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The Evening Sun Sep 6, 1907

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Sixth Year---No. 58.
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. September 6, 1907.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
The regular biweekly mei ting of
the city couneil was held in the
council chambers Wednesday evening, Mayor Hammar, Aid. Hardy,
Horner, Miller, McCallum, Mcintosh and Woodl .nd being present.
•An application was received from
the Great Northern Railway company for additional electric lights.
Referred to the water and light committee.
Consideration of the bill of V. W.
Reid, city engineer, for 1129.15 for
overtime during July and August,
was deferred owing to the absence
of the chairman of thc water and
light committee.
A communication from the Yale-
C.)lumbia Lumber company respecting the First street bridge controversy was laid over.
A communication from the fire
department recommended tbat the
city pay the chief's fare and expenses to the meeting of lire chiefs
in Nelson on the 18th inst, and also
his initiation fee of $10 as a member of the organization. The mayor
favored the recommendation, saying
that the chief might find a purchaser
at tbe convention for tbe fire engine,
for which the city had no use. The
propoB tion was opposed by Aid.
Horner, Hardy and Mcintosh. They
appeared to think that the city
would not be benefited to the extent
of the cost, although some of the aldermen figured the expense account
down to $30. Aid. Hardy wished
to know the present condition of the
fire apparatus and hydrants. He
did not think they were kept in as
good shape as the should be. The
mayor replied that it was the duty
of tbe water and light committee (o
bring in a report on the chief if his
work was not properly done. Mr.
Hardy said it was difficult to control a fire chief wbo waB also chief
of police, and the mayor answered
that the council had entire control
over Mr. Savage as fire chief. Aid.
Woodland and McCalluin moved
that the recommendation of the department be adopted. The motion
was lost, Aid. Woodland and McCallum voting in the affirmative and
Aid. Hardy, Horner and Mcintosh
in the negative. Aid. Miller had
not arrived when this vote was taken,
but later in the evening he refused
to consent to have the matter reopened.
The reconsideration and final
passage, of the obnoxious weed bylaw was postponed until the next
Mr. L. A. Campbell, of the South
Kootenay Water Power company, in
a communication transmitting tbe
new power contract, which he had
signed, stated that the only alteration he had made in the document
was a correction as to the date of
its expiration. The company agrees
to furnish the city electric power at
the rate of 1 cent per kilowatt power,
to be delivered at the substation
near the Granby smelter. The company reserves the right to sell power
inside the city limits to iudividuals
or corporations desiring over
50 horsepower, and also reserves the right to furnish power to
parties outside the city limits, and
to erect pole lines through the city
to reach such consumers. The
mayor thought the city had secured
a good contract, and some of the
aldermen favored the execution of
the agreement at once, but others
were more cautious, and thought it
advisable to hold the document in
abeyance until Mr. Campbell had
tendered on the pole line from the
substation to the distributing station. On motion of Aid. Woodland
and McCalluin, the council decided
to telephone to Mr. Campbell and
request bim to submit a tender for
the erection of the pole line. The
execution of the contract waB deferred until this tender is received.
The resolution passed at the last
meeting, charging the Ideal Amusement company $o per night for
light, was rescinded.
The chairman of the water and
light committee reported that the
fire hall had been repaired. He
recommended that the hydrants
and fire alarmJsyBtem be thoroughly
tested at least once a month.
Aid. Miller, chairman of the water
and light committee, stated that he
had interviewed the city electrician
and requested him to hand in his
resignation. The latter bad replied
that be would wait until he was officially notified to do sc, and bad intimated that Mr. Miller lacked the
authority to make such a request.
The mayor and Aid. McCallum expressed the opinion that the electrician should be given an opportunity
to appear before the committee and
defend himself before the ennncil
discharged him on the grounds of
inefficiency. Aid. Miller and
Hardy moved that the city electrician's office be declared vacant after
the 30th inst. Aid. McCallum offered an amendment to the effect
that the electrician be given a chance
to defend himself before tbe committee. The vote on the amendment resulted in a tie, and tbe
mayor cast the deciding vote in
favor of granting Mr. Leamy this
Aid. Miller announced that the
water and light committee would
meet on Thursday evening.
Tbe council then adjourned till
next Monday night.
Uncle Tom's Cabin
With the possible exception of the
all-star cast, put on in New York
city a few years ago by William
Bradey, containing such stars as
Blanch Walsh, Wilton Lnckie, and
others of equal reputation, the
Downie company, which puts on
thiB famous and historic drama in
Grand Forks on Wednesday night,
September 18th, is said to be the
largest and most complete coinpiiiiy
ever seen in it, and in addition to
the regular company they carry a
troupe of genuine Southern negroes,
and their dancing, singing and cake
walking make the famous levee
scene one of the most realistic ever
produced. Grand street parade daily.
Admission 25c and 50c.
R. R. Gilpin, customs officer at
this port, makes the following detailed report of the customs receipts
at the various sub-customs offices, as
reported to the chief oflice in this
city, for the month of August:
Grand Forks $2,267.54
Phoenix  3,213.29
Cascade        54.01
Carson       31.51
Total $5,566.35
The Boundary Iron Works is lit
present working a full force of men,
md some huge eastings are being
turned out for the Trail and Boundary Falls smelters. The pattern
shop is also busy on some larte patterns for the concentrator st Rossland. The corner at the. foundry and
steel works >s the busiest place in the
city at present.
J. W. Honsberger estimates that
he will ship eight carloads of Italian
prunes this fall. His entire crop
has already been sold at prices which
will net hiin about $300 per acre. The
fruit crop on the balance of the Co
vert estate, and throughout the valley,
is looking exceptionally fine, and a
big yield is assured. Good reports
regarding the quality aud quantity of
the crop are being received from the
leading orchards namely, the Covert
estate, Al. Traunweiser's, W. M.
Doull's and M. Burrell's, as well as
from all the smaller plantations.
Maxwell Smith, of Vancouver,
Dominion fruit inspector, arrived
the city this morning, and will leave
tbis evening for Nelson. He de*
clared that tbe fruit crop throughout the province never looked better
In spite of the recent heavy rainfall, whicb be had heard bemoaned
in more than one quarter, be prophesied that—if some bright weather
was experienced for the next few
weeks—tbe coloring on fruit would
be a record. He said it was a great
mistake to suppose that coloring
comes from the suu alone. On the
contrary, the best coloring could
only be obtained when the roots and
the leaves of the trees are moistened.
While here Mr. Smith made a hurried trip to the Riverside nurseries.
R. H. Trueman, the well known
Vancouver photographer, will arrive in the city on the 9th inst.,
and' will be at Blome's old studio on
Bridge street for one week only.
Webster Watson, who has been
employed in one of the largest gent's
furnishing stores in Vancouver, has
accepted a position with D. D.
Munro & Co. of this city.
J, S. Jost, local maiviger of the
B. C. Telephone company, distinguished himself in the vaulting contest at the Labor day picnic, clearing over two feet more than his
closest opponent.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Sutton have
moved into their new residence on
Columbia street below the Great
Northern railway.
The oyster season has opened,
and the bivalves will now have to
invent new schemes to keep out of
the soup.
During the present summer there
has been sufficient rainfall in the Kettle River valley to grow every conceivable kind of caop, including all
varieties of fruit. In fact, for the
past two weeks the rains have done
more damage than good, as the grain
harvest lias been considerably retarded
by them.
Once in a while a meritorious show
is given under the auspices of some
local organizational as arule they are
too weak to stand on their own bottoms  and   too poor to do their own
advertising. The tent show now ex-
hibitng in this city i* reported to be-1
long to the latter class, and the Grand
Forks band is receiving its first les-,
son in standing sponsor for it.
Greenwood employes three teachers j
in her public school.
W. H. Doeksteader, of Phoenix,
has been appointed provincial constable for the city of Phoenix.
The Great Northern has discontinued taking ore cars on the passenger trains from Phoenix to this city.
An entertainment given by local
talent at the Eholt school house last
week netted $36, which will be utilized for needed improvements to the
A meeting of the shareholders of the
Midway k Vernon railway was held
in Victoria on Monday last for the
purpose of electing a board of directors.
In Ottawa and other eastern
cities the price of fruit has increased
nearly 100 per cent within the year.
This is good news to the fruit farmers of the Boundary.
Parties of C.P.R. officials are reported to be making special observations both up the West Fork and
around Okanagan lake, and something is liable to be done before long.
Alfred S. Hood has been appointed
as police magistrate for the city of
Phoenix, Mr. Hood having been
officiating as acting police magistrate
since W. R. Williams left for Saskatchewan several months ago.
A survey party in charge of W.
G. Rennison are taking levels on the
Mother Lisle brinch of the C.P.R.,
with a view to changing tl e grade in
places and replacing the trestle with
concrete and earth.
George W. Kumberger has returned
to Phoenix from a seven weeks' trip
east, having visited Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Cobalt, New York,
Chicago and Denver. He says that
Cobalt is making gjod, and that the
district is undoubtedly a rich mineral
country, notwithstanding the large
amount of wildcatting that has been
done there.
B. Spraggett, road foreman, has received orders to proceed with the
work of building the new wagon road
to avoid mining operations at the
Snowshoe, Curlew, Gold Diop and
Rawhide mines. The road will be
about two and a half miles in length,
and from the C.P.R. crossing in Phoonix to Hartford Junction there will
be no railway crossings. Thero are
half a dozen dangerous crossings on
the present road
Fred Hoslewood, of Palmcrston,
Ont., father of Mesdames Steele and
Sutton, of this city, and of Harry and
Fred Heslewood, of Greenwood, has
been in the Boundary visiting his relatives during the past couple of weeks.
Mr. Heslewood has driven an engine
on the Grand Trunk railway between
Palmerston and Toronto for the past
thirty-seven years. He is growing
tired of holding the throttle, and may
purchase a fruit ranch and settle
down in the Boundary, where he has
so many sons and daughter. Ho
praises very highly the railway men
of the west for hospitalities extended
him on his present trip.
Labor day was generally observed
throughout the Boundary district,
the mines suspending operations
and the smelters banking their furnaces for twenty-four hours. The
main event in this section was thc
union picnic at Curlew lake, given
under tbe auspieces ofthe Boundary
labor organizations, and it was very
largely attended notwithstanding the
threatening weather in the morning.
Excursion trains were run from this
city, Greenwood, Phoenix, Midway
and Republic.
The oration of the day was delivered by Mrs. Crouch Hazlett, who
spoke from a Socialistic viewpoint.
The winners ot the principal
sporting events were:
100-yard dash, Theron Stendal.
100-yard dash, for W.F.M. members, Mr. Brouilett of Grand Forks.
Running high jump, J. S. Jost.
Standing broad jump, J. S. Jost.
Running broad jump, J. S. Jost.
Hop, step and jump, J. S. Jost.
Pole vaulting, J. S. Jost. ifter
winning this event Mr. Jost gave an
exhibition vault, clearing 9 feet 1
Putting shot, Mr. Prescott of
Boys' 50-yard dash, Tom Lyden.
In the tug-ofwar contest Grand
Fork6 won from Phoenix. The
winners refused to pull with the
Mother Lode team, as the anchor
man had a saddle. Fhe judges
finally decided in favor of Grand
An exhibition of water polo also
attracted a great deal of attention.
The Grand Forks athletes carried
off tbe majority of the first and second prizes.
Tbe excursionists returned to this
city at 11 o'clock at nigbt, well satisfied witb their day's outing.
County Court
His honor Judge Brown, of Greenwood, presided at a special session
of tbe county court at the court
house in this city yesterday.
The only case that came before
the court was tbat of J. W. Day, of
Newman Lake, Wash., vs. Rutherford Bros., of this city, being a controversy over the ownership of a
horse. The jury returned the following verdict;
"We, tne jury, find from the evidence that it would be impossible to
change the plantiff's original brand
to con orm to the present brand on
the horse, and accordingly find a
verdict for thc defendant. —Neil McCallum, Foreman."
Plaintiff's action dismissed with
costs, and tho horse to be delivered
to the defendants.
In order to increase bis quarters,
R. C. McCutcheon, the cabinet
maker, is moving his shop into the
building on First street recently oc
cupied by J. K. Johnson.
The new co-operative store expects to be ready to start doing business next Monday.
Secretary J. R. Jackson, of Midway, bas sent out tbe invitations for
the Kettle River and South Okanagan Pioneers',Society's annual dinner, which will be held in Eagles'
hall, in this city, on Monday evening, September 16. Sip -Etmtmg B\m
Published at Grand Forks, British Columbia
1). A. Evans  Editor and Publisher
One Year $1,110
One Year (In advance)  1.00
Advertising; rates furnished on nu >
Legal notices, 10 and 5 oents per line.
Address all coniraiintoatlons to
The Evening Sun,
Phonb B74 Gband Pobks, B.C.
No more forceful illustration could
bo drawn of the fact that prices of
fruit lands in the Kettle valley are
ridiculously low, than the statement
mado this week that one fruit grower
has sold his crop at a price that will
net him $300 per acre. Good fruit land
can yet be secured in this vicinity at
less than ono hundred dollars per
acre. This land requires no clearing,
but is ready for plowing and planting;
and an experienced farmer can easily
get his investment back in a year two
by raising berries and vegetables
between the trees. Taking climate,
prices and the quality of the
land into consideration, there is no
other section of the province that of-
feis as tempting an inducement to the
homeseeker as the Kettle River valley, and the wise investor will secure
his land before prices advance.
Mr. R. L Borden, leader of the
Conservative party, having opened
the campaign, proceeds from place to
place, delivering, with slight variation, the same speech with which his
tour commenced. According to newspaper reports, very little enthusiasm
has been aroused. Any interest that
attaches to Mr. Borden's political
tour is caused by the appearance on
the same platform of Hon. G. E. Foster. Curiosity has caused many to attend the meetings to hear the man
who is leudest in his denunciation of
the Liberal government, and who
himself is the object of scathing comment by a royal commission.
Under the guidance the interior department, the British journalists have
completed a tour through Canada.
The effects of this tour will be evident
in the increasing immigration of a
character of people well adapted to
make good settlers in the Dominion,
And the Canadian Pacific Railway
company recently entertained a large
party of leading London journalists,
taking them from the Atlantic to the
Pacific, all of which will result beneficially to Canada.
What the people of Canada most
desire is to be left alone to the enjoyment of the present good times. Poli-
ticiuns lookiug for office disturb the
pleasant relations which now subsist
between tho federal government and
the people. It is to the good sense of
the Canadian people that an appeal is
made to remain undisturbed during
the turmoil, which a few disgruntled
politicians may stir up, und Canada
will continue to enjoy the fruits of
good government.
The building of the national transcontinental railway, the Grand Trunk
Pacific, is going on with all possible
speed, and by next season the road
will be in a position to assist in moving the crops.
R. R. Gilgin and family spent Sunday at Christina lake.
Alex Miller, of Greenwood, was a
visitor in the city last Wednesday.
H. B. Cannon returned from
Gloucester camp last Monday evening.
Arthur Henderson, of Boundarv
Falls, visited his parents in this city
this week.
Dr, Tamblyn, Dominion veterinaiy
surgeon, of Midway, was a visitor in
the city last Wednesday.
I. H. Stephens, manager of the
new co-operative store, arrived in the
city last Monday from Calgary.
Fred Starkey, the Nelson commission merchant and politician, was a
visitor in the city last Monday.
P. T. McCallum returned last
Wednesday from a short business trip
to Vancouver and other coast oities.
Alex Clunis, shift boss at the
Granby smelter, returned last Saturday from a month's vacation trip to
L. A. Campbell, of the West Koot
enay Power it Light company, was in
the city last Friday and Saturday on
business in connection with the eity's
new power contract.
Peter A. Z. Pare returned Wednesday evening from a week's outing iu
Franklin camp. Mr. Pare inspected
the new strike in the Maple Leaf
mine, and says that the richness of the
property cannot be overdrawn.
L. A. Manly returned from a short
business trip to Princeton on Saturday, and left during the early part of
the week for Spokane. He spoke
very enthusiastically of the Okanagan
country, and predicted a great future
for the district.
Neil McCallum received a severe
shaking up by the breakage of his
bicycle on Wednesday morning, but
escaped without any  serious  injuries.
Knox Phesbyterian Chuiich—
Sabbath services at 11 a. m. and V p.
m.; Sabbath school and Bible class at
2:30 p.m.; Young People's Society of
Christian Endeavor, Monday, 7:80 p.
in. All are cordially invited; seats free.
Methodist CnunoH,Rev.Sehlichter,
BjA.—Services next Sunday at 11
a. m. and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school
and Bible class at 2:30 p.m. All
are welcome.
Baptist Chuiich, Rev. F. W. Auvache, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.; Sunday
school and Bible diss at 3 p.m.
Prominent Manufacturer Speaks
In Vanleek Hill, Ont., no one is
better known than Geo. S. Watson.
Wben he says "Catarrhozone is a real
cure," depend on it being so. ''My
wife," he writes, "was subject to bad
attacks of throat irritation and bron
chitis. Many remedies were tried,
but few proved at all useful. Catarrhozone was different. It seemed to get
right at the sore spots and brought relief quickly. We have found Catarrhozone an absolute cure for bronchitis
and catarrh.'' Nothing cures more
quickly, so get it today. Two sizes,
25c and $1.00, at all deters.
Similkameen    Land    District,   District  of
TAKK NOTICE that C. P.   Harrigai-, of the
oity of Grand Forks, British Columbia,
uccupatlon Prospector, intends to apply fur
special timber licensei-i over the following defter i bed tandt, all situate in Siniilkuineeii
Division of Vale District, Province of British
No.l. Commencing at a post marked "C.
F. Harrlgau's smith went corner," planted on
the west side of Mi* hur Inn.' Creek l-3 miles
west of said creek,and about fun r miles from
the junction between McFarlane Creek and
the North Fork of the Kettle River; thence
north 80 chains, thence east HU chains, thenee
south 80 ohains, thence west 80 chains to
point of commencement, and contalnlni,' tilu
acra-i, more or less.   Duted August 'i'ind, 19J7.
No. 2. Commencing at a post marked *C.
F. Harrlfran'sS. *V. Comer," planted at the
northwest corner of Locution No. 1: thence
north ho <■ luiin*., thence aunt s>- chaius. then-'fl
B'Hitln 8 ) ohain .tlieticn west 8 i chuins lu point
of commencement, contain Ing t>4U acres-
more or less.   Dated AUgUM 28, I.m;.
No. 3. ( ommenotiig at a post marked "C.
F. Harrigan '*..-. 1.7 Corner," plantei at the
northwest corner of Location No, 2: tlteuOB
north HOi'lmiiii- thence eail ou chains, thenoe
south {W chains, tueuce wett 8'J chains to
point of commencement, nml containing iU0
acres, more or lest*   Dated  -\UgUrtt lind, 1007.
No. 4 OomnteilOlUff at a oust marked "C.
K. Hurrinan'sS. W. Comer." planted at the
mirth west corner of Location No. '••; thence
north SO ohains, theticpettit in chain it thence
south Sn chains,tlit-nee •VestSoonaini to point
of'' iinmeiicement, containing tit • acre 1,inure
or letli
Duted -.ii-zuii lind, A. D. ll«*7
C. I'.EUftftlttAN,
SitnilUameen   Land    District,    District    of
TAKK  NOTIOE that  C.   f    Harrlgatl,    of
lirmicl Kuril*. 11 ('.. oicuniitiuii Prosiieutbr,
Intend* to ai ply for special timber licenses
over the lull".* mg <i».-i ribed Inud., nil -itn-
nti* in the --linilluimeeu Division of Yule District, Provliii.-e of Hritish I o umblai
No. 1. Commencing; at a p-jst murked "O.
V. Harrlgau's S. fc. Corner," planted at
the'junction of McFarlane Creok and the
North Purk of Kettle Klver, und about three-
mile- norlh of Gloucester townsite: thenee
welt 80 chains, thence north Silchaius, thenee
east   Ml   cha us. thenee  south .40 chains to
point    of   e inline, merit,     containing  040
ucres, moreor less.
No. 2. Commencing at h post marked "C
F, Hurrlgnn's N. K. Corner, planted at the
southeast corner uf Location No. 1; theuce
south •*"chains thence west 80 chains, thence
north wi chains, tlieuce east 80 elmi n to point
of commenctneut. containing I14n seres, more
or less.
Dated tills ttr I dny nf August, ](";.
• . r. HAltltKiAN.
Mills-Smith—On Monday evening, at 7 o'clock, at the pretty residence of A. D. Morrison, in the
West end of the city, the marriage of Walter E. E. Mills, of Moosa-
min, Sn.sk., and Miss Jessie Maud
Smith, of St. Mary's, Ont., 'Vas solemnized, the officiating clergyman
being Kev. Mr. McLeod, of Knox
Presbyterian church. The wedding
was a very quiet one, the only witnesses present being Mr. and Mrs.
Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Taylor
and Miss Florence Miller. The houso
was prettily decorated with flowers
and evergreens, the ceremony taking
place under a huge wedding bell of
flowers. Mr. and Mrs. Mills left on
Tuesday evening for Phoenix, where
they will make their future home.
Mr. Mills ia manager of A. D. Morrison's branch jewelry store in that
Miss Olive Henderson, who has
been visiting her parents in this city
for the past two months, returned to
Chilliwack last Saturday. Mrs. Henderson accompanied her daughter as
far as Revelstoke.
Miss Pettigrew, sister of Mrs. W.
J. Mclntyre, and her friend, Miss
Macqueen, who have been visiting in
the city for a couple of weeks, returned to their home in New York
this week.
Shotguns, Boats, Canoes, Field
Glasses, Typewriters, Revolvers,
Oflice Desks, Tents and Fishing
Tackle. All for less than half price.
Write for Bargain Sheet. Sport-
men^ Exchange,Nauwigewauk,N.B.
Resign From the Worry Club
Life is a rush, but we can't all get
there together. In consequence, we
worry. Can't help it, because nerves
are weak, vitality is burnt up and
there is no staying power left. Cut
out the worry part and Build Up.
Let Ferrozone help you. It's a most
strengthening nutritive tonic. Fills
the blood and generates the sort of
vitality that makes you want to do
things. No medicine more helpful for
men, women and children who need
strength and staying power. Try Fer-
rozone,50c per box at all dealers.
®® CABIN.®®
A Magnificent Production under Canvas
MASKS tnd bis Funny Donkey
UNCLE TOM and bis Oz Oarti
Admission 25c fi 50c
Fish and Game in Season
Great Northern Railway |
Exposition Rates East
Winnipeg * $53.70
Jt. Paul-  53.70
Jt. Louis    61.20
Chicago  65.20
Toronto  79.70
Ottawa 83.75
(^Montreal 85.20
Dates of Sale:
September II, 12.13
90-day Limit.
Round-Trip Rate fo Jamestown Exposition $92.15
60-day Limit.
H. SHEEDY, Agent,
Als.Ls-YnK.on Exposition, Seattle, June-October, 1909
FOHM OF Sella.
•Jlmllknmeen Und DUtrlot, Dlltrlot of Yule,
ll KK NiiTIOt" thnt  I, Albert H.Sloan, ol
Grniul forks, |l. (., occupation Hotel Man-
ivier, Intends to apply for a special timber
license  over the following described lands:
Commencing nt a post plnnted about
.evoll miles distant, and In an easterly direction from Caioade, H.C, und is lying south of
anil adjoining the West Kootenay Power
Company's line; thenoe south 80 chains,
theme east 80chains, thenea northSOetiainl,
HiiMioewestSOohaltistopoint of commence-
Donald McCam.um, Agent.
Dated August 5th, 1807.
Similkameen Land District, Dlstrlot of Yale.
TAKE NOTICK that I, Albert B. Sloan, of
Grand Korks, H.C .occupation Hotel Muna*
ler, intends to apply for a special timber
fi" use over the following descrlhod lands:
Commencing at a post planted about seven
miles distant, and in an easterly direction
S m Cascade, B.C., and III lying uorth of and
'ill lining the West Kootenay Power Company's line; thenoe north 80 chnins, thence
''list »" chains, tlieuce south 811 chains, theuce
west 80 chains to point ol commencement.
Donald MoCallum, Agent.
Dated August Mb, MM.
"Black Eye No. 1" mineral claim, situate in
the (irand Fork* Mining Division of Yah'
Where located:   In Brown's camp.
TAKK NOTICK that  I, I'eter T. MoCallum.
acting «h agent • for Nell MoCallum, Frev
Mluer'i Certllleate No. DI0.VM, uud Donald
Morrison, Free Miner's Certificate No. HlOOtkl,
Intend, ilxty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Imnr-iveuient» rut the purpote of obtaining n Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
seotion 87, must be commenced before the
issuance of suoh Certificate of Improvement!.
Duti d this 3th dny of June, A.D. 1007.
Similkameen Land District, Dlltrlot of Tale,
Province of British Columbia.
TAKK NOTICK that I, M.D. White. Jeweler,
ot the oSty of Grand Forks, in the province
of British Columbia, intends to apply for
a special timber license over the following
described lauds:
Commencing at a post planted 80 ohains
south of the northeast corner of Lot No
$12&, on Deer Creek, on the North Fork of
Kettle River, In the County of Yale; thence
south 8<) chains, tbence east 80 chaius, thence
uorth 80 chains, theuce west 80 ohains to
point of commencement.
Dated this 7th day of August. A. D.1007.
When a man controls a woman,
people ate not likely to know it, but
when a woman controls a man,"everyone in town knows it.
When a man remains throughout an
entertainment with his overcoat on it
i« una sign he doesn't attend such an
entertainment very often.
Missionaries and college students
are very similar in one respect. Both
are regular in writing home that they
nped money.
When a child learns something at
sehool it is a pleasure to come home
and pick mother up.
When the big stick is applied to
justice there is sure to be a howl.
If one's chickens hop into a neighbor's yard it is a matter of no consequence, but if they chance to fall
into his pot the boiling point is soon
Club dues are very cheerfully paid,
but the church is conipained of as expensive.
The first time a singer receives pay
there is the sensation of having taken
something for nothing.
When a man has been thinking all
the evening what he will say, when
he is chlled on, he says he was never
more surprised in his life.
When a woman gets where she
dare tell ber age she has begun to live
iu the past.
Some men who write for a living
are so discriminating they think they
can tell when a blush i-i grateful.
The way to make some children love
their homes is to give them an occasional thrashing.
The things people are about ready
to undertake can always outvote on
roll call the things they have accomplished.
When a man conceals himself in the
way of an excited flock of sheep the
chances are he will be trampled on.
People who are very old know
what they would do if they had another chance.
If a man does not start at the bot
torn he is not the best judge of security.
There never yet was human power
Which would evade, if uuforgiven,
The patient search and vigil long
Of him who treasures up a wrong.
—Lord Byron.
To live content with small means;
to seek elegance rather than luxury,
and refinement rather than fashion;
to be worthy, not respectable; and
wealthy, not rich; to study hard, think
quietly, act frankly; to listen t-0 stirs
and birds, babes and sages, with open
heart; to hear all cheerfully, do all
bravely, await occasions, hurry never;
in a word, to let tho spiritual, unbidden and unconscious grow up through
the common. This is to be my symphony.— William Henry Channing.
A Question Often Asked
Why so many people feel worse aft
er taking pills than before? Trouble
is that drastic pills are used. No
remedial action i.s obtained, the bowels are irritated and dreadful constipation follows. In using Dr. Hmil-
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very mild, Dr.' Hamilton's Pills do
regulate tho bowels, stimulato normal
action of the glands.and create neither
nausea, griping nor violent action.
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indigestion, stomach, liver and kidney
ills. For a safe family pill rely on
Dr. Hamilton's, 25c per box nt all
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We carry the most fashionable stoc-
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job office.
Borden's Platform
R. L. Borden, leader of the Conservative party of Canada, has formulated the following platform:
Honest appropriation and expenditure of public moneys.
Provisions to punish bribery and
fraud at elections.
Publicity as to the expenditure by
political organizations.
A reform in the mode of selecting
senators, so as to make the senate
moro useful.
More careful selection of sources
from which immigration shall be
Operation of government railways
by an independent commission.
Management of public domain so
that increment arising therefrom sliall
inure to the people.
Development and improvement of
national waterways.
Reorganization of the present railway commission as a public utilities
commission with wider powers.
Establishment of a system of national telegraphs and telephones.
Improvement of existing postal facilities.
Promotion of a mutual preference
within the empire.
A fiscal policy to produce in Canada all articles that can be produced
and manufactured, having due regard
to the interests of the consumer* and
wage-earning population.
The Sun and the Toronto Waekly
Globe for $ 1.00 per year.   .
Bicycles and Repair Wohk—A
complete line of 1907 models. A few
second-hand wheels cheap. Wheels
to rent. Geo. Ciiapple, opposite
Postoffice, First street.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
ANT available Dominion Lanils within the
*» Railway Belt of Hritish Columbia may be
homesteaded by any person who is the head
of a family, of any male over eighteen years
of age, to the extent of one-quarter section
of 160 aeres, more or lets.
Entry must be made personally st the local
land offlee for the dlstrlot in which the land
is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform
the conditions connected therewith uuder
one of the following; plans:
(1) At least six months' residence upon and
cultivation of the land In each year for three
(2) If the father (or mother, if the father Is
deceased), of the homesteader resides uoon n
farm in the vicinity of tho land entered for,
the requirements as to residence may be snt*
islled by such person residiuff witb the father
or mother.
(3) If the settler has his permanent resilience upon farming laud owned by liiin in
the vlolnlty of his homestead, the require*
ments as to residence may be satisfied by
residence upon the said laud.
Six mouths' notioe iu writing should be
given the Commissioner nf Dominion Lauds
at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.
Coal—Coal mining rights inav he leased
for a period of twenty-one years at au au-
uual rental of f 1.00 per acre. Not more thnn
2,1)611 acres shall be leased to one individual or
company. A royHity at the rnte of live cents
per ton shnll be collected on the merchantable ooal mined.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
N'.B.--Unaiithorli.il publication nf this
advertisement will not be paid fur.
A. J. Stewart
General Blachsmlthtng
and Repairing
Turning, Scroll Work. Suh
Filing, Gun Repairing, Manufacturer of Screen Doors nnd
First Street
Grand Forks. U. C.
Geo. Taylor
General Contractor,
Excavator, Etc.
All Orders Given Prompt and Careful
Grand Forks, B, C
Stock Parades
A feature of unusual interest to
ariners generally will be the parades
and exhibits of prize winning livestock which will be held in the large,
new tent at the coining Spokane Interstate fair. This new tent is capable of accommodating 10.000 people,
being practically as large as the huge
main circus tent of Ringling Brothers.
The management of the fair is planning to hold several of these parades
during the fair, so that visitors will
not have to wait until the last day of
the fair to see the big parade of the
stock in front of the grandstand. The
big tent will also be used for the
drilling contests to be held during the
first week of the fair. These contests
will be held on Wednesday, Thursday,
Friday and Saturday nights during
the lirst week of the fair, and if the
number of entries is sufficient they
will be continued during the part of
the second fair week.
LOST—Fox Terrier pup; answers to
name of Kid. Return to W. M
Doull and receive reward.
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Similkameen Land   District,  District   of
TAKE NOTICE that Frank   McFarlane,   of
Grand Forks, British Columbia, occupation a Miner, Intends to apply for special
timber If censes over the followlnff described
lands, all situate in the Similkameen Division
of Tale District, Province of BrltUh Columbia:
Location No. 1. Commencing at a post.
marked "Frank McFarlane's N. E. oorner,"
planted about twenty chains uorth of Wallace Creek and about three and one-half
miles north of the North-East corner of Paul
Meyer's pre-emption lot 696; thence south 80
chaius, thence west 80 chains, thence uorth 80
chains, theuce east 80 ohains to the point of
commencement, containing 640 acres, nu f B
or less.   Located July 22nd, 1907.
Location No. 2. Commencing at a post
marked "Frank McFarlane's N. E. corner,"
planted at the northwest corner of said Locution No. 1; thence south 80 chains, theuce
west 80 chains, thence north -SO ohains, theuce
east 80 chains to the point of commencement,
containing 640 acres, more or less. Located
theUUnd of July, 1907.
Location No. S. Commencing at a post
marked "Frank McFarlane's S. E. corner,"
Planted at the North-West corner of said
ocation No. 2; theuce west 80 ohains, thence
north 80 chains, theuce east 80 chains, theuce
south 80 chains to the point of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or less.
Located July 22nd, 1907.
Location No. 4. Commencing at a post
marked "Frank McFarlane's S. E. corner,"
plunted near the north-east comer of said
Location No. 3; thenoe west 80 ohains, theuce
north 80 chains, thenoe east 80chains, theuce
south 80 chains to the point of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or less
Located July 22nd, 1907.
Location No. 6. Commencing at a post
marked "Frank Moi-'arlane's S. W. oorner,"
planted neur the North-east corner of said
l-ocatlou No. 3; thence east.80 ohains, thence
north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains' thence
south 80 chaius to the point of commencement, containing 640 aores, more or less.
Limited July 22ud, 1907.
Locution No. 7. Commencing at a post
murked "Frank .McFarlane's ■**. E. corner,"
plnnted about one mile nortli of the Norht-
enst corner or suid Locution No. 0;
thence north 160 chains, thence west 40
chaius, thence south 160 chains, thence east
40 chains to point of oom>-eucement, containing 840 ucres, more or less. Located July
22nd, 1907.
Location No. 8. Commencing at a post
marked "Frank McFarlane's S. 17 oorner,"
tliiuteil near the north-east eurner of said,
ocation No. 4; theuce west 80chains, theuce
uorth 80 chains, thence east 80 ehufus
theuce south 80 ohains to the point of commencement, containing 640 acres, mure or
less.   Located the 22nd of July, 1907.
Location No. 9. Commenclntq at n post
marked "Frank McI-miHut*'>--*- S- E, Corner."
plauted about bulfu milt south of tbe North
west cor, of said Lorutlou Nu. 4; tl e.ice west
lt)0 chains, tlicme north 40 chuins, theuce
east 100 ciiuins thence south 40 chuins tu the
point of coiuiuciicmneiit.contaiuliig640 acres,
moro or less.   Located tbe -2nd of -■ uly, 1907.
Locution So. 10. Cfiimnoncing at a post
marked -'Prank McPurlune't N. 17 corner,'
planted near the South-east corner of -.tii-l
Location Nn. I); tbence west HJU eluiins, tln-iin*
south 40cliuii'K, tlieuce east ltHJrhnins, tlieuce
(forth 40 chains to tlio point of commmini-
incut, coiitulniug 640 ucres. more Or less.
Located tho 22nd of July, 1907.
Location No. ll. Commencing at a post
mtirUed "Frank McKui'ltiue'r- S, tt, comer,"
p'uuted about half u mile south of the South*
oils* corner of milil Loontl m No, in; tlienc
west 160 chains thonefl north lodiutiis.tl ve
eust 160 chains, thenoe south Kteiiuiii-** tothe
point of oommenootneiiti euiitululnu 04i>
floret, more in less. Locutcd the Und of July,
Location No. 12, Commencing at a post
murked ''Prank Mel'ui'luue'-i N. h. corner/'
■limited neur the *>oulh-east comer of -ui'i
Locution No. II; theuce WMt I'M' ohnilif-
ttieiu-e south 40 chain--, tlieuce eusl 160 chains,
tlieuce uorth 40 chuins to tht* point of com-
ineucement, coiitniuln-r 64o aoren, more or
less.   Located the 22yd of July, 1007.
Location No. 13. Commencing ut a pott
murked "Prank McPftrtatie'i S. B. oorner,"
planted about one-half mile smith ofthe
South-oast corner of said Location No. 12;
theuce west 160 chains,theuce north 40 chuins,
thence east 160 chuins, theuce south -Mlchiihis
to the point of commencement, containing
640acres, more or less. Located the :2nd of
July, 1907.
Locution No. 14. Commencing nt n post
mnrked "Frank .McFarlane's N. E. corner,"
nlnnted neur the South-east corner of suid
Location No. lit; tbence webt 161] chains,
thenre south 40 chains, theuco east 160
chuins. thence north 40 chains to the point
of commencement, containing 640 ncres,more
or leti.   Located tho 22ml of July, 19 7.
Location No. IB. Commencing ut a pu-t
■narked   "Frank Mcl-'urlaue's N, K. corner."
E (anted neur tho South-west corner of sad
ocation No. 2; thence west lfKtchniiis.ttiriir-*-
suiith 40 ciiuins, theuse east I60cliuius,tboiice
uorth 40 ohafnl to the point of commencement, containing 640 acres, moroorlens. i-n-
cated the 22ml of July, 1907.
Dated at (irand Forks, B.C., this 14th dav
of August. 1907.
The well known Vancouver Photographer, will  be in
Grand Forks for
One Week Only, B«.i'-*»"*-*. Sept. 9th
Mr. Trueman's work is too well known in this city to
lequire any introduction. Any one desiring first-
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grades; gives the four years' course forthe
■ A. degree, and the first year of the Schoo
of Science course, in affiliation with the Toronto University; has a special prospeo ors-r.
course for miners who wgrk iu H.C. Instruction is also given in Art, .Music, Physical Culture aud Elocution. Term opens Sept.l th
IWHi,   For Calendars, eto , address
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cleaning Hue. Rubber Tires
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Kazor Honing* a Specialty.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly. Pas
sengei'ii and Trunks to and
from all trains.
P.  A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Victoria IH tfi.
Bride. Street, Grand Korks, B. C.
Rutherford Bros., Props.
60   YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone lending a skoi rli and description nmy
quickly asooririlu our <>*, u froo whether an
Invention '-> prnhnttly |i*n*>iiinl>lo, Commmiir-i-
ti<ms strictly <-*mi>iteii.,,,ii. HANDBOOK on I'KtfiUtB
sent froo, Oldest nj-mi'-v fur M'riirinKjmtetil»,
I'liteuts taken llirou/li Munn ,"• Co. receive
spteutl notice, without, oopraa, in the
Scientific American.
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1.1'iuorsainl " ;-<u.
t       ■■   e&9mWr*%7'A  ' ■
as^jLTjn***. QMinl*.
f&^f't 7*11 it" *7*r
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One Blook from Qreat Northern Depot.
iM. G. Davidson* Manager
New Lead of H.gh Grade Copper-Gold-Silver Ore Encountered
Three and One-Half feet Wide
at a Depth of Ten
The news of a new and important
strike on the Maple Leaf mine, io
Gloucester camp, was brought to the
city last Monday. A well defined
lead, which has been stirpped for a
distance of fifty feet, has been encountered. On the surface the lead
is only few inchet wide, bbtata depth
of ten feet it widens out to three and
one-half feet. The lead rans north
and south, and the ore is high-grade,
containing copper, silver and gold.
The strike has created considerable
excitement in the camp, and further
details of the find are eagerly awaited
in this city.
The Lightning Peak Cold Mining
company, of St. Paul, Minn., which
owns a group of high-grade silver
properties in Thunder Hill camp,
some twenty miles north of Franklin
camp, is at pjesent doing some important development on these claims, on
which already 1000 feet of work has
been done. The ore of these properties is exceptionally rich and runs
"J>900 in silver alone. This ore is now
being shipped by pack train to the
Arrow lakes, and there loaded on
the boats for shipment to the Trail
fraction, Dreadnought, Gipsy ond the
Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 3 claims.
The Granby company Jhas taken a
bond on the Bullion, the Keystone
and the Monte group, the first named
adjoining the New York claim and
the company's Monte Cristo group,
all on the north side of Phoenix.
The following table gives the ore
for 1905, 1906 and for tbe past week:
The British Columbia Copper company has secured bonds on the Undine and Mary B., in Summit camp.
It is understood that tho company
has also secured control of the Diamond Joe group of five claims, adjoining the Monto group, bonded by
the Granby company.
The Consolidated Mining k Smelting Company of Canada has secured
bonds on eight or ten claims, some of
which adjoin the present Snowshoe
group. The new claims include the
Midnight, Joker fraction, Ethel Verne
Active development will soon be;
started on the Minnie Moore claim by
the British (olumbia Copper com-'
pany, the property being an extension !
of the Emma and Jumbo claims of
the same g.'oup in Summit camp.
Care of Visitors
The Spokane chamber of commerce !
is now perfecting plans for the care of
visitors to the Interstate fair this
yeai, and it is probable thut the same
plan followed last year will bo adopted during the coming fair, which will
be held in Spokane from September
23 to October 6. The chamber of
commerce will list all rooms which
will be available during the fair,
these lists being kept at the rooms of
the chamber. Strangers arriving in
the city who do not care to go to an
hotel, or who cannot be accommodated at any of the hotels, and making
inquiry at the rooms of the chamber
of commerce will be directed to one of
these houses, being told in advanea
fust what the charge for a room will
be. Last year a man was employed by
the chamber of commerce to meet all
incoming trains, but this practice
will not be followed this year. A man
will be on duty constantly at the
rooms of the chamber, and strangers
applying to him will be looked ufte.\
George Dresher, assistant to Secretary
L. G. Monroe, will have charge of the
i matter this year. Persons expecting
to visit the fair, and who may wish
to arrange for looms in advance, may
do so by writing to Mr. Dresher, care
Chamber of Commerce, Spokane,
Granby Mines, Phoenix	
Snowshoe.   Phoenix	
Mother Lode, Deadwood	
B. C. Mine, Snmmit	
Emma, Summit	
Oro Denoro, SummitCamp	
Bonnie Belle, Deadwood	
Brooklyn-Stemwinder, Phoenix.
Idaho, Phoenix	
Rawhide, Phoenix	
Sunset, Deadwood	
Mountain Rose, Summit	
Senator, SummitCamp	
Morrison, Deadwood	
Sulphur King.Summit	
Winnipeg, Wellington	
Big Copper, West Copper	
Carmi, West Fork	
Sally, West Fork	
Rambler, West Fork	
Butcher Boy, West Fork	
Providence, Greenwood	
Elkhorn, Greenwood	
Strathmore, Providence	
Preston, Skylark "	
Prince Henry, Skylark	
Skylark, Skylark Camp	
Lust Chance, Skylark Camp	
E. P. U. Mine, Skylark Camp...
Bay, Skylark	
Mavis, Skylark	
Don Pedro, Skylark	
Crescent, Skylark	
Helen, Greenwood	
Republic, Boundary Falls	
shipments of  Boundary mines
1906 1907   Past Week
801,404 402,117 8,843
8,426 82,175 4,100
104,120 156,136 4,343
1,345 1,370
12,881         5,214 180
6,404 6,254 	
140,685 38,769 612
2,960 10,522 672
26,032 46.166 2,656
48,390 22,675 1,298
3,555         2,223 210
Total, tons  1,158,991
Smelter Treatment—
Granby Smelter  828,879
B. C. Copper Co.'s Smelter  121,031
Dominion Copper Co.'s Smelter  218,811
787,893     22,811
Mining Stock Quotations
New York, Sept. 3.—The following are today's opening quotations for
the stock mentioned:
Asked.     Bid
I Granby 110.00   102.00
| Dominion Copper     4.37i     4.12£
B. C. Copper     7.25"     7.00
Total treated.,
77.4,293      25,050
Authorized .--shares--, Paid    Total to    Latest      Per
Nira OF COMPAKT.              Capital.    Issued. Par. 1996.       Date.      Date.   Share
Granby Consolidated-Copper...»15,O0O,O0O      135,000  $100 $1,620,000 .f"-',!W»,080 June 1907  $3.10
Cariboo McKlnnej-Gold     1,250,000   1,250,000    $1           548,881 Feb. 1904     .04
Providenoe-SllTer       200,000       21,000     $5 16,000        88.224 Sept. 1906     .50
The Purest and Best In tbe City.
On Draught Exclusively" at
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
•        Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of Fare and Menu Cards,
Announcements und Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Prinuiy.
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an advertisement, and a trial order will convince
you that our stock and workmanship are of the
best. Let us estimate on your order. We guarantee satisfaction.
Evening   Sun
Job Department
Metal Quotations
New York, Sept. 3.—Silver, 68$;
lead, §5.25; electrolytic copper, 17J($.
I7f; casting copper, 17f.
London, Sedt. 4.—Lead, £19 10s;
silver, 3lJ.
TARE NOTICE that M. H. Burnt, occupation I
Carpenter, intend to apply for a speeiul
timher license over the following described '
lands:   On Bear Creek, west of C.P.R. Line. 1
Commencing at a post planted about eight
chains from south line of L. 3636, thence west
ht) chains, thence south Mi chains, thence etist
W chains, thence north 80 chains to point of
commencement, and containing 64U acres,
moreor less.
Dated tills 9th day nf August, 1007.
TAKK NOTICE that M. H. Bums, occupation
Carpenter, intend to apply for a special
timber license over -lie following described
lands: On Rear Creek, west of -7171!. Line.
Commencing at a post plunted about B0|
chains Hontb or Nol; theuco south 80 chains,
thence eust 80 chain*-, tbence north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains to poinf of commencement, and contaiuliiirlMo acres, more
or less.
Dated this Dili day of August, 1007.
TAKE NOTICE that 1, Kred Alfred Sammn,,,, •
of Midway, In the District of Yule, Hrltlsli I
( olumbia,Lumberman, after sixty dny, from
tliednte nftlie Hr»t publication of this notice, intend, pursuant to the "Hirers und
.treum Aet
il ."'"'.AmymlliisT Acts, to submif
u„ i ' ii"'.i, ? .'hief Ounirolnsioner of
»»,,d» und «ork, to eiear and remove ob-
L Mctlonii fromthe Kettlo I'lvcr.and its
iV.niio',**"J'*'n*H"l','- f "">>> *•'-*■*•■• ■>'"«•• "•«
I'.'tcrnO} " " ° ",'■'"lr"-v "**••. "ear Midway,
11 ■'•*** and he ?'' "M*?**- I-Ivi"'"" "'"»ld
I'.rlctllX'if.Kottle Kiver from where
. (, "os>os A"'Ij"''eriiutionol Hoimenry Line
from <■■*■ *S»*l VYa.bi,„,tou Into Hritish
Columbia Cta paI»i'V-.,1.". '.''f ,u!r'rlt'.."'i
Ynlcl.tol'as, ttS,?"»,ft,fii"l*-|*J»,*»1,.11*'r?,*,e
Grund RorkHii1"1"* Ulvls on of said Dis-
ttlet)' bv cles th **'"" removing obstructions
nnd inukiiiK 0e same Mt for raft'iuf and
driving there ". '»«*' V1*"1""*' and lumber,
and construct 1'll,m«'. booms, slides, and
i*liutc«,niiilniake»u«b other improvements
us muy Iib ncees*0"'*' 'or saiil purposes. The
In mis affected are irovernineut lauds, and
l„>ts'W:l 27111,8*0**i »**•■ and 3038, and l-own-
■hlpi HO, 07,68,69, ft '"i IJ. SI and 82, all In the
Similkameen Division of Ynle I) strict.
Hilled nt Midway. H.C, this thirteenth das
of July; A,-0,1907.
The Greatest
Ever offered the people of
the Boundary Country.
Ttie Toronto Weekly Globe
and the
Grand Forts Sun
per year
in advance.
The lobe is the recognized national newspaper of Canada, and will keep you well informed
on Eastern events, while The Sun gives you
all the local news.
leave Your Dollar at The Sun Office


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