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The Evening Sun Feb 28, 1908

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Seventh Year---No. 18.
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. February 28, 1908.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Commencing   Snnday,   This
City Becomes Divisional
Point on G. N. Ry.
All Freight   and   Passenger
Crews Will Lay Oyer at
This Point
The new American federal nine-
hour day law for railway employees
goes into effect on the Ut of March.
The enforcement of thiB law has
necessitated a readjustment of the
hours of labor on the Great Northern
railway, and a day or so ago the
passenger crews running between
Spokane and Oroville received instructions from headquarters to
change at this point. By this arrangement the Spokane-Grand Forks
crews will stop over night in the city,
while the Grand ForkB-Oroville
crews will be here from 11 (o 17
o'clock daily.
Tbis change will make Grand
Forks a passenger divisional point
on the GreatNorthern railway. Regarding a freight divisional point,
the city has enjoyed that distinction
for some time, an freights arrive here
daily from Spokane, and trains are
despatched from this point to Phoe
nix, Republic and Oroville.
Nothing has yet been learned re.
garding the intentions of the company in reference to the rebuilding
of the roundhouse which was-de-
stroyed by fire a couple of months
Wood Legislation
The following is one of the amendments to the Municipal Clauses Act
which is under discussion iii the
provincial house at the present time.
It affects the power of the council to
legislate on the wood question:
"(104b.)—To regulate the mod* of
Bale and delivery of eordwood, including eordwood brought into
the city from outside the corporate limits, and to require all
eordwood sold to be delivered in vehicles with racks so measured and
adjusted as to contain a cord of
wood, and for compelling the delivery by the seller to the purchaser of
a ticket correctly stating the measure
supplied, and Ior compelling measurement at the city market by an
official, and payment of a reasonable
fee, aud giving of tickets of measurement, and for the marking of such
ciidwond, and for the keeping of
records by such officials, and for
regulating the iti ode of loading cord-
wood on vehicles; and for providing
penalties for obliterating or defacing 1 ^mln'dlvimnwttanu'    In a
went from Oregon, her present home,
to Salt Luke to identify the prisoner,
and when at the preliminary hearing
she was asked to pick out the man
who destroyed the hotel, she ditl so
without hesitation,
An Instructive Lecture
Mr. W. J. Clarke, of New York,
hu travels under the direction of the
Great West Lyceum and Music Hu-
reuu, delivered an interesting lecture
on the subject of "The Wonders of
Modern Science" in the Grand Forks
opera house last Friday evening. Although Mr. Clarke appeared under
the auspices of the 20,000 club, it was
quite apparent that the full membership of that organization was not in
attendance. However, those * ho
remained at home were the heaviest
losers. They are not any wiser than
they were last week, while those who
attended added materially to their
store of knowledge. The speaker
spoke entertainingly on the wonders
of radium, wireless telegra, hy anil
telephony, the X-ruy, and divers
other subject'., and his language was
couched in words that could easily be
grasped by the unscientific mind. Be
sides some practical demonstrations,
the lecture was further elucidated by
illustrations with the aid of a moving
picture machine.
Good Advice
There is so much truth in the following concise statement, uttered by
the Municipal World, that it will
bear repeating: "There should lie no
faction >u any town. The property of
one individual and every improvement
made enhances the value of- all property in the corporation. A town is
simply one big family.. I When this
discarded there is Hi tie progress
When there is a united pyll for anything, its ai c mipli ihment is made
easy. Envy, jealousy and liatred are
things to be despised. Envy is a
canker that gnaws at the heart and
makes folks sour, disgruntled and unhappy; jealousy warps the intellect
and makes us unfair in passing judgment. Hatred doesn't pay even from
a sordid point of view "
Progress on V., V. & E.
The Hedley Gazette states that
steady progress is being made on the
V., V. & E. railway grades. The
working force is gradually drawing
away from the Keremeos end anil
bunching up more thickly between
Ashnola creek and Hedley. Everything is finished now for five miles out
of Keremeos, and since the removal of
No. 1 camp, which took place lust
week, Keremeos is now almost out of
it so far as construction is concerned.
the mark placed on eordwood by an
official, or the alteration or destruction of any ticket, and the breach of
any regulation."
.   B. C. Divorces Legal
The chief justice made a highly
important announcement last week
in the supreme court at Vancouver
respecting tho   jurisdiction  of   thc
divorce suit that came before Mr. Justice Clement recently, his lordship
said that the provincial pourls had
not power to deal with the matter.
Last week, however, when Mr.
CedlO Identified Brydone-Jack made an  application
Francisco Cedio, the Italian arrest* for interim alimony on behalf of the
ed in Salt Lake City a couple of weeks petitioner, Mrs. McWade, before
ago on a charge of having blown up Chief Justice Hunter, his lordship
with dynamite a -hotel at Niagara, said that he differed with Mr. Jus-
near this city, in 1906, was on Feb- tice Clement, and refused to follow
ruary 17th positively identified as the, his decision, bb it was not binding
man who did the dynamiting. Mrs. j on him, and he gave it that the pro-
King, wife of the hotelkeeper, whoso' vincial courts have the power to
daughter was killed by the explosion, listen and give decisions in such
made the identification.    Mrs. King matters.
A $10,000 HOTEL
To Be Erected Opposite the
Great Northern Station
This Spring
Contract for   Material   Has
Been Let—Work to Start
at Once
Grand Forks is a have a new 110,-
UO0 hotel. On Wednesday Mr. P.
D. McDonald, of the Queens, let the
contract for the lumber, doors and
windows for the new building to B.
Lequime, and work on the structure
will be commenced inside of a couple
of weeks.
The new Queens hotel will be located a block east of the present
Queens, on the vacant lots directly
the Great Northern station, on the
corner of Donald street and Government avenue, in the West eud.
The building will be 35x50 feet,
four stories in height, and is of
very pretty design. Half of the first
story is to .be constructed of concrete, the balance being a frame
building. It will contain between
30 and 40 bedrooms, besides parlors,
dining-room, lunch-room, bar-room
and sample rooms for commercial
travelers. The estimated cost is
about 810,000. The building will
be constructed by day labor under
the superintendence of Wm. Carter,
the designing architect.
Mr. McDonald expects to be doing business in his new quarters by
the first of June. Last fall The Sun
annoanced that Mr. McDonald intended to erect this hotel, and work
would have bean started on the
building then, as announced at the
time, had not obstacles been thrown
in his way by certain parties.
Money for Improvements
A Montreal dispatch says the C.
P.U. last week sold £2,000,000, or
about $10,000,000. of Canadian Pacific 4 per cent debenture stock at
over par, and also received 811,-
000,000 on account of the first installment of 20 per cent common
stock, which first instalment only
called for an actual pay Blent of $48,-
000. From these two issues alone
the C.P. R. will be in possession of
about $84,000,000, and this is to be
used in part in enormous extensions
and improvements.
Dominion Copper
The Boston Commercial, in its
issue of February 16, replying to a
quarry from a subscriber regarding
the Dominion Copper coinpany, has
the following: "We think favorably
of the Dominion Copper. The company owns some valuable mining
properties, has a surplus of cash in
its treasury, and its possibilities of
pulling out and becoming a dividend
payer are good."
Given a Purse
The employees at the Granby
mines in Phoenix last week raised a
fund of SI 12 for the purpose of
sending Mrs. M. Fisher and her
child back to her father at Guthrie,
Okla., where she can recuperate her
broken health. The family havo
been unfortunate of late, witb a lire
that took everything they hud. und
last wetjk the five-year old boy died
from eating concent rated lye, pneumonia also setting in.
A Sure Sign
One nil.in do.'s not make n «|
Hut several have been seen in (i
Forks during the present week;
liesides, a tame spring poem
U'red into ThrSun office ih
ihe mail a few, days ago,
should be indubitable evidence
balmy spring is not far distance
ni i i.i
James Stewart is favorably spoken
of as successor to the late B.A. MoAu-
ley, for the position of collector of cut
toms at the sub-port of Carson.
R. H. Trueman, the well known
Vancouver photographer, will shortly
make another visit to Grand Forks.
He will be at Blome's old studio on
Bridge street for ten days, commencing March 10th.
A Spokane firm wishes the postmaster of Grand Forks to assist them
to find the Mickey Day Co., said to be
doing business in this city. This must
be one of our firms which do not advertise. We have never heard of it—
have any of our readers 1
Mrs. Chris Coughlin, who was removed to the Cottage hospital the
first part of the week to submit to an
operation, is reported to be recovering quite rapidly, and will be out
again in the course of a week or so.
F. W. Elmore, the West end
butcher, has purchased the building
formerly occupied by the Columbia
Trading company, ind is moving his
shop into the same.
Spasmodic efforts bave recently
been made at ;:;ving hockey exhibitions in the rink at 35c per ex. The
result has always been fatal to the
home players.
The time of a Boundary newspaper
boy is spreading. The Prince Rupert
Empire says: The Empire has lost
two of its valued exchanges. The Sun
of Port Essington is taking a rest,
while its owner takes a vacation. The
News of Anaconda has stopped its
perfecting press, while its editor and
pressman takes a course in an agricultural college. But although it has
lost two, it has gained four; but the
whole four gainetl do not ofiset the
loss of the little Anaconda News.
First Instalment of Machinery
for North Fork Mine
Cost of Plant Will Amount to
About Twenty thousand
The new gasolene hoist recently
purchased in Spokane for the Little
Bertha mine, located fourteen miles
north of this city on Pathfinder
mountain, arrived in the city last
Saturday, and on Sunday Charles
McAllister left for the property wilh
the machinery, which required three
.-leigh loads to transport up the
river. A gang of workmen has been
at work at the mine for some time
blasting out a foundation for the
hoist, and Dan McLean, one of the
owners of the property, who arrived
in the city on 1< riday, accompanied
the hoist up the river for the purpose of superintending its installation.
The machinery which is to be installed at the Little Bertha this
spring represent a total cost of about
$20,000, and includes a 10-stamp
Nissen mill, crushers and concentrators for treating the ore on the
The shaft on this property is now
down 42 feet, and it is tbe intention
of the company to sink 200 feet
deeper. A tunnel will also be driven
to ascertain what values can he obtained on the lower levels.
Superintendent Chas. Diesel, of
the Snowshoe mine, states that there
is no likelihood of that property resuming operations as long as copper
remains at the present low quotation. A rise of two or three cents
per pound would probably bring
along with it old-time activity at
this mine.
Charles Engle died lust week at the
Sisters' hospital ut Greenwood after a
two weeks' illness with pneumonia.
Deceased was formerly employed in
the mines at Phoenix.
Tho sum of 880,632.22 was the
amount left by the late Mr. Justice
Walkem to his daughter, Mrs. Lung-
lev, who is his sole heiress under tho
Fred Downey, thc tobacconist,
has been appointed local agent of
the Phoenix steam laundry. The
basket will leave his store for Phoenix every Tuesday, returning Friday evenings.
Right of Way Litigation
The case of Atwood vs. The Kettle Valley Railway Company, for
trespass, was tried before the supreme in Nelson last Tuesday and
Wednesday. H. C. Hanington appearing for the plaintiff and David
Whiteside for the defendant company. The action was brought by
the plaintiff for certain of his lands
taken by the defendant railway
which he claims are worth 83000,
the defendants refusing to pay so
large an amount. Hence the plaintiff brought action of trespass with
an alternative of *jf3000 damages.
On Wednesday evening all of thc
evidence was in and counsel began
making their arguments. It was
expected that the case would be concluded yeslerday forenoon.
Mining Stock Quotations
Nkw Yuiik, Feb. 28.—The following are today's opening quotations for
the stock mentioned:
/tiled     Bid
Granny  90.00    80.00
Dominion Copper     2.25      2.12j
B.C.Clipper      1.50
Metal Quotations
NewJYohk, Feb. 20.—Silver, 55*;
electrolytic copper, 12 ) Qt 12 ;j
London, Feb. 26.—Lead, £13 17s
Od; silver, 25 11-10.
Time Rearranged
The hours of the three shifts at the
Granby smelter havo been change 1
slightly, each one going to work un
hour later than formerly. The hours
now arc: From 24 to 8 o'clock, from
8 to 10 o'clock, and from 16 to 24
o'clock. uUr? Etaitmg j$mt
Published at Grand Forki, British Columbia.
G. A. Evans Editor and Publisher
A tile of this paper can lie seen at the olliee
of Messrs. E. & 5, Hardy 4 Oo.. 80,81 and 82,
Fleet Street. K.C, London. r'liirinud, free of
charire, und that linn will ho irlud to receive
subscriptions and advertl.emeiits on our behalf.
One Tear 11.110
One Year (In advanoel  1.00
Advertising rates fur.ilshe 1 on .in-,
Leirul nntires, 111 mid .*> cents per line.
Address all communications to
Thb Bvesino Sun,
Phonb 1174 Gkano Fohks, B.C.
uable asset of tho province, and will
play even a greater part in the future advancement of inning than it
has in the past. As the industry
expands, thc demand for electric
power, generated from the water
power, will become more extensive
for driving the machinery. A work
of the scope and character of this
one is almost a necessity. The work
has been carefully and well done,
and emanating as it does from a
high and authoritative source,
should prove valuable for reference.
"Xpw," said the handwMe man, 'I      We are still offering The Sun and      Bicyci.es and Repaih AVohk—A'
want ,25 ,'omts more'to pay express' the Toronto Weekly Globe and Can-' complete line of 1307 models.    A few
DO H'lllnll        rlio       till ....1. n ......    r....,n       ...lo     4Cna.n-.nv.   fni.   Q 1      ......    ........        i n .. J  *      1   I I        . 1..       .1	
cHsf*§e*ss7 which the purchaser gave
hiin. "How much did your axe cost
ada Farmer for 81 per1 year in nd- second-hand wheels cheap. Wheels
vance. The illustrated supplement to rent. Geo. Ciiapple, opposite
that accompanies the Globe is worth  Postoffice, First street.
"One dollar and fifteen cents," the  twice the money we ask for the two
The Inland Sentinel, of Kamloops, sounds the following timely
warning to tbe people of this political district: If the Liberals of Yale-
Cariboo intend to make their presence felt at the next general (lection
it is time they bestirred themselves.
It is worse than foolish to leave
everything to the last moment and
then find there is not time to do
half the things that need careful attention. Locally there is a great
deal too much apathy among the
Liberals. It may be that the chance
of a Conservative being elected is so
remote that there is thought to be
no need to take the precautions usually deemed wise to prevent untoward and undesirable results, but if
that be the case, or whatever may be
the reason, the sooner some life is
infused into the dry bones of local
Liberalism the better. Advices from
those in touch with the trend of affairs show that a dead-set is to be
made to wrest Yale-Cariboo from the
present incumbent, Duncan Ross.
Thc Tories recognize in that gentleman one who is especially objectionable to their interests. In the
house no member from this provinc
has been more active in exposing
the hollowness of the Conservative
party tactics. His attack upon Hon.
Mr. Bowser has resulted in his being marked as one against whom all
the engines of Toreyism must be directed toeffect his destruction politically. Working by the devious paths
peculiar to the cult of Toreyism, attempts have been made to instill
into the minds of weak-kneed Liberals a feeling of antagonism against
Mr. Ross, and that the venom has
worked in sonic instances is possible.
But the rank and file of Liberal
workers know that this very antagonism against Mr. Ross, this determination to use every menus to secure his defeat, is the very best evidence that the reputation he bus
gained in the house, as one who has
worked faithfully and well in the interests of his vast constituency, has
been well earned. 11 behooves every
Liberal, therefore, in this district ot
Yale-Cariboo to be up and doing.
The ties of party must be strengthened and means taken tn place party organization on a basis that will
be attended with satisfactory result.*,
The period of masterly inactivity
has expired, The call now is lor
workers, not drones,
It is said thnt the artistic temperament is more highly developed in
orkingmen than in the average citizen. Wc have frequently obsei veil
that the majority of them can draw
their salaries to perfection.
A dancing iiiiiniii appears to be
sweeping over Grand Forks at present; at least, that is the only subject
some people can discuss. All of
which has a tendency to make them
Tacoma has a school-girl holdup.
Fven some of the ladies are becoming
desperate during leap year, and are
arrogating to themselves ull the luxuries formerly enjoyed only by the
sterner sex.
Cold must be a slow traveller.
Even an infant can catch it. This
piobably accounts for the fact why so
many people in Grand Forks are suf,
I'ering from this ailment at present.
A man thrown out of a window may
fall against his inclination, but it is
usually by falling against a hard pave
ment that dents in his anatomy are
Simply because a banker is continually taking notes, does not neces-
s trily indicate that he would make a
successful newspaper man.
Here in the Boundary country the
path of duty appears to lie through
custom house.
A good cricketer resembles  a  pudding because he is a first-class  batter.
A society belle should  give tone to
the coinpany in which she mingles.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Chappie and
daughter, Palma, left this week for
Spokane, where the latter i9 to submit to an operation for a nasal impedi
Special Lenten services will be held
at Holy Trinity church as follows:
Ash Wednesday, March 4th, 11 a.m.
and 8 p.m.; every Wednesday at 8 p.
m.; every Friday at 4 p.m. Holy
week services will he announced later.
fl. C. Hodge, of Nelson, district
manager of the British Columbia Telephone coinpiiiiy, was in the citv last
Wednesday nn atom' of inspection.
Peter ll Nelson left for the
Kootenay country the lirst | a -t ■
present week.
if the
man answered.
"Very good; now give me the five
cents more for money order fees and
postage," which the purchaser had to
handover. "Now how much did your
axe cost you?"
"One dollar and twenty cents," said
the customer.
"Not so cheap after all," said the
merchant, whereupon he picked up
the axe, tossed it buck on the shelf,
and told the customer to call for it in
ten days, as that would he as soon us
lie could get it if he had ordered il
from a mail order house.
What You Ought to Do
The following line', taken from an
unidentified exchange, are so appropriate to the conditions in Grand
Forks at the present .moment that
they will bear repeating:
Yon are not bound to—that I   know,
But sweep your sidewalk free of snow.
Don't leave it there until it. thaws
Because of looseness of the laws.
The neighbors doubtless leave  theirs,
But is that an excuse for you?
They only know true virtue's glow
Who sweep  their  sidewalks free  of
It's selfishness—the meanest vice—
To have your walk a sheet of ice.
It's shiftlessness—a lack of shame,
To call it by no harsher name.
Unless your sense of duty is low
You'll   sweep your sidewalks  free of
"The next time that it falls," you'll say,
"I'll swear to shovel it away.
"No cussed carelessness of mine
Shall make my neighbor hurt his spine.
"Through my fault he shall never slip
And break his collar bone or hip."
Think of one street entirely clear,
Where one may walk devoid of fear!
Think of the blessings without end
That will upon your house descend!
The commendations they'll bestow
Who see your sitlewalks free of snow.
The Sun and  the Toronto Weekly
Globe for 81. OOper year.
We have some of the highest grade
paper antl stationery for up-to-date
commercial printing every brought to
the Boundary.    Ibun -lob Office.
Artistic Pictures
Taken.  The only opportunity
you    will   have  this Spring.
RH     TRIIF1VIA1N,   Tl"'   *9)l'knowp   Viinenu-
•   ■■■*•    J*I*V»UU1.TJ£1L1   ver  Pluitiiglier, will make
his last visit to Grand Forks during the present winter on
And will remain here for TEN PAYS only.    Anv one desiring
first-class works in his line should not fail tn call on him at
Blome's  Old  Studio,  Bridge   Street
The  Sun and the Toronto Weekly
Globe for 81 per year.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
The Sun acknowledges the receipt
of a copy of Vol. II, part '1, of Mr.
Justice Martin's "Mining and Water
Cases of British polumbin," which
has just been issued by the Cnrswell
Co., Ltd., of Toronto. Mr. Justice
Martin is a jurist of more than ordinary ability and erudition, and he
has had a varied experience with
the class of cases included in thc
book. The work, therefore, should
prove valuable to both the legal fra-!
ternity and laymen. One of the j
chief assets of the province is its
mineral wealth, and there will al-
ways be more or less mining litigation. Water power, which enters
extensively into thc development of
the mining industry, is another val-
One On the Customer
A rather am using
Ruilwuy Kelt of llritish Columbia muy 1m-
liiuncsti'iiilrd by any person who is the Ii-muI
of a family, or nny mail) overHtrliteeii yenrs
of titr*', to the extent of oiie-quarter section
of ItMi aere**-, more or less.
Entry must he mm!*- perHonnlly at the local
Inml otlice for the district In which the In ml
Is situate.
The homesteader Is reciuired to perform
the ('-unlitiou<- I'lHinivteii therewith under
one of the followintc pin us:
(1) At leant six months' residence upon uud
cultivation ofthe luud In each year for three
(2) If the ful her for mother, if the father is
deceased)- ofthe homesteader resides noon u
farm In the vicinity of the lund entered for,
the requirement! us to residence may besut-
fstied hy lUoh per-nn residing with the father
of mother.
CI) If the settler hut) liln perinurient retd*
rittttoe iinou fiirmlnir land owned  hy   him In
the vicinity of his homestead*the require*
Fish and Game in Season
TAKK NOTICE thut August Johnson, of
Lynch Creek, on tbe North Pork of Kettle
River, if miles north of the City of Orand
Forks, Ynle District, BrltUh Columbia, occupation Hotel keeper, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described
land. Commencintr nt u post planted at
Lynch Creek, uhout eighteen miles north of
ihe Citv o' (irand Forks, on the North Fork
of Kettle Kiver, In the Similkameen Division
of Ynle District; thence north eighty chains,
thence west ten chnins to the east bank of
the North Fork of Kettle Klver,thence south
following the east bank of the North Fork of
th Kettle Klver eighty chuins to a point duo
west of the point of commencement, thenee
enst fifteen chaius to the point of commence-
ineiii, und containing ono hundred acres,
more or less.
Duted the eighth dny of January, 1908.
District    of
Similkameen   Laud    District,
TAKK NOTICE that Samuel Horner, of
Grand Forks, H.C, occupation a It rick layer,
Intends to npply for special timber licenses
o'vp the following described lunds, nil situ-
ute in the *Jimllknmeeii Division of Yale District, Province of Hritish Columbia)
Locution No. 1. Commcticlii-*; nt a post
marked "Sumuel Horner's Southeust corner,'
planted ubout sixty chuins west of McFar-
luue Creek, adjoining southwest corner of
timher limit No. 1R188; thence north80chains,
tlinhoe west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
tlieuce enst 811 chains to the point of commencement, containing W0 acres, moreor
less    Located November 28th 1007.
SamUel Horner, Locutor.
Location No. 2. Commencing ut a, post
marked "Samuel Horner's Southeast oorner,' planted about forty cliuiiis west of the
northeast corner of No. 1 Locution; thence
north aueliuitis, tbence west Ml chains, thence
.nt-li wloltatni,thence enst Ml chnins to the
.nci.tVt'is'to respien('Vrm\\y'l»rsatlKiie1'l"by ! I""11*  »f   eomineiicnineut,    containing    0411
residence upon the suid lund. agrei, more or less. Locuted November -38th,
Six mouth I1 notice   lu  writing should   be , '■£• , ., -       ,   _
given the Commissioner of Dominion Lunds      Sumuel Horner, Locator.
StOI'V ia told On a   atOttawa of intention to apply for patent. Location   No.   3.   Commencing   nt   n   pert*
Coal -Coal mining   rights iimv   he  leased : murked "Samuel   Hurner's Southeust    cor-
iiriii wliu went nit.i u  htii'd Ware store I'or u period of twenty-one years at an an-j per,'* adjoining No. 2 Location on the north-
iiual rental of $1,00 per aore.  Not more than  rust corner: thence north 80 ohains theuce
of [1 neighboring town and wished    to ' -WW* aore* shall M leased to one Individual or   west 80 chuins, thence south 80 ohains, theuce
I company.   A royulty at the rate of live cents , east  80    chains to tlm point of commence-
Collection Agency
I purpose opening an office for
the collection of accounts, adjusting of books of existing
business, and also made up
preparatory to final administration of estates.
Leases and Contracts Drawn Up
Sale** of Property Negotiated
Rents Collected
Correspondence attended to immediately Financial returns
promptly made and guaranteed
S. T. HALL. J. P.
CF. Teledr.pti Company Bridge Street
Milk  Supply Go.
Fresh Milk Delivered
Leave Orders at Jeff Davis' Store
siivs   un exchange ' i)Rr ten h*m" Ih* oollaoted on the merchant*
* ' I ahle oual milled
purchase  nn  nx
Being shown the article and Informed I w. w. coky,
thai    the   price  was  SI.15. he  said- Depilly of the Mlnlrter of the Interior.
.                   '                              '   '"-          ' N.H.-Uiiuiithi.rizcil   publication of   this
\\ hy, I win get thut sumo kind nf un  advertlitenieiit will tiotbe paid for.
axe from a mail  order  limine  for ' 90 •
." snid   the   hardware
givu  it  to you for the
niuu, "I
same price provided lhat you will do
the same with ma us you would with
"All right," replied the customer us
he handed over a dollar bill, the merchant giving hiin buck ten cents in
Fnr the famous AUTOMOBILE
SKATE, the kind tlmt won't
bend nr break, light and
strong,and every pair guaranteed, see
incut, containing Hill liereH, more or len..
l.i.i-iin*il November iisth, 11107.
Samuel Homer, Looator.
Location No. 4. OonimeiiotiiK nt a post
marked "Samuel Horner's Southeast corner," adjolnliit; No. II Locution ou tho northeast corner: thence north Ull chains, theuce
west Hli eliains, thence south 811 chains, thence
enst 811 chains to the point of commencement, containing 640 aore., more or less. Located November *8th, 1IHI7. Sumuel Horner,
Hated nt Grniul Forks, B.C.,  December 13,
We curry the most fashionable stock
I of wedding stationery in the Boun
! dnry country. And we are the only
! oflice in this section that have the
correct material for printing it.   The
Irish Twist Roll
Imported Smoking Tobacco
Downey's Cigar Store
Bridge Street
B. G. Land Surveyor
Grand Forks, G. G.
Phone   85 FEW KNOW THIS
Says    Hume-Made     Treatment Cures Rheumatism
Shake the Ingredients Well
in the Bottle and Take
After Meals
forms about the joins and muscles,
causing an untold suffering and de
formityof rheumatism.
This proscription is said to he n
splendid healing, cleansing and invig
orating tonic to tbe kidneys, and gives
almost immediate relief in all forma of
b'adder and urinary troubles and backache. He also warns people in a Icad-
i ig New York paper against the indis
c iminuta use of many patent medicines.
When an eminent authority
nounced in the Scranton (I'a.) Times
that he had found a new way to treat
that dread American disease, rheumatism, with just common, every-day
drugs found in any drug store, tho
physicians were slow indeed to attach
much importance to his claims. This
was only a few months ago. Today ,
nearly every newspaper in the coun-
try, even the metropolitan dailies, is
announcing it and the splendid r. suits
achieved. It is so simple that any one
can prepare it at home at small cost.
It is made up as follows: Get from
any good prescription pharmacy Fluid
Extract Pandelion, one-half ounce;
Compound Kargon, one ounce; Compound Syrup Sarsaparilla, three ounces.
Mix by shaking in a bottle and take
in teaspoonful doses after each  meal
and at bedtime.   These are all  simple ,.   .,- ,.   ,,     ,.
r concourse of citizens, all  the ( ann-
lngredienta,   making   an    abso utely .. . , „     m   .„
,       ,     , dian and American customs otneers
harm ess home remedy at   little  cost.    ...     .••■•,     • i .1   • .   .
* of tbe district paid tbeir respects to
Rheumatism, as every one knows, U (b, m of theirdeparted brother
a symptom of deranged kidneys.   Itis officer &  ^^    ^ ^ ^
a condition produced by the failure of
the kidneys to properly filter or strain
from the blood the uric acid and other j     „     „ ,      .,      , w    n  „
1 For Sale—Brand new No. .' lira-
matter which, if not eradicated, either p|,ophone; eost $50; also f 14 worth of
in the urine or through the skin pores, records; will sell at a sacrifice if taken
remains in tho blood, decomposes and at once.   Particulars at this office
At the hiiine of his sister, in Danville, Wnsh., on Sunday, February
2.rd, Edward E. McAuley, aged 42
years, of heart failure, after a shnit
illness, which was nut considered of
a serious nature.
Deceased wns a unlive nl Pembroke. Ont. He wns an old-timer i f
this district, coming Here eight
years ag.. During the pnst six
years he bus been in his majesty's
service, acting ns collector of customs
at the sub-port of Carson He wus
well and favorably known throughout the Boundnry, and besides a
brother at Rock Creek and a sister
at Danville he leaves a lurge circle
of friends and acquaintances behind
to mourn his loss.
The funeral was held from tbe
Catholic church in this city at 11
o'clock last Tuesday morning, the
services being conducted by Rev.
Father Harlninn.    Besides   a large
IHWe qo<p
Regular Price &3.00
An Oiler Which Meets the Special Wants of All Classes of Readers
The Western Canadian reading public is'raade up ohieflyof these
classes: Persons who have lived in the West for a lengthy period
nml are out and out Westerners, and recent arrivals from the Old
Country, from the United .States and from Eastern Canada.
Perhaps no one newspaper could cuter with complete satisfaction
to all these classes, but by this combination oiler every special need
is met
The Weekly Free Press and Prairie Farmer gives a complete record week by week of all happenings in the Western Provinces, lu
addition it has special departments for American and Hritish settlers. The Family Herald and Weekly Star supplies the former resident of Eastern Canada with the news of the Eastern portion ofthe
Dominion in detail, and the Grand Forks ,Sun provides the local and
Boundary news, which you cannot do without.
Find enclosed 82.00, for which send me Weekly Free Press
and Prairie Farmer, Winnipeg; Family Herald and Weekly .Star,
Montreat^and the Grand Forks Sun, for one'year each.
This earth is inhabited   mostly   by
people ffho imagine they were intend*
d to do something better  tiuni  their
I resent vocutioti.
If a* woman doesn't mind beiug
caught in a shower, it's a pietty good
i idication that .she hasn't a drugstore
When two women go shopping together they are apt to buy things just
to show each other that they havo
High school graduates who start out
to set thu World on lire soon discover
that there are a lot of lire engines on
The successful politician and his
pre-election pledges are sold..in on
speaking terms the day ufter election.
Anyway, a woman bus as much
right to advocate hi r .ights us a mail
hns to po-ens a soc ety leader.
if a woman can't lind any thing else
tj worry about she gets busy and
WOl'Kb up a case of jealously.
Your enemies are seldom as black
us yuu paint them or your friends as
while as they appear to be.
Before marrying a rich widow a
wise man assures himself that she is
willing to deliver the goods.
Although the Woman behind the
broom doesn't draw a large salary, she
raises a lot of dust.
Shortly after a man goes up against
the matrimonial game his bump of
hope becomes utieut.
if a rich girl has iiery red hair it's
a sign that all her acquaintances will
tell her it is golden.
Married women should let their
husbands he right once ill a while—
just for a change.
it doesn't take the average man
long to throw oil' the greatness that is
thrust upon him.
When a young man's best girl expresses a wish it's up to him to pay
the charges.
A man has outlived his usefulness
wen he is nu longer capable of giving
He's a wise fool who can induce the
world to laugh with liiin instead of at
An affectation of simplicity on th-
part of a woman sets a man guessing
The worm isn't the only thing that
will turn; even   a hair will turn gray.
How it does irritate a woman to be
out-talked by one of her own sex.
It isn't at all surprising that some
people are saddest when they sing,
You may think you are a superior
mortal, but keep it to yourself.
You cun lead a woman to talk, but
you cannot make her think.
Sometimes the man who was born a
fool gets bravely over it.
The man who tells a funny story
usually enjoys it most.
To many people feather their nests
with borrowed plumes.
Only a stupid woman doesn't know
"■hen to act stupid.
Men grow wiser with age, but seldom less foolish.
A Gun P!ay
VI. Ruse .'iinl wife, two characters:
of unsavory reputation residing
iii'i'i.ss the international hotiudan
line siuiih of ihis city, went over io
Danville last -jiinduy and proceeded
111 lil! up mi American whiskey. The
wind up wns ii row and u jinn play,
ihe usual result of imbibing too
freely of licit fluid,   Ai Danville the
■nuple   fell   in witb   u   half-br I
iiirber named Brown, After enrolls*
lift for some time lUise iiimg ued
hni his wile and Brown weregetiii a'
on well iiequninted. Whether hi-;
•iispieiiins ueie imaginary or mil i-
iiimiileriiil to this narrali m of the
■ITi'iiy. At anv lute, his jealousy
iriinipterl him tn procure u 30.30
iViiichi'sler, Returning, I..* lind
limit a dozen shuts m Brnwn, one
ullet penetrating the hitter's thigh.
liiise was arrested and taken to Republic. Brown's ii,juries are out
considered dangerous.
Knox Piiksiivti'Iiian Cm.'iicu—
Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and 7 p.
in.; Sabbath school and Bible class at
2:30p.m.; Young People's Society of
Christian Endeavor, Monday, 7:80 p.
in. All are cordially invited; seats free.
Methodist Church, Hev. 8ohlioh-
ter.—Services next Sunday at 11
u. in. and 7:00 p.m.j Sunday school
and Bible class at 2:80 p.m. All
ure welcome.
BAPTIST CuonOH, Hev. F. W. Auvache, pastor.—Services on SiiiiiIiiv
at 11 a. in. and 7:80 p.m.; Sunday
school and Bible class at 3 p.m.
The surest way to evaporate busi
iiess troubles is to give your stationery
the necessary talking qualities by
having it printed in a modern offloe
by competent workmen. The Sun
job office is the most up-to-date in the
Boundary, and our workmen are capable and of wide experience. This is
the reason why we do the plinting fur
the best firms and corporations in this
There's No Other Way
To reach the large and ever-inoreasing
irele of our readers than through Tin
gUN's advertising columns.
You might as well try to reach
the orb of day by walking on a sunbeam as to attempt to reach The Sun
readers by advertising in any other
(New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 190(i.)
Is a dozen books iu one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It is a pracicul book, useful
to all and necessary to most men engaged in any branch of the copper
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
Knglish without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4C26 copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the property.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the facts it gives him about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain English.
Price is 85 in Buckram with gilt
top; S7.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week of receipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J.  Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
453 Postoffice Block,
Houghton, Michigan,
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of
Ice Cream  and   Summer Drinks
$4.00 Per Year.   Single Copy, 10 Cts.
Sample Copy Free.
«i ni-RT I nnRIF I'I'llI.IS1IEIIS,
**•   4u7o"" 4' «'• UWfl ST.. NEW Yllllt
■'The Blood I, Tito Life,'*
Scioneo hs;s nevof gone onyond ths
al )Vfi;iimp!(!i:'t'dicmiirituf JcrpLuro. But
it lias illuminated thut st:i:emont und
0 ran it a meaning ever bruu tening with
tl: ■ Increasing breutith of knowledge.
Vi :on tho Uood is "had" or impure it
is not alone tho body which Buffers
through disease. Tho brain is ali-o
i*!';u^d,\bv! mind and judgment are
Effected, aiuh-^-y an evil deed or impure
th'.^i^*J)^>^d^*cctly traced to'the
impuiwyo! the t3b5fli rmil.lmpurf blond
fiiTi bj ni'irii* nun- hv i!'*-_.tL-j-:_':f Or.
Plerco'sJi-.kien MJ5ES BJft^sS   ■**
cut-ing, pimples, blotches, eruptions and
ot'-er cutaneous affections, as eczema,
te ter, or salt-rheum, hives and other
m.. ni [.'.stations of impure blood.
®       ®       ®        ®       ®       ®
]n the cure of scrofulous swellings, 0d>
lar'-.i glands, open eating ulcers, or old
so res. the "Golden .Med leal Discovery "lias
performed the most marvelous cures. In
ca ies of old sores, or open eating ulcers,
It is well to apply to tho open sores Dr.
Three's All-Healing .Sulvo, which pos-
so nos wonderful hoallng potency whim
used as an application to the sores in conjunction with tho uso of "Golden Medical
Discovery "OS a blood cleansing consti-
tiiLionul treatment. If your druggist
don't happen to havo the "All-Healing
Salvo" In stock, you can easily procure it
bj inclosing fifty-four cents in postage
stamps to Dr. R. V. Pierce, 668 Main St.,
Buffalo, N. Y., and it will come to you by
return post. Most dnu'cist-i keep it aa
woll as tho "Golden Medical Discovery."
®       ®       ®       ®       ®       ®
You can't afford to accept any mei. .no
of unknown composition as a substitute
fO,*l,Golden Medical Discovery," which Is
a medicine of k:jo\vn composition,
having a complete list of ingredients In
pi iin English on its bottle-wrapper, Iho
sa ne being attested as correct under oath.
:)r. Pierce's Pleasant Polbts regulate
ax... Invigorate stomach, liver und bowcsln
. Ca<-pet« Gleaned and Laid,
Furniture Re-mired, Upholstered ami Gleaned, and
other jnl>s in tin- house-
cleaning1 line. Rubber Tires
fur Baby Gurriages.
Second Hand Goods
A. J. Stewart
General Blacksmlthlng
and Repairing
Turning, Scroll Work, Saw
Filing,(inn Repairing, Manufacturer of Screen Doors ami
First Street
Hoi uml ('..hi I'lithn. Nicely I'llrnMicll
S4»v>-ll<*i»<»l iliiuiiu. Entire!] re*
fnrnlinei] „,,,i renovated throughout.
l-'iist-Hiis*, hounl l..v ilny, week or
month. Speaial rotei to iteaib board*
.TM AiiiiTM-mi uml Europonn pliiim.
I'lm-Ht Hur iii ilt.i In Connection.
Reoetve both Ladies and Gentlemen oi resi-
dent or day student* ihos a complete Commercial or Husim-h* ("I'lirM*; prepares stn-
dentito train    Teaobera' Certificates of nil
trrniles; glveitbe four years' course fnr tlm
H. A. degreei and the first year of tbe School
or Bolenoe course, tn affiliation Witli the Toronto University; hni aspcoial prospeotors-t
course for miner:-' who Work in B.C. Enitruo*
tion li also given In Art. Music. Physical Culture   nml  BlOOUtlon.   Term opens Bept.l th
lfloc.  For Calendars, etc., address
GIFTS     .
Jail Ih* Thing lor 111. Ckrtelmu
MODEL B        ,
Bull Doti Suspenders
TilEPTAKDAHnhoPsniotJio** fit. bcrauso they contain ninre
u-iil ln'tiur rulili'-T thnn -uli-T in**.k**»,   •*.:; .,uin»  ea-v,  ttt*
mt i'f tli*c*l*--ii>* in I'viTy ■-*ilfloai becauitute; Iisto nfld-jln
>l)HUrtl. *pMDUlt«M U4.lt.iruntiirinrnit.il. nii.l br-rnu-in tlio 00t*d
fnuHMltlWipBrtlua ii'imllv (riiiul Tn tumiiomli-ra. |irevt'utlii(Uiuiu
troiii tra)ft|?Rnd w-nrni*: tlirniij-li.
Thi* Murt Ootnfovu.bltrStupandun M.nin fur Mnn. Tooth or it-ny
in Lift*, Rttry or Kxtni iimw ffi IrtU, Biln U>at(No Bxtni CwO
H«ii--tn». Itii'diciiKivoUifU Kverj HBO nml IJ"*- Will lllmllv Hoa-tve
87 Lincoln St. Boitoa, Maes.
tfiil Urn   [>."■. Si"i7i,!iiii r-iMti   Ann CAIN mrtiml for lOo. poiitns-*.
Initrui-Uvi- 1-n.ikliit,  "Slylo. or   Hnw t« Hr4<*- Ourrertly,"
frt") ft you maiitlnn till* iiuliliCktioii.
Following are the locations, cer-
tifloates of work, bills of sale, etc.,
recorded in the Government office at
Grind Forks, 13. C, of the Grand
Forks mining division, for tho past
few weeks.
Hotohkiss fraction, Gloucester
camp, Wm. Law; Bay City, Summit camp, Win. Chesser; Donoanter
fraction, Gloucester eamp, Andrew
One-fourth of Boston, Brown's
camp, VV. A. Pounder to C. A. S.
Atwood; one-half of Verde, Franklin
camp, C. N. Mardon to W. H. Itter.
Omar, Franklin camp,B. G. Cuin-
mings jf, M. D. Schenck j-}; Old Dominion fraction, Franklin camp, E.
G. Cummings 7 M. D. Schenck 1;
Cottage, Franklin camp, Jacob Jaskulek J, Irvine Ballew A; 13. C. Fraction No. 2, Summit camp, The
British Columbia Copper Co.;  Last
Chance, Franklin camp, Jacob Jaskulek J, Irvine Ballew 7
Copper Butte fraction, Wellington
camp, John Holm; Copper King
fraction, Wellington camp, Holm et
al.; Selene, Coryell Pass, \V. E. Caporn; Florence, Wellington camp,
Bassett et al.; Eva fraction, Wellington camp, J. Bassett.
The Natal Act
A Vancouver dispatch states that
the full court has handed down a
decision that the Natal Act, recently
passed by tne provincial legislature,
cannot be applied to Japanese immigrants. The two Japanese over
whose entry into the Dominion a
test under the Act waB fought, have
heen deported hy the Dominion authorities under an order-in couneil.
Emigration Officer Munro held the
two men in the shed detention until
the appeal on the Act had been
dismissed at Victoria, when he immediately ordered their deportation,
and so far no steps have been   taken
- r-i'i£f>i'i'i!&'*v**"*»!
>;*.' ■
... ^J.
jtm ■
f- ■■'/>
J''--i'*.'i We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com- 235*1,
petenl workmen, and carry a complete |j£/
line of Stationery, " "°
llilll ils nnd Stnlements
Letterheads nnd Envelopef
I'osi'M's, Dntef and Dodgers,
liisiniss nnd Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
Shipping Tuns, Circular" and Placards,
Bill* of Fare and Menu ('aids.
Announcements and Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
, And everything turned out in nn
I'p-todate l'rinti'iy.
Gnoil Printing—the kind we do—is in itself
an advertisement, and a trial order will convince
von thnt our stuck nnd workmanship are nf the
best. Let us estimate on ynur order. Wo guarantee Katisfaotion.
Evening   Sun
Job Department
towards questioning his action.
Tuesday morning formal judgments
were handed down in the full court
dismissing the appeal from tbe decision of the chief justice in the Natal Act case. The full court unanimously agreed with the chief justice
that the Act, in so fat as it applies
to Japanese, is ultra vires.
Dnvid Whiteside and H. C. Hanington, barristers, and IT. W. Warrington, C. A. S. Atwood, IT. 0.
Kerman, F. Kerhy and J. A. .McCalluin are in Nelsou this week in attendance at the supreme court sittings, the parties being counsel nnd
witnesses in the case o Atwood vs.
The Kettle Valley line.
Arthur Henderson left this week
for the coast cities, where he intends
to remain some time.
Special Notice—The monthly
Co-Operative Social will he held in
Eagles' hall at 7:30 on Monday,
March 9th, instead of Friday,
Match (ith.
Prints more live Boundary news than
any other paper published in the
district. The price of Tiie Sun is
only §1.00 per year—one-half the cost
of its competitors. The .Sun is never
on the fence regarding questions of
public interest. The Sun is acknowledged to be one of the brightest
papers published in the interior of
the province. Those who subscribe
and feel dissatisfied, will have their
money refunded by calling at theollii's
of publication, "
The Evening Sun and the Toronto
Weekly Globe and Canada Farmer,
81.00 per year in advance.
The EVENING Sun. The Winnipeg
Weeklv Free Press nml Prairie Farm
er and the Montreal Family Herald
and Weekly Star, S-.00 per year in
land ACT
Similkameen Land   Division, District ol
1 Yale.
TAKK NOTICE that, A. Rnkine Smith,   of
Grand (forks, British Columbia, -■-■ni pillion a firokei't intends tn mipl.v for a special
timber license over the following described
funds, ail sihiate in the Similkameen Division
of Ynle District, Province of British Columbia)
Locution No. 1, Commencing at n posi
marked "A. Erskine Smith's S. \V. corner."
planted on the mist bunk of the West Kuril
of the North Pork of Kettle Itiver. ahout
•'i-jfht miles north of the northern hnundar-i
of lot :iti..r>,G' onp I, Similkiinweii Land Divi
-ion, Ynle District) thenee eilst Hill chain-.
thence north-JOohalns,thenoe'west lOOchatns,
thenee south 40 chnins to the point of rum
tnencement, containing: WO acres, nn n oi
less, LooatedOctober2»itl,1007.
Location No. 2. Commencing at a pos
marked "A. Brsklue Smith's s*. w. corner,1
planted on the east bank of the West Pork ■■'
ilic North Fork of Kettle River, about 8!
miles north ot Iln' nortli   boundiirv   of sal
Lot 8686) thence east 160 ohains, thenee norti
H) chains, thenoe west, Hill eliains, them-1
-.until 411 chain*-* to the point of commenei
ment, containing 640 acres, mure or less, Lo
uated October 22nd, 1007.
Location No. 8. Commencing; at a pus*
marked "A. Krskine Smith's S. W,. corner '
planted on the east hank of the said We*
i-'ork, about nine miles nortli of tiie sal'
northerly boundary nf snid Lot 8686: thenc
cast PHI chains, tlieuce nortli 40 chains,thenc
west 160 chains, thenee smith -III chains to tie
point uf commencement, containing --i
acres, more or less. Located Ootober 22m
Location No. 4. Commencing at a pos
marked "A. Erskine Smith's S. W, corner,'
whittled on the east bank of the said Wes
Pork, about I*'-., miles north of the nurthei 1
boundary uf said   Lot 8686{ thenee east   hi
chains, thenoe north 40 chains, thence we*i
itHl chains, thence south 411   chains to tin
point of commencement, containing in
acres, inure or tens,   Located October itfiul
Location No. 5. Commencing at a pos
narked *'A* Erskine Rmlth's N- 17 comer,'
plauted ou the west Imnk ut the said We*.
ork, ahout ten miles north of tbe -ai'
northerl) botindnrj of said but UtJa5| thenc
.until 80 chalm, thence west 8u chains, theuc
mrtii nil chains, tliHin-eeast 60 chains tn ih
point   of   commencement, containing 64
lords, more or less. Located -..nl day ol
• tuber,  IIHI7.
i.ucatiuu No. 6, Commencing at a posi
narked "A. Krskine Smith's N. 17 corner,*"
,,bulled ull the West Imnk uf the said Wes
o.-k, abuut nine miles nortli of tiie uorti
luiiiidnry «.f suhl Lot 8085; theuce Ml chain-
*>uuth, ihence mi chains west,thenoe Su chain*
■orth, thenoe 80 ohalm east to the point ol
■oraumiicomnet, ituuiaiuiutr "M aores, more
or less.   Located K8rd day of October, mu7.
Location   No.   7.   Oommenolng   at   ii pus.
narked "A. Krskine Smith's S. w. corner.'
illinted un ll.e west bank of thesaid Wesl
-'ork,hbotlt )*-.'■;   miles   uurth   uf  tbe  nortl
louudary of said Lot 668.1t thence 100 chaiie
•nst, thenee40chains north,thence hU)eliains
vest, thetioe 40 chains south  tothe  point ol
ommeiicement, ooutaluiug i>4n acres, mure
.r leSR.    Located IMtllof Oetober, ItHJi,
Locatluii No. ». Uoinmetiolug at a posi
laiked "A. lirskine Smith's N, W. corner,"
l.iuled    ou tiie   east  hank  of the said West
fork, about I4jjj mlies north of tne north
lututdary of said Lot666sii tueuce bin ehaiu.-
'itbt, thenoe 40 uhaius suuth, thenoe itniciuiius
t'est, tlieuce 4U chains uorlli tu the point
<t coiiimtmcemciit, OOniailtillg l>l<< acres,more
ir less.   i.i,. atcd 26th Ootober, h«j7.
Location No. 0.   -Jommeiioliitf   at a po*t
narked "A. UrsklllO Smith's S, 17 corner,"
planted uu the east hank uf the said West
i-'ork, ahout 16 miles north ol the north
ouuuUaryof said Lot 8688; theuon 40 ohulus
ast tlieuce I'liichains north, thenee 4Uchains
sti tueuce Jbl) ohalliB south to the point uf
iioiencei t. OUIltUIUlUg OiU aere*,  lllore
leas. Located 2dth Ootubeii 1W7.
lated at urand Forks, H.C, this 16th day
November, n-W.
The following table gives the ore
for 1905, 1906 and for the past week:
Granbv Mines, Phoenix	
Snowshoe.   Phoenix	
Mother Lode, Deadwood	
B. C. Mine, Snmmit	
Emma, Summit	
Oro Denoro, Summit Camp	
Bonnie Belle, Deadwood ,
Brooklyn-Stemwinder, Phoenix.
Idaho,  Phoenix  ,	
Rawhide, Phoenix	
Sunset, Deadwood	
Mountain Hose, Summit	
Senator, Summit Camp	
Morrison, Deadwood	
Sulphur King,Sutnmit	
Winnipeg, Wellington	
Big Copper, West Capper	
Carmi, West. Pork	
Sally, West Fork	
Rambler, West Pork	
Butcher Box, West Fork	
Providence- Greenwood	
Elkhorn, Greenwood	
Strathmore, Providence	
Preston, Skylark	
Prince Henry, Skylark	
Skylark, Skylark Camp	
Last Chance, Skvlark Camp	
E. P. U. Mine, Skvlark Camp...
Bay, Skylark	
Mavis, Skylark	
Don Pedro, Skylark	
Crescent, Skylark	
Helen, (ireenwood	
Republic,Boundary Kails	
shipments of Boundary mines
1900 1907    Past Week
801,40-1 608,429      17,147
8,426 Kili. 13!)
104,120     199,863        	
1,345 1,370
12,881       16,941 	
6,404        (-,314 	
140,()85        43,298 	
2,960 .     14,!)'J!I 	
26,032       65.623 	
48,390       31,270 	
3,565        2,1)42 	
Total, tuns  1,158,991
Smelter Treatment—
Granbv Smelter  828,879
B. C. Copper Co.'b Smelter  121,031
Dominion Copper Co.'s Smelter  218,811
1,148,226  17.147
Total treated.
     1,168,121    1,110,860       20,840
Authorised .—shaiikh—. Pi.lil    Total t"    Latent      Par
Name of Company.            ruiiitiil.   Iibih.iI. Par. MHO.      Date.      Date,   Share
Granby Consolidate'-('upper.   $iri,uliii,(loo     18T>,lim> jlllio ¥1,020,000 92,966,080 Sep, 1007 t&,i0
Cnrlliio MoKlllliey—Gold     1,2511.(100  1,880,000    **!           840,887 Peb. 1004     .1)4
l'n>i-i.k*ii.«.-Silver       200,000      81000     *5 10,000        88.231 Sept. 1006     .80
13. C. Copper—Copper*'!    8,000,000    608.000    $5              201,200 ISept. 1907    .40
Geo. Taylor
General Contractor,
Excavator, Etc.
All Orders Given Prompt and Careful
Grand Forks, B. C
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly, Pas-
sengors and Trunks to and
from all trains.
Telephone A129
liuTiiisnpoitn  Bkos.t, Props.
60  YEARS-
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
AnTfiiH? ("finrtlng a *ketcb (ind dMcrlntInn mssf
' ■-   - —-■■** nitr opinion freewliot'	
ililypfttcntnWa C'ltntr.-	
t inns tn Hotly feonOdont i.tl. HANDBOOK on l-a-cat*
li. vomlnn is prottnlily -p-uoittiihla.  Ciimtnutilcft-
tlninntriotlyonnUilimtrnl. HANDBOOK^—
sunt free. OHi-st oaenof for nocurliiK
l'-iii'iii» taken throuub Munn A\
VH.ialnotke, wtthoutulinreo, la tho
$?M\ ic American.
A hiUHlsomuly llhi'-i nttrtl wnoiily. LnrROHt t-ir-
oulnnoa of nny UlODtlflO juunial. Terpll for
f.iii.i.hi. 4r i.t.'i it yuur.pobtuitu prupuld, Hold by
•■'! Jtowwifftlt;:"-.
MUNN «S Co.-""""—^ Knw Vork
IliuicL OOm, ra IT BL, WustiiiiBtuii. U. a
When remitting money get an express order. Cash on demand of
payee. To all parts. 8. T. Hall,
branch agent Dominion   Express Co.
Before closing yonr contract for
reading matter for the coining year,
read the tempting cluhbing offer we
make on the third page.
Palace Barber Shop
or Honing a!
Kazor Honing a Specialty.
P.  A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Victoria Hotel,
Hi -iii*.!' street, Grand Forks, 11. C.
Foo Lee
Pacific Hotel
Plrit*olnM in pvpry ••(■*.|i-'i*t.
Sample roomi for cuimiier-
olal traveler!.
Hut nml Oolu Baths.
Hur hi (jOiniPi'tloii.
I'iiM'it Hi'iMirisiif Wiueti,
l.innins and Oi|*iii's.
The Purest and Best in Ihe City.
On Draught Exclusively at


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