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The Evening Sun Dec 1, 1911

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I_fKi-lli,tin>. Library    .  . -i
Eleventh Yew—No. 5
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. December J, 1911.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
At Granby Smelter Keduced
by a Labor-Saving
Device   ,
makes a first-class epitaph above the
grave ol an ox.    If you never did
. anything to make anvliody mad at
you,   you've   been   called   a   man
I merely   through    courtesy,     You
i should apply for a place as a dummy
| in a clothing store.
The new slag conveyer at the
Granby smelter hag been completed
at cost of $80,000. The new device
will carry the slag, after being granulated with water, from tbe furnace
room to any portion of the slag
dump by means of an endless belt
and buckets, which travel on an elevated trestle. Tha system will do
away with the slag trains, and consequently reduce the foroe at tbe
smelter and lessen tha cost 'of the
production of copper.
The Oranby company's proposed
plant at Hidden Creek will have an
initial capacity ol 2000 tone daily,
and will represent an investment ol
over $1,000,000. It will occupy
twelve months in construction, and
will treat tbe ores of tbe Hidden
Creek group at Geose Bay, acquired
last Jun* by the Granby corporation, as well as customs ores from
other properties in that district, and
the Yukon and southern Alaska.
The P**»btwi|l also be tquippad will.
a convWer for' manufacturing the
copper matte or amelter product into
blister copper, which will be ahipped
to a New York refinery, where the
gold and silver by-products will be
The following is the maximum
and minimum temperature for each
day during the past week, as recorded by tbe government thermometer on Cooper Bros.' ranch:
Friday  30
Saturday...  31
Sundty  34
Monday  13
Tuesday    11
Wedneaday  25
Tbundey  31
Ranfall during week, 0.00 inches
snowfall, 1.1.
The record of the rainfall at this
since the installation of the govern
ment rain gauge on Cooper Bros'.
ranch is:
Rainfall. Snowfall
January  14.90
February 19 7.00
March 44 1.00
April 83
May  3.43	
June  2.78 	
July  0.45
August  0.52. i	
September  0.85 	
October  0.08 ......
November  15.2 	
J ;i-_ Saiwutat, 1910,ihe rainfall was
4.00; stiowfall, 1.05.
Council Appears Determined
to Saddle Salary. Bylaw
on Ratepayers
conditional prevailing in thi. various
localities to the federal government.
This morning Mr. Hunting waa
taken for a drive to the principal
orchaids of the valley. He left for
the east this afternoon.
R. K. Gilpin, c »n.uia officer at thif
Ii port, tnaliesthnfatllowiDg detailed report
I' ol thr cunt ni» receipt, at the variou
subt usti.ma office, ns reported to th
chief nftiiM Id Ibis city, for tba month ol
Orand F..rk-    J2.1B4 84
Pboemx    1,0118 68
Carson       300 43
Cast ade        38 94
Tolal $3C__S.7U
Latest Picture of Borden
Thia ia tb* season te 'subscribe to
a newspaper, or to renew, if already
a subscriber. Our paper is as good
as any, and better than many. Why
nol take it?
It reprensenti the welfare and
progress of tbe community and district with which it is identified, and
is, apart from ita local value, an all-
round up to-dat* newspaper.
The rveent change of government
has made the Hon. Mr. Borden the
central figure of our Canadian public life. Many would like a good
picture ol him. We can supply one
Finer.. We will send any on* our
paper for a year, and tbe Weekly
Mail and Empire (tbe regular nt*
ol whicb is 11.00 per year) for tb*
same period, tbe two together, to include free picture of the pew Canadian premier, for 11.50. '
The Borden picture ia on fine
paper suitable for framing, in photo
tints, 18x24 inches, and is in itaalf
as a work of art, easily worth th*
price ot a year's lubacription ts
either paper. Send all orders to the
otlice of thia paper.
An American txebange remarks:
It ia not mucb to lay for a man that
hs never bad aa enemy. You could
write that over a cabbage head. It
would b* appropriate in an essay on
mush  or a panegyric ia putty.   It
At the the meeting of th1* city
council last Monday night the salary
bylaw was, on motion of Aid. Da vis
read for the first time. On motion of
Aid. Bonthron afid Downey, Mrs. F.
K Cooper's bill for the burial of the
late W. Keron was cut down to $25,
and that amount was ordered to be
paid her. 11 A. Sheads made an
offer of SoOu for Heven lots in Coluin
bia and the lot next to the Mann
Drug company's store on Second
street. The offer was laid on th«
table until the meeting. The resolution adopted at the previous meeting,
providing for a trausfernnce of the
city's baiikiiin business from the
Eastern Townships to the Koyal bank,
and the matter was referred back tn
the finance committee. Aid. .Smith
gave notioe that at the next meeting
he would introduce an amendment to
the electric and power bylaw.
Copper Market
Once more the copper market is
fairly close to tha 13-cent mark, and
so far as can be seen has not yet exhausted its new-found strength. The
market haa been holding firm during
the past few weeks on a basis of 12f to
12| for electrolytic
Rich people go to court. This is
probably the reason why money is
Si plentiful at that place.
An Ottawa dispatch says that the
government is considering a scheme
for subsidizing th* provinces in the
interests of roads and agiculture.
The Fielding surplus is doomed.
The following are the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for tbe
vear to date:
" 685,672
Mother Lode  6,026
Athelstan     140
l/me Star	
No. 7..	
I'hoenix Amal	
Others  1,236
Smelter treatment—
B. C. Copper Co... 7,048
Man out ot jobs are now seeking
to enter tbe Methodist ministry.eays
one speaker. A little while ago some
men out ol job* w*re trying to enter
the Borden ministry.—Montreal
The Phoenix  skating  rink   will
op«n tbia evening fer th* season.
O. J. McDougail is cutting 5000
Um on bis ranch n*ar Greenwood.
Granby shares sold at  $33.50 in
Spokane last w**k.
Cooper brothers have installed an
electric lighting system at their ranch
home This is one of the modern
conveniences that can be obtained by
every rancher who installs an electric
irrigation plant.
P. Stranahan, of Calgary, was in
lhe city on Wednesday Mr. Strana-
han is interested in the Robinson It,
Lequime Lumber company.*
Rev. M. D. McKee, pastor ef
Knox Presbyterian church, will exchange pulpits with Rev. Mr.
Buchanan, th* missionary in charge
of the Eholt church, on Sunday, tbe
3rd inst.
Th* entertainment given by the
Schubert Symphony Club and Lady
Quartette at the Grand Forks opera
house last night, under the auspices
of the Grand Forks band, was a
splendid success, the house being
crowded The concert was a notable
one in point of merit, and the audi
ence waa very appeciative. Tne
members of the company are artists
of a high order, and their singing
and instrumental 'music created
genuine enthusiasm, every number
being encored.
The fruit growers of Ontario, in
convention at Toronto last week
passed a resolution approving the
selection of Hon. Martin Burrell as
minister of agriculture. Tbe gov
ernment will be asked to secure by
cable from Canadian trade eommis
sioners in foreign countries, daily
repoits of fruit prices in tbeir r*
spectivc districts, to be reproduced
in tbe newspapers; that it also pro
vides for absolute uniformity in the
shape of fruit boxes, and that the
railway companies be requested to
improve the condition of msny of
lbe refrigerator cars now in use.
At the meeting of the Union of
British Columbia Municipalities,
held in Nanaimo last week, a reso
lutiou was unanimously passed that
in the opinion of the convention the
principle of government by commission should be endorsed, and that
the provincial government be asked
to introduce legislation to permit a
municipality to introduce thiB sys
tern. A draft of th* new provisions
proposed for th* Municipal Claus**
Act relating to local improvements
was received by th* convention, and
will he submitted to the various
The skating rink will probably be
opened for th* season tomorrow
Born—Iu Grand Forks, on Wed
nesday, November 29, to Mr. and
Mrs. T. A. Mclntyre, a son.
Judge J. R. Brown left ou Wednesday for the Similkameen country, wbere he will bold county
court sittings.
Mesdames W. K C. Manly and
Jeff Davis left tbis weak for a short
visit to Spokane,,
Mrs. Rowland and daughter, ol
Republic, are visiting at the home
of Mrs. Rowland's sister, Mrs. A. E.
Sav age.
Tha Buller prize, a rille donated
by Lady Buller, widow of the late
General Buller, V.C., annually for
competition at the local rille sboot,
arrived in tbe city tbis week. The
rille, whicb was won by S. G. Kirk,
is of the Lee Enfield pattern.
Fred Axam has been elected president of tb* Ureenwoed Miners'
Tb* Greenwood Ledge is tmthori-
ty for the statement tbat 160 dear
have been killed in tbe Boundary
country tbia season up to date.
A number of cars of coke arrived
in tbe city tbis week from Fernie
for tbe Granby smelter.
The Ben Venn* mine at Myers
Falls is shipping a carload of ore to
tbo Granby smelter.
Coke shipments were sent outfrom
Coleman last Monday for tbe British
Columbia Copper company's smeller at Greenwoed.
Tbe Granby company expects to
bave a sulliuient accumulation of
coke at (is smeller in tbis city by
the 21st iust. to blow iu six furnaces.
Tbe Kettle Valley road will, it is
reported, apply for a charter to build
a tin* from Vernon ta Princeton.
A marriage license was issued in
Greenwood last week to Miss Esther
Forsburg ano Herbert Cox.
Born—in Greenwood, on Wednesday, November 29, to Mr. and
Mrs. Halstrom, a son.
Bob Perry intends to   build   an
Wm.  H.  Bunting,   a prominent hoU| up()n nM   townsite, 20 miles
fruit grower of St. Catharines, Ont., from <jarmip
arrived in the city last  night.   Mr. I 	
Bunting is inspecting tbe fruit grow- Dr. Dunbar bas been elected
ing districts throughout the Domin- president of tbe Greenwood Hookey
ion, and will make a report  on the team,
Spokane   Capitalists   Fay
$10,000 for Columbia
Acreage Property
Another large land deal in West
end property was put through this
week. J. A. McCallum sold a block
of acreage property between Weston
and the C.P.R. right of way, insid*
the city limits, to Spokane capitalists, the consideration being 810,-
000. Tbe same parties are now negotiating for more land in that
No Codlin Moth in Province
Tbat all fruit entering the .province of British Columbia in future
will have to pass a must rigid inspection at the hands of the provincial frtftt inspectors, whether the
fruit be from across tbe line or
shipped in from the east, is the announcement made by Thomas Cun-
ingbam, provincial inspector of fruit
pests, who bas made atrip taking in
practically all the nuit growing districts of the province.
According to investigations made
by Mr. Cunningham, startling evidence oi th* much dreaded codlin
moth bas been found in shipments
of apples recently received from tbe
stale of Washington and also in
some received from eastern Canada.
While on his trip Mr. Cunningham
inspected two carloads of Ontario
apples, and condemned them for
being affected by codlin moth. He
also condemned two consignments
of apple* received from the state ot
Washington for the same reason.
Mi. Cunningham says: "We have
now twenty-one inspecting stations
at points throughout tbe province,
and itiatraction* bave been issued to
these stations to keep a close watcb
for evidences of any infection on any
shipments received from outside
points. British Columbia, I am
pleased to say, from tbe Gulf of
Georgia to the Rocky mountains,
and from the boundarv line lo Alas-
kj, is free (torn codlin moth, and it
is our intention tu keep it so. Our
friends across the line can hardly
credit tbis, but nevertheless it is a
Investment Tbat Pays
No home in Western Canada can
better invest a dollar than send it
for a year's subscription to The Family Herald and Weekly Star. That
paper hss been a blessing in thousands of Western homes. Its agricultural coliiins arc ss goml as a course
in a college. lis world's news page
covers everything in the news line
and its magazine section provides
ample reading lor the whole family.
Any p.rson seeing the beautiful
picture "Home Again" in a shop
window would readily give two dollars for it, yet it can be had absolutely tree by sanding a dollar for a
year's subscription to the paper.
Such a paper for a year with sueb a
beautiful picture all for the price of
a bushel ef wheat is certainly a good
The sort of referendum 'that Canadians expect at the hands ol Hon.
R. L. Borden is s chance to vote for
the abolition ef Bourassa, Moak t%
Anther el
; The Cardinal Math; Tha W«I(M at Mt* Cr*wn;
Hawse; Tha   Slaves   si   tllence.   Craven
Fortune;    Ths Fatal  Date;  Nttta.
A Peaceful Sunset.
"Upon my word," Brora *.v:n> saying to Heth. "1 feel ns nev.ons us
uii Eton boy sent up to the bead for
a Hogging. It Is just tlie same son-
sutlon ns 1 lined lo enjoy In ray
ixiiooldays; but i don't euro what lie
save, I am going lo marry you wlit-tli-
er'lie likes It or not, though, of course
be Is hound to like It. No one could
look at that dear, sweet little face of
yours without falling ln love with you
on the spot."
Beth- demurely hoped so; she pre-
dended un easy unconcern,- though,
on lhe whole, she was perhaps more
anxious than Brora, for the latter
had written to his father at some
lengih explaining how matters stood,
and Lord Morton had telegraphed to
say that he would lie at home the
following afternoon. The following
afternoon had arrived in due bourse,
and now the wheels of his carriage
might he heard nt any moment.
Vera and her husband were not far
off; ihey had promised to come iu
and give their moral support If it
became necessary.
"1 don't see how lie can possibly
help liking you." Evors went on
"Thank' goodness, we shall be spared
the trouble of making a long explanation. If my father had heen against
the arrangement he probably would
have telegraphed thai he was coming',
but 1 don't care, lt dbesn't matter
what he says. I have quite made up
my mind what to do."
, "But you couldn't go against your
father," Beth said timidly.
"Oh, couldn't I? My dear girl, I
have been doing nothing else all my
life time. I have been a most tindiiti-
till sou, and 1 have no doubt that I
have come near to breaking my father's heart many a time, as lie nearly
broke the heart of his father before
blm. In common fairness he will have
to admit that we Evors are ull alike
iib young men; and, in any case, I
couldn't give you up Beth. Just think
how faithful you have been to me all
these years, wben all the time lt seemed as if 1 had a terrible crime on my
conscience.   Your father's death "
Beth laid her little hand on lhe
speaker's mouth. * .
"Oh, hush, hiisli," she whispered, "I
Implore you never to speak ot that
again. They told me, or ut least that
dreadful man told me. that you had
committed that awful deed. He gave
me the most overwhelming proofs,
and when I demanded a chance lo
speak lo you & hear from your lips
that li was a cruel lie, you were nowhere to be fouud. This, Fenwick
told me. was proof positive of your
guilt. It was such u shock to nie,
that, for the time being, I lost my
reason—al least I did not exactly lose
my reason, but my brain seemed lo
go to sleep In some strange way. And
yet, from first lo last. 1 never believed a word that Fenwick suid. Tliere
was alwios present thc knowledge
that your name would be cleared at
last, and the most gratifying part of
It all is the knowledge that there can
be no scandal, no slanderous tongues
to say tliat there Is no smoke without
fire, und tliose wicked things that
sound so small and yet Imply so
"Don't let. ur, think of It. Let our
minds dwell only on the happy future
■; ifrHTr * *_** ' -1    - :-_.sirr»r
yen start
be sure your
hands sre
clean. A
minute with "SNAP'
septio  hand cleaner,
At your dealer's—
. the antl- I
will do It. I
it the highest type of
is the highest type of
curative food.
The nourishing and
curative elements in
Scott's Emulsion are so
perfectly combined that
all (babies, children and
adults) are equally benefitted and built up.
B* erne ta get SCOTTS—
It'* th* Standard and alwayt
Ihe hest.
su oeuaatere
that is hefore us. We shall be able
to marry at on?e; then we can go nnd
live In the Old Manor House by the
park gates. The place Is already furnished, and needs very lltlte doing up.
Sooner or later you will be mistress
of this grand old home, though I hope
that time may,not come for mnny
years.   It sc^jis to mo "
But Beth was not attending. She
seemed to he listening with more or
less fear to th; sound of wheels
crunching on the gravel outside. Evors
had hardly time lo reassure her when
the door opened and Lord Merton
came In. Ht. was a tfill man of commanding presence, a little cold and
haughty looking, though his lips Indicated a genial nature, nnd he could
not altogethei suppress the grave
amusement in his eyes.
"This is an unconventional meeting", he said. "I received your letter,
Charles, and 1 am bound to say that
the contents would have astonished
me exceedingly had they been written by anybody but an Evors. But
our ince has always been a law unto
Itself, with more or less disastrous
consequences. We have been a wild
and reckless lot. but. this Is the first
time, so far as I know, that one of the
tribe has been accused of murder.''
"It is a wicked lie," Beth burst
out passionately. She had forgotten
all her tears In her. indignation. "My
father was killed by the man Fenwick and his colleagues. Thai has all
beeu proved beyond doubt."
Lord Merton smiled down upou the
flushed. Indignant face. It wns quite
evident that Beth had made a favorable Impression upon him.
"1 admire your loyalty and your
pluck,' he said. "My dear child many
a woman has risked her happiness by
marrying an Evors—not one of them
did so except in absolute defiance of
the advice of their friends. In every
case lt has been a desperate experiment, and yet I believe In every case
It has turned out happily. It was the
same with Charles' mother. It was
the same with my mother. No Evors
ever asked permission of Ills sire to
take unto himself a wife; no Evors
ever cared about social position. Still,
at the same time, I am glad to know-
that my boy has chosen a lady. When
he was quite a young man I should
not have been ln the least surprised
If he had come home with a flaunting
barmaid, or something exquisitely
vulgar ln (he way of a music hall artist."
Beth laughed aloud. She hud quite
forgotten her fears now; she was beginning rather to like this caustic old
gentleman, whose cynical words were
belled hy the smile ln bis eyes.
"I am very glad to know that you
are satisfied with me." she said timidly.   "It lu very good to know that."
"I suppose it would have been all
the same ln any case," Lord Merton
replied with a smile. "You would
have married Charles und be would
have hud to earn his own living, which
would have been an excellent thing
for bint*
indeed, lie wouldn't." Beth laughed.
"Do you know, Lord Merlon, that I
am quite a large heiress in my own
way. I am sine you won't mind my
speaking like Ihis. but 1 feel so happy
Itoday thai I hardly know what I am
; HHvlng. If you only knew the diend
wilh which I have been looking for-
jward lo meellng vou "
'Oh.they n r all like lhal," Lord Mer-
nm laughed. "To strangers I am sup-
I posed lo he a most tefrlble creature,
but everybody on my estate knows
how lamentably weak I am. They all
jlake advantage of me and bully inc.
even down to the lads in the stable,
upd I won't disguise from you the satisfaction I feel Iti the knowledge that
you have money of your owu. For
sonic considerable time past I Imve
been severelv economising with a
view lo paying off somo alarmlne
moitmges on lhe estate, so that I
should nnt have been In a position to
allow Charles much In the wuy of tin
Income. It Will be inv ambition whet,
the time eo'nes to hand you over ibe
prone'lv without a penny owing to
"Mav that dnv be a lone wny off
sir." Charles said, with feeling. "I
hone tn fissure vou how I spnreelate
the nnl.le manner In which you have
forgiven "
(To be Continued).
Its Principles and Fundamental Parts
—The Distinctions of the Different Types.
An aeroplane consists of wings or
supporting surfaces, rudders and balancing planes, a motor with propeller or propeller, a body or chassis
and a tail.
The wings may be single, large supporting surface, in which cuse the
machine is called a monoplane; or
there may be two supporting surfaces,
one placed over the other. This latter type of machine Is called a biplane. In the same manner a machine having three surfaces, one over
the other. Is called u trlplane.
The rudders are usually two ln number; they may be single or double.
One rudder or set of rudders Is for
steering to thc right or left In the horizontal plane. In the monoplane the
rudtleis are placed In the rear ot Ihe
body and form part of the tall. In
biplanes, lhe elevating and descending
rudder is placed upou an out-rigger In
front of the machine and the steering
rudder upon aa outrigger In the rear
of Ihe machine, whicli also carries the
tall, If the machine has one.
The balancing planes are placed at
the outer extremity on each side of
the machine; they perform the same
functions as that accomplished by
warping or curving the wings or the
use of the wing tips or "ailerons,"
and serve to restore the machine to
an even keel If It tips to one aids of
die other. '
The motor In the monoplane is placed In front and the propeller pulls the
machine. In blplaic. the moter is
placed ln the centre, between the upper and lower surfaces, and the propeller or propellers are placed behind, pushing the aeroplane through
the undisturbed air.
The body or chassis, Is the frame
work and supporting apparatus whicli
contains the motor and propeller, and
to which are attached the wings and
supporting surfaces and the wheels
or skids upon which the machine
runs when starting or rests when
landing. The Wright machine uses
a separate car with roller wheels
which runs upon a track, and is left
behind when the machine rises into
Ihe air. When landing, the machine
glides along upon the ground upon
runners which soon check Its speed.
The Farman machine has hoth wheels
and runners.
The most characteristic feature of
an aeroplane, and tbe one that reveals
the ingenuity of tlie Inventor mote
than any other single element in '..ts
construction, Is the method of control.
This Is the point at which the machine becomes human. Ab the bridle
reins convey the will of the rider to
his steed, the n-aster of the aeroplane
causes it to obey bis slightest wish
almost us he would raise his foot
or extend hts band. Tbls is done by
means of the delicate and extremely
sensitive levers and wires which connect the rudders and balancing planes
with the baud of thc aviator.
The action of the air must be keenly followed lu its varying changes.
The places of irregularity must be remembered when flying many times
over the same ground and the effect
of villages, woods and water must be
studied. In racing or flying with other machines the dangers are Increased; disturbed air, caused by the
wings and propeller of a passing machine is apt to seriously affect the
stability of your machine. An accident was caused at Bhelms by exhaustion of the air by one aeroplane
causing another machine.to drop to
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the ground.
The rules discussed at a meeling of
the contest committee of tbe Aero
Club of France movlded that machines must pass to the I'lgnt hoth
when meeling and when ove;faking
another. A machine overtaking another must pass over and not heneVli
the slower machine, lt must rls; to a
certain elevation, to he. decided upon,
and continue upon that level for a
proper distance, to be determined hit
er, before rcturnlug to its former level, in order tbat It shall not disturb the
air for the craft behind.
Au Interesting point that will ill titrate the new elements that entv
when racing in a medium of Iln*-' Hi
mensions, Is that by passing over th'.
starting line at great altlttidivobtai'ia-
ed before the time !s !_ik6n and hef'ie
the actual r'tirt. !h ■ couise can bit
made ou a down aiarie all th j way io
the finishing   line,   thereby   gaining
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speed, although lhe distance may be
a trifle greater; on (he turns, a light
rise 111 aliunde gives an elevation
from whicli may make up for the loss
of speed in turning.
All these points, as well as many
Others that come up In tlie actual operation of the aeroplane, show how
many things must he considered besides knowing the. detailed movements of the levers and devices upoa
tbe  machine Itself.
W.N.O. Ne. M».
Ella—Do I roske myself plain?
Stella.—Somebody bas, If you have-
Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills
Healed Mr. Wilson's Soros
When lhe sewers of lhe body—towels,
kidneys and skin ducts—get clogged tip,
the blood quickly becomes impure and
frequently sores break out over thc body.
The way to heal tliem, ai Mr. Richard
Wilson, who lives near London, Ont.,
found, if to purify lhe blood. He
"For some time I had been in a low,
depressed condition. My appetite left
ine and I soon begun to suffer from indigestion. Quite a number of small sores
and blotches formed nil over my skin. I
tried medicine for the blood and used
many kinds of ointments, but without
satisfactory results. What was wanted
was a thorough cleansing of the blood,
and I looked ubout in vain for some medicine that would accomplish this.
At last Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills
were brought to my notice, and Ihey are
one of the most wonderful medicines I
have ever known. Hy blood wu purl-
fled in a renr short time, sores healed up,
my indigestion vanished. They always
have a place in my home and are looked
upon as thc family remedy."
Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills cleanse
the system thoroughly. Sold by all
dealers at 25c a box. 0
•"PaflMCOMMISSION—for local representatives; either sex; sure money
maker; rapid advancement; experience unnecessary; spare time accepted; elaborate outfit free; postage
twenty cents. Nichols, Limited, Publishers, Toronto.
Canvassing agents wanted for all
points ln Canada for The Coles All
Metal Weather Strip for Doors. The
only Strip which does the work. Sells
on sight. Ornament to any door. Indestructible. Saves Its cost many
times annually. Adds to home, comfort. Exclusive territory. Live men
nverage from $-1 to tt dally. For particulars write to Coles, OS Lombard
St., Toronto.
What Aik You)
Do you .'eel week, tired, despondent, have frequent headaches, coated tongue, bitter or had teste io morning,
"heart-burn," belching oi gas, acid riling! in throe! after
eating, stomach gnaw or burn, foul breelh, dizzy spells,
poor or variable appetite, nausea, st times and kindred
symptoms F
II tou here any considerable number of tb*
■bore symptoms you are suffering from biliousness, torpid Bvar with indigestion, or dyspepsia.
Dr. Pleroe'e Golden Medical Discover? is mad*
up of tbo moot valuable medicinal principles
known to medical toiane* for tba permanent
our* of suoh abnormal condition!. It h a most
efficient liver inrigoretor, stomach tonic, bowel
regulator and nerve strengthened
The "Golden Medioal Discovery" i, not a patent medieiae or secret nostrum,
a lull liel of ite ingredient! being printed on III bottle-wrapper end etteited
under oath. A glance at these will show thst it contain! no alcohol, or harmful habit-forming drugs. It is a fluid extract made with pure, triple-reined
glycerine, of proper strength, from the rooti of native American medical,
forest planti.    World's Diipaueary Medical Asueiatloa, Props., BoCalo, N. Y.'
Self-Loading Shotgun
12 GAUGE, MODEL 1911
This new  Winchester   has all the good  points
of other recoil operated shotguns and many distinctive features and improvements besides.    Among them are
Nickel steel construction, which gives surpassing strength and^
safety; and a reloading system that will
handle all safe loads without readjustment
Loot eoeeoer el ,.ur ieiler'. *r sinit. lie Win,heitsr H',,,.!■
lot Arm, Co.. ,\'rw llooeo, Co..,, Isr o diu-nllive circolor.
A Brilliant White Light like the Gasoline light but obtained from the cheapest quality of Coal Oil.
Stand and Hanging Lamps for Indoor and Outdoor use
from   100  to   1600 Candlepovver.
Write for  Particulars.
1410 Scarth St., Regina, task.
Each day begun,
In haste the tun
His golden rays
But when he sleeps,
No watch he keeps-
He knows there's
Horrible Mention   .
It was after the distribution of prizes at a Sunday Sehool.
"Well, did .vnn get a prize?' allied
Johnny',  mother,
"No," answeied Johnny, "but 1 got
"horrible mention."
"What a poor young man needs Is
a thrifty, economical wife." "You talk
like an animated home journal. "What
a poor man really needs, is a rich, liberal wife."
Zam-Buk Has Healed Itl
Mrs. Wilson, 110 Wlckison Ave..
Toronto, snys: "Ahout lour yenrs ngo
a sore snot appeared on the riglit sldo
of my face. This spin increased in
size until It became about a In It an
Inch ln diameter and very painful. 1
went to a doctor hut the ointment he
gavo tne did not hnve nny good effect.
The sore continued to discharge freely,
and was most painful. 1 had lt cauterized, tried poultices nnd all kinds
of salves, but it, van nn good, und 1
continued to suffer from it for four
"A sample of um-Iliik was one duy
given to me, und I used It. Although
the quantity wns so small lt seemed
to do me some good, so I purchased
a further supply.
"Each box did tne more anil
more good, ntnl. to my delight, before
I had been using Ziun-lltik three weeks
saw that il was going to heal the
sore. In less than a month It wns
"I know n lady In the east ot tlie
i'lty, whose husband suffered for years
with an open sore on his leg. On uiy
recommendation Zntu-Diik was tried in
that case. The other day, when I saw
her, she told me thai it had healed the
.tore completely.
• ' My daughter. who lives In
Lethbridge. Aim., litis also used Ziim-
iluk with the same satisfactory result.
I think lt Is. beyond all doubt, the fin's! healing balm known."
Such Is .the opinion of all persons
who have really tiled Zuiu-Buk. It is
a sure cure for eczema, piles, abscesses, ulcers, sculp sores, ringworm,
cuts, burns, scalds, Uralses, and till
skin Injuries anil diseases. 50c.
box, all druggists und stores, or post
free from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, for
price. . In case of skin disease use
also Kain-lluk Soap, 215c. tablet.
. Willie—'(Teacher suys we're   here
i) help others."
Pa—"Of  course  we  are."
Willie.—"Well, what ure the others
tere for?'
Opening Up New District
A Canadian Pacific Railway official
who has Just returned from a trip to
the  Pacific Coast   states  that there
will  be undoubtedly  a  big rush of
cttlers to the Windermere Valley next
year. This district Is being rapidly
opened up. The Canadian Paciflo, it
Is stated, will have forty miles of road
Into the valley In operation next year,
and with these transportation facilities at their command, new settlers
will find the district u good one in
■which to settle. The land of the Wind-
enters Valley is singularly free from
lock, and is composed of rich fertile
soil, with sufficient timber for the
Construction of buildings and for domestic   purposes.    Water  for lrriga-
lon purposes is plentiful and easily obtained and the climate of the valley
Ij remarkably free from extremes of
heat and cold.
*t*mm M sMes be __. UesU. Se. Ms. IL*
Masts* Ire tsto*. la Aseatle Tehee, tea. IIJSS
m books and advici nn it mau.
Murine EystWeMnetdyro^Chtnnat
Percy (after the proposal)—Have
you ever loved before?
Kdith—No, Percy! 1 have often.admired men—for their strength, courage
Iwuuty, intelligence, nr something like
that, you know: but with you, Percy,
It Is alt love, nothing else.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
"I've lost the baby," shrieked the
nurse girl.
"Heavens! Why don't you hurry
nut and speak to the policeman?"
"It's n* use mum. -Thut's what I
wus doln' when ( lust the baby."
Meet with die approval of every Farmer who ka«
invertiiated the plowing quettion THOROUGHLY.
A Pleasant Purgative.—Parmelce'a
.-egotable Plllg are so compounded as
o operate on both the stomach and
he bowels, bo that they act along tho
.vhole alimentary and excretory pass-
.ge. They are not drastic In their
vork. but mildly purgative, and the
leasure of taking them is only equaled by the qualifying effect they pro-
_uce. Compounded truly of vegetable
ubstanees the curative qualities of
jrhlch-.were fully tested, they afford
cllef without chance of Injury.
Flrst-Rate Record
Judge.—You ure charged with non-
upport of your wife.   What have you
say for yourself?
Kastus.—Well, jedge. I done got her
hroe more washings a week than any
ther culled lady in do block.
Baby's Own Tablets should be kept
In every homo where there are little
ones. .They^are us good as n doctor;
are absolutWy safe nnd can always be
relied upon to drive away any malady
arising from derangements ot the
stomai'h or bowels. Concerning them
Mrs. O. A. Wheeler, Northlands, Sask.,
says: "I have found Baby's Own Tablets an invaluable medicine. I livo
twenty miles from town and doctor,
so am glad lo have sn reliable a medicine at hand.- I consider the Tablets
are ti real necessity ln the home and
shall never be without them. They
havo kept my baby well and have
made him abonnle baby." Thc Tablets arc sold by medicine dealers or
by mail at 2B cents a box from flic
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
A Motor From the North
A caterpillar motor car, the first of
its kind ever designed and built for
use in Alaska and the frozen north is
built from the body bt a motor car to
the order of Charles , Dankert of
Candle, Alaska. Dankert, wbo has
spent twenty years ln the north, plans
to run an automobile freight over tho
snow into Caudle this winter.
Page—Please  sir, I want to give
notice to leave.
Old   Gent.—Tut,  tut!   What's
matter  with you  boys?    That
make four of you 1 havo bad in two
Page—Well, sir, when   you   have
pages you must expect leaves.
Grain Exchange
This notice Is to advise the Trade
that the Fort William and Port Arthur Grain Exchange has been formed
to promote the handling of Western
Grain at the Hend of the Lakes.
Full particulars as tu membership,
etc., address
Fort William and Port Arthur Grain
Exchange, Fort William.
Consign your grain to us.   The actual grain you ship gels our personal ■
attention.   We sell on sample und get
high prices.    Write us.
Fort William
Awarded first prise at World's Exposition on Ils work and methods.
Write for a free catalogue. We also
give Instruction by mall.
Silas Brlglitlle.—Oh. Mr, Search,
there's a .young lady here tonight I
know you will like. Mr. Search—I
feel extremely flattered to find that
you have made such u close study of
my tnstes. Please describe her. Miss >
Brlglitlle—She's worth u million.
"I never yet saw the uiiiii who talked like the hoi- of a story," said Mrs.
B rowdier.
"Well." replied her husband, "I never saw a woman that looked like tha
pictures ill a fashion magazine."
Ship your grain    to    10.  11.   WAY-
LAND, Grain Broker, Fort William.
Highest prices.    References;   Dominion Bank, Fort William. -
"Sir," said the astonished landlady
o a traveller, who had sent his cup
orward for the  seventh  time, "you
*ust be very fond of coffee."
"Yes, madam, 1 am," he replied, "or
should never have drunk so much
water to get a little."
Eczema 25 Years
Cured by "Cuticura"
Leg Like Raw Flesh irom Knee Down
"I bave been treated by doctors for
tv.-oi.ty-i.vo scam for a bed cue of eun-iia
01 ay Ios. Thoy did their brat, but lollrd
lo euro It. Hy own doctor bad advised mo
to havo my log cut off, but I said X would
try tbo Cuticura ltetn.ad.es Unit. Tie said,
'try tbem If you Uke but I do not think
they win do. any iood.' At thi! time my
let wu polled from lho knee down, my
loot was like a piece ol raw flesh aad I
boil to walk on crutches.
"I bought a coke of Cuticura Soap, a box
ol Cuticura ointment and a bottle ol Cutloura
'Resolvent. After the first two treatments
tho swelling went down and in two months'
use of the Cuticura nomedlM my leg was
cured and lbe new skin grown on. The doctor
could not believe his own eves when be aaw
lhat Cuticura hail cured mo and sold tbat be
. would me Cutiwa for his own oatlfnts.
£ut for the Cuticura Remedies I might have
st my lite. I am truly grateful for the
wonderful cure that Cullirura wrought and
I alwaya recommend It most hfchly asa sura
and economics! cure' for akin troubles."
(Sinned) Mme. J. B. Bemud, _!77 Montana
St., Montreal.
For mon than a generation Cuticura Soap
S Ointment have afforded the speediest
most economical treatment for'sMiiatul
p human. Hold by dniffiats and dealers
everywhere. For a liberal {ample ot each,
with 82-p._book, send to Potter
wilh" 82-p. book, send to totter D. * C.
, 49 Columbus Ave., Boston, U. S. A.
W.N.U.  No.
Slickly stops courts, cures colda, beata
e Ihroel end luoits     -     *     25 ceola.
Mistress—Has master Willie come
n yet?
Servant—I think so, 'm. I haven't
een him, but the cat's hidden.
■ the best:
Mathias Foley, Oil City, Ont.
osoph  Snow,  Norway,  Me.
harles Wbooten, Mulgrave, N. S.
flCV. R_»0. Armstrong, Mulgrave, N.S.
'lerre Landers,  senior,  Pokeniouche,
N. B.
phomas Wnsaoh, Sheffield, N. B.
Two Feedy looking ehnps met.
"Hello. Bill! What's now?' said one,
You look playcai out."
"Nothing new. Jack—nothing but
work, work, work, work from morning
till night."
"That so, Hill? How long hnvo you
had this Job?"
"I start tomorrow." answered tha
weary one.
Never Fall
"Do you think women would lm-
provo politics?"
'Well," replied Mr. dowdier, "utlcr
listening tn the convention on the
ftont porch, III say this for them:
If ever they start an investigation
they'll find out something."
Giving Him the Hook
"You will excuse   me,   madams,"
said little Blinks to the fair lady at
lhe reception, "  but really  J. don't
catch your name."
"How funny," Bald the lady, "It's
Braggs —"You never know what you
can do till you try." Waggs—"That's
wrong. You never know what you cau
t?o till you succeed." Braggs—"Well,
perhaps that's better.". Waggs—"And
then you're wrong. You never know
what you can do when you succeed.
You only know wbat you have been
able to do."
Mrs. McRea suffered for over two
years, then two boxes of Dodd's
Kidney Pills made a new woman
of her. _■■,'_
NProvil, Gaspe., Co., Que.—(Special)
—That she might have escaped two
years and seven months of Buffering
had she tried Dodd's Kidney Pills ln
the first place is the firm conviction
of Mrs. John McRea, an old and respected resident of tills place. And
this is the reason she gives for believing ao:
For two years and seven months I
was a sufferer from Kidney Disease
brought-on by a strain and a cold.
My eyes were puffed and swollen, my
muscles cramped and I suffered from
neuralgia and Rheumatism. My back
ached and I had pains in my Joints.
"For two years I was under the doc-1 dlan Pacific. In moving about from
tor's care, but he never seemed to do track to track his horses hud to cover
me any lasting good. Two boxes of a largo amount ol railway mileage
Dodd's Kidney Pills made a new wo-land lie thought lhat the C. P. R.'s
man of me." (cars were the safest and best In which
To save yorself suffering cure your!to ship them.
Kidneys at the flrst sign of trouble. I    The curs are built with adaptable
Dodd's Kidney Pills uie the one infra stalls anil collapsable    feed    troughs
cure. | and are an Improvement on the ord-
1 jinary cars used for shipping horses.
Rounder—"Wonder who said, 'home !	
te what we make lt,"   Mrs. Rounder.— j   A Thorough Pill—To clear the stnm-
"I'll warrant lt was somo man who ;ach ull(l i)0Wei8 0f impurities and ir-
Improved Cars for Shipping Horses
The fifty new horse cars which
were recently put into operation by
the Canadian Pacific Ruilwuy have become very popular with shippers of
horses. The other day at the Woodbine races in Toronto an owner of a
big Southern stable wanted to buy one
of the cars oiittlght from the Cana-
cotild make lt before :! a.m."
Warts are unsightly blemishes, and
corns are painful growths. Hollo-
way's corn Cure will remove them.
First Typewriter Girl.—"She'a a
pretty quick operator, Isn't she?"
Second Typewriter Girl.—"Quick? 1
should say she was. Sbe hadn't been
on her Job two weeks before she was
engaged to her boss.
litmus  is  necessary when   their action is irregular.   The pills tbat will
do this work thoroughly are Parmelee's Vegetablo Pills, which are mild I
ii action but mighty in results. They |
purge painlessly and effectively, and
work a permanent cure.     They can I
he used without fear by the most de- ]
Ucately constituted, as tliere are no!
PHlttful   effects     proceeding     their
gentle operation. j
"Just a word ol praise for GIN
PILLS. About fifteen months ago, I
could not walk across ray room, suffering severely with Rheumatism. I
took OIN PILLS nnd became quite
well. Two months ago, I had Rheumatic Pains with Neuralgia and Diarrhoea. I resorted to Gin Pills again
for one week and became quite well."
Here is our straight guarantee, given with every box of GIN PILLS. VVe
Lady—And you guarantee thnt the ;
I parrot talks quite a lot. '
j    Dealer—Rather.    Ills last mistress
Isold him because she couldn't get ■> '
I word in edgeways.
Life Is Just one thing after another.
The first thing la generally a woman,
and the "alter" a man.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
"How Is your daughter getting on
with her musts?" "Well, It Isn't proper for me to'compllmoht my own &,lr
but several of the neighbors told ine
that they often stay awake at night.
listening to her playing, so She must i
le pretty good.
Cured by Lydia E. Pink-
ham's VegetableCompound
Fox Creek, X.U.—"I have alwaji
had pains in the loins and a weakness there, and
often after iny
meals m y looil
would distress me
and cause sore,
ness. Lydia K.
hie Compound, has
done mc much
good, I am stronger, digestion is better, und I cun walk
with ambition. I
have encouraged
many mothers ot
families to take it, aa it is the best remedy in the world. You can publish this
in the papers." — Mrs. Wim.iAm
BoTtiQUK, Fox Creek, X.B., Canada.
The above is only one nf the thou-
lands of grateful letters which ara
constantly being recoived by tha
Pinkliam Medicine Company of Lynn,
Mass., which prove beyond a doubt that
Lydia B. Pinkham's Vegetahto floni-
pound, made from roots and herbs,
actually does cure these obstinate diseases of women after all otlier means
have failed, and that every such suffering woman owes it to herself to at
least give Lydia K. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound a trial before submit-
ting to an operation, or giving uy
hope of recovery.
Mra. I'inklmm, of Lynn, Mam.,
Invito* all sick women to writs
ber for advice. She has t.uldi><l
thousands to health and kit
•dvloe la free.
Daring Animal Operations
The grent  feat just   performed  by
Professor  Wonldrldge nt  the Zoo In
know that Gin Pills w'll positively the setting ot fractured Jaws of the
cure Rheumatism. Sciatica and Lum- famous nlne-yards-long python Is a
bago—aawell as Pain in tho Back. Ir-! reminder of tho remarkable progress
rltatcd Bladder nnd weak, strained Imado In operating upon animals.
KidneyS. We pledge ourselves—the There are now quite a number of
largest wholesale drug house in the pal dog3 und cats with artificial eyes
British Empire—to promptly return nnd legs; and a short lime ngo. u cat
your money should Gin Pills fall to having swallowed a small hatpin, was
givo satisfaction, fifie. a box, ti for
$2.50. Sample free If you write National Drug & Chemical Co. of Canada,
Limited.   Dept. N. V„ Toronto.       00
The origins!
din Pills made by
National Drug ano
Chemical Co. e<
Canada Limited,
Toronto, are fold
only in thli boa.
'Doctor," sho asked In pleading
tones, "do you think it will ho necessary for me to have an operation?"
Oh, I hardly think so," he replied.
"There! I told my husband it would
not be any uso coming to you. My
next door neighbor has a doctor that
prescribed thireo operations for her
during the past year."
"He never make* any promises he
may not bo able to keep." "So?" "No,
when he borrows money from yon he
never tcllayou when he'll.pay lt back."
c m r. *****
DIXIE toiaho
. ---*• qolcklyl flea-un*
u.«; does ravt bltiUr ocdur
__. Bd*i«t or Mao** lbi_B»_r, tntl
yoi can work tbo br.r», tap r but-
msnklnal.   Il'-lii'tis l'_iln__il, atrial.
■tn Veins, V -     —        ■'-   ■
mite*, s-oni
on.  IVIaaofl
len Voles, Uoltra,. Wt-tafc atraluB,
llntlKfl, slips I'sla .00 Iaflamtaia-
tlaan.   1'rl.a, Tt.l _ ,w.r laa.tllo St alatal-
Iprt orSa.llTMn.al. AYIlltsll rotiit-ore
-      -   1BJaot—	
L       .a_".3___ urwownt... £istiQfa_.utMooi;tir
w. r. HBBE m.f_.uh__ui mi, sum. .si, est
Jtl-ai fun.l,:,.,! t.r MflaUii Da.laa t .Vnaaa. Ct.., Wla^alpaaf s
Th. .Valaiaaa.l t't a-; ,. ,..1 Ch -,,:.,! t'aa.. V.la.aJjaaa^t _'.'4_I/a
-al llfltaalra...ai Hav.. Cat. Ltat. Vsaj.aim■*_.
placed under tbe X-rays. and. the phi
huviug been located, wus soon skilfully drawn. Prolessor liar a few
years ngo removed the kidney of a
dog and sowed It In the same animal's
neck; and lutor he sewed the kidney
of a dog In the body of another eiiiilne.
The experlmi nt wus (JUllo successful.
Perhaps tin. greatest dental operation on record wus performed upon an
elephant In the city of Mexico. The
nehlng tooth wus twelve In. long und
14 Inches in diameter nt the root. After tho aiilii.ul hud been securely fait-
ened with chains, the mouth was piled
open, and a quantity of Cocaine applied
to deaden tho pain. When thia was
done a hole was bored tbrough the
tooth, nnd un Iron bar Inserted. Then
a rope wus Iwlsted around the bar. nnd
four horses were attached thereto to
drag the offending molar out.
A number of scientists In Cubti have
organized a "bureau ot homlculture."
with the object nf Increasing the
leugth of human life.
Suspicious Neighbor—Did your   mother have a rooster for dinner yesterday, sonny?
•Suspicious Neighbor.—A   big   one
with black tall feathers?
Bonnie.—Dunno.     Mother     didn't
cook the teathcra.
Well. Well!
I dyed ALL these
of Gooda
•illh the SAME Due.
I used
NO chanre of .i*_n| thr WRONG Dye lor the Goo4s
onr heeio <ul.ir. All color* from your Itaiici*! or
Dreler. FRKP, C.lor C.trd and STORY Booklet II,
'f hs JolUe>o>fl-IUcfc*_rd»oii Co.,, iimlieat, MogjgjL THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Published at Grand Forks, British Coluanlil
U. A. Ev»N8 B_Htorai.il Publisher
A Hie of this paper oan be seen at the offlne
ot Messrs. B. 4 .Mlnraly A i't,.,Sli, SI aaaaai 32,
Pleat Street, B.C.. Lottalaiti. Kiuriatinl, free aaf
otiargfl, and that firm will he flail to reoflive
titbiitirll.tlotis ntnl advertisements on uur ba.
_ai-.l_t01tI.TION HAI SI !
One Tear , ,   IU.SO
line Year fin advauoe)  I.IKI
One Veer, In fnlted Slates  I.M
Address all ottinmiintoatlftns tn
Ths BntNtwn 80s,
Hhons B14 Hkasu Kosss. H.C
The   Coronation    edition   of   the
British Columbia Year Book for 1911
has  just   heen  issued   liy the king's
printer  at  Victoria, and   a copy has
been received at The aSutt  office.    It
was   iiuiopiled   ahd edited   by  Ii. E.
Gosnell, formerly librarian of the legislative asseinl.lv and secretury of the
bureau   of   statistics, and   is a work
of grent historical value.    It contains
nearly 360 piiges of useful and   interesting statistics relating to the  province, and will prove a welcome addition   to   every   British   Columbian's
library.    Included in its   pagss   are
many   admirable    photographic     reproductions   of  the   king and queen,
members of the provincial government
and legislative assembly, and   of   the
federal represetisativet,    In   addition
there are pictures  of   past provincial
premiers, antl   of   a variety of scenes
and subjects familiar to   residents of
the   province.    Great  care  has been
taken to ensure exactness in   the   information  published,   and   tlie   Yeur
Book will undoubtedly prove a handy,,
compact   compendium,    It   may   be
puri'lisneil   for   tl   a copy,   with  an
additional 15    cents  fur postage, anil
would prove a much appreusated   gift
to   friends   in   the old country, whu
might after a perusal of its   pages   he
induced    to   eome  out  to live in the
■ix, and now ha is a delegate from
Grand Forks to the Conservative convention at New\Testminiter. Brother
Love is a wise and clever business
man, and not averse to a diet of fat
government ads."
Thk education department of British Ct.liiumhia bas established a
School Magazine, the first issue of
which has just reached this oflice.
The magazine consists of short educational and historical articles and
stories of interest to school children.
It is edited by Clive Phillips
Wolley, and owes its oriftin| to the
example set by New Zealand.
THERE are many types of venal
ne iv spa pers, but tbe most disgust
ing are those that have i hinged their
politics 8 nee the last general elections in order to pick up a few
crumbs from the departments at
Victoria nnd Ottawa. The people
would he better off without any
papers than be compelled to endure
sucb disbrugs.
Two government employees sent
as delegates to the Conservative provincial convention from one small
town, is an indication that the Tory
machine at Vicioria now considers
itself strong enough to disregard
public opinion.
Our time, knowledge and
experience in the printing
business is at youij disposal
when you are in need of something ir this line. Don't forget this.
If no action is taken by the rate
payers, il now appears to be a cer
painty tbat the members of the eity
couneil are determined to vote themselves phut, salaries. After employing un auditor to audit bis own ac
counts, raising salaries that should
not have linen raised, and uiineees
sarily increasing the expensea of syme
departments, the citizens of Grand
Forks msy well feel thankful that the
present council bus not reverted to the
method practiced in pioneer days,
when tin; city's business was transacted without any pretence at bookkeeping.
The high price of living has
not affected our job printing
prices. We're are still doing
high class commercial work of
all kinds at prices satisfactory
to you.
sermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 10
a.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will be celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service as well as at 8
a.m. Week day and special services
as they are announced from time to
time. You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you.
Knox Presbyterian Church—
Sabbath services ut 11 a.m..and 7:30 p.
in.; Sabbath school and Bible class at
9:45 a.m. All are cordially invited.
Seats free. Rev. M. D. McKee, pas-"j
Methodist Church J. Rev. Calvert, D. D., Pastor.—Sunday services,
11 a.m. and 7:S0 p.m.; Sunday school,
'2:80 p.m.; Epworth I-eague, Monday
at 8:00 p.m.; prayer meeting, Wednesdays, S p.m.; Junior Leaguo, Fridays, 7:00 p.m. Everybody will be
Baptist Church, Rev. H. W.
Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. tn.; Bible
class and Sundav school at 10 a.m,
Taken Up
Notice is hereby given that on tbe
fith of November I took up two stray
atniniuls, a steer and a heifer, ahout
■>\ years old: spotted, red and white;
no brand. Owner can have same by
paying for feed and advertising
charges. If not claimed in thirty
dayi) tbey will be sold.
Dated November 17, 1911.
A new lot of latest designs of pro
'rum and menu cards just received at
1'iib Sun job otlice.
You might as well cut off
your legs because you are running well in a footrace as to
cut off your advertising because your business is too
Holy Trinity Churoh, Hen r/Steele,
Rector—Sunday services: Holy communion, S;(.() n.in.; morning prayer
and sermon,   11  a, ih.*j evensong and
Tiik friends of the commission form
of city government huve fouud through
the experience of Mitrsballthown, In.,
in tb.) lasl six mouths additional argument to back up their position. .\
seini-aniiiiiil ruport says the coiinnis
•ion has conducted tba aity'a business
ut a eost of S.WiK luss than il cost for
the previous six months,
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given
I      that a Court of Revision will be
held am Monday, December 11 th,
1911, at the Council Chamber of the
City Ilall, Orand Forks, B. C, at the
hour of 2:30 p.m , for the  purpose of
correcting and revising the Municipal
Voters' List   of   the City of Grand
Forks, B.C., for the vear 11)12
City Clerk.
Dated Grand Forks, B C,
November .iOth, 11)11.
for 1912 for only $1.75; also all thc
issues for the remaining weeks of 1911,
Free. It is your last chance to get
the paper at this price. On January
1,1912, it will be advanced to {2.00.
EVBN with twoio ireesfrom which
to draw tbeir "reward," there appears to he considerable jen lousy
in Tory newspaper tilliees in regard
tn an even division nf the «i oils.
The Greenwood Ledge saya; "This is
a world ol constant change. A few
months ago T. A. Love wss running
Henri.  Ulek.  Rarr at Caa .  I.tal , Hra-.ta'aa,
I lla-'taa al      Kl| II' |HIU,llt faar MillflSttOtl .'.„1-
Iriit'ttir.  I.i'.'lit   I. it'oiiiiittviia, (trtflSfn  ntnl
own Horn), do.
Sterling Telephone ,,•■, imrtnlile   .Itoi-
flrliii.   liani'lillia I IOC   tllltaa-raa,   «•<..if ma'Tf>,--.
|irai.|H.t,ttir>t.    The  laa'flt   oil   lite   Itilirhnl.
Wrllsfor laltrtli'llittiaa.
Maaliirs,   I Italia. I tltaa,.   I'.laa-t la'a.l   Supplies-
Kift"pi,lHealing nml Cooking Apiii.rn
tiin,'stiii'tt„i' i stierles, etc.
.,        , .. T  -,      _.   ,   ,      .   -,_     ■   ,      r,i       . Yllltr    I'llalllilia'-   Vl'll!   |-f''flva.    f|||l>    |.r,.flll|»t
the leading Liberal paper   in   ?i)U9- ,tteiitloii. Write for Information.
AND DE.Al.tlie IN
"■. O. BOX 1353 44S •IVMOUN 8T.
Ma... n. Craa.slny Urns.. Mattrti.tster. Bug.
Mailtaa.a. aaf  a,„.   l>r<».|  r   Plul.la nntl   Hit
Ktnt'  i.. fa.r L-i'iifra.1 ptautT ttr filritricnl '
tigl'tlliir p.triafiaaf'S.
Serials and Other Stories.
The 52 issues of 1912 will contain
the equivalent tfi 30 volumes of the
best reading, including nearly 300
Stories, Articles hy Famous Writers,
Athletics for Hoys, Chats with Girls,
the Doctor's Weekly Counsel, etc.
Send for Announcement for 1912 noil Siinr.tr-
Copies of The Youth', Companion, /»«.
FREE to Jan. 1912
Everr New SuhteriW who cut. out
sand sends this slap tor mentions Iln.
caper) wilh 51.75 (or Ihe 62 issues of
The Companion (or 1912 will receive
AU the Issues for the ren.elnlr._t
weeks ot 1911 dee, includini tho
beeuliful Holiday Numbers I also   SH
The Companion's Picture Celender
(or 1912, lithographed in 12 colors
and gold tan eslra copy beinz sent to
every one making a gilt subscription).
Then The Companion for the 52
we.:.s ol 1912-all lor il.75-yo.ir
lastehance at this price. On January
1, 1912. It will be advanced lo S2.
We Gift Store
We are now showing niJDICTMAO PANIC
the largest stock of ufllllw I MHO UUUUO
ever shown  in Grand Forks.    Chinaware.  Kodaks,
Fancy Goods, Toys, Stationery, Etc., Eto.
^i WOOD LAND    So   CO.i-r
A Dollar  Goes
| [Long Way
when you buy" your supplies at our market; we
sell you choice, prime cuts
of beei, mutton, lamb, pork
and veal at as low a margin of profit as we can do
business honestly upon
and give the best you can get anywhere. Our meat's
are tender and delicious—our poultry fat, fresh and
tender, and our hams and bacon fit tor a king at
r». BURNS (& CO., LTD
Form No 1.
NOTIPB is hereby irivtMi ilukt an uppllentlon
will bu mart a ui nie r PahT. of thu "wuter
Act. llH'il,Mt." obtain a Ih'niiae ■ ■■ the Hiiuilliu-
IIIeUll Division nf V.i «. District.
(a) Tin* liHmt). wl i lit'si ami <>r<'iiriHtinn of
the applicant; !Vt<*r Yuieuln. of Itrilliaut,
lliltbdi Oimnblu, .'.irmer. (II for mining
purposes) Urea .Miiier'arertiileute No 	
(li) Tl e iinm« of the lake, •stream ur
source (h unnamed, tliu deitcripthin in):
i''_riiif.riiian Creeks
(e) TIih point of diversion is about one
tlmiisiui'i leet easterly Trom tin* cross, n if of
the Columbia A Western Knl-May over Fish-
ormun Cree-..
ul) Tlm quantity of water applied for (In
cilliic fed   per second):     One   cubic    foot
(e) I'he ohnraeter of tlie proponed works:
Pi pi' line ami -mull retjervolr,
(f) The Prom lies on which the water is io
Ub used (ilesorlbu    time):  hoi 20I1G.I,
(tt) Tlie oui poi-'i for which thc wuter in to
lie UlCil:    Initiation,
(h) If for (nitratloii describe thc lain) lit-
tfii'ii'*. io i'i>i:ii;:nH'(t, uiv.MK acre'iue: Uiidu-
latitig foothill* to tlie extent oi two hundred
(il if the water In to he niteil for power or
injur..; pui'1'oite-, tie ci ihe (tie plnce where
the water into be returned tu some natiiriil
lint I, nml   tho (lltli'iuliee In  altitude be-
tween pnlnt of rttverilmi mul point of return
(j) Area of Crow*! laud iuteuiied to be oc-
it hied hy tie prqpoieri work*.   Nil.
ii Tbt« untlec wqi posted On the until day
if Aitttiint, inn. and application will hu madu
to the (*oiiiiiil-i»ioi eu.ntlie-l.'ith day of Oetober, WU.
ill '.ivi tn* iiamcx and addrease* uf any
ripailiiik piupt eims or Heuimeeii who or
i. iiiisi* liiniU nr liliely lobe nfFet-ted by tlm
pinpo-d wiii'i.-, I'itlinr above oruelowtlin
iiuilfi.   Nil
(Si-N.itme) pp.I Kit VKUKiilN.
(P.o  .\ildreik)ll tll.ant. B.C.
I >HN ZlBOltOKP, sAtreot,
Note ttin-ni hi. i.mt per neeond 1* equivui.
ii'iit io 85.71 in ni't-V lucbea.
Tbe he-inn:: <
chilli^ il to the
ih It applirailnn hai been
I dny ol November, 1911.
Enquire nt
C. N. Mardon, Danville, Ferry County, Washington
Nov SiticriplioM Received at Thia Oifw*
ttr mn til Mineral CI ini, nituale In tie
ilrund Porkh Mlnltin Iu-.Ihi.hi uf Yule lic-
Wli- r    loeu'eil:    In Hi ■« i.'   iMiiiip
TAKK SUTl' I- that I.AIexu Jcr 0 I'm r.
I Pree ' luera'Certlfleota No, BASUB. ior
myielfattd »* aueiil for Ohailea • Halter,
Free Mlneri' O rillli-ate N >. a'8WU, in*
tfiul. s\\ty du ■ from tlie data hereof, Iii Dp-
ply tu tlie Miiiiuir Recorder for a Ceriilleale
in [uipruVQineiit, for the purpoHp of obtatn*
tail n Cio« ii    'un: of the a ove elului
Ami filrthit take ii'Uloe 'hat actiou muter
leotloti W, must he eomntcnoed before the
Uiuauce ol mien < prtiHoate of Improve-
Dated thi- Mh day of 'n  c. A I). 1.M1
Practical Plumber
All work guaranteed.
(July experienced workmen employed. Estimates furnished.
Bioyole repairing antl
bicycle .sundries.
Winnipeg    Avenue
Dun't Inrucl tlmt Tlie Sun lias lhe
li.'st jnlia printing deparrtnent in the
liaillllillllV faillllllV.
Msde in Bnillsnd
SI.OO per Doz. Upwards
('liristuiiii. would   not be the
Without ita greotinga trun,
Wishes  sincere fnim fur and
From friends lioth old and
Order  Earljr
Sample Book
The Jun Office
(I'lihliahed Annually)
Kuulden trnderi  tlirnii-hout   the   world   to
eouitnillilcate direct with KhrIim!)
of ffood**,   Munldna beluir » com*
• icliil uiilde to London and It*
Yale tand District. DUtrlot of flimilkameoti.
TAKK   notice that   li.diert P. Pane of  Old-,
I     Aibetia oucunt'on    Farmer, Intend* to!
apply for '.puriniHnluu to purcha-c the foi- ,
low tin* *li-criii.*il lnnd-:
Cumtneiiclhu at a i>n»i (dan ml Hhout :10
chain* north (if the northwe«.t comer of Lot I
IlittiS.. on Deep Creek, mill »bont Hve miles
enst of the town uf ('mteade. thence north
ill ehiilu-.; thence we-t lt< oliahml thenre
ninth -ill eh all it; themu en-t •tUuhuiiiH la point
of eotntiieiieniiieut
.'. K. Oramtniii A (tent.
Dated September 2nd, 1911,
i% ,-&\ l
The eocrot of thc tuceot* of our
Want Adi. It thnt thoy aro ahort
and tnappy. Pooplo Itho a plain
buelnast story told In a few word*
ind If thoy want anything thoy
refer to tho place where they
will find It with tho leapt trouble,
viz., the ClasMflod Want Ade. li
your fautioQH repreeantod thore.
lu eaeh cla-tHof
•siihorh-.. tho directory eoutulu*. Il*t*4 of
rt ith the iiood*. tbey khlp, and the t'oloulil
uml Korelgn MarketMthe) supply;
iirrnnircil under tbo 1'ort* tn whlrh tlicy nail,
ami linliciitlnu thc npproxlniate SalHutrii;
, iif li-ii'liiitr Manufacturi-TH, MerehantM, eie.. In
' the pritieipa1 |ii">viiiclal towimaud liii'iiHtrln!
: ■■• 'lit re** of the r.iitil Klmfiloni.
A copy of theinrrent edition will he for-
! warded, freitrlit paid, uu receipt of Font a I
, Ordor inr 20a.
Dealefi peohtttB Atfenelei can advertise
' iliotr trade card* lor £1, ur larger advertUr*
I iniMii*- from £3,
.'"), Abuhuroli Ijiiii*. I.iniiliiii,  R.C.
1 Lletnember tlmt every lultlod
subscriber helps to piake this
paper 1 letter for everybody. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B^
Your Money Back for the
Asking—-Tou Promise
We are no confident that we can
furnish relief fnr indigestion and dys-
pepaia that wn promise to supply the
medicine free of all cost to every one
who umi it accordinir to direction*
who in not perfectly satisfied with the
requite. We exact no promise and put
no one under any any obligation what
aver. Surely nothing could he fairer.
We are located right hare where yuu
lire, and our reputation should he
sullieient assurance of the genuineness
of our offer.
Wa want every one who is troubled
with indigeation or dyspepsia in any
form to come to our store and buy a
box of Rexall Dyspepsia Tablet*. Take
them home, and give them a reasonable trial, according to directions. If
they don't please you, tell us and we
will quickly return your money. They
have a very mild but positive action
upon the organ* with which they
come in contact, apparently acting as
a regulative tonic upon the relaxed
muscular coat of the bowel, thus
overcoming weakness, and aiding to
restore the bowel* to more vigorous
and healthy activity. Three iizea,
25c, 50c, and $1 OH. Remember,
you can obtain Rexall Remedies onlv
at our store—The Rexall Store. H
E, Woodland.
cent light globes, eaeh ol six can.il.-
power, which are netted with fin'
steel wire coated with copper anal
tin alternately. Attracted by the
bright lights in the trees to which
the globes are carried at the ends o
a covered wire, the moths fly against
the netting, complete the electric
circuit, and are instantly killed, th.
bodies falling into a receptacle placed
beneath the globe.
Mr. Frost estimates lhat one hst
tery to an acre of trees will keep the
moths under conltol, thus eliminating the usual spraying and saving
many dollars unnually for help,
equipment and fluid, lie is now pre
paring to wire his orchard ol len
aores, containing 700 trees, nnd several neighbors who witnessed the initial test, are doingjikewise. It is re
ported thut Beveral thousand acrei-
of bearing apple trees will be equipped with enterniinatiirs by next
spring. II commercial electric light
wires are extendad to tbe orchard
tracts, as they are in many of the
valleys in Washington, Idaho, Oregon and| Montana, the expense ol
batteries may be saved by making a
direct connection. The cost of cov'
ering the globes with wire nets is a
•mall item and any electrician can
do tbe work.
"ity, left this week lor an extended
pleasure trip to Scotland. Mrs.
Wright accompanied him.
The new Arttall buildin* has been
completed. James West intends to
move his Kettle. Valley restaurant
into it next Monday.
The Grand Forks Hockey dnh
hss selected Chas. Havfcrty and Her!
Reid to represent the olnh at the
meeting the schedule committees nf
the Boundary Hockey league.
The Greenwood Hooke* eluh h«a
elected the following officers: Hon-
nrnrv president. J R. Jackson. M.
P.P ; honorary vice rirenident. R G.
Warren; president. W. R. IWiine:
sBcrntary, 0 Charlton; manager, E.
otel C°l*n
Opposite Great Northern Station
Recently completed and
newly furnished throughout. Conveniently located
lor railway men. First-
class accommodations lor
transients. Board and
rooms hy the week at pre-
vailing rates. Fine Una ol
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
always in stock at the bar.
Grand forks, B. C
The preliminary opening of the
curling season occurred on Tuesday
last in this city, The grand opening will be the sportii'g event of
next week.
1 he O'iver 1 ypewriter
(or 17 Gents a Day!
l'ii'n*4i* read ttie ht-arfUnelnver again. Then ltd
trainviii)inn nk'iilflt'Hi.ce will   Iuwn   lipim   you
Au Ollvor Tyuewrlter-the standard visi'ilo
writer—the molt highly per. ted typewriter
■to ihe market— youra (or 17 rants    duy!
The typewriter whoaecoiujiieHt of the com
int.rc.li. world .h* HiHttui o[ nlMorv— your* fo
17 cents a dny!
The typewriter that ll equipped with inure* 0"
•tu-li cinivtfiiUiicei ax 'The Hnluiice Shift""-
"lhe Killing Device"-"The ni.uiile Release"-
'The    L-ooo ui olive    Bane"—"The     Automate
Hperar"—"i'he   Automatic Tabulator"—"The
—      Dlaappeniiuglndlcator"
—"Tlie Adjustable Paper Flutters"*--"The Bel-
entitle Condensed Kev-
board"—all *•*■-•%
Mrs. M. D. McKee left this
week for Halcyon Hot Springs
to tnke tieatment fn** inflammatory
rheumatism. She has been confined
to her home for several weekm.
Destroying Codlin Moth
Electricity as an agent to destroy
the codlin moth and other pests is
tbe latest innovation introduced in
modern appla orcharding in the Spokane valley country, where W. M.
Frost, of Lawrence, a practical
grower of Spokane, has made what
U declared to have been the first
demonstration of its kind in the
world. The leet was made in a six
years' old orchard, and more than a
scare of second-brood moth and
many green aphis were killed in a
The apparatus consists of a storage battery tn charge the incandea-
' A larg* number of Grand Forks
people attended the dance in the
new Canon school house last Friday
night. Tha proceeds will be devoted to tbe purchase of a piano for
tht school.
There waa a large attendance at
the social and dance given by the
Pythian Sisters in Davis hall on
Wednesday night, and everybody
had an enjoyable ti'ne.
Gordon Ross, tbe Phoenix mining
engineer, has gone to Butte, Mont,
where be intends to live in   future.
Mining Stock Quotations
Boston,November 30. The follow-
ng are toduy's opening quotations for
the stocks tnenti inml:
Asked.        Bid
Granby  Consolidated.    30.00    2S.0D
B. C.   Copper       4.00     8.25
Metai Quotations
New York, Nov 30—Silver 53;
standard copper, I12.25@12.B5, firm;
London, Nov. 30.—Silver, 34$,
lead, £13 6s 3d.
Born—In Grand Forks, on Friday, November 24, to Mr. and Mra.
John Mast, a son.
P. Burns & Co. expect to be doing business in their new building
by the holidays.
John Wright, station agent for
ths Great Northern railway iu this
The Bsautiful Picture for Grand Forks Sun and Montreal Family Herald and Weekly Star Subscribers
this Season.   <*_y4_n Inspiration of Love and
Affection—<^A Picture that will be like a
Member  of  the Family—A  Daily
Study for Old and Young
'PHE Family Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal, acknowledged to be
y the greatest and best family and farm paper on the continent, haa on
many occasions given its readers most delightful premium pictures,
but this season they have secured what ia bejrend any question ot doubt
the hest picture ever offered newspaper reader-.. It'is entitled "Home
Again" and describes a touching but Joyful incident between two friends
who meet after anxious separation.
"Laddie," » collie dug, famous for hit beauty and gentleness, winner
of mnny prizes at dog snows, the pride of the family and neighborhood,
has been stolen, ami after many days' absence he escapes one night from
his cuptor and returns home on a snowy winter's morning with the rope
which he broke in bis struggles for frtidom dangling from bis collar.
His familiar hark brings hia little mistress, Marjorie, to the door and
she throws her arms around her trusty playmate's neck with cries of joy
which bring lu*r mother and brother to the door. "Laddie" is equally
delighted to be "Home Again," and answers her welcome by putting his
paws on her shoulder and resting his head against her breast with a little
whine, which in his dog language means—"Where 1 love is llnnie."
The sweet-faced young mother, a woman of soft curves, tender eyes
and parted lips—the two glad-eyed children—an eager boy with hair like
his mother's and Ihe quick gesture of excited boyhood; the warm-hearted
girl .with rippling locks, her affectionate arms around the shaggy neck of
the beautiful collie, all go to form a picture thai will win a favored place
on the walls ol any home.
The picture is by the celebrated artist, Arthur J. Klsley, famous for
bis skilful and sympathetic painting nf children and animals.
The-beautiful picture "Hoin9 Again" on heavy plate paper 22x2!)
inches all ready for framing will be mailed KUKK to every subscriber of
The Sun and Family Herald and Weekly Star for 1012.
The small sum of 81.50 will secure tbe two papers tor a full year including a copy of the charming picture "Home Again," which alone is
easily worth a two dollar bill, in fact it could not be bought at tbat price.
Every home-in the Boundary should get the big $1.50 worth this
The high price of living has
not affected our job printing
prices. We're are still doing
nigh class commercial work of
all kinds at prices satisfactory
to you.
You might as well cut off
your legs because you are running well in a footrace as to
cut off your advertising because your business is too
Yours for  17
Genu a Day!
We aiioutn'cil tlit is
new Mien pltn recently. Juki tu fuel the pulae of
tht! |»enple. Ktmf-iy a email men pay rat. nt--
then 17 oenu a dey. That In the plan ln a nutshell.
The rttult hu been Mich a deluge of application* Ior umchinei that we are simply sh-
tou tided.
The dumaml comes from people of all claseeii,
all m-'M, all m-eupntloitH.
Tii.- majority of inqiilrlca has come;from peo*
It-ill known lliiainUl standing who were a t-
tnu'teii bv the novelty of the propo*. 'on. An
linpreMive demons! iiithm of Uie Immetihe pop*
it arltyiii the Oliver Typewriter       ,   ,,   ,
A K-.rU in h i-uiiflnimMoii of our belief that
ilie him of Universal 'lyp: writing lialhtmd.
A  Quarter  of a Million People
are Malting Money with
The Standard Visible Writer
The Oliver Typewriter li a inoney-mnttei
right from the word "go)" Bti i'My to run that
bej.li.uern noon net In 'lie "rxpiTt" clua-. Earn
hi you lenni. u-t the machine i uy the 17 ceuU
h duv—and alt above that In yours.
Wherever ymi Hit?, there I- wurk to tie done
anil money to be made by iihIiir the ■ Mi ver. The
I ii i ni new world it* tilling for ullver operator*.
There nw not enough to supply the demand
Thtlrsalarle* are cmndderebly Hbove iikim* ol
many rlasiHMof worker*.
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
Tlmt tn the hattie cry today. Ae have mnde
the Oliver Mupreine hi UflefiiliieHnmid absolutely
iiiilinpi-iiMiiljle In bii-lueus. Now come* the eon
ipiMi of tin* bom.',
Tlm simplicity ami strength of the Oliver lit ll
for family u»o. It I- becoming au important
(actor In the home training m'jomig people.
Mi educator at well hi a money maker.
Onr new lelllng plan puu ihe 'diver on the
threshold of every home in America. Will vol!
'•i*e the door oi' vnnr home or otlice.on thin re
unirkable Oliver oil' rf
Write for further details of onr easy oiler and
a Heecopy of tne new Ollvercatalog,  AuVrew
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
niivaar Typewriter riuildiiig,
If yon coino to tne
for tn'Rtmeill. export to DO cured. If
others Ii.ivc fulled,
ii.ili' et "ine to cure
ymi iiile-t. I know
1 can cure r«n 1 will
nut accept your cut
and lit everv In-
Ntuiice 1 trail Ity my
imn original or nd-
valued and M'lentitlc
Spermatorrhoea. Organic WcuknpHx,
Loft Vigor, Varicocele, Hydrocele, I'Ofl-
tracted lMW.|ei.«-, SpeelHc Itlooil PoltOfi.
Pile*, and Stricture! -restoring all ult'ccied
nrmum to tiorntat and healthy action In
the _>hortett possible space of time
S«e  AH the  Forms  of   Diseases
of Men.
Cousulfation and instruction hooklet
free at office or by tnall.
City and Suburban
jlb^fcm stm% -lWXlW FT. LOT between
COCfl S """'""I Third street*,
JI jZjlJ Juot above Judge Uainy'e
*|r WW W ami K.tiaw'H place*; smp-
united from nil other properties by HVll.
lann: as larueu*> seven or chrht ordinary lots.
adjoining l«t» are worth *l *•*; would umbi
nice botne, with unWcleot irriiuud for chick*
enn fruit, Kttrdeo uml luwo; most desirable
ociitluii In city.
U ACHI'.s ndjolnliig
■ Hy li; lit*, on r nth;
14  iicren  cleiired;  )*'
  fruit trees: new four*
iTtui  hollHl ham fir nix    norini  home
liin'U v. flolltile   biirio-H-   utrl   in nn ink'   liltple
meiiti.   All for •?.;.:'»    l.lt*,y terms.
and three l"ii. within
one 1>I" k of hiihlnets
^^^^^^^^^^^^ centre; la»ti, ulunle
rees, fruit 'rees, berry liiudies, large gnrden.
*-• ill i.i>>o cfll fun.it im- of notive if iletilreil.
One-half euih. Ini In oee terms.
—Vi mites from town;
-room house, pbtlV
red; large lio_.'g.VHhelL
      voodshed:    IM    irult
trees. 7<i heitrtug; _!'■; acren straw berries,
_,'ooteb(>iri*t., cointiit-. riivpberriei: free f I oltl
irost: the best location around Ornml Kork*:
plenty of go.nl water; Irult and crop tn
- Between.. uud 4 aorae
In Weel eml  of eity:
tlrst dans -.oil, nil under .-nl Ivatlon; siniti)
New Edition IhsuikI Nov. 15, 190(1.)
Is a il.K.'ii books in one, coveiing the
liistory, geography, geology, chemis-
tvy, mineralogy, metallurgv, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It is a pracical book, useful
to ull and necessary to most men en ,
gaged in any branch of the coppes
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language ia
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4(130 copper
mines and companies iu all pints of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pnjfes, according
to importance of the propel ty.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the liook for
the facts it gives him about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain English.
Price is $5 in Buckram with gilt
top; (S7.5U in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week nf receipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Ste vents,
Editor and Publisher,
453 Postoffice Block,
Houghton. Michigan.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
ANT avallslile llaaiiiiiiliiii   Liuial-a within the
Itnilvvuy Hi-It nl British Culnni'iln aiany la*
liiaiiia.ti-iiila.il lay ailty iia-aaaaaia aa laaa i.  the   lii'lul
aaf a, faintly, ur nny innli. over oil. Iitfaan years
olaffaB, tn thi, extent .if iine-tllliirter seeltuu
aif lain (.aires, more ur less.
Kutry must he iniulr uersuliully it. the liicHl
Ii.iiiI aallia-a. faar the illstrlot In which the la.t.1
The huiueaiteiiiler is reiiillreil to iierfurm
the I'liiiilltiiuiaa i-aiaiiie.tti.il therewith Duller
nue uf the fulloH'liitf |.Ih..s:
(t) At la-ai.t six iniiiithfl' resiileuoe upam euri
cllltlvutiuii uf the land It. each your fur three
(2) If Iho futher (ur mother, If the fnther Is
ileoonsoil), uf the humestcader reslalo* iiiiiiii n
farm In the vlolnlty of tbe land entered fur.
the ...iiuireineiitsasto residence niiiv laa-.ni-
islled liy suoh laeraiaiii residing with the futher
ur unit her.
(S) If the settler has his permuuent real
dfltiee iiiiiiii furmliiK land owned hy him In
the via-inlty of hfs homeetead. the reaiuire-
■tents hs tu residence ro,f Ue satlstieil lay
residence ,i|iuu the suid laud.
Six mouths' notice It. writing should I,a-
Itlteo tlieComiiiissiuueruf DmiiTiiiaau Litmli
at Ottuwu uf ilitel.tl.ltl to iipidy for imtelil.
Cii.1 I'ln.i mlu.ni. rights niiiv I»h li.ii.eal
for I. pcrla.il aaf twenty-uiie yours ut uu un-
unit! remall uf $1 .tn per acre. N*»t naa,r«, Simla
_,.'aaH' atcroaa fllaaill ho leased laa ode liaalivlilauil aar
a'aaiuiaitny. Aroyaaliy at. tho I'alto aaf live a-caitk
per IOI1 tbal) llf cnllectoal aan the laiora-liaint.
Iililo.'.aitl llalaaeal,
iv. w. I'liitr,
ll,'l.ut> of the Minister aal the Interior.
N.ll.    LllUlllllaariaCcd    lillltlii-utlaali   aaf    (hi.
nalvertlaae.neiat will not he iuilil faar.
— ~
aal.'- a
lillinia: a/aaaad felloe.   Tlllaa Is aa fliia-r iliac, aa.aawii-
iai ifl iiliuiii tiilwnvi.'i-ity.  Terms.
Eor further information re
gurdiiig the above properties
call or address
itf>cf*tva both LailleR and Gentlemen «■ r-Ml-
tlfiii  nr dnyi tmlt'iitu: pfti h complete Cora*-
inTciiil or   lliulnett Coiime: iirciiArvi itu-
deiiU to MlQ   TtuctietV Certlflrutei of  nil
niaMi giVM tlie four yeart* roimn (or tli*
It. A. ilenrae. and tin- lirst year of theSch'ol
of MeiirecourfcF.ln affiliation with tlie To*
motoUniversity; hai a apcclal proipeotort
ronrau for niinen who work lu H ('. tnitrue*
Hon litllb riftn In Art, Mutlc, Phyuli al' oi-
ture  nnd Klonitlon.
For Calendars, etc , addreu
Suffered Over Nine Months, Nothing
Relieved Me Until I Took PERUNA.
Mra. Joseph Laoclle, 121 Glenora Avo.,
Ottawa, East, Ontario, Canada, writes:
"I suffered with bscktche snd headache for over|uioe months anil nothing
relieved ma until I took Peruna. This
medicine is by far better tliau any otlier
medicine for these troubles. A lew bottles relieved me of my misorable, half-
dead, half-alive condition."	
"That new salesman tlilnlis ho
knows us much about our business as
I do," suid the betid of tlio firm.
"Well," replied the Junior partner,
"Maybe lie doea. He told me confidently that he would'nt think of eating
some of the things wc are puttlug on
the market."
C.P.R. On Vancouver Island
The extension of the Esquimalt and
Nanaimo Rail*'ay on Vancouver Island to Alberni, is rcarly finished,
only a few mills of billastlng remaining to be done. The new line will be
in operation by November 1.
Alberni has un Ideal situation, being over thirty miles Inland on the
Western Coast of the Island, but having an ample, depth of water for tbe
largest ships to navigate without any
One of the singular things about the
construction of tbls line was that
when the builders were making a
small cutting through a hill ln Al-
berul, near the wharf, they struck a
flue seam of coul. some of which will
probably supply the Canadian Pacific
Railway Company's steamships with
fuel for some time to come as lt is
of a fine grado and tliere arc thousands of tons of It in sight.
"Whnt did you do when you met the
train robber face to face?" "I explained that I hnd been Interviewed
by the ticket seller, the luggage carriers, the dining-car waiters, aud tlje
sleeping-car porters nnd borrowed a
dollar from him."
In the treatment of summer complaints, the most effective remedy
that can he used is Ur. J. 1). Kellogg's
Dysentery Cordial, lt Is a standard
1 reparation, and many people employ
li In preference to otlier preparations.
It Is a highly concentrated medicine
and Its sedative and curative qualities
are beyond question. It bus been a
popular medicine for many years and
thousands can attest its superior qualities in overcoming dysentery and
kindred complaints.
"I had a talk with llest Seller, and
lie told me all about the authors who
had helped him."
"I'll bet he didn't say a word ahout
the authors from whom he had helped
This ai tide Is for the man or woman who suffers from rehumatlsm
who wanls to be cured, not merely relieved—hut actually cured. The most
a rheumatic sufferer con hope for in
rubbing something on the tender, aching joints, is a little relief. No lotion
or liniment ever did or ever can make
a cure. The rheumatic poison Is rooted In the blood. Therefore rheumatism nan only be cured when the poisonous acid is driven out of the.blood.
That s why rubbing and liniments and
outward applications are no good—■
they can't reach the cause in the
blood. Any doctor will tell you this
Is true. If you want something that
will go right to the root of the trouble
in tlie blood every time, take Dr. Williams' Pink Pill... They make new,
rich blood wnlc.li drives out the
poisonous add nnd cures rheumatism
to stay cured. This Is a solemn truth
which hns been proved in thousands
of cases, and the following is a striking Instance, Mrs. W. II. Elinor. Siu-
nla, Ont.. snys: "I fool il my duty to
recommend Dr. Williams' Pink Pill.,
as they completely cured mc of rheumatism nfter 1 had been almost nn Invalid for three years. I doctored with
two skilled doctors nnd took electric
treatment, but without benefit. On
going to u third doctor he recommended iiilmTnl baths ns the only thing
thut would help me. After taking this
treatment for some time I felt that I
wan really growing worse instead of
better, and I began 1o think that
there was no cure for me and that I
was doomed to be a helpless sufferer. For some months I discontinued
all treatment ami then I was advised
to try Dr. Willinms' Pink Pills. After
taking a few boxes I could notice a
distinct improvement, and I continued
taklug tin; Pills for several months
when the cure was complete, Thut Is
some two veins ago uud I hnve ever
since been perfectly free from the trouble. I would therefore advise anyone
afflicted with rheumatism to take Dr.
Williams' Pink I'ills. as they certainly made n remarkable cure in my
These pills nre sold by all medlclno
dealers or may Ini had by mall ut Fill
cents i. box or six boxes for f2.50
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
BrookvUlo, Out.
Rheumatism, Neuralgia and Sore
Throat will not live under the same
roof with Humllns Wizard Oil. the
.'.vorld's best liniment for the relief of
ail pain.
"I'll give you a day to get out of
the town." "You must think I'm as
slow as the town, Judge."
"Aro you chestnut hunting this
"Don't have to. I g# to all the new
musical comedies.''
Minard's liniment for sale everywhere.
"You're going to marry sister, ain't
you?" her little brother inquired.
The young man blushed. "I—I don't
know." he replied. "That's funny,
said the terrible Infant. "Pa bus looked you up In the rate books, ma has
found out all about yonr grandfathers,
nnd sister has begun her shopping.
Cimme a nickel, won't you?"
Joseph donned his coat of mnny
"So t won't be mistaken tor a deer,"
he explained,
"Yes. he had some trouble Willi his
eyes," suid the celebrated ocoullst.
"Kvery time he started to read ho
would renal double." "Poor fellow!"
reiunrked lite sympathetic person. "I
suppose that Interfered with bis holding a good position?" "Not nt nil.
The gus coinpany gave him a lUOratiVe
Job reading gar. meters."
Shiloh's Cure
Slickly Stop* COUtffaSt cures colds, heals
a throat aad Inatf* 20 ceofa.
Lionel Barrymore, a brother of Ethel, had a very small part in a play
not very long ago, and realized that
his acting did not have much to do
witli tlie progress of the piece.
"Lionel," said a friend -to him one
night after the performanee. "I
thought you had a part ln thai play."
"I Imve," said Barrymore.
"That's funny," commented thc
friend.   "I didn't see yon at all."
"Weil," explained the actor, "you
must havo winked during the perform
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury,
M mcrniry will surely destroy the sttuv ot tier.,
antl cooipif'tf-ly drr&agc tho whole ryAtcra wben
pnteria* It through tlio inuroiw uurfsoM. Such
nrt!i*_?i Hiniill rwver bo usetl turpi on prnrrlp*
tions nun reputable physicians, us the damans M.'y
will tlo ta' lei fold la the tot*, yon ran ponlbly ile-
ilvi* from tli..ii!. mill's Catarrh Cure. munuUcluied
li)' V. J. Chfinpy & Co., Toledo, ()., contain* no tiicr-
Wry. sud 11 t__...eii liitcrnuitj*, a'-lin;; illnrtl)' upon
Un' blood and murom aiu-tic* of thp M'stem. In
burins Hill's Catarrh Cart he wire ymi get thi
KMiulne. It Is Utti-m Intcriiitllv md made In 't'ulrda
Ohio, by V, J. ChtflOy ft Co. TeslUnontolj free.
S-i.'il by Oru-Hlstfli. Price, Me. jut hut tic
Taki: Hell's Family Pills lur constipation. u
No need to apologize to family or guest when
MOONEY does it.     MOODY'S BISCUITS aro
-- always right — every biscuit inspected before it is
packed-and they arc as fresh asthe product of your
own oven.
are tho great favorites for every day use.
They arc made iu tho big sanitary factory in
Winnipeg antl come to you in air-tight packages or
ln sealed tins as you prefer.
Investment   and    Loans    Negotiated.
for men. Canadian-made. Guarantee.1 beet hat value ln Canada,
ill sixes and shapes ln suit and
stiff felts. . .Ask your Dealer, or
write at once to
CHAS.  C.   PUNCHARD    A    CO.,
Toronto, Ont. '
Secret of Long Life
The true seeret of health uud long
l't'e lies in very simple things: Don't
worry. Don't overeat. Don t starve.
Fresh air day and night. .Sleep and
rest abundantly. Spend less nervous
energy each day nnd night. Be cheerful. "Work like u mau. hut don't be
winked to death'.'' Avoid passion and
excitement. Associate with healthy
people, lleiilih is contagious as well
as disease. Dun't carry tho whole
world on your shoulders, far les3 the
universe. Never despair. "Lost hope
is u fatal disease."
"Docs your husband over lose his
temper';" "Not any more. He lost
jit permanently about two years after
our marriage."
■ Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Dandruff.
He Recited
The flesh man, whu was 11 lanky
youth, sat in the rear seat. Ills aliunde was sprawling, nnd he wan cl-
iher asleep or seemed about to go to
"Mr. Fraser," salil the physicist,
sharply, "you may recite."
Fraser opened his eyes; lie did not
change his somnolent, pose.
"Mr. Fraser. whnt Is work.?"
"Everything Is  work."
"What!    Kverythlng is work?"
"Ves. sir."
"Then I take It that you would like
thc class to bcllcvo that this desk Is
"Ves, sir," wearily, "woodwork."
A Good Start..
"Vou may joke about women's conventions, but I think wiinieu are pretty Wine, Now, toy wlfes club appointed a committee lai study economy In
"Wt ll."
"Tbey started out by going to a
musical domed)'."
In Dread of
! Conductor.—"See here, don't you
know better  dan   ter pull dat strap
' In der middle'. You'll ring both bolls."
Pal—"Faith and I know thot as well
us yerseif. Hut It's both ends ot the
cur I wuni ter stop."
I Mother's Graves' Worm Extormlna-
t.ir will drive worms from the system without Injury lo the child, because its action, while fully effective,
Is mild.
Visitor.—"What is that awful yelling?" Resident.—."Oil, there's a den-
itls'. next door. It's probably somebody
| gel I Ing a tooth out." Visitor—"No,
inot next door. I mean In the flat ov-
ler head." Resident.—"Oh, lhat e
probably NeWed's baby getting a tooth
in I"
The Oil for tho Athlett.—In riibb-
ilag down, lhe aihi'lele cnn lind nolle
Ini llm".' tlma Dr. Thomas' Electrla
Oil. It lenders the muscle., nml sinews pliable, lakes tile soreness out
nf Hieiii ami strengthen! them for
alrali's that may be put upon  Ihem.
ait stands pre-eminent for litis purpose,
and athletes who for years have been
Ullng It can testify to Its value us a
Diamonds from Sugar
II ean be stated wtlh perfect, truth
Unit a lump of sugar may be turned
Into diamond.:. Not all the substances
of sugar of course, will enter Into the
composition of the gem, but only the
carbon that It contains. Sugar con.
slsls ut carbon united with oxygen
and hydrogen.
The carbon can be cnslly separated
out, and In certain experiments for
lhe production of diamonds, the sugar
When  the nervous  system  breaks Icarbon hns been employed.   The dla-
down you live In constant dread oflmonds so produced, were, of course,
something terrible about  to  happen, (very small und destitute of cominer-
l'liyslcal suffotlng cannot be com-jclul value, bui  sllll  they were  real
pared to the mental iignule:i of   the diamonds, and lhe chemical result nch-
rvoiis  wreck  who  (oafs  that    Ills jeved would lie tu. great lutrlnsleal-
You can Scarcely Tell What—It May
Be   Hysteria,   Insanity,
Nervous Collapse.
mind muy give way or tluu his body
may be paralysed.
In this condition you must suitor
alone for friends cannot understand
lor sympathise with you. They toll
jyoii to cheer up or that lt is only Imagination.
ly If the/ were as large ns the Koli-l-
The hope has r.flen been held out
that uu Improvement In the process
of mumifiictiiilng dlumunds muy be affected wTieieby the necessity ot dissolving the carbon In molten Iron may
Iceland!.: River, Mao., Sept. 36th 191s
Db. B. J. Kh.MtALI. Co,
Dear Sin-Will ym pteaae mall 1«
1117 atl-Jreas a copy of your "Treat.s*
on the lions"? I have beea using
Kendall'* Spavin Cure aad atwanloiiaa
It safe and Hire, Marino Brleui.
That tells ihe whole story, and it la
the eaperlence thai hundreds of thou-
uimls hare had in tlte past*! years, ami
it'D the experience yon will have—"It la
the only sine remedy"—
Far Sputa, ItefloBe, Cub, Spllat,
Swelling tad All Lioness
SoU by Dratifaits - $1.00 a Bettl*. 6
boMlea for fyo. Keep It 011 band
alway*. I'e ready for the emergracy.
Kendall',* flop*, the i-ala, starts the
circulation, penetra'esaad removes the
cause of thc disorders. Aak for a ftee
copy of "A Treatise 011 the Horse," If
aot at tl Mlers, write to— tt
DB. I, J. KEMI.UL CO.. Kat*ffrg Wis, Vt
Own Soap
Best/or Jlaby, best jar yon.
Avoid substitutes,
Alint Sott/u IU. Mfrs., Montreal.
Try "Albert"
Scented end _
V/.N.O. No. 869.
It Is rather a novel plan that the
provincial government of Ontario has
lilt upon for Increasing the number
or country fairs nnd assuring tlio continuance of the same. This is in the
form of what mny be termed insurance against rainy weather. Tlie government dura not itssuine to provide
fair weather, but It does ensure the
fair again.-'.!' loss because of Inclemency, as If the receipts arc cut down
by reason of rain the government is
to make nn appropriation to bring the
receipts up to the average of the Iwo
preceding years.
I Vou cm only throw off thi.. doprcE-jbe dispensed Willi, ami the required
alon when the nervo cells are restor- combination of great pressure with
ed to health hy such treatment us Dr. great lieut muy be biuught about by
Chase's Nerve Kood. Your digestive lit nie such operation us sciucosslng the
system  hns  failed  lo supply  proper-1 carbon between red hot metal plates.
nourishment to the nerves uud you ]	
are compelled to seek aid from other i        The Queer Argon Tree.
sources. |   Among the most remarkable treee
Old Gentleman.—Well, my little
man, how old are yon.
Tommy Ruffian.—My ngo varies, sir.
When I'm railway travelling I'm under
twelve, but when I go to fetch the
beer I'm ovc fourteen."
It will take some patience and persistent treatment, but there Is no way
by which yon can so certainly restore
nralih and vigor as by the use of Ur.
Chase's Nervo Food.
Tho best time to restore the nervous r.yslein Is long before such a critical condition is reached. Such symptoms na sleeplessness, headaches,
nervous Indigestion, muscular weakness, loss of energy, failure of mem-
cry and power of concentration, Irritability and discouragement tell of a
failure of flic nervous system nnd
warn you-of tho approach of serious
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food 50 cents a
box. C boxes for 12.50; all dealers, or
I'.dmanson, Dates, & Co., Toronte.
of the world Is tho argon, which
abounds in southern llorroceo, but Is
seldom Been elsewhere. A "forest"
ot organs has a curious scattered appearance, because the trees grow singly and far apart. They are very leafy,
seldom exceed i'u feet In height. Thc
branches shoot out horizontally, and
begin a yard above the ..irand. Sheep,
cattle and camel.; feed on the leaves
and goats will stand on their hind
legs to reach them, but horses and
mules refuse to toueli them. The
wood Is very bard and extremely useful to the natives, who make char coal
.from It. The fruit, resembling a large
olive, Is used io feed cattle ADO bum
furnishes the principle sustenance of
many of the poorer natives.
mem.*!, *'•*••* • **-*, v.own, s-io, iiiuuffivv
■laa, (iiiamitiK'fll. Write nmivitofflMm
Icpblofiia M »ml lw.rn bow to nt aa
I Aladdin Main lo Lamp I'KIX.
BflOriTfi i- " "Aix hoi.i> <4.ta
|H«6HI«) on nuinejr bock  ituraata*
■mfidftfiMllmvlf. N«d*Ulu«-rr,t,.**.
■our Hunbenoi flurnar fltsotlierhuaif.
■I'oiiuilftellnn fur li.-nitM.iti.ru..tlr.   juk
'or BurllMmlafaaey praiMti
lamu .uxr to. si it, W,
Winnipeg, Canada,
«•***■ 127
Mkk. Winslow's SaioTlliNcl svaxiap bus lacra
turd lor over KIXTV YI.AHHIiy MILLIONS of
MOTIlliKK (or llirir CHII.UKKN Willi,*
•ntl'THINo, will, l'KRI'KCT BUCCKSS. II
SOOTHKH tit.- CHILL. KOI TUNS Ilie «'..iM«,
Is the best rri..e.ly fnr IHAKKIirUA. It Is ik-
solmely hsrmlea,... Ue sur_ end fjfk for "Mrf.
Winslow's Soothing Hyrup." sod uke ao othcx
Via.a).   Tarrntv.five ceilts . bottle. s THK. STTM. nWAND FORKS
sarnsH Columbia.
A Harmless Mistake :
Copyright by American Press Association, 1SU.
Abel Welkins sat out at the end of
Ite long pier fishing for mackerel.
Tbe noon whistle from the mill cat
tbe stillness, and Abel pulled In his
lines and bent to grasp bis basket of
tsh. lie listened down the pier toward
heme. Then lt was that a voice hailed
Mm from the anchorage.
"Hi, tbere, Abel!"
Abel stopped and leaned over the
nil. •Standing In a small, clean cut,
ctbtned motor launch was a short,
Mont roan, red of face and blue ot eye
■td ver; blenebcd aa to hair and mustache. His vlsorod cap had a nautical
Hit. nnd a single,,brass button dangled
flrom bis bine pilot coat.
■Come down here utter dlnuer tf you
h.Tcn't got anything else to do. I've
got a Job for you."
"What Is It?" asked Abel suspicious-
If. Uo had been a victim of Myron
mdd's enthusiasm In Ihe past, and he
seeolved to proceed with caution.
"Beeu reading the papers lately?"
Semanded Mr. Pladd impatiently.
"Of course."
"Read about that feller that's been
playing pirate down lu tbe East river?
I thought maybe you had. Well, there's
■ reward out for his capturc-UlOU.
Went half of tt?"
"I don't mind It I do. {ou going
Sewn after him?"
"1 don't bare to! He's hanging
•round the harbor here," grinned Mr.
Ftadd, with sudden amiability.
.•Here?" gasped Abel wildly. "Wby.
hive you seen him?"
The other nodded.
"1 wos coming In last nlgbt lust it
stark, you know there was a fog. and
I could scarcely see a boat's length
■heed, when nil of a sudden 1 heard a
la'ncb coming up astern. Her engine
wis muffled, aud If It hadn't been for
lhe faint 'spit-spit' of her ezbiust she
Bight bare passed me without my
catching a glimpse ot her. She whizzed
by. end I had a look it the chip that
wu running ber." Myron E'ladd pauses to stuff ■ plAb ot tobacco Into bis
Abel drew n deep breath. "What
wis he like?' be aaked In in awed
Myron scratched ■ milch on i barnacled timber. "He had his back to
me, so 1 couldn't see nothing." he re-
pied calmly.
"I want t' know," rasped Abel Impatiently. "It you didn't seo him
kow'd you know who he was? Mebbe
tt was me In my la'ncb."
"Was It your nsked Mr. Fladd in-
"I wiau't out yesterday," admitted
Abel sheepishly.
"1 know It was blm. tbe phantom
pirate, because tbe description tits the
la'nch that pissed me, and tbe wiy
be come In wai snenky-tbere wasn't
• eound, and he didn't even look
■round. He made right for tbe creek
that runs In among tho cedars, because I followed him till he disappeared theie. Today 1 strolled around
tbere on top of tbe bluff, and 1 could
aee him down there tn tbe creek." Mr.
Fladd paused dramatically.
"Well, whit yon going to do about
ttr* demanded Abel.
"I'm going te keep watch of tbe
creek all the afternoon ind evening,
■nd wben she comes oat I'll capture
ber. I'll need you. When can you
Mnn down? Of course you've bad
pour dinner."
Tbo word "dinner" gilvinlzed Abel
Into sudden recollection of the meal
tint wns awaiting him und of the ac-
en initiated wrath ot Deborah when he
appeared at laat. "Uoau, I biven't
bad my dinner—I forgot It," be said
Id hi uneasy tone. Just then the 1
•Mock whistle shrilled over the water,
and be picked up bla basket of lish
and hurried iway.
"Come right bick again," yelled My-
im Flidd.
"All right." replied Abel, although he
knew he hid promised Deborah to tike
ber rig balls orer to the carpet wear-
en that afternoon.
Deborah Witklns was "on ber ear."
"Went fait asleep on the pier, 1 suppose," ebr said sbirply.
"1 wasn't islecp." protested Abel
hotly. "I've ciugbt ninety three young
BMCkcrcl for you to pickle, ind-l've
got i chance to make ■ hundred ind
•fly dollira!" be ended triumphantly.
"You've got a chnnee to go without
faar dinner." snipped Deborah ii she
tramped Into tbe next room md siam-
■id the door.
For one Instant Abel paused; then
without ■ word he turned and left tbe
bouse, miking but way dpwn to tbe
•ter. wbere Mrron Fladd'! Hunch itill
bobbed against the piles.   Myron hailed blm gladly.
"Good for you. Abel. Tou made i
ihort Job of It. Get aboard now, and
we'll run down the east shore and
anchor in Ihe lee of that old wreck.
If we see that pirate coming out ot the
creek we can run out and capture him
easy as pic."
Abel let himself down the gangway
to the float where Ihe launch was tied
and joined Mr. Fladd In the tiny cabin.   He looked hungrily' around.
"I haven't (iad any dinner," he announced woefully. "Deborah iu so
•II bred mid because 1 was lite ihe
eat out the rations, Wbat you get
Without a word Mr. Flsdd set forth
a pot of cold coffee, a can of pilot
bread, some rancid butter, a cold boiled egg aud bait a mince pie. and in
silence Abel Watklns stowed away
the victuals. By the lime this ceremony was concluded It was after '_!
The wind had changed to lbe southeast, and the sky was overcast us tbey
shot out from under the shadow ot
Ibe long pier and beaded across the
bay. It was three miles to Cedar
creek, wbere the phantom pirate was
supposed to be ln uiuing. x..ej uu,u.
tho wreck near tbe creek's mouth and
made fast to ber rotting timbers. She
loomed big ind black above the natty
little launch and afforded a measure
of protection from observation. Abel
end Myron Fladd lounged ln the cab-
In nud took turns watching tbrough
the tiny portholes for some sign ot
life near the mouth of the creek.
There was nothing save an occasional kingfisher to disturb the solitude.
Hour after hour passed iu tedious
"Maybe be went while you were
■cross the bay," suggested Abel Watklns.
"There wasn't five minutes I didn't
hire my glasses trained ou that
creek," said - Myron sharply. "Confound him!   Why can't he come out?"
"Let's go nfter blm," suggested
Abel. "We mlgbt as well catcb him
ln there as to chase him all around
Little Itiver bay."
Myron Fladd agreed, and just as the
day was fading they panted Into Cedar
creek and made for its upper reaches.
There, drawn on n little pebbly beacb
and half hidden ln the tall salt grass,
was a narrow, dark gray motorboat
Lounging on tbe deck was a long limbed young man. wbo shot to his feet
H they approached.
"Well, what ts It?" he asked sharply
as Fladd'i launch grounded ln tbe soft
Myron Fladd stepped ishore and
crashed through the grass to tbe aids
of tbe gray launch. He draw a short
barreled shotgun from underneath his
pilot coat, and, throwing back the lapel
of tbe garment, he fleshed n brief
glimpse of bis fireman's badge and
cried authoritatively;
"Hold up your hands, In the mme
of the liwl"
The stranger threw up his hands
Wltb one bo caught the gun barrel
and twisted tbe weapon ont of Myron's
hands; with the other be lifted thai
■tout gentleman to the deck of tht
craft by way of a strong grip Inside
tbe collar of bis coat Witb lightning
like rapidity ho snatched tip a rope
nnd tied tbe ambitious pirate buntei
with a dozen hard knots.
Then the stranger leveled tbe shotgun at tbe shrinking form of Abel
Watklns and beckoned with a long and
crooked forefinger. "Come here!" be
ordered unkindly.
Abel went ind was trussed quite is
neatly as his friend. Together tbey
watched the strange young man dive
Into the cabin of his launch, come
forth with a suit case and shrug him
■elf Into a warm overcoat.
"I'll borrow your boat for awhile,
and I'll leave mine for security. I
bad a breakdown, confound. It I I'll
■end eomebody after you. Sorry I
can't take you along, but I've got an
Important engagement wltb a lady.
By, by I" Ho wuved u mocking farewell at bis sputtering captives, pushed Fladd's bout out of tbo mud, leaped nimbly aboard after bis suit ease
aud was soon chugging quietly from
eight In the gathering mist.
When all wus still again Myron
Fladd turned uneasily lo his companion.
"Abel, did you recognize tbst fel
low? Seems llko I've seen blm before."
"1 don't know. Looks like a chap
thut wus boarding over to tho hotel
last summer. 1 took him out fishing
once, md be gave me 110. I heard
be bad Ion of money. I dou't believe
If ■ the sime. What would he bo doing around here this way?"
"He's the pirate, all right." uttered
Flsdd gloomily. "Yet bo looks confoundedly like thit chap tbnt used to
come and see my daughter Mibel last
summer. 1 told her 1 wouldn't hear
of no city chaps for'sons-in-law. and
so I give blm to understand. He wis
ataytng to the hotel too. Ills mme
was Turner."
"What's he got to do with Hint
phantom pirate aud 1300 reward?" de
ninnded Abel sourly, working at hie
There waa the souud ot oars end
voiees of men. and presently a light
blurred through the fog, aud a Imsi
cane cautiously up tha creek. Five
minutes afterward Abel Watklns and
Myron Flidd were free men, and several of their neighbors were breaking
the news to Mr. Flsdd that his daughter Mabel hid eloped In a motorboit
with a young man ot the name of
Turner and that Mri. Flidd hid said
•he wis glad of it If Mabel was hippy.
Somebody had telephoned one of the
men thit Abel md Myron were marooned ln Cedir creek—hence tbelr
timely arrival.
It wis a silent pirty that rowed
•cross the choppy bay ln tbe leaking
flat bottom boat Myron Fladd was
planning ill sorts of revenge upon bis
newly acquired son-in-law for bb)
harsh treatment, while Abel took con
solitlon tn his disappointment and
fatigue by recollecting that a frightened Deborah would gladly prepare a
bountiful meal wben he returned to
her. /
At last one of the men spoke: ."1
see by thc paper that they caught that
there phantoin pirate away down by
Baruegato-light, Myron. I wouldn't
mind having thnt three hundred reward, would you?"
But Myron only granted Irritably In
Hew Many Turkeys Deemed?
What would you say If you should
see a file of turkeys stretching from
San Francisco to.New York and from
New York back to Chicago? "Some
turkeys," probably. Well, one ot these
professional estimators has figured lt
out that the Thanksgiving turkeys to
be consumed this year would make a
lino about that long If placed single
file in marching order.
But it Is easier to estimate than to
acquire. Six million turkeys Is tbe
estimate made by the statistician who
has imagined tbis 4,000 milo streak of
strutting gobblers and humbler hens In
Accepting this reasoning ns a mlinl-
muni and supposing that the average
bird weighs nlno pounds, it appears
that tbe pcoplo of lbe United States
will consume 54,000,000 pounds of turkey tbls Thanksgiving. Packed in refrigerator cars, as they are ordinarily
transported, 1,000 birds to tbe car, tbis
number of turkeys would make ubout
0,000 carloads aud would require for
their transportation a train forty miles
in length. These many tons ot noble
fowls would more tban test the carry.
Ing capacity ot all ot Uncle Sam's warships.
A Personal Problem.
The turkey whistled softly and sadly "I Would Not Live Alway" as he
gized eolemnly at the calendar and
realized tbnt Thanksgiving day was
almost here.
"Wby so thoughtful, Brother Gob-
bier?" Inquired, the patriarch of the
"I ,was Just pondering a question
which will be ot vital importance lu j
Ibe hereafter," explained Brother Gobbler.
"It Is always profitable to dwell upou
tbat time which le inevitable to all ot
us, but I.trust you distinguish between
simply idle speculation and tbe elevating contemplation of the essentials,
dear brother," admonished the patriarch.
"Well, I suppose you would hardly
call It tbnt," replied Brother Gobbler,
reflectively scratching at n retiring
worm. "The fact is, I was Just wondering which Is ihe most delicious
white cr dirk meat"
The Plainer They Are the Leee They
Appeal te Forgers.
'Ton ought to sign your chick differently, Mr. Blank," snid a Chicago
bank employee to a depositor whose ac.
count rum well up toward $100,000 a
"What's the matter with that
check?" asked tbe customer, nettled
that, aa ha thought, It sbould be intimated he didn't know how to draw a
"Yon misunderstand me," said the
teller. "The check's all rlgbt I was
referring to your signature. It Is just
the kind that a forger takes delight
In copying, tf you will allow me the
privilege of saying so, you're liable to
meet with loss ln thit way at any
lime. Any good penman could imitate
lt so cleverly you'd hardly know the
difference yourself.
"The plainer the signature tbe less
likelihood there Is of a crook trying to
Imitate it," be continued after the depositor bad become Interested. "In
nearly every big forgery of which I
ever heard, or in many ot them st
least, tho signature Imitated was tbat
of a man who wrote with a flourish or
who hsd some peculiar type of writing
that ordinarily would appeal to tho
laity as bard to Imitate, lt Is a fact
tbat It ts a rare occurrence for a big
forger to attempt tb Imitate the signature of the man wbo writes a plain
"Not long ngo I had occasion to tell
■ friend ot mine be stood a chance of
having Borne forger get a good sized
check In on him. My friend changed
the style of bis signature, and a few
days later be was asked by a'bank to
Inspect a check which had been presented for payment aud to whicb bis
old style signature was attached. He
had changed Just in lime. Tbe forger
had been practicing on the old signature, getting it down 'pet' and had not
ascertained thnt lbe new signature
was being uscd."-Chlengo News.
A Little Girl's Imparlance.
Grandma (lmpntlentlyi — Dorothy, I
do wish you would keep quiet for i
little while!
Dorothy — I'll try, grandma, but
please don't scold me. .lust remember
tbit If It wasn't for ine. you wouldu't
be ■ grandma at all.—Chicago Itecord-
Hcrald.     ■
*w4*\**w^mt4^*i^H4U*i S>*
Many Caught.
Mitrlmony Is llko a rainstorm
| -only bad when you're caught j
• tu lt.-Detrolt Free Press.
**«44*tm**?4*4*«2±i* iM*M**
Honeymoon Ovsr.
Mra. Kewedd (poutlngl-You nre not
like Kate's husband. He won't let bis
wife do i bit of heavy lifting.
Newedd-But 1 can't always ba it
borne whon you take yonr bread out ol
the oveu.-Iloston Transcript.
They Have Numerous Dislikes, the
Chief ef Which Is Man.
A peculiarity ot tbe camel Is bis dislikes. Likes he has none, save for the
mimosa thorn and, perhaps, for dying.
Ue bites red, nud wben, years ago,
some genius of the British army
equipped the squadrons of tho camel
corps with bright crimson saddles the
animals so resented tbe outrage that
numbers of tbem gave up thc ghost
In pure disgust.
The camel always, of course, batee
man aud oomctlmcs displays his vin-
dlctlvcnees In uo uncertain manner. A
dignified and elderly British ollicer has
been seen to foot It all rouutl the camp
In blue silk pajamas, wltb one slipper
nnd a sbnvlug brush, closely pursued
by bis own animal, with bis loug ueck
stretched to thc utmost and his savage
mouth much too near that sleeping
suit to be pleasant At length a
fullguo party wns ■uintnouod, who,
wltb telegraph poles, young trees, railway ties nud such cajoleries, prevailed
upou the beast to desist.
As a mount tbe camel Is eai.l to
possess distinct advantages. His gait is
comfortable when ono has learned to
ride him, and for really long journeys,
which must perforce l>e made ai n slow
pace, he Is much less, tiring than a
horse. Besides, he carries with hiin all
mauner of tilings thc rider Is likely to
necdenrotito-cnnvas buckets of wstcr,
ln which bottles stand to cool; n writ-
lug desk (not necessarily ot lhe olliee
type), but still an efijeieut substitute; a
luncheon basket, rliles, telescopes, a
mountain guu. If required, uud otber
uoedful articles.
The Wey It Sees Now.
The greatset novel of the •■«—
Wonder of Ihe nation;
All tbe race. sir. ell tbe rsfu-
Takte the whole creation I
CrMlcas praise on every hand—
Bpeed the author'» mission;
Ituadred thousand copies ntnl
'Nether big edition I
Authors-publishers rejoice-
Live on milk and honey I
"Is II genius?" ptpee a voice.
"OenlusT  No, It'a money!"
—Atlanta Oonttltuttaw.
While wnlchrul science stands!!, by
Along the road lliey come.
Wilh measured step end tiun-nctst eye
They march la heat nr drum.
And ell the people fiercely howl
Ae slowly hand In tian.i
The common cup and toiler towel
Are driven from ihe land.
—■"'•rels.nd j'lile l.«sl«sa
Long Arrow Flights.
There was u marvelous archery feat
performed some years ago liy Sir
Ralph Payne Gallwey on the links nt
Le Touquet. Shooting wilh n Turkish
bow, lio covered a distance of 307
yards with bis best arrow, thus break*
Ing nil records achieved In recent
times. This performance, however,
seems to havo been exceeded with Ihe
old national weapon of yew. Senile,
I famous archer under diaries I.,
ststea that the ordinary range of the
liow was from o'.'O to 100 yards. The
longest shot authentically recorded In
Knglind Is that of a secretary ot tbe
Turkish embassy, who In ITS I shot an
irrow 4C3 yavds with (he wind and
4111' ngalnst It In the presence ot
several members of tbe lloyal Togo.
phlllte society, wbo measured the die-
tinee md preserved the arrow.-Pall
Mall Gazette.
Complete Victory.
"So you won your divorce sultf"
•ska tbe friend.
"Oh. yes!'' happily answers the woman. "1 got au absolute separation,
Willi alimony, and I lio court awarded
me lhe custody of the dog too."—
Medical Adviser te the Health Sea
tion of tho National Comervatio*
Commission Advocates a Compul
•ory System as Now Obtains ll
Many Countries—A Life-Long Stu
dent el All Forms of Sanitation.
The Anti-Vaccination League m
Canada, which from its headquarter)
in Montreal has opened a cnmpaigi
against vaccination, will find a sttirdj
opponent in Dr. Charles A. Hodgetta
medical adviser to the health scctloa
of the National Conservation Com'
mission. A short time before Dr.
Hodgetts resigned his position ai
secretary of the Ontario Board ol
Health and deputy registrar-general,
nn. cbari.es a. noDQETTS.
to go   to Ottawa, a   reporter   had S
chat with him on this subject.
"I advocate a compulsory vaccination law," he said, 'similar to thosi
of Germany, France, and Japan, is
preference to the old-fogey, out-si-
date English law."
Dr. Hodgetls is the only medical
man in Ontario who has given his
whole time and devoted his life work
to sanitation in its widest sense. I!
will he remembered that when, a
short time beiore accepting the Government position he now holds, he
was offered the post of Toronto Medl.
cal Health officer, but declined it
One or two of the newspapers, however, continued to remark that lis
was reconsidering his decision, whereupon Dr. Hodgetts gavo out this
statement: "I have said lhat I will
not accept the position. I am not a
woman.   I never change my mind."
Gallant South African Scouts.
Scout Thompson, of the 1st Simone-
tdwn Troop, who is only eleven yeara
of age, has been uwarded thc Bronze
Cross for heroism in swimming out
to the rescue ol a lady bather, who.
when floating ou "water wings," was
caught by the tide and carried out to
When Thompson reached the lady.
she clutched him round the throat
and very nearly drowned her rescuer
as well tis herself. But he managed
to swim with her to shallow water,
where the onlookers- none ol whom
were able to swim—gave him assistance.
Another rescue was made hy Seoul
Esterhulzen, ol the Fricska Troop,
lurteen years of age. He hud been
bathing in thc Orange River with
some other boys when one ot them,
swinging from the bridge, iell into tha
water, and, not being able to swim,
was iirgreat danger ol drowning. Es-
Ut-hiizi.ii at once dived in to his rescue Ht the spot where ho had sunk,
and succeeded in getting hold of him.
and in bringing him safely ashore.
Esterlmiscn has been granted the Sil-
ver medal.
After (he Honeymoon.
She- Yon deceived me when I married you.
Ile-I did more tban (bet. I deceive!
myself.- Boston Transcript
His Early Struggles.
\V!i'-n Mr. Jesse Ceilings, M.P., waa
enrolled an honorary freeman ot Birmingham he recalled amusing memorie*
ol his curly experiences in that city.
Mr. C'oliings told how. Oil years ago,
lie arrived In Birmingham, circumstances requiring that ho should lend
lur himself, with Iif. in hia pocket,
lent hy friends who could not well al-
fiard it. He set out to seek hs liveli-
l.a-d in the old City of Birmingham.
Arriving at Lawley street station,
which was then the terminus, he told
a cabman to drive him to a cheap
|ublic-hou_e The cabman took hint
to the "Swan with Two Necks" in
Aston street. It wis then a small inn,
hut it lias since been rebuilt and en-
.a.cad. The charges were very low,
s'ii.1 Mr Collinga, and suited to hie
bturse, He nuded that he was lortun-
a'-* enough taa obtain a situation at
the firm ol Messrs. Bemud Booth a,
C'>, ul winch he afterwards became
th.- licsd.
Net an Everyday Article.
"Rhe has a boiutful smile.'1
"1 nover noticed It"
"Rhe lakes good care of It"
"What do you mean?"
'linjy uses II on Sundays md when
■he's photographed."
"But why did you ask her to mirrjt
"Just to see what she'd say."
"Whit did ihe ■oyV"
-'Xss, If possible.* * THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Dr.  Simmons,   dentist,
blook.    Phone H 39.
Geo. D. Miller has traded his
house and lot on Fifth street lor
forty acres of land near Curlew,
Wash. The deal wag made by Win.
People desiring to puchase the W.
A. Cook Book can obtain the same
from any member of the Woman's
Auxilory ot Holy Trinity churoh.
Judge J. R. Brown has returned
from a trip to his old home in Sar-
nia, Ont.
Dr. C. M Kingston returned the
first o! the week from a business trip
to the coast cities.
Gus Sohnitter retnrned on Monday from the Spokane National Apple show. He states that the di-
rec ore have decided to erect a permanent building in Spokane for tha
exhibition next year.
Harvey Mahan, of the Granby
coinpany, returned™. Tuesday from
a week's trip to Butte and otber
Montana towns.
H. B. Cannon and Ab Fee returned
on Tuesday from Glouo iter eamp,
where they have been doing development work on their mining properties. They state that all work in
the North Fork camps hae been bub
pended for the winter.
W. H. M. May, school inspector,
returned to Nelson on Saturday,
after visiting all the schools in this
It is reported from Orient that extensive operations at the Firat
Thought mine will be started in
ninety days by the new owners.
Work on a fruit cannery will soon
he started at Marcus. There should
be a similar business enterprise in
this city.
H. C. Parliament, aged 44 years, a
pioneer nf Republic, and publisher of
the first newspaper in Ferry county,
died Ust week at his home in North
Kepnblic. Mr. Parliament was born
in Pincton, Ont. He came to this
district fourteen years ago from
Olympia, Wash., and established a
newspaper at Danville, then known a*
Nelson. He was publisher of tha
Kepuhlic Record until nbout a yeu
ago, when he retired from business.
W. B. Shaw, formerly of this city,
who has been manager of the C. P, R.
telegraph ntHc* at Nelson for * number of years, has been promoted to a
similar position at Moose Jaw.
The upper portion of the old Commercial hotel building in Greenwood
was damaged by fire last week.
Two carloads of whisky arrived in
Greonwood during November.
Ordinary Cathartics and Pills
and Harsh Physic Cause
Distressing Complaints
You cannot be over-careful in the
selection of tuediuine for children.
Only the very gentlest bowel medicine
should ever bo given except in emergency cases. Ordinary pills, cathartics and purgatives are apt to do more
harm than good. They may cause
griping, nausea and other distressing
after effects that are frequently death-
We personally recommend and guarantee Rexall Oi del-lies as the safest
and most dependable remedy, which
we know, for constipation and associate bowel disorders. We have such
absolute faith in the virtues of this
remedy that we sell it on our guarantee of.money back in every instance
where it fails to give entire satisfaction, and we urge all in need of such
medicine to try it at our risk.
Uexall Orderlies are eaten just like
candy, are particularly prompt and
agreeable jn notion, may be taken at
any time, day or night; do not causa
diarrliii'u, nausea, griping, excessive
looseness, or other undesirable effects.
They have a very mild but positive
action upon the organs with which
they come in contact, apparently acting aa a regulative tonic upon the relaxed muscular coat of the bowel, thus
overcounting weakness, and aiding to
restore the bowels to more vigorous
healthy activity.
Rexall Orderlies commonly com
pletely relieve constipation, except"'of
course where of a surgical character.
They also tend to overcome the neces
sity of constantly taking laxatives to
keep the bowels in normal condition.
Three sizes of packages, 10 cents, 25
cents, and 50 cents. Remember, you
can obtain Rexall Remedies in Grand
Forks only at'our store—The Rexall
Store.    H.  E Woodland.
For Sale at a Sacrifice—Fourteen-
room boarding house, seven minutes' walk from Granby smelter.
Will sell for $1200. One-half cash;
halance monthly payments. For
further particulars apply at this
Take your repairs to Armsnn'e
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Korks.
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived thnt they even endeavor to believe that they can reach
the consumers of this district with
out advertisingin The Sun.
Fur Sule at a Bargain—Two-horse
power gasolene engine. -Apply J. H-
Plath, box 10, eity.
Tlie only policy holder who
doesn't need to pay his premiums is dead. The only man
who doesn't need to advertise
is the man who lias retired
from business.
Show cards for widnows and inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Mnke tlicit, brief, terse nml pointed
Print tliem plainly, to Im rend at n
Bridge Strut,
The best end most
" nliaa .aialial llre-nroiaf
building In the Boundary country. Recently completed and
newly furnished
tliraannhaaut. Equipped with all modern
electrical eotiven-
lcna.es, Centrally located. First-class accommodations for the
travelling publio.
Hot aad Gold Bad.*
Flr.t-Qn.i Bar, Pool
aad Billiard Rooms
la Coaaeotioa.
TOBACCO HABIT British Columbia land surveyors
1)r, MoTutTiinrt'* totincm remedy ri'moves
iiliilixirc for the weed iti u few il»y«_ A Vaffe*
titble medicine, and oui** ri*nui .••. tniirhin.*
the tougue/wlth it uccnntuually_  Price $2.1)0.
Mf.rvelln._i*. r-MUU* from taking IiIh remedy]
fnr tlie liquor h.itiit.    Safp and incxp
limne trentment; no hypodermic '
nonuhllclty, no lorn of time froi
uihI neuro ittiarantied.
Addren or nonsuit I'r. McTairi-Ttirt, IftYotiga
Btrcct, Toronto, Canada.
NOTIGE ts hereby civen that an application
will be made under Part V- uf the "Water
Act, 190.1," to obtain a Uoeuae in the Similka
meen Water District, DiviHioii of Yale Dis
(a). The name, addreui, aud occupation of
of the applicant: George Washington Swank,
(irand Forks, B.C., Farmer.
(b). The name of lake, stream, or source (it
unnamed, the description is):   Cedar Creek.
(o). The point of diversion 1b where the
creek enters my land near the centre of the
Bast Hue, on Lot numbered Une A (l.-V) subni*
vision of r.P.'u, Lot number twenty-seven
hundred (2700) in Group 1 in the Similkameen
(formerly Osoyoos) Division of Yale District
(dj. The quantity of water applied for (in
cubic feet per second). One cubic foot per
(e). The character of the proposed works:
Dam and flume.
(f). The premises (in whioh thc water fa to
be used (desorlbe same) ie on Lot One A (1 A)
subdivision of C.I'.R, Lot number twenty*
seven hundred (2700) In Group 1, In the Simtl-
Kfttneeh (formerly Osoyoos) Division of Yale
(g). The purposes for which the water Is to
be used: For irrigation and domestic purposes.
(h). If For Irrigation, describe the land Intended to be Irrigated, giving acreage: Is on
Let Oue A (1 A) subdivision of C.P.R. Lot
number twenty-seven hundred(8700) lu Group
1 in the Similkameen (formerly Osoyoos) Division of Yale District, containing 100.45 acres,
more or less. *
(J.. Area of Crown laud Intended to be occupied by the proposed works; None.
(k) This not fee was posted ou the Uth day
of Augimt, 1!U1, aud application will be made
to the Commissioner on the 6th day of ^ep-
tember, 1911.
(1). Give the names and addresses of any
riparian proprietors or licensee* who or
whose landsare llk'ly to be affected by the
proposed works, either above or below the
outlet: Nona
Grand Porks, B C
NOTICE Is hereby given that an application
will be made under Part V of the "Water
Act, 1909," to obtain a license in (he Similkameen Division.of Yale .District.
Name, address and occupation of the applicant:   W.Bayer, Rancher,Grand Korku, H.C.
Description of lake; Small body of watur
(no name), fed by springs.
foint of diversion is 40 chnins above Kast
line of Pre-emption No. 1800 S.
Quantity of water applied for: Oue cubit
foot per second.
rharacterof proposed works: Ditch and
reservoir, to be used on Pre-emption No.
Purpose: Domestic and irrigation.
Description of land to be irrigated: Acreage, 78.
Acreage of Crown Land intended to bo occupied by works:   ML
I his notice was posted on the 17th day of
July, 1911, and application will be made to the
Commissioner ou the 16th day of August, lull.
Name and address of ri par loo proprietors
or licensees who will be affected by the proposed works,   None.
(Signature) W. HAYER,
(P.O. Address) Urand Fo rks, B.C,
St. Joseph Mineral claim,situate in the Urand
Forks Mining Division of Yale District.
Where Located:   In Central Camp.
TA1CK NOTICE that 1, Henry Johnson, Free
Miners, Orilfleate No. 85811», for myself
and as agent fur Peter Edward Blakle, Free
Miner s Certificate No. S5M9B. Intend, sixty
days From date hereof, to apply to the Milling
Ret.enler for a Ceitliicate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining crown grant* of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 87, must he commenced hefore the Issu
auce of such Cerlflcatc of Improvements.
Dated this 28th day of July, A.D Ull.
|" Printing "I
We are prepared to do all kinds of
Commercial  Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
We have the most mortem jobhing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements, —
letterheads and Envelopes,.
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of Kine and Menu Cards,
Announcements nnd Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
ilv» i
jec.tli.iit, I
illie liana   lail-iail'saa, I
Grand   Forks, B. C.
PHONE   A 1*4
Dry" four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
A. GALLOWAY, JI. Columbia p. o.
-the kind wo do—is in itself an
advertisement, and a trial urder
will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of
the best. Let us estimate on vour ordor, We guarantee
Grand Forks Sun
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing uf all Kinds.
Upholstering  Neatly Done.
r. McCutcheon
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods
Downey's Cigar Store
A Com pi. ste Stuck op
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh (•unslKiimentof
Received Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of
Ice Cream  and Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
>r Hrm'tiir a J"
Kuzur Hrm'tiir a Specialty
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door Noiith or Granhy Hotki.,
FlHST Stbekt.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly. Passengers _tnd Trunks to and
from all trains.
Tei.ki'honk A129
KuTiiKKroitn Kims., Props.
Job Department
Tmdc Mmm
CowmoMTB Ac
Anyone Mndlm a .met, meecoeriottcn, nr
ttntoklr uofftailn onr opinion ft** wliajlliasr an
iH__a__..il____i   ta w.wi .h_al.l _f tlfitAlll Hb?**      #Vi_»n_m_rl_n____ft______
   __. _au»h Mun- ,
».-UlflV>_.^fl»-ltho«t <*•.«, ________
Semitic America
A hindwmuay l_.lai-lh.tcd yrMakly.  Uml <U-
eulation of any erionl'.llo Joaimnt   Term- lor
a '.aia'aaltv, g_RS a\ your, pajfltaiTO pltapatd.    Saild by
." novr-leaa'a--..
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the l.nuii-
dary eountry. And we are the onlv
otlice in this section that have the
correct material for printing it. Thr
Sun job olliee.


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