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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Dec 27, 1912

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Kettle Valley Orchardist
«':. *
$1.00 PER YEAR
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad During the Fast Week
The arbitration of the Panama canal
dispute ia strongly by the speakers at
an important conference in Washing-
A wealthy Chicago diamond merchant is tortured and then murdered
in his. own offices by a revengeful
Australia introduces a stringent insurance bill, imposing a penalty of
$ 10,000 if licenses are uot obtained by
An attempt to blackmail a woman
begins with prayers, but euda in the
arrest of an evangelist and a New
York city alderman.
A petition to unseat the member
for Macdonald is upheld by the judge
against a protest for dismissal, and
the day for trial will be set.
Servia is guaranteed a commercial
port on the Adriatic by six great
European powers. Peace conference
adjourns until after Christmas.
British Columbia shown to be second province in the Dominion for
mineral productions last year, but total Canadian product shows a falling
pbip% »nd   hypodermics,   beginning
withHeavy 'fines imposed on two drug-
*i»t*^ " *m>. .-.*'•»./:**
* ** ' "TOW-*!*'. .'"' "v '.
Twelve killed antl" twenty  injured
is tbe toll by fire in a moving picture
theatre near Brussels.
The Oreek squadron pannes lhe
Turkish battleship and destroyers
whieh fired on Tenedos
Twenty two sailors lose their lives
when the steamer Florence plunders
off the oosst of Nova Scotia.
Although the wheat products of the
world show an increase, Canada shows
a decrease in the official figures.
Lord No.tthcliffe is denounced as a
despot, and the "newspaper trust" is
assailed by the editor of the Pall Mall
Archbishop McNeil is formally received at Toronto, and Monsigtior
Stagni, of Ottawa, celebrates pontifical mass.
The Liberal party in Australia is
preparing to put up a strong fight
against the labor government in the
forthcoming elections.
The govornmsnt report on industrial conditions throughout the Uo
million shows an excellent prospect
for continued prosperity.
Four masked bandits hold up Chicago 4 Alton train, uut away coaches
and rifle tho express car.
Sir James Whitney resents the insinuations of a Conservative newspaper that he is the "big boss" of the
Ontario government.
Attempted assassination of Baron
Hardinge, viceroy of India, was preceded by warnings in London, according to report.
The member for Yukon territory
will press demands on the Dominion
government when the house opens in
Victorious Balkan allies present
definite territorial demands to the Ottoman empire at a dramatic session
of the peace conference.
Sir Wilfrid Lanrier, at a banquet
given by commercial travellers, de
dares that Canada is unequalled for
opportunities afforded young men.
The British Medical asssociation is
severely censured by the Liberal
newspapers for refusing to accept
Lloyd George's insurance proposal.
i honesty   of   purpose and  their in-j
j grained obstinacy, no drastic  steps
should be taken to force tbeir immediate compliance, but that suitable
representations  be msde   to Peter
Deep Uid plot to assassinate   King ges^ente 0f  yaUey Qiyen a Veregin, their head,  of   the   deter-
V,ctor Emanuel is revealed at Home. ul° •  °J ul , mination of the government to insist
Lemon for Ghri8tma8        on compliance, and meanwhile,
The attempt on the life ot Baron
and Lady Hardinge at Delhi, jndia,
is still a mystery.
Paris newspapers condemn the court
for acquitting a womau murderer.
The doctrine is dangerous, they   say.
An attempt to assassinate Prince
Aritomo Yainagata, president of the
Japanese privy counoil and supreme
military councillor uf Japan.
Tariff revision is the first problem
that will be solved by President elect
Wilson. Extra session of congress
shortly after his inauguration.
Passengers ou board the Unite,
Fruit company's steamer Turialbas
aground at Barnegat, New York, pas-
a thrilling night in a blinding snow
storm. .
Charles H. Mellen and E. J. Chamberlin, railway presidents, must stand
trial in New fork on a charge of
violating the Sherman anti-trust law.
P. nalty, one year in jail, a liue of
**5000 or both.
Turkish delegates to peace oonfer
are following tbeir usual course of pro
crastiuation. Boundaries of free Albania defined. Russia holds her
forces with colors. Austria is taking
no step toward demobilization.
Ideal Christmas weather in British
Canada's manufactories show great
•$ ■
and xsa\\a are removed
-—UnlriHU, agmnd
at Bartf^pjfv'K'-*
'" A five tmlitefldollar steal plant «*
to be erected ta*New Booth Wale*.
Capital is unlimited.
Political riots in Portugal, add
troops are kept- ander arms. The
mob is charged by cavalry.
Dynamite conspiracy trial at Indianapolis drawing to a close. It is
the most important trial of ita kind
held in the federal court.
Gug V. Villipone, a former teacher,
says he was fattened for a cannibal
feast while attempting to cross from
Ciudad to Buenos Ayres, South
Montenegro, it is claimed, will re
sist to the last. She fears that Austria has designs on Scutari, and is
ready to sell lives dearly. The Turkish government has decided upon
counter peace proposals,
Trade between Canada anrl Australia show a balance in favor of the
Dynamite conspiracy trial at In
dianapolis is now in the hands of
the jury.
England is swept by a fierce gale
Italian steamer runs ashore at
Mounts hay.
Two thousand shop employees of
the National Railway of Mexico go
on strike at Laredo, Texas.
Tbe following are tbe general findings and recommendations contain, d
in the report whieh bas just been
made to his honor tbe lieutenant-
governor in council by William
Blakemore, of Wictoria, who was
on August 15 .last appointed royal
commissioner under tbe public enquiry act to investigate all matters
pertaining to tbe sect of Doukhobors
iu British Columbia.
1. Tbat tbe Doukhobors are desirable citizens from the standpoint
of tbeii personal character, farming
skill, devotion to agriculture and
general industry.
2. That tbis investigation bas
failed to establish any valid objection to tbem except tbeir relusal to
comply with the registration laws
and schools act.
3. That tbere is no evidence of
customs or practices of any kind
detrimental to the general wellbeing
of the community.
4. That such minor objections as
have been raised abould not be allowed  to weigh against their many
'""" good featUrta aod-eapecially against mentary subjects.
theft qtt».ifjcatiooee» agriculturists.
8.,Tbat theii'.whiial \o (amply
'with the engipttm'''-- Um, and
Mhobk act ia batty u$b» their' r.a
TTi      . •; ,p"  ''■■> ■* "      *  r ■'*'*, ~j*%->-■'.' V--     • ■**      A.
•hflgious  belief .tud   conicientioUB *cy4o appoint * pftrmn«nt DouKhtf
*_'_._.__._»il_ ______ J __________________ ___._t_t___la_____.__l.___.*   i_ ..      1 __*_.__.____•  _. _____■'___.■_______.____»   _i !t._ i!__.T.i
aoro{fleaaDd thslr attitude u genuine. "
6. That there ii sufficient evi
denoe to justify the conclusion tbat
their views will be modified aa they
become better acquainted with the
true character of our institutions.
T. Tbat the head of the Doukhobor community, Peter Veiegin, has
sufficient influence and authority to
bring about full compliance wilh
these laws, if not at once, at any
rate within a reasonable time.
8. That there is reason to believe
that the Doukhobors have to some
extent been kept in tbe dark ss to
their obligations under certain Canadian laws.
9. Tbat they have imbibed the
impression that as long as they did
not become naturalized British subjects they would not be called upon
to obey certain laws.
10. Tbat they have been taught
that in coming to British Columbia
and acquiring their lund hy purchase from individuals they would
not be nnder the same obligation to
obey the laws ss in Saskatchewan,
wbere they acquired their land from
the government.
11. That punishment by imprisonment fails of its effects in tbeir
ease because they regard it as persecution, and are lhe more inclined to
this view because the spirit ol distrust has been developed in them in
conseqence of the persecution to
which they have been subjected for
more thnn 300 years.
The commissioner makes the  following recommendations:
(a) That   having   regard   to Ihe
is found necessary, to reBort to prosecution and iu case conviction ensues
it is desirable that the punishment should tnke the form ol
fines rather than imprisonment, as
the imposition of fines would be
more effective and would bring the
matter home to the parties directly
responsible—the leaders.
(It) That all conditions would appear to jus ify the government in
adopting a poliey of patience with
tbe people and putting pressure on
the leaders.
(c) That with respect to the reg
istration of births, deaths and marriages, a responsible member of the
Doukhobor community might be
: ppointed sub-registrar. Tbis would
facilitate registration on the spot
and prompt communication with
the chief registrar of the district,
(d) That with respect to the public schools act compliance should be
insisted on, and in order to give the
Doukhobors confidence and secure
their sympathy some working arrangements might be made under
which Russian teachers could be
employed in conjunction with Canadian teachers and tbe curriculum
modified so as to include only   ele-
(e) Tbat haying regard to the very
extensive and important interests
represented by tbe Doukhobors in
thia province, .it ;*oujd be good twli
to*the Indian ageiKa.
(D Thatj^sjMbeW interests
of tbe country  that the ordeRF"
eouncil  exempting  from   military
service should be cancelled.
(g) That it is not desirable that
any more Doukhobors should be admitted to Canada except on the clear
Understanding that no exemption of
any kind be allowed in the matter
of the observance of the laws.
0. P. R. Will Run Its First
Trains  Through   City
January 2
It is stated on very good authority that tbe Canadian Pacific railway
will commence lo run its passenger
through tbis cily next Thursday.
On Wednesday last Neil McCallum sold Mra. O'Donnell's boarding
bouse, on Kington street, near the
Great Northern station, to E. Plum-
ley, of North Dakota. The transfer
includes all tbe house furnishings,
and tbe price paid was in tbe neighborhood of 1*2000. the deal being
practically a cash transaction. Mr.
Plumley and family took immediate
possession. Tbe sale of this property was the result of considerable
J. Mooyboer, who has been employed by tbe Kettle Valley Line
company for the past tbree years,
has purchased Camett & Miller's
old blacksmith shop, on the corner
of Main and First Btreets, and will
re-open it for business on the first of
lbe year. He will do general black-
i-m thing, hotse shoeing and all kinds
of repair work.
Tbe Christmas tree and entertainment of the Methodist church Sunday school is being held in the
•pera bouse tonight. A long musical and literary program bu been
bor agent en somewhat similajr lineal piapared, and later in the evening
Claus will bavt* a big task, to
Jirnv _ \ f*l \_ *_j£~.
The Yale's c)^f surpassed atl his
previous efforts tbis year
Christmas menu.
witfl his
For the uofortnoale evil-doer who
happens to get in tbe toils of'Oie
police, it should now only be necessary lo claim lhal he is a Doukhobor lo oblalu immediate release.
Mrs. Robert Lindholm has returned from a two years' visit lu
Sweden. Mr. aud Mrs. Liuilboliu
huve agaiu taken up their residence
uu their Nurlb Fork ranch.
Fred Kussell is recovering from a
severe attack of rheumatism.
overdraft.—Rossland Miner.
Suffragettes attempt to wreck trains
on the Great Northern railway at Potter Bar station, England.
The Canadian Industrial Exhibition association of Winnipeg is bankrupt. Bad management is shown.
Joseph Nolin, Liberal, is elected
by a majority of 110 in the Athabasca, Saskatchewan, by-election.
Abe Soosntea, nf Camper, Man.,
shoots his brother and then attempts
Disputant-* at the  London  conference are nn nearer to armngins peace sincerity   of   the   members  of  the
terms.    The terms of thn   allies   are Doukhobor community in their  op-
considered absurd, hut onlookers are _,„:,:„_ ,n ,i.. T.>i.tratir>n laws mul  '" ...
still hopeful that a resumption of hos- P™"1"'"  , tbe "«'rt»™n law" •»**»  Lanrier policy and believes that the
tilities may  bo  avoided.   The Bui- the Khw']t oot and ne*,rin« m mln(l  Liberals will tgain carry the  coun
gariaus are conciliatory, tbeir  strong  religiuus views, their try wilh n good majority.
Rossland "Miner" Stung
As the result ot the publication ol
tbe set to in the city council last
week, the Russiatid Miner's subscription list is reduced by one, al
though a lot of people enjoyed the
details uf the round-up. Alderman
Ettibleton has been "joshed" Irom
all sides and took the write-up like
a sport, while Alderman Sisley
called at the Miner olliee on Tuesday morning and said:
''Yon may cancel my rabaoriptien
to your paper. I have taken your
rag for ten years, but when it comes The Christmas celebraliou of Holy
lo publishing such false statement! Trinity church Sunday Bohoolj was
about me, il docs me harm as well held in the parish hall last night,
as lhe town. I consider thc paper I There was a large attendance of chil-
should be closed down." | dreti, and everybody  had   a  good
This is 25 cents per month gone|llme-	
to the races, and yet the hank   won-1    A„ lhe MuM who did   not im.
dera why we can not keep down our bibtJ   too   mMy   Toms and Jerrys
', spent a sober and quiet Christmas.
There are yat a number of vacant
seatson ihe W13 water wagon. The
vehicle will call at all the hotels at
12 o'clock next Tuesday night.
Predicts (.lection
George E. McCraney, M.P. fnr
Saskatoon, who bas just returned lo
thai city from Ottawa, predicts that
there will be nn election nt tha
end of the present session on the
navy question. He states thnt
many Conservatives believe in   the
The British Columbia Cooper
com pany produced in October 1,-
022,904 pound of copper, compared
with Ml,364 pounds in September
and 'J41,3114 pounds in August.
A lady telephoned to a newspaper
oflice the other (lay and asked excitedly if it was too late to insert
that Mr. Jenks had just died, as all
bis friends would be glad to know it, •
. *
Bralle's Big Well '
Perhaps H'# most Hiiotic ot all Uie
many idiotic schemes with which Britons liavo been enamoured in days gone
by, was tho that which was known as
Brnlle's III*-' Well, Mr. Bridle was
a Belgium euglneer, residing temporarily In ihis oiiiiulry, who in 1848 up- j
pro'achetl Hit iben Prime Minister j
(Lord John Russell) with a scheme
for sinking il Inigo shaft, a mile In
dlamotcr anil twenty miles in depth,
iliat should lap the earth's Internal
heat, and 11n-ruby render '-.ngliui.l In-
dependeut »l her coal supply when
I'.ils gave out,
Lord Hiisscl!, always rather ul tract-
i.;l by visionary projects, attentively
, c.m.ldei-ed lho scheme and mused
plans und estimates to he drawn up,
The- lll-st dlltlculty was the Inrush of
water whieh would have been certain
to occur soonei- or later. Tills It was
proposod i" beep under by pumping,
caissons being used for the purpose of
further excavation, while the finished
portion of the shaft was to ho rendered watertight by a Jacket of granite
set in l'oi-tl.'inil cement, ,
Mud as 'Jie scheme was. It found
plenty of advocates and it provisional
bill had boon, H was said, actually
drafted by Uie government when the
ovorthrow of the Qovorninent on tbe
franchise question was announced and
ihe whole business was thenceforth
consigned to a well-merited oblivion.
A Generous Soul
Now, ,11m, said ihe old lady to her
sen, who w.i-i aboui to leave the countryside ie try Ms luck hi London:
there's plenty of money In that big
city, for the streets are said to bo
p.ived with .;old.
•Bin, like 'tin. Scotchman, had his
clootfl. but Ittoso were quickly re-
ino\ed, fur bo had barely got out ot
t'.u.ln.i Station when, to bis surprise
lie espied, slyly reposing on tho kerb
li bright, glittering sovereign. Eagerly
lie picked it up. and walked a little
further on, when ho eame across a
blind man who was begging.
At once hit; sympathetic heart went
nut to the unfortunate man, and as he
put the sovereign into his hand, be
Take Ibis, my friend. 1 ean see 'cm
tha' can't!
Your Liver
is Clogged up
r.oth Satisfied '
A hunter sot out, one day lo hunt,
and a panther set out at the same time
lo cat.
I must Imve a fur coat, said the
I. suid lhe panther, must have a
Some hours later in a lonely wood
Hie panther and the hunter mot.
Ah, said the hunter, gaily levelling
his gun, here is my fur overcoat.
And he shot, hut tho panther dodging behind a tree, escaped unhurt.
Then tho panther rushed forth before the hunter could reload.
Ahu! hero's my dinner, said the
panther. And ho fell upon the bunter and devoured him.
Thus each got what he wanted, Ihe
hunter getting his fur overcoat and
Ihe panther hiB dinner.
Th«t's Why You're Tired-
Sorts—Hairs m Appelite.
will put you right
ia t few day..
They do
their duty.
-Out ef
fill ■_.«..__., laiittstism, tat Sick Hitttcae.
Small Pill, Small Dote, Small Price.
Genuine mutt bear Signature
A Mraculoua Escape
.'_ mishap befell a steamboat tripper
on the West Coast last summer. In
common with others he found much enjoyment In watching the engines at
work. Their were several doors
around and .ibcve the engine-room and
he was interestedly following the
movements of the engineer through
one of thess when a crowd came suddenly along tbe passage, the pressure
being so great that the door gave way
and he wus hurled, as it seemed, Into
the midst of the moving machinery and
lost consciousness.
When he came to on the upper deck
he was Informed that a moment before he fell the starboard engine had
been stopped, as tho boat was just
rounding in, and lt was found that he
had simply received a few bruises.
It waa a miraculous escape from what
might have been a fearful death.
Labby and the Brigand
Brigandage In Mexico was a common
profession and had its rules. The
late Mr. Labouchere was onco for
some weeks nt a Biigar plantation near
a small provincial town In Mexico. In
the town ll"ed a brigand. He was
highly esteemed hy his neighbors, and,
said Mr. Labouchere, 1 passed many
a ploasant evening with him and hiB
family. His daughter was a beauty,
and this estimable puront was amassing a little fortune for her.
His habit wa* to vide at night to the
road between Mexico and Vera Cruz
with two or three usBodates, and to
lew contributions on tho diligence.
When I left tht town I wanted to strike
this road and I went wltfi him and his
friends. We reached it at about six
In tho morning. Having partaken of
chocolate, tho brigands posted themselves behind some rocks, and I looked on. Soon the diligence was seen
approaching The brigands emerged
and the coachman stopped; ibe pas-
Bengers were requested lo descend,
aud were politely eased of their,
The passengers then took their
placos again In the coach and lt drove
off, while tho brigands courteously
bowed to them. Bo honest wcro
they ln theli peculiar way tbut: they
wished me to take my share in the
spoil; but this, ot course, my standard
of morality bolng different from theirs,
I declined. My estimable friends
then retired into a nelgrboring church
to give thanks for the success of their
enterprise and I wished them goodbye Hiding on to Puecla, I dined
at a table d'hote that evening with
the doBpolleJ travellers, and adds Mr.
Labouchere, was greatly amused to
hear them recount the valorous manner in which they had defended themselves, and how they at last had to
succumb to numbers.
Holloway'a Corn Cure takes the
corn out by the roots. Try It and
prove lt.
Deafnesr Cannot bo Cured
by loi-iil applications, as (hey cannot
l-euch tlie diseased portion ot tlio cur.
There Is only ono way to cure deafness,
and that Is I), constitutional remedies.
Deafness Is caused by an Inflamed condition of the mucous lining of tho I-.uc-
tachlan Tube. -When this tube ls Inflamed you liavc a rumbling sound or
Imperfect heating,, and when It is entirely clcsed, Denlness la tbo result, ami unless tbo Inflammation can bo taken out
and tbls tube restored to tts normal condition, bearing will bo destroyed for ever:
nine caseH out of ten are caused by Catarrh, which is nothing but an Inflamed
condition of the mucous surfaces.
"We will gi/o Ono Hundred Dollars for
■ny case of Deafness (caused by catarrh)
that cannot bo cured by Hall's Catarrh
Curo.      Bend for circulars,  freo.
F. -. CHENEY' & CO., Toledo, O.
Soid by Druggists. 7Cc.
'fake Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
A banker i: an American town, having a bald head, was ln tho habit of
wearing hisflpst during business
hours. Every week a negro workman or the railway presented a cheque
fur his wages, and ono day as hn put
his money hi a greasy wallet the banker said to him:
Look here. Moses, why don't you let
somo of that money stay ln lhe bank
and earn Interest for you?
Oh, no, bosa. replied the darky, with
a. glance at tho banker's hat. I'se
Jes' afenred. You look like ynu wits
always ready to start off somewhere*..
A doctor and IiIb friend were out
walking together ono day and P';*SJt
ed. by some houses wMSh the doctor
ll__ll-- m..,U    __...l    _«._..,.,    ,.„,.     u-hicll     1)0
could seldom let. The doctor remarked in his friend: •
I IobI money when I built those
Yea, said his friend, what you gained in the pestle you lost In the mortar
Formed Watery Pimples. Itchy and
Had Horrible Burning Sensation,
Lost Some of Finger Nails. Could
Not Open Hands, Cured by Cuticura Soap and Ointment.
S.ir, X. .Linear St., Toronto, Ontario.—
" For seven years J havo been troubled with
S-dt-rlicuni. 11, came out on my hands and
/S?$e&> y formed kind of Vratory pliupirs
ifigr, 3fcg "" ov('r them which became
eW"*'. W Itchy and It had a horrible
t'urnlns sensation whicli
caused  me a good  deal of
• pain.
ciimo nut on my
Tp—// ' bands iu tbo fall ami remained
1/// there till after spring. I
might mention that I lost, somo of my
llni.cr-n.illH by tho disease, During tills
length of tlr.ni I was utterly useless, as t
could not open my haudH. I tried several
other patent medicines without a bib of
relief. Some of my friends advised mo to
try Outloura Rcmodles so I sent for. amplci
and by using them thero was a groat improvement. Thru I went io tlio drugflst
and bought one calm or Cuticura Hoap and
two boxes- or Cuticura Ointment: utter using
tliyrn 1 anl giad to Bay I am completely
cured. I had given up all hope of being
cured. I ran say to ull tliose who bavu
suffered an I have, not to lo_o courago but.
to give Cultcura Komcdlos u fair trial."
(Signed) Miss Uhlan lrwin. Oct. 18,1911,
For more than a generation Cuticura Soap
and Cuticura Ointment huvo afforded thu
most economical treatment for affections of
the skin and scalp that torturo, Itch, burn,
scale, and destroy ulcep. Hold overywher-..
Hamplo of each mailed freo, with 32-p. Hkln
Book. Address post card Potter Drug &
Chau. Corp., Dept. d£rl>. Boston, U. S. A.
VV.  N.  U. 924
In the Soup
Fairly reeking ot the salt sea waves
the two marlnei-B strolled Into a cheap
restaurant and ordered a dinner.
They wero captain and mate, ashore
after a long trip.   *
In  a  few  mlnules   the  somewhat
grl-ny   -»•»»_*.>_-   c.p|fl»«eoJ,   nXtA   flvltll   P.U
airy flourish, deposited before the
sea-dSfes two plates of some thin, an-
acmlc-looklng liquid.
Ahoy, there! barked the skipper, as
his eye fell upon tho concoction.
What ln the nume of Neptune Is tills?
The waiter bowed gracefully, arranged his napkin In the proper position,
and replied, lu lordly toue3:
Soup, sir.
Then lt was that the grizzled captain flew Into such fits of laughter that
he nearly brought tears to his eyes.
Bill, he cried, giving the mate
mighty nudge, here's nowB, my lad!
Here's you and mo these forty yeara
bcen Balling on soup.
Mothers having once used Baby's
Own Tablets for their llltle ones will
always be found UBlng tbem us long
aa there ls a baby In the home. The
TabletB are acknowledged by thous-
and., of mo.hers as being their best
friend in keeping the little ones well.
Whether it be constipation, colic, Indigestion or worms; whether baby is
suffering fr.-m cold or has simple
fever, or whether his teething is difficult, the Tablets nre the ono safe
remedy which will speedily cure him.
They are guaranteed by a government analyst to contain not one particle of harmful drug aud may be
given with beneflt to the new-born
babe or grow'ng child. Sold by medicine dealers or by mall at 25 cents a
box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., llrockv'llo, Ont.
Isn't your ron rather young to Join
tho Army? said a recruiting scrgount
to an old lady, who brought a hoy of
fourteen to nlni to enlist,
Why, no, she replied." You see,
want him to loin tbe Infantry,
Minard's   Liniment  Cures Garget
Over three und a quarter millions,
or more than "4 per cent of the en-
lire popiilat'mi of Ireland, profess tho
Roman Catholic faith.
Constantinople, the capital of Turkey, has a population ot moro than a
A Purely Vegetable Pill.—Tho chief
Ingredients of Parmelee's Vegetablo
Pills aro ms" drake and dandelion, sedative and purgative, but perfectly
harmless ill their actlou. They
olcitnau antl purify and have a moot
healthful efl'Ct upon the secretions
of tho dl*_"_-llvo organs. The dyspeptic and ill who suffer rom liver
and kidney ailments will lind In these
pill i tho inert effective medicine lu
concentrate! form that has yet been
offered to th,  suffering.
Some men were dUcusBlng the Biid-
den death of a neighbor who had left
i rather helpless family.
And the worst of lt ts, said one, that
there Isn't oi e of those boys that haB
thc head to All his father's shoes.
Minard's  Liniment Cures Diphtheria
The Tena.it—That cellar I've rented
off you ls fuli of rats.
Landlord—Great goodness, man!
What do yo._ expect for Ave shillings
a week—white mice?
What Had She Been Doing?
A toucher in a local Sunday school
desired to reprove a small boy. Johnnie, she said, quite solemnly, I'm
afraid I shill never meet you In thc
better land,
Johnnie put on a loo): of astonishment . Wbv, teacher, ho asked, whatever have yo    been a-dolng of now?
But Change     of   Food   Gave
Most diseases start ln the alimentary canal—stomach and bowels.
A great leal of our stomach and
bowl troubkt eome from eating too
much starchy and greasy food.
The stemich does not digest any of
tlio starchy food we eat—white bread,
pastry, potatoes, oats, etc.—these
thlngB are digested lu lhe small Intestines am' if we cat too much, as
most of us do, the organs thnt should
digest this kind of food aro overcome
by excess of work, so Unit fermentation, ludlgesl.on, nnd a long train of
alls result.
Too much fat also Is hard to digest
and this ts changed Into acids, sour
stomach, beV.hlug gas, and a hloatod,
heavy feeling.
In these conditions a change from
Indigestible* food3 lo Grape-Nuts will
woik wonders In not only relieving the
distress hut ,.. building up a strong
digestion, clear brain and steady
.'. woman wrltoa:
"About Ave yeara ngo I suffered
with bud stomach—dyspepsln. Indigestion, constipation—caused, I know
now, from overeating starchy and
greasy food.
"I doctored for two years without
any benefit. Tho doctor told . mo
there was .10 curo for me. I could
not eat anything without Buffering se
veto pain In my back and sides, and
I became discouraged.
"A friend recommended Grape-Nuts
and I began to use lt. ln less than
two weeks 1 began to feel better and
inside uf two months I waa a well
woman and havo been ever since.
"I can eat anything I wish wilh
pleasure. Wo eat Grape-Nuts and
cream for breakfaBt and are very fond
of lt." N-.me given by Canadian
Postum Co , Windsor, Ont.
Head thn .Itlle book, "The Iload to
Wellvllle," in pkgs. "There's tt reason."
Ever read .he above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
When You Get
Run Down
—catch oold easily—and dread, hulead ef
enjoying, thc keen winter weather—then you need
Na-Dru-Co Tasteless
Prepamtioa *f
Cod Liver Oil
This Na-Dru-Co Compound embodies the well-known nutritive and
curative elements of Cod Liver Oil—Hypophosphites to build up lho
nerves—Extract of Wild Cherry to act on Ihe lungs and bronchial tubes—
and Extract of Malt, which, besides containing valuable nutriment ttsalf,
helps the weakened digestive organs to assimilate other food.
The dieagrouble tut* ol raw Cod liver OH is mtlrely absent,
and the Compound is decidedly pleasant to take. In 60c. and $1.00
bottles, at your Druggist's. W6
The standard
of excellence
in kid gloves.
Grain Connotation Merchant.
Make Bills Lading read: Port Arthur or Fat William.
Co., Winnipeg.
Liberal Advances Prompt Returns
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Notify Peter Jensen
■eat Qredea
Advantages and Saving by Using
The Loading Platform
In ihlL writing we desire to put beforo our Western Farmers the*
saving and advantage of loading grain dime', on cars. Shipping grain
through an elevator, It matters no*, whether a Government elevator ox
one run hy an elevator company or individual owner, does not am
the lcai. fraction of t cent to the value ot he grain, nor does It give
tbe farmer any better chance of marketing It to advantage tban when
loaded direct on cars. But loading direct .n cars cuts out In thc flrst
place the elevator charge, which ls usually 1.4c. per bushel, .say
117.50 on it thousand bushel car. Tbe elevator dockage Is also
saved- this may bo worth more or less, dep.ailing partly on how dirty
the grain ls, but mostly on the farmer's ability ln holding his bwn
with rhe elevator man taking lt ln. On tho average the dockage
may be considered worth 3c per bushel to the farmer, or say $30 per
rar of 1,000 bushels. When grain is loaded direct Into car over the
Loading Platform, the farmer knowt, for sure that lt Is his very own
grain that will he graded by the Inspector, ur.d that he will without
doubt receive the full and exact outturn of bis car at whichever terminal i levator it is unloaded; for all grain 's unloaded from the cars
under government superlntendance and weighed by properly qualified
government welghmen under the rules and rupervislon ot the Dominion Government Board of Grain Commission-re.
Of "oursc, lt makes no difference tn our loading of the farmers'
grain whether it has boen shipped through an elevator or over the
Loading Platform, but It can easily be Been from what we have stated
above 'vhere the farmer's advantage lies, when It saves him around
$60 or more on every car he ships.
We contlnuo to act as the farmers' agent In looking after and disposing of carlot shipments of wheat, oats, barley and flax strictly on
a commission of 1 cent per bushel. We are not connected with,
nor Interested iu any elevator companies nr elevators, either local or
termini!!, neither are we track buyers, in fact, we never buy farmers' grain on our own Recount, but only to hr.ndle and dispose of the
grain .-i.trusted lo us as the agonts of those wbo employ us. Many
years' experience, with a wide connection and ample facilities for en-
tjasliu in this special branch of thu grain trade, have given us a reputation of the highest character In It. Wl make liberal advances
on car bills of lading. Write us for shipping Instructions and market Information. Wo give as references to our reliability, efficiency
and financial standing uny city or country Bank Manager In Western
Thompson Sons & Company
701-70J Y Grain  Exchange.
Winnipeg, Canada.
The winter months are nature's own time fot rest and recuperation.
Why not surround yourself with Ideal conditions for rebuilding your
nervous system. Make a determined effort to eradicate thnti old
stand.ng Nervous Disease, Rheumatism, Stomach. Liver and KldneJ
trouble. Constipation, Skin disease, Obesity Bright's Disease, pla-
betes *
Vou are under the watchful caro of a physician who has (as well as
the us tal methods of treatment) at his command, powerful curative
agencies In the Electric Treatments, Mineral Springs baths, Eledtrlo
Light Baths, Needle and Spray Baths, Con'lnuous Baths, Massdge,
Tho Mineral water exercises a marked Influeuce In lucreaslngjox-
ldallon and elimination, thus promoting a better nutrition.
Write to
Dr. A. D. CARSCALLEN, Superintendent.
Elmwood Winnipeg Manitoba
About a million tourists visit the
Alp' each >••.. r, of whom about twenty
four are kll.cd In accidents.
Tbo Iloyal National Lifeboat Institution was founded ln 1824, and bjr
1888 had saved 33,243 lives. /
nothing so rapidly restores health
and vigor as SCOTT'S EMULSION.
It is thc essence of natural body-
nouvislmieiit, so medically perfect
that nature immediately appropriates aud distributes it to every
organ, every tissue—feeding,
nourishing and restoring them to
normal activity,
patent medicine, but is nature's
body-nourishment with curative,
Upbuilding properties and without
t drop of drug or alcohol. It contains superior cod liver oil, the
hypophosphites of lime and soda
with glyecriue, and is so delicately
emulsified that it enters the system
without digestive effort—builds,
tones and sustains,
^fter croup, whooping cough,
measles aud other child ailments it
Is nature's ally in restoring health.
After grippe or pneumonia it
Imparts strength and health, and
tot colds, coughs, sore, tight chests
snd throat troubles SCOTT'S
EMULSION gives the greatest relief
Scott {.Bonne, Toronto, Ontario       IK9
.    Smart
N. P. WI'.'ls, tho American writer,
wa*i usually the life of the oompany
he'happene! to he ln. Ills repartee
at Mrs. Galcs's dlnnor In Washington
Is famous. Mrs. Gales wrote on a
card to her r.'ece nt the other end of
the table: Don't flirt so with Nat
Willis. 8.10 herself was talking vivaciously to a Mr. Campbell.
Willis wrjlo tho niece's reply;
Dear aunt, don't attempt my young
feelings to irammel, nor strain at a
Nat while yju swallow a Campbell.
Btcauie Ihey aot so gently (ae
purging or griping) yet so
i thoroughly
F are best for Ihe children u well ss V I
' the grown-ups.   25c. a box at *m I
_- your druggist's.
p Natlawl Ini «ri CkeMtal Ct. at esu4a.llBlM
Gleans and disinfects everything
In your home from the cellar to the
attic. Put It on your duster and
dust Hardwood Floors, Woodwork,
Linoleums, Pianos, Furniture, etc,
Makes everything Just like new.
Money refunded lf not satisfactory.
Made by the
Hamilton, Canada
This ochooljs located In Toronto
and does much each year to supply
the active demand for Telegraph operators wanted by our Canadian railways. A successful record of fifteen
years and hundreds ot officials and
operators ln active railway service today ls the best guarantee of the reliability of this well known school.
The book "Guided by the Key" explains the work fully. Write for it.
Address W. H. Shaw, President, Toronto.
TheOld Reliable
Horse Remedy
A Pclnt of Honor I
No power oa earth shall make me'
do. lt! Tho man spoke firmly, but
his knees trembled.
She approached close to his side.
Hor eyes blazed into his.
You shall do It, she snarled, how-
ever much >ov. dread il! D'you hear
I refuso utterly. Such action Is unworthy of a man of pride and honor.
You rctusj? Quickly Bhe was at
his side agim; and though he drew
back from Lev as from a whlp-lash,
sho gripped him like a vice.
Then she took out a small knife—
a thin, sharp-pointed piece of steel.
She thrust It Into his hnnd.
There! sho exclaimed. His obstinacy was driving her to desperation.
He: voice hioko with passion. William Tomplt.nc, she cried, unless you
obey, and p_tl Ihoso potatoes now—
at ence—you shall go to bed without
any dinner!
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper
Overheard during thc holiday season at Blackpool:
A little hoy said to hla -rilthcr: Eh,
feylher, isn't there a lo! ot fooalc on
th' sands this weelt?
Father—Aye, but rhere'll be a lot
more on th' rocks next week.
Need New, Rich Blood to Restore
Them to a Healthy Condition
Actually tr. need ot food to nourish
the body and yet afraid to eat because of tho racking pains that follow. Thai Is the condition of the
sufferer from Indigestion—a choice between starvation ov merciless torture.
Thn urge-.', need of .all dyspeptics,
of everybody whose organs of digestion havo become unfit to perform
their Important duly. Is for stronger
stomachs that can extract nourishment from focd. Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills give Wflttlt stomachs Just the
strength th..y need by enriching the
blood supph. thus giving tone and
strength to the stomach and Its
nerves, and enabling lt to do the work
nature intended lt to do. Thousands
of cases ot Indigestion have been
cured by Dr Williams' Pink Pills, of
which the following ls but ono instance. Miss L. A. Brown, Port Albert, Ont., says: "For a number of
years 1 was a terrible sufferor from
indigestion .'.nil as a result I became
completely nm down, and suffered
from backaches snd nervous troubles
as well, I had to force myself to eat,
but nevor enjoyed a meal owing to
the awful pains that followed eating.
Life was becoming a burden, and as
medicine after medicine failed to help
me I felt I was doomed to go through
life a constant sufferer. Finally a
mairled sts'er strougly urged- me to
try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and 1
have reason to bo thankful that I followed ber advice, ns they have fully
restored my heulth, and I can now enjoy all kind*) of food without the least
discomfort and my friends say 1 am
looking better than 1 have done for
years. At all events I know I feel
like a new person, so sball always
pralBO Dr. Williams* Pink Pills."
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
niall at 60 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.60 frjm The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Wigwag—I never knew such a fellow as Jones. Ho Is always looking
for trouble.
Henpecke—Then why doesn't he get
For Sprains and Bruises.—There ls
nothing better for sprainB and contusions than Di. Thomas* Electric Oil.
It will reduce the swelling that follows
a sprain, will cool the Inflamed flesh
and draw the pain as lf by magic.
It will take tho ache out of a bruise
and prevent the flesh from discoloring It seems as lt there was magic
in lt, so spe.dlly does thc Injury disappear under treatment.
Who was that seedy Individual I
saw you give half a crown to?
An old literary friend of mine; author of "Ten Thousand Ways of Making Money.'
Private Jhnson was relating Ids experiences of the Boer War. He said
ho was oncp taken prisoner, mid the
Boors stripped blm ot all his clothing.
Did you feel the cold much, asked
u pal.
No, replied .Unison, nol nt all. You
see, they carefully covered mc with
their rifles.
Gall Stones Cored
After 12 Years
A Wlnnipes lady bas been cured of
gall-stones alter Buttering from that
painful complaint for twelve years. She
had taken many treatments nnd many
remedies but each and all proved failures, until she took SANOL, tlio already
well known r,:mody for Gall-etones, Kid-
noy-stones, Gravel, Kidney trouble Lumbago and other diseases caused by urlo
acid In tho system. It was a ereat
victory for SANOL. So grotoful was
this lady Uut abe sent a groat number
of her friends to us to be treated and
in every one of tbese casos tho results
havo been most sattsfaclory.
Wo aro willing and anxious to supply
tno name, of thia well-known lady, we
have also recorda of cures In every town
nnd locality In Canada and wo would bo
r.ulo tn refer you to tome of your nelElv
UorB for on  opinion on SANOL.
Tills remedy Ib manufacturer! citili by
street, Winnipeg. For sale by most
leading drugsists or direct from tne
•    -   -t fl.—* ---
1..._<_11I1_,       Ul.......      •" m...	
mulctrs ut 11.CO per bottle.
Ship Your
McMillan fur & wool Co.,
Winnipeg, Manitoba
You ought to wear
i Reliable merchants have them
in stock
to Old
Wm   SMOKOSSt    _J
All winter long—on the Zero days and the
windy, blustering days—the Perfection Smokeless Oil Heater gives them real solid comfort.
It saves them many a cold and sickness for it easily
warms the rooms not reached by the ordinary heat.
The Perfection Heater is made with nickel trimmings (plain steel or enameled turquoise-blue drums).
Ornamental Inexpensive. Lasts for years. Easily
moved from place to place.
Af Dealer. Ewrywhtr*
Book Free.    A Bia.|Ue ,
Bona  trealmtat relieved ]
Old aorei, ulcers aad .
  tfrowlhs cared.   Describe '
rear trouble i wa will send book and testlawalala.
tor Automobiles
In stock a.l sizes—Atlas, Weed and
John Miller, & 8on, Mfg., Ltd.
84 Princess Street
Wholesale and Retail, Winnipeg
. ■      FOR THE
If your kidneya are not right, your wliole
hotly Buffer*, neglect tlmt condition ana
your guttering.*! will fin increased tenfold. The
best time to treat kidney trouble is fn tht
bejrinnint. Take DR. CLARK'S SWEET
NITRE TILLS at onco, when you hart
Uine hack, headaches, Hpotx befor* tha
eye^, pains in the joints, eto.
Most people know tlio value of .meat
nitre in its action on the kidneys. Fire
other proved unecifir* are used iu DR.
eleanse, tone and atimtilato impaired kidnevs.
Tut 70U tight and keep jou tight. Sold
everywhere at fifty cents *% hoi or mailed
direct by 40
Winnipeg, Canada
No Christmas Catalogue This Year
It is now high time to think ot Christmas and your Christmas
needs. A little later on the mails vill be so heavy that delays are
liable to occur; and a little later on our Mall Order Department will
bo so rushed with business that we will have difficulty ln giving the
attention to orders that ws desire to do, and Out we usually do.
We are sot Issuing a Christmas Catalogue thia year, but our regular Catalogue contains a very lull list ot articles suitable for Yuletide remembrances.
The great advantage ot Including these ln our regular Catalogue
ls that our customers can order their Christmas requirements at
the same time as they are ordering other goods, ud ls this way
save considerable In transportation.
Make your selection early, and order early, so as to have all the
advantage ot an unbroken assortment.
Ot course we have made provision for big business but lt always
happens that there ls a big run on certain lines which sometimes
quickly exhausts our supply. You can avoid disappointment by
ordering early.
If you hare not had a copy ot onr Fall and Winter Catalogue
write tor lt and we will send lt to you at once. It ls well worth having as It ts tbe biggest and beat we hava ever issued, whllo our
values too aro the best we have ever offered.
If you already bavo a copy of the Catalogue test our values and
our service with an order.   You are eure to be pleased with both.
^T. EATON C<k «
\« A ottirmtri W^B
l/M ind borse me n ^M^H
*!■ hivotrvvcd money ^H|Hfti
m% by uiinj Ken- SmWA
■^ dall'sSpavlnCure " -\-
ttrSpavins, Curb, Ringbone, Splint, Bony I
Browths and Lameness from many other  I
taw,. These mon know thai KoudtU's  ■
a money lever and a bone taver.  We
fan prove It by thousands of
Oratefvl Utttrt tram Stars
taseaut, &.:,%., Dec. 13th, i.n.
Steele of honee md em •
■psvln Cure. I nut Uy
i the beet setlifacUon from
,_ , reeoa_mcaa.d It te eny
rwsan l.kmx, mau. Die. :4th, 1911.
"I litre need KndtU'o Sperlti Cure for
tveyeero. I Bad It a mre curt 1 or fipavtai."
-wi-,i.ia»« QRAtrr
( dniwi'l tttflna took "Treitln en ttie
I XeSe"«r write ta ue. 13
Dr. B. J. KatvUll Cempany
mm***t,t*m.V*m*m, V. t. Aj
W. N. uTfe.
Irate Fat^.r—I'll teach you to kiss
my daughter!
Young Mil—Nol necessary,   sir,   I
have Juat learnt I
Minard't Liniment Curat Colds, die
Nlnoty-elg' t out of every tbousa.u.
women married annually In England
are widows, and yet more tban SO per
cent, ot the women between tho agos
of 15 and EO remain unmarried.
In   the causeB of Infant mortality
cholera morbus llgures frequently, and
It may be B.ild that complaints ot the
bowels aro g-oat destroyers of child
I life      If all   mothers   would   avail
', themselves of so effectlvo a remedy
i as Dr. J. D.    Kellogg's   Dysentery
: Cordial mans  a llttlo one could bo
{ saved.     This Cordial cau be given
with safety to tho smallest child, as
I thero Is no injurious substance In It,
Henry Peel:—Do you ihliik you can
make a good portrait of my wlfoT
Mr. Bruthaway—My frland, I ean
make tt so lifelike you'll Jump every
lime you iti her
Constantinople, the capital ot Turkey, has a population ot moro than a
She lad Such
Beautiful Hands
mat 11 wel prrlertly evident
that ilie u.:d SNAP, Ihe
ortfnel hend
cleaner, to re-
of homework.
Ortct ftam fee? ***Wr t***ay.
Every Woman's Complexion
is hound to show whether or not she is In good physical condition.
If the complexion is muddy, the skin sullow; it'pimples or skin
blemishes appear it is then attention must bc given to improve
the bodily condition. There is one safe and simple way.
Clear the  system and  ourify thc blood with a  few doses of
sfkdtoM 9M
This well known vegetable family remedy is famous for its power
to improve thc action of the organs of digestion and elimination.
They will regulate the bowels, stimulate the liver, tone the
stomach and you will know what it is to be free from troubles,
from headaches, backaches, lassitude, and extreme nervousness.
They will make you feel healthier and stronger In every way.
By clearing your system of poisonous w.-isto Bcecham'a Pills
will hare good effect upon your looks—these they
Will Beautify and Improve
The dfeectUw with every hn an «f epaclal value aad ieaaefUate la weiua.
SaM everywhara,  la teiea. 21c. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Fine Display of Jewelry
A. D. Morrison bas now the finest
display of goofis suitable for Christmas gifts ever brought to Grand
Forks. He haa a great variety of
silverware, flatware, cut glass, diamonds, watches, clocks and otber
useful and ornamental goods suit-
able for presents. The seeker after j
pretty, appropriate and inexpensive '
gift articles should not fail to visit
Mr. Morrison's store.
One Te»f  fl.W
One Year (In advanoe)  Lix*
One Year, in United States  1.60
Addreii all communication! to
Thi Brasilia Sua,
Phonb B74 Okand Fohks, B.C
We wish all our readers a Happy
New Year.
The citizens of Grand Forks arid
the Kettle valley had been led to
believe that the report of Doukho
hor Commissioner Blakemore would
lie adverse to their interests. Many
incidents had fostered this impression. The commissioner's sympathies while the invesgation was in
progress bere and in Nelson had a
leaning toward tbe Doukhobors; his
readiness to grant them counsel and
his reluctance to allow tbe people
of tbit district tbe same privilege,
taken in connection witb bis numerous confabs with the autocrat of the
Doukhobor society,were signs whicb
plainly foretold the nature of his report and recomendations. But wbile
the citizens did not expect a report
favorable to their cause, they were
not prepared for the one-tided and
apparently biased document printed
in the daily papers on Christinas
day and reproduced in this issue of
The Sun. They have not ytt fully
recovered from their surprise, and
therefore it is difficult to Bay what
caurse they will pursue when tbey
awaken to a full realization of tbe
import of Mr. Blakemore Christmas
message. Tbose who have ventured
an opinion, are vehement in their
condemnation of the commissioner's
findings and unsparingly censure
the government for appointing him
to the position.
Some of the commissioner's   rec
ommendations are ridiculous, and if
the government acts in accordance
with them it will store up trouble
for many future generations. The
dual school system recommended
should be kept out of the province. If
once introduced it may take a great
many years to abolish it. The punishment of crime by imposing fines
would have no deterrant effect among
men wbo do not see a dollar from
one year to another, yet Mr. Blakemore advocates this method of punishment in preference to imprison
ment. The appointment of Doukhobor sub-registrars would not
tend to enforce a compliance witb
the registration law, aB every member of the community, from Czar
Peter down to the lowest plodder, is
bitterly opposed to it.
The commissioner says the Doukhobors are desirable citizens. If
conditions in the South in ants helium times were desirable, then we
agree with him, otherwise we wish
to enter an omphalic denial. The
Doukhobor laborer receives nn better treatment than did the black
slave. Some pay he fares worse,
because the Southern slave-owner
had a monetary investment in his
darkies, which caused him to be
more solicitous concerning tbeir
health and welfare. The poor Douk
works every day in the year, except
Sundays, without receiving one cent
of compensation. He never has nny
money to buy any of the comforts
of life for bis family, and if he
wishes to leave colony and start in
life for himself he is merely given
a few dollars, no matter how many
years of hard work he may have
performed for tbe society. And the
product of this man's work enters
into competition witb the wares of
ibt rancher who has to pay high
wages for his help. This is a phase
of the question againsl wbich no
complain has so far been made, although tbere appears to be ample
justification for one.
The attitude of the citizens respecting the Doukhobors is not unreasonable, They merely demand
tbat tbe members of this sect shall
observe the same laws as tbey themselves have to obey. Nothing could
be fairer, All British subject have
to register births and deaths, obtain
marriage licenses and Bend their
children ts school. Wby should
the Doukhobors be exempt from
any of these duties? Even if they
comply with them, they have an aH_
vantage over the ordinary citizen,
because they are exempt from mili-
Holiday"  Presents
Carving sets    1847 Rogers Silverware
Skates    Pocket Knives
Etc., Etc.
Special Gifts
zA Supreme Souviner Range
A White Sewing cTWachine
$10.00 Down—$5.00 per Month
tary Bervice,
For a royal commissioner to rec
minuend that the laws be suspended when dealing with a certain element of society can only be construed into one meaning—that tbe
present government is unable to enforce the statutes of the province,
Such an admission will breed a contempt for the law by every citizen
in the community.
Even though the people of tbe
district did not expect a remedy for
their grievances from the commissioner, they had hoped tbe provincial authorities would see fit to administer the laws without discrimination. But this hope haB also heen
shattered. Today the citizen must
obey the laws, wbile the unnaturalized member of a foreign sect can
snap his fingers at tbe authorities.
' The commission has been a heavy
burden on the taxpayers of tbe
province, It is said that the commission cost the people from $400
to $500 a day, and months were
cunsumed in taking evidence where
weeks or days should have
i-ulficed. Of this amount, tbe tax
payers of this valley will have to
puy their quota. But even at tbis
high price, there would bave been
no complaint if impartial justice
had been handed out.
For The Sun's opinion of the com
missioner we refer the reader to the
files of this paper wben tbe appoint
ment was made.
If you want to see the city beld
up for $250 on reservoir contracts,
do not take an interest in munic pal
affairs, but let the members of the
present council slip iuto office by
ll you want to see the streets
lined witb drunken men on Sunday,
and have your family insulted wbile
on their way to church, do not take
an interest in city affairs, but return
tbe present government to office by
If you think material tbat material
whieh has been condemned for a
public building is goud enough for
city work, let tbe present council
slip into office by acclamation.
If you want your taxes raised five
or ten mills higher, and thus keep
investors out of the city, let the
present government slip into offi<6
by acclatnation.
If you want- to put the city to
the expense of two or three eh ctions
before a legal money bylaw can be
passed, return tbe present council
to ullice.
If you want the city tn trade $200(1
litis for 0930 lots, let the present
cnuiici I be returned lo office by acclamation.
If ynu want the council to hand
out lhe patronage of the city, irrespective nf cost and quality, lo peo~
pie who bring hoxeBof eigara to the
council meeting, let thc present government be returned by acclamation.
If ynu want your sidewalks torn
up, instead nf repaired and rebuilt,
let the present council slip into office by acclamation.
The Vernon News has issued a
02-page Christmas edition. It covers every section of the Okanagan
country with bright write-ups and
fine half-tone illustrations, and is
undoubtedly the greatest publication ever sent out from a country
oflice in this province. The News is
a good example of what can he accomplished when a newspaper owner
is a member of Premier McBride's
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe that they can reach
Ihe consumets of this district without adverlisingin The Sun.
Brownie Cameras
Work just like
PRICES .1.2 to $12
Woodland & Co.,
The Kodak Dealers
We Wish All Our Patrons and
Happjr and Prosperous
New Year
P. BURNS CBl* CO., Ltd
Silver King and Silver Queen Mineral
I'laimt., situate In the .fraud Forks Mining
Division nf Yale District.
Where Located: On the East Kork of the
North Fork ol Kettle River.
TAKK MU'H.E that 1, Jacob M. Paulsen.
Free Miuer'i Certtflento No. 85818B, fur
myself and as agent for WilliainlH. Huffman,
executor, and Rosa Major, executrix, of the
will of Catherine Hoffman. Free Miner's
Certificate No. HV.17B. intend, slxly days
from dale hereof, to apply to (he Mining
Kecerder for a Cettlflcale of Improvement.*!, for
the purpose of obtaining crown grants of thc
above claims.
And further take notice that art ion, under
section 37, must be commenced hefore thc Issu-
aure of such Curiticaius of Improvement
Dated this 4th day of May, A.D. 1912.
DM yen make ■ mis-hit
the time yeu employed the
Don . starre. Theft sre
tots at tftsd flsh In the tea,
•nd a mi* baH to catch them
le. Want Ad.
The following in tbe minimum
and maximum temperature for euoh
Jay during the past week, as re
i.imled liy the governmenl thermometer on E. P, Lawn' ranch:
MIN.        MAX.
Friday  11 24
Saturday  .'   2 16
■•iui-diy  14 2K
Monday  24 31
Tuesday    22 2i$
Wednesday  12 26
Thursday  19 36
Snowfall during week, 3.6 inche8
Don't forget that The Sun has the
best job printing deparrment iti the
Boundary country.
Horse-Shoeing a Specially
Repairing ol Every Description
All Work Fully Guaranteed
Sunrise Mineral Cluim. situate In tin'
Grmiil Porks Mining Division of Yule District.
Where located:   In Welling! >n ramp.
TAKK NOTHK that I. Joseph A Uml Miller.
Free Miners' Certificate No. B477W, intend, sixty da* h frnm the date hereof, to h|i-
\Ay to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvement, forthe purpose of obtaining Aero*, n ■•mnt nf thf a>>ove elntm-
And further Hike notice that aodott, mnVi
section 37, must be commenced before the
Knuuce of  such t'ertlHcate  of   Improvements.
Dated this Mth day of Apiil, A ,D. 10)2.
Electric Restorer for Men
Phoanhonol rettorea every nerve la the body
, ' "H" ' ' tn Itl proper tension; restores
I vim and vitality. Premature decay nnd all sexual
i weakness averted at once. Phoephon©- will
I make yon a new man.  Price IRabox, or two lor
18.  Mailed lo any address, th* MMM Dlw
Co.. St. Catharine.. Oni.
Don't he misled by false state-
mi'iitF of competitors. Advertise in
The Sun, because it is read by more
people than any other paper printed
in the Boundary district. 0.0
Snaps for the Live Ones
Two choice tracts for Subdivision,
In the Boom Centre
Near the C. P. R. Station and Shops.
Also a few residences at a Bargain.
Also 20 acres in choice varieties of fruit
* trees; good buildings and highly improved; $325 an acre.
Phone R 117
There is a great fluttering in the
political dovecots of tbe east juat
now, according te the best authori-j
ties. The followers of Mr. Borden
are alarmed. Some one baa told
them lhat tbe Liberals are determined to oppose the naval bill to
the limit and to insist further than
that upon the passage of a measure
of redistribution during tbe present
darliamentary session. This ia a
program which -nil) be carried out
even to the point of forcing a dissolution. Nor is that all. It is further
aaid that in any event tbe senate
will throw out the naval bill ns a
measure that should be submitted
to the people for their approyal
Rumors of thut kind, needless to
Bay, have created terrible perturba
tiou in the camps of the Conservatives. The seekers for office had
soothed themselves into a belief that
the government was safe for four
years at least, and that there was
plenty of ti-'ne to seek the sanctuary
of n sure thing with easy and convenient hours. But tbe suspicion
has been aroused that this is not the
time for them to let the grass grow
under lagging feet. Offices must be
found immediately. If tbey can not
be bad in any other way, let the
government make them. It has net
moved fast enough, anyway, with
so many Grits left in places where
Tories sbould dwell securely, There
are surely busy and exciting times
ahead.—Victoria Times.
If Mr. Borden is able to carry oui
a policy in accord with the stand
taken on every occasion since being
leader of his party, then a corkscrew
is a straight line, twice two are six,
grass can be blue, riven flow uphill,
and navigators can steer north by
south and east by west.—Acadian
The following are the returns of
tbe ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granby 24,040
Mother Lode....... 7,268
Rawhide  6,075
Emma ,	
Napoleon       599
Queen Victoria.....     181
Lone Star	
Others        28
Smelter treatmen—
Granby 22,775
B.C. Copper Co... U, 585
The Maccabees will give a masquerade dance in the Davis hull on
New Year's night. Ticket* 50 cents,
supper extra. Cards and dancing.
Music by Brewer's orchestra.
The Jewel mine was closed  down
for two days this week.
"Why, auntie, have the magazines
upset you!" "Well, I've got through
the advertisements, and I feel exactly
as if I had been to a party where the
men came in their underclothes and
the ladies wore nothing but corsets."
Don't forget that The Sun has the
best job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
Newspaper Law
1. A postmaster is required to give
notice by letter (returning the paper
does not answer the law) when a subscriber does not take his paper nut of
the postofliee, and state the reason for
its not being taken. Any neglect to
do so makes the postmaster responsible tu the publisher for payments.
2. If any person orders his paper;
discontinued he must pay all arrear- j
ages, or the publishers may continue
to send it until payments are made,
and collect the whole amount whether
the paper is taken from the office or j
not. There can be no legal discontinuance until payment is made.
3. Any person who takes a paper
out of tlie postoffice, whether directed
to his name or not, or whether he has
subscribed or not, is responsible for
the pay.
4. If a subscriber orders his paper
stopped and the publisher continues to
send it, the subscriber is bound to
pay for it if he takes it out of the
post office. This proceeds upon the
ground that a man must pay for what
he uses.
5 The courts have decided that refusing to take newspapers on periodicals from the post office or removing,
leaving them uncalled for, is prima
facie evidence of intentional fraud.
/)        We    ;   ll
Best Newspaper
bargain in
The Boundary
Ulft (&tma Marks Btm
and the Montreal
UfamtUj f-wato and W ttklg Star
and a beautiful picture, "Mother's
Treasures," for
Bridge Street,
Hoi and Cold Beth.
Flr.l-CI... Ber, Pool ,
Bend llllerd Roome .L
In Connectlo*.
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe that they can reach
the consumer* of this district without advertisingin The Sun.       *
Emil Larsen,
Beautiful Large-size Solid Nickel Plated Parlor Lamp
We are offering our New Brand Kerosene oil which we claim to be the Best
Grade of oil made yet.   In refining this oil we use a double process, ■ which  takes
out all bad odors, this oil will give a clear white Light and last longer.
In order to advertise this oil, and get the people ofthe northwest using our oil, we are going to give away 2000 of our
new style, large size Nickel Plated Parlor Lamp that stands 24 inches high and has a large  White Dome Glass Shade.
This lamp gives one hundred candle power light and is a beautiful lamp tor any" home and cannot bc bought at any store for
less than $6.00.
Send us an order for one Barrel of our famous Silver White Oil,  that holds 42 Imperial gallons or 52 American
gallons at 27 l-2c a gallon.    We will send you Free one of our Parlor Lamps as mentioned above, and it you are not well
pleased with this oil and lamp we will make no charge for what oil you have used and will  refund your money" cheer-
Empire Oil Co.,
Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Enclosed find .$11.55. Please send me one barrel of your
Kerosene oil, with which I am to receive one of your Parlor
I.amps Free with the understanding if I am not satisfied, my
money will be returned.
fully,    vve make shipments prompt and pack lamp so it
cannot be broken.    We will give away" only 2000 of these
lamps, so fi   out coupon below and send us your order at
Address a   orders to—
Empire Oil Co.,
BOX 2196                Winnipeg, Hanitoba
We Pay You $1.50 for Barrel When Empty*
Town <i
A few doers south of C.P.R. Depot
lUtee t'i.N te M.00 per Sat
Culslni unexcelled
Het and cold water In every rem
Hotel  practically  Flrepreel
All Outside Rooms
Mrs. W.MULOflV's SOOTiliNO SYRUP has tie.a
osed for over SIXTY YBAUSby MILLIONS ol
is the best remedy lor WARRHCEA. It is absolutely harmless. Be sure and ask Ior "Mrs.
■Win-low's Soothing Syrup," and Uke OO other
kind.  Twenty-five cents a bottle.
$65 to $200
A Month. I.eftrn ts new jprofeiwlon*
&Bven Weeks, wennvejobsfortliree
uiulred men beforo Slay lit, 1013.
All grocers ZSc. Ib. Tin
Engineers and Boilermaker!
Bollera   ot   ell     kinds— Engines,
Pumpo. end Heavy Plais Work
-Writ* us ftr Prices
14 Strachan Ave., Toronto, Canada
and all Metals, welded to perfection
by the Oxy-Acetylene Process
Rear of 253 Sherbrooke Street
"Boswell" Tube Skates and Handmade Hockey Sticks are used by
the champions.     Wo sell them.
Send for Catalogue No.  S1T
The Kingston Smith Arms Co.,
Winnipeg, Manitoba
—cattle moke bettor beef—
Bulls nre no lonitor dangerous when dehorned with the
Cuts 4 8l.lt.i_ at once-- No
crushing or bruising, Llttlo
pain. The only humane
method. Write for free booklet.
Robert  St.   Toronto,  Ont.   Mention
Tlio office of tlio Home Secretary
was created 'n 1782. He ls the rued-
lum through which thc Sovereign communicates w'th hla subjects, nod vlco
u''Hi um*t! r f,
'"■HT s  Dl5,'.'
1 "I I. I   T t  'i    '
Wc a box or alx boxes fur 92,60,
at all dealer*, or Th* Dodd* Medl-
elno Company, Limited, Toronto,
W. N. U. 924
Frequently the Caae
Two tars ra on a visit to Liverpool stood a -on the platform ot Lime
Street Rail ,vay Station the other day,
when a lady passed ln the height ot
Theer, Jim, says one, -what's think
of that lad?
Jim eyed her for a minute and then
Ay, Tom, it's bad ground that takes
so much top dressing.
Health Restored
Gained 29 Pounds
Dizziness, Sinking Spells and Excessive Weakness Disappear With
Use of
Nearly every woman will read with
Interest the letter o£ Mrs. Geo. Bradshaw, quoted below. It tells of
years of great suffering from Nervous
Headache and oilier symptoms arising
from Weak, watery blood and a starved and exhausted condition of the
nervous system.
Mrs. George Bradshaw, Cosy Nook,
Harlowe, Ont., writes:—"I am glad
to siato that 1 received benefits from
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food which I failed to get a.y placo else. I was
troubled for many years In fact from
my early womanhood, with weak,
watery blood, and given to dropsy.
I suffered untold agonies from nervous
sick headaches, dizziness, and sinking
spells, ln fact was a semi-invalid for
many years. I tried many kinds of
pntent medbin'es, and got no help, and
tried every new doctor that came
along, but all failed to help me. Doctors told me I had no blood, and that
my heart an-1 kidneys wero diseased,
and that I had so many complaints
thero was not much use ln doctoring
up one or two. Four years ago I
tool: six boxes of Dr. Chase's Nervo
Food, and was glad to seo I felt het
ter, and then got six more, and they
have cured mo ot many of my complaints. When 1 began taking Nerve
Food I welshed 110 pounds and to-day
I weigh 139, and am 45 years old.
Dr. Chass's Nervo Food, BOc. a
box. G for $2.50, at till dealers or
Ednianson, Bates & Co., Limited, Toronto.
In Kurope at present there are over
7,000 Hying centenarians, of whom the
great majority hall from the Balkan
region. Bulgaria can lay claim to
nearly 4,000, Servia more than 1,700;
but in England according to recent
statistics, there are fewer than a hundred and in Denmark only two.
A druggist can obtain an imitation
ot MINARD'S LINIMENT from a Toronto houso at a very low price and
ka-Ve It labaled his own product.
This greasy Imitation ls the poorest
ono wo havo yet seen of the many
tha; cveTy Tom, Dick and Harry has
tried to introduce. ,
Ask for MINARD'S and you will get
Fuddle—You know    Slocks,
Doctor—Yes, indeed. Ho is now
a patlont of mine.
Fuddle—Pretty wideawake man,
isn't lie?
Doctor—I should say so. I'm treating him for Insomnia,
Drives Asthma Before It. The
smoke or vapor from Dr. .T. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy gives asthma
no cuanco to linger. It eradicates
tho causa. Our experience with the
relief-giving remedy shows 1iow actual
an il positive is the succor lt gives. It
Ib tlio result of long study and experiment and wu.-i not submitted to tho
public until Its makers knew it would
do its work well.
A reporter was ijncc Interviewing a
famous English International footballer, and aske:l him how ho liked being a
Immensely, lie replied.
Aye, but well enough to bring your
children up to it? said the repurter.
No, he replied) not well enough for
But why? asked tho reporter.
Because they're lasses, said he,
with loud laughter.
To havo Ihe children sound and
healthy ls tho first care of u mother.
They cannot bo healthy it troubled
with worms. Uso Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator.
What's tho gloaming, Undo Tom?
Well, before a man ls married lt ls
lho tlmo to take a walk with the girl
he loves; but after ho ls married It ls
the time lie falls over rocking-horses
and building blocks on the parlor floor.
Landlady—You believe ln mustard
plasters, doctor?
M.D.— Rather! I always order them
for patients who call mo out tn tho
middle of tho night when there's no-
tliiuu; the mutter with 'o"i.
Three Montha In Hospital and Came
Out Uncured
Zam-Buk Cured Him In Few Weeks
Zam-Buk Cured Him In Few Weeka
Mr. Fred Mason, the well-known
upholsterer and mattress manufacturer of St. Andrews, N.B., says:—
"I had eczema on my knee, which
caused me terrlblo pain and inconvenience. The sore parts would Itch and
burn and tingle, and then when, rubbed or scratched would become'very
painful. When tho knee got warm,
it burned worse, and tho itching and
burning and smarting were almost unbearable. 1 tried various remedies,
but got no better, so 1 decided to go
to Montreal and take special treatment. I received treatment nt the
Montreal Goneral Hospital for thirteen
weeks, but at the end of that tlmo I
was not cured, and almost gavo in. A
friend ndvlsad mo to give Zam-Buk a
"Almost as soon as applied Zam-
Buk stopped the itching and the irritation. I persevered with the balm,
and it wns soon evident that It would
do me good Each day tlie pain was
reduced, the sore spots began to lical,
and by the time I had iiBcd a few
boxes of Zam-Buk I was quite cured.
"Since then Zam-Buk has cured
Mood-poison in my finger, and at a
time when my linger was in such a
terrible condition that I feared It
would have to be amputated."
Foi- eczema, blood-poisoning, piles,
ulcers, Borei, chapped hands, cuts,
burns, bruises nnd all sltln injuries
and disease., Zam-Buk. Is without
00c. box al'. druggists and stores or
post freo from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto,
for price.     Refuse Imitations,
29 Uroadway, New York.
"I bought some of your GIN P1I.I.S
at Victoria, B.C, last September. Your
remedy I find, ht 60 years oi age. to
give perfect relief from the Kidney and
Bladder -Troubles incident to one of my
age. IurgentlyrecommenuGlN PILLS
to friends as being the one thing that
does me good."    E. C. WOODFORD.
50c a bo_c, 6 for f1.50, Money back
if GIN PILLS fail. Sample free if you
write National Drug and Chemical Co.
of Canada., Limited, Toronto, 131
DVK- on* cm b_,y«-Why you don't even t_v« to
knoflfl what KIND of Cloth your Goods xre xoxa*
of.—So Mistakes *r. Impolllbte.
Send tor Prc« Color Cil, S.017 Booklet, end
Booklet giving reiulte of llyelng over other colon,
Montreel. Celled*.
Bits of
Toasted to
A delicate
Light Brown
To be eaten with cream
and sugar, or served with
canned fruit poured over
—either way insures a most
"The Memory Lingers"
Canadian Postum Cereal Co.,
Ltd.. Windsor, Ontario.
jyT ANY brands of Baking Powder contain alum,
which is an injurious acid. The ingredients of
alum baking powder are never printed on the label.
Magic Baking Powder
contains no alum and is the
only baking powder made
in Canada that has all the
ingredients plainly printed
on the label.
Ireland was first described as tho
Emerald Ise, In the poem called Krln,
bv D-. Drennnn. who died In 1820.
A camel, when burdened, can travel
25 miles a duy; when unburdened, so
many as 60, or even 90 miles.
Your Price Will Buy a
Some business men have a mistaken idea
that all Burroughs Bookkeeping Machines
are costly. Far from Jt. We make Burroughs machines at from $200 lo $1000.
Burroughs machine! range bom a plain 6-column
machine, adapted lo the builnen lhat employs but
one clerk, to our big 17-column Electric Duple?
machine, the largest, moil complete, adding ma*
chine ever built.
The mnn who luyt Ilie $200
Burroughs does to because
that machine will meet nil the
requirement, ol hit buslncts.
It crodu.ee lor him exactly
the lime results a> the $550
machine produces lor the
man whose buslnese needs
•re tbat much greater.
The price ol every Bur*
rouftho ta besed entirely upon
what It will Jo—Iho oalr fair
way, because value alwaya
baa ud alwaya will deter*
mlae trice,
A Durrouihi at $200 Is not
a "cheap" machine, nor lathe
51000 model ao eipcnalve machine. Tbe price ol the former la low only because of tbe
acope ol ita adaptability—and
tho cost ol manutacture—nro
!«• thai tke mora complete
The duality ol material thai
(oee Into the low aad the hUh*
priced Bun-oaths ia exactly the
Tbe aame stilled labor pan
tbem tolelher.
Aad the aame guarantee ol
continuous service stands back
of Ihem—aluaran.eethat is aa
Iood aa a bond, becnuse It la
backed by twenty yean of
promises kt,t.
Tbe value ol a Burroughs In
your business lies In what It
su.-*. for you. Tho price aad
the terma on which yoo buy.
are lor )-*u to decide.
Tell ut In what larle wart
you use otoconia your buaiacta
and name the price roll would
bo willlnl to pay to boodle
them la ball tbo time at hai
Iha cost—neady—no anon.
Then wa will aend to yoar
office tbo machine that moeta
that price and demon-train hi
■nsaibUltlaa oa row Individual
wotk, all without coot or obtlfl
tatioa. But remember thia,
trice needn't keep yoo from
ownlnd the best built aod Ihe
(reueet labor-aavinl device
to ooVco wort—Ao Bunmlko
i The same enllneortad skill
dstllns them both.
du,.'.Toughs adding machine company
 81 Burroughs Block, Detroit, Mich.
What the CMel Gunner Sayi:
"There are two occasions when a gunner
feels perfectly happy,
—one is when his shot hits
the target and the other is
when he can enjoy a chew of Empire
_h.___k._k  *\mS.ASxaXMmm.A\^Aam^gaM
Michael Hogan 11
between • esnnisn coinpouionsuiy am
youthful love, but hla good sense,
backed by self control, told hiin that
this was no time to yield to an emotion, and, throwing a kiss with hla
haud, he turned again and marched
aturdlly on his way.
Michael was one of those boys who,
not content with snatching what time
tbey can from work to Indulge In
amusements, spend tbelr leisure mo-
A StOrV For Labor Day ' ' I ments In thinking of the problems of
, !! life before them.   Bnt Michael had tt
list of the auxiliary industries nn
could be relied on for support, then
went ont to confer with their leadera.
tn a certain mill where nearly all tha
employees were women he called upon
the managing woman ot the workers,
and the two sat down together for conference. Hogan found a business head
to deal with and soon received what
pledges be deemed desirable. As he
waa leaving the woman said:
"I'm glad to have met you again, Mr.
Hogan. started.    There had
11 j til to do himself.   He bad no one to
! 1; help him.   It seems a pity that any   something In her that had touched a
By   IRA  JOSLIN ' '' young fellow should not ba able to   chord within him.
! '•  enjoy those aporta which are the do-     "you are"-
>*-M'-H'tt**'M^*****M4**** , Hght of a healthy, manly boy, bnt |   "Ellen McGuire."
mn,..  mi„i,_,_.i rjn~nrt -,on .i-,.e.r, ! then Is nn advantage to the boy who '   Hogan managed the affair ln which
■When Michael Hosan was sixteen j ..„ m t,m. tQ the ...^ ,„..„,
years old he was working on his fa- j b,m< fOTi „eIng nUBorbod In lt, be Is al-
ther's little patch of ground and at- j B0,t ,ure to shape It to surtess.
tending school-that ls, when he could j   Whether this giving up one's youth
be spared.   The only tlmo he had to   aolely to future interests ls bost or not
we must leave to philosophers. We ara
only concerned with Michael Hogan's
case, and he was constantly thinking
and acUng for his future. He attended
night school, whcro he studied mathematics, especially those branches that c)ent t0 cnutilo the firm of Hogan
would fit him to be a constructor. (.„, t0 i,,^ business.
When he had Berred his term at car- 	
oentry and was ready to make his U Then It Opened.
a day Instead of doing so he maae a     Franklin r. Fisk, the school princl
himself was Saturday night and a part
et Sunday, which he spent with Ellen
McGuire, a girl a year younger than
he, also tbe daughter of a farmer.
Michael and Ellen were brought up together, played together till they were
old enough to begin to mako them-
selve» useful at home, and now that
they had iii-t-lvctl'nt an age when they
mutt think of taking care of themselves—to say nothing of their parents,
-who would soon be getting old—they
were laying their plans for the future,
conferring wltb each other as to what
they would do.
Michael by studying wben others
he was engaged so adroitly tbat all
the men aonght to gain was achieved
without the necessity of a strike. Hut
lt was the laat tlmo be ever acted on
tbe laborers' side, for he became a capitalist constructor and from that time
was an employer Instead of a laborer.
Ellen McGuire had saved some money,
and wben she married Michael Hogan
tbe savings of both were quite suffl-
similar contract with a mason In order .a\ gnd mgte „( jrrea gild, went away
on his summer trip with a leather
valise and not with a straw one, aa
this narrative will indicate
The new straw grip hod been newly
purchased and had been packed. The
trunk had goue, and Mr. Fisk was sit-
to learn tbat trade.   Uo found that
learning trades Is like learning languages—the more languages one knows
the easier It la to acquire others, and
this Is the same with trades.  Michael
learned to be a mason much quicker
were asleep had secured a far better   than be bad learned to be a carpenter.  tillg wound in bis room at tho nth-
education than boys usually do with   And yet he was not content.  Ho learn- |et|c c|„|, uming a llttlo time.  Ho no-
■o better advantages.   He developed   ed something of rooting, of plumbing  Uce(j Wrgt one thing nnd then another
t natural fondness for mathematics   and varloua other trados concerned ln that might add to his comforts while
•nd concluded to enter a field of labor   construction.    So intent was  he ln „ traveler and decided to stow them
whatever he took up that be made iway,
rapid progress.   Indeed, before he was     xBe grip balked.   It wouldn't stand
twenty-one years old he bad acquired  tor holding any more and resolutely
an excellent knowledge of carpentry  refused   to   be   opened.    Tbo   lock
and considerable information iu ser- wouldn't work, aud Mr. Fisk fumed,
eral other auxiliary trades. "if it acts tbls way here It will net
wherein his facility for figures would
come handy. He was advised to take
dp some kind of construction and
chose to learn the trade ot a carpenter.
Ellen's mother endeavored to persuade
ber to go out to service, thinking tbat
•he mlgbt find a place near by and
could come home occasionally, but El-
ten chose to go to work ln a cotton
mill, where sbe would bave. the prospect of earning as good wages as if she
were a servant and, becoming a skilled
-working girl, might have an opportunity to do et-en better.
All these matters the two talked
•rer during tbe week eud wben they
had • little leisure. Tbey were scarcely old enough to think seriously of love
■nd marriage—Indeed, since both must
ft Strangi  Tale  of  a Clever Theft
Which Was Returned.
We are officially informed that the
three miniatures stolen from the Royal Academy at Burlington House on a
recent Saturday morning have been
returned and are now plaoed in the
exhibition, saya a London paper.
Tha miniatures have returned but
the mystery remains. They came baok
lu two brown paper parcels, duly
been sealed, stamped, and addressed In
printed letters to "Tho Royal Academy
of Arts, London. Glass with care."
One parcel was delivered at 8.30 p.m.,
the other an hour later.
If evidence was needed to prove
that they really did come through tlie
post it night be found in the feet that
uie glass of one of tlio miniatures was
broken. But oilier clues beyond this
and the letters "BV." which may be
the postmark of Rugby cr Derby, there
Is none, for the sender forgot to give
bis or her name and postal address.
It ia clear, therefore, tliat the sender
it not anxious lo he thanked either
aa a penitent thief or as a public
benefactor, for In one or other o! these
roles he or she must appear.
The manner in whicli the portraits
were abstracted leaves no doubt
about the theft. When the doors ot
the Royal Academy wero opened to
the public on Saturday morning there
were displayed In a velvet-lined caso
with a glass top, three miniatures.
One was the portrait of Miss Mary
Anson Ferrer, in a while frock, another was a portrait ol Mrs. Westley
Richards In a lace fichu with n pink
rose, while the third was a portrait
of Mr. Ernest Crofts, RA. Tlie ease,
firmly eorewed to a slopping stand,
was in the water-color rooms, to
which thero are three entrances—one
to the refreshment room, another to
the black and while room, and Uie
third to another room leading to tiie
vestibule. The risk of discovery was,
therefore, threefold
During tho flrst hour tfier opening
the visitors are fow aud it is admitted
that on Saturday morning some of the
Combination Marmalade.
Wash tho rhubarb without peeling
It, cut It Into inch lengths and weigh
It Then to every pound of rhubarb
itdd the pulp and Juice of one orange
and for every tbres pounds add tht
liiin yellow peel of one orange. Pal
the rhubarb and oranges into a stone
Jar or an agato kettle, add a ti bit-
spoonful of water for every pound ot
rhubarb, set It tn tbo oven and cover
tightly. Bake until very tender, thu
rub through a sieve and put the pulp
luto a preserving kettle wltb a pound
of sugar for every pound of rhubarb
beforo it was cooked. Let boil twenty
minutes, stirring It all tbt tlmt with
a silver or wooden spoon. Put it into
small pots or glasses and cover is
you do Jelly.
Cocoanut and Rslsln Cake.
Tako a scant cupful of butter, on*
and one-half cupfuls of sugar, thret
eggs, a teaspoonful of vanilla, a salt*
spoonful of mace, half a cupful ot
milk, three cupfula of pastry floor, on*
teaspoonful of cream ot tartar and
half a teaspoonful of soda. Cream tbt
butter, add the augar gradually, also
tbo yolks ot the tbreo eggs, beaten
•separately, nnd tben tha vanilla and
mace. Sift the flour and mix tb* sod*
and cream of tartar wltb It Add tb*
milk and flour alternately, t little at
a time, and lastly the whites of thret
eras, beaten np to a stiff dry whltt
foam. Bake In shallow round pant,
As soon as baked split and spread
Michael was now ready, so far as the samo wny on the train," he sold to   janitor^ wore withdrawn for^other du-   with a thin layer of currant Jelly,
ability was concerned, to set up for a blmself bitterly, "so tbere Is no use of
contractor, but bo bad no capital, for my ranking a separate bundlo   I'll bars
learning different trades bad kept him to go back to the old leather grip."
poor; but, content to bldo his time, he Ho produced a knife and slashed
went to work at the trade he Ituew one side out of the. straw valise and
best and began to earn good wages, dumped the contents.   Tbo other side
It was natural that so well taught • was cut open nnd emptied, and ths
young mnn should find employment, wreck was rovlewed Iu anger,
but, hiring to a contractor who look with everything transferred lo the
Jobs requiring different kinds of work, leather hand bag, Mr. Fisk was moved
when one kind had been finished nnd to take his straw purebaso nnd slant
thero was a special necessity for otber
work he could be transferred to tht
new field.
Soon after Michael began his real
work, so solid, so thoughtful, so long
beaded was be tbat his fellow laborers began to look up to blm as a leader. If a demand was to be made of
employers uo action was taken witbont
consulting with Hogan, and after pro*
ccedlng contrary to bis opinion on several occasions and getting beaten they
not only consulted him, but acted upon
bis advice.
Michael being a steady sort of a man
It was
lt violently against the wall.
Tbls operation  caused  Ihe lock  to
open beautlfully.-Chicago Post
] \    Tbe only drawback to tbe va- ! ',
• i cation cure Is tbat it generally
; ; bas to bc taken In such small
1 i doses.—Denver Republican.
lies. Tlio conditions, therefore, were i
favorable, as was evident from the
tare with which tlio pielur.s wero removed. It was no clumsy or amateur
housebreaking performance. The wire
pins of the braes hinges at the back
of th* caso wero taken out ond there
was nothing more to do but raise the
glass lid and take the miniatures from
the pins on which tliey hung. Miniatures once in one's possession are easy
to hide and the ordinary visitor to
tlie Royal Academy is not usually suspected of carrying away art treasures.
So much for the manner of the
crime. Wha' of the motive? The fact
that the property has been promptly
returned suggests to the authorities
that someone has been playing "a stupid joke." If it was a practical joke
the excuse may be discovered in the
remark of another of the chief officials
of the Royal Academy: "It may be
that tbe person who took them wish-
,»4»»»»».>♦»♦♦<■♦<*»»M"i"t-**H** ed to demonstrate that a sufficiently
  keen watch was not kept over the
His Unhealed Wsr Weund. exhibits.   Anyhow, the detective guard
Veterans  nnd  near  veterans  wer* hu Blnce been increased."
il Ming a steaay sorr oi a msn                  .. ..      |d battiea owr inm If,  as seems more than probable.
not to Jh> expected tbat bt  Jf"^ "" "".„    Sing escape* this is the explanation, then it is clear
would forget the little girl he bad left *",, hi!JwSiino adventure?had been t"*4 •onwb'ody has been keeping In
somo six or seven years before stand-  jSiSfflJlS!*!!!? sal S2 «"i"*i the theft of Leonardo j. Vi..-
■ooin rouxp i Boswsas HEAD XO Dill.
yet make a beginning in tbelr world's
work, marriage was out of tbe question. At any rate, Michael was too
farseelng to talk of such a matter. At
sixteen a boy la not liable to feel tbat
be muat bare a certain girl. Hs Is
rsther absorbed ln tbo great future
tbat looms up beforo blm. Michael's
ancestors bad lived ln the old world,
wbere one born In a certain sphere was
expected to remain In thnt sphere, but
Mlchnel was born In America, where
thero Is no limit to tbe possibilities before a youngster setting out to makt
■ career for blmself.
Michael set out on bts quest before
■ Ellen set out on hers. It was not till
tbe parting came that these two young
peoplo realized what they wero to each
•tber Michael showed his reluctance
to tbe parting more than sbe. but Ellen felt tbe parting more than he. Ho
had received nn offer from a carpenter
living In a distant city to teach blm
the trade', be binding blmself to remain witb bis teacbr for a certain
length of time. He realized that It
would be all he could do to secure
food and clothing, and be would not
be able to make any Journeys homo.
It wns Sunday afternoon wben he bid
Ellen Rondby and went down thc walk,
leaving ber stnndlng In the doorway.
At tbe gate be turned for a last look
■nd saw ber still gazing after blm
wltb a sorrowful expression.
Then he felt for the first time a de-
tire to return, take ber in his arms,
(Ire her a kiss nnd tell her that whatever success he should achieve would
te for her.  it was thc breaking point
somo six or seven years
Ing In ber doorway looking after him
wistfully. Nor did he. But, ss has
been said, be never hurried. He was
building bis career as ho would build
a bouse. Ho well knew tbat In a structure one must flrst dig a spaco for tht
foundation, tben put In the stones and
concrete, tben build tbo wall and so on
np to tbe peak of the roof. He had
confidence that Ellen McGul-e would
take care of herself until he was ready
to tske care of ber. Ue only feared
tbat she mlgbt marry some one else,
for he bad not spoken to her a word
of lore nor bad be asked ber to wait
for him. But even ln this he followed
his bent—not to let anything Interfere
wltb the course be had marked out for
blmself. If Ellen wero free when the
time came for him to nek her to be bis
wife, well and good; lf not, he must
abide by tbe tact
Wben Hogan wns ready to set up
housekeeping ten years bad passed
from his leaving home. His father
and mother—whom for several years
be had supported-had died, and lie
was alone. It was then that his longing for Ellen put a stop to bis philosophy, and he began to think that, even
bad he not been ready for ber, be must
bave her. But bo was ready for ber
and wrote to her, addressing his letter to tho caro of ber father. His letter was returned to him with a post-
office mark stamped on It "not found."
Hogan took the time from work to
go and learn wbat be could as tn Ellen's whereabouts. No one rocld toll
him anything about her. He returned
greatly disappointed. Ue pursued his
Inquiries wherever tbere seemed s
clew, but did not find ber.
Moro years pnssed and Hogan bad
acquired sufficient capital to set up as
a contractor, but Just before he was
about to learo the field of a day laborer to become a boss, his fellow laborers became Involved In one of thos*
struggles wllb the representatives nf
the capital which Is needed to keep labor employed, nnd, bavlng lost confidence In their leadera. they turned to
nognn. Playing a losing game, they
desired tbat be should tako the management of their case with a view to
avoiding the necessity for a strike.
Hogan, true to his bent of beginning
•t the bottom tf tblngs, looked over »
related by tbe dozen wben tbe turn
came to a llttlo old man with a long
Stroking tbis adornment carefully,
tbe old man said:
"Well, boys, tho war cost me Just
$000 In cold cash. I didn't want to go,
so I paid a substltuto tbe money to
servo for me. Do you know, thnt fellow went all through tho war without
getting a scratch? I could have done
thc samo thing and enved my money.
I tell you, war la a calamity."—Kansas City Journal.
Harass Still Live.
cJ'a "La Gioeonda" front the Louvre
in Paris. When this outrage was
perpetrated Mr. Bailey wrote to The
Times suRga«»in,' tliat greater vigilance should he exorcised at the Royal
Academy and hinting at opportunities. To this warning Sir F. A. Eaton, tlie secretary ui the Boyal Academy, replied: "1 would merely remark that if Mr. Bailey hod attempted to remove any picture in tne
Diploma or other galleries he would
soon have found cut whether tliere
waa anybody looking after them; tihr,
that though the staircase may bo long
tliere is no way out of lt except
through the entrance hail, where there
is always a porter."
The Bishop's Walk.
The iate Bishop Sheepshanks ones
walked from India into Russia mid.
-ouriously. hail nothing to tell about
his extraordinary journey, Some time
ago it was mentioned in a conversation. The correspondent remarked ti
him Ilmt it must have been a very
interesting experience, and could lie
tell him onythiiiK about it. "So, no,"
he said in his vigorous, casual way,
"nothing Interesting. A great deal oj
open country, quite uncultivated, I
was a young man st that time mil
thought it would Ue rather a good plan
to come back from Indiu tliat wsy.
I llio'iiilit I would walk it—not often
done. Good old English exercise, you
know—heel and lo*."—Manchester
Rolled 8andwlehes.
For refreshments there or* no date- *
tier, prettier aandwlcbes than tbese,
(be making of which, Is very easy.
Tako a rather large loaf of bread, trim
off tbe crusts and cut longtbwlso Into
tbln slices. Dip tb* slices lo water.
ley tbem in • pan, cover very closely
and leave In • bot oven fifteen or twenty minutes, Remove from tbt oven
and when partly cool spread with fresh
sweet butter and very tbln slices ot
cold boiled htm. Then roll up like Jelly enke and place each sandwich so it
will uot com* unrolled. Tbe steaming
dives them a fresh, sweet tasto snd
makes tbem pliant, so tbey may bt easily rolled.       	
Froien Oronjo Cream.
Tbls is a delirious dessert Tak* th*
Juice of six isrgo oranges and two lemons, beat tbe yolks of six eggs thick,
add two cupfuls of sugar, soak one-ball
package of gelatin In a llttlo cold wa-
tor to cover it add a llttlo boiling water to dlssolvt It Mix all together
und strain. Turn Into tbo tc* cream
freezer nnd turn crank until It begins
to set Bav* • pint ot cream whipped
thick: take out dasber and beat la
cream wltb spoon until th* mlxturt ll
smooth. Pack ln let tod sslt tbt stmt
as for let cream. Let stand tbnt
hours to ripen, turn tut on platter and
serv* with sponge cake.
Chocolate Leaf Cake.
1    Cbocol.it*  loaf cake  wltb  walnuts
sprinkled through tbs doogb ut ottos
served under tho name of "fudge cake.*
Tbls uauie, however. Is more opproprl-
stely given to s Isyer cake spresd with
1 a tbln layer of cborolato fudge. Pecans
i or hickory nuts msy take tb* place ot
{ tbe walnuts, and thty may be sprln-
' klcd through either tbs dongb or tbt
filling or tbrougb both.  Two layers of
wblto or yellow cake may be spread
between and over tbo top wltb chocolate fudge containing nut meats,
Vance-Mllllo wouldn't marry Argyl
unless be gave up clgawcttes.
Allyn-Wbat did Argy do?
Vtnce-Skowrd his great love for
Millie by giving Ihem up and learning
to ttnoke a pIpe.-Boston f_!obe.
Never Touched Him.
One day during the South African
wnr an orderly delivered a message
in sonvwhat free and easy language
from Lord Kitchener to General
Smilh-Dorrien. "Tell Lord Kitchener
I shall be ready tn move In two
hours," replied Smlth-Dorrien, "anil
remember to say 'please' Ihe next
time you speak to mo I" R-turnlng lo
Lord Kitchener, the orderly duly delivered the message. "And vou have
to y 'please' the next time ynu
(peak to him I" bt wound up unexpectedly.
Ths Malay Peninsula.
One of the richest countries In ti.e
world is thst part ol the Malay peninsula known ss the Federated States.
Theso provinces are still under th*
rule of their native chiefs or sultans,
though they are assisted by a British
adviser. The tin mines of these small
states are more valuable than most
gold mines, for they product nearly
half tho world's supply of tin, and the
result is an overflowing treasury for
the states. Vast forests of rubber
trees are also vrovin« extremely pro-
■Uable. .       	
Nat Fer Hi*.
Tb* Bsrber-Oue of our customers
bad his rheumatism cured by mud
Tbe Customor-.\o good to me. I'v*
stood as n candidate In two elections,
and my rheumatism Is ss bad ts tvtrl
Trick ef tht Oven.
If you wish to bake something quickly In tbo rangt with uo Are started
get together a collection of lino wood
or chips, start your Hie and let tho top
lids of tbo stort get very hot Pal
llirse Id tbt oven on top of tbo grate,
put tbo article to bo baked on these
lint lids, snd theso will furnish bottom
heat while tho quick Ore will eltnost
at onco furnish top bent Tbo baking
Is very rapidly done with little heat
ll tbt bouse.   	
Frozen Cuatard,
Make a boiled custard with t quart
of rich milk, Ibe beaten yolks of thru
egga and tbreo fourths of n cupful of
sugar. Cook nnd stir until It begins
to thicken. Remove ot once from tbt
fire, cool and flavor wltb n tablespoonful of vnnllln. Add t cupful of cream
and tbe wbltea of tbe eggs beaten stiff.
Mix aod freeze.
Th* Msthsmstielan.
"Say, that fellow out tber* at tbl
high desk has a regular mathematical
face.   Vour head bookkeeper, I guess!"
"Not exactly. Just ono of tbo clerk*
I think be's Iho one tbnt figures out
the batting percentages for the rest *f
Ull ofll-*."-8t. Louis Republir 1
Soap Lake Salt Baths
Given at
Good for Rheumatism, Skin
Diseases, and Many Ail-
merits.    As   Cleansing
as a Turkish Bath
An Awkward Mistake
"Why don't you advertise your
"I don't believe   in  advertising"
'Oh, pardon me, I thought  you
were in something legitimate."
Blame the Printer!
"But I doctor myseli with the aid
of medical books."
••Yes, and some day you'll die of
Trv One
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokank, Dec. 26 —The follow
ing are today h opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
Bid. Asked
Granbv Consolidated. 57.00 60.00
B. C." Copper       5.25     5.75
Office !
F. Downey's Cigar Store
uKt-i.-B, iti.B Fiisit Strppt
Hakshi-'ii Rmidhci. RS8 "I"' »» ™
.    Metal Quotations
New York, Dec. 26. —Silver 61-J-;
standard copper, $17.25(5,17.5U;
London, Deo. 26,—Silver, 28J;
llead, £16 10s.
After tbe business meeting last
Monday evening of tbe Grand Forks
Aerie, No. 237, Fraternal Order of
Eagles, the members enjoyed themselves at ii musical entertainment,
which was brought to u close with
tbe customary annual banquet, nt
their hall in the Davis block. The
menu wns.one of the choicest ever
served in this city, there begin an
abundance of turkey and i-nnbeny
sauce, fancy salads and a vast variety of other good things to tickle
the vanity of tbe inner man. Tbe
meal was greatly relished by those
present. The entertainment consisted of vocil and instrumental se
lections. Mr. Gilmour sung a coup e
a songs, and was heartily encored,
wbile Peter A. Z, Pare brought
down tbe ball witb one of his
favorite Frencb songs. Prof. Werner rendered a number of piano
ioIos. They were all greatly appreciated,
The Christmas tree and entertainment given hy Knox Presbyterian
church Sunday school in the opera
house on Monday evening was attended by parents and children to
tbe full capacity of the house. A
choice and varied literary program
was rendered, and all the children
were made happy by the distribution of presents.
If the party who left a diamond
ring at the Imperial Billiard parlors
some time ago does not redeem the
stint*, it will be sold after two weeks
in order to recover the money ad
vanced on it.   Alien St, Bugbee.
giving liquor to an interdicted man.
He was fined $lu0, in lieu of which
he was sentenced to three months in
J. D, Honsberger left on Monday
for nn extended trip tn the Alberta
cities. He expects to be absent
about two months.
Ross Miller, who bus been attending school in Victoria, is spending
the Christmas holidays with his
parents in this citv.
Harvey Mahan, head bookkeeper
at the Granby  smelter, is spending
tbe Christmas  holidays  with   rela
ttves in Seattle.
Rev. Edward A.Wilson having been
.'estored to health by simple means, after suffering for several years with a
severe affection and that dread disease
CONSUMPTION, I am anxious in
his behalf to make known to his fellow
sufferers the means of his cure. To
any one who desires itl will send (free
of charge) a full description of his
cure. Vou will find it a wonderful
remedy for CON8UM PTION, ASTH-
lung and throat maladies. I hope all
suffers will try Mr. Wilson's remedy,
as it is invaluable. Those desiring the
description,^ which will cost them
nothing, and may prove a blessing,
will please address,Charles A. Abbott,
60 Ann Street, New York City.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, iiiidge
street, Grand Forks.
(Published Annually)
Knalile* trailer..  tliro.l|_.ho_it  the  world   to
communicate direct with Un glint.
in enoh clans of goods. He-rides being it com-
pit tc commercial guide to Loudon and Iti
suburb*, the directory cniitniux lints of
with the Gobdi they ship, nnd the Colonial
and Foreign Markets they supply;
arranged under the Ports to which they sail,
ami indicating the approximate Sitilingi.;
nf leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., iu
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
(..•litres nf the United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will he forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order fnr 20s.
Dealers seeking Agencies can advertise
t heir trade cards (or £1, or larger advertisements irom £3.
96, Abchurch Lane, London, F,.C.
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton,  Props.
C. /.. Mix returned on Saturday
from a short visit to Spokane,
The skating rink wns opened for
seaBon last Monday night. The attendance since that time hai been
The roarin' game in now running
at full Wast every night at the curling rink.
The Boundary Intermediate
Hookey league was organized in
Phoenix lust week. The first game
will be played in Phoenix on January 6.
-   IPHONE    L-1-4
Pry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts.   Prompt attention to phone orders.
a. Km I nwAY.._S___. Columbia p. o.
Located in the central part of the city
of Nelson, offers every facility for 11
solid education in Knglish, commercial
and music branches. Einbroidery,p_ain
and fancy needlework and singing are
given special atteiition. The commercial course includes stenography, typewriting, bookkeeping and commercial
practice. Pupils prepared for examinations of the Associated Boards of the
London Koyal Academy and Koyal
College of Music.
Ua. C. A. ABBOTT, August II, sxpe.
Xw, Ana St., New Yod. City.
Dear Sin  I have Kanwn fnr over 40 yetn of th*
eBecu ol Wilson*. Knard* _-Wllton'l Preparation
at Hypophoephltw and Blodgettl] lit aw of put
nonary trouble!.    At this p. mt I will uy to yo.
In tbe police court last Mont'ay
Gus Altninn   was  found guilty of
NOTICE is hereby given that I have
impounded the following   animals,
v_r. One aged brown   mare,    branded
on right shoulder, and one dark brown
gelding, ubout ten years old. lame  on
left forearm     And notice  ia   further I
given   thm   unless   all    pound    fees, I
charges and expenses are paid on said
annuals, the same will be   offered   fur
-ale by public auction   in front of the
City  Hall,  (ijiind  Porks, H, C„ on'
the   80th    December,    1!)12,  at    12
o'clock noon.
Dated   at  Grand   Forks  the  17th
December, 11)12.
jos. Mcdonald,
City Poundkeeper.
er. Myattentio
dy, which I l»
on my le« and 1
nonary troubles. ,-__ .ms y 10. » -,..1 Hy to yo*
what you have nnt before known of; that at yeara
•ince, while I was a nsidrnt of N. V. City, I waa
•everely ill with lung trouble. Physicians said I was
• consumptive and my family physician told my wife
that he thought I cen! I net recover. My attention
waa directed to the Wilson Remedy, wr-5-1- ■ -"*
with splendid effect. I have been on my
Work ever since Mycd-t. Yonr. truly,
Pastor II. E.Church, Hunter, (GreeneCo.,) N.Y.
Ob Dec s, N)it, Mr. S.-t.er wrote Mr. Abbott;
"My health is vcy good.'*
If you will write Mr. Abbott he
will gladly furnish you any further
information yuu desire.
jfci  flci ^^   fl*a ^s    -fl*  --»   -"*"        -™    ~
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have thc most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundnry Country, employ com
petent workmen, nnd curry a complete
line of Stationery.
Furniture  Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Kit «li i -1'iiMiiriiM.wM Ol
K,.. fifl.,,1 Werkly.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
mr Wiiii'ntr ll %
Kimr i»..ii<iii; aSpi-CiaSy.
PHONF 64        GRAND FORKS, B. C.
Billheads and Statements,
I_etl(irbends and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates nnd Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and I'lnt-ards,
Bills of   Faro and  Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and  Counter
Pads.   Wedding Stationery,
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
P. A. Z, PARE, Proprietor
1st Doon North of Uhanbt Horn.,
KlIIHT Ktiikkt.
SuitS  tO   Order   M8   Upwards
1 Wc arc aaonts for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east.   When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,.
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Oar Fall and Winter Goods Have Arrived
Thev are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the,
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices, j
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods antl prices. VVe
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
L Massie, the  Reliable Tailor
j—the kind  we do—is  in   itsell
*—     aii advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate on vour ordor
We guarantee satisfaction.
 co ycam'
lip g>rot pint $trap
Trade Mama
iiiiiiii     .    Onions
'Will'       COFTBKJKTS AC
Anrcme reriMnt* sketch and dMerlpttm. mar
.ttkur ascertain onr opinion frM whether ao
Intention Is prolwtilr P«ei__!___...k___porajnink*
tlonsetr IMlrconOdeiitfal-HANOBIX'fl. on Catenta
aent trca. Oldest aoencrfor s ocurln.. patents.
Patent* taken ibrouh Munn * Co. nostra
Hx-loliwMea, without okanto, In tu
Scientific American.
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Silailon of any tcientlflo Journal.   Term* for
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hr»m b office, &6 F EU Washington, D. c.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator; never falls. These
A rename rreacn i-syuiaiui, .,*..*., ......   . .—...
pills are exceedingly powerful In regulating the
generative portion of the female ay stem. Refuse
all cheap Imitations.  Dr. «U Tan'a ara told at
an cneap lmiiauuns.   >*■•*■« *■**-** - ... ....—.
tfi a box, or three for 110.   Mailed to any address.
Tha •oabell Drug Co., Si. Catherines, Oat.


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