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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Dec 13, 1912

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 Kettle Valley Orchardist
$1.00 PER YEAR
Most Important Events at
Home and lAbroad During the Past Week]
C. S, Vert-ill, M. E,, says British
Columbia is second to none for min
Canadian Pacific railway will build
one thousand miles of new road in the
west next year.
Lieut. General Count Terauchi,
governor-general of Korea, appointed
piemier of Japan.
Wenatehee apple growers' net
profits for present year's crop, two aud
;i half million dollars.
The Toronto Globe says no emergency is shown for a cash contribution
to the imperial navy.
Dominion government seeks to
compel the installation of radio-telegraph on passenger ships.
British Columbia sheep and cattle
capture two grand championships and
one fonrth prize at London and Chicago shows,
The Bishop of Quebec condemns
.•.In; letter issued by certain clergymen
of the Anglican church in Canada ad
vocatiug church union.
Three French aviators fly across the
Andes, Lost among strange heights
and pla i* s, and attacked with blow
guns when they make a landing in a
South American forest.
Delegates selected to the peace con
ference, Armistice is welcomed
throughout Europe. Austrian and
Italian ministers declare that Greek
occupations are not permanent.
Enormous increase in British Columbia fishing industry is officially reported
Australian bank clerk is given more
than three million dollars for an, important invention.
The pope makes a decree ordering
special moss throughout Mexico in the
hope of divine intervention.
Hudson Bay railway will ask parliament for permission to build brauch
lines to or near Fort George.
Explosion of natural gas wrecks the
rear end ofthe Queen's hotel, Calgary,
and results in probable fatal'injury iif
two men.
Amendment to the Borden naval
bill is expected on Thursday, until
which time the discussion has been
Tlio United States wireless law will
go into effect Friday, necessitating
two operators for ships carrying over
fifty passengers.
Although Germany in general is
silent. Count Roventlow, commenting
ou thn Canadian naval policy, says it
shows Britain's perfidy to Europe.
Bandit secures $20,000 in gold in
train robbery in California.
Through Mr. Borlen's mistake, discussion of new naval policy is delayed.
Nine persons belived killed in terrific snowslide at Copper   mountain,
A Paris newspaper thinks that Can
ada's naval offer, wil I haye the effect
of keeping the German emperor iu a
conciliatory mood.
The public service board, after an
extended enquiry, finds that party
politics should be eradicated from
various departments.
Passengers of Imperial Limited held
up at Vancouver toll of experiences on
arrival at Calgary. Woman saved
sings by clever ruse.
That v a   convicted forger   was re-
] leased in onler to take up a govurn-
i ment position, is the statement made
I in the house of commons.    ;,  -.....
i. rent Britain presents formal protest to Secretary of State Knox with
regard to exemption of United States
ships from Panama canal ships.
The Bulgarians alone have lost 10,-
000 killed ami 60,000 wounded since
the beginning of the Balkan* war, according tn a dispatch from Budapest
to the Berlin Tageblatt.
'Jim" Flynn, destroyer of "white
hope," defeated by eighteen-year-old
boy in gruelling battle.
Church union takes a great step
forward with the formation of a strong
com nittee a  Toronto.
Fear that extreme military purty
will upset the peace of Europe causes
great uneasiness in Austria.
British dreadnought rams anil sinks
an unknown steamer off Devonport.
Believed that all perished.
Trade agreement with West Indies
passes first reading at Ottawa. Premier Borden re introduces his naval
The women of Denmark propose to
make themselves useful to tlie army
by learning nursing if they receive the
expected vote.
Direct charges of election frauds
against the Conservative member. of
Saskatchewan legislature, supported
by affidavits made by Attorney-General Turgeon.
Annual Meeting of Farmers
Institute Next Monday
The annual meeting of the Kettle
Valley Farmers' institute will be
held in the city hall on Monday
afternoon, December 16, at 2:30
o'clock. Besides the election of
officers, otber important business
will come up for consideration. A
full attendance is requested.
A meeting of tbe new directors of
the Grand Forks Agricultural association will be beld in the office of
Secretary Hadden on Wednesday
evening, December It., at  8 o'clock.
Two strikebreakers killed and a
dozen wounded by ambushed Erie
railroad employees on strike.
Admiral Francis C. Bridgeman,first
sea lord, resigns, Lord Charles Beres
ford catechises Winston Churchill.
A plucky Vancouver citizen captures a robber, believed to be tho
bandit who held up the C.P.R. train
The Liberal members hold a caucus
to consider the policy to be adopted in
regard to the government's naval program.
Five thousand dollars or death, says
a threatening letter received by Presidentelect Woodrow Wilson. Three
suspects arrested.
Highways bill is introduced in Dominion commons. Last private members' day before recess. Debate is
resumed on naval bill.
Royalty at Stokholm listen to lecture by Or, Alexis Carrel, of the
Rockefeller institute, New York,
winner of the Nobel prize.
Result of the investigation into the
stranding of the steamer Royal George
shows that the pilot was overconfident. Captain's certificate is suspended.
Home rule bill passes committee,
Pussed its first reading lust April, and
has sim-o made slow progress. Exolt*
iug scenes iu tho British house of
commons. Premier Asquith is given
an ovation,
United States senate is obdurate
ou Panama canal dispute, and is op-
i posed to arbitration. Statu department views tho matter as settled,
London Times says Great Britain is in
Sir Wilfrid Laurier moves amendment to the naval bill. Separate navy
is the policy of the opposition. Two
squadrons for Ihe protection of Canada's coasts,
Railway commission at Nelson discuss freight rate application, Secretary of board of trade says the railway company influenced merchants.
Immigration to  Canada  increases.
Fourteen per cent more  arrivals   tips
'year.     Inllux from   states   continues
Violet Asquith, elder  daughter  of
the   prime   minister, will  accompany
| Lady   Abderdcen   on  a   visit to tho
Robert Galloway, aged 28 years,
died at Cascade on Tuesday, after
ii year Of ill-beatlh. Deceased was
a native of Iowa. Last summer he
moved to Cascade, where some of
Ms relatives reside. He is survived
by a widow and an eighteen-months'
old daughter. Tbe remains were
brought to Cooper's undertaking
parlurs in this city on Wednesdny.
The funeral, which will be_ held
from the Presbyterian church, has
been postponed until 1:30 next
Monday afternoon in order to allow
u brother of the deceased to reach
the city from Iowa.
300 feet of works, and in one of the
workings tbe crew is working on a
clean nine-foot seam of coal. In another tunnel a six-foot vein iB being
opened up, and the property is rapidly getting in shape to be numbered among the producers. Its
close relation to Chesaw makes this
property one of importance to this
community, and it may some day
materialize into an enterprise of
great importance to this district.
The mine is located between Rock
Creek and Midway on the main
road, and also on the railway.
The new addition to the public'
school bnilding is now under roof.
It is expected that it will be ready
for occupancy after tbe Christmas
George Manson has cempleted
the marble and iron fence around
the new court house. A prisoner
who might desire to escape from the
provincial jail would make slow pro
gress in digging bis way through it.
It appeore to be an established
rule in the Boundary, that a good
show is usually followed by a few
barnstomers. Consequently the
meritorious production fails to attract lhe audience to which it is en
New Process of Preserving
Frrits and Vegetables
Exhibited Here
The Oddfellows gave a "hard
times" social in the Davis hall last
night. H. Chapman secured the
first prize ns tbe most forlorn Weary
Willie in the ball.       '
Tbe Maccabees will give a masquerade ball in the Davis hall on
New Year's night.
It it is reported tbit a number of
Grand Forks contractors have tendered for the construction of the
new Greenwood post oflice.
Greenwood sports have taken
steps to organize a senior hockey
There are 700 men working between Carmi and the summit on the
Kettle Valley line. The steam
shovel at Carmi is busy, but the one
at thc summit has been silenl for
several daya.
S. II. Graham, who recently died
in Lillooet, was well known iu tlie
Boundary. He had lived eighteen
years in British Columbia.
The ratepayers ratified the  reservoir yesterday for the second time.
Narcisse Martin, his son. and
step-son, Johnnie Oppenheimer, all
balf breeds from Toroda creek, drove
into Greenwood on Monday. Th y
filled up on whisky while here, and
on the way home Johnnie stabbed
Narcisse three limes in the back and
shoulders, and attempted to knife
the other breed, but he escaped by
jumping out of tbe wagon and taking to tbe woods. The old man fell
out, or was pitched out, of the
wagon and Johnnie drove pell-mell
towards hia home across the line.
Then the son and his father walked
to Archie Mills' srore at Ferry snd
Dr. MacLean was summoned from
Greenwood. Upon his arrival the
doctor found Martin almost dead
from loss of blood, and took hiin to
the Greenwood hospital, where he
now lies in a precarious condition.
The wounded man refused to state
wbere he got the whiskey.—Green
wood Ledge.
The "Emergency"
The government bus been tossed
on currents nnd cross currents for
months, and in one of the squalls
one of lbe most important ministers
has been submerged. Now tbe gov
eminent has at least apparently concluded its meditations, Its polioy
is  to l>c  bused on   the paragraph
Sleigh   bells  resumed  operations,,ro"* *'"' "I"'™1* 'r""1 lh«" •*'r"1"* ■•■*-
for the season in this city today.        Kht",*t "",l '"'  «n«rgenojf   existed.
But this language is in absolute contradiction  to the language of Premier Asquith nml of First  Lord   of
the Admiralty Churchill, who bave
The first game of curling   at   the declared again nud ngnin during  re-
local rink this senson was played on I cent month) tlmt England fenu no
Wednesday evening. | enemy, and ii prepared   and  ready
for ull coiners tins venr  nml nt   all
Allan B. Kirk, representing tbe
Everfresb company, of Vancouver,
has beeu iu tbe oity this week exhibiting a new process of preserving
fruits and vegetables. By tbe new
method all kinds of fruits und vegetables cau be kept iu their natural
state for an indefinite period.
The process consists of extracting
tbe wuter from the urticle of loud
wbicb it is desired to preserve. Alter
ibis is done it is as dry us u Saratoga
chip, is impervious to heat or cold,
uud cau be stored for au indefinite
lime without danger of deterioration. When it is desired to use the
urticle, il is restored tu ils natural
siute by placing it in water. It is
claimed un article preserved iu this
manner does not lose ils natural
flavor, &s nothing is extruded from
it but tbe wuter, aud thai is repluced
befure it is used.
i his method appears to possess
many advantages over any other
process of preserving orchard aud
farm products. Its scope is wider
i-imi u (tannery; potatoes, green
coin, cauliflower, beds, carrots, uud,
iu tact, every vuriety of vegcluble,
can be successfully treated iu this
manner. Il is lbe cheapest process
yel devised; alter tbe pluut is once
installed, the expenses, except fur
labor, practically cease. Transportation charges are materially reduced; one pound of tbe evuperaied
product will make about seven
pounds wbeu it is restored to ils
natural state. Less storage room is
required, and, lastly, tbe consumer
ean enjoy lresh fruit uud vegetables
twelve months in the yeur, Bui tbe
greatest ud vantage of the system is,
undoubtedly, liiul ll will solve tlie
problem ol utilizing lho overproduction ut lbe lurm. ll is claimed lUal
lbe process will prove tbe salvation
of many agricultural districts,
Tlie company now bus bulf u doz
en plants iu sueccsslul operation in
tbe United Stales One may bc cs
lublinbed iu tbis city if the ranchers
of lhe valley lake sullieient interest
in the scheme The company, wbicb
is conducted un tbe co operative
plan, is exhibiting ils process iu this
province ut the invitation of W, K.
Scutt, deputy minister of iigrieul
Mr. Kirk will be at lbe Yale Annex until next Thursday. Farmer.,
and fruit growers should not fail lo
set- lbe demonstration. The visit is
sun- lo prove highly interesting und
J. S. Thorp was a visitor over in
times —Sir Wilfrid Laurier
the  Boundary   country a few dnys ,mVy question in the bouse of com
ago, and on the trip visited tbe rnnl' moos'
properties between  here  and   Mid-', —■—-—-
j way, says the Chesaw News. He is! W. W. Baer, Into of the editorial
: very enthusiastic over the promise stall of the Victoria Times, hns
this properly holds forth, and hoen appointed organizer for the
brought hack n sack of the product Liberal parly in this province. Hu
to show the people of Chesaw. Ap- might profitably spend six months
parcntly it is an Al grade of hitu- in Fraud Forks, where the Tories
minous, and it is said to possess ex- imagine tbey own the sun, union
cellenl fuel qualities. Thc mines and stars, ns well ns the people of the
at   present' are   opened tip by over city and the valley.
Tbe following  is  the   minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, un re
corded by I he govern ment thermometer on K. F, Laws'ranch:
MIN.      MAX.
Friday  10      29.00
Saturday     18        26.00
Sundiv  10        -.SOO
Monday,  'J3      29.00
Tuesday    21       28.00
Wednesday  1;.       29.00
Thursday  48       UW
Total precipitation   during week,
■   .1   m
Advice Not Taken
Don't eat tint stuff, the doctor said,
Or yuu will soon ie with the dead.
But when tlio doctor had his say,
The patient ate it anyway-
Arid he's living yet.
Don't buy   lhat   nm-down   business.
Or your oaroei- will shortly end,
Thus spoke the man who'd have Ills
Tho buyer wout his headstrong way—
And now he's i-lcli.
You can't raise bay on such poor land.
Toutl starve before you get a stand,
Observed tho neighbor on tbo right,
The farmer planted day and night—
He's rich an Croesus now.
•Here's not one c.hancp tu ninety-nine
For you to Btrlke a copjpev mine,
Baid tho bent old man to   tho   fresh
young guy.
But the youngster said he'd huii* n
Now lie owns the State.
They can't, put. you ln Jail for that,
Kxclninied tbe lawyer, sleek and fat.
The man In prison-groaned a groan,
And the lawyer man left, liliu alone—
But he stayed lu Jail.
A Great Industrial City In the Making.
Directly across (he street the C.P.K are spending millions ln establishing immense Hallway Yards, Terminal Elevators, Round Houses, Car
Shops, etc., etc. Besides tbis many otber immense manufacturing Industries havo secured locations, and assure employment for thousands ot
Choice locations from $175 per Lot up.     Terms (25 cash, balance $10
per month,     Clear Title.     No Taxes for 1912.
Write for Booklet. Agents Wanted  at all   Polnta
To Exchange—Automobiles)  Houses and Clear Title Lots   for   Farm
lands.      What have you to offer?
22 Canada Life Building,       Winnipeg, Man
Confounding a Braggart
At the tlmo when Louis Nupoleou
was President of the French rtepubllc
the commander at Lyoua was General
Castellan*, an'old soldier whoso stem
rule kept Jn check the riotous spirits
of that*disorderly city.
Oue of the most boisterous of the
latter was a barber, who openly boasted that, he only watted for the opportunity of ridding the eity of its stern
The genera! heard of the threat, and
one afternoon ordered hiB coachina-n
to drive to the barber's shop. Leaving
bis carriage, the general entered lhe
shop unattended, look a seat In a
vacant chair, and desired tbe barber
to shave him.
The astonished braggart pea-formed
Famous Staiesmen who have Done
Ileraiise he has been a successful
train robber, Mr. A. 1.. Jennings, of
Oklahoma, U.S.A., bos been chosen
hy Mb fellow-cltlzens to stand for the
important post ot Public Prosecutor.
He was nerving a ten years' sentenco
when Mr. lloosevelt pardoned him
1 have stolen $60,000 from one train,
declares the ex-bandlt, m hla election
address, and I havo ridden away with
It tied behind my saddle In a seamless sack. Now my ambition ls to
prove that I can be as good an official as I was a train robber.
If Mr. Jennings ls elected, as seoins
probable, for his graphic stories of
brigandage are arousing extraordinary
enthusiasm amongst tho electors, Ue
will not be the first ex-orlmlnal to be
chosen to hold high offtco ln America
Thero was once a certain John Morrises', a noted prizefighter and gambler, who came straight from Jail and
put up tor election as Mayor of New
Vork. At first the better clnss of
cltl/.ens treated his candidature an u
huge Joke, but they soon found that
it was no Joking matter.
All the thugs and thieves in the cily
were his friends,   and   they   rallied
iho operation as well as his nervourf-1 »■*« him.     So, too, did the keepers
Whon he had I ot gambling dens aud other even more
ness  would  permit,
finished the   general,
bim  quietly said:—
•'Monsieur, since you have not. avail-
ed yourself of Ule opportunity to cut
my Kii'oat whicli l have given to you
would lt not lio wise for yon to re-
I'riilii from uttering threats that you
have nol the courage io carry out?
Exclusive ot India; lhe British Army
has eighty three troops, companies,
and other formations of Koyal Knttin-
Tnoludlng ihe High Court of Justice
the Court nf Appeal, and the Court cf
Criminal Appeal, thc total eost of tlio
Law Courts for the year ending March
while  "navincI Questionable resorts.        Tbe    police,
I stniige as It sounds to our ears, also
i sided with him, for ihey knew that
! once he was elected they would be
I given a free hand in their favorite
occupation of levying blackmail. And
so it came to pass that in the end he
I was'elected and an era of corruption
set. in that has probably never been
! equalled tn any city In lhe world.
Then the™ is Sir Jameson, Hart,
C.B., belter known, perhaps, as "Dr.
J lin." who, as all the world knows,
led the famous raid into the Tvans-
vaal in 1895, after the failure of which
ho wns tried lu London and sentenced
to ten months Imprisonment. Less
than ten years afterwards,   in   1904.
1912. was nearly $*l.500,000. while ihe! 'hat 1* to say, he was chosen Premier
receipts were some $1,00(1,000 sliorl of  °',V,ap8    °    . ' „  ,.„(i„_,_.i ~,
.v.,    ',..„. His was, of course, a political of-
'        ._-__«_-.____ I fence.      So waa that which caused
 „ ,   ,     ,     ,  i sir Charles Oavan Duffy, some time
Sophia   (Benllniemtally.-I    dearly, p..^.. 0. yjftorla, to be branded ae
love to llslea to the ticking of u clock.
It seems to me that a clock has a lang
nose—you might say a dial-ect.
India has 147 vernacular languages.
tha chief of which are Hindi, Bengali, Hlhail, Mn-a'hi. Punjabi, Tamil, end TeliiL.u.
So long ago as 13411, Edward HI,
passed a Statute ordering the sheriffs to suppress football ln England,
and thirty-live years previously to
Ihut Edwind 11. issued a proclamation
forbidding the populace to hustle over
large halls in lbe streets of the City
of ;rndon.
My sc.i. do you think this kind of
llfo will pay yon?
No, fn-ttter; but I'm Imping you will!
Pimples So Bad
He Was Ashamed
Tried Everything but Did It No Good.
One Box of Cuticura Ointment
Took Pimples Away,
'About seven yeurs aco pimples broke
out all over inv fate ind neck, when ihey
v.ould lirst como out they would be big and
led. linn ufier u wlille they would turn white,
and mattM v.ould come out. Somcllrnee
Ihey would Itch so I could hardly deep. I
was e.haraed to to dnk-n street, my face
looked in bad, I went to revcr-l doctors
and n >t mflillrlne, win, !i did me no good, And
bought ointment,ndvei and patent medicines,
but nwie i,l Hum wuuld cure my fare nnd
link. A I;., i..I u,lvl«rd me lo liy Cuticura
(lhtiiinil. I got (iiiq Imz. and It took the
plmiili-i away Mote I had It all used lip. I
ran aaf it In a wonderful remedy. Any
sufferer "ho Ip« pimple* would uie l_utlrura
Ointment If they want a »ure i ur«. I never
bad any i*>»P (WMl to Cutlrura Knap."
iHlgned)  Aylmer  Matlu.ni, r_ukh.ll, Ont.,
1KJ, Mi loio,
a felon. Ho was Implicated in the
Irish rebellion of 1848, a fnct whicli
was afterwards to gain him tho eiitliu
slastlc support—and the votes—of nil
his compatriots In Australia when he
elected to go ln for politics
Another Australian Premier who
did tinie was Sir Charles DIbbs. He
served a sentence In Darllnghurst
Jail, Sydney, for contempt of flour:.
Afterwards, when a turn of KYirtune'!
wneel made him Prime Mlti's'.e.* of
New South Wales, he had to appoint
a new Ooveruoi of Darllnghurst. He
selected fnr the post the wai-ile-.- who
had charge ot him as a prisoner.
Edward Gibbon Wakefield, nnotiiei-
famous Australian statesman, was
aotually at one time a convict, his
offence being the abduction of nil
heiress, a fairly common crime In England seventy or eighty yoarB ago, but
one which the law alwaya regarded
seriously and punished severely. The
Australian.! of his day, however, were
many of them ex-convlcta or the descendants of such, and these did uot
regard his offence aB reflecting on his
honour In any way, while the romantic circumstances aurroiindiug lt gained him many sympathisers among
the ordinary colonists. On his release these rallied round him, and before long he became tba most powerful political personage lu the subcontinent.
Yet another old convict who rose
' through politics to high holier In Aus-
• tralia, after having served out there
' Uie sentence o( Imprisonment pussod
', on him, was Dr. (I'l)oherty. He
{ was convicted and iiim-poi-tcd fnr
| treason, anil ou his releoso hi* became
: a popular hero. lie sat In both
i Houses In tile Queensland Parliament,
j and afterwards tlllod sum ih' high of-
' iiehii posts in that colony,
Sores All Over Baby's Body
"When my baby boy was tl* months
eld, bli body fc* romi-letely levered
will' large icrea that (Mined to IteU and
bum, and «au«e terrllile suffering. The
rVuptlon began In pimples which would
•pen and nn, making large fore,.   Bla hair
What Is your favorite flower. Duke,
askid ilia heiress. Hut I ought In
know that without asking.
Well, what should It he?
The marigold.
cane out and finger r.nlW fell Off, and the
«hc entire body, taming
... lor baby or toy self.   Ureal
aVaiia would eome off when 1 removed bis
aore* vv<>.e over#he entire body.
Utile or no aleep tor baby or piyaelf.
shirt. We tried a greut many remedies but
nothing would |ll IpTiUn, till a friend Induced
me to try Cuticura Hnr.p and Ointment. I
Hard tlie Cuticura Hoap and Ointment but
a short time l,efor« I conk' r«e tbat ba waa
Improving, and In at* weeks* time he waa
e,airily cured. He had suffered about alx
weeks before we tried l lie Cuticura Boap and
Wmmout, nltliough we bad tried aeveral
oilier tlilnes and doctors wo. I think tha.
Cutlruia Uemedlei WlU d(. all that ll claimed
lor them, and a great deal more." (Signed)
Mrs. Nolle Tubman, Podson, Mont., Jan
US, 1011.
Citleura gcap and Cuticura Ointment told
ky druggtita and dealers everywhere. Bend
to totter Drug A Clwra. Corp.. M C'oltinihiia
Ave., noaton" V, B A., lor a liberal ha*
■ample ol each, with Sip. booklet.
Scorcher (to country artist engaged
In painting a landscape)— Rather rum
copy, ain't lt? 1 expected lo lind
some artiats here. I started to come
yesterday, hut I broke my chain.
Thc Artist (not in it very pleasant
mood)—Oh, Indeed, and have yon bitten anyone yet?
Reminded Him
Peck—You will never get lhe dog
lo mind you, my denr.
Mrs. Pock—I will wilh patience.
You wero just ns troublesome yourself nl first.
W. N. U. 922
D« Rich—The thing my uncle left
mo ln his will Is the reason I'm
wealthy now.
Krlend Jones—Whnt did he leave
De nich—\n alarm clock.
Mere Boy Wanted
The little mother was distracted.
Really. Tommy, eho cried, that'B the
very last piece of cake you must have
Now, don't disobey me.
But Tommy's objections to this severe sentence were pithy and to the
Why? bellowed tlle greedy little boy.
His mother looked over at him wearily.
Ifor just this reason, she replied:
Tliere onco lived a little boy exactly
like you, who went on eating cake,
till one day he burst. And his death
was caused by eating too much cake.
The youthful scion of the house po'n-
de'-ed this while bolting the remaining crumbs on his plate; then—
I don't believe a little boy could eat
too much cake, he remarked serenely.
But, darling, said the tired little
mother, he must have done, because
he burst.
Ugh! cried her promising youngster
scornfully. It wasn't that there was
too much cake-there wasn't enough
boy! And he stretched over for another piece.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local _ppit--iton., as (bsr cermet reach ths ills
taa-fll purlieu ot (lie ear. There Is only one way to
cure .trafneaa, aad that le by comtitutlonal rcmeillcs.
Deatnssa Is earned by an Inflamed condition ol lbe
mucoua llalng ot the Eutlachlsa Tubs, when this
tube 1, Inflame 1 yuu bave a rumbling sound or Ira-
perirot h-srtng, and when It I* entirely .lu-.il. Dial
■*■» u the ruii't, snd unites (he lnflsinmatloo oan be
ifikfti out and tbl, tubs restored to Its norms! ootid.-
tioa, hearlag ,/ll! be destroyed forever; nine caste
out ef teu are caused by Catarrh, which Is nothing
but ao Inflamed roadltlon of ths raucous surfaces.
Wo will aire One Hundred Dollars for any case of
uestaess (osnsrd by catarrh) that eannot be e
by Hair, Catarrh Cure. Sena tor elmitars, tree.
r. 1, CHINKY * CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by llrupsl.ta. Tic.
Taks Hall's Family Pills tor constipation.
Yes. mused tho thoughtful thinker,
it'a a sure sign.
What's a sure sign? was asked.
That when a young man begins to
know that he doesn't know as much
as he thinks he knows, then he begins
to know something.
Worms sap the strength and undermine the vitality of children. Strengthen them by using Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator to drive out tho
Lazy, or Not Lazy
A lawsuit was recently in full Bwing
and during its progress a witness was
cross-examined as to the tyibits and
character of the defendant.
Haa Mr. SI a reputation for being abnormally lazy? asked counsel
Well, sir, It's this way-
Will you kindly answer the question
asked? struck ln the Irascible lawyer.
Well. sir. I waa going to say It's
this way.     I don't want to do the
gentleman in question any Injustice.
Aud I won't go aB far oa to say, sir,
that he's Inv.y exactly; but lf lt required any voluntary work on hts part
to digest his food—why, he'd die from
lack ot nourishment, sir.
Minard's Liniment Curea Distemper
An umbrella made thief-proof by being locked In such a manner that It
cannot be opened has been Invented
by tl London cloak-room attendant.
Tbe locking device consists of a metal
collar one end of which may be slipped
down over tlie rib tips, and Is securely locked to Ihem by revolving
the three metal rings. These rings
bear lhe letters and numerals of the
secret combination.
A Ready Weapon Against Pain.—
There Is nothing equul lo Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil when well rubbed In.
lt penetrates Iho tissues and pain disappears beforo it. There is' no
known preparation tliat will reach the
spot quicker than this magic Oil. lu
consequence It ranks first among liniments now offered to tho public and
ls accorded first place uniting all its
compel Iters.
A free grant of 100 to SOO acres of
forost land Is mado hy the Canadian
Government, nn the simple conditions
of residence and cultivation, to any
settler over eighteen years nf age, ln
the provinces of New Brunswick and
Ontario, and 160 -acrea of land In Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Yukon,
und some parts ot Britlah Columbia,
Maypole Soap
HOMg org
Give, lick, *-**
colon, he* hem
itraaki and absolutely.set. Does aal
24 colon, will bvs
any .hade. Colon
10c, black 15c, al
yoei dealer', ol
port • paid with
booklet "How le
Dye "Iran
f. I. BENEDICT ft CO. MmIinI
«3 P'
Prap.gr* Yourself
For Winter-a Worst
Don't wall till yeu have
caught one ol those nasty colda—fortlfyyourjell
• gainst them by taking a course el
Na-Dru-Co Tasteless
Preparation *f
Cod Liver Oil
This "builder-up" Is rich ln the medicinal
and nutritive properties ef the  beit
Norwegian Cod Liver Oil—without th*
ttiaagreaabl* last*.    II alto contains
Extract of Mall, Extract of Wild Cherry
and valuable Hypophosphltes, which
tone up the whole system and particularly strengthen Ihe Lungs, Throat
and Bronchial Tubes.
In 50c and $1.00 bottles, at
your druggist's. .of,
are worn.
Noted for
their Fit
and Finish
Grain Commission Merchants Winnipeg, Manitoba
Make Bills Lading road: Port Arthur or Fcit TVIillam. Notify Peter Janaeo
Co.. Winnipeg.
Liberal Advances                           Prompt Peturne Beet Grades
More About
The Loading Platform
The present generation of W'.Btern farmer; mil never know th»
difficulties ani vexation* experienced by the'.r predecessors la ths
earlier years when no one could get a carload of grain shipped In
bulk except by loading it through an elevator The ayatem forced
the majority of farmera to sell tieir grain to tbe elevator owners
at arbitrary prices, and oft times to submit to heavy dockage; aal
other annoyances, causing continual dissatisfaction. Nov, however,
the distribution of cars as fixed by tha Grain Act and the uae of the
loading platfarm. provide facllltha which enable the farmer to secure
satisfactory treatment In the disposal of hla grain, and the highest
market prices at time of eale. 3very farmer therefore, should more
and more oudeavoi- to use the loading plallorm Ir shipping his grain
to the terminal elevatorB. It ta tho saleRiinrd of the farmers' freedom In dlsno.Ing of his grain to the best advantage for himself. II
farmers refrain from using the loading plnlform freely, it might result ln Its being done away with, becauie railway companies aad
elevator ownora are strongly opposed to lt. lt in easy to understand
why elevator peopla desire the loading platform abolished. The railway people oi their part say It delays the loading of caraand helps to
ensure car shortage. Thia we know U bo nonsenae. because frequently after ears ara loaded, whether with grain, coal, lumber, er
other merchandise, they are eld I tracked for days and even weeks
Instead ot being promptly moved forward to destination. It la engine
shortage and shortage et competent train men that mostly eauui
grain block*les on railways and not lack of cart,. Let every farmer
therefore, do all he cau to uae thi loading platform and boepmo anJtF
dependent shipper. In anhaeiiient advertisements we will state fa
detail the javlnga and other advantages ot direct loading Into | care
compared with loading through elevators.
We handle the farmera grain strictly on commission, make liberal
advances nn car bills of lading, supervls-- tho grading at time cart
are Inspected, secure tbe highest prices at tim** of sale aad maka
prompt rotu.-w wben told. Wrlto us for shtppm:; instructions, and
market information.
Thompson Sons & Company
Use of Tono'iea
A sage and reverend gentleman wna
eNamlnlug a small school.
In tho course of the examination
the particulars of the live senses presented themselves. Now. children,
what Is the car tho organ of? the ox-
nmlner naked.
Hearing, was answered by many.
What la the eye Tor?  '
And the nose?
And the tongue?
No answer.
Come now. said tho examiner, tu a
kindly volc», what do, you say the
tongue Is. fort
For puttln' nol!
ln Lisbon tho straw coat has bo-
come very fnehlonnble. It ia a rather
cumbrous garment, but tlio Portuguese nnd ibat lt serves excollcntly
tho purpose of a niucklntosh. It Is
mado entirely ot ntrHW, and the wet
runs down tho Individual straws, and
so drops to thc ground.
I hale flattery, she said.
Of course you do, he replied, Evci-j
innliy girl dope.
Then sho drew a long, deep nigh,
and permitted him to press hor I'licek
attains! hla own.
Blobbs- My wife thinks lfs wicked
for me to play bridge.
Slobbs—It ls—the way you play lit
Take in Time
lhe proper help to rid yoar system
of thc poisonous bile which causal
headaches, flatulence and discomfort. Hy common consent ths
proper—ahd  the  best-^help  il
l<M aeerrwker*. •     l» Waea. Me THE SUN. GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Largo Body—Long Sleeves.    Just
th'_ Shirt for Big Men
For sale by Dealers Everywhere
Made by
W. H. Storey ft Son, Acton. Ont.
and Ul Metals, welded to perfection
by the Oxy-Acotylene Process
Rear of 253 Sherbrooke Street,
Veribrite Venoil
Cleans and disinfects
everything in your
home from the cellar to tho attic. Ful
It on your duster and
dust Hardwood Floors,
Woodwork, Linoleums.
Pianos, Furniture
etc. Makes everything Just llko
now. Money refunded
If not satisfactory.
Mado by tbo
mit, imnED.
Hamilton, Canada.
If your Clothier does not sell
see the other fellow
A fetw 4*ere couth of C.f.ft  Dee el
Rate* ASMS to UM see dar.
Cuisine unexcelled
Het *nS celtf water In every reeti
Hotel  practically  Flreereet
All Outeld* Reams
engineers and Boilermakers
Beuera   of   all    kinds-_ta«laee.
Pumps, and Heavy Plate Work
*',.,   Writ* aa for Prlcea
14 Strachan Ave., Toronto, Canada
Rates and the Cost of Living
A citizen ot Western Canada la
breakfasting at an Ottawa hotel oa
bread and butter, bacon, eggs and
coffee. The waiter hands him the
bill, which la more than It used to be
when he was there a few years ago,
and, ot course, he lays thc blame on
rail rates.
Let us consider the facts. Tbe
rate on flour from Winnipeg to Ottawa in car-load lots, all-rail, ls 30 cents
per 100 pounds, say CO cents tor a
barrel of 198 pounds. Manitoba flour
being strong and well-matured, the
Ottawa baker ls able to make 190
loaves, each weighing 1',': pounds, from
a barrel, the addition of water and
yeast accounting foi- thc seemingly
miraculous Increase In the flour. Assuming that our friend cal3 heartily
of bread, we get down to this sum
In Rule of Three:—-If tho rail rate on
the principal raw material ot 196
loaves ls 60 cents, what portion of It
ls paid by the consumer of half a loaf.
Tho hotel pays Ave cents or so per
loaf, but may charge him twice or
thrco times that much for tal! a one.
In any event lt 13 evident that the
rail rate constitutes the merest fraction of the flrst cost of the bread,
That a barrel of flour should bs carried 1300 miles for 60 cents 48, lf one
comes to think of lt, nothlnf short of
wonderful. In Eastern Canada lt
costs 25 cenl3 or thereabouts tc move
a barrel by horse and wagon from tbe
railway station to the nc-arcst house
In town.
Tlie bacon Is brought to Ottawa from
Toronto nnd the Canadian Pacific rate
for car-load lots ls 20 cents per 100
pounds. Tho butte." and eggs come
from Smith's Falls and the rate for
lem, than car-load lots is IS and 19
cents per 100 pounds respectively. We
need not trouble ourselves about the
Bacon rotatU ln Ottawa Just now
tor 25 aud butter for 30 cents per
pound, and eggs for 30 cents per dozen. Onco more, therefore, the rail
rato is a wholly Insignificant factor
in tho composition of the price, and
consequently ln the Westerner's hotel
Here, however, we seo the beneficent working of tho principle of
charging what tho traffic will bear,
which ho says ls an outrageous prin-
clplo because lt means that the railways mulct tho settlor for all ho can
pay and live. In reality lt means
qulto tho opposite. , The bacon, butter and oggs pay a higher rate by a
good deal ln proportion to length of
haul than the (lour, ln order that the
flour may bo shipped from Manitoba
to distant markets and leave the miller and tho farmer a tolerably good
profit. But for this system the Canadian West w.ould still bc to a great
extent a desert placo.
Dragged Down by Asthma.—The
man or woman who ls continually subject to asthma is unfitted tor his or
her life's work. Strength departs
and energy ls taken away until life
becomes a dreary existence. And
ynt this is needless. Dr. J. D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy has brought
a great chango to an army of suffer-
ore. It relloves thc restricted air
tubes and guards against future trouble.    Try it.
The migration ot tbe goose trom the
North to the South, and again back
from the South to tlie North, ie one
of the mysteries ol nature which has
not yet been explained, but tiie big
annual excursion migration ot Western Canadians to Great Britain, Eastern Canada and the United States is
moro easily explained.
The migration ls looked forward to
by all the big railroads Interested is
the trallic. It was started 25 years
ago and has been growing In volume
yearly since.
Hosts ot passenger traffic solicitors trom rhe railroads in the United
States and Canada invade Wester:.
Canada at this time ot year tc point
out the undoubted advantages of thel;
lines with eure and certain, conviction
that their revenues will b'c boosted,
This year the Canadian Northern
Railway is helping the migration by
strong arguments put up tn dainty
booklets, distributed by their agents,
These booklets contain full Inform-..-
tion regarding the very low fares to
Eastern Canada and England, when
and where tickets may be purchased,
details cf time tables and choice of
Vre thc ber ever made aad are guar-
tatted to atro yeu aatlefaetloe. Al
ell dealen, er eead ss M eeate stat
tag sty: j aid alee required.
Thi Arlington Co., of Canada, Ude
M Frieer Ave* Toronto, Ont
Mns.WrKStow'i Sootiiimo Svkip ha. betn
«Md lor over SIXTY VBABSby M1U.IOS.S ol
S the betl remedy for DIARRHU.A. _ II l» •!►
solutely lurmtw.. Be mire sod txx. ten "Mrs.
■Winilow-i BootMif Syrup,- and Uke ao olha
Und. Twea^flCveccaUatoUte.
Ikey—This coat is green! You said
tt was plum color ven I bought it last
Moses—That's all right, my boy, lt
ain't turned rlpo yet.
/    i I«_ l. ~y
60c. a bea er alx boxes tor 32.50,
at all dealer*, or The Dodds Medl-
cl he Company, Limited. '•>Toronto,
Canada. *
Trouble Disappeared   When
Liver and Bowels Were Set
Right by
Visitor—That's the village   doctor,
isn't it?
■ Native—Yes.
Visitor—Is he a, good doctor?
•Native—Oh, he's all right if you'vo
got a strong constitution.
Minard's  Liniment Cures Garget
Thc Other Half
Tho narlsh tea was over, and the
curato stood up to say a few words
to the recipients before they dispersed, lie epoko In eloquent terms
of the Impecunloslty of curates ln general and then went on to say, in apparently touching tones: Why, even
as 1 stand before you now I have ouly
half n shirt on my back.
A few days later the reverend gen
tleraan received a parcel containing
half-a-dozen new shirts, accompanied
liy a card bearing tiie name of ono of
lib fair (though, alas! no longer
young) parishioners. At tlie earliest
opportunity lie called upon the lady,
and thanked her for tlie gift, and then
proce<-ded to ask what hat. prompted
lhe kind action.
Why? sho replied, you told us the
other night Hint you hud only half a
shirt to your back.
True, he answered, but tho other
half was in front.
You cannot make a greater mistake
than fo thins that indigestion Is confined to tho stomach. I: ts a diseaso
of the liver and bowels, and lt is only
by getting theso organs health? and
aotive that you can ever hopo to cure
chronic Indigestion.
Here arc two cases reported by Mr.
Skinner which will tell ot continued
failure to cure indigestion by dosing
tho stomach. Both were cured thoroughly I7 UBlng Dr. Chase's Kidney-
Liver Pills.
Mr. A. C. Skinnt-.-, Atlantic St.,
Hardwoodhill, Sydney. C.B., writes:
—"My wife waa troubled wltb Indigestion and tried alt sorts of medicines ln vain. Heaving about Dr.
011886*3 Kidney-Liver Pllis, I gat hei
to try them, and te out great dellgh:
she was cured. We would not think
of being without tbem in the house
for use when the liver and bowels became sluggish.
"I told a friend ahout them and.
gavo Wm a box. Ho had suffered
from Indigestion for years and tried
most everything ho could get. Dr.
Chaso's Kidney-Liver PHIb were also
successful ln his case, and he says
they beat any medicine he ever came
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, ono
pill a dose, 25c. a box, at atl dealers
or Edmonson, Bates & Co., Limited,
Hla Only Claim
Little Mr, Spinks was an excellent
man of business, and fairly prosperous In a modest way, but he lacked
artistic talents.
His betlc: bait on the otlier hand,
was woli-known among a certain literary and artistic set ae being a remarkably brilliant woman, and one
wills great powers ot entertaining.
1-t chanced that both Mr, and Mrs.
Spinks were Inadvertently asked to a
large party together—a Bohemian
gathering, which was not quite ln the
little man's line. During the course
of tho evening his wlfo sang, and the
-ichness ol het voice attracted a well-
known man who happened to be pro
Ho asked to bs Introduced to her.
This was done by the hostess, but In
about live minutes after effecting tho
Introduction she hurried up, and carried Mrs Spinks oil* again, telling
the discomfited stranger tbat he mustn't monopolist: the celebrated womnn.
Bu: I'll introduce you to Mr. Spinks,
Bhe added by way of consolation.
Mr. Spinks' ejaculated the great
one. Neve*: heard ot him. He's a
stranger, isn't het What's lie famous
Er—we'I, L'J wife!
Minard's Linlmenl Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs,—1 can recommend your
MINARD'S LINIMENT for   Rheumatism and Sprains, as I have used lt
for both with excellent results.
Yours truly,
St  John.
For the Slate
Without tho slightest ceremony, the
old dairy farmer bundled Into an already overcrowded railway compartment, and lt eo happened that one ol
his customers was also in tho carriage,
Tho particular customer was rather
a dandified person, and by way of
pleasantry asked 'lie fnrmer the nature o" the contents of the box he held
nnder his arm.
Well, snid thn dairyman, as a matter of fact, sir, this Is a box of chalk,
I see, roplic-d tho young man, with
an air cf fact wisdom. Chalk for the
WoJt nfit exactly, drawled the man
ef the soil. I'vo done so much
chall.in_.-tip for tho milk you've had
oa tick, that I've had to buy another
box of chalk.
Willie's Deal
Willie had a yellow dog that was a
perfect nuisance, but so devoted was
the boy to him that he could not le
persuaded to hava him killed. Or.,
day when his lather had bcen unusually annoyed by thc antics ot tlio do$
he called Willie in from play and
My boy, 111 give you a sovereign
if you get rid of that -Jog.
Willie's face expressed great amaze-
meni at tbe thought of so much money
belonging ts him. He looked long ul
th.i dog, and finally told his father te
would give him his decision the next
Tht following day Willie .sought his
father nr.d said:—
I've go; rid of Max, father.
l'b more than glad, Willie, said the
father Here's your money; yon'vo
earned it. How did you get rid of
Why, answered Willie, aB he put tlio
money In hi: pocket, I swopped him to
Hill Morgan for two yellow pups.
W. N. U. 922
Mlnard'e Liniment Cures Colds, Ac.
Making It Up
What? slniokcd the visitor, in an
indignant voico You're going to
charge mo llvo shillings for that poky
little room I had Inst night? It's preposterous.
Well, sir, replied the landlady, that's
our charge, nnd I cannot alter It.
Thn visitor nearly burst himself
with wrath.
Anyhow, I refuse to pay it, he went
on. Especially ns I didn't get it
tvlnl: of sleep last night. I wns wulk-
inr, up and down tho whole time with
raging toothache.
The landlady smiled, a_ only landladies can smile.
In that caso, sir. she Eald. I must
charce you an extra shilling for wear
ol the Oftrpot.
Including tho High Court of JiiBtla
the Court of Appeal, and the Court of
Criminal Appeal, tho total cost of tho
La v.- Courts for tho year ending March
191*1, was nearly $8,500,000, while the
recr.'pta were some $1,000,000 short ot
this Eum. .*• .;.
Very many persons die annunll,
frorr. cholera and kindred summer
complaints, who might have bee
saved if proper remedies had teen
used. II attacked do not delay in
getting a bo'tlc of Dr. J. D, Kellogg's
Dyeentery Cordial, the medicine '.hm
nevci falls t» effect n euro. Those
who have used lt say ii acts promptly
and thoroughly subdues the p.uia und
Trying a case over the telephone is
tho novel method adopted by a New
Y'ork coroner in order to eave time
Mr. Hellensteln, a coroner, took the
evidence of witnesses, listened to arguments and gavo his decision without
leaving his study chair.
Exclusive OJ India, the BrltlBh Army
hat eighty three troops, companies,
and other formations of Iloyal Engin-
The mother can guard her little
ones from colds during the damp, cold
fall days by tho use of Baby's Own
Tablets, 'i'ho Tablets net as a gentle laxative, keeping the bowels working freely and tli..- stomach sweet—
that is the secret of preventing colds.
Tho Tablots will not only prevent or
banish coldc, but will euro constipation, Indigestion, expel worms nnd
make toetltlng easy. They are sold
under tho guarantee of a government
analyst to contain no harmful drugs
and may enfc-ly bo*given to tho newborn babe. Sold by medicine dealer*
or by mail at 25 cents a box from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
An Oklahoma resident hns petitioned tho authorities to have all the
street lamps turned out by midnight,
alleging that his fowls feast nil night
on the grasshoppers attracted by the
electric lights. The heus aro drowsy next day and do not lay.
Olusgow Rangers won every match
in thc Scottish League Competition In
189H890. nnd no other Club has accomplished this performance.
Since IS.",?, the largest Liberal ma*
jority In Britain was ?04, ln 1908,
an j thc smailes* was 1 in 1847; while
the largest; Unionist majority was 168
iu 1893, and the smallest 13 In 1889.
Superstitious people in Franco aro
worried by the uc*,v method cf counting tho hours. Trains which st.-.r
at 1 p.m. (now thirteen o'clock) are
much less crowded than others. .•*-.
pecially on Fridays. It la MWou*
how tho superstition ef *._.!rt_c.r.
persists. Massenet never fiato-d his
letters on the fata! day Even his
manuscripts ho numbered t.u'.9 ii li
bis, 14. -. By a strange co;nc_do_;co
or fatality,the great compose? died on
the thirteenth of tho month ln a year
whose flguris added up amount to
A recent Parliamentary census of
England and Wakv shows thnt exclusive of the Universities, there arc 408
Parliamentary areas.
House-agents letting furnished
houses at a rent exceeding $100 a year
In tho United Kingdom muat tnlts out
tn annual llccnso costing $10.
Whit the Old WW Says:
"To steer a ship safely to
port is no easy job. On or off duty,
there is great comfort in Empire Navy
Plug Chewing Tobacco."
m THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Fine Display of Jewelry
A. D. Morrison has now the finest'
display of goods suitable for Christ-:
mas gifts ever   brought to   Grand
Forks.    He has a great  variety of I
silverware, flatware, cut glass,  din-'
inonds, watches,  clocks  and   other
useful   and ornamental goods suitable for presents.   Tbe seeker after
pretty, appropriate and inexpensive
gift articles should   not fail to visit
Mr. Morrison's store.
(Brmtii 3torka &un
iihtUlimi at Urn,id Pork*. HrltUli Cutiiinlii
.Kilitnr ami Pillilliher
A Hie of tht. paper oan be leen at the office
jf .Vlessr.. K. 4 J. Hardy A Co.. Ill, 81 and «.,
_*leet Street, R.C., London. Hue iati.t, free of
_harae, and that firm will be (Tad to receive
HlbloriLtloa* und advertisement, on our be-
tine Vear   ..     ♦1-50
line Vear (in advance)  1.00
One Year, In Utilled State.   MO
AddreM all oitinmilnlcatlnn. to
Tub Bveninq Sun,
t'.ltiSK   lUt GBAND fOUKS. H.C
P, Burns it Co.—Delicacies for Christ
mas—Page 4.
A. D. Morrison—Jeweler—Page 4
After many months of patient
waiting, we hnve at last been made
acquainted with Premier Borden's
naval policy. Every Canadian must
realize that it is the most m<>rja<!ntous
and far-reacbing measure intra
duced in the Canadian parliament
since confederation. At tbis dis
tance from Ottawa, the premier's
naval progratn dues not appeal to
one as tbe p<lc oi a .tati-sti an
wbose vision is capable of piercing
the future. Il is rather suggestive
of a man wbo has set himself a task,
and who takes the shortest and
easiest way out of the dilemma. A
cash contribution would he perfectly
proper if an emir^ency existed.
But if the emergency does not exist, Canada can belter show her
loyalty lo lhe empire hy providing
for own naval defence. ThiB would
lake the burden of maintenance off
the shoulders of the people of the
mother country, while it would at
the same time augment England's
sea power. It is argued that
dreadnoughts cannot be built in
Canada at present. True. But a
start must be made sometimes. We
might as well nuke that start now
as ten yeara hence. A few years
ago the United States did not have
sufficient ship building equipment
to build a first-class oruiser. It would
be better to appropriate $100,00o,-
000 for government idiip building
yards antl the nucleus of a Canadian
navy than to make a few "emergency" contributions; and Great
Britain's Rea power aspirations
would not suffer by the former
course. There is another phase to
the question. Canada is enjoying
unexampled prosperity at present,
and a cash contribution of thirty-
five million dollars to the imperial
navy would probably not be missed,
but if these contributions are to be
kept up for arilitliefiiiite number of
years, they are bound to drain the
country of the money that should
circulate in commercial channels,
and financial panics would lie the
natural result. If a Canadian navy
is tiuilt, the money will go to Canadian work me and Canadian indlis
tries, and it will find ils way back
to the channels of Hade and commerce. Let us work for a Canadian
navy. We take it for granted that
an "emergency" does not exist.
Every newspaper and every public man appear to take a fiendish delight to take a ling theBe days at the
apparently vanquished Turk. This
paper has never been noted for kicking a man when he is dowu. Even
tbe Turk may have qualities that
would make a christian a better
christian if we possessed them. The
sultan, from a description by one
who knows bim intimately, is not
bloodthirsty fiend painted by his
enemies. With his empire appu.-
tully totteiing about his ears and
his entourage preparing to Hie
across the buKporua to escape tlie
vengeance ol Bulgarian swords, it ib
interesting to note lhe personality if
■Sultan Mebmed V, who will likely
go into history as the lust Turkish
monarch to reign in Europe. Probably no more kindly monarch exists
anywhere in Europe, none who
thinks mine of bis sulijeclt.' wclfme
and less of himself. The sultan is re
numbered by those wbo have mt
him by his benign smile, with which
he favors all, from the higlust to
tlie lowest. He has a nu-Unetitily,
meditative face, hut those who at
lend   bim   henr  no  harsh   Winds.
shrink from no sullen commands,
as did those who attended his pre
decessor. The sultan rises soon
after dawn, and when his attendants bring him his habitual cup'
of delicious Arabian mocha, he
smiles to them and whispers, "Allah
be pjaised for his gifts." His beating is at all times affable. There is
something of the nature of Oriental
fatalistic kismet in his smile, since
it seems to betray a profound acqui
escence in the divine course of
things. Perhaps today, in the most
serious of all crises which have ever
come upon the Ottoman empire, he
smiles, and smil ng murmurs, "Allah's will be done."
People who court fulsome flattery,
and who are even willing to pay a
big price for it, are adviced to read
"King Lear." Human nature is the
same today as it was when tbe
mad king of Britain was on earth.
The Sun has always maintained
that impartial criticism is man's
best friend, and the paper sticks by
its guns.
Our   Wire  Fencing is Bull-Strong Horse-Hiyh and Pitf-
Tlie proud parents who have their
bubies' pictures taken in the nude
dou't stop to think what an embar
riissnieiit they may sometimes prove
to the original in later life.
A dispatch says New York is to
have a building 62 storeys high, with
a flagpole 150 feet above that. Tlie
whole thing sounds like another story,
whieh makes G3 in ail.
A city newspaperman always speaks
nf an article written for a newspaper
a story—probably because that
doesn't sound as harsh as to call it a
The woman who went after herhus-
band with   a  stick of dynamite evi
d.-ntly intended to give hun a regular
old-fashioned "blowiug up."
The man who spends his leisute
hours imyroving his mind is making
an investment that will pay more than
a hundred per cent.
As a matter of political history t
would be interesting to know who
was clerk of court when Adam got his
inn-Huge license,
An exchange says that all American girls are born with voices, lt is
not probable tliat anyone will contradict that statement.
Women may be the wine of life, but
they would strenuously object to being put on the shelf until properly
h'oine people do not eare to lay up
treasures in heaven for feiii' that they
will never get there to enjoy them.
Si mn. politicians are afraid that
wilh wiruless polities they will he unable ro make a eonni ction.
The man who keens his eyes on the
t'ttee of the clock will nexi-r see the
wheels go round.
A physical giant with a dwarfed
soul seems sadly out uf place in this
old world.
You hear many sharp criticisms of
music produced by a Hut piano.
Ti era's a reason for everything—
xcepl women.
rownie liameras
Work just like
PRICES $2 to 112
Woodland 8 Co.,
The Kodak Dealers
Just ^Arrived
(ji Choice Stock of Turkeys,
Geese,   Ducks   and    Chickens
for Christmas
Try" our Special Lines of Mincemeats, Shamrock Eggs, Shamrock Bacon,  Shamrock   Hams
P. BURNS <®, CO., Lt *
Silver King and Silver Queen
Claims, situate In the (Jraud Fork*
Division of Yale Dlctrlct.
Where Located} On the East Fnrk of the
North Fork of Kettle Klver.
TAKK NOTICE that I. Jacob M. Paulsen.
1 Free Miner'! Cert Itl cut.' No. U8IBR, fur
myself und as agent for William!!!. Hoffman,
executor, and Rom Major, executrix, of the
will of Otherlue Hoffman, Free Miners
Certificate No. 8W17B. Intend, sixty dnvs
irom date hereof, to ii|»|ilv to the Mining
Kererder for u Certificate of improvement*, for
the |.iiri.<iM' of nbiainiiiK crown grants of the
above claim*.
Aud further take notice that action, under
section :J7, must he commenced hefore the Issuance of such Ceritlcaies of Improvement.
Duted this Hb dny of May, A.D. 1912.
Did yeu make a mis-hit
the time yeu employed the
last "help."
Don't werry. There are
lou of good fish In the sea,
and a sure Salt to catch them
te a Want Ad.
Copper Shipments
Slii|niifitts of blister copni'i- frnm
tin- (jriiniiy company's smelter in
this city fur the past week amounted
tn 848,000 pound*), bringing the
total shipped for the year to 20,040,-
■•500 pound-).
Weekly Banner Contests
The contests for the attendance
banners at the publio school this
week resulted as follows:
Percent-tf.es and Nuniher of Pupils Late—Division  100.(17,1 late; I    The following are the returns of
Division   If   96 80, 1 l«lej Dlvisiiin (be Oft production Ol the Boundary
III 98.08, fi late; DlfMon IV 00.78   |n|nw f()r lhe ^ ,„,, ftl,0 for thc
8 late; Division V, no re| ort;
Division VI 04.0, 2 '.lite; Division
11, 05.Hr., 5 late.
Division IV wins the banner for
highest percentage of attends cn,
and Division II won the punctuality
yenr to date:
Oranby 22,734
Mother Lode  7,640
Rawhide  li,H44
Napoleon      513
Come in and price our fencing wire, anrl we'll do business with you.    You'll fin 1 our wire and our prices right.
Whatever be your needs in Hardware, you'll find our
store the.place to supply tliose needs,,
Dr. Ralph, of Winnipeg spent a Belcher	
couple of days in thc oity this week. I Lone Star	
It is rumored that he  secured   op-:Otl>er8	
Smelter treatmen
Simrtflr Miti'-rtil t'ltilm. fllttitilp tn tin
Qiaml forki Mli.lnit Dlvl_l.ni of Yule III.-
TWhen-located:   In Wellltipl .in .-mi,,,.
Alii*. NOTICK that I. Joieph Allrril Millar.
Pr.-e vniiftri-'l-r-rttllrat* No. IMIItt, ln-
I,0('.9,(I0W! tend, ilxtydoi, from tha dnte hereof, in dp.
..... ....   ply to (lie Mlnlnir Rt-ttnnlar for a Cerllrl.-el»-
•11'-.til,,' „: Improvement, lor the pnrpoae of obtain-
-Ml! I!'-".   iilBaCio^n'llant of thf 0><ovtt Hnlm
■*'"''—"I    And fnrtht-r take notice lhat arlloa. under
12,2,0 i Motion HI, tin'fli h** commenced before the
.,...  l-Hiimtoe of   .iH-h Certllleate of   Improve-
OIU; meiitn.
i iioii     Dated tht. Mtli day of Apill. A.D. I'm.
2,022 i
tions   on   a couple of ranches, hut
the report can not be confirmed,
Oriinhy 22,405
B.C. CopperCo...15,205
Electric Restorer for Men
ll,639j Phosnhonol teitoree every nerve In the body
I vim and vitality. Prematuro decay and all sexual
1 073 912 "eat-nen averted al once.   Phoaphmol will
1 a _.._' fl _,_. I make you a new man.  Price tn a box. ortwo lor
580.180 IS. Mailed to any addretn. lheSoob.il Drug
Co- It. OMterlnoe. Out.    .
The meeting of the city council
! last Monday night was very brief.
| The reservoir bylaw wa9 advanced a
step,   and   routine  business    «*ns
Some business men ore so fond of,
being  deceived   that they even en
d.-avor to believe that they can reach;
tin. consumers of this district  with-,
out advertising.n The Sun,
Don't be misled by false statements of competitors. Advertise in
The Sun, because it is read by more
people than any other paper printed
in the Boundary district. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Snaps for the Live Ones
Two choice tracts for Subdivision,
In the Boom Centre
Near the C. P. R. Station and Shops.
Also a few residences at a Bargain.
Also 20 acres in choice varieties of fruit
trees; good buildings and highly improved; $325 an acre.
Phone R 117
With the possibility of an appeal to
the people to decide upon a matter of
such epochal importance to the nation
in itsolf and as a part of the empire,
it is ominously significant that Mr.
Borden shojld have neglected to provide for ilia constitutional redistribution The reason is not hard to see.
The geniral result of the last election
was naturally pleasing to-liim. If for
any cause he is obliged to appeal to
the people he wishes to meet as few
constituencies and groups as possible
Meanwhile he is apparently ready to
sacrifice the people to serve his own
(arty ends. —Victoria Times.
A circular on forest reserves appears in this issue It is possible that
the st ible is being locked after the
horse is stolen. Is ii the object to
preserve the timber for speculators, or
for the people? Along Slocan lake
the land and timber is held by speculators, who do nothing to develop the
district. They hold the land with the
object of "skinning" some old country
or eastern sucker out of ten to twenty
times its value. There are million
of acres of timber and agricultural
lands in the province held for speculative purposes. These lands should
be taxed to the limit, or the act
tunended so that the burden of taxation should be taken off the improved
land and placed upon those held for
speculative purposes. Take the townsite
of New Denver: The business man is
taxed from J10 to $20; the lot along
side pays less than a dollar, yet he
can not buy the unimproved lot for
ten times its assessed value. The
taxes are nothing, and the business
man is annually adding to the value
of the unimproved lot. Six business
men in New Denver pay ten times
their just proportion of the local
school rates, and only one of them receives direct benefits from the schools
It is the same with agricultural lands.
The settler pays the taxes and the
speculator reaps the benefit in increased values of his holdings.—New
Denver Record.
s one that will not soon be forgotten
by the thinking public. It can not be
denied that war with Germany is not
impossible, for science has forced it
upon us that nothing is impossible. It
is entirely improbable, however, and
can not be mistaken for one of the
important questions of ths day save
with relation to some situation arising
out of the conflict in the Bulka.is —
Saturday Sunset.
Sir Richard McBride, who has been
at Ottawa demanding special grants
for his province f.-om the Dominion
treasury, is referred to by tho Montreal Witness as a "lordly, importunate aud imperative beggar." This is
nothing short of treason.—Victoria
Among tho unforeseen expenses
paid by governor general's warrant
was $4838 for the trip of Rt. Hon. R.
L Borden to Great Britain. Really a
modest sum compared with the amount
paid by this province for Sir Richard
McBride's last expedition to London
—actually less than half the amount
of the McBride bill. And the Cana
dian premier travelled in state, too.—
Victoria Times.
Winston Churchill declares that a
general European war would plunge
the older countries back into the middle ages. "The only epitaph history
could write would be that a generation of men went mad and tore themselves to pieces." This quotation
from a recent speech pf the first lord
of the admiralty shows him to the
world in a new character, that of the
philosopher, antl one is forced to admit that it suits him admirably. His
• urid picture of the results of jingoism
The man who wanted to take out a
fire insurance policy on his life must
have had a hunch as to where he was
Newspaper Law
1. A postmaster is required to give
notice by letter (returning the paper
does not answer the law) when a subscriber does not take his paper out of
the postolliee, and state the reason for
its not being taken. Any neglect to
do so makes the postmaster responsible to the publisher for payments.
2. If any person orders his paper
discontinued he must pay all arrearages, or the publishers may continue
to Mend it until payments are mnde,
and collect the whole amount whether
the paper is taken from the otlice or
not. There can be no legal discontinuance until payment is made.
3. Any person who takes a paper
out of the postoffice, whether directed
to his name or not, or whether he has
subscribed or not, is responsible for
the pay.
4. If a subscriber orders his paper
stopped and the publisher continues to I
send it, the subscriber is bound to t
pay for it if he takes it out of the!
post office. This proceeds upon the
ground that a man must pay for what
he uses.
5. The courts have decided that refusing to take newspapers or periodicals from the post office or removing,
leaving them uncalled for, is prima
facie evidence of intentional fraud.
Best Newspaper*
bargain in
The Boundary"
SI|t (Srani) forks §un
and the Montreal
Stethj %-nt.U. anil Wwklg 8>tar
and a beautiful picture, "Mother's
Treasures," for
Don't forget that The Sun has the
best job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
BrlJde Street,
Hot mi Cold Bathe
Flrtt-Clai. Ber, Pool
Bind llllart! Room!
in Connection.
Emil Larsen,
Beautiful Large-;
We are offering our New Brand Kerosene oil which we claim to be the Best
Grade of oil made yet. In refining this oil we use a double process, which takes
out all bad odors, this oil will give a clear white Light and last longer.
In order to advertise this oil, and get the people ofthe northwest using our oil, we are going to give away 2000 of our
new style, large size Nickel Plated Parlor Lamp that stands 24 inches high and has a large White Dome Glass Shade.
This lamp gives one hundred candle power light and is a beautiful lamp tor any" home and cannot be bought at any store for
less than $6.00.
Send us an order for one Barrel of our famous Silver White Oil, that holds 42 Imperial gallons or 52 American
gallons at 27 l-2c a gallon. We will send you Free one of our Parlor Lamps as mentioned above, and it you are not well
pleased with this oil and lamp we will make no charge for what oil you have used and will refund your money" cheerfully. We make shipments prompt and pack lamp so it
cannot be broken. We will give away" only 2000 of these
lamps, so fill out coupon below and send us your order at
Address all orders to—
Empire Oil Co.,
BOX 2196 Winnipeg, Hanitoba
We Pay You $1.50 for Barrel When Empty*
Empire Oil Co,,
Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Enclosed find $11.55. Please send nie one barrel ofyonr
Kerosene oil, with which I am to receive one of your Parlor
Lamps Free with the understanding if I am not satisfied, my
money will be returned.
In the Treatment
Scott s I'.i'.uksori ib
nature'., no arislviii",
curalivr-tood, p ompt,:
suro and piTmaivnt.
Hcly on SCOl T'S iittl
insist nn St'O 11'.Sit
Quaint Old Wedding Idea*
Superstition never clustered round
any episode o! lite moro than lhat of
thc wedding-day, especially in olden
times. .,   a ,*
Then It was customary for the bride
to present her future husband with a
bunch o£ rosemary, tied up with ribbons, on his flrst appearance on the
wedding morning. Tills was supposed to secure his love and loyalty,
and to make her happy tor ever.
In Yorkshire the old superstition
still abounds that nothing more unlucky could happen than for a newly-
made bride to leave the church by n
different door from that by which she
entered. ,, ,
Another quaint custom, for which
there Is no known oiigln, is tliat practised in come of tho midland end
Northern counties. This Is to ring
a merry peal of the church bells at the
flrst rending of the banns of an Intending matrimonial couple. It is called
the spur peal, which lu eld Anglo-
Saxon means simply "ask."
Of course, lt la well known that it
Is the -height of luck for a bride-to-be
to dream or fairies tho night before
the actual ceremony. So much was
this Idea believe lu, thj> many girl*;
would peruse fairy tales before gcins
to sleep.
The Itev. IX. P. Tyson, known as
the carpenter-parson, ls superintend-
tnsr thc erection of the now Taylor
Memorial Methodist Church at New
York, and will do much of the carpentering work himself. He was a
builder before ho became a minister.
Minard's Liniment Cure* Diphtheria
Lit tic Willie's grandmother hnd
been tolling him Bible stories, his
favorite being that of Daniel in the
lion's den. At the ago of four he
was taken to a circus for a time
When tin lion-tamer iuit his head Into the lion's mouth little Willie'.-. OS-
cltomenl knew no bounds. Jumping
up and down, he gleefully screamed:
Oh, my! That knocks spots off
A Thorough Pill.—To Clear Ihe
otomach nnd bowels of Impurity and
Irritants is necessary when tliotr act-
ion is Irregular. The pills that will
do tills work.thoroughly are ravine-
lee's Vegetal,le Pills which ar.- mild
in aet Ion but mighty in remits. They
purge painlessly and effectively, and
woik a permanent cure. They run
bo used without fear by iho most delicately constituted, as there nre no
painful effects preceding Uiotr gentle
Bobble—My dunce, I think!
Madge—I'm sorry;   it's   Duncan's
"Hubble-Oh. that's   all   riglit!      1
bought you from him for two shillings,
Ho—Does a woman whon she's married expect bet liusbaiiil to tell her
hla business affairs?
She 1 don't know, but 0 womnn expects a man to talk business when
lie'i- courting her.
Uo • Tin.
■N»*W ***l m* *S*.***uaa\x**tt*l*a
Mirui-tOBIOIrti.. x.t UST s*na
Industrial Bureau's Big Display of In-
•  dustries and   Natural   Resources
Attracts Thousands
Community advertising has been
adopted so generally throughout We
Canada, that tlio subject is ono of
general importance, and methods successfully can-led to completion are of
absorbing interest to many Western
No other city on the American Continent iias a liner or better equipped
permaneat exposition, featuring industries and the Natural Resources of
the country, than has tho city o! Winnipeg. This big permanent and free
exposition, conducted under the auspices of the Winnipeg Industrial Bureau, was started last Spring anil during tto past six months, Commissioner Chas. F. Roland estimates, has
been visited by 700,000 people. In
addition to the lifty-four exhibitors of
local industries, there are now 24 districts of tlie West, which have (secured
space aad are advertising their communities in this exposition. The
places represented at the present time
In this handsomo and conspicuous edifice on Main Street, are:—Brandon,
Man.; Porttge la Prairie, Man.; Regina, Sask.; Saltcoats, Sask.; Dauphin, Man.; Meifort, Sask.; Sourts,
Man.; Yorlcton, Sask.; Mclita, Man.;
Prince Albert, Sask.; Emerson,
Man.; Oak Lake, Man.; Camrose,
Alta.; Selkirk, Man.; Moose Jaw,
Sask.; Jlirtlp, Man.; Lemberg, Sask.;
Virden, Man.; Lacombe, Alta.; Swan
River Valley, Man.; Vermillion, Alberta.; Swift Current, Sask.; Este-
van, Sask., r-.ud Battleford, Sr.sk. In
addition to these there are handsome
and costly exhibits of the Natural Resources of tho West, by the Dominion
and Manitoba Provincial Governments
and tlte Canadian Pacific and the Canadian Northern railways.
With this splendid representation of
farm, forest and mine of the Canadian
We.it, arranged in attractive form ta
easily accessible and central position
in the metropolis of tho prairies, its
value as a factor ln tho settlement ot
the country cannot well be over estimated, and so popular has the Exposition become as an adjunct to local methods of publicity, that the Industrial Bureau aro now completing
extensive additions to tho floor opu.ee.
This will accommodate a number of
exhibits of "Made in Winnipeg" goods
and will provide another opportunity
for a limited number of ambitious
communities to securo space.
Iu Winnipeg, the gateway city of
the West, all the year round will be
Winnipeg's "Tempie   or   Opportunities" ,
found visitors from all par's of the
World, in sc-areh of opportunily in the
mar.;.- attractive forms this land of
promlsa presents. In the permanent exposition that city lias exactly
what -it needed to arrest the immediate attention of the stranger, indeed this "temple of opportunities'* as
it hae-been called, is usually ono of
th? first p',ace-s tho sightseer visits
in Winnipeg. Here tlie visitor may
catch, pimost at a glance, a good idea
of the sort of city Winnipeg is, and
what sort of country lies between the
capita*! of Manitoba and , the Rocky
Mountains, Here he will obtain lm-
formation, maps, photographs ami actual products of the- soil of the district
in v. Iile.ii he ls Interested, perhaps
tlioiisar.tl.i of mllos away. Spec-lie
Information may bo obtalr.ctl on enquiry, and the railway., represented
will show how tho district may be
reached or a lour <if Inspection con-
ducted in. the best possible wny. if
such a visitor is Interested along Indus..nil linen he has before him ocular demonslrationi of what is being
dorn- locally ami will bo told of opportunities offe.vo.l ill his particular line.
Thi.; sort of Investigation, whicli pre-
vloiwly might huve takt;i days, can
bo conducted with lho aid of the Bureau's Exposition and staff in a few
hours, ami reliable Information secured regarding sources of Supply and
raw lnatci-ia!, transportation facilities,
freight rales tn-.do possibilities, and
in short all manner of Information* pertinent to bl? enquiry, under one roof
and obtainable without effort on his
Ot course the building hns other
uses, combining llttStructlve displays
of "Made-ln-Wiiinipcg" goods, museum
anil art section and Humorous meeting places, Including a large; Convention Hall cnp-ible of accommodating
4500 people and oilier features ot lo-
cu! interest, and lt is Indeed, becoming
the public forum and centre ot civic
life In Winnipeg.
Hero, ii.Store from Western Canadian points are also made welcome,
for It is the belief of the Winnipeg
Industrial Bureau that tho development and progress of Winnipeg ere
closely Identified with that of tiie great
agricultural West.
Tht Bull Moou Party belitvti tm Woman't Suffrage- and slier stfesls ta wemtn.
Nut a powder or
a hard cake-
but a soft paste,
ready to use.
Black knight
Ke hard work
about "Black
Knight". A few
rubs bring the
Because Ho Took Gl N PILLS
Mr. II. A. Jukes of Winnipeg writes .*
"I have been a sufferer from Lumbago
for some yesrs past. I met your Mr.
Bill aad he advised me to take GIN
PILLS. I have bees taking them at
intervals during tbe early part of the
present winter, aad up-to-date have had
no return of my old trouble-in fact I
feel better than I have for years, aad
think that my old enrmy has vanished
for good aud all."
5o«. a box, 6 for %. e,o. Sample free If
you write National Drug and Chemical
Co. of Canada, Limited, Toronto.   130
Ladles to do plain and light sewing at home, whole or spare time,
good pay;, work sent any distance,
charges prepaid, send stamp for full
particulars, National manufacturing
Company, Montreal.
W. N. U. 922
Cyprus, under n convention of 1878,
puys nn annum tribute of fuOO.000 to
the Sultau it Turkey,
Her Father Scored
Miss Rosy Nohall had Just returned
from a finishing school, and had evidently fulfilled all thnt was required
of -her In the scholastic line.
She and her father were sitting in
the dining-room.
That air—, remarked her relative.
Father, denr, Interrupted Rosy,
It's vulgar to say that air. You
should say that something here, or,
preferably, just that.
Well, this ear—, commenced her
father;  but he was cut short again.
No father,, smirked tho dutiful
daughted. That's Just as vulgar You
must avoid such expressions as this
Father became irate.
Look herj, my girl, said he, I'm
going to say what I mean. That air
is bad for this ear of mine, and I'm
going to shut the window!
And after ihnt Rosy said no more.
Hard nnd soft corns both yield to
Holloway'3 Corn Cure, which is entirely safo to use, and certain and
satisfactory in Its action.
So long ago as 1349, Edward III,
passed a Statute ordering tlie sheriffs lo suppress football ln England,
and thirty-live years previously to
that Edward II. Issued a proclamation
forbidding the populace to hustle over
large 1*118 In lhe streets of the City
ot tendon.
French Post Ofllecs will In future bo
provided officially with stamp molst-
nilng appliances, an Innovation which
is balled by thc Press as a hygiene
Of Tlu-Colts
It's cheaper to raise colls than to
bu-yhortes. But It's costly il you lost
the colts. Keep a bottle oi Kendall's
Spavin Curs handy. Fer thirty-five
years has proved It Ihe safe, reliable
remedy for spavin, splint, curb, ring*
bone, bony growths and '
from other causes.
fort Willi,»0A
P.c IIU, HU.
"1 lum eiitfll Nt.
Spavla wlU, raw
Itottit Cnt*. xxiim
,x. urt*e it on **•,
altar «l» toes r.-\
aatla.   I aa. Wxtmr
pu-Md vita rit> 1
t. WI..TSUS.
tU-oMl   ,lifts,
xe\xromwt tm tto,
c* Iti tunr  et
Dr. 1. J. K
CiMkmt r.tw. v«
U. 9. A*
No Use
In the telephone office there waB one
girl wljo was always late ln the morning.
Time and time again the local manager requested her to be more punctual; hut her tardiness still continued
until hu was moved to use desperate
Now, Miss—, said he, as he came
to her exchange board one morning
carrying a package In his hands, I
have a little scheme that I hope will
induce you to arrive at the oflice ln
time. I have bought this fine alarm
dock for you. Pleaso promise mo
thnt you will mnke proper use of it.
The young woman promised, aim*
tho flrst night set the alarm at the
required hour for rising the next
At the indicated hour the clock set
up a tremendous whirring, loud
enough to awaken the whole house
But the sleepy little lassie turned over
In bed, nnd said In her sweetost tone:
Line's engaged; please ea-11 again.
To Cure for the Growiag Family
and Her Household Cares
When thero ls a growing family to,
care tor and tho mother falls 111, lt
Is a serious matter. Many mothers
who are on the go from morning to
night whoso work apparently, ls never
done, heroically try to dlBguise their
sufferings, and keep an appearance of
cheerfulness beforo thdr family. Only
themselves know how tliey are distressed by headaches and backaches,
dragging down pains and nervous
weakness; h iw their nlglttB are often
sleepless, and they arise to a new
day's work tired, depressed and unre-
freshed. Such mothers should know
that theso sufferings are usually due
to a lack ot good nourishing blood,
They should know that tho thing
abovo all others they need to give
them new health and strength ls rich,
red blood, aud that among all medicines there ls none can equal Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills for their blood-
making, health restoring qualities.
Every suffering woman, overy woman
with a homo and family to care tor
she uld give these pills a fair trial, for
they will keop her ln health and
strength, snd make her work easy.
Here is strong proof thnt these Pills
do what l's claimed for them. Mrs.
Henry Thomas, Dryden, Ont., says:
"When my second child was born I
was so weak and run down that I
could scarcely walk across the room.
My baby was small and weak also,
and cried aud worried night and day
until I discovered tliat tho child was
starving, as my nurse had turned almost to water. My hushnnd got me
a supply ot Dr. Wlllianm' Pink Pills,
and I began taking them. The first
beneficial effects wero noticed In tbat
my child began to thrive, as my nurse
began to Improve, and baby slept better and naturally. It was uot long
until I began to feel tho improvement
myself, anl I daily gained new
strength, and baby was growing very
rosy and fat. I continued using the
Pills while I * was nursing him and
found myself with all the vigor of
good health, and able to easily do my
housework, which had been so great
a drag on me before. I am now
never without Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
ln tho house, and take an occasional
dose when I feel tired. I can strongly recommend these Pills to all nursing women, especially It weak or run
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
mall at CO cents a box or six boxes
for »2.60 from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Lives lost tn connection with the
Finish mercantile marine last year
totalled 1,021, of Whon. only twenty-
four were passengers. There were
nearly 250,000 seamen engaged In
British merchant ships.
:U  Robert
thia paper.
Many a farmer has been
serloualy Injured by vleloue
cattle. Don't run risks.
Dehorn youra with the
Quick —easy —humane —
makee cleuri, sharp cut from
4 aides. Costa little. Write
for free booklet.
R.  H.  MeKENNA,
Bt.  Toronlo, Ont.   Mention
H _ Beck Tree.    A a.aala
Bf ■•_«•   treatment rtaoved
ML   '^tt"-*.'..
^""^^*-   .. treMka tare*.   Daaerik*
rear livable i wa will aeeS keek ... tea._-na.al*
te CHuacHiLL »v«.. Toronto
- After tho busy season Is over, pack
up and come cast and spend three
months In one of our schools. Business oducatlon will help you to win
out. It costs but little tto got lt.
Write us tor our new curriculum and
plan to let us help you. ' Address W.
II. Shaw, President, "Shaw's Schools,"
Toronto. Canada.
%<mu> jQflggy
DYE, one can buy«-Wby yea don't even have te
know what KIND of Cloth your Good, ere n„d«
of.-So Mlflt-kai are Impoulblc..
Sees (of Free Color Card, Story Boobl-I, anl
■oefclM etvlnf raaulta ol Dyeing over oth.r -ulnia,
Montreal. Canada.
There arc many causes nt Die bottom
of an attack of kidney trouble,-ovcr-cnt-
Ing, over-drinking, heavy colds.—theso
and other cairnes often cause Illnesses
such as kidney trouble gall-atone", kid-
ney-Btonca, gravel, lumbago. But no
matter what ls at the bottom ot ttie diseaae, thero Is now a sure and safe cure,
ono that acta quickly and without fall.
Tnat remedy Is Sanol,. which.Is. ehcadif
well-known '
Canada aa   --  -    -      -
fercra from the disease named above.
One Winnipeg lndy who Is well and widely known, waa cured ol Gait-atones by
SANOL after suffering for 12 yeara. So
grateful wna she, thai sho haa aent to us
a largo number of people Io ho rr-lleveo.
ot similar complaints. Wo do nol care
where tho reader of this paragraph re-
aldos, we cnn give htm or her names ,xi\
addreaaes ot people In hla own town una
■ .in.. __.___. __>   i. -_._.___.  I.*....   _fl,,i._a.l   I _,* uiVnf.
acta quicKiy ana wiuioni nut-
ncdy Is Sunol, which la. already
«*n to" the medical profess.tin OT
is well aa to thousands or suf-
loeallty who hnve been cured by SANOL.
We will also give lho name nnd addreae
of tho lady referred to, whose 'complain!
had troubled her for audi a long period,
and who Is now completely cured.
SANOI. Is menufnotured only by the
CANAPA. LTD., »iJ   Main   Street,
■•"or aala by all druggists or
te manufacturers at 11 .Ct
wisiKifl»»r • Wr sale by'slf drtigi
direct from tin
per bottle.
Cinvtetlng a Thief by the Ordeal ef Ult
Rtdhet Knlle.
The ordeal ot the tedhot knife tt
tkus described by Abdullah Hansur (O.
Wyman Bury) at ba taw lt tn "The
tud ot Cz." Tbe case wu one et
tt_*ft from a caravan. Two young men
Their Trip te the Bottom and What'
Happens Afterward.
What becomes et the ship tbat sinks
tn mldoccan? If lt la of wood it takes.
They Will One Day Became Shrlnei
ef Empire, Says Willsen.
"With the triumph of Wolfe on the
Heights of Abraham," wrote 1. B.
Green, "b"gan the history of the Unit.
Boat Way te Find Out Is te Make Teal
by Moans ef Clover.
Urns, considered aa the source of tbi
element calcium, Is one of the ten absolutely essential plant foods. As sucb
it Is required lo only small amounts,
and It Is probable that nearly all aolli
contain enough to satisfy the direct
seeds of tbe plant, says a circular ol
In the flrst place, considerable time for ^ Sl&,t,,f Even lurthe', g00g A> Qi
lt to reach the bottom. In s hundred Bradley in a recent work: "It would
or more fathoms of water a quarter of   D( hard   to   name   an   episode," he
Were Implicated, one* palace slaTe, tbe „, hour wm e|,pw before the ship   writes, "that had more influence en
Utber a young Arab, a native ot the  reacbes bottom.   It sinks slowly, and   the future of tho world."
«asls.  Each accused the other, wltb When the bottom is reached it falls
Many oaths and much mutual vlllflca- Kont|T into thc soft, oosy bed, with no
Won.   Finally both Invoked tbe ordeal cragh or breaking.
Ot the knife. ot course if It is laden with pig Iron
In due course a venerable Arab ap- .. corresponding substances or If It Is
peared, bringing the Instrument wltb  an lron Bhlp lt slnl£5 rapjaiy and some-
Mm.  Bis family for generations had  llme9 gtviges tho bottom with such
force os to smash In pieces.   Once
possessed tbe hereditary right to administer the ordeal. The knife seemed  ibices a ship becomes the prey of the
countless Inhabitants of tho ocean.
They swarm over nnd through the
a very ordinary piece ot hoop Irou,
.».__ r..,.i„„ „-i-m.„-   _„_,!„_„.   ._,,.! i *bWei roughly Into a sort of blade     im,y bwlmll „„.,. ,um U11UUBU u,_,
£L££9___3£S75a_*!   ** rtout.olghteon inches long. The name sl.eut boat and make it their home,
cultural experiment station. I tnd attnbutes of Allah wore engraved
The one best way to tell whether on „pon „_ „n(j lt wn„ mtca wllu a plaln
Wooden haft
not tbe soil needs lime ts to try lt and
see. aod the placo to try It Is on the
clover crop. A good plan Is to apply |
ground limestone at the rate of two
tons per acre and barrow ln betori
Besides this they cover every Inch of
lhe boat wltb a thick layer of lime.
This takes time, ot course, and when
An  attendant  brought a  bowl  ot  oue goporatlon dies another continues
water and a brazier ot live charcoal, ln
Nearly flva years ago, writes
Beckles Willson of The London Telegraph, at the Instance of Earl Qrey,
then Governor-General ol the Dominion, a movement was started to reeon.
struct and nationalize the historic
battlefield ol tho Plains ol Abraham,
whioh witnessed the triumph ol Wolle
and the .'ritish arm;, und also "by an
admirable inspiration suggested by association aod reconciliation ol the foes
ot former days, now united hy the
same thought and pursuing the same
ideals, that of Ste. l-'uye, the scene of
thc last French victory in Cauada."
In this manner il was hoped to leave
some permanent memorial, not only
of these great events, but also of the
which the knife was Inserted.   The  iaaen Wit|j heavy Incrustations, corals,
Arab youth received tho ordeal first ,ponges aud barnacles that lf wood
the work until Anally the ship ls so  tercentenary celebrations  which took
placo at Quebec in 1908.
At flrst sight, to the average stay-
sowlng wheat, and In the Bprlng sow<  Bg rcpt,ated bb assertions of innocence the creaking timbers tall apart and at-home   Englishman,    tho    project
clover as usual. The clover mny tall in^ rinsiug 0ut his month with water, ,iowiy but surely aro absorbed ln the seemed a most laudable one, whioh
because of shortage ef plsnt food oi, put oul yj tongue, which was seized wast„ at the sea bottom could not <ail "' success.    But the
bad physical condlUon of tho soil even - ,t thc 0p by the owner of the knife.     Iron  vessels are  demolished  more averse Englishman little reckoned of
en the limed land, so It ls best to use a  TIl0 lnstrumonl. glowing dull red, was quickly than those of wood, which the diffloultia in the way-flnaneia .
light application of manure In connec-  tr„a trom th8 brazlMi and wlth lt «     ^ for ^^   The 0',y met. moral  technicsI and political difflcul-
three light blows were struck upon the a,s that withstand the chemical action g& this* project Lai! iid hoped to
victim's tongue, which was then In- 0f lho waves are gold and platinum. 8ee it carried out, have more than
spected.   It   merely   showed   slight lna giass a|S0 seems unaffected.   No oi>oe, in the past four years, nearly
white marks where the hot Iron had
tongue sufficiently moist I cannot say,
but the heat of the blade picked off a
small patch of skin and showed a
bleeding surface. According to the
rules of tbe ordeal, that proved his
guilt and be was led away to durance
vile.         ._
Peculiarity el tho Ring Mountains of
tho Moon.
Tbe moon ts really and truly a great
oioTEBniAfSATTEmtessisiiExeEtuurai Planet of mountains, its whole visible
surface being dotted with elevations of
matter how long gold may be bidden despaired ol ruccess.
in the ocean, It will always be gold All the greater, therefore, is my sat-
The  slave's turn then enme. and  Whcn recovered, and this fnct explains inaction in being able to ssy that
whether he flinched at the contact of  tbe many romantic and adventurous work lias at las', actually begun which
the hot Iron or had failed to keep his   searches after hidden submarine treas- *lU transform tht   .t-c-ne of Wolfe's
ores lost ln shipwrecks.
I immortal victory from a neglected
| tract, on which stuod a farmhouse a
| common jail and a factory, into a '
beautiful park, to be held (in tho language of hia present Majesty) "by the
people for all time In come as sacred
i    Not long ago. in company with Lt.-
Col. William Wood, the historian, and
author ol "The Fight for Canada," I
Cl the battlefield.  To-day the part adjacint to the
citadel is still usetl ns a golf eourie,
and a couple of golfers wero laboriously following their balls in the ilireo-
tion of tlie Ross title factory.   Not to
. mince matters, the structure of cheap
I red brick is tlie greatest blot on the
landscape, with one exception.   That
exception is   the   lofty   water tank,
, adapted from an old mai-tello tower
I lust in front of it on tho river side.
Same Had Inner Stone Walls to fteaiit
tho Indian Raiders,
In America tho early colonists had
little use for tho mason's art, except in
the construction of the bugo chimney msde a perambulation
stacks which ln nny dwelling of considerable size and any pretensions to
comfort formed a very considerable
part of the structure. The great kitchen fireplace ond oven, with smaller
hearths lu from two to four rooms ou
each floor, required a very considerable part of tbo material nnd skilled
labor bestowed upon a colonial homestead In the more northern colonies.
In somo sections where tbe dangers   I feel confident that, if rightly ap-
ot on attack by Indian raiders were  VssleA to, the owner of the factory will
Place a strip of blue litmus paper be-  tains.'
tweeft two wider strips of Alter pnper,     There Is a peculiar thing about these
break open a moist clod, place one end  *«>.«» moon peaks.   Each and every
and until within tho last half century
some that preserved tho peculiar fen- I
lures of Elizabethan and Stuart types ,
of tbe strips of paper In Ibe fraetur, one of them has, a ringlike form the ^ m ^...^ structures. ^V^ ^
and press tbe clod firmly together. Id open end of tho conical point being of mQb gf m Mck .-a abollt all the j JJne8l *ic*po
._.„> i.. __,__„,___.■_■_._____,'_> tim mmna greater or lesser diameter, aecoraing to .  --..,__ .,,„  .-,*  ornamental ' _,_._,_,.__._.t.i.tr
ot tha ground, so that there will be
no bad grades or disfiguring cuts and
fills; and to place them in such a way
that the person is brought hy the most
! and convenient route, to the
■bout ten "minutes remove the litmus greater or lesser diameter, aecoraing to gpe_.t floor|ng t|le8 an(J 0rnsmental | greatest wftorioal"t*rest.W '' a°e8
paper end pin It up lo dry by tbo end tho height of tbo mountain,  in a low m__ wcro nt -nt lmpol.tea from Eu-1   That this area of __.*« ucres will ulti-
which was left out of the soil. ,A «"■*• telcscopo these peaks resemme w^. U()t nm gn(1 brlc|j of g0od qual-   mately become one of the most notable
change to pink or red which lasts aftei *rl">   volcanoes,   but   when   viewed ,    wcre soon proauccd In almost every   Imperialshrines-sccoml indeed, only
the paper is dry Indicates acid. Do nol through a high grade glass It Is seen coimnimlty._Charlos Wlnslow Hall In   to the battlefield of \\ aterloo-uone
handle the end of tbe paper used foi •»'■« ">• depression In the center ofthe              , „     ^
?e.Hng or allow anything to touch It *!»«*^J™*^^ » *£                  	
repeat the teat with different samples, »» to •»•»*»»  '• Benerttl levtl "'th*
aod if doubtful test the subsoil, which /^''^   hcT*     „„„„«,„„. ,.
per can be bought at any drug store.      "™* 'he sun Is shining full upon them.
Jock, when ye hae nnetblng
else to do ye may be aye sticking In a tree; It will be growing,
Jock, when ye'ro sleeping.—From
"Tho Ucart of Midlothian," by
Sir Walter Scott
Tbe diameter of thero "ring mountains" varies greatly, somo of the
larger ones being HO, 100 or even ISO
miles, while Ihe smaller look like post
holes when viewed through a good telescope. 	
Love Will Find ■ Way.
The young couple hastened Into the
union station. It was very patent that
thoy were not married. Tbey were altogether toochummy for thot They went
out onto the platform and stood and
talked for a minute, when bo took ber
may doubt. It has ono advantage over
Waterloo in its commanding situation,
aiid another in that it is on British
Straw Hats.
The straw hut Is a relative newcomer
In tho world of dress  It was not until
*************** »«. according lo I.es Nouvellcs. tbat
lt first nppearcd. and Us adoption wns
originally exclusive to women.   Men
Cash From Waste.
ugaln hurried away toward a train.
"What do you think of that?" Inquired ono of lbe attaches of tbe station.
•That looks all right   Why?' I
"They do ibat three or four times a
week. They think thnt everybody else
will think that ho ls going sway on a
long Journey, but bo bas never got on a
train yet   De simply walks around
ilod.   His discoveries show Unit Hai-
soon a. pMblo after th. small did not mak. use of It until the Water "« « ™ »«™
I. harvested turn tbe stock Into loo year, nnd tt. foundation of tie ««i»»" "" l'
elds to glean lho waste grain and «rent Alsnllnn Industry was only .„."•■•*»"<■••	
clen/up tho"fenco"rowa""A part of ISM. when the first blR factories were
the money the land has produced still creeled. Our contemporary adds that lt
remains In tbe field after tho grain Is nol generally knowu that many so
has been harvested ond removed.   An- called "straw** hats aro made entirely
Imels can mnke available cash out of of wond.   nut thoy nro none the less
back ot tbo train aud disappears.   He  tops are as fresh as tha lay they fell
though."—Louis-   At the present day there is not a tr.ie
' growing  for   1,000 miles  around  Ilia
 . ! hurled forest
the waste crops.
j efficient as protertora ngalnst the ef-
j fects of glare and sunshine.
Cot ll on the tend. i *
There Is no month In the year wbea     "TTsbor, a cigar muat u.t« toncbed
manure cannot he hunted and scat-  my dress.  It Is smoking."
tered on the fields In advantage.   It Is'   "Then you'll bare to be put out mad-
better on tbe land than In tb. stables am.    No smoking allowed tnslde."-
Mlnutontss ef an Atom.
Sir Oliver I,odgo once gnve a striking
Illustration of tho minuteness of tbe
atom.  Tbe nmount ot  gold In sea
water, although very small, seems con
Th. Humpback I. a Little M..ro Muote
cal Than the Bowhost.
Whales are rarely thought of as vocalists, yet according to Ulss A. D.
Cameron ln "The New Nortli" iheyj
really bave a distinctive song of tbelr
A certain Captain Kelly was the flrst
to notice that whales sing. One Sunday, while officers from three whaling
ships wero "gamming" over their after
noon walrus meat Kelly started np
wltb "1 bear a bowbeadl" There was
much chaffing about "Kelly's band,"
but Kelly weighed anchor and wcut to
find the band wagon. Every sail followed hts, with the result that three
whales were bagged.
Among bowheads this slpgsong is a
call that the leader of the school, as be
forces a passage through Bering sea,
makes lu order to notify tboso Unit follow that tbe straits arc clear of Ice.
Walruses and seals and all true mammals that bave luugs aud live In the
water have a bark that sounds strung,
enough as It comes up from bidden
depths. Every lookout from tho masthead notices that wben ono whale ls
struck the whole school Is "gallled" or
stampeded at the very Impact of tbe
harpoon; tbey bave heard tbe death
Tbe sound tbat the bowhead makes
Is like the long drawn out "hoo-hoo-oo-
oo-ooI" of tbe hoot owl. A whaler says
that the cry begins on 0* and may rise
to A, B or even 0 beforo slipping bark
to F agalu. lie assures us that witb
tbe humpback the tone Is much finer
and sounds across Lhe water like tb.
note from tbe B string ot a violin.
turgor heap ohowa clover grown on limed  curious shapes nnd of extraordinary
•oil; entailer, clover grown on unllmed  height  We say "Its Whole visible sur-
eoii.l i faco" and hasten lo explain tbat we
tion with the lime on a part of tbi mnke tbls statement simply because
limed strip. In case there Is a stand of the eyo of mau has never seen but one
clover on both limed and unllmcd land, side of the surface ot the moon. u, ,„ „,.,. VJ  ,_u __	
the two nrcna should be harvested and,   What we seo convinces us that the   Imminent  tho wooden wallB of the  eventually yield to public opinion and
weighedsepmntely to determine wbetb- lltUo planet Is extremely mountainous,   ,oW(._. ,.c]oae. a g,out wa„ of  to the genius of the place, and accept
er or uot the time has made sufficient for on the "end" exposed to our view   b , fc klnfl „, „,„„,„ m .   sonie other^.le.
gain to justify lis use. l^ZV^ffi'fSm Tm fee  to Sonle <*tncso b,,1,d,uss a,° "flX% I o! the °pK entovc& tokcej
Adds turn blue litmus paper red, and varying In he gbt trim JjOOO feet to ,____. au(, habited, although dating Wow jjfo .&,„ important considera.
this test hos been recommended fot four mlos. When we consider tneraci ^.^ (Rt |Mgt B0 fflr .. thg |oww , Hong. to piaC(! tliem so that thoy do
soil acidity, but wc do not regard It ni that this lunarian world is muy one gtortflg ... o0ncerned) over two cen- \ not break tha pleasing continuity ol
entirely satisfactory, nowever, forth! thirty-second part as large as tliocartn turloS;   A vorj ffiW br|ck buildings  the park, and disfigure it os little as
Information of those who may wish to we can easily sec why It deserves lhe I)a__e whony or )n part como jowa to j possible; to make tliem conform as far
try lt, wo give tho following directions: title of tho "planet of groat moun- ug ff0|n m flrst years 0, colonll,at|on, | as practicable to the natural contour
.... ...      >e.     . ..   i.-      Inlna "
slderuble when stated In atoms, for a i o( the year. Ihr, .-un leaves on De-
single drop of sea water coutulos 60,- cemher 10. ond docs not return until
nnonon atoms of cold. That figure. ' February. During the Intervening per-
rw^rlndk'a"', mere., oue-flfUeth , W l.mp. sr. kept stc.dily bumtng.
of a grain tn o ton of sea water, and
Gold In Baffin's Land.
Captain Janes of the Canadian exploration party with Captain Bernier
spent eight months prospecting alone
in the Iar north.    He was hundreds
In bis arms and kissed ber fondly and  0f miles from the ship during thst
S Land was, epochs ago, a very
different kind of country from what it
is at the present day.
Twenty-five feet under the surface,
he discovered an immense forc-t in a
state of pcrfoct preservation, Tho trees
pointing due east mid west, are laid
us flat as a wlieot-flcld blown over by
a cyclone. The timher is iu perfect
shape; even the cones irom the tree
In tho opinion ol the captain, Uiero
are thousands cl fortunes to he inatlo
in Canada's frigid north, During the
coldest months the mercury goes down
to 60 below, and It averages 10 degrees,
hut thore ii no dampness at any time
He Prized Them Highly Until Dr. Wis-
tar Saw Thorn,
It Is said that when Thomas Jefferson Journeyed from Moutlccllo to Philadelphia on his way lo take the uatti
of office as vloo president he carried a
lot of bones In his baggage. The hones,
alleged to bo tboso of n tuuuimntu,
had been found In Crcciibrlcr county.
Va., and sent to Montlcello, where
they wcro set up by Jeffcrcon. who.
It appears, entertained a somewhat exaggerated notion of bis attainments In
natural blstory and wbo sl..od sponsor
for the bones as tboso of "a carnivorous clawed animal entirely unknown
to science."
It was not uiiill aftr.' Jefferson
reached Philadelphia tbnt be was undeceived, for at a glance the learned
Dr. Wlstar saw tbat tbey were the
bones of the common sloth, several
specimens of which he showed the
Virginian. Jefferson, It Is related, was
greatly chagrined, especially as his dis.
covery became known as Mogalonyx
It bas been pointed out tbat Indirectly no less a naturalist than the
great Button may bave been responsible for Jefferson's error. It was the
Virginian's praetlco lo send Huffon
specimens and Information, and with
the subtle flattery of n courller tbe
French naturalist wrote:
"I sbould bave consulted yon, sir,
before publishing my natural history,
and then I sbonld havo been sure of
the facts."-New Vork Sun.
He Did His Boot
"Here, waller," said tho man who et.
pected lo lie at tho hotel for several
days, "is a dollar. Now, I waut you to
look after me promptly and seo that I
get tho best of everything. Wheu 1 get
rendy to leave. If your scrvico bus been
satisfactory, I'll giro you something
Tho waiter obsequiously bowed ntnl
assured the gentleman thut he should
havo tho best tho kitchen afforded,
that U would always bo served In a
lmrry nod lhat there would lie iicut
ness as well us dispatch.
On tho second morning after the
gentleman's arrival he hud neurly finished his breakfast when ho suddenly
summoned tho waiter ami. angrily
liolntlng to his coffee, asked;
"Do you call tbnt taking good cure of
me? Look at lhe size of the files In
there! Two of them 1 Look at tho Size
of 'cm!"
"I'm very sorry, sir," thc waller replied, wllb every evldo-ioc of lhe deepest rogrot "Them's lho smallest llics wi
bava"—Chicago lleeordt'crald.
•nd lots.
Happy Days.
Fred-Mamma, our principal snys his
ichool days were the happiest days nf
Ills life. Do yon believe thnl? Mam-
mn-Ccrtalnly. He wouldn't say so If
It wore not true. Fred-Well. 1 suppose- be played hookey and didn't get
caught     ^^^
Frleiil-Tben ynj had s satisfactory
Theatrical Mnrineer-Very. Two of
enr n.cst antugonl»M» critics dled.-
HalUmore American.
It would take I00.ooo.ooo atoms to be
visible under a microscope of the highest power.      ^^
Champagne Bottles, J
No machine has as yet beeu Invented
In France which can supersede man-
ual labor in the l"""*^0"^.;* .11 you cnn give me In the wn, of dec
pugne bottles   'iho men performing  .„»„„ __,,,,„„ (llo ,.,,_.,„, „„ „„„ „,m
f would prefer to hnve one comfort-
able room well storked with bonks to
this difficult work nro well paid.
Deepeet 8oa.
The greatest depth of the sea yet discovered Is 3'J,08l) feet
Boots, Carrots and Parsnlpo.
Beets, carrots and parsnips all contain u large percentage of sugar.   Carrots and parsnips when young and ten-
der are very nutritious
"Rod as a Sapphire."
To ssy lhat a young girl's eyci ar*
ai blue as sapphire* is us absurd ae
it would be to aay (list her mouth ie
as red as velvet. Sapphires, no mors
than velvet, are exclusively one color.
The sapphires of Oylon ruu from a
toft blue to a peacock blue, which last
ii practically a green. There is alio
a rod sapphire, sometimes culled a
Ceyloneao ruby, a Hone ni precloui
as a Burma ruby. Besides blue, green
and red lapphlres, many fine onei ara
yellow and white.
Muiioal Knivia. Firat One Error Score.
In the sixteenth century the blades Baseball Captain-Yon shouldn't It*
of tahlo knives bore ou one side the so hard on Ihe hoys.  'Tbey played very
musical notes of the "grace hefore well.  The game was lost through Juit
meat" and on the other side those of one error. Mniinger-Yes; so was para-
oration which the highest art can sup.
ply. There Is no greater blessing tbnt
can be glveu In a family than a love
of bouks.-John Bright
tbo "grace after meat."
dlse.-Iloslon Transcript.
Two Ways.
!    "Joe lays Mae   tp-ats him   like a
! dog."
t    "Ah, hut is th? treatment general
' or particular.1"
"What do you moan."
"Docs ihe treat him Like licr tlog?"
Original Moaning ol "Garble."
Tito word "garble" originally meant
"to select for a purpose."  Tliere used
to be an officer called "the goibler of
spioes," and it waa Mt duty to visit
the stores, examine the spiees snd
t.rder thos. that did not come up to
standard lo bo destroyed.  In this way
i the garbled goods were those which
| had been silted of all Impurities.   So
a "garbled" report Is one thut Is ailtcd
down and bereft ol some of ita original   contents.   Nowadays   anything
"garbled" is misleading and chopped
| up so as to givs a wrong impre.iioB THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B.C.
$1 Per Week Invested in Bassano Will Start
You on the Road to Fortune. [Full-sized Lots
$60 Each. Nothing Down. $1 Per Week.
No Interest. No Taxes. Lots Guaranteed
High, Dry and Level.
Real Estate Investments,
Dave Shannon will leave tomorrow for Kingston, Ont., where he
will spend tbe winter-
Thomas Parker, of Nelson, inspector of weights and measures, is
sp.nding tbe present week in
the city.
Tom Newby left on Wednesday
for England, where he will visit his
father duritig the winter months.
W. Walker, of Nelson, district
manager for P. Burns & Co., visited
tbe local branch this week.
F. H. Knight, of Spokane, was in
the city on Wednesday.
The Golden Chariot mine, near
Oroville, will sbip a carload of ore
to tbe Granby smelter.
Fishermen at Christina lake say it
has been a poor season for kokanee
Take your repairs to Armaon's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
Tbe second storey of tbe new post
olliee has been plastered.
Tenders are bening advertised for
the new Greenwood post office.
Tbe I'hoenix Ski club bas laid out
a new course-
Andy   McDermott
public this week.
visited    Re-
Tbe Grand Forks, the Montreal
Family Herald and Weekly Star
and a beautiful picture, "Mother's
Treasures," fur 11.50, is tbe biggest
newspaper bargain in the Boundary
Geo. Rogers, Q. Work, C. A.
Campbell, J. McLaughlin and A. 0.
Johnson bave been elected directors
of ibe new Phoenix Curling and
Skating Rink association.
We can save you  money  on  job
printing.    Get our prices.   Tbe Sun
job office.
Located in the central part of the city
of Neliidn, offers every facility for a
.solid education in English, commercial
and music trundles. Embroidery,plain
and fancy needlework and singing are
given spticial attention. The commercial course includes stenography, typewriting, l>ntikkt.i.ping and i-tmimercial
practice. Pupils prepared for etamina-
tinns of thf Associated Boards of the
London I loyal Academy and Royal
College of Music.
The Rex Vaudeville company
paid its initial visit to the Grand
Forks opera house on Monday
evening. The audidence was not
as large as it should have heen, undoubtedly owing to the fact that a
number of companies of mediocre
merit have lately visited the eity.
The Rex company, however, gave
an exceptionally enjoyable entertainment. The company jb composed of a number of artists who
bave already made their reputation
in the old country. Harry Lancaster, the head-liner, scored a success
with his Scotch singing and comedy.
Miss Edith Wilnia, who possesses a
heautiful contralto voice of great
range and dramatic power, received
several encores. Dave Caston, a
typical London comedian, made the
hit of the evening. He amused his
audience intensely with eccentrio
comedy work and scarecrow dancing, and was repeatedly encored.
The Hall sisters, a duo of great
ability, pleased the audience with
their Scotch singing and dancing,
Miss Marion Yale, soprano, and
Harry C. Willis, an Australian ventriloquist and comedian, were nlso
much applauded. The closing item
on tbe program, a musical comedy
farce entitled "Mistakes Will Happen," caused a great ileal of laughter
Ml. C. A. ABBOTT, Augtut n, i«,
«• Ana St., Hew Vork City.
Dear Sir:   I have known fnr ever xoyexe, ot the
«t_ec-.orW_l«n„--K. m-dy [Wl-Jon'l Preparation
ol Hypophosrhlu. -lid Blodiettl] In usee of pul-
xoooxry troublel.    _v. this p...i,t 1 will ley to yoo
what you have nnt before known of: that 4a yean
■ince, while 1 was a resident of N.Y. City, 1 waa
severely ill with lung trouble.   Physicians said I waa
• consumptive and my family physician told my wife,
that he thought 1 could net recover,   Uy attention
«aa directed to the Wilson Remedy, which I usee.
Afl-ith splendid effect.   I have bcen on my lilt and nt
work ever since mvenre.   Yourstruly,
Pastor 11.1.Church, Hunter, (GreeneCo.,) N.Y.
Oo Dec t, ign, Mr. Sager wrote Mr. Abbott;
"My health is very good.'*
If you will write Mr. Abbott he
will gladly furnish you any further
information you desire.
F. Downey's Cigar Store
HAMIfi'lRKBlDiaCR, R8B «W 5^661 |
Suits to Order &18 Upward.
1 Wc are agents for somo of the leading tailoring estali
lisliments in the east. When you order from ns you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor
ensuring perfect fit.   Wc guarantee satisfaction.
Oar Fall and Winter Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee yon the
best made clothes in the country at thc lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and sec our goods and prices. Wt*
want your trade, and we oan give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, tbe  Reliable Tailor
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokank, Dec. 12.—The follow
ing are today s opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
Bid. Asked
Granby Consolidated. 57.00 60.00
B. C.   Copper       C.25     5.75
Kev. Edward A.Wilson having been
restored to health by simple means, after suffering for several" yeara with a
severe affection and that dread disease
CONSUMPTION, I am anxious in
his behalf to make known to his fellow
sufferers the means of his cure. To
any one who desires it I will send (free
ofchaige) a full description of his
cure. Yon will find it a wonderful
lung and throat maladies. I hope all
suffers will try Mr. Wilson's remedy,
as it is invaluable. Those desiring the
description,1) which will cost them
nothing, and may prove a blessing,
will please address,Charles A. Abbott,
60 Ann Street^ New York City.
(Published Annually)
Enables traders throughout the world to
communicate direct with BnfflUh
In each class of goods. Besides being a complete commercial guide to London and Its
suburbs, the directory cantaiuu lists of
with the Goods they ship, and Ihe Colonial
and Foreign Markets they supply;
arranged under the Ports to whieh they sail,
and Indicating the approximate Sailings;
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., ln
the principal provincial towns and ludustrlu!
centres of the United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for 208.
Dealers seeking Agencies cau advertise
their trade cards for £1, or larger advertisements from £3.
25, Abchurch Lane, London, E.C.
PHONE    L14
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and _.
Tamarac Posts.   Prompt attention to phone orders.
A. CALLOWAY. A Columbia p. p.
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern johlritiK plant*
in lhe liniiiidiiry Country, employ crnii
petent workmen, nnd carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billhead-, and Statement.*,
Letterhead!, and .envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgem,
Business and Visiting Card*.,
Lodge Constitutions and l.y-lnws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars anil Placards,
Bill» of   .'"are  and  Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding   Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
ClftfsTi PDIlMTIlMfi-the kin<*1 "e do—'8 in
V.1VUU  [ MLU LIU    an advertisement, and  i
___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   'r'a'
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the Ix.st. Let us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
*Jl]t inn -print §hnp
Metal Quotations
Nkw York, Dec. 12.—Silver 61J;
standard copper, $17.2B®17.50;
London, Deo. 15.—Silver, 28£;
lead, XI6 10s.
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton, Props.
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Downey's Cigar Store
A I'OMI'LKTK Btm.k or
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh (inniiffiMieut ol
Kweivetl Wtwltly.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
Kaxur • iitr nS|M*t<in± v
P. A. Z.  PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North or (.hanry  Hutki..
First Ktrkkt.'
tie tiai notice, wnioaVmirt*. in
Scientific Jlmcrkatt
- If UluHnted weeklr. Unrcrtctr-
inr scientific Jourtud.   Term, lor
a rew.portwe iirapeM.  BoM br
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator; never fatly. These
pills are exceedingly powerful lo regulating the
generative portion of the female ivstem. Refuse
all cheap Imitations. Dr. da Tm'i ara ioi<j Kt
111 box, or three lor $10. Mailed to any address.
Tlit iovbell Drue Co., Bt. Catharines, Ont,


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