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^URislativfl 4^
WOV 301911
Eleventh Year—No. 4
Orand Forks, B. C, Friday, November 24, 1911.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance;
Farmers' Institute Meeting
There wu a good attendance at
the general meeting of the Kettle
Valley Farmers' Institute laat Monday evening in spite of the disagree
able weather tbat prevailed. The
proceedings proved of unusual interest, and the addresses delivered
-were the most instructive yet heard
at an institute meeting. President
" A. B. Tweddle president.
W. A. Cooper prefaced bis report
of tbe sixth annual Dry-Farming Congress at Colorado Springs by
reading a letter from the deputy
minister of agriculture, thanking
tbe British Columbia delegates for
their attendance!
Mr. Cooper aaid that sihce the
congress wee first organized in Utah
six yean age it bad rapidly grown
botb in membership and utility.
It was now an international organization, and this year delegates were
present from all the western states
and provinces. Next year the' con
gress will be held in Lethbridge,
Tbe term dry-farming was now
generally applied to districts in
which the annual precipitation was
less than 20 inches, wbere crops
were successfully grown by a scientific tillage of tbe soil. Fifty-live
per cent of the world's land surface
received less than 20 inches precipitation. Mr. Cooper quoted local nie
teorological to show tbat during tin
past two or three years the precipi
tation in tbe Kettle valley hail
ranged between 12 and 16 inches
The season of the year in which the
precipitation occurred made a vast
difference in the growing of crop*.
He bad noticed one peculiarity
on bis trip to Colorado Springs, i.e.,
in every farming district some one
variety of weeds predominated.
At Salt Uke City he had seen the
finest kind of Wealthy apples grown
at an altitude of 7000 feet, and good
peaches were grown at an altitude of
4000 feet.
The exhibit of dry-farming pro
ducts, wbich was made in' large
tents, at tbe congress, was superb.
Alberta took first prize for grains,
as il did last year also. He felt confident that if British Columbia made
a display of fruit at the next con
gress, the province would carry off
first prize.
Tbe greater portion of Mr. Cooper's address was devoted to a description of Hed Milo maize, tbe
new dry farming product which had
created the greateet interest at the
congress. A detailed explanation
of this cereal was printed in The Sun
two weeks ago.
By the introduction nf Milo maize
it would be possible to raise a crop
every year. In most dry-fanning
districts it wu tbe custom to raise a
crop one year, and to summer fallow the next. Here we bad a small
system ot rotation of crops, and
Milo maize would increase this system so that it would be possible to
grow a crop every evejy year.
Mr. Cooper stated tbat a demonstration of modern farming implements had elicited much interest
from the delegates to the convention,
lie thought it would be of great
benefit to the rtnohers of this valley
if an arrangement could be made
whereby a demonstration of dry
farmplements could be seen at the
next annual (air.*
In answer to questions after concluding his address, Mr. Cooper
stated that Milo maize was planted
in rows 3\ feet apart. After it came
up it wus thinned in the rows to 8 in.
apart. The straw was good Inr fodder, and the grain made splendid
feed for cattle, horses, hogs and
chickens. Forty bushels of maize
per acre had been harvested in Colorado. Tbe seed would probably
eost freaa f 1.50 to (2.00 per bushel.
The Rock Island railway would
likely be able to furnish tbe information where the seed could he obtained. He bad seen a demonstia-
tion of a power plow and barrow at
Colorado Springs, and he thought
they could be operated successfully
in the commercial orchards in this
valley.  =
J. D. Honsberger delivered an
address on ''The Varieties of Apples
Suitable for the Kettle Valley." On
account to tbe apple growing
industry not having been carried on
in tbis valley on a commercial basis
for any length of time, some of tbe
newer varieties bave not been fully
tested, and it is difficult to name tbe
varieties most suitable for tbis district. A list of tbe varieties genei-
ully planted throughout thc province embraces the Wealthy, Mcintosh Hed, Wagener, Jonathan,
Grimes' Golden, Rome Beauty,
Winesap, Spy, Spitzenberg, De
licious, Yellow Newton, King David, Red Cheek Pippin, Transcen-
dant and Hyslop crabs. Tbe first
point tbe orchardist sbould take into consideration was to secure trees
hardy enough to withstand our
climate. A few other things to look
for in a tree were early bearing,
productiveness, economy iu -handling tbe tree and the fruit, and the
kind of an apple tbat the people
want. Tbe speaker thought the
orchardists of tbis valley were making a mistake ia planting all winter
apples. There not enough early
apples grown. This year tbe early
and late fall varieties had been tbe
best money makers.
Mr. Honsberger placed the Wag
ener aa tha best winter apple for thil
district, but the tree was short lived
aud should be planted only as a
filler. The Jonathan was one of
leading varieties, but it was an expensive apple to grow. It required
a rick toil, and extra labor in pruning, thinning and packing. Tbe
Grimes Golden also required a rich
soil, but it was apt to fall off unless
the trees were well irrigated. The
Rome Beauty was a yearly bearer,
but the fruit did not color well in
this district. The Spitzenberg was
a good apple, but it bad been thoroughly demonstrated that the tree
would atand our winters. Dclioious
was a new variety, and he did not
know mucb about it. Tbe Yellow
Newton was, in bis opinion, too tender for tbis valley. The demand for
crab apples this year had exceeded
the demand. It was a profitable crop
to grow.and tbe fruit growers sbould
plant more of tbese trees.
The Winesap, Mcintosh Red and
Wealthy were three of tbe hardiest
Varieties, buk the trees required lots
of water, while the Spys, Spitzenberg aad Yellow Newton needed a
long season. Jonathan, Grimes' j
Golden, Red Cheek Pippin, Wagen-1
er, Delicious and Rome Beamy were
suited to the same location.
The profits of an orchard depended oo the varieties planted. The
speaker emphasized the importance
of planting as few varieties as possible in commercial orchards. In an
orchard containing ten varieties it
wis almost impossible to do the
work right, as each variety required
different care, and to give them all
proper treatment would nece«sity
the employment of an expert. If
all the trees were of one variety,
they could all be treated alike. He
would rather have a ten-acre orchard
ol one v ariety than one containing
half a dozen varieties. In concluding his address, Mr. Honsberger
urged the fruit growers of valley to
stay with the old varieties until
the newer ones had been thoroughly
Tom Powers thought the Wagener apple water cored too much.
Mr. Honsberger did not think this
would prove a drawback if the tree*
were not over irrigated.
In answer to questions, Mr. Honsberger said tbat apple trees should
be planted thirty feet apart. Spys
thrived best in poor soil, but in »
warm place. Liberal irrigation
would prevent the Mcintosh Red apples from falling off.
Tom Powers said he had been experimenting lately in making ce
ment pipe for irrigation purposes.
Tbe cement pipe, he said, could tie
made at one-halt the cost of wood
banded pipe. Wood pipe cost 43
cents a foot, whereas tbe material
for cement pipe only cost 9 cents.
Tbe danger of too greatj s
pressure on cement pipe could
be overcome, he thought, by
pumping the water to the highest
point on the bank of the river, and
then merely allowing it to flow down
Oh motion of Messrs. Lawrence
and Clark, the speakers of the evening were tendered a hearty vote of
After adjournment a debate was
arranged for tbe next meeting of the
institute. Tbe subject to be discussed is: "Resolved, that the Wagener, Mcintosh Red and Red Cheek
Pippin are the tbree best varieties
of commercial apples grown in this
district." Messrs. Honsberger,
Rooke and Lawrence will take lbe
affirmative side, aud Messrs. Cooper, Tweddle and Armstrong tbe
W. H. M. May, of Nelson, school
nspector for this district, inspected
the publio and high schools in this
city this week.
Ed. King, of Spokane, ii handling
the throttle on the Great Northern
passenger train between this city and
Phoenix, temporarily filling the place
of Joseph McDougal, who is away on
a trip to Minnesota.
Fruit Pit or Baldwin Spot
Mr. and Mrs. John Donaldson left!
on Wednesday to visit the fourth '
National Apple show in Spokane.
Born—Ia Nelson, B.C., on Saturday, November 25, to Mr. and Mra.
W. H. M. May, a daughter.
Ten cars of coke were shipped
from the Crow's Nest yesterday to
this oity, nine being for the Granby
company and one for the Boundary
Iron Works.
This disease of apples has been reported to the department from practically every apple growing section
of the province this year. Not only
is the interior affected, but the coast
as well, while probably the greatest
losses are reported from the most
prominent fruit sections. During
the last six weeks enquiries on tbe
subject huve increased greatly, indi
eating a rapid development of the
disease just previous to and follow
ing shipment. °'
During tha season of 1909 a similar outbreak occurred, though not
to as great an extent as tbis year.
In some cases tbere bave been losses
up to 25 per cent of the fruit picked,
and we are advised of other cases
when large shipments bave bad to
be sacificed on arrival because of development in transit.
This trouble goes under a confusing variety of names. Tbe principal
lines commonly given by fruit growers are: Baldwin spot, fruit spot,
dry rot, bitter rot, brown rot, physiological dry rot, and fiuit pit. In
Germany tbe common name is
rtippon and Btippich norden, and
bitter pit in South Africa. No scientific name has been given because
no specific cause bas yet b> en discovered.
Wben usually noticed the appearance is that of roundish brown
spots, just below Ibe surface of the
skin of the apple, or perhaps up to
one-fourth of an inch deep. When
near tbe surface there is smaller circular depression just above the spot.
On thu colored portion of the apple,
this depression is surrounded by
slightly deeper color, and on the
green parrs of the apple tbe depres-
.-.ionjMkMlr green, changing later
to brmn^ The brown spot is pithy
in character, dry and comparatively
tough. Tbe spots are generally from
1-0" to 3 16" in diameter, and of
not quite tbe same depth.
As the trouble develops more spots
occur, and finally the brown may
extend in|more or less complete network through the outer tissues of the
apple. The affected flesh is dry and
flavorless, but not bitter. The appearance and saleability are very
much impaired, and, exen for cooking purposes, badly affected fruit is
aot of much use.
In the third stage the apple becomes practically entirely brown and
quite worthless.
In its first stages the fruit pit is
bard to distinguish from the effects
of hail. Another type affects early
apples particularly, causing a more
or less browning oi the tissues sur
rounding the core. In this case the
apple becomes valueless commercially before its outward appearance is much affected.
Variations of the above forms, and
very similar forms, are found in the
apple, pear and prune
Tbis disease has been known and
been under investigation for thirty
years, principally iu Germany, and
during the past ten years especially,
in tbe United States and Canada.
We bave consulted all the available
authorities in Canada and the United States on ths subject. They are
agreed that it is not caused by any
fungus, bacterium, or insect. The
organism causing il is absolutely unknown. Spraying experiments bave
proven absolutely valueless. Scientists are now thoroughly agreed in
designating it as a physiological
trouble in lbe same class aa water-
Tbe true Baldwin spot of New
York state, tbe true bitter rot of the
middle west, tbe true apple scab or
black spot, are all fungus diseases,
and the life history of the organism,
like that of typhoid and tuberculosis, is well known to investigators.
The disease above described is none
of tbese.
. Wbile the absolute cause is unknown, tbeie have been discovered
oertain inducing causes.    These are:
1. Light yields of soppy, usually
large, fruit,
2. Heavy wood growth, from two
to four or live feet in length.
The light yields and heavy growth
are due to the following causes:
1. A heavy crop the previous year
2. Young trees.
3. Heayy winter pruning.
4. Excess of water by rainfall,
seepage or irrigation.
5. Clean cultivation.
6. Nitrogen in the soil in excess
over potash and phosphoric acid.
7. Unhealthy or winter injured
Any one or any combination of
tbe above conditions may be sufficient to bring on fruit pit.
Tbe remedies are:
__*. A good, heavy crop of fruit.
2. A reasonable growth, consistent with the age, size aud health of
the tree.
To secure heavy orop* aod a mature growth, tbe following are of
1. Rational winter pruning, replaced by summer prumug if absolutely necessary.
2. The maintenance of the proper
moisiure supply, less irrigation,
proper draiuage.
3. Less clean cultivation. Put the
orchard in sod if necessary.
4. Increase the amount of soil
nitrogen by lessening cultivation, by
putting the orchard in sod, or
planting intercrops, and where necessary balance the nitrogen supply
by adding potash and phosphoric
acid. Unhealthy trees should be
given proper conditions as above to
regain vigor. Properly cared for,
they will produce a .much higher
class of fruit. Badly diseased trees
had belter be removed.
It is the application of the above
remedies under local conditions
wbich calls forth the skill of the
More rational methods ol orchard
cultivation are absolutely essential
to pernaneut control of tbis disease.
Its prevalence this year bas aroused
much needless apprehension in the
minds ol fruit growers. The disease
can be avoided almost entirely by
the proper methods. It is'signilicant
lhat good intentions, rather than
wanton neglect, have brought it on
to a very large degree. The methods
above recommended, skilfully applied, will result in much greater
yields of fruit per tree and per acre.
The cost of production per box will
be actually lessened considerably,
aiid the general quality and color of
the fruit raised in equal degree.
In view of the possible Injury
which may be caused our province
hat helped countleaa
thousands of thin, weak,
delicate children—made
them strong, plump
and robust.
It creates an appetite,
aids digestion, fills the
veins with rich red
After illness or loss
of weight from any
cause, it brings strength
and flesh quicker than
anything else.
all oftaueoiara
Belgium established Ita first trade
school 25 years ago; now almost <?v-
«i-y trade provides    for thoroughly
iiiiinlng young artisans.
Thc man who will break his word
will smash anything that will come
within his reach.
The BestTreatment
for Itching Scalps
and Falling Hair
To allay Itching and Irritation of the scalp,
prevent dry, Hiin snd falling hsir, reraovs
crusts, scales and dandruff, and promote tho
irov. Ih and beauty of the hair, tlte following
•neclal treatment la moat effective, agreeable
tnd economical On retiring, comb Ihe hair
out straight all around, then begin at the dale
and make a parting, gently rubbing Cuticura
ointment Into tbe parting with abltpfsii.t
flannel held over theend of the flnger. Anoint
additional partings about half an Inch apart
until Ihe whole icalp lias been treated, the purpose being to get I he Cut leura ointment on the
scalp akin rather than on the hair. It la well
lo place a light covering over the hair to
protect the pillow from possible stain. The
next morning, shampoo with Cuticura soap
and hot water. .Shampoos alone may bs
iiiaed as often as agreeable, but once or
twice a month Is generally sufficient for
thia apeclal treatment for women's hah. Notwithstanding Cuticura soap and ointment ara
sold everywhere, thow wishing to try this
treatment may do ao without expense by
Mulling to "Cuticura," Dept. 4M. Boston, u.
H / , for a free sample of Cuticura soap and
ointment, with 32-p. book on skin tnd hah.
Cough in a Hurry
A Family Supply ol Unaqualet CouQh
Remedy for SOo—Money Refunded If II Falls.
Cough medicines, ns a rule, contain a
large proportion of tilnln syrup—a good Ingredient, but ono that anyone cnn luakri.
A pint of grauttlated sugar, with >( pint
nf warm water, stirred for 2 minutes, gives
you aa gotxl syrup as moiiiy can buy.
A CO-oont bottle of Pinex, mixed In a
to-oz, bottle with home-made sugar syrup,
gives you 10 ounces of really better oongn
Kpup than you could buy ready mixed ror
BO. There's a clear saving of 13,00, Full
directions In package.
And money couldn't buy a quicker,
better remedy. Takes hold at once, gives
almost Instant relief, and usually stone
the most obstinate, deep-seated cough In
84 hours, lt stimulates tho appetite, Is
slightly laxative and haa a pleasant taste—
children take It willingly. Splendid for
hoarseness, asthma, chest pains, and other
throat troubles, and unequaled for prompt
results In whooping cough.
Pinex Is a special and highly concentrated compound of Imported Norway
White Pine extract, and Is rich ingualaool
and other natural healing pine elemonts.
Simply mix It ns directed with sugar syrup
or strained honey, and It la ready for use.
Used In more homes In the TT. H. and
Canada than any cither congh remedy.
Pinex hu often been Imitated, but never
suocessfnlly, for nothing else will produce
the same results, The genuine Is guaranteed to give absolute eatisfset ion or money
refunded. Certificate of guarantee It
wrapped ln each package, i our druggist
hat Pinex or will got It for you. If nol.
•end to Thc Pinex Co., Toronto, Ont
W. N. U. No. I
A Story Showio| How Magnanimity
Comes lo Pollow Victory
Copyright by American Press Association, llll.
«M>«>^M>««-t« *&i-$*S&fre$QrS4&$>*-
After every struggle resulting in a
change of government there are scores
to be [mid off by those who bave revolted. As revolutionists, Instead ol
being favored by the law tbey have
been hampered by lt Bavlng established themselves In power, the other
edge ot the sword Is brought Into play
and cuts In the opposite direction. Instead of being used to Imprison or execute revolutionists it ts used to execute
tbe advocates of the government overthrown. /
When tbe recent revolution ln Mexico became thede facto government tbe
revolutionists stood ready to use the
luw to punish tbose who had used lt
to punish tbem. During lhat period
when President Diaz he's bis own ln
the city of Mexico a «oung lawyer.
Alfonso Fernandez, n sympathizer
with the insurgents, left tbe city to
join the forces of Madero. During the
fighting he was captured by the gov
ernment troops, and, being a mnn of
Influence, every effort wns made to Induce bim to return to tbe support of
President Diaz. He was turned over
to one Jose Sierra, it man deeply Interested ln putting down the rebellion,
wltb orders to persuade, force or buy
him to the government support,
Sierra took the captive to bis baclcu
da, put blm on his parole uot to leave
It and treated him like a guest Instead
of a prisoner. Tho Jailer bust wus an
adept at winning over an enemy and
used every srt of persuasion that sug
gested Itself to him.
Concla, Sierra's dnughter, a girl of
twenty, possessed one of those oral
faces of a dusky shade, large liquid
eyes and especially the long lashes ot
the Spaniard. Her father noticed soon
after Fernandez's arrival that be was
attracted by bis daughter and she was
attracted by Fernandez, lt occurred
to Sierra that Fernandez's conversion
might be accomplished more readily
by means of the girl than by Ills own
arguments or threats. He gave the
young people every opportunity to be
together and when be saw that the
pear was ripe undertook to pluck It.
He offered Fernandez a prominent
position under the government, wbich,
of course, would be tantamount to ne-
coring hts adherence. Fernandez de
ellned the offer. Then Sierra Informed hts prisoner that he would be tried
for treason, which meant that bc would
be found guilty aud executed, ln love
wltb tbe daughter of lbe man who hnd
made tbe threat, the temptation to
yield and desert the cnuse In which be
bad embarked was well nigh resistless.
Fernandez seemed to hove., everything to gain by giving his adherence to the established government
President Diaz then appenred lo be
firmly fixed lu the presidency, and It
would be difficult to unseat blm. Ry
yielding Fernandez would acquire a
position of prominence that mlgbt be
permanent. That position he might
make more enduring and more prominent by throwing his Influence on Ihe
side of tho man who hnd done much
for Mexico. These arguments were re-
enforced by the fact that on one side
stood death, ou the other love. Uut
bonor forbade.
Fernandez uow considered the parole
ho bad given void and began to take
measures to escape If posslblcV-eeeela
procured for blm a woman's dress and
drove him In her volantc past guards
who had orders to bc watchful nnd on
no account permit his escape. Hnd 11
not been that she accompnuled blm he
would not hnve succeeded In deceiving
tbem. As It wns. he mude good his
escape and relurned lo Mexico City.
Not even Sierra know how Fernandez got beyond his clutches. Concla
kept her secret, and directly after (he
escape changes occurred tx.it rendered
thc episode n thing or the pust and
toon lo lie forgotten.
After Diaz's departure and the appointment of ll provisional president ut
tbe republic the work uf retaliation
commented. Jo* Sierra, who hnd been
captured by the ruvolutloulsls, wns
brought io the capital. To accuse a
mau of treason ngulust a government
tbat was not established when Ihe act
was commuted wonld not come with
good grace from the government thut
bad been tn rebellion. Those whom
Sierra hnd made to suffer brought
blm to trial for having murdered a
man whom he had shot during tbe
And so It was tbnt the law which
hod before enabled Sierra to punish
now afforded the same machinery foi
punishing blm. As to his having ordered shot tbe man he wns accused of
murdering, there was uo denying ins
fact.   That he bad dene tbe detd it.
tetlf flia not concern the jurymen wno
were on the other tide. The trial,
therefore, was merely a judicial revenge, and a verdict of guilty was rendered accordingly.
The jury, the lawyers, tbe spectators,
saw nothing but the bare facts of the
trial tbat bave been here outlined.
To these persons ln the courtroom
there was far more than tbls. They
were the judge before whom the
prisoner was tried, the prisoner himself and bis daughter, who sat beside
him. When the time came for ths
sentence to be passed Sierra stood up
to receive lt bnt wns so weak that
bis daughter supported blm.
"Joso Sierra," said the judge, "do
you remember a man wbo once stopped at your hacienda and wbom yon
endeavored to seduce from bis allegiance to that government which
now exists, but was then struggling
for Us existence?"
•1 do."
"And do you remember bavlng given
him a choice between accepting an
appointment under tbe Diaz government and a trial for treason, which
meant death?"
"I do."
"But the man escaped. Tou remember tbat too, don't you?"
•1 do."
"Tou never knew how be managed
to pass tbe guards you threw around
your hacienda on every available
"1 did not."
"it would not bave tben been beet
for you to know tbls, nor Is lt now,
but tbe assistance your prisoner received at tbat time is of great Importance to you now. Had lt not been
for tbat assistance another-victim
would have been added to the oue
for shooting wbom you bave Just been
adjudged guilty."
All tbis was a puzzle to those present except tho prisoner and bis daughter. The Judge spoke with evident
einoliou. Tbo prisoner seemed, deeply
moved. His daughter as tbe address
proceeded wound her arms tighter
about ber father. There was an Impress! veness to tbe scene tbat beld tbe
audience spellbound. When the Judge
begun to speak every one thought that
he was about to give anotber instance
tban tbe one before the court wby the
prisoner should suffer death. Wben
he entered upon tbe last matter he
mentioned all were thrown into a
state of doubt as to what was coming.
"We are entering ln Mexico," be
continued, "upon a new age—an age
ushered In for tbe civilized world by a
termer president of tbe United States
at lbe close of tbe greatest rebellion
the world has ever teen. For tbat In-
correction not a drop ot blood was
spilled after the surrender. 1 have
been given discretion by my government aa to tbe punishment to be met.
ed ont for acts tbat occurred during a
period wben every man's hand was
against every other man. It Is not
meet In tbls age, wben universal peact
Is dawning for the world, tbat Mexico
sbould remain In barbarism. The act!
of tbe troublous times through wblcb
we have recently moved belong to s
dead past and should be burled wltb
tbut past The net of which you bars
been found guilty was repeated again
and ngnin on botb sides. That ths
revolution has triumphed Is no cause
for committing ln the name of Jtlstlct
acts of revenge. .
"Tho finding ot tbe jury Is set aside
Tou are at liberty to go free."
By bis address tbe judge attempted
to prepare the feelings of tbose present for what bad neither been expect
ed nor desired. But tbe temper of thi
people was revengeful and bad foi
ages been used to a different principle
A few applauded, bnt tbe majority
grumbled. Tbere were tbose present
wbo bad suffered at tbe bands of thi
man to whom tbla magnanimous treat
ment bad been accorded. Tbey bad
brought the accusation tbat they mlgbl
be revenged-mlgbt revenge tbe dead
tbey loved. Tbey rebelled against the
decision. Cries ot "Hung blm!" "Staool
bim!" "Use tbe machete!" were beard,
and a movement wus made by tbs
most active tuward tho prisoner. The
Judge arose and, raising bit band, enjoined silence.
"In striking this man," he tald, "you
strike the girt who luves blm."
"He struck tbose we loved!" somi
one cried.
"Let me tell you one tblng moro, thai
which I spoke of, but did not speak.
You remember thnt I mentioned lbs
escape of ono whom tbe prisoner would
have sacrificed. I am tbnt person."
A silence followed tbls announcement. Tbtt the Judge bad set aside a
sentence of death upon the man who
had Intended to take his life filled
tbose present with wonder. He bad
secured tbelr attention. He went s
step further.
"I will tell you how I cscsped. I
owe my life to thnt girl," pointing;
"Sbe It wat wbo gave mo a disguise
and drove me through her father's
guards, risking her life for mine. Hnd
It been discovered tbat thc person sitting beside her was tbe rebel they
were watching for she would hurt
doubtless been sacrificed. If you strike
him you strike bur. and tbrough her
you strike me, who bave done my pari
to establish the govcrnement undei
Vfflia if* axiir hiiue fer Peace ud nni*
PT*" ....   ■■
The crisis bnd come and turned In
favor of tbe judge, Tbose wbo bad
opposed his decision stood looking sullenly on, while the others were won
over by bis magnanimity and ny
sympathy for tbe girl wbo bad saved.
his life. The advocates of taking the
law Into their own hands begun to
move away muttering, leaving only
tbose who had been converted to the
cause of mercy. Tbose most sympathetic gathered about tbe girl, whether
for her protection or In sympathy.
Then gradually the crowd melted
away and left the three principal participants ln the drama.
Concla went to the judge, took his
hand ln hers and kissed It Her
father stood wltb folded arms looking
at vacancy. A short time before bu
had been expecting death, lie wns
now conscious only that his life bad
been spared and be feared nothiug.
Tbere Is a sequel to tbls stury, but
this la not the placo for tt. indeed,
the events narrated happened ton re
cently for It lo bc n llnlsbed romance.
One thing Is certain. This renouncing
ot vengeance was brought abont by
Reman Bricks.
When the preparations for rebuilding the Campanile, In Venice, were
undertaken the archaeologists were
afforded an opportunity to make some
Interesting studies or the bricks. It
was found tbat they hnd been used
In arches, fortifications, the tops ot
walls and In other ways before they
were built Into tbe campanile and
that they were not Venetian hut Roman bricks. Theso ancient bricks
were made In slices, for lu many tbe
layers could be seen undisturbed, lt
la said tbat bricks made tbls wuy can
bear a greater weight than modern
bricks. ' Tbe bricks examined were uf
the flrst century. One of them bore
the Imprint of n horseshoe, whicb
may prove tbat Romans used a horseshoe like ours, although It Is generally
believed tbat their horseshoes were
strapped on, not nailed.
Lest ef Weight In Rewlng.
A well knowu physician In New
Tork city wbo bas long been Identified
with aquatics, says that tbe average
Individual loss of weight In a four mile
pull, wbetber In a race or a row
against time, la two or tbree pounds.
Dnder peculiarly trying condltious of
beat tbe Individual loss mny reach five
or six pounds. On tbe other hand,
says this physician, many onrsmen go
through a four mile pull wltb 'the
loss ot only about a pound In welgbt
This lost weight Is fully recovered by
tbe next day. Proper training la so arranged In these days tbat a four mile
race cornea only wben the oarsmen are
thoroughly rested and at tbe top ot
tbelr training weight, so that the loss
of welgbt rarely indicates tbat the Individual Is "stale," or below good training condition.
Goldsmith's Obituary.Notice.
It wonld be difficult to find a more
quaint announcement of death tban
tbat published in an old newspaper In
1774, at tbe time of Oliver Goldsmith's
"1774, April <t. Died. Dr. Oliver
Goldsmith. Deserted ts the village.
The traveler hatb laid him down to
recti the good natured man Is no
more; he stoopse bnt to conquer; tbe
vicar hatb performed bis sad office;
It la a mournful task from wblcb
the hermit may essay tu meet the
dread tyrant wltb more than Grecian
or Roman fortitude."
Dead Lcavce et Ftrtillitrt.
According to tests made lo France,
dead leavet possess e blgb value ss
fertilizers. They nre extensively used
by tho market gardeners about the
city of Nantes. Pear leaves bore the
blgbest quantity of nitrogenous, onk
leaves come next, nnd the leaves of
vines stand lowest In value.
Kindness Misdirected.
"What has become of thc meerschaum pipe?" Inquired an Inretcrate
"Well, my dear," his wife replied. "It
was getting awfully discolored. sovl
gave lt a coat of white enamel, and
It la not quite dry yell"
Hub-necklets and extravtgant-I?
Wben did I ever mnke e nseless purchase? Wife—Why. there's that tire
extinguisher yon bought a year ogol
We're never used It oncel
Sack the Light
If there Is anywhere on your horizon
a spot of light Ox your eyea upon It
and turn yonr thoughts away from tbe
clouds which may cover the rest of tbe
Keeping It Derk,
"Say, you, why don't you worki"
"I here no license."
"Tou don't need n license to work.'
"Now, don't you tell my wife that
.'.cm. let Ir'ec sample tu Pept.N.U.,N«'
[final Drug A Chemical Co., ToronUi
Well, Well!
i use
I <li|ed ALL these
of Goods
r-tvlth the SAME Dye.
I used
CLEAN and SIMPLE to Use.
NO rhinct* nf tiling tht WRONG Oy c for the, Good*
tnu. lis* In color. AH colors Irom ynur OcuBsUt or
Dwk _FRF.EC.ii_firr___.rd &»., STORY H.w.klet 10,
Tbe J-ihiikuii-Rkhitrilatii-i Co., IJinltud, Montreal,
Mltat. Winhi.ow'1. SalaiTlliNC Svxa-r litis been
tind for over SIXTY YEARS by MII.1.1UN9 df
AI.l.AVSnll 1**1N ; CURES WINll COI.IC. am!
is the- best re/icily fair lilAKltllll.A. It la ati-
aolulrly harmless. Itr sure- and tiaak for "Mra.
Winslow's Bootblug _»vrnp," anil uke no other
kind.   Twenty-five cents b bottle.
The Oven
In making cukes tiie first thing to
iittcnd to Is the oven'. In order to see
that tbls is nt the proper bent it piece
of white paper sbuuld be put Into the
oven, and If 11 remains white or becomes only slightly tinged, lt Is ton
cool: If I tbecoines a pretty shade of
pair brown the heat Is alright, and.
cool; if it lifetimes a pretty shade of
brown It Is ten hot. If a coal store
be usetl, c;ir must te taken that ull
t ie soot which collects above the oven
1. removed. _is soot prevents the flame
from getting to the oven. If a gas
stove be used It should he lit at least
fifteen minutes beore the cake Is put
ln. Small cukes require the hottest
oven, .n as to he quickly baked
through. On the other hunt!, large
fr.iii cakes do not require such a quick
oven, us if Ihe heat is too fierce the
cakes get hardened on the outside
long befom they are cooked through.
The process, therefore, should be
more gradual, although the oven that
Is loo hot is belter than one that Is
too cool.
Only what we have wrought Into
our character during our life can we
take away with us.
Hard te Keep Up.
"Charlie ts always In a hurry.''
"Of eourso."
"Why of course?"
"He belongs ts sucb a rapid set"
Shines Stoves So
They Stay Shtaed
"Black Knight" is a joy to
every woman who takes pride in
her borne.
It enables her to have the
ttoves always cleth, freshly
polished end brilliantly black.
"Block Knight" isjretdy to use
—easily tpplied—and a few rubt
brings a mirror-like polish,
"Black Knight" I does away
with all the hard wofjfc and dirty
work of stove polishing.
If your dealer elaoaaM not hava
"Illack Knight", we will Mad yon
a large can, postpaid, Tor ioc.
The r.r. Dallcy Co. Untie*,
■amilton, •■«.        a*
Solicit ts. lean, "St. fttooeelli,. ety
ploW COM
For Strength, eue of handling- and pea-feet
work, the outstanding leader is
This notice Is to advise the Trade
that the port William und Port Ar
Fort William nntl Port Arthur
Exchange, Fort William.
C.P.R. Double Track to Brandon
In Its constant efforts to give Its
patrons the very best of transportation facilities, the Canadian Pacific
Hallway is making a special effort to
complete the laying ot its double track
between Winnipeg and Brandon by
| the end of the year.   In fact, C. P. R.
thui- 0,-,„„ Kxohnnge has been fo^edfe'fe^ g?»& ^'would
to promote the handling of Western f\e oompleted and in operation hy the
Grain at the Head of the Lakes. end of December. It Is 136 miles from
Full particulars as to membership,, Winnipeg to Brandon, but the contrac-
_.»_.   „,i,ia.ccu itorR °" tllc i°>> '"'c pushing forward
etc., .mm ess |u-a wo|.k und ,ire mak-lng good pro.
gress. Between Portage la Prairie
and Brandon, which Is 77% miles, all
the grading Is completed, and up to
date 75 per cent of the track has been
When the work Is completed the
Canadian Pacific will bave a double
track between Fort William and Port
Arthur and Brandon, and if the company's traffic continues to increase
at Its present rate a couple of years
will see the double track stretching
trom the head of the Great Lakes
through the three Prairie Provinces
to Calgary. Sir Thomas Shaughnessy,
president of the C.P.R., hinted at
this In bis annual report to the directors of the company last month.
While this Is the longest single
piece of double tracking being done
by the C.P.H., there are a couple ot
smaller sections ln Saskatchewan between Moose Jaw and Caron and
Moose Jaw and Pasq.ua. Grading on
these lines is about 85 per cent, tin-
Islied, bu*. nn rails have been laid as
Consign your grain to lis.   The act
uiil grain you ship gets our personal
attention.   We sell on sample and get
, high prices.   Write us.
Fort William
Ship your grain to E. R. WAY-
LAND, Grain Broker, Fort William.
Highest piiees. References: Dominion Bank, Fort William.
specialist, 5 College St., Toronto.
Probably Needed
"And one other thing I want you
!o remember when you build the house
Is  to  put  one  of  the  finest elastic
steps on lt thut money ean build."
"An elastic step, madam*!"
"Yes, I was'reiMtiq' bow Miss Blue-
bud had u fine elastic step, an' 1 want
ono just like lt, or better."
Chorea, or ns it is more generally
known, Si. Vitus dance, is a disease
that usually attacks the young children, though older persons may be afflicted with It. Its must common
symptoms ure a twitching of the
muscles of the face and limbs.. As
the disease progresses this twitching
takes the form ot spasms In which the
jerking motion may be confined to
the hend, or all the limbs may be affected. The patient Is frequently unable to bold anything lu the hands or
to walk steadily, and In severe cases
even the speech is uffeeted. The disease ts due to debility of the nerves
and Is always cured by Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills, which enrich the blood.toue
and strengthen the nerves and thus
restore Hip sufferer to good health.
The following is a striking Instance
of what Dr. Williams' Pink Pills will
do In this trouble. Mrs. Chas. Phipps,
Pelee Island, Ont., says:—"At the age
of fourteen my eldest daughter, Edith,
became much run down, and the trouble developed Into Si Vitus dance.
First her left arm became affected,
then the left leg and entire left side.
She grew so bid that she actually
could not hold anything In her iand,
and could only go about with u sliding, Jerking motion. Notwithstanding
that we were giving ber medicine, she
seemed to be growing worse, and fin-
Mly her speech became much affected.
We became so much alarmed about
her tbut finnllv her father got a supply of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and
we begun giving ber these. Iu the
courBe of il lew weeks she was much
hotter, and before all thc pills were
gone she was again enjoying perfect
health. This wus In WCB. and as ahe
has not hail a symptom nf the trouble
since I feel justified lo saying the
cure Is permanent."
Be sure you get the genuine pills
which are eold by nil medicine dealers or muy be had at SO cents a box
or six boxes for J2-S0 from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
Attractive Bait.
A young preacher was fishing fnr
trout accompanied by a couple of
toung girls from his parish. A tinnier who was nlso out fishing culled
to lbe young clergyman:
"Krtcliln' many trout.?"
"I am a fisher nf men," said the
young preacher with dignity.
"Well," the farmer smiled, and then
looking nt the girls, said: "I sec you've
got the right kind of bait with you."
New Grain Exchange
The new Grain Exchange lately opened at Fort William will give farmers and dealers another exchange
through which to sell their grain.
Fort William and Port Arthur being
at the head of the Great Lakes, and
being the storehouses of all grain
grain west of Lake Superior, lt is only
natural that grain exporters think that
Fort William Is the logical point for
a market for western gralu.
A s'a tuple maVket is to be established
by the new exchange which should be
a great boon for the farmers and dealers. The mixed crop that we have
this year can bc disposed of, in most
cases, to much better advantage by
selling on sample than on grade, and
the Fort William and Port Arthur
Giuln Exchange Is to be congratulated
on taking this step forward.
The only thing now required is to
induce the Government to change the
Grain Act s. that a sample market can
be established at the head of the
Lakes. The Cio'-einment should see
at a glance that It would mean better
pi Ices for the producer for all glades
ol wheat, oats, barley *and flax.
Knicker.—Yes, my dear, I shall he
glad to go with you; I long to sec the
beauties ot the country.
Mrs. Knicker—We will stay ln town.
The Stomach
Needs Help
The Liver, Kidneys and Bowels Must
Be Kept Active to Ensure
Not one person In a hundred can
get along at this time ot year without
using something to enliven the action
of the liver, kidneys and bowels.
Too much eating of heavy artificial
foods, too little outdoor exercise, this
Is the explanation. -
The liver and kidneys nre overworked In their efforts to remove the
poisonous waste matter from the system. They. fall aud become torpid
and clogged. The bowels become constipated and stomach derangements
There is one medicine which will
overcome this condition more certainly and more quickly than any other,
and this Is Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
This medicine gets the bowels In
action at once, and by awakening the
liver and kidneys ensures the thorough cleansing of the filtering and
excretory systems.
Willi the poisonous obstructions removed, the t'lgesttve system resumes
its healthful action, appetite improves,
pains nnd itches disappear as well as
irritability und depression.
You cannot Imagine a more satisfactory treatment for biliousness, constipation, backache and kidney disease
than Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
One pili a dose, 25 cents a box. at ull
dealers or Edmanson, Bates & Co.,
Limited, Toronto.
Improvements at Fort William
The Canadian Pacific Rallwoy has
started work on its new operations
at Fort William and Port Arthur. The
work of this year will consist chiefly
In Ihe ofectlyn o. a new coal handling
plant, but in connection with the other
operations there Is considerable
dredging io be done. The Cnnudlan
Stewart Coinpany hits the contract for
the building ot the coal plunt. and it
Is stilled thnl the appropriation for the
the work is in the neighborhood of
one million dollars. Tne plant. It is
stilted, will take care of most of Ilie
soft eoal assigned to the company at
the head ot tile lakes, and It is hoped
tlmt lt will be finished in lime to
handle some of next year's coal business.
It Is also -Jilted that the new plant
will be built In the form of a loop,
and the cars which will carry the coal
back from tlie towers will run around
the loop and dump at the desired intervals. Bridging the space between
lhe lor.p thero will be one of two lines
ot track, along which otlier cars can
be switched in order to dump sufficient coal to fill up tbe centres of the
Nearly all children are subject to
worms,, and many are born with them.
Spare tliem suffering by using Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator, rhe
best remedy of the kind that can be
A Good Suggestion
The horse editor wns substituting
for the "Answers to orrespondents"
"How'U I answer this." he demanded. "Girl wants to know how she can
Improve her complexion."
"Tell her to send you a sample ot
ir." suggested thc snake editor.
Investment   and    Loans    Negotiated.
Win. pav you
    nission ofFirriA-nf Csftrs
for each copy o/this hsautifup
Ghrisfmaspublication (/ou tell
It is one of the, iesKshris/mai
tfoliday/lumbers in the world.
Jt has three larye Separate
Colored pictures. Senaat'once-
for aduertisiny matter a/id full par
*      TOKQAWa.caaOeoA.
Frivolous Definitions
Reputation.—What the world thinks
about us; character is what our wives
know about us.
Gossip—The counterfeit coin of con- \
versatlon. J
A Secret—Confldenliul Information
that one woman gets another woman
to keep for her.
Inspiration—A word used by poets !
tn mistake for perspiration.
A Theatrical Angel—Known by the'
company lie keeps.
The Leisure Class—Tramps and the I
very rich. !
The DreainiM—Tomorrow I made a
Pplimisati—A habit thai, women!
have of looking on the bright side■
of things: mirrors, for instance.
The Engagement Ring—Matrimony's
promissory mpl«.
cstabushsd tees. *v.    S/7
Awarded first prize at World's Exposition on its work nnd methods.
Write for a free catalogue. We also
give instruction by mail.
The Best  Ever  Made.    Guaranteed   to  give    you    eaUstnatlon.
Send us 25c.   State Style and Size
The Arlington Co. of Canada, Ltd.
58 Frazer Ave.,
Toronto,       :       :       :       Ontario
These Pills Cure  Rheumatism.—To
the many who suffer from rheumatism
It Rubs Pain Away.—There is no liniment so efficacious in overcoming
pain as Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil. The
hand that rubs 11 ln rubs the pain
sway, and on this account there is no
preparation that stands so high in public esteem. Tliere is no surer painkiller procurable ns thousands can attest who have used lt successfully in
treating many otlier ailments.
the lir.es of the C.P.R.    there   is
atrial of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills Is p,entJr 'o( magnmcen't iCenery ,0 ,at.
recommended. They have pronounced
action upon the liver and kidneys and
by regulating the action of these organs act us an alternative in preventing the admixture of uric acid and
blood that causes this painful dlsord-
They must be taken according to
directions snd used steadily and they
will speedily give evidence of their
beneficial effects.
When to Marry
January's brides are likely to become widows early.
February brides will have very happy married lives.
March brides will probably make
their homes abroad.
April brides will have lives of
change, and experience many ups and
May bride; will entertain many
June brides will find lire a long
July brides have bitter sweet memories.
August brides are lucky In finding a
real friend In  their husbands.
September brings a smooth and
serene future to its brides.
Oetober gives a future ot toll and
The Canadian Rockies.
Albert Groll, the noted New York
landscape artist, likes the Canadian
Rocky Mountains. Mr. Groll has spent
several weeks ln the Rockies sketching scenes along the lines of the Canadian Pacific Railway, and he is enthusiastic over the beauty of the
Mountains. Stopping over at Duluth
on his way back to Broadway, Mr.
Groll was Interviewed by a paper of
that city.
"It is a beautiful country," said 'Mr.
Groll, "and there are boundless op-1
portunlties for the photographer and i The imagination
the artist to Ret Into close touch with     The  lm„gilmtlon   uaea  aright,   bus
Nature. Even If the artist never leaves J W01ldel.f„| p0W(,r ,,y ,)ro,llU,nln(J ]intl
blessing lite. By means of it wc can
travel wltb the explorer Into new lands
and through biography enter Into
their lives. It. is through the Imagination that fiction hus Its abuses. History may seem but n dull record of
changing races antl dynasties, of battles and dates, until some vivid stmy
makes Ihe limes live before us In the
person of Its characters. The prints
pag. is nothing until It puints pictures
that we can see. nnd heroes and martyrs With tbelr struggles and achieve
nients become real to us ns our fancy
Is .ible In clothe tbem with life uii.l
gra.-p their illtl'lcnities untl purpov't,
Most, of us can lv.-.ut bocks Unit have
bu I i:ii.; 1. to do with Hie shaping if
our character by the Ideals they set
before lis—hook friends that have
made US .stronger, more putlent nntl
unselfish, because we admired tliose
ntiiilltles in them while wc were shur-
liig their lite for a little time.   1'
Course leading lo a good salary may
be taken under hest conditions at
the CENTRAL BUSINESS COLLEGE, Toronto. Enter any time.
Catalogue Free. Write for It.
W.1I. Shaw, Pres..   E.R, Shaw. Sec.
Isfy even the most ardent seeker of
Mr. Groll predicted a big Inroad of
American tourists into the Canadian
Rockies next year.
One Box of Them Cured Mrs. Mary
A. Cook's Rheumatism, From Which
Bhe had Suffered for Rourteen Years
Mannheim,    Ont.—(Special)—How
quickly and easily  Rheumatism can
be cured wben you use the right means
Is shown in the case of Mrs. Mary A... ,        , ,    ,      ,
Cook, well known and highly respeci-!*"*P8-10°- »e_ ■■*;«' k«»wii b'.i>h.-. Whoso
ed here, ln an interview regarding 'Personages fascinated while the) .did
her cure, of whicli all    the   Village
tor men. Canadian-made. Guarantee'' beet hat value ln Canada,
til sizes and shapes in soft and
stiff felts. .Ask your Dealer, or
write at once to
CHAS.  C.  PUNCHARD    A    CO.,
Toronto, Ont.
knows, Mrs. Cook says:
"I had Rheumatism so had that
sometimes 1 would sit up nearly ull
I first thought l would try the doe-
tors but luckily 1 decided to first try
{Dodd's Kidney Pills.
not help, and which left us with a
little less reverence anil faith (ban
hefore, a little lesai faith iu the final
outcome of tiuth and right. Whatever I
a book may claim to be, we call Judge
It pretty correctly by the effect il bus
upon us—whether we liBC up from Its'
reading feeling better, kinder and
stronger for our work, or whether our
world seems a more dreary place and
our efforts not worth while.
Lighting Supplies
We can save you
10 o|o to 20 ojo on
Gasoline Lighting
Supplies no matter what system
you use. Best
quallly mantles
and glassware always ln stock. Wc
arc the largest
Gasoline Lamp
and Supply house
lu Canada. Write
for new price list.'
Toronto   :    Montreal    :    Calgary
November brides will be happy, and!    "They cured me and 1 dldn t have
those who, according to the ryhme, to try the doctors.   And Just, tn think
marry "In December cheer," will find;that after fourteen years of Buffering
that "Love's star burns brighter from ione box of Dodd's Kidney Pills should |
year to year" cure!    I will recommend Dodd's Kid-1
  hey Pills to anyone who suffers tromi
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.    Rheumatism.''
_______„ j   Yes, lt Is eusy i<> tare Rheumatism
Informed I when you go the tight way about It. j
Small  Brother—Are   vou   going   lo ;Rheumatism Is caused by uric neld In -    In Connecticut mnfc of the old law* I
marry sister Ruth.? |tho bloud.   If the kidneys an* work- f-umed by Puritans have been enforced j
Caller.—Why—ei—1    really    don't  inn fight tbey will strain all tbe uric |within recent years.   Not long ugo u
On View.
"1 hear ihey have a family skeleton."
"Yes, she was In the surf this morning."
Minard's liniment for sale everywhere.
Slickly alopa cuuShs, tens culda, hiaala
a throat a id lungs
The happiest moments are tie busiest moments.
<iil teats.
Optimism is the reflection of
sin beams from howii
know, you Know!
Small    Brother—That's
thought.   Well, you are!
what     I
vl    Thc 01d Fo,ks    K.
eslS*\mm\   Und advanclngyearsbring an Increasing tendency   ■■■_______,
to constipation.   The corrective they need Is
"NA-DRU-CO" Laxatives
Entirely different from common laxatives. Pleasant to take, mild and painless.
A tablet (or less) at bed-time regulates the bovels perfectly. Increasing
doses never needed. Compounded, like all the 125 NA-DRU-CO pre.
paratlotu, by expert chemists. Money back tl not satisfactory.-
2Bo. a box.   11 your druggist ha> not yet stocked Ihem,
send 25c. snd we will mail them.
pB.rat.Q_u, uj
acid out of the blood and there can i prominent i. itnufaetuier was summon-
bo no Rheumatism. Dodd's Kidney |cd for kissing his wife In a tram car.
Pills always make tbe Kidneys work,The complainant was an elderly spin-
right. |ster who was travelling In the oar at
  the time the offence was committed.
Brisket of Beef land deposed thai the affectionate hue-
The economically   disposed   house- band not only kissed Ills Wife,     but i
wife will lind that the Inferior parts | kept his anus around her waist din-,
ef good meat aro more advantageous a Ing the whole Journey.    She pleaded
than the-prime cuts of Inferior meat. | that os this  conduct occurred on  u
Brisket of beef is a part which is [Sunday lt wu-.< punishable .under a
sold at a low price, the reason being .seventeenth-century sattute. The Judge
that the meat Is coarse, the proper- concurred and Inflicted a fine nf five
tion of bone Is high, and there ts a j dollars and costs.
largo amount of fat.  Yet, with proper j  -—	
cooking, brisket can ho made as dell-1 Justifiable
cate eating as the prlmest parts of I   "So you resigned
/   PILLS =
thn animal, and the trouble entailed
by cooking lt properly Is well repaid
by the reduction In the butcher's bill.
Great hearts alone understand how
B*uch glory tbere ts In being good.
,*l,^tUMAT'5C>y      '
"'CHT'S   DJVr   "
-   '' 'Ml E T r 5  v ._« '
"Yes.   I couldn't stand the way the
firm treated ine."
"Took my name off the payroll."
No citizen should be a drone In the
f.clal beehive.
W N. U. No. 868. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
f.lhliahed at Orand Porka, British Coin mbl
<.. A. Evass Editor and Publisher
A Sll, of thia paper can be aeen at the offloe
jf Meaara. li, A J. Hardy A Co., 90,31 And St.
Pleat Street, K.C., London. Rnglaiatd, free of
.iltarae, and that tirin will be vied to reoelve
..ihaerlLtlona and ndvnrti.en.enta on our behalf.
•usaosirnos saiss:
Due Veal..   tUO
line Tear (In advatiee)  LOP
Una Year, In 1'ntltad Slalea  1.40
Addreaa all onn.miinloatW.ie to
Ths Hvsnimo Sua,
PROM B74 U_iai.ii Poena. B.C
Thk salary bylaw has been
the main topic of discussion
in the city during the post
week. It is generally condemned, and most of the ratepayers appear to be in favor
of some steps being taken to
prevent its passage. The time
for a general airing of municipal affairs seems to be near at
A Big Success
The sale of work held in the
parish hall on Thursday after-
'noon and evening by the Woman's Auxiliary of Holy
Trinity church was a big financial success, nearly all the
articles being disposed of. The
hall was prettily decorated,
and refreshments were served
during the afternoon and
evening. After the sale a
short musical program was
rendered. The principal vocal numbers were solos by
Mrs. Ed Davis and Miss Edna Traunweiser and a duet by
Mr. and Mis. Painton. All
were highly appreciated by
those present.
Eugene Herrick has joined
the ranks of the deerslayers.
He recently killed three buck
deer on Fourth of July creek.
The largest one weighed 350
The Schubert concert in the
opera house next Thursday
uight will be the musical event
ofthe season. None should
miss this treat.
ject, which will be issued in time to
be of service for tbe coming season.
In the meantime, fruit growers who
have seen special phases of the subject not previously brought to our
notice, are asked to correspond with
us accordingly. Co-operation in the
matter will tlo much to secure a reasonable attitude in the n.atter and
the adoption of feasible methods of
control. R. M. Winslow,
Provincial Horticultujist
The following is the maximum
and minimum temperature for eacb
day during the past week, as recorded by tbe government thermometer on Cooper Bros.'ranch:
MAX.        MIN.
Friday  36 30
Saturday  39 29
Sundty  40 32
Monday  41 33
Tuesday    42 30
Wednesday  31 2ti
Thursday  32 19
Ranfall during week, 0.28 inches;
snowfall, 2 00.
sermon, 7:30 p.in.; Sunday school, 10
a.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion wil! be celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service as well as at 8
a.m. Week day and special services
as they are announced from time to
tinie. You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you,
Knox Presbyterian Church—
rSabbath services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.
iu.; Sabbath school and Bible class at
9:45 a.m. All are cordially invited.
Seats free. Kev. M. D. McKee, pas
Methodist Church J. Rev. Calvert, D.D., Pastor.—Sunday services,
II a.m. and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school,
2:30 p.m.; Epworth League, Monday
at 8:00 p.m.; prayer meeting, j Wednesdays, 8 p.m.; Junior League, Fridays, 7:00 p.m. Everybody will be
Baptist Church, Rev. H. W,
Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. in.; BiWe
class and Sundav school at 10 a.m.
The following are the returns ol
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
year to dale:
Granby      5e!5,672
Mother Lode  0,900     241.957
Jackpot      282      22,.514
Rawhide  2,894     164,501
Athelstan       181 6,160
Lone Star  2,777
Napoleon  5,313
tnsir,'ent  16_i
Snowshoe        43,900
No. 7  1.350
Phoenix Ainal  1,950
Others  1,607 7,046
Total 11,764 996,73ft
Smelter treatment—
Oranby  577,791
B. C. Cupper Co... 11,386 489,548
Holy Trinity Church,Henry Steele,
Hector—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
nnd sermon,   11  a.in.; evensong nml
. ft.  T.   HULL    MiM-a...
a. T. HULL, M«i.aeia
ONH   ngx
NOV. <5l)
Fiuit P_t or-Baldwin Spot
(Concluded from Page One.)
hy needless alarm, it is to be hoped
that fruit growers will investigate
the subject rationally, and, having
formed their conclusions, work nut
the remedy best adapted to their
own orchards. It is encouraging to
note that the prevalence of fruit pit
in one orchard has no effect whatever on the orchards of the same
district. Contagion and infection sre
impossible. On this account, no
governmental or municipal efforts at l
control are possible or need ho undertaken This does not ahsolve nny
progressive fruit grower from endeavoring lo bring his neighbor into
line with proper methods, so as to
eliminate this trouble, and with i
water core, winter injury, lo some
extent aphis, from the district.
1 have been instructed by the
deputy minister of agriculture to
prepare for general publication a
bulletin dealing fully with this sub-
The Celebrated
Symphony Club
Lady Quartette
will appear under the
auspices of
The Grand Forks Band
and will be assisted by
the celebrated young
American violin and mandolin virtuoso,
Thos. Valentine Pureell
in a delightful program,
entirely free from dullness, and consisting of
Lady Quartcflcs, Violin and Vocal
SoIoj, Mandolin and Guitar
(.lub.Comic and Sei lea i
Readings, Eto.
A musical entertainment
that is enjoyable alike to
the musician and the
Plan of hall at Woodland
it Co.'s Drugstore.
Taken Up
Notice is hereby given that on the
fith of November I took up two stray
animals, a steer and a heifer, about
21 years old: spotted, red and white;
no brand. Owner can have same by
paying for feed and advertising
ihargeSa If not claimed in thirty
lays they will be sold.
I. Prvdhommb.
Dated November 17, 1911,
A new lot- of latest designs of pro
gram and menu cards just received at
The Son job office.
for 1912 for only $1.75; also all the
issues for the remaining weeks of 1911,.
Free. It is your last chance to get
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1,1912, it will be advanced to $2.00.
Serials and Other Stories.
The 52 issues of 1912 will contain
the equivalent of 30 volumes of the
best reading, including nearly 300
Stories, Articles by Famous Writers,
Athletics for Boys, Chats with Girls,
the Doctor's Weekly Counsel, etc.
Send for Announcement for 1,12 and Samite
Colics of The Youth's Companion, tree.
FREE to Jan. 1912
Emr Naw S uburiber who ants oat
•M lend, thit tlip (or montloiu thu
war) wilh $1.75 for tha 52 fawn of
Tha Companion lor 1912 will raeahra
AH tha Union for lho rem.lnin,
week, of 1911 fr.., includin, th*
haautihil Holiday Nnmharaislw ss
Tha Companion*! Picture C.l.ndar
for 1912. lilhoiraphad in 12 colon
and told (an extra copy bains Mnt to
Thai Tha Companion for Ih* S2
waalu of 1912-all for f 1.75-rour
bitcbanceetthU price. On January
I, 1912, it will ba advanced to 12.
l$e Gift Store
We are now showing AUniOTIJIO pflfl »
the largest stock of UllnlOllliHO UUU )
ever shown in Grand Forks.   China ware, Kodaks,
Fancy Goods, Toys, Stationery, Etc., Eto.
■^WOODLAND   &,   CO.?*-
Dollar Goes a
Long Way
when you buy1 your supplies at our market; we
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[■ business honestly upon
and give the best you can get anywhere. Our meats
are tender and delicious—our poultry fat, fresh and
tender, and our hams and bacon fit tor a king at
Form No 1.
N OTICE is hereby irlven that an anplientlon
will hf.inu'lc unilpr Ptirt V. of thi: "WiitiT
Aot, I90fl,'\ti> obtain a HfieiiM In the Slmllka-
met-ii Division nf Yuie District.
(n) Tlu> nuiiit*. ariftn-aju uml ocHipiitb.il of
the applicant: Peter Yi-reuln. of Brilliant,
British Columbia, Fnrmer. (If for mining
liiirponeti) Free Mine;'- Certl.icnte Nu	
(b) Tie name of the lake, stream or
source (If unnamed, thc dosortptiun it):
fisherman -reek.
(0) The point of dlvertflon is about one
thousand leet eauierly from the crossing of
the Columbia A Wettem Hallway over Fisherman Creek.
(d) The quantity of water applied for (In
outdo feet jn-r second):    One cubic   foot
(e) The character of the proposed works:
Pipe line and small reservoir,
(f) The Premises ou whicli tbe water is to
he used (describe   -ante):  Lot '.-OHO. I,
(k) Tlie purposes for which the water ll to
he used:   Irrigation.
(hi If for Irrigation describe the land intended to be Irrigated, Rivinir a'*re*>Ke: Undulating foothills to the extent oi two hundred
(i) If the water la to bc used for power or
milling purposes, describe the place where
the water is to be returned to some iiatiiml
elumnel, and the dlilcrence in altitude between p'-it.t of diversion nud point of return.
(j) Area of Crown land Intended to be occupied by the proposed works.   MI.
(k) This notice was posted 'in the alth day
of Viitfiist, H'll. nndnpplientlon will he mnde
totheComuilssio'ieroilthe_!Iith day of October. 1011.
(1) <ilvc the names and addresses nf any
riparian proprietors or licensees Who or
whose lands arc likely to be affected by the
pro pos* il works, either above or below the
-liillet.   Ml.
(Sljrnnture) PR l"ER VEREGIN, I
(P. O Address) Brilliant. H, C.    ;
John Z iho ho it, Agent.
Noie-Otiei'iiblefnot per second Is equlvae
lent to 3Ti-71 miner's Inches.
The heiiriiiajr of lids Application has been
chiiiiff-d to the 3rd day of November, 1911.
Practical Plumber
All work guaranteed.
Only experienced workmen employed. Estimates furnished.
Bicycle repairing and
bicycle sundries.
Winnipeg    Avenue
Made la Baajlaad
SI.00 per Doi. Upwards
Chiistmau would  not be the
Without its greetings true,
Wishes sincere from iar and
From friends both old and
Order  Early
Sample Book
The Sun Office
/      The Jun C
Enquire of
C. N. Mardon, Danville, Ferry County, Washington
Nr SaiKTiatlM. Receirri tl TU, Office.
lit-. niii   iln.ml  Cluim.   atiiiiittfe  lu tin
Oraiul   1'a.rliK .Mining DivUlull nf Yule Uli..
Wlia-r- ltaa-ia a'al:    In Rr.iwn'. «-itn.|t
TA..I-. VTI- K  Unit   I. All. .v., tfiti f. llirr.
I    i-'rae    liters* .','rtlllratf No. 8&85SB, lor
anyaaf-lf aalaal   >.  tiireiat   lair  Cllitalp.  h    Hillier.
l-'ree   Miners' fitriltleote    S■-.   :l WOII,   In-
tend, .Ixt) ill. . I tha- alalia-   liela-of, laa alf,.
lily in lli,- .Mining Kt-ctiriler fair it IVrlifii-aite
pi litia.i-nai-iiieiit, fair tlie piirjaoie nf ttlttfllll*
Ittu' a. '" at'ili -.Iuu! (tf tin- tl .liy- a-l aiaai
Anal fiartlii r tike iiiiUm lhat uollun ntnlei
laaotioll Wi nillit li*' cmnilli-tireil before the
IhMI tin-e m "licit * i-t-tilli'iite of Improve*
Iliiteil tl.l. '.Kill allay aaf .nine, A I). Hill
Tale l.i.iulnifl.trl.-t in-iri.-i ol SliDlHtametin.
TAKK lan'ltaa- llallt llt.liert P. Page aaf Old-,
I I-lain a, DOCIlp it'otl Kiil'lin-r, iiiteinU In
HPI.lv   fair    |n aaaiis.-.aii   taa  |... |-,-h tl-a-   tin-   faal-
Inivliig ili-.orllii. dlaiidJI
Ciamme'iolii-; at a |.n.I I'liin a-1 ailintit .'III
elniln. nttrila til tlte imrtliwi'-.t t'ttrner of I.nt
IIHS.t oli I)...*..Oreek.anil nlinut live mlina.
a-aa.l aaf tlie taaflvn aaf rttHeaile; tlii-an-a- Inaa-tla
-III eliiiilia,: thenee wet III nhnlnaal tlleure
ftlllth la-a-la.al is: tlii-lia a-a-aa't li'a-lanins lolauillt
nf i-aiaaiana'iii a-iiaa-nt
J. It. fVaiiattaatt, Airenl.
Dated Seiitemtitr ind, mil.
Don't forget thnt The Sun has the
best job printing rleparrmenl in thp
Boundnry c-mntry.
The tecrot of the auceai, of our
Want Ad,. I, that they an then
and inappy. People like a plain
builne,, story told In a few word,
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will And It with the leaet trouble,
via., the OlauHled Want Ada, I,
yeur kuiliioee repreeonted there.
(1'uMliheil Antiunlly)
Ktmlilen tm-ieri throughout the world to
I'liiiiiiiuiiii-Htt' direct with Kiigll_.li
In each rlm-mof itoimI-. RenldftH beltiv h onni*>
lilctB I'uintm-ic.liil irulde to London mid It*
NiihiirliN. the dlrut'tory eoiitAfim llntH of
with the Ooodl they khlp, nnd the C'olonlil
and Kofolffil MnrketH they ■uiudyt-
tirrnntred uniler the Port! to which thoy «aII,
and IndleatliiK tlit*ai>|H'oxlniiite SallliiKH:
of lea-Huff .Maiiufiii'Mirt'TH, Merdhanti, eto,, In
the principal pt-i.viiiciiii towmaii'l Imliutrla!
ncutrofluf the united Kingdom.
A copy of theeurreiit edition tvlll be for-
.varilfd,   fri'ltfhl  paid,   ou receipt of Ponti.t
, Order fur 20t.
| Dt-ntem reeking Afenolen oan adv_->rtl*e
i their trade cardi tor 11, or 1'irger advertlie*
tnentfi from 13.
ii,. Ahiihiiriih l.ium, London, E.C.
Kemcmlter tlmt every added
subscriber helps to make this
paper better for everybody. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Your Money,Back If You
Are Not Satisfied
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tablets 10 cents; 36 tablets 25 cents;
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of the honorable attorney-general of
the province is required before commencing any prosecution for violation
of the Lord'i Day Act, and-that the
honorably attorney-general has made
public his intention of withholding
such permission in all ordinary cases,
and in consequence the Act has been,
except in a few isolated ihstances, unenforced   in  this  province; therefore
be it
Reiolved, .That it is the earnest desire ol this meeting that the Laord's
Day Aet should be rigidly enforced,
and to that end, that the honorable
attorney-general be respectfully but
urgently requested to giant his permission to commetice a prosecution
under the Act whenever it is made to
appear to him that there is reasonable
cause to believe the Act has been
violated, and a responsible person is
prepat-ed to lay information.
(Signed) Henry Strblk, Chairman.
J. Calvert, Secretary.
stops, they finally landed in Chilliwack, B.C., anoV- became pioneers''of
that community. They reside! nt the
c inst until the late '90s, when the
family removed to Grand Forks, and
lived here until a year ngo, when
they moved toCi'gay. M s. Henderson was the mother of ten children, four sons and six daughters—
Mra. Peter B. Nelson, of Calvary;
Mrs. Harry Lutley, of this city; Mrs.
C. Coughlan, of Rossland; Mrs. Camp
bell, of Barkerville; Mrs Miller, of
Aiizona; Miss Mona, Harold nnd
Herewood, of Calgary, and Arthur
and John. Deceased was a lady of
most admirable traits and a high
sense of honor and duty, and no tribute to her memory, though couched
in the most glowing language, could
da the subject justice. The many
friends of the family in this city will
be pained to learn of her death.
Want Act Enforced
The following resolution was passed
at a public meeting held in the parish
house of the Episcopal church, this
city, on Tuesday, the 21st iust:
Moved by Rev. M. D. McKee and
seconded by F. Miller, and resolved:
That we are in hearty sympathy with,
unanimously endorse' and press upon
the honorable attorney-general the
necessity of granting the prayer of
the resolution passed by the public
meeting held in Vernon, B.C., a copy
of said resolution being herewith appended:
Whereas, The Lord's Day Aot is,
when enforced, the most efficient law
we have for securing the observance
of the Lord's day; and,
Whereas, It appears that the leave
Hotel C°lin
Opposite Great Northern Station
Recently completed and
newly furnished throughout. Conveniently located
for railway men. l-'trtt-
class accommodations for
transient*. Board and
rooms by the week at prevailing rates. Fine line ol
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
always In stock at the bar.
Grand forks, B. C
Saturday morning, November 18,
at 12:30 o'clock, the death of Hazel
Irene, oldest daughter of Mr. and
Mra. William Pearce, occurred at the
hoine of her parents, one mile south
of thia eity, after a brief illness. De-
ceased waa aged 12 years, 2 months
and 21 days, and was an exceptionally briget child. The sympathy of
the people of the community are ten
dered to the bereaved parents.
Tho funeral was held at 2 o'clock
on Sunday afternoon from the home
of the parents of the deceased, Rev.
J. Calvert conducting the service.
The attendance was very large, and
there were many   pretty   floral offer-
Died—In the oity of Calgary, Alta.,
on Wednesday, November 16, 1911,
at the home of her daughter, 1608
Thirteenth A* • me Wert, Mary Col -
lingwood Henderson, wife of. John-B.
Henderson, *»ged fifty eight years.
The funeral was held from the Church
of England in that city at 11 o'clook
last Friday morning.
Mra. Henderaon was a native of
New York state. Shortly after her
marriage ahe removed to Kansas with
her husband, and after a short resi
denee in that state, they made the
journey overland to the coast in the
pioneer   days.      After   many   short
Charlie and Walter James and
Tom Finn, of Republic, who have
been working the Shawnee mine, near
Danville, under a lease for several
months, shipped a car of high-grade
copper ore to the Greenwood smelter
last week.
William Dooley, of Republic, has
completed his assessment work on his
mineral claims near Danville.
Mining Stock Quotations
Boston,November 23.—The following are today's opening quotations fot
the stocks nieiitimetl:
Asked.        Bid
Granby Consolidated.    3000    28.00
B. C.   Copper ,     4.00     3.2.*>
The Bsautiful Picture for Grand Forks Sun and Montreal Family Herald and Weekly Star Subscribers
this Season.  <-_/__Jn Inspiration of Love and
Affection—^ Picture that will be like a
Member of  the  Family—A  Daily
Study for Old and Young
rPHE Family Herald and Weekly Star ot Montreal, acknowledgedjo be
1 tbe greatest and hest family and farm paper nn the continent, has on
many occasions given its readers matt <_tlightf.il premium pictures,
hut this season they have secured what it btyand any question ol douht
the best picture ever offered newspaper readers. It is entitled "Home
Again" and describes a touching but joyful incident between two friends
who meet after anxious separation.
"Laddie," a collie dog, famous for his beauty and gentleness, winner
of many prizes at dog snows, the pride ol the family and neighborhood,
has been stolen, and after many days' absence he escapes one night from
his captor and returns home on a snowy winter's morning with the rope
which he broke in his struggles for freedom dangling from his collar.
His familiar bark brings hia little mistress, Marjorie, to. the door and
she throws her arms around her trusty playmate's neck with cries of joy
which bring her mother and brother to the door. "Laddie" is equally
delighted to be "Home Again," and answers ber welcome by putting his
paws on her shoulder and resting his head against her "brenst with a little
whine, which in his dog language means—"Where I love is Home."
The sweet-faced young mother, a woman of soft curves, tender: eyes
and parted lips—the two glad-eyed children—an eager hoy witb hair like
his mother's and the quick gesture of excited boyhood; the warm-hearted
girl with rippling locks, her affectionate arms around the shaggy neck of
the beautiful collie, all go to form a picture that will win a favored place
on the walls ot any home.
The picture is by the celebrated artist, Arthur J. Elsley, famous for
his skilful and sympathetic painting of children and animals.
The beautiful picture "Horns Again" on heavy plate paper 22x29
inches all ready for framing will be mailed FREE to every subscriber of
Tbe Sun and Family Herald and Weekly Slar for 1912.
The small sum of S1.50 will secure the two papers for a full year including a copy of tbe charming picture "Home Again," wbich alone is
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Kiw Yobk, Nov 23—Silver 53;
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igh class commercial work of
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City and Suburban
•17«XJ7fi PT. LOT between
Second mid Third streete,
just ahove Judge iecs\mj'%
„ ami H. Uaw's jilsoee; te»-
it rated from all other properties by ttVn.
lane: as large ait seven or rU'lit onliimryloU.
adjoining let* are worth $V*i)\ would
nloe home, with lUflUrietit ground for aktek-
ens. fruit, Harden and lawn; most desirable
ocation in city.
-35 ACKKS adjoining
city limits on s-utli;
14 acres cle-ired: l'-ii
fruit trees; new four-
room house: barn fir six hornet*; horse,
biiKgy.double harness and tHriiiliig Implements-   Allforfiwuu.   Kasy terms.
and three lots within
one block of business
centre;   Iuu it,  shade
• rees, fruit trees, berry bushes, large garden.
W III nlso sell furniture of hoiir-e if desired.
One-half cash, hi-ilanoe terms.
■Vj miles from town;
7-room house, plastered: large tiuugyshetl,
...._.. woodshed;   160    fruit
trees, 70 bearing; _!■•. acres strawberries,
Kooseherrles, muraiitii, raspberries: free fioin
Irost: the best location around Qrund Forks;
plenty uf goad water; fruit ami orop in
Between :. and 4 aores
In Wett eud of city;
first class soil, all under nil Ivatfon; small
hnuse, wood "hed and ontbulldlngx; well and
pUtnpignOd fence. This is a uaorMlee,n»owner is about tnlvavc city.   Terms.
For further information re
gt-mling the above properties
call or address
New Edition Issued Nov. 16, 1906.)
Is a dozen books in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It is a pracical book, useful
to all and necessary to most men en
gaged in any branch of the coppes
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4636 copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the propel ty.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the fai-ts it gives him about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain English.
Price is $5 in Buckram with gilt
top; 17.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week of receipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Stevens.
Editor and Publisher,
453 Postoffice Block,
Houghton, Michigan.
Synopsis 6f Canadian Homestead
ANT avallftble Dominion Land, within the
r* Hi.il way Kelt of llritish Columbia may be
homesteaded by any person who is the heat]
of a family, or any male over eighteen years
of age, to the extent of one-quarter seotion
of 1.A.1 aeres, more or less.
Kutry must be made personally at the local
luual olliee tor the district iu which the lai...
is situate.
The homesteader ts required to perform
the conditions connejteil therewith under
one ol the following plans:
(1) At least six months' resldeneae upon and
cultivation of the land In eaoh year for three
(2) If Ihe father (or mother, If the father Is
deceased), of the homesteaala- r resides upon a
farm In the vicinity of the land entered for,
the reti.iireme.its as to residence may be satisfied by sueh person residing witb the father
or mother.
(>) If the eettler hu hit permanent residence upou farming laad owned by him It.
Ike vicinity of hli honetteuil, the require-
(Bents h* to residence may be satisfied by
residence upon the said land.
Six months' notice la writing should he
given the Commlislo.terof Dominion Lands
at Ottawa of Intention to apply for patent.
Coal Ct.ati mining rights mav he leased
for a period of twenty-one years at uu annua) rental of $1.1X1 per acre. Not mure tlmn
Z,!itHiacres .hull lit- leuated to otieitidlvliluul or
a-aaiiaiiani). A ro.vi.ltv at thn rate of live cents
per tun shall be collected on the merchant-
able eoal uilited.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
N.II.-Unauthorised   publication  of   thi.
lialviat tlfli'ini'ia. will litat lie paid for.
Itecelva both Ladle* and Gentlemen as reil*
dt'iit of dayi tudentu; Intx a complete Commercial or tiiulueu Course; prepare* itu-
di'iiu tn rtln TeecheiV Certificate* of all
[Trade*; glvea the four yean' co-line for tha
It. A. degree, nnd tie tlmt year of tbe School
of Science coune,ln affiliation with the To*
rontoUnlvenlty; bat a special proapecuira
coume for min en who work In H C. Iimtrue-
tloli Ii aUo etvt-ii In Art, Mimic, I'liyHi'ttl Uui •
ture  and Elocution.
For Calendars, etc , addreii
Zam-Buk Has Cured These
Friction on tlio hemorrhoid veins
that are swollen, inflamt.il and gorged
with-Wood, is what causes the terrible
pain ant*, stinging and smarting of
piles. Xnm-Buk applied at night will
he found to give ease before morning.
Thousands of persons have proved
this. YVhy not he guided by the ex
perience oi' others?
Mr. Thomas Pearson, of Pi;lnce Al
bcvt. Sask., writes: "I must thank you
for the henefli 1 have received from
Ziim-Bnl.. tot. summer I suffered
greatly from piles. I started to use
Zam-Buk and found it gave me relief,
so I continued it, and after using three
or four boxes 1 nm pleased to say It
has effected a complete cure."
Mr. 0. A. Dulv.esae, 188-185 St. Joseph Street- St. Koclie, Que, P. Q.,
writes: "1 ean highly recommend
Zani-Bi.lt to anv one who suffers from
Magistrate S.tnford. of Weston,
King's I'o.. N.S.. says: "I suffered long
from Itching piles, but Zam-Buk lias
now cured me."
Mr. William Kent}*, of Upper Nine
Mile River. Hants Co., N.S., says: "I
suffered terribly from piles, the pain
at times being almost unbearable. I
tried various ointments, hut anything
I tiled fulled to do me the slightest
good. I was tired of trying various
remedies, when I heard of Zam-Buk,
nnd thought us a last resource I would
give this halm a trial. After a very
short time Zam-Buk effected a complete cure."
Zam-Buk is also a sure cure for
skin Injuries and diseases, eczema,
ulcers, varicose veins, cuts,' burns,
bruises, chaps, cold sores, etc. 50c.
box all druggists and stores, or post
free from Zam-Buk Co.. Toronto, for
price.   Heftiso harmful Imitations.
Try Znm-Buk soap, 23c. tablet.
"Just ono word of advice, son
fore you go out Into the world."
"Ves. dad."
"Always be kind to democrats. They
have their I urn once In a while."
The Worth of Health
A man's best asset is his health, for
without health he Is capable of very
little usefulness, and of practically no
enjoyment. In or4er to achieve the
highest one is capiif.ble of, and to get
the most out of life, one must be physically sound, so that greatest usefulness and highest enjoyment have
health as an asset.
The nation Is an aggregation of Individuals, and its greatest asset is the
combined assets of its citizens, so
that the greatest part of a nation's
wealth consists of the health of its
people. How large a contributor to
national wealth Is public health, is
shown by the conclusion arrived at
by Dr. Wiley, an authority on public
hygiene ln the United .States.
Thc data, from which Dr. Wiley
worked oui his conclusion are well
known—the census, giving the number of producers In the country, and
the economic value of a working man's
life, or of his physical efficiency, whicli
courts often have to fix ln actions for
damages, because of loss of lite or
disabling accident.
These are the factors which produce Dr. Wiley's estimate of the value
cf the health of the people of the United States which Is placed at the almost incomprehensible sum of five
hundred and forty billions of dollars.
Public health is therefore, one of
the great national resources that must
lie conserved if thc production of
wealth and development are to continue as they should.
The big Dominion has room for millions of people, but the kind It requires
is people as sound ln body as In
mind. It is people before all things
»lse—before lands nnd forests, mines
and fisheries—that make a nation.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
A Kansas woman announces that
she wants a husband lhat is "a tower
of strength, energetic and generous,
very loving, very tender, very kind
and courteous always." We suspect
that she Is too late, that he is already
married. .   .
Cst M, Weak, Weary, Watery Eiss mi
Murine Doain't8mart-Soothtf_Sy«Paui
Bi-anMsMH .to En __«___*. Il«4 Ifc. Ik. IL*
Marine Era Salve, la Assails Tehee. Mc |1M
The transition from winter's cold to
Bummer's heat frequently puts a strain
x*m>ii the system that produces in-
fjFrnal complications, always painful
and often serious. A common form of
disorder Is dysentery, to which many
arc prone in the spring and _uin.in.er.
The very best medicine lo use In subduing this painful ailment is Dr. J. Di
Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial, It Is a
standard remedy, sold everywhere.
An Honest Confession
The Fi lend—Well. 1 see you have
your sign out.   Getting any practice?
Young Doctor—Ves, u little.   There
goes ono of my funerals now.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury,
as merctirr .fill surely destroy llitt senstt ol smell
anal raaaniala-ta-ly deratine tho whole system abso
i-aiterlun It through the mucous surfsces. Sucb
bn!c'_. sltnail.1 never lie used eicept on prescrlp-
tkios 'rom reputable physicians. Be thc damage they
will do h ten Cold lo the good you can possibly derive from them. Hall's catarrh Cure, manufactured
hy F. J. Cheney * ctt.. Toledo, o.. contains no mer-
-ury, and Is taken Internally, acl lac directly upon
the blood and mucous surfaces ol the system. In
buying Hall's Catarrh Cure be sun you get tit*
Genuine. It I; takou Iptemslly and made IB Toledo.
Ohio, by V. .1. Cheney & Co. Testimonials IRO.
Saald by llnia-.hu. Price. 756. per bottla,
Take lull's Istully I'ills tor awnslIpatloa. J
Theh molting season is at hand and
more wheat and oats, as well as li'il-
get*d meal should be fed. Simflowei
seed Is also a valuable addition to tho
bill of fare at this time. Molting
fowls iiasetl llils liltrcgenoous food, as
they are under a great strain In growling their new crop of feathet-3.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
How a woman's nose turns up when
a man says he knows women. As
though women are a problem. They
are nnt. Men know women and women know men, although we continue
the foolish practice ot trying to deceive each other.
Why suffer from coins when they
can be painlessly rooted out by using
Holloway's Corn Cure?
A Puzzle
Small Gill (entertaining her mother's caller)—How ts your litle girl?
Ca'Iler.—I am sorry to say, my dear
that 1 haven't any little girl.
Small Girl (after a painful pause
in conversation)—How is your little
boy 1
Caller—My dear I haven't auy little
boy, either.
Girl—What arc yours?
That makes tliem neater, crisper, daintier, moro appetizing; ;-
Thc one biscuit good enough to tako tho place ot your own linking,"
Fresh as the biscuits from your o,vn oven.
Think what that means! Freedom from a broiling kitchen—leisure on tho porch
or in the parlor.   Time to do the little knick-knacks that have been neglected.'
Ate the creamiest, crispest crackers made.
They are baited in the big sanitary factory in Winnipeg—*
riglit at your very door.
I'se MOONEY'S and be sure of a biscuit  that
absolutely fresh; a biscuit that will satisfy the family,
In tempting packages or sealed tins
nsyou prefer.
There Is no hod-carrying in Japan.
The native builders have a method of
transporting mortar which makes lt
seem more like play than work—to
the onlooker. Thi* mortar Is mixed
ln a pile on the sireet. One man makes this up Into balls of about (lib
weight, which he- tosses to a Tnan
who stands on n ladder midway between the roof and the ground. This
man deftly catches lhe bull, and then
tosses lt up to a man who stands on
the  roof.
quickly ntops courjha, cures colds. hrc\n
(He throat and lungi      -      -       20 cent.-..
Clear Brains
•nd good spirits come naturally
wben the stomach is up to ils
work, the liver ntul bowels active
•nd the blood pure. Ikltcr conditions always follow the use of
Trial is Inexpensive.—To those who
suffer from dyspepsia, Indigestion,
iheuniatisni, or any ailment arising
from the derangement of the digestive
system, a trial ot Parmelee's Vegetable Pills is recommended, should the
sufferer be unacquainted with thctn.
Ilie trial will Inexpensive and the result will he another customer for this
excelleut medicine. So effective Is
their notion that many cures can certainly be traced to their use where
other pills have proved ineffective.
SaM Cvtrrwhet*.
la tasi tis.
W. N. U. No. HI.
Ruskin as a Groc:r
These increasing prices of foods recall a remarkable attempt, mad? In
Kngliintl thirty-five years ago. to supply ilie paior with tea at cost prices
and la quantities small enough to
meet the convenience of the shortest
purse. The attempt was remarkable
because of the man who made It, faille was John Raskin, the great critic
and plillosiiher. In 1K71 ItuAin opened a Bhop In Paddiugton street. Netting Hill. London. In order as lie announced, "to supply Ihe poor with
pure tea in packets ns stiinll us they
chose to buy. without making it profit
on tlie subdivision, larger orders being, of course, equally acceptable from
anybody who cares lo promote honest
dealing.''   The shop did not attract.
Hiiskin complained thai "the poor
only like tn buy their tea where lt Is
hillllantly lighted and eloquently ticketed; and as I resolutely refuse to
compete wiih my neighboring tradesmen either in gas or rhetoric, Hie patient subdivision uf my parcels passes
little recognized as an advantage by
my iinculciil.iiInn public." The shop
Boon closed down, and the grocery
trade losl the most distinguished representative It is ever likely to possess.
The Mantle Lamp Cpmpany, Dept.
126, Winnipeg. Canada, un. giving
uwily absolutely FREE, oue ALADDIN
MANTLE LAMP In euch community
to Introduce this wonderful lump. It
burns coul nil. and is revolutionizing
lighting everywhere; Is odorless, safe,
economical; needed in every home.
Don't full to send them your nunc and
A  schoolboy,  being  asked  by
teacher how he would he flogged, replied:
"Please, sir. 1 should like to have it
upon the Italian system—the heavy
strokes upwards nnd the light strokes
A Forecast
She—1 think Its going to turn cooler
He—Yes; 1 think lt Is.
Baby's teething time was once a
source of worry to ull mothers—lt Is
yet it time of worry to many, though
there lire thousands of mothers who
have learned the secret which banishes the worry, who see their little
ones suffering from difficult teething*,
who nre worn out by day nnd kept
uwukc by night ,by the cries of the
baby la distress, should follow the
example of the thousands and give
their little ones lluby's Own Tablets—
the remedy for worry—the never falling banlsher of baby's pains. Concerning ihem Mrs. II. Mnnette. Jr..
Kapiilt* de l'Ortgnnl. Que., says:—"My
buby cried day and night and suffered from his teeth. A tew doses of
Huby'a Own Tablets mltde bim healthy
nnd happy und his teething easy and
painless. 1 would not be without
them" The Tablets are sold by medicine dealers or hy mail at 25 cents a
box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., llrockville, Ont.
Their Last Hour
The lovely maiden shuddered Involuntarily and drew closer to her lover.
A look of unutterable sadness stole
over her face and a tear-drop, welling
from her azure eye, stole down her
nose and mat < a blister on the young
j man's clean white collar.
■    "Why are you sad?" he murmured,
; sneezing, us her wayward tresses tick-
< led his left nostril.
!    "1 was thinking." she said, gulping
]down a sob and a marshmallow simultaneously, "that this will be our last
evening together mull tomorrow."
| For truly, love hands ua a lime with
every caramel—-Milwaukee News.
: Canvassing agents wanted for all
j points in Canada for The Coles All
i Metal Weather Strip for Doors. Th*
!only Snip which does the work. Sell*
'on ..tight. Ornament to any door. Indestructible. Saves Its cost many
j times annually. Adds lo home comfort. Exclusive territory. Live men
: average fro in $1 to (ii dally. For
particulars write to Coles. US Lombard
St., Toronto.
I The next time you feel that swal-
! lowing sensation gargle Hainlins Wlz-
iivtl Oil immediately with three parts
| water, lt will save you days and per-
:haps weeks ot misery from sore throat.
A Distinction
"Do cigarettes annoy you. Miss
"It's the fellows that smoke them
that 1 can't aland for."
»Pfl*< COMMISSION—for local representatives; Immediately; permanent
position; experience unnecessary; rapid advancement; spare time accepted.
Nichols, Limited, Publishers, Toronto,
These Expensive Flights
"They tell me that the aviator yon
engaged was a bird."
"We thought so after he displayed
his bill."
The hearts of men nre their hooka,
events are their tutov great actions
aro their eloquence.
The Training of Children
One cannot begin the training of
children In good habits too soon; It
Is a mistake to say. "The child is loo
voung. I will correct him when he Is
older." II will give parent and child
more- trouble, for the habit will have
formed, and though lt Is never too
late to form good habits, or alas, lo
contract bud ones, thn attention and
volition that ought to be given to
otlier things has to be used to overcome that which might have been
done unconsciously nlmost while the
child was very young. A child shows
signs of being very passionate; every
time you see storm signals, change
the current ot Its thoughts; do nol
give it what it Is crying for. If yni
have determined not to, that will only
strengthen the bad habit. As the child
grows older you will find good temper
has become a habli. und perhaps, remembering your own stormy childhood
and lhe misery it caused you and
others In cure your passionate temper,
you feel thankful Indeed lo think how
much your child lias been spared.
A Well Known Man
Minard's Liniment Co.. Llmlled.
Dear Sirs.—I can recommend your
MINAUD'S  LINIMENT  for   Khoiima-
tlsm and Sprains, us I have used It
tor both wilh excellent results.
Yours truly.
-T.  D.  LAVKllS.
.   . si. John
In all your work watch some master
workmun; It io n great help and Incentive.
The endowments of the mind form
the only illustrious uud lasting pos-
The expression occurs to many times in letters from
tick women," I waa completely discounted." And then
is ilwayi food niton lor Ihe discouragement. Years ol
pain and suffering. Doctor liter doctor tried in viio.
Medicines doinf no lastinf food. It is ao wonder thst
the woman feels discounted.
Thounnds ol these weik and tick women have found
health ud eounge retained at the result of the ute oi
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription.
It establishes regularity, heilt inflimmition and ulcer*
tloa, end eons weakness.
*     AND aietX WOMEN WEU..
Refute substitutes offered by untcrupulout druUitts
lor thit reliable remedy.
Siek women are Invited lo consult hy letter, free.   All correspondence
strictly privite and ttcredly confidential.   Write without fear and without
Im lo World's Dispensary, R. V. Pierce, M. D., Pre.'t, Buffalo, N. Y.
Dr. Pierce's  Pleasant Pellets refulatc ind invigorate stomach, liver snd
bowels.   Sutfar-ooitcd, tiny grsnules, easy to tske as candy.
S A Special Process of Pre-
I pnration guarantees Eddy's
f Toilet Papers free from injur-
Iious chemicals of any kind.
"If you're sure it's Eddy's, you'r*
sure it's right."
offer most of the
best for the least
^ si
Judge Hoke of Sandy Bend Explains Relationship.
Chinese Wilnsssss Said Gam* Had
■t*n Square and Redheaded Mike
Had Wan Only Because ef His Great
Luck In Accumulating Full Hands.
[Copyright, 1911, by Associated Literary
'   Press.)
TBAT Is the cry Ibat ccmcs
to mc an hour after mid-
ulght, when the Red Dog
saloon has beeu closed
•od I tare nought my bed." asked
Judge. Hoke of Sandy Beud ns be
opened court and looked over hla au*
dlence. "Is It,the cry of a hungry coy-
•te. of n prowlln' wolf, of a steer
which bus broken bla leg In a stain-
jedeV Is it the cry of u night bird, a
bet woman or n wounded man?
.' Three nights ago such a cry came
t» my ears as I dozed, and I felt sbiv-
m* go over me.  I got up, seized my
Looirsa rou josticb.
gans and opened tbe door. Thar stood
the critter wbo bad uttered Ihe cry,
Md as be saw me be walled out again:
"•Jestice!  Jestlce!  Jentlcol"
"Not to git anybody worked up to a
tarvous state, let ma tell you tbat Jack
Tsylor stood thar before me. The cry
had cum from bla lips. Ha alts over
thar en n bench, aod his mug Is familiar to all of ns. He's been hangin'
wound Sandy Band for a matter of
three years, nnd It's been generally bettered lhat.be wns a handy man with
■ gun. I've been one wbo believed It,
■nd when I tblnk ef It 1 conld weep
tsars of chagrin.
Issusd Warrant Far Mike.
"Tes, Jock Taylor stood thar and
walled ont tbat be wanted Jestlce, nnd
tt waa my opinion tbat be must have
Ma terribly wronged. He tells me
wbat seems to be a plain story, and
my Judicial sympathies are aroused
■nd I Issue a warrant for Red Headed
Mike and tell tbo constable to bring
him ln dead or alive.
"That's Mike over thar. He don't
know one end of o gnn from another,
ud every Cblnyman ln town has given
Mm the boot a dotcu times over. He's
ted banded, bnt be bain't got no more
Ight In him than a Jack rabbit
"Jack Taylor tells ma that as ba
waa goln' up the trail tbat nlgbt to Ms
aback somebody holds him r.p with
two guns under his nose and goes
through btm for $10. He recognizes
tbat somebody aa Bed Headed Mike.
Be makes an awful straggle to save
Ma dollars, but Is knocked down and
left for dead Wben I heard of tbal
Mild faced robbery and assault within
eighty rods of this yere courthouse I
Bade np my mind lo give Mike Rich a
sentence as would make his hair curl
M knots. Ho was fonnd by Ihe constable and brought lo yesterday, and
I don't think tbat any of you are
•■iln' at a desperado when you look at
Is All Right en Peksr.
"New for tb* otber aide of ths story.
Mike waa lookln' round for free
drinks the other nlgbt whan ha runs
across Jack. Jack aska him lo come up
to bla shack and play poker. No mat-
Mr wbat sort of a critter Mike la In
•thar directions, he's all right on
poker. Tbla court baa tried him lo Ita
•arrow. Hla trick of holtlln' full bouses
■nd fours Is simply remarkable. He
goes along wltb Jack. He hasn't a red
cent hut he has an old silver walcb to
snake n pot oa He wins tbree on tba
very first pot.
"Then two Cblnymen drop lo and
see tbe rest of tbe game, and tbsy tell
the same alary. There's a lire dollar
fst oo tho labia, and Jack git" threen
Md draws down to bis hand and bets
. fl. Mike gets two pain and draws nn-
•flier queen to mako a full house. Hn
■sea tb* dollar tad rose us better.
Tbey see and raise, and when Jack
Bnnlly calls he's a beaten man.
"The next pot Is a lectio better for
Jack. He stands pat on an ace full,
while Mike holds up three tens and
catches tho fourth. Tben tt was a good
tblng to see. Mike's watch and winning and clothes was In that pot, and
so was Jack's money aud guns. When
tbe call came he was a busted man
and chills wns gullopln' up and down
hla back.
Says He Is Ruined Man.
"He yells out that be had been
cheated, but the Cblnymeu swear that
It was all fair" play. Mike leaves a
dollar on the table, accordlu' to Hoyle,
and saunters off with tbe balance,
tud Jack Taylor cries out that be Is
a ruined mau uud falls dowu lu a fit.
It was after be bad recovered tbat he
comes crawlln' dowu to the Red Dog
and 1 hear his wuil from the darkness.
"Feller citizens, thar Is uo moro to
be told. If any ot you can't see tbat
Jack Taylor Is n squealer you've got
patches on your eyes. Vou must also
realize tlie. principle at stake. Tbe
noble game of poker Is totterlu' to Its
fall, or would be totterln' If tbls yere
court wus.u't here to extend a brncln'
nana, ivo may' steal oncu orryr-.:
bosses, but we must1 not steal the
foundation stones of poker. The man
who loses bus to pay, and iho loser
wbo squeals can't abide among men.
"Jack Taylor, if you had anythlug to
pay wltb I'd Ono you $10 and costs,
but as you are basted all,I can do is
ta advise you to take a walk. Walk
In any direction, but walk fast and
keep goln*. If you show up In Sandy
Bend agin within a year I won't be
responsible for what may happen.
Poker and Sentiment.
"Poker was Invented uot that one
man. mlgbt skin another, but that tbe
uobliity of soul of all men mlgbt be
druwed to tbo surface and made bet-.
ter. The man wbo bas stole bosses,
abandoned his wife, driven his children out Into tbe .world aud become a
thing of evil can't sit lu n game of
poker with $20 ln the pot und four
aces in bis baud without sentiment
bubbllu' np In his soul und enrryin'
him back to the happy days of childhood. I've kuowed 'em right in my
Red Dog saloou to rake in tbe pot and
resolve to lead better lives thereafter.
Poker built up tbe west and made It
the noble nnd glorious country tt Is.
Abolish the game and wbat becomes
ot us? lu a year we would be wcarln'
Ian shoes and eyeglasses and the gun
woold be relegated to tho scrap heap.
"Mike, stnud up. You've got nil tbe
money and Jack's guus besides. Tou
haven't done anything to be lined for.
bnt you're got to pay $0 costs ullee
samee. and I'll take advantage of the
occasion to observe tbat If you'll drop
around to the Red Dog saloon tbls
ovenlo' I'll start a little game for you
and do my best to take them shooters
oft yonr bands.
■one and Hie Law.
"There's a little matter this yere
court wishes to refer to ibis niornin*.
Snrtln Individuals In Bandy Bend have
been heard to say that It don't look
quite tbe thing for n mnn lo keep the
Red Dog aud run a ball ot Jestlce at
tba same time. I can't see where
there's anything, wrong. Wben I am
In tbe Red Dog I'm one of you. Wben
I am In tbls ball of Jestice I'm repre-
ecntlu' the majesty nud dignity of tbe
law. I'm knowln' none of you lo favor yon over another. I'm lookln' to
ladle out Jestlce and give you n square
deal, and the Cblnymen wbo so for-
gits hlsself to spit on tbe stove never
gits outdoor without a fine of at least
"Here ln the ball of Jestlce my chest
swells out. I am tbe 'it.' I rule tbe
roost. I represent truth. Integrity, law.
Jestlce and several otber things.
"At tbe Red Dog I humbly set out
tbe best drink for IS cents to be fouud
west of Chicago, and If I tnke a hand
In a poker game it la only to be a
good fellow and show my love of country. I separate one position from
'tother as wide ns tbe poles, but any
critter Ondlu' any more fault will Uud
himself sandwiched between tbo Red
Dog and this yere court and botb doln'
tbelr best to uso him up.
"Tba calendar beln' clenr. we will
now disperse until Jestlce calls ns together ng'ln to dispense her favors lo
rich and pore alike, no mailer In wbal
cltmo Ihey was born In or what particular obje'ek bruug ihem to Sandy
Musician and Scientitt.
There Is. no more brilliant scientist
in ths world to-day than Sir .William
Ramsay, who hfl been warning Britain that, at the present rate of con*
sumption, her coal supply will only
last another 175 years. His most won-
derlul discoveries have been in connection with nev; gates in the atmosphere, upon whicli' such names at
argon, neon, ami xenon have bcon
bestowed, and the experimental work
which leal to these discoveries ranks as
the most refined over carried out. Of
xenon, for example, thero is only
about one Dart In 70,000,000 parts of
•Ir. Sir William devotes his leisure
to music. He plays both tho plaue
and violin and has written the words
ol not a few songs. The collecting ol
curios is another of Sir William's bobbles, and at hla house at Regent's
Park may be seen many queer treasure! thousands oi years eld,  .
William Kemp, ths Jigger and Jester,
Was the Original One.
It was a certain William Kemp.
the most original famous dancer ol
Queen Elizabeth's day and the creator
of low comedy rplu in Shakespearean
Slays, who was the origlna\ "nine
ays' wonder." for Kemp, with jib-
bons on hla Jerkin and belli around
his legs, jigged aqd capered all the
wsy from London to Norwich, & distance of some 12S miles. He danced
along for nine days and thus made
his namo and the expression part of
household conversation in every hamlet In England and on tha continent
as well.
Accounts of Will Kemp occupy
many pages in the books on Elizabethan drama and those on the manners and customs of the time. It is
universally conceded that Kemp created the character ol Dogberry in
"Much Ado About Nothing and that
of Peter in "Romeo and Juliet."
As for the "nine days' wonder,"
Elizabethan writers, Ben Johnson
among others, often refer to him. He
was Uie subject of many pamphlets,,
and Kemp himseli wrote an autobiography.     . .
Only one copy of Kemp's "Nine
Days' Wonder, Performed ln a Dance
From London to Norwich," is extant,
in the Bodleian library at Oxford.
But there have been several reprints.
Kemp, who describes himself ss a
man who spent his life "in mad lig-
?;es and merry Iestes," recounts blithe-
y and wittily how-he and his taborer
made, their way through Romford,
Chelmsford, Sudbury, Rockland and
Barford Bridge to Norwich.
They were entertained royally along
the route and despite the bad weather,
which delayed them, would doubtless
havo arrived at Norwich long before
the twenty-three days were up had
not tlie gou-1 folk along the road been
so hospitable.
Kemp started from tlie house ol the
Lord Mayor of London, and at Norwich he was received by the mayor
of that flourishing town, who presented
him with a sum of money aud pensioned him for life.
When he again reached London,
where lie had "put out" a sum of
money against accident along the
road, Kemp was repaid fourfold. It
was in 159!) that Kemp performed his
"nine days' wonder." It is written,
but with doubtful authority, that tho
idol of the Elizabethan populace afterward capped this leat by jigging
over the Alps.
In the old woodcut iu the account
of Kemp's "daunce" "that most comical and conceited Cavalier Monsieur
du Kemp" is seen in Elizabethan morris danca costume jigging away to
the music of pipe and drum el kit
Famous Smokers and Antis.
Mr. Gladstone detested tobacco.
Thomas Hardy, the great novelist, has
never smoked a pipeful Dor a cigar in
bis life. Ruskin abhorred smoking of
all kinds. >
Sir T. Lauder Brunton docs not use
tobacco in any lonn. Other eminent
men, past snd present, who hare
disliked tobacco are John Stusrt Mill,
Sir Robert 8. Ball, who never smoked but once, when he was at school;
Gen. Sir William Butler, Dr. W. B.
Carpenter, thc great physiologist; Matthew Arnold, Dr. Alexander Bain, Pro-
lessors Skeat and Murray, the philologists; Frederick Harrison, Professors
Freeman and' Gardiner, and Mr. Lec-
ky, the historian; W. D. Howells, and
Sir Erskine May.
Non-smokers are, therefore, in very
Sood company. On the other haija,
lark Twain Baid he commenced smoking when eight years old, and smoked 300 cigars a month from the age
oi thirty onwards. Edison, at work,
chews tobacco constantly. George A.
Sale said ho was a constant smoker,
but if he could begin life again he
would never touch tobacco. Mr. G. A.
Honty smoked from after breakfast
until he went to bed at 3 a.m.
Hero of Balaclava.
"Well done, young Womhwell. I'll
write to your father in Yorkshire tonight to tell him how proud he ought
to be of his son." Such wss the remark made to Sir George Wombweil,
who recently celebrated bis golden
wedding, by the lato Duke of Cambridge, when the remnant of thc 17th
Lancers-the "Death or Glory Boys"
—to whicli Sir George was then attached os a comet, returned from the
"Valley of Death."
bit Georgo rode on the right flank
of Lord Cardigan as extra galloper.
Twiee he had his mount shot Irom
under him, but he went to within a
hundred yards of the terrible batteries
unscathed. For his gallantry he was
promoted, and ultimately retired from
the army tn 1665, on succeeding his
father in tlie baronetcy.
Largest ot Flowers.
The largest of all the flowers of ths
the world is said to be the raffleiia, a
native of Sumatra, so-called alter Sir
Stamford Raffles. This immenso plant,
says The Scientific American, is, composed of five round petals ol a orlek-
ish color, each measuring a foot
across.- These are covered with numerous irregular yellowish while twcll-
lngs. Tho petals surround a cup nearly a foot wide, the margin of wh'S.i
bears the stamens. The cup of thc rnl-
flesia is filled with a fleshy disk, the
upper surface ol which Is coverc!
with projections like ministure cows'
horns. The cup, when free from Its
contents, will hold about twelvo
pints. The flower weighs about fifteen
pounds and is very thick, the petals
'"'"• »k»ass-oiij/ters of aa inoh.
About the Strange People Whs Pester
the Magistrate.
The magistrate is the "poor man's
lawyer," and while sitting on the
bench he has some weird and wonderful applications made to him. Anyons
who listened in a London court to the
strange medley of "business" that is
transacted before the ordinary cases
come on would soon see that there is a
vast proportion ol the British public
who imagine the Bench to be all-
powerful and endowed with unlimited
knowledge, says a London paper
His worship sees a very great deal
of the seamy side ol life, but, fortunately, his day's grim duty is relieved
by quaint touches of humor.
Many of the people in the underworld, either ignorant of the correct
way to address a magistrate, or awed
into confusion, make amusing mistakes on this point. They say, "Your
lordship," "Mister," or "Your honor.'*
But nobody smiles; that tort of thing
is too frequent.
Apparently, many ol the poorer folk
think hit worship has merely to raite
his little finger, and the whole power
of the Empire can be called to do his
A woman with fiery red hair stands
up iu court, eyes his worship, and
tbeu pours out her troubles.
" 'Liza Awkins. which she lives
down our passage, calls arter me 'car.
rots,' your wo'ship. I says uothln'.
'ceptin' scratch 'er fice, and now she's
took to welkin' out wiv my young
"Well, what do you expect me to
do?" asks the busy magistrate wearily.
"A summons, sir," she replies.
Even i'f he had. lime to argue with
her, it would take a long time to convince the lady with the red hair that
he has no power whatever to adjust all
the lovers quarrels in London. Jealousy is at the root of a great many ol
these applications.
In many cases Ihe services of that
Aalpoirable Crichton, the warrant-officer, are utilized. Without a piece of
blue paper in his hnnd, he goes round
and explains delicately that official
notice has been taken oi tho situation.
In nine coses out of ten his influence
produces a remedy—at any rate, lot
the time.
Sometimes a burly navvy comes to
court with a pitiful tule to the effect
that his wife positively refuses to
unlock the door of his home when hs
returns from work. Again the warrant officer is instructed to adjust matters, and generally he manages to put
the domestic differences on a more satisfactory footing.
Generally the applicants have not
the remotest notion on what legal
grounds they csn obtain the istus ol
a summons; but stipendiaries, as a
rule, exercise all their patience in en.
deavoring to help tiie people who feel
they have a grievance.
"Please, sir, I want a divorce," or,
"So-and-Bo owes me five shillings, anti
won't pay it back," are very common
examples of/applications, which showi
that the applicants do not know the
diflerenoe between une court and another.
"Will you please send somebody
round to give my son a good hiding,
i as. I can't do il?" wat one woman t
notable request. The magistrate sent
the ever-useful warrant officer to inspire fear in tlie heart ol the unruly
youngster, though not in the method
suggested by his mother.
These are but typical instances ol
tho extraordinary puzzles which confront a magistrate daily, snd many ol
the applications have no connection
whatever with the law. The people
want advice, and having nobody in
. the whole world to turn to, they steo
into court and expect hit worship ;_>
take part of life's burden from them.
Churches In Queer Placet.
How many readers attend a church
within a windmill, ur a church on a
pier out at sea, or une which floats on
a canal? Yet an English scribe has
found that churches exist in these and
similar quaint, out-ol-ihe-way places.
The cnurch built in a windmill is
situated on Re-gate Heath, and it a
well-known landmark.
It is Ilfrnccnib ■ that beasts the only
place ol worship in existence that is
ouilt at the enu of a pier. At one time
this church waa used at a lighthouse.
Special services are now held titers
for-sailors to pray for '.heir comrades
during a storm a', tea.
There are several Healing churci-.et,
lai.t perhaps the mutt interesting ol
these ia that on the Fens near Pilot-
borougn. This church-boat was built
because the ordinary pafith church
was too far away for numbers of ths
parishioners. On tha brings which
spans tbs Don at Ho'.hcrhani is situated an Interesting sacred edifies
which dates from ttie fifteenth century.
Another church, which it suspended
to a bridge, is the Church of St.
Swlthin's, Winchester. Thc reason gir.
en (or this plaoe ol worship being ou
a bridge Is a quaint one. h is said
that King Charles, bring in nsed ol a
short out to Winchester Cathedral, hsd
a roadway cut clean through St.
Swlthin's Church. A gateway was built
which It to thit day known at tha
King's Gate. Over mis gateway regular tcivlcw are held in St. Swithin'i
An Industry That Was Fostered
by Catherine de' Medici.
Modern Adaptations That Are Sting
Msde Nowadays Are Attractive Fee
Hsusshsld Decoration—Bible Stories
In view of the Important revival
whicb Is taking place In tbe making
of darned net laces, lt Is Interesting
to note thut very early ln Its history
large quantities of It were used for
household purposes. In tbe possessions of Queen Catherine de' Medici«
coffer Is enumerated containing 381
squares of the net ready for embroidering; nnotber chest contained K1S
squares, "worked with rosettes or with
blossoms, and otbers wltb nosegays."
We are told tbat the maids of th*
queen's household consumed much
time In making squares of this re-
scull. These plain net grounds wer*
^|il ji*M-t\'Vi_i_i
[Courtesy of Ladles' Home Journal.]
continued ln tbe same manner as art
garden or fishing nets of tbe present
Cay. The square mesh, according to
an old pattern book, was made by
commencing with a single thread and
Increasing a stllcb on each aide until
tbe required size was obtained. Tben
tbe piece was finished off by reducing
a stltcb on eacb side. This plain net
ground was mucb used for bed furniture, window curtains and valances
nnd was usually quite nnornsmented.
The plain character of tbe net also
rendered possible most elaborate designs-life sized portraits and representations of Bible stories wbose scenes ln
the lives of saints nnd heroes, together
wltb lettering descriptive of tho same,
are not Infrequently to be met wltb IB
old examples of tbls lace. Tbla darning gtilcb of ancient origin Is so easy
to accomplish and the results are so
beautiful that tbe modern embroideresa
has taken up the work with enthusiasm. Illustrated Is a table cover, tbo
design to be darned wltb colored
silks. Tbe fabric used la • cream
colored crash.
A Modern Fire Danger.
Modern electrical appliances, while
they certainly do lift endless work
from the shoulders of tbe busy housekeeper and have many excellent qualities, have still certain dangers of tbelr
own, to ward off which the family
using them needs to take sensible pro-
cautions until tbelr "tricks and manners" nre entirely familiar.
A man In Ibe Insurance business recently related the story of a lire which
might hsve been disastrous wblcb resulted from tbe use of lbe convenient
electric iron.
The attic or the bouse bavlng electric lights, tbe house mother often
found 11 convenient to attach ber electric Iron uud use It up thero for pressing. Late oue afternoon, bavlng finished work, sue wns called downstairs
In a hurry, and Instead of turning off
Ihe current st the Iron Itself she
turned the switch for tbe entire sttlc
floor. Later one of the children went
upstairs on sumo errand, turned on
lho current, lighted up, found wbst
wns wauled, turned out tbe light and
went downstairs ngnin, shutting the
doors behind blm. Still later the tin
department arrived and put out a
blaze Ibat bod consumed tbe Ironing
table and surrounding woodwork to
the to Im* of some |*J0.
i Another Howler.
j    A Portobello schoolboy has produo-
■ ed the champion howler of the season.
| The passage for paraphrsso wss from
I Kingsley.—"For men must work antl
women must weep, though storms be
' sudden and waters deep, and the harbor bar be moaning."  "Men and women,'1 said the youngster, "must keep
on working through the Inn at ths
fevbor it aetata* tar it* sBsioneta."
Herd on Jones.
"Jones must be away."
-No; he's tn town."
"Wby doesn't be Join tho rest of tb*
fellows for bla evening snioker
"He bus got rid of hla mother-in-
"Oh, he enjoys hla smoke at home, I
"Not mucb. He has to put thc
oiliy to sleep while bla wife wasteo
tb* dishes."
Uccnuse yon can tnlk Is no reasea
why yuu should spend all tbe tlm*
exercising your tongue.
One reason why most of us long ao
Inexpressibly lo be rich It simply ho
cnu,t Wf. are poof, ......._.,*!_>'... I
Dr.   Simmons,   dentist,    Morrison
block.    Phone R 39.
A well attended meeting of the
Grand Forks Hockey club was held
in the city hall on Wednesday evening. The following officers was elected for the ensuing season: Honorary
presidents, W. A. Williams and C.
H. Niles; president, T, 8. Watts;
manager, C. Haverty; tecretary-
treasurer, H. M. Mann. Besides the
election of officers, a grout deal of
routine business was transacted. The
impression prevailed among thute
present that tne club would' have a
very successful season.
M. J Moriarity and family, recent
arrivals from tlie West Forks country, have moved into C. U. Kobaou's
house on Government avenue.
Dr. C. M. Kingston left last Saturday for a business tiip to the coast
cities. Dr. Dunbar, of Greenwood, is
looking after his practice during his
W. B. Bower has opened   a   real
estate office in this city.
It is reported from Phoenix that a
few men have been put to work at the
Granby mines thia week.
E. E. Gibson's deer hunting and
exploration expedition returned from
Lynch creek on Saturday. The mem
bers brought down 7 deer, all right.
Since that time venison has not been
James Marshall has been elected
president of the Phoenix Curling
The Greenwood Hockey club will
hold a publio dance next Thursday
R. A. Brown, of Volcanic, secured
a divorce from his wife last week in
W. S Murrry is at present learning
to talk Spanish at Eiperanza, Mexieo.
Born—In Midway, on November
21, to Mr. and Mrs. Davidson, a
Harry Spinks and daughter left on
Wednesday for a short visit to Seattle.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Tweddl* left
for the National Apple show in Spokane on Wednesday.
Neil Matheson is visiting the National Apple show in Spokane this
For Sale at a Sacrifice—Fourteen-
room boarding house, seven minutes' walk Irom Granby smelter.
Will sell for 11200. One-half cash;
balance monthly payment*. For
further particulars apply tt this
office. -.
Shorn of Her Crown of Beauty, Loses in Love and
Hair is certainly most necessary to
woman. Who could love and marry a
bald-headed woman! What charms
could one array to offset such a disfigurement?
A woman's goal is usually love and
marriage. Her crowning glory is her
hair. The loss of her hair mars her
beauty, happiness, and success. Yet,
right here in Grand Forks there are
thousands of whotnen who are neglecting or injuring their hair to such an
extent that it is only A matter of time
whan it will be utterly ruined.
Many woman destroy the beauty of
their hair through thoughtlessness or
ignorance of certain facts. They use
curling irons over-heated,or to excess,
which destroys the natural oil of the
hair, t aus ng it to split, break, and j
come out. They do not shampoo
their hair oftenjenough, or too often.
They use soaps or preparations which
contain ingredients positively harmful to thejscalp and hair.
As a result of such treatment dandruff is created, the hair loosens, loses
color, falls out, and baldness commences, unless proper and prompt precautions are taken in time. Then
again, microbes and certain diseases
bring about unhealthy scalp and hair
Almost any woman may rid herself
of dandruff and diseased scalp and
hair if she will but use the right
remedy. We have that remedy, nnd
will positively guarantee that it will
either cure dandruff or baldness or it
will not cost the user anything.
That's a pretty broad stntement,hnt
we will back it and prove it with our
own money. Wo will return yonr
money if you do not find that Rexall
"93" Hair Tonic is an entirely satisfactory remedy that will promote hair
growth and overcome scalp and hair
troubles; that it 'will grow haif even
on bald heads, unless all life in the
hair roots has been extinguished, the
follicles closed, and the scalp is glazed
and shiny. It gets its name from the
fact that it grew hair in 93 out of 100
cases, where it received a thoroughly
hard, impartial and practioal test.
We want you to try Rexall "93"
Hair Tonic at our risk. You surely
cannot lose anything by doing so,
while you have everything to gain.
You had batter think thit over, and
then come in and see us about this
offer. You will be well repaid for
your visit to our store. Remember,
you can get Rexall Remedies in this
community only at our store—The
Rexall Store.   H. E. Woodland.
NOTICE Is hereby given that an Duplication
will be made under Part V. of the ''Water
Aot. ltUli,'* to obtain a license ill the Similkameen Water Distrlot, Division ot Yale District.
(a). The nnme, address, and occupation of
ot the applicant: George Washington Swank,
(irand Forks, B.C., Farmer.
(b). The name of lake, stream, or source (It
iinntimetl the description is):   Cedar Creek.
(o). Thc point ot diversion I* where the
creek enters my latnd near the oentre of the
East line, on Lot numbered One A (IA) subdivision of C.P.K. Lot number twenty-seven
hundred (2700) tu Uronii 1 It. the Similkameen
(formerly Osoyoos) Division of Yale District.
(d). the quantity of water applied for (In
culm- feet per second). One cubic foot per
(e). The character of the proposed works:
Dam and flume.
(f). The premises on which tht? water is to
be used (desorlbe same) Is on Lot One A (1 A)
subdivision of C.I'.R. Lot number twenty
seven hundred (2700) lu Group 1, in the Similkameen (formerly Usnytaos) Division of Yule
(g). The purposes for whioh the water is to
be iist-'d: For Irrigation aud domestic purposes;
(h). If for Irrigation, describe the land Intended to be Irrigated, giving aoreage: Is on
Lot One A (1 A) sllhdivislon of C.P.R. Lot
number twenty-seven hundred (27IKI) in Group
1 in lhe Similkameen (formerly Osoyoos) Division of Vale District, containing 1G0.45 aores,
more or less.
(J). Area of Crown laud Intended to be occupied by the proposed works; None.
Ik) Tlais notice was posted on the 5th day
of August, l'.'ll.and application will be made
to the Commissioner on the 6th day of September. 1911.
(1). Give the names and addresses nf any
riparian proprietors or licensees who or
whose lands are Ilk- ly to be affected by the
proposed works, either above or below the
outlet: None.
Orand Forks,B.C.
NOTICE is hereby given that an applloatlon
will be made under Part Vol the "Water
Aot, 1909," to olatain a lioense in the Similkameen Division of Yale Distrlot.
Name, address and ocoupatien of the applicant:   W. Sayer, Rancher. Grand Eorks, B.C.
Description of lake; Small body of water
(no name), fed by springs.
Point of diversion is 40 chnins above East
Hue of Pre-emption No. 1300 S.
Quantity of water applied for: One cubit
foot per second.
Charaoterof proposed works: Ditch and
reservoir, to be used on Pre-emlatlon No.
Purpose: Domestic aud irrigation.
Description of land to be irrigated: Acreage, 78.
Aoreage of Crown Laud Intended to be oc-
oupled by works:   Mil.
This notice was pusted on the 17th day of
July, 1911. and applloatlon will be made lo the
Commissioner ou the 16th day of August, 11)11.
Name and address of rlparlou proprietors
or licensees who will be affected by the proposed works.   None.
(Signature) W. SAYER,
(P.O. Address) Urand Fo rks, B.C.
St. Joseph Mineral clalm.situate In the Grand
Forks MIiiIuk Division of Yale District.
Where Ueutea.:   tn Central Oamp,
AKE  NOTICE that 1, Henry Johnson, Fit.
Miners, Cerlllitale No. USUI, for myself
and at agent for Peter Ud wat* Bteklo, Free
Miner's Certlfloate No.
Intend, si ity
Winer s laerunoaie so. sin—ss. uueuu, si*.y
days trom date hereof, to apply lo th* Mining
Recorder foraCeitllicateut Improvement., for
the purpose of obtaining crown grants ot the
above claim.
And fnrther take notice that action, undei
section 37, must be commenced before the Issu
ance of suoh Cerlflcnte of Improvements. <
Dated this '28th day of July, A.D 1911. -
iaritbje ttreet,
Tbe beat and most
substantial tire-proof
building In tbe Boundary country. Recently com pleted aud
newly furnished
throughout. Equipped with all modern
electrical conveniences. Centrally located. Flrst-cliiss accommodations for tbe
travelling publio..
Bot aad Cold Battw
First-Glass Bar, Pool
mi Billiard Rooms
la Conhscrloa.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
atreet, Grand Korku.
Show cards for widnows and inside
aro a line form of silent sulesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed
Print them plainly, to be read nt a
The only policy holder who
doesn't need tojpay his prcm-	
iunisis di'iul.   The only man rinniun   a   nirinnrn
who doesn't need to advertise McLUINu  & U FARRELL
Is the man who has retired
from business.
f Printing^
We are prepared to do all kinds of
Commercial   Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundnry Country, employ competent workmen, nnd carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Some business men are ao fond of
being deceived thnt they even endeavor to believe that they cau reach
the consumers of this district without advertisingin The Sun.
For Sale at a Bargain—Two-horsa
power gasolene engine. Apply J. II-
Plath, box 10, city.
Grand   Forks, B. C.
PHONE   A 14
Dry" four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar'and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
A. GALLOWAY, J?!L, Columbia P. o.
Billheads and Statements,
letterheads and Envelopes,
PoBtere, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
.Shipping Tugs, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of Faro and Mpnu Cards,
Announcements and Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
-the kind we do—is in itself an
advertisement, and a trial order
will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of
the best. Let ua estimate on vour ordor. We guarantee
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
1  Upholstering Neatly Done.
r. McCutcheon
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods
Downey's Cigar Store
A Con rura Stock or
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Freth 0 onilRnrnnit ol
Received Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of
Ice Cream ud Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
»r Honing a ___
Kaior Honing a Speoialty.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Dooh Noimi of'Ukaniiy  Hotkl,
First Struct.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly, Passengers and Trunks to and
from all trains.
Tklrphone A129
KuTiiKiiroRn Bros., Props.
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We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the Boundnry country. And wa are the only
office in this seotion that have the
correct material for printing it. Tht
Sun job office.


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