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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Jun 20, 1913

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 Kettle Valley Orchardist
(A   ;
$1.00 PER YEAR
Important   Case  Affecting
- Land Sales Whicb Are
Not Completed
Kilmer case are* open to such an 'interpretation, then , all the conveyances in Canada in tbe last sixty
yean bave been based on bad law,"
bev iraid.
An important matter, bearing on
agreements of sale, is now before the
court ot appeal at Victoria. Tb*
case in wbicb tbe issues are raised
it one in which tbe recent privy
council decision of Kilmei vs. B.C.
Orchards ie being invoked in an effort to make the decision apply to
land purchase agreements in the
province wbicb have a thirty-day
cancellation clause. The effect will
be far-reaching, because nearly all
of tbe land purchase agreements in
the province contain clauses to tbe
effect tbst time iB the esseuce of the
agreement and that in default of the
payments being promptly met tbe
vendor can regain possession of the
property, after giving thirty days'
notice of cancellation.
Tbe opinion of some ie that if the
court of appeal "hold the Kilmer
judgment to apply te all land purohase agreements, then it will result in an avalanche of litigation affecting tbe security of land titles. If
cancellation under a tbirty-day notice ia not legal, it will be in order
for litigants to bring- snit to regain
possession of properties taken from
them in years past under tbe thirty
daya' cancellation clause. Time will
be no longer tbe essence of a con
tract to purchase land, no matter
wbat the agreement may say.
Tbe present appeal ia brought
against a decision by Judge Grant,
- ordering that a lot in North Vancouver be forfeited to tbe vendor, a
laborer, who had agreed to aell to
T. J. Donahue, in Mareb, 1912, for
1750. Tbe second payment, due on
September 4, 1912, waa not raet.and
tbe tbirty-day notice wae gent on
October 16, 1912. Aa this was oot
met, cancellation waa completed on
November 19, 1912
An action for tbe recovery of tbe
land was begun before tbe Kilmer
va. B. C. Oruharda decision waa
bainded down by tbe privy council,
and big honor reserved hearing arguj
ment until tbe decision was received
In giving judgment be intimated
that in bis opinion the Kilmer case
was very different as to the . facta,
and, therefore, ruled tbat tbe cancellation wag good.
Tbe judges of the supreme court
bave since adopted tbe Kilmer judgment as a guide in refusing cancellation on short notice,
on behalf of hia clients, entered an
appeal againat Judge Grant's decision.
In commenting on the features of
tbe appeal cage their lordships of the
court of appeal expressed the opinion tbat tbe decision of the law
lorda was extreme law. Mr. Justice
Martin, who waa no* on the , bench
wilh hig brother judges whtn the B.
C. Orchards against Kilmer caae
came up en the first appeal, aaid
tbat the decision of the privy council wae embarrassing to the courts of
the province.
In reserving tht decision of tbe
court, Chief Justice Macdonald intimated (bat the situation was a very
crucial one. "If tbe words used by
tbe privy counoil  io  deciding  tbe
New Use for Copper
Tests oMhe service rendered by
sleel railway rails containing one-
fiBf of one par sent of copper have
been made hy the Obicago, Milwaukee & 8t. Paui railroad, and following results shown by a year's service
of 6060 ton* of rails, double thnt
quantity has recently been ordered,
says tbe Mining and Scientic Press.
It is understood lhat if further testa
prove equally favorable the company will adopt Ihis alloy- as a
standard in ita rail specifications.
Since over 3,000.000 tons of rails are
made annually in the United States,
an important avenue of consumption of copper might result from the
adption of ibis type of rail alloy by
even a few of tbe larger railroads.
Granby Completes Arrangements for Development of
QNew Properties
Only a Few Protests Were
Made Against the Assessment
Tbe statutory gitting of the coutt
of revision, composed of Mayor
Fripp and Aid. Manly, Miller,
Woodland and Wright, was held in
the city ball on Wednesday afternoon. Tbe protests against the assessment roll did not number over
ten. A few reductions in tbe assessments were made, hut the highest amount did not run over a hundred dollars.
A sitting of the county court was
held In the new court house yesterday forenoon, bis bonor, Judge
Brown presiding. A number of
naturalization cages were disposed
of, and the appeal of Charles Ausel
mo, wbo wag tried before two justices of the peace at Cascade recently
on a charge of having stolen gooda
in bis possession, and wag convicted
of the charge and sentenced to six
months in jail, was sustained. - *
pletion of this modern building,
wbich is said by experts to be the
most sanitary and up-to-date dairy
barn in the province.
Miss Madalene Stendal, formerly
of tbis city, arrived in Grand Forks
on Tuesday from Kalispell, Mont.,
for a few weeks' visit,
Mesdames J. C. Bugbee and F. E.
Cooper returned home on Wednesday from Nanaimo, where Ihey attended the Rebekah assembly as
delegates from tbe local lodge.
Common baking soda diluted in
water and ii-cil us a wasb is said to
be an excellent remedy for mosquito bites
Financial arrangements for carrying out the hew mining and smelt
ing enterpriae of the Granby Consolidated at Granby bay have been
tuccessfully completed, according to
a dispatch from Vancouver. Thia
announcement waa made here by A
C. Flumerfelt, director, wbo baa
just returned from New York, wbere
he attended a meeting of the board.
Since acquiring the Hidden creek
group the company has already expended over 11,000,000 in payments
and in development work, The
Granby directors contemplate an
initial expenditure at Granby bay of
about 83,500,000. Members of the
board will visit Granby bay in August.
"Despite the present money stringency tbere exista a strong under
tone of confidence throughout tbe
country," said Mr. Flumerfelt concerning the present financial situation.   ■*•* 	
Uniformity in Judging
A frequent cause of complaint on
the part of exhibitors at fall fairs
arises from tbe lack of uniformity in
the placing of awards. Ons year a
judge will set a standard of excellence that differs radically from the
ideal looked for by the judge wbo
appears oo the same grdunds the
next year. Tbis is unsatisfactory,
BiuBing cancel- j not 0„,y t0 the exhibitors immedi-
sandMr. Bray,'ttUsly ooncerMdi but also to producers in the neighborhood of the
fair, for they are given nb uniform
type to follow in their live stock or
crop operations.
•To overcome tbis lack of uniformity in judging .in Ontario, J. Lockie
Wilson, superintendent of agricultural societies, bas arranged io have
his departmental judges of live stock
and field crops attend a short coursi
early in July, wbere tbey will receive special instructions from experts, compare ideas and arrive at a
uniform atandard for tbe varions
classes 'hat will appear before tbem
io the show rings and on tbe show;
benches of the province.
A. R Brewer, of Danville, waa in
the city yesterday. Mr. -Brewer,
wbo ia president of tbe American
Land Development & Manufacturing company, of Curlew, haa just
finished installing a new current
motor pumping irrigation plant for
Father J. Ferroux, at Carmi, fi. C.
The motor is pumping 265 gallons
of water per minute through an
eight-inch pipe line up the hill fifty
feet under great pressure, and running sprinklers tbat are throwing
the water one hundred feet. A
similar plant was installed on
Father Ferroux.'e ranch a year ago.
Mr. Ferroux is highly pleased with
these motors, and strongly recommend them to anyone who may want
cheap power for irrigation or other
pueposes. the motor was invented
by Mr. Brewer about two years ago.
It' is claimed that tha invention
will do more to solve tbe problem
of developing the agricultural possibilities in the semi-arid districts of
the west tban any otbtr factor. Tbe
motors are manufactured in all
sizes from one to a hundred horsepower.
At the meeting of the license commissioners on Monday evening the
applications for renewals of the
seven botel licenses and the license
of the Grand Forks family liquor
store were granted. The application
of R. A. Fraser for a wholesale and
bottling license waa, on motion of
Mayor Fripp, seconded by Commissioner Taylor, rejected without a
dissenting voice.
Dr. Kingston, wbo is confined in
the Cottage hospital witb an attack
of typhoid fever, is'reported to be
slowly recovering.
Local strawberries are now plentiful in the market. Tbe crop in the
valley, tbis year is reported to be
Nels Larsen. of the Granby Consolidated Mining & Smelting company, was recently at the Red Star,
Roche river, owned by Beige and
Bonniver. Tbe Granby bas a bond
on this fine property, on whicb
about 1000 feet of tunnels and crosscuts bave been run. Assays show
2 per cent copper.—Princeton Star.
A meeting of the member* of the
Grand Forks Produce association
has been called for Saturday, June
21, at 3 p.m., in tbe Miner's Union
hall, for tbe purpose of electing a
board of directors for the coming
year and to transact sucb otber business as may come before tbe meeting- ,    	
Coroner Black held an inquest at
Greenwood last Friday on tbe re
mains oj the late Mrs Joseph Davison, wbo woe killed in a railway accident After hearing tbe evidence
.of five witnesses, the jury returned
a verdict of accidental deatb, attaching no blame to anyone, Mr
Davison, who bad an arm cut off,
will recover if blood poisoning does
not set in.
The members of Grand Forka
Lodge No. 30, Knights or Pythias,
will attend a memorial service, to be
conducted by Rev. Henry Steele,
in Holy Trinity church, on Sunday, June 29, at 7:30 p.m.
A. Mesker, C.P.R. conductor,
and James ,Busb, blacksmith, of
Midway, are *n tbe city witb the intention of buying Overland automobile*.
In an explosion, caused by drilling into a misstd bole, at the Na
poleon mine a few days ago, Fred
Anderson bad a leg broken and sustained other injuries. He was taken
to the Marcus hospital. Hig eyes
were badly damaged, but it is
thought that bin sight can be saved
It is reported that the British
Columbia Copper company will resume operations in a few days at
the Lone Star and Washington
It is estimated tbat the Granby
company has 7,000,000 tons of ore
in sight at Pboenix and 1)1,000,000
tons at Hidden creek.
Tbe prophets who predicted a dry
summer have all they can do at
present to keep out of tbe rain.
One inch of rain fell in twenty
four hours in this valley this week.
W, R. Dewdney, government
agent, and A. S. Black, of Green
wood, attended the sitting of the
county court in tbia city yesterday.
0.P-R. Will'Electrify Its
Line From Castlegar to
E.   Spraggett,   road  superintendent, visited Nelson thia week.
Tbe basket dance beld in W. j The Grand Forka bssebsll club
Glanville's naw dairy barn on Wed-1 defeated Pboenix at the fair grounds
nasday night was largely attended, in tbia cily Wednesday afternoon
Tbia wu the celebration of the com- by a score of {0 to 0.
A dispatch from Montreal says
that J. G. Sullivan, chief engineer
of western lines of the Canadian Pacific railway, announces tbat tbe
contract for double tracking the tunnel through tbe Selkirk mountains,
wbich will bt five miles in length,
has been let to Foley Bros., Welch
& Stewart, of Vancouver, who were,
the loweat tenderers.
When tbit tunnel is built and tbe
cbange el line is made on each side
of it, tber* will be but one stretch
of 2.2 grade against tbe westbound
trains. Tbis tunnel will sharten
tbe line by four and a balf miles
and will reduce -tbe elevation tbat
trains are required to be lifted now
by 540 feet, and it will save 24U0
degrees of curvature, wbich is equivalent to nearly seven complete circles. This tunnel will enter the Selkirk mountains on the east end in
tbe valley below Bear creek station,
on tbe present line, and will come
out at tbe loop.
Mr. Sullivan also announces that
it haa been decided to electrify, the
line between Castlegar and Rossland, starting tbe work at once.
The following is'^W^'mniimum
and maximum temperature for eacb
day during the past week, as recorded by tbe government thermometer on E. F. Laws' ranch:
Min. Max.
June 13—Friday  56 - 68
•    14—Saturday  .... 46~ 59
15—Sundty,  39 69
16—Monday  45 72
'17—Tuesday  38 75
18—Wednesday .. 45 81
19-Thursday..... 55 66
Rainfall  1.40
An Alleged Difference
Is there any truth in tbe declaration that tbe difference between
banka in Canada and in tbe United
Statea ia that the people of Canada
trust the banka and the banks of the
United Statea truat the people?—
Vancouver Sun.
W. R. Dewdney, government
agent at Greenwood,married a couple
from Phoenix on Wednesday. Mr.
Dewdney is old enougb to follow
the example of tbe groom.
A special train from Greenwood
came down on Monday evening with
C. P. lt. employees, who attended
Col. Taylor's lecture on "Handling
Tbe time for receiving tenders for
the construction of the Greenwood
post office has been extended to
June 25. It is thought tbat four
tenders will be aubmitted.
Tbe cases of Fair vs. George and
Rex vb. Butoricb are on tbe docket
for tbe supreme court in Greenwood
next week.
The city of Phoenix is advertising
tor tenders for the installation of a
heating plant in ita new public
The Ladles Whist Club
Is It my lead? asked the flrst;
Well, ot all hands, I've tbe worst.
Dear ine!-   It I only knew
What you ]iad! chirps number two.
Now, I can't eay on the whole,
That this play accords with Pole;
But it Is the best I have,
Kate exclaims, so mild and suave;
V'liile- above the loud uproar
Comes thc chorus from all four:
What are trumps?
Miss, Polly Dunn, Is that your ace?—
Oh, say, have you seen the lace
Selling now at Brown and Darts?—
I forgot Kate had no hearts—
And -the tnost exquisite shade—
Gracious, Emma, Where's your spade?
is It my play Agnes said!;
Do yon know you can get thread,
Only four cents—John Smith's best-
Just here chime In all the rest:
What are trumps?
This. 1 think, the leadlnj spade—
Oh. I thought the lack was played!
Well, that makes two points for you.
One for us, did you say, Emma?
How can that be? Did you trump?
Hare you heard about the bump
Peter has upon his head?
Isn't that a lovely spread?
Dldl take that trick? Dear me!
Here strike ln the other three—
What are trumps?
How much better we all play
Than we did!     Well, I may say
Once I couldn't keep my mind
On .the game, but now. I find
It's aB easy as can be.
Ie lt your deal? Let me see-
No; the cards belong to me.
1 remember now that Kate
Led the king and that the nine-
Did you say the lead was mine?
What are trumps?
Women's commonest ailment
—the root of so much ol thslr
Ill-health—promptly yields' Is
the gentle but certain action
of Na-Dru-Co Laxatives.
25c. a box at your druggist's.
««. i«»«_ aava an* ch»icm so.
It was a cruel thing to eay about
a nice railroad whose chief aim was
the speedy transportation of Its passengers, but the conversation had
turned to tbe Lightning Expresses
and Wallace Irwin, the author, simply couldn't help it.
On the road In question, as Mr.
Irwin related the story, a train stopped one day and the passengers were
told tbat a cow had got on the track
and had to be driven off.
Up the road a few miles farther the
train stopped again and once more the
explanation was given that a cow
was on the track. Two miles, perhaps, of continuous going, and then
came another stop. This time a
passenger glanced wearily towards
Ihe end of the car.
Mr. Conduotor, hi called out ln
yiiwnful accents, could I speak to you
a moment?.
Certainly, answered the conductor,
niuvlng down the aisle, what la it?
Do you really mea.i to say, returned the passenger, ln a voice that was
almost a sigh, that we have caught up
Jo tbat cow again?
- A certain man stayed out mucb
later at night than his wife Uked,
and as he wouid never tell her where
he had been, shs got their little boy
to ask him. One morn :.,{ ut bi ealt-
fast the youngster said. Dad,
wbere were you last night? Well, lt
you must know, I was Bitting with a
sick friend. Oh! did your sick friend
die? What an absurd question! Of
course he didn't die. Oh, but did
you hold your sick friend's band? No,
answered tbe father; how foolish you
are! Of course I didn't. And then
he added with a far-away look ln his
eyes: I wish to goodness I had. He
held four aces.
AKfct i mc of disfigurement and suffer-
in.; often results from the neglect, in
fections. In the prevention and treatment of minor eruptions and in the
promotion of permanent skin and hai r
heulth, Cuticura Soap and Cuticura
Ointment are absolutely unrivaled.
(titlr _..» Soap and Ointment are lold tlirmiahoul
lli. world. A liberal Minnie ol each, with 32-aace
twokkt oa tbe can and treatment »' :*x -its Ei
icalii, aent poiMree. Addr-u Potter unit * Cbera.
Corp .Dept. ion.Beaton,U.S.*.
W    N.  U.  94*
I* CLEAR, and
• "A.B.C."
chance of
if vou use
The Guaranteed "ONR DYE for
All Kind* of Cloth."
TRY IT andp-ov* It for y o limit t
\ Sand lor St.. Color Card. Story Booklet, aad Book.
1*1 aivln_r rMultl of Dyeing ov«r othtr colon.
j Tha Johneon-Rlfhf d-on Co.. Llmltod. • Moatraal
The Tomato
-A doctor ascribes to the tomato
the following Important medicinal
First, that the tomato ls one of
the most powerful cleansers of the
liver and other organs; where calomel was generally used as an aperient, tomatoes may be substituted.
The tomato is probably one of the
most effective and least harmful remedial agents known.
Second, thst a chemical extract may
be obtained from lt that will supersede the use of calomel in the cure
of disease.
Third, that It has been successfully
used ln cases of diarrhoea.
Fourth, that when used as an article of diet, lt ls almost a sovereign
remedy for dyspepsia and Indigestion.
Fifth, that lt should be constantly
used, either cooked, raw or In the
form ot catsup.
A negro porter In a barber shop
made a speech one night at his colored men's club. It was quite an effort creating a sensation among his
brothers on account of the number
of big words lt contained.
His employer heard ot lt, and the
next day began twitting him when
he saw him absorbed ln a dictionary.'
What are you doing, Sam?, he asked. Looking up some I more big
words for another speech?
No sah, he replied. "Tain't that
Ah's ]es' iranslatln' the speech Ab
made las' night.
Slight Mistake
A train on the Denver & Rio
Grande railroad stopped for lunch,
ice and water, according to a story
told at an Ohio banquet by Senator
Burton, and in a few minutes the
through passengers were walking*-np
and down the station platform to fake
out the kinks. One ot tbe passengers, an elderly tourist, stood breathing the rarlfled atmosphere, and delightedly gazing at the snow-capped
Isn't, tbls invigorating, he remarked
to a man standing near.
No, sir, replied the man, w_o happened to be a native filled with civic
pride this Is Grand Junction.
A baker, who had recovered from
a serious Illness, requested his -doctor to make oui' his attendance bill,
and he added: Try and make It as
light as possible, doctor. Oh, replied the witty medico: that's what
you say to your foreman, Mr. Baker,
but it ls not the way I make my
Dr. Woods Hutchinson waa once
called upon by a young matron .who
had read his article'on 'Fat and Its
Follies' ln a popular magazine, and
wanted ""him to help her get rid of
some of her superfluous fat. After
a few questions he handed the lady a
diet list, telling her to come back ln
two weeks. The good doctor's consternation can Scarcely be Imagined
when he saw his patient again. She
weighed twenty pounds more. He
was puzzled. His list contained no
sweets ot «ny kind, nor any fat producers, yet it was putting' flesh on
at au enormous rate.
You are sure that you ate the things
on the list, the doctor questioned severely .
Yes, doctor, was the Arm answer.
What else did you eat? as a sudden inspiration seized him.
Why, nothing but my regular- pieals
was the Indignant answer.
A musical acquaintance of ours
(whose name we refrain from giving)
declares it his opinion, that having to
listen to the whole of ir great composer's greatest work (which work
and which composer shall be likewise
nameless) Is equivalent to two
(y)ears' hard labour.
A country draper carefully examined the samples of dress material
while the traveller. waited. A customer came, the draper waited on
him, then went back to examine the
samples. Another customer, and
more examination; Btill another customer, and as the draper began again
he said: Are these samples ln fashion? They were, replied the discouraged traveller, when you began to
look at them.-
When I was running a room of my
own, said a billiard player, the chalk
disappeared at a tremendous rate, and
I said to my helper: Keep a better
eye on the chalk, Jim. I'm no millionaire . I know the gents wot pockets the chalk, Jim Bald, but they're
regular .customers. I guess you
wouldn't want me to offend 'em, would
you? Well, no, saitl I, I would not.
You might give them a/gentle hint,
though. Use your diplomacy. Jim,
I found out later, used his diplomacy
that night. He /alketl up to one of
my best patrons, who had Just pocketed a piece of chalk, and he said: You
are in the milk business, ain't you,
sir? Yes. Why? the patron asked.
I thought so. said Jim. The boss
likes enterprise, antl he told me to
tell you that If you wanted a bucket
of water now and then you could
have one and welcome.
A teacher had been telling her
class of boys that recently worme had
become so numerous that they destroyed the cropB, and It was necessary
to Import English sparrows to exterminate them. The sparrows multiplied very fast and were gradually
driving away our native birds.
Jo.tnny wns apparently inattentive,
and the teacher, thinking to catch
him napping, said;
Juulliiy, which ts worse, to have
worms or sparrows?
Johnny hesitated a moment and
then replied:
Please, 1 never had the sparrows.
Donald Brian, the actor, and hts
wife, were enjoying a little motor trip
ln the west, when they stopped at an
imposing hotel tor a light midday
lunch. When they had finished Brian
called for Ms bill, citing that they
had had four sandwiches, two plecea
of pie, and two glasses of milk.
That's right, agreed the waiter, and
your chauffeur—
Oh, I nearly forgot him, returned
Brian.     What did he have?
The waiter absented himself for a
moment, then returned with the announcement that the man had had a
Parmesan omelette, a grilled brook
trout, lamb cutlets with green peas,
an ice, a demltasse, and a 50-cent cigar. .	
Cored By Toning the Blood and
Strengthening the Nerves
It is the opinion of the best medical authorities, after long observation, that nervous diseases are more
common and more serious In the
spring than at any other time ot the
year. Vital changes ln the system,
after long winter months, may cause
much more trouble than the familiar
spring weakness and weariness from
which most people suffer as the result
of indoor life, ln poorly ventilated and
often overheated buildings. Official
records prove that In April and May
neuralgia, St. Vitus dance, epilepsy
and other forms ot nerve troubles are
at their worst, and tbat men, more
than any ether time, a blood-making
nerve-restoring tonic 1; needed.
The antiquated custom of taklitg
purgatives ln the spring ls useless,
lor the system really needs strengthening, while purgatives only gallop
through the ' bowels,- leaving you
weaker. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
are the beet medicine, for they actually make the new, rich, red blood
that feeds the starved nerves, and
thus cure the many forms of nervous
disorders. They cure also such
other forms ot spring troubles as
Headaches, poor appetite, weakness
In the limbs, as well as remove unsightly pimples and eruptions. In fact
they unfailingly bring new health and
strength .to weak, tired and depressed men, women and children.
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
mall at 60 cents a box or six boxes
for 12.60 from The Dr- Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Sick headaches- neural gie headaches—splitting,
blinding headaches—all vanish when you Isks
Na-Dru-Co Headache Wafers
They do not oonlaln phensceiln, aeelanll.d,
morphine, opium or sny other dangerous drug.
25c. a box al your Druggist's. S i ji
National Dnua 4 Chemical Co. or Causa*. Umitcb.
Glvei a Quick,
Brilliant Polish
That Lasts
No Turpentine
Easier to Use
Better for
the Shoes
A Social Problem
The curate ot a large and fashionable church was endeavoring to teach
the significance of white to a Sunday
school class'
Why, said lie, does a bride Invariably desire to be clothed In white at
her marriage? As no one answered
he explained. *     '
White, said he, stands tor Joy, and
the wedding-day Ib 'he most Joyous of
a woman's life,
A small boy queried: Why do the
men all wear black?
When buying your Piano in-
slat on having an.
Piano Action
DON'T waste your tlmo figuring
out why a blank lien lay a a
■ white egg. Get busy and jump
OVER-HAULS and get the egg,
The Oil of the People.—Many oils
have come and gone, but Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil continues to maintain its position and increase Its
sphere ot usefulness,each year. Its
sterling qualities havo brought it to
the front and kept lt there, and it can
truly be called the oil of the-people.
Thousands have benefited by it and
would use ao^pther preparation.
The Yellowhead Tie & Lumber Syndicate has Just completed an order of
1000,000 ties for the Qrand Trunk Pacific Railway for use on Its .various
uncompleted lines; having kept a
force Of 300 men at work all winter
In order to complete thc contract oh
time. .
Aak for Minard's and tske ns other
A recent despatch from Prince Rupert received at Orand .Trunk Paciflo
head-quarters in ^Montreal reports that
5,000 poles tor-use oa the telegraph
lines along tbe Panama Canal, are to
be cut from Oraham Island. This Is
the first of the Graham Island timber
that has found a market and may
presage the development of an Important Industry as expects are agreed
that nowhere else could trees be found
more adaptable to the manufacture
of poles ln general and flag-staffs tn
particular. Some of the timber has
not a branch for 100 teet up, while
poles 6 Inches at tbe butt and tapering, to 4 Inches at from 60,to 100
feet, can be cut out In any quantity.
"-  Clppy Fill the Bill? N
If Mexico really wants an experienced bomb-proof president, what ls
the matter with Clprlano Castro?
No matter how soiled they sre.
Grease, Ink and all other stains
come off with Snap.   Leaves the
hands soft and white.   Antiseptic.
ALL DEetLsmfeS HALL &\As*
siur cowiirr. umiim.   ■   Meatrcai.
Spare the children from suffering
from worms by using Miller's Worm
Powders, the most effective vermifuge that can be got with which to
combat these insidious loos of the
young and helpless. There Is nothing
that excels this preparation as a
-worm destroyer, and when its qualities become known In a household
no other will be used. The medicine
acts by Itself, requiring no purgative
to assist it, and so thoroughly that
nothing more is desired.
Good Reason, Too
Miss Mary, Inquired the clergyman,
have you seriously   considered   the
great question ot life?
"Well, you Bee, sir, Mary replied,
blushing, none ot the young men has
asked me yet.
Minard's Llnimsnt used by Physicians
Dr. Johnson once dined with a
Scottish lady who had hotch-potch
tor dinner. After the doctor had
tasted lt, she asked him lf lt was
good, lt Ib good for hogs, ma'am,
said the doctor. Then pray, said the
lady, let me-help you to some more.
Tour druMlst will refund money If PAZO
OINTMENT (alls lo cine any case of Itching. Blind. Bleeding or Protruding Pile"
In 6 to 14 tlttye.   60c.    •
Recalling the financial forebodings
of the last few months, lt beats all
how huelness keeps on a keeping on.
. THE--
Leather Label
High Grado American Over-Hauls,
Toor this out *ttS mall It to us with
your name an* adaraaa on* wo will oan*
sou on* of our calehrate* CONN COB
By Thc Year
11 you want the best and longest-
wearing gloves or mltta ever turned
out ol a factory bs sure and ask ior
tho l.-mous
These gloves sre specially tanned
lor hard service and will save you
money and reduce your glove
expense by tho year. Send lor our
descriptive pamphlet—Tha Plat*'*
CaaaSa't Eaten «•* e*i MM Haien,
Mr. Sid. Castleman of Urder Uke,
Ont. needed Gin Pills badly. Bs sayat
"I had been suffering some time with
my Kidneys and Urine. The psin waa
something awful, and ao lest at night
1 heard of jour Gin Pills and sent my
chum 6o miles to set tliem, and in lata
-than six hours 1 felt relief. In twe
lava the pain had left ms entirely—
and to-day I feel as well as ever".
«oc. a box, six for $1.50. 8ample fcae
If you write National Drag and Chemical
Co., of Canada Limited. Toronto      13*
What makes you so sure that man
ls going to propose to Gladys? asked
Gladys'-motber.t I have told him the
same story five timos, replied Gladys'
father, und he laughs at It every
Keeping the Body in Repair
Nature intended thatlhe body ihould do its own
repairing—and it would do so wen ty no* for the.
fact that most ofus live other than a natural life:
Nature didn't Intend that wa should wear corssts, tight collars or
shoes, nor live In badly ventilated and draughty houses, nor eat and
drink some ot th* Wags that w* do, nor rid* la street ear* whan w* shoot* walk.
Th* coneeouei.ee la that the body whtn it gota oot of eider mist look far oat-
aid* help to make tbo aeeaeasry repairs.
For weak atomseha ett, tho Indigestion or dyapepela resulting. ud the multlt-ade
ThUfaauma Doctor's proscription haa bean recemaeadsd tor over MMtn,
aod la today lust ss hig a saoeaas. Beatons a healthy oooatlt*. Cleanses tin Moot.
Btreoftheos tie Berrei, Kegnlstw atoauek and liver.  Daouad th* original.,
Dr. Pleree»e Golden Medical Discovery
■aMtaU-taMarTaMasfanaky Dealers la TJTT. STTy. CRA\m VORKS. T,tiTTJ5?TT rOT.TTMUTA
Lived too Long
Ptttsfield, in the Berkshira hills, had
in the old days, Uk* many another
New England- town, a number of men
and women who were called characters. One of these- was BUI Brown,
a man unfortunately addicted to drink
and frequently1 Intoxicated for days at
a time' ,
On one occasion hs went Into the
shop of the local hatter, Mr. Smith,
and ..sited for the best beaver he hatl.
■bit. Smith 'produced the desired, article saying, as he took the, money:
That beaver -a Ill/last a man a lifetime,- -
Bill went proudly down the main
-street with his fine beaver on his. head
and Immediately celebrated the event
with a protracted debauch.
When he recovered he returned to
the shop with a most dlsi-cputable
Look here, I thought you said this
here beaver would laat me a lifetime.
So lt would, growled Mr. Smith, If
you had died when you ought to.
Traveler (Inquiring at -feudal cattle)—Gan I see the antiquities to-day?
Servant—I'm afraid not, air. The
mistress and her daughter have gone
.to town.
tome; decorating cushion tops; caa
make fmm 13 to It per day) pleasaal
work. - A.iton.- Ar. tc, Dept. N, 41
•teele Blk., Winnipeg.
the best
i money J
More Bread an**. B<-
Evidently—Teacher —What Is a
Boy—I know, teacher. I have lt In
my head, but I can't Just think ot It.
Mrs. ftUlaprop's Car
I bave, said Mrs, Malaprop, a beautiful car, with a cymbellne boly, dis-
patchlble and denounceable rims, epileptic springs, electric starter, Infernal expanding brakes, autocratic
untrammeled head lights, Internal
power plant, flash Jubilation, three-
point Indention, three speeds, horrid
and one perverse, amateur on the
dashboard, aggravated ebony rim on
the steering wheel, copellerator, throttle peddler, sanitary transition, Jump-
spark Intuition, Jlmpson bearings, a
Bet ot lean gas primers and all the
other excessorles.
Dust Causes Asthms. Even a little speck too small to see will lead
to agori.es which no words can describe. The walls ot the breathing
tubes contract and lt seems as lf the
very life must pass. Prom this con
dition Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy bring* the user to perfect rest
and health. It relieves the passages
and normal breathing ts firmly established again. Hundreds 'of testimonials received annually prove Its effectiveness.
Awful Blow
Yes, said Slithers, Mickey was my
dearest friend, and I shall never cease
to mourn his death. It was a terrible blow from which I shall never
Why—I thought you married his
widow, said Jlmpson.
Why—er—ahem!—why, yes I did;
Here Blithers subsided into a deep
and uncomfortable silence.
Minard's Liniment. Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs,—Your' MINARD'S LINIMENT ls our remedy for sor* throat,
colds and all ordinary ailments.
It never falls to relieve and cure
Port Mulgr-ve.
A gin from the country who had
recently com* to town to'work and
who was busy all day, went to a dentist one evening to bave him extract a
tooth which had been troubling her.
She aaked him what h. would charge
for tha operation.
Mvo dollars with gas, two without,
was the answer.
Oh, aaid th* girl, than I'll drop ln
tomorrow aud hive It out by daylight.
At the
Buying at lhe factory will land
this range at your station height
prepaid (er $20.00 \m than
lhe next best ttov* oa die market. You pocket lhe
dealer's profit—about 30 per cent.—get a beautiful ateet
and malleable iron range buik to laila lifetime. And what's
more you save money every month on your fuel bill,
'-.   Every Rang* is aaeoad-tUaallr guaranteed.
Dominion/Pride  J&
It's at good aa teeing
lhe range to read tha
complete aad clear description ia- our book..
The book also contains a
hiHory of cooking worth
reading. Let us lead
you a copy.    -en-..
Canada Malleable ft Steel Rattfe
Iff*. Co., Limited, o*aws, Oat
•tan asss. Hff.
Cs, UsritssMskiwi
Mr. Jamqs McComb, of Thornton,
Ont., writes: "For eight months I
suffered from eczema and could get
nothing to give me relief. I heard of
several cases where good results had
followed the use of Zam-Buk and decided to give this remedy a trial.
Within three days I felt much better,
and within two weeks the sores were
entirely cured."
Eor an skin diseases, eruptions,
bolls, scalp sores, etc., Zam-Buk ls
without equal. It ls Just as good for
cuts, burns, bruises, blood-poison,
piles, varicose ulcers, bad leg, Inflamed .sores, etc. All druggists and
stores at 60c. box, or post free from
Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, upon receipt
of price. Refuse harmful substitutes and Imitations.
Have you tried Zam-Buk Soap? 25c.
Success does not spoil everybody
The other day a young Swiss ate fourteen hard boiled egg's, shells and all.
But to his friends he is still the Bame
simple, unaffected man.
Mrs.  Marshall Tells How Her Husband Suffered, and of His Speedy
Reoovery Whon Ho Used the Qreat
Canadian Kidney Remedy.
Parkinson, Algoma, Ont. (Special-
Living far from towns and with doc.
tors not within easy reach, many of
the settlers tave found Dodd'a Kidney PUIS nn   Inestimable   blessing.
One of these ls Mr. Charles Marshall,
Sr.,' whose recovery from a severe
case of kidney disease has recently
been the cause of much satlsfactk.
to his family and friends.
"My husband was suffering very
much with his back and legs/' Mrs.
Marshall says, speaking of her husband's cure. "He went to see the
doctor, and he told him he had urinary trouble, but he did not seem tb
get any better.
"Then I sent for some Dodd's Kidney PIUs. Since taking them, he has
no more pain ln his back and legs,
and his other troubles are all gone.
"I am Indeed thankful for what
Dodd's Kidney PIUs did for my husband, aud I hope other sufferers from
kidney disease will .benefit by his experience, tnd use Dodd'a Kidney
Urinary troubles are caused by diseased kidneys. So are backache,
rheumatism, lumbago, and heart disease. The natural remedy is to cure
the kidneys by using Dodd's Kidney
Little Frances—We dot a new baby.
Mrs. Neighbors—You don't say!
Little Frances—Yes'm; an' its eyes
open Job' like my dolly's but I dess
somethings ls the matter wlf Hs
works, 'cause Its eyes don't go shut
every time they lay lt down.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo,      \ .
l.u.-aa County I
Frank 3. Cheney makea oath that lia la
aenlor partner of tho Arm of F. 3.
Chrntv A Co., doing business In the city
of Toledo; County and State aforeaatd.
and that eald Arm will pay the autn of
every caae of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by the uae of Hall*a Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before mo and aubaerlbed In
my nreaence, l..a 6th day of December,
A.D. list.
ISeal.) *    A. W. OLEASON.
Notary Public.
Hall'a Catarrh Cura la taken Internally.
and acta direotly on the blood and
mucoua em-faces of the ayatem. Bend
for teatl .nnlala free.
F. J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, O
Bold by all drutflata, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Aunt Jennie—Oh, dear! I wish the
good Lord had made me a man.
Little Meloise—Well, perhaps he
did, Aunt Jennie, and you haven't
been able to find him yet.
Countless have been the cures worked by Holloway's Corn Cure, lt has
a power of Its own not found In other
preparations. •
Jack and I hava parted for ever,
dad. Good gracious! Wbat doei
that mean? Meana I'll get a five-
pound box of chocolates from him ln
about an hour,
W. N. U. t4l
Influenaa, pink eye, epizootic distemper, and all nose and
throat dlseasea curea, and all others, no matter how "ei-
poaed," kept rrom having any of theae dlaeaaea with
dosea often cure a case. One bottle guaranteed to do ao.
Best thing for brood mares. Acts on the blood, 60c. and
tl a bottle. 10 ahd $11 a dozen bottles. Druggists and
-harneas shops. Distributors—ALL WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS.
8POHN MEDICAL CO., CHemlate, GOahen, Indiana, U.S.A.
UOOST     Y IJ U R     TOWN     It V     ORCi
The Housekeeper
Eddy's Wares
Eddy's Indurated Tubs allow,th* water to retain heat longer
and nsver rust. Bslng mad* In on* ssamles* pltce oannot splinter
and so the danger of snaggsd Angara arid torn clothea Is eliminated.
Used In conjunction with /
Eddy's Washboards
Washday  Loses Half Its Terrors
Gas Engine Oil
Used and recommended by the lending
engine builders all over tbe country.
Keeps its body at high temperatures.
Equally good for external bearings.
Harvester OU
A heavy, short-cut oil for farm machinery. Insures the least .possible friction
and wear. Moisture and changes of temperature do not affect it.
£(0orat.oCuferMacnMeOi(  Mica Axle Cttst*
Capitol Cylinder Oil Silver Star Esfrt Kernes*
fkrtthtr Herd Oil Imperial Motor Cstolise
Stock carried at 300 tank ahd warehouse
stationa in Western Canada. For addresses,
price lists, etc., write any agency.
Mai* O/tket
Kefisa, Meou Jaw, Saeltateea, Calgary,
.   E-aaiatia, lettttHie, Veacewer
A Lofty Character
Our idea .of a lofty character ls one
who can smoke a bad cigar and not
hate the famous man It   la   named
I want a license to marry the best
girl ln the world, said the young mau.
The cleik nodded smilingly and replied: Sure. That makes the 1,300
licenses for that girl this season..
Tired and Weak
Nerves Exhausted
The feelings ot fatigue and languor
which overcome so maty people at
this season of the year tell of the exhausted condition of the nerves.
It Is impossible to keep up the act-
Ion o. the heart and the vitality of
the nerves when tbe blood ls thin and
watery, and thia Is why nearly everybody needs tonic treatment In the
Some ot the symptoms are restlessness, purposeless activity, Insomnia,
absent-mindedness, tired gait, lack of
ambition and enthusiasm, headache
and neuralgic pains, dyspepsia and
foeliugs of languor and depression.
Monotony of work and mental overstrain or worry sap the' nervous system, aa does also the streuuousness
of modern life, whether ln the busi
ness or social world.
More and more men and women
are obliged to seek the assistance of
such concentrated foods as Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food to roi.orc vitality to tiie tired and worn-out nerves.
Such treatment is necessary, because diseases of tho nerves t\o not
right themselves. As nerve Yores
runs low the digestive eystem falls
to extract the necessary nutrition
trom the food. Dr. Chase's Nervo
Food supplies ln condensed form ths
Ingredients required, and restores
A little patience Is necessary ln
treating diseases of the nerves, and
rest helps to restore strength. You
can be sure -- hitting beneficial re-
suits when you use
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
EO cents a box, (ttr $1.50, a*, al! -lealers, or Edmanson, Dates k Co., i.im-
-   - Ited, Toronto THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Q. A. evans, Editor and publish*.!
si nn
Due Tear (ln aitvanoe)	
One Year, ln United Statea	
Address all oommiinloatloua to
TnaQBiND Forks Sun,
HHOHl RM                            OBASOFOHIB
FRIDAY,  JUNE 20, 1913
The Winter aboW, reforinipn tbe
sonate is subsjdli^vThere is, indeed, no ground 'lor ..the talk. A
legislative body which rejects a
measure of so unsound a nature tbat
tbe government is afraid to let the
Canadian people express their views
on it does not need to be reformed.
It fs ratber tbe honse that sbould be
subjected to this humiliation.
Some varieties of so called boosting is hut a species of "knocking."
For instance, misreprei.nt-.tion of
the resources of a community is a
boomerang that baa killed many a
town. Tbe men wbo engage in tbis
kind of work love to poBe as boosters
in order to lioa.their own pockets.
Tbe women of Illinois have
gained the ballot without militancy.
Tbis makes five stated tbat have
granted equal suffrage within year.
Premier Borden's permanentnaval
policy appears to include the dismantling of the nucleus of the Can
adian navy.
Rev. C. W. King, of tha Baptist
church, will take for hia Sunday
morning subject, "Tbe Right-Hand-
ed Redeemer," aud for the evening,
"The Dynamite ot a Real Redemp
tion: Temporal as Well as Eternal,"
as applied to some present day live
problems. Morning Sunday school,
wilh tbe pastor's Bible class, 9:45
a.m.    Everybody .welcome.
The Grand Forks board of trade
has decided to send an exhibit to
the Calgary fair. Tbe exhibit will
consist of fruit and vegetables, ores
and blister copper, and the lumber
industry Mill  also make a display.
Tbe pupils of Mr. and Mrs. Pain
ton, assisted by Christ church choir
and friends, will give a musical concert in the Davis hail tbis  evening.
Harry Chapman returned home
on Wednesday frnm Nanaimo,where
he atlended the grand lodge sessions
Business Men Interested in
the growth of
Grand   Forks
should note that the
^has a special writer to
prepare an
dealing with the natural resources of this district.
Display   Advertising
Space Free
to merchants who will purchase and distribute copies
of the Grand Forks Supplement. :
Special Correspondent,
Yale Hotel     Grand Forks
A Marvel oi Accuracy, Thinness and
of the l.O.O.F. as representative of
Gateway lodge. He was accompanied back from Vancouver bv Mist*
Alma Sloper, who will spend a few
days in tbe city as tbe guest of Mrs.
Archie Johnson, the Neleon  bar
rister, was in tbe city yesterday.
L. G. Fowler last Saturday  sold
four  acre tract  inside   the  city
limits   to  Mr. Hales, of Minnesota.
The   price   paid  was *J3000.    The
new owner will erect a modern resi
dence on tbe property.
A sitting of the supreme court
will be beld in Greenwood on tbe
24th inst.
Rev. I'harles W. King, new minister nf tbe Baptist church, arrived
in tbe city from Nelsnn the Utter
part of last week. He t-nnducteii
the services in the church  here  last
Mi*. Ethel Cook left on Monday
for Newfoundland, where she will
visit   relatives.    Her brother Ralph
j—We recommend the Hamilton to any one who wants a timekeeper of perfect and continuous ac
IV Hamilton Wsttij
'' The Railroad Timekeeper of A mmco"
We can sell you tbe oomptete watch, or wn
oan supply a Hamilton movement fitted to
vour present watcb oase. All •lacs lot men
and women.
■   Ui   nUnnloUn  OKAND FORKS, B.C.
Milk and Cream delivered to all parts of the city
twice daily. Dairy abso-
solutely sanitary. We en-,
deavor to please our cus-
. tomers.
Hccompanied ber as far as Spokane,
where they will spend a few days at
the Pow Wow.
Sidney   Billingham, special jcor
respondent of tbe Vancouver Satur
day Sunset, is spending a few days
in tbe city this week.
Jene Tedesco was fined $10 at
Caseade for carrying a gun without
a license.
A. A. Frechette will move his
harness shop from- Greenwood to
this city on Dominion day.
A large number of small residences nre being erected north-of
the Pacific botel in the West end by
C.P.R. employees.
Imported cherries, plums and
peaches have made their appearance
in the local market-
Miss Teresa Barrett returned on
Monday srom a two weeks' visit
with friends in Kalispell, Mont
C. A. Mix returned on Tuesday
from a trip to Carmi.
SBALEp TENDERS will be received by the
uiiderslffi ed upto 12 n'rinrk nnon on Tuesday, 22tnl July. -913. for the purchase of the
uudermeiitlo-.ed mineral claim forfeited to
the crown. All tender- must be At len-t equal
to the up-let price as Kivcti below, whirh represents tbe taxe., coflts, interest, etc., Crown
tiratit Fee* and cost of Hdverlltinff.
Tbe name if ibe mineral claim Ts "Amnia."
Lot 1247 situate ne.ir Grand   Forks,  lu Ihe
Ofloyoos Division, Vnle District.   Upnet price
I1U6.S.H.  Each tender must lie accompanied by
a certified cheiiue payable at par at Pontic,
ton.  Tlie oheuue of auy unsuccessful ten-
derert-r will be teturued at • noe.
Dated at Fairview 10th ilay of June, 1011.
Government Agent,
Fairview, B. U.
Ma C. A. ABBOTT,                   ' August ,t, xx**,
Se Ann St., New Vork City.
I       DearSirt 1 have known for over _wyeartef the
! cllecuofWilson's Rem-dy [WU    *-'     '"**
We Have Received Today
Fresh-killed Bett, glutton, Veal
and Young Pork
Fresh Fish Dailjr
Including Salmon and Halibut
P. Burns C8» Co. Limited
ivJ->riv^ri goods
Used in the West exclusively, being highest in
qnajity. See our new stock of Gloves, Balls' etc.
Reach Balls. '..-_. $1.23 each
Woodland <3& Quinn-
The Rexall Druggists
*'B. O.*' and "Copper King" Mineral Claims,
situate in the Grand Forks Mining Division
of Yale District.
Where located:   Iu Franklin oamp.
'AKE NOTICE Ithat I, Wllllitm ...Hoffman,
for myself as executor oi' the will nf the
late Catherine Hoffman, aad as agent tor
Jacob M. Paulson, Free Miners' Certificates
Nos. 61J49B aud -SO.SB, respectively, intend,
sixty,dayi from tbe dale hereof, lo apply to the Mining Reoorder for Certificates
ot Improvement, for the purpose of obtaining Crown t'rante of the above claims
And further take notioe lhat aolloa, under
section 87, must be commenced before the
Issuance of such Certlfloa.es of Improvements.
Dated this 6th day of Mar, A.D. 1918.
IN THE MATTER of au Application for the
Issue ot Duplicate Certificates of Title to
Lots Ito 13 inclusive, llloek 4, Map '22, and
I ot. « aud IS. Block 1, Subdivision of Lot
538, MapSI.
intention to Issue at the exptratlt.n of
one month after the ant publication hereof
duplicates of the Certllicntts of Titles to the
above-mentioned l_ote In the name of Henry
Wnlie, whlo'i Certificates are dated tbe 19th
day of December, 1899, and the 9th day of May,
11-00,  respectively, and numbered 8178A And
82MA, respectively.
Dated at Kamloops, B. 0., April 24th, 191.-1.
District Registrar.
R.8. B.C. Mil. Cap. 23-J, Seo. 21.
Chaatfe of Protfraa
Each Week
In the matter of tbe Estate of Harriett
Amelia Uach, late of <>rand Forki, tt C,;
Widow decerned
: -af HypopbosphKes aod BlodgettlJ To caietof puU
) nonary trouble*. At thia point I will tay to yoa
I what you hava not before known of; that 4a nan
; aioce, while I wai a resident of N.Y. City, I waa
] eerertly Ul with lung trouble. Physicians said I wae
I acoaiumptive and my family physician told my wife
! that he thought I could not rtcavtr* My attention
i waa directed to the Wilson Remedy, which I matt
j with splendid effect. I havo been on my Ust and tt
1 work ever since tmy cure. Yours truly,
Yaator M. E, Church, Hunter, (Gretna Co.,). V. T.
On Dec 1, iQtt, Mr, Ssger wrote Ur, Abbotts
"My health is very good,'*
If yoa will write Mr. Abbott he
will gladly furnir h vou any further
Information yuu desire.
NOTICE 18 HEKBBY GIVEN thnt all persons   bavlng  any   claims   against the 1
Estate nf the late Harriett Amelia Leach,
wh» died on or about the 10th day of April..
1911, at Grand Forks aforesaid, sre requested ;
to t*end by post prepaid, or to deliver to the:
utidei'slgned Solicitor hereto for   Margaret'
Ketieoca Brau and Eveline M.   Thompson,
Executrixes and Trustees under the  will of
thesaid Harriett Aim lia Leach, iheir names
and addresses and full partlou'arstn writing
of their claims and stctementa of tbi ii  ac*
counts and the nature of security (If any)
I held hy them.
An I take notice, that after the 21st day of
■ un-,1913,thesan . xeouttixei and TrustPet
will proceed NxHatrlbut   ,tbe as«ets of the
»nld deceased among the   persons   entitled
thereto, having regard only to <he claims of
which th y fchall then hive h»d notioe, and
j that tlie snld Kxe< utrixes «nd Trustees will
j not be Ha*'' « for the snid assets or any part
: thereof, to any person whose claim  they
Fliall tmt have had or received notlcr.
Dated at Grnnd Porks, DC. thi-, First day
of May, 1911.
7 nnd 8 I) vis Hlock,
\ Grand Forks, B. C..
Solicitor for the said Margaret Hebecoa Hrau
and Kvallne M Thompson,
Our wagons won't work your horses to death. They
run light.
They are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will
stand the roughest wear.
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong T
with it, drive up in front of our store and see if we don't'
make good. i
Mclntyre CS, Smith
At the Head
The man at the had of affairs
whether at home or "in business, i,
thc one whose attention you wish
lo attr.s..
Our paper goes into the belt class
of homes and is read hy the head uf
lhe family. That accounts for tht
results obtained by the use of
Clarified Want Ads.
Electric Restorer for Men
Ph osnhonol restore, every nerve ln the body
vim and vitality. Premature decay and all sexual
neatness averted at once.   Pho.pho.ol will
make yoa a are man. Price Ma boa. or two lor
M. Mailed to any address. Th.ao.Ml Drag
Bo„ It. OMkwlBM. Ont.
Don't forget that The Sun baa the
hest job printing department in the
Boundary country.
. Take  your  repairs to Armson'a
Boot and* Shoe   Hospital,   Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
From a Minister in New Tork: "I was
"severely 111 with lung trouble. My .itti-n-
"tlou wus directed ti» thu Wilson Remedy
"which I used with epluudld effect."  -
From a lndy In Mlrhlgna: "1 amd yoar
"modiri»e lirst .*i i-V \i year* ngo mul Ik
"saved me from t-ndliig my dayi with ion-
"sumptiun. There would It* nn am of bo
"many people dying with oonsuiiintlon It
"they could lie persmuivd to try Wilson's
If yoa are Buffering from ANY Inng or
thro.it trouble tl I* your duty to investigate Send ( r free full Information to.
Wilson's Rcmeiy, Westwood. N. J.
(Published Anuuslly)
Enables traders throughout the world to
communicate direct wltb Bugllih
In eaoh olau of gooda. Betides being a com-
pli-te commercial guide to Lundnu end tti
■uburbi, the directory oontatui lists of
with the Qoodi tbey ship, and the Colonial
aud Foreign Markets they supply;
arranged under the Forts to whieh they aall.
and Indicating the approximate Sailings;
provincial' trade notices
ofieadlng Manufacturer*, Merchants, ete., In
the principal provincial towns and Industrie!
oMeadlnjr Manufacturer* Merchants, etc., In
the principal provincial townti      '
centres of the United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will be for-
warded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for 20ft.
Dealers seeking Agencies ean advertixe
their trade oarde for II, or larger advertisements from £3,
25, Abchurch Lane, London, B.C.
The weather is just right for (Aden, Stocti, Saapdratfoiii,
planting out all garden plants (Dahlia* and Gladlolw
We are are again offering special prizes
for floral exhibits at the next Fall Fair.
FRACHE BROS., Florist!    phone r 20
tm THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Most Important Events at
.   Home and Abroad During the Fast Week
Sir Edward Grey's resignation is
refused by Premier Asquith.
Alberta wili spend t«o million dollars on telephone extensions.
The prospects of peace among the
Balkan allies is improving, but the
situation is still critical.
Five persons are killed and many
injured when an engine plows through
a pullman car at Stamford, Conn.
lhe trial of Arthur Pelkey for
manslaughter in connection with the
death of Luther McCarty will open in
Calgary next Thursday.
The Presbyterian assembly in Toronto adjourns to meet in- Woodstock
next year. Foreign and home missionary societies amalgamate. The
Book of Praise will ba revisad. Colleges are increasing.
A solid mile of militants will form
the funeral procession on Saturday, of
Miss Emily Wilding Davison, the
Northumberland militant who sacrificed her life in an attempt to break
up the Derby at Epsom Downs last
The chief of police of Los Angeles
advocates woman suffrage as a mean*
of lessening crime,
One man is killed and others in
jured when the walls of a new building collapses in Vancouver.
More material has fallen into the
Calebracut during the past month
than has been taken out by the steam
A Spanish gunboat goes- ashore in
the Bar of Concho, Morocco, aud the
officers and crew are slain by the
8ervia makes pacific offer to Bnl
scaria, and proposes demobilization by
reducing the forces to one-quarter the
present ktrengj^i.
Heavy damages from bush fires are
reported from Ontario. The hamletof
Bi ieo is destroyed, and homes, mills
ani camps are wiped out.
The engineer bursts into tears when
he tells tlie story of the wreck at
St'imford. Conn. He did all he could
to stop the train, but the brakes refused to work.
Blackie Seymour tells the story of
how Polioe Constable Arohibild   wa.
shot down in cold blood in Vancouver
without having been given the chance
to defend himself.
Floods in India cause the loss of
500 lives.
The French forces suffer a big disaster in Morocco.
Enormous crowds attend the funeral of Miss Emily Wilding Davison at
Morpeth, England.
Thirteen workmen are buried
under tons of rock by a dynamite
blast in the Lexington avenue subway,
New York. '
Henri Bourassa, editor and director of Le Devoir, must pay $150 damages to Charles Kobillard, editor of
La Patrie.
Orders have been issued by James
J. Hill stopping all wurk on the
Great Northern lines that is not absolutely necessary.
Japan is willing to renew for a
period of five years the arbitration
treatfwith the United States,, which
expires by limitation on August 24.
Many persons are injured when a
C. P. R. passenger train is derailed at
Perdue, Sask. A car dashes into the
station and is upset in the dining
We dispense the tastiest cold drinks in this
part of the country. We use the best Ice
Cream and the finest fruits and syrups to get
this reputation.
We cTWann  Drug  Co.
Agents for Butter Cup Ice Cream
Seeds, Fertilizers. Poultry Supplies, Salt. Plaster,
Lime, Cement.
Seed Oats, Wheat, Grass Seeds
Mail orders given careful and prompt attention
Practical Plumber
Steam and Hot Watet Fitter.    Sanitary and Heating Engineer.
If it is in the plumbing and heating line and
we can t do it—it can't be done
The federal minister of public works
will visit the Kootenays in August,
Col. Lord Brooke, oldest son of the
Earl of Warwick, will command thc
Canadian cavalry.
Hon. Martin Burrell, minister of
agriculture, will visit the Ghent exhibition in the interest of Canada.
The British battleship Magnificent
grounded at Plymouth today.   It refloated with the  tide,   without dam
The Dominion government may appoint a royal commission to enquire
into the alleged exorbitant transatlan
tic rates.
' Hunger strike secures the release
of Mrs, Pankhurst, suffragette leader,
bhe is removed in an ambulance to a
nursing home.
The weather is erratic. Fierce
storms rage in the east. Saskatche
wan is visited by a cyclione. Deaths
and prostrations are caused by a heat
wave in the states.
The railway commission starts its
session at Otaawa, and the western
rates case begins. Discrimination
against the west is charged The reciprocal demurrage question is now
under investigation.
The Stefanson Arctic expedition
for the north from Victoria in the
ship Karluk this morning.
The climax is reached in the cele
bration in Berlin of the kaiser's birthday. A slate banquet in the Pillar
The Welsh disestablishment bill
passed its second reading in the British commons this evening by a vote
Miss Annie Kenney makes an impassioned speech in the Central critni
nal court, London, in defence of militancy; willing to die to obtain the ba1-
lot. Hard labor (or convicted suffragettes, but jury recommends mercy
Mrs. Alphonse Bilndeau, sf Sherbrooke, was blown to pieces today on
opening a small packet she had ro
ceived through the mail What it
contained, who sent itorVhat the ex
planotion of the tragedy is canilM bo
A suggestion is made at the meeting of the railway conimissson in Ot
tawa that the standard height of passenger coaches be fixed nt 1.1 feet 6
inches. The western freight rates
case to be continued until the evi
dence is concluded.
" Reports from the prairies state that
the best crop on record is expected
this year.
Two masked robbers hold up a pas
senger train on the Illinois Central
near Springfield.
The burning of the church at Row
ley Regis, near Dndley, is attributed
to the suffragettes.
Socialist leaders  vigorously attack
c41most zA New Store I
The carpenters have converted our old building into a  I
modern plate-glass store.
Straw Hats ^Jd8
straw hat weather. We have all
styles and qualities, at the lowest prices.
In fine Balbriggan, fine mesh
short sleeves and knee pants.
Also the well known sleeveless
B. V. D. underwear. Prices
* range from 90c to S3 50.
Stylecraft Clothes-We are
agents for this popular line of
CV-k-J«>fo A fine line of Neg-
OIllIU- Hgee Shirts, attached and detached collars and cuffs
Fancy 'stripes, plain colors.
Prices $1 to 13.50.
Hrrciprv* F**nc-V Ho8iery
nobicry for men and
women in silk lisle and  cotton.
Boots and Shoes — Agents
for   Copeland   & Rider's   well
known   shoes  for   ladies    and
gents. Also agents for   the Em- '
press shoe for women.
Groceries—We carry a complete stock of staple and fancy
We invite your inspection ofthe above goods. We are
striking at the high cost of living. Those who patronize
us realize that we have solved the problem. The reduction imtheir hills prove it. No matter whethei you
are from Missouri or not, come in and we will show you.
We do nothing but first-class and up-to-date work. If your
plumbing needs inspection, now is the time have it done before the hot summer months. Sickness is soon caused by a
leak in a waste or vent pipe. The oldest and best equipped
plumbing shop in the Boundary.   '
Equal to any $50 wheel now
."£-.% $38 GASH
ket.   Fully guaranteed.
the present French policy, and de
elate that the government is a tool of
. Many federal cabinet ministers will
visit the west this summer, aud a
quiet time in politics will prevail at
the papital.
The captain and five sailors are
drowned when a steamer ramtns a
schooner in a dense fog off Cape Sable, near Boston.
The Marconi scandal has a tame
ending in the British commons. The
members of the government are exonerated from blame.
Dr. W. J, Mayo, of Rochester,
Minn , will be made a fellow of the
Royal College of Surgeons of Eng-
lanp, and will receive one of the highest honors that can eome to a surgeon,
The enquiry into western freight
rates continues before the railway
commission at Ottawa. Traffic managers claim that freght rates are higher
in the western states than in western
How we hate to have  to  take our
own advice.
II you read Tbe Sun you get tbe
news of the city, tbe province and
tbe world. It is possible tor a Sun
reader to keep abreast of tbe times
without the aid of the daily papers.
Tbe provincial poultry show will
be held in Qrand Forks this tall.
Tbe Sun job office is the beet
equipped for all classes of work in
the Boundary.
You will always find that you will
have to be the maker of your own
Our conscience frequently hurts us
without doing us any good.
The fellow who is satisfied with
himself seldom finds any one to dis
pute his title.
It is always today which is   both a
privilege and a menace.
cAn Investment
GOOD five-r6om cottage
In first-class condition; short
distance from G.N.K. depot; two
lots, electric light and water;
desirable locality $1000
For Original Townsite Lots at Reasonable
Prices and upon Easy Terms, Address
Grand Forks Townsite Company,Ltd
Boundary Trust &. Investment Co. Ltd
Established 1901
First Street
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Mtf—PtnuMRt Cm*
tail.  Purely v<gel
•Ue—set Mitdy
lut»n|ly oa
Stop aha.
gedion—imMove Ins coBManoo—bnjM
laoeyet.SmJinil, SettS Dm,, SmeU ftl,
Genuine nut beat Signature
We only handle property ot steMst
merit, on wnlch we aro prepare* tt
guarantee proflta.  __..
md "DEER LODC.S-' propartlM are
iood Investments. We want a isof
■gent to represent ut id every tow*.
For terms apply,
Starling Bank Building, Winnipeg
"Don't waste Ilmt writing tt ytt)
do not mean business."
Cleans end disinfects
everything In your
home from the cellar to the ntlli!. Put
It on your duster "ami
dust Hardwood Floors,
Woodwork, Linoleums,
Pianos, Furniture, elc.
Makes everything lust
like new. Money refunded If not satisfactory.   Made by the
Hamilton, Canada,
gometlih.R  better  than  linen,  and no
laundry    bills.   Wash with   Boap   and
Water.   All stores, or direct.   State atyle
end !,'./.<-.   ror 26o.  wo will mall you.
S3 Fr.-zer Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Made Him Anxious
In a country town in the Knglish
Midland* there is a man who Is ao
noted for hla conversational abilities
that hit acquaintances avoid giving
him unnecessary opportunities to
One cold morning this -man ipde up
to an hotel in the neighborhood Juat
aa the guests were finishing breakfast. He dismounted, walked In,
saluted the landlord ln his usual loud
tones, and declared tbat he was SO
cold tbat he could hardly talk.
Just then a nervous traveler who
was present stepped up to tha landlord, and taking blm by tha coat,
Mr. L , have my bill brought
soon as possible.
What is the matter, my dear strt
Inquired the anxious landlord. Hss
anything happened!
Nothing, nothing. Only I want to
get away from bars before that man
tbaws out.
Sore Back, No Fun,
Cure It To-Day,
Rub on "Nerviline I"
It Will Cura Your Aching Back, Stop
Your Suffering, Kttp You Well
He was a man who gave little and
got mucb. Today, tor Instance, hs
had got a clothes-bro^L * basin of
water, s towel, and a shave, and ha
had given nothing at all. Tr-r-rlngl
went his bedroom bell. The hotel attendant smiled sourly. This was ths
fourth time be had bees summoned,
and he didn't hurry. I thought you
were never coming, exclaimed the visitor, wben the attendant .appeared at
last. Are you nicknamed Slowcoach? No, sir, answered the attendant. Tbey call, me Billiard Cue!
Billiard Cue! repeated the visitor
frowning. Then an inspiration
dawned. Ah I because you ars a
stick, I suppose? Wrong again, air!
retorted the attendant. It's because
I work better with a good tip.  -
"When one medicine ls used ln «
horns for a number ot years lt Is the
strongest * testimony as to the value
ot tbat particular remedy. Thousands
of mothers have bees using no other
medicine but Baby's Own Tablets for
years—ln fact many of them say they
would have no other medicine in tbe
bouse. Concerning them Mrs. Jas.
H. Konkle, Beamsville, Ont., says: "I
have used Baby's Own Tablets for
ten years and would not be without
tliem as long as there are children lu
the house." The Tablets are told
by medicine dealers or by mall a. 'tb
cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
His Excust
What did you mean, Jobn, by telling the Smiths that you married me
because I was sucb a good cook, when
you know I can't even boll an egg.
I had to make some excuse, my
desr, replied Jobn, and I didn't know
what else to say.
A Mild Pill for Delicate Women.—
The most delicate woman can undergo a course of Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills without fear ot unpleasant consequences. Thel.- aotlou, wbile wholly effective, ls mild and agreeable. No
violent pains or purgjngs follow their
use, as thousands ot women who have
used them can testify. They are,
therefore, strongly recommended to
women, who are more prone to disorders, of the digestive organs than
Ma9.W.NSU>w'a Sootmno Svatir hai beet
aaed (or over SIXTY YRARSby MH.UONS.of
in the best remedy for DIA-tKHOiA. It ll al*
NOl.it.-y harmless. Be lure aad ul lor "Mm,
Will-lot*-i Soothing Syrup." aad take so olaer
Uud.  '_;treaty-five ceuu a bottle.
Improving the llllad
You UU., as if you friend was s
greater poet titan Homer!
Homer*.     Well, say, It Percy bad
tarkl.'il lhat Homer stuff he'd have
made it rhyme! v
tv,   PILLS 4<
60c'. a box er alx uxes for $2.so,
at all dealers, or The Dodds Medl-
elnt Company, Limited, Toronto,
W.  N.  U. 941
Mollere relied entirely upon the
temperance of his diet for the re-establishment of his health. What ust
da you make of your physician? said
the king to him one day. We chat
together, sire, said the poet. Hs
gives me his prescriptions; I never
follow them; and so I get well.
Increastd Capacity for Mental Labor
Many former tea and coffee drinkers who have mental work to perform
day after day, have found a better capacity and greater endurance by using Postum Instead of tea and coffee.
A Western woman writes:
"I had drank coffee for about twenty
years, and finally had what the doctor called "coffee heart." I wss nervous and extremely despondent; had
little mental or physical strength left,
had kidney trouble snd constipation."
(Tea ls Just as harmful becaus'e lt
contains caffeine, tht same drug
found ln coffee).
'The first noticeable beneflt derived
from the change from coffee to Postum
was the natural action ot the kidneys and bowels. It two weeks my
heart action was greatly improved
and my nerves steady.
"Then I became less despondent,
and the desire tj bs active again
showed proof of renewed physical
and mental strengt't.
"I am steadily gaining ln physical
strength and brain power, 1 formerly did mental work and had to give
It up on account of coffee,-but since
using Postum 1 am doing hard mental
labor with less fatigue tban ever before."
Name given by Canadian Postum
Co., Windsor, Ont.
Postum now comes In new, concentrated form called Instant Postum,
It ls regular Postum so processed at
the factory that only the soluble portions ars retained.
A spoonful of Instant Postum with
hot water, and sugar and cream to
taste, produce Instantly a delicious
Writs for tbe little book, "The
Road to Wellville."
"There's s Reason" for Postum
Back Sufferers, Read Below
"I am Jiv-t so delighted with th]
comfort Nerviline brought ms that I
want to talk about it, all the time,"
writes J. 0. Canghlan, ot Saskatoon.
"For ages I have bssn subject to an
aching, dragging feeling at the base
of ths spine. When attacks cams
on-it maids my whole body ache. It
appeared as if I hod taken cold and
a soreness developed sll through my
muscular system. When ln Winnipeg one day a friend spoke to me
ot Nerviline, and I bought a 50c. bottle. That was the best half-dollar I
ever spent, lt did to much for me.
It ls hard to convince some people
of what a really good medicine cas
do, but there will be no sceptics after they try out Nerviline. I use lt
tor everything now, It't fine for
Rheumatism and Neuralgia and all
sorts of muscular pain It cures quickly. But Internally, lf possible, Nerviline ls even better. It cures a
cramp ln ten seconds, and, as tor
gas and upset or sour stomach, nothing could excel Nerviline. I think
it should bt kept In every home as a
protection against sudden ills, and also to cure tils that resist other treatments."
'Family tlss bottles, 50c; trial size,
25c; at all storekeepers and druggists, ot The Catarrhozone Co., Buffalo, N.T., U.S.A.
An old darkey was summoned before the Judge for stealing a chicken.
He wat on- hand early, and before the
case was called, the Judge, observing
his presence, asked hit name. My
name ls Johnslng, yo' hosah, said
the darkey. Are you tbe defendant
ln this case? enquired the Judge. No,
sah, replied the darkey. Ise got a
lawyer to do my detendln'; I'se the
gentleman what stole de chicken.
Minard't    Llnimtnt      Lumber", an'a
The son of a fond father, when going to war, promised to bring home
the head of one of the enemy. His
parent replied: I should be glad to
see you come home without a head
provided you come sate.
A woman always confides a secret
to another because the ls afraid sbe
may die and there will be no one
else to keep lt.
Dr. Morse's
Indian Root Pills
exactly meet the need which to oftaa
arises in every fsmlly for a medicine
tt open up and rtgulatt the bowels.
Not only art they effective in si
• of Constipation, but they help
greatly in breaking up a Cold or La
Grippe by cleaning out the eyitea
■ud purifying the blood. In tht isms
way they relieve or cure BiliousneMfe
Indigestloh, Sick Htsdschet, Rheum.
Stiitn snd otber common ailment*
In ths fullest tente ol the wordt Dr.
Morse's Indian Root Pilla are       it
A Houtthsld  Remedy
The Greatest Business Cpnventlon in
History Beckons You to
*     Baltimore
Every man wha uses publicity ln
nny form—every msm with advertising or merchandising problems to
solve—should be in Baltimore from the
8th to the 18th of June. The occasion ls tbe ninth Annual Convention of
the Associated Advertising Clubi of
America. Ten thousand delegates
and guests are expected to be present.
They will come from all parts of the
United States and Canada, and even
trom abroad. The general sessions,
held Ih the Fifth Regiment Armory,
will be addressed by the most progressive und successful American advertising and tni-luess" men. Departmental and other special meetings
will discuss ln open forum the problems of various branches of the great
business ot advertising and selling
merchandise of *very description.
At this convention you will have an
opportunity to hear ot the great progress which is being made in efficiency ln advertising—how advertising ls
being mRde more productive and profitable. You will hear from the lips
of the leaders tn the movement Just
what has been done and ls to be done
to check and punish those who are
guilty of fraudulent or misleading advertising. The great educational
movement, Inaugurated by the Association and now being carried out. by
scores of clubs, will also be fully described by those in^charge ot the
work. Lay sermons by prominent,
advertising men will be delivered
trom the pulpits ot Baltimore on Sunday, June 8th -
Don't fall to visit this great convention—send your advertising or
sales manager If you cannot come
personally. AU will be welcome,
whether members of advertising clubs
or not. ' All will have an opportunity to hear ihe addresses and to par
tlclpate ln the splendid program of
evening entertainments which Baltimore has,, provided.
Write now to the Associated Advertising Clubs of America, Convention
Bureau, 1 North CSlvert Street, Baltimore, Md., for the full program, hotel
accommodations, etc.
Worms ln children It they be not
attended to, cause convulsions, and
often death. Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator will protect the children from these distressing afflict-
A London shop-window once contained the following notice: Wanted,
two apprentices, who will bs treated
as one of tbe family. All very nice
and kind and homely, no doubt, but
at meal times, at least, we would not
like it.      /^	
Look for the signature of H. W. QROVB.
Curea a Cold In One Day.   Curet Orlp
ih Two Dears.    26c.	
BellowB—Do you suppose our ancestors were such Inveterate gossips
as we an? Fellows—Well, lf Darwin's theory Is correct, they were sll
Ask for MlnaWi'e and takt no other
Tommy—Mamms, what Is economy?
Tommy's Mamma—Economy, my son
ls wbat a husband preaches snd a
wlte practises.
'Queen Elizabeth ln Four Parts,'
advertised by a cinematograph thev
tre, must be a sanguinary spectacle.
Hs—Ars you superstitious about tht.
number 13?    She—I'm no a bit superstitious; only I don't like lt because
I think it brings bad luck.
So Bobby Burns tersely describes ths
rich, but still poor, dyspeptics,. But their
est* is not now so desperate ss when
Bonis wrote. For the msn who hss ths
(ood now ess est without suffering for
lt, U he Just follows tht meal with s
Na-Dru-Co Dytpepsit Tablet.
These remarkeb.e.tablets banish ths
troubles of tht chronic dyspeptic—tht
man who it bilious—tho sufferer from
heartburn, gas on the stomach or occasional indigestion. Yott can eat hearty
meals of wholesome food—snd digest
them, too-lf you taks Na-Dru-Co
Dyspepsia Tablets.
Compounded byexpertchemlsts, after
probably ths lien formula knows tt
medical science, they srs quick snd
certain ht their settee, ghriag prompt
relief trom sll forms of stomach trouble,
toning np and strtngthtalng ths digest-
A msn it BOttronger than his stomach.
Fit yourself for your bsst work by
taking Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets.
Soo, at your druggist's. National Drajf
tnd Chemical Co. si
Canada, Limited,
This label has
no "second gracie
THERE'S only one quality of Canada Cement   It w *•
highest quality that can possibly be made with modem
equipment, scientific methods and rigid inspection by ts*
pert chemists.
The Canada Cement you buy for a garden walk b the same
cm.n, thai is told by Ih. .ml-Jotd im vmt fef^^J".*^,™}
mgineera in charge of these peal workt lava ample fadhriet let ttttiaf Uie quality tl
ttmeat. '
Canada Cement
comet up to their matt rigid rtqulrtmtntt. >r *■*
Tht farmer hat not theae facilitiet fo. teeth*.tht quehty ef »*^.-™""» »2
a product upon whieh he ean depend for a grade lhal to etweye ef hl/hul quality, ***
that therefore doea not need to bt ttated. ._.._-. I
You can place ahaolut. ttllaaca upon tht quality ol Canada Cement
It'etlwaytlhtttmtanialwayt^tbeet.  Thtlatga outpW-wMch tnaMatutts
keep lhe prle.£•!!! saMaVae eJ2to maintain tht factory equipment mul ..ganizat-o.
that kmpt th, quality ap. ■ . ,
A OnaWCemeat U»h4 .PP«« ■».«V±£ 2l S^to^'"
Cement.   Sea that it'a on tho hagt and bairelt of cement that yoa buy.
i ef aaimili.
AMreaa Fanaen' lafenaatlaa Detaitmt-
Canada Cement Company Limited, • Montreal
Then it a Canada Cement dealer in your neighbourhood. •M-r. sjjx granp forks. British Columbia.
A Gambler
. Ot Ihe Olden Time or ,
Ihe Mississippi
I-M"M-H "HF_"I"H'-|- H l-H-HM-H*
. Tbere are few persons living today
sbo knew the Mississippi three-quarters ot a century ago. At tbat Urns
tbs west-now the middle west to per-
■ons llvlug east-was springing foi*-
ward Ukt s long limbed boy to bis
manhood. There were no railroads,
md ths watercourses were In tbelr
prime as avenues of travel tnd trade.
There were great paddle wheel
itearaers, always ready for a race wltb
tacb other snd quite frequently bursting tbelr boilers to win. The other
.water vehicles oh tbe Mississippi bsd
been In tbe early psrt ot the nineteenth century the only mesne ot get
ting persons or goods down tbo river.
Tbey were never seen going north*
ward, slways southward.- Tbo current, assisted by tbelr long sweeps,
would carry tbem down, Dot tbsy
were not furnished wltb power to tako
tbem back again. On reaching thslr
destination tbey were broken ap and
sold for lumber, e>
During tbe middle of the century
tbese  flatboats,   superseded   by  the
ssowio a rtsioL in iaoh iaxd.
steamers, degenerated Into movable
gambling dens. A boat woold be fitted out st Cincinnati, Louisville or
Bt. Louis snd Hosted down to Cslro,
Memphis snd Baton Bongs, tying ap
on the way at small towns or plantations, wbere tbelr owners wonld open
a gepie, take wbat money tbere was
to be bad. then drop down to tbe next
stopping place. At Mew Orleans tbs
boat would bs sold, snd tbe gamblers
.would Uke passage on n steamer for a
northern dty and repeat tbe descent
One evening a stesmer tied op to a
wharf boat on tbs bank ot tbs Mississippi In Louisiana to take on (nlgbt
Tbere wu a smsll town tn wblcb
were stored supplies for tbo neighboring plantations. On. tbe guard of the
steamer stood two men looking down
npon tbe line ot negroes rolling bales
of cotton onto tbe steamer.
"Do you seo thst Uatboat tied np
thari" ssld one to the otber. -Befo*
tomorrow nlgbt tbe men sboa'd tbat
coagulation ot boa'ds will btvo tbo
money paid fo' tbe cotton being rolled
onto tbls steams'."
'■Yoo don't mean Itr replied tbs other, a northerner.
•tf es, sab, and I regret tt sob. Tbt
gentleman who owns tbls plantation li.
a friend ot mine. Bo once did mo a
faro*. I'm s membo' ot a fraternity
commonly called gamble's. I's'baps
yo', being a no'tbe'n man, don't an-
de'ttand tbe dllfe'ence between s gentleman gamble' snd one of -tboss
slinks wbo ran tboss flatboats. Ths
dlffe'enoe Is tbnt tbey have no sense
of bono*, while we hare. Now, to
show yoo tbst I am correct, sub, I'm
going to git off tbls bost aod make an
efto't to stop tbs rascal! getting tbe
colonel's money."
"I BtKf a mind," ssld Ibe other, "to
get off with you and see yob do it"
"1 should be nappy to have yoo Join
me, sob."
Ths men left tho boot together and
went up on to lbe bluff. Tbere was a
tavern In tbs plsce where they pnt up
snd after sapper wsnt down to tbs
flatbont Ooo sfttr another persons
sauntered down and went aboard.
Wben halt a doxen ot tbese plucknble
feelsss bsd assembled s same was
opened, snd the piny commenced. Tb*
gambler snd tbe northerner took no
hand tn tbe proceedings, being simply
lookers on. It was oot long Before a
yonug man appeared, wbo sbowsd by
bis dress snd bis manner tbat be was
better bred tban tbe others of the assembly.
"Hello. l-emoyne!" said one of those
present  "Using to try It again?"
Tbe man addressed ss Lemoyne was
too engrossed In bis own thoughts or
reelings to reply. Be sst down at ths
tsbls and began to bet. Be was pale,
there was a nsrvous twitching about
him, and hs plsyed ts one wbo knows
be is going down to rain.
"That .young man," said the gambler to the northerner, "Is the son of
Colonel Lemoyne, wbom I spoke of ss
bavlng once done me a lavo". I 'Xpert-
ed to find tbe colonel bere, bnt I bave
learned tbat be hss gons to New Orleans. 1 tea' tbat I'm too late to save
tbls young msn from tbese sha'ks."
"Why sor
"He's lost nea'ly svsrytblng be owns."
"Indeedl  How do you know tbstr
"By bis sppea'nce, suh.   I csn tell
by a man's looks Jnst wbst propo'tlon
I ot bts prope'ty bo's lost"
"Can't you help blm to recoup?'
"Not now. He's too fa* gone. I
reckon tbls ysa's crop bss been* lost"
Tbe evening was but balf spent
wben young Lemoyne pat up tbe last
hundred dollars be bad abont blm and,
rising from ths table, went ashore,
lbs gsmblsr waited a few moments,
to ss not to sxclte a suspicion tbnt bs
wss Interested ln tbe young man;
tben, beckoning to tbe northerner to
follow blm, went ashore. Lemoyne
was sitting on a cotton bale. The
gambler approached bim and ssld:
"Have yoa lost everything'/"
"I've lost tbe cotton tbat went
sboa'd tbe steamer. 1 got an advancs
on It, and ths money is all in tbat tint-
Well, sub, HI tell yon wbat yon
do. Here's ,a hundred dolla's. Oo
down to tbs boat and start In again.
I'll uks s bsnd myselt Are yo'
a'med, sub7"
Tbey went down to tbe boat Ths
gsme being plsyed was poker. Lemoyne and tbs gambler took seats st
tbe table, while tbe northerner looked
on. Ho said he was no gambler, bnt
handed Lemoyne some bills as s loan
with wblcb to recoup his losses. Then
tbo gambler before taking np tbe first
bsnd dealt blm sold:
"Gentlemen, tbls will be s tal'
game. Any deviation from strictly
bono'ablo play will result tn my dis-
Tbs partners wbo owned tbe outfit
looked at each'otber. There was something ln the gambler's words they did
not like. "Result ln my dlspleusu'e"
meant a great deal. For awhile the
game was played fairly, but at a fair
game tbe gambler won. Lemoyne, too,
won, bot It was because tbs gambler
helped blm by staying ont or coming
In wben bis doing so wonld be an advantage to bis friend.
Tben one of the owners laid down
fonr aces and won a pot The gam*
bier tamed over oao of tbe aces snd
showed tbst It bad come from another
pack. Brery ono looked nervous, not
knowing bow bis displeasure would
manifest Itself. Bs took no notice of
tbo Incident bnt from tbat moment
bis bands were marvelous. Wbetber
the owners of ths outfit knew bow bs
got tbem did not appear, but tbls mads
no difference, sines having been
caught cheating tbemsslves tbey could
not complain.
Tbs gambler and Lemoyne woo continuously, indeed Lemoyne's bands
whenever tbe former dealt tbe cards
tbough ssldom high, were slways a trifle higher than that of any one else at
tbe table. Besides, wben tbe gambler
dealt, tbs cards Lemoyne drew always
filled hla hsnd. It waa evident tbat
the game was going sgalnst the owners. Bat this gsmbler knew tbst when
they fonnd a man wbo could beattbem
at their own devices they would find
aome way to call a bait Be did not
wait tor tbem to choose tbelr time.
Be chose bis own.
A certain Jack pot bsd been "sweet
ened" so msny times tbat tbere wu a
large amount on the table before It
wu opened. Tben wben tbe betting
commenced be kept raising, every one,
so thst In Urns tbe table was covered
with bills. Ths gsmblsr laid bis cards
on' tho table, pat bis bands down
where for a few seconds tbey could
not bs seen, and, on lifting tbem,
showed s pistol In each bend.whlcta
he [feinted at escb of tbe owners. Be
was perfectly calm,; but looked extremely businesslike.
•*_Wte' my wa'nlng," be said, "tbat
this should bs a far gams I hsve been
displeased to tee that tbere hat been
cheating. A cheating game it without
tbe law, tnd tbe longest pole knocks
the pe'slmmon. Mists' Lemoyne, will
yo' kindly rake In tbe pot"
Lemoyne, ss soon as bs saw the gam-
bier's move, plsced bis bsnd to his
shirt collar st tht bsck whers a bowls
knife' was slang ander bis coat between hla shoulder blades, but upon
the gambler's request he withdrew
his hand and began to scraps tbs mon*
ey on tbe table Into his hat
Meanwhile the gambler continued to
fix a glittering eye on their enemy, and
ATCTeSiSMMtt. mmLwrwmkWmn.   [
brain.   Tho gambler asked Lemoyne  p., RMnanUe Story et a Grttnwlst. '
If be thought tbere wu enougb In tbe . Inttltutltn
moyns ssld bs thought there wss ^ - d ilDp0Iunt part in tht
a-plenty. Ths gambler then told blm i£nSlni of our msny charitable into leave tbe boat snd backed ashore tutuUons. In the history of homes,
himself, keeping the owners covered |0I the poor snd distressed sre to be
wbile be did so. Wben be reached lound a number of splendid examples
terra firms be uked the northerner lf of men and women who, actuated byj
be would please loosen the buwser their gratitude tor some good fortune.
that held the flatboat He did so and which has befallen them, decided to!
the current carried the den of iniquity fhers their weslth in twisty with!
down stresm i -*eir leM ,ortunlte brothers and sis.,
aown stresm. .   Iters by founding s horns lor their:
Tbs gambler gave bis winnings to  JJJ,nefit •
ths poor of ths town. Lemoyne beg-, jn jj,, tnnti, 0j charity, however J
god to be permitted to show his graU-I [t t- doubtful if there ia a more ro-
tuds In soms wsy, but bis benefactor mantle story than that concerning the
was obdurate. Tbs gsmbler sad tbs (oundstion of Morden's College near
northerner took the next bost going Greenwich, which hu lately been:
down stream. On the way the letter sdvertising for "gentlemen' in reduc,
ssked one fsmlllar with tbs river UM fd circumstances desirous ol becoming;
what kind of a man ths gambler was.     °°>»t« «» •*• c°^«?,>£f* .5}! i™
-tf*'* * lamblcr and Urea bv daec •*** nM accommodation for forty-one
Hes s gambler ano lives ey neec-  lnmatMi who mi,st b, men ol good
"**_, !!,"* re   "J?"   _._. character, either widowers or unmar-;
"Bat"-began tbe otber. < .^ and not under sixty years ol
"Bnt be has his cods of honor, snd  lge, who shall have been cither mer-
there's not a msn living who esn make   chants or manufacturers or have been'
him break through It" ' engaged as principals i.i some whole*;
! sals trade or business for not less
than ten years, and who, from mis-j
fortune or accident, have become reduced in circumstances. |
Morden's College was established by I
Sir John Morden, Bart., who died in;
1708, and who founded the college;
Mother (after reading pathetic story)  eight years before his death.   He him-
r arm and
• ll&rden
Convenient, Sunny Loeatlon Ond Qttd
Drainage Art Etttntial Ptintt.
Good growth of poultry and heavy
egg-production depend to a large extent upon tbe proper bousing of the
stock. A bulletin issued by tbe Iowa
agricultural experiment station sets
fortlf tbe essentials of a good bouse
In brief form.
The first consideration In building a
poultry bouse is Its location.- It ls of
greatest importance to select s site
having well drained soil. It ts next Important to bave a convenient location.
Tbe poultry bouse may be nearer the
residence than the live stack haras, aad
flit snow's on the ground,
And the bees haven't hived.
But tht government seeds
Have already arr'ved.
—Detroit Free Press.
—Now, Reggie, wouldn't you like to
give your bunny to that poor little boy
you saw today who hasn't any father?
Eeggle (clutching rabbltl-Couldn't
we give blm father lnstead?-Puncl
He didn't think he ought to he
Forever in the spotlight*  glare.
When people were applauding he
Believed in letting others share.
He otten sat In alienee when
Another fellow had the floor.
And thtia among hla -ellowmen
Ha never came to be a bore.
-Chicago Record-Herald.
-That dressmaker's model slways
wears a long wrap when she goes
ont" V
"Hers Is evidently n sinister motive,
She wants to cloak her designs."-Bal-
ttmore American.
The secret of wealth I am living.
With glad news my message ls fraught
Juat give up th* high coat of living
And live on the cheap food for thought
—Cincinnati Enquirer.
"Say, ma, wbo said 'Neither a borrower nor a lender be?'"
"Some person wbo'd never lived ln
tbe suburbs, Tommle."—Life.
"At nlght-te-he~I always peep
Beneath the bed
To look for men before I Bleep,"
Mlaa Elder said.
"Wise," mused Mlaa Pert, "he must
have been -
Who first expressed
The thought 'Hope springs eternal la
The human breastl'"
-Kaaaas City Star. .
Blobbs- -There ls only one thing a
woman loves more than to be told a
nee ret.
Slobbs-And tbat is?    _
Blobbs—To find lt out herself.-*
Philadelphia Record.
A lesson Us exit ls giving.
Let It not challenge your emdea.
He climbed to the high cost of living
And fell twenty mllea!
-Atlanta Constitution.
"She  has great confidence  In  her
"Tbat tor' I
"Yes.   She even takes It for granted
that be has fixed tbe furnace for the
night before he retlres."-Detroit Free
Since Dr. Young announces
That shaking handa la wrong,
Becauae It helps the microbe:.
Too gla.dson.ely along,
I see that I sball simply
Be forced to subatltute
Somewhere on your, complexion
An ardent, chaste salute.
—Chicago Inter Ocean.
Crnwford-To do a thing well, yon
know, you must do It yourself.
Crabsbaw-But you miss tbe tun of
teeing the otber fellow work.—Judge.
Little drops of nonsanae,
Little grains of verae
Keep the ptsslmlttlo world
From growing any worse.
—Spokane Spokesman-Review.
"So you are going on a strike?" uld
tbe cafe patron.
"Yes," replied tbe waiter.
"Great Scottl If I bave put np wltb
this place sll these years I don't see
why you can't"—Washington Star.
self was a merchant who,  through-
singular circumstances, thought him-!
self a ruined man. . !
Sir John, titer living for a number
of years in Turkey, amassed a con-;
siderable fortune, and, deciding to re-'
turn to London, placed the whole of
his merchandise on three ships;
but, like the missing vessels ol Antonio in "The Merchant .ol Venice,"]|
they did not turn up, and alter a;
time were given up lor lost. The consequence was that the once wealthy;
merchant was reduced to great pov-:
erty, and it was only by acting as
agent for certain tradesmen that ht
was able to earn a livelihood. I "
For ten years Sir John'thus straggled, on, and then, to his great amazement, one day came the news that
his long-lost ships had arrived in port
Jn the joy ol the moment he vowed
to build an asylum for decayed merchants.
He purchased from tbe crown tbe
manor of Old Court, Greenwich, and
on what was known as the Great
Stone Field he erected a college from
designs by Sir Christopher WrenJ
The original college consisted ot a
chapel in the centre and apartments
for twelve residents, who dined together in a common room. Sines
those days, however, it has been con-
sidersbly altered, and. as already men*
tioned, there is now accommodation
tor forty-one inmates, who not only
are provided with separate sets of
apartments, with furniture, ii required, to the'value of 1125, together with'
attendance, coals, wood, and light.'
bnt have an allowance of $500 annually, with an extra *25 for personal
Lurtd  Te   Death.
A Scotch naturalist in Edinburgh'
hu recently given'to the world soms
interesting .sets which go to show how
animals as well ss human beings respond to the lure of the ses, snd how.
they will travel-* sometimes tor hundreds ot miles to answer its call and
then push on into its waters to their
own destruction.
The most curious example ot tbls
tendency is found in, the seaward
migrations of the small brown volelike
lemmings. These animals will at certain times leave the highlands ol
Scandinavia and march in vast hordes
toward the lowlands, moving only by
night and following the general trend
of the valleys. They hold tenaciously
to the general direction in which they
set out and are diverted neither by
streams nor by moderately sized lakes.
Eventually, after a march lasting
from one to three years, the army, devastated, of oourse, by many foes,
reaches the tea, but not for itt own
good, for, queerly enougb, the end ol
the journey Is not attained, and many
ot the little animals push on into ths
waters, fulfilling to their own destruction the unaccountable impulse to
push forward. I
Other creatures likewise are known
to fall under tbe spell of the set. It
is rather commonly known bow tht
European reindeer will spend the hard
weather ol winter on the highlands ol
Scandinavia snd Russia and feed
snsringly on snow-covered moas snd
lichen snd then in summer, in spits
of the fact that food has become mors
plentiful inland, will forsake tbese
taunts lor the seacoast.
HHU* •*y*¥rj
* eW £t*--
1 -
H      " ^
-    II - WBpS;Vi*3»_l*_Kfi^
■ • ,'i^m f-jf;
™ sjii_[32_ffiIZ-«",*7**' 1 )>-#.
aRj&i ****, . *-. ■* s        "i^Wwvl
Phttogrspb by Iowa agricultural experiment station. __.
ss women have a large share In tbs
management of tbe flock on tbe average farm It should be so located. It Is
undesirable to build tbe poultry bouse
near granaries, cribs ot barns wblcb
msy furnish a harbor for rats snd other vermin which prey on poultry. A
sunny location well sheltered from tbs
north winds Is highly desirable whenever it ls possible to obtain it without
sacrificing good ground drainage.
Ths A-shsped movable colony boms
Illustrated is cbeap snd light snd bss
been thoroughly tried out snd found
to bs very satisfactory for raising
chicks In flocks of 200 to 800, It wUI
winter trom fifteen to twenty bens.
The house Is 8 by 10 feet and because of
Ite lightness snd substantial construction lt can be readily moved from place
to place on the skids which famish the
foundstlon for ths hoots. It ls wsrm
and convenient end ths fowls sre well
protected from drafts.
Bhe (meanlngly)-Do you consider
kissing really dangerous?
He (nieanly)-Yes; lt often brings on
marriage.—New Xork Journal.
Riches have wings,
So I've often beard tell,
But I'm eager to know
Have they drumsticks u Welti
—Denver Republican.
Griggs—Your wife no longer objects
jo your staying oat nights. How did
yoa manage lt?
Briggs—I begsn smoking ln ths
house the cigars she bought to keep
me at home.—Boston Transcript
Tou may think you're a faat young maa
But wart your speed to double
Tou couldn't dodge tht old tin csn,    i
For you can't outpace trouble.
•^Cincinnati *«o»l»sr.
Some years ago the eases spake tbe welcome household word
That children should bs aeen at tlmea, but
never, never heard.
It't different with Ihe dictograph, tor here
Is a machine
That ehould be heard when apoken lo,.but
- never, never seen.
-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Mother   (entering   bcdroom)-Why,
children, what are you crying for?
Bobby-I wanna dink.
Mother-Well, I'll get you a drink.
' Elsie, wbat are you crying for?
|    Elsie-Yon didn't henr Bobby, mam-
j. ma, so I was helping blm cry.-St
I Louis Republic.
No Trsssure Found;
Led by Miss BsrrytiU snd Mlsa
Genevieve Davis, ths trensure-huntin*
psrty from Plymouth which hubssi
searching Cocos Island In the Paciflo
for treasure supposed to hsve beta
buried there by pirates many yserd
ago, hu arrived at Panama on boardl
the steamer Mslmors without anfl
spoils. The Melmore asiled from Barrvj
in September lest, carrying, in addition to ths officers snd crew and tha
two ladiet mentioned above, Mr. HI)
W'hitworth, of London, and two other
gentltmenfinaneitlly interested in a*
vtntnre which wu loudly hoped tat
return 100 per cent profit The ttilura
ot two other attempts to locate tho
buried gold and Jewels ot the buces-
nsers mads by Bsrl Fitswilliam and!
Mr. Harold Gray did not diminish th*.
ftith ol tha members ol the Melmort)
expedition, who dtelsred they hsd!
epeciflo irJormsUon ol the exact position ol Us socuraulated hoards. Ona
tituurs wu brought from lima ini
1890, consisting ot gold bullion sndl
srtiolss to tht vslus of sboot 126,000,-
000, and ths other treasure, whkU
is plsced at an sven higher flgurej
; wu taken to the islsnd by the ltmoua
pirate Bonlto. Despite ths tare withl
which the Melmore wu fitted out-
the expedition wss estimated to eost
1500,000-the tcarch tppeari to have
bean fruitless.
Right ts ths Ptlnt
: - Probably ths most concise summing
up on record in s elvll esse het bsen
' attributed to Bsron  Bramwell. Tha
| defendant's counsel closed- his case
* without calling a witness whoss coming hsd been much expected.
"Don't you call Jones, Mr. BlankP
said ths Judge signiflcsntly st tha
close of counsel's address.
"1 do not, my lord," replied tha,
The Judge turned round to the Jury
and gave vsnl to a low and prolonged
"Whe-e-ewl" he Mid, or. rather;
whistled. "Gentlemen, consider yonr
Suffering   from   a   growth   which
threatened  to destroy bis  jawbone,
Or. W. M. Beck, says The Ceylon
: Mail, calmly atood before a mirror at
bis horns' snd performed the difficult
i tuk ol operating on himself. He mado
' an incision just below his left jaw. cut
| away the flesh from the point of ths
1 chin slmost np to the left esr, then
, scraped the bone snd sewed uu tha
• wound. THE  SUN,   GBAND   FORKS.   B. C.
Your House Needs
Now is the time to have it
done. Paint before the hot
summer dust begins to fly.
Sberwin-W'Hiams High Standard   Paints
Are the right kind, to use.
Ask Us
Onr Paint Advice is Free
The special meeting of the mem
bers of the Grand ForkB Valley
Farmers' Institute, beld in tbe
Miners' Union hall' last Saturday
evening, was well attended, a number ot ladies being noticed among
the audience. R. C Ashby, gov-
srnment lecturer, who wu to bave
spoken on ''Feed Crops and Tillage," was unavoidably prevented
from being present, and bis plsce
on tbe program wu taken by Mr.
Vrooman, who is temporarily stationed in tbe valley as assistant horticulturist, Mr. Vrooman gave an
. interesting address on fruit pests
and diseases of fruit .trees. After a
brief discussion by tbe members on
tbe subject of tbe organization of a
marketing agency, be wu followed
by J. Si. Terry, secretary of the
Provincial Poulty association. Mr
Terry gave a comprehensive and in
•structive lecture on the pi ultry
raising industry in general. He
touched on the subjects of the best
breeds for egg production and for
the table; diseases of poultry and
how to cure them; how to- properly
bouse the birds, describing tbe best
method of constructing the bouseB
for tbem, snd on various otber matters tbat every poultryman should
bnow. At tbe conclusion of bis ad I
dress be was tendered a hearty vote j
of thanks.      	
Col. Taylor, C.P.R, lecturer on
tbo proper handling of explosives lo
eliminate accidents, spoke to a
large .audience in tbe parish ball of
Holy Trinity church on Tuesday
evening, A lurge mi in tier of those
present were railway men. wbo took
a keen interest in the colonel's instruction" regarding Ihe care of explosives while in traiif-it. Mr. Taylor travelled in a private car.
Win. Bonthron deserves credit for
having erected a two storey brick
block tbis spring without obstructing or tearing up the sidewalk, j
J. T.  Nopp, the big puultryman
ot Chesaw, passed through the city
nu   YV.ilnfsri._y   in bis motor car.
He was en route borne from  a  trip
to Walla Walla.    He reported   big
hatches on bis ranch this spring.
Ballard was the mother of Ed Ballard, of this city. Her husband
was a veteran of the Boer war. in
which be received wounds which
hastened his death. He was buried
in Edinburgh, and the -remains of
bis wife will be interred by his side.
Highest cash price paid fnr old
Stoves and Ranges. E. C. Peckbam,
Second-band Store.
Tbe Scandinavian Aid and Fellowship Society of British Columbia
will bold its annual pienicjat Ward's
lake, in the West end of tbe city, on
June 25. Arrangements are now
being made by tbe local society for
the entertainment of visitors, who
will attend from all parts of the
. Ore Shipments
The following were tbe shipments
from the Bonndr.ry mines during
the past week, t&ranhy mine, 21,-
991; Mother Lode, 4,830; Rawhide,
5,298; Napoleon, 245; Victoria, 407.
Smelter treatments: Granby, 23,-
420 tone; Greenwood, 11,075.
Hunters Must Have Licenses
The game laws ss recently amended provide, among other things,that
Grand Forks
IN B. C.   '
for Men's furnishings
Grand Forks
New Arrivals: Silk Caps with
opaque steins for engineers and
firemen, Motoring Caps and
Tennis Caps.
R. Campbell's
For Up tn Date Furnishings,
The'following funvral notice ap
p'-ured in the Montreal Herald of
.ItltiH 2: "Ballard—In Monlreiil,
May 31, litis, Agnes Ballard,widow
of the late Major James R, Ballard.
AIM), und daughter of the late
Dr. Archibald Hall, professor of
medicine, McGill university. Interment in Edinburgh, Scotland,
Scottish papers please copy."   Mrs,
PBONF 64        6IAND FORKS, B. C.
it shall be unlawful for any resi
dent of the province to hunt animals or birds or to carry firearms ol
any description, or air guns, or any
device for the purpose of capturing
any animal or bird witout first taking out a license. In addition - to
taking out a license hunters will be
required to wear a badge showing
tbe number of tbeir license. Tbese
badges will not be transferable. Any
breach of the act involves cancellation of a hunter's license.
Licenses will not be issued to boys
under sixteen except at the written
request of parents or guardians, wbb
shall undertake tbat suoh boys, when
carrying firearms, will always be
under their supervision or that of
some responsible license holder.
There are tbree classes of licenses*.
an ordinary, to carry firearms and
hunt birds and deer, other than
moose, wapiti, and caribou, costing
£2.50; a general, to hunt game, birds
>md animals, {5.00; a special, to
carry firearms and trap. tlu. Holders of general or special licenses
within fourteen days of date of expiration, return the-license to the
provincial game warden with a sworn
statement of the. number of eaoh
species of tbe big game or animals
Prospectors having a free miner's
certificate may obtain ordinary
licenses during tbe open season,
wbile actually engaged in prospect-
DAD -C A T17 A 5-roomed
r UR .3ALL cottage with
all modern improvements-
two lots—on Observation ave.
For particulars apply to
Geo. W. Gowland,
Port Alberni, B.C.
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Palace .Barber Shop
Kaior Honing a SpeclaSy.
Japanese Matting
Just the thing for bedrooms.  We have just received a
-newshipment which we are offering at OA 1
the exceptionally low price of   X"C a yd
°KU" - Grand Forks Furniture Co
Linoleum*   ""
Wi-loWSk.d..,E«. The Complete House Furnishers
Suits to Order &18 twa*
11 We are agents for some of tho leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the adyantage of lieing measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Oar Spring and Summer Goods Have Arrived
Thoy are tho best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know thoir business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the  Reliable Tailor
P. A. Z, PARE, Prpprietor
1st Door North or O ran by Hotel,
First Stkkkt.
AhindnmslrlSaMiatMliiMklr. Unmtou.
culatioo ofanr toitntiee Soarou. Tarns for
f5nM.M_.i_ra immun prop*.-, sold br
Dr. de Van's Female Ptlb
A lelisblo Fundi regulator; peter tails. These
Ha bos, or three lor 110,    —. ...	
Th» SoOoU One C*„ at. CatharlMS, Oat.
pills ire exceedingly nowerlul In regulating .the
 .. .,.n 0j flje lemale system.   Kef
... m ....Ions. Dr* de Yaa'a are soli	
is box, or three for ltd.  Mailed to any address,
Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry always on hand,
Highest market price paid for live stock.
PHONE 58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
ing; eo may farmers and tbeir sons 111(1011  sun EX UPC DflCT^
hunting on the land on whiih they If UUU "U ILHUu 10010
permanently reside.   Any firearm
found in the possession of any per
son not having a license may be
seized aud confiscated.
For Sale—Two second-hand bug
gies; nearly new Apply Moybooer's
Blacksmith Snop.
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Statins
Mclntyre 8 Clayton, Props.
Dry four-foot. Fir and
Tamarac. Cedar and Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone ordrrs.
F. Downey's Cigar'Store
Or fur., uae
H.ssstt'l RU1DIKCI, RS8
w*e%w      — First Street
We are prepared to do
all kinda of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have tbe most- modern jobbing plsnt
in the Boundary Country, employ com
potent workmen, and carry a complete "
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Rills of  Fare and Menu  Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
rjAAH PDINTIl-flfi—the kind we do—is in
■UUl/l/ rHylLHIlJU   an .dvertisemen^ and
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship sre of the best. Let us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
lip $tttt Print 0tuttt


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