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The Hedley Gazette Apr 13, 1905

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 AND SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER.  Vol. I.  Xo.  I?  ).  HEDLEY, B. C, THURSDAY, APRIL. 13, 190a.  $2.00, lis Advance.  Ghurch Services.  In the Methodist Church, on Sunday Kvcning  of each week, at 7:30 p. in.  Strangers Cordially Invited.  ltKV. C. K DOCKSTEADKU.  H. A. Whill'ans, M. I).  Physician and Surgeon  Hedley, B. C.  PROVINCIAL  LEGISLATURE  R. H. ROGERS,  M.A., B.C.L. ,  SOLICITOR, CONVEYANCER,  NOTARY PUBLIC, ETC.  Vernon, B. C.  GEO. M   WINKLER,  Penticton, B. G.  Real   Estate and Mining  Broker.  Those Having  Prorogation Reacberl  on Saturday c  NO ��������� RAILWAY LEGISLATION  The Member, for Similkameen Wins  Golden Opinions���������Most Painstaking  and Earnest Worker in the House-  While Others Talk Shatford Saws  Wood���������His Efforts Proving Great  Factor in Securing- the Railway Independent of Legislation  The  (Special to the Gazette.)  legislative   session   closed  on  Correspondence Solicited from  Property to  Sell,  QHftRLES flE. SHflW,  Civil Engineer,.;  Dominion   and    Provincial  Land Surveyor.  Orders maij be left at Gazette office.  flEDL-E'y,-  B. C.  Saturday night after holding evening  sittings during the last week.  It can-  clnSClftRK  Watchmaker  Clocks and Watches for Sale.  DEWDNEY & SPRINOETT  Metropolitan Block, VICTORIA  Real   Estate*   /Vlinlng &  Financial Brokers  Special Attention given to Similkameen Valley  and Keremeos Properties.  Owners of ALLISON Townsite Properties.  NICKEL   PLATE  Barber Shop  BATHS  Alex. F. McDonald  A. MEGRAW  (Notary F*ufc������IIc  Conveyancer, Real Estate, Minos, Insurance, Crown Grants applied  for under Land Act and  Mineral     Act.  Agent lor:  The Mutual Life Assurance Co. of Canada,  London & Lancashire Fire Insurance Co.,  The Ocean Accident & Guarantee Co.  Hedley,  B.C.  ft fl. WRIGHT  Boot and Shoe Maker  MEDLEY, B.C.  REPAIRING  NEATLY  DONE.  Stage and Mail  Orders Promptly  Attended To.  %���������)'������������������  V  Mrs. a b. Lyon  DRY" GOODS  FANCY GOODS  BOOTS & SHOES  Millinery in Latest Styles 8  Ifl&DL&y,   -   ���������   B.G.1  ���������AOKNTS KOK���������  MASON (Sh RISCH Pianos.  not he denied that the session just  closed has been somewhat disappointing to many, owing to the fact that  there, was no railway legislation introduced. That: question has given rise  to more discussion than any other subject during the sitting. little came up  in the house, the greater part of the  discussion being confined to caucus  and to informal meetings on the  subject.  It was not until Friday afternoon  that the premier made his final announcement on the subject stating  that no aid woidd be given to railways  this session. He frankly stated that  his reason for deciding that way was  that he had found it impossible to  make satisfactory arrangements which  would mean immediate construction  of a Coast-Kootenay road. The announcement contained the assurance,  however, that the premier was not  going to let this matter drop, but  would continue to put forth efforts to  make arrangements for early construction of the road. He would not,  however, consent to enter into any  contract which would not'mean railway construction.  It is generally supposed that something will assuredly be done this year  in that direction. The efforts of L.  W. Shatford have been directed in  that way and w.ill not likely prove  fruitless. The very fact that the premier in his announcement made mention of a Coast-Kootenay road only  indicates the prominent position into  which Mr. Shatford has forced that  road. During the last days of the  session a bill was introduced by the  premier permitting of the Victoria  Terminal and the New Westminster  Southern Railway companies being  acquired by the V. V. <fc E. The premier, in introducing this bill, said that  it came in through Mr. Shatford.  This bill passed through the house  and indicates that the Great Northern  is preparing to acquire the short lines  which have been related to the big  company. These will afford the means  for connecting with Victoria and  Vancouver, when the line is completed  from the Kootenays to within reach of  those short lines.  Mr. Shatford, it is now understood, has by reason of his diplomacy, affected a conditiog where it is  not improbable that though the government has done nothing towards  aiding the lines that before the year  is out the Great Northern and the  (.'. P. K. will be building competing  lines in the Similkameen country.  Mr. Shatford's speech on the debate  on the motion to go into supply was  regarded as one of the best delivered  in the house this session, It was short  and no attempt was made to piay up  anything but the needs of the Similka-  moon and other parts of the province  for a 1 ail way line to open it up.  He said that that was the principal  reason why he came to the house.  The rtimilkamoen was one of thu  richest parts of the Dominion of  Canada. He doubted if any part of  Canada, would compare with it in point  of the diversity of products. He then  told of the rich Nickle Plate mine  which even without railway connection to give transportation facilities  was one. of the great mines of the province;. But there wen; other rich deposits of mineral which would compare  which only awaited the facilities  for  being developed.  Then he referred to the rich placer  bods in the territory to be opened by  a, road from the coast to the Kootenays.  In Nicola there were very rich deposits  of coal. It existed in very large  quantities.  While the mineral deposits were  very rich this was only one part of the  resources of which the territory was  capable. There wore agricultural and  fruit producing areas which were unexcelled in any part of the world. He  paid a great compliment to the fruit  produced in the district. All that has  iu the past stood in the way of the  full development of the fruit growing  areas in addition to transportation  facilities was the dividing up of the  large tracts which has been held  hitherto. These, wove being divided  up now and lie believed that before  long three lines of railway would be  built into the territory.  The   Similkameen   could not wait.  The roads must be built at once.     ' <���������������������������������������������  The speech of the member for Similkameen   was   received with loud applause from both sides of the house.  LOVING THE CHINESE.  Text of Letter to the Local Legislature  From the Department of Justice  at Ottawa.  if it can he held to be intra,vires of the  Legislature, properly be. disallowed by  Your Excellency.' It appears to the  undersigned, to be quite undesirable in  the public interest that naturalized  British subjects should be made subject  to a disability or exceptional treatment  having regaidr, r,o the rights conferred  upon British subject's generally; and  he understands that' the view is expressed or implied in the section of the  Naturalization Act above ��������� referred to.  The undersigned would, for that reason, recommend disallowance were it  not for the I'acb that the .provisions' in  question are merely re-enactments of  similar provisions which have been  standing in the British Columbia Election Acts for a number of years. The.  disallowance, of the present Statute  would not, therefore, affect the law of  British Columbia .in this, particular.  "The undersigned hopes, however,  that this'matter, will be further considered by the Provincial Legislature,  and such amendments made as may be  necessary to remove the. objections  herein stated."  Well, the Legislature of B. C. is apparently not going to legislate in the  direction above indicated, so what is  Ottawa going to do about it ?  V. V. & E. AT OTTAWA  Mr. Hill Requires Legislation  From Dominion  Government  WILL THEY HELP HIM OUT:?  PENTICTON NOTES.  Lest people, should'try to throw dust  in your eyes on the attitude of the two  political parties'to labor in protecting  the working men of the province from  Asiatic competition; there is nothing  like being armed with facts, so justcut  this out, and put it carefully somewhere until next election. Not content  with disallowing the '"Immigration  Act," which excluded Asiatics, from  British Columbia, the Government at  Ottawa must also put their claws on  the. "Election Act" and make. a. kick  because Chinese, Japanese and Indians  are not allowed to vote in this province.  Hero is the position taken by Mr.  Laurier's government:  Department of Justice, Canada,  Ottawa, 10th Nov., 1904.  To His Excellency the  Governor-Gkneral in Coi-ncil:  "The undersigned has the honor to  report that Chanter 17 of the. Acts  of British Columbia, passed at  the last session of the Legislature  (1904), entitled "An Act to Consolidate  and Amend tins Law Respecting the  Qualification and Registration of Electors, the Regulation of the Election of  Members of the Provincial Legislative  Assembly, and the Trial of Controverted'Elections," provides, among other  things, that every male of the full age  of twenty-one, not being disqualified  by this Act, or by any other law in  force, in  the province,  being entitled  Mrs. J. Hood has purchased an acre  lot on Winnipeg Ave. This promises  to be the nicest residence street in  town. ���������  F. P. Milhnan, the popular secretary  of the Southern Okanagan Land Co.,  made a trip to Fairview on Saturday  last.      . ,*.' ��������� ."   '������������������''���������    ���������  Mr. Mitchell has moved his family in  froni AVinnipeg and is at present residing in L. C. Barnes' house pending  the construction of his cottage ou  Winnipeg Ave.   ;������������������'.'  Mr. Sheldon, a real estate, agent from  Winnipeg, is fencing a ten-acre lot he  purchased a short time ago. He leaves  for Winnipeg on Tuesday's boat with  a bunch of peach blossoms, the first of  their kind to appear in the Ellis orchard this spring.  Messrs. Webster and Green have  purchased all the C. P. R. timber lands  in this vicinity and are preparing to  commence cutting logs in a week or  two. A small portable mill will be  used for the present and a larger one  will be brought in later. Mr. Jas. D.  Moffett, an experienced mill man from  Calgary, has been engaged by Messrs.  Webster and Green to take charge of  the mills.  The Member for Yale-Cariboo Presents  Preliminary Petition to Heal Disabilities.���������It is Now up to Laurier to  Give the Similkameen Fair Play ; by  Furnishing the Necessary Legislation  Ottaava, April 4,���������Duncan Ross,  Yale-Cariboo, has presented to the  house the preliminary petition from  John Hendry, president of the V., V.  & E. railway, asking for legislation to  remedy any possible defects in the  charter of the company. Mr. Ross explained that the company was incorporated by the provincial legislature  in 1897. By an act of the federal parliament in .1898 the railway was declared to be for the general advantage  of Canada, and in 1902 and 190+ successive extensions1 were secured for the  commencement and completion of the  railway. About 50 miles of the railway have been completed. Financial  arrangements are being made to complete the road, but as some doubt has  been 'expressed by financialmen as to  whether the charter right of- the company has not lapsed by reason of the  time limit having expired before the  commencement of construction, legislation is being asked to remove any  doubt in this regard.  Another Fib Nailed.  favorably with the Nickle Plato and  within the province to the privileges  of a natural-born British subject, and  being able to read the Act, or any  portion thereof, to the satisfaction of  the Registrar if required so to do,  having resided in the province six  months, and in the electoral district in  which he claims to vote for one month,  and being duly registered, shall be  entitled to vote.  "The general intention is apparently  to extend the right to vote to male  British subjects of the age of twenty-  one years, resident in the province. It  is provided, however, that no Chinaman, Japanese or Indian shall have  his name placed on the register of  voters for any electoral district, or be  entitled to vote at any election; and  by the interpretation clause the words  'Chinaman' and '.ls\]>aiH'se.' are defined  to include any person of these races,  respectively, whether naturalized  or   not.  "The Naturalization Act, R.S., chapter 118, section 15, provides that an  alien to whom a certificate of naturalization is granted, shall within Canada  be entitled to all political and other  rights, powers and privileges, and be  subject to all obligations to which a  natural-born British subject is entitled  or subject within Canada.  "The undersigned does not doubt  that a Legislature; may define the local  franchise, but he considers that Your  Excellency's Government ought not to  approve of the policy of a. Legislature  withholding from naturalized British  subjects, merely becnuse of their race  or naturalization, rights or privileges  conferred generally iipon natural-born  British subjects of the same class.  Parliament having exclusive, authority  with regard to naturalization and  aliens, has, the undersigned apprehends, the right to declare what the  effect of naturalization shall be; and  local legislation which is intended to  interfere, or has the effect of interfering, with' the appparent policy of  Parliament in tin; exercise of its powers with regard to any subject may, in  the opinion of the undersigned,  even  A. E. Thomas, while sinking a weH  on a lot which he recently purchased  on the new townsite, struck a five-foot  layer of sand containing considerable  quantities of magnetic iron which he.  proposes to have tested for gold and  other precious metals. Wouldn't it be  awful if our beautiful peach lands  should be torn up by crowds of ansious  gold diggers ?  The Vanishing Redman.  The Gazette waited on the local manager for W. T. Shatford <fc Co. to ascertain what authority there was for  the statement that the. Great Northern  engineers had been instructed to buy  all their supplies at Shatford's stores,  and was informed that as usual the  Star was romancing. The manager  says that orders which have come his  way so far, came in the ordinary course  of business; and he. does not believe  that the engineers in here had any  strings on them Avhatever. The fact  also that he had sold nothing to the  lower party, who bought all their stuff  at Keremeos, proved that.  Railway Notes.  An old landmark among the Indians  of the Chu-chu-e-waa tribe passed  away on Sunday night, when the venerable old Indian, Andre, better known  as "Pinto," crossed the divide. He  was said to be over eighty years of age  .and had pnssibly more respect from  the whites than had any of the other  Indians. The name "Pinto" was given  him because of a pinto pony which he  rod*; for a number of years. He was  originally of the Nicola tribe of Indians  and ranked as a medicine man. It is  in this character that, as Cos-o-tasket,  he figures in Mis. Allison's legendary  poem, " In-cow-niasket," and .described  as,  ���������'Oos-o-tusket, wi������c though young, full  Of strange, weird, unearthly knowledge."  The chief-ship of the Chu-chu-e-waa  tribe was hereditary, and the present  elective chief, Charlie Squakim, is filling a. regency timing the minority of  the deceased chief's son. It is said that  but for the fact that he was a Nicola  Indian, Pinto would have been the  temporary elective chief. The land  which he held immediately west of and  adjoining the town, was not in connection with the Chu-chu-e-waa's reservation but given him direct from the  Indian Department for services rendered. All his family had pro-deceased  him, and it is not known what disposition will be made of the land. Indian Agent Irwin will possibly have  instructions'from the Indian Department concerning it.  Engineer Bassett, in charge of the  lower party of surveyors, has moved  his camp up to Keremeos.  H. W. Silke, Great Northern engineer, was in town yesterday; Chief  Engineer Kennedy was expected in  last night and in all probability Engineer Silke was here to meet him.  The upper camp moved a few days  ago to a point about two miles this  side of Bromley's. They are expected  to make another move about Saturday,  which will bring them past Hedley.  and their camp will in all probability  be at or near Bradshaw's.  The survey lino being run appears to  bo following pretty closely that run  some years ago by J. Hislop, for the  Olalla Co. Both gangs are said to be  doing rapid work.  It is reported that a good site for a  tote road down the river was found,  and that men are now at work constructing it. This will save a heavy  climb over the mountain at Richter's  lower pass.  It is reported that Simms A: Shields  have the contract from the Great  Northern to build this portion of the  railway, and that sub-contractors are  gathering for the fray.  Dead Sore on Canady.  Mr. and Mrs.E.P.Chilson were down  from Hedley, B.C., on a vi.sit last Saturday. Mr. Chilson has had charge of  the cyaniding department at the Nickel  Plate mine for the past year; but he is  dead sore on life iu Canada, and is  happy at; the prospect of getting back  on this side of the line.���������Palmer Mountain Prospector. THE HEDLEY GAZETTE,  APRIL 13,    1905.
Cbe Iftedley
;-ivc them that kind oI:'a railway j make a. Lib'o.rnJ election ciy. The
Similkameen Advertiser.
policy.:*  Better a hundred times
to   make   no   bargain   than   to
incident will- cost him dearly in
the  great   loss  of respect and ���
make    a   foolish    arrangement confidence   from    the    electors
issued (in Thursdays, by the iii:i)i.::v (.'azutti: . which would tie the country liv i which it must {.inta.il, and he lias j
ji.Mri'Ku.��� ivt Medley,  11. C.
Subscriptions in Advanct
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Six  Months .".  	
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charges, based on si/.o of space and length
>.: time.
A   fflEQRAW,'
Managing Editor.
the necks to the wheels  <>���'  the \ succeeded   only   in   adding   an
(J.P.n. for all time to come.  We, ��� other to the already long list of]
want a railway bad enough; but  political sins, for Avhichthe Lib-j
not at that cost.    Wo are going  era! party must ansAver  to   the
i to get it too;���and get it in such   electors of tins province.
! a way that we will .still bo free.     There  is  another  feature   of
| men and   not   hewers  of  wood   the    question.     If  the   present
of  water  to  any  session of the Legislature passes1
New Moon
'till Moon
single corporation. T. Taylor, without any needed legislation
of lievelstoke, one of the sup-; on the Coast-Kootenay, the sil-
porters of the Government has once of Senator. T/ernpleman at
asked that all correspondence; a critical time will be largely
which the Government has re-; responsible for it.. A Liberal
ceived on this question be j paper on the coast says :
brought down.. . Then we will; '-It is now definitely known
see just,avhat the Government! that tAvo members of the GoAr-
had to deal with, and only then j eminent have refused to vote
will we be in a position  to  say j wi.th the  Government on any
whether Ave do or do not regret
Sim. Won. Tues. Wed. Tim. Fri. Sat.
, 9
raihvay   legislation  unless  the
, Grand Trunk Pacific is provided
that 'we are not to-day  tied  up (for'in  some manner.    As  the
Government is not prepared,
under existing circumstances,
to allow itself to be whipped, into line on the Grand Trunk
Pacific subsidy question, nothing
is left for it to do but 'shelve all
other railway matters."
It seems impossible for the
Star to be fair or truthful when
the member for Similkameen is
referred to. Last week, in speaking of the Opposition's want- of
confidence motion,the Star says:
"On budget debate Shatford spoke
strongly on the need of railways in his
district, but Avhen time came to vote
fell into line and allowed the. opportunity to show his sincerity to go by
For this  the  Star has  it in
black letters,   " L. W. Shatford,
Similkameen's   Member,  Turns
Traitor." Well. Mi-.Duncan Ross
also \'otecl in Ottawa a few days
before    on    a    certain   motion
brought before  the  House  by
Mr. Borden, which affirmed the
principle of provincial self-government and the exclush-e right
to make laws in relation, to education.    For voting against this
the Gazette did not brand  Mr.
Ross as a traitor nor say that he
was in favor of forcing separate
schools on the two new provinces of the Canadian Northwest.
Let us look at the tAvo motions.
That which Mr.  Shatford  was
asked by the leader of the  Opposition to vote for, simply said,
after a long string of whereases:
"Therefore  this  house regrets
the  indecision of the  Government and its repeated failures
to deal with   tin   urgent public
question (theraihvay question)."
Now there AAras  nothing in that
to vote for; no remedy to offer;
in some bargain or other.
And now what about that
other motion, the motion which
Mr. Ross helped to vote down?
There is no non-committal carping about it���no vagueness nor
indecision as to what it means
or what is wanted. Here is Mr.
Borden's motion:
"That all the words after the word
'that' to the end of the question be left
out and. the following words substituted therefor:
"Upon the establishment of a province in the Northwest Territories of
Canada, as proposed by bill No. 09, the
legislature of such proA-ince, subject to
and in accordance Avith the provisions
of the British North America Acts,
1867 to 18S0, is entitled to and should
enjoy .full .powers of proA'incial self-
goA-ermnent, moulding power to exclusively make ..laws, in relation to
Will the Star giVe us a reason
why it would not do to put that
clause in the Autonomy Bill in
substitution for the clause by
AA'hich Sir Wilfrid proposed to
establish separate schools in the
neAv provinces of the Northwest.
The Star thinks MacGoAvan
a peach and Shatford a traitor.
Shatford's crowning offence
with "the Star was- hi voting
down that want of confidence
motion. MacGowan A^oted likewise, only a little more so.
Funny thing that; isn't it now?.
Hotel Keremeos
GEO. KIRBY, Hanager.
First Class  in  Every  liespect.     Commercial  and  Mining
Headquarters of the Keremeos and Lower Similkameen Valleys.    Post House on Penticton-
ton-Princeton'Stage "Line.
The Similkameen appreciates
the friendly offices of all organizations ;'that;-,haye. endeavored,
to lend, a hand in' hastening on
the building of the Cbast-Ivoot-
enay raihvay. The Provincial
Mining Association placed itself
on record in a strong resolution
in favor of immediate construction.
B; C.
When in Keremeos
The Central Hotel
TWEDDLE (Sb REITH, Proprietors.
���VTOTIC'E is hereby given tha t sixty days af tor
Af loof fl-io    .ittmi'uifnfl    Mrti-iJ date 1 intend to'apply to the  Hon. Chief
At last tlie attempted lU01��e j Commissioner of Lands and A\ nrks for permis-
L.-J/3 ,-,,-,. ^. -.m.nn.r in l-V,,. .-, i;+.M��� j sion to purchase lliU acres of land in the Osoyoos
hold-up IS COnilUg 111 for a little District, and more particularly described as
.,++i.nl-;���� -..f flft.in'.i T+ ��..,,-. ,���, follows: Commencing at a post in Section lid,
attention at UttaAVa. It Was Up -pp.. SI. running thence north 10 chains; thence
iv, fhQ Qml���fn fl.Q ,-,+1,,-.,. /I,,,,- west II) chains; thence south 10 chains; thence
111    tlie     Oem-lte    tlie    Otliei     day   Cilst 10 chains to point of commencement,
when Senator Templeman said ���\\-. bullock-werstkr.
n    ~    ,,  .   - ,���,   ��� .   , .-,     . Vernon. .11. C. March 2!)th. 1001. 12-1
a few things. What he said was
what the public generally expected he would 'say; for the
Senator is not lacking in manliness, and it was not to be expected that he would tamely
submit to occupy the jiosition
in which Morse's mission to this
province placed him. He still
maintained Chat Hayes' letter
to him .was genuine, and that
by it the Grand Trunk Pacific
were in honor bound to do as
they agreed and begin construction at this end. This is re-assuring news and for it the public
will give him due credit. There
is, nevertheless, one little crow
that British Columbia has still
to pick AArith the honorable Senator, and that is his silence dur-
Good Accommodation and Strict Attention to the
Wants of the Public.    Livery Barn in Connection.
A SPITING of the Board of Licensing Commissioners for the Nicola District .will be
held at the Gazette Office, Hedley, on Tuesday,
April 25th. at one o'clock in the afternoon, to
consider the application of J. Iv. Eraser for a
transfer of the licence held by AV. J. Henderson
of the Commercial hotel, Hedley; and also the
application of AAr. J. Henderson for a, transfer
of the licence held by 11. G. Hackney, of the
Hotel Hedley, at Hedley.
Chief Licence Inspector.
i:M Nicola. District.
NO'f'K'K is hereby siven that sixty days from
date T intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and U'orks for permission
to purchase the following described land:
Commencing: iitn post on the west side of the
Indian Unserve, marked K. 1V1. Daly's southeast corner and following the reserve line 10
hums north,   thence leaving the reserve line
not oven a suggestion, to make
looking towards the solution of! Avas oh the coast trying to de-
the difficult , and yet by parlia-! spoil ��hc province, There was a
nientary   rules,    to   carry  that j time   not   long  ago  Avhen   the
Gazette believed that in Senator
Teniplonian's case the politician
in him .had not yet overcome
his sense of fairness, but it would
beo-in to look as if this instance
must dispel that  good   opinion.
Jiwr tlw. n-linln finwi    Hi.if    M/>i.l.<. ' ,U1<1  running 20 chains west.   1(1 chains smith,
lJlg tlie  WllOle tlllie    that   Morse ; ajclniins east to point or commencement and
containing SI) acres more (a- less.
K. .Al.  D.ALV
Keremeos'. B. V.. .Alardi lllst. I2--I
Is made through the most careful
selection of hard wheat and strict
attention to detail in millinq-.
motion    meant   to   defeat   the
Government. Had Mr. Shatford
been blind enough   to  fall  into
such a trap, he Avould   he unfit-
to represent this   or  any  other
constituency.   The motion  was
false on the face of it. The province is not in a position to say
whether it regrets or not  until
it knows the facts.    There have
been lots of rumors but no facts.
One rumor had it that the best
terms upon which   the  Government could make a bargain for
the building of the road was to
give the C. P. R $5,000 per mile
to build from Spence's Bridge to
Midway, and give them 5 years
to do it in.    Does the Similkameen feel any painful  regrofcs
that the  Government did not
NOTIOIC is hereby given that, (ill flays'after
date, I intend t��i apply to the Hon. Chief
Commissioner of Lands & Works for permission
to purchase :V2d acres of land lying sonthwestof
ami adjoining; M. A. \roigf's Intnl. Lot .'l,;*i"!l, in
the Osoytms Division of Yule District: Com-
inencingatn postmarked Athol Krascr's southeast corner, (nonce north It) chains to the smith
Tin /��i-irLviVf l\r+'/M-TW\litL..)l ���!/-'! \--ni    f lKMiMfIi��ry of Lot U.i57!l,  tlicncf!  west SO chains,
lie eMOently lOl political <IC1A .111- , tiH.n,T. south Id chains, thence east SO chains to
tage hoped that McBride would  iH)}u\"[ ���������'����"'���'��:'"��'������
" ' ��� # Datoil at Voigfs C;ini|), April 1st,
fall an easy victim to the coast!
clamor to gh'e  the   land   grant
for the sake of immediate con- j TlTy
struction. Patriotism to his oavh j
proA'ince should have dictated a
different course, and his should
have been the first voice to cry !
outagainstthe iniquity. Instead .
of that lie guiltily maintained a j
studied silence during the  Government's hour of trial, secretly
hoping that his  own province
would  be  robbed in order   to
Pure and   Invigorating.
Cawstois % Edmond
FresU Meats
��no 6Hide OnSy
Never   KLno\A/n  to   F'ail.
AVe do not make
Thin Wall Safes.
HEDLEY,    -   -   -   B. C. THE HEDLEY GAZETTE,.APRIL 13, ' 1*5.  Town and i)������s$ri<&.'  When are we going to get that third  mail ?  AVhy is the .Similkameen likeScnator  Cox?   Because it can't wait.  , W. A. McLean lias the 'contract' of a  ditch fit ''Summer-land, and proceeded  there this week to make a commencement'on it."  Mr. .T. H. Webb, manager of J. C.  Cook and (Jo's store, Princeton was in  Hedley last Friday and gaA'e the Gazette it call.  There were thirteen passengers came  in on Saturday night's stage  and the  "���������. neAV rig carried them all with ease and  comfort. ,  Mrs. Forbes, .Kingston AA-e., gaAre an  At Home on Saturday last in honor of  her mother Mrs. L. A.Clark, Green  Mountain, who litis been visiting her  for a few   days.-,  Mr. W. C. McDougall of Olalla was  in Hedley on Monday on his Avay to  Princeton where he is Inning work  done on the United Empire group  lying some two miles aboA-e.        .  It is rumored that the Dominion  Government purpose establishing a  large quarantine station at Osoyoos,  and to that end a number of buildings  are likely to be erected there in the  near future.  The townsite agent reports increased  activity in "'Hedley veal estate. In-  quiries have been coming in and property changing hands. Lots on the  corner of Scott avenue and Haynes  street were sold a feAv days ago.  The water pipes Avere laid last Aveelc  on the East side of the creek and a  start has been made in excavating  along First Street between Scott Ave.  and Kingston Ave. with-a view .to supplying dwellers on Kingston' Ave.  Jimmy Riordan Avas a visitor tit the  Nickel Plate mine last A\reek, having  tramped across the divide from Keremeos Creek oh a tour of inspection to  ���������see how all the.claims had wintered.  Jimmy wintered A^eryAvell himself and  is as youthful both in body and tum-  tum as he was on his first prospecting  trips through the Similkameen over  twenty years ago.  Don't forget the hospital ineeting'pn  Saturday eArening, the 15th ihst.  Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Rodgers.returned.on Saturday night's stage from the  Coast Avhere they have been for the  past tAvo months.  Mr. and Mrs. YV. Mc In tyro 'came in  on Saturday night's stage. Mr. Mc-  [ntyre formerly ran one of the motors  on the electric tram up on the hill.  .13. D. Boeing has finished paper-  hanging in his billiard parlor adjoining  the Ga.zc.tte office. Out; table has come  to hand, and everything will soon be  in readiness for opening.  The Friday club met tit the home of  Mrs. Schubert last Friday when several  selections from Dickens'-works--were  read by'the members. This week the  club will meet at Mrs. Boeing's.  News conies from Fahview that C.  W. Hozier is only a puppet, and that  the real man behind the gun is a man  Avho is in sympathy Avith barber Henderson's "wig bill," as he has no use  for Avigs "and sieh."  J. Wirtli received a letter from Ivel-  oAvna on the 3rd, informing him that  he had been honored in the arrival of  a son; and he is " bearing his blushing  honors full upon him." Please do not  interpret this to mean that he got full  oA'er it, for he didn't.      ;  W. T. Shatford & Co. are remodelling the front of their store by lowering the sIioav wiwloAvs and improving'  things generally. J. D. Brass is the  mechanic Avho is doing the work and  can Avield the jimmy in making a  breach from the outside Avith the skill  of a regular cracksman.  A brickyard is heeded in Hedley in  the Avorst .way. There will never be  brick buildings until brick is .manufactured here, and for,chimneys alone  the. demand would be considerable.-.,'-  ' ' '       '  The. Athletic Association'-will,, give  an entertainment in Sprotile's hall "on  ���������Wednesday evening, 20th instant.  Athletic exhibitions, together Avith  musical selections, will comprise  the, greater portion of. the entertainment.  rjr*  inaspsHssassia ������������������  Cap HaAvloy bade farewell to friends  in Hedley, and started southward on  Thursday last. He. Avas officially detained at Keremeos and made to fid just  a few unsettled claims at Hedley.  Senseless squandering of his earnings  seems to have been his trouble rather  than any desire to be dishonest.  Ah. Garrison had the. misfortune to  cut his leg Avith an axe Avhen logging  in the Hedley Lumber company's camp  and is '��������� laid off Avork for a few days.  Mr. Garrison says 'that' good progress  is being made and that tlie Hedley  Lumber company Avill this year have  an exceptionally fine stock of logs for  their season's cut.  Mossrs. C. AE Shaw, 0. E and his  assistant P. D. Rice Avere in town on  Monday|on their Avay to Greemvood.  Mr. ShaAv has been at work in Voigt's  camp since January. He has surveyed  about fifty claims for Mr. Voigt on  Copper Mountain and intends to return there again about the. first of May  where there is about a year's Avork  ahead of him.  The approach of summer is seen in  the increased number of tents appearing in different parts of the toAvnsite.  Of course some families lived in tents  all winter, but in most, of cases the  tent dwellers of last year.tried, to get  under shingled roofs for the Avinter,  and to do so there Avas a doubling up.  Noav the busy bees Avill commence to  hive again, and a tent makes a very  good bee-hiA'e.  Constable Hunter descended last  AAreek like a wolf on the fold. In.addition to poll-tax and real property tax,  a neAV instrument has been added to  his kit of financial thumb-screws, for  iioav he is collecting timber dues. If  any descendants of George Washington are around they had better take  to the woods, for it is possible that the  damages to that cherry tree IniA'e not  yet been settled  for.  Among the spring signs may be  mentioned the seeing of some snakes  on Saturday.���������Hedley Gazette. The  editor should change his brand of  booze.���������Star. As the Star can support its claim of being unquestionable  authority in this line, the Gazelle  Avould like a i-ecommcudation. The  Star's brand, at all events, can be  counted on to have the maximum of  soak with the. minimum of snake.  The Avarm weather of the past AA'eek  has made a marked increase in the  volume of Avater. Twenty-Mile is supplying the plant of the Daly Reduction  company Avith its full quota of Avater  for power, and the Similkameen river  is also rising; but anything in the  shape of a flood this year seems Avejl  nigh impossible under present  conditions.  Rev. Dr. White, Superintendent of  Methodist Missions, Avho is always Avel-  come in Hedley, arrived in tOAvn last  Saturday. On Sunday evening he occupied the pulpit and preached to a  Avell-filled house. Dr. White expects  that the Methodist Conference Avill  haA*e an ordained minister stationed in  Hedley, and he expected that services  during the coming year Avould be held  alternately by the Methodists and  Presbyterians.  Landlord McDermott has been treating the Hotel Similkaneen to a few  touches in the way of beautifying that  hits added materially to the appearance. The narrow space between the  A-erandah and the sideAvalk has been  dug up, and a. little later on when the  flowers begin to sIioav themselves the  improvement will be better appreciated. A neat Ioav fence of lattice Avork  will protect the posies from the more  Avell behaved animals that are running  at large. ��������� _!    ' c  Mr. M. K. Rodgers is pleased with  the raihvay outlook. He Avas present  in Victoria, during a considerable part  of the session and was probably as  Avell acquainted Avith every phase, of  the raihvay situation as anyone outside  the caucus; lending whatever assistance  he could to the member for the Similkameen. Neither is he backward in  expressing his appreciation of Mr.  Shatford's Avork, of which he saw suf  ficient to impress him with the belief  that Mr. Shatford Avas one of the most  ATnluable men in the house.  J. Murphy A'entured out too soon last  Aveek and a serious relapse was the result. He AA'as attacked Avith pneumonia, and his partners, J. J. Marks  and Brodhagen, AA-ere sent for, He is  at the Hotel Hedley, where Dr.  Whillans and Miss Hardie, professional  nurse, Avere in charge and tit last reports is improving.  The Athletic > Association is taking  oA7er the baseball club and Avhat baseball we. may have in Hedley this summer '.will be under their directions.  There should be more local interest in  baseball this season -with the prospect  of frequent games, as teams will likely  be met with among the engineering  parties at work in the valley.  Jack Tibbits is going about Avith his  arm in a sling. He had taken a tumble to himself somewhere. Nobody  saw it and he can't give a very lucid  account of it himself, but the result is  a broken arm near the shoulder joint.  In all probability steps Avill be taken  to send him to the Old Man's Home.  He Avas,there once before, but Avouldn't  stay.  Constable Hunter Avas called by  phone to Otter Flat last Aveek Avhere a  suicide had occurred which necessitated the holding of an inquest. Matt  Evenson who Avas partner with C. F.  LaAv in the Bear Creek property had  been boozing faithfully during the  Avinter Avith occasional spells of d. t's.  Last A\reek he finished the spree by |  SAvallowing contents of a bottle of  strychnine. An inquest was to be held  before Coroner McPhail at Otter Flat  on  Mr.   Hunter's   return.  I  HOTEL SIMILKAIIIEEN  HEDLE-V, B.C.  The  Leading: Hotel of the Similkameen Valli  This House is New and First Class in Every Respect,  Being Equipped with all Modern Conveniences���������Electric Light, Telephone, Baths, Etc.        :."'"' :       :       :  Rates Moderatet  A. McDermott,  iiravTiiuiuiainmira  BBSSaBBESSEEEB  flLFflLFflMEAT  Fresh  and    .  Cured Meats  Wholesale  and  Retail  All Orders Promptly Delivered.  Rates Given to Hotels and  Boarding Houses.  5 Per Cent. off.for Cash.  10 "       "    off on Saturdays.  Fairview's  Leading  Hotel   ���������S Golden Gate  H. JONES, Proprietor.  R. J. Wynne,  MANAGER.  lONfl HOUSE  This house -was lately.overhauled and enlarged, and  is now  comfortable  convenient.  and  Charges moderate.  FAIRVIEW,B. C  W  HEN journeying to the  Hedley is happily rid of one visitor,  Avhen Tommy Melville and his ehmn  Avere laid off at the Nickle Wale and  hied them doAvn across the line. They  sought to avoid payment of poll tax,  and called at the Gazette office to  register their kick against having this  amount deducted from their pay by  Mr. White, on the ground that they  Ave re under IS years; but were informed  that anyone Avho was old enough to  get on the payroll was old enough to  pay polltax. On a. previous visit to  British Columbia Melville took off  some horses Avithout the consent of  the owners, and for the little prank  did tAvelve months in jail at Concon-  ully. it is not known yet whether  any hi uses are missing on the loAver  Similkameen; but the men's personal  effects in the Nickel Plate bunk-house  ���������Will be much safer in his absence.  E. P. Chilson and family left Thursday for Loomis where they will take  up their abode. Mr. Chilson is in the  employ of the Grand View Company  that arc putting in extensive works.  The Palmer Mountain Prospector says:  "The company has secured K. P.  Chilson, probably one of the most experienced and competent mill and ey-  niding men on the coast to take charge  of find put tip the treatment plant on  the site chosen for that purpose. That  Mr.-Chilson is the right man in the  right place is proven by the fact that  he has had charge of the great Nickel  Plate plant at Hedley, B. C. for the  past year, and a man Avho can hold  that position must be on to his job."  .1. .). Marks and Paul Brodhagen,  who were called back from their prospecting tour on Shingle, creek owing  to the illness of their partner, J. Murphy, went back again this week. They  worked Avell up toAvards the head  waters of Shingle creek and were pleased with the outlook for finding mineral. At the head of Shingle creek,  which is not far from the head AA'aters  of Twenty mile, is a lake which they  call Gabriel's Lake, and from this Hoavs  a creek Avhich is named after the same  gentleman Avith the trumpet who own\r  ed the lake. Further prospecting will  have to be done before they deciide  whether to stake.  The  Leading:  House  For  Commercial  range your plans to stop  and rest a Avhile at the  10NA HOUSE, the, halt-  way hotel betAVcen Midway  and Sidley. This is Avhere  the stage stops for dinner.  Good Accommodation at  Moderate Rates.  j. s. McLean,  Proprietor.  The Pioneer Carriage  and  Repair Stop  flEDLEy,     -     -     B.6.  Horse-Shoeing and all kinds  of Blacksmithing done.    :    :  GEO. tt. SPROULE,  Proprietor.  Best Only Provided for Table  and Bur.  W. J. Henderson, Prop.  GOODS  Arriving  This Week.  F. RICKTER k CO.  General Store  KEREMEOS,  B.C.  A Large and Entirely  NeAV Stock of Gen-  era!   Merchandise  Just- Opened.  Prices  Reasonable.  WALL PAPER  Over -2,000 Polls, Comprising Mainy  'Beautiful New  Designs.  BOOTS & SHOES  A Large Shipment of Men's, Women's  and Children's Fine Shoes. Some  Very Nice Lines for the Ladies.  SUMMER HATS  In Linens and Straws, for Men,  Women and Children.  1  I  I  is  I  8  I  Give Us a Call!  w. T. sitatfoni ���������& 6o. ���������  Joooaoocwooo<K������o>grawwi������^^ THE HEDLEY GAZETTE, APRIL 13, 1905.  The Gazette and Princeton.  was finite apparent to the Gazette ���������  ' 'he Star, for purposes of its own,  trying to convoy the idea that the j  '-���������-tte   was  endeavoring  to   belittle  i     et<>n.    The Ga/Jctte has   n'o sucl  !i  n,   and   lias  neither said nor  <- ii;, thing to warrant any such  a  !���������   ���������; Wi>. being made; and   it was thero-  i .'it.ii surprise that we learned that  .: . peopie in j'rinceton were foolish  i' ���������'tj.fh to be'iev. tlie statements made  i Mi.' Star to thr.i effect. Because we  \i'ere opposed to i ��������� ijCgislature septan-  fl" ing money on a School of Mines,  ���������I t-does not wat . antthechargo bcin  .njuri- Princeton. If  .-, ii.' iterated at Ver-  PROPERTY IN HEDL  Is  A  Good,  Safe   Invest  it:    if of trynij.- ������.  a .-.chof.i of AJ';n  n /ii. Kaniiooj:  Mciiey.  -tlie  condemn 'it alii,  has nothing wl. .,  Gazette's positici:  .11  . .���������and or even at  ���������' would  have to  i!:c' The location  ii-' (tf������  with  tliii  tins  matter.  ' It  is wholly a- question of finance, and the  Gazette is only doing its duty in opposing the folly of the province assuming a burden that it is at present alto- j  get-lier unable to bear. If the province  were in a position to undertake such a  thing.-as far us wo can sec Princeton  would probably be as good a location  as    any    other. If running    down  Princeton should be   considered as the  way to boost Hedley,   then  so  far as  the* Gazette is concerned,   Hedley will  ' not be'boosled. Honest, decent riA'alry  between towns we certainly believe in.  farther than that   We  decline  to  go.  Let Princeton enjoy all the. prosperity  to which her advantages  entitle  her,  and may her resources never fail. Why  should Hedley wish any oA'il to hefal a  neighboring town ?   The richer  those  coal measures oil  Avhich  Princeton  is  built may prove, the better it  will he  for the whole district, and Hedley Avill  be bound to come in for its share of the  benefit to be deri\'ed therefrom.   AVhy,  then should the Gazette Avisli   to  take  any course which Avould  be so  manifestly against its own   interests.    This  accusation of the Star is too stupid to  be. taken serioush'. ,     -  y$$fr@&iAA0A04At  Hedley  is the supply point for the Nickel Plate mountain, on which is situated the famous "Nickel  Plate"���������the richest gold mine in Canada���������and many other  promising mines and prospects, ft is the mining and business  centre of the.  Similkameen  the.new mining district which has already been proAX'n, by a  small amount of development 'work, to be, one of the richest  gold, copper and coalmining sections of  British Columbia.  HEDLEY is the chief town on the route of the proposed  Coast-Kootenay Railway ;   and with the acrvent'of this road,  Avhich is assured in  the near future,  it will  unquestionably  ���������become a large and important city, and toA\rn lots will, bringing returns'on money hiAfested at the present time.  Aa  m ��������� ��������� a     ii ������<_ h ���������;-.< .  '���������%������>*  nt  \> n"'    IJiiJ 1 O...  Scott .Ave., (main st.)......    $400 to $600  Other .Streets;...........  .'. ��������� , .������������������. .... :..'$'20&   tO   $4O0o'  ���������   "���������"'-/"^i^^RSSjg^p--   ���������"��������� :  ....T'iRMS..,..  1-3 Cash; balance in 3 and  6 months, with interest at  the rate of 6 per cent.  For Those Who Invest Now  Purchase a few Lots before the Railway Comes;  Spring  Time  For F^ull Particulars, Maps Etc.,  ��������� rtF������F������L'V   TO���������''  The Hedley City Townsite Co'}, Ltd.  L. W. SHATFORD, = a HPHI   PV     R   f  Secretary and flanager, * lL^LJL^n* 1 ,    O. v/������  At this Season, a Good Spring  Medicine Avill assist Nature to  throw off "That Dead Feeling."  Look up that Old Family Recipe  and let us get it ready for you!  AVe have quite a wiriety of  .Spring Tonics iilreadv on hand.  Spring Requisites  Such as Ammonia, Sulphur,  Chloride of Lime, Carbolic Powder, etc., etc., should be provided  for now.  A Full Line of Flower and  Garden Seeds.  PENTI6T0N  Livery, Feed and stage  STABLES  =  ESTABLISHED 1903  ==  Fine New  Covered Stage  Carrying  Royal Mail,  Passengers and Express to  Keremeos, Hedley and Princeton  McLEMN, McFEELY S' CO., Ltd.  Vancouver, B. G.  -:0:  Special Bigs for Travellers, and  Every Attention Paid to Wants  of the Public.    :        :        :  -:o:-  W. E. WELBY, Proprietor.  Wholesale and Retail  HARDWARE,  STOVES,  SPORTING GOODS.  JOHN LOVE,  Druggist. ������>  Stationer,  HEDLEY & FAIRVIEW  Hedley  Livery,   Feed  and  Sale Stable  SIMILKAMEEN  Livery, Feed and Sale Stable  Single and Double  HEDLEY,  B.C.  Saddle   and   Pack  Drivers. Horses.  Wood for Sale.  HOPKINS (&> McINNES, Proprietors, Hedley, B. C.  Grand Union Hotel  HERRING & WINKLER, Props.  Choice   Liquors and   Cigars Good Table and Comfortable  always in stock. Rooms.  Careful attention to wants of travelling  public and regular- boarders.  The GRAND UNION is the nearest to the works of the Daly  Reduction Co., which makes it especially suited for regular boarders.  A I.I. AVIIITE  HELP.  HEDLEY, B. O.  Strictly First Class Service.  Special Attention given to  the Travelling Public.  Teaming of all kinds done.  Horses Bought and Sold.  W. P. REVELY,  Proprietor.  ICommercial Hotel  HEDLEY, B. C.  This hotel under new management has been  re-modelled, and has ample accommodation for  a large number of people. The table is supplied  with the best in the market. The bar contains  the popular brands of liquors and cigars.  J. K. FRASER., Proprietor.  MGDougall & Go's  LIVERY, FEED 6 SALE STABLES  Fairview and Penticton  -ALSO���������  Proprietors���������FAIRVIEW    AND     PENTICTON  STAGE   LINE.  Good Horses and Rigs and Careful Drivers.  Teams furnished to do freighting, transferring and  general teaming, and good saddle  horses always on hand.


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