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The Evening Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist May 3, 1912

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Array Zhc
Eleventh Year—No. 27
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday, oMay 3, 1912.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
As a Commercial Asset the
Crop is Steadily Increasing in Value
HY   I*.   (_.   1'Kl.NUll, 11 H.A.,   ASSISTANT
The potato crop aa a commercial as-
net is steadily increasing in value in
llritish Columbia. Up to a few years
, ago the production did not equal the
home demand, imports coining from
Ontario and the United Status. The
general quality and character of our
product have long been recognised,
and the recent victory whioh the
British Columbia carload attained in
the New York National Irrigation ax
position over 00 other competitors
from all parts of the United States
and Canada hai furnished striking
continuation of its superiority.
The Delta and bottom lands of the
lower mainlaud produce very large
yields of main crop potatoes, which
are consumed principally in tho local
coast market. The Ar.ha.r_.ft potato
has long been justly famed for iti pe
culiarly high quality, and other
Thompson Kiver Valley points, with
Asheroft, are steadily increasing their
output. Around Armstrong tha pro
dnction of early potatoes on tha uplands has been made an especial study,
while the river lands produce very
lai ge late crops. The early varieties
produce two to four tons per acre,
marketed at from $28 to $40 per ton;
late ones running eight to eleven tons
per acre, at $15 to 622 pir ton
Around Vernon, and esp.ciu.lly in the
Coldstream valley, the potato crop
will average about eight tons under
irrigation, of high quality. In tlie
Kelowna district both early and late
potatoes are grown, the latter produc
ing ahout eight tons, at selling prices
quoted above, ln the Graud Forks
district a large carload business is also
developing, potatoes yielding from
seven to nine tons under irrigation;
and four to live tolls under dry farm
ing met hade.
The potato market is one subject to
peculiar and unforeseen fluctuations.
Predictions as to crops and prices are
more difficult to make iu potatoes than
with any of tho main or staple food
crops. Generally speaking, tlie price
received per acre leaves a good margin
over the cost of production, but, this
is true more as an average of years
than us a certainty each year.
Certain factors are peculiarly essential to success with potatoes as a main
crop. The grower must stay with tha
game, year in and year out, so as to
mnke good on the itveiage. Itisessen
tal to secure varieties suitable to the
district, ami to the mnrket, and to
have a gofd strain of seed of that Variety, The grower must keep duwn
the cost of production by tha use of
machinery, and by intelligent management. The district must get into
the carload-shipping class, and be a
factor in the market every year.
As a side issue, the potato is on. of
the must profitable- inter-crops ill the
crclinid, nnd for traduction iu small
areas by tneu engaged ill fruit growing, poultry raising, and in general
farming. Under these conditions,
linancial success is dependent on well
selected sued of the most desirable variety, combined with careful and thorough preparation of tlie soil.
Soil.—Potatoes call be grown in a
great variety of soils if given proper
treatment, but good drainage is essential lo a good crop. The ideal soil for
paaia toe* appearns to bo u rich, deep,
liinli'o, warm sandy loam, well sup.
plied with decayed or decaying vegetable matter. The kind of soil to
some extent all'ects the quality of the
tubers. Those grown on sandy soil are
generally of better tablo quality than
those grown on a-lay soils. New soil ii
most desirable, and in it the tubers
are generally healthy. Potatoes require a large amount of moisture, thus
a soil which has the power of holding
a large amount of moisture will give
the hest results. Such a soil usually sulphite of potash The muriate of
contains plenty of humus. For early ', potash tends to form a waxy potato.
potatoes a light, rich, sandy loam lf nitrate of soda is used, it should
with a south or southeast slope will I b. put on in small dressings through
give the best results. A warm soil is lout the growing season. Commercial
essential for early production. I fertilizers, if applied, should be   dis-
Seed.— For the production of early 1 trlbuted along the row and mixed
potatoes it is a common practice to I with the Boil. It should not lie placed
plant tubers of early    varieties  which  ih contact with the tubers.
tliere are   large   areas  tp be dug. the  111) 117.0    A 1,1 l\\\\\}   P1TV
potato dagger is essential,  as digging  i\ H \V \   ||H    I H H   la II |
with the fork  is   too   expensive, now   LlIi 1* U    U I     111 IJ   li 1 I   I
have been grown fair several seasons
farther north. This northern grown
seed seems to give better results for
early potatoes. 11 is a good plan to select your seed potatoes from plants
with good tubers and a large quantity
of them. Medium sized whole potatoes
often give best results for early pro
ductioil. For general planting, tlie
most economical sets are those cut
from medium sized potatoes, and each
set should have a large amount of
llesh and two or three eyes. The sets
should not be cut long before plant-
ihg, and it is generally advisable to
have a change of seed every three or
four yeara. To obtain the best results, it is very important to select
good aeed and to know where the seed
has bean raised.
For extra early production, sprout
ing potatoes is sometimes practised
For this purpose medium-sized potatoes are taken, greened, and placed in
Hats in a cellar with temperature of
40° to 45° F. Tubers not quite matured ara best. In the spring set the
potatoes, eye end up, in flats. Placo
them iu a light,warm place, anil allow
only one sprout to form on each tu
ber. This can be allowed to grow as
long as two inches. Cut oil the lower
end of the potato wheu planting, ami
be careful not to break tha sprout.
Preparation of the Soil.—Fall plowing is advisable for early potatoes because you can gat on the ground
earlier in the spring. For main erop
potatoes, spring plowing is probably
just us good us fall plowing, except in
case of heavy soils, Potato ground
should be well prepared before plant'
ing. The plowing uuder of barnyard
manure or clover will loosen the soil,
furnish plant food, and increase the
water holding capacity of the soil, lf
manure is put on in the spring, it
should he well rotted and thoroughly
mixed with the soil. Manure should
nut he put in the drills w.th the sets,
because manure in contact wilh tlie
the tubers induces scab. The soil
should be plowed deep and thoroughly
harrowed until well pulverized and
loosened. Unlike some crops which
succeed best when the soil is moderately firm when ready for seeding, the
potato succeeds best in soil which Is
Planting.—The time of planting, of
course, varies with different districts.
For very early production the potatoes should bo planted as soon as the
ground can be thoroughly worked in
the spring. If there is danger of
frost when the sprouts ar. just above
the ground, they can he protected by
plowing a little earth on top of them.
Main crop potatoes are usua'ly
planted during the mouth of May.
In ordinary practice, it is customary to plant potatoes so as to admit
of cultivation in one direction only,
the rows being spaced from .10 to 3t5
inches. The sets are dropped about 12
inches apart iu the rows.    Oidinarily,
Variety lo Grow.—Tho market requires a smooth, shallow-eyed potato
of fair size. Bor the main oVop,a white
potato usually sells better than a red.
Before ehoiifling a variety to grow, go
around ami visit your neighbors, and
find out which variety is doing the
hest in your particular locality. Very
few growers iu Hritish Columbia have
gone in for extra early production,
and in the interim of the panvince no
gaiod test, has been made with early
or late varieties to determine which
ara doing the best. Thus it ia impos
sihlefor us to recommend varieties for
different districts.
Some of tlie principal varieties
grown at present are:
In the InterW—Viok'a Extra
Early, Early Fortnne, Early Hose,
Early Ohio, Gold Coin, Money Maker.
Mortgage Lifter, Million hollar, hur-
hank, Einpirs .Stale, Carmen No 1,
White Wonder.
On the Coast—Sutton's Itelia-ice,
Empire Slate, American Wonder, tiu
ral New Yorker, for main crop Kx
tra Early Moonlight, Ear.y Puritan,
I'.arly King, for early.
On Vancouver island Kaleigh is
principally grown.
Irrigation.—Where irrigation is
practised, the waler should only he
applied when the condition of the
plants indicates that they are in ueed
of water, as by the darkening of v the
foliage. Care should be taken not to
wait until the ground is too dry, be
cause oue can seldom cover the whole
field in one day.
Potatoes planted the first of May
.fl.eldoin need water supplied before the
end of June or beginning of July. i)n
nut water after the middle of August,
so as to give plenty of time for ripening in dry earth. Cultivate us soon as
possible after each irrigation. Great
care In supplying irrigation water is
necessary for the bosl results both for
market potatoes and for seed stuck.
Cultivation and Weeding.—The
success of the potato crop depends
largely upon the kind of cultivation
given. No matter how well thu land
has been prepared and how carefully
the sots havo been planted, the crop
will be niucliTeduccd if the soil i* ullowed te become hard, the weeds to
grow, und the moisture lost which
could be saved. Cultivation should be
gin soon after planting, Tha common
drag harrow, or a weedar, can be run
over the ground three or four times,
or until the potato plant* are three or
four iuuhes high. From then on most
uf the cultivation is done with the
single horse cultivator, The firat time
th. cultivator is used the ground
should be cultivated fairly deep ami
as near the plants as possible without
injuring them, to loosen the soil for
the tubers. Later cultivations should
be shallow to prevent injury to the
roots and tubeis. The soil should be
cultivated every wuek or ten days,
depending on the weather.   If the soil
that good men aro difficult lo get and
wages are high.    There are a  nuniher I
of good potalo   diggeis   now   on   the      _ —   -,       * T     m      ,        -,
market. ; W R. Dewdney Is Teudered
Potatoes, .n.li.ss affected with lute!
blight, or rut, are ready tu dig as
soun uh the topi have died, if the
weather U favuiuble. They should b«-
dujj in dry weather, su that when
taken to the cellar or storo-routi. they \
will be perfectly dry.    If the potato^
the Position of Goverument
Agent at Greenwood
potatoes   are   planted   practically oil; becomes   baked,   evaporation     takes
the level, without throwing up ridges,  place rapidly,    ll should   he   stirred
For early production, the sets should
he planted about. 2 inches deep, and
for the main crop ahout '■'• or 1 inches
ieep. If eailv potatucs are planted
deep, many of them will not sprout,
because th. ground is cold. Planting
potatoes by hand on lho largo scale is
rather expensive, and it will pay the
large potato grower to buy a potato
iter each rain. If the laud is weedy
the moro frequent the cultivation the
less work with the hou to keep the
area clean From live to six otlitlva
tions, or even more, are none too
many, and it is usually found that the
crop increases in proportion to the
number of cultivations. The laat two
or three cultivations the earth should
be thrown towards tho plants  if   the
Fertilizers.—Barnyard manure and i potatoes are near the surface. Th
clover are tlio cleanest fertilizers foi j weeds that are not killeil by tho horse
potatoes, lt is not advisable to man-! cultivator should be hoed out or pulled
ur* heavily the year the potatoes ar. I by hand. Hilling potatoes in dry sec-
grown, but rather to put a heavy a lions is a mistake of much too coin
Iressing ou the year beloro. Potatoes mini occurrence.
take from the soil ahout twice as | Harvesting.—Potatoes may hu dug
much potash ss wheat, but a light with the lour lined potato fork,
drossing of niauuro will supply this, plowed out, or dug with the potato
Th. cheapest way to supply the ni- digger. The former method is used
trogen is to grow clover and plow Itl whan the Area is small or the ground
under. If barnyard manure is not ■ stony, and also in ease of digging po-
available, commercial fertilizers aro Utiles early, when care should be
often used. If potash il required it taken in handling, not to bruise the
should be put on in th* form of   the tubers more than necessary.    Where
are affected with late blight, it is ad
visublt. to leave them in tho ground as
long as posaible, because the diseased
tubers will easily show signs of rot before ihey havo to he taken up on ac
count of frost Potatoes iu wet land
should he dug beforo tln.se in dry or
well drained soil, because there is a
greater tendency to rot.
Marketing.—Potatoes which have
been dug in an immature state should
be immediately placed upon the
market iu such quantities only as will
admit of immediate consumption. The
mature potatoes may be shipped in
the fall or held over until spring.
Growers should he very particular
about grading their potatoes before
marketing them All the fimall pota
toes should be picked out ami ted lo
the slock.
Storing—Potatoes are best stored
in a cool, well-ventilated cellar an- root
amuse which is perfectly dark, Too
aiiueh stiess caii not be put ou good
ventilation, lf thero ia not a good
system of ventilation in the cellar,
slats can be nailed a little apart about
five or six inches from the wa 1, A
temporary floor with cracks between
the boards can be put about six inches
before the permanent floor. This al
lows the air to circulate around und
through the pile. If the pile ia very
large, slatted ventilators can be placed
bere and there from top to bottom.
Potatoes should be kept at as low a
temperature as possible without free/,
ing, and at tho same time ke p the
surrounding air as dry as go.sib'e
I'iiey should he mature when harvest
ed, as skin-slip potatoes do not keep
well. *"
In some sections of Hritish Coluiu
bia potatoes are often pitted. This is
more often done in the drier parts ol
lhe province. Tha pit should he made
from six lo eight feet wide, about eight
nehes deep, and as long as lueicd.
The potatoes ure then plaesd iu the
pit about four feet deep and covered
wi^h enough straw to keep the earth
from coming through, and then about
one foot of earth ia placed on top of
this. Do not cover the top immediately. Leave a strip along the top for
a week or two for ventilation. If
there is danger of rain, this can be
uovered with sucking. When this
strip is covered leave a small hole for
ventilation evory eight or ten feet. In
the winter time, if there is danger of
very Cold weather, the pit can he covered with some strawy manure.
The value of potatoes for seed or for
eating is greatly lessened if they are
allowed to sprout.
Diseases.—The principal diseases of
the potato are the early and late
blight, rot, and potato scab. The two
former may he controlled hy spraying
with Bordeaux mixture throughout
the growing season.   Generally throe!
or four sprayings are sullieient. The The.failluwitig semis wen- made
spores of potato scab may be destroyed | by the members of the Orand Forks
on the potato before planting by soak-i Gun flub lit lln-.r weekly dhiint lust
ing the tubers in: Formalin, I pound Saturday, lhe totals given being out
iu :!0 gallons of water; or in corrosive lol ii possible flfty:
sublimate, 1 ounce iu 7 gallons water,   \',, .■_, Gibson    Is,
for two hours. K, W. Kussell    IS
 IL Skinner  4o
Spring has  been  rather slow in j W, li. Cochrane    II
making ber appearance this  year, ID. MoUae  -II
K. Miller  38
H. X. Niles  36
Al. Trounwoiscr    ol
On Tuesday evening W. K Dewdney, who hus been a clerk in the
government olliee in this oity for
tlie past twelve, received a telegram
from the McBride government at
Victoria asking liiin if he would accept the appointment of government
agent at Gieenwood at a salary of
$140 per month. He has signified
his internum of accepting the offer.
Mr. Dewdney is a nephew of lion.
Edgar Dewdney, and his popularity
will make the appointment satisfactory to the people of the Boundary
Jay P. Graves, general malinger of
Granby company, Inst week filed il
alecd in the comity auditor's ullice
tit Colville, Wash., transferring to
the Granby Consolidated Mining,
.■.melting and Power company his
tracts bordering un/thc Columhia
river and the island of about sixty
acres at the great cataract at Kettle
falls. The amount of,the consideration has not been made public. This
transaction has led local people
familiar with the situation to deduce
that the Granby company will go to
the Kettle falls for its power, which
is ut present purchased from the
West Kootenay Power ifc Light company. It will require about S^OOU;-
0U0 to develop the Kettlu fulls
The shipping season at the lliver-
side nurseries is now about over.
This year the sales amounted to
200,000 trees, fully a third more
lliuu were disposed of a year ago.
The nurseries still have some slock
on hand for those who desire to do
late planting.
Cross, Duffy it Heckmnn who
were recently awarded the contract
for grading 46 miles of the Kettle
Vulley line between Beavci'drll and
the summit, have sublet nine miles
to Willinms it Penderghiisl ami ten
miles to Dusault it Co.
Maurice Hodgson, special representative of the British Columbia
Maguzilie.VatiCOUVer.hai been spending a few dnys in the city ihis week
in the interest of that publication.
but tlie orchards ure now taking nd
putting garbs of green and  flowery
whiteness on their barren limbs.
The scores made hy the two leaders
lastaflflSatimlay are identical wilh the
acores made by the. two professional
marksmen who visited the city hiflt
Gil Sunday last a team of nine from
the local club defeated a like    number
Peter A. '/.. Pure has increased his  from   the  Greenwood   Gun   club, at
orchard   by  planting  two acres to [Greenwood,   by (il points,   VV,  B,
fruit trees this spring. ■ 'Cochrano leading with ID.
The derailment of nn ore car  on ,
the Phoenix   branch  of the  Greut
Northern delayed  traffic on the hill
for about nn hour Inst Monday, THE flSUN. GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Huge Sums the Great. Powers   Are
Spending For Battleships.
At present the great powers arc In
favor of naval construct Ion and preparation. As Winston Churchill, First
Lord of the Admiralty, said In a
speech at Glasgow:
"Altogether there Is no doubt whatever that the nations of Europe are
nt the present time pressing forward nnd pressing each other for
ward into an avenue of almost indefinite naval expansion and expense"
Mr. Churchill need not have limited his observation to Europe, for
.lapan is reported to havo arranged
a comprehensive programme for Increasing her fleet and other nations,
Including some ot the South American
Republics, are planning for heavy increases in their armaments afloat.
As far as Europe is concerned all
this vast expenditure of money and
energy is based on fear that a great
conflict Is at hand. England's fear
lies in the direction of Germany. German apprehension is horn of the Morocco trouble of last yenr and applies
to both England and France.
Japan finds cause for dissatisfaction nnd worry In the knowledge that
her alliance with England is not to
apply whenever a nation with which
England hns an arbitration treaty incurs Japanese enmity. Further
ground for Japanese fears is found
in the virtual co-partnership existing
between Englnnd and Russia nnd the
disposition of Englnnd to give Russia
a pretty -free hand in Central Asia
and the Fnr East.
Russia wants Italy to lake means
lo end the war with Turkey on account of the agitation It hns cuused
In the Balkans. The control of the
Mediterranean is threatened, according to one widely accepted view, and
Austria and Italy are worried.
Twenty-live or thirty years ago the
only real navy in thc world wns England's. When naval construction became a passion with other greut
powers England kept ahead of them
under her consistent policy of hnvlng
her construction enunl lo that of her
two closest competitors in the increase of fleets.
Sonic of these other powers, notably
Germany, have made rapid strides toward perfection of sea strength, and
Englnnd has been concerned. Lately,
with tlie cost of government augmented to an alarming degree, England
lias found the burden of armaments a
bit too heavy for comfort, and there
has been u disposition to believe in
many quarters that if the thing could
lie done in a proper way it was time
to call a halt.
Recent events hnve indicated that
Englnnd will welcome some arrangement among tho powers for a limitation of naval armaments, But tbnt
she will go lo any extreme of expenditure to outbuild Germany or nny other
nation unless the present fever ot
construction Is reduced to normal was
made plain In Ml*. Churchill's Glasgow
Germany's original programme for
iho Immediate future contemplated
the constructed of eighteen Dreadnoughts and n Inrge number of smaller
this year's construction, hns not been
announced, nnd its scope will depend
on whnt other nations, und particularly Germany, Intend to do. To the
thirty British Dreadnoughts built or
building must be added two that are
nominally colonial.
The United States has six Dreadnoughts, with two more launched,
four under way and two additions to'
be laid down if the usual ratio of Increase is continued by Congress this
year, making a total of ten.
Russia hns no Dreadnoughts In
commission, but four have been
launched, three are under way and It
Is reported that four more are to be
authorized in 1912. Japan has two
ready, with two more launched and
five under way.
Mrs. Ed. Lloyd, Weak and Worn and
Wracked With  Pain Found  Relief
and Cure In Dodd's Kidney Pills,
Ardbog. Ont:,    (Special).—"Dodd'B
Kidney Pills have done wonders for
me," so says Mrs. Ed. Lloyd, wife of
a well-known farmer living on the
line of the C.N.O. Railway near here.
"I was   so weak l could   hardly
walk around," Mrs. Lloyd continues,
"I  suffered  from  female    weakness
and kidney trouble.     My heart troubled me so that at times I would almost pant with the palpitations.   ' I
was  treated by the doctor but   he
could give me no relief.
"I was sick all over when I started
to uso Dodd's Kidney Pills, Rheumatism, Lumbago and Neuralgia adding
to my sufferings. But Dodd's Kidney Pills helped mo almost at once.
After taking eight boxes l was completely cured."
Naturally. Mrs. Lloyd wants other
suffering women to know how she
found a cure, and Dodd's Kidney Pills
will do for other suffers Just what
they did for Mrs. Lloyd, make new
women of them.
Norwegian Water-Power
The water-power of Norway suitable for practical use all the year
round amounts to 4,000,000 horse power. In addition, 1,500,000 .horse power
can be counted on during three-quarters of the year. The country thus
has 45.000,000 horse power a year, the
equivalent ot about 30,000,000 tons of
coal. Putting the value of coal at
four dollars a ton the Norwegian water-power is worth $12U,uajO,000 annually.
Sulckly slops comths, cam cold;, heals
>• throat **i l**is      -      •      23 Mats.
Age of the Earth
Professor Frank Allen, of Manitoba
I'nlverBlty, stated in a lecture on "The
■,    . .... .    ,. , a Age of the Earth," in Winnipeg that
vessels In six years.   Tbs, It  h now, ,„.„„„, ,,<„, ,1|1BPl n], Ule theories on
understood, has been modified lo provide  for the contraction of   llftccu
She has nine DrencJiioughls rendy
this subject. "Lord Kelvin," said he,
"who computed 'that the earth w.i.i
20,000.000 years old, declared that unless some new way of producing lieut
. ,       , . ,, linn   nunii    m, n    "«j    «.■•    I'lvuHviun   mm
five launched nnd seven ou tlio atari, |„ tho onrth'u surface conld be fomrl
The Victoria Croat
The Victoria Cross, which has Just
been extended by his Majesty to the
Indian Army, was Instituted flfty-slx
years ago. There have been 522 crosses conferred. One of the earliest
recipients, General Sir Charles Gough
has Just entered on his eighty-first
year. His brother, General Sir Hugh
Gough, who died three years ago, won
hts during the Mutiny. Only in two
instances other than this has the Vic
toria Cross gone more than once to
the same family, Major-General E. H.
Sartorious, colonel of the South Lancashire Regiment, nnd his brother, the
late Major-General R. W. Sartorlus,
both obtained It. In the other- case,
Field-Marshall Lord Roberts hns the
cross, aud lt was also awarded to his
son after the Lieutenant's herlc denth
at Colenso.
A Deep One
"Gosh, nil hemlock!" exclaimed the
first farmer; "nln't yer struck wuter
yet?   How deep hev ye gone?"
"'Bout a hundred feel," replied the
other placidly.
"An' ain't ye discouraged?"
"Oh, I dunno, I cnu't say I ain't
Klttln' a long well."
Mlnsrd's Llr.lment Relives Neuralgia.
In New Zealand tho postal authorities allow business houses to buy
stamping machines, which are sealed
by the department bpfore going into
use. Periodical readings arc taken
by the postal departments and pay
ment is made on a debit note.
One of tho largest Marconi wireless
stations on the British coast is to he
erected near Fishguard, on the North
Pembrokeshire const.
Mrs. Ovlla Lamarre, Mitlviim, Que,
writes: "I have found Baby's Own
Tablets nn excellent medicine and
would not use any other for my
little one. I think all mothers should
keep the tablets lu the house. Thousands of other mothers have the
same praise for the tablets. They
are absolutely safe—being guaranteed
by a government analyst to contain
no opiate or other harmful drug. They
break up colds, expel worms, cure
constipation and indigestion, in fact
they are good for all lho minor ills
of the little ones. The tablets are
sold by medicine dealers or by mail
at 25 cents a box from The Dr. Will-
lams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Out.
A Can Prizer
A broken fork would almost seem
to be the last thing ;n the world for
which a useful purpose could be
found, but iu a certain direction it can
bc made into a most, valuable kitchen
accessory. Grind or break off tne
prongs to Just that point where they
become one solid piece ln the. centre
of the fork. The purpose for which
it will then make a most excellent
tool is the prizing opeu of can lids oi
tinned syrup type. Materfamilias
will then have no more complaints
against Alary Jane for misuse and
damage to thc ordinary cutlery-
How to Change the Color of a Cat
Remarking tnat cold storai" is the
best method of preserving meat on
board ship, Professor P. A. Ellis Richards, lecturing at the Queen's College,
told the story of a certain cat, which
had slipped into thc hold of a "vessel
bringing meat from Buenos AyreB and
had been there immured for the whole
The animal fared excellently during
its Incarceration, as was apparent
when tho cold storage compartment
was opened in London and the cut
walked forth, plump and smiling. Thc
only difference observable was that
the Arctic rlajors of its rccer t environment had changed the color of its
Cur from bla-ik to white.
Suppose nil the telegraph lines In
the world could bc combined and join-
id In one straight line, they would
reach 881,000 miles, or enough to encircle the earth thlrty-slx times.
and to ihis total of twenty-one must
lip aiMed the fifteen or eighteen to he
constructed, malting thlrty-slx or thirty nluo that will be comprised iu the
his cnlciflntloiiB were correct.'
"Such a new wny hus actually beet!
discovered In radium which hns thc
power of giving out heat wlllioul illni-
ileoi iiionn nhout •IBM.  Great Britain S|ShtnB i„ weight.    One pound   of
I ■  "■-..La,.,,,•.,[,, in rommls-
alon, with eight launched nnd six   In
a,        ._ t oi construction.
The future   programmo,   Including
__>^ v ^ " \ \ \
"-Mi. -zr-,iX<
radium would keep a house warm for
2,000 years. Radium Is scattered
throughout, the earth's surfnee, and,
therefore. Lord Kelvin's calculations
aie worthless."
"Radium gives off helium, nud helium Is scattered throughout thc
enrth's crust," milled Professor Allen.
Thn nmount of helium given off by an
actual piece of rock could easily bc
measured. By comparing tho amount
of radium and of helium in a piece ol
rock lt would be possible to form
an estimate of the enrih's ngo, and If
tins were done it would bc found thut
tho earth was over l,b00,000,000 years
W, N. U. No. 890.
I'he number of new books published
Iln France in 1910 was 12,023, es
'ngalnst 5,142 In 1S12. But while In
other countries thc output of now literature in recent years has Increased
enormously, In France tho number of
books Issued between 1001 and 191H
exceeded Ihe number Issued between I
lStitl nml 1868 by only 104, the totals!
being 1211,025 and 120,521, respective-!
ly, '
WeU, WeU!
i uu
'I dyed ALL these
of Goods
^FnlH. the SAME Dye.
I used
NO cluneal ial.ilns.l.eWRO.a.0 Dye lor Hie Good.
one ho, (aa colatr. All colore Iron, you, Oral,,-..-, or
Dealer. FSSI:Cola,r Cardenal STORY Hooklo.lt,
The Jotamaon-KU-heraJeoo Cfc.   imlled,    	
You cannot afford brain-befogging headaches.
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
stop them ln quick time and clear your head. They
do not oontaln either phenacetln, acetanllld, morphine,
opium or any other dangerous drug. 25c. a box al
your Druggist's. ,2\
KSxccsHive drinkers do not drink because they want
to. Many a slave tn tin* drink-hub It has v.-.wlved to
quit, but can't. They need medical aid as much as
doef,  thy   typhoid fever pulfcnt. - ,
NEAL ThreeDay
•fr Liquor Cure
The Nenl internal treatment for the liquor habit ts the-crowning succors of medical sei en re. It OUres ttie excessive, habitual, periodical and
nervous drinker of all craving and desire Tor liquor In Three Days.
Thousands of business men have been treated at the Neal Institutes
in Canada and the United States during the last twelvo months. No
Hypodermic Injections are used. The Neut.ts a harmless vegetable
compound aamtnislered by a regular physician at tho Institute whero
every comfort of a refined home is afforded tho patient. Everything
strictly confidential    Write, phone, wire, or call for full particulars.
Neal Institute Co.,  Ltd.,
S20 13th Ave.  WVst,
405 Broadway,
2244 Smith St.
influenza, pink eye, epizootic, distemper and all note and
throat dlfteiiHca, cured, and all others, no matter how "ox-
nosed,'! kept from hitvlnif nny of these diseases with
often euro il eri.iia. One 50-cont bottlo guaranteed to do
hu. Best thine fui- linand mares. Acts on tho blood. jOc
and |1 a liottle. .1) and 111 a dozen bottles. Druggists
nnd harness shops. Distributors — AM, WIIOLESALU
SPOHN   MEDICAL CO., Chemists, Goshen, Indiana, U.S.A.
Every Eddy Match is a Sure. Safe Light
WHEN you strike an Eddy Match it alwaya light, easily
and   burn,   smoothly, with a steady even flame.
THESE perfect matches com. from first clan materials
and mechanically perfect  machines—under the  supervision of skilled workmen.
EDDY'S Matches are always full M.M. count—for sal. by
all good dealer, everywhere.
HULL, CANADA. Maker, also of Wooden
Pails, Tubs, .tc.
We Positively Guarantee
That a 25-Pound Pail of
International Stock Food
Will Save You $7.00
worth of Corn* or Oats
Because il promotes digestion and assimilation, aad
enables you lo cut down lhe grain ration 15% to
25% and still get better results. This saving ol
grain represents a saving of good hard cash lo you.
It will not cost you a cent if you are not satisfied.
See pur dealer in your town ot write ut (or particulars.   Mention
ihis pep .r and lhe stock you own and we will send you a Ktho,
size 16x22, cf our three champion stallion..
International Stock Food Co. Limited, Toronto
The Standard of Quality Shoe 1880
An experience of over sixty years in the Seed
sines* in Canada, and our long connection wilh
Ihe Bnt Growers of th* World, gives us advantages which few seed houses possess; added lo this,
our oar.ful lyiliiri of testing all our seeds for
purity and germination, and the great care exercised
in every detail of our business, brings to us every
•jeason  many  pleased customers,   to add   to  our
already large list of patrons.
SHOPPING BV MAIL Is a most fascinating,
enjoyable, and profitable pursuit. You can In a few
days, and with perfect safety, though far removed
from Ihe source of supply, have delivered at
your door—
Bruea's Ssedsi Tho Seats that aatlafy.
' Alt you require to do ii to und ua, a pant card a_.kl.i_. for our hand*
semely llluetrated 112 MS* Catalogue *t »••*•. Pleirte,
■uiss, Implements and Poultry a>u»*llea, which we will mail free
ofo*iar.e,«n<l on receipt of Mme nnd ui yourorder. Write far It naw ta
John A. Bruce & Co., Ltd, \^±^SSS±. TTTT3, STTV. fJWAND FORKS. ?.P-ITISH COLUMBIA
Olant Locomotive
One of tha largest locomotives In
tho world has just been built for the
Pennsylvania Railway. From the
coupler on the rear ot the tender the
length is 98 ft. 3% In. The w»t<r.. ot
the engine tn working order and with
tender loaded Is CC8.lia,a) lbs.
Overheard la a Street-Car.
There'e a lemon right there I
Little blemithee of complexion, null wrei, eruption!,
•poti, are not only unpleasant
to the penon afflicted, bnt are
the first thing noticed by ether
A little Zam-Buk applied at
night to spots, eruptions, sores
of any kind will do wonders.
Zam-Buk is not a greasy
preparation which will go rancid on your dressing table.
It is made from healing, herbal
extracts and essences. Always
pure, fresh and ready for use.
Doesn't lose Its power. Keeps
indefinitely. Healing, soothing
and antiseptic all the time.
Try Itl
SOe. boa all druagitl, and item,
bm Biifc
Every year the United States Imports between two million and three
million pounds of camphor.
A Remedy for Earache.—To have
the earache Is to endure torture. Tho
ear ia a delicate organ and few care
to deal with lt, considering It work
for a doctor. Dr. Thomas" Electric
Oil offers a simple remedy. A few
drops upon a piece of lint or medicated cotton and placed in the ear will
work wonders In relieving pain.
Tho whales cn""ht last year in the
North Pacific were the fattest ever
known- The blubber lay fifteen inches deep.
M'.nsrd's  Llnimtnt Cure.  Dandruff.
- It takes the average author two
years to write a book that the average
person can read ln two days.
Steamship companies in the British
Isles own over 8,000 vessels.
When a cloud appears in tlie sky,
which grows larger, it precedes n
storm. When you seo n cloud that
grows smaller and melts away, it is
(.ping to be fair.
Eczema Always
Burning and Itching
Used Box of Cuticura Ointment and
It Completely Disappeared.
" I have suffered from eczema for two year*.
Tho trouble began on one arm where there
appeared a red spot of about a live-cent bImi,
and It always widened, all tlie time Itching
and burning. The flrst daya I didn't care,
but seeing that It gained In size, I tried
— Ointment snd — Ointment, but both
without success. It wu always bunting and
Itching. Having seen ln the newspaper the.
advertisement of the Cuticura Remedies, I
tried a little, and seeing that it Improved,
I bought a box of the Cuticura Ointment.
Alter having used one box, my eczema completely disappeared. The Cuticura Olulmtmt
should be kept In every home." (Signed)
N. Ostlguy, Ilsrlevllle, Que., Jan. 11, Wl l.
A Generation of Success
Vet more than a generation Cuticura Sosp
and Cuticura Ointment hsve afforded the
speediest and most economical treatment for
Itching, burning, scaly and bleeding skin and
scalp humors, of young anil old. A single
set Is often sufficient. Bold by druggists
and dealers everywhere. For a liberal sample
of Cuticura Boap and Ointment, post-free
with 32-p. book on sktn eruptions, send to
Potter Drug A Chetn. Corp., sole props., 04
Columbus Ave,, Boston. U. S. A.  -
Call and let ut explain our Special Anti-Sagging, Anti-Friction and Accurate Sowing features.
Archdeacon Fisher was not without
a little vanity In respect to bis sermon, nnd once received a quiet hint
from Constable on the subject. Having preached an old sermon once,
which he was jiot aware thnt Constable had heard before, he asked hint
how ho Uked It.
"Very much, Indeed, Fisher." replied Constable, "I always did like
that sermon."
. We otter One Hundred Dollara Reward
for any caae if Catarrh that cannot be
cured .by Hall's Catarrh Cura.
P. J. CHBNBV fc CO.. Toledo, O.
We. the undersigned have known P. J.
Chen-ay for the last IB years, and believe
him perfectly honorable In all business
tranaactlons and financially able to carry
out »ny obligations made by his firm.
WsJdlng,  Klnnan * Marvin.
er .„   Woi'">£ Drundrtr Toledo. O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is laken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mue-
sua surfaces of the system.   Taatlmonlala
C'alflSuglffff* ""• »" **»*    ***
fiallon! F*m"y PUI* *** Con,U'
Hi. Function
Victor Hetnery, the noted French
lacing automoblllst. was praising an
American automobile. "I don't know-
why It should be so unpopular,' he
snid. "Perhaps it isn't advertised
enough. Al any rate, it is n very
much under-rated machine." "lt remind!, me of the mnn, whose*, wife
called to her llttlo son one cold winter night: "Tommy, go bring me up
tho bed-warmer." Tommy without
leaving his comfortable neat before
the clanking radiator, shouted down
stairs; "Fnther, mother wants you!"
The strike of some five hundred
PariB seamstresses for better wages
has disclosed tho fact that they make
less than fifty cents a day, working
ten hours.
Slickly slops courts, cm colds, haala
a throat aid Itxxat* 25 cants.
Retort Courteous
Young Author—Ah, I can read you
Jike a book. '
Society Miss—Well, If you can rend
me tho way your book has been read
I have nothing to fear.—Judge.
Leaves Bile and Other Poisonous Im
purities in the Blood.
The Whole System I. Cleansed and
Invigorated by
Lot the liver get sluggish and torpid
and there is trouble with all the vital
The tongue is coated, tlte head
aches, digestion fails. There Is fulness, fermentation, flatulency In thc
stomach. Tlie bowels are constipated and loose by turns. The kidneys
becomo clogged and Inactive. Even
the skiu tells of the poisoned state of
the system by pimples, blotches and
liver spots.
The action of the liver must be
awakened, and nothing can accomplish tills so quickly and so certainly
as Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
It is through the liver ami kidneys
alone that the blood can be frocd of
all its Impurities and the morbid mat-
tor which collects there wben the liver U torpid.
Many a suffering man and many a
despondent woman has lieen cured of
liver complaint and kidney derange'
ments by Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
Pills. By their direct nnd combined
action on both liver and kidneys they
have often proved successful when
mere kidney medicines have tailed.
Backache, Kidney Disease, Liver
Complaint, Chronic Indigestion nnd
Constipation are thoroughly cured by
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills. One
pill a dose, :5c a box, at all dealers,
or Ednianson, Bates & Co., Limited,
your druggist will refund inona'y If PAZO
OINTMKNT faiils to eure any case aaf
Ita-lilm.. Blind. Bieedlnir or Protruding
ni.-s in ti in M dnys.   r.o,-.
Asthma Doesn't Wear Off Alone. Do
not make the mistake ot waiting for
asthma to wear away by Itself. While
you are walling the disease is surely
gathering a stronger foothold and you
live ln danger of stronger and yet
stronger attacks. Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Asthma Remedy taken ear:y. will
prevent incipient conditions from becoming chronic and saves hours ot
awful suffetlng.
Labouchere, of Lonclon Truth, in his
long career as editor and publisher,
received hundreds of writs for libel,
but the highest damages ever obtained
against Truth up to 1910 amounted to
£600, and the napcr has only lost six
or eight actions.
Dysentery corrodes the intestines
anil speedily eats away the lining,
bringing about dangerous conditions
that may cause death. Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial clears the
Intestinal canals ot the germs lhat
causes the inflammation, and by protecting the lining from further ravages restores them to healthy condition.
Those subject to. dysentery should not
bo without this simple yet powerful
Where Was He?
"Walter." he complained, "I smell
fresh paint."
"If you'll just wait a minute, sir,"
answered the obsequious functionary,
'"those ladies will have gone away."
A Pill for All Seasons—Winter und
summer In any latitude, whether In
torrid zone or Arctic temperature,
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills can bo depended upon'lo do their work. The
dyspeptic will find them a friend always and should carry them with him
everywhere. They are made to withstand any climate and are warranted
to keep their freshness and strength.
They do not grow stale, u quality not
possessed In many pills now on the
Bakers in Frnnce are subjected to
certain unusual rules aud regulations.
In large fortified towns, for Instance,
they must always have a certain slock
iu hand in case of war. Not only thin:
but everywhere they have to deposit
n sum of money in the hands of tue
municipal authorities as a* security of
good conduct; and the law, uot con
tent with merely looking nfter their
weights and measures, actually decide tho price at which bread Is
A sash lock makes an effective substitute for a bolt on a door and casing
arc flush with eaca otner.
On Tlm.
Some squander time, somo Invest It,
some kill It. That precious half uour
a day which many of us throw away,
rightly used, would save us from the
ignorance which mortifies us, the narrowness and pettiness which always
attend exclusive application to our
One ot the moBt extraordinary freak
societies ever known has J"-.-', been
started in .ieiiiiu by the Baroness
Mohu. It is known ns the "Big Feet,"
Its object being to spread the theory
that big feet nro not only lieuliny, but
Hydrophobia Is now so rare lu Em*
ope that the cases have averaged only
one per annum during the lust ten
Minards Liniment for .ale .verywh.re.
As soon as a man outgrows n foolish
notion, a younger mau comes along
and picks It up.
Recognized as the leading specific
for tho destruction of worms, Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator has proved a boon to suffering children everywhere.    It seldom fills.
W. N. U. No. 890.
Of the 822 vessels with a tonnoge
of 2,034,030 built at British shipyards
last year, practically all were of steel,
and 09 per cent, of the tonnage consisted of steam craft.
German postal authorities arc experimenting with a small tniee-wheel-
ed automobile for the use.ot letter
no word to express
the efficacy of
in the treatment
Kidney* Don't Cure
 ty need mcati help aa Nature proviale*
Au excellent aid to impaired kidneys i.
* sweet nilrc. It is one of the curative
iila in OR. CLARK* SWE&T
'ITREFILLS and ia helped It, ita (AM
Sweety it re
work by live other aplentlid mead. /
' inea.   Take   DR.   CLARK'S fl
~.VKKT NITRE Plug at\
once when you have lame
beck, plains In the jolnta,
-rate before the eyea, frequent
hrnilaehea, etc.   They help you to I™.,,,
SOU keep you well.    Md everywhere
Uty ccnla a box ot mailed direct by
Winnipeg, Canada 45
K..,r. K.    STEAMSHIP?;
Weekly   Sailings   to   and   From
Prepaid Passages
All Railway Station*
Manitoba, Alberta,  Saskatchewan
Britlah Columbia.
At lowest rites.   For reservation*
tleketi, dotallf, •*• local atonti or
J. S. Carter, Gen. Agont, Winnipeg
speclallit, r College St. Toronto.
When Your Eyes Need Cere
Try Murine Eye Htmedy. Mo Smarting—Feels
Flue— Acts Quickly. Try It for Red, Weak,
Watery Eyes and Granulated Eyelid*. Illustrated Book ln each Package. Murine Is
com pounded by our OcullHls-not a "Patent Mod-
lrlni."—but used ln ttlm.ui*.fill PliynU-lanf.' Practice for many yeara. Nn* dedicated to the Public and mid by DnigglfltN at Ste and 60c per Bottle.
Murine Kye fiulTe lu Asepilc Tubes, 25c and Wo.
Murine lye Remedy Go.» Chicago
._.._,__,  tun   uu   luaalta   liuuj  Clay,   Oitkue
•r Hand. lull Information upon request.
aThe Berg Machinery Mfg. Co., Limits*
Toronto, Ont
Railways calling (or men with a
knowledge of Telegraphy, Freight,
Ticket and Daggago work. Big demand owing to so much construction
going on. Good salaries to begin.
Regular books and wires from railways Insures you practical work and
a position when qualified. Free Book
19 explains. Write Dominion School
Telegraphy, Toronto.
The Arlington Co. of Canada, Ltd.
.8 Irasri Ave, Toronto. Oaitano
UAUC Vnl I s Lump in lhe Breast, oi
llniL IUU a Growth oa any part ot
the body, or a Sore diet will not heal >
lf you have, write, describe the trouble, end
mention this paper and we will mall FREE ie
plain envelope, particulate of the
Painless Home Treatment
Write to.day.
10 ChercMIl An., Taraale.
Women Must Have
help nt times, if they would avoid
headaches, backaches, lassitude,
extreme nervousness. The really
superior remedy for them—
known the world over and tested
through   three  generations—is
Mas. Winslow's Soothino Svbit lias been.
axecl lor over SIXTY YKAKSby MILLIONS of
NOTH8KS for their CHILllKl.N WHILE
800THXH tlio CHILD. BOFTBNS the OL'Mli
1> the best remedy for 1HARKHO.A. It is its
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Winslow's Soolhinf Syrup," and Uke *o elhef
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Sold everywhere,
Io boxes. 25c.
Troublesome Account
"liy liusbnnd has given me a chocking account."
"Isn't that lovely? Now you can
buy anything you want und lust write
out ii cheque for It."
"Yes. I'm rnther sorry on oue account, tliotign. lt seems such n lot
ot trouble to havo to write out a
chequo for one's car fare, especially
when the cars are crowded."
The International Dry Funning
Congress tn bo held at Lethbridge
next fall Is to bo attended by over
one thousand over-sen delegates, representing practically all Europeun
countries. The Duke nnd Duchess nf
Connaught ure expected tii open tlie
look bctt?:, nt better, wear longer, and
give better sntlsfu ction than other makea.
Thoy are tho result of &6 years accumulated knowledge, una cxi-cricncu In
building High Grudo Shoes.
Stocked by leading dealers ISvorywhart
In Canada.
the John Mcpherson co., ltd.,
Hamilton. Ont.
You si'll 30 l-oatltlful Houviiilrs nt 5c.
each, llli'n n-nal un $1.50 ailial Waa will s*ml
outllt prepaid. Other Klris for lioye nml
Klrls. We trust you. write for Souvenir*.
London, Ont.
Only the uninformed endup.* the
agony of corns. Tlio knowing ones
apply ilullowuy's Corn Cure and get
He Got His Board Free
There was never hut one giies; nt
this here hotel thnt stung me whllo
I wns on the job," thc landlord con-
llded. "Several havo beat us, but not
whllo I wns awake. Uut this here feller certainly got ono on mo. Sny,
he's Hvin' hero yet, nn* he ain't never
paid me a cent. Why don't I collect
his bill? How can I? Wait till I
tell you.
"He's been stoppln' here for near
two months when I approached him
on the subject of gettin' something on
account. Ho was cheerful. I was polite. Finally I got mud und put it up
to him straight.
" 'Young man,' snys I, you ean t
leave this hotel till you pay your
" 'Will vou put that   In   wri'1
says he.   And before I knowed what I
was doing I had done It!"
(She wus n very naughty girl to put
the subscriber on thc wrong number,
and she ought tn have known better.
Being in  n  hurry,  mo  euusorlber
promptly miked for a box ror two.
flut wo don't have boxes for Iwo,"
snid a stnrtlcd voice nt the otlier cult
of tho Hue.
"Why, isn't this the Frivullty Theatre?" 110 Inquired.
'No," was tho reply. "This Is Graves the undertaker."   ,
Send for free sample to Dept. N.U.,National Drug & Chemical Co., Toronto. THE  SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
When Eyes Grow Dim
With Age
Gliisst.* become an imperative necessity, uiiii the Importance of giving the eyes proper care obtrudes
itself on the dullest understanding.
Our skilled optician is qualified to
test your eyes in a thorough and
reliable manner. Our glasses never
fail to give satisfaction. Examination Free.
A. 0. MORRISON nv.*i85.8ND
QRAND  PORKS, B. C.      x
iibllshrtil at Uranil Forks, llrltlaliColaimlil
la. A. Evans  Editor and Publisher
majority of the members undoubtedly voted for the resolutions sent
to Ottawa because they thought the
building might be improved, but
others acted simply with a view of
delaying construction. They have
not yet abandoned the hope of moving thc foundation to Winnipeg
avenue. Of course, everybody would
like to see lhe new postoflico built
out of nice pressed brick, and sur
mounted by an itnpos ng clock
tower. Rut after the material is on
the ground, is it not too late to ask
for these changes? If the Conser-
servative association ia sincere in it8
A«i.i,»«hl.p.o.r..nbe»en.ttheomo.l.de8ire t0 *»lVe   b«n<bome   buildings
*im\trm*\\AVi*^^ !»>» dU1   U   D0'
',lm*%rVa1*\*W f0r deCent   ■jre8Be(J
'»!*• ] brick and a striking clock   for  the
_ | new   court hoasse.   It   conld have
au»soHiPTiosB»iss! j acted with some effect in this case,
__"• !•__' .,- 'i *_'!X because the actual cost of this build-
One Vear (in advance)  l.'rll
One Year, in United States  u*> I log is still a matter of conjecture.
Address ull communications to .
The Bvkninq Sun, . ,
chose mt Gband Kokks, B.C      lT  tMust be apleasant pastime
to originate and print tales regarding
tbe Doukhobor society,because these
peculiar  people  never   read    tbe
papers,  and  therefore the editor is
not often  bothered  with demands
for  retraction.     As   a   rule,  Peter
Veregin does not talk for  publics
tion,  unless the  interviewer  hap
pens  to he a bosom  friend of  his
Even    if they   were   to    removi
from    the     localities    in    whieh
they   are  now settled twenty yenis
after   their   last land purchase, we
fear that that time is too remote fi r
any practical benefit to the present
generation.   It is a more rational
dream to hope that in twenty year?
they will have learned to conform to
the customs of the land to such an
extent that   we  shall be proud to
have them for neighbors.
until they succeed in holding the' cnltnre, will visit Grand Forks on
work up indefinitely. Some of them Friday, May 31, in connection witb
have not yet recovered from the tan- demonstration and inspection work.
trums into which they were thrown; 	
because they failed to" sell the 'gov-j Fred KoneJ'- w1'" ha8 1,een '•■ lhe
eminent a site for the building.  The Cottage   hospital   for three or four
weeks receiving treatment for blood
poisoning, contracted from' a brass
shell striking him in the face, has
recovered sulliciently to resume his
former occupation.
The Phoenix Baseball club defeated Grand Forks at the fair
grounds in this city last Sunday by
a fcoro of o to 4.
FRIDAY, MAY 3, 191.
Thk members of the city council
are very busy at present superintending the construction of sidewalks in the immediate vicinity of
their property interests, and in keep
ing' a close watch on the essential
ftstttii'ds 'if tb. sll try bylt.v. The
time is therefore inopportune to ask
them to do anything else. In fact, it
seems almoBt like an impertinence
on the part of the ratepayers to make
such a request. Yet The Sun has
b *en requested by a number of the
heaviest taxpayers in the city to
draw the council's attention to the
condition of the street, road or trail
from   upper   Bridge  Btreet to the
Gieat     Northern    station.     This     «.,.„.. „ .,       ., •   .,.,    a,
,     .   . When you see it in The Sun you
should be a street, but in Us present , ... .   „,. .     *
,  .       . '., .       ,,.,', can be BUre it is correct.  This paper
condition   lt would be a libel on a   , ...       ,    ,       .        '   ,
, ,, .   . t  ■    "0e8 ""' belong to that class of Inlsi-
trail to call it by that  name,    lt is i. ,    r ..       .
j boomers who believe they   aie  ren
such   a   poor makeshift for a trail: .   .     .,   . .
■ ., dering their community a service I y
that two men are said  to have   lost     ,,'.,_, •  , ,
.    , , adding half a dozen ciphers to a re 1
their wav on   lt last week  in going i    , ,   ,
' , .        ,,,       ;estiite transaction, or hy magnifying
from tbe city to the station.    \\t*ilo| ...    .       „ .  .   .,    '
•      ,          a public improvement to three or
not expect that this notice will have1, . ■„       ,    ,   ■        ,     _.
' *     f . tuiir   times   Us actual size.    In the
the desired effect; but we have done I     ... ., ,    .. ,
'   . . eiul lliese mi-giiuleil enthiisiasts  do
our duly  m   directing  attention lo
The following is the maximum
and minimum temperature for each
day during the past week, ns re
corded hy the government thermometer on. Cooper Bros.'ranch:
Friday  61
Saturday  63
Sundiy  62
Monday  56
Tuesday     57'
Wednesday  64
Thursday  63
Ranfall during week, 0 56 inches.
Rainfall for past month, 1.31 inches.
SI        TJ! .     Islnvitii
oda fountain c'r.
i, Sanitary
and Up-to-Date
Onlv Pure Fruits and /^     1        \      C*
juices are used. Our Curlew lce-Liream
is unequalled for richness and flavour.
The Rexall Druggists
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokane, May 2.—The following are today's opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
Bid. Asked
Granby Consolidated. 56 00 59 00
B. C.   Copper       4.85     5.25
the uiailter.
The local Conservative association ii* still tinkering with the new
posti fliee buil ling Tne members of
that orgniizition  will not be hap| y
end ihesa-
uioie harm than
I.  Hurin, foul brool inspector of
the provincial department i f  agri-
Dissolution of Copartnership
NOTICK is hereby given  that the
partnership heretofore existing  between II ,1. Lutley aud W.  J.   Guli-
peuu   Ims   been dissolved by mutual
cunsunt    The business will in future
lie carried on by \V.  J.   Galipeau &
Go,, who assume all debts of the old
linn and to whom all bills are payable.
H. J. Lutley,
W. J. Galipeau.
GrandForks B.C., April 26, 11)12.
e are prepared to give the people of Grand Porka
all the Choicest cuts ot "
Beef, Mutton, Pork,
Veal and Poultry
Of AH Description
Fish, Oysters and all the
Delicacies of the Season
P. BURNS 8 CO., Ltd.
Hoi.y Tiiinity Ciiuhcu, Henry Steele,
Hector—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
and sermon, 11 a.m.; evensong and
■iermoti, 7:30 p.m.; aSwiday school, 10
a.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will lie celebrated at
the 11 a in. service us well as at 8
at ill. Week day and special services
is thev are announced from time to
time You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you.
Knox l'liEsiivTEitiAX Ciiuhoii—
Sabbath services at 11 n, in. and 7:3U p.
an.; Siibbath school anil l-ilile class at
9:45 t>.Ill, All are cordially invited.
Seats fro-.    Hev. M. D, McKee,   pas-
Methodist Church J. Rev. Calvert, D.O., Pastor,—Sunday services,
11 a. in. uud 7:30 p.in.;Sunday school,
2:80 p.m.; Epworth League, Monday
ut 8:00 p. in.; prayer meeting, Wednesdays, aS p.m.; Junior League, Fridays, 7:00 p.in. Everybody will he
Baptist  Ciiuhoii,   Hev.   II.   VV.
: Wright, pastor.—Services on Sundav
it   II a. in. ami 7:30 p.  in.;  Bible
j i*l .1- nml aSuitiliav school at Id a m.
Tlie high price of living lias
I not affected our job printing
price**).' We're are still doing
j nigh class commercial work of
all hinds at prices satisfactory
in you.
The following are the returns of
thenre production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granby 24,185
Mother Lode  i.,o:.:i
Rawhide  B, 189
Jackpot      380
Others      380
Smelter treatmen—
Oranby 2f),665
B.C. Copper Co... 9,246
Metal Qaotations
New Yoiik, May
standard copper,
I/indos,     May   2
lead, £16 10s.
2.—Silver   61;
-Silver,   28£;
Motocycle—It's the moat faf.rl.iat •
_ lug of ull modern vehicles. Gives y.m
thu moans to bo anywhere at any time ou a
moment's untie*;. Cost of operating i* only
lu per mile. Free cosine clutch and magnet-;
on all 1912 models. For particulars write of
officii aaw block
How dues your ga"<l<*n g 'owl
•    That depends" on tlie kind of Hoes, Spades, Forks mid
Rakes you use.
We sell Garden Tools which it won't break your back
to use und make gardening n joy. At thc same timi* they
themselves won't break, but will give good long service.
Nor will we "break you'when you buy your (.union
Tools and Hardware from us.
Look (Sow
If yeu hnve decided to take •
•it nemo r ootUkSOi now Is tho tl. o
te look ovor the Classified Ada.
fer ccUAV.tt te rent.
Yeu vim get a mora Mtlafao-
tor/ toioctlon now than yeu will
later en.
Or If yeu wish ta tana aaaraere
or have places ta rant, naw la tha
time to piece yeur Classified Ad.
Hansen 8 Mullen I
F. Downey's Cigar Shire
Pi anikVk iimtni»cB, it™ Flrjtt Sireet |
Ml'I.KM.'H Ui.aaiiar.Ni-i, ItlK
Sunrise    Mineral   Cluim,    situate   In   tin*
Irainl   Forks Mining Division of Yule 1)U-
Wlvri' located:    In Welliiigt.Jii viiinp.
TAKK NOTICE that I, Joseph Alfred Miller.
I I'i... Miners' Ortitlcute No. 1143780, hi-
tend, alxty iln- h fflKMii tin- diiti. Iiert'of, to Up*
lily to the MlninuRecorder for u Certifloatp
m Iiniirovcoif>iit, forthe imrpose of obtuln-
inir ftCrowii (iratttqf the abovo «lnlm.
And further take nntloe tlmt aotlim. minor
fi'ctlou ''•", must he ooinnii-iicfl'l before the
l*".ii;Hiif oi flMiic.li Certllleate of Improve*
Dated this Mil. day of Apt.I. ft LD. 1011,
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosnhonol restores every nerve In the body
rntjBjjnuuui     (t| ^^ tension! restores
___. „  .-.,.- _, restores
Vlftkand vitality, rrematurc decay and all HXUM
weaVnest averted at once, fhosphonol will
make you a new mau. Price $3 a box. or two l<»r
»5, Ivfailed to nnv nAAwr,. Th« Soobell Drug
Co,.Bt.Catharlooa. Ont.
(I'lihllshed Atiiiuully)
Kiml'lf" truler- tliroouhotit  the  world lo
iMiiiiiiMiiiifutinlin'ft with Kntillth
In Kiieli cluMKof Koods,   IteHldns behiK « crnn-
pi' it*   fl'iiiiiiiu'ii-.iil  u'tiiih- to  Loudon imi'l  Hit
■oiliin hs, thp dlvf'tor> eootnlun lint!- of
with the Hoods they ship, nnd the Colonial
and KorOlieu MnrketHthey supply;
urranired under the Vorts to which they sail
and iiidicuiiiiu' theupproxlmate SalHtiKi;
.     uk)	
the prliHMpul umvltiL'tnl towns and liidiutrlu!
of lendttiR Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., In
the principal nrnvlnclnl towns s
ai'ntrcsof the United KluRdoin.
A copy of the our rent edition will be for*
warded, freight paid, uu receipt of Postal
Urder (nr 20ft.
Healers Pecking Agencies can mlvortl-V
tbelr traile cards for tl, or larger advertisements from £3,
25, Aheliurch Lniio, Tendon, K.C THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Repairs, when necessary, always in
stock at Vancouver,   bold by*
W. K. C. cTWanlr
Egg-Lavine Contest
Tliu si.vtlimontlil v record of the international egg-laying contest, under
the joint auspice* of tlie British Columbia Poultry association, Vancouver
exhibition board and the provincial
government, up to April 20, 1912:
1'en.        Class I. Eggs Laid
2—White Leghorns  404
9—White Leghorns  367
4—White Leghorns  327
14—White Leghorns  305
6—White Leghorns  279
10—White Leghorns  279
3—White Leghorns  269
19—Whtie Leghorns  246
22 -Buff Leghorns 2 34
12—White Leghorns 235
23—White Leghorns  233
8—White Leghorna 210
20—White Leghorns.  196
18—White Leghorns  194
li—Urown Leghorns   187
13—White Leghorns  186
17    White Leghorns  186
16—White Leghorns....'    177
1—White Leghorns   171
7—Whits Leghorna    170
21—Mottled Aneonas "  150
II—White Leghorns....   133
15—White Leghorns   -Do
l'en.        Class II. Eggs Laid
39—BUff Orpingtons  350
31—Rhode IsliH Keds  320
38—White Wyandottes  317
88—Rhode Island Keds  31G
34—White Wyaudottes  304
40—Silver Laced Wyandottes.., 260
20—Birred Rocks..'.  240
29—Buff Hocks  240
37—Barred Bucks  217
32—Rhode Island Beds  2U
35—Barred Bocks   176
36—Partridge Wyandottes    169
30—White Wyandottes  163
25-Buff Orpingtons   162
27—Silver Pencilled Wyandottes 123
28—Columbian Wyandottes  107
Average price received for eggs during the month, 33 cents per dozen.
Pell temperature: Highest 63 degrees, lowest 81, average mean 47.08.
Ilain fell on sis days; frost was present on live inornllies] seven davs were
wil aoutsunshine. The weather during the month was the best experienced since the contest started. Brilliant sunshine was reported on every
dav, except the days already enumerated.
Blasting is still carried on, and is
sulli'jiently heavy to interfere very
seriously witli hatching operations of
nearby residents. Several nave reported total losses of several sittings
so far owing to the explosions. . i
The mouth just past, together with
next month, are the periods generally
recognised as those in which the
heaviest egg production occurs. This
fact, together with the favorable climatic conditions which prevailed, ae.
counts for the very creditable records
made during tlie mouth, in class 1,
pen I',) claims the distinction of being
tlie first pen in the contest to touch
or pass the century mark, On one occasion six eugs were laid in oie dav,
and on six days live eggs were laid
daily, and on six days four eggs were
produced dining each 24 hours,
Other pens deserving especial men
tion are | ens 4 (9(1), 22 (95), 12
(95), 14 (91), 6 (92',9 (9u), 6 (89),
11 (89-), 18(86), 17 (83), 16(82), 23
Tlie following pens produced six
eggs in one day: IU (twice), 17, 1, 7,
9, 4 (once each).
In this month's standing pen 19
goes up three places, pen 5 displaces
peu 10 for lifth position, pen 12 moves
up two notches, pen 18 ousts ).eu 6,
'ind pen 1 drops tivo [daces.
Pen 8 deserves special mention for
producing 75 eggs with only five pullets throughout the month.
The first case of broodiness among
class 1 occurred during the month, pen
iO furnishing a pulle'.
In class 2, the pens pn duciug the
largest nuniher of eggs were: l'en 32
(102), 29 (9(1), 38 (87), 39 (87),
and 28 (77). Pen 40 managed to
hold sixth place, but by the appear
ance of the pullets, their performances during the first tlnei or four
months seems to have coiupletelv exhausted their laying powers. The list
less manner in which they move alim t
indicates lack of constitution and stay
ing power.
Tlie following pens laid six eggs in
one day: 29, 32, 39 and 38. Broodiness was rcponsihlefor the following
birds' removal from the pen during
the month: Pens 25 (3 birds), 29 |
(4), 30(1). 31 (2), 35 (I), 36 (1),
All the runs were swept and  litter
cleaned nut during the month,    Bach
run   wus also partly, dug up.    (arten
food in the shape of clover, chick weed,
and dandelion is supplied   regularly,;
anal   much  relished   liy all the birds.
The fowls in   class 1   consume more:
green   fond   than   the   fowls in the j
heavy class.
CI I?       fl1!
A Statemenl of Facts Backed
by a Strong; Guarantee
We guarantee immediate and positive relief to all sufferers from constipation, ln every case where bur remedy fails to i'o this w'o will return the
money pail us tor it. That's a frank
stateiuet of facts, and we want you to
substantiate tliem at uur risk.
Kexall Orderlies are eaten just like
candy, are particularly prompt and
uirreeahle in action, may lie taken at
any time, liny or night; do not cause
diarrhien, nausea, griping, excessive
looseness, nr other undesirable effects
They.'huve ft very mild but positive
action upon tile organs with whicli
they eeiue iu contact, apparently acting as a regulative tonic upon the re
laxed muscular coat of the bowel,
thus overcoming weakness, ami aiding to restore the bowels to a inure
vigorous and healthy activity.
Hexall Orderlies are unsurpassable
and ideal for the use of children, old
folks and delicate persons. We cannot
tuo highly recommend them to all sufferers from any form of constipation
and its attendant evils. That's why
we back our faitli in them with our
promise of money hack if they do not
give entire satisfaction. Three sizes;
12 tablets 10 cents, 36 tablets 25
oents, and 80 tablets 50 cer.ts. Remember, you can obtain Bexall lleiu-
edies in Grand Korks only at oui
store—The Bexall Store 11 E. Wood
Many live wire's get short circuited
Reasonable Prices
For thc noxt UO days I will
give a 10 per ceilt discount
on all work if you tiring tins
Dr L. S. Eastman
3 .v 4 Zr.iiai.nii 1'ii.in'K,
N. E. Con. RiVKnsiDK ilt IIowaiih.
By the Barrel or Carload
JUST ARRIVED   A  full line of Seed Grain
and Garden .Seed.
McNeil   &  Henniger
NOTICK In herein irlveii tint George Alex-
glider -limit Hell, of lot 1611, l'. 0. Hox
HlH,GramJ Portia, will apply for a Hceuco tn
tuUe atitl tue one oiibla fool iter geaoml of
water nut nf Kortli KurU Ket'le Klver < reek,
which IlitwH In a Southerly direction ihronuh
Lot 8871 and conn let* into Kettle Kiver hear
(irutid Porks. The water will be diverted op-
itcisiti' the towimhr nf Niutrtmi, and will he
used for trrljrnilpti purposes oti tlio ht >d do-
-.crihed un Km it Lil lid, about 1**1 nor. 6.
Thli notioe wai posted on the ground on
the 80th day ol Muroh, 1918 ihe ammo ation
will bo tiled in the office of the Wuter Re-
foiiliT at Kuirvlew.
pbie<-tlonfl muy In* Hied with the suid
Water Renorder »r with thu CniniitrMter of
Water lights, Parliament Uulldlpga, Victoriu, H.C.
(i. A.S. BELT.,
We Shoe Shop
Repairing of every description neatly and
promptly done.
Shop Next CP.R. Hotel. Columbia, B.C.
The Bsautiful Picture for Grand Forks Sun and Mon
treat Family Herald and Weekly Star Subscribers
this Season.   r^An Inspiration of Love and
Affection—<^A Picture that will be like a
Member of  the  Family—A   Daily
Study for Old and Young
'PllK Family Ilomlcl nml Weekly Slur of Montreal, nnknowlcrlged to he
I     the greatest mul lienl family nnd fiirm pnper mi tin* continent, Ims on
tunny ncoiiHiiuiH given ils renders mntl delightful "premium picture,
hut this Beaaoil ihey hnve secured what in beyond unv ipiestion of doulit
ilie beat picture ever offered.newspaper reader! It is entitled "Home'
Again" and describes a touching but joyful incident between two friends
wbo meet after anxious separation, e
"Laddie,'1 a collie dog, famous for his beauty and gentleness, winners
nl mnny prizes nl dog snows, Ilie pride ol lhe family nnd neighborhood,
tins been stolen, nnd idler ninny dnys' absence lie escapes une night from
bis captor nnd returns Iiiiiiii.'nun snowy winter's morning with lhe rnpe
whicli he broke in his struggles for freedom dangling from his collar,
His familiar '"irk brings bla little mistress, Miiijuric, to the door nnd
rIic throws hernrins nround lieitrustv pliiviniile's neck with cries of joy
which bring Iter mother nml brother to the door, "Laddie" is equally
delighted lo be "Home Again." nnd answers her welcome by^putting bis
paws on her slioulder nnd resting bis hend against her breast with n little
whine, which in his dog language means—"Where 1 love is Home."
The sweet-faced young mother, n womnn of soft curves, tender eves
nnd pnrted lips—the two glad-eyed children—nn enger boy with hnir like
his mother's and thequiok.gesliireof excited boyhood; the warm-hearted
ull ovcr tho world. I girl with rippling locks, her affectionate arms around the shaggy neck of
Its articles nro carefully selected nnd ] the henutiful collie, nil go to form n picture  thnl will win n favored plnce
53tt SSiaatafc
THE 8TANDARO la tho National
Weekly Newspaper of the Dominion
<>t Canada. It Is national ln all Its
It uses tlie most expensive engravings, procuring tho photographs from I |,js mother's and the qUloS gcsllin
Its    editorial    policy    Is    thoroughly
A subscription to Tho Standard
costs $2.00 per year to "any address in
Canada or Great Britain.
TRY IT FOR 19121
Montreal  Standard  Publishing Co.,
Limittd, Publiihere.
on the walls of nny home.
The picture is by the celebrated artist, Arthur .1. Klsley, famous for
bis skilful nnd sympathetic painting of children nml animal's.
The bcniilifiil picture "Hom9 Again" on bwy plate pnper 22x'_!9
inohes nil ready for framing will be mailed PUKI. to every subscriber of
The Wun and Kiimilv Herald nnd Weekly Slur for 1012
The smnll sum of (1,60 will secure (lie two pnpei- for n full yenr in-
iciuding a co'py of the charming picture "llmne Again," whlph alone is
(easily worth ii Iwo dollar bill, in fact it could not he botlghl at llint price,
I Kvery borne in lhe Boundary should get tbe big 11.60 worth this
' season.
1 he Oliver 1 ypewriter
for 17 Cents a Day!
I'lciiM' read ihe iiuadlliiefover ngnin. Thru it*
rretnendotia riupttlunucc will  Iuwn uimu yuu
An Oliver Ty im writer—the Rtaiidnrd vlalbh
writer-the moat highly i»-r. ted typewrite"
hi tin* iii.iri.ct •yuura (nt' 17 rent-,    any!
The typewriter whuHironqueii ol Ihet'Oii
miTfltil world isti matter "I hUiorv—your* in
17 ii'hn ii dayi
The typewriter that I* equipped wltliaoureiol
Sllfli   CUIlVtMllt'lUie*   lis   'Mill)   hull.ure   Sllltt""
"l!ie Uulliiv Di'viie"- "the nmibla UeleHao"-
"I hu     l.«.eNin«itlve     Hn•.-"--■'The      AiiImiiih 1,'
.SpHoer"—" I'lio   Automatic T«hnlutor"—"The
-"Ilie Adjii.-iahlv !■.,-
*rKhi([ura,,-"Thfl Sei-
eitniie Coudeliwd Koy
Yours (or 17
Gents a Day!
  We ummneeil   tlilt*
ew miles .'lun recently, just to feel the pulie id
the people. Simply « kiuhU tw-.il payment-
then 17 cent* a day. Thut is the via" in u nutshell.
Tlm remit Imf heen HUOh a deluge of h|.|i1ich
tlom hir iiiitehiuei thui wu are limply ai-
Tha demand cornea irom people of «n ciuue*,
nil agon, nil ocoupati6ua,
Tho majority nl liiniilrleshu.Heoiiie.fri.iii  pen
lent  ItllOWn  Itiiitm-iiil  MmidlllK whu  WereHl
traated in the novelty 61 the pu.pi.___. "on, An
tmpremvedemouitratlon «>f thn iiinnen-e pop*
uiarlty nf ihe Oliver Typewriter
A  MttrtlhiK iiniHriinitioil ol OUT heilel   Unit
the Km ni (Julvenal Typewriting U ai band,
A Quarter of a Million People
are 1 ; t tf Mney with
New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 190Q.)
Is a dozen bpoka in one, covering the'
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It is-u pracical book, useful
to at Land necessary to most men en
gaged in nny branch of the coppofl
Its fuels will jmss muster with the
trained scientists, nnd ita language is
easily understood liy the everyday
nm!].. It give? the plain facts in plain
Knglish without fear orfavnr.
It lists ami describes 4636 copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the worki, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pnges, according
to importance of tho propel ty,
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the hook for
the furls it gives him about mines,
mining and tlie metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about mining, mining investment* and copper statistics,
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain Knglish.
Price is $5 in Buck ram with gilt
top; $7.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, aud
may be returned within a week of re
ceipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J.  Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
453 Postoffice Block, '
Houghton. Michigan.
The Standard I 'isihle Writer
lh<- Oliver Typewriter i« n mdiioy-inakei
right (mtn the word "sol"  Kueatrtp nni iimi
heiMnnern BOOH net hi lhe "OXpori"olai*.    Kuril
»n v.ni learn Lot tho machine rny the it cent*
ii tin-,   mi.i nil above thai l*> youra,
Wherever jrou are. thero la work to !»■ <i	
nml money lo be made by iminii (he ohver. Tbo
hii-iiii-- world li calling for Oliver operator*,
There nre uol onoiigh in RUppltf tho demand.
Thelrialartei ure miil-Tniily aoovo Ihoae nt
inaiiy.flaaeaol tvorkori,
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
Thui la tho bailie ory today, ffo havo made
the Oliver iiiproine In iiHfulnoHand absolutely
lndlspeii*ab!o In bublueas. Now oomei the enn
*|iii'Ni n( the hnni".
Thaalmpllclty nml nnngtb nrthe Ollvor nt it
Inr iiiiiilly use. It I- heeninlnu mt ItnportAUl
(Hitnr In tlio home it-iiiiluu of young pcoplo.
All itlui'illnr a- well uh il HiniieV imih-r.
Onr new nlllng plan puti the ullver nu tin*
ihrenhoid nf every home in America, win vou
ein-e iha door ol your Itutno or oQloo on thli ro-
inarhable Oliver olTpr?
Write inr further detail* of onrejuy dflor and
afrrccopj of ttienawOllVfircnuUog,  a«1- re—
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
Oliver Tjjwvrriwr Bollillng,
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1, 1912, it. will be advanced to $2.UU.
Serials and Other Stories.
The 52 Issues of 1912 will Contain
the equivalent of 30 volumes of iln-
ln-st reading, Including nearly 300
Stories, Articles hy Famous Wrlten,
Athletic! for Hoys, dials wilh Girls,
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Tha Companion for 1912 will receive
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Tha Companion'* Picture Calendar
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every one making a gift subscription).
Then The Companion for the B2
weeks of 1912 -.11 for $1.75- your
last chance at this price. On Jniu:nry
1, 1912, it will be advanced to %2.
few Sabicriptiou RtctirtJ at Thia Offic* THE SUN. GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA
Sweeet Little Harry
"Ma," snid little Harry, "I'lT tell
'•What, dear?'' his mother asked.
"You ought to go over and live in
some country where the people sre
"What on earth ever put such a
thought as that Into your head, darling?"
" 'Cause over there they think all
fat women are beautiful."
"Harry! If you dare to open your
mouth again this evening you will be
sent to bed with nothing to cat."
Mlnsrd's Liniment Curst Burnt. Etc.
While the great Roumanian scheme
tor a pipeline from the oil fields ol
the sea hangs lire, several new pipelines aro being constructed In the
country, notably by English interests.
It Is the intention lo lay two lines,
each of four inches diameter, one foi
heavy crude and the other for light,
between Moreni and Floesti.
Her Health Mutt Be Carefully Guarded At She Comes to
Every mother who calls to mind her
own girlhood knows how urgently her
daughter is likely to need help and
strength during the years between her
school days and womanhood. Then
lt In that growing girls droop, become fragile, bloodless and nervous.
Nature is calling for more nourishment than the blood can supply, and
signs of distress are plainly evident
in dull eyes, pallid cheeks, weak
and aching backs, a languid step, fits
of depression, nervousness and a dislike for proper food. These signs
mean anaemia—that is bloodlessness.
The watchful mother takes prompt
Bteps to give her girl thc new, rich
blood her weak system fci thirsting
for by giving her Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, because so many thousands of
feeble, anaemic, unhappy girls have
been transformed into robust women
through the rich, red blood these
pills actually make. No other medicine has ever succeeded like tliem,
nnd thousands of mothers have proven their worth. Tlie caso of Miss
Marguerite Boisclair, St. "Jerome,
Que., proves the truth of these statements. Miss Boisclair Is sixteen years
of age, and says that since thc age at
thirteen or fourteen sho had bee.*,
affllicted with extreme weakness, and
seemed to be going into a decline.
The least effort left her weak, and
breathless, so that she was unable
to do any househoiu work. She had
no appetite, suffered from terrible
headaches, dizziness nnd sometimes
feinting spells. She was under medical treatipo.it. Im' mo*- absolutely
no improvement, in fact seemed lo be
steadily growing weaker. When her
case seemed most hopeless a lady
friend advised the uso of Dr. Will-
lams' Pink Pills. After taking a few'
boxes she began to gam new strength,
and after the continued use ,,t the
pills for about two months she was
again as well aud strong as ever she
nad been, and has slr.ee enjoyed the
best of health.
Sold by all dealers In medicine ot
by mail at 50 conts a box or six boxes for |2.50 from Tho Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co-, Brockville, Ont.
Some Interesting experiments showing that the yield of plants may bc
Increased by electricity are described
in a recent official report published
in Berlin. Success was nlso achieved
In hastening thc ripening ot strawberries by several days, thus enabling
the growers to command tho highest
price at the beginning of tlio season.
A simple and good rule lo remember and to follow Is to buy nothing
in the baking powder line unless all
the ingredients arc plainly printed
in English on the label. This information ' is slated on every package
of Magic Baking Powder. All (iro-
ecrs sell it.
Remarkable Discovery
An engineer of Fuldn, lt is staled.
hns discovered a means by which
submarine mines may be exploded by
Hertzian waves. Ho hns, il appears,
Invented a powder ns explosive ns It
is sensitive. It is snid that the explosion is brought about by thc Influence
of the electricity upon the powder.
Laughed put of Hla Name.
It is hard to be laughed out ot one's
surname. That is what occurred to
an inoffensive gentleman, Charles
Sainsbury Pickwick, Esq., who after
the publication of Dickens' famous
novel felt constrained to advertise iu
the Times informing the world that
owing to its having been brought into
ridicule and made a byword by the
novelist he intended to abandon his
name forever. This was the more
hard in his case because he proudly
traced his name to a knightly origin
—from "Pitiuez-vite"—"spur fast."—
London Chronicle.
Look fur tlio slKiinturo of K. \V. (JIK)V I-"..
Uned tho World over lo Cure -., Cold iu
One Day.     U5e.
Jamie, having come into thc possess-
sion of considerable wealth through
the death of relatives, was thus addressed by one of his neighbors:
"Ay, Jamie, it was a good thing for
you that your rich freens waur born
afore ye."
"Weei," snid Jamie, "I'm line sae
sure aboot that—but it was a guid
thing that they dee'd afore me."
Not only this
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,—My daughter, 18 years
old, waB thrpwn from a sleigh and
injured her elbow so badly it remained Btlff and very painful for three
years. Four bottles of MINARD'S
LINIMENT completely cured her and
she has not been troubled for two
St. Joseph, P.
Yours truly,
O.. 18th Aug., lDOO.
Wireless   communication   is to bo
maintained witli Dr. .Mawson's expedition to the South Pole by means of
Intermediate stations between the exploring party and Hobart.
Locating the Heat
Smith—How is your new Furnace
working these cold days?
Jones—It doesn't give ns much hot
air ns the man who sold It to mo—
Cleveland Plain-Dealer.
Some women complein thet (hey periodically suffer Irom dull and heavy feel,
imje, or dizziness in the head, nervousness, pain and beering-down feelings which
•tumid not occur lo lhe normal healthy women. But most every woman ii subject
to theae paint at aome time in her life, due to abnormal condition, in life, euoh
■a coraeta, iver-texed strength, bad air, poor or improper food wet feet, sluggish
liver, etc. A regulator and femele Ionic made from native medicinal roota with
pure glycerin, and without the uae of alcohol, called
has prove* lit value in thoutanda of caaea, like Ihe following:
Haa. Dona M. Martim, of Auburn, Nebr., Route 1, Box M, says:
' I thoaisht 1 wuuld write you In regard tn what your medicines have
done for me.   1 have used them for thirty years (or female trouble
•nd general weakness with the vsiy best result, ond tlisy have saved
me hundreds of dollars in doctors' Mils.   I buy the * Favorite Proserin*
tion' und' Golden Medical Discovery' and take thsm I -wether.   I never
a wss disappointed in your remedies and take pleasure in recommending
I them to any suffering Isdy.   I sm now almost fifty yesrs old; st forty.
I Ave I took your medicines, both kinds, and I passed thst period very
I easily and left mc (st and healthy.   I (eel Ilka a yount girl.
I If any lady cans to write me, I will gladly tell her more about
I the good work of your medicines."
Da. PiFacit'j Gkrat Family Docrot Boot, The People'i
Common Sense Medical Adviaer, newly reviaed up-to-date
edition—of 1*08 pages, answers hosts of delicett questions
which every woman, single or married, ought to know.
Sent fret in cloth binding to any address on receipt ol St)
Use. aUtriM.        one-wot alampa, to cover coat of wrapping and mailing only.
,ON'T think that concrete can be used
only for building bridges, silos, walls
and walks; because if you do, you will
probably overlook all the places where you
can use it now.
T, L. Irving, of North Georgetown, Quebec,
used concrete for 81 different purposes on his
farm in 1911.
There are probably at least a dozen profitable uses for concrete on your farm at the present moment.
Perhaps you haven't thought of Concrete, except for a new barn, or ■
silo, or some other big improvement for which you aren't quite ready yet
That's why you should read
"What The Fanner Can Do With Concrete"
It will open your eyes to thc hundreds of uses that other formers Have
found for this material. In plain language, and with tho
aid of many photographs, It explains just what theae uses
arc, and how they can be applied to yonr farm.
Concrete can not only ibe used for all the purpotet to
which wood has been applied, hut also many othera for
' which wood would never be suitable.
It is not only a building material; It's; a "handy" material, something thut you'll grow to depend upon mora
and more, aB you learn Ita possibilities.
. So write fer thia book. Veu'll Snd It lan't a
catalogue, nor an argument for you to buy our
cement. Every one of Ita 160 pages la devoted te
telling you what farmers hava done and can de
with concrete.
Your name on a postal, or In a letter,
wis bring the book to you by return
mall.   Or use the coupon.     Address
63-63 National Bank Building
Sneezing as an Omen
i'he only al lent ion we pay lo a
sneeze at the present duy is to en-
lonvor to get rid ot tno chill which
causes it; bill n mieeze in tho days of
old Orceee was a matter of great
concern and Import.
Thero was then n Rod of snoozing,
aud gropl undertakings would oven be
abandoned If a man sneezed nt an
Inappropriate moment, the act being
looked upon as the oracle ot the god.
A sneeze between midnight and
noon was looked upon as a fortunate
sign, but between noon and midnight
it betokened great misfortune. To
sneeze to your right was lucky; to tho
loft, unlucky. Two or four sneezes
were lucky, one or throe very unlucky, and nny undertaking in hand
should it possible be abandoned;
more thnn four sneezes did not count.
There is a saying in many parts of
England to-day, "Once a wish, twice
a kiss, three limes a letter, four times
something better." If .people sneezed
together lt was a good sign, particularly if they happened to be discussing business.—Answers.
W. N. U. No. 890.
mMr NA-DRU-CO Tasteless   '  "
Cod Liver OU Compound
THE "building-up" value of Cod
Liver Oil It well known, but ita
drawbacks have been ita nasty
taste and indigestibility.
Na-Dru-Co Tasteless Cod Liver Oil
Compound has the nutritious qualities
of the Cod Liver Oil, without the
slightest disagreeable flavor. In it the
Oil is skilfully combined wltb Extract
of Malt, Extract of Wild Cherry, snd
Hypophospkites, making a splendid
tonic as well at a valuable food.
Na-Dru-Co Tasteless Cod Liver Oil
Compound it particularly good for
growing children who arc puny or
In 50c. and (i.m bottles, at
druggist's, *************************
-     /
I? arm and
With Other Feedt It Make* tn Excellent Ration Fer All Animale.
Last fall ln passing through mlddh
Tennessee I was Impressed by thi
smount of sorghum cane grown fo.
stock feeding, snys a correspondent o
tbe Country Gcntlcmau. Right besld
- fields In which corn had been left un
c«t wero patches of sorghum carefnll;
cut nnd shocked. This was surprlsln.
even to one who had long known th
value of this crop for winter feeding
for It showed that these farmers con
sldered sorghum so much more valua
bis for forage than corn stover tba
they could afford to leave the latter l>
tbe fields and devote land to the forme
to supply their need of roughage.
The sorghum in tbls section Is plant
ed rather thinly in drills about Hire.
feet apart and cultivated like corn
Thus planted \he stalks attain consicl
erable size. Iu many fields the shock
were twelve feet high or over, and >
■WTO     '         * -j»tti%K
|KCr£-    'j^ittHli^A^MflB
3X0    JBBwjjWntX'BJ
\\WJ •'•SSWraHH
m.    • - a -Wi^OTi
Y. '~^"%$™|
v__l/ l '
•r' 'JSf
,-:&■ ■■■"■■'■?■-.-■*■ >.^.^J warn
Suy ^ ■■
|-Nk.j   „    *   "*VJ. ifMH
■'. ■ ■$&'■>,* ■:'■■'     "<: T&--&-}. .A.:-
,;*:-:-..-.<\ :':-■:-::-.-;.:-;
Photograph by Montana farmers'  Institutes.
SonoECU gbown in mil FiBBisa oous-
large percentage of tbe stalks were nn
Inch In diameter. Sorghum Is allowed
to ripen seed and Is tben cut rntbei
close to the ground and put In small
open shocks. Wben the blades nr.
thoroughly cured It may be hauled in
snd set up ln mow or shed and wil
keep perfectly uutll New Year's oi
longer. It Is not wise to try to keep ii
late In the winter since after a tlnu
the Juice gets sour If the sorghum Is
stored ln a damp place, or If kept vcr.i
dry the stalks become woody and less
Sorghum It frequently sown witb cow
peas and cnt and cured for bay. It Is
sometimes planted qulto thickly in the
drill and cut and shocked as described
After some experience wltb all these
methods, however, I feel sure that the
best plan Is to give It plenty of room
to make big, juicy stalks. All kinds of
live stock are fond of tbese, and tbey
are fine feed for cattle and bogs. A
few stalks s day are splendid for
horses and mules tbat are being fattened, snd bogs will chew them wltb
tbe greatest relish. I do not believe.
however, that It pays to grow sorghum'
for fattening bogs to gntber In the
field. They have to work too bard to
get the stalks broken down.
Of course sorghum Is a very one
sided feed and tbould not be made tbe
whole forage ration for any sort ol
young stock. It la very rich ln carbo
hydrates and low In protein and should
be fed wltb care to burses and prop
erly balanced with more nitrogenous
feeds for all animals. So fed, however
It Is excellent and sbould be more geti
erally grown. In s dry season 1 be
lleve torghnm will give more feed ti<
the sere than almost any crop tbat can
be grown, and It has tbe ability to
make's yield on lands too poor to pro
duco a crop of corn. To do its best
however. It must bave Just sucb a soli
as corn needs—deep, loose, rich, welt
filled wltb stable manure or other vege
table matter. On such a soil a yield of
fifteen or twenty tons to tbe acre Is
easily possible.
Says the captain ot the tugboat to the
skipper of the barge:
"I hain't anything agin you; but, to take
you by an' large.
Te're a fuzzy aysed gorilla that la always
crazy, drunk,
An' you otta be a-runntn' of a atore tor
aellln' Junk.
Ye're a lubber that la cross eyed, an' yer
brain U buckwheat cakes.
An' I guesa the way you got here—aome
one 'wished you' on the lakes.
If they acid you for a nickel It would ba
Sn overcharge,"
Baya tha captain of the tugboat to the
aklpper of the barge.
Baya the aklpper of the coat barge to the
captain of tha tug:
"There'e a padded cell awaltln' fer yer
apeclal kind of biyr.
I ain't got a thing agin you 'cept the col*
or of yer hair
An' yer looks an' ways en' actions an' ths
kind of clothes you wear.
I'm )ust kinda sorry fer you-fer yer temper an' yer shape.
Aa a human ye're a failure, but you'd
make a handBome ape.
I would git a Job as wild man It I had yer
awful mug,"
Bald ths skipper of the coal barge to tha
captain of tbe tug...
Then the captain of the tugboat climbed
upon the coal barge deck,
An' the aklpper ot the coal barge fell upon
hla brawny neck,
An' they wrastled, an' they pounded, an'
they ahouted, an' they swore',
An' lt looked, the way they acted,
waa out for blood an' gore,
Baya the captain of the tugboat,
It'a good to meet you here."
Baya the skipper of the coal barge:
to you, Bill.   Have a beer?"
An' the two old pals an' cronies arm la
arm they goes below,
For 'twas Just to show affection that they
cussed each other so.
—Popular Magazine.
Suit ef  Violet  Cloth
That Looks Youthful.
For Art'a 8ake.
Prospective Tenant—I must bave a
lake In my estate.
"Do you lish. then?"
"No, but my daughter does water
colors."—Pelo Melo.
In summer when we needed air
He'd always close the door wilh care
Ss hence he h'<d,
But now, when winter's chilling hresree
Bring us chills and grip and sneezes,
lie leaves It wide.
-Cincinnati Enquirer.
Mr. Hilsondlgger-What killed po'
Brudder YnrpJ
Mr. Pangu—De doctor said he hnd s
torpedo liver, and I 'spent It done
"Johnny, wby don't !KM fry fo sianu
st the head of yonr class Instead of always being at tbo foot'/" "Hbiirksl
By standing at thc foot of the class 1
tan see ont of a window, pa."-Blrm-
Ingham Age-Herald.
The Whale's Wail.
Tbe fire In tbe parlor ot tbe Spotted
Cow roared up tbe chimney, wbile tbe
hardened fishermen boasted and wrangled over tbelr doughty doings. Tben
tbe tall, spare, sileut man who hud
been listening quietly spoke:
"Gentlemen, did it ever occur to you
to wonder what finally became of the
whale tbat swallowed Jonah)"
"What's tbe good of wondering about
a tblng like that)" said the trout fisherman rudely. "Nothing definite lt
"Boys," hs continued, "sbe must 'are
tipped tbe beam at"—
"Look bere," the silent man Interrupted again. "I know what became
of that whole."
"HumphI" ssld tbe trout fisherman.
'Tor the rest of his Ufa be made a
bore of himself telling all the other
whales be met bow the biggest and
heaviest man be ever caught wriggled
free and got away!"—Philadelphia Inquirer.
This charmingly youthful little suit is
of a purple and wblte mixture, and Ihe
tunic skirt shows a simulated underskirt of while ratine. Tbe Jacket Is
s twenty-six inch affair and ot straight
youthful line, lt has tho high front
closing nnd ono side lapel. Tbe front
Is slightly cut nwny In tbe new round-
'ni. line, nnd tbe little embroidered
arrows, Imitating darts, nre very novel.
Trimmings of large cloth bound but!
tonboles and Imlliilion ivory buttons
ot bnll form add elile to tbo suit..
Ntw Fancy Werk.
A new nnd engaging set of fancy
work Is the crocheting ot chain mesh
bags In gold, silver or other metal
threads. The tup ol the bag Is finished
In n shell or pleot stlteb, and It a very
elaborate affair is desired tho same
decoration Is used ut tbs sides nud
lower edge. It Is doubtful. However, If
tbe extra frills ure nn Improvement
Tbe finished product Is lined wilh satin
and drawn np by 11 cord nnd tassel.
Candle shades and otber Frenoby
little things are evolved In lhe snme
way, and those who hare become
adepts in ths art are never at a lust
for gifts
Profitable    Business    Derived
Then In Jamaica.
Certain sea fowls are regarded as
stupid, since they show no fear of
man, and for this reason seamen have
given them the name booby. These
birds are several of the smaller species of gannets. In the spring and
summer millions of these birds flock
to Morant Keys, three islets about 35
miles southeast, and to Pedro Keys,
four islets 40 to 60 miles. south of
Jamaica. Both ol these groups aro
leased for a term of seven years to
private individuals hy the colonial
Government of Jamaica.
Although eocostiuts hnve been planted and a few huts built, nn Pedro
Keys, the lessees derive t.ieir prnlits
almost wholly from the sale of the
immense number of ones laid by the
boobies on tlie islets of the two groups.
During 1911 three schooners-brought
38,t'00 dozen eggs from Morant Keys
and three other schooners 20,000 dozen
from Pedro Keys. The eggs are put
in boxes of 600 nnd 1,000, which nre
sold at ?3 lo $3.25 for a box of 500.
When a boat arrives in Jamaica with
booby eg.'S it is the occasion of no
little excitement among the negro women who buy them by lhe box and
then sell them retail chitfly in Kingston, though they are also sold in
Spanisli Town, Port Antonieo, Monte-
?;o Bay aud in other towns on the
Booby eggs are peddled, hard-boiled,
on the streets of Kingston, salt and
pepper being provided in urder that
the purchasers may eat the eggs at
These eggs arc about two-thirds the
size of an ordinary hen's egg and nre
quite palatable.
Comedy In War.
Into the tragedy of war ate inserted
now und then bits of comedy nnd kindliness.
During lhe Zulu War in South Africa an overwhelming force of natives
was opposed to a little band of Eng-
lish sailors. From lhe Zulu host stepped forth a warrior laden with an
ancient firearm, which he calmly
mounted on u tripod in the open,
while the sailors looked un, admiring
his pluck, hut wondering much what
he proposed lo do. At last one jovial
tar suggested that their phttographs
were about to he taken, am! by common consent no shots were filed.
Having loaded his piooo with great
deliberation, the Zulu primed it, sighted it, and, leaning hard upon its
breach, ho fired. Tlie recoil knocked
him head over heels backward, while
a great roar went up Irom the de-
lighted sailors. He sat pp, looking
dazed, and then, the amusement over,
he, witli his countrymen, charged,
and were annihilated by a volley
from the steadily aimed pieces of tho
little band of bluejackets.
During one of the many battles waged hy the New Zealand Maoris against
the British settlers the latter ran out
of ammunition. At the moment when
death seemed Imminent a flag of Iruce
appeared from Ihe enemy's trenches,
and messengers came forward with a
supply of cartridges to enable the
white men to continue fighting.
For the Childre
The Strange Reault of
an Error In Spelling.
Little eleven-year-old Almce D.
Has grown In a way tlmt aatonlshes me,
Lately a baby, from topknot to toes,
Mow a slim maiden, addicted to ueaual
I mot her last evening, wilh one on eacl
And could not conceal my aurprlse, though
1 tried.
Exclaiming, when she and her beaus hat
gone past:
"These children are certainly growing u|
P. 8.
In what I have written above I detect
An error In spelling 1 wish to correct.
'Tis easy lo multeotae, aa every one Knows.
The word 1 ruler tu 1 sbould Have spellet
-St. Nicholas.
■rutal Themat.
Ths worm esten chestnut of Sll
proverbs It—well, you know wbst It
is-"Dnlucky at cards, lucky at love."
If your bridge partner Is a bit flirty
she always goo-goos at you and springs
IL Then she leads you away to a secluded spot Tou know. Tommy Treat-
hlnger was the only one we ever knew
to beat tbls game, and that was an
accident   Bere was the way of It:
"Are you very lucky at cards)" asked tbe woman.
"Very," tald Tommy. "I always
"How shout lore)" she continued,
looking arch and kittenish.
"Lucky again." plunged Tommy-"I
always lose."-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
The Fad of a Prlnceaa.
Princess Patricia has that rare and
rather dangerous talent tor caricature
which may be described ua satire of
the pencil, and lately she hns been
amusing ber family circle with some
rather daring "take-offs" of themselves. Bhe represents tbe Duke of Connaught.,'her fnthen tn s violent rage,
wearing the uniform ot a field marshal
nnd calltrg out. "Where's my horse)"
This sketch Is trained nnd hung up In
the billiard room at Balmoral. The
prlucesa mlnm I*** Sitcfiei nini gives
them a dainty nnd dashing finish,
which makes them excellent pictures,
apart from their value as portraits.
•Inst occasionally, of course, sbe hns
managed to get Into trouble with tbem.
Wbst caricaturist dues autl
Lenden 8treel Beggars.
Speaking of the swarm uf beggars
and "panhandlers" lu the English metropolis, the London Times snys: "Tbt
streets of London never full to attract
the professional beggar und uever disappoint him. The Mendicity society
tells us thnt a beggar can earn mors
Hum the wages of Hie average working-
mun and that 'it is probably no exaggeration to say thnt well over KOi'.OOO
Is given away haphazard lo beggars ia
tbo streets uf Loodou every year.'"
The V/ord Anecdote.
Anecdote, a word of Greek origin,
means strictly "that which is not giv-
en out." In this sense it has been
used to denote secret histories or portions of ancient writings which havo
k"-. remained in manuscript and ore
edited for the lirst time. Of such
oneciola thero ore many collections.
I'he earliest was probably ..luraton s,
Ir 17C9, followed l.y Thesauruj Novus
Anecdotorum, 1717. and Thesaurus
Anocdotorum Novissimns, 1721. In
Its popular modern acceptation tlie
word is used of lhe relation of soms
single amusing or interesti ; and authentic incident in private life.—Lon.
doi. Saturday Review.
That Or'ental Flarr.e.
Aladdin was boasting of his lamp.
"Doesn't your wife keep it burning
after you tell her not to sit ur for
vou." we asked. .......
Sadly ho ackuowleJged it hod its
Loved by Monarch!.
It is quite a mistake to suppose that
kings and queens have neither lho
time nor the inclination to make pets
of birds and animals.
Queen Mary, to take but one instance, loves to sit witli a tabby cnt
purring on her lap. King George nf
Greece is seldom seen in public without a mongrel cur at his heels. The
Kaiser shows great partiality for a
pug, and the Queen of Belgium is
passionately fond ot horses.
The late Queen Victoria was devoted
to dogs, and almost wherever she went
a collie, named Roy, Spot, a fox-terrier, and a Pomeranian, called Marco,
accompanied her. For fifteen years
another member of our own royal
household had for her chief pet a
white cockatoo with a salmon-colored
crest, which objected to wearing feathers during summer, sud plucked out
every ono except those on its head,
neck aud tail.
Why He Wanted It.
' Can't you gimme a s   nil raiser"
"We gave you a raise when you got
"And I foolishly I''' my wife about
it. I'd like to «et hold of a couple of
dollars every week for mv own use."
A Noted Climber.
Dr. Tom G. Longstaff Is now, al
the age of 37, one of Britiin's most
noted climbers and explorers.
Due ol nia greatest exploits wss
tour years ago, when he ascended
Mount Trisul, in tho Himalayas, 23,-
400 feet above, sea level. Trisul means
trident, tnd tho mountain received
thut name because of its three topmost peaks, which are supposed by
the natives to lie the trident uf the
god Shiva.
Dr. Longstaff, who is an Etonian
and Christ Church man, is tlie eldest
son of Lieut.-Colonel Longstaff. who
was twice chairman of the Hull Incorporated Chamber of Commerce and
Shipping. He is as keen as his son
on travel and exploration, bs is evident from the fact that he promoted
tho Antarctio Expedition of 1899, and
subscribed no less than $150,000 to the
For a Wathington Party.
Deeorute the house and table wilt
red. whllo and blue and place prluts
of George and Marlhn Wnsblngtoii
whero nil cnn see tbem. To eucb
guest give a Utile board and n bull ol
putly soft enough to be worked, wllb
Instructions that lhe busts of George
nnd Martha Washington nro to be
modeled Irom the putty in n given
time. When the time Is up tbo putty
portraits are to be numbered and
placed un exhibition, and the guests
vulo on the best one. tbe number receiving tho largest number of votes tc
determine the prize winacr. The boys
nro then given slicks of wuud nntl
Jnckknlves with wUlcb to whittle
out lultcbetfl. The girls nro given
black pnpur and scissors with which
to cut sllbuueitcs nf Martha Washing'
ton. Later tho silhouettes of Martha
Washington are auctioned off tu Ibe
boys, aud each boy takes to tupper the
girl who made the Martha Washing-
tun which ho bid In. Ue presents bit
wuoden hatchet to his supper partner.
The slipper table Is decorated Witt
patriotic colors, and the menus should
bs hatchet shaped. After Eiippci
George and Martha may appear in
costume nnd buld nn old fashioned
Wblte House reception.
"Want to buy a parrot, lady)"
"Does he twear?"
"Tbls one don't lady, but I've got
one aboard tbe ship as Is a wonder—
and only a dollar morel"—Judge.
"Prisoner, are you guilty or not
"I can't answer Mint question," replied lbe man accused of fluffy flnnnco.
"There were so many countB ln tbe Indictment and Its lltornry style was to
Involved lhat I couldn't stay swaks."
-Washington SU1*
The Flag at Trenton,
The flag "that Washington had will
him when be crossed tbe Delnwaru tc
attack Trenton" was not tbo "tiara
and stripes." Washington crossed tlu
Delaware In December, 1770. and the
stars und strifes did not bave nn ex-
Islcnco until the June of 1777. when
It was voted Into being by tbe con
gress. The flag that waved over General Washington ou his wny to nnd
from Trenton consisted of thirteen
stripes, alternate red nud while, as al
present, wltb a blue canton embluzon-
ed with the crosses of M. George nnd
Kt. Andraw, as in tbe British Hag. The
lint time Ibe present slurs and stripes
were flung to Ihe biwze was on Hit
day of the bottle ot Orlskany, st Furl
Stanwlx. Aug. 0, 1777.-New York
Waihingltn't Birthday.
While i eb. i!2 must forever be chief!?
associated in lho minds ot patriotic
Americans wilh lho birthday nt tut
Father of His Country, tbat momentous event Is not Ibe only ono ot Importance recorded under this date in
tbo nnnnls of history. Nevertheless II
overshadows any ot tbe other liw-litmiti
aud episodes wltb wblcb lbs historian
or tbe biographer bas been culled upon
tu deal.
Benjamin Ogle, a lifelong friend cl
Wasblngtuu and governor ut Maryland
from I7l)b tu iwl. waa the first lo suggest tbe birthday ot Washington ut •
Washington and tht Children. ,
Wasblngtuu, at Is well known, treat-
ed bis wife's two children sad Intel
ber grandchildren exactly ns If tbey
were bla own. Very soon nfter his mar
rings be ordered trum London "IO shillings' worth of toys, atx little books lot
children beginning tn read und one
fashionably dressed baby to cost l>)
Wben tbs revolution had ended and
he was on his way lo Mount Vernon,
Impatient ss be was lo reucb bom* ns
tarried long enuugh In l'hllnd«l|rtiln in
bny gifts tor bis wits sod her grandchildren. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Dr.   Simmons,    dentist,    Morrison
block.    Phone H 39.    -
Last week The Sun   stated   that
"A.   II.   Barnett and   Miss   l.uth
Lilian Drury, both oi Midway, were
married in Greenwood last Monday."
When the item was written all the
facts iu lhe romance, comedy, or
tragedy had not heen made public.
Insteadlng of their home being in
Midway,   as   they   had   stated   in
Qreen wood, the couple came from
Conconniilly, Wash., and .lie marriage was tho result of an elopement.
The groom drivis the Conconnully-
Oroville singe, and lbe bride, who is
a   mere ehild  of fifteen years, and
consequently under marringeble age,
"dared" him  to  marry   her,    Mr.
Barnett   proved   game,   and   went
through with the game.   The   girl
boarded her future husband's stage.
They drove all  that  night, arriving
.in Oroville in  the morning jnst in
time  In cntch, the Great Northern
train for Midway.    At Midway they
secured a rig, drove over  to  Greenwood and were married.   While   all
these   events   were   transpiring the
parents of the bride despatched  the
officers of the law after lhe runaway
couple, and when they  returned  to
Ferry from Greenwood  the sheriff
of Ferry county took charge of the
groom.    Tbe penalty  for marrying
a girl under age in   Washington is
'  said to be six years in the  penitentiary, if the parents of the girl feel
inclined to prosecuted  the offender.
Harnett is about thirty years of age
The last act of this drama  bas nol
yet  Iwen staged
Here's an Offer You Should
Not Overlook
Uexall Dyspepsia Tablets remedy
stomach troubles by aiding nature to
supply the elements the absence of
which in the gastric juices cause indigestion and dyspepsia. They aid the
stomach to digest food and to quickly
convert it into rich red blood and material necessary fur overcoming natural body waste.
Carry a package of Hexall Dys-
pepflia Tablets in your vest pocket, oi
keep them in your room. Take one
after each heavy meal and prove our
assertion that indigestion will nut
bother yuu.
We know what Rexall Dyspepsia
Tablets are and what they will do.
We guarantee them to relieve indigestion. If they fail we will refund
your money. Three sizes, 25 cents,
50 cents, and $1.00. Remember, you
can obtain Uexall Remedies only at
our store—The Rexall Store. H. E.
R. R. Gilpin, customs ollicer at this
port, makes the following detailed report of the customs receipts at the
various sub-customs ollices, as reported tn the chief ullice in this city,
fur the month uf April:
(.rand  Forks   82,718 12
Phoenix      1,304 51
Carson  iSU 97
Cara:ade  01 81
For Sale at a Bargain—Two horse
power gasolene engine. Apply J. II.
Plath, box 10, city.
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived thnt they even endeavor to believe that tbey can reach
the cimsumers of this district without advertisingin The Sun.
Show cards for widnows and inside
are a hue form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed
Print them plainly, to be rend at a
You might us well cut off
your leg'.s because you ure running well in a footrace as to
cut off your advertising because your business is too
The only policy holder who
doesn't need to pay his premiums is dead. The only man
who doesn't need to _jflverti.se
is the man who has retired
from business.
Our time, knowledge and
experience in the printing
business is at your disposal
when you are in need of Something ir this line. 1 lon't forget this.
Don't forget that The Sun has the
best job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
A new lot of latest designs of program and menu cards just received at
j Tub Sun job olliee.
Grand Forks Transfer
Dr$ four-foot Fir and Tamarac.    Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
A, GALLOWAY, JS» Columbia p, o.
Strawberry Plants for Stale; $5 OO
per thousand. Apply A. Johnson,
Cooper Bios'. lanch.
Dorsn't a chicken fight enme under the head of fowl play?
Horses for Sale. —Apply E. Barron, Weet End.
Bridge Street,
The best and most
-iibstuntial lire-proof
building in the Boundary ruuntry. Recently completed and
ii t> w ly furnished
throiiulmnt. Equip-
lied witli all modem
electrical conveniences, neutrally lo-
•ated. FIrat-oluss ae-
..ommuilatluris for the
travelling public.
Hot and Cold Battm
B.nt-Clasi Bar, Pool
and Billiard Rooms
In Connection.
Total $-.,165 41
Most uirls are fond of a good
complexion and are generally willing to pay goe d money for it.
____.j_. .--fl,. asyoaflaiTT' aafliiy |a*<--*=» rc*. »»»^
After May 1 it "'ill be necessary
lo procure a permit before setting
out a lire.
I bave fnr sale. Silver Spangled
Hambui'gs.Partridge Wyandottes, s.c
B, Legliorn cockerels; also eggs of
Brown Lieghorns, Blue Andalusiana
and aSilver Spangled Haluburgs.—
Hubert Clark, nol tli of Winnipeg
avenue bridge.
The Right Uev. Henry Du Tender, lord bishop of lhe diocese of
Seiy Westminster, will a confirmation service in Holy Trinity church
on Sunday, May 6.
Take your repairs lo Armaon's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street. Grand Korks.
C. A. Mix relurned on Saturday
from Oroville.
Eggs for Sale
Ki'uin thi.roii__hhri*d utility birds
Single-comb Rhode Island Rede and
single-comb White LaOghorns. Won
I.s firsts i.nil 9 seconds, besides 8 Hpe<
rials, nt Grand Forks, Greenwood and
Trail las! fall and wintei-; cup at.
Trail for best pen iu shew on S ('.
Rhode (aland Reds, also speelal for
best Red iii show, either comb Eggs,
|800   anil   (5.00   per  Betting     T.
Bowks, Qrand Forks (Columbia TO,*
Breeder of S.C. Black Minorcas,
Whin. Plymouth Rooks, White Wy-
Andottes, My show i-eoords the last
two sfusous prove my stuck Is good.
Heading my Black Minorca pen this
season is a cockerel from the yards of
T. A. l-'oiilds, London, Out., tbe best
breeder of Black Minurcoa on the con
iiin-nt Heading my While Rock and
While Wyandotte pens arc cook hinls
from the yards of 13 B. Caie, Van
oouver, It. 0,
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A rcl able Kroneh regulatort never laila. Tliose
pills nre cxcucliunlv powerful in reRUlutlna the
(jiiii-r.iiiVi* portion o[ the lemalo ivulem.  Refuse
nil cheap ItnlUtloni. JJr.de Van'* are Sold at
sfin b*.x. or three lor $10, Mailed to nny address.
The Seobell I>m« Co., Ht. Catharlnci, Out
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice anrl in
the most up-to-rlate style
We have the most modern jobbing plnnt
in tbo Boundnry Country, employ coin
potent workmen, and parry a complete
line of Stationery.
Suits to Order M8
Billheads and Statements,
1.1'ttrrhi'iuls and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Curds,
Lodge. Constitutions and By laws.
Shipping Tims, Circulars ami I'lncnrds
Bills of   Fare nod  Menu   Cards,
aViiiiiiiinci'mi'iits   n'nd Counter
Pads,   Wedding   Xiniiniifry.
Everything turned out in an
..Up-to-date Printery.
• We arc agents for sonic of the leading tailoring estftb-
v i       tVili'tli ist    When von order fronj ns yon have
■    ,_..r_..<'t tit    Wo aaarantee satifaction.
fSSM^^B^ Tweeds and English Wor-
mKRVbe in shortly. Thev nro the best yon can buy.
Tsf«i™*   vou 2 best made clothes in the country
We guarantee ju»       .    ,-        ,       mcn t)mt know
£* ffifikL^Srithes. ("all and sec our
Ss S "Sees. • Vfe want your trade, and we ean give
you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the Reliable Tailor
-the kind  we do—is in   itself
^^^^^^^^ an advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are. of the best. Let us estimate on vour onler.
Wo guarantee satisfaction.
Ut\t g>mt -print §hnp
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   & Clayton,  Props,
Furniture  Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
a Freeh Consignment ol
Received Wei'kly.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
Kazor Honing a Speoialty.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
l8T DpOB NoitTM OF  (jUANHY    lloTKI..
lloi.intr.cMrcnna.lei.tlaI. HRNUUUUH «»imhuu
•cut Iroe. Olden Manor foraocuriuapatents.
Patent! taken t.iruui/h Munn A Co. receive
six rial notice, w 11 hout cbnnio, in tba
Scientific American.
A handsomely UluHtratnd weekly. Inmost circulation of any rnourltio journal, 'i'artnn for
t'.iniiitn. £(.15 a year, ptAiajto iiropulii. Hold by
all iiewMiuAien. v
Branch offlco. ra& V at., Wublnnton, D. C
Reaching tho People
A prominent rial estate dealer
In Toronto coys that ho geta
bettor and quicker raaulta from
tho Classified Want Ada. than
from any other kind of publicity.
Ho states thnt tho results aro
out of proportion to tho email
espenao Involved.
Thero la a moral In that for you
If you wont to reeeh tha people.
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in tho Boundnry country. And we are the onlv
utlice ill this section that, have the
correct material for printing it. The
Sun job office,


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