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The Hedley Gazette Jul 23, 1908

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 ."���'�����.'���' ':''   ^   '
"' .''���������     *
>    /I
Vol. IV.
No,.. 28.
$2.00, in Advance.
f 18 years' practice in Vancouver.]
S. O. L. (Jo.'s BLOCK
PENTICTON,      -      -       B. C.
Insurance and
General Agent
Agent for Tin*: Giu.atWv.st Life In*-
''PENTICTON,      -      -
M.A., B.C.L.
Con\'cyancer,  Real Estate,  Mines,
Crown    Grants   Applied   For
Under  Lund j\ct and
Mincreil Act.
Agent for:
London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.
,    Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.
Office  at   HEDLEY,   B.  C.
Headquarters for Tourist Travel.
Rates Moderate.
A. Barnes, Prop.
���Penticton-, B.C.
��� w.
H. T.
,                  \
Notary Public, Etc.
Mukk Block
PENTICTON,      -      -
B. C.
OVER? J. k E.
Casual Observations & Ideas
They Suggested. &
Old   Scene's   From-  New View Point���
Difficult Railway Building���Branch
Lines   Build   Slowly.
James  Jamieson,   Ticket-of-leave   Man,
Couldn't Stand Freedom.
Vernon, B. C.
In ji former issue a little series of
notes by the way, left us at Brideville,
on the doAvn grade for Kettle River
valley, and the green waving hillsides-
all about, covered witli a healthy crop
of grain of \-nrious kinds is apt to produce a very favorable impression upon
Avay-farers, if passengers seated in
Great Northernjpoaches can be termed
such. Tho most stiiking feature after
tho train-pulls out of Brideville station
is the engineering problem that had
confronted the surveyors, and in the
solution of that problem they "didn't
do a thing" to Davy McBride's ranch
Avhich is carved up Avith huge scallops,
there being at one point no less than
three parallel tracks for possibly the
battel* part of a mile���each being at a
different elevation from the others.
A few miles f urthe.r on the track" is
on Frank Edwards' benches and from
t-hcui a  magnificent A*ie\v is obtained.
Over to the. northwest Baldy mountain
looms  up beyond   Camp   McKinney,
and   tlie  morning   being   beautifully
cleats the whole green basin filled with
sundry ranches,  looking over towards
Fred Schorn's,  is spread out to ATiew,
while off to the northward the farther
view of Rock Creek basin conies into
vieAV.  From Edwards' bench the track
leads round to the south bank of the
main Rock Creek, over the Anaconda
and other mineral claims, Avhile northward across the creek the Hatton settlement of prosperous ranches can he
seen, although occasionally screened
>as the train skirts through chimps of
timber.     Along this  south bank of
Rock Creek Avas much heavy rock cutting, and before the truck turns southward into Myers Creek valley it passes
through a small tunnel.
The Myers Creek valley runs north
and south and crosses the international
boundary, but the main line of the
railway does not cross the line here.
It runs along either side of the \'alley
in the shape of a, long condensed letter
U or ox-bow, the curved Uase of which
comes within 20 feet of the boundary
line, where it crosses the valley on a
high trestles
The station "by which Myers Creek
valley is served is Myneaster, called no
doubt after McMynn brothers, avIio
Avere pioneers of the valley and owned
the principal ranch in it. From Myn-
caster a spur has been constructed
across the boundary in the direction
of ChesaAv, but as yet no steel has been
laid on  it.
Myers Creek Avas at one time an excellent trout stream and from all appearance it .should still be: so. The
creek narrows into a canyon at two
points between the McMynn property
and its mouth on the Kettle river, and
between these points lies a beautiful
stretch of meadow, land formerly
known as Nicholson's meadow, but
now OAvned by F. Richter. A tunnel
900 feet in length is passed before, the.
trade emerges out on the Kettle river,
Avithin sight ot Midway.
It Avould be difficult to find a place
as much spoken of as Michvay in relation to raihvay matters, with as little
raihvay activity. Nevertheless it is today in possession of two rival raihvay
systems, and therefore a competing
point, butAvhile there you Avould never
think so unless someone whispered it
in vour ear.   The Great
Intoxicated with his liberty and  Avith
over-indulgence in fire-water, Jimmy
Jameson, half-breed, on  Monday last
dropped into his old  habits arid proceeded to make himself a nuisance  as
.before.    It Avill be remembered that in
the summer of 1005 he got into a beastly fracas Avith an Indian named Francois on Keremeos Creek, and Avas committed for trial at the assizes,  where
he was given four years in   the* penitentiary.    Last fall there   Avas some
talk of ge:'tting up a petition  to get
him.out, and   A\*hile   it   Avas' thought
that the  parties, (some uf them   irresponsible) who proposed  it had dropped the matter when they were given
to undersaand that the public did not
approve of lessening the penalty, it
iioav appears that"they didn't but that
a petition was evidently circulated on
'the quiet, and as a result ho was liberated cm ticket-of-leave   on   June  4th.
Last Monday he was in town and after filling up started  his old trick of
abusing people; trying to pick eiuar-
rels and shouting.vile language on tho
stieet. vfhe constable Avas not on hand
at the time, but on his return heard of
it, and, assisted by  N. B. EwarL proceeded to   look   for   him   when   they
found hiin drunk on the* Indian  reservation.    In resisting arrest he acted
.very badly, biting  Mr.  EAvart's arm,
and had to be handled pretty roughly
before they got him in.the cells.
Charges were laid against him next
day by Constable Sproule, -and on
Tuesday evening he came up before A.
Megraw, J. P., Avhe> committed him to
gaol for six months on the charge of
"drunk and disorderly" alone, the
other charges being held in abeyance.
Jamieson appears all along to have
been one of those, turbulent spirits
Avhose bent-for lawlessness is such that
to alloAV him to run at large is to invite the commission of more serious
crimes, fen- as one old-timer up the valley has said, "if he Avas not kept locked up he Avould either kill some one,
or some decent man would get into
trouble by being forced to kill him."
Settlers on Sterling Creek,  as Well as
Pollock Mines, Handicapped.
(Greenwood Ledge.)
By reading the account of the recent
fire in Grand Forks in five iicavs-
papers Ave have-discovered that the
fire started in the Yale hotel, in the
Union hotel, in the Square hotel, back
of the Clarendon restaurant, and adjacent-to the Clarendon. Until Ave go
over to Grand Forks Ave Avill not believe that there avus a fire in that city.
If so, then the ruling passion is strong
in death, for it is not reasonable to
suppose that the fire broke out in five
places at once. If there really was a
fire in Grand Forks the losers have
our deepest sympathy, for it always
tears our heart to learn that the fire
fiend has decended upon even a wicked
burg and Avith its lurid breath blown
away in a fe.AA' hot and hurried moments the accumulations of years.
Grand Forks has had many trials and
tribulations during its brief life, but
its citizens must not lose heart. They
still have the smelter, Martin Burrell,
and one of the finest fruit ranching
sections in this glorious Dominion.
Here Ave sire Hearing the end of July
and there is not yet safe fording of the
river at any point near the Pollock
mines. With the' single exception of
the. bridge at Keremeos, not yet built
beit to be completed this summer, there
is not a bridge-over tho ' Similkameen
river in British Columbia, between
Princeton and the international-boundary, a distance of over GO miles of
river. This is not fair to the settlers
on Sterling Creek, nor to the claim
owners on that silks of the river, for
it means that for a large part of the,
best-time in the year' no '.communication except by row-be*nt is possible.
The owners of the Pollock group
haA'e expended a considerable amount
in development of their property which
work has been handicapped by lack of
proper* communication. ,    "
Several bridge sites can be procured
in that vicinity where the river lends
itself to economical construction to
such em extent that a bridge could be
built at very much less cost than that
entailed in any oi* the.three bridges at
Princeton or the one. to be constructed
at Keremeos.
With the Pollock mines equipped
for production, the government avooUI
very soon be re-iiubursed for. the cost
entailed in**building a bridge, and Avith
this encouragement given them more
of the land available, for occupation up
Sterling creek and in the mountains
thereabout, would be taken up by
Noav is the time to get'this improvement laid before the government
through the representative of the district Avho thoroughly understands the
situation and we are sure would be
pleased to take the matter in hand.
While he probably couldn't manage to
have it done this year .there is a possibility that he might have it undertaken
in time to be completed before high
water in 1909.
Meanwhile it Avould be well Lo have
the ground looked over and the most
faA'oreible spot picked out and an esti-
made of the cost. Nothing is gained
by sitting still when important im-
provements are needed.
Dominion Government Follows Example
of Provinces, With Some Distinctive
Features of Difference.
Col. Sam Hughes chose an opportune
time for advocating recognition on the
part of the Dominion Government to
the Smith African Avar veterans, at a
time when .the government Avere distributing much, largesse to help out
the forthcoming Dominion elections.
The proposal is to grant tAvo quarter
sections of land to each.
Mr. Oliver's plan was to grant it to-
all'volunteers who.reside or were'domiciled in.Canada at the, time of,their
enlistment for military service in
youth Africa ; that hi eveiitoi,a\7ohin-
teer's death betAveen the date of his
enlistment and-Dec. Bint, 1910, the proposed grant of land may lie made to
his legal representative, and that any
person entitled to choose scrip in lieu
of laud may give notice before Dec.
31st,   1910.
. The grantee or his Mibstitutc is to
fulfil homestead 'duties and make his
entry before Dec. 31st, 1010, and begin
residence on the. land six months after
that date.
Much wrangling and cheese-paring
was indulged in as to Avhether this
would apply to those who eulisted in
Canada Avith Canadian contingents
only, or extend to those who enlisted
in South Africa.
It is well kn'OAvn that'political favoritism Avas rife at the time of enlistment
of the Canadian contingents and that
officers of pronounced Conser\"ative
leanings had little or no shenv of getting an opportunity to go either in
their e>Avn rank or several grades lower,
Avhile relatives of ministers Avere boosted to positions in the fence even above
the rank they held in Canada; and
many Avere forced to go either to Eng-
Everybo'dy   Is  Satisfied With   Showing
in the Mill.
Subsidy  Also   Given   To   Build
Nicola to  Penticton.
Northern '-.as
the advantage of having its station
(down near the* centre of the toAvn
while the C. P. 11. station is somewhere up the river among the prospective fruit ranches, it is true one
prong of the G. N. R. "wye" points up
Boundary Creek, and it is also up that
way the Greemvood branch is supposed to go sometime. Midway is the
haven of blighted hopes and neglected
opportunities, but there is noticeable at
present   an   hnproA'od    feeling.    This
Among other things provided in the
big bunch of supplementary estimates
before prorogation, the charter of the
M. ��fc V. was extended from Midway to
Carnii, and a grant was also made for
subsidv betAveen Nicola and Penticton.
This is the most direct evidence yet
that the* C. P. R. are taking over the
M.  and  V.
The. C. P. R. .also hold the charter
for the line surveyed by Hislop between Penticton and Princeton Avhich
goes up Keremeos Creek, and they
Avould in all probability use it in connecting up Nicola and Penticton.
J. J. Marks came down from the
Golden Zone on Sunday and reports
the first mill run an unqualified success.
S. E. Hamilton, who. has. full charge
of the mill, spent several clays getting
things in shape before starting up. He
called first for a loAver grade of ore on
which to make the start and get the
plates in order and the Wilfley table
adjusted for steady Avork.
The stamps are 1050 lbs. and the surface rock, being of a-*friable nature,
shoAved that the duty per stamp Avas
going to be abnormally high. Low
grade and all as the ore Avas thought
to be that Avas first run through, the
pulp did not sluice over the aprons a
clay until the amalgam became very
much in evidence several hours ahead
of schedule time.
J. J. said that mill superintendent
Hamilton expressed his surprise and
gratification at this early manifestation of values from second grade rock,
and also at the high duty per stamp
Avhich already is seen to be over four
tons per stamp. This high duty per
stamp, hoAvever, developed an unforeseen difficulty in exceeding the immediate Avater supply, but this can be
remedied in a feAV days by means of a
short V flume, and all hands are nenv
at work putting it in.
Fortunately the new Twenty-mile
Avagon road is sufficiently far advanced
to enable hauling the lumber ewer it to
the Golden Zone mill from Hedley,
and on Monday a couple of loads of
lumber Avent  up.
land or South Africa at their envn expense anel enlist there.
One of the most creditable features
Avas the move'to make the grant apply
to nurses who served Avith the Canadians.
An excerpt from the debate on the
question says:
Col. Sam Hughes thought Canadians
Avho enlisted in. Britain or South Africa
should also be included, Avhile Messrs.
Bickerdike and Schell (Oxford) spoke
for the Fenian Raid veterans.
The resolution carried anel the bill
avhs taken up. Again Col. Hughes
pressed,for recognition of men aa-Iio
went to" South Africa to enlist, "including, if you like," he said, "Col. Sam
Mr. Oliver intended that, but thought
it would be impossible to draft-a clause,
covering all cases.
Mr. Borden suggested at clause, but
E. M. MacDonald objected. This country should recognize only those men
Avho enlisted in Canadian corps.
Col. Hughes instanced the case of
Col. Hamilton Merritt, of Toronto,.
Avho served Avith General Brabant's.
Horse, "and I," said the colonel,,
"couldn't go to South Africa because
of the tyranny of an English officer-
who happened to be a servant of the
Canadian Government."
The clause, was allenved to stand.
Dr. Barr proposed that war cox-respondents be included, and Mr. Martin
(P. E. I.) suggested .nurses asicl chaplains. The minister said the suggestions Avould be considered.
has been brought about bv pulling up
a lot of the pegs Avhich marked it out
in tenvn lots and a. movement set on
foot to irrigate tlve flat and turn it
into fruit lots.
Al. Falconer, Ben Peterson and
Hugh McKay arrived at Aldervnere
on the 14th of June.
Duncan Cameron avhs brought to
Greemvood yesterday from Camp Mc-
Kinney suffering from a badly broken
leg that he sustained by falling out of
a- stable loft.���Ledge.
A pleasant and   interesting   event
took place at Cottonwood, Sask. Avhen
Mr.   Gilbert   MeEachern,   electrician
for the Daly  Reduction  Co.,  Hedley,
avhs   united  in    marriage   Avith  Miss
Mary E. Cornish of Cottonwood.    The
marriage took place at   the residence
of the bride's parents, and about thirty
invited guests witnessed the ceremony
Avhich AVeis conducted  by Rev. Win.
Arnott,   assisted   by   Rciv. Mr. Scott.
The bride Avas handsomely goAvned in
Avhite Saviss embroidery, and the formality of bridesmaids and groomsman
was dispensed with.  The bride's going-
away dress Avas of brown queen's cloth-
After visiting friends  in  Regime, anel
Calgary on  their way Avest they arrived in Hedley on Wednesday evening of last Aveek  and have  taken  up
their residence on Webster St.   in Mr.
W. P. Rodgers' house formerly occupied by Mr. W. Burritt.   Mr. MeEachern has since been  receiving the  congratulations of his Hedley friends. THE   HEDLEY   GAZETTE,   JULY 23, 1908.  $be. Ibeies  and '.  S'millccmeen Advertiser:  sued on Thursdays, hy the Hkdi.'kV Gazkti  Pkijttino an'I'j fum.tsni.vc; Co.mi'a.vv.  ������������������  LiMiTKi). lit Hedley, B. C.  were   dis-  ..$2M  ..  1.00  Subscriptions in Advance  Per A*ear     Six Months.....'...      Advertising Rates  Measurement. \2 lines to the ineli.  Land Notices���������Cortilicietes of improvement. e*te.  '$7.(10 for (>0-elay notices, anel S'l.OO for.'iO-eluy  notices. .  Transient Advertiser���������ents���������not exceeding-one  ineli, .31.00 for one insertion; ���������.'.*> cents for  each 'subsequent insertion.   Over one inch,''  10 cents <por line for til-st insertion' anel ���������*>  cents per line for each subsequent insertion.  Transients payable in advance..  ���������Contract Advertisements���������One inch per month  $1.:'.*>: over 1 inch anel up to I inches, $1.00  per inch per mouth. To constant advertisers  taking', larger space than  four inches,  on  application, rates will be given e>f reduced  charges, based on size of space and length  of time'  *��������� Advertisements will be changed once every  month if advertiser ilesires, without any exti-a  charge. 'For changes oftener than once!it month  the  price of''composition will he charged at  regular rates.  before polling-day,  posed tp feel .'ashamed of themselves. This time it will he different, andeven should the government he sustained, which is  very doubtful, that circumstance 'will only be the signal  for renewed effort on the part  of Mr. Burrell's friends to put  him.at the head of the poll, in  which case Mr. Ross Avill have  only himself to blame for dragging into the situation a factor  that will render his defeat more  humiliating than it would otherwise be. * ,  LANDS AND WORKS.  EDITORIAL  COMMENTS  to a  Sir Wilfrid Laurier in answer  question asked the  other  Changes for contract advertisements should    j,.   >t     ' A,r..   13.    ,1~.,     .., M, A    4-s v  be in tTie office by noon on Tuesday to secure day  by   Mr. Boi'den,   replied   to  attention for that week's issue. '  A. MEGRAW, Managing feditor.  Full Moon  13th  0 &  f  New "Moon  Last quar.  18.  X^r^.'f  First eiuar.  -���������"���������������������������    ������th.  1908  *'-.  JULY  1908  Sun. Mon.  Tiies. Wed. Tlui. Fri. Sat.  1 ''���������'.'3  :-}     +  5    -6  7  S  -   9  10     11  12     13  U  15      10  17     is  10     20  21  22     23  21     25  20     27  28  29     :������)  ���������31           j  DOUBTFUL EXPEDIENCY.  Duncan Ross has apparently  accomplished the postponement  of the election in  Yale-Cariboo  a .month beyond  the date  set  for the  general   election.     In  this he has acted neither bravely nor wisely.     Four years ago  he had alongside'him the;riding  of Ivootenay to share the shame,  but Ivootenay has  this  time a  better general in Smith  Curtis  who is too resolute and wily a  fighter to bear   with  him into  the  campaign   any  stigma    of  faint-heartedness.   The validity  of all legitimate excuse for the  deferment was  removed  when  in 1896 J. A Mara who then  represented the riding with Ivootenay  thrown  in,  and not one  half the facility for public travel that now  exists,  considered  that there was  no  longer any  just reason for   postponement  and had the  election brought  on upon the same date as the  oth ers.   But apart from ��������� all con-  siderations of justice  or chivalrous treatment of an opponent,  the decision made by Mr. Ross  appeal's to us a  stupid blunder  on his part, even from, the lower  stand-point of expediency, and  before the ballots are all counted   in the year of grace 1908,  it  will be found to  have  wrought  hint more harm than good,   for  the public after all   cannot but  despise, the man .who -will  persist in the face pf  public disapproval in socking unfair advantage over an   opponont.     Four  years ago  when   Mi-. Ross  was|  first elected   the    public   were |  not given time  to   think about  the ethics of  the   question   but  alloAved the sordid argument of  prospective   material   gain   , to  dominate them,  and as soon as  the result of:  the  general  election Avas made known a considerable   percentage   of  Mr. Burrell's support lost interest in the  contest   and   contented    thcni-  telves with merely going to the  polls and recording  their votes  ���������many  not   even  doing that.  Mr. Barrel], however,  conducted the fight pluckily to  the end  and when the vote was counted  he was found to be so  near his  opponent    that   those    of   his  friends    who   had    practically  thrown up their hands a month  the-effect'that.there is a prospect of the embargo  which lias  for years rested  on .Canadian  ! cattle,   preventing   their   shipment to Great Britain, is likely  to be raised.  This unreasonable  prejudice hi the minds of British  stock raisers, .which caused the  embargo to be .placed on  our  cattle, has for years meant serious loss to stock-raisers in Canada.    The'Canadian'Live'Stock  Association   have < at   different  times endeavored  to find   out  what requirements would satisfy them, and expressed willingness to furnish  any  assurance  that was possible to be furnished  of the sound bill of health that  could be presented f or Canadian  (rattle, but all to no purpose until it became apparent that the  objection   was   commercial   in  character, and the real question  of disease or no disease cut very  little figure in the  matter.   If  the Premier's present hopes of  the likelihood of the  embargo  being raised are based on good  grounds, it will be welcome news  to Canadian stock-raisers.  Some profess to see in the immense territory of Ungava  which has been added to the  province of Quebec, a serious  menace to the constitutional  rights of other provinces, and  especially the smaller maritime  provinces whose representation  in the federal house is now very  small. By the terms of, confederation the representation  of Quebec was fixed at 05 and  the representation of the other  provinces were made to vary  according as their population  kept pace with that- of Quebec.  With the immense territory of  Ungava doubling the present  area of the province' of Quebec,  the effect which this may have  by way of increase in Quebec's  population is certainly calculated to furnish ground for serious  misgivings as to the outcome.  If Sir Wilfrid has any sinister  intentions of causing a state of  affairs which will result in ultimate domination of Canada by  the French Canadian element,  this plan of increasing the territory would be ,'iu insidious  method of-bringing it about.  The favorable reports of a  record crop in the prairie provinces comes most opportune to  help checkmate the hard times.  It is also likely to prove a determining factor in bringing on  the Dominion elections thi* fall.  Wm. Whyte, of the C. P. 11.  places the estimate of this season's crop at 125,000,000 bushels.  The Vernon News did good  work in keeping constantly before the public the indisputable  fact that in 189G there was no  postponement of the election in  Yale-Cariboo, which then contained Kootcnay as well and  the  means  WEST KOOTENAY DISTRICT AND S1MIL-  KAMISEX DIVISION OF VALE  DISTRICT. .������������������_���������"-'.  N OTICK is hercbygiven that the boundaries  of the Nelson, I'ovelstoko and Slocan  Land Recording Divisions of West .Kootcnay  District, anel the Siuiilkunieen hand Recording.  Division of Yale District, have been altered,  and that on and after September the 1st, 1008,  the boundaries of the said Land .Recording  Divisions will be as follows:���������  Nui.������ps Lani) UKcJOiiDisc: Division.  Commencing at a point on' the International  lioundiiry where it is intersected by the western ^boundary, of Section 2, Township. MM, Ivootenay District, being also the western boundary  of the Nelson &:Fort Sheppard Railway Land  Grant;  thence clue north about SA miles to the  southern boundary of Lota.SKi, Group 1, Kootcnay;. thence'duo west to the eastern boundary  of the right-of-way of the Columbia & Western  Railway,'-which  forms the boundary of Lot  ii,(ii)S, Group 1. Osoyoos Division of Yale District  (now Siinilkumccn): thence easterly and northerly, following sjiid'eastern boundary of said  riglit/-of-way, to the north-east corner of L<>t  2,(i!l8:   thence  due  west along the; northern  boundary of Lot 2,f'!)S to the elivide between the  -waters running into the-Columbia-'River and  Arrow Lakes from those flowing.to the west:  thence northerly, following the .summit of the  mountains- to. a pointnfiniiles due north of the  International   Reundary... which   is eiteo  the  north-east corner of the Similkameen Division  of Yale District; thence due easttoa.point due  south of the south-west corner of Township (Si,-  Kootcnay; .thence due north to the' north-cost  corner  of Township Ii.*).  Osoyoos Division of  Vale: thence north-westerly to the summit of  the.divideseparating the waters (lowing into  the Columbia River and Arrow Lakes from the.  waters flowing to the west;  theinee following  the summit: of the mountains, in a northerly  direction, to <v point due west of the north-west  eoriier of.Lot SIS, Group 1, Ivootenay, which  point is the north-west corner of the Nelson  Land Recording Division; thence clue east to  the summit of the  water-shed: dividing  the  waters flowing into the Arrow Liikos .from the  'waters flowing into Slocan, Lake, whieli is the  north-oitst corner of  Nelson Land' Rcc-ording  Division ; thence southerly along the elividcbo-  tween the waters flowing into the Arrow Lakes  and the waters flowing into Slocan River and  Slocan Lake to-a point noarthc headwaters of  Pass Creek; thence following the height of land  to the mouth of Little Slocan River: thence  crossing the Slocan River and following the divide separating the: waters flowing into: the  Slocan  River and,-* Kootcnay-".Lake from the  waters Ilowing into Ivootenay River and West  Arm of Kootcnay Lake totbenorth-westcorner  of Lot.7,133, Group 1,-kootcnay;. thence due east  along the north boundaries erf Lots 7,fi23 and  I.Heil, to  the - west shore of Kootcnay Lake;  thence southerly and easterly to'Pilot Point:  thence northerly to the north-west corner, of  Lot 1,I8I(, Group 1. Kootcnay; thence easterly,  following the height of land  separating the  waters (lowing into , Crawford Creek from the  Avaters flowing into'Groy's Creek; to the eastern  boundary .of West Kootonay . District,' near the  head waters of Raker Creek: thence southerly,  following the divide separating   the   waters  flowing into' Ivootenay  Lake ancL Kootcnay  River from the' waters flowing into St. Mary's  Creek, anel the Moyie River, to the International boundary;   thence westerly along the  International Boundary to the point of commencement.' ���������(-.���������  Rkvei.stoke Land llE.cpitiims 'Division.  "''Commencing at the north-west corner of tlie  Nelson Land Recording Division ; thence northerly, : following the summit of the.iuountains  dividing the waters flowing into the Columbia  River from those flowing to the west, to the  height of land between Foster Creek aiidKclloy  Creek, to the intersection of Canoe River;  thence southerly clown the centre of Canoe  River t<* the Columbia River: thence in asouth-  eastcrly direction to the dividing ridge of {he  Selkirk range of mountains; thence following  the said dividing ridge in a south-easterly direction to the summit of Rogers Pass; thence  in a south-easterly direction, following the  water-shed nearest the Upper Columbia River,  to its intersection with the southern boundary  of the Dominion Railway Belt; thence southwesterly, following the* southern , boundary of  the Railway Belt, to its intersection with the  divide between the waters flowing into Duncan  River and Fish River, near the headwaters of  Teefxcl Creek: thence southerly following the  height of land dividing the waters flowing into  Duncan River from the waters flowing into  Arrow Lake and Trout Lake, tea pointoppositc  the north end of Howsor Lake: thence westerly, following the southern watee--shed of Lake  Creek, to a point on the Lardo River opposite  tlie height of land between Cascade Creek einel  Poplar Creek; thence following that height of  land and the water-shed dividing the waters of  Wilson Creek from the waters . flowing into  Lardo River and Kooskanax Creek to the  north-cast corner of the Nelson Land Recording  Division, being the south-east corner of the)  Rcvelstoke Land Recording Division : thence  following the northern boundary of the Nelson  Laud Recording Division due west to the point  of 'commencement.  Slogan* Land Recouping Drvisio.v.  Commencing at the north-cast corner of the  Nelson Land Recording Division, Avhich is also  the south-east corner of the Rcvelstoke Laud  Recording Division ; thence following the enst^  ern bounelaryof the Rcvelstoke Land Recording  Division, in a general easterly and northerly  direction, to its intersection with the south  boundary of the Dominion Railway Belt;  thence northerly and easterly, following the  Dominion Railway Belt, to its intersection with  the eastern boundary of AVcst Ivootenay District; thence in a south-easterly direction, following the water-shed nearest the Upper  Columbia River, to the 50th parallel of north  latitude; thence in a southerly direction, following the divide separatingthewatorsflowing  into Kootcnay Lake from the waters flowing  into St.. Marys Creek, to its intersection with  the easterly-boundary of tho Nelson Land Recording Division at the headwaters of Grey's  Creek; thence following the easterly boundary  of the Nelson Land Recording Division to tho  point of commencement.  Similkameen-Land Recoudixo Division ok  Yale Disti;ict.  Commencing at a point on the International  Bounelary where it is intersected by I'ayaston j  Creek, which is also the south-east corner of j  A'ale Land Recording District: thence following '  northerly along the saiel creek mid the South I  l-'nrk of the Siinilkaineen River to its.junction  with the Tulaineen River: thence westerly  along the Tulaineen River to the mouth of  China Creek: thence northerly along China  Creek to its intersection with the south hoimd-  i\ry of Lot .'.Kill, Group I. lvaiuloops Division of  S'alo District: thence deie cast to the eastern  bank of Okanagan River: thence inn northerly  direct lent, following the eastern shore of Okanagan River and Okanogan Lake, to a point  distant ft! miles due north of the International  Boundary: thence due east to the western  boimdary of the* Nelson Lund Recording Division of lCooteiiiiy District: thence southerly,  following the su id western boundary of lvoote-  iiuy district to the -Kith parallel: thence west  ahiug the llltli parallel to the place of com- !  mcuccmc-ut. j  ROUT. A. RKNWU'K. j  Deputy Commissioner of Lanels & Works. ]  Lands and Works Department,  Victoria, li. C. .lime TOli, li'lM. 21~>  THE BANK OF  1908  This Bank has a record behind it of nearly three quarters of  a century of successful banking in. Canada, with assets  increasing every year until they how exceed $50,000,000.*  Money Advanced on reasonable terms.   'Drafts  '     bought arid'sold;  ������������������Sale'.'1- Notes cashed or taken, f6r cpl-  ������    lection.   Money Orders and Letters of Credit; issued;  payable in the leading cities of the world. ���������  Escrows   in connection   with   Mining   Deals  given  special attention.  Hedley   Branch,    -   -   L. ;G. MacHaffie, Manager  BY NEATLY PRINTED STATIONERY  ���������bearing imprint of the hoiiie office���������is  a".'valuable' aid-to the local business man,  for it shows tliat he is ������������������'public-spirited and  loyal to his town' ^-Having this, he can  consistently appear to the community in  which he resides to give him their trade  The eazetie jod pepgrtrnon|  Is the best equipped of any office in the  district, outside of Vernon and the  larger offices hi the Boundary       ::       ::  Uat.6siT������ Faces,    "  '      Hian Orade  Are the three essentials to  good  work  Letter Heads  Note Heads  Bill Heads  Memo Heads  Statements  Business Cards  Bills of Fare  Commercial Forms  . Pamphlets  Posters, ?a, "Pa  ���������fl Anything from a visiting card to a 3-  sheet plain and colored exhibition poster  11 No job too small or none too large for us  HEDLEY GAZETTE P. & P. 60.. Ltd.  ^Pf���������'tr'^^^^T���������7''-'-!*���������"L^i't!"-l'J���������  ��������� *.'\yc*JUin*2fir-  WJian in Keremeos  STOP AT  The Central Hotel  TWEDDLE ������������ REITH, Proprietors.  Good Accommodation and Strict Attention to the  "'V  Wants of the Public.    Livery Barn in Connection/  For plain sewing, tr]wiving sind hmi-  ovating gentlemen's clotliing, try Miss-  Elliott, Kingston Ave*.  was very limited to what it is  now. Yet strange to relate, the  opposition failed to bring out  this fact when the question Avas  under discussion at Ottawa. Or  at all events, if they did, we  of communication | have seen nothing of it.   ;  1  fil THE  HEDLEY  GAZETTE,   JULY  23,  1908.  at .f- ���������  the  Great Northern  ' Hotel  Princeton  Is noted over the entiro district for cxoolleiice of both table  :   :   :   :      anel bar.      :" ':   :   :  All the -.viMitsi of the travelling  public   carefully   attended   to.  . ��������� .j  Grand Union  Hotel _,   HEDLEY, B.C.  HERRING & WINKLER, Proprietors  Town and District.  -        PALA6&  Livery, Feed & Sale Stables  HEDLEY, K.C.  IT A good stock of Horses anel Rigs on  ���������    Hand.   If Orders for Teaming  promptly attended to.  Mrs. G. P. Jones was down from the  mine yesterday.   -,  A. C S.-umders, of Princeton, was in  town last week.  J. R. Greenfield, post officio inspector, wiis in town over Sunday.   "~  Miss Mattie Stott returned from  Vancouver last week on a,visit to her  father. ;  I. L. Deardorff, road supervisor, left  for the \yestern1 part of the riding to  look after the roads.  The trail to Hope has been impaired  by foreman Goldshorough- and is imw  S | in good shape.'���������Siinilkameen Star.  jf Mr. T.'. Dickinson has sold his house  and lot to Mr. Corrigiin and expeicts  to leave in a few days for North  Vancouver.    :'      !  The Misses Sedion, daughters of Dr.  8chon of Princeton who spent the  holidays with ������tht*h; parents,'' returned  to Spokane last week.  Judging from the rate of ^railway  building on the V.V. & E. the Government de> well to look after keeping the  Hope trail in good working order.  Mr. arid- Mis. M.' K. Rodgers and  children:and Mrs. H. S. Joyner are expected in Hedley this week, accompanied by a. lady friend, Mrs. Lyon, of  Seattle. >-.    ,  WOOD   FOR   SALE!  Thonc 14.  -   INNIS  BROS.   Proprietor.  > The once famous Republic mine at  Republic, Wash., is to be re-opened.  The hour for church service ,\vill be  S o'clock instead of 7:30. Rev. Conn  will pre.'itjch Sunday, 26th. *  Hugh Hunter, of Princeton, was in  town Tuesday night. He, went down  the valley as far as Keremeos.  A start was made this week in grading the station grounds. A party of  Italians have the work in hand.  Local anglers have been getting,  some, good strings of fish lately.  THE  NEW  ZEALAND  JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor  Everything New and First-Glass  Bar supplied with the Choicest  Liquors and Cigars, and Special  Attention   paid   to   the   Table.  THE "MODEL"  LIVERY STABLE  Princeton, B. C.  V  -THE FINEST TURNOUTS IN TDK COUNTRY  EXTRA AVELL FITTED FOR LOXtj DRIVES  Broomfield & Garrison  PROPRIETORS  Tenders  Wanted.  TENDERS for clearing- school grounds will  he received  by the undersigned.   Fuller  particulars on applying to the secretary.  S. I j. SMITH.  25-1 Soe'y School Hoard.  ���������M-*'" Vf> "** ?**>*,  $ "X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  %  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  *  X  .X  K  X  .X  K  ���������x  X  *  ���������K  I  :S  K  ���������x  I  I  X  x  ���������X  nBWCS35?5,8B^^  X  %  '_*  fif  .X  ���������K  ���������*_  x  Great Northern  Hotel  A* hew house containing more boil  room accommodation than any  other hotel in town. Tabic and  bar   first-class.     Rates   moderate.  JOHN LIND,   Proprietor ������  When   writing    Advertisers,  Mention the Gazette.  Please  Harry Swan has got his- gang at  work cm the new bridge over the Similkameen at Keremeos. The job is expected to take something;over three  months'..   ;;       < .-���������������������������.''"���������'���������';  A public meeting is being held in.  Miners'Union hall tei-night to consider the* matter of holding sports on  Labor Day. Those who want a celebration should te there.  ; Tuesday's heat made a new record  for Camp Hedley,"the 'glass't showing  100. The highest lastyeiu- was 97 on  July 30th, and tlie year before, 96 on  two days, July 3 and-1.  R. Stevenson arrived in town on  Sunday and on Monday proceeded  with hisOutfit to the group of claims  which he owns lying northeast of  Riordan mountain and on the line of  the new wagon road. ���������  A question frequently aski?d the Gazette is : "Did you ever see railroad,  building as slow as this- is?" Yes,  slower. This time last year they  weren't doing any grading, and now  they have something-over-'150-men  working.  Mv. R. V. Clement, barrister, of Toronto, was in town last week. He is  prospecting ,the Similkameen with a  view to finding a. suitable spot in  which to set up practice. Mr. Clement  is a-brother of Mr. Justice Clement of  Victoria. <  Mr. S. L. Smith, accountant for the  Daly Reduction Co., started last week  for Calgary on a short holiday.'  Close application to office work has  told considerably on his strength, and  a period of relaxation, however brief,  will do him a heap of good.  Mrs. J. J. Marks and son accompanied Mr. Marks to Hedley on Sunday.  This is the first time Mrs. Marks has  been out from the Golden Zone since  since they went .there last August.  Heretofore the means of communication made it difficult to get in and out,  but now that the wagon road has advanced so far it makes a trip to Hedley quite an easy matter.  Walker's Weekly and Lowe.ry's  Ledge are waging a crusade against  vaccination. Whether Doc .Tenner  and the- whole horde of subsequent  medicos have given us a wrong steer  (metaphoric) in the mutter of bovine  lymph, or Lowery and Walker ar6  taking Fra Albertus too seriously is a  matter that only time will tell. But  as it was away back in 179(> when vaccination was accepted by the medical  profession it is tei be hoped that when  time makes up its mind to begin to toll  that it won't start to stutter.  This summer is proving to be au exceptional one in the matter of weather  and is establishing records for itself.  The earlier part of it was by all odds  the coldest since meteorological records  were first kept- in Hedley, and so far  as heat is concerned, although the  average maximum for any whole week  has nob exceeded that of last summer,  it has already shown days where, the.  lowest minimum was higher b*/ many  degrees than the lowest minimum on  any clay last summer. For instance,  on July 11th the lowest minimum was  70 and there was no day last year  when the lowest minimum went above  50. In the hottest of hot spells we*  could always boast cool nights to the.  extent that one required blankets to  sleep comfortably, but on that night  of the 11th, the blanket was found to  be quite superfluous.  Fishing in Similkaineen is better now  than it has been for years. .-���������'-  W.^.T. Maneryof the Lower Similkameen was in town on Monday. He reports ripe, fruit in his orchard, and  says that his peaches have .linen pronounced by an expert to be tho finest  to be; found, anywhere between Vernon and the International   Boundary.  All three smelters are again in operation in the Boundary arid still it is  said by parties from , Green wood that  the times there are still hard. The  Ledge says that open air lectures'-.';oh  Socialism sire being delivered j 'and that  less than 37 percent of the local business coucerns hi Greenwood advertise.  Either one of '''tliese-- circumstances  would fully account  for it;     .  The report* that all;; work is shut  down on the Palmer Mountain "���������project  is confirmed by"the Palmer Mountain  Prospector 'which'-admits the fact tliat  things are bluer so far as the prosecution of work is concerned, than at  any previous time.' Nevertheless,' the  Prospector -which has always had  abiding faith in the camp, and ever  sounded; a cheerful note when others  were despairing, again speaks hopefully of -early probablev resumption of  Avorki   ..  The Trumpet says that in. a few  clays Royer will have automohilesVon  his stage-route. This is a scheme he  has been considering ewer since  Phoenix was the end of G. N. Ii. transportation westward and by this time  he has no doubt thought the matter  out in detiiil sufficiently well to form  some ide>a of how it will work. The.  nervous prostration that the Phoenjx  Pioneer then expected to seize upon  the,equine species in the. Boundary  because of the horseless carriage has  not yet become epidemic, but aecord-  -ing to the Trumpet, symptoms of it  may be expected now any day.  Ice 6ream Freezers  i  ...and...  %  Just what you require for  this hot weather.  - ������  We have a limited number  of them which we are clearing out at 2o Per Cent. Off  the regular prices.  If you want anything in  this line don't delay buying as  pur supply will not last long.  LOOKS LIKE THE MINTO.  I  snatiords, united-  General Merchants Hedley & Fairview  x  It  - WHEN YOU HANKER FOR  I  X  X  I  i  i  X  K  X  Fresh Beef,     Pork or Mutton  Cured Meats,     Fish or Poultry  Westminster Lacrosse Team Wins First  Game From Shamrocks.  All eyes in the west are on the, lacrosse event coming oil' in Montreal  this week when the Westminster lacrosse team play the. Shamrocks for  possession of, the* Minto cup. The first  gamewasplayed on Tuesday and in a  hard fought contest the westerners  won on a score of 6 goals to 5. When  they pile on one more win the . cup  will come west with them. The next  game will be played on July 28th and  the greatest number of goals in both  matches will decide.  I.  \  I  i  g  CALL UP PHONE INo. 5  AND TELL YOUR WANTS TO  UL Jo E������M������������9  T������ Etatellnc  r  DON'T TALK : JUST SAW WOOD  People wli*o are in the habit of talking about themselves, unci their relations often furnish victims for a certain class of swindlers. When the loquacious one* has told the stranger all  about his or her relations in the east  or elsewhere, the sly stranger makes  up a yarn to write said relatives, and  a "cock and hull" story often brings  shekels in reply. A swindler of that  type was caught in Grand Forks the  other day. He had extracted money  from a lady in Cherryvule, Kansas,  whom he had led to believe that some  long tongucel scion of (he family at  the Forks was sick and in need of  funds.  MARRIED.  McEACHERX-CORNISH. - At  Cottonwood.  .Susie, on .hine 110th. hy Row Win. Arnott.  assisted  by  Hev.  Mr.  Scott.  Mr.  Gilbert  M'eEaeherii to Miss Mary K. Cornish.  Teacher Wanted.  THE Undersigned will receive applications  for Teacher for the Heel ley Public School,  up to.luiy'ifith. 1!>08. Apply, stating1 qualifications, with testimonials.  S. L. SMITH.  ���������Xi-'l See'y School Board. Hedley, 15.C.  NOTICE.  HANDBOOK.  (Xew Edition issued March, 1908.)  SIXK:   Octavo.  PAGES:   1228.'  .    CHAPTERS:   25.  ���������SCOPE: The Copper Industry of the World.  COVERING: Copper History, Gcoloejy,  Geography, Chemistry. Mineralogy, Mining:,  Milling, Leaching, Smelting, Refining', Brands,  Grades, Impurities, Alloys, Uses, Substitutes,  Terminology, Deposits oy Districts. States,  Countries and Continents, Mines in Detail,  Statistics of Production, Consumption. Imports, Exports, Finances, Dividends, etc.  Tho Copper Handbook is conceitedly the  WORLD'S STANDARD REFERENCE  BOOK ON COPPER.  THE MIXER needs^th.e hook for the facts  it gives him regarding Geology, Mining, Copper Deposits and Copper Mines.  THE METALLURGIST needs the book for  the facts it gives him regarding copper milling,  leaching, smelting and rellning.  THE COPPER 'CONSUMER needs the book  for every chapter it contains, it tells what,  and explains how anil why.  THE INVESTOR IN COPPER SHARES  cannot, attbrcl to he without it. The Copper  Handbook gives statistics and general information cm one hand, with thousands of  detailed mine descriptions on the other,  covering the copper mines of the entire world,  and the 10 pages of condensed statistical tables  alone are worth more than the price of the  hook to eae-h anil every owner of copper mining  shares.  PRICE: S.i.00 in buekrnm with gilt top, or  $7..")0 in full library morocco.  TERMS: The most liberal. Send no money,  but ordcrthc book sent you. all carriage charges  prepaid, on one week's approval, to be returned if unsatisfactory, or paid for if it suits. Can  you jin'orel not to see the book and judge for  yourself of its value to you /  WRITE NOW to the editor and publisher.  HORACE J. STEVENS   .  (il'l   SHELDEX   BUILDING. HOUGHTON,  MICH,  U. S. A. 15  Try  kvv<.vcm������MKK���������.  Vidoria  Cross  CEYLON TEA.  Pure and   Invigorating.  FOR  Commercial Print I no  TRY THE  Gazette Jot) Dept.  Offers Wanted.  H-  .WING decided to close out the Estate of  the Hedley Lumber Company as soon as  possible, the undersigned will be pleased to  consider bids for the stock, plant, tools K-e.  Outstanding accounts not promptly settled will  be placed in the hands of a collector.' .  2-tf  S. L. SMITH. Assignee.  $io Reward  NOTICE.  TAKE NOTICE  that  Vernon, oceupation-  .SLMILKAMEEN LAND DISTRICT.  District ok Yam-;.  L P. Bui'NVK.vr. of  -engineer, intends to  apply for permission to purchase tho following  described land :���������  Commencing at a post planted ������t Wio X. W.  corner of Lot 101 S; thence south 10 chains;  west 20 chains; north 10 chains-, and east 20  chains to initial post, containing So acres.  ���������Ions' PUUVIS IlURNYEAT.  .lime L'Olh. 1008. .        as-10  SIMILKAMEEN LAND DISTRICT.  DtSTUICT Ol-'  YAI.K.  TAKE NOTICE that Llewellyn Bullock-Webster, of London, Eng., occupation���������gentleman, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted at tho X. W.  corner of Lot "J531. thence north 40 chains,  thence east 10 chains, thence south (0 chains,  thence west -10 chains to the point of commencement, containing KiO acres, more or less.  (Sgd) L-TjKwkMjYN Bui.i.ock-Wkustkk,  By his agent, J. Robert Eraser, Captain.  .Tune 10th, 11)08. 23-1.0  "tXyTILL be given for information which will  "v     lead to conviction of the parties who  broke into Brown's Inn.    Trespassers are forbidden to enter on the premises.  '-���������8-4 BULL-DOG BROWN.  NOTICE.  SIMILKAMEEN LAND DISTRICT.  District oi*- Ya*lk.  -"-TAKE NOTICE that Violet Bullock-Webster,  ���������*���������    of London, Eng., occupation ��������� , intends to  apply for permission to purchase the following  described lands :���������  Commencing at a post planted at the S. W.  corner of Lot 2531. thence south 40 chains,  thence east 10 chains, thence north 40 chain*?,  thence west 40 chains to the point of commencement, containing KiO acres, more or less.  (Sgd) Violet Bullock-Wkbbtkr.  By her agent, J. Robert Eraser, Captain.  June 10th, 1908. 23-10   . THE   HEDLEY   GAZETTE,   JULY   23,   1908.  Ill  THE NEW ROAD TO APEX.  Some   Promising  Properties That  Will  Be Benefitted.  AVork is now in full swing on the  new road to Pierson and Independenee  Mountains, with Danny McEnchern sis  road foreman. The new road will he  a feeder of the Nickel Plate'-Pehtictoii  trunk road and will enable claim owners to weirk their properties. .1. A.  Mai'dnnnld, of Olalla, and his associates  have si group of churns that are showing up well, and have shipping ore  that will stand haulage to the railway.  This new road will enable, shipments  te? he much.*. This is the way to open  up a country, and when prospectors  have the backbone: to delve in and see  what .they havegot, anel the government will stand- by them in building  roads to help them out, it will only.he"  a short time until capital will be. forced  to give the district the recognition.  that has so long been denied it.  What is wanted, too, is to leave Mr.  Cauise'll's party of the; geological survey  . in. possession of the  field   long enough  to enable him to extend bis sheet map  ���������far enough- eastward  to   include  the  ground served by the  new road.    The:  limp  he  is  now   preparing   of Camp  -Hedley stops about 4 or 5 miles short  of  taking  in  some   of the .best of the  properties on   Eiordan   and Tndepen-  .dene'e Mountains.    Mr. Brock, the acting director of the .Survey, is expected  in here in a few weeks and no doubt  Mr. Oanisell  will  take him over  the  tjToimd and show him what is needed.-  THE. TWELVE COMMANDMENTS  [Sent with request for reproduction.!  These twelve commandments were  not written on stone by Moses, but  they'are thoroughly understood and  fr-equently .bumped into by anyone  who cleals with the- catalogue mail  order concerns : . _-.-  1st. You shall sell your farm products for cash wherever you can, but  ��������� not to us ; we no not buy from you.  """"���������"2nd'.~Y"nu" shall believe our statements anel buy all you need from us,  because we want to be good to you,  although we. are not acquainted with  you.  3rd.-' You shall send the money in  advance to give a chance to get the  goods from the factory with your  money : meanwhile, you will have to  wait patiently a few weeks because it  is our business method.  4th. You shall buy your church bells  and interior fixtures from us and forward the money in advance, for that  is our business method.  oth. You shall collect from the business men in your vicinity as much  money as you can for thb benefit of  your churches. Although we get more  money from you than they do, still it  is against, our rules to donate money  for building country churches.  6th. You shall buy your tools from  us and be your'own mechanics in order  to drive the mechanics from your vicinity, for we wish it so.  7th. You will induce your neighbor  to buy everything from us, as we have  room for more money.  8th. You shall, often look at the.  beautiful pictures in our catalogue, so  your wishes will inciease, and you will  send in a. big order, although you are  not in immediate need of the goods;  otherwise you might have some money  left to buy n;*e*essary gc,ods of your  local merchants.  Oth. You shall have the. mechanics  that repair the- goods you buy from us  book the bill so that you can .send the  money for bis labor to us for the new  goods, otherwise he will not notice our  influence:.  10th. You shall believe us in preference to your local merchants.  Uth. You shall, in case of accident,  sickness or need, apply to le>cal dealers  for aid or credit, as we do not know  you.  12th. You shall at all times remit  Cash with your orders, and if at any  time you should make purchases from  your local merchant have him book  scuiie.  PROPERTY  A  Good,  Safe  HEDLEY  Investment  Hedley  is the supply point for the Nickel Plate mountain, on which is situated the famous "Nickel  Plato"���������the richest gold mine in Canada���������and - many other  promising mines and prospects. It is the mining and business  centre of the > '"'','  SiBnilkameen  the neAV mining district which has already been proven, by a  small amount of 'development work, to be one of the richest  gold, copper and coalmining sections of  British Columbia.  HEDLEY is the chief town on the route of the proposed  Ooast-Kootenay Railway ; and with the advent of this road,  which is assured in the near future, it "will^unquestionably  become n, large and important city; and .town lots will bring  big returns on money invested at the present time.,.  ���������___EX__S23__  ...PRICE OF LOTS...  Scott Ave.  (main st.)   $400 to $600  Other Streets    $200 to $400.  ....TERMS....  ^,.>'^7jfc-rayj������'-*-^^$n^ ���������*-*���������*���������  -1-3 Cash; balance in 3  and 6 months, with  interest at the rate  of 6 per cent.  Those Who Invest Now.  Purchase a few l@fs before the llalSway C������mes==  For jF'ijII Particulars, Maps Etc.,  ���������APPLY   TO���������  L. w: SHATFORD,  Secretary and ilanager,  i LIUb  HEDLEY, B.C.  *IJ-MfflW-MltfUlAf_riAl  METEOROLOGICAL.  The following are the readings showing temperature, etc., for the week  ending July IS :  AT  THE MINI*:.  Maximum  Minimum  fulv 12  ,   ,  72  SO  13  07  43'  14  ,   .  02  45  lo  ,   .  54  40  ie  58     . .  42  17  00  42  IS  79  47  NOTICE.  Average maximum temperature 65.42  Average, minimum do 42.57  Mean temperature 53.99  Rainfall for the week 1.35   inches.  Snowfall       "  COltllliSl'O.N'DIXG WKEK OK LAST VKA14 '  Highest maximum temperature 72'  Average maximum  do  64.2S  Lowest  minimum  do  SO  Average  minimum  do  39.  Mean  do  51.04  AT  THE jnUj.  Maximum  Minimum  July 12  , ,  88  ..  (55  IS  . .  SO  , ,  oo  14  71  t  50  !������  76  . .  no  19  73  51  17  86  t t  5(5  IS  01  59  Certificate of Improvements.  MIDDAY Fractional Mineral Claim, situated  in the Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale  District. SV here loeated: In Cm up Hedley.  "PAKE XO'JTCK that I. F. W. Groves, acting  -1 as agent for the "Vale Mining Co., free  miner's certificate Xo. "!I0'I3, intenel, sixty clays  from tlie elate hereof, to apply to the Mining  Keeonler for a Certilieate of Improvements-..'  for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of  the above claim.  And Further take notice that action, under  Section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 25th day of May, 1'KIS.  22-10 F. W. GROVES.  ���������^.j-a^-er^A'-ftla^^  NOTICE.  Average maximum temperature 81.57  Average minimum do 55.85  Mean do 08.71  Rainfall for the week     .75 inches  COieKKSt'ONDINCI   WKKK Ol-- LAST VKAIt  Highest maximum temperature 92.  Average do do 82.42  Lowest minimum do -19.  Average do do 53.14  Mean do 07.78  NOTICE.  Certificate of Improvements.  UXION Fractional and XORTHEUX LIGHT  Fractional Mineral Claims, situate in tho  Similkameen Mining Division of Yale District.  Whore loeated: In Camp .Hedley.  'TAKK XOTICE tliat 1. F. W. Groves, acting  x as agent for Horatio ./. Deify, Free Miners  Certificate Xo. Hoald; Frank Tarrant, Free  Miner's Certificate Xo. Ii S0O8. and George Wilkinson, Free Miner's Certificate Xo. H-���������, intend, sixty days from the elate liereof, to apply  to the Mining Ueeorder for Certificates of Improvements, fortlio purpose of obtaining-Crown  Grants for the above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  section Xi, must he commenced before the issuance of such Certificates of .Improvements.  Dated this 12th day of May, 11)03.  19-10 F. XV. GROVES.  The Commercial Hotel  ���������       Hedley,   B.*C.      ���������   THIS HOUSE HAS RECENTLY BEEN RENOVATED  AND REMODELLED, AND IS NOW IN FIRST  CLASS ORDER.    WHITE HELP ONLY.  A CHOICE STOCK OF THE BEST LIQUORS <fc CIGARS  i  1  X  ������  X  X  3  X  n  i  60   YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Certificate of Improvements.  THOS. GUINEY,       -       -       PROPRIETOR    |  Hotel Keremeos  GEO. KIRBY, rianager.  First Class in  Every Kespect.     Commercial and Mining  Headquarters of the Kerenieos and Lower Similkameen Valleys.    Post House or Penticton-  Princeton   Stage  Line.  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c.  Anyone scnnlni* a t-kclrh anil description may  quickly iiscortiilii our opinion free whether an  invention is probably luiiciitulilo. Communlca.  tloiiHBtrlcUycmitl-letiUnl. HANDBOOK orifutouts  sent free, oldest mcency for securing patonts.  L'atetila taken through Munu _ Co. receive  special notice, without clmrc-o, iu tho  Profltable.  "Did you feel cheap when you found  out that the count your daughter wanted to marry was an impostor?"  "Cheap? I should say not! It was  a half million clear profit to me."���������  Exchange.  He  Gave It Up.  Mrs. ITenpec-k���������I've ofton tvontlered  -"hat first -ittnu.'l:e:l yon to mo. What  ���������was it about mo (hat made you want  to marry ini*?    nr-anevk-I ;���������-]vc* it up.  "I1. S." Mineral Claim, situate in the Osoyoos  Mining Division of Yale Distriet.    Where  located :   Camp Hedley.  T.-UCK XOTICE that I. Clin.*-. eleUlois Green,  ���������*���������     Free Miner's C'ertillente Xo. Iili)2n2, intend  sixty days from elate  hereof,  to apply to tlie  Mining Keeorder for a Certilieate of Improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  It rant of the above elaim.  And further take notiex* that, action, under  section "I", must becomiiieiieed before the issuance of such Certilieate of Improvements.  Dated this (itli day of .Inly, A.]). l'KKJ.  2(1-10 C. i*i-:B. (iHKKX.  NOTICE.  Idealise Jfiertcan.  od weekly.    T.niTcst eti  lie. Journal.    'J'enn.i, $3 ;  Sold uynll ncwsdc'ilers.  3-S13rooiJwEy,5]gy|/y-gf(j  Ahnnctsnmclv illiistlrnted wooklr. Largest circulation of uiiy ttctuiiLUIc Journal. 'J'enn.i, $3 a  j-citr: four raentlis, j$*u Sold uynll -ncivs'lculera.  MUNN&R1.  Brunch Ou'.so, ISA 5" St.. WaahlDKton. D. C.  ADVERTISE IN THE GAZETTE!  KEREMEOS,  B.C.  SUBSCRIBE FOR  THE   GAZETTE!  NOTICE.  Certificate of Improvements.  I   110VC*!'   W.-IS   ,','O0;  Journal.  al.  riclillev  :uc:i.K.**  .SIMlLKA.AfKKX  LAXD DISTIMCT.  DiSTincrr ok Yai.i-;.  'pAKK XOTiCl-' that H. (i. Hielley, of Sidley,  ���������*���������      occupation���������rancher, intends to apply for  permission to purchase the followin-jr describetl  lanels :���������  ConiuuMiciiiK at it post planted on the south  hank of Mica Creek; thence west. <1U<:IiiiIiis;  thence north I'd chains; thence east 10 chains:  thence south til) chains to point of commencement, containing SO acres, more or less.  K. (!. SIDIjKV.  1S-10  April !>7th, IIKIS.  "DRAW" and "CKNTKK ST A It" Fractional  Mineral Claims, situate in the Osoyoos  Mininjf Division of Yale District. Where  located:   Camp  Hedley.  TAICK NOTICE thiifc'1. .losiiih (Iraliiini, Free  Miner's Certillfiito Xo. iniW)!). intend, III)  days from I he elate hereof, to apply to the Min-  iufjv Itecorder for a, Certificate of Improvements  for the purpeise of obtaining ii Crown (irant  of tlie above claims.  And Further take notice that action, under  Section Ii", must lie commenced before the issuance of such Certilieate of improvement'1.  Dated this 12tb day of June, A.D. I'lOS.  li'I-IO JOSIAir OUAHAJI.  : gritfina  xa on Zinc gp IHappei'-^t-*  S ���������slrici_y fir.sl-claas^'cf  !reaio<_erfGrtfi2SQm&  gualih/'of r_Dft? t���������aniizeifastt -fi & v?  Ji&Dn't ia1?e our a-Brti far ii >*v^.-5enr. usii  Iriol Brbsrtf&'CRxzfiniRZ prove j{ y?^i������v?  I  '���������M  r  ^<^������


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