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The Evening Sun Jan 27, 1903

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Vol. IL
Grand Forks, B. G, Tuesday, January 27, 1903.
No. 25
Felicitous Speeches Were
Made by the Mayor,and
Aldermen, '•
" ■ The oath of office was administered to the mayor and aldermen-
elect about 2 o'clock last Saturday
afternoon by Police'Magistrate Johnson, and at 2:30 Mayor Burrell
called the council to order* in special
session, al} the aldermen being
On the suggestion of the mayor,
Messrs. Bower and J. A. McCallum
acted, as joint clerics,      V
About an hour was spent in
speech-making. Mayor Burrell made
eloquent address. ■Re congratulated the aldermen on their election, and reaffirmed his Intention of
carrying out the platform upon
which he had been elected^ Public
sentiment, he said, in favor of what
was aptly called moral reform was
strong, and could not be ignored.
Responses were made ,by all the
aldermen, a number of them making comprehensive oratorical efforts.
Brief remarks were also made by a
number of prominent citizens pres-
Clerk Bower read the financial
statement of the city of Grand
Forks, which showed a deficit of
about $1200, counting taxes and
water and light rates at par.
J. A. McCallum read the'financial
statement of the city of Columbia,
which showed that that corporation
had turned in $300 in cash and
placed all uncollected taxes to the
credit of tha new city.
On motion of Aid. McCallum, seconded by Aid. Gaw, the regular
meeting time of the new council was
set at 8 o'clock Monday evenings.
Aid. Manly gave notice that at
next regular meeting he would introduce a by-law governing the election of school trustees.
drawn off red hot and as needed during the day.
Assistant Superintendent Williams, of the Granby smelter, and
Mrs. Williams leave this week on a
vacation trip to San Francisco and
other Unied States points.
I Chief Electrician Lane, of the
Granby smelter, rettrned yesterday
from a two weeks' business trip to
Phoenix. During his absence. Wm.
Towe had charge of the electrical department at the smelter.
. Frank Hartinger, of the Columbia
brewery, is harvesting 400 tons of
ice from McCallum's slough for his
own use dering tne coming summer.
L. P. Eckstein, a well-kaown lawyer of Republic, and formerly city
solicitor of Grand Forks, was married in Republic last week to Miss
Ada Cunningham, a sister of Mrs. I.
Zwang, of that place.
The New Council Said That
Open Gambling Must
........   Cease.
The converter plant at the Granby
smelter ceased running night shift
today, as no custom matte is arriving from the Greenwood ane Boundary Falls smelter. When these
shipments are resumed, in a few
days, the converter will run full
force. In the meantime the tilting
furnace, which has never yet been
used, may be experimented with, to
hold the matte run through the fur-
naves at night, and which could be
Funniest of All Plays Given
at Biden's Opera House
Wednesday Night.
The Russell Comedy company,
who are now on their 19th annual
tour, are billed to appear in Biden's
opera house tomorrow (Wednesday)
evening, January 28th, when they
will present the funniest play ever
produced, "Peck's Bad Boy." The
company is very strong, and present many beautiful costumes, and
has the latest specialties. They also
have the only living goat actor on
the American siage, "Billy Butter."
Seats are on sale at George Fraser's
drug store, at 25c., 50c. and 75.
Last Friday night James H. Kennedy, chief engineer of the V., V.
& E., accompanied by C. A. Des
Brisay, right of way agent, arrived
in Phoenix, and they mean business. They are now engaged in securing the right of way for the line
in that locality, and Mr. Kennedy
assured thc Phoenix Pioneer that
active construction by P. Welsh,
the contractor, would begin as soon
as the snow goes. "This coming
fall," said Mr. Kenneday, "you can
board a Great Northern train in
Phoenix and land in Spokane without change of cars. We shal[ build
uy the Fourth of July creek survey
and reach Phoenix via Summit
camp and Providence creek. We
are now securing the right of way
whereve r needed. That for the
spur to the Granby smelter is already secuied and part way up
Fourth'of July creek."
The first meeting of the new Grand
Forks city council was held last
night, with Mayor Burrell in the
chair, and the proceedings were
very harmonious. A number of
citizens were present, probably in
anticipation of a friction when the
appointments were made, but in this
respect they were agreeably disappointed, as the best of feeling prevailed between the two ends of the
city throughout the meeting.
Present—Aid. Cusson, Gaw, Manly, McCallum, McLellan and Troter.
After the minutes of the inaugural
meeting Saturday afternoon had
been read and approved, Mayor Burrell appointed the following standing committees:
Finance—McCallum and McLellan.
Works and Properjies—Manly and
Health and Relief—Trotter and
A report from Geo. C. Madigan,
inspector of boilers, regarding the
condition of the boiler at the city
power station. A number of needed
repairs were pointed out. Referred
to water and light committee.
A communication from W. F.
Askew, asking aid for Mr. Mc-
Cutcheon, who was injured at Sandner's shingle mill, on Christina lake,
last summer, was referred to the
health and relief committee.
A bill for $31 from the Grand
Forks hotel, for boarding a cripple,
was referred to the same committee.
The following bills were ordered
V. j& N. Telephone Co 8   9.00
Donald McCallum   120.00
H.C.Smith      4.15
Joseph Taylor       7.50
CandianGen. Electric Co...  144.96
Gutta Percha & Rubber Co..     6.50
Knight & Davidson     25.00
G. F. Inv. & Trust Co 275.00
Sam Horner. ,\       5.00
John Rowlands       4.50
Geo. C. Madigan     21. HO
C.P.R. Tel     13.10
Granby Con. Co  583.05
F. N.White     18.80
The school trustees election bylaw was then read, and on motion
of Aid. Cusson, seconded by Aid.
Gaw, it passed as drafted. The
nominations will be made on the 4th
prox., and the electioh is to be held
on thc 7th.
On motion of Aid. McLellan, sec
onded by Aid. Gaw, the clerk was
authorized to purchase the necessary
stationery needed for his department.
The election a city solictor was
then proceeded with. After
considerable discussion, it was
decided to place all the solicitors in the city in nomination,
thus putting all on an equal footing.
The first ballot resulted' Miller 4,
Hanington 2. On motion of Aid.
Manly, seconded by Aid. Trotter,
Miller's appointment was made
unanimous at the old salary .of $75
per month.
The election of a clerk being un-
dsr discussion, Aid. McCallum introduced a resolution, which was
seconded by Aid. Trotter, that instead of employing a clerk and an
assistant as heretofore, the work be
divedad into two distinct offices on
a basis of equality of work, equality
of responsiqility, and equality of
salary—namely, $100 per month;
that the work of clerk and water
and light {commission shall constitute one office, and the work of
treasurer, assessor and collector the
other, and that W. B. Bower be
given the choice of these offices.
A great deal of discussion followed in regard to the salary. Some
of the aldermen wanted to make it
$125 per month, maintaining that
$100 was top low. At the suggestion of the mayor, the question of
salary was left open, and the resolution was passed in that form. Afterwards a compromise was effected at
$112.50, and J. A. McCallum was
elected to fill the office of treasurer,
assessor and collector.
Regret was expressed by all the
aldermen and the mayor that, in
order to fulfill the promises of economy to which the council stood
pledged, Mr. H. C. Kerman would
have to be dropped rrom the list of
employes. He had been an efficient
assistant clerk, and whenever the
volume of the city business increased to the extent of warranting
the employment of an additional
man, he should receive the first opportunity of being reinstated.
Mr. Spier drew the attention of
the council to the fact that it would
be necessarp to authorize some one
to sign the corporation cheques.
On motion of Aid. McCallum, second by Aid. Trotter, the mayor and
treasurer were authorized to sign
Aid. Manly was called to the
chair while the mayor took the floor
to intorduce a resolution, which was
seconded by Aid. Trotter, that on
and after the first day next month
[CONTINUED   ON   SECOND   PAOK.] Jtyt? Ebtttmg &mt.
Published Every Tuesday and Friday Evenings at Grand Forks and Columbia, B.C., by
subscription bates:
One Year 12.001 Three Months... .* .50
SixMonths  1.00|OneMonth 20
Advertising rates furnished on application.
Legal notices, 10 and 5 cents per line.
Address all communications to
The Evening Sun, Columbia.B. C.
OV'Phone 55.
Mayok Burrell starts out right-
He has already begun to redeem
some of the pledges he made to the
electors when he faced them from the
platform, and that is exactly what
hey want him to do. If the majority
of people vote for reform, the officers
elected on such a pledge should see
that the laws are enforced, and we
believe that Mr. Burrell will do his
duty, even though he should meet
witR. strong opposition from certain
Now that the edict has gone forth
that after February 1st Grand Forks
ceases to be a "wide-open" town
and all the roullette, blackjack and
booster gentry will have to play in
some other yard, it may not be
amiss to mention that if those of our
citizens who are fond of, gambling on
the green do not care to go out of
town to enjoy their favorite pastime,
they need only remain passive till
the good old summer days, when
thc birds are singing in the trees
and mother earth is clothed in verdure, for then there is nothing to
prevent them, like other creatures of
a liberty-loving nature, from gamboling on the green, which is an exercise that has its good points.
Father Hagerty gave a lecture on
"Socialism" in the Federal Union
hall on Monday evening, which was
well attended. Thomas Foulston,
president of the Labor union, presided. Mr. Hagerty strongly urged
that the workers take international
political action as a means of combating international capifalism. He
pointed out the danger of go-between parties, such as the Provincial
Progressive Party and loeal labor
parties, being the means of keeping
the workers divided politically,
which is just what the capitalists
want. The iron law of wages, he
said, is food, shelter and raiment.
Any advavce of wages gained by
strikes is offset by a corresponding
increase of commodities. Today
men and women are out of employment because of over-production ; in
other words, men and women starve
to death because there is 'too much
to cat. He urged that wo.kingmen
vote together. It's no use to be a
union man 364 days in the year and
then cast a scab ballot on election
day. Mr. Hagerty will lecture in
Greenwood and Phoenix, and will
then go into the Crow's Nest country,
J =
The Grand  Forks   Hockey club
surprised their opponents, the public and themselves last Friday night
when they defeated the strong Sandon. team 1-0 at the rink here in a
whirlwind game. The Sandon team,
who looked upon as this year's interior champions, are on a tonr, and
so far have been defated 3-0 by Nelson, and 1-0 by Grand Forks, while
they beat Greenwood 13-3 Saturday
night, and Phoenix 4-2 last night,
and are playing in Rossland tonight.
Grand Forks' winning team was
made up of Cochrane, Jackson,
Mitchell, Niles, Ewing, McQueen
and Howarth.
Mrs. Milado entertained about 25
of her friends last evening at a very
pleasant social dance at the residence
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James
About 75 of his friends tendered
Mr. G. M. Fripp a reception at the
residence of Rev. Mr. Betts last
night. Mr. Fripp, who was formerly
in the Royal bank here, previous to
occupying a position in the same in-
stionon Republic, has resigned the
latter to accept the mangementof
the Grand Forks Townsite company,
upon which dnties he will at once
Miss Grace Jackson, daughter of
C. P. R. Conductor Jackson, of
Trail, B.C., is on a visit to the city,
and is the guest of Miss Eva Butters.
The Greenwood Hockey club will
not be able to play here on Wednesday evening, as expected, and the
locals are therefore trying to get the
Nelson team over for a game here on
Friday evening.
While assisting in opening up a
"frozen" tap of matte at the .smelter
last Friday, one of the furnacemen,
named Johnnie Harkins, was struck
on the head with a fourteen hammer, receiving some painful bruises
on .the forehead and nose. Dr.
Northrop, the company surgeon, was
called up by telephone, and in a remarkably short time had the injured
man patched up, and the latter is
now almost as good as he ever was.
I. A. Dinsmore has resigned his
position as commissioner of public
works of Columbia, having forwarded his resignation to the provincial
secretary last week.
J. H. Hodson, who has been confined to his home by illness during
the past week, is again able to be
Mrs, Galliher, of Spokane, who
will furnish the music as the benedicts' ball tonight, is a guest at the
L. A. Manly is visiting in San
A. B. W. Hodges, superintendent
of the Granby smelter, has returned
from an extended trip ta Southern
The Grand Forks hotel, the oldest
hotel in the city, has a capacity
for 70 people. Everything up to
date.    Rates, $1 and $1.50 per day.
For a nice hair-cut or shave go to
the City Barber Shop on Riverside
avenue.    Baths 25c.
Read The Evening Sun. All the
local news.
:   Klondike pool table.    Only one
in city.    Grand Forks hotel.
Another consignment of colore"!
billheads and statement has just been
received, at The Evening Sun job
office. Start the new year by laying
in a supply of neat, well printed
[continued from first pace.]
the running of roulette wheels and
all other forms of open gambling
must cease. The resolution was
passed unanimously, and the chief
of police was instructed to see that it
,was enforced.
Mayor Burrell, addressing the aldermen while the resolution was under discussion, said that he believed
its passage would prove beneficial
to the community at large. He
had made enquires of a number of
prominent Rossland citizens regarding the suppression of gambling in
that city, and they all agreed that it
had benefited the town. He believed it would do the same for
Grand Forks. He thought a few
persons might be injured by the enforcement of the resolution, but he
desired to enforce the laws, and to
bring the greatest good to the greatest number, and he' believed that
prohibition of gambling would bring
this result.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given
I to the electors of the Grand Forks
School District that I require the presence of the said electors at the build-
ingknown as the "Municipal Hall,"
on First street, in the City of Grand
Forks, British Columbia, on the 4th
day of February, A. D. 1903, at 12
o'clock noon, for the purpose of electing persons to represent them as
School Trustees in the Board of School
Trustees for the said  School  District.
The mode of nomination of candidates shall be as follows:
The candidates shall be nominated
in writing; the writing shall be subscribed by two voters of the municipality as proposer and seconder, and
shall be delivered to the Returning
Office at auy time between the date of
the Notice and 2 p. m. of the day of
nomination, and in the event of a poll
being neeessBry, such poll will be open
on the 7th day of February, A. D.
1903, between the hours of nine
o'clock a. m.' and half-past seven
o'clock j). m., at the same building at
which nominations will take place, of
which every person is hereby required
to take notice and govern himself accordingly.
The persons qualified to' be nominated for and elected as School Trustees shall be any person being a householder in the School District, and
being a British subject of the f nil age
of twenty-one years and otherwise
qualified by the "Public Schools Act"
to vote at an election of School Trustees in the said School District.
Given under my hand at the  City of
Grand Forks, in the   Province   of
British Columbia, this 26th day of
January, A. D. 1903.
Returning Officer.
bor   Union  No.   231, A.L.U.—
Meets every Wednesday evening
at 8 o'clock in   Federal   Union   hall,
Thos.   Foulston,   President;  John T.
Lawrence, Secretary.
Notice is hereby given that I will
apply at the next meeting of the
Board of Licencing Commissioners to
have-the retail liquor'licence held by
me for the C. P. R. Hotel, Columbia
street, transferred to William Graham.
Chris. Rasmussen.
Columbia, B.C., Jan. 16, 1903.
Forks-J. R. Robertson, B.A., pastor.
Services every Sunday at 11 a.m. ard 7:30 p.
m,; Sunday school und Bible olass, 8 p.m.;
Westminster Guild of C. K., Tuesday, 8
A. G. Calder, pastor—Servioes every Sunday at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school
and Bible class at 2.-30 p. m.
BAPTIST CHURCH, Columbia-Rev. Ralph
Trotter, pastor; preaching service at 11
a.m. every Sunday; Sunday sohool at 3
p.m.; all are welcome.
aud Filth sts. J. F. Betts, pastor. Services
every Sunday at 11 a. in. and 7.30 p.m.:
class meeting at closo of morning service;
Sunday school and Bible olass at i! p. m.:
prayer meeting every Wednesday evening
at 8 o'clook. The public is cordially invited.
under new management.
Mrs. Lily .Rasmussen, Proprietress
Good Board and Rooms by    ,'
the dav, week or month.
All Kinds of Photographic
The only place in town
where you can buy
McCormick's Famous
Maracaibo Chocolates
Pines, Tobaccos, Etc.
All Leading Brands of Cigars
I linos 64 fcp
I      FAR RaRfiAINS I
New and Second-Hand
Goods Bought and Sold
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science and art is finer and better
than ever, is stating it mildly. The
demand for it is far beyond all pre:
vious years. To say that such results, reaching through thirty
years, are not based upon sound
sense and usefulness, is an insult to
the intelligence of the millions.
Prof. Hicks, through his great Almanac, and his famous family and
scientific journal, Word and Works,
is doing a work for the whole people
not approached by any other man
or publication. A fair test will prove
this to any reasonable person. Added
to the most luminous course in
astronomy for 1903, forecasts of
storms and weather are given as
never before, for every day in the
year, all charmingly illustrated with
nearly ' two hundred engravings.
The price of single Almanac, includ;
ing postage and mailing, is thirty
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A number of series of the latest
styles in type faces have lately been
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The Electric Lighting System of the City of Columbia has been completed.
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have their residences or
places of business wired
preparatory   to  installing
• the light, should leave or-
• ders with
P.   D.   McDonald
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Attended to.        i
Thos. H. Ingram
Books of Firms and Corporations
Audited and Reports Made.
Phone 108
Box 22 Columbia, B. C,
In reviewing thc list of prominent
Canadian life insurance companies,
the "Imperial" of Toronto stands
out prominently on account of its
remarkably successful career. The
board of directors is composed of
strong financiers and gentlemen of
large experience in the insurance
business. This company nas nothing but up-to-date liberal policies to
sell, and the fact that many large
policies have been issued by the
Imperial, running as high as 8200,-
000 on one single life, indicates the
class of people who are patrons of
this company. Mr. J. A. McCallum
is agent at Columbia and Grand
Forty-seven men are now on the
payroll at the B. 0 mine.
Not a single ore car was received
by the Granby mines last Wednesday, although there was an order
for 40 or 50.
The last car of oie from the Providence mine, sent to thc Trail smelter last week, gave a net return to
the shippers of $2,405.41, after payment of the freight and treatmen
rate at 815 per ton. The gross
weight of the ore 42,160 pounds.
Last Wednesday, all the wire connections having been made, the new
ore crusher, ordered last May by
the Granby company, was started
in operation, says the Phoenix Pioneer. It has been ready for some
time and only awaited the coming
of the electric current from Cascade.
Thc initial run of the big machine
was eminently satisfactory to Supt.
Williams, who will have it operated
ten hours daily, in which time it
will crush 1500 tons of Knob Hill
ore. Later another machine of the
same type will^probably be installed
at tha Old Ironsides ore bins. The
crusher is of the Blake-Farrell type,
and is the largest machine of its kind
in Canada. The chilled steel jaws
will take a piece of rock 16x42
inches, and it is fitted with swing
jaw and pitman. It was furnished
by the Senckes Machine company,
of Sherbrooke, Quebec. The freight
on one of the several cars in the
shipment was over 82000, To operate the crusher & 100 h. p. electric
motor was secured from the Canada
General Electric company.
Albert I. Goodell,, superintendent
of the Montreal and Boston Copper
company's smelter at Boundary
Falls, left on Wednesday for Montreal to consult with the directors of
the company id reference to adding
several new furnaces and a converter.
One car of ore has been shipped
from the Seattle mine to the Trail
smelter, another car is ready for
shipment, and a third is now being
Ore shipments last week: Granby
mines, Phoenix, 4916 tons; Snow-
shoe, Phoenix, 1500 tons; Mother
Lode, Deadwood, 2464 tons'; Sunset, Deadwood, 240 tons; B. C.
mine, Summit camp, 690 tons; Emma, Summit camp, 840 tons; total
for past week, 12,730 tons; total for
1903, 37,487 tons.
The Granby smelter last week
treated 6,234 tons .of ore; total for
1903, 28,189 tons.
About 300 men are now employed
at the Granby mines, which force
will be somewhat increased in the
immediate future.
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George S. Waterlow, J. P., vice-
chairman of the Snowshoe Gold and
Copper Mines, has been added to
the directorate of the Le Roi Mining
Co., Ltd.
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read The
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Evening Sun.
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