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The Hedley Gazette Jan 23, 1913

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 v? v, '/  AND  ***f������������&  '#4        ���������  ���������      ���������  SHCEEN ADVERTISER  > >���������  WOLU*EIC  IX.  ItEDtE^, tB.'C, THUE-SDAY, JANUARY 23.  iOj  Numbeh 3.  JGfcr.UC. A. JACKSOiN  LTLENTIST  |[13..veai-sipr.ieticciu VancouvccJl  -S.iO.-L. Co.'s Block  "IFEN.TICTGN,  B.CC*   a  MING THE  LONG  ACCIDENT AT ORE BINS  Arthur Vance (Crushed Between Two  Cars.  IR. CW- DEANS  ���������DfofcaryrRubJic Real Estate  ]RnM-ehes,   Properties,  Mines, Thinner,  Water Powers  ���������Kpper'iTrout Greek, Balcomo P. O. iB/.C  Camp. Hedley Getting (EJin-  jenviable Notoriety  --Flaring Ads. in Vancouver ifapers  i  \  IS. Thompson imionk HKVMoutt'.-3!'tS  ,     UMfK.uWKSTKliN CANADA  ���������Camniell Laird & Co. LM.  ���������   ".Steel. Manufacturers  ^Sheffield, Eng-.  OflltttMiiiiHicI-AVarchMUiiC. 847-KlJUcntty Stmttl  vVancoiuver, B. C.  Union  Hotel  HEDLEY, B. C.  First doss/Accommodatlua.   Bar Stocked with  AtoatiBraads of Liquor and Cigars.  /A. .WINKLER, Proprietor  >Last\>wrck  the  Gazette  published, a  lctttur- . hy   diaries   H.   Broaks ..-us.mu  example of the lengths, to ur&idh Lgall  \will   Barry  a  man.      Since  tihon .the  public,..and particularly tho j,)i������pple -of  J.Ti'dley.w.ho are in :i better pogitiiuii-to  judge of. the situation than aray.otihers,  .have haxl. further evidence in tho :fnil  jpage. advertisements which hawe 'been  .appearing .in   Vancouver papers.  '.To  .remain silent and take no notice.ofnlhe  ..circumstance niightreasonably.-Huhject  us.tn.the charge  of sharing  nejjpunsi \  ability.foi\the imposition.  In .view, of, the information sent ,us  from .New .York, to which reference'  \wa.s,made.in. last issue, we are iinnrre;  than .amazed that the man should,1  iha.ve.the. nerve to work this stta*i.b .on*  ithe,poople of.British Columbia, know-'.  ing.as.he does  that so  much of .him,  ���������On Tuesclay.evehing a few wii-mi'tos  before quitting itSnie   Ai-thti-r Va.-nce,  who husbuoniin  charge of the plant  at,the head-df 'the gravity Gratia  and  handles   all .the ore   haulage -on the  upper section  (if the  .tram-way, .met  with a, painful  accident and the  fuiil  extent of h'is hrjuriies" was  not known  at the itime .of  writing.    The freight  car which wassbeimg'transferred from  the trolley line between the mine  and  the ore bins to the gravity itraua   had  jumped the itrao-k .-and Tom  Corrjga.n  who was attending :tp iit -.was  .utwible  to lift lit back .on wlie-n   _Aii.-tlHi.i-  went  to his assistance.    Whether the   cable  had-been caiight'iim some way  and   i in  being loosened ihari-allowed .the car to  comedown ornliiiwis -not known, but  it was the freight -car'.which  crushed  him against oneof the skips  standing  on the tram track.    Di-.. Ale'Eweo   was  .'immediately summoned and vwi-nt up  to   the   mine.    .He  had ihim   brought  down to the hospital  and  spent  most  -of the night with ihim-    At  the  time  of putting this in -type tlie doctor w,.s  getting a little sleep  and   the  matron  had .not learned the extent uf -injuries..  Mr. SHATFORD  JJCfj  iii  -T.V-in 1  ���������Retiring- General   Manager  of  Bank of  ���������   Vancouver Given  Illuminated Address  ������������������and Many Tolcens of Esteem. -  THE DIVIDEND. LIST  Medley   /i-liners'    and    fliUmen's  Unwm, i'No. 161, W-F. of M.  Regular nnttttUngs-of the H-Sdlcy Local, No.  1(51 are lieW .on; tlie first and third  Wednesday  in the iiiori-llhjmjrrateniity li.-dl and the second  and fourtli foVeilncsday at tlie Nr. P. Mine  O. M. Stevens. T.Kt. Wu.lev  1-VesilWnt , tKin-Secretary.  ,A. F. &.A. M.  r^ms^A^'^iiomhiy-irnODtrn^riir  He-Eley 'Lodge -No. 13, A. F. & A. M.,  are iiialti .on the-sccon������ 'Friday in  each month iii fceternity liaU, HedJ^y. Visiting  brethren are eot-diiJlly invited to attend.  A LITTLE SERMON  5. E. HAHILTOX.  H. D. BARMES  Secretary  A. Ci...  MODERN WOOKMEN  ' OF AMERICA  Ilediley Xiocnl Camp laaeet.s in  FratetusStxy Halt the itivjfc and  third Tiitu-sdays in the nunnth.  JE. H. SlMI'SON  onnsel CJIoi-lc.  LC L.  Regulat- uuMithly meetings of  Hodley LoHftiB 1744 arc held ������an  fclie   thiwl   31ouuia.v   in  va^tSi!jfgg^i>niontli in Fratewiity Hall.  :iiigr brcthern are cordially invited to attend  H. J. .TONKS. tt'-M.  G. 11. TVRSEIL Sect.  every  Visifc-  DR. J. L. MASTERS  DENTIST  Wall be at Home office in Oroville. 1st  t<> 14th of each month.  Ofliiee  on  North   Main   Street.  P. W. GREGORY  CIVIL KXCIIXKICK ani> BRITISH  (.���������OiM7MBIA LAXI* 8URVKY0K  Star Building Princeton  ... ,     ... .. ���������- ii    .Later���������Thc  dootrtr. says    itliafc    no  .and .his present rela Lions to  the <5amlp1 , , ,,-  - ���������' i      .     ji bones were broken and he anticipates  aire .fullv iiudeistooa here. ,, , - *  t,      ",.      .. , .    . t,        r ,,     ireasonably speedy recovory.  JXegai-dnig.the suliject matter <*fitihe| ���������    r  .���������������tiiff .he.hasgiven out in his Vancouv,e.r  ,ads. ithere can.be no two opinions h-e-ise.'  Tiie.grossest .misrepresentations  have  Jl)ee.n.inilulged.in and in  almost evet-y  pa.i:;igi.apb  .the   .carefully    concealed'  ���������Calse.bood .is onjy.too apparent to every  one   acquainted  .with   the facts.    To;  tidce  these  up   seriatiui   by   way   of  analyzing .arid  pointing out the distortions .and the chwer way in  which  they.sM*e .made  to convey conclusions  that he -really has jiot stated, would  take'������jp inaore space than   wc have at  our disposal.  *" '''tf''iiuy 'tlifhk 1ilnit'i}nt1iTs-r"epudiii.tipn  we are Jiinocking' the .camp they are  welcome to that opinicun.   The Gazette  has always jnaintained,that the  truth  is all thatiCauip Hedley,.needs and in  this case we hold  that iit is too  bad  that as good a property as the Golden  Zone should be made ridiculous in the  eyes of; mining men, for that is the  only effect that such advertising can  have.    The Htat.einents are so  baldly  and brazenly ridiculous tliai,t the experienced mining man will spot the  imposition at fii:**t glance and it is only  the greenhorns and servant giirls who  would be at all likely to be taken in hy  it. JJong before Brooks saw the claims  columns of matter descriptive of the  property and its prospects and  possibilities were published by the  'Gazette, and yet the man had the  cheek in his letter published last week  to say that we did not know anything  aliout the proposition. He poses us  an experienced miner but the people  here know him in no such connection  and any evidence they have had on  that score would point to quite the  opposite.  ���������Because he wrote things at time-?  thatcould hardiy be called good yun-  <liy school literature, some have  jiuraped at the cone usion that our own  Col. Lowery was born for perdition;  but just look at this sermonette in last  we.ek''*- Ledge, wliich has more the  spi-ri-t'Of the sermon on the mount in  it fclian most of the hour long disserta-'  tioiis.of-the. most enn"ru;.S!t diyines,.and  is simple and practica 1 enough to fit in  for everyday life.    It runs thus :  " There is no subject more solemn oi  more important than that  of the influence which we exert,  for good - nr  for   evil, one  upon  another.,    if we  obey   the   law   we   are  the cause. of  others doing the same.    There is far  more "intercourse and   sympathy  between men now  than  iu  the distu t  past.    In  these days  our lives, w rk  and duties are inextricably c-mpii.-; t-  ed, so that in  all  we do and in all we  teach   we   influence,     consciously   or  unconsciously,   many  who   we  know  not face to face.    Whether  we will or  not   we   are   always   affecting   those  around us, always transmitting g.od  or evil.    \\*"e cannot be fools or  profligates  without cm sing men,  and   wc  cannot be wise and   pure  in   thought  without blessing them.   Let us strive  to convince  the ignorant among  us,  the dark and disgraceful mass around  us."  THE REAL DOPE  Shortly after the conclusion of the  ���������an-Niwl general -meeting held by the  shareholders of't'he Bank of Vancouver Tuesday afternoon, January J4th.  Mr. L. VV. Shatford, M.P.P., the  retiring ge-nei-il manager, was the  -recipient of a .handsome presentation  .in'the form ivf an illuminated address  from the managers and staffs of the  various branches of the hank, who  had taken the opportunity to express  itheir admiration for the work he had  accomplished -during the past, year,  .their loyalty to .himself, and their  regret as to his decision to resign.  Mr. XV. E. Jardine, assistant man-  ���������ager, acting on behalf of the staff,  presented the address.  In replying to the sentiment ex-  pn-ess-ed by the memorial Mr. Shatford  spoke of the deep appreciation which  he felt at tlie receipt of such a  memento.-'' It was doubly valuable in  his eyes because it was not only a  tangible something to remind him  that his work in the bank had been  appreciated, but italso was a reminder  of friendship and business associations  wliich he would never forget.  " There   is    no  ' one    thing    more  essential to a bank's success and   welfare," declared Mr.  Shatford, "than  .the.co-operation;.loyalty and  interest  displayed hy its employees,  and  I'do  not believe that any. bank .in  Canada  has  a   more   thoroughly efficient and  conscientious staff than that possessed  hy the  Bank  of Vancouver.���������'��������� During  my term of office   I   am. pleased   to  remember .tha.���������;. there,., has  -hc'.ej.i ::iio-  friction, in any phase of bin'-  work.    A  state of harmony has always prevailed  ami ['attribute the success of the bank  and the position wliich it now occupies  in the financial world to  the  untiring  efforts of those who have been pleased  to recognize'me'to-day by the presentation   of   this   ad'dress ..which   I  will  always treasure."  In continuing Mr. Shatford expressed  the hope that he would in future come  in contact with the officers of the bank  through the medium of the oflice of  vice-president which he still held on  the directorate.  Later in Ihe afternoon the officers of  the head office and inspection departments of J,he bank presented Mr.  Shatford with an address on leather-,  and a handsome walrus club bag. Mr.  F. Dallas, the inspector, read the  address, which stated in part:  "* We take the liberty, sir, to express  the deep and personal , feelings of  friendship and 'admiration which we  hold for you, in spirit-as whole-hearted  and in terms as sincere as that merited  bv the event."  A" Mining- Paper Makes Some Comparisons and -has Nickel Plate Leading the  Bunch.  (Mining and Scientific I'rcss)  Mining eouipanies in Biitish Columbia have had an unusually  prosperous  year,   having  declared   in   dividends  during 1912 a total of $],312,870.    The-  Hedley Gold  Mining  Company  leads  with a decimation- of $8(5(),()()0, or at  the rate   of   111)   per cent.,   while  the  Standard Silver Lead Mining Company  with $425,000 exceeds in  amount but-  not in rate, having paid 2I.j  per cent.  The   British   Columbia  Copper  Company has'pnid $177,512 and declared ah  additional dividend of 888,75(1, payable-  early, this  month,   while the   Lo  Roi  No. 2, Limited, has paid $29,400 or at-  the rate of one shilling per share.   The  gratifying  total  of dividends    would  have been   considerably  larger, under  normal circumstances, for the Gianby  Cousolidateil  ,. Mining,     Smelting   <x,  Power   Company,    Lid.,   made   large  operating profits (luring the year that  were retained to finance the  construction   of   the   new   plant   at   Hidden  Creek; .  LOOK AFTER THE SOURCES  Millions Lost Every Year   by   the   Destruction  of Nature's Own Preventive.  COAXING THE SHY ONES  Dr. Roche Creates Good Impression in  Newfoundland by Removing- Restrictions Against Island Immigrants.  MILLIARD'S  BARBER     SHOF������  KOJt AN KASV SHAVK  HOT <v COLD BATHS  Next door north of Grand Union Hotel  V"  W. H. T. GAHAN  Barrister, .Solicitor. Etc.  MONKV TO  LOAN  PENTICTON,  B. C.  E. E. Burr  General   Blacksmith  Hedley, B. C.  Horse-shoeing and all  Blacksmith Work  Promptly attended to.  Pipe-fitting done.  Hon. Dr. Roche, Minister of the  Interior, has been in receipt of many  letters of congratulation in regard to  his order in removing the immigration  restrictions on Newfoundlanders coming into Canada. Former residents of  tlie Ancient Colony have particularly  appreciated the move of the minister  and have written him thanking him for  the courtesy he has extended to Newfoundland and also expressing the  hope that the Borden government  may be successful in bringing the  Island into confederation. They also  hope that the move will result in more  Newfoundlanders coming to Canada  instead of going to the United States.  TRY THE  Hedley Gazette  for  (Greenwood Ix'dgc.)  A most amusing incident is just   to  hand from France.    The famous Albi  glajss works,  owned  and  run   by  tl.c  work people themselves, are the scene  of a strike !   The story  is   this :  The  works   were   purchased    in   IS9li   for  $00,000 hy the  Socialists and   handed  over bodily to  the workpeople.     At  first all went well ; then Socialism began  to find  its  feet.   The old  hands  started to exploit the newcomers with  all the ferocity of hardened capitalists.  Men began to take holidays when and  as they chose.    The output diminished  and the revenue decreased.   Then the  Paris committee, in whom  the  works  are vested,  stepped   in   and  tried   to  restore order nut   of chaos, by regulating wages and hours of labor, while  the men were informed that the habit  of   knocking oft'  work  as   the   fancy  took   them   was   detrimental   to  the  interests of the concern, and could not  be tolerated.    Could free horn  Socialists lie down  under this  impertinent  interference     with    their     liberties ?  Never I    They   went on   strike   and  extinguished   the  four furnaces !    It  will   cost   something like   $10,000 to  start them again, and when the workmen   get   tired   of    twiddling    tl eir  thumbs and come  back to  work  this  sum must come out of their pockets.  B.C. LEGISL11TO  The Local House is now Down to Work  ���������Debate on the Address Completed���������  Meaty Bill of Fare Presented.  Fllie      Tob    Pritltinfif 'And this is Socialism in practice!  The British Columbia Legislature  met on Thursday of last week with  the usual tiuie-honored formalities.  This being the first session of a new  parliament it was necessary to re-elect  a speaker and Air. D. M. Eherts was  again chosen for that- position,  The speech from the throne made  reference to the healthy state of provincial finances, to the visit of the  Duke of Connaiighb and his family, to  the bountiful crop and the honors  which have been won by the province  in the products of the Held and the  orchard, with an indication of some of  the legislation-wliich will engage the  House during the session.  The adoption of the address was  moved by Manson of Skeena and  seconded by Wood of Alberni, both of  whom made excellent addresses.  The "Western Canada Irrigation Association,   meeting   in    Victoria   last  week, took up thc matter of protection  of forests  around   the   headwaters of  streams.    There was a , strong feeling  among the members that the maintenance   of   a   woodland   cover   un   the  mountains was the only real  solution  of   the   problem   of   constant    water-  supply, on which the fruitgrowing industry depends.    Where water is high  in   the   spring   and   low   in   the  hot  summer months,.it :was argued, there  is ''no-real, chance "given , to   the-iari'd to -  yield the crops of which   it's capable.  It has been proven time and again that  with the forest there is a steadiness in  run off, and a general increase  in   the  amount of water-.    The forest protects  snow from the rays of the sun, holds  moisture in the soft mulch cover, and  through   old  roots and   the  loosened  ground, transfers water from   surface  to sub-surface drainage  and   prevents  evaporation.  In the case of the Tennessee Hi ver  in the United States, whose headwater  forests have been devastated, has been  found that in twenty-four years the  increase in floods in proportion to the  flood-producing rains is about 19 percent.  The,da mage wrought by this increase  is greatly oirt of proportion to the excessive waterflow. Losses of many  millions are wrought annually by  floods, destroying the work of many  years, and the utility of the soil wliich  has been carefully preserved through  irrigation.  European countries are spending  millions annually in an effort to make  fertile many valleys which are at  present being subject alternately to  deluge and drought, and c-onseiiuently  utterly unfit fur agriculture.  If the Province of Biitish Columbia  is to maintain the lead which she has  already attained in fruit producing it  is essential that no fires he allowed to  lick the one "retentive influence, the  forest, off the mountain slopes.  As a result of many urgent demands  from fruit growers in the Okanagan  Valley, the Forest 'Branch has determined that a very strict patrol shall  be maintained during the dry months,  and the fire protection branch of the  Dominion Railway Commission has  issued an order tor more efficient  patrols along the lines of railways.  ,' The Canadian Pacific's British Columbia business increased $1,500,000 in  1912.  Peter- Vcregin. the kingpin Doukho-  botir of British Columbia, has been  denied entrance to the United States  on the ground that he is an anarchist.  If he appeals to Canada, to help him'  out in the matter he Will he disappointed as Canada will not interfere on the  ground that he is still a subject of the  Czar of Russia.  The Grand Forks Gazette is authority for report that the K.V. are about  to inaugurate a weekly train service  from that town to Carini, and that  the service was to begin with Monday  of this week. rHK HEDLEY GAZETTE .IAN 23. 1013.  and  Similkameen Advertiser. i  l-wiiud on Tluuwliiys by the Illini.icv Ga'/.k.-itk I  1'iu.vriNc ami I'eiii.isuisn Company.        |  IjIMITKIi.   iit    UcilltiV.   11. C.  Subscriptions in Advance  l-u Year S-'.m,  "   (United Status)..' 2.50  Advertising Rates  "Measurement. 1-. lines to tlie incli.  Lund NoUcc������^-(:urlillc.it(M of improvement, etc.  ������7.(1(1 for (id-iliiy mitiees. and Su.CKl for 80-day  not ices.  Transient Advertisements���������not exceeding one  inuli, SI.Wl for one insertion, '������> cents for  eneli snliseciiu-nt insertion. Over one incli,  10 cent*, jier line for IlrsL insertion and 5  cents per line for each subsequent insertion.  Transients payable in advance.  Changes for contract, advertisements should  be in tlie o/ticc by noon on Tuesday to secure  attention for that week's issue  Advci-tisenients will be changed once every  month if advertiser desires, without any extra  charge. For changes oftcnor than once a mouth  the price of composition will be charged at  regular rates.  Contract Advertisements���������One inch per month  $\.25\ over 1 inch and up to 1 inches, SI.00  per inch per mouth. To constant advertisers  talcing larger space than four inches, on  application, rates will bo given of reduced  elinrges, based on size of space and length  of time.  A. MEGRAW. Manacintj Kdltor.  full "Moon  l.iiM-M'iar.  "27.  191'.i  .1 AN  New i.loon  li  First (piiir.  It.  1013  Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Tim. Fri. Sat.l  12  10  ���������in  i  21  2S  1  S  15  22  20  0  it;  23  ':'���������)  o  10  17  ���������I  11  IS  NEEDED LEGISLATION  Oiie of the entices in the legislative  ' hill of fare to he. presented at the  present session of the British Columbia Legislature is said to be a bill  which the Attorney General has signified his intention to introduce.which  .will hnvi: for its object the protection  of tradesmen against delinquents.  This opens up a wide"question and a  most intei eating one and the Gazette  owns up to no smnll amount of curiosity t-i ascei tain the particular form  the legislation   mav take. !  So well .did Dickens do his work ;  fifty years ago and run re in showing  up the abi'ses of the debtors' prisons  throughout ICngland that the tendency of legislation all through Britain  anil her colonies during the past forty  years has been to make it impossible  to collect a debt from or unduly oppress the man who ' cannot pay, and  unfortunately the .man who wont pay  has benefited liy it in a corresponding  degree. In fact it is openly claimed  that there   is   now   no   such   thing   as  imprisonment  for  d-'.ht   ntivwhere in !  i .. |  the Uritish Kinpirc, and while noin- j  inally this elnim is quite true, it is in  reality scarcely accurate for a man  may be sued for debt and judgment  obtained against him, and if he owns  any properly, this, under certain i-e-  stiiclions and exemptions, may be  sei'/.ed upon to satisfy the claims  against him : but where he is not possessed of the necessary property or  effects upon which distress may lie  levied, that is where the pinch conies.  Niivei theless there is such a thing as  putting a man in prison for debt, and  in English prisons it is by no means  uncommon to find them there and  occasionally it happens in Canada.  The way in which it can occur is this.  The man who has been sued and judgment nbtiiiued against him, may he  brought up on a judgment summons  and the judge may order him to pay  a certain amount per month towards  wiping oil' ihe claim. Then if he  pays no attention to this order he may  be imprisoned for contempt of court,  which is a. distinction without a difference.  The protect ion which has been  given the poor man against the oppression of the insatiate, inhumane  money-grabber by the reforms which  have come about through changes in  the laws relating to debtors, has been  a very good thing in   itself, but it has  j been by no means an unmixed good  I for it has also provided another  means by which lie may be. fleeced by  the inevitable deadbeat who is as well  protected as himself. We have only  to look about to see examples of this,  f.u- eveiy community has its quota-  only some communities are cursed  wich a greater number than their  proper share. Every one of us who  may try to recall examples will have  several of them in mind. These are  not as ii rule the uneducated nor an-  they men who have had no opportunities in life but the very opposite, and  their advantages appear to have  served only to make them bolder and  more effective deadbeats. Neither  are. they .ill of them refined Harold  Skimpoles . Ki oin this class theories  who sulTer most are the hotel-keepers  and small tradesmen, for these dead-  beats will run board-bills and store-  biils without giving a moment's  thought of how they are going to pay  them. Their promises, notes of hand  aud 1. O. U.'s are given without stint  and with the utmost serenity and the  wonder is that their victims toleiate  the fiatid long after they have reason  to know that they will never get anything.  It is really time that something  should be done, for men who cannot  all'ord the loss have to keep up these  harpies in addition to their own families. Some of these deadbeats will  pay a whiskey bill or a gambling  debt which they are pleased to characterize as debts of honor, but they are  impervious to demands for payment  from those who have fed them. Jail  is the proper place for them and the  law should he changed to enable them  to Jje landed there with, the least  amount ot trouble and expense.  PrUfVGE,  biveru, Feed & Sale Stables  HKDtEY   15. C.  "I A good-stock of Horses and Bigs on  Hand.    II Orders for Teaming  promptly attended to.  Office of Dominion Express Gompanu.  DID YOU EVER HEAR  WOOD   1'O'R   SALE!  Phone il.        INNIS'BROS. Proprietors.  HOTEL SIMILKAMEEN:  HEDLEY, B. C.  An Up-to-date   First-Class Hotel  rates moderate  f. j: dollemore  Proprietor.  A. MEGRAW  NOTARY    PUBLIC  Conveyancer.   Ileal Kslatc.   Mines,  down    Grants   Applied    l-'or  Under  Land   Act,  and  Mineral Act.  Afient for:  M nUial Life of Canada.  Hudson Bay Insurance Co.  Maryland Casualty < o  Ocean Accident and (inai-nntee Co.  Office   at   HEDLEY,- B.  C.  of a man getting robbed who' Had a cheque hook in  his pocket and his money in the hank?  Or did you ever know of anybody who lost  money because a lire happened to eat up a cheque  book ?  Any man who keeps his money in the bank and  pays by cheque eliminates two of the greatest risks  in tlie world. Iticosts nothing to be safe, and then  besides, it is so much more convenient.  The Bank of British.- North America  will be glad to have your account.  77    YEARS    IN    BUSINESS  CAPITAL AND RESERVE OVER $7,506,060  Hedley  Branch,  H. H. Hobbs, Manager  FRUIT    TRIBE������  Buy H&eL.lthy Home Grown Trees  Nil Danger (if Importing Pests       No Injury from Fumigation  No Drying Out in Course of Shipment  Protect Yourself fc>y Buying Oiir Trees  Write, for catalogue, and Price* List to  THE   RIVERSIDE   NURSERIES  Dept. B. GRAND FORKS, B. C.  KsUblishi'd in 1900 125 ACRES  Representatiue���������\/. Dynes, Penticton  N. Ii.���������We  have   Dw.-n-f stock in���������Mcintosh Red, Wealthy, .Jonathan, Cox's  Orange, Ontario, Northern Spy and Wagene.r.  WATER NOTICE  Nl  METEOROLOGICAL.  The following are the readings showing temperature, etc., for the week  ending Jan. IS. 1918:  AT Till! JUN'K.  Maximum  Minimum  Jan  12  ���������2  -in  Ml  20  ..          10  U  18  0  15  20  (J  K!  12  (i  17-  12  2  IS  10  -5  Average maximum temperature 12.85  Average minimum do -1.57  Mean temperature o.tit  Rainfall for the week      .00 inches.  Snowfall       "  . ���������   " '5.0  . COKHKSl'O.VDINO  WKKK OK  LAST   VKAli  Highest maximum temperature 111.  Average maximum  do  ini.sa  Lowest minimum  do  ���������i.  Average  minimum  do  u.u  "Mean  do  25.10  AT  THE  .MILL.  Maximum  Minimum  Jan 12  ���������i  11  IS  10  1  1-1:  2!  155  .15  22  155  l(i  22  /  17  25  9.  18  20  55  Average;  maximum tei  upernturi  il!).-l2  Average  minimum  do  :i.s.-i  Mean  do  JI.O:}  Rainfall  'or the week  .00  incl  les  Snowfall  ..  :1.1s  ���������  -  For a Licence to Take and Use Water  olice is hereby tciven Unit Tin: Duly Kertuc-  tion Co.. of Iledley. H.l.'.. will apply for n  licence lo take and use HOD cubic foul, pur-second  of waturontlhe.Similk.-jncen river, wliich flow.-,  in a southerly direction throiiKli Iledley, .11. C  and empties in tlie OkamiKan river near Oroville. The water will'be inverted at a point  on or between lot 1S31 and lot tilKKl.tuul will be  used for power purposes on the land described  as Lot -JiKKi.  This notice was posted on tlie ground on the  Hi day of November, lilli Tlie application will  be tiled in tlie otlico of the Water Commissioner at Pairview, 11. C  Objections may be tiled with tne said Water  Commissioner,   or  the   Controller of  Water  K'frhts,  Parliament Buildings.   Victoria, 11. C.  The Daly Reduction Co., Ltd.  0. I'. Jones. Agent  WATER   NOTICE  For a License to Take and Use Water.  VTOTICK is hereby given that Percy l-'d.  ^ Howell of Green "Mountain, lunelier. will  apply for a license to take and use 100 inches of  water out of Sheep Creek, which tlow.s in an  easterly direction through Lot OTU and empties  into Okanagan Lake, near Penticton. Tho  water will be diverted at. 100 feet from the H.K..  corner of IjOt 1707, and will be used for irrigation and domestic purposes on the land  described as Percy Kd. Howell's Pre-emption.  This notice, was posted on the ground on the  ���������20th day of December, lllf.', The application  will be tiled in the otlico of the Water Recorder  at Kail-view,  Objections may be filed with the said water  Kecoi-der or with the Comptroller of Water  KiKhts, Parliament .Buildings, Victoria, B.C.  52-1 l������. l.C. Howell, applicant.  ���������  FOR    QUALITY  EVERY   TIME !  33Eiir������iaS(iiircaziE  4  ���������  JAMS  AND   FRUIT  made from  Last Season's Harvest  ���������  i  eoititKsro.vniNc wi:r.ic or i.aht vi--.au  Highest maximum temperature II.  Average do do 29.57  Lowest.minimum do -'J.  Average do do 15!.  Mean do 21.2S  WILL BE CHIEF  ORATOR  Premier McBride Chosen to Give Address  at Educational Function in California.  It was formally announced at a.  meeting of the Bnaril of Regents of  the State University that Sir Richard  McBride. Premier of Bi itish Columbia  and one of the foremost of Canadian  statesmen, has accepted an invitation  to deliver the Charter Day address on  Saturday, March 22nd.  This news was received with satisfaction hy the assembled Regents, who  ever since the invitation was sent forth  some weeksngo, have been impatiently  awaiting the reply. It is generally  thought in University circles that tho  selection of Premier McBride as the  Charter Day speaker is a. happy one,  and that no other man is better fitted  to deliver the annual address.���������Examiner.  P. Burns & Co. intend to erect the  biggest packing plant, in Canada on  the ruins of the burnt establishment  in Calgary.  MINERAL ACT  CISRTIKKATK (IF IMPUOVKMKNT.S  I AST Chance Kraction, Last Chance. Avooa,  J' Summit. Fraction, Good view Fraction,  .hick Pine. Primrose Fraction. Dead wood and  Cyclone Fraction "Mineral Claims situate in thc  Osoyoos Mining Division of Yule District,  \\ here located���������-In Camp Medley.  Take notice that I. Duncan Woods, Free  "Miner's Certiticate No. lOiillH, intend, sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Uecordcr for a certiticate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of thc above claims.  And further take notice Unit action, under  section ;17. must be commenced before the  issuance of such Certiilcate of Improvements.  Hated this iStli day of December, 1!)1'-'.  ���������10  DUN'OAN WOODS  WATER NOTICE  For a Licence to Take and   Use   Water  Vfotiee is hereby given that, Siniilkaineen  ���������L>* Fruit Lauds Co. of   Winnipeg   Mani  toba will apply for 11 licence to take and use  live cubic teet of water out of Similkameen  Kivor which Hows in a Southerly direction and  empties Into the U.S.A. near the Boundary  Line. The water will be diverted at, one mile  below Keremeos St. and will be used for Irrigation purposes on the. land described as all thc  lands belonging to the above company.  This notice was posted on the ground on the  tit.h day of December. 1(112. The application  will be Hied in the olllceof tho Water Recorder  at Fairview, U. C.  Objections may ho filed with the said  Water  Uecordcr or with   the  Comptroller of   Water  Rights.   Parliament Uiiildings.  Victoria,. Ii. C.  Similkameen Fruit Lands Coy.  K. L. Cawston  ���������l!)-l  ^   Selected and of the highest grade.  T We guarantee them to be pure.  Insist on    SHIVERS' JAMS or  insist on    DEL MQNTE'S FRUITS  Next Time  I Schubert's Supply Stores %  ������ HEDLEY and TULAMEEN **  a,"  ti  v  %  X  a  v  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  ti  X  it  a?  X  ar  &u  ������'  ar  Plumbing and Heating', Sheet  ���������Metal Work Tinsmithing*  Shop corner Angela Ave.' and Bridge  St.,   in 'Mm-dock's" blacksmith shop.'  Work guaranteed.   Consult us about your work  H. DIGNA^rc   \)  Practical "Workmen (, //      PRotfrreTOKS  PRINCETON.M. C J7  ���������������������  x  x  H  X  SI  X  X  X  st  s  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  st  i  ���������to*('*Ve&W4W'4WA"4^^^  <$><$><������-^������''0-<$>-O-^Mg^>-0.^><������<$><������-46><������-O-^^>O<$>^������ ������ ��������� ������������������ ��������� ���������&<&'&~&<&  THE   MOTTO  oi-' Tin-:  TENDERS WANTED  "endcrs will be received for material   and  work in fencing the cemetery.   Apply to  F. "II. FRENCH  Aliiskn liXiH'i-ii'iici'd the worst storm  in lior history. Stiiire horses wei-o  frozen to death nnd tlio passengers  escnped hy gal ting shelter in ri wnyside  house.  8no\v is niiK.'teen feet deep in the  Casciides in Washington' state. Two  of the American railway lines were  blocked and both the Great Northern  and Milwaukee were running their  trains over the "Northern Pacific tracks.  "The Largest Amount of Assurance  for  the   Least Possible Outlay."  The reasons "why tliey can do this are:���������  1. The Expense Rate of this company is unusually  low���������considerably lower than many other  Canadian Companies.  2. Its Death Kate is remarkably favorable���������being  only about one-half of theainount "expected"  and provided for, showing careful selection  of lives.  3. Its High-Class   Investments   have   been   such  that in the 41 years during which the  Company has been doing business, not one  dollar received from its Policy-holders has  been lost out of tlie millions invested for  thoir security.  These conditions produce large profits, and large  profits me.'tn good results to Policy-holders. A policy in  this Company pays.  W. J. TWISS  Vancouver  Manager for B.C.  ...:.���������  A. MEGRAW  Local Agent  iiw  K? THE HEDL.EY GAZETTE, JAN 23. L913.  Towri and District. ,  _ __  Everything is now pretty well in  readiness lor the hospital masquerade  hull to-morrow evoliiiig. Good music  is hemp: provided and suiiiu gooil costumes ' will he in evidence. Tickets  have been taken freely and if all who  have bought will put in an appearance  there will lie a large attendance.  L. W. Shatford, M.P.P., was in  Penticton on Saturday and returned  hy Sunday's hoat to take his place in  the Provincial House which is  now in  .session.  M. II. L. Jaconilis went over- to the  Jewel mine on Thursday last where it-  is understood he has a johin the stamp  mill. With the experience he obtained  in tlie mill here, and the length of  time which he was in charge of one of  the shifts-here on the batteries he  should prove a valuable man for'them.  The Gazette job printing derjartrnent  is prepared to execute all oider-s in  ��������� first class style. There is no order too  small for us and no order too large as  wu can do anything from a ladies'  visiting card or tiny bottle label to  a. double sheet two-color poster.  The music loving people of Hedley  will be pleased to know that Mrs. J.  A. Brown of Keremeos will give a  ��������� concert in Fraternity Hall on Friday,  February 7th, the concert, to begin  sharp at S p.m. We have not learned  fully all who will take part hut have  been told that the audience will be  given the opportunity of hearing' new  outside talent from Princeton and  Ktjremeos. It was .Mis. Brown's intention to give the concert in December- but as there were several other  local events crowded closely together.-  that month it was thought inadvisable  to add another 'which would tend to  draw from those being held. Her  past appearances here, were so well  enjoyed that it will be a treat to have  another evening as well as the opportunity of hearing talent from adjoining  towns that most of us would he unable  to hear other wise.  G. P. Jones, general superintendent  of the Hedley Gold Mining Co., was  ' gratified at .-'information sent him on  Monday by the'Great Northern that  the railway liad agreed to a reduction  in the rate on concentrates from $1%  per ton to $11 per. ton, to take effect  on the first of February. This in  itself will lie quite an item for the ore  is all the time showing a tendency to  increase the amount of concentrates.  Thus far they have been shipping  practically all their concentrates to  Tacorna arid the transportation on  them has amounted to a big round  sum every year.  A'breakdown in the large com pressor  on .Sunday gave the machinist: and  blacksmith some work to fix it up, but  everything is running again.  There is no need, to send out for job  printing of any kind as our work   will  .'compare   with   the   best   commercial  work turned out in the city offices.  Don't give youiself or your business  away to wholesalers .or others with  whom you may have business' correspondence on the outside by using  cheap hand-me-down pads on which  you ha vi' to write your own name and  the n.-irne of the town. .A lion I' letter  head,      memorandum.      billhead       or  'statement <m which there is neatly  printed your own name and husini'ss  and tin- n.-iiiii-of your town is- needed  in order to command the good opinion  of those   with   whom   you are doing  .business. Aud don't let any soap man  on the oul>ide have the benefit of your  ���������uvelope to advertise his goods on.  even if lie should supply you with such  an envelope free. Kvcry lime you  send out a business letter  in  such   an  ���������envelope, the receiver ol" it, will say to  himself *' there's a. one-horse man with  a one-horse business."  tlie local Oddfellows' Lodge that were  installed and nearly .all of therii are  still there in the town among the solid  men ,of the place. In most of new  places through the west there has not  been the degree of permanency that is  found in Vernon. All has not been  beer and skittles with them there in  the last twenty years and there, were  times when it would almost have appeared more prudent to seek pastures  new, but the man who hung on in this  case was the man who won out, and  both the present and the future look  decidedly better than anything they  have had in the past.  The snow plow lias had to he used  freely up at the mine this winter in  keeping the trolley line open for traffic  in ore haulage. It hasn't been the  amount of snowfall alone which has  been troubling but the wind and ,the  drifting snow has been the greatest  factor in causing trouble.  ma  il  All last week the coast  irregular and one day late at its best.  The heavy snow in the Cascades  accounts for it.  The latest news.from Mexico would  indicate that Charles H. Brooks'' 610  "men are still fighting.  The Great Northern Hotel has been  sold to John Jackson who will thus  remain a resident of Hedley. Steps  have been taken for transfer of the  license from E. .7. Rotherham and  there is no reason to anticipate any  trouble in having it made for Mr.  Jackson has already fully demonstrated in Hedley his ability and inclination  lo run a good house. The orny  hindrance to the giving of immediate  possession on completion of the deal  was the matier of the transfer of  license and in all probability that will  be settled in a few days.  Now, if it is for their pay those (51.0  men of Charles H. Brooks are still  lighting, it is no josh whatever that  his "head is safer in British Columbia"  For arid and semi-arid countries  intensive farming is highly recommended and nowadays we hear a great  ileal about it. From intensive farming  it is only a short step by analogy to  intensive fighting, so it is to be presumed that Charles H. Brooks' CUU  men down in Mexico are (to use Mr.  Brooks' own words) "fighting like  Jr .'*  Tho'iink has been well patronizeu  during'the past week and the ice is in  very fair condition. A little hockey  practice has also been indulged in.  Mr. Cleveland, of Cleveland <fc  Cameron, Vancouver, has- purcliasi d  ah interest in the Banner mineral  claim in Camp Iledley. The interest  lie obtained was formerly owned oy  one Jotin Stevens', estate. -The properly is likely to see consiUeiaoie  development during the, cuminy  summer.  A MIGHTY GOOD IDEA  Parsons   Asked   to   Switch Off on   the  Fire Business and Substitute Some  of  ���������  the Real for the Theoretical.  All honor to the conservation chaps  who are using every ell'ort lo enlist  every influence possible to spread the  doctrines and knowledge of coiiserva,','/  tion. When the forests are protected  a. hundred other-I lungs are protected  at the saine time whili- tlie wealth of  the world is being added to enormously in hundreds of. directions. At.  piesent the Forestry branch in this  province are doing good work in helping the busy newspaperman to keep  his shoulder to the conservation wheel  and much of the stuff thi-y are sending  out for publicity is particularly good  and eminently practical.  One suggestion the Gazette noticed  in a recent bulletin was to have the  preacheis during the summer season  when campers aud others often cause  destructive fires through ignorance and  thoughtlessness, give a few pointers  every Sunday to their hearers showing  the importance of following ont  nature's plan to keep the hillsides and  soui-cis of stieauis covered with a  protecting coat of forest. Lots of  little moral lessons could be taught in  'this way ,-ind knowledge of the importance of foresti V and conservation  instilled along with moral lessons. In  the past the pulpits have thundered  out Jots of sulphurous hell-fire from  wliich tho,people were to be saved aud  all the. while real fire was being allowed  tri take its course, and lick up annually  minimis of dollars of God's good stuff  that He intended foi the use of mankind, and scores of lives were being  sacrificed every year in forest fires  that wen: often set by the carelessness  of someone who was never told any  better.  ^TCM  rttunr +am ncnru-jonwiu  R   havo   taken    over   tin's  business with the object of  making a big success.  to handle the best quality goods we can , buy,  to sell them at reasonable prices and by  giving prompt and efficient, service,  ANNUAL MEETING  ���������"PI 110 Annual General Mcctinirof the Hcdloy  x Hospital Association will bo held in  Fraternity Hall on Monday .Evening, January  27th ntS o'clock p.m. for the purpose of receiving tho annual report, and olueting-anow board  of "directors.   A full attendance is requested.  V. IT. FRENCH. Soey.-Trcns'  Please our Customers  We want your trade and ifyou aro not already  dealing with' us would ask you to give us a  fair trial.  Try our-  DECKAJUUE TEA  BEST MOCHA and  JAVA COFFEE  NOTICE  SIMiUCAMEKN bAXD DISTRICT^  ���������'lltSTItlCT OF  VATE    ,  'PAICE Xotice that I, William Blane, of New  x Westminster, 11.C. occupation, a Broker,  intends to apply for permission to purchase the  following- described lands.  Commenoiiifr at, a post planted at the "V. W.  corner of pre-emption lOlos tlience west-Ulohains  thence south .SO chains, thence east. SO chains,  north 10 chains, west. 10 chains, thence north lo  chains to point of commencement containing  ISO acres, more or less  William Wane.  ill. .1. McKcown, Agon!.  Dec. ,-IOth. I!)!:.*. .   ���������    . . 3-10  w.  iHL IFr  raesSSBEan^HCEHBBHKKIEEOTn; I  iifflBmMHMBBampggtres: i  F*  ���������E IN UNO    UP  James Stewart had a letter l.Iii>  week fii'iii his nephew Jimmy Cody,  who is in Helena, Montana, lie left  here early in the fall I'm- the coast and  while there he had operations performed in Victoria for the removal of  varicose veins Jiy Dr. Whillans. He  was told by Dr. Whillans who opera ted  upon him successfully for the removal  nf some of them that he would require  to have 11lore, taken nut later on and  he had arranged to go hack next spring  to have it done. Coming home by  wav of .Helena. ^Montana, however, he  lecided to havo more done and expected In be operated on last week.  It it, his intention to coiue had; to  Iledley shortly.  Vernon old-timers everywhere will  lerive great pleasure from the weekly  icrusal of the " Twenty Years Ago "  Leiiis in the Vernon News. In last  week's batch one thing that will .strike;  great in.-uiy was the list of officers of  GENERAL NEWS  jN'elson municipal election has lieeii  delayed owing lo the sudden death of  Alderman Percy Gieazier, one of the  candidates, who bad U-en regularly  uninitiated for re-election. Duceaseu  was prominent in Masonic, circles aim  Liie funeral was conducted by tlie  p'reiinasotis of the district.  A Montreal newspaper man named  .WcJN'ab is suing Hon. .-������am Hughes tor  libel and $IU,UU() damages. This dispute arises out of tin: J toss rille  controversy.  A steamship rate war is expected.  The (J. I'. It. line, plans to bring out  M.UW emigrants monthly from the  Uail;aus.  LIQUOR LICENCE ACT  (.SECTION 17)  pOTOTICK is hereby given that on the Twcnty-  ���������"-' Third day of Kehniary n!-xt application  will lie made to the Superintendent of IVovin-  cial Police for (he transfer of the licence, for  the sale of Honor by retail in and upon the  premises known as the Great Northern Hotel,  situate at Hedley, Province of Uritish Columbia,  from 1-'. .1. Hntlierliiiui to .lolin Jackson of  ilritish Columbia.  Dated   this twenty-second day of .January,  IUIL'.  10. .1. ItOTHKRHAM.  Holder of Licence  Goods arc, arriving every day and already  ��������� sonic nice lines are on display.  20th Century Clothing", ���������"    W. G. ���������& R. Shirts  fl nice line of Men's Ties Fine Stock of Underwear,  The-Shoe stock and other lines avi'II lie on  hand in a few days.  Remember the Place���������Shier's Old Stand  F"4  SO   YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  i\ittch loss of life at sea lias resulted  from tlii! recent .storms.  Ptouiiei- IJorucn has been indisposed  with .-in .-alack, of grippe.  Overland tr.-tin.s are stalled in Id.-iho  un'il 2W liL-iid of cattle .arc perishing on  b.i.-irii lor want of feed and water.  Tho Duchess of Coiituiuglit is making  satisJactoi-y recovery.  A movement is on foot at Ottawa to  uxtend the scope of the Railway  Board.  Calvary- '-s ��������� to vote on single tax  shortly. The plebiscite is to hi: taken  February 7th.  Advertise in the  edley Gazette  and watch Results  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c.  AnyonesendliiR n plioteli and de.icrlntlnn may  illicitly iiswortiiin our opinion fi'oo whether an  invention Is protinbly patciunblo. Coinmunlca.  Uoii3Btrlct.lycoiillilont.lal. HANDBOOK on Patents  ii'iit. free. Olilost nuciicy fornocurniff putonta.  Patents taken tlu-oindi Jlmm & Co. receive  rpccktl notice, without; clinruo. iu tbc  " ieirtiffie JIiaericaiL  A Handsomely illiisfivitwl weekly. Lnrucst eir-  PUlutloii of -on- iielenMIUi journal. Terms. $8 8  ���������'our: four-������������������-.ntlis, fl. Sold by all ticwuicnieni.  .iflllQIM- tt ������n_3Ci3roadw*y.$gV!/ YorB"  SEaaansaaaaTOaoraaas  WcariGh ('���������  I," "Jt".  '���������''���������if'iiUBlon. D.  GOOD   POSITIONS OPEN  New Federal   Lav/  Compels Vessels to  Have More Wireless Operators  Many gnod positions are open to  ���������yoiin<r men and women in the field of  "Wireless" and of commercial telegraph service. 'i.'he passage of the  new federal law, effective Oct 1, compelling all sea-o-oiug vessels' to he  equipped with wireless instruments  ami m.-ilined by two competent operators, has created a wide demand for operators in the ina.rine wireless service.  Federal law now requires railways to  use more operators than ever before.  The Morse Telegraph company, of .Seattle, find Portland, works inclose connection with wireless and commercial  officjals, ;md can place urnduutes in  good positions, ft will pay you to  write for lull particulars.     Adv.    49-1  ������#������SSi^c'     ,     !  ������������������^^E^S'SsSesL?'''  Synopsis of Coal Mining' Regulations I  00Ali mini!)?;-  j-fehts  of Mio   Dominion,   in ;  ^     'Manitoba,  Kiiskiitolio'wiin   unci   Alberta...  the  Yukon Territory,  tlio  .Vorth-wiNt  Tot-ri- ���������  torios find in a portion of tlie  I'rovim.-o of Hi-i-  ti.sli Columbia, uiny be loused  for a term  of  twenty-one yon is tit tin .-innii.-il  rental of ������1 un  acre.   Nor, more  Cluui -.fVBl acres will be leased  to one applicant.  Application for a lease must, be made by the  applicant in person to the Ajront or .Snli-Atfeiit.  of the district in wliii.-h I be rights applied for  are situated.  In surveyed  territory the land   must'liedes-  i-ribcd   by'sections, or  IohtiiI sub-divisions  of;  sections, and in iinsnrveyed territory the tract: j  applied for shall be staked nut by the applicant i  himself. i    j  Knoll application inust be ;ii-coiiipiinicd bv a ,  fee of !5."i which will be refunded if the rivals'  applied for are not. iivniliilile, bill not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on ihe merchant- ;  able on I put of the mine at the rati: of live cents ;  per ton ;  The pel-sun operatintr tlio mine shall furnish |  LIioAffcnt with sworn roliirns accoiiutintr for  the full (|iiantity "I' merchantable coal mined  mid nay the royalty llicivon.. If the coal min-  iiifr riKbts are not beino; operaled. siK.-h returns  should be furnished at least, once a year.  The lease will include the coal luiniim: rights  only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may  he considered necessary for Ihe wiu-kiny of the  mine at the rate of $10.00 an.acre.  For full information application should be  made to the Secretary of the Ilepartmenl, of  the Interior. Ottawa, or to any-Atfont or Sub-  Ag-cnt of Dominion Dands.  \V. \V. CORY.  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  S.ll. -l/'nautliori/cd publication of this advertisement will not bo paid for. SMitn  TO FUR SHIPPERS  Tho ino.-rfc nccuratc, reliable ami only Market Itcport  ami l'riuu List ol'iU kiml juihlishctT.  "eritr Bi]ixhvrt ������>h\ppvtf   s  Mulled  XHKIZ   to Uutso  intcmsleil in  Jlaw Fun  SEND US YOUR NAME ON A POSTAL���������TCDAV  It's nut .1 Trappiir'x Guide, but a rmMicaHon issued  overy two Witi.'ks. -wliich fjiv������.'syou report* <u?what is  dulii^inall tlioMarhuNofMio Al'orbl ia American  Raw Furs. Tliisintonjiatiiui i.-J worth hunilrcd.-i of  dollars to you.  Write for it���������NOW���������IT'S FREE  A.   B.  SHUBERT  The targes! House in thc Wortii dealing exclastvefy lo  American Raw Furs  25-27 W. Michiean St., Dept. 138CHICJG0, ILL, B.S.A  16  Oiiflon m\  (I'tililishi-d Annually  onj  Kuaiii  ii-adi-rs t lii-fiui^liuiit tlio world  to ciiiiiiiitiiiic.-iti- ilii-i-rl  with Kiitflisli  .m ,\ni; i-'Atrn;k kus   <v   i >;-.  g-tli'.i  diri'i-  TRY THE  Hedley   Gazette  FOR  Fine Job Printing-  ill each class of yoods.  ti   coinplcl i' i-.'i.iiiinci ci.-il  ilmi anil its siibtu-hs. the  tains lists of  UXPORT .MEHC.W-1 A :���������-.".:>  with   tin-   Goods   they   ship,   -n  Coluriii-il   and    i<'t>icign    Mai'���������:<���������(':  supply:  -.STKAiMSMtP.   LiNi-.N  iirr.-niLfcd   under   thc   Port-   t  tln-y s.-.il.   find indicating  tic  male Sailings;  PRuVINCIAI.THAI.)I<]"\-.'; i  of Ic-ulinn'   ni.-iiinffii-i in crs. un i  ell-., in tin' ptini.-ipal   pnivii . '���������:>  find   industrial   ccmrcs  ofi!;  Kiu^d "iu.  A copy of the ciirreul aililii  he forw.ii-dcd . frcj^hl. paid, oi,  of Po.-I   I Unlet- for 20s.  I)i.'.oi t-s seeUin.e; Agencies <  their I rade cards for ������1, or  Verlisciilenls fi-oui M'i.  I'.'ilH  .-my:  l. 'ii-  "ii-  .(   the  t   in-  Kill  xi-  ..-. uLs.  . .'..i lis  . 'idled  i  ^ill  .'. ij.t  .alvi'l'-  ^ir;ul-  TH6 London Dlrectom Co.-Ltd.  2;"), Ahi-hurch L.-ini'.   London, K. C. THE HEDLEY. GAZETTE. .TAN 23.  1913.  KEREMEOS, the Centre of Lower Similkameen-���������Famed for Fruit Growing  Towi\ and Lower Valley.  Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Hates left tti  join Mrs. Kennedy. Mrs. Bates'  innlher in Seattle  Henry   Nicholson,   fire   warden   of  ��������� Fail-view-   district,    paid    Keteiiieos  a  visit last Wednesday.  , J. .1. AVarieti. president Kettle Valley Kailway. passed through last  Friday on his way to look over  opei-alions on the e.-ist end  of the line.-  Mis. G. P. Jones of Hedley. was in  town List Thin sdfiy and Friday selling  tickets for the masquerade hall, which  is a henefit lo ihe hnspilai. This is for  a. good cause ami many were willing  to get a. ticket even if they did not  intend to he with the merry dancers  en Ihe 21th.  Geo. B. (Mark is'hus-y pulling down  a well on his property on the nortli  side of the Fairview road. He hopes  to strike water at about fifty feel.  The skating t ink is now in full swing  and many are Inking advantage of the  line piece of ice. Much credit is due  the boys who so strenuously slayeil  with the work until they had as fine a.  rink as any other open air link in the  country.    And it's there.  It. L. Cawston has gone to the coast  on a, business trip.  Malcolm McCauley, came in from  Kelowna last week, and bought up  thirtyeight head of fine beef cattle.  He left Friday morning with the herd  for Kelowna.    J. D. Smith, accountant of the Canadian Bank of.Commerce returned to  .Keremeos on Saturday after having  .spent a very pleasant mouth's vaca-  . tion. Mr. Freeman who has been  relieving him returned to Princeton  .on Monday.  Keremeos is not exactly overrun  with rabbits, but during the past  week we have had two miniature,  coursing matches, one of which was  especially interesting. A rabbit  crossed the track and was merrily sailing north when he was spotted by the  town dog, who, thinking he had a.  meal in sight started off .-it a good clip  after the rabbit down the main  thoroughfare, hut as the dog thought  so it was "just a meal in sight," that's  till. The rabbit is still going, but the  dog is back. The other fellow just  simply trotted through as if he wits  looking for something to give him a  run.  Stirling Northrup of Penticton last  Thursday .just. managed to bring a  couple of passengers through in time  to catch the train south. Although  on wheels he made the blip in six hours  The snow having fallen heavier than  usual this year, it has been necessary  to plow out the road between the  Canyon and Clark's on the Keremeos-  Pentit-ton highway.  ���������Tack* Budd of Coalmont has been  laid up here with la grippe and unalile  to return to the coal city.  ' The ditnee given at Fairview by the  hiiehelors'of that place was a decided  success. About a hundred were  present. The dance broke up about  four a.in. Everyone enjoyed themselves to perfection. The visitors from  Keiemeos were as follows:���������Mrs., Miss  find Miss Mildred Kirby, Mr. and Mrs.  WilLiid Young. Peter Bromley,  Manuel Barcelo, William It. Hope.  Geo. Cooper has been laid up for ;i  few days with la grippe. From latest  reports he is progressing favorably.  J. A. Brown was up to Coalmont on  a, business trip Monday.  A prairie schooner containing a coal  oil stove left Fairview last week loaded  with tipples consigned to Hedley. The  round trip was accomplished without  mishap.  Mr. Ezra Mills is as yet unable to be  out of the house on account of a very  severe cold. Every other one seems  to have a cold. Not being used to this  snow is, we believe, thc chief cause of  it till. Mrs. James Innis has had a  very bad attack, but is improving  nicely.  lee ! Ice ! Every store is having  an ice house filled. Good ice, twelve  to sixteen inches thick. Just one team  and wagon loaded managed to travel  over a weak spot and go through, but  ������aved again and no damage done.  from Hedley tin' Sunday .and spent .a.  few hours tit home before making thc  return trip.-.. ,  Harry Tweddle has another carol"  coal in. Huriy and get your oiders  in.  The K.K.K. met last Thursday at  the home of Mrs. D. J. Innis and spent  a'very enjoyable evening. They meet  this week at the home of Mis. lj. A.  Keeler. All are cordially invited to  attend.  William Love and John Hiinmel of  'Keremeos Centre. fame are still  sojourning in the coast cities.  LAND   GRABBERS, HANDS   OFF!  J. A. BROWN  Notary Public  CONVEYANCING, CUSTOMS HKOKMRAOE,  irinn INSUKANCE  OFFICE  KEREMEOS. B.C.  C.   JE.  SHAW  Civil Engineer, Dominion and Provin  cial Land Surveyor.  Office of .1. A. Brown  KEREMEOS  B. C.  Present Government Does Not Intend to  Enrich Townsite Speculators on Route  from Le Pas to Hudson Bay.  An iinpoi ttint step has been taken  by Hon. Frank Cochrane, Minister of  Railways,'with a view to protecting  the Government find the public along  llui line nf the new Hudson Bay Kail-  way from Le. Pas, the western terminus, to Port Nelson, the ocean port.  The Government has decided to  reserve a strip of land half a mile wide  on each side of the railway from Le.  P.-ts to Port Nelson. The intent is to  protect the public from land speculators find to make certain that all the  towusites and necessary ���������terminals  jilong the road will lie in the hands of  the .Government. Official notice of  the intention of the Government has  alieady been given through the  Canada Gazette.  If It Had  If this action had been taken by the  old government, as it should have  been, the Canadian people would have  been saved many thousands of dollars.  Mr. Cochrane finds- that the necessary  terminals for the road at Le Pas will  cost the country .a. big sum running up  into the tens of thousands. The property was all allowed to fall into the  hands of private owners, and us hind  has been booming tit the new terminal  the cost for yards, etc., will be heavy.  Mr. Cochrane when he found the state  of affairs which existed arranged with  Hon. Dr. Roche, Minister of the  'Interior, to have ft strip reserved for  the Government. The Minister of  Interior heartily approved and the  necessary order has now been issued.  Li. H. ROGERS,  M.A., E.O.L.  BARRISTER, SOLICITOR,  NOTARY PUBLIC, ETC  Vernon, B. C  Hotel Keremeos  Opposite G. N. It. Station  MRS.   A. F. KIRBY,   Proprietress.  SILKS  Large Assortment of choice Silk Dress  Goods, Silk handkerchiefs etc.  for sale at right prices  TOnMY SING, Keremeos  SING LEE  Laundry, Contracting of all  kinds, Ditch digging. Wood  Sawing, Clearing land. Cooking and all kinds of Chinese  Labor.  Klillli.MliOS, B.C.  $10,000,000 FOR AGRICULTURE  Hon. Martin Burrell gave Notice of his  Intention to Introduce a Bill to Provide  for the Expenditure of Ten Million  Dollars.  A further development of Hon.  Martin Bumill's plan of last session  for the encouragement of agriculture  is outlined in a notice of motion given  as follows:  "That.it is expedient to provide  that a sum not exceeding $10,000,000  he paid out of the consolidated revenue  fund of Canada during the period ol*  ten years beginning with the year  ending March 81, 11)14, foi- the purpose  of tiiding iind advancing the fanning  industry by instruction in agriculture,  including the work carried on by the  veteiinaiy colluges."  WATER NOTICE  TWEDDLE'S  AUTO LINE  Leaves Penticton every morning at 7 o'clock, except Sunday, to connect with train  for Hedley, Princeton and  Coalmont.  Leaves Keiemeos daily, except Sunday on arrival of  10:30 train. "  HOUSE  .STAGE    '  Returning, leaves Penticton  Monthly. Wednesday- and  Friday at 7 o'clock a.m.  Leaves Keremeos at 12 o'clock  a. in. 'Tuesday, Thursday  and Saturday.  Special rigs at shortest notice  HARRY TWEDDLE  Keremeos Centre       -       B. C.  NURSERY STOCK  '���������OUR AGENTS MAKE MONEY"  selling our hardy, guaranteed stock.  Experience unnecessary.  YAKIMA VALLEY'NURSERY CO.  Toppenish. Wash.  NOTICE  For a  Licence to  Take and   Use Water  TV"otif.-c i.-i hereby given that the lirit;isli  x' Development Company Limited of Vancouver, .B.C. will apply for a licence to take  and use. 50 cubic foot per second of water out  of tlie Ashnola Kivi.T, which Hows in tv nortli-  easterly direction and empties into the Simil-  kiunccn river near JCereiucos. The water will  be diverted ilit the second canyon and will be  used for power purposes on the lui|d described  as Oliver's pre-emption and within a radius  of '10 miles.  This notice was posted on tlio ground on the  28th day of December. 11)12. Tboiippliciition will  be tiled in the oltice of the Water Kecoriler at  Filirviow, J5. C.  Objections may be filed with the Kiiid Water  Itecordcr or with the Comptroller of  Water  Kiflhts, I'iirliament Buildings, Victoria, 15. C.  British Development Co. Ltd.  11. O. Spiague  NOTICE  SlMII.KAMKKN LAND DISTRICT  nlSTIMCT OK  YAI.K  'Pake notice that 1. Hilton Kiilnn, of New  ���������L Westminster, occupation Broker, intends  to apply for permission to purchase the following described land.  Commencing at a post planted nt tin1 N". W.  corner of l.ntlll Is thence west, 80 chains, thence  south SI) cliains. thence east 80 cliiiins. thenee  north Kll chains to point of commencement containing fill) acres more or less.  HILTON KATON  M, J. JIcKeown. agent.  October 21th. 1:112 111-10  Kcrcmcos-Penticton Mail Stage. ,  The auto stage leaves Keremeos for  Penticton,  Tuesdays,  Thursdays  and  Saturday at 5 p.m.  Single fare $7.50, Return $14.00  The   auto   stage will   run an   excursion  every   Sunday   from Penticton   to Hedley  and   return, leaving   Penticton   ntS a. in.  and, returning leaving Hedley at 4 p.m.  Phone 14, Penticton AV. E. Welby  .SMIUCAMKEN LAND DI.STKK'T  1I1HTHICTOF VAI.K  TAKK Notice That I. Olga Dimofl', of Nelson.  B.C., occupation Housekeeper, intends to  apply for permission to purchowe the following  described lands:-���������  Commencing at a post planted about 10 feet  in a southerly direction from tho North-Kn.st  corner of Sec. 22, Tp. Mi, being tlie initial post  the North-West corner; thenco south 20 chains;  thonce east 40 chains; thence north 20 cliains;  thence west 40 chains to point of commencement and contn inlng SO acres more or less.  Olga Danoil'  S. Dnnotr, Agent.  Miss Annie and Hill   fnnis came in   Dec. isth. im.2 r.i-io  NOTICE  SIMILJCAiUKKN LAND DISTRICT  1IISTKICT OK YALK  TAKE Notice That I. Sam Danofl', of Nelson,  B.C., occupation Mcrcliant, intends to  apply for permission to purchase the following  described lands:���������-  Commencing- at a post planted about 10 foot  iua northerly .direction from the Nortli-West  corner of Sec. ii, Tp. 88, being the initial post  south-west corner ; thence north 10 ��������� chains ;  thenco oast 40 ehains; thenee south ID chains-,;  thenee west 40 cliains to point of commencement and containing KJ0 nures more or less.  Sam. Danoil'.  Warm Feet arid Hands  r  Aro necessary.to the comfort of the  worker these sharp winter mornings.  Everything in Hand wear and Foot wear, as well  as cosy rig-onts for the wholo body, at the People's  Popular Emporium, the store of the  F.  RICHTER ESTATE  $  I  @5������������������������@������TO������@������@$������������������������������������������������������������������������������@������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  Of "What   Keremeos   Fruit   Lands   Have  Done for Early Purchasers  is Now Here  This year the trees in bearing will give an  output which although showing handsome profit  on the original investment, is only a mild suggestion of thc profit to be realized with a larger  market.  REMEMBER  We   offer no land but what has  the  water already on it  Fruit  Lots of any size to suit your means;  at $175, 215 and 350 per acre.     Town Lots.  Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.  KEREMEOS, B. C.  [sj&@������������^������������@@@@,8p������i  IS?  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  '������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  @  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������'  ������  ������  The Effect Produced  BY NEATLY PRINTED STATIONERY  ���������bearing imprint, of the home oflice���������is  a valuable, aid. to the local businessman,  for it-shows that he is public-spirited and  loyal to his town. If Having' this, he can"  consistently appeal to the community in  which, he resides to give him their trade.  Ttie Gazette jod 'Department  Is the best equipped of any office in the  district, outsid e o f "Vernon and the  larger offices in the Boundary :: ::  Latest Type Faces,  HloU Grade Paper and  Artistic Arrangement  Are the three essentials  to  good  work  Business Cards  Bills of Fabk  Commercial Forms  Letter Heads  Note Heads  Bill Heads  Memo Heads  Statements  Pamphlets  Posters, &c, &<:.  U Anything from a- visiting card to a o-  sheet plain and colored exhibition poster.  If No job too small or none too largo for us  THE HEDLEY GAZETTE  1  Dc<-. ISth, l'llsf.  r������i-io  BttK  ���������MM


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