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The Hedley Gazette May 8, 1913

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 AND SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER.  Volume IX.  HEDLEY, B.C., THURSDAY, MAY 8. 1913.  Number 38.  pi  1st;  I*'  Iii  I  Bi  Dr. C. A. JACKSON  DENTIST  [18 year's practico in V.-incoiivei-.]  S. O. L. Co.'s Hi.ock  PENTICTON,       -       -       B. C������  MERCANTILE    CONSOLIDATION  Two  Leading Stores  of the  Town Pool  Their Interests in New Trading-  Company  : R. W. DEANS  Notary Public Real Estate  Ranches,  Properties,  Mines, Timber.  r   ��������� .    Water Powers  .Upper Trout Creek, Balcomo P. O. B.C.  N.'.Thompson i-uonk shvmouk 501'i  .MGK. WKSTHltX CA.VAIJA  Cammell ITaird & Co. Ltd.  Steel Manufacturers  Sheffield, Eng.  Offices and "Warehouse. S17-03 Reatty .Street  .  Vancouver, B. C.  Grand Union  Hotel   HEDLEY, B. C.  First Class Accommodation.   Bar Stocked with  Best Brands of Liquor and Cigars.  A. WINKLER,  Proprietor  Hedley    /liners'    and    flillmen's  Union, No. 161, W. F. of M.  Regular meetings of the Heelley Local, No.  Kit are held on the first and third Wednesday  in the month in Fraternity hall and the second  anel fourth Wednesday at the XT. P. Mine  O. M. Stkvkns T, K. Wiliev  President Fin-Secretary.  A. F. & A. M.  REGULAR monthly meetings of  Hedley Lodge No. 13, xV. F. & A. M.,  are held, on the second Friday in  each month in Fraternity hall. Hedley. Visiting  brethren are cordially invited to attend.  S. E. HAniLTON,  W. M  H. D. BARNES  Secretary  MODERN WOODMEN  ' OF.AMERICA  Hedley Local Camp meets in  Fraternity Hall .the first Thursday only in the month.  H. G  , COKHIGA.V  Counsel  FllEEMAN  Clerk.  L. O. L.  ���������Regular monthly meetings of  Hedley Lodge 1714 eiro held on  tho    thirel -Monday   in   'every'  '-^^S^^3,mo.nkl1 in.FniternityHn.il.   Visiting brcthern are cordially invited to attend.  ,        H. J. JONES, "w! M.  G; H.'TURNER. Sec't.*  DR. J, L. MASTERS  DENTIST ,".  Will he at Hoiire office in Oroville, 1st  to 20th of each month.  Office on North   Main   Street.  P. V^������ GREGORY  CIVIL EXG INKER and JJRIT.ISH  COLUMBIA LAND SURVEYOR  Star Building Princeton  MILLIARD'S  BARBER     SHOP  FOR AN EASY SHAVE  HOT & COLD BATHS  Next door north of Grand Union Hotel  L/Ualte-r Clay tor?  Barrister, Solicitor. Etc.  MONEY TO LOAN  PENTICTON,  B. C.  E. E. Burr  General   Blacksmith  Hedley, B. C.  Horse-shoeing- and all  Blacksmith Work  Promptly attended to.  Pipe-fitting done.  The event of the week has heen the  consolidation of the two oldest and  lending stores of the town into a now  corporalion to ho known as the Heelley Trading Company .Limited. The  two stores entering the newecorpora-  tion are those, of J. A. Schubert and  F. H. French the latter heing formerly known ns Shatfords Limited.  The first mercantile venture in Heel-  lny wns W. B; Hind of Fair-view and  George Kirhy of Keremeos who eipe.-n-  ed out in a small way in 1901 hut as  huth of them had business elsewheie  and e:ouhl nob spare either- time or  capital for the new Hedley venture,  the enterprise was soon disposed of to  J. A. Schubert of Penticton who erected a new building on the site em  Haynes St. between Scott Avenue and  the bridge which has ever- since be-cn  known as Schubert's store although  greatly added to since then. In the  spiing of 1903 the ne-xt store was  started hy W. T. Shatford & Co. who  had stores in Vernon, Fairview, Camp  McKinney and Slocan although they  were then about closing out the business in Camp McKinney. These two  have done the leading business in the  town ever since then and have carried  large.and complete stocks.  During   the past  fortnight  or more?  the stocktaking and-accountant weak  by outsiders at Schubert's store demited a change of some kind,   but it was  not until Friday morning   that   the  amalgamation    was   announced    and  French's  store  was  closed for   stocktaking  while  part  of French's  store  help went down to   the Schubert store  to   attend   to    the    additional    trade  thrown   there by  the temporary closing of  the  Scott Ave.   establishment.  The intention we  understand is to use  ���������the big Shatford" building in which to  do. the  business of the consolidation  arid the Schubert premises will be used  as a warehouse from   which   the delivery wagon can  transfer the goods  as room is made for  them in  the big  store, which  will be uted to its fullest  capacity both upstairs and down anel  the establishment of the consolidation  will  be to all intents anel purposes a  large departmental store.    ���������',...  There is ho doubt that  the change  from a business point of view is a wise-  one for there is no reason to anticipate  that the turnover of business will be a  dollar less than the"combined turnover  of the two stores has always been, and  there is a strong probability  that it  may increase with the.more complete  stock under one roof and management  and with the better attention of salesmen- of which  a sufficient staff to "attend to the vyants of the buying public   will  be  at all  times  maintained.  The lessening of expense  will in itself  supply a- margin of profit for the consolidation  which  was  wasted  before,  and this feature in itself should be reassuring to the public  who may have  feared an advance in prices. Biit there  is a better guarantee than this against  the possibility   of advance  in  prices  and  that   is  that  the  leading stockholders of the consolidation will still  be the men themselves with whom the  public have  been dealing, and there is  no reason  to infer that the mere fact  of consolidation  will  make  any real  change in their natures to lead them  to  extort higher  prices to add to the  profits  which'they can make by a reduction  in   the expense.    Those  who  have  been giving their trade  to Air.  Schubert will still be dealing with Mr.  Schubert and those  who have  in the  past   been   ready   to   swear   by   Mr.  P'rench can keep on swearing.  Of course we know the consolidation  is corning in for a certain amount of  adverse criticism, but that is fashionable nowadays and where is the consolidation, amalgamation, merger, or  whatever else term the public may see  fit to damn it by, that does not come  in for it? Trusts and high prices is of  course the cry on the part of, those  who enjoy reasoning along that line,  but in this case we think there1 will be  very little cruise for apprehension. So  far as we can see, the worst and only  one to be hit by it will be the printer  to whom it will mean only one ad. instead of two, and we hope the public  will tumble to the situation and in-  crease their support to the printer to  duly make it up, for the one who is  self-sacrificing enough to overlook his  own loss in the general good surely  deserves some consideration.  A MODEST INTRODUCTION  First  Press Reference to the Connection  of L. W. Shatford, M.P.P., with  the District He now Represents.  For one who fills so large- a place in  the financial and public life of the district anel whose connection with business and finance is provincial rather  than of the district, the following  paragraph which appeared, in last  week's Vernon Nenvs among the items  of twenty years ago, will have a special interest for the many friends of  the representative of the Similkameen  riding.    The item reads:  "Mr. W.T. Shatford's new store  in Fairview is now being construc-  ��������� ted and will be ready for opening  before June 1st. His" brother from  the east, who is corning to manage it, is on his way out."  This item was doubtless penned by  the editor of the Gazette who- was at  that time responsible for the editorial  anel reportorial work of the Vernon  News and it shows how little was  known of the present representative  of the Similkanieen by the press of the  district when even his name was not  given. That was twenty years ago  and almost ten of the twenty were  gone before he came into any marked  dugree-of prominence, even in the" district, but when he came into the public eye and had to stand on his own  merit and ability, there arc few nie-n in  the pi evince who have accomplished  as much in tho same short time.  GRAND MASTER'S VISIT  MEMBER TOURS DISTRICT  FIRE PROTECTION CAMPAIGN  District  Fire Warden    Organizing.  His  Forces for the Season.  M.  V.   Allen of  Vernon,  chief fire  warden  for this district,   was irr Hedley on Friday last on a   tour through  the district  where he is perfecting organization    for-    effective    safeguard  against loss by bush fires.    In this important    undertaking   the .provincial  forestry branch  should  have  the assistance of the  entire public.    Everyone    recognizes    the   desirability   of  strictest precautions against the spread  of fires and everyone deplores the destruction    of   property   in   this I way  whether  it belong, to  private individuals or  is part of the  public domain,'  but no one cares  to 'move .when-they  see a fire star-tingoif on some hillside.  It   is therefore" desirable  that the organization should be so  complete that  when  the first evidence-of-fire is observed   the   one ...who   sees it should  know just exactly  who to notify and  how.     This is the season "when no one  can legally kindle a fire  which is capable of - spreading* without a permit,  but neverthelessi'ther-e is- brush  and  slash lying about here and there which  should  be  burnt"'up  to   prevent   the  spread of fire arid it would be well to  have  the fire wardens advised of all  cases  where this exists  in order that  the  menace  to public  safety   be   removed.     Closely adjoining  the town  on the Indian reserve there is a lot of  brush  lying which  was left there  by  the Indians a few   weeks  ago  in the  building of their, fence,   and the government themselves   are   responsible  for a lot of brush   being  left on   the  hillside  near by  when   they cut  the  logs which  were used for cribbing the  creek.     It  would  be  well   if oiiieone  were given  instructions  to have this  burnt off under proper- supervision to  see that the fire is  kept under control.  The  practice   of drawing   in   evergreens to decorate for holidays should  be abolished unless some arrangement  is made to see that the stuff is gathered up afterwards and destroyed.    The  brush  left lying about on  vacant lots  is   very  dangerous   and   it certainly  looks bad in the town.  The April egg-laying record of a  pen of eleven S. C. White Leghorns in  Hedley was 266 eggs in the 30 days or  only 4 eggs shy of being nine eggs per  day. Up to the night of the 27th it  stood 243 or exactly the nine per day,  but the two snowy mornings on the  28th arrd 29th cut it clown to seven on  each, of these days while the last day  was nine again. On several days during the month there were the full  eleven two clays in succession. This  compares very favorably with the  average of the first dozen in the provincial egg-laying contest and beats  the majority of the pens competing.  For the second time Hedle-y Lodge  of Aiicie-nt Free- anel Accepted Masons  has had the privilege and the honor of  greeting in their lodge room the head  of the craft in this province. Last  year for the first time the then Grand  Master, F...I. Bui-de, accompanied by  Past Grand Muster. H. N. Rich, and  the present Grand Master, Jeihn M.  Rudd paid the lodge a visit. V W.  Bro. Rudd promised the Iodide at that  time that during his term'of office he  would be hack Lo visit them.  Both these Giand Masters have set  an example for zeal and thoroughness'  in the interests of the craft for they  have visited practically every lodge in  the province during their terms of  office The only lodge that has been  missed by -the present incumbent,  Grand Master J. M. Rudd, is Cariboo  ho. 4 at Barker ville which he had visited on a'former occasion, and when it  is known that in visiting the three  most northerly-lodges ,-it Atliti. White-  horse and Dawson this occupied a  month of. his time for these three  alone, some idea, of the immensity of  the task in covering all LI40 lodges of  the province dining the term of office,  may be obtained.  Tho Grand Master arrived in Hedley  on Friday and 011 this occasion was  unaccompanied by any others of the  principal officers of the Grand Lodge,  but he had made arrangements with  his District-Deputy, R.AV. Bro. Hamilton Lang of Vernon, who sirrived  later in the day in his auto to he pie-  sent. There were besides a number of  visiting brcthern from Ke-rcmeos and  Princeton in addition to members of.  Hedley lodge resident in these places.  From Keremeos there were Rev. A.  H. Cameron and G. W. Cooper, members; and A.E. Hargreaves, B. Tickell  and Don. McCalhun, visiting brethern:  from Prince'on, Rev. T. A. Osborne  anel W. D. Gordon, members and Jas.  Holden, visiting; from Greenwood, J.  Simpson and from Orion Lodge, Penticton, J. T. Armstrong visiting.  The  V. W.  Grand  Master and his  deputy spent the early   part.of the  evening going over . the books and records of the lodge which showed them  the healthy prosperous  condition  of  the   craft in   Hedley, and   after   the  Lodge was opened, they were received  in  due  and  ancient   form   and  were  given an  opportunity to see. the lodge  at work.   At the, close of work \vithin_  the  tyled door, addresses  were given  by  V. W. Bro. Rudd and R. W. Bro.  Lang containing interesting and helpful criticisru and counsel and after the  lodge  was  closed the   fourth   degree  came on  in   the   lodge   room   in the  shape  of a  banquet presided over by  the Master of the Lodge, VV.'Bro. S.E."  Hamilton,  and attended  by some excellent speeches when the distinguished brethern were further heard from.  The Grand Master responded  to the  toast of the  Grand Lodge  of British  Columbia and gave an interesting substantial  address  which   conveyed   to  his    hearers   data   that   showed    the  steady progress, that had  been made  from -earliest times and the influence  for   good   which   had   been   exerted.  Bro.   Lang   responded   to   the   toast  "Sister Jurisdictions" and gave a most  interesting,  'eloquent   and   carefully  thought  out address terminating in a  little gem of craft poesy  adapted  to  local  physical  features of geography  and  local leidge.  nomenclature but redolent of  tho  spice  of the  "Arabian  Nights" or  "Lalla Rookh" and with a  truly Kiplingesque  swing and verve.  Other toasts  were   "Pioneers  in Masonry",   "visiting  brcthern"  and   the  "officers    and    Members    of   Hedley  Lodge" winch brought short speeches  from other brethern  present?.  Altogether a most enjoyable evening was spentand Grand Master Rudd  bears with him the warm regard of  Masons in the Similkanieen.  On  Tliur.-day last L.W.   Shatford.  M. P. P.   accompanied 11. A.   Turner,  road  supervisor, to Hedley and from  here they   went on up the  river as far  as Coalmont.     The rands  in the western part of the district were examined  and the suggested   improvements considered. The renewed activity in some  of the   mining camps above Princeton  will call for some improvement to give-  across   anil aid   in the  development of  the resources  of the district and  most  of the farmers'   roads leading to farming  settlements   will   require   repairs.  .During  their stay  up  the  river they  inspected   the plant of the  British Columbia  Portlauel   Cement Co.  at East  Princeton, arid   were  very   much  impressed  with the excellent up-to-date  plant  which'has   he-en installed and is  awaiting  one 01 two- things to enable  manufacturing    of    ci-me-iit to   begin  about the end of the month.  They reached Heelley on Sunday and  after a short stay went south again  anel will take in the eastern portion  of the lidirig. Mr. Shatford's frmily  have bi-en residing in Penticton for  senile time and that will continue.to  he their headquarters until they start  on their trip to the olel country. Mr.*  Shatford expects to he- hack again in  tin.1 valley in ahout two weeks. By  that time he will have lie-e-n over the  whole of the riding with the. supervisor.  HEDLEY SCHOOL REPORT  ���������   lepor-t of  Hedley  Division   J for" the  Following is  tla  Superior  School,  month of April.  SUPERIOR  SCHOOL  Teachers course ��������� Marjorie Smith,  Gertrude Smith, Richard Clare, McLaren Clark.  Commercial course. ��������� Leo Brown.  Doris Lyall.  PUIiLIC" SCHOOL  Monica Smith, Bertie Jones, Henry  Jones, Viola Messenger, Marian Gree-  ly, Wilbert Fraser.  -    'Maurice C. Hill, teacher.  division II ������  . Class III���������Elsie Smith 202.   . .  Class II��������� James McLeod 286, Li I y  McLeeid 283, Hugh McKenzie 250.  Elmer-Burr 238,' Ronald Critchlej-22S,  John Smith 185, Lena Wirth 100,  Claire Loonier 12S, Leonard Michell  120, absent.  Class I ��������� Ge'irner Jones 256, Grace  Robson 233, Arelis Perry 142, absent.  II Primer���������Pauline Greely 276, Robert McLeod 194, Vivian Simons 166.  Olive Cntcbley absent..-  I Primer���������Orville Simons, Minnie  Winkler, equal, George Stevens and  Orin Perry, absent.  Infant class���������William Michell, Wesley Messenger,  Ena  Winkler,   Viola  Naff, George Wirth, Warren Rolls.  E. McCaffrey, teacher.  TIMBER STATISTICS  B. C. Forestry Branch Compiles Interesting Figures  WERE NOT SINCERE  How Premier Borden Called the Opposition Bluff on Closure Rules  When the closure resolution was introduced in the House of Commons  the Opposition protested that the new  rules  were much  more drastic  than  the rules in force in England. Premier Borden at once.offered to substitute the English rules. Then* the  Liberal protest flattened out. They  would not accept the English rules.   ���������������������������  The timber of the province has been  reserved from alienation since 1907,  but under the new forest act of 1912  timber sales are being made on forest  areas that have been cruised and surveyed for that purpose.  As yet only-a beginning has been  rneiele, but nevertheless the sales already .in hand will yield, in royalty,  upset-price, and rental, about $176,000  to tho Government. The policy is to  increase the annual cut up to the annual growth of the forest which is estimated to be about 6.V billion feet  board measure.  During the year the government  scalers scaled 1,105,393,751 feet board  measure of timber exclusive of that  cut on lands Crown granted prior to  18S7, on which one cent a foot is charged.  The totid forest revenue for the year-  was $2,753,579. Included in this are  the rentals of special licenses, amount-  in all to $1S46,000.  The government expenditure, including the amount that constitutes  the Government's half of the, Forest  Protection fund was $278,647. To this  should be added the half of that fund  contributed by licerrcees and lessees of  of Crown lands and owners of Crown  Grant timber, and railway companies  Continued on Page Two. THE HEDLEY GAZETTE, MAY 8.  1913.  ibtcttef m%%m  ,B/V   _tf%������n<  and  Similkameeii Advertiser.  sued on Tliiu-Mlays, hy Hie IIlCDi.KV ej.\*/.K-|"i*l'*.  l'lll.NTINl* AND I'lIIII.ISlIINCJ COSIWXV.  LiMl-i'i-:i>.' at. Huillov.   H. <-'.1  S'J.'Ki  ���������'SO  Subscriptions in Advance  Per Year...... >���������������������������'��������� ���������������������������  ���������   ( I'nitedStntesl.......;...  ..  '.  Advertising Rates  Measurement.T-'lines to the inch.  Land Notices"3c*ortillc.ites of improvement. <*te.  *S7.fKI for li(l-day not ices, and $5.00 for 311-day  notices.  Transient Advertisements���������not exceeding one  inch. Si.(HI for one insertion, 25 cents for  each subsequent insertion.   Over one inch,  10 cents nor line for first insertion and a  cents our line for eacli subsequent insertion.  Transients payable in advance.  Changes for contract, advertisements should  be in the ollioe by noon tin Tuesday to secure  attention for that, week's issue  ���������Ydvertisoim-nls will be changed once every  month if adviM-liser desires, without any extra  charge. For changes nftcnei- than once a month  the price of composition will bo charged at  regular rates.  Contract Advertisements���������Ono inch per month  S1.-2.'): over 1 inch and up to 1 inches, S1.00  per inch per month. To constant advertisers  taking larger space than four inches, on  application, rates will be {riven of reduced  charges, bused on size of space and longtli  of time.  A. MEGRAW. Managing Kditor.  1913  M AY  1913.  Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Tim. Fri. Sat.  4  ii  is  12  19  26  (i  13  20  27  14  21  2S  ���������)���������>  29  9  16  23  30  3  10  17  2-1  31  Wasteful use, lKinc-iisi- and damage  by fin- are alike imi'C-ontimic. -  Damage hy'fhvs in British Columbia  last year $300,000: about 160,000 acres  Inu-iii'il nver,  Thii-ti necessities for efficient fire-  pi otection: .1.���������i.-apable field force' t-ni-  pltiyeel whe-iu-vi-r possible through the  wholei ye-ur. 2.���������Roads and trails te>  enable rapid progress to fires, and  telephone lines'to make the .presence  of lires known.'' 3.���������Warde-ns should  be- ou the ground' early in the year.  Fires during', the,year .1912 numbered.  217. Cost of lighting fires to govern'-'  nit-lit, companies and private individuals outside, of ra'ilway patrol $530,-  000.  Burning pennits isMie-il 9,-100; of fires  set under these pe-i-inits only eight  t.-se-aped.  The forest branch is making a vigorous elfin t to secure the support of Unpeople in pit; vein ling forest fire.*--, from  logging engines, hi usb fires, niie-xtin-  guisbi'd matches anel e-igai  ette- enels.  and cigar-  ORGANIZING EGG  TRADE  Poultry-raisers    and     Consumers    Alike  Interested in the Movement  EDITORIAL COMMENTS  watching  The people of Canada are  with apprehension the bulletins from  the sick room of the Duchess of Con-  naught whose condition since the second operation for intestinal trouble  has been most serious. The Duke and  Duchess during the residence eifii. year  and a half in Canada ; made for tliein-  selve-s a. large; place in the regard and  affections'of'tlie. Canadian people, and  trouble of this kind serves to reveal  the nearness to a. degree the people  themselves did not know. Any news  of ������t reassuring character will give  widest satisfaction here where the  worst is feared. -  Now  that His Royal Highness  the  Duke of  Coimaught has  had the tern-,  erity  to  tell   the   Canadian   Club   in  London  and other distinguished visitors who were  present at the 'ba.nm.iet-  which he was addressing, that Canada  should not  be satisfied with her great  railway  enterprises alone,   but should  have a. great national highway binding  the   provinces  together, and was saying   this  at the  very time   that   Sir  Wilfrid   Laurier was  strenuously  endeavoring  to  prevent the passage  of  the  Canadian  Highways  Bill  in   the  House at Ottawa (although it is not at  all likely that His Highness was aware  of what was going on in the Canadian  parliament) it will surely be up to Mr.  Eiiimerson   to read the United States  declaration of independence again, and  for   Pugsley,  Carvell  and   others   of  their   ilk to   iuiltilge  again   in the expression   of some   more-, of the  nasty  things   wliich   they   talked   when   the  full text of   Winston Churchill's memorandum ��������� was  at  their-   own   recpu-st  read in the house-. '       *"  TIMBER STATISTICS  Continued from Page ono.  amounting to a further $127,570.  That is to say, the amount paid out  from the public revenue of the province for the protection and management of the provincial forests was one  tenth of the total revenue received.  The report points out further that out  of every four dollars coming into the  Provincial   treasury  one is from   the  "v*  Forest.  British Columbia contains less than  one hundred million acres of forest  land, containing over three hundred  billion feet of timber.  The lumber output of British Columbia is about one and a quarter billion  feet per year.  The annual growth of British Columbia timber is over five times the  present annual cut.  An important part of the poultry  work of the- Live: Stock Branch of the  Dcpai t meiit of Agriculture, during the  past year has been tho organization of  Co-operative Fgg Cii e-les. Ten circles  in all have been organized under the  auspices of the Branch, working in  conjunction with the piovine-ial and  agricultural college, authorities and  the Poultry Producers' Assot-ia-tion of  Canada. The preliminary work in  connection with a number of others  has been done-, and from present itnli-  ciitions it is apparent that this phase  of co-operative work is likely to have  a rapid growth in the near future-.  Being primarily concerned with the  improvement of the Canadian Fgg  Trade the Live Stock Branch has eu-  couraged the formal ion of these circles  bee:ause the movement affords a means  whereby the. epiality of eggs e:an be  improved as they leave the farm, and  the pernicious practice ofho'ldiug eggs  both on the farm and in the counti-y  s'tb're largely eliminated. Co-operative  effort,eif this kind also "affords a medium whereby the eggs in any given  community may ho collected and mar-,  keted frequently and regularly, anil  insures to the customer- a new laid egg  of uniform quality at no-great increase,  in cost.  ' At the. time of -joining the. association the members agree "to stamp each  egg with a given number designated  by the Board bfdiiectors. This is done  so that the eggs of each .'member may  lie identified when -graded, and payment made according to quality.  A manager is appointed by the  Board of Directors whose business, it  is to collect, grade, sell the eggs and  apportion the returns among the members according to the 'quantity and  quality received. In most circles the.  eggs from each farm are co'llected'at  "stated intervals, but in others the  members deliver the eggs to some central point such as a creamery, cheese  factory, store or house, from which  the manager makes the'shipment.  It is well known that at certain seasons of the year there is a'wide difference between the price received for  eggs by the farmer in the country  store and the price paid by the consumer in the city. This difference is  neit nearly so marked in the spring of  the year as it is in the late summer',  fall anel winter. In other words, as  the epiality of ordinary farm eggs become more uncertain tho premium  placed em new laid circle; eggs increases  While during the spring of the year-  prices received by circle members may  not greatly exceed those paid in the  local store, it is a fact that for the  eggs produced in the month of December last year the majority of circles in  the provinces of Ontario and Quebec  received a price of from -15 to 50 cents  ii dozen.  A limited number of circles will no  doubt be able to lake advantage of the  rapidly "growing select trade in the  larger 'Canadian cities, but from the  fact that the wholesale egg dealers in  Ontario anel Quebec have recently  adopted a new system of buying em a  basis of quality, it is likely that the  product of the majority of circles will  find its way to the consumer through  the more recently established channels  of trade.  The Live Stock Branch stands ready  and willing to help on the e-gg circle  movement in every possible way.  Officers of this Branch are now in the  field, and there is available a quantity  of literature, including outlines of constitutions, by-laws, etc., dealing with  the work, copies of which may be obtained upon request from the Live  Stock Commissioner, Ottawa.  ! Synopsis of Coal Mining- Regulations  C'OAL mining rights of the Dominion, in  , '���������' Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,  the Yukon Territory, the Xorth-west Territories anel in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may he leased for a term of  twenty-one yt-arsatan anuiiiii rental of Si an  acre. Not more than -J.SIHJ acres will be leased  to one applicant.  Application for a lease must, ho made by the  applicant in person tothe Agent or Sub-Agent  of the district in which the rights applietl for  are situated.  In surveyed territory the land must be described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of  sections, and in unsurveyed territory the tract  applied for shall bestaketl out by the applicant  himself.  Each application must be accompanied by a  fee of $5 which will be refunded if the rights  applied for are not available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable outputof the mine at the rate of five cents  per ton  The person operating the mine shall furnish  thcAfrcnb with sworn returns accounting for  the full quantity of merchantable coal mined  and nay the royalty thereon. If the coal mining rights arc not being operated, such returns  should be furnished at least once a year.  The lease will include the coal mining- rights  only, but tlie lessee may be permittetl to purchase whatever available surface rights may  be considered necessary for the working of the  mine ut the rate of ������10.00 an acre.  For full information implication shoulel be  made to the Seea-etnry of the Department of  the Interior. Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-  Agent of Dominion Lands.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior  N.B.-Unauthorisced publication of this advertisement will not be paiel for. 'Mini  THE BANK OF  77 Years in Business.    Capital and Surplus Over ������7,600,000.  Teach the Children the Value of Money  If your children learn, while growing, not only  how to spend money wisely, but how, by self-denial  to save something for the future, you will have  started them on the road to financial success. Open  a Savings Account for each in the Bank of British  North America, and encourage them to add, to it  regularly.    Hedley  Branch, C. P. Dalton, Acting Manager  WATER NOTICE  For a Licence to  Take and   Use Water  "Votice is hereby given that Anton Winkler of  ���������l-> Hedley. B.C., will apply for a licence to  take and use 20 miner's inches per second of  water out of Haiti Hill Creek whieh flows in a  southerly direction through Indian reservation  and empties into the Siinilkamocn river about  two, and one half miles west of Hedley. The  water will be etivorted at the south lino of T.  Sirnis preemption anel will be used for irriga-  t ion and domestic purposes on the Iaiiel described as A. Winkler's ranch, Lot No. Bins.  This notice was posted on the ground on the  ���������21st day of April liJIS. The application will  be tiled in tho oflice of the Water Recorder at  Fairview. li. C.  Objections may be filed with the saiel "Water  Recorder or with the. Comptroller of "Water  Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. C.  17-1 ANTON WINKLER  -[M*OTIC;F is hereby given that meetings of the  x> - Provincial Labor Commission will be  held at the following places:���������  Penticton���������Tuesday. May (ith, 10 ami.  Hedley���������Wednesday, May 7th, 2 p.m.  Princeton���������Thursday, May Sth, 8 p.m.  Greenwood���������Saturday, May 10th, 2 p.m.  Phoenix���������Tuesday, May 13th, 2 p.m.  Grand Forks���������Thursday. May 15th, 3 p.m.  Other meetings will be announced inter.  The Commission will hear evidence on all  matters directing labor conditions in the Province. All persons interested arc invited to be  prevent.  II. C. PARSON  Chairman.  F. P. McNa.maka  Secretary 1-i-S  NOTICE  SIMILKAMKFN LAST) DISTRICT  niSTllICT OK VAM5 ,  TRY THE  Hedley Gazette  for  Fine Job Printing"  'Pake notice that I, Sam Danoff, of the City of  L    Nelson, B.C., occupation Merchant, intends  to apply for permission to purchase tlie following described land.  Commencing at a post planted abont 10 feet  in a northerly direction from the north-east  corner of Section 22, Tp. (*(*, being tho initial  post the South West Corner, thence north 40  chains, thence east JO chains,, thence south -JO  chains, thence west. 10 chains to point of commencement and containing KiO acres more or  less.  SAM.DANOFF *  March 10th, 1!!13 11-10  PflLf\6& ,  Liveru, Feed & Sale Stables    HEDLEY   B. C.    li A good stock oi' Horses anel Rigs on  Hand.    *'i Orders i'or Teaming  promptly attended to.  Office of Dominion Express Company.  WOOD   FOR   SALE!  Phone 11. INNIS   BROS. Proprietors.  pppfillili^  Be Suspicious  E suspicious of that of which nobody is  proud.   Be suspicious of the mere low-  price argument offered in favor of an article  with no reputation, no backer, no guarantor.  Better buy the thing you know and can  trusty than an article unbranded arid un-  vouchedfbh  m  m  [Mi  m  m  m  The branded shoe, made by a maker  with a reputation, is a safer shoe to  buy than the one made in an unknown  factory by an unknown maker.  The underwear made by a firm whose  name is as familiar to you as your own,  is worth more to you than underwear  nameless or labelled by a maker of  whom you have never heard.  Tea sealed in a packet bearing the  name of a reputable firm is to be preferred to tea of which the packer is not  sufficiently proud to advertise its  quality.  That in which much money'.  invested to make or keep it good is  worth more than that on which nothing  or but little' has been spent.  Peace of mind is worth something,  just as quality is.    Buy peace of mind.  When you buy anything worth while  buying, buy that of which you know���������  from advertisements, or from other  dependable acquaintance. Buy the  article with the "money back" guarantee���������with the pledge of a known  name behind it.  m  ufj  pi  m  m  m  m  (Ml  Put your faith in the advertisements appearing in good newspapers. Beware of the  article that cannot stand the spot-light of publicity. The commodity an advertiser backs  with his own money is something worth  your buying.  Advice regarding your advertising problems is available  through any good, advertising agency or the Secretary of the  Canadian Press Association, Room 503 Lumsden Building.  "Enquiry involves no obligation on your part-���������so write, if interested.  Ell  HI  PI  IlliOjiiH rHK-HEDLISY GAZETTE HI AY H. 1913.  Town asid Bistri-tft.  ��������� Olic-ny   trees anel   crab apples are in  i'ull bloom in lied ley gardens.  k\ 11. French e-.-i.rrie-s a sore shoulder  ���������that is black and blue- as ;i memento ol"  the Grand Forks auto accident.  D. .1. McCm-ily was a passenger up  to Princeton by Thursday's train, lie  had been down in the lower valley for  ���������aTew days.  "  .J. Simpson ol'Gi-ficiuviioel, chief constable for the district, was in Hedley  on ITr-iday last anel started back for the  Boiuidaiy district  again on Saturday.  Ile-dley is now without empty houses  ���������and any who are not already housed  will have to either take to the tents,  wait i'or somebody else to move ont or  build for themselves.  .J. A. Schubert returned to Tula-  mee-n on Friday last, after completion  -of arrangements for the consolidation  of his interests Here in the Hedley  Trading Company.  As we- gei to press the Labor Commission consisting* of li. G. Parsons,  Chairman of Commission, Golden, 13.  C:; J.A. MacKelvie, Vernon, 13. C; R.  A. Sloney, JN'ew Westminster-; John  Jardine, Esquinialt; F. K. MuMnra,  secretary,  ares holding a  session here.  Rev. A. H. Cameron came up from  Keremeos to officiate at the burial of  the Austrian alien Hovwatli who died  at the hospital last week, and while  here he was present to greet the Masonic Grand Master.  Old-timers are all agn-od as tothe-  similarity of the weather this spring  with that in 1001 and they fear the  same result in the mutter of high  water. Of course it was some what  later than this in ISO I when the real  rise began and there is still ,the oil*  chance that when the melting we-utbe-r  in the high mountains begins this  year il may not be as continuously anel  blazingly hot as it was that time, anel  the bulk of the water may get a litl Ie  more time to run olV. Nevertheless  the season has now got so late wit bout  any appreciable rise in the volume.-: of  the streams that the chances for escaping dangerously high wat'.-r are exceedingly slim.  Late ou Saturday night one or'men c  flocks of wilel geese flying in the-dark  struck Hedley and seemed to get bewildered in the rays of the arc lamps.  The night was extremely dark at the  time and the weiidcry of the birds  coming in   such volume indicated that  East Princeton  S.S. Kuill and 'family, h'. Nottingham  and Miss Emerson all of Vancouver  iu-1-ive-d last Thursday. They will  malvi! theii home in E,<sl Prince-ton.  The! e-i u.sliei and motors fur the ee-  inetit I'at-toi-y arrive,I a few elays ago  and aie all in place. The electricians  are engaged in wiring up i he factory  and the belting i.-> being  place-el.  The- tinck to tlio shnle heel i.*. pi\it:li-  L-nlly completed. Ouiy the Mviiclu-s  rciuaiu to be- put in place.  In the lime quarry sul'lieient limestone has been npi-neil to supply the  f.ictory when running.  Similkameen Poultry Farm  HEDLEY, B. C.  <$>  ���������  ���������  SEE OUR  ���������  ���������  They Are Now  COMING I  Quality IJ;ii red Hocks. (Lathan Strain)  S.C.W. Leghorns breel for winler eggs  there were large numbers of tlii-in and j Mammoth     Bronze     Tin keys,    prize  they were flying very leiw. They made  T. Chas. Brooke of Princeton received word last week of the death of his  father and left on Monday for Leth-  brielgo to meet his brother. They expect to have to go to England to wind  up the estate there.  Itev. T.A. Osborne of Princeton who  was hi town on Friday last left for the  district meeting at Armstrong and the  conference in Vancouver. After that  he expects to take a trip to the old  country and may not return to the  Princeton field.  Merritt is a pretty lively town but  two newspapers were too rich feir its  blood and one of them, the Nicola Valley News, has had to suspend publication. The seciuel is seen in the fact  that whole-sale houses are instituting  suit to recover the amount which the  defunct concern owed them.  Kev.G.T. McKenzie left on'Monday  for Vancouver to attend the Methodist  ���������conference which is to be held there  this year. His service on Sunday  ���������evening was well attended and the  general wish both here and at Keremeos is that he may left in this field  instead of being'moved off to some  other place.  Former residents of McKinney and con'dition  the Boundary, will regret to learn of  the death of Fred Curts which took  place at his home in McGillivray township, Middlesex, Out., on March 30th.  After making a comfortable stake in  Porcupine which would have enabled  him to live to a ripe old age in affluence in compensation for the long  years of hardship he spent in mining,  it was the irony of fate that ho should  be cut off so soon.  F. H. French's new Overland auto is  4i'.handsome and very slick running  machine. He is making gootl progress  in acquiring the chauffeur's art. Driver  Tiaunweiser of Grand Forks accompanied him to Hedley with the car and  said he', never, saw as long a stretch of  .good rood as he saw in the Similkameen He left by the afternoon train  ���������of the same clay they brought the car  over and ever since then F. H. has  done the driving himself, and while  has not been seen in any big racing  stunts he appears to have no difficulty  in getting around with it wherever he  wants to go.  The   Dominion department of Agriculture are warning tlie public against  seed   potatoes   imported from  Britain  because  of tho  disease  potato canker  being  discovered   in some  shipments.  This  disense if allowed in  the country  infests   not   only  the  potato   but   the  ground   in which   the diseased  tubers  have been grown and it cannot be geit  out of  the  ground   for   eight  years.  The;  Destructive Insect and Pest Act  provides  feir- punishment  not emly  of  those who will sell such diseased stock  but of  those who will use   the import-  eel potatoes for seed.    Those who may  ha.ve already used  any of this imported  seed   will   do well   to own   up  and  put the department in   I'ull possession  of  all the   facts at  once.     Their  seed  may  not  be-,  deseased  but  it  will   be  wise on   their part  to send  specimens  of  their stock   tothe  department  for  examination.     Only by doing so   will  they escape  culpability  for any outbreak  whic-.li   may occur  through the  stock which they have.  several attempts to set away but  circled back as if the electric light had  dazzled their eyes and made them lose  their bearings, and then their clamor  became all the louder. Possibly a few  censorious, I-told-you-so critics among  them wore finding fault with the  steering of the patriarch at the head,  but if he did go a bit wrong the fault  was excusable under the circimis tan-  ces.  A start has been made this week in  development on the Oregon. A couple  of men will be eniplojed on some1 particular prospecting which the owners  have decided to have' done, and the  result will doubtless determine the  extent to which the work 'will be  carried at the present time. Jimmy  McNulty will be the main push behind  the hammer and will temporarily  turn his back upon publicans anel  sinners fo resume his old vocation of  pasting a drill underground. There  are: many whose opinions go for a  good deal who have a. hunch that  there is something on the Oregon that  will he worth any man's while to  hang around for-. May Jimmy have  the gooel luck to discover it for his  employer's before many moons are  past.  The editor  had the pleasure of inspecting  an   auto the  either day  in a  highly.dismembered condition and by  that means   was able  to get a  better-  idea of, the make-up and the 'interdependence    anil   independence   of   its  several  parts.     The: auto   was the (JO  horse-power    machine,   which   G.   li.  Turner got  up   at   Princeton  and  is  using  in  giving lessons   to  his   auto  class.     Iu the machine he is tickled to  find that he lias secured a bargain, for  it  has been  specially  well   made  and  the engine in  particular is in excellent  The. engine,   he claims,   is  catalogued  at $750 f.o.b. in  Jackson,  Mich.,  and  is practically as good  as  new.     The  gear wheels of  the high,  low and middle gears had   been damaged and  the  shaft  on   which   they  worked was bent, bub apart from that  anel  a general  clogging  with oil and  dirt the rig-out was found to be in excellent condition.     New  parts  to replace;  the damaged- gears will soon be  here and everything  in  readiness to  get  it running in  about a  couple  of  weeks.  SI iows  winners  at Spokane  and 1012.  Ke,:C!S Foil  Prize   winning  $8.00. 15 eggs.   'Dav-'ol.l chick-  l'Ml  11 ATI'III Nil  pen   l-iari-etl  Itocks.  10-'.  S. C. XV.   Leghorns.   $2.00,  Day-old chicks 30 cents.  M. 13. Tin keys Eggs 3o cent  olel pullets 50 cents.  iMUS. II. IJ. BROWN.  ���������������  l'H'gs  D.-iv-  0771&JD'  ??l������.  7?24t cUfadS  <$���������  Wc have already opened up some lines of  LADIES' BLOUSES  HOSIERY  HOUSE DRESSES, etc.  which are ci-oino- fast.  O O  Other goods coming in for the next three  or four weeks.  mifyfr  Zaie-  mmm  We   are   showing   a  exceptional  value in  ���������  special     line     of  ^en's Fine Llama Sox  Regular 50c value      -      3 pairs for $1.00  It's the CLEANEST, SIMPLEST, and BEST HOME  ���������OYI*. one can buy--Why you don't even h.it'e to  know what KIND of Cloth your Cooda arc made  of.-.So Mistakes are Tmpossihlc.  Send for Free Color Card, Story   Booklet. Jnd  Booklet giving results of Dyeing over other colors.  The JOHNSON-IUCHAROSOV CO,. Limited,    '  Montreal. Canada  NOTICE  Certificate of Improvements.  ' . Form F.  Cuowx Point So. 2 Mineral Claim, situate in  the.Similkameen  Mining Division  of Yale  District.   Where located: In Pollock Ciunp.  TAKE Notice   that I,  Frank Bailey,  Free  Miners   Certificate No."  5SI03H  intends sixty  elays from date hereof to apply to the Mining  Kecoreler for a Certilieato of Improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of  the above claim.  And further take notice that action,  under  scetion 37,   must- be   commenced before   the  issuance of such Certilieate of  Improvements.  FRANK DAILEY*  Dateel February Sth, 19111 11-10  ���������  ���������  Fo IHL W\r������mch  ��������� c  ���������  4**  X  X  METEOROLOGICAL.  Apr 27  28  20  30  May   1  2  3  Minimum  10  13  15  20  21  25  20  The following are the readings showing teinperature, etc., for the week  ending May 3, 1913:  AT THE  MINE.  Maximum  31  .*������  38  33  30  33  31  Average maximum teinperature 31.57  Average, minimum do IS).  Mean temperature 20.78  Rainfall for the week      .00 inches.  Snowfall        "        "        12.5  crmui'si'ONnr.VG wkkk ok last vkak  Highest maximum temperature -15.  Average maximum  Lowest minimum  Average minimum  Mean  AT  THE  Maxi  50  -IS  55  55  51  57  3 .. 53  Average maximum temperature ol.  Average minimum do 33.57  Mean do 43.78  Rainfall for the week     .00    inches  Snowfall       "        "    . 5.10  COKUKSI'ONDISG   WKKK Ol'  LAST YKAll  Highest maxim urn temperature (II.  Average elo do 57.2S  Lowest minimum do 30.  Average do do 35.1-1  Mean do 46.21  HOTEL SIMILKAMEEN,  HEDLEY, B. C.  An Up-to-date   First-Class Hotel  RATES MODERATE  F. J. DOLLEMORE  Proprietor.  WATER NOTICE  NOTICE  SJIMII.KAMEFN LAND DISTRKJT  riiSTiiicr oF v.vte  Apr  Mav  27  2S  20  30  1  do  ���������10.71  elo  10.  elo  20.85  do  30.7S  iill.  urn  M  illinium  33  31  30  30  30  ���������It  31:  TAKE Notice that t. Amos Charles Kennedy,  x of Keremeos Centre. B.C.. rancher  intends to apply for permission to purchase the  following described lands.  Commencing at a post planted on the north  boundary of Lot 211SS (being also the south  boundary of Lot 2!)!)) at a point about twenty  chains west of the north-east corner of Lot 2DS.S  anel being at an finale of said lot'JS'!); theuco  westerly following the north boundary of Lot  2!)SS, ii distance of 16 chains more or less to a  point true south of the south-west corner of  said Lot".'!'!); theut-e north to said corner of Lot  'JiK): thence north-easterly following* the southern boundary of Lot 2!I!I, a distance of S chains  more or less to an angle in said southern boundary of lot2!l!l; thence south-easterly following  the Said southern bouneliu-y of Lot 2!l!l to a  point true north of the point- of commencement: tlienee south to the point of commencement, containing 'iii acres more or less.  .Amos Charles Kennedy  March Hist. I'M"', ll-l  For a  Licence to Take and  Use Water  -]V"otice is hereby given that The Daly Uedue-  -L> tion Co.. Ltd. Heelley, B.C.. will apply for a  licence to take anel use'WO cubic feet per second  of water out of Similkniiicon river, whieh (lows  in a southerly direction through Medley, Ii. C.  anel empties in the Okanagan river near Oroville. The water will be diverted near the  north west corner of Indian reserve No.".' and  will be used for power purposes on the land  described as Indian reserve (Cliu-1'hu-Wny Hit  I. It.) or on  Lot2!)00.  This notice was posted on thu ground on the-  2Sth day of April I.'H.'f. The application will  lie tiled in the ollice'of the Water Iteeorder at  Fairview. Ii. C.  Objections may lie tiled  with the said Water  Recorder.     or    the    Controller    of     Water  Itights,  I'ai-liiuneut Huildings.   Victoria, H. C.  The Daly [{eduction Co.. Ltd  (!. I'. .lones. Agent  CITY" and DISTRICT INVESTMENTS  "Only Good Buys Offered."  HASTINGS'ST..  Vancouver���������33 feet, on  cnrline.    Lot 21, Block 17,  price $2,3.50;  cash 8S00. bnlaiieeli. 12. IS months.  A LMFU'J* ST., Vancouver���������3'i feet cnrline.  -1 *- block opposite schools: Lot 2!'. block  ���������17. Price SI.ISO. cash $38.0. balance li, 12, 18  inonths.  T-TAHIIWAKK UUSINKSSS���������About ������30(1!)  1 L required. Doing trade of over $1,000  monthly.  L-IOITII ROAD and St. David's Avenue.  J:v- North Vancouver-Double corner, 100  feet to lane. Price SI,3011, cash -51.500, balance over IS months.  FOR SALE  T OTS. Itloc-k I.".. Heelley. for $100.00   Apply to  ���������'-' William  lliitcheon,   ItrunswiYk Motel  Victoria.  NOTICE  .SIMILIsAMKF.Y LAND DISTKICT  DISTRICT OI-* VAI.K  M'AIvK NOTICK that I, Val C. Haynes. of  -*- Fairview, occupation .Stockman, intends  to apply for permission to purchac the following elescribed lands:  Commencing at a postplantod about -lOchains  north of the X. W. Corner of Lot, *il0K. Thence  south SO chains thence west "0 chains tlienee  north SO chains thence east 20 chains to point  of commcnee-inont. containing HiO acres more  or less.  VAL. C. ITAYNKS  Date April 21th, 11)12. 18-10  SUBSCRIBE FOR THE GAZETTE  When   writing Advertisers  Mention the Gazette.  Please  Great Northern  Hedley, B. C.  Hote  TU'KXTY THIRD ST., North Vancouver  1        -Cine block  from  Lonsdale carline.  I'rieeS'.Wei dollars: one-third cash, balance  (!, 12 months.  r|,W|.:.\*TV-NIN"rir ST., North Vancouver  L    -  Southerly view, overlooking Bnrrard  Inlet: -III foot lot.    Price $600; cash ?170. balance ea>y terms.  AIISSION   CITV-  ->l    adjoining I'. P  Lots centre of town.  It. and Northern Paci-  llc Iiailwny I rack. Price .?3(I0: $76 cash,  luilniii'o -?l;"i monthly, or client would trade  for good iicrt'Hgo.  Has more accommodation than any  other house in the town.  It ii   the only three storey building  *     and has good rooms  The table and other appointments are  first-class.    Board by the day  or month.  RATES MODERATE  JOHN   JACKSON,  Prop.  I HUNT eil'KV-lte.iutiful residental lots,  1       near car.   in   Lot I.   Block I.   l). D. 13!).  SS.V). cash  200.  b:i In nee  ipiarterly  over IS  month.-.  l'l'l.t commission to agents   Correspond-  Tliriiidiistrial Trust Co., ltd.  JAMUS   MclLWAlNE.   LABOR   TEMPLE,  Manager  Telegrams:   Industrial,   405 Dtinstnulr St.  Phone Sey. ,3187.    Vancouver  TRY THE  Hedley   Gazette  FOR  Fine Job Printing THE HEDLEY GAZETTE. MAY 8, 1913.  KEREMEOS, the Centre of Lower Similkanieen----Famed for Fruit Growing  24th  OF  AY  CELEBRATION  AT KfiftEMEOS  Spend the Holiday at Keremeos  where a good program of sports  is being arranged comprising  Baseball, Cowboy Race, Trap-  Sliootiiig etc. Oroville Band in  attendance  GRAND  BALL on Evenin  of Friday, May 23 rd in  Richter's Hall  For Further Particulars See Small Bills.  J. A. BROWN  Notary Public  C'O.WISYANCING, CUSTOMS HKOICKKAGE,  FIJIK  INSUJIANC'K  OFFICE  K1SREME0S. B.C.  C.  JE.   SHAW  Civil Engineer, Dominion and Provincial Land Surveyor.  .   1 Office of J. A. Brown  KEREMEOS  B. C.  R. PI. KOGERS,  M.A., B.C.I,.  BARRISTER, SOLICITOR,  NOTARY PUBLIC, ETC  Vernon, B. C  Hotel Keremeos  Opposite G. N. li. Station  MRS.  A. F. KIRBY,   Proprietress.  SILKS  Large Assortment of choice Silk Dress  Goeiels. Silk haiidkerchiefsetc.  for pale at right prices  TOflMY SING, Keremeos  mrn%si������m$^mmm  mwtemtmssg^m  SING LEE  Laundry. Contracting* of all  kinds, Ditch digging, Wood  Sawing, Clearing* land, Cooking and all kinds of Chinese  Labor.  IvEBKHliOS, B.C.  AS YOU SOW  You Reap  Sow Only the Best Field and Garden  Seeds.    We have them.  - : 1 1 ���������    '  And  everything else for the rancher  and Orchardist  F.   RICHTER ESTATE  1   Its  flore  TJiari   That  Town and Lower Valley.  Sell your hammer and liny a horn.  ,     G. G. Keoler,   with  his auto   trans-  , port made  the   trip to  Chopaka and  ! hack in three houis on Monday morning.     On the trip he was accomp.-inied  In  another item  wo talk  about the ' |)v Mr.*.   Keeler,   Miss Ethel  Broinley  ~lth May. ! an(\ Miss  Olive  Vader.   who oiiiove-cl  I lira 111 Inglee of-White Lake was in ,' the outing immensely,  town a couple of el.iys this week. j     A sociai  gathering  will ho  held at  Do you think there will he high the home of Mrs. It. C. Clarke on  water this year!-' It you de>. better I Wednesday May lllh as a farewell to  ���������get your boat ready. J Rev.  A. H.   Cameron   who  leaves for  Fred Howell's house is almost com- j tll(' (*i,!ft t(> attend the Dominion Pios-  pletedat Allan Grove and will soon be   byterian   General  Assembly.    Every  KEREMEOS - PENTKT0K  TU/ED DL E >S  AUTO STAGE SERVICE  Tweddle's  ears  are   comfort- \  able.    Tweddle's drivers r  are experts. ^  No delavs. No accidents  reaely for occupancy.  Mr. .'Jack Craven after a long sie'ge  of sickness is around ugain looking  ejuite merry and bright.  Mrs. Manery came up on Saturday's  train from Similkanieen to bid Mrs.  Bowt'ii and family good bye.  Later news from the Centre says  that it was alox who bought the candies and handed them to ���������'Slim."  Mrs. Splawn of Loomis is 'spending  a few elays visiting at the Central  with her brother, Harry Tweddle.  Marriage licenses are not being used  very much lately but we are expecting  a great  rush for gun  licences shortly.  Miss K. Brett and Miss Winnie  Manery rode up from Siniilkameeii on  Friday, 2nd to attend choir practice in  town.  Telegraph and telephone business  through this point .show's an increase  of nearly one hundred per cent, on  this time of last year's business.  Mr. Bowen and fnmily left on Sunday fen- Armstrong. We join with  their many friends in wishing them  groat success in their new undertaking.  A colt belonging to Herman Ulrich  Jiad the misfortune to get caught in  August Peely's barbed wire fence. Although scratched up somewhat the  colt is now not much the worse.  Kev. G. T. McKenzie of Keremeos  and Rev. T. Osborne of Princeton, left  on Monday's auto stage for Penticton  on their way to Vancouver to attend  the General Methodist Conferance.  At a quarterly hoard meeting of the  Methodist Church on Monday, 28th  April, \V. C. Bowen was elected lay  delegate to attend the district meeting to be held at Armstrong on May  Oth and 7th.  ���������T. Knowles of Kei emeos Valley was  in town this week. On his new location he has brought a fine piece of  land under cultivation anel is still  showing the younger men how to  farm.  Jf yon have frequent fainting spells  accompanied by chills, cramps, corns,  bunions, chilblains, epilepsy and jaundice it's a sign you are not well but  liable to die any minute. Pay your  subscription in advance and thus make  yourself solid for a- good obituary notice.  body cordially invited. A good programme has been provided. A collection will be taken.  George Mil burn of Hazelton, B.C.  spent a couple ofdnys last week in  town. Mr-. Milburn was one of the  first in when Kereineos townsite was  put on the map. He bought an acre  lot about a quarter of a mile from  town at that time, so just dropped in  to take, a look at the property before  heading back tothe north country.  We hear that about a hundred men  went out on strike on the K. V. Ry  near Naramata. What the cause is  we are. not prepared to say,, as the contractors do not seem to know themselves. The grade at this point.is considerably higher in altitude than  Naramata so of course the light atmosphere may not agree with the.  strikers. Some of them of course may  think that as this is as high up in the  air iis they expect to get they might  as well take a jaunt down and see  what it looks like on the lower levels.  An unusual interesting display took  place in front of the Keremeos Centre  post office last Sunday. It happened  this way, Arthur Tinson'be'tter'known  in public life as "slim," was taking a  joy ride on the back of a gee-gee,  when all of a sudden he had a craving  to satisfy his sweet tooth. Pushing  along he arrived at Richter's store,  where he dismounted, went inside and  got a nice assortment of candies.  Things would have gone alright if  when coming out he had offered his  steed a piece of pepsin clicjwmg gum.  Thoughtlessly he mounted and the  candies began to rattle and so did the  horse and started to cut loose. Slim  stayed with the candies too long for  with a sudden, shivering shove and an  aviator swerve the rider  bit the dust.  Autos, leiiivc Politic-ton every morning to connect with trains to Heelley,  Princeton, Coalmont, Oroville anel  all Doiiiidary points.  Leave Kci-eincbs for Penticton on  arrival of Great Northern trains  Pare���������single $6.00  RETURN $11.00  Baggagee-arricel. Commercial trunks  arriuigeel for  Break the monotony of train anel  boat travel anel take an auto trip.  "When yon arrive at Penticton or  Keremeos ask for  TWEDDLE'S AUTO STAGE  Cars Call at all Hotels  ���������������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������������  After ransacking their brains and asking  the public to ransack theirs for a suitable slogan one town on the coast hit on the capital  caption  IT'S THE CLIMATE  Now in Kereineos we don't give any eclge  on any other place in the matter of climate for  we have the simon pure brand right here. But  while we have the climate we have more.  Its not only the climate but the money you  will make  Fruit  Lots of any size to suit your means;  at $175, 215 and 350 per acre.     Town Lots.  Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.  KEREMEOS, B. C.  ���������8?  ������  ������  ������  ������  ���������������  ������  ������  ������  ������  '������  ������  ������������������������  ������  ������  ������  ������  *3J  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ���������������  ������  ���������3P  ������  ������  ������  i������  KeremeosPehtictoii  Royal Mail Horse and Auto Stage.  Establish 1S95  Leaves Penticton for Keremeos  on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday returning alternative days  FARE ��������� Auto Stage,  $6.00.     Horse  Stage, $-1.    Horse Stage, 2nd class, $3.  Special  trips to any point with  horses or auto made at any time  by arrangement.  W. E. WELBY, Prop., Penticton, B.C.  FOR    SERVICE  E R U I X    "TREES  BuyHealthy Horrie Grown Trees  No Danger of Importing Pests       No Injury from Fumigation  No Drying Out in Course of Shipment  Protect Yourself by Buying Our Trees  . - ..    . >- .- ���������   ��������� ;  Write for catalogue and Price List to  TFtJB   RiVEfeslDE  NyRSERIEs'  Dept. B. GRAND FORKS, B.C.  Established in 1900  125 ACRES  Representafli/e-V. Dynes, Penticton  N. B.-We -have;-Dwarf stock in��������� Mcintosh RecV Wealthy, Jonathan, Cox's  Orange, Ontario, Northern Spy and Wagener.  The Throughbred Running  Stallion  H. C. N. ETCHES  'Beautiful anc* Best"  (Canadian Stud Book No. 237)  is Agent for the Hedley Gazette in  Keremeos and authorized to book  Subscriptions and take orders for  job work and advertising.  POST OFFICE,   KEREMEOS, B. C.  Advertise in the  Hedley Gazette  and watch Results  Will stand for public service at,"the  Willows," Keremeos, B.C., for  the season of 1013  Fee for service of mares $10 to insure.  Mares may be pastured  E. M. DALY.  IT ALWAYS Pfl/S BEST i  There are Two Kinds of Printing  The one is turned out by the man who believes that  anything goes, but tbe other by the one who values a  the reputation  of his establishment  too highly to ������  allow any work to go out which will not do  him ���������  credit. X  NURSERY STOCK  "OUR AGENTS MAKE MONEY"  selling our hardy, guaranteed stock.  Experience unnecessary.  YAKIMA VALLEY NURSERY CO.  Toppenish, Wash.  There is just as good work being done in country  offices as in the cities, and often as poor work in the cities  as in the worst country shops  In Prices the country office can do just as well for  you and you save the express. The city printer may get  his stock a trifle cheaper by saving the local freight, but  his rent and other overhead expenses are higher, and in  the end he is obliged to charge as much or more than the  countzy printer will charge for the same class of work.  THE   flEOLEY  GAZETTE  is prepared to  do any kind of work that may come along.  No order too small and none too large.  >-������^-������ ���������������-������-���������������������-������


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