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The Evening Sun Jan 6, 1911

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Tenth Year—No. 9
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. January 6, 1911.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Add?ess of Esteem Presented
to tiie Retiring Oity--.
Mayor CUrk and Aid. Henniger,
Rutherford. Smith Md Wolf rain were
present at the meeting of the eity
council Tuesday evening.
Health Officer Kingtton submitted
his annual report, whicb waa ordend
tiled. More than om4mK ot tin infectious cases io the city* daring (be
past year came from outside points
The salary of the health officer «pa
not commensurate with tbe aerrieei
Five applications for the poeiiion ot
oity clerk were received. They ware
laid on the table for the new ooaaeil
to deal with.
The council authorised tbe payment to Dr. Kingston of the hotpital
bills for tbe treatment of A. C. Land
and Mra.*C. 0. Robson, Tneaooonnt
for treatment of Mike Doherty was
referred to the city solicitor.
The collector of road and dog
reported having collected road ttyes
from 40 persons, (tad 25 dbg Un bad
been disposed ot. He was allowed
IU per cent for hia services, tht enn
oil charging him lip with three dog
tags which he claimed to Ijaye loot.
Mayor Clark read the following ad'
drens to J. A. McCallum, the rearing
city clerk. In his introductory remarks, the mayor paid a high tribute
u> the eiliclvmcy of Mr. McCallum as
a city official and to his worth as acit-
iten. The address is to be appropri
ately engraved by T. P. O'Farrell:
Whireas, Tha resignation of J. A.
McCallum, city clerk, treasurer, asses
sor and collector for the city of Grand
Forks, has been placed before the
municipal council of said city, and ac-
cepted on the 27th December instant;
Whereas, Mr. McCallum being the
oldest employee of the city, having
held the said positions for twelve
years, first entering the service in
'IB!I!I; and
Whereas, Mr. McCallum has at all
times during his connection with the
said oity performed Ihe many arduous
duties assigned to hiin in «most
efficient and praiseworthy manner,
eminently satisfactory to the many
councils under whicli he has held
office, the citinins of said city, and
the public generally; and
Whereas, Said resignation is alto
gether voluntary on the part of Mr.
McCallum, and has been accepted with
regret by Baid council; be it, there
Resolved, That ehe mayor and al
deriuen of the municipal council of
the city of Grand Forks, iu open
meeting' assembled, express regfet iu
accepting Mr. McCalluin's resignation,
and hereby tender to him not only the
best wishes of the council and the individual members thereof, but also the
hest wishes of the citizens whom they
represent, and talfe this opportunity
of conveying to Mr. McCallum, Mrs.
McCaftuni and family the sincere
hope not only that health and pros
|ierity be theirs in the future, but
that they may continue to reside in
the oity,
[Signed by the mayor and six aldermen.]
Mr. McCallum responded feelinglv
to the address. His goal while in oflice had always 'been the welfare of
(irand  Korks.     Koine adverse criti-
j the kind words bestowed on him and
his family by the mayor.
The mayor rose and said he wished
to emphasize the clause in the resolution which expresses a hope that Mr.
McCalluin and his family will continue to make Grand Forks their
home in future. The mayor's terms
ef esteem for the retiring officer were
endorsed by Aid. Henniger, Rutherford, Smith, Wolfram and Health
Officer Kingston.
On motion of Aid. Rutherford and
Wolfram, Mr. MoCallum was granted
one month's pay after the expiration
of his term of office.
Presentation   to   Retiring
President of Poultry
Written for The Sun by W. A. Cooper.
The terra "dry farming" is a mis-
nouier, tor it must be apparent to all
that without any moisture whatever
farming operations would be futile,
for one of the essentials of all plant
life is moisture. But this term hns
been adopted in districts of light
rainfall to readily distinguish between Those crops that are raised
with irrigation and those raised
without irrigation, and the methods
used by all wbo raise good crops
wbere the rainfall is light, correctly
speaking, do not use dry fanning
methods; but they do use some system of scentiflc soil culture.
To the general public the term
"dry farming" appears to be. very
misleading, and is usually considered to .be some complicated and intricate system that is used only in
districts where nothing will grow
under ordinary methods of farming,
whereas in reality the term was ere
Med by the tanners themselves, and
is a term perfectly understood by.
them; and for the benefit of those
not in the farming '.business, the
definition is as follows:,
Dry Farming—Systems of soil
culture without irrigation, usually
the result of reading and knowledge
gained from the results of intelligent
and individual experiments. It
might also be added that these systems are also very beneficial to the
irrigator when used in conjunction
with irrigation.
Dry farming, or scientific soil culture—call it what you will—is the
one thing ahove all others that, with
irrigation or without irrigation, will
increase the crops, and where irriga
tion is not available, is the one
thing lhat insures the .crops, thnt
knows of no sueh thing as crop fail
ures; and the more intelligently it is
studied and carried out, the greater
are the yields. It is tbe greatest
factor in determining whether profit*
from farming are large or small, nnd
is often the difference between profits
and failure.
. At a meeting of the Grand Forks
Poultry association in A. D. Morrison's store on Tuesday evening T. A.
F. Mackintosh, the retiring president,
was presented with a beautiful gold
locket, appropriately engraved, Mr.
Morrison making the presentation in
a few well chosen words. Mr. Mackintosh, in thanking the association for
the gift, reviewed the good work that
had been done by the society during
the past year. The local association
is now the largest and most active in
the province. It has cash surplus of
about 8200 in its treasury.
Last- week the Baptist Sunday
school held their annual Christinas
entertainment. After an enjoyable
program of recitations and songs,,
given by members of the school, Santa
Claus appeared and presented about
fifty boxes of candy to members of the
school who were present. Part of the
platform had been arranged to represent a comfortable sifting room. In
the corner a large mantle and fireplace proved to be an easy way of entrance for Santa Claus. Just before
closing the evening's entertainment
Deacon Miller presented to the pastor
and his wife, on behalf of the congregation, a beautiful leather upholstered
oak rocker. K«v. JWr. Wright, in re
plying, referred to the many other
kindnesses shown himself and family
by the congregation since his coming
among them, and said he trusted as
they knew each other better, he hoped
even better work would be accomplished than had been in the prist
The Holy Trinity Sunday school
will hold an entertainment in the
opera house on January 14, at 8 n.in ,
consisting of songs, drills, tableaux
aud a musical pluy entitled "Cinderella." Admission, nilults 80c. children 25c.
The Epworth league of the Metho
(list   church   will   hold
Uncle Tom's Oabin
The managers of Mason Bros. "Un
cle Tom's Cabin" company, which will
appear at the Grand Forks opera
house on Thursday evening, January
12, have made a radical departure this
season from the methods pursued by
most companies playing this popular
drama, inasmuch us they Dispensed
witk the customary street parade and
confine the outside advertising to simply a band concert at noon. Managers
heretofore have practically given the
best part of the performance on the
street, introducing dogs, donkeys, and
ponies that play nn part in thu pro.
tluctinn. The dramatic strength of
the coinpany suffered in consequence.
There are no brass baud actors with
Mason CrOs'i coinpany, hut instead a
cast of high salaried and capable performers who give a complete ami con
sleigh ride nn Monday, January 211.
The sl«igh will start from the Methodist thui'ch at tf p m Refreshments
will be served in the league's rooms
after tile evening's outing.
Al. Traunweiser, proprietor of the
Yale, left last week for Santa Monica,
Cal., where he will spend a three
months' vacation with his brother, of
Calgary, Alta.
G. D. Hood, of Seattle, district
superintendent of the Western Union
reservoir is to be lined with concrete,
and will hold about three million gal-
ons of water.
Emil Larsen, of the Province hotel,
left on Monday for a short business
trip to Nelson.
Frank Coryell returned last Saturday from a month's vacation trip to
G. M. Fripp returned on Tuesday
from a business trip to Spokane.
W. K. C. Manly left on Tuesday
for Spokane.
J. D. Honsberger left yesterday
for the1 coast cities, where he will
spend a three weeks' vacation.
Harmony Lodge No, 37, A.F. .t A.
M., at its last meeting installed the
following officers: W.M., John McKie; SW., W. F. Hnflman; J. W.,
Win. Bonthron; Treaa_, G. D. Clark;
Sec, W. J. Cook; Tyler, G. R. McCabe. D. McCalluin, P.M., was installing officer. A banquet was
served after the business session.
E. E. Gibson, ot the West Kootenay Power & Light company, went up
so Phoenix on Wednesday.
E. R. Mann has returned from a
holidey trip to the coast cities.
On Thursday, Deoember 29, the
death occurred of Mrs. Martha
Nichols, aged 56 years, after a two
weeks' illness. Deceased wis a native of Nova Scotia, and came to this
city about four years ago. She is
survived by a husband and two
daughters, all residents of this city.
The funeral yas held last Monday
afternoon, Rev. M. D. McKee conducting the service.
Gateway Lodge No. 45, I.Q.O.F.,
_u.set_i.tetl the following officers for
the ensuing term: NG., Carl Wol
fram; V.G., Harry Chapman; U.S., A.
Lindley; Treas., J. N. Currie. Installation took place at the meeting
last Thursday evening.
The Granby company expect* to
turn out twenty-five million pounds
of copper this year at an expense of
about 10 cents a pound.
The Grund Forks skating rink was
opened for the season on Wednesday
eveuing. The band and a large crowd
of skaters participated in the ceremonies.
The office and machine shop at the
Rawhide mine were dsstroyed by fire
Monday morning. This will delay
operations in the mine for about a
The new skating'rink at Greenwood will be opened this evening.
If you should happen to heary  any
other   topic  than   curling nr hockey
discussed around the city hotels  these
. evenings it is safe to call   it  a   lapsus
The  first game of the season was
Grand Forks and Phoenix
Open the Hockey Season
at Local Rink
Phoenix and Grand Forks played
the first game of the season in the
Boundary Hockey leigue at the
local rink this evening. The game
was clean and fast. There was a
large crowd of spectators present to
cheer the good plays. The contest
ended in a draw, each club having
scored three goals when time was
called at the end of the second half.
Telegraph company, and A. S. Hood.   Pfy«j »« the curling rink Wednesday
Public School Notice
Those parents who intend sending
children to the publio school in Division 7 (Miss Olding's), are requested to do so not later than Monday,
January 16. After that date uo new
pupils will be received during the
term in the primary division.
Christmas (Sunday) morning a
unique service of song and story entitled "His Birthday" was given at
the Baptist church. Choruses by the
Bible school and choir, with selections
by members of the choir, and the
reading of the story by Mrs. F. W,
Elmore made a most interesting service. At the evening's service the
pastor preached from the subject,
'The Great Salvation," and at the
close of the service administered the
ordinance of baptism.
voicing presentation of this greatest of
cisui might be heard on street corners - all American dramas, Thu uniformly
regarding the oity's financial condi- large audiences and tho favorable
lion. The real fact, however, was thut j comments received at every placo vis-
the finances uf the city were in excel- ited have proven conclusively that the
lent shape. JDuring his tenure of | theatregoers appreciate the efforts of
office ope third of the bonded inilebt- j the management in presenting the
elness  had   been paid off, and today  play wilh the best   talent obtainable.
Urand Forks bonds could not be pur-	
i bused in Montreal for loss than 'There are a number of kings and
$1.07. Toward the close of his re- potentates in Europe who would be
marks, Mr. McCalluin's emotions got siwashed if they lived in British C I
the better of him, and ho was com.umbin, pi.willed thev did not hoi i
polled' to resume his seat before he i some office under the provincial gulf-
had fully expressed his gratitude for ernment. I
evening     The roariu' game
making up for lust time.
Percy McCallum acted as assistant
in the city office during the illness of
the clerk.
Greenwood and Phoenix will soon
have a continuous telephone  service.
Laying steel on the Kettle Valley
railway will begin again at Midway
this week.
of Phoenix, spent the Christmas  hoi
days in this city with A  B. Huud, of
the Eastern Townships bank.
Harvey Mahan, of the Granby
office staff, leJt last week for San
Diego, Cal., where he will spend a
three months' vocation.
J, D. Campbell, of the Granby
office staff, returned last week from a
vacation trip )o the coast cities.
Lome   A.   Campbell, of  Spokane.     There aifctwa candidates for may oi
manager of the West Kootenav Power in Greenwood, /
4 Light company spent   a couple  of j    j^ ^ ,., ^ ^  ^^jM
.lavs in the city this week. | nimllmwl |lexl M,m(lav  t() ^ „,,.
Mrs. H, N.   Morrison   will   receive ratepayer* an opportunity to elect the
for the first time oil Thursday, .lanu-   best men.
urv 1U, and tm the third  Thursday of
each month thereafter.
For Hale at a Bargain—TvnvhoTM-
power gasolene engine,     Apply J. il.
NOTlt'K in hercbv given tlmt an application
will be mtule midw Patt V. nf the "Wator
Act. 1IHM."to obtalu a li'i'ime In tbe Shnilka-
meett Dlvfnlnrfnf Yale District.
(n) The lmtiii'B. itftlruM Htidarciipittlun of the
Hppllcantr W. A. Cooper and A. S, Cooper,
tirand Forki.'B. C. KHoehen. (If for min-
Inv pitrprneo) Free Miner'* CertMea'e No	
(ti) Tho iimnf of the lake, stream or wuree (If
iintimiifd, thi' dt'icrlptlon If) Htnall take (no
mipie) wholly HltiiHte upon Lot Number fioO,
(initio I, Siinilkiuueen Division uf Yale District, KC
(c) Tin* point of diversion: At Mmthweni
portion of *ibId like tn Biiil l-ot Number MO.
(d) The qiiiiittitv of wuter applied for (In cubic feet i*r second): One ciihlo foot penec*
(»•) The i-hnracter of the proposed works:
Pumping plant and pipe,
(0 The premise** on which the water 1« to tie
used (describe tuitne). t'ortioti of Lot ttKI,
timnp One, HhnllliHineon Division of Ynle DU*
trior, owned by appUennit.
(l'J The purposes fur which the water Is to 1*
need;  Irrliriiltnn mid agriculture.
(I.) If fnr IrrlKHilon describe the lnnd Intended to be irrigated, Rlvlnv icraflw  Kut fifty
n-ttofsatd Lpt WO, OronpOne, Sltuilktimeeii
Division of Yule District, B. ('.., owned by ap-
plf emits.
(I) 11 the wuter i- tnhe used lor power or mill*
Inn purposes dexiTp-i- the plsee where the water
Is to be returned to some tintunil elmmtel, and
thc dllTeretiee In altliudo between the point «>'
diversion and tho point of return: Not to bo
lined for power or inlnluir pnrp <ses.
(j) AreaofCrown Und Intended to he nccu-
pndbv the propuMid works;   Ml.
(k) Thisnntlie wah ported on tne Ht i dav of
January, Ull. Hnd application will <e made
to The Commissioner on the l&lli duv ot Ke'-rn*
ii ry I'll.
(I) (iive the rcMlM hip! idtlnHWs of tiny
riparian proprietors or Hcemoe* who or whose
luii'ls tire likely lu hi'lllVicted   by   the   prolhwed
works,either above or below the onilei: w, a.
Cooper und   A. J.   Cooper,   the   appllcanta.
(ilHtiatiire)   w. A, COOPER,
(P, O. Address) lirutid Korku, R. C.
Hath, box 10, eity
0, W.   Woohter,   treasurer   of   die
Granby Consolidated,  returned   from glance
•Spokane on Monday,
W, D. Lawson, of th*» lYineelon
I nun eh of the Kanterii Townships
bank, Hpent tlie Christmas holidays
with friends in this eity.
T, J. Hyatt in excavating a s to rag ■
reservoir for irrigation purposes on J.
D.  Hunsbergor'i fruit   ranch.   The
Mrs. A, K. Michener has   relumed
from a visit tn Spokane,
Show cards for widnows mid inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen,
Make tliem brief, terse ami pointed.
PHnt  tliem   plainly, to Im read at a
Thursday, January 12
Mason Brothers
Original World', Qreate._
Uncle Tom's Cabin
l.i.rur.t. oratuliutt und  Ur.I 'in Karlh.
oc    Original d'blta mul  Oolong)    nc
__>J i ..[.ipuiiy aj
CoiiiIiIiiimI Willi Mhmiii ilrotlinr.' flrt-itt Booth
Bafora nu' w i
I Iiivi-iI in.i M It an. wrltlim.
ere TurlllliM. Sl.ninl'iiiil U.m1'.
OL L   iin-i I l-lu   I  llllllllUlllIlM'.
msiixi uuiu.i.if.ii i- irr.
ItrallillTliiu Kill IU.
• ilil  I'liiiilH'iiin ijiiiirl.lt.'.
CIllllll'liUI' C •[!  I'linil
iii.i" nil!. Oiolioatra
llniiih'iiii.'rrt Hull} un I'riii.'ttiil Slrci'i.
Popular PrlOW.    It rv-il   S....l.  .„  Wind-
latlda (''■ V*lnili.rn>ry *'ori\
If viMi nn' not iiltt'ittly 0118 tit il*
r.'ini'nr nwliTK, Inrn ovtT n ni'W li-nf
nt'xt wtu'k l>y HiilmcriliiiiK for Tbe
Friends of The Sun ahoUld
patronize the local merchant
wIki advertise in this paper,
Tlir nlWlMpan In   Ilnnnl   Purl*.,   llri'i'ii-
» I iiiki 111. Ii liave mlnnlHl tin. following *s*M i-t ii-v i ailtra.iitlalii
tnii.'..ii n for Liquor 1.1 ..■ in.-i.t t."
ti-niN.,. i   linprnviin.nt v-"t  nni
.lav.) l.»"
Miiilii-.tt I,. I'nri'liii.i'l.'ii I Siiii'., n.i
.lay.l      ... ,   >«
n.'iiiiiiui'i't Co.owiit'1 N"iii'"t'<ii'iii'-i      ni'"
Wal.T Notion catilav.) I 1.1W
ail otliar legal auvartli)"!., li oaat, a >'	
■Ingla .'Milium, fin Ihs lli.i liiMtrtlmi, uml I
unit, h llin. fur hih'Ii null IOU0III liriTilou. ^^—I
;« w.n'.w
■ PKU. iiiijn
»■<■ < <*m\i
Tha Flathead Chief Triad Twica ta
Recover Hia Beloved Steed and
Twice Ha Tried to Out Him Out ol
| Camp of Blackfeet — Second Attempt Wu Succenful, But Fire
Won Where the Blackfeet Failed.
A century ago the Flatheads, a
powerful race of Indians, lived be-
aide the Columbia River, while their
hereditary foes, the Blackfeet, lived
further inland, and had for years harassed and annoyed them, when they
went on their yearly buffalo hunting
expedition to the plains to the east.
The Flatheads, more by diplomacy
than sheer strength, had been able to
hold their own, until the Blackfeet
secured firearms, and then so grent
havoc had been wrought among't
them, that they were compelled to
make alliances with several smaller
tribes. Thus it was thnt in the (all
of 1835, when I happened along witb
a party of thirty well armed, and we'l
mounted traders, we were heartily
welcomed by 'Bed Feather, Chiel of
the Flatheads, rfnd were invited to
join them in their yearly buffalo hunt.
For some time after we started a
strict watch was kept, but as the time
passed, ami there wns no sign ol the
enemy, the Flatheads. true to their
indolent nnture, relaxed theit strict
camp discipline and rested in a false
security, from which it was impossible to arouse them, until one morning, they found that thirty of their
best horses had been stolen. Then
the camp was all excitement. A dor.-
en councils were held during the dny
Scouting parties were sent out in al!
directions, nnJ dire threats of vengeance made. Nothing new, however, was discovered, and yet no definite action was taken, for Cut
Thumb, the greatest warrior and diplomat of the whole tribe, remained
silent. At last, some of the more impetuous besought him to let them at-
tatk the Blackfeet' at once, bnt he
shook his hend and said, "Not yet,
not yet. The Blackfeet will be expect
ing us and be on their guard. We
will smoke the pipe of peace, and
.then "
Accordingly representatives wen
aent to confer with the Blackfeet and
appoint a place where the matter in
dispute could be talked over, and
the pipe of peace smoked. The Blackfeet seemed very willing to confer on
the matter, and a time and place ol
meeting were agreed upon.
On the day appointed, the Blackfeet were the first at the rendezvous.
and stood quietly awaiting the Flat
heads. Cut Thumb, as peacemaker,
soon appeared leading the way. He
was attended by the pipe-bearer and
a varlct who carried the medicine
bag. Next came Red Feather, tha
Chief of tlie Flatheads, followed hy
myself, the leader of the fui-trader.
(representing the native and allie!
strength). Following us came the
warriors, fretting their steeds to make
them show off to the best advantage,
and give the impression of great
Grave and formal were the groetimr.
between the two chiefs and their war-
riors, after which the pipe of peace
was passed around, and many expres
•ions ot friendship indulged in.
lengthy orations were delivered by
members of both sides, which if they
lacked in polish made up for it in
force. Red Feather first told of the
many grievances of the Flatheads
He gave a short review ol the past,
and ended witli their latest grievance,
the loss ol the horses. The chief ol
the Blackfeet responded by telling of
all the losses they had suffered at
the hands of the Flatheads. Many
lives had been lost, and not only that,
disease hail visited them through the
inpaiitiitii.ua of Cut Thumb, and many
of their number were dying. He ended by declaring that they had not
stolen the horses, although some .if
his warriors were in plain view,
mounted on the stolen animals.
Both parties pretended to have implicit confidence in all the other said
and listened with tho utmost attention, and unmoved countenances. A
lew more formal rites were observed
and then the warriors of both tribes
mounted their horses and rode away.
Just three days later, Red Feather
declared his intention of making an
attempt to recover the horses, ami
also the Black, a very beautiful horse
Deiongmg to tne cmet ot tne niacs-
feet, which he had greatly admired
on the day of the peace conference.
Mounted on the swiftest horse belonging to the tribe, and accompanied
by his aon-in-Iaw, he set out for the
camp of the Blackfeet, while the rest
of the men went hunting, for we were
now in the buffalo country. One, two,
three days passed and there was no
■ sign of Red Feather. At nearly sunset 61 the fourth day we saw a cloud
of dust in the distance which gradually grew larger, and soon we could
distinguish Red Feather and his sen-
in-law, driving a band of horses. At
they came nearer, we saw that tha
horses were flecked with toam. and
seemed almost exhausted. The Indians, however, were urging them
forward and calling to them with that
strange cry used only by Indians, but.
tc which horses ever respond. It
seemed to penetrate their exhausted
bodies and reach the spirit beyond,
telling of some strange bond between
man and beast1 which made them at
their bidding move their unpromising
lags at most surprising speed. Pre*
ently the run was over and the pair
with many grunts of satisfaction gave
an account of their trip.
They had not seen any trace of the
enemy until noon of the third day,
when they came upon a camp of tha
Blackfeet not half a mile distant
jitey waited until nightfall and then
crept up to It. A drove of horses
were tethered nearby, but to their
chagrin they found that Black wa"
not there. Back to the camp they
went and found the horse tethered
to two sleeping warriors. While Red
Feather was creeping up to cut the
thong that held the horse the guar-
ifian moved in his sleep nnd deeming the many better than the one he
crept away.
In the early morning the Blackfeet
discovered their loss and started in
pursuit. Red Feather had too much
the advantage, however, and easily
left his pursuers behind, and brought
all the horses safe to camp.
About a month had passed when
Red Feather again grew restless an*
unable to curb his longing for th*
Black; so accompanied by his son
in-law he set out for the camp of the
Blackfeet. Almost a week had passed and. there was no sign of him
when one evening a solitary rider was
seen approaching the camp. Ther-j
was something in his attitude thnt
chilled the wntchers when the son-in
law rode into the camp and dismounting said, "The great, the kind brave,
is no more." Then from all side*
rose cries nf grief and lamentatijns
filled the air.
They had found the Blackfeet camp
unguarded and surrounded by a large
number of horses, but not the Black
Red Feather svore this time he would
not return without him, sft: when
night came he crept right in where
the chief lay asleep with the Black's
tether in his hand. It seemed an
impossible task to get the horse, but
Red Feather wes not to be defeated
when so near tbe coveted prise, He
cut the rope. Tbe chief stirred an.'
softly calletl the Black. The rope lav
loose in his bend. He opened hi'
eves suspiciously and then Red Fea
ther knew it would be a race for life
With one bound he was on the «tnrt
led Black and urging him away from
the eamp.
Shouts and imnrecnti »is sounded
through the morning air. Almost immediate a do*en horsemen were in
hot pursuit. Red eFat'ier wns not
afraid, he knew the Black could easily
outdistance them all. On he rode.
Daylight broke, nnd a stiff breeie
sprang up, but still the Blackfeet pu'
sued, as if lonth to give up. At last
Red Feather, when on t'.e top of r.
small knoll, turned the Black, facing
his pursuers, and aa if to defy them,
stood for several^seconds, silhouetted
ngninst the rising sun. 1'hat stop
cost him his life. In a lew second-
n smoke rose from the dry prairie
grass. The breeze fanned it to a luty.
and soon n fire was sweeping over
the prairie too fast (or even tho
Red Feather's son-in-law reached
an alkaline plain, where alone there
was safety, and to this Red Feather
urged ■-' Black, but all in vain. The
fire gained at every leap. The smoke
choked tliem, and the dull roar of the
flames s> untied nearer and neater
Red Feather whisoered to the llla.'k.
"We must win, Black, we must win
Not because we are afraid of death
but we don't want the Blackfeet tc
beat us." The Black responded nob
ly, but he was running a losing race.
Soon Red Feather saw this, and tun,
ing the horse toward approachinv
death, he sat erect, like some brave
martyr ot old, and awaited his doom.
—Lillian H. Heynon in Canadian Li't
Zam-Buk Once Again the Only Curel
Mr. H. Allison, of 457 King Street,
London, Ont., says: "While a member of the East Kent Division Football Team, and during a rough and
exciting game of football. I fell on
the hard gravel, sustaining a badly-
lacerated knee. This required prompt
medical attendance, as s^nd and gravel filled, the open wound, which was
very painful and sore.
"For several weeks the doctor treated my injury, and it was thought to
be well healed over; but no sooner
had I begun to move about than the
skin broke, and I, suffered more than
at first. For seven long weeks I was
actually laid up. It tnen developed
into a running sore, and I was alarmed for fear the result might be a permanently stiff knee. The doctor's
treatment failed to heal the wound,
so 1 procured a supplyvof Zam-Buk.
"It was almost magical in its effect
on the sore. The discharging soon'
ceased. The soreness and pains were
banished, and perseverance with Zam-
Buk made the badly-lacerated knee an
good and firm ns ever. Zam-Buk has
no equal in clearing und healing open
wounds, and I recommend it to all
athletes and sportsmen."
Zam-Buk will also be found a sure-
cure for cold sores, chapped hands,
frost bite, ulcers, ecsema, blood-poison, varicose sores, piles, scalp sores,
ringworm inflamed patches babies'
eruptions and chapped places, cuts,
bums, bruises and skin injuries generally. All druggists and stores sell
nt 50c. box, or post free from Zam-
Buk Co., Toronto, upon receipt of
price. You arc warned against harmful imitations and substitutes. See
the registered name "Znm-Buk" on
every pneknge before buying.
Tha Prince's Investiture.
Those who are* behind the scenes
are immensely amused at the fierce
fight that is going on at the preset.;
time between Cardiff, Carnarvon, an I
other Welsh towns, aa to which shall
have the honor of witnessing the tot-
nml investiture of the Prince of Wales
with his time-honored title. As a mat
Jit of fact, the King and Queen have
definitely made up their minds that
llivie shall be no formal investiiur.
of their eldest son at all, and that ha
shall uot take any part in public
functions of any description until he
is eighteen. At the same time His
Majesty is very keenly interested in
the discussion that is now tukitig
place (or tha valuable sidelights tha;
it shells ou Welsh history, and in following the claims of the rival town,
most carefully. He is extremely cau
turns, however, not to express any
opinion in favor of any one place,
though he has been directly invited to
do so by those who are at liberty to
approach hiin upon the terms of Intimacy.
Just What Canada Can Da With Her
Annual Wheat Output.
A rervnt issue of the Canadian
Farm contains an interesting computation is tn the bread p»«sibilities
of Canada's wheat crop. The article
runs thus:
"Manitoba. Alberta and Saskatchewan produced last year almost 119.-
300,000 bushels of wheat. It takes
five bushels of wheat to make a barrel of flour. Therefore that wheat
:rop is equivalent to 23.8nO.nO> barrels of flour. Each barrel of .lour
makes 180 loaves of bread, weighing
one and one-half pounds each. That
flour, therefore, would mnke -t.iPt •
000,000 loaves of bread, lt is estimated that each person eats, nn an
average, about 13Q of such loaves in
a year. Finally, then, that amount
of flour would keep almost 33.000,000
people in bread for a year. And as
Canada's population is probably un*
der 8,000,000. Canada could hav«
spared bread last year fnr _15.fl00.00ll
people, or more than halt the United
Kingdom's population of between
45.000.000 and 46,000.000. Not onlv
would Canada's wheat crop of last
year have given bread to so many
millions; the by-product of that great
wheal crop would feed 212.000 horses
for a year.
"In figuring out the foregoing no
account has been taken of the wheat
rrndveed in the other provinces of
Canada Were that added, it would
h* seen that Canada could keep con.
sidernbly more people of the Old
land in bread than has been stated.
Canada's wheat-growing belt i« four
tim-s the sine of the United States,
nnd. whereas the days of the prominence of the United States as a wheat
exporting country are done. Canada
is rapidly coming to the front In exporting. Western Canada's wheat
production is five times what it wns
t"n years ago. And Canada has sold
Great Britain $264,925,420 worth of
?rnin in ten years.
Canada ia certainly making pro
pr»ss in wheat production, and If immigration continues at its present
rate,. Professor Mayor's famous pes
simistic report to the British Boarc
of Trade will look like a last year's
editorial in a party newspaper."
High Praise For QIN  PILLS.
Smitliville, Ont.
"I suffered for three years with a
Pnin in My Back. I am now taking
(UN PILL8 and find a great relief
nfter taking only one box.'
Is it any wonder that we sell GIN
PILLS with an iron-clad guarantee of
money buck if they fall to give reliefP
We know thnt GIN PILLS will stoi)
the pain in the hack—relieve Ihe bladder—nnd cure every trace of Kidney
Trouble nntl Rheumatism.
GIN PILLS have cured thousands
of cases of Ki liny Trouble that were
regarded ns ho>ieless.
W" don't usk you to buy GIN
PILLS to find out what Ihey will dn
for you.
Simply write Ul, mentioning this
napcr, mid we will send you u sample
box free. Then, if you are unable to
gel the regular sir.e boxes nt .your
dealer's, write us, anil we will supply
vou nl the retail price—50c. a box, 6
for $2.50. GIN PILLS nre mnde and
guaranteed by the lnrge-t wholesale
drug house in the British Empire.
Nntloinil Drug and Chemical Co.,
Dept. N. U,, Toronto. 47
An Editorial Reply Which Waa Sharp
and Beyond the Libel Law.
There are a great many varieties of
the "retort courteous,", even though
no one has ever taken the trouble tu
classify them. The repartee of th*
cultured wit is often so subtle that
it appears pointless to the man whose
methods are those of a heavy-weight.
The retort of the skilled Parliamentarian differs greatly from that of tha
?releasor in an academic debate,
here are many other typea, but
standing all alone in a place by itself
is the retort of the newspaper of the
small town.
A very good example of the way In
which these editors go for one another
appeared a short time ago in an Ontario paper. It was a weekly published in one of those small towns which
has a rival, community a few milea
away. They hate one another with a
deadly enmity, but for the sake ol
economy they occasionally work together and use the same electric power house and the same private telephone system. It is unnecessary to
add that the town which gets its telephone service from the other village
spends considerable time passing criticisms upon their treatment and tha
management ol the company. TH*
bickerings over these things have become chronic.
One week the paper came out with
an article which occupied the most
conspicuous portion of the front page
and gave the telephone service a severe raking over the coals. The editor had a personal grievance which
he made the text of his editorial. His
wife had been left at home alone oni
evening, and a drunken man got on
tho verandah by mistake. The lady
attempted to call the police but could
not get "central." In lurid colors and
with emotional ability which characterises a country newspaper, the editor described his wife's state of mind.
He proved that the telephofft -company wns responsible for the pitiful
condition' of nervousness tn which tha
<a.'y was eventually found.
lt was confidently expected that the
paper in the neighboring town would
come back with an attack upon the
electric light system. The next issue
was eagerly secured, but it contained
only one short reference to the incident, printed in large letters. The editor remarked, "We are greatly surprised that .drs. Scribe should be disturbed by the sound of • drunken man
on her verandah."
A Bard at Eighty-One.
St. Stanley Larkin of Moose Jaw has
made public some interesting facts.
He has nn uncle in England, eighty-
one years of age, and a bard with
royal recognition. Old Mr. Larkin
was mnch affected by the death ol
King Edward. He sat down and expressed his condolence in verse. Tha
poetic tribute was widely quoted in
(Edward, the Great Peacemaker."
Thus will he e'er be known.
Of realms on which the sun ne'er seta
The King of peace he shone.
Then raise the Royal Standard,
Unfurl it to the breen,
'The o'ive branch' its message.
To all the lands and seas.
And may the Almighty Ruler,
Whom kings and realms adore,
To our great noble Edward.
Grant peace lor evermore."
Mr. Larkin. St., received the lolloping letter Irom Buckingham Palace:
"Miss Knollys is commanded by
Queen Alexandra to thank Mr.
Larkin lor his kind sympathy and
touching tribute."
Oeeama 'and tha Awakening.
It waa a custom among Canadian
Indians, says' a contributor to Tha
Canadian Magaiine, when they
dreamed ol receiving a lavor Irom another to apply to him for it fulfill*
rtient, end whenever possible the conditions of the dream were complied
A chief one morning came to Sir
William Johnson, then governor,
aud told him that he had dreamel
that His Excellency had made him a
present ol the suit of regimentals
whicli he wore.
The governor immediately agreed to
make the present asked for, but as
the chiel was about to leave told him
that he also had had a dream to the
effect that the chief had given him a
certain large tract of land ol his.
The chief was silent a moment.
"Well, you shall have it," he then
said, "but, il you please, Sir William,
we will not dream any more."
Might Have Been Worse.
A sad-faced editor, with Iringes on
the bottom of hia trousers, and tha
wind singing mournfully through his
whiskers, sat in his sanctum thinking
-thinking. Presently a shadow tall
across the room and a shrill voico
demanded to know if he was the editor. "Yes, sir," said he, with a look
ot alarm. The owner ol the vole*
mopped the floor with the editor, and
went his way. "Thank heaven I" eg-
claimed the editor, after he had gathered together the wreck ol his former
self and had straightened up the furniture. "Lite is still worth living. I expected h* would tell me to stop hia
paper."—Sault SUr.
A White Disk.
A white object can be seen at ■ dta-
fanev nt li.'.'nn time* Its own diameter
In strong sunlight-Ibat la tu aay. •
white disk a toot across caa Os taaa
i;._.."iti tit-i awuy.
and Dandruff
"I am pleased to inform you that
I have been cured by Cutloura Soap
and Ointment. 8h_.ee I was a boy I
have suffered with dandruff, not only
from tbe itching but from its disagreeable appearance in a sally form
all over my head. I had to brush It
off my clothes all day long. I used
every kind of preparation supposed
to cure dandruff, also soaps and
shampoos, but lt seemed to me that,
Instead or Improving with these remedies, the dandruff Increased, even
tty hair began to fall out and tho
result, was that two months ago
eczema developed on my scalp.
"I suffered so from this that aa a
last resource I thought I would try
Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment. They had the most gratifying
results for I hod used only one box
of Cutloura Ointment and a single
cake of Cuticura 8oap when I was
cured, the eczema ana dandruff were
gone and my head perfectly clear.
" I oan assure you that so long es
I live no other soap than Cuticura
will be used by me and all those near
to me. I will also add that I will
always use Cuticura Ointment aa a
dressing for the hair. I feel that you
should know of my cure and if you
desire you may use this as a true
testimonial which comes from a sufferer of thirty years' standing, i
will be happy to tell any ono of my
experience In order to assist those
who may be suffering from the same
disease.'1 (Signed) J. AcicVKDO,
. General Commission Merchant,
I 59 Pearl St., New Tork.
i Cutleure Soap ni Ointment sffwd the
•Qcedkat sad meet economical treatment tor
Itehlnc. bamine, amir humors ot Infanta, children and adults. Aa In tha case, a Unite let a
often lufflrlcnt. Sold throughout the world.
Send to Potter nine __ Cbem. Corp.. Boaton,
V. 8. A., tor SZ-pasa Cuticura Book on treatment ot aim and aealp an lemma.
y IN    .111 OUN'PII l,N\
;/     /
Canadian Pacific
Low Round Trip Ratss to
Tickets on sale Dec. 1 to Dec. 31, Inclusive, good to return within three-
Tickets   issued - .in   connection   witb
Atlantic Steamship   will   be on sale
from Nov. 11,   and   limited   to   five-
months from date of issue.
Finest     equipment.    Standard    first
Class and' Tourist Sleeping Cars and
Dining Cars on all Through Trains.
Compartment - Library' • Observation'
Car on "Imperial Limited."
leaves Winnipeg daily at 22.10k, making connections   at   Toronto   for   all
points East and West thereof.
The "Imperial Limited" leaves Winni
peg daily at 8.26k, and the "Atlantic
Express" at 19.00k daily, making con-
nections  at  Montreal  for  all   points-
East thereof.
Apply  at  the   nearest  C.P.U.   Agent
for full information
Next Thing To   It,
"Jimniie, is it true that you are not ■
Mr. Blinkum'a son?"
"Yeth. thir.  I wuth left on th' doorstep, an' he took me in."
"I see.   You are a sort of
"Do you think buttermilk will prolong one's life, Colonel Sonkshy?"
"Ahem I I hnve no doubt, Miss.
Plumber, thut if a person had to drink
buttermilk every day it would make
life seem longer."—Birmingham Age-
V  KmM ^;, ,
H  r-H7  i   O'V ..'
113 THE
W. N. U„ Na. IK. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Used in Canadian homo* to produce
delicious home-made brand, nnd a supply ia always included ln Sportamena'
and Campers' Outfits. Decline
all imitations. They never
(Its satisfaction aad cost Just
as much.
1        I. w.
IS    Winnipeg
Toronto, Ont.
•1             A Marti i tilth.u honor, at elf
1      He.nr
We are   everywhere with the   standard goods.
Papsr and Matches are our specialtiee.    Let us
knew yeur wants—we'll do the reet.
TheE.B.EddyCo.Ud /fcr,
HULL, CAHAOA tY*      m^m
TEES ft, PERS8E, LIMITED, Agents, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton,
Regina, Fort William and Port Arthur.
Daily during December.     3 months
limit.   Stop .over privileges,
via .
The Doable Track Route.
Reduced Fares for
Steamship Passengers.
November  11th to December    31st.
Five months limit.   Write   for   full
particulars and descriptive pamphlet.
General Agent, Passenger Dept.
Representative for all Steamship Lines
and Cook's Tours.
280 Portage Ave.        -    -   Winnipeg.
Change Seats
Husband—You ure quite comfortable, dear?
Wife—Yes, love.
"Tlie cushions arc easy ond soft?"
"Yes, darling."
"You don't feel any jolts?"
"No, sweetheart."
"And there is no draught on my
lamb, is there?"
"No, my ownest own."
"Then change seals with me."—
Entirely Proper
Firstborn—Mamsey, is it any harm
to use slung?
"Generally, yes.   Why do you ask?
"I dess wondered if it would be
wrong to cull baby a scream."
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,—I huve used MINARD'S
LINIMENT on my vessel and in my
family for years, and for the every
day ills and accidents of life I consider it has no equal.
I would not start on a voyage with
out it, if it cost a dollar a bottle.
Schr. "Storkc," St. Andre, Kam-
Agent^-This speedometer will enable
you to know how fast you are going.
Otto Feind—1 don't need one.   My
bank biilanee tells me just as well.
Regular dishonesty is easier to man-
ugc than irregular honesty.
show the beneficial  effects of
Scott's Emulsion
in a very short time. It
not only builds her up,
but enriches the mother's
milk and properly nourishes the child.
Nearly all mothers vho
nurse their children should
take this splendid food-
tonic, not only to keep
up their own strength but
to properly nourish their
ron sai.i ar au. uannoisn
Liquid Cores Eczema
Where Salves Fail.
In regard to skin disease, medical
authorities nre now agreed on this.
Don't imprison the disease germs in
your skin by the use of greasy Biilvcs,
and thus encourage them to multiply.
A true cure of all ecsenuitoua diseases
can be brought about only by using
Ilie healing agent in the form of a
A simple wash: a compound of Oil
of Wintergreen, Thymol, and otlier
ingredients as combined in the D.D.D.
Prescription, This penetrates to the
disease germs and destroys them, then
I soothes and heals the skin us nothing
else has ever done.
A trial bottle will start the cure,
and give you instant relief. Write
for it to-ilny to the D.D.I). Laboratories, Dept. T.F., 49 Colborne St.,
I For sale hy all druggists
Stella—Would you say she was a
well dressed woman?
Bella—No; she looks like a Wall
street bear who has covered in n
desperate hurry.—Puck.
; A eougli is often the forerunner of]
serious pulmonary afflictions, yet
there is a simple cure within the
reach of nil in Bickle's Anti-Oonsunip-;
live Syrup, nn old-time and widely!
recognised remedy, which, if resorted'
to at the inception of a cold, will invariably give relief, und by OVOrcom-
ing the trouble, guard the system j
from any serious consequences. Price
_!5 cents, at all dealers.
"On Time"
A train on one of the country lines
that runs through and is usually late
was reported on time tlie other day.
The young man who writes the bulletins concerning the trains at that
station put down tlie information
about liis train as follows:
"No (I1D, from  , on time."
Then underneath he wrote:
"Cause unknown."
And Find Out  If You Have Kidney
Disorders. Also Make This Test.
Have you pains in thc buck over
the kidneys?
Have you urinary disorders?
Do you suffer from severe headaches, dizziness or defective eyesight?
Is the skin dry and harsh?
Are you failing in health and
strength and suffering from rheumatic puins or swelling of the limbs?
These are a few of the symptoms, of
kidney disease, and here is the test.
If the urine, after standing for
twenty-four hours is cloudy, milky or
has particles floating about in it, or
if tliere is a sediment in the bottom of
tlie vessel, your kidneys are diseased.
There is no time to lose in beginning the use of Dr. Chase's Kidney
and Liver Pills. Delay means the development of Bright's Disease, and
you do not want to take any chances
with that. Dr. Chase's Kidney and
Liver Pills will help you more quickly than any other treatment you can
obtain, and that is one reason why
they are so successful and popular.
Mr. W. H. Mosher, South Augusta,
Grenville county, Ont., writes-.—"I
used Dr. Chase's Kidney nnd Liver
Pills and firmly believe tliere is no
medicine to equal them. I was
troubled for years with kidney disease, and this treatment lias cured
me. When I began the use of these
pills I could only walk from my bed
to a chair. Now I can go to the field
and work like any other man. Dr.
Chase's Kidney nnd Liver Pills are an
excellent medicine," This statement
is certified to by the Rev. E. H.
Kmett, Baptist minister, of Brockville,
Dr. A. W. Chase's Kidney and Liver
Pills, one pill u dose, 25 cents a box
iit all dealers or Edinanson, Bates &
Co., Toronto. The portrait und signature of A. \V. Chase, M.D., the famous Receipt Book author, lire on
every box. These ure for your protection against imitations and substitutes.
Dodging the Taxes
A young man, who is close in money
matters had the good fortune to marry
a girl whose parents were quite
wealthy, and he is at present living
with his wife in one of his father-in-
law's houses. Not long since, whilst
lie was discussing affairs with a
friend, tlie latter asked: I
"Did the old gentleman give you
that house?" |
"Well—er—no, not exactly," was the |
answer.    "He offered it to me, but I
wouldn't accept it."
"How's that?" asked the friend.
"Well," answered tlie other, "you
see the house really belongs-to nie.
Km living in it rent free, and I'll get
it when the old man dies. If I accepted it now I'd have to pay the
Shi/ohb Gure
Sulo__.hr stepe souths, cures colds, heal*
ie throat end lunge.
2S cents.
The Lndy—Neurly been drowned
three times, have you? Dear, dear!
What were your feelings, I wonder?
The Salt—Suine each time, lady.
The Lady—Just the same on each
occasion? That's very strange. Whut
were they?
The Salt—Wet, mum!
Away With Depression and Melancholy.—These two evils are the accompaniment of a disordered stomach
and torpid liver and mean wretchedness to all whom they visit. The
surest and speediest way to combat
them is with l'urmelee's Vegetable
Pills, whicli will restore the healthful action of the stomach anil bring
relief. They hnve proved their usefulness in thousands of cases and will
continue to give relief to the suffering
who are wise enough to use them.
"Only once have I spoken cross to
my wife," said a man to an intimate
"Indeed!" remarked the latter in
some surprise.
"Yes," said the first speaker, rather
ambiguously; "once was quite enough
for me."
To hnve the children sound and
healthy is the first care of a mother.
They cannot be healthy if troubled
with worms. Use Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator.
Wharry was tejling some friends
about it proposed fishing trip.
"Are there any trout out there?"
asked one friend.
"Thousands of 'em," replied Wharry.
"Will they bite easily?" asked another friend.
"Will they?" said Wharry. "Why,
they're absolutely vicious. A man has
to hide behind a tree to bait a hook."
I Minard's   Liniment  Cures  Garget  in
He—"Well, I'm willing to admit
that 1 wus wrong."
She—"You'll have to do more than
He—"What more can I do?"
She—"Admit that I was riglit."
"Splendid color, isn't il?" asked the
fishmonger, cutting opeu the salmon.
"Yes," replied tlie purchaser; "looks
us il it were blushing at the price you
ask for it."
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
A   circus   man   recently   ordered   a
large advertisement poster ol bis show
to be printed, and objected because
tliere was so much clear sky in It.
"I   ain't   u-goin'  to  advertise  the
sky," he suid lo the lithographer,  "I
pui'l you lo advertise my show. Draw
a few camels and stick tliem up in the
'eavenly'blue, 1 ain't u-goin' to 'live
all Unit good spnee run to waste."
There is more Catarrh in this section of the country than all other dis
uses put together, nnd until the. last
few years was supposed to be incurable. For a great ninny years doctors
pronounced it a local disease nnd prescribed  local   remedies,  and  hy  con-
tnntly failing tn cure with local
treatment, pronounced it incurable.
Science hns proven catarrh to he a
Constitutional disease, and therefore
requires constitutional treatment.
Hull's Cutnrrh Cure, manufactured
by F. .1. Cheney k Co., Toledo, Ohio,
is the only constitutional cure on the
market. It ia taken internally in
doses from 10 drops to a teospoonful.
It acts directly on tlie blood and mucous surfaces of the system. They offer
one hundred dollars for any case it
fails to etire. Send for circulars and
testimonials,    Address:
F. .1. Cheney k Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold hv Druggists. 75c.
Tnke Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Pantomime Comedian—"I oon't go
on for ii minute, sir, I (eel fiiiinv."
Manager—"Funny I Great Scott
man! Oo on at once and make the
most of it while it lusts."
Red, Weak, Weary, Watery Eyes
Relieved by Murine Eye Iteuiedy
Try Murine for your Kye Troubles
You will like Murine. It Soothes
Mle at Your Druggists. Write for Eye
Books Pree. Murine Kye Remedy
Co., Toronto 'i
Mod Mo., ■•■_• of poiwr oo, thli «1. fnr i
li'-mitlful s.i.lt>g. Huik tint Child'. Hki.tcL.JI*
K_u>a liank ..iiiulki a, Uix.l Lurk I'.uui.
US WelllMM Slnat, W.I      T«_tf..O__V
Now is the period of lime between
awhile ago and after awhile.
W. N. U., No. 130.
Grogson—"Why ure you following
tbat young man ut the plough with u
Fanner—"Why, Hint's my son. Re
came from college with his hair parted ill tin' middle an' 11-siiinkiii' a cigarette. They sent me a whoppln' big
hill an' said he'd bin Mowing of his
wild outs. 1 t.ll you sir, I'm iiinkin'
bim sow some tame ones now."
"Have you u play for next season?"
asked the low comedian.
"No," answered the manager.
"Well," continued the low comedian, "I (fan put you next to something thnt will draw well."
"What is it?" queried tlie manager.
"A mustard-plaster," answered tiie
other, as \u> made a hurried departure.
What is Needed is the Rich,
Red Blood Dr. Williams'
PinK Mils Actually
Perhaps you have already noticed
tliat your daughter in her "teens"
lias developed a fitful temper, is restless und excitable. In that case remember tliat the murcli of years is
leading her on to womanhood, and
ut this time a great responsibility
rests  upon you as parents.    If your
daughter is pale, complains of weakness and depression, feels "all tired
out" after a little exertion; if she
tells of headaches, or backaches, or
pain in the side, do not disregard
these warnings. Your daughter needs
help for slii' is most probably anaemic—that is, bloodless.
Should you notioe any of these
signs, lose no time, but procure Dr.
Williams' Pink Bills, for her unhealthy girlhood is bound to lead to
unhealthy womanhood, Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills enrich impoverished blood
uud by doing so they repair waste
uml prevent disease. They give to
sickly, drooping girls, health, bright.
ness ami chariu, wilh color in the
checks, bright eyes, a lightness of
st"p and high spirits, a case typical oi thousands oured through tne
use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills is
tlmt of Miss Grace Cunningham,
Wtnnlpig, Man., who snys: "I really
cannot sny enough in praise of Dr.
Williams' I'iuk Bills, ns tbey Imve
minii' mc feel like a new girl. 1 was
paie nml almost bloodless uml lliink
tlmt on un average I missed ut loasl
three sohool sessions ll week. Iie-
Oguse I fill like u broken down person, "uil too wink to do anything,
Tlie doctor's medicine I took did Til-
tlo   more   Hum   keep   Ilie   in   hope;   it
certainly did nol cure me, Then I
was tfivim-.l to take Dr. Williams'
Pjnk Bills, and Hoy loon mini me
("'■I like ii new person. Day by day
I   gained   strength   and   color,   nml   I
have ynur moillcliin to thnnk for it "
Dr. Williams'    Pink    Pills nre sold
by all mcdlolne dealers or may   be
had bv innil at 511 cents a box or six
boxes for $2.50 from The Dr. Wil-
liuiiis' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
No. in George St., Sorel, Que.
"For seven years I suffered from
womb disease and dreadful torturing
pains, and I bad constant Dyspepsia and
Chronic Constipation—the latter so bad
that sometimes I went ten duys without
iction of the bowels. Six different doc-
ors treated mc anil for a year I was in
led, constantly facing death. Then
tnv husband coaxed me to try "Fruit-
t-tives" and this medicine, and nothing
else, cured tne and saved my life."
'Signed) Mme. JOSEPH LIIlETTn.
50c. box—6 for $2.50—or trial tjox
»5C—at dealers or from l'ruit-a-tivea
Limited, Ottiwa. -   ,
"Go!" she exclaimed, pointing to
the door.
"I'll bc off," he replied, "but don't
get the iden that .this is a horse race."
Kidneys Wrong?	
if they are you are in danger.
When through weakness or disease
the kidneys fail to filter the impurities from tlie blood, trouble
comes at once. Backache, Rheumatism, Sciatica, Gravel, Diabetes, Gall Stones nnd tlie deadly
Bright's Disease are some of tlie
results of neglected kidneys. Dr.
Morse's Indian Root Pills contain
11 most effective diuretic which
strengthens and stimulates the
kidneys so that they do their work
thoroughly and well.   Try
within'. 1 uu trtatiuf ttiSStftn, lN-iafaas*. ***~ WyUat. aud
Ur trtHiblM, vith a uniarUi.W tmw treatment. I want to
i-.Ti-1. RconrM "' **■'• trwrtawt **•*■• t*« iusUumtoUtutvMi
•adder, bi 1 mil, ail cUrias j.s«ti«l(l, l-.'l I'i dm.
Band noUI'itU*.   W,1M '"r niT "" f«• **Ul liMlnwnt *>*
iat. fWint full *»-<vlittt..n of |aurc»»«.
Dr-.W.O. CO*riC,   D«pl.  Ml   On Mmrh. It"™
Dominion Express
Hone/Orders ana
foreign Cheques
art payablt all over tht Wtrtst.
Absolutely tha best way
to remit money by mail.
Foreign hfl.n.y bought ana Bold.
Hot.* fer M»ntt Orders
$1 .ni under  .     .      1 cento
Onr I to $10        .     .      t   "
"     11 tu   ID .      .     10    "
"     M to   (0 .      .     10    "
On Sole in olt Con. Pot. Ry. Slmti..,.
Our $5.00
Cuff Links
neatly enfraved with "his"
monogram, would mike a most
, acceptable Christmas gilt. They »■
are made in extra heavy Mk fold
and are enclosed in a fine velvet
*   lined ease.
Send for Catalogue K
It contains 1_>2 pages in eolors of
|    Jewelry, Silverware,    f?
China, Glass, Stationery, Vj
Leather Goods,        ?
Novelties, etc.
Diamond lOerehiMe, Jeweler i
aa* •Mveranithe
134-131 Y0NCI 8T.
(Flip Hbrmnu §im
Published nt r.rnml Korks. Ilrltli.li Cnlumlil
Editor and Publisher
A Hie of this paper can be seen at the office
ot Mn__r«. B. ,1 j . Hardy * Co.. an, 31 ami 82,
inept Street, B.C., LoStlon,   ftllfrlllllll. free of
clnirpi', and tli ut firm will be pluil to reoelye
subscription, nml advertisements on our lie-
. 1.11(1
One Yenr	
due Yenr (In advance)	
AdvertUins rates furnished nu 'P'l
Leirnl notices, HI and 5 cent, per lino.
Address nl) communications to
Tub Bvbhibq Son,
Phonb 1171- Grand Fohks, H.C.
The news of the resignation
of .J. .A. McCullum as city
clerk owing to failing health
will lie received witli ;i feeling
of genuine regret liy every
citizen of Grand Forks. Air.
McCalluin has held ollico for
twelve years, and during tliat
time has discharged his duties
with marked ability anil to tlie
entire satisfaction of tlie ratepayers and the various civic
governments under whose regime he has served the city.
The satisfactory condition ol'
the city finances today is
largely due to his wise counsel, and for this the citizens
owe him a debt of gratitude
whicli they can never repay.
The Sun hopes that a change
of occupation will completely
restore Mr. McCallum's health
and that he arid his estimable
family will continue to make
Grand Forks their home. In
expressing this hope we feel
that we are but voicing the
sentiment of tlie people ofthe
On Monday next candidates
for mayor, aldermen and three
school trustees are to be nominated, and a poll, if required,
will be taken on the following Thursday. Up to date
very little interest has been
taken in the approaching election, and as no names have
been mentioned in connection
with the various offices, it is
impossible to forecast the composition of the lilll city government. A strong and representative city council is
needed for the coining year.
At the outset the board will
be called upon to select anew
city clerk, a task whicli will
require considerable discrimination, because a satisfactory
performance of most of tlie
city's work and business depends on the good judgment
and efficiency of this ollieial.
With a new clerk and a new
council, it must be apparent
to every ratepayer that the
best mayoralty and aldermanic
material in the city must be
called into the next city government if the present nigh
financial standing of the municipality i.s to be maintained.
It is the duty of every citizen
to see that none but men of
integrity and sound judgment
are nominated and elected.
to the ratepayers. But if Phe
right person cannot bo found
among the applicants, and he
is to be found in the eity, there
is no reason why the council
should not appoint him, provided he is capable and willing to fill the otlice, whether
he has applied for the position
or not.
The most important event
next week will be the nominations for city officers, which
take place at the city hall at
12 o'clock noon on Monday.
Many a man who could not
have secured six votes at the
polls has been elected by acclamation.
Speaking as a weather
prophet, we hazard the prediction that the Sun will soon
become warm enough to melt
the thin ice on which a number of people are walking.
Joshua Pickleweight has
docided not to run for mayor.
The city is entitled to congratulations.
Most of the people who
"swore off" last Saturday night
regretted their rash action on
Sunday morning.
Not a Candidate
Editor Evening Sun.
Dkak Sir;—To avoid any
misunderstanding as to my
proposed action this coming
election, I wish to state emphatically that I am not a
candidate for the mayoralty.
Tt will bc impossible for me to
give tho time necessary for the
conduct of the city business
this coming year. I wish to
thank the aldermen of the
outgoing council, the ratepayers and the citizens generally for the kind support
which they have given mc
during the year just closing.
Wishing all our citizens a
happy and prosperous New
Year, I am yours very truly,
Fred Clark.
rv ing, stating qualifications,
will be received by the City
Council at its next meeting
on Monday, the Kith day of
January, 1911, for the position of City Clerk, Treasurer,
Assessor and Collector of the
City of Grand Forks.
Dated at Grand Forks thc
30th December, 1910.
Ynle Land Distrlot, District of Similkameen.
TAKK NOTICB tliat slim [.ingle, ot Cobden,
I Illinois. U.8.A., oci'ilpntloii Farmer, Intends to iini.lv tor periui.sloti to purchase the
following il"-iTili. (I lain!-:
f'nmuii'iirlu'.' at a post planted about 20
ebnl'is east of tlie Routheast corner of Lot
lllll S., nn l»cpp freeli: thencp west Ml chains:
thenoe south -'it annul': thenoo cast 00 ohains;
tl ci- s'liith 10chains) llieneeeaet '.'iirhulns:
thenee north Ml ohnltll to point nfcninim'lice-
sn.AS i.inoi.k. Applicant,
.1. K Cranston, Accnt.
lintel December lltb, 1910,
Face Values
An insignificant nose indicates an
insignificant man.
Very large thick lips ore a sign of
An open mouth is a sure sign of an
empty head.
Course hair always indicates coarse
Large ears are found on the heads
of coarse people.
A projecting upper lip indicates malignity and avarice.
Pointed noses generally indicate
meddlesome people.
A retreating chin is always bad; it
shows lack of resolution.
Large eyes in a small face always
betokens maliciousness.
Blue eyes belong to a people of an
enthusiastic turn of miiid.
Otlique eyes are unfavorable; they
show cunning and deceit.
Short, thick, curly hair is an indication of great natural strength.
Freckles, like red hair, is an indi
cation of an ardent temperament,
A long forehead indicates intelli
gencc, a short forehead activity.
Grey eyes are generally found asso
dated witli prudence and foresight.
An irregular, knotty forehead is n
sure sign of a bold, original and investigating mind.
A perpendicular, a very high or n
qerv short forehead is always bad:
either invariably indicates lack of
The typical religious enthusiast has
a thin, pale face, retreating forehead,
small, keen eyes, pointed nose and re-
treating chin.
Prompinent, nf'hed eyebrows show
great power of pei ptinn in regnrd to
form and   colo".     All   great  painters
liitvb such brows.
Large clear blue eves generally tie-
note persons of great capacity, but
sensitive, suspicious, and often un-
reasonably jealous.
Horizontal eyebrows, foil nnd mill
lar, show great understanding, deliberation, and capacity for planning and
A face which does not change expression does not change tn conversation either indicates caution or stupidity.
A. fiat forehead or an abrupt descent at the back of the head are both
unfavorable, either indicating limited
A person who habitually looks out
of tlie corners of his eyes is to he
avoided; his natural tendency is certainly towards deception.
Large no-es are invariably associated with strong fruits of character;
whether good or bad is determined by
other characteristics,
Men of marked ability in any line
have initially one deep, perpendicular
wrinkle on the forehead, with one or
two parallel to it on each sido.
Did you ever see a stono step?
Or a peanut stand!
Or a sardine box?
Ol a sausage roll?
Or an apple turn over?
Or a horsefly)
Or a snake dance?
Or a ship soar?
Or a sugar bowl?
Or all organ stop?
Or a bed spring?
Or a rail fence?
Or u ginger snap?
Or a skate fish?
Or a Imttle fly?
Or a man witch his breath?
Or hear n bed tick?
Or a clock tun)
Or a mull pull up a river?
Some business men are so fond ot
being deceived thnt they even endeavor lo believe that they ean reach
the consumers of this district without advertising in The Sun.
Woodlands for (Quality
Everything sold hero is selected with regard
to Quality and Service. When you want anything, ask Woodland first, and get satisfaction.
-3 WOOD LAND    6c   CO.if-
A Dollar Goes a
Long Way
when you buy' your supplies at our market; we
sell you choice, prime cuts
of beei, mutton, lamb, pork
and veal at as low a margin of profit as we can do
business honestly upon
and give the best you can get anywhere. Our meats
are tender and delicious—our poultry fat, fresh and
tender, and our hams and bacon fit tor a king at
in Bulk
;orists an
Lowest Prices
For Motorists and Cyclists,
Winnipeg    Avenue
City and Suburban
The eity couneil acted wisely in deciding nut In appoiut
a city clerk at the meeting
Tuesday night. The o/lvor
tided i."'ice (jailing fur applications till' Ilie posit iuu was
rather snort, ami the list of
applicants was not a lengthy
one. While refraining from
passing judgment on tho qualifications ofthe men who applied for I lie position, The Sun
agrees with the board lhat a
wider range to choose from
will lie more satisfactory to
Villi, l.iiml Dlltrlot, Dlltrlot of Slmlllui
ft UK NOTICK tli.it Tlioraoi Ilium
I      IOII    llf   I'tlllPflll. II. 0><   <l|.|.l||Mllil|ll
I'liiint. Inii'iiil- to uiipb  for  pi>iiiii*.|
purohase tin' full.." Inir described Intnl.
iiioltiK nt ii poil iiliinti'it nl t
irtli'H.t rnriii.rof
. "in1 ..■in,: ... it |.n.i in.urn ii   ilnnnl
Ohnltll nortli of III.*northeast r«i!'iii>r«f .'
Hmtlier's pro entptloti,  Lot Iilli8„iin
Oreakl thsti orth B0 olwitisi Uioiioo
1 loolmlnn tlii'ii.'i' smith M ohainsi tlienoi
1"  I'llllillKtll  |*..!».t   III <'llllltll|.||l'|.||l|.|i| .
.1. If. Criui.toii. .ti
ltd, mm.
Moron to
Doted li.'1'i'in
Vnl.' Land DhtrlMi Dlitrlol of Blmllkapiaon,
TAKK   HOtlOO  Unit
I   III I'lllll-llll.   II. I
,Adionlllon I'liiii.nii,
,-,--• yiilMllon win', in-
l.-iiil. In npply   r.»r   |..-iit.i..in i  tn i.iir.-liit-.-
tho foil..unit .I. torlbod loinlii
I   c olnf nt  a i'o.i   ..i.n,.. i  nt th.'
■piitlinoit oohi»r iif .1, Minor's i.r.-. mutton, i.ni ll«88„oti DoonCropkitlioneeuorth
Nohfilnii iiiimii'i. wast -iit'liiiiiitotii..,,, i.fci.mi,
l" oholnol  Hi   wait   In rliil,,,:  t|„.,	
(•until nohnliist th ,!■ ru.i '■"!■:,„,„, to tin*
point nf i'iiliiiiii'i„-..|iii.tit
1    „ .   , „ , ■'   It.l'ntii.tui,, Agent.
Dated December i-'tlt, iiiiu.
lh tho Estate of Margaret E. Ooryoll,
Deceits Jd.
NOTICK is IIRRBBT UIVKN that mi tli* Hltli
.lay ot November. a.i>. imo. proimtn <.f
Un* u III •>( vitimird fi. (Vyi'll. daoMltidi hiti«
of tlie city i.f i Porkii B.O, wm (fronted
oil! of tllfl MIIHdiif i oil t llf liritit.il   Uf'llllll*
hill,   ut   Vnl UV'T, B. On i" .Nihil   vliruliiini
t oiyi'll .io. I liiiiih (}t'iiruu('orj«||, iixpnitiim.
1.1.1 h'll 0 mul I'ork-. 11.0.
i.vitj' iwmm   imifhtfii to Hjthl Mtnta U
r«i|Ulntd <<> iiiiilif |>«4> t mrthiv'th  tojtlii'
i*M>i<ul'>i*h, innl fvi'i.v 11'mon hiivnitr In po*
mninti Bflootl bftuitivps lo miiiii' In in*
quired forthwith to iIi'IIvit Mini ov< r to tain
I,very oredltOF i>r nt Iiit iifirboiiN liaviiiu uuy
I'luitii iil'ou or I. '. t.'i ii. thc iIkii ii.niifH "I
tl hinii'oi ihitloi'-n-Ml is required -"im.-
id*, fqiiriesnib >hiv  > Hiatf, \,l), Ml. ti
k I  li)Ti.'ivrd   letter,  ihI.I .'.-.'il   to   tin
illidBlflBiieUtliii iii-ii" Jt i'i Hil'i-i'i* ""I mil
imnlculerepi hl« i-hIhi or lutoreili a>>«i n
-it etit gf hli ' oiini. vorfffetl  In  hinto
lorv il'T'itftitl",), mul tin  iialnn- of tin* MOIIF*
Ity (If i  In In hy  him.
Ait-i* tin- -umI tii*1 lUy nf Ki'hroiirv   tli" ox-
eeutori   «m i>n td  with the flilmliuitra*
tion  o|  t| uttili',  InnitiM   ri'BBfd  to  thole
•■I,lini-. only nt  which   thity hIiiiII thi'iihnvo
ll.lt I.■!'.
Diiiid thl« 8Hb ilny of November, A, l> mmi.
.ions a. CORYKLL,
-178X175 FT, LOT hetwenn
Second and Thin] HtreeU,
jiiKt above -Inilu'i' I«Rniy'i
ui:'l Kt Gftw'i hhiePi; lep*
ara't'il from nil other |jro|H'rties hy 2(l*tt.
iBtie] as lame as spvtm or clu'ht nrdimiry tott.
ntljoiiiii.i: lot* nri> worth .<l'i0; would make
hire home, with sufficient urmind for ohlch-
eiii.frnlttftardenoitd luwn; most deilrablc
locution in city.
85 ACKKS adjolnhtff
• Ity limits on muth:
U aorei elnnred; l«J
„ frillt lieen; new four*
■inn   itouse.   hum   f tr six    honest   borne,
httttgy,double berneiB  uml  tMrinlng tmple*
ineittM.   All for $0200.   Kuxy terms.
tnd three h>tt_ within
.tie block  of hiinlnesi.
, ten tret  luwn, hIiuiIa
trees, fruit trees*berry inisio--, htr^ui;ur<leii.
'.vill mIso sell finnituie of hiiiiM' if ilnulred.
Oim-l)H|f eii_.li, hilhmee terms.
.   mtlOS from town;
room   honsei   plust*
larsrs bu iffysbedt
WOodsneul   IM    fruit
11 el's. 7(1 liDuriuif; -1 j   aores   strawberries.
Kooneherrh's, eurnuit*, runi>herri«.s: lice f nm
irOSt I the In nt loci t h'll nround tli an I Koi'hs;
plenty nf im.i'l water; iruil nml oro|i lu
Ket ween '■• bud 4 ucren
lu West end of eity;
th"-( alBSI soil, all un-
tier ciil ivutlou; sin.tH
" up; *
|iinn|>. uouil fence.   Ihis i- u Hucrllice, miowu
ei Uuhuiil tolciivi'i Ity.   Ternm.
2,500,00 feet nf commercial
timber on property; $5U0 hewn
lug house; Nortli Fork runs
through land; Kettle Vulley lino
survey crosses property; deed
clear. $H75 cash, balance terms.
For further particulars apply
..._..    ,t   llm I   I.'., I.     .I..!..
-98000 cash, hni-
uncc leriiiK. One
9-   ot hest bolus 111
**\Wy*\W^sW   the liii-ini"-i en
j'li "f Urand Poiksi now doiuir a uroHtable
bUSllieWJ owner denhet. to remove lu Ihe
count. 'Ihis is the l-e.I liaiu'iim III tllM |mi't
of the province. Un there ure hut ie veil hotel
Huepseslli tbci.iuii'l KorltH. 'Ity Utfrowhitr
rupldly. No other town I i snutlern >tiltli.ii
OolUinull ha- u hrluhi future pioMpuctN,
Kur further Information P8
gAi'dtng tlie bbovo proportlw
r.ill III' IkMtunh
"Veasels Large Mar
Venture More, but
Little Ships Must Stay
Near Shore."
TIM l_.rg« dllplar odo. %r. good
tor **,. Urg* bualnc.s and tho
CloMlflod Wont Ado. oro propor-
lloootolr good for tho omoll firm.
Is toe, monr lorgo firm* bocomo
toak bt tho dlltgonl uao or iho
ClooolAod Column*. Thero •!•
•mplo lo good  .tort now.
JKKUI.KWOKK wBiitnl to do at home.
,   mi Mm. Win   Ki>rtni.Mi>coti<l ttruet.
G"llll IMNTUKAUK fur cattle rloioto city;
Ntiff fftit'e: alimiiluoo ot foot).   For term;
npply tn .1 ..iiti Hammor, Kmiitli of July cronk.
WANI'KI)   Slliintlnii iih jiinitiir in Imrti'iul-
er.   Adnren IV. J., iiminrnl  Delivery.
(iriuul n.i'iiH. H. c.
HlCVt.'I.KH   AM)   llni'AHl   WnilK—A
oomplota line ol IB10 models,   Atstv
.ituiiiil InhhI whoola rhi'ii|i. Wheela
Ui ri'iit. bo, W. Coopru, Winnipeg
;l'liMSIII£li ROODS -Apply Mm. li.Cruw-
f It'll
llVKUTISINIi KPAtlKlnTliiiHilii.tli.. mint
wlilely reuil liew^JApitr in tlioKi'ttln Viil-
VI'I.HIIITIili   iilli,.,;   ,„.».    Apply  Sun
TIIIIKK   IIOTI'I.KS ...I'I   Ni'luoii   It -   Uo,
I     I,nm lliiltllm. Wiirlla.
BAUN AMIIIUUNK-Tlii. Korr.ltor liiirn, '.'
Int. mul lliniiil,, In (Jiiliiiiililn,   Applv J. II.
PlStil, II..X III.
I AliUli lluTTI.I. 1'trt tVliioTw.   I.I0I1 Hut-
L   tllitir H'nrltN.
LAND—100-aore* gooiJ timothy inml.   Apply
SPAUU lor advertUltiK   tiiiri_,.iH  in ilie
Bun, THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
links ofthe Grand Forks Curling Club, Season 1911
No. Lead.
4—Fraser, C.
9-Miller, F.
Second. Third. Skip
Mhhon        Forbes Bower
Clark, F.     Woodland    Spink
McLeod      Mills Mclnnes
Petrie        Wekell Gibson
Hamilton.   Haverty        Williams
Ritchie        Russell Hood
McKie        Norris Bonthron
Jones M'Inty re, W.J. Savage
O'Farrell     Stewart Campbell
Gray Fraser, A. W. Beckett
McCallum, J. A.
Rutherford, Geo.
Clark, Geo.
McKee.Kev. Massie
Stuart,E.W. Lamond
Smith Curran
Brown,G. C. Wright
Kerby Lutley
McKim       Rutherford, J. Fripp
17—Steele, Rev. Spraggett    McCabe        Brown, Judge
18—Sheads Honsberger McDonald     Gardner
19—Dunn M'Callum,N.Donaldson     Mclntyre
20—McCallum,P.Traunweiser McCallum.D. Taylor
21—Pribilsky      Tweddle      Rooke Miller
22—Logan McCance     Mader Pugh
Many a man's success is
due to his having strayed from
the beaten path. {
Holy Trinity Cnuncn, Henry Steele,
Rect/ir—Sunday services:   Holy com-
The high price of living has munlon, 8:00 'a.m.; morning prayer
not affected our job printing and ™.; ll *•'»•; evensong and
,,, , «    ...V   i  • _ sermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday  school, .1
prices.   We re are st 11 doing pm   Fir(.t ^UI1(lttV 0,'the month
high class commercial Work OI holy communion will he celebrated at
all kinds at prices satisfactory the 11 a.m.   service as well as at 8
tO you. a,m'    Week-day anil special   services
  as they are announced  from  time   to
, time.    You are cordially invited   to
The Only policy holder Who worship   with   us, and   we would be
doesn't need to pay his prem- pleased to met you.
iumsisdeiul.   lhe only man    Knox   Presbyw-iuan   Ciiukcii—
who doesn't need to advertise Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.
is the man who has retired ">•. Sabbath school and Bible class at
from business. I»:4?a;m'    All  are cordially invited.
! beats free.    Kev. M. S). McKee,   pas-
" ' tor.
You might as well cut off MethodI8T Chuuch j. Rev. C(vl.
your legs because you are run- vert, D.D., Pastor.—Sunday services,
nillg Well in a footrace as tO 11 a.to. and 7:30 p.m.;Sunday school,
CUt   off  your   advertising  be-  2:3° ?■">■'• Epworth League, Monday
cause your   business   is   too at 8,:0° P-m- Pmyer • T""8' **?■'
,    » I neBdavs, 8 p.m.; Junior League,   in-
g°ort'   days,"7:00 p.ni.    Everybody will   be
'    welcome.
Our time, knowledge and D          „           „      ,.   ,„
'.      t,         b.   ,. Baptist  Church,   Rev.   H.   W.
experience   in    the     printing ty^t, pastor.-Services on Sunday
business   is  at   your disposal at  11 a. m. and 7:30 p.  m.; Bible
when you are in need of some- class and Sunday sehool  at _>.30 p.m
tiling ir this line.   Don't for- 	
get this. 6 Year Old Girl Cured of
The man wiio   discovered!
Kidney Trouble
the method of contracting M™, A'e* Moore, of James St.,
.,.   . . .   .      v- ill  Oxford, S.9., says:   ''Booths kidnev
Christmas into Xmas slion d pil,s uure(] om. ,jtt|e ^^ Chi.J8.
be electrocuted. HOW would tina, aged six years, of many synip
you like to sec the sign of a toms of kidney weakness. She coin-
ten-dollar bill Used for the plained of a sure buck, tlie kidney se-
Sliviour's name? "^'""< «".e fre,|ue.,t and uneontrtil-
. lable, especially at uijiht.    Her stomach was weak and her appetite  poor.
W.   CamitherS,    travelling  1'Ml   caused   her   to  lu.ve frequent
passenger and freight agent of .,,eiu,"c,,e"'
the Southern Pacific railway,
has some original ideas on sizing the worth of a town.
"When I enter a new city," he
says, "I do not look up the
newspapers to see tlie amount
of sensational news they print,
but turn to the advertising
columns to see the character
and volume of advertising carried by the local advertisers.
I can always tell whether a
town i.s a live or dead one by
(l'ut)tlalieil Annually)
KnnhteB trmlnm  throughout  tlm worlil  to
MiimnunUmto direct with UiitflUh
Iii Pitch olimHof ffOOdl. Hcstih- lii'inir ii MDt*
lih'lo fiiiiiiiit'tfiiil tfuiih* In Loilunli uml iu
tuihurbi, th«<llructory coiituiiiH Imt- nf
with the Ooodl llit\v ihlpi iu»l thn Colonial
nnd PoroIffO Murknutlwy mpply)
un'iitii'i"! miller tlm I'ortN to rt'liMi thi-y mill,
mul Itiillentinu thu ii|i|>roxliii_iti< HuIIIiiun;
of loit'lii.u Mikiiilf lift ur'TH, MiTilninl". BlOii In
tlm |irliu>i|iiil |ir*>vlm>iiilitiwiiMnml Imliititrlii!
ci-utrc-nt thn Uiiltitil KliiK<lom.
A ro|n of llm corit'iit edition will Im fur-
wiinli'il, frclifht imlil, on ri'rt<l|tt ut I'ontiil
Order ror 20*. j
I'l'iii.T. ftonkintf Au'i'iu'W'i fan ndvertlte
Un'lr trail* cnnU lor il, or luriiur mlvortim*
mt'iilN from £3,
_!5, Abchurch Lane, Loudon, E.O,
the   least    exertion
would tire   her.
Vi-    I ml    tried
nany    remedies,
ut she  did   not
iiipnivii   Finally
>e     learned   of
tooth's   Kidney
'ills^ and   pro-
ured a box. in a
well and dues nut now complain about
hor back, the kidney   secretions have
become normal, and she plays  around
the house with   no apparent  fatigue
We always receuunend   Booth's   Kidney Pills,"
Booth's Kidney Pill" carry a guarantee that if you derive no benefit
your money will lie refunded. Booth
Kikiicv Pilli ure a specific for all dis
eases of the kidneys and bladder
Sold by all druggists, 50c box, or post'
paid from tlie ll. T.   Booth Co., Ltd.
Fort Erie, Out,   Sold and guaranteed
by H. li. Woodland .fc Co.
Remember that every added
subscriber helps to make this
paper better for everybody,
NTIIK NUTI'KIt ut   ihr  I nml  Rjglltry  *ol
.mi in tin- iiii, it-* i- ill  III'' ti'li* iii   I.nt  !":!.'»
Group l,t)toyooi "Ivl.luii, (ii.m known n.
."Illlililllllll'l'lll    lllvUlllll    lit       Villi-     MHll-K't.
Ill-lll-lll'l.l I.III.
WIIBKI.AO Cnrtllli'nlii  n( rlllnuf  I'litili't
Terrlntl, I><-1 iii:  Ortllli'iiti, „( Tlili- Nn.
Nmtii, to tin' above hereultiliiisnti Ims I u
In.I    III' ili'ltrn.VI'il,  llll   ll|,|illi'lltllill   Hint   liL'i-n
iniiili- tu mi. lor ii -liiiill' ni - Hi,'i mil.
Nnlli'i, Ih hereby itlviin tlmt 11 ilui'limiti. Or-
tilu-.it.'i.i I uI,- i.i tlm ilium- Iuu-. iiii.un.-nt.
ii III ln> IhhiiihI nt tin- i-Milrutluii ut 0110 iniiiitli
truin llu, iliiti' liiirrut. utile, in tin- iiu'iiiitl -i"
vullil objeotiohl to tlm I'uiitruiy Im inuli' tu
mi' In writing.
lii.trli't KOgillrsr of llili--,.
I.m,.I llnirliitry ntHi'i'.
Kum luu|i>, 11.0.i Bspt. 1, l» 1 >■
Dough at interest is the best
Life's wherefores are seldom
An ace is a pretty good cai d
in anp game.
Children like the simple life;
others play at it.
Winners never have to do
any explaining.
Cheer up; perhaps the best
is yet to come.
Too much book learning interferes with itself.
There is no shortage in the
debt crop of any year.
A-loaned umbrella is often
a question of veracity.
Some men are always busy
thinking of a holiday.
Great legal lights often
make everything obscure.
Making money is making
temptation in spendiny it.
Platonic love might work if
only one of the couple got it.
It takes a woman of tact to
smile when a rival is praised.
Only a linguist can bore you
in more languages than one.
It is frequently difficult to
corner a man who isn't square.
A man worships his own
brains, especially if he hasn't
Give a scientist a specimen
of anything and the result is
Advertising is simply telling
everybody what they ought to
An enemy.s criticism may
be more helpful than a friend's
Men and women like to be
told they look younger than
they are.
What a woman means is
often the oxact opposite of
what she says.
Nobody can appreciate how
much lie wants a tiling until
lie can't get it.
Love laughs at locksmiths
because they can't keep tlie
wMf from tlie dour.
When a man thinks he i.s
very, very smart he should
take advice at once.
A man wants to buy his
ticket for heaven witli lots of
stop-over privileges.
Some men seem to have a
grudge against themselves, and
we don't blame them,
AVhat . seems particularly
to please a crowd anywhere is
what a lot of idiots it can lie.
We feel sorry for the man
wiio hasn't sense enough to
make use of his good judgment.
Every time a man makes a
serious mistake it lessens his
confidence  in    himself—am
Hotel C°lin
Opposite Great Northern Station
Recently completer! nnd
newly tiirniahen throuirh-
out. Conveniently located
for railway men. I'irst*
class accommodations far
transients. Hoard and
rooms by the week at prevailing* rates. Fine line of
Wines, Liquors antl Cl^ari
always in stock at the bar.
Grand Forks, B. C.
Yale Land District, District of Similkameen.
TAKE notice that I, Airness Ellen Paulson,
of Kos*land, rt. C, occupation Wife. Intend! to apply fur permission to purchase
the follnwinff described lands:
Commencing at a post plan fl nt the
southwestcoiner of .liuncs Miller's pre-emption. Lot 113HS.,on Deep Creek; thence north
60 chains; theuce west '.Hlchnlns: thenee south
'10 ohainsi tlieuce west 4(1 rliuins; theuce
south 2o chains; theuce east t«i chuins to thc
point of commencement
J. U.Cranstuii, Ageul.
Dated May 16th, 1901,
1 he Oliver Typewriter
for 17 Cents a Day!
IM"HHf read the hcsdlltie'over again.  Then its
tremendous Kitznttlcunce will ltwn  upon you
An Oliver Tynewrlttir—the stuudard  visible
writer—the most highly per.,  ted typewriter
un the market—yours for 1< cents    day!
The typewriter whuRecouquust of the commercial world Is a matter of blito v— yours foi
IT cents a day!
The typewriter lhat is equipped with scores o!
such' conveniences as "The liHlanc.; Shift"-
"The Killing Devlce"-"The Double Kt-leiise"-
•'Tlie I/icomotlvc Bait"—"The Automatic
.Spacer"—"The Automatic Tabulator"—''The
-"The Adjustable l'a-
pcrFlugers^-'-rde 8ul-
on title t'ondensed Kev
board"—all *-^
Yours for  17
Gents a Day!
We aoonnced this
UCW Bilks |ilail recently, just to feel thu pulse of
the people. Simply a small cash payment—
then 17 cents a dav. That is the plan In a nutshell.
The result has been such a deluge of applications for iniicblues lhat we are simply as-
tou tided,
Tin- demand (tomes from people of all classes,
all ages, nh occupations.
The iiiiijiiriiv ot inquiries bat come'.from pen-
le of known hiiiiiicini standing who were at*
tracted by the novelty of tlie propoa. 'on.  An
imprest)ve demonstration, of tue immense p »-,.•
ularity of the Oliver Typewriter
A startling confirmation of our belief that
ihe Km of Universal Typewriting Is at baud.
A Quarter .of a Million People
"are Making Money with
Hot Air, Lone Pine and Lookout Mineral
Claims, situate in thc Grand Forks Mining
Division of Tale District.
Where located: Iu McKinley camp.
TAKE NOTICE that 1, Fred W. Held, Prpe
I Winers' Certtfloate No. 826260, (or myself
ami asutrent for J. V*'. Cook, Free Miners'
Certificate No. B20260, and A.I, Whiteside,
Free Miners' Certificate No. H138S6, Intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to npply to
the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvement, for ttie purpose of obtaining
Crown Gratitl of the above claims.
And further take notice that  action, under
section 87, must be commenced before the
issuance  of   such  Certificates of   Improvement.
Dated this 23rd dny nf July, A I> 1910.
The S/a/idard Visible Writer
The   Oliver Typewriter   is   a   inoiiuv-miikwr
right from the word "sol" Soeasyto run that
boftiiitiera soon gel in the "expert" elan,   Kum
as VOU leiiril.    Let tl ilCbtne piy the 17 cents
a da\ -and all above that Is vours.
Win-revel'you arc, t'l-re is work to be done
and money to he Hindi by HRllIU the uliver   The
btPdnuM world in calling for uliver npurntira.
There arc uot enough to supply the demand
Theiranlnrle* nre considerably above those oi
inn ii >*ai' l&ssns of workers •
An Oliver Typewriter In Every Home!
Tlmt is the hatileory today, rte have mide
the'uiver supreme in iisefultiesiand absolutely
Indispensable in btulness, Now comes ttie con
qiiesi of the lioni".
I be simplicity ami strength ofthe Oliver fit H
for family use.   It |- heimmltiv an important
fscior in thc home training of young i pie
An educator as well na n money iuiiU-t.
Our new selling plnn pute tlie Ollvor on the
threshold of evory luunuin America Will von
clove tin- il..i»r in your home untitled ou this ro-
niurkalile Oliver oiT-r?
Write for further details of our onsy offer and
u free copy of tlie new OllvcrciUalug,  Address
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
Ollvor Typuwrllor Building,
When anybody is b&holden
to one person ho is just as
likely us not to show it to another,
When a man marries his
troubles begin, but they can
begin before it's a breach of
promise suit.
Tliere are so many ways a
girl enn fool n man she i.s perfectly willing to let him pick
out any particular one of tfiein,
Ideals must  spring   from
reason;   they may  be ehain-
pioned with the sword:  they
ean be enshrined only
Ilnri'lvi. Iinlli l.ii'll... nml li.iilli'iniM, m. fell'
ili'iit nr iln> 1.1'nli'iil.: Im. ii i'iiiiiiiIi'Ii'I'niii
iinTi-laior liuiliiiwi Ooiiriai prvaaroi hiu-
ili.nt.i.. rain Tunohfn1 CVrtltlontei ol nil
ifriulf.: BiVflttlie four yenri1 ouiirsfl lor iln
II. A.'livri'i'.iiinl tlipflril v.-nr of Iln. Si-lmn
of Bel nine. In iilllliiiilnii with Uie Tn
rniiiiiUiiiviir.liy: Im, n iMOlnl proipMtore
rnllr.i' for lllliieri ivlm l.nrli Hi H C. Iii-trili<
linll il. uImi irlli'li III Ai-I, Mm. .■   I'I..    I I'lll
ture nml i.ini'iiiinii. '1'rin o|»m Sept, n.
line, ror' nii-winf-.""'.. llll'l^•.^
( ui.im i \.\ 11)1,1,1.1111.
Ilon't forget tlinl Tho Sun hum tin-
hi'si jnii printing depnri'mont in the
Boundary oountry,
Wo have soma nf tlio h.gheitt grade
papar  uml utatlonory I'm- uo-tiidato
ll   tile comuioroiul pnulliigovery brought   Ui
tlm Uounaary.   bun .Inh OIHce.
New Edition Issued Nov, 15, 1906.)
Is a dozen books in one, covering tbe
history, geography, geology, cbernis-
try, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. If. is a praoioal book, useful
to all and necessary to most men en
gaged in any brancb of tbe coppes
Its facts will pass muster with tbe
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by tbe everyday
man. It gives tbe plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
lt lists and describes 4G3fi copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen puyes, according
to importance of tbe property,
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the fads it gives him about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for tbo
facts it gives hint about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain English.
Price is .*5 in Huckram with gilt
top; S7.5U in full library morocco.
Will he sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may he returned within a week of receipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
453 Postoffice Hlock,
Houghton, Michigan,
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
ANV avnllabte Dominion l/unl. within em
Railway Rett nf Itrltlih Columbia muy lie
liniin.sti.ii.lt.il liy nny pertonwlio i- tlm henil
nf it fntnlly.or any intuit over eighteen yenr,
of acre, to tin* extent or one*_inarter notion
nf Ui'i it.'rrs limn, nr It's..
Kutiv iiniKt In. mini   n dually nt tin. I I
lanil office for the dUtrlot In wtiliib the Inml
istt tlllltlt.
Tlie liomettQiiiler I. required to perforin
llll tnlilinll. nnlilif'It'll   therewith   limit*!
ni film following plum.:
(ij At lent! |lx inmitii.' residence mt"" nnd
niiltlviititiii nf tin- Inml Iti ftit'li year for three
(«) If the fnlher (or mother, if tlm father It
tl .mil), nf llm homeiteador retldei u i
farm In tbe vlolnlty of the land entered fnr.
tlm reiiulremoiilia. tn realdeuoe may beiat*
isiiftl by tuob person reildtug with the intber
ur mother. .
(HI   If tin- lettler hat hlipermo tre«l-
lleilOe Ilium tnrniliiL- lllli'i   ii'Viifl   lit'   I'iln III
tlm vlolnlty of hit bomnKtead,the retiulro.
menu hi to reililonoe may he latlilleq in
reiildeiioe niion the unld inml.
six m.'titli.' notice In tvrliiiiir ihotlld Im
given then itmlonerof DnmTnlon I.mil.
nt ut in wn nf Intention to aiiply fnr it.in.tii.
Coal -Ooal mining righto muv bo teased
fur ii period nf inI'lity-niiii yt'iir, ut iiii iiti.
i.ii.i  ii-ntiil iif II nn per iii'if.   Nnt in I'-.'ft'inii
:.'..," noi Intil Im I I to i Individual nt
company.   A royalt] nt tlm rate of livn t.
i it tun rIuiII im oolleoted mi Hm merol -
i.l.l lll.llll.nl,
Donuty nf tlm Mlniater of tbe Interltir.
s.l!.   Unniithorlud   pnbliqatlon nf   thi.
atlvertln m w nl not Im imlil for,
Tiik Si'N is  read  by everybdy  In-
cause it prints all the Boundary now» THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Her Terrible Experience Shows
How Peruna Should Be in Every
Home to Prevent Colds.   .
Mrs. C. S.
Sage ner,
1311 Woodland Ave..
City, Mo„
"I (eel lt
a duty to
you and to
others that
may be afflicted like
myself, to
Speak for
"My trouble first
came after
la gr lppe
e I g h t or
nine years
ago, a gathering ln my
head and
neuralgia. I
su If e r e d
most all the
time. My
nose, ears
and eyes
were badly
affected for
the last two years. I think from your
description of internal catarrh that I
must have had that also, I suffered
verv severely.
"Nothing ever relieved me like Peruna. It keeps me from taking cold.
"With the exception of some deaf'
ness I am feeling perfectly cured. I
am forty-six years old.
"1 feel that words are Inadequate to
express my praise for Peruna."
Catarrh in Bad Form.
Mrs. Jennie Darling, R. F. T>. 1,
Smyrna M1113, Maine, writes: "I was
unable to do my work for four yeai's,
as 1 had catarrh ln a bad form.' I
coughed Incessantly, and got so weak
and was confined to my bed.
"Penma came to my relief and by
faithfully using lt. I am able to do my
■work Peruna Is tho best medicine that
I evet   took"
What Father Said
"What did lather say when you
asked him for my hand?"
"Oh," replied Augustus, "he—he did
his best tn be pleased. He said there
was something about me that he really
"Did he say what?"
"Yes; my impudence."—Pittsburg
Shi fobs Gure
quickly steps oouf ha, outm soldi, heals
throat aad lumji.
Husband (who fancies himself as 11
ranconteur, is, with his wife, paying
his first call in a liew neighborhood.
He tells a humorous story with excellent results).
His Pround Wife—New tell them
your other story dear, dear.—Punch.
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Distemper.
Mrs. C. 8. Sageraer.
Mrs. Wihst^iw'i Soothing Sybiif lias beet,
lined for over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS nl
!■ the liest remedy for UIARRI10.A. It u ao-
aolutely harmless. Be sure and ask for "Mrs
Wins' iti's Saotbing Syrup," aad tak- no other
kind.7*Twe__tv-_iveeentsa bottle       "*■
Cures Men and Women. Write
him. His vnluable advice will
cost you nothing.
BOX 216.      NEW YORK CITY.
Awarded First Priie at World's Exposition on itl Work and Methods-
Cstalog'ie Frea.   Address.
Cnr. Portage *ve k Fort 8t, Winnipeg
tonight may mean suffering tomorrow, but not if your stomach,
liver, ond bowels nre helped
to do  their  natural  work  by
Snid Everywhere.
"See here," said the judge to the
garrulous prisoner who was acting as
his own attorney, "you'll have to cut
out interruptions. I won't allow you
to waste the time of the court."
"Hut,  your honor,"    rejoined    the
prisoner, "what else can I tlo?    I'v
got no lawyer to do it for me."—Chicago News.
A Simple and Cheap Medicine.—
A simple, clienp and effective niedi
cine is something to be desired. There
is no medicine so effective a regulator of the digestive system as Par-
melee's Vegetable Pills. They arc
simple, they are cheap, tbey can be
got anywhere, and their beneficial
action will prove their recommendation. They are the medicine of tbe
poor man and those who wish to escape doctor's bills will do well in giving them a trial.
We go to all parts of the world for the wonderful ingredients of Psychine (pronounced Si-keen).   We combine
these ingredients in the finest chemical laboratories    )
in Canada, and so great is our 30-year-old faith
in this preparation that we'll buy a 50-
cent bottle of it from your druggist
and give it to you to try.
Hank Stubbs—I'd like to go out an'
pick up a few chestnuts, but 1 don't
dast to.
Bige Miller—Why not?
Hank Stubbs—I'm feared I'll bo
mistook for a red squirrelan' git shot.
—Boston Herald.
Minard's Liniment Curet Colds, &c.
"Don't forget," said the ready-made
philosopher, "that there is always
room at the top."
"I'm working the otber way," replied Mr. Growcher. "What I'm interested in is a mining proposition."
—Washington Star.
'Do you think airships could be
used effectively in warfare?"
''They might," replied the sceptical
person, "if I see a man with a blue
suit on nnd helmet on his head, I'm
willing to bet any money he's a policeman."
For nearly the third ot a century we
have known what Psychine will de.
We have known It to cure hundreds ot
thousands ln that time, of some of the
most desperate cases of disease known
to medical science.
We have received thousands of unsolicited testimonials, which 'we will
gladly let you look over should you
ieslre. »
Think of It, a third of a century's
txperleace with one preparation, a
hird ot a century's Intimate knot-
edge of whsi extraordinary cures it
ms made—almost a lifetime!
Do you wonder then with that per-
feet knowledge of Psychine, that we
tre anxious to bring It to the notice
>f everyone in Canada suffering from
Do you wonder that we want those
10 know who are using wrong nn_.no.1s
of cure, who are not getting well, gad
■ho we know will be benefited by
Do you wonder that we can buy
lundreds of thousand? of 50-cent bottles of Psychine from the druggists of
Canada to give to those who wish to
try It?
*  * *
Psychine builds vitality.
It strengthens and Increases the
white corpuscles of the blood—-the
phagocytes ihe policemen or scavenger? of Ihe blood.
These white corpuscles of the blood,
when strong enough, destroy ovary
disease germ thai gets into the body
kee_._   he body healthy.
It these whit* corpuscles are not In
sulllcieat numbers or are not sufficiently strong, then these disease germs
destroy tbem and disease holds the
body. That's the cause of nearly every
disease that afflicts the human race.
For years, centuries, In fact, lt has
been recognised that herbs are the most
effective treatment for disease.
It Is only within recent times that
we have been able to tell Just why they
were so effective.
Because certain ot them Increased
and strengthened the white corpuscles
or phagocytes.
These herbs are employed ln compounding Psychine.
We go all over this world to obtain
these herbs. Arabia, South America,
China and Japan all contribute.
And the result Is a preparation that
will restore health and build vitality as
no other preparation will.
That has proven Itself In nearly tho
third of a century's use as no other
preparation bas proven itself.
That Is a most effective treatment
Rronohlat rdnghi
W_w*l_ l.nnKi
««k Vol's
Kprin/ Weakne**
Karl' Dedin-
<Tr.tarrh*i Afffceflnita
I'u   rth of stomneli
NiphtS vm *
below, mail It to na and we'll fire yoar
druggist an order (for which we pay
him the regular retail price) for a 50-
cent bottle of Psychine to bo given
you free ot cost.
We will undoubtedly buy and distribute In this manner hundreds ot thousands of these 50-cent bottles of Psychine.
And we do that to show onr entire
confidence ln this wonderful preparation.
A confidence that has bean based on
our 30 years" experience with thia
splendid preparation, with a full knowledge of the hundreds of thouaanda of
cures It has made.
La Orlrtie
H111. "hi'i«
Sn «Thio_._
Fi'inale Wealmewi
Pwr Awiet.tt'i
Chilli Mini F ver*
sipt-nl .vre-s unit
Nervon* Trouble*
Oti-iifateCn ah*
. .   ...   _ Ilyspetwlft
AMi-r-i r'l-f'-t  of 1'leurtnj',  Pneumonia antl
l_A Grippe
Now we don't ask you to take our
ord for the   tremendously  beneficial
effect of Psychine.   Fill out the coupon
To the Dr. T. A. SLOCUn Ltd.
HJ-195 Spsdina Ave., Toronto
111 eeept your offer to try a Me. bott'e
of Paychine ipronounceif Bi-keen) at
vour expense. I ha' r not had a !Wo.
bottle of Psychine under thin plan.
Kindly advitt* ray druggist to deliver
thin bottlu to lufl.
Mr Name	
Sireet and Number	
My Drnggtfit'fl Xame	
Street.and TCrnnhr '.
Th'H eonpon i. net rood fnra _a-. buttle
ot I *' chine If pretiei ted tn the drimglut
itmu«t be went nf—we will then buy
the fiOr-, b ttie of P-tychlne f on. your
drutrgl-tanii direct him tndellver lt to
jou. Thin offer muy be withdrawn nt
nny t(me without notice. Send coupon
Gone Forever
Mr. Newell, was reading tlie morning paper.
"Here's a womnn who advertises
that she wants family washing," he
announced to his wife.
"Yes, dear. 1 know," she snid, "but
the last woniun got all ours."
Shilohs Gure
nlokly stops concha, MM colda, heals
Ik* throat aad luntpu .   .   - If ee* ta.
Her Habit
"Miss Jones isn't looking ot all like
herself this evening."
"Oil, no—she never does."—Cleveland Leader.
Father, Mother and Daughter after
years of suffering are made healthy
and happy by great Canadian Kidney Remedy.
St. Leon Standon, Dorchester Co.,
Quo. (Special).—That Dodd's Kidney
Pills have nu equal us a family
medicine is proved conclusively hy
the statement of Mr. George l.iicasse,
11 well-known resident of this place,
His  statement  given  for  publication
'For twelve years I had puins in
the small of my buck. My head would
ache and my muscles would crump.
Dodd's Kidney Pills cured ine.
'My wife was troubled with Kidney
Disease. Dodd's Kidney Pills cured
"My little girl had nervous trouble
She  wits  so  had  that she  could  not
keep ber hands and feet quiet. Dodd's
Kidney Pills ouretl her."
Is it any wonder thnt Mr. I.nensse
shouting the praises of Dodd's
Kidney Pills. He hns learned through
experience as have thousands of
other Canadians tlmt Dodd's Kidney
Pills cure Kidney Disease no matter
where it appears, or in whnt form it
found. Dodd's Kidney Pills should
always lind n place in the lo.niiy
medicine chest.
"While I wns engaged to her she I "Yes," she murmured. "I did love
made me give up drinking, smoking, him, He wus not worthy, but I felt I
and golf. Lust of nil, I gave up some- leimliln't give him up. So my parents
tiling on my own account." took me ncro<s the ocean."
"Who! wns that?" I   "Ami then?"
"The girl." "Then, I gave up everything."
'Why are you disgusted, Dennis?"
'I just heard wan mun call another
a linr. And the mnn that was called
a liar snid the otlier man would huve
to apologize or there would be a
"And why should that make -you
look so snd?" *
"Tbe other mnn apologised."
* *
*   *
* What  mother does    not    look *
* upon ber hnhy as a little treas- *
* sure.   Whnt mother   would   not #
* rather suffer herself    thftii    see *
* her  precious  little    one    suffer. #
* The well child bring- joy to the *
* home—the    sick    child      brings *
* misery, despair nnd care.     But, *
* mothers, there    is    110    ncetl for *
+ your baby to lie cross  and nil- *
* ing;    even    during    tbe    much *
* dreadeil    teething   time.     What *
* hnhy needs to keep bim well is *
* an occasional    dose    of    Bnhy's *
* Own   Tablets.       Tbese    Tablets *
* cure    all    stomach    und    bowel *
* troubles!     destroy    worms   nnd *
* make teething easy.    Mrs. Pierre *
* M.    Cormier,    New    Richmond *
Holloway's Corn Cure takes tie
corn out by the roots. Try 't end
prove it.
"I remember one picture that
brought tears to my eyes." "A pathetic subject, I presume?" "No, sir,
it ~was a fruit painting. I was sitting
close under it when it dropped on my-
The Truth Will Out
Mabel—Susan, how old will you be
on your next birthday?
Street Cur Conductor—Thirty-lourth,
Susan—Horrid   man!   How  did  he
mloUyatota «m*hs, earn oold*,
fl» throat aad lasas. •  •  • U
Either success or failure comes to
those who stray from the beaten path.
'Children Often Need * ,uatlve~but y°u c»nnot ***«»
careful what you give tbem.  Harsh
purgatives Injure the bowels and pavo tho way for
life-long troubles.   Tho new
evacuant In
does the work most
effectively without irritating the bowels
or causing sny discomfort.   The children like them for they Issto
Ilka candy.   One of the most popular of the NA-DRU-CO preparations,
25c.aU-.. If your drmsUthM not yat slocked them, und 25c and we will null tlfcm. JO
HaUa*al Dim aad r__._nl.al Cegpgjg el Caeada. L-jatud.      .      .      Melreal '•
Centre, Que., writes:—"Baby's *
Own Tablets have been of great *
benefit to my little one nnd now *
be sleeps well and cuts well and *
is happy nil the time." The *
Tablets are soltl by nil metli- *
cine dealers nl 25 cents a box *
or direct from The Dr. Williams' *
Medicine Co., Ilrockviilc, Ont.      *
Minks (who ortlered a pancake half
nn hour | r viously)—"Er— 1—say, will
thut punenke he long?"
Waitress—"No, sir: it will be
round." Then he waited patiently another bull 1111 hour.
For Sprains and Bruises.—There is
nothing better for sprains und contusions Hum Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlo Oil.
It will reduce the swelling Hint Ini-
lows a sprain, will enol the liilliimeil
Dash nml tlrnw the pain as if by
magic. It will take the nehe out of
11 bruise and prevent the flesh Irom
iliKcnlnrirlg. It seems ns if there was
maglo in it, so speedily does tlie injury disuppenr under treatment,
In Egypt, persons placed under po-
lice supervision, nntl tumble to find
the security demanded for future good
behaviour, nre employed, if they so
desire, in cultivation or other work
at a ilaily wage.
W. N. U., No. 820.
Temporary Heat Quickly
Dra you ever stop to think of the many ways In which •
perfect oil heiter is of value ? If you want to sleep with your window open in winter, you can get sufficient heat from an oil heater
while you undress at night, aad then turn it off. Apply a match
in the morning, when you get out of
bed, and you have heat while you dress.
Those who have to eat an early
breakfast before the stove is radiating
heat can get immediate warmth from
an oil heater, and then turn it off.
The girl who practicea on the piano
in a cold room in the morning can
have warmth from an oil heater while
she plays, and then turn lt off.
The member of the family who
has to walk tbe floor on a cold winter's night with a restless bsby can get
temporary heat with an oil heater, and
then turn it off.   Tht
_*__»• L Hfc/*Tt»«
AMsUlf niittlm ssi .Mm
Is Invaluable In ll* capacity at quickly giving heat. Apply a match and It Is Immediately at work. It will burn lor nin* hours without refilling. It la safe,
imokeless and odorless. It has a dsmper lop and a cool hsndls. An Indicator
■Iwaya shows tha amount ol oil In the loot.
Il has an aaMaatle-loclclat Ham* sprwafler which prevents tha
srlck Irom being turned high enough to smoke, and Is easy to remove snd drop
isck so that tht wick can be cleaned In aa Insism.
The burner body or gallery cannot become wedged, and can be qulcklv
unscrewed lor rtwlcklag. Finished In Japan or nickel, strong, durable, well-
cnade, built lor service, and yet light and ornamental.
:tr "■"fl
Takes a Uttle Whirl at the Skating Rink.
Joshed as "Old Besswax" and Told Nat
to Put 'Cm On—Homo For Repairs.
as Mrs. Bowser Had Predicted—He
Hear* a Paw Remarks,
By   M.  QUAD.
(Copyright. 1S10, by Associated Literary
TIIE otber evening aa Mr. Bowser got up from tbe dinner table he mentioned lu a way be
meant tu. be careless tbat be
would be uut for two ur three hours
that evening.
"Ia It one ot your club nights}" aaked
Mrs. Bowser.
"I may go around to some club."
Mra. Bowser dldu't pmw the subject,
though a bit curious, aud be waited
.around fur Hve mluulea before saying:
"There'a no mystery abuut It 1 am
going uut with Barnes. He's been at
me for a -month to go to the roller rink,
•nd I've dually consented. Be wants
me to ahuw bim a few tricks on the
,  "What rollersr
"Why, roller states. He's got the
erase bad-out every night and bragging wbat a roller he la."
"But what do you know about roller
akatlng? Tbe only time yuu ever bad
• pair on you fell and Jarred tbe whole
house and waa lame for a week."
"Excuse me. madam," said Mr. Bowler as be drew hlnntelf up, "but 1 beg
to dispute yuu. 1 don't say that I have
■had any great practice, but J have
looked Into tbe theory carefully, and I
think 1 can show Barnes and all tbe
rest of tbem a few wrinkles."
, "Are yon going to take an ambulance and a juirgeon along?' sbe asked
as be reached for bis bat.
"That will do. Mrs. Bowser! You'd
oppose me ss a matter of course, but
don't try to be funny about It I shall
jgo wltb Barnes. 1 ahall put on rollers.
I ahall cut pigeon wings and figure
raasa round uut advissb him.
eights and throw In a few Greek cross-
as and Human scrolls. It will take tbe
stlffnnM out uf that left knee. You
needn't alt up .for me."
"If you are badly Injured I suppose
they will take yuu to tlie hospital and
notify me?"
Mr. Bowser choked bark a reply, defended the atepa with dignity and
walked away to Join Barnes un tbe
corner Mrs. Bowser read tier book until bedtime, but before going upstairs
•be laid uut on a side table tbe camphor, tbe wltrb basel, Ibe brandy, a
lull of antiseptic and a bus of salve.
Mr. Bowser bad made but one single
trial uf ruller skating, and tbat waa In
bin attic at home. He bad wabbled
•long fur twenty feet and then met bis
' Waterloo. He bad contldeuce. however.
He had read that roller akatlng depended altogether on contldeuce. In
bat confidence be had bragged to
Barnes, lu bla confidence be bragged
•gain as tbey walked along tbe street
Be smiled In a knowing way and aaid:
Tm not after ■ gold medal for fancy
akatlng. bot I think I'll opeu tbe eyea
ot - tb* crowd a little before I'm
•brongh. I'll play off at Bnt. and you
watch my ilgtags wbeo I get duwn to
baalne«8. I'm uo swan of gaselle. but
1 think I can cot ■ few dodges-Just •
Bowser Reashss the Rink.
Th* ball was crowded. It was not
•mil Mr, Bowser saw DUO rollers rolling around tbat bla eonOdence In bim-
•elf weakened. It suddenly occurred
lo bim tbat his tbeoMea might be
wrong and that be should bave put
tbem Into practice la privets. He wu
trying lu brae* up against tbe uneasy
feeling when a bad faced young man,
whu was a apectator, sidled up to bim
■nd whispered:
"ffciu't put 'em on, old Bmswix—
don't you do Itl"
I "Whit do yon main, sir, by sddrsss-
lag me In thia manner?"
"Don't put on the rollers. Ter too
fat and loggy. Tou hain't got no hair
to fall on. Ter- might roll down bill In
• bar'l, but you ain't no pigeon winger
oh skates:"
Mr, Bowser got mad all over, and
frnm thnt Instant his determination
was taken, tie would skim that Hoof
aa the gull skims tbe sea, and after the
skimming act he would make that had
fared young man beg hla pardon for
the Insulting remarks. He aat down
tben and there and strapped ou the
ekntes he had hired at the door.
"How are you gslng to Mart inr
asked Barnee, as all waa ready.
"Hell start ln wltb a flipUop and •
dumdum!" chuckled tbe bad faced
young man. "Wben be geta out der*
on rollera dere'll be a circus to beat da
band. Look at de heft of him! Look
at.de rurvea In bla bind lega! I wouldn't
miss de circus for a bat full of cigars!"
Mr. Bowser was reaching out for the
young man with the Intention ot
wrecking hia life when Barnes patched
up a temporary peace aud suggested
that the curlycuea begin. Mr. Bowser
looked up at tbe heavens and down to
tbe earth. Tbere was uu escape. The
other skaters began to clear tbo floor
for bim.
"Look at blm-be's lost bla eand!"
abouted the bad face.
"He's too Inuocent!" shouted others.
"Better try to ride a mulev" advised
a policeman aa be came forward.
. "Bowser, you go in and astonish
'em." whispered Barnes. "They take
you for a greenhorn. Play off a few
minutes and then go at the pigeon
He Lssss Sand. ■'»
"I-l think I'll let lt go till some
other time," was the trembling reply.
"But you cunt, man—you can't
You'd be mobbed!"
"Can't I go bume and see Mrs. Bowser and tben come bark again?- Mra.
Bowser always cheers tue up."
"Heavens, man, come along wltb
you! Take It easy until you get tbe
rhythm of the thing."
"Oh, he'll get tbe rhythm all right,
all right!" grluued the bad face, and
it wan those words tbat decided Mr
He was helped out on the floor and
left tbere uloue. Five hundred bad
their eyes un bim. After a minute uf
alienee BOO people began shouting at
bim. BowHor moved. He moved again
He moved for tbe third time. Conli
denee came. He ciluld du tbe trick
He smiled and started out wltb a rush
Hla theory about roller skating was
tbat it should be rushed at tu a run
elusion. He rushed It At bla tirst
rush bis heels shot forward, his body
. shot backward, and after an instant
be came down wltb a crash. He came
down un tbe back of bin bead. He
saw a comet, and tbe tall thereof was
a hundred million miles lung. He did
not hear wbat the people ssld. bui
wben be recovered consciousness he
bed been dragged off the flour and a
policeman was saying:
"Nuw. old man. If you have any
home te go fo you'd better get there.
Your line-Is Jumping eight horses and
an elephant, and you should stick to
It and let the rollers alone."
Mr. Barnes lirst talked tu Mr. Bow
ser like s brother and theu ulTered to
get a truck to take btm bume. He
called bim a braggart and Isiaster aud
said he ought to be mobbed fur making a 'holy show of himself. Tben be.
solicitously Inquired how-many of bla
legs and barks he bad broken and put
tbe blame on the crowd
Hems With s Limp.
"Rut I'm sayln' de old euuu orter git
de bard chuck!" protested tbe bad face.
"It's false pretenses. He comes in
It took Mr. Bowser sn hour to limp
borne,. Mrs. Bowser heard his drug
glng footsteps and came duwu tu upen
the dour. One look told lbe story. Ue
had met tlie euemy and the enemy, bad
flup|ied bim ou bis ear.
"Woman." be began aa be threw
duwn hla hat and hung to a peg of
tbe halllree. "woman"-
But Mrs. Bowser stupped bim with a
gesture. Then sbe geutly bellied ttlin
back tu tbe sitting room, carefully lowered him un tu tbe luunge, aud wben
bis legs bud been straightened uut abe
suftly said:
"1'isir man! I thought you would
change your mind and climb a tree lu-
stead uf going roller skstlug. A limb
broke, and yuu came duwn and struck
Ihe whole United Mates at once. It
may take yuu years and years tu reduce
Ibis bump un tne back uf yuur bead
•nd tu get that twist uut of your spina,
but dou't worry. You have a lung and
happy life before you, and tbe pigeon
wings and curlycues will com* again."
Tm Much Burn*.
On* can sympathise with th* piety
ol th* Tarn o' Bhanter Burns Club,
says a Glasgow paper, in restoring
tha tombstone which marks the rest.
ing-place ol Mary Morison, who dial
190 years ago, at tha age ol V).  But
•ven   tha   most  enthusiastic   Burnt
worshippers must think that th* limit
has been reached in th* addition to
th* Allows? Museum ot th* old stone
trough which was in ut* at th* Tam
o' Bhanter Inn. Ayr. in the pott's III*.
tlm*.  From what w* know ol Barns
ther* la not th* slightest probability
.... ... ^ „
H«w th* British Soldier Dtala With
Nowhere ia there such an Empire
chain aa that in which every link
la a British "Tommy." Wherefore
the latter is an expert on the spy,
and, reading of the recent Portsmouth affair, will smile a -little indulgently, then seek an obscure nook
—not the sentry-box—and settle down
to "watch with hif ears."
It is an Indian hill-station; rifle
thieves are on the prowl. Or a Pathan
spy. The two hours' term of duty is
like eternity; the British "Tommy"
has become a tamarisk—a tamarisk
with ever-peering eyes.
The bull frog's incessant croak ia
interrupted by the tiny tinkle of s
stone in a ean hung on barbed wire.
Immediately, Something sinuous and
shiny shows on the spot where an
inexperienced, recruit might have
stood; a shuffle—it haa gone. And
in a twinkling the sentry stands,
with fixed bayonet, imprisoning the
Pathan in the sentry box.
Not. that dramatic turning oi the
tables, but the simultaneous, bloodcurdling shriek, "Gy-ar-rd, t'n out!"
sends a quiver into the very marrow
ol the native's bones, and in less
than sixty seconds he is forced by
the business ends of bayonet, held in
sturdy British hands, through the
guard-room door.
Locked in the magatine yard ol a
Mediterranean station, a lew years
ago, the sentry feared his two hours
were lengtbening into three; hia
shouts through the gate brought no
response. Fighting his overpowering
inclination to doze, he was soon
startled by a rustle.
With a brisk, staccato challenge,'
he waited, with his bayonet at the
"Charge." The hesitation, and then
the defiant, strange-voiced "Frent!"
—instead ol the usual "Relief!"—put
him on his guard. Waiting in the
shadow, he saw two masked natives
enter, knives glinting in their hands.
In a moment he had struck one to
earth with the butt of his rifle, and
then swiftly pinind tlie other with
his bayonet. Tb? ruards were discovered drugged f.--_i chloroform, administered whilst ihey slept: papers
found on the spies left no doubt as
to the intended fate of the magazine
—and of tbe unsuspecting sentry
within it!
Deliberate intention of spying has
occasionally been traced to foreigners
in our ranks. With some ability as
actor and linguist, the unscrupulous
alien has little difficulty in entering
our ranks; and, some years ago, an
armourer-sergeant, ol doubtiul nationality, was detected at Jersey, Channel Islands, disposing of details of u
new British rifle to the French
that h* ever drink ond i
Petroleum   So   Universally   Evldsnt
Hsd Nat Corns From Ground.
There is still surviving in London,
Ont., a gentleman who recalls a great
oil fake that carried Uie western city
by storm many years ago. He. is Mr.
lames Egan, a prominent citizen,
who ia eighty-two yeara old,
"It was one ol the mott curious
experiences that London ever hud,"
says Mr. Egan. "The report went
out that oil had been discovered near
ly opposite Woodland cemetery. It
seemed aa il th», whole oi London
waa down there the first Sunda)
afternoon alter the story got out. In
holes in the Around there seemed tc
be no doubt that there was oil. People soaked their handkerchiefs iu it
and took them home that way ai
souvenirs. Champagne suppers and
other celebrations helped the enthusiasm, and then the whole thing was
shown up as a straight lake. It war
a BWindle, though it didn't get fat
enough lor anybody to be seriously
bitten. Some Yankees had come
over, bored holes, loaded them with
petroleum and waited ior results.
Happily tor London, the results
didn't materialize aa they had hoped
lor. One result, however, was extensive boring lor oil, the outcome bf
which was to strike some sulphui
wells, including the wells at the foot
ol Dundas street, and others on A de-
aide street and in Petersville, now
tV'est London. The big swindle, however, was most elaborate in its plans
Geologists were brought here to lecture who declared that London waa
.ituated over a regular basin ol oi)
and that boring almoat anywhere
would reach it. Fakes were not so
common then, as nowadays, and thai
will explain thc degree to which the
thing jr'is carried before exposure
same. I remember well the first time
I ever saw petroleum used lor light,
ing. It had been candle exclusively
helire that. At first people were
alraid ol the new kind ol illuminat
ing and, of course, it waa nnt as safe
is at present. One good result ol thc
oil fever, however, waa the openinp
up ol tbe refineries here, en industr)
which developed rapidly and for i
.•nml many years meant much to Lon
Ion. It is a great pity that those oil
t.'finerii's ever left here."
Magnetic Action ef th* Esrth.
According tu Uauss. lbe magnetic action uf the earth Is the same aa tbat
whicb would be exerted If In each cu>
blc yard there were eight bar magnets,
•acta welgblug uue puuud.
English Mountaineer and Swiss Quids
Admits It Is To* Much Fer Him.
The mountain climber is the only
one real aerial artists. Your aviator
is not an artist—he doesn't work. The
lank-haired chap who occasionally deluges editorial desks with beribboned
manuscripts only imagines that his
{ cranium is in the clouds. Really, the
rustling femme charmante who strives
for the high notes in the social scale
approaches more to the climber.
Mr. A. L. Mumm, an Englishman,
lately has been trying some high performing in the West at Yellowhead
Pass out Rocky Mountain way. He
.has attempted to foot it up Mount
Robson, whose peak pokes its head into the misty vapors seventeen thousand, five hundred leet above terra
firma. That's somewhat harder than
picking your way upstairs a» .wo a.m.
—plus. The mountain climber has no
engine to pump him up. He just digs
his heels in the mud and climbs every
step ol the way. And when he gets
there, and looks down at the ants
and their mole hills! Monarch of all
he surveys is your mountain climber
in hackneyed phraseology. With head
on the dome of heaven, he is statesman and poet rolled into one.
Mr. Mumm- did not conquer Robson.
He started out there in July, and tor
two months has been waiting lor the
snow to melt on the side ot the
monster. The slides on Robson frightened even his Swiss guide. Mumm
has just returned to Edmonton and
says tbat Robson is too much lor
him. He has given the project considerable of his time. Last year he
and L. M. Amery, Earl Grey's journalistic Iriend, went out to Robson in
August. They got into a snow storm
arid slide reminiscent ol the glacial
epoch. Messrs. Mumm and Amery
climbed into their winter underwear
and went home.   Says Mumm:
"I think that Robson is a peak that
will never be climbed very often.'
Robson bas been captured once. A
mild, retired clergyman, Rev. A. Kinney, and packer Phillips of the
G.T.P. got to the top—nearly dropping
their lives. The jaunt up and back
took them two whole days.
Climber Mumm has done some toll
work in the Alps. In the Rockiest,
hip altitude record is eleven thousand
feet made this summer on a neighboring hill oi RobBon's.
Cradles Unfashionable.
Cradles are going uut; children are
not wealing tbem any mure. People
tell us tbat rucking ta unhygienic. Babies, according tu modem Idea, abould
go to sleep naturally In a stationary
germ proof bed wltb antiseptic pillows
and a sanitized rattle. Sentiment may
aave tbe cradle for a little while, but
sooner or later It will go to tbe dusty
attic along with tbe haircloth sofa.
Maybe tbe Infant of tomorrow will
bear up somehow under these accumulated misfortunes, will struggle alung
somehow to maturity, but what abuut
the artists, the poets, tbe song writers?
Wbat a wurld uf sentiment and melody
baa been woven around the theme of
tbe mother and the gently rocking cradle! Wbat kind of song will tbe pour
poet of the future be able to make
•bout an enameled Iron crib wltb brads
trimmings?—gun-ess Magazine.
Tha Newly-Elected Prsaldsnt *f th*
Oanadlan Society of Superintendents of Training Schools Is Also
Head ol the Victorian Ordsr—She
Was Formerly ■ High-School
Teacher and Graduated In 1892.
Miss  Mary  Ardchronie  Mackenzie,
who was recently elected president ot
the Canadian Society ol Superintendent* of Training Schools tor Nurses,
is chiel superintendent oi the Victorian Order of Nurses lor Canada. Miss
Mackenzie was born in Toronto and
, is  oi  Irish-Seotfh-Caiiudian  descent.
I She was educated at the Toronto Mo-
I del School and the Jarvis Street Collegiate Institute, afterwards taking a
course  in  Toronto   University,  from
which Bhe was graduated with honors
r idKS
LV   ^jm
Telephoning With Light
rbotutelrphony has reached a com-
meirial basis In Uermany. Ernst .(burner uf Berlin has contrived an apparatus by wblcb Intelligible speech can be
transmitted over a distance ot nine
miles wltb the aid-of a beam uf light.
The principle uf tbe machine Is based
upon the sensitiveness of an arc llgbt
tu sound, combined wltb tbe property
of selenium, uf varying Ita electrical
resistance wltb tbe allgbteat variations
in the Intensity of a ray of light falling, upon It A searchlight projector
•t tbe transmitting end and a selenium
cell In a telephonic circuit at the receiving end are tbe essential feature*
of tbe apparatus. For use io misty
weatber, wben speech would be Inaudible, tbe Inventor haa contrived a
method uf transmitting Morse sound
signals by periodic pulsations of tbo
ligbt-St. I-oula Republic.
in modern languages in 1892, and the
following year she received specialist
standing in modern languages from
the Ontario School oi Pedagogy.
Miss Mackenzie taught in the High
Schools ol Ontario tor five years, being principal ot Church street school,
Toronto, lor one year. She then entered
the Massachusetts General Hospital
Training School lor Nurses at Boston,
Mass., Irom which she graduated in
1901. After experience in private
nursing and special work she was
head nurse oi the Massachusetts General Hospital; superintendent ol the
Vincent Memorial Hospital, Boston;
superintendent ol the Margaret Pills-
bury General Hospital, Concord, N.H..
and superintendent ol nurses Brooklyn General Hospital, Brooklyn, N.Y.
In 1908 she returned to Canada and
went to Ottawa to take charge ol the
Victorian Order. Her paper on The
Trained Nurse Through a Business-
Lens, which she read before the recent convention, waa inspiring and
aroused a considerable amount ot discussion.
Palm Win*.
lo  addition  to  being  a   beverora,
palm wine may he used as a yeust,
ao Insecticide and a disinfectant, nud
it also will tviuu.e rust Irum metals.
' Good Tims to Turn Fsrmsr.
I ln tbeory tbere never waa a better
time tli nn right now for a sensible
man to move from city to country. Th*
movement hns beeu away from the
farm until prices uf all kinds of food
and liber are high. There la uotblng In
light to Indicate that prices will b*
greatly reduced by Increased production. A crop well grown aud handled
wltb gissl business judgment will b*
reasonably sure nt sine hi s fslr price.
Tbere never whs s time wben It was
an easy lo learn new methials and tbe
principles of sclentine farming. A msu
starting now may receive pi once ins
benefit of thirty years nf the expert-
ence and study of good tanners ind
scientific ex|ierts.-H. W. Colllligwuod
in Metroiwlltsa Msgazlne.
Ail whitings are mode from cbalk.
The more ciiiuiinin preparations some,
times cinitiilii considerable gritty mat*
ter. which scratches highly pullshed
surfaces. These coarse particles muy
lie removed In this msnner: Mix the
whiting wltb water to u paste and then
ndd wuter until ll la very tbln. Strain
through cheesecloth and let th* strain-
•Hi mixture settle. Pour off tb* watet
aud dry tbe w biting.
Avistion For a Rsst.
Captain Bertram Dickson has shot
nineteen rhinoceroses, he has bngged
lions, leopards, and hippopotami in
East Alrica, and bears and ibexes in
Kurdistan, he hns traveled all over
the Andes and Patagonia, he was with
his battery at Stormberg and fought
in Somalifand, he accompanied King
George V. round Australia and Now
Zealand as a member ol the Imperial
Representative Corps, he spent a
thrilling time amid revolutions and
massacres on the Persian Irontier as
British Military Consul at Van. Tho
gentle attentions ol the Kurds, who
on one occasion had him for two
hours under fire at 100 yards range,
combined with what passes lor a climate in those regions to wreck bis
henlth. So, returning home on sick-
leave, this adventurous Captain Dickson took up flying "to give his nerves
a rest."
He pins his laith on Farnam. One
afternoon this year tbe very critical
| audience which clusters about thc
| sheds of Chalons Camp was stirred to
enthusiasm by a magnificent "vol
plane" executed wholly unexpectedly
ids sixth ascent. I hope that Captain
Dickson was not so frank to his
French admirers as he was to me
when, anxious to know something
Inore ol this English airmanship learner who did unexpected "vols planes"
at Chalons Camp, I asked him lor an
account ot the flight. "It was an accident," he snid; "the wind caught my
machine; the motor stopped running;
I had to come down somehow, so 1
thought I would glide down. Everybody imagined I did it on purpose."
The next time, however, Captain
Dickson did "do it on purpose, nnd
has been doing it ever since, so that
at the recent Toura meeting, where, as
tlie only Knglish competitor, he swept
thc prizeboard before several redoubtable champions..
The Nurse's Rswsrd.
It is Lady Roberts who tells this
story. She was once visiting the bos
pitalB at the base ol operations in India, and was so pleased with tint
nurses' work and tbeir devotion tn tha
sick, that she exclaimed: "Renlly, I
think the sisters deserve n medal for
this campairn as much as anyone,
and I hope they will get one. "I
don't know about a medal," said a
gallant colonel, who was in sttentl-
•nce, "but they are sure, at all uvoum,
to get plenty ol clasps." ■-■
Fortune Telling
Does not take into consideration the one essential to woman's happiness—womanly health.
The woman wbo neglects her health is neglecting the
very foundation of all good fortune. For without health
love loses its lustre and gold is but dross.
Womanly health when lost or impaired may generally be
regained by tbe me of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription.
This Prescription has, tor overt/0 yearns
been curiml delicate, weak, pain-wracked
women, ht the hundreds of thousands
mnd thia too In the privacy of their homes
without their having to submit to indelicate questionings and offensively repui'
nant examinations.
Sick women are invited to consult Dr. Pierce by letter free,
' All correspondence held as sacredly confidential.   Address World's Dispensary
Medical Association, R. V. Pierce, M. D., President, Buffalo, N. Y.
Dr. Pierce's Great Family Doctor Book, The People's Common Sense
Medical Adviser, newly revised up-to-date edition—1000 pages, answers in
Plain English hosts of delicate questions which every woman, single or married,
oulfht to know about. Sent free, in plain wrapper to any address on receipt of
;S1 one-cent stamps to cover mailing only, or in cloth binding for 50 stamps.
Our Fruit in England
The following description nf the
lioyal Horticultural society's exhibition is taken from tbe London Times
of December Snd:
Arranged at periods of the year
most suited for tbe display of produce fi'inn speeiul groups nf colonies,
tlie shown nf fruit held hy the Royal
HoHiculturfcl society have steadily
increased iu importance since their
inauguration in 1904. Tlie principal
exhibits at the present show are the
applss of British Colombia and New
Brunswick and the general produce
from 'he West Indies. South Africa
is represenled by a small collection of
liqueurs'and preserves from tbe Cape
and- samples of tea from Natal.
The featuro of tiie show is the collection of British Columbia apples,
which occupies two thirds of the total
available space in the hall. This
group includes over 1100 cases of apples, or more than twenty tons uf
fruit, and recognizing its Importance
as undoubtedly the finest collection of
apples that baa been staged here, the
lioyal Horticultural society have ordered the Hogg medal iu be struck in
gold for tlie first time and awarded to
the. British Columbia government.
The varieties included scarcely exceeded a dozen, for as few sorts are grown
as possible consistent with meeting
the various demands for season, color,
flavor, and size. Blenheim Orange
nnd Ribston Pippins were represented
by a few cases, but in the main the
English varieties have been superseded by the King of Tompkins County, King, Northern Spy, Spitzenberg,
Baldwin, Jonathan, Fullawatar, Hub-
bardston's Nonsuch, and a few others.
Tlie fruit appeared to be entirely free
from scab or blemish, which, although
in part due to tlie newness of tbe
region in which it is grown, may be
attributed chiefly to the stringent
regulations for the government deal
ing with the inspection and spraying
of orchards. Tbe grading and packing had been carried out with uniform
excellence. A provincial law prescribes the bushel as tbe standard
cubic measure, and the packing cases
uniformly measure 10in.xllin.x20in.
Four grades of fruit are recognized, of
which the lowest is used for preserves,
but only first-grade fruit is exhibited.
British Columbia's appeal, however, is
for men and not for markets. Rapid
as haa been the extension of fruit
farming since Lord Aberdeen's ex
penments, the production is at present insufficient to meet the home demand, and British Columbian fruit
does not reach the English market.
Metal Quotations
New York, Dee. 29—Silver. 54j};
standard eopper.Sl £. -20(5-1 2.25,ateadv.
London. Dec. 29.—Silver, 251-
lead, £13 58.
Parisian Sage   Will Grow
More Hair
Parisian Sage will stxip fulling hair
in two weeks—cure dandruff in tlie
same time and stop scalp itch at once
It makes the hair soft, silkv und luxuriant. As a hair dressing Parisian
Sage is without a peer. It contains
nothing that can harm the hair—It is
not sticky, oily or greasy, and pre
vents as well a9 cures diseases of the
Women and children by the thous
and use it daily a* a dressing and im
home is complete without it. Money
back if it fails.
Druggists and stores every wl ere
guarantee Parisian Sage and will refund your money if it fails. Ask H.
E Woodland & Co., druggists, what
they think of it. They sell it at 50c
per lartie bottle or you can secure it
by mail postpaid from Oiroux Manufacturing Co, Fi.rt Erie, Ont. See
that the girl with the auburn hair is
on each package. Sold and guaranteed by H  E. Woodland ii Co.
If you are suffering from indigestion
and tlie attendant distressed stomach
vou should give Mi-d-na, tbe guaranteed remedy, a trial. Mr. William
Shafer, of 2Bll Qneens St. 8.,.Berlin,
Ont., says: -'For years I have beeri a
sufferer from acu e indigestion, which
caused the most distressing pains   in
my st ueli.   1 decided to try Rooth's
Mi-o-na Tablets arid they have done
ine mure good than tyiy thing I have
ever used. I am now more free from
this trouble than .1 Jiave been for
years. I am pleased to endorse and
iccoiiiiiiend this remedy to all who
suffer with stomach trouble."
Uamenihei- Mi-ona Tablets are
guaranteed to cure acute chronic indigestion and turn the old stomach
into a new one in a few weeks. All
druggists, 50c a box or postpaid from
TheK T. Booth Co, Ltd., Fort Erie,
Ont. Sold and guaranteen by H, E.
Woodland ik Co.
Tnke your repairs lo Armson's
Bunt und Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks, i
A new lot of latest designs of pro.
gram and menu curds just received at
The Sun job otlice,
SbAl.liO TENDERS market on envelop*
"Tenders for Construe ton' of Nelson.
H. C, Klfle Itaiipe" ami addressed to the
Seoretary of tlie Militia OtuticU, Headquarters, 'ittawa, will bercobive'hwitll fiooti, the
3rd day < f January, 1911, for the construction
of u  Iti He limine at.Nelson   B.n. ■
I'lans und xiiecificationo mxy be seen, nnd
full infornmtieii obtained *t the otHces • f the
District Officer Comnrnndttitr Military District No. U, Victoria. H.i:., the Ufractnr of
Engineer Services. Heidqunrters. Ottawa,
and the Officer Commanding WBntl Kegt
Neltnn. B.C. T "
Tenders must be made on the form supplied
by the Department, and accompanied by an
accepted cheque, on a Canadian chartered
hank, for 111 per cent of the ■■nviiut of the tender, payable to the order o* the Honourable
thu Minister of Militin a'd Defence, wliieh
amount will be fnr felled if the pnrty tender*
iiijr decline to enter into a contract, in accordance with the tender.
The Department does not bind itself to accept thc lowest or anv tender.
Dt-p'y. Milliliter nf Militia and Defence.
H.Q. 18-llft-3.    .
Department of Militia ind Defence,
Ottawa. It Di'cemt<er, 1010.
Newspapers wllluotU" naM for tfeta advertisement i* they Insert tt without authority
f lorn the Depart ment.
The following are lhe returns ol
thenre production of the Boundary
mini's for the week, ami also for thu
year to dute:
Qrtaby r 83,486 1,088,885
MotherLodo  7,88a :«<»,416
Rawhide  3,950 i:..;i5'o
Bnoweboe :i,o'J0 148, US
(Iro Denoro  9,889
Jackpot...,      4«5 15,7*25
No. 7      130 1,820
Golden Eagle  120
Sally  32
Total 38,8*3 1,653,438
Smelter treatment—
Oranby 22,365 1,008,918
J}. C. Copper Co... 18,410 407,077
M ining Stock Quotations
Boston, Dec. 29.—The follow-
ing are today'a opening quotations for
the stocks mentijned:
Asked.        Bid
Oranby Consolidated.    45.00   39.50
B. C. Copper      7.50     6.75
The Breatheable Remedy for Catarrh.
Tlie rational way to combat catarrh
isthe Hyomei way, viz., by breathing.
Scientists for years have been agreed
on this point, but failed to get an antiseptic strong enough to kill catarrh
germs and not destroy the tissues of
the membrane at the same time, until the diaoovery of Hyomei (pronounced High-o-me.).
Hyomei is the most powerful yet
healing antiseptic known. Breathe it
through the inhaler over the inflamed
and germ-ridden membrane four or
five times a day, and in a few days the
germs will disappear.
A complete Hyomei outfit, including the inhaler, costs $1.00, and extra
bottles, if afterwards needed, cost but
50 cent. Obtainable from your druggist or postpaid from the R. T. Booth
Co., Ltd., Fort Erie, Ont. Hyomei
is guaranteed to cure asthma, croup,
sore throat, coughs, colds or grip or
refund your money back. Sold and
guaranteed by H. E. Woodland Si Eo,
Situation wanted by young lady
on first of February, March or April;
bookkeeping or teaching preferred;
speaks Knglish, French, German
and Dutch. Address P, O. Box 316,
Grand Forks, B, C.
Big Diamond Drill Contract
One of the biggest diamond drill
contracts ever mude in the northwest
was let this week for boring in thu
Fife mine, near tbe foot of Cbrintiiiu
lake and about three miles north of
Cascade. The contract calls for uUuO
feet of work.—Orient Journal.
Most information is worth saving
for a rainy day, too.
Every man likes to judge provocation for himself.
Some people borrow troubleas easily
as an umbrells,
Everybody likos to attend a wedding—with the possible exception of
the bridegroom.
Bridge Slreel,
Ttie best and mngt
-.iib-itiuitiiil tire-proiif
huililintr in the Hoiiii-
tlto-y country. Recently enmpleteii mid
ii t- w i y furnished
tlrmi'iliiiut. Kqiiiii-
lied with al) modern
eleetrical convenience!!, ''elm-ally lo-
mtetl. KirHt-cliiBK at—
collitiinilatloriK for the
ravelling public.
Hoi and Cold Bath*
Firs i-Clain Bar. Fool
and Billiard Rooma
in Connection.
If Printing ^J
We are prepared to do all kinds of
Commercial   Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style    '
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.    •
Billheads and Statements,   '■
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
.   Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,   ,
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of Fare and Menu Cards,
Announcements and Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
_HAAR PPINITIflMi!-t'ie kin<' we <*°—'" *V ""*" an
WUU L IVlLl 1IL1VI advertisement, and a trial order
will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of
the best. Let us estimate on vour order. We guarantee
satisfaction. ...
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
Authorised /-sn»««s--^ "' Paid   Total to   r.aly«t     Per
Naiif, of I'oui-any                Cnultal.    liatied. Par. IMS.       Date.       Date.   Share
Or.nhy"',;:,dldZf-Oopp.r...llS5«i,    OT ♦"> »1,<M.«X> IIJM.SM Djp.lto ••.00
Orlhi.i.-McKiiiliey   (iol.1     1,_!30.000   1,2IH».«U0     fl ..........       MJ.JJJ £»'>• '«?}      S»
Providence-Hllrer       ajOUpll       11 WW     it '».«W      .M__M iWPf'iSS - M
Con. (Jolilier -Coltpar .
UMl.tXHl     MII.UIW     19
jiuiim sept. IW7 ' .00
Furniture  Made to Order.
■   Also.Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
h. McCutcheon
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods
Downey's Cigar Store
A Complete shick of
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh CitiiHtKlimeiit of
deceived Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of]
Im Cream and Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
•or Hoolnr a
tUsor Hoolnr a Specialty.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
In Door North or Granby Hotel,
Film Struct.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly, Passengers and Trunks to and
from all trains.
T_tM.raom.Al 29
RoTHRBroRi) Bros., Props,
Tiuoc Mahm
_ AianddeacrlMlnnnsr
opiotua fraa wlietbar ao
r<>i'ihd.'ntliL_nttNDBOQS 1*1 V
Annus ■Mdlni sat
ir.atXo ia ptosaiiir
llonaair_gUrr..iiOU,'nll  _ . . ...
Scietttilic Hmericam
r iUiutratet. neklr. Lariteat olr-
-\j inisntino Journal.   J'armi foe
>^« V BC Waabllit?-. »W"
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the Boundary country. And wo are the only
otlice in this section that have the
correct material for printing it. The
Hun joh otlice.


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