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The Hedley Gazette Jan 30, 1908

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 AND SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER  Vol.* IV.  No. 3.  HEDLEY, B. C, THURSDAY, JANUARY 30i 1908.  $2.00, in Advance.  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO  ESTABLISHED. 1807  B. E. WALKER, President  ALEX. LAIRD, General Manager  A. B. IRELAND, Superintendent of  Branches  Paid up Capital, $10,000,000  Rest, - - - 5,000,000  Total Assets, -  113,000,000  United States and England.  Branches throughout Canada, and in th  A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED  COMMERCIAL AND FARMERS' PAPER DISCOUNTED)  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  84  Deposits of $1 and upwards received,' and interest allowed at  current rates. The depositor is subject to no delay whatever in  the withdrawal of the whole or any portion of the deposit*.  PROVINCIAL      -  LEGISLATURE  Responsibility for Lieutenant-  Governor's Action on Natal Act Was Storm  Centre.  EXPLORER AND   SCIENTIST.  A Few Interesting- Details in Career of  Chas. Camsell, of Geological Survey.  TOV RECORD FOR ABLE SPEECHES  Premier, Attorney-General and .Leader of  Opposition All Credited With Excelling- Themselves���������Hawthornthwaite's  ��������� Impeachment Motion. '  Penticton Branch, J. J. Hunter, Manager.  CHARLES M. SHAAV  Civii, Engineer,      ��������� ,  Dominion   and   Provincial  Land Surveyor.  Orders mau be left at Gazette office.  HEDLEY,  VISIT OF REV. G. A. WILSON.  R. H. ROGERS,  M.A.,B.C.L.  BARRISTER, SOLICITOR*  NOTARY PUBLIC, ETfc.  Vernon, B. C.  Dr. C. A. JACKSON  DENTIST  [18 years'practice in Vancouver.]    '���������"  S. O. L. Co.'s Block  PENTICTON,      -      -.B.C.  W. H. T. GAHAN  Barrister,   Solicitor,        \  Notary Public, Etc.  S. O. L. Co.'s Block  PENTICTON,      -   ���������-.'*.  B. C.  A. MEGRAW  NOTARY   PUBLIC  Conveyancer,  Real Estate.  Mines,  Grown   Gitinto   Applied   For  Under Land  Act and  * Mineral Act.  Agent for:  London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  Ocean Accident >and Guarantee Co.  Office  at   HEDLEY,   B. C.  HOTEL  PENTICTON  Headquarters for Tourist Travel.  Untcs Moderate.  A. Bak.vics, Prop.  Penticton, B.C.  .HOLLAND, FRENCH  AND  JAPAN  bulbs for fall plnnLliitr.  Seeds-Treus-Planis  for the. farm,  garden,  lawn or  conservatory.  Reliable approved  varieties,  at  reasonable prices.  Please bear in mind in placing your order  that our fruit trees arc not grown from  cheap imported pieeo root grafts, but are  budded on whole root seedling-grown on  our own grounds and from bearing trees  Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps and  Spraying Material, Cut Flowers,  etc.    CATALOGUE FREE.  Oldest established nursery on the mainland of B. C.  M. J.  HENRY,  3010 Westminster Rood,      Vancouver.  The Presbyterians of Hedley  had .a,  visit this week from Rev.  G. A. Wilson,  Superintendent   of   Missions'.in  British Columbia."  Mr. Wilson is making a tour of the various mission fields  B. G.   ������f the province and this is his first trip  into the Similkameen since his appointment to that position last year. - His  first intention was to spend three Sundays' in this valley, preaching in Keremeos, Hedley and. Princeton on successive Sundays, but being pressed fortune he doubled up on the services,  taking Faieview and Keremeos on the  19th and Hedley and Princeton on the  23th.     Accordingly   he   and Rev. J.  Thurburn Conn went to Princeton on  Saturday where they-held a meeting  of the  managers that night, and on  Sunday moruirig Mr. Wilson address-  ed-the congregation on mission work.  In the afternoon they drove back to  Hedley and held service here Sunday  evening.   An account of the progress  and increase of the work of the church  in this province was given for a period  extending over the past fifteen years,  that being the length of time that had  elapsed since the synod of British Columbia  was   formed.     The  missions  of the Presbyterian Church in Canada  extended from the Atlantic seaboard  iif a chain across the continent   to the  Pacific and up north  to the Yukon.  In British Columbia the self-supporting congregations hud increased over  600% in  the 15 years, and  the home  mission field had grown from 26 to 54.  He wsis very liuich pleased with the  progress that had been  made in  this  field under  Rev. Mr. Conn   and   expressed   his belief that Hedley   aud  Princeton should be taken off the list  of mission fields  arid   placed   on  the  augmentation or self supporting list.  This thought had occurred to him on  reaching Hedley on   Friday last and  learning of the amount that was being  contributed   for   church   work.     At  Princeton  he  had recommended a similar   course   and  the   congregation  there had passed a resolution  agreeing to be placed on the augmentaton  list,  provided that  Hedley would do  likewise.    When the Hedley congre-  gotion were asked to decide, upon  the  matter at the close of the meeting on  Sunday night they were reluctant   to  take so important a  step   and asked  more time   to   consider   the   matter.  Accordingly at the next fortnightly  service   the   decision* will filially  be  made.  A very interesting feature of Mr.  Wilson's address on the mission work  of the church was his reference to the  work among the foreigners who had  come into the new provinces of the  Canadian Northwest. The Galicians  who were of the Greek church were  becoming enamored of the church polity and doctrine of the Canadian  Presbyterian' Church, and had approached them asking light and leading with a view to adoption of it. By  way of assisting them the church doctrine and polity was fully explained to  them and some of their bright young  men had been taken into Manitoba  College where they Were prepared for  church work; and as a result they hail  formed a new reformed church of their  own, retaining ho a. certain degiee  many of their old church forms of  worship. If some of the earlier day  upholders of the doctrines and church  practice of John Knox were to re-ap  pear on  of John Knox were to re  the scene in  the Northwest  among the Galicians and see modern  day Presbyterian ism of the reformed  Greek church brand being carried out  they would say, "Mon, mon, sic' awfu'  daft,daein's."  '. The mover* and seconder of the address, weie Taylor, of Revelstoke, and  Schbfield, of Ymir, who are credited  with discharging that' duty with exceptional ability.  The'.adoption of-the address was  given a new interest in the amendment  introduced by the leader of the opposition censuring the government whom  the amendment held responsible for  the action of the Lieutenant-governor  in with-holding consent to the Bowser  bill or Natal act. ,v>  In speaking to his amendment,  the  opposition leader added somewhat to  his forensic laurels- in  a speech   too  academic to be practical and too much  based ou abstruse theories to stand the  assaults that followed from the pi emier  and attorney-general who demolished  the structure.'  The principal point in  leader  Macdonald's   speech   was   the  statement made by him  that  '-Ministers were responsible for the acts of a  lieutenant-governor in all cases save  one,  which  was when assent was reserved to a bill under direct instructions from the governor-general-  And  if in all other instances the advice of  the ministers was not taken  it, was  clearly their duty to resign, and compel  the ..lieutenant-governor either to  find counsellors who would accept responsibility for his action or otherwise  retire from office."   Some of his quotations from Todd on  constitutional  practice were meant by him to support  him in  this statement and it was unkind of the. premier, in following him,  to quote from a work by Justice Clem-,  ent, who had always been a prominent  active Liberal,  laying down a rule of  procedure the very-' opposite of what  Macdonald was contending for.  Premier McBride's reply was one of  the ablest efforts  ever  delivered' by  him in the house.   He  impugned the  sincerity of the-'leader of the opposition,  and in  this connection twitted  him with failing to give to the public  on the earliest possible occasion these  views to which he attached so much  importance now.   The earlier opportunity that had presented itself was  the by-election in Vancouver in  August. The statement of what had taken  place in the office of the secretary of  state at Ottawa was given in full,  and  all it amounted to was that in answer  to a question about the anti-Asiatic  legislation  from Mr. Scott, he had in  the privacy of that official's office informed him  that  on  the clay he left  Victoria,   Lieutenant-governor Dunsniuir had informed him  that he  was  with-holding bus assent to the bill, and  as the privacy of Mr. Scott's office had  not been respected  but the opposition  had added distortion and misrepresentation,1 he was violating no confidence  now in telling exactly what had been  said and done on that occasion.    His  government had given no advice nor  instruction to the Lieutenant-governor  concerning the bill,  and the entire responsibility lay at Ottawa whence instructions had been given the Lieutenant-governor which justified that official in doing as he had done.   To show  the Ottawa attitude  he quoted from  Minister Tern pieman's speech in Victoria in September in which he said :  "The Japanese are the allies of Great  Britain through a treaty to which we  are a party; that it Avas utterly useless  except as an appeal to demagogues, to  continue such legislation ; that it was  the duty of the parliament of Canada  to deal with this matter, and that such  legislation would certainly be disallowed by the Imperial government."  To show that this attempt on  Ottawa's part to hide behind the  Imperial  government  was insincere he quoted  Continued on Page Four.      \  Befoie reproducing the report of  Charles Camsell, of the Canadian -Ge-  'ological Survey, upon Camp Hedley,  the Gazette wishes to give-its readers  a short sketch of Mr. Camsell and the-  work in which he had been .engaged  befoie coming to the Similkameen to  examine and report on the geology in  this section of tho province.        "  Before he began his work here it was  known that Mr. A. P. Low, the director of the Survey, entertained a very  high opinion of him and his capabilities, and the amount ������f difficult work  that he has done certainly justified the  confidence placed in 'him by his chief,  although Mr. Camsell is yet quite a  young man���������possibly not more than  30, if he is that old.  The sketch must of necessity lie brief,  for to the interviewer he is  as scary  as an ibex,'and the display  of pencil  and note-book   would   have  been   as  fatal to a prolongation of an interview  with him as a blunder-bus would be to  the ibex, for he is modest and' retiring  in his disposition, and has no hankering to be in ' the  public* eye.   The. intense interest in aud love of his work  is the one thing  that will draw him  out and make him a delightful raconteur at an  evening camp fire.   If in  this sketch there are some inaccuracies  in minor details it will be clue to faulty  memory of the interviewer  who was  compelled   to make the' notes afterwards and debarred from  the interviewer's privilege of making   use of  probing questions in order to rightly  understand and thus ensure accuracy.  Mr.  Camsell may be said  to have  been born an explorer for he first saAy  the light of "day in a Hudson Bay post  in  the far north country where the  waters flow *n the Arctic ocean.   His  father was an   English   officer,   who  with a spirit of adventure resigned the  known service of the army when on a  military expedition  to   the  west,    to  take unknown service with the Hudson  Bay Company, and was sent by them  from  Fort Garry to one of their most  northerly posts, as Lord Strathcona in  his time had begun the company's service at a remote  post in  Labrador.  Speaking of the Coppermine river, the  Gazette asked Mr. Camsell how the  name had been given and whether extensive copper deposits  were known  there when he replied that the Indians  knew of it,  and his earliest recollections  were   of   copper-tipped   arrows  that he. had used as a kiddie, these being procured  for him   by his father  from the Indians.   When he left home  in charge of a guide  to attend school  at Winnipeg, it took two. months to  make the trip.  One memorable expedition in connection with the geological survey,  which he made, a long story in itself,  was when in company with Dr. Bell,  now in New Zealand, they explored  the McKenzie river to the Arctic ocean.  Dr. Bell had started in from Edmonton  and had picked him up at Great Slave  lake. When they reached the Eskimo  country their Indian guide took a  sneak, for there was always war between the Indians and Eskimo. To  make matters worse the beggar took  the grub as well. No one had been in  there for fifty years���������not since Franklin relief expeditions, many traces of  which they saw. They h������d nothing to  eat but what they could kill -is they  went, and a.s for hardships t^iey were  decidedly up against it. The incidents  clay by clay until they got back was an  experience which was a rare treat to  hear from the lips of a participant.1  - In 1899 Mr. Camsell and his brother-  had been sent out to pick up cripples  stranded on the Klondike rush from  Edmonton, and the experience in finding them in their enfeebled 'condition  from scurvy, starvation and other  misfortunes and shipping them out  was a gruesome one. In 1900 he was  with the Geological Survey, and in  1901. he was exploring for the Clergue  syndicate on James Bay and the Abit-  tibi, in search of iron ranges. In 1902  he was again with the Geological Survey between Edmonton and Fort  Smith, examining salt and gypsum  deposits, and investigating the wood  buffalo,  of  which  he saw  two small  bands. ' He saw lots'of salt back from  Fort Smith which has been supplying  the natives of the McKenzie river for  100 years or more. In ,1903 he was out  for the Canadian Northern reporting  on iron claims ,in the Atikokan and  gypsum deposits on Manitoba and  Winnipeg lakes. The deposits are now  being extensively worked in the manufacture of wood fibre. In 1901 he received his permanent appointment on  the Geological Survey, aud thai year  was exploring the Severn river running into Hudson's Bay in the Lauren-  tiari and Huronian areas. The winters  he spent in the colleges���������the writer is  not sure which but is of the impression  that he was in Queen's, MeGill and '  Manitoba, all three. ��������� In 1905 he went  to Skagway and Dawson and across to  the mouth of the McKenzie and back  again when he explored and surveyed  the Peel river and filled in much geo:  graphy hitherto unmarked on the  maps of that region.  His work subsequent to -that we all  know. On each joint or part of the  foregoing brief skeleton outline a romance of fact could be woven as entertaining as any fiction.  With men of his skill, endurance,  self-reliance and scholarly attainments  tin the geological survey or exploratory expeditions the' government gets  in service full measure and running  over,-and to such the country owes a  debt of gratitude.  KEREMEOS NOTES.  The public school is adding scholars  to the roll and the average attendance  is good.  Mr. Anderson, of Hedley, put Innis'  big weigh scales in place and now the  work is ready for inspection.  There are good openings here for-  a lawyer, a jeweler and watch repairer  and a correspondent.  Mr-. Crompton, of Manitou, Man., intends to build a' small house on his  fruit lot south of the Similkameen.  John Coulter, of lower Similkameen,  having invested in fruit lot 5, will at  once put the material on it for a house.  Another barber shop and bath room  is nearing completion. It is for Mr.  Saunders and is on lot 21. Seventh  avenue.  Last  week  L. A. Clark,  of   Green  Mountain,   was��������� in  consultation' with-.  Messrs. McDonald & Lawrence.    Possibly there is another big ditch on the  docket for this district.  J. C. Wood row arrived here on Saturday. He will give a contract for the  building of a small house and a stable  on his fruit ranch, lot 15. His residence will be erected later.  Mr. Brown, of Manitou. Man., a representative of the press, has invested  in a lot near the V. V. & E. station.  He went east, but will return in the  course of a month.  Eighth avenue from Mr. Kirby's hotel west will soon be clear of brush and  graded. All the ground between that  avenue and the;. V. V. <fc E. station  should be. in good shape.  Rev. Mr. Cameron will hold the. first  mission service in Keremeos town hall  on Sunday, Feb. 2nd, at 11 a. in. The  evening service on that day will be  held at 7:30 p.m. in the school house.  Misses Daly and Corrigan went by  V. V. & E. to Oroville on Saturday.  They will spend a lew days with  friends in Spokane before enrolling as  students of Holy Names Academy.  Heavy machinery for the Golden  Zone mine was loaded on Innis' freight  wagons here on Thursday. Wheels  must give place to runners at the  junction of the roads a few miles north  of Olalla.  A meeting of the Fruit Growers'  Exchange was held in the Keremeos  town hall on Jan. 21st, when the auditors' report and other matters of interest to the members were discussed and  satisfactory settlements made.  Mr. Lawrence, of Beautiful Valley  Land Co., went north by Welby's stage  on Friday, and his partner, Mr. C. A.  McDonald, went by special to Oroville;  later on the same day. They will go  to Winnipeg before their return to  Keremeos. THE   HEDLEY   GAZETTE,   JANUARY SO,. 1908..  ���������F!ff.  *m  ���������*dZ������fv  .. and' ��������� .!.������  Similkameen Advertiser.  Issued on Thursdays, by the Ilkm.KV Gazkitk  Pkinting antij Pcm.isinxc; Cu.miwnv.  Limitko.   at Hedley.  Ii. t'.  Subscriptions in Advance  Per Vour......    Six "Months.;.  . ..  -  Advertising; Rates  Measurement. Iii lines to the inch.  Land Notices���������Ccrtiiioatos of improvement, etc.  ������7.00 for 60-day notices, and ������5.00 for 30-day.  .. notices.  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A. iHEORAW, Alana^inR b'ditor.   l,  cull for thp vacation oflhis office. *^iS*i* As the matter no>v  stands, it"j:,,is due-.t<?'the -public  thafct^^e^should be a prompt  and authoritative statement of  j the facts by the Dominion gov-   'eminent.    If we aretPpreserve  : tlie semblance' of Constitutional  S-*'.o<-! government we must beanform-  1,(10 fed in the fullest possible .way  by what authority the Royal  assent w-as-rese^ved.v,.Thi.si.q-!uesr'  tion must be . answered: X)icl  the Lieut:-governor act according to his instructions ? The  only person who -can answer  that question is the First Minister* of Canada."  EDITORIAL  COMMENTS.  **&*&���������  -.Full'Moon  istii  Last quar.  2<ith.  190S  JAN.  New Moon  First quar.  ��������� ������������������:���������' 10th.  '  190S  Sun. Mon. Tues. WccL.TJui. fri.-Sat.;  c  13  14  9  16.  10  17.,  ���������4'  13  *��������������������������� 19  20  '21  '22  2:5  2+  '���������*>  : 26  '27  2S  29  m  31  FIXING RESPONSIBILITY. ,  The role of scapegoat for the  Ottawa   government" must begin to   be   rather'5rksoine   to  Lieut-y-'overnor Dunsniuir  who  at present finds himself enfiladed by three distinct fires. ; Premier McBride  has   stated' distinctly both outside  the  house  and on the floor of  parliament  that in withholding assent from  the Dowser bill the Lieutenant-  governor acted as an official of  tlie Dominion government and  in pursuance of his instructions  froni them.   -The Liberal-.press,  of this province   or   a   section  thereof,   on   the   other    hand,  made bold a few months ago to  state that it 'was  Premier McBride who  had instructed him  not to give his assent to the bill  and in face of the Premier's emphatic statement concerning the.  matter some of-them' even'''yet'  affect    disbelief,   the   Victoria  Times asking, whether "Mr. Me-.  Bride's word in stfoll' a   grave  matter is   final."   It   certainly  - must be final, for if he dared to  misrepresent the Lieut.-gover-  nor in such a matter it  would'  become the duty of that official  to ask for  his resignation and  the fact that he is still Premier  of the province is proof positive  that in making  that plain .unequivocal statement he did  not  misrepresent  the  Lieut-governor.    The Colonist in discussing  the question says :  "The Lieut.-governor, it seems  to us. must have acted in one of  three ways, hoav that' the fact  that he did not act upon the advice of the  ]")rovincial   Premier  Dr. Maguire, one1 of Vancouver's bunchrdf five in the  B. C:  legislature, last week gave' out  a new noteoii the -better terms'  question. . In the debate, onthe  address a wide, field  is .allowed  tlie members,1 and   the doctor  improved  the   opportunity '���������  to  .throw.- out' an apt suggestion on  the question  of! na-yal defence  and of the   subject   of   'better  term'.    He sh owed that he i-er  cognized the principle of 'Canada's moral obligation  to contribute to the maintenance of tlie  navy by suggesting that as the  Dominion govern merit is nei tiler fair   enough -nor   generous  enough to.either p'ay; the twentymillion dollars that they owe  British Columbia., or to contribute to the maintenance of the  British navy   which   tonus   so  important a part of ' Canada's  defence, they  be  asked to expend the; $20,000,000 on.:   coast  defence on the Pacific.   It looks  like a reasonable /request,  and  while the concession  oh British  Columbia's part   is   perhaps' a  trifle  more   generous   than   is  warranted, ii'.would be better  than  having: the open sore,   a,  continual menace to  tlie  har-  mons between the two- governments.  late of the Great Northern Ry%  andithere isi tHef written testimony of Louis'/'Hill, president  of the'Great Northern, to prove  that certain statements and innuendoes 'which -Ross' rcuide' concerning Farr'el* we're, false. For  shameless 'disregard 'i)f;'.'the  truth; where is' there, an /.equal  among public. ��������� men ��������� iii Ganiada-  since Ananias Camerxm, /departed this life?  1536  THE BANK OF  1908  While'Duncan Ross was deprecating B. C. anti-Asiatic legislation in. Ottawa, his. paper  was whooping it up allee' saniee  other- British Columbians,' in  ;Greenwbbd; -; Duncan should  iiave vised the wires : to kill that  little editorial! endorsement of  ���������the:Niital - Act .' in"-: last; week's  Times.   .  ; This; Bank, has a record behind it of nearly three quarters?e  >y a: century of successful banking in Canada, with-asset  i'ncrea'ijurigevery^ year iintU they no\y exceed $50^000,00(  ". Money .Advanced on reasbiiiiblfe terms. V 1T Drafts bought aii<  _...*',������������������-?'��������� -sold.'.'������������������)\1I.:8.AL^^M&imsfilei^h^edpOJ]: taken -for collectioii  ,'v' '"' -fli'Mo:^^  ���������'.���������'able-inritb/e/le^ ���������;..;u-"':-"'-'���������'''-.'. ���������  Escrows ^in; connects  attention;   ��������� -;-'���������    ,'."-"���������;������������������ -"��������� 'f''-L.'-;,'::;;?'/'''l:',":;;'^;'':':.' ��������� >"'���������.;:.v;1-'.-. "^,'.-.-,':-.--  Hedley  Branch,    -   - >;':;L-. G; MacHsMei Manager  I  ��������� PRINCETON: ASSESSMENT DISTRICT.  NOTICE :is.hereby g-iA-en, in accordaince with  the stati^tcsi tiiat Provincialtrcvcnuc'tax"*  and all assessed'taxes undci- tlie."Assessment  'Act"- and, "Public iSehool''Act:'';are-,-:no-iV':due  and. payable at the. Government -Office, Princor  ton; for the;' "Princeton Assessment"'District."  This notice is cquivolant to a'pers'6rial;dcinand  by'irio-'upoii all persons liaplq for-taxes. iij.  Dated tit Priiideton, this 21tirday!of Jaiiunrj%"  A D 1(X)S'' ���������     ,-;' '  ''���������."'.''       ,."''      HUiGH HUNTER, /       '  *.:' .'*:: ���������   "**''       '   CoiTleotor;    ;  3-2 Princeton Assessnicnt' Dfstricti'  CAPITAL AND RESERVE, $5,000,000  Heaix Office : :SHERBBOOKE|iQIJE.  ���������^niQ^A^pjaM: in-;canad.a''' -;.;;^;  Keremeos BrahGh,  J ^R.Kpme,Manager  oooocfflcQsgg������ioeoocc^  NOl^IGE.  Certificate ofrlmprdvements.:'-'^  ���������LONGj'.SHQTs MAPLE L*EAF aii'd^SELiaRk  Mineral Claims, situate: in the- Osoyoos  . ;    Mining Difflsioh bf.VaVc,D|strict.-lWhcrc  \     located:   On Dividend. Mpuiiitain'..-.-.   ,:..  'TAKE NOTICE that I, Clias. A. Stocss, of  * ������������������������������������'���������-Kercinobs; acting as ageritfbr W. J: Gai*-  butt, Free.Miner's Certificate No.iB 7(>00: .y.Jy  Cavivriaifli, Erec Miner's Certificate No. li 7490;  R. D.Mitchell, Froe Minces Certificate -No- -B  10052, intend, sixty days from date hereof, to  apply to the Mining- Recorder for Certificates  of Improvements,, for the purpose of obtaining  Crown Grants of the above claims.  And ;f urther.; take .notice that ���������action, oindei  section 37, must be eotntnenced before the issi;  ancoofsucK Certificates bf'lmpro'vcrnonts.  .Dated this 15th.day.of January, A; D.1.W8.  1-10-  C; A.- STOESS.  In the speech from the throne  at the 'opening of the present  session of the legislatux;e"it wiU  be1 observed that the fiscal year  is to be changed. to, terminate  with the end '.-of- April instead  of the end of June. This action  on the part of the government  is a distinct compliment .to tJie  representative, of Similkameen,  Mr. L. W. Shatford who-, made  the suggestion in one of his  speeches in the house last year.  The great benefit to, be derived  from the change is in enabling  advantage to be taken of better  weather for carrying out public  work, particularly that of road  building and repairs through  the rural constituencies. When  the year ends June 30th, it is often August before work can be  commenced oh the roads, and  as a result the bad weather and  short days of the fall often interfere with: the completion of  the work before the season's  repairs are effected, whereas  under the new arrangement the  months of June, July and August and perhaps the latter part  of May would see roadwork in  has been made clear.     He must progress when  the  weather  is  f\mmy, b. c.  notice:  ��������������������������� -Certificate of; Improvements. ���������  ZERO. JACK' FROST,-MODME <1hci PHYK-  ..LIS'Mincrfil GIainiSj!situate.in thelOsoyoos  Mining Division of yjile District.   .Where  located:   Camp I-Icdlcy.. .  TAKE NOTICE'tliatl,' Chas. doB. Green, as.  ;��������� iigehtfor C. A. G. "Steward; F.M:'C.'NoV  5S00, and for .A. R. Barrovy, F. ]Jl. C.'Np."���������-^.  intend, sixty days froin date hereof, 'to'apply to  the Mining Recorder .'for. Certificates; of. Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown  Grants of the above.claims;'    ���������     ' , ��������� ������������������",<.   '  And further'takc notice that' action;''under  Section 37, must be commenced before, the issuance of Such Certificate of Improvements'.   ' '*:'  . Dated this 5th day of Novcmber,.iA.D. 1907. ��������� * /  .WO.    .-' G.deB. GREEN,-Agent.*::.:  NOTICE.  Certificate of ImproYement-s. ���������  "li. C.V,   "IRISH BOY,"  "GOLDEN ZONE  and "SILVKR BELL" Mineral Claims,.,  situate in.the Osoyoos Mining Division of  Yale District. Where located: Quarts;  Camp.  TAKENOTICE that t, Chas. dcB. Green, as-  ��������� .ragent for.I. .1. Marks, F. M. C. No. B 553S,  Paul Brodhagen, F.M.G. No. B 5513, and James  Murphy,' F.M.C. No. B 55-W, intend, sixty days  from date hereof, to apply to the Mining Re-,  corder for Certificates of Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the  above  claims. <  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be eoiuinunued before the issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.  Dated this 5th day of November, A.D. 1007.  okB. GREKN. AcicNT.   '  THE  LEADING  HOTEL OF  THE SIMILKAMEEN VALLEY  .This house is new-and-strictly first' cl-iss  ���������    in. every respect,  being equipped with: all ,  moclei-n conveniences���������electric li^rht,  telephone, .baths, etc.      ,: :       Kates moclerate.  W. T, ATHERTON,  Proprietor.  ^w*w**w**������*������*a^^^^  I  x  K  x  K  x  X  $  X  x.  K  x  K  x  K'  1  X:  X  -WHEN. YOU HANKER FOB  Fresh^Beef,  or Mutton  Cured Meats,     Fish or Poidtry  CALL UPPHONE INo. S  AND TELL YOUR >WANTS TO  ;:;^.Jo..EID)M������������s  T������ !BnnteIki(  w  %  I  i  i  I  I  i  lt***Wt*������&WZ*J&J^K������&^  ���������15-10  C.  h;n-e acted according to his in  struc-tions. or under a misapprehension of those instructions or  on his ovv n responsibility. Seeing that the Dominion government has not, as far as the public, is aware exhibited the slightest interest in the matter, the  prima facie aspect of the case is  that what he did was fully acceptable to that government.  If this is the case, then Mr. Macdonald as leader of the party  which is in sympathy with the  Ottawa government, and the  Times which is the organ of a  member of the Ottawa cabinet,  ought to be found defending  His Honor. But they do not  undertake to defend him ; they  take the opposite course and  tlie Times has gone so far as to  dry and the days long.  Those' who ��������� know Duncan  Ross' reputation for making-  reckless statements will not' be  surprised at his recent outbreak  at Ottawa^ which has already  been characterized as false both  by Attorney-general Bowser  and by representatives of Goto.  During the last provincial campaign he was proven a falsifier  over his own signature in the  presence of a large audience in  Hedley, for certain reckless  statements made here' on the  public platform. The same  night he  slandered J. D. Farrel  NOTICE.  .SIMILICAMKKN LAND DISTRICT.  DlSTIUCT Ol''  Yai.b.  TAKIO XOTICK that .1. P. Htirnycat, of Vernon, 11. C occupation���������engineer, intends  to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:���������  Commencing at a post .planted at the \. W.  corner of Lot 103 S, thence south in chains,  thencojwest 20 chains, thence north 10 chains,  thence east H) chains to initial post, containing:  iH> tit-res.  JOHN PURVIS BURXYKAT.  Dated ..January 25th, IiJOS. ��������� .'J-10  NOTICE.  SIM1LKAMKKN LAND DISTRICT.  DlSTtllCT Oh'  YAI.K.  TAKK NOTICK that I, Christopher A. McDonald, of Keremeos, occupation���������real  estate dealer, intends to apply for permission  to purchase the following- described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted abou 126 chains  west of the south-west corner of Lot 'lo7, Group  1, Osoyoos District, thence west 20 chains,  thence south 20 chains, thence east'JO chains,  thenee north 20 chains, to point of commencement.  ClIKISTOI'ltKIl AMSXANUKK MG'DoNAI,I>  Dated January 18th, HJCJ8. .1-10 THE   HEDLEY  GAZETTE,   JANUARY 30, - 1908.  -.���������  #������JL*  REV ELY'S.-.  .STABL E]  Headquarters for all Stage Lines i  Express Office in Connection  i        Your wants for Livery or Team  , .            Work will be attended to  by culling Phone 12.  I     W.   F.  REVELY, 'Proprietor  il  ::'      ���������       jJ  4rra"M'*W^****Mfc^'*ra'r^'te'*iti|'  Town and District.  THE  GreavNortten  '    ������ l   T  Hotel  '.  n  Is noted over thc entire disk-1"  rict for excellence of ,both table  :   :   :   :      and bar.    ' :   :   :   :  AH the wants of. the travelling  public   carefully,' attended   to."  l(pM?>?*?>t*������>tW?IWW?K*?*W?*?*M?*W*tf?*t*t  TO THE  Travelling Public:  If you want a  good stable  and prime feed  for.your.hprse  : : call on  : :  SAM'L D. HINE  Livery & Feed Stable  FAIRVIEW,-   -   -    B. C*.  Grand Union  Hotel ___  .. Mrs. J..H. Jackson of Otter Flat is  visiting with Mi\ and Mis. Deardoi-ff.  T. H. Botherhain went over to Nelson last week.       .  Skating on tho pond is again the  favorite pastime.  Hockey Skates, Sticks &c. at J. A.-  Nesbitt's, Penticton.  "J* Mrs." A* Hamilton has been iundci-  the weather with an attack of rheunia-  tifrin,but is improving.  In making up your fuel estimate for  the winter of 1908 don't forget to figure  in!Jin extra day in February.  The Anaconda News has suspended  publication. Its editor is entering  college in Pullman,' Washington.  , Send for jour descriptive Catalogue.  of Nursery . stock'. ��������� Address,���������The  Riverside Nurseries'; Grand Forks, B.C.  - Dr.-Jackson, dentist, who located in  Penticton on the first of January has  g'one'to the Coast to bring in his wjife  and family.  F.H.French, manager of Shatfoid's  Limited came over from Fairview on  Saturday evening returning on Monday morning.  D. J. Innis' of Keremeos has taken  the contract of hauling the machinery  for the Golden Zone stamp mill from  Keremeos station to the mine.  ' ..Chief Engineer J.' H. Kennedy; paid  -Hedley a visit on .Monday last accompanied bp his 'secretary, Mi-. Hankin-  son. ��������� They returned to Keremeos- on  Tuesday.  Miss Elliott, Kingston Ave., does all  kinds of plain'sewing, mending, pressing and renovating gentlemen's clothing &c. Orders may be left with' Mrs.  Lyon.   > '   , "  ��������� A dance was given in the hall on Friday night last that.was'w.ell attended  and at which-, .guests report a- good  time. There was talk of making the  event a fortnightly' occurrence.  The new hall at-Kercuieos is to be  opened.on the evening of February 14  (St. Valentine's Day)' with a grand  masquerade ��������� ball. In all - probability  Hedley will be well represented there.  ,   Mis..Revely was expecting,a visit  Fairview notes.  HEDLEY, B,C.  HERRING & WINKLER, Proprietors  PflLf\6&  kiyery, Feet & Sale Stables  ������������������HEDLEY, B. C.    1T A good stock of Horses and Rigs on  Hand. *"��������� T Orders for; Teamiiig'''-' -  ���������-,"���������' promptly attended to.     '    ���������'  WOOD   FOR   S A LE.!  'Phone II.  -   INNISBROS.  Proprietors:'  JflS. GLftRKE  Watchmaker  HEDLEY,B.C.  Clocks and Watches for Sale.  '^^-^*ai-k<������-'������'^'^^-^iikk-k'^^3^^^i������  S -X-  I  X  if  ������  X  X  X  X  X  K  X  X  X  K  x  K  x  t  f  X  X  X  ������������  X  I  X  H  s  x  a  ������s~k >���������  Great Northern  '        Hotel  A new house containing more bed  room accommodation than any-  other hotel in town. Table and  bar   first - class.    Rates  moderate.  JOHN LIND, Proprietor  X  X  ���������3  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  5  ������x  I  i  X  X  X  X  X  X  vt^^m^.^^^M������M������X������M^JK^������MK������M^^  ADVERTISE IN THE GAZETTE !  this week from her soh-in-law and  daughter Dr. and--Mrs. Farrish of Va.iV  couver, but-received a wire to the effect that they had .been detained.  ' There is a;rumor as we go" to press;',  of a rich strikeoh the- Pollock groups  A 20 foot ledge going $20 per ton is  the story which the Gazette has heard,  but has not yet had an opportunity  to; verify. -.''���������'���������"���������  ;^ :���������.'-��������� ^-"v. ���������K/r'> '���������''''-      \[[\  Mr. S. L. Smith received word las,t  week that' liis dairghtei-Gertrude" -who.  accompanied Mrsv 'Smith to-Cjilgary  was quite ill there with hemorrhage  of the bowels. The last news,- however, was to'the effect that she^-was im-  proving:     ,-.   ������������������'   - ���������   S~-      -   :>-     !  ' The recent, -cold 'weather'1, doesn't  seem to have interfered any at all with,  work on the" V. V. & E. construction,  and all the jgaiigs are busy -on their  respective contracts. The steam-shovel  crew appear" to have had less luck than  most of the others. ��������� -Frequent breakdowns and other ills causing stoppages  have delayed them.  v During 'the;'three or..four- days of  snow last week the sleighing was used  for- all it was worth. At no time was  it really ��������� good in Hedley, the 'shrill  shrieks of the steel shoeing of the runners on the gravel' blending with the  jingle of. th&sleigh-bells like the blending'of--.oil arid water. At. Princeton,  and for the greater part .of-'the way to  Hedley there is good sleighing.  .   .;'  Among, recent real estate deals in  Hedley may be '���������.mentioned ' the purchase by G. H. Spro'ule of the lot west  of and adjoining ^tlie Gt. Northern  hotel on Haynes St.- which he bought  from Mrs. Jackson of Otter Flat, and  Dr. Whillans bought the lot adjoining  his store on Scott Ave., from a- man in  Spokane. Both' purchases were to  protect present buildings by preventing the erection of undesirable structures alongside..  Bert Irwin was in town-this week on  his way back from Greenwood, where  he sayo they are having a, verv quiet  time, and business men are complaining very bitterly. The tie contracts  which thc C. P. R. have let in that vicinity and which have given employment to a great many men is about  the only thing that is going on. In  view of-that experience it will hardly  be in good form for the inhabitants to  blaspheme the'C. P. R. any more than  is necessary.  Miss Phelps, of Myers Flat, was the  giiest of Pauline Campbell la^-t week. -  "Mrs. Pagle, Stemwinder, is seriously  ill with tuberculosis.  The attendanceac the service here  last Sunday was.remarkably good.  Miss Maggie McLennan of Okanagan Falls is the guest of Mrs. Harry  "Jones.-  Miss Patterson; who has been on the  sick list for a year is now confined to  her tent.  Mrs. McCuddy's mother returned to  Ontario.' The east has "attractions ;for  some and the west for others,  Mr. Webster of-Penticton is in town.  Possibly the call forlnmber for the S.  O. Land Co.'s bii? flume has ��������� attracted  him. '   ,  , The.meeting of-the F. Y. P. Club on  Wednesday night was the usual success. ��������� It was crowded a little by the  congregational meeting.  .A large quantity of haled hay is  being shipped from Oroville to ' Fair-  view. ��������� Four four horse loadV arrived  on Saturday.,  August Kruger and Wilfrid Carmi-  cjiael were in town last week. , Their  team made a quick run from McCudys  in the direction of Myer's Flat. A  broken seat was all the damage done.  'Albert .Dalrymple whose leg was  brokeu last fall was too anxious to use  it and the conequence is that there is  still-a game leg for the doctor to look,  after. ' _���������  -The main ledge of the Stemwinder  mine was struck at the 500 foot level  last week. It is 80 feet from the station, and nien.are now working their  way through the ledge.  -' D. Gillespie, Okanagan Falls, registered at the Golden Gate-hlitd. Mr.  and Mrs. Gillespie intend to visit Brandon and Winnipeg next month. Wo'  wish thenra pleasant holiday.  Mr. and Mrs. Dalrymple are to' be  congratulated on thcsuccessful termination of their lawsuit and the receipt of a cheque for their share of the  proceeds of Mrs. Dalryinple's father's  estate. , ������  The congregation at a meeting held  in the church on Wednesday last appointed a committee of four citizens  to arrange for the payment of Rev.  Mr, Cameron's- 'salary for the year  ending March 31stl908.  On'Friday Jan'.   24'   Eddie   Bum ell-  aged 8 year's and his brother aged 10  yeears, on their'father's ranch hear  the Steiiiwinder uiine,  were' playing  with an axe.   The younger lad '"with a  quick motion placed his left hand on a  log and received the sharp edge of the  axe wielded by the other.   The third  finger was severed froiii" the hand and  the two fingers closest to it were injured.    Tne   lad-showed   remarkable  nerve.   Div White arrived from Penticton   next- day   and  -dressed    the  wounds.      The- patient   was    taken  ���������home Sunday' arid is doing, well.  {  ��������������������������������������������������� ������������<!*���������������  J  ���������fietthe  Habit I '.'  11 Many people are now  drinking Beef  Cordiaij;  IF Nothing like it to pro-,  duce energy and vigor-  no matter whether taken  at 11  a. m.  or IV p. m.  IF We have just received  a shipment"of this line in  16, 4, 2 and 1 oz. sizes.  t  t  t  t  SHAITORDS, LIMITED  FAIRVIEW   AND   HEDLEY.  t:  l  ���������������������������-^^���������^������������������������������������^������������������^���������������������������^���������^^'^���������������������������^������������������������������������O- ^04>*4  Keremeos New Townsite  Now On the Market. =  The V. V.  centre of the  & E. Railway Station will be in the  town.  ' Now is the time to get your lots, before the first  train comes up the  valley.  Town Lots  $IOO,"  $20O  and $250  Choice 1, 2 and 3 acre lots all around  town  NOTICE  TO ELECTRIC  USERS.  LIGHT  The 10 acre Fruit lots are going fast,   Just a few  left!   Now is the time to double your money.  ;���������.!;.-���������-. :':     For Full Particulars Apply to  Keremieps Land C6.> Keremeos, B.C..  J. J. Armstrong; Manager'  site.      l> 2 and 3 Acre.  Lots ,$300 Acre  10 Acre Lots  .   $200 per Acre  Terms Easy  in Keremeos  STOP AT  CJWING to -a shortage of power, it may be  vy ��������� necessary to thc operation of the plants  of this Company that the.Town Lighting- Service be discontinued at any moment during the  next four-months, either temporarily or for the  period named. Users of the light arc therefore  notified hereby to prepare for such an emergency. Whenever possible, two flashes of the  lamps will be given' ten minutes before the  circuit is opened.  DALY.REDUCTION CO.. Ltd.  Hedley. B.C., Xov. oth, 1907. 13-U  Notice of Dissolution.  . TyVEptilfE. (Si, REITHi. Proprietors.  Good Acepmmpdatiori and Strict Attention to the  Wants of the Public.    Livery Barn in Connection.  VTOTICK is hereby given that thc'Partnership  ���������^ formerly subsisting between John Gillan  and John Brendt Brun, as manufacturers of  carbonated beverages, under thc name of the  SimilUaiucen Bottling Works, wasdissolvcd by  mutual consent on January 28th. 1007, tlie date  upon which John Brendt Brun assigned his  partnership interest in said concern to John  Gillan. All debts owing to the said partnership  are to be paid to John Gillan, of Hedley, li. C,  and all claims against thesaid partnership arc  to be presented to the said John Gillan.  hy  JOIIN*  JOHN'  GILLAN.  11. BRUN.  THE  NEW  ZEALAND  Make the Farm Pay  A Fairbanks-Morse  Jack-of-All-Tradss  GASOLINE ENGINE  will pump water, saw wood, shell corn,  run cream separator, in fact furnish  power for any purpose.  Every Farmer Should Have One.  Cut out this advertisement and send  it to  THE CANADIAN FAIRBANKS CO., LIMITED.  101 Water St., VANCOUVER, B.C.  rue   (without cost  to me)   your catalogue  with  regarding your Gasoline Engine for farm use.  JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor  6veruthing New and  First-Glass  Bar supplied with the Choicest  Liquors tincl Cigars, and Special  Attention   paid   to   the   Table.  PENTICTON LIVERY  FEED and STAGE STABLE  ESTABLISHED 1903 ������������������. =  COVERED   STAGE   CARRYING  PASSENGERS  <fc EXPRESS TO  ������[ PINE   NEW  ROYAL  MAIL,  ...Keremeos, Hedley and Princeton...  ": SPECIAL RIGS FOR TRAVELLERS ������fc EVERY  ATTENTION PAID TO WANTS OF THE PUBLIC.  W. E. WELBY:  PROPRIETOR THE  HEDLEY   GAZETTE,   JANUARY  30,   1908.  PROVINCIAL LEGISLATURE  Continued from First I'nge.  the" action and view of Hon. Joseph  Chamberlain who accorded to the governments of Natal, New Zealand and  Austral in, the right to enact and enforce precisely the 'same kind of legislation as the British  Columbia, enact  ment which had  been  disallowed by  Ottawa.  Attorney-general   Bowser's   speech  dealt with the constitutional aspect of  the case in which the responsibility for  the Lieutenant-governor's action was  ��������� laid .at Ottawa's door..  McGuire,   Macgowan,     Mc-Phillipsy  ���������Hawthornthwaite, Mclnnis and Mnn-  ro also contributed to the debate. Of  all the speakers on   the Liberal  side  there are none who seem to approach  a question with the same fairness and  honesty which Munro does.  THE  SOCIALIST rMPEACHJrKXT.  The constitutional point involved in  deciding whether Hawthornthwaite's  motion in impeachment of the Lieu-  ten ant-go vein or was in order was also  the occasion for much constitutional  sparring. The resolution itself is as  follows :  Whereas, during the last session of  this House, a bill was introduced intituled An Act to Regulate Immigration into British Columbia, with the  object and intent of preventing a.  further influx into this province of  "backward races," notably certain of  the subjects of his imperial majesty  the Mikado of Japan ;   and  Whereas the said bill, as amended,  successfully passed through the various stages in this legislature, was supported by the members of the executive, council at that time present, and  was enacted, so far as it lay in the  power of the members of this legislature ; and  Whereas, the Hon. James Dunsniuir,  lieutenant-governor of this province,  refused to assent to the passage of  said bill; and  '���������Whereas*, the Hon. Richard McBride,  premier of British Columbia, has publicly stated that the lieutenant governor was not advised by his government to refuse to give his assent to  said bill; and  Whereas, it has transpired during an  investigation by the deputy minister  of labor, MacKenzie King, acting under instructions from the Dominion  government, into the causes and nature of the extraordinary immigration  of Japanese laborers into this province,  that the Hon. James Dunsniuir, in his  private capacity as an operator of coal  mines in this province, had, on or  about the time of the passage of said  bili, entered into a contract with the  Canadian Nippon company of Vancouver to procure 500 Japanese coolies for  exploitation in his coal mines; and  Whereas, the passage of the aforesaid bill would have had the effect of  delaying or preventing the coming into this province of the laborers afore-  s.'iid; and  Whereas, the lieutenant-governor  has not acted in this matter in accordance with constitutional practice in  refusing his assent to the enactment  of said bill without the advice of his  responsible ministers, and has further-  laid himself open to grave suspicion as  to the reasons that induced him to refuse his assent to said bill; and  Whereas, his action in these matters  must inevitably tend to destroy such  confidence as the people of this province have in constitutional and responsible government:  Therefore, be it Resolved, that this  House emphatically condemns all such  unconstitutional proceedings and hereby appeals to the governor-general of  this Dominion to investigate into all  of the aforesaid matters and charges,  and should the facts prove to be as  stated in this resolution, dismiss forthwith the Hon. James Dunsmuir from  the office of lieutenant-governor of the  province of British Columbia.  COMMITTEES APPOINTED.  On motion of the honorable the premier and of the honorable the leader  of the opposition, the following members were appointed on the standing  committees :  Committee on Railways ��������� Messrs.  Ross, McGuire, Hayward, Shatford,  Ellison, McPhillips, Hunter, Garden,  Taylor, Grant, Parson, Munson, Jar-  dine, Henderson, King, Hawthornthwaite, Naden, Brewster, Yorston,  Eagleson, Kergin and Hall.  Committee on Mining���������Messrs. Shatford, Taylor, Ross, Grant, Parson,  Mackay, Schofield, Hunter, Thomson,  McGuire, Behnsen, Macgowan, Mclnnis, Macdonald, Kergin, Brewster,  Jones, Hall, King, Naden, Henderson,  and Eagleson.  Committee on Agriculture���������Messrs.  Ellison,    Parson,    Grant,   Hayward,  PROPERTY IN HCDLEr  A  Good,  Safe   Investment  And  Will  Make  Money  Hedley  is the supply point for the Nickel Plate mountain, on which is situated the famous "Nickel  Plate"���������the richest gold mine in Canada���������and many other  promising mines and prospects. ��������� It is the mining and business  centre of the  Ikameen  . the new mining district which' has already been proven, by a  small amount of development work, to be one of the richest  gold, copper and coal mining sections of  British Colombia.  HEDLEY is the chief town on the route of the proposed  Coast-Kootenay Railway; and with the advent of this road,  which is assured in the near future, it will unquestionably  become a largo and important city, and town lots will bring  big returns on money invested at the present time.  ...PRICE OF L0T5...  Scott Ave; (main st.)    $400 to $606  Other Streets.,...,.          .-.'. $200 to $400.  ��������� ���������������������������   litZflvf'Ida...  1-3 Cash; balance in 3 and  6 months, with interest at  the rate oi 6 per cent.  For Those Who Invest Now.  a  =���������Purchase a few Lets before the Railway Comes===  For F*ull Particulars, TVleips Etc.,  The Hedley  L. W. SHATFORD,  Secretary and flanager,  ��������� f\h������PM^-V  TO-  Townsite Go'y, Ltd.  -       HEDLEY, B.C.  Munro, Yorston and Eagleson.  Committee on Private Bills and  Standing Orders���������Messrs. McPhillips,  Ross, Garden, Thomson, Mackay. Williams, Henderson, Jones and Jartline.  Committee on Printing ��������� Messrs.  Macgowan, Manson, Davey, Henderson and Jones.  Committee on Municipal Matters���������  Messrs. Hayward, Garden, Macgowan,  Mackay, Gifford, Behnsen, Taylor,  Davey, Munro, Oliver, Naden, Kergin  and Hall. ��������� -  Committee on Public Accounts ���������  Messrs. Mackay, McGuire, Schofield,  Gifford, Henderson, Oliver and Naden.  NOTICES Ol? MOTION.  The Hon. the Minister of Finance  gives notice of his intention to introduce the following bills:  An act to amend the 'Farmers' Institutes and Co-operation act.'  An act to amend the ' British Columbia Veterinary act, 1907.'  An act to amend the.'Revenue act.'  The Hon. the Attorney-general gives  notice of his intention to introduce  the following bills:  An act to regulate the purchase,  sale and transfer of stocks of goods  in bulk.  An act to amend the 'Bush Fire act.'  An act to eunend the 'Summary  Convictions act.'  so that farmers as well as city men get  a square deal.  Kindly publish   this and let other  papers copy.  Louis Goodchap,  Penticton.  . [It is a common thing for letters ad-1  dressed, to Hedley to miss several  mails out of Penticton and often be  sent through to Princeton. Also the  Gazette bundle for Fairview which  should go down there on Saturday's  stage from Penticton fails to turn up  until Tuesday.This sort of thing is becoming rank, and it is time the post  office inspector was locating the trouble.���������Ed.] ' .  ra-fc-fcra-fcatraM-**-*-*-*-*-*-*-**-*^^  The Commercial Hotel  ������������������������������������������������������     Hedley,   B.C.    -    .     ..''    . J\   I  THIS HOUSE HAS RECENTLY BEEN RENOVATED  AND REMODELLED, AND IS NOW IN FIRST  CLASS ORDER.   WHITE HELP ONLY.  METEOROLOGICAL.  The following are the readings showing temperature, etc., for the week  ending Jan. 25: ���������    .-.    ���������;������������������������������������-.  AT THE MINE.  Maximum  .:    .      26-       .  ....        28  23  ' 88    -  .  34  34  41  A CHOICE STOCK OF THE BEST LIQUORS & CIGARS  |   McArthur (������b Guiney,   -   -   Proprietors  *"       '���������'-..���������  ^^���������^'i^*****^**'*'*^  POSTAL   IRREGULARITIES.  The Manag-ement of the Penticton Post  Office Under Fire.  When in Penticton a few weeks ago  the. Gazette was surprised to find that  while the boat gets in there between  5 and 6 in the evening, the people  .sometimes do not get their papers until niidafternoon next day, and complaints are heard on all sides concerning it. The patience of the Penticton  Press at length wore out and the management of the post office came in for  sharp criticism a. fortnight ago. Now  we have a letter from a subscriber of  the Gazette, complaining with very  good cause, and having the manliness  to come out plainly over his own name  in doing so. The letter to'the Gazette  reads:  Dear Editor:���������  I have tried to solve  a problem of why all my papers reach  me when they are a week old and my  neighbors get theirs on time.  An old friend of mine asked me who  signed for my registered letters as  some of them direct from the bank in  Penticton was in his mail. I might  make other complaints regarding unregistered mail. I think it nothing  but right that that the post-office  spector should look into the m  Jan 19       ;   .:  ; "- 20  21  22  .   23  24       ......  .25  Average maximum temperature 31.28  Average ininimum do 14.42  Mean temperature 22.85  Rainfall for the week   .     inches.'  Snowfall       '.'.     "       2.  Minimum  14  11  9  II  14  21  21  COKKKSPOXDI.VG WEEK OK LAST VBAH  Highest maximum temperature 44  Average maximum do  Lowest minimum do  Average minimum' 'do  Mea n do  85.85  -4  14.85  25.75  Jan 19  20  21  22  23  21  25  AT THE  MH7L.  Jtoimnm  39  41  34  35  33  28  32  Minimum  23  19  10  10  12  12  14  Average maximum temperature 34.85  Average minimum do 14.28  Mean do 24.56  Rainfall for tlie week      .      inches  Snowfall for the week      .01 ���������'  I'OUItKSI'O.S'DI.VG  WKI5K 01'' LAST YEAK  Highest maximum temperature 40.  Average do do 2S.S5  Lowest minimum do -2.  Average        .. do do 10.  Mean do 19.42  FOR  Commercial Printing  TRY TM  TJz\omm JoD Dept.  GEO. KIRBY, Hanager.  First Class in Every Respect.     Commercial and. Mining  Headquarters of the Keremeos and Lower Similkameen Valleys.   -Post House on Penticton-  Princeton  Stage  Line.  KEREMEOS,  B.C.  \fli! mahu m$$ndl fas\$ai.>tZm (UcV  ntfpJYlfifilBm d������ Zmo by ffeppei���������^*-*  tfJur prices are *\a<Dtr for tfe some-.  gudiiti/ ef ������ato than eUftriWu v? t* >*  J&arii take wir oard farii J^v**Send use  trial enteral* COtepialea prove il yfir&V  JMIIZrjgCOLUMBIA  SUBSCRIBE FOR  THE   GAZETTE!  .* y  n  } w  J  hi  hi  !!i  <J  -  '������������������'-" '


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