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The Hedley Gazette Apr 14, 1910

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 iM������*bJ^*������ii^i^i������^trer(^;*t^*!^*W^ Wlfitt&18&&(������832������&&������*iA  V  i  AND SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER.  Volume VI.  HEDLEY, B. C, THURSDAY, APEIL 14, 1910.  NUMBER, 14. ���������  Dr. C. A. JACKSON  DENTIST  [18 years' practice in Vancouver.]  S. O. L. Co.'s Block  PENTICTON,      -      -      B. C.  if  II  Fruit Growers  \  W. H. T. GAHAN  Barrister,  Solicitor,  Notary Public, Etc.  Mukk Block .  PENTICTON, - . -     ,-      B. C.  Geo. H. Broughton  B.C. & D.L.S., Graduate S.P.S."'  Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor  Wade Block, Penticton.  JflS. CLARKE  Watchmaker  HEDLEY, B. C  Clocks and Watches for Sale.  HOTEL PENTICTON  Headquarters for Tourist Travel.  Kates Moderate.  A. Bahnes, Prop.       Penticton, B.C.  DO you want other  fruit-growers    to   tell  - you how  Nico Soap  and  Vermoid  helped them * to turn  insect destruction into  profitable production ?  Nico Soap is an ab- ���������  solutely sure death to  sucking insects.  Vermoid is a preparation .for,the destruc-  -  tion of Wire cut and  Eel   Worms   and ��������� all  other soil pests.  * - Information ��������� will be  sent you if you write  A. S. HATFIELD  Kaladen, B.C.  A. MEGRAW  NOTARY   PUBLIC .  -Conveyancer, Real Estate. Mines, *"'  ��������� Crown    Grants   Applied   For  Under Land  Act  and  Mineral Act.  Agent for: .������.-���������      .. '��������� ;. '���������..-' ������.* ���������/. .  Mutual Life of Canada.  Hudson Bay Insurance Co.  Columbia Fire Insurance Co.  Calgary Fire Insurance Co.        >  .London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co. ���������  Qcoan Accident and Guarantee Co.  United Wireless Telegraph Co.  Office  at   HEDLEY,  B. C.  T'ry  Grand Union  Hotel ������  HEDLEY, B.C.  First Class Accommodation.   Bar Stocked with  Best Brands of Liquor and Clears.  A. WINKLER, Proprietor  HEDLEr BARBER SHOP  Two Doors North of Bank of B. N. A.  HAIR   CUTTING   A   SPECIALTY  Razors Honed.  Hot and Cold Baths in Connection  W. T. BUTLER.  JL A. F. & A. M.  y%������aSf'       KlCGIULAtt monthly meetings of  /SSr\     Hedley Lodge No. 43. A. F. & A. M.,  v arc held on the second   Friday in  each mouth in Fraternity hall. Hedley. Visiting  brethren are cordially invited to attend.  W.J.FORBES H.D.BARNES,  W. M Secretary  K. A. C. STUDD  HAKOI.D MAYNE DALY  In the rush; hour���������the  hour in which nine-tenths  of the vitally important  letters and documents  must be written���������a typewrit e r operator must  have absolute and complete confidence in her  machine. Such confidence  in the Monarch is established through perfection  of mechanical construe  tion and a lively sense, on  the part of the makers,  of the demands of the age,  Tlie Monarch Typewriter  Company, Ltd.  98 King St. West, Toronto.  A. MEGRAW, local Agent  STUDD & DALY,  Members Vancouver Stock Exchange  Real Estate,  Insurance, Stock, Loan  and Mortgage Brokers  728 Hastings Street W.  Opposite New Post Olrlec  P. O. BOX DOH  K   Vancouver, -        - B. C.  R H. KOGERS,  M.A., B.C.L.  . ..���������,.;���������;.,; BARRISTER, SOLICITOR,  ;"''{' NOTARY PUBLIC, ETC  Vernon, B. C.  THE  NEW-  ZEALAND  HOTEL  *****  JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor  Everything New and  First-Class  Bar supplied with the Choicest  Liquors and Cigars, and Special  Attention   paid   to   the   Table.  EQUIPMENT ALL ORDERED.  Last of Hedley Gold Mining Co's. New  Plant Has Been Arranged For  and Orders Placed  MIDWAY'S COAL   STRIKE  CEYLON: TEA,;  Pure and   Invigorating.  SUBSCRIBE FOR THIS GAZETT1-*!  General superietendent G. P. Jones,  of the Hedley Gold Mining Co., has  heen a particularly busy man for the  past three weeks and it was wich a  thorough sense of relief that he bade  farewell to the last of the machinery  representatives who have been camped'on his trail for that length of time.  Of course he always managed to keep  President I. L. Merrill on the other-  end of the wire, but still, consultation  by telegraph when larg-e interests are  involved��������� is rather unsatisfactory at  best and the man on the ground has to  do the sweating.  Hewever, it was a plant which Sy^as  to be able to do the work required of  it without any excuses or/apologies,  that was wanted and that is the kind  which has been ordered���������a plant to do  the work at the full maximum efficiency for every day in the 365, year  after .year.  ' The' orders placed consist of three  boilers of 150 horsepower each, together with breeching, tin SO foot smoke  .stack 60 inches in diameter, all three  boilers served by the one stack. This  older was secured by the Jenckes  Machine Co.,- who are to have two of  them on the cars in three weeks and a  third in five weeks. '  "The new engine-which in- the absence of adequate water-supply is to  furnish the motive power outside of  the compressed air, and will include  the operation of all the electric plant  to drive tlie electric railway rip on the  mountain and all the machinery in the  mill and machine shops, the stamps,  rock crushers, tube mills, vanners etc,1  is to be a 21x30 compound corliss condensing steam engine and will he  built by theGoldie & McCulloch Co..  of Gait, Ont., represented by Roht.  Hamilton, of Vancouver. This ispracti-  cally the best machine built in the  country and the one that is invariably  installed by large manufacturing concerns'which require steady work with  ample reserve power.  -The new generator which this engine  is"to drive will be furnished by the  Canadian Westinghouse Co. and will  be a i$60 killowat machine which will  leave: a good comfortable margin of  reserve capacity, ��������� Their contract, besides ; the generator, will ��������� include  switchboard and apparatus together  with all induction motors required  throughout the works among which  will be two wire wound slip ring  motors for tube mills and rock crushers  which require heavy, starting power.  One motor, however, a 100 h. p. machine for the batteries" wrll be put in  by the Canadian General Electric Co.  The-water power to apply to this  big. generator; will be hitched on by  means of a 400 horspower double impulse" water-wheel, with Lombard; oil  governor, to be installed by the John  McD.ougall Ironworks, of .Montreal.  Thus the whole plant will be interchangeable at will and may be run by  either steam or water, or both, and  by this means the full efficiency will  always be'obtainable with the highest  possible measure of economy.  Ever since Larnb had the lake pumped dry in the winter of 1906 the water-  power has been on the bum, the big  reserve power* existing before that time  being tnen'dissipated and has never  since had air opportunity to recuperate. With the fine new auxilliary  steam plant installed this summer it  may pay them, to use, it. .more this  year than would be absolutely necessary and give the lake a chance to  gain out this year. If the same reserve of water* power1 were now available that was here befoie Lamb's vandalism destroyed it and Ross' pessimistic, chickenheartedness perpetuated  the disability, it is not improbable  two months in the year would he all  that the steam would be required for-,  and possibly not more than a week or  two would it be necessary for it to  carry the whole load.  Meanwhile, mine development is the  watchword and there will lie- no  csrimping of power, no matter what  its source may be, in driving development ahead as rapidly as possible to  create big ore reserves on which to  base calculations for future profits.  At present the new big compressor  running partly water and partly  steam is touching oft' .110 lbs. air pressure for- them and that is an experience the miners on the Nickel Plato  never had before, and they can show  their appreciation of it by tho number  and depth of the holes they are putting in.  Good Seam of Bituminous Coal Located.  Main Seam Still Ahead.  The working tunnel of the Boundary Mining Exploration company,  being driven on their coal property  west of Midway, has reached a seam  of coal two hundred and sixty-five  feet from the first set of timbers. The  seam is about five feet in thickness,  and samples of coal taken from it run  high irr carbon and low in ash. No  drifting has been done on the seam, as  it is the intention of the company to  continue crosscutting until at least  another seam is found.  GOOD QUALITY  The  Midway" coal is bituminous in  -  , . . i  character and of excellent quality. Its  coking-qualities, as shown by samples  taken from the surface development  work, are all that could be desired.  The location can hardly be surpassed,  the mouth of the tunnel being only  some two hundred yards from the  railway, and there being an.abundance of water and timber. Present indications point to the development of  an industry that will be of. vast importance to that locality.  . From. the location of, tlie coal .and  the character of the foot wall and roof  it is believed that the No. 1 seam, on  which surface developfnent was  done, has not yet been reached.. ' Surveys of'the ground indic'ate that it will  be necessary to continue the drift for  approximately another forty feet before it may' be men. There are surface indications of; the seam which  hasi been cut, but it was not anticipated :that it would -prove.to be much  more than a good stringer hence the  size of the strike is very encouraging.  APEX TO   WORK.  Good Force will Start: in When Spring  Opens up,   and Work Will be  Prosecuted Vigorously.  IN-COW-MAS-KET  Have you read this charming Indian'  legend? If not get a copy from Mrs.  S. L. Smith, who has them for sale in  aid of the Hedley Hospital funds. The  legend was written several years ago  by Mrs. Allison, of Princeton; copyrighted by her in 1900 and'..published  by a.publishing house in Chicago. Mrs  Allison has kindly donated 100 copies  in aid of the hospital and Mrs. Smith  has undertaken to sell them. The  legend, like Hiawatha, is told in tetrameter blank verse, and being a tale of  the Similkanieen takes on a local interest that should help the sale/ The  pagan rites and customs of the earliest dwellers in the valley are vividly  portrayed in its pages and as such  should awake the interest of present  day dwellers.  We are pleased to be in a position  to announce that matters are in eminently satisfactory condition for earnest, businesslike prosecution of work  on this fine group of claims as soon as  the weather will permit, and by weather we mean only the melting of the  snow, which at that altitude remains  longer than on the lower ranges.  It is doubly pleasant to he able to  make this announcement in view of  the rather bad impression that was  created by last yeai's operations, or  rather, lack of operations, for witlr the  expenditure made during the. few  months the" property was supposed to  be under development, altogether too  small.a percentage of it went into the  ground.  One of the strongest evidences of  the"absolute bona fides of the present  owners is that they have paid for the  property in full, and W. D. Macmil-  lan, who sold to them has no longer  any interest in it,' although, his confidence in the'property is such that it is  not at all improbable he may be one  of the principal stock-holders-        -i  It is also known  that the Colonial  Gold Mining,Co.,   as constituted last  year will no longer dominate in the  councils for this  year's management,  and  the   control-   is  held  by George  Franklyn Willey, .of New York, and  associates who had the original option  from Mr-.   Macmillan   and   who  protected   the   title   after   it   had   been '  jeopardized  through   neglect on  the  part <������f thosB- who  were temporarily  responsible for- its protection.    ,.. .'?;  ���������.-It is very rarely indeed that a property of the merits of the Apex group  giving such excellent values' oh development already done, can be picked  up, and one on which development can  be. carried on to  so good, advantage,  for in its case nature-has already clone  by way of development in showing up  tlie ore bodies what'it has' cost other  companies   less "favorably   situated,  -thousands of dollars -to7 obtain.   Apparently all the Apex needs is a. moderate amount of genuine work in /the  way of development, and  its owners  can figirre'on handsome returns therefrom/  CAPATIN  TATLOW INJU RED  The Late Fnance Minster Sustains Probably Fatal Injuries in Accident  SEES TRAFFIC CONGESTION  James J.  Hill Says - Roads Cannot Keep  Up with Demands.  Jaines J. Hill believes that the railroads will experience next fall and  winter the greatest traffic'congestion  in their history and he sees no way to  prevent it.  "The tonnage which is being offered  the roads for transpostation is constantly on the increase, he says "and  there is little doubt that the roads will  be called orr this year to furnish more  transportation units than they have'  ever before been asked to furnish.  From all indications it seems certain  that by next fall or- early winter the  roads will be totally unable to supply  anything like the transportation facilities which will be "demanded by the  country.  "I do not think that the roads are  to blame for this situation, for- it is  next to impossible for them to raise  the money needed to provide the additional facilities. The roads of this  country really ought to have about  $1,800,000,000 annually to spend for  the next few years in order to catch  up with the growing demands made  upon them, but it is a well known fact  that they can not get this money under present conditions until railroad  credit shall have been restored and  until the American public shall have  regained its confidence in road securities."  Victoria., April 8. -Thrown from his  trap/when his horse shied at a passing  auto at the corner of Vancouver and  Maclure streets, Capt. R. G. Tatlow,  late Minister of Finance and Agriculture in the McBride Government, sustained injuries to-day which may yet  prove fatal. The accident occurred at  5.30 o'clock this afternoon, and until  a late hour this morning Captain Tatlow had not regained consciousness.  Captain Tatlow since his retirement  from office has been living quietly in  this City, devoting his attention to  his ranch at Finnerty's Beach, and to  riduig and driving. The time has been  occupied as n, holiday following his  labors in the office which he held for  such a considerable period and with  such success.  WEDDING BELLS.  Studd���������H olmes.  "The marriage took place on Easter  Monday in St. James Episcopal church,  south London, of Mr. Edward Arthur  Chichester-Studd, of Vancouver, son  of Rev. Mr. Studd of England, and  Miss Evelyn Maude Mary Holmes,,  second daughter of Colonel and Mrs..  Holmes, and sister of Mis. R. Mar-polo-  Very Rev. Dean Davis performed the  ceremony. The bride was attended by  her sister, Miss Naomi Holmes, and  Mr. Hartley Greene was best man.  Mrs. Marpole was among the guests  at the wedding."  The above, taken from the Society  page of the Province, will be of special  interest to our readers and friends of  Mr. Studd generally. The Gazette extends congratulations.   . THE. HEDLEY GAZETTE  'RIL 14, 1910.  and..; ..'������������������- '���������*.-  Similkameen Advertiser-   ..-������������������-.  ssued on Thursdays, by the HkiVlhv Gazktth  I'lllNTING AND 1'L''|I1.1S1HX0 (.'O.MI'AN'V,  . LiMiTKi).   at. lledlov.  B. C  yvery;-Feed & Sale Stables  iikdT-kv n. c.  1[ -A* good,stock of.-Horses and Rigs on  Hand'.    ",l Orders for Teaming  promptly attended to.  Subscriptions in Advance  P<.r Year '. &Mi  "    ( l.'nited Stntes).  2.50  Advertising Rates  Measurement. I'2 lines to the inch.  Land Noticcs--CortilU.-a.tes of improvement, etc.  S7.IRI for fiO-di.ij- not'n.-es, and iJiUH) for HO-ila'y  notices. ' .���������..,'  Advertisements will be changed once every  month if advei-ti.ser desires, without any extra  charge. For changes oftener than unco a month  the in-iee of composition-will bo'charged at  regular rates.  Changes for contract advertisements should  lie in the ofliee by noon on Tuesday to secure  attention for that week's issue.  A. MEGRAW. Managing fc-ditor.  Office of Dominion Express Gompanij.  FOR   SALE!  Full Moon  Lust qliar.  New Moon  f)  First finnr.  Ifi.  1910  APR  1910-  '  Sun. Moik Tlies. Wed. Tim. Fri. Sat.  Phone II  WOOD  INN IS   BROS. Proprietors.  County Court of Yale  SITTINGS of the Comity Court of Vale will  be held as follows, vi/.: At Fraternity  Hall, Hedley, on Wednesday, Ith day of May,  1010. and at the Court House, Princeton, Friday, (ith day of May, 1010. at the bout* of eleven  o'clock in the forenoon*nf each day.  By Command  HUGHHUNTKi:  Registrar County Court.  10.  .1.7  2i-  II  IS  ID  20  27  /  It  21  '28  .1  8-  15  22  29  ,1  9  .10  23  SO  EDITORIAL COMMENTS  The plainest evidence which Canada  has had of any appreciable awakening  of interest in Britain on the subject of  closer trade relations with Canada,  (and that of course in Britain's case  can only mean a preference extended  to Canadian good-, by. the.adoption on  their part of h. lai-iff directed'against-  the trade-of oilier countries outside  the British empire), is .--ecu in the manlier iii'which the London Tunes lias  begiui to discuss t In- .question atid has  come out ."flat-footed in .favor of such-  course on Britain's part. Discussing,  with great thoroughness and a full  understanding of the whole question, Canada's trade relations with  other ��������� countries and particularly the  history of negotiations under the  French treaty, the imposition and  subsequent removal of the German  surtax and Canada's trade relations  with the. United States under the  Payne-Aldrich law, the Times says: ���������  "If a statesman armed with superhuman powers had deliberately set  about the task of opening the eyes of  British democracy to the economic  weakness of its present Imperial policy, he could hardly have bettered the  object lesson provided by the natural  course of events in the last few weeks."  ���������iirt. .  ". General   Biacksniith  '   -Hedley, B.'C:     ' ;;  '   '������������������%  Horse-shoeing and all  Blacksmith Work .���������  Promptly attended to;:  Pipe-fitting done.  ���������'.'     BOW KEE    ".-.'.'.:..  LAUNDRY  Washing'Called Tor and delivered. Satisfaction 'Guaranteed  Hedley,  B C  NOTICE  SIMILKAMEEN LAND DISTRICT.  BisTitrct ok. Yale.  NOTICE  ���������"VrO'lJlC-K is hereby given that,  thirty days  x>    after date,  1, I). G. Hackney, of Hedley.  m-oWnclafSolI?o������'*F,'1| Hu^ rf'vXria,lfor ! ������������������������������ W- ohains;  thence wcVt SO chains; thence  ^Sof'"^ I !!?!*!.��������� j9 cliiu^, tlience^east^chain^ to tlie  Hedley, located in Hedley,  D. G. HACKNEY  Hedley.   Oct. loth, 1909 ll-l  TAKK notice that John P. MoCuddy of. Fair-  J- view, occupation. Farmer, intends to  apply for permission to lease tlie following described land:���������  Commencing at a post planted at the south  east corner of Lob(K>9, Group 1. Osoyoos, thence  point of commencement, and ciontaining 320  acres, more or less,  JOHN P. McCUDDY  March Kith. 1910 12-10  <3������  WEHAVE MONEY  <$     to invest in any sound proposition.  ���������#>  Timber, Coal or  Agricultural Lands  Make a clear sketcli and write, fully in your first letter if you  want a definite answer.  lA/estern Canada Investment Co.  Suite- -4-5 Flack. St  Vancouver, B. C.  1836  im^Mmm  74 Years in Businesi  Capital and Reserve Over $7,000,600  :-:.._.��������� may   be  opened by  /\ Joirit Account   .:.M}r������   members   of  a  ���������     ������������������ ��������� ���������   ��������� -  "   family;  Either' lii'ay depositor 'Withdraw money on his or her  ...fiw.1'1 signature alone, so that either may do the banking,  as is nK)st'conv.enien't.<.���������'������������������,  $1.00 opeixs'fi. Sayings Account; interest compounded  at highest "current- rates. Money may be withdrawn at  any-time. . :  Hedley  Branch,      H. A. Hincks, Acting Manager  j  J  ^���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$  "���������"^���������"^J^l^l-*'ol-'b������������������^^���������l������*^,^������������������^^,P������^^,^l^'^  K  K  ���������K  K  x  X  ���������  HEDLEY, B. C.  .... ?l*pe ���������'���������>?. Jilri- '���������������������������  sr 'CwiJii  &* *V>,������Jr*%������.  ������N������*&S  .������������������������������������  ���������  '���������  THE    LEADING    HOTEL  OF    THE  SIMILKAMEEN   VALLEY  .;.���������'"'��������� This house.is new and strictly first-class in  every respect; being equipped with all 111 (idem conveniences-Tjelectric light: telephone  Baths, etc. : :'.''."    Rates'Moderate.  Frank Dollemore - - Proprietor  X  X  X  K  x  x  X  I  X  . X  X  X  8  X  X  K  x  x  x  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  :v  X  X  ���������������  *'  \ ^^T^^tpt^.  Gr.  ,\   ::������������������  mini'.  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  *  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  %  X  '������������������>*i,,Sl������*Elii������6?������,S������������������������Wi������(������6W.������?  NEW  SPRING  GOODS  Chenile and Lace Curtains.  Flowered and Satin-stripe Dresss Muslins  Ladies' Summer Underwear  Plain and  Lace Lisle Hose in white tan and  black.  Silk, Net and Swiss Mull Waists     ���������  Dark Tweed and 'White'Duck Muslin Skirts  Minora Shanting Suitungs.  Prints, Ducks, Drills, etc.  x  X.  K  i  X  X  X  X  i  I  X  I  I  i  i  i  x  J. A. SCHUBERT, hedley  -*  -if  1  x  X  X  i  K  i  %  x  ���������*���������  X  I  I  X  H  K  'K  K  x  x  X  X  yatifkttvmwwiyfiiM*^^  AIRWAYS     GOOD    AND    FRESH  THE MEAT YOU GET FROM  EDMONDS, THE BUTCHER  s  I  I  X  X    '  *-: -  $  I -  x  X  I Prime Beef, Pork, Mutton, and f  I  K  ���������K ������������������  K  x  ..-  Also Vegetables and Other Accessories  -51  rn^F*  SUBSCRIBE FOR  THE   GAZETTE!  '^H  Northern  iiotel  ��������� -iiiit:iiiiiii{r lnoi-o hed  iii-cDiiiiiiodiition than any  h> - :i I own. Tnblc and  -!   .-ii-s.    Untcs   moflurate.  THOS. BKA'JSHAW, Proprietor  NOTICE  Tenders for Painting  rPENDERS will be received up to Auril lath  -1-    for painting the Hedley General Hospital.  Full particulars may be learned from the  secretary to whom tenders must be sent on or  before the above date.  Lowest or any tender not necessarily accept  ed.  F. IT. FRENCH  Secretary.  NOTICE  Certificate of Improvements.  WESTMORLAND Mineral Claim situate in  the O-joynos mining division of Yale District. Where located :Susap Creek, Similkameen.  "PAKE NOTICE that I, II. H. Parkinson Free  -1- Miner's Certificate No. HIJB88. intend,  sixty days from date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the is-  sutnee of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 2flth day of March, A. D. 11)10.  13-10 R. H. PARKINSON  D. lh-aithwaite. Agent.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT  CO-OWNERS.  N'  To D. .7. Pui-dy, Robert Wisely, and W. A.  Chesluy. or to any person or persons  to whom  lcrcby given  that,  thirty  days   they may have transferred  their interests in  ��������� w'-.'Hi-adshiuv, <>l   ileii'-v   the Borden.  Hope and Laurier mineral claims  '     'it- 'superintendent of pro-   situate at the  mouth of Tonus  ('reek in the  'liissey, of Victoria, for ic-   Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale District.  Iii-piicc. for  the Great       You and each of you are hereby notified tha  vroTi''!:  Hi'*' -  iiiti-n      l-i  vint-i;    ���������  now*:'  Northern Hotel, located in Hedley, 11. C.  TITOS. BRADSHAW  Hcdloy. A rii 15th Hi 1910 11-1  NOTICE  X  OT  lie cl)    giveii  that, thirty   dn.>s  . I'Yinlc Dullemoi'i!, of lie.lie. .  H. (.'.,     ! ���������   poly lothe Kupeviiilc-iili-iil 1 I  proi'iii  1   ! ��������� '-. I-'. "'-. Hussey, or Viet win, fi r  i-(-ih.'\'.- -,!   -i   -i i-el-iil liijiioi' licence for tli:i Hotel  Himilkii-inoiMi. loi'iitel in Hedley.  FI1.WK DOLT/OMl RE  Hed lev,   Oct.   i'llh. l: Oil. ll-l  we have expended three hundred and seven  dollars and fifty cents in labor and improvements on the above mentioned claims in order  to hold the said claims under the provisions of  the Mineral Act, the said labor being done for  the year ending nth of August, 11)00, and if  within (10 days from the date of this notice, you  fail or refuse to contribute your porportion of  such expenditures together with all costs of  advertising, your interest in said mineral  <-<-iiiiis will be the property of the undersigned  tt !er *��������� ection 1 of "Mineral Act Amendment  A ���������'' "nn".  Dated' this 1st day of April, 1010.  GEO. STEED  J. W. SINCLAIR  @  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  @  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  FERRISDAL  Real   Estate  Snap in South Vancouver  The Undersigned will be in Hedley at the Hotel  Similkameen for a few days to give residents an  opportunity of obtaining! choice buys at inside  Prices .   Full Accurate Maps Giving- Particulars  Note what a Resident of Hedley who has seen the property says of it.  Vancouver, B. C. April 4th, 1910  To Whom it may concern:  I have been on the Ferrisdale sub-division D. L. 337, South Vancouver,  which is being sold by Messrs. Campbell and Stanley, and fiud the property  practically level with a gentle slope to the south. The timber on the property  is valuable and will almost pay for the clearing there is no low land on the property. I might say that the car is running at the present time along the Victoria road as for as the Janes road. When it is completed on to the No. 2 road,  past the property, it is sure to enhance the property considerably. At the present it is close to a fine school and there is qui to a move in building on the adjoining property. As Vancouver is bound to grow, so is this property bound to  increase in value. Signed W. J. FORBES  S-!'3?i  CAMPBELL & STANLEY  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������m^������������������������������������������������������������������������������0j^!^ ���������jiix^mi^ii^^Mi^iM^ I  THE HEDLEY GAZEITE,.APRIL 14, 1910.  \  I  I  Town and Distrtet,  ������������������''" Mrs; D. J. Iririis; of Keremeos mm ted  her., .sister,   Mrs.   W.  J.   For lie-,   l.i-^t  ... week:'-'. :\.     "'���������������������������'  Mrs. Geo. tj'ouden aud Mi-.. (Jfi.ujie  RicTiter, of Keremeos, were"visil<ns to  Hedley on Friday, last.  John IfiaHdeii, who has been at the  coast for a little over a- -month, ti expected back  shortly.  -   '-Misses Ethel Bromley and Ella funis  ��������� of Keremeos, spent Sunday With  Di.  and Mrs. MeEwen.  Mrs. F. M. Gillespie,-,\vh6-iiiidi-'i went  an operation .-it the hospital la-1 week  is making a satisfactory recov, i \.  T. J. Ryan, accompanied by his wile  leftfoi': Hedley: on ; Monday   morning  to  look  sfter  drilling-   operatn-n-N   toi  O. L. Knight.���������Rossland Mhiei. , -  'Ii. A. Hincks continues to lou.-i the  golf scores and has' now got tin- -. \ en  hole-v usually played, down i oV������,  which in view of. the difficulty . mure  of the holes,- indicates .,exc. e oiri-y  careful play. "."'.'  Rev. A. H. Cameron, of Ken ineos,  accompanied by R.Elmliirst ������n-u n.B.  Meausette, were visitOL-s in ' lh v". i.������ . n  Friday, taking in' the: A. F. i\. a. M.  meeting on Friday night and i-uun  ing to Kererijeos next clay.  A dance   will  be given   on   i<in.la\  night April  15th in -Fraternity    H.ill  under the auspices of- the ladle.- ..u.\ii-  ia ry to tlie Hedley Hospita).   tt 11 i��������� h  meiits will be served and . goou   mus c,  provided.' Gentlemen, $1.50.  Mr. Hayes, foreman of the G. N. R.  section gang was taken to '.the ho~pit.il  on Thursday last and submiti i u ii> an  operation for herumorlioid-* The  case was'an aggravated one ami he i-  still a pretty sick  man.  Jim Grier, one of the brighte-t ah  round newspaper men in Southern B.  C. and for years right hand man ol  Col. Lowry, has left the Greenwood  Ledge and gone to New Denver to  start a newspaper to ;be calleil the  Slocan. *       '���������"'.,'  The April showers which'came this  week to freshen rip .vegetation has  bioken the monotony of what has  been up to this' p<>int a rather dry  -pi ing.  Mi. Campbell, of the real estate fiim  of Campbell <fc .Stanley,   is  in   Hedlev ,  tlii- wei k  selling   property  in   South I  V.uieonviM.     Fioni    blue  piints  and,  (ity maps \\ Im h he has with him,   the  pi'opei iv is not ol the kind which   the  V.uifoiiM'i council .mil not'iL lew   leal  estate lneti thenis'ehes  have declaiedj'  against.     Tin-   testimonial    which   he  liasfiom   W.J.    Foihos    is   evidence  th.it the  piopeity   he is  selling    will  Immi investigation, and is not  the  re-  ni'ite mountain top   variety   of  subdivision that has-iccmtly been so vigoi-  ous v d(nounced.  REVIEW OF THE COPPER  ' *     HANDBOOK, VOL. IX.  All who woiild'like to join the goll  club are requested to enroll theii  : names with the .secretary, II A.  Hincks. The only initiation ceieinony  connected with it is that of putting up  the fee, and that always becomes a  pleasure to the enthusiastic golfer.  Midwayites are. happy; a four foot  seam of coking coal is reported to  have been struck there last week. It  is certainly Midway's time to coiiie in  for something good and it is to be  hoped that this is the genuine article  this time.     . ���������  Mr. H. A. Hincks went to Keremeos  ,by train on Saturday afternoon and  returned Sunday on horseback. To-  nrake matters worse, for hirh.he had  about 18 miles of riding before he  started to cover the distance between  Keremeos and Hedley, and not having  ridden for some time he foupd the exercise a little bit trying.   .      ,  Line repair man Wood burn Svith a  couple of assistants went'through here,  the beginning of the week looking for  trouble on the telephone line. . He is  making a regular survey of the line  through -the Similkameen and at  Princeton had a number of instruments to put in, after which he ;was  going through to Kamloops.  The large warehouse belonging to  S. T. Elliott in Kelowna was destroy-;  ed by fire last week, together with  four new automobiles which he had  recently purchased. The fire is believed to have been incendiary in its  origin and the sooner the town takes  steps to ferret out and punish the  guilty' parties the better it will be for'  everybody. There should always be  short shrift for the fire bug.  Dr. A. F. Rankin, formerly in  charge of field hospitals for' J. W.  Stewart and Co. on the V.'V. ������& E.,  but sent by therh to Montana about a  year ago to look after field work on  some of their construction there, returned iast week to assist Dr. McEwen,  and will thus relieve the doctor of the  necessity of making so many trips.  Dr. Rankin will ride the camps and  ship down to Hedley all requiring hospital attendance.  Anton Winkler is setting a marked  example for all those who want to see  a beautiful town by his public spirited  action in planting a row of young  elms up the east side of Scott avenue.  Whether thev will survive the preda'-  tory incursions of wandering cows and  horses, or will survive the summer  drought remains to be seen, but one  thing is sure that they would never  grow if they were not planted: and all  who have them opposite their lots  should see that the trees are not forgotten in the summer time when there  is an opportunity to give them water.  The ninth annual edition of the Copper    Handbook-(lately issued), edited  and   publishi d   by Hoi ace .T.Stevens,  'J-Joimhti-n. Michigan,   is just jeeeived.  Tin- work,   which has  become a s-tan-  d.ud authoritj on the subject,  lor the  entiie Globe, hits,   in its latest edition,  1628 octavo pages, containingconsidei-  ablymoie  than .i million   words, and.  in addition to the miscellaneous chap-  tt;is,   lists and desci bes  no less   than  .,751 copper mines  and copper mining  inipaiui's,   in all   pai Is of   the wo'ild.  doc iptions ranging from two or three  lines 'in  the  c.i>e of companies   that  have died-ieceritly, to sixteen pages in  the case'of one of the laigest mines���������  a  mine,   by   the   way,   that   employs  s one  seven   thousand   men,   and   has  pud  dividends a{> considerably moie  tu,in a   bundled million dollars.    The  mine  descriptions are  the same  as in  the pi oceding volume, except,that up-  w.uds   of   eight   hundred   new   titles  have been added, coveiingdescriptions  not ( ontained in any previous edition.  The chapter of statistics, containing  upwards of forty  tables,   treating ot  copper fiom almost eveiy conceivable  standpoint,   has   been   fully   revised,  ind   brought as nearly  as possible to  date.  The miscellaneous ch.ipteis of the  book, twenty-four in number, treat of  the., subject of copper from a great  variety of view-points, including, the  history, chemistry, 'mineralogy, metallurgy and uses of the metal, and  this section of the book also has chapters devoted to substitutes, alloys,  brands and grades, and a copious  glossary.  The plan on which the -hook is sold  remains the same as for seven years  past, the publisher sending the book  by'marl, fully prepaid to any address  ordered; "without advance payment of  any sort, and: subject to approval after  a week's inspection. The price is $5.00  That this unusually' liberal plan has  proven! -su'pcessfnl-is showed by the  statement of- the publisher fchat net  losses through returned copies arid defaulted payments'-!a*re less -than fqui*  per cent. Anyone interested in the  subject of copper, as producer, consumer or .investor in shares, should  write to Mr.* Stevens for a copy of the  Copper Handbook on the unusually  liberal terms noted;������������������<��������� ������������������  METEOROLOGICAL.  The following are the readings showing temperature, etc., for the week  ending Apr'.   9,   1910 :  Apr  .'Minimum.  '22  17.  20  21  26  ' U  16  do  36.1-1  do  13.  do  22.14  do  29. U  AT THE MINK.  ���������"Maximum  3,:-     . 40  4 .. 35  5 .. 34       .  6 .'.'        37  7 ,       -.::     ..-  37     8 ...      37  9 ..   " '���������   35- '    .  Average maximum temperature 36.42  Average minimum -,:do        19.42  Mean temperature 27.92  Rainfall for the week     .     inches.  Snowfall       "       " 0.5       "  COKRESrONDING WEEK OK LAST YEAR  Highest maximum temperature 54.  Average maximum  Lowest minimum  Average minimum  Mean  AT THE MILL.  Maximum        Minimum  Apr   3 .. 55 .. 32  4 .. 55 . 38  5 ..57 .. 35  6 .. 50 .. 30  7 .. 51 .. 31  8 .. 57 .. 32  9 .. 56 :.. 34  Average maximum temperature 55.71  Average minimum do 33.14  Mean do 44.42  Rainfall for the week   .03   inches  Snowfall "        "   0.  COKRKSPONDINO  WKEIv  Ol-'  LAST  YEAR  Highest maximum temperature 64  Average do do 55.14  Lowest minimum do 26.  Average do do 32.S5  Mean do -13.99  ttfe  $zm  KEEP YOUR EYES ON  "WATCH IT GROW  .������������������'  It is destined to be the .Greatest Gold Mining. Camp in Canada;-  Money invested in Hedley Town Property now will bring you'Big  Returns in a Few Months  Buy Now; Don't Put It Off as the Price is Going Up.  For Full Information "Write or Cali on  THE iEDLEI CITY TOWNSITE C<  F. H. French, Secretary and Manager  HEDLEY, "B.C.  ���������vty  '/:-  Wire Wound and Continuous  WOOD STAVE   PIPE  For Irrigation, Power, and Water Systems  Write for Catalogue  THE DOMINION WOOD PIPE CO., Limited  New Westminster, B. C.  Have You Kept Pace with ndvement There?  There is no place on the continent that can offer as  good a field for investment as NewWest-i     ���������  minster to day; in notgym is growth  ;" ���������  taking place, i^prerajpid.  I have a small number of Choice lots in the'; best part of the city:  some of your townspeople have been on this property. These few lots will  be sold on easy payments. Y ou that have bought of me, know you made  no mist&ke;I never offered you anything abetter than these. "W^ill be inHedley in a. couple of weeks and will; b& pleased to show you -the'maps-', and  prove what we claim. ^.'  ��������� -_ -0 "���������  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  t  NEW SPRING GOODS   I  ARRIVING AT  SHATFORD'S I  When   writing    Advertisers  Mention the Gazeftte.  Please  We have just opeaed up some very pretty  Dress Goods in tlie latest Novelties,  Ginghams, Muslins, etc. and are expecting more in .everyday.  See Our New Blouses, Skirts, Underskirts,  Hosiery, Etc.  Try some of our Hole-Proof Hose, guaranteed to wear six months.  fl. J. KING MO.  The Butchers, Hedley  ���������������.���������  We do not belong to the  Beef Trust nor are we  wholly opposed to Vegetarianism, consequently,  we keep on hand  Choice- Meats  of all kinds and the necessary Vegetables to go  with them.  GIVE US YOUR ORDERS  Phone No. 4.  k  Wtjkx   ansyvkkixc   ads.  mkntiox Tin--; papkk  TLKS.VE THE   HEDLEY   GAZETTE.  APRIL 14,; 1910.  m  ��������� ;k  H  KEREMEOS, the Centre of Lower Similkameen---- Fruit Growing  /"!  Town and Lower Valley.  We are pleased to report that Mrs.  P. Sauve is convalescing nicely after  her recent severe illness.  Babe Kruger has quit his job at the  Hotel Keremeos and returned to the  ranch at Alyer's Flat.  Mr. Hincks, the new manager of the  Bank of B. N. A,, Hedley, was in  Koreineos over Sunday.  O. H. Carle Will open a fruit and  produce, store in Princeton the first of  May with  Danny McCurdy in charge.  A. J. Saiiiidei-s was in Princeton a  few days during the week. He is opening a barber shop at the new terminal  point/  George H. Broughton, provincial  hind surveyor- of Penticton, was in  Keremeos on Monday on his way up  the valley.        .  Mrs. Barber has moved from the  Centre to the lower town, and is occupying Mr. Bui-cello's building opposite the Big Store.  The water has been turned into the  Land company's big ditch and will  soon be available for orchards and  gardens in heed of irrigation.  Tennis promises to be the only outdoor sport in town this summer. Both  the gun club and baseball team has  been disorganized through the removal  of menbers.  John Crosby has succeeded Sterling  Northup as driver on Welby's stage.  John is one of the oldtimers in the  country and can handle the ribbons  with the best of them.  The big shipment of nursery stock  now on its way to Keremeos from  Stark's nursery has not.yet arrived'  and planters who have'their ground  ready are becoming very.impatient.'-'  An agitation has again been started  to have a road opened east .of town  along the railroad.track. Such a road  if built, would greatly shorten the distance to town for residents of the  lower valley and would also save a lot  of up and down hill driving.  R. H. Carmichael of Princeton -\v'sis  in town over Sunday; On his return  on Monday he was accompanied by-  Mrs. Carmichael. They shipped their  household effects the same day. A  large;circle of friends will regret their  departure from Keremeos.  W.-.D. Lawson arrived in Keremeos  on Tuesday and has.assunied the management of the E. T. Bank. Though  he comes here direct from the head  offices at Sherbrook, Que.. Mr. Law-  son is not new to the west, having  spent several years in the Boundary  country.  A polrce court case in which R. J.  Armstrong is the defendant and a  Siwash from the lower valley the  plaintiff comes up for hearing to-day  (Wednesday) befoie magistrate ;Coleman. The dispute is over a cow, which  Armstrong is charged with having un-  lawfull taken from the plaintiff.  Slot machines continue to reap a  rich harvest in the Similkameen. If  it is necessary to have some gambling  device for the general public would it  not be in order to insist upon some  method that would at least give the  poor devotee some slight chance for  his money,  In a subsequent issue we hope to  give a summary of the improvements  which are taking place around Keremeos this spring; the acreage broken  and the number of trees planted. Another year or two like the present and  the appearance of the place will be so  altered that an old timer would not  recognize it.  J. J. Armstrong drove to Penticton  on Sunday on his way to Kamloops to  attend the Fruitgrowers' Convention  held at that place on Tuesday and  Wednesday. Important matters dealing with a re-organization of Farmers'  Institutes and securing of more equitable s-liipping rates for fruit, were to  be dealt with at this meeting.  The last few days have had a wonderful effect on the vegetation in the  valley. The grass has grown inches;  the olalla bushes are bursting into a  profusion of bloom and in the orchards the pink of the peach blossom is  beginning to mingle with the snowy  whiteness of the apricot which has  had its petals full spread for a week or  more.  NOTICE  VTOTIOK is horcby given tlmt, thirty- days  x' after date, I, Anton Winkler, of Hcdloy.  B. C. intend to apply to the superintendent of  provincial police, K. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for  renewal of a retail liquor licence for the Grand  Union Hotel, located in Hedley, B. C.  AN'I'ON WINKLER  Hedley, April loth, IillO /      14-4  NOTICE  "VTOTLCE is hereby given that, thirty days  xV after date, I, John Jackson, of Hedley,  B. G.;, intend to apply to the superintendent of  provincial police, F. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for  a renewal of a retail liquor licence for the New  Zealand Hotel, located in Hedley, B. C.  .   JOHN JACKSON  Hedley.  April lath1910 14-4  GEO. KIRBY  Notary Public.  REAL ESTATE  MINES  Agent for:  London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.  Keremeos, B. C.  J. A. BROWN  Notary Public  CONVEYANCING, CUSTOMS BROKERAGE,  FIRE INSURANCE  AGENCY HEDLEY GAZETTE  OFFICE        - KEREMEOS, B.C.  !  NOTICE  "VTOTICE is hereby Riven that, thirty days  *-~ after- date. I John Cosgrove, of Hedley.  B.'C, intend to'apply to the superintendent of  provincial police, h. S. Hussey; of Victoria, for  renewal of a retail liquor licence for the Park  hotel, located on the Similkameen river four  miles west of Hedley,   '���������.>.:' c ���������  JOHN COSGROVE  Hedley. April loth. 1910 , -       - ', ..    .   ,14-4 ; ;,  NOTICE  DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP  "VTOTICE is herepy given that, the par-tticr-  a-> ship, forwerly existing between Halliburton Tweedlo and James Klinhirst has been  dissolved. * All claims against the firm must be  presented to the undersigned and all accounts  owing tlie firm must be paid on or before the  first day of May next.  H. TWEDDLE  Keremeos Centre, April5thV1910.  NOTICE  hereby given that, thirty days  if tor date, we, Geo. A, Gbldsbrough and  -VTOTICE i-  ���������^    afterdate, we, Geo. A. lioldsbroug  Amy A. Worgan. of Allison, B. C. intend to ap:  ply to the superintendent of provincial police,  F.S. Hussey, of Victoria, -for reuewal of a retail liquor licence for the Allison Hotel located  at Allison,  GOLDSBROUCH & WORGAN  Allison, April 15. 1910 14-4  "VTOTICE is hereby I giveii that, thirty days  x' after date, .I, Evan Morris, of Fairview,  ;B. C, intend to apply to the superintendent of  provincial-police,- F.S; Hussey, of Victoria, for  renewal of a retail liquor licence for the Miners  Home Hotel, located in'Fail-view, B.C.  EVAN MORRIS.  Fail-view, April 15th, liltO'. 14-4  Five Roses Flour-  is made from No. 1 Manitoba Hard wheat and  is not to be classed with other brands on the  market. In the Milling process Five Roses  is tested every hour which assures even and  uniform quality.  The Lake of the Woods  is famed the world over for high class flour.  A  FRANK RICHTER & CO.  KEREMEOS, - - B. C.  NOTICE  "VTOTICE is hereby giveii that, thirty days  ���������**��������� afterdate, I, H.-Twaddle of Keremeos  B. C. intend to apply totlic superintendent of  Provincial-police, F. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for  a renewal of a retail liquor licence for tne  Central hotel, situated at Keremeos, B. C.  H TWEDDLE  Keremeos. April loth, 1910 . 14-4  NOTICE  XTOTICE is hereby, given that, thirty days'  .���������L>." after date. I, R. G. Sidley, of Sidley. B. C.,  intend to apply to the superintendent of provin-'  .cial police, 1<\ S. Hussey, of Victoria,' for re  newal of a retail liquor licence for the Mountain View Hotel, located at Sidley, T'. C.'.  K..G. SIDLEY  Sidley, April 15th 1910 14:4  I      When in Keremeos stop at the ������  I   Central Hotel  HARRY TWEDDLE, Proprietor.  NOTICE  NOTICE  \TOTICE is hereby giveii that, thirty days  -^ after date. I, A. E. Moyos, of Olalla, B. C.  .intend to apply to the superintendent ,of Provincial Police, F. S. Hussey, of: Victoria; for  reuewal of a retail liquor licence' fdr'tlie Olalla  hotel, located at Olalla, B. C.  A. E. MOVES  Olalla. April 14th, 1910      ,     v- 14-4  NOTICE  "VTOTICE is hereby given that, fchiaty days  -^y - after, date. I. Joan M. Smith, of.Bcaycr-  dclf, B. C.i intend to apply.to the superintendent of provincial police,' F. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for renewal of a retail liquor licence for  the Smith Hotel located at Beaverdell,-B%C. '.  JOAN M. SMITH  Beaverdcll, April loth, 1910 14-4  NOTICE  "VTOTICE is hereby given, that, thirty days  -1-' ' after date, I, George Kirby. of Keremeos  B. C. intend to apply to tho superintendent of  ���������provincial police, F. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for  renewal of a retail liquor licence, for the Keremeos Hotel, located at Keremeos, B. C.  ' "' GEO. KIRBY  Keremeos, April loth, 15th, 1910.        ���������'   ' 14-4  XTOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days'  -^ afterdate, I, J. S, Mclean, of Brideville,  P. O., B. C��������� intend to apply to the superintendent of provincial police, F. S. Hussey. of Victoria, for renewal of a retail liquor licence for  the lona Hotel,, located at forks of Rock .Creek.  ';���������'   ��������� ;��������� .(/johns-Mclean:-'  Brideville, P.O..April-loth 1910.t     14 1  ' '���������*��������� - "I  Sole Agents for Princeton Coal  Free Bus to all trains  B. C. Fruit Lands Office  Headquarters for air stage lines.  NOTICE  "^"OTICE is "hereby given that.  x>    after date, 1, Harry  thirty duys  Jones, of Frirview,  B. C. intend to apply to the superintendent of  provincial police, F. S. Hussey, of Victoria for.1  renewal of a retail liquor licence for the Golden  Gate Hotel, located in Fairview, B. C , '  .  ' . HARRY JONES.  Fairview, April 15th, 1910   ���������        ��������� 14-4  Keremeos Hardware  ���������***������**-  Stoves and Ranges  Shelf & Heavy Hardware  NOTICE  "VTOTICE/ is hereby given that, thirty days  ���������v1 afterdate, we, Vv. Arnottand AV. B. Hinc  of Okanagan Falls, B. C, intend to apply to the  superintendent of provincial police, F. S.  Hussey. of Victoria, for a renewal of a retail  liquor licence for the Alexandra Hotel, located  at Okanagan Falls, B. C.  ARNQTT&HINE  Okanagan Falls, April loth. 1910 14-4  Paints and Oils  ***ttfr  E. M. CROOKER  Keremeos, B. C.  TOMMY SING  Contracts for Work  Land scrubbed or- any kind of work by  contract at reasonable rates.'  Silk Handkerchiefs sold cheap.import-  ed direct from China.  SING LEE  LAUNDRY  Work called for and deli vei'ed..  Satisfaction guaranteed.  , Keremeos, B.C.   ,  NOTICE  NOTICE  "VTOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  ���������^ after date I, A. D. Broomfield, of AVestbridge, B. C. intend to apply to the superintendent of provincial police, F. S. Hussey, of  Victoria, for renewal of a retail liquor licence  for the Westbridge Hotel, located at West-  bridge,  A. D. BROOMFIELD  Westbridge, Oct. loth, 1909 14-4     ���������  "VTOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  x> after date, 1 Hugli Campbell, of Ashnola  B. C, intend to apply to the superintendent of  provincial police, F. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for  renewal of a retail liquor licence for the Ash;  noln Hotel, located in Ashncla;  HUGH CAMPBELL.    '  Ashnola, April loth, 1910 11-1  NOTICE  "VTOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  x> after date, 1, James Wallace, of Princeton. B. C. intend to apply to the superintendent of provincial polico, F. S. Hussey, of  Victoria for a retail liquorliccnccfor thcPrincc-  ton Hotel, located at Princeton,  JAMES WALLACE  Princeton, April 15th, 1910 11-4  County Court of Yale  A SITTING of the County Court of Yule will  ���������"- be holden at the Court House. Penticton,  B. C. on Tuesday the 10th day of May, 1910 at  the hour of 11 o'clock ih the forenoon.  By Order ^  JAS. U. BROWN  Registrar County Court of Yale  ADVERTISE   IX   THE    GAZETTE  WATER NOTICE  "VTOTICE is hereby given that ,ap application  -1-'    will be made under Part V.' of the "  'the  Water  Similka-  Act, 1909," to obtaiii.ii .licence in  rnccii Division of Yale District.  (a) The name, address and occupation of tho  Applicant, J. A. Brown, Keremeos, B. C, agent  George B. Clarke and Mark Spencer, of Keremeos. B, C, orchardists.  (b) The name of the hike, stream or source  (if unnamed, the description is) a spring in a  gulch on the mountain side above lots 7 and 8.  Block 319.  (c) The point of diversion about 200 feet up  the mountain side.  (d) The quantity of water applied for (in  cubic feet per second) one half cubic foot.  (e) The character of the proposed works,  small dam with piping to convey water.  (f) the promises on which the water is to boused (describe same) residences on lots seven  and eight. Block 319, Keremeos.  (g) The purposes for which the water is to  be used. Domestic.  (j) Area of Crown land intended to be occupied by the proposed works, 20 feet square.  (kt This notice was posted on the (ith day of  April, 1910, and application will be made to the  Commissioner on the (ith day of May, 1910.  .1. A. BROWN, Agent  for Goo. B. Clarke and M. Spencer,  ICt'i-eiiicos, B. I'.  NOTICE  Keremeos Trading 6o.  Retail   and   Wholesale  of General-Merchandise  ALWAYS PLEASED TO StlOW GOODS  G.   G.   KEELER,  Keremeos, B. C.  PLUMBING     ;  WARM AIR  HEATING  AND  GENERAL  TINSMITHING  Orders  by Mail will _ receive  Prompt Attention ���������  ESTIMATES FURNISHED ON  APPLICATION  iMueie^^^^^ftKHfciueaMit****  TV"OTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  ���������^ after date. I, If. rt. Pittcmlrigh, of Rock  Creek. B. C. intend to apply to the superintendent of provincial police. 1-'. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for renewal of a retail liquor licence for  the Rock Creek Motel, located at Rock Creek.  H. S. PlTTENDRIGH.  Rock Creek, April 15th 1910 14-4  NOTICE  "VTOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  xy after date, I, 1 nomas Walsh of Brides-  villc, B. C, intend to apply to the superintendent of' provincial police, F. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for a retail liquor licence for the Brides-  ville, Hotel, located at Bridcsville B. C.  T1IOS, WALSH  Bridcsville, April 15th 1910. 14-4  NOTICE  OSOYOU.S ,< v.VO DISTRICT  rilSTlUCT UV SI.MIUCA.MEKN*  '���������PAKE NOTIC1-; tnat L, Frederick Charles  -1- Wilson of Vancouver, B. C, occupation  school teacher, intend to apply for permission  to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted beside the  south cast post of Lot 230s thence north twenty  chains; tlience west about five chairs to the  cast boundary of tho One Horse Mineral  Claim; tlience south twenty chains; tlience  east about live chains to point of commencement.  FnEDKiircic Ciiaulks Wir.so.v  VinccntO. Wilson, Agent.  March 8th, 1910. 14-10  KEREriEOS  MEAT   MARKET  n. C. McAULEY  Successor to  E. M. CROOKER  Formerly Geo. Cawstort  raferafefefefefeMfefe^^aiirititfftftitt  Hotel Keremeos  Opposite G. N. li. Station  GEO.  KIRBY,  Manager.  H. B. MEAUSETTE  Keremeos St>at*ion.  For a Luxurious Shave,  Hair-Cut or Bath go to  BOOSTER'S  TONSORIAL    PARLOR  Box Trade in Cigars a specialty  A  fine line of Cigars   and  Tobaccos, Fruit and  Confectionery  POOL TABLE IN CONNECTION"  A. J. SAUNDERS  Keremeos.  WM. DALRYMjPLE  GENERAL  BLACKSMITH  Your Patronage Solicited,  isfaction Guaranteed.  Sat-  Keremcos-Penticton Mail Stage.  Leaves Keremeos for Penticton on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at noon.  Leaves Penticton on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 7 a. m., arriving- in  Keremeos at noon. ���������*  \Y. E. Wklky. Proprietor.  Cumming's Old Stand  (Kereiueos Centre)  P. BROMLEY,  GENERAL BLACKSMITH  Horse-Shoeing a Specialty  KEREMEOS,  B. C.


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