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The Hedley Gazette Dec 23, 1915

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 DEC 2T 1915     J  Librarian  Legislative Amenably   mar 14  t,*S;'^i,-;,'r ?'  AND SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER.  Volume XI.      Number"--UL  \\  HEDLEY, r..C.   niUltSDAY, DECRMBEK  ii������io.  $2.00, Ix Advance  "Christmas Past."  It was indeed a gracious time, and  -as we read of thc revels and ceremonies and find foolish beliefs or  Christmas Past, we might regret what  we have lost in this tamer and less  picturesque age, it we did not Know  that never before in History was  Christmas kept so truly and heartily  in the spirit of the day as it is now..  We"have dropped a.good many rudD  .and some pretty customs, but we have  jgained a broadening spirit of almost  universal charity, a feeling of rea-'  t>rotherhood, that is perhaps none lawless real that it is held in check i  good deal during the rest of tho-year���������Charles Dudley Warner.  AN IRREPRESSIBLE1 BOY  A  French Custom.  In    France    children    place , n���������-*-���������:  shoes  betore the mantlepiece, in an-  ���������ticipattcri   of   a   visit   from   Father  ���������Christinas.  N. TlIOAir-S   N - PHOXE SEYMOUR 5!M3  MOIL WKSTKKN CANADA  Cammell Laird & Co. Ltd.  Steel Manufacturers  Sheffield, Eng*.  Oftlces mid Warehouse. SI7-U3 Beatty Street  Vancouver, B. C.  A.  F. & A. M.  RKGUIjATt monthly meetings of  Hedley Lodge No. IU. A. 1'". & A. M.,  are lield on the second Friday in  each month in FraLcrnity hall.ircrllcj-. Visiting  brethren are cordially invited to attend.  S. E. HAMILTON  Secretary  A. CREELMAN,  \V. ftl  L. O. L.  The Kciriihir. meetings of  Hedley Lodge 1711 are held on  the Hist and third Monday in  every month in the'.Orange Hall-..  Tjriiiics meet 2nd and 1 Mondays  Visiting brethern are cordially invited  "'.   ,' '���������'        W. 1.0X.SDAI.I':. W.'M.  ��������� ���������   ���������    II. K. HANSON", Seo't.  R. P.BROWN  British Columbia Land Surveyor  Tkl. No. 27  PENTICTON,  P. O. Okawki- Kid  -       -       B.  C.  WORRIED the cat, he played  rat-tat-tat  On   the   roller  skates   a   full  hour by the clock.  He- tried   r'jller -skate3 -where  dishes- and plates  In  jeopardy  lay,   till  some  fell  with  a  shock.  With an  Indian  yell 011 the doll's house  he fell.  And added poor dolly's scalp to his belt:  Then knocked off its toes and Its fair Grecian nose  Which same was of wax���������he proceeded  to melt.  Two tubs ho upset without one regret;  He   stood   on   his   head  till   his   face   "J  turned blue;  A.  curtain   he   tore   and   then   sighed   fr-r  more  Inventively mischievous things he migh-  do.  He  hid   granny's   specs,   but   that  didn't  vex;  Her lace bright���������ieil up with his fun an*  his noise.  "One sweet kiss lep.-ud all," so she said.  Resignedly   adding   that   "boys   will   "t  boys "  But strangest of all at night's quiet fall  How  meekly,   huw  placidly,   thu:   roiiut  '  would  s;iy:  "Gocd-niylil.    mamma    dear.   Goocl-ni-^.t  ,     papa  dear.  "I've ,riod hard to be such a good boy to  day!"   ' : ..���������'. - ���������  mostly men,  could-come   from    th  nearest  island.    The   ice   had -bee  driven together, and .rather than mlithe Christmas service they had risl  their lives in crossing over on  t!"  moving,   heaving,   broken  ice  to   (/  mainland.    Then they had  to. cliii  the mountains and walk through n  deep snow until.they reached the'in.;  sion station after twenty-three houi  of danger and a fearfully exhaustin, ���������  march, through the snow. .    -  How happy they 'were to be in tiirV  to celebrate the.Christmas festival i;  the,house of their God! About su  days later, when the ice had formed  all the rest of the people came, bu  oh! so sad and downhearted. Liki  little children they told the mission  aries their tale of sorrow. They de  scribed how sad they all had beei  when they found that it would be im ,  possible to" coin e tortht. .-mission * station for the Christmas service.  The Ten Commandments  for Christmas Giving  ===== By HARfEY PEAKE =====  MANNER OF GIVING PRESENTS  EAT   REGAINS    Or'.' CAfDL':::  Christmas  Services   Amciin   the:   Bz.  mos of Labrador���������Part Most'Enjoyed by the Children.  P. W. GREGORY]  civil, "engineer and mtrnsii  COLUMBIA LAND SURVEYOR  Star Budding       -       Princeton  WalterClayton  Warristcr, Solicitor, Etc.  MOXKY TO   LOAN  PENTICTON,  B. C.  Somebody has said that when (i'.o  world was being made the Creator  i gathered up all the waste material Iip  had left over and made Labrador out  of it. Some people say the Creator  never intended it to bo inhabited Bv.t  inhabited it is with a sturdy, taciturn  band" of Eskimos, who, thanks to 1 In-  Moravian missionaries who have penetrated to that country, celebrate  Christmas in their own peculiar way.  As service timo in the church draws*-  near all the inhabitants, old ami  young, the men on one side and l.lift \ strongest appeal to one's appreciation.  Simple Little Embellishments Such as  Ribbons, Seals and Holly Count  for Much.  At no time does the manner of doing; a thing count for so much as at  the time of Christmas giving; and  while in a few instances thero are  tJ-sSse who overdo the outward embellishment of gifts, none of us now like  to offer the simplest little remembrance unless wrapped in spotless paper, tied with gay ribbons and adorned  with bright seals expressing merry  greetings.  And this is as it should be for the  holiday season gains a great deal ot  cheeriness and zest. from the multiplicity . of beribboned white parcels  whisking to and fro, and we do not regret the passing of the yellow paper  bundle of our grandmother's day.  But the attractive appearance of the  gift is not all that counts; we must be  careful of the how and when and  where of presenting it.  The time that custom more and  more sets apart for the exchanging of  gifts among friends is Christmas eve.  any time from dusk to midnight; but  Christmas day itself is sacred to presenting gifts within the family circle.  Some families put -all the gifts in  tho library or living room, in separate  piies, and then, after a deliberate  breakfast, they all walk in and open  the packages in the presence of each  other.  Never give a gift in person it you  can contrive to send it or put it where  it will be found-awaiting the recipient  when he or she is alone, for when received in this way the gift makes its  1 I "HOU shall love the giver of the gift, because  ���������*���������   he has sent the gift.  2. Thou shall remember first tho very young and  the very old.  3. Thou shalt buy within thy means, remember.  ing the spirit of the gift and not the value.  4. Thou shalt not become a party to the mere  exchange of gifts. Let thy heart go with each  and every greeting or present thou sendest out.  5. Thou shall make such gifts as thy skill may  warrant, inasmuch as the work of thy hand]  gives added"value to the offering.  6. Thou shall tie up no bitter remembrances with  a gift, but only peace and good will.  .  7. Thou shalt have thy gifts ready several days |  before the time of delivery, that the immediate j  dnys before Christmas may be filled with peace ,  and happiness, and not vv;ith turmoil and frenzy.  8. Thou shalt seek the abodes of the poor and  friendless with such wholesome gift* ns ma"  cheer and  nourish their hungry bodies and  - hearts.  9. Thou shalt not gush over thy gifts.   Thou shall  show thy gratitude in more sincere ways.  10. Thou shall, at earliest opportunity, give wrllter  or  verbal thanks for such   kindnestes as ������h  '      friends  may have   bestowed upon thss  c  Christmas.      ,. >-  TWO  TOTS  IN  A  TOY 'SHOi  Little    Denny    Wac    Almost    Bcyon.  Hope in the  Eyes of  His Older  Sister, Aged Six.  fledley Opera House  " H. I. JONES, Manager  A  large, ���������K'ommodious   hall for  dances or-other entertainment.  GREAT  }  HOTEL  ,     HEDLEY B.C.  -      ��������� '     r -.   ,  Bar and Table the Best. ..Kates Moderate  First Class Accommodation  JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor  women on the other, are waiting in  eager  expectation.     It   is  quite  (lavs.  by four o'clock and tho bell riugs   A!  come   trooping   in   clad   in   the   b: .���������<<  clothes thoy can muster.  No one  stays  at  homo from  tlicr,-  services unless he is sick or lame,  and. whenever"'it is possible sle-;;..t  are used to bring these disabled one;,  to church.  For the little children tho happiest  part of the services comes later wheri  each child receives a lighted candle,  symbolizing the light of the world.  Each candle stan-.ls in a white turnip  which serves as a candlestick. Most  of thc candles are made from deer  tallow which tho Eskimos bring to  the missionaries.    After the services  j In giving money, oven to near rela-  I tives, the utmost care should be taken  ! to give it in tho most delicate way  ' possible: especially if you know tho  'money is needed.  [ One of tho cleverest ways is to take  i a tiny Japanese umbrella, place tho  money in a paper bag and, after rolling and tying the bag around the upper p:.rt of the handle underneath,  close the umbrella over it and tie with  narrow ribbon.  Another good way is( to present an  attractive little booklet with a check  or a greenback for a bookmark, writing on the flyleaf, "note page 14."  Turning to see what is noted, tho  fresh new paper money is seen and  the recipient appreciates the manner  the children eat not only the turnip, j of its presentation no less than the  but what is left of the candle as well. I material  benefit.  One year only  about  ten  persons, ������������������ ��������� ������������������  She was six if she was a day; sh<  had a littlo fat back in a little blac!*  coat and her wisps of red hai.  matched her red tam-o'shanter. I:.  her firm hand she held a struggling  boy about a year younger, and the>  were getting into the elevator at a  big department store and making for  "toys."  Children are not allowed, unaccompanied by guanh'ans, in most large  shops, but such was hor air of responsibility, of decorum, that it would  have been a bold floorwalker who  dared to question her. ....,.,.  Nor, evidently, was it her first visit.  The boy, still held in leash, ran in  front and made straight for the space  devoted to Santa Claus, his reindeer  aud his sleigh, piled with toys.  There was a background of fir and  cedar and a huge Christmas tree, but  the pair sat down before the fascinating old fellow in his red robe, his  long white beard, holding his big  whip, and from his face the small boy  did not turn from worshiping in solemn adoration.  Across the room was a creche; also  a wonderful and beautiful thing. Tlie  infant Jesus in tho manger, the mother in her blue robes, St. Joseph, with  his staff, the three kings resplendent.  The children had been perfectly  still for fifteen minutes looking at  Santa Claus, when the little girl whispered to the boy. He squirmed, struggled, but she was too much for him.  Sho dislodged him from his seat,  dragged him to the-creche, and with  motherly, Irish piety," pressed him on  his knees.  Reverently she described the holy  group, then would incite devotion  from a more human motive.  "See the cow, Denny; you mind the  cow we used to milk last summer at  the farm when wu went on the fresh  air? See the goat, Denny; you mind  the goat in our alley? It's his pitcher."'  But Denny whined and pulled and  pu'Ied to be back again to his idol.  The little girl looked up. Her sigh;  ���������������������������������������������s that given hy every woman since  f.h-v beginning, for every' man for  whoso soul she holds herself respon-  Candles on the tree aglow,  Holly���������rerl.anc". mistletoe;- "          _  "^'Had/am-raci/a, ���������?a.t>VRCtiS'GtiSsr~"-~!t:  In the nursery wondering eyes.  Stockings full and bulging out,  Toys of every sort about;  Music, joyous, glad and gay;  All of Christendom at ^play;  Season of the Holy Child,  Dearest gift, divine and mild.  Angel songs, dispelling fear,  Yule,  the  blessed Yule is here!  -Rose Mills Powers, in Youth's Companion.  jjjts time to hartf your atockind htdht.  And (et your notes lo .Santa fJy "  OtrsltfKt up Hiechimnev  far away  Jo you'll o'er* your presenks  Christmas Da  May each Christmas, as it  comes, .find us more and more  like him who, as at this time,  became a little child for our  sake, more simple-minded, more  humble, more holy, more affectionate, more resigned, more  happy, more full of God.���������J. H.  Newman.  "Denny,"  she   said,   "Denny   likes  ���������ir-.-Ua Claus better than he likes God."  I*'  ���������#  ���������ft  ���������u  ���������ft  ���������ft  ���������ft  ���������ft  ���������ft  ���������ft  ���������ft  ���������ft  ���������ft  ���������ft  ft  h-C:-CrA'^tY^i^^ii-^-^i:'&-fy^r^'Ci'^'C;^-ij'������rC!'Ci-^  Home Made Presents.  "I thought I'd be . economical this  year and make my Christmas presents myself, instead of buying them,"  said Mrs. Harlem; "so I bought a  book of instructions and went ahead."  "How did you make out?" asked  Mrs. Bronx.  "The materials footed up to $43.58,,  and I put in a month's hard sewing  and cutting."  "How did that compare with last  year?"  "Last year I bought all I wanted for  $35."  First   Christmas  Card.  In December, IS.-i.  l\lr.  W.-A. Dob-  -ion s-nt the first Christmas card.  Julklapp Delivery.  This is an expression used in Denmark and Sweden and denotes their  wa*<f of sending gifts. Before Christmas all the gifts are wrapped so as to  disguise the contents. Each package  is labeled for whom it is intended o.nd  then at odd moments miri>- ii lay  th*!Pe are thrown in at ttic i.;...xs ot;-  th:. windows. UK HE I'LEY (i -.  DEO. 23.  " and  Similkameen Advertiser.  <2.nt-  ���������_-.:->n  ^���������tbscriptions in Advance  I-.    ��������� i.-   ������������������   i United States)   Advertising Rate*  Measurement. 1- lines to tho Inch.  Transient Advertisements���������not. exceed inn one  Inch, S1.00 for ono insertion. '15 cents for  cuch subsequent insertion. Over one inch,  10 cents nor lino for Ili-Rt insertion untl fl  ccnt������ nor line for cuch subsequent in-*nrl inn.  Transient** puyiible in advance.  Contract Advertisements���������Ono inch per month  $1.25; over 1 inch and up to I indies, SI.00  per inch per month. To constant advertisers  taking larger spaco than four im-hc-*. ������n  application, ratos will bo given of red need  oharges, based on fiizo of space mm lungth  of time.  Certificate of Improvements 510.00  (Where more than ono claim appear-*  in notice, $2..j0 for each additional  claim.)  A. B. S. STANLEY. Editor  For Christmas Holidays  <���������*  Sir Richard McBride  . Although discussed and contemplated for months past, the  resignation of Sir Richard McBride as" premier of this Province, seems to have hit Mr.  Brewster as a surprise.  At least that is the impression  one would get from reading his  comments on the long contemplated change. His particular  brand of politics, which finds it-  necessary, in the interest of  what he conceives to be right  and truth, to cast aspersions on  the character of a man of the  stamp of the retiring premier,  must be of a very contorted and  dubious character.  One fact, remains, - namely  that there are some pretty  staunch Grits intli:.-' province,  who while desirous of changing  places with the party now in  power, at least are honest enough to recognize the splendid  record of the man, who as premier, for.years has been the aim  of all the hatred and jealousy of  their less honest and highly  disgruntled brethren.    For  these honest Grits we make an  appeal that the man Brewster  does not -represent- them. ������������������ or  their sentiments and is but an  . .. ' - *���������>*���������  individual,.'or at.most the leader of the few who would not  only sell their souls for power,  but would go to any length or  sink .to any depth to besmirch  the characters of the real men,  the leaders of the people, the  men who have pulled this province out of the slough of financial and political despond, and  made,her what she is today, the  Star of the West.  Deeds speak louder than  words, and Sir Richard will go  from one honor to another,  with the praise and the approval of his fellow countrymen,  the majority of whom are too  honest aud too wise to be  caught with the bait held out  by the malevolent Brewster.  Friday was t lie last day <>f - Ii "1 for  the full lei in. In closing i le- -ehn-ds  for Llif (/hrNim-iH holiday-- a luul  no entertainment In \vlii--li 11 ������������������ ��������� i ��������� t������������-  was invited and in r-iiuxt-i-u. nee ere  wa- a very fair attendance of parents  among the audiences.  The primary grades held tlieii i-xer-  oii-e- fiisl, eiimiiiencini; ai 10 a.in. -mil  going through a very well arranged  little-program in the presence of quite  a few of ihe parents and friends.  Their teacher. Miss MacKinn-m is  certainly to he congratulated on the  splendid showing they made and it  wns; with sincere pleasure the. audience  listened to each number of the program of nearly a, score of numliers.  The program was as follow.-:  Song, Ola/-----; Recitation, Norma: R"ci-  tittion, El.-ie; Song, Earhue; Song,  Girls of Class; Recitation, Edith; Song  Class; Recitation, Muriel; Recitation,  Marjoric; Song, John; Song, 8 girl.-;  Recitation, 3 hoys; Song Lily; Song,  Class; Recitation, Viola; Song, Class;  Recitation. Wilda; Song, Marguerite;  Song, Class; God.Save the King.  At about 10:45 the exercises begun  at thc main school and it was an inspiration to the parents and visitors  to witness the excellent work done by  the teachers, Miss Tompkins and Miss  Halliday.' That there is considerable talent in the schools is apparent  and that we are fortunate in having  the kind of teaching staff that knows  how to make the most of that talent is  also a noticeable fact. The splendid  order that prevailed throughout is a  feature that we have pleasure in commenting upon.  The program contained some very  fine numbers and is as follows:  Christmas Tide Minnie  Winkler  Song. O Canada Classes  Christmas Loise Boeing  A Foolish IIabit,Ina Boyd, Elsie Smith  Teddy Bear Gomel- Jones  Psalm of   Life Third Class  For Other Little Girls, Vivian Simmons  Christmas Carol,   Etta and Polly Mur-  dock. Eloise McCliue  Spirit of Christina-? T,������*-n.-i "VYirth  Cliri.-iinas..........   .()i villi- Simmons  A Pi.-nit: Party........ B -ys  and Girls  A S->iig There Was..... Ktta Murdock  The Fir.-t NYiwell, Carol.  ..School  A Soldier's Lassie   Mary Fraser  A Alan.   Clare L-ioin.-r  W.-"ll���������' Nev,-i-Let   l lie  Old   Flag   Fill  Song. Girls  Recitation  Hugh-'McKeinsie  Canadian Boat Song  .School  A Ne.w   Year Polly' Murdock  God Save the King  Hedley People Hear Of  Canadian Patriot Fond  The meeting h ��������� d .Monday eveniim  in the Opera H-ai--* f r-> he purpose ..f  hearing from Mr. l-\ N -li-ui. S-'cri-lnry  of the Canadian Pii.i'lic F mid, was  well attended ami -im-v-iI lolieniie nf  the most interesting and instructive  patriotic meetings ever held in Hedley,  Mr. Nation arrived in town Sunday  afternoon in company with G. P. Jones who took his car up to Princeton to  bring him down. Sunday evening be  went up the hill and addressed the  men at the mine and that also.was a  very interesting and instructive meeting. * '  The speaker explained all about the  fund, its origin, its organisation, its  working. Who were, benefitted and to  what extent. We regret that lack of  space this week make.- it impossible to  go into the details of Lhe speech, but  at some future time we may endeavor  to procure for our reader an authentic  account of the operation of this fund  and how its officers arrived at the  present equitable and most satisfactory method of its disbursements.  Mr. Nations address was received  with'prolonged applause and he himself stated that from the reception he  received in Hedley he fei-ls assured  the people will do nobly for the fund,  when the canvassers approach them  for the money.  The program of the evening i.s as follows:  .Chairman Dalton's remarks; Band,  "The Maple Leaf"; Quartette, "OCan-  ada", Mr. and Mrs. Hancock," Miss  Avonia Jones, C. E. Prior; Speech, Mr.  Mr. F. Nation; Duett, "Star of the  East", Mr. and Mrs. Hancock; Speech',  W. A. McLean; Duett. Mr. and Mrs.  Hancock; Bind. "Tippei-iry'V "God  Save the King".  For the vocal numbers Mrs. Sproule  presided at the piano as accompanist'  in her usual most pleasing manner.  "Great Fortunes From  Little Savings Grow"  npHE founders of fortunes fought their wa-. s Irom  "*��������� poverty. They started small, and grew great by  saving. With ready money, they were able in take  advantage of the opportunities that made lliem  wealthy and famous. Make your start today; open an  account in the Savings Department of The '.ink of  British North America and save something each week  or month, until YOUR opportunity present.- itself.  THE  BANK  OF  78 Years In Business.  Hedley Branch  J9  C-i.-  ~id Surplus  C. P. DALTO  . noo.  Manager  iGking Ab  H. G. Freeman has sold out to M. J.  Fraser, of Vancouver, who will take  possession about the first of the ��������� new  year.  NOTIGE  You  Men   Who   Think  You're Underpaid  Don't "cuss" your luck because your pay is small.. Don't blame  it on the boss. Don't think that the reason others get more pay-  is that they have more "pull" because it isn't so!  The men who get big pay are those who are . trained to, do  work that is worth it. You have no special training,- and you  have to do work that any man with two hands can do; therefore  your pay is small���������and you, only, are to blame.  YOU can earn more���������YOU can work with your  head   instead  of your hands���������YOU can give orders instead   of   taking   them  No matter what you do, where you live, or how old you are,  the  International Correspondence.Schools can come to you and train  you for a better job.  Every year moro than.five thousand persons take the trouble to write to tlie  I. C. S. that their salaries have been increased through this training. These  who report are but a handful���������tens of thousands of others are benefited.  For 21 years the I. C. S. have been training men having no education ' other  than ability to read and write, no more time than the odds and ends so commonly wasted, and no more money than tbe little that could he saved out of  small wages.  "If you want to be a high-salaried man���������to be somebody���������prove your ambition,  Mark the Coupon  and  Mail it Now  MI.YEltAL ACT  .-'Certificate ol Improvements  Complete Mining Eiigin-  ���������    eering  Fire Boss  Metal Mining  Metal Prospector .  Complete Metallurgy  Hydrometallurgy  Milling  Complete Coal Mining  Complete Civil Engineer'g  Surveying and Mapping  Bridge Engineering  Structural Engineering  Concrete Construction  Architecture  Automobile Running  Chemistry  Commercial  Drawing  Electrical  Mechanical  Steam  Marine and  Refrigeration Engineering-  French,   Spanish and  Italian taught by  Phonograph  "Rough on Rats" deals out Rats,  Mice, etc. Don't die in the House. 15c.  and 25*-. at Drug and Country  Stores.  We Want Your Electrical Work  Spotted'Lake and Spottod Lake No. '3 Mineral Claims, situate in the- Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale District. Where located:���������North  end Krugcr Mountain.  Take Notice that I, It. I'. Brown, as agent for  Silvester Rayburn, Free Miners Certificate  Xo. 75008-JJ, intend, sixty days from date hereof, to apply to thc Mining Recorder for a Corti-  lieato of Improvements, for tho purpose of obT  taining a, Crown Grant of the above claim.  -And further take notice that action, under  s.iction 1)7. in list be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvement,  Dated this 13th day  of December, A. D., 1915.  INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLS, Scran ton, Pa.  Please inform me how Lean gain-a money-earning knowledge of the subject marked X, .or named below, and send, me catalogue containing description  of course and letters from successful students.  Name ��������� -��������� .Address.  Age. Occupation..............   Course Wanted (if not given above)...  Remarks   .Employed by ..  Ii  Fixtures and Supplies   the    ;tric.Go.,  Read all the ads.  The many friends of Mrs. F. Revely  will learn  with regret of the  death of  that lady, which took place at the residence of Dr. J. C. Fiirish, 755 Bute St.  Vancouver,   after   a   lengthy   illness.  Living all her life in this province, the  late Mrs. Revely, who was the widow  of the late Captain F. Revely, was exceedingly   well known and   respected.  The deceased leaves one daughter, Mrs.  Farish, wife   of Dr.   Farish,   and two  sons,   Frederick and   Charles, also of  Vancouver,   being  also   survived  by  four sisters   and three brothers,   who,  together with her aged mother, reside  in Victoria. Mrs. Revely was also well  known in Hedley and vicinity.  Limited  General Electrical Contractors  770 Richards Street, Vancouver, B. C.  WRITE FOR ESTIMATES  Sea-on tickets for sale as follow-*:  Gentlemen, $4.00, Ladies, $2.00;  Man and wife, $5.0(1; Extra adult  in family, $1.00 each.  Children, $1.00 (under 15 years).  General admission, 25c and 10c.  No skating Sundays after C! p. m.  Tickets may be purchased from  H. G. Freeman.  Medley Hockey and  Skating Club  Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations'  ("lOAL mining rights of tho Dominion, ii  ,KJ .Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alborta,  the Yukon M orriiory. tho North-west Territories mid in a portion of tho Province of Uri-  tish Columbia, may bo leased for a term of  twuiity-onc years at, an animal rental of *-"l an  acre. Not more than -.'.oWI acres \vi bo leasud  to one applicant.  Application for a lease must be made by the  applicant in person to thc Agent or Sub-Agent  or the district in which the rights applied tor  are situated.  In surveyed territory the land must be described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of  sections, and in unsurveyuil territory tlie tract  applied for shall ue staked out y thu applicant  i himself.  Kach application must be accompanied by  feeot *ja which will bo rolimuod if the rights  applied for arc not availaolc, but not other  wise. A royalty shall oc paid on tlie merchant  able output or the mine at the rate of live cents  per ton.  Thc person operating thc mine shall furnish  the Agent witn sworn returns accounting for  the full quantity of merchantable mined  and pay the royalty thereon.   J coal min  ing rights aro not being operated su returns  shoula be furnished at least once a year.  Tho leaso will include thc coal mining rights  only, but the lessee may ue permitted to purchase whatever available, surtace rights way  bo considered necessary for tbe working of tho  'mine at the rate of ^lu.OU an aero  ' For full information application should be  made to the -Secretary or the Ocnartinenb of  ithe Interior, Ottawa, or o any .���������.gent or bub-  Agent of Dominion lands.  \V. W. (JOKY,  Doputy.Minister of the Interior.  RALPH KENDALL, Agent  Box 598, KELOWNA, B. C.  Medley's Tonsorial Parlors  For a Good Haircut  and Shave  BATHS  IN CONNECTION  R. HILLIARD   -   Prop.  N.li.-Unauthorized publicati  tisoment will not bu paid for.  this advo  iltim  Travel by Auto...  Call up Phone No. 12  H A good stock of Horses and Rigs on  Hand.    If Orders for Teaming  promptly attended to.  WOOD   FOR,   SALB1  PALACE  Livery, Feed & Sale Stables  WHY  YOU   HANG   STOCKINGS!   ������������������ . t  Popular   Christmas   Custom   Said   to  Have Come  Down to  Us  From    *  Old   Italian  Practice.  There is a story from Italy which  some suppose to be the beginning of  the present idea of the Christmas  stoe'.-'ir.g. Years ago good old St.  Nicholas of Padua used to throw  kmtted purses with money in them in  at the windows of the poor. These  knitted purses were not unlike a  stocking without a foot, and later it  became the custom of the people to  hang this knitted sack just inside the  window that St. Nicholas might put  something in as he passed. "When  these purses went out of use the  stockings were substituted. In the  northern part of Italy it was a littlo  too cnllly to leave the windows open  and r*a<? stockings were hung by the  mantel place so that they might be'  flllea irom the chimney. j  Phone 12.  HEDLEY   B. C.  0. J. INNIS  Proprietor  %      Play Santa, if you will, but   %  *   don't get your whiskers burnt.      *  * *  km&ummm  Bfflfl TUB"HBDlEy;GAZ!CJTE. DEC. 28. 1015  Hedley Druo &��������� book store  We Can Show You���������  Some very fine articles for  the purpose of presentation,  and the prices have all been  cut to meet war conditions.  health and,spirits, looking forward to  the joys of the" Xmas season, Tuesday  he is in the cold earth, and no earthly  joy can compensate' the parents for  the loss of their only boy. Pneumonia  was the cause1 of death. The Gazette  expresses the sympathy of the community with the parents in their sad  bereavement.  XMAS  DINNER  ��������� at the ���������  Similkameen Hotel  At 0 p.m.   '  Arthur Mattice returned  home last week from S.*m"Francisco where lie lias been atttnd-  ing the Exposition for the hist  month.  LET  4������������i- Santa Claus Masks.  US   SHOW  YOU!!  TOWN AND DISTRICT  Read the ads.  There will be service in St.  John's  Church next Sunday at 7:30 p.m.  Read all the ads over twice.  -   The Hedley Gazette wishes each   of  its readers a very merry Christmas.  '   W.   J.   Manery, ��������� of    Similkameen,  was in town for a few days this week.  Master Richard Clare arrived home  Thursday, from High School at Nelson, for" the Xmas holidays.  Two of our teachers, have gone to  the coast for the Xmas holidays, Miss  Halliday and Miss McKinnon.  The matron at the Hospital aoknow-  ledges with thanks, two boxes of  ���������apples, the gift of J. J. Armstrong, of  Kereineos.  Get your San ta Claus mask at the  drug store.  ������  Divine Service will be conducted in  bhe church on Sunday, Dec. 26th at  7.30 p.m. Subject:���������Joy in Christ���������for  all nations. A hearty invitation is extended to all. Preacher, R. G. Stewart.  At the school exercises Friday con-  siderable attention was directed to the  decoration on ,the blackboards in  Miss Halliday's room, the work of  some of the older pupils in Miss Tomp-  kin's room.  Through an oversight the name of  Miss Halliday was omitted from the  announcement last week which should  have read, Mrs. Soukup, Miss Hallidav  and Miss McKinnon will not receive  again until March."  ���������':  Soup  Mock Turtle, a la Quiesette  Fish  Sardines an Croton  ' .     - c j Entrees  Boiled Fowl (Tarragon Sauce)  Lobster Salad .  Strawberry Jelly Moulds  Roast  Buttock of Beef, An Jus  Leg of Pork, Apple Puree  Roast Choice Turkey, Cranberry Sauce  ���������  Vegetables  Mashed Potatoes  Cream of Cauliflower  Dessert  Apple,-Mince, Lemon Pies  Plum Puddin,,-Hard Sauce, Brandy  Assorted Fruits and Nufs  Cream Cheese  '   .Coffee  Anyone having symptoms of  La Grippe should apply at once  to W. M. Frith as he has* a specific unknown to the medical  faculty.  iumivmaimiBmim\m^mst^smmBm  ������ a ���������>  "The Big Store"  Miss Kamsay our teacher  here gave the 'children of her  school a tea party on Thursday  afternoon which was a great  pleasure to them.  Mr. Samuel Roper, Great  Northern Road Master, stopped  off in Keremeos on Saturday  and took in the Turkey shoot  winning two turkeys.  Genera!  ercha-nt-s  KEREMEOS, B. C  Mr. Sorge returned home on  Thursday from Vancouver  where he went to consult  about his hearing. We are sorry to report that he met with  ���������very poor success.  Tea  Cocoa  PORK FOR SALE  Miss Avonia Jones arrived ab Princeton on Friday and was met by the  auto which brought her home, for the  Xmas vacation.  McKinnon boys shipped 5 tons of ore  Thursday to the Granby smelter. The  assays are running high on this ore  and the prospects never looked better. | of four years,  Hedleyites seem to take great pleasure in the turkey shoots at Keremeos.  Bill Corrigan landed 4 and Zackerson 4  ab the last shoot.  We regret to chronicle this week the  rather sudden death of little Johnnie  Burrows, which occurred Sunday. It  seems terribly sad to contemplate the  passing of a bright, happy little fellow-  Friday he was in good  First class grain fed pork on the  Similkameen for 14c and to any station  on the Okanagan. Kettle or Kootemiy  Rivers for 16c. On every older of 100  pounds or more I will put lcent per  pound in the Red Cross fund, ������c in the  town where the order is taken and" Ac  in Keremeos.  R. J. ARMSTRONG, Chopaka.  The Turkey Shoot held in  Keremeos ��������� on Saturday was a  great success especially to the  Hedleyites, who carried off  twelve of the seventeen turkeys  that were being shot for.  KEREMEOS  R. H.  Carmichael was a visitor to Hedley on Saturday.  Lloyd Armstrong  was a visitor to Penticton on Monday.  Owing to the late arrival of  Mr. Fisher, Mr. Oag was not  able to leave the bank last week  as reported but left today in  company with Cecil Harrison  who will also be examined for  Overseas service.  Mi\ Campbell" representtrig  a Vancouver Piano House was  a business visitor to town for a  few days this week. In Scotland he was a very close friend  of Mr. Andy Moyes, who used  to run the Olalla Hotel.  ������   O. H.   Carle  was   a business  visitor to Hedley on Thur-sday.  "ikv&  ,*-K������  *-"*'-.'*"'*���������*������--'* y-^"-.  //���������  ->/  Get "More 'Money9* for ytrar L-yrix  H0SKRAT, FOXES, WOLVES, BEAVER, HSBBR, WHITE  WEASEL and other Fur bearers collected in your section   -  SHIP YOUR FURS DIRECT io ".SHUBERT-" the largesl  house in the World dealing exclusively in NORTH AMERICAN KAW FOBS  a reliable���������responsible���������safe Fur House with an unblemished reputation existing: for "more than a third of a century." a Ions: successful record of sending Fur Shippers prompt.SATISFACTORY '  AND PROFITABLE returns. Write for "Ute feliulicrt ���������feljippt-r."  the only reliable, accurate market report and price list published.  Write for it-NOW���������iff. FREE  =51 A R "--ST-fl IRFRT Ino 25-27 westaustinave.  s^B  **. D. OOUDLIV 1, inc. DeptC 107CHICAGO. U.S.A.  iajUM*JMlW!MWKUa.Ul.Jl1*ll..u,umim,.  Miss Bessie Richter was a visitor to Penticton over the week  end.  Neil Houston of Princeton  is spending a few days here the  guest of Mr. J. Wallace.  Mr. McGuffic has been transferred to Granbrook as Provincial Constable, much improved  in health.  Christmas Tree Entertainment  BEEF     :-:���������    PORK  VEAL AND  MUTTON  POULTRY  of All Kinds  FISH  OYSTERS  Hans Richter returned from  Calgary' hist week where he  went to dispose   of a carload of curtain   rose,   and   Mr.    Percy  "It was   the   best   Christmas  programme     we     have     ever  heard," "I would not have  missed it for anything," were some  of the comments overheard   on  Friday night   at the conclusion  of the Sunday School Christmas  Tree Entertainment.  " Of course  people have proverbially   short  memories, and   quickly   forget  the   excellent   programmes   of  years gone by, but from   every  point of view Friday's entertainment-was   a    signal    success.  Promptly at eight   o'clock   the  horses.  Xmas Hampers arc being  sent out this week to the'Keremeos boys, who are training at  the coast.  Mr. Fisher arrived on Thursday to take up his duties here  in the Canadian Bank of Commerce, in Mr. Oag's place.  R.  J.   EDMOND,   Prop.  Mr. Turner, Road Superintrm  dent is in town looking over the  work being done on the bridge  on the otherside of the river.  Mr. Burr accompanied by a  few of his Hedley friends motored down on Saturday to attend the Turkey shoot held  here.  Quant explianed tlie new plan  of a "Giving" rather than a  ���������'Getting" Christmas. Then  without delay the entertainment began. Choruses, recitations, dialogues followed each  other, until at half past nine  with the singing of "O Canada,"  Santa Claus appeared.  After Santa had shaken hands  with many of his little friends  he told of some poor children  who feared that they would be  overlooked  by  him  this year.  SING LEE  Laundry, Contracting of all  kinds, Ditch digging, Wood  Sawing, Clearing lana, Cooking and all kinds of Chinese  Labor.  Keremeos, B.C.  "We'll give them . Christmas  dinners," shouted one small boy  in the front seat. At this mo-  ment Mr. Albert Mattice came  forward bearing, aloft a bag  containing the money received-  at the door. Then the boys  and girls crowded forwarded,  forgetting how beautifully they  had planned to march, so eager  were they to put their offering"  in Santa's basket. To show his  pleasure Santa gave each child'  a box of candy.  From the programme,   it   is  difficult to   pick   out   numbers  for   special  praise.    The   audience was    especially   delighted  with  the motion    song,    "The  Groo Groo Man."   Jack Thomfis  and Hubert Fr-ith covered themselves with glory in their humorous and racey ^dialogue.    The  "Star" exercise put  on  by  the  young ladies was picturesque,  while the duet sung during  the  tableau combined to  make the  number   altogether   satisfying.  No   one   present   would    have  cared to miss seeing and hearing  Master  Kenneth Kyle,     while  Teddy        Fargo's      recitation,  "When the Minister   comes   to  Tea" -was greeted  with   rounds  of   applause.    The   Scouts     in.  their   sketch,    "The   Monkeys*  Surprise," scored many a well-  deserved    laugh.    Both   Willie  Thomson and Jim Clarke handled   their   amusing   roles in   a  manner -worthy   of the highest'  praise.  The thanks of the community  are due the young people and  the committee for presenting  such an entertaining performance. Special thanks should  be tendered Miss Ramsey, who  in spite of her busy days at  school found , time to attend rehearsals and prepare numbers  without which the programme  would have been infinitely less  attractive. On Saturday $43.23  were dispatched to the Salva-  ti on A rmy a t Van co uver to provide Christmas Dinners for  poor children.  KBRBMB0S-PBKT1CT0N  ROYALMAIL STAGE  Auto Leaves  on  arrival  of 9.30  and 4 o clock trains.  Baggage in-ranged for.  TWEDDLE'S   AUTO    STAGE  Cars Call at all Hotels THE HEDLEY GAZETTE,  DEC." 23. l������lo  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������&������������&������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  Your  >������mos   I/L/arits   Supplied !  Wo have anticipated what you would most likcl  to mention everything in a small ad. but we  ma  y need for tho Festive Holiday Season.      Our stock is complete.      It would be impossible  Ice a few suggestions, mainly   to show you it i.s not necessary to send away for anything  Children  For the Little Tots  Teddy Ben 1 Suit--Sjtf.2.:;- Swoiilei-  Conts  2.00 up:   Hi-iii-hkin   (Jo.-itr.  $:-J,00   up:   Wool   (Jups Nor; Ciili  Blanki-l-- 1.15:  Vi-lvi'l   IJnilt  nllil  H-a s.uo-  Silk   i)iu-*-.-s :-;.oo t.i>  .$5 00: C.-is-hiiirre Dicsms 1.50 up;  I'Vlt SlippeiH 75<- ti> J)()c: Miii<-n.������  and Bom ies 2(l<- up: U;il>y'.- ltilis  Joe up: Hair Kililmns all   colors.  Tunis make tjoiiil   pivseut.-   for  tlie handy man ortl)oy. See '>11> '���������>  Buy at t)n&  Ello: ������tore  j/Vle-n .and Boys  Sweater   Coats   Boys   1.25    up;  " " Mens   5.00    up:  Fancy Ties 75c tn $1.00: Il.-ind-  keicliief's. Silk and liincn 25c to  .$1.00: Silk imi-fHois $1.75; Gloves-  wool len and lealhei- .")0c to <g2 00;  Suspenders 50c up: Armlets, 25c  to 75c; Hockey (Jnp.s 00c; Kelt  Slippoi-s 75c Io $1.50: Gillcttes"  Safety iiii7.cu- $5.00 up; Pocket  Knives 50c to $2.00; Skates and  Skating Shops.  Groceries  All  New  Stock,   Fresh and  Clean  Hein/. Plum Pudding .'.  50c  Peels, Orange, Lemon, Gili-on, Hi. -10c;  Raisins, (Juri-anis, Dates, package 15e  Sultana':, '.i packages for   50c  Mince Meal, Hi  3Uc.    (Jninlieri-ies,.  25c  Shelled Almonds, per pound   (50c  Walnuts,    "       "       05c  . Nuts:--Walnuts, Almonds, Bi-a/.ils,  Filliei-ts and Peanuts. Fruit:���������Apples,  Oianges, Bananas, Grapes, Jap Oranges. Sweet,Potatoes. Table Raisins.  A Large Assortment of Xmas Candies  For   the    Ladies  Silk Waists $2.00 up! Sweater  Coats ��������� $S.50, -1.50 and 5.00; Wool  Shawls $2.00 and 2.75; .Japanese  Padded Kiinonas$S.00: Bedroom  Slippoi-s $1,00 to $1.25; Fancy  Lace Collars f-0c, 75c, and $1.00;  Collar and Cull' Sets .$1.00; Bou-  dour Caps 75c and $1.00; Tea  Aprons 50c. up to $1.00; Silk  Scarfs $1.75; Silk Gloves; $1.00  and $1.75; Kid Gloves $1,00-1.75;  Fancy Ernli, H'dk'fs 00c to $2.00:  Fancy Silk Table Covers $3.00 to  $4.00; Linen Tnhlo Co vols 1.75 up  Miscellaneous  Hot Point Electric Irons; $'".75;  151 Con'ifo (to make the lied warm  throw away tho old , fashioned  hot water bottle) $0.00: Flic  Toasters' $1.50; Other electric appliances to arrive. Carving Sets  $5.00 to S.OO; Carpet Sweepers  5.00 to U.00;Ko(lgors 1S17 Silverware, Pie Carvers, Berry Spoons  Sugar Shells, Tea Spoons,' Knives and Forks etc. from 1.50 up.  Sleighs 1.25 to 0.50: Skates 75c-$5  Silver Toast Racks $7.00.  TTih������ Hedley TTr-ocSing Co., Ltd.  *���������*���������* 'T* *I* 41+ -*^t ���������������������* **=Jt *t* *?���������* *l* *!+��������� ���������** 4-1-*** iV *** +-*��������� -*��������������������������������������� ���������**+ *?*��������� **-������ ���������*���������*-���������+ +*-t *i* ���������+**��������� *5t ���������*���������** **+ -+X+ ���������������������������������*���������    ���������*������* ������������������������ ������������������fit *������+ +������.* *���������** *5* *��������������� *%*��������� At* *���������������- -5* tv ���������**��������� ���������*?��������� -+X* **5*- *5* ������������������5*' ������2-fe iS* 4-5-*- "fit ���������*��������������� 4������������ **5t. *& &f +X* ���������������+ *?.* ���������������* &t *5* *Z* *Z* ���������X* *5* +Z+ *V *V ���������*** +T* *������t  '.s.' -ii+ tsr fe? V2J S5; ���������������-������ v*;������.' ^ '^ *.?���������" w @ '# ���������& ������������������?���������# ������ ������ %������s v#5?5 -Sst *���������#��������� '������������J @ -^ ������?,��������� ���������&. '.?������������������ ������gr ������ ������ ���������������.��������� ���������&��������� '& ���������<������<��������� v?.' ���������$?.������ -js? -A'������ -������s; *#-; is? ".S." '& ���������>& \<g ������ ������s? ���������<������ is; **?." ������������?<���������" -is." is; *.?; ���������j*-" vs.* *��������������� "<?.*���������".?; ���������-?." ������������������.?.���������" -.?.��������� *���������>?.' -.ft* i?; v# ���������;���������?; iss-,  0  Pocket  Cameras,   Gramophones   and  Records,  ran Where Kash Kounts!  Paoeteries, Cigars, Cigar Holders, Cigar Cases,  Pipes, Tobacco Pouches, Boxes of Candy, Subscriptions to Magazines,   Etc.  Shoes!  We have just opened a Large  Assortment of Shoes for Men  and Ladies, Boys and Girls.  An Especially Fine Assortment of.  Shoes for the Baby.  g COME IN and look over our Splendid  Stock of Men's Top Shirts, Underwear,  Sox,-Handkerchiefs and Notions  i James St&  Groceries !  All Staple lines of Groceries.  Everything for the  Christmas  Dinner.    Nice new Goods.  Our Stock of Biscuits and Cookies  cannot be beaten in Hedley.  E>ctr-a Speci-al !  Dont   sleep till   you   see our  Candies for the Holiday Trade  NAMELY- GIFKOCEEt  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������Q  ������  ������  ������  **8?  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ���������������  ������  ������:  ������  ������  ������  ������.  ������.  ������.  ������  ������ .  Rates���������$1.50 a Day and up.  First-class Accommodation.  Bar stocked with the best  brands of Liquors & Cigars.  Tom and Jerry  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  PAINTING  PAPER-HANGING  KALS0MINING  TERMS MODERflTE,  DALY AVE.   -   -   tlEDLEY, BiG.   |  >@^.@@������@@������@@������^@.@@@@@@@@@@@@������@@@@^.  Bow Kee ��������� Laundry  Only First Class Work  Laundry Delivered Anywhere  SEE TPJAT IT IS  [Made In Canada  Hedley   G-azette  $2 per annum  The Nickel Plate  Barbershop  SflTISFflCTORY, SnNlTflRY  TONSORIflL SERVliBB  This shop it equipped with  Baths and all the latest  Electrical   Appliances.  W. T. BUTLER, - Prop.  UNDER   NEW   MANAGEMENT  Rooms   all  Thoroughly  Renovated.  Cuisine under direct control of the  Manager, who has had twelve years'  experience in the Old Country.  None but the best brands of Liquors  and Cigars.  Your patronage respectfully solicited  GOOD    SAMPLE    ROOM  CB  m������im*v������rimvmruwnmj*mmnwima*!atia������mmKi^mtMai*AWMaBa  ^���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^������������������������������������������������������������������������m&������^������������������������������������������������������������������^������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  UR Stock of Dried Fruits for the Christmas Cooking is Most Complete, including All  The   Best  Brands in the  following  lines:  SEEDED MUSCATEL RAISINS 4 FANCY  SULTANAS 4 4 SUN MAID "CLUSTER"  TABLE RAISINS    4    4   4     FIGS AND DATES  /\    F^in-e   Assortment   of   Candies   for   Christmas   Entertainments  SEE OUR WINDOWS   FOR FRESH FRUITS   /\IND   VEGETABLES  Creelmain  &  Lyall  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������&������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ^M^f^Wif^i''''  ������>---,.->.,M4-~T^-'������?*^^  mm**  "2SC  HlklSSt


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