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The Evening Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Jul 19, 1912

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JUL 24 1912   '*
Eleventh Year—No. 38
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. July 19, 1912.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Strange Oase of Accidental
Shooting at Rock Creek
Last Friday
As a result of-a peculiar accident
wbich occurred at Rock -Creek last
Friday night, Roland Lokholm, a
prospector of that plnce, had bis
arm amputated just below the shoulder by Dr. Kingston at the Cottage
hospital in this city on Sunday
Lokholm and his partner, Dave
Woodhead, of this city, were doing
assessment work on some mineral
claims at Rock Creek owned by
President J. J. Warren and Superintendent Demutb, of tbe Kettle
Valley line. The cabin in wbich
tbey were living was infested with
wood rats. Aa a consequence of this,
and also on account ot the warm
weather, the man slept outside the
cabin. During the night, while his
partner was asleep, Lokholm got up
to chase one of these animals away
from the premises. While he was sitting on a log, s- couple of feet from
the bed, engaged in putting on his
si.oeB, Woodhead awakened: Wood-
head Immediately grabbed a gun
standing beside the bed and fired at
b 8 partner, bitting him in the right
arm. While in the act of firing a
second shot, Lokholm spoke to him,
begging bim not to shoot, at tbe
same time catching hold of tbe
gun with his left band and throwing
it aside. When Woodhead realized
what he had done, he at onee hastened to • nearby railway construe
tion camp for assistance. Lokholm
wag brought to this city by a special
train on Friday night. Every endeavor was made to save the limb,,
but on Sunday it was found necessary to amputate it.
In tbe evening a party of men
had been telling bear stories at tbe
cabin. They conveyed tbe impression that bears were very plentiful
at Rock Creek. This at first led to
tbe belief that Woodhead bad, on
awakening in the middle of the
night, mistaken his partner for a
bear. But a remark made by bim
when he wbs about to fire the second shot does away with tbis
theory. When Lokholm begged
Woodhead not to shoot, Wood-
head replied: "I'll shoot any man
who comes prowling around here at
night." The most plausible ex-
planation of the shooting, therefore,
is that Woodhead was badly frightened and only half awake when it
Warren's Funeral
The Victoria Colonist of July 10
"The funeral of the late Edward
George Warren took place yesterday
afternoon at 2 o'clock from the Masonic Temple, under the auspices of
Vancouver and Quadra Lodge No.
2, A.F. ai)d A.M. The service was
conducted by Worshipful Master C.
B. Deaville, assisted by Brother
Woolcock, chaplain, Tbe chief
mourners were Mr. Bowles. R. 0.
Hargrenves, J. R. Jackson, M.P.P.,
and Ernest Miller, M.P.P. The
Masonic funeral ode was sung at tbe
grave. Tbe pallbearers were H.
Browning, C. H. Fair, R. P, Wil
liams, A. M. Whiteside, J. Leckie
and E, W. Bishop. Tbere wsb a
large attendance of friends, and
many floral tributes trom acqaint-
ances bere and up country covered
the coffin."
Knew Their Places
Here iB -a story which Baron
Dowse, the celebrated judge, once
told in that exaggerated "brogue"
wbich he loved to employ. "I was
down io Cork last month holding
assizes. On the first day, wben the
jury came in, the officer of tbe court
said: 'Gintlemin av tbe jury, ye'll
take your accustomed places, if ye
plaze.' And may I never langh,"
said the baron "if tbey didn't all
walk into tbe dock,"
Man Travels From Phoenix
to Grand Forks to Bury
Live Dog
Andrew Johnson and a party of
'friends came down from Pboenix on
Monday. On tbeir way home, when
opposite tbe Doukhobor colony,
Andy's dog apparently gave up tbe
ghost. Having oo implements for
grave digging witb them, interment
was made in a strawstack. When
Andy got home he began to grieve
over the loss of his., faithful animal
friend. Tbe dog bad bad been in
tbe family a great number of years,
and the fact that he bad not been
given decent burial smote Andy's
conscience. Tbe next morning be
shouldered a shovel and trugged
fifteen miles down the bill to perform the last sad rites. When
Andy dug down into the strawstack
and uncovered the dog, tbe animal
jumped up, as frisky as be had
been before be went into tbe comatose state. It was a case of love's
labor lost.
Gun Club Scores
The following scores were made
by the members of the Grand Forks
Gun club at tbeir weekly shoot last
Saturday, the totals given being out
of a possible fifty:
L. Skinner  46
T. A. Mclntyre  43
F.W.Russell ,  39
E. E. Gibson......  39
H. N. Niles  37
W.B. Cochrane....'.  32
Mr. Ford  25
Potted Roses
There was a time when Englishmen could celebrate St. George's
day by feasting on roses as well as
wearing them. Old cookery books
abound in recipes into which rose
leaves enter.
One writer tells how to make potted roses. "I first pound some of the
most fragrant roses in a mortar;
then I take the brains of birds and
pigs well boiled and stripped of
every particle of meat. I then add
the yolks of some eggs, some oil, a
little cordial, some pepper and some
wine. After having beaten and
mixed it well together, I place it
over a slow fire. When tbis dish is
brought to table the most delicious
fragrance issues forth, covering the
guests witb delight" Every good
housewife in the seventeenth century made rose water, which was
used for flavoring food.—1-ondon
j enough of them left in town to
manufacture the regular weekly
quota of news.
Fair   Directors   Apportion
Nearly $700 for Tbis
Tbe regular semi-monthly meeting of the Grand Forks Agricultural
association was beld in W. E. Had-
den's office on Wednesday evening.
Tbe main business transacted was
the consideration of the special
prizes to be offered at tbe fair this
fall, and on whicb final action was
taken. The special prizes amount
to $687- Several cups and medals
will also be offered.
Tbe prize list for tbe poultry section was also considered Nine additional special prizes will be bung
up as a further inducement to poultrymen.
Tbe secretary reported tbat good
progress was being made with the
printing of tbe prize lists.
The secretary reported that the
government had been.communicated
witb in regard to furnishing judges
for the fair. He bad been assured
tbat the wishes of the association
would be complied witb.
The urban higb school entrance
results were announced from Victoria on Tuesday. Miss Hazel McConnell, of Victoria' South Park
school, with a total of 857 marks,
ranks first in the province. From
the Grand Forks school only three
candidates passed, as fellows: Annie
Reburn, 577; Amy Mcllwaine, 577;
A. Artbena Donnan, 569.
Tbe Grand Forks Gun club haB re-
c ived from the Dominion Cartridge
company a donation of a handsome
gun case, which will be hung up as
a prize for the best marksmauship.
W. E. Hoad, of the Bank of Com
merce, went up to Pboenix today to
visit friends.
The government road surveyors
are now at Paulson, working east.
The survey between Grand Forks
and Paulson has been completed.
The police commissioners—one of
whom, at least, bas expressed him
self as being in favor of public morality—should instruct the police to
make examples of all drunken men
who persist in using obscene language on tbe public streets.
The Granby company has a diamond drill hole down 1100 feet in
Phoenix camp. It is reported that
drilling has proved that the ore goes
It is said that every language under the sun, except English, is
spoken in the Fhoenix stores.
Nelson has received its flrst automobile. Twenty years hence Nelson will catch up Grand Forks.
Mr. Lehr, secretary of the Robinson & Lequime [Lumber company,
bas resigned bis position, and Mr.
Eads bas been appointed to succeed
The Great Northern and Kettle
Valley railways are completing ar
rangements to build a single line
through the Hope mountains.
J   lia
Christina Lake Gaining  in
Popularity as a Summer Resort
Christina lake, twelve miles east
of this city, has never been as popular as a summer resort as it is season. With the inauguration of an
auto stage between tbe city and the
lake this popularity will be greatly
heightened. As better roads place
the lake within easy reach by automobile of the' Boundary cities and
the towns as far south "as Spokane,
the lake shores are becoming dotted
with summer homes. There is a
good sandy beach along the lake,
whicb is about fourteen miles in
length and from balf a mile to a
mile and a half in width. There is
excellent boating, bathing and fishing. Located at an elevation of
1400 feet, the climate at the lake is
ideal, and from a scenic point of
view it is not surpassed by any other
summer resort io the province.
The urgent need of a canning factory in this city has been amply
demonstrated jhis spring, as some
of the fruit growers have found it
quite difficult to dispose of their
cherry erops. Tbe lime is fast approaching when a canning factory, a
jam factory and a few cider presses
will be prime necessities in thc district
Greenwood has raised about $2000
by subscription for its forthcoming
fall fair.
It is said to be a sign of nn approaching marriage when a young
couple fish for half a day and only!
catch one small fish.
Quite a number of landseekers
have visited the city during the past
After a cessation of work for several months on the new postoffice
building, operations were again resumed this week.
A periodic moral wave hit Phoenix lost week, and thc poker games
closed down for a short lime.
(i. W, Wooster, director and
treasurer of the Granhy company,
left yesterday for Spokane, lie will
return next Monday.
Kendall Kemp, a mining engineer
of Spokane, went up to Seattle camp
this week to inspect the Seattle
Wm. Laughtnn has resigned as
postmaster at Midway.
Tom Walsh—everybody knows
him—was in town on Monday.
CP.R. Will Spent That Sum
on Improvements at
This Point
So many of our citizens are spending their vacations hy the lake-
shore,   that   there    are   scarcely
It is reported that Canada's lobster output laBt year was 50,000,000
and tbat did not include those who
voted n|!i»int>t reciprocity.—St. Paul
Pioneer Press.
W! O. Miller, district superintendent of tbe Canadian Pacific railway, and E. B. Skeals, resident engineer, spent Saturday in tbe ciiy.
Mr. Skeals, while here, stated that
ibe Canadian Pacific Railway company bad made an appropriation of
$1«0,000 for the construction of a
roundhouse and machine shops at
this point. The plans for tbese improvements, he said, are now at
Vancouver. He could not give a
definite date as to when work on the
buildings would be started, but expected tbat it would be before long.
The following is the maximum
and minimum temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
corded by tbe government thermometer on Cooper Bros.' ranch:
MAX.      MIN.
Friday  85 47
Saturday  70 59
Sunday  80 47
Monday    86 55
Tuesday   84 ,   55
Wednesday  84 49
Thursday  86 49
Ranfall during week, 0.44 inches.
Weak on the Ancients
Senator Crane was talking about
an opponent of arbitration.
"Tbe man is not liberal," be said.
"He takes a narrow, selfish view of
things. He is not well informed,
either. The fact is, he reminds me,
in hie narrowness and ignorance, of
the editor of the Cinnaminson
"Tbe editor of the Cinnaminson
Scimitar, reading the copy of a cub
reporter from Yale, came to the
" 'Cu-sar not merely met opportunity; be created it.'
"The editor looked up from this
sentence and said, reproachfully:
" 'Look here. What do you want
to advertise Ctusar for?' "
Copper Shipments
Shipments of blister copper from
tbe Granby company's smelter in
this city for the past week amounted
to 348,000 pounds, bringing the
total shipped for tbe year to (1,488,-
000 pounds.
An Election Prediction
The Ottawa Free Press, which is
usually well informed on the political outlook, expresses itself as convinced that both parties are lining
up for u general election in the full
of 1918. Thc ground of this surmise
is that Mr. Borden will pass a redistribution bill and go to the country
on his naval policy.
Doctors agree that tbe ancient
adage that an apple a day keeps
the doctor away is not without some
foundation in fact. Fruit acids provide tbe blood with needed elements, and these are especially
needed in warm weather, when the
stomach loathes all manner uf
baked meats.
H. A. Andrews and Miss Katherine Kidd, both of Grand Forks, were
married in this city last Saturday. THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Swam the  Icy Columbia With Child
on His Back
"To swim lhe Columbia River cl
IHuatilla, where il is half a mile In
width, is a test of Innnmi strength
even uniler the most favorable conditions, but to accomplish the teat bur
ileum with-tbe weight of a child, anil
In the dead of winter, with a swol
-len river made more formidable bj
lhe presence of li und reus of juf.gi.tl
Ice floes. Is au achievement _>ln>_,s_ tin-
Vet this wfas jusl «hai waa? done
about elRht yeais ago by a Colimi-
Ida Kiver Indian who had almost
reached ihe age of lll'ty. Me is still
living today on the UuiaUlla reservation to testify lo his pei-loi-iuaiKv.
though no man ever hoard him boast
of il.
The Indian's name is Sees-Yuse, and
lie is now the Head man of the stuttered Columblas. It was in the early
years of the nev,- centur,. hint he attempted lo make the pajsage" of Ihe
Columbia m a frail canoe, accompanied by a boy of 9 years. When in
mill-stream bis little craft was struck
with such force by an Ice cake lhal
it was overturned. Hees-Yuse seized
his boy companion and, niacin.-, bim on
his back, breasted the stream anil
commenced his bailie to gain the
lf men who witnessed the feat are
lo be believed, no while man could
have accomplished what Ihis old Indian did. Foot hy loot he made Ills-
way toward Ihe southern bank, and
though swept down stream by the
swift cirrenl, his progress was steady.
Several times he was sti'ttck hv an
Ice floe, aud Ilie jagged end of oue
cut a deep wound ln his neck. Finally
after what seemed an almost Inter
unliable time, he reached the shore
with his burden, his strength spent by
his benyc efforts and loss of blood,
anal almost frozen by the chill water.
Hefore the flow from his wound oouid
be checked he had almost bled lo
Not long after the incident Sees-
Yaise nas awarded some heirship lands
on the Umatilla reseivation and since
lhat time has lived among the Unia-
lillas. Cayuses aud Walla Wallas, but
through thc death of the chieftain of his own tribe, he has come ti
lie regarded by his people as tbelr
head man.
The old Indian, whose facial chared eristics a:c so different from thoSc
•.if ttie prairie Iwiiaus. ie a iie.iueni
visitor In Pendleton, Ore., and almost
regularly once a week calls upon h.s
friend, Major l.ee -.looihouse, not,
however, eo much for the purpose of
talking with thc Major as to gaze al
a full-length painting of lilnise.f which
adorns* the walls of tbe Moorhousc
office. The, palming was made tiom
a photograph of Sees-Yuse, taken by
the Major, and the aged retlmau ofien
sits by the hour, childlike, admiring
tlie likeness on the wall.—Oregon
'Frost & Wood Binders
easily handled and light in draft, yel capable of standing the  hardest work. A PERFECT BINDER, and
Not  a   Food, but  Essential   Elements
"In the Diet
Tho Bpices are a very Interesting
group of siibstunos; they are the
foundation of a considerable Industry,
they have their medical uses and
finally are of special importance in
Their value resides in their richness
in aromatic substances and essential
oils; strictly epealtlilg, Ihey are not
foods, but ol'lei "Ijbllgll they are essential elements In the diet. Spices
have been the subject of classic re-
soareh, as, for example, in the clever
and important investigation which
l'awlow undertook as lo the psychic
influences of food and as to the value
of zest in nutrition.
Spices were shown lo arouse appetite and to promote the secretion ol
the gastric Juice, and Ihe role tiles
phiy I hereafter iu dletetl'it' is it very
important one. The medicinal act-
j Ion of some of them Is further of val-
(,ie. Allspice, for example, Is used as
n_i aromatic, and has beeu successfully administered for flatulency or for
overcoming griping due to purgatives,
and occasionally It ls reported that.
Ihe oil gives relief in rheumatism anal
The medical uses of cinnamon are
well known. Cardamoms are used in
the form of a tincture as aromatic
uud stomachic, and they are also employed as a flavoring agent in curry
powder, cakes aud llquers. The ap-
plications of Capsicum and lhe peppers generally are well known. Cloved j
r.re aromatic, earn,Illative and dyspepsia gastric irritation and In cases of; Ludger Cote's Backache had develop
vomiling in pregnancy.
Oil of cloves Is also a popular remedy for toothache. It has also Its
uses lu microscopy as a preservative !
a:id for clearing sections. The ii___m j
of nutmeg are wide, vanilla has ar !
enormous application as   a   llavorin.
Caroline has requested tliat as a
special birthday fa.or, she be allowed
lo have coffee for breakfast. tiyr
mother, nol at all pleased with Tito
Idea, was diluting It generously.
Caroline peered over Into her .cup,
and then exclaimed in great dlsap
Goodness! don't I get any of lhe
How Mrs. Reed of Peoria, UL,
Escaped The Surgeon's Knife. -■
Peoria, 111.—"I wish to let every one
Compound has done
forme. Fortwoyears
I suffered. The doctor said I had a tumor
| and the only remedy
was the surgeon's
knife. My mother
bought me Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and
today I am a well and
healthy woman. For
months I suffered
from Inflammation, and your Sanative
Wash relieved me. I am glad to tell
anyone what your medicines have done
for me. You can uae my testimonial in
any way you wish, and I will be glad
to answer letters."-Mrs. Christina
Reed, 105 Mound St, Peoria, 111.
Mrs. Lynch Also Avoided
Jessup, Pa.—"After the birth of my
fourth child, I had severe organic inflammation. I would have auch terrible pains
that it did not seem as though I could
stand it This kept np for three long
montha, nntil two doctors decided that
an operation was needed.
"Then one of my friends recommended
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and after taking it for two months
I wasa well womon."-Mre. Joseni A.
Lynch, Jessup, Pa.
Women who suffer from female ills
should try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, one of the most success-
ful remedies the world has ever known,
before submitting to s surgical operation. —
Curious 8ex Differences
A woman walking on a city footway
will generally choose 'the Inside. She
does so partly ln order to look at the
shop windows but chiefly on account
of the slope ot the pavement, which
ls less ou the inside. -»>__..
In trams and omnibuses women
mostly sit near the door. At the far
end, you-will, as a rule, see a major
Hy of men. When men read while
travelling they nearly always read
newspapers, but ln the hands of the.
reading girl you will; with rare ex-
ccpllons, see a book.
When a woman is crossing a street
with much traffic she runs, In nine
cases out ol (en, aud the older she
is the more is,she Inclined to run.
But the man wllVks very deliberately
A woman holds a closed umbrella by
the middle and usually clasps It lo
her body. No one ever saw a man
carrying lt in this way.
A woman usually raises a cup or a
glass or a fork to her lips correctly—
that, is with her elbow close to he.'
body. Most men stick their elbows
out, against all rules ot etiquette. In
lighting a match a woman mostly rubs
It in a direclion away from her; a
man towards his boaly.
ed Into Bright's Disease, and Palm,
and aches were his portion—Dodd's
Kidney Pills cured him.
St.Yvon, Gaspe Co'Que. (Special)—
.Oiice more a wonderful cure has sent
...    . , ,   futie name of ihe old Canadian Kidney
agent, -while turmeric enjoys a riuM- U^y rlnglnB through the t-rovlnc'
Iar patronage on account of its brJg.it 10f^uebec. Jfr> Dlid|er Cole, a well
.ellow cotor and pleasant musky Hay- kBm,a teMtM „r a,,, „,„,.„_ ,„ th„
•r—I ne '-ancei. ._._._. _,nre)i R|1(, fhe gtol.y of hi, c,lre ln
his own words Is as follows: •»
"For four years    I    suffered   from
Backache, silliness of the joints and
Wonderful Headgear
A well-known Pavjs painter
lecture a few days ago oh the inknner |      ,'    B *, h .   uifi , could llot
In which women covered their heads 1^1 my right leg ou account of the
with all kinds of fantastic ornaments
pain ln my hip and knee.     I had ter
in   he evening     He said that It was »*£,       , ^ ,   ft        ion of lhe mMet
a pity when hair had so much express- • ['   p ' » „B        , wa„ „lwa
ion m wave and color taomeeal f ti.eA'una nenon8 and took no pleas-
much  beauty beneath so-called fash- "■",   ,,?
ionable accessories. i       '      .     .       ,,,    . _•____._•
All   the   time  this  gentleman  was I    "Finally, I decidedt to   try   Dodds
expressing his views on this subject Kidney Pills ami the'effect -.tuts mar-
lhe audience was-much amused at the ivellouB.     Six boxes cured   me   com-
presence of a beautiful actress famous pletely."
for her exaggerated head dress. |    Backache, neglected, develops   into
On this occasion she wore a cap : Blight's Disease-     The one sure way
of gold and white brocade with a hlg.t; io escape Its tortures Is to cure the
mass of   white   aigrettes    extending: Backache when It first    starts   with
around   the  front  from  ear  to    car.  Dodd's Kidney   Pills.
From the centre of her forehead stocd i        - '
a black aigrette almost two feel high I Whore Figures Fail
held by an enormous cabochon In cut , ,    $fl      ,„„ .„„, y0„
Jet,   .Whether this lady will henee- Wve £our dealer• $30, now many tons
forth follow the conferencler's suggest •, £"™ .- ? "   ' * "   %
Ion remains to be seen.      But it Is j*0*'1' £e »""' >c,a'
said that we shall soon he wearing     ,,.,'.,. ,..,,„..
a rose and little else in the hah.-     ^Z^U's w o'.ig, but that's what
From lhe Uentlew.mi,-... U1 Uol°,_Llfe.
The Only Way -1
lind an lustiuinent so lit, so delicate,
o adjustable and at the same time
,   .       ,   ., ., i ,.  ,,       Once r. mother has used Baby's Own
Sn"5SS^^!^J^^Wltata »he would not    be    without
will unlock every department of State
for the benefit ol the people'.
The hairpin! shrieked an enthusiastic suffragist in the audience.
Minard's Liniment, the Lumberman's
Help the Starving
In some districts of the interior of
China It is said that one-tblrd of lhe
population bus died of starvation In
ihe dreadful Famine consentient on the
destruction of crops by floods. All
lhe nlil thus far rendered hus availed
jjo save only a traction of tho numbers
'of human lives 111 peril. The people
lof ijanuii.i should not rest content Ull
j tbelr consciences assure ihem lhat
the] have done their whole duly In
[the matter. Distance and difference
•if race sbonld nol  quiet lbe cull of
humanity.- Hamilton Spectator.
Pills of Attested Value.—Parmelee's
a Vegetable Fills are lho result or
icnreful study of lbe properties of cer
a tain roots and herbs, and lhe action
of such as sedatives and laxatives on
j the digestive apparatus. The success
'the compounders have met with   at-
them. They are the only medicine
for little ones guaranteed by a Government analyst to be free from those
opiates and other harmful drugs
found in so-called "soothing" mixtures. Concerning them, Mrs. J. C.
Wood, Underwood, Out., says: "1 nav .
used Baby's Own Tablets for the last
four years und would not be without
Ihem, as I have found them beneficial
every time I have given Ihem to tny
little ones.'" Thf Tablets are sold
bv medicine dealers or-by mall at 2i
cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Out.
French Customs House statistics Indicate that Hritish exports to Fraico
Increased by 400,788,000 francs in ine
three years following the Frunco-I.rlt.
ish Kxhlbltlon.
Thousands of mothers can testify to
Ihe virtue of Mdlher Graves' Worm
Kxtertnlnator, because they know
from experience how useful it Is,
W. N. U. 901
Lord and Him
"You must try to be like God, son-
nie," said lhe kindly minister to the
tests the value of Iheir work. These j worried-looking child who entertained
pills have been recognized for many;him in the pnrlor while his mother,
years as the best cleansers of the sys- lupstalrB, was preparing for company.
tem that can be got. Their excel- j -| guess 1 must be," the boy aus-
Iciice was recognised from the lli-o*. .ucred. wrinkling his brows, 'for God
and they grow more popular dally.      „M,| me gets blamed ror about every-
-,  thing that happens ln this house, ir
Australia's Big Trees Ih's a big thing they say the Ixn-d dfd
jaJone too soon, „ popular-moteim-nt lit. and if any little thing goes wrong
[hns been .'et on foot in Australia to:It's Btire to bo me." .
!preserve  the gigantic,   strlugy-oarke, •.——•_—■-
I various specie*, ol Eucalyptus of taut I'.eetS according to directions, Cr
I country, which Tar exc*ed In height I J, D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial will
ine famous "big trees' of Citllfiiriii.i. 'afford relief In the mOBt acute form ot
nnd are the inllest trees ,'r. ill. world, summer complaint. Whenever tho nl-
I These trees sometimes attain heights! tack manifests Itself no tlmo should
I ranging from 400 to nOO feet. Thoir be lost In seeking the aid of the Cord-
timber Is exceedingly valuable, and!lai. It will act immediately on the
for this reason thev nave lieen ruth-1stomach and Intestines and allay (he
lesslv destroyed by lumbermen while (Irritation and pain. A trial of It will
no proper steps have Dcen taken to,convince nnyone of the truth of these
provide for their reproduction. |assertions.
When You Buy Matches,
.      Ask for
They have a true safety base
head,   with  silent    tip.'   Will
never explode if Stepped  on.
Eddy's Matches have satisfied Canadians since 1861—accept no others.
The E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
Washboards,   Wood Pails and   Tubs,
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
j/lfa+t/fru- Co J/^^t^eJt, -zfc-a^flW
C&f£a}*U<f ~*U rruiJit, y*-**^*-/ Ur**-i~#
<s£^JUL*st<L*srllAr".   eZS^ft&r^****
Sheathing Felt
contains no oil or tar. It is clean,
odorless, waterproof, germ and
vermin proof and practically
indestructible. Makes houses
draft-proof, easy to heat, and
comfortable In any weather.
Ask your dealer to show you
a sample, or vrlte for sample
and Booklet to the ti
Sole Cmm4U__ Muufacturara
ol Canada, Limited,
HmUmI, Wlaalp.i, C-ljir., Vucmcr.
When Your Eyas Hetd Can
Tra Murine By« Homely. No Sraartlni.—Ferte
I Sine— Acta Quickly. Tr. .a. for Red, We**.
: Watery Eyea and Granulated Eye.it.-.. Illua
' 4»*ttd Bosk in each Packace. Marine ia
I, CQBIwuMtaa by our Otultali-not > "Patent Men.
1,'lnta''— but used tn ■ueeeaecnl 1'hvil.Laos' -*r_m*
■ J a» for tunny yean. How ajaadla-nad to tin Pub.
; fe_^,£l4»lOw«l«""'fc»n<l»jerBot*fJ
Murlna Bra Ba.te1n_Ua.lKlc To_Me,._fe inalMc,
■ Murine See Remedy Oo, Chioate
Maa.WjNflt.ow'a emsenxmi Sr*ve *** ****
' tuefl for over SIX'rV VEARShy MILLIONS of
MOT1IRKB  for   their   CI1II.UKHN   WIIILK
j Is the laest remedy for DtAKKHlHA.   It Is al,.
solulely harmless,   lie lure end ask for "Mrs.'
Winslow's Soothing Syrup," and take no olhei*
: kind.   Twenty Sn cents a bottle.
Grocers ere firm friends of Windsor
TableSalt. Ther like to sell it. because
it is pure and clean and goods
Ask auy grocer for his best salt, and
lie will give you Windsor Salt every
time. Not because it costs more—*
it does tiol—but because the grocers
know that Windsor Table Salt pleases
their customers. <7
Maypole Soap
bvKS ao
Wilh Maypole
Soap .here is no
in home dyeing..
Dyes cotton, wool,
■ilk ot mixlutei. 24
color.-tvill give any
•hade. Colon 10c.
Black 15c—al you
dealet's or postpaid
with booklet "How
lo Dye" from
y f. L BEMEOICT t CO. HwIimI   j
STtAHl Inr I'omplfale (iourae
inajudi.al Ta-Il   Book WRITE ATONCE
OLUMBlaS SHORTHAND    ho_.ili«
3*_%9m Mn^ieiib esssert *s run, s stuneM se stt**- tssss*,**s,s**s
- IS. FlflM MM SpSSi fr\*S\*i*n**aj WSMtt, Htwiflf MMft 0*****S
S^k emS*s, SSkSSmMl VHM a\*ja*\mStt MHP| SS *Th****S*m SsSTSJ*
^L\        St*S*%n JSM STm MIVpfMa e*\9M MM **** e**\***m \iwfsa*
m      bast AldssssplslOltr.slsiuniliisliliail—i
m ^WJswisilwCsahaSlilaOflr        *
ImMki MlflM tsv aliWiUNaiK MA
Evidently Net
'Does your son realize the responsibilities uf Kroat wealth?'
1 fear not," sighed lhe eminent
pagnatc. "lio t'.m'l seotn to lenrn
iiti'.'liun lilliluc. nnd lie allows no xlgn
of u-aiithjK to inarrj H i horns gll*l,"
The One Outside
There's only ono way lo nvol.l be
Ini; Halt iiiiu au Auanlda, club.
And v.liait Ik Hint?
Organize the club yourself and keep
everybody else busy escaping It —
Washington l'osl.
How The Body Kills Germs.
Gem, that get into the body are killed in two ways—hy the white eorpuielet
of the blood, and by a tirm-Ulllte ssbstenei tbat it in the blood. Just what tbia
•ubttanoe ii, we do not know. The blood of a healthy person always bat some
germ-killing substance in it to ward off the attack of disease. The fountain head
of life is the stomaoh. A man wbo bas a weak and impaired stomaoh and who
does not properly digest his Iood will soon find that his blood has become weak
and impoverished, and that hit whole body is improperly and insufficiently nourished. To pnt the body in healthy condition, to feed the ayatem on rick, led Mood
and throw out tbe poisons from the body, nothing in tae past forty yeara haa
excelled Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, a pure
glycerin extract (without alcohol), oi btoodroot, golden
seal and Oregon grape root, stone root, mandrake aad
queen's root with Mack cherrybark. ,
"Sly husband was a saltercr from stomach trouble and
Impure blood." write* Mas. Jaiiis H. Martin, of Frankfort, Ky. " He had a aore on his face that wonld lurm •
scab which would dry and drop off in about a month, then
another would Immediately form. It continued this way
for a long tlmo. He tried every remedy that any one w .uld
suggest bnt found no relief. Ho then tried Dr. Pierce's a
(.olden Medical Discovery which completely cured him. He
has stayed cured now for two years, and I recommend thli
vuluabfe medicine for Impurities of ths blood,"
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate and invigorate
J. B. Unarm, Ead,     stomach, liver aad bowels.   Sugar-coated, tiny granules. THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLOMBIA.
You will find relief in Zam-Btik! 1
It «aiei tht burring, «tinjj.--
pain, stops bleeding and bru
ease.. Perseverance, with Zam. I
Buk, mean* cure; Why not prove
Ulil?, -d« JSngeUt, and 8ten*r-
""•*'# «»j8o»
Bon—Dad what was meant by the
Pater-Sh! Shi—my sou! Don't
start her.
On the "Made-ln-Canada"   Train
The special train, bearing the "Made
tn-('anmla" Exhibit, which left Montreal on May 16th, and Is touring the
West until July 1st, is creating un
asttal Interest all along the line.
One of lis notable exhibits is that ot
the Imperial Tobacco Company of
Canada, Limited, the largest mantt-
'iit'lureis of smoking and chewing to-
liaccos and cigarettes ln the Dominion. .
In addition to their generous advertising, this company ls still further
helping all dealers carrying these well
known brands by giving away samples
and attractive souvenirs to those visiting the "Made-ln-Canada" train.
Among tlie brauds thus being advertised and sampled, are those moot
popular with the men of Western Can-
Ida—"Black Watch" Chewing Tobac-
ro, "Shamrock" Quality Plug Smoking
Tobacco, "Meerschaum" Cut Plug,
"OKI Chum" Pipe obacco, "Player's
Navy Cul Cigarettes, "Sweet l?apor-
al" cigarettes and "Columbia" -(.Utlo
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
with I.OCAb APPLICATION... as they cannot rearti
the seat ot ths dl^-aae. Catarrh Is a blood or eonsO.
taitla.nsl disease, and In order to euro It you must teas
Inu-roal ra-medlM. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, and aaats -llraaaatly upon the blood and maia-ous
tai.fsa.aas. Hall's Catarrh.Cure Is hot a quack medicinal. It araa .preaerlbed by one ot tbe beat physicians
tn this country tor years and la a regular prtsarlptlon.
It U composed of tho best tonics known, combined
frith the best blood purlacrs. acting directly on the
mucous surfaces. Ths perfect combination ot the
Iwo Inirredlamts ts wbst produces such wonderful re-
lults In curing catarrh. Send tor testimonials, tree.
F. J. CHKM5V a CO., Props.. Toledo, Oa
sold br Druuists. price TSo.
lake Hall's.Family puis tor cont'.loattou.
Nappci—Did Smith Inherit hla
mouey or make it?—Neither. He is
a corporation lawyer.—Judge.
Aak for-Mlnard'e and take no other.
Her Ladyship—Isn't that my gardener's daughter, Giles! Giles—Yea, yer
ladyship; quite a mistake touching my
'at to er. Why, she's as poor as I be.
Asthma Can be Cured-..Its suffering ls aB needless ns lt Is terrible
to endure. After its many years of
no sufferer can doubt tho perfect
relief of the roost stubborn cures
effectiveness of Dr. 1). .1. D. Kellogg's Asthma Keinedy. Comfort of
body and peace of mind return with
Its use and nights of sound sleep
come back for, goml. Ask your
druggist; lie can supply you.
My dear, dead husband never complained of my cooking.
P'raps that Is why he's your dear
dead husband!                     - . .    .
Cured of Shingles
and Eczema
By Cuikura Soap and Ointment Chest
Raw, Bleeding and Itchy.
"I lust want to ssy a sued word for CutU
cura Heap and Olntmtnt. In November,
woe, I had what Hie doctors call shinties
and scleras. My chest was raw and bleeding
aad Itchy. I was thai way all winter. It was
pot so had la the summer. In September
II (ot worse. I la art ths best dociots treaties
mc, hut did nie no good, and I was all mn
dewa la licaltfl. In November, 1910, It got
wonsn*ajalu. I sent lo you for a sample cake
ef Cutloura Soap. You sent ft to tne ud
I got a box ot Cutkttra ointment. I have
used two boxes and on the third one It hu
euted me of shingles and enema.  I am de-
Eted with than aod do feel phased to
k I hare sotaetWiia I have co__sMhh» l».
uld anyone be suffering as I did, I hope
that they will do as 1 did, and I am sure of
the results. I ara recoraramdlog them from
eipetlence." (Signed) J. H. Jarvls, 7 Ann
BU Kingston, Ont., May SO, ml.
For mete than a generation Cuticura Soap
and Cuticura ointment have afforded the
apeedlett and most economical treatment for
Itching, burning, scaly and bleeding skin and
Ealp humors.of young and old. A single set
often sufficient, t'.utlciita Hoap and Ointment are sold throughout Hie world, but to
those »lu> hare suffered much, lost hope and
ere without faith In any treatment, a liberal
saftiiiltfl of each with 3'M», booklet on the skin
will be mailed free, ou application. Address
Potter Drug A Chera. Corp.. * Columbus
Ave., Boa too, 0. B. A.
W. N. U. 901
Grain Fixing and Grain Mixing
Dear Mr. Editor,
Will you permit an ordinary homesteader to pass an opinion ou a very
plausible, and at the same time a
very great injury that threatens tha
grain trade, of the Westt I refer to
the establishment of a sample market.
The grain sharks are making a determined effort to get legal authority
to open such markets ln Winnipeg and
Fort William. The scheme is to take
a certain quantity of grain from every
carload and place lt on view in the
grain exchange, and as soon as the
car is sold, the car from which tU-
sample is taken Is sent to its destination by the railway company. Meanwhile the cars are delayed in transit
twenty-four hours, ami cars not arriving at Winnipeg hefore eleven
o'clock on Saturday mornings are held
until eleven o'clock on the following
Monday morning. This means that
the loss of time in transit caused by
the sample market, reduces tlle canning capacity of tlle railway companies
nearly two days In evtfry week. This,
on the three main line* of railway to
Lake Superior, equals a reduction of
about 2,600 out of a total oi 15,000
available for the transportation of
grain during the whole of the busy
season. ,.
Now, sir, I look on this as a very
eerlouB matter. The great cry, almost menacing ln its Intensity, from
the Rooky Mountains to the Lake of
tlle Woods, haa been and will be,
"Give us cars! more cars!: more
cars!!!" And every newspaper in
Western Canada re-echoes the cry,
More cara!!!" And this too In the
face of tlie fuct that next lull will
witness an increase o( millions of
bushels of grain to be transported to
astern markets, it ls nothing short
of criminal lolly in the face of these
facts to place such an obstacle as a
sample market In the way to-prevent
rapid- and efficient transportation to
Fort William and Port Arthur.    ""
It is seldom, indeed that I cau commend the railway companies, but I
cannot shut my eyes to the fact that
they are all straining every nerve to
prepare for the fall rush. They are
Ikying double tracks as quickly as
possible. They are improving their
terminals. They are largely Increasing their elevator storage capacity.
They are buying hundreds of locomotives and thousands -of cars. And
ahull we 3tand supinely by and see the
grain sharks block the march of pro
gress. No! A thousand times no.
Rather let us help ourselves to get our
grain quickly to the lake front by sec-
lug that no obstacles are needlessly
allowed to Interfere with the transportation companies. The farmers
are perfectly right In asking for more
cars, and tho railway companies must
do their utmost to comply with the
demand, but is it not a queer way to
get them when we allow the available
supply to he cut down to the tune of
2,600 at one jjolt.
There Is another aspect ot this barefaced, attempt lo Impose a sample
market on us farmers. Ever since
the mixing ot wheat in lhe elevators
wbb forbidden by law, desperate attempts have been made by the grab',
sharks, backed by the big interests,
thc financiers and very likely by the
railway companies, to get al thc
wheat and play their old game of nt x-
Ing grades, and robbing us farmers.
(Shoe allow a sample market an.l they
can mix wheat to their heart'a content. Nothing Is easier for them.
They bi.y a number of cars of maybe
rejected wheat ny sample, then buy a
car or two of the higher grade, send
the whole to an elevator, dump the
good and bad into thc same bin, mix
the whole thoroughly-and Bteal a higher grade and sell ft a price that nets
a substantial profit. Thus the mixing
is as fhorougmy done as It would b.
If there were no law to prevent it.
The men who are actively seeking
to get the sample mnrket establish™
are the same gang who formed tho
Winnipeg grain combine, which controlled thc entire wheat market ot;
Western Canada. They are the men
who named the price to be paid for
laheat nt every shipping point until
the farmers got t'tii) Grain Act amended so as to compel the railways to
accept wheat loaded lu cars ut loading platforms uml the distribution of
empty cars io delators und (firmer*
on equal ternm. Ever since, this
gram combine has been extremely per-
slstont In their efforts lo regain us
much as they pusslbly could of their
former control of thn grain trade.
Their latest Is the sample market
swindle. I cuiiiiot believe that Ihey
will succeed. Hut 'Eternal vigilance
Is tlie price uf freedom," from our subjection to the exactions of this unprincipled gaag of plutocrats'.
I fail to see how **■'" cau gain from
lhe opening of a sample market, but,
aa I have proved, wc can lose much.
We now have honest inspectors and
honest grades. Our markets ave free
and open, and aro beyond the manipulation of greedy men, who seek ouly
to "enrich themselves nt the coat of
the farmers.    Let us keep tbem so.
Yours truly,
33-8-22, Sask. C.H.B.
Keep Minard's Liniment In th* house.
Where Ignorance is Bliss
Wo are afraid lhat the Southern
editor, who says a poet, like a child,
Is batter seen than heard never saw
• real poet.—Cleveland Dealer.
Happy Married Life
I  married a suffragette,  said  Mr.
Cholmondely flipplngate of Hyde Park,
and for Ave yeart) have found  unspeakable happiness.
I'm glad to hear lt, said the suffragette leader.
Yes, said Rlppingate. Mrs-. Ripping
ate has been In Jail four years and
tlhree months altogether.—Harper's
Brought on by a Severe Strain—How
a Cure Was Found
Mr. Joseph Stephens, Rosemottnt.
Ont, ls one of the great host who
continually sound the praises of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, and he has
much reason to do so as they brought
liiin from suffering lo health, after
he had spent muoh money and two
yeacs of time experimenting with other treatments. Mr. Stephens tells his
experience as follows: "In the month
of January, 1908, while working ln a
logging camp at Creston, B.C., I got
my back badly Injured. I suffered
a great deal of pain and was almost
helpless. I tried plasters, thinking
they would help me, but they were o'
no use. I took several medicines,
equally without beneflt. Then I was
advised to try electrical treatment
and did so for a time, but without
getting any permanent relief, and 1*.
began to look as though I was going
to be permanently crippled. Then I
was advised to undergo treatment
with a specialist at Spokane, Wash.
After examining me he said I was In
a very bad shape and that the trouble was likely to result In Bright's
disease. However, he told me that
be felt sure he could cure me. At a
heavy expense 1 was uuder <lils treatment for three months, but did not
get the least benefit. I was almost
in despair; work was plentiful and
wages good, but I could not work,, as
I was quite unable to bend. I was iu
this condition for about two years,
when my brother, who was with me
all the time, came across one of Dr.
Williams' pamphlets and read of the
great work Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
were doing. He urged me to try
them, but I thought It would be useless to spend more money after all
the other treatment had failed. ' He
insisted, however, and got a dozen
boxes of the Pills and I began to
take them. Before I had used a half
dozen boxes I felt relief, and I continued taking the Pills until every
vestige of the pain was gone, and 1
could raise my hands above my head
and then bend until I coul,! touch my
toes with my fingers, something I had
not been able to do for over two
years. My cine was a great surprise
to my comrades, and you may be sure
I told them what had brought It about.
I am now as well and strong as any
man in the country and I owe tt all
to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills."
Sold by all dealers or by mall at
SO cents a box Or six hoxes for $3,511
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
What did Noah live on wheA the
flood bad subsided and hla provisions
In the ark were exhausted? asked t
Sunday school teacher ot her eta
on Sunday. "I know," squeaked a
little girl after all the others had
given up. "Well what? inquired the
teacher.     "Dry land."—Tit-Bits.
The Irrepressible. Conflict
Ho! sneered Tommle. You ain't any.
body.'   Your papa ain't got any oity-
mobile like my papa has.
Maybe he ain't, retorted Billie, but
we've got a camphor chest upstair*
In our attto that smells  like one.—
Harper's Weekly.
Tht Arlington Co. ol Canada, Ltd.
■a. i ia.r.t 'Avf., Toronto. 0nt.t, t.,a.
^fVCiet My New
"QEE how handy my new granary is.
O You place four or five of them around
your quarter section. This saves time in
harvest hauling to stacks."
"Then my granaries comt In to hold your grain from each
stack. My granary keeps grain clean, dry and unhealed.
No musty grain, no losses from rati or vermin. Whtn
ready haul direct to tht elevator from the granaries,"
"I make several shea of thit handy granary. Vou can
get ISO, 200, 300,400, 500, 600 and 1000, full measure guaranteed Imperial Bushel sizes (not
small U.S. bushels) and you tet up any
Pedlar Granary in half a lay. Remember
you can move it tatity any time. My
Granary tavts big monty by putting down
teaming and keeping tht grain right."
"Sit bow tbt man at tht ltft can ihovel
Sraln In from the threshing machine,
! tt has no leg-spout to deliver grain
direct through the manhole on tht root.
Tbe other man is bagging grain. Granaries art had
with door-section or plain, as desired. My new Granary
it just right for saving cott. It payt for itself in a year.
It comes in sections—low freight cost. A boy can nt
up.  Write for my descriptive booklet." ;oo
Write for MtMtttfe.il
The Pedlar People I_imlted,Osbawa,Ont7
"mmnPEo   cvioaby edmohtom
76Lombard St.   Crown Block 56J 3rd St.W.
Drawer 1M5 care Whltlock tt Havlatt      , »M Firth St S
Direct your inquiry to the Pedlar place neartat you.   They will antwtr you
I promptly and   tave you time.
"The   Pedlar   Granary   It  Art- proof.   Think what that meant!"
Amundsen Discovered The South Pole But Scoll Remains To Polish It Up.
The best by test. Absolutely free from Acid, Turpentine or other injurious
ingredients. It's good fur
your shoes.
Will not rub off or soil the
daintiest garment: I.squick',
brilliant and lasting.
No other even half as good,
ioc. at all Dealers.
37 THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
If You Have Failing
H&ve your eyes examitied.    Let'us
show you hnw vastly improved our
glasses can make your vision. We
ure expert opt.oinetrist.s, skilled in
tlie science of refraction. Ex-
tuuinution free.
A. 0, MORRISON •n^.r
a.lallfllaraal nr llrilli'l Pairlla, llrltlah Colli lilial
..A. Kv.se,    .
. Kalltair uaaal PiihlLlmr
A Hifa of this puller ami be seen lit tho offloe
_,f Mea.r.. B. at J. H_iraly * I'll., Sal, 31 .anal 32.
Fleet Street, K.C.. Luiialaiu. Kiiiriuuil. froe uf
.-hairire. anal tlmt linn will be triad to rtacelve
• nlisaariitiiaaafl mid aialva,, ti .amenta, oi, our be'
•alf. ,
auBHuKiirioN bavbs :
'..ue Year   ,.      SUB
aliae Sear (In advance).:       1.00
One Year, in I'nlted Slate.   l.oO
Addreaa all ooimniitiieationa to
The Bvbhino Sum
fHONK B74 Gkand Pouks, B.C
his work calculated to spur
the staff and scholars to their
best efforts. The record made
this year is deplorably poor;
but The Sun believes that
under the guidance ofthe new
principal the school will regain its lost laurels.
FRIDAY, JULY  19, 1912
Wi. knew it was coming.
Tlie pampered newspaper pets
ofthe McBride and Borden
governments are now accusing the electors of Saskatchewan of disloyalty.
Thk Sun never uses the
word "knocker," because itis
sufficiently patriotic to confine,
itself to the Knglish language.
We do not pretend to be
callable of giving a correct
definition of the word, as wc
do not happen to be thc possessor of a slang dictionary;
but taking the broadest mean
ing of it, we should say that
a "knocker" is a person who
does not take the same view
of a question as we do. We
Jjave also heard men who
exposes fraudulent mining
and real estate deals calleil
"knockers." It is therefore an'
honorable distinction to be a
"knocker." BrieHy, the bastard word should be relegated
back to the slums whence it
sprung. At best, it is only
used by featherweight editors
who lack a sufficient vocabulary to* express their ideas in
thc language of the land they
profess to love.
Thk announcement of the
result of the high school entrance examinations in this
city is a keen disappointment
to the citizens. The showing
is the poorest ever made by
our public school, which has
heretofore enjoyed the distinction of being one of the
best educational institutions
in the province. While it is
true that at a former examination only four candidates
passed, the number of failures
nave never been as great as
on the present occasion, nor
have the marks of those that
passed been as low. The
blame must charged against
the late principal, iu allowing
scholars imperfectly prepared
for the examinations to write.
Neither were his indolent
habits and lack of interest in
Au. tragedies do not necessarily end in bucketsful of
blood. A man or woman
may make a single misstep
which will alter their after
lives for the worse. Such tragedies are quite common. One
occurred in Grand Forks a
couple of weeks ago. A young
architect made a fa,lse step,
Erobably through no fault of
is own, if all stories relative
to the case are to be taken
into account, and he he was
banished from the city. That
he possessed intellect above
the ordinary followers of profession his work will attest.
Some of his designs for business blocks and residences
show originality of a high
order, coupled with a pleasing
artistic taste. Taken as a
whole, his work was superior
to that turned out by the average city architect. Had he
not pursued the quest that led
to his banishment,both he and
the   city   would   have been
we've cot what irbu.
Our wagons don't work your horsey to death. They
run light.
They are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and
will stand the roughest wear.
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes
wrong with it, drive up in front of our store and see if
- we don't make good.
Brownie Cameras
Work just like
PRICES $___ to $12
Woodland $ Co.,
The Kodak Dealers
Sold by W. K. C. Manly
gainers, the city by obtaining
a higher class of architectural
work,, and the young man by
reaping a just reward for his
proficiency in his profession.
For these reasons the incident
was a tragedy.
We don't care what people
say of us so long as they say
something nice.
Jordan or any other is a
hard road to travel when your
shoes are half a.size too small.
It is a mean man who
charges his dyspepsia to the
cooking that mother used
to do.
A homely woman charges
her misfortune to the accident
of birth, but a pretty woman
demands personal credit for
her beauty.
Nothing jars a young mans
vanity so much as to learn
that the girl who has seemed
to desire his society has only
been using him for a filler!*
Try It
A young man in tbis has bad a
narrow escape from becoming a millionaire. A short lime .ago liedt-
citlfil lo inaugurate a thirty days'
saving campaign, starting witb one
cent, nnd doubling the amount each
day. At Ihe end of tbe eighth day
be fell trom grace. Had bt. perse
vered the remaining twenty- wo
days, he would now he ns rii b as
Frank Hartinger, as the following
table will show:
First day  .01
Second day  .02
Third day  .04
Fourth day  .08
Fifth day  .Iti
Sixth day  ;32
Seventh dny   .64
Eighth dny  1.28
Ninth day  2.56
Tenth day.  5 12
Eleventh"day  10 24
Twelfth dav...  20.48
Thirteenth day  40 96
Fourteenth day  81.92
Fifteenth day  163 81
Sixteenth day  326.67
Seventeenth day  655 36
Eighteenth day        1,310.72
Nineteenth day  2,621.41
Twentieth day        5,242.88
Twenty-first dny       10,548,76
Twenty-second day      20,971.52
Twenty-third day      41,943 04
Twentv-fourlh day      85,886 64
Twenty-fifth day    167.772.16
Twenty-sixth day    335,544.32
Twenty-seventh day...   671,088.64
Twenty-eighth dny 1.324,177.28
Twenty-ninth day 2,684,354.56
Thirtieth dny ,5,368,709 12
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The following are the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Oranby 25,305     437,554
Mother Lode  8,096     228,63k
Rawhide  5,937      70,032
Jackpot      357       10.42B
Athelstan  340
Emma         4,901
Otbew       140        4,72'i
Smelter treatmen—
Oranby :.24,130     507,202
B. C. CopperCo...14,990     234,044
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DAW of mm ERA
Growing of Nuts as an Article of Food Now Attracting Much Attention
The recent crusade in favor of
.nuts as an article of diet may or mar
not be responsible, but it is certain
that tbe.growing of nuts for food is
now attracting more attention than
used to be given it, and that the area
devoted to commercial nut growing
is extending its northern boundary.
Northern nut trees, whether chestnut, hickory, or filbert, are now
mostly wild; but in the south there
are "nut orchards," and possibly
we shall soon see plantations of cultivated nut trees in the- north. The j
National Nut Growers' association ',
he|d its tenth annu.il convention in i
Mobile, Ala., last October, and in;
November, 1910, a Northern Nut
Growers' association was organized
iii New York. The extension of the
nut growing area is one of the objects of this association. Among ihe
nuts once thought to be distinctly
southern, but now beginning to be
grown in the north," is the pecan.
In a report of a recent meeting of
tbe association at Cornell university,
the American Fruit and Nut Journal (Petersburg, Va.) says:
"Among tbe important papers presented was an exceedingly interesting one by T. P. Littlepage,. of
Washington, who bas extepsive
pecan interests in southern Indiana,
ond who for the past several years
has. been exploring the bottoms of
the Wabash and the Ohio for promising varieties of this splendid type
of the hickory. Mr. Liitlepage proved
quite conclusively by his extensive
explorations and by the submission
of convincing specimens of fruit
gathered from native trees, that
there were many varieties highly
meritorious and worthy of propaga-
- tion. Most of these varieties were
well filled, of good size, of excellent
flavor, and fine cracking qualities.
This latter characteristic is of importance, considered from the commercial standpoint. Mr. Littlepage's
paper left a distinct impression that
pecan culture was not to be confined
in the future to the cotton growing
states, but that regions in the north
were suitable for the cultivation of
tbis splendid pative nut."
At the same meeting, however,
W. N. Roper, "6l Petersburg, Va.,
warns northern cultivators not to
underestimate the difficulty of acclimating tbe pecan in the north.
We quote from the published proceedings (Ithaca, 1911) as follows:
"Pecan trees for successful culture must be of hardy, early maturing varieties, budded on stocks from
northern pecans, and grown in nursery under suitable climatic conditions. Tbese are requisites indicated by practical, experimental
work and observations extending
over several years.
"The successful production of
large southern pecans in far northern climates can hardly he looked
for except under the most favorable
conditions of soil, location, and season. There seems no good reason
for planting southern pecans in the
far north, exeept in an experimental
way; for there arc northern varieties
now being propaga ed that are the
equal of most of the standard southern soryj in quality, and very little
below them in size. They will prove
to be aB large or larger in the north
than tbe southern varieties grown in
the same locality, and much more
apt to bear regularly.
"Only well grown, vigorous pecan
trees should bc planted in the north.
It is a waste of time and money tn
plant indifferent pecan trees in any
locality, aod especially in a locality
where they have to contend witb
severe climatic conditions. Tbe size
of the tree is less important than its
root system and vigor, The purchasers of trees grown on thin,sandy
soil, with tbe root systems consisting almost entirely of straight tap
roots, destitute of laterals, need not
expect success. Most of these trees
will die early, and many- of those
that live will linger on for several
seasons without making mucb
growth, tiring out the patience of
| the planter."
A recent bulletin of tbe North
! Carolina department of agriculture
| on "Pecans" (No. 156), W. N.
Hutt notes that tbe pecan area appears to be moving northward. He
asserts tbat in regard to hardiness,
the history of the pecan tree is veiy
closely, paralleling that of the com
i plant.   We read:
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"T.nddie," a collie dog, famoua for his beauty and gentleness, winners
>>f many prizes at dog snows, the pride ol the family mid neighborhood,
lias been stolen, and after mnny days' Absence he escapes une ftlghl from
bis captor and returns home una snowy winter's morning with the rope
which be broke in bin struggles for freedom dangling from bis collar.
His familiar bark brings bis little mistress, Mnrjorie, to the door nml
she throws her arms around her trusty playmate's neck with cries of joy
which bring her mother and brother to tbe door. "Laddie" is equally
delighted to be "Home Again," and answers her welcome by putting bis
paws on tier shoulder and resting his bend against her breast with n little
whine, which in his dog language means— "Where I love is Home."
The sweet-faced young mother, a woman of soft curves, tender eyes
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The picture is by yie celebrated artist, Arthur I. Elsley, famous for
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• "In the. early days of corn growing, corn was considered a southern
plant that could not be grown successfully in tbe north and west.
Corn breeders set to work to pro'
duce a quick growing, early maturing, and therefore hardy variety of
corn. This end was attained, and a
variety pioduced that could make
make its entire growth and ripen its
grain in ninety days Jrom the planting of the seed. This 'Ninety-day I
Corn,' as t_Te variety was called, pro- j
duced a revolution in the corn grow-
ing world. Corn growing went north
by leaps and bounds. Earlier and
quicker maturing varieties were- produced, until corn is now grown successfully away north in Canada.
"It now looks as if the history of
pecan growing will be analogous to
that of corn production. Even as
far north as Pennsylvania, seedling
pecan trees have been found growing and producing matured' nuts.
The western range of pecan growing
has also been steadily advanced.
The pecan is found native along the
.Mississippi and its tributaries as far
north as Davenport, Iown; Terre
Haute, Indiana, and Cincinnati,
Ohio. The northwestern area in
which it is indigenous embraces"portions of Iowa, Illinois, Indiana,
Ohio, .Miflsnuri, and Kentucky.
From the native areas of the pecan
in these states nuts have been carried and trees planted in yards, gardens and fields over a very wide
range of country. Trifling as Buch
plantingB may seem individually,
they amount in the aggregate to
thousands of trees."
Altogether it would seem that just
as tbe Canadian northwest, once
looked upon as almost within the
Arctic circle, now teems with hardy
varieties of wheat, so our northern
states may soon be teeming with
orchards of pecans and other "southern" nnts. The possibility of this is
even now being skilfully utilized by
the unscrupulous. Dr. W. C. Dem-
ing, of Westchester, N.Y., secretiry
of the Northern Nut Growers' association, writes of "Nut Promotions," in The American Fruit and
Nut Journal (Petersburg, Va.,
"Tbe northern nut grower is not
yel bothered -with northern nut pn -
ui itions. But the allurements of
p can growing in the south are
spread before us with our. own bread
a id butter and morning coffee. The
orange nnd pomelo properties hnve
been banished from the stage, ur
made to play second fiddle, and
now we see in the limelight the pecan plantation, with a vista of provision for old age and insurance fur
our children. And there shall be no
work nor care nor trouble about it
ul all. Only something down mid
'about ten dollars n month for,ninety-
six months. And the inter,-ropi ng
is to more thnn pay for thnt It is
indeed an enticing presentation.
"Although we hnve n«' vet nu
northern nut promotions, wu may
expect the time when the Bandy
, barrens nf the shore nnd the boulder
pastures of thc rock ribbed bills
will be cut up   into  live-acre   plots
I and promoted ns the minimi bume
of the chestnut and hickory, holding potential fortunes fur their developers 1 hope it wilt be so. for it
will postulate a foundation in fnct.
"We cnn picture the day when
our doorynrds, uur roadsides, uur
fields and bills -ball be shaded hy
grand nut trees, sbuweiing sustenance and wealth upon our descendants and all people, and bearing lbe
names of their originators; whin tbe
housewife of the future shall send
ber wireless call to the grocer fur a
kilo of Hales' Papersbolls, tbe Kush,
the   Jones,   the   Ponien.y   Persian
walnuts,   the   Ulack   Ben   Deming ,„,. , ,„ M „-,.,, ,,,_,,,„. -_■„,;, ■
butternut, the Craig   Korenn chest- "„',',U'!.t FSrvl'fw" " f","tt"'"1 ""
nut, the Morris Hybrid hickory, the  w^Jj'fe.Tnt »"u..".,,', "'"'
Close   black wnlnut,   or   the Utile
page pecan."
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To most horse owners It Is a matter
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a human being. A man goes ahead
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Women of Persia
During the last five years, the women ot Persia have become almost at
a bound the most progressive, not to
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and upsets the previous nations of
Without the powerful moral Influence of the Persian women—those
so-called chattels of the oriental lords
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velously conducted revolutionary
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ly been smothered by Russia and Eng
land would have paled early Into a
mere disorganized protest. It Was
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How to Become a Neurastheniac
Eat no breakfast.. Indulge ln but
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Since the Slugger, Coffee, Was Abandoned
Coffee probably causes more biliousness and so-called malaria than
any one other thing—even bad climate. (Tea Is just as harmful as coffee because it contains caffeine the
drug in coffee).
A Ft. Worth man says:
"I have always been of a bllioui
temperament, subject to malaria and
up to one year ago a perfect slave to
coffee. At times I would be covered
with boils and full of malarial poison,
was very'nervous and had swimming
in the head.
I don't know how it happened, but
I finally became convinced that my
sickness was due to the use of coffee,
and.a little less than a year ago .1
stopped coffee and began drinking
From that time I have not had a
bail, not had malaria at all, have gained 15 pounds good solid weight and
know beyond alL doubt this is due to
tne use of Postum ln place of coffee
as I have taken no medicine at all.
"Postum has certainly made
healthy, red blood for me tn place ot
the blood that coffee drinking impov
erlshed and made unhealthy." Name
given by Canadian Postum Co., Windsor, Ont.
Postum makes red blood.
"There's a reason," and It Is explained in the little nook, "The Road
to Wellvllle," in pkgs.
..Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
Shall we go lo Europe on our lum
eymoon, dear? She—I want to g.
awfully. But It seems auch a, waa. ■
of time to miss seeing all those won
dei'ful things.—Life. .
1)03 OS
** SlMNflV1    ,
Are Dreaded by Mothers   Who   Fear
for tlie Safety of Their Children
What a' weight of responsibility
tests on the mother of the family
during the winter season!
In every cough and cold she rocog,
iulzes the voice of Croup, Bronffhlt is.
Consumption or otlier deadly throat
and lung complications.
Few people, even among those who
nre convenient to doctors, can itlford
the luxury of a physician for every
cough or cold, even though they re
all-/... the seriousness of neglecting
such ailments.
For all such, Dr. Chase has provided a prompt means of cure known as
Dr. Chase's Syrup ot Linseed antl Tin-
line reason why mothers prize this
treatment above all others is bee.nine
of lis suitability for children. It Is
sweet antl pleasant to the taste, and
children like to take tt. By Us
soothing, healing action tt is avoi.der-
fully prompt In curing Croup, Bronchitis and Whooping-Cough, and can
be used by children with perfect safety so long as directions are followed.
Thousands of families In Canada
keep Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine In the house at'all times
for use In cases of emergency. This
Is the only way to be sure ot protecting the bronchial tubes and lungs
against coughs and colds. 25c. a
bottle, family size COc. at all dealers
or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Limited,
W. N. U. 901
My doctor says I ought to. ride a
horse, said the Indolent man. "What
for? I don't know. Maybe he's tired
of treating me for dyspepsia and wants
a broken collar bone for a change. -
Washington Star.
$1.00 PER HOUR
^MHMfc. This   in   what   you   can
£m*m*\\am*mi*m& makr. selling "Evergrlp"
■ W M Gliding Caiters, Many
« V • of our agents are mak-
"      ■▼    . InK more.  Every  home.
chinch, hotel, barber shop a customer. 200
per cent, profit. Full sample Set and
agents terms sent for 10 cents. Wo want
a good agent In your town, *
Dyas Manufacturing Company,
Suits 111,  Mall Bldg..Toronto.
California Oil Wells
Being developed by
Canadian Capital -
OU lias madt. the world's ffrc'atest
fortunes.     It will make your..
California VI. Ida, are   paying   mil-
Hunt, of dollars to Investor*. Our f.elds
"The   Fuilerton"   produce    the    best
grade taf oil -it. the entire (lintel. 1.
Let us Show you the Proof
K. K. ALBERT. Winnipeg
708709 McArthur Building
No Place for Him
•Villlan:, come. I refuse to sit
through another act ot this show with
Hut, my dear, It may not be—"
_*>'.', uo. lt Isn't lit for decent people to see. 1 refuse to stay here with
you any longer.
Very well, lf that Is thp way you
feel about It Only I would like to
know how the plot Is unfolded.
I'll get a matinee ticket uud tell
you.—Pittsburg Post.
Little Florence had a very bad toothache antl waa crying soflly to herself.
Her aunt, who was a believer In Chris,
tlun Science, went over to the little
girl and said: "lf you had any faith
dear, you would have no toothache."
Florence continued lo sob, but bc
tween sobs she replied: "Well, Auut
Grace, If you had my toothache you
wouldn't have any faith.-Judge.
Dr. Morse's
Indian Root Pills
exactly meet the need which so often
arises in every family for a medicine
to open up and regulate the bowels.
Not only are they effective in all
cases of Conatipation, but they help
greatly in breaking up a Cold or La
Grippe by cleaning out the system
andpurify|ng the blood. In the same
way they relieve or cure Biliousness,
Indigestion, Sick Headaches, Rheumatism and other common ailments.
In the fullest sense of the words Dr.
Morse's Indian Root Pills are       «
A Household  Ransdy
When a New Perfection
Comes, ih at the Door
Heat and Dirt Fly Out
at the Window.
What would it mean to you to have
heat and dirt banished from your kitchen
thia summer—to be free from the blazing
range, free from ashes and toot? .
With the New Perfection Oven, the Ne** Perfection
Stove ii the moit complete cooking device on lhe market.
lt U jutt ti quick and heady, too, for wishing and ironing.
Thia Stove
saves Time
It .saves Labor
It saves Fuel
m, wi'h lofii.taaaKlcd.tur-
quoac-blue cEwweil. Hand*
immIv (.nuked throughout.
The 2- and 3-bunwf stmrn
ur be had wilh or wi-hoot *
ifilted with
drop rfwlve*. lewel neb. etc.
All dealer* carry lhe New
Perfection Stove. Fret Coot
Book with every Move. Cook-
Book ■lia-tivta lo uyooa
tendini 5 cent* lo cover Bait"
ing ccU.
Quite Different Now
When I was a hoy I used to tlllllX
there wus a pot of gold ut the rn'l of
a rainbow.
And now?
I  haye  turned  my attention  from
lainbows to milling slocks.
Sir, I am tnlkltis about what you
owe me. Will you please pay mc
sonic attention? Certainly, If you do
not want me to pay yon anything
else.—Baltimore American.
Minard's Llni ueut Q>., Limited.
Dear Sirs,—Yoi|r MINARD'S LINIMENT Is our remedy for sore throai,
colds and all ordinary ailments.
It never falls lo relieve ami cure
Fort Mulgrave.
Railway Agents. Telegraphers   and
Clerks lu great  demand   throughout
Ontario    and    Nortli    West. Six
months will qualify your Day and
Mall courses. Positions secured.
Froo Boole 19 explains. Dominion
School Telegraphy, Toronto.
vate diseases anl drink habit,
Writ* 11 Queen East Toronto,.
Bogie of the problettfc ot huritan existence are becoming more and mora
complex. Yes, replied the admiring
parent. I can hardly wait for my
daughter's" graduation.essay to let us
know what to do about them.—Wash*
Ingion Star.
A Generalization
"Pa," asked the small boy, "what
Is u demagogue?
A demagogue, my son Is a smart,
tend)' talker, who belongs to a party
you're not in.
Sunday-school teacher -Willie,    cau
you repeat thc shortest commnndinenl'
It lias but four words.     Willie—Yes-, '
Miss.      "Keep off  tho C,iass."-Bos- j
tou Transcript.
The Road
A  Schoolms'm'j  Experience
in the Wild West
A good many yeara ago, when I wot
• girl Just graduated from tbt normal
school, ibt principal told mt thnt bt
bad received calls for ttachen In Colorado, where the country wat new and
Instructors were uot easy to get i
accepted one of these positions' and
ttarted west toon afterward. 1 went
as far at tbe Union Tactile wai tben
built, Laramie, where I took a stagecoach to my destination In tbt mountains. I was obliged to. stop over ont
night In Laramie, then a city of dance-
bouses aod gambling deus, for tbt
conch did uot leave Oil the next morning. •
When I awoke and looked at 'my
trstcb I discovered lhat I bad Just
tlmt to dress, swallow a cup ot coffee
and get to the express oB|ce. from
which tht coach started. 1 found tha
agent directing tbe shipment of boxes,
whicb, though not large, appeared to
be heavy, while tbe passengers, men
and women, were getting Into the
coach. Ou tbe box snt Ibe driver, a
fine looking, well made young man,
whose rough clothes could not concenl
a certain appearance of refinement
there wat In blm.
I waa about to get Into tht coach
when tbe agent stopped me. "You
can't go on this coach," ht said, "lft
I wat, never more distressed In my
life. Stopping ln that horrid town even
tor a few hours was horrible to tblnk
of, nud the agent told me that another
coach would nut leave till tht next
morning. A tear trickled down my
cheek, and. looking up, 1 taw tbt
hsndsomo young driver looking at me
pityingly and with admiration.    *>
Tbe driver'called the agent to him,
and tbe two hnd a long conversation,
recently, and It on* occurred I would  j««o\ra wEeiinritoay^nlftTwonld
 " """ "' " "*      "   "   bt likely to W» mt   NtTtrtheltsa bt
wu mucb worried on my account and
mucb relieved when it wat all over.
Leaving soma ef tba passenger*-
they were all In thd service of tbt ex-
press company—with tht dead aud
wounded robbers, wt drove en to tht
next relay station and tent a wagon
back (or tbt wounded. But ao far at
I wat concerned tbt adventure wat
ended. And ytt It cannot ba tald to
bavt ended, becaust la It I (ound my
fate. My .drubbing tht thret R't Into
children's headt did not last very long.
My acquatntanca wltb tbt ttagt driver
wat tndurlng, and aft" a brief courtship of a month-miner leBattiy for
tbat country at that time—iTnarrled
His stags driving did not last long,
Receiving some capital from the east,     Bu't $ ,„    m fc       „ ut ba„ „,
he entered Into tbt business of mining ; roo,   „u    „ „    ,       d   _, ^
machinery and supplies and prospered,; ,„..„ R „ bett„ nJt t0 S|8(urb ,„,
And now that the region In which wt
live has grown populous nnd civilized
wt enjoy a beautiful borne, In which
we art very happy, turrounded by numerous children and grandchildren!.
"Judge, f vo Just seen a big newt
Item to the effect thot your boy at college has married a chorus glyl and left
"Confound the boy! What does he
mean? Here I've Intended blm all
along for Ihe law, and uow he's gout
Into the advertising.busluessr-Cleve-
land Plain Dealer.
—Washington Slur.
■OTfeutt Ks^
"rou'tb FIND IT ra raa BOOT," SUD THt
(which I felt oure wat about me. Tht
driver waa trying to persuade the agent
to agree with blm about tbe matter,
but tht agent kept shoking bit bend
and laying, "It won't do at nil." Uut
anally tbe latter gnvt In ond lho driver, beckoning to me, told me 1 mlgbt
get up and take Jbo vacant seat beside
aim, (living mt a band, bt lifted mt up.
i Tbt morning wis delightful, ond tht
mountains toward which we were
driving wllb Iheir patches of snow and
tbt dark shadows resting hero and
tbtrt on their sides, though tbe aky wot
cloudless, were beautiful. I told tht
driver I wished the mountains wore
farther-awny so thnt we could enjoy
tbt prospect longor, whereupon b*
told ine they were sixty tullei' diets nt
and wt could not reach then, till tbt
middle of the afternoon. Bt laid tbt
rarity or the nttn,osphere made Ibem
look near. I asked blm the cnuse of
tbe shndows on tht mountains then
being no clouds to enst tbem, tnd bt
aold tht phenomenon bad not been explained.
1 I paaaed a very pleasant morning. I
IWst not surprised that the driver could
tell me a good deal about tbe country
and even ihe geological formation, for
Id tbose days a stage driver wai quite
an Important personage, but I wns
more surprised wben bt told mt bt
iwai a college graduate wbo bad comt
out to Colorado on a venture, bad got
•trended and temporarily taken up
■logo driving,
: While we were rolling along my new
found friend told mt that there hud
(wen a number of holdups of coaches
better alt perfectly still and await developments. If tber* tbould bt any
firing I must get down uuder tha teat,
where I would bt tn a measure protected', What surprised mt wai that
bt seemed very mucb concerned about
the matter of my being exposed to
any shooting there mlgbt be, toying
that be bnd persuaded tbe agent to let
me go on the conch In tbe teat beside
btm, md lt any barm camt to mt bt
would never forgive himself. I asked
blm It be expected we would be attacked, and be replied that tbe chancei
pere we would. We bad. treasure hotel aboard, end tbeit shipments were
constantly reported to road agents,
wbo knew exactly wbat coaches to attack.
lt teemed lingular to mt that tht
express company sbould lend out a
treasure that tbey expected tbe road
agents would take away from tbem,
aud I told tbe driver so, but ha said
tbe coinpany wai obliged to take risks
or they could not do any business.
This did aot satisfy me or make mt
feel any more comfortable.
We had changed horses tevtral
times and were approaching the foot-
bills of tbe mountains wben. passing
uetween a rise In the ground on eacn
side of tbe road, a maa rose up from
behind a rock ln front of ua and put
up his band na a signal for ua to stop.
1 wai lurprlsed that tbt driver obeyed
tbt order instantly since the man
showed no weapon, but 1 toon learned
tbe cause. Tbt driver knew full well
that rifles were pointed at him from
men ln concealment
Ai soon aa tbe coach camt to a
standstill four otber mta sprang up
from behind tbt rise In tbt ground and
advanced toward us.
'■You'll find tt in tht boot," said tbt
driver quietly, and they went back .
and, unstrapping tbt cover, tool out
tbe botes and placed them beside tht
road, whllt two robbers stood on eacb
•ide of tbe coicb with rifles ln tbelr
bands ready for use it tbe slightest
Indication of resistance. But so grent
were the expressions of terror from
tbe psssengers Ibat they soon lowered
their gum, tnd two ot tbem dropped
tbelr rifles and weut to thp assistance
of tbt man wbe nu unloading tbt
: Bo far I didn't feel much afraid, for
lt looked ns though tbe road agents
1 would relieve the express company of
j the treasure and let us go on. Besides,
the expressions of terror of those Inside Ibt coacb txclted my contempt
Strong men were begging tbe robbers
to spsro their lives, while shrieks came
from tbe women, lt did not seem to
me tbat they wero ln any danger so
long as tbey did not offer resistance,
but tbat tbey bad lost tbelr heads
tbrough cowardice.
Uy friend tbe driver sat quieting tbe
horses by a word now and tben—for
tbey seemed to know wbat wu going
on and were very restive—but be teemed anxious about me. Wby I couldn't
understand, because I had no Idea of
resistance, and 1 didn't believe tbe robbers wonld molest a woman. I did not
even believe ibat tbey would collect
the valuable! of tho passeugen since
they hnd seven or eight boxes of bullion to tnke care of.
Tbe boxes were unloaded ind piled
on ont another beside tbe road. Twoot
the men who bad laid tbelr rifles down
and helped to carry tbt treasure were
about to pick tbem up; tbe otber armed
man beld hit weapon, muixle down, In
the hollow of bla arm, and tbt fourth
armed man was looking with satisfaction at the One baul be bad made
when tbe driver tald to me In a quick
sharp voice: .
"Oct down."
Before 1 'could obey t heard tbt
crackling of rides Inside the coach and
taw two of tbe road agents topple over.
None of the others had Iheir bands on
tbelr weapons, and before they could
get them every one was laid Jow. It
was all done In less than a quarter of a
mluute, and I law that getting down
under the seat wot unnecessary.
But whence came tb* firing? Surely
not from lhe cowardly passeugen. 1
looked at the driver for an explanation,
but be was busy wltb (be bones, wbo
were rearing nod plunging, nnd It wai
no time for tbt satisfaction of my curiosity,
Tut robbers were all dead or dying,
and the passengers were getting out
ef tht coich. The women tore off their
dressei  and   exposed   men's  clothes.
Kvery ont wai armed to the teeth. I rlf(J „,„,. ,„„ new ,,„.,,„ Ind c|otb
tbougb tho weapons were concealed. | gu|t, „lIg grtr\ng.
Hints for tht Woman Wht Levis
Ia tbt iprlng plants and ferns growing Indoors begin to make fresh
growth, and quite a number need repotting.
Many plant* tn warm rooms also begin to put out fresh shoots,
If inch plants ar* repotted they generally improve very much ln growth.
But some people do not know tbe
right way to go to work, and aome-
times tht plant dlea In consequence of
Tba great thing to remember Is not
to hurt the roots. Turn tbe plant out
of Its old pot and shake off or scrape
away any grit that comet easily.
but merely to use a larger pot for lt.
Take your new pot, which sbould be
clean aud dry, cover the hole, at the
bottom wltb a broken crock, hollow
lid* downward and cover this again
with a few smaller pieces.
Tben put tn a little fresb soil at the
bottom and place tbe plant upright on
this. Fill In all round with fresb soil
and ram It ln firmly wltb a wedge
sbsped niece of wood.
Very small pots, however, only need
to hare the soil made Ann by pressing with tbe fingers. A rim an Inch
deep should be left between tbe top of
tbe pot und the soil-of a five Inch pot
After repotting plants sbonld alwaya
be watered and kept for a day or two
In a rather warmer place than usual.
Never use sour, exhausted soil from
Equally Creditable.
"Do those Btorlcs thnt stntesmtin tells
give Iho public an Impression that be : the garden for repotting, but get good
ls a mun of mentality?"  . | line loam.   A small quantity of this
"I think so," replied Senator Sor- can be bought at any good nursery. It
ghum. "Kven If they do not Indicate a should, wben used, be Just moist
rendy wit they show a long memory." . enough to cling together, but uot wet
A Substitute Fer MssL	
Stuffed cabbage as it Is served In a
vegetarian family Is substantial enough
to make a substitute for meat A loose
heod of cabbage ls best for the purpose. Soak tbls In -cold water for au
bour or so and then put It Into a pot
of bot boiling water and let It stand
on the back of the stove for twenty
minutes. At the end of the time drain
tbe cabbage and very carefully, without breaking off the leaves, press them
back from tbe center and fill with the
following mixture.   A cupful of rice
or sticky.
If there ls a leaf heap In your garden some ofthe most decayed of this
may be mixed with tbe soli at the bottom of the pot
Potting soil should always have a
little coarse sand mixed wllb It, as this
helps to keep It sweet.
The  Severe  but   Becoming   Straw   Osrby.
Laundry Werk Made an Ideal Occupation by This Centrivsncs,
If, as some cynics prophesy, men aro
to reign In tbe domestic realm tn tbe
. near future we may get an Inkling of
boiled tender, a cupful of chopped Eng-, the MMon ,or tUe perfection of the
lish walnuts, three hard boiled eggs | |„bor ,„lllg deV|,,el tbey are Inventing
chopped line, salt, pepper and a little, l0 mt\,e the doing of domestic duties
minced pnreley.   In filling the mixture j fln Wea| pastime. 'The vacuum cleaner
Into tbe head put lt ln by th» spoonful,, wllg  bnt a   beginning;  tht  vacuum
beginning wltb tbe very heart, folding  ,,lolUeS wasber la their latest achieve-
tbe leaves back after every filling and \ mcnt
iprendlng them thinly with lt   Then j    xbliak of having  all  yonr clothes
tit the head securely In cheesecloth j wa8|,ed  lu  twenty  minutes  without
and boll It In salted water for about an  any hnnd |abor bv „ pureiy scientific
bour.   Bern wltb white sauce. | device Jhnt bas uo cogs nor wbeeli to
■ "  | tear Ibe clothes and tbat bas the addl-
Odd Shaped Bigs Art Pepulir*.      > tlonnl virtue of being so simply con-
Bigs of suede and ooxe lealhef an! structed that It cannot get out of order.
popular, and combined with Ivory and
metal trimmings tbey will be seen car
Aa soon at tbo bone* were quieted the
driver pnt out hit left band to tno-
itlll holding tbe relna In his rlgbt-and
"Why didn't you get down when I
told you to? By Jove, I'm glad you're
all rlgbtl'*
The explanation of Ibe affair cami
to mt piecemeal. Tha coach had been
lent out as'a decoy. All Inside were
men wltb concenled wcapona. The
boxei were loaded wltb stones or land.
Tht tgenl bnd contrived to have It re
This vacuum washer ls funnel shape
In form, weighs two and a half pounds,
li ten inches wide and twelve and a
j balf Inches high nnd will lit ln any
1 wash boiler. It Is made of pure polish-
'. ed zinc and therefor* will neither mst
: nor corrode and Is practically Inde-
! structible.
|   To have It wasb your clothes yon fill
„ the wasb boiler halt full of water and
plnce tbe vacuum wasber Inside with
soiled clotbei loosely around It Neither
.clothes nor water sbould extend higher
than one luch from the top of tbe
cleaner.   Theu soup powder or finely
shaved soap ls ir.tt Into tbe water.   Aa
soon at tht water comes-to the boll tbt
steam created forces the hot loipy
water through the opening of the top.
| Tho force of suction tben keeps tht
water circulating, nnd the boiling suds
and water keep rushing and sucking
\ through the clothes at tbe rate of fire
| gallons   per   minute,   tbrough   und
! through, again nnd again, until st the
j expiration of tweuty minutes 100 gnl-
! Ions of water have penetrated through
' every fiber of the clothes.   Tben they
| are removed and rinsed.   The rinse
watera are found" dirtier than usual,
but even the most soiled pines are as
white as snow.
The two bags llluitrated are oriental
In design, one showing Chinese drag
ons ou ivory mountings nnd tho other
Egyptian scrollwork ou bronze.
A Basket Pincushion.
A dainty use for dlscnrdcd Kasteregg
baskets, such as children have In quantities, li to turn Ihem Into pincushion*
Gild the basked with gold paint.
Two coats ire usunlly sufficient.  Stuff
with wool and cover tbe top with
.   .,  .    .„_._._, , colored satin, over which ls stretched
ported to the road agents that a treat |    ,. , ,n,|de ,he ed     „, (be
,,_._.   ■_,_>,,___    an    h*    thn,   *>_____>__    With   *      T     .    . .... 7 ...
I -Apronosof liiterniiilonnlmorrluges,"
said n Texas congressman, "I am reminded nf u saying of Vlcomle I'Ulg-
"'These American heiresses,' grumbled the vlcomle to. Ills friend, the
Chevalier Tele de Venn, 'are a cold,
calculating, designing lot.'
" 'Veil* snid Tete do Vcau.
" 'Ves,' said I'Olgnon. 'I've Jnst been
accepted by Miss Hlllln Nare nnd,
(bough Blllin Is worth twice as mucb
as Lolta (iolde, tbe latter declines positively io release me from our engagement' "-Washington Slar.
uro would go by that coicb with a
view to an ambush. Wben 1 came np
it the itartlng and asktd lo be allowed to go on tbe coacb tbo agent naturally demurred to take on a womau
under the circumstances.s The driver,
wishing to hnve my cempnny, argued
that at tbe springing of the trap I could
basket, concealing tbe sewing ot the
cushion, add a wreath of any ribbon
flower* In rich colorings.
Tbese cushions ire equally lively If
'the baskets ire silver ind sliver luce
Ii used over a color or white cushion
Caught In Hli Own Trip.
Mother-Why, what Is Ilia matler,
Johuuy? What nre yau crying about?
.lobnny-Tearbcr made *me alt In her
chair on lhe platform today, Just be-
cause I whispered ouce. Mother-Well,
I don't lee anything dreadful lo that
Vou have bad (o sit thero before. John-
ny-But there was lacks In ber cbalr
todny! I'd Jusl put 'em there for ber
tu sit on.-Jinii'n
These stiff derby hats, made of Bnt
milan straw, nre Just now In fashion'*
favor. The derby illustrated la a model
of blue inllan with a band ot velvet
around the crown In matching shod*
and a plaited cabochou nud bow at on*
Tbese straw derby models are tb*
nattiest kind of outing bats worn thia
spring.     ,
Household Hints.     *
French thai', will do mucb toward
removing a scorch on silk or delicate
wool if a coating of the chalk be left
an tbe spot for several days.
A good treatment for soiled coat collars Is naphtha applied wltb a brush.
Dip tbe brush In naphtha until thoroughly saturated, tbeu give tbe spot oc
grime a few brisk rubs. Tb* auat dell-
cute velvet, will yield to this treatment
tbough satin sbould not be treated In
this way.
A teaspoonful of peroxide of hydrogen In half a tub fit cold water ls a
splendid bleach for lingerie nnd white
clothes. Let tbe clothes remain In tbe
water overnight and after rinsing wash
In Ibe usual way. White silk and
wool as well as linen may be treated ln
this way.
. To remove white spots from furniture dip a clotb In hot water nearly to
boiling point f'lnce over tbe spot, remove quickly and rub the spot wltb a
dry cloth. Repeat lf spot Is not removed, Alcohol or camphor quickly
applied may be used.
To prevent glassware from being
easily broken, put In a kettle of cold
water, beat gradually until water baa
reached belling point. Set aside and
when water la cold take out glauware.
A 8sasansbt* Fad.
The tailors are doing surprising
things with taffeta this spring, and th*
little afternoon suits of changeable taffeta are fetching affairs Indeed.
Such a thing ls pictured ber*. It Is
ot blut and green changeable taffeta,
ind tbe skirt Is short enough to reveal
the neat buttoned boots. Tbe coat An
(he feature of the suit wltb IU say
cutaway lines, pipings, cord fastening*
and trimming ot cream Veullt lace.
In spring tb* farmer Is down •
ind out-down la tbt furrow, out z
tn tbt Held. |
% m-tt-H'flH-w w^-m-ai sac
Dr.   Simmons,    uentist,
block.    Phone K 39.
The firm of Sheads & Hadden,
real estate dealers and insurance
agents, was this week dissolved by
mutual consent, Walter K. Hadden
purchasing Mr. Sheads' interest in
the business. Mr. Hadden is an
energetic und popular young business man, who has grown up witb
the cily, and lie will undoubtedly
continue to prosper with the gro*vth
nnd development of the district.
—  I
G. C. Brown's big auto stage,
which will make daily trip* between
this city and Christum lake during
the summer season, is now on tbe
Atlantic ocean, somewhere between
England and this country. It is expected lhat it will arrive in this city
about three weeks hence, when it
will at oiibe be pressed into service.
Jt will carry both freight and passengers. The fare for the round-
trip will be J-'.
Numerous inquiries have recently ,
been made at The Sun office if the j
newly appointed cemetery caretaker
has already joined tbe silent majority, or whether, he merely
sleepeth. Everybody who have relatives or friends in the silent city appear to agree in the opinion that
their graves are not getting the benefit of his services.
Al. Traunweiser and Ed Davis
spent a portion of the present week
in Spokane. Being their first visit
to a medium-sized city, they naturally lost their way after their arrival
Carl Wolfram shot a four-foot
rattlesnake on the mountain northeast of the city Monday morning.
Mrs. A. C. Burr returned from
..anbury, Texas, last Saturday. Mr.
Burr is still in Texas.
vertisiug space on the bandstand.
If you are not already aware of the
many virtues of a certain brand of
cigarettes, look at the bandstanp.
FOR SALE—320 acres of good farm
lnnd, partly improved, with young
orchard. Write for particulars.
Address Box 21, GreenMOod. B. C.
The Woman's Auxiliary of Holy
; Trinity   church   will   hold   a   gar-
I den   party   on    the    geounds    in
front   ot  the  Parish hall on Thurs-
; day, ,1 uly 23, when they  will  serve
j ice cream and tea, nnd also   have a
sale of home  cooking.    There  will
be a sale of fancy anil useful articles
as well.   The city band will  be   in
Hev. Edward A. Wilson having been
restored to health by simple means, after suffering for several years with a
severe affection aud that dread disease
CONSUMPTION, I am anxious in
his behalf to make known to his fellow
sufferer.', the means of his cure. To
any one who desires it I will send (free
of charge) a full description of his
cure. You will find it a wonderful
lung ami throat maladies. I hope all
suffers will try Mr. Wilson's remedy,
as it is invaluable. Those desiring the
description, whicli will cost them
nothing, und may prove a blessing,
will please a<ldress,Clmrles A. Abbott,
BO Ann Street, New York Citv.
Metal Quotations  *
Nkw York, July 18—Silver 61A;
standard copper, $16.2ar>(5 1 "..00,
London, July l,s.—SHver, 28J;
lead, £16 10s.
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokane, July 18.—The follow
ing ure today's opening quotations for
the^-sfneks mentioned:
Bid. Asked
Granbv Consolidated. 55.00 58.00
B. C.   Copper       5.75     0.76
Graham Ranch for Sale.—The old
Graham ranch of 312 acres, near
Cascade, is for sale on easy terms.
Address owner, \V. K, Esling, Rossland, B. C.
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   & Clayton,  Propa.
W? Shoe Shop
Repairing-of every description neatly and
promptly done.
Shop Next CP.R. Hotel, Columbia, B.C.
Chapman 8 Walker,Ltd
,  Q. BOX 1353 4488EVM0UB ST.
Mens-n. Crowley Bros.. Manchester, Kriir.
Makers of Gai Producer Plant., and Oil
Kngiiietifor general power or eleetrlcal
lighting purposes.
Messrs- Dick, Kerr i C0.7 Ltd., Preston,
England. Equipment for Mines and Coif
tractors Light Locomotives (steam and
electrical), etc.
Sterling Telephone Co., portable   Mint-
tiring machines for miner*, contractors,
prospectors.   The best on the  market.
Write for particulars.
Motors, Oeneratos. Kluotrlcal  Supplies-
Elci'tricul Heating   and Cooking  Apparu
- tun, Storage Batteries, etc.
Your enquiries will receive our  prompt
attention.  Write for tnforimition.
PBONF 64        GRAND FORKS, B. C.
(I'ubllshed Annually)
KnaMf»M trHders throughout  thf  world  tn
communicate direct with UnglUh
in each class of goods. Besides being a complete commercial guide to London and Its
suburbs, tlie directory contain-* lists uf
with the (Ioods they ship, and the Colonial
and Foreign Markets they supply: /
arranged under the Ports to whicli they kali,
and indicating the approximate Sailings;
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., in
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
centres of the United Kingdom.
A oopy of the current edition will be for*
warded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for 20».
Dealers taking Agencies can advertise
their trade cards for *1, or larger advertise*
ments from £3.'
25, Abclmrcl. Lane, London,  B.C.
Furniture Made  to Order.
Aim* Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
r. mccutcheon
Eugene Herrick brought a rose to
The Sun office Monday morning.
It wsb eo large tbat it had to be cut
in two before it could be got through
the office door
The clerks of tbe city made a fishing excursion to Lynch creek on
Wendesday afternoon. It is now a
waste of time for any one to attempt
to catch a trout in the North  Fork.
Don't ask a man who buys his
njekt'tes; he might consider it a reflection on his wife's taste.
Reasonable Prices
For the next 30 days I will
give A 10 per cent  Discount
on all work if you bring this
Dr L. S. Eastman
3 ail 4 Zeigler Block,
N. E. Cor. Uiykusidk & Howaiid,
PHONE    A14
Dry-four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar *n<*
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attenttonto phone orders
'" ft. GALLOWAY, JSa Columbia P. o.
Take your repairs to Aramon's
Hoot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street. Grand Forks.
Edward Taylor, the West end
market gardener, was elected a'd«r-
man last Saturday by acclamation.
For Sale, at a Big Bargain—Five-
room house and one lot on First
street. Bath-room and toilet in
house; good cellar, stabls Mid woodshed; lots of small fruit. Fur price
terms and further particulars apply
on premises.   \V. J. Meagher.
There is some satisfaction in
knowing that the city government
has caught the spirit of economy to
such an extent that it is  selling ad-
THE STANDARD Is the National
Weekly Newspaper of the Dominion
of Canada. It Is national In all Its
It uses the most expensive eftgrav-
Ings, procuring the photographs trom
all over the world.
Its articles aro carefully selected and
Us editorial policy Is thoroughly
A subscription to The Standard
costs *2.W par ytar to any address tn
Canada or Great Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard Publishing Co,
LimiUd, Publishers.
*&_ A* "S* -,* >• A* A» —— T"
- We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundnry Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Downey's. Cigar Store
A C'omn.ktk Stock op
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh < <uniilgnntent of
Received Weekly.  .
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
Kntur Honing a Speola-i T.
Suits to Order M8 iWrd
I We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the enst. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
II Our spring stock of Scotch Tweeds and English Worsteds is totter than ever. Tliey are the best you can buy.
We guarantee you the best made clothes 111 the country
at the lowest prices. We always have men • that know
their business making these clothes Cal and see our
goods and prices. We want your trade, and we can give
you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the Reliable lailor
Billheads and Statements,
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
I,odge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars-aiwl Placards,
Bill** nf   Fare and Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding   Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
•if     .    ■
C*C\C\T% PPIlMTIlMfi—tl,c kind *e A°—u '*' itself
V.l\.»yi/ HVILHILIVI sn advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate on vour order.
We guarantee satisfaction. 	
%\p §tm frtnt Stoop
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator .never falls. Then
iceedlngly powerful la regulating the
portion ol the female lyetem, Helena
imitations. Dr. A* T*af* ara sold at
aaauacaj »vf mu, _,_,_>_£.--■
M. Cstterlass, Omt,


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