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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Mar 14, 1913

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 Kettle Valley Orchardist
■        i 	
$1.00 PER YEAR
Most Imp3rtant Events at
Hooo.9 and .Abroad! During the Past Week
The British parliament prorogue*,
but will have te resume its labors on
The provincial government issues a
new seale of salaries for the police of
the province.
The jury considering the'Clarence
S Darrow case fails to agree, and remains out another night.
Two hundred persons are drowned
when a small. English steamer foun-
ers in ths Sea of Marmora.
The premier of South Africa is
against the contribution plan, and
would   prefer a navy in   their own
Hon. George P. Graham makes a
strong speech against the Borden naval
proposal. Thc deadlock in the house
shows no sign of lessening.
Thn employers of the big Chicago
stores -and the women from the "tenderloin" distrlot are opposing witnesses
at the senate vino investigation.
Dr. Friedmann accepts an invitation to visit Canada, and hs wilf make
tests of his tuberculosis oure in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa next week.
Eggs sre hurled at British sufira
gotten at a stormy meeting in London. The police are needed to protect
the women.
United States government surgeons
witness the test made by Dr. F. F.
Friedmron on seven patients suffering
from tubercular ailments.
Deadlock at Ottawa over the Bor
den naval proposal shows no sign of
breakiug. Tha Liberals continue to
battle for their opinions.
More than, one hundred passengers
are rescued from a British steamer
when it goes ashore on a dangerous
reef near the Florida coast.
A mass meeting is held at Wash
ington, D.C., to protest against the
treatment accorded the women marching, in the suffrage parade the day before Wilson's inauguration.
- The funeral of Miss E Pauline
Johnson, the Indian poet-ss, i. largely
attended at Vancouver.
A terrific thu id.* atur.n unu-ws
in tny totalities and great property
Iihs in New South Wales.
London suffragettes attempt to
hurl a petition into Ring George's
uoaoh aup are immediately arrested.'
Premier Asqntth makes a strong
denial of a rumor that England has
agreed to send an army across the
The first tests in New York of Dr.
Friedmann's ours for tuberculosis are
declared to have already shown remarkable results.
Premier Borden ia forced by opposition arguments to produce the ad
miralty memorandum and read it in
full in tho house.
The overseas dominions aud their
aid ih defending the British Empire
is discussed in both tho house of lords
and the commons.
Pope Pius continues to improve
slowly but steadily in health.
A rich ({old strike is made at Teslin
lake. Five hundred claims have been
After a two months' fight, the
New York garment workers gain a
A sixteen-year-old Nelson boy turns
highwayman, and ia arrested within
an hoar after holding up a man.
Adrianople ia in the last extremity,
and it is expected that it will capitulate before the end of the week.
An exposition will be held at Shepherds Bush, England, in 1914 to celebrate the centenary uf peace between
England and the United States.
A suffragette meating in London is
wrecked. The platform is stormed;
red pepper thrown about the hall; f usi-
lade of egga.    Resnlt, a sick  leader.
Dr. Friebmaiiu predicts that tuberculosis can be controlled through vaccination. The remedy is absolutely
harmless. Ten patients are treated
at Ottawa.
It is predicted that an amendment
to the rules of the house, the effect of
which will ba to bring about some
form of closure, will be the next phase
of the light on the naval bill.
Canadian railways may adopt oil.
burning engines.
Hon. John Haggart, veteran statesman, dies at Ottawa at tha age of
Bribery and corruption is alleged to
exist on the Vancouver board of
school t-rusteis.
A Montreal rival to Ur. Fried
uiKiiii claims that he has discovered a
superior set um fur the cure of tuber
W. F. Maclean urges the house to
sease the warfare on the naval bill,
and suggests a compromise. The eov-
ernuient ia considering the advisability
of introducing a closure rule.
A free fight occurs at a suffragette
meeting in Glasgow. Dot-It men thresh
the rowdy student, One speaker
claims that militancy is the cheapest
and most effective weapon.
lieved to Be a District
London suffragettes are blamed  b
Labor newspapers for an  alleged   attempt to set fire to the British   museum,
Russia and Austria   agree to demobilize their armies at the  border, and' , »,,     -n    i_i t»
the Balkan allies agree to accept tho t SOlUtlOn 01 the Problem  Be-
mediation of the powers.
Ambassador James Bryce declares,
in an address before the Montreal
Canadian club; that the'Canadian system  of government is wonderful.
Right Hon. Winston Churchill is
bitterly censured by the opposition
speakers at Ottawa for insulting the
Dominion in the memorandum.
Desperate fighting occurs in Chihuahua, Mexico, when large bodies of
rebels and federals meet. Great Brit
ain reoognizes the Huerta ' government.
The Australian commissioner' to
London thinks that Canada-will soon
have to look after the defense of both
the north Pacific and the north Atlantic.
Andrew Mcllwaine, the newly,
appointed police and license commissioner, has tendered hia resignation.
It is generally admitted that co-
operaii'in is absolutely essential to
secure the greatest success along the
lines of economy in harvesting and
marketing. It must be admitted
that eo-operation, attempted under
unfavorable conditions, either natur-
or assumed, will not succeed. If
the natural conditions are all that
could be desired, and the business is
conducted along the lines of systematic and up to dute methods,
with capable and experienced men
at the head of the affairs —with tbe
assurance thut we hsve the right
men io the right plsce—then we
have the foundation for the establishing of a successful co operative
organization. However, something
more than natural conditions are required, as succsss depends on many
details. In tbe first place, there
must he volume of business in order
to insure economy in tbe cost of
handling, as to a grest extent tbe
cost of management is ' practically
the same whether the business be
large or small. 8mall organisations,
' us we can readily understand, are at
present, and will continue to be so
ia the future, compelled to labor
under very heavy disadvantages
aloogt tbe line of economy in the assembling of fruit, marketing and
business management.
The elimination of competition between local associations is greatly to
our advantage, and I am confident
in my own mind that sooner or later
all tbe fruit shipped from British
Columbia will be marketed through
one general selling agency. I am ulso
ol the opinion tbat to attempt to ao-
uouiplish tbis object uuder the present conditions would not be conducive to the best interests of tbe
individual grower, or to the industry. We should endeavor tn bring
abuut conditions tbat will help to
build the foundation for the general
selling agency iden, and anything
that we do should In; done with the
sole object of assisting in a subetan
tial way.
1 am of the opinion that a district
organization including the Bouudury
and Kootenay country, founded nn
a good business bssis, with all the
details of the business, from the us
sembliiig of the Iruit to ths marketing of ths same, under thc din ct
supervision of one management,
is a proposition worthy of our serious consideration. Natural enndi
tions are favorable to an organization of tbis nature, ss we have all
tbe essentials thst are needed to insure succsss. Viewed from the
home end of the business, we would
the filling of orders, sud thus elimi-   J    flFTHI I_H
nate the kick that tbe dealers   are
If a district orgsniz.tion for  tbe 	
Boundary and I li.- K'«itensy coun-     , . _   , ,
try, having ..ii the diiiieiiities ^apitizeiis of Grand torn and
contend with exactly   the Bame  sr     y alley   Will   Meet To-
tbe generally selling agency scheme, *m._,   ,
can not get the support' of those in- murr0VjTNl(£.nt
teregted, or accomplish   something 	
definite, bow can we expect to sue-;
ceed in the wsy of making the  sell-      A  public  meeting   of   the
ing agency scheme a success? citizens of Grand Forks and
If you will take a trip among the the valley will be held in the;
growers in the different districts, opera house on Saturday
and also call on the dealers and the night, March 15, at 8:30
consumers, you will Hud a variety o'fjock, for the purpose of dis-
of conditions, eacb with ite own cussing the petition recently
charaotjristic . Undoubtedly vou circulated regardingthe Can-
would get the impression that to at adian Pacific railway agree-
tempt too much might mean failure, ment.
To illustrate how a Boundary and       All Signers  of the   petition
Kootenay organization would work are particularly requested to
to the advuntage of   all   concerned,   "e present.
ut- will suppose for argument's sake      By order of the Committee.
tlmt  Creston   has a reputation   for; 	
strawberries, Kaslo for   Grsvenstr-in 1 he Citv Cutlficil
uoijles.Nelson for cherries,and Grand      _,. .   ,,   ..       ,,
„ '       ,      ...       l   « li        , The mayor and all  the aldermen
Forks   for   Mclntoob  Hed apples.
If a successful organization is to   be
an accomplished fact, and satisfactory to aii concerned, a means must
be devised whereby euch individual
grower and district will get their
just dues in every respect. By following these srgutneiits carefully,
you may be convinced tbat in a
Boundary and Kootenay district organization you are not deprived of
any of the advantages enjoyed as individual districts, and can also st
tbe same time enjoy all of the  eco
The mayor and all
were pretent at tne meeting of   the
city council on Monday evening.
A letter thanking tbe council for
a comparative statement was read
from tbe fire department.
I A communication from the pro-
' vincial secretary notified tbe coun-
I oil tbat the mayoc, Aid. Taylor and
I Ankrew Mcllwaine bad been ap-
| pointed police and license commis-
- sioners of tbe city ol Grand Forks.
A letter was received from J. H.
1 Ryley, wbo stated tbat he bad opened an oflice- as solicitor in tbe cily,
nomical   sdvantages  of tbe larger I ^ 89ked ,or a Bhare „,  ,h, city
  ; be able to accomplish two important
All the hotels in the city were to-; thin8»   'he elimination of enmpeti-
day notified   by Chief Sfvage and tiod osfe-*"1 *tns>* '°cal associations,
Serious engagement between Greek {h.   provincjtl  cmrtble   to  close <"*d trough the volume of business
:ialtiBWttfTwn. irreTover "ft* «beir bsr, in future at 10 o'clock on -e «ou)d ro.p the benefits olW
rita,-which the Greeks refuse to give'Saturday   night, and at 11 o'clock mV   ,n management, etc.    Viewed
■ftp to their rivals. during week nights. from the msrket end of the   busi-
  I   ness, we would   be   belter  able  lo
Tuesday judge Brown went up to  Green-, meet tbe market requirements with
Dr. Frsdrich Friedmann givos tu
As an illustration to show this, I
will take the case of Kaslo with its
famous Gravensteins. (It might be
mentioned right here that euch district sbould endeavor lo grow the
varieties of fruit best suited to tbo
district, and avoid too many varieties ) If a uniform grade he estab
lisbed, as Would be the case under
the management of lhe proposed
district orgsniz-ition, the Graven
steins grown at Kaslo would set lbe
standard Inr grade, and other districts not so favorably situated for
the growing to perfection of this particular variety, would he compelled
In be satisfied with a  lower grading
As the grading is done at present,
the best lhat ure grown at Kaslo are
No I; lhe nest from each nf the
other districts are No 1, and the
result is that there is not a uniform
grade of Gravensteins shipped to
the markets. This illustration will
apply to all districts, and all varieties of fruit, and therefore I feel
justified in taking the stand that nn
district that excels in Ihe growing lo
perfection certain varieties n[ fruit is
losing anything, or the less favorable districts reaping any financial
gain by associating with other dis
tricts, but indirectly all would be
benefited by assis ing in making
conditions     that     would     enable
( Continued on 1'itf/e ii.)
legal business.
J. A. McCallum was appointed
assessor for the current year.
Only one tender was received for
tbe removal of the old Cooper bridge.
J.Z.Galloway offered $5 for the
privilege of doing lbe work and of
keeping tbe material, and tbe con'
tract was awarded lu bim.
Tbe chairman of the water and
ligbt committee recommended the
extension of the waler mains to the
Van Ness additiou. After the matter bad been discussed, it was referred to the finance committee.
Aid. Manly was granted permit,
siou to introduce tbe Grand Forks
Waterworks Debenture Hypothica-
tion byiaw, aud it was passed
through tbe first and second reading
stages without the aid of a closure
amendment to the rules.
Some of the committee chairmen
bad prepared their estimates for the
current year, but, as all were not
ready, the cansideration of this
mutter was postponed until the
next meeting.   •
Aid. . Manly gave notice that at
the next meeling of Ihe council he
wuuld introduce thc Grand Forks
..let-trie Light and 1'ower Herniations bylaw.
The council then adjourned.
G. Tedesco   has opened   a  general
store at Fife, B, C.
berculosis treatment  to fifty-six patients at Montreal during the day.
| wood on Wednesday, and beld a reference to a uniform pack and
j sitting of the county court at that grade ot fruit, sufficient supply of
place,        * various fruits,  and promptness 'in
Lists Close April 7
Under the recently-passed amendment to the provincial
Elections Act, the voters lists of the province were cancelled
on Monday, March 3. From March 3 to April 7 is the tfnie
set apart under the act during which names may be put on
he new lists. After April 7 no names may be added. Liberals are reminded of the date and are urged to take the
nccossary action without delay, so that none of their names
will be left off through neglect. TIIE SUN. GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIAN
New York Mf.n is Cleverly Deprived
of Important Legal Documents
London, England.—A wealthy American, now in London, lias been the
victim of a series of extraordinary daring-thefts, as the result of which he
has lost some very valuable documents relating to estates in Ireland.
The victim ls H. h. Brittain, of
Now York, who In addllion to being
Interested In several prominent American enterprises, Is treasurer ot the
Oranito Spring Water Company. He
Is also, actively Interested in valuable
estates near Dublin, and tbe thefts
arc In connection wi£E the latter property.
Trailed by Thieves
V.f. Brittain sailed from New York
on the Mauretunla toward the end ot
November, arriving In Fishguard on
December 2, bringing with blm a large
quantity of luggage. At Fishguard
oft leaving the boat, he discovered that
Uie identification letter* on all hla
trunks and portmanteaux had been altered, and In this way part of his luggage had been claimed. The latter
was reported to the police, and shortly after his arrival in Loudon Mr.
Brittain bad the missing trunks returned to hlnv But they bad been broken open and the contents ransacked.
At first it appeared to be an ordinary luggage theft, but when Mr. Brittain examined the contents of the
trunks he found them almost intact
They consisted of clothing wliioU had
been replaced in the trunks after an*
evidently fruitless search.
tt now became apparent that the object of the thieves were some valuable
documents relating to the estates ln
. Ireland. Litigation is pending ln this
connection, and the documents were,
■^.therefore, of great Importance, and
were now moro carefully watched than
Documents Stolen
Mr. Brittain had occasion to journey to Dublin- the other night In connection with these eBtates, and the
documents relating to them were
placed in a securely fastened portmanteau and trunk. Warned by the previous experience, Mr. Brittain personally took charge of his luggage at Eus-
ton. He bad, however, to make an
inquiry, and instead of being away a
few seconds, as he had expected, lie
was detained about fifteen minutes owing to the congestion of the holiday
When he returned to his luggage he
found that thc additional padlock and
staples by which the portmanteau had
been secured had been forced off and
the contents ransacked, while the back
nf the trunk had been ripped open.
This time the thieves had been more
successful, and the valuable documents
had vanished.
The thieves must have shadowed me
from New York, says Mr. -Brittain. It
was certainly a conspiracy to obtain
possession of the documents.
Jones doesn't seem lo bc feeling
low this morning. .
No.     Why should he?
Well, he was out on a spree till
tl o'clock this morning.
Yes, aud his wife blew him up when
lie got homo too.
A Life Long Task
He seems to Just enjoy being a
blamed fool.
That pink voiced Paddleklus.
Well, I like to see a man ln love
with his life work.
and Health
Of Skin ond Hair
Promoted \ny
and Ointment
CoUcnr* Bote and Ointment are sail IhronglilHll
«M world. A liberal nnpU ol exe*. wilh .11-patt
booklet on lhe we end treatment ot the .kin and
acalp, eciitiwet-tree. Addnoe Potter Dna a Chem.
Corp.,Dept. 37D,Boaloa,U.S.A.
W. N. U. 935
80,000 OUT OF WORK  .
Packers of Brittany    Declare   They
Are Unable to Compete With
Packers Outalde
Parle," France.—One hundred and
sixteen sardine packing establishments in Brittany definitely closed
down at the end of the year, throwing
50,000 people out of employment.
Some fifty factories ln which other
small fish are packed still remain open
in the region around Concareau and
Douarnenez, but will also be closed
down on March 1.
The closing down was decided upon
some time ago by the syndicate of
sardine packers, who declare that the
present situation Is ruinous.
The fishermen asked for an Increase
In the pi-Ice paid per 1000 for the saw
sardines. This increase the packers
were unable to grant. They say they
are completely crushed by the cost of
labor and their general expenses and
are unable to compete with the Spanish and Portuguese packers.
The French packers further declare
that Instead ot demanding higher
wages per 1000 raw sardines the fishermen should have endeavored to secure the authorization to use revolv-
ing.nets In territorial waters, and thus
increase their catch.
Of the 50,000 men, women and children who find their occupation gone
by the closing Of the packing establishments, many, lt is expected, will
have to leave their homes and seek
work elsewhere. It is feared lhat
much -distress will result from the
Finding   Queit   Vain,   They   Leave
Corpiei on Floor of Vault
and Quit
Vienna.—A telegram received from
Grosswarden (Hungary) states that
the tomb of Count Ludwlg Rhedey and
his wife has been rifled, ahd the police are unable to discover the robbers.
Count Rhedey, who died In 18,11,
was distantly connected by marriage
with the Teck family. He was buried in a handsome mausoleum In the
grounds of a park whioh now belongs
to the town, and lt waB believed locally that the count ordered an English
ducal crown of great value and family
jewels to be buried wilh him,
This probably tempted the robbers
to commit the crime. They managed
to penetrate the park, break down
the door of she mausoleum and burst
open the lids of the coffins ot tbe
count and his wife. They scattered
the remains on the floor ot the vault,
probably in disgust at finding no trace
of the riches they expected. They left
only a cigarette end.
If you eannot win a fortune
That will feather well your nest
You at least can earn a living
If you work your level best.
If you cannot make a million
.Where tbe highest stakes are played
You can knock out several dollars
Working daily at your trade.
What's the use of having money
That you never hope to spend?
It will only bring you trouble,
It Is not your truest friend.
If you settle with the grocer
And can pay the butcher's score
With a little left for pleasure.
What can any one do more?
For tbe man who has a million
Only has one pair of eyes
To behold the wondrous picture
As old earth before him lies.
He can only eat one breakfast.
Only occupy one bed,
Only wear one pair ot slippers,
Have but one hat on his head.
If you cannot own an auto
That will travel double quick,
You can stroll along the highway
Where the autumn leave are thick,
And, whatever is your station,
In whatever niche you fit.
Yon can have a lot of pleasure
If you make the best of It.
Cry of Firs Costs Twelve Lives
Purls.—Two men, five women and
five children lost their lives In a oln-
ema theatre at Menln, on tho Belgian
frontier. Thirty other persons were
injured. There were 700 person*. !n
lhe theatre when one ot thi films
caught fire. Almost Immediately tbe
operator extinguished the outbreak,
bnt some one shouted 'Fire!' and the
audience made a rush for the oxiLs.
Msny ot litem were trampled under
So Enthusiastic
I am just crazy about baseball, said
tho bright young girl to the athletic
appearing young fellow.
How Interesting!
Oh, I dote on it. I wish t coul*
see a game this afternoon.
But the season Is over.
Oh, ls lit?
Perhaps you mean football?
Maybe. It Is one or the other, I for-
git which. ,
Too Bad
Doesn't she havo stunning things?
Tbat Mrs. Dowdy.
Yes. And what a. pity It Is that
she doesn't hire a right kind of woman to wear tliem for ber.
Homo already, Percy, dear? Come
and give me a kiss.
Let ue see your hands flrst.
Why, you suspicious boy?
I want to sec whether you have a
dressmaker's bill In one of Ihem.
A Bad Guess
A worthy old Edinburgh professor
was Invited to a Christmas dinner at
the house ot a lady ef fashion.
When the company rose from tbo
able the professor noticed, to his great
consternation, tbat be was unsteady
on his feet.
In bis anxiety to save appearances,
he repaired to the drawing-room
where the lady ot the house yielded
to the wishes of ber lady friends, and
ordered the nurse to bring In the baby
twins. In due course the little dears
reached the professor.
The latter gated intently at them
for a while, as lf deciding whether or
not there were two or one, and then
said, huskily: Really, what a bonny
little child. *
Deafnesr Cannot bo Cured
by local applications, as tbey cannot
reach the dlseaaed portion of the ear.
There ls only one way to eure deafness,
and that la Sr,'. constitutional reraedlea.
Deafness Is canted by an Inflamed condition of tbe mucoua lining of the Euc-
taohlan Tube. When this tuba Is Inflamed you hava a rumbling sound or
imperfect heating, snd when Tt la entirely fitted, Dentil™« la the result, and un-
lesa the Inflammation can be taken out
and thia tube reatored to Ita normal condition, hearing will be destroyed (or ever;
condition of ihe mucoua aurfaces.
We will gl/e Ona Hundred Dollars for
any caie of Deafness (caused by catarrh)
that cannot be cured by Hairs Catarrh
Cure.     8end tor circulars, free.
P. j. CHENEY * C6.. Toledo, O.
Sold by Drusclttt, Tto.
Take Hall'a Family Pills for constlpa-
A Ready Answer
Jones—Well, you and I won't be
neighbors much longer. I'm going to
Hve in a better locality.
Smith—So am I.
Jones—What—are you going to
move, too?
Smith—No, I'm going to stay here
Tour druggist will refund money J
PAZO OINTMENT tails to cura aay
case of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or
Protruding Piles in S to 14 days, 60s.
__ i
Two opulent numbers of the fair
sex were discussing some new neighbors who had moved Into one of the
most sumptuous houses in their district.  *
They seem to be very rich, said tho
Oh, they are, said the second.
Shall you call?
Oh, yes, decidedly.
You are sure, are you, that the*
are—er quite correct, quite—er—good
Oh, my dear, I'm positive, said tbe
second woman. They have twenty
servants, eighteen horses, twelve
dogs, four motor-cars, and one child
There Is no more effective vermifuge on the market than Miller's
Worm Powders. They will not only
clear the stomach and bowels of
worms, but will prove a very serviceable medicine for children in regulating the infantile system and maintaining it ln a healthy condition.
There is nothing in their composition
that will Injure the most delicate
stomach wben directions are followed, and they can be given to chi'-Iren
In the full assurance that they.will
utterly destroy all worms.
The Rising Generation
Angry old gent—Constable, didn't
you see that boy hit me with a snowball'
Policeman—OI did, sorr. It's wonderful how straight them young varmints can throw, begorra!
The little tils ot babyhood and childhood should be treated promptly, or
.they may prove serious. An occasional dose ot Baby's Own Tablets will
regulate the stomach and bowels and
keep your little ones well. Or they
will promptly restore h ilth it sickness comes unexpectedly. Mrs. Le-
nora M. Thompson, Oil Springs, Ont.,
says:—"I have used Baby's Own Tablets for my little girls as occasion required, and have found them always
of Uie greatest help. No mother, iu
my opinion, should be without the
Tablets." Sold by medicine dealers
or by mall at 25 cents a box from Tbe
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
The Naughty Child
Willie—Father ts the captain ot our
ship at home and mother's the first
Sunday School Teacher—What ure
Willie—I guess I'm the compass;
they're always boxing ine.
It Is a Liver Pill.—Many of the ailments that man has to contend with
have their origin in a disordered liver, which la a delicate organ, peculiarly susceptible to the disturbances
tliat come trom Irregular habits or lack
ot care In eating and drinking. This
accounts for the great many liver regulators now pressed on the attention
of sufferors. Of these there Is none
superior to Parmelee's Vegetable Pills.
Their operation though gentle ts effective, and the most delicate can use
A Good Idea
She—Why do you look so cross
when yon go out with mo?
He—Xly love, where would be the
merit in my going If I were not making an awful sacrifice ot my feelings.
Permit me the pleasuro of showing
that I only go to please you.
Wise In Hla Generation
I suppose your wife was more than
delighted at your rise in salary, was
not she? asked Jones of Brown.
I haven't told her yet, but she will
be when she knows it, answered
How is it that you haven't told her?
Well, I thought I would enjoy myself
a couple of weeks first.
How about that steamer?
I guess she's all right.
There's a rumor ashore that she's
afloat. KlU-Oi
That's good. I heard there wn a
rumor afloat that she was ushore.
Minard's  Liniment  Curea Garget in
'     Cows
Myrtle, can you cook? s
No, Lionel; can you afford to keep
a motor-car?
No, dear.
So they did not marry, and they lived happily ever afterwards.
Conaue.-ed by GIN PILLS
Mr. W. G. Reid, Hamilton, Oat., wticcs:
"I have been for the last two years a
cripple with Muscular and Inflammatory
Rheumatism. I tried almost everything
known to medical science and sought
change of climate without relief. Your
manager in this city recommended Gin
Pills and I bave since taken eight boxes
snd am now cared. I consider Gin
Pills the conqueror of Rheumatism and
Kidney Diseaae".
soc. a bos, 6 for Is.jo. Sample free
i f you write National Drag and Chemical
Co. of Canada, Limited, Toronlo.     113
Profit and Losa
Stenographer—Mr. Jones. I am
about to marry a poet.
Employer—Ah 1 Then you are going
to leave us?
Stenographer—Oh. no. but I shall
need moro pay.
Rich in all the
elements that Co to ^
make ^ood flour.
A71b. triai sack }
will make you a
constant user of
wmrrv hour
More Bread and Better Bread
Repeating Shotguns and Loaded Sheila
No combination is likely to prove so satisfactory as Winchester
guns and shells. They are of proven merit and established
reputation. If you shoot them, you are sure of one thine, and
that is that no one has a more reliable or more accurate shooting equipment A word to the wise shooter is sufficient and
that is "Winchester."    Send postal for illustrated catalogue.
the Weatam femes
wheat, oeta, barley aa*
The only eure and aatitfactory way la whieh ,
ean tecure the niftiest ix.uii.ia marital value for hla wn . -  . .-
■lax li hy ililpp.ni It by tht carload to Fort William or Port Arthur, or to
Duluth if ran cannot bt sot for tht othtf ttrmlnala (loading It If pettlWe
direct Into tht car over tht loading platform to aa to aavt tlovator charctt
and dockage) and employing a ilrlctly commlulon Arm ta handle and dis*
post of it.
Wt continue to aet as tlu #*_uTn«rt* Aftata toltir en a commmion bails.
Wt art not trackbuftra anil wt ntrtr hur tht FarMm train on our own
account, but lock after and dltpoae of thi grata tntruttei to Oi, ai the
agtnlt ot thot* who employ ut, and It It our dttlrt and endtavar te (Iv*
twryont _ht Tory beat itrvlct pottlblt.   Wt reiki llbtral aovaneti tfalnit
eer- shipping blllt, and will alto cany tht grain for a time under advanwt at
a mndtratt commtrclal rttt of Inltrtti, If contldtrtd t4vt_ui.it. Wt litvltt
til Farmert to wrltt to ut for ahlpplng instructions ind marktt Informal;**,
Thompson Sons & Company
Titer* ars aa vafatebte* Jasi lib* yrar
nml trewiaf.   FrovU* l*r a f**d table,
.at vtjtttaklet, aad Ibrtw away atdiciat.
S**da far tUa Ctaitry, bat w* ale* abew yta
Tel* la aar bttkltta. 153 pa*** (e*pyriihtod).
Tb* firat *E tb* Mat priet*d ia Caaaia.    Tbey
cralala tb* beat Wasters *x**rteac* *l *ap*rl
Marktt OardstMn.  Stead, practical aad asaiiblt—
last wbat yoa wast I* ba*w ia prepar'n* lb* «**d
Ind, -aiinrlM. atarliat tb* ***i, traaaplaaliai, ltrclt|,
ripsalad, started, deetreviai teasels, *te.    Tb* srlc*
I* 10 cute per SttkW (11.00 fer lb* fall a*l ./11.
iadadial vtjtttbte aad special Odd crop*), bat -TREE te
parcbettra sf our *a*d*.      8** ear calatetM, pat* 2.
Don't Worry
There are women who can keep busy
worrying over what they didn't do yesterday and fretting over what they
want to do tomorrow.
Personal >
Dear Ned—Come back, all Is forgiven. Pa kicked the wrong man, and
didn't know It was you. Come Immediately.—May. \'.
Manufacturers of
In N.Y. City havo told their
old stock and are hungry
for fresh goods.. We aell te
them. Bond for price ila*
und ship to
M. P. Pfatlnr A Co.,
I Gott 12th St. (Desk 75).
New York city
My Digestion
Is Now Good
Ami I hai Uks a Young Man linos
Using Dr. Muss's KMnsy*
llw Pills.
Prof. A. T. Smith.
What a horrible condition the dl.
■estiva system gets Into when the
aver. becomes sluggish and the
•owels constipated. The poisonous
watte matter ls thrown back Into the
Wood stream and flnda Ita way Into
all parte of the body, causing pains
and aches and feelings ot fatigue and
It Is wonderful how quickly Sr,
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills aweep the
■solsons from the digestive system
and enable the organs of digestion to
resume their natural functions.
Prof. A. T. Smith, 1 Ht. Charles
street, Montreal, and formerly of Boston, Mass., writes:—"I suffered for
stany years from bad digestion, constipation and horrible backaches. I
have been treated by * many doctors
without any results. One day a
friend In Boston advised the use of
Sr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills. After
nslng two boxes I noticed great Improvement! and after the fourth box
I was completely cured. . My digestion Ib good, I never feel any pain
In the back. My head Is clear and
I feet like a young man. I think Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver. Pills are one of
' the best medicines on earth."
. Dr. Chase's Kldney-LlveV Pills,
one pill a dose, 25 cents a box, all
dealers, or Kdmanson, Bates & Co.,
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Facial Freaks and Frolics
After the Christmas party they both
felt very pleased with themselves and
things in general.
. ;• They est together In a cosy little alcove, and by-and-liy he took his courage in both hands—and proposed.
There was no hesitation on the
lady's part as she accepted, and a moment later they occupied but one chair
whilst she nestled closely to his manly
breast. Suddenly Bhe started, frowned, and looked him full ln the face.
Albert, she said, you are untrue to
mel^    You are playing a game with
jno!-    You—
Darling, he lisped, what—
You—you—you're making faces at
me! she thundered Indignantly.
I can't help lt, he muttered, sadly.
My eyes-glasses are falling oft and I
don't want to let go ot your dear little
To Asthma Sufferers. Dr. J. D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy comes like
a helping hand to a sinking swimmer.
It gives new life and hope by curing
bis trouble—something he has come to
believe Impossible. its beneflt la too
evident to be questioned—It Is its own
best * argument—its own best advertisement. It you suffer from asthma
(et this time tried remedy and find
help like thousands ot others.
A Silly Question
At the supper-table Mr. Wade mentioned a tragic circumstance that he
had read that day in the newspaper.
A passenger on a translantlc steamer
had fallen overboard ln mid-ocean and
had never heen seen again.
Was he drowned? asked Mrs. Wade.
Oh,,no: of course not, said Mr.
Wade.    But ho sprained his ankle.
We give you a Home Study Counts
which will cnablo you to prepare tor
better things by using your spsre time.
We tcac'i sll Commercial branches.
lllghei Accounting, Drawing, Illustrating, anl fit young people for good
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position you would like to prepare
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Shaw,.President, Shaw Correspond,
ence School. Toronto, Canada.
all Uric AcM Ditenaet. Including Kid.
ney Trouble. Bladder Btonet Gal
Stones. Gravel and Lumbago are rap.
Uly -relieved and permanently cured
by SANOL. A remedy that haa an
enviable reputation throughout Canada.1 We will tend letters from
scores of people, who have been cured
ot ona or mora of these vuinplslntt,
by   -
.    8ANOL
Write for full Information.
Price 11.80 Per Bottle at all Leading
W. N. U. 935
*    -   PLETION
Britain Will Spend Vast Sum on Programme—Now Quns of Prodlfj-
lous Power
London.—According to the Dally
Mall, the work of framing the British
navy estimates for the cflmlng year ta
nearly completed; The one point remaining tor decision, namely, whether
five or six battleships shall be laid
down depends upon the Austrian nav
al programme. It the admiralty decides to wait before taking action till
the Austrian ships ars laid down, lt
may be expected to begin live battleships this year.
Tha naval programme will then, according to present information, Involve
sn expenditure of $240,000,000 and
will lnclnde live battleships, six light
armored cruisers, twenty destroyers,
a number ot submarines, and an addition to the personnel of 6,000 men,
making s totsl of 112*,B00 officers and
The battleships will be of a new
type, the largest and strongest which
science can build or money supply.
They will displace 27,000 of 28,000
tons, burn oil and fuel alone, and
steam 25.toots. Thus the'y Will be
IntfX'Hll/ir, between tho present
Dreadnought battleship and battle
cruiser. They will be armed ln all
probability with eight 16 1-4 inch guns
each firing 2,200 pound shells, of If
the 16 1-4 Inch gun is not adopted thoy
will have 15 inch guns, firing shells
that weigh 1,600 pounds.
Mrs.Julien Painchaud, for seven years
a sufferer, find* quick relief and
complete cure In Dodd's Kidney
Whltw<5rth, Temlscouata Co.. Que.,
(Special)—With the coming of winter
the ravages of Kidney. Disease are
again felt in this provinco,
and the fact that a sure cure
is vouched for In • this village is news worth giving to the
world. Mra. Julien Painchaud Is
the person cured and she states without hesitation that ahe found her cure
In Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"For seven years my heart and Kidneys bothered me," Mrs. Palnoliaud
states, "I was alwaya tired and nervous. . I could not sleep. My limbs
were heavy and I had a dragging sensation across the loins. My eyes had
dark circles under them and were
puffed and swollen. I was so ill I
could hardly drag myself around to do
my housework.
"A neighbor advised me to try
Dodd's Kidney Pills, and I found relief ln the first box. Six boxes made
me perfectly well."
If you have any two ot Mrs. Palnch-
aud's symptoms your Kidneys are diseased. Cure them and guard against
serious, lf not fatal results by using
Dodd's Kidney Fills.
Her Match
A dear old lady had been presented
with a parrot from the Congo, and she
was showing lt to her old gardener.
You know, Horace, that this parrot
comes trom the Congo, and Congo parrots are so Intelligent tbat tliey are
almost human. This bird whistles
'Home, Sweet Home' so beautifully
that the tears run down its beak.
Yes, mum, quoth Horace, I know the
parrots from- the Congo. I used to
have one, and lt whistled The Village
Blacksmith' so beautiful tbat sparks
used to fly from Its blooming tall.
That will do, Horace, you may go.
That ls LAXATIVE   BROMO   QUININE. Look for the signature ot E.
W. GROVE. Curea a Cold In One
Day. Cures Crip- In Two Days. 25c.
Thomas, the messenger lad, was
sent by hts employer to the back of
a certain market to buy a tin kettle
to replace one the spout of which had
been melted off. The old kettle was
given to the boy so tbat he might obtain one of the same pattern.
Although the market was only a tew
yards away, the boy did not return
tor two hours, and then without having made a purchase.
Why, the markot ls full or kettles,
said tbe employer.
Ay, replied tho lad, but they all had
spouts on.
Hilda (to her bOBom"friend)—When
I get married I would like a husband
who's easily pleased.
Vera (her bosom friend)—Well, that
Is Just the sort of husband you will
Minard's Liniment Cures Dlstsmpir.
The Irish Bey
Headmaster—Well. O'Brien, what
are you doing out of bed?
O'Brien, I Just got out to tuck myself ln, sir.
Look for Better Tlm** In Spain
Madrid.—Governmental reforms almost revolutionary ln their character
have been promised hy King Alfonso,
and Republicans are Jubilant.
It was learned that Azeara'.e ibe
Republican leader, .had been granted
an Interview by King AlfonBo wUo
promised immediately to establish the
old age pension system, greatly liberalize the educational system, reduce
the expenses ot Spain's military programme, establish religious tolerance
and bring Into being many other reforms whioh Republicans long have
I am thoroughly convinced of King
Alfonso's sincerity and Interest, Az-
carate declared when he left the royal
audience. I am delighted. Better
things surely are coming ln tho very
near future for Spain.
Fresh Supplies In Demand.—Whenever Dr. Thomas' Electric OU has
been Introduced Increased supplies
have been ordered, showing that wheK
ever lt goes this excellent Oil Impresses its power on the people. No
matter In what latitude lt may be
found Its potency is never Impaired.
It is put. up ln most portable shape
ln bottles and car be carried without
fear ot breakage.
A Matter of Sex
A well-known clergyman describes
an Incident which occurred at a meeting held ln the South ot England to
promote a charity. The mayor had
worked hard to secure a'successful
gathering and as he looked round and
found the bishop ot the diocese seated
side by side with the Wesleyans, the
Baptist, and other ministers, he felt
that he had reached the supreme moment of his life.
He rose, and after expressing hiB
delight at seeing so many men forgetting their little differences and
uniting in a common cause, he summed up the situation ln these eloquent
The fact ls, gentlemen, if a man's
heart is ln the right place, lt doesn't
matter what sex he belongs to!
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Eto.
His Little Mistake
The new clergyman was paying a
visit amongst the patients ln the local
hospital. When he entered ward No.
4, he came across u pale-looking young
man lying ln a bed, heavily swathed
in bandages. There he stopped and,
after administering a few words of
comfort to the unfortunate sufferer, he
remarked, In cheerl.ng tones:—
Never mind, my dear fellow, you'll
soon bc all right. Keep on smiling;
that's tlie way In this world.
I'll never smile again, replied the
youth, sadly.
Rubbish! ejaculated the clerk
There ain't no rubbish about it!
exclaimed the other heatedly. It's
tbrough smiling at another fellow's
girl that I'm here now.
Rector's Wife — What.mode you
think tho collection was made to get
the minister a new suit?
Rector—Because so many of (ho congregation put in buttons.
She sang of the fishers tar away.
To the fisher's little boy.
She sang of the mornings, cold and
When the fish are scarce anil coy;
She sang of the death ot the fishers
And then, alas and alack!
The kid still cried for lite on the wave
So she gave lt a little smack.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Of Course Not
Mrs. Casey—Yisterday was Mrs.
Maloney's birthday, and her husband
gave ber a sliver teapot.
Mrs. Murphy—Solid?
Mrs. Casey—Sure, you're Joking.
How could she put tea In lt if lt were
"■\Bwoder -83? |aj"
_   CmuU.  Hot mUir,  ,
'.hen.. SwtAlltil ,m\ly. Ordfl".!'
 n _.««_*.. Lfliifldiui -._..._____,.
«!■    *.dno,mt.„U.S.Sm    jggg
How Generous
Wasn't lt sad about old Robinson's
What! has he gone smash?
Yes; lost everything he possessed.
That's too bad. He promised ni«
something yesterday, but now In ht*
trouble I shan't hold him to tt.
That's gen.rous of you. What was
His daughter.
ON T let your horses
MmT  ntn down during the
winter aud Ret ao soft thnt
they will lose flesh badlv whtn
you start yourppririg plowing,
...     If horses ore not worked
regularly during the winter, thty nted Iha
§5J5>!j_? tonlo Attla of INTERNATIONAL
TOCK FOOD, to tone up tlie digestive
organs, enable them to get ail the good out
of their   feed,  prevent the  Mood   from
becoming overheated, and thus ward off disease.
JUnuiuii, Sask., Jan. s6tli. 1911.
I always havo
colts and they
i°^Am^*yei^'^'*KSK ?3ougiiM"as 'acres JTud"t^y VeTihrf'sfeoithen I
llarvested 163 acres and threshed and hauled one carload to town, 6nii.es. I weighed
them again and they weighed .850, uud I said "They shall weigh 3000 befol-e spring".
Mow, the Neighbors want to buy them but there's no chance".      I. O. KEMPEI,.
, , ror sale by dealers everywhere.  Our Jj.ooo.oo stock Book-sent tree when we
receive your name and address.     1NIISNAT10NAL STOCK FOOD CO. llHIttD. tOROSTO.
They have a true safety base
head,  with silent   tip.    Will
never explode if Stepped on.
Eddy's Matches have satisfied Caa-
adlana since Ml—accost ne ether*.
The E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
Washboards,  Wood Pails and  Tubs,
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
1 ■    I
A concrete milk-house
makes milk worth more
PEOPLE are willing,to pay more
for milk that comes from a clean,
sanitary dairy. In nearly every
city such dairies charge from 50 per cent to
100 per cent more than others—and even then
they can't supply the demand for pure, high-
grade mille. You will get more value out of
your cows if you properly cool and store the
milk. Such milk is not only more wholesome
—and therefore can be sold for a better price
 it is also slower to sour than milk handled by ordinary methods.   Ask for the free book,
"What The Farmer Can Do With Concrete"
T will tell you how to build a concrete milk-bouse, and also describes scores of other uses
for concrete around the home and on the farm. It is not a catalogue. Its 160 handsomely
illustrated pages are devoted entirely to the subject—in which every progressive farmer is
YOU do not place yourself under the slightest obligation in asking for the book. We
do not even ask that you agree to use cement. Just sign the coupon attached to this
advertisement, or send your name and address by letter or post card, and the book will
be mailed to you at once.   Address,
Publicity Manager
Herald Building, Montreal
W'HEN you buy cement, remember
lhal llm farmers 0/Canada ham
found that "Canada" cement It boil,
look Jor lhe label en every bag and
T. A. Citrar. E. J. Fream, John Kennedy, William Moffat.
Mtnltobt—T.  A. Crerar   John Kennedy, Wm. MoBat. R.  MoKcnula.   attKattBewan-flee.
Ltneley, J. A. Mahara, F. W. Orcen, J. Morrison.   Albtrta—B. J. Frttm.
11 you consign your train to ut It will be locksd afttr la tht tacit poitlblt manner.
To bet'tr iSt condition el the larmtr ana cut out the apretd hetwe»n the producer and Uu.
coniutntr. __________________-_._____.___-——--—_——__. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
to     select    their    forces
an    efficiency    standpoint.
The union label is not always a sign
of fair treatment.    We hava known
lots of goods, bearing it wbich have
ii'tle Te" rin'advanee.'.'.........       '.'.'*un been made by men who  have  been
On. Yesr, in l*..lt.d State.  l_M   |(yu    out   rf   their £n
Address til eomlnunioatloiis to . v ,'■'-__'*■■ V _
otber  oases  it is  used under false
a. A. Evans. Editor and Publi8hkr
Hhoni R74
THt BvtMIHO Sun.
FRIDAY, MARCH   14,  1913
An agitation appears to have been
started for label goods. There are
many sides to this question. Undoubtedly ths labor unions have as
much right to label and advertise
tbeir product as tbe trusts have to
use their tiademarks. But at this
point their rights end. They have
no   right   to make  the-merchant ur
pretenses. Many such instances
— might possibly be .unearthed close
to home. Then there are tbe local
merchants. They are surely worthy
of some consideration. Most of them
have big stocks of unlabeled goods on
hand. After they dispose of these,
perhaps at a sacrifice, tbeir purchas
ing market will in all probability be
restricted to the dearest. And still
they will be expected to compete
with the eastern depsrttnsntal stort-8,
wbich wili obvinusly lie a more dif-
ficult'task to do than in   tbe   past.
,        ,,   . ,     Tbe result will be thai more  money
the consumer   buy their wares by    .„ . ,      *
*i j will go out of the city to these con
! cerns tban' heretofore.  Some  sgita
they    did j
coercive    means.    If
possess this right,competition would
cease,   and   they  would  become as
grunt an evil to society as   the  trust
There are go 11 union lal>_)l«, as there
are  bad  ones.   The average  union
label stands for fair  treatment  and
living  wages.    But   there are also
some which endorse dynamiting and j :- -"--,-...
murder.   The labels  of the unions      During the past winter intermit
which endorsed and reelected  their tent  reports  have  gained currency
leaders after they had been convicted to   the   effect   lhat Ihe   "I Won't
by the supreme court of dynamiting, Work" brotherhood intended to ti'
tions are good for the puhliy.
Others sre mischievous, and ht-nefit
.only the professions! agitators and
dt-inagngues. VVe feel justified in
placing'the variety described above
in the latter clnss.
(in many instances it was proven
that the dynamiting resulted in
murder), belong to this class
And it must not be assumed tbat
all goods which do not bear the
union label come from the sweat
shop, ln many instances, the employees receive higher wagei. and
b.'ttsr usagn than union labor. The
fact  is,   inatiufacturare    nowadays
up all railroad-.Gonstriietibn in this
province during the coining summer. Inasmuch as two of Ihis ilk
ran against the luiv at Penticton a
couple of weeks for creation a disturbance, there may have been
something mure substantial than
idle talk to these rumors. This fra
tern ity should be handled with hare
hands     Wherever    an   "I   Won't
V OTICE LS HEREBY GIVEN that tlie List of Voters
1' for the Grand Forks Electoral District has heen can-
called, and that Applications to he placed on the Voters'
List will he received at my Office at Grand Forks, where
printed forms of Affidavit to be used in support of an Application to Vote will be supplied.
Thc list of persons claiming to vote will lie suspended from
and after the seventh day of April, 1913; and a Court of Revision will be held on the nineteenth day of Mny,  1913, and
notice of Objections to the insertion of any name ou tlit. lqi.i«r;"-to whinh'Lohdon news'tai-frs
Register of Voters must be given to me thirty clear days be- with pnrteniiotis serioutness e-ive
fore the holding of the Court of Revision.
Dated this third dav of March, 1913,
Registrar of Voters for the Grand Forks Electoral District
Work" agitator is located who is not
a citizen deportation should be resorted to.
Am enthusiastic -Australian cabinet minister declares that ''God has
chosen the English people to gov
ern the earth." Undoubtedly. But
who selected the Romans to rule the
world two thousand years ago?
Commissioners' Meeting
A meeting of the police and
license commissioners wss beld in
the city hall on Wednesday evening,
Mayor Fripp and Commissioners
Taylor and Mcllwaine being present Chief Savage wss also present,
and reported that all' was well in
his department.
The chief was instructed lo notify
vendors of tobacco that .they must
not sell tobneco to minors, Poolroom proprietors were also to be notified not lo allow youths under
age on their premises. The chief
was also instructed to notify hotel
keepers to observe the Sunday cl-ft-
ini! clause ami all other regulations
of the iiew Liquor Acl.
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
corded by the government thermometer on E. F. Laws'ranch:
Friday, 7th  28
Saturday, Slh   _!4
Siliid-iy, 9th  24
Monday, 10th   26
rucsdn'y. 1 Ith    24
Wednesday, 12tb  29
Thursday, 13th  14
.Snowfall     2.0
"Here Comes the Bogey Man"
According to a dispatch from London, under authority conferred by
Iha Aerial Navigation Act, theho-ne
secretary has issued oid-rs prohibiting foreign military snd naval aircraft frnm pausing over any portion
of the United kingdom or territorial
waters except on invitation and by
permission of >be iinvernment
•' The legislation referred to was
passed in consequence of the scare-
head reporta of nocturnal visits by.
foreign aircraft. One of the "airships," it has since been found, was
a toy balloon. No doubt the others
were equally formidable. Some time
ago it was reported that (Jermany
wn«   building   warships   "on     the
I considerable prominence A little re.
Plymouth Rocks
and Rose Comb
Rhode Island Reds
lie C
rownie liameras
' Work just like
PRICES W to $12'
Woodland 8 Co.,
The Kodak Dealers
flection exploded this obvious  can
ard.    No country can build lormid
able warships unknown to others il
they have the  ordinary   machinery
of observation.
With regard to airships the folio.-,
ing dispaleb was recently receive*
by the Canadian papers from London:
The foreign airships hogey is again
creating alarm in Britain. A story is
circulated that some nower ia conducting import nit extieriinenis in
dirigibles over Britain Th" evidence
seems conclusive that some ttivsleri-
ou» aprial visitors are continuing
Iheir fights over this country. Many
persons are prepared lo swear Ihey
saw it pass over Selhy Abhey, Yorkshire, Friday night, making its way
towards the east const in the neigh-
b irhood of Barlhy, where there is an
important arsenal.
The recurring reports of nocturnal
visits of unknown airsnips tn Brit
aiu sre derided by German newspapers. Suspicions occasionally uttered lhal the mysterious strangers
are Hermans are bitterly resentpd in
Germany. Non German authorises
in Berlin, wbose business it is lo
carefully observe German aerial de-
velnpm'Qt, exp>«M the opinion thst
it is wholly beyond the range of
practical possibilities fnr nny Ger
msn airship, even of the most pow
erful Zeppelin typp, to venture on a
secret trip tn Britain Such s vessel,
they say,would he discovered, recognized and reported times without
number.—Victoria Times.
Horse-Shoeing a Specialty
Repairing of Every Description
All Work Fully Guaranteed
Bicycle and Automobile Repairing
for hat< hint) frfw AA    •■ch.ln aay
EggS EtkiSSlon "Slock
A.    D
Our wagons won't work your horses to death. They
run light.
They are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will
stand the roughest wear.
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong
with it, drive up in front of our store and see if wo don't
make good.
Mclntyre <& Smith
1     has added a
Barber Shop
to its already well equipped
Pompeian and Electric
Massage given.
Razors  sharpened  by
an expert.
At the Head
Ttie man at the hca.l of aff.iir,
whether st home or in beuneu, it
Ihe one wheae attention you with
te attract.
Our paper goes into the best chsi
of homes anil it read liy the hem! itl*
the family. That accounts for the
results obtained by the use of
Clastified  Want  Ads.
plumbing Heating
indian motocycles
bicycles    dry batteries
silver KIiik und Silver Queen Miiiuml
Cluim*. ulruuti' In tin* '.mini Korku Mining
Division nf Y.il« Metric.-.
Where I-war .'il: On the Knit Fnrk of the
North Pork of Kettle Rlvir.
TAKK NOIll'Ktl.at I, Jacob M. PmiUen.
Kn»C Ml|it*|> Ci*r_iflc»te No. 3*81811, tar
myself and as agent f»r William 11. Hoffman,
t-x-wmtor. and Kma Major, pxeoutrlx, of the
will ot Catherine Hoffman. Free Miners
Cerfltirutp No. SMITH intern), nlxty davit
from dnte hereof. *__» u,>pi>* tn the Minim:
Kecorder font Ce> tltii-iile of Imprnvfimentu, for
the piirjiiweof tihi'iiiihur I'Mwn grant* of tin*
above el.ilifti
And further tnke notice that net ion, under
wtli-u :f7, mil*! he cnmmeiie- d before the l"«u-
au'Oof mieh Cerilti*H*e« of lin|tr«Temert.
Dated thli 4th day oi Mnj. A.l) 1912.
©to jttmtark
THB STANDARD Is the National
Wookly Newspaper of the Dominion
of Canada. It l» national In all Ita
It iiM-i tho moat expensive engraving*, procuring the photographs from
all over the world.
'Its articles oro carefully selected anil
Its editorial policy Is thoroughly
A subscription to The Standard
costs $2X0 par year to any address In
Canada or Grent Urltaln.
TRY IT FOR 19121
Montreal Standard Publishing Ctv
Limited, Pubtia'-.sra.
Columbia Poultry Yurlts—Single
Comb Rhode Island Iteils. Single
Cniiib White Leghorns, Houdans.
Egg* for ule, 18 and to for IS. Winner of 1st cot-k and 2nd hen in single
ronib Iledn at the Provincial Show; 10
oupK, over 70 1st prises and other
special* in 1912. Our birds are tested
layers as well as winners in the show
room. A few good cockerels fnr Hale.
T. Bowen, Box 29.'l,Grand Forks, B.C.
Dun't forget that The Sun ban Ihe
lii-wt job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
l,»ts »f |eople got stone bruises on
their consciences travelling the rocky
road to fortune.
Some business men are en fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe thai they can reach
the consumers of thie district with
out advertising^ The Sun.
Electric Restorer for Men
Phoanhonol nslons every nerve la lhe body
vim ted vitality. Premature dewy and all semial
weaknea* averted at once,   rtuepamel will
make you a new man.    "
■ new man.  Price
r addren.
Don't be milled hy false statements of competitors. Advertise in
The Sun, because itis read by more
people than any other paper printed-
in the Boundary district.
Farmers' Institute Wants a
New Horticulturist ior
Tbis District
At the special general meeting of
tha Grand "Forks Valley Farmers'
institue, beld in the Miners' Union
hall on Saturday evening, there wa*
a large and representative gathering
of members present. Among other
business transacted, the following
resolutions were adopted after a general discussion:
Resolved, at tbis special general
meeting of the Grand Forks Valley
Farmers' institute, that we endorse
the action takeu at the meeting of
March 1, in showing our dissatisfaction with the presence of Mr. Mid
dletun on the short course work in
tbis district by nut listening to him;
and further resolved, that we request the department to remove the
said Mr. Middleton from this dis
trict; and further resolved, thnt the
department hs requested to furn sh
lecturers to complete the courses
which were omitted by Messrs. Hoy
and Smith on March 1 last.
The resolutions were discussed at
length and carried unanimously
The secretary was also instructed to
-communicate with the department
of agriculture at Victoria, and to
explain our feelings regarding the
aciion of Messrs. Ben Hoy and Forsyth Smith, tbe other lecturers ou
the short course work, in their refusing to complete tha lectures as
scheduled on the government program, and also to state tbat the institute considers their action basly
and ill-advised, but that it bears
them no personal animosity wbat
Tbe important matter of the pro
posed cannery was also discussed at
length, and tbe president and secre
tary were appointed a committee of
two to bring tbe matter before tbe
board of trade and the city council,
and to call a general public meeting, anl tbus bring tbe issue prominently before tbe public.
Houses and Lots
For Sale in All Parts o{ the City
Also Fruit Lands and Traots suitable for
subdivision. I have a few Real Snaps left
in the boom "centre in the West End., I
sell my own property, andsave you commission.
state of affairs concerning tbe mat
ter of marketing our fruit .and outline to you what I think is the line
to follow in order to remedy matters. It is a solution of these difficulties that we are all after, and we
must be thoroughly familiar with
all the details before we-can deal in-
ligently with (he matters.
I have in my mind a practical
solution of the difficulties, which
has not as yet been presented to the
public for criticism, whicb to me
appears to be almost perfect, and I
think it will stand the test. 1 am
thoroughly familiar with the working details of my proposition, and
any information will he cheerfully
given to any one who is directly interested.
(Ctincludedfrom Page 1.)
the larger district association to meet
the market requirement', viz.. suf
flcient quantity of all k nd-i ol fruit,
of unform grade, pack, aud quality,
and at tbe same time the individual
grower would be assured of reaping
tbe bene.fl of the most economical
means of getting bis fruit to tbe
Those of us familiar with market
conditions realize the importance of
. btving a sufficient supplv nf vario i-
fruile, well peeked and graded and
of good quality. Any person whu
may think that we are not getting
our share of the fruit markets on the
prairies—our natural markets-
should take a trip among the dealers
and {.nt familiar with the cause. In
my opinion, in many cases the deal
era aru justified in deciding in favor
American goods in preference to
those from British Columhia, due to
neglect on tbe part of the packers
and shippers to comply with tbe
market requirements, barring quali
ty, wbich is admitted to he at lea«t
equal to the American goods. Let
a word to the wise be sufficient—
I am giving to you my personal
opinion as to tbe state of the present
Poultrymen Elect Officers
A largely attended meeting of tbe
Orand Forks Poultry association
was beld in A. D. Morrison's store
lut Friday evening. Besides transacting a large amount of business ot
a routine nature, the following
officers were elected for the ensuing
Honorary president,' Hun. Martin
Burrell; first honorary vice-president,
President Laing, of British Columbia Poultry association; second honorary vice-president, Mayor G. M.
Fripp; president, A. 8. McKim; vice-
president, I., ti. Fowler; secretary-
treasurer, W. E. Hadden; executive
committee, J. A. McCallum, E. E.
VV. Mills and C. C. Heaven.
The "machine" is working already
in the preparation of the new voters'
lists. Persons who are suspected of
being Liberals bave been relused the
blank forma required in taking the
declarations of qualified electors.
Tbe excuse is that thousands of
these necessary forms are on ortler
from other points, and (bat snch requirements first must be met. Tbe
organization has il-. model, that of
Hon. "Bob" Roger* in Manitoba,
"beaten to r zzle."—Vistoria Times.
' "It is always pleasing to me to
mar anyone sing Rule Britannia,
although in the io iiitry in which I
wm raised we never sing it over
ships VVe always put men in
them."—Dr. Clark, in the house of
Ten Minorca Roosters, one year
old, for sale. Apply Dick Malm,
Ruckle addition.
Now is the time to place
your orders. We have for
sale settings of eggs from
Buff Orpingtons, Black
Minorcas, Silver Pencilled
Wyandottes and White
J. A. McCALLUM, Proprietor
Grand fori.. Phone L 101
fab. 28th, 1911.
Partridge Wyanpottes.
Partridge Rock4.
Blue Andalusians.
Silver Spangled Hamburgs
Empire Strain of Blown Leghorns
Indian Runner Ducks.
ROBERT CLARK     -0"™0'
IF YOU WANT to raise
1 winners for the next Provincial Show in Grand Forks
visit the
Columbia Poultry Yards
and inspect some high-class
cockerels, bred from winners.
S.C. Rhode bland Reds
S.G. White Ledhorns      Houdans
Prices to Suit All.
T. Bowen
Box 293        Grand Forks, B. C.
Kennedy's Improved Champion Strain
Promoter Wanted
More capital required in a growing
business returning 1*2.00 on every
$1.00 invested Incorporated
(or $1,000,000.1100,000 yours if
you are the right man. Refer- *
ences required. Apply A. B. B.,
this office.
*■*<* I will sell my enti-ie crop of last year's Potatoes at $5
per ton if hauled from by root houses on my ranch in the
West end.   Good varieties.   Splendid condition.
Gradually Growing
Our "Want s*v* eehimnt en
etaamiy crawlnc ae ****** *a-
A ***** aa *m a* m* «•*.
If you read The Sun ynu get the
news of the oily, the province and
tht world. It I* posiihle for a Sun
reader to keep abreast of the times
without tbe aid of the daily papers.
We .W
Best Newspaper
bargain in
The Boundary
(111? (grand Jarks ihat
and the Montreal
3 amthj JjwraU. attb B-erfdg&tar
and a beautiful picture, "Mother's
Treasure^," for
160 Acres in Nj
Franklin Camp M
2,500 000 feet of commercial gj
timber on the property rw
5500 hewn log house f_|
North Fork runs through vJ
the land $J
Kettle Valley  Line   survey J/J
crosses property
Deed Clear, $875 Cash,
Balance Terms
AJ For Further Particulars Ayply   w
JThe    Sun   Office gj
Newspaper Law
1. A postmaster is required to give
notice by letter (returning the paper
does not answer the law) when a sub
scriber does not take his paper out of
the postofliee, and state the reason for
its not being taken. Any neglect to
do so makes the postmaster responsible to the publisher for payments.
2. If any person orders his paper
discontinued he must pay all arrearages, or the publishers may continue
tn send it until payments are made,
anil collect the whole nmount whether
the paper is taken from tho oflice or
not. Tliere can be no legal discontinuance until payment is made.
3. Any iiersnn who takes it paper
out uf the pnstoflice, whether directed
to his name nr not, or whether he has
subscribed or not, is responsible for
the pay.
-I. If a subscriber orders his paper
stopped and the publisher continues tn
send it, the subscriber is bound to
pay for it if he takes it out of the
post office. This proceeds upon tin*
ground that a man must pay for what
he uses.
&. The courts have decided that refusing to Uke newspapers or periodicals from the post office or removing,
leaving them uncalled tor, is prima
facie evidence of intentional fraud. THE SUN, GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA-
In the Treatment
Scott's Emulsion i.s
nature s nourishing,
curative-food; prompt,
sure and permanent.
Rely on SCOTT'S and
insist on SCOTT'S.
Printer's Ink for a Black Eye
James Gordon Bennett had a way
- ot appearing ln the composing and
press rooms o! the New York Herald
at the most unexpected times, and aa
his visits often resulted ln a general
shake up of the working forces ot the
paper, they were awaited with tear
and trembling by employees.
On one ot these occasions, one ot
the pressmen, an excellent workman
who had been there under the elder
Bennett, hut was sometimes guilty ol
a lapse trom sobriety, had a blacic
eye and was ln a quandary as to what
excuse he should offer lf Mr. Bennett
should comment upon lt. By a sudden inspiration, he seized an Ink roller and daubed Borne Ink on his. face,
completely covering the discoloration.
Presently Mr. Bennett came Into
the pressroom and with the foreman,
Mr. Hays, went through the room,
commenting on every detail and looking, very Bharply at every workman.
When about to leave, he suddenly
pointed to tho Inky pressman, and
said: Mr. Hays, what Is that man's
name?. The man quaked ln his shoes
until Mr. Bennett said elowly: I want
you to give lhat man three dollars a
week more wages. He is the only
man In the room who looks as lf he
had been working.
One ot* the commonest complaints of
Infants ls worms, and the most effective application for them ls Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator.
A Freak of Lightning
Lightning-plays some peculiar tricks
at limes but we have never heard of
anvthlng to come up to tho following,
whicli the "Melbourne Age" properly
labels "Extraordinary Incident."
A young man while riding through
the Umber country at Willung during
a recent storm had a remarkable escape from death ln peculiar circumstances. A large tree directly ln
front ot him was struck by lightning
ind split ln halves. The horse he was
riding, becoming terrified, started to
plunge through the gap between the
halves or tbe tree. At tbat moment
Ihe halves came together with a snap
like a rabbit trap, and crushed oft a
length of the horso's tall, which can
still bo seen protruding from the tree.
The young man received a severe
shaking, but otherwise came through
the ordeal safely.
In recalling war time humors, a veteran recently remarked that enlisted
men stood by one another most handsomely.
Very Ingeniously, too, he want on
I remember one day our captain—a
regular—asked Sergeant Porter about
his target practice.
How are your men coming along,
sergeant? he asked.
Well, captain, aaid Porter, with an
nir ot great pride, my men shot well
todoy, very well, but they would have
shot better perhaps, If tho targot bad
stood a little more to tht left.
V     r-'ONP    •
'•MT  ',   Ol V, .
Me. a. box or alx boxes tor S2.B0,
at all desleiM, or Ths Dodds Msdt*
oln* Company, limited, Toronto,
The Poor Blooming Driver
Mr. Pett Ridge, the well-known humorist, Is telling an amusing story ot
two American ladles who boarded one
ot the old horse-omnibuses, and hav*
Ing settled down on the front seat on
top, proceeded to bombard the unfortunate driver with questions about the
places they were passing.
The driver reached the limit of his
patience ln Trafalgar Square.
Look here ladies, he exclaimed,' as
he started his horses up the hill towards Charing Cross Road, that's the
monlment to Nelson on the left, St-
Martin's Church ls 'ere on the right
Farther on we pass the Garrick and
Wyndham's, the back entrance to tho
Alhambra, and the 'Iprodrome; a bit
'igUer up, lf all goes well, the Palace;
further on, we reach the Oxford and
the 'Orse-shoe. Halfway up Tott'n-
ham Court Road, lf Providence ls good
to us, we shall see Whtteflcld's Tabernacle, and not much then till we get
to the Cobden statue. 'Igher up still
the Britannia, and eventually the Adelaide, where we stop and go no further.
And, with a flick of his whip, thia
is the 'bus, them's the horses, and I
ain the poor blooming driver, and now
you know pretty night as much as I
do about it all.
W- N. U. 93?
Corns are caused by the pressure ot
tight boots, but no one need be
troubled with them long when so simple a remedy as Holloway's Corn Curd
is available.
Make the liver
Do its Duty
Nine times a tea win the liver bright ths
stomach ud bowell in right.
gently but firmly compel a lazy liver I
do iti duty
Cura Constipation.
Headache, aad Distress attar Eating.
Small Pill, Small Dot*, Small Price.
Genuilie mutt beer Signature
Clergyman (lately come to parlBh)
—Your neighbor Smith says my sermons are rubbish.
Parmer—Ah, ye needn't mtod him,
a'.r; he's merely a mouthpiece for other
Mr. J. L. Toole had a great antipathy to street music bt any kind.
About this there ls a. story told ot him.
Tho waits, one Christmas evening,
played under his windows, greatly to
his annoyance, and on the next day
they paid him a visit.
We played under your window last
night, said the spokesman of the party
when they were shown into his presence.
Well, and what do you want? quoth
the comedian.
We've cbme for our little gratuity.
Come tor a gratuity havo you? exclaimed Mr. Toole. - Bless me! I
thought you had come to apologise.
Getting 'am for the Kernel
Some time back a certain colonel's
gardener waa going through the woods
belonging to bis employer, when he
saw a man busy gathering nuts.
As the colonel had given strict orders that no one was to be allowed to
pick the nuts that year, as had hitherto
been the case, the gardener said to the
man: ..
You'll have to clear* out ot this; I've
got orders to keep aU those nuts for
the colonel. He wants them for
It's all right, replied the man; that's
what I'm getting 'em tor.
Satisfied by the answer, the gardener passed on.
Meeting the same man a week after
the occurrence he said:
Look here; you were  not  getttnfc
those nuts for the colonel at all.
. I tell you I was, was the emphatic
But I know better. The colonel
told me that he gave neither you nor
anybody else any authority,
Well, I know lolly well I was getting
them for the kernel; I t'ldn't want
the shells.   .
The small boy lh the .audience
watched the classic dancer ln her
barefooted poses.
Where are the lady's stockings,
mamma? he asked ln a clear little
Hush dear, I don't- know, the embarrassed mother replied.
Maybe Bhe bung 'em up for Christmas, said the small boy ln a still
louder voice.
The Amateur (enthusiastically)— l
suppose art ls your whole ambition?
The Professional (with a sigh)—Yes
but otherwise lt Is not so filling.
The above illustration shows the magnificent terminal station of the Ca nadtan Pacific Railway Co. at Vancouver. Tho building ls now In cour se of construction, and It Is expected that lt will be at least two years before the work ls completed. The estimated cost of the terminal station and wharf la in the neighborhood ot
Find New Health  Through Dr.
Williams' Pink Pilli for
Pale People
There muBt be no guesswork In the
treatment of pale, anaemic girls. If
your daughter ls languid, bas a pale,
sallow complexion, Is short of breath,
especially on going upstairs; lf she
has palpitation ot the heart, a poor appetite, or a tendency to faint, she has
anaemia—which means poverty ot
the blood. Any delay in treatment
may leave her weak and sickly for the
rest of her lite—delay may even re-
suit ln consumption, that most hope-
lesB of diseases. When the blood
ls poor and watery, there Is only one
certain cure—that ls Dr. Williams*
Pink Pills, coupled with nourishing
food and gentle out-of-door exercise.
Dr. Williams* Pink Pills actually
make new blood, which flowing
J'irough the veins stimulate the nerves,
increases the appetite, give brightness
to the'eye, a glow ot health to the
cheek, and makes weak, despondent
girls full of healthy activity. Tho
case of MIbs 3. H. Ussalle, Sorel,
Que., is typical of the cures made by
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Sho rays:
"I was weak nnd all run down. My
face waa pale and covered with n!mp-
les. My lips were pale. I suffered
from pains ln all my limb., which
would at times be swollen. I waa
hardly ever tree from - headaches
and "I found work about the house a
burden, as the least effort left me fatigued and breathless. I had no appetite, and notwithstanding that I was
constantly doctoring I seemed to be
growing worse all the time. One
day mother said that she thought I
ought to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
and I decided to do so. I soon discovered that I had found the right
medicine, and after using nine boxes
I was once more enjoying the best of
health, and I have not been unwell
a day since,"
You can get Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills from any medlclno dealer or by
mall at BO cents a box or six boxes
for 12.50 trom The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Use for His Strength
A good story was told by a theatrical manager which will bo appreciated by all who have suffered Inconvenience trom the detective rolling
stock on branch railway lines. In his
early days the manager piloted a sort
of variety show through the North ot
At that time, he said, I was starring
an Italian aB 'Bianclalll, the strong
man from Rome.' One day I was
travelling trom a small town ln Northumberland to a smaller town Just
across tbe border. The strong man
and myself were seated opposite a
tall man with side whiskers. Whether
the man overheard our conversation
I am unable to say, hut when we had
gone a mile or two he leaned over and
tapped my companion on tho shoulder,
saying: Excuse me, sir, but aro you
not Bianclalll, the strong man?
Bianclalll admitted the son Impeachment.
It lt true that you cnn lift two and
a half tons ln harness?
You can hold two men at arm's
I can.
And put up five hundred pounds
with one arm?
And seven hundred pounds with
Then, concluded the man with side-
whiskers, would you kindly raise the
carriage window for me?
Shop Soiled
He was a hard-working fancy dealer,
and he had ransacked the whole of
his shop In his efforts to please the
old lady who wanted to purchase a
Christmas present — anything rpally
nice, for her grand daughter. For the
fifteenth time she picked up and critically examined a neat little satchel.
Are you quite sure that this Is genuine alligator .skin? she Inquired.
Positive, madam, quoth the dealer. I
Bhot that alligator myself.
It looks rather soiled, said the lady.
That, madam, ls where It struck tho
ground whan it fell off the tree.
The publisher of the best Farmer's
.1 paper ln tbe Maritime Provinces ln
writing to us states*.
"I would say that I do not know ot
a medicine that has atood the te-.t ot
has been an unfailing remedy In our
household ever since I can remember,
and has outlived doiens ot would-be
competitors and Imitators.
We miss a lot of fun being afraid ot
appearing ridiculous. I
m -1
xS   '^_H.
Chapped Issds
Waal hiker
if instead of
soap you use
SNAP, the
original hand
SNAP contains no lye or
acids, but glycerine and neutral
oils which keep the skin smooth
and in epttndld condition.
Try SNAP for a week and notice
the difference. 47
Orf« from your .tiler l^txj. Bvra trapa!
Then th* Pun Started
It was not an Important case,
but when at last there stepped
Into the box a diminutive, out-at-the
elbows youth, the pleader thought his
chance had come'
You say you are fifteen? Have you
any occupation ot any kind?
No. And the youth shook his
You Just loaf abont—stand at tho
corner ot the street, and so on?
That's about all, mister.
What does your father doT
Feyther?    Nowt much.
Doesn't he do anything to help to
keep the family?
Sometimes. 'B get an odd Job
now and again like.
Aht The young barrlater smiled. As
a matter of fact, your father Is a lasy.
worthless, good-for-nothing Idler?
Ah dunno I drawled out the youth.
Meybe '0 Is, mebbo '0 Isn't. Anyway,
you can ask him. 'E's slttln' thore
on the Jury.
The One
Ideal Gift
for all the family
for all the year
around is a -Tradem*.*
Columbia Graf onote
your nearest Columbia
r to play you the specia
„ Columbia Record*  (Fit
Ask ..
Columbia Phonograph Company
McKinnon Building, Toronto, Om.
Territory Open to Dealers
Ask your Clothier to show you
no others as good
Kidney Stones and Oravel are quit*-
ly expelled from the system by tht
uso or
which has been a signal mran
throughout Canada as a complete
euro ot Kidney Trouble and all Urlo
Acid Diseases. Wa will send letters
telling ol many cures to sll who mill
write us.
Price (1.60 Per Bottle at all Leading
THE 8AN0L  M'FQ.  CO.. LT9.
Engineers and Boilermakers
Boilers ot   all   kinds— Engines,
Pumps and Heavy Plate Work
Write us for Prices
14 Strachan Ave., Toronto, Canada
__)*__. WittH-ow'e Soothimo svai-p ti» been
isthebert remedy for UIAKRHtEA. lt Is absolutely hlrmle-J. Be sure and uk for "Mre,
Wlnilow's Soothing Syrup," tnd take ao othef
kind. Twenty-live cenu a bottle.
How would you like to be our Selling
Agents and make BIO MONCY in
your Sparo Hours?
We'havo the Goods I
Send Post Card to-day
for particulars, and "Get into Business."
M. O. Oept P. O. Box isjfi, Montreal, Can.
Write us for Information concerning our two Winnipeg Subdivisions
"Deer Lodge Subdivision" — the
fluent property tn tbe West end, and
"Woodlawn" situated to the south
ertt.    Wa guarantee profits.
Sterling tank Bldg , Winnipeg.
We will sell for a short while a tow
lots left In South wood Park (lo dot*
out a syndicate) at prices below what
adjoining lota aro selling at today.
Asphalt pavement, treed lots, close
lo car, between Winnipeg and. new
agricultural collego . and   university
•He, absolutely safe and a food profit assured.
Write .us at once.
MS Keewayden Bids.,
Portage Ave., Bait
stock broking business? I want a fits
ambitious representative In evsr» eSta
and town to handle stocks, bonds aal
S^gagesi applicant must furKh refer-
•nets and havo from BOO to M» per««l
at capital. Writ* or call M. R. ■*>
A CO.. M Victoria Street. Toronto.
A man can always run a household
better than a woman can.    Still he
Wanted—Agents tor Hall and WlatV   il
storm Insurance.    Apply The Canada
Weather Insurance Company, (Dominion License), Winnipeg, Man.
............. . .. :M
\ | A Story of New Year's Day
n       la Old New York
ii —
I,     By P.  A.   MITCHEL
I ■*»«■•■•■•■>■ — ■#■• ■•••■<>'
In tho good old Dutelf town of New
Amsterdam, now New Tork. the custom of .New Year's calling bad its birth
In America. *
Uu New Year's day, 105-, tbe parlor
•f OlnlTo Van Busklrk, having been
thus cleaned, was opened to the citi-
lens of .New Amsterdam. In a corner
was sot a table laden with bread,
rbceie, cakes and such other eatables
as had been made by Frau Van Busklrk herself, while bottles of Schiedam
schnapps stood guard over the viands,
Intimating that no guest should partake ot tbem without first paying bla
respects to tbe schnapps.
Now, Lena Van Busklrk, only child
or this worthy couple, was at this time
tbe belle of tbe town, tbougb tbls
was partly due to ber being tbe daughter or (ror tbat time and place) wealthy
parents. Ber father possessed several
seres of ground, belug adjacent, to tbe
fort nnd protected from the Indians by
Us guns. And, ns for the possessions
st f.ena herself, she owned more petticoats than any young woman on Manhattan Island;
As .Is to be supposed, this wealthy
girl was n mark ror the matrimonial
Intentions of every unmarried Dutchman In tbe plnce who bad not been in
(nil or otherwise degraded. Sbe had
nothing lo say as to whom she would
Binrry, her parents retaining tbat prerogative In themselves. Indeed, among
the great number ot applicants It was
foil tm Impossible for either her father
sr her mother or herself to decide unaided, nud lt nas determined that tbe
three bends should in concert name
tbe acceptable man.
Singularly enongb, this plan only coin-
plicated matters. Tbe father usmed
tVoutor Ten Kyjk. the mother Wlnant
poiHMa so stgmy aa to reflect tut
gnus of tt* tort frowning without
Friends began to esll early In ths dsy,
and since tto distances between tbs
dwellings were bst s few steps snd
there wss plenty to eat and drink no
one harried. Tto calls were long and
thu eating and drinking, especially ths
latter, deep.
Olaffe Van Bnskirk, when to got osl
uf tied In tto morning, put on several
sitrs pairs of breeches In honor of ths
dsy, his Sonday doublet and a class
collar twelve lncbes bread and starched
so stiff tbal It mlgbt bare served for s
pillory ss well as s collar. Having poV
Ished tto buckles of bis sboes snd
sword belt, bs breakfasted and sallied
forth to makS hts calls. Frau Van Bnskirk having noticed s speck on a meW
platter, removed lt snd got herself
ready to receive visitors, while Lena
sat ap stiff ss a ramrod, her petticoats
protecting her from any near approach
on tbe part of any Dutchman who
mlgbt have Imbibed too much schnapps,
Whether or no her heart was fluttering
sritk the hope tbst Jacobus Harden-
broek, ths suitor of her choice, would
call before tbe otber two, there ls no
record; for io those days uo Dutch girl
ever was known to show pmatlan. Th*
only sign of Interest ln tbe matter apparent was ber sitting In* a window that
gave ber vision a clean sweep of tbe
north face ot the fort, the windmill and
the Hudson river. There she sat watching those who approached the bouse.
It was abont 11 o'clock that Cornel-
Ins Van Eortlandt appeared. Van Kort-
landt's belgbt measured exactly five
feet four Inches and his girth four feet
five Inches, as in the case of Governor
Van Twlller. He came up the roadway
that Is now a street between tbe custom bouse snd the Bowling Qreen,
looking like s humming top standing
upright on Its peg, nnd hammered with
tho huge brass knocker on tlie Van
Basklrks' front door. A rosy red Induced by Holland gin decorated his
nose snd cheeks, nnd be was very garrulous. He said tbat be bad been calling at the Onderdonks', where he bad
met Van Busklrk, wbo was drinking
with Van Znndt, wbom lt was evident
tto Osl sr eras ne -wsb mscur ana
night nsdi tto Vsb BasUrks it ssy
From 4 o'clock, whan ths isssssgs
came, till sunset the poor fit} wss
doomed to see ths msn sbe wanted
and who wanted her -wasting precious
time on tto bowling green. When 8
o'clock csme sbs went np to hsr room
sad to bed. At half past 8 Jacobus
arrived, snd In time to win the prise,
for neither of ths ottor suitors bsd
appeared. Finding that Lena bad
gone to bed, he was much disappointed
snd went a wsy, leaving word thst hs
would make hts Nsw Yen's call ths
nsxt evening.
When tto next evening cams round
snd to called at tto Tan Basklrks he
was received by Frau Van Busklrk,
who told htm of tbe agreement for the
previous dsy ond tbat bs bad won
Lena. Bat Lena was so angry with
blm for keeping ber In a stats of dis-
qnletade that sbe would not bave blm.
Jacobus pleaded In vain to be forgiven for not leaving the game of bowls
wben Lena called for btm, but lt was
no use. A Dutcb girl Is slow to anger,
but wben aronsed Is not easily placated. A few years later shs married
Patrick Van Scbemmerhorn.
Dear Seeks.
The ktng of Northumberland In COO
gave for a history of tbe world 800
acres of land, and a countess ot Anjou,
date not known, once gave 200 sheep
and a large parcel ot furs for a volume
of homilies and 120 crowns for a single book ot Llvy.
To get rid of nnts saturate rugs wltb
kerosene, nnd bang or lay tbese near
the places they Infest and tbey wilt
soon disappear.
Why BTesms Come True,
There Is a scientific explanation sf
As fact that illness, st least, can to
foretold ln dreams. Tbe theory Is that
when s man Is dreaming his mind ls
mors sensitive than In Us waking
hoars, for ths simple resson tbst his -
actual surroundings srs not engaging
any ot ths mind's attention. Thug lt
happens thst when some disease has
sst ln the man awake does not feel it
in Its earliest stages, although the ac
Hts mind in s sleeping body does feel
It The sleeper dreams, let us say, that
to Is suffering some complaint ot ths *
leg, snd two or tbree days later, ths
disease having developed, he finds tbat
he really has got a bad attack of rheumatism. Harvey, who discovered ths
circulation of tbe blood, records bavlng
had a dream ln wblcb a bee stung him
In bis loft thigh, on a place where a
couple of days later appeared sn ugly
nicer. Tbe ulcer must have been developing, ot coarse, at tbe time ot tbe
dream, bnt what the man ln fnll consciousness conld not perceive the man
with only nn active mlnd-L's., dresJ-H
tag-easily notices.
Postage Stamps.
The largest postage stamp ever ls>
sued was a live cent stamp ot tbs
Dnlted States Intended for newspaper
postage. It was 4 by 2 Inches In size,
Tho smallest postage stump, on the
other hand, wns a twenty-live pfennig
Btomp of Meckienbnrg-Scbwerin, Issued
to"was trying to put under tbo table. ! In 1850.  it wus one-fonrth tbe slto ol
This Information brought a scowl to   an ordinary postage stump,
The Worm That Turned.
The power of discipline and precedent ln the army cannot be appreciated
by civilians. At a two company post
In tbo west some years ago a captain
of Infantry was in command, as bis
commission was of older date than
/hat of the captain of cavalry also
there. The two captains hate each
otber, but, ot course, preserved the
usual amenities In official Intercourse.
One day the senior captain ordered the
Junior to take a file of men to the forest and cnt the firewood needed for
winter. Tbls duty ordinarily would
have been given to a sergeant, but ths
Junior captain had no recourse and was
obliged to obey. Just as he got outside
tbe post tbe mall, which came only at
Intervals of a week or more, arrived,
and the cavalry captain stopped for
letters. Ono ot these brought him Ills
commission as major. He at once Issued an ordor taking command of the
post and auother assigning the wood
chopping duly to tbe lute commandant
ass saw thb nab or na oboiob about
Tan Zand., while Lena had sst hsr
heart on Jacobus Hnrdonbroek. Hsd
the rather snd mother agreed there ls
ao doubt that Lena would hsve been
obliged to accept tto msn of their
rbulft.. There Is also lo donbt tbat tbe
•disagreement wonld bave msde a life
spinster of tor bsd not tto spproacb
et Nsw Yesr's dsy afforded tto mighty
genius of Otaffs Vsn Uusklrk sn op
vrtunlty to solre the problem. Wllb
a spark of triumph In bis eye to declared Ibat whichever of tbs three
suitors. Jacobus Hsi-denbrock. Wlnant
Van Zsndl or Woofer Ten Eyck. should
Srst call on New Tsar's day should be
Ids son-in-law.
No New Amsterdam Dutchman ever
same to a decision who wns ever tslked
cut or Inst decision. Lens knsw this
snd submitted without a word, aad so
perfect wss her training tbst there can
to no doubt she would have submitted
lad not ber fulber unfairly attempted
to give an ndvsntsge to tho msn of
Bis own choice. This set bis wife to
I17 lo best Um st bis own game, and,
lhe fsmlly authority being weakened,
Iran herself took s baud In tbs proceedings.
New Tear's dsy opened bright snd
Bcsutlfal. Olaffo Vsn Basklrk's bouse
- ■ stood exactly where Is now the southwest corner of the New York Produce
Exrtooge. Tho sun shone Into tbe
llkhen, glistening on tbe polished cook
lag utensils of Frao Van Busklrk snd
,-ttben risen higher circling In Ihe south
•n tho brsss headed andirons, poker,
Sjtagfl) und  fender  which  bad  be»
tbe brow of Frau Van Busklrk, and
Lena gave evidence of being Interested.
Van Korttandt passed on to otber calls
and young Peter Van Corlear took bis
plsce at tbo refreshment table, Where
be snd the Isdy of tbe house were slone
together. Fran Van Bnskirk said to
Mm ln a low voice:
"Peter, If yon will go to the Onderdonks' and bring -Wlnant Vnn Zondt
here I will throw all my Influence to
yon tbst yon msy hsve our daughter
to wife."
Teter pat tbe forefinger of bis right
bsnd sgslnst bis nose to Indicate that
It was n bargain snd left tbe house.
At the time of this agreement Lena
wss receiving tbe call ot Carolas Vnn-
dergrlcft, and abe, too, made a bargain- She agreed that If he would find
Wouter Ten Eyck and keep blm away
from tbe house till set of sun sbe
would marry Carolas, provided ber
parents wonld give tneir tun sent.
Thus It fell oat that Van Busklrk by
trying to delay Us wife's favorlto for
tbelr daughter's band started a contest
between himself and bis wlfo and their
daughter, each In, behalf of tbo suitor
favored. While the father and mother
were playing, tho one to delay, tbe
other to hasten Van Zanfs coming, the
daughter was scheming to detuy Ten
Byck. Lena knew thnt so long as her
father would continue to put schnapps
before Van Zant tho young man would
yield (0 no other persuasion. If, therefore, shs could delay Ten Eyck quite
likely her own choice, Jacobus Harden-
broek, might come slong In good time
snd win ber.
Unfortunately for the success of her
plan Jacobus took lt Into bis bend to
have s game of bowls on tbe bowling
greeu. There was sn Inn directly opposite, snd lifter every game either
beer or schnapps was served, and,
though Jacobus was s temperate msn,
he was exceedingly fond of bowls, and I
sines It wss New Yesr's day was not
sverse to s smsll colouration. It was
4 o'clock tn tho'afternoon whon Una,
looking ont through s window, saw
the man of her choice Just about to
roll a ball on the bowling green.
Throwing up tbs sash, shs cried out to
"Jacobus, ars you not making calls
; "Yes," replied Jacobus. "I am going
to begin wben I have finished tbls
game of bowls."
. "Yon bad better harry. Oar last bottle Is on tho refreshment table, and
tbere Is no moro In tbs cellar."
"I don't care for schnapps," be replied, poising snotber ball to roll It
"I prefer bowls."
Lena abut down tbs window, much
put out with ber lover, wbom she did
not wish to tell openly of tho tripartite
agreement between herself and bsr
It wu soon after this that Peter Van
Corlear retnrned and admitted tbat
Van Zant was not to be withdrawn
from tbs Onderdonks, nud Cnrolut
Vandergrieft sent word by s negro
slave that while he was doing his best
to keep Ten Eyck away he fenred every moment that to. wou'd_ resume
Newton was so small nnd frail st
birth that bis life was despaired of.
He lived, however, to be eighty-Bret
which wss also Voltaire's age.
Sta Snakes.
Sea snakes nre very plentiful In the
eout\ Pacific' They aro widely distributed, stray Individuals haying been secured on tbe coast ot New Zealand.
When swimming close to tba surface
the: cxt ly rescmblo an ordinary
snake, ex ipt that tbe bead Is always
below w ter. At night they coins
ashore 1 nd He among tbe rocks. Tbey
feed on fish, and, nlthough tbelr small
double fangs appear harmless, tbey,
ere reported to ho very venomous.
Displaced the Hourglass.
Tbe flrst accurate clock was set up
In England at Hampton Court iu 1640.
Op to tbnt time members of tbe royal
suit used bour glasses In their prlvuts
Hair Brushns.
An experienced band will by touch
tell If s broom or brush bo all hair or
a mixture. But if ever In doubt pull
out or cnt off a suspicious bair and
npply s mstch. However well doctored, the deception will be sbowu nt
once. Hairs will burn, rolling up ball-
like, with, the well "known smell nf
burned bair, while a vegetable substitute will consume, leaving the charred
portion llko a burned match.
"Not Ons Cent For Tribute."
The copper piece with the legend,
"Millions for defense, not one cent for
tribute," is not n coin at all, but a
medal commemorating our troubles
with France durlug tbe Napoleonic
wars. Resenting our Jay treaty with
Great Britain, made whllo George
Washlugton was president, and angry
because we would not tske sides ln
those wars, France In 1797 began to
attack our merchant ships, and we
came very near becoming Involved ln
war wilh ber. Wc sent a commission
over lo try to arrange tbe trouble, and
tbo French prime minister, Talleyrand,
gave them to understand we could arrange it only by pnying a bribe or
Timely Hints en Care of Baby.
Wbat mother does not long to givs
her bsby sll the advantages possible
for normal development? Yet there
are msny, having had no special training for motherhood, who neglect methods best sdspted for a child's wutfsie.
Tske tbe question of pure air for
babies. Many a mother thoughtlessly
allows her baby to stay ln a heated
room ln which tbere aro soveral occupants. With so many people breathing this samo atmosphere lt soon has
Its oxygen exhausted, and it is not an
uncommon thing to see tbo baby yawn
and become fretful. Those who understand this cause either immediately change the air ln the same room
or take tho little one Into another room
that has been specially aired, that to
may regain his composure. For this
same reason lt ls Imperative for grownups to avoid keeping tbe baby ln rooms
wbere household duties are being performed, as tbe odors from cooking, the
dust from sweeping and tbe steam
from washing all rob the air of the
freshness so beneficial. to tbe health
of an Infant. Busy mothers especially
should see the advantage of training
a baby to stffy in one place, and that
place should be made clean and well
ventilated. Frequent trips to tbls
room can be mado between tasks, to
change positions and to look after his
Even ln cold weather Indoor airings
of fifteen minute periods should bs
given to bsbles. They should be commenced when the little one ls a month
old, and an excellent way to keep him
warm ls to pot blm Into his coat
leggings snd bonnet snd then tuck
him Into bis crib or carriage beneath
some wsrm, ligbt Weight covering aod
plsce him face forward toward the
widely opened windows. Care should
be taken to see that sir doors ln tUs
room sre kept closed to prevent
It ls not'unlversnlly recognized that
the constant supply ot pure air for the
tiny lungs of tbe baby is fully as Important as bis food. Fresb, pure nir Is
required to renew and purify bis blood,
and tbe beneficial effects produced by
It are good temper, red cheeks and sn
Improved appetite.
Just when it Is safe to begin taking
a bnby out of doors ln winter ts A
question often asked by the young
mother. It Is wiser to wait until bo
ts tbree months old and then only on
pleasant days.   Hs should be tucked
making s loan to tbe French government To tbls It was said thf t Charles _	
Cotcsworth Pinckney of South Caro- i JjJJV^ ^ta'hts carriage and kept In
Una. a member of our commission, re-. ^ Bunsl)lnei out 0f the wind, with
piled in the words quoted on tbo mod- .,.., precauUon „|wnys 0( (boding his
si. This be denied, however, bis re-1 ej.M ,rom ,b. „ln,|ght n-j. wheB
ply being simply, "No, no, no; uot •■•,.,,( Tery „,**. or when tho winds sre
Celertd Goldfish.
Ibe artificial coloring ot goldfish ts
sicct prevailing tastes by keeping I hem
in wnter containing certalu chemicals
ls extensively carried on tu Sicily.
Swedish Girls.
Every Swedish girl not born lo wealth
Is taught s trade.
Singular Use fer Bread.
Bread is used for many purposes, bot
tbe most singular use may be seen ln
some of tho great watch factories.
Mors tbsn forty loaves of fresh bresd
sro required each flay ln one sucb factory. It appears that from tbe earliest
times In tbe history of watchmaking lt
bas been tbe custom of watchmakers
to reduce fresb bread to tbe form ot
dough by steaming and kneading.
Tbey use tbls dough for removing oil
and chips thnt naturally adhsro in tbe
course of manufacture to pieces as
small as tbo parts of s watch. The
oil Is absorbed by the dough and the
chips stick to It, and there Is no otber
known substance which can be used
ns s wiper without leaving some smsll
portion attached to the thing wiped.
Alpine Clitn'ers,
heavy should bo avoided, and a nap
In nn opeu air sleeping room substituted. Wben babies are out of doors
they sbould be constantly watched to
see tbat they are not suffering from
cold, as It Is important that a baby's
bodily beat sbould bo maintained. It
Is well for mothers to remember that
many of the diseases of Infant life are
directly attributable to overheated and
vitiated sir, so that riding In electric
or steam cars in winter or tbe carrying of children Into department stores
Is done with attendant risks.
Berths Krupp of Germany now bas I
fortune estimated at $70,000,000
Mrs. II. Douglas-Wise recently celebrated lu Philadelphia ber hundredth
Dr. Ysmlnn Sen of China Is ssld ts
bs tbe first wouian admitted to llm foi-
3tsne Microbes.
Tbs decay of building stones, accord-
Ing to more then one authority. Is not
due to wind action or other surtscs Influence, but to Internal disintegration
rcscmNIng wood rot snd this Is as-
rrtbed by some to s low organism llko
lbs fungi nnd lbs molds that causs tbs
decay of vegetable substances.
A cure has been found for the stone
disease, or at least a form of treatment
that diminishes Its ravages. The stones
are treated witb germicides, tbe best
of which appears to be s mixture of
sulpbste of copper solution wltb bichloride of mercury and creosote.
Still Holding a Grudge.
"Bllnkcnsteln simply sbbora womsa
"Hs bu soms sort of s resson, * suppose."
"Yes; he says bs can never forget ths
haircut tbst Delilah gars 8nmson."-
Judgs's Library.
In Ibe earlier part Ol lho nineteenth , p fl) ,.„   ,,
century many even of those wbo bad '     (,„.„.„„.„,,:,„..„
ascent of Mont Blnuc, Mmfay's Hand-1 mayor of Johannesburg. South AMcs.
book In lho year 1S38 staled thnt "all ! She Is said to hsvs an unusual rscord
who have succeeded bavo advised no j ss s successful business wnn.sn.
ouo to attempt li" snd ncsrly twenty Mrs. Frederick Hollierot Milwaukee
years later noted Ihe "remsrksble fsct | hss withdrawn tbe divorce suit started
that s largo proportion ot tbose who 1 bscsuss her hiisbunil shared oil  his
hsvs msde this ascent hsvs been per- beard.   Bs hss sensibly grown s new,
sons of unsound mind." one.
 ■               I Mme. Rachel Vullie of Swltwrlona
The Family Game. wss recently admitted-to tbe bsr st
Mother (coming Into ihe children's; Geneva etnld lbs cheers of sll Iha
roomi-Itosle, what aro you making lawyers present,   time. Vullie.
such a terrible noise over? Look at
Hugo. Seo how quiet ho sits there.
Itosle-Yes; It's easy for him tc sit
quiet In the game we aro playing. Ue
Is papa, wbo has come home late, snd
I sm-you. -Berlin Journal.
A Curo For Conesit.
Very few men will venture to (ell yoa
wbst to do for s sick borse, but sny-
body will tell yon wbat to do tor yoar I supply drinking water for tto hospital
sslf.-Loolsrllls Courier Jnurusl. I patients.
An operating table on wheels Is tbs
latest Idea lu army hospital equipment. It Is supplied with sll ths conveniences of a room ln n modern hospital. There are an orerhead light of
great power, so that operations may to
conducted st all times; an X ray equipment and also sn ultra violet ray enter sterllltlng apparatus, which will
has entered Into partnership wilh an
eminent lawyer of Genevs, passed her
legsl eismlnstlons within three years
snd wu graduated wltb honor.
Teresa Lsbrtols Is tbs flrst warns*
Iswysr sllowed to plesd before sn I tal*
Isa court. Shs msde tor debut recently before s military court, dsfsndlng
a private who was accused of hating
slapped tto fscs of bis sergeant Shs
Is professor of philosophy In th* OnW
varsity of Horns snf a Issdiag tan*.
Though steel snd sss and Irea n.ust
Divide the worki In parts,
let love controls tlie strongest trust-"
Tto syadlvats of tosrls.    ^^^ j *-m****a*Ss***m
Give your Harness a
good shine? Wear
Longer—Look Better.
: Harvey Hanson is advertising his
entirs last year's crop of -potatoes at
i So per ton.
Judge Williams, of Phoenix, is a
patient in the Royal Victoria hospital, Montreal.
Eureka Harness Oil
Oiling and polishing at
one operation. Quart
and pint tins.
Golden Crown
Per quart 60c
Bennet's Metal Polish
Per quart
Per pint
Harness Dressing
in pint tins. For giving
the harness a good appearance this is unsurpassed.
Harness Oil
Per pint 35c
Harness Soap
Per oake. 35c
For Sale—New Peerless Incubator
and Brooder; 220-egg. Kobert  Clark.
*■  -f '<
Work on the garage, on First street,
is now well under way.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Knot anil Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
..   . •     pi-wai  .
F. Downey's Cigar Store
IIanssk's Rksidsso.. R88 '"A* JinWI
Metal Quotations
New York, Msrch 13.—Silver 61J;
standard copper, I15.00@15.50;
London, MojcIi 13.—Silver, 28£;
lead, £16 10s.
James Nel-on, an employee of the
sawmill ut Smelt, r 1 ke, met with an
accident last Friday night that nearly
resulted in the loss of one of his legs
In coinpiny with a dozen companions,
ho left the city after dark on a handcar o>er the Kettle Valley line for the
i lance at R. A. Brown's, at Volcanic
City. When tliey reached Glanville's
dairy, about a mile north of the i -,
the hand car came in co lision with a
linear which had heen left on the
truck. Nelson's leg wis caught between tlio hand car and ih- bumpeis
(if the Hat-car, and every bone in the
leg between the au. 1 ad the kin e
wus broken and ciuhe-. He wns
hurriedly conveyed to the Cotta«e
hospital, where Or Kingston dressed
the wounds. The chances of saving
the limb are said to be good.
Barimtd Lequime returned this
week from a business trip to the coast.
While away he sold his mercantile
busine.a at Kelowna, and purchased
it handsome residence on Sliaughnessy
Heights, Vancouver. He will move
to that city with his family dun ng
the coining summer. Mr. Lequime is
one of the pioneeis of the district, and
Ins removal lo the coast will be greatly regretted by the people of the com
Charles Cooper returned on Tuns
tlay from a six weeks' visit with h s
parents in Victoria. He waa so much
impressed with the capital city, that
he has announced his intention of re-
turning to it us soon as he disposes of
his motocycle.
So far this season, twelve chauffeurs
have been granted li--t ns-s in the
Boundary district In this city
twenty-four licenses f. r autos and
ui'itncyclt's have liet-n issued, nine in
I'lioenix, nine in Greenwood, and four
in Princeton.
see that their names are placed on the
new voters' lists before April *.
The I'lioenix Imckdv club defeated
Nelfliin, at Phoenix,last Monday night
by-ascore of 5 goals to 2, thus »inning the McBride and Daily News
The Sun job office is overstocked
with mime sizes of  billheads.    Cull,
and get u bargain.
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokank, March ' 13 —The follow
iilij-artj todays opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
-     . Bid.      Aaked
Granbv Consolidated.    63.50   75IV)
B.  C.' Copper.       3 75     4 VI
J. Sucol, u railroad man, met with
an accident last Saturday which resulted in a broken thigh. He was
taken tu the Cottage hospital.
It is repotted that the Great Northern railway will elect an $8000 depot
at Marcus, to replace the one r .ceutly
desiioyed by tire.
E. E. Gibson, of the West Koole-
nay Power ,- Light company, returned
yesterday from a business trip to
A B. W. Hodges will leave Lima,
Peru, this month, He will take up
his residence in Victoria or Vancouver.
Front n Minister Id New Tork: "I was
"severely ill with lung trouble. My nttcn-
"tion was directed to tlie Wilson Remedy
"which I used with splendid effect."
From a lady ln Michigan: "1 used yonr
"medicine flrst 43 or 44 years ago aud It
"saved me from ending my days with con-
"•umption. There would be uo use of ao
"many people dying with consumption tt
"they could be persuaded to try Wilson's
Tf yon are suffering from ANT long or
throat trouble it is your duty to Investigate. Send for free full Information to.
Wllaon'a Remedy, Westwood, N, J.
j (i'ubltihed Atttmt\Uy)
i Kiiol'le" tnitU.ru thrminhout  the  world  t<
coinnmittciitf*) direet with Bngltth
In euch class of good*.. Bentdes being a o.nn-
l)lite oonuae'cfnl guide to Loudnii uud its
miburbs, the directory eeutatui Hits of      _>
with the i-oodi they *htp. and the Colonial
andKort-Ign Market* they •apply
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From stations
Mclntyre   ft Clayton,   Props.
rirr-tii.gc.tl uniler tlif i'orltt tu whieh they nail,
tii'j indicating tin.* m_i_*rii_xlniaic Sutliiiir*:
uf leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc.. Id
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
centre* of the United Kingdom.
K copy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for 20a.
Dealers peeking Agcnotea can advertise
their trade cards for £1, or larger advertisements from £3,       _
■iii. Ahehiirch Lane, London,  E.C.
Located in the central part of the city
of Nelson, offers every facility for a
Hpliil t'liiicatinti in English, wiiiiiiieici.il
and music branches. Embroidery,plain
and fancy needlework and singing are
given special attention. The commer-
cial course includes stenography, type
writing, bookkeeping and i-omtnercial
. practice. PupHs prepared for examina-
' tions of the Associated Hoards of the
London Royal Academy and Royal
College uf Music.
J. D. Honsberger left on Monday
for Nelson, where he has been spending the week attending to business
W. O. Miller, district superintend
ent of the Canadian Pacific railway,
was a visitor in the city yesterday.
Miss Huffman returned this week
from Manitoba, where she visited
with relatives for two months.
Mrs. W. J, Mclntyre was called to
Toronto this week by the serious illness of her mother.
PHONE    L14
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Taiharac Posts.   Prompt attention to phone orders,
F# ■■W--%^+-##*We-flr ~
We are prepared to do
.   all kinds of
Commercial Printing
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
"   '   l St., Ntw York City
Anfott ii, tee*.
Weather condition* during the
early part of the week gave every in-
uii.i.iioi. thai The iSun wouid have »
nucleus for a wood-pile next fall
Later atmospheric disturbances have
dissipated this optimistic hope.
M. Leach, aijed about 70 years,
who moved to this city ahont a year
ngo from thn Arrow 'akes district,
died at his home in the West end on
Wednesday from heart failure The
funeral was held on Thursday.
• AnnSt., new .otk i_i.jr.
Dur Sirt I have known fnr over 40 years of th*
•lectiofWilHin'skernrdy [Wilson's PrstursH—
»i HypophowhitM awl HlodsetU] in cmmo! pul.
seonsry troubles. At this p...ut I will Hy 10 yoa
what yoa havo not before known of-.that 4s yean
slate, while 1 was a r. M.l.ni of N.Y. City, I was
severely 111 with lung tronMe, Physicians said I waa
■ consumptive and my family physician told lay wife
that he thought I cenfi «_>/ recover, Uy atteatioa
was directed 10 the W'il.on Remedy, which I seat
with splendid effect. I have been on ay fset aad at
wash ever sue* mr cwre.  Yours truly,
taster tl, I. Church, Hunter, (Greene Co.,) N.Y.
Oa Dee i, ion, Mr. Safer wrote Mr. Abbott;
"My health is ve.y guod.'r
If you will write Mr. Abbott he
will gladly funii I: vou any further
information you lieolre.
On the shortest notice and in
the  most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
- in the Boundary Country, employ cum
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Kr.-ili iniiKtifiiiiH-ui ol
. Confectionery"
Kei*,'lvf<l Wet'hlv.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
ur H«iti*»g«£
A   meeting   of the   Orand   Forks
Liberal association will lie held in The	
Hun olliee on Tuesday livening. March 1 HHSHI
•J5, for the electi t officers and the
transaction of general   business.    BVj^QOD    AND   ICE
order of the President 1
At the meeting of the Liheral esso
ciation, in The 8un office last Tuesday
evening,   all   Liberals  were urged to nUMr M
SuttS  tO   Order-118   Upwards
•J We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfecrfit.   Wo guarantee satisfaction.
Our Spring and Summer Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in tho country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
those clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
wantyourtrade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. B. Massie, the  Reliable Tailor
Billhead*, nnd .Statement*.,     H
letterheads and Envelope*,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Curds,
Lodge Constitutions and By laws.
Shipping Tugs, Circulars and I'lni-nrds,
Bills of   Fare and  Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
*'    _y>
C.(\C*W PBIlMTIMfi—tne lc'''(*  w<! do—is in   itself
V-lW/Lf  [IU-J11L1U   „, advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stock and  workmanship are of the best.    Let us estimate on  vour order.
We guarantee satisfaction.
Olp'&im frttti Strop
Kaiur I ..m'nir • S|»oi»iJ.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door Nokth or (.iianiiy Hotki ,
First Stkkkt.    -
Dr. de Van'« Female Pills
,' A nltable French retulstor: never tells. These
Mils srs esceedlnilv powerlul In reenUttag the
naetstlve portion ol the fsinsHSTatsni. Refuse
sUchesp Imllatlont. Dr. de Taa's sn sold st


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