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The Evening Sun Dec 22, 1911

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u«»i»**ve L*te""y
l''crciAa ^;
Eleventh Year—No. 8
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. December 22. 1911.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Farmery Institute Decides in Favor of the Red Cheek
Pippin, the Wagener and the rJMcIntosh Red.
Officers for Coming Year Elected.
The annual meeting of the Kettle
Valley Ps'r'fheV liastilnte was htylri
in Miners'aCnion hall on Wednesday evening. The attendance was
veiy lifrge, and the proceedings were
of nn interesting nature. President
Itooke opened the meeting at 8
That minutes of the meetings held
during the year were rend and approved. The institute endorsed the
r-solution adopted hy the Grand
Porks Pouilrv association, in favor
of holding' the provincial poultry
exhibition in this city iri 1914. The
secretary's report showed that eleven
meetings hail been held during the
year Tbe average attendance hnd
been 54, and Hie present membership was 88. The treasurer reported that the institute hail a cash balance of £87.15 in its treasury.
The election of oilieers for the en-
sn ng yeur resulted ns follows:
President, A. 1! Tweddle; vice-preci
d.ent, W. A Coaiper; secretary
.treasurer, \V. K. Hadden; directors,
C. C. Heaven, James Rooke,- \V F.
Armstrhttj*; J. T. Lawrence, August
Sehuitter and L. G. Fowler. J. T.
Lawrence was elected delegate to
the pr ivincial institute, aud W. A.
Cooper alternative, Thn presidentelect thank'd the members of the
institute for the honor ihey had
conferred upon hiin. On motion of
Missrs. Lawrence and Cooper, n vote
of thanks was tendered thu retiring
The event of the evening wns the
debate, "Resolved, That thf Mcln
tosh Red, the Wagener and the
Red Cheek Pippin are. Ihe three hest
varieties of apples for this district."
MessrB. Honsberger, Lawrence and
Roaike took the affirmative side,
aud Messrs. Cooper, Tweddle and
Armstrong the negative. Fiftten
minutes' time was allaitted to Ibe
leader of eacb siale, and ten min-
utej to the other speakers. Messrs.
C C Heaven, G. T. Moir and L. G.
Fowler were selected judges. The
president hoped the speakers wonld
CQnfine themselves strictly  to  facte.
J. D. Honsberger opened the de
bale. He confined his remarks to
a consideration of the Red Cheek
Pippin. In planting an orchard
six things should bc considered—
liardlness of the tree, adaptability
to the climate, early bearing, annual
bearing, cost of production, aud the
Commercial -vajue of the apple.
Hairdinets of the tree wus the foun.
dition of success-of the fiuit growing industry, ai the avoidance of
winter killing of trees gave stability
lo the business. Adaptability to
the climate included the proper
ripening, coloring, quality aud texture of thefruit. Early bearing gave
quicker returns on the money invested. Some varieties were naturally annual bearers, and the Red
Cheek Pippin was ons of tbem. In
thirteen years he had not lost a
crop. The cost of production included the labor of pruning, spraying, thinning, picking and packing.
Tbt commercial value of the fruit
depended on the season of ripening,
tbe demands of tbe market, keeping
shipping qualities, end tbe quality'a
anal appearand' of the apple. The
Red Cheek Pippin was one nf the
hardiest trees, and was adapted to
our climate; in fact, it grew io perfection here. He had grown it for
thirteen years. It usually bore the
sixlh year. One of the stmnge-t
features in ils favor was that it is an
annual bearer. He hud not known
it to fail to bear in thirteen yenr.
The cost of production of this variety was extremely low. Compared
wilh some other varieties a saving
in labor of $35 an acre could be
made, as ^t ' required lees'prunimj
aind thinning. The .tree produced
few culls, consequently there was
also a saving in packing. It was the
best late-season apple grown here,
li came in the nuirkel in February'
ft colored well, kept well, sold well,
and waa a good shipper.
W. A. Cooper, leader of the nega
live side of the argument, stated
that the opposition to lhe resolution
had selected the Wealthy, the Roim
Beauty an* thc .Jonathan as their
varieties.** Mr. Cooper took the
Wealthy as the subject for. his ad
dress, The Wealthy tree was one
of the hardiest known anywhere. jH'e
had seen goml Wealthy apples grown
7000 feet above sea level at Salt LhJw
Oity. This meant lhat tbis variety
could be grown on the highest
mountain- in the Boundary. The
tree wasexcepltonfilly free from dis-
•ase, was long lived, and a heavy
b -arer to the end. The tree was
small, aud 75 could be plnnted to
the acre, as oompared wii.lt 51) of
other varieties. It was a good money,
maker, and the fruit grower looking
for actual dollars would plant the
Wealthy. It was a good cold storage apple, as it always came out of
oold storage in fine condition.
J. T. Liwrence, second sp»aker
for the affirmative.side, devoted his
speech to the Wagener apple. Tbe
tree was considered hardy enough
for almost any section of lhe country, and if cut back well during the
first couple of years there wni no
danger from winter-killing during its
early stages. The Kettle valley was
really the home of tlie Wagener. The
tree was nn early hearer, usually
fruiting at two years. The apple
was of fine commercial value; it col
ored well, and its quality and tex
lure were unexcelled. It was an
early, annual and prolific hearer.
It wus uniform in size, and cost less
for packing than some other varie
ties. He had known the apple to
keep until May. It was in great demand wherever it had been introduced. He compared it only wilh
the Grimes Golden and the Jonathan.
W. F. Armstrong, the second
speaker for the negative side, spoke
strongly in favor of the Rome Beauty
and Grimes' Golden, and be. made
many telling points for these varieties. The Rome Beauty possessed
all the good qualities tbat Mr. Honsberger had claimed for tbe Red
Cbeek Pippin. It had heen strongly
recommended by Prof. Thornber, of
the Wsihington Agricultural college.
It cost less to produce than many
other varieties; ita flavor and texture
were good, aod it sold well and kept
well     Those wbo bad watched  the
Chicago apple during  the   present
season knew that the Rome   Beauty
hail been  quoted   higher   than any'
oilier variety!    'he  Giin.es  tiol'len
was a  goaul commercial   apple  ofJ
just lb* right size.    It  matured  ils j
Iruil perfectly   in   this  climate; was
easy   to   prune  aod 'thin, and pro
tiuced few culls.    There was a good
demand lor tbis apple.
James Hooke, the third speaker
forthe affirmative side, after, com
paring the various varieties under
discussion, said tbat the variety
which the commercial fruit gnawer
wished to plant should he guia4i.il by
the demands of the market to which
be desired lo culer. For example,
the Australian trade wauled- nothing but a small red apple. The ,\lc
intosh Red hhd a long season, and
avas a first class dessert and cooking
apple. He' Hilioilleal that the
Wealthy was a very l-aady tne, lull
the fruit grower eotihl not plant Buy
variety .that would yield better anu
pay larger returns ilion ibe Mcli -
tosh Red. Tbe Wagener was always
ill   strong  demand  at  good prices
The Spokane apple I tli bnd maije
i specialty of handling  this  vffrietj
this year.
A. B. Tweddle, tin- third speaker
on the negative siale, had selected
the Jonathan for hts theme, but In-
consumed so much of his ten min
u.tes in discussing fruft growing in
general thai he only hnd only
spoken a second or two on his sub
ject when time wais called. The Red
Cheek Pippin, he claimed, was not
well known. The Jonathan was
one of tbe few lending varieties 61
apples grown. A car of this variety
ut the Na ional Apple Show nl Van
couver had been proiiyuueed by the
jualges as the most perfect car ol
apples ever exhibited;
In his five minutes' reply, Mr
Honsberger said the Red Cheek
Pippin was grown extensively iu the
Hood River district. He reaal n
letter from Davis & Co endorsing
this variety, and one from J. A .McDonald, wholesale fruit dealer of
Nelson, praising the qualities of the
Wagener. In planting an orchard,
varieties should he chosen thai will
cover all the seasons of the year.
The judges, in rendering their
decision, staled that they based iheii
verdict on live points, viz., hard!
ness of tree, adaptability tu climate,
commercial value, cusl of produc
tion, and the manner of lhe presentation of the argument. They decided in favor of the affirmative by
11 points to G
After the debate, in answer to
questions, the information was volunteered by a member that wholesalers prefer shipments of carload
lots of one variety, while retailers
want mixed cars.
Six Furnaces Are Now Being Opsrated at the Big
Reduction Plant
The glow of tho molten slag
on tho dump (it the dauby
smelter is sufficient evidence
that old-time activity prevails
at the l>ig reduction works.
Thursday morning three furnaces wore blown in, and this
morning three more were
placed in operation. The remaining two of the battery
will likely be put in commission as soon as the coke and
ore supply warrants it. There
appears to be no cloud in the
horizon indicating another
close-down in the immediate
or far distant future, and
prosperity shouM have along
At a mooting of tlie directors of tho Kettle Valley Farmers' Institute in the Miners'
Union ball Wednesday evening, after the Institute meeting, it was decided to make
application to the department
of agriculture for a packing
school here this winter. Ten
names were sent in, witli a
guarantee that at least two
more would lie secured when
tlie dato for tho school is fixed,
i'he school will be held in
.Minors' Un'on hall.
The Christmas tree and entertainment of Knox Presbyterian church .Sunday school
is being hold in the opera
house this evening.
Mrs. Iv. It. Gilpin returned
toilay from a visit to the coast.
Sir. Gilpin went down to Spokane to moot her.
Master Ross Miller returned this evoning from Victoria, whore he has been attending sohool.
P. Burns ifc Co. moved their
meat market into their new brick
buildirig on First siri'et last Monday. It is lbe largest market in the
Boundary, and one nf the most
modern and best equipped iu the
interior of the province.
Christmas services, Holy Trinity
parish, will begin with a children's
service al H p.m.; evensong and  ser
M. S. Middleton, provincial bor-Ll0n „, 7-311 pm. The men aro
ticulturist, complimented tbe speak- cordially invited [by the rector and
era on. the maener in which they j Brotherhood of St. Andrews to spend
had conducted the debate. Some|the r(!gl of lhe evening socially in
of tbem would make good institute lhe paril_h ball, Christmas day sst
speakers. i vices at S a.m. and 11 a.m.    "Come
On motion of Messrs. Clark and |and w,r,|,i,, Worship Christ the
Rooke, a vote of thanks was tende|Juew.l,,,rn Kiflg." *]*he Sunday
ed the press for the complete reports g(ihoo| Christmas tree will he held in
given the meetings held during the the pnriljl) |,„n on Thursday, He-
past year; to the city for the use of cember .2Si [rom. 5 to 8 ,,.„,.
tbe ball, and to the  speakers   for  —
their instructive speeches. The Sun will  receive tenders up
                 I till Saturday evening, Ueccmber 'i'i.
Get your turkey, Goose or duck j 1911, for sinking a shaft or boring
for your Christmas dinner at P.; a tunnel to its wood pile. The
Burns k Co.'s market. ' enow is yet soft, obviating tho ncces-
Papersin a Deal Involving
Much Capital Have Been
After negotiations pending
for over two weeks, the papers
wore signed today in one of
thc most important transfers
of orchards properties ever
consummated in the city.
The deal directly concerns
the (irand Forks Orchard &
Nursery company. The members of this company were J.
1). Honsberger, H. W. Collins and the Messrs. Tweddle.
Tlie properties of tlio con-
corn consisted of tho Newby
ranch, whore the nurseries
are located, the Burrell ranch
and orchard, aud the Honsberger orchard on the Covert
Hy the new arrangements
Messrs. Collins aiid Honsberger sell all their stock in
tlie orchard and nursery company to the Messrs. Tweddle,
who will carry on the business
of the company on the Newby
ranch. Mr. Collins purchases
from thc company thc Burrell
ranch, tad Mr. Honsberger
becomes thc owner of his former property on the Covert
estate. With the exception
of Mr. Collins becoming the
owner Of the Burrell ranch,
this is practically tlie state of
affairs tliat existed prior to
the reorganization of the company something over a year
The following is' the maximum
and minimum temperature for esch
day during the past week, as recorded by the government thermometer on Cooper Bros.' ranch:
MAX.        MIN.
Friday  29 21
Siturrlav  33 ^r>
Biindiy   22 °
Monday  -,s *'
Tuesday    38 26
Wedueeday  28 20
Thursday   *$ 5
Ranfall durintf week, 0.00 inches;
snowfall, 12 2.
sity   for   blasting.    The   lowa-l or
any tender not necessarily accepted.
Your Christinas dinner will be
tasteless nnd incomplete unless you
get some of those dulicious steaks
anal chops which are sold at P.
Burns it Co s meal market.
The best decorated Christmas show
windows In the city can be seen at
Woodland & Co.'s drug and stationery store—the home of Santa
Oysters, lish and other delicacies
for your Christmas dinner can be
obtained al P. Burns & Co.'s market.
The Boundary bonspiel will be
held in Greenwood in the beginning
of the year. No effort will be spared
by the Greenwood curlers to make
the eyeat a big success.
Work will" be resumed at the
Rawhide mine, ie Phoenix camp,
at thc beginning of the year. ■■
Lighthouse Without Keeper
A volcano on the island ot San
Salvador serves the purpose of a lighthouse, and it requires the attention
ol no keeper. Tho volcanic lighthouse is about eight miles inland
from the port of Acajutla. It is a veritable pillar of cloud by day and the
flash of Its light by night has been
. valuable to mariners tor years. It
can be seen far out at sea and a burst
of flame bas gone upward every seven
minutes without the variation of ..i
second for many years:
\ lighthouse fee is collected ot all
vessels that put In at the harbor nearest the volcano, and no skipper objects, 'le knows that tbe volcano is
more reliable than the lighthouses
kept by human beings on their coasts
and the novelty of tho light Is worth
tho price charged by the government.
A Cruet Stand
Several villagers were discussing n
departed sister, who had been given
to good deeds, but was rather too fond
of dispensing, sharp spoken advice.
"She was an excellent woman,"
said the deceased lady's pastor. "She
was constantly In the homes of the
poor and afflicted. In fact, she was
the salt of the eaith."
"She was more than that," remarked a villager. "She was the vinegar,
tho pepper und the mustard as well.
She was a perfect cruet stand of virtues."
Kindred Feeling
The new cook, who had come into
the house during the holidays, asked
her mistress: •
"Wbere ban your son? 1 not Bee him
round no nnre."
"My son," replied the mistress pride-
fully. "Oh, ho has gone back to Yale.
He could only get away long enough
to stay until New Year's Day, you see.
I miss him dreadfully, though."
"Yas, I knowing yoost bow you feel.
My broder, be ban in yall six times
elnce Thanksgiving Day."
Zam-Buk is a Sure Cure
Mr. Jas. Davey, or 7S6 Ellice Avenue,
Winnipeg, says:—"A few months
elnce I was cured of a poisoned finger
through the timely use of Zam-Buk.
"I cut a doep gash across the
knuckle on the first finger of my
right hand in opening a lobster can. I
suffored at the time with the soreness
and pain, but had no idea it would become a serious wound. . However, in
about two days I was greatly alarmed;
ae my whole hand and arm to the elbow became suddenly inflamed, and
the finger was much discolored, showing signs of blood-poisoning. The
pain was dreadful and I was forced
to leave off my work and go borne.
"The wound on the knuckle had
been poisoned by dust and dirt getting Into lt. I then decided to try the
Zam-Buk treatment, and haxlng first
bathed the cut, I applied the healing
balm. It soothed the pain almost Instantly, and by next day there was
a great Improvement.
"In a week's time, through pcrser-
verance wltb this wonderful preparation, a complete cure was brought
Zam-Buk Is lust as good for eczema,
ulcers, scalp sores, abscesses, piles,
ringworm, bolls, varicose ulcers, running sores, cold sores, chapped bands,
etc. It draws alt poisonous foulness
from a wound or sore nnd then heale.
Use lt too, tor cuts, burns, bruises and
all skin Injuries. Zam-Duk Soap
should be used iu conjunction to the
balm for washing Wounds and sore
places. Excellent loo, for baby's
All druggists and stores sell Zam-
Buk at 50c. box and Zam-Buk Soap at
25c tablet. Post free upon receipt of
price from Zam-Buk Co.. Toronto.
The examining . counsel looked
searchingly at Michael Connors, standing six feet and three inches in the
witness box of a western court room.
"What sort of a blow was it which
you saw defendant give the plaintiff?"
asked the lawyer.
"Twould be hard to describe, sorr,"
said Mr. Connors in his confidential
tone, but If any of yuu gentlemen is
willing to step forward 1 could show
you easy."
Holloway'B Corn Cure takes
corn out by the roots. Try lt
prove it.
Artificial Eyes
Artificial eyes originated ln Egypt.
At first, they were made of geld and
silver, then of copper and ivory. In
the sixteenth centcry porcelain was
the substance used, and the makers
advertised themselves by stamping
their names and addresses on the
white of the eye. Porcelain was superceded by glass, which again has given place to enamel.
Marks—So when you got home from
the club last night your wife was
Parks.—I Raid nothing of the sort.
I said she wns crying. It's when a
woman Is sad sho weeps; when she
cries she's hopping mad.
Baby's cry Indicates distress—his
smile health anil contentment. The
mother may be sure there never was
a baby who cried for tho fun of It.
Baby's disposition is naturally a happy one ami It is only distress such »s
may bo brought, on by u disordered
condition of the stomaoh or bowel,.
that can cbange this. So, mother.,, to
koop your baby happy you must keep
him woll—Buhy'ii Own Tablets will do
this. Conoomlng them Mrs. Chas.
Potvln, ('uusaiiaetla. N, S., writes:
"Baby's Own TabletB have proved an
excellent remedy lor my baby. I had
been using syrups, but they failed lo
help him and he cried constantly. The
Tablets cured blm and now he is a
fat, healthy child." The Tablets arc
sold by medicine dealers or by mail
at 25 cents a box from The Dr. Williams' Maadlcinc Co.. Brockville, Ont.
A Simple end Cheap Medicine.—A
simple, cheap and effective medicine
is something to be desired. There is
no medicine so effective a regulator
of the dlgOBtlve system as Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills. Thoy are simple,
they aro cheap, they can be got anywhere, and their benoflclal action will
prove their recommendation. They
are the medicine of the poor man
aud those who wish to escape doctor's bills will do well in giving them
a trial.
"Wiiut have they put up their scaffolding around the church tower for?"
"It's for short-sighted noople who
want lo know the time."
No Ability To
Digest Food
Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food
One Best Bet.
Plaintiff (In lawsuit)—"So you
think I will get tbe money, do you?"
His Counsed.—"I think we will get
MurlneDoein't8mert-8oothei Bye Pita
Standi tal t*mm In Ita*. Itae* Ma. Ma. Il.«
Mi.>aa ta. **h*.s*/uo*t*,T*km,tSi,tlJSS
C.P.R. (1,000 Wheat Prize
The prize of ?1,0"0 lu g-jhl o.lered
by Sir Thomas Shaughnessy, President of the Canadian Pacific Railway
for the best 100 pounds of hard red
wheat, grown in America and shown
at the forthcoming land show at New
York, ln November, ts arousing great
Interest among the Western Canadian
farmers The show, will bc the biggest ot its kind yet attempted and Is
being supported by all the leading
land and Irrlgalon Interests ln America, as such Is bound to be a success.
Sir Thomas Shaughuessy's prize of
$1,000 is not the only one of that magnitude that has been offered, but It is
relatively the most Important as
whereas the American prize givers
have been careful to limit the competitors to United States farmers, Sir
Thomas Shaughnessy has shown his
firm confidence ln Canadian products
by throwing the contest for his prize
open to all farmers of the continent
of Amorica. From the stand taken by
United States leading donators . of
prizes, it is very evident that they
are afraid that the Canadian farmer
might capture all tho prizes which
would bo a severe blow to the United
States agriculturalists, nearly all the
other competitions aro limited to the
United States farmers, Canadian farmers being ban-eft Evidently this Is
a free admission that Canadian farm
products are superior to those of the
United States and that the Americans are afraid to meet the Canadian farmers in open competition.
By offering a prize of this magnitude
Sir Thomas ShaughncBsy is doing a
great deal to encourage the Canadian
farmer to grow clean, healthy crops
and word received recently announces that as the time for competition of Sir Thomas Shaughnessy's
.piece of work, and it could hardly be
ing shown by the farmers In the land'
show. The farmers realize tliat the
contest Is of an international nature
and that Canada's reputation must bc
uphold. Consequently many farmers
in the West have ambitions to enter
the contest and enquiries as to the
conditions of the competition aro
NERVOUS SYSTEM  SO  EXHAUSTI»l,0UllnS 'nto the Eastern otficos of the
er. i-ua-, .„-_,___   Afl_,^..._       C.P.R. from all sides.
Besides the $1,000 prize offered by
Sir Thomas Shaughnessy, Canada will
gain further prominence through the
C.P.K.'s exhibit. This exhibit will
be of an unusually novel and interesting nature and It will undoubtedly
make New Yorkers "sit up and take
notice". First of all there will bo a
[ Itcpure of a complete homestead
| done entirely In seeds and grasses.
Ml'. J. P. Nash, who lias been at the
C.P.It.'s Demonstration Farm at
Struthmorn, Alta, preparing.lhe exhibit does with seeds and grasses what
other artists do with brush and can-
was. The honiesteud Is nn exquisite
piece of york. and' It could hardly he
believed that a picture, which at a
distance of ten feet cannot he distinguished from an oil painting, could be
constructed from the materials used.
A large mat Into which many native
grasses have been woven, la another
feature whicli Is sure to attract considerable attention. At present Mr.
Nash aud his assistants are designing
u lurge elk. The covering of seedu
aud grasses is now being woven for
thc stucco figure of this elk which
will have real antlers. The eyes of
the elk will bo Illuminated from Ihe
inside and the whole figure, when finished will be a triumph of Ingenuity.
The otlier features of the exhibit will
he equally lnterstlng and novel.
Wouldn't It Jar You?
Mrs. Van Vulga Nerve.—Can you
wait on me Immediately? I'm in a
grent hurry.
"Yes, let me have your prescription," said tho harrassed druggist.
"I have no prescription. I want you
to look up a number for me in the
telephone  book."
Ignorance, when it is voluntary, Is
Mlnsrd'r. Liniment Cures Colds, Ac
''Smith's eldest boy ran .away trom
"I suppose Smith's furious at him?"
"No, I think he rather envlos blm."
Children Often Need * ■»»••«•■-■»« Jrou c*,nno' ta lof
<WU1UUCU   V1WU   l*flfC«   ^^ viM ^ ^ .^    H>nl_
purgatives Injure the bowels tnd pave the wajr for
life-long troubles.   The new
does the work meet
effectively without Ir ritaUng the bowels
ar causing sny discomfort.   The children like them for they taste
like etndy.   One ol the most popular ol the NA-DRU-CO preparations. -
'2Sc.>fl>it. It you dra,^ taint yet ■fecMllunvMndl'fl&aU
Notiaaul One •»•> Ckeanlcal Cont*i*r ef Ca****, Uadied,     •     •      Molwal.
W. N. U. No. 172,
The digestive system Is a wonderful piece of machinery, but power Is
necessary to make it effective.
In this case the power Is the nerve
force contained In lhe body, and I!
the nerve force is lacking tho digestive sjHieiii becomos crippled and
there Is Buffering from indigestion,
nervous liradaehes. neuralgic pains,
dizzy spells, weakness and diacoui-
3trongth ean not be regained from
the food you cat so long as digestion
is so Imperfect, but you can be restored by Dr. ChnBe's Nervo Food, whicli
contains In condensed pill form tho
very elements of nature which go to
form new nerve force.
Overwork, worry, anxiety and excessive inonlal ofTort exhaust tho nervous system at a tremendous rate,
and repair must be made before some
dreadful form of nervous disease sets
In. Dr. Chase's Nervo Food Invigorates the nerves which control the.
digestive fluids, sharpens the upetltc,
Is slightly laxative, so as to encourage the action of the bowels and
strengthens every organ of the body.
Vou can use this treatment feeling
certain that every doso is doing you
at least, some good, and can prove it
by noting your increase In weight.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, 60 cents a
box, 6 boxes for $2.50, at all dealers,
or Kdinnnsnii. Bates & Co., Limited,
The Lamp That
Saves The Eyes
Children naturally never think oi
poutble strain on iheir eyesight when
poring over s fascinating book.
It is up to you to see ihey do not ruin
their young eyes these Icing evening*
by reading under a poor I' '
The Rayo Lamp is in insurance
against eye 'troubles, alike for young
and old.
The Rayo i. a low-priced lamp, but il is constructed on the soundest
scientific principles, and there is nol a belter lamp made al any price.
It is easy on ihe eye because iu light is so soft and white and
widely diffused.   And a Rayo Lamp never flickers.
EtiHy lighted without removing .hade or chimney; eaiy lo clean, endI Ma-wick.
Solid brail throughout, with hindiomt. nickel nniih i alio io many other ityla ud ataiiho.
Ail toot dealer lo ikow you ha, line of Ran laml or write for deicr-Dtiare circular
10 any aat-ncy of
The Imperial Oil Coinpany, Limited
Keeps your Harness SOFT AS A GLOVE,
Sold by Dealers Everywhere.
HameSS Oil   The IMPERIAL OIL CO., Limited
"I expect to wake up some day and
(Ind myself famous."
"Better keep on dreaming, old man."
SelcUy elope cowdks. cone colds, he.lt,
ie tarsal aad l«aj»     -     •      30 cr nl...
Economy in little things it juat at
important at economy in big ttingt
will onswer one of your "economy questions." 60 years
oi constant betterment has brought them to such perfection that one Eddy Match does the work of several others
of inferior make.
 I, a a i i ■ , | |
Story of a Race to Recover
lt From an Enterprising .
Copyright by American Press
elation, 1911.
fraia UImi	
It was iny good fortune while a news-
pnper correspondent et Berlin to come
Into the possession of a state secret
1 Bluill not mnke trouble, as I would
even st tills lute dnte, by giving tt te
Ibe world or telling bow I came by
It, except to say thut I got It from an
Ainerlcuu lady who was at tbat time
prominent in Berlin court society and
who afterward married a general lo
tbe German army.
Nevertheless tbe Imperial govern-
Bent know tbat Ihe secret bad been
divulged nnd tbat It wus lu my possession. Bow they made the discovery 1 have never learned. There was
a network of diplomats, newspaper
Ben, spies—Indeed, all manner of persons, every one watching the other
end all working secretly. Tbe moment I became possessed of thc Information I refer to without waiting for
baggage I went to a railway station
•nd started for Paris. I reached the
French capital without interruption.
On tbo way 1 thought out a plan to
use my secret In a way that would
neither compromise me or the lady
from whom 1 had received It 1 resolved to turn lt In to a London Journal to which I bnd nt times sent Items
•r news. But 1 remained ln Paris
twelve hours. This was fatal to my
getting clear of those wbom tbe chancellor of Germany sent ont to head
lue off.
I was sitting In my hotel on the Rue
Revolt waiting for a train to carry
Ue to Calais wben I saw a man enter
whom 1 had ouce seen ln the anteroom of an Important official of the
German government while we were
both waiting for nu audience. Fortunately I saw blm before he saw me,
or. rather, be did not see me at all.
It flashed through my mind tbat he
was after me. that bis purpose was to
I shew bs Bis "fixid" raft onaiaToa.
arrest me on a tramped np charge and
take me back to Berlin for trial. He
. went up to tbe hotel office, doubtless
to Inquire for me, and I slipped out
through s corridor leading to a back
> It was now evident that I wu followed. Bnt by how many persons?
1 knew the German chancellor's detectives were numberless and tbat be
would guard every avenue by which
I mlgbt escape blm. He knew tbat 1
wss a journalist and tbat the most
likely mart for tbe newt I possessed
was London. Therefore I was sore to
be tracked to lbe British capital. 1
Bust cbange my plan. 1 must go to
the place 1 would be least likely to
go. Tbougb I am an American, 1
would not be expected to go to America, because at least a week would be
required for me to get tbere. and food
for newspapers grows cold quickly
Nevertheless 1 believed thst my secret wonld keep ell tbat time unless
some new development In the situation
should occur. At any rate. I felt sure
that I wonld not be permitted to carry
or send my news to England, and If
1 wero to nse It at all I must take
time to "shake" my followers.
Departing' from my hotel en Rue
Rlvoll. t turned Into tbe Rue d'Alger,
tbence Into line St. Ilonore, from
wblcb I pursued my wny to s boulevard. Within another hour 1 wns on
■ train steaming for Cherbourg and.
String purchased a newspaper, looked
through the advertisements till 1 saw
tbst a ship wonld sail from there to
New York within a few hours after
By arrival.
i. I wu standing on deck just ns tbe
■bIp wss shout to cast off when n csb
nm* llcketv snllt toward lhe dock.   A
man got out. rnrew n ii»iii hi mi* <•-._»
man and just succeeded In getting
aboard as the vessel left tbe dock.
Something told me tbat he wns from
Berlin and that he was after me.
Whether be bad been sent to watch
that particular steamer or bad got on
my track I don't know.
At thst time tbe wireless telegraph
bsd just begun to be put on ocean
liners, and I was delighted to see thst
there was nn apparatus on the steamer
on which I sailed. As soon ss I bad
secured a stateroom-there are always
staterooms left over on steamers tttt
can be had for an extra conslderation-
I lounged up to the wireless office and,
tbe door being open, stood looking la
at tbe operator, wbo was sending t
message. I bad not been there Ore
minutes before tbe man who bad been
tbe last passenger to get aboard came
along. Our eyes met, and 1 knew, as
he knew, that be had spotted bis man,
Even If his manner bad not betrayed
him I should have known that be was
after me from bis coming as soon as
possible to the wireless office to head
me off from sending my message.
I wss greatly disappointed. On land
I sbonld bare expected to be refused
at any telegraph office; at sea I believed I would bave no trouble ln sending a wireless. Tbere was nothing to
prevent my sending my message from
the steamer except this man wbo wss
following me. I knew he would move
heaven and earth to prevent me. It
would be a war of wits between blm
and me. "-"
Tbere were many ways ln which be
could stop me. Be mlgbt charge me
with being a fugitive from justice;
he mlgbt make It appear that I had
stolen money or sbme article from blm;
he might even murder me. What was
my life worth compared with the Interests of an empire'? And would .not
bis sovereign be sufficiently powerful
to protect blm If be were implicated
In my taking off? Suppose I failed to
send my message at sea. Would he
not wire confederates ln New York to
arrest me on arrival on auy charge he
chose to Invent?
He weut Into the wireless office and,
telling the operator that be wished
to send a private message, shut the
door. When he came out I' kuew by
the look on his face Ibat be had
"fixed" the operator. Having done so,
he went away .and left me free to
send all the messages tbe young man
wonld transmit for me.
To test tbe latter I entered.hls office and asked blm to send a message
for me. He msde no objection, and I
dictated a message to an imaginary
person. In my profession I bad found
occasion to send telegraphic messages
myself and had learned tbe Morse alphabet I knew at once tbat tha operator wu simply clicking bis key without sending my message. Nevertheless I pretended not to suspect him
and paid bis chsrge.
. i bung around tbat office, studying
tbe working of the Instrument and especially tbe lock on the door. I watched
for three days for an opportunity to
get a wax Impression tbst would enable me to make a key, but the operator never left bis office without locking
the door and was never away very
long at a time. 1 often stood on deck
at nlgbt watching tbe apark over tbe
office wben he was sending a dispatch,
longing for just Ave minutes at tbe
keyboard myself.
What method tbe detective bad used
wltb tbe operator 1 did not know, bnt
It was effective. I became acquainted
wltb Dlck-everybody called the operator Dick—and used all my diplomatic
skill to find out bow I could outbid my
rival, but tailed signally. 1 hinted at
a way be mlgbt make »500. I conld
sea an amused look on bis face. I did
not possess the means to bid any
higher, and. bidding as I wss against
the empero** of Germany, money was
not a factor of tbe problem.
We had been five days ont, snd 1
hsd accomplished nothing. I knew
that my shallower must bave sent a
message to New Vork tbst would ln
some way pnt me In limbo on arrival.
Uy ouly chance to outwit blm was to
find some means of leaving tbe ship
before him on tbe day of arrival.
The stateroom opposite mine wss
occupied by nn old lady wbo carried
witb her a traveling clock. I lay
awake one night listening to Us ticking, snd it brought me a possible solution. I must steal thst clock. This
was not difficult, for the old lady's
stateroom door was seldom locked
snd every day was hooked open, Tbe
evening before we reached port I
purloined Ibe timepiece. Then I went
about looking for a box. navlng found
one. I put tbe dock In It, nailed on the
Ud and pot a fictitious address on It
Finding the captain alone ln his room.
I took the box to him and told him
that It had been given to me by a man
whose sanity I suspected, to be delivered to tbe address ou It In New
Tork. He had told me tbnt tt contained family jewels of great value, bnt
I bnd recently heard a ticking In It
and feared It contained a bomb to
blow up the ship.
Tbe captain, aghast, proposed st
once to henre II overboard, but I suggested thnt If be did so and destroyed
s fortune In jewels he wonld be beld
responsible.  This staggered* him.
"Uow   would  It do."  I  asked, "to
put the box Ui a oust and low it ai
tbe end of a long rope?"
"The very thing." he exclaimed.
It was midnight, and we were off
Montank Point Tbe captala ordered
a boat lowered with the box tn lt
and the rope payed" out. He then
went tn hla cabin and to sleep, while I
hid myself on deck and when dawn
came palled ln the boat-It required all
my strength—and just before passing
a steamer cast loose. I caught tbe attention of tbe steamer and was taken
aboard. Sbe was bound for Boston,
and the same evening from there I.
cabled my message to a London newspaper.
The next morning tbe world wss
startled st the news that Germany and
Russia were making a deal to appropriate a large slice of African territory and divide it Tbe publication
of thc news defeated the project,
which would surely hnve caused a
European war.
Tbat I had furnished the news wns
known to ooly a few prominent journalists, but tt made my fortune.
I sent back the clock I had borrowed, wltb a handsome present besides.
Atlanta Is planning to Issue bonds
for a new courthouse nnd a city hall
to cost $800,000.
Fifty per cent of Missouri's total
revenue nnd 35 per cent of the taxes
on property of various kinds are paid
by tbo city of St. Louis.
Mnny persons In New Tork cily evidently think . tlmt business done in
their proper names is not st well, for
there are In Broadway nnd Sixth avenue forty-seven signs thnt give fictitious names of proprietors of stores.
Electric clocks, regulated from a central station, nre being installed In various prominent positions throughout Vienna. In most instances they are fixed on the tall electric light masts at
the intersections of the principal
streets. Each clock hns four dials,
which have no figures for the hours,
but Instead blnck squares for the HI,
VI, IX nnd XII end black strokes fer
the Intermediate hours.
lu 300 balloon nscents tliere Is on an
average one fntal accident
In some London hotels the waiters
receive as much as $2,500 u year in
A Muncie (Ind.) fnrmer, nrreated ou
a charge of Intoxication, was allowed
by tbe magistrate to be bis own judge.
He fined himself $10 and paid It without taking an appeal.
In accordance with an ancient custom dating from tbe time of Frederick
tbe Great any officer In tbe German
army who falls from bis bone at a review is bound to offer a banquet to bis
brother officers In the regiment
Bon Ben 1 lllnmli Va* Idealised n,
a Mosey Order Clerk.
Senator Tillman tells a story on him-
lelf ns to how ho wns Identified by a
postoffice money' order clerk when he
first arrived ot the Capital City.
After being In the city a few dnys he
Uropped ln nt the postoffice to cash a
money order.
"Do you know any one here who
rould Identify you?" nsked the clerk.
"Well, no," the senator answered. "Is
that necessary? I nm Ben Tlllmnu of
South Carolina."
The clerk smiled, then nsked lhe senator If he didn't have some letters or
papers Hint would make liiin known to
tho postoftice authorities.
The senator hnd put on n new suit
thnt morning nnd had neglected to
transfer his letters, but he had his
pockcthook wllb him. Digging down
In Ills trousers pocket, he drew forth
bis wallet and proceeded to search for
nu article of Ideutltlcntlon, but could
find nothing hut n sninll photograph
of himself.
"This will do, I suppose." he said,
linudlng It to the money order clerk.
' "Why, sure! That's yon, nil right,"
I'cmarked the man behind tho counter,
nnndlug over the cash. — Llpplncott's
Murder lo Order.
Several yeurs ngo nn affray In a
Western mining towu resulted In murder, but Senntor Thurston of Nebraska,
believing tbe man who wns accused to
have bad ah luuoccnt Intention, took
Up his case nud hnd thc punishment
lightened. Six months afterward a
man, armed to the teeth, appeared in
the senator's office.
"Are yon Squire Thurston?" lie roared.
"Yes," said the senator.
"Aud arc you the fellow tlmt helped
lack Hurley at courtV
The senntor, thinking his lime hnd
come, again answered, "Yes."
"Well," snid the mnn with the guns
and bowle knives, "I'm Hurley's pnrd-
ner, an* I've eome to pay you. I
haven't any money, but I'm a mnn of
honor. Anybody In towu you don't
The senntor assured tiim there was
not, but thc man looked Incredulous
nnd snid: "Put on your bnt. squire, nn'
take a walk down tho street with me.
See anybody yon don't like just throw
up yonr thumb, nn' I'll pop him."—
New York Tribune.
The value of the world's railways Is
pat nt $27,775,000,000.
Many trolley cars In Canada bave
entrances In thc middle of the cur
Of 403 accidents last yeur oa tbe
Washington traction lines 217 were
tbe result of getting off moving cars
backward, und 210 or tho people thus
injured wero women. "
A short stretch of railroad bclougliig
to Ihe Chlcngu nnd Northwestern Railroad company Is being lnid In southern
Wisconsin ou which various methods
of preserving ties by chemical treatment will be put to tbe test of practical use, wltb tbe co-operation of tbe
United States forest service.
This year's peanut crop is valued at
Noble county, Ind.. has raised over
half a million bushels of onions this
Adams county stands nt the bead of
tbe counties of Pennsylvania ln the
growing of apples and bas become famous sll over Ibe country for Its product
K. H. Edmouds. editor of tbe Manufacturers' Record, estimates that tbe
cotton crop Ibis yesr will bring $000,-
ODO.OOO Into tbe south, or nbout 12.4
per cent more tban nuy previous cot-
tin crop hss netted that section.
A Generous Deed.
"Bubbles has bought two new machines, ons tor himself and one ror tits
"That's generous."
"Well, you see, ber machine keen
his going."
"Hows Ibat?"
"Hers Is ii sewing machlne."-Bal-
tlmore American.
Toe Close Serutiny.
Strict Parent-Prom tny observation
of him Inst night I came to the conclusion Hint tbnt young man of yours
wns rather wild.
Mildred- Ot course. It wns your ob-
servntton thnt made him wild. He
wnnted yon to go upstairs nnd lesve
lis atone.-l'hll.iilclpbla Innnlmr.
When  It Palled to Work.
There Is at present serving a term ln
the penitentiary at Mouudsvllle a former official of the postoffice department convicted of "graft" on many
counts. The delinquent In question had
always been most friendly, with the
Washington newspaper correspondents, aud wheu bc wns arrested and
lodged -In jail at the national capital
there wns n rush of Ihe newspaper
men to the /all, tbey being CDiifidcut of
securing an interview.
The accused, however, refused to be
seen, and his message to them was
"Tell them," snid he to the warden,
"thnt I am not Ih."—Rldg-vuy's.
The Terrors of Indlaeellou.
A squire of Andover decided to lake
Into his employ a brother of Patrick,
oue of bis hired men. The terms were
made with Pat before his brothel's arrival, nnd tlio following conversation Is
a specimen of whnt they ngreeil upon:
Squire- I'll puy your brother $1.50 a
day, Patrick.
Patrick-Yls, sor; yls. sor. And will
he nte himself or will yo ate him?
The squire thought Mike had better
eat hlmsclf.-Hnrper's Weekly.
Massage For Naughtiness.
Almqst invariably when a child It
cross or naughty lt Is not feeling qulto
well.     -
Tbls fact appears to be recognized
In Japan. There If a child Is naughty
er sulky Its parent does not scold it or
whip It, but sends It out to bo messaged. And In a short time the child
comes back In the best of humor.
A well known worker, wbose experience both of Japan nud of mn!...\i ot
education Is very wide, told a newspaper representative that she 1b convinced of the efficacy ot the Japanese
treatment. "It may seem fnnny on
the face of It," sbe stated, "to massage
a child for naughtiness. But, then. If
tbe causes of naughtiness are physical
suitable remedies must be applied.
Very often tbe Irritability of children
arises from the fact that their stomachs are disordered."
And really tbe Japanese) plan is
worth a trial. Parents would probably be surprised at.the result Ono
cnn imagine tbe conversations at
breakfast, and lunch between husband
and wife. At breakfast tbe wife ob-
serves:- "Johnny is very naughty thl»
morning, my dear. I think you mnst
punish him severely." Tbe husband:
"Oh, no; that Is out of date. His little
stomach is upset He must be massaged." At luncb, the husband, "And
how Is Johnny now?" The wife, "Oh,
he was massaged, and ln bolt an bour
he had an angel temper."
But could not tbe Idea be applied to
grownups as well as children)
About 8chool Lunches.
If tbere Is one thing more than another which Is apt to grow monotonous
lt Is the school lunch. Invariably lt
consists ot a sandwich or two, somo
cake and a piece of fruit
This la wholesome and sensible at
far as lt goes, but too msny mother*
forget to widen tbe scope of this trio.
The. sandwich, for Instance, mny bo
most temptingly made and new Idea*
be called upon to make It more attractive. Instead of one good sized sandwich try making two or tbree smaller
ones of thin bread cut tn round, square
or diamond shapes. One may .use
chopped nuts, peanut butter, celery
and mayonnaise, chopped olivet, tales,
figs or prunes, finely minced cress or
lettuce ss well ss the more proaalo
rosst beef, cold chicken, lamb, tongue
or ham. Cheese, too. Is nourishing
and delicious. One might Include a
cheese sandwich, for Instance, with
one of meat or lettnee. Then when
they are made and ready to be pecked
don't forget that a covering of tissue
or oiled paper will keep tbe bread
fresher and the sandwich daintier.
Vary the bread too. Use the whole
wheat or brown bread or even ry*
bread occasionally If tbe child like*
It. Butter thins or biscuits msk* a
pleasant change from the plain white
i Crisp little cookies or small cakes
are often easier to carry and carry bot*
ter than layer cake*.
Juat Like a Woman.
Whnt sex Is a motor car? Should It
be spoken of as he, she or It? For In-
(tnnce, n innn wns overheard in n hotel
dining room saying to Ills compnulon,
n woman, "Yes, she's n forty hotsc-
power Walter" ear." Thc womnn at
once protested against his spenklug of
the Walter lis ••she." Then lie told her
thnt It had a bonnet worth S50. nnd she
tpiit arguing.-Jbrvlt Auto tetter;
Cries ol "Aulhor."
The Author-Ami do you always at-
lend lirst nights, Miss Maddtson?
Tbo Glrl-As often ns |n.sslblo. I
think there Is always an added Interest
on a first ulght. Ono feels then that
one's opinion really carries weight
The Autbor-But-cr -whnt Is It. may
I ask, thnt you throw?-Plek-Me-Pp.
Right Teals Par Sohoole.
Remember wben yon were a "little
shaver" and flrst started to school?
Remember how Important wst thejl
first copybook and bow enormous yont
1 flrst lead pencil looked, and tbe delights of a fresh pen snd penholder,
brand uew snd sll your very own? II
was nice to here new belongings and
have them for your very own'self,
wasn't lt?
Well, if your smstl son or daughter
Is starting net this term for the flrst
time see that he or she Is equipped
with the proper utensils nnd good ones.
A shiny new lead pencil Is lndaetve
to good writing snd better effort*.   A
' new tablet and fresh copybook will
be token care of and kept freer from
smudges because of their newness.
Most mothers know the pleasure oi
good lead pencils, erasers, copybook*,
rulers snd such things, so let tbem
mako tbe juvenile path of learning
just s bit essler aud perhsps mon
attractive by supplying tbelr small
hopefuls with the proper tools.
Hie turn Next.
% "Is Miss Mul: engagedV'
"Yes.   Would you like lo meet hfr?"
"Not  now,   then.    I   will  wult  till
next week."
"Why nre you so poor?"
"Beeausa I have such a rich Imagination" 	
Her Specialty.
"She seems lo lie u breezy girl"
"Yes; she Is always pulling on airs."
Political Pointers.
Some day perhaps sll the voters wlB
tsko thc Interest tbey should In primary elections.—Exchange.
Between now tnd November, ItMH
the proofreaders  will  have a lot of
: speeches to read.—New York Mail.
Drawing the Line.       '.
I    "Have you got u good cook?"
I   "Oh. yes, she's good enough, but hat
rooking Isn't"—New York Life.
Spoiled It.
Once living wm a very inap,
Uut now mnn lies to frapiile
With force* of Die earth, untsmeal
■lace Eve consumed th* suuli.
A General Wall.
Of nil tad word* that men cen Jer.
The *»<ld>.vt ave thoie:   "I've mined t THE
Or. Simmons, dentist, left today
for the coast to spend tbe holidays.
He will return to the city after New
Goud furnished house for rent.
Apply this oflice.
Donaldson's mixed candy cannot be
beat at the price.    15c per pound.
The following are the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary,
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granby  - '     585,072
Mother Lode  7,222     288,931
Jackpot     247       24,519
Rawhide *„      178,633
Athelstan       115 7,027
Lone Star    ,  2.777
Napoleon  5,313
Insurgent       162
Snowshoe         43,9U0
No. 7  .-.  1.350
Phoenix Amal -.. 1,950
Others  1,514       13,144
Smeller trenttnent—
Granby       577,791
B.C. Copper Co... 9,651      ,557,439
B. C.
The Marcus Messenger has
issued a very creditable illns-
  trated Christmas edition.   In
respect   to   supporting  their
■*..bii<hed.tare,1dFork..Brttui.ooimi1hi.jhome paperi   the people   of
—• i Marcus exhibit commendable
! enterprise.
U. A. Kyans Bdltor end Publlalier
A tile of thia paper oari be aeen at the offloe
of Meaira. K. A J. Herdr A Co., Wall and ii.
Fleet Street, B.C., London. Knalatiit, free of
oharare, stall that Arm will be _ri_.il to reoelve
,iibaorll>tiont nnd advertlaementron our behalf.
SURBOUlPTlOlt Ralls !
One tear.    ....  (l.taO
line Veer (tn adraneel  1.00
One Year, In Unlled Statea  1.60
Addreaa all oommiinloatlena to
THR Bvrnino Sets,
f nos• Hli Qhasd Ponee, B.C
' Thk Sun -wishes its 2000
readers an exceedingly merry
Christmas. There are not
quite that many names,on our
subscription books; bnt that
is a conservative estimate of
the people who weekly read
this paper.
A tiKEAT deal of space in
this issue is devoted to the
ranchersand orchardists of the
valley. They are entitled to it,
however. We are dependant
on tliem to a certain extent
for the future growth of the
city. Hence no apology is required.
Fruit growers who do not
happen to have in their orchards the three varieties decided by the Farmers' Institute to be the best adapted
to this district, should not feel
disheartened. There are thirty
or forty other good commercial varieties grown in this
valley, and,they are all making nice profits for their owners.
i The Saturday Sunset of
Vancouver has issued the
nicest Christmas edition that
has yet reached our office. It
consists of forty-eight well
printed and finely illustrated
pages, and in every respect
sustains the reputation for enterprise which jits publishers
havo earned.
A government commission composed of H.- Bentley, of Lethbridge,
chairman, President Powell, acting
for the miners, and W. F. McNeil,
represenling.the operatoas, has just
completed the work of enquiring
into certain conditions at Frank
relative to- the recent strike An
agreement satisfactory to both parties was reached and a report has
been forwarded to the department of
labor at Ottawa. "The basis of the
agreement will be submitted to the
local union at Frank very shortly,
when everything is expected to be
amicably settled. \V. B. Powell,
chief of the miners in the district,
says that tbe meeting of the c< ni
mision passed of very agreeably to
all parties, and he anticipates littl
or no trouble with the iM-a-rei,
Donaldson's Ciiristmas gifts sug
gestion: For that gentleman friend, a
set of armlets, braces and garters, put
up iu a nice fancy box; one of our up-
to-date ties, sweater coats, gloves, a
pair of our fine Jeft'erson Shoes, etc.
A Well known business man iti-
forms The Sun that the city council
Would rather sell a lot for $400 than
accept $500 for it. He says he can
substantiate this statement by the
corroborative evidence of two wit
Christinas gifts that give pleasure
and satisfaction to the giver as well
as to the receiver, can be had at Donaldson', Store, Columbia.
J.. Welsh' has been . appointed
manager of the Pboenix hockey
team. . ■ .
We guarantee that a box of our
apples aa a gift to your friends will
give pleasure and satisfaction.*- Donaldson's Store, ColumWa.
Mrs. A. D. Morrison returned
home on Tuesday from (hicago,
where she has been spending the
past three months.
The  Carraher   Ranch
to be Sold at Once
7 have received instructions from
the owners to rush the sale of this
property' and close it out before
New Year.
Ten-Acre Tracks
Choicest Fruit Land at
Bargain Sale Prices
Jee me before it is too late.
J. A. tTWcCallum
Holv Trinity Chuiich, Henry Steele,
Rector—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
and sermon, 11 a,m.; evensong and
Herman, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 10
a.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will be celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service as well as at 8
a m. Week day and special services
as they are announced frJhn time to
time You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you.
Knox Phusbytkiuan Ciiukcii—
Sabbath services at II a. to. and 7.30 p.
in.; Sabbath school and Bible class at
9:45 a.m. All are cordially invito,
Seats free. Hev. M. D. McKee, pastor.
Methodist Church J Rev. Calvert, D. D.; Pastor.—Sunday services,
11 a.m. and 7:30 p.in.;Sunduy school,
2:30 p.m.; Epworth League, Monday
.it 8:00 p.m.; prayer,, meeting, Wednesdays, 8 p.m.; Junior League, Fri-
alays, 7:00 p.m. Everybody will be
welcome. (
Baptist Church, Rev. H. W.
Wrhtht, pastor.—Services on Sunday
it 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.; Bible
class and Sundav school at 10 a.m.
Mining Stock Quotations
Boston,Decemher 21.—The follow-
ing'nre today's opening quotations for
the stocks inentijned:
Asked.        Bid
Granby Consolidated.    30.00    28.00
II. C.   Copper       4.00     3.25
tpe Gift Store
Wc are now showing niJDIOTMHO Pf-finO
the largest stock of UlUlIu I WIMu UUUUu
ever shown in Grand Forks.   Chinaware. Kodaks,
Fancy Goods, Toys, Stationery, Etc., Etc.
-S WOOD LAND   So   CO.iS-
A Dollar Goes a
when you buy' yout" supplies at our market; we
sell you choice, prime cuts
of beer, mutton, lamb, pork
and veal at as low a margin of profit as we can do
business honestly upon
and give the best you can get anywhere. Our meats
are tender and delicious—our poultry fat, fresh and
tender, and our hams and bacon fit tor a king at
Form No 1.
Metal Qaotations
Nkw York, Dpc 21—Silver 53;
standard copper, $12 2o@J 2.85,  firm;
London, Dec. 21.—Silver, .24*}.
lead, £13 fin 3d,
NOTU-K li hereby Biven that nit application
wilt hi1 maiie under Part V. of thu "Witter
Ant. 1909," Uiohtal'u a license iu the SimiUa-
meeil Division nf Vale District.
(fl) Thf nnme. address and occupation of
the applicant: Pet it Veregin. of Brilliant,
British Columbia, Kiiuner. (If for mining
purposes) Free Minor's Certificate No 	
(h) Tie name of the lake, stream or
source (if unnamed, the description Is):
Pinherinan Creek.
Co) The point of diversion Is ahout oue
thousand leet easterly from the crossing of
lhe Columbia A Western Hallway over Ki-h-
erman Creek.
(d) The quantity of water applied for (in
cubic feet yyt second):    One cubic  foot
st'cond. *
(e) The character of the proposed works:
Pipe Hue uud miuiII reservoir,
(f) The premises on which the water Is to
lie used (describe   -ime):  Lot 'Ml, ti. I.
0;) The purposes for which tht! wuter is to
beusi'd:   Irrigation.
(h) If for irrigation  describe the land  In-
tended to he irrigated, giving acreage: Undulating foothills to the extent uf two hundred .
(i) If the water is to be used for power or
minhin purposes, describe the place where .
thn water is to he returned to some natural
channel, aud' the (inference In altitude be*
tween point of dlverjlou and point of return.
0) Area of Crown laud intended to be occupied by the proposed works.   Nil,
(It) This untfce was posted ou the 20th day
of August, 1!>11, and application will bc made
tothcComnilsnioeeroii the&'ith duy of October, 1911. I.
(1) <iive tlie nanus and "addresses nf -any
riparian proprietor* or licensees who u-r
whose lands an-likely to hn affected by the
proposed worKs, cither above or below the
utlet.   NU. I
(Signature) PK' ER VERKtllN.
(P. o. Address) Brilliant, H, C.
John Zihohdkk, Agent.
Noie-Ouecubicfont per second is eqiilvue
lent to 35.71 miner's inches.
Our time, knowledge and
experience in the printing
business is at your disposal
when you are'in need of something ir this line. Don't forget this.
You might as well cut off
your legs because you are running well in a footrace as to
cut oft* your advertising because your business is too
A new lot of latent rlenignfi of pro
ffrnm arid menu oardajust received at
Thk Sun job office,
P. O. BOX 1383 448 SEYMOUR 8T.
Mess s. Cms|ley Bros., Manchester, Biiff.
.Makers of Gas Producer Plants aud Oil
KlIBlt'Mfor jreneral power or electrical
Ugnting- purposes.
Messrs. Dink, Kerr* Co., Ltd, Preston!
r.tiffland. Equipment for Mines aud Contractors Light Locomotives (steam and
elei'irlcai), eto.
Sterling Telephone (to., portable shot-
firing niacliinctfor miners, contractors,
prospectors. The hest on the market.
Write fur particulars.
Motors,  (ionerato-,  Klt'otrlcal   Supplies
Electrical Hoatlng  and Cooking  Appura
tut, Storage Hat -cries, etc.
Your enquiries will receive our  prompt
attention.   Write for information.
The bearing of this application  has  heen'
ohaiiifd to the 3rd day of November, IUU.       I
Practical Plumber
All  work guaranteed.
Only experienced Workmen employed.    Esti-
,  mates furnished.
Bicycle repairing and
bicycle sundries. .
Winnipeg    Avenue
Made la Enula.J
(1.00 per Doz. Upwards
Christmas would  not be the
suiito' -
Willioilt its grunting* trun,
Wishes,  sincere from fjir and
From friends both old and
Order   Early"
Sample Book
The Jun Office
OriKimil Mineral Ohllllti situate In the
(Irand Forks Mining Division uf Yale District.
Where located:   In Hr.-wu'*. cnmp.
Tilth MIT MS that I. AlexiU'dci (!. Hinr.
Free Miners'CertlHcate No. HfiliMIl, lor
myself and as utreiit for Charles _•;. Baker,
Fre« Miners* OniHcute N-. :i xsrflH, Intend, sixty da h from the date hereof, to ap*
ply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvement, forthe purpose of obtaining u -''omii "Hint nf the u'.ovc claim.
..ml further tnke noice ilmt acliim. Under
section ivi, must Im commenced hefore the
Ishuiuice  of   hiieh Certificate   uf    Improve-
Dated thli 28th day of 7uue, A.D, l«ll. „„
Yale Land f)l«trlet, Distrlot of Similkameen,
TAKK notice that Hubert P. Pave of Olds,
Alberta, occupit-on Farmer, intend-, in
apply for Ipi-rmlsslou to purchat-e the follow! tiff described lairtUt , m
Commencing at a post plan'ed about SO
chains north of tho northwest corner of hot
1136 S.. on DeepCreeK, and about live miles
east of the town of Cascade: theuce north
■ii) chaius; tlieuce we-t ill chains; thence
soutli 40chains; theme oust 40 chains to point
ol.omm.i.o.ineilt.       k5bkut F, pAnK.
J. K. Cranston, Agent. *
Dated September 2nd, mil.
(I'ul-llshed Annually)
KualileH traders tlirouuhout the  world  tn
commuuicnte direct with E'ltrllsh
In eaeli rlassof troiiil-. MetiiilpH heltiff » complete comine'olal ffiiide to London and its
suburbs, the directory contain* lint*- of
with the Goods they ship, u>'d The t'oloulsl
ami Koreign .Markets they supply:
I -irrntiffed under the I'ortsto which they sail,
am) iudicatiiiff thcapproxtnmte Sallltiffs:
j of leadlnff Miiiiufnctiiicis, Merchants, etc., in
i the principal pr-vinciai towns ami ludustrla!
i centres of the United Kimtilom.   ,
! A copy of the current edition will be forwarded, frelirhl paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for 208.
Healers xeckliiff Affcuoies can advertise
their trade cards tor£1( or lartrer udvertU«.
merits from £3,
25, Alichurch Lane, London,  E.C.
,   , ,        ,  ,,...   c    ,    „       Remeniher tliat every adik-d
Don t fnri«.t that Tne ,*?un has the      ,       -,     .,   , \      ...
beit job rrHUi„K .leparrmen. in the wt^mtor Mpi. to Ilia ce  this
Boundary country. Papw OPtter -for everyl.ody. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
The King of Yule U all abroad,
With voice aa blithe and gay
As when he ruled the festal aboard
In bluff King Harry'* day.
A hale uld aoul is our King Yule;
For countless ages he
Hus spread his kindly, hearty rule
O'er fill the lands that be.
His mighty feasts in days of old,
Were shared by mighty menf
Hut  round his board  true hearts of
Still gather now and then.
What  though   tht day*, of stricken
And deeds at arms are gone,
What though with sword and spear
and shield
No battle now U wont
Stout hearts must bear the brunt of
Keener than the aword or spear,
Undaunted souls face sterner foes
Than mail-clad cavalier.
The times have changed, but still the
Of knighthood blossoms fret,
Still it the blest who hat tht dower
Of truth and bravery.
.So like our tirea of old, may we .      :
Witb joyous hearts and k>nd
Meet in all love and amity
Where yuletide wreaths are twined.
And may all avals in Christendom
Be gladdened by the ray
Of Kethlehem's bright star thit shone
On Christ hia own birthday.
—Willis Hall Vittum.
fanciers, who would thereby be enabled to purchase birds of standard
breeds and eggi for their incubators at
a reasonable price. As things now are,
British Columbia poultrymen and
fanciers who desire to improve their
stock, are compelled to send back
east for their eggs or birds. Fanciers
under these conditions find the prices
high anil the goods are delivered not
always up to specifications. A gov
eminent farm would obviate these
difficulties and would at the same
time be a center for the diffusion of
valuable knowledge. The department
it confident that such farms.after they
once get into'running order, would be
almost, if not entirely, self support
Prehistoric Lake
The United States geological survey has recently issued a bulletin
whioh traces the early geologic his
tory of the region that includes the
present Great Salt lake. In the Pie
istooent epoch western Utah contained a great lake, called by geolo
gists Lakt Bonneville. It wes 346
miles long, 145 miles wide, and over
1000 feet deep. It covered an area.
of nearly 20,00ft square miles—a
tract twiee as large as the land sur
face of Dm state of Maryland. Tin
surfact ef the lake was about 5200
feet above the present sea level, oi
about 1000 feet above the level of
Great Salt lake. If the lake existed
at present, Deseret would be c.ivered
by 600 feet of water; Nephi, Oak
City, Holden, Fillmore and Kanoxh
would be at or near the shore; and
Joy and Utah mine would be situated
on islands.
sion of Australian wool and hard
woa.ds ihto the markets of the United
States in return for the admisiion of
American goods into Australia on
favorable terms
Trying to Trade Land
Itis reported that Great Britain is
negotiating with France for the five
little spots in India, widely separate I
and wholly surrounded by British territory, which are all that remain under the French Has to recall the
Anglo French struggle for the- mastery of India in the eighteenth century. These enclaves are of little
value to France, politically or commercially, but they have a value to
Great Britain, lt it possible that
they may »xcliange for one of the isolated British colonies in West Africa
—Gambia, Sierra Leone or the Gold
Coast—that bear much the tame relation to French tearitory in Africa as
that which the French possessions in
India bear to British territory.
Poultry Farm
The establisment of a poultry demonstration farm in connection with
the department of agriculture haa
been in contemplation for some time
and it ia not unlikely that the legislature at the approaching session will be
uked to piovide the necessary fundi
for that purpose. Tht idea it that
suoh a farm shall be established in the
flrst instance in the neighborhood of
Viotoria. About Sva aorta of ground
would be required, and the initial expenses would be about f 8000. After
the first year when the institution has
been tried out and the required experience obtained, two' mora similar
farms would be established, one on the
lower mainland and the other in the
interior of. the provinoe.
These poultry farms are not intend-
ed to be in any seose"experimental,
but   purely   for demonstration purposes.    It  is  calculated   that  they sionei   is   now in  Washington with
would   be of great benefit to poultry authority to arrange for tlit  admit
% Rich Ore in Le Roi
A report from Bossland states that
the Consolidated company, new own
era of the Le Roi mine, has encountered a body of fabulously rich oie
Since thia oompany took over the Le
Roi. thit notable mine has proven so
sH-taotory in its production that it it
thought tht company will take out
enough ore within tix months' time to
reimburse it tor the price pa d.
Not Afraid of Annexation
Australians do not look upon reciprocity with the United States as the
lories of this country Bo.   A commas
Latest Picture of Borden
Thia is thfe Mason tt subscribe to
>t newspaper, or to renew, it already
i-subscriber. Our paper is ae good
is any, and better than many. Why
not take it?
It reprensents the welfare and
progress of the community and district with whicb it is identified, and
4s, apart from its local value, an all
round up-to-date newspaper.
The recent-change of government
nas made the Hon. Mr. Borden the
central figure of our Canadian public life. Many would like a good
picture of biro. We oan supply one
Free. We will send any one our
paper tor a year, and tbe Weekly
J Mail and Empire (the regular rate
1 * ....._.._. __   _»> nn    _.—_.\ _.__.*_._.
The Bsautiful Picture for Grand Forks Sun and Montreal Family Herald and Weekly Star Subscribers
this Season.  zjAn Inspiration of Love and
Affection—<^A Picture that will be like a
Member of the Family—A Daily
Study for Old and Young
'PHE Family Herald and Weekly Star ol Montreal, acknowledged to be
I tbe greateet and best family and farm paper on thi continent, haa on
many occasions given its readert mint delightful premium pictures,
hut this season they have secured what it btytad any question of doubt
the best picture ever offered newspaper sum. It it entitled "Home
Again" and describes a touching but joyful incident between two (riends
who meet after anxious separation.
"Laddie," a collie dog, famous for hit beauty and gentleness, winner
of many prizes at dog snows, the pride ol the family and neighborhood,
Iiiib been stolen, and after many days' absence he escapes one night from
his captor and returns home on a snowy winter's morning with the rope
which he broke in his struggles for freedom dangling frnm his collar.
His familiar bark brings his little mistress, Marjorie, to the door and
she throws her arms around her trusty playmate's neck with cries of joy
whioh bring her mother and brother to the door. "Laddie" is equally
delighted to be "Home Again," and answers her welcome by putting his
paws on her shoulder and resting hig head against her breast with a little
whine, which in his dog language means—"Where I love is Home."
The sweet-faced young mother, a woman of soft curves, tender eyes
and parted lips—-the two glad-eyed children—an eager hoy with hair like
his mother's and the quick gesture of excited boyhood; the warm-hearted
girl with rippling locks, her affectionate arms around the shaggy neck of
the beautiful collie, all go to form a picture that will win a favored place
on the walls of any home.
The picture is by the celebrated artist, Arthur J. Elsley, famous for
' his skilful and sympathetic painting of children and animals.
The beautiful picture "Hom9 Again" on heavy plate paper 22x*2i)
inches all ready for framing will be mailed FREE to every subscriber of
The 8un and Family Herald and Weekly Star lor 1912.
The small sum of $1.50 will secure the two papers fnr a full year including a copy of the charming picture "Home Again," which alone is
easily worth a two dollar bill, in fact it could not be bought at that price.
Every home in the Boundary should get the big $1.50 worth this
Hotel Col*11
Opposite Great Northern Station
Recently'completed and
newly turnlihed throughout. Conveniently located
for railway men. f'lrit-
clau accommodations for
transients. Board and
rooms by the week at pre*
vailing rates. Fine line of
Wine*. Uuuora and Cigar*
always tn stock at the bar.
Grand Forks, B. C.
The O'iver Typewriter
(or 17 Gents a Day!
Pleaae rout the __«adUiielo«er amain. Then ita
traemrndnna aJL'iaiflesnce will lawn upon vaaai
la Oliver TywwrUajr-lhc atendaird viaalble
writer— ths motal hishly mar.,  ted lyis-wrltta.
ua lhe nurket-youra tor 17 coma    day!
lhe typewrtti-r whaaaw continent of the com
morels' worlo la a matter o( hUtoraa—your, lo
1. earn, at dav I
Tkt typewriter thst la equipped with aeorn »•
auch couveulent-re aa "The Htalauoc Shift"—
"The kuling Dev.ce"-"The Double Relwae'—
•The Uaouwollara. Bs«e"—-The Ainoma-lc
8pMer"-*'Tha Automatic Tabulat..r"-'The
~ DlMppearttiglndlcaior"
-"Ths Adluaatable fa-
par riu_ten"-"The Sol-
entlflc Coudeiiaed Key.
board"-ell fl»*I
Youn for 17
Genu ■ Day!
  Ws aiiouncid   thia
aaew Mlas plan recently, juat to feel Ihe pailae ol
the people. Simply a small caaah payment-
then 17 oenti a day. That lathe ulan lu a nut-
The result has been auch a deluge ol applies-
ttona for maehlnea that we are almply astounded.
The demand cornea from people of all claaaea,
all attcea, all tacoupetion..
Tne majaarlty ol inquiries btu come^troin peo-
le of knuwn flnaiualal alaudlus whu were attracted b> the novelty of tbe imtpoa. 'on. An
unpreaeave demaiuaimtlon aaf tlte Immentae pop-
at arlty aaf tbe ullva-r TypeaVruer
A atartllntf confirmation aaf our belief that
ibe Kra of ITn!venal Typewriting la at baud.
A Quarter of a Million People
are 4 I a 2   Mney with
of which is 11.00 per year) for the
»nie period, the two together, to in-
a-lude free picture of the new Cana-
.lian premier, for $1.60.
The Borden picture is on fine
paper suitable for framing, in photo
linte, 18x24 inches, and is in itself
aa a work of art, easily worth the
price of a year's subscription to
either paper. Srind all orders to the
office of thui paper.
The high price of living has
not affected our job printing
Krices. We're are still doing
igh.class commercial work of
all kinds at prices satisfactory
to ydu.
If yon oomnto me
for trcntntetit. ex*
pert tu I>l> cured,   [f
others hnve fulled,
itxpipe me to   dire
{I'll I'll .H-M I ltllOW
enn cure you I will
not itrfrpt your (We
it in I    tu  every   In-
e.llllU'1' [ trtt-il  liy my
"wn original or ml-
viinrri) and "ctotitlffu
Spermatorrhoea. Orgi-mlc Wt-akness,
Lnwt Vtjmr, Varicocele, Htdrocele, ton*
tract-ml Disord ei'H, SpeHftc Blood Potion.
1'llfiM nnd Stricture*— rentnrii)fr nil affected
orgaui lo ii'ii ihhI and limit hy iictlun hi
the shortest possible space of time.
Sr*  All the Forms of  Diseases
of Men.
Cuiiallltatiaita and liaatnuaUran booklet
free at orate or by mall.
The Standard Visible Writer
The OllvJf Typewriter !■ a money-maker
right imiu the wont "ko!" s.. ,mv to run that
be-___ti.ut.ri. toon tret In the "i Xpert" eliu*. Hum
at yon learn, Unite, inuehlnc fay the 17 cento
a dar—and all ahove that In jmura.
Wherever ymi are, there i-wie'i to he done
and money to be manV by iiiIuk the Oliver. Tbe
bnplnew world la caliluu for u iv.-r operator^.
There are not enough to xupplv the demand.
Their aalitrlea are' coin-ideml-ly above hint* of
'naiiy elaaxeiof workers.
An Oliver Typewriter In Every Htm!
That ta the battle cry today, ie have made
'he<tllverKiipreine in u*efiilticMand absolutely
iiHtlH|%iiMi)!e in biHuea*. Now cornea thu eon
iineaiof the home.
The .-.implicit)- and mrength ofthe Oliver fit ll
'or family Hue. It I- hecoinlutf m« Important
factor fn the home training nf loung people.
\ u educator ■■ well aa a money maker.
• Mir uew lellint! plan ptitn the Oliver ou the
#rei»hiild of every home in Ameriea. Will von
rinte the door of ymir home -rodtce on thin re-
marliaiile Oliver off r?
Write for further detail* of onr Mi? offer and
a free copy of tne uew Oliver catalog.  Ad< rent
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
Ullver Tjrpaiwrller HiillalliiK,
City and Suburban
»1l»#*ial#%-l'''Xn-a FT. LOT la.tw.Ml  "(iii if tie. settler hi
S35D $<«'&«>X6£2X SffaaK^sr'asfc
*|r WW W   and K.Oawa i>le««*; «•-  -Mftaae to eeeldei.ee
nfixnft pt. lot batwMfe
8-t-oml ami ThlTf
Just above Judge
and K. Gaw's plaeftj; aa».
aratM fmm all other properties by *%**+*%,
lane: ai lame an aeven or clitht ordinary lote,
adjoiulugUtfl* are worth fl-'iO; would mau
nice home, with iiitticleiit ground fur ehlok-
em. fruit. Rarden aod lawn; moat deiirabl*
oeatlon lu eity.
M ACKK8 adjoining
city limit* ou   ••••■tli;
14  acre* cleured; IV)
fruit ireei; new foor-
"'inti   houae:  horn  fir alx    hurien;  tiorae,
liUKgy.double bartiet* and  tarinlng  Implement*.   All for $.'.„im.   Kh-«,v termi.
ami three Iota within
oue block of liitoltieoH
H centre;   lawn,  ahadn
reps, fruit trwt*, berry bimhct, large gnrden.
V* 111 hIio aell furniture of Imu-e  If  dealreil.
One-half caill. bulimec ternm.
\]j tuilex from town;
7-room iiouae, pin***-
• red; Inrgulinirgyahc'l,
      iviioiMieil;    In)     fruit
tree's, 70 benrlug: 2'i acre* atrnwiterrlPH,
iioonelierrl'-i, eiirrrtiith, rnapberrtei: free from
IrOltl the hi'at loctttiitnaround (iriuul Korku;
plenty of go-jil water; fruit and orop Included.
mom lioiiae: burn f
tttiKgy.double bartiei
menu.   All for fUJOU.
Iletweeii H and t ncres
in Went end of city;
(list dam -.oil. nil Uh*
„ der cut Ivatiou; -.mull
bonne, wood-died and oiitbullfllug»; w ell nnd
pump; Rood fence. Thlx I* alaurUlccna owner li abont to leave city. Ternm.
For further information re
gar<lmg the above proptM'tien
cal) or address
New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1906.)
Is a dozen books in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemw-
try, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of '
copper. - It is a pracical book, useful
to all and necessary to most men en
gaged in nny branch of the coppes
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4636 copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to srx teen pages, according
to importance of the propel ty.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper   '
The mining man needs the book for
the fai'ts it gives hiin about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain English.
Price is $5 in Buckram with gilt
top; 17.50 in full library morocco.
Will be stint, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week of receipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. "Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
.     .      453 PosUitt.ee Block,     '
Houghton, Michigan.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
A NT available Dominion Landa within tho
** Hallway Rait of Britlah Columbia may b»
homaBataadcd hy any peraoi, who la the head
of a family, or auy mala over eighteen yeara
of ooo, to the extant of one-quarter acactluo
of lw aerea, mora or leaa.
Kutry muit be made oeraonally at the loeal
land olBce for the dlatrlot In which Ihe land
Tbe bomeaMadar Is required to perform
the conditions eomiejted therewith under
one of the following plana:
(1) At leaat {la montha* naldanM upon aud
cultivation of tha land In eaeh year for three
(I) If tke father (or mother, If the father ia
deceaaed), of tba honteeteader realdea uiwn a
farm lu tba vlolnlty of the land entered for.
the requirement! ae to reildenoe may beval-
IsVad by euek person raiding witb the father
or mother.
(I)  If tbe settler hae bla permanent ml
land owned by him In
Mflneetaad. the require-
■acta aa to* reildenoe aaay ba uttailed l,y
Maidenee upon the aald laud.
•as montha* nutlce lu writing ahould lata
given the Commitaluner of IlatinTnloi, Latanl.
at Ottawa nf intention to apply for patent.
Coal -Coal mining righta mav la,, lenaiaal
for a periaxl aaf tw-ruty-tatat, yt-atra at nn manual rental t,l 11.00 |a,.r a,a-r,-. Not litatrotlii.il
{..VXatitare. wl.fl.ll Ite li'ii-a-al to (una iaaalivialiiaal 0?
rumitauy,  A royslty »t tin* rote „f tiv^ ,.,„,t»
|a«-r tiaaa fllaaiH laa-   a-aalla-a-taaal aan   til,'  lil,-ri-li|,ial-
able (anal mined.
llepuly of the Mltil.terof the luleriur.
N.H.—UuanthitriiiHl   |iillilli<utiou of   tht.
aalvertiaemeitt will not Ite paid lur.
Receive both Lnitl-it and Gentlemeii u re«l<
dent or d»>t tudentf; haa n eomnleteCoin**
infroUlor HuMneti Cnurxe: itreparey »tu-
limit* to v«tn Traeheri' Certltiemtat of all
irriitln; glvei the four yenrt' cniin* for tha
H. A. degree, nnd tt.« flr..t year of tta Sehool
of MenreeoiirietltiatBllatluii with* the Tu-
ri-iituUniversity; haa a ipeelal proapeotora
fotirt-i* for miners who work in B C. In»true*
lion It also slvcti In Art, Miaalc, Phyik-ai Cui •
ture and Elocution.
For Calandari, ato , addren ,    ,
ler Terrible Experience them
How Peruna Should Be in Every
None to Prevent Coldt.
Mrs. C. &
Bage ruer,
1311 Woodland Ave,
City, Ma,
"I feel It
a duty to
you and to
others that
tnay be afflicted like
myself, to
speak for
"My trou-
ble ft-r s t
came after
la gr lppe
ta I g h t or
nine years
ago. a gathering ln my
head and
neuralgia. I
bu ff e r e d
most all the
time. My
nose, ears
ond eyes
were badly
affected for '"'
Ihe Inst two years., 1 think from your
description of Internal catarrh that I
must have had that also. I suffered
Very severely.
"Nothing ever relieved me like Peruna. It keeps me from taking cold.
"With tho exception of some deafness I am feeling perfectly cured. I
em forty-six years old.
"I feel that words are Inadequate to
express my praise for Peruna."
Mrs. C. 8. Sagerser.
tonight may mean suffering tomorrow, but not if your stomach,
liver, and bowels are helped
to do their  natural work by
Mt Brerjrwbere. la bases Ue.
Well, Well!
.con use
I dyed ALL these
of Goods
-.ith.he SAME Dye.
I used
NO rlianra ntuihf ih* WRONG I»y» for tht Goods
une has to rotor.   All rotors from your Drunlil or
Detlcr.   FKI.K Color i.ardanj STOKY BooktttlO,
'Ilia Jnh.iKjii Rklnrdeo* Co., Umiud, Monlraal,
Hew   th* African   Society Girls Ar.
rang* Their Kinky Black Tresses.
Some ol our girls spend as much
as two or three hours a day fixing
their hair, writes Tip in the New
York Press, while' it takes only un
hour once a month or so lor the girls
in some parts of Madagascar to
plaster it down with clay or tallow
after making it up in many, many
tails. Successful dyeing ol the hair
with henna was us.d long ago by the
Arabian women; now henna hair is
seen everywhere in every civilised
land. With dyeing pretty well done
with henna, scientists have gone in
lor laboratory experiments and made
to perfection, with animal, vegetable
and mineral substances, dyes to produce any desired shade and to Imitate nature so perfectly that ha.r, no
matter how gray, may show its original shade. But gray hair looks
Best alter all.
In the old Indian days Hie hair
used to grow to a wonderful length,
and to this day families having a
strain of Indian blood often late in
life have a full suit of hair with little
or no gray in it. Thc hair of some
of the Indians used to grow to the
great length of 12 feet, and on the
men at that; and thosa old foxy folk
often made it look thicker and longer by weaving into it certain fibers.
Somo of the East African ladies
shava their heads with small, sharp,
razor-like knives, flrst softening* the
hair with goat's milk. Other Africans
keep it cut off to about two inches in
-length and slick down with, vegetable
pils. . Girls of Fiji stiffen tbeir locks
with tree'giims anil soft, •Hotly hait if
considered a curse. Somehow, some
of the races that have the stifles-t
hair try to make it stiffer and those
that? have the softest try to inake it
like down and still other racei do
just the opposite. ■    • ■ ■        .'
The South Sea Waves.
We all remember with what frequency in the old narratives of experience in the South' Sens reference is
made to the heavy swells of the
ocean, which impressed the navigators
with the idea of their remoteness from
The great size of the sea waveB. in
high southern latitudes has been explained by ths fact that south uf thc
Cnpe of Good Hope and Cape -Horn
there is neither windward nor leeward shore, and tho prevailing wTnd in
ill longitudes is westerly. Thus when a
west wind springs up it finds a long
westerly swell, me effect of a previous wind, still running. The newborn wind increases the steepness of
tliis swell aud so forms majestic
storm waves, which sometimes attain
a length of 1,200 feet from crest to
crest. The average height attained
by sea waves in feet is about half the
velocity of the wind in miles an hour.
He Wa* Gambling.
"Hello, Bill. Have yon heard about
Jimmy Strong getting locked up?"
Bill—No. What's he bin locked up
Tom—Why, lie was outside a pub
last night when the bobby told him
to move on, but Jimmy wouldn't, to
the copper called for assistance, and
another coming on the scene, Jimmy
got desperate and tossed them all over
the place. After awhile he was locked
up, taken before the magistrate and
fined five shillings and costs for gam*
Bill—For gambling? I can't see that.
Tom—Why, for tossing coppers in
the street!—London Mail.
Didn't Want a Postoffice.
In most countries the introduction
of postal facilities is regarded as an
unmixed blessing, but it was not so'
in Korea. The postoffice erected there
in 1835 had but a brief existence. The
mob', in their blind hatred of all innovations, rioted and burned it to the
ground. The natural result was to
make Korean stamps of the first ist.ue
in a used state of great value. The
matter was allowed to drop ior a
time, and it was not until ten years
later that lbe present system was
Friendly Advice
.   "We* surprised all our (rlouili by
gelling married.'
"Good enough.   N'ow aurprlno them
by staying married."
We have enough theology to last
till thn inlllenlum, remarked one of
tho speakers at the Ecumenical Moth-
odlat Conference. Trim words. More
of the Golden Rule la thc desideratum.
i     -A
V0 J
, n r u m ,
'GHT-S   D*_5%
The Orchid.
The orchid is a peculiar plant, for,
strange as it may seem, there is no
distinctively orchid odor. One smells
like the violet, others like tho rose,
the hyacinch, the daffodil. Orchid*
are the monkeys, the mimics of the
vegetable world, in oder as well aa
form and tint. No other flower resembles an orchid, but orchids are
lorever. ailing butterflies, pansies,
boots, spiders, pFteh,' plants, bird*
and 'what not. Ajfl, tlR$ arc not absolutely certain to lootyiust the same
twice  In  succession.   *9 ^
Thi -Happy! Numbir.
"Company remarks" by children
arc famous for their innocent tactlessness and mistakes. Small Jennie's
mother, (or instance, hnd invited n
large company to her house end,
not having sullieient silverware, had
borrowed Irom her sister. At table
Jennie silently but palpably "couni-
ed npses," then broke out with:
"It's a good thing no more people
come, imunsle, for we've only just
enough knives and forks to go around,
with Aunt Sarah's and all."
The Ileal KnOfliledflir.
"There's .lenkius. for li.st.incc. N'ow,
he know* something nbout whisky."
"Nonsense! He never drank a droit
n his life."
"That's what I menu." — Catholic
Standard aud Times.
A Railway Ticket, A Controversy snd
a Delayed Train.
In an account of the Duchy of Teck
and its Inhabitants by the Rev. S. Bar-
llng-Gould, an amusing experience is
thus described by the author:
"We are wont, we Englishmen, to
grumble at red taplsm, but with us lt
does not go beyond the government
offices. In Germany lt is everywhere.
I had.an Instance of it between Ober
Lennington and Owen. I had asked
at the former place for a third class
ticket to Owen and had stepped Into
a third class carriage. On these
branch lines nearly everyone travels
fourth. I counted twelve compartments fourth,: nine third and three
second: There wsb no first class compartment. Before reaching the next
station—In fact one mile from Ober
Lennington — the inspector came
. "Hah, you have a fourth class, ticket and are in a third class compartment!    The fine Is 6 marks.'
"1 explained and offered at once to
pass Into an Inferior carriage or pay
the difference.
"That will not do. You have Infringed the law and must pay six
"1 get out at Owen and will explain
matters to the station master.
"I did so.      -
" 'Tlie fine 1b G marks,' said this
latter' pereniptqrlly.
"But," said I,""! demanded a third
class ticket and was given one for
which. 1 did not ask. ThiB was an
oversight of the clerk.'
" 'You Bhould have examined your
"The train was delayed five minutes while the matter waB being
threshed out on the platform, the
travellers crannlng their necks out of
the windows of .their respective carriages, looking on and listening with
lively, Interest. At last reluctantly thc
station' master yielded. I must pay
the difference.
"'What Is It?'
" 'One penny." *
Bessie's Little Bear
An amusing incident ot a child's
misconception of the words of a popular hymn occurred recently at a Sunday School ln Sommersetshire. The
teacher, turning to -the girl at the
head of the class—to- whom was accorded the privilege ot choosing the
hymn to be sung before closing the
school—asked, "What hymn would
you like, Bessie?" "Please, sir," replied tne' girl, "the hymn about the
little Bhe bear." "The litle she bear?
What do you mean?" "Please, sir, was
the answer, "the hymn tbat says, 'Can
a mother's tender care cease toward
the child she bear' ?"
A rich man's son ha* been arrested
for speeding. He was going at such
a fast pace that ho ran over his allowance.
You don't have to mix
"Black Knight" Stove
There is no black watery
liquid to stain your hands
or dirty the floor.
There is no "hsrd brick''
to acrape-'-no trouble—no
waste—no hard rubbing..
"Black Knight" is a firm
paste—ready to use-
quickly applied -mid shines''
quick as a wink.
It's as simple and easy to
use as shoe polish, and a
big stove can be sliined
with it almost as easily.
Perhaps your dealer does nol handle
"Black Knight" stove Pollalt. If ao.
Mad ioc. for a big caa, free postpaid.
toe p. r. DAUsy ca limited.
■aaUlK*. Oat. 2S
Sdan) ,1 lis limm "I I. I" ton Mtsk.
Mns.WtasLow'a sootiiino avail- hu beta
MOTIIKKH fnr their CIIILUKKN Willi...
la Ihe best remedy fr.r IllARKIIU-A. It 11 absolutely haritileaa,. Be ante end aak lor " Mrs.
Window's Soothing Syrup," nnd take ao other
kind.   Twenty-five cents a bottle.
The Arlington Co. of Canada. Ltd.
m Fij-.t! An-. To'ont.i. Ont.aia ■
Pastrs Subjected te Great Heat Net
Neeeeaarlly Destroyed.
Ons ef tbs most Interesting after
effects of (he San Francisco earth-
Quike and consequent Iro bas been
touched upon ln a paper by George
A. James dealing wltb (be handling
ot charred documents wbich to often
are found ln modern safes aftejf the
heat of a great conflagration. Mr.
James, expert In llijj business of restoration of charred documents, speaks
of tlie appslllng loss ot documents In
San Francisco, due to tbe Ignorance of
persons holding tbem.
According (o Mr. James, no paper
wblcb may bave been carbonized under conditions wbich leave tho sheet
virtually It-tact should be Imagined destroyed until some expert lu Ihe restoration of carbonized paper shall
hsve declared It so. The principle
upon wblcb be works Is that every
printed. Ink written or pencil written
word must leave its Impression upou
'the paper. He points out that whicb
most persona, bave observed lu the
burning of a newspaper—that tbe
printing remains legible when the
paper Is charcoal; It becomes only a
matter of proper light In wblcb to read
tbe print
Iu tbe matter of treatment for restoring carbonized documents it naturally Is a complicated chemical process
too long and difficult to describe.. Hut
some-observations made by Mr. James
are worthy of the attention of any one
wbo bas occasion to store valuable
Graphite pencils (lead pencils) leave
a- far clearer mark than docs Ink or
print, tbougb typewritten papers- remain legible nfter great henr. lu papers* which bare been restored rind
wbere footings of figures first have
been made in ligbt penciling* aud
liter written wltb a pen tbe graphite
first footings hare been easiest lo
develop. Here nre a few "don'ts" to
be observed before tbe potential fire:
Valuable documents should not be
folded: Currency never should he kept
In a drawer tu which coin or Jewelry
Is deposited. Use no wallets or rubber
bands ln storing documents. If a piece
of currency or valuable document be
charred and even broken, don't decide
tbat lt Is worthless and beyond all
restoration.—Chicago Tribune.
Ladder Holding Clips. '
The lower end of a ladder msy bs
kept from slipping by using a device
made from heavy sbeet metal, as mown
In the accompanying illustration. The
attachments are made In Si the wood
loosely, and tbs edge Intended for tbs
rasvxKT laduib raou SLirnxo.
lower part Is notched like a saw. A
bole lt drilled through tbe melnl, snd a
corresponding bole Is bored lir the
wood for a draw pin or bolt. Thit
makes them lit tbe base, no mailer si
what angle tbs ladder slants, and alto
provides a wsy io quickly remove
The Vacuum Cleaner.
Vacuum cleaners were recently used
wllb great success in n New York office building which bad been visited »y
firs In the removal of the water which,
bad accumulated as lbs result of ths
presence of tbs firemen. The Janitor
was Instructed lo make every effort lo
havo tbo ollices ln readiness fer lbs
occupants iicxt morning, to that Iheir
business would uot suffer sny Interruption, nnd In order lo gel lid of the
water in the carpels and on tlie. floors
s number of vacuum cleaners'were
secured and put (o work, with lbs result that things were in perfect order.,
for ths commencement ef business ths
following morning.
A Herman Un ef tht Sand Sleet.
Tbs cutting snd weiirlag power of s
stream of blown sand, lung sines utilised for various purposes, hss bees
employed for testing building materials si the Gron-l.lrhtcrfelde Institute, In Germany. Graulte, pine wood,
linoleum nnd other substances used In
lbs construction snd furnishing of
buildings are subjected for about two
minutes lo Ihe action of s blast of
ne quartz rand under s pressure of
two atmospheres. Tbe results show
the resisting powers of the substance*
tested to the effects of wear. This
form of test Is applicable to road building materials
The Suspentlen Drldge.
Kir Bitmuci Brown Invented the sus-
-ctislon bridge through watching n spier spin n web. He wns amazed at
the weigh! this mast of crossed (breads
would bear. Hn be built n bridge ou
tin. a,.,,,,? *!«es of Iron rones e**'l oitntwm
Sctid ter tree sample to Dept.N.TJ.,Ns.
tiunal Drug & Chemical Co., Toronto
For our fast soiling Drugs and Drug
Sundries. Wc supply you with articles
some of whicli are saleable ln every
home, und oil which you will receive
a profit of 200 to 300 p.c. -We have
agents earning $5.00 to $10.00 per day
the year round. Be an agent. Send
at once lor our special agents price
list. Don't overlook this chance. It
moans dollars to you.   Write at once.
Canada's   Greatest   Cut   Rate   Drug
House, Toronto, Ont
The second
edition of the
of Heating" is
now ready for'
distribution -
Write    for    It.      Postpaid
to any address In Canada
Hot Water
Boilers and
specialist, 5 College St., Toronto.
Bad Perm
"So you college girls have adopud
a yell, eh?"
"Yes, just the cutest, noisiest thing
you ever heard:!'
"A big hip-hurrah, I suppose?"
"No Indeed; J ist a hiuran. Il?.il
arc not In fashivi.'       >-■ ••
Wc offer One Hundred Dollars I'.ewafti
for unv caso of Catarrh thut cannot bu
cured, by   Hall's   Catarrh  Cure.
).'. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. O
We. tho undersigned have known F. J.
Cheney for thc laet 15 years, and believe
him wcrfcctly honorable In all buaincsa
tiaiisai'tioiiH. anal rinaina-lail'y able to early
uut any obligations made by his firm.
W.ildtmr. Klnnan & Marvin.
.-Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure la taken Internally,
nctitiK directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of lite system. Testimonials
sent free. 1'ilcc. 76c. per bottle. Sold
by all Druggists.
Take hall's Family Fills for Conjuration.
Willis.—Do you think a man Simula
ho allowed to hold the highest honor
In tho United States ror more than
four years?
Diliis.—Sure thing! I say, If a man
can top tbe league in batting for ten
or fifteen years, let him stay In the
game for the good of tbe sport.
absolute y
no  word  to express
the efficacy of
in  the  treatment
Better Proportioned,   Better Finished and]
Stronger Throughout Than Any Other Make!
General Cansva
I General Caneva, the commander of
I the Italian forces in Tripoli who was
| reported captured by the Turks in aa
| attack on Tripoli, Is one of Italy's
; best soldiers. He is a cavalry officer
i and has long been noted for his abil-
I Ity to handle lai«ge bodies of men.
Mrs. Nuwed.—Mary, for dinner I
think we'll have boiled mutton with
caper a-auce. Are there any capers iu
the house?
Mary—No, ma'am.
Mrs. Ntiwod.—Then go nut in the
garden and cut somo.
They soon cu.-ed hla Kidney troubles,
and In six months the~e Is no sign
of their coming back.
St. Anne des Monta, Gaspe Co.,
Que.—(Special)—"lt is six months
since 1 -vas cured, and I have had no
return of my trouble." In theso words,
_\.ta.ii!o.m a aiiiancoiirt, a well known
resident of tills place, gives ovldence
that Dodd's Kidney Pills not only
give qick relief to sufferers from Kidney Disease, but clean that disease
out, root and branch, and cure it permanently.
That Mr. Vaillancourt had Kidney
Disease everyone here knows. That
he. is cured is nlso established beyond
• doubt.   Dodd's Kidney Pills   did it.
"'my back bothered me, also my
heart and my kidneys, and my limbs
would cramp," Mr.Vaillancourt states
In giving hiB experience. Now all
that Is gone and he Is a sound health-
ij mau. Do you wonder tbat he recommends Dodd's Kidney Pills?
' Dodd's Kidney Pills cure quickly
and permanently because they go
right to thc root of the trouble. They
act directly on the Kidneys., They
never fall to cure.
Colored Teeth
Pearly teeth are not   the   fashion
everywhere.   Firms ot artificial teth
; manufacturers who have an   export
i trade, have to keep ln stock molars of
every Bhade of color from white to
black.   There ts a steady demand for
black teeth in Slam, Java, Batavia and
Burma, where tho natives chew the
hotel-nut, which blackenB the   teeth.
I For Persia, the teeth must be absolutely mtlkflWhite.   Recently an order was
received from Bhavnager, in India, for
some bright  red, nnd blue artificial
teeth.    Smokers' teeth are regularly
supplied to dentists in shades to match
those which havo been destroyed by
A six-year-old was seated ln a barber's chair. "Well, my little man, how
would you llko your hair cut?" "Oh,
like papa's, with a little round hole
at the top.!'
Minard's  Liniment  Cures Distemper.
Subtletv msy decolve you; Integrity
■over will.—Cromwell.
To have the children sound and
healthy ts the first care of a mother.
They cannot be healthy if troubled
with worms. Uso Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator.
The Truth at a Pinch
He was a lawyer, and he decided
that his child should follow In 'Mb
Always remember that good lawyers work hard, my hoy." he said.
Theyread thoughtfully, forgot nothing, wash their faces before and after
every meal, and never speak with
their mouths full."
Bobby blinked.
'And do they go to bed when they're
It was papa's turn to bjlnk.
"Yes, my boy, they do," he replied at
length.   "Lawyers will do anything
to win a case."
Through indiscretion in eating
green fruit in summer many children
become subject to cholera morbus
caused by irritating acids that act
violently 011 the lining of the intestine's. Pains and dangerous purgings
ensue and the delicate system of the
child suffers under the drain. In such
cases the safest and surest medicine
Is Dr. J. D. Kellogg'g Dysentery Cordial, lt will check the Inflammation
and save the child's life.
Makes a Bad Gough Vanish
Quickly—or Money Back
The Quickest, Surest  Cough   Remedy
Vsu Ever Used. Fsmlly Supply for
BOo. Saves You $2.
"That fellow is a positive Joke."
"Relative of your wife or holding a
better Job than you?"
A Poor Weak Wdrnah
Ac she la termsd, will eadunTbravely sad patiently
atonies which s stnmf msn would tin wsy under. ,
The fact is women are-more patient than they oufhl
lo be under suoh troubles.
Every women ought to know thst she msy obtain
tbe most experienced- medical advice frit »f tktrtt
and in eiulett eosMeeet and privacy by writinf to
the World's Dispensary Medical Association, R. V.
Pieroe, M. D„ President, Buffalo, N. Y.   Dr. Pierce
hae been chief consulting phyiician of Ihe Invalids'
Hour and Surgical Institute, oi Buffalo, N. Y., lor
many yeara and hss had a wider practical experience
In the treatment of women's diseases than any other phyiician in this country.
His medicines are world-famous ior their aitoniihin, efficacy.
The most' perfect remedy ever .devised for week snd dsll-
eate women is Dr. Plena's Favorite Prescription.
The many and varied symptoms ol woman's peculiar ailments sre fully sei
forth in Plain English in the People's Medical Adviser (1008 pe|ei), s newly
revised and up-to-date Edition, cloth-bound, will be sent on receipt oi SO one.
cent stamps lo pay eost ol wrapping and mailing o»/y.   Address as above.
A Warm Bathroom
Every mother should be careful
lhat the children take their baths
in a warm room. The chill of a
1 cold room is dangerous after coming out of the hot water.
A Perfection Smolteleu Oil Hester brings bathroom or bedroom
to just lhe degree of wsimlh you want in five or len minutes. All you
have to do is to touch • match.
The Perfection Heeler burns nine hours on one filling snd is
slways'ready Ioc use. You can move k sny where it is needed.
There ii no^warte ol (ud snd heat warming unoccupied rooms.
Just the hest you want, when snd where you want it.
The Perfection is fitted wilh an automatic-locking flame spreader
lhat prevents lhe wiclt being turned high enough to moke and is
easy to remove snd drop beck when cleaning.
Drutai finatvod stint, ia lurquotae-Utie enamel or plain iteel; light aad oraa-
■ntal, yet motif aad datable—ratable lot aay mm ia say howe.
DukaTitverrfl.-__.ci er write to lay iecacr si
Tks bperial 08 Coapuqr, United
You bave never used anything whioh
takes bold of a bad cough and conquers it
so quiokly as Pinex Cough Syrup. Gives
almost instant relief and usually stops the
most obstinate, deep-seated cough in 84
hours. Guaranteed to give prompt and
positive results even in croup and whoop.
Ing cough.
Pi!.ux Is a special and highly concentrated compound of Norway White Pine
extract, rich ln guulacol and other healing
pine elements. A 60-cent bottle makes 111
ounces—a family supply—of the best cough
remedy that money enn buy, at a saving of
$8. Simply mix with home-made sugar
syrup or strained honey Ju a 16-oz. bottle,
and Iti is ready for use. Easily prepared ln
5 minutes—directions in nacwige.
Children like Pinex Cough Syrnp—It
tastes good, and Is a prompt, safe remedy
tor old or young. Stimulates the appetite
and is slightly laxative—both good features. A handy household medicine for
hoarseness, asthma, bronchitis, eto.. and
unusually effective for incipient lung
troubles. Used ln more homes in the TJ.
S. and Canada than auy other cough
Pinex has often been imitated, tat never
successfully, for nothing else will produce
tne same results. The genuine Is guaranteed to give absolute satisfaction or money
refunded. Certificate jftl guarantee Is
wrapped ln each package, Your druggist
has Pinex or willglodly get lt for you. If
•ot, send to Tbo Pinex Co., Toronto. Out.
The Doctor's Fee
There came a let-up In the rush of
patients, and the doctor opened two
small envelopes lying on his desk.
"It's all right," be said. "I wasn't
sure.    Without  offending  I  couldn't S3 MELINDA ST., .TORONTO
open lhe envelopes tu tlie presence of' _—___
the povsonB who gavo them  to nie. |       .'"
They contain the fees lefl by two Eng-. Never Tempted
j Investment    and    Loans    Negotiated.
llslunen wiio called close on each nth-
eYs heels. English etiquette Is rather
embarrassing for a physician who is
used lo patients who hand over the
money without Ilie denomination right
on top, American fashion. In England
It would be considered an insult to
give a physician his unwrapped. Vt.u
can't insult an American physician
that way, but newcomers credit him
witli an excess of sensibility and glvn
him a good many uneasy moments
wondering it ho hasn't been iin.i-ai-
"George Washington never told a
"Well, lio wasn't much of a tlw.k-
huntor anyway."
Neuralgia is one of the mnst painful maladies that afflicts humanity.
The trouble is usiialy seated in Uie
laco and head, fpllowing the course
Of some nerve, but it attacks otlier
parts of the system as well. It Is
acute pains, somc-
i lines steady, at others spasmodic and
His Preference •
Magistrate.—You Bay this man stole
your coat. Do I understand that you
prefer the charge against him?
Pat.—Well, no, your worship, I prefer the coat, it it's all the same to you.
Fer Sprains and Bruises—There is
nothing better for sprains and contusions than Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil.
It will reduce the swelling that follows a sprain, will cool the Inflamed
flesh and draw the pain as if by magic. It will take the ache out ot a
bruise and prevent the flesh from discoloring. It seems as If there was
magic In lt, so speedily does the Injury
disappear under treatment
Comedy In Wsr
Into the tragedy ot war are inserted
now and tben bits of- comedy and
During the Zulu war ln South Africa
an overwhelming force of natives
was opposed to a little band of English
sailors. From the Zulu host stepped
forth a warrior laden with an ancient
firearm, which he calmly mounted on
a tripod in the open while the Bailors
looked on, admiring his pluck, but
wondering, much what he proposed to
do. At last one Jovial tar suggested
that tbelr photographs were about to
be taken, and by common consent no
shots were tired.
Having loaded his piece with great
deliberation, the Zulu primed lt, sighted it, and, leaning hard upon Its breach
he fired. The recoil knocked him
head over heels backward, while a
great roar went up from the delighted
soldiers. He sat up, looking dazed,
and then, the amusement over, he with
his countrymen charged, and were annihilated by a volley from the steadily
aimed pieces of the little band of blue-
During one of the many battles
waged by the New Zealand Maoris
against the British settlers, the latter
ran out of ammunition. At the moment, when death seemed imminent,
a flag of truce appeared from tho on-
emy'B trenches, and messengers came ;
forward with a supply of cartridges
to enable the white mon to continue
Inexorable Fate.
An old maid on the wintry side of
fifty,  hearing of tho marriage of a I iharactefized bv
pretty young lady, her friend, observ- f. a™Llf'!™  °>
ed with a deep and sentimental Blgh: .VoS,??5',,' ,      „   .,
"Well, I supnoso it is what we must  ?,artlll.K' ^eMachea and a feeling as
all come to" though tho forehead was a band of
_!  a iron.    Medical authorities agroo that
.■.     _,,,., . , ; neurulgia is a cry of the nerves for
Minard's liniment cures garget In cows ; Lotte,.sfo0d, alld Jhat it tho8blood is
.mriliiil and enriched the trouble will
Penn Very Much a Londoner
William Penn, the founder of Penn
sylvania, was born at Tower Hill, on
disappear. This is the reason why
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cuie even
the  most severe cases of m.uiuiglu.
ojaiaaaiaaa,    -.__._.    aaaaaa,   __.    auaa.a    ...aa.   tit.     ,jjg
October 14, 1644 was christened to They actually make n*w, rich blood
All Hallows Church, became a student! whlcll foeds Ule tiP(!d hlanet, ,.,erve„
of Lincoln s Inn, and then, Joining and tlmB „„,.„ the trouble, at the
the Quakers   he abandoned the law , mulei t)nle leavi      Ule   guff iu
and preached along with George Pox kott r heaKll ,„     . u
In a meeting house of Lombard St.
He once occupied a house ia Norfolk St., Strand, chosen on account.of
its .closeness to the river, which facilitated escape from duns, and he was
imprisoned both at Newgate and tbe
JK.tS.r7" *"" "l ^ ! ^>"W5 wort
formerly enjoyed. In proof we givu
the case of Mr. G. Blocks, o, Aurora,
Ont., who says: "About two years
ago, while working In Colllugwood, I
was attacked with neuralgia, which
became so bad that 1 was frequently
Tho pain would
start over my riglit eye and would
then spread to the whole fuce, and
caused me the greatest agony. 1 wa3
tinder thc care of a good doctor, but
Away with Depression and Melancholy.—These two evils are the accompaniment of a disordered Btomach1,., . .,,,., .a
and torpid liver and mean wretched- >" B treatment <•■<■ not do apre than
ness to all whom they visit. The *lve !"0 temporal y relief, and I was
surest and speediest way to combat •■herefore an-almost constant sufteicr.
them Is with Parmele's Vegetable I A<* "S ?»,J**e advice of my wife 1
Pills, which will restore the healthful! -I**"11?, decided to give Dr. AYIUmim
action of the stomach and bring re-' P'nk Pills a trial, and I am profoundly
lief. They have proved their useful- thankful that I did so, as in tbe coursu
nesa in thousands of cases and will'of a tew weeks I began to improve,
continue to give relief to the suffering:and after a.further use of the Pills
who are wise enougb to use them, ithe trouble disappeareu ana i aave
 1 i.ot since had auy -trace ot It.   \ may
"Literature Is very tiring, isn't it?" j also add that while taking the Pills
said ode woman. "Yes." answered the my weight increased iiyMilne poundaa,
other. "If your book doesn't sell, you : t.hlcb shows that the Tills ait a body
are disappointed, and if it does "It has I builder as well ast nervo lesiorcr."
to be so shocking that you are embar-! Sold by all medicine dealers or by
rassed." - mail at 50 cents'a box or bIx boxes
for ?2.50 from The Dr. Williams.' Medicine Co., Brockville, Out-
"I don't, know whether I ought to
recognize him beVe in the city or
not. Our acquaintance at the seashore was very Blight." "You promised to marry him, did you not?" "Yes,
but that was all."
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen.—I have used MINARD'S
LINIMENT on my vessel and in my
family for years* and for the every
day Ills and accidents of Ufo I consider it. has no equal.
I would not start on a voyag*. without lt. if it cost a dollar a bottle.
Schr."Storke," St. Andre, Kamouraska
Mrs. Nuwed.—"He who rocks Ihe
cradle. rulcB the world; don't forget
that." Mr. Mewed.—"Then you come
in and rule the world a while. I'm
The Pure Food Law stopped the sale
of hundreds of frniidulant medicines.
They could not stand Investigation.
Hamllns Wizard Oil has stood the
test of investigation for nearly sixty
Tho Rev. Charles 11. Spurgnnn's
keen wit was always based on starling
common sense. One day he remarked
to ono of his sons:
"Can yon tell ine the reason why
the lions didn't eat Daniel?"
"No, sir.   What was It?"
"Because tho niost ef bim was backbone, and tho rest of blm was grit."
Minard's Liniment Cures  Diphtheria.
A Tempting Offer
An English Journal contained tho
following announcement: "To bo
sold, 130 law suits, the property of
sn attorney retiring from business.
N.B.—The clients are rich and obstinate,
Street Through s Church
One of the best known Instances of
churches with streets through them
Is thst of St. John the Baptist's
church ln Bristol, England. The
church 1b situated right over the ancient gateway Into tho city on tho
Avon, and the towering spire, standing high above tbe neighboring houses
and streets, Is a remarkable sight as
one surveys It from the roadway below.
Sherlock Holmes
it is said that the late Dr. Joseph
Bell, of Edinburgh, was modestly
proud of the fact that, he was the original cf Conau Doyle's "Sberloca
Holmes." He Is described us walking
into bis drawing room one wlnt ;r
evoning to find a group of women absorbed in readiut. and discussing a
new book.
With his habitual spirit of In nitty
lie asked what they worn reading aad
ibey told him that it was the "Adventures of Sherlock UolnieB," tho story
of a most entrancing Individual Whom
they only wished it were possl >l>: to
meet In real life
"I know the man." observed the ilor-
tor, quietly, hastening away before
•hey had tlmo lo plv him with the
many surprising questions ibat nat-
uriilly rose to their lips. Returning
shortly from seeing his patient, he
came back for one brief minute to fin
I»b hia story and to announce with
us much modesty as might ho, "I am
Sherlock Ilo'iier."
Dr. Hell's methods are Hlusli,i'>■ 1
In an interview In lils ci suiting mom
with n bricklayer sufl-.T ng from sp.ri-
al complaint. "It actus, does if"
said the sympathetic doctor, " I havo
no doubt t dooii, and carrying a heavy
hod of bricks won't Improve It any.
will It?"
The afflicted bricklayer, being a
reticent Scot, kept his surprise to
himself till tbe end of the interview,
when he aaked somewhat cannlly. "I
am no sayin' you're wrung, but what
telt yo I was a bricklayer to trade?"
It had never occurred to the workman that the man. presumably occupied with his spine, could have noticed the rough, horny hands, that, to
the practised eye, at once revealed
his trado.
■■lackbr lf.0  CttuSk** 0*1*0 ColSl.   fc.alf
3» timal • id luals     -     •     118 cnu.
A Remarkable and Convincing Statement of the Success of Cuticura
Soap and Ointment in theTreat-
mentofthe Pain. Itching and
Burning of Eczema
tt .„, — .
*'I, tli*. undersigned, cannot glre enough
prulho to tin- Cuticura Remedial, I hud been
ilutioiing for ul lout ft year for erzcina on
my fool. J hud tried doctor titer doctor all
to no uv.nl. When u young girl I (sprained,
my ankle three different time*, paying little
or no ._Ui-.ai.ni to it, when live yean ago
a nn.ill spot showed upon my left ankl*.
1 v.,1.1 worried and sent for a doctor. Hn
auid It uu.** mz.'ii)*. He drew a fiiiiiI! bcm«
from tlie unklo about thc kIza of i mutch
and nbout  an Inch long.    Thn stmill hold
fri'w to ubout the *-l/r of an apple, and
tie eczema spread to tlio knee. The doctori
ne\er could heal the Imle In the ankle,
'ihe whole foot ran water all the time.    ,
"My husband and my nons were up night
and day wheeling rne from one room to another In Uie liuje of giving mn some Teller.
1 would ait for linura at a time In front of
the fireplace hoping fur daybreak. Tho
pain wu ho Intense 1 wan almost rraiy,
in fart, 1 would lone my leason fur bour*
at a time. One day a friend of mine dropped
In to M'c me. No more had ahe glanced at
my foot than ahe ex<-lalniAd, 'Mrt. riiungatt,
why In the world don't you try the ttiti-
rura KeniedM' Bring dbguitted with tho
doctors and their medicines and not belnff
able to »l--ep al all, I decided to give Um
Cuticura Hoap and Cuticura Ointment %
trial. After using them three days thai
night I (tfept aa sound a<t a silver dollar
for eight long hour*. I awoke In the mornlnff
with but very lit'.lo pain, In fact, I thought
I waa In heaven. After lining the Cutlcum
Hemedle«i for thre-n months I wa-t perfectly
restored tn health, thanks to the Cuticura
Soap and Ointment. I will he sixty-four
years of age my next birthday, hale and
lieartvat preaent." (Signed) Mrs. JuliaFinne-
ran, 223-1 lichen St., St .Louis, Mo., Mar. 7/11.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment aro aold
throughout the world. Send to Potter D. *
C. Corp., 47 Columbus Are., Boston, U. 3. A.,
for free sample of eacb with 32-p. book.
W. N. U. Ne. S72. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Dr.   Simmons,   dentist,    Morrison
block.    Phone R 39. '
Ths Original Dixie Jubilee Don.
cert Party, under ttie .direction of
V. Cosgrove, will be at the opera
house on Saturday, January 6. The
company will have an entire change
of program this season.
Roy Curran, an old smelter employee, who has been spending the
past summer with his pnrents in
New Wes tin ins er, returned to ths
city last Saturday.
Mrs. Lydia Knight and daughter,
who have been spending the past
summer at Lscombe, Alta., bave re
turned to their home in this city
for the winter.
J. A. McCallum, the real man,
left on Monday for a business trip
to Spokane. He returned on Wednesday.
E. E Gibson, of the West Kootenay Power & Light company, made
a trip to Phoenix on Monday.
M. S. Middleton, -«f Nelson, provincial horticulturist, spent a few
days in the city this week.
F. H. Knight, of Spokane, was in
tbe city on Saturday. ,
A city band  has been organized
in Phoenix.
Overseas Club Officers
The Grand Forks branch of the
Overseas club met on Monday evening, tbcl-Sth inst, for the purpose
of electing officers and adopting a
constitution. Hon. Richard Mc
Bride, Hun. Martin Burrell and
Ernest Miller were chosen honorary
members, jtid ihe following officers
were elected for the ensuing term:
President. Id S|iraii<gett; lirst vice
president. I*1n.s Wailts; second vice
piesident, .laitin H.y; secretary and
treasurer, ./ D (.lynpbell, with an
executive i.tniiiiiltee nf three mem
bers. Tin-<!ii'> <le(>ii|ed to hold an
"at home'' in tilu opera house mi
January 25
The Kelt la Itiver Vulley Rifle
association held its annual meeting
in the cily hull nl) Tut'inlay even
ing for the i'ipi|aaase nt electing offi
cers and Iransncling general bust
nest). There was it ifond attendance
present. Tin- following officers
were elected fnr the ensuing year:
Captain, E Spraggett; secretary,
Len VI iHer; treasurer, Neil McCallum; <nge officer, S (i. Kirk; ex
semi*. A. E. aSttviiite, Duncan McRae • .il VV  Eureliv
Jsn 5—
Jan. 10
Jan. 15-
Jan. 19
Jan. 23-
Jan. 26-
Jan. 29-
Feb. 2-
Feb. 6-
Feb. 12-
Fsb. 16
-Greenwood at Grand Forks.
—Grand  Forks at   Phoenix,
—Phoenix  at   Grand  Forks.
—Phoenix at Greenwood.   ,
—Greenwood at Phoenix.
—Grand Forks at Greenwood.
-Phoenix at Grand Forks.
•Greenwood at Phoenix.
-Phoenix at Greenwood.
—Greenwood at Grand Forks.
—Grand Forks at Phoenix.
Christmas Fires
Let there be no Christmas fires
this year. Fires due to Christmas
decorations are more numerous than
it is generally supposed. It is. estimated that there were 500 such fires
in the Uninted States last year.
It is careless to tamper with electric wiring to produce or facilitate
To use cotton batting in a show
To allow the inexperienced and
thoughtless to do the decorating.
To hang inflammable material
where it touches or may be pushed
or blown against stove pipes, stsam
pipes, lamps, gas or electric lights.
Care should be taken with celluloid
ornnnients in decorating.
Do not allow children to light candles on Christmas trees. i
Keep children away from an illuminated tree.
Do not leave an illuminated tree
Pius the Ninth was not without',
certain sense of humor. One day,
while sitting for his portrait to Healy,
the painter, speaking of . monk who
had left the church and married, hs
observed, not without malice: "He
has taken his punishment into his
own hands."
Bridif- Sir..t,
The heft and molt
>aiib.t._.itlal tlre-proitf
building In the Boundnry country. Recently completed and
in-wly fllrulitied
throiiKhout. Equipped with all modern
electrical convenience.. Centrally lo-
rated. Klrs.-eli.ajii. ac-
raommodationti for the
travelling public.
Hot anl Cold B.tki
Plr.t-CI.ii B.r, Pool
ud Billiard Room
la Coanet-Hoa.
Man's inhumanity to   man makes
countless thousands of dollars.
Take your repairs to Amnion's
Hi nit and Shoe Hospital, • Bridge
sireet, Grand Forks.
For Sale at a Sacrifice—Fourteen-
room hoarding house, seven minutes' walk from Granby smelter.
Will sell for $1200. One-half cash:
balance   monthly   payments.    Foi
Rifle Association Officers f "T[hn p*»rticula™ «pp*y »* thi-
office. ».
Fur Sale at . Bargain—Two-horse
[tower gasolene engine. Apply J. H-
Plath, box 10, city.
The only policy holder who
doesn't need to pay his premiums is dead. The pnly man
who doesn't need to advertise
is the man who has retired
from business.
Hockey D^tes
The   schedule   ciiiiiinittees   ttf   the
Boundary    Hockey   league  have  ar
rauged the  following   flutes  for this
season's grumes:
.Ian * 1—(irand Forks at Greenwood.
Liquor and
Tabacco Habits
A.McTAiatlAHT M.I)., CM..
*       7ft Ynoire Street, Toronto, Canada.
Ra.erent-e* ai lo Dr. MoTns part'i provisional itattdluir and perional Integrity per-
uiltt.il lay
Sir W. K. Meredith, Chief Ju.tlria.
Sir Geo. *K. Roii.es-I'remler of Ontario.
Kev. N. Iliirflvaah.ll.il.. Prei.Vli-toria l.'aalla-ire
ll.-v. J. il. Shearer, H.A., lt.lt.. tw. Hoard of
Morail Itefaartn, Toriintii.
Klirttt Kev. J. K. Sweeny. D.U., lllihop of
Toronto.      a
Hon. lhotnaiCoffey, Senator, Catholic Record. Loudon. Ontario.
Dr. MoTdggirt'a vaaaetable remedle. for tlie
llqtlor mil tobacco halalti are healthful, wife.
Inextien.tve home tri-atnta-nti. No hypodermic fiiject loni, no publicity, no lots nf time
from httnlue-aa, anal n a'erliilii cure. Connotation or ciirrcipondeiiee Invited.
Some business men are so fond oi
being deceived that they even en
deliver to believe that they can reach
the consumer* of this district with
out udvertisingin The Sun.
Show cards for widnows and insidt
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed
Print them plainly, to be read at a
Grand   Forks, B. C.
Drj) four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
A. GALLOWAY, «.Z__,. Columbia p, o,
NOTICE is hereby riven that an applloatlon
will be made under Part T. of the ''Water
Aot, 190.*," to obtain a license In the Similkameen Water District, Division of Yale District.     '
fa). The name, addreu, and occupation of
of tlie applicant: George Washington Swank,
-irand Forks, B.C., Farmer.
(b). ThOflJiame oi lake, stream, oriourcefit
unnamed, the description is):   Cedar Cie *B.
(o). The point of diversion Is where the
creek enters my land near the oentre of the
East line, on Lot numbered One A (IA) __.ubi.i->
vision of c.P.k. Lot number twenty-seven
hundred (27IK)) m Group 11n the Similkameen
(formerly Osoyoos) Division of Yale District.
(ill. The quantity of water applied for (lu
cubic feet per second), One cubto foot per
(e>. The character of the proposed Works:
Dam aud flume.
(f). The premises on whioh the water Is to
he used (describe same) Is on Lot Une A (1 A)
siihdivlHldu uf C.I'.R. Lot number Ueuty
seveu hundred(2700) In Group 1, In the Simil-
ktiueeti (formerly Osnyiios) Division uf Yale
(ft). The purposes for whioh the water is to
be used: For Irrigation and domestlo purposes.
(h). If for irrigation, describe the land Intended to be Irrigated, giving acreage: Is ou
Let <>i,P A U A) subdivision of C.P.R. Lot
number twenty-seven hundred (21iK)) In Group
1 lu the Stiiiilkameeii (formerly Osoyoos) Division of Yale District, uontatuirfgltt0.4& aores,
more or lets.
(jt. Area of Crown laud intended to be occupied by the proposed works; None.
(kj This notice was posted on the 5th day
of AuguMt, lOll.and application will be made
to tlie Commissioner on the 6th day of Sep*
torn ber. 1911.
(I). Give the name* aud addresses of nny
riparian proprietors or lloeiwres who or
whose lands are Ilk'ly to be affected by the
proposed works, either above or below the
outlet: None
Grand Forks, B C.
NOTICK is hereby given that an applloatlon
will be made uuder Part V of the "Water
Act, 1909," to obtain a license in the Similkameen Division of Yale District.
Name, add resi aud occupation of the applicant:   W. sayer, Rancher, Graud Borks, H.C.
Description of Lake; Small body of water
(no name), fed by springs.
Point of diversion Is 40 chnins above East
line of Pre-emption No. 130U S.
Quantity of water applied for: One cubit
foot per second.
Characterof proposed works: Ditch aud
reservoir, to be used on Pre-emption No.
Purpose: Domestic and irrigation.
Description of land to be irrigated: Acreage, 78.
Acreage of Crown Laud Intended to be occupied by work*:   Nil.
'ihis notice was posted on the 17th day of
July, 1911, and application will he made tuthe
Commissioner on the 18th day of August, 1.11,
Name and address of riparlou proprietors
or licensees who will be affected by the proposed works.   None,
(Signature) W.KAYBR,
(P. O. Address) 'irand Fo rks, B.C.
8t. Joseph Mineral Ctalm,sltuate In the Grand
Forks Mining Division of  Yale District.
Where Located:   Iu Central Camp.
TAKK NOTICK that I, Henry Johnson, Free
Miners, Certllleate No. 3..HUH, f..r myself
aud as agent for Peter Edward Blakle, Free
Miners CertlHcate No. 35029B, Intend, sixty
days from date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Ceittllcaieof Improvements, for
the pun-oH. of obtaining crown grants of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action, uudei
section 87, must be commenced before the issit
ance of suoh Ceriflcaie nf Improvements.
Dated this '.'8th day of July, A.D 1911.
U Printing ^
We are prepared to do all kinds of
Commercial   Printing
On the shortest notice and In the
most up-to-date style
We have the moat modern jobbing plant
in the Boundnry Country, employ competent workmen, nnd carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statement*,
Letterheads and Envelope**,
Posters, DateB and Dodgers,
Business and Visiling Cards,
I/odge Constitutions and lly-lawn.*
Stripping Tugs, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of Kan* and Menu Cards,
Announcement* and Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned oui in an
Up-to-date Printery.
/^fMlF^ PDIKITI1V_r2—the l<""' *"■do—,8 '" itHe" *n
•LlVrUU  tlMLllILlVI    advertisement, and a trial order
will convince yotAhat our stock and workmanship are of
the best.    Let us estimate on vour ordor.    We guamntee
Furniture  Made to Order.
' Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
r. McCutcheon
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods
Downey's Cigar Store
A Compliti Stock' or
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh (lomlRiitnent ot
Received Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of
Ice Cream and Summer Drink*
Palace Barber Shop
tUior H.aaamr ■ Specialty
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North or Obanby Hotki.,
Fibst Struct.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly, Passengers and Trunks to and
from all trains.
Telkphonr A129
ItuTHRRroRn Bros., Profs.
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
We carry the most fnshionuhle stock
of wedding stationery in the Bouri
dary country. And we nre the onlv
office in this section that have the
correct material for printing it. The
Sun job office.


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