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The Evening Sun Dec 8, 1911

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Eleventh Year--No. 6
Grand Forks, D. C, Friday. December 8, 1911.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Subjects of Soils and Winter
Pruning Discussed Last
Friday Night
One (if thc most interesting,
us well as being thoroughly
practical, was the meeting of
the Kettle Vallev Farmers'
Institute, held in tlie city hall
last Friday night.
James Rooke, the president,
iiftroduced C. C. Clark, of
Kamloops, who took as his
subject "Soils." The speaker
divided the soil into .two
parts—first, chemical; second,
mechanical. Clay soil is made
up of very small particles and
sticky loam, and sandy soil is
made up of very small particles of quartz. The three
plant foods in the soil are nitrogen, phosphorous and lime.
Mr. Clark very clearly pointed out the difference between
the arid soil and humid soils.
The physical condition of the
soil waa very important. In
this district he thought that
nitrogen was lack.ng, and ad
vised sowing a ctover crop of
hairy vetch late in the fall and
plowing it under the next
spring. This should produce
forty pounds of nitrogen to
the acre. Rotation of crops
was better than steady crops,
because the former kept up
the vitality of the soil. He
strongly advocated the sowing
of cover crops in orchards,
and suggested growing shade
trees to protect the soil from
the hot summer's sun. Clover
made a first-class cover crop,
but. it should be taken off in
the fall. In closing his speech,
the speaker referred to the
cement pipe question, and
said, "by all means use it for
irrigation purposes."
M. fc.. Middleton, provincial
horticulturist, discussed the
subject of winter priming in
a thoroughly practical manner. Many question were
asked and answered.
Mr. Twiddle, of .Stony creek,
was called on by the chairman. He endorsed Mr. Mi d-
illeton's ideas, as he had
proven them to be first-class
by practical experience. Hairy
veteh should grow very well
here, as this was an ideal climate for it.
On motion of W. A. Cooper
and J. T. Lawrence, a vote of
thanks was tendered the
staff ol the district attorney'.! oflice
enme to the court room. The en- '•
closure where the attorneys wer*]
seated wat also crowded with their
friendi, it being avident that a hig
sensation waa expected. James B.
McNamara pleaded guilty to tha
charge of murder, and John J. Mc-
Kumar* confessed to dynamiting
the Llewellyn Iron Works.
James K McNamara's brief confession, penned hy hia own hand
Monday alternoon, and bearing
many evidences of a man little
•killed in letters, wat made public
on Tuesday.    It is at tollows:
"I, James B. McNamara, defend-
dant in the case of the People, having heretofore pleaded guilty to the
crime of murder, desire lo make
this statement of fact (and this is
the truth):
"On the night of September 30th,
1910, at 5:45 p.m., I placed in Ink
alley, a portion ef the Times build
ing, a auitcaae containing IK sticks
nf 80 per cent dynamite, set to explode at 1 o'clock the next morn'ng
It was the intention • to injure the
building and scare the owner, I did
not intend to take the life of any
one. I sincerely regret that these
unfortunate men loat their lives. If
tbe giving of life would bring, them
back, I would gladly give it. In
(act, an pleading guilty to murder in
the firat degree, I bave placed my
life in the handt of the state.
"(Signed) James B. McNamara."
On Tueaday James B. McNamara,
confessed murderer, wu sentenced
to life imprisonment by Judge Waler Bordwell. Hit broilier, Joba J.
McNamara, secretary of the International Astocialion of Bridge and
Structural Iron Workers, wbo con
tested to tbe dynamiting of the
Llewellyn Iron Worki, was sentenced to fifteen years in the peni
lentiary. Twenty-one persons lost
their lives in the Timet disaster. No
one wts killed ia the Llewellyn affair.
Annual Meeting of the Farmers' Institute on the
2 -th Inst.
from any member of the Woman's
Auxiliary of Holy Trinity church.
The legislature of British Columbia has been called to meet on
Thursday, January 11.
The annual meeting of the Keitle
Valley Farmers' Institute will be
held in the Miners' Union ball
Wednesdoy evening, December 20,
at 8 oclock. After the election of
officeis for the coming year, a debate will be conducted by members
of the institute on the tbree best
varieties of apples for ibis district.
Born—In Grand Forks, oa Thursday, November 7, to Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Tielmant, a son.
Died—In Grand Forki, on Thurs
day, November 7, infant son of Mr
and Mrs. Wm. Tielmans. The funeral wat beld today.
Christmas day, Monday, Decern
ber 25, services will be held in Holy
Trinity church at 8a.m. and 11 a.m
Friday, Decemher 15, at 8 p.m.,
in the parish hall, Holy Trinity
church, a beautiful series of colored
lantern slides illustrating the life of
our Lord, by F. Hale, R.A, will be
shown by lley. Lee. A collection
will be made on behalf of tbe work
of the junior branch of the W. A
and the Boyt' club.
E. E. Gibson, of tbe West Koote
nay Power 4 Light company, left on
Wednesday foi an inspection trip to
Phoeuix and Greenwood.
Dynamiting Fiends Confess
James B. MeNamara, through
hie counsel, at Los Angeles, Cal., oo
Friday last, pleaded guilty ta tbe
murder of Charles J. Haggerty, a
machinist killed in tbe explosion
which wrecked the Timet building on October 1, 1910. MeNamara,
with his hrelher, John J. McNamara, were jointly indicted for the
murder of nineteen of the twenty-
one Tines vietiass.
Just before the time for the recon-
vening of court a big crowd surged
into ths chamber. Almost the entire
The following is the maximum
and minimum temperature for each
day. during the past week, as recorded hy the government thermometer on Cooper Bros.'ranch:
MAX.       MIN.
Friday..,  34 25
Saturday  31 IB
Sundiy  27 22
Monday  20 8
Tuesday    33 12
Wednesday  3H 28
Thursday  J3 25
Ranfall during week, 0.00 inches;
snowfsll, 11.
The record of the rainfall at   this
■ince the installation of the govern
ment rain gauge on Cooper Bros',
ranch is:
Kuinfall. Snowfall
The Grand Forks Farmers'   Syn
disate  is   the   latest    organisation
formed in this city,   the  object of
the   promoters   is   to list and tell
ranch properties.
E Spraggett returned from the
New Westminster Conservative con
Aention the lalUrpait of last  week.
Traveler Dies Suddenly
A sad fatality was reported from
Penticton last week, the victim being C. O. Douglas, a commercial
traveler, who arrived in that town a
couple of days previously from Keremeos by the auto  stage.   He was in
weak state of health, and it was
evident that he was much worse as
a result of the exposure incident to
the journey in the cold weather He
was, therefore, ohliged tn remain in
his room, and on Friday C. S. Russell, who occupied an adjoining
room, heard a heavy thud as of
••someone falling, and rushing in he
found the room partially in flames
and Douglas prostrate on the floor
over tbe blazing lamp, which behind
evidently knocked over, causing it
to explode. Russell put out the
Maze and assisted tbe unfutuiiat'
gentleman, who wss placed in hed,
tint he died in a few minutes. Mr
Douglas was a guest at ths Yul
hotel in this city a few days beiore
ihe fatality. He leaves a wife and
two childn n in Toronto.
It Is Reported That Work
Will Be Resumed About
January 1
Gorman West, proprietor of the
Bull Creek hotel, was robbed of 8800
tbe otber uigbt. He hud a young
man named W. E. Alexander woik
ing for hiin, and they occupied the
same room. In the morning Mr
West's mousy and his room-mate
had disappeared. Alexander was
apprehended in Oroville the next
day, and 1650 of the stolen money
was recovered. The balance, consisting of pay checks, had disappeared.
Coke from Coleman has commenced to arrive at tbe Greenwood
February 19
March 44
April  83
May  3.43
June  2.78
July  0.45
August  0.52
September  0.85
October  0.08
November  0.99
In November, 1910,tbe rainfall was
4.00; snowfall, 1.5.
A Real Puzzle
Father (impressively)—Suppose I
should be taken away suddenly, what
would become of you, my boyt
Irreverent Son—I'd stay here. The
question ia, What would become of
Rev. T. B. Lee, of Pboenix, is a
visitor iu tbe eity today.
J. H. McNeill has sold his flour
and feed store in Greenwood to R.
N. Adami, of Spoksns.
The Pacific hotel in Denoro was
destroyed hy fire last Friday night.
There was no insurance. The building snd furnishings originally cost
Eugene Shea died in Phoenix last
Sunday after a lingering illness. He
was an old timer of that town, having bsen engaged ia Ihe hotel holiness there for a dozen years.
Florenee Lincola died in the
Greenwood hospital last Friday from
pneumonia. She bad lived in
Greenwood tor twelve years.
Public Guarantee
We nre authorized by the publish
era tn guarantee that every person
who, during the month of Decemher,
pays a year's subscription to The
Family Herald and Weekly Star of
Montreal will receive a copy of their
valuable paemium picture entitled
''Home Again." The Family Herald
and Weekly Star's subscription receipt! in November were 60 per cent
over November, 1910, almost entirely
owing to the picture, whicli is admit
ted by all who have seen it to be the
hest premium ever given with a news
paper. Those who fail to-secure a copy
will have thamselves to blame. The
Family Herald and Weekly Star and
such a beautiful picture alia for one
dollar it such rare value that no per
son can afford to miss it. The picture
is given both to renewal aud new
CbarloB Dempster, manager of the
Fife Mines, has retutned to Rossland after a tbree months' business
trip to New York. He states hs has
received instructions from his principals to start work on ths Fife
Mines again, and work will com-
mence ou that property about the
first of the year. He is also going
to inspect eome properties in snd
around Rossland with a view to
operating some one of them. Should
he find one which will offer sufficient
encouragement to his principals he
is aeiured tbat money will be put
into the camp to begin work. Tbis
would, of courss, be only on a s-nall
ccals at first, but would lead te
bigger things.
The following are the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granby      585,672
Mother Lode  7,590     280,709
Jnckpot      273      24,272
Rawhide      178,633
AthelBtan      178        6,912
Lone Star  2,777
Napoleon  5,313
Insurgent  tSi
Snowshoe        *»3,900
No. 7  L350
Phoenix Amal  1,950
Others      907       11,600
Too Hasty
At a lecture a well-known authority on economies mentioned the fact
that in some parts ol America thu
number of men was considerably
larger than that of women, and be
added humorously:
"I can, therefore, recommend the
ladies to emigrate to that part."
A young woman seated in one of
the last rows of the auditorium got
up and, lull of indignation, left the
| room rather noisily, whereupon the
lecturer remarked:
"I did not mean that it should be
done in such hurry,"
Smelter treatment—
B.C. Copper Co... 8,413
Rescinds Duty Refund Order
An extra of tbe Canada Gsxe le
contains an order in cauncil declaring that the order passed on July 31
hy the late government, providing
for a refund nf the duty on coal imported for the use in eastern British
Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan
and Manitoba, shall become inoperative on and after Deoeinber 0. The
action ia taken because of the resumption of work by the eoal
miners of Alberta and eastern
ish Columbia.
Thomas Parker, of Rossland, inspector ot weights snd measures for
this district, it in tbe city today.
His Guess
Dry Hjimor
The governor of Maine was at the
school and waa telling the pupils
what the people of different States
were called.
"Now," he said,"the people from
Indiana are called Hoosiers; ths
people from North Carolina Tar
Heels; the people from Michigan we
know as Michiganders. Now, what
little boy or girl can tell me whst
the people of Mains are called?"
"I know," said a little girl.
"Well, what are we called)" asksd
the govsrnor.
A young Button woman, extremely
athletic, rules very well, and,   seated
astride   her   horse, she   resembles   a
beautiful   boy.    Hiding   one-day in
her masculine habit, she had the   mis-
Teacher (to clam in geography)—'fortune   to lie thrown.    An old sea
Johnny, the Hudson river llowi into, ■».>■»■•• haitened to her aid.    Raising
New York bay.   That it its mouth. h" »",»!* »• «M «•' «•**• V",
" People desiring to purobsse the W.
A. Cook Book can obtain the same
Now where is its source?
Johnny   (after carefil  deliberation)—At the other end, ma'am.
shouted in wild alarm tu a bystsnder:
"Get a duller, quiok: Hore's a young
chap's ribs runnin' north and south
instead ti eaet and west. THE SUN. GRAND FO«KS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
By FRED  *. -*HITt,
AailVfl. >_
OHmsen WttW, The Cardinal Math; The Weight tf Me Crewn;
The Cenur Heuee; Tke   Maves   ef   Wlence.   Craven
The Fatal Dese;  Netta.
"Say no move about It. say no
more," Lord Merton said. He seemed
to have some little difficulty In tlie
articulation of his words. "Let us
shako hands on the bargain and foi-
cet the past. 1 was profoundly Interested In your long letter, and 1 must
confess to some litle curiosity to sec
your other friends, especially Mrs.
Venner, who seems to have played so
noble a part In the story. I understand that she and her husband are
down here. 1 suppose you made them
more or less comfortable, which must
have been a rather difficult task
In the circumstances. However, I
have arranged to have all the old servants Lack tomorrow, and lt will be
some considerable time before I let
the old house again. Now run aw.ay
and enjoy yourselves, and let us meet
at dinner as If nothing had happened.
I don't want lt to appear that there
has been anything like a quarrel between us."
So saying. Lord Merlon turned and
proceeded to his own room, leaving
Beth In a state ol speechless admiration. It was no diflcrent from anything she had expected, that she felt
jas If sbe could have cried from pure
. liiijplness.' The sun was shining outside; through the window she could
[see the deer wandering In the park.
lit was good to know that the old dark
past was gone, and that the primrose
path of happiness lay shining before
them. Presently, as they wandered
out In thn sunshine, Vera came on tlie
terrace end watched them.' There was
no need to tell her that the Interview
with the master of the house had been
a smooth one. She could judge that
by the way ln which the lovers were
walking side by side. Venner came
and stood by his wife's side.
"So, that's all right," he said. "So
far as one can Judge they have managed to propitiate the ogre."
"What do you mean by calling a
man an ogre In bis own house?" the
voice of Lord Merton asked at the
same moment. "For some'few minutes' I have been keeping an eye on
vou two, but I suppose I must Introduce myself, though you will guess
who 1 am. Mr. Venner, will you be
good enough to do me the honor of
Introducing me to your wife? I have
heard a great deal of her from my
son. Mrs. Venner. if you will shake
hands with me,   I shall esteem It a
Women's Secrets
There is one man in the United States who has perhaps heard
more women's secrets than any other man or woman in tha
country. These secrets are not secrets of guilt or shame, but
Ihe secrets of suffering, and they have been confided to Dr.
R. V. Pierce in the hope and expectation oi advice and help.
That lew of these women have been disappointed in their expectations is proved by the faot that 98 per cent, ol all women
treated by Dr. Pierce or his able stiff, have been absolutely
and altogether cured. Such a record would be remarkable if
the cases treated were numbered by hundreds only. But when
lhat record applies to the treatment of more than half-a-mil-
lion women, in a practice ot over 40 years, it is phenomenal,
and entitles Dr. Pierce to the gratitude accorded him by women, aa lhe first of
specialists in the treatment ol women's diseases.
Every sick woman may consult us by letter, absolutely without oharge.
All replies are mailed, sealed in perfectly plain envelopes, without any printing or advertising whatever, upon them. Write without fear as without
lee, to World's Dispensary Medioal Association, Dr. R. V. Pierce, President,
663 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y.      »
Malasai "SJoTemls. TOToxxaexi. S'troxs.s,
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"Then you are not annoyed with
ts?" Vera asked. "You are not displeased with the way we have' taken
possession of your house? I am afraid
that Indirectly we have been the cause
of a great scandal."
"Oh, don't worry yourself about
that", Lord Merton said, breezily.
There have been far worse scandals
than this ia great houses before now;
and, at any rate, It does pot touch us;
I am afraid you have been rather inconvenienced here, and that the
Grange has not upheld its reputation
'or hospitality. Still, I hope It will be
all light tomorrow, and I sincerely
trust that you can see your way to
stay here for some little time to come.
I am going to ask my sister, Lady
Glynn, to come down and act the part
ot hostess. Somebody will have to
introduce Beth to the county as my
future daughtcr-ln-law."
"You ere pleased with the arrangement," Vera asked demurely.
"Indeed I am," Lord Merton replied. "You do not know what an eccentric lot we are. 1 should not have
been at all surprised If Charles had
come home with some curiosity ln the
way of a bride, and I am only too profoundly grateful to find that he has
made so sycet a choice. But tell me,
you will stay here some little time—"
"I am afraid not," Venner said regretfully. If you will allow us to come
back a little later on, I am sure that
my wife and myself will be very
pleased. I have ns doubt that Evors
will be Impatient to claim his bride,
but I hope he will wait for a month
or two, at least. You see, I have a
bride of my own, though, tn a way,
we are old married people. I don't
know whether Charles has told you
anything of our story but If you would
like to hear lt "
Lord Merton Intimated that he had
already done so. He expressed a hope
that Venner and his wife would return
again a little later on; then, making
some excuse, he returned to the house
leaving Venner and Vern together.
For some little time they wandered
across the park very Bllently, for the
hearts of both were full, and this was
one of those moments when words are
not neccessary to convey thought from
one mind to another. Presently Evors
and Beth appeared In the distance and
Joined the others."
"Well," Venner said with a smile,
it Is some time since I saw two people
look more ridiculously happy than you
two. i_. it, I am sincerely glad to find
that the ogre Is only one in name. My
dear Charles, your father Is quite a
delightful person. I quite understood
from what you fold me that we had a
lot of trouble In store for us. On the
contrary, he seems to be as pleased
with the course of events as we are."
"He seems to have altered so much
lately," Evors said. "At any rate, he
has been particularly good to me, and
I am not likely to forget 't. Behold
in me a reformed character, ready to
settle down to a country life with
Beth by my side "
"Not quite, yet", Venner said, hastily. "You will hav© to curb you Impatience for a bit; you must not forget how Vera suffered for the sake of
you both, and how patiently I waited
for my happiness. You must promise
us that the marriage will not take
place under two months, or I give you
a solemn warning that we sliall not
be there.    Our honeymoon "
"Of couise Charles will promise,"
Beth said, indignantly. "Oh, I could
never dream of being married unless
Vera were present. And, after all,
what are two months, when you have
a whole life time before you? I am
sure that Charles will agree with me."
'I don't Indeed," Evors said, candidly. "Still, I'm not going to be disagreeable, and Beth knows that she
has only to look at me with those imploring eyes of hers to get absolutely
her own way."
They left lt at that and gradually
drifted apart again. When Vera and
her husband returned presently to the
Grange, the setting sun shone fully
In their faces, flinging their shadows
far behind. Venner paused Just for a
moment under the sombre shadow of
a clump of beeches, and drew his wife
to his side.
"One moment," he said. "We have
not yet decided where we are going.
1 have everything In readiness ln London, and I suppose that you are not
lacking In the matter of wardrobe.
Don't tell me, while having everything
that woman ean want In the way of
dress, lhat yon have nothing to wear."
"I won't" Vera snid softly. f*My
dear boy. can't yon see how glad I
shall he to ho nlone with you at lust?
Everything Is going well here, and
Belli Is entirely happy. You have
been very good and patient, nnd I will
keep you waiting no longer. If you
so will It, and I I hink yon tlo, let lt
be tomorrow."
Venner stooped nntl kissed the
trembling lips held up to Ills. Then
very silently, their hearts loo full for
further speech, they turned towards
the house.
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Afttr t eeriouB Illness, ordinary food should
bt supplemented by a strengthening tonic.
For this purpose
NA-DRU-CO Tasteless
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Cod Liver Oil Is entirely removed, while Itl
well known r.mirlihlne and tissuo-bulldlng
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Wild Cherry (for the Limes and Bronchial
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Children In particular enjoy thi pleasant
flavor of Na-Dru-Co Tasttleu Cod Liver OU
Compound, and quickly regain liealthand strength
when Nature (a aided by this natural food-tonic.
Your Druggist has It In 50c. and SI.OO Bottles.
Natloul Drug and Chemical Co.
ol Canada, United.
ron  cvchv ailment thkrcs  a
WA-DI.U-CO •pecme ■ iahinc thi«
The only gasoline lighting nystcm
manufactured In Canada and guaranteed
for Five Years by a Canadian Company.
Each lamp fitted with K-K Patented
Removable Generator—No cleaning necessary by the user. When you purchase
a lighting system buy the best on the
market—costs no more than the cheaper kind. Thousands ln dally use. Supplies for any lighting system in stock at
Regina—Write for supply list.
Local Agents Wanted
Lamp wlckn can be prevented from
smoking by soaking them ln vinegar,
then drying thoroughly.
Minard't  Liniment  Curet Dittemper.
To keep milk fresh end" sweet In
summer, try scalding the pans with
soda water, sun them well, have pans
cold when milk Is put into tbem, then
set the pans ln cool water, changing
the water once nr twice until the milk
Is thoroughly cold
Worms sap tho strength and undermine the vitality of children^ Strengthen them by using Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator to drive out the
Mrs. H. V. Osslnger, Tiverton, N.
S.. snys: "We havo used Uaby's Own
Tablets since our little boy wns three
dnys old and know of nothing to equal
thom. He Is now twelve months old
and enjoys perfect health. Baby takes
tho Tablets easily and we always keep
them In the house." Mrs. Osslnger's
experience Is that ot thousands of
other mothers. An occasional doso of
the Tablets will keep the well child
ln excellent, health, or If the baby
Is 111 with any of the many all-
menls that afflict little ones, they will
speedily restore hiin to health again
and make him thrive and grow fat.
rosy and slrong. Thc Tablets aro sold
by medicine dealers or by mall at 25c.
ii box from Thc Dr. Williams Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
Working Girl.—"You don't know
what lt it to be poor." Club visitor—
"Dont I. Pa lost so much money last
year tbat we had to keep our laat
season's make In our automobile."
It shoes have been wet, doii't attempt to dry them near the stove.
Rub In plenty of vaseline or plain
lard, and let tbem stand In a cool
place until thoroughly dry, and much
of the original oil will be restored.
"Say, Weary, here's a feller In dis
paper who says de age Is dovelopin'
a kind of artistic Idleness." "Fine.
Dey'll have to admit dat we're de pioneers ln dis field, Llmpy."
For our fast selling Drugs and Drug
Sundries. We supply you with articles
some of which are saleable in every
home, and on which you will receive
a profit of 200 to ,100 p. c. We have
agents earning $5.00 to $10.00 per day
the year round. Be an agent. Send
at once for our special agents price
list. Don't overlook this chance. It
uieanB dollars to you.   Write at once.
Canada's   Greatest   Cut   Rate. Drug
House, Toronto, Ont.
For cleaning tinware, tliere Is nothing belter than div flour applied with
Wring chamois out of soapy water
without rinsing: when lt dry* it la
soft and pliable Instead of stiff.
WeU, WeU!
I dyed ALU theta -
of Goods
f^BlM. lhe SAME D«».
I used
NO thine* of using tha WRONG Dyt forth* Good!
nni* hat to rolor. All colon from ynur Drug tit t Of
Dealer. FKEK Color Card and STOHY Booklet 11,
Tha Juhnmn-RklmrJiun Co., Urolltd, Moatrtat,
You often need some heat
in early Fall, when you have
not yet started the furnace.
In whateverpart of lhe house you want it, you can get it
best and quickest with a Perfection Smokeless Oil Healer.
The Perfection is the most reliable heater on thc market, and you
can move it wherever you please.
Start it in bedroom or bathroom, and you dress in comfort on tlie coldest
morning. Tale it to the dining-room, ud tarty breakfast becomes a plea-ant,
cosey meal,   A touch ol a match at dusk, and all is mug for the evening.
The Perfection Smokeless Oil Heater ii beautifully finished—an ornament
anywhere.    Drums ol plain steel or enamelled in blue; nickel titrnmingi.
A special automatic device males smoking impossible.   Burner body cannot
become wedged.   All parts easily cleaned.   Damper top,   Cool handle.
Dealers emyvvtac. e; cr write for descriptive circular lo any agfacy of
The Imperial Oil Company, Limited
Pimples So Bad
He Was Ashamed
Tried Everything but Did It No Good.
One Box of Cuticura Ointment
Took Pimples Away.
•About seven yean ago pimples took*
out all over my face arid Deck, when they
would Drat come out they would ba blc aad
Md, then after a while they would turn white,
and matter woutd come out. Sometimes
they would Itch co I could hardly sleep. I
wos ashamed to ID down street, my fan
looked so bad. I went to several doctors
and got medicine, which did me no good, and
bought ointment, salves and patent medicines,
but none of them would cure my face and
neck. A friend advised me to try Cuticura
Ointment. I sot one box. and ll took tlio
pimples assay before I had It all used up. I
can say H is a wonderful remedy. Any
sufferer who haa pimples should use Cuticura
Ointment U tliey want a sure cure. 1 never
had any map equal to Cuticura Soap."
(BigncdJ Aylmer Bathera, Parkhlll, Out.,
Ma, M, 1910.
NtrFIre There
Mrs. Snicker.—"I suppose he promised to go through tire and water for
Mrs. Ticker.—"Yes, and now he
won't even water the plants."      '   .
A cold on your chest weakens your
lings. Tubercular Germs attack the
Veak spots. Keep your lungs strong
ty curing colds quickly with Hamllns
Vizard Oil and you will not get Con-
Sores Ull Over Baby's Body
"when my baby boy waa dx months
aid, his body was completely covered
with large lores- that seemed to itch and
bum, and cause terrible Bu-.c-.ni.. Tlio
eruption (egan In pimples which would
open and run, making large aores. BU hair
came out and linger nails fell off, and the
sores were over tho entire body, causing
little or no sleep for baby or myself. Great
acaba would come off when I removed his
shirt, We tried a great many remedies but
nothing would hclpHilm, till a,friend induced
me to try Cuticura Soap and Ointment. I
used the Cuticura Soap and Ointment but
a short time before I could see that he was
improving, and In six week;' thne he was
entirely cured. Ho had suffered about six
weeka before we tried the Cuticura Soap and
Ointment, although we had tried several
other things and doctors top. I think tha
Cuticura Remedies will dr. all that ta claimed
for them, and agreat deal more." (Signed)
tire. Noble Tubman, Dodson, Mom., Jan
Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment sola!
by druggists and dealera everywhere. Send
to Potler Drag & Chem. Corp., 86 Columbin
Ave., Boston, TJ. S. A., for a liberal tree
sample ol each, with 32-p. booklet.
(arc the best .fever tT.ad._. jnd are . .*■
guaranteed to give you satistac-  '
'   t{on:,-At all de.aiers or send us i.(jc
statfpg;style anrf  sUe '(.quired-.'
The- Arlington Co. ol Canada, Ltd.
13 Fraser Ave., Toronto, Ontatio
"Is your husband homer*
"Yes, what do you waflt with him?"
"I'm—er—rovlslng the voters' list,
and I Just wanted to   inquire   what
party he belongs "to."
'How do you get capers? Do you
dig 'am, or what?" "Ive heard of cut*
ting them.   That's all I know."
Hardfleld, N.B.
"It affords me great pleasure to convey not only to you but to all sufferers from Backache and Rheumatism,
the great relief I have obtained trom
the use of Gin Pills. I feel thankful
to you. I recommend Oln Pills to
everyone suffering as 1 did."
Write us tor free sample of Gin
Pills to try. Then get the regular
size boxes at yonr dealer's or direct
from ua—60c. a box, 6 tor f2.50. Money refunded if Gin Pills fail to cure.
National Drug and Chemical Co. ot
Canada, Limited, Dept. N. U„ Toronto.
Young and old have
them. Some abuse them.
They get tired, starved.
sleep and appetite, indigestion, irritability,
eventually wrecked constitution.
Alcoholic remedies
stimulate only.
Scoffs Emulsion
soothes and nourishes,
feeds the nerves. A
natural nerve-food, containing the salts tfi Hypo-
phosphites, Iodine and
su. omiaatsTS
Too little blood—that la what makes
men and women look pale and sallow
and feel languid. That is what makeB
real hungry, unable to digest their food
breathless and palpitating at the heart
breathless and palpitating of the heart
after slight exertion, so that lt la
wearisome even to go up stairs. Doctors tell them that tbey are "anaemic"
—the plain English being too little
blood. If your face Is pale or sallow,
if your gums are pale Instead ot being
scarlet; lt you are easily tired and
frequently- despondent', if you do not
relish your meals, and small matters
irritate you, it is a sign that your
blood is thin and watery and that you
are on the verge ot a complete breakdown.
More weak, anaemic people have
been made strong, energetic and
cheerful by taking Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills than by any other means. They
actually make new blood, which reaches every part of the body, braces the
nerves and brings new health and
new strength. The case ot Miss Nellie Welch, Essex, Ont., Is proof of the
great curative powers of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. Miss Welch says: "A few
years ago I was going Into what my
friends believed to be a hopeless decline. I was subject to severe headaches, had no appetite, was pale and
grew distressingly weak. I tried several doctors, some of whom we counted the best In this part of the country,
but they failed to help me. At last
my heart grew so weak and I was so
nervous and thin that I had to take to
my hed and the doctor held out but
little hope for my recovery. Like
others I had often read of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and though the doctor opposed my taking them I determined to give them a trial, as I felt
I might as well be dead as to be living
ln the misery I was in.. In a month
after beginning to take the pills I was
up and around again, and steadily
growing stronger until I was again
enjoying the blessing of perfect health.
Several years have since elapsed and
my health has been the very best. It
ia therefore with gratitude that I
write you In the hope that my experience may be of benefit to some other
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
mall at CO cents a box or six boxes
for $2.50 from The Dr. Williams
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Knicker—"Thought your ooy's college expenses were over?" Bocker.—
"No, he wants money now to contribute as an alumnus."
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Knicker.—"Do you think women
would vote for tho best, man"
Bocker.—"Certainly; the bridegroom
wouldn't be noticed at all."
M«L. Er. Salt., ta AMfltl.tSm. UK SUM
faun Exchange
This notice Is to advise tbe. Trade
that the Fort William and Port Ar
thur Grain Exchange has been formed
to promote the handling ot Western
Grain at the Head ef the Lakes.
Full particulars as to membership,
etc., address
Fort William and Port Arthur Grain
Exchange, Fort William.
He.—"Were you ever ln love before
you met me?"
She.—'Yes, but not since."
Investment   and   Loans   Negotiated.
Consign your grain to us.   The actual grain you ship gets our personal
attention.   Wo sell on sample and get
high prices.   Write us.
Fort William.
Ship your grain to E.   R.   WAT-
LAND, Grain Broker, Fort William,
Highest prices.    References:  Dominion Bank, Fort William.
specialist, 5 College St., Toronto.
Keeps your Harness SOFT AS A GLOVE,
,     Sold by Dealers Everywhere.
Hame8S Oil  The IMPERIAL OIL CO., Limited
Forty of the most popular hoc* eve**
written, clearly printed nnd neatly bound
lit n book with a pretty colored i-uver.
Words rotuplt-te, and mimic for both lianiR
Bend me n 2c stamp n»d I will mill you u
copy,    rn-tltlvrty the blggeit  mude  bar-
8tin - r offered.   A, M. <*?«?, JIuhIi- Doofe
ep* |Y/.N T^1"011*0*
Sawyer.—Has your wife left your
bed and board?
Nagby.—Yes, that's about all she has
left me.
Slickly stops coudba. cares colds, basis
s throat sad loads ""
29 tests.
Percy.—"Lend me a five, old chap,
and I'll bo everlastingly Indebted to
Reggie.—"That's Just what I.m
afraid of, old fellow."
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Ac...
A patriot Is a man who successfully
hooka his wife's clothes.
A martyr Is a man who makes the
endeavor and falls.
A hero is a man who refuses to try.
A coward Is a man who remains
single, to avoid lt.
for men. Canadian-made. Guar-
mitcct* belt hat value ln Canada.
til sites and shapes ln solt and
stiff tolls. .Ask your Dealer, or
write at once to
CHAS.  C.  PUNCHARD    *    CO,
Tnronto, Ont
tsTABusitto leni.
Awarded first prize at World's V.\
position on Its work and methods.
Write for a free catalogu?. We also
live Instruction bv mall.
W.N.U.  No. 879
TILL    HE    FOUND    RELIEF       IN
Fred. Swanson. of Saskatchewan,
sends a message of cheer to those
who feel the weariness and discouragement that comes from
broken rest.
Macklin, Sask.,—(Special)— Those
(.ho suiter from sleepless nights anti
et up In the morning feeling llreii
nd discouraged will find renewed*
fnpc'ln tho statement niailo by Fred
ii'.ausoii of this place. He could not
loep nt nle'its He discovered the
Cttuse. It was Kidney trouble. He
discovered thc cure- It Is Dodd's
Kidney Pills.
"Yes," Mr. Swanson says In an interview regarding hla case, " I was
troubled with my kidneys for over a
fear, so bad that 1 could not sloop at
Bights. After using one box of Dodd's
Kidney Pills 1 found great relief.
Four boxes removed all my pain and
now I sleep well and 1 am aa strong
In my Kidneys as any man."
If the Kidneys ane wrong thc blood
I peonies clogged with Impurities nnd
a.ivtural rest 13 an Impossibility.
Strong, healthy Kidneys mean pure
j Dlood, mil life all over the body and
that delightful rest that Is the sweet-
| nt thing In life. Dodd's Kidney I'ills
'always make strong, healthy Kidneys.
Will You Be One
Of the Successful
There's Still Time, But None To Spare
All entries in our $3,600 Cash Prize Contest
for Canadian Farmers must be received not
later than November, 15th, 1911   .*.   .*.   .*.
Four Prizes in Each Province as Follows:
} 100.00 to be given to the farmer In each
Province who will uso during llll, the
greatest number of barrels of "CANADA" Cement.
$100.00 to be given to the farmer in each
Province who uses "CANADA" Cement
for the greatest number of purposes.
JUDGES—Prof. Peter Gillespie. Lecturer In
Prof. W. II. Day, Professor of Physics, Ontario
McLean, editor of "Construction."
f 100.00 to be clven to the firmer In etch
Province who furnishes us with the photograph showing the best of any kind of
work done on his farm during llll with
"CANADA" Cement.
PRIZE   "O"—
$100.00 to be given to the farmer In each
Province who submits the best and most
complete description of how any particular piece of work (shown by photograph sent In) was done.
^Theory of Construction, University of Toronto!
Agricultural College, Quelph; and Robert Cralk
THE'response to our announcement of this contest has been most gratifying—descriptions and photographs have been received from all parte of Canada.   We believe,
however, that in some provinces there tare examples of work superior to any that havs
yet been described in the photographs and descriptions already received.
YOUR ontry may be one of the thirty-six
Thero arc four $100,000 cash prlzeo for
each Province. Thus you are In competition
only with those surrounded by the same conditions as yourself.
The contest Is so arranged that tho amount
ot cement you have used makes no difference
(except for Prise "A"). Neither do you have
to bo an expert photographer or trained writer.
We want facts, not art or essays. Entries will
be Judged from a practical, common-sonse
standpoint. So don't pay particular attention
to grammar or punctuation. Just tell, plainly
and simply, as you would in talking to Neighbor Jonea, on thc next concession, how you
built tho silo, or the barn or cistern. As for
tho photograph, that neod not worry you. Your
son's or daughter**) camera will do nicely.
In any event, do not let the idea of having
a photograph made deter you from entering
tho competition. Your local dealer has been
requested to help In cases where tt In nol convenient for tho farmer to procure a camera
In the neighborhood. Thus you arc on an
equal footing with every other contestant.
Let us repeat, we want ns many facte about
the use of concrete on thc farm as wo can get.
We knew that the farmers who are using It
would be the best fitted In give us these facts.
That's why the contest was started.
If a neighbor stopped at your gate on his
way from market and asked you how you
built that new silo, you would be glad to toll
him. wouldn't you? And you'd probably
describe every step ln its construction, tell
him what the materials cost, how much labor
was required, and why lt Is better than the
old one. Now, since we can't stop at your
gate, we have to ask you to write this same
description. We want to make ll worth yeur
while.    So we offer theso prizes.
Every dealer who sells "PANADA" Cement is supplied with circulars giving particulars ot tho prise contest. Your dealer
will give you ono If you usk for It. Or, If you
prefer, you can use tho attached coupon or a
post card. Hend it tn us, and you'll receive
eompleto details of the Contest by return
Have you received your copy of "What the
Farmer Can Do With Concrete"? If not, get
it at once, hy all means. It's a handsomely
Illustrated book ot 160 pages, full of useful
and practical Information on tho uses of Con-
crate, It will give you valuable suggestions,
both for the Contest and for future use. A
post card brings It by return mail.
But. remember, the tlmo Is short, so fill
out the coupon or mall a post card NOW.
There's still tlmo it you hurry.
"Ce* Busy"
Canada Cement Co., Limited AZIZ
National Bank Building /\a,e*T*..*T
" Address
- THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
a*ubllihed at Uratel Korks. British Caalaiiia1.1
I.. A. Evass   Kdltor and Publisher
A tile aaf thia paper oan be aeeii at the offlae
of Memi. B * .1. Haraly A ''aa.. nil, II a„H 81.
Pleet Street, B.C. Loudon. Rngland. tree of
shnrge, and that Arm will be tied to reoelve
.ubieflbtloila and advertiaements on our h«-
Due Thu. W.S0
line Vear fin advanoe)  1.00
(Ins Year, In I tilted States   1.60
Address all oommiinleatlous to
Thb Ktrnino Sum,
Chum H14 OSASU Kosss, B.C
The salary bylaw now pending
before the city council is an imposition on tha ratepayers of Grand
Forks, and a vigorous protest
against its adoption should be made.
The mayor and  aldermen who are
■* i
now   clamoring   for   remuneration
knew tha custom under which
former councils served, and they
should bave made the fnct known
to the people that they were not willing to accept office on the same conditions, in which event men of more
public spirit would undoubtedly
have been chosen. This would have
been the proper mode of procedure.
Instead of adopting tbis method,
however, lhe members who think
they are entitled to remuneration
wailed until the fag-end of the term,
and tben make an attempt to railroad a salary bylaw through the
council. This looks a great deal like
obtaining olliee by deceptive means,
nnd that it is resented by the people
is abundantly evidenced by public
opinion on the subject.
With theexceptiou of Aid. Bob
tbron, none of the members of  the
present council  have devoted  very
much of tbeir time to the welfare of
the city.   The mayor has   certainly
not had one-half the official duties
to perform that his predecessors
ware burdened with. Aid. Davis,
chairman of finance committee,
probably knows a little—but ouly
a little—more about the city's finan-
cies tbau the man in tbe moon. As
a rule the city is financed by the
clerk—and the Eastern TownBhps
bank. Aid. Smith, of the water and
light department, is a supporter of
the bylaw, although a few years ago
be was bitterly opposed to such a
proposition. Tht duties of his department during tbe past year have
not been sufficiently laboriaus to
warrant a very high salary. The
work hss mainly been done by the
city employees. Aid. Michener is
only a cittspaw in tha hands of tbe
otber salary members. He was
elected to the council only a couple
months ago, and his election was
biought about so quietly lhat not
even Tbe Snn was aware of the
event until month a after it bad oo
curred. He has only attended a few
meetings. None of the other alder-
men have been present at more than
one-half of the sessions during Ihe
quent taxes is a sign of prosperity—
in the Conservative newspaper
The best advertisers in British
Columbia are McBride, Bowser ifc
Co., of Victoria. Their ads. are
written in tbe most attractive style
and tbey pay a higher rate than any
other business firm.—Victoria Times.
The "better terms" agitation is
ing. Some of the British Columbia municipalities are now asking for better terms from tbe Victoria government... Thi» will probably have the effect of diminishing
the ardour of Premier McBride's advocacy of this subject.
EVEN if tlie bylaw is defeated, the
present council will be the costliest
tbat the city has had for a nuitibei
of years. It inaugurated its term
by increasing the salary of the city
solicitor to 875 per month. Mr.
Sutton was elected solicitor for the
oorporatfon a few years ago with the
specific agreement that the salary of
tbe office was to be reduced from
pi to $50, If he had become tirtd
of serving at the latter figure, he
had the alternative of resigning.
There was nn necessity fur the raise,
as tbe work or the office had mil
increased. Other cases of generosity
might lie cited, but one as a sampl,
will suffice: It cost the present ad
ministration over $S{) to have the
financial statement printed, whereas
in former years the cost hut never
exceeded $40.
A imrce list of  provincial lands
being advertised for sale for d"lin-
The  Carraher   Ranch
to be Sold at Once
J have received instructions from
the owners to rush the sale of this
property" and close it out before
New Year.
Ten-Acre Tracts
Choicest Fruit Land at
Bargain Sale Prices
See me before it is too late.
J. A. c7WcCallum
. Enquire of
C. N. Mardon, Danville,  Ferry County, Washington
A Eeal, Live Curiosity
One of the attentive listeners at the band practice this
evening was a black and
brown butterfly. If it stays
awake much longer it is liable
to get its wings frost-bitten.
Holy Trinity Uhuboh, Henry 8teele,
Hector—aSunday service*: Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
and sermon, 11 a.m.; evensong and
■.ermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 10
a.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will be celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service as well as at 8
a m. Week day and special services
<s they are announced from time to
time. You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you.
Knox Puksbytekian Ciiukcii
.Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.
in.; .Sabbath school una I Bible class at
.):40 a.m. All are cordially invited.
>eats free. Hev. M. D. McKee, pas-
.Methodist Chuuch J. Rov. Calvert, D. D., Pastor.—Sunday services,-
11 a.m. and 7:30 p. in.; Sunday school,
_':30 p.m.; Epworth League, Monday
-it 8:00 p.m.] prayer meeting, Wed
nesdays, 8 p.m.; Junior League, Fri-
lays, 7:00 p.m. Everybody will be
Baptist Ciiubch, Kev. H. W.
Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
it' 11 a. tn. and 7:30 p. in.; Bible
ailass and Sundav school at 10 am.
effie Gift Store
We are now showing plJDIOTIIAO PANIC
the largest stock of UntllO I III HO UUUUO
ever shown in Grand Forks,   (.(unaware, Kodaks,
Fancy Goods, Toys, Stationery, Etc., Etc.
-2 WOOD LAND    &,   CO. IS-
A Dollar Goes a
,   ||long Way
when you buy" your supplies at our market; we
sell you choice, prime cuts
of beei, mutton, lamb, pork
and veal at as low a margin of profit as we can do
| business honestly upon
and give the best you can get anywhere. Our meats
are tender and delicious—our poultry fat, fresh and
tender, and our hams and bacon fit tor a king at
Form No 1.
The high price of living has
not affected our job printing
prices. We're are still doing
high class commercial work of
all kinds at prices satisfactory
to you.
You might as well cut off
your le<rs Because you are running well in a footrace as to
cut off your advertising because your business is too
NOTI-'E Is hereby given Hint an a p pi lent ion
will bi* mude under Part V. of th1*" Wuter
Act, 1909," to ohtatti a liceifie lu ttie Similtta-
mi'i'ii Division nf Yale District.
(a) Tin* nnme. ml..runs and ocmipHtlmi of
the applicant: Peter VcreKlu. of Hrillia.it,
Kiitir.ii Coliimbiu, Kiirmer. (Il for mining
purposes) Free Miner'.-, ('ertlncate No	
(It) Thn natni' of tlie lake, stream or
source- (If unnamed, Uie description is):
l-'t nlier in an Creek. •
(iO Tlie point of diversion Is about one
thousand leet eiisierly from tbe crowing of
thu ('oluml)la A Western Hallway over Irish ■
ermau I 'reel*.,
(d) The quantity of water applied for (In
cubic feel pur second):    One oubie   foot
(e) rtieotiaracterof tlie proposed work.-*:
PipH line and Miliill reservoir,
(f) The Premises ou wblel) the water Is to
he used (describe   ■nine):   hot 2019 G. I.
hx) Tlie purposes f«r which the water is to
be used:   Irrigation.
(h) If for !• ligation  describe the laud lu- '
tended lo lie irrigated, giving arrange: Undulating foothills to the extent of two hundred
(i) If the water U to be used for power or
mining purposes de-orilie the plflce where
the water is to be returned to some nntur.il
ehriitiiel, and the (llm-reiice III altitude between point nf ■liver-tii.ii mid point of return.
(j) Area of Grown hind iutcuoed to be occupied l>y the proposed works.   Ml.
((-) Tliis notice waH posted on the 26th day
of August, lull, and application will be Hindi*
tntJieri_iniiil_tNintietiititl.e_i.Jtli dny of October. ].H1.
(1) ('iv.> tlie unmet and addresses of any
ri|uii-iiiii proprietors or lieen-.."". who or
Whose lands are likely to lie all'ei ted hy tin;
propoMil worKs, either ahove or below the
outlet.   Ml.
(Signature) PR I KE VKREGIN,
(P. O. Addres*) Hi illiaut. U. C.
John Ziiioimtl*-, Agent.
Note Oneeublt'fiiot per aeoond is equivne
lent to :i."i.ti miner's niches.
A new lot of latest designs of pro
K_rH.ii and menu cards just received at
Tiik Sun job office.
The heiiHimof tliis application has  beeu
changed to tlie Bro d y of November, 1911.
PUBLIC NOTICK is hereby given
thnt a Court uf Kmisiaan will lie
Ill-Ill 'III  Mnlnliiy, I'l'l'.'lllll.lr I I til,
1911, at the Council Chamber nf the
City Hull. Grand Fork*), B. C, ntthe
hnur nf 'J:'!.I p.m , fur the   purporte of
correutlng ami revimiig tho Municipal
Voters' List   of   th'. Citv of Grund
Korks, H.C, for the vear llll:'
City Clerk.
Duted Orand Forks, B C,
November 30th, 1911.
P. O. BOX 1353 448 SEYMOUR ST.
Mau c CntMley Hrot., Mntir-he-tter, Bug.
Uakflti of tins Producer Plant* nnd oil
KiiglMSI for irenernl power or elei-trlcnl
lighting* piirpiiHCM.
Menrt. UtoH. Kerr & Co., Ltd, Prtttou,
Knghttid. l'.i|tiipment for MineHiiinl Con-
true tor- Light L'-r-omolivet (-tenm und
ele'irlcri ), ei«.
HtetUng h |.>|).iiiiif> Co., portable uliot-
II ring iiiti'-hitM h fur mlnerx, e'.iitrnrtnn*,
pro.pert.nv. The beM Oti the mnrket.
Write for pnrtl<-u!nit.
Motori. <-enen_toH, Hleot'toal  8tiii|illra-
l.if r .*d Hfiititig   and  Cooking   Appiira
iiii, st or nut' Hatieriet. ote.
Ymir enntllrl«l will receive  oll-c  prompt
Attention-   Wilte inr iiiftiiin.iti.m.
Practical Plumber
All work guaranteed.
Only experienced workmen employed. Estimates furnished.
Bicycle repairing and
bicycle sundries.
Winnipeg    Avenue
Christmas would  not be the
Without its greetings true,
Wishes  sineere from fur and
From friends both old and
Order  Earlj^
Sample Book
Sun Office
lia- a-iaaal    Mllaa-ntl    Ulalllll.     aaltilaila.    Ill   t||l<
Qrand  Kiirk« Minim, lilvlalam uf Vale HI.-
Wla.l.l.al-ll'a-il;     laa llr-.»aa'- I'lllllll
T1KK Ml'l'li I-:   tluil    I. AI,i»i|..afiT (I  Hilar.      _,     _ __
Proa Miliar*' CortlHoaJW Nn. EIASARB, inr   ,,1.-,,. rannme'rliil a-'iaiala- I
ui).a-l[ aalaal  Haa  i,L.,aial   faar  riailala-.  K,   llaalaa-a. '	
Kre«    Miliar*'  <'arllll...ite    .V...    :l eilllH,   In-
ta-aail   si.fll.* alii   . fa..an till'aliil.-   lii'ia-aal'.  (aa lip.
ply lu tlie Mining l_,-,-,,r-l»"r laar it Ortlllcati.
aaa liniH-uVI-'llieilt, fur till, IMiri'iaaa,'   aaf aalala,! II-
rY_>fSX,|ffi^1ffd!& umlar  ^*-"» >'»rh.i...,«VVu„pl,
leotioil   <-7,   nin-.t   be  roi nine need before the
i-Kiiiuirt'  ot   kikIi I'errilleate   of   Improve*
Duted tbl» '...vh dny nf in-u, A T). I'M],
(I'nidiihed Annually)
KniiiileH tradem throiiKliont the  world  to
communicate dlreot witb Knglish
In I'lieli eln-niiif goml
p|et«   t'.niiliie'oidl   g.. .. 	
ill hn lim. tlie diifi tm > ooiitulllr. list- of
with the ImuhU tbey hhlp, and  (he Colonial
Heiiden being a com*
Liindmi nml  it.
arrntiged under the l*orta to which they nnil,
und ludicittiiig theiipproxiniate Kallfiign;
of lending Miiniifiiptiiri'i-., Merelmutii, «ie., in
! the priiielpnl pr<<viiieinl towiiHnud Indnitriu!
, t'.ntrcs uf the United Khnfdoiii.
A coi»y of the current edition  w(l|  be for.
TAKK notioe thai Hubert P. Pom of OlrJa,   wnrdeil', freight  puld,  oil receipt of PoVtal
Adierift, oecuput on    Knrmer, intend- m   Order fnr 208.
Ynle Land DfltrloL District of SimilliunieiMi.
rt ff. Pngfl of '(Mi
'"urin-'r. intend- U
npply  for  ,|i^iiih—inn  to piirchn-c  the   foi- ,      <^HvnH^Hl.i^^H^^^^^^^^^^a
Inning described lnnd.-: I'j'Mlert*  sei'klng   Ageiioien   cnn    nd.irti*.'
Coiiiiiieiieing nt   n   poit plnn'e<l  about W\   l"0lr trnile cnrdit for it, or larger ndvprtlt.c-
ehaina nortli ot the north went corner of Lot  ment* from £3,
IliHi.S.. on UeepCnek, nud  nbout   five mi leu 	
eftlt of the town of UaMftde. thenoe north
IU ohnlllll thence we-t IU chntixt; tlieuce
sooth lllrliniiot; thence cn,-t l-irhiihiH toimliit
of coiiinieucelueut
ROBBRT V. p.\..E.
J. IC. Crnnnton. Agent.
Duted September .hid. It'll.
DtMi't forget that The Sun hat* the
hpKt job printing tlfpnrruiput in tho
Boundary country,
26, Abenuroh Lane, London, K.C.
KomeiTibei' that every added
subscriber helps to make thin
paper better for everybody. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Here Are Facts We Want
You to Prove at Our
When the roots of the hair ara entirely dead and the pores of the scalp
nre glazed over, we do not believe that
anything can restore hair growth.
But when the hair root* retain any
life, we believe there is nothing that
will to surely promote hair growth as
will Uexall '93" Hair Tonic. To prove
that statement we promise to promptly return all the money you pay us for
Itevall "93" Hair Tonic should it not
please you
Rexall "93" Hair Tonic destroys
the gernia which are usually responsible for baldness. It penetrates tu the
roots of the hair, stimulating and, by
promotihg circulation, nourishing
Rexall "93" Hair Tonic helps to
relieve scalp irriation, to remove dandruff, to prevent the hair from falling
out, and to promote an increased
growth of hair. It comes in two sizes,
prices 50 cents and $1.00. Remember,
you can obtain it onlv at our store—
The Rexall Store.   H. E. Woodland.
Pen 37, Barred Rocks     1
Pen 39, Buff Orpingtons..     I
Ten pens have not laid yet.
Pen Temperature—Highest 52°,
lowest 19°, average mean temperature 39-40°.
Average prioe received for egg»,
72J cents per doien. Rain fell on ten
days. Six inches of snow fell on the
8th of November, and twelve inches
on November 12. The weight of anow
on wire netting caused the supports to
give way,and much damage was dona.
There were no cases of frost bite.
Several pens, notably pans fi, 21,
22, 25, 27. 28, and 30, consist of immature pullets, and these will no
come into the producing class much
before January 1.
As foreshadowed at the outset of
the contest, several of the White Leghorn pens ara no* in the heavy milt
In aome pens this was caused by ton
early hatching, but in three pens this
is caused by the faet that the birds
were laying before received at Hastings Park, and aa usual in auch cases
they have stopped laying and gone
into molt. These birds have every
appearance of having been feed too
rich rati ,n prior to the competition.
A fuller account will be published
in the official organ of the British Columbia Poultry association, The Sue
ccasfnl Poultryman,
but in this issue, in addition to a d
sign of cover, in colors, and half tone
engravings rich to compare with admirable works of art, and a store of
wealth in several learned contr bu-
tions, we add that we believe it has
surpassed all former numbers snd
overshadowed all in an article on Patriotism, written qy Maxwell Smith—
an essay pregnant with the love of a
true patriot and broad enough to apply to all nations. Most heartily we
recommend this beautiful Christmas
number to alt readers who admire artistic work in the compilation of a
journal, and who love the best of
literary gems.
Egg Laying Contest
The inlernatiodal egg laying contest, under the joint auspices of the
British Columbia Poultry association,
Vancouver exhibition and the provincial government,
First monthly record, October 20 to
November 20 ^^^^^^^^^
Class 1.    * Eggs Laid
Pen 2, White Leghorns  32
Pen 3,
Pen 23,
Pen 4,
Pen 19,
Pen 8,
Hotel Col*"
Opposite Great Northern Station
Recently completed and
newly furnished throughout. Conveniently located
for railway meu. First-
olass accommodations for
transients. Board and
rooms by the week at prevailing rates. Fine line of
Wines, Liquors ami Cigars
always In stoek at the bar
Grand Forks, B. C
Beautiful Christmas Number
From many parts of the world our
exchange table is the recipient of
many magazines, and in our judgment
the practical mind permeates a large
percentage of the volumes. In the
hurried hours of business, we glean
from their pages the pith of business
ways which adds a germinating force
conducive to the healthy growth of
our ever optimistic arena, ahd again
in the quiet hours, from a perusal of
these magazines, we find pleasure in
the muse and know that tha classical
mind goes hand in hand with the
practical. Thus from the exehangr
table we have a double pleasure, and
yet another in  complimenting those
„ responsible for  publications   of  such
... standard.
Latest Picture of Borden
This is the season te RUbscribe to
a newsptper, or In renew, if already
a subscriber. Our paper is as gnn<l
■ih any, and belter than many. Why
not take il?
It reprensenti the welfare and
progress of the community and district with which it is identified, and
is, apart from its local value, an all-
round up-to-date newspaper.
The recent change of government
has*made the Hon. Mr. Borden the
central figure of our Canadian pub-
lie life. Many would like a good
picture of him. We can supply one
Free. We will send any one our
paper for a year, and the Weekly
Mail and Emnire (the regular rate
nl which is 11.00 per year) for the
■•ame period, the two together, to in-
elude free picture nf the new Canadian premier, for 11.60.
The Borden picture is on fine
paper suitable for framing, in photo
tints, 18x24 inches, and is in itself
as a work of art, easily worth ths
price of a year's subscription to
either paper. Send all orders to the
office of tbis paper.
Pan 14, " " 	
Pen 5, " ' 	
Pen 10, " "     „ • , .
Pen 13, " "      ll    But while this may be general, this
Twel.ve peds have not  started to ■ month we must make particular men-
l*y yet- I tion of the very beautiful  Christmas
BUMin ai       t    -j ,.;      5K?" Ij.l- ' *•««■■»■• "I The Fruit Maga.ine, Scien-
Pen 40, Sliver Laced Wyandottes. 3o! .„   „ , „      .. '.
Pen 34, White Wyandottes    8 "**0 Fl4r,ner Md c**"«*""* CltlMn. »
Pen 33, Rhode Island Heds    7 journal excellent from its birth, hav-
Pen 35, Barred Rocks     1  ing in it the elixir of literary   gems,
Mining Stock Quotations
Boston, December 7.—The follow,
ing are today's opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
Asked.        Bid
Oranby Consolidated.    30.00    2H.00
B. C.   Copper..       4 00     3 25
1 he O'iver Typewriter
for 17 Gents a Day!
PI vase read ilie headlluc-over iiKtitn. Then Ms
iramvtidous Kii/nllii'iince will   Iuwn  upon you
An Oliver Typewriter—the maudiini visible
writer—the most Mnnly per. ted typewriter
uu the mttneet—yonr;. for if eeutu     day!
'lhe 'MM*wr*ti*r whi.se conquest di the coin
ini'K'iHi vorlu Is ii matter of bintor.-— yunri* U*
Vi i eiit>. h iIhy !
The lyiwwntcr that is equipped with scores of
such conveniences as  "lhe   hitlaut.e Shift""
'■The killing lM>vfce"-"The iMible Heleai-e"-
'The    Locomotive    Base"—"The     Auionurlc
Hpsieer"—"The Automatic. Tnliu.ator"—''The
—"Tiie Adjustable l'H-
perRiitflW—"The s.*\.
en rifle CoudeiiHcd Kev-
board"—nil •*-*>
Yours for  17
Gents a Day!
__ We Huounecd   thtt*
new sales plan recently, Juki to feel the pulse of
the people. Riinply a small cash payment—
then 17 cents a day. That Is the ulan iu a nutshell.
The result hu beeu such a deluge of appllca
tioim for machines thai we are simply astounded.
The demand comes Irom people of all classes,
atl eifivs, all HicupHtiou.-.
Tim* majority of inquiries bas come ;f rom peo
le <if known tin.ui-.-lai standing who were at
tracivd bv the novelty of the propon.'on. Au
impressive demonstration of the Immense pop-
it arity uf the Oliver T\'|*ewrner
A _s.iiirt-..iftu confirmation of our belief that
tbe Kra of Unlverimi Ty p.* writing is at baud.
A  Quarter of a Million People
are Making Money witb
Metal Quotations
Nbw Vork, Pec 7—Silver 53;
standard .copper, tl2.2fi(S.1'2.35, firm:
Loudon, Tec. 7.—Silver, 24{.
lead, jEI.16f.3d
The Bsautiful Picture for Grand Forks Sun and Montreal Family Herald and Weekly Star Subscribers
this Season.   c_An Inspiration of Love and
Affection—cyi Picture that will be like a
Member  of  the  Family—A   Daily
Study for Old and Young
rPHK Family Herald and Weakly Star of Montreal, acknowledged to be
I the greatest and best family and farm paper nn the continent, has on
many ncnaaiona given its readers mnst delightful premium pictures,
but this season they have secured wbat is beynnd any question of doubt
the best picture ever offered newspaper reader*. It is entitled "Home
Again" nnd describes a touching but joyful incident between two friends
who meet after anxious separation.
"Laddie," a collie dog, famous for his beauty and gentleness, winner
of mnny prizes at dog snows, the pride of tha family and neighborhood,
has been stolen, and after many days' absence he escapes one night from
his raptor and returns home on a snowy winter's morning with the rope
which he broke in his struggles for fre'dmn dangling from his collar.
His familiar hark brings his little mistress, Marjorie, to the door and
she throws her arms around her trusty playmate's neck with cries of joy
wbich bring her mother and brother to the door. "Laddie" is equally
delighted to he "Home Again," and answers her welcome by putting his
paws on her shoulder and resting his head against her breast with a little
whine, which in his dog language means—"Where I love is Home."
The sweet-faced young mother, a woman of soft curves, tender eyes
and parted lips—the two glad-eyed children—an eager boy with hair like
his mother's and the quick gesture of excited boyhood; the warm-Jiearted
girl with rippling locks, her affectionate arms around the shaggy'neck of
the beautiful collie, all go to form a picture that will win a favored place
on the walls of any home.
The picture is by the celebrated artist, Arthur J. Elsley, famous for
his skilful and sympathetic painting of children and animals.
The beautiful picture "Home Again" on heavy plate paper 22x29
inches all ready for framing will be mailed KRKI*. tn every subscriber of
The Sun and Family Herald and Weekly Star fnr 1912.
The small sum of 11.50 will secure the two papers tor a full year including a copy of the charming picture "Home Again," which alone is
easily worth a two dollar bill, in fact it could not be bought at that price.
Every home in the Boundary should get the big 11,50 worth tbis
PHONF 64        GRAND FORKS, B. C.
If you come to ma
for treatment, ex*
pent to bu cured. If
other* hnve fulled,
expect nm tu cure
yon (Uileot I know
I oan cure >ou I will
not accept your cn-e
and in every In
stance I trent by my
own original or advanced and mi lent I tie
Spermatorrhoea. Organic Weakness,
Lout Vigor, Varicocele, H>droeele. < (infracted Disorder*, Specific Blood Potent).
Piles and strictures- -restoring all niTecied
organs to nnruial and heilthy notion in
the shortest possible space of time.
San*  All the Forma  of  Diseases
of Men.
Consultation and instruction booklet
free at ofita-e or by mall.
The Standard Visible Write?
Tbe Oliver Typewriter la a money-runlet*
riglit from the word "go!" Ho easy to run lbn<
twLit.tuTK toon net In ibe "'expert" dag*. Kurt
ns you learn. Let the mm-hine (h> the 17 cent
a dny—nud ill above tbat Ih yniira,
Wherever you are, there I-* work to lie dom
and money to be marie by using the (Hi ver. Thi
bind new world iHcalHujr fnr ullver operator*.
There arc uot enough to .supply tbe ilemHiiri
ThelrialNrlw are considerably above Hiom* ni
many claMH-Hof worken.
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
Thnt Ih thc battle cry today, rte have mid*
thi*Oliver supreme iu useful neM and absolute)*
inulspt.nsa.We In tup-lues*. Now conies the con
ipiwi uf the home,
Tba simplicity und strength ofthe Oliver Ht li
for family une. It l.» becnniimr uu lmportan
inoior ill the home training of yotlilg people
An educator ns well Hi n money muk-r.
Our new tellinu plan pud (be (diver ou th.
threshold of every bume ln America. "Will vu'
ehmt the door of ynur home or oltl re oil tbls re
timrMde Oliver off-r?
Write for further detulln of our easy oiler and
a true copy ofthe new Oliver catalog,   Address
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
Oliver Typewriter Building,
New Edition Insued Nov. 15, 1906.)
Id a dozen books in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, teriiiin-
ilngy, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It is a pracical book, useful
to all and necessary to most men en
imaged in any branch of the coppes
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
Knglish without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4636 copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the propel ty.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the facts it gives him about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
tacts it gives him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies ara
•xposed in plain English.
Price is $5 in Buckram with gilt
top; $7.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on ap-,
iroval, to any address ordered, and
nny be returned within a week of re
•eipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J.  Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
453 Postoffice Block,
Houghton, Michigan;
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
City and Suburban
**», *m* *m **m,-n:,Xl-,:, FT. LOT iifat»«aii
K^Cf|   s'■''"■"■ "''*■ Third atr_ie».
Ira ■ ■ *mj 1 I Jllfl-t ftliaiva- Jualtra' U-miay't
aa**x*MWwaw**W nml ll.ll.w'x |,1hp*-m: Ma|a-
ar__t_a<l from all ntlaer proiH-rtlaM Ity 2ll-'t.
laiaiaa: at laraae a« ipvun or I'lclit iirillntir.v liataa.
rtallulaalllK lata, are waartla £1 HI; would inukfa
iiIm litaiiiaa, with iiiffieleiit trniuiaa] for chick-
cat. frnlt. Karalni, alaal   lawn;   iniaat   rleilralalr
oration in ult)'.
» ACKKS a,IJoliilti|[
a'ltja lilailtaa on •'■lltli:
14 acre. olMfWtt !■'-»
fruit trcei; new four*
room lioiiaaata: iinrii far alx lir.i_*«.*.: linra.1'.
buuy. iloutilf, luirlnaaa- anal tHrining Implement*    All fur |ram.   I.a,,) tariaa.
FOrilltllll.M lilll'SK
and three hatH wltliln
Olie l,|iK-k   of laaiaallieaaaa
centre;   lawn,  kliade
 fruit Ireex, berry laiiaahcaa. Inrire iranlen.
*.*. ill Hlaaaa aapll furniture   of  laaaii-e   if   lleilred.
One-half raaah. httlince ternag.
l'j   niilcaa from town;
1 TiMalii    laiaiiH,.,     plaifl'-
a'ra'al: Iftrtfti I ill _._.,, aalifil.
 woodihed;    lou    frtllt
trees, 70 lieairinir: _r'_ iiiti-h atlrawherrleaa.
Kooieherrlci. ciirrKiitb, raai|alterrieai: free front
irnaat: the laa-flt lorAtlaau atr„„aaal Oraiul Foika.;
plenty of irn.a'l water; fruit ami crop Included.
Iletweeti .1 and 4 acreii, Weatt end or eity;
ffraflt a laaat ■oil, Hllllli-
_ ___ der ciil tvatlon: mnall
home, woodflhed and olithulldinirn: uell nud
pump; ttniKl fence. Thin laa a sacrifice, aii owner It abont to leavei'lty.  Terms.
For further information re
garding the above properties
call or address
ANY available Dominion Lamln within tha
Kuilwny Kelt nf ItrltUh Columliln may hts
liumenteuded by any pprwin who in tlit* lintd
of u family, or any inutt*) over eighteen year*
• if it tn1, to thn extent of une-quarter H«ctlun
of lttu nereii, more or le».
Kut ry in nut be made personal ly at the local
lund office for tbe dl«trift in wbioh the laud
The homevteader it reuuired to perform
(he coiiditlomi conne.'tcd therewith uuder
oue of the following plana:
(1) At leant aix inunthtt' residence upon and
cultivation of the land In eaeh year fur three
(2) If the father (or mother, if the father It
ileceatiml}, of the homeiteader retide* uuou a
farm In the vlolnlty of the laud entered for,
tbe requirement! a« to reiddmioe may beaat-
iatied by ■ueh per«uu reetdinir with the father
or mother.
(I) If the eettler hai hie permanent real
deuce upon fanning laud owned liy him in
tbe vicinity of hie homestead, thn requirements as to residence may be satisfied lu
residence upon theiinid laud.
Hlx uionths* notice lu writing should he
ni veu thn Commissioner of Dominion bauds
at Ottawa of intuit ion tn apply fur patent.
Coul -Coal mining rights mav be leased
for a p*rrl«id of twenty-one yeurs at au mi*
nuul rentsl ,,f >*l im \ht acre. Not more Ituiu
2,'rfU'ucri'i. nlmll l>e leased io tnu1 individual or
i'oinpau>'fl A royulty at the rate of Hve cents
per tou shall he collected on the merchant*
able coal mined.
Deputy of tbe Minister of the Interior.
N.II.   Unauthorised   publication   of    th).
advertisement will not be paid for.
Kecelve both Ladlei and Oentlciiien as resident or days indents: lias a complete Coin*
merelal or   Huaiues* CourNt; prepan-s stu»
dents to vain   Teachers' Certificates of all
Srades: gives the four years' course for the
• A. degree, and the first year of the School
of Science course,in affiliation with the Toronto University; hai a special prospector!
course for miners wbo work ln H C. In-true-
tion li alto given lo Art, Music, Physical Cui •
ture and Elocution.
For Calendars, etc , address
COLUMMAN  COLLKttK - nm ir iinaw»
Spring Style..
"Have you  any    ancestors,    Mra.
Kelly," asked Mra. O'Brien.
"And phwats ancestors?"
"Why people you shprung from."
"Listen to me, Mrs. O'Brien," said
Mrs. Kelly, Impressively.   "01 came
from the rale stock of Donahues that
shprung from nobody.   They shprlng
at thim."
A Purely Vegetable PHI—The chief
Ingredients of Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills are mandrake and dandelion,
sedative and purgative, but perfectly
termless in _ their action.. They
cleanse and purify and have a most
feaalthtul effect upon the secretions
ot the digestive organs. Tbe dyspeptic and all who suffer from liver and
kidney ailments will find In these
pills the most effective medicine in
concentrated form that has yet been
offered to the suffering.
Mrs. Newlywed (proudly).—I cooked
that dish myself.
Mr. Newlywed (after tasting) .—And
you are going to cook the contents
next timet
Minard's liniment cures garget In cows
A Chaser
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To Bring Them Up Wall
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At the Top
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Not ths Same
A child of strict parents, whose
greatest Joy had hitherto been the
weekly prayer-meeting, was taken by
its nurse to the circus for the first
time. When he came home, he exclaimed:
"Oh. mamma, if you once went to
the circus you'd never, never go to
prayer-meeting again in all your life."
"You still assert that competition
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care to compete for a chance to sell
our goods. What we want is to find
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For Diseases
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Dr. Chase's
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Bit With Respect It Wis a
Different Matlir
♦ Copyrtxht by American Press Aaao- *}
^^ elation, till.
*»♦♦<♦♦*$>«_><*»>♦*»♦♦♦» ♦♦♦♦♦♦a»»a»^
There Is a bouse still standing lo
Bomb Carolina, one of those old fash
toned but stately manors, that Is mors
than ISO years old. The woodwork
above Its cornices, Its massive chimneys. Its Duted pillars extending from
the porch to the root, smack ot aristocratic persons who dwelt there when
tbe place was new. but who dwell
tbere no longer.
When the Revolution came on Charles
Ilugold, tben lord of tbe manor, remained loytl to tbe king, but bis children, all ot wbom were grown, chose
tbe patriot side. Bis two sous were
wttlx General Marlon, the "Swamp
Eos." His only daughter, Margaret.
remained at borne wltb ber father,
though her heart wu with ber brothers iu tbe continental service.
One evening during tbat troublous
period Margaret) looking out ot a win-
slow, saw a man In a scarlet coat riding toward the house. Going out on to
the porch, sbe stood tbere between two
1 tbe greoi white pillars waiting for
Wm. When be drew rein before her
■nd doffed bis hat politely she saw
that be was wbat a woman would
naturally admire, a gentleman, a soldier and handsome. Be came of the
Mme aristocratic English stock from
.which she herself had sprung.
"May 1 ask," be said, "are you loyal
■objects of the king here, or are you
"My father Is for tbe king" was the
"And youT'
"It doesn't matter wbere my sympathy lies, for.l am a woman, but were
1 a man I would now be fighting for
tbe patriot cause."
"May I see your father!"
The officer dismounted. Tbe girl call
ed a negro servant to hold his horse,
then showed the man Into the library,
where her father was reading, and
left tbe two together. Captain Ar-
tackle, one ot Colonel Tarleton's oncers, bsd been sent out by bis chief
te make Inquiries among such Tories
as he could And In the neighborhood
■s to where the "Swamp Pox" was
lurking. Be asked Mr. Rlngold for
Information, bnt the latter frankly
told blm tbat though be was loyal to
tbe British cause be bad two sons tn
Marlon's corps and begged to be excused from replying to bis questions.
But since darkness was coming on be
•ffered tbe captain entertainment for
tbe nlgbt
Arbuckle accepted tho Invitation, not
fcr tbe entertainment, but that he
might pass an evening ln company
with Margaret, whose stately figure,
comely face and aristocratic bearing
had made a profound Impression upon
llm. Women to young English bloods
•f tbat day were considered legitimate
game, and Arbuckle vowed witbin blm
■elf that before be parted with tbe
(Irl for tbe night be would take at'
least ono kiss.
■■ Be kept bis resolution, though he no
more than kept It, for be got but one
kiss. Be left a crimson spot wbere
his lips touched Margaret's cheek
•nd Sre In ber eye. Rising, sbe swept
•ut of tbe room, leaving blm dlscom-
•ted. Be bad oot expected such a retail from a woman dwelling in this
wild country, so far from old England.
Be was ln doubt whether to regret
his act or to muko an excuse to remain, wltb a view to a further effort
But for tbo present there was nothing to do but go to bed.
ln tbo morning be breakfasted wltb
Mr. Rlngold, and wben the meal was
knlsbcd, feeling obliged to return to
slaty, be ordered his horse. Tbe negro
.wbo brought lt banded btm a note
from Margaret, in wblcb she told him
that ■ champion demanded satisfaction
lor tho Insult ba bad offered ber tbe
•venlng before. Captain Arbuckle was
astonished. Be bad played tbe same
game many a time at borne, with no
•erlous consequences, to meet wltb a
.challenge to mortal combat on a like
provocation lu the wilds of America.
But for ono tblng the officer would
have offered a humble apology. That
Was tho champion. A spirit of rivalry
took possession of blm. Who was this
man who was to stand In defense of
tbe woman wbo had bo Impressed
him! Was he a lover, a brother or a
friend! In any event, could he, an
Englishman-ilia) proudest race on
earth-apologize for taking a liberty
Wltb one born lu a land recently ac-
tnfred from savages?
"Tell your mistress," ho said to the
segro, "that I will communicate with
her nn soon as my duties as a soldier
.Will permit."
On bis return to cauio   Arbuckle
round tnat ttie command tiaa got wino
of tne "Swamp Pox" tnd had gone ln
chase of him Tarleton bad left an order for the captain to remain In tbe
eamp In command of a small guard
left there till tbe expedition returned.
This left him an opportunity to take
care of tbe matter he bad In band. Be
wrote Margaret tbnt since he had
learned that she had a champion tbe
light must come oil before any apology
could be made. Be was Impatient to
throw himself at her feet to Implore
ber pardon; therefore he desired the
affair sbould be settled as soon as pos
Bible. Besides, be was now free from
uy duty tbat would Interfere wltb Its
settlement Would sbe ask ber champion to name an early date, place,
weapons aud otber details!
A reply came that sue felt a delicacy
In tbe Identity ot tho man wbo was to
defend ber being known; therefore sbe
stipulated tbat be should Ugbt masked.
The time would bo that evening at sun-
sct, ln a clearing back of ber father's
bouse, tho weapons to be cavalry
swords. There were to be no seconds.
Ber slave, Jim, who bore ber messages,
would be present us a witness.
To the masking Arbuckle declined to
assent unions assured tbat ber champion was not a- oioua raisins, _s=s
when thus assured be agreed to be on
band at tbe appointed bour.
He found bis enemy waiting for him.
The man was tall nnd slender, being
dressed In citizen's costume of tbe day,
a broad tailed cutaway coat and
breeches, buff waistcoat, wblte stockings, lurge shoe buckles and a powdered peruke. Bis mask was of black
velvet, wltb lace at and below bis
Jim, the colored slave, stood near
wltb a saber under an arm and a
small box containing articles to stop
the Sow of blood In the other. He
banded Arbuckle a saber, and tbe latter advanced to tbe spot where bis
enemy was standing. But beforo putting himself In a posture for defense
he said to Jim:
"In caso I am denied an opportunity
to crave your mistress' pardon by being killed bi this fight 1 desire you to
assure her that bud I livjed I would
bave done so.
"I'll do dat, sab," said Jim, "fo* I
reckon yo' gwlne fo' to get killed. De
man wid de udder sword mlgbty fine
fencer.   He killed"—
A suppressed exclamation of dissatisfaction from the champion stopped
this attempt to frighten the captain,
aud tbe principals In tbe affair, advancing toward eacb other, began to
fence. Notwithstanding Jim's encomiums the unknown at once proved
himself no match for bis opponent.
Arbuckle, perceiving this, stood strictly on tbe defensive, not desiring that
blood sbould be spilled In sucb a
He was beginning to be amused at
the bungling thrusts and parries made
by bis opponent wben an accident happened at an unlucky moment. Just
us the masked man was making ons
of his awkward thrusts Arbuckle's
foot caught ln a creeptng vine, and he
fell forward on tbe point of bis adversary's sword, which, entering his right
side Just below tbe arm pit, Inflicted
a flesh wound.
A cry came from the champion. Not
a masculine cry; lt was like a woman's
shriek. Throwing away his saber, be
stooped and lifted bis enemy ln his
arms. Arbuckle, more interested In
the champion's Identity than bis
wound, pulled off tbe mask and exposed tbe features ot Margaret Rlngold.
Tbe two looked at eacb otber for a
few moments without speaking; then
Arbuckle, seizing Margaret's hand,
kissed It respectfully, exclaiming:
"Forgive mo!"
Meanwhile Jim was hurrying forward, opening the box of materials tor
stanching blood. Arbuckle assured
Margaret that his wound was of po
importance, threw off his coat opened
bis waistcoat and exposed his shirt
saturated wltb blood. Margaret tremblingly applied Uut and wound a band-
ago to bold lt In Its place. Tkon she
told Jim to go for assistance and bring
a conveyauce to take tho wounded mun
to tbe bouse. But Arbuckle demurred.
"The affair must be kept secret," he
said, "because I am ashamed of my
part In requiting a woman to protect
herself ngalnst me, and, as for being
carried about witb such n pin prick as
this, my comrades would despise mo.
Go to your home, Miss Rlngold. You
hnve vanquished mc In more ways
than one. Henceforth 1 am your champion whenever you choose to have mc
by accepting ray services, I will now
tide to cnmp, but ask that at tlte tlrst
opportunity I may be permitted to pay
my duly to you."
Margaret turned and walked away,
but i'-lio beard footsteps behind Iter uud
felt ber band clasped. It wns Arbuckle.
"Tell me before we part," be snid,
"am 1 forgiven?"
Bhe made no reply except with her
eyes, but the man was satisfied. Ue
watched her, attended by Jim, till sbe
reached the huuse, when she turned
and, putting her lingers to her lips,
threw htm what she had fought blm
tor taking disrespectfully,
The "Swamp Fox" kept Tarleton nnd
his men busy for some time, during
jrklch Arbuckle did uot appear at the
Htngoia manor. Tben he was taken
lit. From a hospital he sent word to
Margaret that as soon as he had recovered be wonld see ber and make
all possible amends for bis treatment
of her. - Bnt he was obliged to wait
till the war had ended before being
able to visit ber. Wben be came be
asked to see ber father, saying that
be had called on a matter of vital importance to himself. He nsked to bs
permitted to pay bis addresses to bis
daughter. Tbe old Tory was much
pleased at the request, though be felt
that lt would separate blm from his
child and, having granted It. Informed
Margaret tbat Arbuckle bad come und
bad asked for ber hand.
Tbere was a great contrast between
this and the first meeting Margaret
bad with Csjitnln Arbuckle, wblcb
gave a peculiar zest to tbe latter. The
couple were married before Captain
Arbuckle returned with the British
forces ln America to England. Thero
the Sontb Carolinian wns welcomed
by her husband's relatives, and she at
once assumed a prominent position ln
society. But sbe always maintained
that had not the colonies won tbelr
Independence she would not have left
her American home,   .
Leva ts Still Blind.
"Melissa is so romantic."
"Anything romantic about ber recent marriage?"
"Of course. Tou see, ibe bad always dreamed of being rescued from
drowning by a handsome six footer
wltb dark, dreamy eyes and a Charles
Dana Gibson chin. So when she was
at tbe seaside ln June Bhe went out
too far —perhaps by design —and
screamed end splashed water and was
rescued. And, say, the man who rescued ber was a little sawed off person with sandy hair, a squint and a
pointed chin."
"Good gracious!   What did she do?"
"Sbe married him,"—Cleveland Plain
First Aid.
A little lad was desperately 111. but
refused to take the medicine the doctor had left At last bis mother gave
him up. "Ob, my boy will diet My
boy will die!" she sobbed. But a
voice spoke from tbe bed: "Don't cry,
mother. Father'll be home soon, and
be'll make me take lt" — Woman's
Home Companion.
The Ultimate Vexation.
'"There is nothing more unsatisfactory tban a boarding house beefsteak," growled the chronic grumbler.
"Ob, 1 don't know," rejoined tbe Impressionable young man. "Did yon
ever get a kiss from a pretty girl
over the telephone"—Tit-Bits.
The Retort.
"I don't see how you can enjoy
grand opera when you can't under
stand tbe .words."
"Didn't you ever enjoy a dlsb of
bash without knowing what was In
It!"—Detroit Free Press.
Trouble Was Out.
"At last Miss Millie, I can say some
thing that I have been burning to ask
you for somo time."
"Wbat Is It!   What Is lt?"
"Has your cousin Krnu enough money to marry on?"—Dlk.
Th. Sidewalk Display.
"Going to move again?"
"Yes," replied tho patient man.
"Wo've bought a lot of handsome furniture, aud wo wont to give lho public
a good look at It."—Washington Star.
Clroumitanti.il  Evidence.
"Do you believe marriage Is ■
"Well, you don't seo many married
people wbo look blank."—Baltimore
Th. Mystery Explained.
Tbe mau In tho Iron mask explained.
"Mosquitoes," lie said briefly.
Herewith ho looked for more armor.
-Now Vork Sun.
Just Gi.ilt.tct.
"There's only one objection to theso
apartments," said tho agent of tbo
building. "From these two windows
you can't help seeing everything lu
lho dining rooms of the neighbors on
botb sides of you."
"What's the rental?" smilingly aBlicd
the portly di.uic who wus looking for
s flat—Chicago Tribune.
Th* Kind .f Llf. Th.y Lead In Baku,
In Southern Russia.
Henry M. Kertnson, a British newspaper correspondent, writes as follows
of present day events iu Baku, southern Russia: "'You parasite!' When
you open a letter at breakfast and And
that written at tbe top Instead of
'Dear sir' or 'My darling love' your attention Is Immediately drawn to the
contents. But here lu Baku, If you
happen to be the hardworking manager of a rich field with lots of wells
yielding some 200,000 pounds of oil
apiece every twenty-four hours, you
will not be bo much surprised. You
will know at once whnt Is comlug, and
your flrst thought will bc a visit to
your banker's. 'Our agents,' the letter
goes on, 'will call on you tomorrow
afternoon at 5 o'clock und you will
give them the sum of $750. Should
you refuso you will bo killed tomorrow
or next day. Should you betray our
ngents or give tho smallest hint to the
police the whole of your family will
share your fute. Signed und sealed ou
behalf of thc committee.' Tbe seal Is
a rubber stamp In red, sometimes bearing tbo words, 'Social Democratic Federation,' sometimes 'Anarchist Commune.! Tbe sum demanded varies considerably. I tblnk lt ts seldom over
11,000, for one must be reasonable In
these matters, and usually It Is less, 1
have known a popular and capable
English manager to get off with $2(i,
which Is a ludicrous exchange for life.
But when tho agents ring ut thc door
and ask tbe servant if you arc ut borne
and disengaged, tbe only tblng to do
Is to pay,
"For tbere Is no pretense nbout the
throats. Refusal or betrayal means
death without pause, probably witblu
tho day. It has been proved over nnd
over again. It was proved lust week
In the case of a well known aud powerful manager who was murdered
with revolvers. It was proved the day
before yesterday when a Russian manager was disemboweled with knives
and lived a horrible time. Anyhow, If
you think lt worth while to live a little
longer hero below, you must pay and
try to reclaim from the company.
Whether the company will ever get
anything by reclaiming from the Russian government heaven knows. Tho
government Is too busy with the troublesome and expensive task of shooting its political opponents or sending
them to Siberia to undertake tbe protection of commonplace citizens wbo
have no perilous notions about freedom.
"Most conspicuous men employ armed retainers to protect them or avenge
tbelr death. Some publish from time
to time In the local papers a list of the
men who will be at once assassinated
If anything happens to themselves.
Tbls Is tbought very efficacious and
certainly helps to preserve the peace.
I know one manager wbo boasts he
has 200 men ln his pay, each pledged
to kill some one If tho manager Is murdered. Pride may havo exaggerated
the number, but there Is no doubt
nbout the system."
A Cigar Store Seoret.
Every tobacconist hns on his counter
a machine for cutting off tlio encl.-a of
cigars. These machines aro popular
for tho reason thut they pay for themselves many times over every year.
The ends thnt smokers cut oft nre
carefully gathered from the counter,
and It takes but a few hundred of
them to make a pound of good tobacco.
This can bc sold for 40 or 50 ccuts.
Some cigar store clerks arc very solicitous to see that tbe patron does uot
overlook tho cutting machine. They
push it toward li%». nud lie Is much
Impressed with tbelr politeness. Those
clerks have for n perquisite the machine's cuttings. ThiB adds several dollars weekly to their salaries.—New Orleans Times-Democrat.
Australia's Wealth lit Sheep.
Tho greatest Industry of Australia
Is sheep ruining, mainly for tlie sake
of the wool, but also lu part ot course
for the meat. Australia now ranks
Second auiong tbo great sheep raising
countries, Argentina being first with
1)2,000,000 sheep, Australia second with
72,000,000 nud Russia third with 70,-
000,000. But a few years ago Australia was flrst, possessing no less
thnn 100,2(10,000 bead St sheep. Tlmt
was In 1801. Prolonged droughts were
tho cnuse of thc destruction of many
millions of Australian sheep, but slnco
Il*ii2 thero hns been an annua! gain.
Yet these sheep wero not Indigenous
to Australia. They wore Brat Introduced In 1707, being of the Spanish
merino Bpoc.es.
Th. Longest Mile,
The longest uillo Is the Hanoverian.
|t Is 11,500 yards.
Rolio of Ghakeepeare.
Of thu few genuluo relics of Shake-
apouio preserved In Ids native town
tlio most liitarostinc^aro his signet
ring, wllb thc Initials "W. 8." on lt,
anil tlio desk nt wblcb hu sat Iu tho
grnmuuu* school of Stratford,
For the Children
Good  Joke at th.
Children'.     Party.
Photo by American Press Association.
At a summer resort ln the Catskllt
mountains there was given not long
ago a masquerade party for the little
folks. Tho photograph shows two of
the participants who took the characters of bride und groom. Tbe brld*
was very much admired by all wh»
saw them and complimented on her.
sweet and demure demeanor. And
here ts where the Joke comes ln, foe
thero was mucb laughter when th»
truth was made known. It turned out
thnt the beautiful bride who had been
so mucb admired waB a little boy,
dressed In bridal array, while th*
proud groom proved to be a girl la
boy's clothing. They were the big hit
of the masquerade. .,._ ...
How te Make a Compass. 7
A  magnetic   needle fs   very  easily;
made where a magnet may bo bad.
This, as you know, Is used to ascertain
the presence of Iron.
A bit of fine steel wire, er a long
thin stocking needle which has had ■
quarter of an Inch cut off nt tbe point
Is to be heated In tbe center until lt
Is capable of being slightly bent; tben.
while bot, a piece ot sealing wax is attached to tho center, and tho point
which was cut off, being made bot at
the thick end, la to be fixed in tbe wax,
so tbnt the sharp end may serve as •
pivot, descending about one-eighth of
an Inch below tbe center, taking car*
that both ends of the needle fall enough
below tbe pivot to keep it from overturning. >'
It Is now ready to be magnetized.
This may be done by sliding an end
of the magnet halt a dozen times or
so from the center to one end of the
needle, and treating the other end in
the same manner. A smnll brass
thimble Is best for tbe support, the
point of the pivot being placed tn one
of tbe indentations near the center ot
thc top, when, If well balanced, lt will
turn until It poiuts due north and
south. If one side tends to preponder-
ate, it should be nipped until _ 'lance
be restored.
Conundrums.    *-L-
Wl'.rn Is a chicken's neck like e belli
When it Is rung for dinner.
Why does Sweden uot have to send
abroad for cattle? Because sbe keeps
her Stock-holm. .
What Is the difference between •
clock and n partnership? When a clock
is wound up It goes; wben a Arm Is
wound up lt stops.
When do the teetb usurp the tongue's
rights?   When they are chattering.
Whut should you do If yon split yonr
sides with laughter? Run till you got
a stitch In them.
Why Is Sunday tlie strongest day In
tho week? Because tho rest aro week
(weak) dnys.
Why is a plowed field llko feathered
gnmo?   Because it's partridges.
Why Is a crow the bravest bird la
the world? Because lt never shows
tbe wblte feather.
Wooden Cannon.
The   first   ciiunitii,   inuilu   of   wood,
were iia.i'.l iu l'riuii.'a. iu 1338.
Oldest Newspaper.
Tbe Tslng I'ao, or Peking News, Is
the oldest newspaper tn tbo world, hat-.
Ing been Issued - regularly for nearly,
1.400 years. Its circulation Is about
10,000. The extreme enro necessary Is
publishing this paper Is shown by th*'
fact that until recent years the pan*
Isbnicnt for au error In printing was In-
stunt death. Another Chinese newspaper, tbo Kin run, la a thousand years
'jo worry Is to shnw your nan*
Taa ev'iy feller In tho land.
To worry Is to let ftlke know
You think you hain't a flglitln' titer. ,
Tub can't win foino or even oetf       **
Unless you sort o' bluffs yourself
Into ticllevln' ilmt you bo
Plum' failure proof, an' ilnn'l scliMt
A ttllo o' dirt where Gophers sit
An' make a tiiouniniti oui •,' It.
An' don't foralt this sayin' truo:
liier.'. millions more worse off than yoSX
-Popular Uacutlne. i THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B.C.
Dr.   Simmons,   dentist,    Morrison
block.    Phone R 39.
"The Grand Forks shating rink
opened Wedueaday evening for the
season. The band was in attendance,
and a large crowd was present. This
ia a month earlier than the rink has
lieen opened in any previous year.
Christinas gifts that give pleasure
and satisfaction to the giver as well
as to tbe receiver, can be had at Donaldson's Store, Columbia.
0. B. .Smith, general superintendent of the Granny mines, returned to
Phoenix last week from a trip of in
spectiun to the Hidden Creek properties.
Donaldson's Christmas gifts suggestion: For that gentleman friend, a
aet of armlets, braces and garters, put
up iu a niee fancy box; one of our up-
tn date ties, sweater coats, gloves, a
pair of our fine Jefferson Shoes, etc.
Work at the Oranby mines in
Phoenix will be resumed about the
ISth inst.
We guarantee that a box of our
apples as a gift to your friend, will
give pleasure and satisfaction. Donaldson's Store, Columbia.
The Kettle Valley restauiant
moved into the uew Argall building
on Bridge street on Tuesday.
Donaldson's mixed candy cannot be
beat at the price.    15u per pound
Mr. and Mrs H. C. Kerman and
family left on Monday for Toronto
and Grimsby, Ont., where they will
speud the next three months.
Chief Constable I. A. Dinsmore. of
Greenwood, was in the eity on Wednesday.
J. S. Gordon, of Victoria, high
sohool inspeetor, visited to local high
school last w.eek. e
If a man were as cheap as almost
any woman can make him feel, no
woman could resist him merely as a
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
atreet, Grand Forks.
For Sale at a Sacrifice—Fourteen-
room boarding house, seven minutes' walk from Oranby smelter.
Will sell for $1200. One-half cash;
balance monthly payments. For
further particulars apply st this
For Sale at a Bargain—Two horse
power gasolene engine, Apply J. H-
Plath, box 10, city.
The only policy holder who
doesn't need to pay his premiums is dead. The only man
who doesn't need to advertise
is the man who has retired
from business.
Liquor and
Tabacco Habits
75 Y(mit* Street, Toronto, Cnimda.
Referent".-*-! as to Dr. McTaffKi-irt'a prol-M-
•titmul xt nml hi ir and personal Integrity per-
inltti-i] by
Sir W. K. Meredith, Chief Jmtlce.
Sir Geo \V. Rom.ex-Preinlarof Ontario.
Kev. N. ItiirwHili.lM'., Proa. Victoria Olli-ire
K.-v.J. <•• tilieiirer, HA., D.D., MP. Hoard of
Monti Reform, Toronto.
Itiirht Kev. J. P. Sweeny. D.H., llltdioo of
Hon. IhomaftCoffey.Hcnittur.Catholle Reo-
ord, London, Ontario.
Dr. MoT.wir.tr ft vegetable remedies for the
llq'ior md toliaeco hatiht are htalthlnl. mife.
Inexi-i'iiHive home treatment*. No hypoder-
mio Injection*, no publicity, no lot! <>f time
from lin iii lin--, an-l a certain cure. Commlta-
tion or QorrcBpondeiioe Invited,
Tbis Offer Should Gain the
Confidence ofthe Most
We pay for all the medicine used
during the trial, if our remedy fails to
completely relieve you of constipation.
We take all the risk. You are not
obligated to us in any way|whatever,
if you accept our offer. That's ■!
mighty broad statement, but we mean
every word of it. Could anything be
more fair to you.
A most scientific, common nose
treatment is Kexall Orderlies, which
are eaten like candy, Their active principle is a recent scientific discovery
that il odorless, colorless, and tasteless; very pronounced, gentle, and
pleasant in action, and particularly
agreeable in every way. This ingre
dient does not cause diarrhoea, nausea,
flatulence, griping, or other inconvenience. Rexall Orderlies are particularly good for children, aged and
delicate persons
If you suffer from chronic or habitual constipation, or the associate or
dependent chronic ailments, we urge
you to try Rexall Orderlies at onr
risk. Remember, you can obtain them
in Orand Forks only at our store. 12
tablets, 10 cents; 36 tablets, 25 cents;
80 tablets, 50 cents. Sold only at our
store—The Rexall Store. H. E.
The completed election returns show
Liberal gains in each of the provinces
west of the great lakes. Compared
with the total vote of 1908 the Liberal gain in Manitoba was 6.567,while
the Conservative vote increased by
6206. In Saskatchewan the Liberal
gain was greatest of any province, it
being 14,171, as ageinst 4947 Conservatives. In Alberta the figures
were 13,299 and 7468 respeativaly,
while in British Columbia the Liberal
accessions were 3038, at against 1666
Conservatives. Westerner! are no
where wrong they say that the hope
of Canada lies in the west.—Viotoria
-   Not in the Dictionary
A teacher was reading to her class
and came across the word "unaware "
She asked if any one knew its mean
One small girl timidly raised her
hand and gave the following definition:
"Unaware" ie what you take off the
last thing before yeu put your nightie
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe that they can reach
the consumers of this district wilh
out advertisingin The Sun.
Show cards for widnows and inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed
Pri.it them plainly, to be rend at a
Grand   Forks, B  C,
PHONE   A14^
Dr*) four-foot Fir and Tamarac.    Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
A. GALLOWAY,«_.".'"....... Columbia p, o.i
NOTICE !■ hereby given tliat an applloatlon
will be made under Part V. of the "Water
Aot, 190V to obtain a license In tbe Similkameen Water District. Division of Yale District.
(a), the name, address, and occupation of
of the applicant: George Washington Swank,
(Jrand Forks, B.C.. Farmer.
(b). The name oUake, stream, or source (If
mummed, the description Is):   Cedar Creek.
(o). The point of diversion is where the
creek enters my land near the oentre ofthe
East line, on Lot numbered One A (IA) subdivision of »'.P.K. Lot number twenty-seven
hundred (2700) in Group 1 in the Similkameen
(formerly Osoyoos) Division of Yale District.
(d). The quantity of water applied for (In
onbte feet per second). One cubic foot per
(e). The oharaoter of the proposed works:
Dam and flume.
(f). The premises on whioh the water Is to
be used (desorlbe same) Is on Lot Oue A (t A)
subdivision of C.I'.R. Lot number twenty
seven hundred (2700) lu Group 1, In the Slroil-
ktmeeh (formerly Osnyoos) Division of Vale
(ff). The purposes for whioh the water Is to
be used: For irrigation and domestic purposes.
(li). If for Irritation, derorlbe the land In-
temied to be Irrigated, giving acreage: Is on
Lot One A (1 A) sulidlvlslou of C.I'.R. Lut
number twenty-seven hundred (27(H)) In Group
1 In the Similkameen (formerly Osoyoos) Division of Vale District, containing 100.45 acres,
more or less.
(J). Area of Crown laud Intended to be occupied by the proposed works; None.
(fc) This notioe was posted on the fith day
of A iiprust, l_>ll,and application will be made
to the Commissioner on the 6th dty of Hep*
tember, 1011.
(1). Give the names and addresses nf any
riparian proprietors or licences who or
whose lands are llk*-ly to be affected by the
proposed works, either above or below tha
outlet: None
Grand Forks, B C
NOTICE Is hereby given that an applloatlon
will be made under PartVof the "Water
Act, 1909," to obtain a license in the Similkameen Division of Yale District.
Name, address and occupation of the applicant:   W. Sayer, Rancher, Grand Korks, B.C.
Description of lake; Small body of wator
(no name), fed by springs-
Point of diversion is 40 chnins above Kast
line of Pre-emption No. 1300 S.
Quantity of water applied for: One cubit
foot per second. .'
Characterof  proposed works:   Ditch and
reservoir,   to be  used  on   Pre-emption  No.
- Purpose: Domestic and irrigation.
Description of land to be irrigated: Aore-
age, 78.
Acreage of Crown Laud intended to be occupied by works:   NU.
This notioe was posted on the 17th day of
July, 1911, and application will be made to the
Commissioner on the 16th day of August, Wil.
Name and address of rlparluu proprietors
or licensees who will ba affected by the proposed works,   None.
(Signature) W. 8AYER,
(P. O. Address) (.rand Po rks, B.C.
Bt. Joseph Mineral Claim,situate In the Urand
Forks Mining Division of Yale District.
Where Located:  In Central Camp.
TAKK NOTICK that 1, Henry Johnson, Fret
Miners, Certificate No. 36811U, for myself
and as agent for Peter Edward Blakie, Free
Miners Certllleate No. KM9B. Intend, sixty
days from date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recerder torn Certificate of Improvements, for
the purpose ol obtaining crown grants of the
above claim
And further take notice that action, under
section .17, must be commenced hefore thelsau
ance uf suoh Cerlficaie of Improvements.
Dated this 28th day of July. A.D 1911.
Bridge Itreat,
The beat and most
substantial fire-proof
building in the Boundary country. Recently completed and
newly furnished
throughout. Equipped with all modern
electrical conveniences, Centrally located. First-class ao-
ooratnodatlunttfor the
travelling publio.
Hot n& Gold Balds
Flrst-CUss Bar, Pool
and Billiard Rooms
If Printing "I
We are prepared to do all kinds of
Commercial   Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
We have the tnoBt modern jobbing plant
in the Knunilnry Country, employ competent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statement*.,
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dntes and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
•  I_odge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tugs, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of l*'are und Menu Cards,
Announcements and Counter Pads.
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
.Hfinr^ PDI\TllMfi—1,1,° **"*'' we <lo—'" '"   itHe" *"
vU'UU  [MLl 11L1V1   advoitiseiiiJnt, and  a trial order
will convince you that our stook and workmanship are of
the hest.     l_et us estimate on vour ordor.    We guarantee
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
r. McCutcheon
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods
Downey's Cigar Store
A compi.ktk Stock or
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh (■onslKiiment of
Received weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of
Ice Cream and Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
Kaiur Honing a Specialty.
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprirtor
1st Door North of Granhy Hotki..
First Street.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly, Passengers and Trunks to and
from all trains.
K.uTiiKRia'oim Bros., Profs.    .
Thadi Mama
DcSIQNt        '
Ai-rons sending * sketch snd detorlptlmi sur
qnlcklf ascertain our opinion tern wliollior so
•ant fro*. Oi'lcrt anno? ***"-'-—	
Patent* token ttiror-'
ipirtol notice, without
sney tor secortnrpatenta.
A handsomely illustrated wt'eicly, Laraert oit-
culm.on of any fc.iom.r'o Journal   Terras for
'..u.'_.J_v, •:,.,.* n yea*',f.i-.Li*ii- prepaid,   bold br
We carry the most lashionahle stock
of wedding .stationery in the Boundary country, And we are the onlv
office in this section that have the
correct material for printing it. Th»
Sun job office.


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