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The Hedley Gazette Dec 5, 1907

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 ANI3 SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER.  Vol. III.  No. 47.  HEDLEY, B.C., THURSDAY, DECEMBER r>, 1907.  $2.00, in Advance.  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  HEAD  OFFICE, TORONTO  ESTABLISHED  1867  B. E. WALKER, President  ALEX. LAIRD, General Manager  A. H. IRELAND, Superintendent of  Branches  I Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000  Rest, - ��������� - - 5,000,000  Total Assets, -  113,000,000  Branches throughout Canada, and in the United States and England  FATALITY AT NICKEL PLATE.  John  McKinnon   Is   Killed   by   Falling  ;   Rock in Stinnysides No. 2.  A GENERAL  BANKING BUSINESS  TRANSACTED  COMMERCIAL AND FARMERS' PAPER DISCOUNTED)  84  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  Deposits of $1 and iipAvards received, and interest allowed at  Current rates. The depositor is subject to no delay "whatever in  thd withdrawal of the whole or any portion of the deposit.  Penticton Branch, J. J. Hunter, Manager.  CHARLES JE. SHAW  Ciail Engineer,  Dominion,   and   Proa-incial  Land Surveyor.  Orders maij be left at Gazette offiGe.  HEDLEY,      :      :      :       :      B. G.  WHO ARE THE AUTHORS?  R. H. ROGERS,  M.A., B.CiL.-.  Profitable Literary Exercise for the Long  Evenings.  BARRISTER, SOWCITOR,  NOTARY PUBLIC, ETC);  Vernon,LB. C.  Grand Union  HEDLEY, B.C.  HERRING & WINKLER, Proprietors  A. MEG RAW  NOTARY   PUBLIC  Conveyancer,   Rciil Estate.  Mines,  Crown   Grants   Applied   For  Under  Land  Act find  Mineral Act.  Agent for:  London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.  Office  at   HEDLEY,   B. C.  HOTEL  PENTICTON  Headquarters for Tourist Travel.  Rates Moderate.  A. Uak.ves, Prop.  1'ENTfCTO.V, U.C.  HOLLAND, FRENCH  AND  JAPAN*  bulbs for fall planting-.  ���������Trees-  for tin* farm,  garden, IsiAvn or  conservatory.  Reliable approved  varieties,  at  rea.sonahle prices.  Please bear in mind in placing your order  that our fruit trees are not groAvn from  cheap iiiiported piece root grafts, butiire  budded on whole root seedling grown on  our oaa'ii grounds and from bearing trees  Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps and  Spraying Material, Cut FloAvers,  etc.   CATALOGUE FREE.  Oldest established nursery on the mainland of 15. C.  M. J. HENRY,  3010 Westminster Road,      Vancouver.  By Avay of diversion the Gazette reproduces for the amusement and edification of its readers the familial limerick on the lady and the tiger. The  sentiment of the limerick is.next given  in ten different ways, after the style of  ten well-known authors. Iii this issue  Ave give three of them and will reproduce "the'rest;'AA'eek^hyAveek-until all  ten jijvye 'been giveii.' Readers are  asked; to guess the ''.authors, although  "guess", feseiircelythe Avoid for it, as  the idlm'tification is too complete to be  characterized Vis guess-AA'prk. In the  issue' between Christinas .'and NeAv  Years the answers' will he given and  all avIio'AVouId like to have a try at it  are asked to hand in their list of answers in sealed envelope to the Gazette  office any time before the night of  Dec. 21st, after AA'hich the ansAvers will  he published and  the names of those  who put in the full list of correct an-  sAvers, or if not the full list the greatest number, will also be given. In putting in the,..answers, ;also, it will be  advisable, for the.piirpose of eliminating' guess-Avork, to .specify thejwetn or  portion thereof by each author which  is copied in the reproduction of tlie  limerick.  Somestanzas may seem disgustingly easy, but even in these the adaptation is so naively executed that they  have sufficient:'worth, to preyeht tlie,|  familiarity from breeding contempt  There was a young lady of Niger ,  Who smiled as she rode on a tiger.  They eaiue back from the ride  AA'ith the lady inside  And the smile on the face of the Tiger.  ������������������"'��������� ~i~  In Niger dwelt a lady fair,  (Bacon and eggs and a bar o' soap!)  AA'ho smiled 'neath tangles of her hair.  As |icr steed began his steady lope,  (You like this style I-hope!)  On and on theysped and on,  (Bacon and eggs and a bar 6' soap!)  Oil and on and on and on,  (You see I've not much scope.)    ���������  E'en e'er they loped the second mile.  The tiger 'gan lus'inouth to ope;  Anon he halted for a while,  Thc.11 went on with n plcasaift smile,  (Bacoii'ivnd eggs and a bar o' soap!)  Haifa league, half a league.  On tho big tiger.  Uode with a smiling face  The lady of Niger.',  Mad rushed the noble steed.  Smiled she and took no heed.  .Smiled at the breakneck speed  Of the big tiger.  I Boldly they plunged ami swayed,  fearless and unafraid.  Tiger and loA'oly maid.  Fair and beguiling;  Flashed she her sunny smiles,   ,  Flashed o'er the sunlit miles;  Then they rode back, but not���������  Not the same smiling!  \Vhen can their glory fade?  Oh ! the AA-ild charge they made.  Hiding.from Niger!  Honor the ride they made.  Honor the smiles displayed.  Lady  and   Tiger.  VI.  "What is the lady smiling for?"  Said Filcs-on-Varado.  '".She's going for a tiger ride,"  Tin: Color-Sergeant said ;  " What makes her smile so gay, so gay.'"  Said Filos-on-Parade.  " She likes to go for tiger rides."  Tho Color-.Sergcant said.  " For she's riding on the tiger, you can see her  stately stride:  "When they're returning home again, she'll  hike a place inside;  "And.on the tiger's faoo'Avill be the smile so  :.    bland and avUIo,'  "But she's riding on the tiger in the morning."  Never in tlie history of the camp has  so profound an expression-of soitoav  and of sympathy been called forth 011  the part of our toAvnspeople for any  mine fatality as thafc.Avhich occurred  on Wednesday  morning of last Aveek  Avhen  the  Avoid got about that John  McKinnon,  shift boss on the Sunny-  sides, had met his death in the Sunny-  sides' mine of  the. Yale.-Mining  Co.  Ever since, he. brought his father and  mother from Antigonish, Nova Scotia,  and had them comfortably domiciled  in Hedley a little over three.years ago,  the people of this  tmvn   looked upon  him as  one of themselves,  although  hisAA'ork as a miner  in   the   Nickel  Plate compelled;'him  to  reside, iip at  the'mi tie.    The manner of his death,  too,  as  Avell  as the   high^' esteem  in  Avhicli he Avas held   by  all,   tended  to  deepen the impression and lend to the  occurrence the'.elenurnt of tragedy, for  it Avould seem that an inscrutable fate  had prepared  the  IiIoav, and dealt it  from the least expected quarter.'  As shift boss it  was  his duty to see  .that the mine AA'as safe for the miners,  and that duty he never neglected, being '.always the first to lead the. way in  barring down loose ground.    But the  rock Avhich snuffed  out his life in almost the twinkling of an eye,  did not  fall from the .roof of a stope but from  an'apparently solid  Avail and from a  point "no. higher  than-his shoulders.  -It was in the glory hole on Sunnysides  No. 2 that the accidenthappened, and  it occurred a,feAy minutes after going-  on shift in the morning.   The particular, point where 1 it. occurred  was in  broad day-light-and  AA'as. for 3 years:  Considered so safe that the tool box  contaiiiingcandles and other supplies  AA'as placed under it, . and in all probability the piece of rock. >veighing perhaps half a ton,  Avhich slipped out of  the wall and dealt the fatal Woav, had  been looked at by tbe provincial in-,  spector of mines Avho. paid his official  visitto the ..mine about   two... weeks  before.   These points  Ave.mention to  clear the memory of tlie deceased-from  any suspicion of blame for carelessness;  for there, was none on   his,.-part,  even  although it AA'as  upon  hini the duty,  .lay of' guarding against.ail:..accidents]  of that kind.    On  reaching the fatal  spot ;he walked to this .-box for a candle..  Looking in ami finding none,.:,he remarked to .two of his ��������� Cornish miners  Avho  were near him,  "there are no  candles here  boys," and  the remark  was no more than completed Avhen the  rock ilef t its place in the-wall,  and in  falling struckliini, killing hiin instantly. ' The others,  hearing the rock fall,  called to him and on getitipg no answer,  Aveiit np and found him.:   The first at-.  tempt to . release j him, failing, one i of  theni. Avent for help,  but by the time  he got back the other;by. spine..,means,  had managed/to free the arm by Avhich  he Avas.pinned dqAyn.   . On; this.box  miners hiid been in the habit of.sitting.  Avhile  capping.their fus.es in,getting  ready to blast.,^Had. he������ Ijeen a second.  or so. sooner, or thai, much laf;e.r..the.  rock  AA'ould   have   fallen  harmlessly;  hut other things happened Avhich took  him to that place atthat .monient.    A  missed hole iu Stinnysides No. 3 delayed him a little on, his .way down.   This  detaining him  he ran  from  there to  the spot Avhere he \yas killed.    Had he  not hurried the rock would have fallen,  before lie reached  there,  but. he AA'as  anxious to get to the place. where the  men Avere to Ayork in Siuinysides No. 2  and see .that all was safe, for them to  begin.   Thus hisan^iety, for, them cost  him his oaa-i'i  life in  this  unexpected,  mysterious manner.   This Avas the last  of a series of narrow escapes AA'hich, he  had had in his career as a miner.    In  Camp  McKinney some eight or nine  years ago Avhile working in the bottom  of a Avihze, carelessness  on the part of  another employe Ayho   Avas. Avorking  above  him,   and dropped  a piece  of  timber,.gave1 hint a close call, and this  AVas but one of several.,,.  As a man he conducted himself in a.  manner to Avin  the respect and confi-  ROSSLAND MINERS AGREE  To Take 'the   Lower   Schedule ��������� This  Sensible Action Appreciated by  Townspeople.  Rossland, Nov. 20.��������� The Rossland  Miners'Union-by a referendum A'ote  to-day consented to reduce the Avage  scale to that Avhich Avas in effect prior  to July 1. The old Avage Avas $3.50 for  machine men and $2.75 for shovellers,  Avith the wst'ges.-.of the other employees  about the mine in like proportion. The  scale, Avhich AA'ent into effect on July 1,  Avas $1 for machine men and $3.25 for  shoA'ellers. To-day the mines closed  doAvn for the purpose of alloAving the  employees to discuss and vote on the  question of" the reduction of .Avages.  The union met at 10:30 a. 111." and discussed the question earnestly until  noon. '  A resolution prepared at the morning meeting providing for going back  to the old scale Avas then voted on.  When the union re-assembled at tAvo  o'clock* a referendum A'ote Avas taken  and the resolution carried by a Iwo-  third's majority. The mines therefore  will not shut doAvn as has been threatened for some time past, as the management declared there Avas no profit  since metals Avent doAvn, under the  higher Avage scale. And under the  loAvered scale it Avill hoav be possible  j to make a small profit.  The mines will re-open toinorroAV as  usual and it is understood that no  cloge doAvn will iioav ensue, as Avas  feared some days ago.  Rossland people are greatly relieA*ed  at the peaceful solution of Avhat, but  for the reasonable attitude of the miners, .might have been a A'ery serious  problem.  THE INDIAN RESERVES  Provincial Conservative Convention Arranges to Set  the Ball Rolling. '  DBCLABB FOR0 A, BUSINESS POLICY  The Resolution Passed Shows That the  Question is Thoroughly Understood  ���������Diagnosis Perfectly Correct ��������� No  Doubt Remedy Will be as Sound.  It AA'as Avith particular gratification  that the Gazette noted'the resolution  passed in Convention in Vancouver  ten days ago, dealing Avith the question of Indian reserves. It is a question  to AA'hich  the  Gazette  has., devoted'a  great  deal  of  attention, and in doing  dence of, all Avith Avhoru  he came in  ���������   :. I ���������-. till-     ; .  ,.1 ��������� ��������� I      - ���������- ' '  coutact. The Avriter. has knmvn hini  for neaiiy- ten years and never either  know or heard (>f,.ivi.*y,thing.coiicerning  him that Avas not honorable and-praiseworthy.   The care Avhich  he took of  his aged parents and the Avay in Avhich  he seenied. to devote his Avhole life for  their comfort and welfare is in itself  sufficient tpshoAV the rare qualities of  mind and heart Avhich he possessed ;  and outside his-own. family .his friends  '(and he had many) found him true and  .staunch;.. -It was his intention to giA*e  up Avork ip the mine.after NeAv Year's  and get a piece of,.land .over in��������� the.-  Okanagan Avhere he could make a home  for his father and mother so that he  could live-with them constantly and  relieve, their minds-of:;all-' anxiety concerning his. oAyn. safety.;.; ���������  After,sthe : accident all. Avork   was  stopped in-the mine, iipne of,theimin-.  ers feeling like continuing, their Avork  until they had-done all that was left  for them-to do to shoAV respect for his  memory- and ^their.sympathy for his  hereayed friends.  No inquest was con-  ,sideredf necessary,   and   the remaiiis  were brought, to his home in Hedley.,  The: funeral Avas held on Friday morning,: and AA'as conducted by :Rev.- Father  Oonan, i mnder; the a-ites of the Roman  Catholic church, of which'the deceased  AA'as a consistent AA'orthy-member Avho  in his daily life adorned its doctrines.  To the funeral, some . came from Pen-  tictoiii Okanagan Falls and FairvieAV.  The pallbearers Avere :   J.K. Fnis'er,  Angus McDougall, L.AV. Shatford, M.  P. P.,  Dr., White, Df. Whillans and  Superintendent G. P. Jones.     On thei  coffin Avere placed many floral tributes  among  Avhich  Avere,   a cross by the  Miners' Union, crosses by Mrs. BroAvn  arid Mjss, Conn, Mrs. Loonier, and Mrs.  BoAvennan; wreaths by.Mr.-and Mrs.  Rothvihain,  Mrs. Winkler,  Miss MegraAV,  and Mr. and Mrs. V. J. Rose;  cut flowers'.by- Mi-s. S.L.1 Smith; Miss  Avonia Jones and Mrs.. Whillans.   His  immediate relatives Avho are left to  mourn hini are his fatherand mother  and sister, Mi-s. Fraser,  who reside, in  Hedley. and tAvo brothers,  Donald, in  Montana,  and Colin,  in NoA-a Scotia.  Neil McLean  and Angus McDougall,  his cousins, Avere over from Okanamm  Falls.  "The antinnn Avinds rushing  ! AA'aft the leaves that are sci'est,  j        '     But our flower aa-ok in blushing '  AA'hen.blighting ,Avas nearest.  .  Like the de\A' on the -mouutaiii;; !';'  Like the foam on the riA'cr,.-!  Like the bubble on tho fountain  Thou art gone and forever."  so Ave often Avonderecl Avhy other papers  did not seem, to recognize the importance of it and .-join in the, crusade, for  Avith the exception of an occasional  outcry fioin Victoria papers on the  Songhee monstrosity, affecting that  city alone, other papers paid little or  no attention to it. '  At the cotiA'ention the following resolution was moved by R. F. Green,  former Commissioner of Lands and  Works, and adopted unanimously by  the Convention:  "Whereas-under the terms of the  convention betAveen the governments  of British Columbia and Dominion of  Canada the former conveyed to the  Dominion large tracts of the best lands  of the .-province for the exclusive use  and benefit of the Indians, Avith the  express understanding that such lands  should correspond to the actual needs  of the Indians, and that the areas  should be reduced as the tribes diminished.  "And wheieas, in many cases there  has been a material diminution of the  Indians on the reserA*es ;  "And Avhereas, certain of these re-  seines are Avithin the confines of the  larger cities of the province, to the  detriment of-the'Couinumity;  "And Avhereas these reserves are being used by the Liberal goA'ernment  at OttaAA'a in the interests of political  favorites and not as originally intended;' '"������������������������������������!  ��������� "Be:it therefore resolved, that it is  highly desirable that steps be immediately taken tOAvards the re-adjustment of the areas of such reseiA'es so  as to make- the reserved lands aA'ail-  able for settlement."  While in theabove resolution no definite outline is given of the plan proposed; for solving the question, the  clause recoiinnendmg "that steps be  immediately taken toAA-ards the re-ad-  justuientof the areas of such reserves  so as to make the reserved lands-available for settlement,'���������' has the right ring.  It'shows that the frainer of the resolution thoroughly understood the question and had a proper conception of  the end in view.- And so long as that  end is attained there Avill he no quarrel  over theniethod employed to gain it.  ���������The resolution it will be noticed also  ���������makes reference to the tendency on  the part of tlie OttaAva."administration  to exploit Indian lands for (lie benefit  of political.'favorites. From transactions that have taken 'place in this  valley, it will not be difficult to establish instances of that kind. When  lease hold has' been obtained Avith a  vieAV to utilizing' land that Avas formerly in its Avild state, and use is promptly  made of,it, not'for individual benefit  alone but in some enterprise from  AVhich the community as a Avhole will  derive benefit, no objection is likely to  be urged.but all transactions in Indian  livnds Avill be narrowly scanned; These  lands either belong to the people or  they are as the laAV says "for the use  and benefit'of the Indians," and the  people Avill insist upon probing to the  bottom all transactions or deals in  them, 'and especially those that bear  the .semblance of graft.  Tlnvfact that' the question has been  made a part of the Conservative platform, as slniAvn by the passing of the  resolution concerning it at the convention, is evidence tlmt nob only will the  provincial, .government take the -matter up, ibut that the federal contest  will be fought along the same lines  until the province obtains her rights. -<���������        I ~        I  THE   HEDLEY   GAZETTE,   DECEMBER 5,   1907.  uiK 1k\itev Gazette  and  Similkameen Advertiser.  Issued on Thursdays, by the IIl'ni.KV G.iZK'm  l'lilNTINC: AND l'UHI.lSlllNG C().A11>ANV,     ;  JjI.autkd. jit Ik'dlej'.  B. C.  Subscriptions in Adva;  l'cr Your   Six. Month*..  cent   copper    stipulation    had  formed a part of their agree-  j ment for increase  they decided  ; that they were under no obliga-  l tion to go back to the old scale  j and would not do so.     Tlie result as Ave  all  know  has been  loo;the closing down, of Boundary  >.oc:  Advertising Rates  Measurement. Iii lines to the inch.  Land Notices���������Certillcates of improvement, etc.  $7.00 for 00-day notices, and Sn.OO for 30-day  notices.  Transient Advertisements���������not exceeding one  inch, Sft.OO for one insertion, 25 cents for  each subsequent insertion. Over one inch,  10 cents ner tine for first insertion and 5  cents per line for each subsequent insertion.  Transients payable in advance.  Contract Advertisements���������One inch per month  ������1.25: over 1 inch and up to I inches, $1.00  ' per inch per month. To constant advertisers  taking larger space than four inches, on  application, rates will bo given of reduced  charges, based on size of space and length  of time.  Advertisements Avill be changed once every  month if advertiser desires, Avithout any extra  charge. For changes oftener than once a month  the  price of composition  will  he charged at  regular rates.  Changes for contract adveitiseinents should  be in the oflico by noon oh Tuesday to secure  attention for that Avcek's issue.  A. MECiRAAV  i  Managing b'dltor.  t  Full Moon .;     T^^\  tilth"W^fff? g  Last q ti ar.       Sk-tv" jjfc  New  Firs  Moon  5th  ; quar.  nth.  1907   .            DEC.  -  1907  Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thti  . Fri. Sat.  12      3      4      a  0  ���������  7  S       0     10     11     12  13  14  15     16     17     18     19  20  21  22     23     21     2o     20  27  2S  29     30     31   V -  1 ;-..-'���������   ���������������������������,"'  -  THE  SITUATION.  The action  of the   Rossland  miners   in   accepting    the   old  scale of wages and thus averting from that camp  and from  the smelter -towns of /-Trail' and  Ixorthport the  calamity. which  befel the Boundary, must have:  given a feeling of intense relief  to the  people  of those  towns:  It showed -the  beneficial  influence which the  wise, action  oif,  the Butte miners  two months  ago, -has. exerted in helping to  clear the atmosphere, so far as  the copper mining industry is  concerned.   To the Butte  miners was due the credit of the advanced scale  of  wages which  obtained during the summer of  1907  in the copper   mines   of  Montana and adjoining   states  together with those  of British  Columbia.    Taking advantage  of the phenomenally high price  of copper they Avent to the mine.  OAvners and were ready .to negotiate on a business basis. The  result of  that negotiation was  that  they  obtained, from the  mine-owners an agreement for  increase in the.wage scale based  on the price of copper,  the  agreement fixing 18 cents per- lb..  as the dividingJine'between-the  then existing wage scale*and ari  advance of about  15%   thereon..  This was secured by  the  Butte  miners off their oavii bats without assistance   or advice from  outside sources.     Of  course all  did  not agree  and   fault, was  found with  them  for entering  into this arrangement.    Miners  clseAvhere   used   the  Butte  instance as a lever to  have  their  wages increased to a like figure  and  British  Columbia    miners  were on hand with the rest for  - the cutting of the water melon.  When copper dropped beloAv 18  cents  the    Butte   mine owners  waited for a while before  calling on the miners to  carry  out  their agreement, but   finally  they demanded it and the -m'in-  'ers  agreed to   abide  by their  contract, when the former sc^le  was again-made to take ,,effect;-  on  November first.    This-was-  greeted with more faultfinding  from the outside   and   a'^fort^  night or so " later. Boundary  miners,   taking    advantage . of  the   technicality    that   no   18  ��������� mines and throwing out of employment over 2000 men, some  of whom are iioav Avorking down  here on V- -W.&'B. construction  at $1.80 for 0 hours A\rho \*oted a  feA\r weeks  ago  in  Greenwood  against accepting $3.50  or anything less than $i.00 for 8 hours.  Eyes were next turned to Boss-  land   and   Camp   Hedley.     In  these two camps  the  situation  was   rendered    more   complex  than in Butte because of the' absence of the 18 cent copper stipulation and also because of the  existence here of  the  Lemieux  | Act. Nevertheless Rossland miners were able to i ise to  the occasion.    With them the  Butte  spirit of fairness and  reason  in  the brains of men  who  owned  property and   had   families to  support was able  to over-ride  the passions of fire-brand aliens  who had no stake in the country  and a two-thirds majority voted to agree   to   the   old   scale-  with the result that Rossland  mines and the smelters in Trail  and North port Avill continue  to  work notwithstanding the dis  advantage of the  low price  of  copper.    The  Hedley situation  at time of writing  is -more  or  less unsettled,   but  it  is  hoped  that an amicable understanding  may be arrived at in a few days.  A'grave .'.responsibility, rests  on  those Avho had any hand  in unfitting the inen to dealwith the  'question sanely  and impassion-  ately when it was under consideration a few days ago.     Only  ..the.-fairness and forbearance of  the manager "who;.was..'induced  to overlook the attitude.of men  some' of whom were - not .in  fit  state to assert their better judg-..  ment kept this camp from  being in the same position to-day  as the Boundary.   That that forbearance has not . been misdirected nor undeserved.it.is ears  nestly  hoped   the   sequel '-'will  shoav.   [LATER-Siiice above.was  'put in type it has/been, learned  tha,t   Granby employees   have  approached-the -company with  air offer to accept the" old scale,  and the management, have''agreed to resume  operations today.    This leaves Camp Hedley.  the only producing camp: still on  the high wage scale  after November.   It is also said tliat tlie  Hedley .miners   realizing   this  and   knoAving.   that  they h^d  been, .given...the;.-l"iigJi- scale all  November- Avithout-' shutdown  are likely'to 'make an.  offer to-  take "the old scale 'from.Decern-'  be'r'lst. Such action would show,  the' managemei^t'that-: the-nien  haA'e  no.-wish-.! to  single  them  out for worse treatment  than'  has been   accorded   elsewhere,  arid it would keep .the .way open  for better relations  in  future;  While a less 'considerate  course  would be apt  to  leave  it  sore  spot to rankle.]      '  IN MEMORIAM  Lines on the Death of John McKinnon,  Killed November 27th, 1907.  1836  THE BANK OF  By J. Thiirbuni Conn  In the midst of life avo are in death,  This thought is inward horn;  Staggered and awed by inystei-ious^ fate  We mourn our friend thus borne.  Our 'heads to-day arc bowed with ivoo.  We mourn the loss���������the dear.  And Avait by tho'"threshold of the Great Unknown  For the dawn that will make all clear..  As'a son, ho was all that parents could wixli;  The interest of homo was his care:  To lighten and brighten their evening of life  Wok his study, his joy and his prayer.  In his youth and prime he wasnobleand biiwo.  To his neighbor and duty true:  ������������������  Tho "Key to HeiiA'cn" AA'as his constant guide,  Yen, he found it the entrance too.  In love he lived, in peace he died,  His end so tragic, swift, implies  Life is uncertain and-doath is sure:  Let each to his oavii give heed, secure  That peace with God Avhich indicates  Happiness beyond this mortal  trace.  Grieve not for him, the Lord doth take, .  But love each other for his sake.  1907  ���������  ONE    OP   THE   OLDEST    BANKS  COUNTRY-.** BRANCHES IN  DOING   BUSINESS   TN   THIS  CANADA AND THE U. Si  H. STIKEMAN, Oeneial Manager  J. ELMSLY,   Supt. of Branches  Paid-Up Capital,    -    -  Reserve,      -    . -  $4,866,666  $2,238,666  BANKING    BY   MAIL  . 1l Accounts of parties living at a distance receive every attention.     *ir Deposits can bo  made through the mail, and sums added thereto and AvithdniAvn at'any time.  II Drafts issued, payable at all points in Canada and abroad.  Hedley   Branch,    -   -. L. G. MacHaffie, Manager  NOTICE.  Certificate of Improvements. ���������  ZERO. JACK FROST. MOLLIE and PHYLLIS Mineral Claims, situate in the Osoyoos  Mining Division of Yale District. Where  located:   Camp Hedley.  TAKK XOTICK that I. Chits, deli. Green, as  agent for C. A. C. StcAvard, F. M. C. No.  5806, and for A. It. Bari-OAV,  F. M. C. No. ,  intend, sixty daysjfrom date hereof, to apply to  the Mining Recoidcr for Certificates' of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown  Grants of the above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  Section 37,,must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  ��������� Dated this 5th day of November, A.D. 11)07.  Eastern Towiisiis Bank     Established 1859   '".'   "      '   '  CAPITAL AND RESERVE, $4,800,000  Head Office: SHERBROOKE, QUE.  .79 BRANCHES IN CANADA   '  Keremeos Branch,  J. ft. R. Rome, Manager  XSQOS039S0008090!  Ir  1B-10  C. mill. GREEN, Agent.  NOTICE.  Certificate of Improvements.  "B. C", "IRISH BOY." "GOLDEN ZONE"  iuhU"SILVER BELL" Mineral Claims.      . situate in.the Osoyoos Mining-Division of  Vale District..   Where located: .Quartz  , Camp.r''-.;-.' *;..... ���������;.-?.; ..:.^*.::.; :^-.:'-.:.. '/.'���������:'���������</.  TAKE NOTICE that I. Chas; doB, Green; as  ageiit for J. J. Marks; F. M. C. No. B 553<>,  Paul Drodhagcn,-F.M.C. No" B 5513; -ahclrJanics'  Murphy, F.M.C. No. B 5544, intend, .sixty days  from date hereof, to apply to the Miuing Recorder-for Certificates of Improvements, for  the.piirpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the  ii'tioA'-e  claims'. '���������':-       ��������� .       '��������� '--'-.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance ofsuoh Certificates of Improvemcrits.  '   Dated this 5th day of November, A.D. 1007.    v  HOTEL SIMILKAMEEN    HEDLEY,  B. 6,   45-10  C. dkB. GREEN, Agent.  NOTICE.  ."'";, Certificate .-pL; Improvements.  'KiNC,>.EDAA'Aui>'" arid "NiciirriiAAVic" Mineral  Claims, situated in the Osoyoos Mining  Division of Yale District. Where. located ���������;" On Susap'Creek." '���������      ���������   '  NOTICE that I. ICH: Parkinson, free  miner's certificate.No. -B 5675. intend, sixty  days from date hereof, to apply to'thc Mining  Recorder'for Certificates.of-.lilipi'ovements, for  the purpose of obtaining' Crown Grants of the  above claims.    :������������������''���������  And Further take notice that action, under  Section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificates of Improvements. -  ��������� Dated, this 28th day of October, A.D. 1G07.  ':    43-10' ���������        R. H. PARKINSON.  -pAKE  NOTICE.  Certificate of- Improvements.  "Nick of Time Fraction," "War Cloud," "Maid  .     of the Mist" and "Elbe Fraction" Mineral  Claims,  situate in the Osoyoos'-Mining  ���������   Division of Yale District. Where located:  ., Camp Hedley. -  TAKE NOTICE that I, .T. Fraser'Campbell,  Free Miner's Certiticate ^No. BatBl, agent  for self and Chas. E. Oliver, Free Miner's Certificate No. 1)5582, intend, sixty days from the  datcdicrc'of, to apply to the Mining Recorder  for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the above  claims.  And further take notice that action, under,  section 37, inu'st he commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements. '  Dated this 17th day of October, A.D. 11)07. 10-10  <S^-^^'2g'-l*^<-iig&^^  TAB LEADING HOTEL OF  THE, SIMILKAMEEN VALLEY  This  house is neAV and strictly first class  in every respect,  being equipped Avith all  modern conveniences���������electric light, tele-   ,  phone, baths, etc.   .   : :���������      Rates moderate.  W. T. ATHERTON,  Proprietor.-.  ���������If'.. ..*.-";..-  -..                                       ' "     '"jfc  * ' ���������WHEN YOU rlANKER FOR  S  Fresh Beef,  Cured Meats,  Pork or Mutton  Fish or Poultry  OALLUP'PHONE No. S  AND TELL YOUR WANTS TO  I  i  i  X  I  I  X  %  NOTICE.  The solid phalanx from, ISTOA'a  Scotia, has been broken. At the  by-election last Aveek .Colchester  went Conservative.'; It is the  hand-wi'iting on, the wall. Both  east'and west want-a -change.  ,,.   B...C. FRUIT OETS AWARD  ���������:.v :j;.. ..:.,;:��������� i-n:^.^-- :���������- ' ���������:���������  A telegram;ir'hm Hoh.'R, G.  Tatlow'- ivas "i'eceiV!ed: by L. W.  Shatfoircr*M;;;;P: P.v'while in Hed-  ���������ley -last Friday���������fihnduhcihg that  the-Rf'G/. fruit exhibit had received the Royal.Horticultural  Society's, gold medal.- Many individual exhibitors! :|i)oai. JE������.C.  also-won pi-izes.  Certificate of Improvements;  "LITTLE JOE FRACTION" Mineral Claim,  situate'in the Osoyoos Mining Division of:  Vale District.  Where located: On Nickel  : Plate mountain. ,.-..'���������     ���������������������������   ���������  TAKE NOTICE that I, IT. A.AVhillaiis.. as  agent for W. E. Hurritt, F.M.C. No.B127!)l,  lind self, F.M.C No. 1)5571, intend, (JO-days'from  (late hereof, to apply to tlic Mining--Recorder,  for a Certificate of Improvements for the pur-'  pose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above  claim.  And Further take'notice-thab'-ncCibn; under  section 37,.must, be cnrninenccd before the issuance of such Certificate of Itnpiwonients.  ,' Dated:tms21th day'of September, W07.  '38-10  NOTICE.  SIMILKAMEEN LAND DISTRICT.  ' ' ''   D.iSTmcr ok Yai.k. #  NOTICE that  icunation   _  to purchase the  TAKE NOTICE that I,   G. M. Allison,  of  Keremeos, B. C, occupation���������rancher, in  tend to apply for permission  folloAving described land:���������'  Commencing at the southeast corner of Lot  32IJ0, thence running'20 chains south, thence 20  chains east to Lot 257, thence 20 chains north  along line of Lot 257, thence 20 chains Avest to  point of commencement, and containing forty  .acres more or less.    . ...  G. M. ALLISON.  Dated October 10th, 1907. 41-10 THE   HEDLEY   GAZETTE,   DECEMBER    5,   1907.  If ~~���������Hi  REV ELY'S  STABLE  Headquarters for all Stage Lines''  Express Office in Connection  Your AA'ants for Li A'ery or Team  Work avi'U be attended to  by culling Phone 12.  W.   F.   REVELY,   Proprietor  li���������_ ;���������;���������))  Town and District.  Jf        THE      ���������-_ X  IGreat Northern I  I Hotel."      |  Princeton   I  Is noted over tlic entire dist-'  rictfor excellence of both table  :   : -:   :' -- and bar;    *:' :   :   : '  K' '��������� - All the Avants of the travelling,  ���������S    '   public "carefully' attended   to.  I'hotelI  HOTEL  I HEDLEY J  *  if  if  ���������K  l  jf  '������������������*������'  --.*������������������  -X'  X  I  I'  X  X  X  i  I  I'  K-  "���������-?  K  K  ���������jf  x  H  -S  if  BEGS TO ANNOUNCE to his old  Patrons,   and  the  public in  general, that he is- iioav prepared to  supply, a long- "   '   . '"'  dale Lunch Counter,. Avhere. AA-a'rm  he is- iii  -felfr'AVfi  rtiit of'an' up-to-  mcals may bo served at all hours, in  'future. The object of .the manago-  'nientin cstablushingli lunch counter  is' tor.ininimizo the cost of sewing  and give tho trade .the benoflt of the  saving, and at the'same time produce  a Bill of Fare equal to those pi-OA'ided  along^he main line of the C..P. R.,  Avhere provisions arc much cheaper  than in Hedley. And haA'ing secured the services of a professional Chef  of AA-idc experience in the C. P. R.'s  service, both in lunch counters and  dining cars. This fact should be a  sufficient guarantee to the ���������'���������public/'  See hand bills! Our Bill of Fare is  complete and our prices.graduated  'to suit anyone. Prices ranging from  loc. lip for a "life pfcscrA'cr'; for 25c.  yon get a "tightner," or for $1.00 you  get a "swell. : GiA'C us a trial! We  Avant your patronage. Call f ofAvhat  ��������� you AA-ant; payfor Avhatyo'ti get only.  i  ;  X  X  $  X  jj  X  ���������X  %  ���������i  X  X  X  ������  X  ���������I  *  .*  Dr. Whillans left by Rover's  stage on Monday on a trip to  Spokane. ������������������  Penticton has two new Justices of the Peace, J..R. Mitchell  and W. J. Clement.  Miss Harris, nurse, returned  Monday morning to her home in  Vernon, going out by Welby's  stage.  King Kennedy with moving  pictures and other -attractions  in Fraternity Hall tonight,  Thursday, Dec. 5th.  Mrs. S. L. Smith left for Calgary on Monday morning to  visit her mother. She was ac^  .coiupanied by her' daughters,  Gertrude and' Marjory.  Hugh Hunter, government  agent, Princeton, was a visitor  in town last week, going down  the line to the work camps on  -raihvay construction.     ,  Mrs. Whillans, who was spends  irig a few days with friends in  Princeton, cut her visit short oh  learning the. death of the late  J. McKinnon, returning here for  the  funeral.  Jimmy Riordan, the veteran  prospector, was among those  who came from a distance to  attend the funeral of. the late  John McKinnon. They had always been warm friends.  ( Miss Conn, who had charge of  the staff mess for the Daly Reduction Co. for about a year  and'-a half, has gone to Vancouver where she has obtained���������a  situation as housekeeper.  L. W. Shatford, M. P. P., came  over from Penticton to attend  the funeral of the late John McKinnon, and was accompanied  by Dr. White, both . of Avhom  were warm^personal friends of  the deceased.  ,      v '   -   -  Abnormal pressure-> on our  job department during the past  week lias compelled the use of  larger sized type for a portion  of the reading matter of this  issue .than we have been accustomed to using.  D. G. HACKNEY, Proprietor.     ������  jr .'���������... X  OLIVER rGLflDDEN  -:'0:  Civ^l & Mining Engineers  -:0:-  MINES einci  REAL   ESTATE.  .HEDLEY, B. C.  r  TO TflE  Trailing Public:  -   If you want a ...  -good stable  and prime feed  for your horse  :;,,: "call on  : ;.  SAM'LJXHIJNJB;.  Livery & Feed Stable  F A VR VI E'W, j-" - : - . B ������::C,  J  All who drive from here to  Princeton are immensely pleased with the jriece" of new road  to the west of Holmes' flat. Besides cutting out a difficult and  dangerous portion of the road,-  it is claimed. that it has shortened the time for ntaking the  drive by over half an'hour.  The St. Andrew's Eve dance  set for Friday night-last was  cancelled, out. of respect to the  memory of-the late John McKinnon. It is the intention to  hold it to-morrow (Friday), 6th  inst., when the ladies are requested to carry out the same  '-arrangements- that had been  made.  Rev. Mr. Conn's lecture on  Friday night last on prison work  in Scotland would - have; been  more largely' attended but for  the uncertainty as to whether  it would be held or hot. Nevertheless there was a -.fair-turnout  and the lecture proved very interesting.  -i-i-;--' "''    ���������     '''"'���������'.  >7---:'-""���������''      '"J:'  Deputy postmasters, Messrs.  Wynne and Webb, haying other.  duties that take lip part of then-  time have arranged certain  hours for keeping 'the wicket  open in the post."office. These  hours it would be well for"citizens to note, and by doing so  they will save themselves the  trouble of making some.useless  trips. The hours for keeping  the wicket open are from 10 a.  in. to 12:30 p. hi., and from 2:30  p.m. to 5:15 p. m. On Tuesdays,  .Thursdays and Saturdays also  it will be open Jirom 7:30 p.m.  to 0 p. ni.  J. H. Kennedy, chief engineer  of the V.V. & E,, is leaving Keremeos -this week oh a holiday of  a couple of months, a"ccompan-  ied by Mrs. Kennedy. This indicates that peace' with the C.  P. R (whether temporary or  lasting') has-at last been attained, for it is a long time since  Mr. Kennedy could call his time  his own, and not .have to be  ready to start off at an hour's  notice to repel some attack.  During his absence Mr. Hale  .will, find it. necessary to-make  m'ore toips down to the Keremeos end of the work.  ��������� E. D. Boeing is building himself a commodious woodshed.  Part of Keremeos and Fair-  view- correspondence is held  over.   Will appear later.  Don't forget the dance in Fraternity hall to-morrow (Friday)  night.   Everybody welcome!  Lost.���������In Hedley, a gold ring  with large opal setting. Reward  at Gazette office.  Neil McLean, of Okanagan  Falls, came over, accompanied  by his nephew Angus McDoug-  all, 7to attend the funeral of  their cousin John McKinnon.  Hedley Rifle Association met  on Monday night and arranged  for holding the annual meeting  on Monday 9th inst. in Hair-  sine's billiard parlor." Interest  in the Chechakho shoot on or  about Christmas,  is increasing.  For some reason or other  Boundary exchanges take longer to reach this office since mail  has been earned*on the V.V. &  E. than before, when they had  to go around by the Arrow  lakes. ^ Papers ,that formerly  reached here on Tuesday nights  have lately taken until the following Saturday to get here.  Talk about sea serpents-the  Gazette has.a" scoop on "what  looks like the durnedest animal  ever seen in these, or any other  parts. It was seen over-in Jim  Grant's lake arid is claimed to  be 200 feet long by 40 wide���������  fearfully and wonderfully made,  a cross between a lizard .and a  tamarack! When we can secure the services of an engraver  and renew.our stock of colored  inks, reproduction of .a drawing  of the beast may be made. < ^o  information is to hand as to  what brands of whiskey they  keep in'Olalla'or Penticton.  AMPBELL'S  MADE-TO-ORDER.  LOTHINQ  !  died:  McKINNON���������Accidentally killed at Nickel  Plate on Wednesday, Nov. 27th, John, beloved son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Angus Molvinnon  _   aged 33 years.   R. 1. P.  NOTICE  DOARD of Licence Commissioners for Si-  *���������* milkainccn Licensing District Avill meet  at Princeton December Kith. AA'ith other applications will be considered :���������  RENEWAL      -       .'"     .  Hugh Campbell, Aslmola Hotel, Ashnola,6mos,  ��������� R. HE WATT, ���������  '   '  17-1 CniEh' Licence.iKsrKCTOic.  IS MADE  TO FIT!!  *f Tailored in  the latest Styles,  Cut and Finish,  and the material  used is the best  that could be  c procured. : : :  "F If you want a  durable.and stylish new Suit or  Overcoat for fall  and winter, you  can't do better  than come in  and leave your  measure with us.  SATISFACTION  GUARANTEED!  Siiatlords,  Limited, 'kksib*3  t  NOTICE  TO    ELECTRIC  USERS.  LIGHT  Kerfemeos New Townsite  Now On the Market. ==  The V. V. & E. Raihvay Station Avill be in the  ��������� centre of  the Ioavh.  Noav is the time to get yoiu- lots, before the firsj;  train conies up the valley.  Choice 1, 2 and 3 neve lots all around toAvif site.  The 10 acre Fruit lots are going fast,   Just a feAV  left.   Noav is the time to double your money.  For Full Particulars Apply to  Keremeos Land Co., Keremeos, B.C.  ���������    J. J. Armstrong, Manager ;  Town Lots ���������  $IOO,   $200  and $250  1, 2. and 3 Acre  Lots $300 Acre  10 Acre Lots  $200 per Acre  Termsr Easy -  A'ice-bc-Miscontinucd at any moment-during the  -next four months, cither temporarily or for the  period named. Users of the light arc therefore  notified hereby to prepare for such an emergency. Whcncver^possiblo, tAvo flashes of the  lampsvAvill be gi\'cn ten minutes before the  circuit is opened. '    *  --��������� DALY REDUCTION CO., Ltd. .  Hedley, B.C., Nov. 5th, 1907.  - 43-11  GEO. KIRBY, Tianager.  ���������TENDERS. WANTED  ; FOR SAW-MILL PLANT.  TENDERS Avill bo received by the '.under-'  " signed up to December 10th, for tho purchase ot all or any part of the plant and stock  of the Hedley Lumber Co., at Hedley, B. C.  Assets consist of logs betAveen Hedley and  Keremeos, 800.000 ft.; logs betAveen Hedley and  .Princeton, 400,000 ft; at mill. 300,000 ft; standing, 100,000 ft; lumber��������� 2HS.O0O ft dressed, 283,-  000 feet rough; mill and machinery, stables,  horses, &c.  The right to reject any or all bids is reserved.  First Class  in Every Respect.     Commercial, and  ���������   Headquarters of the Keremeos and Lower Similka  .   meen Valleys.     Post House on Penticton-  Princeton  Stage  Line.          Mining  KEREMEOS,  B. C.  Ok.gi.ri������iga.n Grown  FRUIT  V .  A iioav house containing more bed  room accommodation than any  other hotel in toAvn. . Tablo and  bar : first - class.    Rates  moderate.  JJDHN LIND,  Proprietor  X  X  i  ^������%li������������(t^^in������ttt������Wt^H^H^St*l������>'���������������*l*,������������?*?������t  tlJe malm gri^inal ftesii/nj/^Kinc (EieY--  in$s, rlalflenfis on Zinc er [foppei'?v  ������ur ������orb i$ ?kict}y finskWsv^V  ������ur price* ara*lGa>Er foY \he same-  guaYtty of cdq& tnuti etaeaJfteee v? ���������# **  .SWt tribe our aierfi far it. j*v<- Zeah 113 a  jrial er9$rtf-*2nieptaie3 prove \\ v^^yf  mimjfcoiffmiA  **���������������.*  ���������fi\~ THE   HEDLEY   GAZETTE,   DECEMBER  5,   1907.  KEREMEOS NOTES.  J. E. ShaAv has the gasoline  Sunshine light in his store. '"   .  David Harkness is auditing  the books &c. for the Keremeos  Land Co. .  Mrs. Coleman is visiting with  friends at Rossland. She A\'ill  be homo before Christmas.  Mr. Mills, of Olalla. is building  a house, 1G x 26 ft., on a lot  south-west of Mi-. Shaw's store.  Mi;, and Mrs. Fargo returned  ' to Penticton.    They will be Avith  lis later.    In the meantime our  loss i.s Penticton's gain.  ., Alex. Brooiiiiield, of West-  bridge, was in town 'last week  on his way to Princeton. After  putting his stables there in order  lie Avilt return to Westbridge.  Messrs. F. Richter and D. F.  Jelly left here on Fiiday last to  attend the International Fruit  ������������������ Growers'������������������ Convention  at   Vancouver.  The poles for the connecting  link of a mile for the telephone  line to the V.V. & E. station are  on hand. The new office should  be opened this week.  There AA'as a good attendance  at the concert giA'eij here on  Wednesday evening last for the  benefit of the Rev. Mr. Jones.  The attempt made to close a  Methodist church entertainment AA'as a failure.  Wm,McAithur of Barkerville  'has purchased ten acres, lot'11,  from the Beautiful Valley Land  Co. On Thursday afternoon  Mr. McArthur left here by the  V. V. & E. . He Avill visit Spokane, Victoria and Vancouver  before returning to Cariboo.   ^ .  .'FAIRVIEW  NOTES.   ���������*  ���������r*"***"'  PROPERTY IN HEDLEY  A  Good,  Safe   Investment  >  And  Will  Make  Money  Hedley  Plate"-  is the supply point for the Nickel Plate mountain, on Avhich is situated the famous " Nickel  the richest gold mine in  Canada���������and many other  promising mines and prospects,  centre ol'the  It is the ininincr and business  Similkameen  the neAv mining district Avhich has already been proven,  by a  small amount of development AA'ork, to be one of the richest ���������  gold, copper and coal milling sections of  British Columbia.  HEDLEY is the chief toAvn on the route of the proposed  Coast-Kootenay Railway;  and Avith the advent of-this road,  Avhich is assured in the near future,  it Avill unquestionably,  become a huge and important city, and toAvn lots Avill bring -  big returns on money invested at the present.time.  asmammmammBmmmm  ...PRICE OF LOTS...  ^Scott Ave. (main st.)    $400 to $600  Other Streets       ,    t   $200 to $400.  ,...TERMS....  1-3 Cash; balance in 3 and  6 months, with interest at  'the rate of 6 per cent.  Those Who Invest Now.  Purchase a few Lots before the Railway, Comes^^^  For Rull F*eirtic-uleirs, Maps, Etc.,  ��������� rtF������f"������LY   TO��������� ���������  -<%  ���������u  The Hedley  L. W. SHATFORD,  Secretary and flanager,  ily T0wnslle (&Iy,  ma  Mr. Patton's father-in-laAv, C.  F. Cook, died at NeAv Westminster. 1 He will be buried here  to-morrow.      ..  Mr. McLellan and sons, of  Okanagan Falls, Avere in toAvn  on Saturday:  Russell McGillivary held divine service -in the church1 ��������� here  on Sunday,- 24th ult., and-.the  tongue of:;good report is heard  in his faA'br.f His next service  Avill beon Dec- 8th at 2.30 p. m.  On Satui-dayMrs. Travis and  her children moved froni the  l-anch ;/at l^Iyeivs Flat-and; ire  living here in the house lately  occupied,,; by W. Hay.ues. Mr.  Travis .^beiievfes, iii giving-*��������� his  children? the ^ benefit'1 of 'pxiblic  school training.  Mr Cox and family came, to  FairvieAV from the Stem/winder  lastfnionth. ��������� *T ������������������     !'"'-   "-"'  Margarei7,Kidaughter of Indian  Annie died on,< JFriday, Novem-  ber 22nd, and was buried at In-  canip. '' <"  The children et al are busy  getting.1 ready: to, giA'e Santa  Glaus a good reception. , ,  A n^eetingjof the ladies of  Fairview is called for to-day  at 3- p.m. to makei'arrangements for a Christmas tree en-  tertainmeiijti^ : The-, ".Fairview  section of!theorising generation  will -.be inade   happyv.....   .  Win. Da-lrymple,.with his half  breed guide succeeded!, in���������'��������� locating the mica croppings aridi.liisi  claim is staked, but tlie depth  of snow Avill prevent other parties from stakiiig>claims before  the spring.  There is a depth of tAvo inches  of snpAV.on the east slope of the  Stem^'inder 'mountain "near the'  summit. .;:;.... <y.  Mrs. McCuddy's. mother\ is: ,dn  the sick list.V.3heas jtiere-ipni- a  visit and expects ^ $o>i-etiirri;Ho,  Ontario early .nex-t^A^ari^^'f-'i'i r>  Harry Jones is early Avjtih his  Christmas turkey shoot. The  birds are fine.  *,     :iv i>      u-;:  Mi*. Carmichaeloaine up from  Kruger mountain ovLti foot* ,pkss!  on Saturday. /MessiW;Campbell  and Bromley pi-eferredH-theisof!  called eomforts. -; of; ntlie i tent ito?  such a tramp.' JVfiv- Cai-miehael'  will return to the mine   to-day.  METEOROLOGICAL.  The folloAving are the leadings sIioav-  ing temperature, etc., for the Aveek  ending Nov. 30:   ���������  \T THE MINE.  *���������  Maximum  Minimum  Nov- 24  34  20'  25  33  13  20  34  11  27  36  10  28    <  35      -..  18  29  31  14  90    ���������  33    '   ..  20  Average maximum tempers  iture 34.14  Average minimum          do  15.14  Mean temperature  2404  Rainfall for  the Aveek   .  inches.  Snowfall    J ���������  (<"���������������       -    Q -  <(  Notice of Forfeiture.  MMMWrtiaiwMaftatiraratttoMttMi^^  COKKEsI'O.VDING WEEK OK LAST VBAK     >  Highest maximum temperature ,44  jAverc'ure maximum do'       ' 39.71  LoAvest minimum do 10   -  Average minimum1 do*        13.14  Mean  do  AT THE MIEL.  26.42  Maximum  Minimum  Nov 24  39  24  25  42  32  ���������''     26  43     ������'..  19  r.         27  ;     ..         39  23  28  "     ..         44  .35  29    ,  ,,    ..         45  a5  ���������30  *���������   ..         44     ,..  29  To AV. James Sinclair and any person ov person* to Avhom ho liiaj- Iuva c transferred any  inteicst in the "Sacramento",mineral claim,  situated on Xickcl Plate mountain, in the  Osoyoos Division of Yale District.  \70U* arc hereby required to take notice that  x I have expended for assessment and for recording certificate of Avork on the above named  claim, S102.50 being the expenditure necessary  to enable mc to hold said' claim, and you arc  hereby required to contribute your share or  proportion of such expenditure, together AA'ith  all costs of ad vertising1. If you fail or refuse to  contribute such amount, including advertising,  within ninety (90) days of first publication of  this notice in the Hedley Gazette, your interest  AA-ill become A-ested in mc, your co-OAvncr, under the provisions of the "Mineral Act and  Amending Acts."  Dated this-17th day of October. 11)07.  a-n  AV. A. HAIXIXG.  Notice of Forfeiture  Average maximum temperature 42.28  Average minimum  ������������������'     do       " 28.14-  Moan    ���������  ���������  ��������� '/    v"   do      " 35.21"  Rainfall for the Aveek   .09   inches  Snowfall for the Aveek   . ������������������  COKIlESl'ONDINO AVKKK OK LAST A'KAU  Highest inaximum temperature 36."  ,  Average do "do 31.57  LoAvest minimum do    ���������-'������������������'18.  Average  ...     do do 20.57  Meiin   ���������"������������������>:':- ���������'������������������      do 26.07  NOTICE.  .SIMIUCAMKKX-LAXD. DISTRICT.  - DlSTHICT-OK-A'Al.i--.-''      ''       ' ''  TAKK XOTICK that  I,  W. K. Revely. of  Hutllcy,U..C, occuiiation���������liveryman, in-  tend to.-ipp%, for., permission .to..purchi^e. ;the  fbHoAving described land:���������:  When   writing    Advertisers,    F^ease  ���������';iMBntion-''tt^Gw5fett**->'i?:r:1,1-''  _a������t 20 chains to',tjointi. 6{ .c6hinic^cri)pr)t iinid  coiitainh/^IJaci^^hi^ro^iUeHi*,:-   .(.;��������� '���������;,������.-.'���������-.<.���������  1';'-?':   IW^V-^l'^^w^lH^EyE^ '.;������������������ :,  TihM. Scp.t.;29(>h;; 1907; V ,..;;i;Av:T \<;:\\f. U-W ���������������������������  :      NOfpEi,,:.':,.''  i ������l '������������������ ������������������ .1- ���������')- ��������� !.-.- ���������  OSO VOOS. LaVJ> , DISTRICT.  DisTiiidir 6k!Yalk1 ���������.' "  ���������--T-^KE NOTICE thatttyltflberfc tSafcAv Arm-  .! * -! istrong, .of Koronicon, pccUnatjpn^raiich.cr,  i nt'cuds to apply for poriiiission to .purchase the  fdlloAving described land:��������� ''::;.;,���������.  , d'onimencing'.-tit a poHt planted at the north  Avest corner of the Indian reserve Avhere it joins  Lot 1180, thence AvestSO chains; thence south 10  chains;  chains  ing l'W  . ... . ii;f   'KGB������i������'il,QAhiiw-!AnM8'rKON('.  Dated Sept. llltli, 1807. 37-10  To Joseph McDcrmott and any person or persons to AA-hom he may haA e transferred his  interest in the EdAA'in Fractional Mineral  Claim, situated on N'ickel Plate mountain,  i   in the Osoyoos Division of Yale District:.   '  \70U arc hereby required to-take notice that  * I have expended for assessment and for rc-  coiding certificate of work on the aboA'c named  claim, ������102.50, being the expenditure necessary  to enable mc to hold said claim, and you arc  hereby required to contribute your share or  pioportion of such expenditure together A\ith  all costs of advertising. If you fail or refuse to  contribute such amount, including adA'crtising;  AA'ithin 90 days of first publication of this notice  in the Hedley Gazette, youi" interest ivill become vested in me. your co-OAvner, under the  proA'isions of the "Mineral Act and Amending  Acts."' ���������  ' Dated-tins 5th day of Sept.. 1907.     '  34-14  ' GEORGE H. CAHILL. -  THE  NWW  ZEALAND  The Commercial Hotel   ������������������:���������r-\   -Hedley,  B."C.     ���������"",   ���������;   THIS HOUSE HAS-RECENTLY BEEN RENOVATED  AND BEMOOELLED, AND IS NOW IN FIRST  CLASS ORDER.   WHITE HELP ONLY,   s"  A CHOipESTOCKOF THE BEST LIQUORS & CIGARS  McArthur ������������ Guiney,.;--   r   Proprietors  ������tw^������tKieK������ti  I  3  ���������5  ���������6^- eS  .   ,/        ,***     ���������      k -    ���������      i r    ���������" ,   V  I*-*     ������    '-r   ������ "  K-'  ^b  Xl  -:'c  U-:'L  TWEDDLK <E, REITH. f Proprietors,  Rf  f.  Good. Accommodation [and Strict Attention^-to the ���������-  Wants of the I?ubtlic?,,, ,LiverY,^Bar^: in GpnnecjSoiii^  JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor  ������veruthing New and  f-irst-.Class  Bar supplied AA'ith the. Choicest  Liquors and Gigai-s./and Spe'cial  Attention   paid   to   the   Tahle.;  Try  ���������\vcM������K%.  CEYLON TEA.  Pure and v Invigorating.  ^..,^.^V*'*-W"-  t**f������ Tifr*T.-trr"  IPIICTICTOT LIMMR������  'M  It  ~  ;8  : I^TABLISrlED lop^\]  ���������H  Fihei New Covered Stiige Carrying' ���������-  Roya][ j 3HaiIy,^Pass.enger^,& Express, ,to    <   ~  .;f|e||lg3g3nd PSrkiceton  ��������� '.    :��������� ���������       ' ��������� '��������� r       .-'������������������    J    *'*' **"* '  ' , .'.'.,. ���������! ������������������'.-.'" ' ' -,  Special-Bigs if or. Travellers, and Every,.  I]] Attention Paid) to;;;Wanl)s^of the Public- ;  ;'!.! '        '  jr-   ' "���������'    '.'���������������-"   ''''   ""'���������"'" " ���������-'   ' ���������'  "   '"'���������' ' " "������������������  f] -  .ii-j  i  Ipri  W.  E; WELB5?:  i...r  S    t ���������  w.gii!!ui^j!!!.c;ii"a>!ii������airAte  "11  ���������fl  1  I


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