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The Hedley Gazette Jan 16, 1913

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 am  ��������� n  ������-*&������!  ���������*/  j4/V 20 'v.,is   V  \ ^  JOft-/, T.    C^>'  AND SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER.  Volume IX.  HEDLEY, B.C., THURSDAY, JANUARY  10. 1913  N.UMCEK  2.  UQ>r. C. A. JACKSON  DENTIST  rfl8.yoars practice in Vancouver.]  S. O. I,. Co.'a Block  -PENTICTON,       -       -       B. C������  CALLING THE EDITORDM  Mr. Brookes Objects to the Views of th6 Gazette in  the Matter of Protecting Workman Against  Losses Through Irresponsible Operators.  R.W. DEANS  Notary :Fttblic Real Estate  !R������nohes,   Properties,  Mint's, Timber,  Wati'i' Powers  T3&per Trout .Creek, Balcomo P. O. B.C  K. Tirornr'soN i'iionk skvmouk 3SI'*  AIOIC .WKSTHK.V CAN-ADA  Cammell Laird & Co. Ltd.  .Steel Manufacturers   ���������  .-Sheffield, Eng-.  {JMllom-ittnil Warehouse, 8I7-<1'I Jicatty .Street  "Vancouver, B. C.  Grand Union  HEDLEY, Bl C.  First Class .Accommodation.   Bar Stocked with  "Jest'Brands of Liquor and Cigars.  A. WINKLER, Proprietor  While the communication of Chas. H. Brookes appearing rhrrthis issue  may not interest everybody it will nevertheless furnish eJifcertainmeht for  quite si few of our readers. Mr. Brookes does not like our rdeits of government  supervision of the financial standing of shoestring mining Operators, rind he  takes upon, himself to speak on behalf of the government in the mutter. If he.  has any misgivings as to whether the Gazette has the interests' of the cainp at  heart he can quiet his fears on that score. There is no dotihfc that his own  interest in the welfare of his own pocket will not likely lie cn-lled in question  no matter who else may suffer us the result of his riiethods.1* If Mr-. JtJ. had a  glance at some of the letters in this office that have heen iee(sived from New  York containing some further reasons \vhy supervision would he advisable in  his owrr case we think he would conclude that he is not in much of a positron to  seek undue publicity in the public prints. The letter and the Gazette item  which called it forth are both given herewith :  STILL WRONG IN ITS FIG1E  The Nelson News Persists in Keeping Output of  Camp Hedley Under $3,000,000 When it is Over  $4,600,000.  THIS OFFEND'NO AltTICLE :���������  GOLDEN ZONE MATTERS  Hedley    ftiners'    and    flillmen's  Union, Mo. 1.61,��������� W. F. of M.  Regular Mioet'iigs ofthe Hedley Local. No.  J6r are hold, .on tlio first nnd third Wednesday  in the month in .Fraternity hall and the second  and fourth Wednesday iitthe Jv. P. Mine  Q. M. Stevens   ��������� T, K. W'ii.lkv  I ���������resident l*iii-Seci'etiiry.  A. F. & A...M.-.  '���������'���������������������������iv^raiisv^iMt^irtmt^gi-or  Hedley IjoiIbo No. 43, A. F. & A. M.,  are lield on the second Friday in  each month in E'rateraity hall. Hedley. Visiting  brethren are cordially invited to attend.  S. E. HAfllLTON.  W.M  H. D. BARNES  Secretary  MODERN WOODMEN  OF AMERICA  Hedley Locul Camp meets in  Fraternit-jr Hall tho first and  third Thursdays in the month.  'A. CLakk E. H. Srsirso.v  / Connsel Clerk.  LO. L.  Retrular monthly meetings of  Hedley Lodge 17-14 are held on  the third Monday in every  i*ffibaSt������i^ul<'n'''1 in Fraternity Hall. Visiting brethern are cordially invited to attend.  H. J. JONKS. XV. M,  G. If. TURNER. Sect.  DR. J. L. MASTERS  DENTIST  Will he at Home office in Oroville, 1st  to 14th of each month.  Office on  North   Mum   Street.  P. W. GREGORY  CIVIL K.VC'IN'KKK and BRITISH  COLUMBIA LAND SURVKVOR  Star Building Princeton  HILLIARD'S  BARBER    SHOF������  FOR AN EASY 8HAVK  HOT <fc GOLD BATHS  Next door north of Grand Union Hotel  W. H. T. GAHAN  Barrister, Solicitor, Ktc.  MONKY TO LOAN  PENTICTON,  B.C.  Mr. I. H. Hallett, harrister,of Greenwood arrived in town  on   Monday, to  handle.tire matter of the  mechanics.'  liens against the property of the Gold  Plate Mines Go., Limited, in behalf of  the lien-holders,  of  whom   there  are  somewhere  about  twenty.    It   began  to look to the lienholders,  who have  given the principals  every  chance  in  the world to square up without adding  more costs on them, that the delay in  Victoria was for the  express   purpose  ot   seeing   whether    the   lien-holders  might:   not ��������� let    their   claitrrs   lapse  by going beyond the  thirty-one days  allowed hy the Act for commencing  action in the county court.   This is the  third   hatch   of,, liens   or actions for  wages  that have been fyled  against  the Golden Zone.   The first batch was  in connection   with   the operations of  the original owners Marks, Brodhagen  -.JinjljMiU.'-IRliTi.^ir.'rc_J.ie.smest  claiiirant.  in   that    instance   was   the   Jeriekos  Machine Company which supplied the.  stump mill and other, mine equipment  and other jtidgments ' still ;unsatisfied  obtained at that time were for* wages.  The second lot were against the Golden  Zone Company when'various liens for  wages were fyled, the cases entered in  the County Court arrd judgments Ob  tained but no execution ever followed.  This time it is not at all likely that the  creditors will be so lenient or so patient  and if-the money he not ��������� forthcoming  .the property is likely to go the hammer.''  All these things tend to give  u property u bud  name when  it muy  not,  and in this case apparently does  not,  deserve it.    In every instance they ran  into debt irr an ill-advised manner and  chaos worse confounded is  the  result  of it all.      While  it  might seem   like  undue  meddling on  the part of the  Government with   private enterprise  it   is nevertheless  time  that stricter  supervision of operations be  taken   to  ���������prevent   men   and    merchants   being  victimized    hy    irresponsible   par-ties  who will  undertake   operations  thut  they lire not in u position to carry orrt.  A rigid  supervision  by   the   Government of the bank account of all  who  undertake work of this kind is required and if the money is not on   hand to  meet obligations being or about to be  incurred the work  should be stopped  summarily.    It-'is'hot enough to place  a law of thut kind oir the statute.  The  niain thing is to make ample provision  for- its enforcement.  TRY THE  Hedley Gazette  for  Fine Job Printing-  E. E. Burr  General   Blacksmith  Hedley, B. C.  Horse-shoeing and all  Blacksmith Work  Promptly attended to.  Pipe-fitting done.  Mr. Neil McGillivray of New Westminster', father-in - law of Premier  McBride, died there last week. He  had heen a resident of New Westminster for twenty three years and was  prominentrn masonic and other circles.  American steel men with Schwab at  TOR  RF.PLY :���������  Januarys, 1013.  Mr. A. Aicgruw,  Managing Editor,  ������������������Hedley Gazette," Hedley, B.C.  Dear Sir,���������I have in my hands a  copy of tire " Gazette" d-ited Dec. 10,  1912. Orr the front page ��������� an article  appears . dealing with the " Golden  Zone." I ;tin writing you for the purpose of better informing you us to the  true conditions. You may publish  this letter or not, as you see fit.  I must take exception to the article  that you have published in  regard   to  ���������the property   arrd   its. ..management;  first, ynii personally never knew  any  thing  as   to   the    inside    workings;  you knew nothing about the  trouble,  that has been   brought  about or  the  occasion  therefor.    That being true, I  think it is wrong on your put t to write  editorials or articles and publish  them  wherr you do not know- what you aie  dealing with.    I know-that  you want  to be.fair and  want to do the right  -ttring^icalhtiineS;'^  conditions from   time   to  time sway  *you from the right'-'line  of vrsioning.  Your article above referred   to  speaks,  of. the   Government demanding that  examination be made and  before any  liability be incurred that evidence be  shown the Government  officials .that'  so much money was deposited  in   the  bunk.   Thut   itself   is .an   impossible  condition ��������� first,    because   it   is   not  practical; second, because the Government   would   not   consider   it   for   u  moment;     third,     even   though   the  money were so deposited in   the  bunk  it could be drawn out within a given  number of hours, which  was done  in  this instance.    When'  I left Victoria  for Hedley all  money necessary  was  deposited in the Bank of British North  America and various sums us needed  from time to time  were- to  be  transmitted to the brunch Bunk irr Hediey.  One of the main  members of the  institution became real estate  mad, us  most people do  who strike Victoria,  arrd he started building a $25,000 house  when he should have built  perhaps a  $2,000 hori.se.    He had the promise of  the Bank of u certain loan.     Afterwards the Bunk refused   to   make   the  loan,   therefore,  he  culled    upon   the  company's money to meet his contracts  and save his Victoria property.    That  is the whole story.  I ditl not employ a man nor did I  secure a dollar's worth of goods in  Hedley that I did not only believe, but  know that the money was in the bank  to cover-. On account of the mistake  of another the money could not come  through.  I can' understand your interest in  the Camp and the various things that  take place from time to time, but I  think, Mr. Megraw, that you make a  mistake in publishing an article that  incites and rrrakes trouble rather than  peace!. Every claim will be paid, and  paid shortly, and by myself.. In.the  meantime I am going to ask you to  keep your hands off the proposition.  Either forget it, let it alone, or if you  think you have occasion  to fight it,  fight it like h .���������Yours truly,  C. H. BROOKS.  The Gazette believes ingivingfull credit for anything which any individual  or publication accomplishes and we are free to accord to the. Nelson News all  the credit that is coming to it for its special number issued on January sixth,  and called its "' Annual Review." It was in many respects an excellent number  and showed a great deal of enterprise on the part of that paper-, but it has no  right to be called an "Annual Review," for so far as this camp.is concerned, at  all events, it has no right to .-������iy such name.  The writcuj) of Camp Hedley which it contained was a verbatim reproduction of what appeared in that paper- last July and was re-copied in the Hcdley  Gazette on July 25th and credited to the Nelson News. While giving the  News credit for an excellent write-up we pointed out where it was in error  wherr it stated that the output here was between $2,500,000 and $2,700,000 up  to the end of 1911. To show that their figures were wrong we gave in the  same issue the following true details of output;  Value up to end of 1907 $1,017,229.40  1908, 44,068 tons at $18.35 per ton       588,307.80  1909, 31,100 tons at $11.58 per ton        3(50.138.00  1910, 44,828 tons at $12.31 per ton ''.    551,832.68  1911, 57,815 tons at $11.99 per ton        693.201.85  Allowing for first half 1912 the same .as first half 1911     316.000.92  Tola 1 $-1,157,310.74  Yet strange to say. after tlie Gazette went to the trouble of giving these  figures the News republishes its article, of last July in what it claimed to be  its'"annual review" for 1912 and will not even take the trouble to recast the  offending slug which robbed the camp of its proper output but repeals the  figures of output at "between $2,500,000 anil $2,700,000."  In th������ figures given above we showed by estimating the returns for 1912 at  the same as 1911 the output to the end of June 1912 would he $4.157,310.74.  But the output for 1912 exceeded that for 1911 very coni-idci-ably for it was  70,230 tons against 57,815 for 1911 ; and as pointed out in our own annual  review for 1912, published in our- issue of January 2nd, 1913, the average vane  for 1912 was $11.32 per ton. This would make the output for 1912 alone  $794,705.48, which added to $3,810,709.62 which was the output up to the end  of 1911 makes a grand total to the end of 1912 of $4,605,415.10.  We trust the Nelson News will try now to memorize and digest these  figures and in the future resolve to sin no more.  MENDING THEIR WAYS  Some.Star.tjing- Statistics and jihe^Lgss'on  to be. Drawn Therefrom    .  The Duchess of Connaughtwastaken*  to the Victoria Hospital irr Montreal  in a dangerous condition. Symptoms  their head are reported to be ready'to of her former attack of peritonitis  establish works in Canada, This is again appeared with greater severity  another of the fruits of the defeat of' than before. All Canada, hopes for  reciprocity. speedy recovery.  Self-examination-., is often a very  good thing.. It is.only two year's ago  that the Grand Master of the Masonic  Grand Lodge of the State of Georgia  told a meeting of all Masonic bodies  some striking truths drawn from a  study of the statistics of the.country.  Arrrong the things he told them was  that the cost of maintaining the courts,  jails and police in the United States  annnally amounted to $1,373,000,000.  and notwithstanding this the railroads,  banks and jewellers had to maintain  their own private detective forces to  protect their property.  This an rural expenditure was orre  and a half times greater than the  entire national debt. The total wool  crop was 29S millions ; the total coal  mined equalled 350 millions ; and the  total wheat crop 735 millions ; but the  cost of crime annually was equal to all  three combined.  The murders equalled thirty a day���������  more   than   one   an  hour-;    and  the  homicides in the United Statesanniial-  ly was greater than irr  England Scotland,     Ireland,     Holland,     Belgium,  Germany,   Austria, Hungary,     Italy,  France   and   Spain,   notwithstanding  their population is three times that of  the United States.    More people wcze  murdered in the United States in tlnee  years   than   were   lives    lost i in   the  British Army irr the Boer war.    In the  entire United States less than two per  cent, of the murderers were  punished  and the otherOS per cent, go absolutely  free.    It is more dangerous  to steal a  loaf, rob a hen  roost or shoot your  neighbor's dog than  to  kill  a human  being'    Technicalities of the law, perjury in the witness stand and maudlin  sentiment, defeat the  ends  of justice  and crime is steadily increasing.  "To know these conditions " he said  " without an earnest appeal to public  sentiment to change them would seerrr  like contributory negligence."  At the close of his address a resolution was passed appealing to all  Masons in the United States to do  their duty as good citizens, without  fear or' favor and to use their influence  with the other citizens of their communities to do the same-to the end  that crime -may no longer go  unpunished.  That was two years ago and that  their' resolution was not mere idle  words we have since then seen the  conviction of the Macnamaras ; Police  Lieutenant-Becker of New  York  has  been condemned to death and likewise  the   tin ee   assassins .-..who.,   did ' their  'glari!!!**!!** Yvork-H'-'^  conspirators associated with the -Mac-'-  naiiia i-as in 'their! but rages have also  been convicted. Let the good work  go on until it can no longer he said  that the United States i-; a .country  where crime may go unpunished.  PULP AND PAPER MAGAZINE  '''.;,     OF CANADA  The New Year 'number of this-  . magazine, published by the Industrial  and Educational Press, Ltd., Toronto,  has just come off the press in its en"  larged size, and will hereafter appear  twice a month, instead of monthly, us  formerly. This is the first, number  from the perr of the new editor. A. G.  Mc.Intyre, formerly chemical engineer-  for Price Bros. ������fc Co., Ltd. Mr. i\lc-  Irrtyre is a graduate of Acadia.  University in Arts and Science, ami  MeGill University in Chemical Engineering, and joins this magazine  after a wide engineering and paper  mill experience.  The year's progress arrd development  are frilly reviewed in this number, and  many valuable articles arecontr ibuted.  Mr. H. S. Ross. K.C., of Montreal,  writes an able and exhaustive resume  of the Workmen's Compensation Act  of Quebec, with reference to those of  other countries.  John Norris, of the American Newspaper Association,- has a timely write-  up on the matters of intet-ot irr the  newsprint world.  The new mills of Price Bios. <fe Co..  Ltd., are fully described irr an elaborate illustrated article by the editoi.  The new development of utilization of  wood waste for gas producers is discussed by E. B. Archibald, B.Sc, of  Montreal.  Mr. It. H. Campbell, the able director of the Forestry Branch, outlines  the Dominion Forestry policy.  The Canadian water- powers, timber-  regulations, pulp and paper tariffs,  exports arrd imports, and the entire  condition of the trade and its many  ramifications are thoroughly dealt  with. AH this, with the numerous *  specially contributed technical articles  for pulp arrd paper mill men, combine  to make the Pulp and Paper Magazine  a true fulfilment of its heading " A  Magazine devoted to the science arid  practice of the manufacture'of pulp  and paper-, with up-to-date rrews of the  allied trades."  ran THE HEDLEY GAZETTE JAN 1(5. 1013.  an imm%  w  and  Similkameen Advertiser.  l-wui'cl on Thui'sdnys. liy the ]Ii*i>m-:y Ga'/.i-ttk  I'UlN'l'INC AND l'l.'ltt.ISIUNC COMl'ANY. ,  l.i.MiTKii.   sit- lledlev. 11. C.  Subscriptions in Advance  Pa-Year. S'J.OO  "   (United States I  '2-W  Advertising Rates  Muiisin'ciiieiil. 1- lines to Uu: inch.  LamiNolitx.s^-Cei'titic.lies of improvement, etc.  ?7.(]l) I'or CO-diiy notice*;, mill S.'.flO for 'Mi-iluy  notices.  Transient Advertisements���������not exceeding one  incli, tfl.UO for one  insertion. 'In cents for  eiicli subsequent insertion.   Over one inch.  1(1 cents per line for lirst insertion unit ;>  cents per lino for- each subsequent insertion.  " Transients payable in advance.  Changes for contract advertisement-; should  be in the olliee by noon on Tuesday to secure  attention for Hint, week's issue  Advertisements will be changed once every  month if advertiser desires, without any extra  charge. For changes oftcner than onci'ii, month  the price of composition will be charged ul  rcpular rules.  Contract Advertisements���������One inch'per month  $l.*.'*>: over 1 inch and up to 1 inches, 551.UO  per iueh per month. To constant advertisers  Inking larger space than four niche-;, on  . application, rates will be given of reduced  charges, based on size of space and length  of time.  A. MEQRAW. Manas:ing l'dltor.  Lust quar  1913  JAN  1913  I the United States of dividing the  I country into postal zones and . making  t he rate much lower within a radius  j ol' 10 a ml 50 miles   than   that charged  from nioredistant points.   The outside  Idealei does nothing towards the maiii-  i teii.-ince   ol"   local   institutions and be  i  ! should pay much more Tor the delivery  j of his goods into local centers in competition with local dealcis. The  parcel post is a necessity and will  benefit- ihe greatest number and that  after all is'the object of all legislation.  01' (oui'Pi* there are those, who will  seek ways and means to abuse .all  privileges. One man in the United  States is reported to have sent out  8000 bricks with a gross weight of  ���������10000 lbs. and compelled the post olliee  department to transport them. The  law should be made so as to punish  men who deliberately incommode in  this way. The Canadian Postmaster  General is reported lo lie studying the  operation of the parcel post in the  Uniled States and that really is the  way to go about it.' If centralization  of trade is unduly promoted by it  under the present rates charged in the  Uniled .Slates, then the lutes in Canada should he made to oll'sc't. it as  much as possible.  PfUf\6E>  biveru, Feed ,& Sale Stables  UKULfiY   It. C,  : li A good stock of: Horses and Rigs on  I Hand.    II Orders for Teaming  j promptly attended to.  Office of Dominion Express Company.  Sun. Moil. Tues. Wed. Tlin. Fri. Sat.]  .���������  12  19  20  li  18  20  i  M  21  2S  1  s  Iii  22  29  '������>  ���������A  10  17  21  31  ���������I  11  IS  2-">  EDITORIAL COMMENTS  The cheery note of optimism expressed by Premier jMcBrirle in his  -annual review and the data by which,  he hacks it. up made good reading for  British Columbians to begin the-year  with. Even if limes were haul in this-  province, which, thanks to a capable  "progressive administration they are  not, it would make the burden easier  to have one at tlie head who could  take it stout courageous view of  affairs. The achievements of the past  year have been great and the reasons  giuen by the Premier to hope for still  better in the ���������year which hits begun  .should he sufficient to satisfy the  most faint-hearted.' The time sot by;  the Premier for completion of the:  various railways and other public;  works under construction alllows  ample, ma 1'j^ru and there is not much  ri iison to fear that his hopes may not  ha realized.  W O O D    10 OH    SAL IS!  Phone H. INNIS   B ROS . Proprietors.  An Up-to-datei, First-Class Hotel  RATES MODERATE  F. J. D0LLEMORE  Proprietor.  METEOROLOGICAL.  .7.-111    5  <>'  Minimum  0  ;���������}  7  The arrival of numerous parcels in  Canada with United States parcel  post stamps on them is making Canadians realize what they .are missing,  and if we are not mistaken the Canadian Postmaster General will be compelled to get busy and not allow the  present session of the Dominion parliament to prorogue until provision is  made to extend the benefit of par-eel  postage to Canada. That there is  opposition to be overcome there is not  a shadow of doubt. The express companies and the railways are not  friendly to the innovation, and beie  and there through the eastern provinces there is local opposition on the  ground that it will transfer the trade  from local dealers to city dealers.  As for the railways and express ci m-  panies the former, at all events,  understand that they themselves have  in many cases created the demand foi*  it by placing their stations too faraway from the centres of trade, with  the result that the public are made to  pay for local delivery alorre on small  parcels a sum equal to twice the  entire amount required by parcel post,  and have to pay the express company's demands into the bargain. The  objection in reference to benefiting  -the outside dealer .'it the expense of  the local dealer is of course not an  imaginary one, but it can be overcome  to a considerable extent by employing  the same principle as  that  adopted in  The following are the readings showing temperature, etc., for the week  ending Jan. 11,  1913:  AT  THli   MINI-:.  Maximum  12  20  7 .. 38  - S .. 32 2  9 .. 12       .. -ii  10 10 4-  11 12 n  Average maximum temperature 19.-12  Average minimum do 2.57  Mean temperature 10.99  Rainfall for the week   --.00 inches.  Snowfall .     "        "       10.0  COltUKSfONDING WKEK OK LAST   VKAK  Highest maximum temperature 35.  Average maximum eld .10.14  Lowest minimum do -20.  Average minimum do 4.71  'Mean  ' ' '" ''"';'" v ^'do ^'^'.lO.HS  AT THE  MILL.  , .'Maximum Minimum  Jan   5 .. 15     "... ���������'        .7  0 .. 21 . 11  7   "     .. 27 .. 13  ���������8 .. 24 .. 15  9 .. 21 .. 9  10 . 15 .. "8  11 .. 12      ���������  -.. 5  Average-maximum'temperature. 19.71  Average-minimum          do 3.23  Mean                                   do            13-99  Rainfall for the week    .00    inches  Snowfall       '���������       "      5.95  COKKKSrONTJING WEKK OK  LAST YKAH  Highest maximum temperature 30.  Average do do 14.42  Lowest minimum - do -12. ���������  Average do do 3.14  Mean do 8.75  CANADA'S BUMPER YEAR  Trade of the Dominion Makes Enormous  Increase in 1912.  One billion five million seven hundred thousand, dollars of trade in one  year. The tremendous industrial and  commercial growth of Canada was  never more strikingly portrayed than  by figures just compiled by  by the department of trade,  and commerce, which shows that for  the year ending Nov. 30, the Dominion's trade amounted to $1,005,700,1100.  ���������This is the high-water 'mark since  confederation and equals, if it does  not surpass, the total trade of any teir  consecutive years in the country's  history before the early nineties. It  is .-in increase of $188,700,000 over the.  corresponding period hist year, tlie  figures for which were $817,000,000.  GENERAL NEWS  The Miners' Convention of British  Columbia have decided to ask the  Legislature for1 some changes in the  laws relating to mining in this province. One thing asked is an extension  of the eight hour law so as to cover  every description of work about a  mine or reduction plant. Another is  to amend the. Workmen's Compensation Act.  Manitoba legislature is irr session  with Premier Itoblin at his post. The  reports of ill health appear to have  been exaggerated as it was given out  that he would be unnbie to attend the  session.  A bill will be introduced at the  coming session of the B.U.  legislature  A. MEGRAW  NOTARY   PUBLIC  Conveyancer.   Ileal   F.stale.   Mines,  Crown    Grants   Applied    For  Under  Land   Act   and  Mineral Act.  Afrent for:  Mutual Life of Canada.  Hudson Hay Insurance Co.  Maryland Casualty (.11  Ocean Accident- and ''uar.uiteo Co.  Office   at   HEDLEY,   B.  C.  . WATER NOTICE  For a  Licence to, Take and Use Water  VTotico is hereby given that The Daly Keduc-  -^ tion Co.. of Ifodley, B.C., will applyfor a  licence to take and use M cubic feet per second  'of wateroutlheSiiiiilUriiueeii river, which flows  in a southerly direction through Hedley, 11. C  and empties in tlie.Ol-anagan river near Oroville. The water will be diverted at a point  nil or between lut 1831 and lot.SKIO and will be  used for power purposes on the land described  as Lot 2!lliU.        .'- ,    .   ���������      ......  This notice was posted oh the ground on the  I(i day of November, '15)12. Tho application will  be tiled in the ottice of the Water Commission-,  cr at Fnirvicv, Ii. C  Objections "'may be Hied with trie said Water  Commissioner,   or  the---Controller- of  Water  Ktghts,  Parliament IJuildiugs.   Victoria, 11. 0.  The Daly Reduction Co., Ltd  ...'���������'.-'.   (J.l\ Jones, Agent  D YOU EVER HEAR  of 11 man getting robbed,wlio bud a. cheque book iii  bis pocket and bis money in the bank?  Or did you ever know ol: anybody who Lost,  money because a fire happened to oat up a chequebook '*������������������',  Any man who keeps his money in the bank and  pays by cheque eliminates two oi: the greatest risks  in the world. It costs nothing to be safe, and their,  besides, it is so much more convenient.  The Bank of .British Nortli America  will be glad to have your ajecount. ,     .  77    YEARS . IN    BUSINESS  CAPITAL,AND RESERVE OVER $7,500,000  Hedley  Branch,  H. H. Hobbs, Manager  R R U I T   'T'R E 'E S.  Buy Healthy Home Grown Tr-ees  No Danger of Importing Pests       No Injury'i'roiD'Fuinign'tioii-  No Drying Out in Course of Shipment  Protect Yourself fc������y Buying Our Trees  Write for catalogue and Price List to  THE   RIVERSIDE  NURSERIES'  Dept. B. GRAND FORKS, B.  ' Estahlished in 1900  Representative���������\/. Oy  125 AI'l-iKS  Penticton  N. 13.���������We- have .Dwarf  stock in���������Mcintosh Red, Wealthy, Jmiathaii, (lux's  Orange, Ontnrio, Northern Spy and Wagenor.  FOR    QUALITY  EVERY   TIME !  ^n'J.lllTl.l^lW������..-.|...J������ I II1IIIMIII   ���������  JAMS AND   FRUIT  made from ,  Last Season's Harvest  WATER   NOTICE  .For a License to Take and Use Water.  VTOTK'K . is hereby given that Percy Ed.  ���������*���������' 'Howell of Green "Mountain, rancher, will  apply for 11 license to take and use 100 inches Of  water out of Sheep Creek, which flows in an  easterly 'direction through Lot ft'SHI'iind empties,  into Okaiingan Jjiike, near Penticton. The  water will be diverted at 100 feet from the U.K.  corner of Lot 1707, and will be used for .irrigation and domestic, purpose!)' oil tho land  described as Percy Kd. Howell's Pre-emption.'  .This notice was posted on the ground on the  20th day of December, .1912.' The 'application  will be tiled in the olliee of the Water Recorder*  at Fiurview,  Objections may be filed with the said water  Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water  Rights. Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C. '  i*i2-l ���������   V. E. Howell, applicant  MINERAL ACT  CKRTIFICATK OF IJIPROVEMKNTS  T AST Chance Fraction, Last Chance, 'Avoca,  Xj Summit Fraction,. Goodview Fraction,  Jack Pine. Primrose Fraction, Deadwoort and  Cyclone Fraction Mineral Claims situate in the  Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale District,  Where located���������In Camp Hedley.  . Take notice that I, Duncan Woods, Free  Miner's Certilledte No. WlillH, intend, sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for a certitlrate of improvement!-, for the purpose of obtaining 11, Crown  Grant of the above claims.  Arid further take notice that action, under  section M7. must-be commenced before the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 28th day of December, 11)12.  ;->2-10 DUNCAN WOODS '  WATER NOTICE  For a Licence to Take and   Use   Water  Notice is hereby given that Similkameen  Fruit Lands Co, of Winnipeg Manitoba will apply for a licence to take and use  live cubic feet of water out of Similkameon  River which Hows.in a Southerly direction and  empties into the U.S.A. near the Boundary  Line. The water will bo diverted at one-mile  below Kereineos St. and will be used for Irrigation purposes on the land described-as all the  lands belonging to the above company.  This notice was posted on the ground on the  (ith day of December.' 11)12. The application  will be filed in the otlico of the Water Recorder  at Fairview, B. C.  Objections may be lilcd with the said Water  Recoi'dcr.or with  the  Comptroller of   Water  Rights,   Parliament Buildings.  Victoria, B. C.  Similkaineeii Fruit Lands Coy.  It. Ij. Cawston  4(1-4  J   Selected and of the highest grade.  T We guarantee them to be pure.  Insist on    SHIVERS' JAMS or  insist on    DEL MONTE'S FRUITS  Next Time  .11 -<  'j  $ Schubert's Supply Stores t  * P     HEDLEY and TULAMEEN *  _ : "_#  Wm&mVl^m+JVmy&f3ltlmy&^^  I   Plumbing and Heating, Sheet H  it  It  %  K  K  af  >?  ha  a?  at  s>������  at  Metal Work Tinsmithmg  Shop corner Angela Ave. and Bridge..  St., 'in * M.urdock\s blacksmith shop.'  Work guaranteed.   Consult us about your work  H. BiGNAN  Practical Workmen Proprietors  PRINCETON, B. C.  I  1  x  X  'I  ������<XWAtt������<A*W*tmW*WA*A^  THE   MOTTO  OF" THE  t  TENDERS WANTED   J  ���������"cndci's will be received for material   and  work in fencing the cemetery.   Apply to  F. H. 'FRENCH  "The Largest Amdurit of Assurance  for the  Least Possible  Outlay."  The reasons why they can do this are :���������  1. The Expense Rate of this company is unusually  Ioav���������considerably lower than many other  Canadian Companies.  2. Its Death Rate is remarkably favorable���������being  only about one-half of the amount "expected"  and provided for, showing careful selection  of lives.  ci'nsrtritig moving picture lilrrii- ��������� and  regulating the coniluct of this clnss of  show gi'mrnlly.  Local option'cloes not appear to he  losing ground in Ontnrio.. It has ho en'  carried in several new municipalities  .���������Hid mostly all of the attempts to  repeal ib have heen ineffectual. Already 488 rriuijii'ipalitius in that  province are nhw dry.  3. Its High-Class  that  Investments have been such  in tha 41 years dunnv- which tho  Company has been doing busme'se, not one  dollar received from its Policy-holders has  been lost out of the millions invested for  their security.  -.. These conditions produce large -profits, and large  profits mean good results to Policy-holders. A policy i������  this Company pays.  W. J. TWISS  Vancouver  Manager for B.C.  A. MEGRAW  Local Agent THE HEDLEY.GAZETTE, JAN 10. l'i'18.  <    %>.  Town and Distruft."  The snowfall at the end of the week  was about the most -persistent and  copious we have seen in Hedley and  netted fully six inches In-fore it quit-  There is now fully seven or eight  inches on the gioiind which is a  generous supply for Hedley and will  /j^Tieip^natei'ially to prevent any freezing  of the water pipes' during the balance  of the winter-.  It is understood that negotiations  ��������� are under way for the sale of the  - Great Northern Hotel to John Jackson.  ' The price is said to he the sticker.        '  ' The following item in the social and  pet.sonal page of the Vancouver Pio-  vinec will interest Hedley readers.  The bride will he remembered hy a few  'Hedleyites who met her here when  she spent a few weeks as guest' at the  Hotel Similkameen in the  summer of  ,1905. Charlie's'Hedley friends will  extend congratulations. The item  reads: A quite wedding was solemnized  last Friday evening hy the Rev. <;.  D. Ireland at his home orr Twenty-  third avenue, when Miss Gertrude  Alice Tracy became the bride of Mr.  Charles Earnest Oliver, of Cardiff,  Wales. Miss Grosvenor Pirrdie  attended the bride, and Mr. Richard  Lee was the groomsman. After, the  ceremony tlie party wiis driven to the  'Vancouver Hotel where a wedding  supper was  served.    The  couple   will  ���������spend their honeymoon in southern  California,   after    which    they    will  ���������return to Vancouver to reside.  Hoisetrrenin the Lower Similkameen  arcoffei ing for sale their thoroughbr ed  coach stallion Diplomate. The sale is  to take placeiitlmirV stable, Keremeos,  on January 31st.  There was si rumor extant at the  end of the week that F. Voigt and the  B.C. Copper Co." liari come 'to terms  and the ��������� deal for the properties on  Copper Mountain had gone through,  on modified terms.'  One of the neatest calendars of the  season that have been distributed is  that issued to his customers by D. J.  lnnis. It is an Osborne art calendar'  and the subject is specially suitable for  his livery business, the title of the  picture being "Blue Grass Aristocrats"  The lady, the rrrare and the colt and  even the Scotch collie, who is an  interested bystander, are ull of them  thoroughbreds.  , Rev. E. A. McKenzie was unwell and  could not take his service on Sunday  evening. It; was so cold that evening  anyway that few would care to  venture out'for it is no easy matter to  get the building sufficiently heated  for comfort. It- is hoped he may make  a speedy recovery.  G. W. Cooper of Kereineos was in  town on Friday last and attended the  regular- meeting of Hedley Lodge A.  F. & A. M.  signih'cnnee thatis ber.iea.th the dignity  of any .self-respecting canine to answer  to.    Tlie pai eel  contained  a piece  of  old roller, which, with all deference to  Col. Lowery who first suggested it, is ,  no part of " Gold Dust's" menu.   Gold I  Dust's taste is not sufficiently develop-1  ed along   aristocratic   lines  to prefer!  anything so  high'as  the  bill  of fa.ro'  prescribed   for   him   by Col.   Lowery. '  Unlike many humans there is no snob  in his make-up and   he  never  fails  to  recognize a  member  of the  printing  profession any time he meets him  on  the street, but the greeting he might  have for (prill pushers on  either-  the  Ledge or the Hoi aid might tie of quite  a diffeient character irr  view  of the  insinuations   they   have   indulged   in  concerning   him.     And   Oh,   such-a.  s-arnple of rollei as that coining from  the Men ittoffl.ee !    It looked as  if it  had   been   iised   on    a    pea-thresher  instead of a decent christian  printing  press. ' '  The rink is at last in fair shape foi  skating arid a little hockey practice  has been tiied. Willi a little atterrtion  and correct treatment a fine sheet of  ice could*now be easily obtained.  The case between R. J. Armstrong  and Dr. Schwabland of Oroville was  adjudicated in Greenwood recently  before Judge Brown who gave judgment in .favor of the Dr., who was  given the decision for the amount of  his claim for treatment and the plaintiff's claim for damages for $1000 for  malpractice was dismissed. As two  doctors we're brought from Spokane to  give evidence and there was an array  of legal counsel on either'side tho costs  would ram pretty high.  Only another week to get up your  costume for the masquerade ball.  , An ice carnival is qtrite within the  possibilities at an early date. Now  that the rink is in'fair condition for  skating a good many are availing  themselves'of the opportunity for this  fine healthful exercise in the op?n air  and a little variety would be lent to it  by something in the masquerade line.  The labor of getting the rink into its  present condition has fallen pretty  heavily upon a very few. It is hoped  the others will appreciate it by pot.j  latching a little as there is expense  attached as well as labor and those  who have had the work loaded on to  thern should not have to bear the  financial burden iii addition.  FREE  TO, FUR SHIPPERS  Tho'nioi-t. nuciirak*, rdi.-iMu and oii]y.:M.iikuH<.i.ort  I , and^TIve liist orits klml jiaMInluil. '  ' "������hr Hubert ^iiiu-jw"  Mailed KW'E   to tlioso lurrrivtwl Jn   Eaiy Tun.  SEND US YOUR NAME ON A POSTAL���������TODAT  , It's jmt tt'TnijijiiT'll Guide, tut a jiulillratioii ln,uul  , c������cry too inal.',-nlilcliRlviq yon n-jxirU ofvrluit Is  doliijjirnilthuMarketsiift'ii! World In American  Raw Fun. 'JillsIm'urmalloii ii worth limiiln.cl.4 of  dollars to you. i  Write for it���������NOW���������IT'S FREE  A.  B. SHUBERT  Tire Largest House in the World dealing exclusively in  American Raw Furs  25-27 W. 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Osborne of Princeton was  in town on Friday last returning up  the river on Saturday's train. He  reports all the machinery for the  cement works not yet in place and  says that the general "'manager, J. W.  Budd, does not expect to get running  .-before April.  Constable Sproirle returned  orr  Friday from   Kamloops   where   he   had  gone   with   a   prisoner.     He   reports  that Tweddle's sin to  was  making the  trips regularly between Penticton and,  Keremeos, but the  morning  he came  ���������over   the   engine   had   been   bucking  -somewhat which delayed thern a little  too late to catch the train.   As a rule,  however-, they have been on time and  .making the connections successfully.  Johnny Baptiste (Indian) shot a  good big panther down at his place on  the Aslinola last week and secured the  '$15 bounty for same and has a good  skin to dispose olf into the bar-gain,  which will net him a few dollars more.  The skin itself was no snrall weight  and made quite a load in the gunny  sack in which he brought it into town,  arrd it gave some idea of thesize of the  brute from which it was taken. It is  no wonder these animals are able to  get away with so many deer every  year'.  A two-horsepower Fairbanks &  Morse gasoline engine is for sale at  the Gazette office, cheap. It should  be just the thing for some one who  has pumping to do for irrigating some  small patch of ground that cannot he  reached by other* means.  A package came last week from the  Office of the Merritt 'Herald addressed  to the editor but intended, with the  sender's compliments, for Peck Mc-  Swain's- dog "'Gold Dust." It is "Gold  Dust" beg your pardon, hot " Gold  Brick," for that latter term in these  degenerate  days  has an  opprobrious  FIXING THE WAGE SCALE  Board of Conciliation now at Work in  , Kootenay���������Copper Scale W,orks Hardship on Mines Other Than Copper.    '  Much interest is at present being  taken in the deliberations before the  Conciliation Board now adjusting  wage scales between operators arid  miners., W. H. Bullock-Webster is  the chairman arrd the operators and  representatives of the Miners' Union  are there presenting evidence in favor  of their contentions.  While nearly all the companies  operating copper properties halve  raised their wage scale's on the sliding  arrangement made some years ago,  based on the market price of copper-,  very few of tire gold properties or  silver lead properties have yet done so  and it is claimed that many of them  will be forced to shut down if an attempt is made to corrrpel them to  conform to the copper- schedule. S.  S. Fowler, speaking on behalf of the  company operating the Bluebell mine  said that the low grade of .the ore in  the mine would compel a shut down if  the higher schedule had to be paid, as  the shareholders had nut yet received  a dividend and it was difficult to make  running expenses on the present scale  of wages they were payirri*-.  The miners' contention is that the  higher cost of living alters the situation from thi'it existing when the  copper sliding scale was fixed and  hence their agitation to have the scale  increased and the increased rate made  permanent instead of having a copper  fluctuation land them back to a wage  scale that would be insufficient to  meet the present cost of living.  Many good positions are open to  young men and women in the field of  "Wireless" and of comrrierci.il telegraph service. ,The passage of the  new federal law, effective Oct 1, compelling all 'sea-going vessels to be  equipped with wireless instruments  and manned by two competent operators,'has created a wide demand for operator's in the rnaiine wireless service.  Federal law rrow requires railways lo'  use more operators than ever before.  The Morse Telegraph company, of Seattle and Portland, works in close con-  nection with wireless and commercial  officials, and rah place'graduates in  good positions. It will pay you lo  write for-'full particulars.     Adv.    49-1  Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations  COAL mining rights of tlio Dominion, in  M.mitobii, .Saskatchewan .and Albcr-tii,  the Yukon Territory, tho N'oi'tli-wust Territories and in a portion of tho Province of Uri-  trsh Columbia, may bo loused for a term ol  twenty-one years at an'animal rental of $1 an  acre. Not more than -J.ofiO acres will bo loused  to one applicant.  Application for a. lease must be made by the  applicant in person to tho Agent or Sub-Aeent  of the district in which the rights applied foi  ire situated.  ' in surveyed territory the land must bo described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of  sections, and in uiisurveycd territory the tract  applied for shall be staked out by the applicant  himself.  Each application must bo accompanied by u  fee of *S.i which will be refunded if the right.-,  applied for are not available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate of five cents  per ton ���������".   ������������������.-..   ,  The person operating the mine shall furnish  the Agent with sworn returns accounting for  the full quantity of merchantable coal" mined  and Day the royalty thereon. If the coal mining rights are not being operated, such returns  should be furnished at least once a year.  The lease will include the coal mining rights  only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights'may  be considered necessary for tbo working of the  mine at the rate of SlO.OOan acre.  For full information application should be  made to the Secretary of tho Department, of-  the Interior. Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-  Agent of Dominion Lands.  XV. XV. COKV,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N.R-Uiiauthorized publication of this advertisement will not be paid for. !l-(im  ��������� .  ���������.  1    '  We Are Here .  to handle the best, quality goody we can buy,  to' sell them at reasonable prices and by  giving prompt and efficient service  To  Customers  ...We want.} our trade and if you are not already  dealing with us would ask you to give 'us a  fair trial.  *>  ���������  Try our���������-  DECKAJULIE TEA  BEST MQCHA and  JAVA COFFEE  ���������  ���������R.  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Besides being  a 'complete commercial guide to London and its suburbs, the directory contains lists of  EXPORT MERCHANTS  with   the   Goods  they  ship,  .anil the  Colonial  and   Foreign   Markets they  supply:  STEAMSHIP  LINES  arranged   under  the  Ports  to  which  they sail,  and indicating the approximate Sailings;  PROVINCIAL TRADE NOTICES  of leading  manufacturers, merchants,  etc., in tlie principal  provincial towns  and  industrial  centres -of the United  Kingdom.  A copy of the current addition will  be forwarded , freight paid, on receipt  of Postal Order for 20s.  Dealers seeking Agencies can adver-  their trade cards for ������1, or larger advertisements from ������3.  &������������������@������������&������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������9������.  .....  .- , ^  raying- |  ������  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  ������  Fine  in Sepia  of the  Borden.;-Cabinet for Readers  I      of   the    "News-Advertiser."  w  9  9  9  9  9  9  The London Directoru 60. Ltd.  25, Abehiireh Lane.  London, E. C.  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  .9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  EVERYONE wants a.picture of the members of the Government of  Canada. The "News-Advertiser" has had prepared for the exclusive use of its readers in this province a large engraved plate of lit.  Hon. II. L. Rorden and his Minsters.  The group is redrawn   from the  latest photographs of the eigh- ,  teen Ministers, who compose the advisers of His Royal Higness the     '���������������������  Governor-General.     It is printed in sepia on henry board ready for     ������  framing, arid-will be of the greatest educational value iri'the home,'  the school and the library.  The Prime Minister-, HON. R. L. BORDEN, occupies a central  position,, and is.shown standing at the head of the Council Table.  Seated about him are his colleagues.  Dimly in the background the features-of Sir John Macilonald  look down (in-his successors.  How to Obtain the Picture  This fine engraving, of which a limited number have been prepared, will lie sent  FREE OF CHARGE  to new subscribers, or to old .subscribers,  lions for one year ($3.00).  who renew their sirbscrip-  For out of town subscribers the picture will be tubed and'post-  ago prepaid.  Norr-subscriliers may obtain copies on payment of 50 cents. If  mailed, ten cents extra foi- tubing and postage.  Applications and remittances (cash must accompany order),  must be made to  The Circulation Manager  "News-Advertiser," Vancouver.  ���������������?  9  9  ���������9  9  9  9  ������  9  9  9  9  9  ������  9  9.  9  9  @  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  91 THE HEDLEY GAZKTT15. JAN 10.  1H13.  KEREMEOS, the Centre of Lower Similkameen���������Famed for Fruit Growing  Towii and Lower Valley.  The ladies of the LowerSiiiiilkaineeir  will hold a social evening at the home  (if Mrs.- E. . M.' Ci'ooker on Friday  Cvetiingthe 24th of -lanuary. A collection will be taken on behalf of the  Parsonage fund.  Jack Budd of Coalinout was in town  over llm week end.  Tom-',: Daly arrived back from  Spokane on Monday after spending a  pleasant three weeks' holiday.  The Fail view -Bachelors cordially invite .-ijl their Kereineos friends to  attend their annual ball lo take "'place,  in the Elliott Hall on January the 17th.  Mr. and Mrs. D. J. lnnis  and  child  l-cu sleighed.over to   Green  Mountain  Sunday. '.. :,"  What do you.think of this' for snow  in die banana belt. We were beginning to think after the big freeze out  game'in California, that all the orange  'growers would come up here and buy  a, peach' orchard!''* But since the  we.-itlier man had no more sense than  to spoil our fair reputation���������well !  irucss we better say no more.  Mr. E. M, Crooker drove in Monday  from the Lower Similkameen.  The K.K.K. once more aie on the  job and intend making the remainder  of the winter as jolly as possible. They  will meet at the home of Mrs. "D. .1.  funis this Thursday to enjoy a musical  evening.  Jack Thomas is now settled for the-  winter On his old'.'-homestead - across  the liver.  The Great Northern Railroad has  presented the local agent here with a  bjand new hat. It looks swell tnit a  little too small.  The open air sk.nt'ing. rink:.is fast  getting into shape.    All the boys have  . been working shifts .-ill week primping  witlran -'artiistrong" primp;'-   -There- is  ; nowa nice'ice bottoiriand had-.-it- not  beeii -for the bad ';*$ii.o\ys of late all  would be- l'eady. Butter get ready  Princeton for we. will purely cprnejif ler  yoin' scalp when we get.-.'.our;-'hockey  players lined up.-,   '-.,-        ...   .:.._  --IVIiss-HVittii! Inriis'was laid irp most  of last week at home with rather-'a  bad cold, but -she is much better now  and is back at her place in .the P.O.  Everyone-is sleigh riding- -a,iid>.-tii.ey  figure they are back east for a while.  Dr. MacCo.nachie, veterinary surgeon  of Vancouver,'is relieving Dr. Thomson ot'-this port.  ' Mrs. Daly.has nicely recoveredfrom  a lather bad- at'lack/of-tlie grip and is  ab e.tp be. up and around again.  John Simondson, section foreman  east, is going to have bis handcar  litted out with a gasoline, engine and  apparatus that will run the car.  Miss Olive Vader came in last week  .from Minnesota to join her parents  here. At'present she is tint very much  struck with the be.-irrties of the Suiiil-  katiK err, arrd rro wonder with the kind  of weather .we have- been having of  ..late. The climate and ' li'eauties aie  here alright, and it wont li$|ung until  the roses bloom again. '  output of Alaska and b.c.  compared  The returns of mineral production  for 191"i are Sufficiently complete to  show what has been taken out in the  portion of the continent west of the  .Rockies' and north of the 40th parallel  and it is pleasing to note that Brit sh  Columbia has been able to give a good  account of herself.  The figures given in the Colonist are  B.C. Alaska,  Gold $5,400,9(10   $1(5,853,256  (topper-     8,388,501)      1.030,0()()  Silver    :.'..    1,67(5,200        300,000  Lead     1,521,000    Zinc ....'.'....!..        501,500 ......  Coal and Coke ..  10,879,000     * 200,000  $32,606,000 $21,850,000  * In the Alaska returns coal,  coke,  petroleum and all other minerals  are  included in this amount.'  From these returns it will be seen  that excluding coa.1 anil coke from  both returns tho British Columbia,  output of minerals for tho year is  in advance of that of Alaska.  It is interesting to note that while  7(5 per cent, of tlie Alaska output   was  Keremcos-Penticton Mail Stage.  The auto stage leaves Keremeos lot  Penticton. Tuesdays, Thursdays and  Saturd.'iy'at 5 p.m.  Single fare $7.50, Return $1-1.00  The   .'into   stage will   run an   excursion  every'"Sunday  from Penticton  to Hedley  and   return, leaving   Penticton  at S a. ,'ni.  and, returning leaving Hedley at 4 p.m. ,  Phone 14, Penticton XV.,E. Wku-v  of gold, less than 17 per cent, of the  British Columbia output was of that  met-.il.  In this connection it may be' mentioned that the mineral output of the  Yukon Territory last year was about  $8,000,000. We therefore reach the  following result, in round numbers,  of,the mineral output of the Pacific  Northwest, north of the 49th parallel:  British Columbia.......... $32,000,000  Yukon        8,000,000  Alaska ..'..' 21,090,000  Total ..: $61,000,000  GENERAL NEWS  Dr. Beattie Nesbittof Farmer's Bank  notoriety, whose trial is now due to  Curue off in Toronto,- is reported by the  doctors, to be in n dying condition.  Twenty .thousand dollars damages  was allowed a Nanton school teacher',  aged 27, for breach of promise. The  defendant was a wealthy rancher near  Calgary.  Britain was swept by a fierce gale on  Sunday which delayed shipping.  Floods, drive farmers from their  homes in the Ohio valley and serious  damage, is done to property. The discomfort and hardship of the refugees'  was added to by a cold snap which  immediately followed. ,    .  . Yancouverites have just cijrrreil  money, ^ly-laws to the' extern of  $5,112,800 for civic improvements;        ���������  "The Asquith 'government are jirsing'  the .closure freely in. railroading-  through the Irish Home Rule Bill.   /   i  ���������''-' -       --:������������������-.- f    . 1  J: Foisythe Smith, fruit comrrrrprortT  er for British 'Columbia on the prjiiries  is afraid tliatvall our-peaches mature  too late.to allow peaches to be made a  prnfititble crop in this province. .The  earlier peaches from farther "south  have reaped the harvest before tlie B.;  C. peaches are ready for the market.   ;  Ninety iier' cent, o'f the orange;  lemon and 'citrus1'crop is reported to  liave'bi'en riiiiieir'by frost in California!  This means' deiir fruit in these, lines  for some time to come.  WATER NOTICE  For a Licence to  Take and  Use Water  ���������V"otif'e is hoi'oby given that the British  x' I'uvclopiniiiit l.'onipany bimitcd'of Vancouver, i'.C will apply for a licence to take  and use f>0 ctiliir. feet per second of water out  of the Ashnola Hi ver, which Hows in n northeasterly direction and empties into the Siniilkaineen river near Keremeos. The water will  l.e diverted at the second canyon and will be  used for power purposes on the land described  as Oliver's pre-emption and within n radius  of 111 miles.  'this notice was posted on the ground on the  28 th dny of December, lill'2. Theapplication will  be lilcd in tbootliec of the W'lilcr Hccorder at  Kairview, 15. C  Objections may he filed with the suid Water  Hccorder or with the Comptroller of Water  Rights. Parliament Ililildint's, Victoria. Ii. C.  British Development Co. Ltd.  H. O. KnuiKiie  NOTICE  SIMILKAMKKN LAND DISTRICT  nixTiircTor- yam*  *T*AK10 Notice That I. Oljfa Dunoff, of Nelson,  ���������*���������    B.C., occupation Housekeeper, intends to  apply for permission topurchiinc tho following  described lands:���������  Commencing at a'post planted about 10 feet  in a southerly direction from the North-Kast,  corner of Sec. 2'J, Tp. (XJ, being tho initial post  the North-West corner; thence south '20 chains;  thence east 40 chains; thence north 20 chains;  tlience west 10 chains to'point of commencement and containing 80 acres more or less.  Olgn, Danotl  S. Danotl', Agent:  Dcc. lath, 11112 ' .11-10  NOTICE  SIMILKAMKKN LAND DISTRICT  lUSTttlOT O.   YALE  TAKK Notice That I, Ham DanoiT, of Nelson.  *    B.C.,   occupation   Merchant,   intends ,to  apply for permission to purchase tho followliif?  described hinds:��������� ���������  Commencing at a post planted'' about 10 feet  in a northerly direction from the North-West  corner of Sec. 22, Tp. (Hi, being the initial i'lmst  south-west corner ; thenco north 10'. chains ;  thence cast 10 chains; thonce south 10-chain!-.;  thenco west 10 chuiiiH to point of coininOnce-  nieiitand containih^lfiOt'icre/i'nhiire orlUHsr.  -Sam. 'Daholi'.  Dec. ilJth, lfll'2. '   ,'.1-10  t'/t   !'���������!  J. A. BROWN  -Notary Public  CONVKYANCINO, CUSTOMS UUOICEKAOK,  ���������l'lniS  INSURANCE  OFFlCli  KEREMEOS, B.C.  ,   C.  JE.  SHAW  Civil Engineer, Dominion and Provincial Land Surveyor.  Office of J. A. Brown  KEREMEOS        .--".'      - B. C.  li. H. .ROGERS,  ,'" M.A., B.O.L. ' ���������  BARRISTER, SOLICITOR,  NOTARY PUBLIC, ETC  Vkrnon, B. C  Hotel Keremeos  Opposite G. N. R. Station  MRS.   A. F. KIRBY,   Proprietress.  SILKS  Large Assortment of choice Silk Dress  Goods, Silk handkerchiefs etc.  for sale ,-it, right, prices  TOHMY SING, Keremeos  SING LEE  Laundry, Contracting of all  kinds, Ditch digging, Wood  Sawing, Clearing land, Cooking and all kinds of Chinese  Labor.  KliltKMISOS, B.C.  TWEDDLE'S  AUTO LINE  Leaves Penticton every morn-'.  ing at 7 o'clock, exe.epfSiin-  ,dr\yi   to connect with train  for-  Hedley,   Princeton and  ' Coalir'iont.   *���������'    ���������������������������  Leaves''���������KeiV'meo.'- daily, except Sunday on arr-ival of  10:80 train. '"'-.''.  HOUSE STAG li  Returning, leaves Penticton  Monday. Wednesday and  Friday at7 o'clock arm-..':',   -c.;  Leaves .Keremeos at-'12 o'clock  ��������� a'.'' in. Tuesday, .Tht'u'sday  and Saturday.  Special rigs at-shortest notice  i.     HARRY TWEDDLE  -Keremeos Centre   '.   -   ..'��������� B. C.  LOST, STRAYED OR  STOLEN .,.'.  o  ���������  ASKVEN HKAD OF  HORSES from  iny.i'uncli. 10 miles north of  ������������������ " KEREMEOS C'KNTRK. B.C.  Brand-Split ' :iibout:Dcc.,-l*>. 1SI12  Key Bar - .:  1 Buy Guiding, white strip in face, coming.'!.  1 Brown Guiding, rangy colt, coming ii.  1 Dark Brown Gelding,''stocking feet, comings. ��������� .  I Dark Iron Grey Killy. coining:).  I Black Horae Colt, had bell on, corning 2.  1 Chestnut or Light Sorrel.-coming 2, horse  colt.  I small horse Colt, white face and stocking  leg, 1 year old.  All branded on left shoulder, with Split Kcy  Bur. Said colts lire halter broke and very  gentle. Suitable reward for their return or  information loading to their recovery.  A. C. IvENNEDV,  *)2-:t Keremeos Centre, H.C.  1LLOW RIVICH-On main line of  Grand Trunk I'licilic, and I'acillo &  Hudson Buy Railway, ft is the desire of tho .Railway Company to  make it one of the most important  towns in the entire Canadian West.  Lots $10 down, $10 monthly; no interest; no takes. Write today for  full information. Pno.Hond& Land  Corp., Ltd.. 4'2li Hae. Hltlg., Vancouver, B. C.    .  NURSERY STOCK  ���������'OUR. AGENTS MAKE MONEY"  sidling our hardy, guaranteed stock.  Experience unnecessary.  YAKIMA VALLEY NURSERY CO.  Toppenish. Wash.  NOTICE  SIMILKAMEEN LAND DISTRICT  lllHTUICT OL'  VALK  rPakc notice that I, Hilton Kiiton. of New  -*- Westminster, occuputlon Broker, intends  to apply for permission to purchase the following described land.  Commencing at a post planted at the N. XV.  corner of Lotlllls thenco west 81) chains, thence  south 80 chains, thence oast 80 chains, thence  north 80 chains to point of commencement con-  ta ining GI0 acres more or loss.  HILTON  EATON  M, J. MeKeown, agent.  October'-''til. VMi llHO  t  l     Warm Feet and Hands  ������  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  ������.  9-  9  9  Ave necessary to tlie comfort of the  worker these sharp winter mornings.  Everything in Hand wear arid. Foot wear, as well  as cosy rig-outs for the whole body, at the People's  Popular Emporium, the store of the  F.   RICHTER ESTATE  ���������  Of What   Keremeos   Fruit  Lands  Have  Done for Early Purchasers  is Now Here [  This year the trees in bearing will give an  output which although showing handsome profit  on the original investment, is only a mild suggestion of the profit to be realized with a larger  market.  REMEMBER  We  offer no  land but .what has  the  water already on it  Fruit-.-..Lots of any size to suit your means;  at "$ 1-75, 215 and 350 per acre.     Town Lots.  Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.  ,     r ���������    " KEREMEOS, B. C.  8  9  9  9  9  9  9-  9  9-  9  #���������  9  9-  9'  .9  9-  ���������'���������������:  9  .9  9-  9  9  ������  9-  9  BY NEATLY  PRINTED  STATIONERY'  ���������bearing imprint of the home office���������;is  tt valuable aid to tho local business man,  for it shows that he is"public-apirited and  loyal to his town. *!I Having this, he can  consistently appeal to tlie community in  which he resides toj give him their trade.  Tiie Gazette Job Department  ts tlie best equipped of any office in the  district, outside of Vernon and the  larger offices in the Boundary      '   ':: ::  Latest TuD6 Faces.  Hian Grade Paper ana  Artistic flppangement  Are the three  essentials  to  good work :  Letter Heads  Note Heads  Bill Heads  Memo Heads  Statements  Business Cards  Bills of Fare  Commercial Forms  Pamphlets  Posters,. &c., &c.  Ii Anything from a   visiting card to a3--  sheet plain and colored exhibition poster.  If No job too small or none too large for us  THE HEDLEY GAZETTE


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