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The Hedley Gazette Jul 19, 1906

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 ������*���������\',- ���������". ���������.'���������*.  *ZL-*r*=_--^-t.,  "t.?jf-ic*   ���������tut  v   ���������      |   .-      i*'v  AND SIMILKAMEEN ApVER_"_SE_i.  77^   ������'-- o2.  //  \  ;    A  Voi, II.        No. 27.  HEDLEY, B. C, THtJBSDAY, JULY 19, 1906.  $2.00, in Advance.  TOE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  Paid-up Capital, $ 10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000  HEAD OFFICE,  TORONTO  B. E. WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager  BANK MONEY ORDERS  ISSUED AT THE FOLLOWING RATES :  $5 and under     3 cents  Over $5 and not exceeding $10     6 cents  "    $10       " " $30   10 cents  1 "   $30       " " $50    15 cents  These Orders are Payable at Par at any office in Canada of a Chattered Bank  (Yukon excepted), and at the principal banking- points in the United States.  NEGOTIABLE AT A FIXED KATF AT  THIS CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERCE, LONDON, ENG.  They form, an excellent method of remitting small sums of money with Bafety  and at small cost.  ANNUAL SCHOOL   MEETING.  Exhaustive   Report   Submitted,   by   the  '      Trustee  Board���������Hedley   School  Seep to be in a   Healthy  Condition.  Penticton Branch  J. M. Christie, Manager.  WILLIAM E. BUKRITT  UAKIIISTjSK, solicitok.  xorviiY i-*u������_ic,  COMJflSSlOXER,  ETC.  HEDLEY,  B. C.  CHARLES _E. SHAW  Civil- EsoixncK,  DOMl"XIOX     AND     PltOYIXCIAT.  LyND  SUKYEYOU.  Orders may be left at Gazette office.  The Twelfth at Keremeos.  HEDLEY,  B. G.  R H. ROGERS,  ALA., U.C.L.  ,~. SOLICITOR, CONVEYANCER,  NOTARY" PUBLIC, ETC.  Vi:ilNON,   B. C.  Edw. G. Warrei.  Electrical Engineer and  Contractor  GREENWOOD,        -        B. C.  Estimates Fuiivisnco on vny Blec-  tbica ��������� Pko.tect rou Pow Lit on Light  Grand Union  Hotel __.  HEDLEY, B. C.  |   HERRING & WINKLER, Proprietors  While Orangemen to tlie noith of  Okanagan Lake colebiated the gloi ions  Twelfth nt Salmon Aim, those in the  Similkameen anel Lower Okanagan  ran a little* celebiation of their em n at  Keremeos, where nieinbeis of the  Or-dei tiom Keremeos Hedley, Faii-  viow find othei pejinLs weie* piesont.  The proceedings weio not marked  with tlie usual accompaniments of  waving banners, biass b.inds, blaie* of  ti limpets oi the tiine-honoied fite and  drum, bill those foiegatheied weie  none the less loyal te> the memoiv t>f  King Billv anel the Boyne. The old  tune "walk" (which m yeais gone by,  when anel wheie sectarian ieohng lan  high, was ottcn provocation te)i sei ions  biejaches oi the peace,) was not in evidence, but a pubhe- mee'ting took its  place, when .speeches w liic delheiod  bymeml>eiso] LheOi.inge boelv, win*  uupioi eel the occasion by setting f oj Lh  what, in then <>x>ininns, modem day  Oiangeism is supposed to stand ten.  The speakeis toi the eice-asion were  Revs. 15. 15. Hardwick and R. VV. Hib-  beit ol Hedley, and A. H. Cameion of  Keremeos: together with lay membeis  Messis. MeCuidy arid Cook iiom the  hnvei isimilkximeen.  The oidei in the* Sinnlkaiueen is s.iid  to be* mo easing m munbeis, six moie  being .added to then nninbei .it this  i neetiug.  OLIVER & GLADDEN  Civil & Mining Engineers  -:o:-  \ iMINES and-  re___/\L   ESTATE  HEDLEY, B.C.  \j~'u\a/,Aj>'*^a'<*\/>/v\j"-!  G.  B.   LYON 1  MRS      i'i-:.\i.i-:i: i.v      FANCY  DRY GOODS   and  BOOTS and SHOES.  lA/atchmaker  HEDLEY, B.C..  Clocks and Watches for Sale.  CLAU.DET & WYNNE  ASSATKKS,   MKTAI.r.UItCilHTS,  AM)  MINING  KNUINKKI-S.  MINUS    AND    MII.I.S     ICVAMINI-'I',  SAMIM.KI)    ANI>     KKI'OKTKI)    ON.  Samples   by .mail  receive  prompt  attention. ('oiTUi-poniloiice solicited.  II. II. Cr.AUDKT,  ROSS'.ANI).  L. C. W'vnm:,  PltlNCETON.  Sinee above \\,is \\iitte*n the follow-  | ing fullei i eport has been j e'e cived :  I     L. O. L. 1770 hold its annu.il celebration   on Thursday last, July 12th,  at  Kei omens.    The  lodge  opened in the  Oiange eh'gLee and Re\. R.  \V.  Ilib-  be*it, _VjT. A.,   .uiel  Alessis.   Riddle anel  Jselyei   weie initialed  into  the  mysteries of that degree.     In  the afternoon  an open meeting was held, the  W. Master,  J. J. Cooke,   in the chair,  when   some   excellent  selections    of  music were- provideel by Messrs. Coult-  harel anel Slatter, anel addresses were  delivered  by   Revs.  E.  E.  Hardwick'  and R. VV. Hibbcrt, M. A., anel A. H.  Cameron.    At the close of the public  mee'ting the* lodge rose to  the purple  anel blue degrees and  by  virtue of a  special  dispensation  from the Grand  Muster   of    the   province,    uelvaneeel  Messrs.   Matthison,   McLeoel  anel   VV.  Gillanders   to   those   degree's.     In   the.  evening the   lodge   veise.   to   the*,  royal  arch  purple degree, anel by virtue of  the same dispensation Me-ssrs. Matthison   and "''M rLend   were   advanced   to  that degree,   i Before   the- lodge close-d  the Dejiuty JMuster, I). McCurely,   on  behalf eif the- members   presented the  W.  Master, .1. .1. Cooke, with a, gold  emblem  pin as a small   token   e)f  the  esteem in which they hole! him anel a  reminder of the e-orelial relations existing between them.    This was the last  meeting  at   which  Mr.   Cooke;  .would  preside, as he; is leaving for the Ootsa,  Lakes    country.      The    visiteirs   from  Hedley  were   fi.   .15.   Hardwick,   wife  anel family, Miss Megraw, Miss Green-  hill, Mr. R. AV. Hibbert and M. Mac-  aule'v.     The    genial    and    hospitable  treatment   ae-coreled   them gave them  every inducement to acce-pt the hearty  invitatiein to be present next year on  the recurring of the gleirious twelfth.  Mr. G. Kirby, of tlie Hotel Keremeos,  cale-red to the appetite- at the elinner  and supper  in   his   usual  genial  anel  The postponed annual meeting of  the Hedley public school was held in  the sche.ol house on Satmday last.  The attendance was small, -hut those  who were present were amply lepaid  for the* time spent in hearing the re-  pnrt of the trustees and learning the  exact .standing erf the scheiol finances.  Following is the written lepoit submitted:  To the Ve>teis,  Hedley School Disti ict:  Tlie Hedley School Trustee's  beg te>  submit the following repent foi  year  ending June 30th,   1������X>.  .During the year, 42 children between the ages of si k and sixteen le-  teived instiuctlon, 22, boys, _0 gills,  anel the last count showed 25 child)en  under six years lesiding in the disti ict.  Dm ing the last halt of the yeai iust  closed, the school has been undei the  chaige of Miss Marion D. Laiunnt, a  teachei of expedience and success, and  ficom theniannei, obediencegeneially,  togethei with the closing eveicises,  coupled with the lact that the Boaid  has not icceived a single complaint  din inv the cxuaitej, seems to "jusldy  us in let ling a sense en .atishiction in  being able to say, we have a good  school.  Dining the List C|iiaitei,Mi. A'lex-  andei Robinson, .Superintendent ot  Education, A^icton.i, 73. C. passed  thiough heieand inspected oui school  and ciuaiteis geneially, and spukc m  veiy comphmentai v teuns. both ot  the inanuerof the teachei, and e:>r the  blight, intelligent looking pupils, and  expiessed himself as being well satisfied geneially w ith the quaiteis,  At the last election held Jami.uy  11th, the new School Act, known as  r the Act of 1905, came into fence. The  tiustees acting under th".tt Act h.ue  gieatei lesponsibility anel moie woik  tej do, <ilso moie power, being a unpen ate body. The* Act picscnbed that  the District would ha\e to pav lents  and all expenses ot teachei and inei-  demtal expenses heietoioie met by  the Government except an amount  (maximum ot $100.00 towards the  teachei's salaiy in excess of $40.00  paid pe*i month by the Government)  At that meeting the sum ot $500 00  was voted loi the yeai 19')0 estimated  a& iollow s.-  HERE IS THE RESULT..  ��������� x     i  Great   Northern.  Rushing-   Construction  Southward from Republic and Northward from Grand Forks, Because  Dominion Government will Not  Compel Minister of Railways  to Settle Right of Way  Matters at Hedley.  Word conies from Midway that .1. H.  Kennedy, chief engineer of the V., V.  & E., who expected when he left heie  on June 10 to pioceed to Ottawa', is  still at Midway and is giving his wheile  time to construction work between  Midway and Oioville, and to the  branch up the Noith Fork. His ex-  pectation when he lett hele was that  a meeting would he held in Ottawa on  June 20th, bcfoie the Minister of Railways, as the Gieat Not them solicitoi  in Ottawa was endeaveiling to arrange  such meeting, and as soon afc auanged  Air. Kennedy would he w n ed to attend.  The fact that his movements since  then, as noted in Midway and Boun-  daiy papeis, shows that he has never  been further east than Grand Foi ks,  accoids with pnvate advices to the  effect that he had not yet gone to  Ottawa and had leceived no notice to  do so.  Meanwhile it ib seen iioin Spokane  papers and otheis in AVashuigbon," that  the Great Noithem has staitod con-  stiuction southwaid liom Republic  anel Noithwaid 'rrom Giand Folks.  Regaiding the Republic woik, the  Oioville Gazette says :  "J. J. Hughes, engineer in chaige,  who has been stationed heie since the  woik on the line fioni Midway began last year, will have chaige ot  the work out ot Republic and has  opened an office at the lattei place.  lie will not, howe'vei', leave tins place  pel manently foi some time, but will  s lend a pait ot his time at each office.'  And the Spokesman-Review   savs :  ���������'Fioin Republic, AVash., conies the  intounation that it is nuclei stood theie j expiessing a doubt .is to the C. P. R's.  that the Gieat Northern lias let the Ii?00'-1 intentions m th<* pienu-.es, and  patience of,the delay concerning light  of way at Hedley which was hampei-  ing them in their work.  , The Star says it "is in possession of  information f i omauthoiitativesoui ees  which shows thine is no foundation in  the report ot a so called 'delay' or  hold-up. AVill the Star trot out its  information? Guess not. That information is piohahly like the names of  the North Atlantic Trading Co. It is  not for the public, but only to be  whispeied to someone who will promise faithfully not to tell. The Star  too is in the confidence of the Minister  of Railways, who. it says, "has asked  for further information tiom the Great  Northern engineeiing department,  WHICH CVXNOT HE MADE PUIH.IC, and  will give a decision as .soon as it is received." Heie is something foi Mi.  Kennedy to put in his pipe and smoke.  The Star intimates that he has been  neglecting his duty by withholding  fioimthe Minister some awful thing  .'which cannoc be made public." How  little'confidence youi modeln Libeials  always ha\e" in the public. They  mustn't be tolel anything, you know.  To him they aie always  "This common hotel, tins changling fool  so  ticat   them   as   you   would   tieat  childien.  Theie is onl> one thing in the St.u's  contention that has the semblance of  tiuth and that is with legaid to the  difficmlty ot picisee utmg woik in the  Similkameen ^\itb Midway as the base  of supplies. This ieatiue was pointed  out by the Gazette months ago, but  the Gazette showed that it was the  ccmtiactois and not the Gieat Noithem who weie influenced In  it.  It was on Ami I 27th that the Min-  istei stopped the Ar., V. ������._ E. liom  building in this pait of the Snnilka-'  meen until the 0. P. R. weie allowed  time to make an examination. Jn its  issues of ^L\} 2lth and June 7th the  Gazette dealt with this matter   fully,  contract for the guiding  eit ~tho fiist  Rent  Teachei's Salaiy  Oveuliaft  Incidental evpen*-  Unpaid Bills  $210.00  li-1.00  35.00  (30.00  21.00  outlining  Total   500.00  Upon the election   of    the   present  Board they immediately set to 'work,  and with the aid of our local  member,  secured a promise  from   the Govern-'  incut to pay the  rent until  they (the  Government) build us a school-house  The Board consulted several successful business men' in town,  anel  unanimously agreed upon a   plan   and   immediately put it into action.   The plan  ..secured a lot,   bi'iilfc a house on   it and  moved the school   into   it  before!   the  last day of January,   1000.    This property  belongs   to  the Hedley   School  District, and cost as you sec; it  to-day,  $750.MS.    From February   1st   to   June  :-30th 00, we have collected $100.00 rent,  and applied the same on expenses and  property with the;   result   that  to-day  the  trustees'    books  show  a  balance-  sheet as follows:  .Ash utk.  Property  $728.48  Furniture;       3S.00  Tuition Fees, Rent <.Vc       GS.85  10 niile.s oi its San >Pejih\ alley hianch  south from that city to the* Columbia  river. It is expected, according te> the  same* source f>t intounation, that construction work will begin within the  next week m 10 davs. The intention  oi the couiprny, as pieviously announced in these columns, is to push  the bianch line as l.ipidh as possible. >  The Great Northern has established an |  office in Republic w ith J. J. Hughes, '  chiei engineei of the Washington <v  Great Northern, in charge. The suite  oi rooms is o\er the Stack SuppU  company'-?, store on CI.uk avenue.  The looms w ill be used as hcadquai teis  lew the engineeiing coips. Twent.%-  five. surveyors are m the. field near  Republic. The survey south was  Started from the roundhouse in the  VV. &��������� G. N. yards and crosses Granite*  creek near the Republic Power and  Cyaniding Company's mill. The  route, according to the best information obtainable here and at Republic,  will be down the west side of the  San Poil river."  For the Princeton Star to take the  position that tho Great Northern didn't  want to begin building west of Kere-  some ot the sources iiom  which delay might anse, but all the  while Ail. Duncan Ross -was pooh-  poohing tho idea of delav being caused.  Tbemattei, howevei, has tinned out  e\ac tly as the Gazette s ud, ioi, so iai  as  known, the C P. R   have not yet  ( oi eluded on Page Pom  Labor Day Sports.  mens at the. time; that the Mii-istcr of | (11.jr;jna| subscription list, showing-  LlAl'lf.lTll-'S  Due Townsite on i^ot...  Bills Payable    Liabilities are made up as  Borrowed against Ass't Roll.  Teacher's Salary   Caretaker    Lumber and Shingles   830.3.S  . $200.00  .    030.33  S30.33  follows:  excellent manner,  Alexander Bell,  ot:  Piinceton,  been appointed notary public.  has  030.33  You will see the teacher's  sal.aw is  still unpaid, but the last month's rent  and tuition fees will pay this with  the  exception of a few cents,  and wo ex-  Concludoel on Png'o Pour.  Railways prevented them from doing  so, is to insult the intelligence of the  people of the .Siniilkanieoit who know  better, anel is also to oft'er direct insult  to   Chief   Engineer   Kennedy   of . the  V., Y. k E.. Chief Engineer Helgoland  of   the   Great Northern  svstem.  Air.  Baldwin and others, by accusing them  of lying and insincerity in the representations  which   they   made during  the winter, spring and early summer  with  reference to   the  prosecution  of  work  in this valley.     No  one knows  any better than the Star, of the weeks  of marking time which the V., Ar. iv: E.  engineers   spent    at   Princeton    last  spring while'waiting orders  to begin  construction work between Keremeos  and Hedley���������orders which never came  because of the action of the Minister  of Railways in AIv. Laurier's cabinet,  in acting in concert with the C. P. R.  15.001 to hold up work in this vallov.    This  ���������15.30 Ki10Xvs all the use that the .Star is to  this   district.      it   would    rather   see  Hedley, Princeton,   and  the Sinn'lka-  meeii generally, get dirt than that any  well  merited  blame should attach to  any of its political favorites.    As late  as the first week in June Mr. Baldwin  was in Hedley and  showed his   im-  500.00  70.03  As Labor Dav has b\  tacit  consent  been reg.irded h\ the Similk.uneen as  Hedley's day, that date is now   suni-  cientlv   near   to   wan ant   some   mow  being made to get tho thing in motion.  The'committee who had the matter  m hand last yeai   haw* ucpiested the  Gazette to inform the public that they  have, a full statement showing everything that had been done in connection  with' last year's sports.     This statement the Gazette has gone; over carefully and has pleasure in 'congratulating the  committee, anel particularly  the sec'y-troa.s., Air. L. G. AlacHaifie,  on the busini������ss-liko manner in which  everything  is set   forth.     This  statement, while altogether too lengthy for  publication in full, embraces minutes  of all nmetings of the c:onnnittee; the  '   ' _   ini-  ouiits subscribed and amounts paid:  all correspondence in connection with  the sports; copy of the programme;  receipted accounts for disbursements,  and a full statement of receipts and  disbursements showing a balance on  hand of $7.83.  In  former years, when asking subscriptions, the canvassers were often  met with the statement that no  account had been given of finances from  the previous year's sports, and reports  were    in   circulation   concerning   the  same that were damaging, to say the  least.    Last year's secretary, however,  has taken   effective  moans   to  silence  that sort of thing this year and  has  taken care that last year's committee  are in a position to account for every  cent that came into their hands.    This,  is as it should be* and we are sure will  have  the effect of causing citizens to  subscribe   more   readily    when    they  know that their contributions will be  proporlv haneilexl and-duly accounted  for.  The Gazette- has been rccpiested to  call a -meeting of all those interested  in sports for this year to be held on  Friday evening, 20th inst., in Fraternity Hall, at S o'clock p. m. THE  HEDLEY   GAZETTE,   JULY    19,    1906.  and  Similkameen Advertiser.  Per Year...  Six Month**.  ���������"������������������'  Mca  .$2.������0  .   1.(10  Advertising Rate5  mrcment. r.' lines to the inch.  Land Notice*���������Certificate.' of unprovementetc.,  "gT.UO'for (iO-ilay.notices, anel $y.0(l for "lO-day  notices.  Transient Advertisements���������not cxe;eeding one  inch, .$1.00 for one insertion,--'25 cents for  each subsequent insertion.  Over one inch,  10 cents per,line for Urst'insertion ami-ft  cents per line for each subsequent insertion.  Transient*- payable in advance.   .  Contract Advertisements���������One inch per month,  S1.-25; over 1 inch and up to 4 inches, ������1.00  per inch per month'. To constant advertisers  taking larger space than four inches, on  . application, rates will be given of reduced  charges,  based on size of space and length  of time.  Advertisements will be changed once every  month if advertiser desires,   without any extra,  charge. For changes oftencr than once a month  the.' -price of composition will be'--charged at  regular rates.  Changes for contract advertisements should  be in the oflice by noon on Tuesday to secure  attention for that week's issue.  A  MEGRAW, i  Managing Editor.  eminent pr-apar^-ii to .push' tlie  matter to aii issue biU;that tlie  mail whom they}. have aj)|)oirit-:  eA'-.-O hold 'the inquiry  i* one  from whom they  need  expect  -i m Thursdays, by the hkim.kv ga/.bttb | no whitewash in <?ase irregular-  i'iji.ntino ami I'Liii.it-mNCj comi'anv.      | ities should be foiurid. . The man  Ijimitki>. ������t Hcdi������>. b.c. ��������� j selected is a well-known Liberal  ___���������-"--���������'--- ������������������ ��������� | iaWyer, Fred Peters K; C, who  Subscriptions in Advance was formerly the 'Liberal Prem  ier of Prince Edward Island. In  this act Premier -Mel-ride' has  displayed  the   kind  of leadership that commends itself to the  rank and file of the Conservative party, not only in this province but over the whole dominion.    If there  is any rottenness, or wrong-doing of any kind  in any  of  the  departments  of  tlie'Government,-it is the  Conservatives themselves who .-want  to find it out as quickly and as  effectively as possible. The Conservative party in Canada want  no millstone about their, necks,  and they do hot believe in being  tied    to    any    administration  which cannot maintain the paiv  ty standards for strict probity  find progressive  legislation  demanded  by the  rank .and file.  That is why the legislatures in  Manitoba, British Columbia and  Ontario have made good in. tlie  splendid manner,'in which they  are doing..   Contrast this attitude of the .Conservative party i  in Canada with that of the Liberals as displayed in the North  Atlantic Trading Co. .inquiry,  the Yukon scandals, the Saskatchewan ballot frauds,   the Bro-  thier outrage   and   countless  others.    As a matter, of expediency, if for: iio higher motive,  why should the  Liberal party,  want'to' besmirch itself by covering up wrong tp protect grafters  of the Prestoiij  Jury   or  Bole  type.     It didn't pay the  Liberal party in Ontario to risk  its reputation and   its life to  save the hides of and perpetuate a harvest of graft for the  Strut-tons, ��������� Va.nce.iv Rileys et al.,;  and neither will it pay tlie Lau-  rier administration   to   act as  they are doing in the North Atlantic Trading Co.  matter,  the  Saskatchewan land and  ballot  frauds and  the  score  of other  flagraiiciesl  LOCAL NEWS.  Full Moon  5th.  bast miii.lv'  13th  #  New  First  Moon   1  21st.  d nar.  ���������28th  11XK)  JULY ':*  1000.  Sun. Mon.  tiies. Wed. f hu. T rl  . Sat.  1       2  8       1       5  6  7 ;  S       9  10     11     12  18  1+  15      10  17     IS     19  20  21  22     28  21     25     2H  27  28  29.   m  81  Mr. C. E. Oliver, who left last DeO-  cmlrer to spend the.winterwith friends  in England, returned on Saturday.  Mr. Oliver was sin-prised on his return  to find things so haekwai-d in the matter of railway building,' hut isconfident  that in this as well as in that of mineral development, we are on tlie eve. of  a great awakening.  The Chink who drives tlie venerable  gray horse and peddles vegetables  therewith, affoitled a little diversion  to hvstaiulers at the Great Northern  and Hedk*y House, by perpetrating a  runaway on Monday last. The Chink  was not within reach at the time and  tho old nag, which was standing -untied, after watching ii couple of cowboys on a bit of a liender, thought  wise to contribute a little'number of  its own to the programme. No ewie,  would have believed that the nag  could rim fast enough to wreck anything, hut it did, and a little bill of  repairs to 'the. delivery wagon ; was  necessitated. a  METEOROLOGICAL.  It has been thought that the  days of railway .subsidies were  over, .and occasionally an innocent   chirp from   some    backwoods weekly will  take  credit  to the Liberal party for  bringing about the abolition of railway bonuses; and yet the ses-.  sion   of the  Dominion   parliament   at  Ottawa just closing,  shows over $9,000,000 voted for  railway bonuses, most of which  goes to the old province of Quebec.    A  few  obscure roads   in  British Columbia hr which party heelers of the administration  at Ottawa, are interested,  come  in for a little over a million  of  it.    So it looks a trifle premature  for  any one  to   make  a  claim that^railway bonussing is  a thing of the past  in  Canada.  Railway  bonussing  in  Canada  should be a thing of the past,  after Hill has come in and built  roads without aid,   but nevertheless Canada will continue to  shell out to  the Grand  Trunk  Pacific for decades to come.   Of  all the iniquitous railway bonussing  that Canada   ever did,  that was tlie limit, inasmuch as  it was given when the  business  of the country was sufficient inducement for railways to  build  without aid.     The building  of  of the Grand Trunk Pacific  at  the present juncture has  been  the worst possible thing for tlie  Similkameen and we aie feeling  it every day.    All southern British Columbia is feeling it more  or less,  but the   Siniilkameen  and localities similarly situated,  most of all.    In  tlie  Boundary  they  have had transportation  long enough to enable  them to  develop their mineral resources  to the point of large  pay-rolls  and regular dividends, and thus  they can command their  share  of public attention, but here  it  lias caught us at the worst time  and is keeping capital  away  when we need it most. And yet  southern British Columbia gave  its assent to this sort of thing  by helping to send  to Ottawa  " a solid seven."    Possibly they  may like the way it is turning  out.  The following are the residing** showing temperature* etc., for the week  ending July 14th  :  AT THK MINE.,  Maximum  '..'' 08  03  70  81  79  80  82  Rainfall for week   .12 inches  July  8  9  10  11  12  18  14  Minimum  43  51  46  54-  53  51  55  ALONG THE V. V. & E. GRADE  8  9  , 10  11  12  13  14  Kainfall  AT THE MILL,  Maximum  79  81  94  92  94  93  92  .05  Minimum  58  55 .  62  56  58  .58  59  NOTICE.  SIXTY DAYS after elate I intend to apply  ��������� to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and  works for permission to purchase 40 acres1 of  land, situated in the Yale Division of Yale  District, commencing at tlie northeast corner  of lot Mil nndrunriing 20 chains cast, .20 chains  south, "20 chains west and 20 chains north, to  point of commencement, 'for grazing purposes.  ClIA.KI.KS DkBaKHOW. '  Granite Creek; '" '��������� ' P..Russell,. Agent  6th June, lflOfi.  .:.-,." 20-81  I  Notice  How    Work' is   Progressing^--Various  Items Concerning Same���������Also Some  : Many-hued  Predictions.  :'i  The steel gang are working along  Myer's Creek and. may not reach Mol-  son until the middle of August.  The steam shovel just across the line  from Sidle.y's, between Molson and  Oroville, has four weeks' work yet.  Porter Bios, have bought two million feet of timber from R. G. Sidley  and will put in a sawmill to prepare  game for use on the railway.  Opinion is expressed that it will take  four months to reach Keremeos.  Royer has been sending out specials  every 2 or 3 days with gangs of men  to work in camps in the lower Similkameen.  R. G. Sidley has commenced harvesting, and has a large force of men  at work. He is also making improvements in his hotel, office and dwelling.  There is a beer famine on at Osoyoos  and Fairview.  The V. V. A: E. are getting ready to  bridge tho Kettle River at Midway, on  the survey of the Greenwood branch.  This feature may only moan getting  more room to use the Y, one leg of  which goes to the bridge.  Several of the V. V. <fc E. outfits  working on this side of the lino have  been ordered to store their outfits at  Midway. This is taken at Midway to  mean early starting of work on the  Greenwood branch. People in the Similkameen would rather interpret it  to mean getting the stuff in positioir  to ship to Molson by rail when track  is completed that far.  There'came tomy place about April "1st one  j bay mare,'-'weight about !KX) lbs.,*branded ( ���������R)  on right stifel. H white feet, small star in forehead.  Owner may have same by paying charges and  proving property.  25-4 F. H. BOONK,  Fairview, II. C.  Liberal papers in this prov-  have been clamoring ever  since the announcement of the  intention of the Government  of British Columbia of appointing a commission to inquire into the charges made in  connection with the leases to  Pendray <& Co. of lots on Victoria harbor, that this commission  promise was " another of Dick  McBride's bluffs." It now transpires that not only is the Gov-  NOTICE.  NOTICK IS HKKKBY GI'VKN that sixty  days after date I. intend, to apply-to the  Chief Commissioner of Lands and. Works for  permission to purchase eighty acres of land for  range purposes as follows: Commencing at the  northwest corner of. section thirty, township  SO in the -Osoyoos. Division of Yeile District,  (Similkameen Land Recording District); thence  east -10 chains ��������� thence south 20 chains; thence  west 10 chains ; thence north 20 chains.. ���������  Dated at Fairview this 5th of June A. D. 1000.  22-9 RICHARD RUSSELL  NOTICE  SIXTY DjVYS*AFTKR DATE, 1 intend-to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands &  Works for permission to purchase the following described land: Commencing at.a. post  marked F. Daly's northecust corner, thence running 20 chains south 10 chains west, 20 chains  north, 4o chains east to point of commencement and covering the N. W. 1 of the S. W:.-J of  Sec. 13 Tp. 52 und containing 80 acres more or  less. .  ICcremeos It. C, .lune'lth 100K  22-9 F. DALY  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given that sixty days after  date 1 intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission  to purchase one hundred and sixty acres in the  north cast corner of Section 35, Township 55,  Similkaiiicen District.   Rceiuired for range.  '_{-!) SAM UKL I). HIXK.  Kairview, B. C. June 14, l'XXi.  L  NOTICE.  OKANAGAN FALLS.  Dog Lake is looking its prettiest  these days, and Okanagan Palls is Incoming quite a pleasure icsort. Several visitors from the surrounding  country were in town and boating and  bathing is becoming quite the fashion  of the day.  Divine service was held here on Sunday the loth by the Rev. A. H. Cameron.  Traveller  WATCH FOUND  /~*jX Monday morning in Pinto's field a Now  v"f Era watch. Owner may have same by  calling at tho Gazette Offlco, proving property  and paying for this ad.  SIXTY DAYS AFTER DATIO, I intend to an  ply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands  anel Works for permission to purchase IfiO acres  of land described as follows: Commencing at a  post marked E. Corrigan's northwest corner,  thence running cast 40 chains, south 40 chains,  west 40 chains, north 40 chains to point of commencement and being the X. W. | of Section 17  Tp. 51.  Dated at ICcremeos June 9th 1000  22-9  E. CORRIGAX  >>,:.  BRITISH NORTH AMERICA  Capital���������$4,866,666.  HEAD OFFICE IX OAXADA,  II. STIKKMAN. General Manager  Reser-e���������.$2,141,333;  MONTREAL  J. KLMSLY, Supt. of Branches  BANK1N- BY MAIL���������Accounts of parties living at a distance reeoivcour  special attention. Deposits can be made through the mail, and sums added  .      thereto and 'withdrawn at any viirte.';-., A General Banking Business Trans-'  ���������ictcd.. Drafts issued,-:payable at all points; in Canada and abroad.  Medley Branch,  L. Qi riacliAFFIE, Acting Manager  Campbell & Shier  OUTING SHIRTS-  With fancy silk; stripe, douldec:ollar, extra large,  size,   English make.  NEGLIGEE SHIRTS  In very neat patterns, pleated fronts, the W.G.R.  make, some of these are made in the coat style.  REGATTA SHIRTS  Stiff bosom,, in dark, medium  These are very fine quality.  and light colors.  flcuinelette  and  Price 75c to  WORKING MEN'S SHIRTS  In   ginghams,   moleskin,  sateen ...  BOYS' PANTS  Tn fancy tweeds, worth 85c and $1.00,  Clearing  them out. at   -   -' -   -   -  black  $1.50.  65 CtS.  Campbell & ������hiei% Hedley, B.C.  FIRST-CLASS IN  EVERY  RESPECT  We have  received _he Urges, and best/ assorted stock  of Liquors that,  has  ever  come  into  t������he  Similkameen  Scotch  Canadian Ryes  Usher's Black Label  House of Lords  House of Commons  Seagram's 83  Canadian Club  Gooderham & Worts  Black and White  American  Caledonia Liqueur  Hunter's Baltimore Rye  John Dewar & Sons  Old Hermitage Burbon  Lemp's   St.   Louis   Beer.  McDermott (3_t McArthur  Proprietors  When in Keremeos  STOP AT  The Central Hotel  TWEDDLE (��������������� REITH, Proprietors.  NOTICE.  Certificate of Improvements.  TAKE   NOTICK  Green, Free  SPOKANE Mineral Claim, situate in the  Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale District   Where   located:-   Camp Hedley.  that I, Charles de Blois  Miner's Certilieate No.  Bnfi2:?, for myself and as agent for J. Cory, Kree  Miner's Certilieate No. 113(124, intend sixty days  from date hereof, to apply to the Mining Ueeorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for  tho purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the  above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  Section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 21wt day of .luno, A.D. lSKHi.  CdcB. GRKKiN  Good Accommodation and Strict Attention to the  Wants of the Public.    Livery Barn in Connection.  ?  V  NOTICE.  ���������THE PONTIAC COPPER MIXES, LIMITED  * (Non-personal liability) hereby gives notice that it intends after three months from  the date hereof to apply to the Lieutenant-Governor for an Order-in-Council changing the  name of the said Company to tho " Kcremoos-  Pontinc Mines, Limited," (Non - personal  liability).  Dated at Kosslanel, B. C, 23rd May I'WO.  19-3ni WM, H. DANBY  SkCICETjMIV  NOTICE.  VTOTICE is hereby given that ("0 days after  x,f date I intend to apply to the Honorable,  the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works,  for permission to purchase 120 acres, more or  less, situated in the Similkameen Division of  Yale District. Commencing at a point at the  North west corner of L. N. "Ritchie's land, applied to purchase, thenco east 20 chains to Dog  Lake, thence north along Dog Lake (i0 chains,  thence west to Indian Reserve line, thence  south along Indian Reserve line to point of  commencement.  Wm. Ritchie, .In.  Per .las. Ritchie, Agent.  Dated at Summerland, May 12, 1000. THE   HEDLEY   GAZETTE,   JULY 19,   1906.  Town and District.  Swimming in the Similkameen has  lreen a favorite diversion during the  hot spell.  i  .1 udge Spinks has returned to Vernon  after a year's treatment in hospital in  Montreal.  A new instalment of books from the  provincial travelling library reached  Hedley last week.  Martin Burrill, of Grand Forks, has  been "gazetted a'member of the Provincial Board of He >rticulture.  Lang Bros/, c>f Pt'achiahd, are putting in a^new saw mill to' replace the  one destroyed by fire a few days ago.  Mr; John Dean, a former mayor of  Rossland, came in on Tuesday's stage  and went.on to Princeton yesterday.  J. D. Brass is putting up a double  house on the corner of Webster and  Ellis stree'ts. Each will have three  rooms.  D. G. Hackney was in town hist  week. Mr. Hacknev has beeu down  in the lower part of the valley for a  few weeks.  The log drive is coming on in good  shape and will he down to Stirling  Creek in a few * days, quite a few of  the logs having reached there already.  Mr. and Mrs. Cootes, M. and Mrs.  Bragg and Mrs.s Brule spent three  days camping out at Wolf Creek.  They took advantage of the lay-off at  the mill for this outini/.  C. S. Stevens, superintendent of  Dominion telephone and telegraph  lines, says that a contract will lie let  for supplying poles for 80 miles l>e-  tiveen Penticton and Nicola.  A meeting to make arrangements  for Labor Day celebration in Hedley,  will be held in Fraternity Hall, tomorrow (Friday) evening, at 8 o'clock,  p. in. All citizens are reejuested to  attend.  Mr. and Mis. Geo. Shelder returned  on Tuesday from Ontario where they  had gone to" visit Mr. Shelder's relatives. Mrs. Shelder went east in the  early spring and Mr. Shelder about a  montli agol       '     '  .0. A. Brown went out on Friday's  stage. So carefully had he followed  the injunction to let not the right  hand know what the left hand doeth,  that there is a leather medal for any  cine who can tell whither' he. was  hound./  The Gazette was pleased to receive a  call on Monday from an old friend,  Mr. GV B. Bash of Greenwood, who  was making a flying trip to "Bear  Creek. Old times and friends at Mc-  Kinney and the Boundary was the  theme, and all know how pleasantly  an hour or two can pass under such  conditions.  Harry Walton who has been educating the tastes of bon vivants in Hedley for the more aristocratic brands of  budge, and maintaining the fame of  his illustrious ancestor, '* Ike," as boss  angler, left on Wednesday morning  for the coast, going out by way of  Nicola. Harry's Hedley friends wish  him succes.  Dr. Mathison, dentist, of Greenwood,  is at present at Sumnierland and  Peachland. His original programme  was to be in Hedley before this time,  but for obvious reasons he is leaving  this part of his itinerary off a few clays  longer. He may, however, find it advisable yet to come in before the end  of the month.  The. post office on Rock Monti tain,  known as Maud post office, of which  H. S. Edwards was postmaster, is being moved to McBride's, with D. Mc-  Bricle as postmaster, ft is not known  yet whether the name of the new post  office will be McBride or Bridesville.  In view of the fact that the; new postmaster has recently been married to a  charming voting widow, the latter  would be the more suitable; name and  doubtless will be adopted.  Mr. H. 13. Brown informs the Gazette  that the account of the bear and bulldog fight appearing in the issue of two  weeks ago, while correct in most  essential points scarcely did justice to  the old dog, which, alt-hough muzzled,  tackled the bear repeatedly and was  badly wounded in the fray. The item  might be construed as casting a reflection on the courage of the: old dog,  although no such meaning was intended to be conveyed, and the clog's behavior did net deserve any slight of  that kind. The Gazette unqualifiedly  begs pardon of this valiant bull-bitch,  which, although surviving amurderous  fray in which her two plucky sons  were laid low, acquitted herself most  creditably. And why shouldn't one  apologize as readily for injustice done  to the genus canunr as to the genus  homo ?  Mr. Wright, of tlie Spokane Diamond .Drilling .Co...went out on Friday  meirhinjg's stage for Spokane. Drilling  on the Hummingbird is meanwhile  going on as .before in charge of Mr.  Connors. Mr. Wright has had .trouble  with ones of his eyes, and the haul  strain put upon it in his work of  diamond setting has made matters all  the worse;, by pre'venting any improvement, anel so a little treatiiHint and  rent became imperative.  Mr. A. C. Stoess, P. L. S., who .has  been doing engineering work for the*  Messrs. Armstrong at Keremeos, was  in Hedley on Tuesday night! Mr.  S.toess is an old C. P. R. engineer, having been in the employ of that company during the. construction of the  main line in the early eighties, and he  watches with keen interest the pmsent  movement on the part of the C. P. R.  to build through the Yellowhead Pass,  which he always believed te������ be the  best route.  Mr. 'John Highmau, of Vernon,  District Deputy Grand Master of No.  9 District, under the jurisdiction of  the Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and  Accepted Masons of British Columbia,  arrived in Hedley on Tuesday night  under special authority from the Grand  Master to constitute and dedicate  Hedley Lodge, which was recently  granted a warrant by the Grand  Lodge. Other brethren of the mystic  tie are expected in this evening from  Vernon and other points in the district.  The head gear-of tlie gravity tram  at the central station gave out again  last week, and there not' being ore  enough ahead at the mill to keep going, a shut down has resulted until  repairs can be effected. A new shaft  for the head gear which had been telegraphed for, arrived on Sunday, and  a cement foundation has l>een put in  with the hope of making it hold,  Scarcity of men is the reason given  for having insufficient ore ahead to  provide for contingencies of this kind.  " There was news from Keremeos on  Saturday evening to the effect that  there had been a cloudburst down at  the railway construction camp the day  before. The camp was reported to  have been nearly washed away. Fuller  particulars are not to hand. The  Great Northern has been having considerable experience with this phenomena, a rather serious cloudburst  occurring   last   week   near    Gilpin's  ranch below Grand Forks, which  washed out some of their roadbed and  temporarily^ ..demoralizing telegraph  connection as "'well.  f HOTEL I  I HEDLEY i  Under   New  Management  THE   BEST   PROVIDED  ..IX  KITCHEN .VXD  BAIL  A X X)   E V E it Y    CAKIS  TAKEN FOB THE COMFORT OF   P A T It O X S.  GIBBON   an d  M c D O N A L D  Proprietors  ;  ^'^"^^^���������^���������^���������^"'^���������^^���������^"'^^^"���������^'^^���������^^^^  REVELY'S  STABLE  Headquarters for all Stage Lines  Express Office in Connection  Your wants for Li\ cry or Team  Work will be attended to  by calling Phone 12.  W.   F.  REVELY,   Proprietor  SECURE APRICOTS EARLY  As the crop is short.   Will be in regularly with  fruits  and  vegetables.  F, P; HOWARD  HOTEL  METROPOLE  VANCOUVER, B.C.  American and Kuropcan Plan.  Commercial Headquarters, and convenient to Business Centre,  Theatres, Wharves  and Depots.  Stofim - Heated,   Electric - Lighted,  Elevator and other modern  conveniences.  m  . CO  '    ������;  - ' ���������       -   \\  .._  H  ��������� -  firL______ife*'  ijj s i ���������  FACTS  ABOUT GROCERIES  and   DRY  GOODS  GEO.  L. HOWE, Proprietor  Abbot Street  ff A new house containing more bed M  I? room    accommodation    than ' any -jl  JC other  hotel   in'town.     Table and' jg  g" bar- first-class.    Rates  moderate. M  j������           PETERSON BROS & LIND. *  ������                          Proprietors. S  W$^% ^^^^*^_'^_ '"^'^b *^-p*^_ ���������_'^'^^������^^^_i'^P^_i,^5 ^t ^"���������p^V"^^wr*^t  Fact i���������Our Store is the most attractive  in town and our stock is the  most complete.  Fact 2���������We are stocked with the very  best goods obtainable.  Fact 3���������We are up-to-date in all pertaining to our  business.  Fact 4���������We have one price for everybody, courteous treatment and  good service.  Fact 5���������We shall be pleased to have  you call and inspect our stock,  whether you buy or not.  Shat fords,  Limited  STORES  AT  FAIRVIEW and  HEDLEY  ooceoe  THE COMFORTABLE WAY.  S.     F.     &    N.     RY.  THE  NEW  ZEALAND  HOTEL  # ��������� # # X  JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor  Everutlilng New and  First-Class  Bar supplied with the Choicest  Liquors and Cigars, and Special  Attention   paid   to   the   Table.  Daily  Leave  iM.-j a. m.  '1.1.1 a. in.  II. 15 a. in.  !).!'> it. in.  MIDWAY  Spokane, Seattle.  Everett, Belling-  ham. Vancouver.  Victoria and all  Coast points. "   Spokane, i'eriiio.  Winnipeg. St. Paul  Minneapolis  Grand Forks. Republic, Marcus  Northport,  Ross-  land. Nelson  Daily  Arrivc  (i.10 p. in.  Keremeos New Town site  Now On the Market.  The V. V. & E. Railway Station will he in the  centre of the town.  Now is the time to get your lots, before the first  train comes up the valley.  Choice 1, 2 and 3 acre lots all around  town site.  The 10 acre Fruit lots are going fast,    Just a few  left.   Now is the time to double your money.  For Full Particulars Apply to  Keremeos Land Co., Keremeos, B.C.  .1. J. Armstrong, Manager  Town Lots  $100,   $20C  and $250  1, 2 and 3 Acre  Lots $306 Acre  10 Acre Lots  $200 per Acre  Terms Easy  li.UI p. 111.  'i.10 p. ill.  fi.10 p.  il.Mii. 111. I Knslo. Siuidnn  (i.KI p. 111.  Connecting at Spokane with the famous  ORIENTAL LIMITED" O  Daily   Overland   Trains      ���������*  2  Try  ^>.vv\\\V������-*-������_fc.  Vidoria  l__tfFOSS  CEYLON TEA.  Pure  and   Invigorating.  From Spokane for Winnipeg,  St, Paul, Minneapolis, St. Louis,  Chicago and all points   east.  For complete information,  rates, berth reservations, etc.,  call on   or address  C. E. Preston,  Agent, Midway,   B.  C.  S. G. Yerkes,  A. I\ A., Seattle. Wash.  Mi.Doiigall & Go's  LIVERY, FEED 8 SALE STABLES  Fairview and Penticton  ALSO���������  BANNEN & SMITH  General Blacksmiths and  Horseshoers  HEDLEY,       - -      - -       B. C.  Proprietors���������FAIRVIE W    AN D  STAGE   LINE.  PENTICTON  Good Horses and Rigs and Careful Drivers.  Teams furnished to do freighting, transferring and  general teaming, and good saddle  horses always on hand.  WHEN   ANSWERING   ADVERTISERS,    MENTION   THE    GAZETTE I ���������--.  '���������    TH-E HEDLEY-GAZETTE, JULY   19,    1006.  ANNUAL SCHOOL MEETING.  Continued from Page One.  pect by December 31st, to be  in. good  shape for the first year not over  $250  against tlie property.    Upon tlie erection .'nf   a   school     building    by   the  Government, the trustees will be in  a  position to rent the building for a residence and the revenue  will'very 'materially help out the expenses.   The  Government have passed an appropriation for a two-room school-house*, and  they have given us  three lots 25 x 100  feet each.    The trustees  have  applied  ��������� for an acre adjoining from  the  reservation for play-ground  purpose's, and  expe-ct to ge*t it.    A piece of ground  75 x 100 feet is far too small to put up  a two room building to care for 100 to  120 children, anel the board would  be  in a position tu^ll.this  property, and  buy ncljoiiij-Hg the '..school,   aud fence  ���������anei _lx~Ti������i^i^spectable looking place  anel not in danger of the, children being  too close   to   near-by   residents,   and  thereby becoming a nuisance to such.  The amount voted in January was for  the year IJWKi Only,   and   although   it  seems large it only figures up.$1.38 per  $1000.00.of valuation on  the property  in the district, which 1 am sure no one  will feel very seriously  over-burdcnied  . in view of the advantages gained. The  Board will  require  funds  to  pay expenses from January 1st 07 to July-1st  '07 and for this half year  the meeting  ���������to-dav are reforested to vote sufficient  *        .        .      * o .        ...  jnoney to  carry  on  the .'school-: until  June 80th '07, one hundred dollars being thtj least, and more would be. hear-'  ���������".tily appreciated  by   the  Board,  as  it  would enable them to applv something  on property account.    Attached hev;e-  ���������;to is a balance sheet cif the books kept  by the Board which have   been. examined by the a.uditor,   who  has  placed  over his signature the following:.     ��������� :  1 .-"Hedley. June 30th  '00.    I haveex-  ' -iimiiied; the.   balance   sh'ecit kwlth'   the'  : books arid vouchers, anel..find��������� thy,t it  ������������������"is a true   statement   of " the' "Hedley  School       Board     affairs���������Signed    J.  .Irwin,   Auditor"  The Schoeil Board be'-g^'iTT-Meave the  report to the  kind  consideration   and  criticism  of    the' meeting,   and  if, in  ���������order, pass for adoption.  Yours truly.  Hedley Board of School Trustees  per S. L. Smith, Sec.y  The above report was adopted on  motion, and inquiries were made of  the secretary regarding the total a-  mou'nt of assessed valuation in the  school district upon which school  rates had been levied, and also as to  whether anything would be gained by  keeping the amount of appropriation  necessary to supplement, at the  mini-  PROPERTY IN  A  Good,  And  Will  Make  EMAfl|___r 's ^ne 'sulH'*y point for the Nickel Plate nioun-  ��������� ���������Vlllv" tain, on which is situated the famous ���������" Nickel  Plate"���������the richest gold .mine, in Canada���������and many other  promising mines and prospects. It is the mining and business  centre of the  Similkameen  the new mining district which has.already been proven, by a  small amount of development work, to be one of the richest  gold, copper and .coal niining sections of  British Columbia.  HEDLEY is the chief town on the route of the proposed  Coast-Kootenay Railway; and with the advent of this road,  which is assured in" the near future, it Avill unquestionably  become a large and important city, and town lots will bring  big returns on money invested at the present time.  ...PRICE OF LOTS...  Scott Ave. (main st.) ...  .... .$400 to $600  :  ���������     ���������     ���������'    ���������  Other Streets. '."���������-,.,  ... $200 to $406.  ��������� ��������� ��������� ���������  ��������� _.��������� I Clv--"!^-**"  1-3 Cash; balance in 3 arid  6 monthsr with interest at  the rate of 6 per cent.  Purchase a few Lots before the Railway Comes;  For Rtill P-articuil-ars, Maps Etc.,  -APPLY   TO ���������  The Hedley City lewisite Co'y, Ltd.  -       --.     HEDLEY, B.C.  L. W.  ORD,  ^Secretary and flanager,  HERE IS THE RESULT.  mini figure of $100 mentioned in the  report. The amount of appropriation  made.of $500 was. made to carry on  the school foi- twelve months, but a  change made in the law in reference to  termination of school year lengthened  the time out to 18 months, and lrenc^-'  the necessity of supplementing. It  was decided by the meeting that $200  additional should be appropriated.  An item in the receipts showed that  the Board had this year collected some  $45.00 in nun resident fees. This  amount came principally from the Indian children who have been attending  school,  It is expected that the new school  will soon be in course of construction,  but in view of the fact that 'the action  ot the Borrd in providing the present  quarters has obviated the difficulty  fornerly experiene-ed by them in this  matter, and they would prefer getting  the? additional ground mentioned in  the report before  building.  Don't Sit in a Draught  to Cool Off  Taken cool draught inwiirillv  of any of our beverages.  IRON BREW  fs the most wholesome, most  refreshing mid most inviting  of all thirst, ciiicnchers��������� tastes  good   and   does   you  good,  SIMILKAMEEN BOTTLING  WORKS, : : HEDLEY, B. C.  Mail orders promptly filled.  Continued from First Page.  furnished reports of the result of their  most extraordinary survey; but  the  Star, evidently inspired by Mr. Ross,  tries to throw the blame on Mr. Kennedy who we all know first sent- Mr.  Baldwin  here to  make arrangements  with the C. P. R. surveyors and afterwards came himself, but was given to  understand by Mr. McMillan, in charge  ���������of the C. P. R. party, that he had no  authority from his employers to enter  into any negotiations for settlement  of the right of way difficulty at Hedley.  And what has been the result ?   Mr.  Henson's  force  of graders who were  brought in from  the Northwest last  fall  and  who  during the winter and  spring   completed   several   miles   of  grading  below  Keremeos,  instead of  coming on to work in this portion of  the valley, transports his entire outfit  back to Midway to be hauled hack by  rail to the Northwest.    Will the Star  have the hardihood  to say  that  the  base'of supplies being back at Midway  was the cause of the removal of Hen-  son's force'back to the Northwest instead of coming farther up the valley  when his contract was finished below  keremeos ?    It is undoubtedly the delay caused by the action of the Minister  of Railways in the matter of right of  way at Hedley which is responsible for  it, and the peoole of the Similkameen  will  neither- forget it to the  political  tricksters  who  have, sold them  or to  the Star, who   would  insult their intelligence by publishing such stuff as  characterized   its   utterances   of   last  week.      The    Gazette,    too,    outlined  months ago the   probability that the  delay   here   might   be    the   means   of  compelling   the   Great   Northern    to  build the Midwav-Grecnwood branch  in order to hold their men.    The starting of the work   up   the North   Fork ,  from   Grand   Forks,   now  shows how ]  nearly the- Gazette was to the  mark, j  What will the Star sa v if the building !  of the branch southward from Re-pub- j  lie: to connect with the Great Northern j  'at   Wenatehee should   result  in   preventing completion of the V., V. & K.  further  up  the  Siniilkaiiieen   than  Hedley, or  perhaps  even  Keremeos ? j _������  Would it continue to hug the Minister   *������  of Railways, whose order of April 27th  11 ready wrought so niiie-h harm to  1?o hiake good bread you  must have good flour.  If  you want the best bread |  must use   the  best  9  vie s  oyal  ousehold  IS THE FINEST FLOUR MADE.  You can always depend  on it.    Use no other.  : FOR sale by:  L  SHflTFORDS, LIMITED  ttedleii and Fairview  The Commercial Hotel  Hedley,   B.C.  taken  the  management  of   this well   known  TU7AVING-  house we wish to announce to the public that it will  be entirely renovated and remodelled with new and modern  improvements. Special attention will be paid the.dining room.  The bar will be stocked with the very best liquors and cigars.  McDermott <������_McArthur, Proprietors  S  I  s  %  %  I  i  s-  I  S  1  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^'^^M^'k^it^^^^ii  ft?  X  u  K  K  %  a?  ���������_���������  a."  a,"  a?  K  t������  a>������  *?  *?  a>  ���������_���������  _  v  a"  a?  as"  K  *?  *i  H  K  WHY  EAT  MUTTON  WHEN YOU  CAN GET  SPRING  LAMB ?  lias  this    valley,   and   still   prote  therein he did no wrong 'i  -it    that  PORK, VEAL and  First- Class BEEF  always   on   hand.  BOOT &   SHOE  MAKER  HEDLEY, B.C.  When   writing    Advertisers,     Please  Mention the Gazette.  HOTEL  PENTICTON  ireudfiiiartcrs fur Tourist Travel  Kates JVJodci-iite.  A/'Haicnes, Prop.  PlCNTICTO.V, ll.CJ.  ft?  ���������_���������  a?  a?  a?  *?  ft?  s-'  ft?  ii'  ft"  *>'  ������?  A?  ������?  ft?  GAME IN SEASON  & EDflOND  X  X  X  X  X  SB  X  SI  SI  SI  X  st  x  si  SI  SI  SI  st  st  SI  SI  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  :!  X  X  ������  X  X  X  X  X  X  i  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  Hotel Keremeos  GEO. KIRBY,Tlanager.  First  Class  in  Every  Eespect.     Commercial and  Headquarters of the Keremeos and Lower Similka  meen Valleys.    Post House on Penticton-  Princeton   Sta&'e   Line.  Mining  KEREMEOS,  B.C.  ^r���������n������^iny-^^������^pnn^*%^*w������tM'.������p.'*w^  ESTABLISHED  1903  Fine New  Covered  Stage  Carrying  Royal Mail,  Passengers and Express to  Keremeos, Hedley and Princeton  -:0:-  vSpecial Rigs for Travellers, and  Every Attention Paid to Wants  of the Public. :        : :  l*������jnrW������J^  t-i.l-.^.^^.T^^r-T*?''*^*  WTrjFXttiiii.'mviKSW&^^K^*  ?������r-*W'iix������S'*^n*_iAtU":.''7.' H'-.  ���������������������������''���������*���������������������������������������������-"-""���������


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