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The Hedley Gazette Feb 17, 1910

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 ';-''A;'./.  i'C'.C  AND SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER.  Volume VI.  HEDLEY, B. C., THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 17,' 1910..  Number 6.  1   'f  Dr. C. A. JACKSON  DENTIST  [18 years' practice in V^uicotiTer.]  S. O. L. Co.'s Block  PENTICTON,.     -      -      B. C.  J. W. EDMONDS  Insurance and  General Agent  Agent for Tim Great West Like Insurance COMPANY.  PENTICTON,  B. C.  Geo. H. Broughton  B.C. & D.L.S., Graduate S.P.S.  Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor  ���������  . Wade .Block, Penticton*  JflS. GLMKE  lA/atchtnaker  .  HEDL.EY, B.C.  Clocks and Watches for Sale. -  Gij MILBURN  ',     BRICKLAYKR   AND   PLASTERER.  IS PKEI-AKED TO ATTEND TO ANY  WORK IN THIS LINE .  THOSE     HEQUlKINei     ClilMNEVS  HUIT.T .MAY HAVE THE WOKIC  DONE IN GOOD SIIAPK.  HEDLEY      -     and     -      KEREMEOS,  HOTEL PENTICTON  Headquarters .for. Tourist Travel.  Rates Moderate.  A. Baknes, Prop.       "Penticton, B.C.  A. W&m&MW  NOTARY; PUBLIC  Conveyancer,  Real Estate.  Mines,  Crown.: Grants   Applied   For ���������  Under-Land  Act and-;  Mineral Act.  Agent .for: .  Mutual Life of Canada.  HudHon Bay Insurance Co. ���������  Columbia Fire Insurance Co.  Calgary Firo Insurance Co.  Lqnelon & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  .Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.  United Wireless Telegraph Co.  Office  at   HEDLEY,  B.  C.  Grand Union  Hbtel .  HEDLEY, B.C.  First Class Accommodation.   Bar Stocked with  Best Brands of Liquor and Cigars.  A. WINKLER, Proprietor  R. H. ROGERS,  M'A., B.O.L.  BARRISTER, SOLICITOR,  NOTARY PUBLIC, ETC  Vernon, B. C.  A. F. & A. M.  ���������fa*"**'.- REGULAR monthly meetings of  k * Hedley Lodge No. 4M. A. F. & A. M.,  are held on tho second Friday in  each month in Fraternity hall. Hedley. Visiting  brethren are cordially invited to attend.  W. J. FORBES  W. M  H. D. BARNES,  Secretary  E. A. C. STUDD  IfAKOLD MAYNE DALY  STUDD & DALY,  Members Vancouver Stock Exchange  . Real Estate,  Insurance, Stock, Loan  and Mortgage Brokers  728 Hustings Street W.  Opposite Now Post Oflico  P. O. BOX !J0(i  Vancouver,    -������������������=*��������� - ���������        B. C.  w.  H. T. GAHAN  Barrister,   Solicitor,  Notary Public, .Etc.  '                                MCKK  :   PENTICTON,,  Block  B. C.  11  EITHER DIG OR QUIT  Premier NcBride Reads Riot Act to Promoters of Paper Railways  A Short Summary of Week's  Work at Victoria  ASSESSMENT .ACT PASSED  Hawthornthwaite Tries For Further.  Exemptions���������Juvenile Courts Provided���������More Liquor Legislation���������  Session is Harmonious  (News Advertiser)  Victoria, February 12.���������-There have  been no very startling incidents either  in  legislation   or   debate   during   the  past week.    A great many minor and*  a few important Bills- have been pushed along through.various stages.   The-  Assessment Bill has passed the House;  and according  to premier McBride, it  is the  Government's last word in re-  ducing taxation for thi^s'session,    Mr.-  Hawthornthwaite made a last effort  to have*: the exemption on incemie lais-  ed to $2,000,'and for a time the Finance  Minister, Hon. Mr. Bowser, seemed inclined  to consider   some   concession,  but after -looking carefully** into, it he  clime  to the conclusion  that it.would  disrupt the. finances of the Province  too much to make any. further change  this session.    The Bill,1 therefore passed the House practically unchanged in  all its detuils.  Hon. Dr. Young's Bill to autheu-ise  the appointment of a Commission to  select a-'site ��������� for a Provincial University, passed second reading in tumult  of acclaim, the only discordant note  being raised-by Mr. Parker Williams,  who only seemed to see in the proposed- institution an instrument for  advancing the value of real estate*, or  providing.^ market for potatoes. His  rather pessimistic protest was, however, quite drowned in the chorus of  approval that greeted the Bill.  Hon. Mr. Bowser's new Liquor Act  is so far the most startling legislative  inne>vatiori-.nf the present sessiem. Its  provisions,-.which are described in detail in- his ejwn speeich foreshadow  drastic changes: more especially in-  country: places, the endeavor evidently -being to turn the wayside" saloon-  into a. hostelry; where the weary  traveller: may;' pause-arid say, "I will  take mine ease-in mine inn." It gives  power to chiefs of police.which will, be  welcomed: by sad-hearted.wives, who  would reform their husbands, without  bringing, them-to public shame in a  police, court;  The Juvenile-Courts Bill, and the  Bills to exempt'Dominion annuities  from seizure were also measures that  went through with general approval.  The Attorney-General's little Bill, .exempting the Crown from the"- infliction  of Court ceists, had hot so easy-a-progress.- The Bills to amend the Public  Schools Act, tlie Children's Protection  Act, and the Placer Mining Act are  all measures eif semie importance still  before the Heiuse.  The* week ends with the order paper  loaded with new Bills. The Land Act  with its timber licence amendment, is  likely to ce>me deiwn in the early part  e>f the week. The Canadian Neii thern  Bill is still a will-ei'-the-wisp, that  ke-eps flying a short distance before  the- busirn*ss of the session, but it may  come down at any time after the -preliminary legislation of the sessiem has  been dispensed of, or- it may have te>  wait till the Budget has gone through,  Under any circumstances, the legislation of the ��������� session is likely to be  .much heavier than usual. |  The prophets wlu> predicted the disruption of the Govern merit ranks  from their own weight, have se> far  been disappointed: The sessiem to elate  hits been a. most orderly one. Even  the Socialists have spoken with more  mildness   than usual,  and  '���������Tories te>  From charter-mongers and from  builders of paper railways, not British  Columbia alone, but every other province-of the Dominion .has suffered.  But British Columbia will suffer no  longer, so far as the* provincial government can effect a remedy. Premier  McBride's announcement in the legislature yesterday means that for the  future holders eif railway charters  must fulfil their obligations or lose  their privileges. Renewals of railway  charters will no longer be permitted  unless good and sufficient reason can  be urged for the application.  The map of Canada   is  eobwebbed  with routes for which railway charters  have been granted  but on which steel  will never be laid.    The charters have  fallen  into the hands   of irresponsible  individuals,  who have  neither ability  nor intention  to build the lines,   but  who seek te> make money by peddling  the privileges which they have obtained without cost, e������r they are held with  tho object of preserving the territory  from  the  competition  of rival lines.  In  either, case no  useful   purpose  is  served,' and the  tendency is to check  development. ' In future  the government intends- to forbid the renewal of  charters unless the good,faith" of the  holder is   abundantly  demonstrated.  Those who hold railway charters must  build the lines or leave  the field for  others who may desire to do so.  G. N. R.  INTO OKANAGAN  Application   for Charter to   Build   from  Penticton to Oroville.  PRACTICES AS SHE PREACHES  Victoria, Feb. 10.���������The V. V. <fc E.  Railway company intends to construct  a line of railway freun Penticton south  to the internatiemal boundary line,  from whence connection will be made*  with the Great Northern railway system in the State of Washington.  The Great Northern will build north  freun Oroville! te> meet tlie line running  through the Southern Okanagan valley from Penticton.  ' In the legislature this afternoon Mr.  L. W. Shatford asked leave te> present  a bill for the incorporation eif the* Penticton Railway company with power  to build a railway to the boundary  line, a distance approximately 50  miles.'  Those seeking the incorporation of  the company are; Messrs. A. H. Mac-  Neill, Vancouvei. who is solicitor for  the V. V. & E. and Great Northern  railways and Mr. J. H. Kennedy, chief  engineer eif Hill cemstructiem in Canada.    -  Mr. Shatford states that the line  will greatly aid in the development  of the* semthern Okanagan valley and  by junctio'n with the V. V. & E. at  Oroville connection will be had with  Vancouver on the completion of the  V. V. & E. cemstructiem over the Hope  mountains. At Penticton connection  will be made with the Kettle valley  lines thus affording another link with  Vancemver.  THE PATRONAGE SYSTEM  Mr. G. E.   Foster's  Arraignment of the  Evil���������Enormous Proportions of  the Organization  TARTE SEES DIFFERENTLY  And Invites Colored Ladies te Join Political Equality Club.  New ;York, Feb. 6���������O. H. P. Belmont, wife of the rnultiniilliouaire  traction magnate, has invited the negro women of the state te> join the  political equality club, of which she is  president. Ultimately they may form  suffrage associations of their own, but  for the present as many' as wish will  be admitted to the political equality  club. Forty enrolled at a meeting addressed by Mrs. Belmont in an.uptown, westside negro church.  Mrs. Belmont came quickly to her  point., "Lfeel," she told her hearers  "that unless this cause^.nieans freedom  and equal rights to all: women, of  every race, e>f every creed. . rich or  poor, its doctrines are worthless, and  it must fail.  "Washington fought fen- the liberty  of all people, and later the states enfranchised some classes of men, but  forgot all the mothers of the race.  Lincoln gave freedom to the negro  people and later the republican party  enfranchised the negro men, but ignored both the white and colored mothers  e>f the land."  He Contends that French  Canadians are  ';. Not Opposed to Effective Aid.  WILLISON'S NEW BERTH  Takes  Charge of Canadian and   United  States News Service of London  Times.  it is understood that John S. Willi-  son, late of The News, is returning  this week to Canada to take charge of  The London Times ne-ws service, not  only for Canada, but for the United  States.  It is' also said that he will be in a  way ei kind of political guide and pathfinder- feu- the tariff reform movement  in England, and will be in London  some of his time on this phase of his  work. .  He recently wrote for the Canadian  press a defence of Lend Northcliffe in  reply to the criticism passed em that  noble journalist by Dr. J. A. Macdon-  alel of the Toronto Globe.  The manly stand taken by Henri  Tarte, of La. Patrie, son of the late J.  I. Tarte, is 'more or less a rebuke to  Laurier, whose fear of opposition from  his French Canadian supporters has  resulted in a naval policy which must  bring Canada into ^contempt in other  parts of the British Empire. Tarte  does not believe that French Canadians are opposed to a full and proper  fulfilment of Canada's duty to herself  and to the cause <jf Empire and he  is beginning a campaign in: favor of  generous- effective aid on the part of'  Canada.  Tarte is right, and only a little of  such effort as he is prepared to put  forth will be necessary to fully, demonstrate.the soundness of his views.  Even their Gallic sympathies would  impel French Canadians at the present time to give full accord to  effective aid on the part of Canada to  the British Navy. France today is  strongly in sympathy with the British  Unionist policy of strengthening  the British fleet, for France knows better than we do the perfidy of German  statecraft and can see through Germany's designs.  DOING  HER   BEST.  right e>f them," "Tories te> left e>f  them," have so far neither "volleyed  nor thundered," but have carried e>n  the wen-k of the House with the ut-  rnost harinonv and good will.  Hem. Clifford Sifton says he has  found his life work in Conservation.  It would be difficult to find a worthier  object.  William Pruette, the singer, tells of  a servant girl who came tei Mrs.  Pruette in tears and asked permission  to go home for a few days. She had a  telegram saying her mother was  sick.  "Certainly you may go," saiel Mrs.  Pruette, "only don't stay longer than  is necessary,  as we need you."  A week passed find not ft. word from  here.    Then came a note which   read:  "Dear Miss Pruette i wil bo back  nex week and plesc kep my place feir  my mother is dying as fast as she can."  SCHOOLBOY   "HOWLERS"  The "London Daily News" quotes  the following examples of schoolboy  blunders which were sent into the  University Correspondent for a prize  competition:  The earth is an obsolete spheroid.  The Test Act eif 1673 was passed te>  keep  Roman Catholics   out of public-  houses.  Henry .1. died of eating palfreys.  Louis XVI.   was   gelatineti  during  the French Re-volution.  Gender shows    whether   a,   man   is  masculine, feminine, en- neuter.  James I died from argue.  An angle is   a.   triangle   with  only-  two sides.  Geometry teaches us how to bisex  angels.  Parallel lines are the same distance  and lie) not meet unless you bend  them.  A parallelogram is a figure made eif  four parallel straight lines.  Horse-power is tho distance! one  horse can carry a pound of water in  an hour.  If the air contains more than 100  per cent, of carbolic acid it Is very injurious to health.  Gravitation is that which if there  were none we should all fly away.  A vacuum is a large empty space  where the; Pope lives.  A deacon is the lowest kind eif  Christian.  Ottawa, Feb. 10.���������Mr. G. 13. Foster  last week -moved for the abolition of  the patronage system. The resolution  he asked the Heiuse to adopt was as  follows:���������  "That in the opinion e>f this House  the prevailing system of party patronage constitutes a menace te> honest  and efficient government, incites to  great waste of resources and extravagance of expenditures, tends inevitably to corrupt and lower the teuie of  public morals, and should foithwith  be eliminated from our federal administration."  Tlie most striking thing in Mr. Foster's-masterly speech was his massing  of the number of appointments within  the gift of the Government, and permeated by the. Patronage system. The  list is:��������� ,  The  inside   Civil   Service:   S,000  to  10,000.  The Intercolonial: S,00() to 10,000.  The  Post Office; 12,000 postma.-ters;  GOO railway mail clerks.  The Customs: veiy numerous.  The Inland Revenue': also numerous.  The   Interior     staff;    immigration  branch, lands branch,   Indian branch.  Department  of Murine & Fisheries:  500 to COO employees  in dredges aleme; -  800 at one point,   Sorel, alone*; 500 per-  se>ns in Government steamers; fisheries  inspectors,   marine agents, lighthouse  keepers, buoy keepers, etc., e'tc.  Department of Agriculture: a large  stalt*.  Department of Public Works: a very  large staff, and the men working on  ten or twelve million dollars' worth of  works 'yearly.  Altogether, the outside service must  numbe'i-about 30,000.  The Transcontinental Railway Commission: a very large employer.  The Railway Commission.  A vast number of temporary commissions.  The Judiciary: almeist every judge  is appointed for party reasons.  The Senate: a vast reservoir eif patronage for the Prime Minister.-  The House of Commons is part of  the system.  The Press: its work of keeping the  conscience of the nation sensitive is  hampered by patronage.  That is the system. The cemntry  spends now about .$80,000,000 a year,  every dollar of which goes out through  the vast machine sketched above.  The Government rejected Mr-. Foster's motion.  RAILWAY FATALITY.  Dave Roberts, an Oroville Miner Killed by  V. V. & E. Train.  (Oroville Gazette)  Dave Roberts met with an  accident  Monday evening that resulted fatally.  Mr. Roberts has charge e>f the  Golden  Sands Placer Mining company's  property, and occupies a cabin at the- claims.  On Meinday Roberts was in town  and  left for his cabin late in the aftcrnoem.  Shortly after reaching his cabin he ele-  cieletl to return te> Orovilh*, and  disregarding the- fact    that  the  Kere-meos  train was about due-, he started on the  speeder  that   he   uses  e>n   the   return  trip.    He had gone only  a  short    distance and was em  a. curve  when  the  Kereineos    train    rushed  around   the  curve-.    He  hail no time   to clear the  track.    The engineer was not able  te>  see the speeder until   the-  leie.-emiotiye  was close upon it.    Air  was   applied,  but before the momentum of the train  could   be     checked    the   engine;    had  struck the obstructiem.    The train was  stopped as soon   as   possible.    Roberts  was found unconsciems on one*.side..of  the track and the speeder em the othe,r.  The injured man was brought to  Oroville.  No blame can be atta.ched to !the-  train crew. Tlie* accident occurred at  a. point where the- e-ngine-.ei- could see  only a. short distance ahead, and when  he was startleel by the sight of the  spi'C'der on the track, lie.* did'all in his  power to avert the catastrophe.' ' Roberts was perfectly familiar, .with the-  running sche-dule.*. of ..trains a.ndr he  took long and ilespe-rate c.-hane-es when  he star-te'd out at the time* lie did. ^ImE'-'H^DiE^G^  Cte Uttdtey ������azcite  l.i.MiTKU.. 'at Hedlev:'. B. C,  ���������'������������������;;' P'tiMMJ e������ r * w Ii e>l Hid ? ir'rik '* tpp'O ftrcuriity^;  j make it his own  poliey'if he had beusn  an^    ��������� ���������    | pre|Wue.el to dei so and'was H'sSTiv.ecl the  Ssmilkamee***, Advertiser...-        -.j.supppj;t [of the .oppositiem : if he ,.h������.d  -M--SM j *���������?4     '4is :*cire:um^ce' ,*]$g$  '   *"'"''" " '      j streiigt hen the position eif the eijSposi-  ! tiem very lnaterially in the debate; and  I te> a  great extent -'absolves them from  the e-hai-ge of cennhatting thegovern-  mi-nt's peil'u-y solely fen- the purpose of  gaining a party advantage.  .  '2.50  Subscriptions in Advance  Htr Year -   "     ���������"   (United States I.....   Advertising Rates  Measurement, 12 lines to the inch.  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Changes for contract advertisements should  be in the office by noon on Tuesday to secure  attention for that week's issue...  A. MEGRAW. ManaziRX fc*e������tor.  NEW  Full Moon  New Moon  First quar.  Id.  1910  Sun. Mon. Tiies. Wed. Tlui. Fri. Sat.i  a  7  13  14  20  21  27  2S  1  8  '.'In  2  1(5  ,10  17  22     23     24  .���������D  IS  25.  ������  12  19  20  NAVAL POLICY DEBATE  The������ railway bill brought, forward in  the Legislature by ,L. W. Shatford to  incorporate the Penticton Railway  Company on behalf of A. H. MacNoill  and J.H. KeMinedy, which really means  the 'V. V. .& E., is another example eif  the 'beneficial results likely to follow  the government's, railway policy.  There is--no reason tei anticipate any  .difficulty'in securing passage of the  bill for it- is right in line with the policy which basse) recently been given  sei'-cmphatic indeii-senic-nt at the '.polls--  a jiolicy that in brief might be term-  eel free trade in railways'so-long-as  theisei railways 'are'hot of the paper  kind, and the (-Jreat Nbrthern have  surely passed the stage wheir' any  suspicion of belonging to the* paper  variety could with',-reason be .niged  jigainst them. , An -invasion of the.  L"wer Okanagan by the Great  Northern might prove to be. the spur  nece'ssarv- to cause the* C. P. R. te) le-  tali ale by iniilding across into the.  Similkameen.  HOTEL  JOHN JACKSON/ Proprietor  Everything New and  First-Class  Bar supplied with the Choicest  Liquors and Cigars, and Special  Attention   paid   to   the   Table.  PALME,  yvery, Feed & Sale Stables  74 Years in Business  .    Capital and Reserve Over $7,000,000  " ��������� ��������� ��������� - - - ���������   ��������� ������������������ ������������������        ~~   ;    ~"    ""���������". Small sums of money  Money' Orders      can    be     transmitted  *- ��������� '        ���������-     ���������       ���������   ��������� '    safely���������conveniently-���������  and at trifling expense���������by our Banker's Association  Money Orders.  Money  Orders for $ 5.00 or under cost 3 cents  5.00 to $10.00   '������������������������    6  10.00 to    30.00   "10  30.00 to    50.00   "   15  ii    ���������  ������  If  a  a  a  ������  ((  Hedley Branch,    -   -   L. G. MacHaffie, Manager  HEDLEY, 11. C.  ir A goe)d stock e">f Horses anel Rigs on  Hand.   If Orders for Teaming  promptly 'attended to..  Mr. Burrell,.who'lia" borne his share  thi.s sessiem in givingBritishColunibia  eflie'ient-ri'preseiitalioii at Ottawa, did  --���������hiinself  proud last we.-i'k in liis speech  em the naval bill.  While he .dealt'with the question'  from a national .rather than a party  standpoint lie was nevertheleiss outspoken in elenune-iation of the woeful  sheVrtcomin'gs <>f the governhie^nt's  naval policy, and the ground he tneik  was that Canada's contribution te) imperial ejefene'e we������uld be valueless if it  was not pursued in-the direction to se-  . e-im.- tin' greatest effectiveness for t-h'e  rune unit expended. It is unfortiihate  that the* question is beginning to  arouse' pa.rty ranceir and that the de-  batiis in the ��������������������������� house are teneling moi-e;  in that direction each day, largely as  the- result'of the unmistakable note of  party bitterness imparted by the 'Premier himself,'..when there, was 'no n;*-  -cessity fe)i- it. 'Ofcour.se the Premier  was in a, difficult position in view eif  the rather hostile' attitude of se> many  of his compatriots in the province of  Que-be-c, but having put his hand te>  the plow to the extent- indicated by  the- resolution of last, session it was a  mistake for him to attempt to recede,  from that position or tei  minimize the  'effectiveness of the-aid to he given by  Canada   feu-   the sake   of  any   party  benefit which he thronht might be de-  rive-el  by endeavoring   to placate elis-  senting co'mpatriots.   It is well known  that  K.  L.   Borden   was strongly   in  favor of  keeping  the wheilo question  as    much   as   possible!    out of party  politics in spite e>f the wishi'sof a good  many  of his followers  who saw   no  reason why Sir Wilfrid should not be  made  to  tread   the same rough  and  rugged road on this naval question as  he;  exultingly apportioned to  his opponents on   remedial legislation in the  .meuie-rahlc session eif 1S90. When ask-  e-tl in the House what his own position  was    on   the   question   of  ���������'remedial  legislation"  and what  he would do if  he  were   in   the   place   of   McKenzie  Bowell    his   answer    flippantly    and  saucily  given   was  "I'm behind   the  liness of Torres Vedras."  Now the Borden amendment which  was attacked so bitterly by Sir Wilfrid was more chivalrous in its atti  tude than the course pursued by Sir  Wilfrid in 189C5 feu- it states in unequivocal terms what its supporters would  be prepared to do if they were required to act. Moreover it was not brought  forward stealthily or sprung upon the  The Lord's Day Alliance were given  1 ope enotigh to hang themselves when  their request to have peist eiffien; le>b-  bies lockeel on Sundays was granted  and- the regulation enforced. The  senseless pettiness e>i" the thing se������  soon became apparent te> the general  public that a" storm of protest has  gone up all over the country against  the arrangement, and the Alliance,  will find that their, stupid'meddling in  thi" matter has elone them more, harm  than they can undo for many years te>  c.onie.  Office of Dominion Express Gompanu.  WOOD   FOR   SALE!  Phone II.       INNIS  BROS. Proprietors.  *rj*s������t*������������*������������i>'*0������0*^^  ae ... x  I , ===== oUR~= *  Dressmaking  Department  fU KING'S" GO;  The Butchers, Hedley   -* ;   We do not belong to the  Beef Trust, nor are we  wholly opposed. to Vegetarianism, consequently,  we keep on hand  CHoice Meats  of all kinds and the necessary Vegetables to go  with them.  s  i  I  I  s  i*  I  ae  i  ae  ae  ae  %  at  as  Is now open, and with the new Spring  Goods coming in, wre are prepared to fill all  orders.  We have a full,line of Plain and Fancy  Silks, also Costume aiid Waist lengths in the '  newest shades of woollen material; Cashmere, Duck and Satin finish Drill in Navy  and Cadet, very suitable for Ladies Spring  Costumes.  J. A. SCHUBERT, hedley.  MORTGAGE SALE  UNDKlt anel by virtue of the powers contain-  eel in a eertain mortgage which will be  produced at the time of sale there will be oiTer-  eel for snie by puplicauction by Henry H.Avery,  auctioneer, at  AVERY & AVERY'S OFFICE.*  in the  TOWN OF PRINCETON  British Columbia, on  THURSDAY,   FEBRUARY 17th, 1910  at the hour of two o'clock in the afternoon the  following property:  Lot." 4 and 5 in Hlook 1, in the Keaely Cash  Mineral claim addition to Hcelley City, and  also Lot 1a, in Block 3. according- to map 107,'  Hcelley Townsite.  For terms and conditions.of sale onply to the  auctioneer, or to Bowser. Keiel & "wallbridge,  solicitors. Vancouver, B. C.  Dated this 4th day of January, 1010.'  GIVE US YOUR ORDERS  Phone No. 4.  ft-a; icme *"60.  HEDLEY BARBER SHOP  Twei Doors North of Bank of B. N. A.  HAIR  CUTTING   A   SPECIALTY  Razors Honed.       .  Hot and Cold Baths in Connection  W. T. BUTLER.  NOTICE  T-UCE XOTICK, that thirty days afterdate.  x I, Thomas Walsh, of Bridesvillc, intend  to apply to the superintendent of provincial  police, F. S. Ilussey, for a retail liquorliccn.se  for the Bridesvillc Hotel, located at Bridesvillc  B. C.  THOS. WALSH  Bridesvillc, October Mth, 11)09.  To Buy Cheap, Pay Cash.  Family Groceries  Fresh and Seasonable  at the  I ALWAYS    GOOD   AND   FRESH  se  se  ae  ae  i  THE MEAT YOU GET PROM  EDMONDS, THE BUTCHER  Prime Beef, Pork, Mutton, and ������  Poultry.  Also Vegetables and Other Accessories  ���������,*^'Rl't'"'*';l'*'l?l'jit'^'"''*l'R''''';*''^  Jfisp^sferlYoi^i  Cheap Cash Store  COPPER  The Now Kdition of the  COPPER HANDBOOK.  Vol. VIII. issued May, 190!), contains 1500  pathos, with nearly SO per cent, more matter  than the preceding ceiition. The chapters  with mine descriptions anel on statistics  have been carefully revised anel the bulk of  the matter therein is  ENTIRELY NEW  There arc 25 chapter.  COVKKING': Copper History, Oeolofcy.  Geography, Chemistry, Mineralogy, Mining,  Milling. Leaching, Smelting, 'Refining, Brands,  Grades, Impurities, Alloys, Uses, Substitutes,  Terminology, Deposits by Districts, States,  Countries and Continents, Mines in Detail,  Statistics of Production, Consumption, -Imports, Exports, Finances, Dividends, etc.  The Copper Handbook is concedcdly the  WORLD'S STANDARD REFERENCE  BOOK ON COPPER.  The Copper Handbook contains, in this new  and greatly enlarged eclitlqn, about 50 per  cent, more matter than tlie Bible���������though  not necessarily a better book because of its  greater bulk. It is filled with EACTS of vital  importance to  TIIK- INVESTOR  THE SPECULATOR  THE METALLURGIST  THE CONSUMER  THE MINER  PRICE: "55.00 in buckram with gilt top, or  ?7.50in full library morocco.  TERMS: The meist liberal. Send no money,  but order the book sent you, all carriage charges  prepaid, on one week's approval, to be returned if unsatisfactory, or paid for if it suits. Can  you afford not to sec the book and judge for  yourself of its value to you 1  WRITE NOW to the editor and publisher,  HORACE J. STEVENS  MRS. O. B. LYONS.  BOW KEE  LAUNDRY  Washing called for and delivered. Satisfaction Guaranteed  Hedley,  B  C  SNAP IN REAL ESTATE  ���������"THE UNDERSIGNED will sell his house  ���������*��������� and lot on Daly avenue. House will be  sold cither furnished or unfurnished. A speedy  sale is wanted as seller is removing to Alberta  and the first satisfactory applicant will get it.  Tho house and lot are improved and in every  way a desirable residence.  JOHN LIND  Try.  \m  .sx\XV������S^b  fifil   SIIELDEN   BUILDING, HOUGHTON  MICH, U. S. A.  CEYLON TEA.  Pure  and   Invigorating.  The Victor and Berliner Gramophones  Stand Alone  With a Victor or Berliner Gramophone you will have  the world's best music, interpreted by the world's  greatest artists, always at your command.  Sold on easy payments if desired. J  NEW DOUBLE SIDED RECORDS-90c. for the two.  Send 90c. and 10c. postage for sample Record.      v^  Berliner Gram-o-phone Co., "Limited  Montreal. v^  W/////I,. Agents Wanted Everywhere.  ���������ana  15  ADVERTISE    IN   THE    GAZETTE  We are the Western Distributors of B. C.    of   Victor Talking Machines, Beliraer Gramophones and  Records  DYKE, EVANS ������h CALLAGHAN  536 Hastings St., Vancouver.  L. C. R.OLLS ������> CO.  Agents for Hedley, Keremeos and Princeton.  m  I  it  ���������    %  i  i  f  ;*���������  X  m  i  I  u*i  $  i'^I  M  $1  S  ''���������1  |  ?���������"���������  ' '-';l  I  1  X  ,-' 1.-i  M  ��������� v|  X  ���������2  ��������� m  X  -"��������� I  m' i  THE HEDLE^ GAZETTE^ f EBfiy^.RY I7;, 1910.  )/,  '���������'-/  Town and Distrk*.  Dr.iMcBwen weritdip to Princeton  ���������on Satuvday'lust."-' _ *//- ��������� '"��������� r  .    D. G. Hackney eif the Hedley" Heitf-l  is"at thrvHalcyon Hot Springs.  Blank receipts1,' bound and perforated,  dirt cheap at the  City Drug and  Booksten-e.  ������.  Rev. A. H. Cameron, of Keremeos,'  was in town on Friday last, returning  to Keremeos by Saturday's train.  Miss Edith Bradshaw. e>f the Gr-e-at  Northern hotel left on Thursday last  for Skokane, where she'will remain a  few days. . ���������'       '        * -   . *  Dr. Russell ,of Spokane was np*the  line last week arranging feir- medical  attendaneefor tho working.force on  V. V. & E. construction.  Mrs. Swanseni, of -P^nceton, came  down on -Tuesday's train- and is stopping ,at the Hotel Similkameen.  ".. A.cW. Cleveland/ "-wectin^*engineer-  foPthe Canadian-'"Rtfi������i , "Drill"Co.* ai-  livenljon Saturday, Jasrjjfrom Montreal  tei set up the* new machinery and-  make the changes in the. power house  for the Hedley Gold Mining Co., and  on--.Monday .nmrning������'started in to  e-eimplete the job which is expected to  take about seven weeks. Mr. Clove;  land was here in the summer eif 1904  when the big compressor was set up  and was therefore fully awaie of all  that was required to be done.  ^ j>.  ��������� iu  ...-j - ���������       ��������� ������'KEEP YOUR EYES ON"   **" "  : '   ''  CAMP HEDLEY-  -...   --'���������  c   '    ; WATCH IT GROW  Joe Rotherham was able to get out  on crutches last week although the  broken leg will have te> remain in a  plaster- cast for- some time yet. ���������  Miss King of .'the- Hotel " Similkameen left for Princeton on Monday to  arrange for taking oyer the dining  room of the Great Northern' Hotel  in that town. " ' .,   ��������� -���������  A SURLY BOB-CAT  (Oroville Gazette.)   ,       ������'  Some friend sent in to Jim Holmes a  There will be no service on Sunday  evening next owing to the absence eif  Rev. A. H. Cameron who(is attending  a meeting of the Presbytery at Ke-  lowna and will not be back in time.  Miss Frances Beind, professional  nurse, graduate of Vancouver General  Hospital, has been chosen,as matron  of the Hedley hospital, and arrived on  Wednesday to enter on her duties  here.  Mr. Courten.-iy, of Keremeos, wa-s, a  visitor in Hedley on Saturday, last.  He and his brother-in-law, Mr. Cooper,  purchased fruit lots last year em the  Price estate and are getting their  ground in shape for planting early the  comimr spring.  O. E. Deleing was in town on Friday  ' last moving- the balance of his effects  to Princeton where he has been running a blacksmith shop for the past-  two months. He reports business  brisk in Princeton at present..'    .  Mr, Davidson, of the wholesale firm  of Smith, Davidson. & Wright,^ Vancouver, came in on Monday's train  and called on Hedley. customers. This  was his first visit .to'-the Similkameen  ' although* some of the firm's travellers  have formerly made trips here.     ,  Percy Goderirath is showing his confidence in the Portland Canal district  by starting a newspaper known as the  Portland Canal Miner. It is, to be  published at,Stewart, B. C., ami while  the initial numbers are being issued in  Vancouver a plant is being procured  and the paper-will become a resident  institution. '   .   -',-'. ���������������������������������������������'���������;  present Kin the shape of a live bob cat.  The cat is in a box on exhibition at  Holmes's place, and  his natural irritable disposrtion is not improved  by  confinement,  or the  faniiliar impertinence of visitors.- The-'other 'day  a  siwash strolled into the bar room, and  not being  permitted to surround the  moisture that his throttle vearned for,  crawled up on an innocent looking be)x  to mournfully  watch the procession  privileged to wet a whistle.   He baldly hit the box, whem  he hit  the floor  letting ge> a weird,  wild war whoop-  that threw the loungers into a*panic,  and caused the bar keep to scramble  for a blunderbuss.   When the cause of  the eruption was understood the crowd  went into convulsions.     It appeared  that the   cat  had  reached   up   and  clawed out a section  of the Indian's  trousers, and  with-the cloth removed  a handful of  flesh.   That  aborigine  walkcd'out of town leading his horse,  carrying away a very low opinion of  bob cats in general and Holmes' pet in  particular.  GENERAL NEWS  It is destined, to, besthe Greatest Gold Mining,Camp in Canada.  Money, invested in Hedley Town Property now will bring you Big  Returns in a Few Months  Buy Now; Don't Put It Off as the Price is Going Up.  For Full Information Write or Call on  THE HEDLEY CITY TOWNSITE COMPAPY, Ltd.,  F: H. French, Secretary and Manager - , HEDLEY, B.C.  Local Optionists want to take up  the Scott Act in British Columbia.  What next?  Western Ontario is over-run with  mad dogs, and the federal and provincial authorities* are-taking vjgorciuS'  measures to stamp out the trouble. -'���������  ��������� Gold win Smith met with an accident  which -resulted in the breaking of his  thigh bone. The doctors havedecided  not to set it, as his advanced years  forbid any possibility of the, bone  knitting. _    ...,-'���������  '  Wire Wound and Continuous  WOOD STAVE   PIPE  For Irrigation, Power, and Water Systems  Write for Catalogue  ,  THE DOMINION WOOD PIPE CO., Limited  New Westminster, B. C.  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������-������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  THE  MANLY MAN.  A rather severe attack of grippe  appears to be going around, and as a  result several of our citizens have had  involuntary'holidays that were, hot  particularly enjoyable. ' Neuralgia accompanied a. number eif ��������� the - attacks,  and-that, is a; malady that is bad  enonghin itself without any grrppy  accompaniment.  At China New Year wyery .Chink "is  expected to, .'(.and'it Ms said generally  does) pay up all he; owes; It is also  claimed tliat some Chinamen take it  so much tp heart that if they can't pay  up they will.commit suicide. Now, if  delinquent 'subscribers could bhly.be  brought to feel .like that about; this"  little matter of paying up, what"a.boon  it would be to editors andundertakers."  It was with ree-ret the news was received last week in Hedley of the accident which befel W. C. McDougall, of  Princeton, who was seriously injured  in a tunnel on his coal property where  a cave-in of rock'caught him, breaking  his collar bone and several ribs and it  was feared that there were internal  injuries as well. The handle of the.pick  lie was working with broke in two,  anel his escape from instant death was  considered almost miraculous. His.  many friends in Hedley anel tlie lower  valley hope-, for his speedy recovery.  . On Monday   the last   piece of machinery for the  Hedley  Gold  Mining  Company's    new   power   plant     was  hauled from the Hedley depot to  the  power-house,   and   Mr.  Jones  appreciated the advantage of being able  to  do all the handling here at   home, instead of sending men and teams out  ���������to'Penticton as they had  to do when  all the   other  heavy   machinery was  brought in.    One  costing in this shipment weighed over 10,000 Ib.s.   instead  of unloading on   the bank above  the  power-house as was formerly done and  sliding it down the bank  to the floor  on which they were to be set  up,   the  teams used the lower wood road and  delivered the inn chines on the same  level as they were to be set up.  After you've been two weeks in  the  house with one of those terrible handy  men that ask their wives to  be sure  and wipe between  the tines   of  the  forks,  and that know just, how -much  raising bread, ought to have,"and how  to hang out a wash so each piece wili  get the best sun, it's a real joy to get  back to the   ordinary kind of man;  Yet, 'tis so! Mrs Gregg finished, with  much emphasis.    "I want a man who  should .'have , sense about the   thing-she's   meant-   to   have   sense   about.  but .when it comes to keeping house,  I like him real helpless,  the way the  Lord planned to have him!"  ���������  ���������  ������������������  ���������-  ���������'  ���������:���������  *  1"  We Have It  Smoked Haddies  Kippered Herring  Boneless Codfish  Salt Herring  Salmon Bellies  Canned Salmon ...... ,  '���������'    Kipperd Herring  ���������*���������"���������       Mackerel  "       Oysters  ���������"���������'       Clams  "7      Lobsters.  Hedley, B. C.  ���������  ���������'  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  METEOROLOGICAL.  The following are the readings show ,  ing temperature,, etc., for the wee).  ending Feb. 12,   1910 :  ���������    ���������'   AT THE MINE.  Maximum        Minimum  40 Great Years  \    .'-And 1009 Best of AH.  - -With over Eight Millions of new  business written  in-'Canada,  alone in 1909.  Began business in 1870 with assets $6,216, and now the assets  are.over $14,000,000.  Canada's Big Popular Company  Chosen alike by rich and poor.  William J. Twiss  MANAGER.  Fee Block,   -   570 Granville St.  VANCOUVER, B.C.  A. HEORAW, Local Agent.  Feb.  6  7  8  9  10  11  35  34  31  32  29  22  25  17  2  10  0  7  2  3  Average maximum temperature 29.71.  Average, minimum do 6.71  Mean temperature 18.21  Rainfall for the week     .      inches.  Snowfall        "        " 5  CORKESPO.VDING WEKK OK LAST YEAR,  Highest maximum temperature 2-1.  Average maximum do     ���������    16.2S  Lowest minimum . do        -15.  Average minimum do 1.  Mean -    do S.fi;  AT THE  MILL.  Maximum        Minimum  Feb.   6 .. 12 ...     2-1  7 .. 3S .. S  8 .. 29 .. 9  9 .. 2(5 .. 10  10 .. 38 .. 16  11 .. 42 .. 14  12 .. 34 .. 19  Average maximum temperature 35.5  Average minimum elo 14.2'  Mean do 21.9:  Rainfall for the week   .       inches  Snowfall "        "   2.  COHKKSI'O.VDINO WEEK OK LAST YEAH  Highest maximum temperature 39  Average do do 32.  Lowest minimum do 7.  Average do do 14.71  Mean do 23..'.  rHOTBLSIMILKAflBEN *  I HEDLEY, B, C, *  ���������  *  >  E. E. Burr  General   Blacksmith  Hedley, B. C.  Horse-shoeing and all  Blacksmith Work  Promptly attended to.  Pipe-fitting done.  *.*  THE   LEADING    HOTEL  OF    THE  SIMILKAMEEN   VALLEY  This house; is new and strictly first-class in  every respect: being equipped with all modern conveniences���������electric light, telephone  Baths, etc. : : Rates Moderate.  >   Frank Dollemore  Proprietor  SUBSCRIBE  FOR THE GAZETTL  SUBSCRIBE FOR  THE   GAZETTE!  A new house containing- more bed  room accommodation than any-  other hotel in town. Table anel  bar  first - class.    Rates moderate.  THOS. BRADSHAW, Proprietor  ^^^���������^^^^^^^^p^^^n^inis^^ssttj-s^at  When   writing    Advertisers  Mention the Gazette.  Please ;:-'.:':'77V;;,,; Y<vfjj;S]i-f ;;;;���������;/-;  ^^^-^*THE';  ^������M^i^^Emjj^w 17.-i9ia ;;;'',",'.',',.!;  1  i'.'I  KEREMEOS, the Centre of Lower Similkameen**---Famedfor Fruit Growing  'town and Lower Valley.  t  visited   Princeton   on  Mrs.. Keeler  Friday.  The Similkameen river is eipen'from  Ashnola. south.  We will expect notes by the way  from Mr. Brown.  Report says that James Elmhirst  has sold his fruit lot.  More fruit ti-0e?s will be planted-here  this year than  in any one season in j  the past. ,     1  J. J. Armstrong is b-ck in his eilTieo !  after a  pleasant visit  with  friends in  Vancouver.'-  Mr.' Breadner has purchased, the  Crompton fruit lots, 20 acres, em the  south of.the Similkameen'.  .Tim Neionan has been em the sick  "list for a week and-may. have to go to  the Hospital for treatment.  The 25% discount'in taxes,-made.by-  order eif "the'government, is one ofthe  pleasant'surprises of the season.  Mr. Jeihn Elmhirst surprised' his.  brothers, Dick and James, by stepping  from the Penticton stage* on Thursday.  While we will miss our goeid.friends  Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Brown we Wish  them a pleasant holiday trip to. Manitoba.' .-'.-'  Andrew- Moyes has received the appointment of Deputy Mining Recorder  for the Osoyoos MininglDivision with  office at Olalla. - "  A company of-nine w,eht-. from here  on Friday.   We wish^h&m'uiore good     :..���������.. i.i^'1' &-i...i 11 i.���������-.  C. A, McDonald of the B.C. Fruit-  land Ce>. is expected here, this week.  Little Dorothy Me-aiisette on Friday  morning at the public soheiol was badly burned. Standing with her back to  the hot stove her apron ignited.. In  her excitement and terror she ran  from the room and before the older  scholars caught her, she suffered'"- a  severe but not d-uigerons burn.  GENERAL  NEWS.  i    The  C.   P.. R.'s   construction   pro-  ! gramme for the year has little in store  for British Columbia,   and that- little  is coniinedtevEart Kootenay.  .The insurgent leader,'General Blan-  don- was killed in an engagement with  the; ministerialist troops in Nicaragua.  The Irish Nationalists insist that  Hornt* Rule inust come first.  Dissension is reported-in the British  Cabinet.;  E.'S... Cloustem has succeeded the  late Senate)i:Driuiimond as. President  of the Bank .of Montreal, The Toron-  te> World asks, "Why not- succeed to  the vacant scnatorship as well.?"  The Hudson Bay railway is estimated to cost by the Churchill route  $25,7S3,672, and by- the* Nelson route  $21,486'000.,        ,7   -..    .--   -..'  New-Yorkers presented Peary, with  $10,000, which he immediately turned  over to the South Pole.expedition.'  GEO. KIRBY  Notary Public.  HEAL ESTATE ��������� MINES  Agent for: -'..'...  London-&-Lancashire Fire Ins. Co..  Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.  Keremeos, B. C.  J. A. BROWN  '*���������'���������' NoitaryPublic  CONVEYANCING, CUSTOMS BROKERAGE,  ......        -��������� EIRE INSURANCE .��������� .  AGENCY HEDLEY GAZETTE  OFFICE KEREMEOS, B.C.  P; BROMLEY,  G ENERAL BLAC K S MITH  GROCERIES and HARDWARE  Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes  FRANK RICHTER & CO,  OUR SPECIALTIES  eways Teas and Coffees  Five  Roses Flour  Horse-Shoeing a Specialty  KEREMEOS, -  B. C.  SIMILKAMEEN  L.O.L. No. 1770  Meets Tuesday on  or before  the. full moon  in  each month  !?��������� in Keremeos Tow'h Hall.  Visiting members cordially invited.     ���������  '���������'.' V. O. WILSON'. W.M.    *  3. KNUDSON, R. S."  Hotel Keremeos  Opposite G. N. R. Station  AGENTS-FQR^'  c  Campbell's Clothing  Hudson Bay Blankets  B; C.  S*-; .'���������'���������':������������������'���������': v: ;.:,,v':   ,-' .-'���������'���������������������������>    '������������������������������������:.;������������������.������������������-  Si'    Whenin Keremeos stop-at the  luck than there is in tjhe'Vwitches' lucky  number, three times three.  Fruit growers last week hegan to  get machinery ready feir the spring  work, but the snow and cold wind e>f  Saturday put a-damper.on their hopes.  The "Kultur Klub" is developing,  the debating powers of the young fold.  Meetings are held every Tuesday  eveningat places previously intimated.  The Rev. Mr. Cameron will attend  the regular meeting of the Presbytery  of Kamloops an February, loth, and  will be absent'from the district for a  ween.  Jack Frost secured an injunction  from the supreme court and put a stop  to the work of fencing the school lot,  but in a few days King Sol will give a  release. .  Mr. Frith met his wife and children  at Spokane and returned, with them  by V. V. & E. express on Friday. They  are even more welcome than new  settlers.  A ready made house, of ten. rooms-  will be. shipped at .Vancouver for .Geo.  B. Clarke-ahout--Feb. 20th and.. Mr.  Chirk with his family will be here a  few days later.  There was a pleasant surprise party  at Mrs. Daly's on Friday evening���������  Manerys, Lowes, Coulters and Me-1  Curdys from the Lower Similkameen  and a good representation from Keremeos.  John Mattice after a long battle  with a carbuncle is again ready to do  the work of a young man. He represents the hardy pioneers and will compete with all fruit growers for first-  place.  Mr. and Mrs. John Thompson and  Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Elmhirst, of Carberry, Man., after a visit of two  months with friends here went south  by the V. V. <fc E., homeward bound,  on Friday.  There is a debt of $380 on the church  and on Sunday the Rev. Mr. Cameron  intimated that lie would be pleased to  hear from any friends who would  contribute, for the Bazaar to be helel  here on May 24th to pay that debt.  At a meeting of the teachers and  other Sunday School workers held at  the home of Mr. Crooker on Wednesday evening a resolution was adopteel  in favor of a union S. School. The  old officers wero all re-elected by a unanimous vote.  Miss Innis and her sister Miss Annie  are on their way east. We are kept  busy these*, days saying good-bye to  friends and giving a welcome to new  arrivals. Some of our friends are not  satisfied to remain in this paradise  and they go to the cold regions .of  Princeton and Abbotsford. The V. V.  & E. work on both sides of Hope  mountain has taken away more friends  than we are willing to part with, but  we look to have them later. In the  near future, three years, tlie friends,  west of the Hope mountains, will be  our neighbours.  FORESTRY CONVENTION  Will Meet at Frederictbn N. B.���������Important  Programme' Arranged   .-;.'���������  . Upon the invitation of the Government of New Brunswick tlie Eleventh  Annual Convention, of the.'Canadian  Forestry Association' for the consideration of Forestry problems will be  held in the Legislative Buildings,  Fre'denctein, N. B. on Wednesday aud  Thursday, Feb. 23rd and 24th. The  Sessions will be openeel at 10 a.m. on  the 23rd by addresses from the representatives of the government, municipal, educational and commercial institutions, etc.  In addition to the. President, Mr.  Thomas Southworth, and the Vice  President, Hon. W. C. Edwards, the  following are expected to take part:  Hon. Clifford Sifton, chairman of the  Commission of Conservation; Hon.  Jules Allard, Minister of Lands anel  Mines, Quebec; Hon. W. C. H. Grimmer, Surveyor General of new Brunswick; Dr. B, E. Fernow, Dean of the  Faculty of Forestry, University of  Toronto: Mr. A. Sterling, Forester of  Pennsylvania Railroad; Mr. W. C. J.  Hall, Supt. of the Bureau of Forestry,  Quebec; Prof. Gordon Tower of-tno  University,.of .Maine; Prof. R.B. Miller  of the University of New Brunswick,  etc.  It is expected- that the Forestry-  work of the Dominion and of the  Provinces will be well represented.  The Railways have granted special  rates anel a huge attendance is expected. Further information may be  hail by addressing the Secretary of  Canadian Forestry Association, Mr.  James Lawler, who will be at-Frwde-  ricton till after the close eif the Convention.  GEO.  KIRBY,  Manager.  PLUMBING  WARM  AIR HEATING  AND  GENERAL  TINSMITHING  Orders  by Mail will receive  Prompt Attention  ESTIMATES FURNISHED ON  APPLICATION  H. B. MEAUSETTE  Keremeos St>at>ion.  For a: Luxurious Shave,  Hair-Cut or Bath go to  BOOSTER'S  TONSORIAL    PARLOR  ������������������������������������������������������������  ae  ae  I  I  ���������r  (TWEDDLEe&E.LMHIRST, Proprietors.  Sole- Agenfe: for* Princeton Goal  Eree Bus to alt traiiis  3. G. Fruit Lands Office ,-'  Headquarters for all stage lines;  I  X  ft  i  KWV&Vmmifollfflfrtt^  *-������43*-C������-  Stoves and Ranges  Shelf & Heavy Hardware  Paints^ and-Oils  -   **-"9fc������*  Box Trade in Cigars a specialty  A fine line of Cigars  and  Tobaccos, Fruit and  Confectionery  POOL TABLE IN CONNECTION  A. J. SAUNDERS  Keremeos.  WM. MLMMrM  GENERAL  BLACKSMITH  Kettle River Assessment  District'  "VrOTICE is hereby given, in accordance .with  ���������*���������* the Statutes, that Provincial- Revenue  Tax and all assessed taxes, assessed and levied  under the "Assessment Act", and amendments,  are now due and payable for year 1!)10.  All taxes collectible for the Kettle River  Assessment District are due and payable at  my ollico, situate at Fairview, B. C.  This Notice, in terms of law, is equivalent te>  a personal demand by me upon all persons  liable for taxes.  Dated at Fairview, B. C. this 31st day of  January, 1910.  H. A. TURNER  Collector, Kettle River Assessment Dist.irct.  Your Patronage: Solicited.   Satisfaction Guaranteed.  CUmming's Old Stand  (Keremeos Centre)  E.  KeremeospBi G.  TOMMY SING  Contracts for Work  Land scrubbed or- any kind of work by  contract at reasonable rates.  Silk-Handkerchiefs-sold .cheap, imported direct from-China.  SING LEE  LAUNDRY  Work called for and delivered.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  Keremeos, B.C.  WING SING & CO.  LAUNDRY  General Merchants & Employment Contractors.  Keremeos, B.C.  Retail   and   Wholesale  of General Merchandise  ALWAYS PLEASEDTO SttOW GOODS  G.  G,   KEELER;  Keremeos, B. C.  v>������->������>.*������*>>*>������������***  NOTICE  SIMILKAMEEN LAND DISTRICT  DiSTKierr ok Valk  LAND ACT.  ���������"PAKE NOTICE that Kenneth Carlton Boyd  -1- Frith, of Greenwood, B. C, occupation  Postmaster, intonds to apply for permission to  purchase the following described lands : Commencing at a, post planted on the west boundary of Indian Reserve Lot No. Ii, thence 20  chains along Indian Reserve Lot No. -I, thence  south 40 chains, thence east '20 chain---, thence-  north along the Indian Reserve 10 chains to  point of starting.  Kknnhtii Caiu.ton Bovn Kami.  William Alexander Halving. Agent.  Dated December flth, 1009.  When   answering   ads.   plkkae  mention this paper.  TAKK NOTICE that Louise Brown, of Kcrc-  1 '      meos, B. C. occupation, married woman  intends to apply for permission te> purchase the  following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about '20  chains west ol the north west corner of Lot 178  in the Similkameen Division of Yale District:  thence north 20 chains; thence east 1*0 chains:  thence south '20 chains: thence west '20 chains  to point of commencement;, 10 acres, more or  less.  LOUISE BROWN,  By her agent, .1. A. Brown  Dated Deo. 27th. 190!) SI-10  Kcrcmeos-Pcnticton Mail Stage.  Leaves Keremeos for Penticton on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at noon.  Leaves Penticton on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 6 a. m., arriving- in  Keremeos at noon.  YV. 11. YV'ulbv, Proprietor.  NOTICE  NOTICE  after  is hereby given that thirty days  date. I Sidney Walter Brown, of  Osoyoos, B. ('. intend to apply to the superintendent of provincial police, F. S. Hussey, of  Victoria, for a retail liquor licence for the  Osoyoos Hotel, situated at Osoyoos B. C.  SIDNEY WALTER RROWN  Osoyoos. January ISth, l!H0.  KERErtEOS  MEAT   MARKET  E. M. CROOKER  Successor to  GEO. CAWSTON  ������AW<M^^WalmlA^Ala4W^*"A^^^^lAW^y^  ALKAZAR HOTEL  Keremeos, B. C.  BENNETT & FORD,  Proprietors  G. C.   Bennett,   Manager.  Board of Trade���������George Kirby, President; R. H. Carmichael, Secretary.  -   Similkameen Farmers' Exchang-e���������J. J.  Armstrong, President; W. M. Frith, Secy.  Public  School. Board���������Georg-e  Kirby,  Ezra Mills, R. Elmhirst, Secretary. '  Customs' Office���������W. M. Frith, Sub-Collector. .   ,  Land Registry Office���������Kamloops, W. H.  Edmonds, District Registrar.  Presbyterian Church���������Rev. A. H. Cameron, Pastor. ���������  Methodist Church���������Rev. G. R. B. Kinney, B.A., Pastor.  Cliurch of England���������Rev. A. H. Ran-  some, M.A., Incumbent.  Constableand Deputy Game Warden���������  M. B. Ewart.  Issuer of Marriage Licenses-J. A. Brown.  Coroner���������Dr. 1YI. D. McEwen.  Justices of the Peace���������T. W. Coleman,-  Frank Richter.  Postmaster and Telephone Agent���������Geo.  Kirby.  Government Agent���������J. R. Brown, Fair- ���������  view.  Member of Parliament���������Martin Burrell,  Grand Forks, P. O.  Member Provincial Assembly���������L. VV*.  Shatford, Penticton P. O.  Town Hall���������J. J. Armstrong, Mgr.  Keremeos Hall���������Geo. Loudon, Mgr,  Great Northern R'y���������Daily train, west  bound 10:30 a. m., eastbound 4.20 p. 111.  L. A. King, Agent.  Mails���������Going west closes at 10 a.m.,  going east closes at 3.45 p.m.; via Penticton stage, at 11.30 Mondays, Wednesdays  and Fridays.  (For mercantile and other business institutions see advertisements on this page.)  NOTICE  SIMILKAMEEN LAND DISTRICT.  DiSTiucT of Vale.  ���������"TAKE NOTICE that, I, Joseph Alexander  ���������*��������� Brown, of Keiemeos, Publisher, intend  to apply for permission to purchase tho following describee! lanels:���������  .Commencing at a post planteel about a  quarter eif a mile west of the south west corner  of Lot 178 in the Similkameen Division of Yale  District: thence north '20 chains; thenco east 20  chains; thence south 20 chains; thence west 20  chains to point of commencement, JO acres,  more or less.  JOSEPH ALEXANDER BROWN  Dated Dec. 27th, 11)011. 51-10  /


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