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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Nov 1, 1912

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 Kettle Valley Orchardist
[Or.a. c
$1.00 PER YEAR
Grand Forks Poultry fShow Will Be
Held in This City on December
4 and 5, 1912
1. This Exhibition will be held according to the
rules of the American I'oultry Association, and will
be judged by Comparison System. '•
2. Alt entries must he made on blanks furnished
by the Assoeiation. No entries will be received
unless aecompanied by the entrance fee Entrance
fees as follows; Each single specimen, 25c; exhibition pen, $1.00 each; ornamentals, 5Uo. per pair;
pigeons, 25c. each; utility pens, tl 00; dressed
poultry shown in pairs, 25c. per pair; .eggs (1 dozen)
per entry, 50c. Exhibitors must specify class and
section number under which entries are mnde
3. Id every olass, if in tbe opinion of the Judge
a bird is not worthy of a 1st prize, it shall be placed
accordingly; but no prize shall le withheld simply
because of uo competition.
4. Birds in exhibition pens are eligible to compete as single specimens if additional entry fee is
paid as under Rule No 2.    All birds entered as a pen
; must be distinctly specified by exhibitor.
5. All birds must be addressed to the Secretary
I of the Grand Forks Poultry and Pet Stook Associa-
I tion. Transportation charges on all exhibits muat
i be prepaid by the owners* At the close of the Show
I they will be returned as directed by the owners.
During the Exhibition the Superintendent
I will have full charge of all birds entered.
7. Persons wishing to aell exhibits may place a
I price thereon, and the Superintendent will endeavor
[tosell the same at the price stated. Ten per cent.
■ will be claimed by the Association aa commission.
8. The Association doea not hold itself responsible
Ifor losses or accidents of any kind to specimens.
Coops will be provided for all exhibits except
|Pet Stoek.   All exhibits will be fad and cared for
■at the expense of the Association during the period
of the Show.
10. All protests must be handed in to the
oratory ia writing within 12 hours after the awards
|for that class have been made, and must be accom-
anied by a deposit of 15.00.   If after the matter
i been.thoroughly investigated by the Executive,
lthe protest is uot sustained, the deposit shall be
11. The latest "American Standard uf Perfection" will govern the Judge in all recognised
12. All birds entered must be branded with a
|iumbered leg band.
13. Entries will close on November 30th, 1912,
Ind no entries will be received after that date.
14. All exhibits mnst be in the show room by
ember 4th, at 8 A.M.
15. Any  rules not herein set forth shall be in
ordance with the rules adopted by the American
I'oultry Association.
1. All dressed poultry shown must have been
Iwned hy- the exhibitor at least three weeks previous
■ the show, and shall be labelled with the name of
tie bieed to which it belongs
Poultry must be exhibited undrawn and
athers ahall not be plucked from the head nor from
he upper portion of the neck.
3. All birds must have been thoroughly fasted,
nd no bird will be allowed to compete if feed is in
Prizes:—1st, $1 00; 2nd, 75o ; 3rd, 60c.
4. Eggs shall be labelled with the name of the
.ru 11 of the breed by which they were laid, and
still have heen laid by fowls owned by exhibitor.
5. Prizes for egg exhibits in each of three tissues,
it,! Brown   shell,  white shell, and tinted   ahell:
it, $2 00; 2nd, $1.00; 3rd, 50c.
The following is the score card for judging eggs:
1.   Freshness......  40
2 Quality of contents  15
3 Cleanliness and neatness of display 15
4. Size  15
5. Uniformity of shape and color  10.
6. Texture of shell    5
17. Wyandottes, Blaok
18. Wyandottes, Buff
19. Wyandottes, Silver
20. Wyandottes, White
21. Wyandottes, Part
22. Wyandottes, Colum
Javas, Black
Javas, Mottled
Rhode Island Reds,
8. C.
R. 1. Reds, R. C.
35. Games, White Cornish
36. Ganns, Sumatra Black
Games, White Laced
Games, Birchen
Games, Red Malay
-Two or more eggs may be broken.
I Premiums  will he awarded  in classes for lie<t
|sok (Section 1), Hen (Seotion 2), Cockerel (Section
, Pullet (Section 4).   Prizes in each Section to le
j follows!
JPrizes*-Single birds,  1st, • 1.00; 2nd, 75o; 3rd, p %   .-.       ,   ,„
lie; 4th, ribbon.   In all sections of fowls where Pr,M8'•at-,l'W> 3nd* 80c'   •
lere are ten entries or over the prizes will be:   1st, I '     special prize list.
9. Plymouth Rocks,
10. Plymouth Rocks,
11. Plymouth Rocks,
12. Plymouth Rocks,
Silver Pencilled
13. Plymouth Rocks,
14. Plymouth Rocks,
15. Wyandottes,Golden
16. Wyaudottes, Silver
29   Games, Black Red.
30. Ganies, Brown Red
31. Games, Duckwing      36.
Golden .37,
52. Games, Duckwing
Stiver 38
33. Games, Pyle 39,
34. Games, Dark Cornish 40. Games, Pitgames
41. Leghorns, R C.White 49. Spanish, White Faced
42. Leghorns, S.C. White 60. Minorcas, S.C. Black
43. Leghorns, Black         51. Minorcas, R.C. Black
44. Leghums,RC Brown 52. Minorcas, White S.C.
45. Leghorns, S C Brown 53. Andalusians, Blue
46. Leghorns, S C. Buff   54. Ancouas,-R.C.
47. Leghorns, R.G Buff  55. Anconas, S C.
48. Leghorns, R.C. Silver
56. Dorkings, SilverGrey 60. Orpingtons, Buff
57. Dorkings, Colored 61. Orpingtons, Black
Dorkings, White 62. Orpingtons, White
Redcaps                     63 English, A. O. V.
Houdans 66. La Fleche
Creve Coeurs 67. FaveroI.es
Polands, W. C. B.     72. Polands, Golden
Poland, Golden Non- Bearded
Bearded 73. Polands,SilverBeard'd
Polands, Silver Non- 74. Polands, White
Bearded Bearded
Polands,White Non  75. Polands, Buff Laced
Bearded Bearded
76. Bamburgs, G. S.       79, Hamburgs, S. P.
77. Hamburgs, S. S.       80. Hamburgs, Black
78. Hamburgs; G. P.       81. Hamburgs, White
82. Exhibition Pen—Entry fee $1.00; 1st prize,
£3.00; 2nd prize, $2.00. Pen to consist of one
male and three females.
83. Utility Pen—Entry fee, $1.00; 1st prize,
$5.00; 2nd prize, /3.00. Following varieties may
compete: All Rocks, all Wyandottes, all Reds, all
Orpingtons. Birds entered as single specimens or
as exhibition pens can not compete in Utility Pens.
Pen to consist of one male and four females.
Basis of judging above elass will be:
First—Flesh forming qualities.
Second—Egg producing qualities.
Third—Condition and constitutional vigor,
Fourth—Type and color.
84. Egg and Broiler Production Pen—Entry fee,
$1.00. Pen consists of one male and four females.
First prize, $4.00; second prise, $2 00. All Mediterranean and French classes may compete.
Entry fee, single bird, 25c. Prizes, for both male
and females, 1st, $1.00; 2nd, 75c; 3rd, 50c.; 4th,
ribbon. '
85. Turkeys, Bronze, old   87. Turkeys, White
86. Turkeys, Bronze, young 88. Turkeys, A. O. V
Entry fees and prizes same as for turkeys.
89. Geese, Toulouse 91. Geese, Chinese
90. Geese, Einbden 92. Geese, A. O. V.
DUCKS.     :
Entry fees and prizes same as tor turkeys.
93 Ducks, Rouen 95. I)-icks,Iiidian Runner
94. Duoks, Pekin 96   Ducks, A. O. V.
Entry fee, 25c. each. Prizes, 1st, $1.00; 2nd
75c; 3rd, 50c; 4th, ribbons.
97. Classes will be provided for all standard
98. Entry fee, single bird, 25c, Classes will be
provided for all standard varieties. Prizes, 1st, 50
per cent of entry fees; 2nd, 25 per cent of entry fees.
99. Entry fee, 25c. Classes will be provided for
all standard varieties. Prices, 1st, 50 per cent of
entry fees; 2nd, 25 per cent of entry fees.
100. Entry fee, 50c.   To be shown  in  pairs.
Glasses will be provided for all standard  varieties
.50; 2nd, $100; 3rd, 75c; 4th, 50c.
Brahmas, Light
Brahmas, Dark
Cochins, Buff
Cochins, Partridge
5. Cochins, Black
6. Cochins, White
7. Langshangs, Black
8. Langshangs, White
All exhibitors competing for Special Prizes must
I bo members of the Grand Forks Poultry and Pet
Stoek Association (membership fee $1.00).
In all Sweepstake Prizes the following conditions
will rule where there is competion, except where
otherwise stated: First prize to count 4 points,
second 8 points, third 2 points, fourth 1 point.   In
classes where there is no competition first prize will,
count 2 poiuts, second prize 1  point, third  prize J
point, and fourth prize J point,
1. Best Pen Exhibited (any variety)—Smith
Trophy,, by ti. E.bmith, Kingston, Ont. Won 1910
by A. D. Morrison, Grand Forks; 1911, J. T. Nopp,
2. Best Display of Poultry ^any single variety)
—Mair'risnn Cup, by A. D, Morrison, Grand Forks.
Won 1911 by J. A. McCalluin
3. Best Barred Rocks—Davis Cup, by Jeff
Davis & Co., Grand Forks. Won 1911 by Mrs.
Harbinson, Phoenix
4. Best Pen While Raicks—Dunlop Cup, by
Dunlop Tire <fc Rubber Goods Co, Ltd., Vancouver.
Won 1011 by E. E   W. Mills, Grand Forks.
5 Best White Wyandottes, Canadian Cup, by
Canadian Consolidated Rubber Co, Ltd .Vancouver.
Won 1911 by Mrs. W. B. Cinhrane.
6. Best Pen Silver Pencilled Wyandottes—
Grand Forks Hotel Cup, by M Frankovitch, Grand
Fork..    Won 1911 by J. A. McCallum.
7. Be»t Pen Rhode Island Reds, S.C—Leo
Mader Cup.
* 8   Best Pen  Rhode Island Reds, R.C.—Moving
Piuture Cup, by disprove A McAstocker.
9. Best Pen Buff Orpingtons—.Mclnnes Cup, by
N L. Mclnnes & Co., Grand Forks. Won 1911 by
J. T. Nopp, Chesaw.
10. Best Pen White Orpingtons—Mann Drug
11. Best Pen Black Orpingtons—Standard Sil-
verplate Cup, by Standard Silverplate Co., Toronto
12. Best Pen White Leghorns, S.C.—Province
Hotel Cnp, by E. Larsen, Grand Forks. Won 1911
by T. Bowen, Grand Forks.
12a. Best Pen Black Minorcas, S.C.—Don
Manly Cup, by Don Manly, Grand Forks.
13. Best Pen Houdans—Mills Cup, by E. E. W,
Mills, Grand Forks.
14. Best Pair Game Bantams—8 Cartons Soap,
by W.J. Pendray Co., Victoria.
15. Best Pair  Bantams (any other   variety)
Cigars, by AllenMt Bugbee.
For the best Cock, Hen, Cockerel and Pullet, in
each class, the following Specials will be awarded:
16. Barred Rocks—5 lb. tea, by Tetley Tea Co.
17. White Rocks—Brass Umbrella Stand, by G.
M. Fripp.
18. White Wyandottes—Special, by J. A. McCallum.
19. Silver Pencilled Wyandottes—Lamp, by
A ss oci n t io n
20 Rhode Island Reds, S.C—Rye, by W. J.
21. Rhode Island Reds, R.C—Medal, by Association.
22. White Orpingtons—Special, by S. H. Clauson,
23. Buff Orpingtons—Special, by J. P. Flood.
24. Black Orpingtons—Medal, by Association,
25. White Leghorns, S.C—Smoking Set, by H.
E. Woodland & Co.
26. White Leghorns, R.C—Celery Dish, by As
27. Buff Leghorns—Clock, by Rowland & Parker,
28. Brown Leghorns—Special, by C Peterson,
Pacific Hotel,
29. Langshangs—Clock, by Rowland J. Parker,
30. Black Minorcas, S.C.—Modal,by Association,
31. Houdans—Cane, by A, D. Morrison.
32. Hamburgs—Pipe, by Fred Downey.
33. Best Cockerel in the Show—Winnipeg Hotel
Cup,    Won in 1911 by J. T. Nopp,
34. Best Cock in the Show—Model Livery Barn
Cup. Won in 1911 by T. Bowen.
35. Best Cock, Hen, Cockerel and Pullet in Show
—The Ellis Cup, by TheEllis Co., Toronto,
36. Best Cock, Hen, Cockerel and Pullet in Utility
Class, owned by one Exhibitoi—Cut Glass Water
Jug, by T, Bowen.
37. Best Utility Pen in Show—Mayor's Cup, by
Mayor R, Oaw.
38. Best Broiler and Kgg Producing Pen—Mc-
Kim's Cup, by A, S, McKim,
39. Best Cockerel, hied, raised and owned hy any
member of the Grand Forks Poultry Association—
The Edwards Cup, by Judge Thomas Edwards,
40. Best Pen of American Birds, bred in Grand
Forks District—Cut Glass Special, by Pacific Coast
Importing Co.
41. Beat Pen of 1912 Birds, bred and raised from
stock owned in Grand Forks District—Silver Watch,
by Hamilton Watch Co., Hamilton.
42. Best Pen of Birds in Show—Messrs. McNeil
& Henniger donated cash prize, 1st $10,00, 2nd
$5,00, the donors to select the judges.
43. Best Pair of Dressed
Spuds, by Hubert F. Broad.
44. Best Pair of Ducks in Sho*—8 Cartons of
Soap, by W. J. Pendray, Victoria.
Awards of Specials numbered 2, and 16 to 32 in.
elusive, will be made according to points scored. Alj
other awards - tor Specials will be decided by the
Note—All members of the Grand Forks Poultry
and Pet Stock Association will be considered as competing for all Specials, whether they so specify or
not on entry blanks.
Grand Forks Curling Club
Will Elect Skips Next
Monday Night
A meeting of tbe Grand Forks
Curling club will be beld in the city
ball Monday evening, November 4,
at 8 p.m., lor tbe purpose of electing skips and to transact otber general business.
The Greenwood Curling club has
elected the following officers: President, Norman McLeod; vice president, J. L. Coles; secretary, P. H.
McCurrach; managing committee,
Dr. MacLean, Capt. Gordon, K. C.
B. Frith and J. D. McCreath. The
club will have ten new members this
Shoes of Skeleton Still Good
The following item, from the
Vancouver Province, is a very good
advertisement for a Grand Forks
The belief that the skeleton found
recently on a vacant lot on Seymour
street is tbat of Edward Follis, who
lived here nineteen years ago, is being strengthened with each- additional bit of evidence the police
glean. An inquest on the skeleton
was to have been held at Mack
Bros.' yesterday afternoon at 3,
but it has been postponed until
some time next week, in order to
gather additional evidence. The
latest development is the supposition
that the shoes whioh were found
with the skeleton, and which were
of a solid, home-made style, in a
good state of preservation, were
made by a shoemaker named Wm.
Dinsmore, who made practically all
of Vancouver's shoes in those days,
and wbo is still living at Grand
Forks. Mack Bros, deny the report
that when found the skeleton was
sawn in pieces, although ihey say it
bas fallen apart so badly lhat parts
of it are missing.
A. B. Docksteader, of Nelson,
died on Wednesday at the home of
bis brother, W. H. Docksteader, in
Leo Mader, Elmer Rice and Andy
Peterson returned last Saturday
from Franklin camp, where they
spent three or four weeks developing their mineral properties. Four
dead deer accompanied them home.
W. A. Cooper returned on Mon'
day from the International Dry
Farming congress al Lethbridge,
Born—In Grand Forks, on Monday, October 28, to Mr. and Mrs.
T. A. Love, a daughter.
E. E. Gibson and his brother, F.
M. Gibson, of Revelstoke, returned
on Wednesday from at automobile
tour through the Okanagan country.
Poultry—5 Sacks of i "fi,*, inter gentleman left for bis
' home in Revelstoke the following
Thomas Jewel has erected a cottage on the flat near the Cooper
P. J. Cook has been elected president ot the Phoenix Conservative
sre entirely different from
others both in their composition and their effect—«emple.e
evacuation without purine or
25c. a box at yoia.4.uggist's.
The sanily haired little man was
quite a joker.
He said to the boys in the lobby
the other night: I've got the best
story you ever heard on the male suffragettes.     It's a scream.
Go ahead and tell lt, Plnkey, said
one of the listeners.
All rlg'it, the sandy haired man responded; then he chuckled and looked around. Maybe I'd better ask
first If there's any male suffragette
In the party.
A big man with thick shoulders, a
heavy lower law and large, knotted
hands, crowded a little closer.
I'm one ot 'em, be said. Let's
hear the story.
But just at that moment Plnkey
fancied he saw a friend over near
the big doors and hurried away.
And the scream remains untold.
Corporal Mechanics
The tnotor-'bus snorted slowly along
the street, gave three loud groans, and
(topped with a jerk right opposite the
The driver got off, hurriedly dived
beneath the bonnet, and tben, throwing himself on the ground, crawled
underneath the 'bus.
After a while, he came out again,
and, wltb a confident smile, attempted
to restart the engine. But no, the
engine wouldn't go.
Then he glared at the silent. ma-
i-nlne and scratched his head, and his
mouth worked as it be communed
with himself.
A cabby silently took his whip out
of the socket, and, crossing to the infuriated man, held lt out to him.
'Ere y'are, mate', he said, with a
ghost of a smile.     'It 'lm!
I can't .'nderstand why you wish to
lavish your affection on a dog. Why
don't you r.dopt a child.
Oh, I should be afraid to become
fond of a child. It It should die
one couldn't have it stuffed and put
In a corner cf the library, you know,
Eczema Always
Burning and Itching
Used Bo* ol Cuticura Ointment and
It Completely Disappeared.
"! hsve suffered from ectema for two jean.
The trouble betas on one arm where then
sppeued a red spot of about * five-cent ilee,
and it Always widened, sll the time itching
snd burning. Tbe Bnt dij> I didn't cue,
but seeing that It coined In site, 1 tried
— Ointment and Ointment, but both
«iihout success. It wai always burnins snd
ilebing. Bavins seen in the newspaper the
advertisement of tbe Cuticura _lemed.es, I
tried a little, snd seeing thst It improved,
I bouiht a box of tbo Cuticura Ointment.
Alter hating used one box, my enema completely diiappeemd. Tho Cuticura Ointment
sbould bo kept la every home." (Signed)
K. Otllguy, Marieville, Que., Jan. 14,1911.
A Generation of Success
For more than a generation Cuticura Soap
and Cuilcuia Ointment bare afforded tho
apeedleti and moet economical treatment fot
Itching, burning, scaly and bleeding akin and
scalp humors, of young aad old. A single
set It often tufflcleni. Bold by druggists
and dealen everywhere. .For a liberal sample
of Cutiruta Soap and Ointment, post-free
wllb _i:-p. book on tkln eruptions, tend to
Potter Drug * litem. Corp., wl* props., St
Columbus Are,, Botloe. U. 8. A.	
An eminent scientist, the other day,
gave his opinion that the most wonderful .discovery of recent years was
the discovery of Zam-Buk. Just
think! As soon as a single thin layer of Zam-Buk ls applied to a wound
or a sore, such injury ls Insured
against blood poison! Not one species of microbe has been found that
Zam-Buk does not kill!
Then a^aln. As suon as Zam-Buk
is applied to a sore, or a cut, or to
skin dl tease, lt stops the smarting.
That Is why children are such friends
of Zam-Buk. They care nothing for
the science of the thing. All they
know is that Zam-Buk stops their pain.
Mothers should never forget this.
Again. As soon as Zam-Buk Is applied to a wound or to a diseased
part, the cells beneath the skin's surface are so stimulated that new
healthy tissue Is quickly formed.
This forming of fresh healthy tissue
from below Is Zam-Buk's secret of
healing. The tissue thus formed ls
worked up to thi? surface and literary
casts off the diseased tissue above
it. This is why Zam-Buk cures, are
Only the other day Mr. Marsh, of
101 Delorlmler Ave., Montreal, called
upon the Zam-Buk Co., and told them
that for over twenty-flve years he
had been a martyr to eczma. His
hands were at one time so covered
with sores that he had to sleep In
gloves. Pour years ago Zam-Buk
was introduced to him and in a few
months lt cured him. To-day—over
three years after his cure of a disease he had for twenty-flve years—he
ls still cured, and has had.no trace ot
any return ot the eczma!
All druggists sell Zam-Buk at 60c.
box, or we will send free.trial box
If you send this advertisement and a
lc. Btamp (to pay return postage).
Address Zam-Buk Co., Toronto.
18o • Tin.
am'. lm<A*m tool ,o. wits a sleet -al'-etlea
amp i. a. oBioiMi. su mst uitD
•LUltn.   WUI x-xxeM tiMM aal statist
W. N. U. 916
The Lighthouse on Bird Rocks
The life ot the lighthouse keeper
is a dreary and monotonous one. There
are among the many stations along
the Canadian Atlantic seaboard a
number of isolated and barren places
on which lt ds necessary to maintain
lighthouses for the guidance of the
mariner. One of them Is Bird Rocks,
Bltttale about ten miles from Magdalen iBland In the Gulf of St. Law.
rence. The rock ls 140 feet above
sea level, of solid red slate and does
not possess enough soil to grow a
peck of potatoes. It is the haunt
of Innumerable sea birds and the home
of the UghPkeeper. • To reach the
top of the rock one haB to climb a
perpendicular ladder 130 feet In
During the month ot March last
the Halifax steamer Seal, tben hunting for seals, observed the flag at the
light station half-mast. Captain Farquhar forced the vessel through the
hoary Ice to the barricade of ice
which was between forty and fifty
feet high, and on climbing the ladder
found the inhabitants—one woman,
one young man and a little girl—in
deep distress. The llghtkeeper.'s
body was In an outhouse. , He was
drowned two days previously" while
duck shooting. The Seal took the
body to Magdalen Islands for burial
and the widow took up the duties of
tending thc ight. '
Mis. Bxirque is not likely to see
another visitor's race until the government steamer arrives there during
the summer with the regular supplies.
Hers Is a weary vigil, a lonesome life,
- Necessary to Go
Yes, I really must go tomorrow.
You can Just as well stay till Monday.
But the folks are expecting me.
Telegraph them lhat you're going
to stay.
I'm sorry, but if I stay I'm liable
to lose $1,000 on that deal 1 told you
Oh, pshaw, the deal cau wall a few
My manager has written me lhat
my business needs my attention.
Yes, but he ls only afrsld to assume
a little responsibility. The business
will be all right.
There Is an Important rawing of
the directors that I really imisf at
Oh, they'll get along all right without you.
You know how much I'd like stay,
but the fact Is my railroad ticket runs
out tomorrow.
Well, In that case. 1 suppose you
will have to go. Bc sure and come
up to see us again in a month or two.
The Other View
William M. Chase al the recent sale
of Mb pictures in New York, Bald to a
Yes, these are all good things-
things collected with great care. You
can't comment on them aa the teacher once commented on the pupil's
drawing. I draw what 1 see, the pupil said complacently. Well, the
thock will come, the teacher answered,
when yfoti see what yon have drawn.
Hold ye' head high when you meet
Thouble an' let him pass on, complain-
In' dat you ls too proud to recei-nlze
him. '	
Irate Father—I'm getting tired of
this nonsense. You've been engaged
to that young man for six months.
Does he ever Intend to marry you?
Daughter—You must have patience,
pap'a.     Remember, he's an actor.
Irate Father—What has that to do
with It?
Daughter—Why, he's fond of long
A Promoter of Peace
Teacher—Johnny, what is the name
ot the city where peace ts promoted?
Johnny—Reno, ma'am.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury,
ai mercurr will surelf destroy tbe ream el smell
anal complete'? durance the whole system when
entertne It Ibrotieb the mucous surfaces. Sueh
Sltieles should never be used except ea prtecrip-
tions from reputable physicians, aa toe damage they
will do to ten told to tbe good you eau possibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manure.lured
by F. J. ftaeufy _fc Co.. Toledo, o.. contains no mer-
-ury. aad to taken Internally, anting directly upon
the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. IB
buying Hall's Catarrh Cure be sun you let tht
genuine, lt a taken li'tcrnally and mads ta Toledo
Ohio, by F. J. Cheney * Co. TeatlmootB-t tree.
Sold by Druis—a. Price, lie. per bottle
I'laae Hall's FassUy ruin (or eooeutatta..,
Phrenologist—Dear me, your bump
of destructlveneBB is very large. Are
you a soldier?
Customer—No,  I'm  a  chauffeur!
It Is in Demand.—So great Is the
demand for Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil
that a large factory is kept continually busy making and bottling it. To
be in demand shows popular appreciation of this preparation, whtit'i
stands at the head ot proprietary
compounds as tbe leading Oil ln the
market, and lt is generally admitted
that it Is deserving of the lead.
Mental Treatment
The cyclist who's Just come In wants
new-laid eggs with his tea. Cackle a
bit while I run over to the Btore.
Mlnsrd's Liniment Cures Diphtheria,
Complete Referm
My wife married me to reform me.
Did she succeed?
Yes, thoroughly, I wouldn't mar.
ry again if I lived to be as old as Me-
Only the uninformed endure the
agony of corns. The knowing ones
apply Holloway's Corn Cure and get
Still Wilh Us
A member of the firm that published tiie original edition of 'Uncle Tom's
Cabin' has Just died. But the girl
who played Little Eve when the story
was first staged Is still playing the
TheOld Reliable
Horse Remedy
_^_Lfl thousanm L»
^■\«   A  oltarmert aB]^B
*******m *'"' '>or,c|',cn ^Hfl
^^Kajl have saved money ^Hl|H
V I by using   Ken- Vs*W**W*
and liorsericn
have saved money
by u s I n g Ken-
Isr Spavins, Curb, Ringbone, Splint, Bony
Growths snd Lameness from many other
causes. These men know tbat Kendall's
h a money taver tnd a hone taver. Wa
can prove It by thousands of
OrateM Utter* Frets Uaora
I.ANonus. s.-.sa„ Dec. i.th, 1911.
'I have a large stock of horses and am a
_._r of Kendalls Spavin Cure. I mutt aay
tliat I alwaya had the beat satisfaction from
Its use, and can recommended It to any
borse owner." JOSEPH prtJKB.
Pionon -.aim, Mau. Dec. :4th, 1911.
"I hnve used Kendall's Spavin Cure for
flveyears. I find it a aure cure for Spavins."
Price $1 per bottle-* bottles ft. Ask
dratftst lor free book "Treatise on the
Horae" or write tons. 73
Dr. B. 3. Ke_M.aU Compaay
Bi nl ms Me, Voiaeort. U. S. A.
Any man addicted to the drink habit can banish his craving for
alcoholic stimulants forever.
The Drink Habit Can Be Cured
No   Hypodermic   Injections.    No bad after offsets. Completely removes all traces of alcohol from the system
Write  us today for full Information.
405 Broadway, Winnipeg
2244- Smith St., Regina 820 Thirteenth Ave., W., Calgary
More About
The Loading Platform
The presint ge.ieritlon ot Westers farmers will never know ths
difficulties and viatic ns experienced hy their predecessors In ths
earlier years wh6D no one could get .a carload of grain shipped Ib
bulk except ty lotdiiig It through an elevator. The system forced
the majority of farmers to sell their grain to the elevator owners
at. arbitrary pries, and oft times to submit to heavy dockage and.
other annoyances, causing continual dissatisfaction. Now however
the distribution 0! .ars as flxed by ths Grain Act, and the use of tha
loading platform, provide facilities wbisi enable the farmer to securs
satisfactory ireat.at.nt in the disposal of his grain, and the highest
market prices at time cf sals. Every f&.-mer therefore, should mors
and more e'ideavnr to uss ths loading pit .firm In shipping his grain
to the terminal elevators. It Is the safeguard of the farmers' freedom In disposing of his grain to* the best advantage for himself. If
farmers refrain Irom using the loading platform freely. It might result In Its being dane away with, becaure railway companies and
elevator owners ars strongly opposed to It. It Is easy to understand why "levator people desire the leHIng platform abolished.
The railway ieople on their part ssy li delays the loading of cars
aud helps to cause car shortage. This we know to be nonsense,
becauss frequently after cars ars loaded whether with grain, coal
lumber or other merchandise, they are sidetracks'. for days and even
weeks Instead of being promptly moved forward to destination. It
Is engine s'.in-Hago -ind shortage of competent trail, men that mostly
causes grain 1 loc.kr.de.-i on railways and :.ot lack of cars. Let every
farmer therefore, dl aii he can to use to loading platform and become an l-nde.pe.ideit shipper. In subsequent advertisements we
will state In detail the savings and other advantages of direct loading Into cars compared flth loading thi nigh elevators.
Ws handle the farmers grain strictly on commission, make liberal
advances on car bills of lading, supervls- the grading at time cars
are Inspected, se.uro the highest price 1 at time ot sale and make
prompt returns w>-.en sold. Writs us for shipping Instructions ant
market Information.
Thompson Sons & Company
"I have a money-saving in** ention--
handy granaries to allow Hold threshing over your farm. More them about
each year.   You save long hauls at
harvest time.  In
spring you scatter
small straw stacks
—no, burning of
"These pantries comt la compact
bundles. A boy can set up and boll
•ns together in a few hours. Four
padlocks protect the grain. Separator
delivery into a spout en the side or
into roof manhole—tans work during threthln(. Yeur grain Is protected
from vermin, wet and thlevtt. 18(11
itwhtn you art ready, loading direct
from the granary into your wagon,
or bagging it,   Se musty er heated
£aln. SJ Get my granary and be in-
pendent of elevators fer telling.
Sell at the highest price, no matter
how lone yeu store your grain.
The Pedlar Granary protects yen."
"Write me (or mr bookiet. It shows lust prattabte air
Granary is even on a siatte quarter-section farm. . Vie.
it fot 1912.   Tbt Book Tell, el Bis Money (or Vou."
Writ.toS-eisU,Nets OSHAWA. ONT.
wmnna <._u«a*t m-ramoH
niMttardSt.   Craw. Black     H)MSt.W.
I.isb eh.
Full Mens ure
Oirsct your Inquiry to ths Pedlar pla ea nearest you    They will   MIIWM
yeu promptly and   save yeu time
The Ptdlar Gransry Is flre-proef.   Think whet thet means! r.
A i-tyo  Safe  Investment
Mftney returned at end of one year
or at end of any subsequent year, on
CO days' notice If desired.    .
The above security ls the best Industrie I ever offered In Canada. Business established 27 years.
'iCyrite at once for particulars.
National Securities Corporation Ltd
. Conlefl.-ration Life Building, Toronto
The Central Business College, Toronto, with four City branch Bchools.
The Central Telegraph and Railroad
School aud The Shaw Correspondence
Schoo.. are now commonly known aB
"Shaw's Schools." In these schools
a (treat work ls being done ln training
young people for business pursuits
and for earning good salaries. The
annual curriculum is interesting and
-is mailed free on sending request to
W. H. Shaw. President, Toronto, Ont.
i\t sunburn, windburn, cracked lips,
chaps, roughness or irritation after
shaving, try
Witch Hazel Cream
x  US creamy ingredients soothe and soften
the outer skin, whllo the Witch Hazel
penetrates and heals the deeper tissues.
Delightful after shaving or washing.
25c. a bottle, at your druggist's,
•f Canada, Liautod. 187
Beak Tree.    A ei-B*1e
8aa_e treata-tat resaeveS
ta».ra_s this lady'a breast
OU aarea, ulcere aad
Srawtka carta.   Daaeribe
rear livable i sara will aaad beak aaa* teatisaoalala.
Maypole Soap
Gives rich..
cejois, fadeless ia sua
ot suds. Dyescottos,
tlfc, woolor miitwaa.
list it yourself al
bane. No trouble—
nana. 24 colors—
I Will sin any shade.
' Cola.ilOc.blsd 15c.
at youi Jealer's ol
postpaid with booklet
."How lo Dye" boa
_'   F. I BEKMCTJ_ SO. Moetml
Camilla to Kuglnntl ami Continent.
BliuricM route to Isonclun on U'.uoi)
Ton Floatlng-Pulacen.
Next Sailing   from Montreal
"Royal Edward" Octobor 2nd and
' October 30th
"Royal Oeorge" October 16th -ind
November 13th
Xms Sailing—From Halifax
"Royal  Edward"—November 27th.
."Royal Oeorpe"—December Uth
Further Information from any rail
or ateainship agent, or write.
*    A. H. DAVIS, Gen. Agent.
272 Main Street. .. . .Winnipeg
the vslue of good looks—of ■ fine complexion, a skin free from blemishes,
bright eyes and a cheerful demeanor.
Many of them know, also, what it means
to be free from headaches, bin-., ache*
lassitude and extreme nervousness,
because many have learned the value of
<> tiie most reliable aid to better phys-
i test condition. Beecham'e Pills have
sn uncounted reputation because thev
act so mildly, but so certainly and M
beneficially. By clearing the system,
regulating the bowels and liver, they
tone the stomach and Improve the
digestion. Better feelings, better looks,
better spirits follow the use of Beech-
em's nils so noted the world over
For Their
Good Effects
especially tbould read tke dlrectieaa
With everr bot.
are best to buy because of quality of output
and dependability for  LONG,   HARD service.
*^ tweet, refreshes the farmer who
builds a
\=^- Concrete Well or Tank
'"pHE FARMER, above all others, appreciates good water.   He drinks
* more water than the city man.   The city-dweller is dependent upon
the public water-supply for the purity of his water, while the farmer can
have his own private source of water, and thus be sure that it is pure .
and healthful.
[AN hasn't found a better drink than cool water, properly collected and stored.   But in order to keep
water fresh and pure, a tank or well casing that will keep out every possible impurity must be used.
IT  it abiolutely water-tight,  protecting your water from seepage of all 'T'lIEBEare flcore-ofotherii-esforconcreteonyourfarm—on every firm. If     «■
kinds.   It cannot  rot or crumble.   It ii easily cleaned inside.    Time * you wouldlikctoknovarofthem, write forourbook, "What the Farmer Can      fsM
and water, in.tead of causing it to decay, actually make it stronger. Do With Concrete."   The book is absolutely free. H
fytlR Farmers' Information De-
^ pariment will help you to decide
how I. build anything, from a porch-
llept.alil.. The service Is free-
you don't even have to promise to
build. When In doubt ask the Information Department.
Addrsti Publicity Maaager
Canada Cement Company
riTHENyou go to buy cement
" be eure thai Ihis label te on
every bar and barret. Then
yiu know you an gelling thi
cement lhat thi farmers of
Canada have found 1. be thi
Reason Enough
Barber—Did your mother say I was
fo give you a close crop?
Boy—No, but I got a teacher who
pulls hair.
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Garget In
Nellie—Is that fellow of yours, ever
going to get up tiie coufage to propose?
Belle—I guess not. lie's like an
hour glass.
Nellie—An hour glass?
Belle—Yes, the morttlme he gets
the less sand he.has.**
As Far as He Had Traced It
Can yon tell me where this road
leads to? asked the man In the automobile.
No, replied the farmer. I understand you can reach Chicago by following it. but I couldn't tell you
where it goes after that.
The transition from winter's cold
to summer's heat frequently puts a
strain upon the system that produces internal complications, always
painful and often serious. A common,
form of disorder is dysentery, to
which many are prone in the spring
and summer. The very best medicine to use In subduing this painful
aliment Is Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial. It Is a standard remedy, sold everywhere,
Yes, said the small boy to the reporter, who was looking for sonic
news to put ln Ills paper, mother fell
downstairs aud brorte three legs.
Pshaw! What are you giving me,
youngster? cried the reporter. Don't
be too funny. Your mother hasn't
got three legs.
I didn't sny she had, retorted the
wicked boy. Tlte legs belonged to
a table which mother fell against. She
wasn't hurt at all.
At flrst signs of illness during the
hot weather, give tlio little ones
Baby's Own Tablets, or in a fen-
hours he may be beyond cure. These
Tablets will prevent summer complaints if given occasionally no the
well child and will promptly cure
these troubles If they come on suddenly. Baby's Own TabletB should always be kept in every home wbere
there are young children. There Is
no other medicine so good and the
mother has the guarantee ot -j gov-
ernment analyst that Ihey are absolutely Bnfe. Mrs.. Clms. I.uplerre,
Les Bottles, Que., says:—"Baby's Own
Tablets are tho best medicine a mother can give her little ones and I always keep them In the house." The
Tablets are sold by medicine dealers
or by mall at'_.. cents a box from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Aunt Anna asked her little nephew
wbat he would like to give his cousin
for bis birthday.
I konw, he answered, but I ain't
big enough.
Recommends   Poatum   from
Personal Test.
JU*OpKF,O^THE gtlCtf
Rifle and Pistol ^Cartridges
Winchester cartridges sdapted to Winchester rifles are msde so as te (et
the best possible results out of them. As the same equipment, organisation and system are employed in making all Winchester cartridges, the
natural consequence Is that Winchester cartridges give the best retails in
all firearms. Winchester cartridges are made in calibers and aizes for all
rifles, revolvers and pistols.    Be sure te ask for the Red W Brand,
During the last few years the price
of raw produce ot farms in the United
Slates of America has rlseu by 36 per
Pupil (to schoolmaster) -Sir, would
you mind taking great rare how you
draw up my report? My parents suffer dreadfully from nerves.
Birj League Repartee
The baseball manager inspected the
applicant for a job.
Well, young man. he asked, what
can you do?
I c#n do something no oilier pitcher can. I'm a veutroioquist. lean
throw my voice.
Nothing doing, my son, The umpire would call a bawl on you every
W. N. U, 111
No one is better able to realize lhe
Injurious action of caffeine—the drug
In coffee—on the heart, than the doctor. Tea Is just as harmful as coffee because it, too, contains the d.ugj
When the doctor himself has been
relieved by simply leuilim oft coff>e
and using Postum lie can refer Willi
full conviction to bis own case.
A Mo. physician prescribes Postum
tor many of his patients because be
was benefited by it.     lie Bays:
"I wish to add my testimony in regard to that excellent preparation—
Postum. I have Ifkd functional or
nervous heart troubles for over IS
years, and a part of the time was
unable ta attend to my business.
"I was a moderate user of coffee
and did not think drinking it hurt
mie. But on stopping It and using
Postum Instead, my heart has got all
right, and I ascribe It lo the change
from coffee to Postum.    •
"I am prescribing lt now In cases of
sickness, especially when coffee does
not agree, or affects the heart,
nerves or stomach.
"When made right It has a much
better flavour than coffee, and is a
vital Bustainer of the system. I shall
continue to recommend It to our people, and I have my own case to refer
to." Name given by Canadian Postum Co., Windsor. Ont. Read tho
little book, "Tbe Road to Wellvllle,"
In pkgs.    "There's a reason."
Ever read the above letter? A
new one appears from time to time.
They ars genuine, true and full of
human Interest.
Asthma Brings Misery, but Dr. J.
D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy will replace the misery with welcome relief. Inhaled as smoke or vapor It
reaches the very inmost recesses of
Ihe bronchial passages and soothes
them.' Restrict Ion passes^and easy
breathing returns. It you knew as
well how tills remedy would help you
ns do thousands ot gratoful users,
thero would bo a packege In your
home to-night.     Try It.
Maud—Beatrix lias lost twenty
pounds lately; her new gowns are
perfect successes; her sweetheart proposed to her last night; her rich uncle died yesterday and left her a million, and now she has to go to his
funeral today and try to look sad.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper
Dollars Versus Heirs
Gibbs—In a way I've as much as
John D.
Dlbbs—Nonsense!      Why, Rockfel-
Ier has a dollar for every hair on your
Gibbs—Well, I'll bet I've a dollar
for every hair on his head.
"Wf '
A highgrade chew for
those who want something better than usual.
"Empire* Navy Plug" is
an exceptionally choice
chewing tobacco — rich,
tasty and lasting.
,You are sure to like
"Empire Navy Plug".
If You Have Failing
Have your eyes examined. Let us
show you how vastly improved our
glasses can make your vision. We
are expert optometrists, skilled in
the science of refraction. Examination free.
Jeweller and
(Sranfc Ufarka &mt
'ubll.herl at Orand Korku, Hrltlah Columhl
.. Bdltor and Publisher
A Hie ot thli paper ean be aeen at the offloe
.if Messra. B. A J. Hard; A Co., W, 11 arid 82.
Fleet Street, K.C, London. Bngland, free of
charge, and that Arm will ba glad to receive
aubaaeriutoiisiiiid advertisement* on onr be*
the following will show: "The statement appearing in tbe Naws Advertiser regarding supplying of stumping powder to settlers in this province is quite incorrect," states the
deputy minister of agriculture, VV.
G. Scott. "Stumping powder is not
supplied free to members of Farmers' institutes, but at a reduced price
of |5 per case at the factory. No
circular has been sent out by the
department of agriculture to tbal
F. M Sylvester, acting general
manager of tbe Granby eompany,
in an interview at Vancouver, states
that the directors of tbe company
bave authorized him to call for tenders immediately for the construction of the proposed smelter at
Oranby Bay, aB well as for machinery and equipment.
ajane Year 	
Une Year. (In advance)	
line Year, In I'nlled States .
.. 1.00
.. UD
Addre.s all aomniilnicatlunii to
Thb Bvbninq Sun,
Phonb R14 (.hand Fohks, II.C
FRIDA\,   NOVEMBER   1, 1912
"••Jextr.Hflaliy rift or Wilum, or
Roosevelt will be elected president of
tbe United Slates.
A German medical autborily
states that fifteen minutes' exposure
to the sun'B rays during an airship
ilight at high altitudes wlil kill the'
the tuberculosis germs in tbe man's
W. A. Cooper, delegate to the International Dry Farming Congress
at Lethbridge, says that tbe British
Columhia fruit exhibit was the centre of attraction, and that the building was too small to accommodate
the crows. The exhibit wns the best
ever made, nnd was a splendid advertisement forthe fruit growing in
duslry of the province. Tlie United
States government made an interesting exhibit nf machinery and
meteorological instruments.
A dispatch emanating from Vic
toria staled that stumping powder
would he furnished free by the
government te bnna-fide settlers,
and wns given prominence in several newspapersnf the province. It np-
peored in a recent issue of The Sun.
The  statement   was   erroneous  a^and Dulull
The funeral of the late Miss E.
Sampson, aged 18 years, of Danville, was held last Sunday. Interment was made in the Oddfellews'
cemetary in this city.
Tbe grading for the Cooper bridge
has been* completed, and pile-driving will be commenced tomorrow.
The  ranchers of the valley have
finished harvesting their fruit crcp.
Most Important tvents of
Past Week Told in Brief
Canadian Pacific railway employees refuse board of conciliation
by government.
Bulgarian soldiers begin investment ot Adriannple following tremendous success at other points.
Katmai volcano in Alaska feared
to be again in violent eruption.
General Dinz sentenced lo denth
bv couit ma 'ia1. according to a d s
patch from Mexico
Cuba faces crisis in affnirs of re.
public owing to discord over eled-
Secretary nf Iron Werkers' union,
whu followed Jim McNamara, said
tn have given Information against
defendshts in dynamite trial.
Wheat receipts for one div in
Winnipeg in ndvince of enhibineH
receipts of   Chicign,   Minneapolis
Our Wire Fencing i.s Bull-Strong, Hone-High end Pij|-
Come in and price our fencing wire, and we'll do busi-
uess with you.   You'll find our wire and our prices right. .
Whatever be your needs in Hardware, you'll lind our
store the place to supply those needs.
Toronto board of control decides
to act in defiance of ruling made by
privy council in favor of McKenzie
Vancouver higb school cadets ex,
pect to pay back all moneys borrowed.
Australia will mobilize 18,000 soldiers at Melbourne as a teet of efficiency of national defence scheme.
It is reported that .Scutari has
capitulated to the montenegrins.
Turkey decides to prosecute war
with utmost vigor.
Premier of France emphatic regarding France's determination to assist Great Britain in all matters of
European importance.
Hon. Lewis Harcourt welcomes
imperial scheme to further co operation between Britain and overseas
dominions in empire's defence.
Liberal lawyers arrested at Winnipeg after souffle in court are ac
quitted by Magistrate McDonald.
Report of leader of government
exploration party declares that tbere
nie wonderful possibilities for Ontario in Port Nelson if giveu railway
(Hall I ities.
Lady Mulock died al Toronto hospital after a painful operation.
Two members of theToronto garrison were killed and thirty-nine injured when Chicago flyer crashes
into troop train.
Sudden shift is made by Premier
Burden wben Louis Corderre is appointed secretary of state at meeting
of cabinet.
Special train provided by provincial government to spread scheme
of dry farming through Alberta.
Adrianople being surrounded, upon all sides, and determined attack
upon tbat city imminent. Turks are
slowly retiring from all positions and
European diplomats predict decisive
Lewis Harcourt declares that
friendly relations with Qermai y nie
improved, but adds tbat Great
Britain is determined to concentrate
power in North Sea.
President Madero, of Mexico, declares tbat he will not interfere on
behalf of Diaz, sentenced to death for
rebellion aga nst tbe government.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier hopeful of another election,and predicts ultimate
Uiumph for Liberal party.
Bulgarians decide to invest Adrianople rather than storm that city.
Turkish forces Seem disorganized,
b it opinion is general that a decisive battle is being fougbt.
Home rule bill continues to be debated in house of commons
Murderer of Northwest mounted
po|io man receives reprieve five days
before dale set for his execution.
Canadian lumber interest!) receive
Serious set back by decision of supreme cnun ihnt oizail lumber may
co,na- into Canada free of duty.
Bulgarians gain decisive battle iu
a two d its'light witli main Turkish
fames Europeans in Beirut and Ot;
loin.in moire appeal to France unit
H .lain lor protection against ami
Christian outureuks.
A deal for the purchase of 550,000
ucres of iiriiish Columbian terutory
at $2,730,000 is closed at  Spokane.
Vice-Pimident Sherman, of the
United siuii's, dies after surimm illness.
Winston Churchill, in speech,
made no reference In Canadian naval
policy, as had been expected.
Record yeal is announced ill Australia lor immigration.
Outbreak of ling cholera is doing
much damage in middle wesl.
The deposed New York police
lieutenant, Charles Becker, is sentenced to tbe electric chair
liailway employees may strike
next Monday.
Saskatchewan prairie land brings
1400 an acre.
New York gangsters' trial will be
held early this month.
A four days' battle in Thrace has
ended in the triumph of the Bui
gsridii commander, General Savoff.
Boundtiry-Kbotenay fruit will be
Brownie Cameras
Work just like
PRICES $2 to $12
Woodland 8 Co.,
The Kodak Dealers
BURNS C& CO., ^d
(^Always  Aave on hand all the
Delicacies of the Season,
Fresh-killed r_y\rieats
Beef       ^Mutton
Finan Haddies
Chickens Ousters
Pork        Veal
Kippered Herring
Still at the Old Stand
P. BURNS 8 CO., Ltd.
Silver King and' Silver Queen
('lalmi. sliuiite In tlie liriititl Forks
Division of Yale DUtrlot.
Where l orated: On the East Fork of the
North Fork of Keith- River.
TAKK NOTICK that 1, Jacob M. Paulsen.
Free Miner's Cerilfiritie No. So81f.1t, for
myself and ai airent for William*!!. Hoffman,
i'xeeiitor, and Rosa Major, executrix, of the
will of Catherine Hoffman. Free Miners
Certificate No. 85H17B, Intend, sixty dnys
from date hereof, to a|>ply tn the Mining
Keeerder foraCeitilleateoi Improvement*, for
the [inriiiisf of obtaining crown grants of the
above claims
And further take notice thnt arttnii, under
section '•<!, must he rommeuced before the lisu>
au'-e of such CbflApiUOi of Imprnvemert.
Duted this 4th day of May, A.D 1912.
In the Sfrot Light
On the stage ef busmen the spot
light is on the nun who advertises.
Our Classified Want Ads wid
place you or your needs in lhe lime
.light of public attention.'
If you have net IriedUtiH, dietr
illuminating power will surprise you.,
e .Mliiied attheChicngn Land .Shim,
Nnvimher ib •„ Dri'i-niber 9.
Personal Christmas Cards
A new sample hook of the "An"
«i. ribK of P-rnnna! Chrlf.trt.sj Cerdf
lor 1912 has been received nl Tl e
Sun office These cards proved
very popular lam yenr. The d'-
signs thin year are prettier thnn bint
vear. The pliceR rniine from 11 per
d -/.en upwards,   Order early.
Don't he misled !>y false stale-
nients of competitors. Advertise in
The Sun, because il is read b.y more
people than any other paper printed
in the Boundary district.
Truth telling is honorable,but nol
necessarily remunerative
Take your repairs to Artnson's
Hoot and Shoe Hispital, Bridge
"trt'et, Grand Forks.
Don't forget that The Sun hns the
best job printing deparrment in the
Boundnry country.
The man who knows his own
mind oflen feels sorry for it
Sunrise vim ml ('Itilm, -Itunte In tin-
nm.i,l KorH« Mh,lna Division of Yale 111,.,
Where locn*eil: In Wellltiirt in ctunii.
TAKB MIIIPK thai I.Juerpli Aliriif Miller.
I Free -.'IniTii'lVrtllli'iiti. No. 11111811, Intend, sixty dn.* from the date hereof. In apply In tlie MIiiIiib Keenriler for » CortlflcHte
»' Improvement, fur thn plirliose nf ulitnil)-
IliK nCroitii liinntof the u'mvc nlfilm
Anil further luke notice lhat notion, uniler
Miction 111, inn.t be commence') before the
I. .uiinee ol Much I'ertHlnute of Improve*
Dated till, aitli iluy of A pill, A.D. una,
Electric Restorer for Men
Ph OS Dhonot restores every nerve ln the body
rnoapiimiui ,„ ,t| ^^ ,„„,,„„ . „,,„„,
vim and vitality. Premature decay and all sexual
weakness averted al ones. Phospt-onol will
make you a new man. Pries 18 a box, or two Ior
H, Mailed to any address. thegoobeUDrn*
..It. Castu.rh.es. Ont.
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe that they can reach
(tie consumers of this district without advertisinRin Tbe Sun, THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
guarantees the
'Kootenay* Steel Range
to be a perfect cooker
and baker as well as a
durable range. We
also guarantee the
'Kootenay" to be a permanent investment. Call
and see it before you
decide on the
Repairs, when necessary, always In
stock at Vancouver.   Sold by
The fullowinu pupils of the public
sohool were neither late nor absent
during October:
Division I—Eric Atwood, Helen
DeCuew, Clara Demuth, Marie Fritz,
Oswald Hay, Gladys Heaven, Ruth
Krischki, Glen Letnaster, Avia
Michener, Aulay Munro, Annie
Munro, Mary Newbauer, Vera Reid,
Jennie Simpson, Pauline Sloan, Alice
Cheplo, Wilfred . Holmes, Chads
Rrischke, Edith Larsen, Sarah McCallum, Mildred Meikle, Gwenny
Mcllwaine, Helen Peterson, Walle/
Peterson, "Mabel Ruckle, Agnes Stat
ford, John Herr, Ida DeCuew, Ruby
Division IV Hope BenBon.Edith
Coryell, Vera Donaldson, Alfrt-d
Downey, Francis Fritz, Merle Herr,
Mildred Hutton, Gladys Latham,
Eddie Mcllwaine,Abram Moojboer,
Holger Peterson, Fritz Scbliehe,
Frances Sloan, Muriel Spraggett,
Thelma Walker, Vernon Smith.
Division V—Lily Ardiel, Bernard
Crosby, Junie Downey, Annie Gilmour, Walter Larson.Cecelia Lyden,
Helen Maeeie, Anibtose McKinnon,
Eva Moir, Rosa Peterson, Jeannette
Reburn, Vernon Siddall.
Division VI—Esther Andeason
Charlie Cooper, Norma Eriekson,
Margaret Fowler, Isabelle Glaspell,
Genevieve Griffith, Tony Hudoklin,
Frances Latham, Nellie Mills, Annie
Moir, Cleophus Montgomery, Boyd
Nichols, Peter Peterson, ""Mildred
Rydell. Harry Steele, Grace Wise
Division VII—Coryl Campbell,
Ceiia Crosby, Howard DeCuew,
Rulh Eureby, Mary Errett, Thelma
Hutton, Leo Mills, Flora McDonald, Lawrence McKinnon, Bertha
McLeod, Donald Rydell, Dorothy
Schliehe, Francis Uren, Mary Wibner, Oswald Walter.
for 1912 has been received at The
Sun  oflice.   These  cards    proved
very   popnlar last year.    The de
BignB thit_ year are prettier than last Bsrtdue Street.
year.    The ptices range from $1 per GRAND FORKS, B. C.
dozen upwards.   Order early.
R. R. Gilpin, customs officer at this
port, makes the following detailed report of the customs receipts at the
various sab-customs offices, as reported to the chief otlice in this city,
for the month of August:
Srand'Forks  $8,324,53
Phoenix     1.308.03
Carson        238 30
Carcade ,         63 56
Total  $0,934 42
Hot ind Cold Baths
Flrst-Glsss Bsr, Pool
Band llllsrd Rooms
In Connection,
Emil Larsen,
Weekly Banner Contests
The contests for the attendance
banners at tbe public school this
week resulted as follows. Division
II retains the punctuality banner,
hut forfeits tbe percentage banner to
Division III:
Percentages and Number of Pu-
7""" ^TT^vl^RonJdTnioV1 E»8 bate-Division I 95.71, 1  late;
Spraggett, Ivy Taylor.Ronald Iraoy. j^.^  ..  .^ Q ,      DivUion
Division II—Gladys Ardiel, Alice m 9g 65) % ,ate. Division iv 95.92,
Bowen,   Amy    Frankovitch,  Olga 3 |ate.   Division  V  89.93,   5 late;
Frankovitch, Arthur Gilpin, Joyce Division VI 95.46, 4 late;  Division
MacLeod, Margaret Mcllwaine,Law- VII 95.65, 8 late,
rence Nichols,   Austin  O'Donnell,) .   ..   .
Mand Peckham, Quentin Qun.n     Personal Christmas Cards
livan, Maud Rollins. Hugh Wells. A new sample book of tbe "Art"
Division III-Gao. Cioper,  Mary serine of Personal  Christmas Cards
Will sell for $1050, on easy terms, 7 lots in block
32, Columbia. These lots are fenced and have 28
fruit trees, planted 2 years; close to CPR station.
I have choice residence lots in blocks 45 and 46,
adjoining C. P. R- Yards.
The following is the maximum
and minimum temperature for eacb
day during the past week, as re
corded by the government thermom
pteron Cooper Bros.'ranch:
Friday  45
Saturday    50
Sundty  47
Monday  4,;i
TueBday    41
Wednesday  41 '-.7
ThurHday  39 24
Ranfall  during week, 0.11 inches.
Hallowe'en was very noisily celebrated in this city last night. As a
rule, the pranks played were innocuous. One of the jokers, evidently
possessing more tban his .rightful
share of vanity, wrote bis real name
on tbe plate glass of a Winnipeg
avenue establishment. The chief of
police will give $15 to any one who
will inform him under what assumed name tbis person iB living
under at present.
Newspaper Law
1. A piistiiianler is reqn in I li  pvi
notice by letter (returnliit!  the  i
tines nnt, HiiHWe.r tbe lawj 6 lien n suli
scriber dues not take his i ii, hi- nut n|
the postoffice, anil state the rensnii for
its not being taken. Anv in-sjlfot tn
do so makes tlle pontmtist'i I'Psponsi
ble to the publisher for | a, nipntH.
2. If any person orders his yn],,'i
iliseniitinued he must pay "'I art-ear
iiges. or the publishers may continue
to send it until payments nre made,
and collect the whole aiunuut whether
the paper is taken from the oflice or
tint. There can be no lej_nl discon
tintianCe until payment is made.
.'I. Any persnn who takes a paper
nut of Ihe postoffice, whether directed
tu his name nr not,~or whether he has
subscribed or not, is responsible fnr
the pay.
4. If a subscriber orders his paper
stopped and the publisher continues tn
send it, lhe subscriber is hound to
pay fnr it if he takes it out of the
po-t ntUce. This proceeds upon the
ground that a man must pay for what
he uses.
5 The courts have decided that refusing to take newspapers or periodicals from the post office or removing,
leaving them uncalled for, is prima
facie evidence'of intentional fraud.
W. A. Cooper and H. C. Kerman
will leave tomorrow for a business
trip to Victoria and other coast
T. A. L. Smith, J,P., of Maple
hurst, Hornby island, who has been
a subscriber to Tbe Sun since the
first issue, in a letter to the editor,
says that the articles in The Sun
are very good, and tbat be could not
do without tbe i-aper.
E. Miller returned frnm 'he Conservative convention at Revelstoke
the first of the week.
Don't be misled hy false statements of competitors. Advertise in
The Sun, because it is read by more
people tban any other paper printed
in the Boundary district.
$1.00 per Dozen and Upwards
Christmas would not be the same
Without its greetings true,
Wishes sincere from far and near,
From friends both old and new
Order Early"
Sample Book at
The Sun Office
Mr. C A. ADDOI __?, August ti, 190$,
6o Ann &t., 1" frv Yor*. City.
De-tr.-r; I hava known for over ttojtan of th*
«0rctiof \Vil-,-..,'.ikan...ly iWllfon'i Preparation
•UtjrpophotpiilU-* bail Hlodeettl] Incaieiof pulmonary froubit*. At tins p> .nt 1 will uy to yon
what you have not uvto*s known of* that 4a yeara
aince, while 1 ni a r< ltdent of N.Y. City, I was
aeverely ill wllhlungiroiible. Physician! wid I waa
• consumptive ami i. / family phyiician told my wife
that he tnought Itou li vet r*<*rvtr*   •**-———'—
vril directed lo tlia Wilvm Kemcjy,
-with splendid effect.   I b&v« been on 1
work ever since my __■« rt.   Yours truly,
tutor M. E,Quitch, Hunter, (GreeneCo.,) N.Y,
On Dee 1, iqii, Mr. Ssger wrote Mr. Abbott;
"My health is vtry good.'r
If you will write Mr. Abbott he
will glmlly fur.ii.-li vou auy further
information you desire.
ciw told my wn«
<-. My attention
y, which I use*
n my feet and at
The OWr Typewriter
(or 17 Gents a Day!
Please read the hoadUtie|nver twain. Then its
tremendoinMatttfiCAnofe"will Iuwn m_on ymi
An Oliver Typewriter—the na-hdanl visible
writer—the most highly peri,   ted typewriter
un the market—yours for lf centu    dayi
The typewriter wlin-neeoiujuest »f the com
merelal world Is a matter of htHior^ —your* -fn
17 cent*H dsy!
The typewriter that la equipped withseoreiOl
such eonveiiU-neei. uk "Tht; ItalmiCL' Shift"-"
"The Ruling Devlre"—"The Double Releune*'-
■*Tiie Locomotive Biwe"—••The Automoiie
Spacer"—"The Automat le Tabulator"--"'] he
—"The Adjustable pa-
per Ftngers1'-"The Sei-
enMfli- condensed Key.
i ard"-all
Yonrs "for  17
Gents a Day!
We ninMinet'ii thb
new tales plan recently, jusl tu feel tho pulse of
the' people. Simply a small tiash puymetit—
then 17 cents a day. That lathe olau in a nutshell.     .
The result lias been xueli a deluge of applications lor machines that we are simply astounded.
The demand oumoi from people of all dunes
all ages, all oeeupatiooH,
The majority ol Inquiries bAacomd'frnia peo
leof known  llnaneial  siaudlug who werv ai
traded by the novelty of tbe pi-upo*. otji, au
Impressive deraotiitrtttloii uf the Imnionf-e pop-
u arliyof too t*i|\vr Typuivrtier
.\   startUllH «*o;.Iln. i.lion   r.f our   In-il-vl   Mini
tbu KmofUtilveh-alTyptiwiliIhgtsalliainl,
A Quarter of a Million People
are  I ; i: ,Mney with
H      -ID BOOK
(New liilitidii Issued Nov. 15, 1911.)
Is ii .lnz.'ii luniks in one, covering tlie
liistur., |ifu(.'l*uphy, geology, eliemis-
irv, iniriernlogy, metallurgv, tannin
•Inirv, uses, statistics nnd finances of
copper It is a pracical book, useful
to nil ami necessary to most men en
gaged in nny lirimcli of tlio coppen
Its fuels will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood hy the • everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
Knglish without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4636 copper
mines and companies in all parts-of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the propel ty.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the finis it gives him about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him alwut mining, mining investments and copper statistics,
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain English.
Price is 85 in Buckram with gilt
top; 87.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week of receipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Stevens,
[Kditor and Publisher,
453 Postoffice llloek,
Houghton. Michigan.
Wkt $tmtefe
THE STANDARD I* the National
Weekly Newspaper of the Dominion
of Canada. It Is national in all Its
It uses the most expensive eftgrav-
Ings, procuring the photographs from
all over the world.
Its articles are carefully selected and
It* editorial policy Is thoroughly
A subscription to The Standard
costs |A00 ptr year to any address In
Canada or Great Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard Publishing Co,
Limited, Publiahart.
The Standard Visible Writer
That u lho Uuli-im UHJay.   •**.' have iinnli-
iiieiillvfr Mii-it-iiK* in .iv-fiihifMaint aUaullihJl)
illilt»|ieHmil->-c in tuMliriK,   N,... QOIIIVl the eon
ipieHt of the lioiuc,
H0ll]|l|lIlc|ty nul MH-iitMliMf the Hi... •  Ht It
for in mily ii he,   it |« i)i*i'iiiiiiiu' an In portai'i
fHlMOr tli   the Imnn*   tniillliiK  of Miinitf | pU*.
a ii iihii*Mii.r u h .ii n«a mono) innli-i
our iii-w aeiiinj.- jihiti ptui iho olivet  nt. thi
ilni-li..|il nf i vi'iy lniiiii* in   Anii-tleii.   Mill \6*
OlURO tliHil.Hir oi i>>ur iii,mi-1.. <>tth*«  on ihh> ie
iniiii'ahi.' oiivi iiiif.'i:1
wrlto for mrihurni'tnlli of our «a«y uflVt  I
a free cop; oi tin- iiutv OllvertmlNloi),  Ml row
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
Ollvor Tjriiuwrllei Hiuliinm.
NOTICK Is Imn-ht kIvi-ii ll<iil i.'orii.' M,,-
sudsr "Mian RnTl nl I m Mil, I*. O. Mux
**i:i, (ir»",l Forki, will ulj.lv f.,r a lliwiuw I"
tiikfl slid „*e imp i-ililr fijol |i' r hocoikI of
viHi'-r nut nf North Pork Kefir lilvpr I'rfik,
which flown hi a Ni,iilliprl> illrrrtlon thruii_.li
I.nt "UHI ntnl i iiipllffl iuti, Kt'ltle lllflnr i,.<iir
(irand Fork., *l In- wnlpr will lin tllvpr'nil nu. |
l»ii.'ie tlii> tnwoflllp iif Mniinr-M. nml Willi*!
Ufli'il for IrrltfAtlon imrpo o, uu I lip tu' ■ ■ 1 ile-
MTilipil an Fruit r.Hiid, annul 1.11 npn x. \
Till. n. tip,, Wat pohIp'I nn thp irr,,mm on I
thp Will Hay «f Miiroh, lltli   Thp iii,|,I1piiiIiiii
will Im Hlirl in Hit nfflce of the Water R«-
,-oiilpr at Fairview.
Objeitlntu  may  he Bled   with  the  -i.i.i
Water Becnnler nr  with lhe I nlilnlriiller of
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Issues for the remaining weeks of 1911,
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the paper at this price. On January
1,1912, It will be advanced to $2.00.
Serials and Other Stories.
The 52 Issues of 1912 will contain
tbe equivalent of 50 volumes of the
best reading, including nearly 500
Stories, Articles by Famous Writers,
Athletics for Boys, Chats with Girls,
the Doctor's Weekly Counsel, etc.
Send for Announcement for 1912 and Somite
Copies of The youth's Companion, free.
Water  Rlitlit,
't.irla, H.O.
_   I nlilul
Parliament Riilldliura,
0. A.
FREE to Jan. 1912
Inr, Naw Swberlbar wbo eats eat
aad Mads tM» K (or bmi>Uom Uu.
•war) wilk 11.75 for Ika 52 ImomoI
Tha Coavuioa for 1*12 will rauito
Al Uw bona for tin ramalnins
waaln af IIII boo, Includlm tho
boaattfalHoWarNaialMraialw sh
Tbo Ca-assaloa's Plctoro Csliadsr
lor ISIS, UdMsraphod la 12 colon
and sold (aaaatra copy faoiagMDl to
.ovaait oao a-o-daso silt aabKrlptioa).
Tksa ths Cisajsalsa for tbo IJ
woaka *t \tll-xll toe il.75-rooF
loatcbaaasal&bBriea. OnJaaaara
1, ISIS, tt wffba odnaood to U.
Ms Sslnutfllm Rscshnl al Tils Offirs. THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
will bc given on an
Motor C'ycl. to anyone who will act
as our agent tn ,->. territory where
wo have no agent already.
Terms lo agent of courso Is cash.
Writs now before some one else
gets the agency.
Catalogues Free
185 Notre Dame, East.     Winnipeg
Bladder Stone, Gall Stones,
Kidney Stones, Gravel and
all Ailments of Uric Acid
(Hundreds   of   cured   patients   can
prove our statement).
Sufferers will receive pamphlet free
on requ_-3t.
Sanol. PRICE $1.50 per bottle In
liquid from DruggiBta, or direct from
Winnipeg, Man.
You ought to wear*
CLOTHES     tr'
Reliable    merchants    have
ihem in stock
A few doors south of C.P.R. Depot
Rates $1.50 to $2.00 per day
Cuisine unexcelled
Hot and cold Mister In evory room
Hotel practically   Fireproof
All Outsldo Rooms
Aro the bea' ever made and are guaranteed to cK'_ yon satisfaction. At
til dealers, or send us 26 cents stating sty:, and size required.
The Arlington Co,, of Canada, Ltd,
61 Fraser Ave., Toronto, Ont.
Engineers nnd Boilermakers
Bolters   of   all    kinds-Engines,
Pumpct, und Heavy Pla... Work
Writ,- tin lor Prices
14 Strachan Ave., Toronto, Canada
If you want to purchase a carload
Good Ontario Apples
Communicate with
90 Colbourne Street, Toronto
Hli Speciality
It was In a railway carriage, and
the company comprised several commercial travellers and a 'stout, elderly gentleman, who sat snugly in one
corner engrossed ln his paper.
Each and all of the others made
desperate efforts to draw their silent
stout companion into conversation, hut
to no purpose. He merely sat there
At last one of them determined to
settle the matter.
Pardon me, sir, he said suavely, but
I feel sure that you are one ot us.
What do you travel ln?
The others bent forward eagerly,
as the stout man slowly lowered his
newspaper and peered through his
t-pectacles, with sad and melancholy
mien, at thd persistent one.
Well, my friend, replied he, at present I am travelling ln very Inquisitive and objectionable company, and
the carriage ls full of samples.
Following tho Hounds^
Smith was a great cyclist, but had
rarely been on a horse. One day
when staying with a sporting uncle
he thought he would like tp follow the
hounds, which were to meet near by,
so he borrowed from a young relative
a horse which was not much accustomed to the hunting field. At first
he went steadily until the horse, being startled by a rabbit darting from
a clump of. grass, broke into a mad
gallop. The rider was flung forward
on the horse's nock.
What are you doing, my lad, with
your arm there? Jokingly called out
hia uncle.
I'm feeling for the brake, was the
muffled reply, but I can't find it.
W. N. U. $1$
The   Black Hand
Our whole neighborhood has been
stirred up, said the regular reader.
The editor of the country weekly
ceized his pen. Tell me about it, he
said. What we want ls news. What
stirred It up?
Plowlns, said the farmer.
Telia of the Wonderful Beneflto Obtained From
Like many another Newfoundlander
Hying far from doctors, Mr. Stone
feels unbounded gratitude for the
benefits obtained from the use ol Dr.
Chaae's Kidney-Liver Pills.
For years he had suffered from a
congested condition of the liver and
kidneys, with headaches, backaches,
pains iu Mmbs and body. Words fail
to describe his sufferings as well as
the gratitude he wants to express for
the cure,
Mr. Alex J. Stone, West Point,
Nfld., writes:—"! suppose you
thought I had forgotten all about you
when I got Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
Pills, but I haven't. Vou must excuse
mlBtakes, for like many Newfoundland men I have not much education,
but I want to thank you many times
for your medicine.
"I cannct tell you what I suffered
from liver and kidney derangements.
Indigestion and conatipatloh, nor can
I find words to express how much
good this medicine has done me. 1
feel better than 1 have for five years
I nd have given somo of the3e pills
to friends, who tell me thoy have done
them a wonderful lot of good. I
want to express my heartfelt gratitude
for the benefits derived from thc
great medicine."
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, one
pill a dose, .or. a box, at all dealers
or Kdinaiisou, Bates & Co., Limited
A good cure for children's weak
ankles Is to bathe thc ankles in salt-
and-water, or If possible. *.n sea-water.
Minard's Llnimtnt Cures Colds, Etc.
At Delhi, the new capital of India,
tlm (loverument buildings are to be
erected at a cost ot $2,000,000.
Recognized as the leading specific
for the destruction of worms, Mother
Oraves' Worm I'.xtcrmlnator has
proved a boo:i to suffering children
everywhere.     It seldom falls.
In Korea, Ministers of Slate who
gamble recklessly are liable to be
caned by police officials.
1 ; i .- i
V! c-onlV °. ,
i,:'**r ,,.,,,*.'•*■"•• •
;.H: * ".' V
The   illustration   shows   one   of   the
many styles of body that we build for
our Light Delivery Car.
22 1-2 H. P.
4 Cylinder
4 Cycle
'   Water
Price of Car with above body  lettered as you requite $1300.00
f. o. b. Clinton.    Get Catalogue and information from
For the last te.i yeara tho average
number ol dayi worked per week by
the miners of th-. United Kingdom averaged 5.19.
Cottlvonets and ita Cura.—When
the excretory organs refine to perform their functions properly the intestines become clogged. This ts
known as cosilveuess and If neglected
gives rise to dangerous complications.
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills will effect
a speedy cur.*. At the first Intimation of this aliment Ihe sufferer should
procure a packet ot the pills and put
himself under a course of treatment.
The good effects of tbe pills will ba
almost Immediately evident.
Mary, where Is that chicken pie I
told you to heat up for ue?
Well, mum, you told me to heat it
up, and I've heaten lt up.
Minard's Liniment Co., limited.
Dear Sirs,—I had a Bleeding Tumor
on my face for a long time and tried
a* number of remedies without any
good results. I was advised to try
MINARD'S LINIMENT, and after using several bottles It made a complete cure, and It healed all up and
disappeared altogether.
Bellelsle Station, Kings   Co.,   N.B.,
Sept. 17, 1904.
Chines? time Is eight hours In advance of the lime of thli country.
The Northern Trusts Company
TH- company aeta la tke eapaelty >t
trustee;       executor,        administrator
nnd we ahall ba glad to forward oopy ol   av   Booklet   "SomoUlaj
iboat Trust*, Trustees aad Trait Companies." ob rt«utet       ^
kWe»k Kidneys Don't Cart
urea Kiantyi is
i of th. curative I
1 ii -wiped IO lu
They need tuch help a■ Nature provide*   ,
' n excellent aid to inptired kidaeyi ie
meet nitre,   lt la one of tb
nil in DR. CLARK'S
ITRE PIUS Md ia hi .„ ,
work by flvo other ipiendtd mad-I
a loines.   Take   DR.   CLARlPat.
once when you have lame
uk, peine in the Joints,
apoti beiore Ihe eyre, frequent
k headache,, etc.   They help you la health
-nd keep you well.    Sold everywhere al
" cents a bas or mailed direct by
Dr Clark's
Sweet fli ire.
WtealPH, Oaaada U
He—My dear, you spend too much In the congested area of a town a
money ln false hair. Look at your common fly can harbor from 800,000 to
puffs. 600,000,000 bacteria, while ln the su*
She—And you ipend too much inburbs lt carries only upwards ol
cigars.     Look at your puffs. 10,000. THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Calamity |
Joe     \
Afterward Called    %
"Cupid*' ♦
' O
Five men on tha Flying  V ranch
watched the approach of tbe lateat
addition to tbe force.   Ua wai riding
aiowly up the trail, bli long legs drag-
v (Ing below the stirrups.
"You can iup ou trouble now, boye,"
declared Hen Morgan.
"How's tbut?" queried his companions curiously.
"Thli bore gent approaching, him
who la to ba line rider on tba Flying
V along with the reit of us, li tho
champion dispenser of bad luck. Whar
ever he goes he brings calamity with
flV'I've beard about him, then. Aln'l
hla name Joe Bliss?" asked Pete Wil.
"Yes. They call him 'Calamity Joe'
hecaiise of the aura woe that camps on
hli trail perpetual," anawared Morgan.
They aat about tha door of tha men
house and watched tha ihambllng
forma of bona and rider approach
Presently tba bona scuffled to a
standstill, and Mr. Joe Bliss threw a
long leg oyer tha saddle and stepped
to tha ground.
"Howdy, genu?" be aaid, looking
gloomily down at them.
"Howdy, Joe?" said Morgan ssdly.
"Let me Interjooee my feller suffer-
aril" and ha gravely mentioned the
sanies ot hla companions, wbo al) exchanged nods and muttered "howdya"
wltb tha newcomer.
"What happened over to Flamm'ar
asked Morgan as Bliss aat down and
rolled a cigarette.
"Measles," replied Bliss stoically,
•ever had 'em In my Ufa, bnt old
Plamm aeemed (o ba afraid I'd catch
'am, ao ba tired me. I'd only been there
a week."
The next morning they rode forth to*
gather, Joe Bliss ahead and tha Are
following In a broken Una.
"Scemi to enjoy bla bad reputashun,"
remarked Morgan to Freeman,
"Quite lomol t been looking for
meuslo apota all tba morning," returned Freeman.
"It won't be measles thli time. Ha
changes bla calamity every tlma ba
changes a job.' We'll get something
else aa aura aa egga li eggi," muttered
"If be plants any calamity on tbla
■era outfit ball sura get bli," declared Freeman violently, and eome-
kow Joe Bliss beard tba worda.
"1 got ter do something to get rid of
that reputation," ba admitted to himself and thereupon thought long upoa
tha matter.
And it bore startling results. It took
soma tlma to accomplish, but tha nature ot Calamity Joe's vindication ot
Ma III same will go down in the history of Poorgrasi county.
Bevtral weeka paaaed without any-
thing unfortunate occurring to bear
■p tha evil reputation of the new man.
Then one day Joe Bllse received leara
•f absence and waa gone all the morn.
Ing. At noon aa hla fellow rldera wars
aatlng lunch on tbe fringe of tbe Mattered herd of cattle Jo. rode haitlly
•p to Morgan.
"Oents," he aaid excitedly, "there's
soma ladlei In distress yonder In Salt
canyon. Picnic ladlea they srs, and
soma yaller minded Individual baa
stampeded their bones. What's tbem
delicate females goln' to dor
"Hub!" ejaculated Morgan. "Where
they from?"
"They My tbey are salesladies from
Plnklesteln'i dry goodi emporium Is
Eagle City."
"What they picnicking ao far from
home for?" demanded Freeman.
"Bkeered-plumb ikeered for fear
•Id Flnklestcln will change hla mind
ahd call 'em back on tha Job. Wby,
them girls la ao npaot about bow
they're going to get back to Eagle City
that they can't enjoy tbelr lunch nohow," exclaimed Calamity Joe.
"Ffnklcsteln's, In Eagle City?" queried Smith auddenly. "Wby, that's
where I bought tbla here handkerchief. Bhe waa a queen, that girl
"Waa aha a blond?" asked Jepson
eagerly. "I remember a peach of a
blond In Flnklcsteln's, who'V
"Nary blond," waa Frceman'e am*
phntlc reply. "Bbe waa a dark eyed
queen! I'll go over, Morgan, and help
my lady friend ont of trouble."
"Hubl You don't even know her
lamel" snorted Morgan contemptuous.
y. "I guess I'll more along over there
uyself. I bought a shirt In Flnkle-
ttelu'a last week, and 1 want to ask
the red haired lady I got It from lf It'a
• fait color." Hla handsome face
Bushed defiantly,
"Mebbe there ain't a red haired lady
(• the picnic," Mid Smith dlngreenbly.
"She'a there!" interpolated. Joe bum
hastily. "Mebbe all you gents could
ride over lo tbe canyon and rescue
tbem dames. I ain't mucb on ladles'
coinpany; and ao I'll Jest look ont for
The live otber men consulted together, and finally all rode off In the direction ot Salt canyon. Meantime Joe,
tbe harbinger ot calamity, ituck to hla
Job and manfully did the work of six
herders that sunshiny day.
"Thnt combination ought to break
up thnt there evil reputaibun I've got"
he grinned aa ha rode back and forth,
Tba Hv. men rode single file through
the narrow entrance to Salt canyon,
and once within Ita confines a pleasing
sight rewarded their coming.
Around a cimpdrs were stated halt
a dozen girls. Most of them watt
pretty, and all wore attractive. Tbs
queenly brunette and the "peachy"
blond and the red haired damMl all
were tbere, ai wall aa tbree others.
AU of tbem sprang up from ths picnic feast around which they wars
gathered and viewed with alarm ths
approach ot the cattlemen.
Morgan wna ln advance, and, whipping oft hli hat wltb a graceful sweep,
he addressed the red haired divinity.
"Excuse me, miss, but we are ths
rescue party," he said plessantly.
"What you going to rescue?" demanded tbe red hatred one Imperiously, while tbs others draw close together and giggled.
a snsrp glance,
"Wbo do you reckon run ett then!
hossei?" ha aaked:
"I dunno!" declared Jo*.
"Tou waa seen doing lt and might
aa well own up," ahrewdly ssld Mo*
Then Calamity Joe confessed bli duplicity. He told bow be had waited
hli opportunity and, hearing about tha
proposed picnic of Ftnklesteln'e clerks,
bad himself stampeded their horiei
snd thus created a situation whereby,
hla comrades could rescue the fair dam-
sell and at Ibe lame time make theli
In the gulie of a matchmaker Calamity Joe had hoped to hide bli unfortunate reputation.
And he did, for ever after they called
him "Cupid," and he waa* obliged to
officiate as best man at so many weddings that be almost regretted the itep
he had taken.
After all, tbe foreman of the Fly*
Ing V declared that Joe nad brought
calamity In hla wake, for Ave ot bla
best men married within a year and
•tarted ranches of tbelr own.
Rut he retained Joe Bliss because
there were no signs of hli getting mar.
rled and straying of.
Wonderful Foati ef the Zulus In Convoying Verbal Messages,
The memory In savage or uncultivated peoples la often trained to a de-
free very surprising to those civilized I
] men and women who have grown used ]
to depending on the  written much
more than on the remembered word,
rhe transmission ot whole epics, like i
lthe "Iliad," by word  of  mouth  no j
{longer aeems so Incredible wben you
i read of Jhe feats ot memory of which ,
I present Tiny Zulus are capable.
These people, says Mr. Gibson ln |
i"Th. Story of the Zulus," have no j
writing and are accustomed to trans- I
Bit messages and record events by
.memory alone.   This they can do be-
'cause  their mental  ImpresBloni are
1 made especially distinct by reason ot I
I their acquired or Inherited habit of
How Bullion In Transit Is Guard*
ed on an Ocean Liner.
Aftsr the Treasure Is Saf.ly Stowed
Away There Is Little Danger of Ite
Being Stolsn During tho Voyage.
Shipping and Chocking tho Kegs.
Tbe natural assumption would be
Ibat ln tbe safeguarding of tbe treas*
ure which tbe various countries nre
constantly sending one another by tbe
big ocean liners there would be required  the vigilance of  many  men.
living undivided attention to the sub-   xbis, however, Is not generally  the
English Place Names.
leet ln band.
I Communications between the British
uithoritles and the 'Zulu kings were
| ilmost Invariably conducted by means'
sf verbal messages carried by natives.
A certain ultimatum addressed by the
British to Cetywayo was conveyed to
him, not upon paper, but In tbe brain
cells ot tbe messengers whom he had
England csn  boast thst no other wnt eighty miles to receive It from tbe
country possesses so many Scriptural British commissioners.            ,
place names as it does.   The noma!   Although   the   document   contained
i Jericho occurs six times on the ord- lome 4,000 words antl was atfeompa-
j nance maps, Paradise live times and nled by much comment on the state   and tbo ceiling are lined wilh two Inch
ws waa informed that soms ysilow,   Ninevah, Mount Zion, Mount Ararat of things It was desired to remedy, the   «|cci „iate. and Ibe room contains noth-
hearted varmint bad stampeded yonr I .ni Mount Ephrsim three times each. wh0le was repented to Cetywayo with   |ng ju ibtt w„ 0f fixtures lave sbelv-
horses," Mid Morgan calmly.               i in Bedfordshire  there  is a Calvary perfect accuracy,                                                                               -  -    -
case, since, once the gold Is stored
away In lbs rooms set apart for that
purpose on tbe big ship*, aud tbe vessel Is if cil out at sea, no armed guards
are necessary.
Taking the siieclllc case of one liner
sailing under tbe British flag, we fiud
that It has two strong rooms, the
smaller of tbe two being in close proximity to Ibe captain's office. Tbls one
compartment bus no doubt sheltered
gold enough to pay tbe cost of the liner
many times over.  Tbe walls, tbe roof
"Yes," said tbe Imperious one stiffly.
"It's sll true, but we don't need sny
rescuing. We're going to get home
all right" ,
"How?" I
"Walk," aba returned calmly. "Any
wood and in Dorsetshire a Jordan li.ll.
The   Undeeorated   Ministsr   Resigned
and tho Government Foil.
Many Interesting side lights on a
Yes, ma am.  Mid Morganjmpbat., „.„,,[ and (he ul,eipe(.(e(i trials aud
...   ..»_._.«_...,...._,...«.,__ ._.______. i |roub|ei lncWent (o u (rom ___hlch re.
fcally.  "We don't let ladlei walk twas- j
ty miles when they're ont for a bolldsy, i „„,,„,,, mtt tvte .n g|ven ln William
time-not In Poregran county." .        | umer Collier's book of reminiscences
"I'm sure they're very kind, Msbst,*** I,, b.s d,y, ag minister to the Spanish
spoka up ons of ths otbsr girls. I wurtl »\t the Court of His Catholic
"You know, we were saying Just bs- Majesty."   Tbat a government should
tors they came tbat we didn't know. t nn as the result of a ribbon bestowed
how we were going to get borne." add- for , purely ceremonial purpose seems
ed the queenly brunette, with s Hash- rather absurd, but, says Mr. Collier:
Ing smile at Freeman. "It Is s historical fact that not many
"I suppose It Is wsll meant, aad ws years ago a certain minister ot ihe ma-
are obliged," Mid the spokMWomsn tlue in one of the European countries
suddenly. "Psrbsps yon gsntlsmen can' resigned because the ruler of a foreign
tell us how to get onr bones bsck.' country, on the occasion of his visit to
They belong to Dsn Terry, the livery,; IU capital, gave him a certain rank In
man at Eagle City." j • certain order and gave a higher rank
In response to these amenities on to hts colleague, tbe minister ot war.
ths part ot the red haired.damMl tha riie minister of marine contended that
Hve reicuen slipped from tkelr bonee It wai an Insult to bis country's navy
and awkwardly submitted to Morgan'a «nd the fact that be received the rank | Mch Mpoaur,,
Why  They  8omotlmos  Show  Wheel*
Turning th* Wrong Way.
Every one must bave noticed that In
moving pictures ibe  wheels of car-
j rlagea or automobiles ofteu seem to be
turning backward lustend of forward.
j Ono puzzled persou wrote to tbe Scl-
| entitle American asking why, and thia
'is that paper's answer:
In taking a moving picture there are
' perhaps sixteen exposures made each
I second.    If now the apokes of the
' wheel of a carriage move with a speed
; io tbat tbe spokes are in the same po-
, sltlon at eacb exposure, tbat wheel
will seem to stand still In the picture,
lf tbe wheel Is moving slower, tben
the spokes will be seen farther backward In the successive views, and tbe
wheel  will seem  to turn  backward,
while It will seem to turn forward
wben the spokes move fast enough to
occupy positions further forward tn
elaborate ceremony ot Introduction to, which the rul« required In such cases
sis ladles whow names were unknown, «nd that the minister of war had rets any of tbs csttlsmen. i so1***1 * ■"«•""■ ntk 0I,ly b*c*u'" tto
iS ttdrmlMofV-mbereof a rea- >w«r r*""£ ■""■ bcen *lven "im |lro'
MbSKiS(tii; "rtsatr min™to th*,g
of th. lunch Ml having don. **|«l?2tJ3*£ „„ own government
tared Into Mrious consultation ss to uemandlng that the foreign gov-
tbs belt methods of dlscorsrlng th. "^ flT, h,JU.o tho higher rank
miacreant who bad run off the hones * Mt ^ oriler h,d perinUted „,
or stampeded them sod slso tbs sll ... telMullcd     d ,„ „„ reslsriedi
Important question of how Flnkta- ,„„%„, f0,ei.nlIlent fel|. Thus does
stein's salesladies were to be retnrn«« ,,... ..u $ „,„„„, „ not on („„„,,_
to Esgls City tbat evening. | fcut 0B ribi,oni,>.
At last ths unfortuiists picnickers,	
consented gracefully to submit to th.! Odorless.
batter Judgm.nl of the men. and III    __NoWi ctsll«la-«n.-* said the teacher,
waa agreed tbat each lady should rid.  *-,bo can ton m, what tue word 'odor-
on. of tb. Flying V hones and thst  tess. means?"
Its owner sbould wslk beside tbo horse     willlv Jones was sure be knew.
so ss to rids It bsck when their deed j   ..We|)f Wime> whnt d0M u nlpnnr
of chivalry sbould have been accom-     ••odorless means wltbout a scent,"
Pllshed. i  fee piped.
It Is n matter of tlie Interruption for
the exposure ind tbe motion or tbe
wheel, if there are sixteen exposures
and the wheel turns through the apace
between two ipokes In one-sixteenth
of a second Ibe wheel would be tn tbe
same position at each successive exposure and so would not aecm to move jjfjjjjjy.
at nil.
lug. Tbo locks, which are of tbe double variety, are rendered still moro secure* by steel hasps covering tbe keyholes, and they are provided witb massive padlocks. Tbe strong rooms, being tn tbe most frequented portion ot
tho vessel, where persona are pssslug
tbem at all hours of tbe day and night,
thus receive the best protection, after
all. Tbere are two sets ot keys, ons
of which Is retained by tbe agent In
charge of tbe consignment of gold and
the other of which remains wltb the
In the rase of the British vessel men:
tloued there Is auotber and larger specie room, situated next to tbe provision department Tbls Is about twelve
feet In length by four ln width, lt
frequently happens that botb strong
rooms are Oiled to tbelr utmost capacity, and on one occasion this liner carried some $30,000,000 In gold bullion
packed tn small kegi bound wltb iteel
Gold usually Is brought to the vessel
ou which It Is to be shipped the day
before the Cato of tailing, and tt Is
stored uway carefully before posses*
gers embitrk. lt arrives st tbe pier In
ordinary trucks under the guard ot
armed men. Tbo customary method
of getting Ibe gold oo board Is to haul
tbe kegs up nn Inclined cbste to ths
deck by means of s hoisting engine,
but Ibis method Is not followed In-
Sometimes   escb   keg   IS
Of conn, sll this required much discussion In gsnsnl snd then In tete a.
tetei, when namea were exchanged
and there waa much merry badlneg.
ss past purchases of "gents furnishings" st ribklMteln's emporium wer.
It waa Smith wbo scouted around j
and found on. of th. mining ponies j '      ' .
grating out on ths plsln.   H. quickly Alton Fearlessness.
mounted bla own ho"., and caught th. Job" Jacob A.tor. who went to h »
animal, and In tbla way there was deslh feurleisly on the Titanic, a as
pro™* a mount for the Mxth Isdy. | tlnw noted for hi. IMPMrt
who wss suffering from the tooi.ischs
"-tight. Now wbo ran give a sentence using llio-word correctly?" continued the teacher. "You may answer,
Jlinrjle."  *
! "Please, ma'om, wben yon nre odorless yon cunnot ride tn  the trolley
I cars."-Youth's Compaulun
Gymnasium Training.
Every person who has received gym
uaslum training Is aware of thc fact
that an exercise which calls for painful effort on the part of Ihe beginner Is
often performed almost without any
conscious effort at all after a certalu
amount of training lias been received
Again, it is perfectly well known lhal
brute strength aloue docs not make a
gymnast and that even a ilmple exercise may offer great difficulty to a muscular and well developed Individual
who has not been trained In the gym
naslnin. The explanation for this li
made In an article liy Professor Du
placed In a illug and carried on board
by mtu detailed for tbls service.
Tbe receipt given by tbe itcamshlp
company tell forth tbat so many kegs
have been received for shlpmcut, oot
for nuy stated amount of gold to the
value of so ninth. Tbe kegs bear th.
government seal In many Instances,
nnd In such coses, when tbey bav.
beeu safely put In tbe strong room, the
iron doors thereof are sealed with government wax, tbe Impression being
brokeu only when tb. official on tb.
other nlile comes to receive tbe gold.
The legs are checked thrice-wben
tliey nre taken from tbe trucks, when
they icach lbe gangway and when
they nie placed In the atrvug room.
Although no armed guard stands by
hols  Rcyinond  In   Die  Umslinu. who I
points out that one of the essential | ,llc strong room, two men wateli the
functions of gymnasium work Is nol „,„,„ conrtantly so long ss the ship ls
so much to build up muscle ss to train ; |„ gii.|lt „[ |SD(|. as a matter or fact,
nerves and nerve groups to work ln ' t|,c,0 ,. nm, danger of any one steal-
proper unison and cn-ordliiatlon.
In Ibe moonlight
courage. One of his friends told a
story some yesrs ago of the cold
blooded bravery of the head of the
Astor fsmlly. An Insane msn-or s
desperate rrlmlnal-met him In Fifth
wnen ner <<uu.pai.iuu. sv.nn. on. morning and, stepping i do_T|) ,„- . h for ,„„ „,,g of ,h,
riI.D,b.ck to E.,i. Cty.! c.«" ««. ||^B"^r"Vro«'   '"*•" ,0 to "^ nL°" " °" lH*
and cared little whether she waa furnished with sn sttsndant cavalier or
It waa abe who hurried them homeward at sunset, wben her compsnlons
bsd decided io
Flogs at Half Mast
F.ver since Dags were used In war
It lias bcen the custom to have the
flag of Ihe superior or conquering nn
linn shore that of tba Inferior or vun
qulshed. When an army found Itself
boiielessly   beaten   It   linuled   Its  flsg
revolver against Astor'
They fortred a proccMlon .. tbey Mt, '-• ■• ■*»« »**'■' «„*** mt K'00°'
forlh ou tb. tw.uty mil. Journey to ; •*•»* "*««« '»»*
Eagle City.   Tbe toothache lady ltd     *«»« «'»£d »'• "J^g*
tbs wsy. snd tbs otbtn stngglsd nf* , <",«>«"» «**«" *>' **
er with a man at every hone'a bridle I   Th. other man aaid Ilmt it was.
"ls your
Thli wis, of course, necessary, hecsuw
never hsd there been collected together
such s number of vicious, III tempered
brutes is tbs bones thit belonged to
Messrs. Morgar Freeman, Smith, Jepson snd Pele Willis, snd the fslr riders
appeared timid.
At dawn tha Dr. weary cattlemen
rode aiowly luto the camp. Calamity
Joe wos on watch and without a word
banded cups of list coffee to bis fi lends.
"You gents nre soms heroes," hs
ventured, breaking Into their reveisos
of lender looks exchsnged and engagements promised for Wedncsdsy .rising to come, for the Flying V men
were bachelon sll.
"I re-kon so," ssld Freeman absently. He was wondering If he could cam
enough lo support a certain blond beauty In caa. she would marry him.
Morgan suddenly looked up and
caught Calamity Joe'a attention with
•Then shoot!" bs rosred.
The other fellow becked swsy. "I'll
get you tbe next time," he said.
Astor walked on without bothering
lo turn hts head, lie did not even repeat the itory to tbe police.
lug gold In transit on a ship. It would
lie necessary tbat bs should shoulder
a keg weighing some 200 pounds aud
vanish wilh tt without being aeen.
Musters of vessels declare gold Is (lis
surest cargo of any to handle.
Tlio total weight of on. consignment
•f gold shipped by tb. British VSsMl
In qiicstlmi amounted lo something
like ,*w.nii0 pounds, oi sixteen lous, nnd
tlie freight charges amounted to f I'i-
000, or. roughly speaking, oneclglilh
of 1 per cent   Specie thus shipped li
some pole.   This win n tnken not only
of submission, but of respect   In tbose . .. . _..,._.
days when a famous soldier died flsg*   Insured at Ils full vslus.-New York
were lowered out of rci*i*eci to his  i're**.
memory. The custom long ago passed
from purely military usage lo public
life or sll kinds, the flag flying st half
mast being s sign that Ihe dead man
waa worthy of universal respect. The
apacs left above It Is for the flag of
lbs great conqueror of sll, tiie. angel of
Oh, faililon's a whimsical ladyl
j   Sh. clause* Iter mind every day.
On. dsy ill* brings out a new hobby,
|   And tli* n*xt dey she putiMt away,
i gli*'* •Lay* In March of tli* novel,
I   And eli* doeen'l c*r« wh*t It m*y coet
And th* queereit of all lliings about It
1   Is th* whole world submits to be tossed.
, F*»hlon'» a Hrrlbl* tyrsnll
, Unite her changeful decrees,
Anelont Drill Still Worn.
In the little Iown of Munsledel, In
Bavaria, there exists one of the most
curious chsrltsbls foundations In the
world. One of Ibe burghers, Chrlsto
pher Wsnner, died In 1451 snd left his
fortune for Ibe establishment of s
home for sged poor. He attached, how-
«v.r, lb. condition Ihst every old mnn oh, f
who wss taken In should wesr ^bl. !A^^-^^^i., w.do„tilk.It.
beard and Ihe snme cut of clothes snd . *§■*„■™"JJj of ul%rop 0„ 0ur knee*.
csp ss hs himself used to wears con- , Wt worrtip her whiih w**r* protwtlng.
•emitnlty Ih. snclont pension.™ .re    And h*r whlnnlcal rules w* oh*y
SnfVsi. wsudeSn, about tb. Tin tfegMg. .«,•*- —'a
streets of Munsledel In lhe costumn of j «* w■*« • "»■"». '«.i.rvU„ Jo'urnrti
ths Bfteenlh ceniurv. I \
Mark Twsln's Profanity.
William Dean Uowells read III."Tom
Sawyer" manuscript and thought It
tbo best story he had ever read. Clemens consulted blm regarding the use
of a certain vigorous expletive. How-
ells sdvlsed that ll be cut out Clem*
ens wrote back:
Mrs. Clemens received lbe mail Ibis
morning, anil tbe next minuto she lit
Into tho study wltb dnnger In ber eyes
and this demand on ber tongue: "Where
ia tbe profanity Mr. Howells speaks
ttr Then I bad to miserably confess
thst I Ind left it out wben reading Iha
MS. to ber. Nothing but almost Inspired lying got me out of this scrap.
wlthymy scslp. Does your wife give
you rats Ilk. tbal when you go s Hills
•ue sldcdJ-Harper'a.
Every chancier la Ibe Joint product
•t aslure aid aurture, THE  SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
$1 Per Week Invested in Bassano Will Start
You on the Road to Fortune. Full-sized Lots
60 Each. Nothing Down. $1 Per- Week.
No Interest. No Taxes. Lots Guaranteed
High, Dry and Level.
Real Estate Investments,
McQuarrie & Robertson, of Nelson, who recently purchased 125
acn.s of land near the C.P.R, station in the West end, huvti a corps
of surveyors at work platting the
property into city lots.
Born—In Grand Forks, on Tuesday, October 29, to Mr, and Mrs.
Donald McCallum, a daughter.
Take your repnirs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
A Genuine Service
"I believe," says an old subscriber,
"that every time Thi* Youth's Cnm-
pmioii enters a home it does that
home a genuine service." That describes the purpose of the publishers
exactly. The paper is not filled with
mischievous or idle thoughts to fill
an idle hour. It provides healthy
pastime, recreation that builds up,
It is to the minds of eager and nnd
impressionable young people what
sound athletics are to their bodies.
At a co-it of less than four cents &
week The Youth's Companion opens
the door to a company of the most
distinguished men and women in
Ameriea nnd Europe. Whether they
are revealing the latest discoveries
in science, or describing great industrial achievements, or telling ot
their wanderings in strange corners
of the world, or feeding the imagination with rare stories, they are giv
ing Companion readers the best of
Seven serials nt least will be published by The Companion in 1913.
and nearly 200 other complet*
stories, in addition to some 50 special contributions, and a treasure-
box of sketches, anecdotes, expert
advice as to athletic sports, ideas for
handy devices round the house, and
so forth—long hours bf companionship with the wise, the adventurous,
nnd the entertaining. Announcement for 1913 will be sent with
sample copies of the paper to any
address on request.
Every new subscriber who sends
$2.25 for the fifty-two weekly issues
of 1913 will receive us a gift The
Companion Window Transparency
and Calendar for 1913, the most ex-
qui-ite novelty ever offered to Companion readers; also, all the issues
of the Companion for the remaining
weeks of 1912, free. The Youth's
Companion, U4 Berkeley Sireet,
BoBton, Mass. New sub.ciiptions
received at ihis olliee.
Copper Shipments
Shiptnents of blister copper from
the Granby company's sniplt.-r in
this city forthe past week ainount«l
to 454.000J pounds, bringing the
tntnl shipped for the year to 18 33*',-
500 pounds.
Located in the central part nf tin* I'ity
of Nelson, oirnrs every facility for ii
solid I'llui'iitinn in I'.nglisli, I'liiiiini'iviiil
mill music briincliHs. .'.mhrniilcry,plain
mul fancy i.i*i*dl«wc.rk ami singing arc
given speeiul attention. The coinim.r-
i-inl course includes itenography, type
wilting, bookkeeping nud eniuiuercial
practice. Pupils prepared fur examination! »f the AKHiiciutnil Boards of the
London lloynl Academy uml Hoyul
College of Music.
Tbe following nre the returns of
thenre production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Oranby 25,458 922.315
Mother Lode  6,682 3(50,U92
Rawhide  5,181 176,770
Jackpot  12,230
Athelstan  340
Emma '.  4,900
Napoleon      268* 7,686
Belcher      4G0 4«0
Lone Star  2,022
Others        65 10,855
Smelter trentmen—
Granhy 25,530 974.200
B.C. Copper Co... 12,290 503,807
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokane, Oct. 31—The follow
ing are today's opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
Bid. Asked
Granby Consolidated. 57.00 60.00
B, C.   Copper       5.25     5.75
Don't forget that The Sun hns the
hest job printing deparrment. in the
Boundary country.
Hansen & Mullen!
'OmrK I
F. Downey's Cigar Stnre
OFPICk, Kid!
II ansk.n'h IliHinKNi'i:. It:"*
First Street
Kev. Edward A.Wilson having been
restored to health by simple means, after suffering for several years with a
severe atfeotion and that dread disease
CONSUMPTION, I am anxious in
liis behalf to make known to Im fellow
sufferers the means of his cure. To
any one who desires itl will send (free
ofchaige) a full description of his
cure. Yon will find it a wonderful
lung anil throat maladies. I hope all
sutlers will try Mr. Wilson's remedy,
us it is invaluable. Those desiring the
description, which will cost them
nothing, and may prove a blessing,
will please address.Charles A. Abbott,
60 Ann Street, New York City.
(Published Annually)
Enable* traders throughout the world  tu
communicate direct with KuijlUb
In each class of roods. Besides being n complete commercial guide to London aud Its
suburbs, the directory ooutalus lists of
with the Goods they ship, and lhe Colonial
and Korvlffii Mar ket 8 they supply;
arrainrwl under the Forts to whioh they sail,
ami indicating the approximate Sailings;
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., In
the principal provincial towns aud tuduntrla!
centres of the United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for 208.
Dealers seeking Agencies can advertise
their trade cards iorfl, or larger advertisements from £3.
25, Abohurch Lane, London, E.C.
j Metal Quotations
New Yokk, Oct. 31.—Silver 6_i;
standard copper, iH7.25@17.5iJ;
I-onoon, Oct. .ll._-Silver, 284;
'lead, £16 10b.
Dry" four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attentionto phone orders
A. GALLOWAY. J-iL, Columbia p. o.
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton, Prop*.
Ws Shoe Shop
ltepairing of every tle-
scription neatly ami
promptly done.
Shop Next CP.R. Hoti.1. Columbia, D.C.
PHONF 64        GRAND FORKS, D. C.
Suits to Order M8 iwU
% We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When yon order from us you have
the advantage of lieing measured hy a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   Wo guarantee satisfaction.
Our Fall and Winter Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have inoh that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the Reliable Tailor
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date atyle
We.liave the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundnry Country, employ eom
pctent workmen, nnd carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Killlieiuli. and Statement?,
I*lterhendn and Knvelopea,
Posters, Pules and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions mul Uy-lnws.
Shipping Tugs, Circulars und Placards,
Rills nf   Pare  nnd   Menu   Cards,
Announcements   nnd Counter
Pads.   Wedding   Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to dnte Printery.
-the kind we do—is in it-wlf
an advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you thnt our stock and workmanship are of the best. l>t us estimate on vour ordnr.
We guarantee satisfaction.
Wl)t &tttt #nnt Stow.
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Downey's Cigar Store
A ('ONPI.KTK STndx or
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Pn-ih ,-oiiiilEnmmit nf
Rliclveil Weikly.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
Kar.i.r • **■»»* 1 • tr a Si_i>t*_.i__:y.
'. A. Z.  PARE, Proprietor
1st Door Noiitii ok Uhaxiiv  Hotki.,
Kiiist Stiikbt.
Tram Mark*
Copvrichts Ac.
Anyono rending a sketrlt and di._crlntl.Ai. tax*
qulu-iy ascertain onr opinion free wfcoilie. tu
Invention ji proosllr»MP_flll!l__l__fom'S""lral'
tions pi riot'
■ent froo.'
Pntonti _  _ ._
U>;. ul notice, without cb«re o,
Scientific America
A linnOBOmely UluBtimtod weobly.  Largest ctr<
eulatlan of any pcteniMo Journal. Terras for
(..wuU.Kf.ft a mr, postage prepaid. Sold br
all uew weals ra.
Braucb Boot, Ctt F SU Washington, D. C
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator: never lalll. These
pill, are eaceedlngly nowerful In regulating the
generative portion ol the femalesystem. Reluse
aiTcheap Imitations. Dr.da*»•«■• ara lold al
Hi bo»7or three lor 110. Mailed lo any address.
Th. I«*M1 Urn* Oo., Bt. CatbulnM, Ont.


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