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The Evening Sun Mar 20, 1908

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 Seventh Year—No. 21.
Kettle Kalley Line Sidetrack
Ordered Removed From
Certain Streets
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. March 20, 1908.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Committee Reports and Routine  Business  Make  a
Long Sessiou
The regular biweekly meeting of
the city couneil was held in the
couneil chambers Monday evening,
Mayor Fripp and Aid. Clark, McArdle, McCallum, Miller, Rutherford and Woodland being present.
A communication was read from
H.Sheedy, local agent of the Spokane
Falls & Northern railway, asked the
council to quote a price for the extension of the electric lighting system to Weston and the installation
of twelve 32 and eight 16 e.p. all-
night lamps. The matter was referred to the water and light committee. Later in the evening the
committee reported that the eati
mated cost of installing the lights
was about $150. They quoted a
price of $32 per month, less the discount, for twelve 32 and eight 16 c,
p. lights. The report was approved
and the clerk was instructed to notify the railway company of the con
elusions arrived al by the committee.
A letter was read from the Canadian General Electric company in
reference to fire escapes. Some of
the aldermen thought that the school
house should be equipped with this
apparatus. '1 he matter was referred
to the water md light committee.
H. C. Hanington, secretary of the
school board, submitted the school
. estimates for tbe current year. They
were referred to the finance committee, with instiuoti ins to report at the
next meeting.
The finance committee reported
that, owing to the absence of the
city clerk, they had decided not to
recommend the payment of the
mouth's accumulation of accounts.
The committee also reported that it
would be dillieult to get u person to
act as pi-iundmastor unless a stated
salary is paid, and recommended
that in future this work be performed by the police olBoew. The
cuiiiinitlce was of the opinion that
it' people who had complaints tu
make against stock running al large,
would notify the proper offloers
promptly, the nuisuice could be
Stamped out. If the law ngiiinst
cuttle running at large is rigidly en-
fo etui at the outs t, the comn.itte
anticipates no trouble from this
suiuce later in the seaiori. The report was adopted.
The board of works recommended
that tenders for putting in booms to
prolect the jiiers of the Fourth street
bridge be called for, and that tne
work be dune by contract. On motion, tho board of works was instructed to carry out the recommendation, the ouncil specifying
the dimensions of the boom timbers,
as 8x12.
The chuirman of the board of
works also reported that I'. D. Mc- j
Donald had asked permission to
construct a sidewalk across the triangular lot owned by the city on
Donald street in front of   his   new
hotel.   'lltajiiattet-Vr'as  referred   to
the board of works.
The obstructions in the Kettle
river caused by the wreck of tbe
First street bridge was also reported
on by the board. The members of
the board were in doubt whether the
city, the government or the Yale*
Columbia Lumber company should
clear away the remains of tbo bridge.
Mr. David Whiteside, who is counsel for the Yale-Columbia Lumber
eompany, stated if a few pieces of
lumber would satify the cily, he
was of the opinion that the ease
of the city against the company
could be settled out of court. If a
fair basis of settlement could be arrived at, it was probably the best
thing that could be done. He made
this proposition without prejudicing
the case, however. The mayor
thought that any proposition for a
settlement should come from the
eompany. He felt eortain tbe members of council would oonsider any
proposal with that end in view in a
fair-minded spirit. Aid. MoCallum
recounted the incidents that led up
to the pending suit. The board had
estimated the damage to the bridge
at $1200. The matter was finally
referred to the board of works and
the city solicitor.
The chairman of the health and
relief committee stated that there
was no tenable grounds why tbe
city should assume responsibility
for the charity charge brought to the
Cottage hospital from Laurier. On
moti"n of Aid. Clark, a resolution
was passed to the effect that thc city
assist the health ollicer to collect his
bill in this case Irom Ferry  county.
The chairman of the water and
light committee reported that an u
tempt had been made to repair the
striker in the fire alarm system, bu'f
it still persisted in its refusal to
str ke.
Thc request of the chief for larger
quarters for the firemen should be
granted. The committee recommended that the room now occupied
by the police magistrate be given to
the boys, and that the police court
be moved into tbe council chamber.
After consiilersble discussion, and no
sasisfactory conclusion being
reached, Ihe matter was referred
back to the committee.
The chairman also reported tha;
the water main to tbe Keltle
Valley line roundhouse had frozen
and burst. The committee was in
doubt as to who should repair the
line—the eity or the company,
The petition of the property owners against tbe Kettle Valley line
siding  ut  Alexandra   and   Fifth
streets was again taken up. Both
Mr. Whiteside, solicitor for the railway, and Mr. K. A. Henderson, the
engineer, were present, and explained the changes in the original
plans to the council. Mr. Whiteside
also submitted the long-dlayed
plans of tho line through the city.
The matter was argued unlil a late
hour without a solution satisfactory
to both sides being reached. The
question was finally dispoesd of by
the passage of a acsolution, offered
by Aid. Clark, to thc effect that the
council would be satisfied if the company would remove that portion of
the tracks of its siding crossing
Fourth, Fifth and Alexandra streets
and the alleyway between Fourth
and Fifth streets.
The council then adjourned.
One Hundred Acres of Newby
Ranch Sold to   Eastern
Will Plant a 50-Acre Orchard
This Soring and Start
a Nursery
A real estate deal of more than
ordinary import to the city and valley was closed last Tuesday, when
McCalluin & /McArdle sold 100
ncres of the old Newby ranch, which
adjoins the city limits on the west,
to G. M. Hill and Joseph Twcddic,
of Fruilland, near Niagara, Ontario;
Arthur I). Tweddle, of Spokane, son
of Joseph Tweddle, and J. D. Honsberger of this city. Nearly all of this
land is suitable for fruit growing,
and a fifty-acre orchard is to be
planted this spring. The price paid
is reported to have been $17*5 per
acre for the orchard land.
Messrs. Hill and Tweddle are oltl
nurserymen of Fruitland, and it is
I heir intention to establish a nursery on the land acquired here.
Phis enterprise should be profitable,
,is the fruit growing iudtistry in this
valley has grown to sucb dimensions that there is undoubtedly a
Held for two institutions of this nature here.
Mr. Tweddle has long borne the (lis
tinotion of being the best authority
on fruit growing at his Ont; ru borne,
and will therefore prove a valuable
acquisition of tbe valley. The Sun
feels certain that the people of the
district will join it in welcoming tho
Westward Ho
All lovers of tho horse will find
much of interest in the March Westward Ho, \Vhieh devotes considerable
space to Vancouver's first horse show,
with many splendid pictures of the
entries. The three color cover design
;s particula.ily pleasing and attractive.
Tlio literary contents show that the
west has many clever writers, and
besides the regular departments fnr
tho home, Clive Phillips-Wolley's
powerful serial "Nlmkniut" is paving
the way fur better things. The editor
this month 1ms one of his characteristic pen sketches, the subject being
Hon. W. S. Fielding.
B. Lequime returned today from
week's visit to Kelowna.
ing in Hritish Columbia for
several months, and will visit every
section ofthe province, lecturing in
nearly every plnce, uuder the auspices of the Provincial Woman's
Christian Temperance union. She
expects to begin a series of lectures
iii Grand Forks on April 19th.
Fred King a: d Donald Langley,
who, when arrested, stilted that they
came frnm Nelson, last week obtained
entrance to the store of the Win.
Hunter Co., in Phoenix, and helped
themselves to whatever merchandise
they could carry orl', the value of the
guilds amounting to about $250. The
offenders were captured in Kholt, and.
on being brought before A. S. Hood,
police magistrate, were held for trial
hy a higher court. The accused eleet-
od to have a speedy trial, and it was
arranged to bring them up before
Judge Brown in the county couit ut
Greenwood on Thusday. After hearing the evidence and what they had
to say, the prisoners were sentenced
lo three year terms in the New West
minster penitentiary.
At the semi-annual election of
Greenwood Miners' union the follow:
ing ollicers were elected: President,
Qeorge Heuthertun; vice-president,
Ohas. Bierce; second vice-president,
Jos. j. Chambers, financial secretary,
tt. A. Matheison; rsoording secretary,
Ed Peiper; treasurer, Wm. T. Thompson^ warden, James Hampson; conductor, John Ingles; trustees, Chas.
Bierce, Jos. J. Chambers, Jas. T. Er
win, Luke Skelly  and J. B. Munross.
The following ollicers have been
"leeted by Phoenix Miners' Union:
President W. J. Louttit, re-elected;
vice president, J. Osterman; financial
secretary, William Pickard, reelected;
recording secretary, Marcus Martin;
assistant recording secretary, J. C.
Tint; treasurer, Frank Knott; conductor, J. R, Campbell; warden, James
Cimonoli; trustees, J. H. Campbell,
I'll Liingdon, Axel Peterson, J. Mc
Iver and P. Corrigan.
A number of changes have recently
In en made in the customs arrangements of the Boundary district by the
Dominion government, Keremeos
becomes a customs outport under the
survey of the Port of Greenwood, iii
place of the outport of Chopaka. Carson, now a preventive station, becomes
an outport and warehousing port under the survey of Grand Forks,
Four boys and two girls were added
to the population "f Phoenix last
week, as follows: To the wife of L.
Pi'uiui, a son; to the wife of Domenico
Mussatto, a son; to the wife of Edgar
\\. Fox, a son; to the wife of A. Mill,
a son; to the wife of A. Lamb, a
daughter; to the wife of Albin Johnson, a daughter.
Tho work train of the C.P.R. is filling in time hauling out some of the
4011,000 ties piled along the railway
between Anaconda ami Eholt, Most
of these ties gb to the main line. As
sunn as tlm frost goes out of the
ground this crew will resume work
with a steam shovel ou the grading at
Mrs. J. H. Morrison, a sister of
Mrs. J, W. Nelson,died in Greenwood
lust Thursday after a lengthy illness,
ihe funeral being held on .Sunday.
Deceased had lived ill the district for
eleven years.
Interesting Lecture
Miss Ada L. A. Mureutt, fellow of
the Royal Geographical society,
world-wide traveller and leoturer,has
been electrifying the people of Victoria and Vancouver anil other
places for thc past few   weeks.    Her
lectures embrace varied topics, relating to the physical, political and social conditions  of  the   people  and
countries she has visited aDd studied I ;
.      ,        ,,      , , ,  . Announcement is made   troni   Mid
as tew travellers tuko time and trou- „     .,  . .,. .        ,       ... ,       ,,
| way that Victoria day will lie celebra-
blo to do. A special feature of her j te,i in thttt tmvn thi„ year in the usual
meetings is the preponderance of old-fashioned way, with a full list of
men, who are attracted night after sports, raoes, eto.
night in increasing numbers to  hear ~~
, , .1,   -,,*    .      ., Iho open   season  for   fishing unin-
her   clear-cut   and  brilliant  utter— '     ,,     ,   ,,.,,     ,,,, D ,
indices on   March   25tli.     Hie   least
ances.   Only a lecturer of extraordi- ,,enu|ty imposed -,„. an  i„f,.,,ctjon 0-
nary ability can fill the largest halls the game laws is a fine of 825.
to overflowing six consecutive nights, 	
with   extra  afternoon  meetings, as L **}•!■ f8'?11  °'.Moffatt   and   Mr.
...    .,       .. •   i •        l i Carl 10. Jiilihn. of   Greenwood,  we.te
Miss Mureutt is doing wherever she .  ,   .     .,'     -   .     ,,    ...
* . married  m  the  fust    Presbyterian
speaks.     She    purposes    remain- c|,uroh) S|,„|illnL,( ]lut woo*f,
Annual Feast of the  Local
Aerie Was Held Monday
A Splendid Program of Music,
Speeches, Recinations and
The annual banquet given by the
oeul aerie of the Fraternal Order of
Fugles, in their hall on First
street last Monday night, to
the members of the lodge and a few
visiting brothers, proved to be one
of the pleasantest dinner parties that
has assembled nround the banquet
board in the city, with the avowed
purpose of making merry, for many
a month. The business session of
ihe aerie lasted until a few minutes
nfter 11 o'clock, after which the
lablcs were brought out and loaded
down with a menu of which any
chef might have been proud. There
wai turkey and cranberry sauce in
abundance for the fifty odd guests;
salads, from lobster to potato; pae-
try galore; cheese, fruits and nuts,
and a varied assortment of liquid
refreshments. Just as the guests
lind seated themselves comfortably
iround the T-shaped table the clock
in the city hall steeple struck twelve,
and St. Patrick's day in the morning was announced by the distribution of shamrocks io the banqueters.
After the inner man had been satisfied toasts were proposed to the king
md the president of the Gutted
States. Then followed a brief program of speech-making, recitations,
music and anecdotes. Mr. Peter A.
'/,. Pare, Ihe worthy president of the
local aerie, spoke of the past achievements of the order, recounting ils
wonderful spread and growth all
over the continent. Mr. O. M. Bancroft, of Spokane, followed with a
.brief speech, from a visitor's viewpoint of the local lodge. Frank
Sherwood, of Ferry, enlivened thc
gathering with a few numerous anecdotes, Scotty Gilmour following with
a song. Thos. J. Benninger made
the most pretentious speech of the
evening, taking as his theme the future possibilities of the order. II.
Couture and O. M. Bancroft rendered a duet in n manner that
earned them a liberal amount of applause. Besides the above, nearly
OJ crybody in the hall contributed
either songs, recitations, anecdotes
or brief speeches to the program.
The festivities wero brought to a
close at I o'clock by the company
joining in singing "Auld Lang
P. II. Burnliain made a business
trip to Nelson this week.
Metal Quotations
Nkw YouK.Murch 18.—Silver,66Jj
electrolytic copper, 12-§@12$
Loxnox,March IS.—Lead,£13 Ios;
silver, 25 G-1G.
Mining Stock Quotations
New Yoiik,March IS.—The follow-
ing are today's opening quotations for
the stock mentioned:
Dominion Copper..
iS. C. Copper	
5.00 ""HEN we say Fine Groceries
i we mean Fink ('uockuius.
A large shipment has just
been unloaded at our store.
They are all fresh. Our
prices are as low us the next
John Donaldson
Phone 30 Columbia Avenue
olli-? Slotting #mt
Published at Grand Porks, British Coliimbiu.
.Editor nnd Publisher
A HU' of this paper can be seen at the office
of Mcsin. ii A J. Hardy A Co., 80, 31 and 32.
Elect Btreet, 1*7(7. Loudon. England, free of
fliaruc, and that firm will be triad to receive
subscriptions and ndverti.emeuts on our behalf.
One Year $1.50
One Year (In advance)  1.00
AdvertUlt.™ rati*, furnished on >iu>
1.".- il notices, 10 and 5 cents per line.
Address all communications to
The Evening Sun,
Phone R 74 Gband Fohks, B.C.
FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 1908
A settlement has been made between the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway coinpany and the provincial
government regarding terminal facilities, etc., at Prince Rupert. The
terms of the agreement read that the
coinpany, in return for exemption
from taxation, binds itself to employ only white labor in Riitish Columbia, unless otherwise permitted
to do so by the government. The
company will also purchase all available supplies in the provinco. The
agreement is meeting with general
approval throughout the province,
and tliere is no reason why it should
be condemned simply because it
was negotiated by a Conservative
An annually reclining problem
that has confronted the city coun
oils in the past, has been the nuisance of certain citizens to allow their
stock to run at large within the
limits of the corporation. Up to the
present time mere has been no
abatement of this practice, although
there is a stringent pound bylaw in
existence. The present council
proposes to take vigorous measures
at the outset to put a stop to the
practice by summoning violators of
the law in the police court and imposing severe lines. Any menus
adopted by the couneil to check tl e
nuisance will be heartily approved
by the citizens, who realize thai ii is
useless to attempt to beautify ll fir
premises ns long us cattle an allowed to run ul larg" and destroy ll e
resultsol their labors. It i-widen s
of tin-city desireb> raise a tl Ihey
should provide pasturage for   them.
The prince uf Wales' proposed
trip to Canada will be profitless, indeed, unless he comes to <irand
Forks and inspect ihe Granby smelter uud the Sun fruit ranch.
A. A. Young, a retired business
man of Cypress Creek, Man., who
owns a five-acre tract of fruit land
near the Great Northern bridge in the
West end, left this week for his Manitoba home. Mr. Young is having his
land here cleared, and will have most
of it planted into f(j*nt this spring.
Ho has traveled extensively throughout the province this winter,
but says that Grand Forks' climate
and commercial prospects suits him
best of all.
George Tayloi left this week for
Rochester, Minn., where lie will submit to au operation for ulceration of
the stomach. Two of the most skillful surgeons in the United Slates are
said to be connected with the hospital
for the insane in that eity.
Mrs. Martin Burrell, who accompanied her husband on his four
months' trip to England, returned to
the pity last Tuesday. Mr. Burrell
continued his journey to the coast and
will not return home until the first of
next week.
C. Scott Galloway went up to Greenwood last Thuisday to arrange the details of the sale of the Victoria house
to Jim Cameron, who is taking the
property, together with the license,
anil will shortly re-open the hotel.
An East Kootenay paper says: "The
Granby smelter at Greenwood is to be
enlarged." It is self-evident that
Grand Forks needs more  advertising.
Mrs. W. J. Mclntyre returned
home Sunday evening from a week's
visit with friends in Spokane.
A. E. Smith left last Sunday for a
short business trip to Spokane, returning home Wednesday night.
Frank Sherwood, of Ferry, was in
the city last Monday to attend the
Eagles' annual banquet,
A telegram was received in the
city last Tuesday morning from
Duncan Ross, M.P. for Yale-Cariboo, announcing the appointment
of James Stewart as customs collec
tor at the subport of Carson, to till
the vacancy caused by the death of
the late E. A. McAuley. Mr. Stew -
art is receiving the congratulations
of his numerous friends on his appointment.
The Minstrel Maids company gave
an enjoyable performance at the
Grand Forks opera house last night to
a large audience. The work of tiny
Halcyon Martin was much enjoyed,
and the baton twirling of Miss Jacque
Casiid also caught the fancy of the
audience. The balance of company
contributed iirst-cluss musical talents,
11 going to make up an acceptable
anv feature of the Natal Act. The
attorney-general expects the appeal to
be on about Ap.'il 7th.
The St. Patrick's day social given
under the auspices of the Ladies'
Aid of the Methodist church at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Woodland
last Tuesday evening, was well attended, and all report having had an
enjoyable time.
We are still offering The Sun and Bioyci.es and Repair Work—A
tho Toronto Weekly Globe and Can-' complete line of 1907 models. A few
I ada Farmer for 81 per year in ad- i second-hand wheels cheap. Wheels
! vance.   The illustrated supplement to    rent.     Geo. Chappi.e,  opposite
that accompanies the Globe is worth
twice the money we ask for the two
Win. Bonthron left for Spokane
this week. It is reported that ho
handed iu his resignation to the Bachelor's club before leaving, and that a
well known young widow of this cily
is to be the bridge.
The Sun and the Toronto Weekly
Globe for Sl.OOper year.
Postoffice, First street.
We have some of the highest grade
paper and stationery for up-to-date
commercial printing every brought to
the Boundarv.    *Sun Job Olliee.
Court Kettle River No. 3575, l.O.
F., will hold a meeting Monday
evening, when special business will bo
be considered. All members are ro-
quested to attend.
The show billed at the opera house
for last Saturday night was heralded
as comedy, but, from a financial point,
of view, it proved to be heavy tragedy
to the artists.
Andy Waugh has now fully recovered from a long siege of suffering
from rheumatism.
The striker of tlm (Irand Forks
fire a la rni system refuses to strike,
li is M-ll'-i-vident lhal the striker is
neither i. Socialist nor a 'abor agitator.
A man fainted in the Grand Forks
postoffice last Sunday night, ll lu
had not revived, be would probably
have been sent to the dead-luttei
The slotting season is over in l'hoe
ins. A sure sign thai summer is hid
iug somewhere in  tins neighborhood
The legislature has amended
the public highways act so to make
it unlawful to haul loads of over '-'000
pounds weight over public roads in
vehicles of less than 4-inch tires. It
is also unlawful to drag logs or lumber over public highways. The new
law goes into effect on the 1st of Jan
uary next.
Itis honor Judge Brown, of Greenwood, opened a session of thc county
court in Ibis city yesterday morning.
A( ■'!'disposing of one or two eases
iu chambers, the action of R. Mcintosh against tlm city of Grand Forks
,\:,- taken up. This ruse is still being argued, and will probably last
until loniorrovi evening.
Mis. and Miss Wells, of Coluni-
oiil, gave a progressive whist party
and nance to a few of their friends
I lust Tuesday evening.
Mr. nnd Mis. J. A. McCalium
mourn   the  death   ol  tbeir   eight
'months' old daughter, Mary, which
occurred lust Sunday morning Irom
pneumonia, Thefuneral was held
from ihe   family   residence in  the
i West   end   at   2  o'clock   Mohiiday
It is reported from the coast that
Attorney-General Bowser lias un-
i nounci'il that pending the appeal no
farther effort "ill be made to  enforce
The "Circus Clown"
The Beggar Prince Opera com-
yany opened a week's engagement at
the Lyric last night and drew a
bumper house. The people of Calgary demonstrated tbat the appearance of an opera company was a de-
igbtful change from drama. Tl e
drama is popular, but tne opera
was a change. The company last
night made good. The bill opened
with the "Circus Clown," and the
performance greatly pleased the
crowd. There isn't much plot, just
enough to keep uniformity of
thought, but thc variation is nil the
more entertaining. The "Circus
Clown" is an old-time favorite, and
those who know opera know the
tory. Miss Ethel Balcb as Prince
taphael was the strong character.
She is pretty and shapely, and possesses a fine soprano voice of magnificent range and sweetness. She
was a distinct success. The comedy
predominates in the "Circus Clown"
and the funny pints were well taken.
Miss Vivian Forrest as Paolo was a
gem. She is the greatest female
comedian that has made a bow to a
Calgary audience in many a moon.
She is a peach. Sparadlop,Raphael's
tutor, calls fur an interpretation of
the comic, in which ability is required. Fred Golding in this roll
tilled the bill to a nicety. He is u
show in himself. George Murray as
Prince Casiinir was good, as was Jay
Taylor as Treinolini the Clown.
With a stronger chorus the Beggar
Prince Opera company would be all
that could be desired. As it is, the
coinpany is a clever group of entertainers, and theatre goers are in for
a week of thorough enjoyment.—
Daily Albcrtan. 'I'he Beggar Prince
Opera coinpany will produce the
"Circus Clown" at the Grand Forks
opera house on Wednesday evening,
April 1st.
Artistic Pictures
Taken.  The only opportunity
you    will   have  this Spring.
The  well-known Vancouver  Photogher, will make
his last visit to Grand Forks during tho present winter on
vill remain here for TEN DAYS only.    Any one de
:*elass works in his line should not fail to cull on him
Blome's  Old  Studio,  Bridge   Street
Fish and Game in Season
TAKE NOTICE tlmt August Johnson, of
Lynch Creek, on the North Fork of Kettle
Uiver, 18 miles north of the City of Orand
Forks, Ynle District, llritish Columbia, oecu-
|i(iticni Hotel keeper, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following deserfhed
landi Oommenolng at n post planted at
Lynch Greek, about eighteen miles north of
tin- Citv o" Grand Forks, on the North Fork
of Kettle River, in theSimilkaineeu Division
-if Yale DUtrlot; thenoe north eighty chains,
tlieuce west ten eliains to the en at hank of
the North Fork of Kettlo Klver,thence south
following the east hunk of the North Fork of
th' Kettle Kiver eighty chains to a point due
west of the point of commencement, tlieuce
cant fifteen chains to the point of commencement, and containing one hundred acres,
more or loss.
Dated the eighth day of .January, I90S.
Prints more live Houndnry news than
any other paper published in the
district. The price of The Hun is
only IJ.00 per year—one-half the cost
of its competitors. Tiik Sun is never
on the fence regarding question;) of
publio interest. The Sun is acknowledged to ho one of the brightest
papers published in the interior of
the province, Those who subscribe
and fuel dissatisfied, will have their
money refunded by calling at theoilics
of publication.
The Evening Sun and theToronto
Weekly Globe and Canada Farmer,
81.0U per year in advance.
The Evening Hun, The "Winnipeg
Weekly Free Press and Prairie Farm-
I er ami the Montreal Family Herald
and Weekly Star, $2.00 per year in
I advance.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
ANY available Dominion Lands within the
Railway Melt of llritish Columbia maybe
horn oit en tied by any person who is tho head
of ii family, or aiij male ovorefghteen yeara
of wge, to the extent nf one-quarter Beotloti
of ii'i'Mi.Ti'-. more or less.
Kntrv mii-t be made personally ai tlio loeal
land otlice Tor the dlltl'lO. In which   the hind
Is situate.
The homestfiider is required to perform
the condition! comte-iteo therewith under
one of the following plans:
(1) At least six months' residence upon and
cultivation of the land In each year for three
(2) If th" father (or mother, IF the father Is
deceased), ofthe homesteader resides upon a
farm in the vicinity of the land entered for,
the requirement* as to residence may be sat-
I istied by iiion person residing With the father
I oi'mother.
(.1) If the settler has his permanent residence upon farming hind owned hy him in
lthe vicinity of hia homestead, the requirement! ai to residence may ho satisfied by
residence upon the said land.
j Six months' notice in writing should he
! given tln> Commissioner of Dominion Lauds
'■ at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.
1 Coal -Coal mlplng rights niav he leased
I for a period of twenty-one years at an an-
i inml rental of *?! .CMl per acre. Not more than
i 2,66,1 acres sliall he leased to one Individual or
j company. A royulty at the rate of five cents
; per ton shall he collected on the mereliant-
1 able coal mined.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorized   publication  of   this
, advertisement will not be paid for.
There's No Other Way
Tu rench the large and ever-increasing
circle of our readers tlian through The
Sun's advertising columns.
Collection Agency
I purpose opening an office for
the collection of accounts, adjusting of hooks of existing
business, and also made up
preparatory to final administration of estates.
Leases and Contracts Drawn Up
Sale.-i of Property Negotiated
Rents Collected
Correspondence attended to immediately Financial returns
promptly made and guaranteed
S. T. HALL. J. P.
C.P. Telegraph Company Brldt*. Slrt-el
High grade Bicyclos. A complete line of accessories. Come
in and nee the 1008 models,
Wheel repairing.
Irish Twist Roll
Imported Smoking Tobacco
Downey s Cigar Store
Bridge Street
B. C. Land Surveyor
K,ri"       Grand Fork., C. G TO BE DEPORTED
Ottawa Directs That Hindus
Be Sent Out of the
foreign  Flood   Imminent  if
They are Successful in
Coast Courts
A Vancouver dispatch of the l"th
inst. states that orders were received
in that city from Ottawa that morning that the 183 Hindus arriving
there on the Monteagle several weeks
ago, who have since heen detained
at William's head and the detention
shed, should bt deported under the
brder-in-council against immigrants
coming from other than tho land of
their birth or naturalization. The
point nvolved is whether the Hindus came direct from Calcutta, transshipping at Hongkong. The C.P.R.
refused to guarantee for the Hindus'
appearance, and it is understood
that habeas corpus proceedings will
be asked, othejwise the men will be
sent hack on tho Empress.
If the Hindus should make a successful light in the courts a flood of
their fellows will ccme to Canada in
the near future. Fifteen hundred
Hindus aro now awaiting transportation at Hongkong. Recent arrivals
from Fiji state that favorable messages from tho first Hindu contingent that came have now reached
the Hindus there, and that 5000
Hindus are now saving up their
money to come to the Dominion.
Grand Trunk Pacilic
"I feel confident that actual  construction on the coast section of   the
Grand Trunk  Pacific railway, east
from Prince Rupert, will he started
ahout the 1st of May.  We shall also
build the Kitamaat section with  all
. possible   speed.    There need be no
idle people in British Columbia for
the next three years.   Our company
will furnish work fur every   laborer
who seeks employment."   Kiicli was
the  definite  statement oonoerning
,00181   construction   made   by   Mr.
! VVainwright before he left the coast
fur the east this week in  his private
car, attached to the C.P.R, express.
i He was accompanied by Mr. d'Airy
Tate, assistantsolioltoj of the' company.   Mr, VVainwright was in line
humor.    He  declared  that  he had
received every consideration at the
hands of the provincial government,
and that a mutually advantageous
Isettlement had  been effected,    Mr.
| Wainwright also stated that ho did
'not think that lots in Prince Rupert
'would he placed on the market uu-
r ti 1 the 1st of next September.
It is well to keep in mind that the
next court of revision of provincial
voters' lists will be held on the lirst
Monday in May, and in order that
new names be placed on the list
which will then be made up it will
be necessary that they be posted in
the court house tor thirty days preceding that date. As these lists
may be the ones used at the next
Dominion election, it is important
that this point should not be forgotten.
Ed Davis received a severe shaking up and had his face slightly
bruised in a runaway last Sunday.
The  Sun and the Toronto Weekly
Globe for $1 per year.
tfoKV Q°qQ Qt*V
Regular Price ft 3.00
Jin Offer Which Meets the Special Wants of All Classes of Readers
The Western Canadian rending public is made up chiefly of. these
classes: Persons who have lived in Ihe West for a lengthy period
and are out ami out Westerners-, and recent arrivals from the Old
Country, from the United States nml from Eastern Camilla.
Perhaps no one newspaper could cater with complete satisfaction
to all these classes, hut by this combination oiler every special need
is met
The Weekly Free Press and Prairie Fiii'mer gives a completo record week by week of nil happenings in the Western Provinces. In
addition it lias Bpeo'iJ departments for American and British settlers. The Family Herald and Weekly .Star supplies the foimer resident of Eastern Canada with the news of the Eastern portion ofthe
Dominion in detail, and the Grand Forks Sun provides the local and
Boundary news, which you cannot do without.
Find enclosed 82.00, for which send me Weekly Free Press
and Prairie Farmer, Winnipeg; Family Herald and Weekly Star,
Montreat; and the Grand Forks Sun, for onejyear each.
A lot of people yearn for strnwher
lies about now who wouldn't give n
nickel a bushel for them after the
crop from the Sun ranch is marketed,
Faster is approaching, but ii is a
pleasure to ponder on the fact that the
new style bonnets cannot he any more
mashed up thnn the present style.
Itis the confiding nature of   some
women thai makes them want to t • 1
you their family troubles before you
have known them ten minutes.
Some people worry themselves sick
to get into society only to lind after
they have succeeded that it is very
much like being in jaii.
We are usually pretty careless in
our walking, but up to dato we have
not stumbled over the fragments of
any "busted" trusts,
Dear brother, did you ever notice
that the clothing "tores offered the
best bin gains just when you didn't
have a cent.
Of course men are not vain, but
just tell a man of 50 that he doesn't
iook a day over ,'IU and watch the effect.
You will be surprise 1 to find how
much good there is in the world if
you'll sit up and take notice.
The surer a girl is about a man being in love .vith her the less sure she
is about being in love him.
ll will take something more than
the fear of microbes and germs to put
a stop to tlio kissing habit.
The woman who was married at
eighteen always thinks her daughter
of twenty is a mere child.
There was something wrong about
the good time of yesterday that produced today's headache.
The man who i.s always boasting
about his rights seldom has a thought
for another's wrongs.
We don't think much of a man who
has a large social correspondence and
keeps up with it.   *
The more money a girl has to burn
the easier it will be for her to fiud a
leap-year match.
Have you ever noticed that when a
man takes himself too seriously he is
generally a jokel
We never worry about the spiritual
welfare of the man who returns a borrowed umbrella.
The fellow who agrees with our pet
ideas is always a man of good sense
and judgment.
Widow's weeds too carefully cultivated are the soonest to go to seed
and disappear.
Some bachelors hurry through life
as if leap year widows were chasing
Ignorance might bo bliss, if some
one did uot think it his duty to put us
This is Lent, and Cupid and Meph-
istopheleB have beeu chained for forty
A lot of men look linn because a
big bunch of whiskers hide a receding
The men who believe in themselves
never blame their failures ou  others.
Ever notice how particular a bald
man is about the care of his hair?
Even St. Patrick couldn't drive the
snakes out of the Irish whiskey.
Tiie more men you lift up the fewer
there are left to drag you down.
How a man fools himself whon he
thinks lie is fooling his wile!
Even if you can't toot a horn yuu
can follow the reform hand.
About the only law recognized by
love is the mollicr-in-law.
It is np to thu dental student to
take drawing lessons.
Try to get lich quick today, then
hunt a job tomorrow.
Tomorrow's industry will not balance today's indolence.
Life is worth the living if the liver
if worthy of life.
Time is money, but the landlord
will not accept it.
Infant hands can take a linn hold
on heartstrings,
A man of drinoiple takes an interest in politics.
In order to be humble one need not
be servile.
Cross beating by proxy will not win
Men who drink hard find it easy.
Lenten Service*;
Special Lenten services will be held
at Holy Trinity church as follows:
Ash Wednesday, March -Ith, 11 a m.
and .S p.iu.: every Wednesday at S p. \
in.; every Friday at I p.m. Holy
week services will he announced luti r.
Knox PbbSdytkbian Ciiuhcii
Sabbath services at I I u.m. and ', \,
in.; Sabbath school ami Bible class al
2:30p.m.; Young People's Society "i
Christian Endeavor, Monday, 7:30 p
in. All are cordially invited) seats free,
Methodist Cni-ncii, Rev. Sohlich
ter.—Services next Sunday al 1.
a. m. siul 7:U0 p.m.; Sunday school
and Bible class at 2:80 p.m. Al
are welcome.
Baptist Ciiohcu, Rev, V. \V. Au
.•ache, pastor.—Services on Suiicln'
at 11 n. in. dint 7:30 p. in.; Sundai
school and Bible class at .'1 p.m.
For Sale—Brand new No 3 Grn
phophone; cost 860; also §1-1 worth ul
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ut once.   Particulars nt this office
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readers by advertising in any othei
)New Edition Issued Nov. lo, 190G )
!s a ilozon books in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemis
try, mineralogy, metallurgy, ter min
ologyj uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It is a pracical book, useful
to all and necessary to most men engaged in any branch of the copper
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists and describes IG26 copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the property.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Bonk on Copper
The mining man needs the book fnr
the facts it gives him about mines,
mining aud the metal.
The in yes tor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about mining, mining investments'iiwl copper statistics.
Hundreds uf swindling companies are
exposed in plain Knglish.
Price is $5 in Buckram with gilt
top* 87.50 in full library morocco.
Will bo sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, nnd
may be returned within a week of receipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J.  Stevens,
Editor ami Publisher,
-|:»:t Postoffice Block,
Houghton, Michigan.
Al ?, said often to bo buried six feet under
-ground, liut many times women call on
thair family physicians, suffering, as they
imagine, ono from d; Bpepsia,anotlierfrom
hi irt disease, another from liver or kid-
i-- j- .l^a-**e, another from norvous prostration, another witb pain here and there,
aid in this way they present alike to
iii imselveaand their easy-going or over-
busy doctor, separate diseases, for which
li*-. assuming them to be such, proscribes
hia pills ji ml potions. In roallty, they aro
all onlytfl/mptoms caused by some uterine
disease. Tlie'jTbV' i-ian.^Hyioraiit of tho
CUU86 of suffer I ngVK^Pps u p rw-^trea t Ttient
until largo bills are undo, Jjiv^*1^' r*nS
patient yets no biaU'ivJr^e.i^Uj^tiie
wrong treatment, bnt probably wor*-*.;. _A,
UJl'^JU-' "iv- •■■" |,k" 1?r ■'-■-•'-■ sK:i.nr,jj
PfegmutTonj wcricdtnjhe SUtfCjaunS
irjT^fTn^P'-ir^rnTnT' ^t*-'-w~tftt^
bVnjIriij^ii*ii^~Til"tiHj.-TiTTlT^rrrr^biiik .--y.iip-
toms, and Instituting comfort histoid of
prol'irin-'tl misery. Jt has been well said,
Unit "a disease known la half cured."
Dr. Pierce's Favorite rrescri--tion is a
scientific medicine, carefully devised by
an experienced and skillful physician,
and adapted to woman's delicate system.
His made of native American medicinal
roots and h, .perfectl y  Ik. rroless in its
cfb-i-l:-   in 7iTi}{ fn'riiuna  -7?   itai'jfiiuij^
-is a powerful invigorating tonic "Favorite Prescription" Imparts strength to
tb » w nolo syswm and to tbe organs distinct!] feminine in particular. For overworked, "worn-out*." run-down." debilitated teachers, milliners, dressmakers,
seamstresses, "shop-girls," house-keepers,
nursing mothers, and feeble women fren-
cr'llv, Dr. Pierco's Favorite Prescription
is the greatest earthly boon. Ik-jiir mice naled as an apprizing cordial and rc-
sforatlve tonic,
As a BOOlhing and strenptbening nerv-
Ins "Favorite Prescription"Isun equaled
and is invaluable hi allaying and Bub=
dulng nervous excitability, Irritability,
nervous exhaustion, norvous prostration,
neuralgia, hysteria, spasms. St. Vitus's
dance, and 'other distressing, nervous
sj raptoras commonly attendant upon
functional ami organic disease of tbo
Uterus. It induces refreshing sleep and
re levcs mental anxli ty ami despondency.
Dr. Pierei 'a Plensent Pellets invigorate
tl > Btoniach; liver ind bowels. Ono to
t* -ee °.tio.'''   F*e-jy Sotckeancaudv.
Curpnts CleiwiHil and Laid,
Furniture Repaired, Upholstered and Cleaned, und
other jolts in tho house-
eleanlng line. Rubber Tires
for Baby Carriages.
Second Hand Goods
Always Carrion in Stook
ii Fresh Supply of
Ice Cream   and  Summer Drinks
$4.00 Per Year.   Single Copy, 10 Cts.
issrai WBBKLY.
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A. J. Stewart
General Blacksmitliing
and Repairing
Corner Rain ami
Plrit Streets.
Turning, Scroll Work, 8aw
Filing, Gun Repairing, Manufacturer of Soreen Doors and
first Street
(iianil lurks B. C.
Hot nml Oold Bntbi. Nlooly Puriilihed
Stove-Heated  K it,    Bntlreb  re-
fni-ni-.li.-il nml renovated thrutiahoitt*
Plnt.olan l.*.-tr.l by day, .-..-.'ti ..r
month. Special rates to iteadyboard*
its    American mul European platti-
l-'iurit Hur in < It) in Coii tion-
lyobptll I.mlli** nml I
B.  C.
denteto I'liin   Teachi
•Ivei the foil
ntlei i a. reel*
» complete Oom*
',•: prepare! *.tn-
CertiBoatu ■■! nil
rsc for tin.
li. e.. degree, ami the tint Tear of the Set
ofSrln rniifi*. In affiliation t»lth the Toronto UnlvariltyI hn. a ipcoiit) prn.p,*etor*i-(
course lot- mlneri..!..... ..-i. in it c. fnitruo*
Hon 1. nl-.. (riven In Art, Mu.lc, I'li.v-h.iil Culture nml Slooutlon, Term ppeni BeptJtb.
im*'.. For Calendar!, etc., ndarefti
IN *"
i  f ' 'imiiiii ,'iiili^iMiiiiall
li jut the Thin* lor III. Ckiiilmae
f       B^\tk*%*> M0DEL S       '
■-    ,        v-v^-^   *^u*l *-*,°^ Suspenders
TUBSTANDARDliecausntlior fit. beouue tlicy coutnln moro
triJi.ii other mikoi. rUqwIdi •*i». fr.*i>
---tlwy haro Idld-Iin
' bwrtitatt thu ci
■     -*•'. '   ,-   i •rnii'i.t of Hie !*■ ;ly ni I'Vi-ry p.i.nTi.ni; h-. :*uie. Ill,
■:  A ,."Y timtrtl puU, t-uanntci!-! nni to ruit or tarnlih, noil 1
■V fil Mi.l4ar.'i.t"*iiji.r th in u-u-illy found fn Impondetl,
r*'J*vi ™'
Tlio Noil CntnfoPtslil'l 8nlp**jd»*fl M *■■■'*. fir Mnn,  Ynutli or H*>*-*
]» M.'l't. h. ;•■.■■■'- I M: .ill-'.-f ,' W,.,..*|,|... K*lriiI...tiL'l*;-.KMm I'..*.()
tj-mi Wit. Io«p«ii«OUU Kwj Hon nnil Bojf win Qliully Ut-coivo
1ICWES & HOTTER. ;>• p(.
87 Llncohi SI. Boatoa, Man.
r ntnfa.1 Hill. Don Bsmnrou fosn   *.*■•* ?*•.* iimltVi fnr Hie. porta***!
liiilruollvu booklet,  "Stvlo. or   tlOW to DrtM Coneclly."
fr..) rf >..ii mantloa thin publiMtlon.
Hon. W. S. Fielding Makes a
Good Showing for Dominion Finances
Revenues Are Buoyant and
Public Debt Decreases in
Spite of Stringency
Ottawa, March 17.—Hon. \V. S.
Fielding, minister of finance, delivered the budget this afternoon,
speaking for an hour and a half. The
feature of the speech was the explanation of the government of tho
steps taken to assist the movement
of western crops.
No tariff changes were announced
and but one in exciee taxes.
It was a straight financial  state
ment, delivered before a full house
and crowded galleries.
In moving the house into com
mittee of way and means, lion. Mr
Fielding noted that the last volume
of public accounts in the possession
of the house is for nine months, ending March 31 last. He pointed out
the difficulty in making comparisons between periods of three and
twelve months, remarking that after
the passing of the present year we
should come to conditions under
which comparisons could be made as
"The outcome of the financial
period to which I have referred,"
aaid Mr. Fielding,"has proved somewhat more favorable than I anticipated in my budget speech of the
previous November. I had estimated
the revenue at 865,000,000, but the
actuul revenue for ni';e months was
$67,969,328, I estimated the ex*
pend't ire chargeable to the consolidated fund at $52,000,000, and the
actual expenditure proved to be $51.-
541,161.    I estimated a surplus of
(m ITT
Are Prepared
"x£l We have the most modern jobbing plant
.;;■;■' [ iii the Boundary Country, employ com-
vf?| potent workmen, und carry a complete
•jS! line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, I'mIi-s and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
Shipping Tugs, Circulars and Placards,
Billn ol' Fare and Menu Cards,
Announcements and Counter l'mls,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out In an
Up-to-date Printery.
Gnoil I'rititint!—the kind we do—is in itself
an advertisement, and a trial order will convince
you that our stock and workmanship are of the
best. Let us estimate on your oiiler. We guarantee satisfaction.
M ^e Evening   Sun
fi(j Job Department
Si:.,000,000, and the actual suplus
was $10,427,167. Tbat is, the surplus for the nine months was larger
than the surplus for any fiscal year
since confederation. The revenue
proved very buoyant, showing a
very large proportion of increase
over 1905-6."
Hon. Mr. Fielding then quoted
the ttatement of thc postoffice revenue and expenditures from 189G
to 1907, showing that in the first
mentioned year there had been a
deficit of 5^700,997, as contrasted
with a surplus uf nearly two millions
this year, and it was to be remembered that this great change was coincident with a very material reduction in postal rates.
Turning to another branch of revenue and expenditure, Mr. Fielding
drew attention to the fact that for
nine months the Intercolonial railway had a revenue of $6,248,281,
while tho working expenses were
The minister then  gave  the   following summary:
Expenditure chargeable
toconsolidated fund...651,542,161
Capital Expenditures-
National   Transcontinental    5,537,865
Railways     1,603,701
Canals        887,838
Public work     1,797,871
Dominion lands       5^G,5**2
Militia      975:282
Total $11,329,139
Special Expenditures—
Railway subsidies $ 1,324,280
Bounties     1,581,9-14
Total expenditure	
Total revenue	
.$ 2,900,233
. $05,776,13S
.. 67,972,101)
Excess of revenue over
expenditure •*? 2,195,971
Added to sinking fund... 1,177,116
Decrease in national debt   3,371,117
He reminded tho house that it
would not be reasonable to expect in
such a country as Canada that ther>
should be frequent reductions of
the public debt. There had been
but six sinee confederation, and of
these the present administration
claimed four.
Wait for the best. It. H. True-
man, the well known Vancouver photographer, will shortly make another
visit to Grand Forks. He will be in
blome's ulil stiiilio on bridge street
For ten days, commencing Fridav,
April 10th.
The surest way to evaporate buss
ness troubles is to give your stationer'
the necessary talking qualities In
having it printed in a modern offisi
by competent workmen, The Sun
job olliee is the most up-to-date in tin
Bouudary, and our workmen are callable ami nf wide experience. This is
ihe reason why we do the piinting for
the best firms and corporations in this
Yale  Tranfer Co.
Light and  Heavy Transfer
ring to and from the depots,
A. Mackintosh
Offlii*:   WlndiorHoisl. I'lioneAO*
SK.U.KIITI.MlKI'-iuMn-HM.,1 ,,,,!„. iiuilor*
hIixh.-.i h , eiitlonul "Teutler for limiting
Port OIHoo, Vanoouver, II.C,," uiii i„.  n--
ei-lvml lit tliUi.llli* Ill Suliii-ihi.v, April 25
ii.m,  Inclusive, f.ir ii„,  oonitriiotloii ul «
Bentlni* System fo' tne Public Buililliui in
mieotiver. B.C.
Plans Mul Rpeolflotklton rim be seen innl
forms of tender obtained on appllaittlon nt
thin Department, frnm Mr. Henderson, Su*
peJlnteiidlug arolilteot, Victoria; B.0 , uml
from Mr. Chanes Tossell, Clorltot Works,
Viiui-mivrr, 11.0.
Persons tendering are notified tlmt tenders
will nni in* considered unless made un tli,.
printed form supplied, and signed with tbeir
actual signatures.
Baoli tender musi be aaooropanted by an
accepted ohenue mi u chartered lumli, uiuilu
puyabletothi der nl the Honourable tile
Minister of Publio works, equal to ten per
(,,-iit im pf.1 of the amount of the tender,
which will be forfeited if the parson tender*
itu*- deoiluei i<» enter Into a contract whon
.a!!,-,! upon m tlu so, ur ir in* fall to complete
In* work contracted fnr. If the tender Im
nut accepted the oheque will be returned.
Tho Department does bind Itself to ao-
cept the lowest or any tender.
By Order,
Iiepni-tinuiitnf Publio Works,
uttuwa, March 1-, urns.
Newspapers will not be paid for this adver*
ti-. me t Ifthey Insert it with mt uutliui-ity
f,oin the Department
The following table gives tbe ore
for 1905, 1906 and for the past week:
Granby Mines, Phoenix	
Snowshoe,   I'hoenix	
Mother Lode, Deadwood	
11. C. Mine, Summit	
Emma, Summit	
Oro Denoro, Summit Camp	
Bonnie belle, Deadwood	
Brooklyn-Stemwinder, Phoonix	
Idaho. Phoenix 	
Rawhide, Phoenix	
Sunset, Deadwood	
Mountain Rose, Summit	
Senator, Summit Canip	
M unison. Dead wood	
Sulphur King.Summit	
Winnipeg, Wellington	
Big Copper, West Copper. . .	
Carmi, West Fork	
Sally, West Fork	
Rambler, West Fork	
Butcher Boy, West Fork	
Providence, (Ireenwood	
Elkliorn, (ireenwood	
Strathmore, Providence	
Preston, Skylark	
Prince Henry, Skylark	
Skylark, Skylark Camp	
Last Chance, Skvlark Camp	
E. P. U. Mine, Skylark Camp	
Bay, Skylark ;	
Mavis, Skylark	
Dun Pedro, Skylark	
Crescent, Skylark	
Helen, Greenwood	
Republic,Boundary Kails	
shipments of   Boundary mines
1907   Paul Week
608,429      21,410
Total,  tons  1,158,991
Smelter Treatment-—
Granby Smelter  828,879
B. C. Copper Co.'s Smelter  121,031
Dominion Copper Co.'s Smelter  218,811
1,148,226    24,460
Total treated..
     1,168,121    1,110,860
Authorlietl,—siiauks--^ Paid   Total to    l.iiti'st     Per
Name of Company.            ■'unitsI.   Issued: Par. IM.      Hate.      Onte,   Share
Dranby Consulliliitcd-Copper.   $lS,U0O,0UO     ISS.IKHI SllKI *tl,i»i,iK» .S2,l«S'l:l,i Sept. 1M17 *J3.'I)
Uiirihou MeKil y—Gold     1,240,0(10   1,250,000     SI           5lli,*i;l1'l-'eli. 11104     .04
Providence-Sliver      208.0(10     ai (too    in Ui.iKK)      88,281 Sept. 1006    .60
B.C. Copper—Copper'     8,I)00,(KI0    5113.000     4..1         201,800ISept. 1901     .40
Geo. Taylor
General Contractor,
Excavator, Etc.
All Orders Given Prompt and Careful
Grand Forks, B. C
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly. Pas-
sengers and Trunks to and
from nil trains.
Thi.kphoxi-: A129
Rdtueufobd  linos., Props.
60   YEARS'
Trade Mafiks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone RPiifttng n nkotrli nnd doaoiiptlqn may
•jiilfllily iiacHTtiiiii our opinion fruo whether an
li.'vcntlon Inprolmlilypiiteiitiihlo.   Cora mm lira-
tioiisnirictlrriiiiiiiKMitfii]. HANDBOOK onPatcuti
Mint froo. t>li.ost in-tiii-i**- forBQ0URJ22patent*!,
Pul-juta tuki-ii IhniiK.'lj Munu & CO. WCUl-ra
svtual notice, wRliout clmr«o, lu tha
Science Hmerican.
Almnilnomuiy Ulaitratea Vflfikty. unteit clr-
ciilntlon of nny H('ioiiil:i(! jourmil. Tarnii for
c.iinulli, -<'i.7:i 11 your, i-uHtuKo lirop.iiit. gold by
»!1 iioWHdenkT-".
MUNN-SCo.3e'8-'-"N-;V York
llmuc-li O0jD(>, fe V Bt, Wuliluumii, D. ft
When remitting money pot an express order Cush on demand of
payee. To all parts. 8. T. Hall,
branch agent Dominion   Express Co.
Before cloning yonr contract for
reading matter for the coining year,
read the tempting clubbing offer we
make on the third page.
Palace Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty.
P.  A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Vldtorln Hotel,
BrlilCe Street, t5mii.il Porlis, B. C.
Foo Lee
Pacific Hotel
First -i'liins in every rospeot,
Blimple rooms fur rummer*
i-liil travelers.
H>.t ami Cold Baths.
Hur in Coin ti,,,,.
Kill,.** Ilr.-ili.l~ .. I Minis,
Liquors mul Oit*tirs.
fe,i.. ^-*''4'|
7 .
tiP ^ m a B^
The Purest and Best In the City.
On Draught Exclusively at


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