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The Evening Sun Oct 7, 1902

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Vol. I.
Grand Forks and Columbia, B. C.   Tuesday, October 7, J 902.
•y ■
C.F.Packard Asks for $25,-
600 for Malicious Prosecution.
A Republic dispatch says that
service was had on the representative of the Kettle Valley lines last
Saturday in a. suit for $25,600 damages for malicious prosecution. The
suit was c mme: ced by C. F. Packard several i ays ago. Mr. Packard
was formerly in the commissary department of the Republic & Grand
Forks Construction company, which
was virtually the Republic & Grand
Forks Railway company, known as
the Kettle Valley lines. He left the
service of the company in April,
when construction was completed.
In examining his accounts an item
of $239,28 was found to have been
received but not accounted for in
ledger or journal. The cash book
was missing. Mr. Packard was arrested at Grand Forks and detained
for some time under bond, but was
acquitted recently by the county
court at Grand Forks.
He produced a check showing that
the money had been paid an official
of the road. The cash book not being found, left this check the only
existing evidence of the settlement.
Stoll & McDonald, of Spokane, are
attorneys for Mr. Packard.
To an Evening Sun representative
a couple of days ago, Mr. Packard
stated that at the final settlement
between himself and the company
there was another payment made of
$103.30. The evidence in the case,
he said, as given before Judge
Leamy showed conclusively who
the thief was.
It has been unofficially reported
that J. .1. Hill and his associates
have secured a 99-ycar lease of tbe
Calgary & Edmonton railway. The
purpose'of the acquisition is to se
cure an outlet from the rich wheat
regions of western Canada to the
Great Northern-Northern Pacific
The Great Northern is replacing
the ten hundred class of passenger
engines with a nine thirty class on
the western division. Thc new engines are as large as the ten hundred
class, but have smaller drivers, thus
making them mountain climbers.
The big driver engines will be sent
east, and used exclusively east of
the Rocky mountains.
John Nelson, a city indigent, died
at the Granby hotel last Sunday
evening. The immediate cause of
death was an attack of apoplexy,
brought on by an affection of the
brain, pronounced pracically incurable, and from which he had suffered for some time. When his
supper was brought him in the
evening, he was in good spirits and
appeared to be as well as he has
been at any time within a months,
but a' few moments later, when a
waiter came to remove the dfshes,
he was in his death throes. Dr.
Kingston was hastily summoned,
but the man had passed beyond
medical aid, and he expired in a
few minutes. The remains were interred yesterday afternoon.
Sixteen tickets were sold yesterday morning by Ticket Agent Mc-
Daniels, of the Great Northern, for
the Interstate fair at Spokane.
Among those who bought tickets
were L. A. Manly, Mrs. A. B. W.
Hodges, Al. Traunweiser, George
O'Keefe, Wm. Spier and wife, and
Mrs. W. A. Williams.
• The converter plant at the Granby
smelter began working two shifts
each day yesterday, and will probably continue two weeks in order to
clean up the large amount of matte
which has accumulated during the
past couple of weeks. In the mean-
rime, owing to the low water and
decreased power, one furnace has
been closed down temporily.
"Candy Jack" has sustained his
reputation as a fisherman by securing another "whopper," which
weighed 81b. 11 oz,—just 1 lb. 10 oz.
heavier than, his other big fish which
won the first prize in the recent fishing contest. Jack's "lines lie in
pleasant places," all right.
The harvest thanksgiving services
in the Holy Trinity church, Grand
Forks, last Sunday were very largely
attended. The musical numbers
were Charmingly rendered by the
choir, and the work of the organist,
F. J. Painton, was faultless.
After a five weeks' sojourn in the
Cottage hospital, Dave Clark, the
carpenter, has got the 1 tetter of his
attack of typhoid fever, and is gaining health and strength at a remarkable rate.
A large number of local sportsmen spend these Sundays chasing
after the grouse. The exercise does
them good, and the birds don't
mind it.
Isn't it about time our local athletes made arrangements for some
sort of a game here on Thanksgivin
day, 16th inst?
Clarendon Restaurant
Miss Ida Tknkate, Prop.
First-Class Board and Neatly
Furnished Rooms at
Moderate Prices.
Cafe—Riverside and Bridge
Hotel—Riverside Avenue
Under One Management.
Wm. Fitzmorris, who has been in
the Cottage hospital for seven weeks
with an attack of typhoid fever, is
on the* street again, and regaining
his former health.
The Grand Forks baseball team
went over to Nelson, Wash., Sunday, and defeated that club 3 to 2
in an interesting game. Coryell and
Davey were the battery for the winners.
Chas. McAllister, the well known
contractor, left last Friday evening
for Rossland, where he will spend
several months.
The Hot Air railway is preparing
to build a coal bin at the junction
with the C. P. R. track. It is, like
the round-house, with no track connecting, apparently not for use.
The Catholic church is receiving
some useful improvements, including a new roof, painting, "etc.
The only place In town
where you can buy
McCormick's Famous
Maracatbc Chocolates
Pipes, Tobaccos, Etc.
All Leading Brands ol Cigars
Phone 64
Epps' Cocoa
The Most
Grateful-Comforting   Breakfast-Supper
Good Dry Wood Delivered to
Any Part of the City.
Eastman Kodaks
ana piate Cameras
We can do your Developing and
Printing for you.
H. E. Woodland & Co
Dru easts I
Published Every Tuesday and Friday Evenings at Grand Forks and Columbia, B.C., by
Due Tear $2,001 Three Months....! .50
SlxMouth  1.00|OneMonth 20
Advertising rates furnished ou application.
Legal notioes, 10 and S cents per line.
Address all communications to
The Evbninq Sun, Columbia.B. C.
Mp^-Phonb 55.
up the west side of the North Fork.
They will thoroughly dtfver a considerable territory which has so far
been practically unexplored. They
expect to be gone all winter, and if
they meet with the success they, deserve, will return with a collection
of skins which will well repay them
for the hardships undergone.   j£f±
The boast made by Tracy W.
Holland, that he will be the first
Mayor of the amalgamated city,
comes with very bad grace. The
fact that amalgamation comes into
force on January 1st next, whereas
Mr. Holland's term as Mayor of
Ciiand Forks does not expire until
the lollowing m aith, woVild seem to
indicate that he may preside for a
short while as chief magistrate. But
if he imagines he can secure a second
term, in any capacity whatever, by
the vote of the people, at the municipal board, he surely has not read
public opinion aright. The people
of this city have acted very generously with their Mayor, possibly because it was his first offence, and,
possibly, also, because they understood he did not appreciate he was
assuming a responsibility he could
not shoulder/- However, the people
will deal with Mr. Holland next
election—if he seeks municipal honors—witb-the full remembrance of
his previous poor record ; and that
means relegation to the ''also ran"
Is to Come Up for Hearing
at Ottawa on Friday,
October 24th.
Mrs. M. F. Crouse left this morning for a week's visit to the Spokane
Interstate fair.
L^vi Mayb.'e, who lives o n the river
Hat west of Columbia, is laid up
with an attack of typhoid fever. He
is in the Cottage hospital under the
care of Dr. Kingston. Mr. May bee's
daughter is now on her way from
Winnipeg, and on her arrival in the
city will nurse her father.
•J. H. Kennedy, chief engineer of
the V., V. & E. left this morning
for St. Paul, Minn.
The 7-year-old son of Frank
Ruckle is suffering from an attack
of typhoid fever. He is receiving
treatment from Dr. Northrop.
The Westminster Gnild of Christian Endeavor will hold a social in
Knox Presbyterian church this"
B. F. Petch, manager for Rendell
tfeCo., left for Greenwood yesterday
on a business trip.
A house for the new hose cart,
which is expected to arrive in the
city within a few days, is being
erected on Wellington avenue, in
the North addition.
The telephone office has put in a
plate-glaso front.
Ed. Shannon and Wylie Glover
left on Sunday on a hunting and
japping expedition about GO miles
At the regular meeting of the
Grand Forks city council on Monday night all the members were
present, except A.ld. Harvey and
Mayor Holland, both on leave of
absnee. After the adoption of the
minutes, the following bills were ordered paid : W. H. Fisher, $55; C.
A. Stoess, $1; Michael McTigh, $1;
C.P.R., $1.80; Itter <fc Askew, $3.65;
J. Taylor, $18; I. Gill, $5; Pattison
& Anderson, $5.50; J. W. Jones,
$60; J. R. McDonald, $34.50; J. M.
Simpson, $6.50; F. N. White, $18;
Black Hawk Livery, $2*1; Model
Livery, $15; W. Stewart, $24.50;
W. K. C. Manly, $24.60; Boundary
Ironworks, $1840.
The city clerk then read the
monthly statemeut, and Acting
Mayor Sheadj, on behalf of the public works committee, reported that
he was getting on well with the putting in of street crossings, repairing
of streets and laying' of sidewalks.
At his request it was decided to go
on and lay a walk up'to the front of
the new schoolhouse. A resolution
passed as a result of an informal
meeting of the council last Tuesday
then came up for ratification. It
dealt with a resolution signed by
members of the Bar association asking that J. K. Johnson be removed
from the small debts court, and
stated that the council was not in
sympathy with same, and urged that
he be retained in office. Aid. Don
aldson„ who through an oversight
had not been notified of the Tues
day meeting, was opposed to the
resolution, stajting that the council
were there to represent the wishes of
the people, and not their own pri
vate feelings, and that he and all the
council knew that for thc last three
years the public had -been anxious
foa a change, and that he for one
could not endorse the resolution ordered sent on Tuesday. Acting
Mryor Sheads then reminded the rest
of the aldermen that they had unanimously passed a resolution, asking
him and the city solicitor to draw it
up along the lines of that just read,
and to send a copy to Hon. Eberts.
This had been done, and thc least
they could do was to stand by it.
Aid. Hammar said the resolution
was all right cxcej>t that it had no
limit as to time, and he was perfectly willing to see a change made after
amalgamation, but not before. There
was considerable discussion on the
matter, and, upon the suggestion of
the city clerk, it was ordered spread
on the minutes as passed at the
meeting of Tuesday, as the council
did not care to ratify it.
Bylaw No.  8 reeeived its  final
. *" ■
With the idea of giving additional
strength to the strong resolutions
recently passed by mass meetings of
Grand Forks and Columbia, urging
the Dominion government to throw
aside the injunctions restraining the
and our interview was quite satisfactory. He immediately wired the
following to Collingwood Scrieber,
deputy minister of railways, Ottawa : 'Call a meeting of the railway
committee for Friday, October 24th,
at 3 o'clock p.m. Notify all parties
in the matter regarding the V., V. &
E. crossing.—Signed, A. G. Blair.
"Chas. Cumings.
"Neil McCallum."
Tom Gould, who has been on a
month's visit, to the east, has returned to Grand Forks.
On and after September 15th the
v- !EL5S •SKs ."■Iine ott£ffi£*ifi£
Hair cut, 35c; shave 15c.
into Grand Forks, and whieh were
forwarded to the railway committee
at Ottawa, Mayor McCallum and
Chas. Cumings were appointed a deputation and left last Friday for
Revelstoke to meet Minister of Railways Blair on his way to Victoria, and lay the matter before him
and if possible induce him to visit
Grand Forks.
While the minister of railways is
unable to visit us, it will be readily
seen that the sending of the deputation was a wise move, as evidenced
by the following special dispatch to
The Evening Sun from Messrs. McCallum and Cumings:
"Revelstoke, B. C. )
.    "October 6, 1902. j
"Evening Sun,
"Grand Forks, B. C.
"We met Hon. A. G. Blair, minister of railways,  at Glacier today,
Spring Chickens wanted at the
Clarendon Restaurant.
For Sale.—One three-seated Hack
(Studebaker); one Carriage Horse.
Apply to J. A. McCallum, Columbia.
For a nice hair-cut or shave go to
the City Barber Shop on Riverside
avenue.   Baths 25c.
Klondike pool table. Only one
in city.   Grand Forks hotel.
The Grand Forks hotel, the oldest
hotel in the city, has a capacity for
for 70 people. Everything up to
date.   Rates, $1 and $1.50 per day.
ONE BAY HORSE -Saddle marks.and branded CC on left thigh; star on forehead;
white tip on nose; is impounded at the Columbia Stables. If this horse Is not called
for within six days after .this notice, the
same will be advertised for sale by Public
Columbia. Ootober 7,1908.
This Week We
at 8c, 10c &
12 i*2cyd
French   Flannels—All
Latest Ideas'. ....
Place in
Double-width Eider
down Flannels . .
Stock :
75c yd
Frida^ is Always Bargain Day
at This Store.
Rendell & Co.
Grand Forks
Rjverside Nurseries
Martin  Burrell. Prop.
Maples, Elms, Linden, Mountain
Ash, CatalpaS) Cut-Leaf Birch.
A full line of Flowering Shrubs, including French and
Persian Lilacs, Hydrangeas, Snowballs, Spireas, Roses, etc.
Specially selected strain of Lawn Grass Seed.
Fruit Trees, Berry Bushes, Strawberry Plants,
Asparagus Roots. Vegetable and Flower Seeds
at my store, next to Biden's Opera House.J
V. & N. PHONE as
H.  I..   NEW ETT
All Kinds ot TeamingPone.
Leave Orders at
'Rigs oflull Kinds for Hire
Fraser's Drug Store, Orand Forks,
Hodson's Store, Columbia, or •
RING UPSTAHLK.PHONf BM ..;,?.''Ms'i;?r~'..v. ttasttl
Over the sun-burned, sage brush
and alkali plains, when you may
just as well take a delightful, cool
and comfortable ride through the
heart of tho Rocky Mountains in
view of the grandest scenery on the
American continent?
This you can do by travelling on
the Rio Grande system, the far-
famed "Scenic Line of the World,"
the only transcontinental line passing through Salt Lake City, Glen-
wood Springs, Lcadville, Colorado
Springs and Denver enroute to eastern points.
Three daily express trains make
' close connections with all trains cast
and west, and afford a choice of fivo
distinct routes of travel. The equipment of these trains is the best, including free reclining chair cars,
standard and tourist sleepers, a per-
lect dining ear service, and also
personally conducted excursion cars,
each in charge of a competent guide,
whose business is to look after the
comfort of his guests. No more
pleasant and inexpensive means of
crossing the continent can be found
than is provided by these excursions.
For additional details address J.
D. Mansfkld, Gen. Agt, Rio Grande
Lines, N3. 124 Third Street, Portland, Ore. »,.
CHURCH directory
Forks—J. R. Robertson, B.A., pastor,
services every Sunday ut 11 a.m. ard 7:30
p.m.; Sunday schooi and Bible class, 2 p.
m.; Y. P. M., Tuesday, 8 p.m.
J. A. G. Calder, pastor—Services every
Sunday at 11 a.m. and 7:80 p.m.; Sunday
school and Bible class at 2.SO p. m.
BAPTIST CHURCH, Columbia - Rev.
Ralph Trotter, pastor: preaching service at 11 n,ni. every Sunday; Sunday
school at Bp.m.; ull are welcome.
Main and Filth streets—J. F. Betts, pus-
tor; services every Sunday at 11 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m.; class meeting at close of
morning service; Sunday school aud
Bible class nt 3 p.m.; prayer meeting
every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock.
The public is cordially invited.
OTICE is hereby given that I intend,
after 30 days, to apply to the Commissioner of Lands and Works for a License
to prospect for coal and oil on the Henry
White coal claim, consisting of 640 acres,
situated on the west side or the west fork
of the North Fork of Kettle river, about
60 miles northerly from the city of Grand
Forks, B. C. Location post is situated ut
the northeast corner, which is about 50
feet east of the east bank of said river,
claiming80chains'.rest; thence 80 chains
south; thence 80 chains east; thence80
chuins north to point of beginning.
Dated on the ground this  12th  day of
June, 1902.
HBnhy White, Locator.
E. W. Liljeghan, Agent.
NOTICE is hereby given that I intend,
after 80 eays, to apply to the i 'otoihis-
sioner of Lmids uml Works for a License
to prospect for coul and oil on the E. IV.
Liljegran coal claim, consisting of 040
acres, sit uutod on the west side of the
west fork of the Noith Fork of Kettle
river, about 61 mllei northerly from the
oity of Grand Forks, B. ('. Locution post
is situated at the northeast corner, which
Is about 7!> feet eust of tiie east Imuk of
said river, claiming80chains west; thence
Ml chains   south;   thence 80 chains east;
thence 8o chains north to point of beginning:
Dated oil  the  ground   this 12th day of
June, 1002.
E. VV. Liubukan, Locator.
NOTICE is hef eby given that I intend,
after 80 days, to apply to the Commissioner of Lauds aud Works for u License
to prospect for coal and oil on the C. F.
Harrigan coal claim, cjiislsting of 610
acres, situuted on the west side of the
west fork of the North Fork of Kettle
River, about 59 miles northerly from the
pity of Grund Forks, B.C. Location post
is situated nt northeast comer, running
80 chains west; thence 80 chains south;
thence 80 chains east; thence 80 chains
north to point of beginning.
Dated on the ground  this 4th  day   o
June, 1902.
C. F. Habhiqan, Locator.
C. W. Hahriqan, Agent.
Mining and   Real
Estate Dealers
Lots Fob Sale in All
Parts of the City.
Choice Garden Lands
at Low Prices.
The Windsor
Orand Forks, B. C.
Only the best
N.    Taylor;   Prop.
^ Hill Dairy
OliO. W.  FhOVD
Milk and Cream
Delivered to all parts of
Grand Forks and Columbia.
Attended to.      #
PHONE   Clo6
A City of Beautiful Environments, Healthful
Climate and Bountiful Resources-Civic
Improvements, Including Electric Light
and Waterworks Systems, Are Well
The City of Columbia is situated near the junction of
the North Forks of the Kettle river with the rouln Kettle
river,  and is distant about 300 miles east of Vancouver.
Thoroughly up-to-date aud modern Electric Light, and
Waterworks Systems are dow under construction, and will be
completed in September". The electric light syst in will include street arc lamps. The waterworks system is planned
on a sufficiently large scale to meet all present and future
needs, and insuring ample protection from the ravages of
fire. At present water is supplied the city by pumping from
a beautiful spring of exceptional purity.
The natural situation of the city for beauty Is not excelled
in Ameriea. A verdure clad and flower-bespangled rolling
prairie, traversed by a river of bright, sparkling waier,
fringed with forest trees and surrounded by mountains, forming a charming combination of picturesquesnoss and grandeur. V
The Columbia A Western railway, which was constructed
by the Canadian Pacific Railway company, has its station,
freight warehouse and yards iu the center of Columbia, and
the Vancouver, Victora A Eastern Railway company, has
located its depot, freight sheds and yards along the east line
of the corporation, thus giving the city connection, with two
transcontinental lines.
The Canadian PacIHe railway company Has large, interests in the city, having selected the site on account of the superior natural advantages as a railway centre,
The climate, taken all the year around, Is the best in Canada-part of the summer is rather hot and dry, but the rest of
the year is enjoyable.
Throughout the Kettle River valley there is an extent ef
fertile agricultural land, part of which is now being cultivated.
Apples, plums, peurs, prunes, cherries nnd all the sinal)
fruits grow abundantly. The valley surrounding Columbia,
divided into small fruit and vegetable farms, will sustain a
large population.
Building material is plentiful iu the district. Lumber can
be procured at fair prices, and brick lime and stone of good
quality can always bo obtained when required,
The mining interests areof the lirst importance to this
country, and will do much to build up Columbia, Large mineral lodes have been discovered throughout the mountains
adjacent to tho city, and what were mere prospects a short
time since are now lurge paying mines.
The Grnuby smelter and  converter—the   most   modern
and perfect plant of the kind lu America—employing  hundreds of men, Is contiguous to the city.
Owing to the fine climate, the central situation, the
beautible environments, the bright prospects for future
growtli and prosperity, Columbia will be nn educational
centre, a city of homes- as [well as a wholesale distributing
point; and when finally allied and wedded to her sister city,
will be the  best  and largest city in the interior.
In reviewing the list of prominent
Canadian life insurance companies,
the "Imperial" of Toronto stands
out prominently on account of its
remarkably successful career. The
board of directors is composed of
strong financiers and gentlemen of
large experience in the insurance
business. This company nas nothing but up-to-date liberal policies to
sell, and the fact that many large
policies have been issued by the
Imperial, running as high as $200,-
000 on one single life, indicates the
class of people who are' patrons of
this company. Mr. J. A. McCallum
is agent at Columbia and Grand
Bicycles—The Columbia, Perfect
and Cleveland Bicycles, all top-
notchers. Wheel supplies of all
kinds. Repairing. Wheels to rent.
Geo. Chapple,  opposite postoffice.
n the Matter of the Railway Act, and In the
Matter of the Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern
Railway anil Navigation Company.
of thn plans, profiles and books of
reference, duly sanctioned and approved by
the Department of Railways and Canals, for
a section of the above company's line, extending from Midway to Lot 1641, Township
67, Osoyoos Division of Yale District, has been
deposited with the Registrar of Land Titles,
at Kamloops, in accordance with the requirements of Section 125 of the Railway Act.
Solicitor for V., V. A E. R. & N. Co.
Pacific Hotel
Opposite C.P. R. Station,
Phone 69. Columbia, B. C
Employment and Information
Phone 65.        Grand Forks, B. C.
1 00 p. m.
12 30 p.m.
3 15 p. m.
Pts.Crow's Nest RR
Eastern Canada
Eholt, etc
Grand Forks
Nelsou, Wash.
Curlew, etc.
Satdy only, White's Camp
1 a. in.
1! 30 p, m,
4 00 p. m.
4 15 p. m.
7 45 a. in,
Satdy only
3 p. in.
Money orders from 8 a. m. to 7 p. in
Post Master.
Rossland,Spokuiip, Nelson.Marcus, Cascade, i
Hobson, all p'ts Crows:
4:00 p.m. Nest Ry, Revelstoke :1:S0 p.m.
; Vancouver, Victorla.alli
points on Canadian Pacific Reilway.
[Columbia, Phoenix,
12:S0p.m.:way, Pentlcton.Repub- 5:00 p.m.
Ho, Curlew, Bolster, all      . -
Reservation points.
Office open daily from 8:30to6:30p. m.
Sundays excepted). Money orders issued
to all parts, and Savings Banks deposits
received, 3 per cent interest allowed. Registered mull closes one half hour previous to the time for closing ordinary mails
GEO. H. HULL, Postrosater.
Ore shipments last week: Granby
mines, Phoenix, 3725 tons; Snow-
shoe, Phoenix, 630 tons; Mother
Lode, Deadwood, 3904 tons; Sunset, Deadwood, 900 tons; B. C.
mine, Summit camp, 780 tons; Emma, Summit camp, 660 tons; total
for past week, 10,599 tons; total for
1902, 347,588.
The Granby smelter last week
treated 4199 tons of ore. Total for
1902, 221,809 tons.
An important strike was made on
the Providence last week, which, it
is said, greatly enhances the value
of that already high-grade and much
thought of property.
Porter Bros, expect to begin the
actual getting out of ore for the
Granby mines sometimes this
month—as soon as it can be handled by the new ore crusher, which
is expected most any day. On
their surface stripping work they are
making good progress, using two
separate steam engines and wire
trams on the Knob Hill sidehill.
Th# general annual meeting of
the shareholders of the Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting & Power
Co., Ltd., is being held at the company's offices in Montreal today.
The meeting is for the purpose of
electing officers for the ensuing year,
and to hear the reports of the managers and other officers of progress
made during the past year—the first
full year that the consolidated com
pany has been operating.
A report from Fairuiew is to the
effect that the property of the New
Fairview Corporation, Ltd., has
been sold in England for 1800,000,
of which $50,000 is to be paid
down, $350,000 in three months,,
and the balance later. This information has not yet been officially
confirmed, but it is regarded as
probable that the deal known to
have been in negotiation for some
time past has now been closed. The
company's chief mining property is
the Stemwinder, which has levels
opened at 100, 200 and 300 feet respectively, and which have developed a big body of quartz ore. At
the 300-foot level this has been
yielding ore stated to have averaged
$10 a ton from a 30-foot shoot. The
deepening of the main shaft is now
in progress, a depth of about 200
feet below tho station on the 300-
foot level having been reached.
Values are gradually improving
with depth, a 12-foot body, of ore
running from $8 to $20, no assay
giving less than $8. The mine is
considered to look better now than
at any previous time. Next week
it is intended to start dropping 20
more stamps, that number having
lately been added to those already
in use. Charles Ostenburg is push
ing on with the work of installing
the cyanide pjant, and it is expected
06 have this ready for operation
within six weeks.—Pheonix Pioneer.
The No. 2 copper furnace at the
Trail smelter was blown in last week
on Rossland ores.
' »
Of which I Am Never Out,
case PrirjC I handle nothing but the Griffin Brand Fancy
IN RI ITTPD 1<;'s Griffin Brand Fancy Creamery and the
UUI - ^"V Celebrated EDEN BANK, equal to, and
cheaper than, Hazelwood.
I don't buy in large quantities, but have them coming all the
time. My PRICES are right. So are my Weights and Measures.   Try theln on the sly sometimes, and be convinced.
Baking Powder $g^&&&«
Powder that gives you your MONEY BACK if not satisfactory.
Don't forget \Ir|    ■j/^ if you want any-
to ring up **     thing in a hurry,
-   -  TO TRY OUR   -
Pure Drugs
Prescriptions Carefully
Fraser Drug Co., Druggists
We have just received a
Big Shipment of all kinds of
Clover and Timothy Seed
We also have in supply SEED GRAIN of all kinds.   Remember
and investigate our stock and prices before going elsewhere.
IN YOUR PRINTINU you don't want
to reflect old idea* : you want it up*
to'date. There is a certain desire
for the antique, but it should be up-to-
now in execution.
Our printing reflects
the present times,
with the best
ideas of the


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