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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Sep 19, 1913

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Kettle Valley Orchardist
$1.00 PER YEAR
P. Burns*Co.Give500lba.
Fertilizer for Best Vegetable Display
An important meeting of 'the directors ofthe Grand Forks Agricultural association was held on Wednesday evening, the following mem
hen being present: Fred Clark,
August Scbnitter, A. 3. McKim, R.
J. Gardner, C C. Heaven, E. W.
.Stuart and W. E. Hadden.
A new special prise, donated hy
P. Burns & Co., was added to the
priie .list The prize consists of
SOU pounds of No A brand blood
and bone fertizer. Exhibits entered
in competition for this prize 'oust
consist of the following vegetables:
24 potatoes, 2 cabbages, 6 carrots,
6 beets, 6 onions, 6 parsnips and G
Half a dozen communications
were read, discussed and finally dis
posed of.
Tbe matter of sprinkling tbs baseball grounds was left in the bands
of the old committee.
._ A. S. McKim reported that the
Phoenix, Greenwood and Mother
Lode teams would take* part in the
football tournament. «
The directors decided to let the
privilege of conducting a refreshment stand at tbe skating rink, and
applications from parties desiring to
secure tbe privilege will be received
by them.
A special meeting of ihe directors
will be beld next Monday night,
when tbe program of the race meet
wbich is to be, held io connection
witb the fair will be finally  settled.
The theory is entertained by
some tbat after the Lake mines have
resumed operations there will be a
surplus of * copper and the price
will immediately decline, but tbey
are very much in error. Insufficient copper is being produced to
supply what the trade would con
sume on a 14 or 15 cent market,
and this will continue to be the
condition for many years to come,
unless there should be a severe business reaction either in this countiy
orii» Europe."
Messrs. Robert Larson, Eugene
Herrick and B. Jewel shipped their
fifth car of fruit to the prairie provinces today.
The second car of ore from the
Union mine, iu Gloucester camp,
will be shipped from Lynch creek
to the Granby smelter about the
middle of next week.
Qrand Forks Citizens Contribute Generously to
the Fair
A Grand Forks man wbo recently
visited Carmi says that work on tbe
Kettle Valley line is proceeding
very slowly. The contractors believe tbat it will be some time in
December before tbe steel will be
laid to the summit, and a year from
tbat date hefore tbe trains will be
running to Penticton.
A Victoria company will put- a
forco of men to work at tbe Sally
mine at Beaverdell next month.
The thirteenth ordinary general
meeting of the Granby Consolidated
Mipitig, Smelting & Power eompany will be held at the branch
office of tbe company in New York
on Tuesday, Oetober 7.
matic Coupler Prove
Where Is the Big Surplus?
It is very regrettable tbat the.
stopping of work on tbe transpro-
vincial trunk road was made necessary by tbe stringency of the times.
Nicely started and having hope of
transportation to the languishing
mining camps along the route, there
could be but one feeling of profound
regret for cessation of a work which
is the most important, yet undertaken by tbe department of public
works. * Tbe setback to development
in a general way will be felt throughout tbe length and breadth of tbe
province as a result of the delay in
construction. As a matter of policy
and economy the government is
justified in tbe steps taken. It is
all to be attributed to that one obnoxious word "stringency," which
necessarily must have a string on
money or its equivalent.—Princeton
Copper Situation
Commenting on the cupper situa
tion in the recent issue of the Boston Commercial, G. W. Walker
says that "after advancing to 16}
cents for electrolytic and 17 cents
for lake early this week, at wbioh
prices considerable sales were msde,
the copper market has become dull
again and at the moment very little
business is being done. Prices,
however, have held the advance, ex
cept that tbere bas been a slight
decline in tbe speculative metal
market in London. Consumers as
a rule have covered tbeir current requirements, but a few of them sre
still short. The producing interests
are endeavoring to prevent a runaway market, fearing the possibility
Ibat it might be .succeeded early
next year by sues a slowing up of
business as would cause a sharp reaction if the price of the metal were
too- higb at the time of its occurrence. Copper is high enough Jnow
to suit tbe most exacting producers;
but unfortunately it will be impossible to turn out as mucb metal as
tbe trade will require if consumption continues to increase during the
coming year as rapidly as it has in
tbe recent past.
Geo. Rumberger. tbe original locator of tbe Pboenix townsite, returned to tbe Boundary last week
from Regina, He has disposed of
his interest in the brewery at tbe
latter place, and intends to make
bis future headquarters on the
Carpenters are busy at the fair
exhibition building fixing up tbe
tables and pyramids for tbe
fruit and vegetables, and arranging
tbe places for tbe floral displ <y
home baking, painting, photography
and needlework. All the available
space in tbe building bas been con
It appears to be a generally accepted fact by well informed mining
men that the car of ore shipped
from Gloucester camp to the Granby
smelter a couple of weeks ago netted
the owners about $50 per ton.
The dance given by tbe Ladies
of the Maccabees iii the Davis ball
on Tuesday evening was attended
by about forty couples.
G. H. Wood, air brake expert for
tbe Atchison, Topeka A Santa Fe
railway, has been in the city this
week wit-iessing some demonstra
tions of the Robinson air and steam
hose couplers.
C. A Coughlan, local manager
for P. Burns A Co, has moved his
family from Rossland to this cily.
The Hedley  Gold   Mining company has declared another dividend.
Nomination of a school trustee to
fill the unexpired term of George T.
Moir will take place at the city ball
next Monday. A poll, if required,
will be taken on Thursday, September 25.
The following is a list of the .do-'
nations kindly itiveu   towards tbe
Giui-il Fuiks annual fall fair:
Rritisb Columbia provincial
governmenl fair grant $800 00
Cily of Grant Forks  300.00
Fred W. Russell     60.00
Emil Larsen     50.00
N. L  Mclnnes & Co...    50.00
Hon. Martin Burrell.    tt-UO
M  Frankovitch    26.00
Sam Miller    2500
Jeff Davis* Co....    25 fo)
W. K. C. Manly. L...   26.00
Al Traunweiser....    25.00
Woodland|& Quinn    26.00
Boundary Trusl Company...   25.00
Grand Forks Meat Market...   25.00
P. Burns* Co     25.00
Elmer Waldrip    2600
Granbv Companv .-.    25 00
C. H. Niles :    2000
Frache Bros      16.00
MannDrugCo    1600
Miller A Gardner     15.00
McNeil & Henniger     15.00
J. M. McKie    15.00
O. G. Dunn    10.00
Elmer Ness        10.00
Mclntyre & Smith     10.00
Clark Bros    10.00
McKim <k Leroy     10.00
G. F. Garage Co    10.00
a R.AJu»m-d..A—.,..- «. vlAOQ,
Campbell & Liddicoat    10.00
D. McCallom *    10 00
G. A.Spink    10 00
G. F. Transfer     10.00
James West...     10.00
F. M. Kirby     lo.OO
J. A. McCallum     10.00
George Armson      5.00
W.J.Penrose      6.00
S. G. Kirk     5 00
Model Livery      5.00
J. A. Mooyboer      5.00"
Allen & Bugbee      5.00
E. Waldron ..      6.00
H. A. Sheads      5 00
G. E. Massie      5.00
E Herrick      500
E. F Laws      5.00
W. B. Cochrane      5.00
F C Anderson      600
J.R Brown...r.      5.00
A. Scbnitter      6 00
J.R. Markell       5.00
G. W.Cooper '..     5.00
Fred J. Lake      5.00
P. C. McWha '.      5.00
A. D. Morrison      5.00
H. W.Collins      6.00
H.J. McDougail      5.00
L. G. Fowler      5.00
Peter MoCallum .v      5.00
P. A. Z  Pare      600
A. E. McDougail ,.     .V00
Ed Hardy      5 00
G. F. BrewingCo      5.00
Ed Taylor      5,00
H.C. Kerman...      5 00
G. H.Hull       5.00
J. McArdle      5.00
H T. Mahan      5.00
John Donaldson      6.00
H.M. DeCew      5.00
J. I). Campbell       5.00
Big Y Orchard Co      5.00
George R. McCabe          6 00
Dr. Truax      600.
Peter Hanson       5.00
Columbia Brewery      6.00
W. Bonthron      8.00
Allen Js Norris ..,.      5.00
B. Lequime      5.00
C.A.Wallace      5 00
Gilgin& Cook      5.00
W. Bishop   5.00[
H. Hanson  300
Francis Miller Sr  3 00
John T. Lawrence  3.001
E Spraggett  2.50, 	
H A. Nicholls   2.50 _   _     ri,    _ , . ■--...
w. j. Montgomery  2.50 Tests of the Robinson AUtO-
Joe McDonald  2.50,
Geo. S. Hanson  2 50,
H. A. C Baker  2.50',
Martin Mullen   2.50
J. L Manly  2.00
R. Hughes  2.00
J C  Lemaster  2 00
D. Feighner  2.00
A. Mackintosh  2.00
J. Wright  2 00
W. Towo   200
Ed Hughes  2 0.)
Woodard Bros  2.00
H.J. Lutley  2.00
A. Clunis  _..'... 2.00
C H  I'arbaugh .*.... - 2.00
W. F. Robinson  2.00
A. C Burr  2.00
C Ruckle  200
8. Newbauer  2.00
Dr. A Tonpsett  2.00
H. Baineson  2 00
W. O Easlou   .„      1 00
Leo Mader ~  1.00
Charles McCurdy   1.00
'    W.Elliott      100
Robert Logan..       1.00
W. E. Brewer    1.00
B. Jewel       100
Mix Shovel With Finance
Concentrated sarcasm for some of
tbe young financiers, so-called, of
tbe country, was offered by W. San-
ford Evans, of Winnipeg, in an address to the Association of Canadian
Clubs in conference at Hamilton.
-'The building of tbe Canadian Pa
cific railway with shovel and pick
was the best university this country
ever bad," he said. "It made for
iturdy men. Do you know wbat
Canadians would say to tbat kind of
work now? They would say tbat it
is nnt white man's work.
"It would nevertheless be a good
thing for tbe country if some of tbe
young men who sre now playing
with tbe country's finances were
now and for the next ten years busy
on railroad construction work. The
present financial stringency is the
hest thing that could have happened
to Canada. It is a question whether
it will laBt long enough, however.
"It has demonstrated as nothing
else could the inherent soundness of
our financial institutions, and it has
put a temporary check on things
which are not sound. The present
stringency is caused hy conditions
in Europe, wbich check the flow of
outside money into Canada. Wben
this condition occurs it means a little squeezing for all of us to get into
our cramped quarters, but that is
about all.
"The class will rule Ibis country
wbicb first has the right attitude to
ward work, and wbich secondly
practices sound finance. There is
no honest work wbich is not white
man's work and good for native
A   large  number of citizens inspected the Robinson automatic air
and steam coupling  device   at tbe
Great  Northern   yards iu this city
last Sunday.   All trainmen are enthusiastic in tbeir praise of tbe new
invention, and say tbat it is a complete success.   One  engineer  said
be came down tbe bill from Pboenix
on Saturday nigbt with  twenty five
loaded ore cars equipped witb tbese
couplers, and tbey worked so nicely
tbat be was not aware tbat he   bad
any load at all  behind-* bim.   Two
styles- of  couplers, one for  freight
and tbe otber for passenger  trains,
are manufactured.  Tne couplers for
freight cars have a single air  tube,
while  tbose  for passenger coaches
are  provided   with  air, steam and
signal tubes.  Tbe couplers are beld
firmly together by means of powerful springs, tested at 600   pounds.
True alignment is obtained by means
of projecting guides.    As tbe coupling is made automatically, there is
no need of brakemen exposing themselves by entering between the cars,
and tbe invention will be the means
of saving a great number of   limbs
and lives annually.   A great deal of
time will also be saved.   It requires
from   balf  au   hour to an hour to
make the air brake couplings oo   a
freight traiu now, and as this time
is saved by tbe new   invention,   its
advantages  are   readily   apparent.
J.   V.   Robinson,   a   mechanical
engineer of Washington, D. C, has
been working on his invention since
1908.    A number of severe tests of
tbe  invention   have already been
made in   tbe east.   Tbe interstate
commerce commission, tbrough its
block signal and train control board,
made a report upon   it,   commending its features and suggesting tbat
a  conclusive   test of  its merits be
made.   Tbe   Phoenix   branch was
selected for this test, and every oue
wbo has witnessed i- say thai it has
been a complete success.
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
corded by the government thermometer on E. F. Laws' ranch:
13—Saturday  ...
. 40
, 38
. 43
18 -Thursday
.. 0.00
T. E. Kirkpatrick  5.00
G.O.Brown  500'    The management of  the British
'J. Kavanagh  5.00  Columbia   Copper  company enter-
R. Campbell is   having  a   stone Fred W. Reid  5.00 tained the staff and miners at an en
foundation put under bis residence C. A. Mix  5.00 joyable smoker, given in the dining
to  support!   the   extra avoirdupois G. H. Acres  5.00 room of the mine hotpl, last week,
which he has gained since   he   re- J. H. Ryley .».  5 00 as a mark of approval of the efficient
moved to tbe Boundary.                    John A Hutton   500 work done by them  in  connection
_^,                        Robert F. Petrie  5 00 witb the recent gigantic blast.   A
Armson   the shoe man has  re- Dr. C. M. Kingston  5.00 number oi friends of the   men  and
moved   to   his   new   stand, corner J. F. Kraus  5.00 managemeut from Grand Forks and
Bridge and Fourth streets.                Robert Fosrester  . 5.00 Phoenix were also present.
The Australian Market
Advices have been received by
the Dominion minister of trade and
commerce showing thut large trial
shipments of Australian oranges
and lemons, whicb arrived at Victoria some time sgo, are reported by
tbe inspector of fruit as excellent in
color, quality and general condition,
snd were sold Inr cash as soon as
Australia, it is believed, ought (o
be a source of supply, and especially
for western consumers of citrous
fruits, which have heretofore been
iargely impjrted from the United
Several large shipments of British
Columbia potatoes and onions have
gone out on the new steamer Mamma to Fiji and New South Wales,
and the inspector's report with reference to the potatoes is very encouraging. One firm in British Columbia expects to ship forty tons of
onions to Australia by ihe next
steamer, to be accompanied and followed hy apples in large lots.
As apples and some other early
fruits have exactly different seasons
in British Columbia and Australia.
there is no reason why a very large
trade should not he developed in
these between the two countries.
"I wnnt to be procrastinated at de
nex' corner," said Mr. Erastus I'inkly.
"You want what!" demanded thu
"Don't lose your temper. I had to
look in de dictionary myse'f befo' 1
found outv dat 'procrastinate' meant
Sick he jcUic'-e.—neuralgic headaches—splitting,
blinding lisacaches—all var.lsh when you takt
Na-Dru-Co Headache Wafers
They do not contain phenacetin, acetanllld,
morphine, opium or any other dangerous drug.
25c. s. box at your Druggist's. 123
National Oflu. x c next,cal Co. of Canada, limitib.
Flow of Merc th_.n Four Mlt'icr*.   Feet
U_.ily is Reported from Near
l-'or lt years 4,000,000 test oi con-
. .in:__ble gus a day has been escaping
Horn the jroat ga3 well at Pelican
Portage, ubout 170 miles In a direct
line nor.iisast from Edmonton.
The precent flow of gas ln the well
wa> struck In Octobor, 181)8. at ;. depth
of 675 fe?t. An attempt tj cap the
well waB made three years ago but
failed, the tremendous pressure blowing off the valve. Oil chillers use all
the gas they need, und the remainder
ncC-.-sarily goes to waste.
Glen C. Foster, one of a party of
newspaper men, who made a trip of
inspection to the gas well, has this
lo say concerning It:
Up there tliey to to bed by gaB,
sleep by gas, get up by gas, and work
by gas. Gas piped part way up lhe
hill where '.hey are drilling furnished
heat for a 40 horse power boiler. This
toiler in turn supplies steam power
that keeps the oil outfit going 24
hours a day and generates electricity
for all the buildings and tents in connection with the oil camps.
We lay down with the noisy gush of
the escaping gas close to us and with
our beds In a semi-circle to the flame
that shcots right into the air, we read
hooks', and though it was a bitterly
cold night the air about was balmy
as a tropical night.
In all thesjg. years the.e has been
no diminution of the flow fr6m the
natural gas gusher at Pelican. Three
years ago a government test with a
pilot tube got a pressure of 600 pounds
per inch. On Septembe,- 27 a hydraulic gauge was put on and showed
a pressure of 225 pounds to the inch.
According to experts, who viewed
the Medicine Hat Held and the fields ln
California, the Pelican fields' flow will
continue to flow until such lime as
lhe body of pertoleum which generates
gas has been exhausted. Though the
cold in these regions Is sometimes intense, the temperaturo dropping as
low as 60 bplow zero—at whicli point
petroleum freezes—the gaB has never
been affected.
I Should-Worry
Mrs. Smith was repeatedly reminding her husband that she owned the
silver, that she ownt.1 the furniture,
that iho piano was ber own private
property, and so on until poor Smith
began lo wonder what she'd claim
Thc other night Mrs. S. woke In
alarm. Strange sounds were heard
In lhe lower parts of the house, and
quickly rousing her husband, she
John, John! Get up! Tliere are burglars In '.-he house!
Eh? inquired Mr. Smith, rubbing
his eye3.
Burglars downstairs, repeated Mrs.
Burgl-irs? snid Smith, as lie turned
over. Well,, 1 ehould worry. I don't
own anything.
Diner—I ray, waiter, isn't there
scute soup on this blil of fare?
Walter—Nol now, sir. There was,
L-ii". I wiped It off.
Scalp in Very Bad Condition. Dandruff Could be Seen Plainly.  Lost
' Most of Hair. Cuticura Soap and
Cuticura Ointment Cured.
■4J LfpplflOOtt St., Toronto, Ontario.—
• Almut ,i yoar nro I had a very bad attack
of iyijl.'j.ri and my (-...-alp v.as lu a very bad
condition. The dandruff could bb seen
1 Miily and I lost most of my lialr. My litilr
fell out gradually, but after having it shampooed ll canto out in handful.. I uccd Cuticura Boap to shampoo my bair. then rubbed
the Cuticura Ointment into the scalp. Tho
dandruff vas very won removed ami my
hair Mopped falling out. Cuticura Soap and
Ointment cured mc." (Signed) Mlsa E.
Chamberlain, Mar. 31, 1012.
Anne (lu Cap, Quebec.—*' About ono year
asto my daughter had her hands covered
wllb cc/cnia. It broke out In a rash. Sbe
wae unable to put her hand. In water and
the u.cd to scratch them until Ihey wore
red aud inllanicd and ciac'.ed and used to
Meed. .Sho was unal.l'' to .lecp by spells
from tho pain and burning. *ffo tried soveral. remedies without receiving any relief.
After Kite In'---.', washing with Cuticura Soap
r.nd applying Cuticura Ointment sho got
relief at err e and after ten days' treatment
ra_ entirely cured.
"My I .aby when teollilnn. broko out witb
j-buplee on her face. After tbreo days'
treatment of Cut Intra Soap she was cured."
(Signed) Mail. I). Coubure, Poll. 12, IM'.!.
Cuticura Hoap antl Cuticura Ointment aro
■old by druggists and dealers everywhere.
For A lilteral free samplo of oach, with 82-p,
book, send post card to Potter Drug A Cheat.
Corp., Dept. 0OU, Boston, V. 8. A.
VV.N.U    968
Sounds From a Rainbow
It win. incredible that a beam of
light could be made to produce sound,
but such a thing can be done. A ray
of sunlight is thrown through a lens
on a glass vessel containing lampblack colored silk or worsted, or any
like substance. A disk having silts
or openings eut In it Is made to revolve swiftly In this beam of light, so
as to but lt up, thus causing alternate
flushes of light and shadow. When
one places Ills ear to the glass vessel
he hears strange sounds so long as
Ihe flashing beam falls upon the ves-
A still more extraordinary effect Ib
produced when the beam of sunlight
Is made to pass through a prism, so as
to produce what ts called the solar
spectrum. This disk Is turned and
the colored light of the rainbow Is
made to break through It. Now. If
the ear be placed to the vessel containing the silk or other material, as
the colored lights uf the spectrum fall
upon lt, sounds will be given by the
different parts of the spectrum, and
there will be silence In other parts.
For example, if the vessel contains
red worsted and the green light flashes upon It, loud sounds will be, given
out. Only feeble sounds will be
heard when the red and the blue parts
of the rainbow fall upon the veBS«l.
Other colors produce no sounds at
'Green silk gives out sound best in
a red light. Every kind ot material
gives more or less sound ln different
colors and no sound at all In ot her?.
The Ear of the Owl
It Is held bv naturalists that, in order to capture Its prey tbe owl must
depend even more upon Its sense of
hearing than upon that of sight. The
tufts of feathers that distinguished the
short-eared and the long-eared owls
are, of course, no more ears than they
are horns.
The true ear of the owl Is a most
remarkable organ.
The facial disk of feathers that
gives the owl Its characteristic appearance serves as a kind of sounding
board or ear-trumpet to concentrate
the slightest sounds and to transmit
them to the orifice- of the true ear,
concealed In the small feathers behind the eye. Even In the barn owl
which possesses the least complicated
arrangement of this kind, tlie orifice
ot the ear is covered by a remarkable
flap of the skin, while in the other
bpccles there are striking differences
In the size and shape of this orifice
and Its covering flap on the two sides
of lhe head.
The exact way In which owls utilize
tbls elaborately specialized apparatus
has still to be discovered,
More Drinking In Italy
Till a few years ago the Italians
were amng the most temperate peoples in Europe; but with the growth
of industrialism and social luxury an
enormous development has been witnessed of the bar system.
The marked Increase in direct crime
and insanity due to the abuse of Intoxicating drink roused Ihe attention
cf the Government, and a Bill for
checking the evil was Introduced In
the Chamber of Deputies, prohibiting
Ihe sale of liquor to children and
drunkards, limiting bars to two for
every 600 Inhabitants In the smaller
towns, and one for every 600 citizens
In the larger centres. The latest figures show one sireet bar for every
15!) inhabitants.
He Smiled and Got the Limit
A young man from Pittsburgb.
charged with driving hts motor about
London while intoxicated, and exceeding the speed limit, smiled when he
was arraigned before the Judge. Presumably he expected a $10 fine. That
magistrate had to break the news to
him that the charge was no laughing
matter, and that conviction meant imprisonment. Odd, isn't lt, that
thosu Britishers should take It so seriously when a man gets a little jingle
and n.perils the lives of a lot of people ln a city? Don't they know ihat
boys will be boys?
Old Mar. (v.ho hns been chased by
a bull nnd only Just scrambled over
a gate In lime)—You Infernal, ungrateful beast! An" me been a vegetarian all my life!
Well dear, I guess Ihe honeymoon
Is over.
Why do you say that? pouted ihe
I have been taking stock and I find
that I am down to'12.66.
The Chicken Was There
One morning Jenkins looked over
his garden wall and said to his neighbor:
Hey, wiiut are you burying In that
Oh, he tald, I am Just replanting
some of my seeds; that's all.
Seeds, shouted Jenkins angrily, It
leaks more like one of my hens.
That's all right. The seeds are Inside.
Between Two Fires
1   can't  afford   to   marry  her
keep a cook.
You can't afford to marry her and
not keep one.
Heligoland Cement Island
Heligoland, the tiny island ln the
North Sea which Germany proposes
to turn Into a great Btatlon for its
airships, Is one of the mit.. curious
Islands ln the world.
Ms towering cliffs, for Instance, are
j largely artificial. Some years ago
there was grave fear that the Island,
which was steadily growing smaller
would soon be eaten away entirely
by the waves from the southwest.
But five million dollars bas been
spent on raising a massive cliff of
granite on this exposed ride.
On those parts of the coast where
the red, poms rock of the genuine
cliffs has been too badly honeycombed by the seas, hundreds of thousands
of tons of cement bave been used to
strengthen the face.
Heligoland has long been an Important naval centre, lt Is defended by
the most powerful guns, and la Bald to
be prepared for a selge lasting three
years. It ls, Indeed, the North Sea
storehouse of the German fleet,. Visitors are only allowed In the tiny port
the high plateau that forms the rest
of the Island being carefully guarded
from the public—Philadelphia Ledger.
Speaking of tbat flsh you caught.
What about It*.
1 notice you modify Its size to your
various listeners.
Well. I never tell a man more than
I think he'll believe.
Not a Clear Title
Does Thompson bear a good reputation*;
bet me see—Thompson?
jJb; I don't think so.
He ran for office once.
 ...   -j . mw —
[At-, /^ANADIAN made from our new
V.' factory at Windsor, Ontario.
^~*~" Tiy Remington-UMC Arrow and Nitra
Clubs this season. Their absolute reliability;
has made them the choice of sportsmen all o-rtr-'
Candd. • The highest priced ammunition soke
in the Dominion. We have yet to find the keen
sportsman who balks at paying the price.
Certain details of manufacture are a little more rigidly watched In
Remington-UMC sno.skells.. May we send you a booklet simply
explaining these and other technical points.   Jour name aad ad.
■fl dress on a postcard will bring it by return mail.
Remington Arms-Union Metallic Cartridge Co., Windsor, Ontario
Stale of Ohio. City of Toledo,    I
l.ucas Qounly I
Frank .1. Cheney makes oath lhat he is
p'nlor "artner of the firm of P. J.
Chen- A Co.. doing business In the city
of Toledo, County and Slate aforesaid,
a -d lhat eald Arm will pay tbe sum of
every case of catarrh that cannot be
cured by the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
flXAtxxt J.   CHENEY.
F—orn to before me and subscribed
In his presence, this 6th day of Decern-
ter. A.D., 1886.
(Seal.) A.   W.  OLEASON.
Notary  Public
Hall's Catarrh Cure fs taken Internally.
and acts directly on the blood and
mucous wit-faces of the system. Send
for testimonials free.
P. J.  CHENEY tc. CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by ad druggists.  Ioc.
Yake Hall'B Family Pills for constipation.
Unwed at 101
Miss Mary Thearln Is apparently
the oldest unmarried woman ln all
the world. She lives ln. Denver,
Colo., and not long ago celebrated her
101st birthday.
Really she is a most wonderful woman, according to the reports of her
friends and relations: She claims
never to have been sick a day In her
life, and furthermore, havli.g lived in
single bliss all her life, .vigorously Insists that she never regretted it.
Evidently she Is of the opinion
that unmarried women are Just as happy as married ones—that, In fact the
i unattached women are likely to get
' a great deal more out of life, for they
are not aB apt to spend their days
bound down to domestic duties and
labors. *
Miss . Thearln Is still perfectly
healthy and expects to continue so to
enjoy a number of more years in the
same cheerful state.
A Remedy for Bilious Headache.—
To those subject to bilious headache,
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are recommended as the way to speedy relief.
Taken according to directions they
will cubdue Irregularities of the stomach and bo act upon the nerves and
blood vessels that the pains ln the
head will cease. There are few who
are not at sometime subject to biliousness and fa-nillar with Its attendant
evils. Yet none need suffer with
these pills at hand.
Near It
I found one honest man.
Was he In the poorhouse?
Where, then?
On the way to it.
Etymological Dispute
A eliefonyeaj* Is a sort of bureau.
Tain't nothln' of the kind:
man what drives an auto.
It's a
If you were ae strong, proportionately, bj the beetle is, and were a man
weighing a cduple of hundred pounds,
you would be able to lift with ease
400,000 pounds. For a beetle can
lift a weight that is Just 200 times Its
own weight.
Or If you could Jump about with
tbe same ease as the grasshopper
you could spring over the tallest building in the Chicago loo. district without much effort.
Or, again, If you wanted to be nearly as strong as the bee you would
have to dr.g after you a load weighing 4,000 pounds.
It teems, apparently, from such observations made by naturalists that
the' greater in -ise the animal 'ihe
greater is the muscular energy needed to move It about, add lhat there ls
not much left for outside force.
The only thing   that   some   men
won't take Is a cbance at hard work.
t, Way Some People Have
A doctor said: •
"Before marriage my wife observed ln summer and country homes,
coming In touch wljh families of varied means, culture, tastes and discriminating tendencies, that the families
using Postum seemed to average better than those using tea or coffee.
'When we were married two years
ago, Postum was among our first order of groceries. We also put In
somo tea and coffee for guests, but
after both had stood around the pantry about a year untouched, they were
thrown away, and Postum used only.
"Up to the i ge of 28 I had been ac-
customed to drink coffee as u routine
habit and suffered constantly from Indigestion and all Its relative disorders."   •
Tea Is Just as harmful because lt
contains caffeine, tlit same drug
found In coffee.
•'Since using Postum all the old
complaints have completely left me
and I sometimes wonder If - ever bad
them."   •
Name given by Canadian Postum
Co , WlndBor, On. Write for booklet. "The Road to Wellvllle."
Postum comes In two forms.
Regular (must be boiled)'
Instant Postum doesn't require boiling but Is prepared Instantly by stirring a level teaspoonful In an ordinary
cup of hot water, which makes It
right tor most persons.
A big cup requires more and some
people who like strong things put ln
a heaping spoonn% and temperjt with
a large supply of cream.
Experiment until you know the
amount that pleases your palate and
have It served that way In the future
There's a Reason."       '
How to Save Your Tires
A tire manufacturing comt": ny gives
this advlct about the care of motor
car tires:
Tbe idea seems universal among motor car owners that the tire cost of
their equipment far exceeds all other
costs that they have to deal with. It
ls true that the tire cost must necessarily be greater than any other cost
of running connected with the machine
but is far from necessary that the
cost shall bear such a ratio to the
other expenses as Is generally the case
This Is especially true where pneumatic tires are used, if tires were
loaded only to the maximum loads
for which they were designed, If they
were kept Inflated always to the pressure called for by the tire manufacturer, If tbey were not run ln ruts, If
they were properly and quickly repaired when damaged, and if they were
run on wheels which did not wobble,
their cost of upkeep "Vould be cut It,
Married Men Live Longest
Married men live longer than back>
elors or widowers because they hava
loving wives around to say: One nipH
enough, John and to Bee that hubby
gets his dose of quinine wben ha
comes home with wet feet.
Th-* Journal of the American Medical Association reaches this conclusion in its current Issue, published r»
cently. The Journal nlso '.ommenkt
on the fact that married men, da
prlved of their wives by death or tin
divorce court, pine away and die at a
speedier rate than bachelors.
Undoubtedly the lower death rata
among married men Is partly due ta
the fact that married men live mucb.
more regular lives and consequently
avoid many of the dangers of irregular living, says the Journal. This
view would seem to be corroborate!
by statistics .as to the mortality among
married men who bave lost their
wives either by death or divorce. Tlis
mortality rate among widowers anl
tbe divorced ls almost double that ol
married men of the same age.
Desired to Know
What on earth are you tnlltlng
I don't know.
Then why do you talk? fc
To And out.
Find out?
Yes. You seem to know lt all *s
I thought perchance you could enlighten nie.
Minard's  Liniment Cures Garget  la
High Finance
A i :an sent Ills neighbor's Utile nor
to the drug store to buy five postags
stamps. He handed Mm two dlmer,
the extra one being for himself. Soma
time afterward the boy came bac*
blubbering and said be had lost ona
of the dim.s.
But why dldu't you buy me tha
stamps? asked the man
Because mister, replied the boy, B
was your dime I lost.
Minard's Unl.-.-ent Cures Distemper
One of Ihe reasons why English Is
expected to become a world language
Is that English people refuse to learn
another. A correspondent sends the
fallowing example: At Muscat, at the
entrance to .he Persian Gulf, tbere
lived for many yeurs an Englishman,
supposed to be the only, or almost
Ihe only Brltsh resident on tbe 1,500
miles of Arabian coastline from Aden
to Kowett. It. would seem that he
could hardly have escaped knowing
Arabic. Yet be confessed that he
could not speak a dozen words of
that language.
But bow do you carr; on your trade
some one asked.
Ob, he replied, the beggars have to
learn English.
Oh, Hint my son should wish lo marry an actress! shrieked th. proud
mother. Now, ma, don't take on bo,
urged the undutltul heir. She Isn't
really an actress; sire only thinks si's
A Proof
Does Emily dote so on that young
mn of hers?
Doea she? At tbls moment she Is
changing her brown hair to golden because be likes blondes best.
Oh I Bee. She's positively dyeing
for him.
Soft corns are difficult to eradicate
but Holloway's Corn Cures will draw
then, out painlessly.
No man Is sure ot himself, which W
perhaps the reason he asserts bla
opinion so positively.
County fairs may get along wHhoot
stock, races or agricultural exhibits.
But they must havo peanuts, taffy, s
merry-go-round, an orator and u flylit|
teat In Command
I am looking for the man who rum
this office.
He Is out Just now.
But I have n big deal I wtnt to pal
You might see the office boy.
Woman lis As Old As
She Looks
No woman waits to look old. lUny In tkelr effort *a l*tk
yeu thf ul noort to the'*beau ty doetor's-'prtscrip tlons.Tfastr mis*
take is tbat tbty Till t tin wrong department fa Ike it** llm.
Beauty depends upon health.
— sleepltisiil(hts.-M*dscl_aa, pains, disorders, Irreco-
aknesseo of a dhtlnctty feminine character la a
il lho doll eye. lhe crow's .est," Ue kaoard
should srs, aad ths falurlas xtm).
Worry, sjserlossnlfhtjrfca-ackss, pains, disorders. Jrrapi.
tmi»mi*Tl*m*t»\*xr*imr, aa/palata,t-skyew ejraoM for
laritlc/and weaknesses o!
short time brini
To retain the
appearance of j
i"yw most retainikealtb.
Favorite Prescription
Thli famoua sm4!cIm itrlkaa tt tha m na* af Utaaa
ntntfaa of yoar youthful mmiMHft   It mmkm you Mt
/oaA'younc. but fetti yauiif.
only *
2m tiaai itaiY'J'Jwa.^^^S3^t^tSfSwfc<i^^ni<?>l-!
-m-rrrr * a
Many brands of bakino
"■powder contain alum which
ib an injurious acid. thc ingredients- of alum baking
powder are seldom printed
on the label. if they are, the
alum is usually referred to
as sulphate of alumina or
80oic aluminic sulphate.
A Post-Impression
Oeorge Luks, whose paintings ot
children and old people made a resent sensation In a Fifth avenue gal-
iary, wfsltalltlng about the post-Impressionists.
Sut Luks, Bald a magazine editor,
irhat Is- a -post-lmpresslonlst?
With a Jolly laugh, Mr. Luks replied *-      .-.
A post-lmpresslonlst, my dear fellow,
Ss an artist who alms to give you the
3ost-ln.pren.lon that he haB orders
.-.or more pictures than he can paint.
Outing Shoes
In tha Grand 8tand
Daisy—Do you understand tnseball?
Kitty—Perfectly; but why does that
Han run ~so hard with nobody after
The fellow wbo loses Ills temper
isn't different a great deal from the
high tempered man who ls exhibiting
its.       v
Unless worm be expelled from the
ly stem, no child can be healthy.
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator
'a tha bedt medicine extant to destroy
yorms.   ■
- Exacting
What ls he kicking about? asked
'ie manager.
Wants his nickel back, replied the
ieautiful'ticket seller.
What's tho complaint?
The moving ploture dldu't talk.
By Common Sense
Women suffering from any form of
■Temalefllls are invited to communicate
.promptly with the
'woman's private
.correspondence de-
' partment of the Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn,
I Mass. Your letter
will be opened, read
i and answered by a
woman and held In
itricteonfidence. A woman can freely
talk of her private illness to a woman;
thus has been established a confidential
correspondence which has extended over
many-years and which hu never been
broken. Never have they published a
-testimonial or used a letter without the
written consent of the writer.and never
bu ths Company allowed these confidential letters to get out of their pos-
aessien, u the hundreds of thousands
<9f them In their files will attest
Oat of the vut volume of experience
which they have to draw from, it is mora
than possible that they possess the very
knowledge needed in your cue. Nothing is uked in return exeept your good
will, snd their advice hu helped thou-
nnds. Surely sny woman, rich or poor,
ihould be glad to take advantage of this
nerous offer of assistance. Address
Ua E. Pinkham Medicine Co., (tonal) Lynn, Mau.
Kvery woman oqglit to have
1-ydla E. Pinkham's 80-page
-Text Book. It la not a book for
general distribution, im lt Is too
expensive. It Is free and only
obtainable by mall. Write for
tt today.
W.N.U. 962
Interacting People
Of King Nicholas ot Montenegro
somebody writes that he stops people
to examine their guns and pistols,
and rates anybody who carries them
unloaded—which recalls an anecdote
related ot himself by Count Moltke,
when, ln 1856, he accompanied the
crown, prince of Prussia to Moscow to
attend the coronation ot Alexander II.
At a ball ln the kremlln Moltke was
Introduced to a group ot picturesque
potentates from central Asia, wltb
their girdles stuck full of daggers
and pistols, ln tbe present day Albanian manner and he begged to know
whether these firearms ot theirs were
loaded. Why Bhould I carry them it
they were not loaded, replied the
spokesman ot the party; and ln a
letter to his English wife Moltke confessed that he had never experienced
such a set back all his life. Here
at last, he said, I have found 'un horn-
me serieux,' a man who is what he
looks and means what he says,
AU along the road to Lexington
from Cambridge, Mass., there are
monuments to rebel colonists who
slew British soldiers on April 19, in
1776, but-the most striking Is that
which ls raised to the memory of
Samuel Whlttemore. He was 80
years of age at the time and he killed
three British scidters with his own
hand. Tbe stone records that for
this he received punishment ot three
kinds. He was shot, he waB bayoneted and he waB beaten. He was then
reasonably, enough left for dead. The
old fellow must have had a magnificent constitution and a spirit which
the most devoted optimist must envy.
For the Inscription goes on to say that
he recovered and lived to the age ot
Mr. Roosevelt's successful count of
his glasses to win hts libel action contrasts present customs with those of
England 80 years ago. G. W. E.
Russell recounts: Mr. Gladstone, conspicuous from his Oxford days for 1.1s
moderation ln the use of wine, told
me that until. Sir Andrew Clark limited htm on grounds of health to a cer-
tain number ot glasses he had never
thought of counting tbem. One drank
what was put in one's glass without
counting or questioning.
His Bequest
One of the briefest and queerest
wills on record is that ot an old western farmer, who though reputed to be
rich, died penniless. His will ran:
In the name ot God, amen. There's
only one thing I leave, I leave the
earth. -My relations have alwaya
wanted that.    Thoy can have it.
Blankets of Bark
Tbey have trees for blankets in
Ecudar, and they like them, too. They
are fond ot the firm touch of the bark
against them as they sleep.
We would probably think they were
'zero ln covering,' and we would doubt-
less work up ln a much bestlftened
condition lt we slept under a wood
But the native Indians are most en-
thuslastlc, according to J. Jameson,
a traveller and lecturer, who has re;
cently returned from those parts.
The blankets are made from the
bark of a tree wnlch Ib cut particularly thin. It la pounded and moistened
and then pounded some n.ore and put
out into the Bun to dry. And a most
desirable and economical blanket lt I.,
lasting anywhere from two to five
Armed with guns and huge game-
bags, the two Irishmen sailed forth lu
search of sport. It was their first
venture at shooting, and they were
dreadfully keen.
Suddenly Casey spotted a bird and
taking aim, prepared to fire the fatal
shot. Then Pat seized him by the
arm frantically. For mercy's sake
don't fire, Casey! he yelled. Sure,
an' ye have" forgotten to load yer
gun! That's as may be, my lad, retorted Casey, but fire I must. Be-
gorrah, the bird Won't wait.
A huntsman called on Hodge to settle for damages done by ti run to
hounds and found only Mrs. Hodge at
Has your husband, he Inquired, made
an examination yet?
That he have, sir, replied Mrs.
Hodge, with a curtsey.
Rather a cursory examination. I
Oh, dreadful, sir. Such langwldge
I never heard—never.
Between tbe woman who wants a
husband and the woman who wants lo
get rid of ono society in many a town
Is kept amused and Interested.
Ones the Nerve Is Gone a Man Should
Fly no More
He wbo flies constantly must look
to one personal risk, which may vary
according to the characteristics of the
Individual. This Is the danger a man
may incur by becoming a little care-
less while ln the air. There is the
possibility, ln fact, that familiarity
may breed—not actual contempt—but
a temporary relaxation ot vigilance,
and piloting an aeroplane needs such
watchfulness, such minute precision,
that any stateness on the part of the
man at tho wheel, or lever, represents
a peril that-la very real.
The pilot who flies a great deal
should remind himself constantly that
there ts no room for error in the handling of aircraft.
A loss ot confidence not difficult to
understand ls suffered by an. airman,
sometimes, after he has been the vie-
tlm ot a serious fall, and In similar
circumstances a Jockey, or say a racing motorist, may be robbed ot nerve
and when a pilot does lose Judgment,
a* the outcome of a bad mishap, his
wisest course Is to cease to fly. With
a broken nerve, he Is a menace to
himself and to others as well.--
Claude Graham Wblte, In the National
-   A Homely Thing
An enthutiustic young settlement
worker, ln her kindness ot heart, decided to take to the seashore a little
six year old child who had never
breathed purer air than that of a city
Jennie's delight will do me good,
she said to those who expostulated
with her. It will help me to rest ln
my vacatlbn to see her growing rosy.
How she will enjoy It!
But it turned out that Jennie waa
a young woman with views of her
own. As the train drew Into the
station of the seaside resort they
could see from the car window a
wide stretch of beach and cen.
Look, Jennie, exclaimed her philanthropic companion. There Is the
Bursting into tears, Jennie flung
herself, sobbing into the arms ot her
friend. Oh, my, ain't it homely, she
Western Recognition of   the    Gre.t
Work the C.P.R. Is Doing for
The confirmation by Sir Tlionuis
Shaughuessy of the Intention of the
C.P.R. to expend $100,000,000 in the
extension of Its lines and perfection ol
Its system In the west, comes at the
present time as a piece of very welcome news indeed and furnishes
moreover , ample opportunity for the
people of Canada to rjvicw the situation and examine Into the relations
which subsist between the Dominion
of Canada and this great corporation.
When the evidences of a world wide
trade depression which Is now coming
on are to be seen on all sides and
the mouey situation ls becoming all
the while tighter, the announcement
of a gigantic expenditure of this kind,
and at this particular tlm- appears
like a veritable rift ln the clouds before the storm has had tlmo to break.
We have all heard the C.P.R. damned tor one thing and another and
many ot us may have done a blt'ot it
ourselves at times when we didn't
happen to think that things were coming sufficiently our way; but nevertheless where is there another corporation that has so thoroughly identified
Itself with the Interests of a country
as this mammoth railway and steamboat company has done? Neither ls
this tbe first Instance when British
Columbians in various districts and at
various times have seen infant Industries nursed along by the company ln
a way that waB truly pat-.-na], and It
does not detract from the situation ln the slightest where It may be
seen that ln doing so they were mere-
building up profitable business for
themselves ln the years to follow. It
ls now twenty years since they placed
a steamer on Okanagan Lake that was
far beyond the capacity reiulred at
that vime, and many a lean trip was
made before there was business
enough to Justify the expenditure.
Any settler on the shore of Okanagan
Lake had only to moor a log or two
at the shore to serve as a wharf and
display a white flag when he wanted
the boat to call, and he and his little
bit ot produce or belonging:, was taken aboard. The mining Industry ln
the Boundary was fostered along the
same way, :.nd when it was a matter
of lite or death to ml-e owners to
determine whether the low grade ores
of the Boundary could be made to
yield a profit, the C.P.R. did their
part to help out tbe situation by giving
a rate ot 35 cents per ton for the
transportation of ore to the smelters
at Greenwood, Grand Forks and
Boundary Falls long before there was
any other road to'share this business
with them.
In fact, Sir John A. Macdonald, far-
seeing statesman as he was, bullded
even, better than he knew when he
tied up with the men who risked their
fortunes ln the gigantic scheme ot giv
Ing Canada a railway from ocean to
ocean; and any aid which he and his
parliament were able to give at critical periods to help lt through, waa
bread sowtt on the waters, which ls
since coming back ln countless ways
and this latest manifestation in the
expenditure of (100,000 In the exten.
sion and Improvement of their system in the west at this particular
tlm? ,t but another mag-'lficent Instance of to tollcy they have seen
fit lo pursue and the national sentiment which has Inspired It. To do
the right thing at the right time ls
a happy faculty that ls unfortunately
not possessed by all, and neither are
all ln a position to do It, but lt ls
fortunate for all tbat those wbo are
ln a position to do so, havo the will
to do so.—Hedley, B.C. Gazette.
The Man With Asthma, almost
longs for death -o end Us suffering.
He sees ahead only years of endless
torment with Intervals of rest which
are themselves fraught with never
ceasing foir ot renewed attacks. Let
him turn to Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy and know what complete
relief lt can give. Let him but «se
lt faithfully and he will find his asthma a thing of the past.
On the Lion
A Baltimore wan, Interested In the
education of the young, recently visited a klnde-garte- In that city.
After the first exercises the visitor
was aaked to put a few questions to
the pupils. To a boy of 5 the caller said:
Have you ever seen a lion's skin?
Yes,, Bir, came ln ringing tones from
the youngster.
And where? asked the visitor, Impressed with the child's earnestncix.
Oa the Hon, answered the boy.
A girl exclaims: • How romantic!
when sho hears ot au engagement; a
man: How tedious.
Try Murine Eye Remedy
If you have Red, Weak, Watery Eyes
or Granulated Eyelids. Doesn't Smart
—Soothes Eva Pain. Druggists Sell
Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, 50c.
Murins Eye Salve in Aseptic Tubes,
25c, 50c.    Eye Books Free by Mail.
»» tye Teale a*** He *K (yee MM Need Cere
Wur.ne Eve Kerned? Ce,. Chios**
They were in the antique section of
the art museum and were gazing at a
mummy swathed In Its clolh. Auto
or aeroplane accident, evidently, one
man remarked. Guess it's the former
returned his companion, for see, there
is his number, and he pointed to a
card reading 'B.C. 87.'
Doctor—For dinner -ti should take
forty minutes.
Timid Patient—Would It be dangerous to add a bit of meat and some
A lot of us In our secret souls are
rather glad when we find we aren't
getting what ls coming to us.
Will kill gyery (ly in your
house or store. All you have
to do is to get the flies to the
Directions in each packet
show how to do this.
Caring for Caged Birds
Vegetable food of some kind Is a
necessity for the caged bird. A lettuce leaf, water cress, a small piece
of apple, a grape or a small thin piece
of raw potato If there ls nothing else
should be gi-vten every day. The staple food should be canary seed mixed
with a small percentage of rape and
golden millet, but occasionally, ln cold
weather add a little hem seed.
Should the bird's nails grow too
long, take him ln your hand, loosely,
but firmly, hold his feet tn a cup ot
warm, soapy water for several minutes to soften the nail, then cut tha
extreme end with a pair of sharp nail
scissors. ;
A bird should be accustomed to hav-'
ing ix bath every morning. The best
best plan to encourage'this is to remove tbe bottom ot the cage, put a
small dish of water on a sheet of paper, and set the top of the cage over
lt. Many birds have to be coaxed
Into taking a bath, and It your bird
has not been accustomed to lt, It will
help matters to remove the seed and
water dishes. After he has bathed
hang the cage ln a warm pleace so
that there may be no fear ot the bird
becoming chilled.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,—In June, 98, I Lad my
hand and wrist bitten and badly mangled by a vicious horse. I suffered
greatly for several days and the tooth
cuts refused to heal until your agent
gave me a bottle of MINARD'S LINIMENT, which I began using. The et*
feet was magical; In Ave hours the
pain had ceased and In two weeks tha
wounds had completely healed and my
hand and arm were as well as ever.
Yours truly,
A. E. ROY.
Carriage Maker.
St. Antoine, P.Q.
Lord Ballyrot In Shangland
Having finished my repast ln a public dining room you know, I arose
and requested ot the waiter that hs
regain my bat and my walking stick.
The fellow summoned a boy In uniform and addressed htm like this:
Hey kid, this gent wants bis Ud
and his lumber. Go over to the coat-
tree and shake off the. fruit until you
come across a gasstove toque and a
yellow wagger-mast. Don't worry,
Mister. The kld'll fetch your freak
kelly aud your groper.
Hy word'
Cost Her Nothing
That Mrs. Naybor drop.;td in this
afternoon and got off a lot ot cheap
.Cheap talk?
Yes, she used our telephone for a
full halt hour.
Nothing but Beach
Mildred was sitting on ber father's
knee watching her mother arrange
her bair.
Papa hasn't any waves like tbtt,
said the father laughing.
Mildred, looking up at her father's
bald pate, replied:
No, no waves; lt ls all beach.
a »
I ordered this steak not well dona,
said the Impatient guest. I know lt
answered the Intellectual waiter. But
the cook ls ono ot those people who
believe that no matter how small a
thing ls lt should be well done.
Neuralgic Condition
Ofthe Nerves
In this age of nervous disorders
neuralgia is fearfully common. The
flrst thought Is of neuralgia in the
head or splitting headache, but neuralgia may affect any part of thc body
ln which there are sensitive nerves.
The teeth are often blamed and
extracted In error, when the cause of
the troublo Is ln the Impoverlshfd
condition of thc blood and the starved
nervous system.
While neuralgic pains arc usually
sharp and shooting, and consequently
difficult to locate, the seat of trouble
Is usually sore and tender under
Neuralgia Is pain and as such ts
the symptom of a disease—nervous
exhaustion. The nerves must be restored before cure can possibly be
In many cases neuralgia Is easily
curable by tho use ot Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food. The patient Is thin and
bloodless and needs tonic treatment
to form new, rich blood.
The application of cloths rung from
hot water will afford relief from tha
suffering, and thc regular use of Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food for a few weeks
will completely overcome the neuralgic condition.
Powerful drugs are to be avoided,
because of their Injurious effect In
further weakening the nervous system. The Nervo Food cures hy building up the feeble, wasted nerve cells,
and for this reason ls ot lasting benefit.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
E0 cents a box, b for (2.G0. at all dealen, or F-dmanson, Bales A Co., Lba*
itcd, Toronto.
•sswm THE   SUN,   GRAND   F0RK8,   B. C.
Hi\s (Irani. Ifatks &mt
tine Tear $1.50
One Year (In advance)  1.00
One Year, In United Statea  UO
Addreii all communications to
Tai (Irani, Fouls Sua,
Phoss K.4 Grand Fohkb. B.C
Tbe belief that tbere is tn be a provincial election in Britisb Columbia
this fall is gaining ground. It also
appears to be 'the impression that
the government machine will be defeated. Thousands of good Con
Bervatives throughout the province
are wavering in their allegiance to
the party, and will cast their hai
lots for an honeat governmenl. Only
tbe otlice holders and those who
have been bribed (vith patronage
now remain loyal to the machine.
The London Daily News and
Leader vigorously criticises Mr.
Borden's naval policy. "We have
again and again pointel out," says
the|.a,er, "that the result of Premier Borden's policy was to increase
tbe burden of armaments of the
British taxpayers and thrust upon
the people of these islands the heavy
task of manning and maintaininj
three unnecessary dreadnou; '
wbile threatening to launch us on
more on a career of unlimited rival
ry. The whole spirit of this kind ol
thing appears vicious, even when
the assumptions on which it isfaased
are less frail. We welcome any belp
the Dominion chooses to offer us of
its own free will, hut we are not going tn beg for it nor have our alleged
necessities advertised and haggled
over on colonial hustings."
Does that statute of Charles II regarding Sunday observance, whioh is
eaid to be still effective on this island,
provide for punishment in the stocks
and pillory for those who do not go to
church? If it does, things will look up
fnr the sawmills and carpenters, Ib
there enough timber in the province
to provide the instruments of punish
ment.—Victor a Times.
The Liberals of Columbia and Yal
have nominated John A Kuchiuun
and J. P. McConnell, respectively
The Liberals of Victoria have al
ready selected their standard bearer.
When Sir Richard or Hon. W. J
Bowser^— whoever happens to lend
the government forces—calls an elec
tton there w II be no vaclamations
uwaitinij them They have hail their
last walk-over. — Victoria Times.
Booklet for Grand Forks
Fifty page booklets showing views
of Grand Forks and district were re
ceived in town this week. There
are 3,000 of them. The many business blocks, mercantile establishments, hotels and residences appiar
in it, and there is a splendid bird's
eye view of the city. Tbe- different
churches, the court house, public
school, the new postoffice, city ball
and tbe tbree railwry depots are
shown, as well as the principal
streets and driveways. Several of
the largest orchards in the sur
rounding district show up prominently. Views of the Granby smelter, the sawmill of the Western Pine
Lumber company, and of Christina
lake also appear. A series of ab
breviated facts relative to tbe city
and district appear on the tbree
flrst pages. The booklet has the
sanction of the Grand Forks board
of trade. Tbe photos were taken
by F. J. Lake, and the compiling of
the work was in charge of Mr, Lake
of tbe Art Studio, and Walter E.
Hadden, a local real estate man.
The breaking of a small wheel in
our press at the psychological moment bad tbe effect of causing The
Sun to rise in the evening instead of
in the morning this week.
In an accident at the Granby
smelter at noon today (Saturday)
Billy Moore sustained a fractured
leg. He was removed to the Collage hospital.
The Grand Forks fair next week
will   be   the best ever held in the
mdary, and  everybody   should
Obliging Her
The sweet young thing was being
shown through the Baldwin locomotive works.
'What is that thing?" she  asked,
pointing with her dainty parasol.
"That," answered the guide, "is an
engine boiler."
She was an up-to date young lady
and at once became interested. "And
why do they boil engines?" she inquired agaiu.
"To make the engine tender," politely responded the resourceful guide.
The Fall Fairs
The annual exhibitions will be
held during this month and next.
In some sections of our province
these will be on a small and modest
basis, while in the more metropli-
tan cities the event takes on very
large functions as an amusement as
well as an education.
The powers tbal be do well to encourage these exhibitions. They
ll it only reflect in their exhibits the
futility of our farms' and fields, hut
tney also give the busy agriculturist
t ir opportunity to see the appliances available for his own property,
the product of the soil, and, ns well,
to meet t>n a -oeinl basis many
whom his pressing duties at other
tint 8 p event him knowing sufficiently well Agriculture suffers
from tin- shortage of the facilities
for men mextiiig snd 'discussing
matters of common concern to all
tillers of the soil Tbe fall fair is
still an important factor in the life
of every agribulturxl community.—
Fruit and Farm.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given
to the electors of the Municipality
of the Corporation of Grand Forks,
that 1 require the presence of the said
electors at the City Otlice in the Mu
hicipal Buildings on First street, in
the City of Grand Forks, on the
twenty-second day of September, 1913,
at 12 o'clock noon, for the purpose of
electing one person as School Trustee,
fur the period ending December 31st,
1914, to fill the unexpired term of
Geo. T. Moir, for the Grand Forks
School District.
The candidate shall be nominated
n writing; the writing shall be subscribed by two voters of the municipality as proposer and seconder, and
shall be delivered to the returning
officer at any time between the date
of the notice and 2pm ol the day n*
nomination, and in the event of a poll
being necessary, such poll will be
opened on the 29th day of September,
1918, between the hours of 9 a.m and
7 p.m at thasai.l City Office, of which
every person is hereby required to
take notice and govern himself ac
The persons qualified to be nominated for and elected as School Trustees shall be such persons as are householders of the School District, and are
British subjects of- the full age of
twenty-one years, and are otherwise
qualified to vote at an election of
School Trustees - in the School District.
Given under my hand at Grand
Forks, the lltli day of September,
(Signed) J. A. HUTTON,
Returning Officer.
The Dominion government will
establish an experimental farm at a
point along the line of the Grand
Trunk Pacific railway between New
Hazelton and Fort George, as well as
one in the Okanagan valley. Tbe
locution of the  last  mentioned  one
tailoring will And tbeir wav into
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Hunt among the biggest variety
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These conditions rule here.
some nf the leading tailoring establishments in
the East. When you
order from us you have
the advantage of being
measured by a practical
tailor, ensuring perfect
fit. A trial will convince
you these clothes are
the market fnr the m
guarantee satisfaction.
the hest nn
oney.    We
We Have Received Today
\  Fresh-killed Beet, sJVhitton, Veal
and Young Pork
Fresh Fish Daily
Including Salmon and Halibut
P. Burns ®> Co. Limited
l\J-/rlV^ll GOODS
Used in the West exclusively, being highest in
qnaiity. See our new stock of Gloves, Balls' etc.
Reach Balls $1.23 each
Woodland C&> Quinn
1    The Rexall Druggists
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sanitary. We endeavor to
please our customers.
Modern Bigs and Good
Horses at All Hours at
the *
Model Livery Barn
Barns 8 O'Ray, Props.
Phone 68 Second Street
will probably|he on the Indian reserve near Summerland, on the
west side of Okanogan lake. This
is tbe official announcement made
hy J. H. Grit-dale, director of Dominion Government experimental
No man's vote ia loat which is cant
for the right.—John Quincy    Adams.
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No need having piles any longer!
No need ot suffering anotber day!
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make good. I
Mclntyre (& Smith1
(Published Annually)
Knahle" trtidera throughout the world  to
communicate dlreot with H'lgllsh
In eaoh elaunf gooda. Rosldea being a com-
plete commercial guide to London snd ita
tuburbi. the directory contain* Hat* of
with the Oooda they atilp, and the Colonial
and Foreign Markets they supply;
arranged uuder the Ports to whieh they sell,
and Indicating the approximate Sailings;
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, ete., In
the principal provincial towns and Industrie!
centres of the (Jotted Kingdom.
A copy of the enrrent edition will be for*
warded,  freight* paid,  on receipt of Postal
I Order for $5.
J Dealers seeking Agencies ean advertise
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The Sun Office
nd i
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weakneM everted at once. Phaepboaol will
make yon a new man. Price i* e box. or two for
U. Mailed to any address. fbeSeoWUDn
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At tlie Head
Tht man al the head of aflairt
whether it home or in butlneu, it
Ihe one whoae attention you with
to attract.
Our paper goes into the best claii
of hornet anrl it read hy lhe head of
the bnljr. That account! far Ihe
result, obtained hy the uie of
ClawrWrl Want Adt.
If you read Tbe Sun you get the
news of tbe citv, the province and
tbe world. It is possible for a Sun
reader to keep abreast of tbe tiroes
without the aid of the daily papers. t*t
Most Important Events atj
Home and Abroad During the Past Week
Mrs. Pankhurst may be  admitted |
to the Unite! States.   The immigration authorities are investigating   ber |
conduct in England.
The Alberta and  Eastern   British |
Columbia   Press  association, in *.
lion at Edmonton, seleots Vernon aa |
the next meeting place.
The Mexican rebel general, Hani lio, I
is said to have taken Fresnillo. Zaca-1
tecas, and to have scattered the federal garrison of 300.
The body of William J Gaynor,.
late mayor of New York, lay in state'
tonight at the foot of the grand stairway of the oity hall of Liverpool.
The protracted court battle denied
Harry K- Thaw in Canada by his
sudden deportation on Wednesday,
promises to be waged in the mate of
New Hampshire.
Exciting scenes were witnessed at
Nanaimo this afternoon on the arrival nf some Hfty Nanaimo prisoners
from Victoria, who came to elect for
a speedy trial. Nearly 500 people
witnessed the entraining »f the pris
oners. Wives pressed forward to kiss
their husbands and forced their way
through the bayonets.
Bapco Pure Paints
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Linseed Oil and Pure White
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Miller & Gardner
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We Are Fighting
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profit policy." We now have on display
a wonderful new line at some ot our
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Winter Underwear  Hats and Caps
Stylecraft Clothes Hosiery and
Shirts    Boots  and Shoes
Fruits and Farm Produce   Tobaccos
and Pipes-*
Five lives are lost and much merchandise is ruined when Ooldlield,
Nev., is deluged by a cloudburst.
Hunger has become the ally of organized capital iu the fight against
the Dublin transportation workers.
Rev. Hans Schmidt, assistant rector of St Joseph's Roman Catholic
^hurch, New York, confesses to murder.
The conferees on the American
tariff measure make rapid progress,
and their report will probably be
made to the two houses of aongress
next week.
It is reported that 100 American
refugees have fallen into the hands of
the Mexican rebels, and it is feared
that atrocities may be committed if
force is sent to rescue them.
Ao exceptionally important sitting
of the railway board will be liel-l in
Ottawa next month. The C.P.R.
must give reasons why two freight
charges should not be disallowed
Sidney Miller, formerly  an   alder
man of Vancouver, is arrested on a
charge of bigamy. He remarried a
month after securing a divorce from
his wife in Seattle, and the contention is made that a divorce obtained
south of the line is not legal in Canada.
The Alberta house reassembles,
but the session is expected to be
The American refugees in Mexico
are now in safety. The reports of
molestation are declared to have been
Mexico celebrates the anniversary
of her independence. The president
rings the first bell of liberty amid the
plaudits of the crowd
Lord Curzon declares tbat a home
rule conference is impracticable, and
sees Tittle hope of bridging the gulf
between the two factions.
Frank I. Clarke, a pioneer newspaperman and for seven years seore
tary of the provincial bureau of in-
formation, dies in Victoria.
The Canadian conference of charities in Winnipeg discusses immigration problems. No great increase in
crime has resulted from immigration
from southern Europe.
Immigration from the United
States to Canada increased 80 per
cent during the past month owing to
the severe drought in the slates of
Iowa, Kansas and Oklahoma.
1 have re-opened a harness shop at my old
stand on Bridge street, and will manufacture
IMpw H n rn _pcc an(1 do a11 kinds of
11CW ■ »««"■»» harness repairing. All     "
work guaranteed.   Your patronage is solicited.
A. A. Frechette
We dispense thc tastiest cold drinks in  this
part  of the  country.    We   use thc best Ice   „.
Cream and the finest fruits and syrups to get
this reputation.
We cTWann  Ding  Co.
Agents for Butter Cup Ice Cream
That the majority of cases of sickness are
caused by unsanitary plumbing? Avoid this
risk by having your plumbing work done by
Heating and Sanitary Engineer
Four by-elections will be in No-
Aeinber to till vacancies in the federal
Higher pay to employees results in
higher prices for tickets on thu Van
couver street cars.
England is again threatened with a
great railway strike, and Liverpool,
as before, will be the centre.
New York gunmen in automobiles
engage iu a revolver duel on Broadway as the matinee crowds swarm to
the streets.
Sir Edward Carson, leader of the
Irish Unionists, reviews the army
winch will support the provisional
government in Ulster, and which now
numbers 100,000 men,
Provisional President Huerta promises the Mexicans an unrestricted
election for president aod vice-president next month. He hopes to surrender office with the country at
Oen. Otis, of the Los Angelas
Times, receives an infernal machine
consisting of two sticks of dynamite
and a device to explode the bomb.
The package is opened by the police
without serious results.
A workman in Loudon found on a
sidewalk practically the entire pearl
necklace, valued at $650,000, which
was stolen on July 16 while iu transit by mail from Paris to Loudon.
He received a reward of £50,000.
Threshing the prairie provinces is
making good progress.
The frontier between Turkey and
Bulgaria is settled. Turkey retains
Industrial trades disputes in Canada show a marked decrease during
August as compared wilh July.
Great Britain will know tomorrow
whether or not she will have toemlure
another uutional transport strike.
The Ontario provincial syuod wants
the right to enter schools and to give
instruction during school bouts.
The Silver King mine, near Nelson,
is awarded first prize for copper silver
ore at the Spokane Interstate lair.
Ono man is killed and several are
injured in Chicago when a balcony
crowded with people watching a mill-
tary parade gives Way.
The clergy try to enforce an old Sab
bath law, and Victoria bids fair to
rival the old Puritan states in the
possession of a sad Sunday.
Harry K. Thaw was brought to
the capital of New Hampshire this
afternoon to awi.it a heating before
Governor Felker on Tuesday next.
The conferees on the Democratic
tariff bill have not yot settled the duty
on wheat     Pig iron remains on   the
We do nothing hut first-class and up-to-date work. If your
plumbum needs inspection, now is the time have it done before the hot summer months. Sickness is soon caused by a
leak in a waste or vent pipe. The oldest and best equipped
plumbing shop in the Boundary.
free list, while the duty   on   automo
biles is increased
lluei-M summons Diaz to Mexico.
The latter will probably be a candidate for | resident, and may receive
the su, p. it of the provisional presi
Ireland is in the throes of the
birth of a new political party.
Sir George Richardson takes com
mand of the Ulster volunteers ready
to resist home rule.
The worst epidemic of typhoid in
New York for years is traced to infected milk.
The kaiser and other prominent
Germans are heavy investors iu Brit
ish Columba land
Princess Sophsa of Saxe Weimar
committed suicide bv shooting herself
witli a revolver in her father's palace
ut Heidelberg, Germany, last night. _.
The whole male population at
Brooks, Alta , fight tire; a business
block is in ruins.
The arrangements have been made
for the wedding of Prince Arthur of
Connaught. Princess Mary will be
bridesmaid and King George will give
away the bride.
Hurry H. Thaw is treated to an
automobile ride at Concord, N. H.
An order-in-council has been passed
at Ottawa naming Monday, October
20, as Thanksgiving day.
The trials at Nanaimo will take
six iiiijiths. One hundred and eighty-
'ML'lit persons will be tried in connection with the riots at the coast. town.
Honey is Tijght
But there is no need of
you getting "tight" if yon
The pure and health-
giving Beer brewed and
bottled by the
ftfe busiest city in the interior ot British
Columbia. For a home, an investment
or industrial site, see GRAND FORKS,
the railroad centre of Southern British
Columbia. Original Townsite Lots only.
No Subdivisions.
Grand Forks Townsite Co., Ltd.
Boundary Trust &. Investment Co.,Ltd
Established 1901
Water ths Horses
This ls the time ot year when tha
horses, the motive power ot the farai,
sudor most. You would not get the
hired man to follow the disc harrow,
the plough or th« Under long It a lug
nt cool watei was not at hand frequently—why expect the horses to go
for five or six hours without a drink?
You say you have no water ln tho
Held. Then take eome with you. Get
a clean barrel or two. 'Put them In
a wagon or truck—fill with water and
haul to the field each morning and
noon. Take a pall along and water
tho horses two or three tlmea each
forenoon and afternoon. Even lf you
only give them half a gallon each It
will greatly refresh them. You
should just as Boon attempt to cut a
harvest without twine as to cut a harvest without a barrel of water ln tho
field lor the horses,
The Army of
It Gro«fef Smaller Every Day.
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Over 100 New Papera Started In 1012
Wo havo just received from the
Publishers, A. McKim, Limited, Montreal & Toronto, a copy of the 1913
Edition to their Canadian Newspaper
Directory. This work shows that
within the last year over one hundred
new papers have started to publish ln
the Dominion. In fact so quickly Is
our Canadian Newspaper field spreading out that A. McKim, Limited, have
decided that lt will be necessary in
future to publish the Canadian Newspaper Directory annually Instead of
biennially as before. This Canadian
Newspaper Directory gives full particulars of practically every publication ln Canada, and ls Intended as a
guide to advertisers, In selecting papers best suited to their requirements,
The work before us is most comprehensive, and gives the population
of every newspaper town and the circulation of practically every paper In
the Dominion. In all lt describes
1,688 publications issuer, ln Canada
and Newfoundland, of these 152 are
Dally, 1,281 weekly or 8eml-we*kly,
232 monthly and 23 published less frequently. .
This Issue also contains a list of the
principal British publications which
will be of much value to the many
Canadian Firms now advertising ln the
Old Country.
Tho firm of A. McKim, Limited, who
are easily the leaders In the Advertising Agency Business in Canada are
10 be congratulated upon the splendid
service rendered both to publisher and
advertiser through this very complete
Directory, The price ot the work delivered anywhere Is $2.00 per copy.
Minard's Liniment Cure.  Diphtheria
The Rainy Day
Victor Grayson, the English parliamentarian, who was expelled from
the House ot Commons for obstruction, said ln New York the other day.
Your multi-millionaires are the glibbest lot of hypocrites that history hag
ever seen. With one hand they
make the gestures for a Sunday School
address, and with the other hand they
pick tho people's pocnets.
Those men, preaching good and doing 1 vll so piously, romlnd me of the
old fraud who Bald:
I believe In putting by something
for a rainy day.
And so saying he stole his negh-
bor's  mackintosh.
E. Ada.ns, of Barre. shooting a
Remington pump gun at the Vemont
State Tournament held ln Springfield,
June 18 and 19, won the state champion-hip, breaking 93 clay targetB out
of a possible 100 in the main event.
A Houae Fly as big as a Cat
Many thousands ot people have
aeen the big glass mosquito at the
American Museum of Natural History
in New York. Now it has a companion In a house liy 64,000 times as big
as tho ono we are so often adjured
to swat or starve. This model haa
cost nine months of work and study
on the pa*-t of IgnRsz Matausch, a
Hungarian inodelmakcr ln the service
of the museum. The proportions
have been preserved with the minutest care, Mr. Matausch having made
his drawings and castB for the head
and body and various members of the.
Insect from dissection. Larvae and
pupae of the fly are shown ln models
molded on the same scale, as are the
eggs, which appear as little cucumber-
shaped pieces ol paraffin about two
inches long. A real fly's egg Ib lust
visible to the naked eye. The Bame
artist has painted an enlargement
(1,600 diameters) of the hairy foot of
tho fly, showing the typhoid bacilli, of
which the insect Is tho common carrier, ono the daw-like tip ot the member.
Two Immense Cables
For tho purpoBo SI hauling across
the submerged pipes for tho Capllano
partr-ershlp plpo at Vancouver, two
steel oables, twenty tone' weight
oach, have boon conveyed to the
north side of the First narrows, Tho
oables, which were manufactured ln
England and whioh are 6.000 feet long
aro Bald to bo the biggest ever shipped Into Caniida,
English va. Continental Banka
The landon correspondent of tho
American Banker contrasts. Britlah
banks unfavorably with Continental
banka aa to the accommodation provided for travellers and others who
have business with banks, At times
lie suya In tho English bai.k, the client
haa to discuss hla business on foot at
the counter, whllo on tho Continent
splendidly fitted reception rooms aro
provided and the utmost consider* ■
Hon la shown to cuatomers.
Weed Work for 1914
Now ls the time to plan for a better
kind ot weed work tor 1914—a kind
that will bo effective. It seems to
the provincial department of agriculture that the most effective work
could be done by appointing a good
man to take ever the whole work and
devote (11 hla time from the 1st of
February. Arrangements have been
made to hold a short course ot three
weeks' duration tor the beneflt of the
men who will be doing the work in
this matter. At the short course will
be taken up lines of work that will ln
a way fit a man for general agricultural work. In other words, the
weed work will be done on the basis
that ninety per cent ot the work is
For Rifles and Pistols
Winchester make of
cartridges in all calibers
from .2a to .50 are accurate, sure fire and reliable. In forty years of gun
making we have learned
many things about ammunition that no one
could learn in any other
way. When you buy
Winchester make of
cartridges you get the
benefit of this experience
WINONUTCR rifiatino Astts Co.,
Science Wakoa up to a Fact That th*
Public Hava Long Realized
Non scientific persona have long
realized tho remarkable similarity la
handwriting of members ot the earn*
family, sometimes lasting for half *
dozen generations, and now, lt seems,
science Ib at last waking up to thia
suggestive fact ln heredity. Sir Rick-
man Ooodlee, president of the Royal
College of Surgeons, said recently:
I have lately been reading old letters dating back to the early part ot
the eighteen century, and I have been
struck with the way ln which mere
handwriting ls handed down from
father to son, and mother to daughter.
It ls Impossible to trace quite cleat*
ly my great-grandfather's writing In
that of my cousin's and father's and
my own. Ir mere handwriting ls thut
transmitted, together with the tone ot
the voice and the shape of the nose,
the question arises whether any on*
need be ashamed of his defects, sorry
for his misdeeds, proud of his success,
or satisfied with the onsciousness ot
virtue. We may feel the long arm*
of our ape-llho ancestors stretching
out of the past and molding our char*
acters. We may read all that has
ever been written about freo will from
the time of Aristotle, and we may
hug the notion that our actions have
been predestined from the nebulous
state of our planet.
But It makes no difference to us
We are still doggedly convinced that
by taking thought we can add one
cubit to our stature, or at any rate
prevent lt being one cubit less.
Miller's Worm Powders prove
their value. They do not cause any
violent disturbances in tiie stomach,
any pain or griping, but do their work
quietly anj painlessly, so that the
destruction ot tbe worms Ib Imperceptible. Yet they are thorough,
and from the first dose there Is Improvement ln the condition of the sufferer and an entire cessation ot manifestations of internal trouble.
Rainy Weather Made Popular
One of the large London insurance
companies has lately issued a novel
insurance policy against bad weather.
It la primarily for tho beneflt of travelers who make trips ln the spring
and summer through England, and
who complain It their trips are spoiled
by variations of weather.
These policies are called, naturally
enough, rain policies. The more you
pay the greater, of course, Ib your
compensation It lt rains. You can
pay |6 a week, and lf it happens to
rain for more than two daya out ot
Heven you get |40 for each such week.
There are four different classes, and
all are arranged proportionately to
the amoui.t paid down.
Mlnard'a Llnl-ient Curea Colda, Eto.
Qreen and Brown are having a terrible row down the street,
What seems to be the matter?
I don't know, but they are calling
each other thief and liar.
Did you say Green and Brown?
I thought so. They are Just having
a friendly political discussion, Como
on; let's go home'
Tha Way It Goes
Some wemen are born ugly,
I auppose ao,
And others are both ugly and awkward'
Yes, and atlll othera wear pink
high heeled ahoes.
Good All Round
aids to good health—and to the
strength, comfort and cheerfulness which depend on thecondl*
tion of health—are the famoua,
time-tested, safe and speedy
WStem VVftPy VVOTtJ*    M ••■••1 ■• HM^
Woolen Clothe
The first woolen cloths manufactured In'England were produced by a
colony ot seventy families of Dutch
cloth-workers, who llnded ln England
July 26, In the year 1331, having been
Induced to settle in England by a liberal grant from Edward III. Worsted manufacture was commenced tn
Norfolk a few years later, and the Industry bo launched soon reached large
proportions. Every effort was made
to protect the infant Industry, and ln
1463 lt was enacted that no cloth
but of Wales or Ireland should be Imported Into England. In the seventeenth century, during the reign of
Charles II, a law was passed tbat all
persons ahouto be burled ln woolen
cloths. In 1700 an act was passed
by parliament, prohibiting the Importation Into England ot Indian muslins,
chintzes, and cottons, which were
threatening to supplant woolen cloths
tn,popularity. It was not until the
last century that cotton replaced wool
as the staple commodity ot English
Every mother knows how fatal the
hot summer months are to small
children. Cholera Infantum, diarrhoea, dystentry and stomach troubles aro rite at tbls time and often
a precious little life Is lost after only
a few hours Illness, -Tho mother
who koeps Baby's Own Tablets In the
house feels safe. The occasional uae
ot the Tablets prevent atomach and
bowel troubles, or lf trouble comes
suddenly—as lt generally doea—the
Tablets will bring the baby safely
through. They are sold by medicine
dealera or by mall at 25 cents a box
from Tho Dr. Williams' Medicine Co,,
Brockville, Ont. i
Ha .Would Pollute tho Water
Thero was an amusing Incident at
the opening ot Kelsey Park, Beckon-
ham, tho other day,
Mr, John Burns, who performed the
opening ceremony, waa Interrupted
several times by a man who evidently
disapproved of him, and whose remarks wero not In tbe best of taste.
After a llttlo tho crowd became tired
of the man's objectionable attitude.
Chuck him ln the lake! aomebody
No, no, nol cried Mr, Burns haet-
lly, You rousn't do that) Don't
you know there are heavy penalties
for polluting the water?
Drafts   cither   from   window*   or
a   dudoa tool*.
Cramming down Ill-chosen
food, and rushing back to
work, leads straight to dyspepsia, with all It mains In
Proper habits ol eating,
with a Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet alter each
mill, restore (66d digestion, health and happiness.
A box of Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets boils but
50o. at your Druggist's.
Nalloftal Drug and Chem-
loal 0o. of Canada, Limited.
The Trouble
The grand vizier was lolling among
the cushions of his silken divan, drawing lazily from his jeweled chlbouK
when a mameluke craved admlttano*
for two ot the Sultan's officers. Tb*
door swung open and the pair cam*'
forward and salaamed.
Speak, said the Orand Vizier. What
message does the commander ot th*
faithful honor me withal?
Without speaking, one of. the officer*
handed a silken package to the premier. He kissed lt respectfully and
opened lt. Then he gave a cry ot
alarm. It was the bowstring — Ui*
sign that he was under sentence ot
What have I done to merit thlst
Speak, he cried.   .
You have Insulted her gracious Majesty the Sultana.
Aba! This is another case ot Potl-
phar's wife. Tho Sultan haa been
lied to by a scorned woman. Ltstea
-and I will tell you the reel truth.
The Sultana wanted me to elope with
her and'I refused.
That, O effendl, ls the trouble.
Ready-made Medicine.—You nee4
no physician for ordinary Hla when
you have at hand a bottle of Dr.
Thomas' Eclectrlc OU- For cough*
colds, sore throat, bronchial trouble*,
It ls Invaluable, for scalds, burn*,
bruises, sprains lt ls unsurpassed,
while for cuts, sores, ulcers and the
like lt 1* an unquestionable healer.
It needs no testimonial other than th*
use, and that will satisfy anyone as to
its effectiveness.
Alfalfa Flreguarda
Much ot the loss to crops, building*
and other Improvements, caused by
railway fires in cultivated sections ot
the Prairie Provinces, could be avoided if farmers would raise some non-
combustible crop on a strip of lnnd
adjacent to railway rights ot way.
Alfalfa ls suggested ln this connection, since this crop will not burn and
a narrol strip will form * thoroughly
efficient fireguard. Where clover caa
be grown successfully, it will answer
equally well. The growing ot potatoes, beets, or other root crops will
serve the same purpose, where local
market conditions will permit. Thi*
would be a step tn tbe much to be desired direction ot diversified farming.
—C. lil in 'Conservation.'
A Change
Does he like politics? He fairly
eats 'em.
That's better. Moat men drink
____i______i__iiy_J "  *   .
^^w —^^^w, m^mv, mv^p
-avnn.flnfl /('■
r*-*_*-.«_ •-*-* aaa s..s..a  s  a a t* l„ti fi fi_tn*nl
f A Story of |
I   Fa<e   !
|   Cupid Plays Odd   |
-'- •-*
The first day of spring waa warm
anil bright, with il fnliit mist of green
aver the trees nnd shrubs In Linda
(liver's garden. I
"I never knew suc-h a forward
spring," mused Linda ns she shook lie!
duster out of the sitting room door. {
"Tiie yellow bush Is In bloom, and I
smclled violets down In Ibe orchard
tills morning. I wlsh-l wish I didn't
tare to enjoy everything alone!"
She looked wistfully .down the.
•tnilght aisles between thy apple trees
in the tiny orchard. Iloblns tripped,
Jauntily over the short green grass,
■nd bluebirds were (lushing nrsiiud tho
All lhe rnre promise of spring wns In.
the nir, n promise thnt the summet ]
would fulfill witli Its muted birds nud
blossoming flowers nnd ripening fruit
Llndn sighed n little aud closed tbi
• glass door regretfully.
It wns snd to be nlone-lhe Inst of
■ large family and without one con-
genial friend to share her delight In
birds nnd flowers and trees.
A tall, tliln farm (-nine slowly down
the long, hilly street uud passed Lin.
da's house. It stopped n moment and
leaned over lhe fence to nclnilre tbl
daffodils nnd crocuses which mado a
circle of purple und gold about tbe oh]
bouse. Ilieu passed on wilh studlom
bend bent above a book.
Llndn blushed like n girl nnd leaned
dizzily against the window frame
After a llllle while she roused her
■elf'nml flew Indignantly about bet
■eglecleU tnsks.
"Umla Greer, you're the biggest
fool." she scolded herself roundly.
"Here ymi nre forty-live yenrs old to-
- Borrow and fluttering like a goose every time James Irving walks past tbl
"As If he hadn't been walking post
ttie house twice n dny for tbe last fifteen years! Tlsn't likely he could get
to und from bis office without going by
here, and yet—you're alway* a-flutter-
Ing. n-fluttering"—
Llndn viciously thumped a teacup
into the china cupboard, nud to ber dis-
cireeu ana wiiaiy beating heart. Bo*
read lt a second and a third time, and
tben It fell fluttering Into her lap.
"Well, 1 never!*' she gasped, covering
her face with her hands.
Qlendale, April 1, 1901.
Dur Miss Linda—I have Ion* cherished
she nsBea, witn a certain nerce excitement which snt strangely upon ber.
"I-I believe I did," stammered
James Irving, taken aback by ber audden question.
'1 want it back agalnl" she cried
fiercely.   "It was * mistake.   Hulda
*.*.?"-MA."?.ct"°"-.,<_r.m'!:_.Il"_!_.i ™!_ I Lansing   has   just   been   bere"-sbe
"    " —--..-    »— paused and choked down a little sob—
"and abe says it was a trick of some
of tbe girls and boys.  Ob, obi"
Linda broke Into angry sobs, and lo
a trice James Irvlng'e abyneas vanished, never to return.
He took Llndn into bis warm embrace and kissed tbe top of her brown
head wltb tender, lingering touch.
"Don't you believe one word that
Hulda Lansing snya," be soothed gently. "Tou are tbo only womau I ever
loved, Linda, and your answer to my
letter bas made me tbe bappleat man
sever be really happy until you say yoo
will marry me at once. Will you answer
this to I can hear from you In this even-
ng'e mall?   Respectfully yours,
Bo read tbe letter wblcb Linda Greer
received on that spring morning.
•      ••••••
James Irving bad com* to tb* villus
when Linda Greer bad passed the
boundary between young ladyhood and
old maid, white he had pnssed middle
age. He lived iho life ot a recluse not
from choice, but because bo hnd no
taste for .the trifles that absorb boy* j In tbe world."
nnd girls.
He had met Linda soot) after bis arrival and bad been attracted by ber,
nad his affairs been In a state to warrant marriage be might bare permitted
"Tour letter!" murmured Linda
j tmnzedly.
Jamea Irving lied without a tremor
I It conscience.
"My proposal of marriage was gen-
blmself to visit her often, but be wa* 'line," be said gravely.  "I bave lovell
poor, and Mug well aware that any at
tenllon a man of bis age might pay a
single woman would cause remark be
was constrained to do what looked to
Linda like avoiding ber.
Had sbe not noticed ln blm a liking
for ber sbe would hare considered bis
keeping awny from her simply as *
mark of Indifference. As lt wns, tbe
evidence of bis goud will In one respect and his action ln not cultivating
a friendship between blm and her puttied her. She could never make up her
mind wbat to think of hla treatment ot
A dozen yenrs passed, at tbe end of
wblcb Irving was beginning to feel
tbat life wil bout a heme was scarcely
worth living. At this time bis affairs
begun to pick up. nnd within another
year or two be bad accumulated enougb
to own n house. This'was his condition at tbe lime Linda Greer received
the letter containing a proposition of
o       »»•••• I
James Irving closed bis desk nnd put
on bis hat Ho bundled together some
documents nnd tied tbem up wltb •
red tape and placed tbem In hla safe.
He lucked (be door of his dusty law
oflice and made bl* way duwn Into
tbe street
A little crowd tn front of the postofliee denoted that the evening mall
was In, nnd groups of giggling girls
ton for years, and yoa will not keep
ne waiting long. denri"
"Na" sighed Llndn hannlly.
•Thirteen" Pureued Hint. -
Wben the misfortunes of Gustaf
Adolf IV. of Sweden were on him the
king pointed out to the queen how the
number thirteen hnd influenced his life:
"Even the name G-U-s-t-a-f A-d-o-l-f
IV. is thirteen letter.. * • • I am the
thirteenth king of Sweden from the
time of Gustavus Wasa. At tbe ago ot
thirteen I becamo king, and I reigned
thirteen years after attaining, my ma-
Jority. I wns made a prisoner on tbo
13th of March. It is now twenty,
two times thirteen since Gustavus
Wasa was elected king of Sweden In
1523, nnd seventeen times thirteen
years since (he denlb ot Charles XII.
ln 1718; these ndded together produce
the number 1800, tbe current year.
• * * If you transpose tbe numbers
one nnd three, which stand for thirteen,
they make Iblrty-oue, which Is precisely my ago now."
Curiously enough, be died tn room
No. 13 at the Welsse Itossll, St Gallen
-the date, Feb. 7, 1838.-"An Exiled
■ay II splintered Into fragments. While
she was removing ibe debris n timid
knock sutindecl nt Ihe Ullclicii door.
"Here's thu iuilil, Miss Linda." said
llllle Hoi-ton Sawyer when situ appeared at the door.
"Thank you. Helton; here's your penny." said Linda kindly, supplementing
Ihe penny wilh a seed cooky.
When Kenny had crunched along th*
graveled path out of sight Llndn sat
down hy the glass door In the silting
loom nnd looked at the weekly paper.
A couple nf letters lay In her lap, but
sbo did nnt look at them. They wer*
doubtless circulars from somo advertising firm. Ulendale folks received
many such.
When she hnd scanned lhe village
■ev.s Llndn put the paper aside for a
more careful perusal aud picked up ber
Ono was from a manufacturer of
trashing machines, nnd Linda threw
tt Into lhe wnstelmsket.
Tlio other was In a plain envelop*
tnd directed In a strong masculine
With puzzled eye. Llndn opened tb*
-Bttslve and read" It  wilh  reddening
High Price For Stralghtness.
One of the must difficult problems In
practical mechanics Is to make a
and smart youths watched Sir. Irving ! straight edge. How difficult It Is may
as ho opened his letter box and took | «w Judged from an Incident tbnt occur-
therefrom a number of letters. i-ed In tho shop of a celebrated astro-
Tlimstlug them Into his cont pocket,   nomlcnl Instrument maker,
be took his slow wny homeward to hi*      A P»ti*on asked whnt would be tho
boarding place.   He paused a moment | price of "n perfect straight edgo of
Peatmen In Some Countriea Are Novel-.
Sure of Their Lives.
The camel postman ln tbe Sahara
hasn't any clnch-that ls, If be baa •
family he'* anxious to live for or bap-
pens to be leading a care free bacbelor
existence, for he needs all tbe nerva
that be can possibly summon on every,
trip that be makea, for the wild tribe*
regard blm aa their particular prey,
and he never doea know when he starts
out whether or not be ls going to reach
bla destination.
Neither ba* the postman ln aome
part* of Switzerland tha safest Job ln
lhe world. In fact, ln several places ln
that country tt la considered Juat about
tb* moat dangeroua profession that *
man can enter.
Tou see aome of the postoflcee are
situated at a height of 7,000 feet Tbere
ls even a letter box at tbe summit of
Languard, which ls nearly 10,000 feet
above tbe sea level. Here all sorts ot
disastrous tblngs have happened to unfortunate carriers of mall. Three bav*
been crushed to deatb by avalanches
ind * large number swooped down
npon and killed by fierce eagle*.
Tben ln India tbe postman alway*
bas to be on the lookout for snakes. It
Is claimed that within tbe laat year
ISO were killed by anake bltea and
twenty-seven eaten by tigers.
Queer, isn't It, wben In tbls country
tbe business of being a postman seems
about the most harmless and least dangerous of any a man could pick out?
In parts of Siberia tbey bave only
two mall deliveries a year, while ln tbe
Interior of Cblna tbey bare no regular
delivery or regular postman.—Chicago
Primrose Cures.
The primrose ot old was credited
with a medicinal as well aa a superstitious value. Even now In aome country parts of Englnnd a decoction of
primrose leaves ls supposed to restore
a falling memory, aod In 1064, wben
Culpeper wrute his "London Dispensatory," the primrose was regarded aa
an almost universal panacea, curing
"convulsions, falling sickness, palsies,
etc.," and strengthening "the brain,
senses and memory exceedingly." And
even the healthy did not disdain to
eat It, for primrose pasty wai once •
popular Lancashire delicacy. — London
for another glance nt Miss Linda's gar»
den, nud be did nut see her tender eye*
beaming at blm from behind tbe parlor blind.
Up In bis quiet room he sat down by
tbo window nnd opened his letters.
Twu of them pertained to business,
several were from old friends in dis-
taut cities, and the Inst one was •
amnll envelope addressed In a prim,
ladylike hand with faded Ink.
A faint, delicate perfume ns nf dried
rose leaves assailed his nostrils as be
carefully opeued tbo letter: ,
Olendnle, April 1, 1903.
Dear Mr. lrvlng-I received your nolo j
this morning. You press me for an Im- j
mediate answer to your proposal of mar- I
riage. I havo never dreamed that you ]
cared for me at all, but 1 will say lhal .
my aniwer will ba what you wished me j
to say.   Youra truly,
Mr. Irving rend this letter wilh innnl,
test astonishment   His eyes were dis- |
tended wltb surprise aud unbelief, and j
a flush of anger overspread bis flu*
features. |
"A  scurrilous trick on  somebody's i
part," ho muttered fiercely ns bu scanned the letter for tbe tlilrd.tlme. Tbeo
he relapsed into deep thought. |
He wondered who conld have Insult
ed the gentle little lady by forglqg hei |
name lo such a letter.   Some village -
wit, duublless, bad conceived the course
Jest   He hoped that Miss Ltuda wuuld
not hear of It
As he dressed for supper a sudden
thought assailed him.   Wns It possible j
tbnt some Juker had forged bis name
to a proposal of tnurrlnge to Miss Lin. ,
da and sho bnd taken thu matter Berk
ously nnd that this letter was really I
from ber?
He turned bot and cold nt tbe bare
thought   Ue would go nnd see Linda j
Greor, uud perhaps he might gnln sums ■
clew as to what had really occurred.
It was a delicate motter-a very dell- '
cate matter.
He  finished  dressing, nnd  without
waiting fur supper he mado bis way
down tho village street lu tbe sweet .
April dusk and opened Linda's garden j
gate. |
He walked slowly up the path, inhaling the spring odors uf gnrden und
field, and turned around to the side :
door. I
This wns the flrst (lino ho had ever *
entered thnt gnrden, but fur yenrs ha \
bad stood nfar, wistfully gazing at tn*
one woman In Hie world fur him and
whom his poverty had prevented blm
from seeking out.
As bu mounted tbe steps to the porch
the door opened hurriedly, and Lind* I
Greer precipitated herself out of tn* j
entrance.  .     . j
|   "Oli.'youl" she breathed hurriedly. ]
"Did you receive a letter from me/*.
glass tbirty-Bix Inches long."
•'It cannot be made perfect," Bald the
Instrument maker, "but It could probably be made with a limit of error
amounting to only a fraction of a ware
length of light"
"How ranch would that cost?"
"About tSO.OOO."
It turned out that Ihe customer wanted the straight edge for n scraper and
thnt nn error of one sixty-fourth uf nn
incli would not bother hlm.-St. Louis
The Water Vine.
Containing n qunl-t of clear, pure waler to every foot, the water vine, n
black, snake-like, leafless stem, dropping frum the. ccibn and mahogany
trees to which It bits climbed, is one
of the wonders of the Guatemala jungle. When tbe stem ls cut tbe water
spurts fortb ln n refreshing stream.
Moisture is drawn up from the soli
nnd filtered through tbe pores of thi
Must Be High Class.
"Tou hove a beautiful manor bouse,
but you ought to have n little village
for the peasantry ns wa do In England
It adds to the landscape."
"All right," snid the multimillionaire,
"but It must be a restricted affair. No
peasant admitted earning less than
$5,000 a year."—Kansas City Journal.
Biographer and Litterateur, Who Has
Just Concluded His Term as President ot tho Royal Society of Can-'
ads, la Also a Scientist of Wide'
Repute and Waa on the Staff ot a
Scientific  Journal.
The annual meeting of tbe Royal,
Society of Canada concluded recently,
alter an important session. Thai
president for the year just closed wai.
Dr. W. D. Le Suevr. He was elected'
to tbe society just ten years ago. In
19C3 he succeeded the late Dr. Fletcher as hmorary secretary. In 1911 be!
was promoted to the vice-presidency,
and .in 1012 to the presidency.
Dr. Le Sueur was born in the city of
Quebec in the year 1840. Forty-six!
yeara of his life were spent in the;
postoffice department where for many;
years he held the position ot secre-j
tary. In 1863 he obtained tbe degree
of B.A. from Toronto University audi
in 1900 that of LL.D., from Queen's,
University, Kingston, Ont. Hia,
tastes lay in the direction of the classics, history, and literature but hia.
mind must also have had a scientific*
turn, for during fourteen years, from]
1887 to 1901, he chiefly conducted thai
editor's table of the Popular Science-
Monthly of New York. He was »'
leading contributor to The Canadian1
Monthly in the '70's and '80's and
to The Nation of Toronto, i
He was an early student of Herbert
Spencer and an article he contributed
Cane Chair Stats.
Washing with hut soapsuds In whicb
tait baa been dissolved will tighten •
cane seat ln a cbalr wbicb bas stretched until lt tags.    *'
Casts In India.
Hostility between caste and caste Is
gradually disappearing in India. A
Brahman has no longer tbe slightest
hesitation in taking tba band of au
"untouchable" and securing bis thumb
Impression on the promissory nute executed for a loan.
Trinidad's Cheap Labor.
Labor Is so cbeap ln Trinidad thnt
It does not pay to buy lawn mowers, as
coolies will cut tbe grass with a small
sickle or knife at a trifling cost
The Roman Aqueducts.
Tbe nuiium nqufducts were marvel.)
of architecture. The Anlo was for-
ty-tbree miles long; the Martlo forty-
one, of which thirty-eight miles were
on 7,000arcades seventy feet high,nnd
the Clnudlu wns forty-seven miles
long, tbe arches being 100 feet high.
The aqueducts brought 40,000,000 cubic feet of wnler daily lo Home, aud
tbe various sections of the metropolis
were supplied witb water by means of
13,504 pipes.
Guatemala's Safety Valves.
Tbere  are  nineteen   volcanoes  in
Hie Misfortune.
"Tou bave no ono to blame but your-
self for your unlucky business ventures," snld thc stern parent. "I advised yon to look before yuu leaped."
"I did luok, dad," explained the repentant sun, "and I didn't leap. I
got dizzy and fell."—Buffalo Express.
An Awful Threat,
Fnther— You hnve no sense I'm going to cut you off with a million. The
Son—If you do I'll disgrace the family
by riding around In n second hand
euto.-N'ew Tork Globe.
No Compliment
"Dining lu a real borne must seem
pleasant nfter life In tbese restaurants," remarked tbe bostess, fishing
openly for n compliment
"It ls a relief uot to havo to watcb
your hnt nnd cont nil tho time," responded the dense old bachelor.—
Louisville Courier-Journal.
Anthrax Is a disease from whicb
sbeep Buffer. Hum an .beings catch lt
from infected bides of wool, and for
that reason It becomes known as "wool
sorters' disease."
Columbia Rlvsr Bread.
Along the Columbia river a kind of
bread Is made by tbe Indians from *
moss that grows on tho spruce fir tree.
This moss Is prepnred by placing It In
heaps, sprinkling It with water and
permitting It to ferment. Then It la
rolled Into balls as big a« a man's bead,
and tbese are baked ln pits.
on. w. n. ti strum,
to The Canadian Monthly ou Spec-,
cer's Data of Ethics was highly praised by the philosopher and was at hia
request reprinted in The Popular Science Monthly as an extremely effective presentment- and defence of th*
views contained in that work.
As early as the year 1871 he contributed to The Westminster Review,!
then a quarterly, an elaborate article,
oil the great French critio St. Beuve,
who died not long before. Ills interest
in French literature has always been
keen; and his own literary style bss
probably been influenced in some degree by his admiration for the con-'
ciseness, perspicuity, and the delicate
allusiveness of the best French prose.!
In 1906 he contributed "A Life of;
Count Frontenac" to The Makers of|
Canada series. He also acted as editor of three or four books of the series. Having been asked to write another volume for the same series,
namely, "A Lite of William Lyon
Mackenzie," the rebel leader ot 1837,
he did so, completing the work in the
spring ol 1908, but tbe book has never,
been published and has been the subject ol litigation up to the "resent
time, which, needless to say, lias not
diminished public interest in it.
The subject of Dr. Le Sueur's presidential address to tbe Royal Society
of Canada was "History, Ils Nature
and Methods."
Worse to Como.
"The opposition candidate is perfectly wild. He says you bave bcen telling
lies about him."
"Vou Just think he Is perfectly wild.
Walt until after my speech tomorrow.
I'm going to toll th* truth about blm,"
Greenland Women.
Mnny Greenlnn' women are bald on
tho sides of tbelr heads, owing to tbeir
method of dressing tbe bair, wblcb I*
pulled back tightly and beld ln place
by a ribbon.
Nero'a Pish Pond.
Beneath the basilica of tbe Flavian
palace In Home Professor Boni found
two narrow stairways, leading to *
"piscina," a water reservoir, consisting
of Are large compartments. It la still
Intact, covered and well preserved by
water tight cement The reservoir
daloi from the time of Rero, when tt
wai used ns a pond for sea flsb, with
the object of breeding exotic fish tot
tbs emperor'* table.
Raiies Chickens on His Roof.
Tho architectural enterprise of Mr.
Woollard, who has a fowl farm on
the roof of his home in Mincing Lane,
London, will commend itsell to all
thrifty housewives.
The average man may be content
with the regulation allowance ol chimneys and slates on his roof, but it is
two and a half years ago since Mr.
Wollarc], caretaker of Market buildings, Mincing lane, put together som*
boards and wire netting antl added ■
fowlhousc to the Hot part of his roof.
Fowl keeping in the city is a profitable business. Mr. Wollard has seven
birds—one Houdan, two Wyandottes,
three White Leghorns, and one Cambridge game, which haB just hatched
out five chickens. He estimates their
joint bonrl and lodging expenses at
one shilling a week, and can rely,
on an average supply of lix eggs ■
"Darling, do you love me for myaelf
alone?"  "Why, certainly, Charles. But
you really bave tbat $50,000, haven't
you?"—Louisville Courier-Journal.
Well Clasaifiid.
"Hoar .did yon list the money tbtt
fortuno teller got from your
"I put lt under tb* bead of prophet
ind loit."-Baltlraor* American.
Cnltur* Indicate inpartorttr, and _*•>
*te\0t*tr. lDDfMMt othtfM-ltirta*.. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Your House Needs
Now is the time to have it
done. Paint before the hot
summer dust begins to fly.
Sherwin-WiHiams High Standard   Paints
Are the right kind to use.
Ask Us
Oar Paint Advice to Free
Twelve new telephones have been
installed in the city up to the present
date this month, making a total now
in thn city of 244.
Highest cash price paid for old
Stoves and Ranges. E. C. Peckham,
Second-hand Store.
Miles Barrett, general foreman at
the Oranby smelter, and Mrs. Barrett
are visitors at the Spokane Interstate
fair this week,
Mr. and Mrs W. J. Galipeau's
three year-old son, Edgar, *as badly
injured last Saturday. While playing with other ohildren around a
lumber pile near the Great Northern
station eleven heavy boards fell on
him, and he was severely crushed
and bruised. Fortunately a number
of people at the station witnessed the
accident, and thoy immediately released the boy. When taken out
from under the boards he wu unconscious. He has been compelled to
keep to his bed all week. No bones
were broken.
The contract of constructing a cement sidewalk around the new post
office building has been awarded to
W. J. Galipeau. The walk will be
twelve feet wide on Bridge street,
ten feet on Third street, and six feet
on Main and Fourth streets, and will
cost about (131)0. Mr. Galipeau has
opened a branch office at A. A. Fre
ehntte's haruess shop.
Fete Accortnazzo.a well known character about town, was sentenced to
six months at hard labor in the Nelson jail by Judge Cochrane in the po
lice court on Tuesday for having
brokeu into Pat Byrne's cabin, on
Hardy mountain* and stolen various
articles The prisoner was taken to
Nelson by Constable McDougail on
The Granliy company is installing
a waterworks system of its own at the
smelter in this city. A reservoir
has been built at the works. The water
is piped from a small lake up in the
mountains, about a mile and a half
from the smelter. The system will
furnish the works with an unlimited
supply of pure, cold water.
In the ense of Symes vs. The Can
adian Pacilic railway, which was tried
at the recent sitting of the* countv
court, Judge Drown has rendered hs
decision in favor of the defendant.
Symes sought to recover 1175 dam
ages for a horse of his which was
killed on the railroad.
teied ir. that city and then distributed among the various meat markets
of the company in the Boundary.
Fifteen new uniforms and caps arrived for the Grand Forks band this
week. They will make their first
publio appearance during the fair.
The baud will give a concert in the
near future.
Win. Ross left on Tuesday for the
Spokane fair.
Mrs. Jeff Davis and Misses Kate
Davis and Mildred Gaw left on Tuesday morning for the Spokane Interstate fair.
A. P. Jordan sold the City barber
shop to Teddy Waldron last Saturday. Mr. Jordan left for Rossland
on Monday. Mr. Waldron will hereafter conduct both the City shop and
the one in the Sheads block.
Victor A. Davies and Miss Jessie
Brouillette were married in Holy
Trinity church on Tuesday evening,
September 16, by Henry Steele, rector.
W. K. C. Manly left Wednesday
morning for the Spokane Interstate
C. A. S Atwood returned yester
dav from a two weeks' visit to Hal
It is nnt only had manners hut a
sign of lack of culture to talk of one
Rend The Sun and keep  posted
on current events.
Beware of Traveling
/V^rtr**} ]*M|P|\[ can nnd permanent posi-
VlV/vFLJ HLY1BDI tions. If yoar eye* rehire
attention, it is ten chances to one that your dealing
with the optometrist will not close with the initial
examination and prescription for lenses. Your eyes
may change and require a change of lenses; accidents are likely to occur, necessitating new lenses
or mounts.
W.II Y__ go to the traveling expert (?) who
IU 10U is hore for a week at the most,
whom you never see again, and whose guarantee
amounts to naught, or will you
P,       r    r      i ii     who is better qual-
atronize the Local Man ified and better
equipped to deal with all classes of refracting and
to wnom you may bome week aiter week with your
optical trouble and get satisfaction? My new man
was considered the best optometrist in Regina up
to the time he came to me. I leave it to your
own good judgment.
A. D. MORRISON, Jeweler and Optician
The Sun only costs tl » year.   It
prints all tbe news.
The poundkeeper impounded thirteen head of horses Sunday morning
Most of the animals were redeemed
on Mondcty at f I per head.
The old Graham ranch of 320 acres
near Cascade is for sale. Five years
! in which to pay. Apply to owner,
j W. K. Esling, Rossland, B. C.
The fire department was called out
Tuesday morning to fight a hush fire
near the cemetery. It was extinguished before any damage was done.
Woodland t, Quinn, Druggists,
Make a Statement
We always advise people who have
stomach or bowel trouble to use a
doctor. But to those who do not wish
to do this we will say: try the mixture of simple buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc , known as Adler i ka. This
simple new remedy is so powerful that
JUST ONE DOSE relieves sour
stomach, gaB on the stomach and constipation INSTANTLY. People who
try Adler-i-ka are surprised at its
QUICK notion. Woodland & Quinn,
P. Livingston, of Morden, Man ,
has purchased four lots and a residence on the west Bide of Fourth
etreet, adjoining the courthouse property, and also a business lot on the
north side of Winnipeg avenue, be
tween Second and Third streets
The wurk of harvesting the prune
crop on the Honsbe* ger ranch was
commenced this week. The crop
this year is estimated at 7000 cases.
Mr. and Mrs Frank Ruckle returned to their home in New West
minster on Tuesday.
J. D Campbell, John Beckett and
Hurry She-uls are spending a couple
nf weeks hunting and fishing near
Kootennv Landing.
P. Burns .fc Co have bioui.il** 81)11
sheep from the state of Washington
to Greenwood.     They will he  slaugh-
If you are tired of indifferent
work at higb prices, try The Sun
job office. We guarantee satisfaction, and are prices are right. We
have a splendid stock of stationery
on hand.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot, and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
Don't forget that Tbe Sun bas the
best job printing depitri-ment in the
Boundary country.
Grand Forks Transfer |
fHONB 1»
Tnnks to and From Stations
Mclntyre 8 Clayton, Props.
Dry four-foot Fir and
Tamarac. Cedar andTam-
arac Posts. Prompt attention to phone ordrrs.
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing uf all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Palace Barber Shop
I'tiMiin a
Kami llmi'iiii aSiHM.ui-.y
Don't R
m, unless you are
IC interested iniret-
IB ting best value
for money. No words, spoken or written, could convince
you half as quickly as a visit to our store that we give
full measure of values on all lines of house furnishings.
We invite you to inspect our stock and judge for yourself
RTLi....   Grand Forks Furniture Go
PiA.reFr.mm.Bw,  The Complete House Furnishers
P. A. Z, PARE, Proprietor
1st Doon North or Ukanuy Hotki..
Fikst Stkkkt.
Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry always on hand.
Highest market price paid for live stock.
PHONE 58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
oven 03 YEARS*
' ' :m*t
Dr. de Van's Female Pilla
A reliable French regulator;never hilt. These
pills era eixeedlngly powerful lo regulating the
generative portion ol the female system. Refute
ill che»D Imitations.  Dr. d* Tu's ara told at
Scneap iminnons. •«• «■ *^a'a ara soldi —
a box, or three for 110. Mailed to any address.
w toboU Drag Co.. ft. OMterlaM. On*
F. Downey's Cigar Wore
own, K«e Chtt __tn>pl
r i n t i n g
We are prepared to do
all .kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modem jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of  Fare and Menu  Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
Good Printings**J3 S tii
tisement, and a trial order will convince you that our
stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate
on vour ordor.   We guarantee satisfaction.
The Sun Print Shop


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