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The Hedley Gazette Dec 21, 1911

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Array AND SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER.  Volume VII.  HEDLEY, B.C., THURSDAY, DECEMBER 21. 1911  Number 50.  Dr. C. A. JACKSON  DENTIST  [18 years'pracbico in Vancouver.]  S. O. L. Co.'s Block   .-.-������������������.  PENTICTON,      -'     -      B. C  \A/atcHrti*aki<e'r"  clocks and Watches for Sale.  M. W. A. BALL  HOTEL PENTICTON  Headquarters for Tourist Travel.:  Rates Moderate.  A. Bak.ves, Prop. ",    Penticton, B.C.'  R. W. DEANS  Notary Public . Real Estate  Ranches,  Properties,  Mines,: Timber,.  Water Powers'.  Upper Trout Creek, Balcomo P. O. B.C.  Nickel Plate' Camp of the Modern  Woodmen of America made their debut to the people of Hedley as a social  organization when thev gave a ball iu  Shatford's hall' oh Friday night last  which.it is their intention to make an  annual affair.    The hall was tastefully  decorated with, evergreens and bunting and  various designs and mottoes  bearing out the insignia   and symbolism of the order..  The. floor was in  good shape and music  was furnished  by Coulth-ird's orchestra from Princeton.   There was a good attendance of  guests of both sexes, but with the size  of the hall there was ample dancing  room to  prevent congestion and conditions 'wore altogether favorable for  an enjoyable time. Supper was served  at the New Zealand   hotel  where the  host and  hostess put  lip  ait elegant  spread which, was pronounced  one of  the very  best given  at anv  like function in Hedley.    The number of guests  that, were, served supper totalled about  120, and as quite a number had gone  home  before the supper hour an idea  may be obtained of the success of the  event.   ,  CHRISTMAS  The Gazette Wishes Its Patrons and the  District generally  A Merry Christmas and  A Happy Prosperous New Yearj  i 9 i i  OUR ILLUSTRATED CHRISTMAS STORY  N. THOMPSON '.'. ���������''PHONE SEV.MOUK.afH3  MGR. WKSTKUN CANADA j,  Cammell Laird & Co. Ltd.  Steel Manufacturers .1  Sheffield, Eng.  Ofliccs and AVai'diousc, SlHi'i Beatty Street  Vancouver, B. C.  R. H. ROGERS,  ;    M.A., B.C.Ij.  BARRISTER, SOLICITOR,  NOTARY PUBLIC, ETC  Vernon, B. C  Grand Union  Hot**)  HEDLEY, B. C.  First Class Accommodation.   Bar Stocked with  Best Brands of Liquor and Cigars.  A. WINKLER, Proprietor  OVERESTIMATING  TIMBER  A. F. & A. M.  REGULAR monthly meetings of  Hedley Lodge No. 13, A. F. & A. M.,  . are held on the second Friday in  each month in Fraternity hall, Hedley. Visiting  brethren arc cordially invited to attend.  J. K. FRASER, J. A. SCHUBERT,  W. M Secretary  MODERN WOODMEN '  OF AMERICA  Hedley Local Ciiini> meets in  Fraternity Hall thc - first .and  third Thursdays in the month.  1 G aIcKaciikkx  ' Counsel  S. K. Hamilton  ('Jerk.  L. O. L.  Regular monthly iiicctinjLrs of  Hedley Lodge 1711 arc held on  the    third    Monday    in    every  5i1=a3lii?rM^lllonth in Fraternity Hull.   Visit-  ling* brethern arc cordially invited to attend.  arthur king. xv. .m.  wm. lonsdaIjI-:. scc'i.  [DR. J. L. MASTERS  DENTIST  |AVill be at Home office in Oroville, 1st  to 14th of each month.  lOfiiee  011  North   Main   Street.  IK. A. C. STL'I'I)  IIA1IOI.I* .mav.vi-; IIAI.V  ISTUDD & DALY,  Members Vancouver .Stock K.vcliann'c  ! Real Estate,  Insurance, Stock, Loan  and Mortgage Brokers  728 Hastings Street \V  Opposite Now Post Otllcc  An interview with an,engineer givi >n  recently .in  a..-western  paper   to  the  ett'ect that there is abundant timibei  on the line of  the Hudson Bay Railway is an illustration of the misapprehension in  regard to this  niatter that  exists in the public mind.    Because  there are dargo  areas of land  in   the  north 011  which there   is   timber  of  some kind, the  conclusion is reached  that it is all of present value and that  the countiyhas an unlimited supply.  As a niatter of fact a careful inspection of the timber along the line of the  Hudson    Bay Railway 'made in. the  years 1910 and 1911, by the Forestry  branch of the Department of the  Interior, shows that there is not enough  mature  timber along .the line of that  railway to  build the road.     There are  no prairie districts of any extent along  the route, there are trees everywhere,  but owing  to repeated 11 res the* forest  is, except on the merest fraction of the  area,   too small for commercial  purposes and  unless it can be  protected  from lire until  it reaches   maturity,  will never be of any use to the country  Explorations in   other   parts   of   the  northern    forested   districts   tell   the  same tale.    Everywhere fire has worked  havoc, and  the forest is a mere  wreck of what it  might have  been if  fires could  be prevented.    And unless  adequate  measures are taken now to  protect the  young and immature forests which for  the major part of the  stand,   the  outlook for the future  is  none too good.  If the northern forests are to continue to be a permanent source of  wealth to the country! it is absolutely  necessiiry that the fire ranging system  should lie extended and that proper  methods of management of the forest  should be applied, and public education to the value of the forest is even  more necessary.  In Sweden, which has large extents  of northern forest, practically uninhabited, similar to those in northern  Canada, has about eliminated tlie fire  danger iu such districts mainly by  educating her people to the value of  tlie forests.  P. O, BOX ftoii  Vancouver,  B. C.  Burne, Temple & Tunbridge  Solicitors, Notaries Public,  Conveyancers, Etc.  PENTICTON, British Columbia.  P. W. GREGORY  OIV1I., KNTM.NKF.R and BRITISH  OOIA1MBIA LAXD SURVKVOK  Star Building  Princeton  The Yukon is agitating lor better  mail service. At present there is only  a letter mail in the winter.  . Sir Charles Tipper is very ill in  London, of bronchitis and his advanced age makes his condition serious.  Kamloops will hold a, centenary  celebration next September. It was  in September 1812 that a fur-trading  station was opened there.  The grain blockade on the prairies  is a disgrace to tlie railways that have  been so remiss in the niatter of providing cars to remove tho wliea.t that  is offering. They either knew or.  should h.-iye known Avhat amount of  ���������.crnin was to move and made full pro  visiun.  FIRST LOAD  OF ORE FROM  XIOKEL  PLATE  JUNK  .Jonah carries the belt for preaching the shortest sermon on record. His  sermon was "Yet forty days and -Nineveh shall be destroyed". Dean Swift-  was a good second in the niatter of the shortest missionary sermon. He had  for his text '"He that giveth to the poor lendeth to the Lord and He in His own  good time will repay"; and his sermon, after reading the text, was: "There  now, christian friends, if you're pleased with the security down with the  dust."  The Gazette has a short Clnistnias story for this issue which comes in  very opportune at- this time, after the Nickel Plate mine has just paid an annual dividend of 25% to its shareholders of the Hedley Gold Mining Co.  The accompanying illustration, from a rather inferior photograph taken  of M. Iv. Rodgers in the vicinity of "Camp Rest" after a heavy snowfall  in the late fall of 1S9S shows him in the rather strenuous act of bringing down  the first load of ore from Nickel Plate mountain into Siniilkahieen valley. He  had visited the property a few weeks before in company with the owners and  taken some samples which he took with him to Butte and there had. them  tested. The returns were so surprisingly high and the rock so common looking that he began to suspect that the owners had salted it on him, and he concluded to go back himself and make another thorough sampling from the  same and other places.  The first trip he went in by Penticton. This second time he came in by  way of Marcus and Midway and came up the Similkanieen where he got a Si-  Wash to accompany him and help him to make camp.  After the sampling had been completed they broke camp. Mr. Rodgers  had rolled up about 125 lbs of rock in his blankets to take out with him. While  he was doing so the Indian watched him stolidly, but finally broke silence  with the question:  "You pack him down?"  "Y'es" said M. K.  "Heap damn fool" said the Indian: "lots more rock like that down in the  yalley."  Nevertheless, in spite of the Indian's well meant counsel, the rock was  packed down ,'an altitude of about 5000 feet; loaded on a pack horse and taken  out to the railway at Marcus on the way to Butte where it was tested and  tallied up with the. first sampling. Tlie result was that the option became a  bond and tlie bond became a purchase and the property has since turned out a  little better than throe and a quarter millions in gold and for the year 1911 a  25% dividend has been paid.  FOR THE  RAINY DAY  "There is nothing 'more admirable  than thrift, and there is nothing more  pitiable than when the accumulations  of thrift are pocketed by the rapacious  harpies who prey upon the small investors," says the .Economist (Eng.)  It is therefor not only desirable, but  it  is   absolutely   necessary   that   Ave  should have some plan.of investment  under which we may by putting aside  from week to week or month to month  a portion  of,our; earnings, liiake  provision   against; a   "Rainy   Day", and  this plan  is afforded by the Canadian  Government's; Annuities   Act,   which  was  approved  by Members   of   both  Houses of Parliament.    The (1benefits  to be  derived from  the purchase of a  Government Annuity as a nieans  of  making provision  for  old  age are. it  may be said,  far more  bountiful than'  those which may. be derived from any  other **nfe investment, and far greater  than the people have any idea of, simply   for the reason  that  with   every  payment of Annuity is returned a portion of the purchase money together  with compound interest at -1%.     If the  Annuitant  lives the age rage  number  of years he  may  be expected  to live  according to mortality experience, he  will receive back all that  lie paid in as  well as Hie interest thereon.    But this  is not all, for should he survive  this  expectation the annuity will not cease,  but  will go on   until   his death.      It  seems paradoxical  that a man can use  his  principal  without  his income becoming loss,  bub this is made possible  under the Annuities system.  The age of five is the earliest-age at  which payments for: the purchase of-  an Annuity may be begun, and the  age of 55 has been fixed as the earliest  age at-which, except for invalidity or  disability, an Annuity may begin. '  Literature descriptive of its features,  and tables showing the costs on different plans, may be obtained at the  Post Office or on application to the  Superintendent of Annuities, Ottawa,  to whom letters go free of postage.  GENERAL NEWS  It is announced that the Dominion  government are willing to accede to  British Columbia's wishes in the matter of the railway belt. It will be settled at once and deeds of title that  have been held up so long will soon be  issued.  The C P. R. are to spend several  million dollars on Vancouver depot.  The Robin Hood mills, atMoosejaw,  which were the finest between "Winnipeg and Calgary were destreyed by  fire, loss $700,000*  Moving pictures displayed in Mout-  treal which reflected upon the Italians  in the present war with Turkey made  Montreal dagoes hot and a riot resulted.  A Winnipeg constable was exonerated from blame for cuffing a. chauffeur who used abusive language when  being arrested.  British Columbia supplied all the recruits for the Rainbow. It took Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime provinces to recruit the Niobe.  The C. P. R.  the  mountain  C.  JE.  SHAW  Civil Engineer, Dominion and Provincial Land Surveyor.  Office of J. A. Brown  KEREMEOS - - B.C.  British Columbia, timber revenues  and coal prospecting licences are increasing every month.  Municipal politics have the floor at  present over the province and keen  contests are being waged in many  cases.  The "I Wont Work" organization  are pai ticularly troublesome in pails  of Washington state at present.  Princess Patricia has landed and is  now a good Canuck.  The failure of a construction company iu Seattle has caused wide distress among workmen in that city  who are out their wages.  A million dollar canning company  has been organized in Montreal with  British and Canadian capital.  Canadian Manufacturers' Association are going to test the legality of  tin; British Columbia Companies' Act  in its clauses relating to the registration of extra provincial companies.  The new postmaster-general is going  to make politicians and newspapers  pay for sending out extras with campaign  matter.  Crime is increasing in Canada, with  the increase of population.  Geo. Turner, of Spokane, is a United  Slates appointee on the international  waterways com mission.  Industrial expansion in Westminster is setting real estate soaring.  The C. P. R. lost a million bushels of  grain in an elevator fire at Owen  Sound,  will use oil burners on  section   of   their   road  and reservoir tanks are   being placed.  Typhoid  is epidemic   around   Ash-  croft and provincial health authoiities  are investigating.  Murder and robbery are epidemic in  Spokane.  Temperance people in Victoria arc  petitioning to have the hours from S  a. m. to 0 p. tn. That- short booze day  would make dry times for the working man. There would be no "mom's  morn" for him then.  The provincial printing bureau is  busy printing the revised statutes.  More arrests are shortly to follow in  the Los Angeles Times case. A high  up labor leader iu San Francisco is  under surveillance.  Roosevelt's friends are working up a.  presidential boom for him. Bostonians  lead in the movement.  A  big  Knglish   company  with   Sir  George Doughty at  its head   will develop British Columbia's fisheries and  .  British fishermen   will take the place  of Asiatics*. THE HEDLEY GAZETTE    DEC 21,   1M11.  ffi  *  and  Similkameen Advertiser.  ssned on Thursdays, by the Hkdi.KY Ga/.kttk  1'KI.VTINO AND lJl.*m.lSIU.N'G COMPANY,  Li.mitko.'  at. Hcdlev. B. C. .  Subscriptions in Advance  Per Year.. $2.00  "   (United States). '. 2.50  Advertising Rates  Measurement, lvJ lines to the inch.  Land Notices���������Certificates of improvement, etc.  $7.00 for (i0-day notices, and $5.(10 for 30-day  notices. ,  Changes for contract advertisements should  be in the oftico by noon on Tuesday to .secure  ttention for that week's issue.  Advertisements will be changed once every  :month if advertiser desires, without, any extra  charge. For changes oftener than once a month  ho  price of composition will be charged at  regular rates.  A. MEGRAW. JYlanajrirur Hditor.  is   liable    to    cause    disturbance  Tommy Atkins' interior economy.  in  METEOROLOGICAL.  The. following are the readings show-!  ing temperature,   etc.,   for  the   week;  Sir Thomas Lipton   has gone into a j ending Dec. 16,1911 :  ' | AT THE  S  mining venture in Newfoundland, try-1  /.   -i       . ���������       ,.!,.   nM Dec 10  ing to find an iron mine. It Sir lliomas  will  only -come  to Hedley  camp and  spend  one-tenth of  what it costs him  to  run   one   yacht   race,   in   digging  where  he  is told   he  will  stand a far  better chance of taking out enough  money to build ten cup-lifters than he  had of winning most of the races iii  which he has engaged.  Full Moon  Last qiiav.  in.  1911  DEC  New Moon  ���������20  Kirsb onar.  ���������2S.  1911  Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat.  3  '���������  o  10  11  12  17  IS  19  24  25  2(5  31  0  is  20-  27  II-  2S  1  8  15  22  21)  9  10  23  80  SIMPLER   AND BETTER  That the annuities plan is to lie. carefully fostered and promoted under the  new   government   is   already   made,  quite  apparent and the note- of needless   alarm  sounded    by McLean   of  Halifax   because   the   machinery   for  carrying out the  scheme  was  being  simplified,   is beginning to look  ridiculous in tile extreme.    The late government in order  to make  berths for  hungry partisan   friends  had the excuse  of appointing one hundred and  fifty   lecturers   whose   nominal   duty  was to  go about  the country instructing the people on the working of the  annuities scheme but whose main duty  was to  absorb a considerable   part of  the fund  iu salaries  which  would be  better    applied    in     increasing    the  amount of annuities paid; and because  the  new  government decided to  dispense with the services of the lecturers  and employ the  postmasters to do the  work, McLean, the  erstwhile member  of the Nova Scotia provincial  legislature said that- this "sounded the death  knell   of  the  annuities scheme."      A  plain circular of instructions issued to  each of the postmasters that need not  be one  quarter as long or as involved  as tin    present postal  instructions issued  annually  to them  in   the postal  guide, is a.ll that is required; and as for  advertising  the  scheme, that is  now  being done   fiee by the newspapers in  Canada,   and    done   more,    effectively  than by lecturers.    So-called life insurance  experts,   the majority of whom  knew no more about insurance actuarial work   than a dog knows about his  father,    gadding   about   the  country  making a pretence of rendering a service that was wholly unnecessary was  a piece of senseless   extravagance that  the new government did well   to put  an end to.  Canada never did an act that won  her more respect from the people of  of the United States than when she  gaye her answer on reciprocity. There  are a hundred things since the election that show this, arid Governor  Dix's speech at the Canadian Club  .banquet in New York which was addressed by Premier Borden, was,proof  of it. Sir Richard Cartwright and  Rev. J. A. Macdonald should read the  Dix speech and ponder it well.  MINK.     .,'.' -     '  Maximum Minimum  29        .. 15  HO       .. 19  28 .. 20  29 IS  HO .. 19  81     ' ..- .          20  ���������28.,'   .. IS  Average maximum temperature 29.28  Average minimum "<��������� ��������� do) 18.42  Mean temperiiture 28.85  Rainfall for the week   0.00 inches.  Snowfall        "        " 1.5        "  COKKESl-ONOING''tt'KKK OF  LAST YEAK  Highest maximum' temperature 45.  11  12  18  14  15  Hi  Average  maximum           do  33.85  Lowest minimum             do  11.  Average  minimum           do  16.28  Mean  do  AT .THIS  MILL.  25.06  Maximum  Miriijihun  Dec 10  30     "  -..  28  11  3S  27  ���������  12  ..         -         U  28  13  .-'.���������'       38     ,   ...  24  14  33  26  15  .           31  26  10  35  27  is as  necessary for a family as for a company.  The best Reserve Fund for the samily is a snug  sum  of money  in a strong Bank.    Begin your  Savings Account now in  The Bank of British  ������������������-;',-     Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received and  ' interest added twice a vear.  , ���������"..-.       '    ���������     > , ��������� ��������� **.      . ��������� ���������-        ' '''*.'      ���������    ���������     ' ���������''  75 Years in Businest Capital and Reserve Over $7,500,000   r  Hedley  Branch, H; A Hincks, Manager  EDITORIAL COMMENTS  Other sovereigns in Britain have  held the title of Empress and Emperor  of India but King George is the only  Johnny on the spot to hold down the  job.  Now that the British Army Office  have turned down the U. S. purveyors of embalmed beef, we may expect reproof to Asquith and his followers from Sir Richard Cartwright  and the editor of the Globe.  The British war office have no use  for embalmed beef and all United  States meat packers who were concerned in the meat frauds during the  war with Spain are excluded from  participating in the contracts for the  British army. .Embalmed lieef may  do for the United States soldier but it  The Borden government bids fair to  repeat at Ottawa the performance of  Whitney  in   Ontario and, McBride in  British Columbia, both of which have  been noted for progressiveness. Whitney's hydro-electric power policy was  a bold conception  which   is  making  money for the people of Ontario and  taking them  out of the'' control of the  power    rings, and   his -"go vein men t-  owned and operated Temiscaiiiingue  railway; was also an  original thing in  that province, and McBride's business  methods and vigorous transportation  policy have meant millions for this  province.     'Vigorous    transportation  policy  is also  to  be a feature  of the  Borden  program and the railway and  canal system  of the country  is to be  overhauled   in   the   interests   of   the  people.  Most of the grain of the Canadian west is going to the Atlantic seaboard by  way of Buffalo and the Erie  canal and as the United States government is now expending $101,000,000 in  deepening   and   enlarging   the    Erie  canal it is  up to Canada   to be up and  doing.    It is given  out that Hon. IT.  D. Monk has told  the  people of Toronto that they will make Toronto an  ocean   port.    Also strong  representations are  being made to  the government for enlarging the Welland canal  so as to  make its  capacity equal to-if  not larger than the proposed improvements  on the Erie  canal and   as two  cents per bushel can   be saved  on the  present price of transporting the western wheat to the Atlantic seaboard by  making the canal large enough to accomodate the largest sized lake boats,  the project for enlarging the Welland  canal   would   seem   to  be a national  work of the greatest possible importance and call for Canada's best efforts  and the government is fully   alive, to  the situation.     The enormous  expansion of railway facilities in  the west  and increase in  the quantity of grain  grown  makes Canada's facilities forgetting the grain to   the seaboard resemble an enormous  hopper  with a  small spout.    For years past we have  been increasing the size of the hopper  without enlarging the spout until now  it becomes  necessary  not   only to enlarge  the spout but to add   two more  spouts, at Vancouver and on Hudson's  Bay.    There is lots of work for the  new government to do  and the people  will baek them in doing it.  Average maximuin temperature 30.85  Average minimum        ; do 26.57  Mean do 31.71  Rainfall for the week  0.07 inches  Snowfall        "        "        ,9 "  !  COiRKESl'OXblNG WKKIv OK LAST YEAK  Highest hiaxinium teiriperiiture 53  ,  Average do do- 42.71  Lowest minimum do 26  Average do v  :do 31.14  Mean do 36.92  The Time for Christinas Shiripping is  Short. If you wait you have to hurry  and hurry means worry.  ������  Our Christmas Candies are as fresh  and pure a,s one would have them if  you supervised the making.  Our Christmas -Novelties are df both  Practical and Lasting Nature. The  range, price and quality are absolutely  NOTICE  SIMILKAMEEN LAND, DISTKICT  ..."DISTKICT.OK YAT.E  "V-AICE NOTICE that Emile Jensen, of Glen  x Valley, Now Westminster District, B. C.  occupation Farmer, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described  land.  , Commencing- at a post planted (northwest  .'corner) about .six chains distant and in a northerly direction from the Ash nola River and  about seventeen miles from its mouth thence  east 00 chains, thence south 20 chains, thence  west (10 chains, thence north 20 chains to point  of commencement, containing 120 acres more  or less   ��������� , ���������  EMILE JENSEN  H. C. N. Etches, agent.  October 17th, 1911 ' 16-10     ,  We Wish   our Customers   a  Merry  Christmas and a Prosperous N e w Year  NOTICE  SIMILKAMEEN LAND DISTRICT  DISTKICT Ol'' YAU*  'PAKE notice that I, Willian Charles Lyall,  ' *��������� of Hedley, merchant, intends to apply  for permission to purchase the : following described lands  Commencing at a post planted at northwest  corner of Lot 1972, situate on the Similkameen  river, thence south 20 chains thence west 20  chains, thonce north 20 chains, thenee cast 20  chains to point of commencement, containing  1 acres more or less.  WILLIAM CHARLES LYALL  Mortincr J. Costello, Agent.  November ISth, 1911 IS-10  A. MEGRAW  NOTARY   PUBLIC  Conveyancer,  Real Estate,  Mines,  Crown    Grants   Applied   For  Under Land Act and  Mineral Act.  SGhubert's Supply Stores  Hedley and Tulameen  f A BOUNTIFUL SUPPLY  OF  X GOOD THINGS TO EAT <  always helps to make the  Agent for:  Mutual Life of Canada.  Hudson Bay Insurance Co.  Columbia Fire Insurance Co.  Calgary Fire Insurance Co.  Alliance Insurance Co.  London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.  Office   at   HEDLEY,   B. C.  A Happy and Enjoyable Time  for Old and Young  THE  NEW  ZEALAND  HOTEL  *        . # * * *  JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor  Everything New and  First-Glass  Bar supplied with the Choicest  Liquors and Cigars, and Special  Attention   paid   to   the   Table.  E. E. Burr  General   Blacksmith  Hedley, B. C.  Horse-shoeing and all  Blacksmith Work  Promptly attended to.  Pipe-fitting done.  PALACE,  Liverii, Feed & Sale Stables    HEDLEY   13.'0.    IF A good stock of Horses and Rigs on  Hand.    "I Orders for Teaming  promptly attended to.  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  <#> We have prepared for your wants with an excel-  ��������� lent assortment of Fruits and Confectionery     ;|  X Including  Oranges,   Lemons, Apples, Bananas,,!  ^ Grapes, Cranberries,   Cocoanuts, Celery, Lettuce, Nuts,'J  ��������� and a fine assortment of Choice Candies.  :  ���������  ��������� Fi  ���������  The best place to get these Good Things is at |  SHATFORDS  A new supply of Raisins,  Sultanas,  Currants. |  gs, Dates and Peels just in; nice, fresh and clean.  Office of Dominion Express Gompanij.  WOOD   FOR   SALE!  Phon.   11        INNIS  BROS. Proprietors.  NOTICE  Certificate of Improvements.  Nkw Yoioc KiiACTiONAi, Mineral Claim, situate in thc Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale  District,   Where located: Camp Hedley  Take Notice that I, Ainsloy Megraw, F.M.C.  No. 1051211, agent for the Hedley Gold Mining  Company Limited, Free Miner's Certificate No.  B22100, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,  to apply to the Mining Recorder for'a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant to tho above claim.  Antl further take notice that action, under  section 117, must be commenced before the issui'  ahce of such Certificate of Improvement*!.  Dated this 18th day of November, Kill   10-10  Shatfords, Ltd,  PRINCETON   BREWING   CO.  PRINCETON, B. C.  Make the  NOTED HOP GOLD BEER  THEIR NOTED HALF AND HALF  (HALF STOUT AND I'OKTKU)  is a Winner. THE HEDLEY GAZETTE^   DEC 21,    1911.  Town and District.  Don't,, forget the Sunday School  Christmas tree in Fraternity hall tomorrow (Friday night.)  The Dixie Jubilee Singers, in aid of  the-Hedley Hospital, Fraternity Hall,  Wednesday, January 10th.  Mrs. E. Al. Daly, Miss Daly and  Miss Corngan came up from Kero-  ��������� nieos to attend tlie Woodmen's ball.  A  letter from   Harry Swan   states'  that Burns  Bowerman has arrived in  that camp and Harry had  put him to j Quebec  work.  Edward Baxter, of Moosejaw, accompanied by his wife and child, came  in Monday to spend Christmas' with  his mother, Mrs. J. D. Brass.  No green Christmas for Hedley this  year. Tuesday night's snowfall settled that,-and only a- little more is  needed to make fair sleighing.  G. S. Lawrence, formerly of Keremeos, but latterly of Vancouver and  Calgary was in town lust week.' He  is spending a short time at Keremeos  Centre.  If the next two months will only  follow the example set bv December  we will have nothing to complain of.  The first half of -December scarcely resembled winter at all.  Christmas displays at ��������� Shatfords  Limited and J. A. Schubert's are attracting the attention of Christinas  buyers and business lias been reasonably good with them.  ,v The days are already a minute longer in the evenings. By the end of the  year they will have lengthened out  eight minutes, but will shorten up  four minutes yet in the mornings.  The Hedley Union S. S. and teachers presented tha hospital with silver  spoons from the proceeds of their  birthday bank. Each Christmas this  bank is opened and the amount in it  used for. some useful article for the  hospital.  The Hedley Union Sunday School  will give their annual Christinas entertainment in FraternityhH.ll, Friday  Dec. 22nd, 7:30 sharp. Everyone welcome to Mother Goose land and tlie  Christinas tree. Come everybody arid  help the children haye a merry time.  Messrs. Boeing & Brass finished up  their bridge contract on the Ashriola  last week and moved their 'outfit back  to Hedley. They were particularly  favored with good weather'during tlie  work and completed. ;in less time than;  they had counted on.  The hearing of the case which was  to test the validity of the bond held  by Mr. Brooks on the Kingston was  set for tlie first week in December, but  as yet no word appears to have come  to hand whether it had come off or  not.   The hearing would take place in  The unto road from the coast has  all been located between the Similkameen and the coast and for a considerable distance east. Work will be  pushed next summer in connecting up  the links, of unbuilt portions of the  route and widening out the roadbed  iii the portions' of existing roads that  are being utilized for the provincial  highway.  The, annual Masonic church service  in celebration of the anniversary of St.  John tlie evangelist will take place on  Sunday evening next. The brethern  are requested to meet in the lodge  room before 7 o'clock; after which,the  lodge will proceed to the chutch where  Rev.'A. H. Cameron, chaplain of the  lodge will pieach thesetmom Special  music for the occasion is expected.  A lot of heaver have already been  taken this year although the latest  order-in-council we have seen, indicated they were to be protected for another year before an open season is  declared. Some parties claim to have  written provincial game warden,  Bryan Williams and received the reply that they could go ahead and trap  them.  There is talk of trying to organize a  game protective association in the Similkameen. The unprecedented slaughter of deer this year has prompted  the movement. The thing that is  likely to be asked is that the season he  made to end at least three weeks  earlier than at present, and another is  to ask for increase of the bounty on  cougar which are very destructive to  the deer.  Pin,the date, January 10th, in your  hat, and if you haven't got a hat pin  use souie other kind. Th-it is thedate  when the Dixie, Jubilee Singers will  appear in Hedley under the auspices  of the Hedley hospital. There is no  burnt cork businessabout it; the  J troupe are geniiihe college bred, negro  .-talent that have been patronized by  the best class of music-loving concert  goers in the larger towns and cities.  James Clarke, jeweller, has moved  into the shop next door north, having  purchased the premises from Alex  McDpna|d and fitted it up in good  shape. He has also laid in a lot of  new stock for the Christmas trade and  as he make's a practice never to handle  interior scuff patrons can count on  what they buy being exactly as represented. The 100 day clock put in a  little over a year ago is "still doing  business without any further winding  and a now novelty in the clock line  has also been added.  WHEN WRITING ADVERTISERS PLEASE  MENTION   THIS PAPER  ,    The Pollock Mines Co., of which the  head office has apparently been transferred  from Hedley   to Vancouver,   is  holding the annual .meeting in Vancouver to-day.      While, many of the  stockholders (possibly   thc   majority)  reside in Hedley the controlling interest  in  stock   is   held   in    Vancouver.  Among  the   tin worked  properties  to  which  the people of  Hedley are looking for an  expansion   in   the  way of  increased  operations, it  is  hoped the  Pollock may  now contribute its share  and shareholders in Hedley will await  with    interest   a   report   of   to-day's  meeting   as   they  are   interested   in  learning the financial condition of the  company and the outlook for active  operations in the coming summer. The  Pollock  properties and the showings  thereon   warrant   the  expenditure of  funds in  tho way of development and  very few  properties compare  with it  as regards the results which might attend; the expenditure of a moderate |  sum in development.  GENERAL NEWS  Robert Caldwell of Alborough, over  80 years of age, ^lrovo. to: his polling  place at Rodney on Monday and cast  the first vote he ever polled in his life.  He voted for the Conservative candidate.  Hugh John MacDonald is the new  police magistrate in Winnigeg to succeed the late T. May tie Daly.  Leonard Tait will succeed Noah  Shakspear as the new postmaster in  Victoria.  An investigation of 'Intercolonial  Railway misma.nagoment is now* under way and some of the officials are  apt to lose their heads for incompetence, crookedness and arrogance  which are not to he tolerated on government roads iu'Canada.  Most of the "valuable records were  found     to    he     uninjured    on    the  opening of the vault after the burning .  down  of thc registry office in Prince  Rupert.     ,  KEEP YOUR EYES ON  CAMP HEDLEY  WATCH IT GROW  It is destined to be the Greatest Gold Mining Camp in Canada.  Money invested in Hedley Town Property now will bring you Big  Returns in a Few Months  Buy Now; Don't Put It Off as the Price is Going Up.  For Full Information Write or Call on  THE HEDLEY CITY TOWNSITE COMPANY, Ltd.,  F. H. French, Secretary and Manager  HEDLEY, B.C.  ���������  t  ���������  X  ������������������  RESOURCES  EAS  stir  CETOIU  New Gity with the Payroll  gives you the opportunity for one of the  SOUNDEST  INVESTMENTS  in British Columbia.  City Lots  are being offered for Sale for the first time.    It is inevitable that the value of these lots will Greatly Increase.  Here are some of the reasons.  East Princeton is surrounded by huge deposits of coal,  cement, copper, gold, and other important minerals.  The British Columbia Portland Cement Co. is erecting  a half a million dollar plant which will employ between 300  and 400 men.  The United Empire Co. is shipping a lignite coal of the  best quality and is developing immense copper deposits, requiring large reduction works and several hundred employees.  The Princeton Coal and Land Co.  is increasing its daily  shipments to 300 tons of coal, providing employment to  about .150 men. Other coal companies are sj)ending over  $2,000,000 in development, and will sive work to at least  1000 men.  For transportation, East Princeton will have, in the near  future, the Great Northern and the Kettle Valley lines, both  of which, will pass through the townsite.  East Princeton is beautifully situated on the Similkameen river, with an abundance of water power available. The  new city has every factor for growth into a big industrial  centre.    It presents a rare opportunity for investment.  Get Full Particulars immediately  D. G. McCurdy, R. E. Ward,  Princeton, B. C Pacific Blk., Vancouver, B. C  ������������������������������������������������������^������������������-^���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  %  X  ���������  % THE HEDLEY GAZETTE; DEC 21,1911.  KEREMEOS, the Centre of Lower Similkameen-���������Famed for Fruit Growing  Towii and Lower Valley.  The K. K. K. will meet at the home  of Mrs. Keelor.to-night. .  Dan McCurdy, of Princeton, was a  visitor over the week end.  R. C. Armstrong, of Rossland, was  a visitor to town-oil Tuesday of last-  week.  II. A. Hinc'ks, manager of the Bank  of B. N.-A., 'Hedley, was a visitor to  town Satrrday hist.  Don't forget to attend the Christmas tree in the town hall to-morrow  night,'admission 25c.  Mrs. Geo. Kirby and Ceorgie went  up on . thc . train Wednesday to visit  Hedley between trains.  The Rev. James A. Hogg, B.U.-M.A.-  will preach at both sermons in the  Presbyterian church on .Sunday 2-1 th.  Mr. Joe Bromley . accompanied, by  Miss Ethel Bromley left Friday fur  Alanitoba where' lie will spend the  winter.  Mr. .1. "'\V. 'Armstrong and family  left for' the coast, Monday, wliere  they will spend ������.'. couple of weeks before returning.  Mr. .T. Mattice left Monday of last  week for Portage la Prairie where he  will spend Christinas' with his daughters of that place.  Wc are sorry to report' that Manuel  Bslrcelo is laid up by sickness for the  past week. We. wish the, old gentleman speedy recovery.  We are. pleased to report that Mrs.  iMargiiret Cameron, mother of Mrs.  \V. H. Cameron, after being very sick  for the past two -weeks,, is up and  around again.  On Wednesday of last week Kich-  . tor's store was unceremoniously visit-  ted by a burglar, who in his mad dash  for the cool hreev.es got nothing but a  fright,  You Buy Right if You Buy at *  x  X  *  X  S  I  I  x  *:  X  X  X  THE    BIG    STORE  Ladies' Sweater Coats    Ladies' Woollen Caps  Ladies'Woollen Underwear  The Bargain Table is full of Kitchen Utensils  Men's Sweater Coats       Men's Woolen Shirts  Men's Woollen Underwear Men's Woollen Sox  ���������5  X  X  X  X  X  %  X  x  HOLIDAY GOODS  A Full Line of the Best Quality Groceries  always on hand  F. j.  SAUVE  &  A pleasant time was spent at the  reception given by Mrs. J. A. Brown  on Thursday last. Mi*. S. L. Smith  was a guest of honor and was accompanied by ner daughter Monica.  Mrs. R. L. Cawston and son arrived  Friday last from Stratford, Out, and  joined her husband here. They are  all happy to be together again and  will settle down at the old ranch  house.  A pleasjint evening was spent in the  Town Hall, Saturday evening, when  our genial station agent, Ceo. Emery,  in viced a number of his friends to take  part in a chicken mulligan feast. All  was merry and bright and when the  party broke up they sang ''For he's a  jolly good fellow" and-proceeded to  their respective points without triangulating, and none were missing for  dinner the next day.  Chas. Biery, of Weiiau-hee, Wash.,  has been spending the last week in  valley looking over all the orchards,  Mr. Biery was a visitor here some two  years ago and as then, he still recognizes the tri-eat possibilities of these  parts,- in regard to fruit growing.  "Wenatchee has nothing on this" he  says. He advocates better pruning  ��������� than has been done in the past with  many orchards hen* luid believes in  not pruning back so heavy thus keeping as near to nature as it is possible.  Mr. Biery has a lifelong experience in  fruit growing being directly connected  with it for the past forty years. While  here lie has been a great help to many  orchardists in pointing out the many  difficulties that can be overcome by  proper spraying and pruning-.  When   we  walk around   our   little  burg as Christinas draws near we find  the stores  all prettily decorated   with  everything  that will put  joy into the  hearts   of   both   little   and   big  alike,  f. .1. Sauve it Co.   have their two windows charmingly decorated.   One contains a very fine assortment of  candies  and  fruit  while  on on the other side  it is   prettily   set out-  with toys   of all  descriptions.    On the other side of the  street  G. G.   Keelor  has  a.  very   fine  selection   uf toys  and  a. very  fine assortment of jewelery which will catch  the eye of many this Christinas. Passing on   now up to   the Centre   we find '  George  Loudon,   of Richter   Ar-   Co.'s  store, is   having   a busy   time decorating   and   making   everything   bright  with   Xmas  presents of  many kinds.  We wish   them all success  and  must  say  that all of  them   area credit to  our little   burg.    And we wish  thein a  bright and   merry   Xmas   from   this  Keremeos page.  KAtlSDE.V  .James Ritchie is building a. fine, concrete constructed hotel to contain  thirty rooms with special outside  sleeping facilities.  Within the last month over 300 acres'  have been sold en-block to. the. Commercial' Orchard Co. This company  intends to plant forty-.fiye .thousand  trees this coming spring.  The Kaleden Supply Co., Ltd after  having completed a fine large warehouse, are now excaviiting: for the  commencement of a thirty by forty-  eight concrete store. ,   ���������-_������������������'  FAIBVIKW  Two autos from Pentictoii and one  from the,Falls came in Saturday wich  parties to take in the prize turkey  shoot. Many returned with their  Christnias.diniier in sight after spending a pleasant day.  The Christmas tree, will be held in  the old hall on Friday the 22nd.  'AT IT HERE SIIICE 1900!'.-,  '"+^ea85)L ���������#'''������������������  VASEAUX  T.AKK  Miss Parhani is visiting friends in  Penticton.  G..T   Wilson  left the  other day to  spend a few days with friends at Pen  ticton.  John A, Monteith will hit the high  spots for the falls to spend Xmas day  with Mr. Waterman.  .SIMILKAMKr-'N  W..1. Armstrong and Bruce Cousins  of Shingle Creek, stopped at Similka-  meen- and showed some rich looking  rock, taken from their claims on the  west side of the river. They were returning to Shingle Creek after doing  assessment work. W.J. says if the  rock assays as expected they will return at once and build cabins and  prosecute the work vigorously.  Beecham Cawston came in from Cal-���������  gary, a few days ago, and is staying  with his father R. L. on   the-R ranch.  Mr. I']. J. Coulter,, foreman''; on the  AV. H. -Armstrong' .ranch,'"has a number of men working on the. pipeline  on the bench and' is' getting along  splendidly. There is not much frost  yet to interfere with the work.  W. J, Manery and his two daughters drove; up to Hedley and attended  the Woodmen's Ball. They report a  very enjoyable time.  The school children, of Siinilkaincen  school,  are very   busy these days getting up a fine programme for the clos-,  ing exercises hYiday 22nd.  1). G. McCurdy, resident agent for  the East Princeton Townsite Co. came  down from that burg on Saturday,  and visited his father. He reports that  matters in real estate arc; very active  in East Princeton.  J. A. BROWN  Notary Public  COX VISYAXCINIi, CUSTOMS BKOKEKAO15  .'���������"THE  INSURANCE  AGENCY HEDLEY GAZETTE  OFFICE  KEREMEOS, B.C.  WORK TOO.,  BK PETOSmnfi VOURMVII165  WITH US THEY WU4-B1RM -  42IMTERE5TWHICH  WECREWTMOPlTHL'y v  *MDMOne>ISRETUM-  ���������1BLE ON DEMflMP  IS QUICKLY A S THE MILS  CAM CARRY IT.  PEOPLE JUST -15 CAREFUL  MPournous as  yOUCATIBE,  /ffiK WEI!- PLEflSEP,  AfMD THORDUGHLy  5/1T/SFIEP,  with the win which  our Business is  TMHSatTZD-fl BUSINESS  IWW&ED BY PEOPLE OP  MrtTUREPEXPERIEME  JfH/fiflE5tmTEfiRITX  a P05m,GiviriG  YOUR NAME */IPPRESS\  WlttPROMPTLy BRINfiWU,  PUU- INFORMATION.  mm Taw.,  SHOuLPYOUHrtVe-IMy  FlrWIGML BUSINESS IPI  V/IhGOUVER'-VICINiry,  REMTSTOCOteEGT,  -1GREEMENT.5F0R.mEo--  H0RTGrtGESTOI?OK/1PrER  AHV C01S-EGT,  FIREirf5URf!NGET0P!4GE  LETUSdTTEIiDTOIT.  WE ARE PLEASING  OTHERS WE Will-BE SURE  TO PLEASE yOU.  Dowlas m Co. Ltd.  :  See Our-' Line of Holiday Goods before you purchase. Our Goods are the best that money-  can buy and will guarantee satisfaction or  money back.  Beautiful Hand Decorated China  Silk Scarfs and Knit Ties  Ladies' Japanese Silk Kimonas  Silk Muftlers and Toys of all Kinds  Our line of Candies, Nuts,   Dates and Figs are  fresh.    Another car of Five Koses  Flour due to arrive  FRANK  RICHTER &  CO.  ���������What a few Acre of Keremeos Fruit Lands  will be worth in a few years when  the trees are in bearing  Can you do better with your savings by  sending them outside to invest in some speculative scheme, more or less hazardous, than by investing thein at home in something that is as  safe as the bank and at the same time offers such  big- returns on the capital invested.  We  REmEmBER  offer no land but what has  the  water al-  readvonit  Fruit  Lots of any size to suit your means;  at $175, 215 and 350 per acre.     Town Lots.  Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.  KEREMEOS, B. C.  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  \������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������-  ������  ������  THE   RIVERSIDE    NURSERIES  GRAND FORKS, B. C.   Comprising ioo Acres  Largest growers of Nursery Stock in British Columbia.   All stock wintered in our cellars and no damger ot* baring winter killed trees.  Buy British Columbia grown trees for British Columbia Orchards.  SUBSCRIBE FOR  THE   GAZETTE!  GEO. KIRBY  Notary Public.  KEAlj ESTATE BUNKS  Agent for:  London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.  Keremeos. B. C.  PentiGton-Kereiiieos  AUTO STAGE  NOTICE  Certificate of improvements.  pVaixcouver B.Ca  SING LEE  Laundry, Contracting of all  kinds. Ditch digging, Wood  Sawing, Clearing land, Cooking and all kinds of Chinese  Labor.  Hope Mineral Claim, situate in the Osoyoos  Mining Division  of Yule district.   Where  located:   On Sixteen Mile. Ciunp Hodloy.  TAKK   NO TICK that  1.  Aim-Icy   Megraw,  F. M. O. No. lOoi'lli agent for John McLean. K  M; C. Ifl.iWH, and .1osei>h ltotlierhain, K. M. C.  No.  -JO'ilSI!. intend, sixty days from  the  date  hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a  Certificate of Ii'iiprovrtiient, f<ir the pur nose of  ohtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further tnl-ce notice that action, under  section JIT, must be commenced before the  issuance of sqch Certificate of   Improvements.  Dated this third day of November. A.J)., lilll  Malces  the round   trip between  Keremeos and Penticton  everyday and  Meets All Trains & Boats.  Making  Close Connections and  Affording Rapid Transit  NOTICE  No Driver allowed to handle-  car who does not. thoroughly  understand bis car and must  exercise greatest care at all  ti rues.  Hotel Keremeos  Opposite 0. N. R. Station  MRS.  A. F. KIRBY,   Proprietress.  ������ILK������  Large Assortment of choice Silk Dress  Goods, Silk handkerchiefs etc.  for sale at right prices  TOflMY S1NQ, Keremeos  Kkukjikos, B.C.  Keremeos-Pen ticton Mail Stage.  A first-class new auto has been added to W. K Welby's stage and Livery  business at IVnt icton arid a thoroughly compel cut driver has been engaged  to run tin- car.  Phone M W. E. Welhv  When   writing   Adversers     Please  Mention the Gazette.  "VrOTK'K is hereby.giveii that an application  -������������������' will be made to tlie Legislative Assembly  of the Province of British Columbia, at its next  session, for an net to oncorporiitc a company to  be called Lake Shore Telephone Company for  constructing, equipping, maintaining iuidoper-  ating a telephone system within and throughout the OUnnagan. Vale, Kamloops and Siiiiil-  kaineen Electoral District*, in the Province of  British Columbia, and for that purpose to construct, erect and maintain poles, wires and  other works and devices us may be necessary  fur making, completing, operating and maintaining communication by telephone within  and throughout the said Kleotorn! Districts to  enter upon, open and break up high-ways and  streets within and throughout tho said Klec-  toral Districts; to acquire, hold, lease and dispose of land: to purchase or lease any other  telephone system or part thereof: to connect  with other telephone lines and systems; lo sell  or lease the Company's system or any part  thereof or to amalgamate with any other line  or system operating within the I'rovincis and  all such olhei powers and privileges ns are  usual or incidental to all or any of tlinafore-  said purposes.  Vernon. R. C. Nov. llith, 11)11.  BILLINGS & COCHRANK  Solicitors for Applicant  Fare $6.00.   Return $10.00  S. M. STUDEBAKER  NOTICE  Certificate of Improvements  SUBSCRIBE FOE THE   GAZETTE  Cuackkii-.Iaok, Caxnox-Kau. and Wki.mnu-  tdn Mineral Claims, situate in thc Osoyoos  Mining  Division of Yah: District.    Where  located: Camp Ilcdley  Tnkc notice that I. Krank Railev. Kree Miners  Certificate No. I.lilOilR. for myself and agent for  .lohn  Gladden, ot al.  intend  sixty  days from  date  hereof to apnly to the   Mining  Recorder  for a Certificate ot   Improvements lor the purpose of obtaining a  Crown Grant to the above  claims.  And   further take  notice that action  under  Section .'I" must be commenced before the issue  of such Certificate of Improvements.  f KRANK BAILKV  September, i!0tU, 11)11-    .     -     - 10-10


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