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The Evening Sun Jan 29, 1904

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Third Year.—No.
Grand Forks. B. C, Friday, January 29, 1904
The City Council
A Number of Varied Subjects Were
The Chairman of the Board of Works Recommends the
Sale of the Team, Wagon and Tools Belonging to the City.
An adjourned meeting of the city
council was held in the council chamber Wednesday evening. Those
present were Mayor Hammar, Aldermen Clements, Feeney, Hutton and
MoNee.      '
The proceedings opened with a report from Aid. Feeney, chairman of
tbe board of works, giving a list of
all wagons, harness, sleighs, tools,
etc., which belongs to the city. The
report,was followed with the recommendation that the city dispose of
the team of horses, together with the
articles mentioned, with the exception of the sprinkling cart. He said
the team and driver, with other expenses attached to them, cost the
eity about $1800 last year. He was
of the opinion that by disposing of
them $600 or $700 per annum could
be saved. He also ad viced tbe council to put up a notice on tbe bridge
leading to the Ruckle addition, as in
his opinion it was not safe for Heavy
traffic. The notice should warn the
public that the city would not be
held responsible for any damages
thatmight result from crossing it,
as it was a government bridge, the
, city only owning the approach on
this side the river, and the report
recommended that this portion he repaired. On motion of Aid. Clements,
the report of the board of works was
accepted and the recommendations
ordered carried out. • 1
The reading of the. report of the
water and light committee was deferred until the next meeting owing
to the absence of Chairman McLel-
lan.v i
- Mayor Hammar stated that the
street sprinkling should be done in a
different manner this year to' that
pursued during the past season.
Four years ago the ratepayers paid
for thoir own sprinkling, out of their
own pockets, and those who did not
pay, didn' t get their promises sprinkled. This method would be more
Speaking on thc subject of the
finances of the oity, the mayor said
that in order to make both ends
meet at the end of the present term,
the first thing to be dene was to look
into the matter of salaries, and see if
reductions could not be made. This
would meet with the approval of
the ratepayers. Where the duties
of two men could be combined under one it. should be done. He
thought this could be done in the
water and light department, where
there is at the rpreaent time three
men employed, all receiving high
salaries. In fact, if the salaries were
not cut down the tax rates would bo
away up. It was Well understood
that all appointments made by the
city was/only forc-no year, and when
it neW council came into power they
had to be prepared to go if necessary.
Aid. Hutton wished to know what
attitude the council intended to take
regarding salaries to the, aldermen.
If retrenchment was to be the watchword thc cutting procoss should be
commenced at home, and the aldermen should make clear what their
intentions were on this subject.
Aid. Clements was not in favor of
paying salaries to the aldermen, and
would not accept any remuneration
for himself.
The mayor coincided with Aid.
Clements' views, providing that tbe
necessary cutting of expenses was
done all around.  .
Aid. Feeney stated that the question of aldermanic salaries had given
him several hundred dollars' worth
of abuse during the -past four
months, but at the same time lie
felt that the chairmen of the different committees should receive "pay,
as they had to put in quite a lot of
extra time for the city, and therefore >he could not join the rest in
their views on this subject. If the
mailer comes to a vote, he will vote
for salaries.
The mhyor stated that if a salary
by-law was to be introduced, it should
be done during the first six months
of the term in order to make it legal.
Aid. Feeney Btated that he would
attend to his duties the same as if
he were receiving $1000 for his services.-
Aid. McNee asked to have the
agreemont between thc Granby company and the city in reference to
power read. Deferred till next
Mayor Hammar wished to know
if any action was to be taken in reference to the reduction of the staff
and salaries in thc water and light
department. Aid. Clements thought
the council would not be justified in
taking action until thc report from
the chairman of that committee hnd
been presented. Mr. Hammar said
ho was willing to work in harmony
with tho committee to see what
could be done, and report at tho next
W. B. Bower was appointed treasurer pro tern during .1. A. McC'nl-
lum's illness.
Applications for light were received from E. Baron and Thos,
Duffy. The mayor slated that if the
oity started putting in light where
tho expenditure was greater than the
revenue, everybody would want it
done. On motion of Aid. McNee, a
resolution was passed advising Mr,
Baron that if he agrees to takethe light
forone year, and puts up the money
for the extension of the line, he can
have, the same; that Mr. Duffy's request be looked into and reported on
at the next meeting.
The mayor stated the financia1
statement was not put before the
public in the right form, and while
he did not think it was misleading,
he said the majority of the rale-
payers did not understand it. He
also stated that action should be
taken at once to collect water and
light rates, and if they were not paid
in thirty days the supply should be
cut off.
'The following bills, weie ordered
paid: Evening Sun, $28; G. F. Printing Co., $48.75; G. F. Transfer Co.,
$26.J25; B. C. Iron Works, $1.50; B.
C. Gazette, $2.60.
The following is the monthly payroll of the city of Grand Forks:
W.H. M. May....$110.00
Geo. Clark    90.00
Miss Winter    75.00
MissHewton    65.00
Miss Sinclair    65.00
Miss McGill    65.00
Anderson (janitor)   50.00
F. W. Reid ....,....$126.00
W. B. Bower.  112.60
J. A. McCallum.... 112.50
Wm. Waterston.... 100.00
E. Miller    75.00
Dan O'Ray    75.00
D. McMillan    90.00
A. E. Savage........   90.00
W. B. Cochrane....   50.00
Dr. Kingston........ 35.00
Mrs. Simons    10,00
Total .'. $1,395.00
In addition to the above list
there is also another man employed
at thc power house as oiler at n
salary of $60 per month.
C. K. Simpson made a rich strike
Inst week on his Iron Chief Fraction,
which adjoins the Betts and Hesperus group. The strike was made in
the bottom of the shaft, which is
now down a depth of 60 feet.. Quartz
was encountered sprinkled wjth free
gold and visible to thc naked eye.
Assays will be made at once, and
work continued to determine the
quantity of ore. It iB a promising
| {Boundary and. Kootenay mining
men will be well represented ut the
meeting of the Canadian Mining Institute at Toronto on March 2nd,
3rd and 4th. W Thompson, manager of thc Rosslaiid-Kootcnuy at
Rossland, will read a paper on the
construction of mine bulkheads;
James McEvoy, of Fernie, will discuss conditions of coal mining in the
Crow's Nest Pass, and there will lie
papors by Frederick Keller of Greenwood, A. C. Uiirde of Sandon, and
E. B. Kirby, 'manager of the War
Eaglc-Conlre Star mines at Rossland.
The British Columbia Copper company's smelter nt fvreenwood treated
1112,913 toiiB of ore last year. These
figures added to thc 132,570 tons reported treated by the Montreal &
Boston Copper company'-'smelter at
Boundary Falls, make the total
treated at the two smelters 295,8*1
tons. .,
The total amount of bullion produced by the Granby'smelter for the
calendar year 1903 was ns follows:
Cop.por, lij,l);i2,356 pounds; silver,1!
366,900 ounces; gold, 47,500 ounces.
The smelter treated 401,921 tons of
The Phoenix Spur
It Is Reported That Work Will
Started on It Soon.
It Is Expected That Orders for the Extension of the V., V.
CB, E. Will Be Issued From Headquarters in
St. Paul This Month.
Orders for the immediate construction of the V., V. & E. extension to Phoenix are expected to be
issued from Great Northern headquarters at St. Paul this month,
says yesterday's Spokesman-Review;'!
Jay P. Graves is on his way there in
company with J. D. Farrell, assist- [realty,
ant to President eames J. Hill, and
it is reported that the purpose of
the' trip of the Spokane man is in
connection with the new construction.
The proposed extension will be df
much value to tt.e Granby company,
of which Mr. Graves is manager.
At present the C. P. R. has the only
line between the mines of the company at Phoenix and its smelter at
Grand Forks. The new. line yrill
furnish competition for the handling
of the large output.
It is claimed that the V,, V. & E.
line will be able to handle the ore
better than the C. P. R. in that its
ine will run on lower levels than
tbat of the latter road. The Hill
spur will reach the mines on the tunnel level.
Last  May   when President J. J.
Graves, that the spur would be built
at once. Later ie was reported that
construction was delayed because of
trouble in securing rights of w»y.
Canada is said to have no condemnation law, as a result of whioh any
land owner can block construction if
the proposed road crosses any of his
Late advices from the Boundary
are that 0 A. DesBrisay, right of
way agent for the Great Northern,
has completed the purchase of all
the necessary rights qf way. for the
extension. Grand Forks people expect construction to be commenced
within ninety days.
It is said the V., V. & E. will have
the work done by P. Welch, the
Spokane conrractor. He is said to
have been awarded the contract more
thini a year ago.     -,    .♦-.,   x ,
The C. P. It. company will add two
more stalls to their roundhouse in this
city, aa the capacity of the present
structure is not large enough to accommodate all the engines that require stalling here. When spring
opens work will be commenced on the
new  sidetracks   and   other improve-
Hill was in Spokane, he announced, ments, for which the plans are already
after a conference here with  Mr. '■ out
We Will Soon Know "What Happened
to Jones" - A Famous London and
New York Success.
Loeal theatre goers enjoyed a great
treat in Mr. Harold Nclson'B performances this season, and must
realize thut tho elaborate staging of
'Quo Vadis" contributed largely to
the general enjoyment of the audiences. Manager Walker, of the Winnipeg theatre, who is directing Mr.
Nelson's tour, und who provided
sue), complete stage settings for his
plays, has arranged with a company
of metropolitan comedians, headed
by Millard Reid, to appear here
shortly in Geo. IL Broadhurst's
London and New York Comedy success, "What Happened to Jones."
It is the same crfinpany that recently appeared at the Winnipeg theatre,
and which has beep touring the
United states all this Beasoij. Tho
pieco will be given with special
Bioncry nnd handsome costumes—
in fact, exactly the sam- as in the
larger cities. This is an exceptional
opmedy treat for local thentre goers,
who have hnd nothing better than
repertoire companies' performances
of comedy.
"What Happened sto Jones" is
b<5oked for presentation here on
Wednesday, Feb. 10th, in thc Biden
opera house.
Following are the locations, certificates of work, bills of Bale, etc.,
recorded at the office of the Grand
ForkB, January 21st to 27th, inclusive: ,
Monte Crista, Seattle camp, J.^P.
One-third interest in Silver King,
Franklin camp, Geo. Vaughan to
James Wilcher.
One-third Interest, in Silver King,
Franklin camp, James Wilcher to
Jacob M. Paulsen.
iMic-third interest inSilverQueen,
Franklin camp, James "Wilcher to
Jacob M. Paulsen.
Seven-sixteenths interest in Mollie
Pritchard, Wellington camp, Peter
B. Nelson to Paul Boissonnault.
Seven-sixteenths interest in Athcl-
Btan Fraction, Wellington camp,
Peter B. Nelson to Paul Boissonnault.
■ J. Ehrlich, manager for P. Burns
ifcCo., Greenwood, was a visitor in
the city this week.
Special services will be held in
the Methodist church next Sunday,
both morning and evening, by Evangelist Coleman. It it is expected that
this will be the last of Mr. Coleman's
services here, an he will probably start
towards thc coast next week, and wil]
hold revival meetings at different
points along the route.
Judge Leamy is holding county
court in Greenwood this week.
if (Hlj? 1-fotttttg &mt
One year....$2.00 j Threemonths. .60
Six.months.. 1.00 \ Onemonth 80
Advertising rates furnished on application.
Iiegal notices, 10 and 6 Cts. per line.
Address all communications to
The Evening Sun,
Phone 66. grand forks, b. c.
second in a series uf sermons on the
Prophesy of Amus, "Thus Saith the
Lord." ,
Wanted—A student wants to take
lessons in shorthand from a capable
teacher. Address Student, Box 365,
Mrs. H. A. Sheads, who had to undergo a surgical operation in a hospital at Spokane the latter part of last
week, is reported to be doing as nicely
as could be expected under the circumstances.
Jeff Davis in Vancouver on a business trip.
The people of Grand Forks are beginning to take on new courage at the
bright prospects of renewed railway
construction work in this section in
the near future. A fairly authentic
report comes from'Spokane that work
on the Phoenix branch and the smelter spur will be commenced within
ninety days. It is said that the purchase of ail of the right of way between this city and Phoenix has been
completed, and that there iB I nothing
now to prevent the road from going
Now for the North Fork road. F.
M. Holland, general manager of the
Kettle Valley lines, makes the statement that everything is in readiness to
start that branch as soon as the provincial government grants the expected subsidy. Now is time'for Premier McBiide and Representative
Fraser to make good their ante-election
promises to the people of this riding
on this subject.
There will be a meeting next Monday evening, Feb. 1st, in Alberta
hall, fcr the purpose of discussing
the question of establishing an institution where a free n a ling' room
aud library can be provided for
the use of the citizens generally, and
a young men's, recreation room,
where games of amusement can be
indulged in. This is a project well
worthy the attention of every citizen,
and the meeting should be largely
attended by both old and young.
Everything possible should bo done
to get such an institution started.
The parties interesting themselves in
this matter have already secured the
signatures of nearly all the business
men and prominent citizens to a petition asking that a meeting be called
and the project gotten under way ns
soon as possible. Don't fail to attend.
J. A. McCallum, city treasurer,
has been seriously ill since Monday
evening. He attended to his duties
as usual nt the council meeting, but
after adjournment he was suddenly
taken with a hemorrhage of the
lungs. He hurried home, but his
condition grew worse, and Drs. Northrop and Kingston were summoned. Soveral hemorrhages occurred during the night, leaving tho
patient in a very weak condition.
Yesterday, however, a change for
the bettor took place, and the latest
reports say he is resting nicely. His
many friends will hope to see him
speedily recover.
Paul Johnson, who was at one
time connected with the Greenwood
smelter and other large mining companies in this province, was a visitor
in the city this week. He is now a
resident of Vancouver, and has
lately become interested in Yukon
Rev. J. R. Robertson will preach
morning and evening in Knox church
next Sunday. Subject for morning:
"Thy Word My Will."  Evening, tho
F. M. Holland, general manager of
the Dominion Permanent Loan Co.,
spent several days in the city this:
wee"k. Mr.' Holland stated that
everything was in readiness to start
work on the Ndith Fork branch of
the Kettle Valley lines just & soon as
the provincial government would provide for the subsidy which was promised before the election. The company
has been bringing every pressure to
bear on the government to have the
bonus granted at once.
A. A. Frechette, who is running a
tie camp on Hardy mountain, has a
force of twelve men at work, and will
gradually increase this number. He
has a large contract for ties, and has
secured a big area of splendid timber!
A light explosion occurred in the
coal mines at Coleman lastWeek. Tw.i
men were pretty badly injured, but
they will both recover.
Geo. Urlin returned today from a
business trip to Nelson.
W. T. Beck and daughter, of Republic, spent a day in the city this
week. They were guests at the Yale.
I The Kamloops Standard (Conservative) prints the following sketch
of ex-Mayor Martin Burrell, of this
city, Conservative candidate for
'•Martin Burrell, the Conservative
candidate for Yale-Cariboo, was
born in Berkshire, England, in 1868.
In 1883, when 26 years of age, he
came to Canada and settled in the
Niagara district, where for some
years he was engaged in fruit growing and horticural work near St.
Catherines, Ontario. For many
years Mr. Burrell was in charge of
the government experimental fruit
station, and did lecture work as a
special lecturer of the Provincial
Horticultural society, and was a
valued contributor on his special
subject to the Montreal Herald.
"In the full of 1899 he came to
British Columbia and settled near
Grand Forks, where he has established himself as a rancher and fruit
"Mr. Burroll's popularity in his
own section is attested by the fact
thai ho was elected tho first mayor
of thc amalgamated cities of Columbia and Grand Forks and held
that position until thc end of the
last term, when he retired. Since
coming to British Columbia theCon-
servative candidate has taken an ao. |
tive part in politics, and has rendered yoemari service to tbe parly
in the Boundary country.
"His long experience on the lecture platform has made him exceedingly fluent as a speaker, in fact,
few men in public life in the prov^
ince are the equals on the platform
of the Conservative nominee, and
none are superior to him in easy,
iluent and scholarly style. Affable
and approachable, of good presence,
wide experience and breadth of view,
Mr. Burrell will be a credit to Ids
constituents when he takes his seat
in the house at Ottawa."
Baths 26 cents lit the Yale Barber
Shop.   '
From the Times. ■
The attendance at the Greenwood
public schools is rapidly increasing,
and in all probability another teacher will have to be engaged in aehort
The business which has been carried on for Borne time under tbe
name of the Greenwood Liquor
Joinpanv, has been purchased by
James McCreath of thd Lion Bottling Works.
Last week the Union Meat company received two carloads of fat
cattle and a car of sheep from Alberta. The stock will be slaughtered,: as needed for the Boundary
Gco.C. McLaughlin, who wasde-
fcuted in Greenwood tnree weeks ago
by Mike O'Neil, won two out of
three falls from Devanney at Spokane Thursday night.
hW. G. McMynn, K. C. B. Frith,
W. Cookson and H. W. Falconer
will represent the Greenwood Curling club at the Kootenay bonspiel,
which opens in Revelstoke on Monday nexl.
King Rees, manager for P. Burns
& Co. at Phoenix, has accepted a
position in the head office £at Greenwood.
The llyas Skookum club held
their monthly dance Wednesday
evening in Miller's hall. , The dance
was in the nature of a farewell
party to Mrs. and Miss McKenzie,
who are leaving shortly for Regina.
Tht Rev. Irl R. Hicks 1904 Alnutuc
The Rev. Irl R. Hicks Alninnac
for 1904 is now ready. It will be
mailed to any address for 30 cents.
It is surprising how such an elegant,
costly book can be sent prepaid sb
cheaply. No family or person is
prepared to study the heavens, or
the storms and weather in 1904,
without this wonderful Hicks Almn-
iiac and Prof. Hicks' splendid paper,
Word "uml Works. Both are sent
for only $1 ayear. Word and Works
is among the best American magazines. Like the Hicks Almanac, it
is too well known to need further
commendation. Few men have labored more faithfully for the public
good or found a warmer place in the
hearts of the people. >Send orders to
Word and Works Publishing Co.,
2201 Locust St., St. Louis, Mo.
A good story iB told of i*ro'eMor .icni,
of Oxford. In the clrmroom immediately above his own "Professor Veiteli let
tared on logic One day the pernratiu-
of the professor of logie .was greeted
with such rapturous applause that ii
brought down some pieces of ceiling in
tha room below. As the bits of plnstr
dropped about his room Professor Jelil
quietly remarked, "Gentlemen, our pro
niises will not support the conclusion u
the professor of logic."
Congressman   Chnrles   N.   Fowler   n
Sew Jersey tells a story of a small boy
who was over supplied with green applet
"I had gone to see one of my constitu
-■nts down in Union (aunty,   said tin
'ongressman. "and found Inm trvl-ir '
■ive some medicine to a young son who
'iad eaten too many j*iei-,i .i|<...-   ■
i Christian Science neighbor wus ssilli
■ix the boy that there was nothing ..
ill the matter with him.     'I think
■ught to know.' groaned the boy.    '.
'•iM« I've not ln«ide Information.'
The Way or ttw n'eclo,
First Tramp—Weary Willie stole as
auto an" ma over a m»n en' killed hlml
Second Tramp—Wot did dey do to
Weary f
Second Tramp—Wot did dey do to
/et klllln' de man an' giv bim ten yean
fer oteaUn' de auto.
mi retail trade anil agents for manufacturing-
house huviiiR well established business! local
territory; straight salary 930 paid weekly
ami expense money advanced; previous ex-
perlenue unnecessary; 'posttlou permanent;
Iniwini'HH sucaeHxrul. Enclose self-addressed
envelope. Superintendent Travelers, WIS
Motion Bldg., Chicago.
Turning, Scroll Work, Saw
Filing, Gumming and Skate
Riverside   Avenue,
Op. J. W. Jones' Furniture Store.
nArt*® Ari^Z Lrf& A*I& , Arf&£C 4
\ via, ^^ ^"^Sr'™^"'*T"^^,6k
Behefit by having only one Drug
Store, as we now have a Large
and Complete Stock. We have decided, wherever possible, to sell the
Such as Pe-rif-na, Pierce's, Ayer's
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Drug Store
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Beat in the Market for the Money J
mmvi i   	
You can get
the beet rates.
A Stylish Finish and'
Lasting Satisfaction
, Oct Vnur Clothes
Made by
Graduate Pennsylvania College of
Dental Surgery, Philadelphia.
Otliee in Megaw Block.
Phone 138.        Grand Forks, B.C.
Mohuuoh Hmjcs,        QKANU FOHKS. U. C.
Dr. Follick
Graduate of Philadelphia Dental
Phone 27.
Office over Hunter-
Kendrick Co.'aStore.
i in
joiin o. erases
Barristers, Solicitor*.
Notaries, lite
Hi-leu Block. Corner Winutpeir Avenue and
, Pint Street,
Pacific Hotel
Pliuue M.
J. J. M0IST08H     n
Oppoiite O.P. R. autlfin,
Coliliiibin  B.C.
bor   Union No.  231, A,L.U.—
iMeeU    every   Wednesday    evening
at 8 o'clock in   Federal   Union   hall.
Jab, A. Harris, Pi-en.
John T. Lawkence, Sec.
Iii our Jewelry store we have ft special department "leuoed off." so to ipeak, from tbe
main show voam. In eharge of this Is an ex-
part workman—a meohanto, .a genius. Tou
should call at tblidepartment quite often, as
your watch should be examined it least
onoe a year, or the claws of your diamond
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does not need repairing, you may have
clock to fix. '    A.U.MORRISON,
Jeweler and Optician, Grand Forks
I Carry a Complete Line
of Plumbing Specialties.
Fork.—J. R. Robertson, . R.A., pastor.
Service, evory Sunday at 11 a.m. ara 7:80 p.
m.;Sunday school and Bible clots, I p.m.:
Westminster Guild uf C. £., Tuesday, 8
and Pitthat.. J. F. Hett«,pastor. Service.
overy Sunday at 11 a. m. aud 1.80 p.m.:
class meeting at close of morning- tervioe:
Sunday sohool and Bible clewatlp. m.:
prayer meeting every Thursday evening-
at B o'eloek. Tbe public I. cordially llivlte.1.
aind), Grand Forki, Henry Steele, vlear-
loly Cornmunlou, 8 a.m.: morning prayer
and sermon, 11 a. m.; Sunday school, I p. m.:
eventontr audaermon. 7::tu p. m. All are
cordially Invited.
Over the sun-burned, sage brush
and alkali plains, when you may
just as well take a delightful, cool
and comfortable ride through the
heart of ihe Rocky Mountains in
view of vtl*e grandest scenery on the
American continent?
This you can do by traveling on,
the Rio Grande system, the far-
famed "Scenic line of the World,",
the only transcontinental line passing through Salt Lake City, Glen-
wood Springs, Leadville, Colorado
Springs and.Denver enroute to east-
em point*.
Three daily express trains make
close connections with all trains east
and west, and afford a choice of five
distinct routes of travel. The equipment of these trains is the best, including free reclining chair cars,
standard and tourist sleepers, a perfect dining car service, and also
personally conducted excursion cars,
each in charge of a competent guide,
whose business is to look after the
comfort of his guests. No more
pleasant and inexpensive means ol
crossing the continent can be found
than is provided by these excursions.
For additional details address J.
D. Mansfield, Gen. Agt., Rio Grande
Lines, No. 124 Third Street, Portland, Ore.
A familiar name for the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul Railwuy, known
all over the Union as the great rail
way running the "Pioneer Limited"
trains every day and night between St.
Panl and Chicago, and Omaha and
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See that your ticket reads via "The
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ticket agents sell them.
For rates, pamphlets or   other   information, address
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Trav. Pass. Agt.,      Gen. Agent,
Spokane, Wash.    Portland, Ore.
If you want to buy Halcyon Mineral Water call at the Grand Forks
You' 1*0 next" at the Yale Barber
For a nice.hair-eut or shave go ^to
the City Barber Shop on Riverside
avenue.    Baths 25c.
A Queer Fee.
Mr. John Ball Osborne, while acting as
Consul In picturesque aud tranquil
Uhaat, had tew exciting experiences, nml
duties which were not arduous. But he
received one sorpritiiij* fee.
A man came to him to secure the
authentication of a document to be u> ed
in court tn thn United States, a service
for which the regular fee it two dollars,
which Mr. Osborne duly charged. But
hit client appeared troubled and admitted that he waa "hard up." He was, h»
explained, by profession a glass-eater,
but was temporarily Out of employment
after a series of performances at country
fairs; and he had only expected to pay
a quarter       ,
He fumbled in his soalcet, a moment in
a distressed way, then brightened..suj*.
denly and suggested a compromise—ho
would hot pay la'money, but by giving
hit creditor a special performance.
Believing him to be one ot the numerous fakirs who rely on sleight-of-hand
In so-called glass-eating feats, Mr. Otborne expressed Incredulity.
'Gimme • thin goblet," said be, "and
I'll cat It all up."   .
The goblet waa brought The Impecunious American grasped It firmly with
both hands aa a boy would a' big anple,
and munched off a great piece. The frag.
menU crackled horribly under hit large
teeth, Mr. Otborne reports, and disappeared down hit throat.
He was precisely what he claimed to
be—a human ostrich; but It was not a
pleasant way of receiving a notarial fee.
and the Consul hastened to Inform tho
glut-eater that hla debt was discharged.
A Western Character.
Tht recent death of Martha Canary-
bettor known at "Calamity Jane"—hu
revived many tales of her remarkable ail
Venturas in the West during the earl,
trouble*. Once, it It related, the Wji
riding In a itage coach driven by Ja?
tcCaull, a nbtorlout character of Dead
wood, B.D., when a band of Indian
•wooped down. MoCtull wat wounded
ind fell bock on hit teat. The tix pt.
•ssftn in tht coach were helpless win
fright.' "Calamity Jant" tcrambled t.
tht seat, lathed thi hones into a rut
and ttttytd' B wu tUa um' M"0**11'''
who olterwor* wot made the moat mem
oroblt example of "CaitmKT' JaneV
■.rmmatZTTUOH®- 5»t "Wild »UI"
a trot, for a reason
r ■■WIM   WU" had
Hieaok fro	
ntvor known, after v.... «... -»»
-fakss aim.' Whin "Calamity.. Jaja"
heard of Ittrte started at one* to tod
McCaulL '-Wild BUT was her friend,
and tht foot that the had once saved
MoCaull't life did not deter her from taking it "I gave It to him once," she declared, TU take It back now." She came
xcrosa him unexpectedly in a meat-shop,
wilted a cleaver, tnd, threatening to
brain him If ht moved, waited till her
friends bound him. She was one of those
who tugged hardest to pull him over a
cottonwood limb, and with grim tatls-
'ictlon aha watched him kick bit Ufe
True Enough.
Porks—That's t queer sign for a bar
bar—"Hair cut while you wait."*.   -
Knowlet—No j I seldom go to the barber's without having to wait while tome
other fellow1! hair Is being cut—"Town
fireflies tor Sale.
In Japan there are established flrrr
it firefly dealers, each fmploying' tlxt^
>r seventy catchers, and exporting thc'i
catch chiefly to the large cities whet
trefllet are in adjunct to al! grades o
social festivity, from the private garde
tartlet of nobles to an evening at i
-heap tea-garden. Hornet line- they at
ept caged, sometimes released in iwarm
i presence of the gusts.
Tht' flrety-huater starts forth at .tu
; et with a long bomboo pole and a bag i
losqulto-netting. On reacliinga auitab
rowth of willows near water, he make
•ady his ntt and etrlket the broncho
winkling with the Inserts, with hit pol
'his jart them to the ground, where the.
re easily gathered up. But It mutt I
una very rapidly, betore they recovi
liemtelves enough to fly. So the tklllc
itcher, sparing no time to put thei
t once Into the bag. usrs both ham!
o pick them up. tnd tos.es them lighi
v into bis mouth, where he holds then
nharmed till be can hold no more, an
nly then transfers them to the bag.
He works thut till about two o'clocl
i tht morning, wh*n the lnsectt letv
ht traea for the dewy toll. He the'
hangti hla method. He brushes th
urface of tht ground with a light brooi
o startle theinsectaIn11 light; then li
athert them at befoi -•- An expert ht'
een known to gather three thousand i
Betides being a business, flrefly-catcli
'g it a sport.   Little girls pursue ii
lib their  fans,  boys   with wandt   t-
hlch a wisp of yarn Is fastened,  an.
hey ting an old folk rhyme at they foi
ow the glistening Insects:—
Firefly, comet firefly, cornel with yon-
Ian tem-light,
Ml tht boyt of Seikl ar* wanting yo-
Nor do tht elders disdain to Join th'
port   Thiy alto organise festival ptr
Its t* villi certain spots, long know
tnd famous, to witnett the beautllu'
'Paetadas of the fireflies swarming. 8pe
Is! -trains, carrying thousands of visit
irt, are' ran during the season to t'Ji
he meat renowned, to behold the Ho
'ara-Katten, or Firefly Battle.
Myriads of nreflies hovering over "
rentle river to swarm tnd cling togeth.-i
'hat they appear at one time like i
luminous cloud, again like a great b.il
if sparks. Cloud or ball, the wpndei
*oon breaks, and thousands of the taller
insects drift with tht stream, while new
'warms form, reform tnd sparkle con
Unuously above the water. 86 marvel
ious is tht tight thut a Japanese po.-
)o 1 see only flreflle* drifting with the
current, 'or It the night itself drif:
Ipg, with all Its •.wiirmln-aatani-
Just what you want
Just when you want it
GOOD SERVICE is composed of two elements
—excellence of the work and promptness in
the execution. Bad work executed promptly is not good service—good work delivered behind
time is not goSd Bervice; but the two combine to
make one of the most necessary, but hardest to obtain and often most expensive, requirements of the
twentieth century business man. That we have
learned the. lesson in theory we have shown. Our
customers will testify that we have also learned it
in practice..
Price Lists
Ball Programmes
Business Cards
Visiting Cards <     -
Shipping Tags
Etc., Etc., Etc.
We Carry a Complete Line of Stationery in Stock.
Our Jobbing Plant is new, and consists of the
latest and most popular faces of type and the
most up-to-date machinery. All work guaranteed
to give satisfaction.
Job Department.   Phoness W. K. C. Manly
Shelf and Hkavy
. Also a Large Stock of
Just Opened Up.
The Best on
the market.
Phone 6 Bridge Street
Arc HE
...FOR   ONLY...
$2.25 PER YEAR
A radical change from old methods and prices has heen made hy
the Toronto Daily NewB. The eyes
of the riewspvper world have
heen upon The News for the past few
months, during which time several
departures have bech made which
have given that paper a widespread
reputation for enterprise and originality. This latest move is to place
The News at the price of f 1.00 a
year bv mail. Only a deep-founded
belief in the future success of The
News could lead the publishers to
make such a reduction in price.
But just as the dollar magazine has
taken hold of the people, so, we venture to predict, The News will secure a vast and ever-increasing circulation, based not only on the popular price at which it is sold, but
mainly upon the intrinsic morits of
he paper.
We have arrangements concluded
which enables us to club the Toronto
News with our own paper at 82.25 a
year in advance. Such a combination presents many unique features
—our semi-weekly giving you all
the home and district news, and
the big 12-page daily keeping you in
j touch with events all over the world.
Send us your subscription to Tho
. News, or it you would like to see
the paper first, write us and we will
secure a sample copy.
■ Now.
The following table gives the ore shipments of Boundary mines^lor  1900, 1901, 1902, 1903, 1904, and
for the past week: ^Hl
"}■     rn^m                                                               1000 1901.        1002.
Granbv Mines,Phoenix ,....]  (54,533 231,762   309,858
Snowshoe, Phoenix       207 1,721     20,800
Brooklyn, Phoenix •       150                	
Mother Lode, Deadwood    5,340 99,034   141,326
Sunset, Deadwood ' :.........,.  804      7,455
Morrison, Deadwood       ISO        	
B. C. Mine, Summit.. .,.., :  19,494 47,405     14,811
R. Bell, Summit  560-     	
Emma, Summit '.  660       8.530
Senator, .Summit Camp                  	
Oro Denoro....:     ,   ..••••        	
Winnipeg, Wellington t 1,070 1,040
Golden Crown, Wellington 1    2,250
Athelstan, Wellington     1,200
No. 7 Mine, Central i	
City of Paris, Central    2,000
Jewel, Long Lake '.       160 350
Carmi, West Fork ,...      880
Providence, Providence ;	
Elkhorn, Greenwood .*	
-E. P. U. and Goldfinch	
Ruby, Boundarv Falls :  80
Miscellaneous...*..  3,230 3,456
1903.       190i. Past Week
393,718    33,150     11,820'
74,212       ...ti •
.   3,339
7,826      1,290
i  22,937
2,713      1,028'
C'.;    \Z'.
; 9?4        • 264
Total, tons	
iranby Smelter treated.,
... 99,730   390,000   507,515   684,426    46,889     16,327
..'.62,387   230,828   312.340   374,203    46,406     12,566
London Editor! Who Are Women.
Mr. Rudolph de Cordova sketches tin
women editors of London, with iiurlrniLr
:u "CaiseU'i Magazine."   He toys:
"Among the publications thus editi-i
■ re the "Sunday Times,'  liy  .Mrs.  i>.
•ceri' the j'WeBtinlnster Budget,' hy Me
lulda Friederk'hs. in  conjunction   vvi
Ir. F. Carruthers Gould; 'Biiby nnd W
■iinliood,' by Mrs. Adit S. Bullitt;  I
Minting Record,' by Mrs. Medfold IV
vickj  'Myra's  Journal,'    by    Miss .1
luale;  the -Lady," by .Miss i'.itn Shell
he "Ladies' Field,' by Mrs. E. Macdot
Id; the 'Green Sheaf,' by Mis, Pamel
olntan Smith; the 'Onlooker'.' by Mi
urcourt Williamson; and Ore'"Church:
vomart,' in part by Miss Gertrude Irv
and Blockburne."
He rightly gives the place of honor to'
1st FnederJclts,   He says:
"Tha first woman journalist to be o-
aged on exactly the tame terms, botl
.vith regard to work and to pay, at tli
nen on the staff of an important Lou
Ion dally paper with which the wat eon-
'feted, It Mitt Hulda Friederlcht. 01
ill the womtn journalist. In London 1
is safe to lay the It tbe most brilliant
linguist. Indeed, It waa htr facility Ir
onguea which won her her place on thr
Pall Moll Gatette.' Having; got ae
Itiainted with Mr. Stead when he wn-
ibout to edit that paper, he asked hei
ro join him at hit secretary, and in i
it.tie while the began contributing to.th.
ntper. Mr. Stood made no difference be
-ween hit contributors - on account in
•ex. He exacted precisely «hje,;.tarti'
•tandard of work from.man nd'wamen,
tnd considered that that work' should bi
paid for In exactly the tame way-o fan
Worth Insisting on, at it by no mean'
generally obtains even to-ility."
Five women have had" the pleasure o'
combining the function! of proprietor
and editort
"Mrs. Bedford Fenwick Quires will'
Mrs. Woodhull Martin und Mrs. Oeotj*<*
nrnwallia West, at thy did with Mr,
1'enwlck Miller and Mr". Arthur Stan-
•ard, when they were editors. Hie dis
inetlon ot owning her own paper."
It la said that Mark Twain wat standing In a orowded street -oar, hanging to
a strap, the other day. At the car swung
around a corner the strap broke, dump*
tug him into the lap of a well-dressed
woman. The humorist arose and bowed.
"Madam," tald he, "thla Is the flr«t H»
tin ttreet oar oompany ever conferred a
favor on me."
A missionary In China wat endeavoring
to convert one of the native,. "Suppose
ma Christian, me go to heovent" remarked Ah Sin. "Yea," replied the mlf
■tonary. "AU lite," retorted tht heathen,
'but what for you no let Chinaman Into
Amelloa when you let Mm Into heavent"
'Ah," utd the missionary with fervor,
"there't no labor party In heaven."
Abraham Benedict of tht New York
bar tell* the ttory of a young man who
entered a ttreet car with a dog and at-
tracted the attention of an Irishman, -i
who enquired what kind ot a dog It wat.
The young man replied i "It it a cross
between an ape and an Irlehman." "Then
wa ara both related to It," responded j
the Irishman. I
The teacher of a country school atked
hit pupllt one day II any of them could
tell him who Joan of Arc wat. The
question was followed by profound silence'. Some of the pupils stared at tha
teacher, and some turned and stared at
one another, as if seeking information
In the facet around them. Finally a boy
buret out with: "Oh, yet, I know; the |
wat Noah's wife." j
Once, when they were talking lltcra- :
tare, Mrs. Ieobel Strong tald to Robert
Louis Stevenson: "At least you have no
mannerlsmi."     Whereupon    Stevenson ;
took a copy of hit own "Merry Men,   |
which the was reading, out of her hands,
and Tead, "It wat a  wonderful  clear
night of otars."   "Oh," he tald, "how
many, many timet I have written 'a won- j
derfnl clear night of atari.'"
In 1885 an Englishman and hit wife
were being driven about Ireland by a
rather melancholy Jarvey, who could tec
no tilver lining to the cloud ovenhadow-1
tag Mi country and hit own particular
trade. "Never mind, Pat," aaW the Eng-
Uahman, "you'll havo n {-rand time
when thay give you Home Rule. Be-
dad, yor banner, and we will—for a
WMk.** "Why for »..week1" "Drlvin'all
tht gintry to the boat," auawared Pat.
Union Heat Coiwany
Wholesale and Retail
Meat riercharits
Head Office at :
Greenwood, B. C.
Markets at:
Greenwood, B. C.
Phoenix, B. C.""
Grand Forks, B. 0.
McLeod, Alta.
Fresh and "Cured Meats
Fresh Fish, Game and Poultry
We Supply.Only the Best    '
Your Trad&SoMcited
The "Club"
opposite poeTomcE,
First Street.
Highest Grade Imported
Ports, Cherries, Bcroun-
dies, Bre.
J. W. Jdnes
Furniture Dealer
A large consignment of Lounges, Dining-room Chain*,
4      Tableland Sofas just arrived.   Call and inspect them..
Also a stock of Blankets; Quilts, Pillows, etc., to he sold
at greatly reduced prices.   See our display of Pictures
for ChristmaB.
Riverside Avenue
Grand Forks
A Complete Line of Furniture, Hardware and Cutlery Always
Carried in Stock and Sold Ued-llock Prices. Largest Variety of
Goods in thc City.
Bought and Sold. Call and Inspect My Goods. A Great Variety
of New Articles Suitable for Christmas Gifts. „
Now Is the Time
To Make Your Hens Lay-
Eggs Are Away Up.
Come and buy Food that will make them lay—such at Ground
Bones, Bones, Beef Scraps, Oyster Shells and Pratt's Poultry
Also a
Full Line of
Always on
N. McLElXAN &  CO.
| White Bros. $sr
g Careful attention given to
g Watch Repairing.
Engraving a Specialty. ■


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