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The Hedley Gazette Aug 26, 1909

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Array MM  ���������'..'������������������''. .������������������''���������': ii'"':  ��������� ."���������' c.'S ' .-7'-.-u,..y'  AND SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER.  Volume V.  HEDLEY, B.C., THURSDAY,  AUGUST 26; 1909.  Number 33.  ,#  Dr. C. A. JACKSON  DENTIST  [18 years'practice in VancoiiA'or.]  S. 6. L. Co.'s Block  PENTICTON,      ���������-;.    -      B. C.  J. W. EDMONDS  Insurance and  General Agent  Agent for The Great West Life Insurance COMPANY.  PENTICTON,      -      -  R. JET. ROGERS,  M.A., B.C.L.  BARRISTER, SOLICITOR,  NOTARY PUBLIC, ETC.  Vernon, B. C  HOTEL  PENTICTON  Headquarters for Tourist TraA'el.  Rates Moderate.  A. Barnes, Prop.       Penticton, B.C.  HOTEL HEDLEY  NeAvly Renovated Throughout.  Accomodation Unsurpassed.   Best only  in Liquors and Cigars.  D. G. Hacknev, Prop.  Hedley.  Grand Union  HEDLEY, B.C.  First Class Accommodation.   Bar Stocked with  Best: Brands of Liquor and Cigars.  A. WINKLER, Proprietor  A. MEG RAW  NOTARY   PUBLIC  ConA'cyancor,  Real Estate.  Mines,  CroAvn    Grants   Applied   For  Under Land Act and  Mineral Act.  Agent for:  Mutual Life of Canada..  Hudson Hay Insurance Co.  Columbia Firo Insurance Co.  Calgary Fire Insurance Co.  London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  Ocean Accidont and Guarantco Co.  United "Wireless Telegraph Co.  Office   at   HEDLEY,  B..C.  SIMILKAMEEN    COAST    ROUTE  w.  H. T.  GAHAN'  Barrister,  Solicitor,  Notary Public, Etc.  ,    ���������'���������'  Muuk  PENTICTON,  Block  B. C.  Saturday Sunset Proposes Bold Railway  Policy Which Looks Like" Winner  ferafefefefefefeM^fefefera^fefeirtiariiatM  x  X  X  x  I  i  THE  ^     $  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  x  Great NortHern  note!  friii Get on  Is noted over tho entire district for excellence of both tablo  :   :   :   :      and bar.       :   :   :   :  All the Avants of tho triwolling  public   carefully   attended   to.  X  i  i  I  I  I  i  X  I  i  X  ������  X  X  Bruce in Saturday Sunset keeps  pounding away in the hope of arousing greater interest on the coast for  immediate completion of the link betAveen here and the coast. Hud coast  sentiment been more alive in the past  to the advantages of this connection  the Great Northern would not have  lost the valuable time that has been  Avasted since ground was first broken  betAveen Oroville and Chopaco in the  spring of 1905.   '  The plan Avhich Bruce proposes is  out-lined in the folloAving :  "What is needed among other things  in the government's railway policy, is  direct connection Avith the Nicola and  Similkameen, such a line being also ;���������  direct connection Avith the Boundary,  Kootenay and Okanagan. That line  to be effective as a short line must  cross the Hope mountains.  "Noav  that is not all that is needed.  We must have a line competing with  the.C. P. R.   It will boot the province  little' if the C. P. R.  builds the only  line across the Hope. British Columbia  Avants competition  in rates on coal,  qoke, cattle and produce from .the Interior to  the Coast and Ave Avant competition in  rates on goods from the  Coast ,to the Interior.   To-day the rate  is $1.80 per ton on coal and the haul is  only about  220  miles,  all doAvn hill.  That helps  to perpetuate and make  secure  the   monopoly  of   the   extortionists who hold up the people of this  city for soft coal and make them pay  $7.50 a ton though there is only a forty  mile Avater haul betAveen here and the  mines.  Toronto is kicking like a pinto  steer just noAV because  the  best anthracite   coal   is   advanced   to   $6.75  though it costs three times as much to  transport it to    that city  from   the  mines as   it  does   from   Vancouver  island to this city..  "The C. P. R. rate on coke makes it  prohibitory. The rate-from.-the Nicola mines, to Vancouver and NeAv  Westminister is $2.50 per ton and to  Ladysmith or Crofton $3.25. The To-  coma smelter finds it cheaper to use  coke from Australia than the Nicola  coke can be laid doAvn for. If a reasonable rate on coke could be secured  another Fernie Avould gicnv up around  the Nicola mines.  If a raihvay connects Aspen Grove  and the mines of the Similkameen  Avith the Nicola coke one, tAvo, perhaps  three smelters Avill be in operation in  a very feAV years. A very large population -will be developed Avhose trade  Avill all come to the Coast.  "When AA'e get direct connection by  competing line Avith the.coal measures  of Nicola and Simlkameen Ave not  only bring a rich trade to the Coast  but Ave Avill break the monopoly of the  island extortionists avIio levy unjust  tribute on this province by charging  exorbitant prices for- a life necessity.  "Of course the C. P. R. may be only  running a bluff on the public in.regard  to the Hope mountain route in order  to hamper any deal tlie goA'ernment  may have under Avay Avith the C. N. R.  If the C. P. R. could convince the  public that it really intends to build  through the Hope it Avould Aveaken  tlie public opinion in favor of assistance to Mackenzie <fc Mann. If the  latter are attempting to hold up the  government, the O. P. R.'s influence  might be in the public interests provided it does not block Mackenzie &  Mann from building through the Hope  mountains.  "There are plenty shrcAvd men avIio  think the provincial Government  should make it part of its raihvay  policy to build a line up the Fraser,  across the Hope and on to YelloAvhead  Pass and lease running rights to all  the railways Avhich wanted.to come in  over it. Thus the G. T. P., the C.P.R.  and the C. N. R. could be brought  simultaneousaly to the Coast from the  YelloAvhead and that line Avould become the greatest grain route in the  Avorld.  "It could be  UNITED    WIRELESS    BOOMING  The Earnings increasing   Enormously���������  Now Exceeds $75,ooo per Month  "   From Ships and Shore Stations  Those who may think that the increase in the price of United Wireless  Stock of 100 per cent, in a year  Avould slow lip the sales of treasury  stock, are mistaken," for the fiscal  agents report more stock being sold  now at $35,00 per share than Avas being sold a year ago at $18.50, Avhile  the earnings have increased by a much  greater percentage than the price of  the stock.  The commercial earning of offices on  board  ships is proving a surprise,  to'  such an extent that agents are placed  in a quandary as   to how to figure  them out when exemplifying to  the  public the profit to. be expected from  earnings.   The actual figures turned  in by ship, offices are found in many  cases to exceed  by 300 per cent what  was clained  by the company in   its  literature, and yet many   agents in  their sales of stock forebore to use all  the data supplied   them   in   the   literature for   fear that  the  situation  Avould look  too rosy and thus prove  too    great for the credulity of those  to- whom they wanted to sell.    There  is   such  a   thing   as   frightening    a  cautions man aAvay by making a thing  look too big, and yet Avhat is an agent  to do when the actual cash turned in  by these  ship   offices  so   far exceed  Avhat he had been accustomed to tell  the public as to Avhat might  be    expected in the way of earning poAver?  Another   pecular phase of the situation is that so far instead of Avireless  hurting the wire   companies,  it  has  really increased the volume of their  business.   The United  Wireless have  not tried to push AA'ireless on land in  opposition  to the av ire companies, being too  busily engaged in  equipping  ships and shore   stations   to  handle  business offering where the wire companies   with   their   more   expensive  equipment and maintenance could not  afford to go, and yet these messages  of ten had to be sent inland over the  Avires of the telegraph companies.    In  this Avay business has been Originated  by the Avireless for the Avire companies  that the latter Avould never have got  and both concerns are making more  money in consequence of it.  TRACK-LAYERS ARE  BRIDGE BUILDING  The Twenty-Mile Trestle Nearihg Completion���������Contains 750,000 feet  of Timber  HUNTING   THE   TUNNEL   SITE  For the past ten days the track-laying machine  has  been awaiting   the  completion of the Twenty-mile trestle,  but the track-laying  creAv are as busy  as nailers helping the  bridge-builders  to get in  the trestle.     Last  week all  the  bents of the first tier in the structure Avere put together and about half  of them  Avere raised  by  means of a  special    bridge-building   engine    and  crane mounted on a flat car standing  on the end of the track on  the Avest  edge of Smelter flat. The length of the  bridge (1500 ft) Avas too great to work  Avith advantage all from  one end, so  when half the bottom tier had  been  raised, they Avent to  work on  the second tier and on Monday last the bents  of the second- tier Avere raised and the  stringers, ties and track laid down on  that portion so as to move the derrick  forward on it ready to raise the bents  both lower and upper, of   the Avest  half of. the bridge.  ThecreAv is still short-handed, but  tAA'enty or,more additional men were  expected in about the middle of the  Aveek. In the bridge creAv are some  excellent timber handlers, Avho almost convey the idea at times, by  their Avork, that they had at some  time in their lives been trapeze pei-  formers.  When one considers the large  amount of timber in this bridge,  (750,000 feet) and that the cre.AV is not  much over sixty, men the progress  they must make to complete in tAvo  Aveeks is most creditable Avork.  The ballasting train is at Avork on  the lower portion of the line. This  train Avas expected about four Aveeks  ago, but it is said that tAvo Avork trains  will be used in the ballasting and thus  work pushedas rapiply as possible.  When the trestle here over Twenty-  mile is completed it Avill only take the  track-layers about tAvo days to put in  the sidings in the station yard and lay  the track to the third crossing at Dr.  Whillans ranch for Avhich bridge the  piles Avere driven over a Aveek ago.  WON'T LET WILLIE PLAY GOLF  Officials of A. Y. P.   are  Hard  Task-  Masters���������They Would Curtail  President Taft's Innocent  Pleasures.  OROVILLE-WENATCHEE BIDS  Contracts   from   Oroville   to   Brewster  Would be Let on Saturday Last.  si^ij?^in������H^s?^������^^^R^^R^8?6i;c*;6?inteii?  financed on lines laid  doAvn bv Sir Charles Tnpper in 1879  Avhen he Avanted to set aside 100,000,-  000 acres of land to be sold at $2 an  acre, the proceeds to be used to build  the 0. P. R.     It is easy at this date to  see Iioav easily that could have been  Concluded on Pago Four.  Unlike the people of Spokane avIio  have thoughtfully -provided for a  round of the Hayden Lake Golf Links  as part of the entertiunment of President William HoAvard Taft during his  visit to Spokane on Sept. 2Sth, a certain section of the A. Y. P. officials at  Seattle Avhose motto appears to be  "Make hay Avhile the sun shines,"  have.decided that during his stay in  Seattle the president "must not idle  his time aivay at golf links, but must  endure the gaze of the proletariat,"  and be on exhibition as the premier  attraction to dnuv croAvds to the fair  and thus increase the gate receipts on  those particular days.  A Avhile ago the fair officials induced  the mayor of Seattle to refuse permission to a circus to sIioav there during  the fair on the grounds that the circus  would take $50,000 out of the-city that  might otherAvise go to SAvell the fair  receipts.  The North Avest has heard a great  deal about the "Seattle Spirit." What  the manifestation of that spirit is supposed to consist of has never been definitely stated, but it begins to look as  if there may be just the mildest sug-  gestien of a grunt about it.  Other officials avIio realize more  keenly Avhat should be expected of a  host are experiencing no small amount  of chagrin that commercialism in the  matter has been alloAved to' run the  length of being guilty of discourtesy  to the head of the nation.  Daily papers last Aveek gave out the  information Avhich looked to speedy  commencement of the Avork of building on the Oroville Wenatchee branch.  The despatch stated that contracts  Avould be let on Saturday 21st for the;  portion of the road betiveen Oroville  and BreAvster a distance of about 70  miles.  For about ten days or more contractors and sub-contractors Avere  sAvarniing into Oroville to go over the  route and spy out- choice "takes."  BreAvster is uoav connected at  Wenatchee Avith the main line of the  Great Northern to the south by boat,  and for the summer season, at all  events, the cut off Avould be an accomplished fact, by the building of the  portion from Oroville to BreAvster.  Then there is the branch to Waterville  from a point on the Great Northern  near Waterville already built, and all  that Avould remain to be done is to  connect up the short link of rail be-  rAveen Brewster and Waterville to  gh*e connection by rail.  It is 134 miles from Spokane to  Wenatchee and 134 miles from Oroville  to Wenaschee Avhile the distance from  Oroville to Spokane is 225 miles. Thus  about 11 hours Avould be saved in going to the coast.  While Ave are not aAvare that J. H.  Kennedy ever gaA;e out the real object  of the mission on Avhich he started  out two Aveeks ago to the region beyond Otter' Flat, yet it is pretty  generally understood that it Avas Avith  a vieAv to ascertaining Avhat could be  done to shorten the distance and  lessen the grade of the Coquihalla  route by picking out a convenient  tunnel site and it Avas further stilted  that even a tunnel five miles long or  a. little more would not be unacceptable to his principals.  Mr. Kennedy has noAV been in .active  engineering for nearly forty years and  during that period has had some  pretty difficult stunts in all of which  he has made good. Those who know  his work best, claim that he can tell  more about the engineering possibilities of a country by Avalking over  it than the average engineer would  find out Avith transit and level.  The task upon Avhich he last started  out is a hard one for a man of his  years and one Avhich the company  Avould hardly expect of him ; but the  scheme is believed to be his OAvn and  it is reasonable to suppose that this  would make him all the more loth to  intrust it to anyone else. It is said  that leaving Otter Fla.t he Avas anything but Avell and/ar from being in  the condition in which he used to set-  out on such expeditions.  He is iioav gone longer than members of his staff expected it Avould take  him and this in itself may be regarded as a hopeful sign that he is attaining his object, and has found the  scheme not only feasible, but, is putting in work on it to enable him to  elaborate it Avith much more detail,  than is supposed to go Avith an ordinary reconnaisance. . His friends in' the  Similkameen Avish him success and  hope that he may find even better  than he Avas expecting.  It Avas evidently this Avork Chief  Engineer Hogeland had in mine Avhen  he gave out on the coast that "changes  in the location of the unbuilt- portion  of the V. V. & E. route are noAV under  consideration; Tavo survey parties  are iioav at Avork in the Hope range,"  said Mr. Hogeland. "We feel quite  confident that in the revised survey  Ave 'will' be able to secure a grade of  one per cent, on Avestbound and a two  per cent grade on eastbound traffic  From the information now in our-  possession Ave have every reason to  believe that the mountains do not  constitute the insurmountable barrier-  people suppose theni to be.     \  "The route   of   the   proposed   line-  across the mountains  avus completed,  and filed Avith the government  nearly tAvo   years   ago.     Going   Avest   it  folloAVs the Tulameen and Otter rivers  to the summit and descends the Avest-  ern slope  via the  Coquihalla river to  that river's confluence Avith the Fraser-  river near Hope.    From   that point it  Avill extend   to Abbotts-ford-'at the international   boundary,   Avhere connection Avill be made  Avith the completed  section into Vancouver."  PIGEON  CAUSES  WRECK  Pat Welch's Brother in Automobile Collision���������Chauffeurs Must Attend  to Their Business.  A LONG HAUL  Canadian  Steel  Rails   For G.  Round The Horn  T. P. Go  Montreal, Aug. 17.���������With a cargo of  5,000 tons of steel rails for Prince Rupert, the steamship Cnnvn of Galicia  has left Sydney, N. S��������� on her long  voyage of 15,000 miles around the  Horn. It is probable that she Avill take  the Straits of Magellan route, but will  have to stop at several points both on  the journey doAvn and the long haul  up for coal. This is a long voyage,  and it is expected that the Crown of  Galicia will reach her destination by  the end of September.  (Spokesman RcvioAv)  Attracted by a dove Avliich SAA'ept Ioav  in its  flight   as  he sped doAvn  Third  avenue in his Stoddard-Dayton "Red  Devil" runabout yesterday afternoon,  James Welch of the firm of P. Welch  & Co., raihvay contractors, grabbed at  the bird,   lost   control    of   his   car,  bounced on a boulder   and   plunged  into   a swiftly   moving   southbound  Liberty Park car on HoAvard street,  knocking it from  the track and precipitating  the front end of   tlie automobile in a mass  of wreckage  on the  pavement.    The pigeon  continued in  its flight.    Mr.  Welch   gathered himself together,  turned off  the  battery  of his machine, motioned to the motor-  man  to move on and signaled to the  gathering ci-oaviI that he avus not hurt.  It was discovered that tlie auto had  one of the car trucks dismantled. With  the aid of a frog the car Avas adjusted,  and started. THE   HEDLEY GAZETTE, AUGUST 26, 1909.  %'' i'v.fS*'  ������������������$  mM$Mimt  "'���������'' and ��������� ���������;-'.  Similkarneer* Advertiser.    : .--���������:.  , ssuc-rt on Thursdays; by tho Hedi.'hy G.vzkttk  l'KIN'n.'v'C A.\-j) Pl.'i'.l.lSUINU C.OMI'A.W",-    '".  i.i.,.!:r:-:!i. .at ilc-dluv. B. (.'. - ,;  '   Subscriptions in Advance  i-i.:~ A'cMi-.   ���������'   I ('uit'ed .-uit'-si   Advertising Rates  . .Ali.-ji.-uri'iiii-nt. VI line- 16 the im.-li.  . ���������_'..")(i  Lnr.d Notices i c-i-t,(IU-<iU-~ (if improvement. ���������������(<--.  $7.(1'i I'm- lio-<l;i,v iiiili'-i.--, and S'.OU 1'or'iO-dn.v  IHltil'l.'-.  Transient Advertisements-- not exceeding one  iiu-li. .*.l.i!U for one insi-i-l lou. ���������_'">��������� i-fiils for  e.-u-h -iHw.-ijiii-m insertion. Over one inch,  10 ceiii.- per Hue  for first,  insertion iiwl .">  that the Great Northern has it,  for aa'C ail know that as far as  enuineering is concerned J. H.  Kennedy occupied' it for them  four years ago, and had' they j  supplemented     location ���������   AA'ith i  METEOROLOGICAL.  The folloAving are.the.leadings sIioav-  ing temperature,   etc.,  for the Aveek  21: :'���������'. '  AT THE MIXK.  Maximum   '     Mininiimi  ending Aug.  actual    construction,   Avitliin   a j An������ ]������  10  '"- ��������� ���������       ���������  cents per line- for cnen Mibseijiient lnscrc ion.  Trniis'ii-iil.- ii;-i>i'.l)!e.iii adyiince.  Contract Advertisements - One inch per month  ���������   $l,:'.:>: over I inch ami up to t inches. SI.(ill  ���������|ioi-i:!cl: ix.-r mouth. To cunstant advertisers  riil'iii}-.' lai-:',''.'i* .-���������;������������������ ice lhaii  l'oiir inches, on  application, rates will.be given, of .reduced  i.-hiirgi:?. -based tin .-b.o of space iind length  of time.  .Advertisements ������i!' .be eh.--.ngcd once every  monlfi ii advertiser desires, without any extra  charge, l-'or changes oftenor than oncea month,  Che   price of eon'iposition  will   be charged at  regular rare*. ,  ' Changes for eoniract ad\er1is.eiiioiits should'  bo.in tlie oilice by  11 on Tuesday to secure-  attention for thai wceli'- i.-;.ne.   .  A. lAlECiWAW. Managing Editor.  reasonable���������* period  they would ;  have no serious opposition iioav. j  The    .Saturday   Sunset   com-!  plains of British Columbia- trade j  17  18  10  20  21'  Full lUoen  i :!)  Last tpiar.  8.  fPff  N'eAV Moon  IS  First quar. 5  i'.'l.  "  100  .)  AUG.  .1909  Sun.  mon.  T  i!6S. IVCCl.  Tllti.  i l  :i. Sat.  .1-)  .11      12  V;)  07  14  -?���������  SS  .^sa'CJV ja*t*sscis; J.-I ws������������:-a -^iix-i; -  smttnrMM-f  >     DROP THE SIDE ISSUES  One would think "-that the  advantages to the whole Southern interior of British Columbia  which would accrue from the  ��������� immediate construction of a direct raihvay route ' .between  Vancouver and the ' Similkameen would be sufficiently obvious to prompt broader vieAvs  on the subject, on the part of  neAvspapers in East Kootenay  and the Boundary than that  ' which -was shown by the Fernie  Free Press and others, which  insinuated that Bruce must  have some private investments  iii the Similkameen which  would prompt bis advocacy of  the scheme. Whether Bruce  may have any investments in  this or any other portion of the  province is nobody's business  but his oavii and has nothing  whatever to do with the merits  or other wise of the scheme he  advocates.  No  engineer of  note  has attempted to  deny the tact that  the shortest route to Vancouver  from   either   the   southern   or  central interior of the province  is that OA-er the Hope mountains;  and   the  sum   of good  to  the  province,   both   coast, and   interior, -would uncloubtedly be a  throughly  equipped  and maintained    double-track     railway  down     the    Coquihalla,    over  which    the    Great    Northern,  Canadian      Northern,      Grand  Trunk   and   Canadian    Pacific  would all have running powers.  Four roads could operate over  such a highway  with a greater  degree  of safety  to the travelling public than  a single-track  railway imperfectly maintained  would be if  operated  by  only  one  road.     The  Grand  Trunk  Pacific and  Canadian Northern  cannot reach  Vancouver from  the Yellowhead Pass a shorter  way than via the Coquahalla to  Hope aud no   shorter route between Spokane  and Vancouver  could be obtained than the same  Coquahalla route;  and   if   the  C. P. K.  want to  use it as well  and are prepared  to contribute  their  share  for  such  use why  try to keep them out of it?  ,������-���������  being sluiced .southward  Spokane, and so it Avill bo as  long as the Great Northern''  branch running up the Si-  mi 1 !-:anu:ei 1 'reulai 1 is a culdes'ac  or blind alley as at present; but  let the Great Northern complete through to the-.coast by  exhibiting the same degree of  de-spatch in building through!  the Coquihalla which they have  hitherto' displayed in lassitude  or indifference in getting here  from Midway and..all that will  be changed, and tothe;'acl\ran-  tago of Canadian coast cities,  for .with the tariff to assist  them 'Canadian coast merchants  should have no trouble to hold  ���������British Columbia trade against  Spokane even with the Great  Northern alone.  The Saturday Sunset appears  undecided as to Avhether the  C. P. R. engin eeri ng work i 11  Coquihalla isa bluff or not, but  as the C. P. E. realizes that  with the V. V. & E. completed  to Vancouver the Great Norther-would'have much tlie shortest route between Spokane and  Vancouver which-' includes also  tlie Xvootenays and Boundary,  it is' but ,'natural that they  should also Avant to -share' in  that traffic by -'placing ������������������ themselves iii a position to cover the  ground in as short time. Control of the. Kettle Valley and  MidAA'ay and Vernon and a route  down-'the Coquihalla instead of  the someAAdif.it roundabout route  by Spence's Bridge would place  them on equal footing, or as  nearly so as the heavier gradients forced on them for lack  of'privilege of crossing the international boundary line Avould  allow. .  ���������Altogether, the question is  broad enough to be discussed  on a higher plane than petty insinuations as to any self-interest-which, the Sunset editor may  or may not have in either the  Similkameen  or Nicola A'alleys.  j.    i-Average maximum temperature���������.-  into I .. ��������� ���������������������������  Average minimum do ���������.-  NK OF  Mean temperature '  Rainfall for the Aveek  SuoAvfall        "        ���������'    '  inches.  73 Years in*BF.isinesi Capital and Reserve Over $7,000,600  Si mill sums  of money can be  transmitted safely ��������� conveni-'  ently���������and at-.trifling expense '  "���������-by our Bankers' Association  Money Order.  Money  Orders  for .f> 5.00  or  under costs   3  ���������.'.'���������**���������  '   '      ":    - -'.      5.00  to  $10.00     "       0  10.00 to' -mm.-. -���������.". -10  '. V "      30.00  to    50.00   . "      15  cents.'  ���������y  t;oKi:i-:si-o.vni.vc; \vi-:i:ic ok last a'baii  Highest niii-xinium temperature So.  Average maximum ,        do '7S.f>7  LoAvest minimum do. H7  Average minimum do -I8.1-1-  Mean ' do    .    .. 00.S5.  Aiu  '15  IB  17  "18  19  20  21  Minimum  50  52  51  . ���������'. si   ;  45  AT  THK   JtlLl.-  .Maxim 111:1  ., ������;-  90  90  92,; :  S8  ��������� ���������    ,    82.  7-1  Average maximum temperature 80.  Average, 'minimum do -IS.So  Mean,. do      ���������    07.12  Rainfall for the Aveek   .       inches  SuoAvfall "        " .   .  scoKJUcsi'ONDi.NG avi-:i-:i' oi-' last a'kak ">  Highest maximum temperature 90  Average' do do S9.71  LoAA'cst minimum - do  -       53.  Av-erage..' do do 55.71  Mean do 72.71  Iveru, Fsscl & Sale Stables  Hedley Branch,  L. G. MacHaffie, Manager  <^^<><>^^<i>^<^^<i>^<*>^^^^<>^^'<>^<<>#^^<^^^^-'^'  p5.������  !r  ���������  ���������  ���������  1 IIS D US A", r.. e.  A good stock of Horses and Rigs on  Hand.    *\ Orders for Teaming  promptly attended to.  Stage    aily.  STAGE LINE  leaving  Hedley  S  a. 111.  and arriving at Keremeos a til a. m.  connecting   av ith  Penticton    stage  '. V     and Great Northern Railway.  EDITORIAL COMMENTS  Office of Dominion Express Gompanij.  WOOD   FOR   SALE!  4  1 MONDAY & TUESDAY %  .���������'���������  .������������������'  ��������� .  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ��������� ���������  *  ���������  I SEPTEMBER 6 & 7,1909 ���������  Phon'ell.  -   1NN1S  BROS,  rroprietors.  It is iioav believed in Vernon  that the Okanagan hotel fire in  which eleven lives were lost,  was due to incendiarism. It is  haped, hoAvever, that this phase  of the' question will not be the  red herring across the track to  distract public attention from  the importance of probing  thoroughly into the question of  fire escapes and all possible safe  guards for the protection of the  travelling public.  Houses to Let.  1 lioomod House, Furnislictl, Avith good garden  ���������Slii.00 per month.  ���������1 Uoomed Cottage���������S 10.00 per month.  .'! Roomed Cottage���������$8,00 per month.  APPLY TO  F. H. FRENCH.  (j). Liberal Policy Conditions-  Generous Cash and   Paid-up  ' Values.  Automatically. Extended Insurance.  (2).  Progressive   and Efficient  Management���������  Loav Expenses and GroAving  Business.  Well and Profitably Invested Funds.  Favorable Mortality Experience.  Expanding Profits to Policyholders.  A   POLICY   IN THI5   COfl-  PANY PAYS  You are invited to join its  ever-expanding household, to  become a partner in its ever-  groAvlng business, and to share  equitably in all its benefits.  Full Information from Head  Office, Waterloo, Ont., or from :  William J. Twiss  MANAGER.  Fee Block,   -   570 Granville St.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  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NOTICE  "So  far  as  priority  of   right  goes  it is pretty well   known!  ���������JaYOTICE is hereby given that the Colonial  " Gold Mining Company alone, is responsible for all. debts contracted by it in its present development work of tho Aper Group of  I Mineral Claims.  W. D. McMillan.  t  6rand Ball on Monday Evening t  EVERYBODY WELCOME -  COMMITTEE  E. A. HOLBROOK, Chairman.     S. F. CHAMBERLAIN, Sec-Treas.  NOTICE  "WATER ACT, 1909."  ATTENTION is called to section 192 of the  "AVater Act, 1909," which requires any  person to whom any power or authority has  been granted, pursuant to the "River and  Streams Act." to surrender such authority  within one year of the pussage of said "AVater  Act," and receive a, licence for same thereunder.  RED. J. FULTON.  Chief Commissioner of Lands.  Lands Department. Victoria, 19th July, 1909.  29-4  Try  WAWVOKHIk  CEYLON TEA.  Pure  and   Invigorating.  NOTICE  SIMILKAMEEN LAND DISTRICT.  DI3TKIOT OP YALK.  TAKE NOTICE that Henry Lee, of Fairv  ���������"���������       11. C���������   secretary,   intend to apply  Dermis ~*'    ' '           ands ;���������  1CAV  for\  permission to purchase the folloAving described  lai  Commencing at a post planted at the northeast corner 01'Lot (119, thence south-westerly  and bounded by said Lot (U9 to Lot27S, thenco  in a south-easterly direction and bounded by  lx)t 27S, to Lot 7I<1, thence north-east to Lob  <43, thence north-west bounded by Lots US, 573  and U2 to point of commencement, containing  if) acres more or less.  HENRY LEE  Dated at Fairview, May 28th 1909.     21-10  ���������  ?.-??y^wy.!?M*hyi-fHtagirete������^->. THE HEDLEY GAZETTE, AUGUST 26. 11)09;  O KING & GO.  Town and District.  Prince-  HEDLEy'S N&W BUTCHERS  The undersigned have  opened a Shop in the  commodious building  formerly occupied, by  H. H. Messenger and  have oh hand a supply1  of all kinds' of Meat arid"'  Vetegables. .     ���������  ft. J. KING S GO.  A. F. & A. M.  REGULAR monthly meetings of  Hedley Lodge No. 43. A. F. & A. M.,  are held on the'second '...Friday in  each month in Fraternity hall, Hedley. Visiting-  brethren are cordially invited to attend.  ARTHUR CLARE H. D. BARNES,  W. M. Secretary  av.-is  an  out-hound   pns-  Thursda.y   morning   for  X  X  X  *i  X  X  X  X  K  -'SsSS i  *s.������*l  I ,-J  j|ffi$|  l~H ��������� - S������       ! '.  ,...,     -ft;.'.!jji. ..LI.   .  ns''*iWM^i������&*"!a-"si  I,  If  g  I  i  I  ft"  X  -8  ���������I  x  X  X  X  x  :x, -.- -.    . -       . -.. - - -a  * <������  X JOHN LIND,  Proprietor ,g  To Buy Cheap, Pay Cash.  Great Northern  Hotel  Anew house containing more bed'  room .-'accommodation" than any ���������  other hotel in toA\'n. Table and .  bar   first - class. . Rates  moderate.  .X  X  X  X  '4  .'������  X  X  .X  X  X  X  X  -X  X  X  X  ���������x  I  X  X  8  Family Groceries  Fresh and Seasonable  at. the  Cheap Cash Store  MRS. Q. B. LYONS.  Miss .Elliott returned, from  ton on Saturday last. ,   ' '  Fred Revely returned on Saturday  lust from a, month's visit to the coast.  ��������� M.r>. G. P. Jones and children returned to toAvit at tlie beginning of the  AA'eek.  F. A. Ross  .sengorr hist  Spokane. ,  Mr. and Mrs. McAlpine and children  of Keremeos, and Dr. and 'Mrs. -MeOoll  of Tilbury,' Out., AA'ere in /'toAvn on  Monday.'  Mrs. Sounders has started a laundry  In. tlie lfesidehco on .Ellis' St. formerly  occupied by Geo. Shelde.r, and solicits  a.sharc of the town-trade.-     . .  The ainount of smoke in I lie nirilur  .ing'the past Aveek , indicates the pic-  A'alefice of fires in the "district. -Fire  Warden Atherton returned on Sun-  day'from a trip to Otter Flat Avhere  fires' Avere threatening' damage to, property.  R.'Elmhirst of Keiemeos Avas in  toAvn last Aveek. Occasionally some of  our Keremeos visitors scramble on ,to  the Avork trains, but most of them  continue to drive through tho dust  until -i regular passenger service-is established.  : Reserve 'Avater _fi;oin the lake Avas  turned on this Aveek far the first time  this season. A good rain, hoAvever,  might bring the. creek supply up  sufficiently to dispense Avith the lake  reserve again. '     - .   ���������"  Miss Macpherson, the iioav teachei,  came in on Thursday last and entered  on her duties on Monday morning.  She had been teaching at Port Essing-  ton during the first term of the present year, and has had considerable  experience in teaching in Manitoba.  The Avor'k trains have already'hauled  into He'dley   several   million' 'feet of  to. say no-  the track material such as-  ties and rails. The contractors'teams  are busy hauling piling and pile caps  ahead to structures farther up the line.  The diamond drills have all been  taken off the Nickel Plate property  for the season and the operators Avent  out at the end of last AA'eek. As a result there will be tAvo households less  up at the mine, Mr. and Mrs. Irvine  and Mr.' and ^Mrs.'Williams- being of  the, party.  An impression got abroad that the  closed term for mountain sheep rah  out this.-year, but the latest o.rder-in-  counciLreads'Sept. 1st, 1911. There  are reports that Indians have been  killing theni up oh the Ashnola creek.  It is about time the provincial game  Avar-den AA'as giving some attention to  this.  On Sunday last George, Allison bore  off-in triumph the skin and rattles of  a good-sized rattlesnake, killed at the  first bridge up the creek oh the/Twenty  mile wagon road. The snake had 11  rattles and the skin Avas prettily  marked, if so loathsome a creature as  a rattlesnake', could be ;caIlod pretty. | W. H.  Nevertheless ���������: the color design AA'as  superb, illustrative of the fact that  beauty anddanger are so often near  akin.   . ���������' L ;.  bridge timbers and piling,  thing of  adapted for Avork in the northern  country, and the expectation is that  I- the cross Avill - produce, a must .useful  dog.  | Then, again there.-is a splendid pa'c'k  of huskies in Virginia, and one or tAvo  of those Avill probably be purcha>ed in  order to add noiv blood to the pack at  Norway-House.      * ,  .Comptroller White-Avas asked about  the reindeer which'had been brought  over from La)>land by tlie United  States Government for use in Alaska.  He said that they had not proved so'  serviceable as lind been expected,  trough that was probably, due to  ignorance of the cure of the animals.  Speaking of the success which, has  attended;.' the experiments Avithri'ein-  "deer of-Dr. Gi-enl'ell, the I Ji bra dor  missiouary, Col. White taid this good j  lesult avjis due to --pec ial 'care and  knoAvledge of the animals. He thought  if a herd Aveie kept by a pliA'ate paily  instead of by olTicials they AA'ould be  more likelv to receive the proper  attention and might-prove of great  value us animals for transport. Reindeer milk has been found of special  use.  The wood hi&on of Canada is  threatoiie'd AA'ith extinction, s.-ias reports Avhich haA'e reached Comptroller  White of the North West Mounted  Police. The Mounted Police patrols  Avhich .peregrinate "Northern Canada  have come to this conclusion and they  are unanimously of the opinion that  the coAA'ard Avolf and not the Indian is  the enemy.  , Only the head and hide are of use  for commercial purposes,' and if the  Indians had been killing off those  buffalo there Avould be':evidences of  the fact���������traders Avould knoAv of it at  once.  HoAvever, from observations of the  police, the question is placed beyond  doubt. Wolves are increasing, and  ���������their demand for .food is likcAvise.  Tliey find a bison a prey to '.their-  liking, and they have reduced the'kill-  ing to the finest of hunting scienc.es,  They corral a herd, and they encircle  it, much a an army did a castle in the  older days of chiA-alry. They Avait until hunger make the poor beasts restless, and in desperation for food, one  of them less experienced than its  felloAA's detaches itself from the herd-  The famished animal is then set upon  and demolished.  Mounted Police have seen the, .Avork.  of the Av'olves and the; remains certify  the results of their observations. In  one herd which-.they-came across l;ite: j  ly four coavs were left. The Avolves  generally bring 'down" the coavs and  the young bison.  The suggestion is made..that old  country'sportsmen would'-find' there a  useful field for their sport, ah'd'as noble  an aim as. Africa .affords. Perhaps  Roosevelt: and party may take it into  their heads and .make Avolves scarcer  a'nd bison, more plentiful in Northern  Canada..-.'.  THE BEST 15  /.-NONE TOO GOOD  FOR.0URCUST0  <C  We endeavour to keep a STOCK of  GROCERIES that cannot be excelled by  buying the best that can be procured and  keeping them always Clean and Fresh.  If you are not already buying your  Groceries from us it will pay you to give us a  trial.  ���������c-  Fresh  Local New Laid  Eggs  and  Princeton;Butter Always  on  hand  iiatfords  General Merchants  Hedley, :-: :-:  ���������-���������^���������-<4>������S><f>"<>^'>-''������-������S>^-<>-'^^  ���������  ���������  t.  ���������  Y  I  4  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  f .  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'  Everything New and  First-Class  Bar supplied Avith the Choicest  Liquors and Cigars, and Special  Attention   paid   to   the   Table.  PLUMBING AND  TINSMITHING.  IN CANADA'S NORTHLAND  Interesting Data of Conditions in the Far  North given out by Comptroller  White.  H. B. MAUSETTE   ^   Is Prepared to Attend  to any  in the Above Lines.  Work  Eave Trouglmg a Specialty  H. B. MAUSETTE  Keremeos Station.  Means of locomotion in the far north  is the chief problem Avhich faces the  Government as far as that great territory is concerned. Anything can be  done by man if he has supplies: he can  reach the North Pole, if he has plenty  of food to eat, and other domestic  necessaries, is the Avay Comptroller  White of the Mounted Police put it to  your correspondent.  Comptroller White pointed out that  means of communication Avill have to  be increased immediately, and he pins  his faith to dog trains Avith huskies.  But   the   huskies   are   deteriorating  someAvhat as the result of inbreeding  and experiments are iioaa' on foot to  raise the standard. He believes himself in a good cross, and a trial will be  made at Norway house,  where there  is a very fine pack of huskies, by introducing Irish   wolfhounds.      These  wolfhounds    are    particularly    well  W.-H! Tapley,   L. T.' Roberge and  Adopho Garlneau arrived .in toAvn-on  Saturday after an exciting experience  ;at Otter Flat.    They- Avere crossing a  bridge  which had been recently put  in, and  AA'hich  avus considered by all  avIio. sa-Av it, an exceptionally good job;  but unfortunately one? material member in the structure, an hoivist looking  fir, happened to prove faulty,  and the  fault- Avas unnoticed by the builders,  and this gave Avay  precipitating men  and horses into   about  five   feet   of  Avater. Avhich made tolerably soft falling.   The most uncomfortable feature  of the mishap Avas that a mixture of  men,    horses,    buggy     and    broken  bridge,  do not ahvays fit in very Avell,  and in this case Avhile the men  can  consider  themselves lucky in coming  out so avoII, Adopho Garlneau had one  of the small bones of his leg injured  and received a hard IiIoav on his nose.  To return  to  the question   of   the  bridge,  the character of the timber in  that portion of the, valley is not of the  best,  but   this   particular  stick; Avas  masquerading so effectiA'ely that only  on closer exanination after the break  occurred was the fiaAV noticeable.     In  fact its behavior Avas altogether unlike  that of a British  Columbia fir.    The  incident calls  to mind the old sinister  prophecy on the Brig o' Balgounie in  one of Sir Walter Sc'otts' novels which  ran  "Brig o' Balgounie  Black's your Ava'  Wi' a mither's ae' son  An' a mear's ae' foal  Doon ye sail fa'. "  Whether the conditions  existed in  this case to call for so baneful a fulfilment of the black augury Ave do not  know,  but certainly doAvn the bridge  tumbled, and the mix-up avhs a never-  to-he-forgotten    experience    for    the  participants.  i*������^i������������ei^oe"*i������n������������'i?*0''^^  62 x per acre cash and  621c once each year  for seven thereafter  secures to you -a BRITISH COLUMBIA  FARM in the British Columbia Southern;  Columbia and Kootenay and Columbia and  Western .Railway Company's Land Grants.  These Farms Lands eminently suited for  the raising of  Fruit*, Grain or Stock  and may be purchased on these EASY  TERMS from  ��������� THE   CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY  who are looking for Settlers  for this part.  Timber Lands of the highest character,  situated in these Grants, are offered for sale in  blocks of. from 640 acres upwards.  Shipping facilities Unsurpassed  Easy Transportation  Apply to the address as shown on the attached  coupon for Maps, Application Forms, Regulations and  Literature.  ot\v  m6-1:^^  tot THE   HEDLEY   GAZETTE,   AUGUST 20, 1909.  Similkameen Coast Route.  Continued iron Page One.  accomplished, but no one at that time  o utside of a fe.AV farseeing statesmen  of tlie Tupper caliber, had faith in the  Canadian. West   to   believe   that   it  could be done.  "That his   idea  is   iioav  considered  ,   feasible is  indicated by the fact that  the  Dominion Government proposes  to buiid  the Hudson Bay raihvay   by j  just such methods of financing.     A  similar plan could  be adopted by British Columbia in building  the  "B. C.  Central" government   line   from   tlie  Coast to YelloAvhead.  "There is only one objection to that  plan  and   that is  that three or four  lines  Avould  utilize  the one route instead  of   as   many   different   routes.  The answer is  that all these lines will  probably take that route in any event  or likely as not one less adA'antageous  to the province as a Avhole.   Moreover  there is no reason av1ia; the government should not,extend its policy and  build a line through  the central north  from   YelloAvhead  to a  point on the  Coast   Avhere a  practical   connection  Avith Vancouver island could be effected.    If such a line is over built,  it will  probably  be from Tete Jaun through  the Chilcotin  country,    The distance  is no greater than the proposed Fort  George route Avhich practical men tell  me is not feasible for various reasons.  "Such a raihvay policy Avould put all  raihvays  Avhere  they  belong in  their  relation to   the   public   interest.    It  AA'ould of course- meet with unanimous  and enthusiastic   opposition   on   the  part of all the railways, but that need  riot Avorry   the   government   for   it  Avould only  create a. solidarity of public opinion in favor of it.  "With such a line Jim Hill could be  speedily brought to his knees and  forced-to ' deliver to the B. C. Coast  cities the trade of the Similkameen,  Boundary and Kootenay Avhich he  is rioAA' sluicing into Spokane.; A  grand new territory Avould be opened  up and British Columbia become a  garden and a hiA'e of industry Avhere  noAV only the big silence holds SAvay.  By carrying it through Premier McBride could Avrite his name in imperishable characters upon the roster  of Canadian statesmen."  BUY HEDLEY PROPERTY NOW  We still hold a few lots on the Business Streets which we are  offering at the old prices $300 to $450 per lot, and we  have good Residential lots in nearly every part of the  town at prices ranging from $50 up to $250 per lot.  With the railroad rapidly approaching and new mines being  opened all around us you cannot expect to. buy lots at  these prices much longer.  ���������  Better Secure Some Right Now, Before the Price Goes Up.  BRITISH COLUPdBIA TIMBER  AND FORESTRY CONMISSION  Call or Write, and get full particulars.   We will be pleased to  show you around.  The Hedley City Townsite Go'y, Ltd.  HEDLEY, B.C.  RH. FRENCH  Secretary and flanager,  THE SCOPE OF THE INQUIRY  The objects of the Commission are  officially set forth, as folloAVs :���������  "To cause inquiry to be made into  and concerning the Timber Resources  of the Province, the Preservation of  Forests, the Prevention of Forest Fires  the Utilization of Timber Areas,  Alforestation, and the Diversification  ( of Tree GroAving, and, generally all  matters connected AA'ith the Timber  Resources of the Province."  THE ITINERARY  The meetings of the Commission for  the purpose of taking evidence, so far  arranged, will be held at the folloAving  places upon the dates mentioned :���������  Seattle���������August 26th, 27th and 23th.  Kamloops���������September 7th.  Vernon���������September 8th and 9th.  Revelstoke���������September 10th and 11th  Nelson���������September 13th  Cranbrook���������September 14th and 15th  Fernie���������September 16th  Grand Forks���������September 18th.  OAving to the members of the Commission having accepted an invitation  to attend  the  meetings  of  the First  National Conservation Congress of the  United States, to be held in the Auditorium of   the   Alaska-Yukon-Pacific  Exposition,  Seattle,  Washington, on  August 26th, 27th and 28th inst.,  the  meetings on the last day of the Commission in  VancoiiA*er,  advertised for  the 26th,  and  the  meetings at ISeAv  Westminister,  August 27th and 28th,  have  been   cancelled.   Arrangements  for the holding  of meetings at these  places will be announced  later.   The  meeting at Kamloops Avill be held on  the 8th of September,  and not on the  30th of August, as originally advertised.    OtherAvise  the itinerary remains  the same.  Announcement will be made later,  if it should be decided to be necessary  or advisable, to hold meetings at other-  places.   ^   GENERAL NEWS  a  $  X  X  x  !  THE  ROYAL  MEDICATED  STOCK FOOD CO.  Vancouver :-: B. C.  The  following is a list of our remedies and  cures, prepared by Dr. Moody  STOCK FOOD  POULTRY FOOD  CONDITION POWDERS  HOOF OINTMENT  SALVE (Healing)  LINIMENT for Stock  LINIMENT for home use  WASH  HEAVE REMEDY  CORN CURE  GALL CURE  COLIC CURE  COUGH and COLD CURE  BLISTER FINISH  DR.   MOODY'S   GREAT  DISCOVERY SPAVIN  CURE  i  X  x  X  X  X  %  X  X  X  X  X  K  I  X  K  x  X  X  X  X  I  X  X  X  K  x  ���������K  x  x  x  X  X  X  X  X  Hotel Keremeos  GEO. KIRBY, xlanager.  Agent for Hedley and District, Shatford's Limited.  THE  ROYAL  MEDICATED  STOCK FOOD CO.  Vancouver :-: B. C.  First Class in Every  Respect.     Commercial and  Headquarters of the Keremeos and Lower Similka  meen Valleys.    Post House on Penticton-  Pririceton   Stage  Line.  Mining  KEREHEOS,  B..C;  I  *������->ij->i������.ag������t-K-'-',pj*������ie>������iw^  I J. A. SCHUBERT I  x  x  X  X  X  X  X  Some of the things Ave are handling *at the J. A.  Schubert's General Store in Hedley and which we will  be pleased to have you try if you have not already done  so. We recommend these goods to be the A'ery Best on  the market and the prices are right.    We handle  "She Is My Daisy  One of Lauder's Best  Then there is "The Wedding  Of Lauchie McGraw" and  ' 'Mister John Mackay'', which  were seldom sung by Mr.  Lauder* during his recent  Canadian tour. But these  songs are simply immense���������  and, of course, sung as only  Harry Lauder can sing them.  We have seven new Lauder  Disc Records ��������� each one a  delight to all who enjoy this  artist's inimitable style.  99.  ?"fj������������i  PURITY FLOUR  RIDQWAY'S TEAS & COFFEES  CURLEW CREAflERY BUTUER  FRESH PRINCETON  DAIRY BUTTER  CHRISTIE'S BISCUITS  flcLAREN'S CHEESE  Fraser River canners are making international question of illegal trap-  fishing in Puget Sound.  John D. Rockefeller's fortune greAv  $80,000,000 more last week through  advance in Standard Oil stock.  Where the hail did not destroy it  Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta  are rejoicing iu bumper crops.  5  X  X  K  x  x  x  x  X  X  X  K  X  X  K  K  K  x  x  X  X  X  X  K  X  X  X  We handle nothing but the best Canned Goods,  Bacon, Hams, Evaporated Fruits, Etc.  We have a full line of Hardware, StOA'es, Etc.  Our Ladies' and Gents' Fuishings are new and  Up-to-Date.  Our Dressmaking and Dry Goods Department,  under the management of Miss Forbes leaves nothing  to be desired.  CALL IN AND SEE FOR YOURSELF.  to inch���������75c. Each  X 52310���������The Safest 01 The Family  X 52311���������Mister John Mcckay  X 52312���������Wearing Kilts  X 52313���������She Is My Daisy  X 52314���������Rising Early In The Marnisg  X 52315���������A Trip T������ Inverary  X 52316���������Wedding 01 Lauchie McGraw  Eight more of Lauder's songs to  he had of any Victor Dealer.  Write for latest catalogue of over  3,000 Records���������sent free on request  HEDLEY,  SCHUBERT  B,  THE BERLINER GRAM-O-PHONE CO.  ������2 Canada Limited, - - - Montreal.  ';]  I  ' m  I  I  7 1  67  u  SUBSCRIBE FOR  THE   GAZETTE!  We are the Western Distributors for B.C.   OF   VICTOR   TALKING  MACHINES,   BERLINER  GRAMOPHONES & RECORDS  DYKE, EVANS & CALLAGHAN  526 HASTING STREET, VANCOUVER  L. C. ROLLS & CO.  Agents for KEREMEOS, HEDLEY and PRINCETON.  i


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