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The Evening Sun Nov 3, 1911

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$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
practical and common-sense way.
In Belgium every school mnst
maintain a garden of 31)^ squaie
rods. All these efforts bring the
better methods of cultivation- direct
Great Notbern Magnate Dis-! to the farmer.
cusses Agricultural     !  "At ,he NationR
Practical farming, the work of
agricultural colleges, the scarcity of
competent farm labor, the diminishing food supply and other economic
questions are discussed freely by
James J. Hill, chairman of the
board of directors of the Great
Northern railway, in a letter to
David Brown, chairman of the Spo
kime committee of the Nations
Country Life congress.
Mr. Hill endorses the aims and
purposes of tbe nation wide farm
betterment movement,, to be launched in Spokane, November 23 lo 29,
and snys it will be a real service by
obtaining authoritative Information
which it would be possible for the
farmer of the country to put into
actual use, adding, among other
"Always the first and most important matter to reach the individ
mil farmer and show bim what he
himself can do on his land. The
most highly educated agricultural
professor or teacher, when placed
upon a farm, can do little mors, if
anything, beyond adapting his crop,
to the soil. To select good seed and
to properly cultivate the land—thai
is all within thc reach of the aver
"age fanner.
"He can or sbould know whal
crop hia land is best adapted to ri 9
He can test his ieed by taking a
hundred grains of each kind nnd
planting them in a box of average
soil and |_flace the box in a place
where the sun will shine upon it.
The number of grains that grow will
give him the percentage of good seed
from which be will get results. lie
sbould use every particle of barnyard manure as fertilizer and he
should prepare his seed bed by
thorough cultivation before plant
ing aud then it should be well .harrowed.
"That is practically all that thc
best informed agriculturist could do
under the same circumstances. If
the farmer is successful in raising
full crops I think it is fair to assume
that be can be trusted to improve all
his home surroundings and his social condition. If his farm work is
not well done and the result is poor
crops, the other work will not appeal
to bim nor can he afford to spend
much time or money on otber mul
tan. .
"Minn* of ihe men who discuss
agricultural subjects arc apt to talk
over the bends of their audience and
to talk about matters beyond the
reach of Ihe average farmer. Many
of our agricultural schools are more
engaged in turning out teachers
rather than farmers.
A Special Meeting of the
Board of Trade Will Be
Held Monday Next
ol potiitoes aiel vegetables
A   II   Hooil, late manager nf   tin
Eastern   T.iwusliips   bnnk   ii
city, has Hold   bis residbiftiul   }■ r.*(,-
erty In Judge Brown.
A special meeting of the .Grand
Forks bonrd of trade will be held in
H. A, Sheads' olliee next Monday
evening for tbe purpose of bidding
farewell to A b. Hood, late president of the board, who is ab'iut
to remove to the coast. All members arc requested to attend.
The funeral of the Jlliss Gertrude
Elizabeth Scoley was held from
Uolv Trinity church al i-MIS o'clock
on .Monday afternoon. The attend'
iinue was very large, as Miss Scoley
bad a wide circle of warm personal
friends, who et-t.- m -.1 her mnny
admirable qualities very highly.
The members of lbe local Rebekah
lodge, of which deceased was uu
honored member, followed tbe remains tu tbe cemetery. There were
many beautiful floial offerings, nml
lbe grave was prettily decorated
wilh (lowers. Expressions of sympathy for the bereaved father are
common among the citizen*.
The Woman's Auxiliary of Holy
Trinity church will bold a Bale ol
work in the Parish Hall ou Tlm is-
day afternoon and evening, Novein
ber -'.'Ini. In the evening, when an
admission of 10 cents will bechniged
at the door, a short musical program will be given.
Harry   Kirk, ol  Vancouver,   bus
been   appointed    linemiiti   ou   the
Hoiniilairy telephone service     II   A
Nicholson now bas his headquarters
in this city.
Archie Gillis bas purchased the
Palace livery in Greenwood from
Frank Buckles*.
After paying all expenses the
Greenwood fair netted a profit of
Judge Brown is on a trip to bis
ild home in Sarnia, Out., his father
eing seriously ill.
VV'. Jenks, of Greiiavo nl. Ins
bis dairy business to Jerome
The following is the maximum
cud minimum temperature for each
day deling the past neek, as recorded by the government thermom
elcron Cooper Bros.'ranch:
association meeting, last year, a
speaker - said: 'I recently heard a
young agricultural college graduate,
who had beeu placed iu charge of a
farm, deploie the fact that be and
others like bim could go through college and receive a bachelor's degree
in agriculture without anywhere,
either in high school or in college or
on a farm, learning how to plow, or
dig a ditch, or harness a horse, or
milk a cow.'
"Wbat will help a farmer most is
clearly to enable bim to   help   him
self, and this can be done by  showing him on bis own farm.   We have
tried many methods and fouud tbal
the only results   worth   while   have
been obtained by showing the fui n-
er  through   tbe   preparation  of  a
small plot of ground, say five acres,
bow to cultivate his laud.
Manual   training   would   never
amount to anything if lbe pupil did
not actually   make  things, and the
same applied  to the cultivation ol
the farm."
Regarding the farmer being   interested   in   the   prosperity of   the
wage-earner and the business  man,
Mr. Hill says:
"Our agricultural  population  40
years ago was about 50 per   cent of
ihe entire population  of the -country.    It is now less than   one third.
Forty years ego the agricultural population had to raise  food  for  their
own mouths and for one additional
mouth.    Now we bave to raise food
for two additional mouths
"Relying upon our home market,
whicb was furnished mainly by tbe
agricultural population of our com
muiiily, we  had  stimulated industrials   until   we   had destroyed tbe
pro port ion between production   und
consumption, and the time is rapidly approaching, if  it is not already
here, when many of our industrials
will be compelled to seek  a  market
in other counties for  their   produc
tion or cease to produce.
"The scarcity of good farm  labor
today is felt by every farmer in  the
country, and the want  of it is com
palling him to limit his cultivation
practically to what can  be done by
farm labor competent  or willing to
take  care  of  itock or milk a oow.
Still, if you should  ask   any   labor
leuder in tke country, he would tell,    .,  ,, ,,., ,,,   a     .   ,,   ,
*.      . . u.L     •  '    E, E. Gibson, of the South Root-
you you there is too much  labor in ,, , ,'
",,-. ,.,.:,,, .       enay Power i Light  company, visi-
lbe  country  and   that some steps .  ,.,,. .   ,,      • ..
.,.__., . . .    tetl 1 bosun  and   Greenwood   this,
should be taken to   restrict   nnuil-        ,
graliou of that class. i   I.       . .       j*******a********************m
..,,. , ,- i   . In British  (olumbia  to encourage
1 here   are  cerium  laws  which Manasar  Niles    of tha  Ratio™    ,             .     .          ,  ,     ,               .'
i Manager   -Mies,   oi ine  i.aslem  the organizalion and ilevelopinent of
'" The Great Northern's Program East of thu Hope
Local fruit growers state that it is
inieuiioii ol the provincial govern
ment to luruisii the orcbardisls ot
lbe valley with a power sprayer.
Wkeu il arrives, auy fruit grower
can have his orchard sprayed by
furnishing tbe spraying material and
a iiozzleu.au, the government supplying the sprayer and a man to
operate it gratis.
Gut, Parker ami U™, McCabe haw
relumed Hum a lour mouths' outing al CbrlKliua luke. Ihey expect
lu reside ln Grand Forks perina-
iienlly in luiure.
James McArdle returned  Jester
hin'cry.'lt isVer'y'diiiicultto get'jda> froU1 tt lo,Ur l,m"th<' vi8it l0 U1B
1 old boms iu Huntington, ({ue.   His
"The Vsn_ii.ilver, Victoriu & Enst
em railway, a subsidiary line of the '
Great Northern," writes (' H. I.u-
grin to lb.- Victoriu Colonist,'-'will
be extended from Piincetun to
Coulmoiit next month In conversation witb J. H Kennedy, engineer ill charge of Ibe surveys of the
mad, Mr. Kennedy ventured the .information that the work of survey-'
ing the grade of the Vancouver, Vic
toria & East', rn through the Hope
mountains would be completed this
autumn, and that be  expected  the
railway til be completed to Ihe coast
in two years. Mr. Kennedy hIsi
expects thnt a grade of 2 per cent to
the Fraser valley will be obtained;
but only ut great cost, ninny short
tunnels having to be driven.
Later a great seven-mile tunnel,
which will reduce the grade lo 1
per cent, will be put in, bui how
suon will depend on circumstances.
"This authentic statement as to
the plans of the Grent Northern pi o
pie will be of great interest, lt is
understood that the plans of the
coinpany contemplate a- railway
Irom Winnipeg through tbe mountains by way of Pineber Creek to
connect with its British Columbia'
line, and ibis will give us another
trans-Canadian road .Several yeara
ago I wrote to James J. Hill, asking
him what would be the east and
west terminal points in Canada of
his system. Mis reply was brief lie
slid: 'Winnipeg and Victoria.' "
"The active work on the part of
the Great Northern hus doubtless
caused the other railway interests to
direct their attention to tbe Similkameen valley. The Canadian Pacific engineers are examining tlie
route between Penticton und the
valley of rhe Similkameen, un indication that thia company will uol allow a section of lhe country where
extensive   coal  and    metalliferous
J*.' nafu''1'!?' 't"n'm* _Jffl_°n ?■' "'', mining will be carried on to remain
pot, matted the following detailed repot.
«f th« oust hip receipt   Ht On* vanouf
Saturday     K!
I'lies'luy    4!)
Ran.aU   during week, O.nO
The record of the rainfall
at   th s
since the  installation  of the
ment  rain   gauge   on Coopel
•   Bios'.
ranch is:
a                        , [NODES ,
Rainfall. .Snowfall
March SS
July  0.4.5
August  0.52
October  0.O.S
In October, 11)10, the ruin
fall was
chief nflii
(.rum! P
a'IB'-s,    « rep i-n-il in th-
- in this eity, for the inniatll nl
son, Kenneth, will attend  school iu j Phoen x
tbe east this winler. ' ClOT<"*
the exclusive territory ol a rival cor
potation,    The Cnnadian   Northern
bus  also   made proposals  tu build
rk<  $1,48508 south from   Kamloops,
 mm., u-i
lis 10
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   From tbis
*" "-  we may look forward to seeing at no
Can ade       117.171 distant date three great railway sys-
Tlltal ""i-wi'Mri terns competing in the development
  of this interesting  region, which lies
Free Libraries Movement ['^T ,,f *? '""""""»« ";'"ki"«
.   , : the Fraser valluv on the east.
An association   has  been  formed |
govern   these   questions, regardless I Townships, expects   tbe  arrival   of  p^blieJibrnrics in ll.isprov'ince. Its!
___................__________________________...........________________________________■(__._._. 1 _.. 1           ..na^K*^L^n^.^K.^L^L^.^.^sm.^L^L*\m*mmm^s^sWmmmmmmWLm
f man-made regulations, and as j bis family in the city next Monday
long as wages are higher in tbe Ini- frtfU1 abeibrooke, Que. They will
ted States than anywhere  else  peo-1 take up tiK[r residence in   Mr. Bur-
A Beautifvfl Picture
"Hume Again" is the title of one
pie will come here."
rell's house,near observation mountain.
Frank   Kuckless, of  Greenwood,
The national board  of   governors
! of the congress will meet in Chicago
"In Ihe agricultural  countries  in on November 7 to discuss  the pro-
Kurope, agricultural  education   hns gram and plans for a series of prac-;wi" cut  5.000,000 feel of  logs tbis
further  advanced   than   wilh   p».vj tioal demonstrations, dealing  wjth w'*"er for tbe Yale Columbia Linn-
the rural home, school und  church, j her company  on  his limber limits
aim is to secure the pnssnge of a of lbe must beautiful pictures ever
modern Public Libraries Acl which: seen in this country. It is an in-
would provide for the eslalilishnient spiration of love ami nlleulion—a
of library boards in any purl of the'picture Ibal will-be like a member
province, whether organized mu- of the fsuiily. This delightful pic-
nicipalities or unorganized districts; ture, size 22x29 inches, all rendy for
give authority to municipalities to framing, is given absolutely free to
levy a rate foi library purposes;, all who subscribe to the Family
make provision for a provincial Herald and Weekly .Star of Mnn-
grant in proportion to tbe amount treal tbis season. The years sub-
raised locully; provide for the or- scription, including the picture, is
  ganization,   inspection   and assist-  only one dollar.    The picture nlone
Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Michener made a"ce "',,ublic Mmrlv" in lll°  Prov-  co'*.ld no' •?.*- bo1l,Bhl fo_r, '^ nlnn',Jr
Great Britain has worked  at   it   fori      ,        ... . .... ., . ,,     ..       .,, ,     ,
, ,        ...      . , , i road   mincing, improved  conditions near   Beaverdell.    He will  employ
a   century   and has raised its yield , ,urrouuding ,hi murkel-;ll({ 0, ,imll i fa ..,, ^
of wheat from 14 or 15  bushels per ; products, and other subjects  related | 	
acre to 33.    Denmark, with un area to farming.. The Spokane commit-.
ofnbout twice the size of Massschu-i'ee estimates that   from   8,000   •»! ...
setts, has more than 50 agriniiUura.'Mi&l'0^"JE T' f,   "   if at Paulson th.s -        . governmenl;provij,' nificent   paper  the  Family Herald
...        ,   . .   tbe l.nited fetalis and   Canada   will  week, f   .,.-•, ,-,     - „      , and Meekly Star is.    All Canada is
colleges and schools, and  in   practi- „ttent|   lhe   Heven   days'sitting, to       . for the training of librarians.    Hon.   pj.0),d   o{ \U{ , ,u...k|y    T1)e
cally   every   neigbbood experts are lake place during Ihe week.of   the     The Great Northers Kailway com   H. E, Young, minister of education,   publishers deserve thc immense cir-
assigncd  to   help thc farnicrs-in a fourth National Apple show. 'pany   has   constructed a platform  is honorary president. ' culation tbe paper enjoys.
° ince  by   an   ollicsr or officers ap-1 »nd every one knows what a   mng
' pointed by the government; provide   n*li,ce"t   1!UP"   ll!e   F".,'li'? 1Ie,r,k
,.,'■■      , ...     ■ „      ; and Meekly Star is.    All Canada ii
fr.r   lit,.    Iraiiuiiii   (.1    nlirt ti-i hj Hi,.. _________-a'^IK*   .    •* , .   . .... THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS.   B. <V
Author of
Tho Orlmton Blind; Tho Oardlnel
Moth; Tho Wolsht ot tho Orown;
Tho Oornor Houio; Tho Slovoi of
tllonco; Oroven Fortune; Tho
Fatal Goto; NotU.
Night was beginning to fight with
morning by he time thiit Venner returned to Merton Grange. There was
no one to be seen; the house was in
total darkness, so thut Venner placed
the motor in the stable and returned
tl hos own, rooms. On the whole, he
was disposed to congratulate himself
upon the result of his night's work.
It mattered very little to himself or
jnybody else what became of Fenwick, now he was once out of the way.
He was never likely to trouble them
again, ind as far as Venner could see,
he was now in a position openly to
claim his wife before all the world.
Despite his feeling of happiness,
Venner slept badly, and a little after
ten o'clock the next morning found
him back at Merton Grange. Evors
greeted him cordially, with the information that he alone was up as yet,
and that the others had doubtless
taken advantage of the opporunity to
get a good night's rest.
"And you will see, my dear fellow," he said, "how necessary such a
thing is. Goodness knows how long
it is since I went to bed with my
mind absolutely at rest. The same
remark applies with equal force to
Miss Le Fenu—I mean your wife."
"I can quite understand that,"
Venner said. "It has been much tbe
same with me, though I must confess that I was so happy last night
that I could not sleep at all. By
tbe way, have you any information
as to you father's movements? He
probably knows by this time that his
house has been given over to a gang
of swindlers."
"He does," Evors said, "I have
had a telegram from him this morning
to say that he will be home some
time in the course of the day; and,
to tell the truth, I am looking forward with some dread to meeting my
lather. But I think I shall be able
to convince him now that I am in
earnest, and that I am anxious to
settle down in the old place and take
my share in the working of the estate.
When my father sees Beth and knows
her story, I am sanguine that he will
give us a welcome, and that my adventures will be over.   I want him to
meet Beth down here, and last night Change'for the bettef 'in the poor
after you had gone, and we were talk- hnd* Th is nothi really the
ing matters over, Vera promised to go ..=..".
up to town today and fetch her sister.
By the way, what has become of your
friend—Gurdon, I think his name is?
yet told me why those two or three
room were furnished in the empty
"Who told you about that?" Evors
"What a chap you are to ask questions ! We got into the empty house
after the so-called Bates was supposed to have been kidnapped, and to
our surprise we found that all that
fine furniture had vanished. There
! was no litter of stray or sign of removal outside, so we eame to the con-
| elusion that the stuff had been conveyed from one house to the other.
After a good deal of trouble we lit
upon a movable panel, and by means
of it entered the house where you
and Le Fenu were practically prisoners. We were on the premises when
you managed to get the better of
that man in the carpet slippers and
his companion; we heard all that took
place in the drawing-room between
Fenwick and Beth and Le Fenu. In
fact, we aided and abetted in getting
the police into the house without
causing any scandal. That was very
smartly done. But come, are you going to tell me the story of the empty
house, and why it was partly furnished?"
"I think I can come to that now,"
Evors said. "The whole thing was
born in the ingenious brain of Felix
Zary. He was going to lay some sort
of trap for Fenwick, but we shall
never know what it was now, because
Fate has disposed of Fenwick in
some other way. Now, won't you sit
down and have some breakfast with
At the same moment Vera came in.
Familiar as her features were and
well as Venner knew her, there was
a brightness and sweetness about her
now that he had never noticed before.
The cloud seemed to have lifted from
her face; her eyes were no longer sad
and sombre—they were beaming with
"I am so glad you have come," she
said. "We want you to know all that
happened last night after you had
Venner explained that he knew
pretty well all that had taken place,
as be had been having it all out with
Evors. What he wanted now was to
get Vera to himself, and presently he
had his way.
"We are going for a long walk,
he said, "where   I   have   something
serious to say to you.   Now that you
have no longer any troubles on your
shoulders, -I can be very Arm with
you "
"Not just yet," Vera laughed.
"Later on you can be as firm as you
like, and we are not going for a long
walk, either. We shall just have time
to get to the station and catch the
11.15 to-Vietoria. I am going up to
London today to bring Beth down
here. I think the change will do her
good. Of course, we can't remain in
the house, so I have taken rooms for
the three of us at a farm close by.
When Beth has had everything explained to her and knows that the
man she loves is free, you will see a
He Tried te Bootow It In Charity, bat
It Went Astray.
Diplomacy doesn't always work, as a
certain kino hearted business man in
West Philadelphia has Just toimu out
He says that the lesson was coeap at
the price, but at the same time be will
employ more direct methods next time
he wishes to play the philanthropist.
lt happened on the subway the other night. Ue bad jnst closed a real
estate deal at considerable profit and
was feeling very generous, so wben he
saw a poor woman ln a threadbare
dress carefully count out Are pennies
for ber ticket snd saw tbat lt was the
last money In her worn pucketbook
he determined to help her. Ut course
lt wasn't easy, bnt tbe man prides himself upon being a diplomat So. crumpling a dollar bill up In bis hand, hs
stooped over as it picking something
up and then, holding lt out to the woman, said:
"Madam, here Is eome money yon
dropped." He tried to smile stgnlb-
cantly as be said it but sbe didn't
seem to understand and said simply:
"Taln't mine."
"You'd better take it," be said. "It
Isn't mine, and lt was lying right by
The woman shook ber bead at drat,
then took It slowly out of bis band and
looked at lt gloatingly. Tbe mun
smiled, well pleased with himself, but
an instnnt later tbe womau, seeing a
man looking down at tbe platform,
rushed up aod cried, "Was you loosing tor a dollar bill'."
"1 sure.was," answered tbe man
"Well, here It Is," said tbe womnn.
and the man with a delighted "On.
thanks!" calmly pocketed tbe sum ana
walked away.-Philadelphia Times.
I mean the fellow who fell down the
cellar trap and found himself landed
in the house in. Portsmouth Souare."
"Oh, Gurdon's all right," Venner
laughed. "I hope you will have the
chance of making his acquaintance
in the course of the day. You seem
to have been in Charles Le Fenu's
confidence for some time—tell me,
why all that mystery about the house
in Portsmouth Square? Of course, I
don't mean Le Fenu's reasons for calling himself Bates, and all that kind
of thing, because that was perfectly
obvious. Under the name of Bates
he was lying low and maturing his
plans for crushing Fenwick. As a
matter of fact, Fenwick was almost
too many for him. Indeed, he would
have been too many for him, if Gurdon and myself had not interfered
and given both of you a chance to
escape. It was a very neat idea of
Fenwick's to kidnap a man and keep
him a prisoner in his own house."
"Yes," Evors said. "And he used
his own house for illegal purposes.
But before I answer your question,
let me ask you one. Why was Gurdon prowling about Portsmouth
8quare that night?"
"That is quite easily explained,"
Venner replied. "I sent hiin. To go
bnck to the beginning of things. I
hnve to revert to the night wben I
first saw Mark Fenwick at the Grent
Empire Hotel, posing as a millionaire
nnd having for eonujnny a girl who
passed ns his dnughter. Seeing that
this psuedn Miss Fenwick wns my
own wile, you cnn imagine how interested I wns. She hns nlready told in
your bearing the reason why she left
me on our weilding day, nnd if I nm
snlisfied with those rensons it is nothing to do with nnyhody. As a mnt-
ter of fnct. I nm satisfied with them,
nnd there is no more to he said; but
when I rnn agninst Vera ngnin at
the hotel I knew nothin-' of past
events, and I made nn effort to find
out the cnuse of her apparently
strange conduct. In a way, he wns
fighting against me; she would tell
me nothing, and I had to find out
everything for myself. On the night
In question I sent Gurdon to Portsmouth Square, nnd he hnd the misfortune to betray himself."
"II nenrly ended in Mn death."
Evors snid, soberly. "Chnrles Le
Fenu wns very bitter just nhout thnt
time. You cnn quite understnnd how
it wns that he mi«took Gurdon for
one of Fenwick's spies. But wby did
he eo there?"
"He followed my wife, and there
you hnve tbe simrle exnlannlion of
the whole thing.   But you have not
matter with her mind, and when she
realizes her happiness she will soon
be as well as any of us. You will
come with me to London, Gerald?"
"My dearest girl, of course I will,'
Venner said. "I will do anything you
like. Let us get these things pushed
through as speedily as possible, so
thnt we cnn start on our honeymoon,
which has been delayed for a trifling
matter of three years, and you cannot say tbat I bave been unduly impatient !"
Vera raised herself on her toes and
threw her arms round her husband's
neck. She kissed him twice—there
were tears in her eyes, but there was
nothing but happiness behind the
leers, as Venner did not fail to
"You have been more than good,"
Bhe whispered. "Ab, if you only
knew how I have missed you, how
terrified I was lest you should tnke
me at my word and abandon me to
my fate, us you hnd every right to
do. And yet, nil the time I had a
curious feeling that you trusted me,
though I dnred not communicate with
you nnd tell you where you could
send me ns much ns a single line. I
was fearful lest a passionate appeal
from you should turn me trom my
purpose. You see, I had pledged myself to fight the buttle tor Beth and
her lover, nnd for the best pnrt of
three yenrs I did so. And the strangest part of it all is that you, my hus-
liunil, from whom I concealed everything, should be the very one who
eventually struck straight to the
heart of the mystery."
"Yes, that's nil right enough," Venner smiled, "but why could not you
have confided in me in the first instance? Do you think that I should
hsve refused to throw myself heart
and soul into the affair and do my
hest to help those who were dear to
"I suppose I lost my head," Vera
murmured. "But do not let us waste
to much time nt all, or we shall lose
three years; and do not let us waste
too much time sta all, or we shall lose
our trnin."
"Tbnt is bringing one back to earth
with a vengeance," Venner laughed.
"But come along and let us get all
the business over, and we can look
eagerly forward to the pleasure of afterwards."
(To be continued.)
"I nsked her to remove her big hat
so thnt I could sec the stage."
"Wouldn't she do it?"
"No; she snid if she held her hat in
her Inn, she couldn't see the stage
It requires a lot. of personal magnetism to send things your way.
Th* Trlek ef Breathing  Flames and
8parks From the Mouth.
Fire tricks were practiced In very
ancient times. The lirst known bre
breather was a Syrian slave named
Euuus. a lender in tbe Servile war in
Sicily, 130 B. 0. He pretended to hare
Immediate communication wltb the
gods. When desirous of Inspiring his
followers with courage he breaibeu
flames and sparks from bis mouth.
lu order to accomplish tbls feat Eu
nus pierced a nutshell at botb ends,
and. bavlng filled it wltb some burn
Ing substance, be put It In bis mouth
and breathed through lt Tbe same
trick Is performed today In a more
approved manner. Tbe performer roils
some flax or hemp luto a ball aboui
tbe size of *t walnut which be lets
burn until It is nearly consumed
Then he foils around It more Has
while It Is still burning. By tbls
means the Ore is retained In the ball
tor a long time. He slips tbls ball
Into his mouth unperceived and
breathes through It. His breath revives the Ore. and be sustains no In-
Jury so long as be lohales-ouiy tbrough
his nostrils.
Various theories hare been advsneed
to account for other feats ot this sort
performed by the ancients. An old
ordeal was tbe holding of a redhot
Iron by tbe accused, wbo was not
burned If he were Innocent Probably
some tiroiectlve paste was used on tbe
hands. Tbe peculiar property of
mineral salts, sucb as alum. In protecting articles of dress trom Ore bas
long laeeu known. An old Milanese
devised a costume consisting of a
clotb covering tor tbe body which bad
been steeped In alum.- A metallic
dress of wire gauze waa added to tbls,
and thus protected a man might walk
on hot lron.-Harper'a,   '
London's Dramatic Censers.
London has hnd Its absurd dramatic
censors even tf It cannot quite come up
to Vienna. Colley Clbber in bis autobiography tells ns of one master of tbe
revels wbo wns responsible fur the licensing of plsys In those days expunging the whole first act ot "Richard III."
on tbe ground tbst tbe distresses of
Henry VI. would remind wesk people
of King James, then living in France.
In fact. Sbakespenre ban more tban
once been censored, for "King Lear"
wan Inhibited during the Illness of
George 111. George Column wben
render of plays banned tbe use of sucb
words as angel aud heaven.—London
Te Make Him Sleep.
"Unfit for duty because of Insomnia" was the record of a New York
polleemnn fur several week*.
Inspector Byrnes senl for the man
and gave him a little bll of advice,
thus: "Tonight, about midnight, put
on yonr uniform, belt hst. revolver,
take night stick In bsnd and go tu
some curlier house. Lean against It. and
lean against It bnrd. as If yuu were
really un duty. You'll go to aleep, all
rlght"-New York Tribune.
A •ample ef ths Mummery Ueed In
*       Aneient Wtteharaft
Some curious formulas of ancient
witchcraft are given is Mr. A. hi.
Wane's "Hue* ot Ceremonial Magic'
Here Is a recipe tur Devouring Invisible:
"Begin thli. operation on a Wednesday hefore tho sun rises, belug furnished wltb seven black beans. Take
next the bead uf a dead man. Place
une ot the beans lo bu muutb. two iu
his eyea sud iwo in bis ean. Tben
make dpun tne head tbe character ot
tbe hgure which here follows. (Omit-
ted.1 Tbis dun*, inter ihe bead with
the face towani heaven, and every dny
before snurise tor the space uf nine
days warei it with excellent brandy.
"On tbe eight b day yuu will und tbe
cited spirit, who will aay untu yuu:
What duest tbmir You shall reply: *|
am watering my plant He will then
say: 'Dive uie that bottle; i will water
It myself Vou win answer by refusing, snd ue will again ask you, but
you will persist in declining until be
shall strei.-n turlli his band and show
you the same hgure which yuu have
traced ii|mii. the head suspended from
tbe tip* <>t'hi* Angers. In tbls case
yuu may be assured thsl ll is really
tbe spirit ol tbe Head, because snoiber
mlgbt tske yon unaware*, which
wonld bring yon evil, ana further,
your operation wnoid be unfruitful.
Wben you have given bim your rial
he will waler tbe bead and depart
On the morrow, which Is tbe ninth
duy, yon shall return sud shall find
your beans rip*. Take them.,place
one In'your mouth and then look et
yourself In a glass. If yuu canuol see
yourself li Is good. Do the min* with
tb* rest ur tbey may b« twtvd id Us
mouth ut s child."
A Nssr Nsture Rsturn,
"Tou oust quit spending sn mncb
time In rathskellers and get back to
nature more."
All rlgbt due.   I'd Jost aa soon Mt
hi tbe palm r*Jom."-«tt»_«ii feet.
Six Week* Is tho Limit Thoy Will Walt
Before Remarrying.
In clvuizatiuu it ie eats that • wife
dore nol aiwsye add to her noehand's
ease or render his life mure supportable, but up on the barren grounds the
wont ot wive* would be twtlet than
There, among the heathen tribe*, if a
mane wit* dies—provided Ov la not
a pulygaiuist, in which case, eaya the
Wide World, there te less need tor
hurry-he ottwu tuarnea again within
tbe week.
Even the Christian Eskimo widowers
are wltb dltbcnity persuaded by tbe
Moravian missionaries to allow six
weeks to elapse between tbe deatb and
remarriage. Un the very day after
tbe six weeks bar* inpeed tbe bunter
present* blmselt wltb a new bnde and
asks tbst lhe marriage eervlce may be
speedily read.
The reason is not tar to seek. If la
Hid In civilization tbat "a woman's
work Is never done," and tar more la
tbat true ot the helpmate ot the savage aod tbe aemi-navage, th* woman
ot tb* barren ground* or of th* Ir*
edge. Hbe make* and breaks eamp.
cooks, ruts up and rsrrte* to camp ber
husband'e kill. Hue dresees the skins
of deer and seal.
Sbe Is responsible for th* fashioning
of footgear and riothe*. Un a Journey
ebe often paddle* tbe canoe, and on
portage she esrrles e hesvy load. In
fact It Is easier lu write down the duties nni eipected ot a squaw than
those which by immemorial custom
sbe must perform. *
A Turkish Lev* Story.
A Turk knocked at bla beloved's
door, snd a voice anewered from within. "Who to tberer
Tben he anewered. "It la l"
Tben tbe von** said. "Tbls bouse
will not bold tbe* end me."
And the door wss oot opened.
Tben went Ibe lover Into tb* desert
wbere there is nothing bnt Allan, and
tasted and prayed in solitude.
And attar a year be returned and
knocked sgsln st the door.
And again th* voice asked. "Wbe It
And he Mid. "It Is thyself."
And tbs door was opened to btm.
O'Oruy end Mle Tallsr.
"D'Onwy. lhe. Complete Dandy," ••
Mr. Tlegntnoutb Shore mi* him la Ue
biography, wss fully sware of Ihe
value of his patronsite to tb* tailors
Wben clothe* arrived for him. te th*
most mysiertnns manner banknote*
bad fonnd their way Into th* pocket*.
Onr*. when this si-.iae.it hsd not bap
pened. It'Oruy tmd* hi* vniet return
tbe garment* with the me**ag* that
"the lining ol th* puvkvu bad been
Th* Man In Dengsr.
8he-l suppose Clarence dodges yon
In the street elnce you lent bim tbat
He-No. I have to dodge him. Be
bought a motorcar with it-M. A. P.
h-un's Vegetable Csnponnd
Waurika, Okla.—"I had female trou-
bles for seven years, wsa all run down,
and so nervous I
could not do anything. The doctor*
treated me for different things but
did me no good. I
got so bad that I
could not sleep day
or night While in
thia condition I read
of Lydia E. Pinkham s Vegetable
Compound, and
began Ita use and
wrote to Mrs. Pinkham for advice. In
a short time I had gained my average
weight and am now strong and well"
—Mrs. Sallir Stevens, ft F. D. No.
8, Box 81, Waurika, Okla.
Another Grateful Women
London, Ont—I feel aa If I could
not tell others enough about tha good
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound haa dons for me. I waa so
weak and tired that I could not rest
nights. A friend recommended yeur
Compound and I soon gained health
end strength and could not wish to
sleep better. I know other women
who have taken it for the same purpose
and they join me in praising it —Mas.
Wm. A. Bum, 906 Dams St,
London, Ont
LydleE. Pinkham's Vegetable Com- •
pound haa surely cured many cases of
female ills, sueh ss inflammation, ulceration, displacement!, fibroid tumors,
irregularities, periodic pains, backache, that bearing-down feeling, and
nervous pm*»-».t_on.
Ne Hslfwsy Measures.
Bscon-1 understand yonr wife net-
ir does things by halvee?
Egbert-Tbat's about rlgbt Sh* either leaves tbe door wide open or else
she slams It-Xoukere Statesman.
Johnnie Knew.
A teacher In an uptown school wu
giving ber small chargee a leeson la
politeness the uiher day.
"Now. wben." said she. "sbould you
aay 'Excuse me. pleaser "
Tbere was a moment's silence, tben
a very small boy put up bis bsnd.
"Well. Jolmnler
"Please, mn'uni, yon should ssy 'Excuse me. plena*,' wben you sneese at
th' table and don't turn away your
bead quick enough."—Cleveland rials
fish snd train.
Tbe aaylng thai flsb Is tbe beet brain
food comes of an old lung tongue
windbag yean ago aaylng: "Thought
le Impossible without phosphorous"
8o a (twiss chemist, knowing lhat lish
contained phosphorous, put two and
two together, aud brought forth a say*
lag tbat will never die.       v
She Knew All Right.
"Ton dont knuw what tbafe a pie*
tare ot, Johnny?" said Mrs. Lasplng la
a tone ot reproof. "You ought to read
your ancient uistnry mure. Tbst la
tbe tempi* ot uiuab at -.mptiaaie.*—
Cblcagu Tribune.
Cuticura Soap?
"There it nothing the matter
with my skin, snd I thought
Cuticura Soap was only for akin
troublei.-' True, it is for akin
troubles, but its great mission is
to prevent skin troubles. For
more than a generation its delicate emollient and prophylactic
properties have rendered it the
standard for this purpose, while
its extreme purity and refreshing
fragrance give to it all the advantages of the best of toilet soaps.
It is also invaluable in keeping
the hands soft and white, the hair
live and glossy, and the scalp
free from dandruff and irritation.
While its first cost is a few cents
more than that of ordinary toilet
soaps, it is prepared with such care
and of such materials, that it wears
to a wafer, often outlasting several
cakes of other soap, and making
its use, in practice, most economical. Cuticura Soap is sold by
druggists and dealers everywhere,
but the truth of these claims may
be demonstrated without cost by
sending to "Cuticura," Dept. ;M,
Boston, U. S. A., for a liberal sample cake, together with a thirty-two
page book on the akin and hair.
W. H. U.,   No. 166. THE  SUN,   GBAND  FOHKS.   B. C.
Get The COCKSHUTT For Your
Fall Plowing
The best way to cure a disease is to prevent it.
are soft, absorbent, economical, pleasant to use, and
Sold ln roll*, each containing 500 towels, size 14 x IS.
With handsome nlckle fixture, all packed ln
noat, sealed oarton ... ,
C. P. R. Operate New Lines
It is stated that in a short time the
entire line of the Canadian Pacific
Railway between Moose Jaw, Outlook,
Kerrobert and Macklin, in Saskatchewan, will be opened for traffic. Services have been operated for some
time at either end of the line between
Moose Jaw and Outlook and Macklin
and Kerrobert, but it was only last
month that the central portion of the
line between Outlook and Kerrobert
was completed.
It is now 267 miles from Moose Jaw
to Macklin,    and    construction work
i was started north of Outlook in May,
1910, The new line leaves Moose Jaw
in a northwesterly direction, and runs
through    a    rich    farming    country.
j Eventually it will form a junction
with the Lacombe-Castor Branch at
Kerrobert. When the whole line is
opened for traffic it will be a great
boon to all classes of traffic in Saskatchewan, for not only will the farmers along the right-of-way benefit, but
it will give the towns and cities, now
rapidly growing, in the vicinity of the
line, a direct new connection with the
main line of the C. P. R. to Moose
Jaw, Regina, Brandon, Winnipeg,
Minneapolis, St. Paul and Chicago.
Sleeplei.net..--Bleep is the itreat restorer, and to be deprived of lt Is vital toes.
Whatever may be the cause of tt, indigestion, nervous derangement or mental
worry, try a course of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. By regulating the action of
tlte stomach, where the trouble lies, they
will restore normal conditions and healthful steep will follow. They exert a sedative force upon the nerves and where
there is unrest they bring rest.
No minor how big the bird, no matter how heavy it* plumage or
swift it* Bight, you can bring it to bag with s long, strong,
straight shooting Wincheeter Repeating Shotgun. Result* sr* wbat
count. They always give tbe beat remits in field, fowl or trip
•Booting, and ar* sold within reach ot everybody'* pocketbook.
IKES t Snd MM cad iddriss m * paatlal sort tlr mr large lUostriM aaa.la.law.
WeU, Well!
.can use
I dyed ALL these
—'      of Goods
-=s.llh the SAME Due.
I used
OLEAN and 8IMPLE to Use).
NO chance of ui
The -otuuon-lUcla-iril.on Co.,
--chance of u-lns.hc WRONG Dye fear .he Goods
• -auto color. All colon Irom your Dntnltt or
■tier.   PRES Color Card .0, STORY Booklet 11,
LlaTtltaatt, Montreal,
"I gave Charley his answer last
night, and the foolish boy went und
got full afterward."
"Did you say 'Yes' or No'?"
Minard's Liniment rslisvss nsurslgls
Arctic Hunter—"I think if your wife
would wash her face it would improve
her appearance."
Eskimo—"Ugh! You never seen
her lace!"—Puck.
Shared the Knowledge
The night train was approaching
Blackheath, outside of London, and
two Americans, unacquainted with the
locality, were in doubt as to the sta.
tion. One peered out through the
window into the unresponsive darkness and sank back to his place. The
other did precisely the same.
"Is it Blackheath?" inquired the
"The I-ord only knows," replied the
other, in hopeless fashion.
A small, apologetic, shrinking sort
of Englishman sitting next, spoke up
"I beg your pardon," he suid, softly, "for intruding upon your personal
und private conversation, but as I
happen to share that knowledge with
the Almighty, permit me to say that
it is Blackheath."—Lippincott's.
Minsrd's Liniment cures burns, ste.
"Jedge," said the old colored citizen, "how much for a license to get
married?" "Want it for yourself?"
"Yes, suh? you see I'se gittin' mighty
old now." "That's evident. Then
why do you wish to get married?"
"Well, jedge, ter tell de truth, somebody gimme a long coat, a linen collar an* a walkin cane, en I knows a
'oman what says she can make a living fer me, en I feels des like a honey,
moon."—Atlanta Constitution.
Cheapest ef All Oils. — Considering the
curative qualities of Dr. Thomas' Fadec-
trie Oil It is the cheapest of ell preparations offered to the public. It is to be
found in every drug store in Canada
from coast to coast and all country merchants keep it for sale. Bo, being easily
procurable and extremely moderate In
price, no one should be without a bottle
of it.
Mr. Antfrows prevlae* Dr.
MtM-M't. Indlsun Root Pllle,
Mr. George Andrews of Hsllfsi, N.S,
"For many years I have been troubled
with chronic Constipation. This ail-
■tent never comes single-handed, sod I
bave been s victim to the many illnesses
that constipation brings in Its train.
Medicine after medicine I have taken is
order to find relief, but one snd all left
me iu the same hopeless condition. It
seemed thst nothing would expel from
me the one ailment that caused » much
trouble, vet at lut I read about these
Indian Root Pills.
Tbst was Indeed s lucky day for me,
(or I wss so Impressed with the statements msde that I determined to
give them a fair trial.
They have regulated my stomach snd
tewsls. I em cured ef constipation, snd
I claim they have as equal ss e mtdi-
For over half s century Dr. Morses
Indian Root Pills have been curing constipation and clogged, insctive kidneys,
with sll the ailments which result from
them. They cleanse the whole system
aad purify the blood. Sold everywhere
at 25c. a Ux 3
Ths Wsekly Psymsnt Plsn
The weekly payment plan affords
wage-earners an easy and sure way of
making provision for the time when
their earning powers have ceased.
For exnmple, if a man at present
nged 40 years were to deposit with the
Canadian Government $1 a week until lie was 66 for the purpose of buying a Canadian Government Annuity,
lie would receive $261 a year for the
remainder of his days. And if he
died before lie was 66 what he had
paid, in nccumuluted at 3 per cent,
compound interest would he refunded to bis heirs. Full particulars
concerning the scheme may be had
bv anyone over the age of five years,
if he or she will anply to the Superintendent, of Canadian Government
\nnuities, Ottawa. 8tate age last
birthday, the age at which Annuity
is desired to begin, and the nmount
which you want to pay each week,
end the Superintendent will tell you
what amount of Annuity the payments
will buy.   Write tonight.
"Yes. that old Miss Pnssay is reallv
going to he married. And say, she's
determined to snend her honeymoon
at Niagara Falls." "The idea!"
"YeH, she thinks it's the only place
in the country where they'd he apt to
t»ke her for a bride."—Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
Mrs. Rich-to-Do—"Tell me, Maggie,
what do your servants find to talk
about down in the kitchen."
Maggie—"Oh, we mostly talks about
the visitors up in the drawin' room.
And, beggin' your pardon, ma'am,
what do you mostly talk about up-
Btairs?" "Oh, we talk mostly about
the servants."—Life.
If a dose of Hamlins Wizard Oil
taken at night will prevent your having n bad cold in the morning, isn't
it a good idea to have it ready to take
the moment you feel the cold coming?
"We shall yet see universal disarma.
ment," said the hopeful patriot. "1
fear not," replied Miss Cayenne.
"There are two things that never can
be disarmed, criticism and suspicion."
—Washington Star. .
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
tor any case of Catarrh that cannot
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
P. J. CHENEY A Co., Toledo, 0.
We, the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the last fifteen years, and believe him perfectly honorable in all business transactions and financially able
carry out any obligations made by his
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Oure Is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system. Testimonials sent
free. Price 75 oents per bottle. Sold by
all Druggists.
Take Hall's Family Fills for constipation.
Sometimes a chimney will stain
wall paper even through coats of size
and shellac. Paste a sheet of tinfoil
over the spot, taking care to smooth
out all wrinkles. When dry, repaper,
and you will have no further trouble.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gents,—A customer of ours cured a
very bad case of distemper in a valuable horse by the use of MINARD'S
Yours trulv,
"Let's make a bargain." "Well."
"If you won't talk nbout your new
auto I won't talk nbout my new
baby."—Toledo Blade.
It must be admitted that the
clam is a very close imitation of something to eat.—Washington Herald.
There may be other corn cures, hut
tlollowav'H Corn Cure stands at the head
of the list so far as results are concerned.
"Whnt we want," said the publisher, "is the terse, hard-hitting modern stvle of expression." "1 know,"
replied the writing person; "the stuff
that sounds like profanity with a little hensoats of soda in it."—Washington Star.
THE "wash-up" before
takes but a minute when
you use "SNAP". The dirtiest
dirt disappears before It like
.VV. N. U.,   No. 866
The Jury Decided Thst Seven-up Wss
Purely Scientific.
One of Mark Twain's old time stones concerned tbe game ot seven-up.
or old sledge. Some Kentucky uoys
were arreated for playing this game
under the usual charge of playing a
game of chance. When tbey were
brought before tbe Judge tbeir lawyer
claimed that this game was nut a
game of chance, but was a gome of
science. Tbe court, puzzled, uaned for
a suggestion, and tbe lawyer declared
tbat If a Jury of six gamblers well acquainted wltb the game lu a sclentibo
way and six deacons be Impaneled
with a puck of cards their decision
ought to be determinative. So tbe story goe»:
"Tbere wns no disputing the fairness
of the proposition. Four deacons aud
the two dominies were sworn hi as
tbe 'chance' Jurymen, and six Inveterate old seren-up professors were
chosen to represent tbe 'science' side
of the Issue. They retired to tbe Jury
"In abont two hours Deacon Peters
sent into court to borrow S3 from a
friend. In about two hours more
Dominie Miggles sent Into court to
borrow a 'stake' from a friend. During tbe next three or four hours the
dominie and tbe other deacons sent
Into court for small loans.
"The rest of the story can be told
briefly. About daylight the Jury came
In. and Deacon Job. tbe foreman, read
the following verdict:
'"We, the Jury ln the case of the
commonwealth of Kentucky versus
John Wheeler et al., bave carefully
considered the points of the case and
tested the merits of the several tneo-
rles advanced and do hereby unanimously decide that tbe game commonly known as old sledge, or seven-up.
Is eminently a game ot science and
not of chance, ln d<*monstrRtlon
whereof lt ts hereby and herein stated,
iterated, reiterated, set forth and
made manifest tliat during tbe entire
night tbe "chance" men never won a
game or turned a Jack, although both
feats were common and frequent to
the opposition, and furthermore in
support of this onr verdict we call attention to the significant fact that the
"chance" men are all broke and tbe
"science" men bave got the money,
tt Is the deliberate opinion of tbl* Jury
thnl the "chance" theory concerning
seven-up la a pernicious doctrine and
calculated to Inflict untold suffering
and pecuniary loss upon any community that takes stock In It.'"
The Grip This Dreadful Disease Tskss
Upen Its Victim*.
The course of the dreadful disease,
sleeping sickness, It au extremely slow
one. Tbe first singe Is said to last a
year or more, and tbe cause of the disease may be In the blood long before
any symptoms whatever present themselves. Tbe patient ha* occasional
fever; Indeed, a disease hitherto called
Gambia fever has recently been recognized as the flrst stage of sleeping
sickness. It Is said that tbe swelling
of tbe lymphatic glands of the neck is
a characteristic early synipiom. Tbis
was known in 1SH.1 to Dr. Winterbot-
tom. win. state* that slave traders,
recognizing tbe symptom of a fatal
disease, would not buy slaves who bad
this glandular enlargement. The patient feels well and strung and Is nble
to go about bis usual occupations,
Tbe second stage Is Indicated by a
distinct change In the appearauce of
the patient. Hla expression grows
heavy snd dull; he becomes apathetic,
lies nrouud a great deal aud cannot
exert himself. With the progress of
tbe disease tbese symptoms become
more marked; walking and speech become dlfUcnlt aud finally impossible.
During the last week Ibe aufferer lies
In a state of complete coma, from
which the Illness derives its name.
Often during the second stage of the
disease tbe brain becomes affected,
and some of lbe patients try to run
away Into tbe forests or swamps,
where they die of exposure or starvation. To prevent this the relatives of
a sufferer frequently chain bim dowu
until tbe time comes wbeu he can uo
longer move.-McClure's Mugazlne.
An Austrian Agitstion
There is a law of long standing in
Austria forbidding women and children from joining any society of a po-
litital churacter. The women of that
country have presented II gigantic petition to parliament asking for its repeal. A desire for equal suffrage is
the cause.
»•- In,
_       plant*
!■ Jut the
d for which joa would ht.e
to My)6.1 Oaten* null tton.
It It cure wMt\ fall]HlInohM
Inni, in sll onion, with willowy
flora ofmat lr&fthtUldnBOl
Iom tbffr co/1 M-rllr.   Madia
11.00 to-d»r, for thia ti»" opror-
>t to ba mla-ffd. Wn offer
Scaad montar tar __u.ll, eitarajeo or meaner
  Rememtaaar thai yonr tnonc-r will lao reloaded If the DlntaetBnoteatfjrelrea.ta_er.o_r.
New York Ostrich Festher Co., Dspt.
W. N., 6I3-SI5 B'wsy, N. Y.
Awarded first prize at World's __£__•
position on Its work and methods.
W'lte for a free catalogue. We a,'ee
five Instruction by mail.
The "Wellington" Hat
for men. Canadian-made. Guaranteed best bat value in Canada.
All sizes and shapes in soft and
stiff felts. Ask your Dsalsr, or
write st ones to
Toronto, Ont.
M.i. Winslow's Sooth..-.3 Svaur bos bee*
•Md for over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS ol
MOTHERS j-r their •.atlUlREN WHIUS
I* thc best remedy lor D1ARHHCEA. It Is ao.
■oltttely harmless. Be sure -and ask for "Mia
wiuaiow'e soothing Syrup," and take *a same
Mai   Tweuty-ancan.ua hasm-
>. HorehWInCuu, ■jrul"*i
removing tbabalr, orlan eg tbe bone
—   — —auttoSM. On per bottle.
__>'.a-rlbe_your eese foi
00 par
W.S.YOime.».D._'..inl.vm«n.>ltf«., Montreal Caa*.
Al-aa funaUhM by Martin Bote S Wynne Co., WtnnlBfajr f
Tba, Ntalaaaaiial Drua. anal Claaaaiala-nl Co., V. Iailal|aegA C-lg.r/1
aad UMKlenoa On*. Co. LU., Vancouver.
•ahoot Strong, WeaM
Long  Qualities  for
Gun*   Mads   Famous
The "Empire Gun" all British  made carries the triple
guarantee the Greener name
and  trade  mark    and    the
marks of the British Govern ,
ment Proof House,
a Perfect Hammer-
leas  gun   delivered
Montreal price |U
(LI8T U. 3 FREE)
S3 A. «5 Beaver Hall Hill, Montreal, P.Q
Silver Pino Healing Oil
Healed a Barb-Wire Cut
without leaving a ecratch
Battl* ef the Emperors.
The battle of the emperor* wa*
fought at, Aiisterllt7.. ISO-'.. The emperors present were Nu|iulcon. Francis of Austria and Alesuuder of llus-
slu. Over 176.0OU men were actually
engaged In lhe battle, and of this number 23.000 were killed or wouuded, or
13 per cent of tbe whole.
Suspension Bridges.
It took sixteen years to build tbe
first Brooklyn bridge, bill Immensely
larger sus|ienslon bridges iuu now bs
constructed in from four to flv* years.
Hss. Km McC»a»e, or Mow.
mav, Mas., writeei
"Pleaae eend ma a bottla ot
four Stiver Pine Healing Oil. I
had a colt cut le.t winter wltb
barb wire—I uaaeal half a oolite anal
tt healed up and didn't leava a
acralch. New I have ancathercoll
abet haa ret cut that 1 calrulato
10 heal wilh what is left, b-t I
would libe la have yoo -end ma
another bottle if 1 ehoutd happen
lo need it, for I think 1 could aot
get on without it,"
For all kinda of wounds,
bruises, burn* and sore*
on Lnimals or human
beings, Silver Pine Heal-
ing Oil is a quick, aafe and
wonderful bealer. Keep a
bottle on hand for times of
•eed. ln 25*., 80c. and f 1.00 bottle*, al
your dealer'* or from th*
Uteractlaatl Ilea. Feel Cs..lialM.tcfssts.Cae
Msn and Womsn
"Why do you consider women superior to men in intelligence?"
"A bald-headed man buys hair-restorer by the quart, doesn't he?"
"Well, a woman doesn't waste time
on hair-restorer; she buys hair."
DIXIE tobacco THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
7lfUs%3i7*'»rtM*«*s*eft«***!tentk''le<1  himself while  suffering
VMjUT It IU?UUUJ JyUU' fr0m alcoholio dementia.   Kurmeen
1 was  an Englishman and about 59
I years of age.    He owned   a   ranch
Published at Orand Forks, Briti.h Coiumbi  I atl(j 80me mineral claims near Eholt,
 ___-   and was an old-timer iu   the Boundary.    The Elks have taken charge
•*■*••"» Bdltor.ndPubli.h.r|of   thg  bodyi and   the   ,uneral   wj||
take place in Spokane this week.—
Greenwood Ledge.
A rile of thia paper oan be aeen at the offloe
of Meiers, ft. A J. Hardy A Co.. SH, It and It,
Plraot Street, E.C.. Loudon. -ti.ffl-.ita_, free or
charge, ami that firm will be flad to reoelve
,ubaaorlvtloua aud advertisements on our behalf.
o*ie Year.,	
Due Year fin advatioe)	
< Ina Y ear, fn United Sta tee	
Addreet all oommtlnloatleoa to
.11 JO
..  1.00
.. 1.60
CHON*   Bit
'Sh* Bvbmimo Bus,
A friend—or foe—of The
Sun sends us an editorial clip-
pling from an eastern paper
Youth's Compaion in 1912
No other paper is quite like The
Youth's Companion. It takes in
half a million homes, where the
choice of reading is made with as
much care as the choice of friends.
For years The Companion hap enjoyed contributions by distinguished
men and women of Great Britain
and Canada. Among those already
engaged to write for the 1912 volume are General Baden-Powell, who
bas something of interest to say
about the Boy Scout movement, Sir
Harry Johnston, who recalls the
last of the Great South African hun
imparting the information that'       „,.,,.     „, „    ,   ,
iu  ■ '     _. * _.    ters, William T. Stead,  Jerome  K
the   voters,    from   ocean to      '      .     n  ,      .,,„.„;
., _.i_.- Jerome, Jane Barlow, Frank r. Bui
ocean, in the recent elections '
overwhelmingly condemned
reciprocity, and charging that
thc Liberals are lacking in appreciation ofthe intelligence of
the Canadian people. "We
have already seen a thorn-sand
similar statements in the Conservative press since the elec-,, h_. „ ...„-..
tion.    Olll*  unknown   inform-1 ln«  The   Companion the Canad.an
len, Rev. W. J. Dawson, Richard
Whiteing, Sir James Crichton-
Browne, and the Duke of Argyll,
former governor general of Canada
The serial stories alone, which
will follow one another lhe year
j through, will be worth $1.50 each
when printed in book form.  By lak
ant therefore loses 1  cent in
subscriber   gets   them all  and 250
uut tuurciuic luoua   jl    iat.i.u   in »    __.__-_t-._-      .
postage.      But    we   are    not i other co.nplete stones for 82.00 and
vet   prepared   to accept the I'he,Arl'cle8' "i"*11'"* Broy8 lage'
11 -      r    L •  •     -•  '     '■     [Girls   Page,   Hiiu-aehold Page, etc.,
views expressed in the clip-
pling. Facts do not bear out
the statement that the Canadian people, from ocean to
ocean, are overwhelmingly
opposed to reciprocity. In
Ontario the electors were led
to believe that the old flag was   „„^^—,
in danger, and voted for the i l*'bographed in twelve colors and
flag and not against reciproci- |8old<»n« »•■,he back *"s**e9 *or lhe
ty. ln Quebec there were remaining weeks of 1911 from the
more ballots cast against the t,,ue the •™*»°'¥*°** ■" received.
Hag than against the agree- 'The Youtb'8 Companion
ment. In our own province Berkeley8t" B"8ton- Ma89'
tlie patronage of the McBride subscription* received at this office.
gov rnment,   in   many cases!       rf.__u_,A„ +x A«nUD.'A
Ifttributod   to    undeservers,!       Tnbute to APPle Ple
was the deciding factor, and I   Stephen   H.   Btown, chief dis-
in, Manitoba the  saiSe Condi-' pitcher for the Great Northern  in
tions     prevailed.    What   the Spokane, haB been   inspired to verse
people of the Maritime prov- on Apple Pie. and submits the fol-
illCCS  voted for   requires   the lowing tribute on this delicacy:
judgment of a   Daniel to   de- The orange adorns California
cike.    Alberta and  Saskateh-      Beneath winter's somber gray sky;
put in for good measure. Now is
the time to subscribe, for on Janu
ary I. 1912, the subscription price
will be advanced to $2.25.
Do not forget that the new subscriber for 1912 receives free The
Companion's     Calendar  for   1912,
Holt Thinity Churoh,Henry Steele,
Rector—Sunday services:. Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
and sermon, 11 a. m.; evensong and
sermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 10
a.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will be celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service as well as at 8
a.m. Week-day and special services
aa they are announced from time to
time. You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you.
Knox Pheshytkuian Church—
Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.
m.j -Sabbath school and Bible class at
9:45 a.m. All are cordially invited.
Seats free. Rev. M. D. McKee, pastor.
Methodist Church J. Rev. Calvert, D.D., Pastor.—Sunday services,
11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.;Sunday school,
2:30 p.m.; Epworth League, Monday
at 8:00 p.m.; prayer meeting, Wednesdays, 8 p.m.; junior League, Fridays, 7:00 p.m. Everybody will be I
Baptist Church, Rev. H. W-.
Wrigjit, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. in.; Bible
class and Sundav school at 10 a.m.
If it isn't an EASTMAN
it isn't a KODAK, so buy
nothing but a KODAK
See our gooda and ask for Kodak Catalogues. Ask our advice on any difficulties.   We are at your service.
Prices range from $2.00'to $65.00
6c   CO.K-
Mining Stock Quotations
Boston, Nov.mher 2.—The following are today's opening quotations for
tiie stocks mentioned:
Granby Consolidated.    30 00
B. C.   Copper       4 00
3 2.5
Metal Qaotations
Nkw York, Nov 2—Silver 53;
itandard copper, $12.25@12.3.5, firm.
London, Nov. 2.—Silver,J 24^;
ead, ,£13 6s 3d.
The following nre the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granhy       585,672
Mother Lode  6,900     241.967
Jackpot      282       '22,514
Rawhide   2,894     164,504
Athelstan       181 6,lli0
Lone Star  2.777
Napoleon;  5,313
Insurgent  162
Snowshoe        43,900
No. 7 r  1.300
I'hoenix Ainal  1,95(1
Others   1,507 7,046
A Dollar  Goes a
Long Way
wjien you buy" your supplies at our market; we
sell you choice, prime cuts
of beei. mutton, lamb, pork
and veal at as low a margin of profit as we can do
^^^^^^^^ ^'iH-W business honestly upon
and give the best you can get anywhere. Our meats
are tender and delicious—our poultry fat, fresh and
tender, and our hams and bacon fit tor a king at
Form No 1.
Total 11,764
Smelter treatment—
B.C. Copper Co... 11.386
The only policy holder who
doesn't need to pay his premiums is dead. The only man
who doesn't need to advertise
is the man who has retired
ewan were the only provinces B«U"»d ■» !t Mrtwll I warn you?)! from business
.i    ,      .i • •*. . Ihe orange ie not fit for pie,
that voted on reciprocity, un- 5 F
NOTICE I> hereby given that an anpllentloii
wilt bu made uinler Part V. of th<* "Writer
Aot, 1909," to obtain a license in the Slmilka-
meu11 Division of Ynle District..
(ti) The nnme. address and occupation of
the applicant: Peter V (.renin, of Brilliant,
British Columbia, Farmer. (It for mining
purposes) Free Miner's Certificate No 	
(h) Tie name of the lake, stream or
Himree (if unnamed, the dt'iorlptlo.1 is):
Kt-thoi-man Creek.
(0) The point of diversion ti about one
thousand feet easterly from the crossing of
the Columbia & Western Kailwuy over Fish-
erman Creek,
(d) The quantity of water applied for (hi
entile feet  per second):    One  cubic   foot
(e) The character of the proposed works:
Pipe Hue and small reservoir,
(f) The Premises ou whioh the wa'er it to
he used (describe   i-ame):   Lot '.'111? li. I,
(g) Tlie purposes for whioh (lit* water li to
he used:   Irrigation.
(h) If for Irrigation describe the land intended lo he irrigated, giving aere*Ke: Undulating foothills to the extent of two hundred
i) If tbe water is to be used for power or
miniug purposes, describe the place where
the water Is to be returned to some natural
channel, and the difference in altitude between point of diversion uud point of return.
(j) Area of Crown laud Intended to be occupied hy the proposed works.   Nil.
(k) This notice was posted on the 26th day
of August, lull, aud application will he mude
totlieCommlttsJoi.eroutlie___.ith day of Oetober, 1911.
(1) Olve the names and addresses of any
riparian proprietors or licensees who or
whose lauds arc likely to be affected by the
propoM'd works, either above or below the
outlet.   Nil.
(Signature) PR • KR VERKUIN,
(P. o  Address) Brilliant, ll, C.
JOHN Ziiiniiniv. Agent.
Note—One cubic foot per second it equivae
lent to .15.71 miner's Inches.
Found Dead
adulterated by Hide issues and Of courne the dear women will tell
preposterous prophecies.        I   ,„,   yo" .
*     l *     l lhat they cun produce orange pie;
i But, pshaw! they are likely to "sell"
j you
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        With layer cake three  i-tories high.
For  some  years  Thomas  Kur- The orang(J posae8Bes uttracliuns,
meen lived on his ranch near Eholt.      But peeling itsliiAulatrs wrath;
He had lieen   drinking recently and And   wben   you've   reduced  it to
had nut been seen   for  several days
Until his nephew, J. J. Clucas, went*
to his culnn last  Saturday   tfvening Pluui8,aprioi)l8,cherries and peaches,
•'and found his uncle in bed, cold  l"n|_ A" ljl''aHe l'"1'1|.the palate and eye,
dai.ith.   Clucas notified the authorities,  and  Sunday   morning   Chief
Dinsmore, James Chirk, James Cunningham  and   M. VT   Ludlow went
to Kurnn'i'ii's   cabin.     When    put-
tuia! hill) in lhe dead-box il was discovered thnt he had been shot in the
h.'iid, buck   of  and   above lhe right
eir.    Examination   of    the   cabin
showed the bed clothes to he stained
With blood. In the li.il was a large Am, riwph(,rry ro)1 |, „ winner.
rifle, and upon a table beside the
bed a 22-rifle, Tbe biidy wns taken
to Greenwood and a pom mortem
made by Dr-.. M no Lean nml Dun-
hir K ir a en'-, face was burned
!>V powalir. Tiie 22-bulle: had gone
through the* skull ori the right" side,
inetriliiu   tbe   brain,   anl   after
You almost require a bath.
But no other "tilling" quite reaches
The goodness of appltas tor pie.
The grape-fruit induces a fellow
In pry out the juice Irom   among
The »eeds nud a tlini skin ol   yellow
I'o lind himself thoroughly stuug.
The pineapple offers temptation
Because ol its flavor and smell.
Ami strawberry shortcake's a ration
Upon   whose   delights   1   might
I'o iti 1-4 we can all testify;        ,
Il lends a distinction lo dinner,
Yet can nnt eclipse Apple Pie.
Each luscious fruit giveth a season
Of pleasure to man ere it dies;
Bui Nature—wecuremil the reason—
Provides apples, always) for   pies. !
P. O. BOX 1383 448 SEYMOUR ST.
Mess n. Crowley Rrns., Manchester, Bug.
Makers of Gas Producer Plants aud Oil
Kiitfilies for genera) (lower or electrical
lighting purposes.
Messrs Dick. Kerr & Co-, Ltd., Preston,
Knglaud Equipment for Mines and Contractor* Light Locomotives (steam and
elect Hen ), etc.
Herting Telephone Co., purtutile shot-
firing machines for millers, cmitrai'lori*1,
prospect or*. The hest <m the market.
Write fui' particular tt. <
Mourn, 'lener.tor*.   '''■"•» '""'  Supplies
Blei'ti ciilHeatlntr   and Cooking  Appara
till, StOritUU natteri. -, n
Your eiiqiiiiiei* will receive our   promp
attention.   Wiiie fortiifoiiutitlon.
The hen ring of lids npP"eation  lias  keen
changed to the 3r«l dny of Niiv,*ri._er, lltli.
Practical Plumber
All work guaranteed.
Only experienced workmen employed. Estimates furnished.
Bicycle repairing and
bicycle sundries.
Winnipeg    Avenue
same i
Without its greetings true,
Wishes  sincere from far anil
Fi«(in friends both old and
Order  Early
Sample Book
The Jun Office
(I'u.'lished Annually)
r.iial'le" tr«der* throughout the  world  tu
communicate direct with K'igllst*
Then sing tn the apple forever!
ll lili-i-si-s lioth lei-hle and spry.
Let   naught, then,   our  fellowship
Thou joy of tny life—Apple pie!   |
fracturing the skull on the   left  side
It had recoiled and   filli".   into   the
brain sulislanoe     The coroners' jury
examined    Knrmeen's    e liiin     tin	
Tuesday   and    the   iniiueat   will he        .      .. ,,,   ,-a .   .  .   ■
1 ' A new lot, ol latest designs    ot   pro
M'l tonirrov.    It is thni,'ht  that grahi arid menu cards just received at'
K'triiiwii   accident illy  or   within- Tiik -Sun job office.
DoEIar Doubters
Our Classified Want Ada. Ara
real dollar doublera. In thos
leather and nerv>ua oneir*ry thoy
win save you many tlmaa their
em ill eost by bringing to your
door whnt you require, whether
It bo efficient help, a rtcslrabla
borrower for surplus oaeh, m petition or a domnetlo.
A most cc.KMKlnf and Inoa-
■onslve proof would bo to try a
WaM Ad.
Yale Uud Dlltrlot, DUtrlot of Slmilkiiuipcii.
TAKK   notice that  Hubert 9. P»M ol   Olds,   MANUFACTURERS it DEALERS
I     Aibi'i'tit. oi'Ciip.it (in    Kiiriini*, ititcnds lo
apply  for "iiuiuiisfttou to |iurcha>i< the   foi-   in each class of good*.   Hcnldns being n com*
lowing(tr-M-rilicd lailUtt) ■ plcte  coii'iiie'ciul   guidi- to London and  its
('oiuniei'oing at   a  pott planted  ahout '•'**•   tiiburhs. the directory contains IUt« of
chains norih of the northwest coriinr of hot
1180 S.. ou Deep CrfcK, Hii<l nbout  Hve miles KXPOItT   MRHPHAN1S
east of the town   of i ascade    thence north rAn"U   MMIbHAWIB
M    chaius;   thenoe w« t   Ul   eliajusi theuco   wlth the ,}otM|g thB, gfcjp   a„d ,hB i;„iOIIW
ioiltii40ehaltii| thence east Wohaius to point   ftll(| Korclgn Markets they supply;
of coinimuicHiueiit ******
J. tt. Cranston, Agent. ^B	
Dated 3eptemhei-'hd   1911. rtrranged uuder the Ports to which tht>y sail,
'*************************************•********«^_____________________.»   ft||)| indlolitiiijt the aoproximate SalPugfi:
OriL'inul Mineral Cluim, situate In the
Urand Korks .Mining Division of Yale District.
WhtTt! located:    Iu Brown'* camp
TAKK NOTIi'K that I. Alexander C. Iliirr.
Prt'e «■ -iiiem* Certificate No. h-'lhrhH, for
myself mid tin agent for Charle-t K, (hiker,
Freo Miner*' Ct-rilHente N'. :fw.rt». In-
tend, sixty davs from the dati* hereof, in npply tn the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
o- Itunrovument. forthe puruuse of obtaining a CloM ii '•rant ofthe a"ove cluim
And furtlier tnke u<i:|ce that action   uuder
■"<■<•ti.ui  '17,  must be comiut>noe<l beforo the
l-Hiiauce of   i-unh I'ertitieate  of    Improve-
Dated this Uth day of June, A 1>. 1-"1
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., In
the principa' or iVlnoUl towusaiid Industrla!
iMMitrcHof the United KluKdoin.
A copy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
'inter fnr 20ft.
Dealers Keeking Agencies can advrti-e
their trade cards ior £1, or larger advertisements from £3,
25, Ahull ui-cli Lane, London,   B.C.
Don't fowl thai Thi* Sun hun the
lifst joh printing nYpiirrinftit  i
Boundnry country.
Rememl ier that every added
n the subscriber helps to make this
paper better for everybody. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Advice About Stomach Troubles and How to Relieve Them
Do not neglect inHiiicxtio'i which
may lead to all sorts of ills mid complications. An eminent physician
once said thnt ninety-five per 'cent
ol all the ills of fhe human hody
have their origin in a disordered
Our experience with Rexall Dys
pepsin T__l.lt.i_i leads us to believe
them to he among the most dependable remedies known for the relief
of indigestion mid chronic ilyspipsiii.
Their ingredients are southing and
and healing to the intlained membranes of the Btoinach. They are
rich in pepsin, one nf the greatest
digestive aids known to medicine.
The relief they afford is very prompt
Their use with persistency and regularity for a short lime lends to bring
about a cessation of the pains caused
by stomach disorders.
Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets help to
insure healthy appetite, to aid di-
ga-stion, and thus promote nutrition.
As evidence of our sincere faith in
Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets, we ask
you to try them at our risk. If they
du not give you entire satisfaction,
we will return you the money you
paid for them, without question or
formality. They come in three
sizces, prices 25 cents, 50 cents, and
il UO. Remember, you can obtain
them only at our store—The Rexall
Store.   H. E. Woodland.
The Age of Electricity
"Thirty years ago," said a member of congress to a newspaper reporter, "1 walked six miles over a
but and dusty roud from my coun
try home to the county-sent to see u
circt-3 that advertised to have on ex
hibition a light made by electricity.
There were scores of others in our
in ighborlio.id who went, not to see
the circus, but to get a sight of tbis
new marvel, the electric light.
"That was thirty years ago.   Last
month, on advice of my physician,
I went out to a   suburban   sanitari
um   for   treatment for a rheumatic j
trouhle.    Al the corner  I took ,an
electric car that carried me   to   the i
suburbs.   There 1 entered an   elec t
trie automobile   that  whisked me a |
mile   farther,   to   the   sanitarium.
Hauing arrived there, I was taken
by au electric elevator to my room,
where au attendant  turned  on  the
electric light and   switched   on  the
electric fan.    A  moment later   the
house physician came in.   On leaving me; he said tbat I would be notified   when   to   come down to the
treatment room.    Soon after his call
an electric sign on the wall  Hashed
the words, 'Treatment Room.'
"On going down lo that apartment, I had an electric light bath,
after which the phyi-icimi applied
electric sponges to my aching joints.
When I had returned to my room
the electric telephone at the head ot
my bed rung, and lying there, I
talked to my secretary in the house
office-building in Washington. He
bad called me up to ask after my
"Just hefore day the next morn
ing I awakened, and desiring some
hot milk, summoned tbe night attendant by pressidg an electric button. When I made known my
wants the atteudant retired, returning in a few moments with a small
electric stove, on which he t-oo i
heated a palatable drink. Before rising lhat morning I bad an electric
ma».-age. The nurse told me thai
he had just been attending a patient
with a chill, and had materially relieved him by packing electric bed
warmers about him.
"During the forenoon I had a
slight attack of nervousness. I was
placed in an electric chair—not the
electric chair—and its gentle vibrations soon sent me ol. into a soothing sleep.
"During the afternoon I had occasion to communicate with a ci 1-
league on a matter shat I did not
care to trust to the telephone. Accordingly, I telephoned my secre
lary to have the member in question
call me on the telautograph punctually nt a certain minute. This he
did, within a quarter-minute of the
time I had set, for the clock at the
sanitarium and the clucks in lhe
house building are both connected
by electric wire with the government
ollicial clock at the national  obser
vatory, aud regulated to the second
eaeh day. Then I sat down snd
carried on a secret correspondence
on the electric telautograph, by
means of which the words were written by electricity at a distance of
eight miles.
"When I recovered sufficiently lo
walk, 1 strolled one day up lhe valley to the source of all this power.
U was a humble little stream tbut
tumbled down tbrough an iron pipe
to a turbine wheel. I do not know
which excited my admiration more,,
the numberless uses to which 1 had
seen electricity put, or the elmplic -
ty ol this tailingslieam that was the
moving power of it; but 1 do know
tbal my emotion did not compare in
intensity wilh the amazement that 1
felt thirty years before, when I first
beheld lhal glowing bulb under lhe
canvas of tbe old circus teul in Indiana."—Youth's Companion.
Hotel QoYm
Opposite Great Northern Station
Recently completed anil
newly furnished through*
out. Conveniently located
for railway men. Kirst*
dans accommodatloni. for
transients-. Hoard and
rooms liy the week at prevailing rate». .'Hue Hue of
Wines, Liquors and Cigar*
always in stuck at the bar.
Grand Forks, B. t.
May Electrify the Road
To overcome the difficulties of
•team traction in the Rocky mountains, it is probable lhat tbe Canadian Pacilic railw'ay will eventually
electrify its mountain system. It
is thought that such a scheme is intended by the ruad, as the compaa y
has secured water, power rights capable of developing lOu.OOU hi rse-
power on the Adams river in this
province. The Adams river runs
out of Adams lake, which il cm
nects with the South Thump-on
river at the west end of Sbuswap
lake. There are two points at wlncli
the power ean be taken
Our time, knowledge and
experience in the printing
business is at 'ynur disposal
when you are in need of something ir this line. Don't forget this.
The high price of living has
not affected our job printing
prices. We're are still doing
high class commercial work of
all kinds at prices satisfactory
to you.
You might as well cut off
your legs because you are running well in a footrace as to
cut off your advertising because your business is too
1 he Oliver Typewriter
for 17 Gents a Day!
Pleat-H rend the heailliuv'over agatll.   Then its
treineudoiiH ci'Miitli-niu'c wilt   iuwn  upon   yuti
An Oliver Tyuewrlter-Hhe ntHitdarr) vi-dhle
writer—the must highly per,   ted typewriter
■ hi the market- yours for 17 centu    dayi •
The typewriter whole rntiq next of ttfeeoui
ii.arcJ.il world Inn matter of htntor.-—voitri* fn
17 eeiitv a dtty!
The typewriter that In equipped with scores "I
■uoh ouiiveiituntttn a>   The Biilanuu Shift—
"the it tiling i)BvlceM-"The n..i.hit) Roleime"-
■The   Ueotnolive    Bait-"—"The    Autonurfc
Hphqit'—"Ihe    Automatic   TBl.iilat.tr"—"The
—"The Adjustable Paper Kiiim-m1'—"The Scientific Ubtideiiied Key-
hoard"—all •**%
Yours (or  17
Gents a Day!
_ We anonneed  thi_*
new unlet, plan recently, Juki to feel the pulne ol
the people.   Himply a (.mall  OHih payment—
tlii'ii 17oentfi a day.   That is tin* nlnn in a nut
! shull.
Tlie result tin*, heen such a delude, of applica-
i iioiic tor niHciiinefl thu: we are elm ply as-
< founded,
Thc demand comes from people of all clussei-i,
all ages, all (icoupatloiih.
;    Tiie majority of inquires has come Jfroia pOO.
:   lu of known tluaiii'lai niamliny who were al-
| traded bv the novelty of the propoa. 'nu.   An
unpromvu demo i ill ration of the limuem-e pop*
ii arlt'y of tiie Oliver Typewriter
A  r-tartlluK confirmation of our helief   thut
lhe Km of 1T111 vernal Typewriting U at hand.
A Quarter  of a Million People
are Making Money with
Trjc *_
The Standard Visible Writer
The Bsautiful Picture for Grand Forks Sun and Montreal Family Herald and Weekly Star Subscribers
this Season.   ^An Inspiration of Love and
Affection—(•_/! Picture that will be like a
Member  of  the  Family—A   Daily
Study for Old and Young
'PHE Family Hornlil ami Weekly Sin r of Montreal, acknowledged to be
I the greatest and beat family and farm paper on the continent, nan on
many oeciit-ionH given its reader* most delightful premium picture).,
but thi« maiieou they have aeuured what is beyond any question of doubt
tbe beat picture ever offered newspaper reader*. It is entitled "Home
Again" and describes a touching hut joyful incident between two friends
who meet after anxious separation.
"Laddie," a collie dog, famous for his beauty and gentleness, winner
nf many prizes at .log snows, the prida of the family and neighborhood,
lias been stolen, and nfter many day*' absence lie escapes one night from
his captor and ri'iurns home on u snowy winter's morning with the rope
which he broke in bis struggles for freedom danulimt from his collar.
Mis familiar bark brings hia little mistress, Marjorie, tn the door and
she throws her arms around her trusty playmate's neck with cries of joy
which bring her mother anil brother to the door. "Laddie" is equally
delighted to be "Home Again." and answers her welcome by putting his
paws on her shoulder and resting his head against her bream with a little
whine, which in his dog language means—"Where I love is Home."
The sweet faced young mother, a woman of soft curves, tender eyeB
mid parted lips—the two glad-eyed children—an eager boy with hair likej
his mother's and the quick gesture of excited boyhood; the warm-hearted
girl with rippling locks, her affectionate arms around the shaggy neck of
the beautiful collie, all go to form a picture that will win a favored place
on the walls of any home.
The picture is by the celebrated artist, Arthur J. Klsley, famous for
his skilful and sympathetic painting of children and animals.
The beautiful picture "Horn? Again" on heavy plate paper 22x_-9
inches all ready for framing will be mailed FRKK to every subscriber of
The Hun and Family Herald and Weekly .Star for 1912.
The small sum of J1..10 will secure the two papers for a full year including a copy of the charming picture "Home Again," which alone is
easily worth a two dollar bill, in tact it could not be bought at that price, j
Every home in the  Boundary should get the bij 11.50 worth this
PHONF 64        GRAND FORKS, B. C.
If you eome to Hie
for tn a1 merit, ex-
lieet ti) he cured. If
uthevt lum1 failed,
expect me to eure
you Unlet! I know
I ean euro win I will
not accept yourcii-e
nud in every In-
■tmioe 1 Ire 't liy in>
own original or au-
V'tli'-ed and -cii'ii'lth'
Spermatorrhoea. Organic WeuWiietiB,
Loil Vliror, Varicocele, Hydrocele, t'on-
tt acted Disorders, S|it>i*lllc ltlo.nl l'n|m-n.
files nud Stricture* rciMnrlntr ull effected
ordain*- to normal and healthy notion in
the -hortent p.)__<.ilj.|i> apace of time.
See   All the  Forms   of   Diseases
of Men.
Cotitultntlou and Inatructioti booklet
free at olllre or hy mall.
rhe Oliver Typewriter la a money-makei
right from the word "gol" Ho can- to run that
.wt.li.uern «>oujret in ihe "expert" cl-UK, Kum
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Wherever you are, there \'- work to be done
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Thai is the battle ery today, *e have mnde
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The simplicity and strength of the Oliver fit n
for family use. It 1*. becomlna an important
fnetor in the home training nf young people,
A n educator h» well to. a money maker.
Our new selling plan pnu the 'diver on tin
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markahle Oliver od i?
Write for further details of our easy oiler and
a free copy of cue new- Oliver catalog.  Address
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
Oliver Typewriter Building,
City and Suburban
j* *i**\W* J%-n-'.\i;.-. KT. LOT between
lk^f%ri S-ioiid nnd Thiol attaet...
J|,1,H m Jon* ahove Judge I-oHmy'i
^T t^^^^^ und It. tiaw's places; separated from all other prop'-rties hy i£l)*'t.
lum.: tta laruea* aeven or eight ordinary lots.
adjoining loth nr.. worth *H); would nmke
nlee home, with H'lttielrnt irmund for chick*
•lit. fruit, garden and lawn; moat deiirahle
oration lu city.
BS ACUKS odjoiuiuu
■ Ity limit* on south]
14 acres eleireil; I "
fruit trees| new foin-
ItpUMI hum fir h\x hot-leu; home,
hiu'vy.duuhle hnriie-4*. aid tanning luiple
ment.     All for *■'■■••'    Buy terma.
mid three lots within
oue h|o<'k  or hiuhioa
centre;   lawn,   «hiide
ries. fruit IrecH.herry Itunlitx*. large Harden.
v\ ill alio sell furniture of house if deslrftd,
One-half eaHli. tuilaoce ternio.
—1'j mllea from town;
7-rooin lioime, plait*
'■rrrl; large -tUffffyibeu,
•ew        mw**sswmummm-emr      WOOUlhMI       160        'I'll it
treea.   70  bearing) i\   aOrtl   <iiriiwhnrrieti.
gooaelierrit'i.. eurranu, run).berries: free f'oin
trust: th« beat location around Grand Porks i
l>lenty   of   go.td   water; fruit and  croi>  in
eluded. '
Between :t ami i aorei
In West end f»r city;
lir-' I'lasH -oil. nil under eul Until.n; hiuall
hoiine. wiMid-lii'd anrl oiitliiilliling": '■veil nnd
pump: Bood fence. Thin tl a saerilice.atiowii.
er ia ahont t" Ivnv-i ity    Tcnna.
Now Kditiun Issued Nov. 15, 1900.)
Is a dozen books in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, ohemis-
try, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology,, uses, statistics nnd finances ol
copper. It, is ti praoical book, useful
to nil nnd necessary to most men en
gaged in any brunch of the coppes
Us facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, und its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4G.'lfi copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the propel ty.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the facts it gives him about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him abuut mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain Knglish.
Price is S5 in Buckram with gilt
top; 87.5U in full library morocco.
Will bp sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week of receipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
453 Postoffice Block,
Houghton. Michigan.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
ANY available Dominion i.iuni*. witiiiti tlie
Kailwuy Molt of ltritii.li Columbia may lo.
liou.(>_>teuili:fi oy any iienou who li tlio Ih.ikI
<»f a family, or uuy mala oviTflulittfou yeara
of og0i to tlie extent of one*t|uarter Mootiou
of inn acres, more or Ieit.
Kutry iiiUHt Ik- iuail''i|tar*4i>iiully at tlie local
land office for tlie 'INtrict in which the lauo
The liniiif—.tituilrr in ro(|ulrf(l to perform
the condition* oonnejtea  therewith   uniler
one of tho foiiuwiiitf plant:
(1) At leattt six mouth*.' roMlileuoe upon ami
cultivation uf the land iu each year for three
(2) If the father (or mother, if the father in
ileceatu-'l}, of the hoinrHK'a'ItT rc-iiic*. uuoo u
farm in the vicinity of thc laml entered for,
the requirement! a* to reniileum may banal*
iNtiedhy ■uchi>erion rethlliiK with the father
or mother.
(ft) If the Mtttler haa hit periuauent real-
ilenee upon fartnltiK land owned hy him in
the vicinity of hit hometitfiaii, the require-
mentH an to rculdence may he not lulled I*-*.
reHidence upon the taiil land.
six inuiitlo.' notice In writing >houlil be
iflveu the Coininlmluner nf llouiinioii Liiinlt
at IHtaw n of Intention to apply for potent.
Coal -Coat ininliitf riglit*. mav he loatvd
for a period of twenty-one yearn at an annual i ent nl of >1 on per acre. Not more tlmn
ItWaoret tliull lie leased to oue iitdividii.il or
company.   A royalty at the rat.-of liv t»
per ton shall he collected on tin* merchant*
aide coul mined.
W. ff, CORY,
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
N.H.   Unauthorized   publication  of   lli I.
advertisement will not he imhl for.
For further information re
Karding the above properties
call or address
Kecelvn both Ladle" and Gentlemen aa real*
dent or da>« tudeiit**: )<AI a complete Commercial or hosi'iess COUrta 1 prepares itu-
dents to i'u in   Teiieliers' CertiScateii uf alt
fTailea: iflvcg the four yearn' course for the
I. A. decree, and tl e fir-l year ol the B0D"Ol
of Science cournc,In iiffilintlon with the To
n.tito Univertity; hni a tpcclel protpeotore
course for miner* who work in It Q In-troi •
Hon Ii al"o kItcii In Art, Muiic, IMi>-i. al' in •
ture  and Elocution,
tor Calendar!, etc . sibirean
Appealed to  Him
Two newsboys sat in the gallery of
a local theatre in which "Hamlet"
was being played. It was the first
time they had seen u play, and they
were held breathless with excitem-.nt.
In the last scene, after Hamlet had
killed Laertes and the king, the queen
had died of poison, and Hamlet of a
poisoned wound, the younger of the
two could contain himself no longer.
Turning to his chum of the streets
in rapturing tones he said:
"Golly, Bill, what a time for sellin'
The Dealer—"Well, he's sixteen
years old, mum, I'll admit that; hut
he ain't wind-broken nor nothin'."
Mrs. Newcash (who has decided not
to buy)—"We're very sorry, but we
would not cure tn buy a horse that
was not thoroughly wind-broken."—
He—"Do vou approve of dancing?"
"Why not?"
"Why it's mere hugging set to
"Well, wlrnt ia there about it that
vou don't like?"
"The music."—Tit-Bits.
Wife—"Why did you refuse to give
that man the rooms?"
Husband—"He looked so ill-tempered I was afraid 1 should never summon un courage to raise his rent later
on."—Fliegende Blaetter.
"Jack is blindly in love with you."
"How do you know?" "He told me
he didn't think you looked a day over
twenty-nine."—Toledo Blade.
Lots of men would make good if employed to furnish the motive power
for windmills.
Death After a Scratch
Morris Quatznni, an eleven-year-old
Windsor hoy, fell off his bicycle and
scratched his wrist. He thought nothing of the injury, but blood poison
set in, and he is dead.
Such incidents as these — by no
means infrequent—ought to make people realize the danger that may lie
even in the smallest flesh wound.
Take a simple illustration. When
a knife, a rusty needle, a splinter of
dirty wood, a barbed wire fence, or a
thorn, scratches the hand, the latter
is inoculated with germs, of which the
air about us is full.
The way to avoid serious results is
to cleanse the wound and apply Zam-
Buk. Zam-Buk is a powerful, yet
painless germ-killer, and when applied to the broken skin is absorbed
into the tissue, instantly destroying
the germs that spread disease and
stopping the pain and smarting. That
is why Zam-Buk is so popular with
The flesh thus soothed and purified,
the wound is made perfectly healthy,
nnd all poison and cause of festering
removed. Having done this, Zam-
Buk then proceeds to heal the wound
or sore, and new healthy tissue is
built up in a quick, painless and perfect manner.
Zam-Buk must not, be confused with
ordinary ointments. Zam-Buk is a
unique preparation, possessing antiseptic, soothing and healing qualities
that are not to be found together in
nny other preparation. It is not only
a unique healing halm, but it is also
a skin food. For all skin diseases and
injuries—cuts, bruises, burns, edema,
chafing, ulcers, ringworm, etc., it is
without equal. It is also used widely
for piles, fnr which it may lie regarded
as a specific. All druggists and stores
sell at 50 cents a box, or post free
from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, for price.
Refuse harmful imitations.
Wanted To Know
Mrs. Flint (severely)—Do you ever
drink intoxicants?
Soiled Sponer (at the door)—Before replyin', madam, permit me to
ask if dat is an invitation or merely
an inquiry?
"How did yonr passenger hoppen to
fall from the aeroplane into the
water?" asked the aviator's friends.
'He started tn rock the "plane," replied the nviator, significantly.—Buffalo Express.
Investment   and    Loana   Negotiated
Find Use For Dogfish
Dogfish, which abound off the coast
of Nova Scotia, hitherto have been
considered worthless. The art of converting them into fish oil and valuable fertilizers has now been learned,
and within a single month recently
700,000 of them were so rendered to a
factory nt Clark harbor.
"Pa," "What is it?" "Why does
the orchestra play between acts?"
"So the audience will, go out."—Toledo Daily Blade.
Willis—"Did Ihey have a good time
at ynur reception last night?"
Gillis—"Yes. the guests enjoyed it
hugely. All my wife's arrangements
went wrong."—Puck.
Those Horrid
Bilious Spells
"It is nothing when you get used to
it," is a common expression which i
many seem to apply to attacks of biliousness.
Year after year they suffer from frequent spells of bilious headache, indigestion, constipation followed by looseness of the bowels, dizziness, despondency and ill-temper, and the habit
seems to have become so firmly established that they do not think of breaking the chains of bondage.
Why not make a break for liberty ,
health and happiness? Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills stand ready to help
you. They have helped thousands under just such circumstances to know
again the joys of healthful living.
Dr. Chose's Kidney-Liver Pills cure
biliousness by reason of their direct
und specific action on the liver, causing the bile to be properly filtered
from the blood, where it acts as a poison, and passed into the intestines,
where it is necessary to aid digestion
antl regulate the action of the bowels.
By this treatment you not only obtain relief from the attack, but bring
about lasting cure and prevent kidney
disease, which is the usual outcome
of neglected biliousness.
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, one
pill a dose, 25 cents a box, at all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Limited, Toronto.
Th* Big Bull Oot Quite Sociable Be-
for* He Waa Done For.
In George Borup'a "A Tenderfoot
Wltb Peary" appears an exciting Incident of walrus taunting. During a
raid upon a berd of fifty walrus aaleep
on a pan "It waa blowing aome. and
the choppy waves made the shooting
look aa tf tbe guns had aplral barrels.**
The Ineffective target practice produced tbese balr raising developments a
few seconds later: "Suddenly a giant
bull rose out of the water just along
side of WesbarkoufisL .He threw bis
harpoon, but as tbe barb came off be
mlgbt aa well have beaved a lead pencil.
Tbe walrus gave a derisive grunt dived, and a second later shot ont of the
water on the otber aide, deluged us
with liquid nnd cam* down alap bang
on the guuwale of tbe boat opposite
"By tbls time Wesbarkonpsl waa
high In the air and ont for nn altitude
record. Instead of throwing bis harpoon he threw bla soul Into his yells
and just spat In the brute's face. Tbe
other huskies were trying to nack water or bit him over tbe bead with the
oan. nearly sldeswlplng me and Incidentally abort circuiting tbelr cussing
at Wesharkoupsl. th* walrua ud everything Is general.
"All tbla lime tbe Wilms was sitting
alongside of me, asking If tbere were
any more at home like Wesbarkonpsl.
it waa easier to pnll bin whiskers or
smash bis mug witb my Ust tban
shoot. It I beld the gun to my shoulder the muzzle would stick beyond nis
bead. so. nniig trom tbe hip, l gave
turn the entente cordlale."
Acquired Skill
The Visitor—How did your father
acquire such skill with a golf club,
Willie—I think it wns from prac-
ticin' on me with a bedslat.
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Dandruff
Mme. Nordica at a garden party at
Deal Beach said, apropos of her recent
European tour.
"Many good people refuse to be impressed by the armless and legless
fragments of antique sculpture treasured in the museums of the world.
"One day in the British museum a
guide was recounting to a little knot
of tourists the glories of the battered
centaur when a Chicago meat salesman broke the reverent hush with the
" 'Excuse me, sir, but what would
they feed a bloke like that on—ham
and eggs or hay?' "—Washington 8tar.
Retrardeal as one of the most potent
compounds ever introduced with which
to combat all summer complaints and
inflammation of the bowels, Dr. J. D.
KelloBK'B Dysentery Cordial has won for
itself a reputation that no other cordial
tor the purpose can aspire to. For youiinr
or old suffering from these complaints it
is the best medicine that can be procured.
< Not Exactly
Conductor—"Did you get out and
stretch your legs when we stopped at
the junction?"
Passenger—"Well, not exactly. I
went into the dining-car and had
them pulled."—Brooklyn Life.
Why Easier?
"Do you want cheaper postage?"
"I don't know," replied the man
who considers only his own interests.
"I don't write many leters myself,
and I don't see why I should be eag.T
to make it easier for the men who
send me bills."
A Sate Pill Fer Sufferers.—There are
pills that violently purge and fill the
stomach and intestines with pain. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are mild and
effective. Thoy are purely vegetable, no
mineral purgative entering into their
composition and their effect is soothing
and beneficial. Try them and be convinced. Thousands can attest their great
curative qualities because thousands owe
their health and strength to timely use
of this most excellent medicine.
Country Boarder—"Do you think
that mosquitoes carry malaria?"
Farmer—"I dunno; they never took
any away from here."—Boston Transcript.
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere
"I wunt some lawn." "Yes'm. For
a dress, or for a front yard?"—Washington Herald.
Sweet end palatahle, Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator is acceptable to
children, and il does its work surely and
"Who is 'at funny mnn standin' up
in front of the band wavin' a stick?'
"Thot, my dear, is the conductor."
"Does he make the music go?"
"Yes, my child."
"Well, then, whv don't they call
liim the motorman?"—Judge.
Hr,,M ___.!*IIIVV /
'CUT'S   Dl-^Ar
W. N. U.,   No.
A Lightning Conductor
"The late Thomas Wentwnrlh Higginson," said a Harvard instructor,
"loved music, hut not the extremely
technical music of Richurd Strauss,
Ravel antl others of that type. Colonel Higginson used to tell a story.
He said that Strauss went one summer on a hunting trip in the mountains. It. chanced that on a certain
afternoon a terrific thunderstorm descended on a hunting purty. Amid
enr-spliting thunder anil blinding
lightning, amid deluges of rain whipped by a ronring wind, the huntsmen
all sought shelter. Where, though,
i was Strauss?
"Three frientls set out in alarm to
look for him. They (eared that in the
I wild chaos of the storm he hud fallen
I down a precipice. After a long while
j they fnund hiin; they found him do-
a ing—what do you suppose?
"Strauss stood bareheaded on the
I summit of a lofty crag. The lightning
played about hiin in vivid, violent
flashes; the rain deluged him; the
roaring wind flapped his coat-tails
about his head, and the musician, a
ramrod in his hand, was busily engaged on his crag in conducting the
thunderstorm!"—Detroit Free Press.
Dickens' Mementoes.
Many relics of Charles Dickens are
In be seen in the chambers of his son,
Mr. Henry Fielding Dickens, K.C.,
who has expressed his approval of
th. Dickens" Stamp movement. He
possesses the desk upon which the
famous novelist wrote many ol his
stories at Gad's Hill, several quill
pens which Dickens was in the habit
of using, as well as paper-weights, inkpots, and the novelist s favorite chair,
the novelist was very proud of his
son's success at Cambridge, and Fors-
ter, in his "Life of Charles Dickens."
doubts if anything mure truly pleased
him than when the future K.C. won
the second scholarship at Trihity Hall.
The Human Heart
The heart is a wonderful double pump, through the
aetion of whioh the blood stream is kept sweeping
round snd round through the body at the rate of seven
miles an hour, "Remember this, that our bodies
will not stand the strain of over-work without good,
pure blood any more than the engine oan run smoothly without oil." After many years of study ia the
active practice of medicine, Dr. R. V. Pieroe lound
that when the stomaoh was out of order, the blood
impure and there were symptoms ol general breakdown, a tonio made oi the glyceric extract of certain
roots was the best corrective.   This he called
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
Being made without alcohol, this " Medieel Discovery " helps the stomsob to
sssimilate the food, thereby curing dyipepsis. It is especially adapted to diseases
sttended with excessive tissue weste, notsbly in oonvsleseenoe Irom various
fevers, for thin-blooded people and tbose who ara always " catching cold."
Dr. Florae's Common Sense Medical Adviser is seat on receipt oi SO one-
cent stampj ior the French cloth-bound book ol 1008 peges. Address Dr.
R. V. Pisree, No. 663 Mela Street, Bublo, N. Y.
Eaj.aiblla.haid   1901
E. R. WOOD   •
•     PnsaioBNT
- Vicc-Prksidcnt
E.   R
• '     a. . MANAOCS
•      -        SKCRRTAMV
E.   C.   NOStlNOSTHY, MANAaast
• 7   CORNHILL.    LONDON,    E.C.
Canadian Government, Municipal md Corporation Bonds THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS.   B. C.
Tht Buytrt Proved Veritable Bulls In a
China Shop
Copyright by American Press Association. 191L
Raymond blurted bla startling announcement uud dodged out of tbe
bunk house. Ills three comrades stared
opeu mouthed ut one anotber until
Pepper broke the silence.
"■Married!" be uttered dazedly. "Did
he aay that'."
Tony Ooff solemnly nodded. "And
he said ber inniiu la Emmerett Hodge,"
he aaid ln an awed tone.        >
"Emmerett Hodge!" repeated Prole
bitterly. **A gin wltb a name Uke
that always has a tony wedding.
What did Hay-muid aay about UT I
didn't sense It all. I waa so flabbergasted."
"Aa near as I can r*coilect be laid
tbere was to be a fancy tlene at ber
bonse aud we waa invited. Tony bere
hu got tu atand up with tbe bridegroom."
Jink Prole un Jointed his long legs
ud stood erect, towering above tbt
otber twp. "Wbat about a weddln'
present?" he demanded.
"That's easy. We'll all cblp ln and
git Mrs. Cat-wood to buy lt down to
Pen Held. Wlmmen alwaya know wbat
to git"
Tony Ooff ahook his head. "Nix on
that. Pepper. Wby, Raymond's been
onr mau for tbree yeara-ever since
1 <coin« to the Twin Star. I feel
mighty friendly to him. I reckon all
of us do. and we mnst pick out the
present ourselves.   Wbat ss-ayY"
The others nodded assent, and as it
Happened tbat tbe morrow waa tbe
monthly pay day they decided to ride
•ver to Penfleld tbe next afternoon
and select, a wedding gift for Raymond's bride'.
With pockets well lined and bronzed
(aces portentously solemn with tbe
Import of tbeir mission, tbe tbree set
forth on the twenty mile ride from the
Twin Star cattle ranch to tbe largest
town In the county.
They atopped at Red Spider for tbe
mail, and lbe three wedding Invitations tbat fared tbem nearly canned a
stampede. Jink Prote stared unhappily at tbe engraved words.
"1 dunno." he hesitated. "It mlgbt
bt this present business ougbter be did
by an expert If wt should make a
mistake sbe—tht Isdy - Emnierett-
mlgbt take offense at wbat we got"
Tony Guff tucked bla envelope away
Ud prepared to amok*. "Tbere ain't
no use losing your nerve," be said at
length. "You braced oa to tbe Job. and
•eta got to carry It through. Mebbe we
ain't got to go clean to Penfleld. What
you tblnk of tbut lamp In Cox's winder!" Ue pointed a lean foreflnicer at
the duaty. fly spoiled merchandise displayed by the postmaster.
Tbe three surveyed It longingly.
' It was a tall lamp of pink glass and
when freed from dost and lighted
mlgbt Vaat an added rosy glow over
the future of the newly wedded pair.
Mr. Pepper stands to tht door and
bawled an Inquiry.
Be returned and flung himself on
bis horse. "Three ninety-eight. Including tbt shade." be repeated contemptuously, "and ua with a hundred in
our pockets to spend!"
Wltb one accord tbey resumed tbe
journey to Penfleld, leaving behind tbe
dark shadowing mountains with the
laat glimmer of tbe eunset along tbe
tipper ridges. It was after dark when
tbey pounded into tbe town, and, hungry and thirsty, tbey made tbelr way
to a restaurant and satisfied tbelr appetites.
Afterward they entered tbe Farnum
emporium, a maze of narrow aisles
running between shelves and counters
laden wltb glaaa and cblna In every
conceivable form of fragility. The
tide walla of tbe store were lined with
countera upon wblcb were piled household wares, while tbt rear presented
a gloomy barricade of furniture against
a background of gaudy carpets.
Jink Prole sidestepped down an
aisle and reached tbe barricade Jnst
aa a pretty girl arose from a cbalr and
laid down a piece of fancy work.
"Wbat can I du for you!" ahe asked
Rofore tbt tall ranchman could an-
awer tbere came a tvrritk* crash and
the sound of splintering glass blended
with startled profanity.
"Oh!" exclaimed tbe glrL "That's
real mt glass!"
"'Tie considerable rut np." agreed
Trole at tbey reached the scene of
disaster, wbere Pepper and Tony Ooff
stood staring down at the havoc they
had created. "How'd you manage to
clean off the bnll shelf!"
Mr. Pepper twlaied bis long mustache
ruefully. "Of course It can't lie because
it'a-uarrow gunge here. We sqnnze
ourselves as well's we could, but somehow there wan't no place for elbows.
Now. mlaa, what's ths dumuge!"   Bt
dug bis hand deep Into a pocket and
brought forth bla month's pay. $40.
Tht girl knelt upon tbe floor and
bent* her bead above tbe fragments,
piecing tbem together with little dismayed exclamations. At last she tossed
back ber misty black hair and looked
np at tbem with slowly crimsoning
"It's too bad." she aaid regretfully,
"but tbla Is real cnt glass, and It's aw-
ful expensive. There waa a water bottle and alx tumblers—$10 for tbe bottle and $3 apiece for the tumblers.
Tbst's $22.   I'm awful sorry!"
Without a word - Ptnntr and Ooff
eacb laid $11 uu in* suen.   rue giri
took lt reluctantly. "I told Mr. Far
num be bad the ahelvea too crowded
to bt snfe." sbe said. "You've paid for
theae tblnga. Would they do you any
good if i waa to mend 'em for. yuu!
tou could use 'em for ornumenls."
"Nary, miss: tbey ain't any good to
ua. We're looking for—wbat am we
looking for. Prole!" demanded Ooff impatiently.
"A wedding present" drawled Mr.
Prole, gingerly withdrawing from tbe
perilous vicinity ot breakables. "We
thought of a pink glaaa lamp, but it
don't coat enough. Bave you got a
real expensive 'lumlnftor, miss?"
The girl smiled and led tbe wuy to a
ahelf laden wltb a flower bed of colored lamps. Bhe glanced at tbe price
tags and then aaid: "Tbls one for $12
la tbe moat expenalvt ont. It's very
Tht three surveyed the lamp doubtfully. It was a small lamp of brass,
wltb an elaborate ahadt tet with pink
opalescent glaaa.
"It don't cost enough." said Prole
with regret. "It'a mighty pretty, mlsa.
but we couldn't band out no measly
present like tbat to Emmerett Dhow
na something better."
Tbe girl stilled an exclamation and
took them to a case full of silverware.
As tbey gravely examined knivee and
forka tbe girl watched them uneasily.
At last, flushing deeply, she spoke,
"Most any girl would tblnk tbat lamp
waa a nice present"
Tbey shook their beads negatively.
"It'a got tu be aumetblng pretty nice
and tasty." said Tony Ooff: "you see.
ber name'a Emmerett and a girl that
baa that bandit to ber la used to good
"We couldn't get anything poor looking." added Pepper, and Jink Prole
nodded assent
■'It's a nice lamp." persisted the girl.
"Wt mlgbt git four or rive lamps-
enough for the bull bouse. Let's look
at them again." Jink Prole turned
euddenly to lead tbe way back to the
lamps; bis sharp elbow dug Into Tony
GofTs ribs, and tbat atom gentleman
leaped backward to fall heavily
against one of tbe china laden tables.
When tbe clattering crash bad died
Into alienee Mr. Ooff picked himself
out of a debris of broken dinner seta
to confront an lratt little man wbo
danced wildly before them and demanded instant reimbursement for bta
It required tbe united efforts of Tony
Golfs companions to convince*the angry proprietor tbat tba offense was
not intentional.
"You can't fool me!" he sputtered
loudly. "I bad a place shut np oncet
In Dead Eye and they didn't leave mi
much aa a glass salt cellar-wiped out
my bull stock of cblna and glassware
"Drop It confound ye!" growled Jink
Prole. "Jest you compose ynur little
bnnch of cinnamon sldewblskers and
git down and count np your loss. I
reckon we can pay fer what we break
We're a-shoppin' fer cnt glass and cut
cblna. and we've paid ftr $22 worth already."
Tbt three ranchmen stood rigidly
in their tracks while Mr. Farnum and
the black balred girl took Inventory
of tbe shattered crockery. Many of
the pieces of various dinner sets were
whole and there were several vases
that were cracked or only slightly broken. These Mr. Farnum announced
would be a total lost to bim and the
ranchmen mlgbt as well carry tbem
Six dinner sets and four vases and
a glass water pitcher had goue dowu
to destruction, and Mr. Farnum dolefully announced tbat $00 would barely
cover tbe wholesale price.
In silence tbe $110 was handed over,
while tbe girl stood near witb downcast face.
"All these pieces that ain't broke be
long to yon gentlemen." remarked Mr.
Farnum magnanimously. "Of course
tbey ain't no use to mt because none
of 'em match anything else I've In
stock. There's cups and saucers and
platea and"-
"I guess we'll bt going along," Interrupted Prole slowly aa be thrust bis
share of tbe remaining $8 back In bis
pocket "We're speut about all tbe
money we reckoned on In tbls here
place. There'e a mighty pretty little
pink lamp up In Red Spider ter three
ninety-eight what will bavt to do fer
Emmerett." *
The girl flashed a glance at tbt retreating form of her employer and
tben laid a band on Jink Prole'a tleeve.
She was laughing, bnt tht tears were
in ber eyes.
"Don't you dart boy that pink lamp."
she whispered. "Yon aet out to get
tht nicest present yon knew how for
tbat girl, and tt Isn't yonr fault tbnt
you've lost your money. Yon take all
tbe dishes, and I'll, mend the glass
water set and you give 'em to ber fnr
tbe wedding present and I reckon
Rhe'll be proud lo think what was lu
yonr hearts, and that's what matters
anyway!" Rhe painted breathlessly.
her eyes like stars, ber cheeks pink
with excitement
"flow d'you know sbe would rather
have this trnek?" Jrnk Prole swept a
long arm over the broken cblna anil
eyed her doubtfully.
"Because I'm Emmerett!" she said
Tbe three stared down at her In de
lighted amazement Tben three hands
shot out to grasp hers, and .link I'roie
spoke again. "We mlgbt a known Kay
mind's girl would be like this." bt
"We was afraid of your long name,"
grinned Pepper sheepishly.
"We kin shorten It and call her Miss
Raymond." put lu Tony Ooff Innocently-
Miss Hodge uplifted a slim brown
flnger. and ber cbeeka dimpled nnder
tbelr friendly admiration.
"Don't you dare call me anything bnt
■hnmerettr* sbe said aevtrelv.
Tlme'a Changes.
Bob Pltzalmmona waa smashed
np in an auto accident and tbe
world of sport never said a word.
Yet the time waa when the
aforesaid W. of 8. would have
been horror stricken bad Mr.
Fitzsimmons lost ont freekle.-
Denver Republican.
It waa at a reception, and tbe lady
wbo. had been rending up on health
culture mistook Lawyer Williams fur
bis brother, tbe doctor.
"Is it better," she asked confidentially, "to He on the rlgbt side nr the left*
"Madam." replied tbe lawyer. 'It ont
le on tbe right side It Isn't nfitn necessary to lie at all."—Success.
The One Scare.
"Art you never frightened wben yon
makes flightr
"1 bad one good scare." replied tbt
businesslike aviator. "Some one told
me tbe money they were putting up
for the exhibition waa counterfeit"-"
Washington sur.
Almost Impossible.
"I see they're goln after mosquitoes
In New Jersey wllb dynamite."
"Bless me. Is that so! Well, say it
must take a lot .if patle * to get tht
akeeter to sit quiet till tbe fuse Is light
ed."-Clevelund I'lalu Dealer.
Plenty of Time.
"Why shouldn't I marry him?"
"Be's poor    You may get a better
chance aome day "
"Well, I ran .toss tbal bridge wben
I come to It can't I!"-Chicago Jour-
o o
o Is t Repeater. o
o Love may be a disease, but It %
O doesn't seem to be one of the o
o kind yon can only catch 0000.-0
O New York Times. O
o o
Rest at Last
Mile. Polalre of Paris, the actress,
took ber flrst rids tn an aeroplane
June 5. Sbe waa enthusiastic, and her
flrst inquiry after landing waa to know
when It would be possible to ride
through the air to America.
Miss Helen Miller Gould, wbo Is Just
forty-three. Is s unique figure. A
wealthy woman born In the New York
small set sbe ts puritanical, modest,
charitable and utterly Indlffereut to
society's pomp and pleasures.
Semirltu Maria Francisco, aged twen
ty-two. who Is abuut to enter tbe otrke
of a lawyer In Man da. Is the flrst young
woman lu tbe Philippine Islands lo
graduate from u law school. She recently passed a brilliant examination.
Miss Glfflu, whu has bad charge of
the "blind room" In the Congressional
library In Washington for so many
years, will. It Is suid. be put at tbe
head of the National Library For the
Blind wblcb Is stain to be established
at the national capital.
Short Stories.
Barrels were used In 910 B. C.
Alaska bas the greatest Ashing waters ln the world.
There are but aeventeen recorded
ascents ot Mount Ararat
New York state Is so called In bonor
of tbe duke of Yurk and Albany.
Last year l.l.NOti dogs were put to
death by tbe Chicago poundmaster.
The latest flgures show that there
are ".utsi.tmu persons living within
thirty miles of Herald square, New
lt baa been estimated tbat tbere are
lost annually more tban a million and
a balf barrels of oil by tbe burning ot
oU wells.
Town Topics.
Chicago Is going to Invest a million
In voting machines, although ber patri
otic citizens are perfectly willing to
provide 'em as In the pust.-Washing-
ton Post     .
New York bas decided to abolish
horse cars. First tblng we know Ihe
metropolis may become really progressive and aubstltute kerosene for tal
low dlpa.-Pblladelphla North Amer
An evangelist declares that It wonld
take an earthquake to sanctify New
York. It Is doubtful if that would do
tt. San Frauclsco has bad several and
ia far (rem sane tilled.- Kansas City
Legal Matters.
A Missouri Judge rules tbnt It Is lawful for a man to spank hla wife. So
also la It lawful for bim to thaw out
dynamite.—La Crosse Argus.
Worcester. Mass., bas a law prohibiting barkeepers from treating. Most of
tbe evil of treating does net result from
tbe impassioned hospitality ot tbt bar
keeper-Washington Star.
A New Jersey )udi.e declines to dl
vorce a couple who bave nnt spoken to
each other since the day after tbelr
marriage two years ago. He hates to
break up a quiet borne.—Boston Herald.
Sporting Notes.
Freddie Welch, tbe English fighter.
la a vegetarian.
Jack Johnson has signed an agreement to tight Bill Lang at Sydney.
New   South   Wales.   Easter  Monday.
Sporting a population of ROO.ono
fans and fauettes, Ht Paul and Minneapolis are fencing for a franchise
In the American or National leagues.
Jim Jeffries is enjoying tbe glOU.INKl
he earned "lighting" Jack Johnson.
Home from a Ejropenn tour, he la
planning a cooling off trip to Alaska.
There are forty-seven Anns of aeroplane builders In France and eight In
Probably tbe most polyglot passports In the world are those Issued to
balloon pilots and aeroplanlsts by tbe
Austrian Aero club, which were drawn
np In no fewer than fifteen languages.
Attacking tbe nir at the renier Instead of at Ihe enda of tbe blade, a
new aeroplane propeller Invented In
France la said to require less power
to obtain a given result tbuu the old
styls propeller.
Natural Inference.
"Johnny, whin is the meaning soughs
to he conveyed In lbe assertion. "Fret-
dorn shrieked when Kosciusko fell!"'
"Freedom was prob'ly what be Ml
on, niu'utu."-Houston Post
Sunflower Philosophy.
When a girl quits going to school
It's up tt. her it. do une uf toni things
-teach wh.H.i, get married, learn toil-
llnery or atenog.-Atchlsou Oiutm,
Needed a Bookkeeper.
Golfer iwbo haa at last holed outl-
How many Is tbnt. eeventeen or
rlghtren! Superior Caddie (wearily)—
I dlnna ken Golfer-Whatl Haven't
you been counting? Superior Caddie—
Mnn. as fer conntln.' It'a no a caddie
yer wantta'; It's a clerkl-London Aa-
Mrs. W. E. Corey Entertains en
Lawns Artificially Ceoled hy loe.
thenar snd Uglier Word.
Snlleltoe term, examining*—Now.
Ililn'i rem tstl the prisoner that yon
almiWi-a Wa veracity? Witness—Net I
n-n-Piy told 'Im > wat a
aUinilon M. A. f.
Photo by American Press Association.
I Mas. w. a OOBET.
1 Tbt primely hospitality of the William Ellis Coreys Is the wouder of
Parla, where people seldum wuuder at
Siuce she married tbe steel king,
Mr. Corey, tbe former prima donna.
Miss Mabelle Oilman, baa developed
Into a great social leader ln Paris,
where ber entertainments nre attended by royalty. Itecently she gave a
grand feie at her Chauienu de Ville-
geusls, formerly the home ut Jerome
Bonaparte, king cf Wsstpballu. In order to mnke ber guests comfortable
abe bad the lawns artlflclnlly cooled
by Ice. Among those present were tbt
Urand Duke Boris ul Russia, on bis
way iothecoronatlun;the crown prince
of Ureece and Orand Duke George ot
Leuehtenberg. Tbe Grand Dukt Boris
to fur unbent bla dignity aa to gift
aume specimens of ltusstan fancy
dancing. Mrs. Corey also danced.
Since they bave lived in Paris tbs
Coreys hate given a series ot tbest
mngnlttcent and costly entertainments,
wblcb surpass anything ever seen in
tbat city. 	
8tmt Things t Good Daugtttar Owns
Her Mother.
; Wbat does a girl "uwe" ber mother!
•i'o manifest an Interest In wbattvtr
affects or amuses ber.
To seek tba mother's comfort aad
pleasure in all things before ont'a
Not to forget, though the may be old
and wrinkled, sbe stUI loves pretty
Tu make ber simple gifts, snd bt
ture Ibat tbty are appropriate and
To remember she Is still a girl at
heart, so fat ss delicate tittle attention are concerned.
To lift tht many burdens from shoulders tbnt have grown stooped, perhaps,
In waiting upon her girls and ln working for tbem.
Never by word or deed to signify
that tbt daugbier's word and hers differ or tbat one feels tbe mother It out
of dstt.
To study ber tastes and habits, ber
likes and dislikes, and cater to tbem
In in unobtrusive wuy.
To benr patiently with all ber peculiarities and liilirml.ies. which, aftet
all. may bt the result uf t life ot care
and toil.
To defer to her opinions, even if
tbey do seem antiquated, and not obtrusively to possess the wisdom of
one's college education.
Tu do one's best in keeping tbe
tbotber youthful In appearance aa well
aa In spirit by overseeing ber costume
and the Utile details ot her toilet.
Not to shock her by turning luto ridicule her religious prejudices If they
happen lo he at variance wltb une't
own advanced views.
To Introduce to her one's friends snd
enlist ber sympathies In one's projects,
buuet and plans.
Msan Advice.
Old Oent-Ou the eve of yonr mar
rlage let me give you a place of advice.
Remember wben your wife's next
birthday comes and give ber a band-
some present
Young Man-Yea. of course.
"Give ber tbe best your pocket caa
buy every birthday, hut at Christmas,
New Year's and sucb times give bet
only inezpenalvt little tokens. Fotui
tbst bnblt"
"Yea. but wbyl"
"I I will pay."
"I presume so"
"Yen In a few vent* yon can begin
lo forget tbe birthdays and sbe won't
say a word"—New York Weekly.
, Adjustable.
"now about the little girl who bad a
little curl right in tbe middle of ber
forehead!" inquired we.
"She pins It back of the left ear
now," responded tbe poet—Washington Herald. ';. -—■ THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B.C.
Simmon-:,    dentist,
Plume I! 39.
Three, carloads of tipples were
s-!ii|i|ieil Out, of Grand Forks last
Niittii'iiny by three different parlies
—-The Grniul Forks Fruit Growers'
association, the Grand Forks Orcli
aid &, Nursery company, and Hubert'
Lawson. Thu value of the shi|>-
liieiits amounted to 82700.
Hon. Martin Burrell, minister nf
agriculture, and his private secretary, Mr. Ides, left last Monday for
Kiimfoiips, They will gn direct to
Ottawa from that city.
The VV. A. Cook Hook will he on
sale at the Psri-h Hall on Thursday, the 23rd inst.
The British Columbia Copper
company has started work on the
Comstock mine, near Danville. A
small force of men under Steve
Swanson, formerly foreman of the
Granhy mines at Phoenix, is at
work unwateritiR the shaft.
Come and buy your Christmas
Ir sen's at the W  A. sale nl work.
Governor M. E. Hay. of Washington, passed through the city on
Man dav on his way to Republic.
He made a brief stop at Danville,
where he addressed the citizens and
school children.
A map of Phoenix camp has recently been published by the department of mines, Ottawa. It is a
work of exceptional merit, every
detail of the camp being faithfully
recorded. It takes io within its
railius the Yellow Jacket, below the
Snoivshoe, on the east, a few hundred yards of the Greenwood road
on the west, the Bank of England
and Bald Eagle claims below the
Wat Eagle on the south, while the
water company's reservoir marks tbe
limits of its northern Boundary. All
the elevations above sea level, whicli
were furnished the department by
the Granby company, are plainly
marked. The map was compiled
by W. H. Boyd.
Born—In Greenwood, October
21, to Mr. and Mrs. Dan Bluer, a
daughter. %        .  ,
Pigs for Sale—Being compelled by
the City Council to remove my. pigs
from within the city limite. I offer
all my stock, including a thoroughbred Berkshire hog, for sale cheap.
Must be sold hy  November 3.    F. Valance   monthly   payments.    For
Hartinger, Phone 97. further particulars  apply   at  this
Geo. W. Wooster, treasurer of the
Granby Consolidated, has returned
from a trip to tbe Hidden Creek
Your Money If You Are Not
Satisfied With the Medi- .
cine We Recommend
We are sn positive that our remedy will permanently relieve constipation, no mutter how chronic it
may lie, that we offer to furnish the
medicine at our expense should it
full to produce satisfactory results.
. It is worse than uselesB to attempt
to cure constipation with cathartic
drugs. Laxatives and cathartics do
much barm. They cause a reaction,
irritate, and weaken the bowels and
lend to make constipation more
chronic. Besides, their use becomes
a habit that is dangerous.
Constipation is cused by a weakness ol the nerves and muscles of the
large inlt-stiiie or descending colon.
To expect permanent cure you must
therefore tone up and strengthen
these organs and restore them to
healthier activity.
We want you to try Rexall Orderlies on our recommendation. They
are exceedingly pleasant to Uke, being eaten like candy, and are ideal
for children, delicate p. mods, aid
old tolks, as well as for the robust.
They act directly on the nerves and
muscles ol the bowels. They apparently bave a neutral action on
other associate organs or glands.
They do uot purge, cause .excessive
looseness, nor create any inconvenience whatever. Tbey may be taken
al any time, day or night. They
will positively relieve chronic or
habitual constipation, if not of surgical variety, uud the myriads of associate or dependent chronic ailments, u taken witb regularity for
a reasonable length of time. 12 lab-
lets, 10 cents; SB tablets, 25 cents;
SO tablets, all cents. Hold in Grand
Forks only at our store—The Kexall
Store.    H. E. Woodland.
NOTICK is hereby given that an application
will heinailfl under Part V. ofthe "A ater
Act. nil*:*," toolitain a lii'i'iiM' in ttie Siin.ilui-
ineen Water District, Divit-iun of Yule District
fu). I lie iiiinip. inltlrcss, and ot'ctlpiltion of
of thti applicunt: George Washington Swank,
'il nllll l<! ills, -!.(._.. I'lUMlll*!'.
(li). The name oi lake, Ktn-Hin, nr wourt'e (if
iitiiMnied.-tlledeseriptioti If);   Oetlur Creek
(c). Thi* point of divon-tlcn i« where the
ereek eitterMny liitid near the oeiitre ofthe
East line, on Lot li limbered Due A (IA) sult-if-
vUlufi of c.F.K. Lot number twenty-seven
hundred (2700) mUront) i in the Rlnillkutheeu
(formerly Oboyrtos) Division of Yale District
(d). Tlie qutiiitlty of water applied for (in
ciihic   feel   per seuond). One o it hi 0 foot per
(e). T-hecharacter af tiie proposed work..:
Dam mill Hume
(f). 'I'he prentlifi mi whioh the water is to
lie ii**,. il (describe ■lame) is on Lot One A (1 A)
subdivision of C.P.11. Lot number twenty
seven himdr< di-H-i'i. In Group 1, In tbe Mimil-
kimeeii (formerly Oti-iyiiOH) Divihicu of Vale
(ir). The purpose! for which tlie water into
be iiHt'd: l*'ir ti ritftitloii anil (lomest-lo iiur-
(li). If for irltratioii, de>arih« the lund in-
telioed to be irrigated, ulvltitf uerontto: In on
Let- 'ine A (1 A) siii.tlivi-loii of C.l'.K. Lot
number twenty-seven bund red (27**1) in Group
1 lu lbe Similkameen (formerly <>Noyon<0 Division of taleDi«irtct,eoiiiuiiiiii|[ IM.i5_icren,
more or lt'f.H.
(j). Area of Crown land intended to be occupied hy tbe proposed works; None.
k) Tit is notice was pout* d ou the 5tb day
of Antrim, l'.'U.nnd applic«tioii will be made
to tbe Coininlwaioner on the 0th dny of ^ep-
tcmber. 1911.
(1). Give the names aud addresses of nny
riparian proprietors or llceu-M-ea who or
whose lands are llk< ly lo he affected by the
proiiosed work**, either above or below the
outlet:  Nune
Grand Korku.H.C.
NOTICK Is hereby given that an application
will be mmle under i'urt V of the "Water
Aet, 19119." tu outai" a liccune iu tne Simllkumeen Division of Vale District.
Nnme, nddre_i_l and i>.*oiip_it<oii of the applicant:   \V. Sayer, Handier, Urand Korks, H.C
Description of lake; -Smull body of water
(no name), fed by Hprln^s
Point nt inversion is \i) ebnius ah-ive Kast
tine of Pre-emption No. 181HJ S.
Quunttty of water applied for: One cubit
foot per second.
character of proposed works; Ditch aud
ic sor voir, to be used ou Pre-emption So.
Purpose: Domestic and irritratiou.
Description of bunt to bu irrigated) Acreage, 78.
Acreage of Crown land intended to be
copied by works:   Nil,
Ihis notice wus posted on tlie 17th day of
.Inly, 1911. and application will be made to the
Commissioner ou tbe Kith day of Angus!, 1!<IL
Name nud address of rlparion proprietors
or licensees wbo will be affected by the proposed works,   None. ,
(Stunature) W.sAYER.
(P.O. Addrass) i.rand Porks, li.c.
Ht. Joseph Minc'iil Claim .sl'mite In thoUrniu.
Porks Minimi  Division nf   Vnl- hisiiici.
Where l.oi*ni'*d:   In Central Camp,
TAKK NOIICK that I, Henry Johnson, Free
Miners, CertlHcate No. 3S811H. fur myself
and ui agent for Peter Edwatd llhtkie, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 8!W2BH intend, sixt?
days from date hereof, to apply to the Mlutiif.
Itecerdcr font OeitiHcutu ot Improvement*, foi
ihe purpose of obtaining crown grants of tin
above clniin
And further take notice  that action, unde
section H7, must be commenc-d before the Ismi
ance of suoh Ccrlllcatc of Itnprovements.
Dated this JKtli duy of July, A.D 1911.
Card of Thanks
I wisli tu express my gratitude
for tbe kind belp and sympathy
given iuu by my friends and tbe
public uf Orand Forks in my late
bereavement. John Scoley.
For Sale at a Sacrifice—Fourteen-
room boarding house, Beven minutes' walk from Oranby smelter.
Will aell for $l-iU0.   One-half cash;
Wanted—Live agents to sell stock
in company incorporating for Patent
Brick whicb will revolutionize modern building construction. Approved
and highly recommended   ny  lead-
idg architects.   Liberal commission, glance,
Only responsible parties need apply.  ___________________
Smith <fc Rogers, 312 Pender  Sireet r,e*, niyp
West, Vancouver, B.C. NlLUINU
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe tbat tbey can reach
the consumers of this district without advertising^ Tbe Sun.
Show card* for widnows and inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed
Print them  plainly, to be read at a
The booster club of Republic is
about 81000   behind the game, and BRITISH COLUMBIA LAND SURVEYORS
is threatened witb a lawsuit.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Qrand Forks.
For Sale at a Bargain—T wohorss
power gasolene engiue. Apply J. H-
Plath, box 10, city.
Grand   Forks, B. C,
Dry1 four-foot Fit and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
A. GALLOWAY, miL. Columbia p. o.
Bridge Street,
The best and most
•ill-stuntiul (ire-proof
building in the Bonn-
dury country. Recently completed tind
it I'S'lj' furnUlied
tli mm; bout. Ko nipped with alt modern
elect rieal conveniences. Centrally locuted. Ktrst-elitas ae*
corn mndat ions for the
travelling public.
Hot snd Cold Baths
Flrit-CLis Bar, Pool
and Billiard Rooms
In Connection.
IT Printing^
We are prepared to do all kinds of
Commercial  Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date stjde
We hnve the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, nnd carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
Shipping Tags, Circulars antl Placards,
Bills of Fare and Menu Cards,
Announcements nnd Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
finni^ PRIlMTINfi-tne kinc' we <lo—'" '"   itse" *n
V-lV'V/l/ llVlLllIl-lVI   advertisement, and a trial order
will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of
the best.    Let us estimate on vour ordor.    We guarantee
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
Furniture  Made  to Order. '
Also Repairing of nil Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Dune.
r. McCutcheon
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh (..uihIkiimi.nt ul
Keceived Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of
Ice Cream  and  Summer Drinks
Kuzor Honintr a Specialty.
Palace Barber Shop
ut a Spa
P. A. Z. PARE'Proprietor
1st Door North of Uhanby Hotkl,
First Struct.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly, Passengers and Trunks to and
from all trains.
Tki.ki'M.ink A129
HirriiKiiKoiti. Bros., Props.
Tmdc Maim*
Cor»niaHT» 4c
AfiroM aMni..n| a iktteQ wid dpawrinilon any
... #rtnln pur opIntOQ tro. wlioilior au
» pmhat.ir r««mil»lil|0:o
 -.rcoinla-caiitlal. HillalBDM ,
Miit frcaa. ol'lcn asenor f
iDTontlon IRprutinlalrjii
"■■- "*-- --una,
SdenMic Hiiterlcaii
A h»Dd»ru«lr UluatntfldweeUf. tarfieafcolr-
culation of any mom! la journal. Terms tot
Cuiixla. $ i.?a I. ymu-, rastoito pronalct   <6old bl
.,11 fJHWfl.li*" '"   "
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the Boundary country. And we are thfe only
office in this section that have tlie
correct material for printing it. ' The
Sun job office.


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