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The Evening Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Aug 23, 1912

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Eleventh Year—No. 43
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. August 23, 1912.
$1.00 Per Year in-Advance.
Ranchers Organize for the
Purpose of Disposing of
Their Products
Starts With a Membership
of Fifty—Twenty-seven
The secohd organization meeting
of the Grand Forks Produce Association, Limited, was held in the
Miners' Union hall Tuesday evening. The attendance wss large,
and a great deal of important business wa's transacted. VV. A. Cooper
occupied the chair and H. S. C.
Baker acted aB secretary.
The chairman read a telegram
from Thos. Bullman, of the Kelowna Farmers', union. Mr. Bullman
staled that he had found it was impossible for him to attend the meeting, but he had forwarded the articles of association of the Kelowna
_. organization by mail.
The committee appointed at tbe
previous meeting to devise ways and
means of perfecting the organization, reported in favor of making
the membership fee 82 per annum,
and (hat $10 shares be issued to
finance the association.
A recess was then taken in order
to give those present who desired to
do so an opportunity to sign the
membership roll and to subscribe
for shares. Tbis resulted in the acquisition of fifty members, twenty-
seven of whom, put their names for
stock in the association. The original shareholders are W. A. Cooper,
Thos. R. Powers, A. Schnitter, C. C.
Heaven, Ed. Stuart, H. N. Morrison, F. Ruckle, W. J. Montgomery,
Wm, Towe, Chas. Hesse, W. C. Allen, 0. A. S. Bell, W. Holmes, J. D.
Montgomery, A. C. Burr, Ed.
Hughes, H. W. Clay, J. F. Wood-
ward, J. J. Hoadley, A. J. Cooper,
C. V. Meggitt, Ed Ruckle, C. Ruckle,
J. B. Markell, Thos. A. Mclntyre,
H. K. Broad and H. Mann.
On motion of Messrs. Hesse and
('lay, another recess was tnken in
order to give those who had signed
the membership roll or subscribe*!
for shares a chance to pay. the sen.
retary-tieasurer in cash or by
cheque.    Everybody liquidated.
The • following directors were
chosen by acclamation: VV. 3.
Montgomery, Chas. Hesse, .1. B.
Markell, H. S, C. linker, W. F
Armstrong, C. C. Heaven and W
A. Crfoper. The name of H. 8 C,
Baker was suggested for permanent
secretary-treasurer, and for traveling
salesman the following names were
placer) before the directorate: John
Donaldson, C. V. Meggitt, A. aS. Mc
Kim and A. J. McCallum.
James Rooke explained the workings of the Fruit Growers' association. One of the main objects of tne
new organization, in order to ensure
suceess, should be to keep the expenses as low as possible. The officers should secure a constitution
and bylaws, and as much other in-
Jomintion as possible, from the Kelowna union. J. D. Honsberger
thought that the money derived
from the sale of shares should be ex
pended for a plant. H. W. Collins
endorsed the views expressed by the
preceding spaakejs.
W. E. Hadden advised the farmers to furnish the secretary with an
itemized list ofall the produce they
had to sell.
A vote of thanks was" tendered
the press, and then the meeting adjourned.
After adjournment the directors
met and elected the following officers: President, Charles Hesse; vice
president, \V. A. Cooper; secretary-
treasurer, H. S. C. Baker.
The secretary was instructed to
le'egrapb tbe deputy minister of
agriculture and ascertain if the association could transact business
pending incorporation,
A committee of two was appointed to endeavor to secure a travel
ling salesman.   .
It was decided to request the
members of tbe association to send
an itemized list of the different
kiflds of produce, together with the
amount of each, to the secretary, in
order that carload lots may be made
up when sales are made.
General Meeting ofthe Produce Association Next
Tuesday Evening
Property Owners   Confirm
Eailway Agreement by
a Vote of 227 to 5
A general meeting of the Grand
Forks Produce Association, Limited,
will be beld in the Miners' Union
hall on Tuesday evening, August
27, al 8 o'clock. All members of
tbe association, and those desiring
to become members, are requested to
attend. Action is to be taken at
this meeting on the ratification of
the constitution and bylaws governing the association.
Chas. Hkssb, President.
At Knox Presbyterian church
manse, by Rev. M. 1). McKee, on
Saturday, August 17, Albert Fran-
ner to Miss Dagma Eastman, both
of Grand Forks.
A.Calgary Syndicate Pays
$40,000 forthe Well
Known Property
District Superintendent Says
Work Will Be Started
at Once
J. A. McCallum returned today
from Calgary. While there he
closed a deal for thtsale of the McAdam ranch, consisting of 264
acres, to a syndicate of Calgary people. The consideration was about
While in Calgary Mr. McCallum
had several inquiries about Grand
Forks fruit lands. He is of the
opinion lhat if Grand Fork's lands
were advertised one-half as much us
some of the other sections of British
Columbia, that many more sales
could be effected, and a great influx
of new settlers to the valley would'
he tbe result. Good crops, he says,
seem assured throughout the northwest. At present that section is enjoying lots of sunshine and good
harvesting weather.
The pjoperty owners of Grand
Forks yesterday approved the agree
ment with the Canadian Pacilic and
Kettle Valley Railway companies
by a vote oft 227 to 5. This is
nearly the full votirif strength of
owners of real estate now in the city,
and tbe result of the poll leaves no
doubt as to the desires of tbe citizens on this subject.
The mayor last night telegraphed
the result of the voting to W. O.
Miller, Nelson, district superintendent of the Canadian Pacific railway. This morning he received an
answer to the message. Mr. Miller
stated tbat be felt gratified at the result of the poll, and added that
work on the roundhouse and machine shops would be started at
once. This latter statement appears to be corroborated by the fact
that a corps of surveyors arc now at
work in the West end.
The Canadian Pacific Railway
company has made an appropriation
of $180,000 for the proposed im
provements in this cily.
The principal clauses in the agree
ment ratified yestehlay are: The
Canadian Pacilic Railway company
and the Kettle Valley line agree—
Io make Grand Forks a joint
terminal and divisional point.
To commence at once within tbe
city limits the construction of a ten
stall roundhouse, a machine shop
and all other plant and buildings
necessary for the maintenance ol
said roundhouse and machine shop,
and will maintain the same for a
period of ten years.
To establish a joint passenger station on the site wbere tbe station of
lhe Kettle Valley line now stands,
on Third street, and agree to make
all such additions thereto as.may bc
necessary to care for all business
done thereat when completed, and
to maintain said joint station for a
period of ten years.
To run their pasaenger trains over
that portion of the railway of the
Kettle Valley line lying within the
corporate limits of lbe city for a
periotl of ten years.
To establish and maintain for a
period of ten years from the dale
hereof an industrial spur at a place
on their line of railway agreeable to
the city, but such spurs shall he located nnt more lhn.ii n quarter of a
! mile from the joint station of the
railwayvompanies on Third street.
The   city   agrees  to exempt the
railway  companies  from   taxation
within thc city limits for a period of
ten years; to  supply   200,000   gallons of water per day at the  rate of
800 per month; to supply electric
.light   not to  exceed  200U candle-
■' power for a Hat rate of 8-15  per
month; to supply electric power at a
| maximum   rate of   1 cent per kilo
watt hour; to consent to the extension  of the siding on Third street;
to donate free of cost lot 21, block
12, plan 23; to donate free lots to
the C.P.R. employees who now own
homes in Ebolt; to deed to the railway companies thaf portion of Third
street lying between Bridge street
and Winnipeg avenue; to join tbe
Kettle Valley Line company in a
petition to the government for an
extension of the time rexuiring the
completion of the North Fork
Forty-two Miles,From Coalmont to Coquihall Pass,
Under Contract
Our Marksmen at Nelson
E Spraggett, D. McRae, R. La
mond, G. S Kirk and Leo Mader
left for Nelson on Monday to attend
the annual shoot of" the Interior of
British Columbia Rille association.
E. Spraggett acted as range officer
at Wednesday's Bhooting. In the
first day's shoot R. Lamond made
lh6 only possible at the 200 yard
range, and he did so while shooting
iu the Amiable match. His score
was 97, and he won an $8 prize, ln
tbis event G..S. Kirk had a score of
91, for a $2 prize. Leo Mader led
in the tyro scores with 90, 82. In
the Trail match Leo Mader scored
31, 83; R Lamond 31, 82; E. Spraggett 30, $2.
i in
Novel Method Adopted by
Carmi Man to Water
His Orchard
A. R. Brewer, president of the
American Land Development <fc
Manufacturing company, of Curlew,
Wash., was in the city on Monday.
Mr Brewer has just completed installing a 10 horsepower current
motor irrigation plant for Bev.
Fattier Ferroux, at Cnrmi, B. C.
The plant is now in su-cestui operation, and it is highly recommended
by Mr. Ferroux. The plant possesses some novel features. In the
lirst place, there is no expense for
power; and secondly, instead of run
ning the water in ditches, huge
sprinklers are used, four of them
being stifficied'to cover an acre of
ground. When the water is turned
on there is a perfect imitation of a
natural rainfall. It is claimed for
this system lhal it saves water, and
also that there is no cor ying away
of tbe soil, as is the case when irrigating by the ditch method i.s practised. The sprinklers are manufactured in California, and cost 8Ni
each laid down in this section ofthe
country. The plant at Carmi, complete with current motor, piping ami
sprinklers, cost 12800. At present it
is irrigating a ten acre orchard, but
it is claimed that the motor will supply power lor irrigating a much
larger tract of land.
Twohy Bros. Will Build 13
Miles of the Kettle
Valley Line
A report from Vancouver states
that the Great Northern railway
this week let the contract for the
building of forty-two miles of line
from Coalmont to Coquihalla Pass.
The work is to be completed by
July of next year.
The Kettle Valley line has just
awarded to Twohy Bros, a contract
forthe construceion of thirteen miles
of line from Coldwater Junction to
Hope summit, the work to be finished within six months.
The program of the railways fronr
Hope summit down tho valley ol
the Coquihalla river to Hope un trie
Fraser river has not been definitely
announced, but it is generally supposed that they will carry out the
proposal of jointly building and
operating a single railway.
A poll of tbe ratepayers will be
taken next Thursday, August 29,
on the question of the city appropriating $.'.000 for the construction
of an addition, to the public school
The Ethel Tucker company filled
a two nights' engagement at the
Grand Forks opera house this week.
Two comedies were presented. Both
drew large audience, and everybody
thoroughly enjoyed the plays.
The membership tickets of the
Grand Forks Agricultural association are now ready. Members can
obtain them by calling at the secretary's oflice.
The following is the maximum
and minimum temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
corded by tin government thermometer nn Cooper Bros.' ranoh:
MAX.        MIX.
Friday  (il 18
Saturday  ,"i7 15
Sunday  72 -17
Monday   77 13
Tuesday     82 -19
Wednesday  8ii i'j
Thursday  89 61
Ranfal! during week, 0.22 inches.
Plans for Railway Improvements Will Reach Here
in a Few Days
A telegram received in this city
today from F. W. Peters, Vancouver,
general western stiperintilent of the
Canadian Pacific railway, slates
that lhe plans for the railway im
provements at this point have been
forwarded to W. O. Miller in Nelson, and tlmt tbey should reach tliis
city in a few days. Work, he aalds.
will be commenced at once.
The contract for excavating for
the buildings and grading addition*
al sidetracks has been awarded to
W. P. Tierney, of Nelson.
Ed Clayton and daughter returned yesterday from a two weeks'
visit to the coast oities.
E. Miller relurned from Nelson
And th* Strain el tht Nervous System
Out te Otftctivt Vititn.
Mncb was made tu ttie uew«|ifi|icr>
tome rears oro of tbe part bad eyes
Have played tn tbe lives of treat musicians and writers. Wbat wns called
"tbe ere ot Renins" was Illustrated to
many portraits, notably tbe l.enbaeh
> paintings of Itlcbnrd Wagner, In width
one eye droops and Is surrounded by
concentric wrinkles of pain. The ureal
composer's sick henilai-tia and Insomnia, bis (battered nerves nud tits ol
violent temper, were attributed to eye
•.train. The diagnosis has slu<e been
accepted by his biographer, Gills, him
self a physician. Similar If less conclusive cases bave been made out to
explain tbt lifelong suffering ofUeorge
Eliot, Broifnlng, tbt Cnrlylcs. Dnrwln.
Huxley, Herbert 8|ieocer, Balzac,
rains, Nietzsche, Tacbalkowsky and
Tbs (training of tbe nervous system
due to defective vision Is to be found
among all who use their eyea In work
oear at band. "The eye of genius" Ib
as common among typesetters and
proofreaders, reportera and typewriters, bookkeepers, latbt workers and
■eamstressea aa among the master
aplrlta ot music aod letters. It Is, In
fact, more common, for whereas the
lortunste few are able to choose their
time nnd pines of labor, to Und rest
and recuperation wben tbey need It
the many are beld fast to long hours
and endless days, wltb tbs result that
tbey become hopeless, nervous wrecks
•nd go blind or mad. — Metropolitan
It Waa  Developed   Lang   -More tha
Weaver Waa Firat Known.
Felt Is a fabric formed without
weaving by taking advsntags of tbe
tendency of hair and wool to Interlace
and cling to eacb oilier. Antiquarians
•tats tbat the art of felting waa devel-
eped long before the weaver waa first
known. Felting antedates the Chris-
tlnn era by many centuries.
Authorities state tbat th* felting
quality ot bair or wool results from
the natural structure of tbe material, j
Tbe bair b: most animals Is noticed
to bs more or less notched er Jagged
ra Its surface. Tbls Is tbe more apparent when an examination ot tlie
material Is mads by tbe aid of a I
microscope. In some animals tber*
appears to ba a set of barbs on th*
bair, and these, barba nr* ao placed tbst
tbe tip of eacb pointa to tbe end of tb*
lt follows tbat wben a number ot
bnlrs sr* pressed together thos* which
He In th* opposite direction to each
other will Interlock wltb th* barbs ot
tb* bair surface and resist an effort to
tear Ihem asunder. Wben the hnlr bas
■ natural tendency to curl lb* Interlacing process which Is called retting la
nor* easily accomplished.
Although lb* felting property Is pos-.
•eased by wool In a special degree,
other animnla bave It In their covering,
Tbla Is true of tb* goat, ox. bare, rab- j
Ut aad heaver.—New Xork Bun.
Bothered by Plural*.
The Norwegian waitress who was
learning l.nullsti hnd more trouble
wltb her plurals than wltb any otber
ons thing. It seemed Impossible for
ber to acquire the trick of putting on
tbe letter "a" at the rlgbt time and
leaving It off at ethers. Bbe would In*
variably Inquire on seeing a lirst helping disposed of, "Will you huve mora
lambs'/" or "Will you eat more chick*,
ens7" Wben corrected for tbls sh*
would tnke pains to ask, "Will yon
hnve oue Dean." and "Will you eat
one huckleberry!" Finally the constant explnnationa of an overzealons
mistress confused ber past straightening out Thero wer* guests staying
over the week end, and Inga took tbs
lady'e order for a soft boiled egg, then
tbe husband's for another. Tbe girt
after a moment's hesitation, walked to
tbe dumb waiter snd aaid to tbs kitchen below, "On* soft boiled egg for
twol"—New Xork Press.
An Emperor's Strange Fancy.
Btrnnge fancies bave taken bold ot
some men regarding tbe manner laj
which their bodies were to bs disposed
of after death and the ceremoniea to j
bs observed at their funerals.   Tb*
great Emperor Charles V. had tb* curl..
ous Idea of celebrating his own funeral.    Shortly  before bis death bs1
caused a tomb to be made in tbe chapel
of tb* monastery ot Kstremadura, ts
wbich hs had retired after bla abdication, and oo its completion bs waa car-
rled to tt aa though dead.  Placed ln a
coffin and accompanied by a procession, hs wns boras along, whllt cbanta
ner* sung, prayers said and tears shed.
After the solemn fare* was over bs
■was left nlone ln the chapel, wbere be
remained a short tlm* before rising
out of tb* coffin.
Shop Stocked With   Goods   Half   a
Century Old
There has just died at Aurort, Illinois, Mr. D. W. Stockwell, one of
tie quaiutest characters ln the State,
who bas been know tor many years
:is "The Man who Stood Still." Fitly
yiars ago he was the owner ot una.' o.
lhe biggest shops outside Chicago,
nnd during the Civil war- he prosper-
•d greatly.
After Ihe war he failed to k.i.o
aireast of lh6 times, and the aim*
<'.oods which he carried then still
adorn tiie show windows of his scop.
For a tew years the shop made a
pioBt, lut within halt a doien y-.ar.
after the war the place was a cur-
liBity shia,-a, and continued ao. TIM
hoop sk'.-l, barber-striped hose, Jc-t
jewelry aid other antiquities continued to Icrm his Btock.
In-latter yeais ho was the o-ily
.me who internal the place except visitors to the city, and his shop became a .>now place In a moderate
.vay, ou account of the man's peculiarities. Mr. Stockwell bas carried
about i2fi(,0 worth ot goods—aB ."it
oi dale—for over <0 years. But n't
withstanding lack of custom, he open-
• XI his shop prompt'y at 7 every mori-
lug. and remained until 6 in the even-
'ng.     He died at the age of 77.
Peevish, pale, restless, and sickly
children owe their condition to worms.
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator
will relieve them and restore health.
Why, Not How
By George, old chap, when I look
at one of your paintings.I stand and
How I do it?
No.     Why do you do it?
Why Bethtr About the Rett?
"Does you husband carry any Ufa loan ranee1"
"1 don't know."
*'I should think yon wonld want to
bs informed about a matter tbat wculd
bs so serious to yon."
"Bow conld It bs aerloua to mel"
"Wby, If be died you would wish to
know whether bs bad left you any*
tblng or not wouldn't you?"
, "Ob. tf he died be wonld leave me a
widow, sad J sbould know tbat rlgbt
away."—Chicago Record Herald.
Minard't  Liniment Curea Garget In
What Interested Him.
"What lDt.nes.ed me. most In tat
travels," said Henpeck, "waa the mum*
my ot a queen 1 aaw In Egypt"
"Wonderful, ebr ssksd Us friend.
"Tea, It's wonderful bow tbey could
mak* a woman dry op and stay tbal
wny."—Philadelphia Press.
Doubtful Meaning, \,
Be-So you lost tbat bandsomt lit*
tie dog you bad? Sb*-Ves, In s rail*
road accident 1 was saved, but tbs
dog wns killed. H*-Wbnt • pltyl—•
Boston Transcript
A New Champion
Frize Fighter (entering school
with his son)—You give this boy u'
•nine a thrashin' yeBterday, didn't y?r?
Schoolmaster (very nervous)—Weil,
Prize-Fighter—Well, give us your
'and; you're a champion. I cant do
nothin' with 'Im myself.—Punch.
Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial Is compounded specially to combat
dysentery, cholera morbus and alL
Inflammatory disorders that change of
food or water may set up ln the
stomach and Intestines. TheBe
complaints are more common ln summer than In winter, but they are not
confined to the warm months, as undue laxne8B of the bowels may seize
a man at nny time. Such a sufferer
will find speedy relief in this Cqrdlul.
Cats for a Choice
George, before we were married
you uBed to bring me flowers nearly
every day.
Well.SI can bring you flowers today,
fir that matter, but if I do I'll have
ta cut out that new asparagus.—St.
Louis Post-Dispatch.
The Patient'* Retort
Doctor—Well, 1 hope you profited by
my advice'.
Patient—Ves. doctor; but   not   bt
much as you did.
. Tbe moat delicate, tbs most senilbta,
ot all pleasures consist! In promoting
th* pleasure! of otb*ra.-Bruy*r*.
Early Manueerlpte.
Tbe type of lettera Id early manuscript
was tbe isms as tbat of tbose used on
tbe earlier metal plates and wax tablets. All letters were capital*. Minuscule, or small lettering, aa opposed to
tbs majuscule, wss Invented la tb*
seventh century. Befors Its Invention
tbere was no apaclng between tb*
words. Tber* was no punctuation on-
lees possibly aome mark between leniences. Wben cursive writing cam*
Into general use, about tbs beginning
of tbs tcntb century, tbs art was practiced by only a few highly trained
ecrlbes. Tbla continued all tbrough
the middle ages. Tbs scribe* wer* art-
tats, and they carried tbelr art to a
higb degree ot perfection. Msny of
tbs manuscripts of tbat psflod sre very
beautiful specimens of handiwork and
aa perfect aa print
Tbe Canton-Macao railway, China,
has already been surveyed, and It Ib
probable that construction work will
lie commenced In the near future.
Starting at Fatl, across the Slklang
river from Canton, the line will run
nlmost due south through the districts ot Shnntak and Heungahan to
the boundary of the Portuguese colony of Macao. This line will be
about seventy miles long and will
penetrate one of the richest districts
of south China.
Little Ones
Mothers I Are your little ones
suffering from itching, burning
eczemas, or other torturing,
disfiguring skin troubles? Are
you, yourself, worn out with
long, sleepless nights antl ceaseless anxiety in caring for them ?
Then you should know that, in
most cases, a warm bath with
Cuticura Soap
and a gentle application of Cuticura Ointmenttring immediate re
lief, the little sufferers sleep, tired,
fretted mothers rest, and peace
falls on distracted households.
• Although Cuticura Sow and Ointment aro
sold by ctniRKinta and dwalrro everywhere, a
IWKlal to "cuticura," I»Pt. 2M. Bosloii.
1) 8. A., will si«ure a liberal sample ol each,
with SU-P. bunk on the skin aud scaly, and
treatment uf ll-ulr affection*..
:    Th* Firat tttttn el an Arab ley.
Tb* very flrst lesson whicb ao Arab
\ baby learns whtn be begin* to talk Is
to keep fscts to himself. It don oot
■ound very friendly put In that wsy,
but It saves s deal of trouble, foreigner* do not understand Arab*.
Tbey ask Ihem pointed questions end
recelv* peculiar anawera.   Tbey con-
1 atrue tba anawera to picas* theniselve*
and com* away to tell th* world that
. tb* Arnba ara a nntlon of Hara. They
ar* oot a nation of liars.   Perhaps If
: tbey  sbould  tell  the  foreigner*  to
! mind tbelr own affairs and let tbem
and theirs alone the foreigners would
; underatand tbem better.-f.sct.ong*.
No symptoms that Indicate any of
the ailments ot childhood should be
allowed to pass without prompt attention. The little ailment may
soon become a serious one and perhaps e little life passes out. if
Baby's Owu Tablets are kept In the
house minor troubles can be promptly cured and serious ones averted. The
Tablets aro guaranteed absolutely
nafe and can be given to the newborn babe aB well as the growing
child. Mrs.'Arthur Drapeau, Mont
Carmel. Que., says: "I can give Baby's
Own Tablets to my little one without
rear, well knowing the beneficial results that will follow their use." The
Tablets are sold by medicine dealers
or by mall at 25 cents a box from
The Dr. WilliamB' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Out.
W. N. U. 906
Her tittle Hint.
He—DoeB a woman when she's
married .expect her liiLtl mid to lull
her hla businees affairs?
hie—I don'i know ' .;t u woman
e:ii,fl<:is a man tli talK business \v!i..n
he   I'J   volutin:;   her.—Boston   Trctns-
Thi.v Year.
Maud—Caroline's -new hut Is a
beauty. 1 wonder what milliner designed It'!
Beatrix—Milliner, indeed! She had
it done liy a landscape gardener.—
Harper's   Bazaar.
Street gas inmim were first used ln
.'.ondon in 180'.'.
' Impollteneaa of Curiosity
The goose had been carved, and
everybody had tasted It. It was excellent. The negro minister, who
was the gucBt of honor could not restrain his enthusiasm.
Dat' as line a goose as 1 rvali sre,
llruddah Williams, he. said to his host.
Whar did you git such a line goose?
Well now. pason. replied the carver
of Ihe goose, exhibiting great dignity
and reticcr.ee, when you preaches a
speshul good sermon, I never axes you
whar yon got lt. I hopes you will
show me de same consideration.—
Popular Magazine
fTtMd softly -
Step safely.
Enkodjflwpatented features
of Cafe Paw Meets.    tto!
Why doesn't ahe take      ,
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers.
They stop a headache promptly, yet do not contain any oj
tht dangerous.drugs common in headache tablets. Ask your
Druggist about Ihem.   25c. a box. I
Natmnu Daw ,*. CHtaicni Co. ., ciaun, limits*. IM
*New Perfection
Heating' Plate
has proved a great convenience to all
users of the
OU Cook stove
** Thit year we are idling
!.   The New Perfection Broiler,
The New Perfection Toaater-
.... The New Perfection Griddle ^
each designed specially for use oo the New
Perfection Stove.
W«h iheM .pokac-a. nd die New Pcrf-dyo Am ioor H.aal
ms. tin New Perfectiaa. it iM u KM*"* stS) eSeieel • tt»» «
• retaiLr eo.1 relate.  Cetttroly, ll » *mk cheer end da-pet.
Muy pwpla we die New Perfectiea all lbe roes mad.
a- A.k 10 leelM. Store il
Up. dree -kekree, towel
rub, etc. MedewJLI.
lot3 bun-en. Free Cook-
Book wilh  omr Store.
Harvester Oil
Specially Prepared for use on
reapers, binders and threshers
A abort cut oil possessing great durability. Admirably
adapted for uae on all farm maohlnery. It reduces Motion and wear to tha minimum and la not affected by,
moisture or change of climate,
Mica Axle Grease
la tha beat axle grease you can get for your tractor*
Bavea wear, aavea power, aavaa   fuel.   Never   rubs   off.
Never gume. ■ I j
Capital Cylinder Oil. The very best oil for steam plants oa
the farm. Uatg longer aod gets mors toryg front tha
engine, with leas wear, than any cheap substitute*; costs
less In the end. n *     i
Atlantic Red engine Oil. A medium bodied oil, strongly
recommended for alow and medium apsod engines anl
machinery.    Easee the bearlnga and lighten* tha load.
•*-» ■'?. -*
Standard Gas Engine Oil give* the bast lubrication pos-
alble, alike In kerosene, gasoline and gas engines. Keeps
Ita body at high temperature*.    Equally good for all external bearlnga.
Silver Star Engine Kerosene Oil
Engine Gasoline
Aak your dealers, or writ* to any Agercy.
The Northern Trusts Company,
This company acta in the capacity of
and we shall be glad to forward copy ot   our   Booklet   "Something
r.bout Trusts, Trustees and Trust Companies." on request. I
OF INTERE8T         t
, A Quitter
Thfl'young man wanted an understanding before he proposed.
Can you wash dishes? he asked.
Oh, yes, said the   girl.   Can   you
wipe 'em?
. He dldu't propose.
Thc man with a clear conscience
antl patches on his trousers gets more
out of this world than Ihe man who
goes beyond bis means to be fashionable.
In a predicament It sometimes hai
pens that a woman's Intuition i
worth more than the reasoning oj i
dozen men.
housewife netda a
Spirit  Iron.     Burn*  mcihyt.
Double nickel finish—nevrr tnrtv'L
i, never R--II out of cr*W, Kiuraniccit m .
itl 1 ffnt an hour lo uk.     l'rirr in. \
kcluik*  delivery.      Send   lor  Circular \
'\Akci.u «inted. * ]
Insect bites and stings, blistered
leet and sunburn! These three things
Dr any-one ot them, may spoil some
days ot your vacation, or make your
work a bore! Zam-Buk ls the remedy you need! It takes the "burn"
out of.theBe red, Inflamed patches
where the sun has got borne on you;
It eases bad mosquito bites, and it
soothe* and heals blistered feet and
In the hot weather young babies
suffer greatly from heat spots and
chafed places. Here, again, Zam-Buk
will give almost Instant ease' Mothers should always keep Zam-Buk
handy, and should use Zam-Buk Soap
for baby's bath.
For cuts, burns and more serious
skin diseases, such aa eczema, blood-
poisoning, etc., and for piles, Zam-
Buk is" absolutely without an equal.
All druggists and stores 50c box or
Zam-Buk Co., Toronto.
Varieties of Farm Crop* Compared
According to tests o? many of the
best varieties of farm crops, carried
os at the Central and Branch Farms
of tha Dominion Experimental Farms
system, some sorts of each class are
much superior to others that by some
are considered good. As a guide to
the crop growers of Canala as to
which varieties aro most valuable,
Bulletin No. 77 of the Central Experimental Farm has been prepared-for
distribution This bulletin gives selected lists of the best varieties for
each province or district, the lists being based on the accumulated experience of past years. Among the
newer Varieties of merit, Marquis
wheat, Manchurlnn barley and Artb
nr pea. are especially mentioned
This liilletln' of 74 pages deals not
only' wilh varieties ot grain crops, but
with those ot fodder crops and pota-
tjes as well. Crops may be procured
hy applying to the Publications
Branch, Department of Agriculture,
Ottawa, Cau.
Novel Future of th*' International
Dry-Farmed Produota Exposition
One of the most novel features ever
shown at a fair or exposition will be
the'display made by the united commercial clubs ot Stevens County,
Washington, at the Dry-Farmed Products Exposition next October, when
a pile of mammoth potatoes, perfect
ln size and enormous in dimensions
and weight, will be shown In the form
of a cord. It is already planned to
bring to Lethbridge sufficient of these
spuds to stack aB a farmer stacks a
cord of wood, and an ingenious method has been devised to keep them In
auch shape as to cause people to
Recently a number ot Chinese children have been found in the streets
of Paris and taken before' the magistrates as vagabonds. These children
were brought to France hy Bhowmen
to perform as acrobats. After a few
montha their performances having lost
their novelty and ceased to attract,
the managers abandoned them. They
have.been taken to the Chinese Legation to be sent home. But they
don't want to go home. The beautiful city of Paris Is more to their
A Massachusetts woman has patented a wire gauze cover for bird cages
to protect their occupants from cats
and insects.
Minardi* Liniment Cure* Colds, Etc.
In the Qlddy Whirl
Into the little village of Wuzzle-
irali' there came a circus with brazen
band,- gaudy poBters, mammoth elephants, superlative clowns and flery
untamed lions.
The boys of the placo were mad
With excitement Hnd the young son
of a notoriously close-fisted old farmer rushed up to his father and eagerly
requested the price ot a ticket to view
the show.
What, demanded the old skinflint,
waste good money to see a circus?
. Yes. futher. came   the   meek   and
mild reply.
Young man. answered the oldster
sadly, it was only last month that 1
let you go to tho top of the hill to see
the eclipse of the biiu. My lad, do
you want all your .life to he one wicked round of gayety?—Life.
Comparing Bumpa
The lady was talking to the professional chauffeur.
Did you ever run over a dog? sho
YeBsum, he answered, cheerfully.
Goodness! Wasn't lt awful?
It sure was, ma'am.
Did you ever hit a cow?
Ugh And—er—did you ever
strike a human being?
Meaning a   man?   Yessum—oncet
Heavens!      Didn't you faint?
No'm—I stuck to my wheel.
But how did you feel? What was
it. like? How—what—when-
Well, it. was a bigger bump than a
dawg, but. It was lots softer than a
cow. Otherwise It waa^ sorter betwixt an' between!
Aching  Backs aad Tired Limbs
Need M Be Endured
Aching backs, tired limbs, attacks
of lalntness, headaches and Dack-
aches, need not be a part of woman's
life. There are times when her
blood needs special attention, aud
tbose times are Indicated by one or
more of the above symptoms. It ls
at Buch times that Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills are worth their weight ln gold
to women, for they actually make the
rich, red health-giving blood which
makes weak, tired, despondent women, active and strong, and feeling
equal to all their household duties.
Such a sufferer was Mra. William Sullivan, Main River, N.B., wbo says: "I
am writing to acknowledge the great
good I received through Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. After my baby was born
last summer I was so run down that
life was really a burden. I had to
drag myself about to do my housework, and every moment was one ot
trial. If I went upstairs I would be
breathless and tired out, and my
heart would palpitate violently, and
would have a feeling as though I was
smothering. My appetite was poor,
and my baby was suffering from my
weakness. I was advised to try Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills and got six
boxes, and before they were all quite
used I was like a different woman
My appetite returned; I regained my
Btrength, and the work about the
house no longer bothered me. As
the result of my experience I would
strongly urge all weak women and
nursing mothers to use Dr. Williams
Pink Pills.
There is no woman, no matter what
her station In life, who will not enjoy
better health If she occasionally fortifies her blood through the use of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. The Pills are
sold by all medicine dealers or may
be had by mall at 50 cents a box or
six boxes for $2.60 from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Wa after Ona Hundred Dollar* Reward
'•r em <■**. ef Catarrh that cannot ht
turtd Sir Hall's Catarrh Cora.
_      f. J. CHKNBT A CO., Toledo, O.
Wa. the uiyteriianed hava known V. 1.
Chancy for tSa laat is year*, and kallava
him perfectly honorable In all bualntst
transactions, and financially able te carry
•ut any oW (atlona made Jy hla flraL
Wajdlna,  Klnnan A Marvin,
    Wholesale Druiilite. Tel.de. ft
Hall's Catarrh Cure la .ak.n Internally.
•ctlti* directly upon the blood and muo-
aca iurfac«» of the ayatem.   Testimonials
p-raJas-    ■• *M,fc 8o"
fake lua_l*B Family Pill* (or Conetl-
Nights of Agony come In the train
ot asthma. The victim cannot lie
dowu and sleep ls driven from his
brain. WJiat grateful relief is the
Immediate effect of Dr. J. D. Kill
og-l's Asthma Remedy. It banishes
the frightful conditions, clears the
passages, snd enables the afflicted
one to. again sloop us soundly and
restfully as a child. Insist on the
genuine at your nearby druggist.
Hard Bualneea
An advertising man of Cleveland
was going home one night In a street
car. It was late, and the man who
sat ner.t to him began to talk.
What business are you la? he
Tbo advertising business.
Is tliat so. I used to bo in the
advertising business myself. Quit
It, though, aud went Into the rag-and-
old-bottle business; got a horse and
clean up my sixty every month.
There seemed to be nothing for the
advertising man to say, sn he said lt.
Yes, continued the talkative man.
I was tn the advertising business—I
was a sandwich man tor a clothing
■tore tor six months! Say, and he
leaned over confidentially, ain't It
hard work jvhen the wlud blows?—
(Saturday Evening Post.
Bombay's Animal Hospital
In far off Bombay is probably tbe
largest and most elaborate hospital
for animals ln the world. It has
both its Inpatients and its outpatients
and it ministers to animals of all
kinds as carefully as human beings
are administered,to in the hospitals
of the West.
Over 2,000 animals are taken into
the hospital eacb year, and well on
to 1,000 are treated as outpatients.
In all there are some forty buildings,
large and small, connected with the
hospital, and the architectural structure and the appointments ot some
of them arc Indeed superior to those
of many of our regular hospitals.
This splendid hospital for animals
was touuded by a native Indian, a
Parsee merchant, Sir Dlnshaw Man-
ockjee Petit.
Not only domestic animals of
every kind are treated and cared for
In lt but the animals of the jungle
aud the wild birds which are found
wounded or suffering trom any cause
are taken to lt and nursed back to
health and then set free again.—
Every Living Creature.
'Br Na-Dru-Co tyspepsli Tablets
We are continually hearing from
jratefql people who have had experiences like lhal of Miss Alice K. Cooper,
of Niagara l'alls, Out., who writes:
. "I wish to express hiy gratitude lo
you for the benefit I received from your
most wonderful Dyspepsia Tablets.
Having taken other medicines without
having received the slighte.it relief, I
heard of your Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
. Tablet* and thought I would give them
a trial. I have been completely, cured
of dyspepsia. I will be only too pleased
tp advise auyonctroulilcd wilh dyspepsia
to give them a fair trial."
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets not only
. give the Immediate relief from heartburn; flatulence, acidity of the stomach
. andbiliousness,.vliirliissoinnchneeded,
but if itaken regularly for a few days or
week* they completely cure the moat
aggravated easei ot stomach trouble.
,Wheri for 50c. you can get a bo* from
Sour druggist, why _go on suffering?
latlohal Drug and Chemical  Co.   of
Cauada, Limited, Montreal, 144
Lord Haldans Dlacussea Queation In
Evidence Before Commlaslon
It is not o(ten that a government
repot* contains matter especlallly of
interest to women; but the views of
Lord Haldane on the much discussed
topic as to whether they should be
excluded from the "professions" given in cvlderce before the royal commission on the civil service will be
read with Interest by all women who
have lo depend upon themselves for
their living. Though the inquiry
wus supposed to touch.the civil service only, the war minister was very
emphatic In expressing his opinion on
lhe subject generally. He said hla
belief was lhat the exclusion of women, from a groat many professions
at the present tlmo was the result of
superstition, and very little else. He
believed there was a great many professions In which women were not
only qualified to do tho work, but
where they could be of the greatest
possible use.
There were certainly a great many
positions in the civil service which
women could All quite as well as men
and which they did not fill af the
present time-higher division posts
as well as others.
„.,Lor?.'?__,ldane wa!' questioned by
Miss Haldane as to whether he considered lhat post qualified for by a
higher education, whatever was tlie
case with regard to lower posts should
receive equal pay In tlie case of women and men. Ho replied thnl he
hud previously said that upon that,
questlon he had found it dlfllcult to
make up his mind.
It might be said that thoy must pay
a man. not what lie was worth, not
the cost of producing hint, but a living wage, because he was the breadwinner for his wife and family, and
they ought lo encourage him to have
a wife and family, In tho Interests of
tlie state, and therefore he must be
paid something extra for beiug a citizen.
He Knew a   Verse
Frederick was only 4, and had just
returned to his home in Alabama
after a visit to relatives' tu Missouri.
Within a week or two he went to
Sunday school for the flrst time. The
previous Sunday the teacher had told
the little ones to come prepared to
speak a little verse from the bible
or their Sunday school paper.
When lt came Frederick's turn, she
said. Frederick, this being our first
Sunday, I presume you haven't a
Frederick, with a great, deal of confidence, replied. Yes, ma'am, I have
Very well, let us have it.
At which Frederick chirped up
blithely: IT"
tou gotta quit kickln' my dawg
The Feminine Mind
They lived in a little towu adjacent
to Pittsburg- Hubby was trying, to
Jolly wlfey along and make her forget that Bhe wanted a new spring
Now. said he, the town committee
is offering a prize for the prettiest
What Is that to me?
Why don't you enter the contest?
You know I haven't had a lawn in
five years. I haven't even a gingham that Is fit to wear.       .
Moral—You can't take their minds
off tho subject of dress—Pittsburg
Wanted to Make Sure
Frederick Townsend Martin, apropos ot the extravagance of the idle
rich, said at a dinner:
I hear of a caso ln point. The
wife of an overworked promoter said
at breakfast:
Will you post this letter for mc,
dear? It's to the furrier, countermanding my order for that $900 sable
and ermine stole. You'll be sure to
The tired eyes of the harassed happy promoter lit up with Joy. He
seized a skipping rope that lay with
a heap of dolls and toys ln a corner,
and, going to his wife, said:
Here,   tie  my  right  hand   to
left foot, so I won't forget.
DOCTORS' BILLS ARE Expensive. Tbe constant use
uf      drugs        is    expensive,
and likewise unnecessary. Nature in
the only reliable doc lur. (.let close to
Nature and Ue your own physician.
it ls not hard to do, not ditltcult lo
learn. Nature's laws are simple.
When the fire burns low, you don't
run for the doctor or drug store or the
patent medicine bottle; you simply
put on more fuel. So when disease
or sickness attacks tho body of yourself or any member nf your family,
go to Nature's vast storehouse of vitality and draw therefrom the revitalizing forces which banish ttis.'ase
and make yon  well.
Send for Our Free
Book and Enjoy
Good Health Without Doctors or
Break the bonds of
superstition and
fpar which bind
you. Be ma si or nf
your own health and
the health of your
family. This book
points ont the way.
If you are sick, you
know It better tlmn
and  y
you don't want drugs; yon don't wont
.to bo doped and enervated by useless
drugging. Write for our freo book
today. Specify book No. 19. We
pay   the postage.
364 West St    Catherine St.,
Montreal, Canada
anybody    floe,
Then He Drew a Cheque
Editor's wife—How do you like my
new dress? Isn't It a poem?
Editor—No;   I  don't  have  to  pay
for poetry.
So your Shakespeare Club Is a
great success?
Yes. We bave accumulated
enough fines for non-attendance to
take u i all to a matinee party.
Minard't Liniment Cures Distemper.
Looking Out for Number One
Sydney had been given some discarded millinery with which to amuse
herself. She trimmed a marvelous
looking hat, and so arranged lt that
a long red ostrich plume hung
straight down from the front of the
brim, over her baby face.-
Come here, Sydney, said her mother. Let me tack thut feather back,
out of your eyes.
Oh, uo, mother! I want It tlinh
way, so I oan see It myself. Most always only other people can see the
feathers on my hats.—Judge's Ll
The Poor Man's Friend.—Put up In
small bottles that are easily portable
and sold for a very small sum, Dr
Thomas' Electric Oil possesses more
power in concentrated form than one
hundred times the quantity of many
unguents. Its cheapness and the
varied uses to which lt can be put
mnke it the poor mini's friend. No
dealer's stock is complete without it.
Brown   volunteered    to    lend
Old you lake It?
No.     That sort of friendship Is
good to lose.—Detroit Free Press.
That's Different
It's discouraging In go hunting day
after day and not gel anything.
Not to the hunter with real sporting blood In him; he doesn't care
whether he gets anything or not.
But I'm hunting for work.
The Danger
But I dootor myself by the aid ot
medical books.
Yes, ami soma* line day you'll die
of a niissprl.it.—London Opinion.
No Medicine so Beneficial to Brain
and Nerves.
Lying awake nights makes it hard
to keep awake and do tilings In day
time. To take "tonics and stimulants" under such circumstances Is
like setting the house ou Ore to see
If you can put It out.
The right kind of food promotes
refreshing sleep at night and a wide
awake   individual   during   the  day.
A lady changed from her old way of
eating, to Grape-Nuts, and says:
"For about three years I had been
a great sufferer from indigestion. M-
ter trying several kinds of medicine,
the doctor would ask me to drop oft
polatocB, then meal, and bo ou, but
In a few days that craving, gnawing
feeling would start up, aud I would
vomit everything I ate and drank.
"When I Btailted ou (irape-Nuts,
vomiting stopped, and the bloalml
feeling which was so distressing disappeared entirely.
My mother waB very much bothered with diarrhea before commencing
tlie Grape-Nuts, because her stomach
was so weak she could not digest her
Since using Grape-Nuts food .'he Is
well, and says Bhe don't (hink ahe
could do without It.
"It Is a great brain restorer and
nerve builder, for I can sleep as sound
and undisturbed after a supper of
Grape-Nuts as In the old days when
I could not realize what they meant
by a "bad stomach." There Is no medicine so beneficial to nerves and
brain as a good night's Bleep, such as
you can enjoy after eating Grape-
Nuts." Name given by Canadian
Postum Co., Windsor, Ont.
Look In pkgs. for the famous I'ttle
book, "The Road to Wellvllle."
Ever read the above letter ? A
new one appeara from time to time.
They are genuine, true, and full of
human Interest.
Dolly In Dismay
Dorothy—Mother, wheu I get married, shall I havo a husband like
Mother—Certainly, my dear.
Dorothy—And If I stay single shall
I be an old maid like Aunt Anna?
Dorothy (with a deep sigh)—Well,
I am lu a fix.—Boston Transcript.
Botany v. Mercury
'i'he  sick and  alllna.   will  find  a bui*
restoration to health anal vigor ln
The   Eclectine Botanic Treatment
'1'lie weak, nervous and debilitated ara
made strong and robust by Itotanlg
Treatment. Skin ami blared diaaaanaae...
aayptiilfa, lost vitality, emlflsiuiiH and gen-
lto-urinaiy cumplalntH. chronic an,!
complicated dlKea-ten of men and women
vleld to Hotanlc Treatment when all
o.her mcaiifl have failed. Onr preparations were given the gold medal as lilgta-
>.■«. award at the International Exhtbl.
llollH In Bruflfaeltl 1303. Lamalain 1910. fallal
1911. Consultation free, personal or by
letter.       Open   10—8.30.
The Eclectine Botanic Remedy Co.
283-265  Yonge  Street,   Toronto.
vato diseases and drink habit.
Write 81 Queen East. Toronto.
should carry a stock of the Wonder
Fly Killer, a little device of seamless
metal, unleakahle. and the sure exterminator of every kind of fly and
mosquito. Retails at 15c. General
agent, Joseph R. Wilson. 204 Stair
Building. Toronto, or Nicholson &
Bain in Alberta, and Escott & Ha) mer
for Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
When Your Eyn Hied Cars
Try Murlat ly« Ramedj- No Sraartlnif—F«atn
Fin*—AcU Quickly. Try it for Red, W«»«,
Watery Ijm snd Granulated Eyelid*. Illu*
trated Book ln eaoh Packare. Marine (9
compounded by onr OonUaU—not a "Patent Meo>
loin*"—but need In lucrmsrui PhyilelMr Piu*
8c* tor msnj yean. Now dedloated to tbe ********
a and luld by Druggist a at Uo and No par Bottle*
[urine Bye SaWein Aseptic Tubea,<|fc and Gee.
Murln* Iy« Remedy Co* Chloago
The Aiilngton Co. ol Canada, Ltd.
Something New
Running for office, I see.
Forced into it by your friends, eh?
Answered the party call then?
Nix. I'm after the office solely for
the salary attached nnd if I'm elected I'll try to get all my relation?
Well, on the frankness of that statement I propose to vote for you.
Marlon (Jusl from the telephone)—
lie wanted lo know If we would go to
the theatre with him, and I said we
Madeline—Who was speaking?
Marlon—Oh, gracious! I forgot to
Hie   Example
Teacher—Bobby, give me an exam
pie of the word "damper."
Bobby (after a moment's thought-"
Paw says maw Is too dampertlcular
ahout Ills feet being wiped.
Maai. WmtLow'i sooriiino Bvavr hu lam
tue beet remedy lor DIARRHOEA. 111- iff
eolutcly hirmleati. Be lure sod aik for "Mri.
Wlmtow'i ttoxhing Syrup," Md Uu ao otbef
kind.  Twenty-Bye cettUs bottle.
1.,,..*,aaa..a fliaw. ,a>ajr ,aa >aa.a,,a> flofl.ua
Official Business
Missionary—Why do you  look at
ma so Intently.
Cannibal—1 am the food inspector.
The American Medlc.il Association
Is to make a study of inelhodB of resuscitation from electric shocks. Many
eminent physicians and electrical engineers are to co-operate ln the investigation, which It is hoped will
have Important   practical jT,iulta.
Tho Only Impediment
Heck—Is It true thai your win- nas
an Impediment In her speech?
Peck—Yes, she gfls sleepy about
11 o'clock and begins to yawn.—Boston Transcript.
A new railway line rt helm; linllt
between Home and Naples, whicli will
shorten thn present dlslunca! of 161
miles hy about twenty-four miles, Ttoli
nijd will run underground from that
outskirts of Naples to Ilie centre nl
thnt city, and a number of linden
ground passenger slailous will be
Good and True
Safe and reliabfe—for regulating the bowels, stimulating the
liver, toning the stomach—thc
world's most famous and most
approved  family  remedy ia
t* box*. 2J*
W. N. U. 90S THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
If You Have Failing
Have your eyes examined, Let us,
show you how vastly improved our
^hisses oan mnke your vision. We
are expert optometrists, skilled in
the science of refraction, Examination free.
ailillaa.aa.al at Urand forlta, Britlah Ca.laiiiilal
*. A. Kvass Bdltor and Pnblleher
A Hid of thli paper oan be seen at the office
ol Meier.. E. * 5. Hardy A Oo.. «l, II and SB.
Kleet street, __,.C, L laaaa.  Knglatiid, free of
. harga, And that Urn, will be glad to receive
,nbaierlt.tloni'iind advertisement! oh our he-
Frache Brothers propose to incorporate
as a stock company, with limited liability,
to enlarge  their  Greenhouses.    Shares,
$50.00 par.   c__/4slc us for our Prospectus.
One Tear   .. «}•»»
One Year (In advance)  l-»>
One Year, in foiled State n       MO
Aalalreta all commnnlcatlona to
Thk Evening SUM,
_>HONI 874 Okand Ka>BKS. 11. C
FRIDAY, AUGUST 23,  1912
\V. Blakemobe, of Victoria, who
receives many thousands of dollars
worth of phat advertising yearly
for being the official sycophant of
the provincial government, and who
mignt more properly be called the
jester i.t the court of Premier Me-
Bride, has been appointed a commission to enquire into tbe grievances that the people of this and
other districts have against the
Doukhobor society, lt is safe to say
that the job will co.t all that il is
worth, and probably a great deal
more. But why should this commission have been appointed? Laws
are enacted by the legislature lor
for all the people of tbe province,
and a constabulary is maintained to
enforce them. The the only grievance tbe people bave against the
Doukhobors is, that they violate
gome of the statute, aud the law
officers should be able to ^remedy
this error. The Blakemore commission is ihi lefore an expensive uml
impertinent imposition on the people. Tbe appointment wus proli-i
lily mude for the purpose of rewinding a zealous party worker.
Oxi. «f our police oomtnisBioners,
who expressed grave concern print' to
the last municipal election concerning
the moral condition of the city, i»
■espectfullv requested to acquaint
himself with the state of affairs existing in the city today.
Thk Cooper bridge is one of the
pre-election pledges that hus not yet
materialized. The money is probably
needed to pay for special commissions
anil to maintain the increased McBride "army."
To any one who votes the Tory
ticket in this province the future is
secure, lf he makes a failure at
farming or in Business, he can join
McBride's "army." And that is the
only type of men in the "army."
The fruit market is not as good as
it was a year ago. Keen competition
in the Northwest from the eastern
provinces may have caused this
slump. With reciprocity these prov
hues could have shipped to New
York, and the British Columbia
grower would not have had the cent-
belt competitor on the prairies. In
the eastern provinces und eastern
states the price of land und labor conditions ate identical; in British Columbia the same conditions prevail us
in the state of Washington. Let the
eastern provinces compete with the
eastern states, and the western prov
iiti.es with the western states. The
man who says that reciprocity is dead
should be confined a lunatic asylum.
It can not he construed as a mark
of popularity for the city government
when it hus to go outside the names
on the voters' list for u returning
Assured of Big Poultry Show
J. A. McCallum. during his re
cent visit tn Vancouver, attended the
o invention held there hy the British
j Cc.ltni'hia Poultry association; and
1 received assurances that Ihe hig provincial poultry fair would he held
in Grand Forks in January. l'JH
provided suitable accommodations
fir holding the fair are ready.
There'll be no guess work when you buy your hardware from us.
We know whicli brands will stand the hard wear.
When you need anything iu hardware, from a carpet
tack up, eome to us.   You'll find it in our store.
We do business on the square.
Winston Churchill further attacks
Bonar Law.
King George forwards reply to
Canada's loyal message.
Report of crop returns for the Dominion show good seuson.
Dominion government figures show
tremendous increuse in Cunadian manufactures
•Senator Lafollette passionately at
tacks Roosevelt        -
New Westminster wints Minto cup
in strenuous lacrosse.
Four children burned to death in
farm fire at Elgin, Out.
Nuval policy of the Liberul purty
outlined in apparently inspired article
in "Ottawa Free Press.
Officials of three Cunadian railwuys
cluim that they ure prepuied to handle this season's crops.
Panama canal bill deliberation
forced to an adjournment owing to
unexpected and embarrassing opposition attacks.
Bonar Law has not replied to
broadside attacks, but it is alleged
that giguntic plans are being promulgated for resistance of home rule.'
Joseph Mar i 1 says the war scare is
just a jingo vision. "Inflated, unreal
statements thut have no foundation
except in the imagination of jackasses,"
says he.
Spsin said to be assisting Arabs to
resist French troops.
-Dominion government may support
imuiigrunt school system.
Fiendish execution of several officers may result in disruption of Chi
nese republic.
Massacre of Christians in Montenegro continues; Alhttniun insurgentsoc-
cupy two cities.
President Tuft untl his cabinet, ul-
though in favor of Panama bill, fear
legality of free tolls.
With ten rebel soldiers, modern
Jeanne d'Arc, inoiiiitid on snow
white charger, captures Juatei!; Mexi
co, and disarms police patrol.
Harvesting begins in 'mskuteliewuii
More labor is needed
Five thousand men are required on
Grand Trunk Pacific construction.
President of China threatened with
iinpeauliineiit unless he gives satisfac-
tiny reason for execution of ollicers.
Churchill's threat to have Bonar
La» inipiisaineri termed bombastic
nonsense bb former Irish secretary.
Jllllie. Wood lingers, famous outlaw, is pursued through jungles of
litrkest Africa und shot hy British
allicirs nfter terrible hardship.
President Tuft's message to congress
practically pacifying Great Britain,
provides opportunity for foreign na-
lions to test legality of free tolls
Canudian Pacific railway dock
workers at Fort Willivm go on strike
after geting nn increase.
General Booth, nfter forty-eight
hours of unconsciousness, dies surrounded by relutives.
A candid Scotch manufacturer says
that Montreal is farther behind the
times than any city he has visited.
The secretary of foreign affairs, Sir
Edward Grey, will confer with the
Austrian minister concerning the
tumble in tha Balkans.
The U 8. senate committee, by a
vote of S to 0, decides not to submit
President Tuft's special message, concerning free tolls, to congress.
Grave apprehension is felt in.Cairo,
Egypt, over threats of tbe native |o,-
rowme Cameras
Work just like
Woodland 8 Co.,
The Kodak Dealers
we are prepared to give the people of Orand Forks
all the Choicest cuts of
Beef, Mutton, Pork,
Veal and Poultry
Of All Description
Fish, Oysters and all the
Delicacies of the Season
Hansen 8 Mullen |
F. Downey's Cigar Store
Officii, R«6
HaNHK.s's KKBI!>K!*H'E, KH8
First Street
Silver King and Silver Quran Mineral
Claim*, atttmtt' In Tin- liruml Fork. Mining
Dtvl.lim ol Yale Diatrlw.
Wtia'.a' Located: On the Eaat Knrlc of the
North Fork ol Keltle Rly. r.
TAKK NOTICE that I. Jacob M. PanUeu.
Free Miner'. Certificate Nil. KfUaSII, lur
naytai'lf unci oat agent for YVillhitnllt. Uiiltliinii,
rxeolltor. and ltona Major, executrix, of the
will nl Gattherine ItolTinun. Free Miner a.
Certificate   No. ItVfli.H.  Intend,  ilxty   daya
trom    alaalo  hereof,    laa  aa|a|ala    to    tllC Milling
Keeertler lorn Onlrla.iit<. nt Impr*>venieuta. tor
the piiriaaiscot utatainiiig a-rown gtantti nl the
nbaive clatim.
Anal further t,ike unlive that anion.nntli'i
MCtlaatt :t7, niu.l lie cnmmetli'ed lae.orc tht inmi-
aure of .itch Cerlflcatol aaf lni|irnvt_._nent.
Dated thi. (th dny of May, A.D 101!.
JACOB M. f..Ul,8|-S.'
ulaco to avenge tlie sentence* panned
upon the conspirator!, in thu pre-
inwlititteil murders of officials.
The binder twine famine itl tl e
I raiirie provinces is reported to I e
It is charged that the big intercts
uf the United States are behind
Sailors of {.rent Britain threMcu to
stop all oce«tt travel, Malt's and masters may go out,
Governor general of Canada and
lint y will spend title" weeks in l'iiti-li
Columbia this fall.
The fleet of sealing vessels whicli
have sailed from Halifax for 27 yeara
will abandon the enterprise, as it is
claimed there is no money in the
Chief demand for gold coins in
Canada comes from British Columbia.
Major General Otter retires, and
changes are made in llritish Celumbia
At a war conference attended by
the king of Bulgaria, tlte unanimous
opinion favors immediate war with
Heward of tiiOOO offered for murderers of Rosenthal, not yet orrested.
New York police officers debarred, as
it is believed they are aiding murder,
ers to escape.
Don't forget that The Sun has the
best job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
Siinrlie Mineral Cluim. altttate In tin'
liraud Kuril. Mining IllvUluii nl Vila Di-
Where located:   In Welllngt ,»n camp.
TAKK NOTICK that I. Jnwiili Altred Miller.
HriT Mlnerr.'Certificate No. H417M, !••-
t,aa„l. .laity »la>. fruni the data' hereof, lu sillily tn tha Mining Recorder for a OrtlHcntn
ul Improvement, fur tha pnrhoae uf obtaining a Croat it a limit a,I the alaove a-lalin.
Anal fairtliaT tiakp aia.rira' iliait acltna. uttaiet
taction :n, muat ba commaatttaeal before the
laaauanae ot  Mich Certificate' of   Improve*
Dated thli Mill day of A pill. A.D. Hit,
JtlSKl'll AI.FKED Mll.l.KK.
Electric Restorer for Men
PhoSDhonol reetorea .nil nerve in the body
Tlu and vitality. Premature decay ind alt lexnal
weakneei averted at once, rheaphoaol mill
make you a riew man. Price U a bog. or two lor
■       ailed to any add.er.i. tinelooMl Drag
Some businew men are bo (ond of
being deceived that tbey even endeavor to believe thnt they can reach
the consumers of this district with
out lulvertisiiigin The Sun.
mmmm THE -SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Sold by W.K.C. Manly
Liberal Stand on Naval Policy
In what is apparently an inspired
statement the Ottawa Free Pre**
say 8:
"On the authorijy and in the
words of one of its most prominent
eaders, the Free Press is able to
state that the attitude of Sir Wilfrid
Laurier and the Liberal party to the
naval question is as follows:
"We have a policy on this question. We adopted it after mature
consideration. Tbe opposition of
that day could not resist the temptation of making capital out of it,
and roused all tbe passions of Quebec and all tbe passions of Ontario
against it. These passions they can
not now reconcile. Hence tbeir call
for assistance. We will assist tbem
if they frankly adopt our policy or
have a better one to offer. But until they have shown their hand we
stand on our platform and adhere to
our policy."
Ducks, geese, snipe and grouse of
all kinds open in this district on
September 2, grouse shooting remaining open till the end of the
year, and ducks and so on until
February 28, 1913.
A close season is declared for
beaver throughout tbe province
from November 1, 1912, to November 15, 1913.
Deer may be shoot throughout
thiB district from September 2 to
December 15.
Prairie chicken may be shot in
Yale-Cariboo from September 15 to
October 15.
A close season is declared for
wapiti throughout the mainland until September 1, 1912. While-tailed
deer also enjoy a close season in the
Okanagan and Similkameen until
the same date; and moose benefit
from a close season in tbe Columbia
electoral district until September 1,
The Australian navy act is precisely the same as tbal framed tor
Canada by tbe Laurier government.
The difference is, says lhe London
Advertiser, that Australia bas a
number of ships ready tor launching while Canada has none, except
the two she bought. At d nob.ady
in Australia talks of a separatist
navy or accuses tbe Australian gov
eminent of disloyalty. Ti at peculiarly mean and mischievous sort of
ptrty warfare iB confined to Canada.
Apropos of the problem of the
high cost of living and illustrating
one point of view an esteemed correspondent in Spence's Bridge brings
forward tbe following item for the
general discussion, He writes: "In
one of your recent issues I see you
mention the high cost of living. It
is no wonder. One week I saw five
; policemen, tbree fruit inspectors aud
i two sky pilots in this burg. Ten
! non-producers living of! the public
and not one working man in sight."
1 —Saturday Sunset.
Game Laws for this Fall
Various new regulations and
orders in council under the game
protection act have met the approval of the lientenanl-governor,
and among tbe more important is a
regulation reducing the number of
pheasants a sportsman kill in one
day to six. It is also provided thnt
no person may hunt or kill pheasants if there be three-inches of snow
on the ground.
Beats atl how freer trade iB being
"smashed" in the English-speaking
world today. The great pjinciple of
free trade stands triumphant in the
world's greatest nation, and tbe
United Stales, the second most important nation in the world, is jm-t
on the eve of electing a freer trader.
—Victoria Times.
Will Make Concessions
James Rooke returned the |latter
part of last week from Vernon,
wbere he attended a meeting of
fruit and vegetable shippers with
W. B. Lanigan, assistat freight traf
fic manager of the Ganadian Pacific
railway, with whom was R. E. Lar-
mour, divisional freight agent at
Vancouver. The tbree most important items brought up for discussion were: Fixing privileges, that
is, tbe question of shipment of
mixed carloads of fruit and vegetables; assembly, or re-shipment rates,
being tbe question of reduced rates
on produce to be brought to a central warehonse to make up carload
shipments to outside points; reduction of freight rates. Tbe results attained cannot be published until
tbey bave been submitted to tbe
railway commission, and have been
printed and issued by tbe Canadian
Pacific railway, but the ranchers of
valley will be gratified to learn that
tbeir representative at tbe meeting
expresses satisfaction at tbe outcome of tbe proceedings.
Two Men Suspended
sJa-neB, the man wbo shot Con
stable Aston laBt winter, and Tatka
hashi, the Japanese who killed a
fellow countryman near Kamloops,
were botb hanged at KamluOps last
week. Tbey both v a ked to tbe
scaffold unconcerned. Tney ate a
good breakfast before the execution
The Jap said, "Good bye, gentle
men." James --aid, carelessly, "So
long .elltiWB."
What She Was After
David Belatco condemns a certain
ultra-modern type of society woman
"This type, which luckily isn't
nvinerous," he says, "lives on no
toriety. To a woman of this kind a
(lawyer said one day:
" 'Yes, madam, I can get you the
divorce ytni d?Bire. For five hundred
dollars I can get you a divorce—and
get it without publicity, too.'
"She wrink el her smooth, white,
well powdered forehead in a frown;
she bit her roughed and over-red
lip in annoyance.
" 'But what would it cost,' she
asked, 'with publicity?'"
Personal Chtistmas Cards
A new sample book of the "Ait"
series of Personal Christmas Cards
for 1912 has been received at The
Sun office. These cards proved
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In Connection.
Emil Larsen,
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Sciatica, neuralgia and sciatic rheumatism are tbe result of a run-down
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And now that you ara through college, what are you going to do?
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Rather crowded profession already
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Can't help that. I shall study medicine, and those who are already In
the profession will have to take their
chances, that's all.— London Opinion.
Said the navy chaplain to the marine, to whom lie was endeavoring to
demonstrate the undeslrabllity of tobacco: "After all, Bill, you must reflect that in all creation there is not
to be found any animal except man,
that smokes." The marine sniffed.
Yes, he agreed, and you won't find
either any other animal iu all creation
that cooks tttt fcod.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Oents,—I cured a valuable hunting
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treated him without doing him any
permanent good.
Yours, &c„
.     Prop, 'if Grand Central Hotel, Drum-
mondvllle, Aug. 3, '04.
Reform In Surgery
Tliat surgeons In recent years. In
very recent years, have to some extent come to the opinion that the unfortunate person who may furnish
them opportunity for the display of
their skill in the use of saw and knife
is himself worthy of some consideration apart from the beautiful operation, is a matter of congratulation,
nol to the surgeons, but to ourselves
ot tlte laity. It has not been so
many moons ago when a surgeon
knife in hand, was ready to pounce
upon a patient keen to operate without considering whether the operation
might not be a graver source of danger than the deceased condition It
There has r,>cently developed, says
th" New York Medical Record, the
opposite tendency. This strives to
counteract Ihe unbounded enthusiasm or the technician for an Immediate surgical Interference, a tendency
to sliidy the patient as well as his
disease, lo consider tho factors of
safely present In the Individual un
d'r consideration, and In take all possible means of Increasing the chance
ot recovery from the operation Itself
ns well as from the disease.
W. N. U. 90S
Past and Present
Perseverance and determination are
admirable qualities provided they
are exercised tn a good cause, but
when these virtues are prostituted ta
minister to selfishness they are dangerous to the commonwealth and must
be resisted with equal perseverance
and determination.
This ls the situation In Northwest-
era Canada today. On one hand
stands a thoroughly united band of
grain dealers, and on the other hand
there are the farmers, the producers
of the country. The grain men are
using every means In their power to
exploit the farmers.
The history of the grain trade ln
the West Is one of a continual strug-.
gie by the grain producers for fair
treatment at the hands of the grain
dealers. The struggle dates back to
the early eighties when the first frosted graitt was put on the market. The
grain meu refused to buy the damaged wheat and caused much suffering all through the southern parts
of Manitoba. Not only farmers, but
merchants as well were brought to
the brink of bankruptcy. The grain
men at that time sought to reduce
the price of wheat to the lowest
level. Then the farmers met and
made arrangements to ship their own
grain to the Eastern dealers. The
C.P.R. aided them by arranging to
have the grain shipped through to
Sarnis where It was disposed of. As
a result every bushel offered was sold
at fair prices. As soon as the western grain dealers saw that the farmers had found a way to dispose of
their crop, they were quite willing to
get into the market too-
This ls a fair sample of the tactics
of "the grain men. They are determined to control the grain trade of
tlte West. Their latest scheme is
the sample market. Should they get
lhat, they will again control the sale
of wheat.
A sample market In Winnipeg is
asked for. As a Justification, the
sample market' in Minneapolis is quoted. But the conditions are not the
same In these two places. Iu the
first place, there are a great many
more railways running into Minneapolis than into Winnipeg, therefore
the work of re-shipping the cars
after the grain is sold ls
spread among more companies and
consequently the cars are'moved more
quickly. Then, owing to the big
mills located In Minneapolis, over
seventy per cent of the wheat received in that city ls milled there,
while not more than four per cent of
the wheal taken into Winnipeg Is
milled at that point, and the remainder Is shipped on.
Another claim made ln favor of a
sample market is that the farmers
will receive a better price for their
grain. Tlte plea put forth is that
a carload of grain that would just
miss grading No. 1. has under the present system to be graded No. 2,
whereas lf a sample market were In
effect, that carload ot grain would
bring one or two cents per bushel
over the price of No. 2, and hy mixing
It with a carload that was a little over
No. 3 would make two carloads ot No.
Bui experience * proves Its'fallacy.
We had grain mixing pracllBeil openly
for years, but no one except the grain
dealer gained by It. A sample
market would kill competition as the
men who operate It are the same
men who every day until recently,
named the price to be paid for wheat
al every buying point ln the Western
provinces, and by an agreement
amongst themselves would name the
price to be paid ou tlie sample market. You cannot expect lo gather
grapes from thorns or figs from thistles.
There Is at present a grain board
that meets every fall and decides on
the grades. If they do their duly
properly there ls no need whatever
for mixing, and at any rale experience
has taught tbat the farmers would
never obtain the benefit of the mixing.
Another important fact Is that the
mixing ot grain will certainly result
In lowering the standard of Western
Canadian wheat ln Great Britain, who
Is our chief buyer.
VVe notice In tlie dally papers tlte
Minister of Trade and Commerce, at
0-tlnwa. has given notice of Iha' intention of Iho government to establish sample markets before lite crop
of 1913 Is put on the markets. Tliere
Is therefore no lime to bo lost by
Western farmers and others Interested ln fair piny being given to them,
in taking steps to prevent the grain
trade being handed over to men who
have proven themselves utterly unworthy of confidence.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria
Routing Ennui
Bilffkins and hiB wife live In one of
those fashionable, childless apartment
houses.     The visiting friend speakl
Say, what became of that prei.v
bull terrier you used to have arouuJ
to keep Mrs. Bilffkins company dur
Ing the day?
The management wouldn't, stand
for It so we gave blm away. We ventured a canary, but they kicked on
that. I suggested some goldfish, bit
Mrs. Bilffkins said they reminded li4i
c,l swimming snakes.
How did you finally agree
Excellently. I bought her one of
those Mexican Jumping beans. It's
cute as It can be. Say, Clara, get
our little Pedro and make him do
so.ne ot his stunts.—St. Louis Republic.
One of the Most Remarkable Chances
of Diet on Record
One of the most remarkable
changes ot diet on record was that of
the kea, or mountain parrot of New
Zealand. Originally a vegetarian, it
suddenly took to killing sheep and
lambs, devouring certain tit-bits to
which it had taken a liking and leaving the rest of the carcase untouched.
Owing to these ravages the flock-owners and the Government have been
waging a war pf extermination
against the keas that are interfering
with the human liking for fleshy food.
Even the sheep at the Antipodes
have "developed the carnlverous habit," as a Melbourne paper puts lt.
They have taken to attacking and eating each other as well as rabbits,
which are.still very numerous ln Australia In spite of the prodigious
quantities ot them that are every year
trapped, tinned and exported. So
far the phenomenon of the carnlverous sheep has not been noticed outside the southern district ot New
South WaleB, but the news will doubt-
lelss soon spread- One paper thinks
It possible that Australia may evolve
a "wild man-eating merino" that will
provide good sport for big-game hunt-
.The Pill That Leads Them All-
Pills are the most portable and compact of all medicines, and when easy
to take are the most acceptable of
preparations. But they must attest
their power to be popular. As Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are the moBt
popular ot all pills they must fully
meet all requirements. Accurately
compounded and composed ot ingredients proveu to be effective ln regulating the digestive organs, there ls
no surer medicme to be had anywhere, w
Princess Patricia Meets Emergency
In fair weather, on long voyages,
Princess Patricia of Connaught* is
busy on deck, painting or doing some
simple handicraft. Much of this
work finds Its way later to charity.
On a brier yachting trip she viewed
a gorgeous sunset; to let such opportunity go unimproved was out of the
question. Her color box was there,
hut brushes lind been forgotten. Not
a moment could be lost If her sketch
would be completed.
The doctor was called for and
he cun.e running. "Your brushes,
quick, please—the kind you paint peopled throats with!
Aud so the situation was saved.
Difficult to Cure
A woman consulted nn oculist
about her husband's eyesight, saying
she wanted a very strong pair of
glasse.: for him.
I fear I cannot recommend glasses
without first seeing your husband, the
ocltllst aaid.
He won't eome nt any price. Was
the reply.
Then tell me «omelhlng about-him.
Can he see objects at a distance, or
does he experience difficulty when
reading? For Instance, could he see
that pigeon which Is flying up above
Rather! the woman Bald. He'd
spot a pigeon on t' wing quicker than
he'd see au aeroplane, especially lt
he'd got a bet on It. What I want
yer to cure Is his short-sightedness
when he's seekin' work. He's been
lookln' for a job ten years, and never
seen one to suit his fastidious eyesight yet!
I'he ocnliBl. regretted that he could-
1 n't deal with the case.
Farmer*  Everywhere    Preparing    to
Compete for the Valuable Prcre
lumt at Expotitjpn
The Interest In the grand sweepstake prizes ln the several grain
classes of the International Dry-
Farmed Products Exposition, to be
held at Lethbridge, Alberta, next October, has Increased and the number
of premiums have likewise multiplied.
The Rumley tractor stands as the
premier premium offered for the best
bushel of bard wheat grown under
dry-farming conditions, or where the
annual precipitation is less than 20
inches, and where the land or any
part of the farm has not been Irrigated during the season. This premium has attracted a great deal ot
attention, and many farmers are anxious to possess lt.
While th, re Is no other prize offered ot value equal to the tractor,
still it is a noteworthy fact that three
of the other valuable prizes lire donated by the International Harvester
Co., or through Its agencies, and<
these, too, are attracting a great deal
of attention. The Oliver Chilled
Plow Works donated a $500 gang 4-
furrow plow, with either stubble or
breaker bases, to be delivered free
io the winner from the nearest agency
of the International Harvester Co. of
America, for the best bushel ot oats
grown In Canada in 1912 under dry-
farming methods. For the best sheaf
of oats grown ffnywhere, ln the world
linden dry-farming methods the International Harvester Co. donates a McCormick grain binder, and for the
best peck of flax an International
currugated 22-wheel packer.
Corns and warts disappear when
treated with Holloway's Corn Cure
without leaving a Bear.
Shakespeare Exhibition
At the Shakespeare exhibition at
Earl's Court there ls a golden book
guarded by an attendant ln brown
Elizabethan habit. Herein more or
lese distinguished visitors to "Shakespeare's England" are Invited to Inscribe their autographs, and many Interesting people from all parts ot the
world have already done bo. The
other day Mr. Winston Churchill was
prevailed upon to write his name ln
this book, which has aB the first namo
In It that of Queen Alexandra, followed Immediately by the autograph
of her sister, the Empress Marie of
Russia. Ou the flrst page also,
among other autographs, are those of
Princess Victoria, Prince Arthur of
Connaught, Lord Howe arid Lady RI-
TafeGood Care
Of The Colts
It'a cheaper to raise colli than ta
ivy horses. But it'a costly if you lost
tha colu. Keep a bottle ot Kendall'!
Spavin Cure handy. For thlrty-iivo
years has proved it tho safe, reliable
remedy for spavin, splint, curb, ringbone, bony growths and lameness
a other causes.
fort William Oat.
Dcaa. 1811a. 1011.
"1 bar. carnal aaaa.
BpflVla, Wllb Tour
Spavin Clara, and aan
lanar trjluat it on XO-
o'ttiflr wain food r-•
■aalta. I am blghlr
JalaaaMal vailU jour
■   T. WINTER...
A,k.lnajutl»t tor frca
copy of^A Taflatlia
oo lho llaalaw" _f
writ* Mi
Or. B. J. Kendall Company    »
EmtaiiH Fella. Venaoet. U. S. A"
She Saw He/ Finish
A widower belonging to a country
village lately led to the altar a fourth
bride. After the honeymoon the happy couple settled down In his home,
and, as the surrounding country waa
new to the lady, Bhe was anxious to
visit all the places ot luterest ln the
locality. Among the spots visited
was the village churchyard, and thero
the husband and wife paused before a
very elaborate tombstone, the property of the bridegroom. The bride, being a little shortsighted, asked him
to read the Inscription. In solemn
tones he read:
Sacred to the memory of Ann, beloved vlfe of John—; also Jane, beloved wife of John—; also Mary, beloved wife of John—
He stopped abruptly.
What are the words beneath? innocently asked the lady, and her horror
can be Imagined when he read:—
Be yo also ready.
One of Ihe great traus-Atlantlo
steamship companies has determined
tn make use of Ibe system or carrying
boats on deck known as "nesting."
Nesting requires a boat of special
construction, for the standard lifeboat
could not be nested above two, or at
tne outside, three deep.*-
Why Have "Nerves?"
This Is the reason why Vomen have " nerves." When thought, bejia to {row
oloudy and unoertaia, impulse! laf aad the waminft of pain. aAd din rem are tent
like flyini meiufei throughout Uo.be and frame, ttraijhtwey, nine times in ten, a
women will lay the oanie ol the trouble to some defeot at «Ue point where sbe firat
felt it. Is it a headache, a backaohe, a sensation ol irritability or twltohing end
uncontrollable nervousness, tomethinf must be wroaf with the head or baok, a
woman naturally my, but all the time the real trouble very often centers in the
womanly orient. In nine oaaee out of ten the teat of the difficulty it here, and a
woman ihould take rational treatment for iu cure. The loeal ditorder and inflammation df the delicate tpecial orient of the tea should be treated steadily aad
tyttematioally. "' " ..   —
Dr. Pierce, dnrinf a loaf period of prtotice, found that a prescription made
from medicinal extiaett of native roott,without the ute of alcohol, relieved over 90
per oent. of tuch cam. After utinf thit remedy for miny yeara in hit private pree*
tioe he put it up In lorm of Dr, Pieree't Fevorite Prescription, that would make it
easily procurable, aad it can be had at any tton where mediolnet are handled.
Mrs. I.iia B. Hawkins, of Zeus, Va., writes: " I had been falling In health
for two years—most of the time was nnt able to attend to my household duties.
Female weakness was my trouble ind I was getting vnry bad bnt. thanks to Doctor
Pierce's medicines, I am well and strong again.   I took only throe hotline of' Favor-
lt» Prescription,' and used tho 'Lotion Tablets.'  I hi         ' " '
Doctor Pierce's wonderful medicines."
have nothing but praise fo*
Slanting f
• "I'll get him thia timet" muttered
fiarrlson evilly.
Redding rolled another cigarette and
looked furtively at his companion.
'You'll awing for lt," he suggested
"I'm willing to." returned tbe otber
. "Of course you're something ot a fool,
Barry, to risk belug popped out Just
Jjecmiso Fenderson discharged you.
Mlud you, I'm not siding with blm becuuse In my opinion be's a dead pattern for a swell, and jou know I ain't
gut much use for that kind."
• "Whnt do you mean, then?" growled
Harrison, brlnglug his borse to a standstill.
; "Why, I mean I think you've got a
crouch nil right, but for my own part;
1 always consider whether u man's
worth risking my own life and liberty,
for. If you wits botb dead what good
would It do you?"'* •
"I ain't delinttn' lhat part of it," re.
torted Harrison obstluuiely. "All I
got to say Is that I've got a good
Crouch agnltist Oleic Fenderson, nnd If
1 have my way there'll be a uew boss
np nt the Q. K. ranch before the week
ts out."
"And you'll be six feet deep with
your boots on," udded lteddlng with
"See bere," yelled Harrison wrathful-
ly, "did I ask you to come out bere nnd
talk over how I'll get Dick Fenderson
tonight when he rides buck from Cherry Tree or wns you Invited to come and
discourage me ont ot my Intentions,
eh? If so be, It's the Inst argymenL
aWliy. you and inc'll spill blood here
nnd now!" He waved a gun threateningly.
"You're drunk - again, Harrison,"
snapped Redding, glancing impatiently
around tbe lonely canyon In which
tbey had drawn rein to discuss the
killing of big Dick Fenderson. lied-
•ding baled his boss as heartily as did
Massachusetts and didn't wed any els-
tera or cousins ot aunts-wbat be
wanted was a wife. And be had
atared down nt ber In thn fierceness of
At the word Marjorie had thrilled
dellclously and would fain bave reconsidered ber hasty decision, bnt the Impulsive Fenderson had stiffly taken hla
departure before she really understood
what bad happened.
Sbe bad taken a long walk the following day, aud ihe hid been perched
among the rocks In tbe canyon, which
was not often nsed, na It was merely
I short cnt from Sugar Creek to the
Q. K. ranch, when she had been
frightened Into hiding by the sound of
hoofs and men's voices. Thus sbe bad
overheard tbe plot against tbe life of
Dick Fenderson.
found her trembling little one* trying
to stay the raining tears.
"What ls It, little girl?" be asked ten.
Marjorie told him between relieved
sobs and he patted ber shoulder In a
way tbat was entirely too brotherly
t* be tn accord wltb Marjorie'*. enlightened Btate ot mind.
"You did tbls for me to save my
life?" be asked In amazement "Wby,
Marjorie, dear, you know yon are as
timid aa a rabbit You are scared to
death of the dark—why, what"—
"Do come away before tbat Harrison
shoots you," nrged Marjorie hastily.
"Dou't worry abont Harry Harrison,
dear," returned Dick easily. "Tbe sheriff collared bim this afternoon, and
he's on his way to Arizona now. He's
wanted for n shooting down there.   I
K May Be a Mighty Mass ef Molten
Preeleua Metals.
Did yon ever, atop to consider the
fact that ln all probability the center
Red Cedar Nearly Gene.
There was a time* within the precsnl
generation when red cedar was to he
found in every part of Canada. There
was so much red cedar, in fact, thai
everybody thought, without making
any special calculation, enough was
ot the earth ts a globe composed of j in 8ight to last „ few thousand-years,
gold. Iridium and platinum! These : Thj, teing the situation, everybody
metals are, of course, ln a liquid state, who had nothing else to do took a
tbe Iridium at the exact center—tbat Is, hand ut wasting it. Lavish use wus
provided there Is not some heavier : msde of it in hundreds of ways, and
metal at present unknown to man oc- I seme persons nctiiully were sufficient-
cupylng tbat place-the platinum next I ')__.»«»•«•» *.°. ,u.rn il 'P1* fir''*"""!
Although Marjorie Bolton had been' WUfl riding over to Sugar Creek to tell
born and bred In tbe west, sbe was s .you that I believe 1*11 go back east
timid, gentle little thing and not at all] My fntber'a health Is breaking down,'
In keeping with tbe big, broad, open lltld i,e needs me to run that dairy farm
air life of tho plains. What she need- j uf Mt< l never thought that 1 ebonld
ed was the quiet of a sbelteied home owe }.on ray nfe_for tbat j, what lt
In a country village, and now that ber!oome, t0, y00 are th# braTMt ^ lB
father bnd married again Marjorie; th, wor,d whn, t.,n , evw a,,.,.,
sometimes yearned for shady village! -stop—tAlfclux so much-llke-llks a'
streets and tbe close community ot > ,,rotller„ ,obbc(] Matigrl(,. i
village life. i
Sbe  hid  her  face  In  her slender I .
brown hands and shuddered at the!   _. !"'., ,      .
fate that would surely overtake Dick Thfl couimerce of Algiers Is enor-
Fenderson If be rode unwarned f10"* "'»»«■•_Fr,*n';e."*"•«!■*
through the canyon tbat night, ite. $" NelT J0* "ilu French labels. Tbs
a swift blnst. Hushed ber cbeek and «"; ™f ,wo0'' ?"f* >>0'ato«s* f™lt*
left her deadly pale again. Sbe re-j **!,"}*£ ,"T"xx\}WlS^l'l^JZZ*
membered thnt Dick wonld not ride
tbrough tbe canyon tbnt night and
probably never again, becnuse ne
would cense coming to Sugar Creek
ranch. There wns momentary relief
In the thought of bis freedom from
danger, but then she realized tbat be
myst be warned, lt Harrison did not
"get" bis enemy tonlgbt be would tomorrow night or at tbe first opportunity. Somebody mnst warn l)lck not to go
near Slanting pass because* of tbe murderous Intention of Harry Harrison,
Who could warn Dick except her-
Quietly Marjorle's gray shadow de.
Inched itself from tbe rocky back,
ground of Sluntlni pass, and she walked cautiously toward the entrance,
pausing there to glance around the
open plain before she followed the
troll along Sugar creek to ber borne.
The Journey she hnd to mnke at night.
Tall would require ii borse. It was fifteen miles to tbe t). K. ranch, nnd she
must go Ibere If sbe wanted to eaten
Dick Fenderson nnd warn btm.
It was easy to slip away from the
bouse after the early supper, for Marjorle's father was tn Bison City nud
tbe warehouses and factories speak ot
a vast Industry. French science, thrift
end patience bave made the desert
and tbe gold surrounding the other
"But" yon say, "what proof have ws
that, tbla proposition ls correct'/"
In answer I would say:
I   "Two proofs, and perhnps more."
First, the tbree metals nre tbe bear,
lest known substances, compared bulk
for bulk. Tbls being tbe case, tbey
would naturally be attracted to the
tenter of our planet In tbe beginning
ths earth was liquid. If uot gaseous.
In either case tbe heavy metals men-
tinned were beld ln solution. By gradual condensation tbe metals settled to
the center, iridium first, platinum next
and gold inst.
Ages ago, wben tbe crust of tbe earth
waa tbtn—very thin—all ot tbe gold
now known was thrown out ln volcanic eruptions. Tbls last mentioned fact
Is tbe second reason for believing tbat
our globe bas a golden center, woven
around n nucleus ot Iridium and platl
A third reason for believing that
there la gold at tbe center Is this*. Tbe
earth as a whole weighs live times as
mucb aa a globe ot water of tbe same
; bulk, while tbe rocks forming tbe outer crust are less than three times as
More would have done this, no
doubt, but it wasn't as a good heater.
lt made a line blase, but it was not
a satisfying winter fuel. Of course,
the people were riding to a fall in tlie
timb.r, and mnny nmv wish thi ir
forefathers had not made such reckless use of real cedar. It bus been
getting scarcer nnd scarcer In the last
ten years, and now we have reached
such straits that it is being purchased
either in the tree or in tile fencs
wherever it can he found.
Ab a result of its psucity the use
,of red cedar Is becoming more anil
more restricted. Twenty years ago
railway companies put millions of
fe?t of it under their track's as lies,
anil.vast use <af it was made ill interior house finishing cabinet-waking, cooperate nud canoe liiiihiftig.
Littla, by little timber workers havo
turned to other kinds of wood because
cedar was fo hard to obtain, and now
its use is largely confined to cigur
boxes and lead pencil casings.
Stale Jam.
Jam which bus been laid aside long ocrut
and bas got bard and sugary and unfit
for use can be made quite as good as
when new if It ts put Into tbe oven for
a little while llll (be sugar melts aud
tben left to cool.
Moscow is situated nlmost In Ibe gee*
metrical center of European Russia.
Hetel for Working Girls.
Vancouver's W.C.T.U. has an active
organization whicli was formed to own
and operate an hotel wherein working
girls and women will be provided with
inexpensive quarters.
At a recent meeting ot this organi-
heavy as water.-8t Louie Ulobe-Dem. I I0t,;°n il *v«» de«Wed to rent a house
"".,/        .- | and opeu it at once, pending tlie more
""'"' leisurely purchase of a site sud erec
tion of a building.
This step "as decided on because of
the pressure of the present need and
the zeal and ability to meet euch a
The "Look Out Committee" has already examined a number of houses
j Perch Candlesticks.
Torch candlesticks made of enomel-
i ed metal tn while or red come In tall
i table belgbt or floor height, the latter
i about five feet.  Tbe candlesticks hnve
i glass  globes and come  with  single
candle bolder at i'2. with two candle
arms, $4.5(1 nnd wilh tbree $8.25. Electric candlesticks of tbe kind cost about
double these prices and are made ln
the same style.
A Grim Phlliatejiriy.
A Bill That Wasn't Paid.
A medical mon In France waa asked
to be present at a duet ln bis professional copnetty.   He got up early, traveled some miles, "Homed" tbe swords
and ministered lo-bls client, who was j i7,°V^"ee"nlriT Vrtiin"ol the oity "in
slightly wounded.   When botb honor a ^^ 0, a 8uitab|e building
ond wound were healed be looked for ■    ■ 	
bis fees nnd sent In a bill for $10. Tbe < Big Cliff Falls,
patient replied through bla wife, who' Many thousands of tons of chalk
wrote: "I am told tbnt between men have just fallen trom the western,
there ls a question of delicacy which Point of the famous 8hakespeare CliBl
forbids even the slightest appearance "• »•>»«• lEn&',(j- The debris ex.,
of irad. ,n such a matter. Neither .be KetTcKnillo &t£&£
doctors nor tbe seconds are brought oo Thore have been two other very e£
the ground for money.   If you persist  tensive falls from this historical cliff
In your claim 1 sball. to my great regret be obliged to leave to others Ilie
In recent years, one   carrying   away,
portions of   the   footpath   and   the
dutv of settling thia line point wltb   coastguard lookout house.   This latest
fall is unusual from the fact that it
does not extend to thc base ol thei
• *B m«.k»*-__
"i.-,rjobi»-wb*t aus too soma nutxT
tbst more malignant spirit, Harry Harrison, but there was good sense mingled with bis resentment He calculated that If he didn't like Fenderson
tt wouldn't do either of them any good
to kill each olber. He simply Intended
to secure another Job on an adjoining
ranch wbere discipline war mors lax
than It was on the big Q, K.
"Tonight at 10:80, when he's riding
home from seeing that girl np at Sugar
Creek, I'll get him ln thia bere canyoo
•nd Ibat there girl will bs wearing
black ky tomorrow nlgbt" threatened
Harrison aa he nrged hla pony forward,
•nd Redding followed with a grim
•mils on bis thin lips.
When tbey hod disappeared and the
click of tbelr horses' hoofs had ceused
re-echoing from wall to wall of tbs
■arrow canyon,' s girl's form straight-
'cued np from behind s large rock and
then sank down In • dejected little
bean nn tbs ground.
It was the- girl from Sugar Creek
ranch. Marjorie Boltoo waa ber name,
■nd up to last nlgbt sbe had-been
heart free. Tben Dick Fenderson bad
voiced bis love for ber, and because
the bad only known him tbree montha
Marjorie conld not believe tbat tbs
feeling sbe entertained tor blm could
be more than friendship, snd so she
told blm gently and firmly tbat tbe did
not love him at sll In the wsy hs
(wished and, with no regard for ths
fcpmor of tbs tlms worn remark, bad
timidly auggeated that ibe mlgbt bs
•s ■ slater to blm. She waa sure sbs
felt that way toward him,
Dick Fenderson hsd reared himself
proudly, and he told ber almost gruffly
{bat be bnd. four slaters st boms <■>
ber stepmother was entertaining a vls-j   "Do you think 1 will lie considered ■
Itor from Cheyenne, and tbe girl's ab-jinecess In sintcsmnnshlpS" asked the
itenee would not be noticed for several young man who Is learning politics,
hours, as she spent mucb time In hei    "It all depends," replied Senator Sor-
own room. gbum, "on whether you get going at a
Sbe saddled her own pony and led Wme when you can take credit for
htm silently to a little grove ot cot-, prosperity that wns bound to arrive or
tonwoods beyond the corral. There blame for depression that couldn't be
ahe slipped off her riding skirt and be- helped.'-Washington Star.
come a slim boyish figure In corduroy =■ ;—
-breeches tucked Into high boots.    A      .The While Man In Africa,
.handkerchief  vas knotted about hei!    ..Iha lootpril,t „( Ule wliite man is
tbroat, nnd a brond brimmed htft win ,ike the footprint ol the elephant,"
pulled down over her hair, quite con-|„ayS a gwa7,j native proverb—"it ie-
ceallng lt   lu the semlditrknesa of the; mains in tlie ground."
twilight grove she looked like n boy,1    Another proverb:   "White men are
but ber clieeke burned wltb modest like and yet unlike quails.  When you |
shame at her masquerade costume       | see one in your country you will soon
Marjorie waited until darkness bsd «ee a flock. But the quails leave yuu
fallen completely, and then because lealn- the white men never.'
she waa a timid little thing nnd ner'
n_.____.___.i_. (._.._,_■>_,_. cliff; the mass of chalk broke off and'
"Von    wlTttnemr;,'    said   she  «Jl*g*«* •» • •*• *-. **
haughtily, "that you proposed to uie! ■
four times before I consented to marry ]    Dldn., Appreciate Whistler's Wit.
you     You wouldn't take no for an {   Tbe whiU) Houge_ che,8eat once th,
answer. . -1. -... | home of Whistler, was occupied   by
"1 remember,   he replied sodly.     It   Harry   Qui|ter  immediately   after   it
Kerne to me lli.it every time you bave i .,,»„ vacated by Whistler, and the ar-
changed your mind !'»• got ths worst  .ist never forgave himself for it. "Over
of It"—Exchange. ' tlie doorway  of  the  White  House."
—. I writes Quilter, "at the time when it
Apt Illustration. passed into my hands, was an inscrip-
The Inspector (collecting details from  tion passably irreverent, but decided-
tbe man in charge of oue end of '.he
"measured inlle")-An' was 'Is motor
Hcln' very fust'.
Tl*e Subordlunte-Fast, slrV Why. It
Was goln' so fust tbnt the bulldog on
thc seat beside 'itu looked tike a dnebs.
heart kept pounding away at every
noctnrnl sound tbnt smote the ulr she
tried to bolster ber courage by thinking of Dick Fenderson-whnt a big,
splendid fellow he was and how, If It
were not for her warning, be might be
stricken down nud never open Ids dark
eyes again, those dork eyea that nud
looked love at her only last night.
Now, it was not only tbe darkness
that terrified Marjorle's heart nnd
caused it to flutter wildly. Somehow
the very thought of Dick Fenderson
sent her Into a delicious chaos or on-
certainty. Only one thought hammered through ber bruln-she wished she
bad not sent Dick away.
Friendly Aid.
Jinks—See here, old boy 1 You ouclit
to. do something to reduce your tlesli.
You ere becoming fearfully stout.
" Minks—Say, Jinks, you are about
the fortieth friend who has made tliat
offensive remark to-day, snil I'm getting tired of it.   H worries me.
Jinks—That's all tight.   Worry reduces flesh.
ly amusing, which had been painted
up by Mr. Whistler himself, mainly
, tor the purpose ol annoying his friend
and architect, E. W. Oodwin: 'Except
the Lord build the bouse they labor
but in vain that build It.   E. W. God-
' 'vi,., KS.A.. built this one.' Thia
|aei_rl ol wit I had chipped off the
■ stone."
According te Omar.
"Well," murmured uge, "let whoso punch
or pound.
Borne bund, tome talk, some till the fer*
tlle Bn»,."ii.
But All me with the old familiar lulce
And   I'll   proa.ta_.__   'e   kick   tome  tJawc
—Cnlcaso Record-Herald.
Birds en Strike.
The female members ot the bird
tribe sometimes desert their nests.
leaving their eggs to become undated-
able, tind drive awny Ibe males. While
tbe mule birds lire very concerned on
these occasions, they seem lo have in*
remedy, us the mule birds will nut
attack tbe females.
Colored Rain.
Red rains are very rare, bnt In volcanic regions gray rain is comparatively common. Sicily has bad many showers of tbls sbade. Tbey srs caused
by tbe upper, atmosphere being full of
ash colored volcanic dust from Etna.
The aure footed pony bad found tbs! Tbls dust ts tntlnlteslmally tine and
trail to Slanting puss nnd was thud, colors the ram as It falls.
ding nlflng ut an even gait. Now they
bad entered the black gloom of the entrance, nnd the Intelligent nnlinnl pick*
ed his way carefully and noiselessly
down Into the canyon's depths, although Marjorie knew tbat If Harrison wna lying In watt for Dick sue
wns running a great risk In rldlug
through tbere. A bullet Intended lor
Fenderson might blot her own life, but
she did not cure. It would save Hick
-ber Dick. There, she admitted It to
herself now. he would always be tiers
whether one or both of tliem died
Suddenly a anund ahead smote her
heart to stop beating. H was Ihe noise
of a horse's hoofs picking ttsVny cautiously among the rocks. It must bs
"Wbo nre foul" demanded Marjorie
In as deep tones.ns sbs could assume.
There wns uo notwer, but sbe could
benr lbe rider approaching and presently she knew that tbey must be close
together for ber pony refused to go
on. >
"Who nre you?" she repented In her
natural voice Hits time.
"Marjorie. what nre you doing bere?"
demanded Hick Fenderson's blessed
totce.    His  bauds groped  out  ante
Vicarious Punishment.
When Dr. I'ttrr's Hist wife destroy-
ed bis favorite cat tbe doctor wus so
angry that be cut tbo tbroat of tils
wife's portrait.
Timet Mutt Change.
Protestor W. Bateson in delivering
Ihe Herbert Spencer lecture nt Oxford
said he thought organized society was
fast nearing one of tliose great secular
changes through which history occa-
sioniilly passes. The present tnoial
order wns too unstable to last much
longer, and he must be callous who
eici'llv desired that it thoolil.
Mules In Cuba.
In  Ciibnn  cities   heavy   hauling ll
dons nlntosl exclusively by mules.
Sent my Hnru to tlie laurii.r*;
Mod no a: ture for walls or klr-kt.
Sent a WOOlCn thtrt t-l'/e forty;
Oot It taaick n thlrty-sll.
—BulfSlO Express
Sociable Magpies.
In Italy, ln Norway and In Francs
mngples ure so familiar with human
beings thnl Ihey build tbelr nests close
to the roadside and not fur from the
Slot Machines.
Riot machines, far from being a
modern Invention, were found In Alexandria a century before the Christian
cru. According lo ■ historian of Hint
time, tliere wits In existence a sneri-
llclnl vessel from which water would
flow only when money wus dropped
In lite slot
A New Trade,
ll is difficult nowadays to hit upon
a new means of earning n livelihood
but there is a man going about frusl
door to door in South London whe
teems to have succeeded in tiie at-
tempt, lie carries a pot of Brunt.
wick black and a brush, and often
lo reblack ynur doorknocker and let-
ter-bnx for tlie small charge of a
|ieiiny. The very novelty ot the ides
commend* it to the average housewife,
and, judging by the appearance nt the
knnckers in a street where he lied
been at work, pennies were evu>nU>
readily furthcoming.
'Ta, what Is meant by a comfortable
"A comfortable Income, my boy. Is nn
income that gives a mun car fare when
bo wants lo lie buying automobile
ttres."-Dcti'oit I'rcc Tress.
Perilous Comparison.
"Now," aaid tbe professor of astronomy, who waa trying to be entertain*
Ing. "the most beautiful stsr 1 snow
ct ls"-
"Be careful, profeaaor," whispered
tbe hostess. "Ibe lndy to wbom you
are speaking Is a prima donna."—
I Washington Star.
•*l have lotl. ami Pit Hive you my chenne."
Bald   tin.  chappie   who'd   mul   a   inalkerj
Ho tie Nailed from the quiiy.
lint ilie cheque was N. 0.,
And the tharper cot It In Ihe necine.
—Cincinnati Unqulrer.
Algy (having n vlbro shampoo for tlu
first tlniei- Like a bally vacuum clean
cr, eh, what?
I'nrber (absenlmlndedly)-Yee, sir, I
"One o' de mos' rurlosest llilni;»
about n fool," aaid Uncle Eben. "Is dc I
way he'll bolter aud git mad If you
dou't let him show off blsinthfortune."
A Clettd Mouth.
Man Is s good deal like s ash.   Ton
knuw, the lish would never get Into
very  serious  troubls It  It  kept  Its
mouth shut . jh
Order and falsehood cannot snbsHt >
Under Strong Butpicien.
Whisky  gets the  blame  for
most of the crimen lhat are committed, and ll seldom succeeds In
proving an allbt-Cblcago llec-  .
otd Herald. j
P> ■_■■!
At   the   meeting of the   school
trusteed,  on Tuesday evening, the i
awarding  of   the  contract for  the:
construction of an  addition  to the i
publicschool building was adjourned j
to August 29.    It was  also decided i
to postpone the opening of the   city j
schools until  September  3,    After
September  13 no more pupils will
he received in  the primary division
this year.  The following is a Imt of!
the staff of  instructors  for  the fall
term:   Principal, division  1, Hugh
Glaspell; assistant principal,division i
.', John M. Kwing; division   3, Miss
Aldah W. Bryans; division   4, Miss;
M.   Klliott;   division . 5,   Miss   J. |
Stuart; division  6, MisB J,   Klliott;
division 7, Miss L. McKinnon.
James J. Murray is putting a
stone foundation under the Hideo
black. The building ie be renovated
and improved, and will be used for
sleeping apartments in connection
with the Yale hotel.
Mrs. W. A. Almas, of Spokane,
is visiting at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. VV. J- Meagher.
Graham Ranch for Sale.—The old
Graham ranch of 312 acres, near
Cascade, is for Bale on easy terms.
Address owner, \V. K. .'.sling, Rossland, B. C.
A Real Name
A dusky maiden in Mississippi
was baptised by immersion and
given the name of Kair Kose of
Beauty Spot Temptation Touch Me
Not.—New Orleans Picayune.
For Sale
Provincial Constable Dinsmore arrested two Italians at Christina lake
this week. One of the men is
charged witb killing game out of season, and tbe other with carrying an
automatic revolver.
A meeting of the board of trade
was held in the city on Monday
evening for the purpose of arranging for tbe transportation of voters
to the polls on Thursday.
Some complaints have recently
heen made because there are a number of property owners who are not
on the municipal voters' list.
Harvey Mahan, of the Granby
oflice staff, left on Saturday for a
short visit to Spokane.
W. R. Dewdney, government
agent at Greenwood, was a visitor in
the city yesterday.
The  Greenwood
next Monday.
school   opens
Constable McGuflie has been
transferred to Keremeos, nnd H. C.
Williams, of Victoria, will take his
place in Greenwood.
Steel on the Ketlle Valley line
will reach Carmi next week.
There will be a Labor day cele
bration at the Mother Lode. The
sports are open to all members of
(ireenwood Miners' union.
Poultrymen report that pullets
have commenced laying.
Take your repairs to   Armson'i
Boot  and   Shoe Hospital,   Bridge
Year old hens, to make room for
young stock; s.c. Khode Island
Reds nnd s.c. White Leghorns. These
birds were awarded the following
prizes at the Alberta Provincial fair,
held at Calgary in July, this year:
First and 2nd for hen, and 2nd
and 3rd for cock, in s.c. Rhode
Island Reds.—T. Bowen, Columbia, B. C.
Copper Shipments
Shipments of hlister copper from
the Granby company's smelter in
this city for the past week amounted
to 395,000 pounds, bringing the
total shipped for the year to 13,667,-
.500 pounds.
The following are the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:      "    *
Granby 24,667     -738,964
Mother Lode  8,280     317,7.52
Rawhide  (5,49«     140,305
Jackpot :         12,237
Athelstan  340
Emma  4,901
Napoleon      629 ,5,151
Lone Star  2,022
Others....      270        c,,<.~6
Smelter treatmen—
Granby 24,60.5      824,131
15. C. Copper Co... 14,580     403,752
Located in the central part of the city
of Nelson, offers every facility for a
solid education in English, commercial
and music branches. Etnbroidery.plain
and fancy needlework and singing are
given special attention. The commercial course includes stenography, type
wtiting, bookkeeping and commercial
practice. Pupils prepared for examinations of the Associated Boards of the
London Royal Academy and Royal
College of Music.
Kev. Edward A.Wilson having been
restored to health by simple means, after suffering for several years with a
severe affection and that dread disease
CONSUMPTION, I am anxious in
his behalf to make known to his fellow
sufferers the means of his cure. To
any one who desires it I will send (free
ofchaige) a full description of his
cure. You will find it a wonderful
ting and throat maladies. I hope all
suffers will try Mr. Wilsonvs remedy,
as it is invaluable. Those desiring the
description, which will cost them
nothing, and may prove a blessing,
will please address.Charles A. Abbott,
60 Ann Street, New York City.
Chapman S Walker,Ltd
P.O. BOX 1353 448SEYMOUH ST.
Jleii a. Cro.aley Bro... Manolioiter, Eng.
Makers of Gun Producer Planti anrl Oil
Engines for general power or electrical
lighting purposes.
Messrs. Dick, Kerr A Co., Ltd., Preston,
r.ngland. Equipment for Mines and Contractors Light Locomotives (steam and
eleetrieftl), etc.
Sterling Telephone Co., portable ahot-
flrtttg inacnincafur minora, contractors,
nrnapectora. The beat on the market.
Write for particulars.
Motors. Oeneriitoa, Eteotrloal  Supplies-
Electrical! Heating   and Cooking Appura
tua, Storage Batteries, etc.
Your enquiries will receive our  prompt
attention.  Write for information.    .     C
Metal Quotations
Nkw York, Aug. 22—Silver 6!^;
.standard copper, tl 7.00(g 17.2.5,
London, Aug. 22.—Silver, 28J;
lead, £16 10s.
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokane, Aug. 22.—The follow
ing are today's opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
Bid. Asked
Granby Consolidated. 51.00 57.00
B. C.   Copper       0.25     5.75
{Pub)inhed Annual 1)0
Knal-lefl trader.,  throughout  the  world  to
comniutiiciitfl direct witli Knglixli
Besides being a  com
...   „..   le tn London ni
tfiihiirbs, the directory contains lists of
In each clast. of goods. ...
pk'te  commercial   tJiiide to London ntnl  it*
with the (ioods they *hip, and the Colonial
and Foreign Market* they supply;
arranged under the Forts to which they sail,
and indicating the approximate Sailings:
of leading Manufacturers, lerchants, etc., in
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
centres of the United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will he forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for 208.
Dealers seeking Agencies can advertise
their trade cards for £1. or larger advertisements from £3.
25, Ahchurch Lane, London,  E.C.
Dry" four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
A. GALLOWAY, JBU Columbia p. o.
Donald McCalluin return on Monday from a visit to the coast cities.
For Sale, at a Big Bargain—Five-
room house nnd one lot on Firat
street. Bath-room and toilet in
house; good cellar, stable and woodshed; lots ot small fruit. For price
terms and further particulars apply
on premises.    W, J. Meagher.
Duncan McRae ha* returned
from his vacation trip to tbe coast
^e Shoe Shop
llepairinj,' of every description neatly and
promptly done.
Shop Next CP.R. Hotel, Columbia, D.C.
Suits to Order M8 tw^
1 We are agelits for some of the leading tailoring estab
lishments in the ea,st. When yon order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit. We guarantee satisfaction.
It0ur spring stock of Scotcli Tweeds and English Worsteds is better than ever. They are the best you can buy.
We guarantee you tlie best made clothes ip the country
at-tho lowest prices. We always have men that know
. their business making these clothes. Call and see cur
goods and prices. We want your trade, and wc can give
you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the Reliable Tailor
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest"notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of   Fare and Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
PadB,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
dCifsfs PPIMTIMfi—thc.kind we do—i* in ■'*»"
uwy IIULIIILIU an advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
it); &ttn Pint Shop
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   ft Clayton,   Props.
Furniture  Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Dime.
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Freili (<onBlguraeat of
Kateiyed Weekly. fl
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
or Honiara!
Kazor Honing a Spfola-Sy.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Doob North or Urania' Hera.,
Tram Mark*
.»»>-       Copyright* Ac.
Ant cm, rem dtng a eketes and euerlpum mar
qaajcklr ascertain onr opinion mt whether x-.i
•Men-ion .«l«m''ir_>WM6_______P__5_!l,_nl'*-
._,--, - .jprobetalrral
ttons strictly .onfldentfad.
on Patents
HO__IPin0llTflaa,"H««a,"au- HOnUDUwa. a-a ■ -»-...,■
Scientific American.
A bsndaonialr Illustrated weekly.  Largest ol
•ted weekly. Largest cir-
«, eolgntl-lo Journal, 'ferae lor
a yoar.posiaNo prepaid.   Sold bj
Money in Economy
Clamxamt Waal am *** •__,
•r r..cHI»4 Um Wwrlm* |.._»l.«.
Tkelr fall wt la mm, **, **•
■MM, bal Mi ttmHwM wfcicfc
Dr. de Van's Female Pille
A reliable French regulator; never .alia. These
UU an eaceedingly nowerlul In regulating the
pllll an exceedingly nowerlul In regu
generative portion ol lhe lemale syjten
ill cheap Imitation). Dt.e*r*m>* x
system. Reluae
...cheap Imitation!..Vt.ftem** an told al
U a box'or three lor 110. Mailed to any addrea;.
The MWU Drat Co« It. OalterlaM, Oat,


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