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The Hedley Gazette Dec 12, 1912

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 g-eas  'raby, mist.  <2  Volume VIII;  AN^ SIMILKAM^  HEDLEY, EX., THUBSDAY, BEQjmBEu'uT^^  Dr. C. A. JACKSON  DENTIST  [18 years practice in Vancouver.]  S. O. L. Co.'s* Ri-ocic  PENTICTON,       -      -      B. C  Canada    Will    Give    Three  Super-Dread noughts  length of time .will' bav'e''to be. given the newspaper possibilities of the in-  the British' admiralt.v to make tins cident to be immense, for here he  change, as it would btj a serious thing brought' a red-hot news item right;,  for them to reduce their navies to such noine to thc threshold of the sanctum |  a great extent on shm-i- nnHM ������*-"��������� -vmi- ������* -������������������  Number 49.  town and district  a great extent on short notice.  ".Vei'iber of-t-uiiiiiiittec  "I am siire that pending a final so  R. W. DEANS  Notary Public Real Estate  Hunches,  Properties,   Mines. Timber,  Water Powers  Upper Trout Creek, Balcomo P. O. B.C  XT. TlIOMI'SOX  .MOB. WKSTl'l'N* CANADA  iro.vi.; skv'mouk am  Cammell Laird & Co. Ltd.  Steel Manufacturers  Sheffield, Erig.  Offlccs and Warehouse. S47-6U JJeatty Street  Vancouver, B.-.C. >    lution of the question ,of voice and in-  AT A COST-OF 35,000,009 BOLUfiS'fluence   in   regard   to: foreign   affairs    that the British government will wel-  Will be Handed Over to Britosh Navy come thc presence in;' London of the  for Use Anywhere in the World-- Canadian minister during the whole or  Ships May be Returned to Canada part of each year jje would be re-  WhenSheis Able to Acquire and guiariy summoned to all meetings of  Maintain a Navy       ri tne committee of imperial defence and  would be regarded as one of its niem-  The   announcement   made   by   Pre-  bers. , \ ���������  _  mier  Borden  of the  proposal  of  his Kuilcl Cruisers iri ('anuria.  government to contribute to Imperial      '"It is not to the empire's advantage  defence by undertaking to supply the  that all  shipbuilding facilities should  money necessary to build and equip be in the United Kingdom, so 1 am as- That the man who sleeps between a  three dreadriaughts, "the largest and sirred that the admiralty are prepared pair of blankets all winter is on a par  strongest science, can build or money in the early future to:igive orders for with the individual who wears his uii-  supply" is one which marks an epoch the; construction inCanada of small derclothes six months and is likelv to  in Canadian history, and Ave are sure cruisers, oil tank vessels and auxiliary contiact pneumonia was the announce-  will   strike   an   echoing   cord   in   the I cruisers nf vn..i^- '-^- -.--������������������ ,      ..-..-��������� ���������    .  and while it was too late for last issue  | he contrived to dodge Bro. Dallam in  Oroville   who   publishes   his   Gazette  .2 day later than ours.    And now that  i better counsels prevail under the par-  icnt-.il roof and sweet forgiveness is to  be ladeled out to the love-lorn truants  the editor will - try to hold down the  job i'cr the bridegroom during the brief  period of a honeymoon for a printshop  at this season of the year is always a  busy place.    At all events the job is  still waiting for. him.  POINTERS ON PNEUMONIA  That, the man who sleeps between a  nit. rt-f*   Ul __    i       ....  Grand Union  Hotel  HEDLEY, B.C.  First Class Accommodation.   Bar Stocked with  Best Brands of Liquor and Cigars.     .  A. WINKLER, Proprietor  will strike an echoing cord in the  heart of every' Canadian who has in  him the proper national spirit to enable him to place his country first,re-.  gardless of any party affiliations.  It'is not, as an eastern paper very  properly :remarks. "an occasion for  boasting" on our part, or for shouting  Ftv������r������-i    +!,���������    1.-- ���������  7-'",.'  --.--v^j./.iutiinuiiui was r.i  cruisers of various kinds.   A plant of  ���������ient Monday- of  Health   Officer Dr.  this  kind   would   be  small   compared  .T. B. Anderson,   who is   conducting a  with  one  to  build  dreadnoughts     it  ., ------���������-0������ii.a.     ii   campaign   to   reduce   the   numl  would be more secure'.'and of a more  deaths from pneumonia,   which,  permanent     basis    from    a   business   -������-���������---���������-" ���������  permanent oasis from a business  standpoint. We are prepared to'bear  a part of the increased cost of building  in  this  country  for :a"';;.tinie" at  least  A 1l"    -----     -   -  Hedley    /"liners'    and    nillmen's  Union, No. itii, W. F. of M.  Regular meetings of the Hedley Local. Xo.  Kit are hold on the first and third Wednesday  in the month in l-Yaternit.v hall and the second  and fourth Wednesday at the X. P. Mine  O. M. Stkvkxs T, K. Wmu'r  Pre.sidcnt I-ln-Secret-try.  engineering; works staffed to produce  cautions he maybe  articles now imported -on account of  score victims to pad  not being made in Canaoa.",  ,,-;,. A...E._.& ,A..-M,- '-."���������  KKGULAli monthly meetings of  Hedley Lodge No. 4\i. A. F. & A". M.,  are held on the second  Friday in  each month iu Fraternity hall. Hedley. Visiting  brethren arc cordially invited to attend.  S. E. HA/IILTON  W. M  ARTHUR CLARE.  Secretary   , ���������. ^.  ������uuui.iii5  iu mis "country  for a -time at  least.  from the house-tops for it comes too  All our government boats 'might also  late in the day for that, and its an-  be built here.   In connection with this  nouncement  is,  but  an   admission   of  it would not be surprising to see large  former neglect on.our part, but never-  ������"���������**'""'���������        **-'-'  theless it will enable us "to think far  better of ourselves" than ever we have  been able to do before.  The admiralty memorandum asked  for by Mr. Borden from the Imperial  government and obtained by him is in  many respects a remarkable document. There is nothing panicky in its  tone but it tells in plain simple language the story of German naval encroachment, and without asking anything from Canada it tells frankly in  answer  to .Mr.  Borden's  inquiry, the   .,     *...,    Lhe  records of last year show, amounted  to more than for any other disease,  tuberculosis not being an exception.  Dr. Anderson said that it .was. probable that every citizen of Spokane has  pneumonia germs in his nose and that  if he fails to observe the proper precautions he may be one of   the   four-  A report comes from Copper Mountain that the B. C. Copper have closed  down their work on the Voigt group  and while junior has it that the cessation is only temporary there i.s no  authentic imform-ition at hand as to  how long the suspension may last.  The directors of the hospital liad-a  meeting on Monday night and decided  on holding the annua] benefit ball on  Friday. January 24th. Tiie ball is to  be ;i masquerade, and effort will be  put forth to make it the best of any  that have been held.  The runaways were married in  Spokane after all.    Sunday's  Spokesman-  Heview showed that they had been issued a licence and with that document  in their possession they could be counted on to improve the   shining   hours.  Just   where they   are   .sliining   themselves at the present moment is an unknown quantity for nothing has been  i heard of them later than   the  intelligence in Sunday's Spokesman.  General regret is felt here-at the accident which befel the Welby auto ear-  about five miles out of Penticton   on  Saturday morning-.   Th  e    engine ap-  A   HEDLEY   ELOPEMEIVT.  dlteetlonm which Canadian arcl would "P***    He was complaining oFflS  MODERN WOODMEN  OF AMERICA  Hedley Local Camp meets in  Fraternity   Hall   the   lirst and  third Thursdays in thc month.  A. Cla'isk K. II. Sr.Mi'so.v  Connsel , Clerk.  L. O. L.  Kcifular monthly meetings of  fa Hedley Lodge 171.1 are held on  '* the   third    Monday    in     ei'er-y  mg brethcrn are cordially invited to attend  n..i..ioxica w. m.  "'V'M. LOXSI1ALK. aee't.   .v.AL.U     CAX.X       .VUUIU  be most acceptable and most effective.  That is the very point Canadians wanted to know, and now that they know it  they will have little difficulty in doing their duty and that duty has been  aptly interpreted by Mr. Borden in the  emergency   programme   he   has   out-1  lined    of   giving   immediately    three  dreadnoughts   at   an   estimated   price  not to exceed $35 000,000.    The reason  they are to be built in .British  dockyards instead of in Canada is that they  can be built for $12,000,000 less than  they could be built for in Canada and  that they could be put under way immediately while if attempt were made  to build them in Canada a considerable time would be consumed in get-  Mark Twain when blown up in a  steamboat explosion on the Mississippi  was not more lucky and out of luck all  at the same time than was the Gazette  when our typo and main help in the vi,it,i���������,r where r  office disappeared suddenly the day ���������_,������.',)������������������ C(ll-ecl for.  after   last   week's   issi#:. n-as .oftjhst-j, ,:-Dr"-^^Sf^Sil:'  the city death  roll next year. In his crusade agrrinst  pneumonia Dr. Anderson is producing  the records, which show that lb'l persons died last year, many of whom  were strong, but failed to observe the  proper sanitary precautions.  In his admonitions Monday Dr. Anderson urs/ed sheets instead of woolen  blankets and attacked the practice of  vi-iting where pneumonia patients are  cold for a day or two, and when he  did not show up during the afternoon  it was taken for granted that he had  gone to bed. Not until seven o'clock  in thc evening was there anything to  give rise to any suspicions of another  _, ~.. ouuuier      "The pneumonia   genu   is   a   very  kind, but when it was learned that he  frjendly little fellow.   Harely do you  was not in his room at the Similka-  ������,.^i i.-**-- ���������  ��������� .-...uvu (.ncii. iie  was not in his room at the Similkameen hotel, and that ins lady love,  several years younger than liimsell  (and he is no patriarch) was also  j missing, light began to dawn on the  I situation.    Oroville, where it was sus  "Pneumonia is more prevalent during cold weather, probably due to the  fact that during winter we shut ourselves in iinventilated houses.  Pneumonia,    is   not contracted   in  fresh open air.  "The pneumonia   genu   is   a   very  ���������g brethcrn are cordial.y invited to attend lluJJ^   * .I,lant   Cal-able  of  ������n^'*   -v  ,.������<. ouo-   ventioti is   I  pected   they  had  gone,   could   not   be  Ventilate in  raised by wire that m'o-i-if ������������������ --j  DR. J.  L. MASTERS  DENTIST  AVill be at Horn, ���������,Tice iu Orovill,.   1 st I m.e",oranf*,,n*' the text of his own bill  ���������i-������l*������Lliof,j;W.|iimmtii.      "   '     Wlt1' an explanation of the end in view  i\ni' ���������*������ .i���������ri   +i.~      to 11th of c.-ich mem  Ofifico  on  lYorth   Main   Street,  taking so vast a work. These reasons  are sufficient to appeal to the business sense of the average Canadian  elector.  Mr. Borden in summarizing after  giving in fun the text of the admiralty  memorandum, the text of his own bill  NOR.LEY F. TUNBRIDGE  Solicitor,  Notary Public,  Conveyancer, Etc.  PENTICTON, British Columbia.  P. W. GREGORY  raised by wire that night and. not till  the next day was it known for sure  that they had boarded the southbound  train at Bradshaw's.  What happened after Oroville was  reached is not very well authenticated but very credible rumor has it  that the course of true love began to  jolt a little bit there when they t'ounci  that Oroville was no matrimonial mart  and that- a pilgrimage to Conconully  some 40 miles away by stage was nee-  find him absent from the nose and  mouth of any one, ready to go to work  ���������it the first-opportunity presented by  lowered vitality.  "The first  step  in  pneumonia prevention is   to   ventilate   our   houses.  ---;0.      ~..~     a-.ij;iiiu    iip-  peais to have been somewhat out of  order and the car   stopped   oh  a. hill.  The brakes .were ; out   of   order and  would not hold   and   the   car backed  ovei the grade.    Two  travellers   were  in the   car and   escaped   without any  serious  hurt,   but Joe Goodwin,    the  chauffeur was pretty badly  hurt.    He  is a splendid driver and   very careful  and is yery popular on the  route.     It  is  hoped  that his  injuries  may    not  prove as bad as it was feared.  The process of forming ice on the,  rink is being watched with a mixture  of interest and impatience. They  were a bit lute in getting the ground  saturated and now when the���������warter_is  j turned ori dry earth it is found that  the ground absorbs considerable of it  and the ice that is left on the top is a  success so far as affording an example  of the beauties   of   cryst.-ilography  cold   weather-, ,in  as   well     as   dtit-itu  rainy  warin  essary   before   the   requisite    papers I ,i -.       -������������������'-��������� l"'"1  i-io    1.���������������^,.de "I*" <l.-rmKslo,pf���������ff horn  and (he ways and means to secure it   could be obtained, and'as no lu-i!"o I *1o?vs^vid*-' ������'Pf"  Saic,: "'as  taken  alomr nor   hM,,' ,,������^   ll '*-1"1*<:"'t for  weathei  weather. Open your windows and  doors keep them open 15 or 20 minutes  night and morning. You will be .surprised to observe how quicklv vout  house will warm up after this treat  ment. The next time von feel clillly  tlie thermometer registering   70.   ju^t, way or m.vmg ";l nJ���������,lt  ;;;������;--rul ofpitttin,  mo,,-  coal | deer-hunting and  S ZaZ^  Be sure to keep your  bedroom   win-   0���������H������j    is  concerned but is not up to much for  skating on. In a few days more it  may pick up a. bit.  H. G*. Freeman    left   on  Thursday  inorning bound for Moosejaw Sask. on  a very  important   trip.   He   is   to   lie  married then.' in a   few days   and   expects to lie back in   Hedley  about   the .  20th, after which he will g<'t  his  new  stock opened out in  Shirr's  old  stand  and become a confirmed citizen of the  town.    Houses are getting a bit scarce  in  town   to  accomodate all   the  new  brides and prospective  brides,   but H.  G. has secured cosy quarters'  over   the  drug store.  Harold ��������� Townsend took a realistic  way of having "a nisrht nut," but not  ,,.;( i. ii... I..        - - -      -  was taken along nor heavy clothing  for a ride of that distance almost iu  midwinter, the prospect was not inviting.  Later  it   became  known  that   from  CIVIL KXCIN*.������������������.��������������������������� AN��������� ������������������������������������I'n.SH  COLt'.MHIA bAXDML'HVKYOlt  Star Building  Princeton  In the year J 912 the British government spent on their navy $152,000,000  and  tho  estimates  this  year  are   foi  over $220,000,000.    This increase of at)    *''"  per cent, is due to the growth of the 0ro-���������"''- ������--������' <-ook V���������sagc to Spc>l:an  navies ol other jiowers, resulting in  Great Britain having to keep up a  much larger nav-3\ in presenting the  proposals it will be borne in mind that  we are not beginning a system of regular and periodical contributions to  the ni'itish government.  "After going into this matter thor-  people lo believe, such  rigid action i.s -ood for   t|lt.jr   health  but we know Mu.v ;u,, ,,������������������.,. Lh.|M   ^^  bit mixed in bis directions. It was no  time to recover his bearings, and lie-  did the next b.;,st thing hy trying to  make iiim.self as comfoi table under a  1 ree as In- could. "Meriting found him  none the worse for his   . xperienee    as  Jf tJ������e.v arci   properly   covered.    Sleep | be had matches aIrm^rndT-.-TL 7  between sheets,    if yoll ���������,,,,   u.  cIli|,y | nW(. , ^J  ������������.".������l������..-..   tolei-  HILLIARD'S  | oughly. we are told that, tho best con  I tribution wc could give would be one  I of the largest unci most powerful ships  made.    On inquiry we round the cost  would he   <C2..''*"0.00()  for  but   whether    this   course   hat!   h-*������n  adopted  before or after anv  pilgri,,,  age   to   Conconully   was   und-rtakeu  does not appear at this  time of writing.  |    The    ������������������i1-i-!ii1..,-,-ir.c.es   that   j,-|   SIp  ,0  Jtiu- event do nor, idace the vo-uu- .,lV-,  | Pie so much in the wrong tuto;- all.' ���������������������������',. I  I it is but tiioold story of parental oh- !  duracy.    They had  kept  eonipanv for  considPi-ablo   time   with   at   i(.a������.,"   v\���������  tacit   if  not   the   avowed   approval   0-  flioKi. who alone had  the rl-Iii  t��������� :i,._  barber sHop|= z^;;;:;::r^*���������^���������,.���������������������������.,, T|1C���������wni(iii.^  would cost about f:.-.000,(100. jfeiland hotel a short time aw vVi\  ( "We   aslc   tin-    peoph-    of    Canailu ; ,)0,h ll:t' -v'-"n.g Peojilo won- !m,' ^J.!,-'  ,'11'OII������b their parliai'i."iu to grant tho j(iu'-v   ���������<-nv<?d    together    Ihroi.-jrh  '���������'<������i; \.\ kasv sua vt:  HOT ,-v- ('OLD  l.'ATHS  Next, door noit Ii of ('rand l.'ni'iii Holt  W. H.  T. GAHAN  Hairi.-ter. Solicit or, Klc,  iUOVKV TO   I.O.W  PENTICTON,  B. C  '"1 going to Led mse the chau/Ver of the  I Krencl.-hot; wale,  bottle -a l\-W minutes belore retiring.  "Look to your living   rooms   which  are usually ovi-i-he-tr,^.    A    tempera,  Lure of 7!) degrees Farcheit   is   plentv  j warm: OS is better.    Moisture   .shouul  j be   contmu.-illy stlppik,d   bv bavin- a  toakottleon the. ������i���������Vl... ,���������.'.,.   slmllow  I pan ol   water  on   the   radiator.    jM���������d_  jcin   Inniacesaroprcvided with ;t   waiter pot in   L1U.  ail.   ci,,.,,,,,,,.,,     u        cl  I tins night- anil   morning:M.e that it is  ^'"iitiiHinliylilled with water.  "Then  adapt you,-  eiothing   to   the  t.-mpe.ature.     If you  keep  .-,'   tropiea  temperature in yo,,,- hmise.   don't-   fo,  gel "'at the A.ctiex.one is represent,,  outsid,  ..""���������u uioji- p;u-iian,"nt (o grfini  fhrjnu.'    t-scaped    i.og(>(.hcu'    Ihroi-";.    r,��������� ��������� "' ls ' ^pr-e.scn Lt-ii  f������������>   of $''5.00,000  I,,   his  majesty  (he ! -���������*-���������-������������������*��������� Prndpitab-d a crisis in t-'e level   '"'p     '  King ol'Great IJn'Uan and Ireland and! ilir:li'rs   of   ihe   tivain.     The   m-,h-d,v I    ��������� ���������   m'um"m;l ������������������* ''"tagious, so do not  the   overseas   domiuioas.     The   ships |h'0il,oval   <'���������'   <',e   voung   la,!-'-;   p.,,',",'!*,. I ">M ''"' ''""'   '"  (:'<'-^ cont.-u-t-  w.'lI,  are to be at the disposal of Great  I>i- j f,'*-'������   !f(-'''-ey as ihe  result of ihe'iin. I '"!\1Vm" Ml,l,*,',n������' ������'���������������������" pneumonia.  ���������     The Imperial Hell-ringeis who   held  I lhe boards in l'"'i,aternit.v Hall   on   Satin-day evi-ning last must take   rank iu  Hedley as one of the three best, aggregations in thc entertainment line llia.t  have appealed  in    Hedley   during   recent years.    As bell-ringer,-- I hey  were  in a class by   themselves   imd   easily  eclipsed anything of that kind thai we  have heard.    The class id' niii-ie    they  reiidered ivas most diflieuil and classic  :tnd it was given not with an atteuipt-  but. an achievement    of   sinuling  and  expression that was   liuly   wonderful  and ti'.s(i/leil to the music,,] genius and."  soul of tin1 conductor.   W.   II.    1'iggle.  The overtures.    "Zampa"   by   Hei-oid.  "I  oet. and  feasant," li\  ' and Veidi  wiikx wm-nxf; ADVEirrisur-s j������lk\sk  .TKNTKiN   THIS I'APliU  are to be at thc disposal of Great  llri  tam   and   to   be   used   in   conjunction  with the rest of (he navy.     *    *    *    *  "We   have   the   assurance   that   in I  -"I-"-"   if  CJanada   wants  a  (Radian!  ,,nit   sIlfi   '"������������   ffct   hack   (hose   ships '  winch   of course, will then be kent ti.)  |b2_Canada.    Of course, a  reasonable  and refused.    This i.s the res nil.  While it. is bilious on th" editor to  j have   to  turn  side   printer   a(   a   mu-  J merit's notice and  burn the niidniglt  carbon, admiration cannot, be withhold        v,.   vmiioi;, a   leasonanto i ,. ., , ., ,  m.MoniTOm.^^ i ll"0111 tll������ young man.    Like a true a.-l-  Al)V|.M!TISl<*   IN   TIIH   GAZIOTTlJ is(   of   *hp   ^tc^ion   bo   recognised  from Hedley as the result of (lie fire j "If you have pneumonia- you can't  made an early separation himnnoni g,.t well without fresh air and the ream!  permission  to  marry   was sought J cnnibent. posture."   ���������Spokesman   Re  I view.  'of St Mai  "���������fro all of them fine.  [cores '-.Mf., of JI.iiIt.(  by  Si,i  'I't', "Hells  's "li Trovalore"  and lhe I wo en-  '" and "Onward  ! An attempt was made to hoh! up  Louis J\Iai-cotL at the (Joaimont hot 1.  ab nil ten days ago, but the parties  w ���������:���������������' caught and are now in Kuuiloo- s  twv n'ting trial.  ('hrisfiiin Soldier" were l evelal imis as  fo what could be .iccoiuplished on the  bells. In vocal the chorus, (juaitetle  a.ml solos hy the basso and lenor were  nod and the comedian could be I't111riy-  withoiK. being coarse. 'Ihe violin and  cello selections were also good.  Swanson's  now i 'pen.  new hole! in Princeton  is THE HEDLEY GAZETTE DEC 12. 1912.  Cbe Ibcdlcy gazette  and  Similkameen Advertiser.  Issued on Thursdays, by the IIkui.i-v.Gazk.ttf.  I'llI.VTINU A.VU l'UlU.ISllI.NG'OOMPA.NV.  Li.Mi-rnn.  at. Hedlev. li. C.  Subscriptions in Advance  Per Year ;...������tU0  "   (United Status) '���������'���������50  Advertising Rates  '-:-��������� Mpasuromcnt. l'-.lincs'to the inch.  Land Not'cesRcertiUe.ites of improvement, etc.  87.00 for tiO-day notices, and $5.00 for ttO-day  notices. "  Transient Advertisements���������not exceeding one  inch,' ������1.00 for one insertion, '.25 cents for  ., each subsequent insertion.   Over one inch.  '-������������������'���������'��������� 10-cents-per lino for first insertion undo  cents.pei- line for each subsequent insertion.  Transients payable in advance.  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Sat.  l     2  8       9'  lo     1(5  1  :-*'  10     ll  17     IS  22     2H     21     25  29     3D     :U  .-���������:.: I ���������  5 ;\((    " l\  12 hr U|v  19 20     21 ���������"  20 27     28..'  THE  DIMINISHING HALO,.  Those who will follow the debates  at Ottawa and .will preserve an open  mind to judge men end measures,on  their merits cannot fail being struck  with the manner in which Premier  Borden is expanding as a leader of the  government, and also they must note  how fast Sir Wilfred's halo is leaving  him under the pettiness of.the style of  opposition warfare which he has. always seen fit to employ when in the  position of leader of the opposition.  As an opposition leader Sir Wilfred  was one time deemed a conspicuous  success for although his methods were  always tainted with petty meanness  they were carried out with the adroit  boldness which always compelled the  same kind of admiration that cannot  be withheld from an expert performei  on a tight-rope in a circus. If ever  there was a parliamentarian tightrope act which was pulled off successfully it was the Torres Vedras incident, ol the memorable session of 1S96;  it was mean and two-faced, but it Avas  done with boldness, and under the peculiar circumstances of thc time, it  went. Borden on thc other hand had a  rugged candor about him that was a  distinct handicap to him as an opposition leader. So had Whitney in Ontario, ami it kept him and his party many  terms in the cold Shades of opposition;  but candor will win out in the end.  The geno-alship just displayed by  Sir Wilfred in forcing a division on the  Macdon:iId by-election after the debate which had been held was puerile.  It coiupe'lcd hi in and his party to take  lhe position of sympathizers with the  Saskatchewan corruptionists. and  (hugs who invaded the Manitoba constituency and were forcibly ejected.  Tho Liberal party paid dearly for a  display of the same kind of sympathy  ���������with the "Cap Sullivan" gang which  wore finally unearthed and. smoked  out by R. R. Gamey in Ontario, and  Sir Wilfred should have taken warning thereat.  Sir Wilfred of course was able in  former times to drop his pettiness in  opposition long enough to be generous  for a brief moment on special occasions, but when he. did so, it was done  in a spectacular sort of way and to  bring grist to his mill. Will he now  make a virtue of a necessity and adopt  a similar plan in the present naval  vote?  FORESTRY   ITEMS.  At least $10(),000,00l) annually .is the.  value placed upon the potential growth  of British Columbia fotests by It.' E.  Benedict, Chief of Operation in the  Forot Branch of the Department of  Lands.  "Bringing the estimate down to its  very In west, the area of 'timber-pro-,  diicing land.-, in the Province is (55,000-  000, acres," says Mr. Benidiet, '-and  every acre should produce 100 board  feet per annum. This would make  our.-timber ci-oiYGA billion feet, worth  about ((i million dollars to the Government, and probably fifteen times that  amount to the "community before' it is  in its final state of manufacture."  At the present time in British Columbia, there is being cut about 1A billion feet pel annum. It is evident  therefore.-that the lumbering industry is just one-quarter developed.  Bub before the full expansion can  tike plac*', the timber must he protected from fire. - A dry season and a  little, carelessness might combine at  anytime to start a blaze which would  undermine the prosperity of the  country. The .importance of prevent-  iny- fires it is impossible to overstate.  The growth of the Province depends  upon the forest.  PALf\6&  Wveru feed & Sale Stables   -HKDLEY   B.C.- -  Ii A good stock of Horses and Rigs on  Hand.    *H Orders for Teaming  promptly attended to.     ������v , ,  ���������'"'    ���������-���������'.."  .���������'- ^y !-������������������;,  Office of Dominion Express Gompanu.  WOOD   FOB   SALEf!'      f  ''..'���������. ,-    ,. < .  Phone li. .;:    INNIS BROS* Proprietors.  1836  THE BANK OF  (hotel similkameen;  ..   . HEDLEY, B;C.  Ah lip-to-date First-Class Hotel  RATES MODERATE  F- J. DOLLEMORE  Proprietor.  1912  ��������� *  76 Years in Businesi Capital and Reserve Over $7,500,000  : v *(" 'X ��������� '   - ���������  Bank by Mail and Save Trouble  If it is  inconvenient, for .you to get to town  every  time  you want to cleposit or withdraw  money,  call or  '' write the Manager of our nearest Branch. v  You simply mail lis your deposits or write for whatever cash ybu need. :.:-.'���������'.  Interest paid half-yearly on all Savings Accounts.  GENERAL NEWS  Canadian lumberman are making a  strong case for ample protection,  Edmonton policemen object to  twelve hour shifts in the cold and are  resigning from the force.  "The Canadian Pacific have arranged  to build 1000miles of new road, next  -year.--- ":  - Alberta farmers object to the railways ���������attracting new settlers to the  northwest increasing the wheat congestion-'until' they can give, ample  a-sui-anec that they can handle the  output.- !  The Department ^'of Marine and  Fisheries- intends to demonstate the  fact, that 'the St. Lawrence route may  be kept open all winter and' to that  end they will run the government ice-  breaking steamers up -and down the  river often enough to keep the channel open. ,  Hon. Price Ellison in a recent visit  to-Penticton urged upon the people  the necessity for more publicity and  said that when the advantages of the  place became fully known on the out-  side the town would expand tnto a  place of 10,000 inhabitants.  Heavy storms have been experienced on the gt-cab lakes this fall, and  many wrecks resulted. The Booth  line, passenger steamer Easton plying  between Parry Sound and Port Arthur went on the rocks near Victoria  light on Lake Superior, on December  5th.  Petitions and cross-petitions have  been fylcd in connection with the Mji'c-  donald bye-election. The- charges in  the cross petition seek the disqualification of Richardson.  J Mm   *M������  ���������������-���������'A#^���������������������������-���������W���������-������������������-���������V���������*,���������-,W,  A. MEGRAW  NOTARY   PUBLIC  Conveyancer, Real Estate.  Mines,  Crown   GruntR   Applied   For  Under Land Act and  "Mineral Act.  Agent for:  Mutual Life of Canada.  Hudson l'.ay Insuiance Co.  Maryland Casualty lo  Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.  Office  at   HEDLEY,   B. C  Hedley Branch,  H. H. Hobbs, Manager  RRUIT    TREES  Buy Healthy Home* Grown Trees  No Danger of Importing Pests       No Injury from Fumigation  "   -        No Drying Out in Course of Shipment  Protect Yourself toy Buying Our Trees  Write for catalogue and Price List to  THE   RIVERSIDE   MURSERIES  Dept. B. GRAND FORKS, B. C.  Established in 1900 125 ACHES  Representatlve-V. Dynes, Penticton  N. B.���������We  have  Dwarf stock in���������Mcintosh Red, Wealthy, Jonathan, Cox's  Orange, Ontario, Northern Spy and Wagener.  WATER NOTICE  For a Licence to Take and Use Water  *M*6TICE. is liure given ihat Frederick Howell, of  ���������*-' Keremeos, 14. C��������� Rancher, will apply for ;i  licence to take anil use 100 inches of water out ot  Sheep Creek, which Hows, in an easterly direction  through Lot 3396 and empties into Okanogan Lake  Penticton. The water will lie diverted at about 20  chains west of S. W. corner of Lot 3396 and will be  used tor irrigation purposes on the land described as  Fred Howell's pre-emption.  This notice was posted on the ground on the 4th  clay of October, 19i2. The application will be filed  in "the office of the Water Recorder at Fairview.  Objections may be filed with the said Water Recorder or with the Comp-roller of Water Rights,  Parliament Huildings, Victoria, 15. C.  FRED HOWELL  NOTICE  SIMILKAMKEN' LAND DISTRICT  lUSTUICT OK VAI.K  METEOROLOGICAL.  The following are the readings showing temperature, etc., for the week  ending Dec. 7, 1912:  AT Tilli JUNE.  Maximum Minimum  Dec    1            .           20 .      .. 10  2 ..         28        .. 12  3 -. 23 .. 10  ���������I .. 21 .. 16  5 ���������          ..          24.        .. 12  0 .'. 20 '.'. 15  7           ..         -i-i        ..             21  Average, maximum temperature 25.2S  Average minimum do 15.  Mean temperature 20.11  Rainfall for the week     .00 inches.  Snowfall       ������������������       " 0.0        "  COKl'I'SI'ONI'IXB   W'-'l-irc OK LAST  VKAIl  Highest maximum temperature 3S.  Average maximum do '".'1.  Lowest minimum do 2.  Average minimum do 10.  Mean do 21.50  AT THIS  MILL.  Maximum Minimum  Dec    I .. 37 .. 20  2 .. 30 ,. 31  ���������3 .. 12 .. 31  1 .. -II .. 21  5 .. 32 .. 21  0 . 32 .. 21  7          ..          31          .. 18  Average, maximum temperature 30.2S  Average, minimum do 21.57  Mean do 30.12  Rainfall for the week    .00    inches  Snowfall       "       "      1.1-1:  COIIItKSI'O.Nni.VO  VVK.K.K OK LAST  VKAIl  Highest maximum temperature 35  Average do do 31.71  Lowest minimum do 5  Average do do 17.57  Mean do 21.(51  Commencing at, a post, planted at tho Northwest corner of Lot'Mi; thence northerly along  the Kast shore of Uog Lake eighty chains more  or less to tlio South-western corner post of Lot  ���������Kit; thence Kast 71,'i links more or less to the  west boundary of tho Columbia and Western  Railway right of way, being the Kast boundary  ot Lot '2710. Group 1; theneo Southerly eighty  chains, more or less, along the West boundary  of Lot, '2710 to tho north boundary of Lot 337;  thence west three chains more or less to the  point of commencement and containing 25  acres more or less.  ClI.MU.KS JOSKl'II  Lokwk.x  by his agent.  Herbert E.'A. liober-tsoii  Date. August 31st, 1'Jlii  WATER NOTICE  For a Licence to Take and  Use Water  "V*oticc is hereby given that thc .Similkameen  iA Power Co., Ltd., of Vancouver, H.C, will  apply for a licence to take and use at) cubic feet  per second of water out of Ashnola Kiver,  which flows in a north-easterly direction and  empties into the Similkiiineeii river near Keremeos. The water will he diverted at the second  canyon and will be used for power purposes on  the land described as Olivers pre-emption and  within a radius of -111 miles.  This notice was posted on the ground on the  11th day of October, lllia. The application will  be tiled in the olliee of the Water Recorder at  Knit-view, JJ..C.  Objections may be filed with the said Water  Recorder or with the Comptroller' of Water  Rights-. Parliament buildings, Victoria, 15. C.  SimilUaiiieen Power Co. Ltd.  IT. CL Spiuguo  WATER NOTICE  WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED  A NEW LINE OF  LADIES'AND  MENS SHOES  Both Heavy and Light.     For Style, Fit  and Wearing Qualities they give  Absolute Satisfaction  BUY the AMES HOLDEN cthe Shoe-  that' has a foothold on Popularity  S chiikerl's Supply Stores  HEDLEY and TULAMEEN  For a Licence to Take and Use Water  V-otice is hereby given that The Daly Keduc-  - ' tion Co.. of Iiedley, li.C, will apply for a.  licence to take and use 'ifi(' cubic, feet, per second  of waterout thc.Siiiiilk,.,inceii river, which (lows  iu a southerly direction through llc-dley. li. (.'.  and empties in the Ukanagan river near Oroville. The water will he diverted at a point  on or between lot KS.'il and lot -_'!IUi) and will In;  used for power purposes on the laud described  as Lot ���������iililli.  This notice was posted on the ground on the  I(i day of November, liil-j. The application will  be tiled in the olhcc of the Water Commissioner at Kairviow, R. C.  Objection* may be lilcd with f no said Water  Commissioner, or the Controller of Water  Rights,  Parliament Buildings.   Victoria, Ii. C.  The Duly Reduction Co., Ltd  (1. P. .lones. Agent.  NOTICE  Advertise in the  Hedley Gazette  and watch Results  .SIMILKAMKl'N' LAND IlISTRICT  lHSTltlCT OK   VATB  'I'AKK Notice that I. .John <'. Katon of Na-  -1- naimo, li. C. occupation. Broker, intends  to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands.  ! Commencing at a post planted at the K. W.  corner of pre-emption 'Jl's thence north 80chains  thence west HO chains, thence south 80chains,  thence east. 80 chains to point of commencement containing (>l" acres, moro or loss  .!. C. Katon  M. .7, McKeown, Locator  August ������7th, 10 '.', '..O-IO  Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations  /~*OAL mining rights of the Dominion, in  ^ Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,  the Yukon Territory, the North-west Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be leased for a term of  ������fc\vonty-one years at an annual rental of SI an  acre. Not more than ���������i.otiO acres will he leased  to one applicant.  Application for a lease must bo made by the  applicant in person to the Agent or Sub-Agent  of the district in which the rights applied for  are situated.  In surveyed territory the land must be described by' sections, or legal sub-divisions of  sections, and in unsurveyed territory the tract  applied for shall be staked out by the applicant  himself.  Kach application must be accompanied by a  fee of $���������*- which will bo refunded if the rights  applied for are not; available, but not,otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate of live cents  per ton  The person operating the mine shall furnish  the Agent with sworn returns accounting for  the full (|iiaiitity of merchantable coal mined  and nay the royalty thereon, if the coal mining rights are not being operated, such returns  should be furnished at least, once a year.  The lease will include the coal mining rights  only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may  he considered necessary for the working of the  iniuc at the rate of $111.00 an acre.  l-'or full information application should be  made to the Secretary of the liepartment of  the interior. Ottawa, or to any Agent, or Hub-  Agent of dominion Lauds.  W.W.CORY.  Deputy "Minister of the Interior.  N.Ii.-Unautborized publication of this advertisement will not bo paid for. !Mim  WATER NOTICE  For a Licence to Take and   Use   Water  Nl  otii.-c is hereby given that Siiuilkiiiuoon  Kriiit. Lands Co. of Winnipeg "Manitoba will apply for a licence to lake and use  live cubic feet, of water out of Similkameen  River which (lows in a .Southerly direction and  empties into the U.S.A. near the Boundary  Dine. The water will bo diverted at. one mile  below Keremeos St.. and will lie used for Irrigation purposes on the laud described as all the  lands belonging to the above company.  This notice was posted on the ground on the  litli day of December. 1912. The application  will be filed in the oflice of the Water Recorder  at Kairviow, Ji. C.  Objections may be tiled with the said  Water  Recorder or with   the   Comptroller of   Water  Rights.   Parliament Huildings.  Victoria, li. C.  Siiiiilkiuin.'cn Fruit Lands Coy.  It. L. Cawston  4(1-1  Coaled Tenders addressed to the undersigned,  *������ and -endorsed "Tender for Public liuild-  ing. at (heenwood. Ji. C." will be received at  this olliee until-1.00 p.m. on "Monday. December S)th. 1 !)li.'. for tho construction of a Public  Building at, Greenwood, Ii. C.  Plans, specifications and form of contract can  bo seen and forms of tender obtained at this  Department and at the otlice of Mr. Witt.  Henderson. Resident Architect, Victoria. Ii. C.  and at the Post Otlice, Greenwood, li. C.  Persons tendering are notified tint tenders  will not be considered unless made on the  printed forms supplied and signed with their  actual signatures, stating their occupations  and places of residence. In the case of (inns,  the actual signature, the nature of the occupation, and place of residence of eaoh member of I  the linn must be given.  Kneli tender must lie accompanied by an accepted cheque on a chartered bank, payable to  the order of the Honourable the Minister of:  Public Works, equal to ten per cent 111) p.c.) Of  the amount of the tender,  which  will be for- i  feited if the persons tendering decline to enter-  into a contract when called upon to do so, (it-1  fail to complete the work contracted  for.   If]  the tender be not accepted the cheque will hu\  returned.  The department does not bind itself to acccpbl  the lowest or any tender.  Hy Order  K.C DK.SROCI1KRS,  Secretary.  Department of Public Works.  Ottawa, Nov. ISth lilia  ���������17-li  Newspapers will not be paid for this adveri  fisement if they insert it without authorit*!  from the Department.  E. E. Burr  General   Blacksmith  Hedley, B. C.  Horse-shoeing and all  Blacksmith Work  Promptly attended to.  Pipe-fitting done.  TRY THE  Hedley   Gazett  FOR  Fine Job Printinj THE HEDLEY GAZETTE, DEC  12. 1912.  Town and District.  JI. Mackenzie of the Bunk ot B.N.A.  '���������.������������������staffspent' Suiiduy'.in';, Oroville. '. He  was too late to see the run.'iAvays as  they had left there fur Spokane.  Cider of Siinilkauieen brew should  be the' proper caper to add to the  Christrnas cheer. Apple growers of  the lower valley, who have it should  tell tiie people all "about it in. the Gazette.   ;��������� . "_   ^ ... .., ."..'..  Don't try to do business on bookstore writing pads and hand-me-down  billheads and statement pads.' Outsiders always size up/a man who does  business that way, and they keep him  right up to the scratch.   v  The mails have been ..quite irregular  the past two > weeks. About a ' week  ago the Nelson mail was always a day  l.-tte iri reaching Hedley ancUthik' week  there were no Vancouver papers from  Saturdayuntil Tuesday,   j  <��������� *'.'. ������������������:������������������-. ���������'..-���������.'���������.  Rev. A. H. Canieron is now in Calgary where he will .spend Christmas  and, start next day for Keremeos,  which he'expects ti>,reach not later  than Dec,31st. He hris quite recovered  from his illness.  The new, store-keeper up at the  mine in ,the. rooni of H. G. Freenian  is R. R.Wood of Vancouver. He entered on his duties at the beginning of  last week.        ,  Constable Sproule spe.nt a few days  in Princeton last week relieving the  constable there who hail gone out  'with, some '//prisoners.' Mrs. Sproule  took aclvtintage of the opportunity to  visit friends in Princeton.  Ray Hilliard, barber, returned from;  a pleasant visit to friends in Washington state. Someone contrived to circulate the report that his trip was  ,inside with matrimonial intent, and as  a result he was receiving congratulations from numerous quarters, but  they were all premature.   .  There is to be a banquet held by the  veterans at Penticton in the hotel In-  cola on Dec. 19th to which all veterans are invited. It; is intended to  make this an annual event and it is  to be hoped that veterans generally  will respond and help to make the occasion the success that it deserves to  be.  The days have done all the shortening in the evenings that they are ��������� go-,;  ing to do,buf-they:still"have-to;-shoi-t-  en; up ten minutes in the mornings  before till' full lengthening but process  begins. .'���������'"..' . -..;'.    . ������������������ '; ��������� \. ' '���������'-'  Wit h the handicap against thehriiii  posed by, .the juarriage law j of the  state of Washington there is no chance  for Oroville to develop into a; Gretii.-i  Green. Those in the SiriiillciHiieen  who contemplate matrimony '''either  clandestine or above board had better  stay at home and do it tip in the good  old-fashioned way. ';.$.-;  ...;. The.iie\y boiler for the power house  has been placed in position and;:will  soon be built in ready to fire, up. It  is of 150 horse power, and 'with this  addition steadier power should be  niaihtairied. '..Tins Mumford:boiler has.,  been taken out of its former' position  toniake room for the new one and  whenre-set nearer to the cbmpressoi  it'will supply the heat for the iiiill.  There-has been nothing new from  Victoria with reference to the Golden  Zone mix-up. > The latest from-- the'  property is.that A. Wheeler reports  the discovery of tellurides in the ore  taken from, tho shaft. If those chaps  in Victoria don't get their tangle  straightened out before long we. may  be finding diamonds up there and  have it turned into,a  diamond '. mine  ���������'.- ���������    '  '' .        "   -     '-.''���������'"      "     ;   '        -i-|    ��������� ������������������    -  R. J. Edinond will feed his customers this jwin.ter .,on Northwest! :beef.  He returned from Calgary recently  with another bunch of cattle that are  being s'laughtered as required. A,1'ew  years ago the bringing of beef cattle  to the Similkameen valley would have  been considered a. case of "carrying  coal to Newcastle."; '���������..'���������  A patriotic design for .Christmas  greeting cards will be just the thing  this year when Canada is awaking to  her,duty in the matter of empire defence. The Gazette can supply the  cards and print your own name and  address and any greeting you may  wish to send.  > Great Northern agent Runisey of  Nighthawk was struck by. iin engine  in the yard one day last week 'arid'  rather severely injured. It'was a narrow escape and he will do his calcula  tion of distances ab a longer range  next. time.  FREE  TO FOR SHIPPERS  Tbo roost accurate, relialilo anil only Market Iteport  ami rrico List oritaldnd published.   :''.<... !'  Mailed Fit KB- to those, iuWreistcd inR-Kan- Furs  SEND US TOUR MINE 0N,������ POSmf-TODAT  It's not a Trap'ier'a Guide, hut a publication IbSum!  every, two weeks, which -jivca you report| bfwlmt iu  doing in all the Markct9 of'thiS World' in' American  Raw Fur*. This information la worth huiiUm-dd or  dollarstoyou. '���������'    ' >:.  ' Writm for it���������NOW���������irS.'FRBE  A. B. SHUBERT  The largesl House In ihe World dealing eiclusiioly in  American Raw Furs  25-27 W. MichliiD St., Oept. 138CHICAE0, ILL, 0.S.1  JD  '&&n&  ���������fiat, no"&M^Uj^t  DYOLA  OKEDYE-"AllHINDS^"������sl  It'������'the CLEANEST: SIMPLEST, and BEST HOME  DYE, one can buy--Why you don't even faavc lo  know what KIND of Cloth your Goods arc made  of.���������So Mistakes arc Impossible.  Send for Free Color Card, Story  Booklet, jnd  Booklet giving result* of Dyeing over other colors.  The JOHNSON-RICHARDSON CO .Limited.  ' Montreal. Canada  ���������;: ,i)XIil.,QHKISXM:A^ STOCK has been delayed  ^ but is now arriving.     On account; of the late arrival  ��������� wo are pricing nniny tilings exceptionally, low and it  ? will certainly pay. you t<-> come in and look them'-.' over  +> before buying elsewhere.  >        WE MENTION   a few  Special articles b������low  ��������� but have many other lines to interest Christmas  T Shoppers. \  Iradioptican  ���������  ���������        The finest thing going for Home  TENDERS  WANTED  ���������"���������onuerfi will be received for niateri.il   and  '   work Iii fencing tiie cemetery.   Apply to  F.H. FRENCH  NOTICE  'SIMILKAMEEN' LANI> DISTRICT  ^DISTRICT OK v.ii.i-:  'Pake notice that I, Hilton Eaton, or* New  . Westminster, occupation Urokor. intends  to apply for permission to purchase tho following described land.  vCornnicncinir ata post plimto.-l abthcN. W.  ���������corner of Lricill-ls theneo wc*t SO chains,, thence  south 80 chains, thence ca&t SO chains, thence  north 80 chains to point of eoiiuneiu cment containing (110 acres more or less.  .    HILTON   I'ATON  .   M, J. McKeown, agent.  Oatobor'Jith, (Ol-i W-.10  Entertainment.    Price   -   -   - $13.00  I MECCANO OUTFITS  +        Just the thing for young boys to make   ���������-.'  ��������� them happy and contented    -   $2.75 &$4.5o  ������ Aluminum Cooking  X ������> Serving Utensils  ��������� Nothing would make the Housewife more  J happy than to have the kitchen fitted tip  + with some of these goods.   They are light,  J sanitary,  economical    and always clean  +. and pleasant to the eye.  ��������� Morris Chairs (Sb Rockers  ��������� For Comfort, Rest   and  Happiness  ���������  When   writing Advertisers    please  Mention the Gazette.  Our CHRISTMAS FRUIT, NUTS, PEELS  ��������� and CONFECTIONERY have just arrived and  + you can rely on them being fresh and clean.  ���������  :������������������-..��������� .  ���������  F. H. FRENCH  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  X  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  *  ���������  *  Large Size  GIVEN AWAY ABSOLUTELY FREE  We are offering our New Brand Kerosene oil which we claim to be the Best  Grade of oil made yet. In refining this oil we use a double process, which takes out  all bad odors, this oil will give a clear white Light and last longer.  In order to advertise this oil, and get the people of the northwest using our oil  we are going to give away 2000 of our new style, large size Nickel Plated Parlor  Lamp that stands 24 inches high and has a large White Dome Glass Shade, this  lamp gives 100 candle power light and is a Beautiful Lamp for any home and cannot  be bought at any store less than $6.00.  ou  Send us an order for one Barrel of our famous Silver White Kerosene oil, that  holds 42 Imperial gallons or 52 American gallons at 27 1-2 cents a gallon. We will  send you free one  of our Parlor Lamps as mentioned above, and if you are not well  '"  Empire Oil Co.  Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Enclosed find $11.55 Please send me one  barrel of your Kerosene oil, with which I am to  receive one of your Parlor Lamps FREE with  the understanding if I am not satisfied my money  will be returned.  Name.. _   Town   pleased with this oil and lamp we will make  no charges for what oil you have used and will  refund your money cheerfully. We make shipments prompt and pack lamp so it cannot be  broken. We will give away only 2000 of these  lamps, so fill out coupon below and send us  your order at once.    Address all orders to  Box 2196  Winnipeg*, Manitoba  We pay you $1.50 for Barrel when Empty  ������������������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������:  ������������������  ���������  ���������  XT  <8>  &,  ��������� THE HEDLKY (iAVWllt 1)Y,0 12. :'Ittl2.-  KEREMEOS/the Centre of Lower Sim^  Towi\ and Lower Valley.  l-Ierr Bowiimn, the magician and illusionist, played two nights before  fair', houses at Riehter's hall Friday  ami Jriauirilay evenings last. Herr  Bowman is well worth seeing for he  proved liiinself one of the trickiest  gentlemen ever seen in these parts.  Don't   forget   to  come  and   sec  the  Pan-American   Minstrels,  the   best  in  the world.    Will  he here the 24th of  .this'.month.     Come   and   enjoy   some  good singing.  There \y-ill be a .-dance at the Richter  hall on the 27th to -which all are in7  vitecl most cordially. The nsseiublj  dance usually given every month in  the Town hall. Keremeos. will not  take place this month, so each and all  hope to join the happy throng up at  the Centre. Don't forget to come.  Thc usual admission of one dollar will  be charged and our old friend Harry  Tweedle has kindly invited all to be  his guests for supper at the Hotel  Central.  Valentine Dynes, of Penticton,'was  a visitor in town the end of last week.  - Nine passengers for the horse stage  the other day. The horses will' soon  forget they ever had a snap this summer. .,.'.'  Miss Bruce is spending the time of  her ilfe with Mrs. L. A. Keeler.  The largest safe ever brought into  the valley was brought in by the Canadian Bank ol: Commerce, it weighs  'eight thousand pounds. The door  jambs of the bank had to be taken out  berore the safe could be taken in. A  Winona wagon stood the strain ol  carrying it over from the depot. Pretty  good add for the manufacturers.  Although the thermoneter has not  been below twenty, or not more than  twelve degrees of frost, there is some  fine skating on the river just below  town.  While out shooting the other day J.  D. Smith had the pleasure of shooting  half a dozen cooney birds.  The W. C. T. U. will hold an open  meeting in the Presbyterian church  next Sunday.  in addition to the report of the Penticton Herald, republished in these  columns, on the wedding of Miss Hazel McKenzie and Mr. James Edward  Kennedy, we would like to add a few  words. The bridegroom's present to  the bride was a solid gold extension  bracelet with watcli attached. To the  bridesmaid a solid gold bangle Avith  name engraved. To the maid of honor a pearl broach. To the groomsman a fine stick pin. After the reception the happy couple left by auto for  Oroville, where they took the train for  S n Francisco via Spokane, and the  coast cities. They are expected to re-  tt-rn to Vancouver to spend the Xmas  holidays after which they will reside  in Lilloet.  On .Friday, J. J. Dougan, a member  of thc Vancouver school board, called  in to have a chat with Mr. Tingley, the  local teacher, before proceeding on his  way back to the coast city.  Ezra Mills, our genial hardware  merchant, has arrayed his show windows with such splendor that he has  attracted the attention of all the citizens.  Joe Goodwin, the driver of Welby's  auto stage,, met with a very bad accident last Saturday on his way to Keremeos. while backing his car on the  grade north of Clark's. How it just  happened we cannot give a satisfactory answer, but at all events it went  over the grade. There were two passengers in the car, but they escaped  without serious injury.  .). A. iii-own paid Princeton a visit  on Monday.  Miss Florence Daly after spending  a very enjoyable holiday with friend's  in Spokane, re turned home last Thursday, looking as well as ever.  F. B. Gibson relumed home from Alameda. Sask.. where lie lias spent  about two months with his old friends.  Me reports that it was twelve below  zero last week in Alameda, so thought  it best to hit back to thc banana belt. ,  i  While helping to remove 'Sly. I'rom-  ley's chicken house last week Lawrence Killgore had the misfortune lo  gel; his foot caught under tin.' building.  Although for the past, week his foot  h"s boon very painful, it is itnic'i better now. and he is abic lo hobble  around.  On the Thursday before Christ mas  tho Ladies of the Aid will have a sale  of work including fancy goods and  homo cooked .grub.  Kcrcineos-Pen ticton Mail Stairc.  The unto stage leaves Kereineos for  Pontictoii, Tuesdays. Thursdays and  Saturday at o p.in.  Single'fa re $7.u0, 'Kotiti*ir*l-l'.<.H' ���������.  The   auto  stage will   run *m ' excursion  every   Sunday  from I Vn tic I oil   lo Medley  and   return, leaving   I'entii'ton   at 8 a. in.  and, returning leaving Medley at;4 p.m.  Phono 11, Penticton W. K. Wku'V  J-A. BROWN  1, ... ..       Notary Public  CONVKYANl'ING, CUSTOMS IJKOKJSHAOK,  '"''. .Fink  IXSUK.ANCK     ' \;''''',;*..:."  ���������������������������OFFICE  KEHEMEOS.vB.C.  C.iE.SHAW,  JLLOW KIVKK--O11 main line' of  Grand Trunk-I'm-ilir. and Pacific &  Hudson Hay Railway. It is the desire of the Railway Company to  make it one of the most important-  towns in the entire Canadian West.  Lots ������10 down. SIO monthly: no interest; no takes. Write today for  full 'information: Puc'.-.l{(iwl& Land  Corp.. Ltd.. li"'* I'ac. Hldif.' Vancouver, li. C. --  NURSERY STOCK  ���������Ot.R   AGENTS MAKE MONEY"  selling our hardy, guaranteed  slock.  Experience tin necessary.  YAK.I M A VALLEY N UKSERY  Toppenish, Wash.  CO.  VtaODIXG   AT   OKANOGAN   FALLS  3Iat'Koiizit'���������Kennedy  A very pretty wedding and one of  great interest to a host of friends of  the bride in Penticton, and throughout  lhe lower Okanogan, took place on  Wednesday, December 4th at, 2 o'clock  when Miss Hazel MacKenzie, daughter  of the late Andrew D. MacKenzie, of  Cliff Ranch. Okanogan Falls, became  the. wife of James Edward Kennedy,  eldest son of J. I-I. Kennedy, Esq.. of  Vancouver, Engineer to the Great  Northern Railway company. The officiating clergyman was the Rev. J. A.  Cleland, rector of S. Savior's church,  Penticton. ,-������������������--���������  The marriage ceremony was performed at the residence of the bride's  mother, Mrs. Katharine MacKenzie,  Cliff Ranch. The drawing room was  beautifully decorated with flowers, evergreens and berries. The bride, who  looked charming in a white silk gown  with overdress of white tulle and carried a bouquet of lovely roses was  given away by her uncle, Mr. Mclntyre.  The bridesmaid, Miss Rita Kirby, of  Keremeos, looked very sweet in a  gown of pale pink sillc which well  matched her pink roses. Mr. H. W.  Hertel. cousin of the bridegroom, acted as best man. After the ceremony  the guests repaired to the dining room,  where a sumptuous wedding repast  was provided. The tables Avere ex-  'liiisitely decorated Avith an abundance  of flowers and lights, and the excellence of the cuisine couid not be surpassed. All. the arrangements for the  wedding feast were made and carried  out by Mrs. C. A. C. Steward and Mrs.  R. B." White, old friends of the bride's  family, assisted by Miss E. B. Bassett.  Those who participated in the, Aved-  ding festivities, in addition to the bridal party, Ave re Mrs. K. MacKenzie, Mr.  and Mrs. J. H. Kennedy, father and  mother of the briagroom, Dr. and Mrs  R. B. White Mr. and Mrs. C. A. C.  Steward. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Greer,  Miss Violet Kirby, Miss Bassett, Mr.  G. R. Mason. Mr. Fred Williamson, Mr  C. E. Bentlcy', Mr. Bassett and Wilfred  Lambly.  The bridgroom is connected with the  engineering department ol" the Great  Northern Railway company and gives  promise of a splendid career in his  profession. The happy couple left in  Mr. Bcntley's auto for Oroville. en  route to California and coast cities for  their honeymoon.  The bride's going away dress was a  brown tailor made suit, with a large  white felt hat.  The   presents   were   numerous   and  -ostly.   coming  from   friends   far  and-  near.  GOOD   POSITIONS OPEN  New Federal   Law  Compels  Vessels to  Have More Wireless Operators  William    flaming,    of   the   ci-y    o:  Chopaka, paid  his old  friends a  visit I  last Monday. j  The road gang under foreman Mc- I  Curdy, has closed down for the winter j  months.  A. Robertson  on tho butcher  old stand in the  Mr. and  Mrs.  will continue to carry  business at  the; same  city meat market.  Kennedy and son Ar-  ihur, of Vancouver .spent, a. f(;\v day:-:  in town and district visiting old  friends. Mr. Kennedy only stayed a  short while wil'i us hut. Mvh. Kennedy  and Arthur spent, .-in enjoyable time  at the Willows as the guests of Mrs.  Daly. On receipt, of a wire, Mrs. Kennedy had '������������������) leav-i on Monday's train  going south.  .!iiu  '-'rant, of Simillcameen.  was  in  town Monday.  Many guild positions are ripen to  young men anil women in the field of  ���������'Wireless" .Hid nf eoninici-rial telegraph service. The passage of the  new lederal la w, ell'ert i vc Oct 1. ciun-  pelling all sci-guiiig vessels to In-  equipped with wireless instruments  and manned hy t.wn enmpetent opei-af-  ois. has en-Mi ed a wide demand fur operators in lhe uiaiine wireless service.  Federal law now leipiiies railways to  i use more operators than ever liel'oi-e.  j The.Morse Telegraph company, of Sc-  { al tie and Portland, works in close connection with wirelc-s ,-ind commercial  oi'iic ials. and can place uiadiiat.es in  good positions. It will pay you to  wi ile for full particulars.     Ai\v.     I0--I  TRY THE  Hedley Gazette  for  Civil Engineer, Dominion and I'royiii-  cial Land Surveyor-.  Office'of J.  KEREMEOS  A. Brown  B. C.  M.' LEIGHTOn   WADE,  B. Sc.  Electrical Engineer  Isolated   plants for  lights and  power in Mills, Mines, etc.  Municipal    installations   and  extensions! ''-"..'.  KAMLOOPS,  B.C.  K, H. ROGERS,  M.A., B.O.L.  BARR1STEK, SOLICITOR,  NOTARY PUBLIC, ETC  Vernon, B. C  Hotel Keremeos  Opposite G. N. R. Station  MRS.   A. F. KIRBY,   Proprietress.  SILKS  Laige Assortment of choice Silk press  Goods, Silk handkerchiefs etc.  for sale at right prices  TOflMY SING, Keremeos  SING LEE  Laundry, Contracting' of all  kinds, Ditch digging*, Wood  Sawing*. Clearing land, Cooking* and all kinds of Chinese  Labor.  KisrtE.AiKos, B.C.  FOR AFTERNOON TEAS AND  LUNCHES GO TO  KEELER'S -RESTAURANT  Keremeos, B. G.  For- Ladies and Gentlemen  Popular Prices.    Neat and Clean  Hates to Regular Hoarders  Bread for Sale.  Orders filled for- Cakes  Doughnuts-and Pies.  TWEDDLE'S      i  AUTO LINE I  Leaves Penticton every morn- i  ing al. 7 o'clock, except. Sun- J  day.   to connect, wit h train }  for-   Medley,   Princeton and \  ('oalnionl.'. ?  Leaves   Keiemoos  daily,   ex-   J  eopt,  Sunday  on   arrival of  1 (!::-!() train. '  HOI'S*!-'  STACK  Ket Hilling, leaves PenlioiOli  Monday. Wednesday and  Friday at 7 o'clock a.m.  Leaves K"-rcnicos at l2o'clnck  a. in. Tuesday, Thursday  and Sal mday.  Special rigs at shortest notice  HARRY TWEDDLE  Keremeos Centre       -        B. C.  S F- R A Y-  I  Do not neglect to spray your trees with     ���������  Pendray's Lime Sulphur Solution  Pendray's is endorsed bv all the leading fruit men  Of thc 7">i*ovince.     .   .    '        ���������'���������,-'���������  ������������������We are. sole agents foi- Keremeos and can sell it by  We  the barrel or gallon.  carry a  full line of Garden and  Field Seeds.  Five Roses Flour always in stock  F.  RICHTER ESTATE  Of What   Keremeos   Fruit  Lands  Have  Done for Early Purchasers  is Now Here  This year the trees in bearing will give an  output which although showing handsome profit  on the original investment, is only a mild suggestion of the profit to be realized with a larger  market.  We  REMEmBER  offer no  land but what has  the   water already on it  Fruit  Lots of any size to suit your means;  at $175, 215 and 350 per acre.     Town Lots.  Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.  KEREMEOS, B. C.  ���������.'���������������������������  .**.  >������  @  ������  @.  *@  ��������� ^ . ..... . .,-       ���������  1 Grease the  mvifmMiw,v*ixiiviiormimE  The finest lubricant for the Commercial  Machine is  PRINTERS' INK       t  This may be applied in different  ways I.)ut the two old stand-bys are  judicious advertising' in the local  paper and neat stationery printed at  home. The (Jazette can suit all requirements.  ���������  *-$���������  60   YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c.  TTE  HAS THE LUBRICANT  Ding' a  ���������=>?  tc  Anyone soiuHiik .-rsl-.nlfli anil dcacrinf.lon may  quickly jih<h;i-(uin enr (ij.inkn! freo wtifjl.hcr .'in  ��������� iivnnt.ion is in-ohuhly pntontntile.   Oiiimumicn.  ��������� ��������� ���������' ���������com ""   !(l(!������t  tlcon  \ wll  Lioii9Hi.ricMywniililoiit.iiil. HAHDBOO!' o" I'.-itento  3('iM, I'rac. Olilost .-i-reni-y fur Knuuruu; p.-itcnte.  l'lii.i-iit.s tiilcon thi'oiiRli HIuiiti & Co. rucolre  ipee-talnntlce, wllhout olmrrio, Intbc  ll&���������&J&JPJPjrM&JP>K&Plty^  X  X  X  X  X  ft  Si  ,!������  ������*������  s  X  Metal Work Tmsmithingr  ���������uumimff  MwivtwMnrn.'"'! t-nt*t*n*-nr mwmiw rr-ou������tiwnmM m-x hwiww i*-u*m-cT?-i niti va khouvu ��������� lEnutufUnwmu  Shop eoi'iicr Angc  St..   in MViunlock';  hi. Ave. and Ih-idge  ;  bla(.'ksiuith shot).'  Ahail'lsoinclj" iiliiaf.rnlfirt wnnkly. l.nri/r.itt 0>T.  ciliiMoii of iMiv Hf-ioiiLltlc JDurnul. 'i'l-nnn, $'> :i.  f(wir: f������in-MdiilliM, !i>!. Kolil tiyuil tiou-Mle.'iU-n:.  Unwell orficc. .'v.i !���������' St.. 'IViijIiiiHrroii. r>. O.  Fine Job Printing I,s~  ailSOIMIilO  l^OIl TIU<)   GAY.KTVK  ������'  g������  ft"  a?  x  X  S,"  ft"  ft'  R>������  ti  R������  a"  .������'  b"  X  a'  &"  x  X  X  Work guaranteed.   Consult us about your work  H. DIGNAI  i'l.'AC'I'ICAI.   VVoUK.VIKN  !>i;oi,i;ir:ro!;s  PRINCETON, B. C.  x  x  X  X  X  X  X  X


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