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The Hedley Gazette Jan 25, 1912

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 AND1SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER.  Volume VIII.  HEDLEY, BX., THURSDAY, JANCJAKY sifc 1912.  .Number 3.  Dr. C. A. JACKSON  DENTIST  [18 years'practice in Vancouver.]  S. O. Ii. Co.'s "Block  penticton,    -    -    b. c  FATALITY AT  THE MINE  Archie McAllister and Billy  .   Coward Instantaneously  Killed.     .  OLD hedleyite revisits  HOTEL  PENTICTON  Iloiulqunrbcra for Tourist Travel.  Kates Moderate.  A. Baicn'es, Prop.       Penticton, B.C.  MISSED- HOLE WAS CAUSE  One of the Victims Badly Mangled���������Ex-  ' act Cause Will Never be Known-  Coroner's Inquest Renders Verdict.  R. W. DEANS  Notary Public Real Estate  Hunches, Properties,  Mines, Timber,  Water Powers  Upper Trout Creek, Balcomo.P. O. B.C.  X. Thompson riibxrf sev.mouk 5913  MGR. WKSTEKN CANADA  Cammell Laird & Co. Ltd.  Steel Manufacturers  Sheffield, Eng.  OUlces and "Warehouse, 817-4J3 Ueutty Street  Vancouver, B. C.  R H. ROGERS,  * '";    M.A., B:C:L.  BARRISTER, SOLICITOR,  NOTARY PUBLIC, ETC  Vernon, B. C  Grand Union  Hotel  HEDLEY,  O. C'.  First Class Accommodation.   Bar Stocked with  Best Brands of Liquor and Cigars.  A. WINKLER, Proprietor  A A.  F. & A. M.  "VcOrr      REGULAR montlily meetings of  /^/\   Hedley Lodge No. Ill, A. F. & A. M.,  lire hold on-tho second Friday in  each montli in Fraternity hall. Hedley. Visiting  brethren aro cordially invited to attend.  S. E. HAniLTON,  W. M  ARTHUR CLARE,  Secretary  MODERN WOODMEN  OF AMERICA  G McKachkk.v  Counsel  Hedley Local Camp meets in  Fraternity   Hall   the   first and  ' third Thursdays in tlie month.  S,  K. Hamilton*  Clerk.  L. O. L.  Regular monthly meetings of  Hedley Lodgo 1711 are held on  ��������� ���������������������������������������>������ k'lc   third   Monday   in    every  ���������i5aa*fe(SS������,nontn i)l Fraternity Hall.   Visiting brctliurn are cordially invited to attend.  ARTHUR ICING. \Y. M,  WM. LOXSDALK. Sec't.  DR. J. L.  MASTERS  DENTIST  Will be ut Homo office in Oroville, 1st  to 1-1 t-h of euch niontli.  Cilice on Nortli   Main   Street.  Burne, Temple & Tunbridge  Solicitors, Notaries Public,  Conveyancers, Etc.  PENTICTON, British Columbia.  P. W. GREGORY  CIVIL KXGIN'I-'KR and JilMTISU  COLUMBIA  LAXJ) SURVKYOU  Star Building;  Princeton  ������������������ After a long period of immunity  from casualties of any kind involving  serious injury to life or limb the community was shocked on Friday forenoon hy the news .that two -men had  been killed at the-inine. "  The accident occurred .in the workings of Sunnysides No. 3 and there is  evidence that it took"place at 9:30  a. in. although nothing was known of  it until'about 11 "o'clock, or an hour  arid a half afterwards..    ���������  The victims Aveie'Archie McAllister  and William  Coward and they met  their   death      while   clearing   away  the face of a drift preparatory to setting up for another  round of holes.  When  the   former roun.d   was  fired  there was a report short-of the number, which at once gave rise  to the  suspicion,  that "there   had   possibly-  been a miss   and it was with that belief that they went in tc* clear away  the muck befoie setting up. W. Sampson,   mine  fore'man;   knowing of.it  went in  to the face' to view the situation-before they had time to do much  in the way of clearing up and had his  suspicions confirmed that there had  been a missed hole at the bottom of  the face and gave directions to them  to locate it  and told them to do nothing m   the way  of setting  up or drill-,  ing but to go up and work on tlie level  above until noon when the missed hole  could be shot.     Only McAllister was  present at the face of the drift when  the mine foreman made his inspection  and McAllister appeared to have given  up the idea that there had bteii a missed hole.     Coward had gone out from  the face and was returning as Sampson went out.     That was the last seen  of either of the men alive.  The first that was known of the accident   was when  two muckers, Joe  Geliczky   and   Oscar  Peterson   went  down to begin mucking and found McAllister stretched   out  dead  on   the  muck some distance away from the  face where he  had  been   blown  but  could see nothing of Coward, and they  went back and reported it.   They had  heard a. shot some time  before but believed that it had been the missed hole  which  had  been  located and shot in  the regular way and  thought no more  of  it.    All  that  can  been   known  of  what took place   can only  be gleaned  from an inspection  of the. scene of the  mishap.   This showed that while McAllister had been   mangled but little  and had   possibly been   killed as much  by concussion as by injury from flying  pieces of rock  his  partner   had  been  literally   blown  to   pieces   and   very  little  of him  was  found  intact.    His  jack-knife  was imbedded on   tho wall  of the drift wheie  it had  been blown  and also  the watch   flattened out and  the hands showing 0:30 which fastens  the time when the accident took place.  The  assumption is   that after foreman Sampson left,McAllister had been  proceeding more  cautiously    but his  partner  who was more impulsive  hail  gone on   using the pick to  clear away  the muck and   had happened to strike  the  cap attached   to the  fuse  of  the  missed   hole.    To boar   this out a pick  was  found    badly   wrecked   and   the  condition   of Coward   leads to   the belief that it was he who had been using  it and struck olf Ihe blast.  Last Friday Mr. Marry Rodgers arrived from Seattle to spend a few days  and   renew old   acquaintences.     Although  he  was never regarded as a  fixture in  the camp in  the sense in  which  his  brothers, M. K. and  Wes.  were looked upon, he has nevertheless  done  more tramping  over the Nickel  Plate hill,   and   to   greater   purpose,  than  most of those who have stayed  steadily with.the town since there was  any Hedley.   In past years while here  he may have acted tho role of a student on a holiday  but he was   all the  while   gaining a   knowledge   of   the  camp which makes him today possibly  the best, posted man on  the economic  geology of this camp that could well  be found,   for although   younger   in  years than  other geologists who have  made names for themselves he has had  a thorough grounding on the theoretic  side from the most eminent geologists  on the continent and he never neglected the practical side.    His one failing  appears  to be an  excess of modesty  and it would require a traction engine  to pull anything out of him regarding  the instances which  he has come out  on  top when pitted against, men  of  much bigger reputation than his own :  but nevertheless the Gazette happens  to know a few instances of where he  and M. K.   have read the sighs aright  where men like Winchell and Atwater  t  made bad fall-downs. The present is  not a favorable time of the year for  economic geologizing but Camp Hedley has still a. great 'attraction' for  Harry and it is not at all improbable  th-.it he may find occasion some time  HOSPIIIL  BENEFIT BALL  One of. the  Most Successful  That Have Been Held   -  for This Institution  FUNERAL  AND  MEMORIAL SERVICE  Remains of the Late Ill-Fated Miners are  Laid at Rest  GAUDY COSTUMES AND GAY GUESTS  A Perfect Floor and' Stirring Music Contribute to Enjoyment.���������The Financial End is Satisfactory  dining the coming summer to spend  few weeks in the camp.  MINING  NOTES  The Kootenaian says that the zinc  smelter to treat the ores of the Lucky  Jim mine in the Slocan is likely to be  located at Medicine Hat. The reason  given; is that a plentiful supply of gas  and clay, both of which are important  factors in zinc smelting is obtainable  there.  The Mining and Scientific Press says:  "The final payment for the Hidden  Greek property, amounting to $200,-  000 was due Dec-em her 15th, but was  made ������ome time ago at a good discount. There remained to be paid  $25,000 to Mr. Rodgers, engineer for  the company, who owned an interest  in the property. He relinquished his  interest for 1500 shares of Gran by and  $50,000 cash. Mr. Hodgens, holder of  the majority interest in the Hidden  Creek company was paid $400,000.',  The Slocan Star mine has resumed  shipments as the result of extensive  development done last year.  There was a marked slump in Porcupine stocks and brokers in.Toronto  who were hit hardest have been forced to suspend.  J. A. BROWN  Notary Public  CoXYFYAXl'INd, CUSTOMS MJOICHIJACK,  F1IJK   INKUKANCK  AGENCY HEDLEY GAZETTE  OFFICE  KEREMEOS, B.C.  When   writing   Adversers      Please  Mention the Gazette.  TIIK   INCCKST  J.)r. McEwen as coroner was summoned and he had a jury sworn composed of Win. Noail, Otto Johnson, .1.  Laux. Swan Olsen, ,J Mcintosh and S.  "Harper. These viewed the remains in  company with Ihe coroner and also  visited the scene of the accident and  their own observations in addition to  what was learned from the two muckers and the  foreman was all  thev had  to go on.    The verdict they rendered  was as follows :  "We the coroner's jury find that  William Coward and Archibald McAllister came to their death by picking into a missed hole at the Nickel  Plate mine."  This in reality was about all they  could say, for it is difficult to see  where any blame attached to anvone  and It is not even right to say that  there was carl ess n ess on the part of  either one of the unfortunate men.  .Better to say that it camo about for  the lack of a little more care on tlie  part of the one who unwittingly put  off the blast. The situation in which  they were placed is not counted one  of unusual peril by miners who run  the same risk almost every week and  ol'tener than not they have reason to  believe that they are up against the  same thing for they seldom get the  same number of reports from a round  of holes as the round consisted of.  There was nothing in the personal  effects of either man to show where  his relatives lived. The secretary of  the union tried to get in communication with their friends and so far can  find out nothing concerning- Coward  than that he was from Lancashire,  England. A telegram has been received from McAllister's brother in  Victoria, li. C.  The masquerade ball in aid of the  Hedley Flospital which was held in  Shatford's hall on Monday evening  21st. instant was another success scored in the series of those tfiat haye  been held under, these auspices.  The original date set for holding it  was Friday 19th and every preparation had been made for that date but  the unfortunate circumstance which  made a postponement desirable did  .not end in making the event the dismal failure which it was claimed  would be the result, and much credit  is due especially to those from Keremeos who had come up foi- the. event  on Friday in coming back again after  it had been postponed.  The attendance from the outside, although not as large as on some former  occasions was nevertheless encouraging. The guests from the outside were:  Keremeos���������Mrs. J. A. Brown. Mrs.  E. M. Daly, Miss Daly, Miss Corrigan,  Miss Bessie Richter, Miss'Kirby, Miss  Innis, Miss Bromley, Messrs. W. and  Maurice Daly, and Messrs. Etches,  Hope, Loudon: Princeton-Mrs. Waterman and Miss Norah Lyall and Messrs  Whiteiiian, Melville Waddell, B.  Lyall, J. Johnson, A. Miller and Dr.  McCaffrey. Olalla was represented by  Mr. and Mrs. Parsons. Mis. Bradshaw,  Miss Edith and Leonard were up from  Fifteen Mile.  Some of the costumes were very  good but as many of them were more  or less nondescript and represented no  character in particular an enumeration of individual costumes would  hardly be in order. The floor was in  good shape and the music supplied by  Mrs. Sproule, and Messrs. Daly and  Knight was satisfactory to the dancers. Iii fact it was better appreciated by those daucing than by the orchestra' themselves as they were  handicapped by a piano out of tune,  and thus prevented from doing as well  as they wanted to.  The supper, too, wiis excellent and  reflected credit on the women of the.  town who relieved the board of that  onerous part of the affair. So well  were the guests fortified with the  abundance and excellence of the repast that they were able to keep up the  dance well on to five o'clock in the  morning.  Financially the affair was a pronounced success and the hoard was  well satisfied. The ticket sales netted  $344.50 and Miss FauIds who went to  Keremeos to sell tickets received $12  in donations from some who did not  want to hy tickets. This amount was  made up buy donations of $5.00 from  Rev. A. H. C-inieroni, $5.00 from J. .1.  Armstrong and $2.00 from Steve Man-  gott. It may also be mentioned that a  good many in Keremeos bought tickets, paying the full $3.00 therefor  who did not attend, and the same ap  plies to many in Hedley. The total  expenses thus far amounted to $29.10  which with receipts of $350.50 leaves  the nice balance of $827.40. There is  likely to be some more in the way of  donations and the sale of provisions  leftover from the banquet will net a  little more.  There was a very large attendance  at the funeral of the late Archie McAllister and Billie Cowaid who lost  their lives in the fatal accident of Friday last. The funeral took place on  Sunday afternoon at 11 o'clock to the  Hedley cemetery and was conducted  by the Hedley Miner's Union who attended in a body, the mine being shut  down for the occasion.  The remains had been laid out in the  building on Daly avenue, formerly  known as the Miner's Union hall, and  there the . members of the union mar-1  died in a body from which the cortege  proceeded to the church where a short  service ��������� was held, conducted by Rev.  James Hogg, of Galston in*Ayrshire,  Scotland, who is at present on a visit  to members of his family in Keremeos  aud who had come up lo take tho  usual fortnightly Presbyterian service  for Rev. A. H. Cameron, not knowing  of the accident and the ceremony he  would be called on to perform. At  the conclusion of the burial service at  thegiave by Mr. Hogg the burial service of the miners' union was read by  MEMORIAL SERVICE  As announced  by Rev. Mr. Hogg at  the close of  the short service  in  the  church in   the morning he  abandoned  his plan  of preaching  the sermon he  had   intended  aud  changed  it  into a  memorial  service for the   men whose  lives had been so suddenly ended. The  church was packed to the door for the  service   and  a feature   which   added  very much  to  the impressiveness of  the occasion .was'the presence of many  of the miners  who stayed down for  the service, and especially the miners'  choir of   some   sixteen voices   which  blended in excellent   harmony.   The  Rev.  Mr. Hogg prefaced  his sermon  with  the explanation  that his charge  in  Scotland  was in   a   mining   town  where some S00 miners are employed  in   the coal  mines and where  it was  frequently  his sad duty to perform a  similar office to  that which had fallen  to him  at this  time in  Hedley.    The  eminently fitting discourse with which  he favored his  hearers and which was  listened  to with  profit and  appreciation by those present, bore evidence of  his eloquence and earnestness as well  as the  excellent judgment and good  taste which characterized his remarks.  The  musical part of the service   was  also very much appreciated and particularly that by the miners' choir, both  in their singing of the various hymns  of the  service and in the choral  production of the  hymn "Rock of Ages"  which they sang alone at  the close of  the service.  Altogether the turnout made by tlie  ininers and the part which they took  raised them very much in the estimation of those here in Hedley who can  appreciate true manhood and worth,  iind the general manager and the mine  foreman are to be congratulated on  the fine body of men-they have got  around them.  TO DOUBLETRACK ioo MILES  GENERAL NEWS  Vancouver and London are the two  worst points in Canada for holdups.  Each is near enough to the international boundary to enable footpads to  make a get-away should anything occur to make them candidates for Canadian hemp.  The Canadian Northern are vigorously pushing construction of their  lines in this province and in the spring  the working force is to be added to  when the expenditure is expected to  reach a. million a month.  C. P. R.   Will  Spend   Twenty   Millions  Between Hope and Spence's  Bridge  lb is stated in Vancouver that surveys for double tracking the C. P. R.  between Spences Bridge and Hope  have been completed. This proposed  vast improvement will cost between  $20,000,000 and $25,000,000 and the  work it is understood will be commenced early next year.  It has been long under consideration  and is now deemed a necessity with  the early advent of a competitor in  the Canadian Northern and increased  east bound freight with the opening  of the Panama canal. The distance  involved is nearly 100 miles, with  grades much greater than that secured  by the Canadian Northern. Surveys  for a similar double track between  Spence's Bridge a.nd Kamloops have  also been made but this improvement  is not regarded as imperative as the  other.  A workman named John M'astrolla  was accidentally roasted to death at  the Trail smelter last week. THE HEDLEY GAZETTE    JAN 25,   1912.  oi\d  Similkameen Advertiser.  suuil oil Tluu-srtii.vs, l).v the IJkdi.kv Ci'.\'/.K.rrn  I'KI.S-TINl! AND I'OIII.ISIII.N'U ('OMl'ANV.  la.MiTKii.  nt .Hucllcv. II. ('. <���������  Subscriptions in Advance  Per Vein- A .$2.00  "   (linitcit Htutus) :  2.00  Advertising Rates  "Muiisui-oinont. Iii lines to tlie inoli.  Land Notices���������C'ci-tiflcatosof ini])rovcni(!iit.. etc.  L,  ������7.00 for liO-day notices, and #5.00 for 30-dny  EiT. notices.  Contract Advertisements���������One inch per niontli  .91.23; over 1 inch anil up to 4 inclios. $1.00  per ineh pur month. To constant advertisers  taking larger space than four inelies, on  application, rates will be ffivon of reduced  charges, based on size of space and length  of time.  Transient Advertisements���������not exceeding one  Inch, $1.00 for one insertion. 25 edits for  each subsequent insertion. Over one ineh.  10 cents per line for tirst insertion mid 5  cents per Hue for each subsequent insertion.  Transients payable in advance.  Cliangos for contract advertisements should  ba in the oflice by noon'on Tuesday to secure  ttention for that week's issue.  Advertisements will be changed once every  month if advertiser desires, without any extra  cniu-ge. For changes oftener than once a month  lie  price of composition will be charged at  regular rates.  A. MEGRAW. Managing Editor.  Full Moon  I  Last quar.  11.  191:4  JAN  New Moon  l'J  First quar.  1912  Sun. Mon. Tlies. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat.  14-  21  28  l  s  15  22  29  9  16  2H  HO  3  10  17  21  81  +  11  IS  12  19  20  e  13  20  27  able to show up gross abuses anddis- j  honesty, the 'ministry of the day haokjj!  ed up and supported hy servile followers' nullified the whole thing. And  now when the new administration  propose to curry on the investigation  hy way of implication ol' their pledges  to the electors to clean things up"'  they are met hy the same old opposition and the same, desire to smother  tilings up. This is no suspicion or idle  charge bub is a matter of actual fact  as will be seen by anyone who follows  the debates and procedure of the  House of Commons, for every single  amendment proposed by Sir Wilfrid  Laurier and hy Pugsley to limit the  powers  and effectiveness  of the  pro-  t  posed inquiry is nothing more or less  than the employment-by the tricky  lawyer for the defence of all tlie tricke  and artifices allowed by the courts to  defeat the ends of Justice.  If,the public see fit to think that  Darrow's duty to the state should  have over-ruled his duty to his client,  what must they not think they have a  right to expect at t-Ke hands of a man  who has been honored by the state  and the people as Laurier has been?  COPPER  Tlie '.N'uwKditimi of tho  COPPER HANDBOOK.  | just published, is volume X, for. tlie years 1010-  l'.Hl, and required nearly eighteen months in  preparation.  It has 1902 Pages  containing nearly one and a half million words  or about twice us much mutter iw tho bible.  There are .'tt chapter*, and the book covers the  Copper Industry of the World  t.'OVKHIXG: Copper History, Geology.  Geography, Chemistry. Mineralogy, Mining,  Milling, 1.each ing. Smelting, KeMning. Brands,  tirades, impurities, Alloys, Uses, .Substitutes,  Terminology, Deposits by Districts, Suites,  Countries and Continents, Mines in Detail,  .Statistics of Production, Consumption, Imports  Kxnorts, Finances, Dividends, etc.  Vol. X of tho Copper Handbook lists and  describes  8,130 Mines and Companies  those descriptions ranging from 2 or 3 lines; iii  the case of a dead company, in which case reference is made to 11 proceeding edition giving  a fuller description, up to 21 pages in the case  1836  THE BANK OF  1912  of the Anaconda, vrhioh  produces one-eighth  tlie copper supply of the world. The chapter  of  GENERAL NEWS  ETHICS OF THE PROFESSION  An  interesting discussion has been  going on in  some papers as to Clarence. Darrow's position  in  doing bis  best to free the Macnamaras and turn  them  loose on   the public  again   long  after  he knew  they were  murderers.  While it is  a recognized principle in  the ethics of the legal profession that  a   practitioner  is    permitted   to- use  every possible  effort to secure the acquittal of the prisoner who may have  employed  him and that fact could be  urged by Darrow as ample justification  for  him in   the  position he took,   the  question    has   been   raised   by   soine  papers that their is a difference in the  Macnainara  case  wherein   a citizen's  duty   to  the state   should   transcend  that  of a doubtful   tenet  peculiar   to  any particular class, and that the freeing of the Macnamaras in the manner  which Darrow proposed wliich would  he little, better than  a commission for  them on their  release to resume their  bloody  work   with   renewed   zeal  to  ���������show their gratitude, to the thousands  who contributed   towards the fund to  free   them    was   not   consistent   with  Darrow's   duty to  the state  as one of  its  citizens. .   ft is  of  course, a   nice  point of ethics;   but it  is  something  more, and the public who have to pay  the  bill  and are  not concerned   with  the fads  or follies   of the  legal or any  other profession   have a right to some  say in the matter.  Rut there is witnessed at the present  tune in the legislative halls in Ottawa  a very sim ilar ease wliich when view  ed in   all it   bearings  reveals an even  more  discreditable  position for those,  who  have  chosen   to  assume  it than  that which   may have been forced upon Darrow.     For years past there has  been   a fixed  conviction   in the minds  of many  of the  people's representatives that the civil service was becoming corrupt and there had been wholesale   thievery among officials in  various   departments with a strong probability of  connivence on the part of  some who were higher up.    These sus-  'picions,  and some strong grounds upon which to base them, were stated on  the floor of the house  with a demand  that they  be duly investigated; but  the ministry of the day showed reluctance  to do so, and finally when they  were forced into a semblance of de  cency to  thc extent of appointing a  commission   to investigate   the   civil  service and that commission, hampered by .absurd  restrictions,  were still  The Scotch curlers ' have met with a  good many reverses from Canadian  clubs since they began playing in this  country and as they have only tackled  the eastern fringe of Canada they  have several more beatings in store  for them as they work their way  westward.  giving mine descriptions, which lists the largest 'number of mines and companies ever given  in any work of reference on mines or mining  investments, has been fully revised.  The new edition of the Copper handbook is a  dozen books in one,' covering all phases of thc  copper industry of tliecntire world. It is used  as the  WORLD'S STANDARD REFERENCE .  BOOK ON COPPER.  by the managers of tlie mines that make ninety-odd per cent of the world's output of copper  and is used in every civilized country of the  globe. It is lilled with facts of vital import  ance to  British North America  76 Years in Businest Capital and Reserve Over $7,500,000  A Complete Banking Service  Collections made in any part of Canada. Negotiable paper discounted. Money advanced at reasonable terms to finance your business Local and  foreign drafts bought and sold. Money transmitted  by Money Order or Telegraph Transfer. Letters of  Credit issued payable in all the leading cities of the  world.    We invite your account.  Hedley Branch,  H. A Hincks, Manager  WHY DO WE  /1  NOTICE  Certificate of Improvements.  JULY FRACTION Mineral Claim, situate in  the Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale District. Where located: - Nickel Plate Mountain, Camp Hedley  TAK*K NOTIC'K that I, Ainslcy Megraw, F,  M. C. No. I0O12A agent for the Hedley Gold  Mining Company, Limited, F. M. C No. B22100  intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining Recorder for a Certiticate of  Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action under  section H7 must be commenced before the issue  of such Certiticate of improvements.  Dated this 22nd day of January, 1012  THK INVESTOR  THE SPECULATOR  THE METALLURGIST  THE CONSUMER  .      THE MINER  Price is $5 in buckram with gilt top, or $7.5o  in genuine, full library morocco.  Terms are the most liberal. Send 110 money,  but order the book sent you, iill carriage charges prepaid, on one week's approval, to be returned if unsatisfactory, or paid for if it suits.  Can you. afford not to see the book and judge  for yourself of its value to you ?  Write now to the editor and publisher,  HORACE J. STEVENS  661 TEMPLE BUILDING, HOUGHTON,  Michigan, 17. S. A.  NOTICE  Certificate of Improvements.  Tenders for Quarantine  Accommodation  rrENi)EUS are invited for thc construction  x of a Quarantine Station at Keremeos. B.C.  thc exact location of which may be obtained  from Win. Thomson, V.S., of Keremeos, li. C.  from whom specifications may also be obtained.  Tenders must be addressed to the undersigned, forwarded by registered mail and marked  plainly 011 the outside covering "Tender for  Quarantine Station at ICerenieos, 11. C."  Tenders must reach Ottawa not later than  noon on Friday, the 1st day of March, 1912, aiid  must bo accompanied by an accepted cheque  for ten per cent of tlie amount of the tender.  The department does not bind itself to accept  the lowest or any tender.  Newspapers will nob be paid for this advertisement if they insert it without authority  from the Department. 3-3  A. L. .JARV1S,  Assistant Deputy Minister  and Secretary of Agriculture.  Ottawa, January 5,1JI12.  Hope Mineral. Claim, situate in the Osoyoos  Mining Division of Yale district.' Where  "���������  located:   On Sixteen Mile, Camp Hedley.  TAKE NOTICE that 1, Ainslcy Megraw,  F. M. C. No, 405421) agent for John McLean, F.  M, C. 40343B, and Joseph Rotherham,- F. M. C.  No. 4(15188, -intend, sixty days from the date  hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a  Certificate, of Iiuprovrment, for the purpose of  obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under,  section 37, must- bo commenced before the  issuance of sqch Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this third day of November. A.D., llUl  fU  ���������%'  ���������#M.  to our Store by selling  PURITY FLOUR  Because it has a critical taste  and gives satisfaction  Users speak of it as the Flour;  Schubert's Supply Stores  Hedley and Tulameen  WITH THE  NEW   YEARI  ���������  OF CANADA  Just Look at This  No wonder the Mutual Life of  Canada is a favorite with the  man who is looking for the best  thing in Life Insurance.  Water Notice  T T. D. Pickard, of Hedley, B. C, hy oecupa-  j-j tion Assayor, as agent for the Ashawota  Power Company, Limited, of Vancouver, give  notice that 1 intend on the llfteenth day of  March next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon,  to apply to the Water Commissioner at his  ollico at Kaii-view for a licence to take and use  100 cubic feet of water per second from tlie  Ashnola river, a tributary of the Slmllkanieou  river. The water to be used for power on a site  to be chosen near the southern boundary of tho  Ashnola Indian reserve.  T. I). PICKARD  Dated this lath day of January, 1012  WATER NOTICE  FORTY-ONE YEARS' RECORD  Shows that theiNTEREST receiv-  sd on its investments has exceeded the death claims by $1,  786,804.01.  Policyholders Get Everything  Because there are no Stockholders to absorb any of the  profits.  William J. Twiss  MANAGER.  Fee Block,    -   570 Granville St.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  A. flEORAW, Local Agent.  T T. 11. Pickard. of Hedley, H. C. byoecupa-  -*-> tion, assayor. as agent for thc Ashawota  Power Company, Limited, of Vancouver, give  notice that 1 intend on thc 2i)tli day of February  next n.t eleven o'clock in the forenoon, to apply  to the Water Commissioner at his oflice at  Fairview for a licence to take and use 2o() cubic  feet of water per second from-the .Similkameen  river. The water to be used for power on a site  to be chosen near tlie mouth of 20 mile creek,  and on a site to be chosen adjoining the Hast  line of Lot IMS.  2-1 T. I). PICKARD  Dated this loth day of January, 1912  Mortgage Sale  TTndcr and by virtuo of thc Power of Sale con-  ^ tained in two Indentures of Mortgogo  bearing date July flth, 1907, and April Kith, 1010,  respectively, and made by David G. Hackney,  of Hedley, B. 0.. ns Mortgagor, the lands there  in mentioned, that is to say, Lots fourteen (14)  and fifteen (In) in Block Seventoon (17), plan  one hundred and seven (107), will be sold by  private sale. Tondcrs for tho purchase thereof  will bo received by tho undersigned up to and  inclusive of the 27th day of January, 1012.  For further particulars and terms of sale apply to  BILLINGS & COCHHANK  "Vernon, B.C. Solicitors for Mortgagee.  Vernon, 11. ('!. January 0th, 1912.  Tne London Director!!  (Published Annually)  Enables traders throughout the world  to communicate direct  with English  MANUFACTURERS & DEALERS  in each class of goods. 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Whiteman, of Princeton, was  a visitor in Hedley over'Suti'day and  ' he remained  for the hall on  Monday  night.  The ice harvest hits been in full blast  dining the past week and the sample  ; of the  product this year is not up to  much.  Mrs. Dr. Whillans returns this week  to Victoria after a visit of a couple of  iiionths with friends in. Hedley and  Princeton.  Over at Hope they are expecting an  early resumption of construction work  on the V. V. "&'E.'tocomplete--the'link  between CoalmontandHope. ���������  If there are many' more heart smashers like Whiteman in Princeton,  among the '���������unappropriated-blessings",  leap year will -certainly have 'some'  terrors for the bachelor folk before it,  is out.  The Great Northern bridge gang  which is-engaged making repairs to  the bridges all along the line aiid getting ready for spring moved up to  Bradshaw's the beginning of the week  n a few days.  This is tlie 153rd anniversary of the  birth of Robbie Burns'^���������-'  "Dor-monarch's liinitiast yeur' but anc  Was Hvo-iin-twunty days buffiuie:  Twas tlioii n. blast of .Janimr' win  Wow lianwel in on Itobin."  MINING   NOTES  ������������������'.  There is aftriver in Mexico called La  Canada on  which there is a placer ex  citemcut at present. t  Stewart and Welby, of Penticton,  have bonded their property in the  lower'Similkameen.  A new geological map on the Tulanieen coal area is issued by the department and will embody the work of  Mr. CamscH's party for the past two  seasons.     <  New'discoveries of tungsten ore have  been made In' the'Maritime provinces  during the past year and will engage  the mines department of the Geological Survey for further examination.  ' The Kootenay Bonanza Mines is the  name of a new flotation capitalized at  three millions' to work the properties  on Toad Mountain.  METEOROLOGICAL.  KEEP YOUR EYES ON  P HEDLEY  WATCH IT GR0>W  It is destined to be the Greatest Gold Mining Camp in Canada.  Money invested in Hedley Town Property now will bring you Big  Returns in a Few Months  Buy Now; Don't Put It Off as the Price is Going Up.  For Full Information Write or Call on  and will be along here  Any rancher in the 'Siniilkaineen  valley or elsewhere who is interested  in sheep raising may obtain a very  interesting illustrated report on that  * subject by writing the Dominion live  stock commissioner,' Department of  Agriculture, Ottawa.  This winter has already witnessed  four zm-o snaps which is one more  than the maximum dose of the average winter in the Similkameen, and  us the season is comparatively young  yet, there is still tiriie for old probs to  work in one or two more.  Mrs. Frank Kichter and her daughter, Miss Bessie, came up on Friday to  attend the hospital ball but returned  ��������� the .same day when they learned of  the postponement.' Miss Richter came  back again on Monday "but hei-mother  was unable to get away.  Tom Henderson, formerly one of  the engineers in the power house, arrived in town from Manitoba where  he has been for the past three years.  His many friends in Hedley were  pleased to see him back and they note  that he has not lost any flesh during  his absence.  W. W. Van Meter, M.E., went out  on Saturday's train for Spokane where  it .is presumed he expected to meet  Mr. Brookes who is believed to be on  his way in to Hedley. The people Eire  ''waiting anxiously for some move looking to early commencement of work  on che Kingston.  Hedley has some boys that are candidates for the reformatory and that  is where some of them should be. Last  week they took some boards off the  outlet of the slime pond and caused  an overflow which left the road to the  station in an icy glare. This made it  almost impossible togetarig over it  without upsetting.  The-following- are'the readings showing temperature, etc., for the week  endinjg Jan. 20,1912:  AT THE MINE.  ilan  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  ���������Average maximum temperature 30.85  Average minimum do        14.14  Mean temperature 35.49  Rainfall for the week   0.00 inches.  Snowfall       "      "���������'        3.5  CORRESPONDING WEEK OF LAST YE'AK  Highest maximum temperature- 20.  Maximum  Miiiiriiuin  37  20  34  ,  25  SJ  10  17  -3  29  0  32  14  34  27  THE HEDLEY CITY TOWNSITE COMPANY, Ltd.,  F. H. French, Secretary and Manager      '   - HEDLEY, B.C.  Average maximum  Lowest minimum  Average minimum  Mean  Jan  do 17.42  do .    -6.  do 2.42  do 9.92  ,VT THE MIILL,.  Maximum       Minimum  41 .. 33  35 .. 27   I  39 6    '  23 .. -2  17     ������������������ ... JS  19 .. 7   i-  ��������� 33 .. 23  Average maximum tem'perature 29.57  Average minimum do 13.  Mean do      .'   21.28  ���������Rjurifall for the week, 0.0,  inches  Snowfall       "       "."    6.0  , CORRkSFONDIXG WEEK OF I/AST YEAR  Highest maximum temperature 43  Ave'riige do do 29.57  Lowest minimum do -5  .  Average do do 12.71  Mean do 12.64  14  15  10  17  :I8  19  20  Us and You Get  fro Other  60   YEARS' '  EXPERIENCE  ATENTS  Potatoes, $2.bb per ido lbs.  Onions, 5 cents per lb.  Apples,leading varieties,  $2.50 per box  THE  NEW  Zealand  hotel  ���������   *   *   *   ���������*  JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor  Everything New and First-Class  Bar supplied with the Choicest  Liquors and Cigars, and Special  .Attention   paid   to   the   Table.  Fresh   GuWew   and   Government ���������    ������ffice >' HEDLEY B c  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights Ac.  Anyone sending a sketch and description may  quickly ascertain our'opinion free whether an  invention is probably patentable. Communications strictly conadential. HANDBOOK on Patents  sent free. Oldest agency for securing: patents.  Patents taken through Munn & Co. recelre  special notice, without charge, in the  Scientific American.  A handsomely illustrated weekly. T.nrjrest eir*  dilation of any scientific journal. Terms, (3 A  year; four months, |L Sold by all newsdealers.  lilUNM ������ Co,3e,Broad^ New York  Branch Office, 625 F St. Washington. D. C.  The people of Nelson are apparently  in for another cat and dog year of it  on their school board. They appear  to have enjoyed it so well last year  that they have re-elected the disputants and fjicse lost no time in getting  down to the business of elaborating  the old feud on the first assembling of  this year's board.  The hospital boaid were the subjects  of much adverse criticism and faulty  finding among some of the townspeople owing to their action in postponing the ball because of the disaster  at the mine which occurred on the  date set. They had no difficulty in  coming to the decision which they  did, the board being unanimous in the  matter, and they have had no reason  to regret the course uney took and adhered to regardless of any clamor to  dissuade them. For the women folks  who had prepared the supper and for  visitors it doubtless caused some inconvenience but nothing to warrant  the doing of a heartless unseemly  thing which the holding of a ball  would have been if it had gone on under the circumstances.  SUBSCRIBE FOR THE   GAZETTE  Bridges tha Chasm.  Blackberry pie bridges the chasm  between the millionaire and the pauper. It is found on the mahogany  table of the haughty society leader  and on tlie oilcloth covered pine  table of the lowly washerwoman. It  is on the bill of fare of the grandest  hotel and is fed to the inmates of the  poorhouse. 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Martha had tormented Dinah, her  kind old cat, for more than a half  hour without an interval of peace;  when she gave Dinah's tail such an  unmerciful pull that ihe poor old cat  decided ��������� that forbearance had ceased  to be a virtue, so she resorted to her  claws for the first time in her life  when with the child. Dinah gava  Martha's little fat hand such a scratch  that the blood fairly trickled, and  she, with tears and blood streaming,  went to Dinah with all the wrath in  her voice she could command and  said, "Give me those pins out of youir  hand this minute, miss!"  PRINCETON   BREWING   CO.  PRINCETON, B. C.  Make the  NOTED HOP GOLD BEER  THEIR NOTED HALF AND HALF  (HALF STOUT AND PORTER.)  is a Winner.  ir A good stock of Horses and Rigs on  Hand.    If Orders for Teaming  promptly attended to.  Office of Dominion Express Gompanij.  WOOD   FOR   SALE!  PI1011.   11        INNIS BROS.Propri'otow.  Six-Year-Old Fireman.  The centre of attraction at the display given by the London Fire Bri-  ,gade at Victoria Park a short time  lago, was the six-year-old son of Captain Hamilton, the chief of the brigade, in brass helmet and every other  detail, oi..fireman's dress.  THE   RIVERSIDE   NURSERIES  GRAND FORKS, B. C.   Comprising 100 Acres  Largest growers of Nursery Stock in British Columbia.   All stock wintered in our cellars and no daniger of buring winter killed trees.  Buy British Columbia grown trees for British Columbia Orchards.  SUBSCRIBE FOR  THE   GAZETTE!  7������2Riya8ID&AVE.  (fc rriakfiJ/alftonef.CZiric-  Gfchi'n������s,Cijff &Jiriqfin$J0tafef  jfconi T^liotos&DrauXriSffir,  SoottfetfrPriupecti, (������i/*/oguef  Jianf, Irefterlfe*dr,J7a$q3inef  cjVeoJlspapegj.and'af/purpose/.  Phone Itl-ain. 6434  "(Jpoffen&JVcJ&gr&Jiifg Go.  WHEN WRITING ADVERTISERS PLEASE  MENTION   THIS PAPER, THE HEDLEY GAZETTK. .IAN   V 1912.  ���������*   '        -/  ������saanx<niiSXf  KEREMEOS, the Centre of Lower Simiikaraeen----Famed for Fruit Growing  Town and Lower Valley.  Dick Carew, of Penticton, was in  town on Tuesday.  Miss Hattie Innis was a visitor between trains to Hedley, Friday Inst.  Mrs. Joe Armstrong, of Chopaca,  was a visitor to town Saturday.  Mr. and Mrs. Burdekin left Wednesday of hist week for Okan.-igiin Mission.  ' Dr. and Mrs. McEwen, of Hedley,  were visitors to town on "Wednesday  of last week.  On Tuesdav, Mrs Sinclair left for  Penticton where she will stay for a  couple of weeks.  H. B. Mcausette nnd "li. Nickel went  ��������� up on Sunday to their pre-emptions  up the Ashnola.  Mrs. Sinclair, of the 'Lower valley,  for the past two weeks, has been a  guest of Mrs. L. A. 'Keeler.  Hiram Iiigk-e, of White Lake, was  in town on Monday as one of the witnesses,on the Edmonds trial.  Miss Violet Kirby took ih the ball  nt Hedley and is remaining over-a  week,the guest of Mrs. Sproule.  Miss Pedy, daughter of August Pedy  of this town arrived feoni Manitoba  Saturday last and will keep house for  her father.  Mrs. Daly, Miss Florence Daly and  Miss Ellen Corrigan went up to Hedley Thursday last to take in the Masquerade ball.  The Ladies Aid will give a concert  in the Town hall, Wednesday, Feb. 8.  A good program has been arranged.  Admission 50 cents.  W. Smith,  of the S. C. Smith Luin  ber Co.,  Penticton,  came into town  on his  way to  Orovill returning Friday last to Penticton.  Rev. J. A. Hogg retui nod from Sum-  inerland last Tuesday week, and on  Sunday last took the services for Rev.  A. H. Cameron at Hedley.  Danny McCurdy, agent for the East  Princeton townsite, paid us a visit on  Tuesday and reports times to be flourishing in the cement town.  Did you make a note of it? Well!  .lis the great Castle Square entertainers, who will be with us in the Town  hall, Tuesday, Feb. 13th.  Andrew Robinson, who has been  laid up this last week, with a bad attack of Pleurisy, we are pleased to report is up and out again.  After being away a week D. .J. funis  returned Friday from Peachland,  bringing back his teams which were  hired to a Lumber Company of that  place.  Joe Bromley and Miss Ethel returned from Manitoba last week. When  there they met Richard Elmhirst and  family whom they found well and  prosperous.  T. A. Asher, of Edmonton, has taken over the barber shop and pool  room. Geo. Kirby who is doing missionary work for the Similkameen  sent him in.  The packing school will open in  the Town Hall, Keremeos, Monday,  January 29th. All who are going to  take this course will please remember  to be on hand in good time.  Anyone interested in beef raising  should send in their manes and addresses to Dr. Thomson, Dominion  Veterinary 'Inspector. He will give  them some valuable information.  Mr. and Mrs. It. C. Clark and family  camo up for the coast on Friday to  visit Mr. Clark's brother, Geo. B.  Clark and it is understood that they  are likely to purchase, land here and  remain in the valley.  There has been quite a traffic to the  sidetracks the past few days owing  to a carload of sawdust being shipped  inhere. Guess we better start a sawmill, for if we can't sell the lumber we  c-iin go some on the sawdust.  While the carcass of the Innis racehorse was being hauled out the horse  attached to KeelerV delivery wagon  took flight and ran into a group of  childien who were playing on the  street. It was a very narrow escape  for some of them and particularly a.  child of J. Ciitchley. A ludicrous feature of the incident was the indignity  put upon old "Buster" the dog which  was sitting on the seat of the rig when  the horse started off. The sudden  stopping dislodged Buster and he shot  through the dashboard and rolled under the sidewalk the picture of injured  merit.  You Buy Right if You Buy at  THE    BIG    STORE  Ladies' Sweater Coats    Ladies' Woollen Caps  Ladies' Woollen Underwear  The Bargain Table is full of Kitchen Utensils  Men's Sweater Coats       Men's Woolen Shirts  Men's Woollen Underwear Men's Woollen Sox  *  x  X  X  X  3  i  X  %  X  X  X  A Full Line of the Best Quality Groceries  always on hand  s  F\ J.  SAUVE&  On Friday evening's -train, many  who had intended taking m the ball  at Hedley, returned to Keremeos. On  account of a sad accident causing the  death of two young men at the Nickel  Plate-mine, the ball was postponed.  A stranger engaged a livery rig from  Nelson Northrup, of Penticton to drive  over to Keremeos in the night. On  his arrival here he went to bed in the  hotel but got up apparently. before  anyone was about and nothing has  been seen or beard of him since although the wires have been kept hot  trying to locate him. \  Bessie the well-known racehorse belonging to D. J. Innis was killed while  running in Richter's field with a band  of other horses. The poor beast ran  against some obstruction which inflicted serious 'injuries. Dr. Thomson,  ���������V. S., was called in but saw at once  that nothing could be done and she  died in a few hours.  The K. K. K. spent a very enjoyable  evening at the home 'of Mrs. Keeler  last Thursday. The chief item on the  programme was the Query box. This  resulted in many questions being debated upon. Two very comic readings,  were given respectively by Miss Hattie  Innis and Mr. Percy Quant. The  meeting will be at the same place tonight.  Aeneas Nahuinshan is again in the  toils. About three months ago he  made his get-away when about to be  apprehended for taking liberties with  Kit Carr's lior.se. Max Ewart lately  got word of where he was-and succeeded in getting him rounded up and  brought back to B. C. when magistrates Coleman and Cawston heard  the evidence and sent him up for trial.  In his leisure moments he can now  think up .some other plausible yarn  like that with which he humbugged a  Vernon jury last spring.  There has been much litigation in  town during the week. In addition  to the Nahuinshan trial a cattle case  was up for hearing in which the  Terrebasket brothers (Indians) were  plaintiffs and J. R. Edniond, butcher,  of Hedley, defendant. A steer claimed by Terrebasket as belonging to him  and identified by him, was found  among a bunch wliich Hiram Inglee  was wintering for Edniond. The first  hearing of the case was adjourned to  bring more evidence when it is claimed Edniond will be in a position to  show how ho came by the steer.  Later���������it is reported the case has  beon withdrawn.  PATE DE'FOIE GRAS.  Fearful  Thia  Cruelty    That    Makes  Dainty, a Possibility.  To the ordinary man and woman no  conception of the torttrre to which the,  ' poor,  unfortunate goose is. put could  possibly be. formed.  The geese when about nine months  old are taken freai the pastures and  placed in an underground celtur, where  broad, slanting stone slabs stand in  rows, and are bound fast to the tables.   They are literally crticiGed.  Feet, wings and bodies are spread  out and bound by'bands, so that only  the neck is left free. As may be imagined, the animal struggles with all its  might against this stretching till, after  days of vain endeavor-to free itself  from the bands and its position, its  powers of resistance are overcome, and  a dull resignation, broken only by its  low cries, takes possession of it Two  months must pass away before death  brings relief.  The animals are meanwhile crammed  with dumplings made of dough of  buckwheat, chestnuts and stewed  maize. Every two boars, six times a.  day, they receive from three to five,  dumpling pills, wlalch in time become;  so sweet to the tortured creatures that  they stretch their necks to be cram-i  med.  The most difficult task is to deter*,  mine the right moment for death.,  Those who die oi' their own accord are  lost to the liver factory; therefore a;  kind of study Is needed to see wheal  the cup of agony is brimming full and!  the liver is ripe for taking. The bodies of such ripe ones are like pumpkins.     Where   ordinarily   fingers   are)  FIVE ROSES FLOUR  Buy a Sack and Start the New Year right.  You cannot hope to have good Bread unless  you use good flour  Be sure and ask for Five Roses  FRANK  RICHTER & GO.  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  m  m  ������  ������  What a few Acre of Keremeos Fruit Lands  will be worth in a few years when  the trees are in bearing  Can you. do better with your savings by  sending them outside to invest in "some speculative scheme, more or less hazardous, than by investing them, at home in something that is as  safe as the bank and at the same time offers such  big returns on the capital'invested.  REMEMBER  We  offer no  land but  what has  the  water already on it  Fruit Lots of any size to suit your means;  at $175, 215 and 350 per acre.     Town Lots.  Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.  KEREMEOS, B. C.  ������-  .������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  Kcremcos-Pcntictoii Mail Stage.  A first-class new auto has been added to W. E. Welby's stage and .Livery         __   business at Penticton and a thorough-  buried   in "flesh "and  fat  nothing  but   '>" competent driver has been engaged  skin and bone are found.    The livers   to ",n the C{U'- '  the  strength   and      Phone U W'������- Welby  hare   absorbed  juices.  all  WHY WE SLEEP.  GEO. KIRBY  Notary Public.  MINKS  Darkness and  Our  Eyes the  Answer, ] Agc!^VPTATK  *" *'"*'' Loudon & Lancasliirc Fire Ins. Co.  Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.  Keremeos. B. C.  ESTRAY  Strayed to the premises of the undersigned during the fall of .10.10 one  red yeiu-ling steer with white face,  branded > O on left hip and nick in  ear. Owner mav hnve same by proving property nnd paying expenses.  Bertie Ar,i/������o.\  SING LEE  Laundry, Contracting- of all  kinds, Ditch digg'ing', Wood  Sawing, Clearing' land, Cooking and all kinds of Chinese  Labor.  Keremeos, B.C.  Says a Scientist. 1  If it were always daylight we should  never sleep. So says a scientist.  There is no particular reason why we  or any other animals should rest on  an average eight or nine hours a day.  The period of rest has been determined by the fact that ������������ight hours is  the average time when there is a lact  of sufficient light to enable ns to move  about in comfort.  This most fundamental distinction  between day and night is wholly relative to the sense of sight It only affects those types of life which have  developed eyes.  Plants, being dependent for thoir  growth upon the action of rays of  sunlight which fall upon their leaves,  have a wide distinction between day  and night functions They eat aud  digest in the light and grow during  the hours of darkness.  The lowest forms of animal life���������'  the sightless dcuizens of ocean depths  ���������do uot" rest at regular intervals They  prowl around incessantly seeking  prey by the sense of touch alone.  When they rest it is at irregular periods. In other words, they have no  distinct periodicity of their own  Rut as soon  and in propor  animals begin to divide their lime into  two main portions���������a waking and a  sleeping time While then' Is light  they perform all motive functions.  When darkness comes they retire to  nest or   lair to  rest.  C.  JE.  SHAW  Civil Engineer, Dominion and Provincial Land Surveyor.  Office of J. A. Brown  KEREMEOS  B. C.  ffiflttoton-KeremnoS''  AUTO STAGE  Makes the round  trip between  Keremeos and Penticton  everyday and  Meets All Trains & Boats  Making Close Connections and  Affording Rapid Transit  Hotel Keremeos  Opposite G. N. H. Station  MRS.  A. F. KIRBY,   Proprietress.  SILKS  Large Assortment of choice Silk Dress  Goods, Silk handkerchiefs etc.  for sale at right prices  TOHMY SING, Keremeos  NOTICE  SIMIUCA.MKIC.V LAM) DISTRICT  IHSTIMCT OK  YAI.K  No Driver allowed to handle i  car who does not thoroughly!  understand his car and mnstj  exercise greatest care at all;  times.  Fare $6.00.   Return $10.00;  S. M. STUDEBAKER  NOTICE  11  as eves are devplo|>ed,' ..���������,������������������,,. ..   , .,   .,    . ,,,,,  ���������   . . . T   TAkh "NO lit J-.  that l-'mile Jensen, olden  rtion of this development,    I-       Valley. Now Westminster District, 11. C.  occupation Kiinnur, intends to apply for permission to purchnso tho following- described  land.  Commencing at a   post planted  (nortliwest,  coi-nei-) about six chains distant and in a northerly  direction   from  the  Ashnola  Kiver  and  about seventeen miles  from its mouth thence  , east,(HI chains,  thenco soul h 20 cliains.  thence  | west (JO chains, thenee north L'0 ehains to point.  I of commencement,  containing  120 acres more  I or less '  KJIILK .TKVSKX  I II. (..'. N. ICtclies, agent.  Oclobc-r 17t.Ii. It'll '1(5-10  TRY THE  Hedley   Gazette  FOR  Fine Job Printing  Chinese Athletics.  The Chinese have always li:.J nthlot-  ic exercises of u sort In wi ) h they  have rather prided tlienisch <'.-���������. i!i;>agh  none ever seem to have tu!:: u etich a  hold on the nation as ours li.iv.������ on ns  during the lust century or so ''"hey  have plenty of stories of slrmi-; men  capable of wielding extraordinary  weapons, of bending wondrous hows or  of liftim: heavy weights, etc.  TRY THE  Hedley Gazette  for  Fine Job Printing  Certificate of Improvements.    i  N'kw Yokic I-'uactionai. "Mineral Claim, situ-i  ate in the Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale  District,   Where located: Camp Hedley  Take Notice that I, Ainsley Megraw, K.M.C.j  No. IO'iI-JM, agent for the Hedley ('old Mining.,  Company Limited. Free Miner's Certiilcate No.'1  .112*21110, intend, sixty days from the date hereof.,  to apply to the Mining .Recorder for a Ccrtifi-'  rate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant to the above claim.  And  further take notice that, action,  under1'  section 157, must he commenced before the issu-  ahce of such ('ertilicato of Improvements.  Dated this IStli day of November. I!ll I   Jli-lli  NOTICE  SIMllJCAMKl-'X LAND DISTRICT  nisTiucT or vai.k i  TAKK notice that I,  W'illian Charles  Lyall.  1       of  Medley,   merchant,  intends   to apply  for permission to  purchase the   following des-^  eribed lauds  Commencing ata. post planted al. northwest1  corner of l;ot l!)72, situate on the .Siniilkaineen,  river, thence south 2U chains thenee west, 'Jill  chains, thenee north HO chains, thence east 2i\<\  ehains to point of commencement, containing"  acres more or less. |l  WILT^IAW cir.-\iu,K.s j^yall  Mortiner.l. Costello, Agent  No\ ember IStli, 1911  |8-1


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