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The Hedley Gazette Aug 10, 1905

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 AND SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER  Vol. 1.  No. :J0.  HEDLEY, B.C., THURSDAY, AUG. 10, 1905.  $2.00, in Advance.  Methodist Church.  IlKlM.KV.  H.C.  Sunday School nt S o'clock.  levelling Service at 7:iW o'clock.   >   '    -  Kvcryborty  welcome.     ���������    ��������� .".>  '   \ V. THOMAS. Pastoj*..  ftflftRLES AL SflAW  ClAUL EXGINEEH,  Domixion   and   PitqyrxciAi.,  Laxo Surveyor.  Orders maij be left at Gazette office.    ,  Dominion Exhibition  HEDLEY,  B. G.  1  I  i  f  [J  D 60RISTINE, V. s.  consulting  Veterinarian  =osoYocis, n.c.  Advice find prescription by mail, $1.00.  ')  JAS. hislop,  .Civu- Engineer  Provincial Land Surveyor,  ������JBP~ Leave orders at Gazette Office.  HEDLEY,. B. C.  1905���������September 27 to October 7���������1905  .  Uiuler-the auspices of the  ROVAb AtiKICULTUltAI. &  .'.  U  ; INDCSTIUAT, SOC'IKTV   .    .  NEW WESTMINSTER, B. 6.  Stupendous and comprehensive  array of Exhibits representing  the   resources   of  all   Canada.,  $100,000  IvrTRACTLo'sS $100,000  ���������  Enlarged gro'unds, new, handsome and spacious buildings   .  H. S. CAYLEY,  UAltlHSTEIl AND SOLICITOR,  Hedlev, B. C.  WINKLER & MOHR  Penticton and Princeton  Real Estate and Mining Brokers.   ������.   Correspondence  Solicited  from  Those Having  ' Property to  Sell.  Wokld'h CuAarproxsixn* Events  in Rowing and Lacrosse, Horse  Racing, Broncho "Busting," Military Parades and Exercises.  Royai. Irish Guakdk and other  Famous Bands. ��������� '  Gkand Water Carniv.u.���������Parade  of Fraser river fishing fleet, patrol  boats,' H: Si. warships, Indian war  eauoes, etc., etc-  IXDTAX  Sl'ORTS.  AXE STILL FALLING  The Postmaster at Penticton  Ousted, from Office After  20 YEARS OF FAITHFUL SERVICE  Alfred Wade Dismissed on a  Quibble.���������  ^Neither Long, Efficient Service Nor  Petition,  Signed by 115 out of 125,'  ��������� Could Save-Him.'  For all infornintion wvitc W. 11. K15ATIY  iSKCUKTAltV   mid   MAXAfSKU,    Xrw Wisst  mixsti:h, H. O.  lamiaBXaB&BBamEUEa  OLIVER & GLADDEN  :o:-  Civil & Mining Engineers  R. H. ROGERS,  M.A., B.C.L.  SOLICITOR, CONVEYANCER,  NOTA11Y PUBLIC, ETC.  VERNON* K C.'  -'GllLESPft & HflSLflM  R.ErtI_   ESTATE.  . ��������� a.vo��������� ..'.'  miNING   BROKERS  Insurance Agents, Conveyancers,' Etc.  .Vext to Post Office, HKDLKY. B.C.      ,  -:o:-  juiine������ and  REAL   ESTATE  HEDLEY, B.C.  ..ftllalla Meat Market..  FRESH AND CURED MEATS  Wholesale and Retail.  Edw. G. Warren  Eledxical Engineer and  Contractor  GREENWOOD,        -        B. C.  ESTIMATES FURNISHED OX 'ANY ELECTRICAL PHO.IKCT tfOR POWEK OR LlGHT  ALLISON  C. P. RAILWAY TOWN  R. J. WYNNE,  Manager  Tlie Pioneer  and  Repair Shop  HEDLEY,     -      ���������������������������  B.6.  Horse-Shoeing and all kinds  of Blaeksmi thing done.  GEO. ft. SPR0UL&,  Proprietor.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  *?,  9   iu^i  DRY GOODS  FANCY GOODS  BOOTS & SHOES $  Millinery in Latest Styles g  ���������vACIKNTS 1'OH- 3J  MASON ������������ RISCH Pianos.       i|  >   Biitterick Patterns *  HEDLEY,        -        -        B. C   J  %3939:-333333333333333333#������  IS THE FINEST FLOUR MADE.  You can always depend  on it.    Use no other.  : for sale by:  W. T. SttflTFORD & 60.  ileclleu and Fairview  One thing on which Canadians always prided themselves was the absence of the spoils system in connection  with the Canadian civil service, but a  Hide shock was experienced in the  manner in which the axe fell after the  Laurier administration attained power  in 1890, notwithstanding the fact that  post-office appointees who Mere given  their positions during the MacKc.nzie  regime wore left unmolested during  the 18 years of Conservative administration..  This portion of- Yale-Cariboo, however,.-" was splu-cd the more flagrant  violations of decency in this respect,  but it would look as if any Conservative postmasters who have, survived  this far (if theie.be j>ny) may as well  make up their minds to the fact that  they will have to walk the plunk; and  if no decent excuse for their removal  should exist, one can be'manufactured.  It is twcnlv years since Alfred Wade  took charge of the post office at' Penticton as deputy postmaster for'Thos.  Ellis, who received the appointment  under Sir John Macdonald's administration, and since about 1895 he has  been postmaster. During the time he  has managed the office, the highest  efficiency and strictest integrity has  been shown, and post office inspectors  one and all testified to his fitness for  the office.  During the past six months a change  has taken  place  in Penticton  which  made advisable a change, in the location of the post office.   A new. town-  site has been laid out and on it all  the  new business houses that have opened  and areopening up are located,   while  many of, those in the old town are preparing to follow,  and Mr. Wade with  his general store and post office among  them.    In fact there was no option on  ���������his-part, for among the changes when  the old townsite was taken over by the  Southern Okanagan Land Co. was the  purchfise by Stewart & Mathias of tlie  old store and post office building which  they wanted to use as an annex to the  Hotel  Penticton to provide room for  their guests.    On purchasing this they  ordered Mr. Wade to vacate the premises.    Knowing that he-could not do  so without permission, he at once notified his superior officer, the post office  inspector for the district, John Greenfield, to whom he explained the whole  situation.    Mr. Greenfield approved of  the change and recommended  to  the  Department that it be made, but meanwhile a few party heelers,   mostly on  the outside, decided to interfere in the  matter, and at outre  they   gained   flit-  ear of Duncan Ross, M. P.    A petition  circulated among all those who receive  11iit.il at the Penticton   post   office   was i  signed by 115 out of a total of 12").   for  (hi' removal of the  office  and   the  retention   of  Mr. Wade as  postmaster.  This was 110 doubt a difficult thing to  get around,   but as  the  party  heelers  lad Mr. Hnss' ear,   what tlid   he  care  for tilt? wishes of the people concerned':1  When Mr. 'Rossstates that the Department had not been informed, he states  what is not true, for correspondence as  far back as April proves that the   Department were  duly  informed.     But  Mr. Wade had to go and a quibble had  tt> be resorted to in order to obtain an  excuse.     That quibble was  that  the  necessary authority from the   Department had not been obtained when the  officii  was  finally moved.    So far as  the moving was concerned   Mr. Wade  could not  help   himself,   for he  was  forced out by the new owners of the  building,  who compelled him to move  his goods,   and immediately put workmen on the premises.    For two boats  after his goods were removed lit-  held  the post office in the old building wait-  for the Inspector to come, to move the  office, and had  to spread mail sacks  over his desk to protect his books and  papers from being destroyed  by the  dirt and debris made by the workmen  -Whether Mr. Ross had anything1 to do  with holding the Inspector back,' and  thus compelling Mr. Wade ��������� to leave  'the building without this' authority,  Mr. Ross knows best: at all events  there lire many of Mr." Wade's friends  who do believe this, and the indignation which" it" has caused will not  benefit Mr. Ross.  Mark the difference in Mr. Ross' at-  titude to Mr.-Wade find his action in  the House in helping to vote down a  motion to dismiss two other postmaster s who had ,been proven guilty. of  offences that would have put them behind prison bars hut for the fact that  they were Grit partisans and had a  pull at Ottawa.  The office has been located in J.'A.  Schubert's store. The public have no  objection to Mi-. Schubert having the  office, but what they do object to is  having outside party heelers, some of  whom are located over 100 miles' from  Penticton, interfering in matters  that do not concern them, and overriding the wishes of residents who are  concerned.  THE MIDWAY Sc VERNON  WORK STARTED AT MIDWAY ON  McLEAN BROS.' CONTRACT.  Line Goes North of C. P. R.���������No Com-  1 plete Survey Has Yet Been Made.  VISCOUNT WITH GUARDS  Distinguished   Irishman   Will   be at the  Dominion Fair in New Westminster.  The officer who will be in charge of  H. M. Irish' Guards band on their  forthcoming visit to the Dominion fair  at New Westminster will be Lieut.  Viscount de Vesci. The V.iscount de  Vesci descends from the great baronja,!  family of De Vesci, which was in historic eminence in the time of the early  kings, and had summons to parliament I  as Barons de Vesci in 120L The firs,t  baronet was Sir Thomas Vesey, -who  was created a baronet of Ireland, September 28, 1098, but subsequently tak?  ing holy orders was consecrated bishop  of Killalpe .iii 1711... Lieut,, Viscount,  de Vesci is the second son, although  heir presumptive; of Sir John; Robert  William.Vesey, who was lieutenant  colonel of the Coldstream Guards, 'arid  of the Honorable Artillery company.of  London. The Vesey family have, for a  century and.a half occupied important  commands in Britain's army and navy.  Work began last week at Midway  on McLean Bros'.'contract for the Midway and Vernon, which it appears i.-.  being built by the1 New Yorkers independent of either the 'C. P. R, or the  G. N. R., except it is believed there is  a traffic arrangement with' the latter  for an outlet at the Midway end by the  Great Northern system. At all events  the G'.-P. R. is fighting them on light  of way and will not allow them to  either cross their surveyed line or approach too near on either side, and  hence there is expected to be a cat and  dog.'time of it between the C.P.R. and  the M. & V. which will pio'bably give  the Railway Commission something- to  do before both are accommodated with  a route between Midway and Rock  Creek. *  In'this mix-up the V.V. & E, are not  interested as their route is on the south  bank of the river to tlie mouth of  Myers creek and there they leave the  Kettle River valley to ithe two other  contestants to squabble over1 to their  hearts' content. ' '    ,'.'  ���������The crucial point is the narrow'pinch  in at Jackson's ranch, but the difficulty  is not insurmountable and tlie Railway  Commission will doubtless  fhid   room '  for both."    ' ' ���������'-  /  McLean Bros, started in with twelve  teams and are trying to incrh'u&e this  to'100 teams.   *    ���������'> ;���������  NOT   QUITE   RIGHT  But May be   Expedient   to   Hasten the  Railroad..  . Unique Banquet Invitation and Menu.  The Gazette received an  invitation  to the complimentary banquet tendered to Duncan Ross, M.P., at the Imperial Hotel,  Greenwood,   by the citizens  of that town on August 1st.   Although  the event was over before  the invitation   arrived nevertheless  it was appreciated, for it was pleasing  to  be  remembered by Boundary friends, and  the  invitation itself as a   specimen of  the printer's art is well worth keeping.  In it we can detect something of  the  hold initiative and eternal  fitness of  the job to the subject which characterized  the   typographical   work  of our  friend Dr. Mathison,  and will bet dollars to doughnuts that  he   bad a big  hand in the designing and setting up.  The job takes the form  of  a  monster  .shipping tag,  printed on   genuine  tag  nianilla and the eyelet tied with rough  jute twine.    The  address   side  of   the  tag is used for the invitation,   printed  in red, anil the shipping lag idea maintained faithfully throughout.  It reads,  "via the V. V. & K., Competitive Railway, Southern British Columbia," and  below the address is " Compliuicntary  Banquet Tendered Duncan Ross, M.P.,  by the.  Citizens  of the   Boundary at  Imperial    Hotel,    Greenwood,    B, C,  August 1st, 1905."   On the reverse side  is the menu list,  tm which it is shown  that the Imperial hotel is maintaining  its reputation for good fare.  The excessive heat thinned out the  force of.men working on  the railway  between   Oroville and  the boundary'  line.    To make matters worse the absence, of ice   prevents  keeping meat  long enough to season.    Animals were  killed in the nightand fqd to the men  next day when the animal heat was  stiff in.it," with the result that dysentery wa-s'epideriue among them.     Satisfactory progress will not be made  until after the harvest.    Then two  or  three weeks more must be allowed  to  give the harvester time to  blow in his  pile and get sufficiently broke to go to  worlc again.    Under the circumstances  the contractors may .find  it desirable  to have the saloon-keepers double the  price of drinks and import plenty of  tinhorns to aid in the work,    if these  men have to be  skinned  before  they  will go to work again, it will he  more  humane   and   easier on   the  physical  constitutions to do the thing up quick.  We are all very impatient for the railway, and 'Machiavellian   ideas  of expediency will  obtrude  themselves  to  make everything  shape  towards  the  desired end.  C. Ai. Shaw P. L. S., stayed over in  Hedlev on Monday night on his  way  through to Voigt's camp.    Mr.   Shaw  has pretty  fairly recovered   from  his  injuries in the runaway of  last May  but still has a. stiff ankle which may  give him trouble for some time. When  he had recovered sufficiently  to start  over here, he ran   up   against   a subpoena to attend the  Providence mining case, in Nelson, and on   his return  from there had to do some engineering  work for  the    Midway   and   Vernon  Railway, where he   started   the.   McLean Bros, to work on their contract,  by running out and cross-sectioning a  few miles of line   for them  between  Midway and Rock Creek.  The   Sports    Committee   for    Labor  Day report the probability of arranging a good baseball game for an attraction.    Oroville is said to be ambitious,  and Molson, Night hawk,   Luoiuis and  Coneonully think they can play some.  Among them they ought  to get  up a  team to give Medley a game. Remember there aren't any  quitters  or cold  feet among Sunilkanicen   baseballers.  The visitors' credentials   won't   be  inquired after, and any cut of whiskers  will be allowed.    In fact we don't care,  if it   should   be.   Hedley   against   the  United States,  Cuba,   the  Phillipines  and the Great Northern,���������anything at  all so long as it can   put   up   a   good  game.  There is a mistaken idea-abroad that  the open season for duck  and  grouse  begins on August 15th.    It is unlawful to kill these birds any time in  August, the open   season  beginning on.  September 1st.    August,    under    the  Game Act is not a divided  month  for  anything.    September and December  are the only divided  months.    North  of the 55th   parallel   of  latitude   the  open season   for  ducks,    grouse  and  ptarmigan begins on  September I6th;  and for deer,  mountain' goat,  mountain sheep (rain) the season closes December 15th. THE HEDLEY GAZETTE. AUGUST 10, 1905.  iXbc Mey Oazette  ��������� ''and   .'  Similkameen Advertiser.  Issued on Thursdays, by tlio Hkoi.KV GazK'i-i  PltlNTI.VO AND Priil.lSlIIXO CoMl'ANY.  Li.mitf.h,  nt Hedley. B. C.  Subscriptions in Advance  Per Year.   ���������Six Mouths..'   A   MEGRAW,  Managing Editor.  ?2.oo  1.00  The movement set on foot by  J. J. Marks for a wagon road up  Twenty-mile creek brings out an  idea, that the people' of Hedley  will do well  to keep in  view.  When Robt. Wood set out about  eleven years ago to make a town  out of the unpromising lay-out  which then constituted what is  . known as Greenwood,  his plan  was a. system of road-building  which was  designed  to  centre  the trade of the  various camps  at Greenwood. To do this money  Avas required, and so great was  .'his faith  in the future  of the  town that he did not hesitate to  put   his   own  money  into the  building of these roads, and also  that of his friends.    The result  justified the course,  for  before  the  railway came 'Greenwood  had   become a centre for, the  camps on  Boundary creek and  the   mountains adjoining,   and  the lead thus  obtained by the  town became more marked when  the   railway  came.     In  latter  years when it has been demonstrated'that'Greenwood's, high  grade properties' were  going to  play a prominent part-in maintain nig  the  town's  prosperity,  this system of wagon roads built  long before there was any smelter or  railway was found to be  a  godsend,   for  when   the big  properties upon which the town  had learned to depend were shut  down by strikes,and things were  in a'-'ba'd 'way  generally,  shipments of ore began from the  small high'grade veins and kept  hope alive.    It would have been  fatal to many business men in  Greenwood to have been compelled to  depend Wholly  upon  the big low grade concerns, that  could only be operated  by the  railway;    and    neither should  Hedley try to get along by depending   wholly upon  railway  connection and  a   tramway to  certain mines.   There are several   properties   now  that are  known to have ore of sufficiently  high grade to be drawn by wagon  to    Hedley,  and    doubtless  others will be found as further  development proceeds.    Now is  the time to make a vigorous effort for wagon roads to all  the  best known camps in the adjoining hills.     A trunk road up the  Twenty-mile to the Golden Zone  will   make   a  very good  commencement.  other in contributingtoits funds,  while the private donations each  year for its maintenance are  very large. .Under these circumstances one would think that the  member for South York chose  wisely a. use to which his extra  thousand dollars indemnity may  be put when his love of consistency forbade him accepting it  for himself. But the reverend  scribe who edits the Toronto  Globe .made it the, subject for  acrimonious comment and uncharitable sneers. Billy McLean  whose hatred of humbug is too  often mistaken for lack of reverence, has more genuine charity  and love for fellow-man in his  heart than a hundred vinegar-  faced puritanical apologists for  party vice, like Rev. McDonald.  It was good old John Milton  who said in his day that " new  presbyter is. but'old-priest' writ  large," and the present editor of  the Globe would justify it for  the present day.  IRRIGATION WORKS  SEALED TENDERS will ho received until  noon of Tuesday, the 13th day of August,  1905, for the construction of flaming etc., excavation for and laying of irrigation pipes,^'himI  excavation of north main ditch from Penticton  Creek. The miming, including small distributing' flumes and main Hume (18 in. x 40 in.) will  contain'about 158.(100 feet 1$. M. Main ditch  (18 in. x Wl in.) about one and one half miles  about (1.000 cubic yds.: probably about two and  one half miles additional will be done upon  completion of this portion, distribution ditches  about 3,000 cubic yds. Material for flumes will  be furnished by the Company at the mill, Penticton, at a stated price. Plans,- specifications  and form of contract can be scon at the Company's ollice in Penticton on and after 'August  3rd, HMIS. Tenders will he received separately  for flinning and ditch excavation. ,  Thc'right is hereby reserved to reject any or  all tenders, and the further right to accept any  tender that in the opinion of Itho Managing  Director may be for tlie best interest of the  Company. ���������  Tin.; Snu'riiKitx Okanauan Laxi>  Company, IjImitkij.  Penticton, U.O., July '25111, UKIS. "   , 20-2  NOTICE.  ��������� ������������������������������������/a--".--- .'-���������:''::������^WK^diF:;v-v'" ^-:;;:,V':  BRITISH NORTH AMERICA  Capital���������$4,866,666.  HEAD OKFIOE IN CANADA,  If. STIKEMAN. General Manager  Reserve- $2,043,997.  .MONTREAL  .1. ELMSLY, Supt. (>f Branches  BANKING. BY MAIL -Accounts  snecial attention. Deposits can be made 'through the mail, and sums added  thereto and withdrawn'at any time. . A General Banking Business Trans-  ' acted.   Drafts issued, payable at all points in Canada and abroad.  of parties  living at a  distance  receive our  1 be 111  Hedley Branch,  L.Q. TlachAFFlE. Acting Manager  Cawston 0 Edmond  to'  j  0  Sc  PURVEYORS  OF  ALL KINDS  OF  Fresh Meats  Fisn  2  0  .���������������  4  Certificate of Improvements.'  STAR OF HOPE "and "ECLIPSE" Mineral  Claims, situate in the Ososoos Mining Division of YaleDistrict. Where located : Y1111-  oiimn Camp, 1(5 Mile Creek.  TAKE NOTICE tliat I. C. deli. Green, as  .. agent for F. Riehtor, F.M.C. No. B78888. for  L. M. LyotCF. M. C. No. B78S57, and for James  McDougall, K.M.CNa H788H0. intend, sixty  days from date hereof, to apply to the Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of. Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining. Crown Grants of tlie  above claims. *  And further bike notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 20th day of June, A.D. 1SK)5.  25-i) "'".������������������       C. deli. GREEN, Agent.  NOTICE.  Certificate of Improvements.  AND  Fruit  F  Cut Rates on Orders by both Penticton  and Overland Stages.  Inquire for Latest Fruit Arrivals.  THE "GLENWOOD" FRACTIONAL Mineral  Claim, situated in the Osoyoos Mining  Division of Yale District. Wligro located:  Camp Hedley.  TAKE NOTICE that. I. Chns. de lilois Green.  ���������*��������� as agent for M. K. Kodgers, Free Miner's  Certificate No. B70O34. intend, sixty days from  date hereof, to apply to the Alining Recorder  for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above  claim.  AND FURTHER, take notice that action,  under section 37, must be commenced before the  issuance of sueh Certilicate of ..Improvements.  Dated this ������th day of June, A.D. 1905.  24-������ C. deB. GREEN.  NOTICE.  J. fl.SGHUBERT  Wholesale and Retail  General     Merchant  Groceries  Dry Goods  Gents' Furnishings  Boots and Shoes  Etc., Etc.  Hardware  Flour and Feed  Sash and Doors  Lumber and Shingles  Etc., Etc.  HEDLEY and  PENTICTON.  ii  HEDLEY,  B. C.  NOTICE.  N  OTICE is hereby given that 30 days after  date, I intend making application to tlie  Chief Commissioner of Lands & Works for permission to gazette a Public Road from my Preemption, " Kecord No. 4020." cast side of Okanagan Lake about (i miles north of Penticton. to  connect with the Kolowna trail, and about one  mile, more'or less, south-west, for joining this  trail.  JOHN ROBINSON.  Penticton, B.C.. August 7th. 1905. 30-5  To W:  F.  McLean,  of South  York, belongs tlie distinction of  being- the only man on either  side of the House to oppose the  salary grab.    After opposing it  in  the   House lie left  Ottawa  without claiming- the additional  $1000 indemnity, and on his return to  Toronto it was sent to  him by the  accountant  of  the  House of Commons.   On receipt  of the  cheque  Mr. McLean  indorsed it in favor of .John   Ross  Robertson  and   handed it over  to that gentleman to be used as  a     contribution     towards    the  funds of tiie sick children's hospital    in   Toronto,   which    was  originally founded, and endowed  by  Mr. Robertson as a   Masonic  charity for the children of needy  masons, hut when complete, its  foimdor   was not. content to circumscribe its usefulness by confining it in this way and  threw  open its doors to tlie sick  children of all colors, creeds and circumstances,   the needy who are  unable to  pay   receiving   treatment free and tlie  children   of  the rich being; cared   for  in   its  wards at the   expense   of   their  parents.      For  years  this  sick  children's    hospital    has    been  Ontario's   darling  charity,   and  thousai 1 ds of chi Idren who won Id  otherwise have been cripples all  their lives���������a burden  to  themselves and   their   parents���������are  to-day   well and  earning  their  own livelihood.   80 popular has  it become, and so thoroughly is  its good work  recognized,   that  Masonic lodges and societies of  various kinds, Sunday schools,  public schools &c, vie with each  NOTICE.  Certificate of Improvements:  THE "CLIMAX" and "I X L'. mineral claims,  situate in the Osoyoos Mining Division  of Yale District. Where located: Camp  Hedley.  TAKE NOTICE that I. Chas. de Ulois Green,  as agent for the Yale Mining Company,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B70033, intend,  sixty days from date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown  Grants of the above claims.  AND FURTHER take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the  issuance of sueh Certilicate of Improvements.  Dated this (ith day of .Mine. A.D. 1!)05.  21-0 C. deB. GREEN.  When in Keremeos  STOP AT  The Central Hotel  TWEDDLE <&, REITH, Proprietors.  Good Accommodation and Strict Attention to the  Wants of the Public.    Livery Barn in Connection*  NOTICE.  f  Certificate of Improvements.  "BULLION," "EVENING STAR," "PRIDE"  and "GOLD HILL" Mineral Claims, situate  in the Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale District. Where located: In Camp Hedley.  *TWKE NOTICE that I. F..W. Groves, acting  * as agent for John Greonhill, free miners  certilicate No. B79058, L. O. Hedlund, free miner's certilicate No. B79004, and J. A. Schubert,  free miner's certificate No. B71I209, intend, sixty  days from date hereof, to apply to the Mining  Recorder for a Certilicate ot Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining Crown grants of the  above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37. must be commenced before the issuance of sueh Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this fitli day of July. A.I). 15)05.  25-9 E. W. GROVES.  SIXTY days afterdate, I intend applying to  the Chief Commissioner of Lands X Works  for permission to purchase 320 acres of mountain  land situate in Osoyoos Division of Yale District, described as follows: Commencing at a  post on Chute Creek, about 8 miles east of Ok-  amigan Lake; thence north 80 chains; thence  cost 10 chains; thence' south SO chains; thence  west 10 chains to point of commencement.  Purpose for which required:  reservoir site.  . L. AV. SHATFORD,  per L. W.Fr.vLAv.  Penticton; B.C., June Stli. lOOf.. 23-0  NOTICE.  NOTICE.  Certificate of Improvements.  "MARTIN." "MAPLE LEAK." "DAISY."  "PINE KNOT" AND "MINNEHAHA"  Miuei-iil Claims: situate in tin; Osoyoos  Alining Division of Yale District. Whore  located :   In Cunip Medley.  ���������"TAKE NOTICE that 1. II. S. Cnvlcy. acting  *��������� as agent for J no. Gladden. F. M. C. No.  H7007I. Edw. A. C. Stiulil. E. M. C. No. B7il01(i.  and Clms. E. Oliver. F.M.C. No. H71MI72. intend,  sixty diiys from the date hereof. 1.0 apply to the  Mining Recorder for a Certilicate of Improvements, for the purpose ()f obtaining Crown  Grants of the above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  Section 37. must he commenced before the issuance of such Certilicate of Improvements.  Dated this2<ilh day of July. A. D. Kill;'..  AS-!! II. S. CAYLEY.  SIXTY days afterdate, I intend applying to  the Chief Commissioner of Lands i!c Works  for permission to purchase 320acres of mountain  land situate in Osoyoos Division of Yale District, described as follows: Commencing at a  post on South Fork of Penticton Creek about.  15 miles east of Okanagan Lake; thence north  ���������10 chains; thence cast SO chains; thence, south  10 chains: thence west #0 chains to point of  commencement. Purpose for which required :  reservoir site.  R. Ii. WHITE.  per L. W. Ei.ni.av.  Penticton. B.C., June 10th. 1005. 23-0  PATRONIZE YOUR   HOME   MILLS  Ask  your  grocer  for  offet's  and help us to help  British Columbia  by employing more men in our mills.  THE COLUMBIA FLOURING MILLS CO., Ltd.  ENDERBY  AND  VERNON, B. C.  NOTICE.  sMmamasaammmM&mmipm?xKrn!GT>���������vt*x*>tfK  SIXTY days afterdate. I intend applying to  tlie Chief Commissioner of Lands*: Work  Cor permission to purchase 210 acres of mountain land situate in  Osoyoos  Division of Yale  District, described as follows:   Commencing at.  a post near lower end of upper marsh on north  fork of Ellis Creek and about  10 miles east  of I  Penticton: thence north (!0chains:   thence east. 1  !0 chains; thence south (10 chains; thence west.  ���������10 chains to point of commencement.     Purpose  for which required: reservoir site.  W. T. SIIATI'OHD.  per l'-. II. Lati.mkk.  Dated June 2nd. ISKl.V 23-0    '  NOTICE.  NOTICE.  SIXTY days after dale  the. Chief Con'imissioi  intend to apply to  ner of Land.- ii Works  for perwN-siosi to purchnse32llncresof mountain  land, situated in .Similkameen Division of Yule  District: commencing at a post marked " Yeoman C. ICitlcy. south-east corner"; thence running SO chains north: thence 10 chains cast;  thence SO chains south: thence ID chains west,  to point of commencement.  Dated July 111. V.m.  2S-0 Y. C. KITLEY.  CMXTY days afterdate.   I intend applying to |  vJ   the Chief Commissioner of IjU.iii|k& Works  for permission to purchase 210 acres of mountain land sil Hate in  Osoyoos  Division of  Yale  District, described as follows:   Cniiimcucingab  11 post 011 west   bank of Creek  (one mile north ;  of t 'amp ('reek) about 7 miles cast of Okanagan  Lake:  thence north 00 chains:   thence east   !l) I  chains;  thence south liO chain:",   thence west-10  chains to  point, of commencement.     Purpose  for which required : reservoir site.  B. A. SHATFOIiD.  per 1*\ II. Latin 1:1:.  Dated Ju.no 17th, ii:0.'.. 23-!)  NOTICE.  NOTICE.  QIXTY DAYS after  ' ������   the Chief CommiS'  J.  K.   ERASER,  of the   Commercial   Hotel.  Medley,  intends to apply to the  Licence  Commissioners for the Nicola District for  permission to transfer his hotel licence to H. W.  Yates.  Dated Hedley, July 17th, 100'..  27-J J. K. ERASER.  late, I inlend to apply to  :ionerof Lands & Works  I for permission to purchaseKiOacresof mountain  i land, situated in Yale District and Yale Division; Commencing ntn post marked P. R.. N.  \V. corner, one mile east from Lot );">2; running  ���������It) chains east, II) chains south, 40 chains west,  und 10 chains north, to poiutof commencement.  This hind is bounded on the south by the T11I11-  ineeii  river.  PEItLEY I5USSELL.  Dated 14th June. 1005. 2V.I THE HEDLEY GAZETTE, AUGUST 10, 1905.  Town and District.  M. K. Rpdgers returned on Thursday last from a trip to Ashcroft.  E. A. C. Stndd left last week for a  month's visit to the Const.  W. A. McLean was under the weather for a day or two during the hot  spell.'  Jacky Tyrell is driving the Penticton stage.  F. M. Gillespie, postmaster, went to  Penticton last week, returning on Saturday evening's stage.  Swimming in the Siinilkanieen is a  favorite afternoon diversion during  the hot spell.  A waterspout east of Oroville  was  .responsible for three hours delay to  the Flyer on one of its trips last week.  L. W. Shatford, M. P. P., left early  yestercUiv a morning for Fairview and  Penticton. It is a good long trip in the  <lust and heat after his recent illness.  Mr. Crawford, auditor for the Daly  'Reduction'Co., who has completed his  labors in Hedley for this season, left  for New York on  Monday morning.  W. R. Hocking and family art; leaving on Friday morning for Vancouver,  where Mr. Hocking expects to go into  business.  Oroville boasts a new private hospi-  < tal, which is established  by Dr. F. N.  Freer, who has had charge of the railway hospital.  Mr. and Mrs. .Henie'ry, of Seattle,  came in on Saturday. Mr. Hemery is  working as assistant to J. R. C. Cootes,  electrician. Mrs. Hemery is a sister  of E. R. Kelzer, draughtsman.  John Cosgrove - captured an aristocrat at Similkameen City. It was a  big-bug at all events, measuring about  ���������an inch and a half in length and built  accordingly. i" '     ,  Mr. and Mrs. Bradshaw of Fifteen  mile have the Gazette's thanks for  some fine heads of cauliflower. The  land that can produce vegetables of  this quality is certainly all right.  A couple of men are at work on  Scott Avenue clearing off the rocks  -and levelling up, and on the portion  .already done a wonderful transformation has been effected.  ' Work is progressing rapidly on the  buildings in course of erection. Frns-  er's hall is coming on in good shape and  Mr. Shatford's residence is assuming  . good proportions.  Vol. 1 No. 1 of the Midway Star has  <;oine to hand. W. Laughton is inan-  ���������ager, and the paper is a creditable  publication that is needed in Midway  ���������and throughout the district.  The rifle shooting contest for Labor  Day has stimulated the interest in rifle  shooting, and considerable ammunition will be fired away between now  ..and September 4th..  Campbell & Shier moved into their  new building last week. Delay in getting lumber prevented them getting  the front in, and they have had the  pleasure during the hot spell of "sort  of camping out, as it were."  Miss Johnson who,taught the Nickel  Plate school last term has written to  inform the trustees that she is not  coming back after the holidays. Miss  Dalby who taught at Princeton is also  going to "yuinp" her "yob."  Mrs. Frank Bragg and family, of  Seattle, came in last week. Mr. Bragg  drove out to Penticton to meet them,  .and they have moved into the new  house which he has lately erected on  the eastern addition.  Permission lias been granted the V.  V. & 15. to cross the line between Mid-  wiy and the Siinilkanieen, evidence  being presented to the Cabinet that  there were physical difficulties which  demanded it. The. despatch from Ottawa, concerning it is somewhat vague,  but it is known locally that the crossing is at the head of Baker creek, and  that the line will not again re-cross  until the Siinilka.iueen is reached.  W. A. McLean has received instructions to get out the poles for telephone  exchange in Hedley.  Miss Vella Hamilton, ��������� of lowalta,  Altn., came in on Thursday and is  visiting her sister Mrs. Chas. Joyner  at the ore bins.  They have swift builders in Oroville.  The hospital was started on Monday  morning and completed on 'Wednesday night.  Any quantity of clean, folded newspapers, suitable for wrapping paper  or for putting under carpets, may be  bad cheap at the Gazette  office.  The Hedley Lumber Co. are finding  it difficult to keep their sawing gang  fully manned with capable workmen,  and are constantly on the lookout for  good mill hands.  Geo: Stenple, a young man aged 22  years, was drowned in the Okanagan  river at Oroville last week. 'He was  .swimming his horse across the river  at the time.  Jos. Hislop, P. L. S., went down the  valley last week to do some work for  the V. V. & E. in the lowei; Similkameen in tying in their line with the  various holdings ��������� that they pass  through.  Messrs L, G. MacHaffie. and Carl  Hairsine rode over to Fairview* on  Saturday. Mr. Hairsine remained in  Fairview and Mr, A. D. Hardie accompanied Mr. MacHaffie back on Sunday.  Mr. Irwin made the trip on the Sunday previous.  Washee man Lely says "boom come  now sure; some son of a gun white  man, all one night, steal eight of my  shirt." This Chink is a bit of a statesman in his way, and sees, dire consequences to the. United States in the  Chinese boycot. "China. no buy,  Melika go bloke."  A shooting gallery, with the firing  point in a tent east of the Grand Union  and the target a short distance up the  creek, started up business on Saturday  evening. Where constant care is exercised and the shooters can manage  to keep the target there would be no  danger, But otherwise.people using the  short trail over the foot bridge are in  danger of getting winged.  The petition circulated by .1. .1.  Marks for a Wagon road up Twenty  Mile Creek to the Golden Zone, group  met with general approval in  Hedley,  The waterworks mains are heing ex-1  tended along 1st street to Kingston |  Avenue this  week. ��������� , I  The ladies of the Methodist church j  will give a Wwn  social  at Mrs.   S.   L. ;  Smith's, on Wednesday evening, Aug.  10th, to which a    are invited.  The Nicola Herald tells of a visit of  inspection of mining properties made  by Harry Rodgers of Ashcroft  in  the  .Aspen Grove country, and  the favorable opinion which he. formed.  It is difficult for n fat man to look  comfortable on a very hot day under  any circumstances, but when he is got  up with an extra long back and sawetl-  off legs, his progress along the sidewalk seems distressful in the extreme.  $1,000 - Prize Money - $1,000  and received 80 signatures in about a  couple of hours. Mr. Marks says that  the road can be built at a moderate  cost and on a maximum grade of five  percent and the advantages to the  town from such a public work are incalculable.  J.' N. Paton who has been doing development work on his claims up on  Twenty mile was in town last. week.  Mr. Paton has received word from his  partners in Greenwood that the Duncan mineral claim on AVallace mountain, West Fork of Kettle River is  showing up particularly well. They  are taking $400 ore from the new  strike on the Duncan.  ��������� After ii careful, painstaking analysis  ofthe many reports of railway building races out of Midway, no acute  symptom of racy tendency on the part  of the C. P. R. have been discovered.  If the germs of the disease exist in the  C. P. R.'s system, it must be in a latent -form���������probably about 15 years  (late)nt at least. Nevertheless there  is some evidence that it is in the '.'ultimately"'stage. William White says  they will build ultimately.     ���������  Finley Froser'a frog has taken offence  at the invasion of its puddle by the  band of hogs that have been roving  around the town all summer, and ��������� has  has gone on strike. There have' been  no evening recitals for the past week  in consequence. This batrachian  hasn't any exclusive ideas on the color  question, but socially it draws the line  at hogs. By the by, the fame of this  animal has now gone very much abroad  It bobbed up in the Ottawa Citizen  the other day.  Tlie hot spells as a rule are not to  the liking of the. butchers, but Caws-  ton tc Eduiond's shop is equipped in a  manner to minimize the evil effect of  heat and flies. A well equipped refrigerator in which an air chamber is  provided between the. roof of the cold  storage chamber and the corrugated  iron above, upon which the ice is laid,  gives complete circulation and keeps  the meat cold and dry. In the outer  shop are two electric fans that keep  the air in motion and ward off the flies  thus keeping the place sweet smelling.  LABOR DAY  Celebration  ��������� * * f  o  Hedley, B. O.  4th Sept., 05  Horse Races  Rock Drilling Contest  Rifle   Shooting  Base Ball Match  Athletic   Sports  Promenade  Concert  and  in Fraser's Hall.  Dance  lein  ���������������������������/-.''.''���������'.    *>        ... i  Bankof Gominrioroe  CAPITAL���������$8,700,000. .- -  Total Resources (Nov. 30, '04)-  ��������� REST���������$3,500,000.  -$91,000,000.  Penticton Branch  A Branch of the Dank is now  open at Penticton, B. C.  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT���������Interest allowed on deposits of ������1.00and upwards.  Princeton Branch  A Branch of this Bank is now-  open at Princeton, B. C.  BANKING   BY  MAIL.  Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mail.   Special attention given to this  class of business.   ::   Drafts and. Money Orders issued on all points.  A General Banking Business Transacted.  J. M. CHRISTIE  AVanager  ������OQOO00QO6O0O0QeOSO6OO0OCO5OS00CO0OSOS0Q0OSCeOC0OSC^  8  A contingent of commercial travellers did the town this week. Among  them were Fred Iticharilson representing the Ames IIolden Co., R. P. Wol-  laston for Turner l>enton Co., 11. H.  ���������I'elTries for Prither <S: lifiser. Walter  K. Adams, for E.G. Prior <.lc Co., T.  Hall, for Columbia Flouring Mills Co.,  H. Erli, for 11, P. b'ithet A: Co., and  C. ('. Brown, representing Wood, V.-iI-  lanee & Leggat, of Vancouver.  \V. C. Bute, road supervisor came  back on .Sunday night from the western portion of the riding whither he  hat! gone with Mr. Gamble on an inspection tour of the roads. Mr. Gamble wentoutby way of Npeutv's Bridge  Work will soon begin on the bridges  ���������at Hedley and none too soon for the  covering is getting to be in rather bad  shape especially on the one between  the post office and Scott  Avenue.  I  K  big-  stock  of "Crown"  k  1  selling them  as  We have  a  Fruit Jars,  and are  follows, delivered to any part of the  Valley:  Half gallons $2.50 per  One quarts $i-75  doz.  7Zf H  II  I  &  GRAND PYROTECHNIC DISPLAY OF  FIREWORKS  Prize lists and other particulars to be published later.  The  NEW  ZEALAND  HOTEL  Everything   New and  First-Class.  s  ���������  o  JOHN JACKSON  Proprietor.  Bar supplied with the  Choicest Liquors and  Cigars, and Special  Attention paid to the  Table.  rown Jars are .the Best*  T.  Shatford & Co.  General flerchants,   Hedley.  I  i  1  fes*gw������8������SKi������aso������si?;������������������0  t#e maV erigfnal Sesi^ns.^Ziiic (Sictv  iwfj5,"rt(afl0iies dp. Bnc bp Capper*^  ���������>ur work 13 giriclly firsklaas-Af  ������kr prices areleceer forifie seme-  guriVily of ������ark tfinn e^seatocre 'fi >P v?  3oril take aurcDBn) far it &><?8enh us a  trial Brclcrv?'}*' (The pontes prove it  CO^.    JfcxonMA.,]J.O THE HEDLEY GAZETTE, AUGUST 10, 1905.  PROPJERTY IN HEDLEY  Is  A  Good,  Safe   Investment  Hedley  Make  is the supply point for the Niekel Plato mountain, on which is situated,the famous "Nickel  Plate"���������the richest gold mine, in Canada���������and many other  promising mines and prospects, it is the mining and business  centre of tlie  Similkameen  the. new mining district which has already been proven, by a  small amount of .'development Avork, to be one of the richest  gold, copper and eoal mining sections oi' ������  British Columbia.  .HEDLEY is the chief town on the route of the proposed  Coast-Kootenay Railway.;- and'with the advent of this road,  which is assured in the near .'.future,' it Avill unquestionably  become a large, and important city)''and town lots Avill bring-  big returns on money invested at the present time.  ...PRICE OF LOTS...  Scott Ave. (main st.)    $400 to $600  Other Streets    $200 to $400.  OTEL  EDLEY  ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� *  _���������������������������* I dv**ld������������������������  1-3 Cash; balance in 3 and  6 months, with interest at  the rate of 6 per cent.  Those  Purchase a lew Lets  Invest Now.  the Railway ���������������ines:  The  Leading  House  For  Commercial  fieri.   :   :   :  Best Only Provided for Table  and. Bar.  W. J. Henderson, Ppod-  For F"uIT Particulars., Maps Eto.,  ���������'"; --'        ���������     ;     '���������-',,        /-  -      ' ��������� PkPIPI^Y   TO ���������  L. W. SHATFORD,  Secretary and flanager,  y  HEDLEY,  SIMILKAMEEN  Livery, Feed and Sale Stable  Single and Double "Saddle  and   Pack  Drivers. Horses.  Wood for Sale.  HOPKINS <& McINNES, Proprietors, Hedley, B. C.  SCommercial Hotel  HEDLEY, B. C.  Hotel Keremeos  GEO. KIRBY, manager.  Hedley  Livery,   Feed  Sale. Stable  HEDLEY,  B.C.  First Class  in  Every  Respect'.      Commercial  and  Mining  Headquarters of the Keremeos and Lower Similkameen Valleys.    Post House on Penticton-  Pririceton   Stage  Line.  KEREMEOS,  B.C.  ��������� Strictly First Class Service.  Special Attention given to  the. Travelling Public.  Teaming of all kinds done.  Horses,Bought and Sold.  W. F. REVELY,  Proprietor.  This hotel under new ��������� management has been  re-modelled, and has ample accommodation for  a large number of people. The table is supplied  with the best in the market. The bar contains  the popular -brands of liquors and cigars.  HERRING & WINKLER, Props.  Choice   Liquors and   Cigars  always in stock.  Good Table and Comfortable  Rooms.  .  CZetr&fvtl attention to wants of travelling  jDulblic emd regular boarders.  The GRAND UNION is the nearest to the works of! the Daly  Reduction Co., which makes it especially suited for regular boarders.  All white help. l ���������  HAVE  YOU  TRIED  LOVES-  PERUVIAN  TONIC?  JOHN LOVE,  Druggist* ������>  Stationer,  HEDLEY & FAIRVIEW  NOTICE.  ESTABLISHED  1903   r  Fine New   Covered  Stage  Carrying  Royal Mail  Passengers and Express to  Proprietors���������FAIRVIEW    AND     PENTICTON  STAGE   LINE.  -:0:  Special Rigs for Travellers, and  Every Attention Paid to Wants  of the Public.    :        :        :        :  -:0:  W. E. WELBY, Proprietor.  Good Horses and Rigs and Careful Drivers.  "M" OTIC 10 is hereby given that, sixty daysafter  ���������^ ttiitc, \vc intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and "Works for permission to  purchase Hi6 following described hinds, situate  near 15-Milc creek: Commencing at a post  planted on the easterly margin of Lot Xo. 1.071,  Group I, for the Osoyoos Division of .Yale District. '20 chains south of the north-east angle of  said Lot Xo. 1071, and marked "John McLean's  and Nigel li. K wart's X. W. corner", theneo east  -10 chains; thence south 80 chains: theneo west  ���������10 chains; thence north SO chains to tlie place of  beginning, containing 321) acres, be the same  more or less.  Hedley, IU'., Jiil.vl.ifch, 100,5.  JOTTX jVIcLKAX  2S-!) XIGKL 1$. KWAHT  Teams furnished to do freighting, transferring and  general teaming, and good saddle  horses always on .hand.  NOTICE.  OIXT V DAYS after date, I intend to apply to  *-* the Chief Commissioner of Lands & Works  for permission, to purclm.se so acres of mountain hind, situated in Yale District and Yalo  Division. Commencing at u post marked V. It.,  N. 10. corner; thence running north 10 chains,  west 20 chains, south 40 chains, and cast '20  chains to point of commencement. This land  lies north of and joining Lot tfll.  YllVA) ItUSSKLL  Pkklky Russell, Agent.  Dated Mth June, 1905. 23-9


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