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The Evening Sun Mar 10, 1911

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LecUUliw Library
Tenth Year—-No. 18
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday, March 10, 1911.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Irrigationists   Will  Decide
on Machinery Next
Tuesday Night
A mass meeting of the ranchers of
the valley will be held in the city
hall on Tuesday evening next, at 8
o'clock, for the purpose pf taking
final action in regard to purchasing
machinery and material for the
electric irrigating plant. It is important that every one interested in
this enterprise should be present, in
order thnt the views of those who
intend to install plants may be fully
A Thoughtful Farmer
It fa said of a prominent farmer
living near Ladysmith that recently
lie fell down, a deep well on his property. Luckly the witter was ouly
about three feet deep, so he was in no
danger of drowning, but at this season
of the year to stand in three feet of
water for twenty minutes is anything
hut comfortable. After ineffectually
calling for some time he finally attracted the attention of some neighbors, who endeavored to extract him
from his ice cold prison. His senses
were becoming numbed with the cold
and ho could not answer the enquiries
from ahove as the whereabouts of
ladder. However, this was found and
the unfortunate man was brought to
the surface. To preclude tlie possi
bilitp of any other nnfo.itunate hav
ing to stand shiverinK in the well
while the ladder was being searched
for, he placed the ladder in the well
the next morning, and climbing down
tacked a large sign on the timbers just
alove the wuterline bearing these
words: "The ladder can be found
hanging on the back of the barn."
Then he climbed back to terra finna,
and withdrawing the ladder carried it
to the back of the barn, feeling just
p ide in an act so charitably done —
Ladysmith Chronicle. *
Right of Way Dispute
The management of the Vuncouie-,
Victoria it Eastern .railway lias lileil a
protest with the railway commission
against the location plans of the K'et-
tle railway for its Coquuhalla branch
over the Hope mountuins. It is probable that the commission will send an
engineer to personally inspect the
routes desired by both parties. The
Keltle Valley line parallels this Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern for thirty
miles'alolig the Coquahalla, the latter
line being several hundred feet below
t nit of the other railway. The Ket-
t'o Valley line has the advantage iu
the contest, as its route map for the
section has been upprovad bjlthe minister of railways preliminary to presentation to the railway commission,
A'ilile the Vancouver, Victoria A Kast
orn line along Pass creek has not yet
been officially approved.
deep rut, finds it impossible to  climb
At the present time a great section
of the Conservative politicians are crying "Let well enough alone. We are
prosperous, so why experiment?" Such
was the cry of the slaver in the Southern States before the war. He was
priisperinis,luit the blacks were noe. So
it is today. There is a section of the
people prospering at the expense of the
consumer, the laborer, the wage earner. This is unfair. The Liberal government has recognized the evil ever
siuce it has been in power, but it lias
been waiting for an opportunity such
as that which recently presented itself. Now it has taken action to stop
the evil, and the interests are yelling
at thn top of their voices that tbe
country will go to the dogs, that the
people are not loyal, that all sorts of
calamities will happen if the people do
not continue to pay tribute. It was
to be expecjed that they would howl.
We do uot think that they have cause
to do so; but they think so, and they
do it. It is our opinion that the
widening of the Canadian market will
more than make up for any local
losses, but these people are fearful
souls. They cannot see beyond their
own noses,
Tliere is always a section in every
community that would "let well
enough alone" until we become fossilized. Old Victoriu was in a good way
to become fossilized until the new
spirit of "advance Victoria" ovetHJs
ually killed ont the other. Had we
clang to the old motto we should still
have bene a eity with 25.0UO inhabi
taiits, resembling an unpretentious
village. "Let well enough alone" is
bad for the Dominion of Canada as a
whole, and happily the country is fully
awake to the situation. The clogs
upon the progress of the country will
bo shaken off und a new era . of prosperity will dawn upon us.—Victoria
The Veto Bill
The veto bill wbjifh Mr. Asquith
introduced in the house of commons
February 21, provides that the house
ol lords shull have no power to amend
or reject money bills—that isf bill
which, in the opinion of the speaker of
the house of commons, have to do only
with finance, taxation, appropriations,
loans, and so forth; that if a bill
other than a money bill is passed by
the house of commons three times in
succession and is rejected by the house
of lords, it shall become a law, in
spite of the adverse vote of the house
of lords, provided that two years have
elapsed between its introduction and
third rejection; and tliat the term of
parliament shull be reduced from
seven to live years. The ellect ofthe
proposed changes would be to give
the house of commons unrestricted
power as to all liiiauciat bills, and to
reduce the veto power of the house of
lords upon other hills to a veto whioh
would merely suspend for two year:
tlie passage of a measure. February
22 the bill passed its first reading in
the house Of commons by a majority
of 124,
Irrigation  Machinery Men
Are Busy Inspecting
the Grounds
former receive any interest, until there
is an advance in the price of copper.
The British Columbia Copper company has made an arrangement to
treat ores from the New Dominion
mines, and with higher metal prices
this should give the New Dominion
compony a small net earnings.—Bos-
ton Commercial.
Commercial travellers and irrigation machinery agents have been quite
numerous in the city during the past
two weeks. This, together with ' the
bright prospects of the reciprocity
treaty being ratified, should bea pretty good judication of a prosperous
year ahead for Grund Forks.
"Let Well Euough Alone"
The cry of the Consei vatives today,
as'always in the past, is "Let well
enough alone." This is the motto on
which the country is to grow. This is
the policy whicli is to place Canada in
President Taft has issued a call
for an extra session of congress, to
convene April 4, to consider the
reciprocity treaty.
The most important event in this
city during the past week was the
arrival of gentle spring. Tlie coldest
weather recorded in this valley during
tlie past winter was 6° below zero.
People who live in the 40 and-50-be-
ow belt shunld paste this in their
Lithographed posters calling for re
cruits for the Canadian navy were
hung up in the postoffice   this   week.
A snowslide tho North Fork exran-
ion of the Kettle Valley line necessitated the cancellation of the run to
Lynch creek on  Wendsday  niornii
Revelstoke thoroughly sanctions the
reciprocity treaty.
0. B. Smith, superintendent of the
Granby mines at Phoenix, is now in
the Portland Canul district inspecting
the Hidden deck mine, which is being developed by the Granby company  under bond.
Laurier's  Voice   Rings in
Appeal for the Reciprocity Agreement
The Birnie block i n Phoenix has
been sold to George Hewson for
The Grand Forks ladies' hockey
club, who were to have played the
Nelson ladies' club, in Nelson, on
Wednesday hight, were prevented
from doing so ou account of the arrival
of the chinouk.
The Queens hotel, whioh. was recently destroyed by fire in Phoenix,
is to be rebuilt on a larger scale than
the old house.
A Spokane rompuiiy is putting iu
three reduction plants and a small
smelter near Nighthawk, Wash. One
ol the by-products will be sulphuric
acid, and from the slag building
blocks will be made This is an object lesson for the smelters in Grand
Forks and Greenwood,
Al. Traunweiser, proprietor of the
Yale, returned yesterday from a two
months' vacation, which lio spent at
Los Angeles and Santa Monica, Cal,
in company with his brother, Charles
Traunweiser, of Calgary, Alta. He
reports having had an enjnvable trip,
and speaks very highly of the
beautiful scenery in southern Culi
Tlie net earnings of the British
Columbia Copper company in January
amounted to 817,031. Thu cost of
producing copper was 1 i .5111) cents
per pound.
The Greenwood Curling club recently decided to attend ohurch ir. a
body. When the. appointed Sunday
arrived only three members  had  suf-
A. White, of Revelstoke, has opened a grocery store in Phoenix.
T. B. Cosgrove, A. A. White aid
Ben Pearson, of Phoenix, are at
Christina lake, where Mr. Cosgrove
owns some waterfront which is to be
cleared and surveyed into lots.
The full battery of eight furnaces
is now being operated at the Granby
Born—In Grand Forks, on Sunday, March 5, to Mr. and Mrs. Geo
Knox, twin sons.
Charles Dempster, of Rossland
manager of the Fife Mines, Ltd.,
last week inspected the diamond
drill work now being carried on at
the company's property at Fife, He
left later ii the week for New York,
being accompanied as far as Ross
land by Chas. Flood, superintendent
of the mine.
Charles Biesel, superintendent of
the Consolidated company's Snow
shoe, Amalgamated and No. .
mines, has gone to Michigan to inspect some mining properties, ll is
licient courage to face music. This j rumored that Mr. Biesel is slated
incident leads Colonel Lowery to con-1 for an important position   with  the
The reciprocity agreement was endorsed, loyalty to Great Britain assured, annexation scouted, the
development of Canada proclaimed,
and friendship between farmer anfl
manufacturer recommended in the
house of commons on Wednesday
by Sir Wilfrid Laurier in the first
speech he has made in the reciprocity debate. His views against annexation and for good relations were
especially emphasized. The premier's remarks were received by approving demonstrations. Describing
his ideal of the relationship between
Canada and the United States, Sir
Wilfrid said:
"There perhaps may be a spectacle of two peoples living side by side,
separated only by an invisible line,
with not a gun frowning across it,
not a fortress on either side, with no
armament, one against the other,
but living in harmony, in mutual
confidence and with no other rivalry
tban a generous emulation in commerce and the arts of peace.
"To the Canadian people I would
say that if it is possible for us to
obtain such relations between these
two young and growing nations,
Canada will have rendered lo old
England, the mother of nations—
nay, to the whole British empire—a
service unequalled in its present effect and still more in its fur-reaching
Annual Meeting
The annual meeting of the Phoenix Mining, Smelting it Development company will be held in Phoenix on March 20th. An extraordi
nary general meeting of the company will be held immediately after
the annual meeting, when the following resolution will be submitted:
"That the capital of the company
be increased to $1,600,000 by the
creation and issue of 500,000 shares
of#l each."
elude that curlers do not want to  see
ice ill tlie next world.
Gunn-Thompson coinpany of  New
It is exp.ieted   that the  work  of
installing the crusher at the Rawhide
A few   more days   of   this balmy
weather, and it will he time   to   take
,  ,,   ,   ,       , mine will be completed this week.
steps to renovate the back yards. | '
N.    I).   Mcintosh  will  leave
The Gieenwoiid Times
pended publication. It. T. Lowery,
of the Ledge, has purchased the plant
and good will of the defunct paper.
The first real test on the reciprocity
treaty was taken iu the house of
commons at Ottawa on Wednesday
evening, the result being a government majority of 41.
The Lethbridge board of trade, on
Wednesday last, endorsed the reciprocity agreement by a vote of 44
to 28.
The new cyanide plant ut the   Na-
' poleon  mine   cost   $3<l/j()0, and was
lhe forefront  of  nations.    "Let well  put into action   last week.    Tlie  mill There is very  little  prospect   tlmt
enough alone" is the motto of the in- '8 one of the most modern in America, either the stock or bonds of ihe.New
capable, the fearful, the mosshack, lhe and its successful operation will bene- Dominion Copper company will   Imve
man or party which,  having worn   a fit Marcus and the Boundary district, any market value, or  holders of   the
Tuesday   next   for    Saskatchewan,
where be intends tu  locate permanently, or at least lor two yeurs.
Judge Brown is making preparations to have a handsome residence
creeled on   Winnipeg   avenue   this
spring.   Robert Mcintosh, lhe architect,  has prepared the plans.
Spring wagons are again in vogue.
They can be used with or without
The packing school opens next
Wednesday morning. Pupils should
have their hooks re.nlv.
Water is the most absorbing topic
of the farmers these days.
A report is being industriously
circulated by the provincial press to
the i licet that the Kettle Valley line
j will have sixty miles of its road
completed by the first of July. If
it accomplishes this   feat, the com-
; pany will have to strike a faster pace
than il lias maintained during the
past twelve months. The vfiirl.
done ill that lime consist! ol laving
the steel over fifteen miles ol grade
that had previously been completed,
Reads Liku Romance
Charley Duildoa went to Ropublifl
last week. He has had many ups
and dnwiissiui'i'he was queen's messenger in England, blemadea fortune in Texan years ago, and spent,
153,000 in nine mouths The town
of Dunilns, iu Ontario, isoalled after
one of his forefathers, lie could have
been a pui tuer with Senator Clark in
Arizona, but deolinedltl pportunity,
While in Greenwood Charley pounded steel in the   Argo tunnel.—III n-
wooil Ledge.
■ ■* THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Author ot
Tha Crlmion Blind; The Cardinal
Moth I The Wel.ht of the Crown;
The Corner House; The Slaves of
Silence; Crave.. Fortune; The
Fatal Dote; Netta.
"That was what I may call the first
act in the drama," Venner went on.
"Six months had elapsed, and Van
Fort's widow was beginning to forget all about the startling incident,
when, one n'jsht, just at the same
time, ond in just the same circumstances, came that wild, pitiful yell
for assistance outside the Dutchman's
farm. Ha" mad with dread and terror the woman sat, there listening.
She did not dare to go outside now;
ehe knew how futile such an act
would be. A'so, she knew quite well
what was going to happen in the
morning. She sat up half the night in
a state bordering on madness. I need
not 'nsult your intelligence, my dear
fellow by asking; you to guess what
she found on the doorstep in daylight."
"0* course, I can guess," Ourdon
said. "Beyond all question, H was
the third finger of the Dutchman's
"Quite so," Venner resumed. "I
need not over elaborate my story or
bore you by telling how, six-months
later, the second finger of the hand
appeared in the ssme sensational circumstances, and how, at the end of
a year, the four fingers were complete.
Let me once more impress upon you
the amazing fact that this mine wns
called the Four Finaer Mine for more
than s century hefore these strange
thintrs happened."
"It is certainly an extraordinary
thing," Gurdon muttered. "I don't
think I ever listened to a weirder
tale. And did the Dutch woman con
fess to her crime? This strikes me
as being a fitting end to the story. I
suppose it came from her lips."
"She didn't confesB, for the simple
reason that she had no mind to confess wiflh," Venner explained. "Of
course, certain neighbors knew something of what was going on, but they
never knew the whole truth, because,
after the appearance of the last finger,
Mrs. Van Fort went, stark raving i
mad. She lived for a few days, and
at tlie end of that time her body was
'ound in a waterfall close by her
house. That is the story ol the Four
Finger Mine so far as it goes, though
I should not be surprised if we man
age to get the last chapter yet. Now,
you aro an observant man—did you
notice anything peculiar in Fenwick's
appearance to-night?'"
Gurdon shook his head slowly. It
was quite evident that he had not
noticed anything out of the common
in the appearance of the millionaire.
Venner proceeded to explained.
"Let me tell you this," he suid.
"When I married my wife we were
within an easy ride of the locality
where the Four Finger Mine is situated. Mind you, our marriage was i
secret one, and I presume thnt Fen
wick is still in ignorance of it, though,
of course, he was fully aware of the
fact that I had more than a passing
admiration for Vera. I merely mention this Ivy way of accentuating the
little point that I am going to make,
lt is more than probable that, when
I  stumbled   upon  Fenwick   and   tlie
that we know something as to the
way in which this thing is to be
brought about. Don't forget the cripple who sat at yonder table to-night."
"I am not likely to forget him,"
Venner observed. "AU the more because he evidently knowB more about
this matter than we do ourselves
When he came here to-night, he little
dreamt that there was one man in the ,
room, at least, who had a fairly good i
knowledge of the Four Finger Mystery. We shall have to look him out,
and, if necessary, force him to speak.
But it is a delicate matter, and as for
as I can see, one not unattended with
Gurdon smoked in thoughtful silence for some little time, turning the
strange thing over in his mind.
The more he dwelt upon it, the mori
wild and dramatic did it seem.
"There is one thing in our favor."
he snid, presently. "The mysterious
cripple with the handsome face is
evidently a deadly enemy of Fenwick's. We shall doubtless find him
ready to accept this offer, provided we
put it in the right way."
"I am not so sure of that," Venner replied. "At any rnte, we can
make no move in that direction without thinking the thing out carefully
and thoroughly. Our crippled friend
is evidently a fanatic in his way, and
he is not alone in his scheme. Do
not forget that we have also the little
man who played the part of the waiter
to deal with. I am sorry I did not
notice him. A man who could carry
off a thing like that with such splendid audacity is certainly a force to
be reckoned with."
Gurdon rose 'rom his seat with a
yawn, and intimated the fact that it
was time to go to bed. It was long
past twelve now; the hotel was gradually retiring to rest. The Grand
Empire was not the sort of house to
cater to the frivolous type of guist,
and usually within an hour of the
closing of the theatres the whole ol
the vast building was wrapped in
"I think I will get off now," Gurdon said. '"Come and lunch with me
to-morrow, and then you can tell me
something about your own romance.
What sort of a night is it, waiter?"
"Very bad, sir," the waiter replied.
"It's pouring torrents. Shall I call
a cab, sir?"
(To be continued.)
Uaed In Canadian ham** te produce
delicious home-made brand, and a •apply 1* alway* Included |la Spertaman*'
and Camper*' Outfit*. Dacllna "
all Imitation*. Th*y never
fW* aatlafaction aad cast Juat
sta much.
Winnipeg    Toronto. Ont.     Montreal
Attardli tiltoost Itenorl at alt
He.i» Eiaoiltt.ni.    ^
"I suppose, Jennie, you wouldn't
want to go to the concert Wednesday
in your old hat?"
"You dear thing—I couldn't possibly think of showing myself in it."
"That's what I thought, so I "
"Bought only one ticket to the concert."—Meggendorfer Blaetter.
Healthy babies are good babies,
and the good baby is a blessing in
every home. Nothing can give the
mother or father more pleasure than
to see baby play. Every movement is
watched with delight; every new
word spoken brings pride to the fond
parents. It is only the sickly baby
that makes home wretched — and,
mothers, it is not baby's fault when
he is sick. You are tlie one to blame.
Perhaps you give him candies, cakes
and other food whicli his little stomach is unable to digest. Then when
he is cross and ailing you give him
some "soothing" mixtures to quiet
him. That is wrong—remember his
little stomach is not as strong as a
grown persons, and also remember
that every spoonful of "soothing"
mixture you give him only does him
more injury—it does not remove the
cause of his    fretfulncss—it    merely
iiri'"^o"i,rassXforir.ir;raughter,''hc te .i,im i.nt?,a,v rsi;
Slso was in search of the Four Finger SV^™^?^^^ t»m_>u
Mine.   When he came in to-night he, nml lmpPJ '8 £?«y S   °"" J.a„We'?
of course,  recognised  me,  though  I ^rffi, H'Z1"^
treated him as an absolute stranger S'^-™^   w..i rT   tn-
\TJ , u'f!;. i!„fl ,! certainly a blessing for mothers that!
Xm hi, ' \h,l?TZto "flood n have cross sickly babies. They sweet-
iXuXlhX^N^tl it «,«»» -TO*' 8Jv.e refreshing.s.eep
escape your observation, or did you
notice that Fenwick took the box I
gave him in his right hand?"
"Oh, dear, no," Ourdon said. 'A
little thing like lhat would he almost
too trivial for lhe typical detective
of the chenp story."
"All the same, it is very imp'riant," Venner said. "He took the
iinx in his relit hand; he made is
il to extend his left, then suddenly
rhniiged his mind, uml put it in his
pocket. But he was too late tn dis
guise Innn mo that he had "
"I know." Giirilon shouted. "He
had lost all the lingers on his Ieit
hand. What nu amnilng thing! My
fellow, we must get tn thc bottom
of this business at nil costs."
"That is precisely what we are go-
ing to do," Venner said grimly. "1
nm glad you nre so quick iu taking
up the point. When 1 noted the loss
of those lingers. I was absolutely
staggered fnr a moment If he had
been less agitated than he was, Fenwick would have guessed what I had
seen. 1 need not tell yon when I
last saw Fenwick his left hand wns a*
sound os yours or mine. The Inference of this is. that Fenwick has fill-1
len under the linn ot the sain'' strange
vengeance that overtook V-n Fori and
his wife. There is not (he slightest
doubt that he discovered the mine,
nnd that he has not yet paid the penalty o[ his temerity.
"I presume the penalty is coming,"
Ourdon snid. "What a creepy sort of
idea it is, that terrible vengeance
reaching ncross a continent in such n
sinister   fashion.     But   don't   forget
and make baby fat and healthy."
Sold by medicine dealers or by mail
at 25 cents n box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Probably no one hnd more rendy
wit than Sir Frank bockwood, the
lawyer. He was a tail mnn, and an
urn uly member of his audience once
called nut to him in the middle of a
speech, "On it telescope!"
"My friend is mistaken in applying
thnt term to me," snid Sir Flunk,
quietly. "He ought to claim it for
himself, fnr, though he cannot draw
me out, I think I enn both sec
through hiin and shut him up."
-r DODDS   v
W\\v  •'     -,v
W. N. U., No. S32.
What Artists See.
Mr. C. Lewis Hind draws a striking
picture of tho artist's vision in the
English Review, especially of those
whom he calls "The Unafraid," such
as, Seurat, Signac, Van Gogh, and
"How can I hope to illustrate the
intensity of their achievement in a
few pages? We who sit at home in
ease constructing arm-chair theories
can hardly realize their white-hot,
fever-tossed mania for expression. It
is well. Goya looked into gulfs. Van
Gogh strained into the furnace and
was scorched and shrivelled. But the
flame of their lives enables us to
understand why the New Movement
in Art has prospered and spread, seeing how fierce were the pioneer fires.
"In the background the lonely and
majestic Cezanne, a kind nf Moses,
looking within him-elf fnr the prom-
ised land; in the foreground, in the
midst of the battle, Van Gogh and
Gauguin, with their elemental craving for expression, their passion for
creation, for seei"'j, (or living, and—
. . . 1 had ended there,
But a great wind blew all the stars
to flare.
"The great wind! Those stars blown
to flare! Who knows what suns of
tne future fti"S» ui" i ivit i their great
wind of creation and vision may not
tea into being."
Do Not Need to Fight.
They are not all fired with the new
Imperial war spirit in Australia   Ue-
5lying recently to a deputation ol
uakers who desired to secure exemption for their sons irom the provisions
nl the Deienoe Act in regard to com-
gulsory Bervice, the Victorian Prime
finister said there were only two
courses open to the Government. One
was to leave Australia at the mercy
oi an enemy; the other to defend it.
The voluntary system had tailed, and
the Government was iorced to see the
people were properly trained to protect their homes. The proposed training would be ol physical benefit to
the boys. It wouid render them fit
to serve their country in case oi necessity. The training need not mean
that the young men would be compelled to fight in spite oi religious
scruples, but they would not be exempt irom non-combatant service.
Stole Bank Book.
Kingston, Jan. '—A 15-year-old bov
walked into the 'Merchants' Bank
ind. producing a bank book, asked t'e
clerk to make out a check ior $60 in
his iavor. He signed the check and
the money was about to be given him,
when one oi the clerks, who wo-
watching and who knew the owner ol
the bank book, intervened. The lad
was then questioned, but tonk to his
heels. He was arrested by Constable
Arniel. who lour 1 that he had stolen
the bank book irom a Queen's student
named Pierce, who boards with the
lad's mother. He signed Pierce's
name. He will be arraigned in the
juvenile court on a charge of forgery.
Historic Doubles.
Those almost perfect doubles George
Du Maurier and Sir Laurence Alma-
Tadema were r»arly indistinguishable. The story goes that a lady sitting beside Du Maurier at dinner
started conversation by poohpoohing
all idea oi a resemblance.
"You know, Mr. Almn-Tadema, I
think it's absurd to say that you and
Mr. Du Maurier are so awlully alike.
There's really no resemblance at all.
Don't you agree with me?"
"Qoito," was the polite answer:
"but, you see, I happen to be Mr. Du
In illcunn
of til bonn, broodmarei. coin, lUllloni, li to
on their lone lies or in the feed put Spohn't Liquid
Compound. Give the remedy to ell ot them. It
eett oo tlie blood and elands. It routel Ihediaeate
by espellinc the disease verms. It wards off the
trouble no matter bow they are "exposed." Absolutely free from anything injurious. A child
ean safely lake It. 5fc and Si.oo; #5. so and fn.oo
Ibe dozen.  Sold by druggists aod harness dealers.
Ml Wbeleeele Droit left
Chenille   and    Bacteriologist*
Followed Instructions
The mistress oi the mathematical
class was mathematizing for her
mathematical pupils, while her mathematical pupils were inwardly mathematizing mathematics.
"Now, suppose," said the mistress,
"I had a pound oi plums—"
At which point it occurred to her
how much better she could illustrate
her example to her youthiul charges
ii she really had a pound of plums.
"Mary," Bhe said to a girl of eight,
"here's sixpence. Go out and get
me a pound of plums. And as I'm going to give them in the end to the
girl who gets the sum right flrst, be
sure before you buy them you pinch
one or two, just to see that they are
A few minutes and Mary had returned, approached the teacher's desk
as one worthy of commendation and
plumped down a bag of plums—and
the  sixpence.
"There, mum," she said, "I pinched
one or two, as you told me, and when
the man wasn't looking I pinched the
blessed lot."—Tit-Bits.
A woman seldom realizes her ideal
in men or parlor iurniture.
Rain Wat Scarce
In the Yakima Valley, Washington,
where the big apples are grown, and
bearing orchards sell at $1,000 per
acre, rain is scarce. Irrigation is
practised everywhere. But now and
then during the growing season a
light rain will tall for a few minutes.
These rains are highly prized ior irrigating water is measured closely
and served to each user in proportion
to his acreage.
Last summer a fruit grower who
owns forty acres of orchard was rejoicing in one of these precipitations of
moisture when one of his hired men
entered the house.
"Why don't you stay in out of the
rain?" inquired the fruit grower.
"Oh, that's all right," replied the
man. "A little dew like that doesn't
bother me a bit. I can work right
along just the same."
"That isn't the point," replied the
rancher. "Next time it rains you
come into the house. I want that
water on the land."—Youth's Companion.
Perhaps one reason the attention
some men pay women is called
"marked" is that it is so hard to rub
out the marks.
Ate Unwisely? £»^!A2!!■,I,,'•
relieve the discomfort at once, and help digest the overload.   The lover ol good
things may feel quite safe wilh t box ol NA-DRU-CO Dyspepsia Tablets tl hand.
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will mall their 34
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Royal Rat Oatchtr.
The dignity and emoluments oi the
rat-catcher at Buckingham Ptlace aro
calculated to create envy among the
unemployed. It is true that as a ratcatcher his pay it only $40 per annum. But he is also turncock, (or
which he receives $365 a year, together with a residence, rent free, situated in the very centre oi the fashionable part oi London, in close proximity to the parks, the Houses ol Parliament. Tratalgar Square, and tha
residences oi the nobility and gentry.
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TIM Ii PERSSE, LIMITED, Agents, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton.
Rillna, Cart William and Pert Arthur.
On Othtr Nights.
Mr. Ooodtblug—How doea yonr atotet
like tbe engagement ring I gave bar,
Bobby? Her Young Brother-Well, Ift
a little too stnntl. She bas an awful
hard time getting It off when tha othai
tellowt .all:
Happiness and misery are two e»
treiues. ibe utmost bouuds whereof w,
know not-Locke.
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Order From Nearest Branch n,t
Tencher Ave., 8b Bonilaoe, Winnipeg, I
aay» i— " Some time ago my children |
took diphtheria, and while attending
thorn the poison entered a email toraton
on tht second linger oi mr kit hand.
Thit became rery aore and blood-poisoning toon tot in. For moailn alior the
children were qeite well I wat tuffir-
ing iron a thookingly bad flnger. Tht
tcratoh wm causod originally by » pn,
and in itaeli, wat not at all serious.
Tht eonteqnenooe, however, oi neglect-
ing thit torati:h,were Tory serious to nie.
"Wheiitht blood- uoieontng aot In I tried
nnltloeraiidatulTe I had In the house,
Theso, howeror, did not i are tbe Attired
o tot Quite oa the o outran the flnger
booemt more and more swollen and die-
oolored. II then began to footer, and I had
to call la a doctor. He lanoed the linger
to lot ont the pus, and you can Imagine
hiw painful tho finger waal Despite hit
core, bower -r, lt again fettered aod the
Oln mente, llnlmente, and other preparations whioh the doctor gart mt seemed
abeoltitoly onablo to brlogaboutimyrollof.
"Tnedoctor thereuponadrlttdmtt >go
Ino the 8k Boniface Hospital. I feared
lhat It I wont'to tht Hospital the linger
would bo amimtated. wt wore told of a
cent almllsrto mr own la which Zam-Buk
had tffooted aoure when trtrrtblng eist
hat tailed and the doctor had Mid that
onljr amputation could tart tht penon'a
"We, therefore, decided to fire Zam-
B'lk a trial. A aupplr wm procured, and
wt commence! the Zam-Buk treatment. 1
11   n_.l_r _______-!____ at ._.<__>  _,.._>_>  ... _■_,____.  Ska
II oaly ntoiled a ftw dart to ehow the
wisdom of this atep. ThtDlood-poisooIng
and lnilammatton war i reduced, tht pain
b earn* lees acute, aad lt wm evident
rtrf shortly that tht trouble wm being
redneed to a loot aad still lees area. We
persererad with the Zam nuk and ia the
tnd the teetering tore wm thoroughly
cleaned, then healed. In onier thr-o
weeks from flrst commencing with Zam-
Bu*, tht flnger wu entirely well; eat
had weapnlled Zam-Buk in the llrat place.
intttad « trying ordinary preparations.
no doubt 1 ehonld hart tared myself
boon and boors of acute agony."
. AUssoUurs should Dole this ease. Sam-Ink
It a tut cure for Mood-polMatng, festering,
onto, eeratohee fmm barbed wire, bruise*,
siiseme, taabst, tatter, tait rheum, faos aores.
oleeit, fUss, bad leg, veiteo-e velae, end all
skit laltiise pad dissent, Moeboi.all dmf.
gitM tad elotst or post tret froea lam-Buk Co.,
Toroate. lor price. Ssssd le stamp tor postage
of Ine Mai boa.   Refuseall Imitations.
Speaking oi Signt
Speaking oi signs, we know oi one
tailor who has a sign in his  shop
reading: "The only   serv-seli   tailor
shop in the world."
Minard's Linimtnt Curtt   Coldt, ttc.
One can admire a kicker who uses
his little hammer to keep his own
fences in repair.
All TreatoiMts Failed. Mined
by Pima.
Mra.   Wm.   Hon-
mann, 2714 Lincoln
Ave.,  Chicago,   111,
"I  suffered  with
1 catarrh of the bron-
I chial tubtt and had
i a ttrrible cough ever
since a child.
"I would alt up In
bed with pillow!
propped up behind
me, but still tha
cough would not let
me sleep. I thought
and everybody else
that I had consumption.
"So reading the
papaia about Peruna I dtcidtd te
try, without ths
least bit of hope that
lt would do me any
good. But after taking three bottlee I noticed a change.
My appetite got better, ao I kept on,
never discouraged. Finally I teemed
not to cough to muoh and the pains In
my cheat got better and 1 could rest at
"1 am well new and cured of a chronic
cough and sore throat. I cannot tell
you how grateful I am, and I oannet
thank Parana enough, lt has cured
where docloea hare failed and 1 talk
Peruna wherever I go, recommend It to
everybody. People who think they
have ein-iampttoa better give lt a
trial." *       "*.
W. N. U., No. 132.
An African Wathington and Napolton
Rolled Into One.
Mews dispatches a tew days ago announced that the Mad Mullah, whoi
has been a thorn in England's side tor
many years, has again broken loose
in Somaliland, in northeast Atrica,
and killed 800 tribesmen..
The Mad Mullah, or to give him hia
correct name, Haji Mohammed Abdullah, is now the dominating figure
in a region containing 60,000 square
miles. He is a sort of African Washington and Napoleon rolled into cne
and has cost Great Britain thousands
of lives and $50,000,000 in cssh.
Many years ago Great Britain, which
ruled over the peaceful tribes on the
coast, declared a protectorate over the
interior. The Mad Mullah, who had
risen to power among the fierce Mohammedan tribes, resented this and
prepared to dispute England's extension oi suthority. The English/sent
an expedition against him and three
years oi desultory campaigning followed, 'during which they expended
116,000,000 and sacrificed 1,600 men.
But the Mad Mullah was not subdued,
and in 1901 England dispatched another force to tame him. Similar expeditions were to have been sent out
by the Italians and the Abyssinlans.
Col. Swayne, who, led the British
column, met a (orce ot tho Mad Mullah's, defeated it and believing that
the capture oi the Mullah would Boon
be effected sent back glowing dispatches ol victory to London, Instead Col. Swayne himself came near
being captured. The Mad Mullah attacked him in the rear, cut his communications with the coast, destroyed the sariba, upon which Col.
Swayne depended ior his supplies,
and forced the retreat oi the latter.
Seeing the difficulty oi subduing this
African warrior the English sought to
buy him and offered him a pension
of $15,000 a year ii he would sit down
in the shade oi a palm tree and behave himseli. But the terms wero
rejected and the Mad Mullah has gone
on in his own sweet way ever sines.
A short time ago the English deter,
mined to evacuate the interior ot
Somaliland and quite recently thia
was carried out. Whereupon the Mullah, as ii by way <oi thanks, swooped
down upon tribes which had been
iriendly to the English and with hia
good sharp sword cut.oil the heads cf
600 persons.
To-day tbe whole interior of Somaliland is at the mercy oi the Mullah.
He has at his disposal a iorce oi 70,.
000 men, 10,000 oi them cavalry. Ha
has modern guns and rifles and as ho
manufactures his own powder he ean
wage quite a serious war without de.
pending upon outside sources ior hia
supplies. That he will not remain
inactive is quite certain, and the
future will hear more oi the Mad
He is now 43 years old. He studied
Latin under a Catholic missionary
and the Mohammedan religion at a
college at Berbers. He exercises tremendous influence over the Mohammedans and is a dangerous element
in northeast Airica.
Irish Raid Auction.
An extraordinary demonstration
took place at Menagh, County Tipper-
ary, one day not long ago, as a result
of a dispute between a landlord and
his tenants. He promised to sell or
give a reduction, but tailed to do either, and the tenants reiused to pay
their rent. Writs were issued, and
cattle were seized. The auction sale
was fixed, and several bands, followed by hundreds ol farmers, paraded
the town, preceded by cattle and
horsemen. At the hour fixed for tha
auction a large crowd assembled at
the pound, and a rush was made,
and the cattle were taken out by
iorce. The animals were then decorated with green ribbon and laurels,
and another procession paraded tha
town. A huge green banner carried in
iront oi the procession bore the words
"The land is ours."
Mra. Kallmann.
Tht Pantti.
The Parsees   are   sun worshippers,
; and it is an interesting sight to sea
throngs oi them on the shore ol the
> bay as the sun rises, apparently Irom
the sea, performing the simple rites
of their religion, the fluttering robes
i showing their fine figures to the best
advantage as the day begins.   Their
religious practices are simple in the
: extreme, consisting mainly in strict
! dietary rules and personal cleanliness.
• The rigid observance oi sanitary laws
' produces the natural result oi perfect
health among the adults—large iami-
lies ol active, healthy children and
i immense numbers ot old men, grav-
bearded, white haired, but erect and
i  princely in their gait and attitude de-
| spite the naturally enervating char-
| acter oi the tropical climate.
Tht Intuitions ol an M.P.
Henry Horton Miller, M.P., author
ol thc Anti-Gambling Bill, is natur-
i ally well known in his home town ol
■ Hanover.
As he walked to his office one day
an old  man stopped him  with  the
query:   "Mr.   Miller,  do   you   know
! what I want?"
Being an M.P., Mr. Miller is naturally one of our best little guessers,
so he was teady with an answer:
"I'm not sure, Bill," he said, "but I
think you want a quarter to get a
"Mr. Miller," aaid the old man,
"you show darn good judgment."
Hard to Beat.
Harry Hucks is some gardener. In
pulling his roots the other day he
came across a table beet that weighed
81-2 pounds. It was a whopper.—
Harriston "--'
Daughter! of
Mra, Bmmott
Scottish Divorctt
j Divorces to the number oi 224 were
granted by the Scottish courts during
the present year, as compared with
195 last year. Wives were granted
divorces in 183 cases, and only five
petitions were refused.
"Well over four yeara ago my two
little girls were taken with a dre
ful scalp trouble that the doctors
called ringworm.    They attended
the  Hospital as out-patients
lot* a year. I had to apply their
ointment with a brush, giving the
children frlghtfol pain. I also had
to have their heads shaved every
two weeks, bnt they got no better
under the treatment. They used to
cry with the tormenting itching,
and their heads were covered with
a thick scurf and dandruff.
"About a year ago I determined
to try the Cuticura Remedies. I
used plenty of Cutloura Soap and
applied the Cuticura Ointment. I
used only about three cakes of
Cuticura Soap and three boxes of
Cuticura Ointment and they were
cured. Their hair 1b growing long
and nice again. They had become
so ill after their three years ot suffering that I had to send one away
to a convalescents' home as soon
as she was cured, but now ahe is
home, well and strong. My younger
girl waa away from school nine
months with the disease. I am very
grateful to Cuticura and for their
children's sake I hope other mothers
will try It. The Cuticura Soap I will
always use for It makes the hair so
(Signed)  Mrs. Nom Emmott,
38, Lena Gardens, Brook Green, W.,
Soap and Ointment
afford tb* speediest sod nott economical
treatment fnr Itcbiof, burning, teal? aumori
of Infanta, children awl idulti A tingle art
ll often mfflclent. &oW throughout tbe world.
Mod to Potter Drug Jt Cbem. Corp., Boiton,
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Here is the best kind of proof.
Ogden, N. S.
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A doctor tended me and told me to
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It may he all right to laugh and
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call you "Fatty," it's no laughing
It     THC    NAMC
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him. His valuable advice will
cost you nothing.
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Mat. Wimuow'e Ioothino aveur bee kM%
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ited for over SIXTY YBARS by MIU,IO_»S
 elr  CHIU"
le the beet remedy for DIARRHISA. It It I
astutely harmle... Be eure end ask for " Mra
Wtfl.low'e Soothing Syrup," end Uke no otbel
k'ii!.  Tweaty-iveeeatea bottle
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Quit feeling sorry for yourself
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nnd looking out for life's more excellent gifts and you will be happy.
\ Tablets. Druggists refund money if it
i fails to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signa-
I ture on each box.   25c.
Mort Homelike
Hospital   Physician—"What
do you wish to be taken to?
ward or a "
Maloney—"Iny ol thim. Doe., that's
safely Dimocratic."—Puck.
=_^=5 j    Creditor—Is your master at home?
Servant—Yes, please walk in.
Creditor—Thank heaven, I shall see
ward 'gome money at last.
* Payr   Servant—Don't make that mistake.
If he had ony money he wouldn't be
at home.—Fliegende Blaetter.
Liniment Curss
Garget  In
A girl likes to have proposals, so
she won't have to fib so much about
having them anyhow.
Stiff neck!   Doesn't amount to much
ShiJohs Gure
lalekl; eiepe Muf he. earee Mid*,  heel*
B*   throat asd   Inage it, Mat*
Plans have been set on foot in Austin, ii muvii Irnlia for the development of a large
bUt mighty disagreeable. You will be I portion of the island continent, which
surprised to, sei how quickly Ham- ■» now little more than a wilderness,
lins Wizard Oil will drive the stiffness out.   One night, that's all.
He is a noble husband who accepts
the citrars his wife bought for him,
destroys them one ut a time, and says
gf^SSnSlua. •  ■■ Sfmmm.
Peace and holiness walk hand In
hand, they have sweet fellowship together. Think of the individual that
professes to be at peace with God
and out of harmony with holiness
In disorders and diseases of children drugs
seldom do good and
often do harm.
Careful feeding' and
bathing are the babies'
Scott's Emulsion
is the f ood-medicine that
not only nourishes them
most, but also regulates
their digestion. It is a
wonderful tonic for children of all ages. They
rapidly gain weight and
health on small doses.
lead 10c., name ol pxper end thli ed. for
ear beaulilul Strlngt Benk end Chlld'e
Sketch-nook Beck baak eoattiae a
Good J.uck Penny.
IM WeVattoa St.. Wert. Terete*. Ot
He uttd them for Rheumatism, Heart
Dittatt and Lumbago, and they
went right to the root of hit
Elkmouth, B.C. (Specinl).-Frank
Miller, section foremnn on tlie railroad
here, whose work exposes him to nil
kinds of weather, 1ms discovered that
Dodd's Kidney Pills nre n sovereign
remedy for those Kidney ills thnt almost invariably follow neglected
"For (our yenrs I suffered from
Lumbago, Heart Disease and Rheu-|
mutism, brought on from a cold."
says Mr. Miller, "And I got the very
best results from using Dodd's Kidney
Pills. I freely recommend Dodd's]
Kidney Pills to anyone suffering from j
these diseases," I
Short nml to the point, that state-
ment. isn't it? But it is just like
Dodd's Kidney Pills. They go right
lo the point. They eure the Kidneys.
Healthy Kidneys strain all tbe»itn-|
purities out of the blood. Pure blood
means good circulation nud renewed
life ami energy nil over fie body.
Thus Dodd's Kidney Pills not only |
cure disease. They tone Up tho whole I
body nml make a Hum (eel Hint he
bus been given a new lease ol life.
That's why people all over Canada
nre shouting tlie praises of Dodd's
Kidney Pills.
Aeronhinists are looking to some
new alloy to lighten the weight of the
Hying machine.
Coetlvenetl and Ite Cure—When the ex*
crrtory ornnnn refuse to perform Iheir
functions properly the Intestines become
ologgtd. This Is known as rostlvcness and
if nt'srlcrti'il (fives rise to dangerous complications. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills will
effect a speedy cure. At the first intimation of this ailment the sufferer should
procure n packet of the pills and put himself under a course of treatment. The
(toii-t cffiH-ts of the pills will be almost im-
mediately evident.
Burn yonr own smoke. Do not inflict upon others the things by whioh
you are disturbed.
They Will Agree
with you—ond help you to keep
your stomach nnd other organs
in the proper condition on which
your good health must depend
Sett Everywhere.
la knee ISc
Here's* Home Dye
Oan Un,
always been more or
less of a difficult under-
takias- Nat M when
Sand for Sample
Card end Story
CO., Limited,
Montf I.Csn
With DY-O-LA you can color either Wool.
Cotton, Silk or Mixed Goods Perfectly with
the SAME Dye. No chance of uiing the
WWONO Dye lor the Goodi yon haw to color.
Warns, Oat.
Feb. Uth.
I had e horse that
a Spavin for a
long time and I had
tried nearly every kind of vedtdae
whfo a neighbor told me to use
Keadall'i Spevia Cure, which I did
aad It acM weadeitnlly."
K«_Uall'a Spavin Cen Is ao
untried experiment, but i» the world's
itaodard remedy for all SwelMigs,
Soft Bunchei aad lameness la horse
aad maa.
ivd the world over for 40 years.
Kvery farmer, ttockmaa, espreee>
man, livery proprietor aad horse
owner generally should keep It
always oa bead.
$1. a bottle-fl for |T>.   Aik your
drsler for free copy of our book "A
Treatite On The Hors*"—Of write ui
DK. B. J. KENDALL CO.   56
CiMaborff Falls,   -    VcraseaL*
saves tlie tired housekeeper work and worry.
It is a convenient paste
in a large can. A gentle
rub with brush or cloth
brings a beautiful,
mirror-like shine that
is not affected by the
heat. For stoves, pipes,
grates and ironwork,
II your dealer does not carry
"Black Knight" Stove Polith in
stock, tend ut Ins name and toe,
and we will tend t full site tin
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Miters 0/ thr/omont "J i« /" Shoe t\luh. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
workingman antl the consumer generally  by lowering the  oust of lhe
necessaries   of   liie, and   the   fruit
~ I grower by enlarging the  market for
Published at Grantl Forks. RrltlshCnlumhl      his fancy fruits.
G. A. Evans Editor and Publisher
No other counliy on  the face of
the globe is more in the public eye
 = ; at present than Canada.    A million
\ Hie of this paper o_iii he seeo at the omce dollars' worth of advertising would
of Messrs. E. A J, Hardy a, Co., 80,81 and.sa,        B
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giit»scri|.tiona nnd advertisements on our he-1 as the reciprocity treaty has.
One Vear WM
One Year tin advance)      1.00
line Yoar, iu United States  1.60
Address all eotntnunioatlniig to
Thb Evening Sun,
I'HUNR 1174 Gkand Kohks, B.C
FRIDAY, MARCH 10,   1911
The Fruit Magazine, a non-political periodical published, in Vancouver, in an editorial discussing
the reciprocity treaty, pays its respects to Geo. E Foster in the following words: "Many of us remember with wbat burning eloquence
Mr. Foster denounced the British
preference when it was first introduced, as calculated to ruin Canadian vested interests, and now he is
just as loud in his demands for more
of the same nostrum and the abandonment of the proposed commercial agreement with the United
States. We wonder what a su
premely delightful sensation it
would produce shonld Mr. Foster
tell the truth once." The magazine,
after reviewing the treaty, arrives at
the following conclusion: "Let the
British preference be continued and
increased if we get any compensating response; let the reciprocity
agreement be tested and enlarged^
found to work to our mutual b^r*
fit, and if not let there be i£»cordttl
exchange of notices at the line kxigk,
bid Uncle Sam a pleasant good '•(ray
as he turns again to plough his own
commercial furrows, and Johnnie
Cannuck whistles the "Maple Leaf"
as his ships depart east and west to
all parts of the commercial  world."
cern is prospering in a most satisl
factory manner. Il is time to give
lhe farmer a square deal by reducing the duty on farm implements.
All bugs that make a humming
noise are said to be humbugs.
The the claim that the reciprocal
commercial treaty will run our infant industrious is one of the favorite arguments used by Ihe Conservatives against the measure.
Is it not reasonable to suppose that
in future the most successful manufacturing concerns will be located
nearest the supply of the raw material? Canada possesses the raw
material. Ten yenrs ngo A. B. Petrie commenced the manufacture of
cream separators at Guelph, Ont.,
notwithstanding that these machines
Were then and have been ever since
admitted into Canada free of duty.
About six years ago he had a fire
loss of 0100,000, after which he removed to Hamilton, and is today
manufacturing and shipping cream
separators by the cat load in open
Competition with the manufacturers
of   the  United States, and the con-
TllK test vote in the home on
Wednesday showed conclusively
that the reciprocity agreement will
be enacted into law in the Dominion
parliament. And yet in spite of
this fact, more fruit trees will be
planted in this valley this spring
than ever before, and orchardists, instead of cutting down their old
trees, are making preparations to install costly irrigating plants. These
activities do not coincide with the
blue-ruin predictions mude by our
member in the house at Ottawa that
the treaty would cripple the fruit
industry. They rather indicate that
the local fanner lias confidence in
his ability to successfully compete
with the American farmer.
Last Saturday's Canadian Gazette
contained a dispatch from Downing
stating that it is the wish of his
majesty the king that his birthday
should be officially celebrated in the
dominions beyond the seas on the
actual date of the anniversary, June
3. Another dispatch fixes the foi
lowing dates for the firing of salutes:
Anniversaries of the birth, acces
sion and coronation of the reigning
sovereign, the birthday of the consort of the reigning sovereign, the
birthday of the queen mother, on
which dates a royal salute shall be
fired at noon from all his majesty's
chips in port and from all forts and
batteries from which triumph sa-
luwlare usually fired.
As The Sun goes to press our
a local contemporary comes nu( with
tirade against this paper. This will
be reviewed in our -next issue,
when its boasted unionism and
tho reputation of the paper for paying bills will be made clear. In the
meantime we will content ourselves
by asking the no.v nominal editor
how long worked he worked on
If the mayor, as the Gazette remarks, is not financially interested
in that paper, Borne one is telling
a deliberate falsehood. Mr. Gaw
himself has on several occasions assured us that he owned stock in the
paper. Of course it is to the financial interest of the paper te deny
this fact now.
The Gazette's memory is lamentably poor when talking about sheriffs
in connection with its own shop.
When the subject is linked with this
ofiice, however, its imagination is
extraordinarily vivid.
If the Gazette has any legal account against this paper, it will be
paid on presentation as soon as we
collect our bills from people closely
identified with that paper.
Last week The Sun stated that
the Gazette had in the past been
managed and edited hy idiots, fakirs
and grafters. Next week we shnll
show to which of these three classifications it now belongs.
As the people familiarize themselves with the terms of the reciprocity treaty, their opposition to it decreases. They are beginning to see
that  it   will   benefit   thc   farmer,
Packing School Next Week
Tbe department of agriculture, being able to grant the
application of the Grand Forks
Fruit Growers' association for
it fruit packing school, has arranged
that one will be held at Grand
Forks Match IB to SI, both inclusive. There will bc morning sessions commencing at 9:30 and afternoon sessions at _!:tl(), making a tota
of twelve lessons of two and one-
half hours each. The attendance is
limited to sixteen pupils and the fee
is 83.0C.
It is expected that fruit growers
and fruit packers will take advantage of this fruit packing
school to become more fully acquainted with the theory and practice of modern fruit packibg. The
department is fortunate in securing
the services of James Berkley, of the
Okanogan   Fruit   union,  who   haB
given excellent satisfaction not only
ns a practical fruit packer but as an
instructor in the fruit packing
schools at Yakima valley and in the
Okanagan. To any one taking up
the remunerative work of fruit packing no better opportunity to become
acquainted with the art can be had.
Those desiring to join should present their names to James Rooke as
soon ns possible.
The scnool will open Wednesday
forenoon, and will close on Tuesday,
Ihe 21st inst. The rooms above A.
D. Morrison's jewelry store, on
Bridge street, have been selected as
the most convenient place for holding the sehool. Fruitgrowers who
are interested in correct packing
nn'thods are invited to attend the
sessions of the school, even though
they do not desire to take lessons.
Don't forget that The Sun nas the
best job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
Show cards for wtdnows and inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed
Print them plainly, to be read at a
For Sale—Two bedroom suites,
solid walnut, including springs nnd
mattress, at $15 and $22. Apply
Mrs. J. Bramley, near G. N. depot.
For Sale at a Bargain—Two horss
power gasolene engine. Apply J. H.
Plath, box 10, city.
Situation wanted by young lady
on first of February, March or April;
bookkeeping or teaching preferred;
speaks English, French, German
and Dutch. Address P. O. Box 316,
Grand Forks, B. C. ,
Are read by the people be
cause Thf Sun gives them
news of vital interest. People
no longer go lucking about for
things they want—thev goto
their newspaper fnr iuforma
tion as to where 'sueh things
may be found. This method
saves time and trouble. If
you want to bring your wares
to the attention of this community, our advertising columns
Ynle Untl Dlltrlot, DUtrlot of SimilUnmeen.
TAKh NOTICK Ilmt BUM l.lmiK or CnUlpli,
Illinois. I'.H.A., OQDUpatlOII  1'iiMii'T,   III*
ti-iiiU to iipfily tor pprinUiiloh to purchim1 I lu-
fiilinw 1 njjr ili'M't iln il IuhiIn:
roimneiit'lim nt  it pout plnut4.il   itlmut 20
chill"- Clint of tlit'   "olllheust    corner   of   Lot
1140 sM on Dup Greek) thenoU went wiohnltm;
thaiioo south ,!llchnlii*; tlmiice cnttt 60 Qnatlll.
thenee width 211 rhiiiiiH. tln'M -ust -'Oi-hiiiiiw:
tiipni'p north iii ciiiihit tu point of commence-
SILAS LtHGI.8, Applicant,
•l.K Crutistoii, Aut'iit.
Dntni December Uth, 1910.
Tale Land DUtrlot. District of Slmilknmeuu.
TAKK notiru thnt I. AgnetlKIlmT PiuiNoti,
ui I'aulson, li. Om occupation **lt**, lu*
tends lo npply for priiiiissinti to pnrehn-c
the following ilivcrlhed Inml-:
Com mend i.jr nt a pout planted nt tin-
HoiithueHt oorner of J. Miller's pre-emp-
tion, lot ll:i-'i s.,011 Deep Creek; thenee north
BOclinlmt; thence west ifOoh&faii thencefouth
in I'liitinn; tlieuce West 40 chain*: thence
Noiith 10chtttlm; thence edit mi chnins to thc
point of commencement
J. It. CraiMtnti, Agent.
Dated Decern her 12th, 1010.
Wall Papen
Onr new stock is now in. Call and make .selections at once while there i.s a large variety of sam-
ples«to choose from. We have a special Book on
House Decoration, free to those buying paper from us.
^WOODLAND    &,   CO.K-
Dollar Goes a
Long Way
when you buy" your supplies at our market; we
sell you choice, prime cuts
of beer, mutton, lamb, pork
and veal at as low a mar-
gin of profit as we can do
business honestly upon
and give the best you can get anywhere. Our meats
are tender and delicious—our poultry fat, fresh and
tender, and our hams and bacon fit tor a king at
To bring in your Wheels
to have them overhauled,
so that you may get more
enjoyment out of the
balmy spring days.
Bicycle Doctor
Winnipeg    Avenue
City and Suburban
att%y sfs\§m Jk-IWXIM PT. LOT hetweetl
W rfE%ll Second Mid Third streets,
J^JI 1 jiiMt iilmvc J u due l,cnin,v'i
**e\p\sW^sW ^sW mid II. Giiw'k plnce*: Separated from nil other propertied hy 20-lt.
litne: mi lame 11- seven or cljrht ordlmiry lots.
niljniiiiiiK lots me worth $l')ll; would inuke
nice home, with sufficient ground for chick-
em. fruit, Kftrden and lnwu; most desirable
• ocutlon iii city.
2,500,00 feet of commercial
timber on property) $500 hewn
lug house; North Fork runs
through land; Kettle Valley line
survey crosses property; ileeil
clear. 8875 cash, balance terms.
For further particulars apply
85   ACHES   uiljuliiliiir
t'lly limit* on  smith;
14  acreH  cleared: 150
_ fruit trees; new four-
•iiiiin house: barn lor six horses; horse,
bunny, double harness [tint tHrinlug implements    All (or $:IJIH1.   Betsy terms.
ituil three lots within
one block til business
centre;   lawn, shade
'rees, fruit treed, berry hushes, Inrire Rflrden.
Will also sell furniture of home if desired.
One-half cash, hiihuiee terms.
V.'t miles from town;
7-room house, plundered: largo iiiiffByched.
_      , _.._____     woodshed;    150     fruit
.rees, 711 heiirlnu; %•■*. ncres slrnwherrles.
iiun*ebcrrh'H. currants, rnspbDrrios; free from
Irost: the hest location nround Grnnd Forks;
plenty of (rood wnter; fruit nud crop In
-Hetweetl 3 lind 4 ncres
in West end nf city:
flrnt-clnn soil, nil under mil ivntton; sinnll
house, WtiOtlflhed nnd oHthulhlhur*. well nud
pump; L'limi fence. 1 hK |a n sncrltlce, ns owner || iihrmt tolctivei'lty.   TeruiH
18000 aMh. hni*
nice terms. One
H hest hotels III
the hit si tie's ceil
<f (irnnd Fmhs; mm- doing n prolltnlile
butilieti] owner desires tn remove to lhe
ci.ust. This Is the liest Im renin In thi- pnrt
of tlio province, ns there nre hut nveii hotel
11 censes In the limnd Korks. Oity UfffOWItlit
rapidly. No other town In southern Hritish
L'oluinhU hns ns bright future piospects.
For further information re
garditlg the above properties
call or itiUlresH
Yale Lnnd Distrlot, District of Similkameen,
TAKK NOTICE that Thomas Henry Paul-
sou, of 1'Mtilt.on, H. Oi, oeo'lpntloll Merchant, intciifls to apply for permission to
purchase the following described Isnds:
Coliimeucllilt »t a post planted nboilt sixty
chains north of the northt'ust rorncrnf Miller
llintlier's pre-emption, Lot I HUH., on Deep
Orcein thence north w chains I thenoe west
III chains; tlieuce south 811 clmliis; thence cast
4U chains.o|,,!i,,.iO.sCO,nme,n.e,„e^0N
,1. K. Cranston. Audit.
Dm c.l December lltli, WW.
Taking on the Pilot
Our OlaMHIed Want Me. will
pilot tho iMp of kutlneti ta tho
eafe harbor of commercial pree-
parity. People read the "Artloloa
for late" Me. If you have earn*.
mini to aell toll thorn akout It
One larta machinery Arm In
Toronto haa hunt up Ha hualneaa
by uslna OlaaaMM Want Ma. ea-
JKEDLKWORK wanted to do at home,
ou Mrs. Win. Keron. Second street.
GOODPASTUKAOK for cattle close to city,
safe fence: nbiniilacc ol feed.   For term:
apply lo .lolin Humtnrr, Fourth of July creek.
WANTED   Sit nation as Janitor or bartender    Address W.  J.,  itenoriil  Delivery.
ilriuul Korks, 11. U.
CTHXISIIKIi IIOOMS -Applv Mrs.   K. Crnv, -
T   ford.
ADVERTISING SPACE lu The Sun,the most
widely read unasimix'r In the Kettle Vulley.
I    otHce.
new.    Apply Sun
rilREE  HOTTI.ES told Nelson  Reer   51),..
I    Mon lluttllni. Works.
BARN AND IHHISK-Tlie Forrester burn, 2
lots nud liouso, In Columbia.   Apply J. II.
IMntli, llox 111.
I AKOE BOTTLE Port Wine 7io.   Lion lli.t-
L   tllntr Works.
LAND   Hill acres irood tiiuotliy  land.   Apply
this office.
>PAt'E for advcrtlsiuK   purposes   In The
>  Suu. h\
6 Year Old Girl Cured of
Kidney Trouble
Mrs. Alex Moore, of James St.,
Oxford, N.S., says: "Booth's Kidney
Pills cured our little daughter, Chris
tina, aged six years, of many symptoms of kidney weakness. She com-
' plained of a sore back, the kidney secretions were frequent and uncontrollable, especially at night. Her stoni-
nch was weak and her appetite poor.
This caused her to hi.ve frequent
headaches,   and   the  least   exertion
 would  tire   her.
I We had tried
Imany remedies,
■but she did not
limprove. Finally
Iwe learned of
lllooth's Kidney
iPllls and procured a box. In a
short tihieshp was
well and does not now complain about
her back, the kidney secretions have
become normal, and she plays iiroiiii'l
the house with uo apparent fatigue
We always recommend Booth's Kidney Pills."
Booth's Kidney Pills carry a guarantee that if you derive no benefit
your money will he refunded. Booth's
Kikney Pilli are a specific for all dis
eases of the kidneys and bladder-
Sold by all druggists, 50c box, or postpaid from the K, T. Booth Co., Ltd.,
Fort Erie, Out. Solrl and guaranteed
by H. E, Woodland it Co.
Our time,, knowledge and
experience in thc printing
business is at your disposal
when you are in need of something ir this line. Don't forget this.
Holy Trinity Chuucii,Henry Steele,
Hector—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
nnd sermon) 11 a.m.; evensong and
sermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 3
p.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will be celebrated at
the 11 a.in, service as well as at 8
a. in. Week-day and special servicos
as they are announced from time to
time You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you.
Knox Presbyterian Chuucii—
Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.
in.; Sabbath school and Bible class at
9:45 a.m. All are cordially invited.
Seats free. Kev. M. D, McKee, pustor.
Methodist Chuiich J. Hev. Calvert, D,D., Pastor,—Sunday services,
11 a. in. and 7::!0 p.m.; Sunday school,
2:30 p.m.; Epworth I.engue, Monday
at 8:00 p.m.; prayer meet ng, Wednesdays, 8 p.m.; Junior Leiguc, Fridays, 7:0S p.m. liver) b uly will be
Baptist Chuucii, Rev. H. W.
Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. in.; Bible
class and Sunday school  at. 2:30 p.m.
Don't forget tlmt The Sun nas the
hest job printing deparrtnent in the
Boundary country.
Tlie high price of living has
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prices. We're are still doing
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all kinds at prices satisfactory
to you.
You might as well cut off
your legs because you are running well in a footrace as to
cut off your advertising because your business i.s too
NTHI! M.'I'I'KIt of tin,   Uml Roglrtrj   let
uhil Iii the mutter of tin- title to l.ut IWS
..roup I, Osoyoos iMvlnioti, (now known a-
Sltnllknmeoiil lilvlnlon uf Yule District
llritish Colciiblu.
WIU.RR4S i_ertl.lo._te of Titlool t'utili.k
Terrlon, bolnit OertiUcnto of Title No.
.(Hu, to the nliqve hereilltiimetita Ims been
Inst nr destroyed, in nnpllontlon tins been
intuli- tu nu. (in- ii innli' ii' ..iiereot.
Notice is hereby given tlintndupllenteCer-
ttiiciiti'ii. Title tn tin. nbovo  lieri'tlitnmenta
win ii,< Issued .it tl xiiinitinii nf mi,, mouth
(mm the date beroof, unless in tin- meiiiitlmo
valid objections td tho contrary be mude tu
me iu \\ i itiny.
lllatrlit ili-jtislmr uf Titles.
Lilllll Kegiktl-)' I'.tier.
klilnlmi|iS, 11. ('.. Sept. 7, 1010.
$4.00 Per Year.   Single Copy, 10 Cts.
' Sample Copy Free.
uswoiii        n W. ami St.. tow ^ mm.
(Published Annually)
i mtiili'" tfmlers throughout the world to
oomtntiutonte direct wltlj Btfglish
In each olass of goods,   Rosldes being » win*
pb'to    I'llIlimi'M'lll]     rlliil.    In   l.titnliilt  unit    .|v
suburbs, thf directory oontaltis l^i- ol
wlththeOoad* tlii'.v ship, ii'd the Colonial
indYorolgti Markets they supply)
iirrntiirefl rtndor tin- I'urts tu which they lull,
11.nl liiliPittni: tbe approximate Sailings:
of ifn on ir Manufacturers, Merchants, eta,, In
tiie prlnclpa' provincial towns and Industrial
(■••litres or tht< united Kingdom.
A copy of theourreut edition will be fm-
wataed, freight inild, on receipt of Postal
order ior 209.
Dealers seeking Agencies oan   advertise
their trade eiirdn ior£1, or larger advert!
menu irom 13.
35j Aboburuh Luue, London, K.(\
Show otirdd for widnowit arid inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make tin in brief, terse and pointed
Print them plainly, to lie read at ii
For Sale—Two bedroom suites,
solid walnut, including springs ami
mattress, at $15 and $22. Apply
Mre, J. Bramley, near G. N. depot.
Remember that every added
subscriber helps to make thiw
paper better for everybody.
and Repaired
S. D. CURRY lias re-opened
the business formerly owned
by Mrs. Lew Johnson,at the
corner of Riverside Avenue
and Main Street.
cj41l Work Neatly Done
(live us a call.
ALL WORKERS ut the Granby
smelter ere hereby notified unci
requested to become affiliated
with the Grand Forks Union No. ISO,
Western Federation of Miners. All
former members are requested to reinstate before the .'list of March, 1911,
to their financial benefit
Mutters of vital importance, affect
ing tho welfare of nil worker^ will
shortly brought up in this Union, and
acted upon.
Bv order,
Secretary No. 180, \V KM.
Pay as you go—but don't go too
The simple life] is most careful after
The road is rocky, but can likes to
travel it.
Many a man has to be scared into
being good.
Fools are developed as often as
suckers are horn.
The undoing of some men comes
from doing others.
When an aeroplane chauffeur drops
its all up wilh him.
Killing time is the commonest form
of homicidal mania.
It is best to make political fame
while the voters stick.
lt isn't called "common sense" because it is so common,
A man leaps what he sows—and
rips what Ins wife sews.
Dyspeptio remarks don't always
conic from the stomach.
If you would please your neighbor
say less than you think.
A good memory won't remember
to its ownet's advantage.
When, a fool gets angry ho furnishes
the proof of his foolishness.
Anyway, patrons of cheap boarding
houses never have the gout.
Even the path of the just isn't always just as they would like it
Exercise your own judgment. Some
bargains are dear at half price.
It' a u an doesn't give to charity he
is stingy; is he doi.s, it is for show.
An expert is a uian who makes a
liluil'iit knowing more than you do.
When a man is little the big girls
kiss him, and when he is grown the
little girls kiss him.
If a man gives affection he is a soft
specimen; if he seems to care for no
one he is coldblooded.
If a mau is actively religious he is
a hypocrite; if he takes no interest in
religion he is a hardened sinner.
' If a man dies young there was a
great future before him; if he lives to
old age he has missed his calling.
If a man is in politics lie it iu for
the pie; if he's out of politics you can't
lind a place for him, and he is no good
to his country.
A man's life is full of crosses and
temptations. Ue comes into thc
world without his consent and goes
out against his Will, and the road between the two points is exceedingly
The rule of contraries is one of the
features of a man's trip through lite.
If he is poor he is a bad manager; if
ho is rich he is a thief. If lie needs
credit he can't get it; if he is prosperous every one wants to do for him,
Hotel Colin
Opposite Great Northern Station
Recently completed and
newly furnished throughout. Conveniently located
for railway » men. Kirst-
olast accommodations for
transient*. Board und
rooms by the week at prevailing rates. |,,iltc lllie *'*
Wines, Liquors und Cigars
always in ■took ut tho bur.
Grand Forks, B. C.
NOTICE Ik hereby (riven lUt nn application
will be mude under I'nrt V. nf tlu* "Water
Act, ltM»."tQ obtain % license in tin- Bim ilka-
tnoen Division .( V district.
(a) rheiiHtnes. uddrcM nndorcupatlon of the
>.|.|. -icm Is: >v. a Ooper nii'i A. ■!. Conpi r,
Grand Porks,; II. (\. K-inohers. (if for in In*
luv purpose^ -i.- Miner's «*orilficit'Q No
(tn Tho mineof the lake, atresia nraourco (ti
nunmed,thc.description Is) Small lake (no
mime) wholly ••tn te upon |,nt Numb >r NX),
Urotipl.8imi.kti iDlvMoti <>r Vale Die*
irlei. •'. C,
(r) The point of rtlverslon: At south wesl
portl f mild like In Hutd lot Number W0.
(.1) The i|iinmltv of wator applied for (In cubic foet par second),   und nnljlo fpot |>ersfo*
(. The diameter of Ihe propusM work*:
Pumping el mt nnd pipe.
(i) t|ienreml«es on which the water Is to be
until I (describe same): iVUm, nf l.-t W0,
flnmponc, «Imllkai n DlvWon nf YnIvDIv
incl. owner] bv in.p'li'mi'c.
(_:) Thupuri ifurwhleli ibo wator Is to be
ihcfi: frrliratlon un>i nirrlotiUure.
(1.) If fnr liriifn Imi. .ii-.rii," tin- lmi<l Intend
ed tube irrigated, nlvlnw inre.uri* Rust fifty
m.rttsofhuid I."i '■(in,OrounOne, i*lmilkamet*ii
Dlvlntoti nf Vale Distrlot, B, ('., owned by up-
(!) |[ ihe water i* Iqbu n«ed foi power or lain-
Ills piiriiospsdo'prtbe tlie placo where the wuter
In to in- ri-tnruiHl tn (tome nntiu.il channel, mid
tliudllTercm'c In altfiude bcVWecn lhe i>->!ul »{
dtrerstnn and the point <if retufnt   Nol to be
used for power nr Itl i tl i Tl cf pnrp »ses.
(t) ir.iioiOo.vn l.ml Inieiiii'.t to lie occupied h\ iheproprwed woiWi   Ml,
(-;) Thlnnoibewnspn-twlonttiu 8t1 a«vof
lauiinry, 1911. nml anplltattuu will lie mmle
to tiie rvunmlssluuer on die 15th day ol febru*
ary. I II.
(!) Ulvo the mitiii"; nml Addresses of i ny
ripurliiu proprietors nr- licensees who or whose
binds are likely to benllWUGd bv tiu> propriwl
works, cither above or below theonilnt: VV, A.
Cooper utei   A. J.   Co"|ilt.   the   uppliontltH.
(jHnnature)1  W. A.COOI'ER,
(P. O. Address) Urolld K<irks, B. C
I he Oliver 1 ypewriter
for 17 Cents a Day!
PIpmc rend lhe liea'lliiiu'over iiuiiin. Then tts
treiiieinloiis slunillcnnce will iawn upon vou
An Oliver Tynewrlter—the standard visible
writer—tho most highly per, tod typewriter
mi ihe raiirkol -youre for 17 cents    duv!
Tin- typewriter wliiineconquest of the com-
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17 vents 11 dey I
The typewriter that laogutppad with scores0'
such conveiiionves ns "The Balance Shift"—
"The Ruling Device"—"THe Doqble RoleaBe"-
The Locomotive Base"—"The Automatic
Bpacor"—"Tbe Automatic Tabula tor "—'•The
—"The Afljiistahle IV
perPliiguiB1'—"The Sid-
Qiitiflc Uondeiiscd Kev-
board"-all -t
Yours for 17
Gents a Day!
We annuncvd   thin
w auks plmi recently, Just lo feel the pulse of
tho people,   simply a small cash payment—
then 17 cents a day,   Tlmt istliu plan lu a nut-
The result ims boon such n deluge of applications for machines ilmi we ure simply as-
The demand comes from people of nil classes,
The majority ol Inquiries has coine'froia peo-
leof known financial' standltiK who were attracted b'y the novelty of ilie pmpOh. 'on.   An
impressive donioilstrntlon of trm inimein-e pop-
uiariti'of the Oliver Typewriter
A startling confirmation of our belief that
the I'.r.i oi Universal Typewriting Is at hand.
A  Quarter * of a Million People
are Making Money^with
TIkip. ganders, ul' lliirik-n, Mnn.,
is Installing tlie new iJiauhinery ut
lhe linliiiisiin & Lequime sawmill
un Smelter luke.
Robert Halpenny and Denny
Flagheriy, triintneii on. the Orand
Trunk Paciflo at ISdin'onton, are vis
iting friends in lhe Boundnry.
I'hey were formerly employed on
the roads in this district.
No applntment has yet heen mndi
to Iiii the vacanoy caused by tin
resignation of Constable limy ut
James McArdle visited Phoenix
mi Friday.
UTII()I.K ur soparato ton-
tV (lei's will bc received l>y
the uiidorsigned up i" nnd in-
cluding Saiiirdny. March25th,
nt 4 o'clock p.m.. for the erection and completion of a re.si-
dence on Winnipeg Avenin
| Cor Judge Brown. Plans and
specifiations may be obtained
by applying to ilu- undnV
signed, The lowest or inn
tender not necessarily accepted.
Archite t.
The Standard Visible Writer
Tlie Oliver Typewriter Is n iimiiev-iiuiki'i
riniii ir.>in the word "mi!" ~,i enxy to nm thai
hoittiiiiei*upon eel in itio "expert." oIms,   Kuril
u» vim loiirn.    l.elllu>ii|.ii'lilu ' piy 1 lie 17 ceutt
ii ilny -nml nil nbovetlioi l.ynnrs.
wherever yo ■•■, there 1. work m be done
nml money to be mmle by hkIiib the Oliver The
biulnen world Uealllng (or ullver operatiin.
lioro nie not ci rIi to »npply tho demand
iii.-irsitiiiiics are roinildernbly above liidse oi
many claMesorwoikers.
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
Tin! I* tho bat tlo flry today. »Vo Imvemadi
MiuOllver Piipretne In iisoftilnepsftinl abxolutolj
Indlapctifiabio in bn'lnegs. Now cornea tin- con
i|ii«M of UiPhnnio,
I'bcidpipllPlty nnd stronfith ofthe Ollvor fit H
ror family injo.   li i^ bponuilnai nu important
fnptnr in tlit- home training of young j pic
a ii uaiipntnran well ns a money milker.
Our nejvBolllntfpliin puts I ho Oliver nn tin
UinHmld nl every homo In Aim-rli-n. win Von
ofnn the eloor of your hums or ottlce on ibis re-
mnrl*ahle Oliver oil r?
Write mr further del .il^ of our easy olfor nnd
ii fa'oeopy u| the uew Ollvor catalog,   Ad^rau
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
Oliver Typewriter liulliling,
New Edition Issued Nov, 15, 1906.)
Is a dozen liuuks in tints covering tlio
history, geography, geology* chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and Qnances of
copper. It. is a pracical book, useful
to nil nntl neoessary to most men on
gaged in any branch of the coppes
its facts will puss muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
ensily understood by the everyday
man. It fjives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4686 copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the property.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book un Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the facts it gives him about mines,
mining and tbe metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about mining, mining investments ami copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
lexposed in plain English.
1'rice is .$5 in Buckram with gilt
top; 87.511 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, ami
may Vie returned within a week of receipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace  J.  Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
■lo.'l PostoiHce Ulock,
Houghton, Michigan.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
Rocelve both Ladles nml Gentlemen em reii-
dent nr duy ittideutAj liusn complete Com-
merelalor Dullness Cour'pi prepares itu-
dentito ».niin Teachert' CertHlaatoi of \V
arradeit irlvei the four yean' courte for tin
R. A.di-irviMiud the flr«l v..«r uf tht* Schon
of Sol 'PC'iiiiM'. iii ntli'i.itiitu with the Tn
routo Unlveriltyi bim a ipoglal ptoipeotort
ootino in mluori h Im worh in It c. In into
Hun It alio irlven in Art, Millie, Phyileal Cul
mi rt* lind ttlnouttou, Tcrni opedi Sept. ll.
1908,  For CalendaM, ere.. addreH
Mining Stock Quotations
Boston, Mnreli   !i. - Tho   follow
ing ure toclay'H opening quotations foi
tin* BtncK* ineuli 'iiril:
Asked.       Bid
Cn.nl.v Consolidated.    45.00   88.00
I!. C.   Copper       7.25     6.50
A>Y ii ii:!.iliU> ll.iiniiii.in Lftlldl within thu
Hull way belt <>r llritish Columbia maybe
hptnetteaded by any person who li tin' hf*u<l
nf a family, or-any maloovereighteen yean
ofaffOi to the extent of oue*quarter notion
of 160 nerei) more ur len.
Knt rv tn n *t lu* in ado ii'Ti'i Mull;v nt the local
land omoe fur tht- dlatriot in which tbo Iium!
The homeite'nder is ret) ul red to perform
tin- conditions connejteu therewith under
one of the following ntaiii:
(it At least six months' reildenoe upon and
cultivation nf tin- lutnl in each year fur three
(2) [ft ho father (or mother, If tiie father li
deceased], uf tin- homesteader resided upon i
farm In the vlolnlty of the laud entered for.
tbf requirement* us in reside na ay be sat*
lifted h* inoh permit residing wltb the father
in tlier.
(;i) if the settler bus his permanent residence upon farming land owned by him in
I tb*' vlolnlty uf his homestead,the require-
Miifnis us to restdei ly >»' satis Bed  by
resldenc n rIn. suid luml.
I   Six months' notice in writing should he
1 given tho ( ommlsslo 'of Dnmluloii Lands
at Ottawa of intention to apply fnr patent
.    ('.ml   ( oal ruining rights mav be leased
i fur n period nf twentj'-onayears at an an*
■ mini rental of SI DO iieraoro,   Nol more than
- 2 Wii acres iliutl be leased in Individual or
' company. A royalty ut tin- rata of Ave cents
! per ton shall be collected nn tin- merobant*
I nble coal mined,
W. Vt, CORY,
Deputy of tin- Minister of the Interior,
s.li.   Unauthorised   publication of   this
advertisement will uol be paid fur.
Metal Quotations
Nkw Yoiik, March !).— Silver, 6-ljfj
"tiiii<liiril<.>ii|i|ii>r.$l'J.'JO(» I-.'-'o.sti'inlv. I
LoviioN, Mar oh !i.—Nilu'i, 2Bi;
lend, XI.'I os.
Some bnslnws men arc so fond of
hoing   tleci ivi'd   timt they oven en-1
iltiivnr ti) believe that Vluy can rrach ,
the consnnii'i'-in" this ilislrict without advertising in Tbe .sun.
Ihenr"thnn v—id, Vllltafl i>r'-"-ie.\\
HHIillllilrilWMM'Iliu,51.Imu, I..I.    u
^■w-^EWARr lR3NV,Mtt(£rtWUa_\\
»   '     cinci:::-.'.ti. o. I
lO._tll)0il.i!|«<iil Ir»n rinr-i.i.nl.n.rc.U./;
I.inr. Low prlcM will nfprbciM.     J J
t.!l»il //
■cc I.: (\'^>'
_ THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Knew From  Experience
Wife—"0, George, the water pipe ia
leaking and the water is spoiling the
new carpet. Go antl get a plumber,
Husband—"That's all right, my
dear, let it leak; it's cheaper to get a
new carpet."
And find out il you have kidney disorders.   Also make this test.
Have you pains in the back over
the kidneys?
Have you urinary disorders? !
Do you suffer from severe head-'
aches, dizziness or defective eyesight?
Is the skin dry untl harsh?
Are you failing in health ami
strength and suffering from rheumatic pains or swelling of thc limbs?
These are a few of the symptoms of
kidney disease, and here is the test.
If the urine, ufter standing for
twenty-four hours is cloudy, milky or
hus particles llonting about in it, or
if there is a sediment in the bottom,
of the vessel, your kidneys are dis-1 Anaemia is a state into which one
cased. • I falls because of lack of blood, or be-
There is no time to lose in begin- S cause the blood is poor, weak and
ning the use of Dr. Chase's Kidney watery. The man or woman who
and Liver Pills. Delay means the; has not enough blood is pule, lun-
development of Bright's Disease, and gmd, easily tired and easily depress-
The Flight ol Time
"It's three months since I suw you
The one who met her plainly states.
Says she: "Can that be possible?
It's awful how times aviates."
If You Are Weak and Easily
Tired Try Dr. Williams'
Fink Pills
you do not wnnt to take any chances
with that.. Dr. Chase's Kidney and
Liver Pills will help you more quickly thun nny treatment you can obtain
antl that is one reason why they are
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Mr. W. H. Mosher, South Augusta,
Grenville county, Ont., writes:—"I
used Dr. Chase's Kidney and Liver
Pills and firmly believe there is no
medicine to equal them. I was
troubled for yenrs with kidney disease, and this treatment has cured
me. When I began the use of these
pills I could only walk from my bed
to a chair. Now I can go to the field
and work like any other man.    Dr.
ed. As the trouble progresses other
symptoms show themselves, and the
life of the sufferer is one of misery.
Anaemia opens the door to consumption, and gives victims to all the
epidemic maladies, because the whole
body is weakened and' unable to resist the inroads of disease. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are the best remedy in the world for the cure of anaemia, and all its attendent miseries.
They make the blood rich, red and
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single case of anaemia where Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills have failed to
Chase's Kidney and Liver Pills are \ cure if given a fair trial. Mr. John
an excellent medicine." This state- Hastings, Venn., 8ask., was a victim
ment is certified to by the Rev. K. H. of this trouble and found new health
Emett, Baptist minister, of Brock-' through Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. He
ville, Ont. j says: "I was working on a railway
Dr. A. W. Chase's Kidney and Liver! driving a team and found myself
Pills, one pill a dose, 25 cents a box, j gradually running, down. I did not
at all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates! pay much attention to it at flrst, but
and Co., Toronto. The portrait and i soon I began to lose my appetite and
signature of A. W. Chase. M. D., the  it was a trial to get through my day's
famous Receipt Book author, are on
every box. These are for your protection aguinst imitations and substitutes.
Sandy McPherson, in a moment of
abstraction, put half a crown in thc
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best way of making up for it.
"Noo, 1 might stny awa' true the
kirk till the sum was made up; but,
on the other han', 1 wad be payin'
pew rent a' the time an' getting nae
guid o' it. Losh! But I'm thiukin'
this is what the meenister en's a 'religious difficulty!' "
Solt cornn are difficult to eradicate bat
Hollowny's Corn Cure will draw them out
She—What if I have loved another,
dear? Don't you know it has only
prepared me for the greater, higher
love I have for you?
He—That's all right; but how do I
know thnt the love you have for me
isn't preparing you for a greater,
higher love for someone else?
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications, ua they cannot reach the d_a>
•wed portion ot tile oar. There ll only one way to
eure deatneaa. and that la by constitutional remedies.
Deafness Is caused by an inflamed condition oi the
mucous lining of the Euatachlan Tube. When thia
tube la Inflamed you have a rumbling aound or Imperfect hearing, and wben It la entirely closed, Deaf-
neba la the rcault, and unless the Inflammation con be
taken out and this tube restored to Ita normal condition, hearing will be destroyed forever: nine eaaea
out of ten are caused by Catarrh, which la nothing
but an Inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollara for any caae of
Deafness (caused by catarrh! that cannot lie cured
by Hall'a catarrh cure.  Bend for circulars, tret.
F. 1. CHENEY * CO.. Toledo. O.
Sold by Drutglsta. 78c.
Take Hall's family pills for senallgatloa.
Where He Made It
"Hullo, Binks," said Wobbles. "I
hear you've been in the chicken business."
"Yep," snid Binks.
"Made anything out of it?" asked
"Yep," said Binks. "Ten thousand
"Ten thousand dollars in the chicken business?" demanded Wobbles.
"Nope, out of it," said Binks.—
Harper's Weekly.
If you are a sufferer from colds Ket a
bottle of Bickle's Anti-Consumptive flyrup
and teat Its qualities. It will be found
that no praise bestowed on it is too high.
It does all that Is claimed for it, and does
it thoroughly. Do not take any substitute
for Bickle's Syrup, because it ie the best.
having stood the test ot years. All the
best dealers sell it.
Those Brothers
Young Man—So Miss Ethel is your
oldest sister.   Who comes after her? .
Small Brother—Nobody ain't come
yet; but pa says the first fellow that
comes can have her,.
Shilohb Gum
tssiasly,low oouiki. anna Mid* koala
ma tknxetMd luaga. •  •   • UwH
If a man knew as much about his
business ns his wife does about their
refrigerator, he'd be a big success.
Minard's   Liniment Cure  Diphtheria,
Some yeara ago a travelling troupe
were playing "Hamlet" in Dublin.
When thc actor representing the ghost
came to the well know passage, "I am
thy father's ghost," a voice from the
gallery responded—"Ah, shure, an' a
mighty fine Bpirit ye make, too!"
To which the ghost replied, "All
right, Hagarty; I know yes, and I'll
giv yes such a batin' as yes never had
in yure born days when I get yea
Thanksgiving  is  good,  but  thanks
living is better. *
The greatest men of the ages have
scarcely been recognized until after
they were dead. Don't he surprised
if you and your work nre unnoticed;
God is keeping a faithful record.
Relief for the Depressed—Physical and
mental depression usually have their
origin in a disordered state of the stomach and liver, aa when these organs are
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They revive the digestive processes, net
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"Fine old inn. sir," commented thc
host. "Everything in this house hns
its story."
"I don't doubt it," remarked the
grouchy tourist. "And is there any
legend connected with this old piece
of cheese?"—Kansas City Journal.
work.   I got medicine from the doc
tor on the works, but it did not help
me, and finally I got so bad I   told
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day's work with any man on the job. j
I may just add that before I began :
taking the Pills I was so run down >
tbnt I weighed onlv 122 noiinds, nnd
while taking them I gained 22 pounds,
I cannot sny too much in fnvor of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and strongly
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You   enn  get   these   Pills   through
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Brockville, Ont.
There are only eleven periodic
comets of which the return hns been
Diner—"It's a shame that you killed this chicken."
Diner—"In two or three more days
it would have retired on a pension
fund."—Philadelphia Telegraph.
Unless worms be expelled from the system, no child can be healthy. Mother
Graves' Worm Etterminator is the best
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Politeness is a valuable asset—on
both sides of the counter.
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Distemper
The emotion with which a mother
sends forth her young hopeful to
school depends largely upon whether
the said young hopeful is No. 1 or
No. 5.
W W —
will Mop Uut epUttin, hooaoih, oolok ond sure.   Will not tana bsoH er sow emaan.
SB oont. . boo ot oil truoouto' |
Canadian Pacific
Indignant Mngnate (whose pet
measure is likely to fail)—"What do
you' think you were elected for, anyhow?"
Distinguished Senator (with a
dreamy faraway gaze)—"For six years
—I hope!"
Plus 12.00 lor tht
Round Trip   •   •
From all stations in Ontario, Pon
Arthur and West, Manitoba, Saskat
chewan and Alberta to
Tickets on aide December IS, 18 and
17, 1910; January 20, 21, 22 and 23
nnd February 14, 15 and 16, 1911
.'ood to return within three months
from date of issue.
Apply to nearest C.  P. Ry. agenl
lor full information.
Oaily during December.      3 mouths
limit,   stop1 over privileges.
The Doable Track Route.
Reduced Fares ior
Steamship Passengers.
November Uth to December Slat.
Five months limit. Write for full
particulars and descriptive pamphlet.
General Agent. Paasenger Dept.
Representedve for all Steamship Lines
and Conk's Tours.
M0 Portaee Ave.
In Boyville
Mamma—Fred, why   do
your playmate "Brownie?"
Small   Fred-Well,    his
Brown, so we call him
Offensive Candor
you   call'    Washington Star—"Did you ever get
: a good likeness of Mr. Dustin Stax?"
name    is     "Perfect."  snid    the    self-confident
for; painter: "it wns so true to nature that
j lie refused to buy it."
Your druggist  will  relund  money  il.     —
PAZO OINTMENT fails to eure nny
case of Itching,   Blind,    Bleeding or
Protruding Piles in 6 to 14 days.   60c.
"Your friend is rather Indelicate,"
remarketl Mrs. Wombat. "Snys lie
gave her husband some panatellas for
"What's wrong with that?"
"I wouldn't think of mentioning
sleeping-garments in public."
Tlie  Nova   Scotia  "Lumber  King"
the BUST liniment in use.
1 got my toot lintllv jammed lately.
1 bathed it well with MINARD'S 1.1N-
IMENT nud it was ns well ns ever,
next (lay. Yours very truly,
T. ti. MoMUU.I'.N.
There is nu American statesman
who is very prudent with hia money.
He. rarely spends anything if lie can
t*et, some one else io do the spending
for him.
One morning ho was walking down
lhe streol with ii Irieinl. mul Ihey niel
n beggar who Innl n lull' "I woe lhal
was emitting. The statesman listened
/ind asked some questions.
Then be turned to his friend nml
fluid: ".lolin, Ibis man's story affects
me greatly,   (live him n dollar,"
The Friend ol All SuHerert. Like to "the
tthadow of n rnrk Iti n Weary land" Ih Dr.
Thomas' jSoleotrlo oil to nil those who suffer puin lt holtls nut hope tn everyone and
realize)* It hy BtilllnK sulTerlna everywhere.
Tt In ii liniment thnt has the hlesHlnei nf
hall a rnntinent. It Is on sale everywhere
aud can bc lound wherever emiulretl Inr.
"You'll have to hurry up Hint battleship." snid tlie big manufacturer.
"Is there going to lie a war?" ji-
quired the malinger.
"No, but it's only business etiquette
lo deliver it before thii- year's model
goes out ol style."
W. N. U., No. 832.
■ THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
The Sequel to the Dream of
Little Miss Mouse.
The partition was not very thick,
and tbe girl often heard bim whistling
or singing in the next room. His repertory was extensive and confusing.
"She's the bestest girl tbat la, and I
need ber In my biz." would float In to
her, followed perbapa by tbe strains of
"Samson et DalUa" or some music
equally line.
One knew the sort of man wbo
would sing coon songs with gusto;
also the sort that would hum bits
from the grand operas. The puzzling
thing was to know wbat sort of mau
would take an Impartial delight In
both;- So In the Intervals of her work
abe began lo speculate about ber unknown neighbor.
At tbe end ot two months abe tabulated ber knowledge of bim. He was
gay and debonair. Witness the scraps
of song that floated In to her. Be was
carelessly indifferent to women. This
sbe gleaned from tbe fact tbat live
days out of seven sbe could bear him
tunefully asserting:
If she be not fair to uie.
What car* 1 how fair she hei
He smoked Inveterately—a pipe, she
fancied. Sometimes the faint elusive
spirit of tha thing seemed to float
about ber hall bedroom, and she
sBVed again and again, ber small
head veil ln tbe air, but could never
be quit* sure. Tbe partition bore ber
startled scrutiny Imperturbably, but-
well, sbe waa sure she smelted smoke.
He was about thirty. Thia abe divined from the freshness of bla voice
and bis boyish delight In tbe chatter
of tbe elderly chambermaid, whose
Irish wit would send bim Into peals
of laughter.
Also he was a man of tbe world,
since abe beard bim come In early
many evenings and move about hla
room as If dressing for dinner. Then
at half past 6 or 7 be would go out
again, leaving her wltb an absurd
aenae of desolation.
They never encountered each other
In tbe balls, much to ber satisfaction,
but ahe tame to have a very distinct
Idea of bis appearance. He was tall,
broad and straight, with a clear cut
face and an air of knowing bis way
"Sure, an* be'a a foloe gtntleman."
Maggie Informed ber once; but, tbougb
ahe might bave verified ber Idea of
bim. sbe refrained wltb a line sense of
personal reserve. Sometimes through
tbe open door she caught a glimpse of
bla room, aud ber Interested eyea took
In the dark green walls, covered wltb
handsome photographs, the low bookcases ou either aide of tbe fireplace
and tbe low. broad table with its litter
of books and papers.
"It certainly looks aa If be were au
Interesting man." abe thought io herself, and thereupon ahe entered ber
own room, aud, taking out a sheet of
paper bearing tbe mystical heading
"My Knight ln Spain," sbe wrote:
"Evidently educated—a college man;
profession, law, literature or something of the kind."
"Maggie, Is there any one In the next
room?" ahe beard bim Inquire one Sunday morning. Tben in answer lu Maggie's muffled reply: "Little Miss Mouse,
1 sbould call ber. I didn't know tbere
was any one tbere. tbougb once or
twice I've thought I beard some one."
Tbe girl blushed guiltily. Appaient-
ly be bad no Idea bow plainly sbe
could bear bim. Tben sbe smiled lo
herself. So be would call ber Little
Mlsa Mouse. Well, lt was fair enough,
since aha called bim ber gentleman of
For awhile after this she noticed a
decided effort on her neighbor's part to
go softly, lu the midst of a slave be
would cease abruptly, only to begin
afresh and atop again wltb an Impatient exclamation, as If be were annoyed at not being able lo remember
to be quiet. At all of wbich. lu the seclusion of her room. Little Mlsa Mouse
laughed Immoderately, tbougb In alienee.
Tben one morning Maggie found her
In bed, her usually pale face flushed,
ber heavy hair covering tbe pillow in
a tossed and tangled mass.
"It's nothing, but perbapa you'd better get a doctor!" gasped Miss Mouse.
"My bead's so queer, and, oh. I'm ao
Soon after a serene faced nurse In a
striped uniform and white apron waa
Installed In tbe room, and to ner Little
Miss Mouse, down wltb brain fever,
talked an unending Jargon.
"if you can bave a castle In Spain
yon can certainly bave a knight In
Spain, can't you!" ahe demanded over
and over again.
"Of course you can," soothed tbe
"I'd be very lonely If be vanlahed,
aa castles In Spain da" abe aaid at
another time, with wistful, puzzled
eyea. "Tou don't tblnk ha will vanish, do you)   Because I'm all aha*
bere. He'a tbe only person 1 reauy
"Don't you ever tell, upon your honor," ahe rambled on. "It's very
strange. I don't Just understand It,
but actually 1 have never aeen him!
Can you believe It I've never aeen
bim, and yet I know him ao well 7 I
don't understand It and my head Is
splitting.   Hold It!   Hold lt!"
Tbe man In tbe next room was very
quiet tbese daya. From Maggie he
bad learned of tbe little artist's Illness, and from her also he beard of
tbe strange hallucination about the
man ln Spain. When abe told him ha
shot a quick, piercing look from hla
deep aet eyes, but evidently tbere waa
ao connection In ber mind between the
sick girl's fancy and himself.
Instinctively be knew tbe truth.
"Poor little girl." he mused, "lonely,
struggling, with nothing to feed her
love of compaulonablp and romance
upon but the sense of fellowship with
the unseen occupant of tbe next room!
It Is well tbat she baan't seen this ugly
mug of mine," he concluded grimly.
So he fell Into tbe way of stopping
to inquire about ber of the nurse each
morning and tben of sending great
bunches of violets, upon wblcb tbe sick
girl's half conscious eyes rested later
on with dreamy pleasure.
"Wbo picked them?" were her flrst
intelligent words when the fever left
ber and she became herself. Tben,
realizing where sbe waa and wbat bad
happened, she laughed weakly and cor
reeled herself, "Wbo sent tbem, I
At tbe reply a faint color crept Into
her cheeks, and ahe murmured something the nurse did not catch.
Tben came the daya when she sst
up, feeling like a new creature come
to a uew world, though In appearance
sbe waa more tban ever like a frail
"Come In: I think abe would like to
thank you." said the nurse when one
day tbe man stopped to make bla usual Inquiry, and a moment later he waa
standing before Little Mlsa Mouse, bis
heart thumping at tbe gaze of two
dark fringed eyea tbat reminded bim
of violets.
She stammered ont ber thanks,
scarcely knowing what she said, ao
great was her aatonlabment. for. In
fact the knight In Spain, whose face
abe tbougbt sbe knew as well as ber
own, was dark and most uncompromisingly ugly. Besides, he was old-
forty If be waa a day—aud—and—
ln another moment her surprise waa
forgoiteu. A big. strong hand waa
holding hers, and the voice that she
liked so much waa apeaklng. Tbere
was a vibrant tenderness ln lt that she
had never noticed before—that,seemed
personal, tbat suggested, outlandish aa
tbe Idea was. that to her of all tbe women In the world would be ever apeak
In Just tbat tone.
e        e       e        •        e        e       •
It waa on tbeir honeymoon that
longing io bear over and over again
the beautiful truth, be questioned:
"You're sure you don't regret marrying an ugly brute like me?"
Sbe laughed softly, laying ber cheek
against his, but sbe did not speak.
Willi iiulek pnlu be pulled lbe face
dowu where be could look Into tbe
depths of those dark fringed eyes. His
lips touched ber balr. and be murmured brokenly, "Ob, Little Miss
Earthquakes Bar Progress.
Japan haa a great number of waterfalls which would boot material value
In tbe development of tbe countiy, but
the reason these valuable sources ol
power are not being developed Is because of tbe danger of earthquakes
wblcb la constantly confronting lhe
people. More tban once within recent
yeara have steps been taken with tbe
view of constructing dams In order
tbat tbeae falls might be utilized when
some demonstration of Ihe earth bas
given warning of the danger of sucb a
step and the promoters have been
forced io abandon or greatly modify
tbe proposed Improvement-New Vork
Soldier snd Sculptor.
It Is said nf Cantain Mrian Jones,
who has designed the Inur-hnrse wai
chariot, weighing upwards of thirty
• ma. which is to he erected neai
Hyde Park Corner as a memorial to
"Peace." that he is probably the only
living sculptor who understands a
horse from tail-tip lo nostril. As a
boy he loved ami studied horses, and
would have liked to li-entw an artist,
but his father had other plans, and
he entered the army. He saw much
active service, antl wns then advised
to become a sculptor, having devoted
most of h's spare lime when in the
army to painting and sculpture.
A Radical Lord.
Lor-f Denman, who is 36, is one ol
the Liberal minority in tho House of
Lords, and has heen lord-in-waiting
to the King under the present administration. At preaen' he holds
the ornamental, and not <oo burdensome, poet ol captain in the Hon.
Corps ol Gentlemen-at-Arms. Ha
fought for a year In South Africa.
The barony of Denman. like so many
others, is of legal origin; but tha
present holder never showed any
predilection for the law. He is msr-
ried to a very charming lady, the
only daughter of Lord Pearson, and
they have a five-year-old son and
Wife ef Railroad Builder Who Lived
for Three Yeara In the Jungle.
According to Mrs. Frank Wilde
railroad pioneering in the jungles of
India is replete with dangers and adventures which would turn the average woman gray headed in a brief
time. Mrs. Wilde is the wife of an
English railroad builder who spent
three years in the jungle with her
husband, who was laying down a
branch line connecting Assam with
Calcutta. For a whole year she never
had a chance of Breaking to anether
woman. The dense swampy jungle
about their home, which was built of
bambr - matting, was full of wild
elephants, tigers and buffaloes.
"Often," she said, in the course of
a recent lecture, "I have been asked
by my friends how I felt when I
heard a tiger walking round our
house at night, aa sometimes I did.
But, you know, it is so dull in the
jungle that you welcome even the
visit of a tiger."
One of these big brutes brought
his dinner to eat outaide their Bleeping apartment and made unpleasant
noises crunching the bones. They
had to shoot him. It was unpleasant
to lie awake listening to the steady
crunching of bones.
Mrs. Wilde tells some interesting
stories of the Khels, a native tribe
of northern India. TheBe simple
folk were greatly attracted by the
dynamite cartridges used for blasting. They were not attracted by the
."is", but by the decorative effect of
the little cylinders.
The Khels had to be carefully
watched, for they stole the deadly
things at times, making presents of
them to their lady loves; the after
effects of a dynamite cartridge necklace—well, there ia none really. The
men have been known to knock a
charge out of the cavity in which it
had been placed in a rock, their efforts betrayed by the premature ex.
Six months after the Assam line
had been laid down an earthquake
happened and tangled up the tracks
completely. One native station master whose platforms had been swallowed up by the earth and whose
tracks had changed into a switchback
railway wired his chief:
"Sir, act of God occurred here,
please arrange."
Melton Prior's Brusquaness.
Tlie late Melton Prior, for many
rears artist and war correspondent of
The Illustrated London News, wa*
well-known to many Canadian newspaper men. As was stated in the despatches after hiB death on Nov. 2, he
had reported with pen and pencil
twenty-four wars and revolutions, anil
had Worked in almost every part of
the habitable globe. In girdling thn
earth he frequently crossed Canada,
east and west, his last journey having been made at the time of the
Russo-Japanese war. In addition he
had filled two important assignments
in this country, which were fortunately missions of peace. The first of
these was in 1878, when he came tc
Canada with the Marquis of Lorne
and the Princess Louise to sketch
and write about the receptions accorded the first royal personage sent to
Ride'au Hall. When the present Kine.
then the Duke of Cornwall nnd York,
made his official visit to Cannda in
1901 he came nn a similar mission
As an artist he did not possess the
highly finished style of the modern
pictorial expert who seemingly trie'
to make his work look as photographic as possible. His pictures were
sketchy, vivid and racy of the event'
depicted. His writing was like a ser
ies of verbal snap shots. Personally
he was what is colloquially known as
a "character." Probably there never
was a man so absolutely free from the
restraints which convention imposes
on more timorous souls. He had de-
llberately cultivated a certain brus-
queness of manner which he alternated with a Falstafflan joviality. If a
man bored him he would tell him so.
The writer has heard him address an
ancient and lat-headed person who
was pressing unwelcome attentions on
him in this wise: "Condemn your
soul, sir; you bore me, sir. Go away
from me, sir." Yet withal he was the
kindest hearted man alive, and felt it
keenly if the object of his brusque-
ness took umbrage and failed to see
tbat no offence waa intended.
Wedding Hints.
For an early morning wedding a
tailor dress Is best form for Ibe bride.
Sbe may wear flowers or carry tbem,
as she chooses. The bridegroom may
wear a aack suit, but a cutaway would
be belter. With the latter a blgb hat
would be required, but with lbe for-
mer n derby would be correct.
Bridesmaid's duties are honorary.
She should be willing to make herself
useful to tbe bride before aud Immediately after Ihe wedding.
At lhe ceremony sbe precedes the
bride Into ihe room or church, following ber from It. Sbe does nothing
during Ihe ceremony, as It Is a maid
of honor who holds the bride's flow
era and turns back the veil.
Third Sst el Teeth.
An unususl esse Is reported from
Parkes, N.8.W., where a young woman some time ago had 17 teeth extracted which were causing her trouble. Before the jums hnd sufficient
ly healed to permit of artificial l"eth
being ...led. new teeth began tu n.nke
their appearance, and every one ol
the 17 has now beau replaced in Ihis
Lard Hardwicke Has Knocked About
All Over the World.
The possessor of an iron will, invincible courage, and a splendid
physique, this is Lord Hardwicke,
who haa recently completed his forty-
first year. His lordship has traveled
in all parts of the world, and aa a
practical mining engineer and yachtsman, he ie as well known and respected in the United States and
Australia as he is in Great Britain.
Starting out to earn his "bread and
cheese" as a Stock Exchange clerk,
Lord Hardwicke soon went prospecting and mining in Western Australia
and the States, where he spent many
years, and, incidentally, picked up
many stories.
One of his best relates to a gunner
nf the Garrison Artillery, who had
successfully passed an armourer's
course. He waa at home on furlough,
wearing the usual decoration of the
hammer and pincers on his right
sleeve, when he waa accosted by a
civilian, who asked what the decoration signified. "Oh," replied Tommy
facetiously, "I'm a qualified army
dentist." "I see," said the civilian;
"of course, the pincers are for ex.
trading the teeth, but what is the
idea of a hammer?"
"Well, you see," rejoined the
soldier, "some of the chaps are a bit
nervous, and are afraid to take chlor.
oform, so as a substitute we use the
hammer to knock them unconscious
with i"
Like so many titled families, the
Yorkes owe their elevation to a man
of law. The first Earl of Hardwicke
was Lord Chancellor, and had several
eons, the second of whom, Charles,
waa in due course also made Chancellor, probably the only instance on
record where both father and ion
have reached that high office.
There is a tragic story attached to
Charles Yorke's elevation to the Woolsack. Although hu ambition had
been fixed on this appointment from
hie earliest years, he, on the resignation of Lord Camden, waa offered the
Great Seal, but on account of a
pledge he had given to his political
friends, declined it.
But George III. sent for him, and
after two interviews Yorke left his
sovereign with the Great Seal in his
possession. Three days later he was
found dead, just aa the patent conferring the title of Baron Morden
upon him was being completed.
Great Seal ol England.
Tbe great seal of England, i>hich is
changed every time there is a change
in the sovereign, consist* of two deep
and heavy plates of silver, fitting
closely into each other, and kept bedded in velvet in a box eight inches
r iuare, which bears the royal aims iu
What some of the privileged ones see
of the great seal, when they enjoy admission to the House of Lords, is the
great embroidered pnrse in which it
is carried by tho Lord Chancellor.
When you gaze on the seal itself the
silver plaques show the two sides ol
the seal. The obverse shows the sovereign enthroned and surrounded by
figures symbolical of the virtues; the
reverse displays the sovereign riding
in state on a wonderfully trapped
Although Kings have no longer the
autocratic power that onoe was the
keynote of monarchy, the honors that
surrounded the privileged holder ol
"the King's conscience" are but little
curtailed. The personage who has the
job of being official keeper of the great
seal takes rank as second man in
the whole kingdom. Without com
mission, patent or appointment, he
constitutes himself the supreme judge
of the Court of Chancery, Lord Chancellor and Sneaker of the House nt
Lords, and enjoys innumerable per.
quisites of all kinds with a salary if
$50,000 a year. In earlier days the
power wielded by the Keeper of the
Great Seal was so great that not infrequently the bestowal of the honor
proved a matter of some difficulty to
a King who had reason to doubt the
loyalty of persons about the court.
Indeed, when Henry II. once had to
travel into France to look after his
interests there, he could find no better person to invest with the powers
of the Great Seal than hia wife, Queen
Jekyll and Hyde.
Honest by day and burglar hy
night wns James Coombs, a man nf
the Jekyll and Hyde type. who. nt
Southampton, Eng., pleaded guilty to
several charges of burglary and one
of unlawfully wounding. Some hundreds of keys were found in the
prisoner's house, and so numerous
were the stolen articles, they had Ui
be removed in n van. Coombs iisk!
to preach at Methodist chapels and
Salvation Army meetings in the district By day lie worked on the docks,
and nt nieht burgled, chiefly unoccupied houses. In defence it was urged
that prisoner's acta amounted to
monomania on hia part, and that he
let! two lives, one respectable and
the other criminal. The judge saitl
prisoner waa a danger to society, and
might have done well il he had applied his ingenuity to better directions. A sentence of three years'
penal servitude waa passed.
Teachers For Canadian West.
W. J. Stewart, a member of tho
Board of Education of Alberta, waa io
St. John, N.B., recently to sail on
the Empress of Britain lor Ireland
to engage one thousand school teachers for Alberta and Saskatchewan. He
►ays new districts havo been opened
so rapidly in 1910 that teachers
not be found to look attar the
Good manners are not difficult for a
young girl to acquire, but lt Is difficult
for the average young girl to realize
their tremendous Importance. Yet If
abe will only atop to think she will
remember some old woman who, in
ber eyes, holds everything of grace and
charm. Then wby does abe not try
to Imitate her? Wby does she not
study this woman's personality and
find out tbe secret of this charm? And
If sbe studies this older woman, provided her model la a woman of distinction,
sbe will always Dud that tbe secret ol
this charm generally Ilea In good manners.
The schoolgirl sbould try flrst to be
considerate, ln being that she will And
nearly everything else will be comparatively leasy. She will not talk hi
loud, breetk tones, because she will
know that the Is disturbing other persons; ahe will not hurry through tbe
streetii In a bold and pushing manner,
nor stand In foolish, giggling groups
on street corners, because sbe will
know that sbe is making of herself a
Nor wit* she enter shops and engage
In high pitched conversation, plentifully laiiled wltb unintelligible slang, Incommoding otber customers by blocking the counters.
If she will only accept consideration
aa a foundation and conscientiously
begin ber building, using quiet tones
and soft colors, laying well polished
stones of tact and grace one upon another, leaving out all that Is harsh and
unlovely, she will soon And herself pos-
sessed of a structure called a charming
And once a young girl la safely
boused within these walls she need
never fesr tbe lack of friends and
Invitations by Telephone.
Women wbo entertain much agree
that to have an immediate answer to
an Invitation, as Is possible by use ot
the telephone, saves a hostess much
nervous strain. But at the same time
tbey admit that however formal the
occasion may be. If the persona are
Invited by word of moutb there la a
certain casnalnesa which a written request never can acquire, lt la as
tbougb Dame Etiquette said, "You
may, but 1 wouldn't"
One strong argument against telephone Invitations Is Ibe danger of mis-
undemanding tbe dale. This bas happened more than one* on the occasion'
of formal dinners, and one or more
guests have arrived tbe wrong evening. That Is wby an Invitation so
given must be followed by a written
answer, In wblcb day, dute and hour
are repeated. Sueh a communication
la regarded as Imperative, even though
a posit Ire answer bas been given over
tbe telepbone.
Nor sbould there be any delay tn
sending such a note. Tbe person Invited should go directly from tbe Instrument to her deak and write tbe
prospective hostess as though sbe
were answering n note.
If any error hns been mnde tn time
ber note, containing the hour and the
day as sbe understands It. will receive an Immediate response from the
other woman, making right tbe mistake.
Hints For School Behavior.
The lirst weeks away al school are
difficult. Even where there Is no
homesickness to tonteml with, so
much depends upon first impressions.
A girl's entire school life-yes, after
life—may binge on tbe way ahe acta
at first.
Here are a few don'la lhat may
Don't boast, pose ss exclusive or talk
bragglngly of your home friends.
Don't rush Into friendship. The most
desirable girls are rarely tbe most ap-
Don't be confidential on short acquaintance. You will live to regret It,
especially If you discuss teachers or
other girls.
Don't be fresh, domineering, self assertive or a know-it-ull as a stranger.
Nothing will so surely "queer" you.
Don't lie stnnd-nfflsb. Willingness to
meet friends halfway Is a big asset
toward popularity.
Don't complain of Ibe food and go
in for general criticism. Thia enrages
the old girls wbo love the school uud
exact a school spirit In uewcoiners.
Don't go In for crushes on a day or
two acquaintance. Don't go In for
tbem nt all If your school life la to be
broadening and you wish to be a general favorite.
Delusions   ol   Growth.
There ir an early period in nearly
very man's life when he thinks he ia
i biro comedian. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Remedies are Needed
Were we perfect, which we are not, medicines would
not often be needed. But since our systems have become weakened, impaired and broken down through
indiscretions whioh have gone on from the early ages,
through countless generations, remedies are needed to
aid Nature in correcting our inherited and otherwise
acquired weaknesses. To reach the seat of stomach
weakness snd consequent digestive troubles, there is
nothing so good as Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, a glyceric compound, extracted from native medicinal roots—sold for over forty years with great satisfaction to all users.
Weak Stomach, Biliousness, Liver Complaint, Pain in the Stomaoh after eating.
Heartburn, Bad Breath, Belching ol food, Chronic Diarrhea end other Intestinal
Derangements, the "Discovery" is a time-proven and most efficient remedy.
The genuine has on  its
ouisltl,- wrapper the
You can't afford to accept a secret nostrum as a substitute for this non-alcoholic, medicine on snown composition, not even though the urgent dealer may
thereby make a little bigger profit. .
I)-, ric-rcc's Pleasant I'cHcts  regulate end invigorate stomach, liver and
t .. . ..    ?.   ;ai'-coatt:d, tiny gnomics, easy to take as candy. _^
On Saturday evening tlie employees
of the oity presented J. c\. McCalluin.
late city clerk, witli u handsome set of
out glass fruit dishes, The gift was
accompanied by the following note:
"Grand Forks, BC, March 4, 1911.
Mr. and Mrs. J A. McCallum.-Orand
ins to Calgary to 20 into negotiations
for a new agreement The (row's
Nest Puss Coul eompany has nsireetl
to install ni .telephone system in the
Michel mines by menus of which t|uiek
communication can lie had with any
part of the mines in which ventilation
might go wrong. This ainicnble action on the part of the men and company clears the way for  the   Calgary
If villi are suffering from indigestion
antf tin- attendant distressed stomach
you should give Mi-o-na, the guaranteed remedy, a trial. Mr. William
Sliufer, of 230 Qneens St, S., Berlin,
Out., says: "For years I have heen a
sufferer from acu e indigestion, which
caused the most distressing pains in
my stuiraeli. I decided to try Booth's
Mi-ona Tablets and they have done
me more good tlian anything I have
ever usetl. 1 am now more free from
this trouble than I have been for
yeifrs. I am pleased to endorse antl
recommend this remedy to all who
suffer with -1011111011 trouble."
Banieiiiher Mi-o na Tablets nre
guaranteed to cure acuie chronic indigestion antl turn the oltl stomaoh
into a new one in a few weeks. All
druggists, 50c a box or postpaid .from
The 11. T. Booth Co., Ud., Fort Erie,
On t, Ht.rl and guarantee!) by H. E.
Woodland & Go,
Forks,  B.C.:    We,   the undersigned
fellow  employees   and   associates  of j convention, which takes up  the  task
Mr. J. A. McCallum for a number  of j of deciding upon a scale of wages and
years past, beg to tender aud- request
that you will accept the accompanying set of fruit dishes with our kind
est regards and best wishes That
you and yours may be blessed with
health, happiness and prosperity for
', many yeara to come is the sincere and
hearty wish of A. E. Savage, Colin
Campbell, W. B. Cochrane, A. C.
Sutton, 0. M. Kingston, Fred W.
Reid and M. J. Quinlivan."
S.C. Rhode Island Reds won 1st
pen, 1st cock, 1st cockerel, 1st pullet
and specials at the Grand Forks fair
last fall; eggs $3 00 for 13. S. C. W.
Lsghorn eggs $3.00 for 13, from prize
winning stock. Pekin Duck eggs,
$2.00 for 10; won at Grand Forks 1st
duck, 1st drake, 1st pen tind special.
T. Bowen, Columbia P.Q., Grand
Forks, B.C.
The two Great Northern ore trains
• which were discontinued 'vhen the
Victoria hoist at the Granby mines
was disabled a fortnight ago, resumed
their regular runs again, on Monday
For Sale—S.C. Rhode Island^Reds
pen of 1 cockerel and 10 pullets, 825.
T. Bowen, Columhia P.O., Grand
Forks, B. C.
Twenty-four men are now employed on the Grcenwood-Plioer.ix
tunnel. The tunnel is in 1400
feet. It is not expected that the ore
will be struck until 2200 feet have
beon driven.
Ludy Travelling Companion Wanted—Any one who intends to leave
for England on or before May 1st,
kindly communicate with Mrs. L. C.
Rogers, Grand Forks, B.C.
T. W. Curry, of Kamloops, representing the Coldstreams ■ nurseries,
has been in the city this week. Mr,
Curry was formerly connected witli the
agricultural department as lecturer on
horticultural topics.
other details which enter into the
malting 6f the agreement which is to
govern the working of the mines dur-
the next two years.
For Sale at a Bargain—Twohorss-
power gasolene engine. Apply J. H.
Plath, box 10, city.
For Sule—Two bedroom suites,
Rolid walnut', including springs and
mattress, at $.15 and $22. Apply
Mrs, J. Bromley, nenrG. N. depot.
Situation, wanted by young lady
on first of February, March or April;
bookkeeping or teaching preferred;
Bpeaka English, French, German
and Dutch. Address P. 0. Box 31 li,
Grand Forks, B. C.
Parisian Sage   Will Grow
More Hair
Parisian Sage will stop falling hair
in two weeks—cure dandruff in the
same time and stop scalp iteh at once.
It makes the hair soft, silky and luxuriant. As a hair dressing Parisian
Sage is without a peer. It contains
nothing that can harm the hair—_t is
not sticky, oily or greasy, and prevents as well as cures diseases of the
Women and children by the thousand use it daily as a dressing antl nn
home is complete without it. Money
back if it fails.
Druggists antl stores everywhere
guarantee Parisian Sage and will refund your money if it fails. Ask H.
E. Woodland & Co., drugg'6t<, what
they think of it. Tbey sell it at 50e
per large bottle or you can secure it
by mail postpaid from Giroux Manufacturing Co., Fort Erie, Ont. See
that the girl with the auburn hair is
on each package. Sold and guaran
teed by H E. Woodland .fc Co.
The only policy holder who
doesn't need to pay his premiums is dead. Tlie only' man
who doesn't need to advertise
is the man who has retired
from business.
Successful burglutsare neither seen
nor heard.
The Breatheahln Remedy for Catarrh.
The rational way to combat catarrh
is the Hyomei way, viz, by breathing.
Scientists for years havo been agreed
on this point, lint fui led to get au antiseptic strong enough to kill catarrh
germs nntl not destroy the tissues of
the membrane at thu same time, until the discovery of Hyomei (pronounced High-o 1110.)
Hyomei is the most powerful yet,
healing antiseptic known. Breathe it
through the inhaler over the Inflamed
and germ-ridden membrane four or
live times a day, and iu a few days the
germs will disappear;
A complete Hyomei outfit, including the inhaler, costs $1.00, antl extra
bottles, if afterwards needed, cost but
50 cent. Obtainable from your tlrug-
gis. or postpaid from the R. T. Booth
By a large majority the miners at F°'> Lt(1'' Folt   Erie'  0nt'    Hyomei
,,..,.,.       ,       . 11. is guaranteed to cure  asthma,   croup,
Michel voted to return te   work  last     ?'._.. 1        11 •
. sure throat, coughs, colds or   grip   or
week,   thus   clearing     the   slate   of .refun(| your nlonev   back.    Sold   and
grievances to be considered before go   guaranteed by II. E. Woodland tfc Co.
Eggs for Sale—S.C. Rhode Reds,
from prize winning stock; $1.00 per
setting of 14 eggs. Apply A. 0.
U'Ren, Grantl Forks, B. 0.
Mrs. J. McKennil, of Morden,
Man,, is visiting her sister-in-law,
Mrs. W. 11. Dinsmore, of this city.
Geo. R. Belton, formerly editor of
our local contemporary, bas, it is reported, purchased the Saskatoon
(Sask.) Saturday Press.
Residents at Christina lake expect
a realty aud building boom at that
charming resort this sumnfer.
Tnke your repilirs to Armson's
Bout nntl. Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
A new lot of latest designs of pro
gram and menu cards just received at
Tim Sun job oflice.
The following are the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, nnd also for the
year to date:
Granby 16,33S
Mother Lode  5,9li4
No. 7	
Phoenix Ainal..?...
Total 27,330
Smelter treatment—
Grnnbv 17,340
B. C. Copper Co...10,416
Now York Minora! Claims, situate In tin1
tiiaml Forks Mining Division of Ynle llis-
Whcro located: In Brown's camp.
TAKE NOTICE that I. William A. I'uwmltir.
I Krfe Miners' Certificate No. HufiJlll, in-
toml. sixty tlavH from the ilntc heroql, In up.
Jlly to the Mining Reonrttar fur a Certltlcnto
of Improvement, forthe purpose of ohtain
ini: a Crow u ilratttof the aliovo tilnlriis.
And further tnke'notioe that lu-tlnn. mnler
soetion 117, must be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvement.
Uatet! this 21st ilay of January, A 1) l'.'ll.
Bridge Street,
Thp best uml ni'ist
^iibstiiiitlal Hre-pronf
hiiilriiiiftiii the Bonn*
diiry country. Ke-
cently completed utiil
n I'wly furnished
throiitiliojits . tiqutp*
pi'il with ull modern
electrical , enliven-
letiees, ('ehtrully locuted. Flrst-clusH ue-
c!nmnio.lutiori.«'for t-lie
rnvellliiR public.
Hot and Cold Baths
Flrai-Glais Bar, Poo!
and Billiard Rooms
in Connection.
I' Printing ^|
We are prepared to do all kinds of
Commercial   Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
Wo have the most modern jobbing plant
in tbo Boundnry Country, employ competent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads' and Statements,
Letterheads ami Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
^Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of Fare and Menu Cartls,
Announcements and Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
Furniture   Made, tu Order.
Also Repairing uf all Kinds,
Upholstering Neatly Dune.
r. McCutcheon
riAAl\ PDIMTIlVIfi-*''10 kin<' w" ,,(>—i8 '"  it"''" IU1
VlUUU nULllIDIVI advertisement, and a trial order
will convince you that our stuck and workmanship aro of
the bust. Let us estimate 011 vour order. We guarantee
satisfaetton.|       sa\am
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
 U1VII1BN1IS-    —
Pttlil   Total to    Latest
1(106.       Dnte.       Date
Authorized .--BKAHIB--.
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods^
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fr*_t_h (ionuiKiiincntof >
Koralvul Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock     ''
a Kreah Supply of]
Ice Cream  and Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
Kazur Honing a Speoialty.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Doou Nokth op Okanuy Hotel,
Fiiist Stiieet.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly, Passengers and Trunks to and
from all trains.
Telephone A129
liHTIIKHKOItl)    IlltllS., FltOPD.
60  YEARS'
Tnnne Mark*
Copyrights Ac
Anyone lending __ sketch end description me?
qnfoklv esoerletn onr oplnltm fn. wlwtlisr en
irvtsntlnn u jmibiil.lrputeiitiit.le, Coinimitilc*.
Scientific American.
A taaiHlBoniu ly Illustrated weekly. Lament ctr-
Station of any nciontMio Journal.   Tarnw for
nijiiii, *i.?5 a yoar, pobioge prepaid,   gold by
"!1 upv/hfionict^.
*»«* HtiEnn v su. w_»inlirca, da
We carry the most fashionable stoek
of wedding stationery in the Boundary country. And we are the only
office in this section that have the
correct material for printing it. The
Suh job offitje.   .


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