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The Hedley Gazette Jul 2, 1914

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Volume X.     Number ,20.
' N. Thompson i��ko.ye SK\"��ovn'S9it
Cammell Laird & Co. Ltd.
'��� ' Steel Manufacturers
Sheffield, Eng.
Offices and Warehouse. 847-63 Beatty Street  ,
Vancouver, B.C.
Announcement  is Made That Canadian
Northern Will Expedite Work
of Constructing Branch to
Medley    /liners'    and    flillmen's
Union, No. 161, W. F. of M.
Regular meetings of tlie Hedley 1-ocii. Xo.
161 are Iield on tlie Ilrst and third Wednesday,
in the inontli in Fraternity.lin.ll-and tlie second
and fourtli Wednesday at tlie N. P. Mine
O. M. Stevens T. It. Wrr.r.nv
President       > Kin-Secretary.
A. F. & A. M.
REGULAR monthly., meetings of
Hedley Lodge No. 13, A. F. & A. M..
are hold on the second Friday in
each month in Fraternity hall, Hedley. Visiting
brethren are cordially invited to attend.
W. M
, Secretary
Hedley Local Camp meets in
Fraternity Hall tlie first' Thursday only in the month.
E. Bl'RK H. G. Fukk.ma.v
Connsel Clerk.
L. O. L.
Regular nionbhly meetings of
Hedley Lodge 1744 are held on
the    third    Monday   in    every
v:W5��3S!����&��nionth in fraternity Hall.  Visit
ing brethern are cordially invited to attend.
: DENTIST'���'"' --'-
Will be at Home office in Oroville, 1st
to 20th of each month.
Office  on North   Main   Street.
British Columbia Land Surveyor
Tki, No. 78 P. O. Dhawek 160
B. C.
Star Building Princeton
Eknest S. Sir.cox
B.C.L.S. . . ' .
Mining; and Civil Engineers.   Provincial
Land Surveyors
Lands, Timber and Mineral Surveys    "
Examinations and Reports
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
B. C.
Bar and Table the Best.   Rates Moderate
First Class Accommodation
JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor
Vernon, B. C, June 24.���Construction work on the Canadian Northern
raihvay branch line from Kamloops
to the Okanagan valley will be begun
next month and will be rushed toward
completion with every resource at the
company's  command.    Building    will
be begun simultaneously at three
points: Vernon, Armstrong and Kamloops.
From Vernon construction work will
proceed in four directions; from Vernon toward ; Armstrong,' toward Kelowna, toward Okanagan Landing and
up the White Valley toyvaid Luinby
and Shuswap Falls.
Announcement to this effect was
made when Watson W.Evans of Toronto, assistant solicitor of the Canadian Northern railway, was in this
city between trains to obtain the signature of Hon. Piic.e Ellison, minister
of finance, to the $0,110,000 guarantee
passed by the provincial legislature
during the last session.
Immediately after the signiture of
Mr." Ellison had been affixed to the
guarantee parchments, Mr. Evans telegraphed the fact to Sir William Mackenzie, president of the Canadian
Northern railway, Mr. Evans had been
apprised of the fact that on Monday
of this week Hon. W. T. White, Dominion minister of finance, has signed
the Domion Canadian Northern railway guarantee~"for $45,000,000.
Mr. Evans left Vernon on Tuesday
for Victoria,-.'where one copy of the
guarantees will be left in possession
of the provincial government, and he
planned then to start immediately for
Toronto.. On his arrival there the
parchments bearing Mr. Ellison'sTsig-
nature will be turned over to Sir William Mackenzie, who will immediately
depart for London to market the $50,-
000,000 worth of bonds made available
for sale by the provincial and Dominion guarantees.
The branch line from Kamloops to
the Okanagan valley.will be about 148
miles in length. From Kamloops to
Vernon the survey is SI miles long,
from Vernon to Kelowna 35 milas,
from Vernon to Okanagan landing
about four miles, from Vernon to
Luinby 17 miles and from Lumby to
Shuswap Ealls, 10 miles.
The last named 10-mile extension is
not included under the recent guarantee, but will be built to reach the
company's power site and townsite at
the falls, were electric power is to
be developed to operate the Lumby
and Kelowna lines and probably the;
line through to Kamloops.
Active development work on the
power site will probably not be begun
until next spring. It is the intention
of the company to rush the work in
every way in order to give employment to as many thousands of men as
possible and to take advantage of the
present low prices on  rails,  lumber,
!.' ���>
JULY   2. 1914.
$2.00, In Advance'
Much Development Work BeJ��g|gDone
���Output For Year Is Expected
To Be Very Large
Chester F. Lee, mining engineer
from Seattle, recently arrived in
Princeton and went up to inspect the
work on the Roanoy hydraulics on the
Tulameen river, between Princeton
and Coalmont, where the company
has twenty men employed getting the
ditches and pipe-line in.shape for hy-
draulicing.  Several gold and platinum
Government    Vigorously    Denies   That
Hindus Are to Be Allowed to
Land From Ship
Hon.  W. J.  Bowser and Hon. W.
Ross to Leave on Extensive Tour
of British Columbia
specimens have been taken out from
these placers. The leases are located
on the old south channel of Granite
Creek and the company', expects rich ]
.returns''when'.the bedrock is cleaned
up. The operating capitld for development is mostly from' ^Seattle. * The
British Columbia Platinum company
has also big holdings in the Tulameen
platinum belt and has started operations on a large scale.
Mr. Lambert, is expected to make a
cleanup shortly on his'-rich diggings
up Granite Creek. It.is"expected that
this season the production of gold and
'platinum 'from the Tuhimeen river and
its tributaries will lie greater than the
production of the last ten years combined.
The mineral wealth of the Similkameen and Tulanieen districts has not
been scratched, comparatively speaking, and the development work now
going on in the many: rich mining
camps in the district has'so far proved
that the mineral deposits, both alluvial and metalliferous, "are continuous
and licher as depth is gained.
The British Columbia Copper Company Is preparing for the erection of a
plant and concentrator near Princess
camp, Copper Mountain. F. Keffer
and some of the staff went up the valley last week to look over the piop-
Robert Stevenson came in from the
coast last week and^js-preparing bo
work the Moonlight group Which was
bonded to Chicago capitalists last
Jack   Johnson,   champion    of   the
universe, won the decision on points I
from Frank Moran  in  their   twenty
round contest  held  in   Paris on June
27th. . ;:   .-
Harry Varden of South Hertfordshire, England, won the British open
golf championship on June 19th for
the sixth time.
'  Ottawa, June 21th���A specific denial
is given  in  government  circles   to a
story sent today to the Liberal press
that the  cabinet had decided to allow
the Hindus on the Komagata Main to
land  owing to  pressure from the British authorities.     Sir Robert Borden
is-out of  the  city,   but Hon.   Martin
Burrell  and   other   members   of   the
cabinet,   while not desiring in make a
statement  owinj* to  tlie fact that the
Premier, is  personally   handling   the
question,   denied the story in vigorous
language.    Officials of the department
of Immigration were equally emphatic
in declaring  that every possible effort
will be  made to prevent  the  Hindus
from  landing,   and   that   the  government will rigidly enforce  the regulations.
If the Hindus   succeed   in   getting
their case  before  the courts   and  so
forcing  the authorities  to allow them
to land,   it will not be through lack of
effort on   the part of the government;
From   the first the government has
taken the  stand that the immigration
regulations must be strictly enforced.
These  were the  instructions given to
Mr. Malcolm  Reid,   the  immigration
superintendent at  the coast,  and  he
has endeavored   to carry out  these instructions to the letter.
The government is fully aware of
the seriousness of the situation at the
coast,  and Premier Borden has been
in constant touch  with coast officials.
Mr. H. H,  Stevens,  M.P.. has kept
the government fully posted as to the
feeling  on the  coast.    Many protests
are being received from  British Columbia against allowing  the  Hindus
to land.    Today'came a strong protest
froiii  the  New Westminster Board of
Trade. .   ._... .  ..__.   ___.
An etfort is being made by Hon. G.
H. Perley to negotiate with tlie British authorities for a permanent solution of the question. However, this
will nob effect the present situation.
The whole story of today is described
as a midsnmininor pipe dream. l
Hon. W..T.' Bowser and Hon. W.Ross
will leave on  an extensive  tour of the
province at    the  beginning  of   July
with a view to ascertaining  the needs
and requirements connected with their ,
departments.    The  itinerary calls for
visits  to McBride,   Fort   Gem go, Fort
Fraser, Smitheis and Hazeltnn.    Various  centres   in   the   Kootenay   and
Boundary districts will also be visited.
��� At Nelson, Mr. Bowser will give special attention to  the  problem  of the
Doukobour settlement.    Some  misunderstanding has aiisen in   connection
with   the   eiifoicement of  the legislation of last  session, and  the minister
hopes to make it clear to all concerned
thai while, the government has no desire to impose any hardships it cannot
allow conditions to exist which amount
to an evasion of the laws   of the couri-
tiy.    The ministers will address public
meetings at the diffeient points visited,
staling the policy of the government
on   questions   bearing    upon  development of the province.
Canadian  Pacific  Railway Arranges for
Handling Shipments���Large
Acreage of Tomatoes
The following are the readings showing temperature, etc., for the week
ending. June 27 1914:
.    22
.     ..         59        .
..         52        .,.
52        .,
54        .'.
Gentlemen's Haircutting
Every man who has his hair cut
at this place will tell his friends
Satisfaction guaranteed
Hot and Cold Paths
Grading, except on the few heavy
stretches of rock work on the Ivam-
loops-Okanngan line, will, it is hoped,
be practically completed by Jan. 1st
One feature of the development of
the road in the Okanagan valley not
previously given prominence is the
branch from Vernon to Okanagan
landing and the announcement that
the Canadian Northern railway plans
to build a lake fleet of passenger
steamers and freight barges to help
swell its traffic from this district.
Sir Donald Mann, while Sir William
Mackenzie is abroad plans a trip over
the entire system. He will go over
all the company's lines in British
Columbia and intends to visit Vernon
and the Okanagan this summer. Construction work in this district will be
under way by the time he arrives.
Average maximum temperature 50.74
Average minimum do        31.43
Mean temperature 41.07
Rainfall for the week   0.50 inches.
Snowfall       ' " 6.0
Another fatality occurred at Phoenix on Thursday afternoon, when
Thomas Fisher was killed in the 400
foot level of the Granny. In climbing
a raise after some blasting had been
done a rock came down on him, killing
him almost instantly. Deceased was
an old timer in the camp. He had
been back in England working in the
coal mines fdr some time and ouly returned to Phoenix about six weeks
ago. His wife and children are still
in the old country, and he was
planning to bring them out here in a
shorb time. Deceased was about 30
years of age, and was a member" of the
Phoenix Miners' Union, His wife has
been communicated with and his remains will \v. held until she is heard
from. -Phoenix Pioneer.
The Canadian Pacific railway is
leaving nothing undone towards co-operating with the fruit growers and
ranchers of Okanagan district for the
satisfactory handling of the fruit and
vegetable crop of that district, states
Capt. J. C. Gore, superintendent of
the -British Columbia lake and river
service for the company, who has just
returned from the Okanagan, where
he interviewed- the-ranchers �� and -railway officials concerning the special
steamer service on the lake.
The crops of both fruit and vegetables in the Okanagan will be fully -
double the crop of last year, states
Capt Gore, and the ranchers of the
district and the marketing'Officials
of the growers are arranging for the
shipment of the output of tomatoes
of that district not by boxes nor by
tons but by carloads. . Cherries are
already being shipped from the Okanagan, said the captain.,'
Case Taken Before Victoria Justices on
June 25th���Different Legal Moves
Highest maximum temperature 6S.
* do
Lowest minimum
at the mill.
Maxim cm
t t
, ,
, .
Tho Brampton team, champions of
Ontario, challengers for the Mann
Cup won the first game from tho Vancouver Mann Cup holders by a score
of 5 to 4.
Average maximum temperature 66.71
Average minimum do 45.57
Mean do 56.14
Rainfall for the week       .44 inches
Snowfall       "       " .00
Highest maximum temperature 82
Average do do 71.71
Lowest minimum do 39.
Average       . do do 46.43
Mean do 59.07
Expert at Digging Cess Pools and
Cellars.    Retaining Walls Built
Great Northern Hotel,
Tlie gold discovery of Thompson and
Merrick in the Coquihalla- valley has
attracted  many  prospectors and  upwards of thirty claims have been staked.     Parties are  leaving   Hope   now
with supplies and equipment,. Already
the district has drawn the attention of
the professional 'knocker.     The mining experts of the Vancouver Province says :     "Exaggerated reports are
being disseminated regarding the gold
in Coquihalla valley.     It is true that
small specimens of rich ore have been
obtained,    but the   gold   is   pockeby.
Vancouver wants no more repetition
of Steamboat Mountain."   The people
of Hope were not to  blame for the
Steamboat Mountain  fraud.     Ib was
engineered  by crooks from  Colorado
and crooks in Vancouver.     Its failure
argues nothing at all about the mineral possibilities of the Skagit Vtdley.
"The gold,  without exception,  is associated with  porphyry dykes.   The
great number and wide distribution of
these dykes make it a promising field
for prospecting," is  the official report.
���West Yale Review.
Vancouver, June 20th,���The immigration board of inquiry which held a
protracted session yesterday concluded
late in the afternoon and gave a decision ordering the deportation of Mun-
chi Singh. This Hindu is one of the
arrivals on the Komagata Mam. He
had only $20, when the regulations
call for new immigrants possessing
$200; ho did not come direct from the
land of his birth and he came in defiance of the order prohibiting the entry of artizans or laborers.
Formal habeas corpus proceedings
were then brought before Justice
Murphy. In the absence of any argument oi" other reason he immediately dismissed the appeal, and upheld
the decision of the immigration court.
Mr. J. E. Bird last evening went to
Victoria to enter the case for hearing
at the appeal court of British Columbia probably next Monday.
The different  legal  moves   perhaps
requite a little explanation.    The position is that  both sides  in  the Hindu
dispute wish to get the opinion of the
justices  of the  Court of Appeal.     If
the matter had been argued fully before Justice Murphy and in the event
of his decision  being in   favor of the
application   for   habeas   corpus   that
would have been the end of the matter, for the crown has no appeal from
the Supreme Court on habeas corpus.
In order to make sure that the matter
would go to the Appeal Court, counsel
on  both sides therefore agreed to accept a pro forma dismissal of the application   yesterday,  which paved the
way for the real hearing of the arguments before the Court of Appeal. THE HEDLEY GAZETTE, JULY 2, 1914.  and  Similkameen Advertiser.  Subscriptions in Advance  CANADIAN TRADE  Hr Yea  ( United State-)...  Advertising Rates  . 2.M)  Measurement. 1. lines to the inch.  Land Notices���������("crtillc.uo- of inipro\ eini'iit, i'tc.  $7.iki for liO-diiy notice-, and S.'>.n'l for 30-day  - - notice-.  Transient Advertisements���������not exceeding one  inch. Si.(K) for one insertion, i"i coats' for  each -ub-equcnt insertion. Over one inch.  10 cents tier line for lir-t in-ei-tion and 5  cents per line for each sub-caiicnt in-ertion.  Transients payable in advance.  Contract Advertisements���������One inch per month  SI.'25: over 1 inch and up to 1 inches. Si.00  per inch pci-month. To constant, advertisers  taking larger space than four inches, on  , application, rates will be Riven of reduced  charge-, linked on size of j-paco and length  of time.  W. C. .MARTIN. Managing Bditnr.  Kull Moon  Last qilai".  15  New Moon  Kirst fi iiar.  ���������������).  1011  JULY  1911  Sun. Atoii. Tues. Wed. Tim. Fri. Sat.  12       3       4  s       !J     11)      n  12  I!)  ���������>.li  is.  20  "27  15  22  2.0  it;  23  3')  17  21  31  IS  o.-i  INTERESTING BUT UNTRUE  Ths inventor of the story that the  Bnrdrii Government had ordeied the  admission of the Hindus on board the  Komagata Main succeeded in producing rnn-idiTiihle excitement among  the moie credulous people. It did not  lait long, but its intensity gives some  idea of public sentiment inthis province, and i-' a suggestion of the oJVect  that would be produced if such an  order should be given. As the Imperial authorities have repeatedly declared that this is a question with which  they will not interfere, and as the  Borden ministry has from first to last  maintained the policy of exclusion, it  might have been assumed that the report of this sudden change of program  was untrue.  The trade returns of Canada for the  fiscal year ending with la������-t March  have now been made up and published  in detail. It was already known that  the total volume of trade was greater  than in any previous year. Imports  were $flH3,(KK),00'l. a decrease of -12.000. ���������  00IJ. fix ports were I70,0,)0,(il)0. a gain  of $80,000,000. The total trade was  $1,112,000,000, a gain of $41,000,000.  The excess of imports over exports  was $2S2.000.000 in the fi-cal year 1013,  and fell to $15J,00!UH)0 in 19M.  Exports from the mines increased  $1,000,000; fiom the fishesies, $1,300,-  090: of animal products, $S.o'.)0,0u"0;  agricultural products, $IS,000,000: manufactures. $13,SOO,000. Theie was a  decrease of some $000,000 in the value  of fore.-t pi oduce exported.  Canada still imports fi om the United  States mole than double the value of  the gooiN whii-h the United States  takes from Canada, and slill buys  from Great Britain not much mme  than half as much as Britain buys  fiom Canada.- Still ib is shown that  last year the United States bought  much more Canadian produce than  the year before. It is possible that  since the United states tariff has been  reduced =o that tho. average is more  nearly the Canadian level, trade between these coimtiies may fend towards equality.  CZ?  Synopsis of Coal'Mining Regulations  ��������� pCIAL mining rights of the Dominion, in  *-' Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,  the Yukon Territory, the North-west  Terri-  i lories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be leased for a term of  twenty-one years at an annual rental of ������1 an  acre. Not more than 2..')0O acres will be leased  to one applicant.  Application for a lease must be made by the  applicant in person to the Agent or Sub-Agent  of the district in  which the rights applied for  ��������� are Mtuated.  la surveyed territory the land must be described  by sections,  or legal sub-divisions  of  i sections, and in unsiirvcyed territory the tract  I applied for shall be staked out by the applicant  , himself.  ! Kach application must be accompanied by a  ! fee of So which will be refunded if the rights  applied for are not available, bub not otlicr-  | wise. ' A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate of live cents  j per ton \  ; The person operating the mine shall furnish  I the Agent with sworn returns accounting for  the full quantity of merchantable coal mined  iind nay tlie royalty thereon. If the coal mining rights are nob being operated, .-uch returns  should be furnished -it least once a.year.  The lca-=e will include the coal mining rights  only, but, the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may  be considered necessary for the working of the  mine at the rate of S10.00 an acre. .  For full information application should be  made to the Secretary ot tho Department, of  the Interior. Ottawa, or to any Agent or .Sub-  Agent of Dominion Land*.  \Y. W. CORY.  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N.B.-Unauthorizod publication of this advertisement will nob be paid for. fl-(im  1836  THE BANK'OF  1914  78 Years irt Business.   Capital and Surplus $7,786,666.  OUR   TRAVELLERS'   CHEQUE������  are issued in deiiomiuntious of $10, $20, $50, $100 and  $200, with the exact value in the leading foreign-currencies, stated plainly on the face. They are. payable.'  without discount, so that you can realize their full value  without trouble. Hotels and Transportation Companies accept them as cash.   '  Hedley Branch,  C. P. Dalton, Manager  MINES AND PROSPECTS  A PRESUMPTUOUS CLAIM  The London meeting of Hindus who  passed ii resolution complaining that  Canada is"deny ing the ordinary rights  of citizenship to the King's Indian  subjects;" was badly misinformed. Sir  Manoheriee Bhownagre, K. C, S. I.,  ought to know thab bhe ordinary righb.  of a British subject, whether Indian  or English, does not include the privilege of settling in any British country  without the consent of that community. The Hindus themselves are denying to the Canadian people the ordin  ary rights of British subjects when  they assert that Canadians have no  right to determine who shall settle in  their country. No other strangers,  -British or foreign, have questioned  this righb of the Canadian people, and  no peorjle shall ever be allowed to do  so successfully. ���������   -  Do these Hindu residents of London  suppose that Canada can be compelled  to admit as many millions or tens of  millions of "the King's Indian sul>  jeets" as choose to come here in bodies  of three or four hundred and demand  entrance in tho most peremptory fashion ? If the shipload now knocking ab  the door has this right, because they  are subjects of the king, then a Norwegian shipload of four hundred more  Hindus have the same rights. So ten  thousand other consignments1 can land  with the assurance that this country  is as much theirs as it is ours.  This doctrine is its own refutation.  It claims for the people of Bengal and  the Punjab the same rights as the Canadians to live in Canada and to control  the country. It denies Canadian self-  government. It usurps authority over  this country by men who have never  seen Canada, and have never had anything to do with the country. Any  person can convince himself of the  utter absurdity and unconstitutionality of such a claim by carrying it toward a logical conclusion.  There are many who invest in mining propositions who do not know the  difference between ;t mining prospect  and a developed mine. A developed  mine is a comniercial proposition, operating upon a commercial basis and  returning certain annual premiums.  In mines of this class the. element of  speculation is past, also the element of  chance for large let urns. 1 he investor in tbt! developed or developing  mine is in the class thab may hope for  large ret urns; J>ut theie must always  he associated an element of chance.  If, after proper investment of" the  funds and careful and competent management, the project fails to develop,  theie should he no complaint on the  part of the investors, for they would  have willingly and gladly accepted  any  returns  no  matter  how lar������rc.���������  ti." "   .  Slocan Record.  Water Rights Branch  The London Directory  (Published Annually)  Enables traders throughout the world  to communicate direct  with English  -MANUFACTURERS He DEALKRS  in each class of goods. Besides being  a complete commoicial guide to London and its suburbs, the directory contains lists of  EXPORT MERCHANTS  with the Goods they ship, and the  Colonial and Foreign Markets they  supply:  STEAMSHIP   LINES  arranged   under  the  Ports  to  which  they sail,   and indicating the approximate Sailings;  PROVINCIAL TRADE NOTICES  of leading manufacturers, merchants,  etc., in the principal  provincial towns  and  industrial  centres  of the United  Kingdom.  A copy of the current addition will  be forwarded , freight paid, on receive  of Postal Order for 20s.  Dealers seeking Agencies can adver-  their trade cards for ������1, or larger advertisements from ������3. -  -.-" ���������--  Wat������ch Our Show Windows  and See khe Fine Line of  Goods we carry in Stock.  %   FRASER BLOCK - HEDLEY, B.C.  ljWWW*������������flB������WIMk^  The London Directum 60. Ltd.  25, Abchurch Lane. London, E. C.  NOTICE  Province  of British  Columbia.    Department of Lands. <  CERTIFICATE OE APPROVAL  1. WHERKAS tlie Daly Reduction Company. Limited, is a Company incorporated under the Companies Act, lit", its objects and  powers set out in its Memorandum of Association published in the British Columbia Gazette  of 12th March 1003, at page -MSI, extending to and  including tho construction or operation or works  for the supply and ultilizution of water:  "2. AND WHERKAS tlie said company is  holder of Water Permit Xo. 245. as modified by  the Comptroller of Water Rights on "-'1st October, 1313:  3. AND WHERKAS the said Company has.  after due notice, applied for the approval of its  undertaking:  J. AND WHEREAS no objections have  been tiled to the said application:  5. THIS IS TO CKRTIt'Ythatthe proposed  undertaking of the company as submitted in its  application for approval of undertaking,  dated 28th March and filed 31stMarch, both I!)ll������  so far as such undertaking relates to the diversion, carriage, storage, and use of water for  the generation of power and to the transmission and sale, barter mid exchange of the  power generated from such water, is hereby  approved, subject to the terms and conditions  of the Water Act, HIM, and to the following  additional termsand conditions:  II. Any licence hereafter issued in respect,  if the undertaking hereby approved shall, notwithstanding the issue of this certilicate. be  subject to adjustment by the Hoard of Investigation under the terms of Section 20 of Chapter  SI of the Statutes of lilll, being the "Water Act  I!J14".  7. The amount of tho capital of the company  which shall be subscribed before the company  shall begin the construction of the works is  three hundred thousand dollars:  8. The amount of the capital of the company  which shall be actually paid up before the  company shall begin the construction of the  works is three hundred thousand dollars.  0. The works for the diversion, carriage, and  storage of the water shall be begun before the  first day of August, 1914:  10. The said works shall be completed and  in actual operation before tho first day of .lime,  l'Jlti:  11. Tlie territory within which the Company may excercisc its powers so far as the  same relate to the undertaking hereby approved shall include the Townsite of Hedley in tho  District of Similkameen and all lands situate  within twenty miles of said Townsite.  12. This certificate shall not in any way be  deemed an approval of the plans of any works  covered by tho proposed undertaking or to  authorize tho construction of any such works,  bub shall have the effect only of a certificate is-  ucd under the provisions of section 81 of  the said Water Act, 1914, and shall be subject  to such provisions.  DATED at Victoria, IB. C. this 17th day of  June, 1914.  WM. R. ROSS,  Minister of Lands.  SIMILKAMEEN LAND DISTRICT  mSTlUCT OK "vale  TAKE notice that I, Alfred H. Rowberry of  Fairview. B. C occupation, farmer, intends  to apply for permission to purchase the following described hinds:��������� .  Commencing at" a post planted at, a. post  about 80' chains West ana about "20 chains  North of the N. W. corner of Lot (i!)Ss; thence  West 20 chains, thence South 40 chains, thence  East '20 chains, tlience North 40 chains, and  containing 80 acres. . ^  ALt'KED H.  ROWHKHHV  ���������25th April, lflll.  60   YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights Ac.  Anyone sending a sketch and description may  quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an  invention is probably patentable. Communications strictly confidential. HANDBOOK on Patents  sent free. Oldest agency for securing patents.  Patents taken throueta Munn & Co. recelre  special notice, without charge, in the  A handsomely illustrated weekly. I.nrcest clr-  dilation ot any scientific journal. Terms, $3 a  year: four months, ?1. Sold by all newsdealers.  MUNN & Co.36,B'oadH'a>'' flew York  Branch Office. 6% F St.. YVasbineton. D. C  SUBSCRIBE FOR THE GAZETTE  WAEN  WHITING ADVERTISERS PLEASE  MENTION THE GAZETTE  is the keynote of modern business  methods. To let the people know  just what you have and what you can  do for them is one of the first essentials of a successful business to-day.  Boldness and originality in advertising, backed up by an endeavor to give  good service has built up most of the  successful business houses of the last  twenty-flve years.  Whether you are running*  a Department Store or the  Smallest Business there is  something you have to tell  Tell it in the easiest and cheapest  way���������through the columns of a newspaper, which reaches the home of  the peo'ple.  Job Printing:  First-class work done on  shortest notice at the  SUBSCRIBE FOR  THE   GAZETTE! THE HEDLEY GAZETTE JULY 2. 1������M  T������f FiMILr,:'GIIOCER.y  A Full Line of Staples  "__ . always on hand  Call   and   see  Our  Stock.  Prices  reasonable,     Sntis-  faction guaranteed.  JAS. STEWART & CO..  Town and District.  12th JULY ������  CELEBRATION  -X  "X  ���������X-  ::X  X  :X  ���������X  ���������X  X  ������������������:x  X  ���������'������������������I  ..X  :.X.  X  ������?  X  Shoes  ordered  specially  within  the next few days can bo hero in  time for this occasion.     Sper-iul  ordeis  have been   most satisfactory this far and if the. goods are  not satisfactory when fitted they  need not be put-chased.  Ladies Shoes Have Arrived  Running Shoes   ���������    -        SSc & 95c  Men's Shoes in Many Varieties  ��������� -    Kindly Call and Inspect  Sole agents for Rex Tailoring Co  I fiEDL&y.SHOE STORE  x tf  I Grand  Union ������*  I  X  Hotel I  I HEDLEY,  British Columbia J  ���������X--  :X,  m  iap  x  -X-:  x:  H;  x  Rates���������$1.50 a Day and Up  First-Class Accommodation.  C '  Bar Stocked with Best. Brands  of Liquor and Cigars  A.   WINKLER,     Proprietor  X:  E. E. BURR  General   Blacksmith  Horse-shoeing and all  Blacksmith Work  Promptly attended to.  Pipe-fitting done.  Haynes St., Hedley.  ati������kittt)iMjimwKMa������%fefefe%&?totf������itii  PflLflGE  Livery, Feed & Sale Stables  HEDLEY. B.C.  IT A good stock of Horses and Bigs on  Hand.   11 Orders for Teaming  promptly attended to.  Office of Dominion Express Companij.  WOOD   P.OR   SALE!  Phone 14. D.J.  INNIS       Proprietor.  HOTEL SIMILKAMEEN^  HEDLEY, B. C.  An Up-to-date  First-Class Hotel  RATES MODERATE  F. J. DOLLEMORE  Proprietor.  FISHING  ROD������  ELtrxdL Fishing Tackle  We cany a full line of all  goods that the fisherman  -    -   -    -   needs    -    -    -    -  Hedley Drug & Book Store  When   Writing  Advertisers   Please  Mention this Paper.  Mr. "Jack Keai-ns arrived in town 011  Monday.  ~Mr.rand~MrsrE.' E.   Burr left  on  Tuesday for Princeton.  ' H. A. Turner, road supervisor,   was  in town in his car on-Saturday.  j\lr. AVin. Lowe, fire warden' of- the  district, was in town last week end.  Missis. Bcale spent' the week end  visiting Miss Ciowe of Penticton.  Constable Sproule was a visitor to  Kamloops' last week.1 He returned  home 011 Monday.  Mr. and Mrs. 0. P. Dalton returned  home on Tuesday from a weeks' trip  through the interior.  Mr. J. A. Brown, Indian Agent of  yunimerland came over from Pentic--  ton in tho.Stewart car on Monday.  Look out for the Hedley Brass  Band next week. They intend to  give the first street parade some night  next week.  Messrs. Dick Crwston and Maurice  Daly passed through town on Thursday last with a bunch of cattle en route  for Princeton.  Mrs, R. Wheeler and children 10-  turned home on Friday after spending  the last few months at her old home  in California.  Miss Walker, teacher of the public  school here, left in the company's car  on Friday for Penticton,. enroute foi  the old country.  The management of tho Hedley  Miners'Union wish to make announcement that they will not take over the  sports lieit; on Labor Day.  For, Sale���������Rem ngton Typcwiiter  No. 7. Good as new. cost $125,000 will  sell for $40.00. Ajiply P. O. Box 491.  Hedley, B. C. ��������� tf.  Mi. Marshall, manager of the  Coalmont Colliery came down on  Thursday last in his car and spent a  short time in Hedley.  Tim (iiiffin and Jack Twellah are  repiesing Stumpville, Dune Wood's  camp, at the rock drilling contest, in  Princeton on the 1st.  Dr. McEwen received word on Thursday last that Mrs, McEwen had had  her operation but up to time of writing has received no word as to the outcome.  Hedlev .baseball team left 011 Wed-  nosday morning's train for Princeton  where -they will participate in the  tournament held there on July 1st  and 2nd.  Mr. and Mrs. G. McEachern left' on  Thursday for Vancouver. They went  as far as Penticton in the Company's  car. While away Mrs. McEachern  will undergo an operation for appendicitis.  .'���������'��������� Jack Peterson accompanied by hfs  wife and three children arrived in  town on Sunday evening from Grand  Forks and will spend a few days visiting old friends.  Hans Richter was in town over  Sunday evening. He had his three  race horses with him which he is  going to run in the races in Princeton  on Dominion Day.  Messrs. Bowerman and Messenger finished up their contract of getting out  the stringers for tho flume this week  aiidhave brought down all their camping outfit from up on the hill.  Roy Corrigan of Hope came over to  Hedley on Monday and will visit his  brothers here before returning home.  He went up to Princeton with the  local ball team on  Wednesday nioin-  A celebration will be held in Hedley  on July 13th under the auspices of the  j local Orange Lodge. There will be a  parade on Sunday morning headed by  the Hedley Brass band, and a celebration on Monday with a grand concert  and dance in the evening.  The section of the right-of-way  under contract to Homer McLean was  all finished this week and the men  have been paid off. There now only  remains one section to be tinished and  the work of this is being rushed with  all possible speed.  The officers and teachers of the Hedley Union Sunday School will hold  an icecream social and sale of work  at the Church on Wednesday evening,,  Jtily Sth. The social will start at 0  o'clock. The proceeds will go towards  making the last payment for tho room  for the Sunday School.  Mr. Roy Hilliard of Princeton was  a visitor to town on Monday. His  friends will be sorry to learn that he  has been in hospital in Princeton for  the past week suffering from an attack  of appendicitis. He went to Oroville  Tuesday and may go through to Spokane and have an operation before he  returns.  If you are intending to  take a  trip  abroad  see;ll. Ef. Haiihen about your  ticket".''  Ho   can  supply y<m   with  a  ticket on ,-iny line by which yon wish j  to travel. ' j  PREMIER IS, KNIGHTED \  Firebox linings withstand years of use because made of McGlary Semi-Steel.  See a  mi  On ''the occasion 'of his. brithday  King George knighted the following  Canadians:  Hon. R. L. Borden,' premier of Canada; George E. Foster, minister of  trade in Canada; Hon. Charles Eugene  Boucher do Coucherville, former premier of Quebec; and Walter E. Davidson, governor of Newfoundland.  HEDLEY DRUGGIST  DESERVES PRAISE  F. M. Gillespie,: druggist;, deserves  praise from Hedley people, for introducing here the simple buckthorn  bark and glycerine : mixture, known  as Adler-i-ka. The simple German  remedy first became famous by'' curing appendicitis and' it has now been  discovered that A SINGLE DOSE removes sour stomach, gas on the  stomach and constipation INSTANTLY.  a  You'll notice the linings are  made in nine pieces. There's  good reason-ask the McClary dealer.  Sold by HEDLEY TRADING CO/1PANY  Bi  NOTICE  Certificate of Improvements  IN J") ICJMil.V DKXCK. J XI) KPEN DEXCE FK A C-  TlOX and Sl'Alt DYKK Mineral (."limns.  situate in tlie Osoyoos Mininer Division of  .Yule  District. 'Where   located:   Indepen-  . donce'IWoiiiitnin.  qplvKK XOTICK that R. P.' Drown as agent  ���������*���������        for (A II. Cornell Free ^liner's Certificate  Xo. Ii. IUII7S. intend,  sixty days'from the date  hereof, to applyto the' CUining- Recorder for a  Certificate'otv.improvements, for the purpose  of obtaining a   Crown   Grant of   the   above  ciainw. .  And further take notice that action, under  section So. iniist be'eoiiimenced before the' issuance of such Certilicate of Improvements.  Dated this ".Mth day of .lune, A. D. 1911.  P0CKEXB00K  INSURANCE  IS CHEAP  By HOLLAND.  YOU can insure your pock-  etbook by reading the  advertisements in this paper.  The manufacturers of the  most reliable goods and the  merchants who sell them are  telling you what is best, what  is cheapest, what is most desirable and where it can be  bought  They know what they are  talking about, and they would  not talk in such an expensive  manner unless they knew  their word3 would bear inspection. They want to save  money for you because hy so  doing they make a permanent customer of you.  It .takes little, time and little, trouble to read the adver-.  tisements and f few occupations will pa.vr; better. The  returns are immediate and  the profits "are !in cash.  IF YOU WANTJTETE  BEST YOU WANT THE  GOODS THAT'ARE  ADVERTISED.!  *  ���������  Ladies' and Misses' White <fe $  Tan Canvas Oxford and  Strap Slippers  Regular Value $2.00 and $2.25  Special at  Regular value $3.00 a Suit  $1.50 4>  Men's "Silkette" Summer    I  Weigiit Underwear ���������  Special at      - $2.25 a Suit |  New Goods  this  Week I  McClary's Stoves & Ranges |  Carpet Squares and Mats      |   :  ���������  ���������  LET US SHOW YOU  ! Hedley Tradiri^l  ! Company, Ltd.!  t %  8250.00 will buy a Choice  Residential Building- Lot on  Daly Avenue  i~ms  Don't Pay Out Good Money for Rent When You  Can Own a House of Your Own  THE HEDLEY CITY TOWNSITE COMPANY, ltd.  F. H. French, Secretary and Manager HEDLEY, B. C. HB  THE HEDLEY -GAZETTE.   JULY   2, 1914..  THE KERB  KEREMEOS, the Centre of Lower Similkameen���������Famed for Fruit Growing  Town and Lower Valley.  Mr. J. A. Brown is visiting Mrs.  ��������� .Thomas Daly in Spokane.  Oris Tickcll of Siniilkameen was a  a visitor to town Sunday.  .Miss Annie Gray of Toronto is visiting her sister, Mrs. Ezra Mills.  Homer McLean of Hedley and Beit  Russell of Princeton were visitors to  town Sunday. o    ,  A merry party of Kercnioos people  spent a pleiisant days pienicing lip the  Ashnola iiiver last Sunday.  Miss Easton left for. the coast on  Thursday last to spend the- summer  vacation in Vancouver and Victoria.  The Keremeos Womens1 Institute  wiUnieet at the home of Mrs. A. H.  Harrison on Thursday, July 9th at 3  o'clock.  i'he Rev. J. A. Cleland of Penticton,  held two well attended Church of  England services in the school room  last Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs Geo. B. Clarke and son,  Bennie, left Tuesday evening for the  coast cities where they will spend a  few weeks'vacation,  Miss Scott, who has been teaching  school here for the past year left to  spend the summer vacation at her old  home in New Glascow, New Brunswick.  L. F. Keeler, notary public of the  ��������� ���������State of Washington, came in on  Tuesday accompanied by his wife and  three children and is spending a few  days visiting his brother, G.G., of tin's  place.,  C. S. Ferris, late of Point Grey,  Vancouver, has taken over the management of tho Central Hotel. We  wish him every sucess in the undertaking. Mr.l Tweddlo will manage  the large interests of the Richter Estate.  Bert Ingrain, G. E., of Princeton, is  busy getting the trans-provincial road  lines whipped into shape so that .Tack  Young and his crew can carve out the  humps and make the crooked straight.  That sounds kind of queer, but we are  speaking of roads.  J. .T. Armstrong and J. A. Brown"  have had. telephones installed in their  offices that can be connected up with  the long distance phone. It will be  ii great saving to themselves as well  as the people west of here who have  considerable business to do with both  parties.  There will be a select bunch ot millionaires in town if, allow me to state  "it"', the oil stock that has been bought  hits the high spots. Its a good gamble at that price and every one that  bought knew what they were up  against. If oil is struck then its  cheer up little Willie, if not nobodys  hurt,  TO RUN TRAINS  DURING AUGUST  Freight   Service    Over    Grand   Trunk  Pacific Through.British Columbia  Will Begin  Ottawa, June 2(5.���������Morley Donaldson, general manager of the Grand  Trunk Pacific, is in Ottawa en route  on his return to Winnipeg from Montreal, where he has been on bnsiness  with President Chamberlin.  About the middle or end of August  the Grand Trunk Pacific line to Prince  Rupert from Winnipeg will begin to  operate a through freight service and  some time in the early fall a, limited  passenger service through to the Pacific coast terminal point will be put on.  The first class passenger will not be  operated until next spring.  This new line will open up great  stretches of new agricultural, lumber  and mining territories in British  Columbia.  some years. There aw promising lode  deposits at Okanagan Falls. The old  Fairview Camp in the Siniilkaiiieen  district has merit, though shut down  for some years, and some day modern  mining will take hold of some of the.-e  abandoned mines and successfully 'operate them. AVhilt; the values are low  the ore bodies are large, and ores of  less values are economically mined  elsewhere today. .Then'..there.are coal  deposits at Shoi t's^Creek; on the west  side of the lake, ami these are believed  by engineers to be co-related to the  Nicola field. At White Lake there is  also a deposit of coal ..where some mining has been done. Tin and platinum  have been reported from Osoyoos Lake  though "of 'doubtful" economic  value.  Obedient English Husbands.  Despite all the admonitions to perfect  obedience which have for decades been  carefully instilled into the feminine  mind, it is an undoubted fact that this  is an age not of obedient wives, but of  obedient husbands. Some obey through  love, some through fear and others  through a desire for peace, but all are  alike, insomuch that they arc doelie to  a degree .undreamed of in fe middle  ages or even in the .Victorian era of  Dundreary .'whiskers and baggy trousers.���������London  (Jen tie woman.  Few Words.  He hail gone to. ask her father for  her hand in marriage.  "Well, sir, what is itV" snapped out  the old man. "Remember, I am a man  of few words."  "I don't care if you are a man of  only one word, if it's the right one."  replied Hie suitor.  He got the girl.  Right In a Sense.  "That waiter's an idiot!"  "What's the matter now?"  "I asked him tc  bring me a  wa.ter  cracker."  "Well?"  "And here he brings an ice plckl"���������  Cleveland Leader.  FOR SERVICE j  Running  The  Throughbred  Stallion  "Beautiful and Best"  (Canadian Stud Book, No "237)  Will stand for public service at  '���������The Willows" Kerenieos, for  the season os 1913.  Fee  for service $10.00 to insure.  Mares may be pastured  E. M. DALY  NOTICE  SIMIhKAMKKX LA.VD DLSTKICT  DISTllICT OK VAI.K  TAKK notice that I. Halliburton Tweddlo of  ICcrcmeos. li. C. occupation. Ilotelkeep-  cr, intends to apply for permission to purchase  the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about two  miles ltortU or" lot SS207, thence north 10 cliains;  thence cast forty cliains: thence south forty  cliains: tlience west forty chains to point of  commencement and containing- one hundred  and sixty acres.  Hai.i.ihuiiton Twkdolk  April Kltli. 1IHI. 21-10  MINING NOTES  A revival in interest in mining is  reported in the Okanagan valley.  Some fine specimens of gold-bearine  quarts, found near Vernon, have been  brought to the Vancouver Chamber of  Mines. Theie are occurrences of lode  gold northwest of Vernon, and near  Okanagan Landing to the south, also  at points along the east shore of the  lake between there and Kelowna.  Kelowna men are quietly developing a  gold property on Mission Creek, having sent in a small mill. At Penticton  is a mine that has not been worked for  H. C. N. ETCHES  is Agent for the Hedley Gazette in  Keremeos and authorized to book  Subscriptions and take  orders for  job work and advertising.  POST OFFICE,   KEREMEOS,  B. C.  ������ilk:������  Large Assortment of choice Silk Dress  Goods, Silk handkerchiefs etc.  for sale at right prices  TOflMY SING, Keremeos  SING LEE  Laundry, Contracting of all  kinds, Ditch digging, Wood  Sawing, Clearing land, Cooking and all kinds of Chinese  Labor.  Keremeos, B.C.  ENCOURAGE  HOME    INDUSTRY  J. A. BROWN  \ Notary Public  CONVJ2V.ANCINCI, CUSTOMS I1HOK1SRAGK,  FUSE ' INSURANCE  OFFICE  KEREMEOS. B.C.  HOX 111 I'HON'K 1*2  B. A. MOORHOUSE  Assoc.-Mem. Can. -Soe. O.K.  and U.C.L.S.  Civil Engineer and B. C. Land Surveyor  ��������������������������� ��������� AUTOMOHII.K  PENTICTON,       -       -���������:������������������-        B.C.  KEREMEOS-PENTICTON  T\A/E DOLE'S  AUTO STAGE SERVICE  >   Tweddle's  cars  are.-comfort- \  \        able.    Tweddle's drivers I  ������ are experts. <  No delays. No accidents \  Autos leave Penticton every morn-  in{������ to connect with trains to Hedley.  Princeton, Coalmont. Oroville and  all Boundary points.  Leave Keremeos for l'enticton on  arrival of Croat Xortlicrn trains  Fake��������� sj.no i.k $G.()()  ltliTUlIN $11.00  Baggage-carried. Commercial trunks  arranged for  Break the monotony of train and  boat travel and take an auto trip.  WE'VE GOT THE BUSINESS  AND THERE IS GOOD REASONWHY  If we were to be here to-day and pack up  and go tomorrow we could perhaps afford to  run our business along slip-shod lines. We  . are here, however, to build a business. This  we intend to do by stocking high-grade  goods and selling at a low margin of profit.  See our  superior line of Goods  for Spring.  When you arrive a t Penticton or  Keremeos ask for  TWEDDLE'S AUTO STAGE  Cars Call at all Hotels  FRANK  RICHTER  ESTATE  i ���������     ' $  I  Plumbing' and Heating, Sheet   *  Metal Work Tinsmithing*  Shop corner Angela Ave. and Bridge  St.,   in 'LVlurdock's blacksmith shop.'  Work guaranteed.   Consult us about your work  H. PIGNAN  Practical Workmen .   Proprietors  PRINCETON, B. C.  %  x  giippppflii^  m  You Can Thank  Advertising  NEXT time you step into the corner store,  take a look around. Of all the articles  on the shelves, how many were on your  shopping list five years ago? Make it ten  years, and you will find that most of the  things you buy to-day���������and could not do  without-���������were not even made then.  You men and ���������women who buy  things, let this sink in. You are  better men and women because of  advertising. You eat more wholesome food. You wear better clothes.  Your home is better furnished. You  have cleaner and more sanitary  houses. You read better books and  magazines. You seek more healthful amusements.  Your whole standard of living has  been raised ��������� and why? Because  the men who make these better  things are telling you that you will  be more comfortable, happier and  healthier if you use these higher  grade goods.  It is advertising that makes it  possible for you to buy "the best"  right at your corner store. It is  advertising that encourages the  inventor to make new comforts and  new utilities and enables you to buy  them almost immediately after they  are perfected.  J. J. Hill says this "high living"  costs more. True for J. J.���������but  it is worth more. And leaving the  cost aside, do you want to go back  to buying jam out of a pail, oatmeal  out of a barrel, raisins out of sticky  boxes, or tea exposed in an open  chest?  ID  Do  you  regret the money  paid for a Player Piano?  you  Would you forego the new style  razor?  Isn't a Tungsten worth a thousand  candles?  Would you now be enjoying these  if enterprising manufacturers had  not told you about them in their  advertisements?  ill  PI  fill  m  m  m  m  m  m  Isn't life brighter because we have new  and higher standards of living?  Let us thank advertising for it.  ���������Advice regarding your advertising problems is available through any good advertising agency or the Secretary of the Canadian Press Association, Room 503/  Lumsden Building, Toronto.   Enquiry involves no obligation on your part���������  'so write if interested.  m  m  gji||D|^^


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