ���������  Country's Honor' in the Mire  R.W, DEANS  Notary Public Real Estate  Ranches,  Properties,  Mines. Timber,  Water Powers  Upper Trout Creek, Balcomo P. O. B.C  X\ Thompson ruoNn SEV.MOurr^943  '���������  .-MGB. WESTKK.V CANADA.  Cammell Laird & Co. Ltd.  Steel Manufacturers  Sheffield, Eng.  Oftiecs and AVrirehouse, 817-03 Ucatty Street  Vancouver, B. C.  Grand Union  Hotel  HEDLEY, R.C.  dation.   Bar Stocked w  Liquor and Cigars.  A. WINKLER, Proprietor  First Class Accommodation.   Bar Stocked with  Best Brands of Liquor and Cigars.  Hedley    rimers'    and    nillmen's  Union, No. 161, W. F. of M.  'tegular meetings of the Hedley Local, Xo.  Hi" are held on the first and third  Wednesday  in the month in Fraternity hall nnd the second  null fourth Wednesday at the X. P. Mine  O. M. Stevkns T. K. AVn.u-v  Prcsideiit Fin-Secretary.  Hedley s Fire -Department Has  Its Baptism by Fire  UW ZEALAND HOTEL IS'BUMBft  But Not In Ashes���������Only Charred Timbers  and Some Heaps of Cinders Was the  Worst the Firefiend Could Do���������Many  Narrow Escapes -���������Thousands of  Dollars Worth of Property Saved by  a Few Hundred in Fire Apparatus.  '��������� Hedley has had its first serious .'flic  and considering the narrow escapes  from loss of life'and the saving of a  great part of the town from destruction there is a feeling of intense satisfaction that the matter has terminated  as it has. , '.-  On Thursday morning last a little  after five o'clock fire was discovered  in the kitchen of the New Zealand  hotel. So far as can be learned it was  first noticed from the outside by the  man who lights the fires in the Grand  Union, although it -is0 possible that  Jack Way saw it at about the same  time or perhaps a little before. Way  was in tbe .habit- of kindling the fin's  in the New Zealand in the morning  aiid his room was off the kitchen. On  that morning he bad got up about '4:30,  a. m. and kindled a fire in the kitchen  range and went back to bed. He was  wakened by the smell of smoke aiid on  going out to see tbe cause, found the  walls and  floor around  the range in  New i'ork. Nov. 21.��������� "We are ap-  proaohingaquestionj which will test  the willingness of thiV American people to be true to the ideals of self  government, showing that a Deihoc-  racy can be honorable arid just," declared U. S. Senator Root toriight, in  referring to Panama Canal tolls, while,  speaking at the anniiril dinner of the  Chamber of Commerce of the State of  New York,  Discussing, the situation that has  arisen with Great Britain been use of  the treaty under which she has taken  exception to the impiVsition of tolls tin  British ships while American vessels  pass free. Senator Rdiit declared that  if we '.refuse' to arbitrate this issue  the United States will be in the posi-  tio of the merchant that is known to  all the world to  be false  to his  B.C.'s BANNER  GOLDMINE  CHANGE OF BUSINESS  Continuation of Mexican .Tour-  ��������� nalV Write-Up of the  Nickel Plate  GEOLOGY  OF THE  CAMP  (TO  Apt and Technical Description of the  Reduction Works ��������� The Writer  Brings Mill Improvements Down to  Date.  promises.  "We would stand iti the light of our  multitude of declarations for arbitration and peace, disereilited, dishonered  hypocrites, with the fair- name of America blackened, witllr the self-respect  of America gone, with the influence of  America for advancement along the  pathway of progress, of civilization,  annulled, dishonered and disgraced.;  That question stands among us. and no  true American can fail to raise bis voice  against his influence upon that question  for his country's honor.'���������'  A. F. & A. M.  RKGULAK monthly meetings of  Hedley Lodge Xo. 13. A. F. & A.M.,  arc held on tlie second Friday in  each month in Fraternity hall, Hedley. Visiting  brethren are cordially invited to attend.  S. E, HAHILTON,  W. Ai  ARTHUR CLARE,  Secretary  MODERN WOODMEN  OF AMERICA  Hedley Local Camp meets in  Fraternity Hall the lirst and  third Thursdays in the month.  rA. Clakk E.'H. Srairsox  Counsel Clerk.  L. O. L.  Regular monthly meetings of  Hedley Lodge 1711 are held on  the third Monday in every  i-S^JiW^^luon'''* in Fraternity Hull. Visiting brethern are cordially invited to attend.  H. J. JOX.KS. W. U.  "VVM. LOXSDALE. Sect.  A PINT OF HORSE POWER  DR. J. L.  MASTERS  DENTIST  AYill be at Home office in Oroville. 1st  to 1-1 th of each month.  Office  on  North   Main   Street.  NORLEY F. TUNBRIDGE  Solicitor, Notary Public,  Conveyancer, Etc.  PENTICTON, BriLish Columbia.  P. W. GREGORY  CIVII., KXOI.VKKK axdJVRITI.SII  COLlMHIA  I.AXD SURVKYOll  Star Building  Princeton  HILLIARD'S  BARBER  SHOP  l-'OI"- AX KASY  SIIAVK  HOT -V COLD BATHS  Next door north of Grand Union Hotel  W. H. T. GAHAN  1'arristcr, .Solicitor. Fte.  monky to i.o.w  PENTICTON,        -        B. C.  WIU'N WUITINlr AnViOUTJSMUS I'-LKASU  .U13NTIO?*   THIS PAPKR  flames when he tried to waken the  house. Meanwhile the man from the  Grand Union seeing the light went out  and he says he could have put it out  then if he could have obtained a few  pails of water but in bis excitement  failed to get it, although the tap was  tfrere'li rW iiiso^thebig-xVnrergen'cy pipe  with hose attached on both floors.  Between boarders and transients the  house was full that .night and while  many of them were awakened by the  pounding on their doors and the call  of fire they were not told that the flit-  was in the house, and consequently  were not hurrying as much as they  would otherwise have done. Harry  Rose was among the first of the boarders to be aroused us his bedroom was  nearest the point where the fire broke  through to the upper floor. He tried  to put the fire out but could make no  headway and it spread so quickly that  he had no time to go back to bis room  to endeavor to save anything but lost  all his effects except what he had on  him.  John  Jackson,  the  proprietor was  among ths first who had been aroused  and he and some  others   went along  the halls arousing all the inmates and  among them   the members of his own  family who had the narrowest escapes  of any.     His wife and daughters trying to gather up  some of their clothing  and personal   belongings and not  knowing that  the flames were spreading so rapidly had a narrow spueak of  it for when Annie and Emily Jackson  got to tiie bottom of the stairway they  were met by a  sheet of flame in  the  lower hall-way nnd  they  had  to  be  dragged  out through it.     Mrs. Jackson  undertook  to save  her purse in  which   there   were   several   hundred  dollars and grabbed   her little granddaughter but was  afraid to face the  sheet of fire in   the lower hall-way.  She couldn't decena the rope and carry  the  child  at the same  time and was  afraid to drop the child from the upper  window to those below.     At this time  Jackson  was outside the building and  he went  back in through   the fire and  upstairs  to  where  Mrs.   Jackson nnd  the baby were,and after directing Mrs.  Jackson to go down on the rope which  she did, he   dashed   down   the stairs  again  with  the baby  into the flames  and  .shielding  her under his arm  as  much  as   he  could,   he got  through.  The  baby  escaped   with   singed  hair  and  clothing but Jackson was pretty  badly burnt on the hands and neck.  Mrs. Jackson dropped her purse after  all and it was burned.  Many of the guests of the house had  to escape by the ropes supplied in  their bedrooms.  Some delay seems   to   have   taken  place    in   the    blowing   of   the   mill  Continued on Page Two  Oliver Wendell Holmes onceasked a  scientific friend how soon it mould be  possible for him  to  "buy a jiint of  horse power at the  cornier grocery."  This conceit of the gen^il philosopher  does not seem such a mirage when we  reflect   upon  this .new'   revelation  in  physical science���������ftadiiirii���������the   enormous energy and  nearly everlasting  potentiality that are stored in so small  a space. If the energy that Radium is  calculated  to exert irr 100,000   years  could be concentrated in a few days,  an ounce of radium  would drive a 50  horse  power motor   car  around  the  world  at thirty miles  per hour; or, a  gramme (less than 1-H0th of an ounce)  would raise 500 tons a mile high. Chas.  Allen Munn.  editor of the  Scientific  American, says, "Radium is destined  to disturb the equipoise of our leaders  of science and shake our whole system  of chemical physics to its very foundation."  METEOROLOGICAL.  "Minimum  21  The following are the readings showing temperature, etc., for the week  ending Nov. 23, 1912 :  AT THE MINK.  Maximum  Nov 17 . 36  18 .. 80        .. zi  10 .. 32 2S  20 .. mo       .. 21  21 ..       35      .. 2r>  22 30 23  2;*          ..        38       ..            27  Average maximum temperature 35.1 I  Average minimum do        23.71  Mean temperature IK).-.12  Rainfall for the week      .00 inches.  Snowfall       "        " 0.0  coniu-sro.vniNo wkkic ok last vkau  Highest maximum temperature 32.  Average maximum  Lowest minimum  Average minimum  Mean  AT  Nov 17  IS  10  20  21.  22  2X  do  do  do  do  TUI-  J! ILL.  -Maximum  52  ���������18  50  42  -10  48  45  I4.ru  20.7*  Minimum  41  30  20  27  :*:���������*  .11  'Hi  (Continued from last week.)  iii the same relative position to the  diorite as to the gabros, but apparently not in payable quantities. Quartz  porphyry occurs more or less as vertical dikes 1 foot to 6 feet wide, cutting  the ore bodies. 28 species of minerals  have been observed in the ore body,  viz.: gold, silver, platinum, nickel, cobalt, tetradymite, pyrite, arsenopyrite, molybdenite, galena, chalcopy-  sphalerite, pyrrhotite, Quartz, Magnetite, linionite, calcite, feldspars,  pyroxene, wollastonite, amphibole,  garnet, epidote, Axinite, apatite, seri  cite, chlorite, erythrite,  The sedimentary rocks   consist( of  inter-bedded limestones and quartzites  called  by   Camsell   the Nickel  Plate  Formation and refer;ed by Dawson to  the Carboniferous Age.    Underlying  the Nickel Plate Formation  are inter-  bedded  limestones, cherty quartzites,  argelites, tuft's and breccias resting on  massive  limestone,   the base of which  is cut oil' by granite intrusion.  . Overlying the Nickel  Plate Formation are beds of volcanic material, fine  toll's, coarse breccias regularly bedded  and   indicating   deposition   in   water  with  a maximum   thickness of about  .L200,.r.feelt.  .���������Tin's ���������fnj-mnJJGU:,-.b/-.������N.bt\',ut  partly eroded from   the .Nickel   Mine,  exposing the ore bodies.   It is believed  that   extensive    faulting   has    taken  place,   which   will   no   doubt   render,  considerable geological   investigation  necessary  to explore  the ore   bearing  regions of the camp.    Payable ore lias  been    developed   along  a   north   and  south general zone about 4,500   feet in  length.     About   850,000  tons   of  ore  averaging about .$12 per ton have been  mined along this zone, and about $4,-  000.000 has been recovered in gold bullion.    It  is  interesting  to  note   that  new ore  bodies have  been  discovered  in   the same relative positions  to the  white gabros as the original ore body.  Some   of these   ore shoots   have   been  proven  to a  depth of about S00 feet,  and  in   places  payable ore  is   mined  about 80 feet in width.  The company owns a very large  amount of unprospected ground that  will no doubt give a long life to this  properly. 20 to -15 per cent of the assay  value was recovered by amalgamation  in the upper levels. It is not believed  that then- is any secondary enrichment in these ore deposits, but tbe ore  occurs as primary deposit. Some of  the richest gold ore appears associated  with nickel. Some ores carry 5 per  cent nickel arrd 20 to -10 ounces in gold.  This usually occurs in bunches, and  the nickel and cobalt cut uncommercial figure.  ���������As will be noted in another column  the business of Shntford's Limited is  being taken over by F. H. French  who has been manager here ever since  the business was opened out by the  firm of   W. T- Shatford & Co.  in 1902.  Later on   when  the   present   huge  store.was completed the firm  name  was  changed  and   additional   stockholders taken in to -coniform with the  Companies' Act under which the business was incorporated, and it became  known as Shatfords Limited.     What  name the present owneiv will choose  for the business has possibly  not yet  been decided on  by himself,  but   in  any case the name of Shatford will no  longer be used in whatever name may'.'  be chosen.     It  is   now over'twenty',  years since   W.  T.  Shatford   opened  out in  Veinoii tlie first general  store  to do  business  under, that  name  in  British Columbia and ii will be twenty  years next, spring since L. W. Shatford came out from the  east  to join  him in the enterprise and took charge  of the new branch  store   which   they  opened out in   Fairview in the1 spring  of 1S98.     A few years later they opened another branch in Camp McKiuney  whieh flourished in tin- palmy days of  that camp and was closed  when the  fortunes   of the campim  longer warranted   the .continuance.''and Hedley  offered  a more tempting field.    Thus  they have been 'mercantile pioneers on  tbe skirmish  line all   these years and  with- the -taking- over of the  Hedley  business   which was  on a larger scale  than any of the others  the last  con-.'  neetioii of the original business censes  to exist,  and only the  millinery store  of S. A.  Shatford  in  Vernon   which  was from the first, a, separate concern  remains  to keep the  name before the  public, in a mercantile  way.    A long  course of honorable dealing and strict  business  methods has   always   given  them a strong'hold'on   the confidence  'f)f*th"e-p'irhitc''!������fd"*''51ri-'.Frtjne'h^v.hn*- ha's "  been  for sixteen   years in   the employ  and    ever   since   the   corporation, of..  Shatfords   Limited   was formed, associated  with them as partner,  has also  his  share  of credit  in   building and  maintaining the  high reputation they  have enjoyed.     That be will continue  to enjoy that confidence <"oes without  saying and bis  friends will  wish hiiu  every success.  It is his intention to enlarge the  stock and specialize in groceries and  men's furnishings...  Average! maximum temperature 17.71  Average minimum  do  Mean do  Rainfall for the week    .02  Snowfall        "       "      0.00  :������. 71  40.71  niclie:  cor;iu'si'o.vi>i.\t: wkkic ok last vkau  ���������15  Ml.5'  Highest maximum temperature  Average do do  Lowest minimum do  Average do do  Mean do  21.  20.58  The western end of the Island of  Jamaica was devastated by a hurricane nnd '12 persons killed.  McManigal tells of McNamara's confession of dynamiting the Los Angeles  "Times*" building at conspiracy trial  in Indianapolis.  IlKIltVTIO.V N'OKICS AN I.) I'OWI'K PLANT  The Daly Reduction Company, Ltd.,  owns the electiic railway, the incline  train way. the mill and cyanide plant  and the power plant, which are situated in the Similkameen Valley about  four miles from the mine, 4000 feet below it. or ut an altitude of over 1,700  feet.  Jlll.l. AND  rYANHlK  PLANT  The ore is received from the gravity  tramway in a 200-ton ore bin. From  there it falls by gravity over a grizzly  ton 10"x20" Farrel Type jaw crusher-,  and the oversize from this crusher  goes to a 0"x2(V" Farrel crusher, then  by a short horizontal conveyor- to a  1.500-ton storage bin.  There are 40 stamps (1,050 lbs.) lh to  S" drop���������-102 times per minute, in narrow Hoinestake type mortars weighing 8,000 lbs. each. 12 mesh screens  are used with a stamp duty of 1.7 tons.  A magnet has recently been placed  over the conveyor-belt from thu rock  crushers, and the "tramp steel*' is  taken  out here,  making a great im  provement in preventing stamp stems  breaking. It would be a still greater  improvement if this magnet, could be  placed before the crushers, so as to  allow the crusher lobe setup closer  for- fine crushing, its the stamp duty  raises with finer stamp feed.  The product goes to a hydraulic  classifier, the coarse- going to corrugated belt vanners and sand size to  plain belt vanners nnd lire slimes to  No. 3 Ueister tables. The concentrates  carry 10 to 12 ozs. gold. The tuilings  from the concentrates are classified  and the slimes go to the slimes plant-  nnd the sands to a 5".\22" dates Tube  IWill.  The   product  from   the  Gates Tube'  Mill goes io the Deister concentrator's.  Tailings  from   the  concentrators  are  treated   in    tbe   cyanide  plant.     The  sands   nre  treated   in  5"xM3"'  leaching  tanks���������treated   5   days  in   the   upper  tanks,   then  dropped  into  the lower-  tanks, requiring a total leaching period  of 10 to 12 days.   The slimes are treated in six conical bottom  slime tanks,  nil    connected,  up   with 0" pipe  to a  centrifugal pump for* agitation.     Zinc  dust is used for precipitating the gold  with a Merrill filter press.    The Oliver  Alter  presses are  used for  the slimes.  The  mill was   originally  designed for  tube  mill   legrinding.   but   for   some  reason   the Daly Estate refused  to allow these mills to be put in, and it was  done  only after  tho new owners, The  Hedley  Gold   Mining  Co..   took  over  the  property.     Up to  this  time over  $500,000 had been   lost in  coarse tailings currying from ,$2 to $S per ton in  gold, which was sluiced into  the river  and lost.  The Minister of Railways denies  that he is giving any authority to the  (J. T. P. to run any of their lines to  divert Canadian traffic into United  States territory. THE HEDLEY GAZETTE NOV 2S.i012.  CfxHMto $az������tte.  and  Similkameen Advertiser.  Issued on Thursdays, by the Hkducy Ga>.ktti-  Pltl.NTINU AM) PtJItl.lSIIINC; COMI'ANV,  LlMl'I'l'l).   at.  Iiodlov.  B. C.  Subscriptions in Advance  Per Year...: ...' ������������������S'-'-W  "   (United States I.'.  12.50  Advertising Rates  Measurement, V- lines to the ineh.  Land Notices^Cert'lic.ites of improvement, etc.  ������7.(10 for (id-day notices, and S'.OO tor M-day  iiotiees.     ,     ���������        . ."        ,  Transient Advertisements���������not exceeding one  ineh. Sl.llO for one insertion, 'lit cents for  each subsequent; insertion.   Over one inch.  10 cents per line for lirst insertion and a  cents per lino for en eh subsequent insertion.  ' Transients payable in advance.  Changes for contract advertisements should  be in the ollioe by noon on Tuesday to secure  attention for that week's issue  Advertisements will Do changed once every  mouth'if advertiser desires, without tiny extra  charge. For changes of toner than once a month  tho price of composition will be charged at  regular rates.  'Contract'Advertisements���������One inch per "iijnth  ������l.y.*i; over 1 inch anel up. to 1 inches, ������1.00  per inch per month. To constant advertisers  or amended,'the better. One  amendment at all events that  should be  made to it is to com-  taking larger space than tour inches, on  application, rates will be given ol reduced  charges,��������� bused on size of space and lengtli  of time.  A. JUECJRAW, Managing fc'ditor.  Last; quar  NOV  Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thu.. Fri. Sat.]  10  17.  24  ���������I  li  IS  NT,  12  .10  0  13  20  l>7  1 1  21  1  S  15  22  20  0  10  23  around bore testimony to the efficiency  of the fire apparatus and the way it  was handled but the ruins of the burnt  building itself. There is scarcely ai  pel the lawyer Who takes the j v;uUn\ of ashes to be found anywhere  case on spec, to put. up security i -only piles of black cinders and parti-  fo'r costs. The best men in the j ���������'<-Hy burned pieces of board, while the  lfcjj-Ml profession do not want j wooden foundation is almost all ,.1-  tiie champerty law for it throws  them open to suspicion that  they may be practising' it. The  piratical ones, however, do want  it. The best class of client will  not trust them and they have  to look for something else from  another class.  AN INIQTITOUS LAW  One of the worst pieces of  legislation ever put on tlie statutes of this province, although  it was done in pre-McBrido  days,-was the measure to legalize champerty. It was a fail of  Joe Martin's which he was determined to bring about, and  by specious reasoning and special pleading, "when socialism was  more of a dominant factor in  the legislation of the province  than it is now. he managed to  squeeze, it through. The law  allows a shyster lawyer to take  up cases on spec, find divvy up  the spoils with the litigant. All  that is necessary is to find some  man of means with a weak  spot or fancied weak spot in  his commercial armor and then  get some irresponsible without  a bean who can be twisted into  some kind of shape to fit as a  litigant or plaintiff and forthwith sail in for the rich man's  money-bags in true piratical  fashion. Perhaps it was some  such case which Byron had in  mind when in describing a real  sea pirate in Don .Juan he ex-  eusingly remarks that in  "pursuing bis watery journey  He merely practised as a  sea-attorney"  The quotation may not be verbatim as it is years since we  have seen the couplet or  thought of it, but that was-the  gist and it will nerve to illustrate our meaning for all present purposes. The more bean-  less and irresponsible the man  may be who i.s chosen to lill the  role of plaintiff the more accurately he will personate the  man whom doe Martin had in  mind when in his special pleading- for the bill he begged of the  legislature to pass it in order  that the poor man might obtain  legal assistance to fight the rich  man in the court. ATow the poorer the plaintiff the less he can be  made to lose if his case should go  against him and if he should  happen to win it will be clear  gain for him and the lawyer.  One has only to look about to  see many of the eases that come  up in court that are clearly the  result of tho champerty law and  the   sooner it is cither repealed  In view , of what Hedley has  been able to demonstrate to the  insurance underwriters in the  matter of our position to deal  with any serious fire it is now  up to them to give the town a  special rating, or ac least some  modification of , the present  tariff. The amount of money  which was saved to the insurance companies by the fire protection provided in Hedley by  the citizens through, yoluntary  subscriptions would pay the insurance premiums from this  town for possibly twenty years  to come, This was surely a good  turn that was done them from  Hedley and they have a right  to reciprocate it.  TESTED AND FOUND FIT  whistle for the general nlai m. The  night watchman failed to notice the.  fire until he was told of it by others,  and ninny who heaid the whistle complain that it was not blown like a fire  alarm and migbt.be taken for the  ordinary seven o'clock whistle. Never--:  the less the members of the brigade  mnde ��������������������������� very creditable turnout as.  soon as they got the alarm but by  that time the flames were bursting  out of both roof and sides and no fire  department in the pioviiice could  have saved the hotel after the fire had  got such a headway. A line of hose  was run from the hydrant at the corner of Irene Street and Scott Avenue,  and two lines from the one at the  corner of the livery stable, and in nd  dition to the 000 feet of hose belonging to the town fire equipment a quantity was brought over from the mill  and thus three lines were playing on  the bin ning building and on those in  greatest danger near by. Fortunately  there was no wind or the brigade  would have had a much worse job on  their hands. But nt one time it looked serious enough as it was.  Wind or no wind cinders were carried on to the lawns on Kingston Ave.  nearly half a mile away. The boards  ou the. livery stalile were burning; the  eaves of the Grand Union hotel were  browned and the pitch boiled out of  the painted siding: Schubert's building was on fire at one time but di owned out with a stream from one of the  hose lines directed on the spot. John  Ash's cabin about 15 or 21) feet in rear  of the hotel had all the shingles burned off it and the siding half bin tied  through during the intervals it was  left to itself while the hose lines were  playing elsewhere, but it was nol|al-  lowed to burn and not a thing burned  or injured inside of it. A few feel distant was Schubert's large, stable with  the loft full of hay and the gable open  exposing the. liny to the showers of  sparks from the burning hotel a few  feet nway.  Too much credit cannot be given to  the lire company for the way they  managed tilings and the plucky manner in which they stuck to their work  exposed to the heat aud the drenching  without prope.relothing.and too much  praise cannot In-given to tlie apparatus with which they were provided,  inexpensive and unpretentious though  it may be. Some place* wait until tlie  town is burned down before they do  anything and Hedley came pretty  nearly doing the same. Fortunately,  however, they didn't or the most of  the business portion of the town  would now be in ashes. Those who  contiibuled last summer to the purchase of the outfit must now derive a  heap of satisfaction from it and those  who have not yet contributed should  potlutch now according to their means  and the property interests they may  have at stake. There are many things  yet required to be added to what we  have. Now that winter is coming on  shelter must be provided for the host;  cart and hose, and rubber goods are  meeded for the men.  Not only thu ������nving  of the buildings  tact and in places large sections of thu  flooring unburnt but supporting huge  heaps of partially burned debris.  Jackson's gold watch was taken out of  the ruins unharmed- and the watch  still going Two sets of golf sticks  .which were standing in the. hallway  ditl not even have the wooden handles  burned when they were dug out of the  ruins.  There was $5001) insurance of which  it is understood .that all or most of it  was on the building. The salvage was  practically nil beyond the few'person-  al belongings dug out of the ruin's, so  there will be.little or no room 'for'  'haggling of any kind on the pat t of  tho companies carrying it.  The ��������� effect of the fire so far as the  licence is concerned is of course regrettable for it is generally known'and admitted in the town that no hotel keep'-  er who has ever been in Hedley has  obeyed the low as faithfully as Jackson did. There ..was never any Sunday selling nor gnniblin'g; the holel  was never a rendezvous for tinhorns  nor lawless creatures of any kind nnd  there wis never any affiliation with  the redlight district nor selling of  booze to . Siwashes. Whatever Jackson may decide on doing now. it will  be a, distinct loss to have one so law-  abiding go out ,of the business here,  for every man who will respect the  law as he has always tried to do is  .bound to have a healthful influence, on  others;  . ,        NOTiiS  The fire alarm provision is the weak  point nt present in Medley's fire ..protection.' The plowshare gong is a  failure, and a good fire bell or some  other means is needed. Fire diill is  needed too with the nightwatchman  and night shift' at the mill an that-  quicker action may be got on the  whistle and high pressure turned on  without smiiBim'fi having to go np to  tell them to turn it on. The fire blast  on the whisHe should be different  from any other so that there will be  no mistaking*-,'U;  Theie is not a-plank of the sidewalk  between the New Zealand Hotel and.  -SchiibertV store" that is "burned and  some of the planks of the hotel platform itself are unburned. Who says  Hedley hasn't fire protection?  The meekest and most insignificant  looking thing to be seen the morning  after the fire was the 'home-made  hose reel which was sitting in the  middle of the street opposite the livery stable. The casual observer who  did not know what it was or what it  could do, wouldn't have given $15 for  it; but there it was sitting within easy  reach of over $75,000 worth of property it saved. There wasn't even a speck  of red paint anywhere about it to help  it to blow its own born or say "look  at me", but there were citizens who  wen: proud of it nevertheless.  FREE  TO FUR SHIPPERS  Tlie most accurate, reliable aud only Market Report  nnd l"r!i:e 1.1st of Its 1:1ml published.  "ell)*? 01tub*?ri &lji}**j-?r"  Mailed  I'llKE   to  those  interested   In   ltaw Furs'  SEND US YOUR NAME ON A POSTAL���������TCDAY  It's not li Trapper'K,C!ulde. but a. piibMi-ntluu i-iued  every two weeks, wlileh jflviM ymi reports of what la  (toinjjinnll tin-. .Markets of the World in American  Row Furs. 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Robertson  Date, August Hist, 191 a  NOTICE  SIMILKAMKKN LAND DISTRICT  IHS'l'ltlCT OK YATli  *j*AKI" Notice that I, John C. Kiiton ofN'a-  -1- na'mio, B. C. occupation, Rrokcr, intends  to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands.  Commencing at a post planted at the S. \V.  corner of pre-emption til's tlieuco north SO chains  thence west SO chains, thence south 80 chains,  thence oast 80 chains to point of commencement containing lilO acres, mote or less  .1. C. Knton  M. .1. McKnown, Locator  August 127th, I!)I---. :������i-U)  PUBLIC NOTICE  WATER NOTICE  60   YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c.  Anyone aendltiB nsketch nnd description mu-  qulckly ascertain our opinion free whether ah  invention is probably patentable. Communion,  lions strictly contldcnUul. HANDBOOK on Patents  sent free. Oldest nuency forsccuriut; patent3.  i'litents taken Uiroiifrh fllunn & Co. receive  special notice, without chnrec, in the  For a Licence to  Take and Use Water  "\TOTICK is Iuto given thai Krcilcriok IlowcM. of  -L' KiTt-moiis,   It. C.   Kanclier,  will apply for a  lii/cnce Intake and use 100 inches of water out or  Sheep Creek, which llows Sit an easterly direction  throng!) Lot .Wo and empties into Okanagan Lake  Penticton. The water will lie diverted at alioul 20  chains west of S. \V. corner of Lot 3.������96 ami will he  used lor irrigation purposes ou the land described as  Fred I lowell's pre-emption.  This notice? was posted on the ground on the 4th  day of October, I'JIJ. The application will lie filed  in the office of tlie Water Recorder at l-'airview.  Objections mav be liled with the said Water l*e-  cordcr or with tlie L'onip-roller of W'aU-r lights,  I'.-irli.-itm-nt Buildings, Victoria, B. C.  I'KICI) IlOWr'I.I,  1 >l RLIC NOTICK is hereby given, that iri-as--  ���������'��������� much us curtain terms of the agreement  for tlie sale of the Kingston Gold iS: Copper  Alining Company's properties situate nt Hedley. H. C, have not been carried out by the  purchaser; the properties have reverted to. and  nro iigiiiu in the ownership mill possession of  the undersigned Company.  Kingston Gold & Copper Mining Co., Ltd.  W. A. Mnrsh. President.  Kohert Stanley. Scc-Treas  Quebec, '-'litis August. I!II'_'. :i7-(i  WATER NOTICE  WATER NOTICE  A'lanrisomely illustrated weekly. T,.'\nrcst circulation of any HnionMtlc Journal. Terms, $!l a  year: four months, $1.  Sold by all nowstleulera.  .JfUCQ.3618���������^ Jew York  T-vaiicb Officii, F>& V St.. WasliiDKton. I>. C.  TRY THE  Hedley   Gazette  FOR  Fine Job Printing  For a Licence to  Take and  Use Water  "Volice is hereby   given Unit the Siiiiilkanicen  J '        Power Co., Ltd., of Vancouver, B.C. will  apply for a licence total;.- and use .Vi cubic feet      .,.,,_, , _, ���������u .,...���������  ���������,,��������� ,,ll: .,.,���������.  ���������,.,  per second  of   witter��������� out ot   Ashnola. River. | <���������,���������,,missioner,    or  the   Controller   of   Wat  which llows in a north-easterly direction and  empties into the .Similkameen river near Keremeos. The wafer will be diverted at Cue second  canyon and will bo used for power purposes ou  the land described as Olivers pre-emption and  within a radius of 10 miles.  This notice was posted on the ground on the  1 Itb day of October. 1!M'J. The application will  be liled in tins ollic<; of the Water Recorder at,  Fairview, II. C.  Objections may  be tiled with the said Water  Recorder or with  the Comptroller of Water  Rights, Parliament, Buildings, Victoria, I J. C.  .Siniill-ameen Power Co. Ltd.  II. G. Spiaguc  For a  Licence to Take and Use Water  "Vollcc is hereby given tli: t. The Daly Redue-  J> lion Co., of Ilcdley. L <'.. will apply for a,  licence to take and use WO ci 'do feet per second  of waterouttheSiiuilk.-.meeii river, which llows  in a southerly direction through Ilcdley, li. C.  and empties in the Okuuugnri river near Oroville. The water will be (liveried at ;i point  on or between lot ISM anil lot, 'Jillio iiuil will be  used for power purposes on the laud described  as Lot, ���������JilOd.  This notice was posted on the ground on flic.  l(i day of November, 1S112. The application will  be liled in the ollice of the Wilier Commissioner nt l-'airview, R. C.  Objections may he liled with tuc said Walci  'oininissioiicr,   or  I'lghls.   Parliament, Buildings.   Victoria. M. ('.  The Daly Deduction Co.. Ltd  G. P. .lones. Agent  TRY THE  Hedley Gazette  for  Fine Job Printing  SUBSCRIBE FOR THE GAZETTE THE HEDLEY GAZETTE, NOV  8, 1912.  Town and District.  Frank Bailey of Princeton is in town  this week. . v '  At Hedley on November 21st 1012,  to Mr. and.Mrs. A..7. Kin-;, a daughter.  One. of the reasons given for the line  mild November is the preparation of  the skating rink in readiness for winter frost.  The only thing how to interfere with  golfing is tlie shortness of the days.  The weather and the condition, of the,  links are both ideal.  r.MYD. Pickard has a double then T.  D. No. 2 was in town last week selling  autos. All that was lacking was.T.D.'s  josh and banter. ������������������������������������������������������  Dr.Juckson, dentist,arrived on Fri-  drty last and put in a few busy days.  He had engagements with, patients in  his regular practice at Penticton and  had to hurry hack.  It doesn't pay after all to 'jump hotel  bills and play the deadlieat generally.  One individual found this out in Hedley last week after-numerous pressing  invitations to pay in advance.  The Princeton Star started up quite  a vigorous little smudge last week to  smoke out some -vermin'; These disagreeable little demonstrations become  necessary sometimes in the interests  of the public.  ; To-day is Thanksgiving day over; in  the United/States and all handsale  filling up on turkey. Whether they  have reason-to be thankful on the outcome of the elections is a matter: upon  which there will be room for difference of opinion. t.  Owing to Rev. A. H. Cameron being  called to Calgary by the death of his  sister there, was no Presbyterian service  held here on Sunday evening last.  Word is received from Mr. Cameron  ��������� ��������������������������� to the effect that he will not be back  before Dec. ,31st and his next service  in Hedley will be on January 5th.  There is rejoicing in Oroville for  they have at last received assurance  that steel is to be laid on the grade  between Oroville southward to Pat-  eros. This piece of grade was made  four years ago or more and has been  given time to grow and mature several good crops of weeds.  Jimmy Riordan, the king of Billy  Goat Mountain, spent Sunday in Hedley. He had just come down fronr his  summer resort and left about 15 inches  of snow there, to find dry dust orr the  streets of Hedley. lie prefers not to  run the risk of freezing any more  fingers off and has come down a few  weeks earlier this year.  Dou't forget the English bell-ringers  in aid of the hospital on Saturday Dec:  7th. This is a high-class troupe of entertainers. There nre a great many in the  company and all of them artists, John  Cosgrove is bringing them here and it  is well known that he has a faculty for  hosing out the best.  Them is a Nickle Plate in Rossland  Camp which is being worked in-a small  way underlease. While the production  does not mount up into very large figures the values arc quite prepossessing.  A recent shipment of a carload of the  ore gave a return of a little better than  $50 per ton after transportation and  smelter charges had been *-aid.  The date of the Woodman's ball has  been changed to Wednesday Dcc.lSth  and in that way it will rrot conflict  with the Hospital benefit entertainment to be given on Friday Dec.21st.  The Wood men committee are busy  perfecting arrangements and nothing  will be left undone to make thooccasion  a pronounced success.  During the excitement of the lire  last week a bushing of one of the hose  iio///,le.s was handed to a by-stamler to  he taken care of. Unfortunately the  one who gave it cannot recollect the  party to whom it was- given, .and  possibly the one to whom it was given  put it in his pocket and has forgotten  about it. Will the party who has it  kindly return.  On Saturday morning the, manure,  heap in rear <)f the livery stable 'was  doing a little smoking on its own account. Atfirstsomavyho saw it thought  the smoke was due to heating of the  manure but there was a suspicious  odour of smoke accompanying .it and  when dug into with a fork the pile was  found to be all on fire underneath.This  fire had evidently caught from the burn  -ing hotel across the way two mornings before, arid had smouldered there  all that time. ,  I. A. Dinsnrore,* cliief licence inspector, was irr town last week making his  round of inspection for the general renewal of hotel licences a month hence.  He reached Hedley just in time to see  one of the 'hotels snuffed ..out. hpre.His.  interpretation of the,Liquor Licence  Act is that the destruction of a hotel  by fire lapses tlie licence, and the  licensee in order to obtain another must  begin bis novo ,-is if no prior licence  had been in existence. y  District'ioad supervisor Turner was  in town last week accompanied by  Engineer, Cleveland who is keeping  close tab on the surveyors who are  laying out the route of the trans-provincial auto truck road. Mr. Cleveland expects that next season will see  much larger gangs worked on this  road especially on' the unspanned portion of the road between here and the  coast, and also on other links in the  province where there are now no roads  in existence. Once the gap between  Princeton and the coast is completed  there will then be communication by  means of existing roads for a long  distance east.       ;  The In test advices from the Golden  Zone storm centre at Victoria are  more assuiing and begin to breathe of  amity and. sweet concord. If they  should prove authentic it is a consummation devoutly to be wished. Heretofore the news has all been of wars,  and rumors of War, and numerous  communications by post and wire told  of-'the'elimination of first one and  then ahotiier until "elimination" was  stock word in town. It  as.funny and as en-  as a tale from Dickens and  one began to associate these numerous  "eliminations" with the "pulverization" of our old friend Uriah.  A lather serious breakdown in th  smaller of the two crushers at the mill  has been cutting down the tonnage  milled and spoiled the chance of making an exceptionally good record this  month. While the powerful magnet  on the conveyors hits saved a. great  deal of trouble irr the batteries by fishing out pieces of steel which the miners  contrive to send down in the ore, the  crushers have no such protection and  must take all that comes. They generally manage to masticate ordinary  doses of steel but when it conies to  grinding the heads of stone hammers  there is likely to be a broken jaw or  two if not worse.  The committee of management for  the cemetry held a meeting on Monday  night and decided on raising, by subscription, the sum of $101) for cemetry  purposes including the fencing of the  grounds. The deeds of the ground have  been made out by the company and  forwarded here and everything is now  clear to go ahead. The land is not coming out of the allotment made to M.K.  Rodgers as some have understood but  out of the company's portion, arid it is  they who are making it over to the  town for cemetry purposes. It is hoped  that all will contribute liberally for it  is better to have over the amount estimated than under. It can all he laid  out to advantage.  becoming-a  was fast getting  A predatory owl has all this fall had  designs on the poultry yards of Kingston Avenue and with each visit had  been greeted with a volley which  made him drop his prey. It is always  on moonlight nights he makes his invasions but. since the first volley was  fired at him in mid-air and he managed to escape, he takes care now in  making his get away to keep along  the ground when- it is took dark to  see him.  Clark, the erstwhile publisher of the  Coalmont Courier, was up before local magistrates in Princeton on Monday last charged with burglnn/.ing  the premises of his'bencfaetoi-, F. P.  Cook, and was sent up for trial to it  higher court.  The Gazette has hail the assurance  that the (J ran by Hay fownske advertised here two weeks ago is a genuine  business proposition. There is no laud  nearer the Hidden Creek mine that is  fit to be sold to the public as town lots  and the promoters of the G ran by Town-  site are men who can be depended  on to do the fair thing. Neither is  there any strained relations between  them and the operators of the Midden  ('reek mine whic is owned byaconcein  that is too big and has other interests  too great to warrant them dabbling in  townsiting, by offering lots to the public even if they had suitable land to  spare lor that purpose. The statements  made in the Phoi'iiix Pioneer to which  we referred appears to have been altogether incorrect. Granby Hay town-  site is not two miles distant from the  smelter but only 800 feel and is not  across the bav but on the same side.  J. W. Whiteley of Vancouver provincial organizer of1 the Loyal Orange  Association, paid .an official visit to  the local Orange Lodge last Saturday  evening. In an interesting 'address  Mr. Whiteley gave an account of the  progress of the Order in British .Columbia, and throughout the Dominion.  In four years the ' membership shad  doubled in British Columbia, and there  are how eighty-one lodges in /the  province. He had.organized nine new  lodges already this year and expected  to organize three niiire before the year-  closed. Last year (here were eighty-  nine new lodges organized in tho Dominion of Canada and after deducting  all losses from any'cause whatsoever  there was a. net increase in ruei'nljer-  ship of over ten' thousand. Mr. White-  ley predicted that the report for 1D12  would eclipse that of 1911 and would  show that the present year had been a  record one for the Association, both in  the province and the Dominion. During the evening one candidate was iiv  itiated, two advanced to the^purpje,.  two to the blue, arid t,wo to the Royal  Arch Purple degree., The election of  officers for the ensuing year-look pjace,  and resulted as follows':''.        ,. '  W. M., H. F. Jones y.  D. M., Sain Knowles '        ;  Chap., E. J. Thomas       .  Rec. and Fine. Sec'y, G. H. Turner.  Treasurer', Geo. H. Sproule  Led., A. J. King''  D. ofCer., H. Rose. ::  Committee; Geo. Riddle, N. Pickard,  T. R. Willey, ; Win. Lonsdale, Ben  Barlow.  orrw  w  'P���������?  771M cU&aA������  DYOLA  |QNEDYE���������������ALLKINDS-'<������<������-i  J  It's the CLEANEST, SIMPLEST, and BEST HOME  DYE, one can buy���������Why you don't even hare 10  know what KIND of Cloth your Goods arc made  of.������So Mistakes are Impossible.  Send for Free Color Card, Story  Booklet, and  Booklet giving results of Dyeing over other colors.  The JOHNSON-RICHARDSON CO.. Limited,  Montreal. Canada  sgp-j  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ���������������  ������  ������  ������  ������-  ������  ������  ������  ������  ���������������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������,  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������,  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������,  '������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������:  ������  ������  ������  FREE  Fine Engraving  in Sepia  of the  Borden Cabinet for Readers  -X  of   the    "News-Advertiser."  KIVHRYONIS wants a picture of the members of the Government of  Canada. The ������������������News-Advertiser" has. had prepared for the exclusive use of its readers in this province a large engraved plate of Rt.  Hon. R. L. Borden and his Minsters.  The group is redrawn from the latest photographs ofthe eighteen Ministers, who compose the advisers of His Royal Higricss I lie  Governor-General. .It is printed in sepia-on henry board ready for  framing, and vvill be, of .the greatest educational value in the home,  the school and the library.;  The. Prime .Minister, HON. R L. BORDEN, occupies a central'  position, and is shown standing at the head of the Council Table.  Seated about him are his Colleagues.  Dimly in the background the features of Sir John Macdonald  look down on his successors.  How to Obtain the Picture  This fine engraving, of which a limited.number have been pie-  pared, will.be sent    ���������.'���������-.'  fREEOF- CHARGE  to new nirbscribers, or to old subscribers,   who renew their subscriptions for one year ($3.00).  For out of  town subscribers the picture  will be tubed and postage, prepaid. '':.'���������' ���������   ;. .���������   y; /  Non-subscribers  may obtain copies on  payment of 50 cents.    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To Our Gustomers:  Mr. Frank H. French, who has since the establishment of our Hedley business been  its manager,  ��������� takes over our stock in trade on December 1st.  ���������  E. E. Burr  General   Blacksmith  Hedley, B. C.  Horse-shoeing and all  Blacksmith Work  Promptly attended to.  Pipe-fitting done.  We take the opportunity, in bidding farewell as a  business firm, to express our deep appreciation of the  + valued patronage so liberally extended and the consid-  HOTEL SIMILKAMEEN,  HEDLEY, B. C. '  An Up-to-date   First-Class Hotel   '  RATES MODERATE '  ^ eration shown  us  throughout all the years we did +  T business in the Similkameen District. X  ��������� ���������  ��������� We bespeak for our successor the same generous ���������  + measure of support you have accorded us. +  We thank you and assure you that your business  relations with  Mr. French  will be fully as satisfac-  + tory as they were with us.  ���������  ���������  SHATFORDS LIMITED  F. J.  D0LLEM0RE  Proprietor.  P/UA6E.  Wveru, Feed & Sale Stables  ���������  *-p���������������**������0*--;j*i";"i?"'W"nw  Plumbing and Heating*, Sheet  JNIaple Sugar makes the best M'aple  Syrup and during the cold weather  goes line with the cakes. Get some at  Rolls���������2l)v. a lb, (5 lbs for $1.00.  ADVERTISE    IN   THK   GAZKTTK  IIHUMiV    1.5. C.  A good stock of Horses anil Rigs on  Hand.    1! Orders for Teaming  promptly attended to.  Office of Dominion Express Company.  W OOD   F 0 ii   S A L K !  Phono 1.1. INNIS  BROS. Proprietors.  TENDERS WANTED  Tenders will  he received  for material   and  work in feneinu' the cemetery.   Apply to  V. 11. I-'IIKXCH  L������3  ���������������>?  Metal Work Tinsmithing  Shop corner Angola Ave. and Bridge  St.,   in 'iVIurdock's blacksmith shop.'  Work guaranteed.   Consult us about your work  J-KOI'1-IKTOl.iS  PRACTICAL WOKK.MHX  PRINCETON, B. C  *������  N5  "B  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  SUBSCRIBE FOR  THE   GAZETTE! THE HEDLEY GAZETTE. NOV 28. 1912,  KEREMEOS, the Centre of Lower Similkameen���������-Famed for Fruit Growing  Town and Lower Valley.  Don't forget the dunce in the town  balloon Thursday evening.  Malcolm McCauley 'nnd Tom Duly  started for Kelowmi. with a flue bunch  ol'cattle. , ,  1. A. Dinsmore. chief of police and  licence inspector, was in town a couple  ot' ila.ys last week.  Welby's auto is again on the road  and will rim regular trips as long as  tho. roads stay in'their present good  condition.  Married-On Tuesday last by the  Row G'.T. MaeKen/.ie.Thomas Francis  Niuitheidin of Olalla and Annie Ant-  Wine of iJeiilicton.  0. E. BiulclC W. Kaineock and E.  Prentice of .Penticton were in town  and district on Tuesday and Wednesday, buying lieef cattle.  Professor. BrowneHis around town,  again hale and hearty and is prepared.  ttjstune up anything from a sewing  machine to a Grand Opera piano.  George   Haggard,   the stage  driver,  received  a nasty kick  from a lidise in  thi! livery barn last Sunday and it was  lucky for him he did not get very badly hurt.  Mrs. L. A. Clarke alter spending a  few days with her daughter Mrs. D..T.  Innis went up to Hedley on Wednesday to visit her elder daughter Mrs.  Furbe.s.  The drill, belonging to Willis and  Osgood is merrily working a.way on  the river hear Chopaka and the continued prospecting of the river is going steadily on.  Mrs. Margaret Cameron, mother of  Mrs. W. 7-1. Cameron, who has been  very unwell the past week, we are  pleased to report is now convalesent  and is able to be up and around again.  On Sunday evening last many of the  residents were rudely awakened by a  series of war whoops and the sound of  galloping but are ata loss to know-  just who was performing these wild  west stunts in the middle of the night.  'While the chain gang were digging  out a foundation near the the calaboose this last week they ran across  a seam of coal but as it was only four-  inches in depth we don't think we will  be. able to get our winter supply of  fui'I from it. ��������� '  Malcolm McCauley of Kelowna rode  into town Thursday last renewing old  uci'uaintnrices and scouring the country for beef cattle. Beef at the present is in great demand and it is pretty  hard to get any quantity together.  William Terbasket is asking $70 per  head for his.  At 2 p. in. on Saturday the trans-  provincial road survey party put in a  hull at the centre of Seventh Avenue  and Seventh St. It just being 4114  miles ou the new line from the end of  the bridge crossing the Tiilauieen  river at Princeton to this point.  It is wonderful to see some of the  apples picked last Saturday that were  on the tops of trees at the Richter  orchard as well as some at George  I,milieu's place. They were in splendid  condition and did not show any difference from those picked in September  antl October.  II. A. Turner, road superintendent;  C, E. Cleveland, chief engineer trans-  provincial road survey; O. S. Willuin-  sen, engineer in charge: and U. Parker came over in an auto from Penticton last Friday and after spending  a little time on the line of survey, proceeded to Oroville.  Mr. and Mrs. Meausette and family  left on the morning's train for East  Princeton where they will make their  future home. During their stay here  of nearly live years in Keremeos they  made many life long friends who were  sorry to see them leave town, but  knowing thai they are moving to a  new and growing town wish them the  best of success in the new surroundings.  .1. W.   Whiteley,   organizer   of   the j  Loyal   Orange  Lodge   in   B.  C.  and I  Grand   Lecturer of  the association in |  tin- Dominion, gave a splendid address  in the Town Hall  on Monday evening  last to a. large gathering.     The speech  Mr.   Whitely delivered   was the finest  ever heard in Kereriicor.on Orangeism.  'ts aims and   obligations.     After the  meeting  the  'Brethren    adjourned   to  the lodge room and four new members  were  initiated in   the blue and purple  degrees.  Keremeos is to have, a fine open aiij  skating  sink   this  winter,   that   is  if  Jack   Frost permits.     Two meetings  SAFE AS THE SAFEST  AND  have  taken   place,  committees   have j rhMnpr i.fc    _ fh     r*.Mnpqi  been formed, and the work is under j <-neaper tnan tne uneapest  way.      Saturday    afternoon    Albert''  Mactice  and   Dave Innis were   working  with  plough and scraper on   the  ground laid out by the .committee.  Sen led Tenders addressed to the undersigned,'  and'(indorsed "Tender for Public Build-  in;-,-nf, Greenwood, li. C," will be received ������t  this office nntill.OO p. m. on Monday. December'!th. 1912, for the construction or u Public  HniUliiiK at Greenwood, U..C. ���������  Plans, specifications and form of contract can  be seen and forms of tender obtained nt this  Department and at the oflice of Mr. Win.  Henderson-. Resident Architect, Victoria. !$. C  and nt the Post Oflice, Greenwood, 11. C.  is a straight life policy in  THE MUTUAL LIFE  OF CANADA  The history of thousands of policies  oil the above plan shows that it has  cost less than four dollars per year to  carry a policy of one thousand dollars.  If you doubt this call on the local representative and see. the history of  one policy for 26 years; then ask yourself whether you know of any other  concern whether 'insurance, company  or benevolent society that can show a  i  S F> RAY  Persons tendering are notified that-tender"- j similar record  will not   be considered unless made on   the | ������  printed forms supplied and signed with their  actual signatures, stating their occupations  and places Of residence. In the case of firms,  the actual signature, the nature of the occupation, and place of residence of each member of  the firm must be given.  Kaeh tender must, be accompanied by an' accepted cheque on a chartered bank, payable to  the order of the Honourable tho Minister of  Public Works, equal to temper cent (10 n.c.) of  theiunount of the tender, -which will bo forfeited if the persons tendering decline to enter'  into'a' dnntriietwhen called,, upon to do so. or  fail to complete the'work contracted for. If  the tender be not accepted the cheque will be  returned-.  Tho department, does not bind itself to accept  the lowest or any tender.  By Order  It. C. DESUOCIIKKS.  Secretary.  Department of Public Works'  Ottawa, Nov. ISth 1012  17-  Newspapcrs will not be paid for this advertisement if they insert it without authority  from the Department.  1LLOW RIVF.R-On main line of  Grand Trunk Pacific, and Pacific &  Hudson Hay Railway. It is the desire of the Railway Company to  make it one of the most, important  towns iu the entire Canadian West.  Lots $10 down, S10 monthly; no interest; no takes. Write today for  full information. Dae.Ilond& Land  Corp., Ltd., =121! Pae. Hklg.. Vancouver. B. C.  NURSERY STOCK  "OUR AGENTS MAKE MONEY"  selling our hardy, guaranteed stock.  Experience unnecessary.  Every Plan of Genuine Insurance  It  is  the  people's Com pa n y and   its-  profits are nil. for the people  This accounts for the wonderful success which has attended forty-two  years of unparalleled progress arid  achievement.-  t  Do not neglect to spray your trees with  Pendray's Lime Sulphur Solution  Pendray's is endorsed by all the leading fruit men  of the province. ��������� '.,.  We are sole agents for Keremeos and can sell it bv  the barrel or gallon.  carry a "full line of Garden and  Field Seeds.  Five Roses Flour always in stock  ���������  X  X  ���������  We  X  F.  RICHTER ESTATE  W. J. TWISS  Manager for B.C.  A. Megraw  Local Agent  YAK I.MA VALLEY NURSERY CO.  Toppenish. Wash.  R. H. EOGERS,  M.A., li.C.L.  BARRISTER, SOLICITOR,  NOTARY PUBLIC, ETC  Vernon, B. C  Hotel Keremeos  Opposite G. N. K. Station  MRS.   A. F. KIRBY,   Proprietress.  SILKS  Large Assortment of choice Silk Dress  Goods, Silk handkerchiefs etc.  for sale at right prices  TOHMY SING, Keremeos  SING LEE  Luu n dry, Contrueting of all  kinds, Ditch digging. Wood  Sawing, Clearing land. Cooking and all kinds of Chinese  Labor.  Keuk.ukos, B.C.  TWEDDLE'S  AUTO LINE  Leaves Penticton every morning at 7 o'clock, except Sunday, to connect with train  for Medley. Princeton and  Coahnont.  Leaves Keiemeos daily, except Similar on arrival of  10::J0 train. '  HOIl.SI'  STACK  Returning, leaves Penticton  Monday, Wednesday and  Friday at 7 o'clock a.m.  Leaves Keremeos at 12o'clock  a. m. Tuesday. Thursday  anrl Saturday.  Special rigs at shortest notice  HARRY TWEDDLE  Keremeos Centre       -       B. C.  Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations  /~<OAD! mining rights (if the Dominion, in  V Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,  the! f hkofi Territory, the North-west Terri-  toWes riftd ftv il portion of the Province of Uri-  ttelf'OVihifffbiii'-rimy he leased for a term of  tu'ontv-one years at An annual rental of ������1 an  acre. Not inore' than'2,560 acres will be leased  to one applicant.  Application for a ica's.e'iiiri'st be made by the  applicant in person to tlie Agent or Sub-Agent  of tiie district in which the rights applied for  arc situated.  In surveyed territory the land in list be described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of  sections, and in unsurveyod territory the tract;  applied for shall be staked out by the applicant  himself.  Kaeh application must be accompanied by a  fee of S;~> which will be refunded if the rights  applied for are not available, but not otherwise. A rovalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate of five cents  per ton  The person operating the mine shall furnish  the Agent with sworn returns accounting for  the full quantity of merchantable coal mined  and nny the royalty thereon. If the coal mining rights are not being operated, such returns  should bo furnished at least, once a year.  The. lease will include the coal mining rights  only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may  be considered necessary for tbe working of the  mine at the rate of ������10.00 an acre.  For full information application should be  made to the Secretary of the Department of  the Interior. Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-  Agent of Dominion hands.  W. W. CORY.  Deputy'Minister of the Interior.  N.B.-Unauthorized publication of this advertisement will not be paid for. !i-(iui  ������-  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft*  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������,  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  Of What   Keremeos   Fruit   Lands   Have  Done for Early Purchasers  is Now Here  This year the trees in bearing will give an  output which although showing handsome profit  on the original investment, is only a mild suggestion of the profit to be realized yvith a larger  market.  REMEMBER  We  offer no  land but  what has  the  water already on it-  Fruit Lots of any size to suit your means;  at $175, 2I5 afid 350 per acre.     Town Lots.  Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.  KEREMEOS, B. C.  &i 1& *6"j 3S "������*������ i& Sol <@b *������������������������ S3"; i������������ *������> *5?*������I- 33 SS *������*��������� <������ @ *S& @J 1& "Si- &i  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������-  ������  ������  ������  ������  >���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  NOTICE  NOTICK   is hiTL-by ijivun that un the  'Jlh day ol  December 1912, application will hi-  made to the  Superintendent of Provincial Police  lor  the transfer  of the licence for the sale of liquor by retail  in  and  upon the  premises  known  as the   Keremeos Hoteil  situate at Keremeos, I'ritish Columbia, from George  Kirby to Ada Irranees Kirby of Keremeos, II. C.  Dated October 10th.   WZ  Ireiirge Kirby, ItoUIer of Licence  Ada 1*ranees Kirhj. applicant lor uansier.  FOR AFTERNOON TEAS AND  LUNCHES GO TO  KEELER'S.'RESTAURANT  Keremeos, B. C.  ���������  X  ���������  ���������  X  X  X  ���������  ���������  ���������  Grease tin: Wheels! i  The finest lubricant for the Commercial  Machine is  PRINT RS' INK  This may be applied in different  wavs but the two old stand-bys are  judicious advertising in the local  paper and neat, .stationery printed at  home. The (Jazette can suit all requirements.  For J .allies ijncl Gentlemen  Popular Prices.    Nent anil Clean  Hntes to liejnilii!' Boarders  Bread for Sale.   Orders filled for Cakes  Doughnuts and Pies.  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  TH6 HEDLEY GAZETTE l  HAS THE LUBRICANT %  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  NOTICE  SIM ft, I'AMI* EX I.AN'D DISTRICT  DISTIUCT OK   VAI.K  rl"iil-c notice Unit I. Hilton Knton. of Xew  -1- Westminster, occupation Hroker, intends  to apply for permission to purchase the following described land.  Coinmenein'r at a post planted at the N". W.  corner of Lotlllls t hence wes-t. HO chains, thence  south HO chains, thence oust HO chains, thence  north HO chains to point of commencement con-  tiiiniu-; 010 acres more or less.  HILTON'   KATON*  M, J. McKoown. aifcul.  October-.''th, i'M V>40  J. A. BROWN  Notary Public  i;OX\'KVAN(.'IN(l. (I'.STUMS llHOKl'K.U'K,  KIKK   INSUKANCK  Kcromcos-Pcnticton Mail Stacrc.  oppioi<:  KE-RKMKOS. B.C.  into singe leaves   Kereineos for  Thursdays and  M. LEIQHTOn   WADE, B. Sc.  Electrical Engineer  Isolated   plants  for light-   and  power in Mills, Mines, etc.  Municipal   installations   nnd  extensions.  KAMLOOPS,  B. C.  Tin  Penticton,  Tuesday  ���������Saturday at "��������� p.in.  Single fare Jf*7.r>(������, Return .$1,1.00  The   auto   stage will   run an   excursion  evcrv   Sunday   from Penticton   to Medley  and   ret urn. Ie;tving   Penticton   at S ;i. in.  and, returning leaving Medley at 4 p.m.  Phone 14. Penticton V\'. I". Wi-tnv  C.  IE.  SHAW  Civil Knginoer. .Dominion and Provin-  "eial fjand Sur-vevor.  I  i  Ofilceof .1. A.  KEREMEOS  Brown  B. C.


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