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The Hedley Gazette May 16, 1912

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 AND SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER  VOUIMI-E Willi.  HEDLEY, B.C., THURSDAY, MAY 16. 1912.  Number 19.  Dr. C. A.jJ-ACKSON  iD.E>N.TIST  IJIS.y-oai'S^.pi'iicsticeiiii'Vaiicoiivci'.]  -S.'O.LiOri.-'aBLOG'ic  ���������PENTeLCTON,     -      -      B. C  G. N. R. OFFICIALS  VISIT HEDLEY  President Louis W. Hill and  Staff Make  Toor of the District in Autos  TOTlElL JREN.TJCTON  iHeaelfuiartei-'S! for 'Taurist.-Ti-avcl.  . Bates '.'Mdclesate.  A. -Kakn'es, -Prop.       -P-SNTJCrOK, B.C.  R. W. HEANS  ���������Notary Public .-Real Estate  Uanehes, -Properties, "Mines. Timber,  Water' Powers  Upper TroutvCreek, /BalcomorP. O. B.C  .N. Thompson r.'UON'rM-EYMOu-' 51)13  MGR. WVlSSTKUiV CANADA  Canamell Lairdik<������#>. Ltd.  Steel Manufacturers  Sheffield, Eng.  OfHee������*.iui(l Wiu-chouKC, SrHiS.-Heaity Street  'Vancouver, B. C  Grand Union  HEDLJ2Y., 38. C.  ; First Class Accommodation.  -Bar-Stacked with  Best Brands of Liquor andtCigars.  A. WINKLER, Proprietor  Hedley   fliners'    and   JUilimen's  ���������     Union, Mo. .161, W. F. eol M.  Regular ineetlkig-s .of the Heelley Looitl, No.  lfit are held <emitho first and thirxl Wednesday  Sn the month in fraternity hall and-the.seGQiiel  sunt fourth -Wednot-elay at tho Nr. P. Mtue  -  O. M. .Stjjvkns '-���������;��������� T, tVWjLLiEi'   .  .PrasidQUt I-Ml-iSetTetHjry.  -A.V-F. & A. Al.  KECr.UIiAR monthly meetings ������f  Hedley Lodge No. 13, A.F.&; A.M.,  tire held on the .second. Frielay. in  each month in Fratenaity hall,-Hedley. Visiting  brethren are cordially invited to attend.  ���������S.-E. HAniLTON,  W. M  ARTHUR CLARE,  Secretary  MODERN WOODMEN  OF AMERICA  Hedley Local Cutiiii meets in  Fraternity Hall the first and  third Tluuvi&iys in tho month.  |A. Clauk* R. II. Sr.Mi-soN  Counsel Clerk.  About an hour or so before their arrival inn Hedley on Tuesday word eame  over the phone that aim  anito party of  Great Northern Railway officials led  by preside-H* Louis* W. Hill  were-on  tlieir way liitiierand would have lunch  in the hotel Siniilknnreen.  They spent  Monday night at Puntiebon and came  over in three  aulos. Ma-.   Hill leading  the way  and settirrg   the pace in a  Packard muia-bout that looked as if it  hud been .eating up the iwiiles  by the  thousand  in all sorts of weather and  over all kinds of road.    With him in  the  runabout which  was handled by  Mr. Hill himself was  Mr.. C R. Gray,  of Portlaiiid,  President of the. North  Bank road,  who it .is reported  is to  succeed Mr. Louis Hill in the  pro.si-  dency of tlie Great Northern  system  in a few <l-ti3*s, -ami in the  other .tour-  cars were M. J. Cos-tello and F. W.  Graham,  of Seattle,  and  TI. A. Jackson.  E. C. Leedy,  C. B. Griffin,   J. 1,.  McDonald ������nd E. A. Ha-ndgi-ave, of-St.  Paul.  It is now iiliiiwist five years since  Louis Hill iiaade his first trip to Hedley in an auto and on that occasion  also he drove his own j-Luichiiie, but  had an expert cluiulfeur along in ease  of .accident to' the Hiuwiliiiie, Ikit on  this occasion he seems to have made  sucli progress in the manipulation of  them' that lie would be prepared to  tackle even the uiacuinist's duties.  When he made his trip the first time  in company with Chief Engineer Hoge-  land he had the honor of driving tlie  first auto that ever ran up the Siinil-  karneen valley and he had not forgotten an amusing incident that occurred on that occasion when an Indian down in front of Sehubert's got  very much excited arid culled out  "wagon run away."  Their stay in Hedley this time was  very short and immediately after  lunch they set out for Princeton and  points further up. Mr. Hill expressed  his regret that time would not permit  him to make another trip up the tramway to the Nickel Plate mine.  lb is hoped the present visit in company with the gentlemen who is to  take over his duties may portend an  advance movement for completion of  the line through to the coast.  HEDLEY GOLD MINING CO.  Comparison of Operations in First Quarter of 1912 with 1911  The following intesebting up-to-date  information was supplied by E. Jacobs  to the B. C. Mining Exchange. When  in New York he visited the offices of  the Hedley Gold Mining Co. and has  the following to say in reference thereto.  ���������"When this company's office was visited about the end of Jlarch returns  were absolutely lacking for the last  part of that month, but they were  available for the montlis of Jannnry  and February, and three weel<s of  March. The. secretary of the company  kindly supplied iuforiiiaiioii that made  it practicable to compare the results  of tlie "first quarter of the current year  with those of the corresponding period  of 1911, tlie figures for 1012 being approximate only for ten days. The results for the respective- periods are  shown below:  V. V. &E. RUMOR  Month  1911���������  January  February  Ma.rcJi  Tons   Assay  Milled. Value      Profit  4,239 $11.29 .$17,979.85  3,929    11.88    10,862.92  4,391    11.90    22.i77.85  12,559  Totals  1912���������  Januaiy  February  March ,(21 days) 4,232  Est. for 10 days 2,015  $57,320.62  5,701 .$10.70 $25,928.92  5,010     9.40    17,3S2.09  12.18  33,365.22  PROMOTION FOR MCMYNN  L. O. L.  Reecular moiitftly meeting* of  Heelley Lodge I'll are held on  the   thirel   Monday   in    every  t5-*^oJii������^!l?'?month in Fraternity Hull.  Visit-  ng-bi-etliern are cordially invite*! to attend.  I-L J.JOXKS, W'.M.  WM. LOSS!)A I,K. H'-'e't.  R. J. L. MASTERS  DENTIST  Will be at Home office in Oroville, 1st  to l'I-th of each month.  )ffi������e on  Nortli   Main   Street.  lurne, Temple & Tunbridge  Solicitors, Notaries Public,  Conveyancers, Etc.  PENTICTON, British Columbia.  P. W. GREGORY  CIVIL KN'GIXKKH. and KIM'I'I.SII  COLUMBIA LAM I Sl'RVFA'OR  Star Building  Princeton  HILLIARD'S  JBAROER     SHOF������  KOIf AX EASY SUA VK  HOT & COLD BATHS  <e-xt door north of Grand Union Hotel  SUBSCRIBE FOR THE   GAZETTE  The friends'of William Graham Mc-  Mynn, government rgent at Green  wood, while regretting his removal  from the district will be pleased to  learn that his long and faithful service i'or the government of British Columbia, both in the Okanagan and the  Boundary, has been recognized by deserved promotion to the agency at  Golden at an increased salary. His  place in Greenwood will be filled by  Walter Dewdney, of the G-t-and Forks  office.  It was cither at the end of IS92 or  the beginning of 1893 that he was  stationed by the government at Rock  Creek to conduct a Mining Recorder's  office a.nd attend to constabulary and  other government business in that  portion of the district, for at that time  the attention that was being given to  the mineral deposits of the Boundary  Creek district by prospectors demanded recognition, and the lawlessness  that characterized the Kettle River  District, also demanded attention, for  no such conduct as had taken place on  the Kettle River for a few years previous could be tolerated under the British Flag, j"t was at Rock Creek the  editor of the Gazette- met him in August 1S93.  Shortly afterwards the oflice was  moved to Midway to be nearer the  Boundary Creek camps and still later,  or in Joe Martins regine, it was moved  to Greenwood. He was always a most  efficient officer and the work of the  Greenwood office was always carefully  conducted. His friends all wish him  prosperity in his new field.  The writ has been issued for the  by-election in Kootenay. The Returning officer, Cupt. I). C. McMorris, of  Nelson fixed the day of polling. It is  to take place on June 20.  Total 16,958 $76,676.23  An analysis of the foregoing figures  will result in showing for the first  three months of 1912 an estimated in  crease in quantity of ore crushed of  nearly 35 per cent., and in profit" of-  about 34 per cent. It may be stated  that the tonnage for the latter part of  M-arch has been estimated by Mr.  Jacobs as similar to the average daily  quantity for the immediately preceding 21 days, while the profit has been  calculated on the basis of that of the  average profit per- ton of ore milled  throughout the whole of 1911, namely  $5.34. This estimate should prove  conservative, for the reason that the  exigencies of doing throughly good  mining work required the breaking  down of a- quantity eif rock that reduced the average assay value of the  5,010 tons of ore milled in February to  $9.49 per ton, which was $1.06 per,ton  lower than the lowest monthly average during tile whole of 1911. As the  average assay value for orre month in  1911 was .$14.36 per ton, it may be reasonable to look for a similarly- high  average for at least one month of 1912  Report That Contract for Forty Miles  Had Been Let is Not Generally  Credited  A report came from Kereineos em  Saturday to the effect that a contract  had been let for another forty miles of  railway construction on the V.V. ������fc E.  beyond Tulameeii. The information  was given out by a prominent citizen  of Kereineos who gave as his authority  chief engineer J. H. Kennedy.  The reason given by some for the  beMef that there must be some mistake about it, is that with the number  of surveys and revisions of the route  that have been made a final revision  which is now .being, made is far from  completion. Dick Carew who has been  working with the survey party at  present engaged on revision* was in  town this week and gives as his opinion tliat there could be 110 truth iii the  rumor.  Forty miles as the crow flies would  put the road considerably over the  summit but the winding character of  the route which must be taken would  more than exhaust the margin/Should  the report even have a small degree of  foundation and some effort be made,  by tlie Great Northern to lessen the  existing gap between the eastern and  western ends it will be some relief  from the almost boorish sphinx like  silence which prevailed for so long.  The*- K. V. people are less reticent as  to their intentions to go ahead and  complete the road through, and it is  quite possible that the Great Northern  may begin to see that their policy of.  inaction has been carried far enough  and it is time for them to make a  change.  It is now over- seven years since the  start was mahe to build westward  from Midway and so far only 105 miles  have been completed. In a little more  tlian half that time the C. P. R. spanned the continent with theirsystem in  the'days'-'when there were no such  things as track laying machines and  when the greater part of their route  was fully a thousand miles distant  from tiny other railway and the transportation of supplies had to be done  with ox teams.  WHERE DOCTORS DIFFER  Mora Evidence on The Wood Tick Question���������Some High Authorities  Sceptical  Following the professional opinion  of Dr. Rose, of Kootenay, as to the  bad effect'of the'common" wood tick in.  causing spotted fever and meningitis,,  there was published in many papers-  the' opinion of the Dominion entomologist who doubted the accuracy of  the conclusions arrived at.  The Nelson  News  now  brings forward the following testimony to show  tliat it* former warning  was given on  the best of grounds.     The News says::  "Further evidence of the danger  which lies in the bite of a, woodtick is  given in a letter which has been received by J. W. Cockle eif Kaslo from.  Charles F. James of the Poorman-  mine.  ���������'���������Two large woodticks fastening  themselves on the nape of the neck of  his little daughter caused the child  to develop all the symptoms of spinal  meningitis. First of all tottering as if  striken with some weakness the child  completely lost the use of her legs audi  voice and did not recover until Dr-  W. O. Rose had removed the venomous insects.'I  THE PRUDENT MAN'S DUTY  Some Tell Tale Statistics That Should  Strike Home  RATS, TEDDY, RATS  Roosevelt Tries to  Crawfish Out of His  Tell-Tale Admission to Taft  to offset the 1111 usually low average for  last February.  It is noteworthy, as indicating the  efficiency of the gold saving appliances and methods of the Hedley Gold  Mining Company, that in 1911 there  were made an average, extraction of  91 per cent, of the gold contained in  the ore milled..  A LOSING SPECULATION  That is What Canada is Up   Against  When She Sells Pulpwood Instead  of Paper Pulp  Monetary Times  From United States  forest products  bulletins it is seen that approximately  two-fifths  eif the  pulpwood imported  by that country is  manufactured into  mechanical pulp, and   three-fifths into  sulphite pulp, anel that a cord of wood  produces about a   ton of mechanical  pulp,  or  half a  ton of chemical pulp.  This means that from the 943,141 cords  of Canadian   pulpwood   sent   to   thc^  United States, 37725(5 tons of mechanical pulp wvvu made,  and 2S2,992 tons  of  Sulphite pulp.     The value eif these  01)0,218 tons of pulp, for which, in the  form   of   pulpwood,   Canada received  $(j,210,042,  was  at the aver age price  ($20.49 per ton) paid in  191.0 by United  States  importers   of wood  pulp, $13,-  52S,-1S1.    Thus Canada did not get one  half the amount she would  have-  received if all pulpwood were converted  into  pulp  011  Canadian  soil.    As tlie  United  State's does not exports percent,   of the amount  it��������� iinpoits, there  need   be-   no   fear   that a  market  for  Canadian wood pulp would be lacking.  The  United  States  would  pay $20.49  per ton  for the  wood pulp  instead of  $0.5S per cord of pulpwood,  Halifax, N. S., May 8.���������The "Morning Chronicle" prints a lengthy tele-  grain from Mr. Hank Harper, Colonel  Roosevelt's 'secretary, in reply to a  telegraphic inquiry as to the meaning  of Col. Roosevelt's words, "political  reasons" in his letter to, President  Taft. Mr. Harper states that the m-  terpretsttion placed upon his words hy  the Canadian Conservative press, implying that he (Roosevelt) favored the  annexation of Canada, was not war-  runted by facts. Roosevelt's meaning  was only that reciprocity would increase the friendly relations of the  two countries.  Col. Roosevelt, Mr. Harper states,  has always done everything in his  power to enable the two nations to  live together in peace and harmony,  each according the other the fullest  measure of respect and esteyin. Specifically has Col. Roosevelt always  spoken of and treated Canada as a  friendly nation, on whose independence he would not dream of encouraging an aggression.  How necessary is the creation of art  estate through life insurance is shown  by ah investigation made iii New-  York State���������where conditions are  doubtless very similar to those in this  country���������by a professor of Colunibi-i  University.   He found that:��������� <  1st Out of 10,000 persons over 25  years of age dying, only 3,351 left any  estates whatever. Of those who were  heads of families only one half  left any estate; the other half left  nothing, not even a savings bank account.  2nd. Of the 3,351 who left estates,  only 884 were worth over- $5,000.  3rd Sixty-six per cent, of those dying left no estates whatever, twenty-  five per cent, left estates of less than  .$5,000. the average estate being $1,292  and less than nine per cent, of the  total left estates valued at $5,000 01-  over.  This    lamentable   condition    would  probably be duplicated in Canada if'  the facts  were   brought out, and-ho-  stronger argument could be used as to  the importance of providing for one's  dependants    through    the    moderate-,  cost plans of the life companies.  PERHAPS  The Great Northern   Now  Promise To-  Move Faster���������We'll See  Now in view eif the fact that in January, 1911. Taft wrote Roosevelt explaining what he had been able to effect with Patterson and Fielding and  expressed the belief that reciprocity  woulel "make Canada, only an adjunct  of the United States" and would  "transfer all Canada's important  business to Chicago and New York  with her bank credits and everything  else" and that Roosevelt replied "My  dear Taft, 1 approve of what you rito-  .SOSK TO    DIMVITII   CANADA.       It is ad-  niiiable in every way," this latest disavowal of the irrepressible Teddy  must be taken with a whole bag of  salt.  Spokane, May 10-Louis W. Hill,  retiring president of the Great Northern; Carl B. Gray, as president of the  "North Bank" lines, met here yesterday and left shortly for Portland.  Mr. Gray announced that the Great  Northern would begin immediately a  campaign of expansion and development in the Northwest. lie declared  that appropriations for extending linens  into virgin territory in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia would be;  asked immediately after the formal  meeting of the new board of directors  with the new executives.  Mr. Gray will hand over the presidency of the "North Bank" line to Mr  Young en May 15th, and on May 19th  Louis W. Hill's birthday, he will take  over the presidency of the Great  Northern.  The success of tho Hidden Creek  property at Goose Bay is having the  effect of drawing much public attention to that district.  MINING  NOTES  The present year bids fair to be by  all odds the most profitable the British Columbia Copper Company has  ever had. The sme.ter is doinsr better  work than ever both as to increased  tonnage and economical extraction.  A party ofMcGill students accompanied by one of their professors is  making a torn-of the mining sections  of British Columbia, and have portions  of the Kootenay and tlu> Bounda-ry  districb in their itinerary. They will  miss one of their finest opportunities  if they fail to include Camp Hedley. THE HEDLEY GAZETTE MAY 16, 1912.  Sbe Ifeefc? Gazettr*''  and  Similkameen Advertiser.  ssiniil on Thm-sdayK, hy the IlKnr.rcv Gazi-vith  PlUNTINll ANI> I'l'ltMSIIlKG CO.Ml'ANV.  Li.mitkd.   at. Hedlov.  B. ('.  Subscriptions in Advance  Pi-r Year : .92M  ��������������������������� ���������'   (United HUtcs)  2.60  Advertising Rates  Measiu-eincht. 12 lines to the ineh.  Land Notices���������Certificates of improvement., etc.  ������7.0(1 for (50-da.y mitices, anel ������5.00 for 30-day  notices, ',  Transient Advertisements���������not exceeding one  ineh, ������1.00 for one insertion, 25 cents for  each subsequent insertion. Over one ineh,  10 cents per line for first, insertion and 5  cents per line for each subsequent insertion.  Transients payable in 'advance.  Changes for contract iielvertisements should  be in the ottice by noon on Tuesday to secure  ttention for that week's issue  Advertisements will be changed, once every  'mouth if advertiser desires, without any extra  charge. For change's of tone-i- than once a month  he  price of composition will be ehargeel at  regular rates.  Contract Advertisements���������One inch per month  ������l.y.V, over I inch and up to 1 inches, S1.00  per inch pel-month. To constant advertisers  taking larger space than four inches, on  application", rates will be given of reduced  '.charges, based on size of space anel length  of time.  A. MEGRAW. Managing Editor.  confidence and while it is desirable  and Wholesome for a captain to have  faith in his ship, too much may become- dangerous. Old Shakespeare  made the witches in Macbeth say :  Ho shall spurn fate, scorn eleath and bear  His hopes'hove wiselom, grace anel fear:  And all know security ���������  Is mortals' eliiel'est enemy."  A WARM RECEPTION  Full Moon  Last; qiiar  191-'-  M AY  New Moon  1(5  First quar.  23.  1912  Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Tim. Fri. Sat.  12  19  20  (i  13  21)  27  1  8  15  14  21.  2S     21)  ->���������>  9  l(i  2*S  30  3  10  17  21  31  4  11  18  25  First I. W. W.   To Reach Winnipeg is  Locked Up  Winnipeg, May 10.- -Determined to  prevent the I. W. W. plague from inflicting industrial conditions in this  city. Police Magistrate Macdonald,  today, sentenced Victory Covie, an  Italian striker from the Canadian  Northern -construction camps in the  Rocky mountains, to two months' imprisonment/after which he is to be  deporti-el. Covie is the first of the  I. W. W.'s to reach Winnipeg. He  came in on the bumper of a Canadian  Pacific freight car: All classes of union  labor here- are practically a unit in  condemnation of the I. W. -W. propaganda and methods.  THE  NEW  ZEALAND  HOTEL  *      *     *   - * ��������� -   ������  JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor  THE MAY ROD AND GUN  Everything New and  First-Class  Bar supplied with the Choicest  Liquors and; Cigars and Special  Attention   paid   to   the   Table.-  E. E. Burr  General   Blacksmith  Hedley, B. C.  Horse-shoeing and all  Blacksmith Work  Promptly attended to.  Pipe-fitting done.  1836       THE BANK OF  1912  North A  II  76 Years in Business  Capital and Reserve Over $7,500,000  A Complete Banking Service  Collections made in any part of Canada. Negotiable paper discounted. Money advanced at reason-'  able terms to finance your business. Local and foreign drafts bought and sold. Money transmisted by  money or Telegraph Transfer. Letters of credit  issued payable in all the leading cities of the world.  We invite your account.  \>  EDITORIAL COMMENTS  Now that Taft has shown "what he  proposed to do with Canada" and has  shown also that Roosevelt approved  the ingenious plan, wouldn't it be real  interesting if they would take us strll  further into their confidence and  reveal what they proposed to do with  Laurier ?  Liberal papers in Canada have  ceased to think kindly of President  Taft. This time twelve months ago  the president was a favorite with all  of them and he really deserves their  admiration now more than he did  then. Surely a man has a greater  right to be admired when he is telling  the truth straight-forward than when  he is in the act of deceiving; but the  admiration of Liberal papers in Canada was unstinted during the time  when Taft was plotting Canada's  undoing, arid is changed to execration when he. shows a willingness to  be straightforward anel candid.  Every sportsman interested in the  welfare eif Canada's fish and game  resources should read the May number of Rod and Gun in Canada published by W, J. Taylor, Limited,  Woodstock. Out., which contains the  first chapter of the final report eif Mr.  Kelly Evans of the Ontario Game and  Fisheries Commission.' Mr. Evans has  spent two years in the preparation e>f  this report and the information contained therein and the recommendations which Mr. Evans makes as to a  broader' policy of administration  should be read by every sportsman.  "An Ideal Canadian Holiday" will ap  peal to those who already have visions  of a ..-summer outing. Trap-shooters  will find their interests particularly  well looked after in this month's issue  which contains in addition to the  usual department news and scores a.  specially illustrated article by "Canuck" |on the Easter Inter-Club Shoots  between Montreal and St. Hubert  clubs.  A. MEGRAW  NOTARY   PUBLIC  Conveyancer,  Real Estate,  Mines,  Crown   Grants   Applied   For  Under hand Act and  Mineral Act.  Agent for:  Mutual Life of Canada.  Hudson Bay Insurance Co.  Maryland Casualty Co  Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.  Office  at   HEDLEY,   B.  C.  Hedley  Branch,  H. A Hincks, Manager  II  IS!  i*l  CHIVER'S   JAMS  If you are particular about bought jam  you're safe in recommending this brand  You them have something reliable, and  of real merit  II  *-j-i  SAFE AS THE SAFEST  AND  THE   HEATHEN   AT   OUR  DOOR  As  the inquiry into  the cause   of  sinking of the Titanic progre-si-s in  England   where a  rigid  investigation  is in   progress   the unwise course of  driving the ship at full  speed  in  the  proximity of ice   is being emphasized  in the evidence educed : and  another  feature  into which the commission  is  probing persistently   is  the  lack   of  apparent organization  in the crew  of  the  new   vessel, due doubtless to  the  too great hurry in getting  her  off on  her   maiden   trip.       While   there   is  something most pathetic in the- tiagic  end of the brave old captain  after so  long a career of uninterrupted success  before he met with the one mishap on  the   Olympic    the fact gains  ground  that his one great fault seems to have  been   that  of over confidence   in  his  ship.     An incident is related that he  expresseid himself in New York in 1907  on the occasion of his arrival there as  captain of the Adriatic on her maiden  trip in terms that read strangely now.  He then said:  "Shipbuilding is such a perfect art  nowadays that absolute disaster involving the passengers, is inconceivable. Whatever happens, there will  be time enough before the vessel  sinks to save the life of every person  on board. I will go 11 bit further. I  will say that I cannot irrragine any  condition that would cause the vessel  to founder. Modern shipbuilding  has gone beyond that."  These are surely  the words  of over-  One of the   ladies  comprising  the  Manitoba party which recently passed  through Phoenix, appears to have had  some difficulty in locating a church on  Sunday eveniug last.    In her dilemma  she applied for information to at least  fifteen young  men  at   the Brooklyn  hotel,    but   without   success;   seeing  another gentleman on the street who  had the appearance of being an old-  timer, she applied to him for guidance  "Don't know  mum",  was the reply.  "Do you mean  to tell me that you  don't know where the church is!  How  long have   you been  in  this town?"  queried the searcher for a tabernacle.  "About ten years, mum,     You see I  never 'tend church",  was the apologetic reply of the sinner.     "Well, it's  about time you commenced", was the  parting words of the astonished lady.  Later an   intelligent   looking   young  man  was found   who  conducted the  ladies  to the  K. P. Hall, only to find  that there was no evening service of  the    Presbyterian    church.���������Phoenix  Pioneer.   <������.   METEOROLOGICAL.  Cheaper than the Cheapest  is a straight life policy in  THE MUTUAL LIFE  (IF CANADA  The history of thousands of policies  on the above plan shows that it has  cost less than four dollars per year to  carry a policy of one thousand dollars.  If you doubt this call on the local representative and see the history of  one policy for 26 years; then ask yourself whether you know of any other  concern whether insurance company  or benevolent society that can show a  similar record.  Oliver's Jams are what you need.  S chubert's Supply Stores  STORES AT HEDLEY and TULAMEEN  II  ?!  PORT MANN  The following are the  readings show-  ing temperature,   etc.,  for the week  ending May 11,  1912:  AT  THE MINE.  Maximuni        Minimum  May  5  42  28  0  44  28  7  55  32  8  5!)  40  y  50  HO  10  59  33  11  51  85  Every Plan of Genuine Insurance  It is the people's Company and  profits are all for the people  its  This accounts for the wonderful success which has attended forty-two  years of unparalleled progress and  achievement.  W. J. TWISS  Manager for B.C.  A. Megraw  Local Agent  Average maximum teinperature 50.42  Average minimum do        32.2S  Mean temperature -11.35  Rainfall for the week     .00 inches.  Snowfall        "        "       00.  COKKESI'ONDING WEEK OK LAST VISA It  Highest  maximum temperature 41.  Average maximum  Lowest minimum  do  do  33.  10.  Average  minimum  do  17.57  Mean  do  25.28  AT  THE  MILL.  May   5  Maximum  Minimum  38  0  71  42  7  so  ���������10  8  77  47  0  (59  . t  40  10  03  . t  37  11  77  41  Average  maximum te  rriperature 71.42  Average  minimum  do  42.42  Mean  do  50.92  Rainfall for the week  0.00 inches  Snowfall  ii       tt  0.00  ii  COmilCSPONDING WEEK OK T.AST Y15AU  Highest maximum temperature 70  Average do do 54.28  Lowest minimum do 32  Average do do 30.  Mean do 45.1-1  The London Directory  (Published Annually)  Enables traders throughout the world  to communicate- direct  with English  MANUFACTURERS & DEALERS  in each class of goods. Besides being  a. complete commercial guide to London and its suburbs, the directory contains lists of  EXPORT MERCHANTS  with  the   Goods they ship,  and the  Colonial and   Foreign   Markets  they  .supply;  STEAMSHIP   LINES  arranged  under  the  Ports  to  which  they sail,  and indicating the approximate Sailings;  PROVINCIAL TRADE, NOTICES  of leading manufacturers, merchants,  etc., in the principal  provincial towns  and  industrial centres  of the United  Kingdom.  A copy of the current addition will  be forwarded , freight paid, on receipt  of Postal Order for 20s.  Dealers seeking Agencies can adver-  their trade cards for ������1, or larger advertisements from ������3.  A great railroad terminuo- a great grain shipping port���������a  great factory centre with a population of at least 50,000���������that  will be Port Mann, western terminus of the Canadian Northern, live years hence.  Factories to employ over 5,000 men, grain elevators and  flour mills, big freight yards and railway shoys���������these are already arranged for. A year from today property values will  be treble���������five years hence they will be ten times today's  prices.   Every lot bought NOW will make you a, fortune.  Close   In Lots, $250.00  RAILWAY ADDITION-practically adjoining C. N. E.  property is easily the best Port Mann subdivision on the market. Values must go up enormously. High, dry, level lots,  33x122 feet, $250. Terms $15 down, $10 a month. No interest  or taxes.    Send for booklet and lithographed plan.  il  Colonial Investment Co.  'THE PORT MAN PEOPLE"  THe London Directoru Co. Ltd.  25, Abclnnch Lane. London, E. C.  WHEN AVIUTJNG ADVERTISERS PLEASE  MENTION   THIS PAPER  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  X  ���������  ��������� ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������t  ���������  ������������������������������������������������������4444444444444444444^4444< 4  Vancouver, B. C.  A. MEGRAW, Local Agent  X  X  X  X  ���������  X  X  ���������  1  Ss  if  I  ���������i!i  I'  %  X\  4  4j  43  4  1!  Ii  ������  I-  If  4  4  4  4,  4  r  -i  !'l  10-3m  SUBSCRIBE FOR  THE   GAZETTE! THE HEDLEY GAZETTE, MAY 16, ,1912.  Town and District.  Mr. and Mrs. Plass.paid a short visit  to Kc-reineos"the end of the week.  General Manager Gruber went  through in his private car Tuesday.  Mrs. F. H. French left on Monday  with the children to visit relatives in  Summerland and Kelowna.  Mrs. F. H. Parsons, formerly of  Olalla, but now of Penticton. has been  visiting her sister, Mrs. McEwen.  Louis Hill, president of the Great  Northern and a party of other G.N.R.  officials passed through in autos on  Tuesday.  Mrs. Sproule left for Salmon -Arm'to  visit Mrs. Marlow and to meet her  sister who is comingoiit from the hid  country.  At Ed Burr's   blacksmith shop niay  be seen a fine specimen  of ore from  the No. 14, one of the claims in Voigt's  | . Camp, under bond to the B.C. Copper  Company.  Mrs; Caldwell and child with her  mother, Mrs. Greenhill, left Tuesday  for Jonesville, Seiskatchewan, where  they will make their future home.���������-  Penticton Herald.   '  Jack Hardinan, tho. 'miner, who was  injured by a fall down the incline in  the Simnysicle mine, is making a satisfactory recovery and no bad aftereffects are anticipated!,  K. G-. Hankiiison passed through on  .���������Saturday's train accompanied by his  bride, who was Miss Anna'Summers,  sister of Kit Summers. As both were  popular in Princeton they are receiving .the congratulations' of their  friends.  There Avas a break in the headgear  of the gravity tramway at the Central Station on Saturdaythat hung up  traffic for a couple of days, but as  there''was a good reserve of ore in the  ore bins at the mill there was no delay in milling operations.  -The high water in Twenty-mile  which has gone on the rampage in the  past few d'iys took out several lengths  ot box flume.at the intake in the town  water system on Tuesday. If it continues, to rise for a day or two more  the damage may be more serious, but  it is hoped the worst is past.  Harry Tweddle's new Case auto  made its'initidl trip to Hedley on Saturday evening filled with a party of  Keremeosians who were on their way  through to Princeton. The car is a ,  handsome and strong looking machine  that ought ��������� to be good for. almost any  kind of usage it is likely to get on the  roads of this district.  Both Twenty-mile creek and the Similkameen river responded to the  warm weather of hist week and rose  ito high water mark. Fortunately the  [dam at Twenty mile lake holds back  (the surplus and there is little likelihood of much damage being clone  now from that stream. Besides, all  (the bridges on it are staunchly built  find clear of the water with a good  'margin to spare.  Mr.   L.   W.  Shatford   returned to  'enticton from his tour of the eastern  iimilkameen Sunday.  He was acconi-  ���������inred by Road Inspector Turner. Irrr-  lediatelv on  arrival he  received an  irgent wire and   left  for   the  coast  [londay  morning.     He will be away  |bout ten days and on his return will  intinue his survey of the new routes  ir  this   year's   rente!   construction.���������  'enticton Herald.  DON'T LIKE THE PEN  The Government are finding it difficult to get men to accept positions as  guards in the New Westminster Peliir  tentiary. There are now several vacancies on the staff and they are not  filling up. A high physical standard  is exacted and the discipline rather  severe as it shouid be and these causes  combined with the indifferent pay are  making it difficult to keep the staff up  to the desired mark of efficiency. The  situation is rather a problem and J.D.  Taylor, M. P.. is having some difficulty In working out a solution. Helms been giving the matter consideration for some years and hopes to  evolve a plan 'that, will give an efficient  staff which will live down the odium  incurred by the Bill Miner and other  unfortunate episodes that caused the  good nanie of the institution to suffer.  KEEP YOUR EYES ON  GAMP HEDLEY  WATCH IT GROW  It is destined to be the Greatest Gold Mining Camp in Canada.  Money invested in Hedley Town Property now will bring you Big  Returns in a Few Months  Buy Now; Don't Put It Off as the Price is Going Up.  For Full Information Write or Call on  GENERAL NEWS  The I. W. VV.; strike in the Fraser  canyon is reported to be effectually  broken. The police order to idle men  that they runst work, or'get out, fol  lowing on the'���������arrestand trial of many  of the ring-leaders, has had the desired effect arid ; 'they'are getting out as  fast as they can.  Three bank clerks of. tlie Imperial  and Merchants Banks, in Vancouver,  have pleaded guilty to stealing$12,000.  Gambling in Chinese dens is given as  the cause of their downfall.  Gim-a-noot, the Kispiox outlaw Indian, is reported to be still at large  and not dead- as reported some time  Provincial police are hot on the  trail of the Indian murderers wlio  shot constables Kyriess and Loring.  A gas explosion in Stratford, Ont.,  last week, broke all the windows in  the city.  The G. T. P. have been notified to  discontinue the purchase ol American  lumber and confine their purchases to  Canadian mills.  FOR SERVICE  THE HEDLEY CITY TOWNSITE COMPANY, Ltd.,  F. H. French, Secretary and Manager  HEDLEY, B.C.  ���������,J������^'?VT*a'-,,i.A^--' t  The  Thoroughbred   Running  Stallion  "Beautifuland Best"  (Canadian Stud Book/No 237)  Will stand for public service at "the  Willows." Keremeos, B. C. for the full  season, 1912.  Fee for service of mares $10 to insure  Mares may be pastured.  E. M. DALY.  Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations  fiOAL mining ri-jhts of the Dominion, in  '-' Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,  the Yukon Territory, the North-wast Territories anel in a portion ot! the Province of JJri-  tish Columbia, may bo leased'for n-. term of  twenty-one years at an annual rental of $1 an  acre. Not more than 2,of>0 acres will be leasee!  to one applicant-.  Application for a lease must be made by the  applicant in person to the Agent or Sub-A^cnt  of the district in which the rights applied for  are situated.  -��������� In siu-veycel territory the land must be described by sections, nr legal sub-divisions of  sections, and in unsiirveyoel territory tlie tract  applied for shall be staked out by the applicant,  himself.  ���������Each application must be accompanied by a  fee of ������5 which will be refunded if the rights  .applied for are not available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate of live cents  per ton   -.'*-���������       ��������� ~   -;--:--;���������-  The person operating'the mine shall furnish  the Agent with sworn returns accounting for  the full quantity of merchantable coal mined  and nay the royalty thereon. If tho coal mining rights arc not being operated, such returns !  should be f urnisheel at least once a year.  The lease will include the coal mining rights  only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights maybe considered necessary for tbe working of the  mine at the rate of $10.00 an acre.;  For full information application Rhoiilcl.be  made to the Secretary of the Department, of  the Interior. Ottawa, or to any Agent or-Sub-  Agent of Dominion Lands.  W.W.CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N.B.-Unauthorized publication of this advertisement will not be paid for. 'l-(im  packages of all sizes.  Curlew Butter Now in Stock and We Will Have  It In Continually From Now On  Green vegetables arrive at the end of every week  I.The Coalmont Courier, the latest as-  lirant for public favor in the district,  lime t<i hand last week printed on  ��������� rapping paper owing to failure of its  lipply to reach tho office of publiea-  Ibu in time. The first issue is a lively  lieet reflecting credit on the publisher  Id N. Clark, and also upon the bttsi-  less men of Coalmont and Tulauieen  |ho support its advertising columns  well. Every towrr depends upon  fie enterprise of its business men and  [oalmont. appears Lo be fortunate in  pis respect.  ���������Mr.  I. L.  Met'rillj  president of the.  fed ley  Gold  Mining Co., came  in on  Tuesday on his customary semi-annual  ���������it to the:  mines  and   works of the  3mpany  in this  camp.    Next  morn-  lg  he accompanied   general  superin-  ���������jndeiit,  G.   P.  .Tones,   to   the. Nickel  late  where a very  gratifying condition of  affairs awaited his   inspection  |U'   it  must  be  doubly  gratifying to  iiu   to imte  that his judgment anel  nit of his colleagues who three years  jo agreed with him in taking hold of  property, has not failed them, -itul  ���������ley have in the Nickel Plate group a  i-operty that has  not only  met   but  'cceeded their most sanguine expecta-  is.     It is  hoped  that Mr. Merrill  [ill be able to   make   a   longer   stay  lis time, and as the golf links   are  in  [ilerablygood condition at the present  Irne  this may help to  persuade   him  do so.  "Civil Service Act"  TO CANADIAN ARCHITECTS  The Qualifying examinations for Third-class  Clerks, Junior Clerks, anel Stenographers will  be held at the following places, commencing  on Tuesday, the 2nd of July next:���������Armstrong,  Cliilliwack, Cumberland, Duncan. Golden,  Grand Forks, Kamloops, Kaslo. Kelowna,  Laelysmith, Nanaimo, Nelson, New Westminster, Peaehland, Prince Uupert, Penticton,  Rcvelstokc. Rejsslanel, Salmon Arm, Surumer-  land, Vancouver. Vernon and Victoria.  Candidates must be British subjects between  the ages of 21 and 30. if for Third-class Clerks:  and between l(i and 21, if for Junior Clerks or  .Stenographers.  Applications will not be excepted if received  later than the 15th of Juno next.  Further information, together with application forms, may lie obtained from the undersigned.  Section 7 of the '"Civil Service Act" provides  that temporary clerks anil stenographers, who  have not been regularly appointed by Order in  Council, must pass this examination.  P. WALK Kit  Registrar, Civil Service  Victorin. 1$. C 1st May, 1SI12 !'.)���������('<  60   YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Competition for New University Buildings to  be Krected at Point Grey, near Van  couvor, British Columbia  The Government of British Columbia invite  Competitive Plans for the general scheme anel  design for the proposed new University, togethj  or with more detailed Plans for the buildings  to be erected first eit an estimated cost of  $1,500,000.  Prizes of ������10,000 will be given for the most  successful Designs .submitted.  Particulars of the competition and plan of  site may be obtaincel on request from the  undersigned.  Tlie designs to be sent in by July 31st. 1912  addressed to  Tin-: Minister ok Kkucation.  Parliament Buileings.  Victoria, British Columbia  ���������  |Shatfords, LtdVl  x  ��������� -  ���������  WATER NOTICE  For a Licence to Take and Use Water  AJotie-e is hereby given that I Anton Wink-  -L> ler. of Jlediey. B. C. will apply for a licence to Uike and use 2 cubic feet, tier second of  water out of un unnamed Spring locally known  as Balel Hill Slough. The water will bo diverted at a point I mile north of I'lios. Sirois' soutli  line iiiiel will bo used for irrigation purposes on  tho land described ns A. Winkler's pre-emption  This notice was posted on the groiuiel on the  13th day of May. 11)12. The application will  bellied in tlie oflice of the Water Recorder at  Fairview.  Objections may be tiled with tho saiil Water  Reccireler   or   with   the   Controller  of   Water  Rights. Parliament Buildings, Victoria. B. C.  ANTON WtNKL-KR  Trade: Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c.  Anyone sending a sketch and description may  quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an  invention is probnbly patentable. Communications strictly conHdontial. HANDBOOK on Patents  sent free. Oldest npency lor securing patents.  Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive  special notice, without charge, jn the  Scientific J-Jftiericait.  A handsomely illustrated weekly. I.nrrrest circulation of any sfliontiae Journal. Terms, $3 a  7enr: four months, $1. Sold by all newsdealers.  iVlllNN&Co.36lBroad^ New York  Branch Office. 625 F St.. WasnlDteton. D. C.  Advertise in the  H e dley Gazette  and watch Results  PALA6&  Liveru Feed & Sale Stables    IIKDLEY   11. C.    *'i A good stock of Horses and Rigs on  Hand.  Orders for Tedium?.  promptly attended to.  Office of Dominion Express Company.  WOOD   FOR   SALE!  Phon.   It        INNIS   BROS. Proprietors.  ���������  ���������  4>  Grease the Wheels!  The finest lubricant for the Commercial  Machine is  PRINTERS' INK  This may be aj>plied in different  ways but the two old stand-bys are  judicious advertising' in the local  paper and neat stationery printed at  home. The Gazette can suit all requirements.  ���������  ���������  ���������  TRY THE  Hedley   Gazette  FOR  Fine Job Printing  TH6 n&DLEY GflZ  HAS THE LUBRICANT  SUBSCRIBE FOR THE GAZETTE THE HEDLEY GAZETTE. JUAY 1(3.1912.  RE  KEREMEOS, the Centre of Lower Similkameen��������� Famed for Fruit Growing  Town and Lower Valley.  Nigel Ewnrt is still joy riding.  The baseball team is practising, but  not enough, ;  Charley B.nrtch,, of Pontieton, was  in town Thursday.  13. E: Campbell, of Phoenix, was a  visitor to .town Tuesday.  .')a:k Budd li'ow in from the- west  for a.few hours last Saturday.  A.. H. 'Priiioe and R. Carew drove  over from Penticton Saturday.  C. H. ��������� Thomson, assu.yor, of Olnlla,  went-through to Prineeton Monday.  Don't forget the grand concert in  the Town.iia.ll this Thursday, the 16th.  Boeing unci Brass age getting along  fine with   the. new cpiaranfine station.  .Iiiy: riling is cpiile in style around  J-veieini'ori these beautiful balmy evenings. .,  J. 11. Brown, of Fairview, drove  over Sunday returning Monday afternoon;  C. S. . Rilimand, 'of New Westminster, took in' the sights around town  Tuesday.  Hill Innis went up to do some work  on his pre-emption west of Hedley on  Monday.  Mrs. Geo. Sproule, of Hedley, spent  tho weekend as the direst of Mrs. J.  A. Brown.  Mr. anel Mrs. George. Cooper and  daughter drove over to Fairview last  Thursday.  Jack Young is preparing his camp  for this season's work on the Ashnola  River road.  Tlie twenty-fourth will soon be here  Everyone get out- and give the yisitors  n, good time.  Frank Manery, of Similkamec-.n, took  another look at his old friends here on  Monday last.  Mrs. F. H. Parsons., of Olalla, went  up to Hedley Friday to visit her sister,  Mrs. Dr. McEwen.  Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Rath von, A. C.  Arnot and Allan Lucas motored over  on Sunday from Pentictorr.  Mr.  Norman Plass and wife- earn  down   from   Hedley,   Thursday,   and  Avere the guests of Mrs. 13. M. Daly.  Dr. Jerniyn, of Coalmont, was a,  visitor Lo town Friday and Saturday,  and reports everything booming in  the west.  Joe Wigmore, of stage driving fame,  came down from Princeton Sunday  along with a merry bunch in the  automobile.  T. B. Beeson, of Nelson, stopped off  for the first time in Keremeos last  Saturday to find out wkat sort of beer  wo drank here. He found out, and  also showed us a few sum files. I think  he got an order.  Settlers are coining in every either  day or two, A regular cavalcade arrived in town enroute for the north  last Thursday. Six and four nude  teams and about 40 head of horses  were amongst the outfit;-"     ;-  The . sui'Verings of a public servant.  You'must always be on hand before  breakfast in case some one needs you.  Befcii e going to work, if yon can possibly get your breakfast sitting down,  don't forget you must not have your  dinner between twelve and"one. The  only way you.can do is to have your  dinner about a mile way so you can  get "far from the maddening crowd."  Everyone-is so sorry to trouble .you;  but smile and 'don't kick at human  nature. Also if you want a little walk  don't go but send someone in your  place. In the evening when it's loye-  ly for us to be out. yeni stay irr. And  in case we are a little late getting  around, we are so sorry, etc. You  ure lint expected to be on duty more  than twenty-two hours, so you can  get lots of sleep, but if you do happen  to be in bed. "We are so sorry to  trouble you, but would you be so good  as to get up and get it for me this  once?" .  Hotel Keremeos  Opposite G.N.R. Station  MRS.  A. F. KIRBY,   Proprietress.  Keremeos-Pcnticton Mail Stage.  The auto stage leaves Keremeos for  Penticton, Tuesdays, Thursdays and  ���������Saturday at o p.m.  Single fare ,$7.50, Return .'Jjiil.OO  Phone It, Penticton      '   W. E. Welby  r  S F������ RAY  GEO. KIRBY  Notary Public.  REAL ESTATE MINES  Agent-for: , -        -  London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  Oe-ean Accident and Guarantee Co.  Kerejteos. B.C.  C.  JE.  SHAW  Civil Engineer, Dominion and Provincial Land Survevor.  Office of J. A.  KEREMEOS  Brown  B. C.  J. A. McDonald, better known as  Joe, of Oroville and Penticton, spent  a few hours at the Keremeos Hotel  last Sunday.  Robert McCurdy came up from the  lower valley Monday anel reports  everything going along splendidly irr  the road building line.  H. H. Hobbs, manager, and W.  MacKenzie, teller, of the bank of B.  N. A., Hedley, spent Saturday evening and part of Sunday in Kereineos.  Mrs. ,T. A. Brown left Tuesday to  spend a few week's holidays at Vancouver. She. was accompanied by Mrs.  Geo. Sproule, of Heelley, as far as Salmon Ann.  Hid you ever me*et the man who is  always talking about getting a sepiaro  eleal? No! Well he's the fellow wlio  wants the whole shooting match all  the time.  Harry Tweddle and a. party of  friends took a. trip to friiice'ton in his  auto last Saturday.��������� Latest reports.  .Monday morning, that all are; doing  well and likely to recover.  Robt. Barclay, of Hedley, and we-11  known here, passed through Thursday on his way to New Westminster,  where- he has the contract for the  painting and decorating of the. Masonic; Temple.  Beach Cawston met with a painful  accident last Friday on the Fail-view  hill. While mounting his horse em a  rather steep side hill unfortunately  the saddle turned causing Beach to  fall and break his arm just above the  wrist. The; horse; not being satisfied  with the damage done took advantage  and kicked Cawston several times  while still on the ground. He was  brought down l*o Keremeos where his  arm was set. He is looting a< little  better now, but he certainly looked in  n, b id shape when he was brought into  town.  . After attending the Methodist com  ference at Suiumerland the Rev. W.  H. Mawhinney came .through, on-his  way to his old home at Nanaimo.  While with us we cannot speak too  highly eif hihi. He always showed a  christian spirit, standing up for the  right thing and not holding to any  party who niight wish to run things  their way. He was at home always  with the boys wlio learned to love  him for he knew how to talk, to them.  Although only a. young nmn, lie had  worked for seven years in the mines,  before going up for the ministry'and  so he knew what work was. To be a  minister is not all sunshine for there  are generally a few who would rather  htii-fc than help. Anyway Mr. Maw-  hinnevrose above all difficulties-that  opposed, hini and to say he leaves a  better feeling in the parish than heretofore. We join in wishing him .good  luck, thfj best of health and spirits to  ���������R.H. EOGERS,  M.A., B.O.L.  BARRISTER, SOLICITOR,  NOTARY PUBLIC, ETC  Vernon, B. C  WATER NOTICE  Do not neglect to spray your trees with  Pendray's Lime Sulphur Solution  Pendray's is endorsed by all the leading fruit, men  of the province.  We are sole agents for Keremeos and-can sell it by  the barrel or gallon.  We  carry a full line of Garden and Field Seeds.  Five Roses Flour always in stock  F.  RICHTER ESTATE  For a Licence to Take and Use Water  "VToticC is hereby given that Tho Asliavota  x> Power Co. Ltd., of Vancouver, li. C., will  apply for a licence to take and'use 50 cubic foot  per second of water out of Ashnola river, which  flows in an easterly elirectiein through the Si-  niilkiuiieen district anel empties into .tho Si-  iniilciimccn river about S miles from Kerenicos.  The water, will be diverted at the second canyon and will be used for Power purposes on the  land described as C. E.-Oliver's Pre-emption.  This notice was posted on the ground on tlie  29th day of March, l')12. The application will  bo filed in the oflice of tlio Water; Recorder at  Fairview.  Objections may be filed with the said Water  Recorder   or with   the Controller of   Water  Rights. Parliament Buildings. Victoria, li. C.  Tin- asiiawota Power Co. Ltp.  13-1 T. ]"). Picknrd. agent  enable  him to  continue  on   his good  work.  A supply of new gold coins, $5 and  $n() has reached Vancouver from the  Ottawa mint. Dissatisfaction is felt  m the West that the finance minister  has decided to defer the issue of silver  dollars from the mint.  PRINCETON POULTRY FARM  PRINCETON, B. C.  Breeders of S. C. White Leghorns  Egg Settings from now on at half  price except No. '-> pen.  Young stock for Sale, March and  April hatched pullets from $1.00 each  and up. Cockerels from $2.00 to $5.00  each in any quantity.  Address all I'oiiiniunications to  T. C. Brooke, Princeton.  f KEREMEOS       |  AUTO LIVERY  > Tweddle's New 40 horse-power    \  \ Case Auto                      1  ������ Leaves Kereineos   for Pen tic-   S  ������ ton,   Monday,    Wednesday   3  S and Frielav at 4:15 p.m.             >  1 Returning,   leaves   Penticton  f Monday,   'Wednesday   and  p Friday   on   arrival  eif   Str.  1 Okanagan at7:'-������0 p.m.  \ SI.VCil.K l-'AliK   -     $7.50  V ::.eti*i:.x  A  $1,1.00  for    Ti links  rangvineiits  ������ and other Baggage  ������ A  First-Class  Driver has  been  K Engaged and   the auto may  c be-   hired   at 50c  per   mile,  s minimum   rate; i'or further  ^ particulars apply to  { HARRY TWEDDLE  f Keremeos Centre       -       B. C.  ?  ADVERTISE    IN   THE   GAZETTE  COPPER  The NewEdition of the  COPPER HANDBOOK.  just published, is volume X, for the years 1010-  15)11. and required nearly eighteen months in  preparation. .  It has 1902 Pages |  containing nearly ones and a half million words  or about twice as much matter as the.bible.  There are :io chapters, and the book covers the  Copper Industry of the World  COVERING:- Copper History, Geology.  Geography, -Chemistry, Mineralogy, Alining,  Milling. Leaching. Smelting, Refilling, Brands,  Grades, Impurities, Alloys. Uses, Substitutes,  Terminology, Deposits by Districts, States,  Countries and Continents, Minus in Detail,  .Statistics of Production, Consumption, Imports  Exports, Finances. Dividends, etc.  Vol, X of the Copper Handbook lists and  describes  8,130 Mines and Companies  these descriptions ranging from 2 or ',i lines; in  the case of a elcnd company, in which case reference is made to a proceeding edition giving  a fuller description, up to 21 pages in the ease  of the Anaconda, which produces one-eighth  of the copper supply of the world. The chapter  giving mine elesci-iptions, wliich lists the largest number of mines anel companies ever given  in anv wor of reference on mines or mining  investments, has been fully revised.  The new edition of the Copper imndbno is a  dozen books in one. covering all phases of the  copper inelustry of the entire world. It is used  as the  WORLD'S STANDARD REFERENCE  ROOK OX COPPER.  bv the ninniigers of the mines that make ninety-odd percent of tlie world's output-of copper  and is used in every civilized country of tlie  globe.    It is  tilled  with facts of vital  iinport-  UIM'C to  THK IN'VKSTOK  TIIK SI'KCl'oATOli  TIIK MKTAI.Iil.7RG 1ST  THK CONSD'MKIt  THK MIXKK  Price is $."��������������������������� in hue; nun with gilt top. or ������7.">0  in genuine full library morocco.  Terms are: the most, lihe-rnl, Send no money,  but order the boo :-ei.l yeni, all e-iu-riiige charges preqinid. on one wee 's approval, to lie re  turned if unsatisfactory, or paid for if it suits.  Can you all'ord not-to see the boo anel judge  for yinirsclt' e>f its value to you '.  Write now to the; editor iui'1 publisher,  HORACE I. STEVENS  m  What a few Acre of Keremeos Fruit Lands  will be worth in a few years when  the trees are in bearing  Can you do better with your savings by  sending them outside to invest in some speculative scheme, more or less hazardous, than by investing them at home in something that is as  safe as the bank and at the same time offers such  big ������������������returns on the capital invested.  REMEMBER  We offer no land but Avhat has  the  water al- ' . ,@  ready on it  Fruit  Lots of any size to suit your means;  at $175, 215 and 350 per acre.     Town Lots.  Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.  KEREMEOS, B. C.  $  0  0  @  0  0  0  0  0  0  0-  0  0  0  0  0  ft-  ft:  ft  ft  ft  0.  0'  0  -ft  "ft  "ft  "ft  ft  ft-  ft  ft  THE   RIVERSIDE    NURSERIES  GRAND FORKS, B. G.  Hftve still 611 hand for spring planting  A^AOENKK NORTHERN Sl'Y AVEALTTIY JojfATtl'AX  McIntosh Red Winesap Snows Gha venstin  King David Rome Beaumy Red Cheeked Pippin*  Plums, Peaks and Peaches  Established in 1900 125 ACRES  X  Plumbing* and Heating, Sheet  ���������first TiaiPLK lUHIilHN'C. HOUGHTON',  Michigan, t;. K. A.  METEOROLOGICAL  Teinperature  gieal Station,  ending. May 1th,  May   7  S  '.)  10  11        ...  12  VA  Average liiaxiinuni  Average' minimum  Mean  Rainfall for the week  ri-igistered at M.eteor-o-  Ke-rinni-os,  feir    weeli  1012.  [ixiimiiii  IS  (50  01.  07  ���������->  Aliniiuuni  HO  :-55  It")  -IS  17  -10  -Ifi  01.85  ���������l:5.S5  52.85  0.10 inches  Metal Work Tinsmithing  Shop corner Angela Ave. and Bridge  St.,  in 'Murdock's blacksmith shop.'  Work guaranteed.   Consult us about your work  DIGNAN & ATKIN  Practical Workmen Prophiktoks  PRINCETON, B. C.  x  X  I  I  ;  X  %  X  X  i  X  X  %  AAeAMA*AAAAA������"AAAAAAAAAeAW  in  SUBSCRIBE FOR THE GAZETTE  J. A. BROWN  Notary Public  CONVEYAN*e*lNe;. CUSTOMS TMIOKEIIAOK,  I.'IliK   INSUItANCK  NOTICE  ���������IMILICAMKKX LAXIi DISTRICT  DlS'l'KIC'*!* 111-' \.\LK  officii;  K'I3REM130S. B.C.  silk:������  .urge Assort men t of choice Silk Dress  C-ioods, Silk hanell-eu*e:hii;fs etc.  for sale at right, prices  TOflMY SING, Keremeos  NOTICE  SUIILKAMKKX LAXD DISTRICT  UISTISK.T Ol.'  VAI.K  TAKK XOTICK tlint I. Kilwni'il Aseiuith  -'- lliutircnvcs. ol" Kereineos, B. ('. iicchjiii-  tion Kiuie-hei-, intends to apply for permission  to pnri'linse tlie t'ollowinu* ('u.-scrili'.-il  lnnils.  ('oriinie-ncin^ ntn. post planteil ill the-S. K.  corner of IjOfJSIs. .Mrs. Wii-rsUUI'V; I'. I<;.. tliCMie-e-  etisfc Hi i-hiiiiw, tlienee nortli 80 chains, theiie-o  west III chains,llii'iice south SO i-luiins to point  of eioininence-ini.-ut, containing* .SO acres inure  or less  EDWARD ASQUITH IiARCIRKAVlCS  March 1st, Wia !I-W>  TnUe   notice-  that I. Ilii-iiui In-rlcc. ol*  1        Lake-. li.C. >  White  . eice-upiitioii. fsu-iiiei-:intend to  apply i'eir perinission to purchase the follniviiij^  ilesci-ibeel In nets ���������  ('eiiiiiiie-iieiiiig at a post plante-d at the south  west e-m-ni-r of Lot l'Jll'.l, thence nortli 111 e-hains.  thence west 20 chnins, thence .south 10 chains,  tlieiice: enst 20 chains to point of coiunicnci-  ine-iit. (���������ontainin-JCeiKhl.v acre's more or less.  IT. iXOLKK  Aliiy 1st. I'll-' J8--1  I  SING LEE ^  Littiiidry,    Contracting"    oi'   all  kinds,   Ditch   digging,   Wood  Sawing, Clearing land, Cook- !],!|  ing arid all kinds of Chinese  Lttbor.  Ki-:i{"-*aiko.s, B.C.  When   writing   Adversers  Mention the Gazette.  Please


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