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The Hedley Gazette Jun 8, 1916

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 , *.    - *,->-'   **"- w*��BB'-**' asfa  tS^    ^����SffiS7v' '  'w. HBB*"M c   era r-'BH
- '     4 '    -, " -    J* j *-l    /    "- . ' . '������.���������"-''     ���>    .-V*-,        -    ~     .
'   �� *   - ' t �����*-'��        �� -*��    ^    -  �� ^*��l��,     ' ^    �� v
JL.*f VTJfo. * ^&I ill'
*������ ���Jr^wtftiil
.    a-   J, *'lr / -IB
'��� " & \M
j*' <��*:S
Volume Xl��' ~ Dumber 2 J'/.;* ""*--,   ''     '' '" %V ^^^'-V-*V^HE'DLEI^ B. C.^THIJRsb^Y; JUNE 8,  Un6.,^ .-
 �� "��V> -1,      ���>   -" ' <��� - J" _-___>   J <    Vw '��   <       ','   '       I  _- f -**J     ' *  '- ' ' ' i.   ,
-.^-^-r^A *^1M*h5I"Si
*>��� JflS. GtaRKE
Nor Stock 1
af ���Ol*��� * *V
i    *   - s
& B00t5 and SllOCS $
a. " > ft
|��     Specially Reduced     &
gu Groceries*, - Fruits and $
""*       Vegetables? "***
-i T       i** r* V ���**. *���
���g. \     Vegetables ,/Tl
A dispatch? came over
the,) telephone Tuesday
that Lord Kitchener and
**to��C wdre lost  with the
__crew' oL cruiser Ilamp-
shire,  wrecked   off , the
,Orkney-islands.-   Tnis i**s
the  gretites>t  of a' long
scries of empire dibtisl crs
L'et us"hope thafOili-
cial    Britnin     and     her-
-- i-    .
protected   alien-enemies
���*'        i.   ���     ..I ��� *'
.avo not  in  this case re-
*('   ' ' .
���������sponsible ,ipv   a- crime
-.;���*- } ^   /    -    ' *    .;
"similar to that which le- -
suited in- the. untimely^!
*, *-      i   "       -** ' ^,
dea*l'li,df ^ir Hector Mc-,
Donald. T -,
W& ���** /,:
r N. Tiiorvirs n .    '
*hok wrsruiN oanatia _ /       �� >"��     ^* V
,Cammeir Laird & Co.' Ltd.
.   -   ���, Steel Manufacturers'-""-    .
Sheffield, Eng.,   ___' -  '
Ofllces and M'arehouse, 817 (.3 Boatty Street
Vancouver, B. C.       '
*    '     A. F.-&.A. M. , \^
i t' -,
REGULAR monthly meetings of
Uedloy Lodgo JSTo IX A F '& A M,
are held on-the second Puday in
each month in E ratoi nity hall. Hedley Vi&iting
biothion aie cordially,invited to attend    ,
a. hV.sprqule, " *
*"  -v,     ,W. M
���    x    i,, . L. O. L.    i     .
t��   Thc-Rogulai    meetings ot
Hedley Lodge" 1711 are held on
the firsthand "thud ..Monday in
e^eiy month in the Orange Hall,.,
"Ss^BalSSif  Ladies meet 2nd aiuf 1-Mondays
��Visiting hi other n aie cordially invited  f    ' f*
'   --���       ,     nv/LONSDAL-ra," W. M , *
v    .IL K iLAjN&ON, Soc't
r **Z^^ ���	
. British Columbia Land Surveyor
^ JTkl No 27-^-' - -���^P'*O*I)K*A-AVl-mb0J-"
PENTICTON,       -      -       B. C
Star Building       -       Princeton
C    I.   1IVSMNR
* 6Lf\yT0N fr HftSKlNS
B.itnslois, Solicitois, Etc.
f*. .
PENTICTON,    '  -        B. C.
fledieii Opera House.
ft. I. JONES, Manager'
A largo,  commodious  hall for
dances or other entertainment.
���_* 9��
a x
I Grand Union |
I Hotel 1
IS ) \
I  HEDLEY,   British Columbia "x
I %
���S  ��� x
The golf links are being well
pationized these days',   t ������/'
J -M. Daly and "R. Gr Oawstonpf
Kei emeos were in' town Saturday.'," H -   " 'l
i-                    -.ft.
T. H/Rothorham ^nadc' a liy-:
Ing business visit  to  Princeton
Monday '���     " -     '_      r* \
ReTnember the bmid 'dance in
%.���-* !*5-'- ���*. ""     1
the'LTe'dley opera,House on the
>16thjn-**t.'* t\- ') /'   ' S -    r '    )" ���
' vII.>X- *)���<-"- 'Mrs.'. Barjt-ollo "of
Keremeos'Avere visitors in town
Saturday."^ ^       -  __ ^!_____
" F. LT. French- of^the Hedley
Trading company visited Princeton Monday.       ""������     , '
Curty   Shister   and^'-Homer
i . -*-���?- .**
Wells    of   Princeton    were   in
town Saturday.   ,__ '
Al. Campbell and JNTa't Darling
of Vancouver were in town ye***-
** ' - *��� i
terday.     They  sell booze   and
smokes. Separately they are
pretty "good fellows.
Princeton will have a big tv*. o-
day celebration .June 30th and
July l*st The program ~ will
include baseball, lioise racing,
rock ^diilling, athletic spprt*-,
and cowboy race; $1200.00 wil,l
be^expended-in prizes.* Special
train*** will be run tp accommodate visitors. * N
; -        -
Owing to a mistake in shipping by fi eight instead of ex1-
piess, the-ieady prints' for the
The* Gazette have not arrived
in time for thi*** issue; thorefoie
* i -.
the single sheet this week. Since'
5*.'-  -^^gBags
/Mil-   11ATITA*1   ?  **5���Kw
"MA"LKIN'S BEST" Extracts and Spices'are packed in .our'newri f^g
Hygienic Factory witk the most- moiiern .machinery ill
Rates���$1.50 a Day and Up
First Class Accommodation.
Bar Stocked with Best Brands
of Liquor and Cigars
a: winkLer.
Proprietor, _6
All kinds of fresh aud
cured meats always on
hand. Fresh Fish on
sale   every   Thursday..
WgmpMOND, Prop.
taking ovei The Gazette it luu>
been one goslh-hanged (we would
say damned but tor early Pres
by toii an environment) thing
after anothei. Luck may change
and it is about time.
Tuesday evening, the Hedley
band gave an open an concert
which -was much appreciated
by all. The band should i eceive
thehcaitv support of the citizens. Especially in a mining
camp it is difficult to keep a
band alivo. whore men are constantly moving from one place
to another." It is a constant dig
down in their pockets by the
members for music and othei
requisites. Then theie is the
time lost by the members in
practice and free engagements.
You have all asked the band
to play for nothing���to help
the chinch, tho town, or the
district���just for pure patriotism, foi getting that every effort
of a village band is patriotic.
The Hedley band couldn't play
a day's engagement for le*-s
than $50 and break even on
actual expenses. An evening
engagement monthly could not
be.financed for less than $25.
Don't say nonsense, eight years'
experience should give one a
good idea of -the necessary expenses of a village baud.     ;
Wholesale Grocersland^^=��|
** >
Manufacturers."" si, ��� ���,~w
1   �����-������>-*-*-    ^irr/^-j
-.-its -*+ ���
2$% <.'-**f
v*"<c (;**"**   a
2<ilf   Hi
jf\"**- -4  V*  _^-^^"*w ���j - ** t-~   ��� "-Vjyta
Mis. A. F. Lomer and children vibU-ed Piinceton Saturday.
" I-Tick Pickaid left Satuiday
for-Ivamloops, wheie he \\ill
join the Pioneers.
- Mis. L^Oty aud'childien of
Chopaka cuiie in'Thursday, returning to Oroville Sunday
R. J. Smith, district freight
and ]iassenger agent of the G.
N. R, passed through Hedley
Thuisday. \
Mis. Bowcrman   left for Spo
kand  Tuesday.    A   number   oL
friends weie  at  the  station to
bid her good-hyp.
J. Peck MacSwain went tip to
Princeton Monday. He expects
to go noith to the Peace Rivei
country this summer.
M C. Hill left Saturday for
Trail. Ho made a host of
fx iends while here, and w ill be
missed in Hedley s athletic
The weather for the past two
or three day*-, has been comfortably wni'm, and it is probable thero will be summer
weather from npw on.
W. J. Kirkpa trick and Hugh-
Finnegan of Princetou were
heie Friday tiying to get a
corner on pork, but all they
seemed was a single hog.
Mrs. P. C. Rolls, who has been
-visiting her sons, Bruce and
Louis, foi the pabt three
months, left Thursday for her
home in Alameda, California.
Tennis, ice cream and straw
triously by  the  female population, while highballs and grunts
are  still  indulged  ins by many
sof the males.
Jas. Bttfiss, oi Boeing & Brass,
returned Tuesday from a business trip to Trail, Nelson and
poiuts in the Boundar> district.
lie says' Trail was the only
live' business burg he visited.
Trail lias a payroll of $120,000
monthly. About twelve hund-
mon aie on the pavioll, .1 num-
bf them civilized, tho balance
liom contial and southeastern
Em ope, and usually designated
boh unks.
vastly superior a'force. There
is nothing to make excuses for.
History does not record a single
instance of British seamen hag-
ovet   weights before en
gaging twi  enemy. , They  got
IT, , ..
.lS,of_tho enemy's boats, and
had beeu waiting two years for
just such an opportunity. The
���losses in men weie lartje on
both sides, the l.ugest in any
na\al battle, but tin"*-* is a war
of annihilation, and will end
only when one of the participants is almost exteiminatcd.
Great Naval Battle;
On the 31st May the gieatcst
naval battle of the 'win was
fought in the North sea. The
Germans los-t 2 battleship's, 2
dreadnaught cruiseis, *1 light
cruisers, 9 torpedo boats, and a
submarine. The British, 3 battle cruisers three auuoied
cvj-isers, and 8 destroyers. Time
will tell whether the engagement was a victory or not. The
Germans came out with about
one hundred fighting ��� craft.
Those were attacked by the
Biitish cruiser squadion befoie
the battleships came np. After
the British battle ships came
into action the Germans retired, or whatever is the naval
equivalent for a "duck and
quick get-away over tho ropes."
The    dispatches    contain    a
machine or device but^he bene-A ��%vl,m
fits the woild at laige and addsif^^lL
not only dollars to the >orId^^mf|
wealth, but moie intell,gence**V |s
liiid a highei civilization The1i^i:-5
same is tiue of i -good book^a* Ay^ g
magazine 01   an  editoi ial.���Ex1  <- ~~*^ *5
 1- < < * \ -V --i
Tlie oHicial certificate  of 01 e
found    on    Roc hei    de   Boule
mountain, a short distance from,
Hazel ton, shows that the values
are   a*-   follows.   Gold,   $87 20, *-_,
silver, $2.77, cobalt, $l]0?1mak- (
ing a total   of  $199.97,,which is
exclusive ot  the  53 53 per cent
of arsenic     Alex   Sharp, M E ,_
who examined   the property on
behalf   of   A    Erhkine_J Smith,
states that this is  the first time
cobalt has been associated with
high-grade gold -values
���*. -
Helps AH Around.
Hem 3 Waul Bcccher once
said thai no man c\ ei manages
a legitimate business in his life
who is not doing a thousandfold more fen* othei men than
he is trying to do vfor himself;
for, in the economy of God's
pro\ idence, every right and well-
oiganized business is a beneficence and not a selfishness ; and
the less so because the mer
chaut thinks mostly of his own
pi ofit**". These words tell the
whole stoiy. No man ever built
a nice house on his lot or his
faim but. th.it he added to the
*\ alue of his neighbor's property. i-When a man keeps his
own   lawn   in good    condition
ahd his back \tud looking neat, 1     Doim  Ohannel piopeities are
hois making  progress  himself  bomg investigated by the Gran-
and he is  also  making   money U^y company.
for   his   neighbors   across   the'
whether    his   neighbor's |     Greenwood   smelter is treat-
** I
**��� ^�����*I
V ������ **��� "*7
The provincial legislatuiehas
been  piDiogued     Constituents^ ^
should securely bar their doors ^ , s *
and place" their valuables in a
bank vault duiing the election
campaign,  and  keep  a loaded')
���aruii iu the house. '
1 ���
Father Godfrey of Old Hazel-
ton has leased the St. Marie
group in How son Basin to
Chisholm Bios, who have a
shaft down 50 feet, exposing a
y-ood vein of boinite.
4 -I
number   of    excuses*   for    the**
berries -ire being played indus- 'cruiser squadron attacking so
chickens bother him or not. No ing 1400 tons of  ore daily, 100
man  ever  invents   a" practical ttons^beiug custom orb.   1 * ^^t^
- I ..*j, ��t*v4"S?^'.'i-'"^"-.^*-
r-'i �� i*
, ���*? - *
v *��� 1.
"f �����. I.
*W ���*��� mtMn 'W"r  ���������*==-!=  V    ..   .,  -&���������: i  -r-~.**-  *.L^*~+&~r-Eur_  1 ��������� *",/i-****������i.������. "V "T^       tj *���������  ,     J  V ���������**���������      ���������������-       * <*t ������. c 1   K"  r< H **T   r-f   ^     . **i   ���������'***���������".  *,-<-*>  ���������-^���������Vr-U'*-.  i*,'.  T'  ���������      - -- V  ���������'-��������� 5   l''^!\ *'J. ? i* r*t*' -s  THE      GAZETTE,      HEDLEY,  -*B.      C.  ���������^    ���������   r I *    i *  *  '  *   ".v.  *'  M'.-  il  it  15'  .1  '���������I  if  '������.  ifi  '���������'  h:  6016HHM60.  ������  "The Big Store"  General  Merchants  KEREMEOS, B. C.  SING LEE  Laundry, Contracting of all  kinds, Ditch digging, Wood  Sawing, Clearing land, Cooking and all kinds pf Chinese  Labor.  Kuremeos, B.C. t  and  Similkameen Advertiser.  Subscriptions in Advance  Per Year    SAOO  "   (United Stale*,)  2.50  Advertising Rates  "Measurement, li lines to the inch.  Transient Advertisements���������not exceeding one  inch, 51.2* foi one insertion, 25_ccnts for  each subsequent insertion. Over one inch,  12 cents per line for fiisb insertion and 8  cents per line foi each subsequent insertion.  Transients payable in advance.     **  Contract Advertisements���������One inch per month  $1.25; ."over 1 inch and up to 4 inches, $1.00  per inch pcrmonth. To constant advertisers  , taking larger space than four inches, on  application, rates will be given of 1 educed  chaiges, based on size of space and length  of time.  Certificate of Improvements ���������    .. ������10.00  (Where more than one claim appear*. - '  -in notice, ������2 50 foi each additional '.-/  claim.)     -  -  - .  * '    Jas. XV. G-kier, Publisher".  Hedley, B. C. June 8, 1916.  Mr. H* Tweedlc left on Saturday's tram for Cranbrook.  ^party of 13. C. Coppei men  were in town Sunday from Copper mountain.  Mr. Bell was a visitor in town  Thursday and is very much impressed with the A'alley.  Miss Annie Innis made a,  flying trip to Hedley last week  in the car Avi-th her brother.  Tlie Great Northern painters  arc in town finishing up some  painting around the station.  Mr. Noreross, superintendent  ol' the B. C. Copper company,  motored lo Oroville on Friday.  Mr. Kiddle motored from Hedley on Wednesday, accompanied  by Mrs. -Jackson and daughter.  Mr. Oscar Lachmund passed  through town again Monday  with men for Copper mountain.  Mrs. Forbes of Hedley spent  a couple of days in town last  week with her sister, Mrs. D. J.  Innis. ' _ '  Mr. Knowles of r'Olalla and  Mrs. Lelierue of Springbrook  ranch were visitors iu town on  Thursday.  Mr. Lachmund lunched in  town Wednesday of last week  on his way from Copper mountain to Greenwood.  Mr. W. Kirkpatrick- and Mr.  PI. Finnegau of Princeton wore  in town last week having horses examined by Dr. Thompson.-  The ranchers from the lower  valley passed through town cm  Thursday with a large clrove of  horses and cattle for the Prince-  practice to see some interesting games' with Hedley and  Princeton and Keremeos. '  Dr. J. Knox Wright, of Vancouver, secretary of the B. C.  Auxiliary of tho Canadian Bible  society, which is a branch of  the ~ great Biitish and Foreign  Bible society, visited this place  last Tuesday and gave a lecture  and lantern , views of a trip  through Jjapan, Siberia 'and  Manchuria , in the church to a  large and appreciative audience.  The W. J. picnic held in the  park on Saturday was well attended in'spite, of the unfavorable weather in the morning.  The aftei noon" turned out beautifully warm and all seemed to  enjoy themselves. Two long  tables were spread with delicious refreshments, to which  everyone did ample justice. Afterwards games were played'by  both old and young, and as  darkness approached all wended jbheir way home well _ satisfied with the  afternoon outing.  Easy? Oh Yes!  Editing   a   newspaper    is    a  For Si  and Bowel Trouble  fledieu Drug & Book Store  Hedley, B. C  is a good plan to have n band  at the funeral to excite public  curiosity as "-to' who the - deceased was and what he did.  ���������ai*!-"*"'"'-""^^  With Covers  Dem Sir-: ���������"l -un a little puzzled .-ibout  this word "lingeri'*." Do mon wear  ili-   Nix, they only pay foi- it.  business   if you   can  KEREMEOS ITEMS.  ������*.'*-*���������-,  Keremeos has been enjoying  a big summer rain.  Mrs. J oe Armstrong 'of Cho-  paka was in town between  trains on Saturday.  Rev. F. Stanton and Mr. F.  B. Gibson returned on Saturday's train from the coast.  Mr. Adams, livery and feed  merchant of Princeton, was in  town on Tuesday on his way to  Greenwood.  Mr. Geo. Riddle of Hedley  motored through town on Sunday with "Mr. and Mrs. Oty, go--  ing to Oroville, Wash.  Miss Meconnell, after spending a few* weeks in the sunny  Similkameen, left for her home  in Victoria on Thursday's train.  Mrs. L. A. Clarke and Mrs. G.  Clarke of Green mountain -motored to Hedley Sunday and  spent the day with Mrs. Forbes.  Mr. and Mrs. Langtry of Winnipeg are visiting at South  Keremeos. Mr. -Langtry has  interests in the Similkameen  Fruit Laud Co.  Mrs. L. A. Clark of Green  Mountain, accompanied by her  daughter, Mrs. G. Clark, drove  to Keremeos Saturday and attended the W. I. picnic.  Mrs. Keeler-left last'week on  a visit to her brother and son  in Montana. Mrs. Keeler will  be away for tAvo months and  Avill also visit her old home in  Nebraska.  Any  one  wishing  to see the  cutest   thing    in    horse   flesh  should visit F. B. Gibson's home  and see the baby Shetland pony.  only a Aveek old, and  not much  bigger than a lap-dog.  , Mr. D. J. Innis Avas kept very  busy Avith* his car on Sunday.  He motored to Hedley on Sunday morning Avith a * party;  1 leaving them there, lie Avent  through to Penticton. bringing  a party of men back with him  to Keremeos, returning to Jied-  ley hi the evening for another I is   organizing,   and    avc  Party. iafter the club has  had a  ton ranges.    ,  Mr. D. J. "Innis motored to  Penticton today AA'ith men to  Avork on his ranch at Trout  Creek. From Penticton they  Avill travel by the Kettle Valley.  R. Ii. Carmichael spent two  days on the Ashnola fishing  ancl brought home some beauties Avith him. Wo expect from  this on the trail will be kept  hot.  Mr. E. Mills, our hardware  man, has just finished the renovating of his store, and put in  a ncAA- line of goods Avhicn Avill  reach OA-eryone's Avants in hardware.  Messrs. Miller ancl Jackson  haAre arrived back from their  hunting trip, bringing in a  mountain lion, three bear ancl  a number of coyotes, Avhich they  secured on ShusAvap creek.  We tire pleased to hear that  the~ ReA-. F. Stanton is to stay  another year on this circuit, as  Mr. ancl Mrs. Stanton are Avell  liked by his congregation and  the community in general.  Visitors from South Keremeos last Aveek Avere Messrs.  CaAvston, Wright, Bell, and Taylor; Mesdames Wright, NeAV-  ton, Taylor, Cawston, Ring, and  the  Misses Sinclair and Wood.  Mr. Smith, district passenger  and freight agent of the Great  Northern railway, Avas in toAvn  on Saturday conferring Avith  the Siniilkaineen Fruit Land  Co. in regard to the station at  Caw-.ton.  Arrangonfents have been  made by local Prohibitionists  for a lecture on the prohibition  question by J. W. Bengough,  noted throughout Canada as  one of the foremost cartoonists  aliA-c today.  The Ladies'Aid of the Methodist church Avill hold a__straAV-  berry and ice cream social on  Friday evening, June 23rd, in  the Park. Everybody come  and enjoy the good eats that  the ladies ahvays provide.  Among the gnosis at the  Keremeos hotel: T. il. Bronc,  J. Knox Wright, Vancouver;  M. Bailey, Spokane; Geo. E.  Brown. Aurora, 111.: J-J. J. Smith.  Nelson: W. J. Kirkpatrick, H.  Finnegan, Princeton; H. Prince,  Oroville; H. R. Mott. Penticton.  Mr. Frith has his tennis court  in a splendid condition ancl has  offered the use of it to the  Tennis club Avhich Miss Ramsay  hope  little  pleasing-  stand it. *     '  If it contains many advertisements the subscribers claim  they take up too much space.  If there is a scarcity of ad-  A-ertising it is unpopular and  the people won't have it.    /  If avc attend church regularly, they say it is done for  effect."      ''  If we stay away froin church  they say Ave are monstrously  heathenish.  If Ave accept an invitation to  a Avedding, they say we are in-  A'ited to AA'ritc it up.  If Ave are on the street much  they say avc neglect our business.  ��������� If Ave avoid going on the  street they say Ave don't hustle  around after news.  If  avc  aro single they say we  are too hopeless to get married.  If Ave are married they say it  is a pity for our Avives.  If Ave publish a man Avho  brought disgrace on his family  the friends of the family ne\-er  forgive us. - -  If we, out of goodness of  heart, omit anything on the  subject, tho man's enemies are  disappointed, ancl Ave are branded as wbite-liA'erecl cowards.  Should Ave report a concert  and not give everybody taking  part a flattering write-up, avc  are liable to* have the few remaining hairs yanked, out of  our head.  We are liable to receive these  raps and many more, and Ave  are ahvays ready to rccei\'c  visitors whether accompanied  by a dog or not. ' Of course Ave  do not claim there is any Avork  in running a newspaper. Everybody knows its a snap.���������Ex.  Dates of Fa31 Fairs  The ciop.iitinent of,agriculture hns  issued the following fall fair dates for  season 191G: * j       >���������  circuit 3  Chilli w.rck     Sept.  13-.15  Aldergr-ovi-'' <.   ' Sept. 15  Matsqni Sept 10  Langley....'. Sept 10  Richmond Sept 19  Richmond        :  Burquillani        .        ....  The live  citizens, should give  bettor   support    to   the   band.  Aside from the* pleasure to the  citizens   and   the   splendid   advertisement a  good band is for  a  toAvn,   there  is   found a continual   growing  necessity  iu  a  live town for a band  to play at*  the obsequies of men who wore  dead for years in business. There  are ahvays enterprising citizens  who"    Avill     contribute    funds  to furnish   music at the official  interment of old acquaintances  Avho/ started business   on   First  avenue  and ended on Hogan's  alley,   through    neglecting    to  to   advertise   and   letting   the  people know  they were alive.  As a  town  grows  the   non-advertisers  gradually drift, to the  side streets and alleys.    To get  business,  you  must let people  knoAv you ha\-e the goods.    As  the business man avIio does not  advertise is practically dead, it  PRESBYTERIAN  CHURCH  Services?   every   alternate Sunday   at  7.30 p.rn,  ' Htcolev Methodist Chukcji  F1UNK STANTON, B. A.  Minister-  Services will he held the Fii&l and  Third Sundays of the month  al 7.30 p. m.'   .   ......Sept 20       Sept 21  crucurr -r  Barrici-e " ..    Sopt 13  nefl'ey Creek :.      ... Sept U 15  Pritclrard S.ept   19  Kamloops     '    Sept 20-22'  Salmon A.iiii      .      ..' Sept 22-23  Kelowna... >    Sept 26-2(5  Arrnstiong  .vSept2S-2  Eagle Rrvci (Jtalakwa) Oet 3  cikcuit 5   -v i  Gateway 1    .  .     '   Sept 5  Cranhmok         J   .   ..    Sept,6-7  Windermere       Sept 12-13  Golden v.    Sept 15  Fruityale .Sept 18  Trail Sept 19;20  Nelson.."... " \(   ���������     20'22  Boswell  . \     Sept/22  Grand Folks '. .Sept 25-2G  Greenw,ood '.,.. .Sept 27  ciitciiyr 6 ���������"   _  Revelstoke   Robson     Sloe.in City       New Denver   Bui ton  ...    Needles ,   Arrow Lake (Nakusp)..  Creston..           cikcuit 7  Nicola   Penticton  :...'.  SuiiiniPrland   Kalanialka (Ctyanici) .   .  Half-Gallons  1 Gallon    -v  2 Gallons    -  3'.Gallons ������������������'-  -1   *  5 Gallons   -^  50c  65c.  $U5:*!  $1.50  .25  ,  HEDL-EY ^GAZETTE  - ammmt^miiMmuniium.iiMVM  -. Sept 21-22  . Sept 25  .. Sept 26  Sept 27-2S  ...Sept 30  ... Oct3-t   Oct 4.5  .     ..Oct 7  .... Oct 0  Oct 9-10  Oct 11-12  .   .Oct IL  , Hedley's Contingent   .  Following is the list of the nieir who  have gone to the front fiorrr Hedley.  The Gazette publishes them in tlie  hopd'thab our readers will not fail to  -remember these bravo fellows who aie  fighting qur- battles for us. . Write  Lhem a letter occasionally to let them  know you', are keeping "The Home  Fires Binning.' Addresses gladly  i'lrr-uishecTon .request. -  Pte. Sid Edwards (Killed in Action)  L. C.^Blair  Mills (Killed  in Action)  Pte. XV. Fullmer  -    "   J. Stapleton  "   J. Frame  "   Tom Conigan  "   lflbcn/ei" Vans, (Died in Hospital)  .-'   Roy Corrigan  " T\ C. Knowles  "   N. B. Ewart  "   Bobby Robeitson  "   Jack Howe  "   M. J. Meher, (Yorkie)  "   Dan Devsnie  "   Dan Dollemore  "   J. T. N. Hopper-  "   Arthur Coles  "   Bert Sehuboil  Coip.    Fiank Dollemore  Pic. Rod McDougall  "  R. James  "   M.~H. L. J.icorubs  "   I-". J. Rotlio.ih.iiu  "   Arlhiu Fieenian  "   C. Christiana  "   J. Conigan  Gunner Chas. Saunders  Pie. A. P. Martin  Soigeant A. XV. Jack  Pte. T. Calvert  "   W. Liddicott  "   George Box-ill  "   W. Tucker  "   Fred Beck  2nd Lieut. A. R. Den man  Plo. .1. McClintock  "   A. B. S. Stanley     ,  WHEN >/OU ARE IN NEED OF-  "Letterheacls  Billheacls  Envelopes .,  Statements  Meal Tickets  Milk Tickets-  Hall Pi  Posters .  TRY US == WE  -rogranis  '/'Dodgers; 'Dates/ vV;__ ;*  ���������.Circulars*'   - V-f:*-;r ^  Invitations _  Business Cards'  Bills of Fare     *   *  Memo Heads  Butter Wrappers  Visiting Cards  GIVE SATISFACTION  Tlie Nickel - Plate  ��������� .Barter Stiop  SATISFACTORY", SANITARY  N   ' TONSORIAL SERVICE-  This shop it equipped with" ._'  Baths "and   all   the   latest"  ,     Electric.il   Appliances.   -  W. T. BUTLER, - Proq.-  Hatching-  Eg-gs  $i.oo PER SETTING  Single ,Comb Rhode Island  Reds (selected stock)  D. HENDERSON  SO   YEARS  WW EXP'SFJiEEMCE  Taj-."*"-" MftHK'--  "OrsiGNS  ���������OPVRIOHTS &C"  Anvone sending nsltn-'-h nt"I deflcriptionmsj  ��������� - - ���������  -       - -- * 1 In *   Travel fey Ant������ .f  Call-up Phone No. 12\  ir A good stock of Horses and Rigs!  Hand. -11 Orders for* Teaming j  ^ "*     promptly attended to.  /WOOD   FOR   SAL El  PflLflGE,    -.  Uveru, Feed & Sale Stabtll  Phone 1-2  - HKDLBY   B. C.  ,0.  J.   INNIS  Piopr-i  Bow Kee Laundi  , Only First Class Work 9  Laundry Delivered AnyAvlie*  HOTi  GREAT NORTHERN  HEDLEY B.C.  Bar and Table the Best.   Rates Moderate^  Plrst Class Accommodation ||  JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor  ||  quickly Hacermiii n.n 0|.i i ��������������� t\ec **. hut'ior a"  Iiivuntlon in p oliftlil? v>uc..* ������Ij Cni������nnunioD������  tiotiSBrrlotlre-oni! I*' itl.il. H i'Ii'PoOX 'in Pu.tor.tfc  SPiitfioo. ')l(Ust ifipncv lot st-.iiri-'P pjta.--  Fntents. taicon tli'i'i -���������'  ^>'i i.n' C Co. se  t%edalnotiee,\.i'ho'}������i.ii rto, '-itlis  Scientific Mtifctt  indso-np  thm oe <  mm*  A.hondso-npir ll'r 1*1-"'p i "-vaoMy 7 -r.-^Et olr  cilatlon nt "i i i v. - HI- i 1,-M'i J. *i t. sf.l u  Tea.*- fm:r ��������� ih"i.��������� f. - M *>; u'l ik >*-ileaers.  .     _   Mr.... VI..!.  M ib  (nvnora  NOTICE  n*^.f.imjiwv>w*Kis!mkmtKjL*Mlj&M>xti\'mKmrmm  PAINTING,    .  PftPER-tiftNGING  KflLSGMINING  TERMS MODERATE  DALY AVE.   -  .-HEDLEY, B.C.  mmmmMusssssss  ^All\KRAI, ACT  Certificate of Improvements  "Vlidnitflib Fiiiction.U "Minoi-.il C'limii. situate  in tlio tKoj-oos M in mi*; Di vision orbiiiiilkanicen  DistllGt.  AVhcio Io( utorl'���������t'amp Ifcflloy.  i TAKK NOTICE . that T. VVilliiim AVaugli,  Frc'o Miners Coillflfnto No. 7j1!)2-U. intond,  sixty duyq from rtato hoitof, to apply lo tlio  Mining Hccoidoi" for a roHilUnU* ot Impi-ovo-  rncnts, for.Llio pmposo of obtaining a. Crown  0 rant of tlio nboro olalin.  Andfutthci' tnkoiiotlcoth.it action, under  soc-tlon So, ihuhL bo conirnonccd boforo tlie ihnu-  iinco of nucli Cur-Uflr-ulo of Iiupi-ovuiiiuiil,  Dntcd thia.llLli day of Ajirll, A.ll. 1U1U.  Synopsis of Coal Mining Regular^  /^OATj liiiiuiig lights of the Doimnion.-'l  KJ Mnnitoba, baskatchowan and Albc?l  Lho jYiikon 'J'cmtoiy, tho N'oith-wcsb ToJ  toiicsnndin a portion of the PtOMiicoof Jl  lish Columbia, mov be loasod foi ,x tciru'f  twcnL-r one ye.us-nt.in .inniial rental of Sill  acre. Notmoie than 'J.-K-iJiieics wi bo leaf  to one applicant.  Application for a lc.is-e must bo irimlcby-*!  applicant in poison to tho Agent or Sub-A(*;,f  ot tho (list/net in winch tho lights applied>]  aro situated.  ./  In hiuvejcrt ti-mtoiy the land must be r-i  cubed by section*., or legal iiib-di; mlomU  sections,-ai|d in unsui-veyed terntoiy the tijl  applied for shall bo staked oi|t the ���������ipplicil  hunsclf. - ^1  Kach .-ipplicat-ion must bo Hi-ormiiiaiilud Hi  fco of ?,i winch will be lcfundcd if tlio rlMl  applied foi aio pot .iNailablc, bub not otl,'I  ������lse, A ioj iilty shall bo \mid on the inuichKl  able output of the runic nt the into of lho ccfl  poi- ton. ''1  The pomon operating tlio mine shall fiirn'a  the Agent with sworn return-j. accounting'I  the full quantity of merchantable.       - mil,,  and pay the royalty tliurcon./l        coal tiv  ing right*, aro not being opcrutod mi     rotuj  should be f in nlshed ut, least once a year,    f  The lease will include tho coal mining rifehi  only, but the lossco may b& poruntt<!(rio������,yi,w  chase whatever avitilablo suifacc ri-Jlits.-'mSM  bo considoiod neer-.fiary foi  tbo workiiij/of t)L  mlno at the into of ������10.00 .in acre       ,. \  inn.g nw  tt<id to*,/;  r-iji Ids.-in  ���������king'of t  For full information uiipJicatioi/ slioiild be '  niade to tho Seciot-try of the Uuiiiiimoiii, of  tho Interior,* Ol la mi. or  n unv \gunloi bub  Agontof llominion Lands,  AS'. AV. COItV, (.  Jiopnty *Wini.stw of Hie Iiitoi-ioi.|  N.I'.-Uiiuulhorlzed ptiblicati        tliix adve  U6m   ���������:.  Uaoinoiit will not bo paid for.  x  'X&fci*,  4


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