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The Hedley Gazette Aug 6, 1908

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 >*������  AND SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER  Vol. IV.   .   No   30.  HEDLEY, B, C, THUKSDAY,   AUG  <i, 1908.  $2.00, in Advance.  Dr. C. A. JACKSON  DENTIST  [l^years' practice in Vancouver.]  S. O. Ij. Co.'s Block  PENTICTON,      -      -      B.C.  W. H. T. GAHAN  Barrister,   Solicitor,  , Notary Public, Etc.  Muiti. Block **  PENTICTON, ,    -      -      B. C.  NICKEL PLATE  ���������MOUNTAIN  Observations j on the Geology  , '    and. Ore Deposits of  Camp Hedley  BY CIIAHLES 'CAMSELL* OTTAWA  WELL DESERVED TRIBUTE  'What Similkameen Star Says of the Lib-  eral-Consen'ative Candidate in  Yale-Cariboo  J. W. EDMONDS  Insurance and  '  General Agent  Agent for The Cheat "West Like Insurance G'OMIWXV.  PENTICTON,  B. C.  /^Ar^'vrA^^A^r^Ar^^-'Ur'A*/-?  E  Published by the Journal of the Canadian  Mining  Institute,  .by  Permission, of  ���������Director of Geological Survey Dept.  ���������Presented at January Meeting in  Nelson,  B. C.  (Continued from last week.)  lA/atc in mei I<_.<=m-  HESDLEY, B.C.  Clocks and Watches for Sale. s --  K, H. KOGERS, *  M.A.,"R.C.L.      '  liARKLSTER, SOLICITOR.  NOTARY PUBLIC, ETC.  Vernon, B.' C.  A. MEGRAW  NOTARY" PUBLIC  Conveyancer,^ Real Estate.  Mines,  Crown    Grants.   Applied   For  Under  Land  Act  anel  "Mineral Act.  Agent for:  Loudon & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.-  Office   at   HEDLEY,   B.  C.  HOTEL' PENTICTON  Headquarters Tor Tourist Travel.  Races Moderate.  A. "Barnes, Prop.        Penticton-, "B.C.  Figure 2 is the actual section exposed  on the side oA'erlejoking the river.g It  ���������shoAvs the batholythic character of the  granite body, and its* relation to the  sediments and the interbodded ar.dcsite  (knvs as well as to some of the later  dike's. The section sIioavs unmistakably thnt f he andesites Avere injected  and the sediments tilted before the  granite came up. Also in its irruption  the granite niiigma Avould appeal- to  have absorbed Or assimilated the overlying seelimenls Avithout the latter  having undergone any disturbance or  dislocation as a result of that irruption.  The granite-monzonite contact is  Avell shoAvn on the Metropolitan claim,  anel leave's no doubt of the relation between the two rocks. Granite boulders  shoAviug inclusions of monzonite are  commonly found in the bed of Twenty-  mile Creek.  As a last phase of the granite irruption some aplite anel quartz porphyry  dikes have; been jm'e.n off..  Neither tlie granite;, nor the quant-  porphyry dikes are thought to have  been in any Avay instrumental in introducing any , gold values. A quartz  porphyry dike is associated Avith the  ore body in the; Nickel Plate mine, and  in such a wary that for some time it  was thought to have some bearing <on  the \-alues, but it appears almost certain that its connection Avith the ore  body is accidental and it merely-serves  as a boundary te) one of its sides.  Following the granite irruption, Mi it  NoWig-rowinK- in our Nnr.seriew for  the Kail trade:���������  WMXW I'KH'.li. Apricot. Nectarine*. Cherry. IMiim. I'rune, I'ear and Apple  ��������� iu all loading' varieties.  KK.'.IIOO  Small    Krnits.  10,0'K) Ornamental Trees,  in all loading  varieties for B.C.  Bti'ietl.v liosne uruwu and not subject tei  iliijnntfejt'i'um I'lliniyiiLion.  Slock of Bulbs lo arrive in August from  .Iapa.ii, I'Viuico and Holland.  Bee Supplies. .Spray Pumps, Heeds, Etc.  HO-jHiKo CATALOG L'K Kit HE.  Office, Greenhouses and Seedliouse:  3010 Westminster Road,  H O  T  Under NewNanagement  Q i: i k t a M) Convenient  Special Attention Given  T() Till'. TUAVKI.LINI'' Puiu.io   Rates "Moderate. ....  VANDER J. ROSE  Proprietor  Avith nothing to mark the period.of  their injection more specifically,, are a  great mini o'er of dikes of dilferent compositions- These are rhyolites, lampro-  phyres, soft greenish dikes anel many  highly'mineralized black dikes. Some  of these haAre a fairly avcII eh-Jiired  north and south trend: Avhile the black  dikes, which are probably the liuost  important of all the dikes in the caj.up,  strike in various directions and appear  to radiate from a common centre.'.  Golel is the only metal at present being extracted from the eires  of Camp  Heel ley,   and the. Nickel Plate and the;  Sunnyside. are the only tAVO producing  claims.   Deductions on the history and  mode  of occurrence  of the ores   a no-:  drawn  largely from a .study of the ele-- |  po.-its   being   worked   on   these    two  claims,    though    many    others    Avere  personally examined.     The conditions  under which gold occurs are fairly uniform   throughout  the  camp,   so  that  Avith  perhaps   a  few  exceptions,   the  case of a typical occurrence of a preiven  enr. body will be found to   be  repeated  in other parts of the camp.     Tlie variations   in   the   character   of  the   ore  bodies are often due only to the relative  proportions in which the different sulphides   are found.      Arsenopyrite   is  common to them all, but in some case's  chalcopyrite will be the dominant sulphide, and in others pyrrhotite.    The  case's, hoAvever, in Avhich arsenopyrite  is   the   principal   sulphide   are   those  which have proved to be the richest in  golel   values.  The ore eleposits are thought tp be  primarily of contact metamorphic origin, and contact metamorphic deposits  properly so called are deposits formed  on the contact eif an igneous with a  sedimentary rock and as a result of  the igneous intrusion. Later enrichment has however evidently taken  place iu the case of the Nickel Plato  and tin; Sunnyside ore bodies so as to  greatly increase the gold content in  certain places,   but  The Similkameen Star in referring  to tho visit of Mr. Burrill to Piinceton,  has the folloAving:'  "Martin Burrell, the Liberal Oonser-  A-ative candidate for Yale-Cariboo, was  in toAvn Monday, leaving on  Tuesday  for Hedlej' and  the Boundary.     His  visit is of a socio-politico nature, hard  campaigning anel speechmaking coming later Avith the accumulated force  of oratorical argument and persuasion  for which he is noted.    To knoAv and  nieet'Mr. Burrell is a pleasure, differing  as- he; eloes from  the ordinary candidate, Avho affects Lo know it all  and a  little more. -He fully  expects  te>   win  Yalo-t'ariboo in the  contest  Avhich  is  now  assuredly   chawing   nigh.    Tavo  tilings  are  certain, ��������� ij_r.    Burrell  has  gained in his popularity and he has not  alienated  a"single  supporter   during  the past four years.     As  iioav,   Yale-  Cariboc-election in 100-1   Avas deferied  until after the Dominion general elections.    In common  Avith all political  students anel candid  A'oters Mr.  Burrell realizes  that an   honest' and fair  expression of the tiallot cannot be obtained, in a deiferred election.    Almo.it  needless to say, he Avill, if elected   im-'  mediately  Avipo   off   the statute   giA--  ing Yale-Cariboo    the'   privilege     of  holding       its     election     two    Aveeks  after the others are held.    There is no  reasonable- justification for postponement and   Mr. Burrell  commends the  action of Smith Curtis   in   K7oot������naA\  Avlm has eliscatded.  the  deterred custom  there-ami' placed  his "opponent,  Mr. Goodeve, on  equa-1  and  fair running chances.    The Conservative  candidate for Yale-Cariboo  is a  man  of  unimpeachable character, his personal  rectitude being an asset-Avhich. is coming more and . more into de_maud by  the free, independent and in.telligen.  electorate- throughout    Canada,   and  the Avorld."  IT IS NO  r  The    Golden    Zone    Proves  Worthy of Its Appellation '  MODEST BEGINNING OF BIG CONCERN  The   Five   Stamp Mill   Now   Working  Steadily���������Much Wok   Done During-  Past Year   Under   Serious 'pifficul-  ���������ties���������Twenty-mile Wagon Road Has  Already Justified Its Construction  A YOUTHFUL HERO  Willie   Nesbitt,    of Penticton   Deserves'  Humane Society's Medal  If the Humane Society which rocog-  uizes deeds of valor in the saving of  life, wants to find a. worthy subject  upon whom to to bcsttVw fitting recognition, they .Avill not likely meet a  more deserving case than that of  Willie. Nesbitt, of Penticton, son of J'.-  A. Nesbitt, who risked his life in Okanagan Lake1 te> save the life.' of a companion, Gordon Rogers, Avho Avas  droAvning,  Young Neisbitt is only   12  yea.rs  of  age, Avhich makes the performance  all  the more remarkable and .meritorious.  Tlu? lad is evidently a chip   of  the  old  block and comes honestly by eluck-liko  proclivities and spirit of daring for his  father belonged te> erne of  the  companies of that crack  corps  of Canadian  volunteers that followed "Wolsley   anil  Buller  in   1870  through   the   pathless  .woods and   waterways  of that   lacustrine territory between l_tke..Superior  a.nd the plains on  their dash   to   Fort  G/irry during the first  Kiel  j-ebellion.  The; Vancouver Pi-ovince in .speaking  e)f it says :   "What   would   most   certainly have provi-da fatal accidejit  occurred Monday.    A  number of  boys  were playing on the wharf when Gor-  don   Rogers   fell   into   the   lake1.      lie  could not swim   and   hael  sunk   twice  when "Willie Nesbitt, twelve   years   of  age, a son   of .los. A. Nesbitt, bravely  sprang into the Avater, and,  with   considerable difficulty, rescued tin; drowning boy just as he Avas going down for  the third time, sAvinnning with him to  Avhere  some   companions  a.ssisteil   in  getting him lo land."'  HE LIKES BEAR CREEK  W. Y. Williams Examines  Independence  Group Up Tulameen  gold  cohtent  at  the same time  S EiifjmviiiKlo illustrate Ibis is not yet to  hand will appear later.���������Ko.  Concluded on Pa^c Four.  W. Y. Williams has been in again  making examination of the Bear  Creek property on which the Granby  have a bond. Mi'. Williams is reported as expressing his opinion that the  Independence claim, Avhich is one of  the group, will be: a steady shipper  Avhen the V, V. & E. reaches the property.  , This Aveek the Gazette paid a long;  intended visit to the Golden Zone property. This AViis our first visit- since  the early fall of 1905, Avium a more,  or less.detailed description Avas given  in these columns. On glancing back  over the fyles, no little satisfaction is  felt that the optimism_expressed iu  that first Avrite-up of three years ago  is shoAvn now to have-been warranted,  and 4the optimism, based on conditions as they were found to exist, avus  a judicious optimism.  As the main features of the property  ��������� Avere pretty fully described (in that  first Avrite-up, it will be unnecessary  to repeat here, but a little, reciipitula  tion Avill help a proper nuclei standing  of the situation.  The property is located on a high  plateau east of the main Twenty mile  creek, and north of the-, east fork of  same, and almost directly-north of the  Nicked Plate. It is'not more than 12  miles from Hedley (some contend not  more than 10 miles) but it is at an alti-  t'uile. of about 6000 feet above sea level  while Hedley is about 1700.  The. new Avagem road passes _within  about half-a mile of the Golden Zone  but possibly about 200 feet  loAver.  The Golden Zone group consists of  four claims, the Irish Boy.'B. C, Golden Zone and Silver Bell, staked in an  easterly and Avesterly direction, --the  Irish Boy being furthest east. The  workings are on the Golden Zone, but  almost at the B. C. line.  The mill Avasput up on. the Avorkings  near the. old Cabin. There was a good  showing at this point on our former  visit but rui development beyond a  number of open cuts, the principal development Avork at that time being  a 00 ft shaft about 150 yards west of  the present shoAvings. Since then a  30 foot shaft has been sunk from  which the mine hoist can clewate. the  ore; and dump it into the mill e>re bin.  The mill building is of logs, the battery portion being 2G by 20, anel the  lean-to Avhich accomodates the Wilf-  ley table andsiigine and boiler is -10 x  28.  The mill is e>quippeel with one battery of live stamps, although everything is in n-adiiu'ss to add five more.  I'A'en to the mortar lx:dsan'el cam .shaft.  The. stamps weigh' 1050 lbs. The ore  bin is outside the building ele'vak-d on  a strong high trestle-. The bin has a.  capacity of 100 tons. Between it and  the battery frame, is placed a rock  crusher of the Blake pattern, Avith (i x  1.0 inch jaw, the ore passing over a 10  I't grizzly before reaching the crusher.  A 10 mesh screen is being used, ami  the ore is so friable that the duty per  stamp exceeds 4 tons per diem.  An improved AVilfley handles the  tailings that pass from the apron, anel  appears to make a very complete concentration, but uses a great deal of  water   Avhich   is   a   slight    elrawback  j where water is scarce.  j Tin; power is furnished by a S>0 h. p.  engine and a 40 h. p. boiler, and seems  ample, Avhile the boiler is claimed to  be very economical.  The shaft is equipped Avith a. Jeuckcs  hoist o x 5 elouble cylinder and capable of going down 200 feet with a  half ton load, while a No. 5 Cameron  pump Avill take care of the Avater.  Mi'. S. 'ft. Hamilton is in charge of  the mill, and opposite shifts taken by  F. P. He>ward and J. A. Maedonald.  A glory hole is being started at the  Avest of the ore bin, and from it also  the. hoist can take ore and drop it in  the ore bin. It is the intention to sink  the shaft to 100 feet drift out  under  The Nickel  Plate    Mine  at  Hedley is Not And Has  x   .Not Been Shut .Down'*  0THE1.S Slin DOWN BUT NOT IT  The Daly Reduction Co. and' Yale Mining- Co. Have Never Been Without  a Pay-roll for a [Single Day Since  Operations Began in January 1899���������  It Wouldn't Pay to Shut This Down  Time anel again during the past six  months it has been learned by the Gazette that reports were in circulation  on the outside to the effect that the  Nickel Plate mine and mill was shut  eloAvn and there was nothing doing in'  Camp Hedley.  Something of the wide, extent of  this rumor was learned last spring up  in Vernon from a number of people  Avho inquired of the Gazette concern-  ing the rumor; and again in Victoria  and Vancouver a little over a month  ago., the 'confounded' thing would  crop up again with the most aggravating persistency; but the last stauv  Avas nearly reached Avium one e>f the  enquirers was "none other than Mr.  Wollaston, the man Avho staked the  Nickel Plate and sold it to M. lv. Rodgers for $(50,000 in about two months  after he. sUdied it. Mr. Wollaston  had heard the general rumor anel took  it for granted that it Avas true.  Possibly the litigation Avhich is  pending between Mr. M. K. Rodgers  and the Company lias served to obtain  creelcnce for the rumor, but the point  in dispute is one Avhich does not in  any Avay effect the operation of the  mine. On the contrary both the plaintiff' and the elefeildant are owners in  the mine, and it is not to the interests  of either party to have the stamps idle  for a, single day, for it means too great  loss of revenue.  The Gazette believes that it is justified in claiming for Camp Hedley ,-t  record in the matter of absence of  shut-downs, for noA'cr since development Avork avhs started in January,  18U9 under the original bond has there  been any let-up" in operations. It is  true, in the mill they have had to hang  up the stamps occasionally Avhen a section of the ttume is carried out, but it-  is not very often that it takes longer  than a elay te> make the necessary repairs to enable them to resume. It is  also true that in the unusually severe  winter of 1007 the flume was frozen up  fora couple of months,'and that part  of that time Avork in the mine ee-aseel  as avcII, but during the interval additional force avus put on at the mill to  overhaul it, anel every minute Avas  use'd over-hauling and re-fitting.-  There has therefore really never  bi'cn anV shut-down or cessation of  operations on the part of the Daly Reduction Co. anel Yale Mining Co., and  anyone who either starts a rumor to  the contrary or repi'.-its one' is lying.  This is the one mining concern that  never shuts doAvn.  The Avhole plant may look unassuming, but it is serviceable and shcuild  elo good economical Avork.  The mine mill force at present is 12  men, inducing the tlie throe OAvners,  Messrs. Paul Broelhagen, J.J. Marks  and J.   Murphy.  FERNIE IS FIRE-SWEPT  the glory hole about  raise into it.  !5   ft.   anil   up-  Hosmer and  Coal Creek Also Destroyed  . Miles Along Crowsnest in Flames  On Saturday last Pernio Avas eles-  troyed by lire, and en-er 4,000 people*  Avere left homeless,  A neglected bush fire has devastated  miles of country along flu- CroAv's  Nest,  Hosmer and Ce>al Creek have also  been Aviped out.  Cranbrook and other Kootenay  towns are rushing in supplies.  For plain scAving, repairing and len-  ovating gentlemen's clothing, try Miss  Elliott, Kingston Ave.  '���������:,< THE   HEDLEY   GAZETTE,    AUG    ((, _������������.  -ifriK  *4W.  mt&ky -������sttttJ'  and  Similkameen Advertiser.  Issued on rhursdays. by the Hedi.ev Gaze'ite  Phintino anp Pi'iii.ismxo Comi'any,  Limiti'.ii.  at llodloy. H. C'.  Subscriptions in Advance  Per Year ...$2.(10  Six Months  1.00  Advertising Rates  Measurement, 12 lines to the inch.  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Changes for contract advertisements should-,  be in the ollico by noon on Tuesday to secure  attention for that week's issue.  A. MEGRAW, ManajtlnR Kditor.  interred with a. hundred others  in one common trench.  EDITORIAL COMMENTS  It is hard to hold BilJy Maclean, editor of the Toronto  World and federal member for  East York, blameless for Canada's failure to bag the Marathon race in London the other  day. Maclean has been ham-  meriug, so constantly in the  World newspaper on the subject  of cheaper railway fares, and  lias so nearly made the two  cent rate an accomplished fact  that Canadians have begun- to  let up on their practice in footing it.;  THE BANK OF  LANDS AND WORKS.  Full Moon  llth  Last quar.  18.  m ,���������'& _5 f  'A (���������,���������!-.;--��������� k  -^Jif_. * _���������*>������  Ncav Moon  .<>  First quar.  nth.  1908  AUG  ..190S  Sun. Mon.  Tues. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat.  ,- ���������  1  2       3  4       ������       0  7       8  9     1.0  11     12 ���������  13  11     15  16     17   ,  IS     19     20  21     22  23     2-1  25     20     27  2S     29  30     31.  . i  TWO LOST GRAVES  Toronto World  Tlie tercentenary celebration  at Quebec affords another instance of how soon, the public  forget their heroes or forget  their rwen of genius. Champ-  lain founded Quebec, devoted  his Avhole life to it, and is today, three hundred years after  his landing at Quebec, a hero of  the Canadian people. He died  in Quebec, he made a will, he  arranged for his burial, his body  "was there interred, a monument was set up to him; in the  course of t/wo hundred and. sixty  years or so it has absolutely  d i s a p p e a red. Nobody -now  knows Avhere hi.s grave was.  The late Mr. Kingsford, in his  history dealing with this question, comes to the conclusion  that an unknown grave opened  up about sixty years ago in the  city in order to allow of a sewer  being built, was Champlain's  grave, bur so little attention  was paid to it at the time that  tlie workmen simply gathered  the bones together, put them in  some kind of a box, and dumped  them with the rest of the material taken out.  And we read in the paper  that on Sunday the Governor-  general. Lord Roberts and oth-  ers were allowed to see, in one  of the convents of Quebec-, the  skull of Montcalm. avIio  buried after the battle in  ' -" the eonAViit.  visitors Avoro  'WKKT,KOOTKNTAY DISTRICT AND SIMIL-  l-AMEEN DIVISION OK VALE  DISTUIOT.  KTpTICIC is hereby given that the boundaries  J-N of tl<o Nelson, lievelstoke and Slocan  Laud Kceni-ding Divisions of AVost Kootcnay  District, and the Siiuilkanieon Land Kecoreling  Division of Yal'o District, have been altered,  and that on and after September the 1st, IMS,  the boundaries of the said . Laud Recording  Divisions will be as follows:���������  Nelson Land Urccoiunxrc; Division;.  Commencing at a point on the International  Boundary where it is intersected by the western boundary of Section"2, Township 10a, Koot-  onay District, being also tho western boundary  of the "Nelson & Fort Sheppard Raihvay Land  Grant: thence duo north about 8i miles to tlie  southern boundary of Lot 5,81<>, Group 1, ICoot-  enay; thence due west to the eastern boundary  of tlie right-ofway of the Columbia & Western  Kailsvay, which forms the boundary of..Lot  2,(>!)8, Group I. Osoyoos Division of Yale District  (now Similkameen): thence easterly and northerly, following said eastern ������������������ boundary of said  right-of-way, to the north-east corner of Lot  _,(i!)S; thence due west' along tho northern  boundary of Lot 2,(5!)8 to the divide between the  waters running into, the Columbia River and  AiTo������v Lakes from those flowiiig'to the west;  thence northerly, following the summit of the  mountains to a. point 5<i miles elite north of the  International: Boundary, which is'also the  north-cast corner of the Similkameen Division  of Yale District; thence' due east to a point eluc  south of the south-west corner of Township'(>!).  Kootcnay; thence due north to the north-east  corner of Township (i.3, Osoyoos Division e>f>  Yale; thoneo north-Avesterly to the summit of  the di vide 'separating: tho waters flowing into  tho Columbia River and Arrow Lakes from the  waters flowing to the w������;st; thence following  the 'summit.of the mountains;: ii) a northerly;  direction,' to a point eluc west of the north-west  corner of Lot 3!)S, Group 1. Kootcnay, which  point is the north-Avest corner of the Nelson  Land Recording Division ; thence eluc east to  the summit of the water-shed-dividing- the  waters Mowing into the Arrow Lakes from the  waters flowing into Slocan Lake, whichis the  north-east corner of Nelson. Lanel Recording  Division ; thence southerly along the eli vide between the Avaters llowipg into the Arrow Lakes  and the waters flowing into Slocan River aifel  Slocan Lake to a point near the headwaters of  Pass Creek; thence folio wing the height of lanel  to the mouth of Little Slocan River; thence  crossing the Slocan River and following the eli-  vide separating tho waters flowing-into the  Slocan River and Kootcnay Lake from the  waters flowing into Kootcnay River and West  Arm offlvootonay Lake tothenortli-westeornor  of Lot 7,(>__, Group 1, kootcnay; thence due cast  along the north boundaries of Lots .7,(523 and  ���������i.ilfil,- to the west shore-of Kootcnay Lake;  thence southerly.'anel easterly to Pilot Point;  thence northerly-to thu north-west corner of  Lot-1,18!), Group 1, Kootcnay; thence easterly,  following.the height of land separating the  waters (lowing into- Crawford Creek from the  waters flowing into Grey's Creek, to the eastern  boundary of West Kootcnay District, near tho  hotel waters of Raker Creek ; thence southerly,  following the divide' separating the waters  flowing, into. Kootcnay Lake and ' .Kootcnay  River from the waters flowing into St. Mary's  Creek and the Moyio River, to the International -Boundary, thence westerly along tho  International Boundary to the point of commencement. -  R.KVE1.STOKE Land Recokding DlA'ISION.  Commencing at the north-west corner of the  Nelson Land Kecoreling Division ; thence northerly, following the summit of the mountains  dividing the waters flowing into the Columbia  celebrate," received   the   warm j ^^Z^X^X^^&it^  and spontaneous' greeting that-j ^ !^^^^  has been and is being accorded ' in���������rt0 tht; Col",,,bin Kiv<??-: t]ie������eo.in asimu,  What will Irish American  lion-tai .-twisting sons of Tammany think of their absentee  leader riow? Richard Croker  who formerly rallied them to  th e f r s i.y b u t \vh o has of., J ate  years lived in England, has  turned out a warm admirer of  King Edward whom he considers fit to be president of the  whole world. But the height  and the breadth and thedeptli  of his heresy from the faith of  Tammany and its ..members,.  was not. reached until he had  the temerity to tell them that  Ireland is freer to-day than the  city'of-New York is.  This Bank has a record behind it of nearly three quarters of  a century of successful'banking in Canada, with assets  increasing every year until they now exceed $50,000,000.,  Money Advanced on reasonable terms. Drafts  bought and sold. Sale Notes cashed or taken for collection. Money Orders and TjE'iteks of Credit issued,  payable in the leading cities of the world. ������������������  Escrows in connection with Mining Deals given  special attention.  Hedley   Branch,  L. G. MacHaffie, Manager,  hmnmwMM'^nm?-,irHjfn\^^^  One feature most ��������� strikiiigly;  demonstrated in the tercentenary celebration is that the men  who obtain the greatest hold  upon the people are the men  who do things. For tins reason, none of the distinguished  visitors who have come  to help  to Britain's great general, Lord  Robeits, the hero of many hard  I easterly direction  to the dividing ridgo of the  i Selkirk range of mountains;   thence following  graveyard 01  distine'uisliei  Hal  was  tlie  The  told  Montcalm's grave had only  been identified a good many  ���������years ago through information  supplied by one of tho sisters, to  whom a still older sister of former days had described the intern ion't of Montcalm, .and indicated his resting place. It must  seventy years or more  [calm's burial that tho  opened, and what is  > be his skull secured  for the convent.  part of tho pathos of  that people allow graves  to disappear without  mark or commemoration, of any  kind ; and it is part of the tragedy of history' that graves of  men like Cromwell should be  desecrated, and that a great  genius  like  Mozart   should be  the said dividing ridge in a south-easterly di-  -i , rcction to tho summit of Rogers  Pass;  thence  "    in a south-easterly   direction,   following  the  ������.-nf_       NV_;fl-./v".   A1A   -(-Lio  l������__������-r, ! water-shed nearest the Upper Columbia River,  nglltS.      JN either   CUCl   tills  lessen l.t0 its intersection with the southern boundary  of the Dominion Raihvay Belt: thence southwesterly, following the southern boundary of  tho Railway Belt, to its intersection with the  divide between the watersflowinginto Duncan  River and Fish River, near the headwaters of  Toct/.el Crook; thence southerly following the  height of land dividing the waters flowing into  Duncan River from the waters (lowing into  Arrow Lake and Trout Lake, to a pointopposito  tho north end of I towsor Lake: thence westerly, following the southern, water-shed of Lake  Creek, to a point on the Lardo River opposite-  the height of laud between Cascade Creek and  . Poplar Creek; thence following that height of  ..an. I land and the water-shed dividing tho waters of  j_.jj     WiiSOI1 Creek.from the waters  flowing into  have boon  after Mont  grave wa>  believed I.  as a relic  It is  history  like tlie  in any degree the expression of  loyalty which went out to the  Prince of Wales. Canadians are  loyal, and whoever represents  King Edward in this corner of  his dominions, Avill never," we  hope,  experience   any lack of  honor done,   whether that  iv-qent-'if-ive     hf>   n    r>POv   of   f-,lif> ! Lardo   River and   Kooskanax   Creek "to the  lCSCntcvT^w      OO   ct    peel    Or    _Ut-J iuu.th-cu.st corneroftbc Nelson Land Recording  realm   n di^tinernishpd Cmntnnn-   Division,  being the south-east .corner of the  lCclim, a UlSbUlgUlStieu common   j Kavelstoke Land Recording Division: thence  or    nv   f-,hf>  csnvPl'pio-n'c:   arm     -fnr- ' following the northern boundary of the Nelson  CI,   Ot    -I1C  sovereigns   son,   lOl    L.lml Uecor������li������g Division cluejwcst to the point  "He who does England's message here | of coinmenceinunt. ,   .  Although the meanest in her state" [ Slogan Land Recouping Division.  Call eOUllt Oil   a kingly greeting. |    Commencing at the north-east corner of the  But "Bobs" appeals to us in an-'  other way, and colonists and,  their descendants.who have for  generations occupied a position  on the outposts of empire, when  they see the grizzled warrior,  are bound to think of the great  march from Kabul to Kandahar  which will go down the ages  with the reliefs of Lueknow  that immortalized the names of  Havelock, Outram and Sir Colin  Campbell, and will think also  of the oA'Cntful day at I'aarde-  berg when Canada shared the  glory of that later triumph.  Then again, the celebration itself bears tribute to the memory of one who did things���������-the  intrepid tireless Chumplain  whose toilsome journeys of exploration read more like romance than history. Canadians.  Avhether of .British or Fi-ench  descent, honor themselves iu  honoring the memory of Samuel Chaniplain.  BY NEATLY PRINTED STATIONERY  ���������bearing imprint of the home office���������is  a -'valuable aid to the 'local business man,  for it shows that he is public-spirited and  loyal to his town. 11 Having this, he can  '.consistently--'appeal, to:the community in  ��������� ��������� Vyhicli-he resides to give him their trade  .,'.''��������� ��������� * * ���������'-".��������� "  ,:'���������--  _Z_E__S__Z_^__S__BS___B ...  Tlie Gazette job Departmant  Is the best equipped of any office in the  district, outside of -Ve'riipn" and the  larger offices m the Boundary        ::        ::  L-m-J-������i.<WU.|M|..)_W.J������.._M-  ym Type fm,     ,  flptistic flrranoenient  Are the three essentials to good work :  Letter. Heads  Note Heads  Bill Hea;ds  Memo Heads  Statements  Business Cards  Bills of Fake  - Commercial Forms  Pamphlets  Posters, ?c, Vc.  Nelson Land Recording Division, which is also  tho south-east corner of the Revelstoke  Land  according Division ; thence following the eastern boundary of the Revelstoke Land Recording,  Division, in a general easterly and northerly  direction, to its intersection   with the south  boundary   of  the   Dominion   Railway  Belt;  thence northerly and easterly, following the  Dominion Railway licit, to its intersection Avith  the eastern boundary of AA'est  Kootcnay District; thence in a south-easterly direction, following   the   water-shed   nearest   the    upper  Columbia River, to tlie flOth parallel of north  latitude;   thence in a southerly direction, following the divide separatingthe waters flowing  into Kootcnay Lake from -lie waters (lowing  ! into .St. Mary's Creek, to its intersection  with  | the'easterly boundary of tho Nelson Land Rc-  | cording Division at the headwaters of Oroys  ! Crock : thence following the easterly boundary  ; of the  Nelson Land according Division to the  j point of commencement.  i similkameen Land Rkcoiuuxis Division ok '  i Yai.e Distiuct. j  !     CommciK'iuirat a noinf on  tin;  International 1  Houndarv where il is intersected   by   Pnyastoil I  ������������������ Cri-ck.   whirh is also (ho soulh-oasl��������� corner of j  , Yale Land l-tecording District; thc'mrc following ���������  : iiorfhcrlv along the said  crock and  tin;  South:  j fork of tlie Siinilkamccn  Stiver t<> its,iun<-ti(in  i with  the  'i'ulaineeii   l.'iver:    thence   westerly;  along  the  Tulainecii   l.'ivor  to  the   inoiith  of;  'China  ("reck:  thence northerly   along China i  oi-eek toils intei'svctloii with l he south bound- ;  ii'i-yol' Lot '.;C!l. liroiip I.   Kamloops  Division of;  Vale  I>Mriot.:  theiK'o duo east, to I la- eastern i  bank of Okanngan Wivcr : tbenee in a northerly i  (tirce.tiou, following the eastern shore of Okuu- i  ogan   L'ivi-r and Okanagan   Lake,  to n.  pnint i  (li.-lant a(i mill's iluc north of the  International I  i Iloundi-.rv;    llu'iiiv,   due east   lo  tlie  western I  ! boundary of the Nelson Lam!   Ueeording  Divi-j  i slon  of   Ki-oteiitiy   DisU'iet:  thence southerly, j  j following llic said wcsVei'n boundary of  Kemtc- ,  r.av L'islriet lo iho li'ih  parallel: thence  west <  ��������� o.'oug  ; In:   I'.ilh  parallel  to  the   place of com-:  ' mrneomonl.  | !!()!iT.  A. KKNWK'K.  Dcjiiity <'oiiiiiiis-aoiici' of Lands & Works. I  l.aiuls and Works Department. j  I Victoria, !!.('., .iiinc :;il|h. li.'ll.-!. -"-I  '  fl Anything from a visiting card to a 3-  sheet j^lain and colored exhibition poster  ���������ft No job too small or none too large for us  HEDLEY GAZETTE, f. & P. 60., Ltd.  /.'KvV,W<.i.V^VT..'*V*<y.������.!^iM\!'WS5r><^  When in Keremeos  STOP AT   v  The Central Hotel  TWEDDLE (Si, REITH, Proprietors.  Good Accommodation and Strict Attention to the  Wants of the Public.    Livery Barn in Connection.  i.  iavo  Some Liberals in 'ii. C. 1  another grievance against  mier McBride foi* absenting  himself from tlie tercentenary  and tlms failing to become Sir  Kichard. By this means, they  claim, he has done the province  out of an honor which was its  due. Nov-/ what ahout Gladstone  Geo. Brown and Edward Blake'?  NOTICE.  si:\riLic.un_k:x land district.  DtSTllK'T  OK   VALE.  TAKE NOTICK that, .1. I1. Buknyk.at, of  A'crnon, occupation���������euginuer. intends to  apply for permission to purchase the following  described laud ; ���������  ('oiimioni'iiigatn post ji'.antcd at the N. W.  corner of Lot ItltS; thence south 10 chains;  west -0 chains; north 10 chains, and cast -0  chains to initial post, containing SO acres.  ���������loti.v .Pckvis Dim  .Juno 20th, 1008.  NVEAT.  .8-10  ULL  ������AM4>_i  of the Or  and Fasi  LEAVES KEREMEOS DAILY 3:00 P.M. ;    ARRIVES 10:30 A.M  Comfortable and  Fast Service to  Seattle, Vancouver, Vic=  . -   toria &  Eastern   Points  W. O. STEVENS   -   Agent     =     Keremeos, B.C.  W. A. ROSS  -   A. G. P. Agent  =   Seattle, Wash.  DIRECT    CONNECTIONS   AT    SPOKANE   WITH  EAST   AND    WESTBOUND   OVERLAND    TRAINS THE  HEDLEY   GAZETTE,    AUG     C,   1908.  ..���������������������������'. ^.  THE  Great Northern  Hotel  Princeton  Is noted over the entire district for excellence of both table  :   :   ;   :   .   and bar.       :   :   :   :  All the wants of."the travelling  public   carefully   attoneicel   to.  S  ���������I  5  X  X  X  I  I  I  ������  x  ������Mt������ti(������w������t������.y.Ka.awKitH������ei.tt������.i^M.iMm  Town and District.  TIT-BITS FROM PENTICTON.  Grand Union  Hotel^___^  ���������i< ��������� ���������  HEDLEY, B.C.  HERRING & WINKLER, Proprietors  PftLflGE,  Liveru, Feed & Sale Stables  TIKDLEY, B. C.  ���������,f A good stock of Horses and Rigs on  Hand.   % Orders fen- Teaming  promptly attended to.  WOOD   FOR   SALE!  'Phone 11.  -INNISBROS.  Proprietors.  THE  _������  NEW  HOTEL  JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor  fcyeruthing New and  First-Gleiss  Bar supplied with the Choicest  Liquors'and Cigars, and Special  Attention   paid   to -'the  .Table.  THE '  LIVERY  EL"  Princeton, B. C.  THE FINEST TURNOUTS IX THE COUNTRY  EXTRA W'Er.I; KITTISU KOlt LONG DRIVES  Broomfield & Garrison  PROPRIETORS  Tenders Wanted.  TEXDERS for clearing school grounds will  bo received by the undersigned.   Kuller  particulars on applying to the secretary.  S. L. SMITH.  __-! Scc'y School Hoard.  ^fcfcfcfcftfc^fcfcfcfctotol8fcfefc������<8to-Jeftfil-l  X  X  X  X.  X  X  X  ts  X  X  X  X  Great  Hotel  A new house containin;  room   ��������� nocommodal ion  other  hotel   iu   town,  hnr   llrst - class.     I talcs  ;nern  ; more bed  than   any  Table and  moderate.  JOHN LIND,   Proprietor  s  X  X  s  ' X  X  X  X  X  i  When   writing    Advertisers,     Please  Mention the Gazette.  Mr. C. J. Wilson of Put Burns',& Co.  was iii toAvn yesterday.  .;���������-' Mrs. Brass:returned, last week from  Colville, Wash. Avhere' she lias been  visiting her sister. ",-.,.,  s Harry Yates started for tho coast on  Monday porning. ' He intended to  walk over.the' Hope traij.  S. L. Smith, accountant for the  Daly Reduction Co. returned on Tuesday.from his holiday  trip to Calgary.  Mrs. McKinnon came over from  Okanagan Falls on Tuesday last to  visit her daughter,   Mrs. J. K. Fraser.  A'dance will he held in Fraternity  Hall to-morrow (Friday) night,- to  Avhiclra corefitil invitation is extended.  Good music lias been provided Dancing tr> commence at 8:30.  Harry Barnes .{eft.'this week on a  tAvo week's' holiday trip to the coast.  As time-keeper and Avare-hbuse man  for the Daly Reduction Co., he has  stuck steadily ut-his post for .some five  years', and a -holiday- respite for him  should not come amiss,  P. Swanson, of the Gt. .Northern,  hotel Princeton,was in toAvn last week  having come down to meet Mrs. Swan-  son'who avus returning from a visit to  friends on the coast. Mv. Swanson is  making important additions to his  hotel toprovide more accommodation.  Mr. Pickard was chatted by a number of his friends in town as to whether he Avas getting ready" to camp on  Smith Curtis' trail again. His arrival  in this part e>f the province at this  juncture, and tlie intimation that  .Peek. MeSwain is heading for the  Boundary, begin to look as if the election Avill soon be on  Bob Ste\renson, the old-time pros-  pectoi^and claim owner, finished' his  Avork for-this season on his claims on  Riordan Mountain and avus in town  on Saturday on his way back to  Pt iiiceton. This time he was able to  dispense Avith packing his outfit up the  Nickel Plate trail, but took bis cart  up the Twenty mile wagon road.  Mr. J. A. Schubert returned on Tuesday from Armstrong, where he hael  been attending the funeral of his  father. Mr. Schubert, senior avus one  of the very oldest pioneers of the district, moving to B. C. Avith the noted  overland expedition Avhich preceded  the railroad by over a decade. Mr.  A. Fortune and J. A. Mara are about  the only survivor's of the party nenv.  Mr .T. D. Pickard arrived unexpectedly, in Hedley on Saturday, coming  in from the north country Avhere he  has been opening up a. promising  property on Observatory Inlet. Several of his Hedley friends failed to recognize him him as he is thinner than  usual. A short holiday among his  friends in this portion of the province.  Avill do him good.  W. A. McLean, the veteran road-  builder avIio has constructed many  miles of roadAvay through the province of B.C. Avent up last Aveek to  take charge of the Avork on the Twenty  mile road, Mr. Caldwell's illness preventing him from continuing in charge  of the work. Between railway tote-  road building and permanent public  roads, Mr. McLean has had Avide experience in the oversight of that kind  oE Avork and Avill push it on to completion in the course of a month or so  more'.  Major A. M. Anderson, right of Avay  agent for the Great Northern avus in  toAvn last week settling up some right  of way business Avith Messrs Webster  Neil and BroAvn. Since his last visit  to lleelley a little over six we'eics ago,  Major Anderson has-been very ill. He  lirst lmel a-three weeks'at lack of iVvcr  a-nd at the end of this came in for a  spell of erysipelas, but has made good  recovery from both. With thoadjusl-  rnent of these cases of right-of-way  Avhich have been pending for some  time, it is understood that everything  is now in shape between here and  Princeton.  The'happy family of the geological  survey which has been camped at the  bridge on Twenty mile at. the upper  etiel of the town was broken up on  Saturday morning Avhen Messrs- Poeie.  and 'Woodey started for Otter Valley  with camp outfit. On Monday morning Messrs Keinicke  and   Camsell   fol-  The dull season  Mr. Editor is  the  only reason I can offer for not having j  sent you any of my  A'aluable and entertaining essays   for    the last    two  issues.  In the old country, journalists recognize this as what is termed the silly  season, and failing any decent copy  they usually resurrect the old story of  the sea serpent or discove-r a claimant  for the peerage in some <jut of the avuj-  corner of the globe.  .The Tennis club having got their  courts in good shape have sent an invitation to the Summerland club for a  return match to be be played on the  8th of August.  ������������������Penticton'Having''carried away the  honors lust time jit .Suininorland; a  .thatch'..played here is liable to arouse a  little more interest in; this branch e>f  sport. ;  ������������������-���������' A meeting was held on Monday  night, W. T. Shatford in the chair, to  arrange for. the?, reception and entertainment of the delegates from the irrigation convention to he held at Vernon and who arrive at Penticton on  August 14th. It ''was decided to drive  therir rbtinel part of the benches, and  afterwards give them a spread on the  beach.  If everything is, carried out as at  present arranged,-although they will  be unable to si-e a^.quarter of the irrigation systenvheue in the short time  at their dis'dqsal, they will have the.  satisfaction of knowing that they have  been ' well'.tre'uted and perhaps they  may come again.  (The above, with other paragraphs avivs re-  ceiveel too late for last issue,)  166 Gream Freezers  ...and...  s  Just what you require for  this hot weather.   1:   We have a limited number  of them which we are clear-  ing out at 20 Per Cent. Off  the regular prices.  If you want anything in  this line don't delay buying as  our supply will not last long.  ���������  X  ���������  t  ���������  L. W. Shatford M. P. P. is back from'  the coast anel looks greatly improved  in health.  An efficient committee is Avorking  hard to provide entertainment for the  irrigation convention who are expected here on the afternoon of the llth.  All the rigs in the district Avill be  needed to drive them round our water  system. Up to the present the committee meetings have not had any interruptions in the shape of delegations  from the W. C. T. U. Up,in Vernon  ladies from the above association  (which is an excellent one in its way)  appeared at a council meeting and insisted that the convention drink nothing stronger than Avater at the banquet given hy the city. I hear that  the. mayor and some of the aldermen  who were elected on tlie temperance  question Ave re quite relic\Ted Avhen  the ladies retired trr consider other  tactics.  I hear that a fire brigade is to he organized in toAvn. This is a movement  in the. right direction, but it has taken  almost a year to get the Board of  Trade to consider and sanction the  formation of it. Perhaps if there had  qeen more fires the necessity Avould  have been ft;lt sooner.  Mr. Alex. Hall of the Toronto  Sentinel gave a lecture to the local  Orangemen on Friday evening.  Mtorfls, Limited  General Merchants Hedley & Fairview    ���������  ^,&Wrt'&w1'&'&a^  -- WHEN YOU HANKER FOR  .V  X  X  X  K  X  H  x  X  X  X  K  x  H  x  X  X  X  K  x  x  x  *  X  X  Cored Meats, . Fish or Poultry  CALL UP PHONE INo. 5  AND TELL YOUR WANTS TO  BL- JJ. EB>M@MD><  "_������ lS_!_������tar  rV  X  X  X  X  X  %  ���������i  X  X  X  X  I  X  X  X  SIWASHES  STILL   BOOZING. ^  Into  Another  Batch    Get  Themselves  Trouble.  COPPER  Try  ___-������.w\vKW_VJ_.  loAved. Mr*. Heinicke Avill have local  charge of the Avork up there, and Mr.  Oainscll Avent along to go over the  ground Avith him and outline the work-  to be covered, Avheji he Avill return to  Hedley about the end of the week.  During his absence'. Mv, Allen is geologizing alone. Mr. Camsell, assisted  by Mr. Allen, has considerable. Avork  to do yet before finishing tip in Camp  Hedley, Avhere I lie Avork is being very  thoroughly done.  The repeated lessons Avhich have  been given to the Indians to quit bowling up and carrying booze em to the  resoivution seem to have had little effect in stopping them, and as a result  another orgy took place last Aveek in  Avhich Louie. Tuinas, Blitz, Donnell  and Daniel Batese, better known  as "WixyM Avere concerned. They  filled up on booze, which it appears  had been rustled by either Wixy or  Donnell. and went over to Pinto's.  Where these (avo managed to procure"  it has not yet been found out, but it  may. Tuinns who was first caught  was taken to Keremeos for 1 rial before?  I avo .lust ices as required by tho Indian  Act. He Avas brought before Messrs  Coleman and .llichler Avho lined him  $.")().()() and costs. The other three  were taken on Saturday, and got each  the' regulation ,'jirjO and costs.  Much credit is duo to Chief Charlie  Allison for his ell'orts to maintain sobriety among the Indians. lie is always to be found on the side of law  and order, and is ready, to lend-any assistance in his power lo stop this trafficking in Avhiskey among the Indians.  _ . -icas���������������   Through delay iu the mails our Penticton correspondence which should  have, been to hand for last issue did  not reach us  in time.  HANDBOOK.  (New Edition issued March, 190S.)  SIZE:   Octavo.  PAGES:   12.S.  CHAPTERS:   _5.  SCOPE: The Copper Industry",- the World.  COVERING: Copper History, Geology,  Geography, Chemistry, Mineralogy, Mining-,  ���������Milling, Leaching, Smelting. Refining. Brands,  Grades, Impurities. Alloys, Uses, Substitutes,  Terminology, Deposits by Districts, States,  Countries and Continents, Mines in Detail,  Statistics of Production, Consumption, Imports. Exports. Finances, Dividends, etc.  The Copper Handbook is conccclcdly the  WORLD'S STANDARD REFERENCE  BOOK OX COPPER.  THK MIXER needs tho book for the facts  it gives him regarding Geology, Mining. Copper Deposits and Copper 'Alines.  THK MKTAbbCltCIS'l' needs tho book for  the facts it gives him regarding copper milling,  lcnching. smelting and Mining.  TDK COI'I'KK VONSCMKK needs the hook  for every chapter il conliiins. It tells Avhat.  and explains how and why.  THK I.VVKSTOl: IN COI'I'KK .SHARKS  cannot Milord to tic without if. The Copper  liiuulliook gives statistics and general information on one band, with thousands of  detailed mine descriptions on the other,  e'overing the copper lnincsof the e'.nt ire world,  and the Id pages of condensed statistical tables  alone arc worth more than the price of the-  book to each and every owner of copper mining  shaves.  I'RK'K: S.A.dll in l)iiel;rain with gilt. top. or  ST.iKlin full library morocco.  TKItMS: Tlie most liberal. Head no money,  but. order the book sent you. a 11 enrriairochnnves  prepaid, on one week's approval, to be rclm-ii-  cd if unsatisfactory, or paid for if it suits. Can  you n|lord not to sec the liool: and .judge for  voiirself of its value to yon .'  WRITE N'l.lW in tho editor and publisher.  HORACE J. STEVENS  m sincbPKX mribDixc;. iioucirroN.  ���������AHCII.   I'. S.  A. la  CEYLON TEA.  Pure  and   Invigorating.  FOR  I Commercial Pr  TRY TfiE  azene JoD  nina  dm.  Offers Wanted.  T_TA\'l\'<; decided to close out the Estate of  ���������*���������J- the Medley (.iiniber e'ompaiiy as soon as  i possible. th(' undorsismi.'d will be phiased to  j consider bids for the stock, plant, tools _ce.  I Outstanding aci-ounts v.u'c [lroiupl ly settled will  I be placed in the hands of a collector.  If  h. SMITir, A<  $10 Reward  TO  LET  Contract for cutting 100   orels of birch wood.  Apjily to  ���������_'.>-_ GEO. II. SHEbDJ'JR  NOTICE.  SIM'H.KAMKEX  LAND DISTRICT.  .l.)ISTl!lt"r OK  Yai.k.  TAKE XUTU 'E that Llewellyn llnlloe.k-AVe.b-  st.er. of l.rmdon, Kng., eiccupalion���������-gentte'.-  pcrmi-siou to pur-  liuids:--  tuan, intends to apply for  chase the following ilcscribe  Coiiimeneingat a. post iilaiilod at the X. "\V.  corner of hot, _">ol, t-heneo north 10 chains,  thence cast, id chains, theuco south 10 chains,  llicnce west 10 chains to the point of commencement, containing Kit) acres, more or less.  (Sgd) LT.KWKi.r.vx Hia.t.oc'K-"vVr.iiSTKi:,  Hy his agent, .1. Robert Eraser. Captain.  June HUh, I!)DS. 23-10  w  ,i. be siivcn for hii'.i:-ma'i'on which will  h.-ad to convict isiii of the parties who  broke into Hi-mvii's Inn. Trespassers are forbidden ti> enter on tho premises.  -S ��������� I  lU-l.L-IXlf; RROWX.  NOTICE.  sniILKAMEEX LAXt) DISTRICT.  DlSTlUCT OF   VAI.K.  'T"AICf:X(.)Tl('EtliatA'iolct.llulhH'k-AVebst-cr,  x    of l.ondou. Kiiff.. occupation ��������� . intends to  apply for permission to purchase the following  described lands:���������  Commencing at n post, planted ai. tbo S. AA".  corner of Lot, _">:il. thoneo south -.10 chains,  thonci', east. 10 cliains, thence north !0chains,  thence west 10 chains to the point of commencement, containing 100 acres, more or loss.  (Sgd) Viot.kt Biu.i.octv'AVF.iis'n'r:,  liy her agent, .1. Robert Fraser, Captain.  Juno 10th, liJOS. 23-10 THE   HEDLEY   GAZETTE,   "AUG    0,   1908.  ���������Continued from Page One  this  action   has  had   the, tendency to  throw into some obscurity the original  processes  by   which   the  A'uhies   were  ���������'first introduced.  As arsenopyiito is the.most prominent sulphide with which the golel is  commonly associated, these deposits  are somewhat" unique in so far as a r-  senopyrite has never yet been found in  such proportion to the other sulphides  in contact deposits of this character.  Aiseiiopyrite is found to a certain extent in a. great many contact mela-  niorphir: deposits, hut in this case it  frequently occurs to the'exclusion of  the other sulphides. As a rule it is  found as secondary in importance to  such minerals as.chnlcopyritc, magnetite or pyrrhotite; but in these deposits  -it occurs so abundantly that "Weed in  ;i classification of ore- deposits assigns  thein lo a distinct-type, of which this  is the only representative.  The ore. bodies, tha.t Imvi1 so far  proved to he of 'economic value, lie in  the'middle eii vision of the section a  ready given, that is to say in the cal-  ! careous beds iiiitl not in the silicious  and argillaceous beds that both overlie  find underlie' them.' The large eruptive  mass of tnotr/.onite lying in the central  part 'of the camp has itself been the  cause of a great deal-of inetauiorphisin  - in the sediments Avhere it cuts them,  but besides this the large number 7of  sheets and elik.es of audesite A\'hich had  their origin in tlie' nion'/.ouite are responsible for mii'ch contact metamor-  phisin. It is along these- contacts and  in the zone of contact metamorphisni  that ore .bodies opcur, anetas limestone  leads itself most readily to alteration  and nietamorphism, it is only natural  to expect to find thein there.  ��������� The granite appears to7 have had  -. A'ery little effect in mineralizing where  it is in ''contact with the sediments,  and, tlie numerous Inter dikes, Avith the  exception of perhaps the black dikes,  are also of little importance in this  respect.  '������������������The monzonite is the most active  mineral iy.er.',find the acid variety probably more so than the basic. All the  most promising ore' bodies are situated  on the contact of the monzoiiite core  or of one of its more acid offshoots.  The Avidth of the /.one of contact  nietaniorphisni varies Avith the composition of the. intruded rock, the angle  at which it is cut anel the size of the  igneous body. The silicious and argillaceous beds show very slight alteration as compared Avith the limestones,  and the nearer the monzonite core the  greater the alteration.  The monzonite has throAvn out so  many sheets and dikes m all directions,  ��������� that it is almost impossible within the  limits of the cainp to obtain sediments  that have not been affected by it.  Near the centra! core tho metamorphic  action lias been extreme. The lime  carbonates become altered to limesili-  , cates, and the result is garnetite, a  rock composed almost entirely of garnets. Farther aAvay- the limestone  simply becomes crystalline or is slightly altered to garnet, epidote anel other  Him' silicates.  ���������Locally the beds in which the ore  bodies-of the Nickel Plate and the  Sunnyside occur are called qu.'irtzites,  but it is more likely that they were  originally impure limestones and now  altered to the ga.riiet-epidote-calcito  rock. On the intrusion of the igneous  rock which causeel the alieration it is  more reasonable to supj30.se that the:  formation of the new lime silicate minerals was due to an introduction of  silica, from the igneous rock rather  than of lime.  METEOROLOGICAL.  The following are the readings showing temperature, etc., for the Aveek  eneling Aug 1 :  NOTICE.  AT THE  MINE.  Maximum  Minimum  Julv2f>  G2 <-      .  25-  27  -. ..          61  26  2S  6S  33  29  7-1  3(5  30  SO  _4  dl  ..        *72       .  -11  Aug   1  7S  35  Average  maximum temper;  iture 70.71  Average.  minimum           elo  35.71  Mean tei  nperature  58.20  Rainfall for the Aveek 0.  inches.  Snowfall  a            a  a  oonuEsro.vnixG week oio last a'kau  Highest maximum temperature 78  Certificate of Improvements.  MIDDAY Fractional Mineral Claim, situated  in the Osoyoos Mining Division of Vale  District. Whore located: In Campl-Icdloy.  TAKE NOTICE that T. F. A\r. Groves, acting  as agent for the Yale Mining Co., free  miner's ccrtilicato Xo. 7(10.').'!, intend, sixty elays  .from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining  Recorder for a Cortilicato of Improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of  the above claim.  And Further take, notice that action, under  Section :fi. must be commenced before tho issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this _5th day of May. I DOS.  .2-10  F. AV. GROVES.  NOTIC3  X  Averag  3 maximum  do  74.-12  LoAVest  minimum  do  46.  Averag  i minimum  do  52.71  Mea n  do  G3.50-  AT  Till  . MILL.  Maximum  Minimmn  .ltd v 20  SO  42  27  78  45  28  07  41  29  S3  50  30  95  54  31  82  4-7  Aug   1  79  50  (Continued Next Week.)  V. V. & E.   CONSTRUCTION  No. 2 Camp   Moves   This   Week���������The  Steam Shovel Starts And Meets  Further Mishan  Average maximum temperature. S0.14  Average minimum ilo 47.  Mean do 03.57  Rainfall for the Aveek      0.    inches  coi:i;i:si'o.vi)iNo wkkk ok last vkau  Highest maximum temperature 97.  Average; do do 93.71  Lowest minimum do 51.  0  A.A'orage do do 59.S5  Moan ' do 70.78  NOTICE.  Certificate of Improvements.  UNION' Fractional and X0RTHE.RX LIGHT  Fractional Mineral Claims, situate in the  Similkameen Mining Division of Yale District.   AA'hcro located: In Camp Medley.  TAICH XOTICE that!, F. AA\ Groves, acting  * as agent for I-foratio .L Dully. Free Miner's  Certiilcate Xo. ���������!$ ;V>b>; Krank Tarrant, Free  Miner's Certificate Xo. I! aaOS, and George Wilkinson. Free Miner's Certiilcate Xo. D . intend, sixty elays from the date hereof, to apply  to.thc Mining Recorder for C'ertilieates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown  Grants for the above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  section M7, nnist be commenced before the issuance of such Cert iiieates of Improvements.  Dated this l.th -lay ol' May. !!XW.  10-10 F. AV. GROVES.  i&-_?_-3PP?-I  ���������  O  |gyg_������  Mp^  TriADE Mark  ������_  H  H  sc  *_  K  *  X  K  x  THIS  HOUSE HAS RECENTLY BEEN RENOVATED  AND REMODELLED, AND IS NOW IN FIRST  CLASS ORDER.    WHITE HELP ONLY.  A CHOICE STOCK OF THE BEST LIQUORS <!. CIGARS  THOS.^GUINEY,   ������������������ -���������      -  X  X  X  $  S3  X  X  X  X  Si  X  X  ss  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  ff  X  I  $  B___at t__-_3i -_*������-������ Qtsa& g���������      ^^yti^ _____ tSra i  GEO. KIRBY, nanager.  First  Class   in  Every . Ilespept.      Commercial  and  Mining  Headquarters of the Keremeos and Lower Similkameen Valleys.     Post House or. Penticton-  Princeton   Stage   Line.  E  The grade is done from Iledloy south  to hcyotul 10-mile, wiiiolr makes the  present location No. 2 e.-tnip no longer  tenahle, and this week they move up  the river to .Smith crook, about 5 miles  "west of Hedley. This means making  a start on tin.' grueling between here  and Princeton.  Nearly two weeks were lost Avith the  breakdown of the steam shovel, but it  resumed woik at the end of last week,  but Avas soon again in trouble. But  for these delays from breakdowns it  could have finished  up  several   Aveeks  ago.  There remains a gap ov tAvo to connect up across the river between the  two crossings.  Misses L. M. Philpott, of Vancouver  and C B, Hpurling of Revelstoke Avero  iu town on Wednesday on their Avay  to Princeton.  Certificate of Improvements.  "P. S." Mineral Claim, situate in the Osoyoos  Mining Division of Vale District. Where  located:   Camp Hedley.  TARE XOTICE that I, Clins. doBlois Green.  Free "Miner's Cortilicato Xo. Hl!l_.->_, intend  sixty days from date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Itecorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section Ii", must, lie commenced before the issuance of such Ccrtilica to of Improvements.  Dated this llth day of .inly,. A. I). litlJS.  ���������_i;-I0 C. i>Kli. GREEX.  NOTICE.  SIM ILK AMEEX  LAND DISTRICT.  Dl.STIUOT  OK  V.ALK.  '-TAKE NOTICE that It." G. Sidley, of Sidley,  ���������*���������      occupation -rancher, intends to apply tor  permission to purchase the following described  lands:���������  Commencing at a post, planted on the south  bank of Mica. Creek: thence west 'JO chains:  thence north .0 chains ; flicucc cast !'���������> chains;  thenee south-_ll chains to point of commencement, containing Sill acres, more or less.  R. G. SIDLEY.  April _7th, !!������������. IS-10  Designs  Copvrights &c.  Anyone aontllnB a n ketch I'.nd description may  rjulckl7 ascertain our opinion free whether an  invention iB probably p/itenttililo. Communications! strictly eondclonUal. HANDBOOK on Patents  scut, free. Oldest ituency for aecurinj; patents.  Patents taken Miroiich IWimn & Co. receive  opectalnoticc, without chnrco, in tlie  Sd^fifle Mmiimi  Ahnntlaotnnty PhiHt.rr.fod weekly. I.nrocst circulation of cm- atMontiit'! Jriurnal. Tonus, $3 a  your: lour mouths, $1.  ookl bynll newsrtealera.  mm 109,3G3E-^ew Yorfc  3r_ucii OlSoo. tl^'o V St., Wii3_!_Ktori. D. 0.  ADVIORTISE IN Till. GAZI5TTK !  NOTICE.  Certificate of Improvements.  "D!!A\V" and " C EXT It 10 STAR" Fractional  Mineral Claims, situate in Uie Osoyoos  Mining Division of Vale District. AA'hcro  located:    ('amp Hod ley.  TAKE NOTICE that I. .losiali Graham, Free  '��������� Miner's Certiilcate Xo. II I'.)���������_(lii, intend. (10  days from the date hereof, to apply to the Alining Itecorder for a, Certiticateof Impi-oveinents  for the purpose of obtaining a. Crown Grant  of the above claims.  And  Further take noticc.fh at. action, under  Section M7. must be CDiiimOnccd before the. issuance of sueh ('ertitientoof linprovcmor.ts.  Dated this !_lh day of ,lunc, A.D. IIMH.  -J*{������'VmO������D������f  .*tf>Jz'- }��������� 3'Atud ca'fDij.latpjjy.^.Js^.ia idjji  x.'sit utw4v,v{ JJ Joj nj_<D ana 3i\t>} J(u_^'  a'(. ^ #. i������.i3i������fj73_!3 uaij) qjam js J^fiyinS  ^vjoe syj aoj Mcao\ 3JD <?3_ud atiq  rf>.^_-DJprJf4JJ u|l3U}_ ���������l Hc!0ffl anrj  tfV-'^ildfljj aa ou|2 ������a mQ\$L)^'������m  mtr- .".v. -a_ ������i r-w/mamsswsswssiiutxi^aiassix^^s  r____i____  ____  __^_____D_X-______SQ  _:i-ifj  JO.SIA.ir GMAIIAM.  SUBSCRIBE FOR  THE   GAZETTE I  n_s_.-__-!K__jj_j3____ ._r_a__ii__B___5a---iS-----3^^ ;


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