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The Evening Sun Sep 13, 1907

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Sixth Year---No. 59.
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. September 13, 1907.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
An adjourned meeting of the
city council was held iu the council
chambers Monday evening, Mayor
Hammar, Aid. Hardy, Homer,
Miller, McCallum, Mcintosh and
Woodl nd being present.
Aid. Miller reported that the water
und light committee had taken no
definite action in regard to the city
electrician, and the matter was referred back to the council. . In view
of the fact that the present city electrician had handed in his resignation,
the council instructed the city clerk to
advertise for applications for the position in the Nelson, Rossland local
The chairman of the water and
light committee recommended that a
system of time cards, showing the nature and amount of work performed
by city employees, be adopted. The
council approved the recommendation,
and requested the chairman to submit
samples at the next meeting.
The chairman of the water and
light committee reported on the application of the Qreat Northern Railway company for ten 32 and ten 16
c.p. lights at Weston. It would cost
between two and three hundred dollars to extend the pole line to that
point. The matter was referred back
to the committee, with instructions to
make further investigations and report at the next meeting.
The application for city water from
the Catholic church was referred to
the water and light committee, with
instructions to report at the next
meeting. The estimated cost of extending the system to that point was
The mayor drew the attention of the
council to the fact that a portion of
the approach to the Columbia avenue
bridge needed replanking. Referred
lo the board of works.
Ex-City Solicitor E. Miller was
granted permission to address the
council. Mr. Miller stated that at the
meeting of the water and light committee last Thursday night the most
contemptible slander that it was possible for one man to level at another
had been hurled at him by one of
the aldermen. Aid. Hardy had accused him, in drawing up the new
power contract, of working for the
South Kootenay Power company, and
not in the interests of the city. Mr,
Miller pointed out that loyalty to a
client was practically a barrister's
only stock in trade. Once that was
questioned, he practically had nothing.
During all the years he had served
ax city solicitor, he challenged any
man to produce one instance where he
had not worked faithfully for the
welfare of the city. He concluded an
impassioned address by characterizing
the statement as a malicious lie, and
demanded an apology from Aid.
Hardy. Mr. Hardy refused to
apologize, and reiterated the charge
he had made at the committee meeting. He also stated that he would
settle with Mr. Miller outside after
the meeting. Mr. Miller replied that
he would have to settle right now.
With that he struck Mr. Hardy a
stinging blow in the face with the
palm of his hand. Mr. Hardy jumped
on his feet, and after a few passes had
been exchanged the combatants
clinched, and after a minute they
were parted, without either party
gaining a decisive victory.   Aid, Mil
ler attempted to interfere, and was
pushed through a glass door, mid hud
his face slightly cut by the falling
glass. He was really the only
man in the room that could produce
any visible evidenceof having emerged
from a battle. After the mayor hud
suceeedei in restoring order, he told
Mr. Miller to leave the council cham
ber. Before taking his departure,
Mr. Miller said he apologized to his
worship for his action, but that he
refused to do so to some of the •aldermen.
On the resumption of business, the
power contract was again brought before the board. The mayor reported
that he had been unable to reach Mr.
L. A. Campbell by telephone, and no
tender had yet been received for the
erection of the power line. The council did not think it would be wise to
execute the contract until it had been
examined by a solicitor, and on motion of Aid. Miller and McCallum it
was decided to submit it to A. C.
Aid. McCalluin attempted to bring
up the salary question, but Aid.
Woodland thought that it was a dead
issue. The mayor hinted at resignation if nothing is done in this respect.
The council then adjourned.
Sun Acquires a Railway
The Sun had occasion to pay the C.
F.R. a freight bill on some stationery
from Toronto this week ; and we now
feel that the section of the railway between this city and Cascade belongs
to us, because we consider that
we have paid for it, after allowing a
fair margin for the haulage of the
goods. We had not intended to break
into the railroading business, as uur
newspaper work and immense horticultural interests furnish us steady
employment. But the honor appears
to have been thrust upon us, and we
reluctantly accept the inevitable. We
have not yet decided what we will do
our newly acquired property; but the
chances are that the line will be
equipped with electric rolling stock
and used for carrying excursion parties to Christina lake next summer.
It is also quite possible that the (.. P.
R. will be granted running privileges
over the road. We expect to own the
road as far eust as Nelson inside of
thirty days, as two more small shipments are now sidetracked somewhere
between this city and Montreal.
Uncle Ton
Downie's Uncle Tom's Cabin company, which gives a night performance under canvas in Grand Forks on
Wednesday, September 18th, is said
to cairy the greatest troupe of genuine
Southern negro jubilee singers,
dancers and cake walkers in the business. This part of the entertainment
alone is well worth the price of admission, and they have beon creating a
great deal of favorable comment everywhere.
Little Miss Hackett, who plays the
part of Eva, is a wonderful child.
She is only seven years of age, and is
very versatile, and her singing and
dancing specialty is one of the most
pleasing features of the performance.
A grand street parade will be given in
the afternoon. Admission 25c and
Metal Quotations
New York, Sept. 11.—Silver, 67jf;
lead, $1.75; electrolytic copper, 16@
164; casting copper, 17.
LoNDON.Sept. 11.—Lead, j£19 17s;
silver, 31}.
Chas Brown, of the Boundary
Iron Works, has sold his fine residence
in the coiner of Victoriu avenue and
Fourth street to Dr. Newcombe. Mr.
Vewcoinbe will take possession on the
first of next month.
W. C. Allen, who owns a ranch
south of the city, is building an addition to his property and otherwise improving his property.
Joseph Bistolfi and G. Genovese,
of New York, gave two delightful concerts in the Yale lobby last Saturday
and Sunday evenings. It is safe to
say that it was the best instrumental
music that has ever been heard in this
city, and that it was appreciated was
amply evidenced by the large number
of ladies present Sunday evening. On
Monday night they furnished the
music for the club dance in Alberta
The Riverside nurseries never
looked better than at present. It now
contains about 200,000 fruit and ornamental trees, ranging from three-
year-olds down to seedlings.
A car of mixed fruit was loaded by
the ranchers of the valley last Saturday and shipped to Calgary. This was
the first car of this description ever
sent out of the valley, and is the beginning of a great industry.
Three cars of stock, consisting of 29
horses, 95 head of cattle and 16 calves,
arrived in the city over the Kettle
Valley line from Republic Saturday
night. They were settlers' effects,
destined for Calgary.
The Grand Forks band increased the
funds in its exchequer by 877.45 from
the proceeds of the entertainments
given last week.
A bunch of 25 or 30 Hindus followed the Ideal Amusement company
to Spokane last Sunday morning. It
is painfully evident that the Hindu
man stands sorely in need of education in the amusement line.
Do you want to be shown? The
natives of Missouri now living the
northwest will have reunion at the
Spokane Interstate fair.
Al. Traunweiser is shipping a great
deal of fruit this full from his 50-acre
orchard south of the city. W. M.
Doull, whose orchard adjoins Mr.
Traunweiscr's, is also sending out large
The C. P. R, changed to its winter
time schedule last Monday. The train
from the east now arrives here at
2:55 p. m.
W. P. Tierney, tho railway contractor, has shipped most of his grading outfits to llosiuer, ill the East
Kootenay district.
R. H. Truemau, the Vancouver
photographer, will be at Blome's old
studio on Bridge street until Wednesday, the 18th inst.
Ladies are invited to attend the
Fall Opening of Millinery at the Bar
nuin on Saturday, September Uth.
The Ideal Amusement company
closed its series of so-called entertainments in this city last Saturday night.
It would be difficult to name a town
in the province so insignificant that a
troupe   of   aimttuei's superior to this
company could not bo picked up in it.
Born—In Grand Fork?, on Tues-1
day, September 10, to Mr. and Mrs.!
T. L. Crossen, a son.
A fni»t nud a half of snow was reported in Phoenix yesterday morning. The "beautiful" was also
visible tn the naked eve on the
mountain tops nround this city.
Born—In Grand Forks.on Wednesday, September 11, to Mr. and Mrs.
M. Maida, of Fife, a son.
It is a serious thing to make charges
against a man's good name without
sufficient proof. In the absence of
such proof,inost people will find exten
uating circumstances for the method
adopted by our late city solicitor in
resenting an aspersion on his name,
although that method may have lacked
some of the dignity that is supposed
to surround legislative bodies. Until'
Aid. Hardy substantiates his charges
public opinion is likely to be in Mr.
Miller's favor.
The annual Harvest Thanksgiving
will be held at Holy Trinity church
on Sunday, September 15th. Services at 8 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
The Sun acknowledges the receipt
of a new map, just issued by the department of tbe interior, of tbe
British Columbia railway belt, showing homesteads (patented, entered
for and' unpatened); sales, special
grants, mining lands sales; lands disposed of by provincial government;
Idian reserves; forest reserves and
parks, and timber berths. The map
is a special edition prepared under
tbe direction of R. E. Young, D.L.S.,
superintendent of railway and
swmap lands.
James Newby, who waB dangerously injured a few weeks ago by
being thrown from a horse, continues to impro'-e. The second operation has been successfully performed, and no further set-back to
bis ultimate recovery is looked for.
Tbe physicians say it was as dangerous an accident, without being instantly fatal, as it is possible to imagine.
The annual dinner of the Kettle
Valley and South Okanagan Pioneers' society will be given in
Eugles' hall, in this city, on Monday evening next. Tbe catering
will be done by A. B. Sloan of the
Windsor hotel cafe, and a line menu
is assured. These men who blazed
the trails and laid the foundations
of the country enjoy nothing more
than these reunions, which serve to
keep alive the brave spirit of tbe
past, and contrast the present with
the days .tilion pick and pack were
their friends and the camp fire
their home.
Annual Fall Opening of Pattern
Hats and Millinery Novelties on
Thursday and Friday, September
19th and 2oth.—Miss Cosgrove.
This is fine weather for turnips,
but the peanut and banana plants
need a Queen stove to keep them
Owing to the recent heavy rains,
the water in the Kettle river has risen
over three feet.
Although the sun is shining, this
is a gloomy day for the superstitious.
It is Friday, the 13th day of the
On Saturday the VancouverWorld
published a statement relating to
the disallowance of the Natal Act of
Hon. Mr. Bowser last session before
he became a minister, and which,
although carried in the house, wns
refused assent by his honor tiie
The World stated that when Hon.
Mr. McBride reached Ottawa on his
way io London on his better terms
mission, that he told Hon. R. W.
Scott, Becret&ry of state, that Mr.
Bowser's bill would uot become law,
but would be disallowed by the
lieutenant-governor on his advice,
and suggested that the Ottawa authorities in turn reciprocate by dropping the words "final and unalterable" from the proposed amendment of the British North America
Hon. Mr. William Templeman
has since corroborated the World's
The Natal ict was intended to
check the immigration of Asiatics -
into British Columbia. The local
government has heretofore maintained that it was disallowed owing
to influences from Ottawa brought to
bear on tbe lieutenant-governor. At
present it looks like another caBe of
McBride duplicity.
Kootenay Presbytery Meeting
The regular meeting of the Kootenay Presbytery convened in
Knox Presbyterian church, in this
city, last Tuesday afternoon at 4
o'clock, and adjourned last night to
meet in Nelson at the call of the
moderator and the clerk.
Those who attended the Presbytery were Rev. G. A. Wilson, of
Vancouver, the recently appointed
missionary of the church for British
Columbia; Rev. Samuel Lundie, of
Phoenix, secretary; Rev. Mr. Grant,
of Fernie, tbe present secretary; Rev.
C. O. Maban, of Cranbrook; Rev. J.
F. Ferguson, of Nelson; Rev. Mr.
Danby,of Nakusp; Rev. Mr. McKee,
of Greenwood; Rev. Mr. Ferny, of
Cascade; Rev. Mr. McKinnon, of
Slocan; Rev. Mr. Finley of Moyie;
Rev. Mr. McLeod, of this city; Mr.
McConnell,;.of Wardner. student
missionary, and Rev. R. W. Ross, of
this city, and Mr. Smith, of Cran
brook, representative elders.
Usual routine matters relative to
the welfare of the church were dealt
with. On Wednesday evening a
public meeting was held, at which
interesting addresses were delivered
by Rev. Mr. FcrguBon of Nelson,
and Rev. Mr. Wilson, of Vancouver.
One of the features of the meeting
wns a delightful solo by Mrs. N. L.
Last night a conference was held,
at which the relations of the church
to labor, and questions of social and
moral import, were fully discussed.
Before adjournment, an unanimous
vote of thanks was tendered the
congregation for tbe use of the
church; to tbe membere for their
hospitality, ond to Mr. Mclnnis for
ber musical assistance.
Tbe Sun regrets tbat, owing to lack
of Bpace, it is unable to give a detailed account of the proceedings in
this issue, but will likely do bo next
Mining Stock Quotations
New York, Sept. 11.—The following are today's opening quotations for
the stock mentioned:
Asked, t Bid
Granby 105.00,    95.00
Dominion Copper     4.60 |    4.25
B.C. Copper    7.37J     7.12J
i 0% -Etatttng &tm
Published at Oraad Forks, British Columbia
a. A. Ev.xs ..  Editor and Publisher
One Tear M.50
One Year (In advanoe)  1.00
Advertising rates furnished on >iii i
Lef-nl notices, 10 and 5 cents per line.
Address all communications to
The Evening Sum,
PaoHl B74 Grand Fohks, B.C.
Tbe constitution of Canada, as
contained in the British North
America Act, provides that each
parliament shall continue for a
period of five yenrs, or less, and
then nil appeal shall be made to the
people; in other words, a general
election shall be held. The object
of this is quite apparent, the intention being that every five years the
government shall give an account to
the electorate. Public opinion shall
be challenged, the government appeals upon its record for a continuance of confidence, and the returns
at the polls disclose the verdict rendered by the public. In 1896 the
Conservative government made nn
appeal to the people. The record
of the Conservative party was before
the people, not for five years, but
for eighteen years, and the result
proved that public confidence had
been withdrawn, the Conservative
administration was denounced and
condemned by the votes of the people, and public affairs were handed
over to the Liberals. The time approaches for another appeal to the
electorate, and in contemplation of
this Mr. Borden, leader of the opposition, is now engaged in a campaign tour which is comprehensive
in its scope, for it includes a visit to
every province in Canada. The
burden of Mr. Borden's speeches is
denunciation of the administration.
This condemnation includes charges
of extravagrance, charges of graft,
charges of electoral corruption.
Strange to say, the government is
also accused of provoking good times
by following certnin lines of Cou-
servntive policy. The fact that
Canadi is prosperous as a nation
cannot be denied, but this is attributed altogether to the fiscal policy
of the government, which policy, it
is alleged, is the sole property of the
Conservatives, and without it there
would be ne good times, but the
very reverse. Tnke a reasonable
view of the situation. If the Liberal government should be deprived
of power for the reasons alleged by
Mr. Borden, then for the selfsame
reasons the Conservatives should be
kept out of olliee. For years (ire-
ceding 1896 the Conservatives connived at a carnival of crimes which
brought the overwhelming defeat of
that year. Extravagance was the
rule, grafting the ordinary course of
conducting public business, political
corruption the general method of
securing elections. This being the
case, upon what ground can the
leader of the opposition expect public support ut the polls! What
guarantee can be given that the experiences of the past will not be repeated? What reason exists for
handing over the government of the
country to the Conservatives, who
perpetrated crimes to attain power
and repeated their criminal acts to
hold power utter fraudulently securing ill
Applications for the position of
City Electrician will be received by
the City of Grand Forks until September 18th, 1907.
Salary, $125 per month; duties to
commence October 1st.    Applications
to be accompanied by testimonials.
City Clerk.
It is difficult for a man to tell
whether a woman is carrying a pock-
etbook or a suit case.
If a woman spends more than ten
minutes in arranging her hair, the
result is a coiffure.
Whenever a woman wants the powder, she says she always likes a little
for the end of her nose.
The only time a woman can see
any excuse for a man to go on a spree
is after she has turned him down.
No woman's picture looks any better because she was trying to look
through the skylight when it was
The average boy considers an overcoat so much excoss baggage which he
must wear to appease his mother's
People admire a man who stands on
his own feet. This is particularly true
in a crowded car.
The fact that some people believe
in themselves doesn't prove much but
their credulity.
The things you don't say cause you
less grief in this life than almost .anything else.
It is a hard matter for a man who
believes as you do to carry his ideas
to the extreino where you will call
him a fanatic.
Ever think how a good many smart
people are "run" by some cheap person?
Students of the occult ure usually
foolish about other things, too.
A man never thinks justice is done
him when he loses a lawsuit.
Every defeat develops a lot of new
Most men are optimistic as long as
things are coining their way.
A just complaint is an accommodation.
LOST—Fox Terrier pup; answers to
name of Kid. Return to W. M.
Doull and receive reward.
A. M. Whiteside, the Greenwood
barrister, was a visitor in the city last
Monday evening.
City Clerk J. A. McCallum returned last Saturday from a month's
vacation trip to Calgary and the coast-
A. Clark, who has been bookkeeper
in Mclnnis A Co.'s store for some
time, left last Saturday for his old
home in Granby, Que. He intends to
remain permanently in the east.
Mr. Fred McKeehan, tho popular
U. S. immigration inspector stationed
at this point, returned Friday ovoning
from a month's vacation trip to his
old home in Hillsbordj Ohio. Mrs.
McKeehan and children will return
home in a weok or two. Mr. McKeehan reports having had a pleasant
trip, and states that his lectures at the
Jamestown exposition proved a huge
The Cause ol Sore Feet
Examine them carefully and you'll
probably find corns. Whether hard,
soft or bleeding, apply Putnam's Corn
Extractor. It's painless, it's sure,
and above all quick to act. Insist on
only "Putnam's."
Oh, lor a Clear Complexion
A clear complexion is the outward
evidence of inward cleanlines. In bad
health the face becomes a sign-board,
telling of disease within. If yellow,
bile is not properly secreted; if pallid,
the kidneys are faulty; if skin is
murky and dark circles beneath the
eyes, look for constipation. Whatever
the cause, no remedy compares with
Dr. Hmilton's Pills, which are mild,
safe, purifying rnd vitalizing in their
action. They give a marvelously rosy
tint to the cheeks, brighten the eyes
and establish health that defies age
and disease. Sold everywhere in 25c
Similkameen     Laud    District,    District  of
TAKE NOTICB tlmt C. tf. Harrigan. nf the
city of Grnnd Porks, British Columbia.
occupation Prospector, Intends to apply fur
specliu timber licenses over the following described lands, all situate in Similkameen
Division of Vale District, Province of British
No.l. CommeuolUff at a post marked "C.
P. Harridan's southwest oorner," planted on
the west side of McFarlane Creek l'a miles
west of said creek.aud abuut four miles from
the junction between AlcFurlane Creek aud
the North Pork of the Kettle River; theuce
north SO chain**., thence eust 80 chains, thence
south 80 chain.,, theuce west 80 ohains to
point of commencement, and uontniiiiuir tilu
acres, more or less. Dated August limi, lfcfl.
No. 2. Commencing at a post marked 'C.
P. Harrlgau's S. k. Corner," planted one-
half mile eaut of the northwest comer of Location No. 1; thence uutlh.W chains, thence
west 80 chains, thenee south s<. chains, tlieuce
east 80 chains to point of couimenc.-ment,
containing .140 acres, more or less, Dated
August 211, 11-M7.
No. 3. i oniiiiHiii-ing at a oust marked "C.
F. Harrii*an'-iH b. Corner,'' j-lante.l at tue
northeast corner of Location Nn, t\ tin-nce
north 8U chains, thence w.-si 60chains, thence
honth  80 clialn*-.  thenee east  •>.;   chuins  to
point of commencement, and containing ii*iii
acres, more or less    Dated -\ugnsi lind, 1907.
So. 1   Commenoiutf at a oust marked "C.
v. HarrigiinHS.lv. Oorner,*1 pUnted nt the
north 'U-.1  com- i ol Locdttuii  .Vj. .:■  tnenoe
north ttptihaliii, tne ice Act SUohuliisitUtiM
south 8i" chains,ti.i-in-e cn,t 9-Jolmhitj to point
oi oonimonoflineiit. containing Wunorai,more
Dated August Mnd.A, D, 1907
Siuillltaineen   Laud    District.    District    of
TAKK NOTIOE that  ('.   !■'. HuinWj   „f
l.riuiil Furlis. HC, orcuimllt.i, IViispci'tor
liit,>iitlati>arpl.rfoi' special timber licenses
ovr the follou ing described lands, all -itu-
ate in tin* *-'lniill{nniemi Division ol I'ul.. District, Province ul llritish «'o tnnbia:   '
No. I. Commencing nt a post marked "C.
r, Harrlgau's is. b. Oorner," planted nt
tne juiictlon of Mcl'-arlaiit* Oreeli ,,„d the
North Kuril uf Kettle Biver, and about three
null*, mirth of Gloucester townsite; thence
west be chains, thenoe north Mohalln, thenre
east 80 olin ns. thence south XO chains tu
in.iiit of eummenoeraent, containing 010
uc.es, mere or less. *
No, 2. Cuuilllclicitig at ii post marked "C,
r.lliirrlgnn's.Vb. Corner," planted at the
southeast curlier uf  Location .So.   1: thenee
south Mtjha n. thenoe west 80 pl>aliU,the! SS
north so chain*,, thenee east 80 chnltii to point
ol coinmoiii'ment. containing>l4ti acres, mure
or le*-
Dnted this "8r!
"I August, Iftil.
. .*'  H.UUIUAN.
Knox Presbyterian Chuiich—
Sabbath services at 11a. in. and 7 p.
m.; Sabbath sohool*and Bible olass at
2:30 p.m.; Young People's Society of
Christian Endeavor, Monday, 7:80 p.
in. All are cordially invited; seats free.
Methodist CHURcii.Rev.Schlichter,
BjA.—Services next Sunday at 11
a. ni. and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school
and Bible class at 2:30 p.m. All
are welcome.
Baptist Church, Rev. F. W. Auvache, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.; Sunday
school and Bible class at 3 p.m.
Great Distress In Her Throat
Not an uncommon experience was
that of Mrs. H. 8. WilmtA of Slmler,
N.S. Doctors failed, still a quick cure
was found in Catarrhozone. Notice
this statement: "I have been a most
dreadful sufferer from bronchial trouble and catarrh. On damp days I
would hawk and suffer great distress
in my throat. I used all kinds of medicines but didn't get permanent relief
till I used Catarrhozone. It has
strengthened my throat, cured my
cough and made ine entiiely well."
Refuse substitutes for the one reliable
bronchial and throat cure. All dealers
sell  Catarrhozone  in   25c and §1.00
We carry the most fashionable s toc-
of wedding stationery in the Boun
dary country. And we are tho only
office in this section that have the
correct material for pint it. Tho Sun
job office.
®» CABIN,©®
4 Magnificent Production under Canvas
MARKS M-d hia Fu.-.ny Donkey
ONCi 1*1 TOM ara nil Vx Uaiti
Admission 25c 8 50c
We Have For Sale
vm        Hand
cAlso an Assortment tf
We Want
As we have a number of enquiries   for
small   farms.    We expect  a  number of |
buyers in Grand Forks at an early" date.
It you have farms for sale, call on
A. Erskine Smith 8 Go.
Fish and Game in Season
Great Northern Railway
Special Low (Round-Trip Rates to
Spokane Interstate Fair
Selling Dates September 2lst to 29th and
October 1st and 2nd
Special Low t£A   AR Good on
Rate of <ip**"*f,sJ Sept. 30J
Final Return Lim ts October 7th
H. SHEEDY. Atfent,
Alasta-Yukon Exposition, Senile, Juiie:Octot»r, 1909
.   J. AND  ACT.
ilm.lknliiecn Limil District, District of Ynle.
ItRE  NOTICK Hint   I, Alliort H. Slon.i, of
Urand I'orlis. It, 0. occupation Ho el Mau-
,, er" Intend, to npply for a special t niber
S  over the following described I»i.d»
f'l.iiinirtioiiur nl a l>o« planted about
,0ve! nitlcs istnnt. nntl in an easterly d rec*
, Ion from < n.natlt'. B1Q.1 nntlls lying south ol
i       adMulnir the. West   Kootentiy Power
'.,,,,1   i v's  line;    thenee  south 80 Mm.
I," IJenst-.7lu.lt... the... northIWehal...,
'Keenest 80 t'hnli.s to point of commence-
m°nt- ALBERT 11. SLOAN.
DoNALU McOaLI.1111, 'BCtlt.
Patnd Auuiut 5th, 19.11.
Similkameen Lnntl District, Dlstrlot of Tale.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Albert  B. Sloan,  of
OrtVi.il I'orks. H.C .oeeiipatlon Hotel.Nana*
ao" Intends to apply for a .lieelal timher
ilcMiie over the follovvli.tr described lands:
(?omn.ei"ol.iir at a post planted about seven
ml « dlstnntlniid In nn easterly direction
BomOl sinde.P.t'.,and Islylinf north of and
Yd i1 Mt tho "est Kootenay l'ower Oo.n-
, n v's I ne "thence north 80 olinlns, thence
ISit 80 el'sl.,.. thenee south SO chains, thenoe
west 80 chains to point ol etiininenoeineiit.
Don.l.D Mo('ai.lum. Agent.
Dated Au-JUItMb, 1901.
"Hlitrk Kyi- Nn. 1" in I ner ul cluim, xitllnte In
tin- Qraii-J Korku Mlitlnn Dlvinlun of Yale
V*'lii-re Incuted:   In Brown'voomp.
TAKK NOTICK tlmt   I, Peter T.  MoCallum,
iicthiif tis uireiit fnr Nell MeCulliun, Kn*c
Miner'*, Ccrtilivate No. BIQSM, and Donulil
Morrli-oii, Pree Miner'iiCertlHcate No. K10AHU.
intend, ilxtydnyt from the date hereof, to
apply to thp Mining Recorder for a CertiH-
eutf of Iiiiii-'iveineiii. hti tl>e purpose of ot>-
talnintr a Crown Grant ur the above olaim.
And further take notice that notion, under
teotloii 87, must be commenced l-eforothe.
isiuaiice of such Certificate of (mpruvf--
Dftttd thli 8th day of -Trtne, A.D. 1907.
fu«m of notice,
Similkameen Land Dlstriet, District of Yale,
Province of British Columbia-.
TAKK NOTICE thut I, M. U. White. Jeweler,
of the rfty ol Grand Forks, In the province
of British Columbia, intends to apply for
a special timber license over the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted 80 chains
south of the northeast corner of Lot No
8.!2<3, on Deer Creek, nit tbe North Fork of
Kettle River, in the County of Yule; tliptiee
south 80 chains, thence east 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains to
point of commencement.
Dated this 7th day of August. A. D.1907.
The body of James Wilcher, of
Danville, better known throughout
the Boundary country as ''Dead Shot
Jim," was found floating in Curlew
lake last Monday morning. He went
to the lake on Labor day to attend the
picnic, and when the train returned
to Danville in Hie evbuing he was
missed, but as he was very eccentric
in many ways, nothing much was
thought of it until a .lay or so later,
when parties were sent out to search
for hiin. During the time he was
missing, news was brought to Dan
ville that he was at the Belcher mine,
and that had a tendency *o stop the
search. His body was discovered
Monday morning from the rear end
of the Republic-Curlew train by a man
by the name of Cuok. He te e] .honed
back to Republic from the next sta
tion, and Sheriff Hall and Coroner
Shipley went down to the lake and
removed the body to Republic.
Wilcher leaves a mother, a s'ster-in-
law and two nieces  in  Tekoa, Wash.
and Annie* Bergstrom, both of Denoro. The marriage took place on
the 5th.
Mayor Bunting, of Greenwood, has
taken over the business of the Yale-
Columbia Lumber company in that
Hector Ca)yer, aged 30, died in
Greenwood on tho 2nd inst. of'typhoid
and Brigbt's disease.
Born—In Greenwood, on Wednesday, September 4th, to Mr. and Mrs.
Julius Kollimir, a daughter.
Oliver Bourdeaux, formerly proprietor of the White house in this city
met his death in a strange manner at
Anaconda on Wednesday of last week.
He left this city on that day, and after arriving gin Anaconda ho strolled
about the town renewing old acquaintances. Early in the evening
he appeared ut the Anaconda house,
where he met his death, and in conversation with the tenants told them
that he owned the building. Whether
this is true or not is not known definitely. He did own the building, but
it was sold two years ago for taxes.
He may have since redeemed it. Later
he went up to the attic to sleep. It is
supposed that he either mistook an
open window for a door and stepped
o.it to his death, or fell from the walk
that leads to an outbuilding. The
distance to the ground is considerable,
and the result of the fall was a broken
neck. A doctor and the coroner were
summoned, but it was a case that de*
inanded neither.
Mr. R. G. Sidley, a prominent citizen of Greenwood, and Miss N. W.
Kausset, of Belfast, Ireland, were
united in marriage at Greenwood last
E. F. Shea was united in marriage
to Miss Esther Swanson in Phoenix
last week, the ceremony being performed by Rev,Father Hartiuau according to the rites of the Catholic
Those who are supposed to know
say there is very little doubt that the
Midway k Vernon will be built, as
everything is more favorable now than
on any other occasion. It is also repeated that the first work undertaken
will probably be the completion of the
grade and the laying of the steel between Midway and Rock Creek, to facilitate the handling of supplies.
Government Inspector H. A. Drury
has inspected the recently completed
section of the V.. V. it E. railway
between Orovill and Keremeos. It is
said that as a result of his visit au in
terini license to carry freight and pas
sengers is to be given at once, and
that in a few days a train service to
Keremeos will be inaugurated.
Henry Lee, who owns one of tht
finest orchards at Midway, is irrigating liis property by means of a water
wheel in Boundary creek.
A large acreage is being set to fruit
in the district along the Kettle Valley
from Midway west, and that section
of the Boundary gives evidence of regeneration.
John Duguid, aged 27 years, died
in the hospital at Greenwood on the
2nd inst. Deceased was a native of
Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
A marriage license was issued at
the government office in Greenwood
on   the 3rd   inst. to Axel Speugburg
Enakops' Carnival
All arrangements for the big two
nights' carnival which will open the
Interstate fair this year are virtually
completed and the Mystic Order of
Enakops, which has charge of the carnival, has planned many new and interesting features for the parade.
The carnival queen will be selected
by Whitman county, each section having a voice in the selection of the
queen. The four maids of honor will
also come from Whitman. The management of the fair has decided to
give this honor to Whitman county
this year, and uext year some other
county will be called upon to select
the queen and her retinue.
About (rlO-,000 has been raised for
a display of fireworks, and a contract
has already been made with the famous Pain company. Half of this
omount will be spent each evening  of
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
ANT available Dominion Lands within the
*** Railway Belt of British Columbin may he
homeataided by any person who is the hend
of o family, or any male over eighteen years
of ace, totbeaxtent of one-uunrter section
of 160 aere., more or le...
Entry murt be made personally at the local
land omee for the district In whioh the land
is situate.
The honmteader 1. required to perforin
the conditiou. connected therewith uuder
one of tha following plans:
(1) At least .la month.' residence upon nnd
cultivation of the land lo each year for three
(!) If the father (or mother, if the father i
deceased), of tbe homesteader resides upon u
farm In the vlolnlty of the land entered for,
the requirements as to residence may be satisfied by .Uoh persou residing with the father
or mother.
(I) If the settler ba. bl. permanent rest
denee upon farming land owned hy him in
the vlolnlty of his homestead, the requirement, ao to residence may be satisfied by
residence upon the said land.
Six months' notice In writing should be
given tho Commissioner of Dominion Land.
at Ottawa of Intention to apply for patent.
Coal-Coal mining rights ma. be leased
for o period of twenty-one years at an annual rental of $1.00 per acre. Not more than
2,!*3tiaore« ahall be leased to one individual or
company. A royalty at the rate of hve cents
per ton .hall be collected on the merchantable ooal mined.
Deputy of tho Mlniater of the Interior.
N.B.-Unanthoriaed publication of thi.
adtortl.om.nl will not be paid for.
A. J. Stewart
General Blacksinitliiny
and Repairing
the parade, the illuminations being o.i
a scale never before seen in this se -
t'.oe. In addition to the fireworks, the
management of the Intel-stale fair has
a iiiinleni 10,000 candle power searchlight, such as is used on the big battleships, and this will be kept trained
constantly on the panniers.
In addition to the 810,000 which
will be spent oil fireworks, an equal
amount will be sjiei.t on Hosts und
costumes, so that the parade and carnival will be an event long to be remembered.
Like a Thiol in the Night
That's how pa'ii cuines, We sit near
an open window, get Btiff neck or sine
hack. Perhaps cool off too quickly
after exertion—rheumatism develops.
•Spend what you may, but money can
not buy anything better than Poison's
Nerviline, It's penetrating power enables it to reach deep tissues—that's
why it curesacl.es that all else can't
touch." For outward application "Te
guarantee five times more strength
thnn in any other liniment. Inwardly
it's harmless and as sure as the hereafter to ease at once Don't accept a
substitute for Poison's Nerviline,
which is the one great household panacea of today.
Turning, Scroll Work, Saw
Filing, Gun Repairing, Manufacturer of Screen Doors and
First Street        Grand Forks, B. C.
Geo. Taylor
liencral Contractor,
Excavator, Etc.
All Orders Given Prompt and Careful
Grand Forks, IS. C
Bicycles and Repair Work—A
complete Hue of 11)07 models. A few
second-hand wheels cheap. Wheels
to rent. Geo. Ciiapple, opjosite
Postoffice, First street.
The well  known Vancouver Photographer,  will  be in
(irand Forks until
Thursday, September 19th
Mr, Tiueiimn's work is too well known in this city to
lequire any introduction, Any one desiring first-
class photographic work should call on hiin at
Blome's Old Studio, Bridge Street
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of
Similkameen Land   District,   District   ot
TAKE NOTIOE thnt   Frank   McFarlane,   of
Gnuifl Forks, British Columbia, occupation a Miner, intends to apply for speeiul
timber licenses over the following described
lands, all situate In the Similkameen Division
of Yale District, 1'iovince of British Columbia:
Location No. 1. Commencing at a post
marked "FrankMcFarlane's N. E. corner,"
planted about twenty chains north of Wallace Creek and about tlire3 and one-half
miles north of the North-East corner of Paul
Meyer's pre-emption lot 696; thenee south SO
chaius, thenee west SO chains, theuce north 80
chains, theuce east 80 chains to the point nf
commencement, containing R40 acres, nufd
or less.   Located July 2"iud, Wi.
Location No. 2. Comrmenointr at a post
murked "Prank McFurlane's N. E. corner,"
planted at the northwest corner of said Location No, 1; theuce-south SO chains, tl en-e
west SO chains, theuce north 80chains, tbence
east 80 chuins to tbe point of commencement,
containing 640 acres, more or less. Located
the 22ml of July, 1807.
Location No. S, Commencing at n post
marked "Frank McFarlane's S. E. corner,"
tin 11 ted at the North-West corner of said
ocation No. 2; thence west 80 chains, theuce
north 80 chains, thenee east 80 chuins, theuce
south 80 chaius to the point of commencement, containing 640 acres, mure or less.
Located July 22nd, 1907.
Location No. 4. Commencing at a pos*-
murked "Prank Mol-'urlane's S. E. corner,"
planted neur the north-east corner of suid
Location No. S); theuce west 80 chains, tlieuce
north 80 chains, tbence east ni chains, theuce
south 80 chuins to the point of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or less
Located July '22nd, 1907.
Location No. 6, Commencing at a post
marked "Frank Mcl-'arlane's S. \V.   corner,"
Ehinted near the North-east corner of said
ocation No. »; tlieuce eust 80 chaius, tbence
north 80 cliuiins, thence west 80 chains* thence
south SO chains to the point of commencement, containing 640 ncres, mure or less.
Located July 22nd, 1907.
Locution No. 7. Commencing ut n post
murked "Frank McFurlune's w. E. corner,"
plauted about one mile north of the Norht-
eust corner of suid Lncutli.n No. 6;
theuce north 160 chains, tlieuce west 40
ohains, tbence south 160 ohains, thence east
40 chains to point of com . enceineiit, containing 640 acres, mure or less. Located July
22ud, 1907.
Location No. 8. Commencing at a post
marked "Frank McFarlane's S. K. corner,"
Elanted near tbe north-east corner of said,
ocation No. 4: thence west 80chains, theuco
uorth 80 chaius, tbence east 80 chains
tbence south 60 chains to the point of commencement, containing 640 ucres, mure or
less.    Located the 22nd of -I my, 1907.
Location No- 9. Commend 11 n at a post
marked "Frank Moi'trlmi**'***. 8. E. Corner."
plauted about bulfumlb south of the Northwest eor. oi said Location Nn. 4: ti e ice west
160 chains, theme north 4<> chains, tbence
oust 160dhaliiB,thenoe south 4o chains to the
point of commencement,contusing 640 acres,
moro or less.    Located the'22nd uf .'uly, l'M~i.
Locution No. i<>. Commencing ut a post
marked "Frank McFarlane's N. K. corner,'
planted near the tjoilth-eait corner uf mi. id
Location No. I*: theitci. west 160 chains, thence
south iOoliahiS, tlieuce oust lOOchuhiN. theuce
north 40 chuins to the point of commencement, containing 640 ucres, more or less.
Located the 22ml or July. 1907.
Location No. 11. Commencing at a post
Mii-.ri.iHl 'Frank MeFiu'lano's S. li. cnmei-,"
pUiMted about half a mile south of the SuUth*
ens'comer of ■aid Local i m No. 101 theuce
Wist Mil cliaiii*. (hence north |0ollBllll,theuCe
east 100 chains, thence lOUttl 4i> t liunis  to tht*
point of oommeuoementi   containing   ni'
ucres, more or lou, Locutcil the 22ud o- duly,
Locution No. 12. Commencing at a post
marked "Kriiiil; MeFurluue'■ N. h, corner,"
planted near tin-South-east corner of --aid
Locution No. 11; thenee west UHi chain--,
thence south 40 chains thenee east hltl chuins,
tlieuce north I*1 chains to the point ufeojn-
meiicemont, containing 64" acre-, more or
less.   Located the 22nd uf July, 1907.
Location No. 13. Commencing at a post
marked "Frank McKarhuie's S. 17 corner,"
planted about one-hall mile south ofthe
South-east corner of said Location No, 12:
tbence west 160 ehulns.thence north 40 chains,
tbence eust 16ti chains, tboUce south 10 chains
to the point of commencement, containing
64u acres, more ur less. Located the 22nd of
July, IIK.7.
Location No. 14. -T'oinmenclnK at 11 post
marked "Frank McFarlane's N. E. comer,"
planted near tho South-east comer of suid
Location No. 18] tbence west 160 chuins,
theuce M-tiith 40 i-halns, tlieuce east 160
f-huluH, thenee north 40 chains to thu point
of commencement, containing 64 I neres■mure
or leu.   Located the 22ud of July, lit'.-".
Location No. 15. I'ommeuchig at a po-t
marked "Frank Meltirlrttie's N, E. corner."
planted near the South-west corner of sad
Location No. 2| thenee west 160chalns,tlience
south 40 chains, thonse east lOticbaius.theuco
north 40 chains to the point of commencement, containing 610 acres, more or less. Located tbe 22ud of July, 1D07.
Dated at Urand Forks, H.C, this Uth day
uf August, 1907.
Ice Cream  and  Summer Drinks
Hot and Cold Baths. Nicely Furnished
Stove-Heated Rooms. Entirely refurnished and renovated throughout.
First-class board by day, week or
mouth. Speoiat rateB to steady boarders. American aud European plans.
Finest liar in City in Connection.
Receive liotb Ladies and Gentlemen as resident or day students; has a complete Commercial or Huslness Course; prepares itu-
dent-ito -rain Teachers' Certificates of all
grades: gives tbe four years' course for the
H. A. degree, and the first year of the Schou
of Science course, in affiliation with the Toronto University; ban a speeiul prospee ort-l
course for miners who work hi B.C. Instruction in aNo giv-'n iu Art, Music, Physical Culture and Elocution. Term opens Sept.l th
1900,   For Calendars, etc , address
Windsor Hotel
Serves the most carefully prepared meals
and the best brands
of wines, liquors and
Finest Rooms in the Glty
first and Bridge Strests
Carpets Cleaned and Laid.
Furniture Repaired, Upholstered aud Cleaned, and
other jobs in tbe house-
cleaning line. Rubber Tires
for Baby Carriages.
Second Hand Goods
Palace Barber Shop
Kaior Honing a Specialty.
A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Victoria Hctel,
Bridge Street, Grand Forks, B. C.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
.Attended to Promptly. Passengers and Trunks to and
from all trains.
Tklkpiione A129
KiniiEUFoi.n Bros., Props.
60   YEARS9
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending a (-ketch nnd description maj
quickly ---ti-'.riHin niir OpInlOU free wlicther fin
InvHiitlnn Is jirnbnMy piii-jiiinlilc. Com m 11 n tea-
tlniisstrlctl-r(.oiil)dflii...il. HANDBOOK on Patents
■ent freo. Oldest nitei**-**" for "eruhnir imieuiB.
Patents takon tnniiijh Munn i to. receive
sptrtttt notice, without otmrae, lu the
Scientific Biierican.
A tmnflBomely Illustrated weekly.
rnliitiiin nf im? •"■''■•■■Mile tuitiniil.
-   loir ■    "
I.nmeat clr-
TtTi-i'i, f;> a
ear; imir umiulin, $1. Hold byall nowf-denlcrr-.
J3eiBf0i'smy, |
"Branch Offlco. 625 K ft.. U'sslilugujir. l).i
Bieycle Sundries
and Repairing
Foo Lee
Pacific Hotel
Pirtt-'el&H lu evei y reipeot.
Sample rooms for oommcr-
'■in! traveler!.
Hot aud Gold Baths.
I'-.r In t.uuupotioti.
Kinnst Brands of Wines,
I.i iiiiiT- innl (Hf-tirs.
'■ r ; :  i      •*•     1 •
,j I    M-iNO ; o,-K.
mi. 1 ifc.
Hi Wben You Run Out of Anything
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Columbia Trading Go/s Store
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Meats and Fish suitable for picnic parties. Don't forget the
Have You Tried Bon-Ami ?
Next Door to Queens Hotel,
Oue Blooi. from Great Northern Depot.
M. G. Davidson, Manager
Roth coke and coal is now aniring
quite freely and with more regularity
than for some time past at the Granby
smelter, and the entire battery of
eight furnaces is being operated.
Everything points to an uninterrupted
and record-breaking run at the big reduction works ou the hill this fall.
The annual meeting of the Granby
company has been called for October
1st at the New York office, when the
reports for the company's fiscal year,
ending June 30th last, will be made
public. Notwithstanding the great
drawbacks of fuel and cm* shortage
last winter and spring, curtailing
operations at the mines and smelter to
a considerable degree, the report is expected to make a favorable showing
when everything is considered.
The directors of the Granby Consolidated, at a meeting in New York
last week, declared tho regular quarterly dividend, amounting to 3 per
cent on the outstanding capital shares
of the compauy. The declaration, like
those previously made this year, is announced as 2 per cent regular and 1
per cent extra. As there are 135,000
issued shares of the Granby company,
of the par value of SI00 each, this
makes this dividend, like the last six
declarations of the coinpany, amount
to ft05,000. This will be dividend
No. 8, and is payable from the offices
of the coinpany in New York on September 30. With the payment of
this dividend, the Granby company
will have distributed among its shareholders a total of not quite $3,000,-
000, all but 8133,630 having been declared and paid in about eighteen
months. Following are the dates and
amounts of the dividends:
No. 1—December, 1903....$ 133,630
Mo. 2—January, 1906  405,000
No. 3—February,  1906  405,000
No. 4—September, 1906.... 405,000
No. 5—December, 1906.... 405,000
No. 6—March, 1907  405,000
No. 7—June, 1907  405,000
No. 8— September, 1907... 405,000
Total 82,968,630
re Jrrepara
The First Thought mine, located
near Orient,'* Wash., and owned by
Pat Rums, the Canadian cattle king,
is shipping 100 tons of ore per month
to the Everett smelter. Rlake Wilson, acting manager of the company,
states that the property is on a dividend-paying basis. Thirty-five men are
kept at work on the ledge, which has
been found to be 27 foet wide. In the
past few month 27,000 tons of ore,
which is to be moved and shipped,
have been blocked out. The ore carries
high values in gold and silver, and
although the mine is considered in
its development stages, main ore
bodies are not yet discovered.
"We expect to have the biggest
showing of ores that lias ever been
seen in this part of the country, and
the entire mineral display will be in
place and ready for the opening of
the fair," states C. Hoi-ton Hart,who,
together with George P. Larsen,'will
have charge of the mineral department
of the Interstate fair this year. "Mr.
Larsen has just returned from an ex
tended visit to Idaho, and through
out his trip received assurance that
the Coeur d'Alene would be well represented in the exhibit. He will leave
in a short time for British Columbia,
and will pay an extended visit to that
section, arousing the interest of the
mine owners in the different camps to
the necessity of exhibiting at the fair
A new departure will be made this
year in one respect. Not only will
the different classes of minerals be
named but their values will be told,
together with the uses to which they
may be put. We are arranging for
cases in which to exhibit a number of
the finer specimens, and these will be
kept for a permanent exhibit. Wo
want mine owners, if possible, to send
us a number of good samples, as we
want every mining section in the
entire northwest to be represented in
the exhibit."
A great deal of Snowshoe ore is now
being shipped to the Trail smelter
over the C. P. R. Last Sunday there
were about a dozen ears of ore from
that mine in the yards here.
To Do Tour
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates anil Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
.Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of Fare and Menu Curds,
Announcements and Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
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We Evening  Sun
Job Department
The following table gives the ore
for 1905, 1906 and for the past week:
shipments of Boundary mines
Granby Mines, Phoenix	
Snowshoe,   Phoenix	
Mother Lode, Deadwood	
B. C. Mine, Snmmit	
Emma, Summit	
Oro Denoro, Summit Camp	
Bonnie Belle, Deadwood	
Brooklyn-Stemwinder, Phoenix.
Idaho, Phoenix	
Rawhide, Phoenix	
Sunset, Deadwood	
Mountain Rose, Summit	
Senator, SummitCamp	
Morrison, Deadwood	
Sulphur King,Summit	
Winnipeg, Wellington	
Big Copper, West Copper	
Carmi, West Fork	
Sally, West Fork	
Rambler, West Fork *	
Butcher Boy, West Fork	
Providence, Greenwood	
Elkhorn, Greenwood	
Strath'more, Providence	
Preston, Skylark	
Prince Henry, Skylark	
Skylark, Skylark Camp	
Last Chance, Skvlark Camp	
E. P. U. Mine, Skylark Camp...
Bay, Skylark	
Mavis, Skylark	
Don Pedro, Skylark	
Crescent, Skylark	
Helen, Greenwood	
Republic, Boundary Falls	
1907   Past Week
414,236      12,119
2,223 ;
""■   55
Total, tons  1,158,991
Smelter Treatment—
Granby Smelter  828,879
B. G Copper Co.'s Smelter  121,031
Dominion Copper Co.'s Smelter  218,811
811,178      23,285
Total treated.
787,420      23,124
Authorlzed ^-shares—. Paid   Total to    Latest      Per
Name OP Company.               Capital.    Issued. Par. 10(16.       Date.      Date.   Share
Granby Consolidated-Copper...C15,U00,<100     183,000 $100 $1,620,000 $2,*M,l]sn June 1907 $3X0
Cariboo McKinney—Gold     1,880.000 1,2511,000    $1          546,897 Feb. 1004     .04
                            200,000      81,000     $9 10.000       88,221 Sept. 1906     .30
The Pares! and Best Id the City.
On Draught Exdusivel/* at
The Greatest
Ever offered the people of
the Boundary Country\
The Toronto Weekly Globe
I      FORM NO. 13, LAND ACT
j TAKE NOTICE that M. H. Burn*-, occupation I
I    Carpenter, intend to apply for a special '
| timher licence over the following described
'lands:   On Bear Creek, west of C.P.R.  Line. I
Commencing at a post planted about el-glit
i chains from south line of L, 3ft!6, thenoe west
| 81) chain-*, thence south Mi chains, theuce east
80 ohains. theuce north SOohafni to point of
commencement, and containing WU acres,
moreor lest*.
Dated this 9th day of A u-nM, l»,i7.
TAKK NOTICE that M. H. Bur III. occupation I
Cftnwiiter, intend tn apply for a special
timher license over the following dcf-tcrihed
lands: On BearC-eek,wait at U.P.R. Line.
Commencing at a -iu*.t planted ahout *m\
i'li nt ns huh tli uf No. 1; tlir-n-'--'-until Ht) chains,
ttie'ice east Ml chains, thence iioi-til Wl chuins,
theuce   Hest  Hn chains   to   pnliif   of    coin*-
iiifiu nt. mul containing til-- acres, more
j or less.
Dated this mli day of August, 19,17.
i.i Midway. In ||IB District of Yule   Hritish
1 ullluthia.I.unihermRii,after sixtvihiv* f	
I he date ofthe „,.t oibW,"it h.notice, Intel, I, pursuant t„ ,[,„ «M,„. „,,*
i h„d WlvWs. ffls a**ir,t,,r ■", K' '
l.r,,c.lo,,s from the Te'ttle RI c    o"l ",
I'.'■•"-"„U*. lal'lionnri """!',ri™ *•"»•" ■<••
lu'"", ill i, 5S"'J ■■■'«•• "tne Midway,
li •■"■' . Urec iv , '?',.!' ■"•••"■ 'heir source
Dllt"0*'' the lut'v,,'''e K,vop from where
it cru'*e,t Stuto 0er,.ntioiinl Hoinn'iii-v Line
from '•"' near ' Wnslilnirtun Into llrltlsli
Columbia (cade Cnfipjl, In llio lll.-trli't of
Vale), lo Cass M.'ii'nlil District (nil iti the
Grniul Kork rl*r"<"** Division of said Ills-]
l.ic.J; bvdpii III''anil remnvl.iir obstructions
uml mniiiiiu o'Vi-nnie Ht for rnftlnjr and
driving there ", lo-'t'. timber, nml lumber,
and construct .''"ills, booms, slides, and
ciiutcs, ami nia"0 surb otlmr imorovemeuts
us inny be neees ary fnr said purposes. .The
land*, ntl'ccted are jrovemment hinds, and
Lots2708, 2iH4,27uS, *■"■ and KM. and Townships 60, 111, 118,69,71. 72, 711, 81 and 82, all in the
Slmlllianieeu Division of Yule District.
Haled at Midway. H.C, this thirteenth dny
of July, .I.I). 10O7. '
and the
Grand Forks Sun
per year
in advance.
The Globe is the recognized national newspaper of Canada, and will keep you well informed
on Eastern events, while The Sun gives you
all the local news.
Leave Your Dollar at The Sun Office


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