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The Hedley Gazette Aug 31, 1905

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 AND SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER.  Tor, I.  No. 33:  HEDLEY, B.C., THURSIl^Y, ^UG. 31, 1903.  $2.00, in Advance.  Methodist Church.  ,    Hkdi.kv, 13. C.  Sunday Sclioo! ut 3 o'clock.  Evening Service at 7:30 o'clock.  Kvcvybody ��������� welcome.  '    ������ L. THOMAS, Pastor.  QtiftRLES f\E. SMW  , Civil Engineer,  ' dominion   and ^provincial  Land S'urveyor.  Orders may.be left at Gazette office.-  I Dominion Exhibition  HEDLEY,  B. G.  ] \) 60RISTW&, V. S.  Consulting  ."Vkteiiinakian   -,   , -.1^=030VOOS, B.C.  Advice and prescription by mail, $1.00.  1905���������September 27. to October 7���������������������������1905  " Untlcrthc nusliiccs'of the' " ��������� "''���������  1 RoVAl/A.GKICVr.TUKAl.-&  Industrial Socikty .   .  NEW WESTMINSTER, B: 6.  - .-. ',    i ������������������  ,Sf upendou's and comprehensive,,,  array of Exhibits representing ���������  the  resources - of ���������, all   Canada.  !$ioo,ooo A^iS,^s $100,000  Enlarged grounds, new,  hand-  |    some and spacious buildings   .'  THE APEX GROUP  Properties    On  Indepen.dnce  ' Mountain  B?;C. COPPER CO.'S CAMP  Splendid Showings���������Getting Ready For  Winter's Work.���������Sons Qf Anak.���������  Other Properties,  } WINKLER & MOHR  Penticton and Princeton  Reai Estate and Mining Brokers.  :  Correspondence  Solicited, Jrom  Tiiose Moving  Property to  5e!5.  R H. -ROG-ERS,  .,    M.A.. 13.C.L.  SOLICITOR, CONVISYTANCEK,  NOTARY l>Lr]3LLC, ETC.  1 World's CiiAJipioNsmr Events  in Rowing and Lacrosse, Horse  Racing, Broncho "Busting,". Military Parades and Exorcises.  Royal   Irish   Guards'and other  Famous Bands.  Grand Water Carnival���������Parade  of Eraser river fishing fleet, patrol  j' boats, M. M. warships, Indian' war  canoes, etc., etc.  Indian Spouts.  For all information vvribcAV. H.JCKAUY,  Skcretary ruirl Manaukii, Xhw Wksv-  .mix&tcu, U. C. ,       ���������  -KKOWS  Vernon, B..C  GILLESPIE k  FZE.F\L.   estate  ���������AN'D-  WINIING   BROKERS  Insurance Agents, Conveyancers., Etc.  _���������' '    Next to Post.Oilioe,-HEDLEY. B.C.  ������dw. G. Warren  Electrical Engineer and  Contractor  GREENWOOD,        -        B.C.  Cawsteii $ Ediiidiid  Estimate's' Furnished on any Electrical Project for Power or Light  2  ALLISON  C. P. RAILWAY TOWN  -:o:-  Will be in the Market in a few weeks.  \RJsi.fc}niTi&.tt.&tm ?  HEDLEY, B.C.    f  .  Clocks and Watches for Sale. |  PURVEYORS  OF  ALL KINDS  OF  FresU Meats  Pisn  V6Q6taDl6S  AND  ;���������.- -������������������."'-:.  Cut Rates on  Orders by both Penticton  and Overland Stages.  Inquire for Latest Fruit Arrivals.  U  J  <  (8  111  J  0  I  PI  HEDLEY,  B. C.  Now that the Great Northern is coming sure, just hustle in. your jobs of  office stationery into the Gazette print  shop and get ready for your share of  the rush.        .  f  Hi  \6  Hi  Hi  iii  Hi  W  Immediately south of Northey  Mountain and connected with it by a  "sort of Siamese twin link is Independence Mountain which has recently  become a point of great interest owing to the fact that developnient'wovk  has started there on a scale, 'that has  not been seen any whore, else in this  portion of the district with the single  exception of the Nickel Plate.  The- pmperties under development  are those of the Apex' group, staked  in 1900 by W. J. Forbes who afterwards-took in as partner AV. D. Mae-  Millan, and the work which they have  done and the showing they have made  has compelled the attention of capital  -with the- result that Mr. McMillan  who is the largest owner, succeeded in  bonding the property early this-summer to the B. C. Copper Co.  The group consists 01 the Apex,  Nighthawk, Keystone fraction, Utopia  Australian and Alpha, and is reached  from' the Nickel Plato by the Penticton wagon road to Nbrthoy's camp,  between Riordan and Northey Mountains, beyond which Northey's trail  over the mountain for about 2 miles  ������onthvard will bring the new camp.  The name'Apex was decidedly apt,  for the claim covers .the top of the  mountain. \  The work done was  of a character  which showed that the performance  of mere assessment duties had cut no  figure with the owners, for the work  \ was far over what was required find  was done with good judgment, in  so  far as showing up the ore bodies is concerned    The amount of graded. ti'ail  too, was outlay wisely made.     On the  Apex is a shaft 15 ft. deep, all in fine-  looking ore,   with the  exception of a  thin lime capping.   That on the dump  is   good   looking    ore    of    garnetite  gangue carrying mispiekel and chaleo-  pyrite, the latter being very .much' in  evidence and   generously, distributed  through   the rock.       There  was   no  waste noticeable on the dump and the  quantity of ore was about what one  would expect to fill the hole it came  out of.     No walls were visible here.  This dump is said to haye given :\ssay  values of over $80. per ton and an average of $25.    Below on the. face oil the.  cliff, a 20 ft.   tunnel. is run  in  to cut  this shaft and, with the exception of  the thin lime capping at the entrance,  is all in ore of the same, character as  that in the shaft above.    Another cut  in  the mountain  side   much farther  down shows a large body of the same  character of ore.  The most work, however, has been  done on the Nighthawk claim adjoining the Apex on the east. There one  hundred feet of work in stripping had  been done on an ore body that is probably over 200 feet wirle, the ore being  principally arscnopyrilein a garnetite  gangue. At this point a large open  cut has been made fully 10 feet wide  and all in ore, the floor, sides and  face being all the same. It is at Mi is  showing   the   B. C.   Copper Co.   have,  are completed the force is likely' to be  increased, and there js every reason to  believe that before many months the  B.C.. Copper Co. will find that they  the. time the railway reaches here the  have in this group of claims one of the  real big things of this province and by  Apex group will have tonnage in  sight whicli will give the railway engineers no rest until they have provided the necessary *>pui's for. transportation.  South .of the Apex group. Rocky  Ryan had a group of claims the names  of which were too geographical for  the prospectors thereabout- to remember. , They explained that Rocky had  been a sailor and named the claims  after all the ports in which' he had  sweethearts. The analogy goes still  farther for the claims were all tacitly  abandoned or sold as. doubtless'also  were the sweethearts. The best of  Rocky's claims are now included in  .the Teyiot group owned by K. P.  Mathison who is said so have an excellent showing, with good values and  the property well-situated.  The Gazette was unable to visit all  and had to depend on information obtained from others which Ave h.-iA-p  reason to believe Avas in all such cases  fair and truthful.  The Lone Star owned by M. Mac-  Auley and others lies across the gulch  co the south. Avhcro a tunnel has boon  driven for some 20 feet. George Ham  is also the oAvnor of claims in the vicinity upon which considerable development work has been done Avith good  results : and further south* on  Piehson Mountain  the old P.ierson group of claims, oavu-  by Cornell and others, are considered  excellent properties. On them a great  deal of development has been done  Avhich has enhanced the value of the  property.  Again the question arises what is  Hedley's policy to'be with reference  to the opening up of these properties  and securing the measure of prosperity that rightly belongs to us as the  result of their early development?  Points to the east that are more than  twice the distance from these camps  that Hedley is,   have connection  by  Mr; Ros,s!s friends will feel disappointed at his attempt, at defending  his position on the, dismissal of Mr.  AVade. The obvious suppression of  sundry ugly facts lias robbed if of even  the semblance of .openness and given  it a ring of insincerity that he will evidently regret Avhen he has to face fuller facts. -. Ji' he'would come, out manfully Avith the truth and state that he  had'acted on misrepresentations made  to him, the people Avould accept it, for  any man is liable'to make a mistake:  but his preference to still occupy a  false position and to bolster it up with  fallacies already fully exposed is only  to go from bad to worse.  W. A. McLean tool; a gang of ten or  a dozen men from here to work on the  irrigation contract Avhich betook from  the Southern Okanagan Land Co. Mr.  M'cL'eau doesn't want to delay the Gt.  Northern, but he wants to get, his  share of the loose labor that is so much  in demand at present.  Mrs. 3. .1. Tracy who ha..- Ivc-na guest,  at the hotel Similkameen for the past  three months went out by Tuesday  morning's'fiver en route for he; l:oine  in Seattle. AVhon Mv. Tracy gets  through Avith his Avork in the A Vest  and returns here to take u;> fen������truc-  tion avoj'Ic in a month oi' .-o move, she  expects to return to Hedley.  Mr. Keith of the Allison (ownsite is  firm in the belief that the C. P. R. Avill  have the first train into Hedley. Tt  may be so, bu fc that i.s not the tinu-tutn  in Hedley. Tf he should happen to lie  right in this matter Hodleyites Avill,  not kick, but will be ready to throAA'  up their caps in honor of the winner  in the race.    AVe're. true sport? here.  wagon road and bid fair to obtain a  large share of the trade during the initial stage of development.. That the.  ore Avill come out to the railway on  the Similkameen is a. foregone conclusion, but the trade of the initial stage  is AA'ell Avorth striving for, and Hedley  should be aliA'e to her interests.  ' -Word has come from Riordan Mountain to the effect that Jimmy Riordan's  ne>v strike on the Resort is opening up  finely. The Avhole cut is now in solid  ore Avith all the strength and solidity  that might be expected at 1,000 feet of  depth, the ehalcopyrite strongly in  evidence and pointing to the inevitable  'conclusion that a great copper mine is  there. '������������������'-.  Supposed Drowning- Accident.  Considering the use that is made .of  the lake at Penticton there lias  been  wonderful  immunity from drowning-  accidents, but last  week  Avhat is believed to have been a fatality  took  place.    Charles Schilling, Avell-knoAvn  and highly  respected,  who  had been  for a considerable time in the employ  of J. A. Schubert, both in Hedley and  Penticton,  Avent out 011 Thursday in a  row-boat.     Not   l-eturning   Avhen  expected his friends began to fear for his  safety, but when the night set  in  and  he had not returned the conviction became more general that he  had  met  Avith some mishap.    Next  morning a  search Avas  made  and  towards noon  thi> boat was found. Nothing lias since,  been heavd of him  and   there  is  now  very   little   doubl    that'   he   lias   been  drowned.  In conversation Avith a mining man  who came down from Princeton last  week the Gazette Avas pleased to learn  of the fine shoAving which'is to be seen  on AAr. C. McDougall's United' Empire  Claim on One Mile creek. The AA-ork  done had shoAvn up a fine deposit of'  ore, principally copper carbonates  Avith the indication that further. Avork  Avill prove the existence of a good body  of sulphide ore. ���������       ������  A committee of Liberals decided  on  giving a. banquet to Duncan  Ross, M.  P., and iiiA?ited him to  come  over for  the Labor Day celebration. They have  announced that the function  is  to   lie  non-political and invite citizens of the  Similkameen to join  in  making  it a  success in Avhich case there is no doubt  that the people of this  district   generally Avill take hold to show  their appreciation of his services.    While   the  fight  av.-is on,  all   party   feeling    was  sunk  in   the  genera!  good,   and Avhy  should it not be so now   in   the   more  pleasing pastime  of  felicitating  oA'er  the    victory.    The    banquet    Avill   be  given   at  the  Hotel  Similkameen   on  the oA-eiiing of Sept. 5th.  I DKY GOODS  I      FANCY GOODS  I BOOTS & SHOES >l\  I Millinery in Latest Styles |  ���������AOKSTS l-'Oll  MASON <S������ RISCH Pianos.  Butterlck Patterns  HEDLEY,        -        -        B. C  Mr. S. L.-Smith secretary of the  School Board received notice from the  gone to work but lower down the hill ! department that the tender for the  where they purpose running in a tunnel under the large open cut already  referred to above. This point is considerably lower down than the showings on the Apex, and it is on a lawny wooded hillside sloping to the  south towards Pierson mountain, the  timber being mostly spruce of huge  size.  The vanguard of this development  force put on by the B. C. Copper Co.  under their bond, consists of seven  men of giant stature under the superintendent, M. S. Hall.     They are all  in the heaA-yAveight class;  two  Avere  stripping  the  surface   capping for a  start on the new tunnel, and the balance Avere  at Avork putting up large  roomy   cabins   for   bunk-house   and  cook- house, close to the work and Avell  sheltered from winds, near abundance  of good spring Avater.     AVlien  these  I school house    was   higher  than   they  were   prepared to  pay.     The.  tender  sent in from   Hedley was  exactly  on  the specifications forAvardcd from Aric-  toria which  called  for material  that  Avas  not   obtainable here and would  liaA'eto be imported.    A   better   plan  Avould have been to have merely sent  the  plan of   the   building and   allow  builders here to figure on the job, using  Avliat material is available.    HoAvever.  it is better that a hitch of this kind  should, occur uoa\'.    AVith the   use   of  the McLean residence for a schoolroom  Ave can get along very   Avell   for   this  Aviuter, and by the spring there will in  all probability besuffieientsehool population to Avarrant at least a tAvo roomed building, and the   raihvay   Avill   be  either here or near enough to make a  material difference in  transportation  of material required.  ;     The    Spokesnian-ReA'ii'AV   last   Aveok  I contained a. very highly colored writo-  ' up of the prospects of a.-highly imaginative toAA-n called Centroinino.   Unfortunately for Cenfromino, it is not situated like barber Murk's Nickel   Plate  city 011 the shore-of Twenty mile lake.  Rare old    Ca.pt.  Shorts,   the   pioneer  navigator of Okanagan   Lake  used  to  say that the surest plan for success   in  life, is to get in  somebody else's  Avay.  Ceutromino   is   not     even   fortunate  enough to bo able to make itself a nuisance to anybody  over there  by getting in their road.    If you attempt to  go oA'er on your fingers the list of similar layouts in the Boundary that have-  con h1. to  naught you Avill find out  before, very long that you Avill  have  to  fall back on your toes.  A tidy letter-head or bill-head commands attention from those Avith  av ho in you do business. The Gazette  print-shop can fit you on   in style. ittiv t~t ivi ji ji<j y   ita/iHii i hj    aiiitiiim    ���������/ (viiii  THE HEDLEY GAZETTE. AUGUST 81, 1905.  and  Sinnilkomeeiv Advertiser.  <suod on Thursdays, by tlio Hkih.kv .Gazkttk  I'UIX'l'lXfl A.VI> i'l.-ni.l.SlllNG COMPANY.  Limiticd,   lit Hedley,  H. C.  bsa  ���������iptioris  in Advance  1>01  Year.     ..S2.uo  Six  Moiit-1  :���������'....  A  M E(l RAW,  .. -1.(10  Managing Editor.  New Mucin  2nd i'i :*>ist.  Kirst in'iar.  Uth.  1905  AUG.  Kiill Moon  Kith.  Lust, ((liar.  ,  21th.  UW5  Mon,  Tues. Wed. Thii. Fri. Sat.  19:  20"  u  21  28  I  8  .15  90  l(i  28  20     80  8  10  17  21  81  i  ii  18  3S  12  19  20  page of your paper, "Men use their  brains; fools wag. their tongues and  knock," I commend to the careful consideration of Ajax. He and his ilk are  not only "knockers" but "deliberate,  falsifiers" and unlike, the ancient A'ali-  a.ntAvairior whose name he borrows���������-  when he shall slay himself���������Avilliiot  turn into .'sweet-" scented floAver but  rather poisoned oak or a-noxious weed.  Fancy, friend Ajax, how inconceivable  for yon with your distorted vision and  misrepresentation and untruthfulness  coursing.rampart through yon to become���������when your short day is ended  by yourself- anything so SAVeet scented  as a. violet. Ajax refers particularly  to an article which- appeared in the  Hedley Gazette, headed "Axe Still  Falling," and states V perhaps iteuian-  ated from the. office of the Southern,  Okanagan Land Co." We have,other  and more, important matters to attend  to in our office, and I knew nothing of  the article until my attention AA'as  called to it at the Penticton Hotel a  day or tAVo after the paper was issued.  To relieve the -minds of some of the  Liberal friends of' Mr. Ross, I might  say that had matters been presented  truthfully to that gentleman I do not  think that he would have recommended any change in the post- office. I  know positively that all matters upper  NOTICE  JV SITTING of the Hoard of Licence Comihis-  " sioners for the Nicola Licensing '.District  will bu hold in Hedley on Thursday, .September  7th to transfer the licences from .1. IC. fcrasor of  the Commercial-Hotel, to U.'W: Yates, and' of  the Princeton Hotel. Princeton., from Albert  Bryant to James Wallace.  HUGH HUXTER.  32-2'������������������ '   .Chief Licence Inspector.  NOTICE.  Certificate of Improvements.  "STAR OK HOPE" and "ECLIPSE" Mineral  Claims, situate in the Ososoos Mining Division of Yale Histrict. Where loeated: Yun-  ciunn Camp, Hi Mile Creek.  TAKE NO'JiCK that I. C. dell. Green, as  agent for V. Riohtor, K.M.C. No. H78888, for  L. M. Lyon, V. M. C No. U7SS;>7, and for .lames  MoDongull. K. M. C. No. H78WW, intend, sixty  days from date hereof, to apply to. the Mining  Recorder for a.Certificate of improvements, for  the purpose: of obtaining Crown Grants of the  abo\'e claims.  And further take notice that action, under  section .'(7, must be commenced before tne issuance of such Certiticate of Improvements.  Dated this 20th day of .lime. A.D. 11)03.  25-9 ,     : C. dcB. GREEN, Agent,,  NOTICE.  "The.election campaign is now fairly  under AYay in the tAvo new provinces  of Sas'katciieAvan and Alberta. Pre-  ���������niier'Haultaiu who so successfully conducted the 'affairs of the country during the territorial regime, Avas opposed  to'the intvroduction of party lines into  the. conduct of provincial affairs at  this stage of the. country's progress,  .but thi'- Liiier.-i-ls have, thrown down  the gag?* of battle and declared first  for party-lines as they did in British  Columbia,   and  the   Conservatives of  Albei-ta have accepted  the  thus thrown out and   chosen  challenge  as their  of Calgr.rry.  loader R. B. Bennett, M. P  One of Haultain's rc;asons.for-. Avishing  to defer the introduction of party lines  Avas the exhibition of .suViservience to  party thai. Avas shoAvn at Ottawa' clur-  imt the vote on the. Autonomy bill.  There.he's������AV men who he knew.hated  the pleasure, and in thejr hearts condemned it as wrong, voting straight  against both their better judgment  and their sense of right, in obedience  to the. crack of the party Avhip, and he  Avished to have the men who were to  make I.-iaa-m for the hcav provinces left  free to act according to the.dictates of  their conscience . and   judgment,  upon their .action during the next  for  ten  yeai-s, much will depend for the good  or ill of the province. .The reason Avhy  the. .Liberals have declared  for party  lines at this timt  very clear terms  in his address to  Toronto Junction,  lined the routine  ncav provinces Avith  brought out in  W. F. Maclean  constituents at  Avhich   he   out-  tllO tAA'O  ub.serATient party  IS  by  his  in  for shackling  administrations that Avill complete the  infamous work begun last, session at  OttaAva. The .manner too, in Avhich  the thing is Avorking out Avould look  almost as if Maclean had the gift of  second sight, for since his utterances  at Toronto Junction, Lanrier has been  carrying out part of the programme  'by appointing for Lieut.-governors,  Forget and Bulyea, Avho Avill doubtless  in their turn call on servile henchmen  like Scott of Regina to form a goA-ern-  ment in each case. Party government  has served the country Avell in its day  but Avhen one sees the. manner in which  it may be abused the force of Goldaa*in  Smith's crusade against it stands out  in bolder relief.  COMMUNICATIONS.  ErilToli   llKOLKY   G.AXKTTK,  lledlev.  Dear Sir:  The enclosed has been sent to the  "Star" for publication. Will you also  he good enough lo publish it as in u  measure it replies to the letter  of   Mr.  Wevelv in the <  ,->���������/.< I tc some time ago.  ours truly.  VV. T. SiiATi-'oun.  Simii.ka.-.ikkx Kt.vh,-  Thk iCniToit  Dear Sir:  f ha\'e been fui'AWirdcd a copy of  your issue of tin; .19th inst. by a friend  in Hedley who thinks I snould reply  to the one, and a quarter column effusion of "Ajax." I had previously heard  of tin; a.rticle l.iut decided not to even  read such malicious falsehoods as I  Avas informed the article contained,  but to treat the article and its author  AA'ith silent contempt. My friend at  Hedley, hoAA'ever, thinks the outside,  public should kinnv the truth, and in  deference to his avis lies I shall narrate  facts which I trust you Avill give the  same publicity as you did the Ajax  article. 1 thank you in anticipation  for your valuable space* arid assure you  that I shall not again take; advantage  of your kindness in connection witli  the matters I am at present writing of  as my statement cannot be. assailed by  anyone Avith the slightest regard for  the truth. Mr. Editor, the Avords displayed in prominent type on the front  1'aiuing to the post office  were  misrepresented to him by those he considered  friends and  he  acted  upon   their  misrepresentations.    I think,   though,  that any government, Liberal Or Conservative,  should adopt business-like  methods and I do not consider ,it  very'  wise-for any government to send in an  inspector to report on a matter and to  act before receiving'- their inspector's  report.    It looks to me as if they felt  the inspector's report would not justify-  their contemplated action.   The petition referred to by Ajax AA'as signed by  a hundred and fifteen males of  voting,  age, residents of Penticton,  whom he  brands   as   "transients."     Wa^re up,  Ajax!   Your sleep certainly has been  long. Realize a new-condition of things  and that those you term  "transients"  and ���������'strangers" are here to stay and  Avill be the backbone of the prosperous  Penticton that is to be.    They are not  of your type but loyalto' the interests  of the place that they have'made their  home.  Ajax Avould lutve it appear that  the S.O.L. Company Avasa Tory clique  or company.    lie is ignorant in this as  in all other things.  .Our,president is  one of the leading  Liberals in the city  of Toronto.    One of our, Directors  is  President of  the  Liberal  Association  for Yale-Cariboo ( Mr. Ross' oavii  constituency)-and other directors as  Avell  as most prominent stock-holders are  to be found in the Liberal -ranks.    Our  Company is non-political  and on fair  ground in the open  (but not in  hole  and corner meetings)  it can,   I  flatter  myself, exert much .more political influence even in  Liberal councils  than  Ajax and his fellows.    It is also stated  tliat Mr. Wade oAvned a  "good business site, on the old toAvnsite but against  his-better judgment he AA'as persuaded  by the S. O. L. Co. to build on the neAv  townsite."-  I am pleased to be credited  Avith the gift of persuasion in this  instance but 1 hardly  think  Mr. Wade  Avill A'ieAv it in the same manner.    He  told me Avhen buying that he  had  a  beautiful   residential  site on  the old  toAvnsite, but not a  business site.    I  regret very  much  that some   people  should use the  terms' "old townsite"  and "neAv toAvnsite."   With the S.O.L.  Co. it is neither old tinvnsite nor neAv  toAvnsite, but one Penticton.   We oavii  all the ground, both nld and neAv, that  has not passed into private hands, and  Ave propose building up Penticton according to our own A'ieAA's and  in  the.  best interests of our Company and the  public  generally. ' .  The managers of the S. O. L. Co., [  feel sure, did not sell one lot because  buyers Avere promised the post office  would be located in a certain place.  Surely Ajax did not make a sale and  incidentally a commission by such representation. It Avould appear, Mr.  Editor, by the letter of Ajax and another in the Gazette signed T.C. Revely  of Hedley, that the S. O. L. Co. Avere.  responsible for "ruin and calamity" to  certain people at Penticton. Ajax intimates that during Avhat he styles the  "Ellis regime" he and others Avere kept  Avithin certain narroAA' bounds, and I.  think considering Avliat has occurred  they became so accustomed to a certa.in  limited area as to consider it their  Avorld and the only Avorld. They cannot look beyond the confines of one  particular street, and it a very short  one. When the S. O. L. Co. took over  the Ellis estate they found this street  a residential one and practically all the  lots in the hands of private people.  Not one business house Avas facing this  street. The general store of .1. A. Schubert and the blacksmith shop of Mr.  DeLong Avere the two places of business Avhich could be alTected by ;m  addition to Iho townsite of Penticton.  IIoav are they alTected ? So far from  being disastrously affected all traffic  has to pass these places on its Avay to  the toAvnsite addition and those tAvo  places of business should on this account lie immensely more valuable.  Blocks of laud Avhich I understand  Avere bought fcr $80.00 a lot on the old  street shortly before avc began operations hero could be sold to-day for at  least $100.00 a lot, so I cannot see Avhy  there should lie so much avoc and lamentation. The S. O. L. Company, in  planning their addition to Penticton,  arranged it so that all the old streets  Avere connected Avith the dcav streets;  they (.wen availed themselves of the  old'government road and bridge near  the dock. They did all they could to  Avork harmoniously with the people  they found at Penticton and certainly  have A'ory much enhanced by their operations the value of property OAvned  by those, people. In the light of subsequent oA'onts it appears some of the  residents of the one kwel street in the  old toAvnsite expected the S. O. L. Co.  to buy from them every foot of land  they needed for business purposes, al-  Certificatc of Improvements.  ������������������'��������� BANK ������F  BRITISH N^ra.AMERICA..  Capital���������$4,866,666. ��������� Reserve-$2,643,997.  *���������'-.      ��������� HEADOFFICE IN CANADA.  '���������-'���������..'��������� MONTREAL  ���������II. S'1'i.KldlAN, Gonomi Mii.itngei- .1. KLMSLY, Sunt. oMirnncliuK  HANKING BY MAIL���������Accounts of parties living at a distance receive our  siieeial attontion. Dciiosits can bo made through the mail, and stuns added  thereto and withdrawn at any, time. AGeneral Hanking Husiness Transacted.   Drafts issued, payable at all points in Canada and abroad.     '���������  Hedley Branch,     - ��������� L. G.TlacHAFFiE, Acting Manager  .  1  "MARTIN,"   "MAPLK  LEAK,"    "DAISY,"  ."    " WXE  KNOT"  AND   "MINNKHAHA"  Mineral  Claims;1 situate in  the .Osoyoos  c    Mining Division of Yale District.   Where  located: In Camp Hedley.  ���������TAKE XOTICK that I, H. H. Caylcy, acting  * as agent for J no. Gladden, F. M. C. No.  UiiKlTl, Kdw. A. C. Studd, K. M. C. No. BTiKllfi,  and Chas. K. Oliver, F.M.C. No. H79072. intend,  sixty days fi^oin the date hereof, to apply to..the;  Mining iteeordcr for a Certiticate of Improvements, for the pm-nose of obtaining. Crown  Grants of the above claims.  And further,take notice that action, under  Section 37, must be commenced before,the issuance of such Certiticate of IinproA'cmcnts.  Dated this 28th day of J\ily, A. D. 1905.  28-11 H. 8. CAYLEY.  NOTICE.  Wholesale and Retail  General     TVleroHajnt  NOTICE  date,  is hereby given that, M0 days after  . 1 intend making application to the  Chief Commissioner of Lands & Works for iicr-  niission to ga/.ettc si. Public Kood-fvom my Preemption. "HecordNo. '1020," east side of Okanagan Lake about (5 miles north of Penticton, to  connect Avith the Ivelownii trail, and about one  mile, more or less, south-west, for joining this  trail.  .IOUX ROBINSON.  Penticton, B.C., August 7th, HilM. .'W-f,  NOTICE.  Certificate of Improvements.  '���������BULLION." "EVENING STAR," "PRIDE"  and "GOLD HILL" Mineral Claims, situate  in the Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale District. Where located : In Camp Hedley.  TAKE NOTICE that I. K. AV. Groves, acting  x as agent for .John Greenhill, free miner's  certiticate Xo. B7SI058. L. O. Hedhind, free miner's certiticate No. B7!I0!)J, and J. A.-Schubert,  free miner's certificate Xo. B7IH09, intend, sixty  days from date hereof, to apply to the Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of tinin'ovements.foi-  the purpose of obtaining Crown grants of the  above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this Uth day of July, A.D. l!!0o.  25-9 . 1<\ AV. GROVES.  Groceries  Hardware  Dry Goods                V  Flour arid Feed  Gents'. Furnishings  Sash and Doors  Boots and Shoes  Lumber arid Shingles  X������rlV*������������       XZ# L^>*                '  -;Etc.,.;::EtC.;-:';;"  Stores-HEDLEY eumdl PENTICTON.  When in Keremeos  STOP AT  NOTICE.  TEe Cent  TWEDDLE (&. REITH, Proprietors.  Good Accommodation and Strict Attention to the  Wants of the Public    Livery Barn in Connection.  Certificate of Improvements.  THE "CLIMAX" and "I X L'. mineral claims,  situate in the Osoyoos Mining Division  of Yale District, where located: Camp  Hedley.  TAKE NOTICE that I. Clms.dc Blois Green,  x as agent for the Yale Mining Company,  Free Miner's Certificate Xo. B7U033. intend,  sixty days from date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown  Grants of the above claims.  AND FURTHER take notice that action, under section .'17, must be commenced before the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this (ith day of June, A.D. 15105.  24-!)' C. dcB. GREEN.  NOTICE.  CSIXTY days after date I intend to apply to  vJ the Chief Commissioner of Lands & Works  for permission to purchase ;i*20 acres of mountain  land, situated in Siniilkamoen Division of A'ale  District; commencing tit 11 post marked "Yeoman C. Kitley, south-east corner"; thence running SO chains north; thence 10  thence 80 chains south; thence 10  to point of commencement.  Dated July 1<), lifOn.  28-0 Y. C.  =^  PATRONIZE YOUR   HOME  MILLS  miKrfAfavw.tt.'va*  aTB>liB������iia.������BJBca  Ask your grocer for  ���������mr^rv.^'^-EiiB^.v.-iw.rtraiir.i^^  f.-������.i������-j-1-.ri������yg..i  and help us to help  British Columbia  by employing more men in our mills.  -THE COLUMBIA FLOURING MILLS CO., Ltd.  ENDERBY  AND   VERNON, B. C.  ^  chains  chains  cast;  west  KIT LEY,  "Rest Only Provided for Table  Concluded on Pago. Four.  and Bar,  I. j. Henderson, Prop. THE HEDLEY GAZETTE, AUGUST 81, 1905.  Town and District.  Oh ! won't tllitre be a hot time when  , Kelzer gets back.  R. .T. Edmond returned last week  l'roin Banff.    He denies everything.  The Midway Star kicks at the scarcity of lumber and beer. ,  Miss Alice McLean left on Tuesday  morning's Flyer for Spokane, where  she is going into training for musing.  Mr. W. P. llodgers was out of town  the greater part of last week. He. re-  turned home on Monday.  15. 13. Hard wick went down to the  Lower Similkameen last week to do  some work for D. McCurdy.   .  The Nicola Herald' announces that  Otter Flat will be a Great Northern  divisional point.'  One Di" Engineer Tracy's men, in  the. Ho pi' mountains, cut his foot very  badly last week*  Mr. and Mrs. Lind, of Peterson Bros.  & Lind. Great Northern Hotel, came  in on Sunday.  L. W. Shatford, M. P. P. went over  to FairvieAV on Monday. He will visit  Penticton before returning and expects  to be back for Labor Day celebration.  W. C. Bate, road supervisor, returned from the western part of the riding  on Sunday evening and Avent back to  FairvieAV.  The V. V. & E. haAre cleared off considerable light of way at Midway and  are'gividing, but lack of men is retarding the work rather seriously. ���������  Dr. YVhillans is putting up ;i new  house on Scott Avenue across the  street and a little further east than his  present residence.  If there is nny person in the Similka-  .m'een you may want to see, come to  Hedley on Labor Day for that is where  they will all be found.  W. T. Atherton Avent with his daughter from Midway to the Coast, which  will delay his return to Hedley a little  longer than he expected on  here.  R. Mel nn is of the firm of Hopkins &  Mclnni.s:,is undei; the weather these  days with an abscess on his jaw.  Harry Rodgers, of Ashcroft, came in  this week, and Avill remain for the  Labor Day celebration before returning.  The sitting of the Nicola Licence  Court at Hedley, which, av.-is set for  Sept. 4th, will not be held until the 7th,  as the 4th is a legal holiday.  Dr. McEwen avius called to Keremeos  last weuk to attend Thus, son of Mrs.  E. M. Daly Avbom he found attacked  with typhoid fever.  J. J. Foltz, of Tacoma, Wash., has  been staying at the Hotel Similkameen  for several days. Mr. Foltz was formerly manager of the Tacoma smelter,  and Avill look over some properties on  the hill before going back. Yesterday-  he went up to the Golden Zone, where  he will see a. property that will give  him some idea of what the Twenty-  mile basin can show.  OLIVER & GLADDEN  -:o:  Civil & Mining Engineers  :<):���������  MIINES eind  REAL   ESTATE  HEDLEY, B.C.  The Citizens of  Machinery For Sale.  THE folloAving list of second hand sawmill  *   machinery will bo sold at a sacrifice :  1-���������California No. 2, (i x 21 planer and matcher;  I���������-10 x 1(������ Eric engine;  1���������-3-hcad block carriage and truck frame Avith  top saw;  1���������52 in. Hoe saw;  1���������JO in. Hoe siiav ;  1���������Hull Avheel rig, complete except chain.  For terms and further particulars, address  C. F. PACKARD, Agent.  ,  31-tf Hkdi.my, B. C.  Tne Pioneer Carriage  and  Repair Shop  HEDLEY,     -     -     B.6.  Horse-Shoeing and all kiijds  of Blacksmithing done.    :   :  GEO. ft. SPR0UL&,  Proprietor.  leaving  ������ ALLISON ������  Now in the Market ~ Allison Town Lots  HEDL  Extend A  Cordial  Invitation   To   All  TO JOIN  THEM  IN CELEBRATING  LABOR DAY  ������������������P $1,000.00 IN PRIZES  o  Rca7. A. .T. Fowlie will not hold service here on Sunday night next owing  to the fact thatf he has to attend a  meeting of Presbytery which Avill be  held at. Kelowna about that date..  A misprint in last Aveek's editorial  made yards read as feet. The distance  stjited between post office, sites at Penticton should have read from 1(50 to 200  yards instead of feet.  It is not W. T. Shatford <fc Co. any  more, but Shntfords, Limited, of Hedley and FairvieAV. The neAv firm is  fairly, launched, and doing business  under the new name.  Future Great Raiiroad Gentre  nLLlSON  is the terminal point of the C. P. R. on the  Similkameen, and, is the supply point for the Copper  Mountain District and otiters.  Allisox Avill be the junction point for any raihvay lines  running AA'est and connecting Avith the. Canadian  Pacific  -Railway, who agree, in the operation of said1'railway, to  make the town of Allison a point of general importance  in connection with the working thereof.  Investments hoav in .Allison'-will "surely" bring large  profits in the near future as raihvay construction proceeds,  and this is noAv assured.  Terms : one half cash, balance in six months and a  year, with interest at 6-per cent.  ====== FTor F"ull Particulars .    =  -���������-'������������������ ���������ABPLY TO���������  HILTON KEITH, Agent,, Allison, B.C.  Rifle   Match  Horse Races  Rock Drilling Contest  Base Ball Match  Athletic   Sports  The MidAvay & Vernon are discounting the V. V. & E. for progress in  building 'west of MicVway. There are  no less than fiATe camps of graders and  a full corps of engineers at work on  theM.&V.  T.'J. Smith, of the Diamond Vale  Coal &'Iron Co., aa^is in'town on Tuesday, accompanied by Dr. S. V. Ells,  of the Canadian geological survey.  'They* went up to the Nickel Plate and  had a'look through the mine.  Alex. Robinson is doing some de-  velopment Avork on the Rollo for the  oAvners, Paul Johnson, Supt. Hedley  of the Nelson smelter, and Peter Scott.  Mr. Hedley is expected here in a fe.AV  days.  Mrs. McLean and Miss Myrtle left  yesterday morning for Penticton,  where they expect to reside for some  time. Mr. McLean A\-ent out on Sunday. Mrs. McLean and her daughters  Avill be missed in Medley by their  many friends.  The Sports Committee instead of  undertaking the management of the  ball on tlw evening of September -ll-h  have turned it over to A. McDermott  of the Hotel Siniilkameen avIio i.s making every preparation for a swell a (fair.  The (lance will be held in Eraser's hall  and the supper will be given in the  Hotel Siniilkameen.  What happened to all the young  men on Tuesday morning:j Some ascribe it to baking poAvder, others to  saleratus, but no such general exhibition of early rising lias been .ween for  many a- day among the callow youths  of Hedley. Driver Leniunv of the  Flyer couldn't understand it at first  but by and by he. caught on.  Dr. MclSAven, Avarden of St.Mary's  jiarish, Hedley, has received a communication from Rev. Arch Deacon  Peutreath to the effect that Rev. E. P.  Flewelling, late vicar of Da.Avson and  formerly of 'Vancouver and Kainloops,  Avould be the first missionary sent, to  Hedley, and that he Avould  some time in September.  The  NEW  ZEALAND  HOTCLV.  * * ��������������� *' *  JOHN JACKSON  Proprietor  Everything  New and  First-Class.  Bar supplied with the  Choicest Liquors and  Cigars, and Special  Attention paid to the  Table.  Fireworks  GMND   BALL  IN  THE,   EVENING  Subscribe for the GAZETTE  2$Go&cooseoso90seeceeoososioeoQ6Qee^  1  I  I  I  8  riEDLEY'S  Headquarters for  MINING   SUPPLIES  DRY   GOODS  CLOTHING  GROCERIES AND  HARDWARE  (of all descriptions)  8  |  8  The Canadian  Bank of Coirynerce  CAPITAL���������$8,700,000.  Total Resoukcks (Nov. 80, '01)-  BEST���������������3,500,000.  -$01,000,000.  Penti<fton Branch  A  Hrancii of tlic Hank is now  oiien tit Penticton. It. ('.  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT-Interest allowed on depositsof Sl.iMand upwards.  Princeton Branch  A  Hrmicli of tills Hank is  open at Princeton. H. ('.  BANKING    BY   /WniH-  Deposits may l>e made iiiul  withdrawn lij- mail.   Special utteiition jdven to this  class of business.   ::   Drafts nnd iUnnu.v  Orders issued on all points.  A  General  .Dunking  business Transacted.  J. M. CHRISTIE  Manager  GENTS'  - .   ;      x  arrive here   x  4  FURNISHINGS ������  I  BOOTS   AND   SHOES 8  =====  fc  8  8  I  I  Our Goods are the Best and Our Prices Right  ���������We are Agents for���������  Campbell's  Clothing  The Clothing that fits and wears well  SHflTFORDS, LIMITED  fiedley and Fairview, B. 6. IJIIHJjTrTlln'SF!^  s^wiiiaiaiWiaiMUUMIiail  THE HEDLEY GAZETTE, AUGUST 81, 1905.  centre of the  COMMUNICATIONS.'-:*'  Continued from Page Two.  is the supply point for the Nickel Plate mountain,.-on which is .situated the famous "Nickel  Hedley  Plate"���������the richest gold mine  in  Canada���������and many other  promising mines and prospects.    It is the mining and business  ...PRICE OF LOTS...  Similkameen  the .new mining district Avhich has already been piwen, by' a  small amount of deATelopment Avork, to be one of the richest  gold, copper and coal mining sections of . >  ������������������:���������  British Columbia!  .... JHEDLEY is tbe chief toAvn.on the route of the proposed  '���������/Joast-Ko(iteniiAr.RkilAAray_;   and; with the adA-ent of this road,  ���������-AA'hichas assured ifjiythir li'ear future,   it Avill unquestionably  b'eoonia a lai-ge-and iiiipoi'l'ant city, and toAvn lots A\-ill bring  big. returns on .money<inA'.ef\Le'd..at the present time.  Scott Ave. (main st.) ...   $400 to $600  Other Streets. ........  ..    ......... $200 to $400.  .... 1 Grlvi'l.d....  b-3 Cash; balance in 3 and  6 months, with interest at  the rate of 6 per cent.  few tots before tie Hallway Comes  For IFoll..F^airticulars, TVleips E2ic,  L. 'W-. SHATFORD,     .'  Secretary and  er,  fl h^LJlLjillf Y a       I3������   %a/������  SIMILKAMEEN  Livery, Feed and Sale Stable  Single and Double  Drivers.  Saddle  and   Pack  Horses.  Wood for Sale.  HOPKINS <8b MdNNES, Proprietors, Hedley  GEO. KIRBY, iianager.  First  Class  in  Every Respect.     Commercial and  Mining  Headquarters of the Keremeos and Lower Similkameen Valleys.     Post House on Penticton-  Princeton   Stage  Line.-  KEREMEOS,  B. C.  HEDLEY, B.C.  This hotel under new management has been  re-modelled, and has ample accommodation for  a large number of people. The table is supplied  with the best.3i.11 the market. The bar. contains  the popular brands of liquors and cigars.  H. W��������� YATES, Proprietor  m i*i iT *        '....(��������� Cl  if;:. <i>--\ <��������� is        B    ,r\ J"t i"|     o X.-S ipl  ul U, 11)1)1  o*  '<yot  HERRING & WINKLER, Props.  Choice   Liquors and   Cigars  always in stock.  Good Table and Comfortable  Rooms.  N������  CaJ-eful attention to AA/ants of trriai/ellirig  j3tifc>lic eamci regular fboeir*ciie-r-s.  The'GRAND UNION is the nearest to the works of the Daly  Reduction Co., Avhich makes it especially suited for regular boarders.-  All aviutk ukuv. .  HEDLJEY, Q. C  vuHsaasBasiaas kumiss  ���������.r^nawai^niCTOTiMrasmMre^^ 'I11 '-"II���������I    i'l I II  =   ESTABLISHED  1903   -  Fine New  Covered  Stage  Carrying  Royal Mail,  Passengers and Express to  Keremeos, Hedley and Princeton  -:Q:-  Special Rigs for Travellers, and  Every Attention Paid to Wants  of the. Public.    : : : :  :0:  Ik,  W. E. WELBY, Proprietor.  Jt STAHLES  Fairview and Penticton  ���������ALSO���������  Proprietors���������FAIRVIEW    AND     PENTICTON  STAGE   LINE.  Good Horses and Rigs and Careful Drivers.  Teams furnished to do freighting, transferring and  general teaming, and good saddle  horses always on hand.  though the Company '--owned equally  as good  land not two .-'hundred-feet--  away.    Hoav unreasonable !   We have  laid' off a, townsite. Avhicli  conjointly'  with the old townsite. Ayill make a toAvn  which will be the pride of the interior  of -'British Columbia. One of our streets  extends from lake to,lake,  a distance  of three and one half .miles,  and  will  make a beautiful driveAviiy between  the tAvo lakes, long stretches of sandy  beach being at either end of this street.  Everything has been laid off with an  eye to the future and not to the present personal gain of a couple Of  " sore  heads" who happened to own a feAV  town lots.    Ajax concludes his  "falsities" by stating "All trouble here might  have-been avoided.if the 8. O. L. Company had shoAvn  better judgment in  the handling of its afiairs.-   The" managing direetors.of.the. Land Company  have followed a policy'well, calculated  to stir up strife "and as a  result are  suffering the consequences."  Ye Gods  weep.   -The A'ery audacity of a person  of the business calibre of Ajax telling  the managers of the S.-'-O. L. Co.  how  they should do business.   -The' -.shrewd  practical businessmen of,Canada, have  enough   confidence    in  their .���������...known  methods of business to hiA'est five hundred thousand dollars.   Is Ajax in this  class: it he not a $5.00 individual  instead?    Mr. Editor,   Avhen Ajax refers  to our   "suffering the consequences,"  he evidently has  in   mind  the  many  untruthful statements Avith  regard to  Penticton made-to A'isifcoVs and others.  Ajax and his kind pose as loyal citizens  and at the same time do'all  they can  to disci-edit the sectioiii-in  which  they  ���������live.    They are an   unhealthy groAvth  AA'hich the fruitful  tree of Penticton  will shortly   absorb.     The.'healthful  AA'Ood Avill groAV all  around  and  coa-ci-  them and they Avill shortly be forgotten. ��������� It is extremely amusing--'to   me.  tq-'ha/ve Ajax 'think a\'c are.  "suffering  consequences." . Let nie in  conclusion  assure him that-I Avaste no sleep  over  such'as he, and that the. policy of this  Company, Avhich is in the  interests of  Penticton and the  country  generally,  Avill be  carried  out regardless of  his  "Avliimperings.  Yours very truly,  AV. T. SllATTOUD.  Resident Managing Director.  1905.  Penticton, B.C.  Aug. 28th,  The Editor,  Hedlev Gazette.���������  Dear Sir:  I   should   be   much  obliged  if  vou  Avould giA'e me a small  space  m your  paper to thank Mr. Revely for informing me Avhy I Avas dismissed from being  postmaster, as the Post Office Department, did. not think it AA'-orth their  AA'hile to do so.  Also I Avould like to state, in answer,  to Ajax, that I never had any intention  of building a store on my lots on Ellis  street; had I built there, I fancy, I  Avould still be postmaster. I am AA'ell  pleased that it AA'as taken from me but  1 should have preferred it done in a  more, honorable Avay.  T am, sir,  Yours truly,  Alfred H. Wade.  NOTICE  A  uLBKRT THOMAS BRYANT, of the Priiieo-  ���������f*- ton Hotel, l'rinceton, intends to apply to tlic  Licence Commissioners for the Xieola District,  for permission to transfer his hotel licence to-  .1 iimes Wallace.  Dated at Princeton, August iltli, ISiOf).  31-1 Al'.BKliT TtlO.\1AS BltVANT  NOTICE.  TICK is lierchy given that, sixty days after  .- - date, we intend toapply to the Chief C'om-  inissioiiorof Lands and Works for permission to  purchase the folIoAvi*,,",",!',,,i,">'' i������ ���������>'!.-��������� ���������.���������������������������<-��������� ���������������������������<-������  said Lot. Xo. 11171, and marked "John McLean's  and Xiftel 1!. Kuart's X.W. corner", thence cast  K> chains; thence south 80 chains; thence west  10 chains: thence north 80 chains to the place of  hcginnins'- containing :'/.'() acres, he the same  more or less.  Hedley. H.C.. .Inly 1.1th. !!iar..  .IUHN McLKAX  'JS-il XKiKL M. KWAUT  ivery,  and ���������  F  ^������  HEDLEY,  B.C.  Strictly First Class Service.  Special Attention given.to  the Travelling Public.  Teaming of all kinds done.  Horses Bought and Sold.  W. F. REVELY,  Proprietor.


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