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- 1
Volume V.'
Number 16.
[18 ycara'- practice in VancouA'er.]
S. O..L. Co.'sBlock:
PENTICTON,      -      -       B. C.
W. H. t. GAHAN
Barrister,   Solicitor,
Notary':' Public, - Etc.,
Block .
B. C.
The Winnipeg Telegram Investigates 011
Behalf of Inquiring Investors
Insurance and
/. i   . ..-.��� * *
General Agent
B. C.
M.A., B..C.L.
Vernon, B. C.
Headquarters for Tourist Travel.
Rates Moderate.
A. Barnes, Prop.       Penticton, B.C.
The Winnipeg Telegram's article on
the progress of the United' Wireless
Co. is too long to reproduce in full,
but the following extracts will shoAV
the completeness of .the' indorsation.
Officals of the Company however may
object to some of the statements as
being altogether too far within the
facts. .   The Telegram says':
"Wireless telegraph j' is noAv too well
and favorably known to require any
introduction to investors. It has become firmly established as one of the
great commercial institutions of the
day. The long and costly experimental
period has been passed and it is now
on a solid foundation and traveling
rapidly foward to a wonderful commercial supremacy.
/'During the last year this publication has received hundreds of inquiries
regarding wireless .-..telegraph companies and the advisability of investment in wireless telegraph stocks. The
great majority of these inquiries have
been about the stock of the United
Wireless company,-which 'appears to
be in the forefront of all the Avireless
organizations.- The inquiries con-
cerninsr this company alone refer to
investments amounting to , nearly
$600,000; consequently, the editor considered it of sufficient importance to
make a "thorough personal investigation of the affairs of the company;
its progress, standing and prospects,
and the result of this investigation has been most decidedly satisfactory. ��� ���
Concluded on Page Four.
Examination 'of the 'Nickel   Plate
Group is Most Thorough.
The work of sampling the Nickel
Plate and Sunnysides mines which
has now been ' in progress . for some
three weeks or more is still going on
and is most.thorough. >
It involves the handling of so much
rock that at times over tAventy miners
were engaged breaking it down, Avhile
a corps of samplers1 are directing the
work and reducing the hulk of the
original samples' to.the' proportions required, and keeping track of same.   -
In addition to this, they are doing ��
lot of diamond drill work to determine
approximate values in quantity and
quality, of unexplored ground. The
diamond drill contingent arrived last
week, and will keep two drills - going
for six weeks or more.
The Avork has been done under direction of Walter Bean, of Denver,, a
mining engineer of long', experience,
and on Tuesday Mi'.' M. K. Rodgers,
Avho is reported to hold the option or
bond came in accompanied by Mr. G.
P. Merrill, a mining engineer; .of continental reputation.
A  Moderate   Force, is Employed
,       .   Elbow Room is Secured.
Prospect   That   Road
Much for B. C.
Will   Do
(GrccnAvood .Ledge.)
. Work steadily progresses on the
big -tunnel . proposition. The wash
will be cleaned away, the buildings
erected' and the compressor in position'so that boring can commence
during the first ���. week in May*
Two shifts will be worked and 'about
a dozen men employed. This foie:e
will be gradually increased as drifting
will begin from the main tunnel when
the , work approaches the locality
where ore may he expected.
Golden Zone Shaft   Down ��� 95  Feet
has Better Ore Than Ever.1.
Recent Development .Has .Shown Great
Utmost Care Should be Used to Prevent
Grand Union
HERRING & WINKLER, Proprietors
JL A. F. & A. M.
^C&T REGULAR monthly meetings ��� of
/%jr\ Hedley Lodge No. A3, A. F. & A. M.,
arc held on tho second Friday in
each month in Fraternity hall, Hedley. Visiting
brethren aro cordially invited to attend.
W. M. Secretary
Henry's Nurseries
For the
Tcstoel stock, soeds for farm, garden
or conservatory, from best growers in
England, Holland, France, United
States and Canada.
Fertilizers, Boc Supplies, Spray
Pumps, Spraying Materials, Wire
Fencing and Gates, Cut FIoavci's etc.
110 page catalog.frec.
OffiGe, Greenhouses and Seedliouse:
3010 Westminster Road,
VANCOUVER,   -   B. 6.
If there was ever a time that called
for extreme care to prevent loss by
fire it is the present. Absence of rain
and high winds have been the leading
features of ' the weather experienced
this spring, and liberties that couler be
taken in other seasons with perfect
safety would now be a positive danger.
"The Bush Fires Act" was rneant.to
enforce caution on the part of ..those
who were themselves deficient in that
quality, but  the trouble   has always
been that there was no proper provision made for a rigid carrying out of
its requirements, and as a result great
damage was repeatedly being done in
direct contravention of the hiAv-without,
anyone   being   brought    to   account.
Again, the Bush Fires Act only prohibits the use of fire between the first
of May and first of October and permits numerous exceptions, such as farmers clearing land  <fec.    These  Avere
allowed to set out-fires, but  were  enjoined to keep them  in control.    But
it depends wholly on the season whe-
therthe months between May 1st and
October are the most dangerous, for
occasionally   May and June may be
safer months than April. , So after all
much lies Avith the   judgment   of the
individual, and to that appeal must be
made.     Meamvhile all   fire   Avardens
and constables should be most vigilant in compelling obedience to the law.'
Danny McEachern has been working for several Aveeks on'the Florence
where a new body of fine-looking ore
is showing up. v
The ground in BradshaAv's canyon
was thoroughly looked over by Mr.
Camsell last year in connection with
his geological examination of tho
camp. There he found both the
Nickel Plate series and the Sunny-
sides series of rocks in their corresponding relations although in the canyon
a mammoth fault had occurred, and
the fault \voirld in itself have much to
do with the existence of the'canyon.-.'
..' Mr. Camsell. indicated, the ���} spot
where good results might be obtained
from a little development and by
following: his directions his opinion
has been found to:be fully borne put
tor the ore is there and likewise the
valuer ��� ���-
The property is- admirably, situated
for working and only requires a moderate amount of capital to make a
producer. ��� "-.- ���
. L. H. Patten went up to the Golden
Zone on Friday last and found that
the shaft had attained a depth of 95
feet. The or;e~ is'incroaohing on the
dike and as it is much harder than the
dike the crew cannot keep up the
rate of sinking which they were doing
a feAV weeks ago.
Specimens of ore Avhich he brought
from the hottom of the shaft looked
better than anything yet taken out.
It is becoming much more silicious, the
matrix of the ore being a live darkish
blue quartz th.it begins to take on
much of the appearance of the: best
paying rock that was met with in the
old Cariboo at McKinney.
In a few days more they will begin
to cut the station out and prepare a
sump for taking care of the water.
After that drifting Avill go on, both
ways, on the ledge, as well as a crosscut made for'another,'lead-.-that lies
The assurances of D. D. Mann are
being borne out by action of G; N. R.
engineers.    A large party outfitted at
Kaii-lopps to look over route.'between
thjei-e and Yellowhead pass, and it is
generally   believed   that the entente
existing betweenG.N.R. anel C.N.R. Avill
result in a joint road from Aspen Grove
to   the-   coast  down  the  Coquihalht.
Coast  papers   indicate a   probability
that the Provincial Government'may
take decided action -by.way of encouragement.    The Province  a few  days
ago points also to a probability that in
vrew of terminal facilities on Burrard
Inlet and False Creek   being  monopolized  by C. P. R.  and, G.   N.  R.   the
C. N. R. may ntilize the mouth of the
Fraser for dockage and  make its tet-
minals below Ncav Westminster.
"Tri'other provinces all the aid which
the'Canadian   Northern  sought was
guarantee of their bonels,  and D. D.
Mann stated publicly that  no government    that   guaranteed   their bonds
ever had to or would have to put up a,
cent of interest for  them.    If this he
so it is  merely  a  case of  business accommodation   by   Avav   of    indorsing
their paper and giving  them  the ad-,
vantage of the credit of the province.
New Bone of   Contention   Between
Dominion and British Columbia.
Is Lrkely to Escape the Prosecution
Recently Threatened Him.
The C. P. R. Have Parties Out Locating
All the Choice Spots and Getting
Them Ready for Settlement.
Under   New   Management
Quiet and Convenient
Special Attention Gia-en
to the Tkaa-kluno Public
 Rates Moderate .....
The C.P.R., through F. W. Mc-
Laine of Greenwood, sent out four
exploring parties this Aveek to locate
all timber and agricultural land that
the companyownsin theBoundaryand
Okanagan elistricts. The exploration
will continue all through the summer.
The folloAving are the men engaged to
do the work:
Messrs. Tye, Butler, Craing Mclntyre and Hazzard will do the
Messrs. PoAvers, McCuragh, Sanderson, Keve and.Prout will explore the
West Fork of the Kettle river.
, Messrs      Buravash,      Locke,
Cutcheon, Myers and Cook will
along Boundary Creek.
Messrs. Collier, Bssie, Hewar, Gillis
and Rickards have been assigned to
work the North Fork of the Kettle
���;/���'���   ' (Rossland Miner.)   -
Advices from   NeAv. York, say that
there is a'consielerable probability that
F. Aug. Heinze, who was deprived of
nearly all of his capital at the inception
e)f   the    recent  panic While   playing
against the Wall street game, may escape, prosecution.     The  "system" as
Torn LaAA'son dubb's it, had it in for the
Montana copper magnate, caught him
napping,  and  \vhen   it finished  Avith
him  his financial affairs   w.ere   in  a
seriously crippled condition.     Before
he tackled  the Wall street game it
Avould have taken several large trucks
to carry, his wealth if itAvere assembled
iu the form of gold, but, when he   got
through Avith it he could  easily have
packed on his hack Avhat he   had left.
Worse than this .criminal indictments
were found against him.
Since then Heinze has made some
money and will soon he a.ble to settle
the pressing portions of his debts, and
may escape all criminal prosecution
under the indictments. By a recent
order of the court, the receiver of the
National Bank of North America is
authorized to settle.the claims against
Heinze and discontinue theactions now
pending. The terms of the settlement
provide for the payment to the hank
of $41,169 due on a note for ��100,000,
and of a balance, of $121,190 on a note
for $200,000.
Mr. Heinze is a man of wonderful
ability and enterprise, and has many
well Avishers in this community, Avho
AA'ill he pleaseel to learn that he may
he spared the necessity of defending
himself from the charge of dishonesty.
He is still a young man and once he
get- his feet planted firmly in the
financial sand, free from debts and
legal entunglements, it is certain that
he Avill make another large fortune.
(Ottawa-Citizen.)   ������
Mr.    Justice    Cassels     held     court
for the purpose of   hearing argument
in the 'case., of the  King v.  Burrard
Power   wrupany.     This    case   arises
upon an information by the attorney-
general 'for Canada   seeking   to   set
aside ii grant of a.   water record for
25,000   inches of   vvater   out of  the
Lillooet lakes and  tributaries of the
Lilloeiet river in  British Columbia to
the,Burrard Power company,' limited,
such grant being  made by the water
commissioners for the district of .New
Westminster assuming   to act under
the Water Clauses .'Consolidation  act
(B.C.)  being chapter  190 of  the  Revised   Statutes  of British  Columbia.
The contention of the Dominion  government is that the   alleged  grant  of
this Avater record.materially interferes
with the rights of the Dominion government in   the  lands  and  waters of
the "raihvay belt" granted to the  Dominion government by the legislature
of British'Columbia by the Act 43 Vict.
c.  11  (1880)  as  amended  by 47 Vict.
c. 14.    An injunction is also asked   by
the Dominion to restrain  the defendant company from proceeding   to perfect its alleged rights   under the  said
water record.     By   their defence  the
Burrard PoAver company and the province,   represented  by   the  attorney-
general, claim   that  the  Avater  privileges covered by   the  said  record are
not the property e>f the Dominion government. Mr. Justice Martin, to whom
the facts Avere referred for enquiry
and report, found that the. portion of
the Lillooet river in question is navigable, but he did not report that he
found that the Dominion's contention
that the portion of the river in question in this actiou was included Avithin
the boundaries of the "raihvay belt."
The defendants and the province ap
peal from the referee's finding that
the river is navigable at the point hi
dispute, and that the exercise Of the
company's record under the water*
grant Avould interfere Avith the fisheries in the liver.
BoAVser, attorney-general of. British
Columbia, and Lafleur, K. C, for the
elefendents and province ;  NeAvcombe,
How a Labor Walkout Became a Lockout.
The men in the Diamond Vale
Colliery being tAvo months in arrears
on their pay walked out. Two days
later they were told to come to the
office for their pay, when Bank of
Montreal cheques were issued to them
for the whole amount due. It was expected that as soon as the men Avere
paid they would be asked to go to
work again, but the manager said
that the mineAvas closed indefinitely.
Meanwhile stock-holders Avill want to
know what is what.
Canada's   Record in this Connection
Becoming Serious
The; latest volume of Canadian
statistics is for the year ended September 30th, 1907, and would seem to
indicate that the increase in crime in
Canada is greater than .our increase in
population. For example, the figures
of indictable offences covering the
graver classes of crime against the
person and against properly for the
yea r are :
Charges 10,901
Convictions 8,093
The'following table shows the total
number of convictions in Yukon
Territory, and each of the provinces,
the number per 10,000   of population :
Yukon 42
Manitoba 921
British Columbia       5S6
SaskatcheAvan 590
Alberta 390
Ontario 3.S91
Quebec 2,057
Nova Scotia 450
Ncav Brunswick ���      103
P. E. 1. 14
No per
4. S3
K.C.. for Dominion government.
Patten the Avheat king is reported
nervous Avreck.
Ralph Smith is an opponent of imperial defence even to the extent of
cutting doAvn expenditure on the
The Payne tariff bill makes provision for maximum and intermediate
tariffs and Canada is to be put on the
maximum unless she goes hack on the
French treaty recently made.
Florence Kinrade has been placed
under arrest for refusing to attenel
another session of the coroner's inquest.
Great Northern trains in the Cascades are to be operated by electricity
after May 20th, for a distance of 36
iles, hetAveeii Leavemvorth and Well-
Socialists in NeAv Zealand tore doAvn
the Union Jack, because they Avere enraged at offer to give Dreadnoughts to.
B-B TH__   MEDLEY GAZETf]., APRIL 92, 1900.  'tritt'..Mki -4mk-  ShnilkeRieen Advertiser. .  ssmi'i on Thursdays, by the H_m.K v G w.kvtv.  i'.'tl.S-TI.-.'C AND i'ri'l.lSIUNO Co.MI'ANV.  O.'.Mi'rr.u.  at Hedlcv. ��������� li. C.  Subscriptions in Advance  Pi: Year. U2.0G  "      "   ( United States) ..'..50  Advertising: Rates  Measurement. 12 lines to tho inch.  Land Notices���������Certificates of ini])rovement. et-e.  $7.00 for GO-day notices, and $5.00 for 30-day  notices.  Transient A4verti������eweiit���������������not exceeding one  inch, $1.00 for one insertion, '25 cents for  .each subsccnient insertion.   Over one inch,  10 cents per line for first insertion and 5  cents per line for each subsequent insertion.  Transient* payable in advance.  Contract Adverti������e������jcnt_���������One.inch per month  $i.?fr. o\-er 1 inch and up to A inches, $1.00  per inch permonth. 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It is. barely   building  one.to her one. ship, and   it  is  meantime    addressing    to   her  every kind, of timid entreaty to  be pleased to build not quite so  fast.    Such an attitude   is   irreconcilable with British   dignity  and honour.  Mr. Gladstone once said.> that  Ministries    rarely   represented  the feeling of the country.     If  the over-seas dominions  of the  Empire   would  learn  the, true  sentiments of Great Britain, we  hope that they will not look to  the'overwhelming figures of the  division in the House   of  Commons.    The majority against a  stronger      Navy      represented  nothing   but  machine  politics.  The  world  should  turn  for  a  real declaration of British sentiment to the enormous majority  of 3.948 for eight Dreadnoughts  at Croydon.   ' It   is  the country  against the  Commons,   and  if  the voice of party spoke in   the  Commons, none can doubt that  the voice of Britain has  spoken  at Crovdon.  NOTICE  f\S ������nd after the first day of May tho biihi-  " Tiess now carried on by myself will be  conducted by H.11. Robinson and myself under  the firm name of Rovely & Robinson andv the.;  business'now conducted by H. I. Robinson at  Tulameen, B. C. will also be operated by Rovely  & Robinson. All accounUi'diie to me must bo  paid forthwith and all accounts'against ino������ to  be presented for payment. ���������      ."���������'������������������  W. F. RKVKLY  Hedley, B.C., April 19th, 1908. 15-2  1836  THE  BANK OF  NOTICE  fCjOTICK is hereby given that, thirty di������ys  x^ after date. I, Mrs. Joan M. Smith, of  Beuvcrdell, B. C, intenel to apply to the superintend of provincial police.'F. S. Ilussey, for a  rcmewal of a retail liquor licence for the  Smith's Hotel located at Beaverdell, B. C  MRS. JOAN M. SMITH  Beaverdell. April 15th, 1909. " 15-2  NOTICE  Banking  by Mail  73 Years in Business. Capital and Reserve Over $7,000,000  is a great convenience to those  who live some   distance  from  .   town.  Deposits may be sent in, cash drawn, or other busi-  transacted by Mail, without any trouble or delay.  Write or   ask  our Local Manager to  explain  our  system to you. '.,;."���������  Hedley Branch,    -   -   L. G. MacHaffi'e, Manager  NOTIC  ti:  hereby  after date.  E is  by given that, thirty'days  I, I). G. Hackney, of Hedley,  B. C. , intend to apply to the superintendent of  provincial police, F. .S. Husscy, of Victoria,, for  renewal of a retail liquor licence for the Hotel  Hedley, located in Hedley, B. C.  D. G. HACKNEY  Hedley, B. C, April, 15th, 1909   ,   , .     , 14-4  NOTICE  J. A. SCHUBERT f  MOTICK is hereby given "that, thirty days  * * after date, 1, W. T. Atherton, of Hedley.  B. C, intend to apply to the.superintendent of  provincial police, if. S. Hussey, of Victoria for  renewal of a retail liquor licence for the Hotel  Similkaineen, located .in Hedley>(,B..C. <'.-    .  .   W. T. ATHERTON. ���������';'  Hedley, B. C. April 15th. 1909.    ' 14-4  3  .'.  ;*;  i)  (  , s  0  -i{������  ��������� lL'-  12  iy  U  lo  1(5  .17  lS  19  20  ,21  22  23  24  25  20  27  2S  2t)  3)  PARTY LOYALTY vs. ARGUMENT  THE REAL VOICE OF BRITAIN  (Over-Seas Mail)   '  The country was this week  treated to an unfortunate spectacle in the House of Commons  ���������-a debate on party lines upon  the strength of our priceless  Navy. Ministers, to defend  themselves and to prove their  programme adequate, were  driven to contradict their oavii  utterances of a fortnight ago.  To the nation tit large, and to  every reflecting man, as Lord  Bobert Cecil pointed out, their  naval programme bears the  plain imprint of a compromise.  It has been devised for Cabinet  convenience, for Budget exigencies. It has left out of sight  the one vital issue���������the supremacy of the British Navy and the  safety of the British Empire.  The best defence  that  could  be made for such a programme  and such a policy of  half-measures was offered by Sir Edward  Grey. Listening to him, one felt  at moments  that the speaker  Avas oppressed with tlie gravity  of the position.     But when  it  came to action he had  none  to  promise.       He  dweit at   some  length on a German declaration  made    verbally,    to   the  effect  that Germany litis no intention  of further accelerating her programme, and a  German  statement   that she will  not  have  thirteen Dreadnoughts complete  till the close of 1912.     But,  as  he himself reminded the House,  this declaration is not   binding.  It represents merely a pious intention.  The  German  assurances are  doubtless    well   meant.       But  the safety  of the British   Empire   must rest on  something  more   tangible     than     verbal  promises.     We would not   be  misunderstood    on this   point.  Germany has a perfect right to  build as many ships as she likes,  and to build them as fast as she  sikes. She means, as  we  know  from her published programme,  to  construct  eventually    fifty-  eight Dreadnoughts and Invinc-  ibles,  not   thirty-three   as Sir  Edward Grey appears   to  have  been  informed.     Our business  drawn.  every  public  "An appeal for party loyalty  is no substitute for   argument."  These words uttered by Balfour  ! the leader of the Opposition  in  the'British House of Commons  in   reply   to Premier Asquith,  contain a world of meaning and  will bear a heap of study.  .The  woi'ds were used by him in  the  debate on the  vote  of censure  motion;    and  those   who. . read  a summary of Asquith's speech in  which the Liberal   majority in  j the House of Commons (elected  three  years ago  wholly. 011   a>  domestic policy) were asked   to  vote down the   motion,  cannot  j but  say .that    Balfour's   short  j sentence Avas  both  a just  epi-  j tome of   Asquith's attitude  on  the question, and   a   fitting  rebuke to one who would sink the  patriot   and  statesman  in  the  politician to the  extent  which  Asquith  did.     But  how  often  have we seen the same thing in  Canada, both at Ottawa and in  provincial    legislatures   where  party-    lines  had  been closely  In    England    to-day  by-election    as  Avell as  meeting    shoAvs    that  Asquith   and  his folloAving  in  the House are at outs with  the  popular voice in their  management of the navy, and realizing  this as Asquith and his Ministry  must do they incur a grave responsibility in thus  over-riding  the    arguments    of    their   opponents who do voice   the  present sentiment of Great Britain.  In voting down Lee's motion by  means  of the  brute   majority  Avith which chance has temporarily favored   the  Government  they have betrayed a  trust  reposed in them by the people.  Now in Canada Ave might go  back  over  the  legislative    records of various parliaments to  show that too often   the party  whip has been used at the direction of premiers to  bring men  into line and vote down motions  that   their  constituents would  agree    with    but   the   list   is  too long.    In   the present session alone there are   four   such  votes  that  have  come    up  at  Ottawa  that  call   for   special  mention.    These  aie  the  vote  on Burrell's motion to do away  with  deferred   elections  which  Mr. Fielding who   Avas  leading  the House in   Sir   Wilfrid's  absence agreed with, but called on  his following to vote doAvn   be-  NOTICE  NOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  after elate, 1, A. 1). Broomfleld, of West  's  .   . West-'  bridge, B.C., intend to apply to the superintendent of pt-OA'ineial police, F. S.' Hussey, of  Victoria, for renewal of a retail liquor licence  for the West-ridge-Hotel; located at West-  bridge B. C. '.;��������� -    ,i   - -..-,;.  '"'-..A. D. BROOMFIELD.  Wcstbridge, B. C,-'April 15th, 1009. .       14-4    .  I  i  Has Just Received a consignment of  Men's Stylish Summer Suits  from the Broadway Tailoring Establishment,  Toronto.    Very Good Fit and Cut.  OUR STOCK  OF DRY GOODS  COMPLETE.  IN   NOW  A Dressmaking Department has been added-  Ladies are invited to call.  NOTICE  NOTICE is hereby gi\-'en that, thirty days  .. ... afterdate,!, R.G. Sidley, of Sidley, B.C.,  intend to apply to the superintendent of provincial police, F. Sr Husscy, of Victoria; for renewal of a retail liquor licence for the Mountain View Hotel; located at Sidley, B. C.  R. G. SIDLEY  Sidley, B. C... April 15th, 1909. 14-4  A NICE LINE OF AMERICAN and CANADIAN SUMMER FOOTWEAR  Agent for Singer Sewing Machines  J. A. SCHUBERT J  HEDLEY, -      ��������� . o- - B. C.     f  NOTICE  MOTICE is hereby given.that, thirty days  1 ��������� after date, I, Hugh Cameron, of Camp  McKinney, B. C. intenel to apply to the' superintendent of provincial police, F. S. Hussey, of  Victoria, for. a'retail liquor licence for the  Camp McKinney Hotel, located.at Camp McKinney, B. C.  iiugh cameron;  Camp. McKinney, B.C., April-loth,1909.   14-4  NOTICE  NOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  after date, I, Thos. Bradshaw, of Fifteen  Mile, B. C, intends to apply to the superintendent of provincial police, F. S. Hussey, of Victoria,- for renewal,of a retail liquor licence for  Bradshaw's Hotel, located at Fifteen Mile, B.C.  THOS. BRADSHAW.  Fifteen Mile, B. C., ApriM5th-1909       -14-4 ���������  NOTICE  NOTICE  NTOTICE is hereby given "that, thirty clays  ^ after date, I, J. S. McLean, of BrielcA'illc,  P. 0., B. C, intend to apply to the superinten-'  dent of provincial police, b. S. Hussey, .of Victoria, for reneAval 'of'a retail liquor licence for  the Iona Hotel, located at forks of Bock Creek.  JOHNS. McLEAN.  Bridcville P. O., P. C. April 15th, 1909    14-4  cause it could be interpreted  as  a'vote of want  of confidence;  the Doherty motion to  have a  thorough investigation into the  transactions of all spending departments  of the  government  and the attitude of the government on the Pugsley affair and  the question of aid to Imperial  defence.     In  singling  out  the  last we do not say that the government is much more to blame  than the opposition leaders  inasmuch  as  the  deliverance  of  tlie latter on the question in the  house fell very far short of advocating    the    decided    action  which    leading   men on   both  sides of politics declared for  in  various public meetings through  out  the  country, and   because  the    motion which the    house  finally   voted   on   was  a compromise  motion  agreed   to by  the leaders on both sides.    Had  the opposition at OttaSva taken  the same clean-cut decidedstand  against   government dalliance  and delay which   Balfour and  his followers took in the British  House of Commons against the  Asquith-McKenn a   policy then  the    full    measure    of   blame  would   attach  to    Laurier for  opposing the  views  of himself  and     folio Avers     against     the  wishes of the  electors as  indicated  by  the   unanimity    displayed in public meetings from  east to west of the dominion.  NOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  after date, I, John Cosgrove, of Hedley  B. C, intend to apply to thesuperintendent of  provincial police, F. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for  renewal of a retail liquor licence for the Park  Hotel, located on the Similkameen river four  miles west of Hedley, B. C.  JOHN COSGROVE.  Hedley, B. C, April 15th, 1909. * 14-4  NOTICE  A Sitting of the County Court of Yale District Avill bo held on,Tuesday, May llth,  A.D., 1909, at the Government Office, Fairview,  B, C. at the hour of ten o'clock in the fereiiooh.  By Order  JAMES R. BROWN  15-3 .      Registrar of CountyCourb of Yale.  TENDERS  notice;  NOTICE is hereby given that,, thirty days,  after date, I, Harry' Jones, of Fairview,  B. C. intend to apply, to the superintendent of  provincial police, F. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for  renewal of a retail liquor licence for the Golden  Gate Hotel, located in Fairview, B.C. .   .  HARRY JONES.,  Fairview, B. C, April 15th, 1909. 14-4  NOTICE  TENDERS will be received till noon on May  15th, 1909,, for the purchase of Fraternity  Hall and lot, (Lot 24 Blk 14), Hedley, B. C.  'The   highest or any other tender nob nee  essarily accepted. ;. t'-.    -, ���������  For further particulars apply to  J. K. FRASER  Hedley, B.' C.   : - <*  or FINLAY FRASER,  Nicola B.C.  .  Addrcss.tenders to-J.*K. Fraser. Hedley -B. C.  H  NOTICE  NOTICE is hereby given bhat, thirty-daya  ��������� after date, I, John Jackson, of Hedley,  B. C, intend to apply-to the superintendent of.  provincial police, F. S. Husscy, of Vicboria, for  a renewal of a retail liquor liccne for the New  Zealand Hotel, located in Hedley, B. C.  JOHN JACKSON.  Hedley, B. C. April 15th, 1909, 11^  NOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  after date, 1, Evan Morris, of Fairview.  B. C, intend to apply to the superintcndcnb'of  proA'incial police, F. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for  renewal of a retail liquor licence for the Miners  Home Hotel, located in FairA'iew, B.-C.  EVAN MORRIS.  Fairview, B. C, April 15th, 1909 14-4  NOTICE  NOTICE  NOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  afterdate, I, James Wallace, of Princeton, B. C. intend to apply to the superintendent  of provincial police, F. S. Hussey, of Victoria,  for reneAval of a retail liquor licence for the  Princeton Hotel " -      ��������� - ~  Princcton, B. C.  located at Princeton. B. C.  JAMES WALLACE.  April 15th, 1909. 11-4  N  OTICE is hereby gi\-en tlyit, thirty days  afber dabe,I, John Lind,' of Hedley, B.C.,  intend bo apply to the superintendent of proA'incial police, F. S. Husscy, of Victoria for  renewarof a retail liquor licence for tho Great  Northern Hotel, located in Hedley, B. C.  JOHN LIND.  Hedley, B. C, April 15th. 1909. 14-4  NOTICE  NOTICE  N<  OTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  after date, we, Geo. A. Goldsbrough and  Amy A. Worgan of Allison, B. C, intend to apply to the superintendent of provincial police,  F. S. Husscy, of Victoria, for renewal of a retail liquor licence for the Allison Hotel located  at Allison B. C.  GOLDSBROUGH & WORGAN  Allison, B. C, April loth, 1909. 14-4  NOTICE  N(  OTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  after date, Ave, W. Arnott and W. B.  Hine, of Okanagan Falls, B. C, intend to apply  to the superintendent of proA'incial police, F.S.  Hussoy', of Victoria, for a renewal of a retail  liquor licence for the Alexandra Hotel, located  at Okanagan Falls, B. C.  ARNOTT & HINE  Okanagan Falls, B.C., April 15th, 1909.   11-4  ���������NOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  -1* after date, avc, Robert Herring and Anton  Winkler, of Hedley, B. C, intenel to apply to  the superintendent of provincial police. ���������F. S.  Hussey, of Victoria, for renewal of a retail liquor licence for the Grand Union Hotel, located in Hedley, B. C.  '      HERRING & WINKLER.  Hedley, B. C, April loth, 1909. 14-4  NOTICE  /.<  r-  I  NOTICE is hereby given that, bhirby days  after date. I, John Gladden, intend to  apply to the superintendent of provincial  police, F. S. Hussey, of Victoria, fora reneAval  of retail liquor licence for the Commercial Hotel  located in Hedley, B. C.  JOHN GLADDEN.  Hedley, B. C, April 15th, 1909 14-4  Houses to Let.  NOTICE  NOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  afterdate, I, H. S. Pitbendrigh, of Rock  Creek, B. C. intend to apply to the superintendent of proA'incial police, F. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for reneAval of a retail liquor licenso for  the Rock Creek Hotel, located at Rock Creek.  H. S. PITTKNDRIGH.  Rook Creek. B. C, April 15th, 1909.        14-4  4 Roomed House, Furnished,  ���������������15.00 per month.  Avith good garden  4 Roomed Cottage���������$10.00 per month.  3 Roomed Cotbagc���������$8.00 per month.  APPLY TO  F. H. FRENCH.  I  NOTICE  TAKE NOTICE that thirty days after date,  * I, VanderJ. Rose, will apply to 1 F.S.  Hussey, superintendent of Provincial Police,  for permission to transfer the licence of tho  Hobel Hedley bo D. G. Hackney.  VANDER J, ROSE  Hedley, B.C., April 15th. 1909. 16-4  -_i;'l THE HEDLEY GAZETTE, APRIL 29,  1909.  T������wa mai Dfetrkft.  ~        ��������� --         ���������    __������������������������������������'    ������    . ��������� ������������������i  Miss Blliott reb'urned ' from Keremeos last week.     , ' *  Win. Mclntyre is to build a new-  hotel at MetTitt.  Findlay Fraser has removed from  Nicola to Merritt.  Mrs. W. A. Maclean and daughters  moved out to the ranch last week.  L. H.' .'Pattein returned last week  from a business trip to the prairies.  The B. C. Copper, may shut down in  a feAv days for want of coke as a result of the   coal   miners'   strike   in  >  Alberta.  Merritt is to have a branch of the  Bank of Montreal.   A. \V. Strickland  will be manager of  both Nikola and  '. Merritt branches.  Peck McSwain holds the  record' for  ���������- the irrost alliterative accident in B. C,  He fell  forty-five feet at the Fernie  -'fire and fracturedhis femur.   -    "  Harry  Swan did- not return  from  ���������i-Kettle River after completion of the  'bridge, but��������� went on  to New Brunswick where his father rs veiy ill.  ��������� '   Ernest    Waterman,  J. P.,  resident  ' agent at- Princeton for the Vermillion  Forks Mining   Co.   was   in   town on  Saturday night on his Avay home from  the Const.  ��������� CD. B. Green, P. L. S. expects to  remove his family to the Coast shortly  as his work for a few " seasons Avill be  in that portion of the province. They  will reside in Victoria.  , ,' E. E. Burr, oif Oroville, was in town  over Sunday. He reports a large num:  ber of land :seekers in Washington  state, but most of the'm'come intb the  Okanagan by Avay of Wenatchee.  -,On Sunday night ia^fierce fire" Avas  burning on the 'mountain side in the  vicinity of Henry Creek, Avhich may  have got out from lack of care at some  of the construction camps; for, it Avas  in tha't vicinity. "  Can- the postmaster-general explain  why it is that for the past five Aveeks  Monday's Spokesman. - RevieAv is re-  ceivedin Hedley on Tuesday riight and  Sunday's issue is' not received irntil  Wednesday,night?  General samples from recent Avork  on the Oregon have given very satisfactory returns, and the, owners may  be disposed to continue development  for a Avhile longer than they had  counted on when starting', in.  Scott Avenue is undergoing repairs  these days Avhich Avill   sidd materially  , Mr. M. K. Rodgers camp in on Tues+.  day arid is receiving warm handshakes  from his Hedley friends. 'He is'stc-  corapanied by J. G. Merrill, an eminent mining engineer, who will revienv  the data prepared by the examining  corps that have been sampling the  Nickel Plate, and will make a personal  examination before submitting report  to his principals.  . Pete Lorenzetto's barn on '.Brushy  bottom was burned on Saturday last.  The fire evidently originateel from a  spark from Bradshaw's new fallow  that was carried a long distance in the  fierce wind that blew up and down the  valley and set fire to a manure heap  near'the barn. The near proximity of  this latter- blaze soon settled the fate  of the barn especially in the absence  of anyone to leiok after it for Mrs.  Lorenze.tto and the children had gone  up to.Hedley. Mr. and Mrs. R.J.  Edmond, by good luck happened along  before the fire in the barn had made  much headwaya'nd Mr. Edmonds was  able to go in and take out Avhat harness there was in the barn.  Among the early arrivals this week  was tourist PeckcMcSAvain.    Peck has  effected a marked change in  costume  and personal appearance. His devotion  to   the  "art preservative" ��������� was such"  that he deterrninedthere should be a  certain likeness between  the subject  and the picture and   if the artists  in  black and white that illustrate for the  comic papers have adopted a particular  style for  the gentleman  tourist and  will not change it for a more becoming  style,then the.gentleman tourist to be  .a la mode must conform to .the" picture.-  It is about a year since Peck was'last in'  'HSdley anel his itinerary in the interim  has taken him through a considerable  portion of \B% C.  the Northwest and  .Washington State.   The worst thing  he ran into was the Fernie fire where  he had an accident that laid him up  for a while and from which he has not  fully recovered.    * ' ��������� '  .- T. Bradshaw tells a good joke on  himself which illustrates the. fact that  dB'edi,ence to .the lawin its letter and  spirit often entails sotarr'e sacrifice!.. The  action of the local. legislature last  session in passing a compulsory spraying Jaw me'twith' his hearty approval  for it is  no use for one  THAT, , MALODOROUS _ HUNT  i. A. C Studd and Companion' Get After  Bear With Strange Bait.  fruit-groAver  spraying his trees if his neighbors  neglect it anil allow their orchards to  infect the Avhole neighborhood. : So to  get the full benefit of the laAV he passed the Avord.. around among the  Indians that if they didh'tspray forthwith-they would be put in jail.     Then  to its appearance as well as contribute   fche Indians began to hit hirii .^foi- -the.  to the comfort ;of teamsters who have  had some dificulty at times to navigate their craft among the rocks.  S. A. Harris.of the Vernon Okanagan, has gone to be .Canadian- trade  agent in Japan as successor, to ��������� W. T.  R. Preston. The. long gentleman's  numerous pilgrimages through .Yale-  Caribpoa last fall were evidently made  to some purpose after all. ���������������������������  Peck McSAA'ain, the bright and erratic print shop troubadour, Avho AAron-  ders over the face of the earth through  choice and force of habit, came into  Oroville Saturday. He Avas headed for  nowhere in particular and someAvhat  indifferent as to Avhether he over got  there.���������Oroville Gazette.  Last Aveek for the first time, the  mean temperature for the week up at  the Nickel Plate Avas above freezing.  The water responded slightly, but is  yet far short of what it has been at  this time any other spring. This time  five years ago, the highest point of  high Avater had passed about two  weeks.  It is learned in toAvn that A. A.  Davidson, Avho left here about the  mielelle of March to take a situation  offered him in Ontario, did not get  any farther than Armstrong when -he-  was taken doAvn Avith pneumonia,  Avhich kept him until it Avas too" late  to take the job aAvaiting him. He remained in Armstrong where he has a  situation as bookkeeper.  Mayor Geo. W. Rumberger, of  Phoenix, came in on Monday night's  stage. Mayor Rumherger aaiis one of  the first prospectors on Boundary  Creek and Avas among the luckiest of  the olel guard. He avus the original  locator of the Brooklyn. He spent  last winter in Cobalt where he secured  some valuable interests, and is ahvays  ' on the lookout-for any thing good in  ' the ruining line.  There have been importantadditions  to the ranks of the 'golfers. On Saturday nit.,lit outfits arrived for Dr. and  Mr.--. V/hillans and Messrs Williams  ami (iillespie, anel some rothers are  likely to "gang a chasin' the Avee ba'. "  Tiit'ie is a probability that Princeton  ni;<y fi,-i) in for it also, anel it is possible  that a contest for supremacy may  take place on the Hedley links before  the ...-,;.-DIl  is out.  loan of'his spray pump,'which has  been kept on the go all spring drowning out with coddling moth and'Avoolly  aphis emulsion every blooming SiAvash  runt seedling between Keremeos. and  Hedley.' Ry the time spraying season  comes around again it will in all probability befin,'order for.,Mr.-Bradshaw. to  buy.hirrrself a neAV spray pump and  donate theiold one tp his dusky.neigh-  bors to continue the Avar on green and  Aypolly aphis,  v., ,    .   .;      -     ,  Mr. Studd's friends in Hedley -will  enjoy the folloAving excerpt from a  Vancouver paper.    It ������ays :  Messrs Arthur Dodd and E. A. C,  Studd recently left on-.the lattei's new  motor yacht Grey Lady for an extended cruise np the coast, perhaps as far  as Alaska, anrl also with the vowed intention of capturing alive a small live  bear of a rare species which hael often  been seen fin the edge- of an extinct  volcano on e>ne of the islands up the  coast. For this latter purpose they took  a crock of. particularly rancid butter���������  so strong that they had to hurriedly  dash out of the harbor to escape being  summoned by the medical health  officer for maintaining a nuisance.  On hearing of this circumstance,and  their ^departure," an aelmiring > friend  penned the following ode, which without any flattery te������ the embryo poet  ���������can be said to be better than the bear  bait:   ���������  OH, ODOROUS OLEO.  There's a tail in the  air-,  of a 'small  Avhite bear ��������� _        .  - - Whose'fame Avill.yet be greater; '  '  When the hrinters twain find his lone  domain,  On the edge of a burnt-out crater.  Refrain,:  Here they come with a barrel  o'  bum  Butter or margerine, O.  Od's bipod, said studd, Egod said Dodd,  We'll-get right on his trail, sir;  ���������If we don't get the  bear, We'll get  fresli air, .    .       -  To-morroAV Ave'll set sail, sir.  Said Dodd, how noAv, for bait I vow.   .  A little rancid flutter  Will make this bear forsake his lair  And come aboard the cutter.  At last they, found" far "underground,  In a cellar old and musty,  The real, old stuff (it was no bluff),  It-would turn your nostrils rusty.  Said Studd, '^That's nice, ��������� now Avhat's  your price        !  ��������� For this butter or margerine, O?"  Said the man, "Sir, pray, take it right  away,  I will not charge a bean, O."  The smell from the crock oozed round  the block,  The people gaspeel for' air, sir;  When Studel was asked Avhy, he made  this reply,  "We, just got some bait for   a 'bear,  'sir." ;-/'"- ���������'.;������������������;.'....'     .;..'���������������������������  ;To the wharf they went; and so did  the scent  Of the> butter eir margerinei O;  What ho, said the mate, this ain't fit  New G-oods  ��������� ��������� ���������-.- at -���������  Shatfords  t  t  ���������  We are this week opening up the finest  array of ;  Ladies' Summer Goods  ever Shown in Hedley.    Including���������  Dress Muslins  Prints   .  Lawns  Linens  JWhitewear  Waists  Hosiery, Etc.  And we want every lady in jtown to come  in and see them.  >���������������������������������*-<  x  GENERAL NEWS  The Russian officer's Stoessel and  Bogatoff, who Avere imprisoned after  the war for not licking the Japs are  to be released.  Teaching  -A   man' Avas   fined   yesterday   at  OttaAva for giving his son a cigarette.  Endeavors are being made to have a  Lhav   School. . and Medical  Faculty at Regina.  The $20,000 worth of NeAv York  Traders' Bank bills lost between  Ottawa and Toronto Avere unsigned.  A farmer of Portage La Prairie has  been charger! . with ill-treating and  causing the death of a Barnardo   boy.  The high price of wheat is beginning  to make itself felt in the bake-shops,  and in many towns have advanced the  price of bread a cent a loaf.  The Chicago, Milwaukee and St.  Paul are to compete Avith C. P. R. for  trans-Pacific steamship trade.  The Young Turks have made Abdul  Hamid a constitutional monarch.  The old chap didn't put up a fight.  The Mohammedans of Asia Minor  crazed with fanaticism have slain  20,000 persons.  The Niagara gorge. Avas filled Avith  ice, and dynamite Avas used to clear a  passage.  A non partisan meeting at Victoria,  B.C. eleclared for unconditional gifts  to.imperial navy.  Hill and Harriman construction  forces are likely to come into collision  in a canyon near Kalispell.  The Canadian cutter Kestrel captured  an American Schooner, Levi Woodbury for fishing illegally in Canadian  waters.  freight  .   For the Mercantile Marine, O.  They both Avere sad, it was too bad,  But the mats and crew objected;  When they caught the smell, they began to yell.  That their health AvOuld be. affected.  . . - -- * ,'  They soon did spy at a slip close by,  The Gray   Lady,   a staunch chug-  chug craft, sir:  So on they Avent Avith the butter   (and  scent)  They did, or I'm a liar, sir,  Alas, poor Studd, alack, friend   Dodd,  You're doomed   to disappointment;  For the bear shall sigh and quietly die  When he smells your odorous ointment.   AVHEN YOU HANKER FOR     Fresh Beef,     Pork or Mutton  Cured Meats,     Fish or Poultry  CALL UP PHONE No,5  AND TELL YOUR WANTS TO  ���������_L- -X EiM@������<  IB Itateta0  3  i  X  X  X  X  f  *  %  ss.  fawr>J*^*������MWl*M*^^^  A TIDY RANCH  Bradshaw's Farm at the Mouth of Twenty  Mile Becoming an Attractive Spot.  A hotel, a mine and a ranch are  three Aveighty articles for a man to  have on his hands at one time and yet  Mr. Bradshaw seems to make a fair  success of theni."  The ranch comprises 320 ac,res of  good lanel Avell proportioned in bench,  bottom and timber, Avith the roadside  inn up on the bench,  Industry and judicious planning are  important elements to success in such  a case and Mr. BradshaAV has exhibited both in a marked degree. His water  right on Fifteen-Mile creek was a  valuable acquisition and by means of  it he has brought fertility to the  barren Avaste Avhich his industry cleared of rocks and boulders.  He has noAv on the bench tAVO fine  orchards, one on each side of the road,  the trees on Sunday last breaking out  in leaf Avhile some of them, the  cherries, Avere already in bloom.  The bottom land gives him' a Avide  expanse of ground betAveen the bench  and the river. On the portion of the  bottom Avhich he has had cleared and  in crop for several years, he has been  groAving vegetables and hay. Of the  latter he has been taking off nearly  four tons to the acre each year. This  land is sub-irrigated from the river  X  K  x  x  x  x  H  x  x  X  X  X  X  $  X  X  i  e  X  X  X  X  X  i  K  X  K  X  *_  i  K  * &' cfeC  Site  i. ������������������, "���������    r""CTg,|l-"Wl'.?.:^,-OT&-  Great Northern  Hotel  A new house containing more hed  room ��������� accommodation than any  other hotel in town. Table and  bar   flrsb - class.    Rates  moderate.  PLUMBING AND  TINSMITHING.  JOHN LIND,  Proprietor g  and is rich and fertile. During the  past year he has had about 40 acres  more chopped and the timber burned  off, and a stump-puller had been put  to work to take out the stumps. This  machine is. a diminutive looking  affair, but is capable of pulling over  fifty tons which enables him to tackle  almost any stump met Avith. When  this neAV land is ready for crop it Avill  add enormously to the yearly output  of the farm.  Fortunately for him the raihvay cut  across the place in a manner to do  him the least possible harm for it kept  the gravelly bank all the Avay betAveen  the bottom and the bench. When Mr.  Bradshaw has had a few more years  to carry out his plans for improvement of the place it will be one of the  most valuable farms of like acreage on  the river.  H.B.MAUSETTE  Is Prepared to Attend to any Work  in the Above Lines.  Eave Troughmg a Specialty  H. B. MAUSETTE  Keremeos St>at>ion.  To Buy Cheap, Pay Cash.  Family Groceries  Fresh and Seasonable  at the  Cheap Cash Store  MRS. G. B. LYONS.  Try  .-vwwa-ixKA-t-  CEYLON TEA.  Pure  and   invigorating.  When   writing    Advertisers,     Please  Man-ion the Gazette. THE   HEDLEY   GAZETTE,, APRIL 29, 19U>.  Indorses United Wireless  Continued from Pace One  "It is probable that   very feAV   corporations now before the .public  have  accomplished so much or  made such  progress during the recent financial  depression   as  this  company.     Since  Col. C.C. Wilson   assumed  the presidency of the corporation less than two  years ago it had expended nearly   one  million dollars in developing and fur-  ��������� tlidi'iiig its business interests.    At  the  end of the first fiscal year under his  management  the company had  met  with such phenomenal success that   it  was in.position to nay   a liberal  dividend.   However, it was wisely decreed  by  the  vote of  the  stockholders    to  employ its surplus earnings in extending its development,   putting  in   new  stations, etc.,   which   was  elone   with  such judicious effect that the pet earnings of the  company  at the present  time are very'close to forty thousand  dollars per  month.    It  vvoulel "appea  to the editor that by January next the  United Wireless Co. will be. in a , position-to pay at least five per cent on  the 'entire capitalization   of the company.   With increased earnings is certain to come increased stock  values,  and it would not be at all surprising  to see the United Wireless stock ciuot-  ..- ed at $100 a share or over by   the end  of 1910.   This statement is  based  oir  J   the fact that the company- now- holds  contracts, anel it appears to have busi-  ness assured anel practically controlled,  that should be suficient to eventually  give   the    company net earnings of  nearly five million dollars a year\  ��������� Future contracts should largely increase  this amount.    It is only a question of  a short time before wireless telegraohy  ���������will   be as common   throughout the  civilized world as the ordinary system  of telegraphy, and almost every vessel  on the oceans  Avill  be equipped Avith  the apparatus, and   in this-work   the  United Wireless Co. appears to have  the lead anel should reap  the bulk of  the benefits.  "Theextension of theUnitedWireless  Telegraph company'sservicednring the  last six weeks has been not only rapid  but very important, in the opinion of  those avIio arc Avatching the development of the company's commercial  business.  "A fine new station has been opened  on the roof e)f the NeAv Willard hotel  in Washington, where commercial business is being handled-"which is increasing in volume every Aveek. It was  from this station that the United company handled the press matter on Inauguration day and the night of March  4th, which gaAre to the world the only  neAvs of the ceremonies attending the  installation into office of President  Tuft. All telegraph wires- had been  prostrated by the storm of the night  before, and the wireless was the only  means of quick communication Avith  the outside world.  Contracts were signed last-Aveek for  the Avireless equipment of the Graham  & Morton Transportation company's  fleet of lake steamers plying betAveen  Chicago, Holland, Benton Harbor and  St. Joseph.. This contract included the  establishment of shore stations at  Benton Harbor, Holland and Chicago.  Other stations avi'H soon be established  at Buffalo, Duluth and other important  lake points. Also contract just closed  with Goodrich Transit Co.'s fleet,  steamers Virginia, Carolina, Indiana,  Racine, Iowa, Georgia, Carolina, Sheboygan, Chicago, City of Columbus,  and stations at Grand Haven, Mich.;  ManitOAvac, Mich.; Milwaukee and  Mackinac.  "Within the last month Avirelesssta-  tions have been.established at Friday  Harbor and Ketchikan, Alaska, thus establishing dependable communication  between the, interior of Alaska and  Seattle, Wash. The successful transmission of messages between these  points has SAvept aside the doubts  Avhich have hitherto existed in the  minds of scientists as to the practica"  bility of sending aerial messages over  mountainous country.  "Within the 30-day period the Cuban  government has purchased a Avireless  outfit for a government station and is  negotiating Avith representative at  Havana for several more.  ''The station Avhich is being built at  Santo Domingo by theUnited company  Avill be ready for business Avithin a feAv  days. This aviII put the Dominican  republic in direct communication with  Tampa, Ala., and break the monopoly  held by the French Cable and Telegraph Co., Avhich has for years charged 20 cents a word for land messages  betAveen Santo Doningo and Puetro  Platte, and $1.30 a weird for cable  messages to this country.  _'��������� i  When you can get a good lot on the  at from $200 to $250 on easy  a st residential streets  terms of payment.  Now, during the quiet months, you might be building a  < ���������  small house for yourself without much outlay.  Call in and see what we can do for you.  The Hedley City Townsite Go'y, Ltd.  -       -        HEDLEY, B.C.  H. FRENCH  Secretary and flanager,  "Represen ta ti ves of the Un i ted Wireless company started for the east  some time ago to establish Avireless  stations in China, Japan and Manchuria. Another representative will  leave seion for St Petersburg to carry  on negotiations Avith the Russian government for the adoption of the Unit  ed Wireless company's system for  army and commercial purposes.  ."The foregoing details should be sufficient to convince anyone of the rapid  progress the company is making, and  it should also be an indication of Avhat  the future holds in store. It is also  proof of the great ability of the management.  "This paper has repeatedly referred  favorably to and endorsed wireless  telegraphy, and it is a pleasure to confirm our former statements at this  time and to especially endorse the  United Wireless Telegraph company."  METEOROLOGICAL.  The folloAving are the readings shoAV-  ing temperature, etc., for the week  ending Apr. 24:  AT THK MINE.  Maximum        Minimum  Apr 18    ���������    '  .           51       .. 23  10           ..         58       .. 25  20 ..         38       .. 18  21 ..         49       .. 24  22 ..         52       .. 2G  23 ..         41       .. 28  24 ..         40 23  Average maximum temperature 47.  Average minimum do 23.71  -Mean temperature 35.35  Rainfall for the week     .    inches.  Snowfall       "       " 2.5  COUKKSPONDIN_ WEEK OK LAST YKAH  Highest maximum temperature CO.  A. MEGRAW  NOTARY   PUBLIC  Conveyancer,  Real Estate,  Minos,  Crown   Grants   Applied   For  Under Land  Act and  Mineral Act.  Agent for:  Mutual Life of Canada.  Hudson Bay Insurance Co.. ��������� ���������  ���������  Columbia Fire Insurance Co.  -.' Calgary Fire.Tnsurance Co.   .  London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.  United Wireless Telegraph Co.  Office  at   HEDLEY,   B. C.  a������**i������*������ati������?������Mra%tifMM^3������fefeWriia������)i  !_  x  x  X  X  THE  "8  X  x  Great Northern  Hotel  f rinGtnon  x  s  x  K  x  K  x  &  x  f_  x  __  X  ������  ������  ������  _?  Is noteel over the entire district for excellence of both table  :   :   :   :       and bar.       :   :   :   :  All the Avnnts of the travelling  public   carefully  attended   to.  S  5  i  i  i  Hotel Keremeos  GEO. KIRBY, nanager.  First Class in Every liespect.     Commercial and  Mining  Headquarters of the Keremeos and Lower Similkameen Valleys.    Post House on Penticton-  Princeton  Stage  Line.  KEREHEOS,  B. G.  Harry Lauder  Average  maximum  do  45.57  Lenvest minimum  do  ' 22  Average  minimum  do  26.42  Mean  do  35.99  AT  THE MILL.  Maximum  Minimum  Apr 18  ..  63  ��������� ������  30  19  .,  61  ,  ,  38  20  ..  61  # ,  28  21  .,  65  . .  32  22  ..  63  . ,  34  23  ..  60  . .  41  24  ,,  54  . #  36  the great Scotch comedian, will  not be in Canada this year, but he  may be heard on.the Victor Gram-o-phone and in your  own home. The following Lauder selections are  particularly fine:  52001���������I've Something in the Bottle  for the Morning.  52002���������1 Love a Lassie.  52003���������Stop Your Tickling, Jock.  52008���������Tobermory.  52009 -Killiecrankie.  58001 ���������The Wedding of Sandy McNab.  The first five selections are ?$c each and the last one $1.25.  Send for complete catalogue���������free.  BERLINER GRAM-O-PHONE CO. OF CANADA LIMITED,  41  MONTREAL.  Average maximum temperature 60.71  Average minimum do 34.14  Mean do 47.4 2  Rainfall for the Aveek   .04  inches  SnoAvfall        "       "     .  CORRESPONDING AVEEK OF LAST YEAK  Highest maximum temperature 71  Average do do 59.85  Lowest minimum do 28.  Average do do 35.14  Mean do 47.49  County Court of Yale.  CITTINGS of the County Court of Yalo Avill  *-* bo held as follows, vise: At Fraternity  Hall, Hcellcy, on Thursday May Oth, 1009; and  at tho Court House Princeton, on Saturday,  May 8th, 1909 at tho hour of 11 o'clock in the  forenoon of each day.   Hy command.  HUGH HUNTER,  Registrar County Court.  14-2  NOTICE  MOT1CE is hereby given that, thirty days  1 ' after date, I, Hugh Campbell, of Ashnola,  B. C, intenel to apply to the superintendent of  provincial police, F. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for  renewal of a retail liquor licence for tho Ashnola Hotel, located in Ashnola, B. C.  HUGH CAMPBELL.  Ashnola. B. C��������� April loth, 1909 U-i  FOR SALE  A Horse and Saddle.  ���������**���������      Livery Stable.  Apply at the Palaco  10-tf  PflLflGE  Livery, Feed & Sale Stables   HEDLEY, B. C.  -  IT'A good stock of Horses and Rigs on  Hand,   ir Orders for Teaming  promptly attended to.  STAO.E LINE  Stage daily, leaving Hedley 8 a. m.  and arriving at Keremeos at 11 a. m.  connecting Avith Penticton stage  and Great Northern Raihvay.  Office of Dominion Express Company.'  WOOD   FOR   SALE!  Phone U.  -   IN NIS  B R 0 S.  Proprietors.'  THE  NEW  ZEALAND  HOTEL  ��������� *     #     *     #     *  JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor  Everuthino New and First-Class  Bar supplied with the Choicest  Liquors and Cigars, and Special  Attention   paid   to  the   Table.  ������     <  I  % 1  ff-%ffff%%j%$^


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