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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Jun 13, 1913

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 Kettle Valley Orchardist
$1.00 PER YEAR
a slant of about 45 degrees through"
the highest roots of tbe stump.
If possible the auger bole is
bored so as to come out at tbe
lower eud between two parting roots.
A fire is built of the auger shavings
about four inches below ths opening
of tbe auger hole, and the flames are
drawn through tbe heart of the
stump by tbe flue., Mr, Kindschuh
claims that ordinary-sized .stumps
will burn tiff clean through hy this
A largely attended meeting of the method ^ thirty.six bourn, without
Canning Factory   Looking
for a Location in tbe
board of trade was held in the city
hall on Wednesday evening. President Clark occupied the chair. Tbe
most impo rlsnt bus ness transacted
was the consideration of ths following communication from the industrial branch of the western lines of
the Canadian Pacific railway at Calgary:
F. K. Barlee, Secretary Board of
Trade, Grand Forks, B. C—Dear
Sir. The following proposition bas
been suggested to me, and if you
. have the right man in your town it
may be that something can be done
with it.
There is a canning factory that
wants to move out to British Columbia, and tbe people tbat control
■ it want to handle the .proposition on
' the following lines: Tbat somebody
who owns a tract of land suitable for
growing tomatoes and other fruit
would join tbese people by putting
in his land, on terms to be arranged, so tbat it could be divided
into five, ten and fifteen acre lots.ou
which a house would be constructed
and a family brought in, used to
the growing of tomatoes and fruit,
with whom tbe canning company
would contract for tbe taking of so
many tomatoes eaeb year, depending, of couse, upon tbe amount
which a mau could bring into culti
vation. This land would be sold lo
these | e >ple on long terms, and
their entire output bought by tbe
canning factory. In this way the land
onwer and the owner of the canning
factory would tnake money by the
increased ealue of tbe land and the
dividends earned by tbe plant,
Tbis ie only a sketch, but it may
be tbat there is somebody in your
town wbo would like to look into
tbe question, and it would no doubt
be a good thing to get a good canning factory in your district. Yours
truly, John F. Swketino,
Industrial Agent.
The letter was referred to the industrial committee of tbe hoard, of
which W "K. C Manly is chairman,
with instructions to draft a reply
and to report at the next meeting.
The eomuiittee was also requested
tu make inquiries for the class of
land suitable for the growing of fruit
any attention, while it sometimes
requires a week to burn a stump by
the char-pit method. It is also
claimed that tbis method will burn
off the routs deep enough to allow a
plow to go over them.
Royal Commission Obtains
Views of Local Ranchers
on Many Subjects
The royal commission on agricul
ture, composed of A. Lucas, M.L A.,
chairman; J. J. Campbell, of Nelson; J. Kidston, Vernon; S. Shannon, Cloverdale, and Wm, Duncan,
Comox, held a meeting in the 'new
court house at 2:30 o'clock on Monday afternoon to enquire into the
condition of the various branches of
agriculture in this valley. W. H
Hayward, M.L A., the regular chairman of the commission, was not
present, having been called to Victoria. Nearly all the ranchers of
tbe valley expressed their viewed
on agricultural, horticultural, dairying and stock raising subjects. From
tbe line of questioning on the fruit
growing industry, it jb surmised
that the provincial government is
desirous of establishing a central
selling agency for the marketing of
the fruit crop of tbe province. On
Tuesday morning the members of
th* commission were taken for an
automobile ride through the valley
and at noon on that they left for the
Kootenay country.
Ore Shipments
The following were the shipments
from the Boundcry mines during
the past week. <_.rnnhy mine, 21,•
269; Mother Lode, 4,914; Rawhide,
5,043; Napoleon, 608; Victoria, 107.
Smelter treatments: (iranby, 23,-
61.5 tons; Oteenwuod, 11,265.
Bound to Bargain
"What's the price of Ibis  silk."
asked a deaf old  lady of a   young
Engine Crashes Into a Gasoline Speeder at Greenwood
for  the canning factory and for the shopman.
location of the plant.
'Seven shillings," was the  reply,
"Seventeen  shillings,"  she  exclaimed. "I'll give you thirteen."
"Only seven shillings, ma'am, is
tbe price of the silk," replied the
honest shopmen.
'_J "Oh, seven shillings!'' rejoined
the lady, sharply. "Well, I'll give
you five."
the Bame period there was treated
36,2*154 tons of ore, all of whicb,
witb the exception of 128 tons, was
from the company's mine at Phoenix. This establishes a new record
for tbe company.
A terrible accident occurred at
Greenwood on Wednesday, iu which
Joe Davidson, C P R. station agent
at Midway, lost an arm, hiB wife
bad a leg cut off, and bis cbild bad
a narrow escape.
The Grand Korks baseball club
was defeated in Republic on Wednesday afternoon by a score of 16 to
3. 'A special excursion train was
run from Ibis city. Those who witnessed the massacre are still in
J. W. Logan, of Vancouver, who
has been relieving Manager  Spink,
of the Royal bank, during   the   lat-
Mr. Davidson and family were on |fert vaottlil)11, wii| iBave next Mon-
their way from Midway to Green
wood on a gasoline speeder. When
iu the cut betweeu Anaconda and
Greenwood, the engine of au ore
train, on its way to tbe turntable at
Anaconda, and running at a speed
of five miles per bour, suddenly
rounded a sharp curve and crashed
into the speeder. Mr. Davidson fell
on the ontside of the track, with his
right arm across the rail. His wife
fell between the rails, aud half of tbe
engine passed over her before it
could be Btopped. Tbe cbild was
hurled a distance of about thirty
feet, but miraculously escaped injury with the exception of a few
Mr. Davidson and bis wife were
removed to the Greenwood hospital,
where Mrs Davidson, in spite of
the best saedical attendance available, died at midnight on Wednesday
night. She regained consciously
shortly before the end came. Mr.
Davidson is reported to be in a
critical condition, having sustained
internal injuries as well as the loss
of his arm.
Frauk Davidson, a brother of the
injured man, wbo ie employed at
the yard dispatch office of the Can
adian Pacific railway in Nelson,
passed through the cily yesterday
on bis wsy to Greenwood.
day for the Okauagau.
An enjoyable social was beld at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. L.
Hodgson, under tbe auspices of the
choir of the Methodist church, on
Tuesday evening. A long program
of music and recitations was rendered. Misses Thomson and Anna-
ble, ol Nelson, delighted the gathering with vocal solos, and were
heartily encored. Mies Alice Lequime rendered a piano solo to special advantage. Krnest Harrison
amused the audience with humorous songs, and £. Mrs. Miller acted
accompanist. Refreshments were
Greenwood Boy Meets Death
While Taking a Lone
-John Rendell, the eight-year-old
son of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Hendell,
was drowned in tbe pond near tbe
C.P.R. station at Greenwood last
Monday wbile batbing. He was
alone, and no one witnessed tbe
Kettle Valley Subsidy
Railway subsidies tabled by Hon
frank Cochrane io ih* Dominion
house last week provide tbat tbe
Kettle Valley railway will receive
subsidies on ite line from Midway to
Penticton, a distance of 135 miles;
from Penticton to Merritt, 145 miles,
and from Penticton wharf to Hops
station, 55 mileo. These subsidies,
cilculated on a minimum uf $3200
per mile, will tutal uver a million
dollars which the Kettle Valley railway will receive from the Dominion
. Probably the added lax burdens,
as a result of tbe present riotous,
unparalleled session for expenditures may help to convince some
people that it is time they took more
interest in public affairs and less in
tbe advancement of party leaders,
who seem as puppets in the skilful
hands of such railway promoters as
Mackenzie and Maun. — Winnipeg
Archbishop Casey, of Vancouver,
spent a few days in the city tbis
week. On Sunday he will conlirm
a class and hold services in I'hoenix.
Gateway   Lodge No. 4o, 1.0.0. F.,
,     ,     i will hold a picnic at Christina lake
New Stump-Burning Method
A rancher al Bonnera Ferry is the
originator of a new scheme tor clearing logged-oil lands, wbich he claims
enables ono man to get rid of from'
fifteen to twenty stumps a day, Bays
tbe Creston Review. Mr. Kindschuh, tbe inventor, has tried nearly Th(! 8candinavi(in Aid tnd M.
all methods advanced forthe pulling ,owship SoQt.,y ., Bn,tah Coll)mbia
of stumps and claims that he h« | WUI bold iU anno.l pionia at Ward'*
now found the most practical thing ^ ,„ ,he WeBt en(J of tb, city on
known to the owner, of logged-off June 25 ArrMgWMnl, gre nnB
on Dominion day.
The British Columbia
company will begin at once develop
ment work on a largely increased
scale, doubling the force of men now I M|. mnA Mr, G A Spi|)k ,mye
employed and otherwise pushing k^n spend!ngthe present week at
forward investigation of their vast! chrisli|)a uke>
mineral   areas  at   Vuigt camp and
Resolutions Adopted Asking
for  Sidewalks Around
Public Buildings
Copper mountain, says the Princeton Star, No other company in the
province holds such immense ore re
serves as is believed to be contained
in these contiguous camps.  Ths old ,    , ,
„.,,... .      , present   week   have   been
Sunset  and   Voigt  camp   mineral r.,,. ,    _   . ,   ,
, . ...   .     ,.    .. , millions to the fruit growers  of the
claims   will   be   the busy scenes of °
Mayor G. M. Fripp returned yesterday from a business trip to Spokane.
Tbe copious showers during the
being made by tbe local society for Dew work l0 b» r,Pid|y »dvl"1««d'    j
Mr. Kindschuh burns hie stumps'the  enterUinm*nt of  visitors, who
witb tbe aid of * draft flue four feet
to six feet long—th* longer the better, on account of the increased
draft, The flue, is attached to a two-
inch auger hole, which is bored  on
are expected from all parts of  the
E. Davis arrived in the oity yas*
terday from Victoria.
The Granby smelter in this city.
during  ths  lut ten days in May,
shippsd 782,000 pounds of copper, The building will be ready for
or an average  of 78,200 pounds tenants, Miller & Gardner, about the
every twenty-four  hour*.   During first of August.
The  brickwork   on   Wm.    Bon-
thron's two-storey   brick block  on
First  street has  been   completed,
The msyor and all the aldermen
were present at the meeting of the
city council on Monday evening.
A large amount of routine business
was transacted. Aid. Woodland
gave natice that at the next meeting
of the council he would introduce a
bylaw to amend the debenture by-
law. This amendment is necessary
because in tbs debenture bylaw
passed by last year's council the
bonded indebtedness of tbs city iB
erroneously stated.
A resolution wan also adopted urging tbe federal government to construct a ce'nentsidewalk around the
ne,v post office building, and a similar resolution asked the provincial
government to build a like walk on
Winnipeg avenue and Fifth street
in front of the new coui't house.
Wm Henderson, uf Victoria, government supervising architect, was
in tbe on Tuesday, and stated tbal
tbe federal government would build
a sidewalk around tbe post office as
tbe city* establishes a proper street
grade for the block. Ernest Miller,
M.P.P., has promised to lay the
matter of a sidewalk in front of tbe
court bouss before the provincial
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for eacb
day during the past week, as recorded by the government thermometer on E. F. LaWB' ranch:
Mill.) Max,
June 0—Friday  51 81
7—Saturday   .... 45 86
8-Sundiy,  60 79
9—Monday  55 69
10—Tuesday  54 78
11—Wednesday.. 46 81
12-Thursday  50 79
Rainfall  0.84
Farmers' Institute Meeting
A special meeting of the members
of Ihe Grand Forks Valley Farmers'
Institute will be held in Ihe Miners'
Union hall on Saturday evening,
June 14, st 8 o'clock, when the following government speakers will address the gathering: R, 0. Ashby
will speak on ''Feed Crops and Tillage," followed by J. U. Terry, who
is tbe secretary of the Provincial
l'oulty association, and will take
"Poultry" fur his subject. A large
and representative gathering is requested. The ladies snd everybudy
in any way interested in poultry are
specially invited to attend.
How to Clean Brass
To clean brass furnishings or to
remove fly spots or tarnish from
them tbey sbould be boiled for a
few minutes in a solution of one
ounce of alum to every pint of water. After boiling they should be
polished by some brass polish or
just a dry clotb. This will remove
tsrnish from all crevices where other
means faill.
For Sale—Top buggy and harness;
almost n*w. A big snap. E. C.
Did Net Feel Quite at Home In Togs,
Yet Success Was His
London, England.—Dressed as a woman, a frcsh-coir-plexloned young
Wokingham, Berkshire, police constable named Albert Pellwood so completely deceived John Butler, a local
painter, that he did not know until
alter Ills arrest that he had-attampted
to nut with a constable. At Wokingham police court Butler was sentenced
to two month-' hard labor tor sending
objectionable letters tj Miss Bartholomew, of Wokingham.
These letters, lt vas stated In court,
asked Miss Bartholomew to meet him
outside her heme. She did sot read
the letters, her mother opening them
nnd Ini- father Informing the police.
In order lo Identify the writer and to
arrest him, Superintendent Qoddard
conceived the Idea of dressing Sell-
wood in clothes belonging to Miss
Bartholomew. So disguised, Sell-
wood kept the appointment made for
JUss Bartholomew
Si-llwood Id h. w he played his
part. I dresae-l at Miss Bartholomew's house. 1 wore a tight-fitting
light brown .erge skirt, a white
blouse, a Dolly Varden hat, motor veil,
feather boa and a long gray ulster.
Dressing was not an eaBy .natter. The
skirt was rather tight round tbe
waist and the movements ot my legs
were very much restricted. The hat
went on easy enough but I had a
little trouble with the blouse.
Walking down the drive I found
myself tripping, through trying to do
the regulation 36-lnch stride. I soon
came down to 18 inches. I saw Butler standing near the gate and I walked up to him. Then I thought of my
voice, which is rather deep. I pitched
it as near to the falsetto as I could
and said: Good evening. He was de-
lighted to see me, called me 'Dearest'
and suggested a walk.
I arranged to meet him again two
evenings after at the same time and
place. On that evening at 7.30 I
dressed up again, only I was not alone.
Butler was then arreBted, and that
ended my part.
Further indication of the developments of Prince Rupert's fishing Industry Is to be found ln a despatch
from that place received at Grand
Trunk Pacific head-quarters in Montreal announcing the consignment of
the first car-load of halibut to the
east by the Canadian Fish and Cold
Storage Company. The fish are shipped to Boston by express and are reported to be In the very best of condition . Temporarily these shipments
are forwarded to Vancouver in regular coasting vessels and shipped
thence In cold storage cars but as
soon as the main line of the G.T.P.
Is completed they will be despatched
direct from Prince Rupert from that
So rapidly has the Canadian Fish
"and Cold Storage Company's business
developed that tt has recently been
obliged to add tw^ vessels purchased
In Seattle to Its already numerous
fleet. On these vessels are a large
number of fishermen from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland
coining north to engage ln their occupation at Prince Rupert.
He's the most superstitious poker
player 1 ever saw. -
Yes, and he got so superstitious
here lately that he doesn't play the
game at. all auy more.
You don't say?
Yes, he suddenly discovered that
there are thirteen cards in each stilt.
Nearly Impossible to Heat" Skin.
Badly Hurt.  Sore, Red and Inflamed. Could Not Sleep, Cuticura So'sp and Ointment Healed.
—■ i
llowFrnan River, Manitoba.—" When I
wm Ihlrteon yoara of ago 1 got my shin
badly hurt mul whoa healed tho akin wan
attuchctl to tin. bono. Tbo
li-ast hrulra would Injure
U and li was nearly Im-
jios .iiilo to heal. Tbo Roro
would bu very red and
Inflamed round tho edges
^and bud a burning sensa-
tlon. When extra Roro I
could not sleep at night on
account of tho pain. I al-
v ays wore a cotton bandage on lt from ths
r,uKIn to ttie knee. For a number of years
I used sticking plasters then got a salve.
I saw thc advertisement offering a freo nam-
II it* of 0 utlcura Hoap and Ointment and sent
for a sample and purchased some more and
In six days tho soro was healed completely.'"
(Signed) James Edwards, June 21,1012.
Treatment: Ciontly Btnoar tho affected
puts with Cuticura Ointment, on the end
nt the linger, but do not rub. Wash off the
rutlcura Ointment In llvo minutes with
( .iili-ura Soap and bot water and continue
bathing for somo minutes. Tbla treatment
ll beat nn rising and retiring. At other times
lira ('iiiinira Soap freely for tho toilet and
bath, to assist In preventing inflammation.
Irritation and chanting of tho pores. Sold
throughout tho world. Liberal sumi-le of
each freo, with 32-p. Skin Book. Address
post i-aril Potter Drug It Cbcm. Corp.,
Sept. 171). Boston, V. s. A,
Captain  and  Officers   are   Saved  by
Intercession of Woman Mission-
Hongkong, China. — i'he British
West river steal er Talon, which signaled that lt had heen attacked by
pirates, has arrived here. It reports
that the pirates, whose numbers were
variously estimated at from :. to 100
and who were armed with revolvers,
came on board at Hongkong last night
disguised as passengers bound for
The Talon was three hours out
from Hongkor.g and was Just outside
British quarters aud entering the Can.
ton river delta, wlKn the pirates rose.
They killed the Chinese steersman,
and havlnc thus held the steamer up,
seized Captain HolmeB, Chief Officer
Cornwall ; nd Engineer Macartney,
whom they tied up securely.
They attempted to burn a wom.*.n
missionary's cablu with rags soaked
In parafllne, and having stolen tHl her
money, amoun:'.ng to >80, ar.-t liar gold
watch, look ber Into the saloon. The
woman prevailed on the pirates not to
harm the European officers.
The pirates -.tiled one and wounded
four passengers all Chinese; ransacked the officers' cabins, stealing $170
ln cash, besides a quantit- of valuables, and secured a considerable
amount ot booty from the passengers.
They disabled the engines and dynamo, smashed the switchboard to atoms
and carried off the ship's lights and
standB of arms and ammunition. They
held possession of the steamer for
four hours, eventually rowing oil ln
a boat, which they stole, and two sampans.
French Steepleohate Society Guar.*
Against Fraud
Paris. — Penalties varying from
$100 to $1000, with power to withdraw trainers' licenses In the laBt f-
aort, are Imposed for doping (giving
stimulants to horses) by regulations
adopted at the annuai meeting of the
French Steeplechase'Society,
The responsibility Ib thrown on the
trainer In every case In which it is
proved that a horse ran under the Influence of a stimulant illegally administered. Horses with respiratory
tubes will he debarred from race
courses controlled by the society.
Wishes to Inspect World's Most Famous Fortifications
Berlin.—The Aalser Intends to pay
a visit to Qlbraltar next month in order to Inspect the famous citadel.
He will leave Cuxhaven ln the Im-
perator, the giant Hamburg-American
liner, which will be making Its maiden
Gibraltar will be reached ln three
days. One day will be devoted to
the fortresB, where it Is expected several British and foreign battleships
will gather to greet the royal visitor.
The kaiser will then return to Germany on the Impciator, which will
start on Us first Journey to America
a weelt later.
The kaiser has sent a:i invitation
to Sir Err;3'; Cassel to accompany
him on the trip.
Fumes From Benzine Tank i_ danger
Lives of Passenger
Geneva.—A strange accident Is reported from FlelmB, ln the Tyrol, endangering the lives ot seven visitors,
one of whom waB an Englishman.
The motor omnilus, which had replaced the old horsed diligence ln
the district of FleiniB, arrived at the
station of Fonunne-Frolde, and lhe
chauffeur opened the door to ask the
travelers to descend. All the passengers were lying in a heap, and looked
as If they were (lend. The unconscious travelers word at once carried
to n hotel, where doctors attended
them, and they recovered,
The cause of thc accident wa. a defective bentl. . lank. Thc fumes of
the gas had entered the closed car,
gradually rendering the occupants unconscious.
France In Possession of   What   She
, Would HaveVQiven Fortune to
Berlin.—It was recently stated
the press and public, with few exceptions, are manifesting a masterly
composure' over the fall of the Zeppelin secrets Into the bands of the
French. But ln the ultra-partrlottc
quarters of the air party Z 4's fate
produces a state of mind bordering on
Tho Taegliehe Rundschau suggests
that the officers ln the ship can only
be adequately dealt with in the way
France dealt with Marshall Bazatne
tor the surrender of Metis; namely,
by court man lai. The journal agrees
with Die Post that It waB he un-
questionubl > ■*.uty of the senior German officer In 2- 4 to blow up the airship with all on board and let lt
alight on the parade ground at Lune-
ville a shapelesj mass of smoking
wreckage, rather than run the risk
of permitting its priceless secrets to
fall Into French hands.
When the Zeppelin passenger airship company's offices at Frankfort-on-
Maln sent word to the kaiser at Hom-
burg of th.- events at Lunevllle, his
majesty's flrst Inquiry wa3 for the
names of .he officers -in board.
It Is declared that the French Intelligence department has gained Information for .vhlch it would probably
have been -glad to pay an Immense
Bum of money. That ls the point
which strikes Grrmans as by far t_.e
gravest aspect of the affair. The
Taegltche Rundschau even expresses
the fear that the prize which has fallen Into France's hands may be deemed by her of Buch enormous value
that she will not much longer delay
the day of reckoning. Captain Hild-
ebrandt, in the Lokal Anzelger, however, says the French will not even
now be able to Imitate the Zeppelins.
London.—A carpenter named Har-
nlgold, living at Terrlngton, West
Norfolk, dreamed on Wednesday night
that on the following day he would
have to make a coffin for his father'.
On the following morning the father
vas found dead ln bed from heart
seizure, and later In the day the son
made the    >ff!n.
W.  N.  U. 9.8
Built by a Syndicate Including Many
• Americans
Paris.—The Grand Theatre des
Champs ElyBees gave two Inaugural
performances recently of "Benvenulo
Cellini,' by Berlioz, and of 'Freisch-
uetz,' because one performance would
not be sufficient to enable the thousands who wished to do so to make
acquaintance with the new theatre.
The Theatre has been built by a
syndicate, in which there Is a good
deal of English and American money,
In the Avenue Montaigne, which rjns
down to the Seine from the Champs
ElyfleeB. It will seat about 2000 people and has hien built In rather less
than two yeara.
Can Dutch Cows Read
The H.-gue.—C-ttle unaccompanied
by a drover are forbidden   to   cross
this bridge, runs the Inscriitlon on a
signpost near Harlem, Holland.
A Tonic Mediate ii '• Necessity
at This Season.
Dr. Williams' Pink PIUs for Pale
People are an all year round tonic,
blood-builder and nerve-restorer. But
they are especially valuable in the
spring when the system is loaded with
Impurities as a result of the indoor
life of tho winter months. There is
no other season when thc I Iood Is
bo much In ueed of purifying and enriching, and every dose of these pills
helps to make rew, rich, red blood.
In the spring one feels weak and
tired—Dr. Williams' Pink Pills give
strength. In the tprlng the appetite
ls often poor—Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills develop the appetite, tone the
stomach and aid weak digestion. It
ls in the spring that poisons ln the
blood find an outlet ln disfiguring
pimples, eruptions .-.nd bolls — Dr
Williams' Pink Pills speedily clear
the akin because they go to the root
ot the tro- le In the blood. In tie
spring anaemia, rheumatism, Indigestion, neuralgia, erysipelas and many
other troubles are most persistent
because of poor, weak blood, Lad lt Is
at this time when all nature takes
on new life that the blood most seriously needs attention. borne people
dose themselves with purgatives at
this season, '.ut theso only further
weaken themselves. A pt-rcitlve
merely gallops tbrough the system,
emptying fie bowelo, but It does not
cure anything On the other hand
Dr. WIlliamB* Pl_.k Pilla actually
make new blood which reaches every
nerve and organ In the body, bringing new Btrengtta. i ew health and vigor to weal:, easily tired men, women
and children. Try Dr. Williams'
p:nk Pills this spring—they will not
disappoint you.
Sold by all "edit-In. dealers or
sent by nn.'l at EO cents a box or six
boxes for $2.B0 by The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
"Wormy," that's what'a the matter of 'em. Stomach and
intestinal worms. Nearly aa bad aa distemper. Cost you
too much to feed 'em. Look bad—are bad. Don't physio
'em to death. Spohn's Cure will remove the worms, Improve
*the appetite, ana tone 'em up all round, and don't ''physic."
Acts on glands and blood. Full directions with each bottle,
and sold by all druggists.
SPOHN MEDICAL CO., Chemists, Goshen, Ind., U.S.A.
Howls the Colt?
A little colt—like a little baby—mutt have careful feeding*,
if you wnnt to raise a sturdy, valuable animal As won as
the colt outgrows its mother's milk, add a little INTER.
NATIONAL STOCK FOODlto ita regular feed. This
will help tha colt to grow in size, vigor and atrengtb.
International Stock Food
li Ui. greatest tonic known for all cla-ie. of hone*. Your
hones will keep healthy, their coat, will be glossier, and
they will Imve more life and vim on fi quart, of oat. and
6 quart, without it. Be.ideethl.it will assist it, keeping
your hone, free from di.ten.pcr, colic, inftuenia, etc.
It will pay you to um INTERNATIONAL STOCK 1'OOD every day
for your horses, a. well ae all your other live Block.
i\ '.  .'.    Tellu. how many head of Mock you own and w. will _cad you, froe, a
......-    ....    copy of our t3,(K)0 Stock Book.   You need it on tha farm.
      _ I International Stock Food and Veterinary Preparation., also Poultry
aad Poultry Remedies, are for .ale by dealen everywhere.   Every preparation te .old on
a epot cash guarantee to give satisfactory results or your money refunded.
If your stealer eannot sni.fly you write us direct.
International Stock Food Co., Limited
Soma Say So
In our lesson today, said the Sunday school teacher, occurs this sentence: Beware of false prophets Can
any of you boys tell me what a false
prophet is?
Well, Sammy.
Please, ma'am, the weather man.
Vour druggist will refund money If PAZO
OINTMENT falls to cun any cat. of Itching, Blind. Bleeding or Protruding Piles
In li to 14 days.    10c.        -^
It Cured Him
There had been a little breeze at
dinner. Relations between husband
and wife, were for the time being,
distinctly strained. The silence grew
So you think I smoke too much?
he asked at length, harping back on
the same chord, just by way ot saying something.
Not at all, she replied deliberately
forcing .1 yawn.
Well, that's what you said a few
minutes ago.
I didn't say anything ot the sort.
! don't think you're smoking too much.
Didn't you say I'd die lf I didn't
cut it down?
Yes; that s what I said.
And It took him quite a long time
to grasp the meaning of the remark
Then he was quite angry.
But it cured him,of the habit.
Stuff Photographer—I've caught -.
snapshot of the fleeing gambler!
City Editor—flood! Now take a
time exponure uf the police In pur-
The Man Who DrtvM An
Automobile Find*
The Only cleaner that will
effectually remove irtase,
oil or paint atalns and leave
the hands smooth and (oft.
100% better than soap.
Yeu Mer tells Su*
tars Iks Csasaas.
Mlnard'a L'llment used by Physicians
Art as an Amusement
Post lmpressloniut—Of    course   I
paint purely for my own amusement
you know.
Visitor to    Studio—Nonsense,    my
dear fellow.   They simply tickle us to
death, too!	
Miller's Worm Powders are par excellence the medicine for children
who are found suffering from the rav.
ages of worms. They Immediately
alter the stomachic conditions under
which the worms subsist and drive
them from the system, anJ, at the
same time, they are tonlcal In their
effect upon the digestive organs, restoring them tn healthful operation
and ensuring immunity from further
disorders from such a cause.
Suicide by Machine-Gun
Berlin.—A private ln an Infantry
regiment ,.t Graz has committed suicide ' y placing himself before a m.-
chlne-gun and firing lt by means of a
cord. -His tveast was riddled with
bullets. The ma. had had differences with his superior officers.
Edgar Knew Them—The teacher
was hearing her,class of small boys
in mathematics.
Edgu.. she said, If your father can
do a piece of work ln seven days,
and your Uncle William cnn do It In
nine days, how long would 1*. take
both of them to do lt?
They would never get done, answered the boy earnestly. They would
sit down and tell f.ih stories.
A Power of Its Own.—Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil lias a subtle power
of Its own that other oils cannot pretend to, though (here are many pretenders. All who hnvi used It know
this and keep It by them as 111- most
valuable liniment available. Its
uses are Inmimern' lo and for many
years It hts been priced as the leading liniment for   ian and beast.
The Runaway
1 think, old fellow, began Mr. Fani-
blyman, it Is time you were beginning
to hunt for a wife.
To hunt foi one replied the highly-
eligible bachelor. You mean it ls
time I gave up avoiding one and ullowed myself to be captured.
Keep Ml-rrd'a Liniment In the house
Taken to Heart
Mrs. Chancel—Oh, Henry, I wish
you had been to church this morning.
Dr. Dives tireached one of the loveliest sermons on 'Love your neighbor'
and the wny his remarks made that
spiteful, hateful Mrs. Gabbers squirm
was something that would have done
tour heart good.
Is CLEAN, and
;hance ol
if you vse
The Guaranteed "ONE DYE for
All Kindt of Cloth."
THY IT •nd prov* It (or yourself 1
Send for Freo Color Card. Story Book la t, tnd Book-
lot living rasults of Uy«lnn over other colon.
TM John-wn-Ktefcldton Co., JJmlUd. .  Monireil
Maypole Soap
With Maypob
Sup iIick ■• a*
trouble and no ai us.
ia host dydne.
Dyes cotloa, wool,
•ilk oi milium. 24
colon-will live uy
•hade. Colors lOt.
Black l5c--atyou
dealer's oi postpaid
wild booklet "Haw
la Dys"fna
.  F. I. BENEDICT I CS. iotilti.l
TheOld Reliable
Horse Remedy
II   1   ofl.rm.r. Mil
/■ and horsemen IBM
•M have saved money ^BlH
■ by using   Ken- ■»
*tr* _t_,u,_,a___._,i_.r'„r_a   ^^*^
of farmers
and horseman
hsvesaved money
by using Ken-
fee Spavins, Curb, Ringbone, Splint, Bony'
Growths and Lameness from many other
causes. Tbese man know that Kendall's
Is a monty saver and a horse saver. Wa
can prove It by thousands of
Grateful Utters From Item
lAWM-AJI, «.•_«., Dac. IjUl, 1(11-
"I liare a lanre slock of horses and aa a
jer of Kendall's Spavin Cure. I must aay
that I alwaya had tne beat aatisfection f rom
Ita use, aud caa teem-mended lt to any
kone owner." JOSBPH PVUHO.
rioaon Ua MA*. Die. -4th, 1911.
"I have used Keadall's Spavla Cure fot
(ve years. I find it a aura cure for Hpeviss."
rrlce ii per bottle-t bottles Is. Aak
dnigilat lor free book -'Treatise aa tbe
Horse" or write lo as. 79
Dr. B. J. KandaU Coaopuy
%**»*,, Falls, Vossaart. U. S. A,
LADIES VVANTED-To do work ti
kotnt; decorating cushion topi; caa
■tke from IS to 15 per day: pleaaul
work.   Avraoui- Art Co., Dept. N, 41
Steele Blk.. Winnipeg.
Empty-headed  ner can
uo time.
_.et full In
"Sample fraa ITyou writ* National
Dn:z and chemical Co., of Canadas
Limited, Toronto.'*
Book Free.    A
OM aeres. ek<
t  _,
^f)*****S. Old .aeree. akera aad
^^^^^        irawlha cared.   Dsacriba
artraaklei wa wUIaaadbask aadlaaHawalala
The Heart of a Piano is the
Action.  Insist on the
 Piano Action	
--     —. _____*,_■ -ft-n.,fl- anvr baa b
TBKTHING, with r-WV-KT oufl.fl.Bo-,. -.
SOOTH-tU the CHILD, 80-T-W8 the OUM-L
a, the best remedy for DtAKRHCBA. It Is ab-
aolutely harralees. le aure aad aak lot "Mm
- '   -     -      .. . m „ .mt ^y_ ^ __«___#
Mad.  Tweaty
w—m.v./ taarmieea,  «e aure ■*» ».-_ »_,
Wlastow's Stmt blag Syrup," aad Uke at
Tweaty-fiva ceata a bottle.
Juat what you r quire to keep account ot your expense!. Drc> a
line to your local Bank. They will
send you one for the a king.
.Something better than linen, and no
laundry   bills.   Wash with    Soap   and
Water.   All stores, or direct.   State style
and size,   ror _6c.  we will mall you.
58  Frruer Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Reason and Instinct
Inquiring Son—Papa, what ls reason?
Fond Pt rent—Reason, my boy, Is
that which enables a mau to determine
what is right.
Inquiring Son—And ./hat la Instinct.
Fond Parent—Instinct la that which
tells a woman she Is right, whether
sho ls or not.    -  _.
Hard and soft corns both yield to
Holloway's Corn Cure, which Is entirely safe fo use, and certain and
satisfactory ln Its action..
Eddie Wins Out
Doss—Who's been marking up this
Office Boy—I—I was checking off
the number ot days till baseball started.
Boss—Pardon me, Eddie; bring It
over here and we'll figure lt out together.
-- DODDS    x
k pills 4
,,,    *„>ruM»f!M'
I,       "CKT-fl   D^.,»r    .    ,
50o. ■ box or six Lcxss for $2.60,
at all dealers, or Ths Dodds Medl-
olns Compsny, Limited, Toronto,
W. N. U. Ml
How the Federal Reaervea are Being
lhe Dominion Forest Service has
progressed farther than any other service ln Canada ln the laying out of
forest reserves and providing foi- their
proper administration. Sixteen million acres have been definitely set
apart by Act ot Parliament to be administered as forest reserves. Additional areas are being examined each
year, and some six million acres additional are now under temporary reservation and will shortly be added to
the reserves set apart by statute.
The mere setting apart of reserves,
though an Important step, is only a
preliminary one. Although, unfortunately, ln some cases lt has not
been realised that anything further Is necessary, this mistake bas not
been made In the federal administration.
The reserves have been organized
by appointing an Inspector ln charge
for each ot the western provinces.
The Inspectors selected are ipen who
have had a thoroughly technical training ln forestry and who have shown
good administrative ability. In each
ot the Inspection districts the reserves
areas are laid out In units or forests
eacb under charge of a technically
trained man or a man experienced la
timber Administration. Twelve such
divisions have already been established, and others are being organised
and manned with forest rangers as
the development of the reserves and
the fire danger may render nec-ssary.
These divisions do nrt Include patrol
outside of forest reserves on tbe large
area ot forest not Included therein.
In sucb areas there are in addition
twelve patrol divisions each under
charge of a chief Are ranger.
On each ot tbe forests, houses bave
been erected tor the forest rangers
so tbat they may be close to their
work and give it careful supervision!
At different points throughout the tor-
est,'huts bave been erected as headquarters tor summer patrols and ln
some ot the more   inaccessible   districts.     470 miles ot trails and roads
hsvs been constructed so as to make
the reserves more- accessible.     10
bridges have been  constructed,  and
100 miles of telephone have leen put
in operation.    A much enlarged programme of such improvement work
has been laid out for tbe coming yew.
A conterence ot the Inspectors was
recently held at Ottawa to plan the
work for the comirg season and the
construction work on tbe reserves will
be pushed as rapidly as possi'-> so as
to bave tbe reserves made Immune
from fire, as tbey ars In Europe, in
the shortest possible time.
A Puixls
What puzzles me, * said Uncle
Snooks as be look-1 up from a book
he was consulting, is this: It a man
ls standing on tbe side of a hill or
mountain how Is he to settle ln bis
mind whether he ls on an acclivity
or declivity? According to my dictionary bere the former Is a slope up
and the latter a slope down. I've
never yet seen a slope up that didn't
slope down.
When there are children ln the
borne lt requires constant attention
to keep them freo from the many
childhood ailments whicb come so
quickly—some ot them proving fatal
while others leave the little one cross,
restless and * eak. To keep little
ones well Baby's Own Tablets must
be kept ln the house. These Tablets
regulate the stomach and bowels,
break up colds and fevers; expel
worms and make teething easy. The
Tablets aro sold by medicine dealers
l.- by mail at 25 cents a box from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont,
He Understood
The man and bis wife In the motor
car came face to face with the man
on a heavily-laden wagon ln a narrow
lane.     Quite as a matter ot course
the husband made a move to back out
and allow the wagon to pass.     But
bis wife objected.
Let blm back out she said coldly.
We were bere flrst,    He must bave
seen us coming.
Her busband pointed   out   that   a
sharp curve ln the road rendered, this
I don't care reiterated the dame ln
the car.    I don't intend to move. I'd
rather remain here all day.
But—, the husband began feebly.
Ole over, man, said the carter, and
the tones of bts voice expressed a
great sympathy.     Don't   nrgy   any
more.     I'll back out. 'I've got one
like her at 'omel	
Ask for Mlnsrd's and take no other
No Chance to Escape
I couldn't get out of marrying her,
Henpeck explained      When she »"-o-
posed she said: Will you marry me?
Have you any objection?     You see,
no matter whether I said yes or no,
she had me.
Why didn't you just keep silent,
then? Inquired his friend.
That's what I did, and she said:
Silence gives .onscnt, and that ended
Tbe house Is so lonesome without
you and the dear children, writes
Blibbtns now to the absent wife, who
ls with the family at her mother's.
But the faithful mali-of-all-work
writes: Shure, mi .n, Mr. I llbblns
hasn't ocen In until after twelve
! o'clock never a night since you left.
Thankful to the Medicine That
Gave Him Ability For
the Task.
Few men of eighty-five years of age
can boast of much else but poor
health and failing strength. Acl such
was the condition ot Mr. Ben].
Marsh, who ls known to every soul
ln the neighborhood of hts home at
Lime Lake, Ont.
"Quite unsolicited," write: Mr.
Marsh, "I wish to say how I have
been bothered for years with stomach
trouble. I tried everything I could
think ot without benefit. V was terribly afflicted with swelling and gas,
and had mucb distress .between
meals. I tried everything I could
tblnk of, but without beneflt. Then
I was recommended Nerviline. My,
but Nerviline did tne a power ot good
—made a new man ot me, so that
within tbe last three weeks I bave
been able to. split about forty cords
of stove woo.. I will always stick
to Nervd-llne and will always recommend lt, and would like to meet anyone apd convince tbem if in doubt
as to wbat Nerviline bas done tor
For sour stomach, nausea, belching
of gas, cramps anl sudden sickness
at night, nothing ls more helpful ln
the borne, nothing saves so much pain
and distress as Nerviline. Large
family size bottles, 60c; small size,
26c; at all storekeepers and druggists or Tbe Catarrhozone Co., Buffalo, N.T.
All Square
It was in a West End restaurant,
where Sandy went for a drink, and
he ordered a whisky and soda, for
which they charged blm a whole shilling. He complained of the price
and said that he was only accustomed to pay threep -e for a nip, of
Next day Sandy went Into the eame
place again, ordered a drink and put
down threepence, It wa3 a. different barman, but he protested.
No, no said Sandy. No, no, mon;
that's all right. I saw yer pictures
Minard's    Liniment     Lumberman's
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
Cot out cathartic! and partitives.  They ar*
WataV-hartW-unncceiaary. Try
■ Purely vegetable,
gently on the liver,
soothe thedefi.
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price.
Genuine nut beat Signature
On Broadway
Say, George, remarked his friend,
pulling his elbow. Look across the
street there. Do you notice what
a tunny, bouncing walk that girl has?
Sure, replied Oeorge, and why not?
She's a spring chicken, you knowl
In Oensrsl Demand
The Shopper—Why do you say that
this ls the last word in dress goods?
The Salesman—Because every woman will Insist on bavlng lt.
-0* ,
A Paradox
Husband—Why, dear, are you putting on all tbat make-up?
Wife—Going to have my picture
taken and want to look natural.
C.P.R. Flower Day |   MAfl^fffff^u
It ls Inst twa.ty-four years since
an employ- of the C.P.R. raised a
tew varieties of flower seeds tn his
owit garden   and   distributed   them
among his friends ln   the   company
with the Idea of beautifying to some
extent the somewhat barren aspect of
the  stations on the  railroad  round
houses and yar'. offices on the company's property.     It was a small beginning, bu today the C.P.R. Is celebrating its semi-annual flower day and
the little seed planted tn the earlier
day bas grown to such an extent that
lt requires a flora! department to handle the work and instead ot a tew
packages of seeds handed out to j,
limited number ot employe-- no lens
tt-an 160,000 packets ot various varieties have been distributed to station
agents, sectlo-.   foremen,   those   ln
charge of round houses, yard offices
and all employes living on company's
property, showing an inclination towards tbe cultivation ot flowers.     In
tbe fall a million ot bulbs were given
out and the bene-'t ot these ls now being felt, as trom the Atlantic to the
Pacific and even on   Vancouver   Island, the traveller will nee the delightful results trom the tall planting ot
theso luxurious flowers.   Even in the
midst ot the prairies where men are
permanently encamped working on the
Irrigation  ditches at forty different
points have seeds been sent for cultivation, which ls another demonstration ot the effect   the   tending   ot
Hi./era bas on the human mind and
body.   Those men take a great delight in caring for the plants as they
gradually grow md enjoy their fragrance as much a-i   the  man  nearer
home.   Tbe Influences and encouragement of flower growing on the C.P.R.
during the last twenty-four years has
materially assisted ln the Inauguration
of floral societies   ln   almost   every
town along the lines of the syBtetn,
and an examination will show that
actively connect I with   theso   hundreds of societies are employes of
the C.P.R,   wbose   flrst   lesson   ln
flower culture and. the love ot the
beautiful were learned in the service
of the company under the stimulating influences ot the   Floral   depart-
: ent.   Station   Improvements   have
led to town improvements and often
the C.P.R.  is asked  to co-operate
with some of these Institutions for the
beautifying of open   spaces,   and   ln
msny Instances the station ls a sort
of bureau   tor   flower   information,
while the floral department at Montreal ls looked  upon as the headquarters ot flower Information tor the
whole ot the C.P.R. system trom the
Atlantic to the PaJflc.      In   every
division      special       prizes        are
awarded tor tho best displays and
, many ot the employes have become so
Interested ln the work as to try their
I results against the hest ln the country by exhibition at the big exhibit
-        I-.._,_,_.__._■   thev  haVt
a Splendid io cent Household Specialty is being Introduced all over Canada. It is Appreciated by the Thrifty
Housewife who wants things "Just a
Little Better." Send Post Card today.   Simply say :—
"Send Household Specialty ad-
.vertlsed  ia .toy  Newspaper."
That's all 1 You will be Delighted I Pay
if Satisfied,   We take the risk.   Send
to-day 1 Address P.O. 1240, MontreaL
Tbat Are Guaranteed
Why tak-! Chances In buying a pair
■-f gloves when you can (st a positive
guarantee backed by Canada's
Urges! glove faetorj In lhe
mads from specially tanned horae-
hlda. Guaranteed wet pro f, wind
pr.ol, stoam and heat proof. Send
for lllv .tratlona.
Csaada*tft«tit«tonrHiaMastra,   '
Fata of the Fars
eAiMthrnVthe big:«*|"H    The portly gentleman   hailed   tht
In many Instances they have  -„,„, „,,,,     Cabby, he said, |1.M
 ....ariii and have carried | J*f you drlve me t0 y^ Btatlon ln lest
Advice to Expectant Mothers
Th* experience of Motherhood Is a trying one to most women and marks dis.
Unctly an epoch In their lives. Not ons
woman in a hundred Is prepared or understands how to properly cars for herself. Of course nearly every woman
nowadays baa medical treatment at
such times, but many approach ths
experience with an organism unfitted
for the trial of strength, and whsn It
is over her system has received a shock
from which It is hard to recover. Following right upon this comes tiie nervous strain of caring for the child, and
a distinct change in ths mother results.
There la nothing more charming titan
a happy and healthy mother of children,
and indeed child-birth under ths right
conditions need be no hasard to health or
beauty. The nnexplainable thing Is that,
with all the evidence of shattered nerves
and broken health resulting from an un-
1>repared condition, and with ample time
n which to prepare, women will persist
in going blindly to the trial
Every woman at this time should rely
upon Lydia E.Pinkham'aVagetabla Compound, a most valuable tonic and invlg-
orator ot the female organism.
In many homes "*'~*-—
ones childless there
are now children because of ths fact
that Lydia E. Pink-
ham's Vegetable
Compound makes
woman normal,
healthy and strong.
If you want special advice -write te
Lydia B. Pinkbaatledlelae Ce. (eoall-
deatlal) Lynn, Mass, Tour letter will
be opened, read and answered by a
woman aad held ia' strict confidence.
ions. In many iuswik_b .__.„, —
been very successful and have carried
away ths premie, prizer Many
agents bave wonderful vegetable gar-
dene In the west for the climate ls
such that anything can be grown,
The Pill That Brings Relief.—When
after ons has partaken ot a meal he ls
oppressed by feelings ot fullness and
pains ln the stomach he suffers from
dyspepsia, which will persls*. it lt
be not dealt with. Parmelee's Vegetable PIUs are tbe very best medicine
that can be taken to bring relief.
Thess pills are specially compounded
to deal with dyspepsia, and their
sterling qualities ln this rupect can
be vouched for by legions of users.
Exact Location
It doesn't alwaya pay a lawyer to
be stern with the posing witnesses
when cross-examining them. They
are often as clever -as the attorney
and the following anecdote illustrates
how one witness put one over on a
bright young lawyer.
Sir, said the U.wyer sternly, you
need not stat. your Impressions. We
want facts. Nov, henceforward, an-
swer me categorically. You Bay you
live next door to the defendant?
Yes.     To the north of Mm?
No.    To the south?     °
No.     To De west, then?
Ah, said the lawyer sarcastically, at
last we are likely to get down to one
real fact.     You lire to the cast ot
him, do you?
How Is that, sir? said the astonish'
ed attorney You say you live next
door to him yet you live neither to
tho east, west, south nor nortli. What
do you mean by that sir?
I thought perhsp. you were lncom-
peten to form the   Impression   that
we live ln a flat, said the witness;
but I see I must Inform you that bs
lives next door above me.
■Twas Dstter So
They  were engaged.   Perhaps  1-
repented; perhaps be did it only for
tun.     Said he:
My darling Ethel, what would you
say lf I were to tell you that I cannot
marry you.
I would cay, my dearest love, that
l have a big brother who would make
It warm for you, and that I have some
of the sweetest little billets-doux that
would make lt   expensive   tor   you,
Oeorge dear.
But you know I haven't said lt.
I know you haven't, my pet.
So we'd better get married, hadn't
1 think so, ,ny precious.
Ponder This—You'll be sorry soLe
day that you dldn". marry.
Well, I'd rather not be married trnd
be sorry I wasn't than be married at.d
sorry I was
than fifteen minutes.
In he Jumped and away weat cabby
at a rattling rate. On reaching tha
station he was delighted to see that
he had still three minutes to spare..
As soon as the door was opened tba
faVe stepped out, panting and mopping
his streaming brow.
Whatevcr's the matter? asked cabby.
Matter! Phew! Can't you see that
the bottom's dropped out of the cab
and I've had to run all the way to tha
station. Phew! Then, as he looked
about him, hts purple face becoming
mauve. Cabby, he said, you'va
I brought me to the wrong Btatlon, aad
I've lost ths train.
A ragged urchin trud_">d Into tha
shoemaker's and laid a big pair of
shoes on the counter.
Me father wants dese shoes stretched, he said.
All right, replied the shoemaker,
where do they pinch him?
Aw, answered the youngster, dey
don't pinch him—he pinched dem!
The Wold's
Confidence id
any article intended to relieve
the sufferings of humanity is
not lightly won. There must
be continued proof of value.
But for three generations, and
throughout the world, enduring and growing fame and
favor have   been   accorded
because they have proved to
be the best corrective and
preventive of disordered conditions of stomach, liver, kidneys and bowels. The first
dose gives quick relief and permanent improvement follows
their systematic use. A trial
will show why, in all homes,
the use of Beecham's Pills
To Increase
ISM everywhere,  la Uaee, M aaats.
Ik hraast tela el ear ssseUas. Da sas *sm*%
asd-d tarsal Iks _Ut«-l«e-wld. ..__•/_._. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B.C.
Hip (Brani-Starka &ttn
ine fear    WJg
One Tear (In advanoe)  1.00
line Year, ln United States      MO
Address all coramtinicutions to
-   Thb Grand Forks Suit.
-'horb RM Qrand Porks, B.O
FRIDAY,  JUNE 13, 191S
A bulletin published this year by
the Toronto department of health
contains Bome advice on tbe prevention of drowning whicb might be
read witb profit by tbe people of
every community. No one, it says,
sbould use a canoe who can nol
swim. No one Bhould even enter a
canoe who can not swim, for the unskilled man may cause tbe death of
himself and tbe swimmer wbo is
witb bim. Eeveryone, it advises,
sbould learn to swim; but as tbe
swimmer not infrequently meets his
death, tbrough heart failure, wrongly
described as cramp, everyone should
bave bis heart examined at tbe beginning of each season. "In the
event of drowning," the report continues, "don't lose a minute in res
cuing the body from the water, and
always try to restore life. Ten minutes under the water i» usually given
as tbe limit, yet people have been
resuscitated after a balf hour or
more. Begin operations immediate,
ly after the body is taken from tbe
water. Lay tbe body face downwards, with the stomach resting on
a roll of clothing, a log, or a barrel,
witb tbe head lower tban tbe rest of
the body, so that tbe water may run
out from tbs tbroat and lungs.
Clean tbe mouth of all mucous witb
a corner of a handkerchief wound
around tbe finger; keep tbe jaws
separated witb a stick,atound wbich
is wrapped a piece of clotb; keep
tbe face exposed to tbe air, and
promptly and untiringly use some
method of artificial respiration. The
Chafer method as used by tbe Royai
Life Saving association is probably
tbe most simple and least fatiguing,
and can be performed by one person. Most important, however,
whatever method you une, is not to
give up too sunn. There should be
no relaviug for ut least two hours,
as at any moment up to tbat period
signs ul recovery may occur."
fifty old gentlemen in tbe senate instead of appealing to the seven million or more people of Canada?"
A Marvel of Accuracy, Thinness and
Mr. Hniirii-ca, the erratic Nation
alist, queries: "If Mr. Borden really
has faith in bit* naval bill, why does
he allow it to be destroyed by some
Second  International   Egg-
Laying Contest
Held under the supervision of the
provincial department of agriculture,
at the exhibition grounds, Victoria.
Total eggs laid from December 2,
1912, to June 2, 1913:
No. of
Pen.    Owner aud Breed.           Eggs
1—C. P. Stainer, Cowichan, Anemias 628
2—V. Cleeve9,Hagan PIO., Saanichton, White Leghorns 582
3—R. W- Russell,PO. Box 450,
Nanaimo, White Leghorns...615
4—A. Unsworth, Sardis, White
Leghorns 680'
5—E. A. Orr, Chilliwack, White
Leghorns  514
6—V.   H.   Wilson     Koksalah,
White Leghorns 509
7—J.   Emery,   Sidney,    White
Leghorns 603
8_W. Senkbeil,   Britcola P. O.,
Buff Minorcas 297
9—F. Preston.care F. P. Hearns
'    & Son, 155,  Uth  Av.  E,
Vancouver, Anconas 494
10—H. Nicholson, Turgoose P. O,,
Saanichton, White Leghorna.506
11—C. N.  Borton,  Summerland,
Brown Leghorns  486
13—A, H. Anderson, Laity road,
Port Hammond, S. S. Hamburgs .- 672
13—Mrs. Ci-oss,2138 Belmont av„
Victoria, White Leghorns..,599
14—A Easton,   Duncan,   B,   C,
White Leghorns  660
15—Norie Bros., Cowichan, White
Leghorna  728
16—J. Amsden, Box 1, Deerholme
P.O., White Leghorns 703
17—E.   Soole,  Cowichan, White
Leghorns 737
18—Seymour  Breen,  Duncan, B.
ti, White Leghorns 696
19—J.   E,    Baines,   Saanichton,
White Leghorns....! 2593
20—J. Allen, Box 49, Port Langley, Buff Leghorns  631
21—R. Wilson, Langley   Prairie,
Barred Rocks  422
22—L.     F.    Solly,   Westholme,
White Wyandottes 552
23—A.   C.   Eovekin,   Glengarry
farm,Metchosin,Bar'd Kocks-464
24—O. E. Henning, Mead, Neb.,
Blaok Orpingtons 464
25—Svseph Arnoulcl,Sardis, White
Wyaudottes :.,514
26—J. Wood, 1153 Caledonia av.
Victoria, Buff Orpingtons ..331
27—Dean Bros.," Keatings, White
Wjamlottes 490
28—W. Miller HiggR, Sunlie Bay,
near Victoria, W. Cor Game349
29—J.  J.   Dougan, Cobble Hill,
S. C. Reds  489
30-F. Horth, Sidney, B. C, Col.
Wyandottes   ..." :450
31—C. Adams, Box 840,Victuria,
White Wyandottes  525
32—C.   W. Bobbins,  Chilli-wank,
Buff Orpingtons 593
33—Feni   Matthews,   Kamloops,
'—We recommend the -Hamilton to any one who wants a timekeeper of perfect and continuous ac
<% .fam..tc.ii Matrlf
'The Railroad Timekeeper of America,"
We ean aell you the complete watch, or wu
oan supply a Hamilton movement fitted to
vour present watch ease.  All sizes fui men
, u, nunnioun orano forks. «.c.
Milk and Cream delivered td all parts of the city
twice daily. Dairy abso-
solutely sanitary. We endeavor to please our customers.
Barred   Rocks 541
34—0. B. Ormond, R. D. 3, Victoria, RC. Reds 328
35—H. E. Wttby, Enderby,Barred
Rocks 544
36—Dr. W. H. B. Medd, Mount
Tolinie, Black Orpingtons 254
37—Mrs. E. McO. Mottley, Kamloops, S. C. Reds ....529
38—W. H. Van Arum, 2390 Cad.-
boi-o Bay Road, Victoria,
White Orpingtons  341
39—A. E. Smith, Maywood P.O ,
Victoria, S.C. Reds 659
40—S. D Evans, Box *__01, Penticton, White Orpingtons 419
The man wbo always keeps bis
temper ought to have a good supply
oii hand
There probably is good in everybody, but it never KM..nns brave
enough to crop out of some folks.
Most girls are fond of a good complexion and are generally willing to
pay good money for it.
we've cot what you
We Have Received Today
Fresh-killed Beet, rJVIutton, Veal
and Young Pork'
Fresh Fish Daily*
Including Salmon and Halibut
P. Bums C& Co. Limited
Jt\Iliiv>rl goods
Used in the West exclusively, being highest in
qnaiity. See our new stock pf Gloves, Balls' etc.
Reach Balls  .$1.25 each
Woodland C&> Quinn
The Rexall Druggists
II. C." and "Copper King" Mineral Claims,
situate It, the Qrand Forki Mining Division
ol Yale District.
Where located:   Id Franklin oamp.
TAKK NOTICE llhat I, William II. H.riTinan,
formvse.f as executor oi the will nf tlie
Ule Catherine Hoffman, and at agent ior
Jacob M. Haul-on. Free Miners' Certificates
Nos. SIMOB andlMTSB, respectively, Intend,
sixty ,daya from tha date hereof, to ap.
ply to the Mining Recorder tor Certificates
of Improvement, for the purpose of obtaining Crown orants of the above claims. '
And further take notioe that aetioa, under
seotion 87, must be commence,! before the
Issuance of sucb Certificate! of Improve*
Dated this 6tli day of May, A.D. 1019.
SEALED TENDERS will be received by the
underslgi ed tip tu I'i n'rloek imoli on Tuesday, 22ntl July. IMS. for Ihe purchase nf the
undermentioned mineral claim forfeited to
the crown. All tender- must be st leo-t equal
tu the llplct price as irlven below, which represents the taxe,,c<>-ts, interest, etc.. Crown
i'rant Fees and cost of advertising.
Tlieuame i f 'he mineral claim ts "Annua."
Lot 1241 situate ue.ir Grand  Forks. In the
O-oyoos Division, Yal>- Distrlot.   Upcet price
Ills. Kt.  Kaon lender must heaooonipaiiled by
a certified, oheque payable at par at Pontic-
ton.  Tlie cheque of any unsuccessful ten-
deren-r will be teturucd at • noe.
Dated at Fairview 10th day of June, I*-18.
JAS. R. Bitot. N,
Government Agent,
Fairview, II. C.
j    ** Ana St., Nsw York City.
AafUtis, xx*§.
DsarSln I have known for ovsr MTsartof thg
ejects of Wilson's Remedy [Wilson's tt**mat*m
ssoosry troo-.es.   At tins point 1 will say to yea
; what you bars nnt before known of: that 4s years
aloes, wlills I was a rr.itl-nt of N.Y. City, 1 waa
scrersly ill with lung trouble. Physicians said lwas
• coBsumptifl-e snd my .stnily physician told my wife
i that hs thought I could nol recover,   MraUaatloa
1 wu directed to the Wilson Ksaedy, which I met
with splsodid elect. I bays besa eo av fast aad at
work ever sloes my e*re.  Yours truly,
1 .Pastor U, I.Church, Hunter, (GrssaaCo.,) N.Y.
Oa Dec t, ■«■!, Mr. Sanr wrote Mr, Abbott)
"My hsalth Is very good.1'
If yon will  write Mr. Abbott ha
will gladly furni.li you say further
*  information yon desire.
IN THE MATTr-H of an Application tor the
Issue of Duplicate Certificates of Title to
Lots Ito IS inclusive, Block 4. Map'-..and
Lots 6 and 15, Block 1, Subdivision oi Lot
SIS. Map67.
intention to issue at the expiration of
one month after the first publication  hereof
duplicates of the Certificates of Titles to the
above-mentioned l.ots In the name of Henry
Wlille, whioh Certificates are dated tbe 19th
day ol December, 1899, and the 9th day of May,
.'KM, respectively, and numbered SlltJA and
326-A, respeetivefy.
Dated at Kamloops. 8. C., April 24th, WIS.
District Registrar.
Our wagons won't work your horc.es to death. They
run light.
They are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will
stand the roughest wear.
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong
with it, drive up in front of our store and see if we don t
make good.
Mclntyre (&> Smith
U.S. B.C. 1911, Cap. iU, Sec. -7.
In the matter of the Estate of Harriett
Amelia leach, late of <>rand Forks, 11C,
Widow deceased
NOTI'-B IS HBKRftY GIVEN that all'per
sons having any olalms sgalnst the
K.tate nf the late Harriett .'.mella Leach,
wh., died nn or about the tOtli day of April,
1911, at Grand Forka aforeeald. arc requested
to .end by post prepaid, or to deliver to the
nndnralglled Solioitor he-eln for Margaret
Rebecca Brau and Evallna M. Thompson.
Kxecutriaes and Trustees under tbe will of
the aaid Harriett Amelia l-eecli. 1 heir names
and addressee and full particulars In writing
of their claims and stswments of th, ii account- and tbe nature of security (If any)
held hy them,
Au I tnke uoiloe, that after the tlst day ol
Inn,19IS, the sa'tl Kxeeutilxes and Trustees
will proceed lotllstrlbut tho assets of the
-aid deceased among the persons entt'led
thereto, bavlng regard only to ihe claims of
which th y shall than have hud notioe, aud
that tlie snld Kxe, utrixes and Trustee! will
not be Halt t- for the avid assets or any nail
thereof, to any person whose olaim tbey
shall not have ban or received notice.
Dated at Grand Forks, B.C.. tbis First day
of May, 1911.
7 and 8 I) via Block,
■- Grand Korks, B. 0..
Solicitor for the said Margaret Bebeooa Urau
and Kvallna M Thompson,
Change of Program
Eaoh Week
From a Minister Iu New Tork: "T wai
"severely 111 wlih lung trouble. My iitten-
"tion wna dlrcf-ic.I u> tlte Wllmin Kerned/
"which I used wlih upkuiliU effect."
From n lndy in M-chljrnn: "I used yonr
"medicine flrst .'■* nr -14 years ago and It
"uv-rtl m« from i-ndirg my dty* with r«n-
"■nmpllon. Tliere would Ik. no une of ro
"many pcoplo dying with ronnumntlon If
"tliey conM be pentuudi'd to try Wilton's
Tf you  are differing from  ANT long or
tin-oat tri-iiMc li  l« ymir duty to luvesll-
fi'.ic  Hum! f r free (ull Information to,
WUmq'i Remedy. Wutwood* N. J.
Electric Restorer for Men
msitt.yoa a now man.. Pries _M a bos^r Isro lor
 * lo Hi proper tension i restores
•Im ud vitality. Prsmature dacsy and all ssanal
weaknsst averted at ones.   rheepkeael trill
H.   Mal-srl to sny address.
Os.. ft. CasJ-erli.es. Oa*.
At the Head
Tht man al thc head of affaire
whether at home or in business, is
the -one whose attention you wish
to attract
Our paper goes into the best class
of homes and is read by the head of
tht family. Thai accounts for the
results obtained by the use of
Classified Want Ads.
Don't forget that The Sun has the
hfHt job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
Take your repair* to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
(I'ublUhed Annually)
Enable! traders throughout the world to
eommunlcate direct with Bugltih
In eaoh elassof poods. Resides belli-, a complete commercial guide to London eud Its
suburbs, the directory ooptelus lists of
with the (ioods they ship, and the Colonial
end foreign Markets they supply:
arranged under the Porte to whioh they sail,
and Indicating the approximate Sailings:
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., hi
the principal umvlnolel towns aud Industrie!
centres of the United Kingdom,
A copy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for 20*,
Dealers seeking Agencies ean advertise
tbelr trade cards Ior il, or larger advertise-
menu Iron IS.
25, Abohuroh Lane, London, E.C.
The weather is just right for (Asters, Stocks,Snapdragons,
planting out all garden plants \Dahlias and Gladiolus
We are are again offering special prizes
for floral exhibits at the next Fall Fair.
FRACHE BROS., Florists    phone R20 THE  SUN,   GRAND   FORKS.   B.C.
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad Daring the Fast Week
Oibert Macolm Sproat, father of
Kootenay and founder of Nelson, dies
at hia home in Victoria.  .
A, week of excessive heat has been
followed by violent thunderstorm",
cloudbursts and hurricanes at many
poiuts in Germany.
The body of Alfred Austin, the late
poet laureate, who died last. Monday,
was cremated at Golden Green today
without any ceremony.
The house refuses to concur in the
senate amendment, and the highway
bill falls by the wayside. The estimates are rushed tbrough the house.
Richard C. Miller, the prisoner of
state,   who has been incarcerated in
Carleton jail since  February  because '
of contempt of parliament, will be released tomorrow.
A Calcutta dispatch says that a
society organized for the pur
pose of waging war on British rule
in India has been discovered. It is
claimed the organization has widespread ramifications.
o41most aA .New Store
The carpenters have converted our old building into
modern plate-glass store.
ito a I
Straw Hats JfcJ
straw hat weather. We have all
styles and qualities, at the lowest prioes.
In fine Balbriggan, fine mesh
short sleeves and knee pants.
Also the well known sleeveless
B. V.D underwear. Prices
range from 90c to 98 50.
Stylecraft Clothes-We are
agents for this popular tine of
QViirfc A floe line of Neg-
OilII lb |igee shij.t9i atta<!h.
ed ahd detached collars and cuffs
Fancy stripes, plain colors.
Prices $1 to 83.50.
nobicry for men and
women in silk lisle  and   cotton.
Boots and Shoes — Agents
fur Copeland & Rider's well
known shoes for ladies and
gents. Also agents for the Empress shoe for women
Groceries—We carry a com
plete stock of staple and fancy
Five lumber mills are closed in Duluth by a strike. ♦
A lively debate signalizes the final
sitting of the house of commons.
The British Columbia government
appoints directors of hospitsls.
The United States senate objects to
a renewal of the arbitration treaty
with Great Britain.
Germany agrees to observe strict
neutrality if Japan becomes embroiled
with other nations.
The resignation of the Bulgarian
cabinet is now officially acknowledged.
The Turkish peace delegates are stubborn and refuse to agree to the terms
of the protocol.
Rev. Dr. Chown' m a message to
the Methodist conference at Saskatoon, says that Lloyd George's legis
lation is a perfect expression .of the
sermon on the moun.
It is reported from London that a
huge conspiracy to arm the Ulster
Unionists to resist the coming home
rule regime in Ireland has been discovered hy Scotland Aard.
A keeu debate takes place on
church union at the Presbyterian con-
Bi-ess at Tqronto. Seventy per cent
are in favor of the proposal; ten per
cent irreconcilable. The minority of
the church union committee advises
The Dominion government will
strictly enforce the immigration laws.
Ah earthquake shock is felt in
Montreal, and citizen flee from their
The home rule bill for Ireland is,
again before the Britisn commons. It
will be rejected by the house of lo.-ds.
Ministers and elders at Presbyterian
congress enter into covenant to maintain Presbyterianism; will not submit
to church union.
British residents of California are
incensed at the vice-consul's indifference regarding the Victoria duy ca
lamity at Long Beach, and demand
his removal.
A state of war prevails in Sofia,
and all houses must close vt 9 o'clook.
Bulgaria is making warlike preparations. The Macedonians are subjected to a reign of terror by the
Emily Wilding Davidson, the first
martyr to the militant efforts of women to obtain the suffrage, died today
at the Epson hospital, London, as the
We dispense the tastiest cold drinks in this
part of the country. We use the best Ice
Cream and the finest fruits and syrups to get
this reputation.
We cTWann  Drug  Co.
Agents for Butter Cup Ice Cream
esult of a fracture of the skull sustained in an attsinpt to stop the king's
horse Anmer during the tunning of
the Derby on Wednesday lust.
Seeds, Fertilizers, Poultry Supplies, Salt. Plaster,
Lime, Cement.
Seed Oats, Wheat, Grass Seeds
Mail orders given careful and prompt attention
Practical Plumber
Steam and Hot Watet Fitter.    Sanitary and Heating Engineer,
If it is in the plumbing and heating line and
we can t do it—it can't be done.
A new copper furnace is blown in
at the Trail smelter.
The Vancouver-Nanaimo Coal
coinpany is unsuccessful in breaking
the strike.
The "arson squads" of the militant
suffragettes have once more become
very active in London.
Speculation in London regarding
the next poet laureate. Many voices
advise the abolition of the office.
Empress Eugenie rejects offers of
publishers to write her memoirs. The
king of Servia is a budding author.
With both sides stubbornly refusing
to make the slightest concessions, war
between the Balkan states is hourly
becoming more imminent.
Extraordinary weather is being ex
perienced in the east—frost iu Ontario and snow in Quebec. Injury to
garden produce and trees. It is feared
that the damage will be immense.
The Dominion agricultural grant is
allotted. British Columbia's share is
(27.UUO. Three Dominion cabinet
ministers will visit the coast this sum
■ner. Premier McBride may take another trip to London.
The railway board will hear the
western freight rates case at Ottawa
on the 18th of this month.
A large majority at the Presbyterian congress favor church union. The
final vote will taken tomorrow.
Porter Charlton must return to
Italy to answer the charge of having
murdered his wife in June, 1910, at
Lake Como.
The coroner's jury inquiry into tin-
death of Miss Emily Wilding   David
sun bring in a verdict of "death   by
The British house passes the second
lending of the home rule lull. Open
threats of war in Ulster are made by
Unionist members,
A serious encounter between Servian mid Bulgarian troops lakes place
near the smali town of Makres. The
powers are exerting every effort to
maintain peace.
Another political seaudal in I/hi-
don of lhe Marconi tvpe is promised
if Winston Churchill, Hist lord of thc
admiralty,fails to unload a lurge num
ber of oil shares now in his possession.
We do nothing but first-class and up to-Hale work. If your
plumbing nee Is inspecti in, now is the time have it done before the hot summer months. Sickness is sunn caused by a
leak in a waste or vent pipe. The oldest" and best equipped
plumbing shop in the Boundary.
ket.   Fully guaranteed.
Equal to any $50 wheel  now
onthemar:$38 CASH
ing valunteers to aid Uulster's  resistance to home rule.
The final vote at the Presbyterian
assembly in Toronto lesults in three
to one in favor of church union.
Flour bags are thrown at Premier
Asquith by suffragettes * bile he is
speaking in the house of commoi ,.
The grand vizier of Turkey is assassinated in Constantinople, and * tie
aide-ile camp is killed by theane
Twenty buildings, including the
Roman Catholic church of the Holy
Redeemer, the Holy Redeemer convent and the Globe house, are destroyed by fire at Sydney, N S.
Favorite Fiction
"One More Drink Won't Hurl
You, Old Chap "    -
"Asylum for the Oppressed of All
"Gentlemen, It Gives Me Great
Pleasure tn Respond to This Toast."
"I Jnst Won't Apologize to Him.
I'll Die First!,'
"Miss Euphemia, I'm Sure We
Shall All Be Charmed to Hear You
Recites Selection."
"Wby, Mamma, He Didn't Stay
Later Than 11 o'clock."—Chicago
The Sun job office is the best
equipped for nil classes ol work in
the Boundnry.
We invite your inspection of the above goods. We are
striking at the high cost of living. Those who patronize
us realize that we have solved the problem. The reduction in their hills prove it. No matter whethea you
| are from Missouri or not, come in and we will show you.
Alexander Liberati
Who is OJganlzing a bsnd composed
of forty bands, from forty different
towns, for the Spoknne   Pow Wow.
If you read The Sun you get the
newa of the city, tbe province and
the world. It ie possible for a Sun
reader to keep abreast of the times
without the aid of the daily papers.
Horns and bugles drown a suffragette speaker's voice at Vancouver.
The filling of two ministerial varan
cies at Victoria is expected at an
early date.
Seven persons are killed and others
are injured when a ship blows up at a
dock in Duluth.
A hundred agents agents are enlist-
The provincial poultry show  will
be held in Grnnd Forks this fall.
Kettle Valley Farm Lands
at Present Prices are a Splendid Investment.
Values are Steadily Increasing. Prices will
be Higher. We have a few choice properties
at very Reasonable Prices.
All under irrigation
and planted to stand-
aril varieties of apples. Four-room house
with modern conveniences; good barn, cellar
and well; one and a half miles from city. Full
particulars furnished upon request
Boundary Trust & Investment Co. Ltd
Established 1901 First Street
Absolutely. Reliable Information Furnished
. on All Parts of the City and District.
r      , i
I'om Uk
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your range imp
Ihe factory and
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■cribst nek point cleuly. sad we
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You might u well »ve the ittsil
proit.   Mill tbe coupon to-day.
Dominion Pride
HtlltiUs«   "^^
llitl RsagsWi- ^j
Cs.. IhsitsMsts*
Please seed Beak.
F-W      CeikorCtedit
k   Freight
Letter to Him Announcing Her Intention Rushed to Public Station.
Paris, Franoe.—A dramatic attempt at suicide ky a girl ot 19, named
Noel was prevented at Cherbourg re
cently by the presence of mind of her
brother, a railway guard.
The young man was swinging himself on tbe footboard ot a train which
was leaving tor Paris when a letter
without an envelope was handed him.
The letter contained a few Incoherent
lines from his sister saying that she
was going to commit suicide, and that
her body would be found ln the sea
at the end of the Jetty.
Young Noel at the risk of his life,
jumped trom the train, retaining hold
of the rail, and running along with
tbe train, gave his sister's letter to
a man at the other end of the platform, where he swung himself on the
footboard again, shouting t* his colleague to run as hard as he could with
the letter to the police.
Fortunately, there was a police
magistrate In the station, and more
fortunately still, there was a motorcar Just outside. The police magistrate dashed at toll speed down the
Jetty and arrived as Mile, Noel threw
herself into the sea. The magistrate
shouted to three customs bouse officers In a boat which was putting Into
the harbor and they succeeded in saving the girl when she was nearly
100 yards from shore. Her brother
received the news of her resuce when
the train arrived at Caen.
Official Guilty of the Aot Is Sent te
Jail for Four Months
London, England. An extraordinary story ot the ease with which convicts have been able to communicate
illicitly with their friends and receive
presents of tobacco trom them was
unfolded at the Portland police court
Samuel Crowhurst, a civil guard at
Portland convict prison, was charged
with having Illegally conveyed tobacco
Into the prison. As he pleaded guilty
no evidence was taken; but Mr. Ptym
who appeared tor the treasury, fully
explained the details ot the case.
He said that Crowhurst did not
come ln contact with the convicts
within the prison hall but he had an
opportunity of seeing convicts who
worked apart from the ordinary
gangs outside of the prison.
One such man was a convict named
Day, with whom Crowhurst became
acquainted and used as a medium between other convicts and thslr
friends. At the end of - last year
there was considerable traffic ln the
prison and a watch being kept, a
quantity ot tobacco was found concealed In a part of the prison where
Day worked. The .tobacco was
found in a ground frame used for
rearing plants and was hidden under
Chief Inspector Ward and Inspector
Burton were sent from London to
make a special Investigation. They
found that Day had received letters
Which various convicts had written to
their friends asking them to send
money for tobacco.
They also found that Day had handed the letters to Crowhurst, and that
he had inserted ln them a slip of paper requesting money for the tobacco to be sent to Mr. Crotber, care ot
post-office. .
Postal orders were sent by frlendB
to Crowther, and they were received
and cashed by Crowhurst, who bought
tobacco, handeu lt to Day; who ln
turn put It in a secret store and eventually distributed lt among the other
The magistrates sent Crowhurst to
prison for four months.
Zam-Buk Healed It in/Few Weeks
Have yon some old wound or so, -
which hu defied all doctors' remedies? If so, yours ii a case for Zam-
Mr. Oliver Sims, of Purvl (M.-.n.*).
writes:—"I had an -Id irritaULg Bore
on my forehead that had troubled me
tor tour years. Zam-Buk was recommended to me and In a marvellously
short time tt healed the obstinate
sore perfectly. You may depend
upon it that after this proof ot iu
power we will never tc without a box
of lt."
As a rapid and certain healer of
ulcers, abscesses, piles, Inflamed
places, outs, burns, bruises, scalp
sores, ectema, vrupttons, etc. You
can get nothing to equal Zam-Buk,
All druggists and stores at 50c. box
or post free for price from Eim-Buk
Co., Tor-nto. Try Zam-Buk Soap tor
tender skins and baby's bath. 25c.
Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine Tablets.   Druggists refund money It It falls
to cure.    8. W. DROVE'S signature Is
on each box.     Ho.
State of Ohio, Citv of Toledo,      \ ,.
Lucas County f
Frank J, Cheney makes oath that he le
senior partner of the Arm of F. J.
Cheney & Co., doing business in the city
of Toledo, County and State aforesaid,
and tbat eald firm will pav the sum of
overy case of Catarrh that cannot, be
cured bv the are. ot Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed ln
my presence, t...s 6th day of December,
A.D. 1886.
I Seal.) A. *W. OLEA80N,
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure la taken Internally,
and acts directly on the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Send
for testi~.ont.ils free.
F. J. CHENET A CO., Toledo, O.
Sold bv all druggists. 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
A oity v.oman who recently passed
a few days at a farm, bought eome
poultry from the farmer with a view
to providing fresh eggs for breakfast
every morning. She sent them to
town by messenger, at the same time
despatching a note to her husband
telling him to loo:: out for the consignment. Her hV.ibajd, on reaching
his home that night, asked It the poultry had arrived. He was informed
that it had, but explained the servant
he had carelessly left the basement
door open and all the chickens had
escaped- A fowl hunt was Immediately organized. The next day the
husband, meeting hts wlte on. her return, exclaimed: A nice time I had
with your poultry. I spent three
hours hunting and only found ten.
You may consider yourself lucky,
tben, replied his wife, tor I only
bought six.
MarcMonc.'i as Cinema Playwright
London.—The Marquis and Marchioness Townshead visited the Picture
House, Croydon, to witness the first
production ot the marchioness' new
cinema play: A Strong Man's Love
War on Sparrows
Loudon.—At the cost of a levy of
one halfpenny per acre the members
of the Naughton, Suffolk, Sparrow
Club have destroyed 20ft sparrows
and 3480 eggs during the past year,
making 7587 birds and 18,031 eggs
destroyed ln the four years ot tbe
club's existence.
Easily Paid
I.ook here, sir, said the impatient
creditor, I am talking about that bill
you owe me. Will you please pay
a little attention?
8urely, .replied the care-free debtor,
that's easy. Only don't ask me to
pay you anything else.
His Revenge
Let me take that wretched thing
home, said tho patient, as the dentist
relieved him ot hi aching, molar. I
wnnt to take it home and poke sugar
tn it and see It ache.
The Woman and the Dog
An elderly woman, with a small
dog upon her lap, while riding in a
trolley ear, asked the conductor lt he
would kindly tell her when he got
to Hazel street.
After Bhe had got up two or three
times, the conductor told her to keep
her seat and he would let her know
wben they reaohed Hazel street.
Finally he called out*. Hazel street.
The woman held the dog up to the
window, and said: Fldo, look! There's
where you were born I Then turning
to the conductor, sbe -remarked, I'm
going to the end ot the line.
Worms sap the strength and undermine the vitality of children.
Strengt'-.en them ly using Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator to drive
out the paiaslteu.
One day Pat went into a public
house and asked It the lady at the
bar would take stamps ln exchange
for whiskey.
Yes, was the reply, w_.ll- pouring
out the whiskey.
He dranl: ln haste and then stamped five times with his foot and walked
out triumphantly.
Bon vlvuit (married for money, to
his friend)— That Is my wife coming
Friend—Console yourself. It might
have been worse.
Wretched From Asthma.—Strength
ot body and vigor of mind are Inevitably Impaired by the visitations ot
asthma. Who can live under tbe
cloud ot recurring attacks and Seep
body and mind at their full efficiency?
Dr. J, D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy
dissipates the cloud by removing the
cause. It does relieve. It does
restore the sufferer to normal bodily
trim and mental happiness.
A Good Sign ;
A French diplomat at a luncheon
ln Washington, praised President Wilson's Inaugural address.
I Uked the modest tone of this address, he said, I Uked the ending,
where he asked so humbly ahd so sin-
cerely for the people's support and
A Princeton woman nodded approval.
Sincerity and modesty, she said are
the keynotes of the President's charmer.
They assure us that he will do nothing Inimical to the people's will.
He will .-errtmber what I once heard
him say
The wise leader ls he who knows
when to follow.
Man of'Whom He Had Spoken Slightingly In Publio Has His Revenge
Berlin, Germany.—The case of the
kaiser's tenant, Herr Sohst. has been
settled to the satisfaction* of both
parties. Herr Sohst has consented
to give up his farm, the lease ot which
had still five years to run, on payment
ot $30,000 from the '.raiser's agent.
Herr Sohst has alt. received a letter
from the kaiser's civil cabinet, the
contents ot which are not d./ulged,
but ln which, presumably, regret ls
expressed that his majesty had been
Finally, and this makes a deep Impression here, Herr Sohst has had
conferred on him the Fourth Class of
the Order of thc Crown, probably as
a sort of salve tor his wounded feelings.
It" will be remembered that last
February, at a meeting of the German
Agricultural Association, the kaiser
addressed this body, giving his experiences on his estate at Cadlnen.
In the course ot his observations he
remarked that one of his tenants,
whom he described as no good, had
been thrown out by him. This tenant was Herr Sohst, who ls regarded
ln the neighborhood as a most capable
farmer, and whose le: had still several years to run.
It has taker six weeks to arrange
the matter, and tn some -uarters it
Is bulleved that lt would not have
been arranged even now had not the
crown prince taken the matter up
and urged a settlement.
Cornerstone of Successful Farming
More essential than instruction in'
farming lts»lf Is the teaching of domestic economy as it may be applied
by the farmer's wlte, for domestic
economy ls the underlying principle
of successful tannin.,. The farmer
may work for yea-.s tut he can progress no further than his wife progresses. It the woman ls without
the knowledge to become efficient ln
her department then farm life ls one
of discontent and dissatisfaction.
._      LIMITED
Why do you Insist on having music
with every dinner asked tlu old patron.
It relieves the pressure, replied the
proprietor by giving the people something besides the food to find fault
with.    \
Case of "Nerves!"
Hot flashes, dizziness, fainting spells, backache, headache,
bearing-down palm, nerroueneea—slf are symptoms of Irregularity
aad tenisle disturbances and ars net beyond relief.
?. Favorite Prescription
Is that sf a faawiis phyiician unusually experienced
la the tuitlnt ot women's peculiar ailments. For
forty years tt ass been recommended to suffering
womankind. Thousands et women can beer witness
to Its beneficial qualities.
le rea-dred to reetore
Iltles. Perhaps Its aid Is sll that
to yoo pert set health snd etronjrtb.
:t, write Dr. B. V. Pletce'e, Buffele.
tke time to set, i
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited,
I was very sick with Quinsy and
thought I would strangle.     I used
me at once.
I am never without It now.
Yours grat-fully,
Nauwlgewauk, Oct. 21st.
A Clear Record
Seeing the youngster sitting on the
doorstep, crying pitiably, a kind-hearted old g-ntleman went up to him, and
asked what might be the matter with
the lad.
Hunger appeared to be the. matter;
the boy said he hadn't had anything
to eat that d-.y.
•  But why doesn't your fa'.'.ier give
you food?
No reply.
What ls your father? asked the
would-be philanthropist.
'E's my father, came the somewhat
astounding reply,
Yos, but what ls he?
Ow, really 'e's my stepfather.
Yes, yes, yes! exclaimed tbe old
gentleman Impatiently. But what
does he do? Sweep chimneys, drive
a 'bus, or whr.t?
The light of Intelligence suddenly
dawr.cd on the small boy's puzzled
Oh, 'e ain't done nuffln since we 'ad
'lm, he replied.
Snake Slayers
Paris.—M. M. Pie and Casse, professional viper killers, employed by
the prefecture of the Seine et Marne
district ot France, have earned $150
and $140, respectively by destroying
snakes ln the forest ot Fontainebleau
during the past year.
Burled Alive
Cardiff.—Whllo excavations were
being made at an old colliery tip near
Daten Tin Works, Llanelly, the side
of the Op gave way and about twenty
tons ot refuse tell on Richard John,
a colliery proprietor, who was superintending the work.
W. N. U. 948
How Hudson Marehbank, After Suffering for Five Years, Found Quick
Relief and Permanent Cure In tlu
Greatest of Canadian Remedies
Marehbank, King'* County,. N.B.
(Special)—After suffering tor five
years from kidney -isease, brought
on by a strain, Hudson Marehbank,
Esq., the well-known farmer of this
place, Is again a strong, healthy man,
and another grand cure tor Dodd's
Kidney Pills has been put on record.
In an Interview Mr. Marehbank says:
"About live years ago I hurt n_y
back from lifting, and lt developed
Into kidney disease. My bad: pained me all tbe time, and I was very
much troubled with headaches. My
appetite was fitful; I had a bitter Uste
In my mouth tn tbe mornings; I perspired freely, and my perspiration had
a disagreeable odo.-.
"I used liniments and planters, but
they did not do me any good, and
aa there were oOher eymptoms that
my kidneys were affected, I decided
to try Dodd's Kidney PIUs. After
using two boxes, my back was com.
plotely cured, and my kidneys have
not troubled me since."
When Mr. Marehbank decided that
his kidneys were the cause of hli
troubles, the rest was easy. Almost any ot hla neighbors could tell
him that Dodd's Kidney PIUs always
cure diseased kidneys.
Sure 8lgns
Spring Is coming, observed Flatly. I
can teel lt ln the air.
So can I, replied Brokely, ln the
air my wife assumes toward ipe when
she begins talking of the limited extent of her wardrobe.
Thst Choir
Mrs. Larkin, remarked the minister, we wish you would Ut your
daughter Join the choir.
Oh, I couldn't tblnk of lt! replied
Mrs. Larkin. She haa a sweet disposition, and I don't want her to become quarrelsome.
Strange and Turbulent Scene Marks
Close of Murder Trial at Naples
Naples, Italy. — The trial ot
Yvonne do • VUlespreux, the young
Italian comedy actress, whols said to
have killed her love-*, Dr. Ettore Tur-
do, In a fit of Jealousy, has come ta
it abrupt closo with disgraceful
scenes of violence between the king's
procurator general and the lawyeri
tor the defense.
Although the accused hu been Im
prison awaiting trial for three years,
the medical exierts lt Is said, have not
had time to examine her mental condition, while the chief ot the forty
witnesses are now scattered In various
puts ot North and South America
and Erythrea. For these reasons
the procurator geneirl, who corresponds to the .'.merlcan district attorney, mo/td the Indefinite postponement of the trial to a future assise. To this the presiding judge
This was the signal for an outbreak
of disorder. Atrocious Insults wer*
hurled from the well of the court
against the chancellor, procurator and
Judges. 'Scoundrels, llaral' bawled
the procurator general. 'Base villain!'
retorted the chief lawyers for th*
defense. The procurator then sprat.;
from the bench with uplifted fists.
Court attendants hurriedly interposed
themselves between the combatants,
while the presiding Judge Jump.i
from the ben h, and tugging vigorously at the procurator's tcga, got
tbat official out of danger by a back
exit. The crowd cheered the disorderly lawyers, while armed polio*
were ordered to clear the court.
Before this amazing scene the Judge
had put the prisoner through clever
cross-examination, during which, after reminding her that before she waa
18 she had b. m twice charged with
theft and condemned to ten months'
detention ln a retorm_.tory, he elicited
that Instead of having been born hi
Spain, at tht. pretended VUlespreux
had never been nearer th t country
than Turin, her native city. She admitted that her real name ls Fornals,
that she had tied trom borne when
barely 13, and that ° afore starting
her stage career the bad been a chambermaid. She pi aded the took tht
blame ot one of the thettt herself, ln
order to shield a criminal lover Bhe
wat living with at the time.
Defining a Dentist.—One who pulll
out the teeth of others to obtain employment for his own.
Is Health Only
A Game of Chance?
If you act accustomed to look on
health at a gamble you will probably
prove a loser early In the game.
Some may ho". I on to health and
life tor considerable time and defy
the laws ot nature, but there are
many rules ot the game which are
conducive to l*ealth and long life.
Take nervous diseases, for example.
There are many symptoms to warn
one of the approach ot nervous exhaustion long before thero Is danger ot
locomotor ataxia or some dreadful
form ot paralysis.
But they seem suoh little things
that their danger signal ls not taken
notice of.     Sleeplessness, headache.
Indigestion, lniUblllty, lots of vigor
and energy, discouragement and dlt-
pondency, all point to low vitality
and exhausted nerves. ,
Dr. Chase's l.erve Food bas bees
wonderfully .uccestful ln the curt
ot nervous disease ot a serious nature, such as prottratlon, locomotor
ataxia and partial paralysis, but per*
slstent treatment and considerable
patience are necessary.
On this account we pre-*or to think
of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food at a preventive treatment, which overcome*
theae symptom by rebuilding th*
feeble, wasted nerve cells and restor.
ing vigor to mind tnd body.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
EO cents A box, 6 fer $1.50, tt all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates A Co., U»
\ Red Forbes!
•  The Story of His  ;
Latest "Grouch"
bint stun necktie.     *
. The ochoolhoutt wu well filled when
Red Forbes trrlved.   Ben Dickson wtt
pitying a rackety pttno In ont corner,
tnd several couples were danclbg.
Forbes gltnced fiercely around, nodding moodily In response to the pleas-
mt groetlnRs tbtt met him on ill tide*.
He felt t bit puzzled and more resentful. Here wtt a greet gang of fel-
lowt be htd known for yeisrs, tnd
affinity rttntr grinny.
She wtt. It wu nont other thai
tbt young wife bt htd deserted tis
yeart ago. True, her pretUneu wu
now bolstered ap by those arts thit
may be obtained for ■ price In th*
store! wltb colored water bottle* In th*
| windows, but she wu hit, tnd ht wtt
Mrt. Red Forbes stood there with
one plump hand on her husband's arm
Baron Aylmer's Accession Wss t
Romantic One.
The fact is sometimes overlooked
that-Britain has a real "Colonial
Peerage," the history of which has
many romantic points ot interest.
"The term "the Colonial Peerage"
would naturally seem to suggest tbose
sturdy statesmen and empire-builders.
Headgear We'll Wear
Latsr In the Season.
many ot them had thtlr wive* with ! saA ■ lo°k of repossession on her fsce.   i^rds Strathcona and Mount-Stephen
lied Forbes snt on the porcb of bit
ranch bouse and peered through a pair
ef fieldglnsses across tbe level grassy
plain bito lhe distance, where wert
two moving specks.
"It's her und blm," said lied Forbes
enlfiiniiHi-ally, Be tilted Ills chair down
npon Its four legs, replaced tbe glass
In tbe accustomed cose on the wall of
the house ond lurcbed toward bis saddled horse.
"I'll get blm today," he mattered u
he bent to lighten n girth before mount*
Ing. "No man cnn tnke my girl awty
from me without making trouble tor
himself ond her tool" And, still mattering, he dashed away in the direction
of tbe two specks, which were growing
smaller and smaller.
Red Forbes was quite capable of
mnklng troublo for any number of people In the short grass country. Indeed, bis reputation as a creator of disturbances wns county wide, and ht
was accordingly sbunncd.
Forbes' latest grouch'was directed
sgalnst Jimmy Tike of tbe Three Link
outfit Jimmy bad assiduously courted the pretty schoolteacher, nod even
now bsd Just returned from ber Oblo
home, whence he bad brought ber it
t bride.
Red Forbet had been watching ont
for Ihem for a week. Now ho bad
tpotted them. He bad not formed, any
plan of revenge, but tbere would be
no barm In riding tbem down recklessly and glowering nt thorn from under bis bat It wonld mnke thlngt
uncomfortable unUI be could formulate n plan.
Jimmy I'lke knew Sbort Grass from
one end of tbe comity to the other and
from corner to corner. He was aware
of tbe weaknesses of Rod Forbet.
Moreover, be was weary of the perpetual stir up caused by the red ball"
Jimmy Pike tnd hit bride were standing temptingly near. When ht ctoghl
Jimmy's ty* tbtt ctllonsed yonng cattleman nodded plettaotly md beckoned him over.
"I haven't heard yon congratulating
me on marrying tbe nicest girl In tbe
hull world," grinned Jimmy..
"Huh!" Red Forbet grtw redder tnd
redder until hit presence teemed to
cist a roseate sunset glow npon tbt
company. Tbe tznre necktie was Ukt
t glimpse of bint iky ln tbe sunset.
Mrs. Jimmy shook bands wltb Red
Forbet and tried oot to wlnct wbtn bt
crushed ber fingers.
"Maybe you'll let me btvt t dance
with tbe bride," growled Red Forbet
"Of course It's up to Mrs. I'lke," acquiesced Jimmy cheerfully.   ,
'With pleasure," agreed Mrs. Jimmy,
'Well, Red, bere we are again," tbt
said meaningly. "There'e plenty to da
between now and tomorrow It we're
ill going to pack back to Tucson. Mr.
Jackson then, my lawyer, will tell
you tbe three children ire wilting for
yea to come bick md tike lire ot 'tm.
I'm tired of keeping boarders'."
Red Forbet went gladly. It wit nice
to get away from quizzical glances and
reproachful ones, for he had tried to
court many of the fair ones there—ind
he wat married, after til. It wu rath-
tr t pleasant change to find a sprightly Isdy with golden hair who really to-
peered to wtnt bin. So Rod Forbe*
wenUy gladly, triumphantly after *
fuhlon. tnd 8hort Grass knew him
■o more trd wu thaokfoL
Yet, curiously enough, they can
scarcely come under tbat nomenclature, as they were both born in Britain, and have apparently every determination to die in it.
j By the "polonial Peerage," then, is
.meant those noble families whose permanent home is beyond the confines
of tho British Isles, snd who are by
birth, instinct, and predilection "pioneers ol the truest colonial type. Thc
consideration of this small Colonial
Peerage naturally prompts one to enquire how it came about tbat noble
British houses should become so far
expatriated from tbe land ol their
origin as to have a permanent domicile at the ends of the Empire. Adversity will naturally suggest. itself
as the prime reason. It was misfortune that accounts for tbe Canadian
domicile of the Aylmers; the Indian
domicile of the Gardners; and the
New Zealand residence of thc Sea-
So acute did the crisis in the affairs
Sun Spots.    .
Astronomers hsve no generally accepted theory  as to the  cause  and
wltb a reproachful glance it her but-   ™Xn" tS&W n&nSeni o.~tbe Aylmer, become that the sixth
band.                          •                         "ureiy   exists,   because   fee   curves lord allowed his title to lapse.    He
Then the rackety piano swnng Into  representing the  frequency  of  meg- ™\ too, unmarried, and as the Ism-
a wilts tune, md Red Forbet twort  Sc storms and of the aurora bore- »Y had then long been bst to  he Old
toftly.   H. wat. wretched waltzer.   .lis are practically identical with th. ^""try   and had bee omejorgotten
and he knew it.   Square dance, wer.   curve of sun spot frequency. , ti^Hou* o Lords was in no mood to
This modish hat will be worn by •
fashionable girl when the warm weather arrives. It ls of white Panama,
straw banded witb saxe blue silk, and
from the twin bows ot rlgbt side rise,
tbe very newest notion ln fancies, aU
In shaded blues and white.
bis saltation. Now he trampled all
over the little teet ot Mrs. Jimmy Plkt
and scowled villainously whenever bt
met a pleasant smile among the com-
pany. I
Tbit wasn't having his revenge upon
Jimmy Pike. Tbey were certainly getting lhe Isngb npon blm. As be shuffled around tn dizzying, aimless circles
be pondered whether be would sboot
up the dance or let them go borne In
peace md pick out t quiet moment
wben be should find Jimmy Pike alone
on the plain, sboot him dead and then
marry tbe widow.
Tbls latter plan appealed to blm, md
ts be danced be came to tblnk of tbt
newly made bride it "tbt widow" md
called ber to In bts mind
After tbe dance was over and as be
leaned against tho will, a wallflower
Indeed, tbere wu i flurry of arrival at
tbt door.
Lamton Culver, boss of tbe Tbree
Link outfit, came In with another mnn
and two women.   One of tbe women
Pomp of English Mayors.
Considerable pomp attends the office
of mayor in English cities. Chichester
arms its chief magistrate with a gold
mounted malacca cane of office, while
ihe mayor of Guildford carries the
stick presented to ths borough by
-Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, At
York both tbe lord mayor and lady
mayoress are equipped with the silver
mounted oak staves which have marked   their   authority   for   centuries,
Among'lhe ""official- retainers of the     He.wis ti**,iji^Kt,\J^\^'
SSE*' IS.. S,I! uTnl thli  tivity.   H3 is now something over
o'clock gives three blasts upon thit
aged musical instrument before the
mayor's Residence and again at tht
mtrked cross.—London Standard.
Debutants Wrap Fer Summsr.
A dressmaker who makes a specialty of clothes for youths designed this
quaint little wrap of cerise crept de
chine In a brocaded pattern.
Tbe straight lines of tbe wrap, com-
'Aylmer, as "Baron Aylmer" when he
sent over his claim to that dignity.
He was, of course, a born Canadian,
and unknown in London.
Two years passed before the Lords
would admit him to their ranks. He
imported the Huguenot French-Canadian strain into the family by his
marriage with a Miss Joumeaux. He
was a real "pioneer," an ardent agriculturists, and commanded the 6th
Canadian Infantry Militia for nearly,
forty years.
*"** i was e.____ .
the present Lord Aylmer has fol-
  •'"--   ac-'
tivity. Hi is now something over 70,'
and his wife is a daughter of a distinguished colonial statesman. Other
members of tbe Aylmer family promise ere long to loom large in Canadian
How "Valmond" Was Written.
There sre  Canadians  who  rather
pride themselves   on   never reading
novels by Canadian authors and who
__„ _„_  ...   __         __ .„ _.     _.... adopt the traditional attitude regard-
was Mrs.-Culver.  One could recognize   blned with the draped effect tt tilling any good in their own land. There
"Hint TOO'LL L-rr Ut BiVt 1 DtNCt,"
ed one's fancied grievance, in fact
there bad not beeu t peaceful court*
tblp and marriage tn the region since
Forbes' appearance tbere six yeara
Therefore Jimmy Pike, wbo wat naturally a peace loving clUzen, made
np Ills mind that Red Forbes should
find an affinity that would bo lasting.
lie returned from his wedding with
every preparation made for the rapid
cure of Ited Forbet.
On this particular dty be md hit
bride bad gono near enough to tbt
Forbes ranch to bt recognized. Tben
they beaded for borne, nnd by tht
time the red beaded one bad galloped
himself Into a state of profuse per-
tplratlnn Jimmy, aud Mrs. Jimmy bid
There was nothing for Forbet t* do
tare to rule uu over to tbe towa and
tee if tbere mlgbt not be a letter for
him. He hoped for various reasons
tbnt tbere would not be anything.
Tbere fl-ns t letter, and It proved to
be an Invitation to I dance ln tht
ictiooltionse the following night. "Lt-
dies, Refreshments and Gents-Musis,"
It snld in one corner.
Forbes grinned fiendishly. Tbls wonld
suit bis purpose admirably. He would
publicly denounce Jimmy Pike at t
rustler tnd demand sotlsfsctlon for
tllenatlon of Ifftctioni. Forbet
strengthened thli resolve wltb several
drinks tnd then went to Fledermsn's
tlotblng store tnd purchtsed t pill
her tbarp features through tbe thick
veil tbt wore, but tbe other woman
could not be Identified. She, too, wat
thickly veiled ln pale blue chiffon. Sbe
wu plump md give evidence of pret*
tlness. Tbere was a loop of gold colored hair visible.
"We can't stay but a minute," said
Culver genially it ht Introduced bit
friend it "Mr. Jackson, a friend from
Mr. Jtckson Immediately tpproached
tbe prettiest woman present, who wu
none other thin Mrs. Jimmy I'lke, ml
Invited ber to dance.
Fiercely Jealout, Red Forbet gltnced
tround for new fields to conquer. The
ttrange womtn, ttUI veiled, wis talking to Jimmy Plkt In a vivacious manner. Mrt, Culver, tlto veiled nni
cloaked, wu dancing with her bus-
Red Forbes msrehed np to Jimmy
Pike tnd bit companion. Hit long
body stiffened ind tben bent like t
bladed Jackknlfe ln the accepted sbort
grass fashion.
Ht wu asking ber to dance In (he
very face of Jimmy Pike. Tbtt wtt
tn open Intuit to Pike.
To bit delight, tbe iccepted it once
ind, flipping her band upon hit arm,
turned away from Jimmy Plkt.
It wu t tquare dance, and Ben Dick-
ton wu calling tbt numbers ln punctuated yells.
Red Forbes was In bis element. Ht
balanced to corners wltb upward flings
of bit long legs and ungainly Jerks of
bit elbows. Ht twung bli partner off
her very solidly placed feet time tm)
tgtln, but the did not murmur. Bt
joined In til binds ttonad wltb hilarious merriment, tnd fait spirit ot mirth
seemed to be Infectious. Kterybody
was very Jolly.
"All sasbtyl" yelled Ben Dickson.
"Gracious, but It's warm here I" cried
his partner breathlessly u they stood
still for a moment
"We'd ill be mlgbty mors comfortable It you'd rip off tbat tbere
veil," Insinuated Red Forbei delicately.
"Would you?" demanded bit veiled
partner coolly, md thereupon she put
ap hor hands md unfastened the pole
blue veil that matched Forbes' necktie.
■ A  momentary bush fell upon tbe
room.  Everybody stopped dancing, but 	
Red did not notice It   He was ab- j An ,d„ r„ lh, 8|tnd,r.
torbed ln the conquest he had made. Ua„ -.-$.-<, -,omm who are on-
If hit other attempt! at gallantry bad j n-atnrBny th|„ W0U|d bt ,,„,, t0 heir
been unsuccessful here.was some ont, of „„ ,ie. mt ... ^ qnU, .,mp,.
who apprtcitted him it last Now. j nM , wWch W00|a g|„ tUelt
he didn't can about revenge upon   fl ,„„, thlt „,„„,,„<, ,ppM1Mnc
Jimmy Pike_or toy of thei other*.        I aat „ lMk,ng.   u |. n form of bras-
"A girl with goluen hair for mine." , ,lw# „,,„    mabt. ot .... w,„ of
he muttered ln her etr it tht removed j e.mbrtc. OTt ovtrltpplng tht othtr.
«.. .. ., _._.., __ •_■ ki   ..__.   *o»trlng tht npptr part of tht bodlct
»I.m yonrs, til right" tald hit ntw  t.A ra* aal|J gJ^J ot loww a.n
are, at least, two Canadian writers ot
fiction who are well worth reading,
and one of them is Sir Gilbert Parker.
I "When Valmond Came to Pontiao"
; is as good as the "Prisoner of Zen-
' da."   In the introduction of the book
8ir Gilbert tells how .it was written.
I    "The manuscript of the book was
complete withi.i four weeks.   It possessed me.   I wrote night and aay.
There were times when I went to bed
and, unable to sleep, I would get up
at two o'clock or three o'clock in the
morning and write till breakfast time.
1 A couple of hours' walk after breakfast, and I would write again until
: nearly two o'clock.   Then luncheon;
afterward a couple of hours in the
Help ts the Htusswifs. '
When asked bow sbe accomplished
so mncb work to easily the mother of.
u large family replied, "I work by
That ls the secret of all easy work.
If you live ln a nerve racking rush try,
what keeping a schedule will do for
yoo. / |
Buy a notebook and head opposite
pages with the day and date. Befor*
going to bed plan and write down tb*
work for tbe next day. In tbe evening
sum up wbat bat been accomplished.
It does not take long to keep thlt
simple schedule, but It Is surprising
how quick yon learn system from It
Busy women go to fir aa to plan certain duties for certain hoars.
Do not plan to do too much ln on*
day, for tben tbe opposite page It a
disappointment wblcb spurt you to unwise efforts or needless discouragement Wbst It left undone one dty
miy bt carried over to next day'e
planning page u * log against procrastination.
Beading over inch t notebook It tn
object lesion to tbe shiftless housewife
wbo works by fits tnd starts, get*
nothing accomplished, hu no time for
leisure and ends by being t nuisance
to herself snd t burden to btr ftmlly
open air, and I would again write till
1 eight o'clock in the evening. The
' world was shut out. I moved in a
1 dream."
j   He goes on to describe the progress
of the book until it nears its end.   "I
could not shake the thing off, thc last
1 pages demanded to be written.   The
sermon   which   the   old   Cure   was
J preaching on Valmond's  death  was
' running in  ir;* head.    I could not
| continue my walk.   Then and there I
j stepped    into   tho    Windsor    Hotel,
I which I wss passing, and asked if
there was a stenographer at liberty.
I There was.   In the stenographer's office of the Windsor Hotel, with tho
, life    ot     a    caravanserai    buzzing
I around me, I dictated tlie last few
! pages of  'When  Valmond Came to
Pontiac'   It was practically my only
1 experience of dictation of fiction.   I
had never been able to do it, and
1 have not been able to do it since, and
I am glad that it is so, for I should
! have a fear of being led into mere
I rhetoric."
Twelvs Clearing Houses.
Western Canada now has twelve
clearing house associations. In thlt
list there are included the association
at Fort William, which is almost
wholly a western product with western affiliations, and the recently
opened house at New Westminster.
In the latter city the need for a clearing house has been keenly felt during
the past year. The following seven
banks in the coast city entered the
association there: Commerce, Merchants, Montreal, Northern Crown,
Koyal, Toronto and Vancouver. Tha
Montreal and Royal have also eacb •
sub-office in the citv.
knees, give aa exceedingly modern silhouette, and a new nolo It tbo girlish
collar of fine swlts embroidery which
falls over the deep collar of tht wrap
Treasure Trovs on Farm.        i
I    While digging in an old gravel pit
on the Prince fsrm, near Sandwich,
' Ont.,   recently,   Joseph   Morenci.   a
. workman, unearthed  a moss-covered
oak chest containing $90 in 60-cent
! pieces.    The   coins   were  of   United
States thirtecn-star design, used near-
j ly a century ago, and showed signs
of  having been  underground  for  a
long lime.
'    Many stories sre »bout in the neigh-
I borhood sa to how the money came
, to be buried.   Some advance the theory that the coins were buried by the
' Indians.   Others think the money was
stolen snd   buried   for safekeeping,
while some believe it a relic ol a gang
, of counterfeiters who at one time hid
: in the woods on the farm.
Maltre d'Holel Butter
For use wltb beefstesk try prepar-
Ing this fsmous butter lo tbe follow-
Ing way: Have ready two large table
tpoonfutl of buftor, one leant table-
tpoonful of lemoo Juice, t little tpilg
of minced ponley tnd t sessonlng >f
ult tnd pepper. If ont llkei tt quitt
tcld half it much lemon it butter or
u much u tht butttr will bold cu be
uied.  Beat thoroughly snd serve.
Picking Up Dismends. . .
To pick up diamonds on the ground
ts you crawl on your hands and
knees is the newest way of acquiring
great wealth in South Africa. It ia
in Damaraland where recent valuable
finds   are  reported   to   have   taken
£lace. At one spot, it is told, 20 negro
-borers, working under two whit*
ovtrseers, picked up 60,000 carats ol
diamonds, valued at more than |9,-
000,000, in three days, and at t point
tbout 10- miles from Luderltzbucht^
two white men gathered 8,000 caratt.
worth over 1300,000, in a single after-
noon. Diamonds have frequently!
been found in the streets of Luderits-
The great mass of the diamonds ol
Damaraland are found in the narrow
valleys between the moving sand
dunes, on a granite surface with It*
carpet of three or four inches ol state
In these fist pluces negro laborers lol
btndt of from 10 to 50, with tn over-*
seer to every 10 or 12 men, crawl
slowly on their knees over the sand
in search of the gems, each one carrying a bottle in which he drops them
u they are found. FUty laborers
will thus scan about an acre a day-i
One feature of diamond-hunting im
Damaraland that seems almost uncanny lies In tbe-circumstances thai
the same thoroughly searched are*
may be gone over again a lew montht
afterward witb an almost equally,
successful result as on tbe first inspection, proving that these gems are
The coast of Damaraland is like no
other part of the world. For 500 mlled
the gitnt ssnd dunes, pushed uneeu-
ingly by the winds from the southj
west, are pUing up at the water**
edge to the height of hundreds of feelj
during the periods that Ih* tide i*
out, to be undermined and overthrown wben the ua returns. Bom*
ol the lirgett ol tbete dunes hav*
been known to move tt much a* S
\ tttt in 24 hoMit. THE  SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B.C.
Your House Needs
Now is the time to have it
done. Paint before the hot
summer dust begins, to fly.
Sherwin-Williams  High  Standard   Paints
Are the right kind to use.
Ask Us
Our Paint Advice ia Free
A sample of the first local strawberries waB brought into the city last
Saturday. Up to tbe present, however, the market haB not been glut
ted nor the price affected by the
home product.'
No damage to the fruit crop has
betn reported from hail storm which
patted over tbe valley last Sunday
evening. In gome localities the
cherry crop was thinned out a little,
but this appears to have been the
extent of the damage.
Mesdames Nat Taylor and F. E.
Cooper left last Friday for Vancouver to attend the annual meeting of
the grand lodge of the Order of Re-
bekabs as representatives from the
local lodge.
A mild form or 6re blight has
made itt> appearance in a few of tbe
orchards of the valley. If a united
effort is made to stamp it out, the
disease can readily be eradicated before .mucb damage it done; but if
t policy of concealment—which
tome appear to think the only ont
when an unpleasant fact confront!
tbem—it pursued, the malady may
spread and become a serious pest.
Tbe Sun understands, tbat orchard,
owuerB where the disease has made
its appearance are take tbe only
means yet known of checking it, i.e.,
pruning off tbe diseased portion of
a tree and burning it.   -
Harry Chapman left for Vancou- j
ver last Friday to attend the annual
meeting of tlie grand lodge, I, 0. 0.
F.,   as  u   delegate  from  lhe local
While the rule of the road in
British Columbia ie to turn to the:
left, drivers of horses claim that
when a team meets a motor car on i
t narrow road, where there is a high
embankment on one tide tnd a bluff
on the other, the tetm it always entitled to tbe inaide of tbt road.
ton, whicb are being explored. Extensive diamond drilling operations
are being carried out hy the company on the properties.
Bobert Mcintosh arrived in the
city on Tuesday from Shuswap,
where he haa been superintending
the construction of a government
wagon bridge. He jb od bis way
back to Victoria.
George W. Cooper has been spend,
ing the greater part of the present
week in Phoenix, where he has a
plumbing contract.
Tbe Yale Annex has been repainted the same color aa The Sun
man's bungalow.   Artistic taste.
Mr*. (Dr) J W, Frank, of Nelson, has been visiting relatives in
the city thiB week.
It makes such a difference to a
woman whether she is called a little duck, a perfect goose or an old
The Ten Demandments
For boiled down worldly  wisdom
it would be difficult to  surpass the
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Meagher Ittt
on Tuesday for a six weeks' vacation, which will be spent with
frienda and relative* in Portland,
During the high wind on Saturday night t dead pine was hlown
across Ihe eastern approach of the
l-'irnt atreet bridge, but beyond
breaking the railing no damage was
One hundred and ten men are now j
employed liy the British Columhia
Copper com piny at lhe properties in
the upper Voigt'a camp near Pjince
Grand Forks
IN B. C.
Grand Forks
New Arrivals: Silk Caps with
opaque stems fnr engineers and
firemen. Motoring Caps and
Tennis Caps.
R. Campbell's
For Up-tO Dnte Furnishings.
V- —   -  iV
Suits to Order 118
11 We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Oar Spring and Summer Goods Have Armed
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie. the  Reliable Tailor
following "ten demandments" hanging in a dining room used by the
employees of a London draper:
1. Don't lie. It wastes my time
and yours. I am sure to catch Jyou
in tbe end, and that is the wrong
2. Watch your work, not the
clock. A long day's works makes a
long day short, and a short day's
work mates my face long.
3. Give more than I expect, and
I will give you more than ■ you ex
pect. I can afford to 'increase your
pay if you increase my profits.
4. You owe so much to yourself
you cannot afford to owe anybody
else. Keep out of debt or keep out
of my shop.
5. Dishonesty jb never an accident. Good men. like good women,
never see temptation when they
meet it.
6. Mind your own business, and
in time ynu will have a business of
vour own to mind.
7. Don't do anything here which
hurts your self-respect. An employe
who is willing to steal for me is will
ing to steal from me.
8. It ie none of my business what
you do at night. But if dissipation
affects what you do the next day,
and you do half as much as I de
tnand, you'll last half as long as you
9. Don't tell me what I'd like to
hear, but what I ought to hear.    I
17 AD -C A117 A 5-roomed
rUR .3 ALL cottage with
all modern improvements—
two lots—on Observation ave.
For particulars apply to
Geo. W. Gowland,
Port Alberni, B.C.
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Palace Barber Shop
ar Honintr ■
tUior Honing t*\ SpealaSy.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North or Ukanbv Hotel.
First Struct.
69 YEAR*
Trade Mark*
Corns k> hts 4c.
Anrons .mains a .Mt-ti sad eneriHim ■»
flnlcklf uctrtalQ our opinion frtt whether u
Inrtntlon wpTobmirr-*— -'
lent (TM, OM-tt uoncrfi
Patents Uken tfirouxh Mu_ .
xpsMnoUa, without cb»rw. In ____
Scientific American.
A B-ndMtnolr Uliutnusd w-eMy. kimtclr-
. - — ___, lny fp|#utmo Joortul.   Ttrmi tot
arw.pouan mia-id.  sold br
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
ArelitbltFrtnchNgsMoriBtnrMis. Taa*
pllli srt ttcttdlnglj nowerlul in teguUtlu the
raeratlvo portion ol fte lemale system. Relate
alVcheap Imitations. Br. d. Tea's art told at
Hi box, or threo lor 110. Mailed to any addresj.
The Soib.ll One Co., St. CMharlntt, Oat,
Japanese Matting
Just the thing for bedrooms.   We have just received a
new shipment which we are offering at QA -I
the exceptionally low price of   .4UC 3 V(I
c,fe    Grand Eorks Furniture Go
Wiedow Sk.J._, B.c. The Complete Home Furnishers
Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry alwayH on hand,
Highest market price paid for live stock.
j PHONE 58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
don't want a v»let for  my   vanity,
but one for my money.
10. Don't kick if I kick, lf you
are worth while correcting you are
worth while keeping. I-don't waste
time cutting specks out of rotten
For Sale—Two second hand hug
gies; nearly new Apply Moyboeer's
Blacksmith Snop.
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to ud From Stations
Mclntyre S Claytons Props.
Dry  four-foot   Fir and
Tamarac. Cedar and Tamarac Posts.   Prompt at-   '
tention to phone ordrrs.
F. Downey's Cigar Store
orrtt-s. Rim FfMt ttrmt
HihbiVs Rssibisce. R88 ™*» eSJtm
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and In
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circular* and Placards,
Bills of  Fare and Menu  Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Puds,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
C.(\f*T\ PDIlVITIlM-fi-tlle kin<* we do—is >»   itnelf
"WU IIULHIUU   »n advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best.    Let us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
Hist &itn f rittt &ho\i


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